Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 21, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 21, 1866 Page 4
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Cljicago tribune. FRIDAY. DECEMBER 21, 1856. ~ THE CITY^ BmoTAur— On Wednesday night some parties unknown entered the store ot Theodore Joevln, No 1 Milwaukee avenue, ano carried away ■ qntsUiy of razors, clocks and cosmetics. The Saix or Rich Fun Goons win be eon tiueed b» Gilbert A Sampson at their rooms this more leg at 10 o'clock. The rood* mra all of tte richest and finest quality, and wilt be sold with out icacive. FxHiaira —The Scanlan Circle, P. B, held a meeting al their bill on Wednesday evening, sad ■ cv.l'3- comp*ay toijjnnalonj.lm rtrri* The attcndsnra was large, and the SerwSt through their driU Uke veterans, which many of then are. on Abchtb Boa®.—An alarm of fire mounded fron box No. CS, about seven o'clock la«t cvt-ning, occasioned by the burning of a b*rn on Archer Road, near Main street. The nro belonged to William Dans, and tbe loss wa« ‘about fhOO. Minnre UKPKnwnrrßn*.—A number of the xamheie of the Convention of Marine Under writer*. who-e sessions bavejust closed in our city, ipitrrt the crib ye-teidaT,BcdtraTeraed the whole Irncth of the tunnel. They then a vMI to tb.- Hoard of I'rade rooms, and were informally l-at warmly welcomed there. , As Incipient Fiat.—About ten o'clock on Wednej-dav evening a small fire broke oat ia the ►bop of Maqmn A Wolf, tn the a«lcy between and Uke street*, new State. No public alarm was riven, and the flames werecx tircunned by *“plag” stream, the damage amounting to aboct An AnxLtss Suisxas.—Among those who are endeavoring to make a living in this city, 1s an _;mics? soldier, who btu a email place at the_rear i of ihe Chamber of Commerce HalL where he Tnsv bt- seen dallv engaged in selling apples, an drei. cigars, the ca*calties of the bat t’e-fi' la have deprived him of both -hands. He metes changcfand dellrerehi- poods with much dexterity for one so unfortunately situated. Holiday Gm*.—One ofthe best holiday gifts for children is tbe “Ziff/- Corpora?' for one year. The January number is now readv, and all who subscribe before tbe new ycarwill receive the De cember number free. The “ZIV/< Corpora?' is claimed bv many to 1* ! be best juvenile paper In U;e world Great prize* arc ottered for dabs. The publisher it- Alfred L. Sewell. No. IK Lake tired. _ Toe Lamb Ksrmso Machine Is one ot the most useful holiday present* thatcan be obtained. Dcnctinl fabrics and useful articles, suitable for Christmas elite for the present and future boli- can be knit upon it with tbe greatest ease aud raplditv. Doubter* should call and examine, or send forsampl* of work, a» No. 93 Washington street. Chicago: S. Branson, agent. SnmL- A young man named August Water man, in a fit of intoxication, shot himself with a ri:’.c half on Monday afternoon, and died about noon on Wednesday irom tbe effects of the wound He had recently returned home from feur veare «crrlce in tbe Missouri cavalry, and U if-renunrtrated wltn by bis mother for bis nc,..ue use of liqnnr. rasblv sought to destroy t;:nfrif An Inqued wa* held, aud a verdict ren dered in accordance with th« foregoing facts. The OcrnAXS —Tbe managers of the Protestant Orphan Ai-ylnm, (located on Wabash Avenue, be i (<n Twenty-second aud rwecty-tblrd streets,) V'U provide a bountitu! Christmas dinner on Wednesday, tne 2Cib. the day after Christmas, uflcr vLich there will be a Christmas tree, for vlichll is hoped there rosy o« donations com mcnt-uralr-wiih the ureal charity which tne Icstl tuiion rrpie*e«:is. Tne many friends of tne Asy lum will respond liberal!* to this call. New Film.—We call attention to the card of Mc«sr*. Billings A Mccch, on onr first page. Mr. R. long and favorably.known at his old riard. No. 171 Dcathem street, and having c*foclatcd with him Mr HoraceMeecb,otferaeitra inducement* to the trade, both at wholesale and retail. They have one of the finest establishments . ot the kind in this country, and a large and choice flock of teas, coffees and -pices. The house is so | well ard lavorably known as one of Ihe reliable ' oic?, that a word to (be wise 1? sufficient. CoarLCtioyrnT.—Chnstmas is at hand, and ■ thcett who wish to bay canales will do well to | remember that Janies C. Simm, No. liS Dearborn rtu-et. t'va one of the largest aud most select stock* 01 coniecilonery to the city, and makes a fjicdaltv onhe retail trade during the holidays. il;« Tiinmh Dnddlcg and cocoauut cream candy are trub delicious as all will attest who have tnea ihim. Hi? flock of tancy nrd plain candies la extensive and varied, and m icnfactared by blm -elf particularly lor the holiday trade. Sr. Lika's Faic ajtd Festival. —The Fair and Festival now being held In the Crosby Music Hall, for the benefit of St. Luke's Epi-copcl Church, , presents late attractions to the welldlspo»od. The dinners gh en each day, from noon to two o'clock, an-of the most substantial cha»arier, ana we are "lad to see that they arc extensively patronized. The evening tableaux arc very in’crc-ting, and the table* are loaded with a neb assortment of valuable* and layaUUet for the holidays, which will furnish something toenitall. wc advise a vi-it on the part of those who have not yd been there. Houdst Goons.—lt la well In acircting plfta for the Holiday* to combine with beauty and ele gance, the useful and instructive. Those la search or appropriate presents for the season ehoofd not omit to visit the new stationery aiore of H. A. Porter, at No. S 7 Clark street. In connection with his fine nock of staple gorda, Mr. Porter hia a Isrgr and attractive assortment of tancy goods, ladic*-' ret iculrs. poccet hook*.pczzlea and game*, globes, Ac. We wou'd d-pcdnlly recommend an examination of Dvnnian’a new games for the Kcng. OBDiKATtob*.—Mr. C. E. Barnard, a graduate of the Chicago Theological Seminary, was ordained as a mlt.ut .*r of the Gospel on Tuesday, at Jeder *on. Hcv. J.VT. TTealy. of thl* city, "an cbosen Moderator of the Connell, ana William Breaks, tfo Scrib*-. Rev. Proteesor Btrtlett, of lae Theological Seminary, nrcacb da sermon of rare merit, and all the exerciser were weu eus-altca. Jefferson U a growing suburban town, ana the Concresaticmal Church le the only church in the nUce. They have a taste nl edifice and icon mooions par-onage, and Uev. Mr. Bwtirt cam meuees humlnUiry under most inviting dream elauces. Ton Stick Pijlso.— Tbe new Steck Plano, ot wtlch Messrs. Root &. Cady, of U-U cly, hivo the agency, la rapidly gaining grvnnd In the West. Order* are coming la «o nnmeroaalv that the Arm are obliged to supply themselves by expreta to meet the demand The excellence of Ibis plant* w. rrants this wundertnl Increase In basinet. The improvement which the manufacturers have In* trodoevd. both In the method of stringing and In the quality of material used, lunarl to it an ex* CL-lletit action, power and resonance of tone, without am sacrifice of d ames*, brilliancy nr puntr, and an r*-nne"B In every psrr of the keT board « bleb is rarely if ever attained in pianos. The ne» - piano has already wo ked itself up 01 level with U.c instrument* of the 010 and long es tablished manntactntcrs, av«t »»o*«- threatens to supersede some of them in the popular prefer ence. A PLiAFurr scipmsa.—The friends of Rev. 11. Whipple called at bis residence on Tuesday evening, io spite of the storm, bringing refresh meets in such quantity and quality, as when placed before the callers,gave ample evidence ot no want of skill on the part ot The providers. It was one of the most pleasant and agt ccaole occasions w e have ever vltce&ocd. Before the company dis persed Mr. B. Martin was delegah d to place iu Mr. Whipple's hand fITO, besides leaving f 45 or JJu worth ot most csefnl articles. Ur. Wblpple followed tbe presentation with a tew remarks, tie said it was noth aterial aid that helped »s most. l>ot the thiobMng of kind hearts indexed in the cheerful face and kindly greetings. Tne dream stances, tbe occasion, the tree will ottering*, bat atove all the impressions made on the mini by the warm greeting and cheerful faces ot the old acd the young, would «« lasting Tnesc woild not wear ont nor waste with lb-flight of years, lie closed his remarks by thanking them all for Heir pleasant surprise and present. Northwestern Base Ball Convention, Tbe Northwestern Base Ball Convention met pur snot to adjournment at ten o'clock yesterday forenoon, in the Biiggs Bouse, the President, Q. C in the chair. The minutes of the previous day's proceedings were read and ap proved. Mr. J. J. Kearney, of tbe Pacific Clnb stated (bat tbe named thatcinb was changed to “Gar din City Club.” Mr. Holmes Hoge, of tbe Atlantic, offered tbe following, which was adopted after a lively debate: H{totr<d. lhat all Hubs consisting wholly of members nnoer eighteen years of age shall be termed Junior Clubs. Mr. J. J. Kearney offered the following, which was ad >ptrd: JirtohiC, That a committee, o! one from each Stale, be fiopuln’ed to report on the propriety of tbe Association having a tournament under its auspices. The following were appointed on such commit tee: J. J. Kcainev, of Chicago; W. B Westeott, Wisconsin: Josei'h l’e<d. .Missouri; C. H. Brom-cll, Ohio; E. M. McDonald, Indiana, and B. 11. Anderson. Michigan. The c remittee reported the following: Kttolr-d, That all Base Ball Clnb* represented in the Northwestern Base Ball Convention, that may « L-h to compete for the championship of tbe Northwert, shall meet In a tournament at aome place and time to be de-lgnated by tbe officers of th” Convention during (be season of 19G7. Which was njccied. Tjanks and acknowledgments were tendered to *lbc r-llrti.g ITrsldent, to the clubs of Chicago, to ibe Socretaiy- at”l to the proprie:ors of tbe Bnggs House for their generous coartesv. The following, oficted by Mr. J. H. Mower, of Indiana, was adopted: . y.Vsofre*/. 1 bat whenever two or more Clubs shall signify to the resident of’he Aaaoclation their desire to compete for the championship of the Northwest, the officers of the Association arc hereby Inf ti acted to arrange tbe details ofa tour nammt to be held nUhln thirty days tbercaPer, at which said champlonshlo shall be decided. The Convention then adjourned sine die. INSTALLATION OP A PASTOR. Brv. C. D. Helmcr—Pastor of Union Park Concresatlunal Cburrtu The services connected with the installation of the Rev. C. D. liclmcr to the Pastorship of the Union Park Church, on the comer ef Reuben and Washington streets, were held yes terday af.emocn *nd evening. In the afternoon the Church Connell met. and organized by the ap pointment of Rcv.J.E. Rav as Moderator, and Slev. S.J.Bum'ibrer as Fcnbe. The candidate. Rev. c. 1). Uclmer, formerly of Plymouth Church. Milwaukee, waa examined by the Council as to his fitness to become toe Pa-tor of tbe church. In the evening a large congregation assembled is the Church. Rev. J. P. GaJUver preached the sermon, choosing for his text the eiguth and twelfth verses icclu tve, of the eighteenth chapter of the Acts of the Apostles. Tbe preacher maintained two points t that in this world we know only part nr anything. In the other world we live in perfection, and alt knowledge In part is done away, in this world we deal with f.cU and abstract troth*. Tbe former are only partly known to us; the latter often lr«d us astray. The sermon occupied about an hour in the de livery thereof, and was attentively listened to. IVofcssor J. Barm ofiered the Installation Professor S C. Bartlett delivered the charge to the Pas'or, instructing fatm as to the duties which he tn»« now taken upon himself, the manner In which be ought to attend to his studies, and at the same time create a greater social union between the pa?U.r and the people. The Pastor was ad vised to “Tied tbe lambs of the flock, and to lead the vounc safely through the narrow pstb* of this life I” slfo to cnluvate In ail a spirit oi liberality and < ffideaev in the xnb'Slovaty cause. W. B. WngU then In in appropriate mann-r, and with a pertinent speech, extended the rtgbt band ol fellowship to the new pastor. Prof. F. W. Fist, of the rheological Seminary, then addressed the people, tostmctlcg them as to the right course they onrtu to take in assisting the pastor In the performanc** of hli duties, and the support which they ought to extend to him. Alter which, the newly installed pastor pro nonncid tn«. benediction, when tbs audience dis persed to their comes, for the first time, under tbe guidance and prayer of their new minister. COMMON COUNCIL. The Hew ftp H»ll-The BrideweU PUns for the Sew Bolldlm-Is terestln? Discussion—lntra mural Interments—Occu pancy of tbe Court House by the City. e—«i Conveattoa at Bock I aland. An adjourned meeting of tbe Common Council was held last evening, His Honor, Mayor Bice, presiding. There were present. Aldermen Knickerbocker, Carter. D'Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Wllmarth, Cal kins, Moore, Schuler, Rafferty. Talcolt, Holden, Ba*Mll, AckhofT, Proadfojt, Sbickford, Lawson, Clark and O'Sullivan. cm'* mtmiT nr cocbt house. A eommnnlcailon was received from tbe County Clerk, transmitting a scries ot resolutions from tbe Board of Supervisors, appointing a committee to confer with tic city authorities lu relation to the purchase, by the county, of the city’s interest !n tbe Court House. Thu was accompanied by a commncicauon from the Chairman of the Super visors’ Commit® e, asking the speedy appoint ment of a committee by tbe Aldermen. Un motion of Aid. Clark It was ordered that the eommnnlcailon be filed, and that a committee be appointed. , .. On motion r*f Aid. D Wolf Ihe Mayor was Srlerted Chanmau of snch Special Committee. ibaSlayr then named as the committee Aid. Carter, Bfaby and SbacUord the Committee on , Public Grounds. ravnto op Emm*. Ordinances were na*sed *o pave Clark street from Taylor to Twelfth sireet; also. North Clark street from the Chicago River to North avenue ; also. East KlnrJv sj;cet from Clark street to the dock line on Ur North Branch. BOOH FOB CTtT OFFICES. The Committee on Public Bul'oines reported upon the proposition to secure the room* in the Mercantile Building for the nse of the Board of Pnbllc Works, that the agent for the building has withdrawn his proposition. The report was laid temporarily upon the table, awaiting action npon tne report of the same com mittee In relation ro tbo purchase of a site and tbe erection ot a City Hall. < The Committee on Police reported upon the communication of Mary Waldron, asking to be reimbursed to the amount of £U.TD, the valne of clothing destroyed by order of Ur. Blake, cily physician at the small pox hospital, she being sent to the pest bouse under a mistaken belief that she had the small pox. The report recommend* that the amount be paid, and on order to that effect passed, nnnuwnx. Upon the call for special comml’tees, the Com mltuc on Bridewell reported the plana for tbe new House of Correction completed. A recess was taken to allow ot an exhibition of the plans. The elevation shows a front of 419 feet, tbe build ing being tblr!y-#cvcn feet high, of one story. The centre Is occupied by the warden’s depart ment. dwrilirg house, officer*. Ac. To the rear of this Is the wssh-bonee, kitchens and household departments of the its itution. Thl* department has a frontage of forty-eight feet, and tne main or dwelling house, a rear line of sixty feet. Onescb side of this arc the cells within walls, each wing being 200 icct lu length. Flanking, and to the rear, are the work-shops, four In number, each 2 in fe t li>length, these crc'oslag an area for gen eral purpose*. The whole to be warmed by means of a steam apparatus, and supplied wftn coal sheds, stables, wood yards. Ac. The Mayor explained that the cost of the build ing, exclusive of the sewers, drams, and machine ry, according to thU plan, with brick fence and stone cells, ¥237,11X1, cod for steaming apparatus, F15.C00; tola). ?Si2.WO. To build of stone en tire would cost additional. Aid. Talcotl called npon Mr. Van Osdcll to give bis news in relation to the appropriateness of Ihe site selected. Aid. Shackford moved to refer the plans to the Eoa-d of I’nhltc Works, with instructions to re oort an ordinance to provide lor the erection of tLe building. Ala. Wlokerwould undertake to say that no Alderman present would be In favor of placing such sn institution, at such a cost, upon tbe mad holc which bad been selected lor il The Mayor remarked that proper allowance mast he made for snch excited remarks as had been made by the lost speaker. In denominating tbe site a mud-bole, Ac. The following inquiries were made: lj. Arc you acquainted with the ground! A. 1 have seen the land and been on It- Q. Do yon know it veil enough to judge ot its C tries*. A. 1 was there at tbe worst season. Q. Do you consider the amount of ground suf ficient A. 1 tnink it large enough. Q. Do you think the distance (thirty-three yards) from Ibc canal an obstule. i A. I think not. Q. Do yon think tbo distance from tbe drain- ' age is an obstacle considering the enlargement of the canal, and the fact that wells are on the ground. , i A. If we could drain to the canal It wonld all great difficulty. To drain to *he river ■ would require very gieatdrauK ora gicat eleva tion. q. How many feet fall ie necessary for proper drainage! A. it should. 110 m a building of that kind, hare a tall of three *eet. i* D>-w much is the surface of the river below the gronnd! A. 1 judge four feet, Q. How far is the ground from the river! A. Abocthalf a mile. By Aid. Boldeu: If yon were a committee of one to file this building, and owned this gronnd, wonld you n«c this? • A. 1 think it would be economy to hny other land. 1 understood it would cost $20,000 to drain that land. I think the ground would have to be elevated by filling to make It nacfnl. > By the Mayor: For a year or two there la no way to allow these people to live in health with- . out this drainage* I A ; No. ByAld.Claik: How much must the building be ■ elevated to secure good drainage ! | A: I tbtwk about four feet, and I think earth might be got horn the banks of the canal. i bv A.d. Hassell: If this land was so filled would knot cost more in b (tiding tbe cells! A.: Itwooid requheextrafonnuatlouf. Aid. Talcott explai. vd that, to me best of bis knowledge, not a man who had signed the report for the sfic had seen the gronnd. Ibc Mayer insisted that he hid seen it; he could not otherwise have signed the paper. Aid. Talcatt theu would say a majirltv had not seen it with a view to this nsc. He hart been de ceived into agreeing to Ihe purchase, Mr. Gage statii.g that it was the Walker tract, tmd be sign ing ll under the belief that It was quite another that extra work on IhL land would cost s2l',CuC, and he thought It Imprudent to build here. . . On motion of Aid. Wicker, the plana were re tcrrcd to the Board of Public Wo-ka Aid. Talcott now stated that ha favored tbe Hughes tract as a file, which would given front age of four hundred tect on the river, and rnu back to a slouch ol eight hundred feet. Aid. Wicker a*kcd bow much it would cost to dredge the slough? _ orengv .uc biouku { Aid. Talcott remarked that Iht slough need not be Dredged, but tbe nver should be. lie ronnd that tbe sand can be purchased at a rale less than it was ottered at before when * piece of land was being looked lur. . Aid. Clark bked If the same committee which bad charge of a location was now lu power. If cot, be would move that a committee of oae Al derman from each Division be appointed lo coa ler wish tbe owner* ol tbe lingoes t:acr. Aid. Wicker moved to amend tbu tne commit tee be inetiucted as to the special location. Aid. Clark accepted the amendment. Aid. Barrel) moved lo lucuas - the commlUee to include two Aldermen from each Division. A motion to am olnl a committee of six by the MsTorio examine for anew hRo was pasted. The unfinished business was then taken up. enr HALT. Th-report of the Committee on Wharves and Public Grounds hi relation to the purchase ot a 1 site for a City Ball was then np. Aid. Knickerbocker moved to place Ibe report on file. Tbe report nu published iu the Tcrarox Sep tember SSth. ' □mtAsimAX. cmiALs. Tbe ordinance forbidding the depositing of corpses In vault* within the city limits, and the banal of bodies In the cent •terics of the city (pub lished No*ember 10), was then taken np. Ala. Barrett moved to amend, to allow the de posit of bodies in vaults for a time not to exceed nve days. Aid. Wicker moved to amend that tbe ordinance l« modified to allow the placing ol bodies in vaults, provided they bo shrouded to metallic and air tight cases, aid foi a period not to exceed thirty dajt. Aid. Shack ford moved to lay tbejimetidment on tbe table, and on a rising vote there were four ti-cn ayes. On notion » f Aid t'Urk the amendment of Aid. Barrett was 'aid npon the table. Tbe ordinance pae-ed by ajee 14. nay* 5. MEAT IKtPECrrOb. Tbe report of the Committee on License* pre senting an ordinance. pnbli«h-ti Octot«cr 2Ctb, pro dding tor the inspection oflre‘«h meat and for the appointment of Meat Inspect ts. Aid. Wilmarth requested to be Informed by tbe chairman what would be thecae of inspection of .resh meat? Tbe ' ayor thought the phrase wa« proper. Aid. 'Wicker moved to pass tbe ordinance. Aid Wilmarth moved to place the ordinance on flic, and this amendment w*. adopted. hesigvatiok. The resignation of j. D. Voices* Constable of the Scvrnih Ward was received and accepted. Aid. Talcott presented a resolution requiring tbe City Physician. Dr. Blake, to report at the next regular meeting of the Connell, by what authority h* has ordered tbe burning of the clothes ot the patients of the small-pox hospital. The res olution was adopted. Aid. Bolden prevented a resolution for the ap pointment ofa committee of fire, from the Board ot Aldermen, to attend the Canal Convention of Decent her ffttb, at liock Island. Tbe resolution was adopted, and the committee will be subse quently acsonnctri oy tbe Mayor. Tbe Council adjourned to meet this evening at *.3)p. m.: it being generally understood <bat tbe proposed charter amendments will be considered. OUR SOLDIERS’ HOME. A TVlntcr Plc-!Uc—A Happy Gather ing-Speeches by Soldiers and Others. At three o’clock yesterday afternoon some thirty ladles and gentlemen sat down to aa ex cellent dinner at ths Soldiers’ Homs. Among the gneata were Generals Osborne, Mann and Wallace, Judge Scales, Hon. Jesse O. Norton, Hon. C. R. Griggs, ot ceampaign, ana several members elect to tbe Legislature m>m Cook County. After tbe canal olspos’tion of tbe viands, toasts and .peecbea ruled toe boar, and many patriotic sentiment* were expressed. Tbe first regular toast Th. Homo.*' •* The Soldiers' Ucme. ’ . _ , This was eloquently responded to by Bon J. D. Ward, State benator, whose remarks were lis tened to with the greatest attention, and received with loud applause . , A . „ •» q'ne Ladles," was responded to by Hon. Alexander Q. Stevenson, member elect to the Legislature, who spoke in bis usual fellatons vein. Be oesaibed the dlfierent tasks performed by the lattice of Chicago daring the war, ant said be bad seen them at three and four o'clock on rainy and cold morning*- waiting at rallwav depots for the arrival of troops destined for the front, to each of whom they wishes to give at least a sand wich and a cap of coffee. Again be had seen them in hospitals in Tennessee, kindly nursing wounded soldiers, writing tetters home for those who were not able to write, and doing everything In their power to make tho wounded braves as comfortable as poulb c. And be had seen them elsewhere- he bad met them Jnsl after hard fought battles, holding water to the bp* of tho-e who had been ent down by the enemy's murderous fire, and whispering sweet words of hope In the care of Ihe dying. - The third regular toast was— •• Tim Legislature of Illinois,'' and was respond ed to by Bon. C. U. Gngga, member elect from Champaign County. The speech of this gentle man was one of the best of the evening, and hi* alluded to the bravery and sufierings of oar sol diers doling their five years’ service, were of the most affecting character. They were listened to by many oftne wounded men at tho “ U and when the speaker announced hi* dets.-mi. a don to iitercet nlmself in getting aa a.or Uonforlhe “Home" sufficient to *e?iiU •■ •€«, as well as his intention to do all tbs. ho c».»1, *a a legislator, for the general bentui of lt‘.a»l, , »1- diere no matter whether the *omcei«.-*l -v.*re |io!oClOor*J(W,000. the applause was, for s lime, nohle-soaied Governor, J Scmes*'responded. Be said Governor o?tee£y wai 100 well known by tho poaple of Illinois to require any eulogy ij^**^***,?® 1 oler and as a legislator speak for themselves. The speaker hsd known Wetnrior msnv vcare; Lad met him tn the State Senile, when the Republican party was straggling for ascendancy; had heard him speak in laror of 1 tight and Justice, and otter to every con cession consilient with his noopr as a man and a gentleman. Abandoning bis business at the breaking out of the war. he led one of Illinois’ brave regiments Into the bspUsm ot fire tna blood, and came onto! the hardest fights of the war a complete wreck of bis lormec self, maimed far life pbyslcaby. bnt with his la acme beart as genial and sympathetic as ever, rouid is Judgment, firm la rc*olatoa, zealous tod persevering In mil of hU pnbllc dalles, be bad ma ibiu m bold opo& the md&ctlooa ol Jhe peopla of Illinois as ary man living, tad tb* lore which tbe manted ooldlon bore him «»• a* fervent ana fasting an bad *ver been given to mortal t man. “Our *onnded and dl abled soldiers. Gcarta) Wallace responded to this, the last rag oW toast ofthe evening. Ho referred Ua the moat feeling manner to the great debt which the ration owed to tbe soldiers, to ta® bun men, who, lor the sate of a priu* cl pie, riaked everything dear to them *“ "i 1 wo-ld.aiid who, returning from field* of blood, broken In health, and dlafljrtt ®d 1® body* were en titled to every poealblc comfort that could he siren then' lie had aces them in camp, un the march, lu front of the enemy, acid in ho-bltal. and bad bn n aatoolahed at the wonderfol spirit which they had exhibited on every occaalon. Tnoae who aiene.t disabled would scorn roaskor re ceive char-ty, bet tbe wounded ones bad a valid claim for snppcrt against «he conntrr, and not one of them should be left to oaffir, for It were betur that .one honored unworthy men received food and eh Iter in Sol dier*’ Burner, than for a single worthy one to bo tarred from the d •*•*. ... . At the crnclnaloo of the regular loaata, aererml rolnnteer touts were proposed, to one of which Jnore Scale* responded, ana spoke very feelingly oftne condition of many widows and orphan* or soidiers in this State, and advocated the pmssts by the next General Assembly of alawsathorli; inc the return to every soldier’s widow of the amount of tax pail by her to make up the Interest on bonds Issued to raise bounty for those who went to the field at the eleventh Jiour —the speaker very forcibly claiming that the widow of one who eulUted at the first call, and lost his life In the service of hU country, ought ip be exempt from the bounty tax. and that, tllhoogh it would be nnconeUtalional to dUcrimlnate in tbe assessment ot taxes the tnatt-j eoald bo easily remedied by legislative approp fatten. Uon. Jess© O. Norton made a nappy reply to the toast of “The moannnut which the ladies of Chicago have latsed to wounded *«Uloai. A toast complimentary to lion. T. U. B r yan « , aa proposed by one ol the ladles, tor hereof and the other ladies present, and was responded to by •lodge Bradwell. . , _ v Brief sjtvech.ts were made by C. S. Holden, M. WJ U-avilt, llev. Ur. Hibbard and E. S. farter, of Evanston. When the meeting adjouned, cvery one participating in It, fell that the time had been well spent. _ “ISSUES AND LESSONS OF THE WAR.” Lecture by Horace Greeley—Tbe Orator and Uls Subject- Another of tbe present winter coarse of lectures before the Young Men’s Association was delivered at the Opera House last night, to a moderate au dience, by Hon. Horace Greeley, whoaesame and attaint lorm and manner ire known to every one y>v description, If not by personal acqnataranco. Ibe full, beaming face, tbe while hair, which aj-c cou d hardly bleach from Us natural hne, the np pil*tending delivery, ottenUmcs too qnlck fir ready understanding—a peculiarity which be long* to the man as much as the od white overcoat and tbe red ban danna handkerchief. The lecturer was introduced by Edwin Brown, Ksq.. President of the Association, who took occa-lon to an nounce that the next lecture would be delivered on January 14tb, by Tncodore Tilton of the New York Ir,atpenCfti f . Mr Gievlcv then spoke for more thin an hour on “Tbe Issues and lessons of the War,” giving his vR-ns on the questions of conascstJon, recon struction, punlrlimtiit of rebel leaders, and other topic* uf interest, and showing that while be la thoronchlv radical on the subjects of slavery and si'cessioo,'be Inclines rather to ihe rid; of mercy, and lavors letting repenlent rebels go. The lec ture was of course an sole one and commanded the entire attention of tbe audience. Tbe speaker commenced by saying that a thou sand volumes doubtless have already been written respecting tlf great civil war wbtcb has deluged onr ctunuj, aud a thousand more will be written, and. if well written, read. Tne American war is destined to exert a lann r and more beneficial in fluence on the world tban any other that baa ever occurred; and the speaker thought that it ought to he studied calmly snd candidly, and bo hoped that while be should not try to make it a theme for tbe entertainment of bis aoilcncs, they would give him the credit of lacing a broad and lair view. (Tee from party prejudices. War 1- God’s schoolmister whereby nauonaaro taught lessons which tbev are too wtifnl or stolid to Tcarn them sclvt e. While It Is not certain that God Is on the sine of the strongest battalions, yet the re sults of war do generally indicate the strongest numbers, snd to the will ot tbe majority. Anarchy, the unchecked power of toe strongest, la ,V._. nm* thin- nttpflv Intdlpmhtt. Wfl must is the one thing utterly Intolerable. We must have law and order. It one man cannot settle a controversy, we must mm it over to twelve or fif teen thousand The first ie«-on of this as of every great war, teaches ns to avoid future war. It tearhes tu also to beware of too great and rapid temU’ ial expansion. Wc have acquired in sue cc*sloi., ' exa*, Louisiana aud California, com priMug an area much lan er tnan -hat of the origi nal t-: 8 ;c-. and while it ha? advanced onr national wealth and power it has undoubtedly retarded our civilization and refinement. Wral myriads of live? have been -acrlGced to the territorial ara bliion of Fiance. Halyard Germany, yet the re sult has uot pcitnanently improved their condi tion. Conquests are rarely permanent- Boun daries fixed by wi.t arc changeable and unreal. There is no Dominion,of naUnn over na tion, war over war, which does not at some time cnrec the conquerors. Ho thought that Canada would eventually Itecome part of toe Unit- d Stater, but it a single battle could ctlecl it to-morrow- he would not c insert to the toil, if a Sopnhfr vote could to-morrow annex the West In le* it would not be best, 1-el It be evermore re alized that corqne t la a blunder, and rivers of blood will cea-e 10 he poured out in vain Confedera* los were liable to disruption. If too much centralized. Switzerland and Germany are Instances of cennalizaUon carried to excess. The notion la correct that governors acquire their right from the content of the governed, but it docs not iollow mat tbe part* of a nation have Ihe right to diop away at their will. Both the comparative and absolute conditions of educated democracy are the safeguards of the Government. The result of our war has nobly demonstrated the value of popular in telligence. lb'* country was apprised into the war unarmed, her head vacillating and powerless, while her enemy was long before prepared. Its leader able anr. firm In his purpose ; yet tao peo ple wen* on with Ihe calmness of consciona latent strength, resolved to triumph oyer their as sailants. Great genius in oar councils was not veueb-afed u«; the end was due to tbe sturdy vol nmeem aid me intelligent, liberty-loving pop »»lr. ‘'lnstinct Is a great matter,’* truly otscived Falstaff. Thousands of ragged, hungry men In Ibc Old World stood ready to draw their arm* for pay, hut no; ouo came over to help lbs Conicdcrucy. True some banker* aud capitalist* invested their money In cotton bonds, and they aie likely «o keep them a long time. But no wherein Europe was It tiosslblc to hny thepeople, or th<lt Hue leaders to)..m Uie cause of the sUve rower. Let none who hold democr-cy nn?tablo and Ippccnre. die onr war as an tnslanca. It was the arisiocratic «nd feudal power thai •he war. Whenever a people accustomed lobaUd school-hoßses srcmwta revolution a^ain?llaw a»d ri-bui* will do to ate the example as showing lh~- ivvolntlonsry teurtei-cy of democracy. Sectional nr.ripathj is no argum-id to unraH the can>e of the controversy. Haired of slavery does sotimp'.y haired of the country which sna tains It, -rhe speaker donbl-»i If there was a man in Ihe North who fasted the South for anr of the lampoons uf Laid words which she used against Tbe Booth despised the North aspanderera to her sin and mean partakers of Us frails. Woat rbc watite - of the No th was a partnership In tae profits made irom her productions. She despisi-u its bipociUy and vaa indignant that it was sur passing her In wealth und power. Tbe highest at:d greater! lesson of our war is the pent of Injustice. Error and Injustice uiti n cesaarily cr»t-p lu, bal a nath'-a should strive to lay its loundaiious in Justice and keep out everything of a contrary nature. Onr fjt'ier* in framing onr Constitution should have taken out >fac Isct rrmoinlrg uioug and cleared the country boot tbe curse of slavery. Wnen the South consented readily to the abolition of the •lave trade in iwent* year*. U i* strange lhat onr father* did not ii>ti<: on tbe final attohtion of the great ctl've of slavery. Then we should have had a timer, sirci.pjr Union than we have ever had. Alas I onr lathers were lost In the quicksands of expediency. The framers of the Constitution were great and good men,and they considered tbe interest of each section *ith the immediate result of peace, but w ith wltai ter it>le result* In tbe end. The speaker reb-rred to the peace men, who claim that a Slate cannot be ont of the Union, and aokert the question if during Ibe war toey were ont ut tbe Ucior and not eiidUM to vote, wbat process bad put them ]jat any subsequent time! Aid if not ont. thi-election of iJccola and John son was illegal und not binding. Bui tbe var lias accomplished great things. There nill. said the speaker, be no formidable revolution in ibis land for many gehe.auoo* It Las been proved (bat both sections will fight, and if any future trouble spring np, both will unite In the common defence. The war wou'd not bare begun it the South bad believed that the North would light, and that question lias forever been pot lo resu Ilappv the land that has seen its last rebellion. lie though* that ere long the laws would bo Paly impartial and show no distinction on account ot color- Now, that slavery Udesd. it mil be impossible to keep tbe mgmes coder foot. If t-.ey remain among ns they must be of ns and have a part in toe ta ra by which they are governed, or tbe babble Ot democracy must no mote be heard. The negro is a man, aid that -honld •■office. He was loyal and true in the war and diona good sendee. Congress hi* decided that tbe foreigner who baa served honorably to the war need not give the required preliminary notice of Intention to become a cittsen. The ne gro has given notice of bis desire to become a citi aen on the battle-fields ot Helena, Port Hudson and Fort Wagner. As to (he piare and difficult problem of recon struction two pil- ciples mnst »c kept in mind. First, the hiatus übkh have averted the dan ger o< revolutiou mnst have sufficient truarantec* against a icncnal of the offence. Secondly, the conquered States mnst not be delayed too long Ircm ibe privilege of returning to the Union. Toe people oflhc South must be either friends and dt-xrns, cr enemies. Wv cannot salety keep them ont by reason of our own spite or vengeance. Whenever a man with a blue overcoat or a black skin may traverse tbe South with as marh safety as it he tiad a gray overcoat, or a white akin, then tbe Southern htales should be admitted to the Union. If an oflence against a loyal man could cot be met and redressed in the Sontiu then they were not ready for repre sentation. A people when fit to send mem bers to Congress do not deserve to be gagged, *ad bandenfied. and kept ost of the full privileges of tbe Government. . . , , .. As to (he punishment of rebels, though they have all been gniltr of breaking the laws of the country, humanity thews that tbe many should be i allowed to live and the few most guilty ones pat to meat summary punishment Immediately on . commission of the offence. It should not have been delayed. As for confiscation, its gre t evil is tbe state of uncertainty 11 creates and the ; crushing effect which It baa upon the efforts and 1 icdastiy of tho land He rested on the belief that «hat was beet for the whole country should be 1 done. Ibe fruits of tne war should not be given away In a cheap magnanimity, but It does not lollow that penalties ahou.d be indicted on per rons and families crushed and made desolate. Exbeme dealing with defeated conspirators will ; result in making them martyrs in the eyes of the 1 it the South would agree to come hack in good faith, and all further punishments and eontisca • Hons were fore borne, what he asked would hinder 1 the coming together of tbe people of this conn ; tty! When the war ceased the soldiers of the f South gladly returned home, trusting In themag r° nanlmlty ol lh- Ir conquerors. And though, said the speaker, many of ns would have been glad to £ have seen the chief conspirators punished, yet 9 when tbe country Bu become one lu'faturf years. * it may be that our children will rejoice that this , wish wa« not gratified, but that not a single drop j of blood was abed In vengeance on a conquered r foe * Convention or western Editors* A meeting of editors and publishers of a num ber ol paper* In Illinois and low* was held yes terday at Jte Briggs Goose to take action as to the source through which they should receive their telegraphic news. Tho meeting was called to order at is o’clock noon by Emow of tbe Peoria 'JYantcript ,* Mr. K.L. fillips oftho Springfield Journal, was elected PiesidmUsnd Mr. iCW. Sheldon of the Keokuk Oct* CVjf. Sec- roll cf delegate* showed the following name* and tbe papers represented by them; }. L. McC<eery, Dabuqoe 71m/*. D d. w. Carver. Dubnqne lit raid. Ro. RusselL Davenport Ocuitu , J.J Richardson. DavenpOTt Democrat. L D logersotl, Mnscatme Journal, J. Mabln. Muscatine Journal p. M. Milts, Dea Mome* S*i Charles Beardsly. Burlington (5. M. Todd, Bartlncion Ocs*ttejxtd Arm*. A. W bbeldoc, Keokuk Oaf* ty». T. W. Clsggett, Ke» knk CjniHlutlon. D. U Phillips, Springfield Journal. K. L. MerriM, Spttnrfleld S*7t*t'r. J. IL Burnham, Bloomington DuifdQrmA. J..T. Langdon, Oolncy Iv.H* BrpuUlccn. 3. P. Cadogau, Quincy GmaJd. A. U l*arks, Alton Iflearaph. 3. C. O’Dobelbower, Alton Dtmocrai. E. Emory, Peoria Tran tcript. W. T. Dowdell, Peoria Otmoercf. Baverslick, Rock Island £/*«"»- McCall, Freeport Jovmal. The Convention sat yesterday afternoon and evening, and aojoarned at a late hoar. The Sec retary was InslrncUd to furnish a report °f the proceedings to the dally paper* of IhU city vo-day. DRITBBSAL BCPPBACB. The Ballot to Colored Beau A movement ta on foot to bring prominently he fore tljo attention of the Legislature ol oar State dating tbe coming session, the right of colored mm to vote. Tb foUowingpetllion, addressed “To tbe Hon orable the Senate and House ot Representatives “ of the Slate of llllno'a. ta now being circulated, and signature* are asked thereto: “Ihe oonerrigned,your petitioner*. atlxras of the State of Illinois, would respectfully, but ur geully, pray your honorable bodies to agree upon an ani'fidmeiit of the Constitution of this Stare, under the provisions of the Id section of the itth article thereof, whereby al. dlatluctlon of political rights, on account of race or color, shall DO abol hoed.''* Biatka far signatures will be left at all the prominent places Id tbe city, at the bookstores, shaving saloons, eating saloons, Ac., at John Jones’, on Dearborn street, and at Ambrose A Jackson’s. Ins probable that a number of can vassers will call on inch of our citizens as reside or do bnri ucm in the mo e central portion-of (be ciiy. It is tbe intention to give everybody a ebanrn to snb»rtlh* hi- n*m* to the petition In time for presentation to the Legislature era the preliminary business of the session be finished. AKHJBI£fIIBNT9< Muskuh.—“Griffith Gaunt” was presented last evening for the last time, after a short Interval filled by other pieces. To-night Ur. W. J. LeMoyne takes a benefit, tbe pieces selected be ing “Waiting for the Verdict,” and toe whttes.” Mr. LeMoyne has achieved for him-elf a first-class place In the estimation ofthe amusc u.cnl lovers of Chicago, amt we hot echo the wi«b of thousands In expressing the hope that his ben efit will be a genome bumper Tbelr wishes will make it so; we anticipate a crowded house and an enthusiastic audience at the Musenm to night. McVTcbeu’s Theatre.—Miss Blanche Deßar appeared last evening as tbe “Female for the lan time during her present engagement, which ends with this week. Phis evening .ue takeßabcrrfit.!ulhc new corned- of“An'Une qcal Matcb,”and“rho Eor>*^' mc>o n_" 0n Monday 1 evening next Sira, Condi, the well-known leading lady at ill* tbertre- will take a benefit, and ask at lb* unis of her ihousands of admirers a snb etantial mark of tbelr esteem. For that occasion sbe baa cbosec “Pixarro,” In which the part of Elvira will tie taken by one of her pnplls—Miss Gertrude Doggctl. Mrs. Cowell will appear in the afterpiece. Tux runjunxosic Coxcxst.—ln the mnlti plldty of amnsements now on tbe /api«, onr read should not forget that tbe second concert of the Pinbaimonlc series occurs to-morrow tSatnrflsvl ».’"hi, with a programme made up both V> n«i Inn inat, amental pieces. Among Them " s r uimh” iiii..‘aVa c phony. The programme sbOOt.!, and ondoahted ly will, attract a large bouse, as U Is of a very popular character. .. , .. TnE Cibcltj.—'Yankee Robinson’s establish ment Is still a favorite resort ol an evening; Ills universally recognized as a place where the beet features ol a ciicus entertainment can be enjoyed without any of those dlssgreeabllillcs which or dinarily bang to the circus like the barnacle to tbe -hip’s keel It Is veil lighted, seated, and heated, and tbe performance is of a st- 'ling character. Skating.—Again the Icrhrcalh l{ winter Is blow ing, and the liMe thaw bids fair to be succeeded by as rattling a frost as could be de«lred by >be most Inveterate lover of chills and furs, ice and snow, and tbe other etceteras of tbe decided winter. Tne sleigh bells mtUed merely along Ihe streets yesterday afternoon, and with tbe fall ing mercury the spirts of wonld-bc skater* rose to the 1.0 l yds noint Holders of skating park stock began to look up once more, and to see yot a pro bability of handsome dividends, while tbe rink men looked a liuio less gloomy in tbe bone of belter receipts than heretofore from a cold and wind too bluer to be enjoyed except under cover. Tt c Washington was open last evening, and was well attc nrted. Tbe Ico was really good, much better than could have been promised In tne morn ing. and to tbe Inspiring strains ofthe Light Guard Band, which, by the by. has been eoTtgcd for tlx. entire season, the la*ge throng : .pi right mmry time on the toluhed surface of ‘-ual artifi cial lake. The Central will be open to-night, with the genuine mngne-lnm light—of Useli. rare at traction. Tbe ice i* in splendid condition and tbotongblv enjovabte. The Ogden Is **»’! right ” to-night. Tbe Rinks too are In good condition. Ijjqvtbt ok Tnr Boer or “ CBrmxDKS.”—An Inqcest was held yesterday forenoon at the Central station upon the body of the colored man fbol by Detective Macauley. The name of the de ceased was t ot Crittenden (as hitherto published), hot John Atkina. The name Crittenden was a fa- miliar appellation which bad been {riven him in consequence cf bla having formerly been a slave of John J. Crittenden, of Kentucky. About the lUtb Instant, three safe lock*, worth ¥SOO or ¥OOO. were missed from the store of Mr. Hall, at No. I*3 Dearborn street. Officer Macaoley was detailed from the Central Station o work np the case. Hia hnther accompanied him. The particular of the finding of the locks In the basement of the build* log, and the subsequent detection of Atkrns in going into the basement cariy one morning, bis be ing wounded by two pistol shots, and finally ar rested, have been already reported. II was not supposed that bis wonnda were ol a fatal charac ter and be seemed to be recovering nntrl Monday afternoon last, w. cn be exoerienct-d difficulty !t> breathing. On Wednesday he was sinking rapidly, and be died on Thursday morning at eleven o'clock. A post mor'tm ex amination. held by Dr. Gore, showed that the ball causing the second wound had passed through the chest and come out between the fourth and fifth rib nears the breast hone. The ui-g was in a partially gangrenous stats. After bearing the testimony, the Jury went to 133 Fourth avenue, where the man died, to see the corpse, and the verdict was, that the deceased Hxme to hia death in consequence of a pistol shot won»*d. the weapon being fired by Detective Macauley while in the discharge of hia duty. Acknowledgment, Editors Tribune: 1 wish to acknowledge through your columns •be prompt payment of a draft for five thousand (IR.&P0) dollars on H. W. King, Esq,, Treasurer of Travellers’ Insurance Company of Chicago, , jven on account of the death ot my late husband, wno held a policy of insurance for this amount in said company. An liutitmion of this kind, which meets all Its los-es promptly, is deserving of public favor. Their office Is at No. 13a Washington street. Mas. A. Wssnstnus, While Pigeon, Michigan. Chicago, December SO, ISCC. LOCAL MATTERS. None hat a parent know* the agony ot watching day by day the wailing forms ><f tbclr loved ones. Have they considered that they have left nothing undone to relieve the auf lemsgs and snatch from the grasp of death. If t-nfferlnc from Croup, Consumption or any other bronchial disease, we commend Pectoral Ikum as the most prompt and reliable medicine that can be used. For talc by all Druggists. Burnhams Si Van r-chaack. wholesale druggists, 10 utke-*U, wholesale agents. A Plfuunt Remedy.—A wife, effectual and palatable article is now otfered to the public under ito name of Dr. Morm*’ Vegetable Cough Ca.dy. Itwfll prevent 'hat tickling in tho throat •o prevalent at tins season ol the year, is need hr .11 public speakers and others suffering with Crn.chitie, Coughs, Cold-, Asthma, Infiaenx*. and the complaint- 1 * common to the pulmonary or* _ati». Trv it and ton will never b»* withoutlu ■old by all druggist* in the city and country. Asloulsblns-Thnnia* Cotaeo, of No. y.zr h h'iitb -trecr. Wiillnmshnrgh, who had •he rheumatism for thirteen yeare.jrad has walued on ennebes for six months, bar n<:?n restored to rerftet health by a few do»es of MstcalFe's Great Riietoatic ItaxzoT. Ue is willing to confirm (Ms statement on oalb, If necessary. Lord & Smith, agents. “ITloiher,! rnnnot slngihe old son;.*” Do let me buy ihst t*eantiftil song. jo«t published, milted “Foot Pints op tne 6uow." It I* com posed bv the popnlir writer, J. 11-nry WhlUe more. The price is only 40 enw, and elegantly gotten np The tills pace alone Is worth the price. Messrs. I ron A Ucalyharc jns’iccctved l.OW) copies, and th-y arc going off very fast. Holiday Present*.—J. H. Lynch has added a new assortment to bis larre stock of boots a* d shoes, and is now ready lo supply all his cus tomers in the latest style. Call and see for your selves. Holiday Good* From Chicago.—The ordoa ot onr country friends on the routes ot tbe United State* Express Company will be promptly executed by ihccompvcys part basing agent. A. I*. sTtaaoir. The American ‘Kxprw* Company’* purchasing agent mil give careful attention lo country orders lo make pm chases and forward <*oods. Address by mail or express- A. L. Stuuoh. P. L. Garrlty, wholesale confectioner* Randolph i tree!, will rcrail candy from now till Now Years. U *oa waul pure goods, give him a alt. Important to Mother*.—Tin. Wins low’s Soothing syrnn, lor all diseases with which children are au’.rted. 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New York Special Notice to BaslneM fffca and the Travelling Public generally.—Quick time lo New York, Boston, and all points East, no Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad line. Our ibtSp. m. train arrives is Cleveland at 6:00 a. m., Buffalo at 1:35 p. m.. New York at TrtO a. m.—fire hours In advance of the Michigan Central and Great Western time. Gso. M. Goar. Western Agent. Ticket office removed to No. 39 Dearborn street, under fremont House. Paper Hanctnn and Window Shade** at greatly reduced prices. F. E. Rigby, si Oxn dotph-ei. AdvcDtnm of a State Constable. [From the Boston Journal.] Major Blood, State Constable, who has taken possession of the Stevens House In Fall Klver, on account of violations of the liquor law by the proprietor, finds his temporary home anything but pleasant. The Fail River .Wir* thus tells of his experiences: “ Adjoining the I ar-rootn Is another room which connect* with a terement in the rear, occupied by the family of Mr. Greene. During the afternoon, yesterday, tome ote placed In this room a above! full of hot coala, cm wnlch bad been sprinkled a bountiful supply oi assaftrUds and red pepper. The fames soon came f coring over the partition, the top o r which w». two or three feet from the ceding, and filled toe bar-room with a horri ble stench. The Major, however, was net to be so easily ejected, and. witn bis assistants, threw water over toe paniUon on to the fire. An hour or two later and II was discovered that some one bad removed a joint of the stove pipe, and the room was soon filled with smoke. Then loliowed another shovelfull of hot coals, with delightful odors, similar to those in the early part of the af ternoon. The coals had been placed In a box in the middle of the room, and as they biased np quite brilliantly, the Major supposed an attempt bad been made to (ire the premises. The door was tastened vrilh a heavy chain, bn* the Major, regardless of chains or locks, broke the door down, went In and extinguished the flames. “During the evening a number of old soaker* came In for ihelr customary drama, but were taken all aback when they discovered the Major behind the counter, temperance pledge In bane, inviting them to sign.** TBe Shoe Trade. Tlic Haverhill (Mass.) Garrite says that there has been almost an entire suspension of shoe bnsiucfts there daring the month of November, the whole sales amounting to only about $205,000. Tbe Government tax assessed Is the dullest for any month for three or four years, and the prospect now is tlial that of December will be leas. Manu facturers have curtailed their badness very materially. There docs not appear to be a large slock on hand, but the increased facil ities for manufacturing- by machinery will enable manufacturers to famish all that may be needed at short notice. The wages of workmen are somewhat reduced, and they are not much in demand. A redaction of from 15 to 25 per cent in the wages of the workmen has been made by tbe shoe manu facturers in North Bridgewater, but not so much In Haverhill. FROM MEMPHIS, farther Pwtkaltn *r (he Terrible DIMM* ter el Ttaansmr- Mimu, December 29.—A 6re bn ke ont is the basement of Joseph apelebl'a confectionery **ore, on Madison street, at 8 o'clock thU aomni, re anltli.g In an appalling disaster. There were tlncteenpem ns sleeping in the fon-th story, who were suffocated, or el*e. awaking to a sente of tbelr elnutioa.were killed by leaping tbroub windows and befog crash'd on the pavement william J. Ehie, wholesale nolioa dealer, a son-in-law of Spelcbt, and blawifa and child ware a-icep when Capias Waldraven, Chief of the Fire Department, ascended by a ladder to the room, and found the wife dead. £hle. lying os Boor, bad Just strength to point to the cradle, where his culld, foor weeks old. was, and dropped lifeless. Waldrarea seized the child and escaped through the window, the blankets over its fir* hating saved it. James Bonle. employed there. Jumped from the fomlb story window and escaped with alight Injuries. Several otters attempted it hot were dsated to pivcea on the rocks. Nine negroei employed In the establishment were burned U> death, and of nineteen residing in the building, only two escaped The engine* were promptly ok th A spot, and cvtlnenlsbed the Are with little damage to the bonding. FROM RICHMOND. The Murderer, Dr. Watson—General Hcha field Refnseata Deliver np the Prisoner to the Civil C'ssns. Bicoxosd, Va., December 19.—Judge Mere dith, «» the circuit Court, issued a writ of tubist corpus to-day lor Dr. Jam e L. Watson. Gan era! Schofield declined to produce the prisons* as*lcnlKg reasons in cfl'ect that the act of Con gress of July CiU, ISGQ, required the Commission er* ot the Freedman's Bureau to exercise military Jurisdiction over a)) cares, Involving the rights to the equal benefit of the laws affecting the pe. aonsl security of all citizen* without respect to color, this an having been officially published by the President through the War Department. General Schofield say* it Is bis dutyaa an officer of the United Mate*, and as Assistant Commt>*iouor of •tnc Frtcdmeu’s Bureau, to decline to coauiy with the wilt. Hicnjiom). December 2fl.— I The Sena’e passed the Bouse bill to pay the claim* of Bariu* Bro*., of Lcndo'i. against tbe Commonwealth.' Both Home* adjourned till January fid. The dwellings of William Llgon and William McVtnn, on Church street, were partially destroy ed by Ore this afternoon. FEOSRETV OELEAS’S. G*neral Hhenuan’* Mission Prom a Fall* ate—Arrival of (he Coagreeslonal lovestU ffntina Committee. New Ouleanb, December SO.—General Sher man baa arrived from Brownsville, hi* mission having proved u failure, tbe authorities having reinsert to grant him a pass across their lines to reach Cblhoabna. Be left Minister Campbell at Biownsillle. who would pro:ced Immediately to Jcarcz'e headquarters. Messrs. Eliot aud Sbcllabarger arrived here lhi« evening, with their Secretary, Mr. Caton. They have addressed a letter to Mayor Monroe, requiring him to furnish them with a Uat ol the police on dnty at the time. IROM BALTIMORE. Contribution*! In Aid af Maimed Soldier**-* Murderer Convicted.- ' DAtmionx. December SO.—Over 7100 were re ceived at the Soldiers' Home to-night, from Wash ington. Among the contributor* In aid of maimed soldiers ire Chief Justice Chase, Thad erw steveus and many Senators and Representa tives. John Clair was to-day convicted of murder m the brst decree, for the killing of IL B. Grove, a photographer, In November, 1305. FROM BUFFALO. PoMpnn-mcnt ol (be “Cental” Question. Buffalo, December 20,—1t Is understood that the Board of Trade bas poiiponed action on the proposition to adopt the cental system of weights and measures till concerted action with the Boards ol other dtlea can be had. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Interest on Bonded Stale Debt. FpitisomxD, 111.. December 30.—The Interest on the bonded debt of the State of Illinois, ma turing on the first Monday of January, 1907, amounting to about 52.Vt.000, will be paid at The Ocean National Bank of New York, from the 7th to the SSd proximo, by the Stale Treasurer. Important Decision In a 1 Life Insurance Case* Baltimore, December 40.—A case wherein was presented the question, whether tbs assignees of of a person previous to the breaking out of the rebellion bad bis life Insured, and who entered the rebel army, could recover, was decided to day. The case was that of Q. Penn & Co., as signees of Richard N. Snowden, plaintiffs and the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, defendants The case was decided against the plainiifl*, the court deciding that plaintiffs bad violated the stipulation by going South, aid also by entering a military command. Tbelorv gave a verdict for (be company, but the President of the compaov, Mr. Winston, before leaving the court room, with great liberality, gave the checks lor tMJOti and paid all the costs of the case, 110 said the amount involved woe of no Importance, bn' the company desired to have the question settled by the conrt. Message ot the Governor of Idaho. Saji Fuaschco. Cal., December 17.—Work has been commenced on tbe Marvsvillo & Vallejo Railroad. The message of Governor Ballard to the Idaho Legislature notes a marked decrease of crime in the Territory. It taya agricultural pursnlla for the past year have been prosecuted so success fully in Boise Valley that, although a portion of the quartz ledge la known to bo rich, they have not Been worked. It states that the yield of {ircdous metals faring the past year exceeds any ormcr jrar, The Governor alludes to the Impor tance ofratlrojd communication from the navi gable waters of the Columbia rla Boise Valley intersecting the Central Pacific Railroad. North Carolina Legislature. RALSion, N. C., December 20.—Resolutions have been Introduced in the legislature tojiro vide for payment ot the interest on ihe btatc debt, or funding tbe debt at an early dar. Billa passed to extend the Western Railroad to tbe Tennessee lino, and to aid olherroads. The people were well satisfied with tbe results of Governor Worth's mf«*iou to Washlnglon. Tltrlel tVorka ttiowo Daws. pmusnPiui, December 20.—The vitriol worfci on the comer of Harris acd Filler direct", was blown down tine morning. Mr. Elllrv’cr, th< tuopneior, narrowly escaped death from the fall ng rnins. Wcsttr* As*oclatod Press. Cltyeulno, Deccml*or2a.—T r e Cleveland IKaln diakr, which has heretofore beet taking the des patches of the New York monopoly, to-day gave in !*• adhesion to the Western Associated Press. sscoau Steamer. TTaijrai. December 20.—Steamer Java, from Uvcrpool December 8. acd Queenstown. Oth, *r nvid. News full; anticipated by cable. Death ol *»o Editor. Boston, December 2U.—J. Frederick Marsh, former)* caUor of the Bte, and lately mn*lcst critic of the Trav'il* r, dinj suddenly to-day from rupture of a h!ood*re«*.ei. Female clerks in Wuhlncton, The number of female employee in the Treasury Department has become so great, and many of them are so inefficient, that the question of making a clean sweep of them la undergoing serious discussion at Washington. A great many, propably the majority owe their appointments not to their merits or rapacity, but to the solicitation of friends, and a gnat many more to the mere fact that they are women, and dependent «<n their own exertions for support. In so fur as women have anything done for them in the Government service which would not be done for men. or are kept in places which men would fill better, it is simply an abuse, which would assume monstrous proportions whenever women were admitted to the bal lot. If women are to he “emancipated " (at-d we think they ought to he), they must take the hardens as well as the privileges of active free life. If marriage Is to cease to be their vocation any more than men's, they must compete on exactly equal terms with men in all employments and occupations; and the time has come for this rnlc to be faithfully remembered and rigidly enforced. The state of things, we may add, in the Treasury Department, if there be any foun dation 'for prevailing rumors, has not been of a kind to encourage an extension of the eystom of employing women in large num bers In public offices.—.VW'on. !Bsrrl«Mi<s Tlcer Hunt, IFrom the Next York C: Jren, December 15.1 The most vigorous am! pertinacious light against the “ tlcer” ever made In this coun try came off on Wednesday night last. The assailing party was an ex-'M. C. of this city, while tlie bank was backed by a member elect. The attacking party left the scene of conflict at nine a. m. on Thursday, the winner of $124,000. We think this affair has no parallel in sporting annals. We are glad of it Ben ; this will help set you on yonr feet again, and John can affora to lose it. At one time in the evening Mr. Wood was the loser to the extent of $-?0,000, bat cool persistence indneed the change of fortnne

recorded above. In the town of Ellcnvillc, New York, 137 elector* voted for Edward Willis, a pardoned murderer, for Governor, which was a singular method of rebuking Governor Fenton for the perdon. According to the latest Mcxlcanncws, the sr,nonncemcstbas been made by Geocni3sxaioe» hat hereafter the French troops will observe ■ strict neutrality in regard to the affairs of that country. Markets bv Telegraph. New York Markets. Ncv Teas. December jo. rtrmw—SMJevc. Flora—Dull and l3e lover. Sute and Western tAS) 9tSAO: round hoop Ohio st2.9UAi:t.ts. Utais—'Wheat lew artf re and *av lover. $3.25 for common No 2 Milwaukee; |lJ.\4J.oo for No. 3 Mll vankee. Con h*Sc lower: $1.10*41.12 f»r mixed West ern—cio*lsr at ti-9t In store. Oats dull and 1c lower, at esgMKc. Paumioxr—Pork decidedly lover, at Sl9.oQiau.S7 fbr old-dories at Utter, rash; fajfrwOJO for new ; SIT.OCUITSOIbr prime. Beef heavy. Cut meat* quiet at tutfe for ibooldcn: 10£13c fbr bams. Lard lover. - n Vntaixr ast> Prraoimt—Dull. Caocxaiaa—Coffee Arm. Dnwxn Ho«— Steadier at fvaiOXe- LATER NEW YORK MARKETS. [Special Despatch to the Chlcaeo Tribune.] Naw Yon, December 20. Flour veil supported. Holders would not sell larxe lota except at an ad ranee, Wheat-Buyers held oft but offolncs were limited except at a decline, aud m thee was some desire to realise. Cora closed at st.l3 forexpoiu Oats—Sales pressed. About MJ3OC bn com were taken for British ports, at id to 3*4. Cotton ships require bsUaikand ♦«*•« train at rery low rates. Coffee—Rio 21A34ct more attire. Sugar—Fair to prime RroccrylO.VdUkc, and actire. Molasses New Orleans 80A90C; firm. Pork—Old closed at SI9A3 bid: new quiet. Market barely supported. Good to prime Western steers ItA'didc. One thousand reedred. nzxxr ajtc boos. Sheep &6<Ke. HcßsTkagc RecelpU 2^oo. nilwauee Market* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! MavAcfipt, December X. FLor*—DuQ; price* steady; SU.7Vai2J» tar winter; SlO-OttlfliO fbr double extra, and $9.73£9.57 fbr ex tns. Gaazx—Wheat firs*r; eales'at 9a.m. board UNO bn No. 1 at IMS. and. at noon board. 7(.000 bu So. 2 at |L9 kjtt-SO; 9i.t9si.So fbr No. 3. Corn steady; sa l ** <OO in at S4e. Rye firm; rale: *O3 tw at JU PwTWQSt-Dull. Sale* 100 brU cUj mats pork at IVUO. Dusts Hoaa—Firmer; atlw tOOO at SLS£*.B. dinning oa roo n». Lira noaa—6oc lower and actlre, at $53031.0. C * Biuuriß-UIOO brla door, 9,000 bn wbut, and L.TO bogt. ;000 brU Oonr and 900 bn wkeat. art association. THE EKGEAVXNGS OF THE CBOSBT OPEEA HOUSE AKT ASSOCIATION CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR’S. Betide being Beautiful Ornament* for home, the Certificate* which are issued t Hth them give the holder an equal ehanee of obtaining the GREAT PREMIUM, THE OPERA HOUSE ITSELF, or Valuable Pointing/, which are readily convertible into cash , thus giving the recipient a personal interest in anticipating the GREAT DRAWING OF JANUARY list. Bleney and Mocks In New York, Nrw Yoec. Dec-mber 33. Monrr—Steady at 66*7. Stxsliko Excnaxo*-<sulctat9!«®9Jf. Gcu>—Less active and lover, opening at 13$x. and closing at tw*. , _ , . Gotsekuxzt Btoco—Lower and very qnlet. Pcziotm—SbtOObncomatShakl to Liverpool. bTocss—Heavy. _ , „ N.ft. pM 79* C.*P.. M SO* Toledo.. 2IW A. AT. 3 4* VitiubW «H N.Y.C..... 110* Fort Waive 101* Pacific mslL 69 fine ........ 73k W, L. Te 1............. o ld>cb Ccn. 110* U.8.5-*oi, coups. ’63.107*^ Ml> b. boa Si X U. S. MOa, coups. 'GS.IC9* Illinois scrip ID New Ton. December 20. Mcmr—There Is no Change In the money mark-t. and call loans are 6 per cent on stork collaterals, so I s per cent on Governments. Discounts 7 per cent for prime taper. Conn-Clewed atflStyaiUK, after selling st pti;,. The declln* in iwnit of England rste of interest and eonf-equmt rise In American securlUes In London, and ;neKartnc supply of cotton bills are the great cause* of the prr*eni depression.. The Impression pre vailed at one time that Government was selling, not such Is not the case. Focdou ExcuASOk-Dall and be*vr, and prime bankers* sterling is quoted at 109 k for 60 day bills, and llii for short «ieht. GnvnnißiT-'Tbe Government securities sympa tbUc with tbe tail In go’d. and are also lower. Tbe following were clorti g prices: ... , RecUtered. •81.107*®1« s-Mconp.’«...lOT «107 M Coupons. *81....111kam V»coup I JH....loßk9lojJi 5.2#, regri,'63..lof.}<aio6k 15 79 con p,'0... ICD alOj H MisczLianzucs—The stoev market was heavy ana lower at the uat open Board, but Heady aftcrwaios at the redaction. cLoenrn quotations. Tbe following were the closing qnotatfans at lour R.t.C IfiOxftltOMl Northwestern.. W»<9 5l„ Erii* 72 « 71«|?i. Western, p« 79 » WX Ulch. Ont 109 StllO* I W. U. Tci « Mitb. Southern BSJ6C-0 b6K | , Mi.xiso Sxocxe—’llx mining share* wen« raoder sllvely active and steady at tbe Afternoon Board. Consolidated Gregory was tbe feature, and rose to U3O. Cinctonati narketi CctcnmiTi. December 23. Fiona—Unchanged and quiet. Galea superfine at W.2r* 10.25; trade bratuu at 910.75912.5 U, and family at fl9n«i<xn. Gaatv—Wheat steady bntqnlet. Sail* No. 1 spring at *2.«0 and JJo.l winter at fi-SS. Corn quiet; ear.SSc; SDf’lrd.COc. Oats, steady, at 56c for No. t. WiiiiiKZT—Dull at 36c in ti ad. »* .« .A. U >UU. Ccmos—Firmer. Middlings, 31OSJJ<0—not much offered. noos-DuO. aud prl re* Irregular,doting at |«.fo» 7.'5. KecelpU. ii.toO head. Feovimoxs—Pork dolt at |I9AO for the best brand*. r dt meat* dais at 7\Ct3c for »hoalUer«,9«a9*c for ride*, and for ham*. packed, tbe oalslde rate for tho-efnlly cored. Green meat* dull at 5Vc, 'He. and ‘jWtaSHr. for aaonUcra. ride* and name. Lard dull at Hie. Hu Her steady at 2^330c for choice Ohio roll. Cheese full atllßAlSe. OuonmE*—Unchanged and qnlet. Sugar, Italic. Coffee. dT«2nc. Gold—l34j», boring. New York Cattle Market. New Yoke. December 20. Beeves— The arrivals at Bergen Kill and Cuttmunl paw thus far amount to abontXMO head. Including imne premium rattle. Prices though cialmed by bntrhentobe higher than last Monday are without much change, though tbo fueling Is firmer. Premium stock at lAjtSOc: medium stork 1531*10. Business Is light, except Christmas stock, vhlcb brings as blgb as for -beep and Umbs, hut tne range of common tofalrla4J»i«CKc. The market is firmer, and 6X3<c Is the extreme to-day. Pittsburgh Petroleum Murket. PrrrnjCßon. December JO. The p*trol»nm market Is without activity, and there wsa not a single transaction of importance to-day, buyer-an 'seller* h* ding off. Holders are unwilling U> sell tor less than SVA9-' for bale and 9tf®loc for bar rrlbrt crude, packages returned. Refluca unchanged. Holders prefer to awall bleber prices, and we bavebut me wile to not* ofSOO r>f l«. immediate delivery In Phil adelphia, at 89XC. Free ol) dull at nominal rate*. J»t. Louis maruet. st. Loots, December 20. Tobacco—Dull and unchanged. Cottox—Firm, at 51c. Fixer—Finn. Single extra higher. Sales ot supers atfs.29a9.t9: rail extra at (10.73&11.0U; double extra at lU.Ctail «3. Ohiix— I Win «t qnlet, nothing doing. Sales of strict ly prime fail at Cora inactive and unsettled, at »eWc fur sew and 9J3STc lor old. Oats doll and easier, at 70i*75c. PcoviMose—Easier. Sale* of racas pork at fJO-ST® 01 .Ot. Bamn—e.ear sides, loose, 13kc; shoulders, IJc. L*rdnrcbang*d. Wiiiskit—Firm at 12.25. _ Hoof— Heavy and tower, at $5.90£1k35. Receipts, S,4CO head. Baltimore Market. lUltuobs, December 21. X LUk tile. Gkaix— AcUve. Red wheat $3,1533.50. Oil* 63c. Puotisioxs— M<m park dull al <35.00. Wiiiseet— Dull, (3.3432.55. Uooa—BX®9c. dressed. Philadelphia Market. PntLAKELFoiA, December 20. Ftocr-Flrm wlth«alea*tfl3oa»l2 SOforOhlo. Gnaty—Wheat—Fair demand at an advance: Southern whltn M.3O«XW. Corn In demand at $1.0131.05 for sew yellow, and fl.lS for old. Oats 5Sc. Pxovuioxa—Mcas pork *33 AO. Toledo Maruer Toledo. December S 3. Gcatx—Wheat lower; amber S2AS. Corn: old, Me No. 1 new, B7c. Deeued Boos—6V<*7c. Donald Market. Buitalo, December 30—p. m. Flove—slXso for amber winter, and 115.00 lor Wwtern XX. G»atx—Wb*at, No. 2 Milwaukee sprtnr, held at *3 ht; Nn. Ido at f2.(50X50. Corn. 11.00. Cats. Barley, *i.CQaiJ5. Rye. No. 1 Chicago, >I.W. IBABBI ED In Briolt. WI!L, Dec. IXI9M, by the Eer. S. H. Birev, Mr. WYLLYbK. MORRIS, ot Mankafo, Mian., and MIM MARTHA T. RIGGS, of Iflolt. amusements. QOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. COL. J. U. WOOD ................ ~ ...t’p>j»Ttcv»t mreeb-r jf A-our-tr-.enu p. E. 4IKBN StMt ITD'H. HARRY BENEFIT Of MR. W. J. LvMOYKE. **Th‘te s Nothin? Like tu" Revival of thocreat*»a satl-nal drama-on-rt the mo»t thru Ins pi it* ever fnxJai ea on the tnoderu ttara. On Friday Evenlnr. >?c.f‘th. «inie wrf-nred WAITING FOR THE. yEKTUCT. jir The Dtrlc Deed la The Wood*. To con clnfs wlth TUB !ILTWHITES. aaturcav kiternoor, Grana Matinee— I "Waiting For Trie Verdict" Moodsy. slier manr w.’rts ot prepara tion. the Grand FaiirDrama of FOBTDMO AND HIS SEN EN GIFTED t£RV aNTS. jyj c VICKEKJ_& THEATRE McVli’KßK* MTERs, rndar. BENEFIT and imt nlctat bat one, of UISB BLAMUIE DxilAK. Tbe Comtflyol AN UNEQOAL MATCH-. n»t?r G'sfsbraok. To cnoclude •with the ComdT of TOE UO.SBYMOOS- . AKm Blanche Deßaf Jn'lata RlaacheDeDar Saturday Attrmo a—B’anche Deßar Matinee. Met'd**—Benefit of M*«. Cowell. Tood-iy-MUle Johanna claowea. pHILIIAIOIONIC CONCERT. SATURDAY ETESIM?, DEC. 22,156 G, D. BALATKA. .CONDUCTOR. PROGRAMME. I—t-rmpbcale TrtomptuU# By Rngo Tlrich. op. 9. >—**On*i mar* qual verr*.*" i>oo tor Contralto and Tenor, from ‘T Vanaadirrl.’’ By Venn. (vl*» L. Parrel and Mr. E SchallM.) 3—Concertino ter 1 ro*t.hoae By F. Dartd. (Mr. H Braun.) ♦““poor Bertha mol Jeßonrtie." Quataorfrom “Le PrtpbeW By Meyerbeer. (Mr. E. actijlUe, Q. Mueller, C. Carto'ea, B. Uartbe.) s—Faatula os Tbemea from the “AfriCaine." By Q. , Baiaua. «-“Cctae In.” Fallnd By F. Kocken (Ml* L. FarrsL) .-Orenure to Ibe Ronb Star. Ticket* tor the remaining four concerts. (atmUtlng a reMlMnsnand two ladles) *9,00 For sale at the Office cf *beTreit#nre'. J. M. tv. Jones. 4'4 Dearsom-st, Strangers’ Tlcketr. ft AO. SAMT. JOHNSTON. Secretary QnO&BT’S OI’EKA HOUhE. GiIAND OPINING NIGHT (Ofa&ea#onorUclcbtf,)orthe renowned GHIONT AND SUSINI ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY. i'ONDAT EVENING. December JL at B p. ns. First appearance In Chicago of MG. ETTORE IBFRE, Prlmo Tenore of the Italian Opera In 9t. Petenrtrarg, Odosta, Paris, Milan, and oth*r principal opera bonnes In Europe: al#o, last winter, principal Tenor* and most favorite artist c f Max Msretzek's opera company. Veidi's grand Opera, in fear acts, 11. TROYATORK. Signora AnjchloUna Ghloai, la her great iols of. Leonora Mme. patUSUakosehas Azacena htg. Ett >re trfre as Manrlco Sic. Marra as Count di Lnna Me- Ct.stti as Fernando FULL CBOBU& AND GRAND ORCHESTRA, Unocal Director and Co eductor Sic* Mcolao Tneeday, Dee. 23-CRTsmo E LA COMARE. WMgnAtj, DeaK-L'AFRICAIHK. Thursday, Dec. 27-LUCRkZJA BOBU LA. Fndar. Dee. ;s-r AUST. Saturday Afterason, Dec. 29. at 3 o’clock—GßAND GALA MATINEE. SCALE OF PRICES: AdmMsMa to parqnette, Dkm Circle and Balrooy. ft. wcrvcd beats SO cent* extra Balcony Sox Seats. S 3, each. Preacenlnm Boxes. $lO and sl3. Family Circle, (entrance on Staie>«uiM cent*. season TICKETS. (coon forts al*hta,) SIO.OO. In Balcony Brxe*,s&oo. Seat* tor either ofth* abore nights may be secured dairy from * a. m. tul 1 p. m. and from 3 tin * p. m- at the Box Office of tn* Opera Sous Chlckerlnß* Piano and Mason A Bamlta*a Cabinet Organ* are naed at the ooera. librettos fbr tale at the Box Office, Doers cpei at TV. Opera commences at e o'clock. “(TARIETT THEATRE, C. M. CBanvTCK. Prop. o. H. BinroJ, U uiagw. GREAT ATTRACTION THIS EVENING. The mat cautlrai drama of JACK ROBINSON AND Bid MONKEY. Edwin Blanchard as Jsck DAN. SELBY la Sev Ethiopian Erreatrtclttee. Braeflt of MAGGIE LIVINGSTON.-Friday Even las. Dcttmcer Si. appear Monday Dec. 2*. PBOF. WILMS COBB and his voadtnnl Trained Ooata, Monkey* and Dors. SS M minion sabbath I AIR AND SUPPER, FOE THE BENEFIT OF Mosely Mission Sabbath School, Thursday Sc Friday Erntnn, Dec. ‘JO & 21. Buy your Christmas Presents of us. oysters and Im Ct TV?LS?°? Hme generally! ujKersandlce ADMISSION—33 Cents only. ROBINSON’S CIRCUS ■ MENAGERIE. Gasmnarat of the world reuovntd Clown and Ccmlc SlUßtr. WOfm Mr Jomei, Reynolds, rt^«rV!.*£ pe ni? 0 22i r nth. Thun- KOaKiOK. 1 - *•»•« >» fflarijinctj). 'HE LAN. N"E & ISODLEt' Portable Circular Saw Mills. PORTABLE STEAK ENQUTES, guttle MsOUno, Con Mltla ud bhaTQaz, Wood* working Uaetunerr. LANK d: DUDLEY, Comer ot Jota and Cincinnati. ARE THE MOST INTERESTING PRESENTS FOR iaoacomg, TSOABDING—A gentleman and wife or I > twoyonsg mm can be accommodated with o>ard at gap west Latest. TJOARDiNG—Pnvnte Boarding-house, If 2R*» SUte-rt., Is where first-das* accommoda tions can tx procured Ibr the winter by famllli*. single gentlenea and ladies ; also, day boarders. References required. T>OARDING Good room* and good ll hoard can he obtained at 1231 Indlaaa-av. Can l«Ni the boose. - FtOARDING —One parlor bed-room, > with clothes elewet attached, suitable for one or two centlemrn, at I*2 Wabash-ar., between Madison and Momoe-tts, __ TJOARUNO Pleasantly rormshed I I for rmt, with good board, lo the large tour story marb’e front bouse Ho. 137 Fourtn-av. BOARDING —Good board and pleasant room# at Briggs Douse So. 2, 88 Monroeet., opposite Fost Office. BOARDING —With furnished and un furnished rooms; also, day board, at 132 East Madlicn-st, BOARDING— Good bevud, in a private family, at |SJO per weik, at 21S Muaroeet., souta bide. T>OARDING—A few gentlemen can be £ with board.wltn or without rooms, Heat ant rooms well attended. Al-o, two choice front rooms furnlsi-ed or unfart Jibed, inltahle far gentlemen and tbelr wire*, at 243 WeHLate-st. |>OAUDINQ —a large and pleasant || feont rrom and a bedroom tollable nr a family or three gentlemen, with board, ml 83 Mluhlgao-av. T> CARDING —$5.00 per week at No O 340 West Lafce-st* for angle men or men and tn?r wives. * BOARDING— A nicelv furnished n»te ot rooms on first floor, suitable for gentleman and wire or two genu, to rent with board, at lb 7 Wa bisb-av. BOARDING— Pleamnt rooms and cood board can he obtained at Briggs Bros* No. 2,8 S Monroe-tt. A few day boarders wanted. BOARDING— A lew gentlemen can be fnrnlthed wlthday board at 111) Wabv»h-av. BOARDING— Two pleasant rooms to rent, with board, at 26S We* t Randolph-*!. Cars pass the home. References required. T>OaRDING —In a private Cunliy tor I sgmtleme&anlthelr wires or •J3O Illinois-*!., two blocks from State-st. bridge. BOARDING —A large front room lor a gentlemen and vile; tingle and doable rooms for Xi-otlemen: abo, on- you nit lady who will tew la part pay for board, at 293 Mlchlgan-st. OOARDING —Two gentlemen or a gen- O tlreranand » Ke ran be accommodated with l-oard and room at 93 Abetdeen-lt. Reference* required. BOARDING— A pleasant front room, wlthlargi closet; also, a few boarders can find tne comforts of a homo at 34 South Gieen-si.. near MadUon. IYOARDING—A lunushed room, sulta tlble for a gentleman and wfe, cr two single gentle men. Apply at '2SI West Raacolph-st., comer ot Morgan. T>OAKDING—A pleasant room, with I> board, snltable f*r a gmllcman and wife or two young gentlemen, can be had at 43 Thlrd-av., where the c .mforts of a home may be enjoyed. _ ■QOARDING —A pleasant front parlor, I ) m a private lamlly, with board, can be bad at 6?1 i-Ulfrit OaRDJNG —To rent, with board, a front furnished rocm, suitable for a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, at 43 Kosh-st. Befercncrs required. TJOARDING—A Really and comtorta- I J bly fUrmahed front room, snltab'e tor two gentle men, for rent, with board, at 223 Illinols-bt. Refer ence* exchanged. BOARDING— A tornuhed room, suita ble fora gentleman and wile, or two single gen tlemen. Apply at 174 Weal Washlngton-st. 53oartj ffijaauteb. T»OARD —A gentleman with his wile > and small child wish to engage board In some respectable fan.llv In this city. Address JOHN A. ALLEN. 219 Sooth Watcr-st. BOARD —1 wish to engage board, with comfortable accommodations, for myself and wife in a qnlet private family. Those whocazmot offer go .d rooma or who have not the best references need not re ply. Answrrs solicited from those who are particular about the sort ot persons theyadmit Into their honseo. Address. with real name, stating terms and location, “IRVING," Tribune Office. T>OAKD —And unlumlshed rooms, by a Xa young gentleman and wife. North *tdo preferred. Best of reference* given and required. Ad Iress, stating location and terms. “O A H." Tribune office. BOARD— A gentleman desires first class board for himself and wlfo. In a private family, on the South Side. Michigan or Wabaah-av. preferred. Addreas “BA C." Tribane office. Ruction Sales. gV GILBERT & SAMPSON. Another large and valuable stock of FINE FEES, ROBES, ETC., Just opened. AT AUCTION. Continued this (FRIDAY) MORVING, at 10 o’clock. WevUl tell atouraa)c«ror>tnt-t7 and ID Dearborn it„oneof tne finest stock* of Rich Far Good* ever •Aid <n this dtp. coQ«UTIO7 of ver* floe select Mink, real Siberian bqalrreL Marten and Fi'ch, la trapes ha t Capes. Victories*. Talmat, Collar*. Mu Hi, Cuffs; Gents* Hearer and Otter Gauntlet*. Muffltra. Glove*, and a beauttftt’ assortment of CnUdren’s Fun. A’si. aUrrevarlety ot Carriage and Mr* Robe*. All made for first-mu* city retail trade, and mala ot taa finest selected Fur*. GILBERT A SAMPSON. &HJSEKT & feAMPSOK AUCTIONEERS. FOR CHRISTMAS, Articles de Paris, Tne Imocrtatlon cl HTossr#. WB»T ot COrSPAZCWZSj 47 and 49 Hse da yanboars SU Honors. Fmrli. .MANAGKRS AT AUCTION. Win b« mnt'n"*d thU Tbarsd.ey canine, mt 7 o'clock FrW*> afternoon sod evening an ! afternoon. »nd evening at 3tf o’clock an! 7 o’clock. An Jmmeaie variety of lIL cftoleevt and richest novelties. mil; apr"«»ly for the tra-le * . A ? rich or varied as assortment t nnld hardlv Iw fonrn •* aLvoneotablUbscnt In Parts, and certainly not In America. . Person* dealmns «jf making unique presents ctn here select “oWects de ftntalsie** which cannot bo duplicat ed nerpt In the best stores In Parts. These goods nave been cnoeen t a vine recant to RICHNESS AND NOVELTY OF STYLE, luteal Of cheapo***. They were, howerer, honght with a thnrooen kniwledce of ire Pari# markets, and for c»*h. from the best makers, and there are no interme diate rr-fit« to ocprovided fbr. The rale will be wuh oninKin. GILBERT A SAMPSON, Auctioneers. SALESROOMS 47 * 4» DRARIXULN-81. gLEIGH BELLS, ROBES, &a,*c., AT AUCTION. On FRIDAT MORNING. Dec. ZL at 9* o'clock. we will tell, at oar rooms, 47 aid 49 Dcarbora-sL, as Invoice of SXiEIOB BBTjIiS, Of all stylet and kinds. Also. a lot of fin* Robe# To be sold without rr*»rve. J_ GILBERT A SAMPSON, Aacttoneera. p ILEERT & SAMPaON,” VT general auctioneers. SECOND VALUABLE COLLEC -IOS OP ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS, BT CATALOUOE. AT AUCTION, From the well-known Galle-T of F. GEBEGDEWITZ. of Philadelphia, On TITFRSPAT EVENING. *D*c. STth. at 7 o'clock <onlv oce#veolnc*» Ml#), at oar Sa'caroom. 47 a-d 49 UCArborn-*t- 90 tprclmcns br modern (tm-class artists. Among the dlstmjalshod names an the bil lowing: Retry Vearo, Panl Welier. w.ShertdaaToang. C. Kraeta 'XL Jsj>. Hamilton, Otto Sornera, Tbo*. Uoraa. Ed. Mo-sa. J. BrcserL G. W. r teholson, Leon Jalllard. Tenor. Wrapper, Jno. Fun*ter. tin* others, prominent artist* of New To-*. U-wtoo and Philadel phia, being the ro-wt vslaable and *-b >l*o collection of Palnticcf ere# offhrt** lir sal* sn this dry. All loTers of fine Original Pictures are rsapectfttlly tnvl’ert. Theeaßeirwinbeopenfor exhibition the day and evening be tore the M’e- GILBERT A SAMPsON, Auctioneer!. .Uey»rbeer .Director. 'Yy'iL A. BUTTERS & CO n Auctioneers & Commission Merchants PALMER’S BLOCK, XM 44 dc 46 BANPOLFB-ST. CLOAKS. THE ENTIRE STOCK OF H.CUNSENHAUSER & CO. AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY,Dec. 21st, at 10 o’c!ock,at STORE, No. 79 Lake-ss. The dtockeaMprisMCTfiTstfle sadoslltr. VU a. BUTTERS A CO. Ancfrs. JM. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, • l*J7 DEARBORN-ST. On FRIDAY, December 21st, at 19 o’clock, a. m., at NO. 140 KONROE^T.. The entire household furniture of a fltst-clas* board* log heme, cociHUnrof Bedriks. Baddlnc. Table*. Bureaus. Stands, Chairs. Carp*ia.Store*. Crockery. Glaaavare, Ac. All of which are of p»d quality and nu*l be sold, j. m. BETSOIDS. Auctioneer. TTTJL GRIFFITH & CO. Auctioneers, YV No.-IDJ South Ciark-st- WOT sell on this (FRIDAY) oornlßß, at 10 o’clock, FURNITURE. g^^g- C .» 1 r CT s. tC . jFinc jFurnitucc, JPORNITUBB ROOMS. CHAS. TOBEY, MANTTTACTUBEK AND DEALER IN RICH, MEMTjJI axd commos Furniture, BEDDING, MIRRORS. &C. THKLACCE.TAKO^BTjrfW’raSTPB.CES rw It I. lae tPECIAI HiTKKESt 01 era, pcMa «SL2 iISS ■« «■>*•<>“« *= d and 89 State-st., Chicago. an association. ®o Ucnt—mouses TO RENT—A new, first-class frame boose, containing thirteen rooms and fitted a US every necessary convenience, near lancom Park. No. 032 North Ciark-et. Take FnUwtoo-av, cam. J'O KENT—By Wm. D. Kerloot, 89 Washington**!., new houses on soothwrat comer Hubbard and ReubeD-sW, containing 7 or 8 room*. Each rest 930. with privilege of renewal after May tot, at (30 per month. TO RENT—Two new dwellings on West Jackson street. 1107 and 309, containing nine rooms each, ns, hydrant, cistern water, hath roctns. pantries and i Insets, Ac. This is one of the best and healthiest localities of the city. Iconlre at Room No. 2, Cobh’s Building, Dearborn-st. TO RENT—A nice cottage with eight rooms, situated on the West Side. The horse-cart pass the house everv five roinutea. a good bam on the premises; tr ust sell part of the fnmunre. For panic atari Inquire on the premises. No. 7ft»3 West Laae-st TO KENT—Two new houses, pleasant, convenient and well finished, at a moderate price, near Lincoln Park. Inquire at 939 North Clark-st. rpo RENT House 77d ilichigan-av., A contains u room*, pantries, ckwcta, bath rocras, »nd alt modern Improvements. Inquire at No. I*3 Chamber ol Commerce. TO KENT—House with 5 moms, and fttn-lluie lor sale. Apply at 103 North Morgan- rpo RENT—A very handsomely finished JL cotUce on JJorth Clart-sL Contain* 5 rooms, ■ -*et». pimirr. gooo basement r >om, ea* an! water. •>r all of the futnllnre. which Is nearly new. fljr ,-ery re*>onaPle. Apply at 433 Statc-at. C'.OMt* Pm oi B».e, vi rpo RENT—A small, nicely furnished I tenement, within half a mile of the roart hoaso. at (SO a monte, to a mao and wife, with first class rt’rmm. and who wjn prepay rent to Ist of May. Apply at l<>2 North Clark-st, np stairs. TO RENT—O" Fullcrton-ar., and on theeaeenfWrlcbl , tGroTe.ane» 2-storr house. wi»n Jtf acre of cn'nnd around hceldeerlnae's. 150 feet west ol horse can. Apply 10 CLABKE. LAYTON A CO-, 12S Washlngtoa-tt. rpo RENT—A dwelling, centrally locat- I cd and well furnished: also. several small houses and forma. AKTHUR A BOYPES. ‘JIO Stalest. ffio TO KENT—Fnrnisned Parlor; also, fur nished trout chamber. Inquire at ij JS Michigan* TO RENT—Furnished room, at No. 53 Ihlrd-ay. TO RENT—A lurnished room. Apply »t 316 Ohio BU 'O RENT—A desirable tarnished tront roomrnd other rooms, at 226 X Stato-st. TO RENT—I rooms, with closets, wa ter, Ac. Inquire at SO Sonth Sangamon-st. rpo RENT—Two furnished rooms to 1 rent, soluble for housekeeping; one, famished with stave, amiable lor lodging room. Apply at 490 SUte-sL ' TO RENT—Rooms, to some person that hsu no children. Rent payable In day board. Good reference required, Address "M LJ.” Tribune efflry. pi Tins address where an Interview may be bad. TO RENT— A comfortably furnished b*d-room. with place for fire. Inquire at 66 West Washlngton-st. TO KENT—With or without board, two macnlflecntly furnished roou-s. within two blocks ot the Court House. Irqulre at 90 Monroe st.. Room I. between 11 and 12 o'clock. ivcnt-Storcs. ©Stoss, TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent. nSr of 7-1 Randolph-sl, Court-place, oppo site CrocbVs Opera House. Apply to A. WORDEN A CO, or L. I. 1 ODD, on the premises. TO RENT—Office —On first floor. First doss office with all the modern conveniences, near the Board of Trade. Apply to BOYNTON. FOSTER A CO, Boom No. 3, S 4 and S 6 La&aUe-st. TO RENT—The store basement and lolls, 16S Lake-Bt. Inquire at the premtsea. TO RENT— Large double office, 85 Dcarborn-st. Apply to OOODSPCED & CO, 1 4 S Lake-»t. TO RENT—Store, or bubdinc, with two stories over the Mure, and good dry"pasamett. In one ct the best locations on Lsk&at. Also, the lease of fame, tor a term ofyears, lor sale. For terms. Ac, address “W L C,” Tribune office. Every way salted for a urßi-clwi business, wholesale or retail. ivcal isatate-ffiitj}. in PROVED. T’OR SALE—A new, first-class 2-story V trame dwelllrg house, fitted no with every desira ble convenience, containing thirteen rooms. No, 932 Nurta Clark-«t, well salted lor a respectable frn.Uy. Apply on the premises. FOR bALE —On 3llcliigan-av., between Fourteenth atd Flflerath-stOot 45 fert front, very low, H taken at cncc. WM- J. TEWKESBURY. Rxia 11. No. 89 Washlngton-st. I? OR SALE—Cheapest inside properly r 1 offered—no better 'nvestment can be made—On Mrcroe-st, near Welis. Sl«zl90 feet to st.ey, with house wonh IXJtO. at lust slAoo—leas than the market Srtee. Title perlect. OEO. W. HILL. 17 Reynolds' lock. IT OR SALE —A fine lot on Wahpanseh- I 1 tv,Boi». with handsomesbadetree*. 0n1y6573. WARREN A GOODRICH, Rra: EsUle Brokers, 123 Dearborn-, t, F)R SALE—At only $6,500, on easy terms, a three-story tries residence. In the vicini ty of Cnlon-pato, worth at least HA » more than the 6ncea-ked. Alt RES A GOODRICH. Real Estate rollers. 175 Dearborn-st.. tt 2. IT'OK SALE—A very desirable house, r with 9 rooms. Ac., la a pleasant location, west ot Ut.lcu.fnrk. I.oi4£zlOO (a corner), with Darn. Ac. trice oily tVTjO. Terms will be made ewr. Title on gne-tUnibi*'. WARREN 4 GOODRICH,teaI Estate Brokers, 173 sDearboro-M., Room 3. FOK SALE-A first class marble*ironl house on Wabath-af., pear Adauu-M. House eon- Ulna all the modern '.fopr-zvemeota, and li In every re ►p* cl equal to kny urst-cl w house on the avenue. Good brick car* qq the premise*. 1 bia splendid residence is ouesfed'foraftwdavs.atacreat •♦enfee. Apply at theof OLINGBt;& WALLER.S6 Washington su, Rooms 1 and S Auctioneer*. TT’OR SALE —On Wabash av.. near Four -17 levnlb-st- good dwel log honse and harm co leatcd lot— lees* run* tour years from next May; also, house and lot cn Mfohlganav.; desirable brick bouse am* barn cn the North bide. J. D. HARVEY. 7S La balle-st. }7OB SAIjE—A house and lot on San gamon-at.; house and lot on North Carpenle*; tio' se and lot op Statc-»l4 house and lot on Twenty nlcth-M.: hot«e and lot ou ThlrJ-av. ARTHUR A novDfcN, 2losute-+t. I,'OR BALX-unv^?. n 11 ™ twn-swrv P snd basement bn< fc li-iu«eCf 11 rooms; hot and cold water, bathrooms, raamle manteii. a C.. •Sr.-Kr with ba'n.on 'Vtbaeh-av, near r«eatleth-sL i... **• AS D. SNYDER A CO, Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Me tropoiluo mock. FOR SALE—Cheap—An entirely new, neat 2-etory frame hon»«, of S rooms, ctocet*. and lot 49 In l?o foef, i n FnliotMt_ near Ilryne. Imme diate given. TBOMAb D. SNYDER A CO- Real Estate Agents. 4 Metropolitan Block. P.)R SALE—On M!ch!can-nv., near TwciAh-ft , a Orst-claas marble front residence. Poescftlnn Jsnuary Ist. J. H., Re&| EaUie Agent. 1*39 Sooth Clark-«L (7NI7IPKOTBD, C*OR SaLE—The north haltcf Block I Nc. 4J, bchro’ S-vrtlen Aaditton. baring a trout ace of 4VS feet on Clinton an-1 Jeifcrsoo-sU, and con taining 23 lots. A rare opportunity for a manufacto ry. WIT b* sou* ou e term* bv T. S. FITCH A CO- No. 167 Dearborn—t- 3acal iEstatc—(Countip. L following farms, with valuable Improvement*, situated In 51ar»hall County, IlUnsls, near railroad and river* Two tanmotS» acres each, one ot <9'acre*,ODe ot SO acres, one oi 160 acres, one ol 117 acre*, and one of eighty acres. Also, coal and timber lauds, and Improved property In the thriving cl tv ot Lacoo. Marshall County- Terms very reaaotaMe. for particular* address FIbHER 4 SONS. Laron. Illinois. TrOR SALE—A cood improved term of acres, will be sold la a body or to parcels Two t»cu*rs.onenew; bare, elder mil! andout-balMlnrs; two orchards of superior fruit: well watered and welt tlmbeted. and ntnated wlthlo two miles of Batt e Creek, Mirhlgap. Terms reasonable. For particular* a'dress WM. J. WATSON, ba'lle Creek. Mich. fHadjincrn ■pOR bALE—One tounccn-horae porta ■ bleenein* and boiler: two twelye-horse uo, used only one month. Also, one new ten-hor« endue for aaeat very tow prices by GRIFFIN BROTHERS, 136 South Water-st. F)R SALE—steam Engines—l, 6,8, Ifi. 10 and SO-bone portable, sod all fire* *>f ft*- tunary endoca. circular sawmills. Woodworth pla ners and mateners, power corn sneuera. shanutg. pul ley* and elevator machinery belli to onter. RICH ARDS' IRON WORK?. 190 Washington-*!. FOR SALE—Three 8-hnrse power up- J 1 tight etunu**; ai*o tlx horiiooul eaclae*, 8. U) ard U-horte power. Larger or amaller eagtuea fnm l»hed with rr without bolirrt. 13,15.16 and 20-bor*e tubular and locomotive boiler* for axle, bnt make. Alao ou 4>ro!S«r Union Matcher mad Placing Machine. Sawmill*, barrel and wood-worklcc machinery, Iron pianrra. belting. aawi, file*. Ac. Marhlnerr Depot, 33 De»rborn-tt, Chicago. GREENLEE BROS. ft CO. gorges, (Carriages, See. A LARGE, donble-seaicd, two-horse Carrlag* and a one or two-bone Sleigh. both la excellent order, tor tale. Inaaire at lA4 Rosb-st. HORSES, CARRIAGE, Business Wagon, Sleigh. harn«e*,etc, lor tale or exchange tor na) relate. Some miner can be paid In the bar gals. QUTMPY ft HAWLEY. 7 Reynold'* Block. TXT ANTED—To Hire—For his board, V V a good work bone. Inquire ot LUSHEB ft CO, 7 8 North Clark-st. Good n*age guaranteed. \\T ANTED—To Buy—A Second hand V ▼ Sleigh that ha*be*a hot little used, at a reawm able price. Address “T. WJL” Drawer 6110, Chi ONE NICE DOrBLE SLEIGH, ior two or one horse; alto. oneartof Bob Sled* and one Express Sleigh, one Single Cutter, an Exprwa Wagon and Grocery Wagon tor tale at SI Imfcana-st, corner of Franklin. V GRAIN WAGON, almost now, iron axle. f>rsale. Caabe»een at 434 State-»t. Host anb jFnunb. LOST —A larce, black, Newfoundland Dog :whlte on breast and cecl; also, white tpot on nose, when io*t bad <mall strap aronzd hi* neck. Answer* to |te atm* of “ aaxebo." Any one r»tnrn- Irghis to-<7l or glrlag infotmattos hading to bla rocoTery. will be well rewarded. LOST— A Bay Colt, 1 l*a years old. two small splints on his tore legs. Coat from Mr. Pe t-ruerk's (krm. on tteSerth Branrh. A liberal reward w 11 be paid for hit return to TBOS. MABTIV, 217 Weat Itaadolph-st. LOST —A misses’ gray squirrel collar, in j Opera House, or in going from it lo take car at State-at, at cioa<- of the Bateman Caneert on Tuesday ey nlcg. The finder win he liberally rewarded by britgitc It to ro<>m No. 4 Loomis’ Block, or saying where It may te found, TOST —*25 Reward—On -Wednesday j afterooon, between tne Po»t Office aad Twelfn-atL t ank Book N—10,638. enclosed la an envelope, couta-ji rgfl-T8 currency. Tbe tbore reward will he oatdon ."a”SSawAT. u ‘' B °“* •*« TOsT —On Wednesday otiernoon. in btv -/ lug from 333 w«« Madison-*!, to the o»ra Horse Matinee, or on returning, a Lady’s Porte, with «e«l chain attached. couUl-tcg a tl« MU aad U 0 or f:s mother b*l t,aome chance, a car ticket aad C ►erlpOnn. Will reward the finder Uherallr J v ar fcKINRLE, 335 West MaJlson-tt. J * w ' t O c T—> ear the corner of State and L/ opjjotlte or on the watt »onth of Mj.~ fjMfltlss store, a Ba»«et Wallet, conuinlng apont Jffl. three po*uge ttamp*. one or two car ticket*, and a K 0 adreru»em«nt of the Michigan Southern BaUroad. w w 9? I JK! , £?- wlu ** P* ld ®wa itt rrtora to J. L. JAMES, O Metropolitan Bliott. gSlantrt-iaaU «clp BOOKEKEPBUS, BAI.CuaK.I Ac, TXT’ANTED —A cooa pracUcil dtangbta- VV irta to work la «a ArciiU«r'» offlcr. One who tm tease knrwled*o of bookkeeping ptrfcrrea. AdJre«Po*l Office KIVO. 326QU9CJ. uUaols.l VjirANTED—A few aotive and enter- VV t employment t»T »ti»T qi - - WJ ANTED —A young man to as-tsl It W ft cro»-«nr I hi’"» if *•*; * r *l fu;. Oo«t»i»tc*B Oermu preferred- J. uAß bett. l f*z gooih Vein it. Aviv.n—A competent salesman, r-hnimpermanently. JONE3AOHVTS. IMP Dattarwt. WJ ANTED—A first-class f*e*ra titter. ys to go to Peoria Apply at the NORTHWEST MANUFACTURING CO, on Jeffersoo-at, between Lake tad Randolph. TKTANThD—A first-class gas fitter, to V* ro to Peoria. Apply at the NORTHWEST MANUFACTURING CO, oa JeCersoc-*, between fjtbeacd agaanteh-jFamaU %clp TTtrANTED —Girls in t'aper Collar Fac- VV tory. at 201 and 203 Santa Water-et. BOUBB BBUVANTS. TX7ANTED—A woman to do cooking, V v washing and ironing In a private family. A capable person. who can furnish reference as to char acter atd abtiltv. can have satlstactory wags. Apply at the Tribune office. "WT ANTED—A girl, as chambermaid V v and laundress, at IXO6 Mlcnigan-av. Good references required. *\T7"ANTED —A good cook, washer and V v Irooer. This means vor*. To 000 who can fill the hill, the best of wages will be paid- Apply at Room 1, No. 9-1 Dearborn-st. TIT"ANTED—A healthy wet nurse, im \> mediately. Apply at 377 Ontarto-st. *\TTANTED — Immediately, a healthy V V wet name to take charge of achlld eight months old. Apply at 297 Mlchlcau av.. between 1 and 3 p. m. \TTANTED — First-class girl—To-day. VV German or Norwegian preferred. ’AS? West Randolph-et. TUT ANTED—A -wet nurse. Apply at W 3?oMichlgaa-ar. TATANTED —A good, smart girl tor \V ceneral housework. Must he a coV cock. A?- ply at ?6 Twelfth-si- near Waba?h-aT. TTTANTED—A good girl to do general V T house-work. Apply at leO West Van-mrcn it. \TfANTED —1 good cook, 3 dlning- Vf room elrl*. 1 lantafcj?,lchambtrn>M(Uluimc dlately. at Cattle fair Hotel. Lnton Stock Yards. tt7 ANTED —A colored -waiter .o carve \\ and tstecharceofadlnlocroom. Call at 119 Wabaah-av. Good teferewes required. Wanted— a good gin to do cooking atSOS Wstash av. Apply for two days. T'lT ANTED—A competent girl to do VV general housework in a clcrcymia’s Cimlly. Apply «t:n Sooth Rncter-n. iEmplojimrnt Egmricfi. WJ ANTED —To employ 1 man in ev- W erytown In the West, to sell an entirely new thing. Ncrebutllveactjvemennecdspply. Address, for particulars. with two three cents •ttinpt, to pay re torn pt stage. S, H. McELW UN. hoi Chicago. WT ANTED —I.OOU men to go South, V? wsges(lsto (50 a month and board. Also, rail road tn*s. and all wanting employment. Apply at 135 Sonlb clark-st, Hoom 3. WT ANTED—BOO men to go South, VV (43 to ISO per month and hoard; si hewers. U ship-carpenters, 36 wood choppers. 30 railroad Apply at Room 3. Lind's 11l- dc. Raa-iolph-st. bridge. TIT ANTED—Bookkeepers, clerks, sales V V m- n. bartender, condo* tors, labor ers and all persora looking foremploymenl to call at oom 21, ho. 127 Sooth Clark-st. - TTT ANTED—Bookkeepers, cleiks, sales- V V men, porter*. driver*. bartenders, brakesmen, mechanics, laborers, canvassers, and all wishing sitna tlot 9, to at Ply at EMPLOYMENT AGENCY. S 2 Deaf botn-«t., Room 3. Applicants by mall enclose it cents. ATT ANTED—A man from every town. VV with from (I to (l,«0. to call at Kjom 2, No. 4S Sonth Ciark-st, ap stairs. WJ ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 2 V V talcmen. 1 conductor. 2 brakemea, 1 flremtn, 1 p«rt»r. 2 driver*. 2 eapressrara. Apply at Room 13, Fullerton Block. 02 Dearborn-*'. Applicants by mall address J. M MOORE A CO, Box 1707, enclosing 10 cents for reply. WJ ANTED —V onngmtn m the country VV wishing to obtain situations, such as bookkeep er?, clerkc, collectors, sa’earren, conductors, express men. At*, Atb, to apply at Bourn 13 Fullerton blrct, {TkDearbcrn-st., or nddras J. M. MOORE A CO, Box 1707. enclosing tea cents for loti particulars. "VX/ ANTED —This day, 500 men to go V v Poath; trace*(43 to(Mper mo;th atd beard. 10 teams and teamsters for Michigan. Also, all want .nc cmsioymeut to call at 100 MadUoa-st.; Boom 4. "WT ANTED —Young men in tne country Vv wishing t<‘ obtain rinatlona, such bookkeep ers, salesmen, cclDcton. expressmen, clerk*, brake*- mm,Ac,Ac,to applrati:«4 l>earbom-«t.,R00m2, oraddrem M.E.JON*£s A CO, 80x2t)40, enclcelng ten cents tor fa: 1 panlcnlan. WJ ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 1 VV collector, 3 brakcm’c. 2 firemen. X poncr. 2 driver*, 4 aputs, 3 entry Ccrks, 3 conductors. Apply at i 34 Dcarbom-gt, Room 2. WANTED — Immediately—2 clerks, 1 falemon, 3 solicitors, lbarlcn<ier,2 farm hands, 65 railroad men. and 673 men to go South. Ali\ all other* Is wsot of situations to apolv to PAR*H ALL A SMITH, 12S south Clark-st, Room 11. Applicants by mail enclose two stamps for mil particulars. fflEtantcli-fHiscrUaiicous. WANTED —To come and see old Dare Pratt, 76 Moaroc-st- Free Lunch this morning, at 10 o'clock. \\T ANTED—OId and young, male and V V female, to call on Madame DUAL, one of the greatest fbrtnne tel’ers k:own. She will astonish. Revc.atlona present, past aud future. U 93 South Clark-st. —“Granger’' offeis to order Vv a'splcnold wool llnoo Garrvowen Over Coat and a choice from fcve'al pieces of first-clast goods for (M. At 130 South Clark-st, up stair*. YA7ANTED—I wont anti will have one V V of “Granger's” Garryowra bnslness suits for M 2, wool lined and tosUly cut. At 130 South CiarK ■t, up stains . . T\7AN’T£D—Patent-Rleiit Men-Tne YV undersigned bavin? a valuable lavena n,ol wll'h they wl*L to svll territory. will give a liberal commission to the rtcbt bind of me-. Apply at once to 176 South ClarksU. Cor sample aad turtber In formation, or address a. W. JOUNoON 4 CO., Detroit, sl!cidgan. RANTED —To buy or start m a V healthy ami growing m and town a hardware stc.-re. with siove and tinshop -itt-irbed. Any one terened can address “X’NNER,'' GUman, Ills. XXJ ANTED—A lot of cheap jewelry, VV hats,cap*, loots and shces rirtthlnraad tnn ketk. to sell at auction. Applr at 163 booth Clark st. ffM. GRIFFITHS A CO., Auctioneer*. TXT ANTED—To Buy or Rent —A house V V In theSomb or North Division. In a good neigh borhood. Apply at 1110 banth Clark *U Office 13, between 10 and 11 V o'clock, a. n.. • TT7ANTED —A bnck residence, on the V » B«nta side, with about 40 feet of gr and. M ;st be North c t T«cnty..»econd-»t. We will par trim b. O, KEBFOOT A CO.. 71 Deatbi rn-jt. \\T ANTFD— Ashley, Steele & Go's v * General Agency. Real and p»r*cnal property, bought, sold and exchanged; contract* and leases ne collated: cmp. ymert furnished; nonces raided, moved and lopalred: taxes paid* ten’s and accounts collortce; pianos, furniture. clothing, tools. far.-nlng Unplementa, aecds. fruit trees, (Osage plant*,) cans, Iran, hook-, pictures. Ac., bought and forwarded. Ommlssirh *"tf cent. Patenttof allflurti oahaod. I iberai tncuceinen'r ! rt **551!."1*1» Capital trim (1 to fl,ooo. Correspondence mvlteu. irMf-atloa free, open reremt ofi-nveio'c,stamped and directed- Let ters written, hills made nut. accounts co-rected. and copying neatly executed. No. 4** South Clark-sL, Room *3. Chicago. Itl_ References: Hon. I. V. Arnold. Chlcaro, 111: John Evans. General J. L. Bevcndgo, Evarston. HI.; A. F. Croakey, George A. Sbnfcldr. 70 Chicago, 111.; E. D«nfjrd, Room .’t, '•ctropolltan B'oe.fc. Chicago. 11l- 51. G. ASHLEY. W. 8. STEELE. GERRY E. DANFORD. Ja. TX7ANTED —To let every body know V T that MADAME DRUNDAGE, the celebrated FntnpeTeller, is now residing at lua West Rtn iWpb-st., thereibeesn be consulted on a l mtttets perUltingto the past, present and tattre-, a so. the nan CWcd age ol every inquirer lor ahacnl friends, bat- IftocUcn guaranteed. TX7ANTED—StenciI cutters to know V* th»t JOHN MEA i 'ER manufacture] the best of IrdeHlble Stencil Ink and Dry Inks. Stencil Frames andßtnsbes. and keep* on band German Stiver aud Platers' Praas trltablc for their ore. Room S. North- Mist corner of Clark and Sooth Water-*t«, Chlca-p, in. TAT ANTED—lcfonnation—Wm. P.Hol >> ton. left tl* tome September 3tth. at d has col beer seen or beard nfsirce. Any Information re gardl'g him *Ui be thankfully received by hlawlfe. In Detroit. Michigan. TT7ANTED—To Exchange—A five acre V « lot. rear tte cm limit*, for a good saloon and boarding boose, or a good grocery, worth from kinoo to f4XCO. Address “J M.” Tribune office. WT ANTED—A large number of per- V » ires to purchase the Common Sense Family Sewtrg MarblaetorCbrtstaas promts. CsDatl76 Sccth Clark-sL Liberal dednctlcus made. TT7ANTED—Any one having one ot V V Winner's double action dasherchurns can 2nd a paretaaer by addressing op applying to “M. B. 1 OO Madlsoa-sl» Boon: 4. \\7 ANTED—We challenge anv party to » V show yr.u a better paying or more ccnteel bust n»»‘ than we can. It 1* an artie'e ct real raert’. and we delv any cue to shown* anyd-cptloo cr humane In car patent machine for g-lnding. tsivr*. rctssors, shears reaper-knive*. edged tools. 4c: g ’•ads or Vih sides at same time; n*ver wears on:; no compe tition: rapid tal-s evetywhere. Agents irv lug 910 to |TO p*rcay. Hcbt or lerrltorr given t> live mea. fot.n price X3JO. Send for sample; 3 stamp* for reply. FTLLFB 4 CO. 133 Soulb Clark sh. Roam 16. TXT AS TED—Stock-of SIO,OOO to * «M t OGO • ' worth of dry good* or general mercMndlsy. for wblrb eaolce prairie land. In Minnesota. aad p*-r rath, wj Ibe exf-hanged. Address me. at Rochester. Mine., w\». McCullough. business ffibanees. FOR SALE—The subscriber will sell r httsaloon alto two Millard table*, at a great ms rain. Table* rcld with the taloonor separately. Call at 133 Booth Clark-st. FOR SALE—To Merchant Tailora—A • mug and ttyll‘b trade, stock and fixture* for tale In one of the beat location* nnClark-tt. A fortune In It tor the right mas. No bona* asked. Owner rear ing. Box 2J 3, y.o. FOR SALE—A good chance for saloon I? and restaurant; basement No. 47 South Clark- It. Thebe*tplaceadap>edfcr*aiooD and reaUnnst. Ererythtng la fine order sod lor tale cheap. FOR SAXE—A grocery store, doing a I first-cl*-* bu*lte*»,la ore of the be-t location* In the West Division. l/>» rent and no competition. Inquire of L.H.BOBINSON ft Co.. S 4 Dearborn at. FOB SALE—Who has a dru£ store lor I ta'e? well located tar bonnes*. Can hear of a bum addreratog me. O. P. B. DEED, agent, La- F)R bA LE—A pood lamQv emcerv and proTMen store, well I'-cal-d and doing a good QMi*ey-, For particulars, Inquire of AICXHUE ft HOYDEN. 310 ztatc-it. FOR SALE—PJanmp mill. Well loca- I ted tordolrg % tplendlo hutta*-s. Contain* ere nthlrgonany connected with a flnt-elw planing mil', ard will be told reasonable. if preferred, u, e owrerwill retain a fcalt- - rte*»*t tad glre hit time to tbebnriae**. tprlrto BRCS ft ATBe>, Beal Estate Broket*. Office 1Q Oothy’To pees H>n«e. ,IFot Sate. F)R SALE—A second-hand Buckley folding macfaloe—ts good condition. Price. 1130 Apply to the TUXBCKK CQMPASY. T?Op SALE-One oi the best built tug * harbor. Measurement » ton?. *• “J*"- “Jd t* »ld at a bargain, tf applied for Im rediately. AddxeaaC. W. PINK HAM. Fond da Lac. FOR SALE—T*ot 8, block 20, In the 4-. v Mtuated on Weat Water-st, near y> aiblorton. ira m dry flonr bri surra. Btrk Tot com and senw Gladiator. Apply at 17® North Wa ter-at, near lighthouse. OaIEN EASTMAN. FOR SAXE—At 89 West Madison-st., bratEngtlthS-p'ycapetlar.iaTarlon* patterns. Elegant tor holiday glftt. Bargain* siren. FOR SALE—Newfoundland pups and an NertbcSafk 6 *^ bliCt 1104 dog. Apply at No. I FOR SAXE Cheap Prime Staple I Wood. Ir qnantltlra to anlt pn*cbam*. Apply on spaffonriDock. North Side, below Baah-aubrtlgto FOR SALR—Livery Stable, capable of .* plenty of carnage room BUk-sti eCe ' ********** or Call at 434 j&Uttartowg Mlantrt SfAISI. ITUATION—Wanted—By a pood t»- ncr.Ot tttrtr 7nr* «zpefl«ace. Adorn* k *TIH- R~ QUa-m. 11-». ; SITUATION—Wanted—As collector or O »htrpiDffcieT»- g*j«ry DOt*oaa>b »n pbjycl m pem««timnoß. Cn> ftbe«"f roffer nets ltd *ecartrr, if sgcetnry. Aotoow “ A,” Tn boteoffee. CTTUATloN—Wanted—By two young kj men, to drive carriage ta a prITSW filially aad to g«ST»I lsmll* work, bat cttr retereocs. Addrau •• Lll O," Trlbnne ome*-. C ITU ATI ON—Want ed—To teach Math- O em*llca,by one capable of teaching ltef«*n<*«soal- Iff* course. Qr<xJ wstei rrqairad. Acdra*“MATH EMATICIAN. Kcwanee. m. SITUATION —Wanted—Bv a young mao, who understands the care of boraesC a ew tisae l-am to d'lve. CangtveU» beat of reCemcot. Adoie*s *• H," Tribune odee. QITUATiON —Wanted—By an able- K 7 boctedmaa,tnanynono»ahebt»tn»**, aa port»r, at a moocrale salary. AddrwP y.’’ Tribune cfice. agents &aanmr. AGENTS —Wanted—Experienced book and engraving canvasser*, to whom a lam aal. arv or commUslon wm be paid. Address CUAliLsa BfLL, i;js Sooth CTark-st, Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted —To sell a tip top Xi. artlc'e. Sell* everywhere, with ordinary tatt ler. Evert bonnes requires It. Comhm- a utility wUhhutcta* own advertisement of special Interest*. Ha* no competitor. Is a perfect novelty la the United States—only one manufactory yet established. Thoo sandsalreadysold tod giving complef* sa*t*tartioa. Open* np an entire new field tor agent*, 'fall r%. pacific*. Consumption constant, and Increwlnr. stan ps for circulars. Canvasser’s Samplc-omr: ftee, by Evprea*. for it .23 reroUte*l tn ns. Addr*<u o cail on THOS, DERKT & CO.. Iflß Lake-st, Chi u^o. AGENTS— Wanted—.A0 more, for tl.® baker sewing machine, i win par s'-ti?* an (ICO per month and expenses, or give a liberal own mtrl-slon to male and female agert*. For partwim andagenc> paper*, address S. BECKWITH, rhlc.npi. A GENTS—Wanted—*lso We want xA scent* to sell the BARTLETT SEWING M CHINE>. pnre (15.C0. Th ft s» willing to work for per month wilt aonress, with stamp. PAGE BRurq. BKs 8 , General Agents, Philadelphia, Pa, or Toledo. Ohio. A GENTS Wanted—*2,fXM) to $3,000 XAayear. A good chance to make money. An ag*ot Is waited m every town tn thn Union to nmuJictar* and sell an article of consumption la every t milv. c*a be mannfactnml In the arent’a dwelling. It i* r-atlreiy new; secured by copyright, enle ae p< rman--nt as Conr; noftnnz np to be done. For particular# with stamp enclo»«s for return, LOUIS Couniltz. MldiUctnun. Maryland. A GENTS Wanted—Every map or t\ picture scent to semi os his address and tee-ive in return, tree of expert. a conw of cur r,- • Chart •♦THK FATHER OF OUR COUSTKY'’ an I -THE HE ROES OF 1776.” and onr new drcn’ar ja-»t out. to 135 a <“ay maite clear. Addteth. SAMMONS, WHITE A CLARKE. 170 I-aKe-sU.ChVaco., A Gll>*TS—Wanted—Messrs. .XX Fteltf*. Bo«ton, bare onMlsVd a arco%«nirra»e<S l*« rtnltof Abratam Lincoln, a«ar*rfict ik'n&sand a -work ct art. it is comcwsdnlas the heat yet pnMI-hfd. by Bt>lx rt T. Lincoln, Mr. Trnmbnit, Mr.Su-no, Mr. Ue'ndoD. Mr. I.N.Arnold, (Jen. Grant, Charles Snmner, Mr. Chaw, Gen. Bur.nda And winy other*, it Is sold only by «nh«crlptlca. and Agents are varied lor Its »ale. Liberal comer I««Iod» are *uca U. ranvaf-of. snd pncc-rsfal raubave eo-'-IW ritfr? ti> operate In. Addrrsw JOIIX IT. AMMO.V, Pchllshcrs' Ane l l. S 7 TTa-Mr.Eton-*t.. Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted —An agent in every town In the Wot. An energ-dlc agvnt caa clear (10 to (25per dav, aid r.o humbug. F-?r canicular*, enclose tct> cent*. A'Mrcst L. uIUPTKAD. l-t Uor.t grtnery—t, bvrarti-e. N. Y. A GENTS—Wanted—For “LIFE AND J\ DE.VI UIN nntET. PRISONS A splcn.ll-1 Nv*. Always sell*. A. KIDDER. US Washing ton--t, Chi cago.Hl. A GENTS—Wanted—Price $2.50. t\ ».CCo*o!d nfOdav*. **Uot' l ‘»(Srcit 'Jap.** ‘•Tna Taint* &TATts CoriTiypxT IS 130 T.” Tbenewch.irt. m l'atiixf op i)rv CorynT am> Hkr«.r> or ’75” sent pv.ek with tliecap. Thehest publication* tir Amt* In Ancrlfa. Address GOODaPEtD A CO, 1-lS Lakc-M, Chicago. AGENTS —W anted—Ladies and cenllc tnen—l havesotxe of U*eb«-»t wort* -rw Vlnr of fered to the wMc. tort ran slve«n h la<!nccm*ati* that pood energetic ap* nts will not on*y n*»Sc a living. hut mate mi ney. A cents wanted fr-r tt.c cur. and in cvsrv conity of tfc State. W, E. HARVEY, General agent for the Ni>rtbw*»t. ot the Onakt-r City Publishing Rouse. UP Loafsrd B.O'-k. I*. O. Drawer 3931. Chi capo. 111. AGENTS Warned tor HISTORY OF THE, T.TT«iwlley. Extra llDtral itcuccmenis offered t>*r selling the work com plete In one volume, al-o vol. 3. Address. K. C. TREAT. 117 couth Clarkst, rhlcagn. ll’. A GENTS Wanted For Frank J\. Moore's n*w work “WOMEN OF THE WAR." t.iv* the CTiUxgo t-rrr.tng Juuruit!-. It la, ta the noblest «cn-e, a gallery ot beauty, and we raw the author the pratefnf work he has performed. It all re*ds like a romance. The st- ry of the war can never be well told without the story of »he wotn»n is told with It.—lh-’people want it splcnill lly. For lull particulars call or sddrvss R. C. TREAT. 117 bomb Clarx-tt, Chicago. GENTS—Wanted—For “THE BET- J\ TER LAND.” about which so much is being soul The Chicago Evening Journal sav»: “The f nti.cslosm a ttb whlcn It wu hailed at the East bs a remarkable creation ot the pencil and brain, baa foil*.wcdlttotheW»st,andnone wboseettfstin ac knowledge. on tne h stout, the •ocderfUl spirit ot pun t), and more '.ban earthly beauty, wl’h which tbuartlst has invested her tabled. TtU one r-fthe fee*; crea tions of modern art.” Clergymen, tev'r era, *tudenta and othmot energy and ability, wll; find «t pietnat and profitable to encage in the sole of this universally popular steel engraving. Excln* vv temtiry and tars** cororoiß-lons given. J. A. STODDARD A CO, 102 Chicago. 111. &ea*t Cir circular. AGENTS- Wanted—For the HISTO RY OF THE RELIGIOUS DENOMINATIONS UK THE XtOKLi). iplcndldiv Mc.trated with fine steel pcttralu of eminent Divines of the various sects. The work I* Just Irom the press, and cannot tall to meet with a r*-ady sale. It sh< n!*i he In every library. Wa want an agent It eochrmintr. brad for circolor*. Ad dr t— ZEIUT.EU. MccCRDY A CO, Lombard Hlocg, t tiicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—For THE AilE iV RICAN FARMER'S HORSE BOOK, >y Robert Stewart. M.D .V. S, eTtrodylng tne results of twcoty years of onglral Inyistigatlon. The book above all otliers for AcvnU, as It appral* to the nece**uiei and Rcif-lntcnst of a very large, wealthy and inti lleent «rla-s In everv commnrdty. Apply to or od ires* J. S. GOODMAN A Co, Publishers. Culcago. 11. AGENTS —Wanted —*2CO per month • to sell the GENUINE IMPROVED 0 ART LETT SEWING MACHINE. PMe- reduced to rs~nta. Ad dress W. DfcXOSb A CO, 169 Dcarborn-st, Chicago, 111. AGENTS —Wanted—Male or female. Can clear per week at th-lr **wn home. Is a light and h-nor*Me hours daliv to •rend will fad till* a g**oJ naying bo«l --rrM*. Ad(lr*ss. a twine-tamo for tall r articular*, ff. E. LOt nWOOD. Peirolt. Mich, AGENTS —Wanted—Male‘and temale, tos«!lancw article In great aeraat-d that every tamlly want-. $1 per day made w itbout luuvlnghtme. Travelling ac*-: t» can rr \ke from (2 to *2l per day wltcoot Interfrrencc with oth-r h~«lnc*». Tb-;»nt le shows f»r Uiell. Sannleo. with terms aid pirtlrr.lars M th*bns!n«ss. sent for as ci’ts. Address It. W. CHAPEFLL. Drawer 6433. Chicago; AGENTS —Wanted—To sell Folsom’s GLOBE A>D OAT STATE SEWISI MA CHIVE?. Machines sent on trial. P- ATSINSON, 36-1 Randoiph su Room 6. Cnlraeo. I I. AGENTS— Wanted—100 mencan have sired* «rplovm»nt for the winter b* eomclagls the sale r,f K>MR«»T’h M-W aMFRICAV-JISAT RB GULATOB. DoMne-a llebt and pleasaht. Pr-Hts 1-a iB-nse. ? icrejs Addr-ss. or rail niv»a P. LATHRop. J«.. Boom No. 16 Church Block. Chi cago, ll’~ or Room No. -1 Lyman's Block. Cleveland, O. AGENTS— Wanted— Everywhere, to sell ihe 1 % STAN FANEors WINDOW CLKAX tR AND MAGIC ifLISH. Ttl'Oew and wonderful preparation, as thousand* ct purchasers during the last tew weeks will tc- tlty—works Ilk* a charm; clean leg windows, showcases. Ac., without suap or hot wate*. du*t or litter, and «ttb comparatively oo labor; and Imparting almost tmtantlvan nnsurpasaed polish to a!> metals. Everybody wants It aa sooc a« th>-y ace IU effects. Yon can make |3 to |U’per day • Iling In Eor- cwt nelahb rhood—city or country, Now 1« the me to seen re the territory yon want, for It u rapidly belrg taken up. Call orsenn Si cents for sample and ttnns to o. M. SMITH A CO., 77 Dearbort-sL. Chicago. TIL DURAN f A b';Ql>, Milwaukee. General AgenU tor Wlscoatlo. [Cut this out tor reference.) A GEN TS—W anted Gentlemen and ladies throughout the fnltert States to sell our new Book. “ABBOTT? LIVES of the PRESIDENTS.” from Washington la the present time. In one volume Of about 500 pages, beautifully Illustrated with steel engraving*. Tux Authoe— nrx Tuo»—■m Tnx**. the elegant style and moderate price, all combine to render this one of th- most attractive. u*ctul and sala ble books ever published In ibu com. try. Toexpcn- aemts this Is a rare chance to make money witha rplerdld book, and no competition. Publish er«’hieh<»t commission given. b*nd stamp for cir cular and terms. £. b. BOTDETN, 73 Clark-Jt- Cbt caao.lll A GENTS—^Waited—Experienced first- J\ c’aa* ca*-vas*er», cenTemen and ladles, for “THE PRATER AT V.M.LEY FORGE.” a new add m.vculn ceru steel encravln®; price. ftoSO. Has pecnllar rc con Dnndatloh* which cause it f> be admired by every American, cfwhctever sector party. Agcata every where are meeting with unparalleled su'ress. Pub luhers’ hlgte«t romm(*slon given. Addrc*s. stamp enclosed. S. S. HOYDEN. 73 Ciark-sL. Cnlcago, lIL A GENTfci—Wa< ted—To sell the splen xV did rurrarliig ol Carpenter's grevt painting. “Prc*ld-nt linrn'n ana ht» Csnlnet at ih** Flr*t Read ing fifth* bmanrlpvtlna Projlaißatlin.” It represents the thrilling srtneol the most mnmentou* event, ex cept one. that ever occurred in Aracica; a“d it sells a* noother plernreever did. A!*o Carpenter’s portrait of Mr. Llrcf ln. from life. Just pnhllshert. Sen-1 fur circu lars, with stamp, to C. ALI EN. M. D« 90 Washing ton-sL, Chicago. 111. A GENTS?—AVanted—To know that we JrL have reduced our Maps and Charts to New York prices and below, comprt*lsc* all the popular styles published, and mounted superior tnauy in the cna try. Try ns and be convinced. Address OGODSPEED 4 AGENTS —Wanted—With experience, tor a bran new article—Orsi Introduction. Great m novelty of the age. A beau ami holiday present. An en'ertalnlfg ornament for the centre table. Sample sent for fd- Call cn. or address (wita rtamni. C. WDITAEVC 4 9S Wathlngtomek, Boom A. A GENTS—Wanted—Laoies and gentle- X'L men. evt ry where, to css vast for "Treed and True.” “Lcssots and Praver*'’ and “The Children'* Album.” These are three ef the best works publlsned. The com mlaslcii paid Is large. We want thorough asd’cewt ic canvassers, and to anru we give exclusive territory and permanent employment. Address, or aonly to w J. ROLL AN D 4 CO- 3S Lombard Dl-vk fihKLir ”»* liartners Siilantrtr. "PARTNER—Wanted—To manufacture I aa article n«d In emr fanllr. Frofltil*r*a. Cap ita) required 1230- DEXON ft CO-, room 16, 130 PARTNER Wanted With (rom t15,W0 to *IO.OOO capital, la an old established boal neMlß thl* city. An active man of good buttons habits, with the shore caotts'. will find as opraiin- gel dom offered. For pardcolart addreas, with name ■~- 4 residence. “ H S." Trtonne office. PARTNER —Wanted—*2,000 will se ccre half Interest lo altrht manufacturing bnal nett, paying f-to perday. Wish help to Increase bofl set*. pest r*f*rcnce* glees aad repaired. CnO in per* ion cn c. C. w. »AI3IS. tilS Lake-st, second floor. TJAKTNER—Wanted —With a cash cap- I its' otfmm *SOO to *1.009. to engage Is the com* mission bust: c*e. pnoelpally Ctncy liquors. A good opportunity will be offered to tbe right party. **. dr«aa **J E." Tribune office, stutlrg where aa later- Tiew may be tad. P A RTNXR—Wanted With SCOO to I‘CP. to engage In a profitable legitimate bnalnes. meeting with no opposition. No bums to pay, and no ibkttoruo. Thlt la a rare chance. 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