Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 23, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 23, 1866 Page 1
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Chicago ©ribnne. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 23. 1860. THE NEWS. Twynty-oA live# have been lost by fire In New York City wiikln jbe la»;i-*o^cct». Tbe Treasury at present lK>ld*-$ >4,923,314 4n cold, fISJgtVMO of which Is In Cirtlficalos. Imporcvtof the week at tlio port of New "York were SS.tHUS'O, of which dry good. wei* and general meicbardiso fg,WO,OM. - A Convention ofxolored soldier* and sal* ' n rblted |..bla, January a, 11l v object Is to «ek t quality bdore tbe '*».' Tbe total amount of National Bank cur rency now In circulation Is reported at Five-Twenties closed In London last even ing at TSU v TtM latest quotation far cold lo New York U given at 133£. At Franconia, Ip Northern New Hanp ■kite, (be mercury Indicated twenty-nine degrees below xero at noon yesterday. . Disbursements *of the Treasury to tbe va rious Departments ol the Gove*nmenl during tbe "past week amounted to f1.67-1.83t. General SUerroau and Minister Campbell are expected In Washington In a few days, their acarcb for the Jaarea Government having proved • failure. The New York Board of Fin; Commission have decided to continue lor six months longer the reward of one thousand dollar* for the detec tion and conviction of an incendiary. , Steamers took out from New York yester day, t 153,0u0 :a specie. One million and a half of specie arrived in the steamer Ocean Queen from Arp hi wall. At a meeting hcldla Bcntou County, Ark., on tbe 2Ub alu to appoint delegates 19 the Union ' Btate Convention, a resolution was passed “in favor oi universal snfifage, rebels excluded." A large saw mill and agricultural Implement ' factory, at Cantos, lowa, owned by George W. Trumbull, were destroyed by fire on the 10tb Inst. Lose. $30,030. On the ITtb insi. tbe boiler of a saw mill at French Lick, lud., exploded, completely d»- xsoUsUbs Uio ai'l, and killed two brothen named Wloerer, proprietors of tbe mQI. On Monday last, a ypong man named Byers committed ti icide at Columbia, Michigan, hy taking stryconlne. The cause of tan fatal deed was tbe fact that be bad been detected In a theft. Negotlutiora are in progress for tbe In • trodnctlonofa large force of Chinese laborers, to oe employed In the conjunction of Central Faclfie Railroad. Colonel Moutgpraery, commander of the Missouri fiwe MUila at Lex'u»tn dorter the •trouble* at that piaea. has hern arrested, by order •of toe United State*.Comd-laalcmor of the Die* dnct. ‘ ■ f The Methodist Church Sonlh/fcaa ceased ’•to dirt. TLereqelelte number of votes baa been obiained for the ‘♦chance of name,” and we must speak hereafter ol the Methrdiat Episcopal Cbnrch. Lay delegation has also been carried. At the Fenfan trials in Canada yesterday, *-tl.ejnry dUagiCedln-the case of Smith, the rote standing-eleven for acquittal and one foi convic tion. in the case of ivju-ncc McDonald, the jury, •after being ontaevc;sl hoars, r.tamed i verdict of acquittal. By Atlantic Cable wc learo that peace .meeting* ate beta? Ltdd In various parts of Ire* the Brillab Govern ment will exp-1 Itrce Jlttlr farther trouble from the Ftiiiau?,...Tl.cre is a rumor of anothcexonaplra-' -ey being discovered to Madrid, of which the lately returned General Prim is the pnm-» mover; —The uric*urn wells of Grenellc and Pajsy, ~Fratcc,snw emit volumes of elcam; (he temper ,, atnre of the waters Which ii»e from tbs Depth of - two thousand three hundred reaching eighty five degrees Fahrenheit, while that of the at- motphere at the aurlace by night is only Uiirty-Svi or IMrty-six. The budget of expenditure of the city of .Paris In 16re was 03,000,000 fVanci. In 1365 it rose to 215,UW,UC0 Irenes, and in the present year there; will again be an Increase. In !Sst,the interest of the debt was only T.0C0.000 francs: ic 1850,16, SO 1 1,000., Xraues are leqmrcd tor this purpose. The Hartford Cburanf says that‘Orison Blent has a great passion lor diamonds, and •Wears net less than $50,001* worth- cn h|p person. Be Los 52f1,1KK) worth In his watch. He is a very plain man, droses very much as a carman, yet be Is great on diamond*, and will uant a brilliant gem vev.tii cxtraoidlnary real. In the case of tbe murderer. Dr. "Watson, o Virginia, tbe President has seen fit to dissolve the _h*’lltaty Commission before whom be wu to be . tried. The V incident's action U based upon a ■-I, of Attorney General Blaeberry, wherein JAjpfllccr bas decided that (be case in point U > lolly cohered by the recent decMon of fbe Su preme Court io regard to the Bowlcs-Stilligan Irish Id one or Che great clnbs in Paris therb bas been a desperate gambling boat which lasted twelve boots oo each of three successive days. Ti e players jcere a young Roaidan and a Tnrldah Giand t-hjgr.enr, both very rich. The flrrt night co*t the ttoasian 150,000 banes; the following day be regained Sd,PCo francs ; the following night be again lost these 50,000 franca and 2KJ,uW more. Itnuia then gave In, and withdrew from tbe com bat. wlthftsctiosßof 400,000 francs. At'Minneapolis, a few days ago, two girls, aged ten and fourteen years, wore kidnapped In the street, while on their way to church, and tbe most thorough search haa since tailed to dlaoover l v .”'r whereabouts. A letter haa reached tbe mother,pnrpot-r._- to ii>a» Horn her Jrt’s“*«"bia hjad. saying ibt: hr u.d taken l>- cadfty as they were hu. and wcnll tkvji »fca coni' »ee tbom assln. The tCr baa tTalfd pr.i In btmrospolta. c **" - T ' ——foj say* that tbe Vu;ls **uc* -•tdifcff W JJtaVis.jV . il itcfC lands iioav • « * * Tor cnt * r ‘ d 11 n^ J VvSStJM rapidly «Hsne *p rdf: *;;b --' \ Ctmera- r 1d.»4 la He MU ' ' tarkj ißdKi!*<> 11I V L^l^^ o t ajagress. jal occasion* tae natter in «phe laic John J- oflt. The special handlnlsS®**-' 01 ® 0 fjcoxr presents Is an at pbase which the h tf t 0 f tte blind the •temptto has loen fjr the ua'ji channel ol I vycars, For this purpose the cn ater men and pilots have - depositions offid It is thought that they will be been tbulr.c£ngrcfi« st ar early day. of Alabama, last week, Qln lh£jcnt was by Mr Brooks, of an ataf coaferrins *n A rsgc upon every male Lownw«iitj-one years of age, who owns two pervd dollais' worth ol property, who can bfi legibly, and resd the State and tbetfoiied ,/t4 CoLttilution, asd who »ha’J have resided / the State one year, and six month* in the coon- A, preceding the election la which he otters his /vole. Provided that no person who now has the / right of franchise ahaH be deprived o: It by the /operation of the amendment. The proposition va* laid os ute tabic by a vote of flxty-nlne to eighteen. * The recent death of D/m STumel of Portu gal hi* attracted bo t liUle.attenlion. In Ray, ism, he signed tbecapiiulatihn of Erora, sUpalat* li.jj for a penblon of £*,o«l pci annsm and bis private properly. Be afterwards lived at Home and Vienna, and final 1 ! at the castle of Brona* bach, pear tVcitheinv in the Grand Duchy of Baden. In IS3I be married a German princess, and became thcTatber of sixdasghtere and a son. , These were all Iborn and christened on Portuguese ground, brought from Portugal ' T ba\ it is not Uhcry they will ever hare an opportunity of vtndl ' eating their pretcarions to the Portuguese crown, founded ou a precaution so tribal and yet to cbiraderisUc. tnlverval snfTrase'ln Europe. The dibino right of kings, and the prerog atives of tbearlstocracy, are soon to be ideas of the past la Europe. The day of deHver jincc for the niaasesb at hand. The lesson of revolution is Tearning th*e whole tnass. In the old as In the new world, the people me to be the ruling power. Napoleon and Victor Emanuel hare recognized the ballot, and of the new order which the battle of Kamipgratz established In Northern Gersu nv, popular Btitfrage Is to form a part. Bls nlark and William sanction It. A plebiscite is now more authoritative than a royal decree. The draft of the electoral law recently submitted to the Prussian Cham bers, ard adopted by them, provides: First—Tbsl every Prussian of the age of t wenty *fire years, not under tutelage, .am under judg ment of tonkrnptcy, not a pauper assisted by the public authorities, and not depnv.d of civil , rights by Judgment of a competent tribunal, Is an elector having been a resident la the county for three years next pre ceding my election is eligible as a deputy. Third— ihe right of election shall be exercised by placing an unsigned ballot in an urn publicly ana under the supervision of persona-specially appointed, and who shall not be clothed with any other official authority at the time. Fourth—Every election shall be dlrecN accord ing to iheabsolnte majority of the ballots. So you see universal suiTrage baa no terrors for Bismarck or Ms royal master. PERSONAL. BUliop Core, of the Dloce*e ol Moslem New j York, l* delivering a lecture oo the '‘Cully of I ICortbern and Southern arilUatlon.*’ -I VrolCMOrs Mhllory auANllts, of Molly Cel led EarUord, CU Will -edit the Cona<stievt, the Episcopal organ of af ter the firvl of Javnary n«t- Ills reported that A. T. Stewart is gradually ■withdrawinslron active business. The delalla of fcl* Immense estate* fhrniah business enoagh for oce man’s time. Mr. Stewart i# computed to be the richest man In .America. Two Baltimore bellca, the Ml«ses Winchester, were married within the paat few day*; one aiater to Br. George Brown, grandson ofQeonre Brown, of Browr, Brothers & Co.', and the other Co Mr. Richard Manning, eon of cx-Govemor Hanning, •of Sooth Carotin*. Bandmann baa published a card in the ‘ 'Hirer. lUtoota paper*, complaining ot a per wonal attack In one of the Journals, and of the anp port he received at the theatre. 1* “HaoleV'he raya. “the part* of Lmres and the Gh«: were played by one actor, u well aa Poloclns and ‘he Grave-diccer. Koscncranta and GnlJdenitern •were pettormed by ladles, one of whoa arose from the grave to appear aa OerlC.” FROM EUROPE. Last Evening's fiespatches by Ocean Telegraph. Peace Heelings being field h Various Paris'of Ireland. - The Spanish Government Called Upon lo Explain the Seizure of tbe Steam er Tornado. Reported Discovery of Another . Conspiracy in Madrid. PROM WASHINGTON. The President Intercedes in Favor of the Virginia Murderer, Dr. Watson. FROM CMAOI. The Fenian Trials at Sweets trarg Yesterday." Disagreement of the Jury in the Case of the Prisoner Smith. Verdict of Acquittal in the Case of Terence McDonald. Gold Closed fn New York at 1331 FEOJI r.cnOPF. ' '■ BY OCEAN TBLEGBA’ H. enrar ruuracr. ♦ JLoubon. December 22—Noon. Peace meetings ore being held in various per ilous of Ireland, and confidence is Increasing in England ihst tee threatened Fenian ilslng la likely to amount to nothing. , Losdon, December 22—Evening. Ills sold the British Government will require the Spanish Government to explain the seizure oft be Tornado, and-if they cannot justify them selves, will rcqfllre an apology for the act and In demnity to the owners and crew of the vessel. Pams,.Dccember 22—Evening. General Dlz will have an audience with the Em peror Napoleon to-morrow. All the United Males Legation will be pi cscuL Paths, December 22—Evening. . Jlls ntnored that another conspiracy has been discovered In Madrid, with General Prim at Its r.cad. , -: Pa cm, December 22—Evening. Tbe OMisfi'uflonnef believes that the Journey ot thc’Kmprei* Eugenie to Borne will be postponed. Latest Foreign markets. , * „ > Lfumos. December 22—Soon. Coxsoia-WV for money. Stocks—llUnoji'Ocatral, 7i ; Erie, 11; United States , - „ Fnaitcporr, December O—Scon. United States Flre-Twectlos lev* LtrxspodL, December tJ—Voon. Cottok —Baojml; sales 12,000 biles tniddUn* op* l»odi^Wdltxd. AXTvnar. December p—Kooa. r-55Xf. Lirnrooi, December a-Eralnff.® (Vm-ow—MarketU steady* saleslj,ooomlddlio*np lands, Htfd. w _ LoaTKix, December C—Bren lag. Gos»oi>— Cloacd at W 3 tor money. 1 bTocxs—llUaoU Central, 7S*; Erie, 19; United £lriea Flve-Twcntlea, 71K* Lomoz, Decem'ber 23—Brtnlng. Cossoia—At SSX lor money, - stocks— United Bute* MO*. 73}<; XUlnou Central sUrea, 79; Erie, FHOm Ti ASfflKtiXOS. [bpedal Derpetch to the Chicago TrT;anr,) WifßQisnx, DacMuber a. .t&x miiaxjrr'a iyrrsios i* tits xat* ay»V Cliß. There 1* r> v »lrc]o:clQ? Inseccsh circles to-night •vt r ih* n-<3'-r of tie i'rcUdeat dissolving tac t'ocsaleaioowbich was trying Dr W»Uon j, r*dcr of L negro. Tie ■* v "rUb % decision of *edsion ct the Attorney '•.appUca- 'U.J The poT -^ is thr.t the ,ostr rhah'£u^‘. - term ~- • . v Jb*Conjn*i'l‘>neroflnf»iiß*lKevHeoebasi*ri;L’t» of the Barean the them not to stake any more put chare* of sUlionerr: that In future to make reqabhiom upon the OottmUsionet-for all they may require. unoxii unt cdbbxxot to ibcSmonot of $198,631 was issued by the Act* log comptroller of the Currency dnrmglhS week erdinc making (he total enp Issued to date, $3-0,431,001; from this latter sum sbonld be deducted being the amonnt of Uhls, currener returned to the Department and can celled, which leaves the circulation of these in* tiUnliona at present date, $*»,30u869. zncasraTmsßmiDnarrs. • ~ The diebnrsements of the Treasury on.-scconnt rf the fcveral named Departments, during the week ending 10-daj, were « follows : War.De* Nary Department, WtVRS; miciior Department, 8131.370; total, f f,BI£BH. . rftaonoxax. ccnnnrcr. * s. The amount of fractional currency recared hy the Treasurer Irons the printer* during the past veck is fSS3.HO, Amoact shipped to Assistant TKMweni ud National Banka was BMS.UX).. KATJOWAS. aask aßctmrrna. • The seen lilies held hy the Treasurer of the United states in trust for National Banka report- d to-day were***follows; For clrcnlaU A tot e* For deposit* of pobllc moneys Total scccbxtt aqaixst ruaens ix txactiosal cen- BXKCT. 4 Mr. Price, of lowa, will Introduce a bill at an early day to provide forlhe belter security of the Government against.the possibility of fraud In the redeeming aaa destroying of fractional cor icucy. V. . rut roroaxc mrrn ißfroxeuovetal Georgetown, and the lee U aof tirienUy thick to Interfere with navigation. sxckxtajit a’erttoco will I* absent from the city lor a few days during the hoMdajs. when Assistant Secretary Chandler will be the acting Secretary of the Treasury. i_kxn aaxjcs. Returns received at the Geiatal band Offlce for the month cf November shows that 41,173 acre 4 of the public land* were dispensed with In the fol lowing localities; Stevens Point, seres, 6.OSS of which were sold for *19,117 cash, tiic remainder Wbre located with Agricultural College script snd military warrants. At taOros c, Wl? , 6,780 acres were taken under the homestead law for actual settlement and cultivation- FATTXTS. On the first of January S3* patents will be Issued bv the Pstent Office. This Is for two weeks, but Is the largest tmnbi r ever Uencd in one day. coxnucT nrrnnoATioK. The Senate committee on Investigation Into the award of contracts made recently by Mr. Bcgy, Commissioner of Indian Attains. was tn session to-day at the Indian Bureau. Ur. Bogy and Ur- chlet Cloj k, and others were exam ined concerning tbe same. taudoxs. Among recent pardons grunted by the President I* that ot General M. W. Hansom, of North Carclirs. ynx APSAaeixiTtox rastpißiTota. Wasuisctox, December St.—lt la reported that .ho Supreme Court will grant a writ of Kdtf9% ear put in the case of Mr. Mndd and others confined si tbe Hit Tortugas, charged with complicity In >be Lincoln assassination. xmrvsucAS root or eoTcnmxr Ton xsw TOUE. A rumor Is current that a prominent Radical member of the.llonse Is preparing a bill to guar antee to New York a repnbflMn form of govern ment, or in other words that there shall be no die crimination Ip favor of while again** the colored population. arzra coktjuct lxttwo. on of the rccemlv awarded Indian TOntwefs'ebows they were titirty-seven thousand dollan higher than were the rejected bids, siuociu nimcviTim. Ganersl Grant has relumed, and reports (hat the difficulty m Missouri has been explained to the satisfaction of Governor Fletcher. to* powLsa-utiuoax necisiox. The Cabinet bis decided that the decision of the Supreme Court in the Indiana coo*ntracycav. must be rccognlretisnd smtalned, and obeyed in gvoo faith. * . oorxJULurmsAX axd xnrarxß caxpbiox. Wasntxoros, December 22. —MlnlsfcrfAmphell and General Sherman are expected to arrive hen froxa New Orleans in a few days, their search for tbe JoareiGoversmcnl having proved a failure. T hey are in telegraphic correspondence with the Pm-ident and Secretary Seward. It is not deemed advisable to publish the despatches. • tiorenxwcxT ooui. At Ibe dose ofbastneia to-day. the Treasure hdd gold to the amount of SAl,rei,&M, of whl:h *16.0117, Ttn was In gold cuniflrates, and tte re«t belonglrc abs-Amely to Government. On Janui'y let. S10.100.0U) In coin arc to be dlsburaed on account of mtereeton gold-bearing bowls. v.vrQUATon* wmnißAwx. The President, conforming to ihe request of Un Kit- ofTrceria, acd In cooecqumrc of the loev pon'ion dfllano’cr. city of Frankfort, and Dachv ol Hesse Into that Kingdom, baa withdrawn aod declared to b« null and void the exequatur* here totore leaned in' a number of ronsoli ofiho*c htato* 5n this country. Among them are Adolph Gosling, Consul General si New \ ork: Prank C. Hoffman. Chlcaro; Tfiimsne Milwaukee: Adolph Meier, St- Bools: Thop. behwtiU, UonU viii,.. carl P. Adar. ClDCinnail. and all other*repf resenting the Bute* named. VOL. XX. FHOX CIN ADA. The feitaa Trtata-Dtsasreemeat a»d DU charwe or the Jury—The CaM of Mmtth— Trial and AoqaiuU ol Terrence beOaatld. 8«u»»cno. C E-, December J*.—Terrence McDonald, charged with M-Ing a British subject, ai d Irdlclca like Madden, was put on trial. . Mr. Devil* asked, tora postponement to enable tbe prisoner to prove that be hart been natural ized In tbe United Plate*. Tbe Judge said that |r accordance with tbe decision of chief JusUce Draper be felt bound to decide tbst uainriuratnu in the United Stales did not exempt prisoner from Uabldiy lo bo tiled as a Bndsn subject. Tbe caso proceeded, and .witneeaea swore they recog nized the piboner as one of tbe armed renltn?. Cbadbourne, another witness,produced an article raid to be a Fenian medal, which betook from tbe prisoner when be arrested him. Mr. O’Htlloran, the prisoner's counsel, argued that tbe oTencc r barged was not a felony, and tb'.t tbe Indictment was wrongly laid. Overruled by tee conn- Alter arynmect, tbe case was given to in Fmlib'a case could not agree, and were discharged They stood eleven for acquittal and one lor conviction. Ccmtadjonmcd. ... _ Mrscmimo, December S 3 Midnight. lory being called at 8 o'clock, returned a verdict of “ Not guiUr.” Tbe prisoner, McDonald, was taken to jail, being sail held lor charges of rob bers and attempt to commit raoe. Tbe court adjourned till Monday. FBO3L CINCINNATI. Att* npt nt Harder by as Internal Machine— Celebration ot Forefather's Day-Jammed to Death. [Spcoal Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] CiacxSßATi, December it An atteraptto destroy the life of Howard Get* ticebam, master workman at tbe Youngstown, Ohio. Railroad Shops, by an Interns! machine, was detected on Thursday last. In that place, by a Ciochmati detective. - Ibe intended victim bad discharged a tad from bis employment, and bis fsthtititfobn-nowarth, made tbe torpedo and bad NVplaceu wheie the man would get It. In openin'* it. however, a few cralns of powder es caped, which excited au.plcfon, and the box was soaked in water, after which 1’ was opened, and U* character dbcorered. Howartb was WommU ted to prison to answer lor the attempt to J£l, and also ibe ctarge of robbery, as over five hun dred dollais worth of lowls wc'C fonna In bD hcuie, tbe property of the railroad company. Forefatheis’ Day to-night by a splendid sapper at the Walnut Street House. The eUcnd-nce was large, andlho aflair handsome and 'ciallljlJ.c. John Mblclf. a switch tender on the Atlantic >b Great Wcetrrn Railroad, was crushed to death be tween wo trains, at the EcariUsburg Junction, yesierdsv. • ARer tbe severe frost, a thaw la prevailing. FROM NfcW VOBK. roln of Orcon Steamer* Arrests During Ibe I’am Ycnr—WreUlv Imports —The Wbiahc) Fraud Investigation. Nrw VnnK. December 22.—The steamers Arago end Fulton were Fold to*dar at auction at IKDO.oOo. They wore bouehl by L W. Jerome, who repre sented the Havre Steamship Line. They whl con tinue to run to Europe. The pleam'r Ocean Queen, from Aspinwall, brought tl.a3Q.ofrt in treasure. There rrcrein.OOO arreeta heroin »he past year. Eighty-three persons were arrested for homicide. The Import* (or the week at this port were £>,250,0C0, of which dry goods were Yi.250,000, aod general merchandise, op wards of $3,000,000. The commltiec for the investigation of fraade in the Revenue Department has adjourncd/not to rvatremble until after the holidays. Develop- Bimta, so far, more than fulfil the promisee of thoee who desired Ihe frauds iuvcsllgated. The Ipvrstjpatjon Comrolltee have learned that gigan tic fraufts have Wen pranlcctl In New York, and aCovcitimertofllaafls implicated- They have discovered that tfcerAre over 3,0011 small dU’tl leilcs carried on In the city, la cellars and out hmifes of private dwellings, where whisker Is mare, fortnepurpose ofovadlngthe tax of two will visit the principal cities of the West, when they have concluded tWIr work lr New York. The magnitude of the leak they are enceavorln? to stop may be judged from the (act that, according to the cccens of J=«o, the amount of whiskey made In the United Slates was upwards ol ninety mllliona of gallons and by the - last report of the Revenue Commlssiotjer* U was ie*a than Un millions of c«l]oK9, Nrw Voek, December 22 —l'ne anniversary o the "inding of the Pilgrims on Plymouth Rock was .inn;oprlttely celebrated, as usual, to-night by the New England Society. A number of dis- UnpuUhrd wcie present. Toaata were offered, speeches made, and high hllalUy pre vailed. * MEXICO. UOBbtßßitaSlulalilan’ahtentloni-SleTe* menu at OppoeloE Forces. N*w Tome, December 89—The steamer Cor ties. arriTedtbt* morning with Vera Cruz dates to (beCUj, andCiiy of M exico to the 2d. The news confirms the Issuing of a proclama tion by Maxim Ulan statins that be will remain in Mexico. The general Impression In Mexico was that Maximilian wottid go s« soon as be conla, and it U asstnednhat a portion of his baggage hss anired afHarana. ...... . , . Is'xw Vofcx, December 22 —Maxlmlllan'spriTate --" ■■ m apeosi'Sgvrin The steamer Corsica, .. - Btzalne'i ores, Mrs the recent ~.c>h : - Berthe armonrceinent Out ‘MmmU 2tD r/w . elded io remain, were made by the CTtt'i i' \.st y. The Ilhxtcana are dl:enst*d wUh jjtu. and will uot submit again to his rtk. l'3/r:;. a anxious that Maximilian tboold -Airy-rlis has been occupied by Corona ani his Carre's! baa threoicoetf Lwoc tn tbr Talley of Mexico, jractUiy.twontj-fbnr hour* for sarren 't hw gurt-aat IncrSla ha* gone to Tactico, mtb defpj icbff mr V falatcr Campl eli. */i.ioalmt iDELPim. Ur v a fo Rabberr—New Masonic Terapli to be Batll* i'i -Ok-nna, December St.—'The safe of 5. u. Ccc* was harclanccd last evening and robbe.t ol Government scccrities to Ihc amoont of IVUDO. lh«fireproof Mle was enclosed la a I tick t»*V thirteen jochea thick, and n hole large ■ '•< • zi. io ajmlt a mao was made Is the wall from .ride. Tbeflre proof »ai completely ransacked. Tlebnrglar»ars aapposoilo have been secreted ;s fti rtore at the tfmo cf closing. . T>« Ra tonic Brotbcrtood of this city have de cided to c reel a new Masonic Temple at the north .-a«t comer of Broad sod Hansom streets, to cost w* ‘b»n hall a million dollars. ?KOtt MTW OELEiXS. rrrtte 6*r tbe CoTicrr*slau«l Inve** t-psiiv Conuntu***—itelraururatloa of Torf B*ena Ktw Omxitua, Ik*cembcr ne**ee were examined to-Oay before i-.V creieliral lavesUeaUpgCommUtre, amot-vhcin were Judco Wannontb and Uowul. All coaaec&rd with the commission are sworn to eccrecj. Before, returning lo tVashington the commission will 'ake evidence rccardtnp the sen timent trf-tbe people and the maugrement of the Federal departments in this city. There was a splendid gathering to witness me relnanraration of the iurf sports orer the yietainc Race Course. JJontenant General Sher man and-Major General Ktaendan were present FROM MILWAUKEE. (•■U for Dnnmcra BcntuM the Northwestern -Railway Company a-Arreai for Infmnll* MnwACRs. December 22.—The suit Qf Amos Savvjcrt*. the Northwestern Kailway Company. to recover damages tor a quantity otCoorjost of ter beli.g shtppW, which nas occuplecjiß atten tion of the County Court for the pa*t l>w days, wii decided by a rcrdict of *sny, and Interest tor fire months, lofaror of plaintiff. Tbe case Is to ht carried toifce Snore me Court. Yesierdav morning a woman named wlxabctb Schrwder, living In flic Ninth Ward, was arrested on the charge of concealing the birth of her child. The bod/ of the child wa found In Ihe privy vault of the bouse In which she lived. .*318.158,(30 . 85,031,100 .*3^.190,800 <y)UTH AMERICA- „ rent ond ChUI Reject the Peace Prepoal i|»n» of France and Bucland-Other Wax 01 otters. Kew Tone, December Si—Pern and Cbllt have determined to rejeetthe proposed term* of me diation from Prance and Englaid. Spam must salu'e their Cars, abandon their claims and re turn the *S,t(X',CUJ accclved from Pcxet’s Govern '"Separation for war conltnned. A treaty of fensive ard def*n* ire la formed between Bolivia ar<l former to supply 2,300 troops and carry the war Into Brazil. CONGRESSIONAL EXCURSIONISTS, CosfieslH to tbe Party on tbe Boate. V’cnrfniv.. Tens., December 2*.—Tbe Con rresrioeal excursionists arrived here on a special wain which met them at Bristol, with a depnta don ot prominent citizens. The exeunlonwis were formally received here by Co’onel Baxter. Grivrmor Brownlow was at-the depot too feeble to stand and receive the party. A large Qcleja tion of citizen*, with binds of music, escorted ibe excursionists to the Lamar House, where •ixccbet were made by Senators Ramsey, Lane, Vc-rton, Wade- Vice PresidentFostef and others. They were subsequently entertained at a banquet. 1 Australian Kewa* Nrw Vor*. December 22.— Australian tdnees to November Sth are received. South Australia wIU have a surplus of a hundred thousand tons nT breidstnfia this season. , „ Tbe ship on which Han Setchri. Commander, left San Francisco for New South Wal« is on number ofnnemployed men have asked the America* Consul for a flee passage to *”be!-oM Held n f.Victoria is prMptrooi. lUr ’WraS? SScL L MelbonmtN'ovemb(if e,‘”,W«prop-rtr"twi «OjMOj tfjinorr ImcMleiHwl foundered near ape Horn. The Governor of New Zealand urge* the Jxljlil. ol taxes by stamp duties Instead of custom duties. ■ Inanaur*ilon «f tJovernor Worth. Haixicn, N. C~ December 22 —Governor Worth wa« Inaugurated In the P^ocjh of bom hon»es of the Leglslalnm. Hl* Inaugural *d dress was warmly endowed. • tTailor** Mriße Ended. Fostox, Mass-. December 22.—The jooraeymcn tallora* etrikekht ended, and ihoy have resumed * orL at the lormer prices. tshootlng Aoray« Jusenox Citt, Kansas, December shooting affrty occnrred at Owen, right mU« hcmbeTe.yastemaT.ln which the City Marshal * as killed hy a soldier of tbe Seventh Cavalry, and t* o soldier* or theaame regiment were shot to re turn by the citizens. . Dr. WstsM (he tlnrderer Discharged. Rtcnxoxx*. December 22,—The MllKary Com mUslon for tn# tmi of Dr. Watson. i« dissolved by orderofthe President. Dr. A.B. Waloon has been dltcharged- Negro' Children Delivered Dp to Their Parenna. Baimont, December 23,—The foor rfecro ehll dim bound to |lr. Blrbardeon, of Anno Arundel Coci.ty. under the apprenticeship iawa of this Slate, were delivered by him to General Ores try. of the Ptredmen'a Bureau, to be restored to tHelr patents. liicbardaon did this In preference to tnl*n.ltU«-p tbe case todvO court. Judge Bond n cei.Uy ordered the teloAc of a number of chil dren aunDaily held. * Destructive Fire in Maine, Borrow, December 22.— A fire at Newport, Maine, yesterday, destroyed tbe most of tbe busi ness portion of the place, including tbe Masonic Ball. Loss heavy. THP GOVERNMENT OF EOU-^vNA. Memorial from the Loyal Men of the State. Senator Trumbull’s Speech, Id the House, Tnesday, December 19, Sen ator Truiulmll moved tbe reference of a me morial from the loyal men of Louisiana, setting forth the disloyal character of the present political organizations in that Stale, to a committee, and sold: Sffc Inmnctz- I hire received from M. A. Soot' arth, Boyd Robinson, A. P. Miller, John Dev*. _.,hlre, Simon Jones sod Jacob Uawklcs, a committee appointed by the inflaemnl loyal vot ers of Louisiana for that purpose, a memorial, which la accompanied by a fetter signed oy Jacob Hawkins, the chairman of a mceUsgheld ay loyal clibtcns or Louisiana, and charged *tih duty of stating tbe history acdobjectg o’ the memorial. With tbe leave of tbe Senate I wiljvfrd a portion of the letter of Mr. Hawkins, Be tfAs:.-C “About seventy copies, lo as many gentlemen, have been (be stale for signature*, and tbe have all been attacked to this It bos neeo presented to nearly all of oSMBP Influen tial lovnl citizen:*, sed about one-lford of them have signed U, lb- o'bera being deterred from do log to by regard for tbclr personal Interests or :pcJ(onal safety. The memorial has cyl been pre sented te our colored citizens for thilr signatures. *as It was deemed best that It s’auuld be signed nearty by representative mea. I ros peel tally Mate that it is the strong conviction of your me morlsllfts that in order that tbe aclou prayed for mav be peaceably and efcriuaily consum mated, Uongrcss' should act immediately in this matter." • ■ . ■ Ibis petition U signed by J. Madison Wells, tbe Governor of the state or Louisiana; YV, B. By man, CLlol Justice of tbe Snpretou Court ofl-onls tana; R. E. Howell, Associate Justice, and very mary others, embracing, as Is stated In tbe letter of ilr. Hawkins, about one-tMrd of tbe more In medial and representative mci. who are loyal in tbe Mata of Louisiana. TLo petition seta one that tbe pre-cut political organization. are not republican, because a majority of the clr tens of that State arc disfranchised, and because tiny do cot give adequate and legal protection lo all the citizens; and the petitioners allege that 4bcse organizations are no: loyal, "because they arc controlled by those who were engaged In and now sympathize with tbe rebellion against tbe Government. ” ‘•Wo respectfully represent (say the petitioners) that a large majority of the voters of the State re gret ifce failure of the lit; rebellion, and sow opmlrapprnvpaod advoctie the principles and feelings that prodntai If; 'bit the principles aud persons of those who remained loyal are a-odi ous 'o them now as during the war, and that those uho assisted-the General Government in its i|rm« ropiest are now in tie rendition of t van quished uayly; that the murders and persecutions of loyal men are IncreasingTu frequency aud tur pitude, and that tb e lives, liberty and prosperile ot the freedmenare mainly deneodwit upon the interests and caprices of the disloyal: ant that neither we nor they can obtain Justice In the civil courts or adequate military protection." 1 bey farther any; ** W e therefore respectfully, but most earnestly, petition your honorable bodies to take such ac tion as will supersede ihe present political or catileatlone in our such a* will be loyal to the General Government, and secure to the loyal people of Louisiana protection In their lives, liberty and properlv.** The source from which this memorial etnau rates, the important qpotions which-It treats, and the high character of the gentlemen who have signet. It, will ‘rrruse me,. I trust, (or oc - cupytng the attention of the Senate for a few moments before 1 shall move Its reference to a committee. If it be true, as alleged in this memorial, that the loyal men of the Slate, of Louisiana an* in the condition of aTanqtuahed partv; if Uieir Jive* and bbrrty and property are not (ate coder the political omniaaUnna that ex* Ist, andcblch are In the bands of disloyal men (am) that these allegations are tree, the gentlemen vvpo mate them have the best means of Knowing). ;u ' ‘ ‘ " ■ me U Is onr duly to take eomc action „ regard to the existing state of things In me Jtatc of Louislata. 1 know «e bare proposed a Consllintional Amendment for the ratification of the Stales in the Union, and If U should be held that the ratification of that amendment ny ihrce-fonrtLs of the gor emoß States nude It Talid, that wonld cot remedy the Isiana. or any other ofiXo rebellious States where a similar condition of things exist*. ‘ Something more would be nccestarr. It wouM be necessary to enter ihosd Slate* and hnrl from power the disloyal element which controls and troveroa them. Need we wait for the ratification of the Constro iional Amendment to do that? fn my Judgment we need noL I think Congress has complete control over the whole subject. Under the Con-' feinntionitu incumbent on Congress to sec that Here is guaranteed to each Stale IntheCclon a republican form of government. TbU duly de vojvea upon n« and sotcdy else. THe Om-sta tion says: “The Congress shall have power to make all l laws which shall be sia proper for car rying into exccn'l'tr. lh.t lorvcolng powers, and all other pfwim vested by inu Constitution’ In :he o~vc;ument of tnc United States, or in tnj dci-arlmcnt or ofl*ccr thrr-rof." ‘ wbat power 1* •.esu-d in the Covernmaat of the United f»'.r V.oJ n.i; -rc;aush Of thlainstrtt menleaTn; ■ “Tbs'—et f ’.au trtirsntee to every -■Slate ta this Union ayepnhllrtc lorm .of govern Wbat department ef thl* f> la charged with the duty of c;rrjtr t ; power into c*ftct? By the terms of the tnsiru. cat 5' )? the Congress of the United States, and nor • ether. And even if the power were vtv t I. the Kxecnllre, which It is not, it w. be the doty iben ol Congress to pusih; n*:e7#iSr~ '-w* for ids carrying It into cicct. BV, sir h 1 <■ ‘* l il •Imply under this claoac of the Cos*tl.;ti"i ihTt the (.'onen sa has complete jurisdiction nv„.*ilr* whole subject, There ore other electee. I'M Conrtilntion declares that the ConyreH of me United State* shall bate power “to dec!*-re -xtt and ‘mace role* concerning captures on land and “to define and punish o;Tritces against the law »4 nations.* And whet was this rebellion bit an offence against the law of national “To raUc and support armies and .make ml"' for their government and regulation; and also by force ol ana* to pot down Insurrection under tho<e war powers, v-tlcd by express terms of the Con«Utn iloo itself in the Contfraa* of the United States. Concrete has complete Jurisdiction over thid whole subject, and the rcbeUloas Males and.lhe n- oplc ol those States are Id the condition of any other people who nave wickedly and causelessly undertaken to rebel agalnsl a good ani^astGov ernment and tailed la the nn'lertaklnc.tb - What, air. la the condition of the people In tlic-o rebellion* Starw r How catne they lolbeeocat itoa they arc in» They undertook. n<:t*mdf vicuals, bet as Stairs, ihromrh tlv.-ir *■*!.-:•: crjrarJ xn'lona. W disrupt this Go'<*rr.iurst anCeetun a Govcm'n r.‘ Inlep-udvit of the vn tru’aenv of Ibo Co. • vc*, at*d n h*-ti!:‘y to 11. They overt! ■■■«■ “*uto GoWamcuta which were lo < "/Isice, vtucia e«»»' ated thcfthjf link between to-.aj (.oUie* and u- redcrttGor eremeat. There v* no other *s v by which a State, asancluhasanr comedian viui the Fed* end Government, except throacn a its c-gani *atlon; and the Federal Government ;.i- • - coo- ucctlonwilb a Stale, cHbcr to Hi repr or to ax. 7 other way, except th»ot . ‘ ; ranlzatlou in barmonT with the F ment. These rebellion* Mira among tbna, eucciv-id "i 0. stroyisg thoee Swta> orcanuau.~:i‘; r v -y thereby broke the Jink which bo-id them as SUtts in this Union. They were no lonrer states ol the Union bavin" the r : ght* and the of SUlcs of He Union. They were still Ucs, and States if yon please, within the Jurisd c- Uon of the Union. The laws ofxhe Union 0.-er alcd over the people of the rebellious States lost as comrtclrlT during the rebellion as brwre or sir ce. iSvery law cl a general character extendeo over the people of the rebellious Slates Just as uadh aa those of the loyal Stales. _ It Is ‘rue that fbr a tune the Federal Govcrn meet did not have means of enforcing i« *awa; but every dozen In those States was amenable to the law. It la true In case where any citizen violates the law that the Government lias not the "means of preventing it* violation; if It had no ciltne wonidi ever he committed. The law for olds murder and then and robbesyandacson; bat lUrtts and robberies and burnings Uko Place In violation of the law. Sir, the l»«v forbade iMs rebel lion : itwa»nolpo\\orfnlenoa?b to prevent it, and the Government of the United State* lor a time was not able to enforce Us laws within the limits of tbt rebellions Stale*: but every cliizra of those States waa amenable to the law whenever the Government was a position *o cnSjrc* it* ao tnorlty. This, sir, tn myJudgmcnLwa* the condition of , these rebellion* Stales. The people of those 1 rium * neevedtd In destroying their loyal State | organization, they set np Stale orc&nlzattous In ; hostility to the Government of th; United bute*. The Government of the United Bute*; as -was it* flute, extinguished tlb esc dlsloyaf State orranftsllorß. What t w - , w-re* the condition of the rebel States? Were ctate government! revived? By ccv--#-* vd*.

There was not, and had not been /ear*, a single WTcci under those old eel-ber Governor, nor Judges, sTs»ei#'atuies. uorexpentive officer* of anv ARtjitTon; there was not an officer In one of ktates holding bis office nrdcr the State government* nblcatne rebels overthrew. We onrerives, by the power of the Government and the-bravery of oar troops, overthrew and citlngrfsbcd the rcbclLoua , UK governments. There then existed no Una by which those SUte* a* btatea were connected with the . Federal G°T" trnmtml. In Order to rencwtbaX connection U was neccssarr that SUte cownmenu aboulrt ne *vt up. This was admitted by everybody, and Ibe President of the Celled Stare*, setoff under this admitted fact, undertook to orrtaUo bum corcrnisenu. In my judgment, he bag no an thorny to enter npon that work. tTie Conajto tlonof the Cnlteu Mates confers upon the rrc -i --dent no Implied powers: he ha* powers. The implied powers arc conferred upon Cor cress, and Congress is to pass the neces sary laws to carry out the powers vested In the President or in ai.r other department of the Gov ernment. He cannot frame the uws by which to carry Into eflect any ol the powers conferred upon t, BoU »lr, he undertook through Provisional Gov ernors, whom he appointed to organize .bute govemrnecu In order to restore ih* connentoa between the rebellion- S-ate* and the Unkm. which litdbiet broken for the Presidtct’s plan succeeded, bad he succeeded to organizing St.-~roverr.mcnu that were loyal to the Union, that were under the controller loyal ; men. that protected loyal citizens and secured I freedom to all the Inhabitants In those State*, ConcrcM mUht and doubtless would have ovSSoSced the matter of their organlxa ooßttd recognized them as restored to their former relations, because Congress is ** anxious, and the people of this country are aa £dou£ as the President himself ever wu or can petfor the complete restoration of the States of Ac Union to their former relations npon Our and honorable terms. But. air, the people of thla country are not wilting that the rcbclhoa# Slates •hall continue to be laled over bv rebels, and Union men be persocnt,*d for their lova'ty. Thla memorial show* that the Mate orgaalza* uSm Louisiana, or the political orcan«aUon, »- they are called, are not republican, audltsutei «,nr*n\ar that the loyal tacn who assisted the Government to put do- r n the rebellion are la tha Sedition of a vanquished party ; that murders Sd ncreeculion* of loyal men are Increasing In turpitude, and that they cannot obialnjustlce In the civil courts or adequate mill- have been Imposed by the poll'i- in that Stale, and money col £?*«v£»a}anes of the re be. officer* who ruled To Goxonor Watts thousand* of dollar* have been paid wltbm SetoitTcarontof moceycollcctcd by taxation mmol* «J V CHICAGO. SUNDAY. DECEMBER 23, 1866. ■How me I ulll reicr him to the anlborUy. li ihifri le auy authority for that modc of lerTh-i: taxes. He win flodninlhe circular letter which the Secretary of Plato addressed to the various provisional Governor* in the rebel sow - time in the month of June. laCS, directly givio* U aa btc opinion that the Provisional Governor hadaoihorlty to levytaxea for the purpose o« uaTtne hla own expense* Ind the oxpjnaes or the Legislature UjU was about to be called Mr. PresldcH’. the case I am Baliae coca back of that. Money haa been co-- Jefted within the past year, a* I underwood. In the Slate ofAlaba»a,ard oaid, not lo Uc ProrUonai Governor appointed by the President, not for the expense* o: ib« Ugia W«* he convened, but to nay the salary ot the rebel Governor while the war raced: ana l am told by an oClccr who served in the Union army, and who previously fled from hi» borne in AlalMsa to avoid conscription into the rebel ranks, that Ibc ofllccr by who** order* pe .was paw icO, hie home destroyed, and hla family turned honie leaa upon the world, bai been oald within he laat year hla salary a# »n officer for doing these very thine*: and be elves me this official document, the treasurer's report, showier the payment or ue “now. sir. bow lons Is this condition of things to lasi? How lone la toe Congress of the Dulled States to tit here and allow Us loyal citizens, men w ho fonchl to sustain the Government, to be per secuted »r their loyalty, to be taxed to pay the salaries ofthe men who persecuted them. And, sir. 1 <un told by delegation! from North Carolina and Alabama and Louisiana and Texas, Intelligent gentlemen, that the Union men of those States maslleaye them unless something Is done for their protection, that they can get no justice in the coarts, and that they have no protection for life, liberty or property. e . 1 know the President claims that these States are already restored to their former position In the Union, ibat be bit done IL I have ■in-ady commented upon the warn of power In ■ the President to do any such thing Bat be constantly refers in his argument* npoa W* une-tlon to Ibc tac‘ that the postal and the revmiae Sod the Indicia! fystems are extended over lues-; rebellions States, and he seems to suppose he ex tended them there. Why. the President ha* had LOibloc to do with extending the postal and reve nue lau* and the judicial system over the rebel !iou« states. The* extended there all the time of Uic rebellion. Every general law of Congress ex tended over the rebellions btatea as much as over the loyal States, bnttbatdld not restore their connection with the Union. Their connection was broken by the destruction oftbeirbmte organ izations. without which h could not exist. The citizens of those .Stales arc amenable to pnr laws and were all the lime of the war. The l»w Itself extended over them all me time, and there has been no extension of ll by the President. It wav not In his power to extend the laws of Congress beyond the limit where the Is ws themselves go. These politiral organizations which be has been lustrum nlal In organizing are merely auxiliary »o the military power, and he b« treated them so himself all the time when c-verrtbey have done as act Interfering as be thought unjustly or improperly with the mili tary control of Ihc conchy. TUs shows exactly what they ate; they are political organizations subordinate to the military power, and la my. judgment entirely within the control of Congress. We can control the military power there; and the President of the United Slates, although he u by tb«f Constitution Commander-In-Chief ofthe Army and the Navy, must command the Amy and Navy according to the rules and regulations which the law prescribe# tor bis government. Ue can carry bis power* into execution only in accordance with such laws as Congress tnlnks proper to el Xfiedntyof Congress, In my judgment, is,-If ♦Ms suite of lids be trne,a« alleged, to Interfere at once, ami aside ihcsepolitical organisations • blch arc oppressing loyal men. and are man* .-gleg the atUtr* of these States In the Interest of the very men who songbt to overturn and destroy tbU Government—that ts tbe particular case— tau»l accept'tt fate tlial awaits all people who unloetly and wickedly engage la war jad, irc defeated. They are at the mercy ot the Federal Government of the United States of America; and the Congress of the United Slates U leatedwith authority to Pass all laws nserssary to cart; into excctylon ail power* en trusted »Uila Government. Then, sir, I think It should exercise this power and pass the necessary laws 10 secure to Union men and loy*l citizens their rights In these rebellions States, the neces sary top’accibem In authority and control eu that they may have protection, and secure to all republican llbeity. And now, sir, commending this memorial to the serious and early intention ot the Joint Committee on Reconstruction,! more that It be referred to that committee. ’ . .... jin. d*us. 1 harebnt a word to may 10 tbo honorable Senator from Illinois. He cenalnlyhas taken a wry cxuaordlnary o- cation to deliver his apeechmexposillonofthemerits of tbe petition wblch be has presented. 1 prcsbme that the bon* or&Me Senator, though he has addressed bis speech tothebcnaie, tnterdsltto reach to the LeglsU* 1 tun* of Illinois, and to Influence a certain election that Ueh<u3irto come off there. If that be his object. XhtK'the honorable Senator will succeed In It. iTSWe read the names of the competitors of the honorable Senator from hi* own parly for his ■recession, and 1 religiously believe that he u a mneb abler and a much better man than any or all ol them tortther, If they could all be made into, oncman. [laughter.] I therefore hopeJhatwbea that election comes ou the honorable Senator will be reflected. lam satisfied that be will bring more ability to Ibe sett which be Is to vacate on the 3d of March than any ojc who baa bean neroet!,««nd 1 sm eonoliy fattened that, although the modicum ot disinterested and uui>« lQ*h pair!- .otism which be will bring will not bo very larsr*. .\vwitl still be immonselv greater than tnal whP u -any of the other? will bring. .In relation to tbe memorial which the honor* thl.- Senator ha» presented, and ib- complaint embodied in it, 1 tart only t«* isay . vat In mvJudgment it amounts simply to this: were arc In the State? to which he refers an insignia iant number of Radicals—l do not speak of their respectability but or their number Theyare too ictlernflcant to grasp the Governracota of those Stales, and they .iuat iieliuon Congressto pot thorn States Into commission, establish a Govern*. ment to be managed by effect nrav to be made those Commissioners thcro selveo. -that Js about foe-fom and substance of '‘fnlbc reSut. !- M.* I«Wf msdo I. m cuconrtear to ipe honorable Senator from Illinois.’ I respect tor him. lapwedste his ability at- a wmaJor. is a lawyer si believe he Is a much better man than most of the man wim whom he i? asso« ateu, vad who act lo copnocUon rtith Mm I - - the -eor”T; and therctoie 1 greatly dtflrc. 1 whti* t> 4 U to be elected, that l.‘. *. ,-i ».et)u own scccnssor y- Tr.fw»tn.t. Mr. President, I regret that the F. ... ~- uvn. Kentucky cannot mo. above per* ".l r - r r-.uous in the discussion of quea- Is I thank him for his personal p;r ■ • • . u» w, and hope to be on terms of per sonal liicndsbip with him while wa occupy seats here: bat 1 have never been collty of indulging In a reflection upon the motives of senators In their discharge of public duty here, and I sm horryibat the Senator from Kentucky is csjl id M»ch a .-mold that he suppose* that when a brother Senator takes a particu lar coawe hero U U done In reference to hi? personal standing. I think, fir, -If I know mvself. that I have been governed la nr action In this body by a sense of public dnty, sad thsl there t? nothing In my course to warrant the Senator nro» Kentucky In casttng upon me any such Imputation as that of making a speech for the purpose of securing a reflection to tbe Sen »te Mr J»e may be cast In such a mold that he would an lit lam not. If my public course here is to.: r.LCh ti to meet with the approbation of mv ccosdturoU, I must lake the consequences, j havo not shaped itm reference to securing the •'cacvsl approbation of my constituents further Sun a uUhfnl discharge of public duty may be rr-arjed as having that tendency ; jtndlhe Impu tation of the Senator from Kentucky la wholly unwarranted. •% hrooze (Uttte of Chief Jnellco Merehall tor th« IDebnoad Washington Monument is on lw to SeV'To*, and on It* arrival will be re shipped to Richmond, and Is expected to arrive about Christmas. The stainei of Nelson and Lewis, and the allegorical figures and troohles de signed aa omamccts for the lower portion of the monument, will likewise soon be shipped la this conn try from Munich. The monument should be completed before the spring. ctmuel B. Scott, Esq., an old and leading clU x, n of Toledo, Ohio died In thatdtyoa Tuesday aiphu Ue was bom la Saratoga Coauiy, New Yoik, and went to Toledo In 1536. It is said that tin late severe weather has materially damaged the wheat crop throughout Indiana. . Vrtict- ITO-AIT BICOTIIKKJS l<hfrtl»tM 126 Drorboro-ai.. reeeire odtertiMßeati (or all the (radios paper* throoghaal thi tolled State* mad Canadas. Kctospgpetg. npHE SUNDAY TIMES « OF THIS MORNING rmintflO^r 4 ' 1 !'* 1 DrreJoptwnta la the ITEWARf DIVORCE CASE, Iscu:mya . COBREPONBBNCE Bttwem Ber. H*rt L. Stewt Md bl* wlft CexoprebcaJln* FpUUe* wttoea daring tM Courtship, ' Alter Marriage, . And After the Separation. ♦ln arts correspondence tmi» p pRKSBYTEKIAii CHURCH, la wfclcilhi ACCUSE? THE LAUT OF A IT ANT OF CHRISTIAN bPItUT. Ctjc-Seating Season. '■ >SKA.TEf G. West Side Rink. THE BEST OP JOE WHI AlwmTK be Posed. D»r and Evening. BUY A TICKET. IT UILT* WAKE A SICE PRESENT. We Gnmtee 100 Xlskti* !*uilbx. TtTHEUE ARE TOC GOING SO V\ FA**T. OLD MtN? (Nee Sonz.) l*m toloc down 10 ÜBAKI/a. lOS Lak-at. 1 hear that he ui reduced hi* price*. and my irleads aw anxlon. to »*- core the ahador ew the Whetmrr fadea. lie tara Cartes do Yistte forOulysl.oO pflrDoz* t>uotograehs op the great I NORTH AMERICAS MASTODON. toaalSS fen bclbw the aoxfhee ot the earth, and «ald by Pro-Mar»h of Ya>e Coilere, to be one-third larger than aa: trai« antral, will be aeat to any adlr~»« oa the rrcelpt ol twentj.flre eetta andalamp., Brery one lnto*e*lel_la science, ana (he wonder* of thl« eoarta«u yelra a««, ,nonld bare one Address FEBjISON A JiibVlLLt. 17? The day of extortion has PASSED.—Brerr one ahinid rcmem>»r that It «i< car old and popular Phowzraphw. DR vS D. 1 O S lataat- who waa &e «r*l la take IherlsM itepjn reduction at price*, and patronize him arcorotoeiy. Cartes fleTUMeOalj- tl.SOper doses. jFancs (Scons. posmvtLT Ttief Closing Sale BY AUCTION. The Splendid Collection of Rich Parisian FU(! illi! 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Alto,a good aaaortment of new medium and low priCtdPlanoa of dldercnt makes Also, aeeond band Piaooa, at $520, $5-10. $30% U9O, »i». and $135, taken In exchange, to that we hope etlll to be able to sou all tastes. smith a HIXOH, • Corner Clark and Waablngton-ati. MUSIC. “Where are yon going so Fast, Old Man!” A beautiful Song and Chorea. Price, SO cent*. The Old Musician and his llarp. Cnorc*. Bring tny barp to me again. Let me sun: a gentle strain— lAt me bear 1U chords once more. Ere 1 pass to yon brtgnt store. Price, SO cent*. Tbeabore Songand Cbonia winbf »ntd lu tne Jatttarr number oCHjm l ** Wpiicax Kavnrw. Pupil.bed every month, by 11. M. HIO CU»fe.ll7 Baadolpb-ft. ,5 cent* for one year. n. ° 1 L * CHKISTMASI oim.i.vs. AT BOOT & OAOrB< Elegant Styles, £Pom sls to SU»O. CHRISTMAS I LITTLE MEIODEONS FOR CHILDREN, AT ROOTS: CADY’S. }a ote to three octaves. Price >7 an octave. A<Wm * TrttewOflM. (General Notices. Ryrs*«nel^ I Srinon«!. Acratpt Uie £"&■» no-*»'atementmade by him^^vfr^T^SUicK »s UfolnrormwreCompinrofNew Yorkj^^ioac bolder* of me nrrer rec^rod^fc^ Eass™-*aEEBr 'OOUJxTIEt- entitled to hoenty under act of Jo!j»ia. v o well ta antiiy tor the aaise at once. Appll* .-ffui (Sooiis. E x - Ex-Ex-Ex. ' •We hire tte non Ulok «***•»««- Kas'“‘- Sbemaa Haooe. r ADUS’ FURS—A good assortment ol *"* TOTE SISK ASD FITCH For *in»AU M sboleMie price*. natU U>e l« d WBITTEMOtf. CAima . "fgSSu faillincOT. rpO THE I-AHlEfi. via H. E- STOUSHTOH Wl.ta to lajbnc the lethe, of Chic woßdeofTOTnd- etc 1> now wan. hot lane ood clt cut HMonmeat ox MILLINERY AT COST. Fencu ttUhtte to jsiclosetm plcoso coll cud cl' .miw ter MocS *» 100 (Opera Hmw B>»ck«) _ At cost. MII.LIN'RRT GOODS AT COST. ItlbU>EttT GuOOS AT COST. LOOKOUT FOK BARGAINS -103 Htato-st. financial. 85,000 TO LOIN. y O A2sb ON CXV7 SSTATS* So*.l3»od 1* PortUnl Bloc*. 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Dates Changed in a Twintllng! SECOB HAND STAMP CO- Sontheaat corner of eorth State aod'Mlchlgaa-»a. p AKD's hatest ■ VT BBICS machine. Offlee and maanNctory S 3 *Jata JeCfcraoMt. FOl lnlcra.iti.on, and deacrtfUre clwalar^Wrwa^^^ S 3 Sontt Chicago. NUMBER 200. Clofiitas. QHBISTMaB. BOITS’ CLOTHING BOYS’ Overcoats! • OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, BOYS’ SCHOOL SOUS Of Heary Scrvfcablc Material, FROM $8 UPWARDS. BOizrs 7 Dress Suits A very Large Assortment oil Fancy Casslmeres arid Cloth Suits. The most acce stable Pre- sent that can be made a Boy, Is a SUIT OR OVERCOAT. The Lowest Prices and Best Assortment at DeGRAFF’S, Corner Stnteand Randolph-sK £E\mntj fßarijines, JJOUDAY PRESENTS. What mow appropriate CIA cculi be made than one of tie vastly celebrated ELLIPTIC LOCK-STITCH Sewing Machines? IT* See Testimonials. erl JIOUEV & SHAW, Sole Agents, 9U last Waahlngton-at., Chlcac*. TESTIMONIALS.—Best Family orGeneral Maaofee* mrlax Machine.—L. B. Walraven, OpDolsterer, Curtain Manufacturer, etc.. No, ®6 Broadway, tayi: •• After thoroughly testing the various Hrst-cUM Sewing Us rhlnee in my manufactory. I rreaOy prefer tbs Elliptic Lock EUtcn Machine, which atooa baa given me perfect aatUfkctloD. The I pedal excellencies lor which I can recommend this machine, are ease and Urttnoa of op eration; fpted: beabty and strength ot allien; econo my of thread; great almpllaty and tborouKhneaa of construction. and coc sequent non-uaDiniy tooerange mect. owing with uni torn perfhcaoo opon the ligot- St orheaviestmaterial.aiowithontsoiuneuiothread JW.Watitina. of Brooklyn, wrltei: “After an expe rience ©floor year* with the Elliptic, and considerable wUhOUur first-class machines, adeem It but justice to your amnlfabte machine to state. that! consider It not cnir far superior to all others at a family machine, but a, * perfect Sewing Machine In every respect, perform lnr.*a it doca. n raetdly. nolalosiy and perfectly, every possible variety off* rally sew leu. and withal ao wcndorfiilly almple and easy to operate mat a child rannsu |t without difficulty, 1 cannot say too much in I % P M^Vl7f t^m> Dl^?ty l aaa Pcrfccnon—FlveTcart without Breaking n Needle.—Ma n■ l f . pecker, of j,ru, cu.,« nut: “ 1 Mrewm one of yrrur niUptlv sowing MacMnescorstanUy over five years, on every kind otwetk. without even breaking aueedle or paying a collar fbr repairs, and | consider U a marvel of aim pllclty ana perfection.” Skates. gKATES SADIES’ 6SATBB, SKATES, CBiManera skates, ; ?or Christmas Gifts! 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M. lightning Express . hate sleeping cabs thbouqh to CU3VELASH, "WITHOUT CHAITBE, SUPPER AT ELKHART, Afld arrlT** tn !Sew Tor* «t 7 o'clock os ** - ntnlos tt tteusd DM* S^SSS&fSS C. HOCOB, Uea’i W«tt*n P»»*r AX t. Chicago. Uccaabef. 1866. Scntistrs. Teeth extracted without Each, amatlot Gold Fi1urr......... A» Each, larger and more complicated W“3WJ» IV*trDjipr*cd Remongg >er»r- »*A I**® Ulcerated Toout. preparatory to * S 3 Hg lUmoTlsa superficial -SSHg Cleansing Teeth FUltncSerreCtoltiH,eat b HStg l*iTot Teeth. ,ti£24wß $U of Teeth on AT dr. J- o. rAar<bwohtITS dental rooms 116 BASDOLPH-ST., Oppoatte Cot. Wood** Ma*cum. Consisnmnitß. 10,000~ pot 9' DS dressed ttjekbts, FoAieWJ.D.BKIIOfEH A CO, CopmUaloa MfT pUTTER, BUTTER FOB BALE, ICOO TUBS OHIO SASIBTJT 1 In loin to roll hayer*. _ . E. WHYTE A CO.. 14l south »at pvRESSED HOGS Usual Facilities to Slippers. Co»nß ! ta.oac»todlotj. Jjf g 13S asd 14AKiy_^^QT^g_ol_L*&aIN 13attntts1)hi>- -vroTlOE.—The ropartaerEhip Hereto \ for* ex'Btjnsnndcrlhe rttle and nameot BaW* r*",, » Merritt l» this day dissolved.- _ _ John A. Baldwin U alone autho’.izeff to resetre all BOLeyidneMldUnn. JOHSf A . pALDWTCf, Chicago, Dec. l“th*l9C*. IKA A. HBtttUTT ■ Jttoelrg, &c. A THING- OF IS A JOY FOEEYEE! ICOISPT ATTBMITr A -*% Merry Christmas^ VUkooi exaalalar Hie d evr anlrtb #f If«w WATCHES, And Gold and Stiver C»di at GILES BRO. & GO’S, 142 LAKE.BT. GOLD IS DECLINING* AND GOODS OFPIBED AT COLD AT PAR Elegant American.and Geneva Watches, llic -freest Stock Wat of New Tortc. DIAMONDS AND PRECIOUS STONES. Silver Ware and Solid Gold Jewelry. FULL PEARL BRIDAL SETS, Diamond* Emerald, Hyacinth, Sapphire and Romaic, FULL AM) HALF SETA BRACELETS, FINGER AND HANDKERCHIEF RINGS, &c. Richly Chased Tea and Tete-a-Tete Sets, Caps, Goblets, Tims, Ladle*. 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JSushuss (Carßss. ~YY YETH & VANDERYOORT MALTING COMPANY, Hos. 2 and 4 Michigan-av, nonnfactnrrr* of TValc and n«ni<t* te ' Barley and Bye. • rf> we keen cotrtaatly on bind iwcb ol Priaa B*rUr*o<UtrrM*lt,»ttchwcftfe prepared to »«a at Uelg*t«ta*tketr»h?«. OACKETT & CO., *COB33HIBSION ZOSaCSAKTS, porchaiesna sell Floor. Grain, Prortslona, Draied ‘ •iu south vinawr, Chicago. Reienace-yorth*re«;em>'aUcn3l B*aa. QEO. H. ROZET, BEAL ESTATE AND LOAN BROKER, 08 Lom nereihtri cu nr*i W*f#. Boadi, Ftoeka. 'Warehouse *td other tecuriUne. QOMMISSION HOUSE OF GEO. A. WHEELER & 00, f S 4 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Give rpeeial attention to coatlftaintetf of dressed hogs, AodfarnUb usual ftctlttestheftfcr to all Kbo apply. ail orders fbr “fIXUB, GBAIN AND PBOTOIOIO / RMt i« oor Terr beet efforts to pk*»r. property tousSstol held on mATfdaa. and sold here or In m»k» ern cnßoutliem gßooa ana Coal. QET THE BEST. 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