Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 22, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 22, 1866 Page 4
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(JUjicago tribune. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 22, 1366. THE CITY. Boudat Pnxsxsra.—Silver-plated ware. In in exhaustible variety, for holiday presents, la for sale at cost at A. Q. OarflellV, No. S 3 Stale street Tux Holzsatb.—Tbe card cf Venn. GQes Bro. A Co , on this page le worthy of more than a pass ing notice. They are too favorably known in Chicago to need commendation. Tax T-a-t* tcfxxi-—A very remarkable sketch -of the lake tnneel, from its inception to Its con clusion. has been compiled by Jack Wing, and is lust leaned by the Western News Company of this city. It la coplouely illustrated. Girr CoNCXßts.—Another letter ©'lnquiry his come to band, at present the last of a numerous list, asking what we “think” ot one of the several “GifCConcerts” which have beguiled ihi ere In inas portion of the public on! of their dollars. W. O. S- of New York city mar rest assmed that his money has gone “mto the sinking fund.’’ Win Box*.— I That enterprising young Un'-on Park Congregations! Church In answer to the ar gent appeal last Sabbath, notwithstanding He un favorable weather and smaller attendance, give over foot hundred dollars to the freedmei’s cause through the American Missionary Asso ciation. Puxisxtatiox.—George W. Wood, formerly of Chicago, now residing in Milwaukee, was on last 'Thursday evening presented with a Past Master s jewel worth about (3UL by John 8. Quinn. Esq., in behalf of the members ot Kilwinning Lodre. No. 311, A.F.4A M., of which he was formerly Master. Seawak's Bzblx Class.—A Bible Close for sea men has ju*il>cca organized in the Illinois Street Church, oa Illinois street, between Wells and La tslle. It commences at nine o'clock every Sun day morning, and every sailor la Chicago is cordi ally invited. CmcAco Bronx Soacrr.—The Twenty-sixth Anniversary Meeting of the Chicago Bible Soci ety will be held on Sunday evening, at half past seven o'clock, at tbe Second Presbyterian Church, comer of V* abash avenue and Washington street. Adcrcssc? may be expected from Rev. D. C. Mar qnis, itev. T. M. Eddy, B. D., and Rev. £. Cart son. DisArromxD.—Burglars entered the office of Mcfsra. White A Ebon, timber dealers at the cor ner of Kinzle and Morgan streets, on Wednesday night, and only finding three or four dollars in money in the drawer, rested their spite by destroying everything or value in the office, even to pouring the ink over books, paper sod furni ture. Ilsjxpis Stuxit Cnuacn.—A young people's meeting *.v‘U be held this (Saturday) evening at half-part seven o'dock. Every young person in Chicago is cordially invited to attend. Preach tegon Sabbath morning at 10; to. Sunday School at.. p. m. Services m tho evening at "Vi o’clock. AU ore Invind, and seats are free. Holidat Coons.—Great attractions and good bargains ere offered !o the way of holiday pres ents, such aa diamonds, wa'chce, Jewelry and sil verware, gold chains, bracelets, rings, pencils, Ac., at the well-known Jewelry store of W. H. C. Miller A Co„ Nos. 103 and 110 Clkrk street, as they are rapidly disposing of their goods at greatly reduced prices. Masobic.—At tbe regular annual communica tion ot Blair Lodge No. $33, P. and A. 11., on tbe «Tcning ol Thursday, Decemter 20, the following officers were elected and installed for the ensuing year: W. A. Stevens. W. M.; Simon Qulnlln, S. w.; C. M. While, J. W,; S. J. Hayes, Treasurer; L. 1. Wilson. Secretary; 11. Scofield. t» D.; E. T. Omc. 4. P.; L. A. Beebe, S. s.; C. J. Easterly, J. S.; J. 7. Funis, Tyler. Masobic.—At the annual communication of Kil wining Lodge No. 211, the following officers were eh-cted for the ensuing year: Prank U. Greene, W. M.; Kohcrt G. Lucas, S. W.; Alex. SI. Thompson, J. W.; C. R. P. Wcut worth. Treasurer: John S. Quinn. Secretary; John J. Lawless, S. D.; John W. Davis. J. D.; Alexander Elder. S. S.; Giles, J. S.; P. Philips, T. Ccmsntis Coxrzcnoss.—We call tbeattentlon of caterers to the Christmas confectionery loving pobllc to (he advantages offered by the house of 31. E. Page A Co., Nos. ISOaaJ IS2 South Clark street. These gentlemen have a most extensive slock of American and French confeetionew, irannfactmcd by themselves, of the purest ma e rial, in the most attractive styles, and which th-y of cr at ranch lower prices than the average. Deif era cannot do bitter than with them. Stattabt at Audios.—A splendid collectl n of elegant Italian marble, agate and alabas* r statuary, will be offered for sale by W. A. Butters, No. 105 Monroe street, Lombard Clock, this mo::- lug at ten o'clock. Every piece was Imported from Florence by Signor Topi, and the public reed have no fear as to the nationality oftac work. They will make fine article* for holiday gifts, and loveis of statuary will dowel! to In spect them. Aimcizs px Pabis at Aucnos.—Messrs. Gil bert A Sampson, this (Saturday) afternoon, at half past two o'clock, will continue the sale at auction of those rich and beautiful Articles de Tarit. for Chrblmie presents. Also. »m« even ing at seven o'clock. This is the closing sale, and those of onr read ers who desire to purchase really beautiful arti cles. should not fall to avail themselves of the op portunity. Acquitted.—The Tuxbubz of October Ist, 1306, contained a full report of the circumstances at tending the arrest of Dr. Akely, of this city, on a charge of operating to produce an abortion, which had a fatal sequeL It is doe to Dr. Akely to say that a day or two since be was discharged from custody, State's Attorney Reed not deeming tbe evidence strong enough to procure a conviction. In the eyes of the law the Doctor is innocent of the crime alleged, and fr«* a right to Insist on be ing so considered by the pnhllc- PursEsraTios.—A pleasant affair took place on Thursday evening last, in the hall of the Swedish Society “.Srea.” The member* of the Society, appreciating the labors and faithful services of their Secretary, Mr. Fr. Bcrgland. presented him on that occasion with a temmonlal of their re gard and esterm In the form of a beautiful silver box, containing a sum of money. The box was inscribed, “Presented to Fr. Bcrgland as a token of regard and esteem, by members of Srca So ciety, Dec. 20. lfC6.” The number of members in the Society has greatly augmented daring the last year, owing pnncmally to the exertions of the Secretary. Poxtiuma Uxiqcx.—Some of our readers may not be aware that BUas 4 Sharp. No. 144 Lake street, who arc slwayr among the foremost lo the importation of floe fancy goods for Christmas presents, nsve this season opened out an assort ment rot only larger than nsnal. hot embracing many goods of a richer description than ajy ever before brought to Chicago, Including elegant dresslnsr-ca-es and wniiug-dcsks of the most elaborate finish, ornaments of Swiss carving and bronze, odor ana Jewel caskets in French gilt goods, real Parian marble figures, phantom bongnelsand fans exquisitely wrought in pearl, ea&dal wood and ivory, together with many rare and beautiful goods selected with the greatest care. As iKTC&nsT-iKG Qctsnos. —The following qneslion.which has created such an interest among the students of Eastman College, and also among many of onr bank tellers aod bookkeepers recent ly. wiil be explained this morning at half-past nine o'clock by Prof. J. M. Ware, Principal of the Actual Business Department “A” loans “B” $15,000 for three years at six per cent annually. On the same day “A ’’ finds where be can Invest his money at a much better advantage ana goes to “B" who loans hack the money at ten per cent, payable annually for three years. The wtuie trancaction Is closed on that day and notes de stroyed. Bow much does “A” lose? The public are invited to attend the exercise at Metropolitan Ball. Waktipto Escarx.—William Dunn, thehnrg'ar who was committed for trial yesterday aficrno n, was locked np In the hall of the basement at the Central Station for a few hour*. previous to Doing confined in the |alL A singular naise was bevd by parties occupying on: of the rooms nt-sta rs, ana upon going to the prisoner’s room it was as certained that Dunn was making diligent use n hi* time In an effort to escape. Be had taken a caae-kmle (which hid been provided with hi* rupper) and breaking two or three inches of the blade had succeeded ia making a saw of tho re mainder. With this he was patiently working at one of the iron banal the window. Two hours of undisturbed Johor with this little instrument would probably have resulted in his escape. Be was immediately taken over to the tall, where be will be likely to remain until bis trial. Dunn is from Liverpool, England, and has latterly been a sailor. Be has sailed into a port that will be likely to detain him for some time. Ax Ixtostaxt Dtacorxar.—lt has been mslter of mnch surprise and comment that so simple, yet dangerous, an operation as the coupling of railroad can has remained so long without im provement, especially as so many inventions hare been ofered to the public as ostensible rt media for the evil. The difficulty and danger seem at lost to have been removed. We saw yesterday a air of draw bars, exhibited by Mr. C. D. Clinton, • ro i® the highest degree simple, perfectly self-acticg in coupling, can be uncoupled with perfect cose, and ia readily adaptable to the pres ent plan of link and bolt The Idea is eo simple and certain, that It ia a wonder that railroad men hire so long missed It. We will not attempt a description, bnt win say that Mr. Clint m baa with him two foil sized bars, st the Lloyd Boose, No 413 booth Clark oCreet, and will exhibit them from two to four p. m. dally. Railroad men are invit-d to colt and test. TACirron.—The realization of this long antici pated time has come at Ust to wearied teachers and Impatient pupils. Tbe public f chad* of the city all closed yesterday, after very pleasant exhibi tions in most of (hem, which were attended by the parents and Mends of the pupils, and will take an intermission of ten days, commercing agatn on Wednesday, January 2d. The little amy cl t 65 teacher*, male and female, will dis perse to their homes, far and near, and obtain. In rest and pleasant vUU» among frtc-d«, strength and refreshment for another term of wearisome, anxlons labor. Tbc great army of 11,000 boys axo girls will rush gladly from the restraint of the school-room ano&e hard work of study Into the sports scdfcsuvltir* of bolidsy week. Skat «?£ »«elve them In crowds, sktgb-rides will be many. snow-balllngs will mul tiply, and candy *hops will be gretUy profited The ecstacles produced by welTlUled eUKkinM will thrill the youthful heart, and Ci aS the children's patron saint, vnU receive dne homage. Too quickly the Ceet bonr* of vacation w HI pass, and with strengthened frames and fresh ened minds teacher* ud poplls will again assem ble lor anothtr climb np the steep hIU at whose top stands knowledge. Sr. Lm'e Famaxs Tantrapx.—The Fair and Tableaux for the benefit of Sf. Luke’s Church still retains Its attraction to pleasure seekers. _ l * T^ D s! he Mae,c n * ,! > In the Opera House, as we.l filled, while the table and counters were well patronized. The tableaux were lastefn w«tcra LlghtG«°rtßSd « swimming tNtnt, are a if 11 to the younger portion of thc^-uit^ 116 ** r,f the older one*. who would iikc”Si ' liny fish became they admire them wmSSh* T snppertables arc tempting, and ™A O .-. last evening to their calling* onlfu, iicirj De.l for Ibc d.j.Th.(«“.i malncd closeted behind the blue cumins onW JT hlhaa totbwe tvbo would £ I3J™•».no wffllns to pa, welltiJn.eb ■tvbltUe. To-day I, ibe lut ofihe who would spend a pleasant evening, purchase tom* article to retain, or give away as a memento mnn mSie ”ufcf!jf monej & a BOod caaac ’ COMMON COUNCIL The Rebel Dead - Charter Amendments. An adjourned meeting of the Common Council was held last evening. Ills Honor the Major, in the chair. There were present, Alda. Knicker bocker, Carter, D’Wolf, Barrett, Wllmarth Calkins, Kaos, jrtnnecas, Moore, KalTerty, Talcott, Woodard, Ackhofi, Proudfoot, Shackforti. Lawson, Clark and O'Snlllvan. a cokstablx. - The Mayor nominated William Zoehoke aa ape da] Constable, In place of William Volke, who resigned last evening. The nomination waa con finned. rrKXxr zxrxovsnxT. An ordinance waa passed, on motion of Aid. Knickerbocker, to pave Franklin street, from Lake to South water street. maxtiiß or taxattos. Aid. Sbackford called up the ordinance to re fund on all Improvements not contracted for, the damages collected, Tt c order did not pass lor want of a charter ma- it was tefeired to the Board of Public ucizL scan. Aid. Woodard, {from the committee to which was referred the matter of the removal of the bo dies of the rebel dead from the City Cemetery, re ported a letter which hotasked to be sent to G. W. Hoyt. Chief Quartermaster Department of the Lakes. The letter asks the removal of the bodies, in view of the actios of the Connell ad vene to intramural burials. The report was con curred In. srwXtUOX DKBTB. An order was pasted, npon the recommendation ol the Flranee Committee, to pay'Messrs Langan Jc McHugh (1,900.31, and Woodward & McHugh (470.01, balance on account of sewerage contracts. CHXinm xianroxEKTS. Aid. Wnmarth moved that the Connell go into Committee of the Whole to take np the proposed amendments to Ihe CUy Charier. Carried. The Council then went into committee, and on motion, Aid. Woodward was nominated as chair man. The amendment was taken up section by sec tion and (tally considered by the committee, when the following were passed open to be recommend ed for adoption to the Connell: (scnoiri. The Common Council of thcaty of Chicago shall have power, by ordinance— Finr. To prevent the Interment of the dead within thepresent and future limits of the city. Second. To piovjde for the vacation of the seve ral cemeteries in said city by the purchase and ex tinguishment of the titles of lot owners, or other wise. VAlrtf. To appropriate snch cemetery grounds, wben so vacated, to public use as parka, or to sub divide and sell, or otherwise dispose of the same as the Council may deem most lor the interests of the dty; and in case of tbe subdivision ard sale of such grounds, to devote the proceeds thereof to such municipal purposes as the Conn ell may deem proper. Ihuv'h. To pnrehase grounds and erect thereon a city Hall, and to provide fir tbe payment there of by the Issuing and negotiating or the bonds of said dty, or by the levy and collection of taxes, or partly bv both; FrotUKd, however that no such levy shall in any one year exceed two mills oa tbe dollar on «ho assessed value of tbe real and per stnal estate In the dtv. made taxable by the laws of this State. F-fiti. Io provide for tbe Inspection and regula tion of stationary steam engines and boilers. S.rfA. To appropriate not exceeding (10,u00 tn any one year, from the City Treasury, far cele brating (bo Fourth of July, tor funeral occasions, and to defray tbe expense of entertaining official visitors of sister dtles; IVoridnJ, however, such order or appreciation shall be passed only by the vote* of at least three-fourths of all the Aldermen elected, such votes to be entered by ayes and coca on the records or the Common Consol. Seventh. To prescribe, regulate tad control the lime or lime?, manner tad speed of all boats, crafts and vessels, passing tbe bridges over tbe Chicago Biter and its branches. Eighth. To control and regulate the construc tion of buildings, chimneys and stacks, aad to prevent and prohibit the erection or mslofcnance of any inrecare or unsafe buildings, stack wall or chimney in said city, and to declare them to be nuisances.'and to provide for their summary abatement. A'inlA. To cause the seizure and destruction, or other disposition, of tainted or unwholesome meat, butter, vegetable?, fruit or provisions. Tenth. To amhorlxe tbMzo of the streets and alleys in said city by railroad companies; Pro vided, That a majority of the property owners on each street give their consent. Prori iei. how ever, permission or authority shall not be given, nor shall at j such grant or pemL'jioa already "iven, be extended, unless by tbe vote of at least :hrcc-lonrlbe of all the Aldermen elected, snch votes to be entered by ayes and noes on the record? of the Council; and provided, farther, that in case of a veto by the Mayor, any such grant or permission shall receive the vote* of seven-eighths of all the Aldermen elected, to lake effect as an act or law of the corporation. On motion of Aid. Staackford the committee then rose and reported progress. The Council then adjourned until Thursday evening, at 7:30 p. m. DIVORCES YESTERDAY. A Motion for Further Specifications in the Hart L. Stewart Case Denied —A Motion for Alimony—A Decree Defused, In the divorce ease of raozjA rs. babtl. stewabt. on the motion that the complainant be required to spedfy person, place and circumstance con nected with the several acts of adultery charged aga nst him and that she be confined in her proot to the specification so made, Chief Justice Wilson, of the Superior Court, rendered a deoslon, deny ing the motion. The decision was In substance as follows: Ho stated that the question raised by tbe motion involved the question of pleading whether a demurrer could be susiatnoa to the bill, lu this connection be said * Adultery is charged, with the specification of both time, place aad person. That makes the bill on its face sufficient. A demurrer would not have been sustained, nor a motion to qaasb, and the party wonld here been ordered to answer npon tbe application of the pleader. This motion here is not npon the ground that there is no alle gation in the bill, w hich is issuable, even under tbe doctrine of feigned issues, because it the doc trine of feigned Issues obtained here, which it does not. It conlu be made np on the charges made. It is Just like any other issue in chancery, hut even where the rule is d'ffcrcnt, and where they follow tbe practice of the Ecclesiastical Courts, the courts which had ju risdiction under the English practice of this class of cases, and afterwards transferred them to tbe Chancery Court, for the consideration of that court, and where there Is a feigned I-suo made, one specific allegation wonld be sufficient. Tbe objection is not that there is no fact alleged and denied npou which an Issue can be formed. That is not true here. Hence, in this case, the only possible objection which could be made would be a question of evidence. That ts the view which I have taken in this cose The legal position which la taken here in this motion Is evident from the motion filed. It la ibis, that no proof can be received upon a bill of this character, excepting so far as time, place and person arc named. That is the position taken by the rerson who filed this notion, because it Is In this form—“and state particularly t&e time and place when and where the adultery was commit ted, together with the name of the person with whom they are charged to have been cimmittod, io enable the defendant to meet and defend against such charges, and that the complainant on the trial be confined to proof**tithe cases thus spe cified.” Tne legal position thus taken is, nna -r this motion, that yon assume that the allegations must be precise and all that It amounts to la an objection to evidence. That la all It amounts to. Tho motion itself don't a«anc that there is not a sufficient allegation in the bill—that there are not specifications of time, place and pmotn, as thcie is lu some places, bnt the objection is that there are other allegations not specifying time, place and person. The object of this motion la to compel the parties to give time, place and person folly. To do so It la only' necessary to state It thus, that the Court upon the trial of the case rule out all evidence excepting that lu relation to those issues which specify time, place and person. That is the question which la submitted to the Court, and the only question. That is the question clear ly. When that question proper!? arise* the Court will decide it. it can't decide It in advance, be cause in this bill the complainant has alleged In so many words, when she can't specify the person, that she can't do It for the reason that ahe don't know tho name of the person. That allegation la made, when the place Is not named. She alleges ahe don’t enow the exact place where It was committed. So that the bill Itself states that (hose places, where they have not named tbcolace and person, they have norths means so to do, so that this merely raises tho question whether noon the trial you can prove this general allegation. The object ol this motion, then, u this, that the Court Is to decide, in advance, upon this brief that the complainant cannot prove In evidence, when Ibis case comes on for hearing, the truth of the allegation, where Is time, place and person not stated. It is sufficient to say that under the chancery practice this is not a proper mode for the Court to decide in advance of the question coming np in evidence. To grant this motion would be to decide in advance. That la all It amounts to; that It Is only the allegations wticre there is time, place and persons named that are admissible npoc these issues. 1 don't nnder stand that to be the law. I have looked over the brief that has been filed and while I find it lo contain good law, I do not find it warrants such action. (The Cc tut here recited the authorities of law cited.) With ua the practice would be to ■ make the objection on the trial to the'evidence or by a motion to strike out the allega tions where they were 100 Indefinite,' or by demurrer, or to quash where the charges axe not anfficiently explicit. 1 understand the rule to be that when there is a certain case expressed with time, place and person, then It la competent (or the pleader to go on and allege In a general way, that be may prove adultery, if he us prove It to the satisfaction of the Jury. But there mutt be a reasonable allegation as to time and as to place, bnt as to person he moat satis fy the jury. If the charge ia against a man it must be abown that the man had carnal correction wilb a woman, but the name is not necessary if they succeed In proving the fact. This la very easily Illustrated m (be case where a person can swear to seeing the deffe&dant in actual carnal connection with a woman. It wonld be very strange if such a case as that, where he knew the w»n and old not know the woman, if yon could not prove the adulterr. Von could swear that she was a woman and swear that the man be did know. There is an Illustration that shows that the rule must be eo from the very nature of the transaction Itsell In the first place, the objection here la prema ture. It wonld not have been good if the sub stance of it had been taken hy uemarrer or mo tion to gnash. Neither wooia the Conn, upon motion, hare ordered the party to be more speci fic, she baring alleged she could not be more specific. The question is one which can be argued when the case comes cp. This motion ww therefore be overruled. The divorce case of bcoo th. raaxriFKjL mtrmi came cp on the report of the Master. The peti tion In this case was filed Jose SI last, and it al leged against the wife ernetty, repeated and ex treme, and* the calling by her of the complainant of bad names. The parties were married and lived in Berlin. Prussia, for some time; but be left her, as he alleges, by reason of the cruelty of which he complains. The facts were tonod by the Ms ter (Mather), and a recent taendationwaatnadelhata divorce be decreed. The Court (Jameson, Judge), did not see it in this light, ue declined. In view of the fact that the husband did,not show bis foreign wife to be a stronger animal than be, and that he did not cor rect her. bnt deserted her ; that a divorce coald sot now be granted. The Chancery aide of the Superior Court ts now engaged in bearing amotion to decree alimony in the case of Helen vs. Andrew Ferguson, where a divorce was granted some time since. A Boutran Career.—About the 4th of th* present month. In the evening, a bedroom ad joining ■ billiard room at No. IJH North Wells street was entered by some burglar and two tranks and a valuable gsn were removed. The tranks contained clothing, books, papers, re ceipts. photographs, Ac., and f 986 in greenbacks. An account of the burglary was given in the Tazncn directly after its occurrence. Th* property belonged to Joseph LelUng. the pro- Pri'rtor of the billiard saloon.- MrTLeltmg re- K tried his lost at the Central Htalion end end Dixon were de tailed to Investigate the affair. Suspicion rested upon no one in particular. Tbo officers were ptucnUy examining the case for some days before they could gain a clue that promised io lead to any successful results, bnspidon finally rested npon one William Dona. Officer Dixon obtained possession of a piece of mosnnlto net ting which Bonn bad. and upon exhibiting It to Lining be at once indcnllfled U as bis own prop erty. He bad used It daring the summer over his bed. He remembered It by some rents that were In ifwblcb the washerwoman had neglected to re pair. The next articles found were the two trunks at a private boose on booth Clark street. Most of the clothing and all the money bad been abstracted. A pair of pants belonging to Leltlng were futmd at a neighboring pawnshop Shirts and drawers were ferreted out which bore the owner's same, and alter Bonn's arrest it was lonnd that be was cooly wearing one of belting's thins, and had another In bis valise. He was at fln-t Inclined to make a desperate leslstance to at test, bnt a smart little rap on the nose from the stock olEllis' revolver quite altered bis Inten tions, and he was taken to the Central Station. v Upon being examined there, ignorant of the fact that tie most conclusive proof of hit guilt bed owo found, he assumed quite i bravado air. Upon bis person be carried one of the pictures be longing (oiLcitlag. an ambrotype of his ptrenla. The fact bo Incensed l<elilac, (who was,present,) that It was necessary to restrain bln from doing violence to the prisoner. After being locked up in bis cell. titmn attempted to destroy a pair of drawers he was wearing, by tearing them to pieces, ana trying tb induce apilsoncr In the hill to burn them. These also were found to belong to Lehlrg. Dunn was arraigned at iho Police Court yesterday aftamoon charged nitbborglary. The value o| the trunk and con tents va* considered to be (1,500. With stolid indidbrcncc the man plead “not guilty,’’ .snd af ter beating the testimony had no nnesiioos mask. He was committed tor trial at the Recordrt’a Court la ball of 93,(00. A TBBUIBLB QCABBBt. A Series of Fight*—Axing an Enemy. Patrick and John O’Brien, brothers, were ar raigned before Justice MUUken yesterday after noon. charged with au assault with latent to commit bodily Injury upon Ed vard O’Ualloran. The three men and their families ill occupy-lhe same dwelling on Rucker, near Twenty-second street. O’Halloran, the prosecuting witness, ap peared to confront the O’Briens, bis face partially concealed by many bandages, that portion of ft which waa in v ( ew suggesting very faint tm presMone that the Injuries received bad at all marred the beauty of his countenance. O'Hal loran made a very lengthy statement of fats tribulations, dating the beginning of his miseries on Tuesday evening be tween the hours of six and aeven o'clock. Be waa returning from bis work, passing through the alley near hie home, when he met John O’Brien. ‘Herald John was smoking bis pipe, full of glee, and the sparkles were flying from iu Be asked John why he let It do so. John Bald it was bis pleasure to do so. This reply provoked Edward, and be made such an answer that John politely cballenced him to a little fight It was getting dark, and after John bad maltreated him a few moments, (in which it would appear that O'Hal loran generously let him have hu own way.) the contending parties retired from the “field.” About seven o’clock tn the morning Edward was visited at his apartments by John, who requested him to come out and get an additional pulverizing. Edward went out of doors, haring in hand a hatchet. He said John stood furiously against him, and Jerked the asc from bis band and struck him eevera! times. “With the axe T’lnquired the court. “Yet, I can show yonr Ronor.” “No, 1 don’t want you to,” replied the court. “O. I'm not going to strip, your Honor,” saya Edward—“lt was enough to kit] a hog.” Ihe eangulnary O’Brien then no for a large axe, hut some of the neighbors prevented him from any farther chopping op of OTlalloran, the latter retiring to bis bouse, as he asserted, badly wounded. After that, Jobu and bis brother mad* another sortie npon O’QalJoran's premises, from *tbe porch of which they dared him to come oat to fight. Ed ward's Injuries bad In no manner impaired his spirits, bnt physically he was not so buoyant, and therefore he waa compelled to decline. After sapper the O'Briens swain cordially accosted bio, when be happened to be out of doors, one of them saying, “Now I am ready for you, nibs,” at tho same time seizing a narrow board about two feet long. Edward said be would “take the law of him; ”be would have them “ shoved op,” Be dared them to strike— they were “axing” him down in the yard to murder him. Hostilities at tbls point were suspended for tho night. On Thursday morning the persecuted O’Halloraa arose from his couch very stiff and lame, and a Utile • after seven, as soon as ho had sot out ot doors, the O’Briens, on the alert for him, made a very formidable attack. Be said they knocked him down and kicked him “for dead,” ore of them beating his head in a very savage manner with an empty porterlboftle. Ed ward said : “1 axed him for mercy—no mercy ; my wife axed him lormcrcy—nomcrcy; and now, vonr Honor, 1 wantjostice.” At this point O’Hal loran broke down with emotion. The prisoners desired a continuance of the case to prepare a de fence.' -A further examination will be held on the S3lh lost, the O'Briens bring required to rive ball of (500 each. If O'Halioran's statements were strictly veracious, it is a serious and per plexing question bow be survived the first ’’thrashing.” LAW INTELLIGENCE, Tbe business of the several Coarts, excepting as it has reference to actions for the dissolu tion of tbe maniage bond, possessed yester day but little interest to the general public. In the Circuit Court a leave of absence was given to Delos 11. Carrol, who was detained hoc by a writ of ne exeat, sued out by Uarcns Simpson, lately bis partner. It will be remem bered that the origin of Ibis, as of several other cases, was a cowhiding scrape upon South Water street. The jorj. In the cose of Milo M. Belding A Co. against w, 11. Bcid, whirh was a replevin salt to recover a quantity of silks, were sect out at noon 'lbnreday. Being unable to agree, they wore dis charged yesterday. An action of as-umpslt, William F. Eellog? et cl. vs. William Dier ct aL, was settled by a vcidlct for plaintiff lor £350.18. The Court is at present engaged In the hearing of an action of assumpsit by H. H. Forsyth A Co. sgaitist William Memcl:, late of Scranton, Penn. Inc salt Is brongbt upon a draft made November SOlb, 1605, by one August John, upon the defend ant. The new suits In this Court, beyoud a couple of unimportant appeals, were: McVicker A Myers vs. Sebastian Grlloberger. In assumpsit Damage, £5», Charles Brand vs. the Sheriff Ac. Replevin to recover possession of saloon furniture. In the Common Law branch of the Superior court the jury in (he case of George McDonald against Thomas Cannon which was In trespass, on the allegation of an assault, the jury fonndfor tbeplalntlffand awarded him *2O as damages. The following cases were dismissed: John H. Ernst vs. John Young. Appeal. The people vs. Robert Malcolm. Action of debt upon an administrator's bond. Danlej B. Fowler ve John Morton and Samuel Willard. Abated as to Willard, deceased. William 11. stow vs. C. H. Sbattuck. Appeal. Before Judge Juneeon.— ln the case of John Dacy vs. John Lynch end Michael Scsntan, con testing the will of Jeremiah Dacy on tbe ground ot fraud in ita execution, as folly explained yes terday, the Jury found for the complainant. In effect, finding the will to be no will. The property affected by this Undine is Lot 1, Block 33, John ston, Roberts and Stores' Addition, with the build ings thereon situated. Chief Justice Wilson sat yesterday, and denied the mutton of Hart Stewart to compel Emella Stewvt, who Is the complainant in a divorce pro • ceeding, to be more specific la her bill of com plaint. Tbe decision la given elsewhere. The new suits In this Court were in assumpsit. Charles McCartca vs. William H. Uoyt. Dam ages £SOO. . Elijah Salt vs. Robert McCabe and John V. Fat well. Damages £SUO. Jacob F. Scbsllßopfva. Edward and M** Good kind. Damages £2,000. J. Willard Fox vs. Henry Wlggers, Damages An action of trespass was commenced by Char ity C. W. Babin against Thomas Branson. and a coytias IsETicd In aid of the proceeding*. The pro ceeding arises from an agreement of copartner* ship in the stove polish business entered Into hv the parties, which It la alleged defendant has not tnlfillcd. Rosalia Lewis sues Leopold Schoenfeld £ Co., to replevy a stock of ladles' wear which was taken from No. 118 North Clark street. a writ of attachment, lamed against J. Harrison, at tho snlt of Bowen Bros., on an alleged intent lo defrand creditors. The Indebtedness In the case la stated at $233.63. Charles Telers cl al sued William M. Foster. In debt Sriti.lS and damages $1,700. , A pracipt for an action of trespass was filed by Worthington Brown against Nathan S. Gilbert, the damages being laid at $3,000. In the County Court the estate of William B. Egan was declared settled, excepting as to one ctalm which was ordered to he paid on demand. The estate of George Coombs was also declared settled. Wauxixo x Vmm.—Walter B. Sessions, a young man whose home is in Wisconsin, has re cently been visiting his relatives in the town of Clymer, Chatanque County, New York- They were glsd to aeo him and treated him with gener ous hospitality. In return for this tbs ungrateful scamp robbed his nude, Sylvester Terry, of sl,t | 70, and) mysteriously disappeared. It was suspected that be had come West, and on Thurs day afternoon Mr. liarvey Terry, another of Ses sions nodes, came on here in pursuit of him. Be first announced his business at the Central Station. Detective Kelly was detailed to artist him In finding his recreant nephew. It was known to him that Sessions bad s married sister residing In (he West Division, and at an early boor Thursday evening tho lady's residence was visited by the lofflcer, accompanied by Mr. Terry. It was ascertained that yonng Sessions and his sister had gone to McY ickct a Theatre. To that place the? were fol lowed, and when tho play was over the yoong man was arrested as be was passing out through the entrance ball, bla sister being conveyed borne in a carriage. Be has confessed his crime, bnt claims not to know what possible mo the caused him to commit lu The officer found upon him $790 In money, and a gold watch, with other “luxones'’ to the value of about slls. Be will probably be taken on lo the State of New York for trial. Monx Tboublx,— The Crystal Dining Rooms, at Noe. 46 and 4S Clark street, are again closed. It will be remembered that Mrs. Hatch le:t the place In a very unceremonious manner several months ago, lairing considerable money which be longed to other parties. In a few day* the eating rooms were again in running order nnder the management of Bryan 4 Brown. A few days ago Bryan left ks summarily os Mrs. Batch had done, taking the available funds of the establishment, and leaving his partner quite hon at camba' In a financial way. Brown sold a valuable span of horses to pay some of the Indebtedness In curred, and tool: In a partner named Charles Tomer. Latterly Mr. N. 8. Gilbert, who bolda a mortgage on the taioon fixtures, ha* been en deavoring to gain possession, It is alleged, bnt unsuccessfully nodi on Tuesday last, when Brown was out and his partner yielded up the key of tho saloon, and formally gave up possession, *o that when Brown returned from paying his botcher be found his own doors dosed against him and the house all silent. The hoard ers *ho came to tea found notes. Fortunately none bad paid in advance, and had only to mourn the uncertainty of atblre at the Crystal Dining Room*. By a legal process Mr. Brown has re plevin ed Lia goods, bnt the rooms are not re opened, bis last partner, it Is alleged, having quite “finished” him. It la alleged that the young man Turner received a bribe of S3OO for giving Mr. Gilbert possession of the rooms, and the matter is undergoing judicial Investigation. Pawns a Hnt Ena.—About six o'clock os Thursday afternoon Officer Ryder beard a row In a lager beer saloon on Clark street, and npon enter ing the place fon.d Lizzie Clark and George Ba ker engaged in a small scrimmage. Lizzie had re ceived black eyes, and aaid that George knocked her down three times. George said that he had been at work painting on the opposite side of the street, and that be came over to get a drmfc. Lizzie already had the black marks below her eyes and asked him to pair* them over s 5 that she might go to a ball that night. She was rudely lamiliar wlm him. He hsd been sick and his sensitive physical organization would not bear each handling and be peshedher away from him—that was all. The Interesting couple were arrested and arraigned at the Police Com t yesterday morning. Baker was fined |lO ana Lizzie The previous evenin'- about eight o'clock, in the prisoner's ball at the Armory,! Izzle attempted to choke herself to death with a string, and had nearly succeeded when the officers Interfered She Is the same girl who baa tried to commit suicide by hanging on several for mer occasions—always at Ihe Armory. Sbe has been s decent girl but Is now among the most de praved in the city. rntizsnzss* Convmrnoa.—The gathering of Thursday at the Briggs House of gentlemen con nected with papers In Illinois and lowa, resolved itself Into an association to be called the “North western Asrodaled Press'' and elected the follow ing named officers; JYttid'M —E. Emery, Peoria Trantcrtpt, Met JYetieUnt^ Major Bail bach c, Springfield Journal. —Ed. Rntsell, Davenport OaetU. Carre/ponding Secrefary~J. J. Langdon. Quin cy WTifg and I2epublic>in. Trtatvrer-~ Charles Beardsly, Burlington Haiti eye. Exeevtlrr Comm tff/e—F. M. Mills, Chairman, Des Moines Cegitier : D. D. W. Carver, Dubnnao Herald: A. W. Sbeidon, Keokuk OaU CV« ,* J. P. Dobeibower, Alton Democrat; W. F. Dowdtll. Peoria Drmocreii : J. Mabn, Mnscatloc Journal : E. 1.. Merritt, Springfield Hejitur. - Tbc aa-oclstlon reprasenilug some twenty-fire papers concluded to receive their telegraphic news from the same sources** heretofore, and not from tbc Western Associated Press, Pnue Tms Moturcto.—About a quarter before one o’clock this morning the department was snm tnoned to extinguish s fire which broke oat m the engine governor factory of Landeman Brothers, at the corner of Van Buren and Jefferson streets. It Ignited somewhere In the machlnerv and very soon spread through tbe whole building, a taro story frame shed. The steam mustard factory of Klnyon 4 Cooper, sllnaled at the rear of Lands mans', also caught fire, and wss almost totally destroyed. The fire did not last over twenty minutes. The lots sustained by landeman Brothers was estimated at abont ffiX) In machinery, and gI.OJO 8« Ibt btUillaf, Tlbltb ITM tuw itnsnn. it l)l partially covered by Insurance. Elnyon A Cooper are losers to the extent of and are fully in sured. Total loss, (9,500. ADKJsnnitriTS, Vl'bxum.—Mr. licMorne'a benefit came off last night, end the large and brilliant audience which assembled waa a gratifying evidence of (be popu larity which be baa already achieved. ’’Waiting for the Verdict” baa not been produced for a con siderable lime at Wood’s, and several changes are to be noted In the cast since Its last appearance. Billon waa ’’BUnkte Brown,” Bradley waa “Jon athan Hoeeblads,” and Mrs. Perrin was “Mar ina.” Billon rendered his part exceedingly funny, but to onr mind LeMoyue’a is a much more artistic performance. Mr. Aiken and Mrs. Barry acted with their usual spirit, and Mlsa Jennie Bight, Mr. Nichols (as “Jonas Bardie"), and Mr. Bocen assumed their several roiet in a highly creditable meaner Mr. LeMoyne waa called out at the close of the piece, and made aa appropriate response. The same bill this afternoon and evening. MoVicxxn’a Tiizatrs —Visa Blanche Beßar took her lencflt last evening, and appeared as “Best* r Greybrook ’ln ”An Unequal Match,” and aa “Juliana” in “The Iloneymoon.” The house was moderately fun, and the performances passed off well. Miss Beßar has a good many imperfec tions in her style of acting, which wili no doubt improve in the course of tune. In The Honey moon Mr. Waldron enacted the part of the Duke with much acceptance, and was frequently ap plauded. This afternoon, “The Female Gambler.” In the evenmgthe same bill as last night. Tug enters.—Yankee Robinson's Gardens were well attended last evening. Skattoo.—The parks and Rinks were all open and doing well last night. The Ice Is in excellent condition. Tux Ouoxi-ScstXT Opera Company open on Monday with TTovatore. The office is open for the sale of seats to-day. Foilbariiovio.—Tbe second Philharmonic Con cert of this season will be given this evening at the Opera House. A choice programme is an nounced, and several distinguished performers will assist. A full house Is anticipated. Poucz Connßßiovms. The regular semi weekly meeting of the Police, Fire 'and Health Commissioners waa held at their rooms at the Central Station yesterday afternoon, Piesident T. B. Brown in the choir and Commissioners Gnud and Tlttswonh, and the heads of the Police and Beal’b Departments present. The minutes ot the last meeting were read and approved. Officer James Van Fliet was tried on the charge or Inattention to doty, end sleeping while on duty. It was found that he bad occasionally left bis beat at night and gone into saloons and spent some time there, and hod on one occasion engaged a room at a hotel near which he was on duty, and spent a part of the night there: also had been negligent of duly at other times, leaving his post to converse with paeecrs-by. Had evinced a chronic dislike to wearing tbe prescribed uniform, appearing at times on duty In a “plug bat” and citizen's dress, and as tbe witnesses stated, was “too fancy” to travel a beat. To reform tbe officer from these fallings the Board suspended btta from duty for thirty days, a punishment equivalent to a fine of sixty-six dollars. On motion, (he Board then adjourned for one week, the time for tho next regular meeting being on Christmas day. Conm-mi yon Tbial.—Patrlch Lynch and Philip Moran, charged with stealing a violin from Lawrence McKenna, it Plank Road Station, the details of which were published on Tuesday, were flnsliv examined at the Police Court yesterday morning, end were committed for trial at the Cir cuit Conn m hall of (SOO each. Dischahoed.—Thomas Gracy, charged with stealing a coat from Patrick Fftzgibbons at No. 520 Plate street, was finally examined at tbe Police Court yesterday afternoon, and discharged from custody. Buholxut.—The establishment of Ira J. Knight, at No. 29 Sooth Market street, was entered by burglars on Thursday night, and about SIOO worth of boots and sboea were taken. A portion of the property has been recovered. A Card, We take pleasure in announcing to tbe public that wo have Just received an unusually large stock of watches, chatelaine, silver and gold goods of new and moot beautiful and unique styles, which we must dispose of during the holidays and shall do so at greatly reduced prices. Giles Bbothtb A Co., LOCAL MATTERS. Holiday Prewms.-irhat more ap propriate gift could be made than one of tbe vast ly celebrated Elliptic Lock-Stitch Sewing Ma chines. See testimonials. Morey A Shaw, sole Agents. 92 East Washington street, Chicago. Tet.ynouiati.— Best Family or General Mann, factoring Machine.—L. E. Walravcn, upholsterer! cm lain manufacturer, Ac., No. 656 Broadway I says: After thoroughly testing tbe various flrsl clars sewing machines in my manufactory, greatly prefer the Elliptic. Lock-Stitch Machine which alone has riven me perfect satisfaction- The special excellences for which I can recom mend this machine are, ease and lightness of on oration;speed: beamy and strength of stitcbl economy of thread; great simplicity and thorough ness of construction, and consequent non-liability to derangement, sewing with uniform perfection npon IhS tightest or heaviest material and without soiling tbe work or tbresd with oil. (the works ot the machine being covered). 1 consider It une qualled tor family or general manufacturing pur poses.—A>ic TorL World. Teitunoniali. —A Perfect Sewing Machine—Mrs. J.W. Watkins, of Brooklyn writes : "After an experience of fonr years with tbe Elliptic, and considerable with other first class machines, I deem it but Justice to your admirable machine to state, that 1 consider it not only far superior to all others as a family machine, but as a perfect Sewing Machine In every respect, performing, as U does, so rapidly, noiselessly and perfectly, every possible variety ofiamily withal so wonderfully simple and easy to operate that a child can use it without difficulty. 1 cannot say too much In its praise.”— Brooklyn Eagle. A Mar vel of simplicity and Perfection—Fire Years Without Breaking a Needle.—Mrs. H. U, Decker, of Jersey City, writes: " I hare used one of yonr Elliptic Sewing Machines constantly over five years, on every kind of work, without even break ing a needle or paying a dollar for repairs, and 1 consider it a marvel of simplicity and perfec tion. Chicago Rome Circle,—Everybody should read the January number. It contains an article from Henry Ward Beecher, on the "Dying Almanac ": Moore, the Liberal; Emmet, the Martyr. Eveiy Irishman will buy It. Ask your dealer for It, or address the publisher. A lady wanted in every town to raise a club. It Is on the trade In Chicago. Address S. M. KENNEDY. 194 Clark-et, Chicago. VGIIIs, Gifts, Gllta—BortlsCandr Pack, ages—J. B. Bnrtls, Esq.. No. 171 State street, is manufacturing a eery one quality of candy, its chief recommendation being that It la pare and Fold at lower prices than mnch of the adulterated fluff with which the market is filled. A novel feature of Hr. Bnrtla* establishment is that with every purchase of candy be gives a present vary* log in price from 10 cents to SIS, without any extra charge. Large crowds daily visit his place to make tneir holiday purchases. The Lamb Knitting naehlue la one of the most beautiful holiday presents that can be obtained. Beautiful (fabrics and useful articles, suitable for Christmas girts for the present and intnre holidays, can be knit upon It with the greatest ease and rapidity. Doubters should call sod examine, or send for sample of work, at No. a) Washington-street- Chicago: 8. Bau.vso*. agent. •l Echardt A Co,ii and see tkelr stock of handsomely ornamented cakes for the holidays, fancy boxes. Ac. Candles of all kinds made expressly for the occasion. Particular at tention given to New Year’s receptions and nar ties. Raymond Block, 126 state airocet, near Madison. * Flftr thousand human brings are an* nnally sacrificed on this eontinenu by the fell scourge of Consumption. Is it not reasonable to ask why such a loss of life? and simply answered: tty neglecting the premonitory symptoms of dls case by the use of Marsden’s Pectoral Balm. For tpIJLV* ®? 1 Burnhams 4 Van Schatck, Wholesale Dxoggisia, 16 Lake street, Wholesale i n are U( In the Par* lot.” Bouquets for Christina* and New Years,fresh “9**™ ? a J l X» evergreeae, wreaths, and trimmings ?• *t i *** call and examine at J. b. Batkin s Green Bouse, No. 1W Madison street. ‘‘Mother,! cannot ringtbe oldaong.a” "O “t «e ouy that beautiful song, just published, entitled “Fool Pints on the Snow.” it Is com posed bribe popular writer, J. Henry Whltlc more. The price Is only 40 cents, and elegantly gotten no. The title page alone Is worth the price. Messrs. Lyon 4 Bealyhave just received 1,000 copies, and they are going o 3 very fast. Holiday Goods Prom Chlcagn.—The ?hS er w«?i 1 -5 n c. c ? aatr X W 60(18 00 the routes of the united Slates Express Company will bo promptly executed by the company's purchasing ■«*»»• . A. L. Srwsox. 6 The American Bxprcoa Company** purchasing agent win give careful attention to country orders lo make purchases «git forward goods. Address by mall or express, Gorrtty, wholeoale confectioner* 5? Btfioolph street, will retail candy from now tot New Years. If yon want pare goods, give him a Important to fTlJihetw.—Mra. Wins. • bootbtng Syrup, lor all diseases with which children ore aificted,la a safe and certain remedy. It allays all pain, softens the gums, reduces infia mation, sure to regulate the bowels, and wind colic. Depend upon it, mothers. It will re heve the Utile sufferer Immediately. Perfectly safe In ail cases. A Sore PUe” Cure.—Dr. Gilbert*! Pile Instrument positively cures the worst eases of piles. Sent by mall on receipt of $4. Circular* free. Sold by druggist*. Agents wanted every where. Addreas J. B. Roxactx, Manager. No 575 Broadway, New York Tbe Brrt Tonic,—Caswell, Mack A Co.'s Combination of Iron. Phosphorus sod Cal- Isaya. known oa Ferro—Phosphorated Elixir of Caltsaya- The iron restores color to the blood ; the phosphorus renews waste of the nerve tissue, and the caltsaya gives a natural healthful tone to the digestive organa. One pint contains tha vir tue ofone ounce of callsaya, and one teaspoonful a grain of iron and phosphorous. Manufactured by Caswxli, Macs 4 Co., New York. For sale by all druggists. The one great Hem in pnrchairfng holiday gifts. Is to secure those that are useful as well as ornamental. We would suggest that par ticular attention be given to those elegant loung toC.and Msy chairs. Also all manner of fancy chairs. Inlaid tables, ladies' writing desks, work boxes, glove bozes, fancy baskets, etc.,etc., which *f*ott exhibition and for sale at very low prices at W. W. Stsomg's, SfR Randolph street. , .£ or ., r ?. nch or Cold.—A* aoonai there Is the slightest uneasiness of the Chest,with difficulty of breathing, or Indications of Conch, take during the day a few “Brown’s Bronchial Troches. Containing demulcent ingredients. Pulmonary Irritation. Have them in C* h!** ° poß tCe fln,t appearance of a Cold or Notice to Bnslnea* Wen and IheTtavelPng Pnblic generally.—Quick time to Boston, and all points East, via Lake bbore and Michigan Southern Railroad line. Our «jiap. m. train arrives in Cleveland at &00 a. m.. Bnflalo at 1:35 p. m., New York at T:00 a. m.—five OrS? of Michigan Central and « me * G *°- M. Guar. Western t 0 So - 83 D ~ rl,om and Window Shade* SoShSf rednc ” pricet ' F * 83 *»«• From Fortress fionm. in^u^L? 105 Becember Sl.-A Court o lo S hc,d here to loi-esticate and re «n«*tantes connected with the S ccnrr ?? about a week since Lieuienart Olcoriofthe “elmenl 1 5 _ - Forger named Down. ~£F I ik kDTt *ISi k \P tc * la **T 21.—Samuel L. Taee oftoi George W. Brown, who forced a cwv fn, g.« « AtSeritS7.n4flS.~U; long chase through the States, and Into Canada Birr In Philadelphia. Pznusnrma. December 41—The building on the northwest corner of Twelfth and Market chant, McLaughlin, photographer, and others, was totally destroyed by fire thu morning. BslKasrr Items. Baltmoex, December 31—T. Ellicott. for icars ■ prominent merchant, and President of the Finance Committee, died to-dar Oscar King and Charles W. Banter trustee* of Bayne, of MerehanU’ National Bank notorietr JjJJi I*®* 1 *®* reaoTed, having titled lo execute FROM OMAHA. Unten Pacific Kalirud Commiaalanem— ('•Bfiitioßef the Read—Time from Denver —Tbe Connection Between Omaha and tbe Herthweotern Railroad. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] OKiru, December 2L The Government Commissioners, General J. U. Bla peon. Generals. R. Curtis, tad Major Wo. M. ‘WhUo, have arrived Lore, ard proceed to mcmiw to lospcct the ninth section of the OnJon Pacific RaLroad- This road la now In operation three hundred and five miles west of Omaha. Thera have been no detentions on the line by snow storms, Indians, or from any other cause, reports from interested parties to the contrary notwith « andlng. Pawwngcn now make the trip between Denver and Chicago In tour and a half daysoy DU route. The ataee trip of twenty-five miles connecting the Union Pacific with the Chlcaco ± Northwestern lUHroad, win b« avoided it. thirty wbJch time the latter road will be com pleted to tbe Missouri River, and tbe Use from Denver to Chlcaco shortened twelve hoars FROM FOND DU LAC. Fire—Elßclency of the Fire Department. (Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.] Fohd Du Lac, Wls., December SI. At one o'clock this morning tbe work shop Is connection wltn the stove store of Taylor A Ober ricb wu found to he oa fire, it was a wooden building. In the immediate vicinity of a large num ber of other wooden buildings. The Fire De p^lSf9l Promptly oa the ground, and sac needed in saving Ibe snrronndlac bnUdlnga. A work extremely creditable to that department FROM NEW YORK. Action In Regard to Whiskey Frauds-Belief that Stephens has Arrived In Dublin—ll* H®** , l® n « Island—Bzploaioa ol Gan Work*—The Ocean Yacht Race, Ax. - Nrw Tons, December 21.—Commissioner New ton yesterday in tbe aMofSSi C°.. etmrged with lllldt distillation of whiskey, under the name of burnlngfluld, that they thereby evaded the eternal revenue tax. and ordered that **«J b * he l d hwait the action of tbe Grand Jury.. Tbe ball was increased to >3O 000 John Dtvlln, charged as debtor to the United States in ibe mom of f 100.000, by fipes and nenal- Uea Incurred hr alleged violations revenne ne “'' nSitomSSL'*' steph, M h« ar- An Uhdt whUkey distillery was seized at Hampslcad, Long Island, yesterday, which baa been in operation over one year. Thewbiskev gS'oSo'f'hi,! 0 iiwlei Devlin baa boon rearreated on a charge of fraud on tbe revenue, and held to bail In >£) uOO hv the United Ftatea court. J Tbe gaa works at Astoria. L. L. exploded this morning, throogh some defect in the tanks and shattered the western portion of the building There was no person in that section of the works at ibe time, else tbe loss of life might have been serious. Tbe 8t lAureut, arrived from Brest yesterday brought the largest cargo ever shipped from France to this country. The altlp American Congress from London, re ports that on the 15th of December, t«j mliee east of George's Bank, she saw a small schooner, sup posed to oe one of the yachts from New York, hove to under a balance reeled malnsalL beading to the eastward. At the time it was blowing aterlflc gale from N. N. E. She since baa had strong west and nortbwot winds. Nrw Yoiuc, December Sl.—The Iron bridge to span Broadway at its intersection with Fallon street, to relieve that narrow and crowded thor* onghlkre,!* nearly completed, and will be in po sition by February. Vlele, who baa reen on trial In Brooklyn aa one of the alleged murderers of Senor Otero, was ac quitted to-day. Mrs. Christiana N. Crosby has received 15,000 damaces from the New York and Brooklyn Ferry Company, tor injuries sustained by collision be tween the ferry boat Nebraska and United Stales gunboat itnscooia. in isra. Cold Weather* Ttrw Your, December 21.—The merenry mark ed four decrees below zero at an early hoar this morning. The weather has been colder else where. At Franconia, in the northern part of New Hampshire, one of the coldest places In the United States, the merenry this forenoon touched twenty nine degrees below zero. At New Haven, at noon, the temperature was four degrees below. PnoiDiunu. December 31—5 p. n.—The thermometer Is thirteen degrees above zero, with the wind west by north. The weather is clear and cold. Markets b? Telegraph. New York Markets* <*nos-Ho.^.. S ,v a^! W r °“- bl *“ usnaM, Gnats—Wheat l<U3c lower; common No. 3 Mil waukee. 13.13. Ccrnopened 10c lower. butci*sed bet ter; 9ftloc tor mixed WettermOats, for Chicago and Milwaukee. ” ~& t JS£2 < !S B r* O K , S firmer; $20,25® JC.73 lor new, and f19.t3®19-S0 for old. Beef heavy. Bacon doll. Lard lower, at njjiauxc. Butter and cheese firm. WmtKKT—Dull. PrrsoLxru—Quiet. LATER NEW YIIKK MARKETS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] NkwTosg, December 31, The whole market was dull to sympathy with gold. In wheat |3-SS was bid and refused tor No. 3 club; tor choice Canada dob $1.33 was bid to bond. raoTtsxov*. Pork closed Icm active. New Western, $30.75, seller February; old, |I9JUf, cash, Better lecltng in lard. uvsnoos. Bog* steady at Bc. Receipts, 1,700. Coffee—Rio, 21534 C, ana dnlL Sugar—Pair to prime grocery, lOxatlgc. market quiet. Blce-Carollna, 8* ®9c, and drooping. Nothing doing. Money and Stock* In New York. M „ Nzw You. December 21. Uoxrr—More active at G®7. Stxblixg Excnasos—Heavy at 9®9V- Gold—Active ana lower, closing at U3k. QovmiEtr biocxs—Easier. bToexs—Lower. Foit Wayne. R. 1 Toledo .IMh 1 Reading. .10JK Erie . MH'In.T.C.. N. W lUlnols Cen._, .45 In! s.Vx*! -ns* I _ LSTXST. Monr—There was an Increased demand for money to-day, and there were comparative ly few transactions at 6 per cent on caU. the balk of the business being *t 7 per cent. The decline to gold carries a feeling of distrust which Induce* money lenders to put the rate up to 7 percett, and the bears have been endearing to absorb u much money aa possible *a as to sMlaTthe down ward movement. There can be no permanent itrln grncy in the money market In tbe present Outness of the genera] trade, and the limited volume of specula- Uonto Wall street. The great success of the Gold Clearing rank haa Induced members of the Open Board aad Stock Exchange to try a similar experiment. The subscription Docks have been opened under tbe auspi ces of a committee of two from from each Board, and already JUOO.WO have been raised, and the amount win probable reach $3,&0,000 before their closing on Wednesday. Gou>—'The cold market closed at 133 V. and the two extremes of toe day were 134 X and 133*. There Is a large short Interest to toe market which is quite clear from the fket that at one time cash gold was worth * permit, premium. The light demand fbr customs and the dnme&t of exchange arc the main causes of toe depression, but the market was hammered severely m order to effect stocks and ranee a feeling of dDtrnat. i uezius Excused.—The fbrelgn exchange market continue* dull, and there is a funner decline to rates. The fnppjy of bankers bills l» to excess ol the demand, and prime sterling Is qnoted st lOßuatft) for sixty dsr bill*, and 109*<*lWjiyor short light. Mi«cztxssEor»—The decline to gold to-day exer cised a depressing Influence at the produce exchange, and there was a general decline to prices in tlie mer chandise markets. There was a heavy feeling to real ize and lower prices would have to bo accepted. GovruxwxsT*—l he Government securities were heavy at lee clow of toe day. The fol lowing were the closirg prices: K«- '«* 107*0107* 15-SQs ’64 .!C6*.alCP* Coup. ’51.J.....U1 «in* 9-»eonp_’63...lo*ai»s , IIBV 1040 coup 99*®1M 5-80 coup. ’62...106**106* _ . un boxsb. / The Mock market was heavy at the last open Board. The following were the closing quotations at 4 p. m : liTtts Bw«'*B4k W.U.T 43*« 14 1 Toledo TtO ®m N-Y.C l»k« I R.l 1« «JW« tS*« I H. Wenern..... 41X3 43 Ul.Ccntral... i: ll6 ®U6* I do pfd ....76*3 77 DirrowD-The Rome. Watertown & Ogdensburgb Railroad Company hare declared a semi-annual divi dend offlvepet cent, tree of Gorernment tax, parable on the 15th proximo. Mtxnro &bazxs—'The mining eharea at the afternoon Board were generalla a little lower with the exception of Consolldatbd Gregory which roae to 1139. s NBW YORK CATTLE MARKET. [Reported by telegraph exclusively tor the Chicago Tribune.] kAUS ST BXBOKN. auuu. Krw Tors, Friday Evening. Deem her Si, ISM. Bzet CaTTLx—There were yarded at the Bergen market to-day AM head. The market it dull and sales aie slow, with prices varying about the lame at last week. All are not sold. The supply of poultry Is toe large, and the weather ia too cold for active operations in this department of trade. The mercury stood only three degree* below r«ro this morning. Prime beeves •ell at 16c, lair 19c, and common 12e net. Fancy Christ mas stock commands 19®9fe. There is no demand lor common grades. One Ohio prize steer brought 1390. Snnp—There Is no change In the market, only that poor grades art not wanted, and cannot be sold even at 4®4*c. Good fat sheep command 6® 7c, and Christ mas stock 13£l}c. Hoes—The supply Is meagre. Only < cm received today. Prices range at B®9Mc. 60L05 ROBCrsOV. Albany Cattle Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] ALBsxt, N. Y., December tt. BEEF CATTLE—The cattle market has ruled Ann. although rather dulL The supply Is heavier than last week, but there axe fewer drove* of prime extra heavy stock In the yards. Holder* very generally asked more than the ruling rates of last Friday, but only a Aw ob tained any advance. For 12 head premium Illinois ICfcc V B was refused, ahd this was the top of the mar ket. J. Farthing sold IJT bead tlUnols. averaging L2** BA at PXe. and 66 bead, averaging jjn Bs, at 9c. Da vid Walxall sold 100 head, averaging t,S$7 B a; B*c; 73 head, averaging IJ3O Bs, at *88.00; S 3 bead, averaging U2TO ba at HC4XO, and 32 head, averaging 1,050 Ba at *70.00. Geo. Dewey sold 200 head, averaging 1,120 ba tt6*c. J.Ferris 501d96 head,averaging *,*«> ba at 73%'c- M.lßnras sold 54 head, averaging I.SCBAat *7.80. C. lAßocera s6ld 11 bead extia, averaging I.TSQ Bi, stlOc. A. Bmlth sold 50 head, averaging L 440 ba atTMc. L. Slowell sold 100 bead, averaging ATOas, at 9c. Total receipt* fbr tha week ASO bead. SHEEP—Are in moderate request at S£6c. Recant* S^CObead. DOGS—Receipts 3,400 bead. Demand good at prices ranging from TkdSMc. tntlwavkre Starker. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Mu-wacxk*. December St. Flo rx—Dull; holders uk tlfiJS for rood country X X spring, and gWJfctu .00 tor choice X. Few salts IX at 310.00. Ouacs—Wheat declined isdhc. Sales at 9a, a. board. ba at tLSOfatua tor So. 3: 11.94 a. o. February Ist; 3LTI tor No. 3 ta store; 3LM tor Be- Jectcd. Cora declined Ic. Sale* 400 bn No 1 at f3c Oattdecll&tsr. Kalca 6X bu at 45J<c tor No. X. PnoTiAicjrs—Ftnucr. Sale* 300 brU men pork at fISJO; 23 brl* prime lard at Iltfc.

Dsness Hooo—Firm, and 25c bibber, with tale* at tksoat.oo. Lin Hoot—Active, and 20c hither. Salee at 9LS& 33 A. Kncrme-UOO brla flonr, 7.500 bn wheat, <OO bn oats, L3Qobn cot a, <3O lire bogs, 3.W0 dnssed hog*. Smnutjns—®o brls flonr and LOOO bn wbeaL Indlnaapolla Ho* Market. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Trl suae.) IXbtASAPOus, December St. Since tbe opening ol the season. a.3U bogs bare been packed at tbe rations establishments in this city; W6O on personal account, and 27.904 on commission. Market slow, cayen offering and holders asking KaO, Clndnutl Tlarhet. _ axeman, December 21. PtQTk—ln moderate demand at fa,* to 319.33 for lOMnsa Osutni—Wheat steady. No.l spring »UsaadNo.l winter fXiOauß. corn quiet at & tor ear and 61c tor abeiled._Ott» dull and prices drooping. No.l,SN.k»c. "If. dnn and prices drooping. So buyers at over |LI3 tor No. 1 at tbe close. Oormw—Dull and prices lower. Salee at Sl£3lXc tor middling. Whisht—Declined to 35c, and !■ doll. Boos—la rood demandat 7 >to~Ve. Nearly all tbe Tickers are buying, and the aalm reach 5,600 bead at the quotations. Receipts 12JQ0. Mws pork ts In lair demand to fill orders at W.3M1930. and XO bris packed, three to eight days, •old at these rates. Tbs best aty brands, however, eomd not bare been bought belov S3XOO at the rlcwe. Bulk meats were In fair demand to ill orders at 7**3c for sbonlders. ana 9*ftloe for sides, packed, and tor clear sides. New bacon ildea, clear, sold at liytUUc. packed. Lard 1« ta good demand, chiefly speculative; sales6oo tierces atij*c, and aTthe close It conld not nave been bonght st I«*» than 13c. Gr«n meats firmer sad prices tlgber. closing at5V, IV<A9VC for sbouldera, sides audhams, bolder* asking Wc hither. °,V*T ?. n . 11 “fi 4 lie ,a PPiJ exceed* the demand. Cheese call at UV|* lie. aad hardly ccoucb doing to establish quotations. Kiws—43c and iteady, UprtTAsr-Kxchsage very dull and the o-'enura ex- Crcd tbs demand, ai i-u diiCfCAl i-njiag bad pbg nU- lot. Tbe money market U clow. Gold ImcmUr, bet U» broken were free borers at IXJX at tbs dose. St. Leals Blaraec. Corron—Unchanged. Nothing dolor. Flora—Swmdy. with tan local aad order demand. Prices nnchangt& tiaais— Wheat doth Its! ty lira bat do movement. Cora very heavy aod unchanged. Oats Fair business. I*rtcce ct changed. i’xormoae—Dull acd bevvy, with isles ot mess port at >3&SO; prime mess >I7XO. new city bacon sbonfiers 1% ; clear sides Ue. Lard dnll at Uxc for No. 1 Ueree. Whisht— Nominal atii-*5. Hoos—Heavy aad lower, with sates at 13.50 tor light; for heavy. Weather warm. Pens mu. Pltubtrfh Petroleum IBtrhet. PirisAUBUB. December 21. OH market doll. Ho receipts ot crude since yester day, navigation brtndsavtmy sosperded. Crude—M brls at US'c. packages Included; 150 brls at BVc on the spot, packages reamed; 5,000 brls Dr March. April and May delivery In 1.000 brls lota, at seller’s option, at Sue. packages returned. ReO'.ed a bond 2*k3l,'c tor December delivery lo Philadelphia, and tnr January deliver- Pm oil doll: no tales or demand Or Naptha. Baltimore Market. Baltimo**, December a. Otaia—‘ Wheat Inactive; reedp** light. Corn steady with sales of white at >lXss yellow at 11.03ai.f18 ’ Oats firm, with sales at SOfirCc. W.*. mW| w iiu MJ-t ■* IMInM. Flora—Dull; grocery brands neglected and droon. Ine. Wuuaxr—Heavy, with sales of Western at yi.rff). Philadelphia Diarist. Fiotra—Very dull at Dtxoi^alsa? 111 * oeems>er **• otau—Wheat—Scarce; Pennsylvania red at» 310. Com—Dull; new yellow at >LOOAUS: old at >IXO. o»t*-Nrv at 75c. Pxotuxovb—Mess pork at >22.50. Buffalo market. Buctalo, December 31. Floci—"Firm aad quite Gaata—Wheat—Ko. 3 Milwaukee sarlnr. Uso Corn dolt, at >IXO. Oats dull, at Barley, >IOO HARRIED In Evanston, on the evening of the iOth instant, at the residence of Governor Evans, by the Her Dr Raymond. Ur. WM.E. BAILEY and Miss N. MCAL LISTER. both of Evanston. DIED On Thursday night, December 30. ALICE BERTH Infant daughter ot Theodore a. and Bailie V. D Shaw aged three months. Funeral from the residence ot her parents. 577 Onta rlo-st- this. Saturday, altereoon, at one o’clock. In this city, November 33, of lung fever, SAMUEL WHITNEY, aged thirty-sir year*, at the rtsldcnceof Thomas Braun, corner LaSalle andMadi son-sta. amttsemrms. jVJ c VIOKEK'S THEATRE. UCVICK2B ft UTEBS Last afternoon and erentDgofMIssBLAKCHBDzBAB. Saturday Atternoon—Matinee. THE FEMALE GAMBLER. Mad. Foutamres. Miss Blanche Debar. To conclude with THE COUICaL COUNTESS. Katherine (with song) Miss ueßar. Saturday Evening, AK UNEQUAL MATCH. Hester Oltubrook, Miss Do llar. To conclude with THEBONEYMOON. Juliana. Brltb song) MUs Deßar. onday—Benefit of Mrs. Cowell. Tuesday—M'lle Johanna Clanssen. pOL. WO OP’S MUSEUM. GbL. J. H. WOOD •Proprietor Director of Amusements F. k. aIRSN Stage Manager 1806. BAEUT “ There’* Nothing Like It.” Revival ofthe great ■•nsatlonal drama—received with onanlmoos favor, and pronounced one ot the mort thru ire dramas ever produced upon the modern stage. This (Saturday) atternoon, Dec. 33d. at me Grand Matinee, at V past i o’clock, and also la the evening, at a !; before 8, will he presrolrd tho beautiful sensall an al drama of WAITING FOR THE VERDICT, tocoo elude, to the evening, with TOE ULTWHITES. Monday, will be produced, with great magnificence, the beantifil Fairy Spectacle ofFOKTUNIOAND HIS SEVEN GIFTED SKltVANTS.thewooderg ofthe world. pHILHARMONIO CONCERT, SATURDAY EVENING, DEC. 22,1866. □. BALATRA. •CONDUCTOR. PROGRAMME. I—Symphonic Triomphale By Hugo Ulrich. Oo 9 3—“OnU mare qual wrs." Duo lor Contralto and Tenor, from “I Munadlerl,” .Or Verdi (Ul«s L. Farrel and Mr. E. Scholtze.)' ‘ B—Concertino tor Trombone dt f , „ w (Mr. D. Braun.) 7 UftTllL “ p g2l^"lb | »molJe» o uplie." Quarter from “Le nOPDW. Uf Uanfhwr (Mr. E. bcbnltTP, o. Mueller, c. CkrioiesfE. GartheT> 5 Fantasia on Themes horn die “Africatoe.” fly n, 6 “Comeln.” raha*!.. ByF.Kucken _ „ (MUs L, Parrel.) 7 to the North star Meyerbeer Ticket* tor the remaining four concert*, (admitting a gestltman and two ladles) a&oo For sale at the Office of »be Treasurer, j. M. W. Jones, 4‘i Dcaroom-sc Strangen' Tickets, {IXO. BAM’L JOHNSTON. Secretary QROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE, GRAND OPENING NIGHT (Of a Seaton of 19 sights,) ofthe renowned OHIOSI AND BUSINI ITALIAN OPEBA COMPANY. MONDAY EVENING. December 31, at 8 p. m. First appearance to Chicago of 6IG. EITORE IRFRB, Prlmo Tenore of tbe Italian Opera in 8L Petersburg. Odessa. Paris, Milan, and other principal opera bou*ea to Europe; also. last winter, principal Tenore and moat favorite artist of Max Mareuek’s opera company. YeidTt grand Opera, to four acts, 1L TUOYATORB. Signora AsßhlollnsGblonl, to her great role 0f......Le0n0ra Mme. IwttlSgskoseb as Arucena Slg- KUore Irtre a* Manrtco gje- ***"*»• Count di Luna Slg. Colrtti as Fernando FULL CHORUS AND GRAND ORCHESTRA. Motlcml Director and Conductor Big. Nleolao Tuesday. Dec. 35-CBISPINO B LA COMARE. Wrdnreday, Dee. 3#—L’AFRtCAINE. Thursday,Dec. 37-LUCREZIA BORGIA. Fridav, Dee. 18— FAUST. c»aniitf®r' Dii * •• J . SCALE OF PRICES: Admission to parquette. Dress Circle aad Balcony. sl. Reserved Scats 50 rents extra Balcony Box Seats, 13. each. Proscenium Boxes, »io and SU. Family Circle, (entrance on State-tL.)SO cents. SEASON TICKETS, (good fbr 15 nights,) S3O.W. In Balcony Dot es, $33.00. Seat* lor either of thesbove nights may be secured dally from o a. m. nil l and from 3 tin I p. m«at Uie Box Office of toe Opera House. 9 Chlckerlng't piano and Mason A Hamlin's Cabinet Organs are n»cd at the opera. Librettos for sale at the Box Office. Door* open at ?K- Opera commences at 6 o clock. ■yARIETY THEATRE. C. M. Ciudtjci. Prop. G. H. Bsirrox, Manager. GREAT ATIUACTION THIS EVENING. Tbe great nautical drama of JACK ROBINSON AND HIS MONKEY. Edwin Blanchard as Jack DAN. SELBY In New Ethiopian Eccentricities. Benefit of MAGGIE LIVINGSTON, Friday Evening. December 31. apoear Mon-Jay Dec. 21, PROF. WILLIS COBB and his wondtrtnl Trained Costs, Monkeys and Doga. "VTANKEE ROBINSON’S CIRCUS X AND MENAGERIE. Engagement ofthe world rcscwDc-d Clown and Comic Singer, Mr. James Reynolds, Whowlll appear Monday evening. Thurs day evening. Dee. soth, uompUmentary Benefit to YANKEE ROBINSON. auction g?alco. rULBEKT & SAMPSON. VT AUCTIONEERS. FOR CHRISTMAS, Articles de Paris, The Importation ol motors. WSBT ot COHEFAZQ27ZZ2, 47 and 49 Rnedn Faubourg BA Hooorc, Parts. AT AUCTION, Win be continued this Thursday evening, at 7 o'clock Friday afternoon and evening and Saturday afternoon, and evening at 2* o’clock an) 7 o'clock. An Immenae variety of the choicest and richest novelties, made expressly fbr the Pari* trade. As rich or varied an aaaortment could hardlv he found la any one establishment In Paha, and certainly not In America. Penona desirous of making unique presents can here •elect “objects detantatsie’* which cannot be duplicat ed except In the best storea In Paris. These goods nave been chow having recard to RICHNESS AND NOVELTY OF STYLE, instead of cheapne**. They were, however, bon cht with a thorough knowledge of the Parti markets, and fbr cash. (torn the best makers, and share are no interme diate profits to be provided tbr. The tale will be with out reserve. _., * D GILBERT A SAMPSON. AnctloMerS. SALESROOMS 47 A 49 DKARItOUN-ST. gT GILBERT & SAMPSON. Another large and valuable stock of FINE FURS, ROBES, ETC., Jost opened. AT AUCTION, On MONDAY MORNING, Dec, 2«h, at 10 o’clock. We win sell at our f t 2 ciß Fur Good* ever dt y- consisting of verv floe aelect Mink, real Siberian bqulrteL,Marten and Fitch, la Capes, halt Cbma \ tctonne».rTalmas, CoUarsTM aHk, Cans • Gents’Beaver and Otter GsuntJetA Mufflers? Glove* and a beautiful assortment of Children’s Furs. Also *l*rre variety 01 Carriage and Lap Robes. All made ft? city retail trade, and made ot the finest selected Fun. GILBERT A SAMPSON. jo tLBERT & SAMPSON, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. -SECOND VALUABLE COLLECTION OP ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS, BY CATALOUGB. AT AUCTION, From the woC-tnown Gallery of P. GEBEODEWIT2. of Philadelphia, On THURSDAY E\ fiSftfl. 'Dee, fllb, it 7 o'clock WolrewrTeniJW'* eeU), at our Salesroom, 47 »cfl 4» Dearborn-su, 80 apeamens br modem Among the dlscngnUbod names ars the to)- H»*r Meiro, Paul Weber. W. Sheridan Young. C. Krurtra. ; Jas. Hamilton, Ottoßomera. * Thoa.Moran,. Ed. Moiaa. J.DrtaerL O. w.yiettieii. Leon Juniard, Tenor, Hmyner. . Jno. Funner, aad others. Prominent artists of New York. Boston aad pkiladel nbla. being tbs most valuable and choice collection of Paintings ever offered tor sale tn this dtr. Unit Jd TtT * Pictures an respectfully Tbe gallery win be open for exhibition tbe day and evening be lore tbe vale. 1 GILBERT 4 SAMPbON, Auctioneers. SL REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, • ew _ I‘I7DBAHBORN-ST, SeQs. at 10 o clock a. m., to-day, 500 Two-quart Cans Fresh Peaches, gygad order; Books, Clothing and Miscellaneous A.* BUTTERS & CCKy. Auctioneers & Commission Merchants PALMER'S BLOCS, t*4* 44 A 46 RANDOLPH-ST. jFine jFttnature. p'CRNITUKE ROOIK. CHAS. TOBEY, MAKTPACITREK A3TD DEALER IS RICH, MEDIUM USD COMMOS Furniture, BEDDING, MIRRORS, &c. TIIE LARGEST ASSORTMENT and LOWEST PRICES of any bouse In the West. LA It Is the SPECIAL INTBItKST ot every person wanting goods in my tine, to call and examine. 87 and 89 State-st., Chicago, ®o Kent-ieoußes. TO KENT—A new, tirst-dass tmme boose, rrmr.ininy thirteea rooms, aad fitted a Itb every press nary convenience, near Lincoln Park. Ho. 937 North Clark-st. Take PnOgton-tv. ears. XO KENT—By Wm. D. Kerlool, 80 Washlogton*U new booses on southwest corner lubbard mad containing? or 9 room*. Each rent |X, with privilege of renewal after May lit, at >3O per month. r PO RENT—Two new dwellings on A West Jackson street, 307 and 309. contatnlnc nine rooms each, cas, hydrant, eUiera water, bath roc ms, pantries and clnseta, Ac. TbUuoae oftbebest and beaitblcat toeallUM of the city. lecture at Boom Ho. 3. Cobb's Building. l‘Jfi Dearborn-si. TX) RENT—Two new houses, pleasant, A convenient and well finished, at a moderate Park. Inquire at 839 North TX) RENT— House with 5 rooms, and L furtllnie lor sale. Apply at 105 North Morgan- TO RENT—A small, niocly famished tenement, within half a mile of the eonn house, at >3O a month, to a man and wife, with £t*( class rewrenres, and who will prepay rent to IstoJ May. Apply at 1 92 North Clark-st, np staua. TO RENT—On Pullert/m-av., and on theeogeof Wright's Grom, anew J-s to nr hoase, wtm X acre of ground aroona it, containing id rooms, beside* clomets. ISO feet west ot horse cars. Apply to CLARKE. LAYTON A CO- jgS Washlagton-rt. TO RENT—If yon want to bny a house, rent a boose, or sell a bouse or lot. call at onr ol flee. Orrat Indocemenu always offering. GEORGE A WILLIAMS. 7 booth Clark-st. TO RENT—New dwellings, 10 and 23 Cottage, 9 rooms. 1 ydrsnt water, at >3) per month each. T. B. FITCH 4 CO., Boom 7, No. 1«7 Dearbora-eU fPO RENT—House, 12 to 15 rooms, new, A In good order, well located fir boarding. Al*o. store, quick and cheap, to good tenant. Apply at 409 South Clark-st. TO RENT—Four lim-classbiickhooics, onKorthSide-nearhirsecars. Have all modern Improvements. Rent. >OO per annum. ISAAC CLA FUN. 93 Washington-st. TO RENT—Anew cottace,containing 7 room*, with closets, two blocks fbom Lake-sL ran. Inquire ol D. C. BBOOKS, Chicago Post, 131 Dearborn-st. r po RENT—Anew 2-story and basement X boose. No. 73 Twcnty-slxth-st- containing tea rooms, besides closets, water, gas and sewerage. A guod location, within X buck of s»r**t cars. Apply to CLARKE, LAYTON 4 CO. 17S Wavhlngton st. TO RENT —Two-story frame bouse, No 1157 containing 7 rooms and water. Possession at once. Apply to J. M. MARSHALL, 97 Clark-*u fpo KENT —House on .Michigan-a?., A near Etcbtecnth-su. and furniture tor sale. For particulars address P. O. Box *>77. TO KENT —Cottage of six rooms, near city limits, on Madlson-st. Apply at fifth boose pom end ot horse cars, tooth side ot street. TO RENT—A b!ock of two-ston* Dame dwellings, entirely new, nine In number, pleas antly situated on tbe North Side, near the horse rail way, between LaSalle aod oa Eugenie. Tbe above dwellings will be rented at a low price to suita ble tenants. Apply to J. 6CANLAN, 7 Masmlc Temple. STo TO RENT—Furnished rooms, being a front sitting room end b*drcom, suitable lor a gentlemen and wife or for two gentlemen. In a private family, at 129 North Wdls-st. HpO RENT—Three rooms, to a respects -1 bio party, auliable for housekeeping. Apply at 606 North Ciarkat. 'T'O RENT—Furnished rooms. Apply 1 at the comer of Well* aad Monronsts., above clothing More. RENT—Furnished lodging rooms; X cue large hoot room; also, single and diuoe Poems, with closets, stove* and gas. sept to order, to rent, without board, at 13 South Water-SL, and 45 Mlchlnn-tr. rpo RENT —A nice famished room In I Morrison’s new blotk. South Clark-et. Inquire ofthe .lanltct. TO RENT — At 202 State-st, up stairs, verydetliable roams,farahbed with everything necessary lo comlort. Iklrronoea required. TO RENT—A suite of ucelj famished fhftil rooms; alto, two single rooms, without boant Apply at 48 South Franklln-at., where they rro RENT—Desirable and comlortahle X tarnished aleeplng rooms, convenient to business, *nhable tor gentlemen only, Stattsst. gEo Rent-jptorEg, ©ffices.&c TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent, rear of 74 Raadolph-sL, Court-place, oppo site Crosby’s Opera House. Apply to A. WORDEN A CO„ or L. I. 1 ODD, on the premite*. TO RENT—Office—On first floor. First clast office with all the modern convenience*, near the Board of Trade. App'y U> BOYNTON, FOSTER ± CO., Room No. 5* S-l and SO LaSalle-it. TO RENT—The store basement and loft?, 16S Lake-st. Inquire at the premDes. TO RENT—Store, or building, with two ttorles over the store, and good dir bistmeot. In one ot the best locations on Lake-st. Alto, the lease ot same, tor a term of year*, tor sale. For terms. 4e„ address **W L C,” Tribune office. Brrry wsy suited Ibr a Lfst-clsis bailees*, wholesale or retail. .Director. rro RENT—Stoic on South Chrk-st. X Fixtures for sale—shelving, counters, Ac. Inquire at Boom 3. No. 167 Dearbom-SL Roarbing, "DOARDING—A ffenlleman am) wife or 1 Xjtwovoung men can be accommodated with hoard at 220 West Late-eL ■DOARDING—Private Boarding-house, XJ 2SB tions can be procured Jbr the winter by families, single gentlemen and ladles; also, dsy boarders. Deferences required. I HOARDING—Good hoTrd, in a private M ♦ SJO P« wetk, at 21S Monroe-st, nth bide. ’ T>OARDINQ—A lew gentlemen can be JU farnlshodwlthdsyboardstllOWabaah-ar. T>OARDING—Two pleasant rooms to i_) rent with board, at 26S We* t Randolph-*t. Cara pass the boose. References required. "OOARDINQ—A large front room tor a ±J genUemea and wife; single and doable rooms fbr gentlemen; alio, one young lady who will sew to part pay for board, at 205 Mlchlgan-st. YD OARDING—Two gentlemen or a gen -1-f Uemanand 'olfeeaa be accommodated with toard and room at 9,5 Aberdeen-rt. References required. "DOARDING—A pleasant front room, U with large cloiet; also, a few boarders find toe comforts of a home at 34 South Qreen-su near Madison. "DOARDING—A few cenUemcn can find U board and rooms at 183 State-st. pp stairs. A famished room, stuta ble fbr a gentleman and wife, or two single cen- Lenten. Apply at 174 West Washington-*!. * "DOARDING—A famished room, suita* A f 2 r , m B ? 1 !lSl“X aa wtr «» or two stogie gentle- M™^ PP 7 * l TVcst Raouolph-sL, corner oi "DOARDINQ—A pleasant suite oT front * * ”*ms *° rent, with board, to a private fitmlly, at ‘■“Wn W* nwn “ ™ wur. DOARDING —An nnfaraished front IJroom, a’so neatly fttralihed rooms, with first-class board, in a private family, at 176 South Ctlnton-st. "DOARDING—In a private family for ILiFPy Olll * O wives or stogie gentlemen, at •439 llilnols-st., two blocks from State-st. bridge. T>OARDING—One. large parlor and sleeping room ott weu furnished to root with board, on Wabash-ar.. north ol Jackson-st. Sleeping room arge.andlargecloietln each room. Win rent or three single men. Address P. o. *OOARDING—A desirable front room, ***» Rniitai? ied board tor eeDUe ” ao wtTe, at "OOARDING—Good board at $4.50 per theTcaujSure? 8 Dear bo nut, near T>OARI)INQ—A and* wile, A J> or two young gentlemen, can be accommodated T3OARDING—Day boarders wanted at H Live and Let Uve Dining Saloon, No. 123 Dsar born-st., at $3 lor twenty-one meats. ■pOAßDlNQ—Comfortable roams and ,hr»S!ru* §bet I i ' M t‘ tlfi Sl *te-st_ one block from the Poet Office. A quiet, convenient place fbr a few day hoarders. T>OADDING—With famished rooms ,IJ gentian cn; also, day board, at 132 Kmi Madison-it. T>CARDING—A few gentlemen can good board, and pleasant rooms, at 227 Mlchlgan-st.. near corner of North State, and conve nient to business localities. Terms moderate. T3OARDING—A gentleman who spends X> mest of bit time In the country, wishes a pleas ant fornl*hed room, with boart, tor his wife and clrL 7 years old, at a reasonable rate. Good references clven. Good board required. Address “L S." .14 Lake-st.. up slalf*. * ISoarti ffiHantch. TJOARD—A gentleman desires first class JD board for himself and wife, in a private family, on ihe South bide. Michigan or Wabaih-av. preterred. Addrew -SA C," Tribune office. TDOARD—Bj a young man, in some 1 > pleasant private fkmlty. Would like to furnish a piauo and board ont part of the price. Pest of refer ence given. Apply In person or by letter at t*S Ban dolph-st. (gomsponfrenrr esaanteH. CORRESPONDENCE — Wanted —By \ > two yonoe g’-tnlemen. an nullmued number of young ladles to correspond with. Addreas to **J V” and -F D." West Branch Post 03re. Chicago, n. pORRESPONDENOE Wanted A V / young man would like to correspond with some respectable Tocng ladv, with a view to acquaintance. Address WILLIE 6. M. WALLACE. Cblcaco- m. £i3antcli—2Eo Kent. WANTED— -To Rent—A cellar and first floor of» good fired brick building, voluble for ftn on rkcioyj. Address wiUi particular!, “L." p. o. 33Ianft0. ■gOUNTIES. Official Blanks! Wefbare now for Bale tbe following additional Boun • ty Blanka, wblcb bare ALL been approved by tbe Do partmeoU: Soldier's Claim for Addltleonl Banner* Widow's " « « Fatber'a “ ** “ Mother's “ “ »«. Parenta’ “ (Jointly) “ “ Gaardlan'o “ ♦* “ f A communication from Second Auditor's Offlcs, re erring to oopleaof onr Blanks* tent tor examination, say*: ” The forma are decidedly the best that haye been presented to this Of fice*" Sen; prepaid on receipt of tbe money, at fl.oo pet quire. A neat pamphlet, containing Pension and Bounty Law* ol ISM, with latest Instructions and regulations vnt Agents on receipt ol stamp to pay postage. A cc* inclosed with each package or Blanks. Address TRIBUNE CO., 51 Clark-st. Chicago. fHarfrinnrt!. rj»HE LANE & BODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM EEOIHEB, RMngio Machines. Corn Min* aad Shifting, Wood °"IH“ working Machinery. LANK A: BODLEY, Comer ol John and Waicr-«U~ Clnclnnaff. Applicant tor deacrtpttn circulars wgLgg=gJ?a piskasij tneg aid* Simailonn SEtantes. ICAI.BS. CITDATION —Wanted—By a good tin- O scr. ot thirty yean experience. Address "TIN NEB." Gilman. IC*. SITUATION— Wanted—As collector or sblpplngcletk. Salary not to much an ob)ect aa pennai est altnallon. Can give the very boat ofroftjr ences and security, if ccctmrj. Address “A.” Trl bore office. SITUATION —Wanted—By two young men,todilTeearrtscalnaprlvata tomlly and do general lamlly work. Beet city menace*. Address -LM Q.- Tribune office. SITUATION—Wanted—To teach Math- O ematlce, by one capable of teaching thefan**t col- Inreconn*. Good was ea rcc aired. Addresi~MAlH SMA*ni:lAHt" Kewanee. XXL SITUATION— Wanted—By a young msD. who understands the care of bone*, a eu nare t*am to drive. Can else tbe beat of reference*. Address *• H,” Tribune offlee. CITUATiON—WauIed —By an able- O bodied man, inanyboaorablebosloea*. as portre, at a moderate asJary. Addrta* **P O." Tribune office. QITUATION—Wanted— By a middle- O seed, steady man, as bartender or cellar man. la anxious for employment, and wl Jinx to make hlmacU useftot In any caracity. Please address J. FINCH, -jl’j We*t Randolph-*!. QFTUATION —Wanted —By two young' Cl men—one a* teamster and derk In a grocery (tore. Both can apeak German and EcclUb. Good re aim aecdaUons circa. Address A.CUTES, 100 West Wa ter-at SITUATION— Wanted—By an experi enced mar. a* bookkeeper, cashier or corresp ind ent. Abilities Hnt-c*a*s. ana references, in this city, unexceptionable. Addrei* Box 8»33. SITUATION—Wanted—By an Amer- O lean young man. In a private fiamtly, to drive a team and be useful around the bouse. Address -GEORGE." Tribune ones. FBJIAI.BB* CITUATION—Wanted—By a young O widow lady, as housekeeper or seamstress to a private lamlly. Address, tor one week, "Mr*. L B,” 766 bcdgwlck-st. Chicago. CITUATION—Wanted—By two young O gtrlf trom tbe east—one aa cook, and the other as second girl, in a respectable pi irate lamlly. Apply at IMS Ewlng-tU QITDATION Wanted —As Baleswo- O man, by a young lady. In a dry good* or notion Horn. Address** A G.** Tribune office. ISeal listate-ffiits. inPBOVBD. T7OR SALE—A new, first-class 9-storv X 1 frame dwelling bouse, fitted no with every desira ble convenience, containing thirteen rooms. No, 93M North Clark-*u, well suited lor a respectable tomlly. Apply cn tbe premises. F)R SALE—On W abash av.. near Four lcenib-*L, gcod dvel'lng house and bare, on leased lot—lease run* four yean from next Hay; also, bonseandloton wichlgan-ar.: desirable brick bouse and bam cn the North hide. J. D. HARVEY, 7a La Salle-* t. T7OR SALE—CI cap, a new two-story I and bassmentbruk bouse of ll rooms; hot and cold water, bathr.ocma, marble mantel*. and lot, with barn, on Wabash-sv., near Fwentletb-aL THOM AS D. SNYDER A CO.. Real EsUte Agents, No. 4 Me tropolltan Block. 170 R SALE —Cheap—An entirely new, I neat 3-ttory frame house, of 8 rooms, closet*, and lot <3 by 150 feet, <-n Fnlton-st- near Ilcyne. Imme diate pooscoslon given. THOMAS D. SNYDERft CO- Iteal Estate Agents, 4 Metropolitan Block. F)R SALE—Lot cn Michigan-av., be tween Fpurttenth and Fifteenth »t»„ 4i p-et treat. Al«vsoftet near Twer tv-eixth-at. WM.J. TEWKS BURY, Boom 11, No. 89 Washington'*!. IJ'OR SALE—A first-class Residence r nr ir Lincoln Park, three story brick. Jot 103 fee*, front, cr od brick barn. A very desirable place—Sl6.oM}. U. C. MOKKY A CO.. S Metropolitan Block. 170 R SALE—A block on Fultonst., f comprising 41 lot*, having a Bout of I.ISB feet, part of the lots are 140 tret in depth, and well located for Immediate sale or tmprovemcat-f16,000. H. C. MO RET ft CO., Real Estate Brokers, H Metropolitan Block. UNinPHOVED, TTOR SALE—The north halt of Block 17 No. 4% School Section Addition, having a front see of IS feet on Clinton and Jefferson-* and con talnlne S 3 tots. A rare opportunity fur a manufacto ry. Win be sold on reasonable terms bv T. b. FITCH k CO., No. 167 Dearbom-st. T?OR SALS—7I by 250 feet on Clar/t-st, I? netr Foortcenth-sL. a splendid lot for manufactur ing or slm liar ba«lnc*. ; DlrlM feet, to thirty foot alley on Twcnry-f>rst-st.. near Arrher-roid. Can be subdivided to good advantage. H. C. MOREY A CO- Real Estate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. TTOK SALE—72xI3O ket comer Jack- I son-et. and at I1JO0: a basement Cottage on Sangamos-'L. near Monroe-su. with lease of lot at f» per year—sl^oo: 41 feet on We-t Madison »U near Paullna-st., $45 per toot. H. C. MOUSY * Beal Estate Drokero, 8 Metropulmn Block. FOR SALE—By Wm. D. Kerloot, 80 WashlpgtoMt. JO acres on SUte-st., north ol TwcttT Blxth-*U subdivided Into 106 lota, and offered at a price which Irsurcs a large profit. Long time will be given on three-quarter? of the money. partners Siaanfcb. PARTNER —Wanted—To manufacture an article used In every family. Profits Urge. Cap ital required DIXON ft room IG. 130 couth Clark-st. PARTNER Wanted With trom $13,00 to $20,000 capital. In an old established busi ness m this city. An active man of good hnsinras habit*, with the above capita*, will and an opening sel dom offered. For particular* address with name and residence, ** H 6.** Tribune office. T)ARTNER—Wanted—s2,ooo will se- X cure half Interest tn a light manataetntlng bnal ccf s, paying sto per day. Wish help to Increase holi ness. Best references given and required. Call m per son on C. C. W. HABIN, 21H Lake-stl, second floor. PARTNER —Wantf.d—With a ensh cap- X lUI 01 from S3OO to SI,OOO. to engage In the com mission bnalccaa. principally fkney liquors. A eoo-1 opportunity wiu be offered to the rtent party. Ad dress “j R. Tnbune offlee, stating where an Inter view may be had. PARTNER —Wanted With SUI>O to SBOO, to engage In a profitable legitimate business, meeting wUh no opposition. So banns to pay. and no ilskslomn. This 11 a rare chance. Brokers not an swered. AddroM P. o. Box >9. stating where an In terview can be held. PARTNER —Wanted—With SI,OOO, to Join the advertiser la an honorable business which E. a l! 10 °. Expenses light, and ao rlska. Address •‘ARGYLE,'’ Tribune offlcc. staling where an Interview can be had. Brokers need not ap ply. Nobotuvlo pay. r T>ARTNER—WauIed—A rare opportu- X nlty la offered to the »ale of a one-halt Interest In one of the finest Panoramic Exhibition* in America. The rabjectl* popular and Intellectual, and baa never Sl'tS.* 0 ro,lte * CUar of all expense*. from *to,OM to flACroperyear.. The partle* connected with It are re sponsible. ana want an active rvponsible party to per cbafcc one-ball. Liberal terms will he offered. Aonlv J®, 4 *!' B K.” Boom 1, No. 195 Booth Clark-st-, Chicago. T) ARTNKR—Wanted—ln one ol the I best paying boslnc«ae* tn the Wert. Paying per week, Call at Boon 21, 127 bomb "PARTNER—Wanted—A young man, I with $l5O to S3OO capital, who wi>hretn engage In alight, profitable hnsluesa, to call at 82 Dcarborn-iU Room 3, op stairs. PARTNER— Wanted—With $1,500 or .*2-CColn_a grocery doing a goo*! bustnnw; also, one with S7OO in an established boslnesa paying SIOO per week net. Apply at IQQ Hadlsor-iU Boom 4. "PARTNER Wasted With $3,000 1 ca«h, to take a ono-thlrd interest in a Brewcrr. located tn this city. Profits $7,000 per annum. re sponsible references given ami tequlred. Address “E 31. Tribune office. justness Chances. F)R SALE—The subscriber will sell bis ssloon also two billiard tables, at a great bar ♦cld with the saloon or separately. Call at 133 South Clark-st. pOR SATiE—To Merchant Tailora—A A tnngandstylljh trade, stock and fixtures for sale IP jrae of the btat locatloa* onciark-tt A fortune tn it tor the right man. No bonus aeked. Owner rear ing. Bor 23 3, p. O. FOR SALE—A good chance tnr saloon and restaurant tbaeemenl No.47Sonlh Clark st, The best place adapted fur saioon and restaurant Everything In fine order and lor sale cheap. F)R SALE—A croc err store, doing a flret<la«s buslncw. In or e of the bert location* lu me Weil Division. Ixt » rent and no competttion. Inquire of L.H. ROBINSON A Cu.. 84 Deafborn->tt F)R -SALE—Who has a drug store for tale? well located for bnslnesa. Cau hear of a bujyer bj- addressing me. O. P. K. REED, ajmt, La- T7OR SALE—Planing miU. Well loca- X ted for doing a splendid bustae**. Contains ere ry thing usually connected with a flret-claM planing mill, and will be sold reasonable. If preferred, me owner will retain a bah-mtereat and give ht» time to thebnsloe**. Apnlv to REES A ATBEd, Baal Estate Broken. Office IQ Crwby’a Opera House. TT'OR SALE —A first-class Restaurant X and Dining Saloon, elegantly fitted up and doing a good boalnca*. tn one of the 'very beet locations in the city. W|<l be sold at much Ires than it* value If taken Immedlaielr—a rare chance. WARREN A GOODRICH, Beal Estate Broken, 133 Dearbom-su Boom 2. TT'OR SALE—A desirable stock of Dry X Gocd*. In good location. Would fell part on time or property, or take partner. Apply to s. W. SEA, 114 AJutMt. jFor Sale. T7OR SALE—A second-hand Buckley 1 folding machine—in eoudition. Price, |UO. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. TT'OR SALE—One of the best built tug L' boats in Chicago harbor. Measurement S tons, la new, aud will be sold at a bargain, if applied fbr Im mediately. Address C. W. PINK HAM. Food da Lac, Wls. TTOR HALE—Lot 8, block 20. In the r 1 original town, situated on West Watrr-sU. near Washington. ino m dry flour brl staves. Rtrk Tov cola and scow Gladiator. Apply at 473 North Wa ler-sL, near lighthouse. GALEN EASTMAN. T?OR SALE—At 89 West iladison-st., r lOOystds best patterns. Elegant for holiday gifts. Bargains given. T?OR SALE—Newfoundland pups and an P Imported black and tan dog. Apply at No. 1 North Clarkst. P)R SALE Cheap Prime Maple Wood. U quantities to salt purchasers. Apply ou SpatTonTs Dock. North Side, below Rnsh-st. bridge. FOR SALE—Table Counters, at 87 Washing toa-sr. XT'OR SALE—Fine bred black and tan S' Puppy. Can be no better. Apply st ISB South Clark-st. r?OR SALE—Apparatus and material 1* for making Tov Rubber Balloons, all siren and colors. A complete kooa ledge of tbe business Im psrted. Addreu - BALLQ3XS.” Tribune office. T7OR SALE —Livery Stable, capable of L 1 bolding <0 hortes, srd plenty of carnage room. Also, stock. Separately or together. Call at* 434 State-st. 3Scal instate—(Countrg. FOR SALE—lmproved Farms—The following firms, with valuable Improvements, situated in Marshall County- UUncls, near railroad depot and rtver r Two (arms ot SM acres each, one ot Nacres. one ot SO acres, one ol 160 acres, one ot U 7 acres, and one of eighty acres. Also, coal and timber lands, and Improved property tu the thriving city ot Laeon, Marshall County. Terms very reasonable. For particulars address vishvr a SONS. Lacon. Illinois. FOR SALE—A good unproved farm of &M acres, will be sold In a body or In parcels. Two nouics. one new; barn, cider mill and outbuildings: two orchard* of superior fruit: well watered and welt timbered, and situated within two miles of Battle Creek. Michigan. Terms reasonable. For particulars afdws WM. J. WATSON. Battle Creek. Mich. gorges, Carriages, sgc. A LARGE, double-seated, two-horse Carriage ana a one or two-borse Sleigh, both In excellent oroer. fbr sale. Inquire at 134 IciMxt. 'TXT' ANTED — To Boy— A Second hand YY flelghihathasbe-nbutUttienaed.nta reason able price. Address **T. W.A.** Drawer 6110, Chi cago. ONE NICE DOUBLE SLEIGH, for two or oae bom: also, one sft of Bob Sleds and one Express Sleigh, one Single Cutter, aa Erpresa Wagon and Grocery Wagon for sain at S 4 Ifidiana-st rnrnf r of FTaUkllU. GRAIN WAGON, almost new, iron axle, tor sale. Caabesceaat434Btatfr*t. . S’ LEIGH FOR SALE, at Whiting & Etlsaw'i BUbJe-aUry tract of Wart Room. JHaanteh-jaale fttlf. BOOKKEEPERS, ULBSHBH to TXT ANTED —A good practical draushts fV du to work In an Architect’* oOce.” One who baa acme kaowledte of bookkeeping preferred. Address Peat Office Box No. 326 Quincy. iPinoUJ "IXTANTED —A few active and enter- W prlsiar young msaenn get employment by In quiring at 197 Wert Latent. TXT’ANTED —Book canvassers and ped- VV (Here—male and female—for city and country, tor * (hit acCmn book, on large commission* or aalary. Canvas*'!* make trem «» to tn per day. Call al Boom 38 Lombard Block. Chicago. TTTANTED —A practical bookkeeper is VV open for anenngtmaat torthe ensuing year. Addre** g. JAMES. Tribune offlee. ITBAAKB. TXrANTED—A first-class gas fitter, to V> ro to Peoria. Apply at tbe NOKTHWSST MANUFACTTKINO CO« on JelTei*on-«t., between Lake and Randolph. \\T ANTED— A pood carnage-body YV maker. Apply at‘JQg Latest. \\T AN TED —A first-class rarnisher, at V V the coda factory, rear of S3U Bandolph-it. Steady employment. gjgaanteb-jpamale jgclp. Tlf ANTED —Twenty ladies to learn to V V operate on tbo Elliptic Lock stitch sewing Ma chine. Lesaoss free of charge. All kinds of stitching neatly done to older. MORE 7 ± 812 AW, 92 Wash- Chicago- BODSB SEBVANTS, wANTED —A woman to do cooking, \ \ washing and treeing In a private tomlly. A capable perron, who can (nrilih reference us to Chir ac Ur atd abl-lty, ran hare sattatactory wages. Apply at the Tribune office. WANTED —A wet nurse. Apply at 370 Mlchlgan-av. \7[7"ANTED —1 good cook, 2 dining- Y V room girls. 1 lancoress. t chambermaid, tmtue dlately. at Cattle Fair Hotel, union Stock Yards. TXT'AN TED—A competent girl to do V v general housework In a clergyman’s tomlly. Apply at 31 South Rncker-at. \\/ANTED —At 738 West Lake-st, a f V competent bouse girl. Good wages to one not afraid to work. No other need apply. TXT'ANTED—A second girl. Good ref- YY crences required. Apply at 13S Wabaah-av. WT ANTED—A cood girl to cook, wash V> andiron. Good wages win be paid. Apply at •>77 Fnltop-st.. tor two day*. WANTED —A girl to {do dining-room and chamber work. One who understands her business can secure a permanent place and good wages at 1 S 3 South Jcfler«on-»L tamplojimcnt agencies. "WT ANTED —To employ 1 man in ev- V V cry town In the West, to sell an entirely new thing. Kcne but live active men need apply. Address, lor particulars, with two three cents stamps, to pay re turn pctlage, 8. a. McELWAIN, box IQQS Chicago. XXT ANTED —240 men to go South, this VV oay. wages from >ls to Ka per mouth and board. Apply at Rocm 31. No. 127 South Clork->t., Immediately. WUIGHr AGO. TA 7A NT ED —All persons looking tor V » employment to call at Boom 21. N>. L 27 Sooth Clark-st- and grt a goad paying situation. \XT ANTED—A man trom every town. V V with from $1 to fUCOO, to call at Boom 3, No. 4 S Sooth Clark-»t- ap glairs. TXT AN TED—BOO men to go South, VV sl3 to SSO per month and board; 93 hewer*. 15 sklp-carpcnten, so wood chopper*, SO railroad men. Apply at Room 3. Lind's Block, Randolphs t. bridge. 117ANTED—1.000 men to go South, Y V w*gte 140 to fSO a month and board- Also, rail road nun. and all wanting employment. Apply at 133 South clark-cu, Boom A. TXT ANTED—Bookkeepers, cleiks, sales* *V men, porters, drivers, bartenders, brakesmen, mechanics. laborers, canvassers, and all wishing sUoa- Uots, to apply at EUI’LOTMENT AGENCY, 82 Dear born-st., Hoorn 2. Applicants by mall enclose 10 cents. W~ ANTED—Men looking lor employ ment as bookkeepers, clerks, salesmen. solici tors. porters, drivers, bartenders, ftc- to apply to PAR SIIAIL A SMITH, 12S South Clark-sL, Itoom 11. and secure Rood paying situations. By mall enclose two tumps. WANTED-Men to fill situations now V open in the city; also men to workon railroads \\T ANTED—This day, SCO men to go \ T South; wages $43 to SSO per month sad beard. 10 teams and teamsters for Michigan. Also, all want •nk employment to call at 10!) Madlsoa-sU; Boom 4. TATANTID— 2 assistant bookkeepers, 2 1 V salesmen. 1 conductor. 3 brakemen, 1 &rem*n. 1 porter. 3 driver*. 5 evprtssmeu. Apply at R»m 13. Fullerton Block. 9*4 Dearborn-**. Applicants by mall address J. M. MOURE ft CO„ Box 1707. enclosing 10 cents for reply. TAT ANTED—Youngmenm the country V Y wishing to obtain situations, such as bockkeep ers, derks, collectors, sa’esmen, conductors, express men, ftp-ftc_ tn apply at Room 13 Fullerton Block. 93 Dearbora-sc, or address J. M. MOORE ft CO- Box 1707. enclosing tea cents for lull particulars. VV ANTED—Youngmen in the country V Y wishing to obtain situations, such as bookkeep ers, salesmen, collectors, expressmen, clerks, brakes men, Ac..ic M to applyatlß4 Dearborn-**.,Room2. cr address M E.JONES ft CO- 83X2U40. endowing ten cents lor fall particulars. TTTANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 1 YY colUctor, 3 brakemen, 3 firemen. 1 porter. 3 drivers. 4 agents, 3 entry e'erks, 3 conductors. Apply at 134 Dcarborn-st- Room 2. SiHanteli—iHisccllaneous. WANTED—An experienced Feeder > T tor an Ad*m« press, atd an aopicntice. Anpiy G. U. FERGUS, Bjok and Job Printer, 12 and 14 Clarfc-st. * \A7"ANTED —Old and young, male and V ? female, to call cn Madame DUAL, one of the Keateet fortune tellers known. She will astonish, ‘relations present, past and future. 393 South WANTED —“Granger” ofleis to order V a'splcndid wool lines Qarryowen Over Coat and a choice fhjm wveral pieces ef flrst-class goods for $36. At 130 South Clark-st.. up stairs. WANTED—I want and will have one » of"Cnmger*»" Garryowen bnolucas suits for At 130 South Clark- \\J ANTED—Patent-Right Men—The »,*. undersigned having a valuable Inveutl-n. ct wt Ufa they wish to sell territory, will give a liberal cunjmlfiion to the right kind of mer. Apply atooco to 176 booth Clark-tt- for sample and further In fom at 1 on, or address b. W. JOHNSON ft CO- Detroit. Michigan. • WANTED— To buy or start in a healthy and growing In'and town.a hardware More, with stove and tlnshop attached. Any one In terested can addrea* “TINNER," Gllmim. iiu. TXTANTED—A lot of cheap lewelrr, W V hats, caps, boots and shore. clothing and trfn seta, to sell at «ocUoo. Apply at 192 Sooth Clark* st. WM. GRIFFITHS A Aneftoarem TT7 ANTED—To i>av or Rent—A house \ T In theSoatb or North Division. In a good nrlxh borhoed. Apply at ISO South Clark sL, Office 13. trtwten l& and 11 y o'clock, a. a ■. TIT ANTED—A bnck residence, on the Y> South side, with about 40 feet cfgrouud. Most SL™.“I 1 We will par from #ls,CCt* to $23,000 cash. S. 11. KERFGOT A CO., 71 Dearlorn-*t. * T\7 ANTED— Ashley, Steele & Co's . » V. G*®»»l Agency. Beal and personal property, bought, sold and exchanged; contracts an 1 leases ne gotiated; employment lurmahcd; houses raised, '• taxes paM; rents and accounts collected;pianos, furniture, clothing, tools, Carmine Immanent*, seed*. fruit trees, (Osage plant!.) guns, trap-, book?, pictures. Ac., bought and forwarded. Comm Mien 3 per cent Patents of all kinds on hand. Übera! Inducements to agents with capital from « to f l.tsxi. Correspondence invited. Icnrmatton free npen receipt of mrelope, stamped and directed. Let ters written, bills made out, accounts corrected, and copying neatly executed. No 4* South Clark-*t, Bcum 2. Chicago, 111., References: lion. I. N. Arnold. Chicago, 111; John Evat*, General J. L. Beveridge. Evarstcc, HU A. F. Croskey. George A. Shnfeldt, 70 Wsshlngton-eU Chicago. IU.; E. Dtnfjrrt, Boom R. Metropolitan Block. Chicago. 111. M. o. ASHLEY. W. S. STEELE. GERRY E. DANFOBD. Jk. WT ANTED—Stencil cotters to know T » th«t JOHN MBA I*ER manufactures the belt of Indelllble Stencil Ink and Dry Inks Stencil Frame* anaßtcshe*. and keeps on hand German Silver and Platers’ Press suitable fbr their n*e. Room R North rest corner of Clark and Sootn Water-! ti*. Chlcags, Dl. TT7 ANTED—lnformation—Wm. P.Hol- V V ton, left his Lome September 34th, and ha< nor beer seen or beard of flncc. Any lafarmatlan re gmrdlpg him win be tbankftilly received by hla wile. In Detroit. Michigan. Wf ANTED—To Exchange—A five acre V v lot, near the city limit*, fbr a good saloon and boarding bouse, or a good grocery, worth from SXOOO to f Ulfi. Addreaa -J M,- Tribune office. \\7 ANTED—A large number of per- T v secs to purchase the Common Sense Famllv Setnrg Machine tor Christmas present*. Call at 1 ?rt Scnth Clark-st. Lloersl deductions made. \\T ANTED—Any one having one o! II Winner’s double action dashcrchaniscan And a purchaser by add: casing or applying to “M. B. 100 Mmdlson-eC, Boom 4. TX7 ANTED—Stock ol SIO,OOO to $-10,000 T V worth of dry nods or general merchsndlta, for which choice preineland, in Minnesota, and part c**h. wm be exchanged. Address me, at Rochester. WM. McCULLuUGU. TAT"ANTED—We want several good f T men to work f;r U-« la Ciilcagnanrt neighboring towrr. Will give gcod men $75 per month. JK per cent ccmtrlwlon and office rent Dr>t six months. Better arrangements afterwards with the best men. A per manent and profitable altuadon to ateadv worker*. Bn-- elooe $1 Mr «amries. 4r. COOKE, QARKNhSS A CO.. Cltctncatl. O, Bor 3077. TXTAN TED—Some of the best business V V men tn the country to take bold of the be«t thing ever ottered to make money with. 12S Lake-*;. A. C.BROWN A CO. TT7ANTED —A second-hand first-class VV rooking stove, in sood order. Stewart’s make preferred. Address WM.splLSßCßY.TrlhttteoSlce. Wf ANTED—We challenge any party to \ V show you a better paying or more genteel boM sen than we can. It it an article o( real merit, and we defy any one to show us any dec-pllon or humbug In cur patent machine for grinding, knives, PCluor*. shear*. rtaper-kuives, edged tools. Ac ; grinds one or both tides at rame time; never wears oat; no compe tition; rapid sale# everywhere. Agents making |lO to ISO prrdaj. Picht or territory given to live men. K*.tall price I3JQ. send for sample; 2 stamps for reply. FULLESac CO. 133 Booth Clark sl. Boom 18. TXT ANTED—lmmediately, a first-rate ▼ T wacon. with grain hoi for gram In bulk. NOB TON A CO.. Oriental Mills, Madlson-sL bridge. \\f ANTED—To mlorm the sufTering, y V that we never lall Vo cure Rheumatism, Neu ralgia, Ctolcra, Dyspepsia. Piles and Consumption. Med. Electricity taunt to clergymen, gentlemen and ladles. It 1* a useful and profitable business. DBS. LEWIS A DANIEL, 135 Scuta C.'ark-st, Bonm 3. Chicago, 11L \\7 ANTED—To Buy—One ot Grover VV APakcr’s Famllv Sewing Msehlnes.Unnt much used. Address Box 1044 Post Office. Y\/ ANTED—To purchase one or two V» acres pleasantly situated near Kenwood or Hyde Park Station. Address, giving location, price and terms. 11 JIV cart Box 3000, Chicago. TALANTED —To buv for cash—House YY and lot worth ffi,OCO to'flLOOJ, must be desirable and cheap, eut of State and north of Twentv-seeoac «. Address, stating location and price, -fIOCSE," Tribune office. TTTANTED—Know Thyself—AO per- V Y sots, younger old, who wish to have their past, present and future clearly revealed, call on MADAM CARLISLE, at 316 Sooth CUrk-sto np-stslr*. jHarijiiirrp. T?OR SALE—One lonnccn-harae Mrta xL S Si S?«^k, A pSM”t OBli™ BKOTHEKS, 156 South Water St. P)R SALE—btcam Engines—j, b, 8, to ao and 30-horse portable, and ail sizes of sta tionary eo*lo«*circular Woodworth pia. ruer* and matcocM, power corn ahellem. shafting, pul ws and elevator machinery bunt to oner. RICH AHDS' XMGX WORKS. 190 Waahingtoa-st. FOR SALE—Three 8-hor?e power up right eaglnts; also six horizontal eazincs, 9, 10 ana 13-borse piwer. Larger or smaller engines furn isbedwlth or without boilers. 12,15,18 and JO-horse tubular ana locomotive bol'ers for sale, best make. Also one t-roUer Union Matcher and Plamng Machine. Sawtellla, barrel and wood-working machinery. Iron planers, belting, saws, files. At*. Machinery Depot, 3U Dearborn-sU. Chicago. GREENLEE BROS. A CO. pianos. ITOR SALE—Piano—One of Gilbert & Jj Co.'s evocuve. Baa been In use a short time, and •« in perfect order. Will be sold cheap. Apply at 17731 North Dear born-* t. I.'OR SALE—A good 7-octave Hallet & X 1 Lavls Plano, carved legs, nearly new. at 142 Lale-Ct. GILES BEO. 4 CO. T7OR SALE—And to rent, new and sec r ond hand planes, of th« first Hast. Repairing and tanlna promptly aUendal to, at 93 Majtpi-st—xoniar K WattoitooTby J. Agents MBanteb. A GENTS Warned *3O a dn-» .A Awol»-Tlsto*to*tseUlagai5 be*tMa«-? 10 ■ued-LLOTD’S liREAT 1® OF Hnnßr? u - WJUTh AMERICA. Or. Tbe l&tetl BUtS* cireuii? £i^L, Tw I lit, ' ro K. *» na ” motnled ltd vantobed wim roden, and forty &uu* ana Temtoile,, co.i Jean* labor, finished to-day; worth &l jet ,* Is liiwi AOXJXO place*. «0 railWijL railway stations, 8W.&0 town*. vUlia*e£ «tle*. gold and sliver mine*. aUMOeUtKai Overland. Despatch. Slap. Telegraph mad Kmt“rinr roote* across the Plain* mad ito-ky Mountal^T I 'A?* whole Comment Is shovn. from tbe spot is tfcc’A.JS 6 Ocean where Sr John Kranito r erSh«? torrmgh Kehrtn* Strait, to the mile*, around Capo Horn •tttxtU surrounding this mighty CcoaSnt-vi and comprehended at a alczle eliu*/bTuU aocb a map la ceo graph* only learned. Thls?. map ever made which ihowa mo eorrTrt i-m iiFl.vT- Missouri. Yellowstone and Columbia Hirer* atd°u.^ e bnncrecsoi tributary*. 1 refer to iS xaent, or the American t or Company. St. Looia &5"«5 S?a?e. e ma 0 £.?''SSVe and 1U greatness when u* Ja 18 ! sJ^I^T^KJSm 00 ““£««» totoe erery house throughout wfr'd^e’miiS the Maks Map, and colored Uln i CtO altuact and printed ll on the rcrcracd i ?S bottom roller the County Map bora yen, mtolrtn’ cry minute village. railway-statlon, »td <iuu2£i yl' J- Scia - <«.«0 name* railroad elation*. Both OO co-nt? (nten act A;,rt s.„d JSgl “uSS?iRS Use Map tint, If not sold. takca back on Agent* are averaging 20 copies a day. ftiafcd vl‘ s tractions how to canva-a well furnished our w-u’ Ladles do aa wrJ as men. J. T Ll OYi> If, “’i" I’- 1 ’ - Map Publisher. *,»3 Ccrtlandt-t.. New York* \vt!d£ •ale Agents with capital could maxe a fo-ti-re nVi2u great Map in California. Franc“o'rmu i *£}]? Sonlh America. Cuba. Canada, Texas, New'o-iSi^* AGENTS —Wanted—Experienced Wk and engraving canvawera, to whom a in- ..7 arc nrcommisilon will be pstd. Address C«\Yl» POL. 13g south Clart-st, Chicago, m. A GENTS—'Wanted—'To sell a tin ton XX arue’e. Sell* everywhere, with ordinal Y. cr3r . tininess reanires It. Cocbinu u;;; It , wltbbajei* ow® adventsement of (pecial int— 5“ °° tor - 1*» Perfect novelty la the I’nitS ? u^T° Dl I one man-itoctory yet established. Th.«. sands already told and giving complete lati-tv-ti,* Oprßß op M tntlr* new field lor agents, rf ,;t _r pacltle*. Consumption constant.andScrewii/ Stamp* tor circular*. Canvarscr's tf«,oyEsP , Jw- for fl-TS remitted to n*. P OUI oa THOS. DEKIIT i CO_ 198 LrtwTciTV^ A GENTS—Wanted—3Co more, for ♦>>* Xx BAKER SEWING MACHINE. 1 will pay vn4 men SIOO per month and vxpeQ4ea,oreiT(-alil«ta r i »-n mmUslon to male and female agent*. For parti.-' liA and agency papers,address s. BECKWITH.rhIcajjT A GENTS—Wanted— *lso _Wc wait XV arenti to sell the BARTLETT SEWING in CHINES, price fS.OO. willing to work for (nn 3) per month will address, with stamp, BACK nihira ggs* General Agent*. Philadelphia, p*. or Toledo, Agents wanted—s2,soo to $3,000 a year. A good chance to make money. An aa-n* IS wanted In every town In lbs Union to mmnftt-.™ and cell an article of consumption In every t*milv. cm be manufactured In the acenCa dwelling. It l» retlretv c °wr n = ht - « permanrat m flonr, DOCUlnc np to be done. For parpmlnr* ad<]TT^> SSSS7MSV7 " mre - Lums cobc*etz; A GENTS "Wanted—Every man or XX picture scent to send ca hUad&twi and rer-n* Injetgm. tree of cxpea*-. a copy of our ce« rt»irt SPSSJ&TSS?'°f OTO t'ocs-TST- ud-Stubh£ RoEd OF 17T6, and onr new circular Just out cintn |25 a daymsdr clear. Address b AMMONS, warn* a * UI “* A A GENTS—Wanted—Messrs. Ticknor A XX Fields, Boston, hare ouoHshtd aateeWncraTK Portrait of Abraham Lincoln, a* a perfect v>,t a work ct art. It is commended as the best llk,-iios* ret published. hr Robert T. Lincoln, Mr. TrttmbnlL Mr. Stanton. Mr. Herndon. Mr. I. N. Arnold, Gen. Grout. Charles Sumner, Mr. Chase. Gen. Uur.-ds , . And many other*. It ts sold only by subscription, and Agents ire wanted lor its rale. Liberal commissions an* men to canvaasera, and tnecesofti) onea can hare go-vlter rtlory to operate In. Address JOHN 11. Ammon Publishers* Agent. S 7 Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—An agent in every XX town in the West. An energetic agent cm clear |lO to $35 per day, and Bo humbug. F-ir pr.rtlcul.ira. enclose ten ccnta. Address L. OLMSTBAD. lAMjsp gomcry-tL. Syracuse. N. Y. AGENTS— Wanted—For “LIFE V\n DEATH IN REBEL PRISONS \ spleudw Iwa ca^ & iii g ** KIDDEIi ‘ w«wuks!£:!l. tS: A GENTa—Vanted—P rice £2,.5 0 XX 20,000 -old in CO days. *♦ Lloyd's Great Mac.** ‘Tn» Tvrrao bTavrs Costcscst tx wof." The ue». birr. ous COCXTKT AND DUCTS OF V o-xt fvvv with the css. The best publications fur Ag-nt* in An* erica. Address GOODSPEED ft CO US Lake-sL. Chicago. *' AGENTS —Wanted—Ladles and centlc men-I hare some of the test works row V ; n - of. fered to the public, and can cl re such lodaceni'nt* good energetic ag>nta will pot only make a but mace n>« ney. Agents wanted for the city, and *n .-Terr county of the State. W.B. HARVEY. Cenrra! \-n: for the Nonhwe«t. ot the Quaker Citv Pr.b - ‘«*-i-- House. . M Lombard Block. P. O. Draw-r 3931. CIT Cage, 111. AGENTS —Wanted for HISTORY J\ OF THE REBELLION, by J. T-Hcadlev. tttrs libers) Inducements offered lor selling the work »•. n- Plete in one volume, a)«o vol. 2. Address, R. C TREAT, 117 South Clark st.. Chicago, 111. A GENTS s\ anted For Frick XX Moore's new work - WOMEN OF THE W vn." bays the Chicago f>en!ng -liurnati U Is tu the noblest setsr, a gallery ot beauty, and wc e=w the author the grateful wort he baa performed. It all reins like a romance. The story of the war can neverhe well told without the story of the women m i..:j J O ,. People want It. It sells sntrndl Sly. For lull particulars caU or address R. C. TBBAT, 117 booth Uarit-it- Chicago. A GESTS—Wanted—For “THE BET XI TER LAND." about which ao much Is being *sii In the papw*. The Chicago Evening Jonnul <iv- • •The 'Ptnusln'm with which It was hailed at the Fas* a* a rtmarkable creatKu ol the pencil and h*i followed It to the West, and none who seel; fad n ac knowledge. on the lestaat. the » ocdcrftit iplrlt 01 puri ty, and more than earthly beauty, with which tueanbt baa Invested her lubleet. Ills one efthe Caest c-ea tioea of modem art. aergymaa, teasers vud -uts ana ethers oi energy and ability, win find it p’cvnnt and pruQtablu to engage In the sale of this not rer-ailr popular steel engraving. Exclm ve temn.ry mi larerrommii.lons given. J. A. STODDARD ft to, 102 Chicago, Hi. bend far circular. A6ENTS— Wanted—For the HISTO RY of THE BELIGIOUb DENOMINATION’S DS I'OBLD, ipksdidly Mmirated with Can •icei p.'rtralts or eminent Divines of the varlou- *ecie The work UJustfrcm the prow, and cannot tall tome»* with a ready sale. It sb-'Dla be In ev*rr library, w* T* ol ?S^* : S nl * r each ccnrty. forcircnl in. Ad iIcCCRDY ft CO.. Lombard block. Chicago, 111. A GENTS—Wanted—For THE AME- Xl BJCAN FARMER'S HOBSS BOOR, bv Robert btewart. M.I». >. 8., emrodylng thereaoltsof tarcstr yean of original Invratizatlen. The book above all others fcrAsmt*,u It appeals to the nccr*9ltle« aa>: self-interest of a very largr. weilthy and utc ll~"nt In every community. Apply to or address J. S. GOODMAN A Co- Publishers. Chicago. ILT^ AGENTS— Wantei—$200 per month to sell the GENUINE IMPROVED BARTLETT SEWING MACHINE. Price reduced to arenU. Ad* drew W. DELOSS A CO„ 16S Dearbora-stt, Chicago. A GENTS—Wauled—Male or female. XI Can clear KQ per week at Uirlr own home, in a light and honorable utiiin-ta. Any person hsvlnr a few hoars dally to spend will And tbtv a good paying bu«i dcm. Address. s,cdmgi tamp fur tail particulars. K. Eh LOCKWOOD, Detroit, Mich. AGENTS —Wanted—Male and female, lostllanew article In great demand tha* “very tamily want;. $4 per day made without leaving h >me. Travelling agects can make from $3 to fM per dav without Interference with olh»r business. The art! -le shows tor Itself. Samples, with terms and particulars ol the bnslneM. sent for 25 cent*. Address K. W. CHAPPELL, Drawer 6533. Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—To sell Folsom’s GLOBE AND OAT STATE 6EWIJCI MA CHINES. Machines sent uo trial. P. ATEINSON, 16-1 Racdolph-gL, Boom 6. Chicago. 111. AGENTS —Wanted— too men can have steady employment fbr the winter bt engaging la the tale of POMRdY’b NEW AMERICAN ITEAT RE GULATOR. Cosines* light and pleasant. Pr-.ilrsli turner. aoccea* guaranteed. Address, or call oprn P. LATHBOP. Ju„ Room No. Itt rhurch Block. Chi cago, IC^orKne 4Lyman's Block. Cleveland. A GENTS—Wanted—Eyenwhere, tn ii. sell the I>STANTANEOUS WINDOW CLE.VN EB AND MAGIC POLISH. Thl« new and wonderful preparation, as thousand* cl purchasers during the last lew weeka will te. Ufv—wort* like a charm; rlema inp windows, showcase*. 4c., wtibool soap or hot water. dc*t or litter, and »tth eomparattvely no labor; sod Imparting almost Imtantlysn unsnrpaued podsh to all metal*. Everybody want* It a* w.n a« thrv *ee Its effect*. Ton can make (3 to |lO per day a-lliog la vonr own nelghb'rhood—<ity or country. Now L, the time to Hcnre the territory you want, fbr it u rapidly btlrg taken up, Cali Immediately, or send 35 recta fbr aample and term* to o. M. SMITH A Co., 77 Dearporn-st_ Chicago, m. DURANT A S :OTT, Milwaukee. General Agents fbr Wisconsin. [Cut this ont for reference.} A GENTS—Wanted—To sell the splcn- JjL did engrevlng ot Carpenter’s great painting. “Pxe*ld«nt Lincoln and bit Cabinet at tb* Pint Kevt- Ing of the Emancipation Proilamatlfia.” It repreacnc* the thrilling scene ot the no*; national event*, ex cept one. that ever occurred in America; iwd It *ells a* no other picture ever did. Also. Carpenter’s portrait of Mr. Lincoln, from llle. lust published. Send for circu lars, with stamp, to C. ALLEN. M.D* 90 Washing ton-«u Chicago. 18. • A GENTS —Wanted—To know that we ,/A have reduced our Map* and Charts to New York prices and below, comprl-lne all the popular styles published, and mounted superior to any tn ihe coun try. Try ns and be convinced. Address GOODS PEED A CO.. 14?* lake-su. Cmcago. A GENTS—Wanted—Ladies and gentle jfXmen, eveeywhere. to canvas* lor “Tried and True,** “Lessois aco Prever*’’ and “The Cblldren’s Al’icm.” These are thereof the brtt work* pobllihed. The com mission paid Is Urge. We want thoronch and energet ic canvassers, and to such we give exclusive terrlti'ry and permanent employment. Addrea*. or apply to w. J. HOLLAND A CO . 3S Lombard Block. Chicago. 111. A GENTS*—Wanted —Maiemd female — Energetic ard experienced, to sell the l/>*ev accpe—fiistlrtrodncUoo. Tbegreutert novelty of tho age. A beautttul holiday r resent, and an entertain ing ornament for thecentre table. Call tn, or addreaa {with itampL C. WHITACBE A Sole Agent*. 98 Boom 3. AGENTS —Wanted—To sell the Lamb Knitting Machine. For particular address t>. BBANSON. Agent. 99 Vfajmsgtcn-EU, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—An agent in every _r\. town In the States of llllnnU. lowa and Michigan, to sell a opw and valuable Muonic publication—a Work of Art, which every n.»reber will purcbaie. MnatbeMasona. Apply, cr send (with Ramp) tor cir cular of terms, at 27 Cbanberol commerce,Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted— One or two steady men, accustomed to canvassing fbr men Is, and who can brine rcod reference*. can 2nd steady employment by addressing **H B f*,** Trloans cnee. A GENTS —Wanted—To sell an entire xl lynew work, “The BU’ory of Abrabam Lincoln and the Overthrow of Slavery,” by Hon. Isaac N. Ar nold. late Member of Cosrxeas, and fot over twenty one years a confidential irtend of Mr. Lincoln. Semi for descriptive circular. Ac. CLARK A CO. Furnish er*, 50 and 53 Washlngton-its., Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—?lso per month, J\ everywhere, male and'svll the GEND INK COMMON SENSE FAWILTSEWfNG M ACOLNK. the greatest invention of toe age. |Wce Every Machine warranted tone yearn. Address SECOMB A CU- Cleveland. Host anli Jpounlr. LOST— A larce, black, Newfoundland Dog: white on 'breast and seel; also, white spot on nose. When lost bad mill strap around hu neck. As*wers to the name cf “ bancho.” Any one return •schim to 471 Wabashav, or giving Information leading to tls recovery, will be well rewarded. LOST— A Bay Colt, 11-2 years old, two small splints on his fore legs. Lost from Mr. IV leraeck** farm, os the North Branch. A liberal reward will be paid for his return to TUPS. MARTIN, Sly Weat Randolph-*!. LOsT —On Wednesday aliernoon- in go ing from 333 West Madlson-et. to the Opera re Matinee, or on returning, a Lady's Purse, with swel chain attached, containing a SIOO bill and 110 or |U mother bit's, some change, a car tlcktt and a pre scription. will reward the finder liberally. J w bK INKLE, 333 West Madlson-tt. T OST—Near the corner of State and I J Slxteenth-stA, opposite or on the walk sooth of Mr. Counties'ttcre, a Bu*»ctWallet, containing about JOJ, three postage sumps, one or two ear tickets, and a ISO advertisement of the Michigan Southern Baliroai* j^gaaaia&a.” l iu >» ■- LCST —A Black and Tan Dog, about I months old. Answer* to the name of ‘THOU • 00 In spots, oa hack and breMt. A'ibe rai rewai d will bo given If left at 163 Mailaou- upstairs. T OST—At the Baptist Soaetv Fair, at JLsthe rhnrcb. corner ol wahash-av acdEhbtreeth- BT-oatheerenlDgoflhaafih lasL. a Lady's Mink Fur CoLar. Tbe Crc-r win be Überady rewarded by leav lrgltat79S WahMh-av. T OST—On 'Wert Randolph, Peoria, or -1 J Wist LakML, a purse containing a small turn ot* money. AnyonefinCtngthe same and leaving it at the Tribune office. wUI confer a tav or. UP—By Paulua Andres, iu the _L Town of OrUai*, Cook County, cue Brown Marr. about throe years old hind feel white. Appraised a'. W. EPW.KBALOiIOS, P