Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 21, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 21, 1866 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE, latest Despatches hy Ocean Telegraph. Napoleon Advised of ihe Abdica- tion of Haiimilian. Probable Settlement of the Differ ences Between tlio Pope and Victor Emanuel. Statement in Relation to French Finances, The President*.- Message Printed in Foil in the Paris Papers. FROM WASHINGTON. Conservatives Advise the Southern States to Adopt the Constitu tional Amendment. An Enabling- liill to be Presented on flic ItettssemWiiu of Congress. CONGRESS. Another D.iy ! s Debate ii ihe Sen ate on the Nebraska Dill. Joint Eesolution Adopted to Pre vent the Payment of Eebel War Claims. Adjournment of Both Booses till January 3, 1567. FROM MEXICO. Most of the French Troops Con centrated at Vera Graz. Official Documents in Belation to Decent Movements on the Bio Grande. LATEST ADVICES FROM THE SEAT OF AVAR IN MISSOURI. Gold Closed in New York at 134 3-4. General Sherman’s Mesioin Mis sion Proves a Failure FROM EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH. CEEJkT BCITXtX. Liverpool, December 20-1 p. a. Tbe Cnitul Slates gunboat Mtantononoh was at Gibraltar on the lllb inrtauu rniKce. Pxtus, December 90—f p, m. . It is reported here that Napoleon nas received (he abdication of xiavimiiiaw m the Mexican throne. _ thinks Ibe relations bclwesn the King of Italy and the Pope will he settled on a sound footing. ' Pauis. December 90—Erenlng. Tbe French bnoeet shows a deflnlle bilance in estimated reempta over expenditures lor tbe In coming financial year. No new taxes aie to be levied on account of tbe army scheme wuicb has Jnrt been promulgated, and wtucu u>c budget de clines to be a liesu lor tnc peace of Eu rope. ITeoidcnt Johnt-on'a message la published cn tire iu ike Daria journals, and its publication in full has bad a much to all circles than war anticipated after the reception of (be meagre telegraphic tuomirr, which failed to do it juvtlct. STiIR. Uapuio, December 2'J— Evening. Tbe Government of Spain has negotiated with M.Fould, tbe French Minister of finance, for lfi,i-.o,ooolranf? f;ea the french Government. LUX (.ALT. Pterii. December 20—Evening. Tbe address to the Emperor of Au.tns, recently Adopted in .be Loner Chamber ot the Hungarian Diet has been acquiesced In by the tippet House. Latest Foreign ■•larketa. Livkzimou Deoaibvr SO—l p.m. Cotton—Opesa steady. ' Quoted io-day at last night’* closing prices—llkd. Loxuox, Decrmbtr P-Son. OiNhCU-Opened at W.q for money; 6-20#, 71X: Erie, 49 ; Illinois Cenu al. 70*. Tbe Bank ot England has i educed it* rate of interest to S,V per cent. FEAXgroBT, December 39—1 o'clock. FlveTwent'e*,7sx. iLsrwrcr, Decemoer 31—l o’clock. Petroleum. S 3 Craao. London, December#)—Evscing. The money market u urn-hangra. Tbe otUcla< clos incprlcv cf wai B»S' for money. Closing prices: United S-335, 71Xt Ene, Ask; IIUIoU Centra, 78E. LrvznnooL, December 3C—3 p. m. Tbe markets generaUy closed steady. Breadstuff*. provisloi*.and petroleum unchanged. Tbe sales o. cotton were IS.WO bales, on a bnau of 1M for middling. (oy Steamer.] LtvaapooL, December «0. ■ Lard bad declined Sales at AS# lor American. Cbeeie active and higher. Sugar higher Ivlceorm. Coffee InacUve. Kcsln steady; American common, lbs. BptnU lurpenUae daiUalWs lor»Amer lean. Linseed oil dull and 6a lower. BY -»TIiATIHR, Jlrnnr, tbe Fenian £»enator. Committed for Tnal-fncantloUß Against an Irish U-stn* —Disraeli’s •lanoenTretera Belurm Dili— jobs Bright on the tteierm tynestioo. iiumv December 20.—Advices per Java elate tbaVbtepbeu J. Meany. tbe Fenian Senator, has been commuted for trial at Dublin. Tbe Dublin Irith -nan has called on tbe main body ot lilfhmcn to bupport toe authorities. *ihe Ixjudou A»; urges inquiry into toe loyalty of Irishmen in the large iowts- of England. A digbt alarm is Mt io Liverpool, where large numbers ol Inab laborers were ont of employ ment. Aimed guards are placed over alt depots of anna. Tbe police were hoaxed in their effort to find Stephens in Liverpool. , ... Troop* are continued to be forwarded to Ireland. Tne Scotsman says: ** DTsraeit, by tareals ,>f icsignatlon, baa obtained the Ci>ueeni*>f the Der by lainlbtry io introduce a Uviortu bill in the nest session ot I’grliatucnL Geo. Strand A Co., petroleum dealers, have failed. Liabilities, Ll(ri,uoo. Aoeeu grcaUy in tX Reform netting on the John Bright made a bold Spetch to ibe euset Ibat Par liament sliil restated reform, and for aught be knew, might continue to do »o when (bay meet m February, unlii tbe at-content shall oecume gen eral, unrillbat which Is now a difference ol opin ion may becom -an inevitable and menacing ex blbmoc i f foice. Mr. Bright was very culogUUc of the Queen. Eseilsb journals still lake exceptions to arresl and extradition in Canada of (he r^e*l^Dßk n of r France gained I*ooo,ooo franca bad IU bullion £OI,OOO. FROH WASHINGTON. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! WaauixcTOK, December SO. the xrssoum mountxa. The reading of Governor Fletcher’s despatch lo senator Becderaon, Inquiring concerning the send Isgof United Stales troops to Lexington, and other points in Miraorui, created considerable Interest and some czaiement. TteSenate, at me Ins'ancc of Senator Henderson, passed a resolution of In quiry. The spirit dlsnlayed by Governor Fletcb* r was warmly commended by the Union members, ssd the course ot the authorities in sending troops Into a loyal State without the request ol cither (be Governor or the legislature, is strongly condemned. The explanation given here Is that prominent among those creating the present dis turbances In Missouri, are the late appointees of Mr. Johnson, and that through tLeir representa tions the President has ordered the movement of troops of which Governor Fletcher very properly complains- tot rixcotx AWAstnvs. Chief Justice Chase has under advisement an application for a writ of habeas corpus to procure the discharge of such ol the assassins as are now confined attbe Dry Tortugat. The application Is made under the IVe decision of the Supreme Court. The chief Justice has not yet decided taat hlB court has jortsdlction in the case. Every rebel element represented In Washington Is In testacies over the tale and confidently expected judicial decisions. nniEoctAßrnr or tot xaiu. The Port Office Department la alill briskly at work increasing Ibe irregularity of Ibe malls. The change? made each week arc alone sufficient •j impair its efficKucr. Since Monday there hive been removal! In Minnesota as follows s Young America. Carver County. S. B. Brant, tlct } Slocum, Jr., removed; Farmington, Dakota County. J. E. Edwards, nee N. E. Slack, resign «d; Lakevihc, Dakota County. G. F. Ackley, nee 'j. C. Johnson, remorod; Alexandria. Donglas bounty,T.F.lrviti2,ciw R. Wyman, removed; Wlitaebtgo City, Faribault Cent?, O. X. OtLI, Tie* O. K. Moulton, removed; Chatfield, FiUmora W. L. Barley, ric* U. Me tarty, removed; ftacbom County ,*D. Southmck, vie* J. BowuA, ranorrd; Albeit lu, Freeborn Coonly, F. B. Fcibee, rice a. Ealoa, removed; Marcow, Pres* boro County, J. Dyriln, rice B. Morgin, re* moved; Pino Island,- Goodhue County, R. 8. Warhlng, nee C. R. White, removed; Torah. Steams Coonly. U. Broken, rice H. moved; Lake City, Wabaahiw Connty, H. R, Merrill, r ice E. Potter, removed. ttXTXUDT JOUKSOK took occasion to attsdV the CArvnicle 10-dty in the Senate, for presuming to dissent from lheo;.le lon of the Supreme Court on the Ulllig-ncste. MTIIST or BKBSL WAS tn.Anr^ Mr. Delano, or Ohio, presented and secured the parsers of a most Important Joint resolution con cerning the claims for losses in the rebel Stuea caused by ihe war. It makes It unlawful tj pay any such claims originating April ]bih, ItCl, until Congress shall further legislate open the subject, and also de clares that the fact of a claimant baring been pardoned shall not free him from the action oftbUlaw. The number of claims now being preeetd npon the Government are Cut assuming mormons proportions. Mr. Delano's action In the case is most timely, and the more especially as Attorney General Stanberryhas rendered a deci sion that a Presidential pardon entitled the recip li m to be considered a loyal man so far aa the set tlement of bit claims are concerned. Dmunrao xn* nrrraur. The Commissioner of Customs as re-clred In lot mat lon of the seizure of a large quantity of rite! carriage springs, manalactnrcd in Canada aid entered at an undervaluation, thereby rto fiandlcg the Government of a large amonat of duiv, and enabling the parties to txnde'-cl onr manufactures. Between £O,OOO and 60,000 pounds of car springs were seized on Tuesday la-l, a .d tome &S,UXJ pounds of camageepringf: and 23C ecu of scat springe were seized at Chicago yesterdiy, o>! of which it will be shown were entered st nlK)ut half the actual value, and the duty to ih»r amount only bating been paid. 15 Till SESATC. The Senate split another day on the Nebraska Bill wlthoutreeciiingjacoucliislon. Mr.’Howard, Mr. Sumter and two or three other Senators who are opposed thereto, feel themselves jus'lfied in using every proper means to secure xta defeat, rvrile Mr. Wade and his friends are cgnollyperil. Ladens in the effort to secure its passage, teveial Senators who are tired of the uselees de bate, tried both ycstciday and to-day to bring about an agreement aa to the tamo when the vote should be taken, bat the opponents of the mea sure nri-ted all advances toward a compromise, ihe ultimate passage of the bill ir by no means so certain as It appeared to be three cr four days ago. COSORE6MOSIL BZCZTS. The holiday recess of Congress practically be gan last evening. So many membura left by the night and morning trains that the henate was .mall, and there wn a bare quorum In the House. Consequently tittle business was done in either branch. By to-morrow noon probably two-thirds of the mctnbc-i b will hat e left the city. The recess ends on the Sd of January, but everybody under rtands that roburlne?* will be done before Mon day, January 7. A majority of the absentees from itc House will, at least, remain away till rhaf lime. GEKERAX. BICSLEB' KOirm cabolcia order. Tbe ITcndent, instead of rescinding the order of UcaeraJ sickles forbidding corporeal pn«l*h mcnt in North Carolina, has suspended Its opera tion an til the matter can be lolly conalde-ed. Lawyers from that State, sent to represent the matter to the President, claim that imprisonment m.O hanging ate embraced In tnc term corporeal punishment, and that the order, while aimed alone at whipping, a very common method of panuli meDtMjthibem, iuagieat measure prevents the Infliction of any j cnalty for crimes, an tocniEßM STATxa sxD TaE cojrenxcnoHaL AXE.VI)X£ST. In view cf the strencth which the movements for Territorial Governments arc asanming tbeCon eciva Ives aic taking alarm, and have sent measca gers and despatches Into the South to induce the Legislatures to ratify the Amendment- promising immediate admission. The argument the lest oath will probably bceeta-ldeisaUoas-d bnt the test oalb was considered by all at the la«t tession as much apart of the plan of restoration as the Amendment Itself. If the Supreme Court shall act the former aside, tew In Congress would feel bound to admit the representatives of the rebel Stale-, evrn if ad railflcd the Amendment. south cauoLifla. The bill for the restoration of civil government In North Carolina is being wrongfully ascribed to Mr. Stevens, lie slated distinctly upon introduc ing ft, that be did so by request, ills own bill, in the rorxn of an enabling act for all the Southern States, waa takee up in the House last evening and reterred. ms erne ex cr qersnos. The Pomtroj bill, homing the withdrawal or currency to one million dollars per month was before the Senate Finance Committee 10-day, bat found very Hide favor there. A leading member of the Ways and Means Committee declares ibat it has no chance of becoming a law. It may be added that present indications are that no change rtfll be made in the existing limit of four millions per month. hok Thomas srooxzn started North Ibis evening tor a short respite from his arduous duties as Commissioner of Internal Revenue. Mr. Rollins bar kindly consented to perform tbe dnlica of theofficc daring Mr. Spoon ex's absence. u o auevuvo. THE PAnoOST BtTBKXTT. The etalemrrt ol pardons called for by the House of Representatives U being prepared by the Attorney General’s office. An expert cler< can prepare eight or ten common cases per day, hut the lecommendatlons and papers m some cises are so numerous and voluminous that it lakes a whole day for each. As there are anoac t«,us) ot them. It will take months to comp’ete the whole. kcw oniEAxa KXoonatoß. New Yoke, December 9a.—TneN«.w Orleans ex cursion party start to-morruw morning, «nder the cscoitof Colonel A. H. Markiaud. In tbe party will be Sens tors Wade, Ramsey, Idtne and Foster, accompai ied by their ladle*; Senators llendrtck and Norton, accompanied by Rcpresenauvcs De lano, weiker, Unckalew, Uainca, lierr. U3lu Marshall, Whaley of West Vlrxiula, John I-! items- of Maryland, General O. O 110-rard. Ctlei of the Frcc-dmeu's Bureau. Sergeant Ann um- Brow-n of the benati;, and a son of Secretary htaston. * CASE OF BETmsKN 7ATIVE CDLVtk, Jnniciary Committee bad tue case of Mr '-oiver before ihcm lasi evening. Mr. uuiver will be permitted to take bla scat. The comrniuec tx- Piefß themselves satisfied of Culver's innocence of any dLboueel Intern. TOE SOCTD CABOUHA COlil ITEE. Mr. Witbcxly, who beads (be comtnUlee from me South Carolina Leririaiure, left here (bis morning. lie carries with him most po-ulve as eorance from leading Republicans of both bouses that ItehftrechtaUTffl will b admiUcdfrom all (be state* that ratil) the Constitutional Amendment, lie billet es South Carolina w ill adopt It. A rnmor is current that a majority ot the Re publican members of Congress bate ctven assur ances to tbe Senators and Representatives from aomb Carolina mat that Slate shall be admitted on the adoption of the ameudment by Us Legisla ture. DtXUU There is not a word ol truth in tbe report that Chief Justice Chase ia said to be of the opinion ihatwhcu two-thirds of tbe loyal States have rat ified tbe amendment it will be a paitof the Coa milutlon-J xabixe hospital at Chicago. A communication from the Treosuy Depart ment, says no plans bare been prepared fur tbe proposed marine hospital at Chicago, it being desirable that tbe site should be selected before they are prepared. In ord* r to adapt them to the peculiarities ol tbe location. Mr. Mullett, tbe superintending architect, will visit Chicago. vm_ tTEVZNs' ENABLtXO BILL. Mr. Stevens* enabling bill will bo called on tbe re-assembling ot Congress. It overthrow, all of the present Southern State Government*, fronts them in Territories and provides tor their admis sion into thr Union. It abo gives the negroes tbe light of suffrage. coupoautL rcsistnizsT ix sonrn canoLCtA. Wafugiotok, December 2U.—U is believed that C> ngiess will attempt to Interfere with tbe frosi dent's order revoking the anti-dogging order of oeneral trickles in the Carolmaa. luis Is the ob ject of S-natur Wilson’s joint resolution, which applies only to States lately In rebellion. TABlb BXTOSmOK. Fomc correspondence concerning tbe Par's Ex position has been inniUhed by the State Depart ment. Mr. Beckwith, one of tbe OmteA states Comnunhelooeif, writing from Paris, November 3d. advices Mr. Seward that be baa appointed Cbailes O. Pcikiue, of Boston, now in Pari-*, as a special juror on tbe part of tbe United State*, as one oi twenty-five persons wbo are to judge of special prizes of tbe highest class, one of toese receiving 100,000 francs. These prizes are oifcied for tbe competition of persona, estabUrtitnenla *Ld localities, which have developed in a remark able degree good order and harmony among woikmeu. and promoted their moral, puyslcul ana mental condition. £cciclary Sewaru telegraphs hie approval of tne selection of Mr. Per kb s. OKLT AH UtßOn. A large delegation from Baltimore, of parties interested in the seizure of whiskey, is here to dav, endeavoring to obtain the release of lh.* v.biskey, on the ground that there bad been so lEUntion ot violating tbe law, but was merely an error. (TEXTUAL LAND omCI BCSCTESa. The Commissioner ol tbe General Lind Office bat just prepared a In tavor ot the Central tactileßaiLoad Company, embf.clngover4o,v*)o acres, U>e area of me tract appioprlated by the secretary ot the Interior, as injuring to said company, under the act of Cougroe of 1362 ani IHV*. Tn< patent Is handsomely executed'and cm l<eUsbed h) amitiulnre map oftbe United States in colon, showing all tbe Btatce and Territories vutb great distinctness, aa also the line ot the Faciflc Railroad, fioa the valley of the Mia surippi to tbe i*adfic. Doriog tbe month ending ot> tbe IMb instant, IStfi, land patents t ave been wanstmticd by tbe Commissioner of thr General lAhd Office for delivery to tbe patentee? for entry lor land? sold on bounty « arrant* for agricultural •alp and private claims. Delores received at tbe Land Office for November, show the dl post! of -1.7 M acres ot laud; si Detroit, Michigan, 7,t0l acres ;at Marquette, Michigan, 8,712; at Topeka, Kansas, 7,4*1 at res. The Secretary of the Interior baa approved the additional lists of swamp aud overflowed lands lu .-an Fraudtco, Stockt«u and Marysville Districts, ioverng an.segregate of i 11,091 acres. These aeu have been prepDed In porsoance of the lorty-lblid section of 'be act ol Jnly 23, ISOG. OOVLBXXEKT TELZOIIAfU. - It la understood that the Poet Office Com mittee of the Home has determined to report :u favor of a bill to estaMUb a Govern ment telegraph between Washington and New York. THE BUEBATT CASE. WAsmKcroK, December 20.—Louis n. Welch man, whom u w ill be remembered was one of the principal witnesses lor the Government In the t-ase ot Paine, Ataeroct, Herald, Mr .Surratt and ••then of the assasalnation cousplra'ors, wa« be fore the grand jurv to-day to give his testimony as to the cotnplh itv ot J ohn 11. Surratt in the mur der of President ui coin. STAXTtD Exrazores. The contract tor supplying the Poet Office Do panmentwith stamped letter envelopes lor the tear ending June 30m, 18CT. has been extended >o George Ne-blt, of New York, who has furnished ibe Department for several years past. Thirty eight millions of envelopes were furnish d the Government, and it Is estimated 'hat fifty millions will be required for the present year. ucTzniiAZ. nrveeux esc turn. Becclpts from Interval Revenue, 5’00,233 SC. what ns zonxsox oboax satb. The Star, of this evening, says it Is understood that the advocates of Territorial Governments for the rebel Males, doubling their ability to carry It tub settlor, have condoded to postpone the mat ter till next session, when Ib y hope to have strength to puih it through. COMCISSCE XOKIT. Goteial Spinner to-day received a letter from an Assistant Collector enclosing fi.COU, paid him on b«-lialt of parties whose names are unknown. xxxoniAL or ms boutsbex lotal'sts. . W aantxcTOK, December 20.—P. J. Durant, Pres- Ident of the Pacific Bailroad, in behalf of tbs Southern Loyalist Association, has prerented to Congress resolutions and a memorial declaring that, by the lesnlts of the war. Southern State Governments bare ceased to exist The President bad nc authomy over them, except as Com mander-In-Chief of the Army, and could only bold them Bob'ccito bla orders until the will at Congress was* known; tbat it la the duty ol Congress’to set aride raid Governracnts. and e - itbhrb o;bcr* where loyiliits shall have the pro pondcrancc. and tbat this only can be done 5> accordirg Bufragc cud elllribHlty to office wi'h out regard to race or color, nud prohibition (» crime of persons who have fought ror the reV’ lion. Mr. Durant and his coaajulora ch lm to spfcak far ttosc whom they say have loyally and VOL. XX. faithfully sustained the Government la ;ll emer cei'Clvs and order clrcumatancea prove their faith and fidelity. ’ CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Waanixorov, December SO. SENATE. Mr. JOHNSON. alluding to an article In the Chtotilde charging that treason had found a rest lug place in the bocom of the Supreme Court, said tic article waa focnoed on false facts, and —— —aa iviuiu.u uu »uvo mm.if, auu couched in mart objectionable terms. It had been published in a paper ecml-olllclally connected with the Senate. The attack resulted from a derision In Ihe Supreme Court. The honor and patriotism of the Supreme Conn was 100 high to be assailed. Tnoy bad no resort except a amt for scandal. He hoped tine tribunal would stand on the position which their lore term of faithful service had earned them, while the tradocere would mcettbetalc due to tbsm. Mr. WADE explained the principle npon which Texas should be rueonstnicied. Mr. V ILaON ofieied a resolution directing the Prerldent of the United States to direct the officer* of the simy and navy to prevent the Infliction ot corporeal punishment fur crimes and misde meanors in (be lately rebellious Stales nntil toulr civil governments shall Lave been recognized and authorized by Congress. Deferred. On motion of Mr. HENDERSON, the President « aa requested to inform the bonne If auy United Fiates troops have been sent to the interior oi Missouri since the first of December, an J if so. whether ary request bad been made fortbclr pretence by the Executive or Legislature of Mis souri. Mr. Dtndereon read a despatch from Governor Fh tcher, of Missouri, saying that Gen ual Grant had sent troops to that State, and ask ing the design. Ho said be supposed they were rent to enforce the laws: but he said the Execu tive ot the State fell hlmseli capable of doing it, and the people fell able to do It without the ala ol tb«* General Government. Ms. DAVIS, of Kentucky, thought the Presi dent of the United States had an uudeniaolc con stitutional right to place troops where be pleased, were the times so but of Joint as not tc allow so unquestionable proposition? .. .. HENDERSON did not know, but under -toon the troops had been seat by the President to enforce the laws under which the Governor had p:otcsud. Mr. sold the despatch as read did not c’aim the President sect them, but General Grant Old. The resolution was adopted. On motion of Mr. POMEROY, a bill to aid in ti e construction of U<c Pacific Railroad, and for other purpose*, was referred to the Committee oa the Pacific R&Uroaad and ordered printed. 'ihe Nebraska BUI was taken op, and Mr. ED MUNDS adv< ealed the bill at some length; and after some debate, oo motion, the Senate went into Executive session and soon afterward ad journed to January#, 1557. HOUSE. Ur. WILLIAMS, of Pennsylvania, made an elaborate report on Ur. Culver's case, and, on motion, the Speaker was directed to lasn« a war rant for Ur. Culver's release. Ur. DELANO intrrdnced a resolution, wfa’cb was agreed to, fo« bidding the consideration acd payment by any officer ol Hie Government ur any claim preterred since IS6I, when the cliimant -ball tie a peiton who participated in the rebel lion, or was opposed to the suppression of the rebellion. Wr. STEVENS, of Pennsylvania, Introduced a na-olnUon, which was agreed to, anthoilxlu • me appointment cf a committee of seven, to re jort a bill trtlablif aing tree schools for the District of Colombia, fsoiu which no children over sis years of ace shall be excluded: said schools to b.- sup ported bytbe equal taxation of all cltsse*. Tnt-Uou*e iben resolved ifseifinto a Commit tee of me \\ hole on the Preaideufs mesa ace. Mr Wvlkcr, ol Ohio, in the chair. Ur. EISE, ot Kentucky, addressed the Eotue. After Ur. Else bad concluded bis argument apdnM the right to exclude the Southern States Lem the light to representation In Congress, Mr. \\Pit.llTargued in favor of reducin'* the computation ofmembers ofConcreas to the rate paid belore the increase ol the last session. Ur. RANDALL asked If be knew a single msr. wno did not late the extra pay T Ur. I.AWKENCE said be did not. Ur. MAYNARD tad it was due to himself to say the people bad endorsed their action by re turning to congress those who voted for It. Ur. RANDALL congratulated himself on being Id accord with the people on that subject. iLangb- Ur, COBB, of Wisconsin, said be voted against thi* bib, and bad never taken the pay. Mr. LAWRENCE said be bad taken the pay, but be w ib!’ d the law repealed. Ur. DKIGGS—Did the gentleman feel bad when be took it* Mr. LAW RENCE objected to being Interrupted, lie baa to take It In obedience to the Constitu tion. ibe requirement* of which be bad taken an oath toenpnort. lie bad no doubt~tfae gentle man from Michigan felt good when be received bis cxtiausy. Mr. BRIGGS—I dirt. Alter soma further desultory conversation the committee rose. The SPEAKER laid before tbe llonse a message born tbe Resident. with documents from ibe Stcretary of State,with accounts ol the mtorts of Santa Anna and Ortega in organizing an armed force to overthrow- the Government of Mexico. Ibe SPEAKER announced the following Select Committee on Free t-cboolsln the District otOo- IctnMa: Messrs. SUvena, of Pennsylvania: Pat tcison, ot New Bampsbire; Welker, of Ohio; Rontnel), of Massachusetts; A-hley. of Nevada; Unbbcli, ot New \ ork, and Jallan. ot Indiana. Ttc resolution which was agreed to, luflirnrUng the Committee on Dtrcc*. Taxes and Abandoned lands to inquire whether any of the Govern ments, or any perron whomsoever In the late rebellious Slates, bad stopped all tbe ac*s for the disposal of public Jande to actual settlers, to Xitbci while or colored, entitled to receive land order tbe law, or have been wrongfully ptamad fiimcbtuyiDg themselves tnerof. . On motion of Mr. SPALDING [Ohio) tbe Committee of Way* and Means wa« instructed to [nnutro into the expediency of exempting from tniip duties timber and lumber for ships, and fire trirk for steamer- on the Not them lakes. Mr. LAWRENCE (Ohio) peered a resolution, '■bleb vva* adopted, diretUng the Secretary of the Navy to repoit in wbat newspaper* be nas or dered advetusetnents to be inserted, and what or- •lent be has pitch loriviibdiawing advertisements ti<in t.ovxf-pnjtere; and the reason* therefor. Ttc IJoiiic* then adjournid to .JannaiyjJQ al three o clou.. | from Missouri. Arrested lor Vagrancy—rrieomboils £aak— Tr»ob<c With the Bushwhacker*— Itebct Ncnspitper Office Destroyed—Acconm ol the Fight ot Lcxlnßloa-RiTcrNewß. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] St. Louts, December SO. Clinton Bnrbridge, a notorious Confederate spy and guerilla doling the w ar, has been arrested for vacrancy. A private despatch was received here this morn ing, stating (hat tbe steamer Argonaut No. 2. that UR SL Louis last we.L for Cincinnati, bad been sunk at tbe loot ol tbe Falls on the Ohio, tier cargo was mostly int-ured in thl? city, Ibe boat owned in Pittsburgh, ' here she Isdoubtless tally Insured. Captain Barnard, agent of the Board of Undfnrniers, leaves for l.onDville this evening to look at>r the interests of the St. Louts Uit-mance Ccmpanles. ibcodorc Tilton lectured on “ Reconstruction" last right refine an immense audience. Tbeuonblc* In Richmond. Kav County, arose from the publication of an incendiary article In a paper published there, advising the citizens to n*c en n.asse and expel tbo militia at Lexington, the commanding oluccr vesta squad of men to arrest the editor and destroy bis prers. which was promptly done, lb; citizens of llicnmond offering pouic resistance. The militia committed lew um lages. *lfce town was not burned. The regulars rent 10 l<exing.on propose to assist the militia In presen lug the peace. Over two hundred militia companies bare becu od tco to Governor Fletcher for special service In (he cirioySl cooniies. Colonel Montgomery furnishes the Governor «llh the following account of the fignt at Lcxlng hn, on tbe l&b: A large number of bushwhack ers camt. Into town, from Dover, with thclrle velvets ktxdcd found them. Arch. Clements was of the number, and the Colouel set about arresting him. '1 be v Utain obtained a hmt of the Colonel's intention, and seeing tbe Colonel ap proach with a squad of men, drew bis revolver and fired. After firing i*o or tbrec shots, be v heeled and ran. Ibe Colonel s squad punned him. and at last killed him. Ibe steamer Grey Eagle was wrecked at four o'clock yesterday afternoon, by striking the sunken bull of me imperial, about abreast of the City Gas Works. Ibe Giay Eagle bad been on the docks for repairs, and was thence steaming up town to receive ber outfit to go to Memphis when tbe collision took place, and m ten minutes her low er deck was three feet under water. There wt-ic seven persons on bo«i d. who were taken on :ya skiff tent from the shore. The bow of the <,rav Eagle was leil tlx feet under water, ana tbe -tern just out of maer. The hull can doubtless he raised and saved, but it is thought the bottom is shout to;n out. The Gray Eagle Is a stem wheel tow-boat, owned wholly or ch.cfiy by Cap ital Pot tell, who was on board and in charge at the time. 'the river only fell two inches last night, and all naces ol tbe recent cold weather are rapidly dis ;rp«aritg. Tteic is very Utile ice rnanlng in the Mississippi to-day. and by to-morrow tbe channel will no doubt La entirely clear. MEXICO. Uiflcrcneri* Between Maximilian and Ba zalne—Atost ol the French Troop* Concen* tratro at Vera Crvz—(lSciat Documents in Reunion to Recent aiovereruls on the Itlo Grande. Nxw Ositjcaxs, December 19.—Additional Mcx* (can intelligence states hat there appears to be i o concord of action between Maximilian and Bazame, as the latter bas issued a manifesto tnet p‘hcc ihe Emperor has determined to remain In Mexico, ibe French would r> main neatiaU and • nly fight if attacked. Maximilian Is allll at Ori mba. It ta very improbable that he will «ahe any permanent steps till the million* of monev promised shall hare been paid. Thrce-finta of the Mexican people south utMc j.nla Potow, tavor juarez. Ortega haa no Sirtj, and fauta Anna la despised. Marshal azalnc stated that be sent a commission to the United states to open negotiations wtth Ortega relative to the fninre Government ol Mexico. All the French iroeps are concentrated from ti e City .of Mexico to Van Cruz, excepting a tew honored in the interior. _ ibe publication of the Mexican Times has been d SCObtlnucd. , in rehouse to the call of the House, (be Presl dtnito-oayirarsmiued a number of documents on Mexican afclrs. The first of these is the protest of General Onega against Us arres*. which has heretofore been ] nbiULeJ. In transmitting this protest, decrial >btrid»i. assigns bis reason for the arrest ot Onega. He says so long as he was merely . egaptd In attempting (o create Dissensions among his own people while sojourn ing in ibis country, there was no viola* tion of the neutrality laws, bat when he went Uithet and appealed io anas to assert bis claim as President of Mexico, thus palpably violating our lass ol neutrality. General Sho.idan considered U bis duty to protest. He took the ptecautioo to warn Oneea agaicat the prosecution ol bit designs, which be ouregardea, and as Le « as taiisfit d Ortcfa was about to cross the frontier, (■ci.erslbberidtc lays be ordered hts arrest, on the same pi inciple that the Fenians were arrested in attempting io violate our lawa by the invasion •<t Canada. His concurrence with the views ol Major General bhcridan are endorsed on this ■ am by G. trend Grant, In forwarding it to the Secretary of War. General ibendrn’s reports concerning the rcccct troubles on (be 1 lo Grande, In wnlch O-neral Sedgwick figured, are also transmitted. In Us first teU-gram, heretolcre printed, from New Orleans, dated November 2 . the General advises the Gene* ral commandicgilat he fears General Sedgwick, '•for some unaccountable reason.” has demanded ibe anm-nder ol Malamorms, and If it he true, be wil! relieve him ot nis command. In a second telegram, dated New Orleans, De cember 11, he informs the Otncral commanding that on arriving at Brownsville. December d, be was Informed that General Sedgwick bad de nial ded snd received the eurrend- r ol Matamor.s fiom General CanaKs, who arbl-rarlly Held that dtv eramet Escobedo; that on the Ooth of No iember, the few United States troops which held the city were wilbd<awn to the American side of (he Bio Grande, in accordance with his orders disapproving ibe occupation. The motive, of General Sedgwick in ibis strange move Is unknown to him, hot Urn alleged one is to protect American citizens and lh< ir prpjwrty. General Sheridan gives aa bis opinion that the m urban is of the my were, during the war, and are now. Imperialists. Fearing thsr Escobedo would capture the city and take their property, ransed the General Co do this. He adds that the occupation of the el'y was a mere matter of lorm, and had the consent of General Escobedo, who made no objection-*; and since the city passed into hla hands, has called on Qeuu tal bedgwick lu the most friendly manner, and also asked me to forgive his action. FROM BLOOMIXGTOX. Illinois Natural Illiwtarr »*ocle*s—-Illinois Wcalyuu llslveniir-kzimiaKtioß*, Etc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] BLOOIOKGTOS,III-. December -JO. 1 he closing session ol the Illinois Natural Hl*- tor) tfociety, was held last evenlnr, at seven o'clock. Dr. Yasey In the chair. Several scien tific papers were presented, but owing to the slim ai tendance, they were not read. A spirited discussion iura'ig np In regard to the past management, and what ?hould be done in the futnte, in order to bring the Society more prominently beture the people, and make i-more efflclcit. Locking to this end. the following ivsolntlons were presented and adopted: Ji'eoiTtd, That inia Society Instruct the Direct oie to make an euiragumeot with B. D. Walsh, the Entomologist, and it. J. W. Volia, to spend such time lu thefleld as will enable tht-m to collect all the species of birds In Illinois, and by actual eci enitfic Investigation, ascertain watch are valoaole and which are Injurious to the agricultural Inter veto of ihcbiiie. Abo, Inal the committee ap pointed (□ mcmo.'la.lzc the legislature from the Ayilculluttl and Horticultural Societies, present this subject to those bodies, and ask tseir co-ope lation tu carrying this plan in»q cff. ct. J.ttoUta, i bat tne Co; re-ponding Secretary and General Commissioner be instructed to cor respond and coiiltt with the Principals and Pro tcs.-ois of Natural Science in the various tcboole and colleges its the fctate, with naturalists and needs of natural science, m order to the orgtu zitlcm of local auxiliary societies, to secure locs, ollcchons in natural outory, aud to the organiza tion of a general system ot exchange, unJer the sniiemsion of the Board ol Directors of this So- ciciy. Tne Secretary was Instructed to furnish a synop sis of the proceedings of the Sodety to the daily papers ol the State for publication. 'the Society then adjourned, to meet again, to this city, at tuc time fixed by the laws of the So ciety fur holding Its annual sessions. The regular examlnailuLß at the JlltnoU Wes leyan University, co umcaclng at noon o t T i >- ua.s have jntl been concluded thta 13 p. m. The ufuinoon session of Tuesday waa occupied oy itev. O. S. AJuntell. L». 1) , I’iesident ot toe Unt v-rcity, and Protestors Dc iioitc, Jacques, Pow ell. Goodwin aua Kenlck, in the examination ot c in the preparatory department. CnWedars da; examinations were co’iuueted by the dlf iticnl Professors in all the various departments of the University. To-day the number of visitors *os .‘neater, and things have moved even mon lively then on any preceding oay. A* usual, the principal subject ot interest vaa tbe examination ot classes In mental phiiorophy by President .Vtmflcll. 'Jhc young men who nave been pnrsniog this drlUcurt but impor tant science, acquitted themselves, on examina tion, with great credit; both to themfclri e and their instructor. With toe reading ol the average class standing of each student by toe Secretary, and a few prospective remarks by tbe President on the policy ol the next term, which will com o* -Tacoaiy tsd, tbe school was adjourned to that date. f 7 FIIOJI MIUViyCEEE, TnloD Religion. Cootcii ti'.n—Of toi ional Ex ereUM-Jlanl Easajs. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwacese, December SO. A Union Religious Convention met yesterday afternoon. Rev. Mr. 11. C. TUton, of the Aabuiy Methodist Episcopal Church, was appointed tem porary Chairman, and Rev. P. B. Pease, of Mil waukee, as Secretary. Delegations were present from all parts of the state. A committee of five was appolrledrn penni nent organlxatlon, and reported the follow ug officers, who were unanimously eiccted: r*ui President. H. C. TUton; Vice President, Her. F. W. Cook, of Ripon; Secretaries, Rot. W. S. Alexander and Rev. w. P. btowc, of n«<- ne Committee on Resolution*—Rev. Ere. love. Pease, CoUic, Drs Dixon and Steele. Adjourned till 7:3u p. m. On re-assembling. Rev. Ur. Van Nca* raad an cetuy on (etupcranc--. and an essay onSabb-u desecration vu resd by Rev. T. Q. Colton, of Wbiivwaler. Alter prayer by President Steele, of lho Appleton University, the Convention ad journed to v o'clock to-day. Tbe Convention met at 9 o'clock this morning. An hour was devoted to prayer, after which Free!- dcn*. Chapm read an essay on the sabbath, and liev. Mr. Pease on Sabbath observance. At S p. m. the enbi- ct of temperance was resumed. This evening Hev. James Dtxon speaks on the qnertlou, “Can professing Christians attend the theatreP' and Kcv. Mr. Love on “Opera." The Convention Is well attended, and much to terest is evinced in the cause of useful Christian ity. ibe beet of feeling and harmony pervades the assembly. I'ltOH ST. PAUL. Reorganization ol the Chamber of Com nrercc—beuian aictUmr—Radical a-eatU ninti Expressed, [special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) ttr. Paul, December IJ. A meeting cf cßlzena was held last evening to reorganize the Chamber of Commerce. It »aa well attended, and gives Indication of being valu able in advancing the commercial interests of this city and Siatc. Another meeting win b.- held next« eek i u perfect the organization. Tbe Ftnisns bad a rousing meeting lar! night. One of the speakers denounced President donn •i-o, ai-d advocated extending equal rlgh’-i to the negro, both ot which sentiments were received *iih vociietoos applause. Ihe Stale Fo'ila-i Con vention U in session to-day, and closes with a banquet this evening. TOOK MADISON, Fire— Ut-wie ot Forfeited State Lands—a Forcer Proved luaaae. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison. Wia. December 20. A fire broke out last nlchliu tbe tiro*s:urytrame bonding near the State University, owned by P. L, Neuman, and occupied as a hotel, saloon and r toie, tcsuliiig in its total destruction. Lose on buildup aoout f-LWO; lusured for fi,300. Tuc iusntance on fumiiurv. ucrcbaudiao. &c. t was (L&'b. of which coueldetsble was saved. Th* Ailar.tic, Manhattan, liutne of New Haven, Buck eye nf Cleveland, and New Copland, are the com panics irmnbp. incendiarism Is suspected. 'lb«.rc wetc iDuut 9.CW acre* of forlcited State land retold at tbe vale yesterday and to-day. Richmond, whose a.turd forgery of tc,uoo was repotted some time slcce. has been pronounced insane end tent to the Asylum. FROM. LOUISVILLE. Valuable Lead Mines—tsoecesafal Fergerles —Another Uaiiroad nchrme. (Special Despatch to Use Chicigo Tribune.] Louuvuxk. IKcember SO. Captain J. S. Bonham arrived to-day from the mineral regions of Southeast Kentucky and East Tccnvetee. One of tee richest lead mines known Oeb'Dcs to Captain Bonham, and lies twenty-five miles below Knoxville, on tbe iiolslon Hlver. Tbe mine Is alto only about six miles irom tbe railroad running from Knoxville to Chattanooga. Alt the ot e thus far token out proves ninety per cent lead, (■cneral Thomas and scveial member- of his staff called on Captain Bonham, and after examining ibe ores took snares at once. General Thomas will be President of the company. A lorgcr to-day had throe checks cashed by prominent bouses ic this city. One of the oldest end most carelu) business men was victimized. Detectives are on the track of the scoundrel, with every prospect of bis arrest. The citizens of tbrec counties, Muhlenberg, l ogon and Mcl can, have a mectinc on Satuiday al Omnvllle, tbe capital of Muhlenberg Coontv. to lontider the practicability or boildmg a rail mad ibrouen these counties, connecting at Uus* eehillo with the road to Memphis. FROM NLW YORK. Banina *f a Tenement nenac—Narrow bMopMil K«chr Families from Saffocatloa —No Further Action to be Taken In Kela* (ten to a Reoeal ot the Cotton Tax—lavcs tteoilon oftbe Whiskey Prnnds, etc* NEwTotk-DecemlcraO.—Earlytbls morning No. S 9 ElixADetb sweet, a teuemmt bouse, was discovered to boon fire Eight Ikmllies, wbo were .ivuig there, bad a tarrow e-capefrom suSbca «.ce child :s report'd missing. A di. truciive fire occurred this npremgat No. 3SSLre~dnay. Ibivc upper foots destroyed, and mo lower oces badly damaged. Loss about fJIO.Uo. ’lbe Chan ber of Commerce has indefinitely postpon'dfcitbtr consideration oftbe memorial to Cocc'v'sv for a repeal of tbe cotton tax. One said if ibis tax was repealed tbe North w >u!dbavcto {ay higher taxes, and he thought it was only fait that tbe section that Inaugurated ibe war should income way paya portion of the debt. Judge McCann has decided substantially that a person luring money in gaming, ia not entitled to iccovrritbylaw. The lt>vcetlga'lous of tbe Congressional Com mittee riiowusakbnla email proportion of reve nue due tbe Government has been assessed on the distillers. Ibe committee will probably report Savor of securing a Util record of ah raw material purchased tor manufacturing whl-key. HUBOS AM) ONTARIO CANAL. Address in Aid af Ibe Project, by Ueateomu Governor ISroos. Tonoxro, December 20.—IJmtenant Governor Dross, of Illinois, aodressed the cttlzecs o> Toronto, at M. the subject ot U e Great Western connection with the Duron and Ontario Canal. „ „ Mavor Metcalf occupied Ibe chair. Mr. Brass described the various States and Territories whose commerce would go to feed the proposed canal and make it pay. The address abounded in facta and geographical 01ns- Uations, which went lo convince the assembly that the proposed canal wa« of primary impor tance, not on y lo thr pcople.of Canada, but of theWcstvin states, whose commerce Imperatively onricts. There was enough unor ganized tenitory i- the West to make fourteen Mates as largo as Ohio, all of which, when aviUzation advanced, wou.d oe reeking for outlets of It* teeming, surplos of modnre, Uk* Michigan and the M. Uwrenre. kesald the canal would not only pay,.butroay well, and he hoped In ten yeara to see It the vast freight that wonld be poured Into it from

the Pacific Bailroad. which Is o °Tf across Amo lea, and In five years he hoped to sec Arete of thanks waa given the speaker. FROM CANADA. T £f. F u!S!s^ll*sirta IO H , elM | «B to II SSJ"S 1llo“ “r. D«lln lime to look O'ci hla notos kefore addrcMlcc toe ibe pun>ose of obtaining hydraulic P° 0 f milllont of dollars are proposed as the capita* o* “TWXtoe , iU.o»/o-.«to oo too .utoori.J ol CHICAGO. FRIDAY. DECEMBER 21, 1866. l.e c'erpy ;n lie district, »J( do Oainolic prlc; lien; either knew or si* Surratt. FIiOJI DES MOINES. The Lair Accidental -hootln* Case—The Weather. [bprclal Despatch to tie Chicago Tribtme.J Use Moctu, December 21. Ingalls, the saloonkeeper who accidentally»bol Eason on Monday evening, had a prellmlo ry ex amination before tie Major to-diy, and was di=* rbxrgi-tL Eason is comfortable, bat not oat of danger. He is a highly respected ci'lxi-n, and hi* care rlidta ranch interest. tfntion wj* arrested In (Jtmnwa and brought here, when the Mayor fluid him 5125, His boned tils trill eventuate In the doting of the saloon. Weather moderate, int sleighs still in vogae. FROM ARKANSAS The Political •Mtm.tloo—a Committee of Conference Appointed to Visit Washington and Confer with the UoTernmeot—Steam* boat Dlnaater. Memphis. December 20,—A special to Ihe Aro far cAr, from l.iiUc Hock, says a joint resolution has passed Loth flonsesto appoint a committee of H, Including the President, and mo from tie (senate, the and six fiom lie House, and two cltuurns to be appointed by »hc Governor, to proceed immediately to Waihinctoo f*r aeon* with lie Government at io the political situation ol tie country, and report at vno reas sembling of the Legislature on the Win of Jaun ary. Jic stcrn-wbceler Memphis, hence to Little nock, attack a snag. Tie beat and cargo are a loip.l locs, s-hc was owned by Dan Able and Mar* UuWaU of tils cilv. Koalb Carolina Leelalaiare, .December 29.—1110 Constl CnAHtraTnjr, S. C. mtional amendment was rejected yesterday r»y ■ne liuriic ol Repicrcntatives ay vote of 93 to Ul. PTIVA IT BROTH EKf», Adirnisios Aa'i> 12(1 Dcnrbjrn-M., receive advcrtiwctncoie lor alt ihe leading papers tbrouKhour the toiled Platen nod ('ananas. CTofftc auli Eras. TEAHOUSE. , BILLINGS & MEECH, 171 Dearborn-st„ cjr. Monroe. Teas, Coffees and Spicas, AT 6BEATI.Y BEEDC2D P2ICTB. MTelUepcr lb.on Teas, and 10 per cent, oo Codecs nod Spices. TEAS. Best Gunpowder lea «1.55 44 Yoons Hyson 44 1.5.» 44 Imperial “ 1,85 “ J**i an “ 1,50 44 Colons 44 1,50 “ Los. Break’t “ 1,50 44 Japan K 1,40 44 Colons “ 1.00 and 2.25 COFFEES. Green noeba CofTce 70 eta. “ O.G.Jara 44 45 44 44 1110 44 33 « KoastcdJaTa 44 50 44 44 IZIo 44 4 0 44 Ground Java, pare SO 44 4 » itlo, 4 » 40 44 Ground« ofle.v 20, 25, SO and 35 44 BROSIA, t BOCOLATE, Mustard, "Whole Sploos, dbc. The only place in me city where yon can tny] PURE GROUND SPICES. Uailroabs PASSENGER DEPOT. MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAIIjROAD ZiXN-JQ. The public is Informed that the NEW and ELEGANT PASSENGER DEPOT, situated oo the comer ol Van Bores and Shtrman-stL, Is Kow Open for Business, AND FROM WHICH 4 Express Trains Will depart for tbs K—t. ■■ fellows i Day Mali. Day Ex. Llgtln'gEi. Night Ex. 4iJ5 A.ll. "iOO A.M. 3t13 r.AI. \ia Adrian. ViaAtrLue. Via AirLlne. YtaAdrlau. One Train on Sunday, at 3t15 p. m. 5 HOURS IN ADVANCE OF XCichigan Central Railroad TO NEW YORK. —I PASSENGEKS TARING TEE 3:15 P. M. Lightning Express HAVE SLEEPING CABS THROUGH TO CLEVELAND, WITHOIT CHANGE, SUITER AT EI.RHABr, And arrive tn New Ton at 7 o'clock on morning at heesnd Day. Changes are made, ol tnt* line, tn pasaeager Depots ’it*t.rpasstdl<>r convenience and comfort In this coun* ?ICKETB mavbe rnrebased, andSlceplugCar BertDs reserved at Gtoerali-fTce.3UCLAur\-M'. bAil*L C. HUIGU. ucu’i Wut'a Chicago. Demntwf. 1566. iaocfeg for tljc jQolftiags. J*' H E TRIBUTE BOOK AT HALF PRICE, To Close Out; Stock. Tbit splendid work, by Frank B. Goodrich, author of “Toe Cocrt of Napoleon." etc.. Is beautifully bound In Turkey and Gilt, and U said to be the neat specimen of book-making tnat America baa ever produced. A SPLENDID CHRISTMAS GIFT. Sold at half price this day, to dose out stock. HENRY 11. SHERWOOD. 81 Lombard Block. J^EADTIFUL BOOKS FOB GIFTS. The largest and best assortment ol Religions, Theological and Devotional books in the Northwest. Many ot them In elegant Miming. BIBLES, In every variety, from the very cheap Issues of the Ulble Society to the QncttOxford and London editions. HYMN BOO£O, 01 every kind In general use. 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Gene r.iArmtolthe -Etna Ufc Insurance Company, o Hartford. C.'tn_ cos Ulna a -atevnegt rerar ling the Waebirgt.'E life la«uraa-e Company, of Sew Tort. WUICITHE MUST FSOW TO DS FALSE. PAUL A MASOS. Oejeml Areot*. J^OTICE. Toailvhoin It may concern: I fbtbld m’l per <m barboitngor truAtinrmy vtte, MaryJ. Bailor.oi my •cconnt, as 1 *IU not pay any debta of b:r coutiacilni from «nl. date, she having left my bed aol board. MARTIN J. OALU B. jgusicalg piiHJS. THE STECK PIANO, MANTFACTUBED BY GEO. STECK & CO., NEW YORK, TUB STECS PIANO has, wherever It has been keewn. advam «j at a slrple stride to tie very trout rank of Piano*. Ii never tails to make a decided l®. prcaaioa upon artist* mad conrolaieoTS at first sight. Bat Pa partly, and. «o io ipeafc,**flae-gralDed** quality of tote. Us durability, beautiful, elastic Pinch, and ca pacity toitaadiaume, are points tbatiria thehlghest admiration with use and bml'larity. In addition to the ordinary peculiarities of structure, to ail of which tbtae Plano* excel, tie SQUAHfc GUANO, with the Agraffe Method of Stringing, Deserves particular raenlicn. Tie three qualities wild an pre-eminently sought after by artlau are: rtrst, Brilliancy. Parity atdPiwer of Tone; tecond. Lqnallty of (*o iLai the late shall oat drowi. oot the higher parts, and vice versa); third. Ability u. Stand loalnre. Let ua »er bow Mr. Steck's method o: stringing contributes to each ot these. Tie lollowtm: cuts represent the agraffe, the strtn whlcb passta through It. am the plate taw tucti Ul* a • cbonfl. Theacranels mareol brass, and perform* at: • ttlce tin.liar to that <it thr humau huger* q;>od me trei of a guitar, homing the *trlux finely in iu placu, um doing It* woik u out better, of course, as brass is made *.l SteineratcS ibantte-b. Suppose Um plate, however, on which tht* agraffe |. fksittied, wue tlmp.y a thick pine of felt, India rub ber, cent ur cu..; solt sabtiaite. It is *•«)* to imaglm that the sound pn deced would be«uvrt,sniO'herr > v • aides*. Suptoeeii were wo«d? better; ir m? better still: bell-metal? at, that Is Hi- t.r jjitt ulra! am: tkattbelnv»nU r u ot Mr. frteck; herce the wonder lui purity, bn Uancj and resoa»ncc of nti Instruments, Tbu». In connection with the great vibiatory power It tbe BOncdlog boaid, t§ seenrett the first essential, namely. Brilliancy, Purity ami Pq« tr of Tone. ' polm—Quality? That 1* i 1,-. u.fficjuUpfW-lfui. Cvervtoni shou d be beard, no tnattci h‘>» many < fiert are sonnu tnj Butibclorvcstione sp;o ‘ duieo by a »trine nearly tw. ' varuslnoga*d aboutaquat ’•i ter of an Inch thick*, whi.c the blgbect la produced by a string scarcely longer ot thlckir than a cood.*ired sewing needle, and this It tit w ay the problem la solved: The b*M self# hare but one ferine. As toe wires be oniv tn.alier, thn aretloubleil: ana still smaller, the\ re lx bled. By tins means, every tone asserts lUclf clearly an.' iJUili »Uy throughout Iherr.llreteale. ttat h->v rti*. ihl melted <f uritulnr contribute to th 1 third c*‘en plal.Tlz-ibc Atlllly ol ihe Instrument fo Remain It. Tune? The following cut« 111 answer that question: X" 1 "Ibe wire paries, first, through the agraffe, then over a Midge, and tun to the bridgeand thengrai.i thnsdivtclrg vubtbr pin toe ftvero tendon vt th •‘lre. On tbe< ther si'leol the agraffes, the hammer ■trike the strings against the bearings and cann« knock the strings off tbelt bearings, a> it the te-.-lenc' In tbr old st, ieof srxeging Pianos. After lb- »•-t-lc’ baa been taken out of the wire, there instrument) wti II UCUI M..U UU. ui MIC —4‘ r, lunc UItUUILCU. I II stand la tune indefinitely. UealdesthesepcisUcf excellences, all Sleek Siuar- Gianos areKvee and one-ihlia octaves In extent. ■ that they are the n» plus ultra Ol bqaare Pianos. Wit such appliances Jolt ed to greaUkm and faithfulness li their construction, these lastiaments give, as might h perfectsftlfcfa.Uoj, but PEBFaCj W r hate on band splendid specimens cf Parlor Ortn and FnU Concert Grams, from t 1.300 to |I.N»; nquar- Granca, Ihn f7tb to SI,OOO. Plain hercn-octave Steel Pianos, without the agraffes, nre f 100 lets than the cor responding styles of square Cranes. ROOT & CADY, 67 WABIIINGTOS-BT., (Crosby'a Opera House.) pBUIiCH ORGAN,—I hive for sale, a THREE-STOP. PIPE ORGAN. Made by Mill*, ot New York. A very iK»*ertul ln«tio- Qj.nt.laißee&ougb lor a aedi-m—Ued enure ~ a o • ttth a ooifti reed organa. Can be set up betotc Christina!. Can be step at 130 ataic-st. N.GOUUi. ABE THE CHEAPEST. LlfiflTE’S PIANO S Hare hero awarded Twenty FIRST PREMIUMS, re .■lUr villi the Highest Premium at the America Wrr u'» Fair, at dat Ibe ate lowa and Illinois Hut cumt-etiiloc with ths most celebratol mu:; tactnrcrs. __ N. I-.—Piano* sold on time. Payment received in it, •lallh ruts, hccotxl-babd Plane! received la exeuaan lor ntw. W< w. HIRIBAZJ^, MUbIC. “Where are yon going so Fast, Old Man?” AbcantlfuCSotgaiidChoni*. Price,33 rest*. The Old Musician and his Harp. Cnoira. Bring my Harp to me again. Let rat me* gentle *Ualn— let roe hear Up cnorl* race more. Ere 1 pas* to jon nrlgtt shore. Prlce.SOcents. TT e above Soup «nd Cb’-ni* will N foutd In tl.e January number of RiojixC M.>«c.» i UiTtzw, r-cbltfbeo cv.ry month, by 11, M. QU OINS, Jl7 Randolph-ft. 7: cents fbr oie year. grtic gfuting grasou. YY EST SIDE JEIXIST is. COJIPLIMENTABY Grand Carnival and Promenade Concsrt Thin Evening A To-.Tlorrsrr (Saturday) Etc- Finest army of Skating Ta’.cnt in the City. A CORDIAL INVITATION Is extende! roTlcke; Ht-lder* cl Hie Wahaeh-tv. Kink, the WVhl-.zU>n Ctttrai and Oadea Parkr-tlckeisL abov-r y aces will b« culy bononu os prtscauuon. bou. events gs. Tpr. GBDAT ITNIOW PANS bare le*-n. rested, with a «toire » lecuon of music arran,edEXi RESfeLY FOB IREOCCASION. THE FI.MiST bKAIEBS la the city wll be present. Tbe Great 6C Lawrence Skater. MR. J. POWERS, Is expected to arrive to-day, and wUlgiveaGßiND EXHIBITION. A FINER SHEET OF ICE HAS NEVER B EN SEES IN THE CITY. To tbe Ekatcis and the Public this will be the Ore*; itlTieatofthebtaaon. DON’T FAIL TO ATTEND. Lei o< I. L-»t. CALb land yon at tneooor. qehtral park Moat Tight. A t tractive. Brand in N Ishtly E xbibltlon. Q rmndeal S nnltke I Ilnmlaailoß. H llarlty U napnroacbahlr M agntfieent T rlntnphmnt I The sort Perfect, PoIRIh d Shee of Ice, ever la ab Otni, Fire. The ice n»-mble» * perfect mlrro. - . GRAND CaLNIVAL TO-NIGHT. 'JHE OGDEN PARK. THE OGDEN CAN PRODUCE THE best sheet of ice Ever teen tn Chicago. GRAND CARNIVAL TO-NIGHT! 1/lhe vtalherwUl permit It. Great Union Eaid In Attendance. vel’ lighted with CALCIUM LIGHT. A gay lime guaranteed. . -J-cT THOSE WHO WANT GOOD SKATES! ppi? assortment of skates AT TJB LOW fcol PRICES. ENOCH WOODS, ISO LAKB-ST. fHasonic Notices. TyjASONIC. ■me Member* ot Oriental Lodge No. 85 F. and A. v arehcrebT coffied to attend a Sammone ’ Loaima ntcanon. at tNrtr hall. In V’aaonlcTemple, thl*. Fola-. ■\ TA&ONU Home Lodce, No. suß,h. 11l and A. M.—The me- ber» of tal* Lolrt are h-n --hi oroered to attend the Rrgalar Annual Co-nmnan-a. lion and Election oi Officer*, tbla (FRIDAY; EVEN ISO. at “M o’d -dL ~ Mr order ot the w. 11. THOMAS ANDERSON.Se Treaty. fftifrlic j Hccting. *VT OTICE—The prr pertv hold rs ol Chi cago-av.,tromClart »■.to{h*rive .willrue-lat .Tacoh Knder*a saloon, oortbeeat corner »t Chlcago-ar. mad LarratKe-at.,TO-MGlll, atßo’cloc c. to nave an naderataulmc la regard to the lopro •^reutof.aid ■trecti IES COMMUTES. jFor rtjc IBnlitacs. QUKIETMAo PRESENTS. Gentlemen's Scarfs. Breakfast Shawls. Boys’ Sittcns. Small Farcy Scarfc. Sontags, Hoods, Nubias. Ladies' Jackets & Leggings. Commenced Slippers, Finished Slippers, Sofa Cushions, & c., &c. SUTTON & BUEKITT, ■st. xrr 177 QHIUbTiIAS A2iD NSW YCAE’S HIM Ms! AT SEW YORK COST, TO CIjOSH out : CALL AND EXAMINE, AT 58 MICHICAN-AV. R-. E. LAN DON, Agent. JJJOLIDAY PRESENTS. The Finest Assortment in the City CHILD PENS* and CHILD MOUNTED HDD* UEH PENCILS. Suitable for lattice and geitlemea. WOSTENIIOLM FINE POCKET KNIVES, i or ladle* and gentlemen. POUT MONNAIES, Thelargest and finest assortment In the d(y, \MUTINfW)ESKi* AND PORT-FOLIOS. Tteflncsi BAZIOUF. ROXE? In the rtiy. A. LA HUE ifw'rinieni oi Cllinr-AfiE BOXES and BOARDS. cBLSSMKN'. BACkfiASIVON BOARD 4. STEItEO -COPEfc. STEUEOSCOI’IC VIEWS. GAMES Ibr Bora >m Gir’s, vi.h the flues! assuitmeit of TOT suit Jo* 'tMLE BOOKS In ihe city. A .arge as»ortminlof litvalcomana Pictures and materials. BtcNAZ.Z.7 & CO., Si DEARDQKX-ST. B HOLIDAY GIFT, of Conatant and Permanent Value, is WEBSTER’S SLW ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY, I or Parent, Child. Teacher, Paator, Friend, held In common and fine I ladings, by W. B.*KEAW & CO., EXISTS MATERIALS. Htterlals for Wax Flowers, Decalcomanie, Mathematical Instrument*, Bostic Frames and Brackets, Engravings, Chromolithographs, Parlor Easels, And numerous other HOLIDAY GIFTS, JEV.NE He ALUIM'S, 132 and 134 Clark-st-, Publishers Chicago Illustrated. MONSTER, On ExtilDltlon at 137 Randolph's!., SHERMAN BOUSE. An Inuftenre piece ot roogh Meerschaum, Just Im ported from Europe, wlih the lures*, haMaomatand Dial mJccUu stock of genuine Meei>cbiutn Mpc* wi Cigar Holden that hast rer secu to this citr or elsewhere. No ChrlMniae prefect to a ceuUemao will be a.ore appreciated than cue ot those fine Meenchaam yipea or Cigar Golden. E. HUFFMAN, 137 Randolph*!., tihtmia HoaJe. 'J'RUNKa, Valises, Travelling Bars, Ladies’ and Gents' Satchels, Children’s Toy Tranks, &c. tfl opp. Shrrna* Boqm. and 310 »«mh L'lorlMU •WM. WRIGHT. I^VERGREENb. CHRISTMAS TREES, AND TRIMMINGS* OF ALL KINDS, AT 111 DEABDOHN-Sr. pli£^£KTS FOK GI.XTLEMEN, At ners. IDulsols’, 148 PEABRoKN-ST. Q. E UIK E Meerschaum Pipes & Cigar Holders 01 our own Importation, at very low prlres. BECK & WIRTH. 93 South Waur-st. igransporiaiion. 'J'HE WOOL WORTH & BARTON OVERLAJO) Transportation Line! Are now arepared to forward all classes of Freight,, rem ihetr warehouse at North Plane Station, tbe puatnt terminus of the Union Pacific Kailway, By Mule or Cattle Trains, To the Territories of COLORADO, UTAH AND MONTANA. llcrU Freight ”C«re W. A B, O. T. Lino* Um&ha, Neb.” Throrgh bills of lading from Chicago to any point in te above femicries, will be given when dttlnc. For rates or other iLforn anon, apply at .he General OtLce ol the Company, No. 234 BROADWAY, NEW TOOK, Or to H. H ABGI9, Agent. No. 33 Clark sL, Chicago. 13oots atih Stars. JJOOTS AKD BIIOES.: THE EMPRESS, THE JOSEPHINE, Largest Stock C? THE NORTHWEST. BULLOCK BROS., IL6 Lake*st. 'Amusements. gILLIARD TOURNAMENT. TPHEE GRAND PRIZES, let—A magnificent gold leaded cue. talced at |UO and (£0 In greenback, d-itb. (Üb. tin—•&, ca-fi. To tale place at Sooth iJcid, Indiana. D . W. OLIVER. JEEo Sent. -J-O Rent HOUSE, WITH BARN, :n 3 tood locality, (West Side) Inspire at 197 We*t Lale-tG, Chicago JiLlantcb, MILLER Waited, ter the reentry. Noes seed apply aaleu ihcTT'i ghty nncerttatClng etooe dreeing and milling. A married man. dolron* of obtain 1 nr a permanent -itnancn. trefened. Apply to “CHICAGO.” Room 13. No. S 6 LaSaLi-tU. or P.0.80x 771 840,000 TO * so ’ toa WANTED—A special or active partner, (active pre terite.) vita the above amo, to Join* Successful and Lon? Established Jobbing House In tbla city. The o-tect being to Incrowe the bustneaa, a bleb can t e profitably acne an a caib batla. Addrer* Box 397, ttating where as tntemevr cn be bad. 825,000™ LOAN - In one tom, on central IMPROVED PROPER TV In tbla city, at eight per cent pet annum for a arm of I«*r*. PARKErt A LTM\N, ON CZT7 RBAX. Z3STATZ3. PARKER A LYMAN, Not. 13 and 17 Posland PSocb, are no- i repared to cexotlate mortgage. <>n real ♦*- tate In f l» city, through their comapoadenta la New Vnrt >M Rnitfl. NUMBER 198. fHad)inemj. 'J'O GRAIN SHIPPERS, MILLERS AND DISTILLERS. We wo Uwiafocuirlnc Richards' Power Corn Shellers, Ofall sizes isd copwlir. rwiglng tos SO TO 1.000 BUSHELS PER HOUR. Fniltol IBON. end WARRANTED TO SHELL CLEAN In srr condition ct cr&ln, »cd CLEAN the CORN in Superior Condition fur the MU! or Market. Over 500 In Daily Use. Portable Engine*, Small Barr AUlts, Farm ffitlin, dee. RICHARDS’ IRONWORKS, 190 and 182 Washington-st, CHICAGO, 11.1,. 212iU)nlrsal£ <£Joti) IQousci KIMBALL, STEVENS & OOMP’Y. WHOLESALE CLOTH HOUSE, 64 & 66 .¥/c//re./.v. jFor g»alc. jor SALE -100 BARRELS Pill CIDER VIMGAR, NOW OX HAND, By CH&S. LEEDS, & Co., 103 South Water-st. JfOK SALE— ONE OFFICE DESK, At a bargain. Caabetemat C. LEEDS 4 CO.’S, 10*J Booth Water-st. JpOR SALE— -50 BABBELS CEDES, Pore Juice, by CHARLE« LEEDS * CO, 'JO CAPITALISTS OB STOCK FARMERS. Tbe tuderslesed offer* ftjr eala bis Sinn, trine dlately about the Lions StaUoa, on the C.B.aQ.U. R.. in iht* county, 12 miles irom tbs city. Th* whole ii act embraces about 1 SO teres, all orlgt* nal.yaelerted for stock purposes, and U at sell adaot ed to that busier**, or extet tire oaf ryina. a* any place in tbe West, borne 300 acres of it, near thedrp .t. ta ci the most desirable and subor ban residences, much of It bem? adjacent to toe Uca rialnes Bl*er, ai>d covered with natural forest. The land pneraliy Is suitably sub-oivided Into tti lago.iuowlogand pastarage. There tea natiral bar meadow of red-hip and blue-grass. ofaimeiM acres, that 1» nnmrpsMed, aed other larg* tract! ol bottom 'soda, tqoa Ij a> choice lot dry cultivation. Thclaadi are well watered aim nmnlig or living water, and more »>»«" 1510 acres Umbered. On the pmnlK* is a commodious fhrm boose, with large barn, c Jtoalhtings, 4c„ sltaatectna Dee more oe the bars ot the river, and on different parts of the land are .UcoLv.cltMlcrsnt bonsea. To parties desiring a large stock farm n*ar t v e dtr, for the purpose c> raldng svek or fltUos It Ibr market, or desiring toencage lo tbcmllk baelne**, the elate la worthy of attention, and ice orlce ana terms wOj M •nfflclectlv Ilbetal to make Its purchase an object a* as investment of capital. For particulars inquire at 173 LakMt. E. 8. fHESCOTT. TfOR SALE. ICE TOOLS. By ALBERT H. HOTBT, CGas 13urnrrs. A NEW BUHNER. TKE BRILLIANT LIGHT! LIGHT! The Last and Best Invention. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner Ginas Chimney* dispensed with. A steady, brilliant llcnt. equal to pu, to burn ordinary Kerosene. ADAPTABLE TO AOT LABP. - u To Bee is to be Convinced.” ttr state and County Right* lor tale by A. It. SLOAN, Adams House. an* (Coal. QET THE BEST. Hazelion Lehigh Coal For sale by lUMm, carload, or la loUto salt porclia*. bi. We hire 4H «U(*, caiefaUy screened, and reel coa fidet t that, upon trial, tli« EXCELLENT QUALITIES Of this particular asd veD-knovn tnlne will dre thii Ccal a preference orer any oilier m tala martet. Ap ply to _ BLAKE. 3IA!*OS CO.. At Fallon Elevator, Or H. IIILL. 6 WtUs-n. Depot. YOUGHIOGHESX COAL UO„ Office 17 rhntnberol rommerce and corner Wrrt Klozie nod Creen, Tooghlocbvny, t-rlar DUland tasnelCoal flfAO Mineral Elder Cca 9M Conwlisv Hie and Pittsburgh Cot*. AMES A CO. gcntisttg. 'TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT X themeefMtruusOiideGas <I.OO Each, smallest Gold Fillirr 2AO fetch. larger asd more comullcated AJOAIJ.OO Destroying and Removing Ncrrc., tAjt LOO Treating ITceraud Tooth, prtparatory to filling Wl BJM Separatltg Teeth. Removing bopertclal Dtcay. Cleansing Teeth Filling Nerve Cavities, each. Inserting Pivot Teeth.... Seta ot Teeth on Rubber. 08. J, Q. FABN BWO&TB’fl DENTAL ROOMS, 116 BANDOLPH-BT,, . Opposite Col. Wood’s Moseom. Stodktolbnrs’ fHtctings. STOCKHOLDERS’ 3IEETO.’Q.—The' Stoctbo-ders of the KORTUWF&rEBK PACKET CO. Are b*reby notlhcd uat their Annual Meeting will be held at the Company's Office, tn Dubaqae, on Wednes day. 16th Jan., ls<7. at ll o’clock a. m. GEO. A. BLAKCOARD, Secretary, •ntuijne, 10th CTOCKBOLDERS’ MEETING.—The O Stockholders of the N.nhwMera Union Packet Company Are hereby notified that their Annual Meeting will be held it the Sbermin Boose, Chlcaeo, on Tuesday, 13 th Jim, ISK, at 11 o'clock a. m. GEO. A. BLANCHARD, Secretary. Pnboqoe. 10th Dec.. ISfd. patents. pAKD’b PA TEST BRICK MACHINE. Office and manotactory 53 Sooth Jefferson-st. Fot Information and doertpeve circular address & R. OARP, 53 Sooth Jefletaotnu Chicago. jfur Goods. T ADIEb’ DRESS FURS. DON’T BUT Until yoo have teen oor Stock and Price#. BREWBTKB, Farrier, SHERMAN HOUSE. ffannrtgliip. MR. TOL HAMEL having withdrawn frtm the firm oi MUCRSOK ft HAMEL, The same u henceforth to be known at EHICBSON £t ABIUNDSIJIf. EBICK6OS 4 AMUNDSEN. JUKatrijes, Ciamonas, Jetoelrs, Set, A. H. MILLER, Comer of Randolph and Clark-sts., JEWELLER AND SILVERSMITH. Christmas Presents Of the Richest Descriptions. Bronzes, Clocks, Opera DRESSING GASES, WRITING DESKS. Pure S uVof Wares of the Rarest Designs. Nickel Silver-Plated Goods of All Rinds, WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY. Musical Boxes and Statuary of My Owir Importation; Setting of Precious Stones a Specialty. A LOT OF CHOICE STATUETTES, COPIES FROM THE LOUVRE. jfinc jfurniturc. JpURNITU KE—For the HOLIDAYS. The most complete stock 01 FaRLOR, CHAMBER, LIBRARY DINENG-KOOM Furniture, or FRENCH MANUFACTURE. Wc are nlno In receipt of new Importations from EUROPE of SILKS, REP**, TERR VS FRENCH STRIPE?*, EtIUHOTUERRI) COVEKSs of colors, pattern* and styles which Cannot be Found Elsewhere in the City, Bavin? remodelled oar three lane shew Hoorn*, we now otter to the public the above, with a ffenerml stock of Rich, Staple and Common Styles of Furniture AT NEW YORK PRICES, which are lower than are offered by any other house In the West. Ravin? n large stock on hand, we are de termined to otter *uck Inducements as will reduce It before (he Ist ol January next, re gardless of coot. W. W. STRONG, 303 Bandolph-st. 303 (Clotjicg fHangtcr. 'J’HE AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE Irons Clothes Without Dent. It will do it la one-quarter the time re quired srjih heated Irons, It slvev <a aow nod brilliancy of Inatre to llnenis Impose)* ble to bo obtained from heated Irons. NO EXPENSE FOR FUEL Ko Hotel. Laundry. Restaurant, Boarding Hook. HctplUl of Private Family can afford to be wllhou one. IT SATES TIME. IT SATES CLOTHS. IT SATKs MONET. IT SAVES FUEL. IT SAVES LABOR. IT BATES HEALTH. For pamphlet*, containing faU description of &v chine, addresa AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE CO., 149.131 and 1.33 Fnltos-iL, Chicago, UU Or J. B. BICE, 161 Ltffrtt fHcbical. A FEW FACTS For the consideration of til who sutler from AHtima, InCnenza. Croup. Whooplmt Cough. SpltUag 01 blood. Pain is the Side nr Chut, Bronchitis, tod oil dl leases ot the Lungs and Throat. nUBSDEN’S PECTORAL BALS □as been used with unvarying success In over a mil lint ca*es, and hat met with the warmest eulogies from phi sit tana. clerartreo. and rtflereia from th* above Diseases. at can M proved py over 1.000 unsolicited tea* Unctlais do* on flic in our office. A trial is all that Is aiked, and a care will be guaranteed to all who sat fer from any of the above complaints. The proo: is within the men of all. and it becomes a matter ot self-interest to those tsfferlOK to test the accuracy of there assertions. Thousands have tested It, and are now l ealtny, llunc witnesses to the wonderful efficacy of this truly meritorious preparation. tt ant of space prevents our giving in fun hut a few of the many cures eCected. _ . .. • BBOOKLTX, Oct. SAIS66. *• 1 found more relief from using Pectotal Bttmln my disease—asthma—than from any other preparation 1 tier used. “ WM. YOUNGBLOOD.” “ XiTAL Asixrx PntLAt>KLPEU,SOT. 19. u I iMwfc. ta & dtT like tbU, wbere no many are *of fen: s at ibl» teaaca wltb coueb*. cold*, and oronchUl rt>r<a*e*. U would be to yoor mler&t to iblrodoce tco toral Balm, as l {feel nuefltd It aboold beta me baad* of ail inflcnti. “ H. R. c. S. K." “ >rw To**, JalyC. “ I purchased a bottle ct Pectoral Balm, ant tongue car cot riprcss the feelings of gratitude I owe to too. a* 7 7 recovery was Immedlaht, although previously given over bj my phjsldan* as Incurable. - HEKBT THROCKMORTON.'* - Borrow. Oct. 2. iSfiR. “ Previous to using your Pectoral Balm. 1 bad taken every t reparation 1 nesrd of withoutrelief. I bare oswt bot mice bottles. and all •* mptoms of my agoal (.offlcU tnt— asthma—bare <ll< appeared. * - tCM. UUOW>U.'O. <? O. H. n." “ Nrw Toik, Aug. ?. 18(6. “For the benefit ol all who bare or are suffering frrjn Mrathlal diseases. I tec to add sy le-tiu >ny to the efficacy of Mandeo’s Pectoral Balm, as I consider It was the only thins that saved my life when reduced to a tfceletch and on me verge ot the grave. -MARGARET 1 HBOCIv MORTON, OUjjnh-av.'’ DCRKfIAMS A VAN ECHAACK. Agents lor the SMITH A DWTER. Wholes tie and Retail Agents and arnggDta in Chicago. Sft4 LUO MMUO 3.5*4 5-00 IVfEDICAL AND ELECTRICAL IN IVI stitcte. - Published for the treatment of CHRONIC DISEASES. Croabj’s BuUdmg. JMand 86 State-st. __ JL'&tlN HATES. M.P, Physician. UO* 6XO vwvflonn Utibbcr Goons. JJUBBER CLOTHING CO.' WAREHOUSES NEW YORE, CHICAGO ASD SA4 FRANCISCO. F. M. i W. 4. SHEPARD, Ajfts. 82 UK&ST., CHICAGO. We Imre on a fall line of RUBBERCOODS, Comprising Clothing, Piano Covers, Boots and Shoes, Bolls, Toys, Combs, Druggists’ and Stationers’ Goods, Rich Jewelry and Fancy Bobber Goods FOR ‘ THE HOLiDAY TRADE. Price# same as la New Torfc, fsburational. DYHRLNFURTH’S commercial AND EJ'U" ATXONAL COLLEGE. AfI’DLIC EXAMINATION of the poplls belonging to the Educational Department of this Institution. eta* blaring toe whole rare* of teptrs which bare tanned the sublettsef their stadia donas the past teal an. will be teld :a the Grand Hall of the boUding. 110 ft llSßardo Tbnrwfay andFnday n«t. the 3Clh scdZlst in* ts.. between the boors ot 9 aad IS la the torn 000, and I and Bla the afternoon. ... „ The presence of the relatives andfnends cf theponlla and of all tolerated in tbe welfare of the InsUtatioo. as well as Uni cf the poblic generally. Is camcatly and Exercises and other farther panic* olars. toe ;hf ptlttec prez--amines. trusses. ~p|ERNIA, or rupture. Cored by the HARD RtJßßnlt TRUSS. This Trosa will -ever rest, break, chafe ot became filthy. Requires no strapping. Used tn bathing, aad is always as good ■■ new Pamrb-eta free. 1. B. S&hLkX 4 CO., 136 South Clark-M. Glasses, Fans, JUST OUEHED, 33ti> (Sooos. Q. R E A T Closing Out Sale, • AT ‘ TS LAKE-ST., OF Hosiery, Woollen Goods And Notions, IPreparatory to a cMas« ol firm. SPECIAL NOTICE. TO wiiOH IT HAT CONGER??r ah ptnln vbws indebted! eaa ton* mature* beior- Jin. Ist, is« 7, are re epeciftily t'One*ted to settle aoriiu u>«* urgent month, a* all claims then after will go It to the bands of aa Attorney for collection. GRAVES & mmn, THUiMt. iSusiiiESS (Carte. ■yy YETH & VASDEEYOORT HALTING COMPANY, T. is. 2 and 4 Michigan-av., Jlanc I'sctnrern of Balt and Dealers is Barley and Bye. JJT We keep cocitaauy <m beat! itocha ol rrtmo Earley and Bye Malt, which we are prepared to aeU at toe 1c wtti market rate*. UNDERWOOD & 10., General Commission Merchants, Cor. LaSalle and Vashlngton-sta, CHICAGO. Give particular attention to both bnyln* and itillag Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. rroperir Dement and held oa mama*, and aold attMi la Uili or Easters markets. Special rate* Ol ConunlWon made to those VM reml«b their own money tor tarn purchases ol prop* •rty to be held tor sale by oi. I*. L. Underwood. Pen. **. Caderwead, J H. FERRELL & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS Fot the tale and purchase cl Furs, Hides and Felts. Conslcn»ten»e anc order* solicited and promitt-T --ATTEMjEU TO. Com spoodeme red nested. J. H. FERRELL & CO., c me AGO. QJLHERT UPDIKE <fc CO M General Commission Merchants FOB SALE AND PURCHASE OF FIOTO, GRAIN AND PHOVISION3L Especial attention given to sale of DRESSED BOGS In Ih,I,MJOII. OFFICE AXD WAREHOUSE. t IC3 TTashlnptoD-st., Ciicairo. ~p]UBBAED & BROWN, Storage, Forwarding and Commission MERCHANT!*, Bed Warehoa.e. Red Wing. Xian. QOMMISSION HOUfcE OF GEO. A. WHEELER & GO,, 34 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Give special attention to consignment, of DRESSED HOGS, And furnish tunal futilities therefor to all who apply. All order* for FLOUR, GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Receive oar very best efforts to please. Property loogbt and held on margins, and sold bereorlnßaat »m cr Southern marten. iy£ IRR ITT & COIGULIN, ISDIANAPOUS, INDIANA OEALEBS IN COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And TToollen Factory Findings. New Factories furnished with Macbln-y. iybaftinr. FncJnes. Maes, brecCcaUons, boptrtnt‘*ndents aad expeneoetd aoitmen. ROLL CARDS Always on band. COTTOS TYARPS & CARD CLOTHES G Ol all kinds. XT- Second-hand Machinery oo band, fbr tale cheap. 'J'O WOOLLEN MANUiFACTPRESa. WOOLLEN MiCRIHLHI. E. C. CLEVELAND JSC CO, JUNCTION SHOP, WORCESTER, MAftfl„ Mscolketorers of Woe-Hen Macbisery. as follows: Carding Machine* and Spinning Jacks, train newaad Improved pattern*; Wool Plcaers. Wool and Wasta Dusters, Taro Spoolers, a&d Tars Dressing aod Ward ing Machine*; It road and Narrrw Gin. botbstacl* srdoonole.actlss: btoadasd Karros* Brusblrz Ma> chine*. Velveting, wltneylig and Piters bam Finish ing Machine*. Ujdro Extractors and Clcth Drying Msc&lnes. Hvdjomatlc and Screw Preaee*, Press Plate H*aiers. indigo Grinders. Rotary Fulling Mills, Wash MUl*. Cloth, winding and Measuring Machines. Slid* Beat Turning Engine*. Card Grind era, Ac. Our machines are an tn mtetarcal and superior Iron frnai s. and are warranted to be respect to any machines made In the Cclud States Is addltloo to above named machines ot oar own make, we are prepared to furnish Crompton's Looms, Parks A Woolaona Shears, steel Ring Bor Machines asd Bor Picket«, Card Ciothms, and m.icntactarert* fnClrcs generally, at makers’ lowest prliw. ana < an fcmltn onr customers with machinery for Woollen Mills, complete, with promptness, *rd at as favorable prices as any other btaMen. E. C. CT.KVEL.wn, J.C. MASON. Worcester. Mass.. Oct. ?*. HM. J M.BAS^STT. Consignments. HOGS. Dressed Hogs. We train offer oar services to patties shlpplaft DRESSED HOGS to this marßct. Tor reftr-oce wr r» fer to those who hare consigned to ca - the paat fire season. su&ai Plata and Weight Lira funtDhed £rts or charge. gUTTEE, BUTTER. FOR SAIsE, 1000 TUBS OSZO BMH7 TaTT T , PV7B _ „ In IGU to sou bujett. J'AIULY FLOUR. rr? > MJ eJenn .} , 9 3 ’ 8 Michigan XXXX White winter .V? 1 £ JESUS' rboler * *or family use, for sale by the tingle barrel or quantity. Hale & co.. Commission Merchants. 139 Sooth Wataret. £)RESsED HOGS Usool Facilities to Shippers, Coumleslc&a oa car-load lota. iu per cent. . A. M. WRIGHT ft co„ 13S and 140 Elase*»t, corner u i^-C.|V, &c. fHacijincrs. BATES, STONE <Sc C(k, 151 BOUT a WATEB-BT.