Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 23, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 23, 1866 Page 4
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Cljicaga tribune. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1566. THE CITY. Tn* Peer Omn will open on Christmas at eight o'clock an&close al ten for the Cay. Closure or Mails.—ln the future the Milwau kee mail win dose at 2:45 p. m., instead of a p.m. The Cincinnati maQ will close at 7:30 p. m-, in stead of 4:20 p.m. Tax Houdat Tables. —lt will be well for la dies who want Hr*. Johnson's cakes. Jellies gad lea cream for their Christinas and|New Year's ta bles. to leave their orders at once at No. 71 Wash ington sheet, as she will not othcrwiseiie able to fill them. TnxPm* ex Vax Bubex Stexit.—We are de alnd tostate that the loss sustained by Mr. Lan toman by the fire tn bis engine governor factory, on Saturday, was much under-estimated. The value ofthe stock was (S,(XO, and it was nearly nil detOoytd. The loss Is covered by tffsnraace to the extent of (4,000. A Faxcx Baxaau lor the benefit of StlQtary's School will be given in the school hall No. 189 Wabash svecne, on the evenings ofthe SCtb, 27 lb, ssib, and 29th of December. The R*g«»r will be under the auspices of the Sitters of Mercy, who know so well bow to arrange and manage such an afialr, that none can do it better. Wood.—Messrs. Clark A Young, having made an arrangement with the Chicago A Great East ern Railroad to freight wood to Chicago, are pre pared to sell dry and green hard wood at living prices. In quantities to snit purchasers, at their new wood yard, No. 100 North Sangamon street SnociD be Noted.— The extended advertise-' mentof the crest jewelry house of Messrs. Gllc*, Bto. A Co., No. 141 Lake street, should be read by ell who propose to purchase Jewelry, silver wore, watch's, or anything In their line, as they have a magnificent stock from which to make se lections. Up Acaw.—Abraham Robinson, of 261 Lake strict, who is periodically before Mr. Commis sioner Boyne on charges o! violation ofthe Inter sil Re\ enne laws, was on Saturday again brought op. The charge this time waa tnat be bad de frauded the Government by the presentation of fraudulent returns. The examination was post pored until Monday, the prisoner giving ball in lb* sum 0f!1,2C0. Ccaxce xx mx Rctxxce Omen.—Mr. J. C. WlUcc. Chief Clerk in ihe office of Ihe CoDector of Internal Revenue for this District, baa been promoted to the position of Deputy Collector, tier T. M. Thompson, who has returned to tho {iracricc ol lew. Mr. Wilson la a gentleman of urge busirnf? experience, and will without donbt make oi. efficient and popnlsr Deputy. To nn lAstss.—Mrs. M. E. Stoughton, of No. ICO PtiU 1 tired, Opera House Block, is now offer ing for sale her large and elegant assortment of milliccry goods at cost price. Ladies of Chicago, and ll.rt-cfrom tho conctry, who are in want of tcv mUHncry gcod« should call at Mrs. Stough ton's. and < xamine her stock of goods. They will Cud Ih m sufficient in quality and quantity for a Judicious choice. Q. C. C. Sociables— The next Sociable of the Q. C. C. wlilbe held on Christmas Eve, Decem ber Sstto, at Marline's Hall, comer Clark and Monroe tttceti, (o oe continued on every alternate Tuesdayevetlag during the season: the Soci ables during the past and picsent season have bo n very popular, and we have no donbt that this oce wiit be fully equal to any previous. Frituds ol U.c'Clcb are cordially Invited to attend. Masoxic. —At the regular annual communica tion of Home Lodge, No. 593, A. F. A. A.M., held Friday evening last, the following officers wire tidy elected and in>ul)ed to serve for tho enquire v. ar: D.N.Jlurlbut, W. M.j W.K. Wheeler, S.W.; D. Wcsleivclt, J- W.; rbos. Nicoles, S. D.; W. 0. Wl.:, J. I>.; W. It. Schiodcr. Secretary; J. Rlcfcmsn, Treasurer; C. M. Favorite, S. Steward'; 1. Vchidvr, J. Slewaid; Isaac Parker, Tyler. A Brute.—Paul a man who«e manner indicated that be bad undergone a transformation from the brute for seven ytarv, (reversing the ex perience of Nebuchadnezzar), was arraigned at the Police Corn! Saturday morning, charged with abusing his family. On Friday ha went home In a state of intoxication and alter frightening the children out of the house, threw the movable icmitnrc—table, dishes. Ac-—into the next neigh bor's y ard. Pined $25. Street Can Acctdest.—On Friday evening, a small boy whose name is unknown, was pitying on the Archer road track. On the approach of a car be was warned by the driver to get off the Hack. bnt only Jeered at him. When the car ceme r ear he made abler movement to setoff, but slipped on tbe snow, and tell with bis hand on the track. Tnc wheels cut ofi the first and second fingers of hts right band. The nov was taken home immediately, bat will bear for life tbe Lull- of hie folly. “The Bettes Ijutb.”—This capital spedtncß of modem an is a general favorite. AenChrUt mas gltl. It la one of tbe best things of the ktud that could be purchased and presented to an es teemed iriend of cither eex. Ills one of thi things thatneyer grow old or lose their interest. Being always kept in sight. It will every day rc ™“ oflhegivcr. It'ia for sale by Co - It® Wa-hlngton street. A 0 to coB examine It before cotcplciing Jewezjit ronTiiE Dolidxtb.- who'a<*> In search ot appropriate and beautiful gifts for the holidays, useful as well aa ornamental, should not omit to call at the new store of H S. Isham A Co., Jewellers. No. FT Clark street, where they will find a choice stock of watchu. clock*. *•»»• cl«y, silver. sUvr-plated wnr-»- r**» **oie cutlery, not surpassed by mtUiing in «be cily, for rlc>- nes* and beaut} of design—all of which are offered at low prices. _ Masortc.—At the Anneal Communication of the Cleveland Lodge, No. B>l, A, F. & A. M., held Thursday cvming. December .3th, the fit!- lowing officers were elected and Installed: Theo core T. (iarncy, W. M.: Ira itulmui u v . Guidon P. HandslJL J. W.; George tP’-Glbsori’ Treasurer; John. Whitley, Sec.-ctarr; Thodore Wa'ker. s. O ; R. G. Mcreai, J. D : il land, John Oliver, M. C; D. J. Livingston. J. D Bowers, Mewarda; Moses Gray, Tyler. Dedication or xbxw xiAsoste mix.—On De cember the 27th Inst., the new Masonic Hall in Stolpe* Block. Aurora, Hi., will he dedicated. The exercises will commence at 11 o'clock In the, mornlcg Immediately afterwards the new offl. ce be Installed In, when too lodges will adjourn to the City Hall, to listen to the ore tioc, to be ocllverettby Rev. O. IJ. Ttfikny. of n A J- er Ule ex ' niae '-aH persons w> d£ posed will adjourn to the Aurora and at tend to toe wants of the Inner mas. Lake Fouest Acaduit.—The annual exhibi tioner the Lake Forest Academy waa madcjal that place cu Lst Thursday evening. Hie exercises consisted of a debate by the senior class, and de cjarralfocfi by J. E. Chandler, of Macomb; G. D. 8011, IxLr Fores., W. JrFahlan, lake Forest; E. J l«tlict:, W. D. Bradley. Jr., IV. E. Kelley amT • r *cn. Jr. of Chicago. Tbe speaking •‘‘onric. TheaSxlr was a vw "Z be remembered hy the *o Jcnous.—Tha ac •veUlng tbe attend intoned, is gain- T udge Bradwull queatioa of the ttacb two gen- One, Mr. M. ot of toe cost Peter Keller, ot content to power of the f ten dollars .•own ± e Opera elr large tment of stock of .* ordinary <4, eompri- In all varie o have a very <na and bosom .-s gloves of every /chiefs, goods for -jr, fiannel, merinos, Oder*. In short, they a; furnishing line, sll They have also a varied *U*a.. One speciality of • favorite "Sam Brown" -din a manner to salt par .ircL.—Among the tempting aya which attract tbe eye and nohdtr season. Is the extensive jewelry, silverware, watches, dis similar goods, of Messrs. EoddlaA on tbe northeast comer of Clark and -»ac streets, one ol the best and most frequented localities In the city. Their store Is handsomely fitted up, and seems to be thronged with eusto mers from morning to night, who do not often go swsywlihoat finding whit they seek. Comae titinn Is the life oftrade for buyers a- well as sell er*. and wheu so many opportunities sen ted tl la well to look at the Inducements offered ov those who ate so enterprising as to *-»•*•« their adrsLtare* known to the public. A glance at the th legsof beauty which adorn Umwlndows of this firm wU lead to, on entrance, an ex cninallou of roods and prices which can hard!* ull of bang rated satisfactory. 1 AnKcrrm fob Eiot.—An account was pub lished in last Fridsy’s This mix cT the opening dance at “Snnnyslde”—ahotelxecenllyptirchtsed by •* Captain” Hyman, and situated onjtne Evans tonl rosd, three or four miles from this dty. Itfl was staled that there was something ofa“alrir mifh” cu that occasion between several of the in yltcd gue-ts, in which Miss Ellen McMaaters a keeper of a lashlonable brothel, was compelled to retire from tbe scene with her eye* tn mourning * Dd _ -a young lady ' “boarder" at •Vr residence was al#o somewhat crippled In her virion. The McMaaters procured irom Jet lice Millikcn a warrant tor the arrestor “Cap tain" Dyman, Annie, his wire. (ecr.tJUffbrd) Louisa Wallace and George Eggleston. These par ties were before the Police Conn Saturday after noon charred with riot. Tbe examination was postponed till January 2d, each of tbe parties be ing required to give ball for their appearance. Son* malignant enemies ol tbe peace and bap rites* ol *• Miss” McMaaters on Frtdav night were hold enough (yet so qnlet a* to avoid detec tion) to paint ttripta of red. Intersected with an other color, aooss a portion ot her white cottage on West Madison street, snggeative of a Jail Workmen were emploved-on Saturday io effacing iu Dow ench an outrage could be perpetrated in so put He a thjroughfare without an arrest by po licemen la a vcit suggestive question. It quite cpfets tbe scandal that the policemen arc always the courtesans. 4 • place. Cou» lor mca of high n*.. PAWNBROKINO. Answer to Queries from Washington - —The Interest Charged on Loans— Vindication of a Much Abused Chss. Our readers are donblleaa aware that some Urns since ■* Bureau of Statlstlca was established al Washington. In pursuance of the duties of his office, the Director bat addressed circulars to in. dividual* ta different parts of the United States, asking for Information on the several topics, the elucidation of which has been committed to his charge. Among other queries addressed to the Inin cm it one as to the rate of •* Interest or an wlpr centage. paddior the ose of money m loans) m per * OMl «ff«U tpswnbroker’s Ihe question is suggestive. ••Ten per cent a mouth, ’ or one hundred and twenty per cent per annum. It a.l that the pawnbrokers exact from their patrons for the ose of their money In small or large quantities. How these men man age to live and continue to do business on to rdsu) a percentage of profit may well he won dered at; perhaps thevvrffbld find U Impossible without the extra profit realised out of an occa sional confiscation of the property Insured by them against a return to the owner. By a skt£* fnl use ol their tights In the premises, Idey may sometimes manage to doable or treble the above named tnargOi of profit, and 11 Is believed to some quarters that the more success ful make this a pari of their business. Byjndi cions haidUng, a cash capital of (say) two thous and dollars may Ik* made to yield to annual return of fifteen to twsniy thousand, though the average will perhaps be abont eight. 1c the absence of other more lucrative modes of money making,the pawnbroker Is forced to be content with this mis erable income, and ucar calmly the anathemas of the still poorer wretches who after availing liem seites of bis liberality, foolishly or wickedly charge him with bttng an extortioner, with having no heart, Ac, in language more forciole than polite. It was with a sigh of anguish that the pawn broxlcg fraternity two years ago learned that *n cßort was being made to Induce the Legislature of this State to allow on** of their bomber to accepts lees rale ol Interest. They were going to rain un mooch already, and this measure. If passed, wonld reduce them from moderate poverty to ab solute penury. It must not be. They fought the measure to the best of their ability, bat the profits of their business being so small they could (not afford t*> spend money enough to fight the measure successfully- Ihe back or the monopoly, and the hearts of the monopolists,were able broken. The hill passed, and from that date the ••Chicago Loan and Deposit Company” was authorised to charge (we believe) one per cent a month for the use of Ha money, on the security of personal property, with s reasonable addition for Insur ance, cost of tickets, Ac. The depositors wonld have been in ecstasies had they been in the habit of reading the pane™, which fewof them ire. Yet the news travelled, and the custom of the other establishments was soon in process of transfer to the one In question. It was the mUlealam to the poor creatures who visit the pawn-bop, the saloon and the Police Court, with exact regularity, hut ihe chmch never. Only one cent on tho dollar! Was not the news too good to be true? It was. We saw one of the unfortunates who borrow cd a little money soon alter the grand open ing. he showed bis ticket "Uh an air of the most intense disgust: at this distance of time we do not remember thr precise wording, bat It was tantamount to what follow*: J-oancd on gold watch., ~..13.00 To interest at one per cent.... .. Insurance aud storage 9 per cent. Cost of ticket X per cent Total charges. Received by depositor ; fS.« equal to about twelve and one-fifth per cent on the qolct actually used for one month or less. The ihing was after all ahont a* broad as It was Morg; it anythin?, a little more eo. Slowly It was found out that the change waa no improvement, and the business settled back Isftrite old channel. The o’her pawnbrokers vreraJHfllevcd from the nightmare of Impending rnlnySfingh they never ronld t<-rgtvc the deception by which they were led to believe teat their honest profits would be interfered with. They still continue to make their more thus cent per cent out of a c'ass of people who car: lea&tasoid it, and the wall of poverty strike* tbclr care but asadiagni*ed laugh—a pecu liar way toa* clans bare of malnng merry over the little dilemmas which, however disagreeable tnoy toey be at first, become absolutely pleasant from practice in their endurance. That the pawnbrokers do not make too much money out of their patrons is proven by their constant unwillingness to loan largo sums. Von a gold watch which has cost yon a hun dred and fifty dollars, and ask for a loan of fifty dollars; The gentleman blandly Informs you that ffce idea is preporieron*. and the act Impossible. He a ighl make five dollars on that watch In any number of days under on* month, at ten percent on fifty. Col he much prefers making only two dollars on twenty, or rather on eighteen, tor the interest is always deducted at the time of bor rowing. His unselfish soul revolts at the Idea of making so much out of yonr access! lie*, and when yon*mlldly remonstrate that il is too little, he bcnciolent'y consoles you with the assurance “that there will be eo much less to •poy.” lie might lend fifty on that watca and In case of failure to <cdcem, could sell it local least twice what you agreed to pay, but “perish the lboucht,"<bc!a afralu if too pfedee yourself to a large amount you will never be able to recover yonr property. Tth would palu him beyond ex pn sMcn, ana be charitably determined cot to tdace you In such a dilemma, though it would put more money in hid perse.' 1 That any should doubt the parity and unselfish character of his motives is deeply to be deplored, and shown haw the good and noble may be maligned equally with the vile. The letter of Inquiry above referred to, makes cno iotportant omission: it does not ask the ex tent of ibe business in Chicago. W- wtM endeafor to supply tbe void. There are about eleven of these cstablishmaU in tbe city, of the regular class, besides at|aw who practice irregularly. They employ, probably, a capital of abont fifty thousand dollars in actnal loans, and clear at least two hundred thousand per annum ofi theneces-' slUt-8 of the poor, profligate, or criminal. Esti mating that the same money is lent oat twenty times tn tbe year (the majority of pledges being redeemed at tbe earliest possible moment), and Vh|t one-fifth of the value of a pledge Is advanced millions YoK£ old give a valuation of about five ly “spouted” la annual -3 t ~ "Tide” to Chicago. A NOVEL CONTEST. The t»Coilfornl&Comtqtie«”and Their Costume (Habits)—Carrying Out a Watchman. An exceedingly interesting case was dockited lor trial before Justice DeWolfi at ten o'clock on Saturday morning, but in consequence of an ami caUe arrangement having been made between the and tbe defendant at an earlier hour titan tbe one above named, Justice OeWolf »»as cot called upon to deade upon the merits or dcrocrita .Of . the qnesUon. ?.^i £C j'iTO forthe ibeAcsJeinyofMaric rhnnll liwf lulu the vott fcffion cf lu- owco;s, or be bdApyJCcily S: I. -on until the explmtion at their lease One ol'tb ' coroluons of the lea«e was that Kellr * Leon thonio no! anb-letme ptemUcs without Uie con sent of the owners, and another was that the performers should b** of a chaste character The piftonraneca given by the tessees were not oh ji’Ctioiiabli*; 'rts true, they vere not of tno most tievEfed standard; bnt, although some of the Jokes ***rc a hulo broader than tbtre was any occasion for, the general run ot the songs and tavipgt- compared favorably Vrith those snug and sold In the best regulated places of tbe kind lu the Lnusd Stales. The house was well patronized by “men about town." who went tiljhtafter nteht to 1c rn the of Nellie Gray, as writ i* tnat of a colored man named “Old Sb«dy.“ and lh* ex cellent order which was kept In the hou*e reflect -cd o gond deal of credit upon the lessees Seme necks ago Kelly A l-eon wentto New toik, bnt before leaving they turned over their lease, without tie knowledge of (lie owners of fife properly, to the California Oomlques Theprr romances given by tbe Corolques were not of a high moiaitonc; they were neither reflnrd nor chariu: and, if tbe truth tnutl 1* told, they were redly deficient In the first rules of common de cency. The stage costume of some of the femi nine performer s'was decidedly airy. !( consisted of a single garment, which was perforated with boles a litlle smaller than those of a flshln" not, bnt considerably larger than ate usually found In* r. mcfnnltoliar£and ns It commenced along dis tuee below the neck and ended several degrees i-bove tbe enklc, the effect, especially when (here wys a full bead of gas on, waa partially sumniag. tno tmug finally became such au Intolerable ntu accc llistJbe police hiuke it np, and notified tbe Continues to go Into some other business or It-ave 'he city. At about tbe same time the owners «'f the property commenced legal proceed :ag»-' to break tbe lease: or, rather, to get : or session of tbe property, the lease having al :eady been brokm by Kelly A Leon. But a* soon a* uey learned thal the Comiqufes hadbesn driven • ut, they concluded not lo depend upon the slow’ corue of law, but to take fni'iedlate po«»et : *ioa of the premises. They according;? placed a man inside, ard gave him the rcceafa-y instructions. < oe of which was lo keep everybody oat, eioep* themselves, nr tome one holding their written or tcT . en, ” , sr*- 7hw man giurffbd the iMts acd privee boT«*e In a very creditable maruer lor two day*, bat on the third xaomtng. rt • bouinvco clock, his tlcep was nroken bv three men, one of w bom asked him to pay for hi* lodg ing. Dc replied that he waa thereto watch tne ,Da consequently had nothing to pay. on t fcrau me Spokesman, “so voa’re watching ibcbcwc,aroyou? needn't watch It any longer, ccz mo and these twr cbammlcs o* l ° «« ne>ody runs’ aaay vlth. U. Here Bill (to rue of his comTaoes): take hold o' this maltrcsi. and netp me carry this alccpy wateher out ori the side v-mk. •Bill took hold, as desired and In less Ibe renresentaUve of the owners of the property was dressing himself on tbepave- Kelly and Leon, though *heir agent, tfere ni fall possession ofthc premises S *nio owtere Immcdmely Instituted proceedings tor the ejectment of the trent, and the latter lor several dsy* expreafed hi* intention to con esttbe matter before Jnsiice DeWolf, bnt bearing of too case,he (banged his mind, and notihed the owner* {bat Po*ee*»ion as soon aa ; l e ik.. Thcy^n ? edltle V, toot possesUon, the milter. vve lcarujhet they vtliJ not again lease the house ♦. w theatrical or musical entertainments. l br record, everybody the affair, with one exception. Is ibal exception Is tne man who waa obiicfd to make hi* toilet ont of doors, without looking-glass or hair-brush, before daylight, on lartlcj; year oßl d^**Sree *^ e mornings ot Itm de- WANTED, A BRIDGE. ord, the as t, has been •In making ly between North De- Important r new nob * his labors ratifying to that toe in is expected ssessca the V. M. A J n watches. tj the at of Wasb i stock of which in etyconi >«la'ly, aluable. he line - has a i West, aelf in that be rother, ks welt sapae- The Hirer at Adams Street—A Oroaalog Needed—Why, «Dd When. Tbe great trouble with Chicago is that IMs like *fhat growing boy. wbosc clothes are always too little, let tbe original proportions be as ample os yon Eke. We make provision for tbe present dc mard. but even before ibe suit be purchased, tbe JIH. lb* sire to \rthch tbe cioiles will flf. Webuild a school-boose In the SSStfll W !S.'* la,1 * llllr lor«wtee S' MchiUrm uedlac tdgcailoul minloc w™ Ibe p:»o.«te drier. Br tbe lime Umt Ibe structure is opened the school is fell, and in less than ete months comes a plaint to the authorities ihat hundreds of children - are wiihonl seat?, so with our roads, oar horse car facilities, oar st-am railroads, court house, haibor. fire alarm »clegraph, police force, BndcwelL 3aUs, fx. There Is reason to fear that even our great lake tunnel will soon be found too small for the supply of Chicago, though we now consume but between nine and ten million gallons of water ca.iy, and tbe tunnel, under a hcary orcssure, can give out seventy-five millloe gallons, or enough for a million and taree-qnariers of peo pie. The water will not have been long set run ning, before anothertonne] will be required; In deed, it Is already talked of as a safely measure, ,o .£?•* the present one should at any time fall. The question of crossing Cfie river Is wub the people at Chicago almost as perplexing a one as It was to the Israelites when punned by the Egyp J“V B - If is* waten were anyhleg like pure, the Chicago Elver might be lorded. If tbe cost of brfdg *?K I* could not be st-forded: but experience ?■ .S* this la equivalent to Instant death. We build a bridge or two cviry year, but like the tchool-hocscfl. their accvmmouatioos do uol|ln crease »o rapidly as the demand. It u a problem of cotrllnaally augmenting difficulty to get from one Dltuion of the city to the other, ju 'Be long lines ol vehicles which wait for hours at a nomi nal crossing practically show. The rime lost In walling Is wortn millions of dollars a yeafso a go-ahead Western peep’- while a more fearful de ficit is exhibit* d in the lu. .1 ,g up ol tue Christian virtues under the heading "Satan Cr.. by oro tanlty * st uls." Some little relief will be given by the tunnel under the river at Washlngtou street, when tbst is finished, hot it will be but partial; relieving prin cipally that section of tbe South Division lying within one block ol Washington, and a httl-r grea ter width in the West Division. All that great and rapidly growing seemn of the dty .lying sonlhof iladlson will be comparatively unaffected br it About ihrec bridges are scattered along the river bat more arc wanted—needed imperatively. The distance from Madison to Van Buren is halfamllc within one block, and there are no means oferoas- Ingin the Interval. From Van Barca to Eighteenth distance of about a stile, we have another' 2 T fL ~rE i5 b : QDbrokctl byanjihlnir except two neatly structures—more apologies for b.-IBera, on which a leant can seanmly be tms’ed, aud whose opening and shutting is almost the work of a de- Tbf most pressing want jnst now is for a bridge at Adams street, to serve the double purpose of saving time and distance to those on or near that street, and relieving greatly those who win con lime to cross at the other points north of that, it would he tu especial boon to those who travel nv tho Loree cars, and those vehicles would then be patronised by many who cannot now afford to In line at the bridges, and, therefore,--fool It with a bridge at Adams and the toned at Wash ington, they and the Lake street bridge would take the great army of teams and carriages, and leave M idlson and Randolph comparatively free tor the home cars. , The Sooth and West Divisions are rapidly filling up southward, and especially In the former the course of trade Is moving with no uncertain step In that direction. What Is now a nuisance aril I soon become Intolerable, and ere long the one hundred thousand re Idealsof the West Division will be bhm off from all communication with the Sonin, and mar he strongly tempted to secede arc set un a city government of tbclr ovn. Shonld the new cit» Hall be built near ihe Rock Island depot, as now proposed, the necessity for a bridge at Adams street will be still more Impera tive, and will admit of no further delay. It should be remembered that the longer the construction of a bridge at Adams street Is defer red, the more cifficnlt will it be, the more expen sive to the the more awkward to deal with vested Interests. The bridge is wanted now, and every month that it la delayed tens of thou ands of dollars are lost to the atixens of Chicago, In (be destruction of tbit time which, to the busi ness man, Is always money. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Salta Commenced, and la Progress— Storage or Gunpowder-insanity* The business of the Courts still remains doll, and, in the few cases being tried, the Attorneys serve their lelsnre, showing an evident Intention sot to harry UtigaMon until the holidays have passed.* Beyond this, however, It la fair to state that Saturday Is generally a tort of no day. a Jury being celled oely in the common law bmea or the Superior Court The case on trial Friday, an action of asaompslt by 11. H. Forsyth A Co. against William Merrick, late of Scranton, Pennsylvania, brought npon a draft made November Jwth, 1353, by one August John, upon the defendant, was concluded, the Jury finding for the plaintiffs, and assessing their 4 lamages at (975.3». Oliver W. Barrett, guardian, reported the sale by him of the north thirty-five teet of lot 1, block 27, Jaaon and Johnj A. Gurley's sub division of blocks 21, 25, SO, 87 and 29, in Assessor's subdivision of the southwest ball ol section 22, township 39, north range 14, the property of his wards, fen*'(2,-.00. The sale was confirmed. In the injunction proceeding of Theodore Oliver against Oliver Adams. James Byrne, Orlando C. lllackmcr, and George Lyon, a motion was made that the defendants, especially Oliver Adams, ne required to show cause wuy he ba«not dealt wlta for contempt In violating the Injunction Issued. The new salts in this Court Included ten pro ceedings in assumpsit by the firm of D. R, Brant A Co. The summons In these cases issued as fol to 1L A. Christy, damages (lUO ; James Derby, SILO ; George <S. Fox, (ISO; M. Reading ton, (15U; J. Downing, (iUO: M. Brannon, (K*i; Kobt-rt Welsh, (SO ;H. W*. Eggleston, (io3; W. D. Watson, (160, and John Newbcrter, (300. The only other suit was ar attachment against C. tUilbrun onCthe affidavit of David Eves son, on onalledred Indebtedness of (1,009, the defendeut being a uon-ieetdetit. Before Chief Justice Wilson, of the Superior Court, the appeal suit of the city of Chicago against Berthotd Lowenthal, {spending. It reill be remembered that the manufactory and store of the appellant Lowenthal, was burned on the 9th day of October last. Dorirg the conflagra tion U. P. Horns, Fire Marshal, was seriously in jured, as was supposed, by an explosion of blasting powder. Shortly afler, the Marshal complained of the appellant tn the Police Conn C<at he had rio'atea the ordinance oi the city which provides that “no person shall keep.sell or give awav gunpowder or gun-cotton. In any quan tity. without permission to wiping, signed by the Mayor and Clerk, and seated the corporate *cat, under a penalty of (25 CZ every odeace: I'roiiiUdy any person may keep for bis own use rot exceeding one poned of gunpowder or gan cotton at tone and the same time.” Upon tula complaint a fine of ftiS with (150 costa was lened. From this decision of Jurilco Sturtcvant, defendantbelsz discontented, an ap peal was taken to tbU The object of the anil Is prolrtbly not so ranch to contest this special Unc,hnt to try Ihe case, that the tvc.rd may not he accepted as pri/na /od« evidence of the deposit of powder In the building, action up on the insurance policies for (30,000 being de layed, and the prospect of a trespass case being in the inturc on (he part of Mr. Harris. in the common law branch, in the ejectment cull \ f Bums against Uolton, lately named, a new suit tier allowed under the statute. The fcUun-ing cases were dismissed: Ivicu differs vs. Elizabeth Morse. Appeal. Smith et al. vs. P. SV. Lacsinger. At tachu.vnt. U. W. King ct al. vs, J. R. Outhwalte. At tachment James P. Page was defaulted in an assampeit suit brought by Horace M Uupee. An action of trespass In which James P. and J. OisonDowe are plaintiffs, against Christian A. Stoner, ta now on trial. Ibu suit Involve* the question of the taking under a deed of sale, of property not included upon the Inventory. Judge Jameson, by decree confirmed a deed of property In section 2, township 3% north range 11 cast, an? cat of the n.-ht of redemption la favor of Gcorge-W. Smith a.klnst the executors aud heirs ol the Ute William D. Egan. Tbe divorce case of Mary vs. John Van Horn came op only on a question of temporary alimony. The defendant waa order* d to pay to tbe com plainant per month and KR for solicitors' tees. The following suits to assumpsit were com. meticcd luthis Court: Josenh end Watts De Oolyer vs. Alonzo Wood' Sheldon Graves, and William G. Stephens, damt* ge*, f4CO, Ellis Marple v*s. Tbe Illinois Mutual Fire In eutanc* Co.; damages Sfi,<>oo: to jecover on a policy cf insurance fortAOWon a planing mllL Nos. S 3 and SS booth Canal street. Elizabeth M. Thompson W. Moot goroery; damages 1500 Conrad Wttkowsky vs. John Gootgcsell. Dam ages. Or»o A. Crain as. George C. Dixon. Damages. ?300. Hounds A Ppoorer rs. Thomas H. Elder, to re cover on a note due one year from May S 3, 1565, ntth ten per cent Interest. otDßi IcTtF'« K ?w llt ’ conteftsed Judgment In favor Henry C«i.kUDg'£^ i^ ol ? B ' , for W. from John B. Con^Uon, P'-.iah A. Foster replcvtn from William W. Kim ball, a piano. Patrick Ward seeks to foreclose as against tbe helra of Noonan, a mortgage on loti, C.J. niells'snb-dlrl-lonof Trustees, titbdivUlun of section 7, township 33 ninth J - rati. Feiliions for mechanics, liens upon the west Md fict of lots 4L 42 and -J3, Sherman's yubdivnalon cl lots d, 5 ato C. block l.Canai Trustees addition, Bon loi 1 block I wc#t halt o! block 2 subdivision of-JbU acres south, ana idjotnlng.the noith,we«i uactiooal qnarierof section St, townsnlp it), range ii’.Mri. Ibe firel pctilion is by P. S.Mescrole for J3.9.G,' egalnst W. n. Hilbrnu and by the earn' petitioner and James Robinson for 31U.29 against the sente owner. William Irving Culver fllol a hill. James B, Sul livan and olh-nt being defendant*, for the sale of on rtpgcd premises, lot* 31, 33,33, 31 and 35 of suhblock 1, Day's snbdlvlMon of section 33. tnwrahlp 40. range 11, east. The indebtedness is alleged to be on two cotea for 5309J5. Aspi-ctal veuhe was ordered lo the Count Court, returnable on Monday, to try Ibe question ofthceipity of ore Patrick Carney, andJiTtnoUe Cteyto'i was found to be Insane upon the petition of bvrhntband. The estate of William R. Smith was declared t< be settled. FOHEPATIIEBS’ DAT. 1 vo hundred tnd fartT-alx yean ago, op l*e S’d day of December, IC*O. a Utile vessel. IniDtlv ca'led " Tbr Mayflower.” anchored off the bleak ccattof Masrechnsclt#, on a wild winter’* day. A little band of ettrdy men, tender women and Iclp’ces cUldrcn, were rowed throng the angry surf, nna landed, nngrected and alone, anon Ply. tnonlh Koch. Flying from they had bft home ana kindrsdln the fathemnd, in the low Western World a homo mad a cam,. Wuh the wide tea on qpe hand and the dark u-reai, peopled with ravages, on the other, wlih no rvsonn es *ave their own hand*, with no prestin or protection from the stron~ arm of established government, the#c Pilgrim gathers founded be-c a colony, which, throagh u any caucere and difficulties, slowly g:ew to boa Ea'ioii ol btctn principle,‘t-onjr vitality, and ae rerc, thoneb rocidentlousf teUgiou* bohets; and wbue "irlalcrand less exacting ago finds much to disapprove in their tenets and vie*’:*, re: It can ntil l>e (i- tned that mneb ollhc energy.’ integrity and enterprise that has pc- pled this wide conti nent, atd carted the ravage and the wild bea-t to ot-appear with the primeval forest, acd give place to tt:c chnrtb, ib« school home, and the beetle and business ol avlllaatlon. la dne «o tec stem, unyielding devotion to principle which drove that band of pilgrims cxilca aero.e the sea. Other elements have spice come in to soften the asperity which more lax orlojj clrcnmrtancci have made leas ne> dfol. but the original New England thrift and enterprise still are pfcdomloatmg fea tures in the universal, propresalve Yankee nation. Ibere Is hardly a town iu the pi eat West which does not eon-alualarsre leaven oftheNewßng lard element, Many of oar most thriv ing cities and village* were fdanded by whole colonies trom that region, who came Westward 0n little bacds like their fore lathers, lore iieforc railroad were built, In slow moving white topped wagons, with their wives snd little ones and household pods, and settled over the nest in chosen spots, to fell the toreat and nptnrn the sod, and lorm In the plastic rudi ments of empire the part# of a mighty nation. Rcxnembettng then their early tojls and dangers on (he spo's where bosy towns and elite* now stand, and looking back with reverence to the rock-bound homes of (heir childhood, where their fo**fslbfcrs sleep, and where mam of their kin and yet linger, it Is natural that these wormy men and women should took with peculiar feel inn npon tbMtomlversary of the landing ot the pilgrims “ on •'stem ano rock-bonnd coast." In some places New England Societies exts* which celebralo the day with social gatherings and good cheer and pleasant reminiscences of the by-gone days. in our onr -city are many of Pilgrim descent, and a good ly number ot these brought to ruled tbe day by a concert on Thursday night in the PtnuUoßgrepattonsl Church, which was the occasion of pleasure nod profil to all. Well mar we all panse sometimes to lookback upox the jwS* *f? w S °/ l ho*e who, through so many difficulties, laid for their posterity *hc corner stone of a flee end liberty-lot leg nation. INTERESTING TO CAPirAXISTS. It Is a well-known bet that there Is %o lack of capital !o the city of Chicago for prosecuting any legitimate business, If « can be dearly demon* etrated list the Investment win yield three or foor time* as mach as tbe ordinary Interest. Large mtnntßclunng establishments are springing into existence almost every day, and still the supply is not equal to tbe demand. Tbe products of all manutacturing establisameni* are rapidly con sumed In this rapidly now-log Northwest, of which Chicago is tbe commercial c-ntro. • - We examined, a short time alnce, a ma chine for the manufacture of screw-, owned and controlled by a tew gentlemen in this city. , ti-d operated upon an cnilrelr new principle whicholds fair to revolutionise the production of this great staple. The common mode of matih factoring screws Is to cat the thread, which in volves the loss of atleasl fifteen per cent of the metal. By the new process to which we refer, the threads are formed In any desired shape by of nvolving dies, or swedres, with no loss of metal, and adds to. Instead 01 diminishing the strength of the screw, or bolt, aud can be made mach more rspmly. This new invention can be applied to all Kinds of screws now In are. Tbe American Screw] Company of Provi dence. E. 1., is one of the mammolb es tablishments of this country, and it is a matter of record, that npok a capital of one million dollars they divided among tbe stock holders one million two hundred thousand dol lars In 1665. If there are any amonmjhe enterptlslng men of Chicago, who wish to Identify themselves with what promisee to be one of tbe leading maen fhctnmg establishment* of the Northwest, It will be to their dedded advantage to call at No IIS Franklin street, where they may examine die work of the new machine. It is already attract ing cousld'-rablc attention, and the owner* are row considering the project of opening books for (he subscription of stuck. . In ai.other column mar be found the advertUe meat of the company, and we have no doubt that it the chance 1* offered, the slock will oe eagerly sought by many of our cidaens. A McnDsnxnn: Ccrronr.—Among the arriials st the Armory last eremng.thcre was one notabili ty somewhat distinguished from the comcpoo cgn#d. Els name la Joe Tlbbets, a name which will be remembered by the people of Grundy County In connection with the murder of a man named Page, which occurred about a year ago. Tlbbets made hu escape, and was supposed to have gene to New Yoik, but.all effort* to capture him proved Ineffectual About a we,k since he was discovered In tbe Slate of Maine, and mfor aatlon being sent to Grundy County. Sheriff hchroederwM detailed to bring bin to the West, ne amred in Chicago shoot half-pa«t ten Iml debt with bis prisoner, whom be left at the Armor: for aate keeping. Titbets Is a mm about thiiiy jrtiis ofarr, and la in a very ragged and ralscmbl- condition. lie will take hla departure for Grundy Connty lUI- morning. c. AncKuniiNTs, A wt-ck of remarkably pleasant weather has closed in slosh and discomfort. The thermometer has gone up, and to. fora time, haaskating and rlcigbmg, and all the pleasures of the hard, frosty weather—pleas ores that la thUfelty would seem 10 be M like popples spread,v- or “like the snow fall in the river.” The streets.-which a few days ago were alive ad merry with the twinkling of a thousand little beHs, are now plashy and fool, with (he snow and mad enure.ed into a consistency resembling coffee Ice cream. Slosh on the pave ments, poddies at all the crossings, rain pouring from the skies, gloom on every countenance, out door amusements have come to a low ebb. - It is highly p-ovoking. Sunday was to be a day of sleigh riding, and here. Just aa “ everybody ” had n-sde up their minds, ana engaged their team*, and Invited their Utile parties, and congratulated themselves that everything was lovely, comes the dispiriting, melancholy thaw. Notwithstanding all these contrary influences the parka held out wonderfully up to Saturday night, when they began to get flooded. The rinks continued to receive and aus lain pretty ex tensive crowds of skaters, but the ice was alt the while melting away, and unless the capricious clerk of tho westcer sees fit to send another change, the skating and sleighing season is all over for a time. The theatres, 100, have suffered, though not to aneb an extent, from the disagreeable weather ana muddy streets. Ihe attractions during the neck have not hoen of an unusually brilliant character wlrh the exception of tho Bateman concerts on Monday and Tuesday, which created an Immense sensation. • ilc VicKca's _,TnzaTßt, —Misr Blanche Deßar closed an engagement on Saturday night In the play of “ 'lhe Female Gambler,” which held the stage for the greater part of the week. Is a 3 enng lady of good talent, and with a IPUe more experience will doubtless prove a successful actress, bhe was 100 little known, however in this city, to hare achieved a decided success : the 1 performances were, on tho whole, rather poorly attended. ' Monday evening Mrs. Anns Cowell, tho popular leading lady at MeVlcker's, takes a benefit; and we need scarcely remind onrdUxens that she is eminently deserving of their grateful acknowl edgments. Apart, however, from Mrs. Cowell's own merits aa an arrisrr and a lady, there Is an other Inducement held out on this occasion which will doubtless crowd the house. As already an nounced, Miss Gertrude Doggctl. a young lady of 'bis city who has adopted the stage as a profes sion. will make her dtbul in the character oi •• El rira ’in the play of ••Pixxaro.” Miss Doggett is highly spoken of aa a young lady of rareaccom plishments, and possessed cf li'euts which emi nently qualify her to achieve success In the new sphere of tabor she has chosen. For more than a year past she has been preparing herself, by a course ol dramatic InMrnctlon, and those who have had opportunities t>f estimating her capabilities predict for her a successful career. ‘•Elvira*’ is perhaps one of the most arduous assumptions w bjeh could have been selec-cd for an opening, and if Mtsr Doggett proves to be eonai tosneha delinfsiion she need have Utile fear for the future. Among the benefits announced for the week may be mentioned Mr. Bock's, on which occasion Mr. John Dluon, who Is now in Chicago, will ap ,Mrs«rx.— “Waiting for the Verdict” and “The Ullywbltet” were repealed on Saturday evening to a good house. Monday anew sensation, enti tled *• Fortnnlo, or the Fairy.” a fairy extravagan za which has been for some time tn rehearsal will be produced. • Tub UUTCinxaoas— tribe of John-*.whose enter tainments some time *inee were ao popular in this diy.wjll give daring this week In the Crosby MnalctlalJ, the first to Ukep’acc on Christmas eve. Jir. Robjohn will assist, and Miss Viola will sing several of Parepa’s songs. run Loxsceu.e Bnorntna.—These well-known splntTull-uc performers are announced to give a scries of entertainments at the Opera House, com mencing on Monday n'phL They are sold to pos ses most astonishing and tnysterlons powers in untying knots and unbinding themselves from the most complicated meshes. Thomerformancvs commence at b o'clock. Inn Ornu.—Max Strakoecb'a company have armed, aa might have been expected, promptly and on time, for It is a peculiirlty of Strakosch that he always fulfils whal be promises. The troupe are so welt known that It is hardly neces sary to specify them. Ghlonl, Canlssa, Mad. falrakcscb. Marra, ArdavanL. Snslnl, Collett* and Lnanl. are well and favorably known here, lore is a new comer, but brings with him an excellent reputation as a singer and actor. As Faust, be has no equal in the country. The chorua is large, strong, well organized and efficient, and theur cheslra a very good one. The oKasanl experi ences of last winter indicate an equally pleasant season this winter. This (Monday) evening the opera is the old favorite Trovatore with the follow ing cast: Leonora, Ghlonl; Aznccoa, Mad. Stra kuech; Maurice, irfre; Count di Luna, Marra; Per oatido, CoJletu. The announcements aa tar aa made, are: Tuesday, Crisplno; Wednesday, I. Airlcaine; Thursday, Lucrezia Borgia: Pndar i'anat. Ins PmuiAtmoinc Coscect.—A rainy, disa grtcarle night, a slim andience, kud a poorly se lected progtamme made up the Philharmonic Concert Saturday evening. The orchestra played rome pairs of the symphony (Ulrich's Triumphal) very veil, but me most of it ra-hvr coldly. The vocal pans ol the programme were only passably Muiained, and the whole concert was weak. Miss PuuXKCa Noble.—A New York paper, in it cording the brilliant cC*t>ut of Miss Florence No- J lO at Louisville, and especially the praise which Is Wslowed upon the clearness, power and mel ody of her voice, speaks of her as “apnpll of Mr. \acd-ntoal” It t« into that Miss Noble took a few lessons of Mr. V., bat we feel it dno to art col late In the West to eay that her dramatic studios were mainly conducted in Chicago, al Crosby's Opera Douse. After taking fonj-flve lessons In vocal culture and Shakspeareof Professor McCoy. Miss Noble went lo Now York, and look six les sons of Mr. YandsohofC and twelve of Mrs. Van dci.ho£ Writing to a iriend In this city, she said •bat these New lork teachers seem to Know noth ing abont tbe science of vocal culture; or at least they gave bet no exercises lor .the cultivation of the voice, beyond mere readings, and which, utter the philosophical instruction of Professor McCoy, seemed to bar “like attempting lo erect an edifice wUfcont first laying the foundations.” In a tetter :o a friend in Si. Louis, who tfaoncbt of studying for the stage In New York, Miss Noble said that her inquiries and experiences bad taught her tbar the most valuable and thorough elocutionary training waa noi to be bad in New York, but In ibicago. MfasNobl* accordingly returned from New x ork to this city, md look thirty more les s-one at Crosby s Opera llonsi*, and then made a very successful dH>ut at the Academy of Music In in V olh ol . the dailies of mat city extolling imprr6i-Tv?m:£ n, rt* llc lcr P* the correctness and ‘“Kiric v L £ r many penonal trlcnta w L thfa^rire o Sn ul hf r-K seed to learn that she will csgo.wllb tbe long establfautd S l .* H°V. d i.. (DOW P l3 ? l *'? leading business in 57 Lo j li f’) Mlsh Gertrude Doggelt, Miss Letiila bhep -s«d, the public reader, M ssS. F. K., MlsaT. H. i-., Miss 11. P. and aev ral others, ladies and gec •lctm-n, professionals mod amateurs, tn a Shakes- P or **P mcatalament, tendered as a ComptUn*n jary 1 cttlmonfal, by those who have studied -Uh Min, to Profiteer McCoy—Mr. Crosby, upon be ff apprised ol the proposed tribute to this friend • fart, hiving promptly and in the most cordial tc» ms, tendered for the nseottheoccaatoa Crosby's Opera Ilonse ■* JouitFojc Coitcebt.—An entertainment was i-ivenbatnrday evening at Su George'e Hall by H e tsmlly otMr. Johnson. Hie exeroUct in ••’.cdediccUatlon and music, both-Initmmcntal u’, voca 1 *- progntniine included David Johneons recitation of Byron’s “ Apostroche to •heccean. Hood's “LostUelr,” Poo's “Raven *• ‘. ,( i ri,Ji X? n '” M * SJ Ellen Johnson W « Wcl *>y Cb*ace,” with the'effeel of ruuslfiga*i rrcors, and with success. Jud-riscby the menjure of applause, she acq .l«ed hererifla Hber solos Tbe nahonal aim ol this country rod ot England were rendered by tbe Mi«ses Johnson in conclusion, with great acceptance Lalctnieß.-0d Saturday afiernoon there re J;‘^ c or f °ar cases of lareeny at the Police Coa.t. Bridget Lannln, during the mouth of October and s portion of November, was employed aa a acr ‘snt by M*s. Sarah Ct Sayre*, who resides at No. -23 Indiana avenue.. On toe 82d of November Bridget lelt her place, and if was soo*< after dis covered that she bad taken with her various arti cles of a useful and ornamental clutracter which belonged to her late mistress. Two day* ago Bridget was found employed at the Hamilton i.onse, ana in h*r - possession were some of tbe *r:ic«es stolen, Imdnding aline balmoral skirt, a napkin or ino, a towel, aud three gloas goblets Oiidcet denied the toeftar.d wished to have time •o piccnrc tolunony to her good character The Conit required her to give hail of »SCO for appear •treo at the Recorder's Court yi Robert Bcbnne, rcccnUy a clerk al afanhyno .lunsteireon Lake street, stele an cleeantcigar case, a meersetanm pipe and otherlaiuriousar •ic.cs from hts employer's cetablUhment, besi le« •borrowing a fi«e opera glass. Robert wa* youvg and fell bad about it He was held for uriher examlnatom lu ball of £SOO James MurraTßald that he VcjideTfonr mUe* from Ainswottlistaiton. Beseem* to have paid Nvbrir.isb Hawkins, boarde.s at No. 767 Wabash u, e |£.V."if ,Iml * (Ud been ben s ln» in the 1 all white thev were at tea. The same lumk, lust a coat, from his boarding bouse. Mur rey wasarrestedwlih Wilbur's coat upon Tils JE'" l Mr. Jeaes’s coal was in a .Mmse on Sherman stieeL bnt In tvnrt on Saturday, explicitly denied told toe officer that he (Murray) had stolen ItT Mr. .il**', ~ OBDd m the possession of a email boy, who said be got It of Murray. The coats wete all recovered and IdcnllfledTM array •res committed for trial In ball of Si.ouo. 01717 Johnny Muldopn, a small boy, charged with -tealicc a smiU frame for printing photograph* worth the «mall sum of 19 fifi, was held for further cxamlßill.m till Monday. Masonic.—At tbe annual convocation of Wash ington Chapter No. «, R, A. M„ hell Friday evening. December 141 b, the following com panlons were elected to tbe offices named, for the ensuing Masonic vearr ’ r “ c aftST.! 1 ? H. Pitot. Culler; B. tvlng. David A. Cashman, E. scribe: W W Kennedy, Cape Host; Art&nr R. At tins, R, A. v..; leter Button, P. Martin Ryo.-son. Trea surer: John Whitley, Secretary; John OliverT>r 3d V: Joseph Harris. M. 4d-V» WJH Woodbury, SI. Ist Closes Grey. Trier-G#o F ’ fe risbl ’ Mo '°* Awards. - Tie above Officers were duly installed on PrM tvi eT^ nl “C- December 21st, by M. E. W M Kii pV Jj E. CoSp. K token of their esteem and appreetaUon of hit endeavors daring tbe pastTvo Tears The di»- sentatlon was made by Comp. Y, lib ? T 5P| appropriate manner, and *■« responded to by the recipient, But he, being taktmbwnr. kluwefras being n?J ,ach trestment. At the close the companions repaired to the banquet hall, a boStlfat oohkrioTwS fpread, to which ttey did ample Justice. "kasosre.—At the annual conclave of Chicago tummaedcry No. 13, Knights Templar, held Mon r" 19C6 - following Sir ««.r?£Yr , : C ’ CeM omc “ ir wn «T M. Egan, Commander; Sir Ss?J£* o * td P e . r « Dvnerallißlmo: Sir Ammi M ttmiictt, (aotatn General; Sir «Fobn <L Fni'er TC-hhVr T? r G i?- n - tjlbson, Treasmcr; Sir John whiljty. Recorder: Mr Geo. F S W * Cha#. McFarland. J. W.; SD^A. R AtW^s ita \? y“ neT *heeta,&word Bear- Ox TUI 'Ra»AQ f .-rhomas Lyons, %bout J.'J® ® c , Jc f k on Friday nkht, was In a saloon on Randolph street plajingSfce fhsdcaUtg game of pigeon hole. Getting beaten he refused to pay tbe ecore, and the account wa- balanced by nltch ma blm ictolhe afreet. He went borne and wa* returning with a abort bladgeon with a heavy iron weight at the end, when he was At by ofbeer Ganiiy, who inquired whither he was go *cch d«pcrate intent. Cyons told him tZ'thrr ,! F ,h ® astonished officer was v.IHf 1 * E^CIT ' cd. In very indelicate ohraaeolo<^v cKeflfSliiS'? 1 ° tbl ; Vrhci S ■ L ?“V h ' Utler bnadisbed is wcapan and threatened hi* exUnclon The P t t w? n, . cn and Inimical to the ..VV?^ii‘e T * rfte ®.^ alhnljoo9 •• Aft®* 1 making rivo «Tn«Vioneta at the officer, newu as l-ai d etl^clnb removeq from his c h? T * s°® tb ® I‘come-aionra" adjnsted heure 'l o ** bl ®*«lfatthaStvdon oousc almost before be knew 1l AtthePniiM « ou.t on haiurdarmormrc he was flneufeo." Faux Aluucs.—The fire alarms sounded on Saturday afternoon from boxes seventeen and e ghty-fonr were boU; occasioned by considerable smoke irom defective chimney* or stove-nlses i» tbe vicinity reprc»en*ed byibe boxes respective ly: but there was no necessity for the aidoferen a hydrant stream to extinguish the fires. CTCa BELIGIOUI INTBLUGBNCB, Tbe following services are annoanccd for to day. Imitation* are extended to atran-rer* and, otheratoattead.andln all cases seats will be gladly presented free. BIBLE eoCITTT. The twenty-nxih iLntveisary of the Chicago Bible rocictr will be Held at 714 o'clock, at the Second Presbyterian Church, corner of Wabash avenne and Washington street. Addresses mar be ppecfrd ton Rot. D. C. Marqols, Iter. rTsC Eddy, D. D, and tier. E. Carlson. Ultt Class ES. a nrv-i- . A Bible claw lor seamen basjast been organ- Ixed in the IDlnola-iJlreel Uhnrch, on Illinois street, between Wells and 1 eSsllo.Mt commences at nine o dock erary Snndiy morning, and every sailor in Chicago Is cordlsilr inrltcd. 3 The i’onng Men's Bible class meets Bandar efrernpor, at a *4 o'clock, with «bc MUaion Sab bath’Scho°], to the Methodist Episcopal Chnreh block. «>mcr of Clark and Washington streets bnbiect for discussion J - The Life and of ou Joseph. „ . . _ maCOTAL Trinity Chnrch. Bight Her. Dr. Cummins will preach in this church momlngacd toe nsnal boors of divine service. In the afternoon If the westocr la favorable, a service trilbe held for tbe children of Ihe chnrch, the parish Snndev School, and the Mission Chapel Sunday School. at 3 o'clock. The festival of Christmas will be cele- TrinityCharch, which will be derated as naual, on Tnesday morning, at li o’clock torbopctunmlJis will preach and administer toe holy communion. Cbiucb of toe Holy Communion (Rnlsconan corner of Esndolph street and facrvlccs at I 0« a. m. and 7« p. m. Divine service in Bt. Mark’s Episcopal Cnnrch. Christ Chnrch, corner of Michigan avenne and Twenty-fontth sues’.. Itev.ChMLEdwaScSm?? rector. Hcrvkc? at ttl* chnrch on SbSSm SllO« a- m. and 7W in the evening. Sunday at 2« p. m. On Monday, CbrUtmi cVc. S • ?.*w'cil bc i bel s s'onivcraary o'? the School, when gills will be presented to the e Christmas tree. a 0 m UI * erTlce »e.-mon at 10>4 _ COSOUIOATIOWAL. ? 0 w ei ?l , 'i2 sl Church, comer of Green and Wcet Washington streets. Preaching by Professor Haven. Homing service at l0»4 o'clock. AtTHoclock. Morning Bible Saw MW ? and Bible classes at 8 o clock p. m. Church prayer meeUng. Wednes ®rcninc. Yonng people’s meeting, Friday evening. Communion, first sabbath toJannary. Myrnoulh Coogrvgauonal Church, comer of W abash avenne ana-Eldridge court. Kev. L. E Matson, pastor. Mommg service, ItH o'clock; evening, Sabbath SchooPaud Bible classes meet at 3 p.m. On Monday evening, the yonng people’s prayer meeting at§ o'clock Wednesday evening, cnnrch prayer meeting at 7k o’clock. «. „ BAPTIST. ti iH? 1 Baptist Church, Wabash avenne, aoath of e f B i r - t ' Ee i ? * , Dr - £rerta * DMlor. PobUc y°"“P *1 !* o’clock, a. m. and?H o. m. On f5 b J QO n ,s °? tbe anbjrct will be, ’• Boacne of the Erring, Us Duty and Promise.”!!! the even tog toe pastor will continue the series of sermon* to toe yonng. Snbleet: “Claims and Sa'lng Pow er of toe Chnrch.” Sabbath School at wtj a. m, Oenpral Bible class at Cp, to. Youtur pvoole's prefer mrering, Wcdnesilay evening. General prayer meeting, Friday evening. The Olivet Baptist Chnrch will hold their ser vices to tbe basement of their new church, on Fourth avenue, between Polk and Taylor sfreru. The hon-e, though not completed, la far enough advanced f-r the chnrch to hold us mcetingahi Ihe lecture room. Prayer meeting to the morning a- 6 o clock. Preaching by the pastor, Kev. tt. Di-Baptiste, at 11 o’clock, a. m. ara 7U p. m. Sab bath School from 2 till 1 o'clock p. tn. JißrnoDirr episcopal. Illinois street Church, Illinois street. between Wilis and LaSalle. Prayer meeting atlo o'clock. Preaching at Itjf. Bible classes and Sabbath school at Bp. to. Preaching In the evening at 7W o’clock. Kcv. C. H. Fowler, pastor of Centenary Cbnrch. trill pretcb-al 3 o'clock. Service in the Second LnivcrealUt Cbnrch, corner of Washington and Sangamon streets. Grace Cbnrch. corner of LaSalle street and Chi cagoavcnne. Dr. O Tiffany, pastor. Public wor ship at 10s a. in. at 7)4 o. m. Evening lecture, lomth of the enics, on the domestic relations: “The Fraternal; Children in the Family, and \ oung people in Society.” Rev. P. 11. Baylles will preach at the Park Ave* nne Cbnrch. at 10)4 a. m., a Christmas Sermon, on ” The Great Power of -Terns ChilsL Preaching at "Hp’clocs p. m. Sunday School at 2)4 p. ut. Clark Street Church, Methodist block, corner of Washington and Clark streets. Preaching at 10)4 a. m. and 7)4 p. a., by tho pastor. Rev. W. O. Dandy. tVeet Indiana Street Cbnrch, comer of Sanga mon street. The pastor. Rev. Robert Bentley, will pnach at 10*4 a. m., on “The Pentecost.” and at 7)4 P- m. on “One Probation.” Sunday School at 2)i p. m. rSUBTTEHUS. Third United Presbyterian Cbnrch, Superior street, between Wells and Franklin. Pastor, Rev. John S. McConnell. Morning services at I(‘J4 o’clock, evenb g services at 7)4 o’clock. Sab bain School and Bible class at 3 p. to. Seventh Presoyterian Chmch—ltev. J. W. Larl morc. pastor. Divine seme© lathe basement of tnc new cbnrch. corner ilaUted and Harrison streets. Service al HJJ4 a. m. and 7*c p. m Olivet I*rcjbyte.lan Church, Wabash avenue, corner Fourteenth street. Rev. T. O. Rice will preach at the usual hours of worship—lUJ4 a. a. erd 74 p. m. Reformed Presbyterian Church, comer of North Clln’oo and Fnlton streets, near Lake street '-ridge. Pastor. Rev. Robert Patterson, D. D. Forenoon sendees at 11)14 a. m.: Bible classes and Sabbath School at 2*4 p.m.; afternoon service— lecture to young wen—at SJS p. m.; subject, “Re construction.” construction. CATHOUC. Thu Right Rev. Bishop Dnggtn will lecture in the Cathedral of the Holy Name thla.Sanday even ing at 7u (o’clock, fon the Unity of (he Church. The collection will be for the beasflt of the Or phan Asylum. This evening Her. Father Itcardon will deliver a lectore at St, Patrick's Church, comer of 4dams and Desplalues street, for thu benefit of the poor. Father Reardon Is a talented man, and a fine speaker. The lecture undoubtedly will be an in teresting one. Bt. Mary’s Devotions for Advent will be contin ued on this evening, commencing at7>4 o’clock. UNITED BBBTUBZM. First United Brethren Cbnrch, corner of Clinton and Wilson streets. Services every Sunday, at 10J4 a. m and "4 p. m . by the pastor. Rev. E. A. Van Sant. Sunday School opens at 12:4.’), and closes at 2:1.7. Prayer and class meetings Wednes day and Friday evenings. “ SWUIEKBOUQL4W. Near Jerusalem Temple, on Adama street, near the lake. Services at 10)4 a, m. and 74 p. m. Snblea lor the evening discourse, “ The Will and the Understanding” Free Charcb, at tho corner of Kankakee avenna and Thirty-third street. Services at 11 a. m. In German—American at 3 p. m. rwtrAßiAH. Unity Church, corner of Chicago a - ’ tnue and Dearborn street Preaching Sunday morning by Hie pastor. Itev. Robert Collyer. Subject: “Seven Years in Unity Cbnrch.” Church of the Messiah—Flnt Unitarian, comer n .ba*h avenue and Hubbard owurr. Rev. tS^‘\^lc?tS e D r ;S ~or - B^r “<“ tofivnuixtfft * Cbnrch of the R«deem>‘r, (»ciwo4 UnirefSHil«« v eomerof West Washington and ' f ; E. SU John, pastor. Services at and 714 p.m. In the evening Mr. St. John will Eive the fourth discourse lu the series on the con •inctonife Subject: “ Respecubillw.'’ St. Paul’s Church. (First Unlvcrthiist) Sere icea In the morning at 10*4 o’clock, and In the evening at 7)4. Kev. W. H. Ryder, D. D., pastor. In Ire uVeUng the pastor will deliver the third of aconrsc of doctrinal aennons. Subject: “Toe (cachings of Christ and his Apostles on the sub-* r ct of man’s condition tn the falorj state.” cncncH or god. Vx Uul/t Chatcb of Ood, comer ot Warren and Robey streets. Preaching by the pastor, Rev. A. S Shoe maker, al 104 a. m and p. n. Snnoay School aU2ft p.m. „ CnjUSTXAK. re « a, " 1 J r #ve«7 Lord’s .JT “l Crosh J >» Lectore Roost. En (retice on Washington street. • -v FBUtKDS. !•»’ Methodist Church block, at 11 o'clock. will be a meet «"c at the Chape] of the Home, No. 5T2 West Msdiaon street, at 7 o'clock, prompt. . 41M» mRtTL-AUST. tl f •*** gQQlT_of Spiritualist*. Croaby'a Music Hall. N. Sink White will lecture t.>anlu;aad evening upon the political position and duties of the hour. Children's I.yceumWt Uu o’clock. Rer. Robert Ocllycr. of Unity Church. in the absence of Mr. Hayden, will preach at Wasblng ton Cali, at .4 o'elpde. Washington Hall la on w Aihingioir«lrett,'*ontb of the Court House. .llctropdllian Oymnulam Club, On Ihnißday evening, the 20th lust, the iletro joliian (lymtasmm Clnb rocma, la Klnxle Hill, on Unxic etreet, near Noilh Clark, were opened, acd bccanie pse of the permanent Initilutiona of Tbejicana ccenplrd by the clnb In Atoxic Block are the main ball, tneaanrlnc aoont »ixty by forty feet, and an adjolnixur room abont one-, ainbat slxe. In ibe former room they have all tt cir implements of ex rcise, aocn as the lad ders to climb, the parallel bare, band awing* and

-prtne-board. In the rear end of the room are the doma-bella and arm bats ready foruse; the tells vary In web-btfrom elpht to one hnedred and elcbtv-tire ponnda. In one comer ot the room they have a frame bmlt for .wetchlß and policy, a placefor the conleatanta to atrvnath. Two tall, slender shoulder bare, with sprint board and bar, (nclnde nearly all they now have. Beneath every place wbere 1 there ta any dancer of falling, arc placed largo mats, tofi and thick, so that if the actor ehoolo bonca will bo broken, no desb brnleed. In the second rooauthey bare ibe cnt sdvsk, orawers and closets, with plcmy of water. Along one aide of the room are arranged the five bath rooms, each one anpp'ied with warm and cold water. This room is wed warmed and famished, and la Intended as a mention room for the members. which the UrtropoUtan flab la •oimedla ecocwbat different from others, and it arranged as that all money received Will be applied to the Improvement of the rooms, cs cepting so much aa win be required to meet the current expenses of the clnb. lit*not the m iepljon to accumulate a-capital, and have the ea labliehmcut ttsk into the hitda of a few Oil Monday night the rooms will against ail bat members, excepting a small place which will be enclosed for spectators who aou d see the dailr performances. Since their opening ihey bare kept ‘Hipen bonie,” every one being permuted to enter and try hia skill. The num bers will all be divided into four classes, each c *£2? nr<aer tnlfon of a competent Instructor. The following are the ©{fleers appointed: superintendent—L. H. Kormcndy. Instruciors—U. R. 01mstc*d,J. M. Vernon, and A F. Dickenson. The roooi of the dob will be kept open all boon of Use d»y *nd evening, for ihanae of mem bers only Some of them are ret y-nng la the ex ercise. tod mtre at night to their conch well knowing how painfnl and sttS their limbs will be to the morning. In time they hope to fO Improve their physical frame* that they may aoDear welt and be Id a true llrely condition; II Is this hope which causes them to labor to bo much patoa: present. If th*lr aeal does no! pa*s away with the oorelty o: the afikir, Chicago may some day be proud of lu muscular men. Meteorological. fhe fbllowttur Is tha Meteorological Kecord of the week ending S»turd*y,VeeembcrS3d. 1656.** acpt by J. O. lumtn. Jr., Option. No. 115 li*.-.dolph •t'Kl. The tcmperatnre b taken in the shade. The direction and force of flic winds are given approximately, with ihebaromci ric alti tudes—the small letter* being- th» Initials of the “RtnU*.” “veering.” T*ia, M “scow.” *‘moist ateosphere,” and “dry;” TEzsxoxrrxß. n«f Bala to Date, pwwgf. S^[ a. m. Bp.Bu p. a. B*p,m. « a 8 » I *33 4 .SM Man..... 3 u 1* 7 » I "a t _ rpw.... 31333433*1, Wcd...JS 3 53,. 3 * ji 'j *wl Thn S 3 < S 1 29 i a 5 MQ Frl 14 8 33 3 3 Q 3 0 5at.....54 3 40 3 49 4 43 4 118 a&aoima. »*M»- 3p.m. 834 p.m. HjCfk- N.N.E.h. SAB V.V.ltn mm w «f « „ Mra...... toje wj».wg. s.owjt.wjt, aslSwj.’.wi T0P......5,* S.h. 5.40 g m m « H.S.W. WeL...J1.1) S-S.Wa. S.CS V.V w■'f» <a vv g k Tba .59.23 K-b.r. S.n E.6.5.b. seEAErx m sajo 8.8.Ei. sjs S..r~r~sl_ 5 mn ? eDCe< * Saturday evening, at tnSS, lasting till Sunday 6p. bl. dnrtngwhlcn time &H inches of *now fell. v s * Wmrmo a Woyav.—On Sundaylast. WUllaa l*arks, employed by the West Dlvtslob Street Rall wsy Company, was one of sereral workmen en caged with a spow-plow in clearing the snow from the track on Clinton street. In front of a saloon, near Ue corner of Dekovrnasd Clinton streeis, a large party of men and boys were awin«iwff them selves with ‘‘ snowballing,” aad when Ue snow plow by, ft wma greetedXlh a shower of those white missiles. Several of the men were bit, bat It doe* not appear that any were severely wounded.* u »•* » great annoyance, however, to men who had been bnatty at work from day break until four o clock In the afternoon and was quite too mnch to be borne by the exasperated Parka. He got off the stylish conveyance, whip In hand, and aecnredoneofthe aasaHasta, a young Juvenile named James Murray. UUtllegod that he «u whipping the boy severely when ah Irlah lady named Ura.Spllmn Interfered and rrtaoui traced with aim. Angered at the interruption he struck the women twice, one of the blow* Inflicting a fearful wound open her bead. The whip was wrested from hla bend as be was raisins It lor another blow. On Saturday he was arrested, brought bclore the Police Court and lined flO. He very JoatlvcongratnUted himself upon bavins escaped with ao light a fine. Vcranax Club.—A regain meeting of the Vet eran Club, Nineteenth Illinois Infantry, will be held on Monday evextng, December 24th, at7«4 o’clock, prompt. A full attendance of the old regiment is requested, as business of importance will come beiore the Club. By order of the Pres ident. LOCAL MATTERS^ The beat place to get your candle* la at Chase, Perry A Co.’s, No. 68 Deaf born street. They offer extra inducements, as they have a large stock of lozenges, and pipe aad assorted candles for wholesale or reta'l trade. Give them a trial aad see foryoorselL Remember the mna ber, 03 Dearborn street. Holiday Gifts, BUKant Toilet Slip* per*, aad everything In the way of boots and shoes at Mandoll A Brown’s, 153 Clark-st. cmnnoi sine the oldiong^n Do let me bay tost beamlfbl song, just publlahed, entitled “ Foot Pints on toe Snow.” Iris com posed by the popular writer, J. Henry Whittc more. The price Is only 40 cents, and elegantly gotten op. The UUe page alone is worth the price. Meaara. Lron A Healy have Jns' received 1,00(1 copies, and they arc going o S very fast. P* !*• Carrlty, wholesale confectioner, 39 Randolph ftreet, wlj) retail candy from now till New Team. If ;oa want pore goods, give him a Special Notice to BnalncM Hen and the Travelling Public generally.—Qnjck time to New York. Boston, and all points cart, na Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad line. Oar S:lsp. m. train arrives to Cleveland at (kOO a. m . Batlaio at 1:33 p. m . New York at 7:00 a. m.—five hoars to advince of toe Michigan Central and Great Western time. Geo. M. Goat. Western Agent. Ticket office removed to No. 89 Dearborn afreet, under Tremont Bouse. P*pw Banginza and Window Shade* reduced prices. F. E. Rigby, 83 Ran- Markets by Telegraph. New York Markets, New Yosk. December S 3. COTTOS-Ie lower; 33V»35c. Flt/üb—Dull and lOftife lower ■ extra State Sio.tAa 13A0; Ohio SIOBQC4I3,*. ’ Gbadc—Wheat, nominally lower. Corn declining; cloaltg with a better fueling. Oau drooping at 633$te. l-ar.ey declining. PvrxoLKdt—Quiet. Wool—Firmer. Io . WfT 5 3»A5(g5a,75 lor new and Sl9.sai9Ao tor old-closing at *I9AI ter regular and t1«.&417.’S for prime. Beet heavy and dull. Cat mrat* quiet. Uam*loigl2c Lard lower; IL4I3KCJ Dnaaern Xlocb—Heavy at 939^0. LATER NEW YORK MARKETS. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] NewToik; December a. Floor and grain heavy, bat not enough done to es* tabllsb price*. , nonsinsß. Pork steady. Old, 119.14 uih; new Western, (2100 seller February. Cut seats acre steady. . otocnm, rjo, 30Nd33e, with two cargoes sold. Sugar doll and heavy; fair to prime grocery, IDKOUNc. live boo*. Reg* lower, aITHc. Receipts, 4,0X1. nilwoDhee Market, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbaca.) MlLwauuc. December 3t. Flote—Doll and nominal. Sales last evening at (10.00 lor doable extra. GBacr—Wheat dull and drooping. Sales at 9 a. m. board, 12jJ00 bn at |L93 tor No. 3; (171 tor No. 3; *l-69 lor Rejected. Noon Board—Sales of ejtiO bn at «.« tor No. 1; 11.91 lor No. 3; (1 At for rejected. Oats steady. Sale* at Sic tor No. 1. Com ic lower. Sales ofSOO 83c. Provisions—rthner. Sales 300 brla mess pork at (19.19. Deeped Hone—Weak. Sales of 1,000 at dividing on 303 he. Lite lions—Active, and 19@50c higher. Receipts—7o9 brla floor, 9,000 bn wheat, 2,t00 bn oats. Btupsuorre—2.loo brls flour and 800 bo wheal. Money and stocks to New Vertt. ,, .New Toss. December 33. Mosxt—More active and steady at 037. Sterling Excbasob—Bull at SVtao. Ccijd—Opened at ijj;,'. declined to 131*. and closed at ISSJf. Gotten VENT Broc*s-;< to S * tea* lower, with a limited business. UTIt. ~ , New Ton*,December3J. Money market perceptibly evytoward* the cliseot bank hours, and first clan firms band no dlfllcuUr tn gcitme tupplicvl at 7. There are vague rumors la the fircet of Treasury officials being mixed on with the prerent raid. Oo!d dosed at isy. The extremes ol to-day were 13JK soct IS3N. Ooveoniuuits— lbe Oovermnent secoritlre were null and heavy thir afternoon, resulting In Wither de vltne 1c prices on sold bonds. The Treasury paoer waa comparatively steady. Closing quotations tor void bonds, it will be seen, are the lowest tor a long tlmepatL 81- 9-30 COOP. ’«3...10R5<»1!»ii Conp. 9-50 coup. ’C5...1072' 6-3* rcg. _ CLOSING QCOTATIOSB. The stock market was active ana ezdted daring the nilemooe. The following are the closing prices at fc3o p. mu 0.4 M.C 39 A39W R.I JOltfaiOO S-D-T « a 4*5 I M. Western 473^47 SfcrdW 1 "• jw »® iia ’ Uikino Siiabes— Active and market excited; Con solidated Gregory rose to 1409; QuartxßUl 419. Cincinnati market. [Western Assodaced Pres* Report.] (Cincinnati. December 33. Flop»—Dnll but unchanged, wltb "ale* of eaperdne at (9JQ&1049-, torvlatcr trade brands(lo.73lo*l3.oo acrordlnz tn quality; fancy brands (13.00 to fll.oo. Otuis—Wheat anil and the demand light, but hold ers were not disposed to make any coneMilons, there • d0 ? e : 2i°,- 1 •Pilnz Hj0«3.40, and tiSC&i Ri tor winter. Cornflrm but quiet, with salea Af ear atSsc; shelledCl(%e3c. Oats dull, and prices Jc lower, with sales of No. lat 93c. Bye held firmly at (1.19 tor No. 1 best but In the absence of aales of eon seqnecce this rate It little better nominal. Bariev unchanged and tlnlL WmsEKT—2fc lo bond and quiet. Conos—Dnll and no sales. Middling could have been boccbt at ftiNc. ftrxn Catdlbh—ln good demand at 93c In the lam way and S3S&2JC la the Itbhing war. * itcxTXß and Caeksk—steady at the last Quotations. Hoes—Rather dnll. but holders are firm and not willing to maim cooitwstoas nt moment, but buyers are disposed to hold btek. then-tore not much hi* been d"ne. (7.0CW(7.t0 may be regarded M the whole range. Rerdpta, liJJO head. Pronsioxs-Mess pork held firmly at (79 *Rb a moderate demand. Ba le meats unchanged. L,Td firm hat quiet at 11V (*lfic—»he »«tw the rate geoerally a-Led-prlme rtxsm at native, and heart and zotatlOkc. Green Wr demand at 9Y(37k. aid for ‘honldtri. ndre and hams, but In most rases holders (onbnded for Vc Ugher tor »boolders and sides. »iJ3s3tfdiiU. bankers being anxiou* to buy all otfrred. The money market U vrrj “ a u dlfflcnU to borow at 19 £ ? .Exctancr dull, bankers being generally withdrawing ihelr »jaUnce« frvm the Bast, Thabar a'ftMteaQlef. dtiCOunt * and ‘cllmg at par md New Orleans llartti. l°w mldd.lngatsojsjic; mld lllae at Slaitc, Receipt* •v;- -yJflTu- *-*v ciues -. erpon-, " ; 6« half*. m. Uteea quiet and no .baared. '• tti-WftSi I.M; extra. |ii.n«|isJ». Sa?o Pe»bushel;oata tower. Hat—Dob at K6M. ProTtsiosf->MoMporlt.fa;hae*n la fclr demand: shoulder*. ijtfe; Bldw. uraiSe; lanCuyaiit Wui*ikr akd Tobacco— Uacbaored. Gold—l33^; sterling exchange, lit-..'. . Si. Laii* itiaraet. ToiucTO-NoJhtncrtotrr. , Correa—Lower. atJ9&33c. Giuo—Wheat—Bustaeassaiall and unchanged. Com heary. at«o prtcea tarer bnycn. Sales at dull and lower at v " Provisions—Dull and unchanged. Hons—UnH and lower, CW-6)ic for heavy dreajed. Weather sift. SSh^CO—more than the whole number last year. IjOoUtlllcSlarket. »w „ . _ Li#nnLLz. December SJ. SS^* 01^0 *' r * W ' CoTTpy—Dull atao.Ve for low mlddllnr. orieans auear llkaUc. Pair plantation xnola*»e«, 70c. ** XBir Boos—6Rc; receipt* 4.100; total receipts. 11,mo. Paovmoxs—Mesa pork fJOhO. Lard, ueicei, 12 Vc. Wnrsart—labor oat J3c Free nominal. * Toledo Slarket. - Toledo, December J*. GEanr—Tniatt—No. t Eprtne. tt.jQAj.22; imher nS' “c ■■ »1 j. s£ o.udli! HIABBIED In Trmoot.TaaeweU county. Dec. 19th. by Rev. E. G. Smith, iwteted by Rev. t, a Rmw-l up '*l diprt DIED amusements. l\f cVIO K E K< ti THE AT BE. MCYKKEB »-MTEBS JUKAOEB3. MONDAY. December Jilh. BENEFIT OF MBS. ANNA COWELL. ' ahe wmmtrodoee to thepabllc her £»?*•• “IS* GERTRUDE DOGGETT,oI this tor her 11 rat aprwaraare os any star*. njaCc,ct C * c * lebralwl Tragedy, with aU the original m PIZ AERO; Or, THE DEATH OF COLLA. ' Oertrode Dotnn; Cor*, Mr*. Cowell; Relit, Mr. Waldron; Plarro, Mr. Boot: yepwv \jr XIUCSOO* • To conch: dc with the Comedy of • TBS JEALOUS WIFE. Jj”- (Htl'T. Mr*, Cowell; Mr. Ouler. Mr. Myers; M*}.o*kiry Mr Eilalbrrt, * Inseosy Afternoon—Grand Matinee. Tuesday—Mile Johanna Oogi^n. QOL. WOO_DJs MUSEUM. ®* Wood . ••••..i.praMtta Omctor cf Amofostaa f. c.tiKKN B \RKT * aGr4ad Sf*«*eJ« Ul Orest HoiWay extrsTanaxa. pltyod ta Load an lor msar month*. sod prcdnred Per* with cartes! :ad fnltnd.r. Do 'JouIST erraloe. Dee. Ji.ertll b* Predated the crest Musical sad Kstry Spectacle, entitled TOBTDNTOANDinsSEVKN GIFTED f'EEVANTS. B TBB WONDERS OF THE WORLD. * flfm'SSS" or FA,ST QROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. GRAND OP NIX© JTIGHT (OfaSewoaofU : ;shl«,)oftbe renowned GHIONT AND iUSINI ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY. MONDAY EVKNINQ, Deeembv 94, at B p. m. appearance la Chicago of 610. ETTORS ISFRB, S2?°. T S2, r * Sf,', o** 0 ** Itallaa opera in st Petersburg. Part*. Milan, and other principal opera houses tn Earope; alia. ust winter, prlaapa] tSore aod moct tarsnte artist of Max Mareoek** opera company. grand Opera, In foor acta, , U TROT A TORE. Signora Acphlollna GhionL la her great S?%^?^V^*^*^****^********»*’***aSlSm Htmcal Director and Coßßwrtor sig. Mcolao Tuesday. D*e.»—CRJSPINO E LA COMABB. Wednevoay. Dec. 35—L* a bobqia. Fndav, Dee. IS—FAUST. •»—'. «>j r auai. oSuSHS™'”*'* J o-dca-OKiSD SCALE OF PRICES: 'J Admlsnoa to parqoette. Drew Circle and Baleoiy. *l. BeMrrwtScata 50 cents extra Balcony Bax Seats. S 3. I- Seat* tor either of the above alehD mar he Meardd dally from Sa. m. OU t j.b, and from 3 tin 4n. zn_aX the Box itffice of to* Opera Boose. Chickrrtng 1 Plano and Mason * Samba's flaunt* Organa are mtd at the opera. Librettos tor (alo at the box oat*. Door* open at 7x< Opera commences at B o’clock. %frat 35state-®itr). inPBOTED, L'OB bALE—By &H. Kerloot & Co., jb Re*'Ealsle Brokers, 71 DcirbonwL •37-Fcnrih-av.; dir tiling cf eeren room% eu, water, bathroom, Ac. OHO-ROuee of fourteen rooms, with lot 3U130 fi>*t on jrdd-jf, * * ,•08-0-10—Three desirable brick residences on lhroop-<L,near Msdlson; haveali modern imorore m-cw, arc 1 rick oarns, on JJ toot aley, Ac. twjfk—! tics dwelling on Utntoi-tt, between Adams * 970—An elegant place on Twrety-see'nd-st.: hoosi baa twelve rooms, beside* bethmm, closets. Am; lot P 3 front; toed ham on e'ley. “ c ~ k 87*1—Three brick dwellings on Racker-st (V uun trom car*) twelre rooms each, bathrooms; not sad cold water, sc, SO—Large river front on North Branch, cheap. J&— Cottage ol fire rooms on iL, near hacker, with lot. bsTiaa a frontage ol a Jee», tor li.H. Michigan-ar. lot, tiao met, north ofsixteeaih „ 17—pettage with basement, aad lot met, on North LaseUe-aU will botoulawfbrcaslL 14-Bricc mldence off Eirtt-tnlh-at, near the * ,cveo teams, marble mantels, &c_ good frame barn. _ 9—An elegant brick dwelling ~n Wabaah-ar.. *sr S?!3gSi?SiaSP b “‘ w!g2ISSK pro: ’" ,I “ ot 7—An elegant marble front on Wshash-ar.. north of Foarteenlh-ft., splendidly finished, vtth every improve m*nt: froniseaat, 936—Dnipto'e loti on Half ted-sU near Van Dares also. on DeFoyaler-st.. cloie to Sauted; wTI be sold si a bsrnlr. 7UW—Two cholc* lou on North Dearborn-at- front ing wi: loesdon very deitrable. w ,2S-lfst ana on Ferdinsad-at, near Boyne, five block* from csrs; only SS>!—cash. Splendid lots on Fratrte-av n near Elebteenth-st. FOR SALK—On Wabash av.. near Four trenth-su, good dwel lng boose sad barn, co jessed .ct—lease mna fonr years from next H*y; also, hotwe and lot on desirable bnek noose sod barn ca the North Side. J. D. BABVET, 7S Ls F)R SALE—Lot cn Michigan-ar.. be (••cn Foorteenth and Fifteenth it*., a I*el front. £iS‘\sofrrt o-ar Twerty-sixth-st. WM.J.TEWKS BCKV, Boom li.No. 89 Washington-*t^ F'OR bALE— A, first-class Residence nr tr Lincoln Park, three story brick, lot IMferl wont, rrod brick barn. A vrrydrslrable nlsee—tlAOTO. H* C. IIORkv a CO, 8 Metropolitan Block. ■pOR SALE—A block on Fulton«t„ J comprising 44 lota baring a front of 1,138 feet, part of the lota are 140 fret to depth, and well located tor Immediate sale or troproTemcnt-415.000. H. C. MU- CO.. Real Estate Brokers, s McfropalUan F)R SALE—Choice residence properly. Improved and unimproved, m the Weet, Soofn. atn Korth Dlvlslona; viunsble bntlne** property tn eeokl loen) It««a. Honses tor rent and lots for lease. II ELAM AT KR & BiMiAIX, 171 Clark-an. Poow 1. TTOR bALE—A leasehold intofest in a 1 splendid residence let, on North Dearbom-tt. It is a comer lot, 90zlM fot, to ao al ey. The lease has la ytara to mo. Address -3C.’’ TriWme office. FOR SALE—W e have a house and lot on West uil of Elizabeth: alto, % n-w houseto sell, u monthly psvmenta, being but a little more than rent: CO acre* on Wv«t Side, suitable for sab dlvuton; al*o,3u acres on booth bide; several houses and lots on Michigan and Wabash-ar«.; 40 acres south of city limits; several tarms. to exchange tor ettr property, and money given for difference. bIKCLAiit ATUMFKIXS. Room 8. Masonic Ttmple. T7*OR SALE—Residence on Wabash-av. 1 —Front* east, toll depth lot. Irestlon good. Lot nearly GO fret fro Lt. Room 19, No. 132 Booth Otork- UNI.7IFUOVBD, F)R Sal.E—The nnrth hall of Block So. 4S,Beheo* Section Addition, having a trout ace cf 4» fret on Clinton and Jeffereon-ila., and con il lDj 2?.??J ota *,a A r * re opportunity for a manufacto b; sold on reavmab.e tern: hr T. S, FITCH 4 CO n Ko. 167 Dearborn-* t. T70I? SALE—7I bv 250 feet on (Jlarx-st 1. near Fourteenth-«u. a splendid lot Cir maina-tar- Ins or similar ba-lnes. fT.sit; <ttxl« feet, to thirty tool alley on Twenty-fim-st.. near Can be subdivided tn gnod advantage. H. C. HORST 4 CO- B»vU Estate Brokers, S Metropolitan Block/ rOK SALE—72xI3O feet corner Jnck i son-st. and Hamllton-ar., at (1.900: a basement cottage f.n bangamon-«u near Motmx-*i_wlth lease of tot a; MS per > csr-(l,9»; tt feet on Won Maduoo tleal Estate Brokers. S Metropolitan Block. T?OR SALE—By ITm. D. Kerfoot, 89 I washiDrton-flt. jo acres on Stalest- north ol T»enty-tlxtli-»t., subdivide-: into 1W lots, and offered at a price which !• sure* a Urge profit. Long time will V given on three-quarters of the money. F)tt t-ALE—By Wm. D. Kcerfoot, 89 Washlncton-st, M f-eton Warren-tL.near Horne. «t fret on I’ark-sv.. near Osbley. ro leet on West Ltkc-sL, msr itoyns. 30 feet on Ada. near Lake. to feet on southeast corner Ohio and LaSaUe-eta. 55 leet on Laialle-nu. near CMcago-ir. 50 feet on corner Huron and Mvt*t-sts. 59 leet on Franklin. near Huron. 24 fret on cor. Kantakeoav. and Twcnty-tourth-st. large lot on \ metm-es-road. ap feet on Twentv -nlmh-tL, corner Calumet-av. . Al-o, id acres lust west of aty limits. trontlnz on MftdliOD-tL. sniiable tor a subdivision. auction Sales. W M A. EUTTEUS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants PALMER’S BLOCK, P«C 41 £46 BANDOLPn-NT, I7TIR GOODS, CARRIAGE & SLEIGH X? ROBES, A'T AUCTION. Oo MONDAY December 94, at 914 o'clock, at Betters Saietreoms, 44 and 46 Randolph SL, between State st. ami Wata»h-ar. WM. A*. BUTTERS 4 CO.. Anetloagcre. BUFFALO ROBES AT AUCTION, On MONDAY, Dec. S4tb. at 10 o’clock, at Batters' Palmar’s Block. 44 and 46 Randolph sl, between State-aL and WaWb-av. WM. A. BUTT KBS 4 CO- Ancfs. .T7INAL SALE*OF THE SPLENDID I. COLLECTION OF ELEGANT ITAU AN MARBLE. AGATE AND ALABASTER hTATUABY, Imported from Big. Topi, AT AUCTION, On MONDAY, Dec. S 4. at 10 o’clock, a. m- at store Nt 100 Monroe-*L, between Deatbom and Clark-ste. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO-. AucFs. CHRIbTJIAS SALE. RICH DIAMOND SET (mold Watches, Tnlnnblr Diamond Rinas and Pina, AT AUCTION, On MONDAY Eve-Dec. 24 h. at 7 o dpek, at Batters’ SaW-noms, 44 ana 401Undalph«C~i>etwern Slate- It.aal Wabashav. WM. A. BUTTERS 4 CO^Anet’s. BUOTS & sHOES, BUCK GLOVES. GAUNTLETS, MITT 3. RATS, CAPS, FOBS, 4c, A.T AUCTION, Od WEDNESDAT.IH-c.26, at9Xo'clock, atßatten* «lr*ro<im*.44 and 46 JUrdelph-at, between state tUaMWibkh-i*. - WM. A DUTTEZSAPO.. Ancfr*. ■p|TJT GOODS, CLOTHS, ~CASSI-. XJ MERES, Sllttf, Urthlng, FurnlsUn* Goods, At. AT AUCTION. On T'fTRSDAT, Dec. 77. it»v o’clock, at Bnttert' ralcrtvoma.44 and 46 RanrolplmL. between Stale iL and Wabash-av. IV M. A. B UTTEf 3 A CO.. Agee's 500 WHITE BLANK ET AUCTION’, On THURSDAY, Dec. 37th. at 11 w o’clock, at Bnt tcra’fcalesroom*,44aad4o RaadiJpheL^ WM. A. B UTTERS 4 CO.. Aaefrs. STOCK OP RICH Oliver-I>la tod Wap© , _ AT AUCTION. «S»r2P A *!*a* at H o'clock, at Battor*’a ilea Kandolplut, betweenState-sL Ktd |sl- GILBERT & SAMPSON. Another large And valuable stock of FINE FURS, ROBES, ETC. Jolt opened, AT AUCTION. On MONDAY MORNING. Dec. Stth. at 10 o'clock. Wewill *ll atbsraalesrooma.47 and 49 Dearborn *L,oneotthe floret atocta nf Rich Far Gooda ever f)ld In t’uclty.coa-lsttnr of verv fine select ill at, real 6H>rlam*jalrrel. Marten and Frch. I a t’ape*. bal 1 Capca. Ttctortnea. Talmaa, Collar*. Modi. Cam: OenlVbreveraad Otter Gauntlet*. MaflWj, Glovre. and a Vsaiitiftil aawlaeni of Cbildrrn’a Fan. .Van. aUK vaiietr ot Carrlact and Lap Robes? All made for flnt-e'a«*cl;7retaJ trade, and mad- nt t*ie flaest selectedFurr. GILBERT A RAMFSON. Auctioneers. IT, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. SKOXD VALUABLE COLLECTIOX OF ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS, BY CATALOUGE, * AT AUCTION, From the well-known Gallery of F. GEBEGDEWITZ. cf Phlladdphla, On THURSDAY EVENING. *J>c, JTth, at 7 o'clock (orlvoneevenlna's ul*), at ear Salesroom, 47 ».d 49 Dearborn-«L, 60 »p<clmPU3 by modem Artt-clua artuts. Among the dlaungubbad names art the ml lowtnc: Henry Mearo, Paul Weber, W. Sheridan Touar. C. Krueh-a. Ju. Hamilton, Otto Somers, . TttM. Moran. Ed. Moan. J. Brewrt, o. w. > ichoUoa, Leon JnlUanl. Vetmr. r-rnyncT. Joo. Fnn«t«r, ao} othera. Prominent artitta of New Yo-fc, » wton fad Pblladel- Kla. belnc the meat valnab* and ooDectlon Of Jrtictt ever nftnd 15T sale in thl* dty. All lover* of fine Original Picture* are reapectfolly invited. ThcptTlery wtllbeopenfbr exhibition the day and* evening betore the aale. ,*v GILBERT A SAMPbON. AocttooedW - , T H. KLYNOLDS, Auctioneer, ifl* 127 DEARBOKN-ST. (Monday) at tan o'clock, a. m_ gold meat goU Jewelry, coetlgned by a retail 33lanfes. jgOU^TIES. Official Blanks I w Thave mv tor sale the toDowlng additional Boon- ty Blank*, which bare ALL been approved by the De nartments: Soldier's Claim far Additional Beantv, Widow** “ “ u Fa'hrr’a “ “ Mother** ** *• •* Parent** ** (Jalotly) ** Guardian’* M _ •* 1 •* FA eommnfiicstlonfrcm Second AadKor** OOce, r» errtn* to copies ottr Slacks sent tor mwinHw, •ays: .Director. 14 The forms are decidedly the best that haye beea presented to this Of* fiee^* Seat prepaid oa reefipt ofth; money, at ttJtt pa quire. A nest pamphlet, containing pension and Bounty Lavs ot I*B, with latest lastrnetloai and regulations s<atAgenlaacncctpt ot stamp to pay postage. A copy incloaed with each package of Blanks. Address TRIBUNE CO., 51 Clark-st. Chicago. fflactincru. T?OR SALE—One ionneen-horae porta* I hie encto* and boiler; two twetreOxcrao no, nael only one mocih. Also, one new ten-homo enrla* fbr aa« at veryjow prices by GRIFFIN BBOtREBS, 136 South Watcr-41. P>R SALE—steam Engines—4. 6, H, 10, *0 sod aa-hors* portable, aad aU sixes cf (ta ll cn ary enelnm. circular ••wmtila, Woodworth pi a nen and mateners, power corn shell era, pal levs and elevator machlacrTbullt to oraerliuca- A&DS'IEON W08H6,196 WaabtocteadL ®ojKnu—B?ouse3. r pO Ri^NT —Two new dwellings on 1 West Jsckasc rtrrct, 307 nntl 309, coutsiulcg nine room* each, m, nyCrsat, cistern watsr, b«0 rociao,pantries ssdcloscu. Ac. Thlauono-Mthehcvt and hca>th!r»4 localities of the city. Haulreat Uaom No. 2, Cobb’s Building. 1*26 Pearboro-st. 'T'O RENT—Fnlle' , ton-ar.„«nd on I thetogeof Wright’* Grov*. a Dev J-*tt>rr boose, wi-h ,-icre ofground ar-cac It ccntalolor 10 moms, reside# e)u*et*.l9o fretw>-»t of horse cat*. Apply to CLARKE, LAYTON A CO- 12S Wadnegton-L TO RENT—New dwellings, ID and 33 Cottige, S rooms, lydrsnt water. at s2l per monlheach. T.S. cTTCR & CO, Boom 2, No. 167 Dearborn-st. nPO RENT —Mouse, 13 to 15 roorfis, new, I h) gno* order. weM located f>r board! or. At*o. More, quick tod cheap, to good tenant. Apply at 469 Sonth Clara-aL TO RENT—Anew 2-story and basement , 1 boose. No. 73 Twenty-sixth-*!-, containing tea rooms, besides ciceeta. water, gn and sewerage. A rood location, within V bi cs of «rre*t cars. Apply to CL/iRKE. LATTOST A CO. 128 Waihtagfyo-rt. TO RENT—Two-story framehouse, No 1137 Pralrle-av., containing 7 room' sod water. cTariMtf SatOBCt * Appl^loJ - M. MARSHALL, 97 TO KENT—House on ilichigan-avv near and fnralture lor sale. For particulars address P. O. Box W 77. RENT—Cottage ot six rooms, near .A city limits, on Modlaon-st.'Apply at fifth home from rad of hqrsacars.'soaih side ot street. TO RENT—A block of two-store fiamc .1 dwelling*, entirely new, nine In number, pics«- smiy ntuated on the North Side, near the horse rail way. between LaSalle and WelU-sts., on Eugenie. rh» ateve dwellings will be rented at a low pnee to tolla ble tenants. Apply to BCANLAN, 7 Mssimc Temple. •+ , TO RENT—B 33 West Wasbineton-st is A. asury-snd-s-bslf boose, of 7 rooms. V.o»*t* sr-.-l pastry. In coed order: rood ndehborbood. large fr«ut yard; hors* ears pass on two sheets. Rest low. la qolre it *J22 Wsshmgton-it. T'O RENT—On south Side, a first-class X lwo-*tory aod bnck basement boose, 577 SUU-- conutnlng 8 rooms, rood barn, cood water and c »*. Kent ts per month. Fund tore tbr sale, poescauon given Immediately. Apply at 3S State it. T° RENT—(And ttimiture for snle X. cheap)—No. 3SI West TwelflheL, a oomfiHabte two-story heuse, with brick basement and modern lm. provemrnta. only half block from horse cars. Kent to a good tenant. Apply to C.HOPKINSON, 12£» Waiblngton-et. ’ TO RENT—Wc have a first-class ftirnish* ed house, eootslnlng Id rooms. In a good location. TO RENT —A neat cottage on Jackson, we»tol Boyne-st.. conislnlne'T room*, psbtrv. prmses.etc. Apply to MRS. D. PRATT, 130 Souu Claxk-it. TO RENT—If you want to buv a house, rent a boose, or sell a house or Jot, call at oar ot fee. .Gnat Inducement* always offering. GEORGE A WILLI*MB»7 Booth Cloik-*t. TO RENT—New enltane house, corner 1 Rucker and Tylerrt*. water In kltcfitn. S r »ms; FrtOO per month. Inquire ot C. J. ADAMS, corner Adams and Canal-fits. TO RENT—House No. 310 West Lake st. corner ofMsy-st t cas and water, newly pilot 'd. papered and drslutd l’us*e* i> n Jonnur 1. PAR KEUse LYMAN. 17 PorUsad W«k. J 2To Hrm—t-vooms. 'T’O KENT—Three rooms, to a respecta -1 hi* party, suitable for housekeeping. Apply at tltrk-it. 10 KENT—Furnlaued lodging rooms; I cm large Oort room; alls, single and duarve rornw, with ckvtta. stove* anti gaa. t"pt in orJnr, to rent, without board,at 13 bJiuh Waicr-tt, and *23 Mlchlgac-av. '"PO BENT—A nice ftinushed room In I Morrison's new block, South Cla:k-*t. Inquire rf the Janitor. TO KENT—At 202 Btate-st, up stairs, Tcry det liable room*, fnml.ih-d with everything necessary to comfort. Ucirrenees required. TO RENT—A pleasant furnished room, wUh store, suitable foe two gentlemen. To a party that flops f r u-r winter. It will he rent?! for W per mourn. Apply at 74 >,Mt loalana-st. TO RENT—I rooms, and furniture tor aale. at 2M South Clark-st. corner ot Van Burea. r PO RENT—Looms—Two good offices, 1. lntheb**t building in, rrarthe Post Of fice, or suitable for a gentleman’* lodging rooms, an ply at 31 Lottbard Block. * TO RENT—Two large furnished rooms, wlthclo«etacd cae; on- or two sln-l* rooms, rcrni.'U-d. at 83 Jackso&atn near titate-st. inoolre at the house. 'T’O RENT—Rooms furnished and un .l. furuihhrd, In a pilratc tan-Uy. to ceauot lr. In quire at 01 North LaSailc-st. TO RENT—Pormshed and unftirnished rooms. 114 Dearborn-st. Apply at Hoorn 36. TO RENT —Desirable and comlortahle famished BlccplßT room*, convenient f> buelaess. Fnitnble tor gentlemen only, at ‘J Jfiy sute-*t. TO RENT—A sleeping room in a pri* vatcfamily, at miaots-at. TO RENT—With board, a mite of room* on second floor. Apply at s*| Fourth >v- between foiv and Taytor-ne. KENT—On the North Side, 4 rooms, . A-_. c iV >, *i!s* ,P»P'Ty. e’e, partJv furnished. Call at lfl7 Marwell-et.. or address "W'B," Triiaaeoigce. TO RENT—A nicelv furnishecTToom, can-be Been by applying at No. Il l Moaroe-«L. near Tost Off.ce. * * So Ltcnt-Stores, ©fficrß.Src TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rcnt,rearof74 o«xtolph-«L, Court-place, oppo riteCrwby'B Open* Ooui-i, Apply to A. WOBDES 4 CO, or L. I. TOUD. on the premise*. TO KENT—The store basement and loft*. 16S lAke-Bt, laqnlre at the premises. TO RENT—Store, orbuildmg, with two Btorlea over the store, and good dry ousmoet. In one ct the best locations on Lake at. Also, the lease ot same, for • term ofrrars, lor sale. For t*ema. 4c, address “WL C," Tribune offlee. Every way suited tor surkKlassbaslßoas. wholesale or retail. XO RENT—Stoic an South Olark-st. Flifnr**tor*ttc—*helvlas.counter*.4c. Inquire mm; 1 , No 16? Doarfaoro-st. 'T'O RENT—Desk room in an ofßce, in a .-i..‘v? rJ bu'tncM location. Inquire at Boom 14 133 Dearboro^t. r PO RENT—Office and basement. No. J- >96X South 'Water-st. (old Board of Trade Bnlldlng). Apply on the to HABT.ASfEN TO RENT—A handsome new store, on West Lakes!, with rooms containing gas and water.Bntfobictorhr,n*ckccplng tor a small family: won’dbe a lint location frsorae light dry goods host ao#Jv£l!<SJf*,*.o{.lMC3rrtow * Applyoa thepreml rca, 737 <T«»iL*ke-Bt. v TCT RENT—A leasehold intercut in a iptmtld reMdetre lot on Kcrth IV»rbcrn-€t. itii t to *n »I>t. The le&M has u yetn to rot.. * Trtunae office. TO RENT—BtowT'Ws® ls ** o^33 ' .I . tor one firm, Iwlnc rteifc rtC? 1 fJr Bl * psnaas t««!dca. at |SS per mor ,- i. • a.-h. fiJC- proof file. Ap- Piy at 167 Sontb Clark-.:. [_ 'TP RKNT—A new store, tfj£h_,bav vJ.i.SL? lt ’ d * ellI "lt •tuUhle for P“'n«i- 1» In a (rood nelchborhood In acntlt oart : i"sTduuSSSS IOO ” - t - 8 - FlTca 1 cu - E ‘- ar r TO BENT—Desk room m n large froiu dLSS.t'Sg 1 j” r cf cobb ' l ' BMlil °e- »"■:l*6’ ggHantefr-gro Hent. Wf ANTED— To Kent—A cellarand first' " * floor of* gwl lin'd brlct bnlW- reliable ftr Dnm & assi AtUtre “’ P*ruauan. -L.” I*, o. TXT ANTED— To lent—A large sized „V_ room, with or without steam rawer, iJre— -I*. O. DorgQO-l. 3tutt an» jTmurtr. • T large, black, Newfbandland J -J Dojt; white on nreast and noc>; *j*o. white nut T* no l£l, ~c n l(Wt tmd - «n*U strap aronrd hi- neck, Auwen to tte name of “aaLCbo.* f Any one return, he hits to 4*l Wabash-ar.. or cl tine InfottnaQoD hading to bta rccoTery, toll be well reward**, T OsT—On Wednesday aliemoon. in eo* ing fWtn 333 Wot Madlsoc-st. to the Oners Uocfealatloee, crop returning, a Lily's Purae. with steel chatu attached, coatalottg a fu» Mil and 110 or flSin other h'l s.aone ehanse.«eartlrk’t and a pre •cnnann. Win reward the finder liberally. J. W. bKINKLE. 333 Wot UtdltoMt. IOST— 2v*ear the coraer of State and It Slzteentb-ataL, opposite or ou the wall »oaih o' . Counlls?* store. a Bnt»et Wallet, coatainlet bnjul fW, three t-oitage stamp*- one or two ear tickets, anti a tao adreriffem-nt of the Michigan •*onthem Itailroa'L A liberal reward will he paid npoa Us return to J. L. JAMES. 9 Metropolitan Block. T OST—A Black and Tan Dog, about » month* eld. Answers to the name of •TltOU PLE.” Hairofl In spots, on hack and breast. A libe ral rewtid wia be glvtn if left at 103 East Ma;l*oa st„ obtain. L OST—At thtf Baptist Society Pair, at the Church, corner rl wabasb-av ana EltMeer th at.. or the evening of tire aflh lest., a Lade’s Mink Fur Collar. The under win be liberally rewarded by tear- Itg It at 79S Wabuh-ay. . . 1 T 'Oc-T—On West Randolph, Peoria, or I -* Wtst Lake-sL, a purse contain lug a small sum of money. Any one Doling tbe tame and leaving It at the Tribune office, will conjeratavor. LOST —A lady's mink fur collar, on Green-st, between Washington aM Madlsou-vta.. oroa Sfadisou-sf., between Green and n allied-eta. The Coder win be liberally rewarded by leaving the same at 33 South Orteo-st. F OST—Saturday nicht, on Wabash av^ I j Hubhard-conrt. or State-*?-, between Prckc-ourt ana Adam>-eU a dark mint eoIUr. with aereral pen nies stitched In the haekot It. The Snder will be lib erally irwarded by leaving it at 446 cor ner Peck-court. LOST —$5 Reward—A* large dog. St, l Bernard breed, white, wltb black ipota. we*cb* ot Ift »*. Above reward will he paid os hli retain to 44 Lake-ec. npsutn. or 'i.l3 Ituaou-at. 10 ST—On Friday erenine, a Lady’s * For Collar, tn tbe vldcUr of Sauna on, Jackaon aad Green-*t, Tbe Coder win be rewarded by teavlor «me at l?SSonthSaagaiPOC««t. T7OTJXD—On North a small 1 sum of mosey. Owner can hire the nme by ailing cn A. G LAKE. 138 W*rt Monroe-st. Worses, (gatriagrs, &c. A LARGE, double-seated, two-horse Cartlag*aad a one or two-hone Sleigh. both la txceUrotonMr.fbraale. lap giro at lA4 Bosb-st. \\T ANTED—To Buy—A Second hand V V Eletcbthathube*B bat little sued, act reason able price. Addrtw **T. W.A." Drawer 6116, Chl- A GRAIN "WAGON, almost new, iron axle, tor sale. Can be sees at 4A4 State-st. OLEIGHFOR SALE, at Whiting * Q Skinner's Stable—alley west of Coart Hoa»e.__ ALIGHT two-sealeii&leigh, two licht single colters; alio, one second-hand open boeer. for tale, laabemn at Abe Carriage Factory UflM but'-si, opposite the Frnlt Botue. L- F. uATU AWAT. ‘ IJral Cstatc-CountTD. PDR SAT.E—A good unproved tarm -of WO acres, win be SOLI la a body or in parcels Two ■rosea, one new: ban. elder mQt aod oat-balHlars; two orchards of ssperlor frmt: well watered aal web Umbered.- and sitomtod within two miles of Bitue Credc. Michigan. Terms reasonable. For p aril .-alarl afdw WM. J. WAT-KIN. Battf Creek. Mich. jfinr jFuniiturc. ■pURNTTURE ROOMS. CHAS. TOBEY, MANUPACTTBEK AND DEALEB IN RICH, MEDIUM AND COMMON Furniture, BEDDING, MIRRORS. Sc, THE LABGEhT ASSOKTM ENT and LOWEST PIUCEi of any bcose In the West. Kir It U the SPECIAL INTRKBST ol every Demon wanting goods tn sty line, to call and ezamlce. 87 and 89 Slate-st., Chicago. ffiSJantch—fHale fficlp. BOOK&BCPB<A,««itB!llTIB?l Ac, ttt ANTED —A good practical <h audits* VV traa to work to so Architect** office.' One wbo be* aatne knowledge of bookkeeping rrcfrerei. Ad-lras* post pace box No. 320 Qulacy. imnoUA WANTED— A few active and enter* nnmoe Tonne on can ret employment by In* rompgatipy West Lake-fit. - WANTED— A practical "bookkeeper te open lor an engagement far the ensuing year. Address K. JAycA, Tribune ogee. TXT ANTED —All commercial travellers VV to call at Boom 33 Mercantile Building. Ton can add jmo per annnm to your salary. No samples to carry. Business staple. .TTTANTED—An experienced General V\ Ascot tor the State of Michigan, to represent a well established Western Life Insurance Company. The very best cf reference rwnlred- Aotf j at No. l 3 Exchange-place, or addoeas CHAS. B. HOLMES, ScL* rotary. ANTED (Solictor nf 'Advertise menu. To s man well posted In the business, we can ofier jndßCvmra , «. Address, statin? expe* xieoce. references. Ac~ GEORGE O. POWELL & CO., Advertising Agent#. Boston. Mass. , TRADES, WT ANTED —A first-class gas fitter', to VV to to Peoria. Apply at the NORTHWEST MANUFACTTBINQ CO., on Jeffcrson-sL. between Lake and Randolph. TTirANTED— A good carriage-body VV maker. Apply at 203 Lake-*L \\! ANTED—A £rst-class varnieher, at V v the coffin fictcry, rear of S3U Bosdolph-st. Steady employment. \XTANTED —A man to go to Wauke- T T can. Most understand tbe care ot bones asd eow*, and to moke blmsell generally useful about a bouse. Must snow bow to milk and drive. Inquire, Monday, Dec. St, at \tl Rlver-st. \\T ANTED—d good pattern-makers. V v None but good and'experienced workmen want ed, tor whom good wage* will bo given. Apply at •’Gaea’s Brick Machine" Manufactory. 53 Soot** JcT erson-M, Cbieaso. e^anleb-jTamale f£?clp SAUBSWOnSH, TRADES, fte. TX/ANTED—Twenty ladies to learn to V v operate otfthe EQlpde Lock Hatch Sewing Ma chine. of coarse. kinds of stitching neatly done to order. MOBEY & SHAW, 93- Wssh- IngtoiHKt, Chicago. \\ r ANTED—An experienced Adams V > nrei* feeder. Aoply immediately, to OEt>. a. FAROES, Bosk and Job HOUSE SERVANTS. \\T ANTED—A woman to do cookine, - V v. washicg and irootng In a private famUy. *!A capable person, wno can fitndah icfcreact as to char act»r aid sbr.lty. can have saUstactory w.ica. Apply at tbe Trlh me nfficr. WJ ANTED—A wet nurse. Apply at VV 370 Michlgan-av. J wANTED —1 good cook, 2 dining- T V room girl*. 1 lacr.drent, 1 cha-rUrmstd. imme olately. at Cattle fair lintel. Union block Yard.-. TXT AN TED—At 733 West Lake-st., a 7 » competen t house ptri. Good wages to ooe not afraid to wnrfc. Soother need TATANTED—A second girl. Good ref- T T _ erences required. Apply at 13S Wabiah-ar. WANTED—A cood Ctrl to cook, wash »M Iren. Good will be paid. Apply at 477 Fultop--f, fortwo davj. TXTANTED—A coed chambermatd.'wbo klt<^ W nlce, J'* Apply *» ■** Peck-court. Good \\T' ANTED—AgIr! to do general house- Sont* Green-itf” 7 * 51 or * Sonrc K lfcn preferred, at 139 WANTED—A good girl for general »T 766 W»ba*h*y. T\TANTED—A girl tnat understands ■ 1 aenrral housework. Martbea go >1 rot*. and cnn-c well recommended German Prohttaat pre ferred. Apply at 455 Weal Waablngton-at. \,\T ANTED—A good Protestant girl, * \, Jo d<> housewnrk in a family or three. Apply at 1512 Pralns-ar, W bou‘e above Twenty•»lith-4t. TXT AN TED—At *l3 South Morgan-st., ▼ y a cood cook, washer asdtrooer. N->uooib«r need apply. Emploiinunt Sgntriec. TXTANTED-fo employ 1 man in ev > cry town In th« Wn.t,t> sell an entirely new tunc, bcnctrat .Ivcactive menneeilapplv. Addreu. for panlcuian, wjih two three cento Umoi, to bay re turn pcetage, S. a. McELW.UN. hoi IPOs Chicago. YA7 AN TED —Business men seckinc cm- Y y plormeit ma; do wen be calllnc at 370 South Ciark-tt.. bftwtrn to a.m. mad ; p.m. •* <WOOBtn T ANTED—SOO men to go South, Y» ftito fMper mouth and boanl; 33 hewer*. IS Btlp-carpentera, M wood chopper*. SO raCroa.l non, apply at Room A. Lind's Di ck. Randolph-**, utidgel E<Hantcli--faisrcllanrous. T\7 ANTED—lmmediately To”con- tnttitor baaltne S.WO yarda saad, from old City Ccp.ctery to tt a#hTngton-st. tanacl. Also, to rent, a fortuhed home, medium »lzcd, asd convenient tb all fe*n-cl*. Writ preferred. Apply to STEW AI.T, LUDLAM 4 CO, -1 Lind's Block. ANTED— 1 otfeis to order ', asplraold wool llnec Qarrvowcn Over Coat •nd n choice from several pieces of tint-claw good* tor FJC. At 130 bouth ClarW-eL. cpsUTB. wTED —1 want and will have one •A I Owryowen bndnes* anlu for Bt^np^ul^” l UstUr COS * Allau Socli i Clark- \\[ ANTED—Fatent-Rieht Men—Tne ,J Dder *lp«l having a valnableloventl'a.ot wilfhthey wi«b t#/ell lerrtlorr. will give a liberal JommlMlon Apply at once to 176 South Clark-»t_ torjumpio —■< further ln- MlcEJeuL 07addrc “ b * W - JOHNSON A CO, Del Volt, \\7 ANTED-To buy or start in a ~»J healthy and growing ln»and town, a hardwaro stove ami jlnshop attsened. Any one la terwtrt can address “TIKXEB," Gilman, Ills. TTTANTED—A large number of per „YY h«c* to PQ-yhare the Common Sense Family 5*5381? Marhlm or Christmas present*. C*llatl7fi Bccih Llark-sc ‘.lreraJ deduction* made. \\7 ANTED- Stock ot i IO,OOO to *40,000 » Y worth of dry kpod* or general mcrehandlae, tor which choice prairie land. In Minnesota, and partca*hL wl'VrtoSLODbB. ato “ me - “ TXTANTED—We want several good VV men to work tor ns In Chicago and nvlzhbortas towp*. Will give gnod men #75 per month, aw percent ccmirmlon and office r>nt 4r>t six months. Bette" ansogeiLent* aHerwarOs with the best men. A. 1 tnanent and profitable lira*t!on to steady - ~> r ‘ close fl lor Barapiea., * c i:7\YM w '»KE. U* CO.,Clrclnraa. O, . • r : Wt? T - A.r- . iV I'.:-';. ' ■’ ■-■ "■ • • .i »t. AdiTt*: %.,V' ■* W {Trtbtme - •- per > T • /, f;.yono*or oJrL win—“vTA»e tbdr But. P ! TK7Jc» n 5 . t S r r« c,e,r ' T r?/e>led,c»a oa MADAM CARLISLE. >t3l6 soPth Clarfc-»C. np-«8-Mn, \\T ANTED—A vourg ladj. who bas chaw tbM pnpiKJn the Tlrta tty of Backer and Madlmn-'ts., West std*, wUhca to teach u to-more fally occupy her naie. Common Earllsh branches and French taacht. Ctargre moderate, and food reference* meaTAd ore— Hi* U, Pox 1023. TX^A^TED—lnformation Of U. H. AurperKrato'iwlmojiiij tnern bonu win rrnftr * faror by mddreMinc J. fksv 106 Wemt TV Chicago. 111. "ITTAUTED—Iadies in want of reliable V > •errtotm of may rtcmcjlpUoa. with rood relW. Pcf j t « mo oo mnoplled at MRS. D. PRAITB EiapoU tiro. No-130 SoothClmrt-at. \\T AKTED—To Purchase—A residence J~,y worth from $6,000 to HUOr, in rood location, will pay one-half ra«s, and one-half Block la as a No 1 Manufacturing Company. Address P. O. Bov aOO3. \\7A^TED—iiolicc — Books posted, > T ergrosrtag. ponying and German traaslattne satufttlonl* executed at reasonable rate*. Boom 11. 1 gS South Clart»«U nr-italra. • lousiness CTJianccs. SALE—The subscriber will sell 1 his saloon also two Millard tables, at a great bar gain. Tables-old with the saloon or separately. Call at 133 South Clark, st. FOK SAT.E—To Merchant Tailora—A rung and stytiih trade, stock and Oxturre for aUe to one of the beat location* on CUrk-tt. A fortune Is It ibr toe right man. Ko bonus asked. Owner rear inr. Bex a 15, hO. . - P)R SAXE—A crncerr store, doinc a Brsi-da»s outer the be«t location* la the West THrtston. Lew ret comoeotlou. Inquire of L. n. ROBINSON A CO.. **4 Dearborn-*u pOP BALE—Who has a drug store for P sa'e? well I rented for bosinea*. <?aa bear of a borer Hjr addreesing me. O. P. B. BEED, agent, L»- POR SALE—Planing mitt. WeTlJoca- I ted fbrdoloc arpleadld Coataial erj rjtblr»en«iialJrf«in*tted with a flnt-rlvM piantor tr.lU, ardwUlb* fold reasonable. If preferred, tbe owzierwUtretalaabali-'atereat and rive hli time 10 thehe«lcf*». apnfrto BRBS A »iui* Broken. once 10 Cro»by*a Opera Boose. FOR bALE—A first-class Restaurant and During Saloon, elegantlv fitted op and doing •w Ct ls3- l,n jS a ?"** lB 006 «f tte very best ]oestl~.ns Jn U)«rttr. Wllbevold at mochlens than 1» raiae n uken immedlatel*-—• rare chance. WABR&N A GOODRICH, Beal Estate Broker*, 125 DetrSon-tC FDR SALE —At a bargain—A grocery, on street railway; Joar lerse. flxtnrcs. rood •escrow band: a good paying. .-egnlsa custom, and cowtanUr increasing trade. The owner havl-g other boMnas demanding hlaattecilnfi. Sale oa cut term*. Addrrn J. C. ADAMS. Trtboae o3w. FDR SALE—A good family emcerv and proTMlo" More, wen localM and doing i *ood botdlen. vio ftatcSt!* I** 1 ** lß * tf " DR BALE—Boarding House. Ii von want to boy the leaae and ftronare of a finwiass Doardmr hense. Abed with boarder*, call oa J 1L Auctioneer. Xo. I*7 Dtartwro-et. J!Por Sale. PALE—A second-hand Busier ■ folding machine—ta rood condition. Price, *WO. Apply to the TBIBUKE COMPANY. • FOR &ALE—One ol the best built toe boats hi Chicago harbor. Measurement J 5 ton*. !• Dfw, ana will be sold at a bargain. »f applied I&r Im mediately. Address C. W. BLSKHAM, Fond da Lac, F'OR PALE—Lot 8, block 20, in the orleloal town, sltamted on West near Washington. 109 m dry Boor brt ttares. Rsrk Tn*- cols and mwetadlMer. applr af 472 North Wa- near Ughthooae. GALEf EASTMAN. POR SAiE—At 89 West l&dison-sr., F 109 yards best English 9-p'T capetlnr, li rsrloaj patterns. l?OR SALE—Newfoundland pups and an P tmperted bl»»k sed tan dog. Apply at No. X North Clark-st. TX)H BALE—TaWe Countere, at 87 I 1 Washlartoa-st. ‘ » TT*OR SALE—Fine bred black and ’tan F Puppy- Can be no better. Apply at XSaSoath Clart-jt. FOR SALE—Apparatus and xmterial lor making Toy Bobber Balloons, all sizes and color*. A complete knowledge of the badness im parted. Addresa “BALLOONS.** Trlbone office. SALE— Sewing Machine—One of I Unrer’s genolae No-J machines. In perftetorder. the own»rbs»lng souse tot 1U Also, a pair ol taiMMs cnt’lnc f harm No.s, nearly new. Apply to J. MOORE, 144 North Clarc-sW corner Ontario, op. stain. Boom So. 4. tpOR SALE—Prime maple wood at 1 fll.OO rer cord. In qaantlUes to salt parchasen. Aphl* on 6pal!bnl*s Dock, North Side, below Bnah-<t Bridge. J7OR SALE—To Masons and Exhibitors 1 —Solomon's Temple, erected at a cost of over fSCJOO. la (br sale at oneAenth part •of Its valoa. la quire of j. M. EETNyLO?, AucUonotr, 1)7 Oe«r> onj-st. Situations ffifiiani?*. STALED SITUATION —Wanted— By a good tin^ C» tier. «t thirty years experience. Address ‘•tin. NEB." Gibran. ID*. SITUATION —Wanted—By a middle aged.ateadymaa,asbarteu>l<!rorc«llar mu. i« anxious f&r employment, and wi line to make hicitrii useful In any earadty. Please address j. FINCIL ai*A West Randolph-fit. QlTUATloN—Wanted—By two joua? O men—one as teanjiter and clerk In a grocery itorel Both can apeak German and Eccllih. Good re oa. tef ndatlona given. Address A.COTES, 100 West Wa ter-fit. (SITUATION—Wanted—Ey to eiperi kj raced mac. as bootteeper. cashier or correta to*. ent. Abilities first-cars. and reference*. In ertr" — qrereeptlooable. Adarms Pox 6*J33. CITUATION—Wanted—By an Amer- O lean young man, la a private family, todrtvea te*m sea be nsefal around the boose. Address ’•GEORGE." Tribune nfficn. CITUATION—Wanted—As collector or O shipping clerk. Sal«ry not so mneb an obfect as apermaretsituation. Casglvetbeverybestofreftr. races and security, If necessary. Address “A," Tn | bare office. CITUATION—Wanted —By a voun? O Norwegian wbo speaks the English and Gernsa languages, to make himself nsefal In a store, su office or a private family. Address to K H X," Tribune office. CITUATION—Wanted—On or before O January l»t, 196* by a thoroughly competent sad tractieal bookkeeper. Has bad seven years’ experience a the commission, dry pood* cod Imparting na«tae*9. Best of dty references given. Address CLARK, Tri bune office. » FEJIALBS, CITUATION —Wanted—By a young O widow lady, as housekeeper or seam stress in » private family. Aridn-w, ibr one week, "Mrs. L B," 266 bedgwlck-st.. Chicago. SITUATION— Wanted—By two young girl* irum tbe *a*t—one as c .ok. and ths other aa second elr), to a reerectable private family. Apply at lU2 Ewlnc-sr. CITUATION Wapt'M— As Saleswo- O man, by a yonng lady. I dry goods or notion store. Addre<* **AO."Trim.-, .office. agents JiHauten.- AGENTS —Wanted —Experienced book and engraving canvassers, to whom a large sat* are orcommUMon will be paid. - Address CHARLES BILL, i 32 Sonth CTsrt-*:- Chicago. 111. A GTNTS—Wanted—To sell a tip top Xjl aitic'e. SellsCverywherc, with ordinary talk ie Z. Every bn*tne«s require* it. Combtm a utility with burns* own advenfsemmt of *pectal tatemts. Has co competitor. I* a pnrfe«. • -viveltv in ths United Slates—only one manufactory established. Thou sands already sold -*nd giving' c.-mpleto fsiutaetioe. Opers np an entire new field lor agent*, cf an ca pacities. Conramptlon ernstant.ted In-reulnz. Brad Man ps for clrrnlart. Clmva»*er , s Samrle-ount sent free, by Expre**. for U.fiS remitted to ni. Address or Mil on THOS, BHRRY ± CO_ 196 Lake-sC, CUeaeo. A GENTS—Wanted—3Co more, for the Xl BAKERSEWING MACHINE. I will pay active men fJCOper month »r<J expenses, or bv a liberal com mirbslon to male and fktnale agrrt*. For particulars ocdspcao DaPCTs.adures*S. dSCKWITH. Chicago. A GENTS—W anted —$150 —We want /V. scent* to *eU the BARTLETT SEWING MA CHINES. met fS.QO. Those william to wort for «m«0 per month will address, with Mamp. BAGS BBOTR KBp. Gcnciil TtgenU, Philadelphia, Pa, or Toledo, Agents wanted—*2,soo to *3,000 a year. A good chance t*» make mosey. An a?*at l» war ted is cv»ry town In th» Melon jo manufacture and *eli an article of consumption I" every Pnnlr. r«i» be dwelling. Itlse&Urely new; *ccnrwl ly copyright. *-aJe as peman-ni m floor; uofcmt op lobe done, Forparpnittraajdrww, with stamp enclosed for return. LOUIS COBS&iTZ. Middletown. Maryland. A GENTS Wanted—Every map or XI picture agent to tend ns his adifreas ind receive In return, of expense, a roev of oor rw*» Chart. “THE FATHER OK OUR COUNTRY” and “THE HK? R«)ES OF 1778." and cur new circular Inst oa'. <llO to IS a Car made clear. AJdicsa SAMMONS, WHITE* CLAHKE, 179 LitMt, Ctinco. A GENT *3—Wanted—Ati agent in every -X X. to« nln lie "Wen. An energetic agent can clear 110 to #25 per dar. at dno hutnbue. F<<r particular*, enclose ten cents. AiMrro* L. OLMSTEAD, -13 Mont gom-ry-«t, byrmcn»c. N'.Y. * a GENTS—Wanted—For “LIFE AND J \ DEATH IN BEBKE PIUSONs A splendid book. Alw.r* mu. a. UIDDEB. 98 Chi c ago, ill. AGENTB— Wanted—P rice *2.50. ’n 6Q dae*. “tJoy<“siJre-»t Map." **Ta» * re ipjo.” The new chart, FaruKe or Olu CnrmiT ju»d Ilem ra or M 3" ioit r«cy with the cap The beat nnbhcatlon* fhr Acrntr la An erica. AOdma COODSPShD A CO, 148 Lakc-i-L. Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted —Ladles and r.entle mcn—l have ion.ccf the belt works new . tint of ferrd tr the ruble, and can give such Indneewnuihat goodgnereetlc agents will ndt cmy makca but mate rm ncv. Ageru wanted frr the city, and In every conity of thcYlaie. W.E. HAKVET. General A gent \ for U;c Northwest, ot the Quaker City Pnhllahlng Uom.c h 3f. Lombard Dmck. r.O. Drawer 3931. Chi- AGENTS —Wanted—*200 per month to sell the GENUINE niFROVED BARTLETT KEWINO MACHINE. P»lcc reduced tosrvtv. Ad drus W. DELOSb 4 CO, 168 Dearborn-*!, Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—Male or ter* _ ' Can clear KA per «erlc at thdr nws .nornatw-o* light and honorable busmnsa. Any per**n FfirvA* hours daily to rpend will end tbit a gou<Hmn: but ne*a. Addr-w. e*ndmr»tamn fi>r lull oardenlars. K. E. LOCKWOOD, Detroit. Jbicß. P AGENTS— Wanted—To sell Folsom’s GLDiO AND HAT STATE SEWISO MA- Machine* sent on trial. P- AIONSOS. 164 Kandp'ph it, Boom 6. AGENTS— Wanted—100 men ran • hafe steady *Tt.»levm»nt tor the winter b» ongagliela the ateof POUHOT'S NEW AMERICAN JHtA7BS GCLATniI. Dnalncsß Tight and pleasant. I'f.nsl'B raensc. - K <«cee*B guarante-d. Addr-ya, or cat up"b P. LATH KOI*. Ji., Boom No. 16 Church PJoC Chi cagc, or Boom Be. 4 Lyn>an*a Block, cnreland. AGENTS —Wanted—To knovY that we have reduced oor Map* and Cbattito New York pefc-i amt below, comprl-lag all the. wimlar styles penilfbed. and mounted «upcrtor to a tf m the coun try. Try ns *ud be convinced. AdthSt QOODSPEEO 4 CO, 14b> lake-s<,Cnie*gl. f GENTS—Wanted—To /ell tl.e Lamb r\ Fnltttrg Machine. For partlcnlsr* address 8. BRANSOb, Agent, 99 WaihiD{t<n-*t, Chicago. - A GENTS—Wanted—An agent In every XI town la the States of Illinois. lowa ait Mlenlcan, to sell a a*w and valuable Masonic pcblicaQon—« Work of Art. which »v*ry n a mtwr wU pnrehate. Must be Maaocs. A*-’ ,‘l>»nr cmar of term* , AX i- . i- 'Si I°° cW°££! »»if»> a '^®«wpoir fl Sris? ! i p iE: u^"^S^sssa*?^S "■’ung. 'DOARDING—A' a. —— .4 * 3 Pr*li 6 ?, * e . man anrl-wie or '* -3 ° »e«S fAteu. oavd OOARDING—Private .L J» where nrst-raine-hnusp. turns can be procured fbr the winter 1“ CttUraen and lutes ; alao, day boaro-S^Tg^ ' tWofi-wa— B'OAIJDIIsG —Good board at p[»t (Jmc{£ e Dlnlc « Boom* 14-I DeaftcrV per DOARDiJtG*—An nntnnu-hed >— L«wiD.-a so neatly furnished room a with Crsidt aard. in a private family, at 170 Booth COataA iJOARUfNG—One large narl^PSi wrtldbrnlsbed, to rent wuk boird. on ol Jacksoa-«t.Sleenhiwv fach f OO3I - Will rSt BoVVibO. «“*“ «nde men. Adfrns k ’>. T^°AJ®i?s4: A tew SW-hmea cm bo * ftJ » had pleasant rooms, itgfy Bfl , r fornerof North State, acd .o tn-lntss I >cahciee. Terms mcdeiata- T>OAKDtNG—A gentleman and lady, or J_y two (ratlemra, can Be aceotnaodated arlth a noat room aod hoard, at 91 Aberceea-sL *»■« hoard icr-a tingle senUemaa. OAKDIXG—At 102 Slate-it: also, tar nlshed rr-sm* to reit. A few day boardeu can WDCIIRAd&'XI -■ ' 1 ot rooms lor genii e- U men and their wtvea,also rooms »r slngPeerfW men. with board, apoireasmahle terms at 313-Srlfr . st. “DOARDCsG Handsomely fmhlßlied . J_> rooms, with Nnrd. ter a rtntletaao fed. *is*. wjttrutcMldieo. Location. South Side. onetockana a hair frcw Indlara-av. street car*. Belhnaeea ex chanted. Address f.o. Bex 1.9*174 j T>OARDI2sG—A !cw'single gentlemen, JJ or a teotlemao aod bis with, caa-be feommo dated with trued hoard and rooma, fsnitatieaor cr' niehed. hr anpljug at 137 ars.WeslEide. • *T TJOAUDING —A lew more bosrderscan A > be accomnodaied atop- Godfrey»fia-.;e. room* Iron g)Aftto|9 ou per week. Day boardSUO P« week. Boob* p.taeaat and taole "D OARDING—Two ladies or tvo gentle a y nee can find rood board and pleatatt room In a ' private an. Uy. at 230 Uhlo-au. North SU e. TAOaRDING—A nice, pleasant room a.J lor a gentleman and wile, ancon* I tree room tor K*or rnale gentlemen wao are willirg'to room lo arlher.»: we»fc; alfco,Blagl- and doable rooms ataaa Michigan-st. - i- / board and rooms A.J at Brlgga Home. So. gb*» Monroe -it. T>OARDINGt-Two angle - furnished A J room* to rent, with arslelve board. Aleowtsw me re dar ooarcers can be accommodated at No. 200 East Randolph-*!. { BOARDING —A front furnished room with fire. gas.closet, Ac- fbr a aiixie gentleman willing to “ehnm” with another eroihmaa. Best of references required tad preen; Call atbyrnc, No. 11% North Dear do nut. i Tf Doartr ®23anlra. T>OARD—By a gentleman, wife and^-w AAslrl 7 yean ol£ as cnfornlihed suh ai rooms, with fioard. Term* sot to exceed STS or frtt Not more t><«n ten walr Dom the Coart Haase. Address **s B." Xntone efflee. BOARD Furnished mom, with board, in sprtrate fitmllw. fbr gentleman aat wue. Aadreas M H.‘* Trlaose office. Mating location asd terms. ■DOAKD—In a private family for & X> KsnUemanasdhlswuo—will pay SSObopermanQu Rtfereece* clten and rescind. Address *- J. n Trlbnee Office. • (Eomsptmbencr SHanlrb. CORRESPONDENCE— Wanted A. Marriage Institote Is arw rMahUahed in ny prc£ Kamrsaid wlte, pbnoooelau,accordlagtS the science of *-lc»e and matrimony.** as taoght bytX S. Fowler.'The addrrsa or tv err marrlageabl* ladr and geatlemat I*rrapectlally wUclted. wltn are. o&. ccpaUon. phot?trapti.aaiT}pieofhalraad handwntlnc Alt names will te eiasetSedju to temperament or ganicacatlty. Ac. By rtAmac to this record, tha name aed aodrcaa o( a person adapted to yon tn nuis. nage. will be selected asdieat. with fat] reasons fhp the choice made. Charn«, |l. Addrtii J. p, gawifo Box IC-.’S'Cairaco. Cl. ffianog. F)R SALE—Pjvnn —One of Gilbert & Cc.’s B}f octave. Ha* been la use a short tla . “ammP«*«owcr. wuibc sold cheap. Apply £ 17? h North Dearbota-st. •“**»«*/ as t'OR SALE—A eood 7-octave Habet & “ ,r - 1« >- ¥7*OR SALE—And lo rent, new and »r. 1 oed hand pltnoa. of the first claas. g...i« rZT. t*Wti oremptlyaueofled to. at 73 f WmbthfitooTbi J. PBESTON. JBMt * I Of ctjur ita of Aji-

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