Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 20 Aralık 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 20 Aralık 1866 Page 3
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t ;• 'w u. of that name io l ho Senate at the .. .irrcd 10. The . dltorUl temarks vl. -ailed out the Jelier are probably jwiug from the juU 7 igencer of March ■ ■■' Vfii* sre not manv, prdaa&ly, o' the present u of rcaccrs v\ho reu,ciabsr tie.fact that . ' '(--t r “«-len of the Congress of the United f .VrsidenlWashington 'crsonally came In ’ 5.-• r-ennte when Hist bo ly wa< engaged on *- - i io-l icd negative busln and took part i. .rCrliberaiioti?. When 1.0 a,!<*nJc<i be took i‘ ■ in- I'rr>lde**l , s chair, aid *he Vice President cf ibe Sccmiaiy ol the f-enaVt; one or t ; r ;t.r: t,f the Secretaries o •ea-locaily accotu the President on those l-li*?. the Presl t edilrcM-a ihc Senate on Hie questions before *■' *<. era la raanv respects e: •*rc sed a power in r ;-Tt to tbeir proceeding*, w h'ch a onlono\rbe ♦l. trod »n:trcly incompatible with ihelr rights .v jrlvilvi.e*. Tbi* practice, however, did not ' for.uiiCv. Anoccislonat'inaro'-eof collls i • f opinion bct«Vfu Uj© i’lcsldent and the •■!.:»*, on some comlnalloi. and h- did t»m at - »m>a*ii*i.d, bnt communicated by message , L« <!<"ired io lay before t'-icm.” THE FASHIO3S. k »• .lllvrr of Pearl*” Ctxnrdcd by an • iian Maininan—nri>»lug lor ttic • r’.cn ut ('ompclgins-Thc Toilet of ■ 'iiunwH ITltiurnicn—,**. Needle Kcg -: ini lu the Ao*irlnnService—X>ci»crlp :i »n ui six ofiltc Kobe* v oi impendence of the Net* York Herald.] Paj.tS Nov. 3j, IStiC. ; ojx niiig the PerifiiTt a \ euetian m, l find in ilic number of the lUin that j, * .ibe King of Italy visited the hall given iii- L»*i»«*r, nl the Gb'vanelU Palace, iai.n lintarxi had arivei of pearls on her * : ;I a*. pi:oulde.-p (some twenty all of •., .•1 i..- and beauty, and two as large as ; * in her ears. Signor K.itazz), who ac- d lus wife all the evening, might ; j.-t-r-ed for a sentinel watching over the , . •!> Ui:v-«ure, aud guarai teeing, by his t;, .-ji unlike manner, thtir iudisputahle . h.msesly.” ■ ■ 1. ■ t-a'tranza dropped from my hands - n i hail glanced overthi above quoui * . u:J I fsl! into a deep r -verie all about v Uuta/-J, whom we have here represented, . • .i kind of detective, jealou-Iy watching hla ■■ • hlnmlders with what X should call un- beariug, if wc arc to suppose a*, had he not followed hi? wife, people iild nave presumed that tier pearls were Ici'te. I concluded that If this new s-*n -1 iu>n lion Is to lx* addc ’ o all the other . iui duties of a statesman, I am glad I am - . lud*-d from diplomatic counsels. Therc my thoughts wandered from the Gio ni j.alaee to Compiegtio, where tn> less :!.r. one hundred auulijsy eases of Uowers, i..;,de up Into bouuucts, were lately sent by * ••.prvto for the Empress* birthday banquet > !;. There were so many that all the re iptiou rooms were couve.-led into hot- I Li; 1 :-?i of those floral offerings cost ; .. i;,iv Vciy ureal preparations ar*i i ring n.i»Jc for another *-erle< of visitors at * imperial resilience. Tht-r; is to be a stag 1 ■ util in I lie forest, which will prove a t-plcu * i*aLeant ; theatrical representations, cab- 1 ...-I'cv.unci**, nut tings ol me military com- ' t tu. balls and concerts, ;.re to be mixed J in one 3uievai’leiiiowie,vii.:ibmlngserioas • . .sin- duties with lavish 1 Ali He rink scented note was dropped on 1 •••■. bieaktest plate ibis morning. On open . l s: 1 found that it bad penned by i »-i.ion’s lingers and, by the way, ber wrll s” if. Miiutf*hat excursive, v»ry flourishing, . ;,a Iter style is erralh-. TL. impart of lUe i >;i:*\ra» that she begged 1 woind attend a ■ u; iiinhtr mansion iu which :he Princess dc Melt, midi’s toilets for Cuaijeogue were be i- _ jnk*d. the v;as auxioit- to know wheth er her *!ipre:..i“ oider-had be n carried out, : ol it the robes of which .-he had decreed lb. i ui. designs. «.vc., hid The gran.! appear ... .--In had endeavored to combine with • ;;..V '■.ltlni'if, lin i-i .-ay that the little jink note had a - ,ivjr-oui'i peiemptory ton-. Truly she I . d, but those who have bad much to »!.. u,th ihc great know that when they ; <■n;iu*-cend, s-omethlng -lire awaits the x. ,r.r, who doc- Uut instar. mconsly c-nn :; -. ■v; :i without any hreakfisl whatever. Mv prviiy gray waa thend'*rc immediate- U j-.u i«. i’.> iit'ilc coijveyai. ami did not i:> nh.ihlc pace nmii it was drawn up ’ < the very iiris’ocratie dwcillug I .- led into u hnU and ll'.*itec admitted . io a f radons apartment ir which thirty fcai isircssts, with a sprinkling of tab i half buried in velvets and talin, were . bu.-iiy occupied. The Princess’ robes all ’finished, and the middle of the i.j;i we.- »akeii up by white deal packing t wltn lids open, wailing to be nailed *. .in nil Fa-hion*» stall’misuess had glane t i I • vei »h-. whole. i i.»y tcium home I gave Fashion an ac i ;,111 of what X hud seen, and hereby cu . the copy of my letter to her. I have ; ~• 1. 11 n intormed that she ra id it out loud I*, i,.-; aifmPnt, I’oliekuiine, and expressed 1.1 r ;i|«jr-<v.:l of the coulca s by f.equent v. .!-ui h t imaginative head. It was di hiuj to •• Uue'des turns enfauts,” and be with a plain MxiiArt.: .No: bring acquaint*'! wltli Mus. la I lii.'-fr-- - e Maucri.n hV bah'. o . 1 hud It utterly til-k To ratlsli Von a- to the amount ol L;„;,(.y she La? speO. on her '*o3l; I *aui i I «t.< -i h-T u be ignoiant ol n.«* fact bench, as b 1 o be the Prince and the raid nsikt-r, 100, fr: are iti’iathoruablo mj-sterisS in this v ..rid j.i well as In u c nest, etl my '>pit>iou Is t. a. dir- I< one ot tho*c cbsotie In'-omcicasnr , 1 a. _io:i is very iuml cf »a»l of lone 1 jrd i. lit i.i> one can uudc.';ta - .d) which ;;e.- 1 1 Lcu.a:. intellect; riicrea.-e as your decree , • tid 1 <l. ten court tohe«. and they really smpas? rn .iM«.e eicr rct-B. They ar*? • »vly «U ercni«ig »• f -t. ongb two nr three w arid have hour j ~i. :.n'i low bcoie-jhm 1 will only desrrih-* t vllM. arc’-o i*c wo.n very lu.v. H.tif o i’cr? a- to cTcnmi ro -cc have been t. .1 mi. l .c i.clioui of alt the 1 >ors .netsurn:? 1 a- >1 U''• u.cut's, eighty te.iuuieic.s. The length i i • . 1 1 re two u.o;re.-. o ln • ».c z'A gorefl firm the tra! t; alllhclronl a v uil.j arc ila-; thefolUsare-.d-ai - bchi** I. l*.iey : l a!-« ai? lined through «|:h --ti;l sri.diu, and T. . i;i r ili'iiijcliv. n,-c«ri*io all is thir i. r- v i,n!i i ruurd the bottom wit j s doaucc c i *d< u't! v.j»'v.hitopouf if: ~t ’ -r ertliu, soaic v . dtr;- *v.slVuf-l with a:iA till*. \ i v.U b.-jin wiih No. J. H Is conpose lof t v tuSi.f. the front width 13 r-; vugJcJ wsj» s»l --v« r, u*t round tne iio'tom * funded with , "Ure t rej v deehiue. v.;.i-t:» •. no: Il:i.-d uiih tulle. $ K ;.<: ti a ree' e. Over t‘«e .v-,oi-*, except in , «i. mautcau *le r.«cr, Ahicl; I, made o< vo« . T u.« ,ir-)' !iiu. or stlk reps te:; i,is<*c«»!or, bar- , vita a iii.en-e skirt. The • t ..u.-r? 1o mim tnh tea rn c Um!r »re t-so'les, for , i> I tire-ca * to?'* has tin* vetuliar badcre inircd.’ , ■J ;,(>• ax;- luxuriant J-ranche.; of clinging nlossams ii. v;iUCi.U , i.-d IwtVr* • > o. 2 i= n vvhue ratio rr.l»c, the pllssc round the 1 • ro - ;:l by three ton ■- of gold gduon , - r. j; told Hinge Jt ii.« >O.-1 regal. The ’ Tt““ . all v the taiiii and ihrcaJ blonde. Is v.. i* j. »v; liti. |I wonl i poibt’l-* :> 3 ai *vvl! noi to • ■. abci.i ure bon:.*, mr tlieya •- ri-i.dy etmio i r.,i i. i- uen. coffW* asid ttiapj o prevent skitta vre lu*r‘oce I a-lialt«d mo*?. It Is made of vl:i-j* it 1 1 'j o-1 i■- ila i way fl,.v.n b ginsalit t ■ o;-"c. v.ub i* gather-cl at the top and i. - 1-0111111, j-.-I a: me hal of the la t jli-.-.v, ••n.oncut th>-ndtrful wreaths \,h u- m t unrele iht; v-1.01. tiuii: anil skirt. Lr,« li rCM- is a t. i-ttiutio au-l i-« Hu; c n're of r [.u-i-; ic-.Utf fonnii.g ti i<»-c •« b«twe tn t-ich • - i and jo on. Over u..- ••V.ole, but not 1 j:— on. ugh to touch the garlan.-, fall# a rillc reps i.-allu ati <‘o roor, i.niiC'-ia r*d«;-. biroe-cd with .-ilvor braid, 'ihe boar is a -slienuilacc •".uioUii c, vvim a *lash of the punceau and a rore trtno. No. i'ls mtproted lohs the 1 mpref*' tavonte. H i- a uliiit* coidcd *llk,c. vexed with lath*, I avii:" UiWinc jr-anve velvet I. ilu imiurvia cly efovc the final Idle plif -o. T’ •? ftontwidio is Krerailr phr,wcr*d with ' inlets, wlrch are ranL-ut*. one bv otic, with a i»-d. :n tit• tulla up to TL-- «al-i, and tne same Kim-:.lug behind, one T -.i t: e det-p. All artlcrir.; rloleu are per r ,mcu und tceut the air. Ma ve velvet violuts i.:. i luile fcnuihe boaic*. No. his Uie Aurora I»o-cal s ’ a white tulle t--in robe covered wj'h lavcn ler ftreaks, tsro vhLdc#, which repiwcnl gray mi* übg,and again. * (cake .of white satin, which rhooi oat beyond rccWu. The whole le been hehiuds cloud of J _lle lanic No. c'. I* black velvet empire embroidered with J-- M ?rd -liver braid and galcon most wonderful* J-. *ls-hrd. ’ • li-.-r, Madame, arc the fashion? which have \. ,■!, cx«-e;:ti.*d according to yoar suggtvtioof. ami, 1 r. js* very ably. 1 was to;.l that the Prin r--* (taucid for joy in cacn oi t!>e>n when they w rv tried on. Streis tall, thin :*n.l baa a perfect : jre. 11 i* :.ot likely yoawilt. otabmeanythms " ,-,:c httniptitou* than the ah.*vc lor the ap -: • rrhlt.g <'i:.ter. at.d may 1 h.-pe J “hall soon i ,»- r insvion tod-scribe plain* very day clothes, t ••aipiegi'O and Actlrian Ambassadresses are ar-v «>e.coir.o, but i have a vavt arrenr of nseftil, j and h«me gear to Ttcre Is a -m at dm! ct altering and ehlttu. t to propose to r.others oT grown up danghlirs, who, though t!.ry an- not Ambsssadr-ssca, ha- c inerdinato de sirf*. and n«» Idea of go,»d man;igcin-'nt. frost* Jr.g 1 ma> soon be allowed to impart how Indus* r ' can, wljj our present styles, Make up for eve j,. deficiency, I temsiu. Aucumxc. A TEXT ir’OU SASBV. Social ticprarUr in V;rirfnl«-Tlic Hr.lred Sinuc 1 i or (ildoa I-'nmc” out! tlidr Connection with Itnuglitcr* of a Variety «f line* oud Paternity,” <lc, [From the Cincinnati CorutnercisL] The iron (ami In this form «>f absorption It Is not a tonic) continues to enter ttic soul of the South. Petersburg, Virginia, known In a probably gallinaceous connection os the ••Cockade* City,” is .in mitbrtuuate city. During the war It was shelled and due about In a promiscuous manner. The scene of Lee’s rtnash up was next door. But what seems to l c accepted as a more griev ms misfortune has visited the place, the nature of which its newspaper (the £>prw, of date December 14> stall describe. it begins: “It u certainly with no satisfaction that wo re* C '-rd instances of social oeprsoity. It ison’y with tte design of throning the weight of our Intlaciice against wrong that we take up the pen to expose the trauds that arc dally practiced upon society by Impostors who brazenly demand horn it the trib ute of respect to which gentlemen of true charac ter aspire, with modesty a*id decorum." This exordium, it will be observed, conveys no very exciting in:ortcalion. But it con sumes space, andthcrciore fulfils its mission. We shall strike more matter and less art in the next paragraph. “ U la perhaps well known that there have lived ‘jo oar community men of debased hanits and character who hare tatca a secret delight in be s-towlng attentions upon interims ol another race, which they had wot the courage to bestow in an Lotorable manner upon pir.-ons of tbclr own color and position. It 1* al«t> krown that the rc of this Impolitic t>nd bestlrl lutlmacyloake themselves evident In the retired parts ot the city, in tee shape ot children of a variety of hues and w bai is commonly said to be ot 'questionable Vawmlty.’ ’’ This is a gem of candor, deceil, subtle Jn tluf'tlon, and rhetorical stupidity. The can dorappears in the admission of impropric* tii-*: the deceit In putting luetn all In the j a>l tense; the subtle Indactloo in the pru d' ally rcilrcd location of children ofassorlcd colors; and stupidity in calling it a thlnq im. politic usa harsh preface to qualifying it as i.-tiak Let us pass on: ••At tl;is time there arcllvlng In various parts of ine city w note families of being*, who. In pome Jiihtaiice!', make a boost of the predominance of (he Caucasian in thclrblooc, and whounhltwh iL-ly point to white-haired sinners of olden fame tbeir father?, and claim e-juaUlv wllh thf mite jacc upon the fakh or the Iniquity of their pa- Ttrie. And no proud are they of tneir one-sided pedigree that they spurn the alter,lion of genuine Africans. and. now that they believe the field Is oprn. lay fclge lo the hearts of white men, o’*d crcoji!jiioUy they carry w»«n by at-wn. Id some r:*ce Is the pride of paternity so deep that gosh* sn? Aepaslas and dari-eyed. olive-bnej ‘sorccr o'-ch of the Nile’ bnveter.ttm ,, nts:ly strewn flow er? over Ibc grave* of th"lr dead white fjlhsr«, who lie burred, with beautiful epitaphs overthem, In n\ondfo»d Cemetery.” Those Italics are not ours. We confess we fail to comprehend them. It is very wrong lor the semi-Caucasians to point no blushtagly to tbeir white-haired old progen itors. They ought to get ver.. red about it. The idea of scattering fiowe; ‘ over a fath- cr’fl crave (and he a while man!) is simply atrocious. And that a person seven-eights bleached should spurn thi attentions ot a. genuine African seems to be os revolting to <mr Petersburg reporter a* to Charles Sum- rcr nrd ‘Wendell Phillips according to his fav( rite interj relation of tbclr ideas. “Weliiw recorded, In ageneral way,themsr ihccsoffcU-Dloodci Africans with lalNb.o »dcd V? nice? In various inota of the S-lale, and as such aeaire arc cl common occnrrcnce a tuoit:: too I-twcst a-d fcaiesi orders In the North, these isolated io- Mrdccp Itav* been by no rm-au-4 aMouTahlug. In ihc matter *f characte\not is lo ’•scon- Eincied, fur when two contemptible hi man beings mite their dcsai.lce teue.hvr, it ooos u»t matter vbat may be the particul r tint which di>liu( gnbtes their irdlvlonably.” This is a little ill-natured, and therefore inartistic. The reporter is getting angry and iJkglcal. Happily, he secs the danger red pi- into bis story, (he compact pre liminary sentences of which we bare given above. * Tic continues * * M Bni when a man, recognised In society as a gvmlcma . attaches him sen to one of ud ene mies ofecclety, In the shape of a shameless ‘Parish,' or a deeientng ontc«?t, there is then fnll Kiciu (or comment tndg.sitratiforora*lonish meat.'’ Of course. And now let us see who this designing and shsmclcss outcast Is, that has forever tketi < ycd Ibe tranquillity of Peters burg. and driven its most laconic reporter to write an essay of such an Impolitic—no. no, let us not be censorious—not of an impolitic, but bestial, character. But we have already an ived at what be set out to narrate: “For a year or two rattan octoioon girl, whose white lather descended lo hi? crave some years ago * lull of honors,* having brought his honors with him from New England, has attracted the attention of several leaning bon rl vmU as one worthy of tbclr roost ardent and devoted attrac tion?. About a month aro this girl, fancifully celled Estelle, was judged by her particular ad rollers to be ripe for niorrfery, and some half a down of them began at once to lay the stnrc which was to take her where sho wanted to abide: ‘ucdcra white man's care.’ “One is known to have offered her a large sum of monev for the happfos** of taking care of her— ‘m Vl dvatb,' of course. She refused, and repbed tbs! nothing less than marriage and a boose and lot would answer Ibc purpose. So ramber one shied otfsrd gave tip the chase. The second, and three or fonroftne ie*t, each severally ten dcicd Lc-r the home and lot, bnt conld not stomach the Idea of matrimony. She was Cmi in her purpose, and these burning shepherds were at last compelled to aban don the content for the prize. Tbe sixth, a s'itn. eandy-wbbkcred. lady-Mlling down-town merchant, famous lor hla politeness, and withal ‘to Ibe manner born,* being from Yankedom, piomised her alt, and had the hoes: bnlltin West Waid, to the Bomb of the Rasin, upon a street vbk-b, to the best of our belief and recollection, never bud a name . , , , “Ibc bouse being completed and furnished in rergeous style—for in-gallant young merchant Lj scpi otcd to Lave a mitd ot money ana lot* of rich friends—lie itcrc continued Lis visits to nls ci inner. She demnnd-’d tbe faithful jperformance rl bis other promise, namely, that he would wed Ln, but day after day pasred and lingered, bbc at last so nrged it upon him that, as rumor says, a a suidctght inarriace was concluded, and th- act, scaled and with all due ceremony. Whether this war a mock marriage or rr l wc La' e no mi ans of ascertaining, bnt it Is a iralfer of common report Hint the twain live there ks man .and wife; and the respectable neighbors ll.r**nltu that If they do col soon quit thalr viciti ;y they nl'l unite in a public exposition, giving i smt a ard circumstances that cannot fall to tnin ai least tbe young man who has thus permitted bis paMvn to got the better of his prudence.” The men with gundy whiskers positively illumed her. What damnable conduct! Not ev*n to fortify his conduct with a mockmar risigc! V.Tisit a bestial wretch! Nay, nay. what on impolitic gentleman!! The nativ ity of the other six felons that wanted to marry her is not given, but, of coarse, they * ere nil Lorn in Connecticut, and hare au burn hair cn their chins. In conclusion, our reporter turns essayist again, and in his calm and steely style re minds one of that breathless night when not even a leaf stirred. “Wchavemdcavorcdtorcclle this Incident In av bcccmihg a manner a« po-t-ible. with no desire tr. create a tarnation. Wc arc impelled to Its pah- Irjillcn became Ofit-claring Impropriety,!^nos lilitv io Soiiihcrn ideas uf social phliosoahy, espe cm'lyat ibis time, when the Northern majority would foicens io recognize snch things ai natural ard rfebt. Evil should be suppressed everywhere, ard in whatever shape it appears; and with this vipwue shall lal.e pleasure In publishing in full tl«.* statement of the respectable neighbors who an* cognizant of all or any of the circum stances ” liEBEL rKOPEUTY IN ENGLAND. The Agrci incnt with Rebel Agents Dis- avowed, fFrom the Boston Journal.! Our despatches announce that an agree trent entered into by Freeman IF. Morse, American Consul at LVimlon, and Montgom ery fiibbs, special agent of the Trcasrry ne- I’artincDt, with Frazer, Trcnholm & Co., the rcbil agents at Liverpool, in regard to rebel propcity vet in their hands, has bc»*n dis avowed. *A letter from Liverpool iu tlic Trautcript furnishes a copy of the agreement, which Is very Justly denounced by its cor respondent, and which seems to have faired through the relusa! of Minister Adams to rat ify It. The icims were as follows: 1. The claim? of Frazer, T'cnbolm S: Co. against certain properjy of ihe Into Con fedciate states under Ibeir control Is agreed at £130.<«0. 2, Messrs. Frazer, Trcnholm & Co. are to da clorcwhat property they have nnscr their con trol, and where it is; it being understood that among this property are the five loliy .V(Og ships : the llnoy, tho Kacinc. the Peugain, the Owl and the lark. 3. Ibis properly to he sold at thehest price ob tainable by lle-srs. Frazer, Trcnholai A .Com pany, and the proceeds to be applied to tho pay jnci.i of the dliSO,#*, and any surplus to hs ac counted lor and paid over to Ihc united States Goveinmei.t. 1. r ihe United States Consul, Mr. Morse, and t>e United States Government to give every assist ance in dlspcrlnt: of the piop-uty, and, if proper ardei-pediert, to grant an Anuncau register to tU or any of the said ships. . , „ ...... ' All sails now pending cither In Great itrltaln cr ir the United States, between Messrs. Frazsr, 7nT.boim tV Co., or am ol them, and the United Stalss, to be ahasdoued, each parly paying their own costs. C. Messrs. Frazer, Tr. nholm A Company to pre s»ijt Mr. itoi>c and Mr. Gibbs with anaccouat showing how tho indebtcdni-ss to them la made or.t, e-rt to allow them and an accountant accept ihlf to Fraser, Ticaholm A Co., toinapcrl iteir books, it being tu.d-jrs»oJ that any lufor mat ion thus derived thall not ho used against any i.rc In any ac'lcn cr proceeding except lor me re c*.vcry of pirpcitv. The consequences that would result from the fulfilment of each an agreement as the chore arc Unit- explained: 1 “Tito liift aiuclo agiccstbat ihc present claim • f the late rebel agents is, or was, on November a. VC?, £Ua.tO>io|'ulupt propei ty of the la c Con lulcrasc .Slites. ’the effect ot this agreement la icpass over, without question ur remark, all ap »mi nations or moneys, proceeds of cotton, Ac.. <£■*•.l amounting, some **ar, toncar a million of dollars, ami leave, Trcnholm A Co , tu un •iiiptud pocsisrlon of the vliolc Oonfedcvaw :ism i«, realized before the da* - ol the lusirumeni. They are to have l!is<]iud Jlli» V 03 besides. •vcvrd- 'The amount they are to pay over to iln- Un.ted btatce. depends upon themselves. Tiu ran* in declare what properly they have, and dcclaraln n, i ot made under oaTi, is final. "• he suau era remeu nr- only five, bat we'anow . [ fi\c others in the same potdaon. Why pro they i mttcd.Q This pir.pcrty to be cold, at the best price obtainable, by Mcs'-Js. Frazer & Co. So ;r..-v can : •11 it for anv nominal pilcc they please. frith—All sales pei.ding betweea Ilia United Stab e and Mvssi>. Frazer A Co. arc to he with d’ono, each paiiy paying their own costs. Ibis 1.-. a Bin.-t infumons arrangement. It m well* hryvni that the United stale Con.-til at I.tvurpaol, Mr. Dudley, at tho request of tho Siule Depart* trcui, had filed a bill of discovery against Fiazer. r:«nbolm& Co.,ard if this was successful, ns ji i-hl be anticipolcd, nil the tran«.icllons h 'tween tJ i» ncUd Crm and llnlr Briu«h and Soutbcrtf cnicspordcnis would have bren brought to light. Ali that was dotio In E eland darluj tnc war, and lor much of which Great Britain is rcspoi »ible, would have been dis closed- Jf aiwthlne is waning lo show the ho«- lile print with wtil;h, at one time, (he United Stales were regarded, and the onc-dded neutrality which wa would have appeared. To an account of ihcir doing-* tho United States wore t-ciltlcd from Fiazer A Co., as rightful suc cessors to Confederate de faco authority, and Frazer A Co. could not have e-cupt-d rcudei lug 11. In presrirgthe claims of the lulled States for ihixnser* by the “Alabama.” we should derive es n' or iinpor anl facta from Frazer A Co.’s cor rcrpoudcnc The settlement Is said to have been nego tiated wholly -without the knowledge or ap proval of Mr. Dudley, our Consul at Liver pool. _ _ _ IH*LASD. :iic Reform and Anti-Fenian Alliance tvilU John Bright. At a meeting of the Executive Connell of the Irreh Reform League, the following ad dress to the people of Ireland was adoptee!: FtxXow-C .*vxT»iTMFJf— At the present time. vLlcb is admitted by all to be a crisis in the hls •toivof our country tnd our we, wo nppca! with confidence for your earnest sympathy ard prac tical co-opctai’OD In support of a movement which nc feci convinced Is of vital ImDorlancotoyoiir individual and national welfare. For centuries inland, as w«ji: as -England and Scotland, ha? been ruled by a class, and not by Ihe free voice of the population. Tbe result has been lotu; con tinued misrule of the masses throughout the three kingdoms. It Is time, however, *bat those upon whom the hardens of the £-:ate ate thrown, v ho pay the taxes that others now impose, should be admired to a vofeo In the admudsliation of their own ntfalrs, and thould demand something morcihanameic sentimental recognition of the doctrine that ‘-taxation without representation Is oppression.” For us, fellow-countrymen, the termination of this role is a question of life or death. Under its baneful sway oar Industrial classes pine; oar mnnata r tuios, few and trivial, struggle throocba'tlckly existence; ournatora! resources lie neglected: bn; wor.-e than all, nndcr this class rule oar agricultural popalation, the chief de ment of national stretigtn and wealth, is being steadily destroyed: and whQe the governing class have filled the statute booh with enactments to Increase their own power and to lighten their re* spontlblilties, years of agonized endeavors on the part or the hapless tenantry have Called to ob tain the ecaut protection of even one equitable clause. Fellow-countrymen, for the selfishness and In justice of a class let ns substitute the wisdom, the justice cud the patriotism of a united, enfran chised people. We demand that every man of fml age, untainted by criminal conviction, It be has given hostage to his country by the posses sion of a borne beneath its laws, shall have a vote in the election of parliamentary representatives, and wc demand this turther right, without which au extension of the franchise would but widen the area ol oligarchical coercion, intimidation and tyranny In tbis country, that the indepen dent exci else of lb* franchise shall be secured by that indispensable safeguard— ih* hallo’. Wc seek for rile application of no nntried experiment. The example of other countries In Europe, in America, in Australia, show ustno truj xoid to peaceful reform, constitutional freedom and last ing prosperin'. In Prussia, one of tb-t most con servative mo'narcbs in Europe I* not afraid to trust the people. Universal sufirage and vole by ballot prevail m the vast do minions now governed by King Frederick William. In Canada, In Australia, in the United States, a people bound to os by the closest ties cl kindred, possess the irccdom the parent coun tries have vet to enjoy. Most wo at none be de nied the rights to which our brethren in the re motest colonies can attain after a few years'resi dence? Arc the working clai-es of these Islands less worthy of the franchise than the colonists of Victoria and Tasmania? Uav« not our artisan and laboring classes proved their fitness to exer cise the privileges 01 Ircemcn? Ought they not occupy each a position la the Stale as would ena ble them to watch over and protect the risuts of lalor? In Ibis movement our labors nlil not be the isolated efforts of the Irish people alone. Tne people ol England and of Scotland are up and stirring in the assertion of their rights and for the establishment of the great principle of political equality. Fellow-countrymen, let us hare faith la one an other; let ns go forward, shoulder to shoulder, relying upon those wise »od peaceful agencies by which O'Connell served his countrymen while preserving bis country from revolution and blood ebed- Disclaiming, In the most emphatic manner, any otb<r obiect than that of obtaining your just, rights, and cny identification with cither of the panics which have hitherto alternately misgov erned onr conot ly-bclug neither Whigs nor Tories, but Reformers —we claim from yon that hearty support which must result In your complete political enfranchisement. Briicv imr that the qucs’lou of parliamentaiy ic (onn comprehends within i's scope all that the most ardent lover of bts country can ambition Sr her intellectual, social and material advance ment, therefore, we. the council of the, Inafc Ke loiiu League, call upon you. the peoplelre land of all creeds and classes, to unite upon tbis truly national plaliorm, and rally round the standard of reiorm which wc now raise, and once and forever, for yourselves and your posterity, to vindicate your Indefeasible right to a potential voice in the government of the nation O’Doxoonux, M. P, President, . Petek Pali McSwixet.Vlco President, P. j, BaAiouir, Secretary. The Moamboat Canal* Gzzuan, HI., December 15,18 W. Editor* Chicago Trlincc: o 2am vciy much surprised to see an article In your paper (the leading journal of the State) advocating the enlargement and ex tension of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, as a remedy against the oppressions of mo nopoly. .While it would be a partial benefit to Chicago and the region of country along the line of the canal it would bo a great detriment to more than three-fourths of the -tanners of the State. Therefore I hope no statesman, though living on the lino ot the canal, will be so selfish as to ash the Legislature to tax the people of ■the State for an improvement which la entire ly local, and which will in no way relieve the .oppressions under which the entire popula tion of the Slate are now groaning. To tax the people of the State $12,000,003 tor an ob-- jeet that would never benefit three-fourths of them a farthing, and leave them In the hands of soulless corporations that they may fleece the great masses to the amount of what they lose along the canal would be very unwise and oppressive. 1 have staled that Instead of a large ma jority of the citizens of the State being bene fited they would be damaged. Do you ask bow? 1 answer, In paying a heavy tax to build and keep up works that would not be of general benefit. Also, they would be fur ther damaged by paying additional freights to the various railroads, which they would be sure to charge along lines where tbere is no competition. We want a speedy remedy; one that will nppiv to every part of the State. We have as citizens of the Slate surrendered some of our rights to corporations, expecting in re turn to have some benefit from those cor porations. They arc now extended through almost every part of the State, and what we went to bring speedy relief Is to have the tariff on those regulated by law ao that far mers may not have to pay from one-fourth to one-half of their produce to get It to mar ket. Should we be left by our next Legis lature without laws regulating our railroads, as we have been heretofore, and then be taxed for local improvements, our filtration in the interior would become intolerable. . Therefore w c hope that every public journal will speak out aca call the attention of oar Legislature, which will meet jo a few days, to this all-important matter. Ko State or com munity can long prosper when the farming interests arc crushed out. as it is now being done in many parts of tnis State. I hope throe suggestions may call attention and lead to investigation and speedy relief of the hardships und opnrcsslons so bitterly complained of throughout every part of the Stale. B. Boguess. PERSONAL Scrvnie, the prince of violoncello players, has just died Id Belgium, aged sixty years. r>at-si;r, the famous prima donna, died recently In Madrid, of nervous disease. The new Marquis of Waterford, just twenty- tv o, ha? an Income of £50,000 per annum. Count Bismark’a medical attendants are quit sure that bis condition would be improved hr a eojtum ibis winter in Italy. The Prince of Wales will stop a day in Berlin und another in Paris, on his way home from bis Aelt to UuEida. A dashing widow In Saratoga baa created a sen fallen by being the heroine of a marriage, and tin victim ol s civorcc, within the space of sixty days. ibe silver wedding of A. S. Barnes, tho New York book publisher, was celebrated la Brooklyn aiewduvssincc. Five sons and five daughters were among the guests. Albeit Xlinmai., a recent graduate of Yale Col lege, ard a young Isdy named Kday, were drowned ir Itbode Island while skating last Wednesday evening. it. Bmce, who died in New York on Saturday, was formerly a member of the rebel Congress ut Uirhiuoiid, from the Covineton, Kentucky, Dis trict. At a rale of paintings last week in Boston, Web er's large picture of Mount Talgarth, Wales, and ChcMer Valley, Pennsylvania, brought the highest prices— ?UIS ai d ioS-*i. Madame Michelet, the young wife of the French “phllosophtT” of that name, has written a novel entitled “ 1/Enfant,” like her husband’s “La Fi mme,” It will contain the results of personal experience. a Nc.' York gentleman who bad two particular lady Iricnds, presented each, the other t’ay, with a piece of cake. Upon breaking the cake. It was lom.d that each piece contained diamond jewelry to ihc value of ?l,COt'. Ihc Albany say? that Henry Keep, the new President ofihc New York Central Iluilroad, is a native of Jefferson County. Leit an orphan at an early age, he went to Rochester to seek bis for tunc, ot first driving team for seven dollars a month. In ISU7. be began iu a small way to oper ate as n broker In city ahinplasters. Afterward be commenced buying up Canada money at a dls count and presenting it for redemption. Accumu lating a small fortune iu this way, ho Involoilt in railroad stocks, and thus became one of the nulroad barons ot tbc country. lie controls the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Rail roads—of which bo is Treasurer—and also the Cleveland & Tolcno road. Mr. Keep la said to be a rigid economist In the management of business. Of Azavlah Boody, one of the newly elected Di rectors ol the Central, the Toledo Commtrcia cays: „ Ihe election r.f lion. Aznriah Boody, President of the Toledo, Wabash & Western Railway, as one of Iho Directors of the Central, will secure tor it creator confidence anion? all classct of ousi r-rts raeu at the Wes', atid fill the place of Dean Richmond with an officer as couipelei.Uas oner cede, and quite as successful. i.r. Do-idy Is Known as li e originator of the 1. W. A 'V. Kail v aj—wUli him to conceive I? to ox ecu.c—and vi i.h a jy-*1 amt energy, second to that of no rail wan In thecountiy, heal once set about pn.* ti,.**-11* tilan of rpct-inir a direct roaie from i.a«io tne to tie WUeisrippl, in a practical planner be* lo*c the world. What he has been to the T. \». \V. Railway, he will be to the‘•Central,’ bringing o its management the experience ol a mind nor 'ocilv compieccnding all the details of railroad ii'g and ’.be system of business requisite to sue- Monrienr Bazin. a French artist. Is cypcrlmet.t- Ing with the design or ohUinlne ph togranhs of sunken vessels ns they 11c In the water, ao that In attempting to rsi-c them, positive kuowlcdgj may be had O', rtrelr positions. tieverror A. J. Hamilton, of Texas, ba l located in Ilunrebaig, Pa., and will soon commcuco ihc practice of Jaw there. Ur. Paul (•ray, who contributed t’.o cirtjon to Fun % tndf.cqucnHv made Illustrations for On:e a UVti-, died recently in I*osQon, at the age of IwcnsT-'onr. Captain Richard S. Meade, United Spates Navy, Ihsot his in Wa-hlngton dangerously 511, having l-ccn stricken with paralysis, which afreets the entire left side of his body. The Pi tree Imperial of France nearly Invaria bly appear-In llt.hland costume,and isgcfJag unwccdertnliy with bis English studies. He re ceived as a present, the other day, from his lather, a complete edition of the works of Charles Dick ens. William Pollock, of Pittsfield, Mass., whose detib has been annuunccii, leaves a fortune of *2,«W I ,OCO. Hie episcopal clergy of New York Lave bom Ttclimlx-d by a prepo-scssing young man, wbo represented blmsclf to be Rev. S. M. Facfclcr, of Boise City, Idaho. He preached a numbtr of ser in ous by Invitation, borrowed money from every body, bought a dozen suits of clothes on credit, and'tben Ccd sncce?6fnlly with his booty. Professor Seeley, teacher of Latin in the London ■ University College, la now the accepted author of I »-Ecce Homo,” and is thus described in a London 1 letter: “Do Is a small, thin man, with an lulclit pent but somewhat cScmlnate lice, beardless, bl uc-cyrd, Caxcn-lialrod, and has a 1 ways b en very much beloved by the students. X heard him deliver his inaugural address when he entered upon bis duties, and it was tbc fiocst essay on Ihc relative importance of classical studies that 1 ever beard.” A trouble has recently arisen !n tbc Trite Free Church, Glasgow, Scotland, from the defection of tlittr pastor, llcv. Waller C. Smith, from some of the received forms ot expression prevalent In or thodox Scotland. Mr. Smith maintain®, as an Important Scrlptnre troth, that the finished and complete moral law taught by Christ, has abro gated the Old Tcstamcntlaw, “moral, ceremonial, and political.' 1 The presbytery have laboriously investigated the matter, and have Judged his teachings to “ conflict with the Confession of Faith s:id the Scriptures on doctrines of vital mo ment, 11 and they require him to disavow these sentiments. The rcsolntlon being moved by Dr. Forbes, it was carried by a majority of thirty-six to twentj -eight. In spite of the strenuous efforts of Dr. Buchanan and Principal Falrbairo. A letter from Charleston, in a McthodUt paper of New York, dt scribes the difficulties under which the reconstructed Unitarian? of Charleston sut&r in obtaining a pastor who will preach their coclimc, tad consent to serve slavery alter it Is dead. Says the letter: “Jhe Per. Mr. Stubbles, a preacher of their own faith, nom Boston, supplied them for a time, bat aftci awhile they called a meeting and tried him cit the charge of his bolrc a Yankee, found him entity,anddi-ebarged him. This was sometime last winter, since which time thev have been on the lookout for some one whose politics and* the ology they could endorse. Call alter call was sent out, and at last a response was given by a pastor at large somewhere in England or Ireland. Tbc agreement was made as to salary, politics theolo gy, J-c.. and the ma'ter of bis expected anlval was duly announced in the papers, bat ho has not been heard 01 since, so far as outsiders are informed. It may be that they will have to take a Ant ricau’ after a l .). But the difficulty is, lb.2T will rot have a Northerner, and we do not grow Uni tarian preachers at the South* 11 It Is but five yea:s, says tbc New York EcenLng Tiitl, since the Cabinet pictures known as the “ Buggies Gems 11 were introduced to the public. The artist, diffident In regard to the merits of his work?, yielded only to earnest solicitation in i making his first venture in the market, hut from year to year bis pencil has found more active employment. Mr. Buggies 1 s’udio Is at ilyde Park, on the banks of the Hudson, and he tardy leaves It. His free is scarcely known In New York, lie is an Indefatigable worker, frequently producing one to two hundred of his charming bits of landscape in a short season, after a sum mer sketching tonr. Most of his works arc of mtnnte proportions; often but a mere sho of can vas, yet they reveal an artistic spirit of rare force and beauty. The best tribute that can be paid to an artist Isthe acknow cdgmcnt that he Improves the stylo of his work In successive efforts. This praise may Justly be awarded to Mr. Boggles. When hla pictures first became known, critical lodgment rebuked some of his faults, especially a tendency to overbearing and exaggeration; but from year to year we have seen less of this, and now there arc few traces of it. A movement has begun In Philadelphia to consider and determine upon some plan of action by which Ibe present inadequate pay of school teachers may be Increased. The Itltgraph of that city gives a few figures which tells the whole story. The male principal of a public school gets 51,500 &ycai; the female principal. 5750; her as-* eDelates from $l5O maximum to 5300 minimum. The French Government has recently bought 10,000 barrels of flour, and 1,500 barrt-1* of beef and perk in New York, for its troops In Mex ico, with considerable grate to feed the horse » in : use by them, and in such need are these supplies, ttal steamers have been chartered to transport them to Vera Cruz, The Metropolitan police force, organized trader the laws of the New York Slate legislature, for the government of Ibe cities* of New York and Brooklyn, consist of 5,171 men, of whom 1,60 S arc In New York City, and CO7 In Brooklyn. During the past year 75,C3S arrests have been made by thla force In New York, and 51,067 In Brooklyn. HUNTED DOWN. Forgery Alleged nnd Bobbery Proven— . Prom the Frying Panto the Fire, William DcWUt, charged with passiag A #lO connlerfeit note it a house of ill lame on Wells’ street, was Ada]]; examined at the PoUeo Coart ycaierday afternoon. He had stated that be came to this city (Tom the interior of the Stst * with only $33 in money, and had received the note from some party unknown, and was not aware that the hill was spurious. Ho told the officers several dider ent stories about It * hot the whole natter was cnershadowed by a development which occurred on Torfdsy afternoon, in the s&aoe of a telegram iron Eanlonl, Illinois, iddrcMcdto the Chief of Police, and requesting hitu to bold Dewitt in custody nntil the arrival of a patty Iron that town who, II was believed, would identify him nr a criminal in an attain or latter proforiions. Yesterday morning Mr. C. P. , Evrrieoii arrived from Kantonl, with a letter to buperiotetdeut llehm, from the agect of the American Express Company, explaining the ob ject of his visit. Tbe letter Introduced Ur. Evcrtscn as a well-known and hleh’y respectable farmer residing near Itatitoul. who bad bad a man In bis service named Geoigc W. Hunt. One day last week. Hunt was cuing to RaMonl, and Mr. Evertson, having fall confldi nee in bis honesty, sent bv him an order to tbe agent of the Express Company lo deliver to lae care a package of money he was expecting. The package, enclosing $712, was delivered, bat the young man did not return to bis employer’s bouse, nor bad be been seen in that vicinity eince (bat time. Reading in the rmncsz of the arrest ol DcWUt upon the charge of forgery, hH being from the country, Ac., U was suspected by Mr. Evcrteon that be might be identical with Hunt, and upon visiting him m bla cell yeaterday morn ing, hla suspicions proved entirely correct Hunt, Alias DcWltt, was not particular] rovcricned at seeing him. but confessed the crime. He had no money uimn him when arrested for for gery, and bis statement yesterday was that uc met a companion on the way (o this city wno took away from bim the lion 1 * share of the green backs, ard the remainder of it bad vanished in a way which be could in no manner account for. ■While lying In Ibc Armory ho wrote a letter, three nr lour days ago. to “Mr. Hunt.” at Ramoal. re questing him to come to Lis assistance, as be was arrestee for passing a $lO counterfeit note—a crime of which bo was entirely innocent. * Only a partial examination was held upon the charec of forgery, though the young man asserted bis innocence and caned upon Mr. Everson to testify to Ibe f.ct that be bad never borne a bai character ut Rantonl. This was considered a huge Joke niidcr the circumstances, and everybody trolled as Mr. Evcrteon, the victim of misplaced conCdcnce, told that the voting man had borne a Sood character nntil bU final clearing outwllh tits .•19, George Washington Hunt was discharged on the mailer of the forgery, but was held for lar ceny, subject to the necessary l*ral formalities prelimlnarv lo a trial at Itantonl. Illinois. MW LMEILIGENCE. The bnelnesßof the several coacts Is faltlug off, I as is uses!, npon the near approach of the bolidar ' tcapon, The sew salts arc becoming fewer ia | number then the average of the year,at.d the attor neys arc continuing their cases to the next year's i terms. The Lofineaa of the Circuit Court consisted of the dismissal of the following proceedings: William B. Fowler vs. C. u. Atkina and John XI. Hum-. Bill tor relief. Omar 11. Jewett lor the nee of Charles u. Hau sen t-. A. A. Durand. Assumosit. In the case of Daniel R. Brant ctaL vs. James Gallavher et al; an action of trespass on tnal Tuesday, the jury retnreed a verdict for plalauffd, assceem/thodamagcattlOO. The cause at prescut on trial is that of Robert W. and Elizabeth J. Ellison against Piedrlcb Cpman. This Is an action on the case to recover lor alleged fraud in the sale of the Central Hotel. The new suits lu this court are In assumpsit, as follows: George fi. James rs. Christian Kohn cno Joseph Frank, damages being laid at 8*203. Anna D. Hogan, an unmarried lady, who has b: in, daring eleven years, a resident of Illinois, who hafMl 'rom Fall River, Mass., petitions the couri to be allowed to change her surname to that cl Willard. . _ _ t An attachment issued against C. D. C. William v ar tic sun of Allred Booth, to recover an alleged Indebtedness of 8210.90. The writ issued as agalm-ta non-rcsldc I. Augiu-tcs Moran filed a petition to enable him to enforce a mechanic's lien atnouu- Inc to 831.50 npon V. o Louse of Ellen Pratt, on lot bt', lot a, block 4-’, Canal Trustees’ subdivision of the west half of the southeast half of section common law branch of the Superior Court, defaults were entered ia the following cases; Walker cl nl. vs. Bigelow. Qamishec. Dexter U al. vs. the same. Garnishee. This branch of the court Is engaged In the trial of tie ca*e of Dennis McCarthy against David Goodwill!©; an action oi covenant, lu witch dam ages are 'aid at $2,51W. The suit is brought upon an avenge bond on the schooner *• T. Y. Avery.” Tie lollowirg actions in assumpsit were com menced In this court: „ „ James WcKludley et als. vs. P. S. Mason, dam age?* JtilX). Joseph A. Eagle el al. vs. George W.Sholcs of LaSalle, damages S4OO. sim . John Alston va. John Stephens, ia*nagassl,ooo. The same vs. John Boorman, damage* *203. Stacey W. Osgood vs. Lemuel A. Ostrora, on a note for sl2o.tft, dalcd July 93d last, at three months. . . Anne Kan vs. Martin Smnilx, damages Clarissa A., widow of the laic Ucnry J. Bar bans, petitioned for a dcciccforthe-portloii of the east twenty feet of the west forty feet of lot ] 7, block 4>, Original Town. , . T An attachment issued althc snlt of Edward J. Janiay A Co., of Now York, against E.lwsrd and Bennett Williams, non-residents. The proceeding Is ba-cd upon an alleged indebtedness of Andrew a minor, filed a prodpe la an action of trespass, by his next friend, against George W, Pcifdus. The damage Is laid at *S,UW. a , _ . An action on the case was commenced by Peter Bcvgali vs. Augustas Wailbautn. The damages arc laid at $9,5(10. The County Court was not in session. It will rc-cor.vctie this morning. . , _ The criminal business of the Recorder s Conrt ■was as follows: , , . Charles Miller and William Niedergang, rob bery. Verdict of gniPvac to both, and ordered that Miller be sent to the Penitentiary for ten, and Medergang_for five years. William B. Ward pleaded guilty of petit hir- ci-nv. ... , Margaret Allen, keeping a lewd house. A or. ti rrf, entered. t , James Crowlcv, assault with intent to commit a rape. Verdict tot guilty. Divorcee Yesterday. H e divorce care of Mathilda va. Ilildcbrandt August Van Claim la now on a final hearing, be fore Judge Jameson, who is asked to pass upon the qu> sliou of alimony. Pending the argument ihc defendant Intrcducrd the testimony of one Ulrich a policeman, to impeach Iho testimony of cue Minnie liopf, taken on tbc trial. He was a-ked if he ever knew tf the witness being con fined in the Bridc*ch. tie -ala he did not, but tcftiiird to quite an intimate acquaintance with tu-r. On the cro«t*rexauil*iation ne testified ihat ti e defendant, before the trial last summer, at dUVetcut lime*, tried to cct him to luducc the wit ius- to have the dry. and atone time offered him t uuty dull rr, and nt another sixty dollars to n ducc him to do 1l The case if still on hearing. A new piocecdisg was commenced in tuc Re cord* t'a v-ouri, by ilehitable N. Walk'r againn h'rbnsi'and, DiH. Thc«>e panics were married Jancarv i£lb, iSlfi, at lerox. Mad Non County, New York. -I hey lived togjihcv until July Vti'i, 18 4, wtuilt in riiargert he deceived his wire and children. five of whom are now living. Ttir Ctcrno lirr.chauT.— Michael Ginty, Ed ward acd Ertraond Hackcti we.'e finally exaudn d before JerncesSinrtevaut and ilillikco, yesterday anemooo. upon the charge of burglary ibis cs?c Las übcady been ouc* or jwic. in tbe On Thanksgiving nishl five intr>uns emeriti the *aloon and dieting im: CI.IVI' U «l.t- ’UIUVU H44V »"v «* >-, known asthe “CoiLge ef Content,” rltuat d on the Bine Island plank read, font or five mifes from tins ri y, and after most ont racccnsiy abasing and tnufaoatlag a» agedcouple ruined BroxcU ibe only Inmates of the place, they left, taking with them about $4O l in money., Glare v and DackcU were identified Ky Mr. and Mrs. Itroxtl at the partial cxaminn'Jou which was held four cr five days ago, as three of the parties who invad'd Ibeir premises. A very strong chort was made yesterday afternoon by the prisoners* contsel to prove an alibi. it was maintained that Giu :y and Glancy were borh at iio. 14 Sorb Wells street, their boarding bouse, on the night in question, aid that Ilackett was at his own house on Archer road. The statements of the wit nesses were no« of the most positive character re garding portions ot the evening from eight mull eleven o'clock, which would embrace the hoars during which the outrage was perpetrated. The weakest features of the testimony were regarding the certainty of the day. It did not appear posi tively, bnt that the events sworn to might not ha\c occurred on the 2rf;h or the 80tu of November os well as on the 231 h; and the a/lhi of Mr. Rack et! rested principally unpn the testimony of a man who was unquestionably intoxicated at the time be claimed to have spent the night at Uackelt’s house and a part of ibc evening with Mr. Ilackcit. The Court did not consider of the evidence of the defence sufficient to warrant the discharge of the pi Isoncre. Thrr were hcln for examination at the Circuit Court In bail of f'J.oi’O each. 1 1 is understood that one more of the burglars, a man named Weaver, has been arrested at Lock port, New-York, a telegram to that eil-’Ct having been received yesterday afternoon at the Central Station. LAitccnxs.—John Moore was at Ibc Police Court yesterday morning, charged with the lar ceny of a coat belonging loW. P. Slcasby, and another, the property of W. H. Worthington. He was committed for trial In ball of on each charge. Fred. Williams, aliat Qalrt, was committed for trial in bail of £SCQ. for stealing a wolf shin robe belonging to'Price's livery stable on Uandelph street. Some darin? thief, who was evidently indlKorcnt from whom he eto’e, found an opportunity Tqcj day nlcht, In prowlingaiou’id IJI2 Central station, tos'cal two bnflalo robe* trout the cutter of Dep uty Superintendent Me eon. A Shall Piuz.—About eleven o’clock yesterday momhE the bed furniture In the second story of a home baildlng situated near the corner of Wells and Division streets, caught Am, and an alarm was sounded from box No. &t. The Are was ex* ilngulehcd In a few minutes, the damage amount* log to about SIOO. The National Union Club House. Editor Tribune; The writer in your l«sne of Thnrsday last, who stated that “ice subject of ft Union clab House has been agitated,” will be very clad to be in* foitncd that much more ha« been done In con* ncaion with ibis important project than has yet been published. Wc arc much gratified atbeiug able :o make known to the friends of the Uaioa canee generally that, aija great expense of time ard ccrrgT, one hundred and seventeen signa* tores have been obtained, embracing editors of all the Republican journals in Chicago, and many ol the most devoted and eclf-sacniiclng Union men of this city, to tcc form of agreement ot the National Union Association, which was published In ~ the several Republican newspapers several weeks ago. Two paragraphs from teat fora of agreement are as follows: Hit AT IVIHMIi . “ Ibis organization Is not Intended to supersede any cxl-ting one, It is not intended as an orrtin* atv political dub. to sen e tbo purposes of merely the pending State, or even Presidential election. It aims both at more permanency and more vigor, at d will prepare to fight It oat on that line, if It tabes a lifetime. •• with this view, U will possess ItseJ of a suit* able honse and lot, with furniture, a read lug mom, ai>n a continuous system of means with which to stimulate and enlighten public sentiment, iu the way of puMicail-us ard public meeting.after the manner of the Union League, of Philadelphia. As iu the case of the last mentioned AModatton, the fees of membership of tbe National Union Asso* elation shall be fifty dollars admission and twen tv-five dollars per annum.” , ' One hundred and seventeen members, pledged to fifty dollars each, for admission, and to twenty* five dollars per annum, places at the control of tie organization at once a sum of over eight thousand dollars. Negotiations have been In progress, with a view to a house for the temporary occupancy of the club, and a very eligible offer, U is expected, will soon be submitted to tbo members of too As sociation. As soon a** propositions ot this char acter can be »nbmlucd In a business-like form, the I names of the member- will be published, and A meeting of actual members end all who desire to become members will be called. Once folly in po‘Bfsß’on of a “ local habitation,” and the dag nvu up. It is to be hoped that the members will ra- Bldlyit crease. Uhaa becncxpectcd.howevor.and its expectation ia based npon statements of mem bers themselves, thatmany ot this body of large hearted and public spirited citizens. In addition to their regular club fees, as above prescribed, will Invest, as an Investment with legal security, a ’ much larger sum toward tbo efcctlon of a large and handsome edifice, wttlch will embrace duo rooms, a restaurant, a public hall, reading rooms ami outer features, and which, in every respect, even In comparison with the Union League House of Philadelphia, will do honor to and the West. In tne meantime, all patriotic dozens who are It tcrcs>cß In these projects, arc respectfully nroed to call and sign the above-mentioned form ot agreement. The books will he found at the licctore Hoorn of Professor HcCoy. In Crosby e opera Home. Club Donat, FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL SONXkTIBir. WsDjfxaDAT BTnnwo*i)ecember 19. The money market pre seated nHne-.r features to* day. The demand ia ths way of fresh paper ia mostly confined to packers and provision opera* tore, bnt the Inquiry for renewal* li quite large. Great dlacrtmiqjtloQ is exercised in mining loans, and only first class paper Is acceptable. In the open market good outside names are discounted at 1 I*4 per monin, and less desirable at 3 per cent Exchange Is e*eady, with sales between hanks at 95©40c premium, mostly at the inner figure, Ibecouulrr rates are charged at par buying and I>lQpremium selling.. On the Produce Exchange, business wifl dull. Flour was slow— buyers and sellers being apart. Wheat dccluod B©4c on No. 1 ana S*j2Hcon No. 3 in regular houses. Com was hi&lc lower. Oata were dull at previous prices. Eye was steady. Barley advanced Ic. Whiskey was dull and about 2c lower. Provisions were unsettled. Mess Pork declined 25®i0c. Green Meats were neglected. Lard was dull. Dressed Hogs were Irregular—though closing tolerably strong. Wool was entirely neg'cctcd, and unsalable unless at a marked concession. Gold was a trifle lower in New York to-day. It opened at iSiH and closed at 156*£. The fol louiog quotations were received by Boyd Bros, gold and stock brokers: ]U;.1ia.iD....~ 1374 I 12:00 m IMJX li:13 a. m lS7?i 1205 p.m ISOJC 11:01 a.m 13754 I 2-OJp.m MB* 11.15 a. m IS?* .sOOp.iu 13. 11:30 a. m 137 1 b.*s’p. m 137*4 11:15 o/m IC6SI 1:00 p. m ..136* Here the brokers wore baying at 13iSl : »7— 13C* bid at the dose. The selling rates were 137 J£ 0133. Silver was nominal at 1853123. Governments were comparatively stead;. The C*g of 'ill opened steady, but dosed * lower. Five-Twenties were * lower oo ihesecandand third issue?, but the original/! were unchanged. Ten-Forties opened * better, but the improve ment was lost at tbcdosc. Seven-Thirties were hi higher on the June and Jnl; series. The lolloping shows the dosing prices to-da; compared with those of the three previous days: SaL Won. Tnea. Wed. Sixes of’SJ m* 1U» 118* 118 Five-Twenties, ’isJ lU7* 107* lU7* 307* Five-Twenties, 'M I«s* 106 10G* 106* Five-Twenties, *63 105* ICC* 10C* IOC* len-Fwlle ..... 99* 93*4 W* Seven-Thirties, Aug tOS 103 105* 105* Seven-Thirties. June.... 105 105* 105* 105* Seveu-'lnirUes, July 105 105* 103* 103* Here the market was doll and scarcely so arm. We quote: oonatsarEST czccmrixs— Chicago xabket. Buying. Belling. 1113£ 112 .107* 307* .103$ 105* IOC 103J* U. S. Sixes of 1831. L.5.6-SOJ. 1968.... lI.S. S-B<B, 1661.... U.S. 6-80?. 1563.... 0, S. 6-208 (small) 105 ®lOC*4 .... U. S. UMOs (large) WJ4 93j£ U. 9. lU-tOatbmaU). lUSV« U. S. 7-aj*. Ist senes 105 lUS-^ D. S. "-3P?, Sd series, 103 103*4 U. S. t-*jOs> 3d series ’OS 103*4 U S. 7-n)s (tma.l) IMJC Compound?, June, IST>I 116 July, ISW IISH “ AUg., l&rl 115 “ oc.,is*-i in Dec , ISC4 113 “ May, 1005 111*5 “ Aug., 1&5 no “ sopu. i&is “ OcU ISOS 109 The Second National Bank quotes Government Securities as follows: Coupon?. i&SI 112 June Comp., 1661..110 5-2 U Coupons. July “ *• ..11514 large.... ICBH®UI*?i Aug “ “..115 5-20 Coupons, Oct “ “..111 5rr.1!.....103H@1W5 Dec “ , “ ..113 iiujocoup.,large.. Ws* May “ 1815..111J4 I'J-iO Conp., small. 102*4 Aug “ “ .-119 T-S«J large.. I*s Sept “ “ ..109*J KjU.sman.. 16t*i Oct “ “ ..10J In Local Securities there is no movement. We onvix quotations. 1 Liverpool ndvicca of to-day noon quote Flvc | Twenties at 12. —jTjc Pulladclpliia Ledger of Moods? ob serves: “ The money market shows more cnimatlon in f oine departments, bnt there is little Improvement in the mineral activity. Ihe supply of surplus capital la somewhat in excess of the demand, but call loans are rcatilly placed on stock collaterals ot (1 and 7 per cent, mostly at the higner rale; upon Government securities exceptional traosac lions are made lu large sum? at 5 and 0 percent. The best commercial paper b taken at C and S per cent per annum discount. —ihe Boston Adctrtissr remarks: “The condition of the money market to-day presents no new features, the demand tor curren cy atthc batiks, although not specially brbk, be ing up to if not in advance of the supply offering. In the outside market loanable tunas arc some what unevenly distributed, but as a rule full em ployment can be found without difficulty, at such rates as holders may determine. Mercantile pa per is freely ottered at from Oab j 3 held at the former rate, however, moving very heavily. The banks arc still supplying tuclr cusf<m?i-a at Ctsi7 y coot, which rale, in coiisideraiiou of tbo .c of their balanced on deposit ly equal to out-ide rote?. Cali loans are m brisk request at GV cent, and many loans which have been out for some time at 5 cent are cow being called in. in exceptional case*, however, loans are still obtainable payable strictly on demand at 5 ft cent. —The Portland Price Current remarks as tol lows on the suspension of Bradley, Coolidge & llcgerH, repotted las’ week : • “The liabilities of the Ann cannot yet bo accu rately ascertained, they being themselves nnabie to make any very definite approximation; but we regret to state that they are heavy, and tae worst features arc that a large portion of the liabilities «f the concern ate “honorary,*' being foe bor rowed money, chlclly among u cla-a or oar citi zens who cannot aQ'jid to lose the several amounts, bnt a small portion of which was sc i cured in any way. „ . , , “ ties’rs. W. &C. R. Mhliken were the heaviest cniloncrs uoou their paper, and Ihe a-rlgnmeut was made to Messrs. Mi|jUen,-wbo will at present continue the du.-Ilcm ofilesars.’DraQloy, Cool- Ulce A Nosers.” The Senate of Alabama, on the fifh instant, passed a bill anthovl/Jt.e the City Council ef .M« ui“*-n»ft r y to ls«ue bonds to the extent of £l.Wu(W'luald of the South & Xorlli Alabama Kallroad —Tt-c total Imports at Hew York for the week comp&ve as follow*: Dcr.7. X0r.31. N0r.93. Dry Goo* .$1,1*2 v.*l> *l, :-9.*230 s'.* *V-1»61,«e«.7b3 Gcal mdse. Total. $5,102, r -r.:t ,-ISI S'V*--‘,'rV) jt.u *,na4 The New York imports of Dry Uooda compare as folio'-*: For tho week. ISM. 1377. 13V1. Entered»tilioport.«.s3o3.7r4 5-.553.502 CRi-lVifl T.irovm on market... -lISI9I 1.113,-ill 76*1,373 ' Nmec Jan. 1. 1-61. 1315. IS'i'J. mtCicdat port.S7«^T9.{t > 0 $5>,274.91T 512!,J13’5,393 inioivn ou inkl to, 11)j,*22J 1i0,MU,369 —3lie Philadelphia Ltdjtr remarks: ‘•T-ieehiptncuwof anthracite coal on the Penn sylvania canals ha* ceaseJ, in coiueqn *flce of the obstructions to navigation by Ice. The tonnage from »hi* Scauylwill icgioa last week wa? 31,312 ton*, again*! 55,253 tons lu corresponding week last year. Tfc entire tonnage of anthracite thl* yea wIJI exceed that of list year at) ml 2,73'.>.0j0 1 ns. ivt-ch is about 2.2'.’O,GCJ tons Incroa-e over the beamiest production in the history of tha trade, 'llie nade cuuumies dull, taere being but few or* d'fsat Port Richmond, ana but few collieries arc in operation, nor will there be until there is a rn • ilciriit advance in the prices oi coal to par for its prcunctloß, which may not be long delayed, as the Urge stock on hand at Port Rich mond at me beginning of this month ha-* since occn prca’ly reduced, and the com rcmtlvely email quantity yet remaining Is rapidly I .chip worked o 2 at prices, however, not remanc* rativc to tco miner. The decline in freights th e v.cck, and the great anxiety among the hlppcta to clear their wharves while vessels are plenty and the weather favorable,has also caused a decline In (he price ol coal of about 25 cents per ton. White a?h L* now selling on board of vessels at $5,003 5.25, and red ash at $5.23515.50, as to quality." —According to the British board off rode returns for October, the exports of British ami Irish pro* ducefor that month was valued at £lt»,s:is,S'M, acainst £15,517,225 in IStS. and £12,371,491 in 18>4, making the total for the first ten months of the year acainst £153.201.5’02 for the same petiod in 1305. and £136,275j158 in IS6I. The total lor each of (he ten months in 1664, 1865 and 1836, is thus eh«wn: IBM. 1565. 1866. January.... £lO.ll-1,536 £10,45V.33 £11,351.713 February... 12,C9',121 11,37(4.214 13.116,063 March 13,555,671. 13,77,1,151 17.7.23,354 Anri! 1.-,225,(rra 12.071,111 13,366,414 31*-.* 14,171,610 13,191,753 15.870,131 Juno 13.978,526 13 227,012 ll^lSO JaU 11,957,631 14.113,410 14,957,331 Aucusr 16.274.V69 14,159.613 17,153,158 September.. 14.Ce7.912 17.316,651 16,671,076 October.... 12,8*1.491 15,5;7,225 10.895,391 Total £1162*5.652 £I3S.SbL.6OS £153.532,792 The coropntca real vam-of the imports of the principal articles of morchsadUc la tlto month of September was £10.356,015, again-; £21,632,731 In 1865, ami £19,901,r«35 in InJj. The total for the nine mouths t- £174,167,695, tun Ins'. £137.303,165 last year, and £16',97t,11i) in IS6U The following fignret- show the total value for each of the first nine months of (be present nod I.m two Tears: ]sll. 1865. 1918. January £ 7,520.856 £ £ 9,517,T61 February ... 13,211.541 J 2,891,252 16,610,159 March... i 6,396,928 15,U05,391 19,391,261 April 17,587,555 13,073,753 22,455,963 .May 22.7*92,601 14,595,554 23,224,761 June 21,9*8.153 15,407,693 23,243,701 Julr 2tM59J2i3 IS,96UM 19,597,929 Aucusl 21.641,643 20,997,691 21).9J0,3 , C September... 19,061,633 21.632,731 13,356,615 Total £160,971,110 £137,303,165 £174.167.003 With regard to the United States the following is the total of the export* dating the nine months ending September tO: * 1861. 1863. 1866. To Atlantic p0rt5,N0rTi..£12,559,275 £7.325,930 £15,8^8.614 »outhi-rs 237,196 279.060 21,8^,970 Pacific ports... -*>£3,116 85,658 193,124 .£13,499,637 Total- The Imports of cotton into Greet Britiin in bon* drod-welzhts during the nine months cnaim; with October in the present ana two previous years and the counties sappljlng it are Urns particular* Ued 1564. 1965. 1566. C*t*. Cicts. Ciett. Tnitefl State* 117,796 289,415 4,109,900 Palism&s and Bcnnudaf, 295,374 159,007 6,413 Mexico 135,700 303,130 3.14 S Brazil 479.906 851,0*0 546.519 155.3 H gyino u«5&£93 7sv-85 0,855,7473.125,903 4.SJ4.‘m Goy.lSQ 309,0 n M.7C7 Inrkry Egspt BiT.i.-h India China s&tn stasis assist Otbcr couiilrica. 6,146,796 6.315,565 10,610,971 Total. New York Stock Ifarktt. Clrsicc prices for cash. December 19, 1366, received by Joseph M. Lyons * Co, Brokers: is: . 2d ut 2d B'd. B’d. _ „ B’d. B'd, y.T.Ccn 110« nov TT.S.fipercenl Eric (com) 7U* 7S& bonds, 1*1... US* W M.S. (c0m).... 81 £ SI w U. b. 6 per cent C.i Pitw.:.... £9s «J 5.30c0up,’62. 107* 107* K. ck Island KM;* KMV U. S. 6 per cent r,*.N.W 55)J 52$ M 0 coop, *6*. 106J* 106<f C. iK. TV, pfd 7s 76 * U- S. 6 per cent I*. Ft.TV.iC,..107 106 VM 0 coup,’63. 106.S'1WH Onj -ksllrer.... *ij< 44* B. S. 5 per cent TV. Union Id.. 45* 45* 10-43 99X 99V C. AA. (com)..110 HO Tr. Sotea, 7 S-lO Bar. &Q. ISO ISO m series XtBX 115 X O.i M.Certs.. 29H » U. S, 75.10.2 d II ndson Rtrer. .121 121 eertea.. IDSJ< U»X 111. Central. .113 U7V C. K ‘ MO. Sd p. i Ke«d IC6 vxd IC3* series IttX 1«X Clove. «TcL...lli*V 121 Amcr. G01d.... ISO* 137 X T.iTVpaasb... 4«M 4»K Market—First Board, steady. Sccona Board, heavy. CttSIiIIEUGUL. TVedxtspjlt Evxsnto, December 19,1356. Tbe following tables »botv tbe receipts and ship* merits of Produce daring the past twenty-fjor hours: nicsirxs pibt TwrsrT-rouß nocns. 3666. 3565, 3,710 3,900 7,Til 0.050 10.715 14,120 4,300 15,058 3,400 2,GSO 735 1,000 I, 72,113 15.000 5,760 3.300 Si'S 53.000 13,530 *&0 3,SM 11, 11,131 3,416 535 13,515 2,STO 3TO 509 77,830 43,243 60 192 1,500 36,500 99 7 315 I*s Flour, brls Wheat, bu • Coro, bo Oat?, bu Rve, bu Bailey, bu Grass lbs Broom Cora, lbs Cured Meat.©* Pork, brls lard. H>e Tallow, lbs Butter, lbs Dressed Doge, N 0... 1 tattle, No Hides, I Dlgbwlnce, brls i Wool, 5>S , Lumber, i SUlUfilea, No BmpjcnjfTß pabt TwcriT-roun noona. Floor, brla. Wheat, Lo. Oats, bn. Rje, l*n.. Unity, bn Grass S*ird, D>s., Broom Corn, lbs. Cured Meals, B>« Beef; htb Forl.lrlt lard, S>e Tallow, ib»*. Butter, Iba .... Dressed Doge, No. Live Uoga, N 0.... CaiUe, So tlulff. 1&s UlcDwtaCh, brU... Wool. Da ....... , 1 crol>er v m. Fbloplea, ta Lath, m Salt brls 431 I,«J There ores a good attendance on ’Change to* day, hut tbeleading Produce markets were dull, and lu most instances a loner range of prices ob tained. The Provision market was do!! and unsettled, owing to P*e increased receipts of Dogs, and the leje favorable advices from New Yoric, Mesa Tor* deciiiied23(»&sUc, with sales ot 5,100 brls at sl7.socash; slßoofor December, and $17.73 for January, eeDer’s option—closing with buyers of good brands at $'.7.50 cash, with no ael'ers below $17.75. There was a slight inquiry (or Comber lands, bat buyers were below the views of sellers. We note rales of 100 bxs at S*jc, seller 15. In Green Meats there was no movement, and the market may be quoted nominal at 5c for Shoulders and Sc for Dams, Irom Slanghteted Dogs. There was nothing doing in Sweet Ptc-led Hams.and the market is nominal at 9£4&10e» lard was doll, wilfa sales of 100 tes at 11 l-ic cash. A small lot sold at If "ic—tierces to be returned. Dressed Hogs opened irregular, and a shade lower, hnt closed np tolerably strong. Wc note gales at f»s.?s®c.7s— dosing at 10.5355.75 for good heavy lots. Whiskey was dull and -c lower, with sales In a retail wav at $2.85 for Free. There is_ no move ment in Bonded. Floor was quiet, as buyers insisted on a slight concession, which holders would not grant. We jeporl sales ol 250 hrla at fia.t-0 for Wnlto Win ters; $9X0012.00 for Spring Extras, and $7,830 S.OO for Spring Supers. Wheat woe dull, and we note a decline of B®lc

cn >o. 1 and 80S*c on No. 2 Spring la regular receipts, but receipts in favorite houses were steady at oablde figures. The sales foot up 6J,<XK3 bn at 58.1CK52.12* for No. 1 in B. I.; $2.0632.03 for No. 1, .ind 51.5501.P7 for No. 2 regular, and $1.5101.(0 for Rejected Spring—dosing at $2.05 for No. l, and sl.Ps* for No. S. There was rather more doing in Com at a de cline of *©lc, but the market showed vcryliltle strength, and the demand was on* Ircly restricted to filling shorts. The sales aggregate 107X00 hu at TOfeSlc for No. 1 ; 77c for No. 2, and 59060 c for New Shelled—dosing quiet at W373*c for No. 1. Oats wereculhlbongh without material change. Sales were made at 45 u 44*c for No. 2, and 40c for ReJ-.cled. llyc was steady and quiet, with sales at 83290 c for Is 0.1. and 81c for No. 2. The Grocery trade exhibits an improved degree of activity, and the market U pcflerally.sicady and linn. Hardware goods, Icciuding Iren, Steel, Nalls, and Tinners 1 Stock, are fairly active, steady and firm. Sail Is quiet but unchanged. Seeds arc dull, ard nominally without change from our last quotations. Wool continues doll, and sales are making chiefly npon concessions. Lumber in the yards is quiet, and the market ts steady and firm. Earley was firm ar.d shout lc higher, with sales at Clause for So. 2; 47c for Dejected, and 77c f 1.23 tot fair to choice sample lo’rf. isllow was dul: and cosier, with soles of 20,000 lbs City at oj*c. The following telegrams were read to-day on 'Change: J»Eir Took, I> ccmbor n». Flour quiet, firm at£'J.lo'&U,!U. Wheat steady, quiet a: Cora Leary. altl.l»instore. Uat* ucaU, tSQO-'.'ie, Pork heavy, jj-ij.i-jjj, Lard quiet, (ioldl3T : t- LATEQ. Corn qniet, fl.jnij. Oats lower, Pork weak. Western Hog* scarce, Ana, 55.TiG5.C0; receipts l,voo. Gala ISC?*. LAtUU, lo the afternoon corn was dull at TOGTOHefor s>o. I—the closing prices on ’Change. Woeat was elrotger, with sales at 51.573i.S7 I ,* for .To. 2, Prov Wons were qniet bat Una, with sale of 110 brie Hess Pork at SIT.T3, seller January; I.OJU Creen Hams, at S**c; 1,000 do (from dressed Hop?), at Sc; sC'i pcs shoulder?, at s*£c. Heel Cottle were fairly active, and steady at previous rates. There were received to-day 2.223 bead, ijfil cf which found sale. These wore taken chiefly by city butchers and shippers at $3 for common to choice grades at which ranee the market closes Arm. The market for Mve Uogs was active at a dc dice ot 2'@32c. The receipts wore 23,143 head. Enteied sales 17,1 U). at ?5.00«13.00 for common to prime erodes; principally at $".3iJ©5.75. The market closes heavy, with 7,sCohead lu the peus, unsold. probablyre; New York Flour .Market. [From the Tribune, of Monday.] The features ot our mvrket lor western and Statu flour the past week prvsvnt a pic .sing contrast to thou of the previous week. The d-inanci early Id me wees Improved. and since ihoa, with the close of canal navi gation a> a more seasonable weather we have hail a more anima>cd demand, anti notwithstanding the targe arrivals prices since furs lay hive advanced daily, tno Inqulty in part .peealv.iv,-. out cM -:iy cunrtned to 1)13 borne trade, thi-nahwc have bad a fil: Inqui-y for ex potL nod, hut fir the rapid impem-ment fa prices, the shipping trmUi aouldhavc Uti far more a;tlvo. Wo baveadiied materially t-j our stuck, but, with limited arrival* lu prospect, m;l u lursc and cr-iw let trade, mo.«t holders evince much caoQlsaec, and the tow gradi-i hive been tav-n fre-ly for li vcetnifu’, these brine in vrrT moderate supply, and. a: toe pnro of wheat la the Interior ot this tutor cy cannot be d-ipile *u-d. Our now of the folly « f u e pautc In tt e market the week p-ior to our last har-tw-n fud. rooilrms-i, Indeed sooner thm we hid erpicttd. The reaction since our U-l has been nnra ray.duaj wo had any reason to expect, ail the dan* Fir Hi.ow that *e*hn 1 l c> to tho other extreme. It ehcuji not to forgotten. that a: a material advance* trom present prlc-sc-iHumptlnn wo-iU bo erectly re stricted. The s'ook fl f.o ir at tho Ea-UU U well known. I* uiut6un : :y larg-, and horn-? we m.i.-t depend ou the 1. cal ana s-uth-rn ir» le wally toc-iesum j oar 111-cral «upp les ul Rood and choke llstra-vd w.dcho ir slock isvbic'ly ma :t- up, a- wi emu -I exp jrt tuc u large -I%,hence tlv* wlvnnvr t»be healthy sno.ild not b; Vio We retire nl 'he Froducu Kxchan;** during th" week two sample? of UOUbnxn Hour, tec qn ihtyruaiiy vtry exccdonT; it is he'd at fls.i f per orr, at-d is err chcnp, and where IW uiertl -re well known it cAicot .-•! !C ’ a fra.y st«e; the exports of the week rre W> hr Is, 1 daring 3,032 brlj 10 hrlstotbe W,«t.Ln;l»' sad s-eaih Am-r'c-wahil fir the e !.i-i wei-lr, -i-VT'C br;s. To-div tin in irk-’I 13 quite active, acd prprs «*ri 1.»375c p?r b*| higher, the um alive t<u imol poiKesLle on tin mMIn.Q erodes; ll.e tiles arc K7id brl- at >s..U,iIJ.l for sup rJnc Mptu,{:j.'.C(all.n fwi-A-ml extra d-i. for the low pranc? of Western extra SI.'.TJ MWO fir inlr to cb:tce extra Wtwoasin and lowa. for sM.'plre Ohio, »H.S3»I3Ud for trade do. and for Bt. boils Et traf. t tu adlaa flour I? h-ster, and lo fair denim I; ( of Oib tiris, st j13.9h%11.7h for extra. Southe-a Cnur is aynlii better, but Ica active; sai-isof 35,1 Kris, at JlP.sGai7.l9 lor ('.'miicn ti ftlr ettra tUlomire aid country, and jl7.c'*u*rr» to: tralo anl family extras. By*Hour la a.nil better,am fa’riy active; salesofffO bris.nt fVO'Td*'). <‘o:r. raril Is heivv; sties c t U>j brN at jO.IO I »r Je *scy. md s>.T> f r brnnJvwlar. iiuck»heat tlour I? better, and la fair ccn.smJ; talcs at i^t.£»%;*.ti ?UI as—closlns Srnter an** moro active; saoi of j!,> 3 bu, at CO fir Cane:* West In bcnl. the lii'lH priJ-* tup uii'-mnl: f r 1.-ec dii. an<l f*r chilsc two-rowed stale. JJarlcy mill J? quiet at £i.;nai..v>. New York drain Market. (From the Tribune.] A morech-'erlul I'tvilnc b»s i-b-ira.-terlzel oar wfcs-M market, without lending to much hu-lneas; ih* arrivals have been 1.-rsc, an 1 we have :ii KU manvUilr to oar stock o.‘ fprlcr, but cot so of winter, which hu N»?n offered lc«s irreiy, and tns regained tb?d*clin-*ol la.t week; we allude to amber winter; wrma winter. oa Hie contrary, hasbecu pr-*..-dnglv ottered. and up to- Friday lower and irr-ca'ar prices were acu-ptoo: spring has b*en taken for milling to some extejt, nod uc notice a better dema-.d for Soultr-ra markets; wry little has bwn flout tor export, tb2 current price* Mi’ at-ovethe lit- .ts of most export or,lets: InJe-'d, will; n stock In port of less than bushels, we c-tutnt spare a single bushel nr export, so great is the scarcity ot loofl, south ol Maryland. The close of cans! ruvlga- Uuq and more tcasooablQ weather have eon* tribnted somewhat to the better tone which la so apparent since Tuesday, our millers are poorly sicxx-d, audas cur stock of tin low grade* ol (loans light. a good n.lttlr.c den and for wheat f» snppiy that di fl, lencv is very probable. The export* of the werk are £ifa7 bu against 122.7)1 bn the corr--*;*mcUnr weet last year. Our stock of wheat In warehjusos ocly U about i,6sn.('Co ha. ;oviafrer this week wli elcadliv dl mt&Uh, To-day the market U much boiler, and prices are urs- tiled, with lc-?s disposition to sell at the close. The dnnand Is confined to millers lailaK? silo* -.f s>V\o hu Chicago spring at 52.13 fir rejected; fiAJI 5.33 tor good to very cb-flce Mo. 2; 5.0 W bu amber win ter Canadian at f'hitfthVßbii amber Bta;e at 83.0 t-t S.IO. and 7.1X0 ba amocr State In store at with some advactasc to the buyer oj Ktoracc, Interest, etc. Haiicv Laa hoc a modcratelr active, llnush wlih to ire favorable advice* irom Furopo more *tovlin' , »j may be n tod, and but for ihc advance in frclcbts early la the wetk. and a further decline in pold. a more active business *»onM bavvboea done fir expon. The export* for Hie week are only li;ji"0 bnriids. dTo have added loonr stock somewhat, and csttnia'e that in store at I.SW.OCO bushels—at the clo*c tbemarket is firm, with a ftlr Inaolry for home u«e at rather hlchcr prices. Oat* have been more active, have Improved ano have '’.actuated eotsidjraVy. and the demand has been partly speculative. Tne arrivals have been larger, but we tuvea moderate stock for the pc.voc, cstmati.-d in store at br.«bels. is retarded a» a small supply, becce ilicspernlatlveto auirv, cl<>*lni: tlrm'r and mere nctlv?, tuo demand lo part'speculative; s->!e« of »j.CNMbuiliclsat63t<ctor un sounC ; <2<4«»Ve for Cli!cas->, and 70e for State. Rre has been la rnmlcratt request, and boa fluctuated. The arrivals have Oucn liberal snd prices have declined. We have added to our stock somewhat, and ilodtt alwut (40.(00 bushels is tt«re: tins U htrze, and with a limited demand for export, buy ers have had the advantage; clodn? better and In coul demasu lor the trace and for expert; salwrf 45.150 bu at $1.03 tor Canadian In bond, fUKftloX for new tVcstem, and SIA3 for new State. Our corn market has been muchcsciteJ: prices have ttnetuatod vtolenily, though le*9 as than durhtg thcprtvfous week: strong edorts have been made to depress the market, but without avail: tbs wants of the coastwise trade are larger than we badantlct paled, and tne stock here at the close of canal prove* to be considerably Icse than we tad supposed it would be. acd hence we have tad a stronger market of-ate. Tbs exports of the week are 115.1U7 bo, against 351.70 bu the corresponding » eck la*t year. To-dav the market opened better, with a moderate local and export de mand; sales of 71.000 hn at |LIO tor new Soatnern while, ft .ls for old cc, si.ii tor old yellow Southern,<3!.lt lor Western mixed In stare and adoat— cloeug tame. £7,-f 0,673 £33.912.135 11-tr* at«rillc. cf jestcdsy obsfrvea; The market for bogswa* ten# active tvdav. prices tcre. however, eastamed. and rule at a fraction Metier rates than at outer pout l , rancinz si 6X36 if c. The receipts by rail to-cav were 7,530 bead, The lin ing and packing acre as follows ; _ . Killed- la pea. Prevlamly. Hamilton i Pro ao - IS JW** o. tv. Thomas it Co MOO I.COO 15,'<W Owsley i Co «l IXOO BJM nucmin. n. a co low itnoo Duncan. F.i C 0............ W 0 .... 10,316 •larvui Co K» 500 MU F. 'LeJb. JMO 753 6,000 xlj. Martini Son »0 Kcw Albany (eiUmatCC) WW 2,130 Total .7 (v7lo 7,513 7USS Mating the trial tilled. Indexing to-cay’s slaughter, <0,5*0, with T-VSO bead left over In tne pens. A Kew Orleans Picayune correspondent, writing an* der dale ol the lllh. says: TLc sacar crop promises to be a very large one, Julr- IPS from'the yield ol tfccae plantations that have at. rradv commenced crt-rlinc. The crop will be from ts.rcd to COJTO ho«h'»d» larger than la«t year, canned pnnclpaTy bv toe tnwwnjetloo of mv chlncrv In tbe ptantlec. A number ol steam-plows are now used on the larger plantations and are eqolvalent to an increase n 6,(00 t cid hauls, which is of incut rroft importance to the planters a> hands are scarce, and we hare to rtly at present entirely on the Cclaese emigrants, a* no more nccroe* are brought from Africa, and the riticaalaorb all the white element ar riving from Spain or other foreign countries. Tne cane n> not very large, trat the Goarapo ranges Iron 9 to 1C degrtce. rhtlodrlphla Floor Market—December 17. There ts co demand for shipment, but quite a good Ineuiry for home eocfumptloo. and prices are 25c V brl higher; sales of 3,flw brli Inclodiae 530 hrl< on secret terms; 100 brls Northwestern extra family at StUTteISAO; 3)0 brls Übt > at!ls.soiAl3.sofancy at ?14A«61«.00: extras at 59X0*1450; and saperOneat Brcflour la held at i,.35. Fncrs of com mtst are nominal. pparislpaa in Philadelphia—December 17* The market coutlmws dull, hat prices are rather firmer. hma’l isiei are makUg at t 5 bri for new rctf• pork; lW9c V & for plain and Oarj b«on haxn*;JJ>»ai3cforpJAieddo: forfait liatU- Sets; lajSili'' for prime lard\o wU aad tres, and. 15® idc * »tor butter, as to quality. Sped* in pbllndciphla—December 17. Clover*tec is It-ss active, a&d lower. Small sales are making al|i.lOy.9.sT* r bu. Ttmorhysan att*.d® 5.71, aadllaaaced at b bu. Toledo slarsei< Toledo, December 19. Ceatw—Wheat, dnll and tower. No. X spring SJJ9 aaked; 52.» bid. Core, old, r»o- t, £ic; new, 69c. Dsosap Hoos-TdlHc, CUICACO CA'TTI.E IUABH.ET, 1806. 1355. 7,0 W 2,-iTJ Orrics ot tub Chicago Tnnusx,) VfruHDTiAT hTEnao.Deceinbjr u,iaS6. f The follow Jtg table shows the call/ receipt* aad Lire stock dorteg the week np to thl* rrtmor,m repotted by the Secrilary ot the Colom Stock Yard Company •1*567 2,5 X ,500 . .... 2.M8 , f 12.500 C. 050 Sawlay ud Monday. Tuesday W«tae*day C5$W 90^500 I*s-0 5t3 . 5.613 63.501 . ... IfW . i,aao 4.330 . C 97 CG3 687 897 . 3,610 103,495 .. 918 4,470 7,570 ... 705 11 .. 173 • 25 > ... 100 TOU3 MOB HW E«Bt time last weet 'l£l3 WM |** tveekl«fi»e S£IS IWM 98) Tie receipts to-day were oy the folio wlar route*: ' ' Cattle. Hoct, gbeep. ©t ULfito an 969 1501 138 3.680 »n 213 3.796 153 SIS 161 By BllnnU Central, ny borllnetcn.. .... R* S*L Loots & Alton, By Northwestern...., tj Rock 151 and.......... »*y Mtchtean Soalhcm, By Michigan Central By rittsbargb * Ft. VTayoe. Total MS KID S.SJ7 The ahlpmeaU today, aad tor the weei up to thie ercnmc. were Sunday tad Monday. Ttmdar........ Wednesday Total SB 1,045 .... Same time list week..... 49 HI ..., Tf«y* before la*t, 731 2,311 .... Shipments too; were by t&e allowing rents: Cattle. Hoza. Sheep. By Michigan Southern £3 451- .... By MUsburch & Ft. Wayne.... U 1 .... .... Total C 9 159 Sales to-day, u ctered at the dlSfercat Scale-boaiea, were as tollows CitUe. Hnn. Sheep. IfllnoU Central Sc*le 259 G.7SI a? 1 iiUKH.;toa*yaiacj scale.... ss aas: 212 i bt. Louis {►Alton Scale.. Sit W?-> .... 1 Northwestern Scale U 9 3.713 .... Total ua . naco "sm ] BIEF CATTLE—TraIe was net particularly bnsfe j to-day la Uil» department, thuuh showings very de* elded ImproTrtCoit in this respect over tue half do:ea i preceding days. The day was afiaeooefcr active o-it I door eperattoas. and the different cutset of bayars J were well represented. Tho receipts were liberal, and composed In the main of a ranch better cla«j ot stock 1 thac has graced the yardslor soma time bask Anting , \ the drove* especially worthy ofnote, were twelve h?al full blooded Devon Steen, and font Hellers of the seme breed, trora Bins Island Uldje. C>3tt Conner. This was perhaps the finest drove offered In this tnar- ] ket during the season, and speaks well lor W. M- Webb—by whom were raised and fed—a* a grow. ! cr of blooded stock. Their areraxc weigh; wa* 1,0)3 Bs i They were taken by O. White forth; Eastern market at : Ten head premium Durham Steers, averaging 1/31 ; Its, and owned by s. Dozen, attracted a good deal ot [ attention. This lancy stock was taken for city slaagh- ! ur. A Woliord & Co. at No. C 3 state street, wire the ! buyers, aUS.Q* * UO fin. They were fed by Joseph I Ughthal), of LaSalle County. The total a lies to-diy ! embrace I,OCI head, which Were divided between ship* | pers and city butcher*. at prlcrs ranging trora > 5.C0 fer common to good buUh-'rV stock, aad $5,503 6AO tor good to ch« Ice shipping Beeves. Sales were - ■ • made chlcuy within the range ot |I.OS«SAO. 1 . The market closes steady, with 1,33) hea l remaining 1 In the pecs unsold. , TteloCowlngnotlcehis been Issued: L'mion stock Yaed and Teaxstt Co., > • AhaiafaXY aecc-KTAEi'a urnct, v I r Cmcaoo, December Id, i 536.) P'OTICK. otP. It. Chandler, lYeildcni. the several scales win be ciored 00 Tuesday, December 24, nyi (ChrU nuu dayu No stack win be shipped on asy of the Eastern rail- ' roaUllttson toatday. 1 Mock will be delivered to psckcTi If desired. I All stock received on that day will be fed and pro- I pcrJy cared for. R. L. Dosts, Ass'; Secretary, j Wc note the followlnF transactions: CATTLE SALES TO-DAY. 1 Jones. Hocph & Co. sc Id riermau 8 head vtcers and Oxin. areraßim; hi, at (Ltd; to Moon, 3 head, av eiatluß I.COO t«. at fj.X. Poland bandit u brad good Steers, lei and watered, aytragintr 1.<35 ho. at f5A>. lyscn t-oucht in bead butchers’ Cows and Heifers, ■ avt-nidar fiOOe. at $4.0). 1 Poland bondii 12 head. aycrarlDß 1,733 29, at fS.OO. Tic * Board” eold S 8 head p»lm*( e jeers, overadue ’ l.Vf-0 ns, fid aid watered, at JG.iO; D heal MtK bteers averadcu I.CT4 tts, fed ana watered, ut JI.W; 13 bind drst-cl.-um steer?, avcra;lnß IJISJ s>s, fed t*ad wa leret), si j6.tO. Webb A to. sold Dczer 10 head lair S%crs, aver asms I,C:iC £>«, ct fS.CO. Bcyd & Co. sold TJonble S 7 bead pood smosth av*r.t:h t: i.tJCI e».atff*.lS. >l. Clark sold Kla- hman t bead common Caws, aver aflni: 91i IS-f, at f-V-Ol'. J. W. JohUf-on 6«>td Haa? 13 bead g)od Cows and' H'-cr* l , aTeraclrg 1,010 &<• atfASO. S. Dcrvu sold A. Wolford & Co. 10 head Carhlmos Steen avi-rssi n cl,o3C* n-«. at W. M. -ldO. Whiter, head Christmas Steers ned IlcUtr#. ivi-r»mni 1J53 &», at f. liynirtc bought hesd ulr Sitxra, averarlas 1.U3 it*, atfS.tO. • 'htneerd lioTjßbt C 3 head good Suers, arc*agtns IJfiS Up. at Peck & liooßht SO head good batcher’s stock, ovt ravine9*J k».al eiAO. Ruble loocbtM head Rcod Stein, averages LIM C«, at Cm-nbanm sold CS bead g;od Steers, averaging L2M tA. at ftZJiC pc: head. Qrecnlamu sold 11 head medium ftjck, at per head. HOGS—The market op'ned a little quiet lo the msrn- Ing. Buyers, In astictpaitoa of heavy arrivals, are holding oil. and rctuslng to bay except at concessions. Prices accordingly needed f 100 BSAt wulcb dei llne there sprang up an active demand. Sates fact up 17.1Gb head. These were taken principally by pack era, at prices ranging from ji.oo*%sdO for common to n.ttlh m srodes, and for Rood to choloo Hr-FB ore* sglnc trom 2SO to 3W tts and over. The great hulk cl the sales were made at and within the range of {ArATiS.Ti. A tew fancy lots were sold at a sllzht ad vance on the above quotations, among which were 3» cst;u fat Hcpi. averaging bs, tokgn by S. Curtis A Co M city bu ichcrs at Xo. 77 St-ttc strec*, ut f 3.35. The maikct closes hi avy, with 7.503 biod In tho pens nn>olrt. A further decline tn prices Is by no means improbabir. Sales include the following droves: HOG SALES TO-DAY. So. Av. Price. S. Curtiss & Co. bought... .....35 495 S'<-35 K-.cnan At'. toTobcy 5i 333 5.. j .tones, nougli & Co. to Craoln -U 355 5A5 Jones, Houck a L'o. lo Murphy 103 353 5.C3 1 Jcncs, Honnh A Co. C3 233 5.25 Jones. Hooch A Co. lo Murphy 6t 211 5.13 CouovtrA il. to frelgh AOo 50 377 S.SU Krc-lch A Co. bought 31 263 5.73 Krtlßh ACo.bought .1 Si 373 5.43 Krtigh A Co. bought M 374 &A) Krtlsh A Co. bought 83 Ui 5.73 Krtißh & <’o. l-Odgiit 41 3%1 5A5 Krelirh A Co. Itoight 40 371 5.05 Krcurh A-<’o. bouclit 44 083 5.73 Krelch A Co. I ought 34 ... SAO Krclth ACo.bounU., ...116 .237 5.<0 Rrclch A Co. vonxht i n ?3t 5A3 KrUrb&Co.boucht U 393 S.rO KuigbACo bought 47 313 532 Krcich A Cv,bought ...133 371 5A3 Krcluh A Co. bought 33 403 6.03 M. Clark to Homrh ACo 49 323 SA7H Th« lor to I I onias tn 35J 5A> hurt A C«>, t-ougbt (la lot?) M) 3:23A1%5.70 lUtthcr AM. to Burt uCo 215 Mi 5.67# GoulJto I.urt A Co. ’>3 313 5.«» Strxughan tu Kreign S 43® Straughan to nnbb*rd«i:(.o 13 2*o 5,»9 UICKKtr. Part ACo *»1 UiS 5.. J Hubbard ft Co. IvneW U« S*? S.^l Hublsrd A Co. lu>uebt 9Q oil 5.73 Flint ATl.oiups.-m bought 3l 5.>5 Flint * Thmup-i.nbivj.hl tit 2X> sA7*^ Flint A Tbomiwnbought 171 5.50 Taber U> Abort *6 P) ?31 Ch'e'hrougUtoTobv 45 2*’* s*l^ '.' to Kronas t 0........ <u 3JI 5.73 Roceb A (Ti.lioueht HI 2W 5J17.V Br.'.tltoMMWA Co w J® )J*J J»*s Oulltoßbaw 53 5.(3 eJIBU’-Thi market Is *'.oll sod icacUvc i«r all ex cept choice mutton gra.Ks, which are in moderate rd qtest rn low! account at ferior d«ci Iptlcns arc n.-glccteo, and are ‘carce'y atlc ab!catm»‘ 1 rice. Wc quote prlcw at lor common to choice. AUsaUarf Groin r*j>f>rud in It It mar&et r> }>crt arftnrae.cnihe bcstn/itlntfr (1c) iturage, u,.lr*i olUcrxzhe rxpreseed. ' Weosxsi».\t ETXTrso, December 19. l«86. FRFlftllTr*—ltsturoAO Fttutunrs—Too follow ire I* the jo;ni tarlu on the Castvra roads: ad 4th Drs'J n-ilcs Irom Chicago to— cla-*. clas*. Floor. Hog*. Punuio, y. Y 68 47,’* 95 to Tor>tW. C.w 63 47)4 « M-Jf treat. C. K lAS 9'. 100 1.63 .Mba-iv, N. Y 1J!0 I.Ba 1.40 New Vork IJi W 1.90 1.50 Du.-p naml Altany ld>s M 1.9) 1.0) Eorton r.o tifniid I'ruuk...... IdH V 9 1.9} 1.60 roitUndchdUranulrank 7.10 1.13 Uil'idclpUa U 3 85 1.70 1.13 Pultlmore •*. 1.15 W . 1.70 I.W Ihtubnrgh 70 60 I.M 70 C-evclmc*. Ohio 45 a i 0 55 Jen-rsouviile. Ind 45 xi 2 ••• t'lDCli.bnll.bfelo 45 XI W 63 FM)CH—Received,3,7lobfls; shipped. 7,013 brls- Marketciinetand steely. Sales wtre: WUivs Wut tkls—lCC brls Calc's Exot-lilor ;it 812.00; 10> drl* Lot named at f 12.P0; Srunto Kxtbx«—233 brls • ilxrplc'a AXX*’ at 81203; 51U brls *• Duadas” at jlldrO; 20J brl- “It, «t #19.73; l-Mbrii* 4 Palttu'd It-.*;" at #IC JO; iw liris “Idcrcc's Best” at (10.53:2)0 brls •* Canu-tf* Excelsior' at #1350; KM oris not uamtJ at 810.75; 530 brls no at 8IOAO; 2io brls da at 83.50; 20) (•rtsdo&ißJ.U**: 193t>rl*da at 83.0); Septus—2o3brls md natued r.t#s 00; 2i9 brls'lost 87dS. _ WllEAT>—Received. 7.731 l-u; *Mppol, V-6* ba. Market dull and 3«4C lower ou Mo. 1, and avc lawero 1 M’o.3 Spring. Silos were: 1.293 on M’o. l'srnn-»at82.12R; 400 tu do at 82,13; L6JO bu -to at »-> m. K.J.. 4J3 pa do at 82.09; Sd))0 bado at *2.3-3; d.Wfl bi; Mu. ‘2 at 81-87:17.«Wbu doatfl.'WX; 15,(iWha<lo at BU 6: 5.(00 DU do Ur;is(vbu Ihtiected a* *1.60; 80.’ba do atplM;ss) buc'-at*i:s;4Co nu 03 at 81A1; «ibudoa;fiji cl -!ng at 8-'so for No. 1. and JI33V for M 0.2 regular. L’OUN—Received. 10.71* bn; snipool, none. Mar. VdUuiCandlc lower, gales were: 1Z.3J3 boMo.l At >«c* H'tWbndcv at ?JVc; «,0» bu do at 79c; 1.60) bu Mo. 2at 77c; 433 ba new Shelled at 6Cc; 403 btt do at site ket dull aid without material change, sale* were: 2.<W)buM’o.2al44V(cf-r.: 1.8 J) bu at 4tc : o.2Jobu at 4.vic; l.iCObu at 43c; CO) ba li.Jec'-al at 40c—clOilnj fi Phlpped. 773 ba. Market Quiet and cnchangi'd, Salw were: 1,703 bo>»>. 1 at 99c. f. r.; 1,500 bu at sJc I 2.6 M ba at S9c; 1,60) bu No. 2 aI I4A*R l,ET—Received. 735 bu; shipped, KD ba. Mark, t firm acd oU ut 1c higher. Sales were: 4w bu Sv. 2 at 65c; ba do 4ri)bu «h»at 6dc; X.IOQ bu U*>t'cd at 47c; SI prime at $1223; 4U) bafalr at S>c; 4C-0 r.u do at 73C. A L.\ OllUU—Mvmlnal at tn the Jobbing W |f»r.VV—Market ouiet at #13.00 in bulltf on track. Salt* were: 20 tons at fit.U\ la t*ag»onuacK. nitoil.M COllN—Mutktt inactive and nominal aituO.KfttlO.w. SikivsweJcStiOna 3do at 8145.f0;4d0at jlCldX—at; de Ivcred. HI? * \ js_ gold In round lot* atf2.0033.70 lor prime. DLTTfcK— U‘xelved, 14MW Dt; shipped, 1,990 as. Chela- tabic Button!? In fMr request and with .imued arnval? cfouch. prices are well sustained, and tolerably 1 firm at previous rales. There Ik no chance to not© m i <ommcudcscnpUvns. whlcu are verr dull and dfr pressed, bales today include 8 pka* Choice Dairy at i at 30c; 5 flrklns prime at?tc; *73 as in Jaw at 27c. tveounle: _ I choice Dairy a c r Good Tub...- o** C , Commcn Firkin ** ® ; Prune F1rk18........... —— .••.«»••*» _C*3I C KAt;t» l\tJ—The market exhibits no new feature. • Tbe demami tr iit-lit, and the stocks are ample. We [ quote as lofi< w»: . „ ««>m t National a. 2bu, seamless linen. *4?-M . Cloai.Sbu, Jo «*> i Illtsol? A. tbu, do , Core Exchange . stark A, cotton seamless jaxw I«WlltOOA, do **4" Ardrosccsctn, do American, do 7*.-jj> Beaver Mills, do ITttsSeld S, co 3 renn Mills, do *5-4» 5 Fort Pitt, do “ SUee. do J2-S f. Save, linen atd cotton M.OO Bldptwobd do »•}{) SKW-at?-.2S »*i<» bstwr rltu nf cnnlt (a Cuba Misar Crop, <june. a«t. sb'ep. sa ttS» w 3.SS 2«,1« 2,317 Cattle. Bon. Sheep. .... 537 439 436 CHICAGO DAILY MAItKFP i'llEK»K—Traaeia us oeuer class oi kooqs, is (kif arc prime grade* are steady and comparatively turn. Common oe?crlpt;on« are quiet and easy. Wo make no charge In oar quotations: New York Factory (genuine) .1| ©l3 C Factory (Illinois) 1| «’2 c Western Reserve » « Western State*.... «« c ’Thestocks arc abunrasUy lars* prices remain steady at pre- Vcns qnota'lonr. w blch are as follows: EbtE-%iwMeld • IbflO do ormsby . .•••••,• ~2 CiavTLaM)—Rrlar 8U1..... 11.00 do Mineral nmge 10.00 Co w mow Dank 13.00 Co Tunnel I£W ~^=E=s:^M lackawana. prepared }fM geraoten . fifttaiHS Illinois “2 do on track Tonrhl-'CtiCUj ilw rob FBE—There is an improved decree of activity ano the market U steady and Arm at the following s aw <= Ko, common to •*? ©|SVc Rio. cr-od to prtac Bio.pnwoto choice.... niDI*KKA(«E-'sl f t ®ct: 40) Pork Barrels at ?: ro.ddivcr<d; tcOdoatfl.3s, delivered; 3» do good Countrv on private terms. ... Ki;ts«i—'lherewa* a more active denued to-day, and price* were a shade oelter. Sai*a were quick at acd not unTreqacnUj 31c was realized. The #U FK T CITT* I AD NITTS-The leading features of th* market reaialn schsunUallr the same at previous. Iv'not'd. Choice variettea ot both Green and Dried (hut are in talr request, and pncea for such keep well up. ano are comparatively firm. Winter JVppfes are lu demand and f.rm at for coumoi 10 choice de»cilptlcns byttf qnanntr.and«4.o)3i.33fjr small lots. Nuts *re aettvy and firm. We make do change Is our quotations, as follows: • okzsarscm. Apples, f tlT> © 1-30 Oratgvs, Havana, VIW. 5.« Lemons. Malaga ...10dW wll.oo Cranberries, vrlid HUM citibo Cranberries cultivated 15.00 c£M.OO DCTET> TKttTS. Dates Canned Peaches, V do*. 2 & cane.... AppUs, new Peaches halves an! quarter* IS 0 M j Peaches, pared. fj # JJ I Dlockbemea, ncr, 9ft S ® 5 I Kwpberzlea, new, Pft *• » 2* J Cherries, pitted „ 2 70 Elderberries,** .*2 g.ta I- Bahlns, layers *•<* 9*** I SVTB, ' I Almond*,hardsbtl’ed « »;•” !■ Almecdr,fof< 5hi11ed...... « ® *J I Almcnda.j»per shelled. ®,® 5? Peanuts, I* Brazil KnU « g ** Filberts 17 fc* IS I EnrUth Walnuts 23 « 7} Naples VT smuts =» <4 j» I Pecans,smallsndlarge. 0 33 0 -g Hickory Kota, Vbn 2JO 9 &00 1 cnestint«,»t>a. .10.00 siuoo I * l!*H—The general mvrtet rules quiet and steanr. Wblteflsh are tractive and nomlnaL Codfish are qalet I and easier. We quote as Billows: I Whltefiib. No. Oi brl. f7AO9 7.75 1 * •* No. 2, K brl 7.3® 7.50 Trout. So.UK brl 5.00a5.£ “ No.2,Xbrl ... 43)3 4.75 . Mackercl.No. t, ifbrt, new .n.3V4iiAO I brl. .13.»®10.50 u extra mess, N H brl 13.ucy4t5.50 I m « * Kit. 3.73(4 4.00 I “ No. U kits, new —. 2.ffit4 2.75 | “ J.S» CodOeh. Pans. V IOO 730.4 8.«» I “ George’s Hank P.W I UerTlnya, dried. No. 1. ft GO3 O 1 • - seated TVa TJ I Labrador Herring, * brl It .0311.50 J *» ** s brlS. 6.003 I Norwegian w K’s, V brl 13.00 I “ u MV, v brl 16,60 I GREASE-Ealeswere; 45 tes Tcllow at Stfc; 10 l to Brown alike. _ I HIOnwINES-necclved, 63 brU; sWppoL 918 bris. Market dull, heavy and lower. Sales were: w 1 trls tree at _ f llOHS—Marketaolctand steady atso9»ctor West- 1 earnands7ftCocfor Eastern. . I HS V—there is bnt a light movement In this arti cle. The stocks arc fair, and with only local wants to supplythegeneralleellngl*easier. Wequote; tntorzsutmcts. ...» Tlmrthy. roller and heater pr sied *I3A3»U 50 Timothy, loose pressed n.Mc4IS.M | Prairie, beater pressed liWHulUfi RETAIL PRICES. . Tlirothy.rollcracdbeater pressed. iwasiSJJO ) Timothy, loose pressed 17.3)313 53 . ivairle. roDcr and heater pressed 14.0).<15 On ‘ pratne, loose on wagon, delivered It -aai'LSO 1 Coder a allabtir improve* demand, a bitter tvell’g prevailed, and prices were decidedly firmer, thoacn no quotable advance was cstabll-hcd. There Is a UhrroJ 1 supply In the market. We repeat oar quotations of 1 yesterday: £ brevu Butchers' , Orctn Salted, trimmed 9 & 9»^c » 1 Green Calf. 19 (4)0 c 1 Kip, Green Salted II c e ' Dry Flint, trimmed c Dry halted, trimmed U «15 c * Green Salted. Dirt cured a (3 S\c - 1lt«IM AND S*PR»£l.—Tradetaonlet anil nriee* IKU.N AND STEKli—Trade is quiet, and prices I aresteadyaLdUnn.sswenow quote: I Common Bar, Sjf® 6V I Horte Snoe iron Tv- t Sk Heavy Band 7UC4I3* Hcop ana Light Band. rr... 7*911* 1 Bound and square cviatli* I Oval 6j*(3 7* I Half Oval and Uaf Bound 7 i-* I Sheet Iron, common 7 V® I Sheet Iron, galvanized, 17x28 .20 it I Sheet iror,charcoal 93»«a I Sheet Iron, Jculata ...llk'aiS Norway Nail Bods 11 8tl) 1 Plow Steel, German (All 1 Plow Steel, cast 17 319 | 'Sprlne and Hr*- Steel, EngUstu. It c*ls I Tool Cast Steel, ordinary sizes .29 »» I Tool Cast 9teei, American. gv3 I Blistered Steel 030 Ihissla,Nos. 9 and 16 I Kmila, Am-m quality, VMI 021 I Bn«sia. Am- Uv quality, V sheet (422 I Bnssia. Am..2d quality, 1* sheet <371 I tUSIBEH—■ihe receipts and shipments for the I past twenty-tour hours were as Pillows: Lumber—Re- I eelved, «KX; shipped, 702,000. Shlnglet-Be- I cetved.SlAlCU; sbippeo. 175.C00. Lath—K;ceiveJ.none; shipped, «l.a«. in the yards there is a lair demand, and prices are steady, as io.lows: Lcuarr—FUtl Clear, L IJf, Iff, and 2 Inch. V T 0,........... • ....... ..............?GICd3SSJ)O I Second Clear, 1,1 W» 1# ard 2 Inch &>.0:a5).£0 Third Clear, inch, .j. 59,1tt£53.00 First and Second Clear FI ortne. tocelh* er. ronth—the same as Second Clear, wide sojomoa CommonF.ocrl. c.ronch 35.00>®37J0 I Mntchfdand crested Common Flooring.. 40.0J® 17.00 I Matched and dressed S-toch Common I Floortne. 35.CftT3.00 First and second Clear SUPng, together.. S).Cft.47A(O Fimcommosl>rcs>cdS!ding 33.CdjZi.0i’ Bagon-boxßoarda, select, 15-Inch and op wanls SLK««.TO A frtock Boards, 12-Inches 3> a* iJT.oi* B Stock Boards, 12-lnchca 23.u0j27.0U Ccrcreen Boards, Joists. Scantling, Fenc ing. and Small Timber, 12 to 16 test long 21.0mJ.00 J< ists and ScantHre& 22 and 24 feet 25.00.j73.0J ns—A or Star Shaved Shin 12 its 4.50 A or Star San ed Shingle# S.CO® s.'* No. I tawed Shlnces 2A3.4 3.ft) t-'Tr.-lvrni I*) yard- 4/.5J 5.W Bv car-lcad bv Northwestern Ihillroad. delivered In any yard whcrecarscan ho switched, 01 any depot: AorSarSawcd ST tcclcs. bvca*-loaii.on track.... ... A, or Star Shaved Shingles, oy car-load, on track 4AO No. l Sawed Shingles Vy c-vr-load, on track , 3.2) INne dcllars a car-load add'd when trarAferrod, whuh charge fellows the Shinties in freight bill. eniMlt-S STANDASU. Thickness—Five rhlcglea to be two Inches la thick n«? c . Icncth—Slxtemllochcs. Bands—iwtutv Inebes. Course—inveni v-five. ATllEK—is dnll.lbouzh «c»dy andcompma tlveiy ennto-cay, at thu prices given ne.uw: U£MU)CK. City Harness, P Slaughter, Sole, ft i 29ft 40 Bonalo.. t 43 Couatrybatncsi 38 Slaughter, Sole, Line,* ft 420 44 ChtdCo.No.l 42 Kir. medium, 9 Slaughter, Sole, ft 1.1301.20 Ctncss>.No.J Stl S 7 Ca.L 9ft izOd.i 0 Buenos Avru#.. 3),4 40 Upper.* ifcct.. 30 Orinoco 5010... 37-j 39 Coi ntrv Upper. 254 t-% Orinoco, good. Collar, * loot.. 310 28 damogwl Si® JH Slaughter Sole.. KVa SI French Cali, 31 Hatm-vS, \> tt... 40»i 4:'» Its 2.1032 2> Upper SCtiS French Call, ‘M Ktp. No. 1, me- S>a 2.03,*2.10 olatu 1.10(31.30 FrencbCalt Le- , „ Rip, No. 1, molncs, V 00550.033W.M be&vjr......... Siil.lo _ MbTAL* AM) TINNERS’ STOCK-Hi-? ds rcand U lairty atUv*and prices are steady and arm, as lo.luw»: TfJf. Zt*r. n*x Tin Tlate, I C, cast 11 Kail iISAO Ist quality, sheet i»S' Lnree l‘lg* 37 51ab...... .....11 fetnail Tips as jHaunrwics. Bar 11a 32 ItoC .11 COrrtT?. », S and 9 12 MetallicAl’Uotti.... S 3 WandU 13 Conner Bottom -IS 12 II fchrctlnc#, 11 to 1C 02. 43 13 and 16 lu Tichlecs ...... 10 17 }• BABUIT BLTAL. _ IS. IS l*t quality....*. SO 19 21 Anttmeny 20 20 -23 Fine Solder. 20 Fcccehlatdes 10 NAIL** —Are la c>cd demand and the market H Unity held at the following quotation!: ICc to Sd, V k«5. f7:a t Vd 113. M t'd.... B.M 13d. fine blue! 10.d0 Cd S.4S 12d, One bi«c J U.M id SAO I Outapiki'3 B.W td S.MlCllnciiNet 10.01 OILS—The general mart et rule * dull and Inactive. The supple of m up. descriptions is fair, aal prices cen crcllv steady. Wc mate no change In our quotatuoi • as follow*: _ , .. UnsefdOJl $ Id; seed Oil, bolted Ol t' Olive oil^wo LardOlT.raUa . Lard Oil, No. 1 Winter, l.grtl.O Lard oil. No. 2 ’.Viator U0,«.t5 . Baaitou.rcaud lots Mctldrc ol’. round .otf v Wi 4D S;w.Ttn Cli. TT. U., round lots Lr.lrlcntlig Oil Ccst. r on f NcattfrolOli CAUIION OIL—I bens contluuea tuba an active rrnscmpilve licrr.aul, and w»Ui a i'-J uneral supply In the market, and In sympathy with at a Ivanc- In crude Oil, a firmer feclicc obtains. O-alcrj are holding slid tc-oaj at the prices glfcii below: Carbon, car toad Carbon.small lots tt£i -issc POTATUHJ-Salcs were: CO bn Teach Blows at Kc. . I'OULTKV AND RAIIE-Sswwwi 1 dozen dre<Ka Chickens;7s<iozi-n<io.*t fj.ol; s>d >z.?n co at ft 00:10 Boren orosod Duck* a 5*.75: l dozen do at 400 D». <!res«vd Turkeys at lOc: COS aa. d: at Vii-ct (.00 as. do at Kl\c; 40) as do at Itc; 43- Di. do at 14 Kr; US. do at 15c; SOS as. do at lie; 31 dozen J ranlc ( bickrnsat Jtfl.fO: fid -zen rtoat?V7>: do at fA00; 11 cozen tjualls at 14.50; u dozen do at jj.Tj.- w .toren Rabbits at fIAS. I‘IWIVTMONS Received,s.7® ftsCut meat*:.AS brl« Kora, and sS,ai> Be Lard. Shipped,63,o» BS Cut iii alb • i.jLvi b?l» Pork. ands.C-U as Latd. Bless ForU—Market dull unsettled, and 2-»J- *0o l(.i» er bait* m 6*<i bri9 fcl>cr December at fRW; Ktbrl s seller last ball January at ?17.71; 500 lirls do on pt;4CCbrlsitlltrJanuarj at»!7.'.s;3«brl*ca>hat >D.jO —rlcsirgwllh buyer* atfxAQ, and scllefi at ci:*h. tocliab Ments-Salcs were: 100 boxes Cumber lands at s*<p. seller 15c. («rccn Jlrnis—Dull and nominal at 3c andß: Tor Eliocictrs »tul Liar,B, Lard-Market dull., Sa’es were: 100 tea buyer January at lfc;lo3tcsal lixccasb. 30 tea at lOtfci, pics returned. I DIIFWFD no#3S—Received. 2.11 G : shipped, ti-7. Merkellrrezulnracdeasier. Sale*were; CO averaging 5:0 B»al $6.75 9 “ £3) ns, at.. 6.70 tt “ a3oa»,at e.catf S 7 all round ASO £3 averncingter. a*. at AGO 43 “ A® 240 all round 33 “ A4O 4f2 dividing on 200 Its, t.t.............. tOAO and A 73 S 2 •• 200 as, at c.ia and 6.61 £2 •• 210 as, at GAO and 66> 417 “ SOB*, at G-STtfand C.MJf lA •* aft a*, at A 25 and 6.T0 47} ** 200 as. at. 6.23 »ai Cil —cleMrir steady at ?SAO and A 75 for heavy iiia. s*Al.T—lleeclvod, none: shipped. 131 bris. Mvke dull. The following wc quote a* the ranee of pric.-s; New-Fine I 7-50 Coarse... Grnuid Alum 2.1532..53 Tt rfcV Islanc, baga 1.».w2.W) Gronta Solar 2.® Dalrr.wllh sack* 5.00 Da»rr. without tacks 2.73 M-ED?*—Received, 1,30 as : shipped, rune. Flnx Seed-Saltswcre: 2hagsatflso. SODA AND SA i.ERATUa-Modcrately anive at full pric»s. We quote: Baitin’? Medicinal IS ftlS.','c - l-nrv vl <"*n c Dclnnd’s Chemical 13 atstfc •* Healthy 12V«W c pure..: n;<«i2 c PCRAHM-Tradt It Improving, d the marvel Is steady and firm at the fallowing prices Cuba. itVSW c Porto Rico ...........IKftkM c N. T. Refined, Powdered and GrantDated....l6*;*lt.J<c 3Vklte A Circle A 15 : »'(313HC White B 1* «15J<C Extra IJVOI3 c Yellow U «13 C Oxnard C K3f«ll c Oxnard ccxtia ll.U^lDt’c SVUri’S—Arc In fair demand and the market ts stcartr,a? follows: „ • New York Syruj*, .f CttUM Yellow orlp* ljo^ Cuba Molasses - S Potto Rico Ne* 1 Orleans I?* 1 *!? PM Bee Hive Wg » CbleaiO Beanery, 'i-S 1 o? u * >• Golden- Bs>a 9> •• >• bnfar House 7ii 83 TAT.L<*W—P.<dived, A 9«) cs; shipped, none. Market Coil. Palo were; 50.0 W ns City at s*c. T FAS—Trade is fairly active and price* are steady, Yocnn H«or, srpolorto flne.FO extra to choice. F ft Imperial superior to fine, V ft do * extra to choice, F b Hall’S Goipowder, superior to tne.F » HsS}*s *do extra to choice, F B Japar, natural leal line lo extra cne. F ft... l.ljajJO do do fine to choice, F » eo do colored, Fft • lAV^I.O TOB A CCD—The market exhibit* little lift, though owlne to the reduced coodldoa cf the stocks, prices herb well uc. and cood trades ora held firmly at full rates. We continue to quote: Cnrwrso Tobacco— _, r - fl.lS ftlAfl lw iieolum * ® Common ® ® ’75 EatontNoTcbacco — „ Virginia’s Favorite ® Choice. 25 a a Medium Jl » 35 Common Stems vt <s ■£» PIUO TOUiCCO— __ _ «_ Loyal Citizen 3 ® 2 Farmers’ Delight. 2 5* 5 } Natural ! Hsifbneht g gt-g Choice Black, sound » O g Medium S ® 5 Common fj2,,® 2 Navies g Virginia ICs and fis M » • Flounders 25 (£ 83 WOOD—Din good request and'steady and firm. Map?VP C card, delivered *«iSIU*!S Msnie w cord. In yard...,•.•»•••••. lUOaIXOO f delfvrrad B«vn, f cord. In yard- J?‘jS2}}£2 Dlrfcorr. F cord.l4 WOOli—^Received. a£bo »s ; shipped, 4,470 BA Market doll and quotably unchanged. marine Sem. • Ice Boom.—The Milwankeo Sentinel says that lie schooner Jane Ralston- of Gibraltar, become ice bound on Lake Erie, about twelve miles below the Clay and six miles from shore. She hoisted a signal of distress on Tuesday evening last. The tug Satellite, Captain Eamcs, pnt ont for the ice bound vessel and reached here on Wednes day morning last- The Ralston was towed to Gibraltar. Ship Bold esq at VKnxmiox.—Two large ves sels ere being built at Vermillion, and will be completed early m the spring, the carrying ca pacity being respectively 701 and i>JO tons. The New Ibos ’’Ship.—The new iron ship re cently bnIU at Detroit, for carrying cars across ibo river, in connection with the Great Western Rail way. was inspected a few days »go by the Govern ment Inspec*j>r. The trial trip will bo made dor - icg this trc«£ Steamer Baltdiobe. —The Montreal OaseUi 1 says: We learn from the Lower Province that the cargo of the steamer Baltimore, recently wrecked near S&ckvUlc, X. S., will ha saved in a damaged condition. It consists of about 1,400 barrels of floor, and about 300 kegs of butter, and baa been landed at Barrington. The T«acl itaeU will be a Special juices. Dr. James, .Whose success la the treatment of Private Dtscasw has given him a World-Tide celebrity, can bo boasalted at .hU office and parlors, 91 and 93 Baadolph-sn, Chica go. HL,irem 9a.d. to 8 p.m. Separata rooms, and consultations confldtntlaV* . Or. James baa been located In Chicago for the last six ;cars, and tor thirteen years previous conducted James' Loch Hospital, Custom Bous*sk,New Orleans, and is acknowledged by the medical profession and tbs prees to hare no superior. If an equal, in the treatment of the diseases be has made It his specialty to treat. Hr. James baa lost issued a revised and enlarged edi tion ot ‘•THE MONITOR," open Secret Dtftnaea and .djseises peculiar to the sexes. Although greatly en larged, this valuable book U soldatits origUal price, fifty cents, and Ibnr cents fcr postage. Xo a complete history of secret diseases, with dltecUoesaad prescrip tion* ftr self-treatment. Is added a TrenUae upon Fe male SUeattt, their treatment, bow avoided, prevent ed, 4e. Private Flatters. In at! Private Matter* go Cor write) to Dr. CLARES. 97 Clark st. Roth sexes consult him confidentially. . pr Eecd stamp for circular on late Invention lor Married People. Temalo Pills *l per oox. OT Seed stains for boot tor victlnw of sclt-abuse Address letters DR.CLABEH, No. 1 Larmoa Block- Chicago. Dr. WDlttler, 104 South ClarK-»L. cures ad private diseases without mercury or poisonous drugs, so much to be dreseed. Semlnslweakness, mail us Toned forms, cured In a tow weeks. Toonz mra afflicted with dreams ainlchr. producing weakness of ibe whole body, cos* uvcLcss. nnrinie In u e cars, call and receive tte Dk.* tor's opinion tree ».f charge. Dr. w. puollsties a guide to health which should be in the hands of every one; freed charge. Send threerents tnpay portage. Oflce hours from S a. m. until 8 p.m. Feat QtHceßaxgtS94. I*T. Th^RUOD, Proprietor of the Ste; ca* »-o >nr ;icai icsßtntc, 17S South ClaiW-!t.. ha., u.-*ir2 ns tr-u* of venereal dis ease with uaprecentod jau.o« f. r ior;v yeirs, srermatorrhera and impeicnc- ueated wilt the hap piest result*. Particulars of the Izstttute and the Guide moil-.-u free to any address. P. O. Bo: 72. Cu cage, HI. Batctielor*s Hair Prc 9 Theßest in Uie World! Harmless, rename, mstasta* neons. The only perfect Dje! No dtsappouilc’a't— to ridiculous Unto. Signed. Williaw A BticneLoß, Xtw York. Also, REGENERATING EX I RACE OF MILLE-FLECBS—restore*, prtiervea and beaottHes the hair. Sold by *U Dmcgiata. rte3alS6-lv astrologn All pekbons -wishing to know their future prospects may have them cor ccuy stated by MADAME ALWESr, At 347 South CUrk-»t- (opposite Jones School,; THicre she mar be consulted on all matters concerning lore, marriage, courtship, l'»manors. on-ln*—d.iuairs, and can tell the name oi the lady or gentleman they will marry; aiso the came of her visitors. g>oaps. The mosst wonderful discov er OF THE AGE. Lee’s ftlagic Soap Instantly removes Grease and Stale® from Silk®. Wool* less and Millinery booosot all km le. without injury W thecol.'r or textnre of the fabric, ard U entirely l*ee trom the dlaguatlne odor of Benzine and other prepa rations at present in use. Try It. For Sale Everywhere, Price ‘AS Cent®, proposals. Assistant qUAUTEKiiASTEirs Ut FICE, Sr D IS>! Scaled Proposal* will be received at Od® ofllcg until 12 o’clock m- of Saturday. Dev. 22.1906,1 Jr U.z ue;ive- Sat ary ctraa-Vat la-dinga; St. Lo-b. >lj-ori.a!f.\ 1., as- required, (the bid to speedy tae puce of oe Ive ry in cackcase.) *'t I.XO tens of ilg&t-preased baled biy. ibTiOV.usheboats, . . .... , . The hat lobe prime timothy, snbjert to weight and It si ec'lou at p’accot landing. The delivery t*» c<vu« rceccf on the 7ith Inst- ami one hundred tans to be llv<*!rdda'iv ui til all (» delivered. , . The cats b» put up in gr>cd front sacks, oraoont jour busheb each (the weight -.f the sacks to be deduct ed), anu subject to weight and loinecUcn at place ol uo- commence cn the Jlth ia*t- and to be delivered at the rate ot thirty-five tboas.ia«rbuihe.s a week until all U delivi-rcd. . , . mil- must (c matte In dnp lcate and marked “Prooo gats for Forage,” and odure«*td to the ufUerslgn-iL «itb a ccpy of this advertisement atuebtri to each toms o bids may be obtained on application * l Approv M boa e for naif the amount bid for will be privilege to reject any or all bids is teecrvn.*, Bl«;«. r»an: invltea to be present a: the opening ot thehlds J.NO. L. WOODS, Assistant Qiartcrmuter. rYbriCE OF THE SUPERINTEND* V / ESI OF COSSTHUCTIOS OF TIIS i'. A COUin HOUSE. SpnaeOdd. Illinois. l>s. 10. Isoo. bealed prcbOJ-nls will he received at ihe oillc; of aa Scrltnctdi'Ot of Unjtec States Court 11--u?c. at 3jr.;.;r* cld. Illinois, until W o'clock ro.. December 21. h, fot ca t-iron pilasters, aid iholr De-la, cap*. t>ed p ir_ uqulrcd for the SprlmsCeld. Ldtioi.?. Co ::t II .n«*e *n<- i’ost Office, now er»cUt,c- Drawing' or Uie work, rhois ire <’.ira-nslori*. dwlcn and est-nt of It, m».y be »cer. and .-xamUed lorcatl~ a - Ins at my ofilce, or by application at the Custom U nsoj *t cul-ago, HUncU.CU.tfl-.rau, Olilo, Pittsburgh. Penrsyuama, aiid SU Louis. Missouri. Tne patterns for capitals rous* bcscMnltte-d to the Sapcrlmetdc-it f.f aonr-va. t«- ore cmstlntr, auU beds and l-'ps of colaum* and pitas, ters mu«tbe planed tinr. An the costl-in nwwt be »c-nnu, of ev«m thlrknew. sharp arrtsaea a:d smoota faces, and the ornamentation must dc of superior mu>h. The prlciMuclmiiiie freight amide tvery, most be riven lu ureas and the wno.c ol the wor\ must be delivered In Spricrfleld b/ or before the Ist <d March, IhCt. Hlda mest le aeccmpacUrt by a bona ot two respin slb’e tiartlc .in ibe sum of sl.noo. that the bidder win pcrtoitn tlicccLiract If award tl to Inn:. Lies meat be uddrca-cd to a. Schwtiru. Superintend ent cf the new c« urt Uoute at Springfield. l.llhoU, and must be tndora.-d, “Propa-nls for Iron Work.” A. SCUWAU2. Sapenutcndcat, HpO ARCHITECTS. I-LANS AST SPECIFICATIONS FOS NEW BUILD* j IXG& Foil IHE WAH DhPAICTMEXI 1 AT WASHINGTON. D. C. _ Architect* arc tinted t> prepare« snl -£*£*• tie-.?, anr cnimato (fwt.wrur ftr-'-pmnfhn‘.ia r ID2» for tb<* VT»r Department. ct th* site low ijccurvtc tv ih» War D-pertinent oca mljacral Tacatt uroaotLls W ftihlCKlOC. I). C. , . , _ Tl.e boUdlnim required sbouM t*v- a raprrOcla' area »«Urce a> the site seh-ctoiwVl MeU •-•»• of cite, ate all talonnatlot rcUCr.2 l> uie suu he fUTLI-hcd to Af. hlucto dcrt.'U'sr to crip r.itcf rtbft wor>, tren applkatloc. p-rrooal y or bj letter, to »Lannoc»rt?n«l. A rruilum ol W.OOO for th* ftrst, cl .or the t-utn‘l, *td of*i,C.O for the third £Olt acCeptahlt p'»c* acd epeidilcatlopa rwetred, A* 3 0 1. the appruvAl «jf the Uoa. Secretary cl '»»*« t>> th- Hoard *.t fCicew charged wjf* U>- * o'T cf Uc a f'te and plar«and ep«Mc:Ul rt n«i'>fthi hvl dlnpe «.f«ieWar Pcperuaeat oqcj act oi Cod crc‘f *,»pfowe»l Jmy iS tb&i. . ~ ... „ m ., I Si plans*ami et>»ciQca'ionl rnuelto ot ►itvct LUntcna-.t t\.lotel T. il. U-ic-.r --d'.r <.f ibj Board, UrJnaEcet.ffice.WlrC. r • WaaLltgUo, D.C-, on or before the let da? ot Fenraary, The Board whl re»er?e th* riahl to reket an? or al I Plans su't'htltUtl, should none its tlwiutd suU ih*e t-1 U.c porpoee, a« well as to retain *oy or ad .1 ol the Boar;?. . T. J.VdttAirv.LL, Btt. Ideal. U.a.A.PeforJer p CITT CoUPTEf TUn:’» OmCE,) Chicago, Dec. rlih, ) S«*’rd Proposal# rjrthcpflTikcectc'UUmr ana oslug the icr famtd in tun Basin between Michigan avenoe acd the tracks of the iilluoU Central Uallroad, ex* Ucdicc flora thcrorth to the lonth eruloi sitilU-isia, wl.l be rectltcd Lithe office of the CoraytroUcr, until the 23d day of December, InaU at 13 o’clock no :n of eald day. when the came will be cp-ced and the a»fcrO»traii“. Proposal* will state the araoatt offered for each eee tl< n t j said Batin, which section: are iU«ciibod ai fol* lOWb. tlz.: s<.c,l. From the nerth line efthe basin to north liccof Mcnrcet-ircct. „ .. Stc.3. From the nrflh ;ttc o* Monroe street to noi to line of jackemi mm. , w ... See. 3. from UierorthilneoCJacksoajtrMUoeortb line of Cover* s# street. , . . „ .. , . scc.4 From tnc north lice of Cotgre* etrtet tc Eonli Use of Unbbard court. Fcr.d. from Lonijlineofuab'iarJ emit to aiutb end of BaMn. . . , , . Ti:c party or parties to wbero each awards shall be mure, will be r»*qntrcd to ccO*r mto a written contract a*d to eirnin to th** city gcod ww sunc.ent bonds for U? fattotal or*ncb tontine t, In ncvc-d with *n ordinance oftbc Common council, psUirtl November Kill. A. U. IAS, cnttUod -AnOrdiiau.wciQ* eerUnr u.c eutllr e oft V lu the UA*ln. oetweos M.cht pan avenue and tie tracks of the Illinois Central III!!- road." , . T«nr g Trill I* cash on t xccitlon oi the contract and bomJ at>jTc rtlcxmi wj- WiLTEKK|MniLt , Oty Corrptr.llcr. deiyot (General Koikes. OFFICE OF THE CHICAGO & AL TOS lUUXOAUICOUPAifT, CTUCSOO. Dec. O.ISCB Sealed PioprsalswlU lereceiveduntil th;2-lh lest ter 60,000 RAILROAD CROSS-TIES, To to <fellr?rc« in Chicago within ninety days after the opening of lake navigation In the spring of 19j«. The lies to oe 8 feet long, 6x7 11 be wed, and 6x3 If sawed. Proposals will state kind of Umber oOered. T. B. BtACKSTOyE. Prudent. Uailroaus. EATLKOAl 1 TIJIE TABLE. CE’CABO ATO »C.imiWM7Bt»-131POS 003. mil WATM ASU KINZt*. Depart. iUrivc. EsyEsprc -ir.oo a. i=u •|:?Cp.n. NicLl Express ‘^P* 13 * Janesville Voodstucit Accom’d’i.. *3:00 p.n. *9tCO a. m. • GALS>'A SlTlfilOJi. Fallon and Cedar 2cplda * Fulton and lowa. t»;Sop«n. 5*15 m * Freiiortird Dtmlellt.. •»(»«. n:. 3:00 5. m. Fraportrad Dnnldth.. aodStadmdFoxßlTK. *doop. m. 'lenevaand Elgin-- * B;4£ a. n. innfACxn smsion. - nu •sr'Op.a. •■*:M p.m. *iaK m. yiEhJ Accommodation p.m. K3t 9. m. K^xostmAccommod*3... 4:4op.ic. a. ra. W»Bke«j» AccommcKTc. fcSOp.E. 5:53 a. c. Botehlu, Calvary* and Evanston 3.20p.n. SjWp.a •Mondays excepted. tSatniflays except. JgS!faSE&«u«o«««*»c. or xaxx srxm. Morale*' Express •5.-oSa.a. *3.45 p.ta. d?fSS«« *1:00 a. m. *It;UQ p. n- E?4S&preas t£3op.m4*U:Cp. =- hicbtSxprcaa s*9:4»p.a. ts:2sa.m. cj>o>sati iccuvnxx cnxir.t. vamina Erprt-M •?:«!». a. •Mfcrsa.n. HICEIGAS &O~THSSa A3Z AEI OTOB» LTSX—DE POt COB>3X EXXBISOfI AST> S3XSXXS 9TBUTS* Toiiioxma- _ v .ii *-i:i3a.ES. •, *':00 a. m- •!*.:oop. c New Vort Express 5 Kscb! Expnrut t*tttoop.a. *6.«:3. d djisoi* • steht &»*««.* :iteoo p.n. *s»3p, a, fir-BrinS, 10M WATTE AS3 CEILAvU. m „ji * ‘ *s2o*.xa. &00 &.XL. pStUne .! 3:15 p. a. 7:«p.m aj t rs?*. •♦teflOo.n. 11:00p. E TTJJSQ3 OSTEAL. ' _ Day passenger **ooß.a. *lxajp.a Mgbt Passenger n. Kankakee Accocraod’H. *i:Q5 p. m. *£— a-m. Uvdc Park and Oak Wood *6:50 a. a. *- ■CT .. .k *i~iO p, a. »SXd a. m. u w w *3:30 p.m. *l:Mp,cu u »» « »3:3pp.iiu. *7;30p.3a CHICAGO, BTOiaSCTOS ASD QdHOl. Day Eiprefl* and Mail... *asj«.n. .J'-.S £■ m - GalesbtticPaiiecnger.. . ‘ICCp-nu *£-® j- Anrnra •xCO p. HU *'Jlf Mendotk . *7:00 p.m. *9:O a. in. SSS&BU ;i9.oomid'bt tMSOa. m. CHICAGO A3U eT..LOOS. Express and Hail Wba-c.- 8:45 p.n. Uight-Exi-ttsa 3£o JoUe i ana Wilmington ... . _ Accommodation 4:03d-cu Wj lb. CHICAGO AHi> GHSAt ZAiTKBH-HtASS CJSCartUtl AiHLUTB)—KILWACXSS COB, caxalaho raia bmbu .... Day Express. 0.30a.2L Mi.Kt Frprwa, 9; 3:50 P-IS. poa croiASAPOxa, LoosvitLit aso ctn^s>aiu Accommodation tISmS CHICAGO, OQCS ISIAfcP AJTO pACtTIC UAIXJIpAn. DavExpresa and Mali... • • Aira. *i4a a-m. XiirhilSpxesi. 5k45p.Q. —3Jp- cu jolSt torteaFreight, with fasecurcr car atiached. leave passenger depot every Saturday sc S£o P *The I Joiiet Accommodation 1 commits with Str pl SnSwamßptt^»!mwsiMptod,tSaaßd« creep ted. jsiesuai. OTLL 1 OTj SUFFER from • KIDNEY DISKAS 2. .GOUT, 08A79U RHEUMATISM, GONORRHEA, Then SMOLAND3E’S EXTRACT BUCKU WUI core yea perc-seantly. Ladies Should ose It, Price only One Dollar. Sold syQ. SCOTS* Agent or Chicago and vicinity. a m **The wonderful progressed ilemcai saeoca m-k dwr<«g the pnu fix p'Ori oair.maktk It pcs* M Mf Ilblefottheconsclcntloa* Paj-dclaa tad*> ■ clare, now, thatCovsuamox ia aa on ■t*urLT ccnxn aa In tfmnUrr.t Ftr-~r . and as Tado.t pßTisno as Small :\-z.”—Rev. Lkarlet 3 Stna, it. D, LL. !>-, «<•. KI36PS PREPARED PRESCRIPTION, v*de from the Pteaertntlon of Rev. CHAS. E.KDHS. il. D. T T - Dm etc* tor me Prevention and Core cl coisrsUjvnpTioirsr ON ns MOST ADVANCED STAGES.) For the Zadical Cure of ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS. CA TARRH, ami all affections of and AJR PASSAGE; tor D*. rffnpemenUofiheSEKVOtJ&STSTEM; lor I Msorfera os tne BLOOD; and nr ail FVr.ct lonol Disorders ot tfca *dialtii/ decreases the ttrasgi* and detftn* the color of * Afood. U snbda*a the CZIUs and /etcr.andd. • •• P~’-cU>ralUn. ltci«-L» toa . *• - • ** foUrt *ZL£*t n*cofp«rii _ ••• . • - " •«• -»• ziJly paliu ,*-■*«, ... tsparespeeully n)teveu,>. • • - reireshße; ibe »roci«l»o«# --i AI L THE GENERAL oTMITOVa. OF .. TIUN, A&TUMA. BU<»N'. -.ns. Ac. DISAPPEARS -A-mi A RkALLY ASTONI'NIStf RAPIDITY. The PRESCRIPTION thou.l tc Bond in every caaa where the rhjtlclan prccrPwa -Cocoa MbtvmsV* •■Tostcs," IBOF, acme. B-vls, Onset*. Coo Lira Ou- Kucuii Ac* and In v - try Disease, by waaTwv w rsowa. la which L. rc is exhibited any ona or more oi me OHowlng «o MPTIMi** s Difficult or Irregular Bre -mice, Lcsas cl Breath, Cough, Wasting ot Flesh, 2*l« hr Sweat*, Dleadlagfron me Loner Lo** of Strength. Low oj Apatite, General Debllltv, Debility of ona Naming. Flying Pains through the Shoulder?. Chest, Face or Limbs, Neuralgia. Nervous Bcadar'.e, Ncrvon* Prostration, Nervous Irritation, Glddlre*- or DUxltess, Excessive Paleness, Sore throat, Dro «»iieaa, Sloepl&sness, Dy*- t-epsia, sour aiomM'h. “ Bam," Onprca-dot or s-lnklng of the Stomach be* .re or after eating. Const*- ration. Remittent Fever, t . den. ami targets LU tn all Female Disorders or UU lae IrregulanUc*. such aa imfrnlt. PainfUL hOPPresSe S.a=n-. Exeesalve, Dfr latWSccvtnature or tco rre»; Men*iruatiou. S'UUcmcDts From Patient*. Arc. “Tonr Prescription saved my daughter’s life, and U*p savetl ur hundreds of dollan.—Rav. £. Uostrs- uvs N. Y. . - We ble»a Ood tor the hci exit we have received froa Brr. K Feboskixk, your Prepared Prescription.**- Blo*-tburu, Pipa. *• Every one to whom I baverccoanEtaJedlt ba» ben efited much by Its use."— Usv. C. I>. Jos**, Radas, Breus Uocas. Ajptos n.*e*.H. Y.—ln toe earjypart ot February, 1365. l was •mi- na» from a violent cough, for which! badbeen tr.-ied during sixmonthspre vlocely without benefit, 1 bid .Viffftt iirrot* watch completely prostrated me. in toe evening, hoarseness would comeon. which would prevent me irox speat- Ine above » whisper. 1 bad then bad two attacks ot Weeding from toe lungs. My Cmlly Physician assured me ibaihe eonld do no more tor me. I wasgrowtnw rapidly wuise, and had been compelled to leave bod* nots tor nearly two mo:* AU my vymEtoma imtt* cated. unmistakably, tti. .insence ot ftINSoMPnoS. In toe bealnstoc of Febrnwr. Us. Hzsbt Punas, rreaswreri'/tAe j» Bibls A.'ci-v., Dr*rntea me with a bottle of the PREPARED PBESCRIP £lO!». In n few days tny app-dtr t which 1 bad entirely UXO, returned; within a wevk. it couch ban almost lets me; and in less than t*P -tteka the .Mi7fii-o'<xrola wen brakes up. Thenctforwa. I rc«,-altcdsireiigto rapidly and am now reirnlarly atw: dine to r.;. duller as clefs U> Uk* AMERICAN E SCCU-TT, towho*» em ployment 1 have bees nine ve»n. I au» now coPylne cootlhcaltn. YourPßti’ lUFTIOSefIe-tcdaCuKS, when my friends despair-si of 7Jco>• QJJR. •* I have bad Kbbtct? i b Spasmodic Asthma tor eleven tears. DurldrttH'l ist »tx years 1 bare never had an umnteMupted cUr’- v'» rest. It often seemed to me tost I woaid die before I could get air Into tny lungs. ikalTcredsc i^eat;vfrosj*Bt l ortr.«vuofor«UV that 1 was compelled to wise freqaerl rests la walCtc from m< residence to my f.a»*e ot b"sne*i. ~... ••The niebt belorc 1 übtstnv d toe ‘-PREPARED PBB* SCliirriO.V wat tie wnr 11 ever raa*e»L on obtain tnu the remedy, 1 tree st« ispor-afnl at n*-n and asato at tlcht, and slept all mr* i without waking. 1 have I Mn nal> a btoKC< mgu-> a R&a storm I have tow completely tveovere* my strength and spir its, and am a>-l at all aillic>‘, d with •»bottae»aof breath.* 1 stall be clad to have auy one aOlctea with Astbnm call and see me. „ ~.1 l ? K A c "No..—l tourto-aU,Aew auric,** The "PREPARED PKIT-rKlprinN** is pat up taj• fi untie, nd u-cdh* ? ;j*;s .tsiMRP. i id Lak*- si.; Ul-CK, !«a rUrk-*;.; J. PAUSONa & CO, 41 Clark-sL; OUCH* & >lolU£f, 9» IVl.<-:<>alii Ascot* for Chicago, 111, A VAN SIIAACK, and bv Druggists nen'raliy.or ordera -a-vl* addressed to the S.I» ero;»rie?orv, OsEAR «« 'ltnSKsi& CO, tt« o'Utla>i»t-*t, New York. Coc .-uUmicn free. A Clrei: ir. com ■ilabtff r ymrtr-ACs ur VAhv cases sneressfn;' treated, will be sent tree, oy wbowU!wfi..-» <X>f It. gCHE^CK'j pulmonic sYair? SEA-VVEKD TO EWtaiia h«.». Ti-F. i:v TOUT op nit. scnrxrrt’s Otm A'M .w UKWAS-'rKEPOFCOSSUM^IOr Manv r ars ego, wtj:e rcsidmz 1c I'ldladclph’ ■ hi-i piV, .w-cu cradoaJT’cw ihr l«i s'auj ol u-vnarv ■ :cn*itmnt!on. all h<;p« of hit recover* i:-g r,i-- .pas'll, 1 .&< »,vUcd by my pftyj-lcian, lr». parts;., to letnovethto ih .country. atoorssiovt, t*. J„ about tire n-H;'j»«.l«:iut,>.lr- my n.tive pUcc.l vi! • rkovc»* thi'tr-r.o cnpylajr !«.’ rail d»y« la the tracjiUon. My tatter tad ail hi* C»ml y hid lived ami dle*S li-er*—a:.u died of PalmOD.vry Ctnsanip’ioa. Oc my arrival at .Mecroh-wn I was pm to b f. where I lay tor maty wests in vbat wat dcemai a heuetcaa U)t'ilU'*D. l*r. Thornton, who had been oyathet’i family pbj rtrlan. and * a t attended Mm tn hi* ia« til tr*f, was called to sec ue. He tfioaea: my :a«a enttrs lybejrnd me r sen o: laPQlctne.asd decided that I rutsi die, and care roe cue week to amnee tay ra 1 shahs. In tb-s nrpanntly bopelrss conitUnX heard ct the rcnic.l»s w tlct 1 now 't.ake and sol. It seems to me that I c-Molcm lbe:u worklas their way. KVUift u> ii-c .uai i L ~ni<u nu*,i>i. .•!, kbd p-Mtraftc every tenre, fibre and tisane cf my jvsu-ir. My mnm asd liver pnt on a new action, aad tha mcr bld matter, wluch ha-, lor years accar-uiaiee and irri tated itK dlflireDl uruau* vf th? oodj'. w s ollnilnabitj the tubcrc cs on m> Vi’iiri rlprucJ, a.c 1 from my lung* as - '..h asaplticty >> llowotir*taUe TnatUreverj rm A« this e.vy!cictatl«?cof mal trr subside:, the u-.c abated, the pain left roe.tnw cocuti ceased to bnev" me, and the excanstinc nUct twtare were to tnowt, tu-i I bad refnatunc •Icep.m which 1 W .one !>■«■ astrar.j«r. My apt*e tit. j ov beg.*nto ret-r». otd >»t Uiaee I tonnd it <ln3- cull l'» resustn ro>s*li irotn eathnr 100 b.c.\ With this re‘urn. f health i »>Mu-d in siren zip, *sd tow am tieshy. lam now a healths man, witu a tame neaifd CcairiiniM mi mic loin of the ;U’M nagand the over lobe r.*Tntiiisl. with couiplu-e a Ih-jlua « t u-.e th-ura. Thci-ft «na i* ecnrd, *c-l th: uppjfloboct «i« right oce is inn u lerably he«Ub» coidi’jon. at r it tiro* was ttaa»c« u be as lucn'abic dh-ease every one, pnv»l:U'.s as w-u a- thc»- wto were ua>earred in—i*syrcinliy su.-hcarcass vrrendtictd to the con.lirca I wa* tc. TMs tranced Tour? i>»- p-e M bp*ieve n; v rcove’V t>Di| Uropora.-y. 1 n*>w p.-.jpared aa-i cav-. taeclcmes to coDt-nnihUTes fbr so etlme, aad made m*.a> wundcr fhl cures, and the d<- a r d I’.rreascd s> noK»!y that 1 detemtued to> il.r .-sitothe mhde, aad d*votu n>w cr.cinCei! ctlentlo; -r tnrndLsca-e*. la truth, X was ten tc treed to it, i t ccople would se-d r»t me, Lu ard n**ar t to ascertain waetber their cases were U&» oitr. for many it***. In- oajatxuc-n in*" nrinrira! 4 ° :fc u *' i,on ' OJUacie and *.a ita'ij*!bavsaa-ta as many *: PYB bncdted iu w«ck!y f wlth «iu tti.*’ for arm tjs • ;&ati>o9 ay char ;o Is tv-.oj'.Urs, andltccetlu l tnoto £lrt*c«<‘ii p«tl£it tic tru» -rjaii t!cn of Ms disease, atd roll blx iratily wnetter h? -eia cat wtlL Tb'ccreM reason vby plebeians do pot core Con* TOLlLiali.ihatu.*.-. srs ti do ton nuten; ti\*y «It» Cj*rt!clnr»tostvp :• «.co :s’!. t-j dlop ill-- «vea», btcl!cXtf‘cr.ttao or *•• dolrd iscy *»-:ra:ibff wh:lc diacsUvfSj‘‘U:a, f tp tbe swrvil-jits, aadcrec tuftllyirejjßttfDtt! r . IheMtitnonieSy . la rae eft"? irost vaitnbia C uiltlco, Uls uutriuck potvrmur tomr.atd U* allcc In I; contain* co tplna». cm lo »an* tho PbilKiu In tbcbrono.tai mios.aau n.»Mrc tiirow* licit »lilt ll;Ueeic:lien; c:e PUil**rtirnuatiy can*miar dlcaryto'd: tntlt will bo w-unni *o tain a j**»o q f Schenck'iMtnard.el’l la,toc'sa- 1 - tbos:eio.vch Tb* Fntacclr s»y up ta r~atll'y (iterat'd a- J al*->rtwl mt.a olvoJ.towVUiillti- p»ru Iw' tAttii: ptop-'til-r*. li U etc 01 tl*e bCJt prptaraU'rsof Iro-J 1- u?c; -t is a pow erful tjblc cl tu-c i: .u*a vuea tbe S«aat«fd r-alo dt*- ilcitbcu? : ttie'T s :uncb. •w-.U-carrlo.l <jT ty lb? ale of t!r s!r.*-"r,>.iofir% ihcaU .jZj .' -if sa«inc Juice. Rood appe»- nnda cooddiTO U-q tdlr.vr, ib“ 1 i. U a stiiulant, tud u*nd other Is n^ulrodn h*:. KicW. lHarar? a».d piiMi.vit; to hndeatc - .* U<• - .*;«5 ndnrßon.b a whiskey. wj-J.-t «!«■ rders tin.-• ..-.s. torp.n ire Urcr. ..ct up all tLv esn’tl .ri«. 1... i • :L-- - Vj'xl irro water, >L'op»'-' 9c> In. atd tfc., parent dies : -i!'i-T.-v. rvnreoEWhlrlipyjjrci-. r»». ricd mv-a-days c- al most everyphysician. i» :y pa'nTts *r?.o \I tr •-? rooms, both iraie arc! Jcmaie. ue stnp-* 1 -! i:u. ti* pol*on. TLc re.lcf U truo'ira.-y. If they comm, trey take a lltt«e whiskey; if they fed veakaaJ feeble, trey tsKc a little wLinEey; 11 they cinnot si»*-*p. they kike n luce whiskey; sea then *a«.r tOtMi 337. repmai mere end more, until they arc b.oatcd up. and imagine tfceyarc ee'Unz Coty. The stomach. Urcr and di gestive powers arecompletelydestroyed,and io»* thar appetite tar Icod. 2»o ove was ever cuttd of tonsaiuis* tlon by U»ls process. where cant!.# have been tunned in the lunys. A Utile stirrulant is ireqpotlT perenciat tocunsmtptlTt*. suen a- pure brandy or g~oa winea; In mat j cases l.omlon port, r or bre »n st at. in rate quantities: butCcurbcu tvulatcy lL*»reas on in stead of cnrlr g cotsimrnen. The SEaWKED TONIC produces lasting results, thoroughly Invigorating the atcuinch and di<eastT« ST»t>D!,ar.<! eoabrac It tu eitnuasto ana mats into healthy flood tnefood that may b* used far f,st pup. iose. It Is to wonderful U. its effect tlm a wlaegiasc >U9C. 19 -v n UilUMiUi u< 14 cuiAd >utta •* ioc ‘ail will digest a Lenny reel', and a little c! it tu«i icfurc brcakfa»t win give a tona to tin* stomach which ftw medicines possess me ol doles. The JuAsDKAKE PIIA-Sm*? bowii with entire safely ty ail and conditions, *roducla«t all the coed results tb , t can \<e obtained trom calomel or »nj of th? irerrcnal taetlchiea. and w.llnut a 117 ot Ci-it fctrlfnl or inJorioiu resale. Thfy carry cot the sys tem tht feculent and won.-oat matters I»o*enr>i and dUeolvtd ty my Sea»-vd Tonic and Pnlnmnlc Syrnp- II wlu in-el &H three of my medicinal are aead cd In n.Mt cases to cure consumption. ratl-H.u caa coiisnit me profcs'jo-ally ar m ? roam*, 32 Bcatm., scw Tcr», every rrE&D*T, Irons 9 a ffi.tosp.nj. AUsdncefteeofcnaltte; bailor a tdor <>c*h examination with bis rwptrty.iet“*, $5. Price or tie Pulmonic Syrup ana Seaweed to' le, each f 133 per boit.t, or $730 lb-? Half dozen; Mandrake Plds, ii cent! * a box. by ernciisti and dealer? ec**rywb-fs- A. lull srpp r can always be obtained at Ida r-onu. 32 Bctrt->ti, xcw York. _ _ DEMASDARStS & CO„ 21 Parc row. New Tork. Genera: Wholesale Agents. iaarijinctß. QTEA3I ENGINE ° von SALT, A.T ROCHESTER, IV. Y. 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WESTWOBTH * LIEGES. Q_EbT, BATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commission Merchants, 3S"o. 50 3dcGaa-etn Jstween F and PEarVEH. COLORADO. ■pjRESSia) HOGS! STENCILS AND WEIGHT LISTS Furnished gratis. Highest market prices .nanaXioA Prompt returns made. Correspondence solicited. v bEDMOND * co„DealCom’nMerch^*. Sg Wastuagton-sk. Chicago. DL Uanfes anti 33an6ers. QTOCEHOLDERS’ JlEEmjG.—The JO ‘ ,nnn * l meeting oi the Stocirri nlilgra of the FIFTH SATIOSAIBASK OF CHICAGO 30 La&L?eSt!ciswßO, he^eeathe hour*of Xtta. m. «*ii 4 p, m* _ Tacsdsfi January SHu IS67* ISAAC O. LOMBARD. Cashier. rsieagP.P ßß * «th.l3<6. sjattncrst)ip. si EE**Ikmibm 1 kmibm «n hereaner ha condnet*d DJ J. u rexnatnlnt la tta « a 5 w ] Wf^ ,p aA-oaScJ.