Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 24, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 24, 1866 Page 3
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COMMON COUNCIL.' [OFFICIAL EEPOBT.\ Adjourned Begulsr December 21,18 CC. J*y*mt—Hi* Honor, the Mayor, and Aldermen Knickerbocker. Carter. O'WofC Wicker, Barrett, Wllmarth, Celiacs. Katin, Finoucau, Moore, Haflfcnj.Talcotl, Woodard, AckhoC, ProodtooL Shackford, Lawson, Clark, O'SnlUrsn. Abtmt —Alt. Cox, Batch, Wallwork, Schuler, Friable, Blxbr. Holden, Buasell, Qast&sld, Haul* lev, Frinzen, Boh. Engel. The Mayor nominated William Shocks as Con stable of the bcvenlh VN ard. Aid. Moire moved the nomination be confirmed, and The motion prevailed. By consent. Aid. Knickerbocker presented a re volt and ordinance from the Board of Public Works, for grading and paving Frunklln street, Irom Lake to South Water street. Aid, Knickerbocker morei (hat tbs ordinance beuasecd. Tnerc bclrg no objection, the ordinance waa put upon its passage, and pas:ed by the following vme: A'j<» —Aid. Knickerbocker, Carter, D’WolC, Bar rett, Wilmailh, Calkiut. Kaon, I'lunacan, Moore, Baflerty, lalcott, Woodard. Ackhoa; Proudfoot, -Sb&ckford. lawsoil, Clark— l 7. A'o*»— None. Ald.Fhackford presented an order to refund <laniage» on special assessments when not paid withlu tLc time prescribed by tbe charter. Aid. TalcoU moved (hat tbe order be passed. Aid. Knickerbocker moved, as an amendment, that it be rclcrred to the Conurcl to ’he Corpora tion, with instrncltons to draft an ordinance suit ed to sneb assessments as may have been collected alnoc the Slst of October lasL )<osL Tbe question recurring on tne passage of the order. Aid. Kano demanded the ayes and noes,andthe motion to pans was lust by the following: Ayr*—Aid. D’Wolt, Moore, Baflerty, Talcolt, “Woodard, I’rondfoot, Sbackford, Lawson, Clark, O’Pnllivao—io. Not*- Aid. Knickerbocker, Carter, Wicker, Bar rett, Wilmarth, Calkins, Kann, Pimincan, Ach- Lofl—«. Aid. Knickerbocker moved that the order be re ferred by the Conned to the Corporation and the Board otPnbUc Works, and The motion prevailed. Aid. Wicker, of the Select Committee, to whom bad been referred the communication ol the Mayor in relation to the removal ol rebel dead from the City Cemetery, submitted a report recommending that a certified copy ol a Idler accompanying gala •report be sent to Brevet Brigadier General C. fi, Hoyt. Aid. Calkins moved to concur in the report, and The motion prevailed. Aid. \\ oodward moved that tbe vole by which the report of tbe Committee oo Finance, on tbe petitions oi Wm. Woodruff and Ijurnn A Me* Hngb.bsc been laid on the table until tbe ueu regular meeting of tbe Connell, be leconddercd. Carried. Aid. Talcott moved to concur Is tbe report, and pSM tbe order connected therewith, and aemaad* id tbe %yca ana norm. The<vS7iTlhh~iiw»ralled byihc Allowing vote: Ajrrr—Aid. Knickerbocker, Carter, Wlcktf, Barrett, Wllmarth, Calkin*, Flnnncan, Moore, Rafferty, Talcott, Woodard, Adkbod, Prondfool, bhackford, iawaon, Clark, tPSnlli var—lF. Aid. Kann. The following are the order? as pasted: Ordered, That the Comptroller be authorized to draw hie order anon the City Treasurer, in favor «t Wm. Woodrutt. for the sum of treaty-four hun dred end seventy C 5-100 dollars, the same Being for balance doe him upon newel age contractor 18C5. or as sa tnoie fnlly eet forth by statement of : W. 11. Clark, Assistant Engineer, oi Nor. 3d, 19C8: this amoont to be charge! to the Sewerage Fond of Chicago. Also, OnifTtd, That the City Comptroller be and la hereby authorized to dnw bis warrant In favor of Messrs. 1-angan & TdcHieb, for the euro of fifteen hundred and thirty-eeven CS-ICU dollars, the same being for balance due them upon contracts of 1335, oras Is more fully srt torch in the statement of W. Q. Clark, Assistant Engineer, of November 3d, 1538, this amount to be charged to the Sewerage Fond of Chicago. Aid. Wilmarth moved that the Connell go into Committee of the Whole on the proposed amend* menu to the City Charter. The motion prevailed, and the Comal resolved itsett into Committee or the Whole. Aid. Holden, Alter sluing, the committee rose and reported progress, and asked leave to sit again. The report was accepted, and leave to all agalti granted. Aid. Wllmanb moved tbat the Connell do now adjourn until Thursday evening, December 2*th, leiiC, at halt-past seven o'clock, to take np busi ness whore Tell off. The motion prevailed, and The Connell stood adjourned. A. 11. BODMAN. City Clerk. A NOVEL CONTEST. The “ California Consignee o and Their Costume (Habit*) —Carrying Out a Vatchman. An exceedingly Interesting cate was docketed lor trial before Justice DeWolf, at ten o'clock on Saturday morning, but In consequence of an ami cable arrangement having been made between the plaintiff and the defendant at an earlier hour than the one above named. Justice DeWolf was not called upon to decide upon the merits *or demerits of the question. The eniUwas for the purpose of determining if the Academy of Music should pass into the pos session of its owneie, or be held oy Keily & Leon until the expiration ol their lease One of the conditions of the lease was that Kelly & Leon should not aub-let the premises without the con cent of the owners, and another was that -the performer* should be of a chaste character. The performances given by tne lessees were not ob jectionable ; 'its true, they were not of the most clevaledstandard: but, although some of the jokes were a little broader than there was any occasion fo% the general run ol the songs and savings compared favorably with tnose sung and said in the best regulated places of the hind In the United Slates. The hon»e was well patronized by “men about town." who went night after eight to leun the history ofNellie Gray, as well as that of a colored man named “Old Shady." and the ex cellent orderwhlch was kept tn the house redact ed a good deal of credit upon the lessees. borne weeks ago Kelly A Leon went to New York, but before leaving they turned over their lease, without tr-o knowledge of the owners of the property, to the California Oomlques The per formances given by the Comiques were not of a high moral tone: they were neither refined nor chaste'; and. if the truth rant' be told, they were cadly deficient in the flrdt rules nf common de cency. The stage costume of some of the femi nine perform' is was decidedly airy, li consisted of a single garment, which was perforated with holes a little smaller than those of a flsb'.ognet, bat considerably larger- chan a-e usually foand In a'morqulio bar wand as It commenced a long dia- ■ tance below the neck and ended several degrees above the ankle, the effect, especially when (hen wye a foil bead of gas on, was partially scanning. Tne thing finally became such an Intolerable nui sance that the police broke U up. und notified the tJomlqnee to go Into some otner huaisess or leave the City. At about the samottime She owners of the property commenced legal proceed ings to break the lease: or, rather, to got possession of the property, the lease having al ready been broken by Kelly A Leun. But as soon a* they learned that Cbe Oomlques bad been driven out, they concluded not to depe ud upon the slow course of law, but to take Im iediate possession of the premises. They accordingly placed a man lneide,«nd gave him tbe reces*a'v instructions, one of which was to keep everybody out, except themselves, or some one bolding their written or 4ler (or entrance. This man guarded the scats and private bon* In a very creditable manner tor two days, but on the third momme, at about live o'clock, bis sleep «a* nroken bv three men, one of whom asked him to pay lor Ills lodg ing. lie replied that be was there to watch tne bouse, ana consequently had noibtng to pay. »• oh 1" said the s|>okesman, “ so you're watching the bouse, arc you f Well, you needn't watch U any longer, 'cc* me and these two chninnies o' -min#, is goln* to see that nobody runs away with It." Here Bill (to one of bis comrades), take hold o' this mattress, at<d help me carry this sleepy watcher out on the side walk." Bill took hold, as desired and In less g minute the representative of tbe owners of the property was dressing himself on thepave tnent, and Kelly and Leon, though their agent, were in full possession of the premises. The owners Immediately instituted proceedings ffor tbe ejectment of the agent, and the latter lor several days expressed his intention to con test the matter before Justice DeWolf, but before •the time act for the bearing of the case,he changed his mini, tug notified the owners that they were at liberty to take possession 4s soda ts they liked. They Immediately took possession, and anticipate no further trouble in the matter. We learn thrt they will not again lease the bouse for theatrical or musical entertainments. So far as appears from the record, everybody connected with the sQalr, with one exception, Is tinted; and that exception Is toe man who was obliged to make his toilet out of doors, without looklng'gla*s or balr-brush, before daylight, on aine ofthe most disagreeable mornings ol the de parting year. . * Western Patents. The following patents were Issued from the United States Patent Office lor the week ending December lI.ISGG.aB reported by G. L. Chapin, Patent Solicitor, Chicago; Mash Machine—M- Brand, Chicago, 111. Sewing Machine Guide—H- C. Goodrich, Chi- Wash Stand—A. B. Gumsy, Chicago, Lounge—J.W. McDonough, Chicago, 3U Waahlng Machine—E. Beckwith. South Pass, 8. Beeler, Wales, 18. Fence G«»e—W. W. Pratt. Ottawa, HI. Car Coupling—E. H. Keith, Peoria, 18. Fire Shield—d. Lee, Galesburg, 111. Dice Box—E. W. Quincy, Macon, 18. Bame Fastener—W. J. Alexander, Manchester, of Brick—M. Angcß, Waukesha, Device for Carding Engines—Q. Bruce, Conrdon, led. _ , , _ _ Mode of Fastening and Unfastening Drop Door —W. Burt, Marquette, Mich. Tap Borer—S-8 Crocker, Msrqnola, lowa. Sled Brake—R. B- Dutton, Iron ilill, lowa. Bed Clothes Clamp—W. FUber, Bipon, Wls. Circular Sawing Machine—L. Forcee, Jeflbrson* CMvdrtm—W. Girard. F*rt Wayne, 1 Samio Extractor—N.Hesly, Flushing. Mich. S. IHcks. Orangeville, Ind. .Saw Mill—J. Halford, GniaosriUe, lod. Core Sucller—M. Honsman, Huntington, lad. Basket—H. C. Jones, Dowagiac. Mich. Knuckle Joiot—J. H. Mears, Oshkosh, Wls. ■Satin Shuttle Winder—J. D. Moore, Grlnncll, lo Damrer—S. Oppenbelmer, Pern, led. Mode of Constructing Buildings—F. Rogers, Press—W. Thomas, Mnkwanago, Wla. Hydro Carbon Burner—J. Touugman, Davcn ■pert, lowa. . FOBEFATBEBB* DAT. Two hundred and fortv-elx years ago, on the 224 dav of December, 16-90. a little vesed, inaptly csiled “ The Mayflower.’* anchored off the bleak coast of Massachusetts, on a wild winter's day. A Mule hand of sturdy men, tender women and bclp'.ese children, were rowed through the angry aurt ana landed, unsrectod and alone, upon Ply mouth Kock. Flying from religions persecution, they had left home end kindred In the fatherland, to toned in the new Western World a home and a name. With the wide aca on one hand and the dark forest, peopled with savages, on Uie other, with no resources save their own bands, with no presdge or protection from the strong arm of established government, these Pilgrim Fathers founded here a colony, which, through jnonv oauccrs and difficulties, elowly grew to haa nation cl alcrn principle, strong vitality, and se vere, thourb conscientious, religious beliets ; and while our later and Jes>s exacting age finds much to disapprove tn their tenets and views, yc it can not be obutied that much ol the energy, integrity .and enterprise that has peopled this wide conti nent, and caused the savage and the wild beast to dbappc&r with the primeval forest, aud give place to the church, the school house, and the bnelle and business of civilization, U doe *o the atom, unvielding devotion to principle which drove that hand of pilgrims exiled across the sea. Other elements have amcc come is to soften the asnerllT which more favoring circumstances have mide lea* nei dfuL hut the original New England thrift and enterprise still are predominating fea tures in the universal, progressive 1 ankoe naHon. There la hardly a town tu the great Weal which does not coirniifa large leaven of the New Eng land element. Many of our most thriv ing ciUes and village* were founded by vhole colonies trom that regiou, who came Westward fin liute bacas like their fore lathera. long Irefore railroads were built, in slow- Sd iSSmThe’SSuSd fiVlb.'*l«Uc mdl- Sente of empire the parts of a miphiy nation. llOTcmhcrlng then their early tolls and danger* onthcfpow where busy towns and dtte«now stand nud looking hack with reverence to the riS-bound home* of their childhood, where their forefathers Bleep, and where man? of ibelr kin and yet Unger, it la natural that these worthy men Midwonun should look with peculiar recl ine* upon this anniversary of the landing ol the pilgrims “on a stem ano rock-bound coast. . In some place* New EnrUnd Societies ciial which celebrate, the day with social withering* sod (rood choer ana pleasant reminiscences of the by-gon* days. In oar ear city are many of Pilgrim descent, and a good hr number ol these brought to mind the day by a. concert on Thursday nirht in the Pint Congregational Church. wblcb «af the occasion of pleasure and profit to all. Well mar weall pause sometimes to lookback npon tne lives and works of these who, through to many difficulties, laid for their posterity tbs corner atone of a flee end liberty-loving nation. . Sthett Can Accmnrr.—On Friday evening, a email boy whose name is unknown, was playing on the Archer road track. On the approach of a car be waa warned by (he driver to get off the Hack, hot only jeered at him. When the car came rear he made a slow movement to set oaj but clipped on the enow, and fell with his band on the track. The wheels cat off the first an I second fingers of his right hand. The dot was taken home immediately, out trill bear for life the fruits of his folly. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL ObNETABTi SATcnnar Enscio, December 22. The foDowing are Manager Itc»’ figures of the business of the Clearing House for the week cod ing to-day: Clearings. Balances. (1.771,607.44 (207,G2L15 , 1.5X.X1.15 149,310.07 158,85Lti» 1,415,792.47 391 925.09 LSACIA7O 231,915.06 LC7aBC;.C3 159,997.19 December 17. December 18. December 19. December SO December SI. December 82. tu(s,« Total. fwfwsr.CT iiiowlouiis Last week. Tlirre is no improvement in the wholesale trade of the city, aod from every quarter there is bnt oue response— u dolt” In the country, business is very slow. Tbe Interior dealers are selling lit tle ; tbt fanners are not paying up, and in numer ous parts of the country we bear of CaOures. Mer chants in arrears and unable to pay, are making assignments, and. in some instances fraudulent transfers of property have been made. This is all wrong. If the country merchant finds he is on able to meet his paper at maturity, there is no necessity for bis making any assignment Lei him see bis creditors and explain the situation. In nine cases oat of ten be will be granted an extension, and nursed along, tutu better times ccme round. This is wbatthe groat majority of our merchants hare resolved upon dolor. Tbe week doses up on a tight money market, ibere is an active demand for accommodation from all classes of traders, bat more particularly from provision and produce operators. Tbe anil* ness of trade in tbe city, and the slowness of col lections in tbe country, cause a large demand for renewals on mercantile account. The drain of currency to the Interior to more tbe hog crop con tinues, and each succeeding day finds the market more uncomfortable. The shipments of produce to the East are very light, and until such becomes active, we need not look for any mam flow of currency. Paper is ecratiniced wltn a seventy rarely seen intbis market, and tbe dl'connl booses confine their favor* exclusively to those whose p.iaimw cannot be ignored. The bank rate Is steady at 10 per cent. In tbe open market, there is a good demand fur money at rates ranging from 1H to 3 per cent per month. The demand for Exchange is less active, but as the supply is Inadequate, the market is tolerably firm and rales are well sustained. Bo and lots were placed between Banks at SS cents premium. Some of the larger institutions were taking Sight bills from provision operators at CO cents discount, bnt this was exceptions]. The counter rates were steady at par, baying, and 1-10 premium. Belling. Business on the Produce Exchange was dull, and the leading markets were quite heavy. Flour was tame. WbeatwasflatatadecllneofS&Scon No. 1, and 2K®3c on So. 3 Spring. Com declined IKQ.Sc. Oats were heavy, and 1c lower. Byewaa I@IH C ofL Sample Barley was in steady demand, bet others were dull. Whiskey was unsalable. It is asserted that the amount.of contraband Whiskey offering has bro ken down the market. Operators are afraid to touch it, and commission merchants refuse to make advances. This state of attains is likely to continue until the tax shall be reduced to such a figure as will not allow a profit commensurate with the ilsks inclined In the rildt distillation. Provisions were dull. Hess Pork was heavy. 1-ardwas quiet hat firm. Groceries were slow and weak, with a slight concession on Coffbe. The downward course of Gold duringthe past three or four days ha« excited considerable atten tion. Various reasons have been assigned for ll— discounting the effects of the payment of the Jan uary interest—the appreciation of our bonds in Europe, and the decline of the same in New York. One of the strongest reasons may befoondln the falling off in our imports, and the consequent less demand for gold for customs and the purchase of foreign exchange. To-day the market was again lower. It opened at IS3*, declined to 132 X. advanced to 133*,', and closed at 133*. The following quotations were received by Boyd firos n gold and stock brokers: Kb30a.m....~....151K 11:45 a. tn 183)4 10:45 a. m..: 138* 12:00 m. 133* 11:00 a. m 183* 2:00 p.m 133* 11.15 a. m 182* SUOp.m 133* 11:30 a. m 188* 8:15 p. m. 183* Here the mark el was doll at 333*0153 haying— the extreme figure hid at the close. There was no demand over the counter. Silver tu nominal at 3230125. The followinctable showe the daily ranee and closlnp price dßiihtf the week: Bange. Closing. Monday ISTXeiW* 1«* Tuesday K7*ol3S* 187* Wednesday - 136*0187* 136* Thursday 134*0136* 3*l* Friday .183*0134* 155* fcatonlaVj*., 132*0183* 153* Govetuaenta were again dull and lower in New York to-day. Sixes of’Bl were * oJ. Five* Twenties of ’C2 declined *. The ’fit’s were un changed. The '6s*o were * oft Ten-Forties were * lower. Seven-Thirties were X oft' for all Issues. The following table shows the dosing prices 10-day compared with those ot the three previous days: Wed. Than. Fri. Sat. Sizes of’Sl >...112 111* 111* Uo* Five-Twenties, •'*..» iw* I£* IWH IW* Flve-Twentiee,’64 .X...106* lit* KB* 1(13)4 'FWe-Twennes. ’GS. .....106* 103* MS* 105* Ten-Ponies »* 93* 99* 98* Seven-Thirties, Aug.....105*»U05 106 104* Seven-Thirties, Jnne.»..l®**»o6 KB. 104* Seven-Thirties, July.;..Jos* 106 102 101* Here the market was dull, and prices suffered a depreciation similar to that in New York. We quote: oomixvzsr mconmns—cmcaoo kabzkt. Bnyxof. no* .106 U. S. Sizes of 18S1. U S.&-20S. 15C2... l). S. tests, IBW 106 105* U. S. 5-208, ISG2 105 105* O. b. te»s (small) 101 0106 U. b. HMDs (large) 99* 99* O. S. Ite4os(small) 102 .... U. 7-'Ds,'let series .104* 104*010^ V. S. 7-30 S, Sd series 101* 10l*Ctl05 U. S. 7-bQs. Sd cedes 'o4* 101*0105 D. S. 7-Sos (email) 104* Compounds Jute, 1864...... .116 *• July, 1964 115* ** ** Oct-1864 .114 •* Dec., ISC4 IIS •*' M*y,l9CS m* ** Aug- ISGS 120 » Sept-1865 .109* “ Oct- 18G5 .109 The Second National Bank quotes the Fahlic Funds as follows:. Coupon*. 1681 llOfa June Comp., 18W..116 B-'JU Coupon*. July 44 ** ..115)4 large.... 10SJi«ai06 Ang 44 44 ..115 5-20 Coupons, Oct 44 44 -.114 emnU 105 Dec 44 44 ..118 10-40 Coup., sman.lOlJi Aug 44 44 -.110 7-80 Jarre.. 104 H Sept 44 44 ..109)4 7-SO, small.. 101)4 Oct 44 44 ..109 Local stocks are Inactive. We quote: Buying. Selling. 100 g* S Chicairo City Sevens.... Cook County 6cvena... Chtmher of Commerce. The demand for foreign exchange was less ac tive dm Inr the eh. and owing to the decline in Gold, the currency rales are lower. The follow* lag are the closing rates for sight bills: Gold. Currency. Txmdon » £ sterling $5 00 $6.7? @6BO Paris 9 Franc 20 2C3£® 27*4 Berlin f? Prussian Thaler ... 76 1.00 01.03 Norway t? Eix Mynt 80 , U, Sweden Specie Dolor 1.16 1-57 @1.60 Cable despatches received this afternoon quote Five-twenties In London to-day, at 72*4. •tock Market. lecember 8, 1966, real red Broken: Kew York 61 Cloalmr price* flircaih. Di t>y Joseph 1L Lyoci & Co, lit JM | Ist Sd B’d. B’d. IT. S. 6 per cent bonds, 1851... 110% .... U. B. 6 per cent MO coup., *63. 106% .... U. B. 6 per cent B'd. B’d. N.T.Ceo-.....107% J»% Erie (c0tn)..... £7% ®j R. 6. (c0m).... 7»% »% C.ft Pitts 81% tfi KockliUnd....lo3H 102 k C.ftK. 43% 43% C.*N.W.,pto77* 73 p.fXW.ft£~lot% 101% Sucksllver.... 43 44% Onion TeL. 43 43% C.AA. (c0m).J06% ICS Bur. ft O. .ISO ISO 0.4: XL Cam.. 28% 33% Hudson Elver..ll9 119% IE. OnlraL ..JUX 116 I*. ft 8e5d.....103% ÜB% Cleve. ftT0L...133 ItS T. ft Wbaaah... 41 41% Market—lft Board steady Moconp.,*6i. 108% .... U. 8.6 per cent M 0 coup, *85.101% .... D. 6.5 per cent ma 99% .... Tr. Notes, 7 5-10 l*t series 101% .... U. S. 7 510. 3d tales IM% .... O. 8. 7510, 8d series BM% .... Arner. G01d.... 133% 133% 3d Board strong. oonnßßCiAii. Fatudat Etzkihq. December 42, IS Vi. Tbe follovrinc übles rbow the receipts end ship* marts of Produce amine tbe psst twenty-foar 'jtsomm past TWAsrr-rora hotos. JtM. loSa F10ur.br15........ ............... 3,895 B,WS (rSSrt.nn 16,830- lU,WO ST;m. ,*.*» >sss ’if 88 it™ 5B ss* Knurr. Ibi i 13,6® 12,074 Dressed Does, Ho s*|S kvts U.e ’.*« M’S (•attlr 1,0 488 ....... 1,1 iO uwffi «.ig 100.010 Dlgbwlnes, brls « r -ajs Wool, B^* Lumber, in Shtorlee. no .... kuttimiiiih PAR TWUIT'POCB BOOBS. 1868. 1665. 8,803 1,818 8,838 4,650 *,BOO Floor, brie. Wheat, ba. Oats, bn Barley, ho Grass Seed, 1b5.... Broom Com, lb*... Cured Meats, Ibe... Pork, brls lard, lbs Tallow, lbs Butler, Iba Dressed Hogs, No. CatUc, No Hides, lbs Uigbwinea, brls... Wool, lbs I-umlter, ft. (vblngles. N 0...... Lath, pcs..., bait. br15....... . 400 . 18,000 8,460 .. .... 88,916 ..153,615 140,000 ... 1,498 887 .. 60,175 10.400 .. 22,660 ... 1,192 21,830 ... 1,803 . i,<m ... .... 803 469,780 172^8 69 SS ... 15,075 12,558 ..420,000 196,000 ~.351000 505,00 U ... sCoOO 85,000 .. - 1455 1,853 Salt bass. Quite a reaction took place In Provisions, and the market was duller to-day than at any time during the season. Mesa Pork was doll and al most neglected, with sales of 800 brls at fl{L3sfi& 13J0 —closing with teller* of “Standard" at ti&SO, though favorite brand* could ecarcdybe bought at this figure. The lightness of the money market prevent* oner*ton from tnMpg bold. Green Meats were quiet hut firm, with sales of a few thousand pieces at BHG£9e for Mama, and &Hc for Shoulder*, was strong bet Inactive. We note sale* of 170 trea at 11K9U&C for prime Steam, and 12c for a retail lot of Settled. There was nothing doing in Beef. Cnt Meats were neg lected. "PnfHfch Meats arc dull snd altogether oomlnaL The receipts of Hogs, live and Dressed, for die weekending to-day, were 78,212, and the ship menu, 6,416. Mesara. MUward & Co. estimate the packing thla eeason at 165,000. Dressed Hog* opened dull, and the market de- dined 15©20c, bat subsequently a xaorc active dt xaioarpian«np,&nd at the close, the deprecia tion was rroerered. Soles ranged from f6.50@ .*5.00--doling steady at (6.75@7.00, for good lots, dividing On SOQ 70s. Whiskey is ncsalable, and in the absence of any transactions, tue market nay be qootod entirely at (3.80 for Free. There is nothing doing Id die Bonded article. Floor was tame bnt prices show no variation. We rote (tics of 1,400 hrla at (14.00 for White Winters ; (11.5 C for Bed Winters: (S.3TH©IO,M for Spring and (8J5®8.33 for Spring Su per*. . Wheal was doll and heavy, and the market anf fereo a decline of 3©6c on No. 1, and fss®3c on No. S bpiinr. with sales or C 9.000 bn at (2.050(108 for No.l ;sUß2#c®l34cforNo.l and (1.54 for Rejec ted—doting nominal at (LBSH@LS3forNo.Sin regular booses. ' Com was flat, and we note a decline of with rales of 73,000 bu at 7S@76c for No. 1; 73c lor No. 2, and Bi@s2c (or Now Shelled—closing with free sellers, bat no buyers, atTSHcfor No. ]. Oats were heavy and dull, at a decline of folly Ic, with tales ofa few lots at 4UM®4le for No. 8— closing salee at the inside figure. There was a very trifling demand for Bye, and the market was l@Hc lower. A few car loads changed bands atß7H.@S9e for No. 1. Nothing doing in other grades. Barley was Is steady request for good sample lota, with sales at 75c@(1.10. Graded was dull aod nominal. The general * k street” markets are qalct,wlth a .very light trade doing, and owing to the decline in gold, prices are weak, with a slight decline on some articles. Tbe following telegrams were read os ’Change to-day. New Tons, December 22. Floor heavy and doll at $9.05011.H0. Wheat qniet and tamo at $2.2002.43 com nominal at fi.dfl in store. Oats heavy atC3®tisc. Porkflrm; $19.25 lor Old. and $20.50 lor New. Lard heavy at 12J4C. Eoge quiet at $3J50©9.00. Odd, 13314. XATKXL Floor cafler at Wheat heavy and dnil. Corn heavy at fI.OS >401.03 m store. UTEB. In the afternoon the Grain markets were doll and lower—closing with tellers of No. 1 Com at 76c, and No. 3 Spring Wheat at $1.82. There was no movement in Provisions. The Cattle market was qniet, and for gcod stock steady and firm at previous rates. Common descriptions arc neg lected and prices a little castor. The receipts to day were Sll head. Sales number 425 bead at $40005.80 for common to lair grades. Prices range at SS£COB.C2M for good to choice. Bogs were in good request in the morning, and np to ten o’clock prices were well sustained, but later In tbe day, under a less active demand, re ceded 30015 c. Aliont 4,000 bead changed bands at $5.9506.50. Tbe market closes heavy at $5.25 QC Si, Kith 6,000 heed in the pens unsold. POUK PACKING AT CHICAGO. BeeelpU and Shipments of Lire and UreaMd Boca from October let to Sate—Approximate Packing. lie following tables show the receipts aid shipments of lire sod Dressed Hogs from Octo ber Ist to date, for two yean: xtzczxrrsor hoos. ISUB. Weet . 1665. ead’e. . 1 --—■ % , ■■■■■ * > lire Dree'd. lire. Dres’d. Oct. 6 Sfi,oM .... 34,910 18 13,409 .... 82,795 20 25,321 .... 17,517 27 16,640 7 14,900 3 NOT. 8 10.759 58 . 32,703 42 10 29,298 238 17,683 10 17 15,798 198 87,750 20 84 13,403 35! 23,915 25 Dec. 1 19.120 1,225 15,757 135 8 82,105 1,718 6.122 130 15 84,613 8,596 19,616 623 56,624 10,353 23,273 5,063 Total 274,743 22,770 232,039 C. 051 Add Dressed.. 82,770 0,051 Total 297.618 .... 03,000 amramns or boos. Week 1666. 1865. end’g. . 1 » * • ■■■ » lave. Drca’d. live. Drefl’d. Oct 6 ....... 22,911 .... 18,836 18 15,042 .. . 19,708 20 13,518 .... 15,431 27 NOV. 8 8,737 .... 11,410 11 10 10,374 .... 17,610 90 17 9,283 . SS 13,663 24 4,603 90 10.709 Dec. 1 £515 449 12.489 75 6 8,065 CIS 4.166 10 35 712 KB 10.058 58 82 2.CC6 5,812 5,685 B,B*l Total.: 016,287 7,153 147,154 8,573 Add Dressed.. 7,1 M .... 8£73 Total 183,441 " .... 150,782 Deducting the shipments from the receipts, tbe balance should approximately indicate the enm her of Hogs packed and butchered for city con sumption: Receipts. Shipments Faded and butchered 174,077 107.338 lucMnp.WHward& Co., in their SJrcolsr of to* dsj, approximate the packing this season, np to date, at 105,000. Chicane Provision Market. Cmcaoo, December 22.1964. The provision market daring the past week has changed around from dav to day In a manner to pttzzle ev<9 the most experienced observers. The large re ceipts of bogs which appeared early in the wees caused every one to expect a considerable decline In the price* of both hoes and products. Such did occur, but the reaction was almost Immediate. It appears strange that with snch facts before them as they are in possession oC operators should seemingly rush on to their own destruction. At almost all the packing points the number of hoes packed has been large y in ezreas cl last year—ln some places, such as bet e. sad at lonlsvllle, the Increase being doubled or trebled. The termers Co not generally profess that the crop ts stall exhausted,nor are there any Indications that this season will be more protracted than the last. Alt agree in allowing a large Increase in weight. The late dcclln- In the English markets and the contlderaole demine In the gold market most render the prospects for shipment abroad ter from cheering, ana prevent adventures (tom being generally engaged In. Alto rether, the aspect of attain In the provision market Is of the moat lowering character, nut the comprdtion in tMseveral marsets of the United States is so active thtt itacoa are torrod rp regardless or «»asaqaaaoes. Pmdetce and cantlon acvm entirely laid aside, and should the packing be as large as has best all along anticipated, the result must be most disastrous. The weather has bees most favorable for packing thrones the week, but to-day a general thaw has tetln. and the thermometer stands at 49 degrees. The atmosphere Ir, however, clear. „ 4 . , . „ The receipts of hogs for the week sum up as fallows: Tic Dre»sed.lWSß: live. 56X31; v>tah73.?!?: andthe shipments dreseed, C4.7M bead for packets, city consumption and number left over in the pens. For the corresponding period last year the receipts were dressed, 5X69; live, tLTtS; total. %SA36t and the shipments, dressed, SX3t; Uvr.6,685; total, 8,019; leavlcg, It£l7 bead for packers.«. Daring the past week owinuto thestateof the roads and the existence ot good sleighing, a large number of dressed bona were received by wagom of which so record could be obtained. Thv parking to the present dan aggre gates about IGEJWOnead of hogs, and 20,000 cattle. The padring of cattle will not piooatMV bo resumed again till towards spring. The bog parking'to this time last year summed op shout 55.0 M head. The large receipts rfbogs on Tuesday aided by the general dulneas lathe market, enabled packers to demand nnd receive (turn drovers a concession of rally 50A73C. VIOO lbs. gro«s on live bogs, and the principal purchases were made at 15.X35.73 gross. The decline woo, however, almost tnmiedlate.y recovered and the market advanced to tester choice weights, closing to-day dull with very few buyers, <6.25 being about the top price. The mar ket for rattle may be quoted at <45ft35.5UJ Dtessed bon were In good supply, and the weather being so favorable tor shipment, met an active demand from shippers ani the tew dressed hog packers at 56.75®7.i5a«t-the market closing to-day at 1&733 7.10, as extreme*. . Id product* there has been much activity. Mess pork declined early In the week to <I7XO forooonirr and |l7.soforcllf packed, but rallied Immediately and closed dali at <lßlso. Large sales have been made from day to day lor forward delivery. Prime mess Is nom inal at fISXO; extra prime <13.00: rump pork lI.WVA HJO; clear pork sold at <I9XO. Bulk meats are scares aoC In brisk dem«"d at 6*36*c t° r sbonlders and fcwa SVc for aides, both loose. 10c was paid for 80X00 as short dear tides. Green meats ilrm at 9Kc fbr shoulders, 7*c lor sides and BKc fbr hams. English meats were inquired for early lo the week, and some asles were made et 638i*c fbr Cnmberlsnds, 93 #uc tor short middles and 9KA9yc for long cat hams. It Is probable that the depressing accounts teem abroad win pot a stop to the manntartnre ofthese products, and rough meats will be substituted. Lard declined*c,but closes dm at llKcfor prime steam tenured. Grease has been Is active demand at 9® pu c tor white, Sk&Bj(c lor yellow for brown. Taliov in moderate demand at 9V(2loijC tor prime. I»Uo* erase active «t Heset Un.wau> ft Co. Selllnc. . 110* ios* Seeds In PhlladelphU-December 20. In clover seed there 1« very little dome; small sales art m*kmc at *5.75»9A0 * tmshel, theultet rale tor choice. Timothy sells at s3io®S.7s, and flaxseed at 13.00 ? bnaheL Hogs In Indianapolis. The Journal says: Trsnaactlons yesterday were ex ceedingly dull and quiet, owing to a decline In park:at other points. Extra Quality were ireely offered at 6c, with but very few, 1! any. taken, The different pork nacking estaoßkhmenu were bard at work, bavins, aa a general thine, their pent well filled. Prices, on the average, ruled at sh®sxc. PitUbnrsh Oil Market—December 21. Tbe market for bonded oil contlnnea doll and Dec* lected, as there Menu to be little or no Inquiry, either tor preMotor futnredellvery. In the absencsof Bales we quote nominally at 29 to »%c lor Immediate de livery in Philadelphia; Soc for January and Ste for February, and by deducting 6 to 6%c for transporta- Uon we have the price free on board can here. Free olltfl doll, but without quotable change; good standard brands may be quoted at M to 45c for small lots to the Jobbing traee. Philadelphia Floor Market—Dec- 20* There U little or no demand tor shipment, bat a lair Inquiry from tbe heme trade at foil price*. About h«0 barrels sold, lu lots, at prices ranglcz from (a.OO atSJO for Pennsylvania sad Ohio fkmlly, and (11.0034 16X0 9 brl lor fancy brands, according to quality. Bye flour is In fair demand; 300 brli sold at (1-36 F brl. Prerlslons la Phlladelphla-Decemher 20. Provision* continue dnll; small sales are making at (3300 9 brl tor new mess ports; ISftlße 9 ft for P'aln «n/t rinTsnnrrl bsmn tinmi * 13%fttSc for pickled dot 9%ftibc for salt abouldm; 12%«13c for prime lanLfn oris and tres; andlSo9OcFft tor butter, as to quality. ~ CHICAGO DRY GOODS MARKET. Eattb»at Bvmnao, December 22. There bas been a little xcore activity in the Dry Goods market during the week Just closing—caused mainly by tie demand for holiday goods. Generally fpf Vtn f! the trade la baring sparingly, and purchases are confined to “eortlrg op” to meet Immediate wants, print* are steady and unchanged. Brown Sheetings are about higher lor heavy weights, but medium grades an easier; light weights are unchanged. BlCTiftif* 1 Goods are quiet and steady at previous quo tations. Amoskcag and Tortt Denims are SXeoff, but other brands are unchanged. Stripes sad Ticks are quiet at previous prices. For Cotton Flannels then Is moderate Inquiry, and our last quotations are steadily Tp.mmnwi. A lew brands of Balmorals tre shaded 25c, hut there la so change la the general market. Threads, Tarns and Carpets are unchanged. There Is a Ihlr movement In "Woollens, hot the demand Is mostly to meet current wants. The Inquiry is mostly tor sea sonable goods. WequoteclosingprlcesasfoUows; Memmae D Amman 17* MemmacW. » Amoskeaar ,16j< Spiaeurs ......IS Providence. ~,,17 Dunnciri.... I7if James Sanders* I*X Manchester.... .if Gloucester it fJoweU I'k W. W. Freeman & Co.. 15 Snrtd-s UK Union .JIM Lancaster. 17k Wamsutra llx ilk Columbia. 13# angßiMS. Clinton •» Glasgow 2Sjf Lancaster... .23 Boanoke.... .19 BEOWW BHKCTCEOB. _ Bonner 2154 Atlantic. 21 Lawrence. «J»' Iwpperdl O-.- stark a Great Falls M 20 indlanOrAardal 23# ikSSWm:::;:|v - : be""* Cahoit A 4—4. OH ** “ *— • ii< Bootwm.H.sL AnnletoD D 4—4 » Western World. 16k fillnola A 4-4 19 Aikwnfiht..... SsllUrtr 4—4 IB PoitamoaOi ?. 14 |spp K. » Napoleon 19 a Quaker. - i«k FepDereUN..— 17 __ yiT.mtrmiiH'i isoa. N. X. Mills 4—4 .4SJ4I Red Bank 7-8 17 Wamsutta 4—4. ffjk |. 4—4 Bates 4—4 Ok I 2 White Rock 4—4 .SB Ajkwrtght .a nm* 1 1 .2754 Vtambeck a “ j.*w.buter4-1....tth Masonnlle 4-4 » Canoe -«H Bay Mill* 4—4 JO Slatarllle 4—8........20 Bactstone Blrer | LaadcnT—B ! III* V 3 BlaciutoneAA .26 «Z4":;:";”"Sk Ba Jon & Son 4—4. »k parkßcaxßßica. Lonsdale...—.. 30 1 English.. 50k Cambrics UkftlS I Amodm. .40 CouneetKOt 71# York 47# Washlnstoa- ..n Manchmter JO MiUonJ 1mpr0ved.....75 Oxford 48# Bloc Bill .T 7 Colon .40 Com City ttfc Eajma7krr*a» Jl Pawnee., ..25 rmnD autmacs. _ AtDMkeag~ 45 WhitteedeaC .31# York at *• A. 43* American. .aaa Uacasrllle. 46 QZI Balls. » Thorndike V # Boaaoke JO Bhetocket. »- TXCSS. A C A GO p»wmtmn, regular 10 - A. 45 •* D J 5 •* B. 40 Pembertoa B JO - C » ** X JJ •* d JO Swift Elver »S# York SO-lrch UV Star Mills Minch ....JO Albany 15# ** ** 88-lach 40 Tork »mch JJ# ooaaßJkaka. Amoakear *.’# I Indian Orchard. .16# Laconia 32# ABdro*co*gln .16# Bates .......TSVlPeppereiL *5 v«Tminat Satteca... J*X I Clone.. IS cAsrosi rusnu. namlltoD stout. a I fhoradlke 37V 'EUmoc T 43*1 Nanmkeag bleh JU scows natixa. Bon. | Bennington..... 34 Laconia. 44* I PmaereU 34# ~ PCI.* PUS. Manchester, new. s I Hamilton a pacific, sew- Jft I Ail Wool 40350 BaU(Okax.ekXßTa Gilbert's....*,......S3*st> MaayaaA Mnlleken.|3JS Wilcox. .Z7sisas.7s Rallegh’S. X-40 Poatoosnc. 2iRfcSJO Bruner Washington Mi11*....3.50 Belleoftheseasoc.. 243 THkkSM. . J.4P. Coats (LIB Grwu A.Daniels.... 73# Clark’*, IJO White Baeln. 90 Hadley A Co’s 85 Col’d. LOO Wonted Braids.... 99 Wlllimantle 65 Stafford. 7O oottob Tint, no. Earfe. €3* Eastern. 55 Hope QJi Carpet Warp 60 Kninklln. -60 Candlewlck.. ®ZB3 y«ufc. 60 J Chicago Batts .(ILSO onkn. Lo wen. 5 ply 42.15 bnpcrtoe......MJooiJo 44 50wer...... 1.35 CrostleyaFaL Tapes M medium.... I*6o Brussels 19.3# Hartford, extra S-ply 3J5 Eorbary. - LB2# *• linp’l 5-ply 242# Empire suits 145 ** super 1.73 Belgrade. 145 « medium... 1.66 Farmers ft Mech , a.....» I Everett L. Wabash >9O ' Everett O. CHICAGO CATTLE MARKET. For the Week Ending December 23< Omcs or th* Danr Tcrnim, ) baTUsnar Emrxsa. December 32. f BEEF CATTLE. The following table show* the dally receipts and shipments ot Beet Cattle dnnng the week ending to* day, compared with the receipts and alUpmetils of the corresponding trees last year; iteceipts. Sunday and Monday. TncHliy.. ■ Wedcrsdsy ■ Ttmrsday Friday ' Saturday....- , Total :. bast week. w eek betore iut.... Wee* ending Dee. 1. By comparing the receipt* for tlile week and lan we find the following: Beceipts more tbu last week Shipments lea than last wee*...-. Ibey compare with the receipt* tbr the corresponding week of ISO, u follows t Receipts this week. 5,621 Receipts for corresponding week of 1663 4,07 Receipts more this week~ 993 For the same period In the year 19W, we find: Bccdpts this weex........................... ...... 5,421 Kecelpta lor corresponding week ol 1861 5j89 Beceiptsmorethis week SS GmMt number received ibr any week alace Jana* ary h 15,*57. Smallest namber received, 3,134. .. .. ... ....... ei i« m Kecclred week ending March 51.... Kecdvcd week ending July 7 THE MABKBT. The week just closed baa not bees distinguished tof Its activity, though far pood to prime shipping Beeves ibcie has bren a steady lair demaoff) anil under moder ate arrivals of thl* order of stock, prices bare been thoronchly sustained, and have ruled Arm throughout. Eastern advices, though not ol a particularly stimulating character, hare sot been positively unfavorable for the shipping inter* catf, ana a lair proportion ol tne offerings bare been Uktn op by shippers (Or the New Tort, Pittsburgh and Buffalo markets. The arrivals have been consid erably “mixed," ranging perhaps from the poorest to the choicest of the season. While the great bulk of the offering* hare been made up of medium, common and Inferior grades, there have been received several droves of perhaps the finest stock offered In this mar* ket year ISC6. Among the droves especially worthy of note, are IB bead (fell blooded Devons aver* aging 1,355 S>s. They were owned and fed by W. M, Webb, by wbom they were sold at BSJ7K ? 100 ns. The supply of common and Inferior descriptions, though by no means extravagant, has been largely in excess ol the demand, and holders of such have found it extremely difficult to effect sales at anything like remunerative prices. Indeed, towards the close of the week, with a large accumulation of this class of stock In the yards, owners, seeing nothing In the Immediate future to warrant them In anticipating any decided improvement, were anxious to realize, and urged their “scalawags’* upon the market at a reduction oi as@3Sc PlOOfts. At this cecllne they succeeded Indisposing of a portion of iheir otherwise unsalable stock, though at the close there were still to the pens unsold, and untalable —except at a further reduction—from 800 to MKO bead. That drovers who have handled this com* mon “scalawag" three-cornered stock have realized little or no margin, is certain; and that, for this result, they are under obligations to no one but themselves, is equally true, as they have been fully advised from day to day, through the columns ol the dally papers, as to the Quality of stock best suited to the wants of the trade here at thd present time. Good to prime ship ping beeves, and fair to good fat butchers' cows, are about the only grades inquired for, aad|lrovera win do well to make their purchases with this fact In view. The demand for stock Cattle is almost entirely sus ‘ pended, nor are packers doing anything as yet. The weather has been favorable for operators, and the gen eral attendance good. cLoeiso or thx siznr. 237,513 253,030 133,441 120,732 The market to-day was fairly active for a Saturday, 43 head changing bands early la the day. Tnesewere taken principally on local account, at SIXO3BXO for common mixed lota to telr, fleshy Steers. We qnote the market lor the week as telriyscUre and Arm fbr good grades, but doll and S@Sse lower tor common de scriptlctJ: Tne following notice has been Issued: Umov broex Tabps azd Tsanrr Co.. 1 Assist ast brcxsTAxr's umnt, t Cnioaoo, December 23, 1566.) . SOTtCB. By order ot P. B. Chandler. Preddot, the several srale* will be doted on Tuesday, December A 1564, (Christmas Day.) ho stick wilt be shipped on any of the Eastern rail road lines on that day. ptmkwui be delivered to packers If desired. i- All awtwfriiHl on that day will WadnJ awew. c«rwi mr. B. L. Dasul Aas’t Secretary. nuoeoia men. Ltetro H'nw-FIM, rat, veil-farmed. 4to( ■ yean old Steers, and averaging L2OO as F and upwards .XT .$4X536.47* Prime JUera —Good, wrll-tetted, fairly termed bteert, averaging from 1,109 to tjioe a«,at,..7. 5.7336X0 Fmr OVcdvo—Fair steer*. In fair flesh, av eraging IXOO3IXOO as. at, 5X03530 Hralum Clou— Medium steers and good Cows, Cl tor city slaughter, and averag ing boo@ijom as, at 4x034.75 strCk Cottu —Common Cattle in decent fltnh,averaglnxl»A3l.lOOas, at 5.7534X0 Inferior— Llgu end thin Cows and Steers, teogh-kiuLcoerae, at erasing SAgSaO aa, «t ... .... ....... m CATTCZ SALXB TO-SAT. Keys bought W bead telr Bteert, averaging IXII n». It <5.23. The hoard sold it bead cowa, and stock Steers, aver aging 1.010 lbs. at *4-50. The following ere the receipt! uul shipments for the current week, end for the corresponding period, laat year: Sunday and M0nday......... 3.M8 .... 1 ,«eh Tuesday 12A15 1A» 657 3.713 Wednesday .31.763 2370 03 397 Thursday 7.010 4,618 1,031 Friday 7,297 MU .... -613 Saturday 6,728 6,176 367 Total 13,197 W33 5,685 Last week. 31,233 .... 910 Wcekbeforeiast 81.433 .... 6JU3 .... Weekending Dec. I.V.ASJU .... C£33 • .... The receipt! for this week and laat compare ai lot- Iowa: Receipt! this week 53.197 BecelpU last week 31.233 Receipts more this week. .. 23^61 As compared with this correepoodles week In ISO, we find as follows: Receipts this week. Receipts tor tame period In 1863. Receipt* more this week. The market opened on Monday doll and depreued hot later In the week became actlre, though under the Ttry large arrivals, prices steadily receded up to Thursday night, at which time a redaction ofSOftTSe had been established. On Friday, however, with less liberal receipts, and with a continued active packing demand, a reaction set In, and prices, during the closing days of the week, crept steadily op until the loss of the preceding days had been folly recovered, large aa have been the receipts, such has been the character of the demand, that nearly all have found ready sale. Packers have been the almost exclusive operators, less than 2600 bead going Into the bands oi shippers. As to the probabilities of tbs market for the coming week, opliloo seems to be divided, though, with any* thing bke as liberal receipts as we have this week bad, it is more than probable that values will'sensibly do* predate. The market to-day opened sharp, and, op to ten o’clock, prices were well sustained, but later, buyers commenced withdrawing from the yards, and prices receded 10»l5o from tbe cluing rates of yesterday. The receipts were 6.782 head, 4,000 of which were taken bypacken at (3.5056A0 lor common to choice Bogs. The, market close* doll and weak, with head iu the pens unsold. 6EEEP—Eccdved this week 4£98; shipped this week none ; Beeelved today, ISO; shipped today none, lb* market has ruled dull throughout. About the only demand ha* been for good to choice motion gradmoT local account, and with comparatively lew of this oeKUlptlon offering, price* for such have been tolerably well sustained. Common and Inferior lots have been in liberal supply and with scarcely any de mand, prices bare been weak and unsettled, with sales exceedingly slow, and generally at reduced rates. The arrivals this week would have been liberal even for an active trade, but at present when the market la flooded with*poultry and game, which the warm wea ther ol the past two or three days has forced upon the market at reduced prices—ooe ball the number received would have proven ample for all demand*. The following are the current rales Good to choice....; ft.75A5.00 Ccmmon to medium ~ S.,ift<Ao Interior S-SS&ASO CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. All tala rf Grain reported in tkh market report aremadeontliebasitttftclnter (Ic) ttoragu unless otkervUe expretted. FREIGHTS—RanxoAD Fbzigirs—The follow ing is the Joint tariff on the Eastern roads; SaTCBDaT Ersauio, December 33,1566. Sd 4lh Dn*d Bates from Chicago to— class, class. Flour. Bop*. Buffalo, n. r....77r. a iw g « Toronto, aw a rig » » Montreal. C. E. MS 95 L9O 1.60 Albany. N.T 1.30 93# LBS 1.40 New York 1-25 90 1.80 1.50 Do*ton and Albany... IJS . 95 1.90 l.« Botton rfn Grand Tnink. LBS 95 1.90 1.60 Portland rfu CrandTnmk. .. 2.W 1.40 Philadelphia U» * 8a1tim0re...................... 1-U 95 1.70 1.40 Pittsburgh *0 M 1.00 TO Cleveland. Ohio 43 S 5 TO 55 jerftrsonvllle, Ind S 5 2 shipped, SjS33 brls. Txss—loo brls at Jli-'O; epenro Eims-UO. brls "Pterce*a Bat” at fioifl: 100 brls “Wheatland at 5&5734«100 brls “Adams* dolden Sheaf" at SlO-M; 100 Srts at US-23; 200 brls not named; aaobrUatltoS; bratsa facrtEs—loo brls at t&ST#t ,o \V^EA^—deceived 1A360 bn; shipped BJQB bu. Market dull, heavy and B£tsc lower on No. 1. and 833 e 0tN0.2 bprin”^were: 400buNo.l atsWtUiOO bn do at *3-05 (retulsr); 77.000 ba No. 2at fhß4; WOO bn do at fl-Sk; U.OOO bn do at$LS3; 10.000 bn do at *!.&#; *oo m at £LM—closing nominal at oo at*%c; aOOObnKo- * al 75c\ W«) buNew ats3c; 80) bo do at 51c; 5,000 bo on track at 55c ; BXI bn Ear at 55c—closing heavral»skcfbrNo, 1 Instore. , OAT?*—Uecelved, bn; shipped none. Market dun aid folly ic lower. Bales were: s,Who No. Ist 4lc; S.OtO bu do at 40#c; 10,000 bn do at ,tlntideflenrra. uscba; shipped,none. Market M No * l at 890; L*ro bn do atlßc; 600 hn do atSlKe were; Eto bu Rejected at 45c ;400 bubv sample at SIJD, 400 bu at 83c; 400 bn Stifle; 400 bd at 330.. ALCOUUi.-Nominal at tJ.M«L6O. Nothing °lu/tAN—ga’etwere; 10 tons at fIAOO on track. BKUOftl CORN—Marketlnactiveand nominally ciubanced. BRA NS—Are Belong at t 3 (DALSO for prime. BUTTER—Received. 13,69 as; shipped, 1.193 ns. Tli> re u a steady and fairly active oemsnd tor choice Tabicßntur.aodwith barely an adequate suoply In the market, dealers are bolding Onnlv ataSoaOc, and for a vety prime article, tn small package*. Shs32c Is not unfrtquen;ly icallrcd. There u no Improremcnt to note In common deacrlpilona.The supply larsely exceeds the demand, and drag at quotations; indeed, sales can scarcely be effected at any flenre. Bales to-day tn i Clue* 900 ns choice Dairy, in jars, at 50c; 5 packages Oq ■t&ce;macaace*itflc;sfixktaaatnm prw»***» ta banae<taaft>Uowa: ■ cnoiceDatrj 2 gi? 5. Good Tttb « g** f Oommea Firkin. ®* ® Pnme firkin B (#3l * IIAGUIMI—IbrreU • Ugfaay for Cotton gfbos, and with It a bettor feeling annuls, atrd prtcea are firmer. Bur apt and Connie*, bo#. | aver, remain quiet, and price* to*our veaabjdeloT *r: übtr description* •« unchanged, W*flcote. _ hall anal A. 3 bo, seamless Uses *’!•?: UilonA, 3 bu, da «*“ Illinois i,2 ba, do fH? Core Exchange iJ-jS Stark A, cotton »caml«* ‘J-Jg UvlUooA. do iH2 Afdroiccggm, 2° American. do E*JS Dearer Kill*, do •***3uS HtufieldS. co - s*-* l-enn Mills, do Fort MW. go S# BUgo, _ do ®-2 taco, linen aid »“? KldgcwotKl do EoMDrfeid |l-2 Gumfet - I i• | \V, &-Tbere i* ■ Vtead r Ddr demar d' for P rim a good, axd ondei a moderate *npplyof*ncb, dealer* are cßpoted to ibade price* to any exxsnt, bat u# ccner* all, bolding firmly at qootatlosa. Common grade* In roecdlot* might be oMalred at alight concession*. we tL*kenoch*L*el» oar quotations, aafollow*: Kew Tork Factory (genuine) 13 ®W e Factory(Dlwols)~. .M gg C Hamburg }8 ®*l ® Western Btaerre 18 018 c Western ► Tonne America" .... _s^, c COA Lr-Ttoere is s lively demand lor tW« article, and coder ■ full supply the martel roll* steady at pre- Tlouarau*. T7e repeal onr list: . ~ „ Esa—Broctfleld. I }J-® do Ormsby CLmLi2ii>—BrUr Hill do Mineral Bldgs, do willow Bank... oo itmoet .S'XX Chippewa. JJ-S Bloeaburtc • _ l.nmp * ls^®Jsn2 l,ackawana, prepared JvS Scranton v , **}2 Plttston. \ Jam Illinois . ............ 6Ju2 8J» YootUcgbair ................................ . uab COFFEE—The market Is doll, and on the better Erases of lUo prices are a shade easier. We revise 3;;“.”.°.“;.....-.. lUo, common to lair j* Rio, good to prlne. Bio, prime to ch0ice....,.,.. 37J*d5y(c Ei. (J**—There is a fairly active demand, bat with a reiy liberal sapply in the market prices rale IflJc low er. Dealers were oflcrlng freely to-day at 29®wc, with sales chiefly atSOc. . . pitums AND NDTtA—Thegeneralcharacterof the market remains sobstanUally the same as noted In oor previous reports. There is a ttrsdylalr demand ibrthe bettervarietlea orDomeatle Dried and Green Frails, aid pncea are well snstaloed all aronnd.and. centrally firm at Quotations. Choice Winter Apolsa ue In good request on local account, and, with not a larco supply of such on band, dealers are firmer In their views, and ue generally boldine at an advance of 19c, Dried Apples are In fall supply and quiet, but steady at quotations. Nuts are'ln belter request and firm atlblTprices. Wo quote as follows: GZUH t HUIIS. Shipments. Apples, V brl OraLgU, Havana, V KO.. Lemons, Malaga ’ Cranberries, wild. Cranberries, cultivated.. ... 873 <lO .... 81? ... BX9I 410 439 103 .... 839 910 1,173 .... 1.173 1,10 .... 874 .... SBl 499 ?U 803 nnzn yatms. Dates ■ Panned Peaches, V doz, 2 ft ram... AppUs, new xm 4,sn usa tfa Peaches, halves and Qoartcrs. Peaches, pared Blackberries, new, B ft . Raspberries. new, ft Cherries, pitted ' Elderberries. 3R 3b. 1 Baltins, layers. Almondr, hard 5he11ed.................... 33 A 86 Almonds, soft shtlled... S ® S Almcnds, paper shelled. 65 © 5b PeannttTV ft J-JV® I! Brazil huts ? « 5 Filberts. 17 9 18 Ecrlltb Walnut* 80 9 31 Naples Walnuts 23 9 34 Pecans, small and large. 3 » » Hickory Nuts- tra BXO © 3XO Cbestznls, V bo .JOXO SIIXO •.JJ.H—There is scarcely anything doing at present In this department of business, the tnqolry being coa- Bmd almost entirely to supply the local remil Grocery trade. The stocks are not excessive, and dealers are ccnarilly uCliiigSfidaiClliiiMOMi »•* Trc H l - gs;i« Si::::::::::::;;::::;::::::: siSg 5:1 Mackerel, No .T, Jf brl, new - No. 8,2 brl 10X3010.60 “ extra mesa, V V brl ~..15.00915.50 “ ** V kit 3.75® 4.00 ** No. 1, kits, new 3.0© 3.75 ♦* lamliy, kits 3.85C4 3.85 Cod*tb, Bans. 4* 100 A 8.00 “ ’ Geerge’s Bask *.*.l glsoa 9100 Uertlnpe, cried, Ko- W® g « scaled 7? Labrador Herring, > brl .11.0t011.50 . “ ** Jfbrla 6.00® 6.33 Norwegian 44 K’a, p bri 18.00 44 44 MV. W brl 16.60 GUEAstE—lnactive and nominally unchanged at ♦ Vfasßc >or Brcwu to White. HlGU'VlNEs*—Received, O brls; shipped,'39 bris. .No dec ana whatever, tellers of Free at $l3O in round lota. llOF^—Quiet sml unchanged, at 57@G0c lor East ern. and sf<scxc for Western. b DUF.S>EU IlOGs—Received, 4A59; shipped, La a. Market opened weak and declined 15c,'but inlh teoaentiy recovered. Sales were:, |lB5 and7.oo 574 - 200 ns, at, 6.73 and 7JD at 44 Soona.aU 6.73 and uso 40 44 Stone, at.... GAS and 6.73 90 u 300 6,50 and 6.73 35 averaging 373 ns. au fi.oo Ist “ aeons,at 7jb 'tO ** Z&81,1t.., as 44 7Tuß 28 44 3GUDS, 1U„ 67 44 2S»BS,aU., 88 “ 38085.aU.. 146 M ...Ba.aU.. 68 - 340 :94 44 12085.aU.. 35 44 23085,aU.. 66 44 2J4 Bf, aU.. : 85 '* 53384.aU.. 683 44 iG3 44 240 BB,aU 6JD 113 w sabßs,at 6jo .a 44 „ 6.75 a 44 6.73 18 44 oßjß 6.73 28 44 19485.aU 6.73 39 44 34088,at 6.73 iB3 44 230tt«,aU. 6.73 n 44 96.73 150 44 .. 0,75 U 44 350 6.73 —doting steady at 96.75 ana 97.00 dividing on 200 81. ' 11A Y—The market continue quiet, with no change to note In pi lees. There la a Ist supply on naod. and on round lots as an inducement to pnrvbaflra, sllgnt con cessions are offered trom the quotations given below: Timothy, roller and beater pr ssed. Timothy, loose pressed Prairie, beater pressed. Timothy, roller and beater pressed 18.00315.01 Timothy, loose pressed. 17JtX^U0) irairle. roller and Dealer pressed. 11.0CUU.O) l*rainc. looae eo wagon, delivered U-50gt 13.50 HillEj*—There haa been a brisk demand daring the week, both for shipment and on local aero our, wmch baa left the market nearly bare, m vleir ol this In creased activity, and the consequent redaction la stocks, a firmer feeling bat obtained, and prices daring tbs past three days have advanced MOftc, and arm to day at ontalde figures. We now name: Green Butchers’ 6tfa 7WC Green tutted, trimmed »%c GreeiCdL (tU c Kip, Green SalUd. >l u <»ts c jury ITUnt. trimmed r r tiny Salted, trimmed. »1S Z. iOimb billed, pin eared..... (Kii i e IUOM AND STE bl«—Traderttr.£>dprices firm at ttc following quotation*: Cumotoo B*r. Uorte £&oe iron Hchtj Band sleep ssaUght Died.. Stoned si>d bquare Oral Ualf Oral and Ua t Hound. Sheet Iron, common . Sheet Iron, galranlied, 17x28 Sheet Iroo.cliarcoal sheet iron, Juniata...... Nomay Kail Hoda Flow Steei, German Plow Steel, cast... Spring and ilr«- Steel, English..... loot Can Steel,ordinary sizes.... Tool Caat Steel, American.. Blistered Steel Kcb«!&,Noe. 9&od J 6 Uuetla, Am., ut quality. V M 1... Kanla, Am, ut ebeet. BOGS. Dusita, Am quality. meet all LKATIIEH'-ThedenuadU Untiled, oat wlilt no •nrpim stock on band Utere it no dupoalUon on the panorouderatosbadoprlccstoaDjrexttftu We quoin ibe market quiet but firm at tbe followlnzraacc: City Hannas, ¥> Slaughter, tiotej B I 29A 49 8tuTa10.......V* <CA 43 Country bainea* sto 8# Slaoahter, Sole, Line, f & <3O <1 Cblcaco,No.l <o& 43 Ktp7mcdlßtD, ji © I.ISOIJO Celt?© 1-M41.6C1 upper.? tbot.. 399 soil Country tipper. 239 «S 0.. «, . Collar, ? loot.. 349 261 damaged.... OAK. Elanchter Bole.. 53® w 1 French Call, 31 Haiona,?©... 40® 46 ©a 2, Upper. Kin, Ko. 1, me* i iiln n» UOaUOI Kip, Ko. 1, b»*TT BSQI.IO I AND Til muketia Quiet, illspncca TUf. Box Tin Plate, I C, XCXU 41SA0 Large PI gi „ 37 Small Pig* 83 Bar 11a. S 3 coppra. Metallic AP S 3 Copper Bottom U Brulexa over lO&s.. 46 ... 95097 ... 33.773 ... ShkU fcbeeUngs, 14 to 16 oz. 45 Turning®.. 10 WAPTirr VrriT- Irt quality .. SO Antimony 00 Fine Bolder. 80 NAILS*—Are steady, pri lota. We continue to quote ice to Sd, ft keg *7.79 1 Sd. ara fid &2S I 4d 843 Sd 94101 OlLS—'The general mat seed is mRUI supply and dt Lara Oil u da acrlptlonsare unchanged. ' Linseed OIL. Llrseed Oil, boiled. Olive OU Whale OiLW/b/.*.*.*..... Lard OIL extra. Lard OU, No. 1 Winter, Lard Oil, No. 3 Winter. Bank Oil’, round lots. Machine OIL round iota. Sperm OIL W. 8., round 10t5... aajo Lubricating 01L... 50«UO Castor OU 3J9®3,50 Neatsfoot Oil L4ft*Uo CARBON OID-ls in aeUve consumptive de mand and scarce and firmer. The refineries at Clev» land are all being closed until prices shall advance. The market was slid to-day at our quotations: Carbon, V car 10ad..... ®5Jc Carbon, small lots t*s2c Benzole «30c PROVlSlONS—Becelved,ll,l/70»8Cored Meats; LBSI brie Pork, and 29JW fts Lard; shlcped, 153,619 &s Cured Meats; 1,433 brlsPtrk, and 80,173 ft« Lard. Market dnU and almost neglected. Mtsa Park—'Market dnU and weak. Sales were: XbnsatflfcW): 800 bfls at *1840; 900brlsatflA29 cash—closing with sellers ot stanoard at HAM, with out finding buyers. _ . . . H , Green Memo—Market firm but quiet. Sales wete: 5,000 pcs Hams at 9q SCO pcs and 20,003 100 at B>fc; 1,200 pea bhooldera at SXC- . Lard—Market inactive out strong. Sales were: SO tea KclUed at 12c; 50 tea Steam at 113(c; 100 tea do at U &ODAANI> 8A LEEATLS—There Is no visible changetoiqnole. We note: Babbitt's Medicinal 12!f®lS>%e * Pure Deland’s Chemical .I2*®l3*c •• Healthy - 135®tSXc « pore... lxs«U*c BDGAK*-The business Is light, and with tao de cline in gold, prices are weak but without quotable change, though it is understood concessions would be made on large purchases tor cash: „ Cuba. c Porto Rljo ..12){9t4 c N. T. Reined, Powdered and Granulated....l6)<9l6Kc White A. White Extra - Yellow £ Oxnard •fWSmrS Oxnard Gextta ..UJ(iillJ»c 8 V Rl7Pß—The market is active. We quote: New York ». ®»Lg Yellow Drips Cuba Molasses 5® S •• “ g m m sugar House. 739 » TEAS—The demand Is r*ir and prices rule firm. YotS°Hy*on, superior to fine, P ft (IS extra to choice, V ft L60«I^0 Imperial, superior to fine, V* Ltugua do extra to choice, f» ft Gunpowder, superior to fine, V ft j-JW'® *do extra to choice, f> ft........ LD^l^ Japan, natural leaf, fine to extra fine, P ft... Uft3i4o do do fine to choice, pft .1.293149 do do colored. Pft 14591.60 TAliLOW—Market inactive. Bales were: 40brls Cktv packers' stID){C TODA« CO—The general msrkctis quiet,though Fine Cut and Plug Tooaccoa. wnich are lo moderate ■tocka. are being firmly held at quotations. Smoking u in fair supply and dull, aoo we understand that same dealers ate shading prices allttle. We make no change in onr quotations as IbUows: Cnrwnra Tonxoco— Choice LOO gUS Medium S 2 29 • Common O ® 75 B M &um;;:*;;."::::."| » Common Stems is 9 a Plxo Tobacco— _ _ Loyal Citizen 8 ® DrilgbL 70 » ra Natural L 3) 0240 Half bright » »Lg . Choice Black, sound..... 79 ® ® Medium. S % m “x® » Virginia :c« and 75 a O WOOD—Is lit 'piod’rtqueat and study ondurm at full rates. We contjnne to quote: ii« Maple, f» cord, dellvet«L Maple, f! cord. In yard. Beech, p coro, delivered. 11.0tX312.00 Beech, P cord. In yard. 10X0311X0 Hickory, p .$3.75 O 4.73 . 5.01 9 6X3 .10X0 (*ll.OO .10X0 (813.00 .13X0 920XJ -S 5 ® 33 (9 36 4.63 0 4.71 9 9 13 16 0 19 40 0 43 86 9 S 3 66 0 70 70 20 a .. 4.75 0 9XO .91130311.30 . 14JW1A15.00 . 10JMt*lU(IO Slaughter, Sole, I Chicago. No. 3 3t& 37 I Buenos Ayres.. £** so Orinoco 501 e... French Cali, W F^s&a. moloea, Fd0z33.00390.00 INNEBB* MTOCK-Hia « atbode caaicr. We quote: nsc. Ist quality, cu1c.......i3x Ist quality, abeet Slab ji BSiotrrwnc. I to 6 ui 7.8 and 9 loandll i 3 n it Uaodi4.. is uandifii 17 20 ......43

Fence Staples jo cea being shaded on large |*2d. 410X0 Sd. Bneblned. 10.00 3d, fine bleed u.OO CntSplkes. a,fin CUncnNeL. mo irtet oontlnaes quiet. Lin. oil, and almost nominal at ill and 9c lower. Other do- We now quote: I ®1.40 Hickory. V c0rd.......... UOO3U.U. u GO Is— Market uul taUxely No gala reported. LIST OF LETTERS. M IJTTTKBS BSMAIBIKO UNCLAIMED IN THE post Office at Chicago, State of Illinois, oo the Jii day of Decipher, 1866. fcF"“To obtain any of these letters the applicant meat call for ‘Anrmimu Lnng.' sirs the data of this Bit, and pay one cent tor advertising. ■ fF"“lfnote»lledfcrwltAin ox* Bonn, they will be amt to the Dead Letter Office. ‘ tV**Lettenare notadyertlsad until toey bare re mained la the office one week, tod on Fridays Sat srdaye letters to be advertised are In the hands of the TranicrlblarClerts. J „ i “l. DIRECT letters plainly to toe street and number, ss well u the Poet Qffla ana State. ■ **3. HEAD letters with the writer's Post Omci and State, emerr and bcxbbb, sign them plainly with ffiU name, and request the answers to be directed ac cordingly. 1 ** Letters to strangers or transient visitors In s town or city, whose special address may be unknown, should be marked, in the lower left-hand comer, with the word Transient.' "4. Place the postage stamp on the topes biost babdcoexze, and LEAVE space between the stamp and direction for ron-simna without interfering with the writing. -N.B.—A BEQUEST tor the RETURN of alelter to the writer. If unclaimed within thirty days or lust, written or printed with the writer's bake. Poor Omci and State across the left hand end of tho envelope, on the face side, will be complied with at the usual pre paid rate of postage, payable when the letter U deliv ered to the writer .—{Sec. 58, Law ofISGS." tW~ Free delivery ofLetters to any part of the city can be second by having them addressed to the street and number. LADIES’ LIST, Adml isoa J N miss Anderson Curie C miss Aeams Mary mrs Arnold Belle J miss , Ada bt» dr Arthur Catherine miss Adslt Emms miss Armbrnster Hantah miss Allen Harr Smire Ashby Aiicetalss Aldenoa Fannie miss ' Atkins May miss Alexander May miss Austin Fred A mra Anthony Jennie miss 3 Bailey Catherine mrs Boydell Dacre mra 3 Bailey mra Sort ham Loom tniia Bailry EiUamra Boynton JF mrs Baker Catherine miss Bowers Frances Aon Ballon Wm J mrs Brazil KUen miaa Bsmbrldee Mary - Dradv Mary A mrs Barney James F on Brady Catherine wi«« Barnes Nellie mrs Brewer Uly miss barlndlge Mary C miss Breen Mary J mra Bamnm Marrmlw Brien Margaret Uanowa Lonlaamra Broteon Ann J mrs Barry Rachel M mrs Broomfield A mra Basset OEron Brown Edwin mn Batchelder Estelle miss Brown Chaa mra Begley Mary miss Bolt Emily ran Deacb Minnie mm Bncannan kllen il mn Ueanmonl madame Bncfcley Katy miss 2 Bell J B mrs Or Bnffam Adallna mm Beit Emma M miss Burgess Hattie J Bernard Josepbloe miss Bailee Mary mn •Best Ann A mn Barnes Rate D mn Benziet mn.. Byrnes Annie miss BUiell Caroline mn Byrnes Bne mri Bigelow L G mn Byrnea Bliu mi«a .BlgfontLL min Byrne* Bmlii BlußUubeUtmlss Basil Wn U mn iinnww iiiiw vuu nuu uui Bldwel) ti W on BaUer Bridget mn Bond E C mm 3 Butts Jane mm Donnell WmT jm* Bntl*r 8 H mrs Boasbur Roaa mm Butrlck Swab W miss CadwaPaderWtarsdr CletaadMary Amiss Calklos It N miss Clarko Annie Q tars catkins Mary A mrs Clarke Mars J miss Campbell Maine M gia CUotte Margie mrs Camp Eliza D ntsa Coehn Mary mlsa Cane Mary mbs Colby Mary P miss Canon George W mrs ColmstockOrlMimrs Carr Zriia miss Ccnnoliy U A mrs . Cair Rachel Ann mn Coaly Mary A rarr Rate miss Connor Catherine miss Can IganMargaret Jane Cooper Mary mrs miss Cooper Manrtnlis Case IV W mrs Cook Ms jvf- E mrs Chamberlin Flora mfea Crawlora Adelaide Chambers Mary J miss Crego Emma D mrs ' Chamberlain Sophia mrs Cray Maty E mrs Chase Llbblemrs Crowe BEmrs Cunningham Ilclen miss Charters John ran Clarkin Mary miss Day Margaret J mn Dlffenbeaneb E mrs Dalhba Anna S miss Donnelly Jana A mrs Damon Charles mrs . Doolittle Ktchant A mn Dacy Hannah miss Donnelly Alice miM Davis Ilatdc E mrs 3 Dollant Mary Davis Battle mrs Dolan Bose M miss Davison B mrs Donclass Lovle miss Da? Bnc BlcCarty mrs4 Dram Sarab miss Dsyton M U miss Douglas* Elizabeth mil Dean w K mrs Dongla m Lily M mn Dean Lon'ee a Isa Drake Hhoaa miss Dean Carrie mbs Dumont H W mrs Dewey Jmla A mrs 2 Duncan JullaE mt» Dempster Eliza mrs Datheld Maggie miss Deverlcka Mary Atm miss Dnnn Jennie miss Dimock Sarah miss, Dyer Blsle M miss Dixon Wm B mrs Darning Basan mrs Diehard Paul ten Dwight Lizzie C mUs E Fames JH mrs EtdredNAmn Early Anna J ran RUcot Margaret mn Eaton Aim It mrs' Engllih Rate mn Eddy Eitzabem mrs Ercits Maggie miss EUacott Lizzie miss Falkwburg Eva alas fordham Virginia L miss Fagan Lizzie cnas Foote John mra Farnnm John II mra Fowler Emma L mlsi Fellows Elvirs D mra French Battle L mrs Fisher Kate mt>s Fraser John mra Fitzpatrick Mary miss French Lizzie N mta FlsherTE art France* Htttv miss Field 6usle miss Freeman BattleE mrs , ..wim... < Flint A mrs French CG mrs FlaccElla N miss Fuller Josephine mra ’ Florence Geo A mn Frtsbee Kitty E mlsa Fluke Etta miss Frink mrs , Ftaaery Kate miss GalpangbEatemiu Ocrarde Josephine miss : Gardner Annlo miss Olassford T H mrs : Gardiner Chat F mn Glassbrook Katie miss > Garvey Miry mrs Goodrich O E rers , Gardiner Louise miss Ooodrldge M H mn Geraty Marla mlsa Goodrich CL m*s , Germain Kate A miss Grout (Jitnah mn Usiiagar mn Gage Kellie mrs George Mary min Grover SarahC miss Gibson Frank B miss Green Elizabeth mrs Gilmore miss Groat Faaole mra Ulllett Andrew J mn Groswmon C mra Gl'bert Frank C miss Groat Flnette mn GilletEAmn Grelg William mra Gliite-Orrl miss Hall Penelopbe Sister Holmes Frenees miss Hamelten Pearcllla F mra Holmes mn < Hamolcbt Annie Hmn Holden Susan mn : Hammond Isabel mra Hollister ; HmcbettK J mra Hosier Kate miss Hardy Cony Bmn Hosklne M mra Hatton Amelia mra HonsetlLmrs • Harmoont Angle mra Hotchkiss W B mrs Harrold Olive miss Howe Hannah mrs Harden Frances R miss Bogle Thomas rar* Hart Mary Ann mist Hough DO mra Hatch JF mn Horvey Alice miss 3 '■ Haselton Cath-rinemra Howard Jsnnlomist • Haskins Merrlt mn Hughes Jennie A miss Bastings Annie Loolie mlssQuDhard Mary mn Has kins Eunice miss Hughs Mary Ann mra Hawley Mary A miss Kuchins Joseph mn HawkHsßefeceamlss Hnli Freddie Bmn Hawley MWtnlu Hutchinson Abby mlsa Haywood MM mrs Hunt Ellen 3 Heywood F S mn Borlbut Sabrina mrs - Bench Sarah Amn Hussey Motile rars Herlck E M mrs Humphrlevine Mary Hum Higgins Vine miss Hyde Kate ran Hill Emily L mrs Hussey Arthur mrs Hinds Flora nitss Hutton Kate mra Hoag Carrie mi«a Hannaford George wmra 'Holenshade Emily mra Hamilton Ada £ miss Jackson Lncretla nn Jones Ada mrs Jackson Ella mu« Jonea Arete Jentona 2Xary K mlw Joan B D mra jcokaOearce Wmra JoacaEmrs ’ Jennings EU bus sya «v ‘ilia 8* TftttUft • WirfUS 6*o 7£ Keen B Tiers Kilby Marfreth ran I Kel*o Elizabeth mlia Kimball Sarah mn • Kelley mary mIM Kimball Lana min ; Kenyon Hannah "in KlUey Lools* mlu ; Reyd a ▲mn Kilter Eliza mn i Kenny UarKsntmlu Krltner Johanihmra ■ Klirry Mary Jane mlu Kennedy mn L , Labbee Mary miss Lenard mlu . Lamb Cams 8 mlu Lenard Mary E mlu Lamb Maria mis Lea am E C mra Lane mn Llrmgtton Jennie J Lash VB Hurl Lnreaeood J P mn LaodenGrace Emin LoomlißAnlu , La Bne Ella min 2 LoaeeWtlletOmn Laneey Annie Emn LyncKVmtu Lanrence O W nn Lynch T mn Le Clere Minnie mlu Lyman Ella min 3 Leejr Emma mn Lyons mn Lefrrcr Annamn Lyons Annie miss Lee Battle miss Lusty Helen M miss - M Mact Susan Morarty Eliza Amn MacoTcrn Anne Moreaer annte tan Marten Ann alu Morton Mary mlu Malcomb N mlu Mor»e M mn Marre Oelestlne miss Morrison Ellen mlu Mantnn Any miss Morton Jolla mn Martin Emily mlu MoweryM Bmn 3 Martin mn Morey Sarah Annas Martin MUlrica V mn Monaghan mn Mathews S M mn Monicas Katy mlu Mean Llbble mlu Moore Kelli* mn 8 Merits Mary Amn Moore Jennie mlu Merritt Lyola A mlu Moore Augusts mlu Millard D W mn Moore Henry mrs Mi ler Msgcle mlu Moore Mary T mrs UUlershar Mary mra Mnchmore M mra Moborg Elizabeth mlu 3 Mann It mlu Montgomery Laora K mrsMnrphy James mn Millard J Webster mrs Morphy Emma mrs Mitchell Sarah A mrs Morphy Jane mlu Miner Alary mlu Mead Both mra Morton Bale E mlu . 7 (4 • 7*o ■M U . 9*U .11*013 .U «13 . <#l4 ..17 MIS .14 013 .a# &a 033 ..S3 .. «21 .. (AH M 3 S 3 .1&33.35 Wc Mcßride Sarah miss McDonald Mary miss McCarthy Mimrtt McGrath Maggy mis* McCsgg Caroline I. mrs McGrath L miss McClure James mrs McWlUUmmra McCain Calbren mlcs McTermtn Catherine miss McCormick Mary A mra McPhelln J mrs McDougal JTmrs NancoKaty miss Newlon Lem U ml« Nendlc Laura mim Norlhup Henry mrs • O Oliver Eliza mlu Owens Genie J mrs \ Oberton Annie miss O’Conner Catherine Olcott Harriet A mrs O’Donnell Mary O miss Olcott Harriet N mrs O Grady Mary mist O'Blenls E E tnts O’Grady Maty B miss Osbem HltUe O rolas O’Hara Lizzie mra Osborne Nancy uO’Beagan Elizabeth mra P • Parker Q mrs Pierce Kitty miss 3 Peck John H mrs Pollard Sarah mra Pell H Tmrs Polllna Jennie miss Persona A E mra Powers Mirgaret miss Perry Lncte H miss • PoweraAUry mrs 2 Perelval Mark mra Itowcrt AlUamia rerhannus John mra Porter M U mrs Peters ilary Ann mla Prerost Martha SelMßaa«Pmra Pratt CN mra _ Phillips Franklemlss Pritchard Hannah F miss 3 Pitcher BhodleM mrs Price NellKmlss Plnkbam Anna L miss Provoost Fannie mra Fhllbln Anne miss Prince £mma miss Pitt* Mary E mra ' Porter Adelaide miss pierce WJ mra poncher Clara A miss E BawaonLontnrt Hyder Charlotte mra Ramsey Fannie A miss Blley Bridget mils Rea Cynthia mra Robinson Mary mra Robinson O L mrs 3 Kea Chaney mra Robinson George mra Reynolds M S miss KoacheAunmn Peed A Mans mrs Kobarts Charles mra RddWmtSa Rohan Mary EmiM Keea Angosta mra Rowan Itochel miss Read John F mra Roswell Nellymra Richardson Uadorah miss Rouse M miss Richards’ Angle miss Rollings Harriet mra Richards PhebemUs Ramsey Battle N mra Bichard* Winifred miss Rice HA mra RiggleCAmn 1.4&4L90 L3U9 L2Q(«L2S . 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William A AdamrAEldridre capt AhMs Adams W B A co-Anderson Wm B AthowWH 9 Asdersoo Jobs C A tan Henry AdtsaPFAco AndersonF Atklnsoamr ~ Adkins AD AtdeyJ Atkinson, Knight Ahert J Andrews John C Aco 3 Alton John mu- Andrews A Phil- Ansnslas Martin ter |pe Austen Laurence AikensAF Andrews Martin Auslca William B Alcott, Horton A AnarewsLyman V co Angeil Clark L Aostla Fred Aldridge H M Appleby A Smith Ayers C W AUarMße Appleby RH Ayres B - Al'en Andrew Armstrong John Ayers Geo N Allen Robert M * Ayers John H *iim James Arnold BA co Ayres G B B Babcock E G Bennett Edwfh Bradshaw Lewl< Babcock KB Bennett Andrew Bragg Fred A lacger Frank Bentley CD 2 major Backer Wm dr Bentley O « Bralnard Joseph bailey i baa Benton JotoQrevtjreen Philip E&ll-y Erastns Berry Thou S Brewer FB Halley Jotm Berry Ju Brewer Chas Bailey Michael Berry bros BrewlngtouHeary Balne ttn BertoletAF4 J BakerChuß -HettsJno Brewster EW Baker Frank M Bishop IIH Ortega Philander Baker F M capt Black Clem C Brigham Artemos Baker Geo Blackburn Martin Brtnkerho if W Baker A Earl Blake Artemos Brock«arJ%-:apt BalccmCbuP Blanchard J Bronson Hafas Baldwin John Blanchard OPretßroos John H Baler* in Marcos FDllnn E W Brown Tbos Baikmlll C Bliss Aaron Brown Stuart Badcau W C BUsaFT Brown fftan Bailing Geo M BT»sLW Brown Patrick Ballon WJ Blodgett Eobt Brown LnkeS Bane W C Blodg*tl Q Brown JW BarkerSAson BloomingtonJoo Brown, Marks A Barbour C A BlazoWmA co Barbour A col Boat Chaa Brown AC A co Bard David J Bockee Abram BrownAKedy Barlnger E BogertJß Brown C C A CO BamnmWJ Boggs Frank Brown Robert Barnes JL Boling Wesley Brower Isaac Barnett W Bolton A co Brora Lewis Barney WF Bond Stephen B Bryant DR Barrett Oliver Bond Howard Bryant Chu F BarrettLSAco DenhtmSC Buck EH Barron JP BonterFD BnckCTß Barry John Book D H Buckley E K Bartlett CL rev BoothS . Buckle/T Bartlett T A Booth Kalsmon A Bnftou Edward Bsss A 8 co Bullard Ju It Bsisett Jared dr Dork Henry BurdlckOeoW OatyAmos Bough ton CM BurkeFK BaodieF Bogue Daniel Burke EB Batuh Robert Bourne Wm H Burke Ju Baxter J A co BontwellJN Burke Wm A Beach Henry dr BovdenWm Burke John Becker Paul Bowen John Burnham John Becker Frank Bowers SJ BnrrDA Beekle Barter Bowman, Wood Burr David Beckwith HO Aco Burrowsß Bedell Arctua A Bowman Frank B Burton Wm C Bedwell A B Bowman QffP Bush Geo E Beesly John Bowne Gertham Buhnell Ju L lichen Michael Boyd Emory Batter John Beit Beniamin Boydellß Enter Tbomu Hell Chat Bo j den N B Bauer OM Bell Stephen BoyloßC ButlerS R 3 Bell Jm Boyle Judge Butterfield Phl- Kelt JWcspt Boyle Henry auda Bell John Bdr Boynton Geo B BylngtonßydneyS Hecmnger R Bradford S C Bynne Wm Becnett A bros Bradlej Aco Byzbe Halbert * C Cain John Chisholm Hiram Connell William : Calhoun Joseph ChristianWUilamOonnorsßJ Aco Camps UH - Clayitoue Q O Connor John Campbell O Clancy, bherlock Conover A nail Campbell Joteph Aco converse aco Camel James Clark Daniel J 4 Converse WPAco CampfleldEYJ ClarkZuch conttauilae PII CantmeKL Clark Leander CookJ ‘1 GsrenJH ClairGeoM Cook OP Carey Wm cant Clare Watson Cook JO Aco Carey Patrick Clark V W Cook John Q CarbartJohnW ClarkJC Cook Love Canson John Clark B H Cooper Wm T Carpenter George Clark Grey A Cooper Bradford Carpenter Aco Clark E c Cooley John C Carr Edward Clark K A Cotnam Wm H Carr Samuel T Clark Ebmezcr Counsel! William Carroll Charles 3 Clark Amos Coarser Geo W K Cane J Hi) Clark Eddie Courtney Is Carter OU Clarlrttobt Covcll Charles A Cue J n Clark D O Cowan William H Case John Ciann Timothy Cox C B Casey John Clench Mlley Cox William Ceascey James Cleveland EP Coy I Thom is Casey J Cloghen Patrick Cozart B CathmanDA Cl oo nan John Craig Tj Catkin OatidM CljdeJobnW Craig R Csseldsy AM aymerJMrev CramerC P CastellwmE 'CoitsWC Crane C 8 Cattan H Cobb, Andrews A Crtiup John A CatyTbomu co ~„ Criswell MO Chambers EB CockeyWmHa CrofoctWm D Chambers O A Cogswell WllliamCroDsy Charles 3 Chambers A AdliCohra 81m Croraman Joel champion PC Coihr George J Culbertson judr ChandlerY E ColeF W Culver H M Cbazmon James C Cole EC Cunningham T Chapin Horace Cole David Curley James Chapman A3' Coiesws Currie J Baugh- Chapman D Coley Joseoh too Charland FrctPclc Collins E B Carry Llew Chose E C CcliluJ Fe r !ey E Cnrtls sA co rbeeemsn Hath*! CoHlns Ju Cams John B Chevalier LC Colwell Samuel Cnrtls CB Childs Jcsepb Comitock Daniel Cnrtls Clarence Childs. Vender A P Cutler JO3 co Codon Owen 3 Dahmon Frank DevlneJa* Doris Jtmes Dalrymple Alex Dewey EW Dorlahdßarclay Dalrymple (ieo £ Dewey Henry Dorrlogton Oco Dalton Jas Dewitt James M Dorset; Geo H Dalton mr Dexter Newell Douima Robert Daly Jas Dickinson TTH Douglass NP 3 Dacenbowcr CbasDleftndorf RobertDousenberry W B Daniel Ctas A DUIWmRAeo Dowling Michael Daniels Edward Dlnsman Robert SDown W Darling Tommy Dlnsmore Abram Downer A DarhncAPrnssmcDissette Michael Dorlen D 8 DarUngtonHowruDoaneChasU DownlngNS Dart BJI Dodd Edward Doyle Hugh Davenport A B Dolan Thomas H Doyle Michael David cyrtnlos A Dolan Bernard Djiane William Davis WP Dolan Frank Rubber John Davis LM DomlmckWF Dubois DIVV Davis WmK Domes Andrew Dudley Albert N Davis John Q Donald Joseph Dudon Joseph Davis Oco Donaldson J W Duncan Joseph Davis £ A Donaldson J J S Donkley John O Dean Henry Donaldson H B Dunlav John Dearlncton The-Doselson Robert Dunn R C ophllas DonellyOwen Dunn Jas De Haven JosepbEDonnlgan Jas Durance A A Delong ME dr Donovan John C Dwyer Jas Drmander K L Donovan Dn Dwyer Thos O Demlngnn DoozaaMlko Dyer John __ DtnncnAbe Doolittle HJ DartsCUnonll Derrett J Ccapt OorganJas Drnthct James Deverell Fred Earl A CO dr Egan James L Emory FA Early J Eider Robert English Arthur Eastman Ben] F Elderßß EnrightJohaOK Eaton John EldredßP Errtckion ohas £ Eaton Wm Eldmge Norman Estahrooks Henry F.iiTP«n*nn Geo Eidrldge Georce Evans Daniel D EdssllWE Eliott A Johnson Evans John L 3 Edwards James Ellis John W 3 Everett W Edwards B C Ellis J K Everett A Battler Edward# AndrewiKtoouT J Event John G Eeter Henry Ebon Theodora Fable A J FlshburnJJ Foster George Fain Geo Fisher George A3Fox Watson A 3 Falkser Winiam Fisher J A FoyLA Falvey Pat Fisher mr Frohoch N Fannon James Fisher Undos Q Frame DM Farber 8 Flake W B Francis Fredk FarbloFW FUkDK Franklin CW Fargo £ S Fitcb 811 Franklin J B Farley A Sons Fitzgerald Jas Franklin O W Fargo seon J Fitzpatrick Jotm Frauds Wm N FaneilAH Funeraa Slamn Frawley John Farrell Edvard FUnnlhomu Flawin'Daniel Faolkes K D * Flood W Frederics! £ PansettAF ** Flynn Junes P Frenclx Frndk H Famler N O Fiynn Eugene Friend J B Faxon Wm Folsom L B capt Friend F Fell dr Fotsome J A FrtsM M A Ferjnuoo EdwsrdFoote E M prof Frost B W FerrlcgThomaaE Forbes John II Fuller K Perrin A D Ford Eocene Palter tt Edward FtwOVAce PordTbomaa PeßetTW FleidaOlKer Ford OS Foliar J W plaaoe Patrick Forman Edward Poller Aco Finley DJI Forsytto Ilamll-Fuller John FlßhtmrnTT tooBI FornacoJ Gable Leri OUbrallhJaa OovuTD QaseßA Glider Joon ‘ Grate* near? OftlmriAndrew GlloDHcapt OrsntFredk GaieCbaa OtllTW Groat D B Gate* JuU GUI C OnfFrut GaUJotm GlUert Charlsy Gray Thomas B < Gamsce Joseph oiUckßobt Gray ffm i Gardner B OlaasOrook4Cow*Qree 8 8 , Oarer OL an Greeley Sami F 1 OamcanThos J GleasonJP Green JB Gas* & eo Gleason A C Green J u Gates J L OUddcnUenryA Green G B - | Ganbert UII God trey Ira Qreen S B Oearß Goldin ChasT Ornery Patrick U Oearr Edward Oooofc Iqw Jas Oregon Daniel Geddlajchnß Goodricn U B Gregory Charles Genneila AUred Goodrich EllxnrT Grey Ernest Gesneil A'Otd Ooodndee Moses Grldley H L { OeorceChas . Goodaeirmr Griffin Jas ’ Georte Henry P Goodapecd Henry Griffith Uahlonll George MUo* Goodspe-dHenrySOrifllUi Ed OlbaonJoa Gordon Dp Grigs B GlbionWmDJ Gordon Godfrey 2 Ororea S O | Gilford Christo* Gordon J Grubb Robert i nber OoreJJ Gruber MUicnL ; OiibertFle’ds&coOorman Edmond OrydenH P i Gilbert FW Goodie jas Gann William Gilbert Henry T Qonlden Mark Qonson George Hacker Allred HaasrttP BotahyOW Hair John Hastings TP Holcomb Fred HatlCß Hathaway WmP Holds worth W H Hall Edward H«tcd E P Hollea * F-aten Hall Frank Hawldn* Robert messrs HallG«orr«A3 Hawley F A Holmes HO Halt Isaac T Hawlluhaw John Holton JoslahC Hall I Reader Hay Henry Homer Bum _ Hal) & Pike Bay James R UosmerAcoOE ' Ball * acn Chas Hay* Jot n Leapt Howe acoDU UaliecanL ' HaymsnWM Hooper Cbaacapt HalstedEO Qayman Edwin - Hoooer J II Hammet Alfred UayneaAKoaewellHoplaasoa Chas HatutllCbasD HazeiUirle J F Boppxk, Glean* Hamilton Fred B Haylett Geo T co messrs Hamilton James HraldSamlC Horton John P tammlUJ BedseHO Boahen Frank lammonaßL Helen Joseph R Houghton* Doo 3and Fennan Hellcn 8 lan measra landJD Heller W BongbUnOwN laadyJß Henderson Qeo Houghton Waller laneyMLrey Henderson ChasDHoolooan Jno Haney FA Henry Palm HowßabtH Hanks L Tracy 3 Henry James HoweJW Hanlln John Henry William Howard WD lanscrGeorge Herbert PF3 UowanlDM lansonCbasß Herrlctoon Wm MHoward Baoillon Tanaon Joseph Hewitt William O Hsran John ° Hlbbartico Howland JK Haiden James* Hibbard |laaac Howrcn Mmrod Harden F A rev HICK Cbas Hoy Patrick A HarknusCbas Hlpglnbolham JBHoyeman * co HamettJohn Higgins EJ messrs Farrington ChasHlgglns J K Hahbard S 3 E Higgins Martin Hngba Henry. Harris William Higgles, Mowry &Hagunln James B Harris MC co 3 Hull XU Hurts Lyman HlU*sanD3 BoIICJ w lairts JobnM Hill Daniel Humphrey EH larrisQeorseß Bills Edwin E Hunter John C Harm Sami B Blllamr Huntington Jo* Harrison John B HlnboldtEdwß sephD Hsrrttt H C Hinckley C B Hnnton Wm B HarabaMß Hinds wW bon BorltckThomasß HartJOhn Hoag Ezra N Hurlbat E P Hanmr Hoben William Hotcblnson Sdwd SrtHfWtonP HockertßLdr Hatcblnspn J L : Hart Qua tayns BodgoLeon Hy nek Martin Baity Jobo Hodges L Hyland James Baikell George E Bogan Mortimer Igoe Michael Ingle CS Ives Henry Incalu Ephraim Ingraham D C lyenoa Ingalls IIP laerman Milton Jackson Geo N 3 Johnson UU Joses DP Jacobs John Johnson U F Jones John J col S Jacobs HO Johnson Jake C Jones John J ror jeffmon ft Reed 3John*on John Jones Richard Jenks Charles Johnson JC ft coJones Wn Jennings Baml Jones J. Jones Michael A Jolce JX Jones Alvin JoneaßC Johnson Will H Jones FW Jordan Edward Johnson AUlng Jones JL Joy John Johnson Wm Pain Roland Kellogg ft Qood-Klncald WmT Kali Thomas 3 Ing King Cassias kSS ThoSS Remedy Geo King Christian rSwjm Kennedy w B King Allen W „ Kraraley Jaa Kennedy Wm 3 KlngJburr ChasH Keelv W O Kennedyß Kluno fft vS&nVtriefc 3 KennedrDennls Kinder A KellV mr KehooJwnea K|PP H Keith E 8 Keuney Peter Kipp Daniel cfiYh f b Kent aydney Kirk J M or Peter KeJlc Wm KenlTrumbul gov Kirk Robert Keller WalterJ KenyonGeoß KilneEJ* Kelley JohnW Kerr Albert O Knight OcoW Keller Wm Keys Patrick Knowlton ffn rj Kelley John 3 HevsTN Knowlton £d- Palisvbj 2 FUgoreftGage ward A 3 Kellogg Oiia B Kimball Chas A Kyle Wm capt Krilerlaml KlmplanOontcUos TactOW Learcn Andrew Lister Joseph vaptOtoQ . Ledger Robert LlttlefleldWm! Ladd Geo P cap t Lee Jolm NewtonLockmnk TAkeCluurA rev LockeßCM UkSMaruues Lee Joseph C LocknartßF ijimontCn&a A Lee JasJ Lockwood Tbeo 3 Tumi* £ Chapin Lee n W I*kj Oeo H Lance Veter J LeeHrarrM J«z«a »Vni B *en Lane Joseph 8 dr Lee Geo 8 Long A E Losing wm UeutLee Michael . Loomis Edgar I mrinp m Lee Joseph Ijoools Frank C sHtcmanA Legrand Edward Thomas X LareeAT Lemome W 8 ALortOP LaraonLcwls co 3 Lorlson Chas uSfhimM LerowWmP Lore John Larlolette Donald Lester 2 A lk>wellF W Law Alien li Lewis Cyrus A Iji«s Wm Law Ti T Lewis C A Ludby John LawWmlr Lichfield B Ludlngton W 8 Lawrence Jaa R Lies F W . - Lnntley A Lawrence Leroy Lilly Arthur LydalonJasA Lawrence ACo Lincoln E B Lyman N W AlfiredLincoln T F Lynch Dennis I. ijnxietter J O . Lyon John I*aeh B LltUefleld Horace Leahy Jas B Mack David Maxwell E Moore William D • Macklo Alexander Maynard Joseph Moore WC ! Mahoney EdmoodMeade Wm Udr Moore James Mahoney Michael Mead GO Moore Henry D Mahoney John Meade Patrick Moore 8 C MVnßMrae MeadEß More Charles 2 ManaC-MaTTS H“tiarl T 0 PC Mailer Tbcs MeesnonEJ Moran James Malieryil Melville Q MortimuseWmS Mallory W N Meran Charier Morris JG ModarJas Morrell Georee MoreilJasdr Manmnrrerdr MemU Charles Morgan MHprot Manger A Son Jaa Merrill Di Mjrean Cone Mann W H Merrtll.Wlillam TMorrts L Manneyßysr Merrill * Ball Morrison Frank Msnalngß measrs Morrison Arthur Manhour Wm Merritt Allen Morrison A Mantony* LB ’ Messenger Chas H *oree Lyman Merchant Alfred MUler Robert Morse wm Marti* Wm B 2 MU'.CT ACO J Morse Virgil SSffldf* Mu'ea A Drew Mone AFoUcrdts Mr jS J P measrs Motse penny Aco Marks Lewis mas-MUlcrWm Moses Job •» •> Miller J K Muwln J F ‘Marts A co HenryMlll-r Jas A Toblas MarrGcoH2 Miller Edwart Mail W O prof Marsh WmM Mlds A BobesonMullcn O B Marsh Oeo w mesira Mullen Hugh Marshall Plchard 31111 s Wthb MulveUJ^i v*nton C W Mills FB Sfumford Watß MartlnAßrosWmtMUUtead Frank CMonger Jno M MartlnJohnliP Milne Allen Mat>meQeorse Martin FW Milne James March Lhasa Martin Edwin Mines Bernard Murphy Win Martin Chas J Mingo Joseph Murphy Michael Martonllmothy Minor taut Barry Mason Slrous MUner Eil Murphy John Mason HSU Mitchell Oeo W Murphy John H Mason Jos L ModleaJW Murphy James B MasonLJ MoUnDJ Murray John N, Hum &co " ‘.'iTcißroa Jtma V Marray H B KitMKV " Monroe WtaJee M«r*y Alexander MmMJomM MeoarwDa M»tbew»John Montgomery Ed-Manyl* Stain Mettbera A Kcn:> K«3* . . M?2?n feckmeura Moody.B Apple-MareyJla sisEis' g^^r«.wss^So»- ■ o “““‘’SSSSiSS^S. 1 ??” McCarty Dsrtd McDcanell &a-U el| etf«7 WUUAa McCarthy Dennis ward McKtilsrD J McCarty John A McErojSoloa Jjto McCarty Wm □ McEndreWm McCarty Michael McFariaaa Hugh McLean Bullion McCaslin J We*-McGarry Joan Mclaanaaßobt ley McGeoPete McLoganN VcCleary John WJIcGUIIs Danl McLoeao Kelson McClelland Sam-McOlnnU C J McUmey oei D dr McGlaaghlln Bra-McM»hon Hugh McClungßV -Cy , McMahunJa* McComb AndrewM&fMprAlexan-MnMlcaadl Jw j cef • McMillan 9 jAdr McCoort Hugh McQulfe Thomas McMllien Robert McCreaAL McoSireJohuF McNally Wm MeCrea Banmcl McGuire Donni* He Neal Archibald McCone James McHale Wuilam McNulty mr McCurdy Erank McHenry John McQuomPj McCnrley Geo McHugh John Mcvey HL McDonal MtchselMclnemey Pat-McWhlnney Geo McDonalaWUUam rich Naddoek E O Newcomer J,A Nichols Andrew KapoSeth Newcomb W Nicholson John Needham Mason Newell £ O NUfs Fred nrniinLii h —«i ligkWaV Needham DC Newman Lewis Noble Arthur Nelthercuit B S Newton FrederlciNoble O J Nelson Chris B A Noble George Newkirk Cbas Nicholas RJ Noble JM Newcomb IIA A Nichols H W Nobles Chas - co McboisFrankA Norton LBS Newcomer David dr Nurse Edwatd n Nichols Chas W Nutting A J O O’Bltrneß O’Eccan Patrick Olmsted L O’HileoJohn O’Salilvsa Daniel Ornubr N T O'Center Tboa O’SuUlraa'WL Osborne Lester O’Conner James Oates Daniel Osborne A O'Conner Thomas Ogden F B Osgood Howard O’Leary Danl OlcuttJF Owens AH O’Mabony Thoe Oliver Theo Ovens A Agar O’Neil PJ P Page George Pease JWS Pipkin A J Paine Lemuel C Peathljohn Platt John PalmerHKdr MeronetJSAco PiattOeoW Fttbam Wm H Felton Oscar PlatteabnrePtmD Palmer H Pendleton WS Plummer Tneo Palmer H B Pence AM Plnmstell Norman pankev Tboa A Penney Jaa Polndaxtcr Frank Paris Chas Q Pen ton A co Poindexter Frank ParlihJas Pena erden John a Parker George Perkins J D Poole Samuel C Parker Jaa Perkins Chas Porter Chaa E Parker Jonathan Perley Edwin P Power r C Parker H c - PerrlrgChasO Power David Parker W H Poring John G Power Harry A Parks Joseph Peters John L Powers John Fallow U L PetdttChasM Pratt George PannentorJA Phelps Henry Prentiss Geo D A Parsball John K PhUllpaJas co _ „ ParaonsLAco Phillips F Prescott Theo L Faiscns Henry B PmUlpa F P A co Press Joseph Parsons H Phillips DL Preston A Patten A 8 Pickering AA J Preston bros Patten UB Pierce Frank Frettyman A Gil patten W Fierce John more Patton DW Pierce Wills A Price Jaa C Patton David Pierce L A Printvllle Maurice Patton Alvin A Pierce A Fuller Prior William Payne Oberon PlßdngtonßS Proctor Azarlah Pearl Edwin Piper Ambrose Pryor JW PeaseßF piper Ambrose A Pumerey SB Pease Joseph W > v Q Quale T Quinn Jaa Quinn Ja» Qneal Oris B Quinn Patrick Quinn Jas Quigley John H Bandall A F Rico Isaac J RoblnaonOeoß Randolph VR dr Richards Davldß Bochl Mlcb’l Randolph IrioF RlchardsonGeoF Rockfleld W W Rapp Ellas Richardson G A Rockwell J C RathbonDeWittE Blcaarosoo J Bodsers&Brolh’n Bactary Chaa Rlckert George J Rogers PG Bauch Chas Rider B L Rroot George T RavsooAL Rider JJ RorkeH B BaymoodJobnTßldgleyJO ItoseßW Eector Julius KldneyEdS Roeeniageu Rich Reddick Alex captßlier wuilam Roes Thomas F RcdeliDgs Tbos KilyPhlOlp BossWmE ReomanChaa Riley Nicholas Rowan Charles E Redplsb BobtnsonKltcnel Chas capt_ Janw A Levis Bitchln A Dock Rowe Chas A Kcade H mossrs Roye Wm F BecdJP Roberta FT Roger Barmond B Reed S H Roberta Cb srl ea N Rushmore Wilson Rec* David Roberts Albert J Boshworth Israel Renter Qearee Bobbins JB Russell Robert D Reynolds CW Bobbins Allen Russell Theodore Reynolds G H Robinson A B W Reynolds Mark H Robmaon R A Bussell John M Phorte* c £ Robinson Joseph Ryan Thomas Rhodes Francis R 3 Ryclamui Corao- RhybomMarehalßoblnson Johny 2 lias Bice Daniel J Robinson mr 8 ' B»MnCCW*coSlmmeii3 JA Stanley Jas S.yleChas Simmon* Johnly Stanton John Safer WB dr Bimoni J A Stanton Geo w Salisbury Geo 2 Simon Jacob Starkey Joseph Samuels John Simpson Wm Starling J il Band Cba» Sinclair 4 bro Start John? SatdfbrdGW SlnecrEilbon Starter Abros • savage Michael Slade Frank L Bt. Clalf WmJ ! 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Strong Frank L • Shctby Waller SmrtheWmHßSStrong Wmß gen Shepherd WT Smythe Thos A H Stuart Wra ShepperdThoa BnrdanJno G * Sullivan-D J j co Sobeck Oeoree ShtrwlnAC Snow GW* SommerfleldWmF - Sherwood Allen Somers O C Stunner W L A Somerville WU* Sumner 4co Shelton C A Uamcapt Sutton Bobt - Shinn JM Soper Alien capt SwappordßPdr ’ Shipley A J Boole J Brer swallow Alexan- I Shipman UAB SonthworthOß der Bhoecraft Milton Spades Carlton Swaoer WJ H Shopper John Spear Pblaeaa Sweamser A S , BbotwellSL BpearCLewlsß SwcttG-W .. EhuckeraJW Spillman KW Sylvester Cuahlng Sibley WB' Spencer J Sylvester Birch 4 . Sibley Wm W Sperry Chaa ' Ely sickles John W Stacey WJr SeavanmccCM ' BHIBS4 co Stanley Wm or ,4co Slmmona W F Giles ; T ' Talaflcwdr ThomasEdwardßTodsonAM(T . 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Aaency of Young Sewing Machine Co _ _ Act Southern Express Co Agt ct the New England Matnal life Ins Co A Clock Co Boss of the Coopers Box 3313 _ „ Chicago * Clear Creek - Gold Mining Co Chimneysweep Coal TB Office t Common Sense Solving Machine Office Drawer 6918 _ Editor Equestrian Editor Picayune Ed of Danner BfILS LAPPO M E 331 South Cannl*st. No 406 North Wells-st 3 Office of Grand Master 1 OOP State Ills Office Lamb Knitting Ma* chine Co Boom .1 South Clark*sC BB R SUE „ _ St Loots Sow Works Secretory Union I.easjue The Association of steam- boat Engineers Secretary of the H W Bige low Masonic Lodge BO LUWPSB BRIEF* From Do ember 9th till December Itfth, 1866. 80—L vnnGemert 185-Hann Jac Werkmian El-PA Wisyeman W—T TonMoolen Smith 165—A F Malmgrto , —Office open front the at ot AprUtethe ae of So- Tember, CromV a.«■; f*ra£ovTOb«ut to Anrti at, from Ba.m.tul7p. m.The reeUbole trill rerainopen until » o'clock p. m. On Sunday* from 9* a.m. tmiOajn- R. A. UILMOBE. P. M. PbBSOiNIL. Tko rebel General Hood baa had a county named after him In Texas. Profersor Brown, of Dartmouth College, has ac cepted the Presidency of Hamilton. Madame Michelet baa followed up her husband’s u La Femme” and u L*Amoor” with her own *» L’Enfant.” which is Jnst out. dodge Black I* in Washington, and ba* had a consultation with Ur. O’Conor—about the case of Jefferson Davis, as Is supposed. "■ When Lynch received Roberta’ “ I regret to In form yon 1 do not think yoa are to be hanged,” he is reported to have said, “No noose la good saws 1” Xt is expected that Dr. Neely, the new Bishop of Maine, will be consecratsd In Oil Trinity Church some lime daring January. Alice Cory’s new novel, “The Blahop’s Son,” wQi soon be Issued horn the press of Carlton, New York. General R. H. G. Minty, formerly of the Fourth Michigan Cavalry, has been mode Major of the Eighth United States Cavalry, and ordered to San Francisco. Edwin Booth, the tragedian, has purchased sev eral acres of land near the Peqnot House, New London, and will erect a $20,000 collage there this winter. Samuel Thompson, a sightless Connecticut ne gro, la rivalling the performance of ’’Blind Tom’* upon the piano. The reports from Europe of Bishop Bedell’s OX health are so alarming that Bishop Mcllvalnc has directed the prayers ol the Ohio churches to be put up In bis behalf. There la a rumor that General Ortega who re gal da as Constitutional President of Mex ico, Intends to commence action for damages against the UnlteAf tales authorities for false im prisonment while erf for his home in Mexico. The trial of Gadsge W, Gayle, the Alabamian charged with in&tin£ foe murder of foe late la mented Lincoln by an advertisement offering a reward for his body, has been'commenced in Montgomery, but continued to the next term of the court. • , . „ The Doylcstoo, Pa., Democrat says foat-Secre taty Stanton has given foe colored Episcopalians in Washington SICf,QCO worth oibrttica to bal d « church. gpethU mttete. Ike ITIkM amamAl Com**.,, BUTgeemlll*. tt-rctlMm. K. U IfTena 1M BH« , '7-“s?-'ssz as£ el w» thick nSs thafi tlww posmss all ttasdvaitMes <U solidsilver uutility, andHornbreatyotdMfgs ud saperlo* tt»> U Tho^rSmjEn^2tanine I ComwnT have he— fbr suay y«nesi»Ke»siHwy>®»*> ■are tbe public that they will telly tiOD bytheprodoctloaof Electro plated ouahrvaod extern* dnrab».Tty as will insure MtwcUoa to tbe porch a*sr. AH erodes mads by then ere stamped tans: ($ >n.t jjl rcch are fully guaraatewl. They leel it oecet' eaiy perUcularfir to call tbe attendee of purchasers la the' snore trademark, as tbelr designs bars been al ready exurnalrely imitated. These goods can only be procured Com responsible dealers throughout tbs country. - Dr.Jamea, SPECIALIST In the treatment of Cirxo.Tie, Mzscv* xxal. Blood and Sxrs Diszans, Srrntua, Goxob- ipn, ntirr, SmicTtm*, and nil dlieasss of a conla geocs venereal character. SrzUATOxsm*, caused by sexnal excess, self abase, Dr. James will tn ev ery instance sum a core, 'restoring the debilitated organa to lull power and rigor. Dr. James devoted upwards of twenty yean ex clusively to the study and practice of those disease* called “private," fifteen yeara conducting James’ Lock Hospital, Custom Hosse-sL, New Orleans, and b acknowledged by the medical profissloa and the press of the country, to haveno superior, if an equal, Thb Mosrrak, revised, improved, and greatly en larged, recently Issued by Dr. Junes, contains the his tory, origin, nature and danger ot teeret diseases, how avoided, and their remedies; with a treatise npoa fe male diseases, directions fbr self ticatment, etc., mak ing it a book valuable to all, old and yoong of both sexes. Price 90 cents, with fear cents postage. Addreas DR. JAMSS, P. 0. Box 696, Chicago, ID. ' Dr. James can be consulted confidentially, at his office and parlors, 91 and 93 Randolph, nearly oppo site hla old office, from 9 Am. to 3p.m. Sundays dor* Ing the forenoon. • Prepared 021 of Palm and n*ee» For preserving, restoring and beautifying the hair, and Is the most deDghtfal and wonderful übcle the world overproduced. Ladles wID find It not only a certain remedy to store, darken and beautify the hair, but also a desirable article Ibr the Toilet, as It to highly perfumed with a rich and delicate perfume, independent of the fragrant odor of the Oils 3f Palm and Macs. Tttw atMTWb ur r*»u—a new auu ueauuiul per fume, which, in delicacy of scent and the tenacity with which It clings to the handkerchief and person, is nne- quailed. Tho above articles fbr isle by all Druggists and Per fumers, at tl per bottle each. Bent oy express to any address by the proprietors, T. W. WRIGHT A CO, 100Liberty-R,New7ork. For sale by J.H.HEED A CO, Chicago. “A Valuable medicine. “Dr. Poland’s White pine Compound, advertised tn our columns. Is a'suectssfhl attempt to combine and apply the medicinal virtue* of the White Pine Bark. It has been thoroughly tested by people in this city and vicinity, and the proprietor has testtmonlils of Its value from pence s well known to oar citizens. We recommend its trial in all those cases of disease to which it is adapted. It is fbr sale by all our drug gists.”—(N. T. Independent. The Great New England Remedy 1 Dr. J. W. Poland’s WHITE PINE COMPOUND Is new offered to the at dieted throughout tha country, after having been proved bythe test of eleven years laths New England States, where its merits have become as well known as tbe tree from which, in part. It derives Its virtues. The White Floe Compound cores Sore Throat, Colds, Coughs, Diphtheria, Bronchitis, Spitting of Blood, and Pulmonary Affections geseraiy. It la a remarkable remedy fbr Kidney Complaints, Diabetes, Difficulty cl Voiding Urine, Bleeding from the Kidneys and Blad der, Gravel and other complaints. For Piles and Scur vy It will be fbund very valuable. Give it a trial If you would lean the value of a good and tried medicine. It is pleasant, sate and sore. Sold by Druggists and Dealers In Medicines gene rally. BURNHAMS A TAN SCHAACH Wholesale agents. Dr. Tliomaon* Proprietor of the Medical and Surgical Institute, 178 Samh Clark-st, has treated all forms of venereal dis- ease with nnprecented success Car nearly lorty years, spennatorrhsa and impotence treated with the bap* pleat icsulta. Particulars of the Institute and the Guide mailed free to any address. P. O. Box 73, Chi cago. Dl. Confidential Consultations. Pi. L- BANUEB, Member R. C. iiurieona. Lcndon, and hot. Member of Mass. M.*dlca ! Society, can be con sulted, as usual, at his office, (49 Randolph-at-. on tho medical treatment of Chronic. Nervous, Private, oem ical and Urinary Diseases of both sexca, lone his spe cialty. Dr. Sanger's Female Remedies ate certain ta all cores. BaicneJor’a Hair Dre, The Best In the World I Harmless, rshaole, tnstaata neoos. The only perfect Dye I No dlaaopolntmeot— bo ridiculous fiats. SlmeA William a Baicctiaib. New York. Also, BE GENERATING EXTRACT OP MILLE-fLECES— restores, preserves and beabfiflea the hair. Sold by all Program. deSaia»lr Dr. Bigelow* Havlnr the the pacilc aid the medlnol faculty at large, la the %ioat reliable physician In the city for chrome nervous and rexual diseases. CaQ at bis office, 179 South Clark-sC. ccmer of Monroe. Rooms separate. Consultation free. P. 9. Box 194. Hla guide to health, published monthly, sent Dee to say address. FURNITURE. GEO, J, HENEELS, LACY & CO., IStoand ChbstndT’STS., PHILADELPHIA. We have a salt* of Nine Rooms, Elegantly Carpeted tarnished complete as PARLORS AKD CHAMBERS. Purchasers can soe hois a suite ol turultura will ap pear In their boose, and canftom these rooms, makes better selection than they ean Irom famlcnre promis eoasiy pUcsd m large ware-rooms. asttoloas DEsTINY. —The well-knowD Prophet of tbe Nineteenth Century, tbs great EGYPTIAN ASTROLOGER, Chiromancer & Cleotrlolan DR. D. BBIABD, After seven years* practice In St. Lonla- Mo- and bar ing performed miraculous cnres,tow on his way to Europe. has ernsrnad to remain poativelyonly a fbw * Hecan he WMmlted on all matters Important to hu manity, athls office. No. SS Moume-st, near the Post Ogee. -- asailroans. railroad the table. iTHTf Aon tgn soßTawxaraaa —DXJOT oob. wst WATS* AJTO ELSZIX Ttimu lnln> Depart. Arrive. pay •gvrwOSS .......... •ftOOt. TH. p. HL Night Express *4:3op.m. *5:45 *. m. Jjmeavnie Accommod’n. *S:4op.m. Woodstock Accom’d*!!.. *3:00 p. a. *9:00 a. a. QAt-gwa nmaioh. Fnlton and Cedar Hapldß *8:15 a. a. 72U p. m. Folton and lowa. t7:20 p. m. 6:00 a. xn. Freeport and Dnnleith.. *9:00 a. a. 3:00 a.m. Freeport and Dnnlelth.. *ltt(»p.a. 3:40p.m. Rockford and Fox River. *4:00 p.m. UriQ a. m. Dixon.. •fcOO p.m, 11:10 a. m. Geneva and Elgin * 5;00p.n. 8:45 a.m. mLWAcxsa dittsios. __ Express *5:00 a- n. *5:30 p. m. ISSs.!” *4:00 p.m. *l*oo a. Accommodation.. H:l3p.m. 6:30 a. m. Katosha Aecommod’a... tWp.m. ft 15 a. m. Waukegan Accommod'n. 5:30 p. m. S:SB a. m, RoaehlU, Calvary, and w _ Evanston D3op. m. 5:10 jx m •Sundays excepted- taaturdaya excepted. tMoodare excepted. MiciizßAs omßit BXO2oAD—mnoa dipoi, »oot A«, ,v. PWtW OJ VX&&A2, Morning Express *5:00 a. m. p. m. Day Express *£oo a. m. *lifiJo p. m. Evening Express 5* Night Express t*9:4sp.m. »»a.E. emenman and iocravnui sbato. Morning Expreas *7:00 aul A m. Night Express... jftOOp. m. *U:(X> p. m. MICHXBAN BOUTHTUN ASD AX* aHOBS UNI —OS* ros conan van buhek ass sazmcAa smxxrs. T-aii *4:l3a. m. *6:55 p.m, tokss *::00 a m. *11:00 p. m New 3;isp.m. tl2:00p. c NStIStSS..:. 3*10:00 p.m. *6:00 ato iUIOUiI I^,*. v _.i *4:491.0. tftOO Am. SightSpresa tlfctWp.m. *B^sp.m. P pmu£ußGH, wax wa»* and cbjcaso. Mill *t*oAm. 8:00 a.m. •MPa*, law «.m. FMtUnc ! 3:13p.m. 7:40 p.m ISSf.r.V. *liftoo». m. 11:00 p, m ittrant mrNTRIL. uuaujuwiisM Day Passenger *6ti)o a. m. *lfl:30 p. m. KightPaa«sng«r......~. llfcWp.tL g*s>&v«>g Aceommod’B. *v.C5 p. m. *£2s a. m. Hyde Pjrk ana £ £ u It »* .... *S:3Cp. It. *l:sop. m. « tt « •sdao.m. •7:30 p.m ckxcaoo. vnuaMtos akd umaot. Day Kxprese and Mail... *£2oa.m. *9:00 p. m. GalcalmrePaaienger.. . vavf-a. ■j-Jj- ««. Aurora •JcOOp.m. •90 r ia.m. ' MkhtEzpreaa USLWttid’ht tkSba. m. CHICAOO AJttr at. LOOT. Kipresa and Mail &45p.a. NlchtExpreaa WSp.a. 3*o »-m Toilet and Wilmington . _ _ Accommodation 4:00 p.m- 0:45 a. n Chicago ass stut KAgtaax—jr-ACT ciamsiß am uni>—en.wacxa Banaoan »«roT, coa. canal akd Kora* stnwrs. ' Day Express 8:30 a. a. p.=. Night Express fcoop.m* 3^jop.m. roa iTOiaaatoxoa, Lounru-ui asd oixciasan. Day EtpreM R:S)a.m. 10:55 p. to Nightdress. « S Columbus Express . &20 a. m. 10:55 p. m. u >f ....... ftoop.m. Tanatnir n 5:15 p.m. 5:10 n. m. cm CABO, SOCK ISLASD ATO PACIFIC TUTT.npAP. Day BxpressandMail... * *3:43 a. tn. Night Express 9:45p.m. S:SJp. b. Jouet Accommodation.. 4:00 p.m. *9:40 a- m. Express Freight, with passenger ear attached, wfo leave passenger depot every Saturday at sx p. m. for the West. , . . ... __ The Joliet Accommodation connnctt with ex ■^SSg^^^aSS^a»puki,»m»u, excepted. trnos stock tabd TCtr-u^. Leave Madison Street. LeavaStocx Yards. |£ ;;;;:;££ 1&C0 •»•»■ UjW. >ng £ S.v;;;;;;:::.v£ £ '* .MtivnuiVlL .AD. . ji. m. .p.m. ,p. D. airlralawd Tbepartare of Malle. The following lathe new table forihe «*«[ and departure of malls from the Chicago Post Office lot foe winter, and now In forco: £SS«o«. r, o. chioaoo, iu •*“* P iSl—Mlch. South. B. E iSg-i- " “ :: V. iSfOmMtch. Central - |w.::>i'ie. & Ft. Wayne:'. .... 3*a I iMtfi Aina&nkee Railroad. 11:30 B.BJ §0) r.W....8t.1<wU 5-» M 3 , : gUttofl. gOHEJTCIT •.. PULMONIC STRUT, SEA-WEED TOIfIO, HAXBBABB PZZXfIs 0r DR - SCHIWCK-8 owy CAK AND BOW EBWAbCDREDOrCONSUII*TiroI* SSffSSTOSyapftt-j&ft TZSS^S , ! > S- ”»5W £‘“2 r J’ifSsi My lather and ail bis Araly had used at* tu»uj pm.kiln,hM.tSilS tSVaimfSt f to *f e ~ e * B<s mysi JSaSr ly beyond the r<ach or medicine. and decided ih»t t mast die, and cave me one we* -a vraa« rav temav ml shall a. la thu appMrnUv hoo*im ni?r heardot therexacaUswhich I seems tome tbat I could tee! them wortlnstheSwaT ud ptoemliM erery Mrre. n>n> sSS fliiSf system. v ‘ *■* My lanes Md lirer pot on a new action, and «w mor bid matter, which hadloryears accumulated7St=T late* the dlfirtent organs of the bedy. w ta elttnlaatn? the tabcrc ea oa my lanes ripened, ace I ext-ectoruoi ftom my megs as ranch as a Met 01 otfeuslva matter erery morning, a* UjU expectoration of osb Ur scbslded, tbe lever abated, the pain left me. Ota cougt»ceasedtobaraaa me,and tbs exaaiatlncnlrtt sweats were so longer sncwn,and 1 bad roireatm* sleep, to which 1 had long brc. a stranger. Mr aooo me cow began to return, and ar aces I toaad it diSW cult to restrain mys*U from eatls; tro mocn. With thla retara cf health 1 gained In strength, and sow aa fleshy. lam cow a healthy man, witn a isree nealed cicatrix in the middle lobe of the right ,oog and <ha ower lobe cepatlied. with complete adh.aloa ot the pleura. The trft long is senna, and th: apper lobe at tbe right one tiui tolerably health* cocomon. Cotunmpaon at that uxa was thuaett v> be «w incnrabie disease by erery one, phthises tawMl a« those who were unlearned in mecinae—Mproally such eassa as were red need to tne eondinonl was is. This Induced many pecple to believe my recovery oory temporary. I now prepared ana zavh medicines to consampamfCr some time, and made svey fni cores, and the demand increased so raoioiy that I determined toclfer themtothe pnbitr. anddatbteoy ocdlDded attention to long diseases. In truth. Ivu next to (breed to It, Dcr people would send fbr me, tar ana near, to ascertain whether their cases wets lira mine. For many year*. In conjunction with my principal office la Philadelphia. 1 have been matin? regular pro. lesslotalvlaitstoNew York, Boston, Baltimore as* Pittsburgh. For maugyeart past,! have made as many as five hundred examlnallcna Weekly, with Ihe “Resplrome ter." For such examinations my charsets fivadollarA audit enables tne to give each pattest the true condi tion of hla disease, and tell him trnnkly whether he will get well. The great reason why physicians do not core Corn sumption la, UuU they try to do too much; they glw medicine* to step toe cough, to stop the night hectic fßver.and by so doing they derange the whole digamve system, locking up the secretions, and even* tnally tie patient dies. The Tnhnonlc Syrup Is one of the most valoahM Bedlel&ea known, it U nutrient, powerfully louicjnd healing In luelt U contains no opium, yet Id sens tkw phcJcm In the bronchial tube*, and nature throws It oC withlltUeexertion; oee bottle frequrnUy cares ano»- PlliTto neuMthe stetmsch.'VC PuimoclcSyi up Is readily digested and absorbed Into biood,towDlchltlEpartalaoeaiisgproperUei. It la one of tbebeitprcoarattonsof Iron laa*e; '.tisapow erfnl tonic of Hselt; and when the Seaweed Tonic dis solves the mucus la the stomach, sod U carried off by the aid of the Mandrake Pit's, a bcaltoy dow of gastrw juice, good appetite and a good digestion follow. Tbe Seaweed Tonic Is a stimulant, and none other is required wbra It Is used. It la pure and pleasant; no bad eiftcts like when using Bourbon whbker, w&lcA dlsorderstheitomacb, torpors the liver, lock/ up a* the secretions, tmo the blood Into water, dropsy sens in, and iheoauent dies suddenly. Bourbon whiskey is recommecded now-a-days bv al most every phjildan. Many patients who visit my roem*,toth main and female, are stapled vita tm« poison. The relief Is temporary, if they cougn, they uke a little whiskey; if they fbel weak and freble, they takealltUe whiskey; U they cannot sleep, they ukew little whiskey; and then go on in this way. requiring more and more, until they are bloated up, ood imaglar they are getting Ceaby. The stomach, liver aoodW geetlve powers ate completely destroyed, and lose their appetite lor food. No ote was ever cured of consump tion by UU* prccesa, where cavitle* have been lormcd In the lungs. AllttlesttmulanllsireqaenUybeßenaat to cocsumptlve*, suen a* pure brandy or good wine*: In max j casesLondonporttror brown shuL In mode rate quantities hntßourbcn whlskoy hastens on in stead of curing cotsutcptJcn. The SKAWKKD TONIC produce* lasting resultA tlorooghly Inrigorannk the stomach and dtresttw »jitem, and ebahiinc It to eliminate ana make mao healthy Mood the food that ms? b- used rot Coat pur pose. it la so wonderful tcitseifectatbatawlnogiav foil will digest a bearty meal, and a little o( it Uses before breokfhst will give a tone to the stomach which Aw medicine* possess the power or doing. Tbe MANDRAKE PILLS may be taken with entire safely by all ages and conditions, producing ail the roccTresults that can be obtained from calomel or any of tbe mercnnal medicine*, and without any ot their hnnful or Injurious results. They carry cut of the sys tem the feculent and worn-ont matters loosened an* dlnolTtd by my Seaweed Tonic and Pulmonic Syrup. It will be seen that all three of my medicines are need ed In most cases to cure eo&sumpuca. Patients can consult me profcadocallv at myroonuv 33 Bona-eL, New Tore, every THEbDAT, from 9 a m. to 3 p.m. All advice free of charge; but lor a thor ough examination with hu respiroccctcr, |i- Price of the Pulmonic Syrnp and &eawe*-d Tojlc, each |UO per bctUe,orS79oUi:nalf dozen; MandrakePLi*.3Scent* n box. Sold by druggists and dialers everywhere. A full supply can always bo obtained at his rooms, 39 Dond-etL New York. DKMAB BARNES A CO, 31 Park row. New York, General Wbolcsaie Agenta. - fftopnsala. /VIPICE OP THE SUPERINTEND* " / EST OF COSBTBDCTIOS OP TH» V. S. COCKI LOUSE, Springfield, JVC. 10, 1966. Sealed proposals will be retired atmeu«y*r.lS» reilnieirt niof Doited St»*ss ConrtUonse, i e:d. till ola, until U o’clock m., December 21th, tor rn-t-lron columns. pilasters, and their bed*, cap*, bat Elates, &i, reaolp-a tor the Springfield. Illinois, Court ccsciMPoat Office, now erycUng. Drawings of th* work, showing dimtnsloiii, design and exttnl of m oar be teen and examined tor eallir a'lng at mr office, cr by application at the Cm tom Booses at Chicago* Illinois, CtnclanaQ, Ohio, Pittsburgh, FenrsjlTaons and St. Lotus, illsecnn. The patterns for capita* meat be submitted to the Superintendent tor approval tetore casting, and beds and tops of columns and pua* ten must be planed tree. All the eastings most b* round, of even thickness, sharp arrlaaes aid smoota laces, and the ornamentation mutt oe of superior flnlsfc. The price, including freight and dedrery, most be glvea la gross and the woo:e ot the wort must be delivered In Springfield b j or betore the Ist oi March,lS67. Bids must be accompanied by a bond of two respoa* sible partlm, m the sura of 11.000. that tha bidder wQL perlcnn the contract If award- d to bun. Bids must be addressed to A. Schwartz. SoperlntoA eat of the new Court House at Springfield. Idinoh, mustbe endorsed, “Fropoaalstor Iron Work.’ A. &CUWAKZ, Bnpcnatendai»._ JCE Crrr Covraoun'a Omc«, > Chicago, Dec. 13th, 1306. ( Sealed Proposals Ibr the privilege of cnttinc and tulsc the Ice termed la the Basin between Mlcblna amae tad the tracks of the Illinois Central Uallroad. bb> tendlortlom the north to tho sooth eadot said Basin, win be received at the office of the City Comptroller, until tbe2U day of December, lost, at 13 o'cloct noo* of said dsj. when the same will be opened and tas awardaiLaoe. , . Proposals will state the amount offered for each se»* ticnct said Bain, which sections are deseubed as fhl> lows. tU.: . . _ bec.l. From tba north Use of the basin to north lino of Mcuroe street. .. . , .. ew.v titoii ■ i ew w Maanw tlrst*wnWl lln« nf f«flnnil 8«c. s. From (be corthllaeof Jadtsoastreetlo north '^Sec/t^rora"Se north Use cf Coczress street t» north line of Hnbbard court. _ . _ _ See. 5. Prom north line of Hubbard cunt to so ash endorßuia. _ . Tbe party or patties to whom inch award* shall be maf e, will be required to ester into a wnttno contract and to eaecnte to the city rxd and sufficient bonds f&c the fsTtoluJ perthrmance or such cortract, la accord* ance with an ordinance of the Common Council, pamed November stth, A. D. ISSS, entitled “AnOrdi.'.ancecaa- cernlne the ctxulug of l<w In the Basin, Between Michi gan avenue sad the tracks of the Hltnols Central Roil* road.” Terms win b? cash on execution ol the contract an* bond above refined to. WALTER KIMBALL, Ctty Comptroller. deO-lOt .For tf)g jßolfaaDg. CHRISTMAS AND NEW DEAR’S GIFTS. GREAT WATCH SALS. On the popular one-price plan, giving every patron * handsome and reliableWatco tor the low pile* of Ten Dollar*, without regara revalue, and not be paid lor unless perfectly satisfactory I 100 Solid Gold Bnntlr g Watches *3O to fBB 100 Maxlc Cased Gold Watches-... an to UO 100 Ladies’ Watches, enamelled ICO to SB* SCO Gold Hauling Chronometer Watches.. 3Vi to S 3 SCO Gold Ranting RngHeh Levers 300 to 3* 9)0 Gold Ranting Duplex Watches ISO to 309 SQJ Gold Hunting A merleaa Watches low to X* SOD Sliver Rnotug Levers 50 to UB £OO Silver Hunting siO Gold Lacies’ Watches, 50 to 3* I.Cto Geld Hunting Leplcea „ jo to a l,GCoMUccUsoeoasßliverWatehes....v.'.... 50(o 108 Hunting Silver Watches.- 3to SB 3,0(0 Assorted Watches, all Usds 10 to 73 Every patron obtains a Watcß by this arnogeaenA costing bat SV7. while It may be worth STSO. No parts. ollty shown.-- _ Messrs. J. Hlckllng * Co.*a Great Union Watch Ox. New Yoxk City, wbhlo Immediately dlspore of too above msgnlficsxt stock. Certificate* Earning the or tides are plaetd In sealed envelope* and well mixed. Holders are entitled to the articles named on their cer tificate. upon payment Ol Ten Dollars. *heiber It bos Watch worth 3750 or ota worth leas. The return ol sow er onr certificates eotlQea yon to tbe articled name* thereon, upon payment. Irrespective of Us worth, and as no article valued lets than SlO la named on any cep- Uficate, Itwill at once be seen that tola Is no Lottery, hat a straightforward legitimate transaction, which may be participated In even py the mortlauldloual A single Certificate will be sent by mail, post-paid, opoo receipt of 3 ctx, five tor tl, eleven tor i 3, thirty threeasdelegantpremlnmtorSS, sixty-six and man valoable premium Ibr 310, one hnodred and moat »«- perb Watch lor tis. To agents or those wishing em ployment this Is a rare opportunity, it Is a legitimate ly conducted business, duly authorized by the Govern ment. and open to the most careful scrutiny. Try ns! A-toress J. HICKLING * CO™ 149 Broadway, M.Y- gTianspottation. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. The General Transatlantic Company’s MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AMD HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. , The splendid oew vessels ol this tovortta rontaiar the Continent will sail tros Pier No. 39. North BtraA as follows: _ _ , _ ST. LAURENT. Bocandt December 77. PERSIRB. Ducheac....JanaarT 13. PRICE OK PASSAGE IN GOLD. First Cabm, |l£0; Second Cabin, 1100, tnclodtcg tah* wine In either class. Tbe steamers ol this line do not carry steerage pa* K paaaeliger» to ten ding to toed at BREST will be CSK nlsbed with railroad coupon tickets, and their t»sraM cheeked to Parts, at an additional charge of tor n* aad S 3 tor lecoud class. Medical attendance tree of charge. r&SfSSSSBSrSiaf SIS. New York, to GKO. MACKENZIE. Agent. 3S Broafr war. agents gHanteti. TTAWARD & CO., PUBLISHERS, f~I 171 Pnri-«t,Ke« Tortc, Leptaa’* eelebrateil oil Portrait*, cabinet else, (wlta or without ftmaeg* cobßisttna of portrait* of President* L?Hroln,Jotmjon, General* Grant. Lee. and Btouewau Jackio*. •-Marin* waeQmEtooTZ»«areuuwefr«redhytti» »oWl*b...j» reooced prices. Agent* wmtedT WANTED —A sw experienced Can- Tvxn, to act m Oaneral Agents tn Every State, la sehtwr “HOME” A RHLIGIOU9 BOOK FOR THE FAMILY. Applicants most have a iraall capital, md be aMeto central me service* ct a number ot Agent*. w«*o nft AAA AGENTa WANTED. A assgaaiffaa&^ssgggfc 33nfiiKtB8 CStbg. T)LAIH & JEFFERSON, COHMISSIO!! BEBCHASTS, OFFICE, 90-1 FBONT-ST., J.T.BUU. I JIEIIP a IS, TENM. J 'tliitSl'’cxi‘S adrancemects msda on conalgnmacte- Q.EsT, HATTEN & CO., Wnoleaal® Commission Mixclumta* Hfo- 50 MoGan-**U Between F and PEMVEB. CULORAJO. -pvRLSSED HOGSt AND WKIOUT LINT# gratia, QSbest martet price* rrL.raalied vSiSrowraamade. Corre*oocdcaca soildied. yrompr («q Gen’i Coali Mwchta. SA Wa*tLtfgtflc~rt- Chicago, EL ..a. m. .A.m. ..p. m. ..p.m. jjanUs anb 13anfeets. CTOCKHOLDfcKS’ 31EETIHO.—The O ansnol meeting ot foe Stockholders of foe FIFTH SATIOS At BASK OF CHICAGO fat tba election ol Director*, matt to transact any ot-cr boalnea* foat may lawnOlv «>“• «*• ffffUne.-*U be held at foe office of »ald Bank. So. 50 I Chicago, between foe boon of U» a. m» avtllp.m^ Tuesday, January Bth, 1397* ISAAC O. LOMU ADD. tiaehler. CbWgO.DeC.fth.lS66. : vfOTiUß.—*Tbe copaitoerslup hereto- IN for- existing end ntaeof baU toroMtT, ttOtej* do* JDHS A. BALDWIN, cweafi».»e f n%m Wh-A-Msmurr.