Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 25, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 25, 1866 Page 3
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•Uanitoresatl in a rale on Lake Huron. Schr. Hv •» a&hore it-low Cltrclua'!; got off and repalrel, urdUffa. ashore ccarFalroort; four lire* 1-Mt , f_. -e-ct.rD'eadaoagni,l o *t mainmast an Like KrJe "c Monitor, lost square-all. tinaali an-! p.*,-n L'.e jon. bchr Y ork Mate, Itsi f.>»e»*U ou Laze Erie, cot oa the rock* In DctruH Hirer. bOuW I‘aciar. .•J»orc at port Harwell; loUl la**; crew *ivcil If >p «. H.BlsscKscukby collision at me month of Detroit Krer;cotnp. BarkJ.P. Mack, 10-ltopjaiia-t mart <>- 1-»-> Kn«. BrigGenera' Worth, lon part o. her sail* and deck load Inmhe ron Lake Erie. bc.if Gsa. Goble, lost her Jin and ether damage, on Laso tne- BarkCllT of Buffalo, lost anchor and chain, and more Bark 1). Morrlt.l chains, bead of Lake Krle. e. U-EVn >»’. I‘m ■ jib and other demscr, on UceEri'. ( ' *.? ? ,?T "damaged In gall- on Ukelluroi. -«= ‘l-'.nt/ La*, lort topsail In aga.eonLtke l.rle. 1 rJp ud Bark U. Martin colUoe al iho month <JfDe troll Hirer; former sunU; col np and repaired. SSIr llTti. Walbrl ige, lost most ofh-r camaroa Lake Sir. Itrlc lioness lost both aacnor* and chain* brad orLakc Ene. Schrdliiee ►nraar a'eat •t <1 water-logeed on Lake Mi-dgan, Bark cream city, lost anebor and chain in Lake Erie. Hark Uary Jans, lost fitrcaall by amu all In tirtrou bunr For ea*er eenk by rohisl* n wllli Kb* .1. Hibbard in bl. -Cialr Hirer. Schr SsgU-aw, on the ruck* at Eagle Harbor and »nnk:got np Schr Sea Gem. spruit aleak ud Lake Huron ; Htnc <Vhuij)m£ lost deck load mmber m-aglnaw Bay. Tuc lanMe "White. damaeed be Arc al Bay Uy; repalM.l. senr Phltroa Mills, ashore below Cl s' elano; total las*. IriUimree llt%. Schr* St Paal and Det mirk col'J'- Jn like Huron; both damaeed *:*». ko* U«- „r iSI her Jltioom br a pas-dne rcatd at l>em»J* ?wc Foa.cained away ee' tre board la agile L 'j* Vnl r brV.r Corinth Un, lort mainsail. tn I iuicrchlJns on Lake Eric. Prou Idaho collided at Bufialo; boia Bark Lv ; with loss of sail* Hnron. narkMarr I’erew, damagel tn eiit—t oy i*:* c.s.scahi'd lost nialnt-»pma‘t do Buffalo S Scb?UMeppal l io'l jH-hoom In Buffalo Hot riV s:Li T Atwater, lo t llbNwtn in Dal Lil") Har* *S£* «fhr i-reoie. lost her to ?ia:l *nt sail la Buffalo M?riKif tll ilarka Two Brothcia and Twilight collide ffi’MlSiVan • damawd. Sclir Har-lam, Mllwauke*. Bark IL Gartda »» «!J> U'chle.n. B=ur -«r.k(» Blade, l<wt loretopmast oa Lake Haroa. ri,ar.L»rUi malnaatl oa Lakr Uaroa.» Schr i, *irral tcolt. K-»4 si-chor and chain at Bar i“oint. Brie tudlctt, disniaMcdoa I Ate Michlcan and rtamteed t salts. S Schr» U. L.Scwa»an sad Ithaca collided In t Clair Ulvrf: c&mascs Jlcbt. Schr Rlad Slslcra, tmared instndUby txtlMon with nuCnoa-n vessel. •hr Oallatln, dimaerd at Krlof2.iXby cars fslllason ir Prtp Anew, broke her anchor la Detroit I.U- Scbr Centra! Slscl. spruns and tans near »rßanks* cut on. Sehr .lonluv--*tr;ick Connc-mt cf and sunk; got up. Bark O Wave, capsized at , tamben Ulacc; total lo« . Brie Majhowcr, sunk i Uicarcoore in Sau.t Hirer; sol up. Scow Hva, •t mainsail bv petat clonl schr Hl-:nr star at De >lU SchrtJcb. SerttK 1< st deck L>al coa* In Late le. D&rkNocleos, lostlibboom tu Chicago Harbor. I jtlt. i*br grounded In Detroit Hirer trot off; cost fSOO. Hark J*»se Hort, lost all her tnpmaauon Lace llnron. Brl: Baltimore, tn all bercan vas on Lake Qorvo. Schr City. damaz**d in on ju S3OO cn Lake Heron. SchrGcnersl sure*, jtbhooomcarrled nwaT hr steamer City ot Sandusky al Detroit. Barks Theimntls and Alexander, c'dildedoa Michigan; dsmace lanre. bchrs O. Cnlvcr and Clayton Belle, colUCodln iheEtralUtbitb daraicel. Schr Hornet, dismasted at Chicago by collision with bark Oilden W. at. bimr City of Toledo, on I'olai an lUrqne rref; v itUotcd carco and kol off. Bark Mmllor nud schr gallon Belle, collided In the straits. Bark Board ot Trade atd schr I‘cck, co.Uded oa Lake MtcMran. Schr Josephine, capMzcdbr a mu»H at Cnambcrs Island; col up. Scow D-WIIJcr, capsized and dismantled oa Ottawa Cur, Lake hric. •r Black -Hawk, lost both nb» coiultic np lose Eri* Bark Maiuaiio, lost mainsail on Lake Erie. Scow ii l"*W Horn*. a»hor«‘ al Green Bay; ft a off and re- Sctr Kate JHincr wan, carp.; ore, sans at the fetlilt; raised 1-rlc Geo. M. ANSII, damaged In aalM ind outht o* Lake Erie. 'Schr Wild Hover. «*r .cam. sunk mar UrocknUe; cot no. Bark D. Morris »•»* •« in the ttraits ol Mackinaw: cot off. 6«-I»rOej. Act* U‘cano stmr Milwaukee, rollict-at Mila-anzc*. Schr. fi-iiuvlte. espsired on Lake Ml* hi can; total lon v llli 4 i*rer. Schr Hamlet, camace*! hr c-MJuioa with i tn- a* Cldca-o. t*rop «. W. Bimcil and s-ow Thomv cofled on Hirer St. Clair. SchrS. J. Hodey. smal. >, . t smashed in St. Clair Hirer, schr Eacanaba. <i&macoo In outfit In St. Clair Hirer. I'rap Fotosac m<i La'k J. I*. March,rr>UJdeon SL Clair Hirer. Bark a. V 1 Lawson and schr B. Martin, collided al CMcaco. t*r.-n Cif. of Buffalo, destroyed by lire at Buturto; tctai lof*. Tur Urania; broke ryilnder*h-ad while . towlnc on Detroit Hirer, blmr Ueathar Belle, broke callnc'T b* nd at Wyandotte. Ttis llcrenle*. broke b-r ♦ wh-eLal saclnaw; dammcc.fl.ttiP. l*r.<p U-ir. Cadi* manTwoke connec'ine rod at Point au Peiecu. schr Dan Marlile. ‘track a rock and mr.c a; Port utroa; f otnp. lUik Northwest, damaeed in sails on Lake iu-on. Balk IL J. San’uwn, carried away for invit cn lake Huron. Bark ILG. Winslow, •.'rack a roci and ►utk -l Grren Bay; pot up. BrL:#. K Gal*, fprotc a leak and water-tors-* on Lake Michigan. Mar Scablro. broke her crliader on Lake Mlrhlcan. l*rop Mineral C*ck. bidke machiasry on Lak* Krle. Schr Mtrkwcll. carro stohC. sank It Ctaroir-ont F.»y; total loo*. Sear Non paicil. on Mladic Island reef; tola! lau acartfT. Stmr City of Sandcsky. ashore at Middle Boss; cot off. Schr Minnesota, ttruek a rock and sank in l>3- tfoli hirer; got np. Scow Addaln. waterdorc-vl la Late Huron: l«>t carco lumber. Schr AucocraL car co C‘*in, sunk lu Lake Mlchirou by«oih-lon with icnr Prop Om»r Ha»ha, «>.*i ivaeh IsUnn: li"! leifd and pot off. n«k Potomac,’onfircyardnat top hamper cn Lake Huron. Birz B;n« ilar circy craiP.spmnc aleak on LakeMlchlaan. Schr J. Hib l>ariJ. wattr-Sorcol and lot lumber *.= Laze Haron. Bark InrtnrlWe, damastd la hnt| al Cnicac'. Schr Mauisot', lost all her canvass on Lake Ulcnl cai. Bark Oneonla, a*lore at Bar P>>mt; cot off* datnap! tllcM. bark Acorn, carco coat, ,nruc aleak on Labe Erie; lowci to Detroit. SrhrSnnhuiy, r.»horo on lAke Huron; llzhlrrcd v.d cotoff. Schr Elmira struck pl-*r; total loss wUh tiiirwr, Schr Mar <jae;n ashore al HU socm*:tol off and repaired, schr America can»lzed on ixke Michigan; total love; crew saved. SchrG. C Drew, canto iuaucr, aihorent Charity l«lmd; total lon. Stmr Hanecr sprutp a leak and a-snore above port btanKj; total lose Srhr E.tzahnh. ashore al F'DOrha; cct off and repaired. Schr Jbbeers iprung alrak. in Lake Eri«; b»wea to Ditioiu Bark Mory Merrill, damaged by naming ngalnsl a hrldg** at Chi* taco Schr B. F. Davy sprung a leak and damaged in >all« on Saalraw Bay. be Ur IhiuurolJ, boat smtMioa l y a propeller a; Detroit. Schr Mcrldlaa. water-logied on Lake MtcMgao; towed to Chicago. Schr Wan o>*rer. damaged by collulon with sleamcf Connlhian. S* lr Gem of the Lakes, capfdred m Lake bt. Clair: re cur-red. Sclir New London, cargo ore, * ink al »■ cutup. Prut Commerce, on a r ck at D.-lour: towed to in troll for repairs. Stair Cttr ofS&ndniky, aground 1- Eeinlt Hirer; cotaCoat. Sclir dam a-cd In sail* and otitfct ou Lake Herrin. Sclir R*clp r-< tr.ashore at Mackinaw; got off. Sloop Grand Trarf.c. cargo si .res, water-logged on Lake Ontario. Jr* p -kylarkaodscow Indlaoula.collide at Alprna. l*r> p LYmona ana s*.br Forfar collide atCnleag.v. dim agt rllgliL Stmr Keweenaw, on a re*-f annro O.irp * lAke.LakcFnjKTlor; got off. Schr Foraanter anraap alrak on Late Huron; towed Int*’ port. ScnrL.Lud nlr~UiD,<lamaged in outfit on Iztke Michigan. Bark J. Nuicr. struck a rock al baglnaw: sprung aleak. Schr Dolphlu.on Chlcagobsr; damaged in bottom. Schr Alg» rice, cargo talk scning a leas in Lake On lam; cot in Port. Stmr Pasepsrt, damaged in appgr mtrkahymllision. Schr Eclip-e.lo-t ail her sails l>r a sanall on Lake Michigan, bcow Lrdla Morton, spilt n a'nfali In a squall on Detroit Elver. Bara Golden Fleece, lost f*retoptna>t heart on Lake Huron. Schr Cortland, ashore at East Sister; got off and towed to Detroit. BtlgCco.M. Ab-il, a‘h-»re near Oonneant; cot off by steamer Magn**L Bark Monitor, on the rocks above Malden; col off by .learner Magnet. Prop Selins, aground la bL Clair Hirer; to t off by steamer Magnet, bcow Consnello, sank at PorUgo Bar. Lake Erie; cot tip. Seur Ben Fiiut, lost main mart by Hchtt Inc on Lake Michigan. Bare Arabia, on Spect.ele Itevf, Laks Huron; got on. Bark Tb’*tl Cain, tarco ore, sprung aieac on Lata l topenur. Brig HeUsnstem, ashore at Handsrlllo, Lake Huron; golotf by Magnet. Tug GinM.w. ran , Ida hr rnittvirn w~«.f ■ unions at Piecoi I ti .c, got off. SChr 1-oritan.oa UaTalo b bmkwater; cargo ain v. sst ; total lots. Sebr Berma- s da, broke her redderoß Ciay Bmki: t.wcd to Cleve- t land. Sehr O, B. Btorra. ashore on Lakn St. Clair; li lightered and cot 02. Prop Niagara, broke tnarbluery I near Malden ; repair'd. Bark Harr* t cn 1 ate Erie; towed to Cleveland. Senr Eacbaoee, r struck and went amorc; ntr. Stmr 1 I'blloParaonscullldfd with five vessel* at South Ha- 1 ven. fcunrcity of Sanduiky, Mi ocrtlon of upper 1 works on Lake Erie. bchr Kate Richmond, 1 ashore at thlva;n; get off a:d repaired. t Bcoa Emliy, lo: t bewiprit, ylbboomaad bea<igetron 1 Eakc SU tiair. Bet t and rchr Myrtle. eo.Ude on t the Flats; l■•'.th damaged rebra Mary Collins and 1 Grsce Murrey, collide at Mvlnen and damaged. Stair City of hanlcfky. agmunl at Fighting Island: p.ibe l < 00. Sc»t U»'di;U. retro stone, *i.nk at Kingston; got np. b<*hr W. Wnllare, a-iioft! b-low Dcrolt River; i dno lott tilted. Scow S-ablrr!, lo*t Jib- I b <juikti<i b->u>.nrit In tt, Ct#ir lU‘cr, by c.illirloa. feKbrE. il. Mas n, damaged by eoldsioo with nark Tanner. Bebr Junior.largoot watnotlnr Per: water irgctxl ai d trial Jr*, la Lake Erie. Sehr E. M. Peek, lust forvUin ( head and toreiop.n',‘l oa Lake Michi gan. bchr J. Webl* r. carried a«av her torernaat on Lake Michigan. Brig FronUcr Cuy, moa*. of her canvas on Michigan. Bchr CurinUdan, spnitg aleak in lake Michigan; retnrnvd to Chicago. Sebrs Lively, and it.F.Jjhnam collided on LaVcSUclngan; damage Urge, prop Bar ber, damagid; Uir w over cargo th u gale, oa Lakn Michigan. l*rop Concord, ashure at Kewar ec; got oa by «eamer Kagtut. fct.r Cotelond. ashore at North Harbor reef; got oiT by steamer Magnet. Ba:k Fame, rargogralr, ashore at PeBT an IVlsc; got oJ. Sehr Waneerna, lost topsail yard, on Lake i- rle. Bear Spar tan, lost Jlbooomat.d l«w»prtt by eol Dion, at cm cago. Bare J. S. Austin, damaged at Chicago bv limit Ottawa.<lso. Sebr W. W. line am. ashore on Lvke Mlibigan. snd total lom. Prop Chirai o. broke mi cblccry on lake Erie -. towed to Bnlla’o. s--br Pat agon run Intot 'ic ironcurd at P- Int au ivicetdamagedfuto. Fehr timer, .prune abak and went a-hore at Port Hope. Lake Duron. Sehr Mar of» the Korth. sunk at Chicago; got up-and repaired. tchrß F.» av y. broke h-r redder at jbscaeoa .ddam aged ctherwbe. Sehr Tran.ic cargo luml-er. ashore at IttutrenD; got off. Sebr It f-i n.ett, lost deck load InmtKX on Lake Michigan. Mbr hthan Allen, cargo iron ore, at bore at Cleveland, ret ofTaml’ypalred. sebr C. Urnsfcaw. ashore at Cake \ lew; tour lit ui lost . got cp and rrrslred. Sehr S* a Gvm, lost auobor ard chain at Chicago! Bark Constltnticn, 10-t toretopeal ant trt.t ar.djitiboom on L*ke EriA Brig L. I- C.ark. lost Tlbtmcm and l*ow*t»rtl on Lake Erie. Scow fe. Morton, broke cent er board and otherwise damaged on Lak* Erie, Sehr Live Yankee, tost rerertaviail and split fore sail on l-ak i Erie. Stmr 8. Clemcil. br.Ae hot machin ery on Lake Huron. Sehr H. B. steeie, waur-locce<l and lost eat to near Chicago. Ey=v John Bruce, sunk in inverse C.alr; canro of wood. Sehr Joe. n Darien, d arc a ted bj prop Eqaltux at ClevcUnd; SUL Bchr Ellra Logan, daiuagtd by same steamer; *-iU3. Sehr Ctniutllo, struck a snag and timing alrsk In Sehr General ecoti, struck Cleveland pier mad ruck; raised and repaired. Same ve- »el damaged bv <chr Comelv running toui of b-r. ITon Empire. a»boreat IhilnoTitle; threwov-rs>XJbrlsflour; got off. SehrM.S. Sent, ashore u Uvlne; carre grain, total lews. Sebr R.». Walorldse lost centre-board on LaweOntario. Sehr Emre. br.Ae her rudder cn Lake Huron • towed to Milwaukee, bchr Ik IL Cvnipodl, sunk In Chicago b«j by ronnlrgon the pier. Bark Je»-e Hoyt, damaged by colililon la River .-t. Clair. Sebr 3(nby. dam age-1 by pounding mg*l:»t Milwaukee Slcr. Sehr C. SpenriT. damaged bv co'lle ja with bark Fontae-tle on Mke Michigan. jTnp winstow,broke ruddtr. n Like Michigan; towed to Milwaukee. Sehr Cap? Huron, car-o C 3 J. lost f »re* xii*«to& late Huron. Sehr Ell-n l.-xt main ramt on Lake Huron. Bark* Daonlw ana M»lUaad, col Idecn Lake Huron; each <ri*J. !*rop Ontot.acno. damaged In a gale im Lake Michigan, bciir China, damaged by Ore while bcvtDe pitch la the cabin: <'6o. sehr Stylak.carrirrt away Jtoboom on Lake Suchitan. Sebr O. Culver, dl.masted in a gale cn Lake Michigan. Prop lady FraoUm. collvl-d enth aciW Supply; latter snnk; r-d*ert. Bark Northwest, on Peach Uiand; got off; no damare. on ixaca iumu. ocronra. Bark IKaato. lest tnalnboom on Lake Erie. Sehr* Sea Gull and oetavla, collide at Ctdreg-v; U»t?r<U3. bchrE.ll. Glloert,srnni>ded In M. Clair River: lost more or leea lunil>et. B*rkS. V. R. tVauon s ashore on Lake Ml«h gan : got off. Sehri TV. J. Whaling and Ml rand* collide at Bar » olut; bnta dsmased. Scow Foam,»trucs a rock andani>kat Wlloa- Cte.'k; got up. Brig>roul»crCliy.l> stJthboom andbca<igsaroa 'Lake Karoo. Bark Unendara, tprone aleak at Mil waukee ;«arco damaccd. Bark Northweat, loit Jib boom by coiibioc with a canal boat at Buffalo. Seers <jiape*bct and Milan collide at Cnicago; daman <l5O. Bare* Empire, ashore on Lake llnron : gt*t oil; tto particuian. Sebr .-,tm Hartiy. ashore at Saugsen; tntal lom with cargo ot train. Barge Great We*;, No. L cargo coat, on Racine Reef; total 1 **. Bng Mechanic, asbore bei -w chlra-o; got ofl ard re £ aired. Sebr Denmark, water logged uni a*hore near tocaco; g* t oIL Sehr IH-Io- bowsprit sad Vibboom brokre by prop Fourtaln City. Barg G.ldeu Tneeca, lortanahor aadchan. in Jjik- St. CiMr. Prop Porumontb. afhore at Wantrgaa; got off atd re paired. Sehr Whirlwind. lo*ljlh «-,a»,an ioitrrilsm ace. at Chicago, echre E. M. Peek and. j-zisri c-.l- Udeati2ucae>>: damage <2UJ. Sehr* Allroa<v«c jamta Halt collide at Chicago; <iam»r • s'lgfct, Ardent, *prur c aleak enLake Michigan ; torew over deck load. Bark Jresc Hoyt, a«!-orc at E can Via • got off and repaired. Prop Meteor, d\m»g>-d at Detroit ny prep Evergreen Cltv. narkAr'cn.carg.ygrais.ash'rc I on Lake Horen; g-itoff; cargo damase l. s«hrl»nl«a. sunk at twg Sodn»; cargo damaged; vetsU repaired. Prop. Oneida and sehr. Hiawatha, ciih u-J on I.vke Michigan; laaer annk acd toU! lore, with cargo of grain. Schr.L. M—Brock, cargo of aifeorc si bask* Island; full of water. Prop. No-man, carco ore. m Saalt River; got up ami re? dreM. Sri.r. l’h»larop', on Fighting Island; got oi;; d .ina :***llg-.t. Piop Frew suite, ►trink Bacalo I'i-w and dsmacre! •200 Bark Snnny*lde,carried away JllJ.oom aac brad gear at Buffalo. I*rop Arctic. «lrars Batna-, br.-ik water t damage tllt-bt. Sehr. Jura, 10-t both Jib* it, a fate ms Lake Michigan. Prop. Barter, a-hore near ott Wa>hlcgton; gotoff and rcpaln-d. Bark Favor ite. split tore»aU. touiatt and Jlh*. calJilc Erie. Sehr. Stow drop, loaltorcaall in a gal? on Lake Erie. Sehr Titan, damaged in aalis and osUß.n same «torm. Stmr. Mesac&gcMMore at l*ut-ln-Oaj ::ol oflhaily damaged. Hark B. Gaskin, loiitorewiil and mau slsyssu on Lake Michigan. Sehr SnppD, ’ort archer an 1 chain offfehe bovenn. Lak* Michigan. ITrp Uttowa. took tire at Mukrer-xu arnturel; r*l*ed and reprireu. lc»rk '-am w«rei.a*boro at Little** Point; cnioff. Sehr E. Ms*, ter*, lost naßtrast and wate*-logg«d on Lake Ontario. . fcchr J. A. Dlx, on Grand Irland, lAkesuperior; cot Off. llo? Gov. Cnthman, cn the rocks Saull River; gotoffana repaired. Bark Bridgewater lost »n an chor, and dxuaced lo sail* on Lake Krv. Brig A. Miumell. ashore on lake Michigan at White Lake; got off. ketr Blue It*- - 1. Wt maimaU aid are-k load of luelwr on t aa-c Michigan, sebr A. Ra*i, lost tore top rr.aaiand Jltpoom »s Lake Michigan. Sebr Freedom, sp'i* tt “{r ber »*u« on Lake Michigan in a Ef - ‘• O3 -* la Mary, damaged la aalU i-SSSS and repaired. Bark jOT I , Pott Rnrwclt ;c«»c off Jnihe i trail/. Msrair.i!’ "IPS lost al her Imhl spar* toreaail and 10-l tore smrf); n N- P- j. Ilt cab lost at.chor and chainnnros- sesw Radi boie, aun.antcd by a roliLli* 4 * 6 Rrur semt- Rolttau ivjec. Brig Batitt? FI to ■reoifl ricrtngln Lake trie. , ? 5t lon-al.. and dam al,aft on Lake Michigan. Brig' I ? ror ioa- broke her DaenU-at n.'llivicn r,*'r ‘tumer.-c and achr tost u,th arJ here m lluron;' rV'f ™* Cl->a«l. wSr? m its; all her caavi* I ®*/** >: i*rtch. Hark Tulal Cain, slightly uamac*d In hni' 1 Lag? Erie. bv collision with e:tir i-.'l c ? r Mas i 4i-« ‘ Renter, lost Jibboom and beMlii tr WD *»U* J^ T ■ . dauig?.«on I *t?1 ( w .rtßSsc cn Lake Hu*J Q F r hl r dim aged In sail? andrlgrliu sth* dtmared la cntLi on Lake Huron. Sark 'uSrerleT.dam aeed in t. a U, <ad hall on Lake Huron Sebr AbnwluL Cff oa UneCar w»r taalcboom on Lake Horan, sehr Gardnw <^ a ‘?f” : 10 Uke Huron. Brig F.B. Maffcp T h ,, K\ ,,ie most “ r bcr *»ID oa Lake MlSlraa. sia? i-ss;^ Bay. Ltork arrt repaired- Schr Horace Ovcl*y, aahore rear Grand' River, I-akc Michigan; f°v off. w hr i loi err. iitore between klu»kegon anil Graaa eToii. nehf JoeVlakda'-aiM In «alj.aod outm nuJake Huron. Sclir H«:.rr Ha hull: Iwlrmall boat on Lake Huron 2 s damaced It: rail" aadoutCt op G'orce Poole. lo«t ai eh:ranl chain on Bunj. SchrU’oruand. loat jlbbrom on Late nu»a- Robert Emmett, sprung aleak; Mia damaged. Bar* r- •P- "JJf, aid (oa’-dt cargo i rair. bet r Poland. damaged la «»*JJ, fo.-emart "onLakeErie. Brig Mariner, adtlft on ana lot-sall on take Huron, .jj B ® her crew. Srhr Lake Harm; the Ark a-total lou g |“ , , ITW loth Schr Alma,foundered luLa** “In*tram, »n Lake Erla; lllprourair. dwnaerd. caL-° K jennle .and Annie, romra** to Ddnilt =«“ r . tc turnM to Detroit. r»l wuh a atoiitar t*» machinery and athcre at luiM? Xhompsin, ainore at j *rpTr. lake liuriw. Bjctf U i lr Fo *i. braserndiir Gr * E !f * t*2v? fcrfe • arrived at Detroit. Schr Quern nf F-^ l rivV?. l ‘ n ontat on L»ke Anna- Schr !y* ,*noreat mouth ol Detroit River; re- it Detroit S-hr Clipper City, lott most of nef on Late MlchUan. Hark St Lawrence, lost all »,7i‘ ~i;» aud d-ikload on Lake Michigan- nchr M. 11. r* uprang aleak and damaged In «alw on tale Kfle * £cl;r China, damaged In t-alla and outfit • n Lake riuron. ecow Seabird, foai raalnmatthy collUlon la neirolißucr. Schr Live lanke«,Jo»t maltmlfand f, n-rail cn L*ki Michigan. Tug tt. Goodeow, rtla aMed In machinery on Detroit River. bchr hapoleon, iml deck load * f lumber cn Lake Michigan. Bchr swecr>fUkc>, dlsmas'idla a rale on Lake MlchlTaa. Schr R. Have*, lot t deca load of lumber on Lake Mich igan. Dark J. b. Aunin, damaged In tall*and outdt on lake Michigan. Srbr Maple Leal to.t all her vaa in a gale on Lake Michigan. Dark i ouunello. lo*t Icrctopmaat on Lake Michigan. bchr HlfoadclPt aabon* at the meuth of Kalamazoo Kfvcr; got off. . Schr Uncle Tom, dlnna«ted In indgeon ttav; towed ti. Toledo, bchr A. Bocdy, ’">*i flying 11b and broke her anchor on Lake Erie. lUrk Annie Sberwooo,loit lualniormct-t on Lake Michigan. bchr George Ne ville, lutt anchor and chain and all her aalla on take 1 Michigan. Scow Contest, net deck load and went n»hore tear Racine; got off. oark D. Morru.dam aged In sail and outfit on Lak* Enn. Schr W. I), Alb hard fd St. Andrew*, collide at KaUe Presque Isle, Huron. Dark Carrier, loatoeck load lumber In Lake Eric. Bchr Jennlbcl, threw over 3.00) htiHirla of grain; ontfil damagtri. on Lake Hurot*. bchr J. S. jlnlr. lost anchor and chain on Lake Huron, bchr Miranda, broteativnuc gear and damaged In oul fli on Lake Eric, Sobr Emily, cargo «upnlle«, ashore at Manltonlln, L»ke Huron; got od, Schr S. («. Andrew* and Walrus collide In bt. Clair River, both damaged fbCO. Tug S. V. IL Walton. d»mazed hy collision with khr tcalio at Cldoago. Schr Walnir. lost malnboota on the River SU Oalr. bchr J. H. nartkcll, on the rocka at Dailey’* harlior. towed to Milwaukee. Schr Moncooo. aahoreat Muaki-g-*n: got off. Bark Mepom lr*e(ncw),walcr-locccdon Lake Jllchlgan; laid on. Nl r Monlrrnroa, ashore near Grand Haven; got off. Bark Fame, as! ore at South Manlioa; got off; damage slight. Prop Monlgrmrrr, oi*abled In machinerr on Bay; h>wed to Detroit Bid* Lowell, tnrunc aleak on Lake Michigan; towed to Chicago. soTOtarr. , tchr James Leslie, damaged or collPlon with tag 1 Wheeler at Milwaukee. Brig City of Erie. aornoK aleak on Lake Michigan; arrived atMllwauvea. bcow Cnlon star, llbboom aidbowtprtl carried away at De troit schr J. W. Brown, ashore at ManUtec; got off. Schr William Jot.ea, a-hore at Manlatee: cot o 3 and repaired. Schr Adirondae, dismasted ana lost ail her outfit on Lake llnron. Schr Glpuiy, ttrutc Chicago {i*cr,lott mainsail and damaged otherwise. Schr Oil «rt Knapp, itruc* Chicago pier aid damaged hull. Scow M. Corbett achore at Chl'wco; lost deck load; got»lf. Prop Ecllpar, broke mrchP.err on Lake Erie; went to Buffalo and laid up. Bchr Meridian, on Buffa lo breakwater; badly damaged; got oil. Schrs Black l ink and Regulator, collide at Chicago; botn dam aged. Tnu W. T. Itihh collides with aUnr Com. Perry ]°op Tracer explode* holler on Lake Huron: three per unskilled. SctrJ.Elereraon, ashore at Pori flops. Lake Ontario; got off. Schr Ctaplan, ashore near’arc. and a total b-c*. Schr Irl*. a-hore and sunk near same placs; got up.- Bchr Helen, ashore and srnk near aamc point; got up. bchr Lnlon, osdly daninged rear same paint Bchr At'actlr. damaged in b,ila and cut’ll, tame Place. Schr Uco. WorUlnqton, ccrcoore. sshori at Cleveland; cot off. Tug Daniel p. oi e. flettrovrd hynre at Buffalo t total loss. Schr Cslndentt, lo*t 'ibbootn l.y collision with tram of car* n'Oaucco. BtK Arabia, dam4S*d in tails and outat ca Lake Mlclilgan. Schr J. Webber, «wlisj d In Lsk«- Michigan; oi’Ck-1 ad ■* at Schr Wm.Jone*, car go Inmbit, capsized on Lake Mirhlgan; PHal 1p««. Aliegheuy, sprung alias on Lake Michl cun; reacted Ml.wauke*. bchr Tricolor, dt i«a*ted on I*kc Michigan; lowed to Chicago. I'ros-Mflry Stewart atborc and total I'ts. at Gr«na llaTO.. Schr Belie Lit;, cargo salt aahoreat Point au 1 vice;--ot off. Schr Julia Smith nahor-on Lake Ha rrn; got off. Bark ihamplca, ashore at Green Bay; threw nvi r cargo aid got off. blnir Uelndw. bro,;? Pit wheel at D--:rolt; repaired. Schr S. L. bob c. arlne at Mladic Bau lilaad; got off; cargo lo:t. Prcn Alicghnnv. broke her ihsft on Lake Michigan; towrd to Milwaukee. Bark Earner, orokc ceatro- Wrd on Lake Michigan; got to Milwaukee. Sco v G- a*borc ana total low at Pldgeoo Lay; oie Ilf*- lost; achrEaplrc Slate, lost tralnhaom hr col Mon with aehr tt James on Lake -Jlo. imon W hltrcy. Mine by colll-lon with «mr Osprey on lake Si. Frauds: mtal lots. Schr Carlton. io« Uh ls onion Lake Ontario; eotloOawcgu. S hr William Yonn-.a-lero at Micklnaw; llghtrred and got off. f. », r nay cue*n. cargo gram, a-borc at I*ort Colbnrne, -.MI Uiial h«a. Sd-.t M. B. scalding, struck a rode and sprung aleak in Magara River. Steamship Mllwau art cud riop Lac La Belle, colli O'*, latter t-ital lo*«. bt. i * l»lr. I'arK Tom Wrong, atbore at Port Burwcll; not I cot off btmr Morning Star, broke her engine on Lak* 1 Frlc; daiuage |U.i>.o. Prop V.’au! anluj. a-ilnro at Kulannzoo; got off aid repaired. Schr Harvest Gi-«n, cargo grain, on Racine reef; cot .Tff; cargo damaged. Bchr Morning '.l*« | ao'.ed in c ntre board on LakeJEric; laid up at Detroit UU P kIIU.Mi« f cow Mary Amelia, lost part of deck load I miner on l.nkc llniou. Barnes Expirlmetl ami Shcndan. i c-liorcoo take Huron ; lumber lo*L Uric Fleur Uc Marie, carco min. ashore at Sontharnp’on ; CJt oir. Fchr la rattle, loel deck load ot staves on Latte Eric. I’roo F.TV.*!o nt snppllcs.hnrned at Karins; total jrs*. TncClty of Buffalo, burned at Black Creek, C. U'.; total lo?s. Sclir J. 1., Ouimhy, lo&tdock lovt lumlttr on Lake Huron. Schr B. O. Allen, met with similar dUarter same time. Schr A. Bradiey, ajborc ■t Lone Point; cotoff; nicarso. Bark Llty of Cm caco, uhore on Lake Huron; t <»t off ■ damage si i chi. Bark John Sweeney, csvnro lumber; aahsre an t total lore at Mno’-cccn. S< hr M. Hallanl/carco eraln: a to ut loss with all baud* on Lake ottano: Toe Daisy Lee ashore n« ar Karine, win be col off. Brlc Acadia. I> sibowsprltbv collision with bvco ForestOa'ci H a* •j, li-co. litre Mar}- Pcrcw. lost Jlhbooro at Buffalo by coll Mon. Schr Swallow. (Btltlsb.l capsized on Lake Oinarlotri covered. Setw A. Uowea, carco coal ;sank at Detroit \j lee. Schr Garry Owen, on Lice Erie: total joss; crew taved. bchrLydia C*se.Btrnrk Kselne pier and oamaccdf ~*3OO. Bark Champion, di»- iLSEteuon Lase Michigan; not vet in port. Falctt of Teasels on the Western Lakes Bnrlnc the Tear 1860. From tne Detroit Posh] The prosperous condition of the lake carrylni Inter c&t during the past seaxm has Induced an active de maul lor vessels, and an unusual number have changed handr. cltbouah buyers have h«n raUisr reluctant to pey the demanded. The average auvaacc in vrluaUcn Is esUtnaltd at alwul 10 per center about tonal to the dcteitormtlon of me prooerty: Fcbr earths genian, by Littlejohn ft Co, to Lyons & Finney, t't fILMO- Kchr T. S. Mott, to Morgan Uhmcr,O»wcvo.for»EMJoo. Scbr E. If. Gilbert, ny llartln BadcUtf. to Ben. Green, Ojwpco, for W.OCO. s<hrGeneral SJgel. t.y unknown parties. toCsptaln SStrßr s. A=.Un, by t'nted b'..lra Marshal. at tilevclanC, to W .ft B. Mack, fbr f3,«li. Brie Bio Granrc, by LtcftMi-rlln, Cutt»;o, to Martin irtir* rSwKro for riJCC. Peer M. D. Hnatdlne. by Fisher 4; mcharxuso. to Orlflln ft McDonald. Uatfalo, Bchr J. M.L.Lee.ty J.S. Provost, «of faloT to unknown parties on private • en^?-, t Wm. Flak, by I*. C. bhennan, Huffalo, to Cotton & Fears, for fU.KC. Kchr Imperial by P. G. hheirnau, » "'\t»ou, tor flaw. Scbr Banbury. . . i -r, ickf* 1». Wlu’ncy, Jr- Do hrEim City, by Ca:ll*on ft Fictt, *0 - Buffalo, for *2£M. Scbr O. A. ~i .. .1,.-.; Bears. Uultalo. to R. I)an*zn-, .... -r JcbnS. Reid, byandto Dnf • for fSAOO. Scbr Ataunto. by •v at Toledo, price fli.vgv. .tv Taylor ft Jewett, Buf i ••»». on private terms. - ..... "Jms. BntTalo. to J. B. Nores. .•f' Schr A. K. Uari.bvF.Hat . ; m • vain, Cleveland, far fl*..TO. • .... . b. Marsha). It-c Lester. to c ji. .. crlr. by Bennett ft ivery, I .. . . . . ■ • • . . . Ih Wbttakcr. on private i I ietirs. PchrW. l». Hubbard, byCapuln Cohen, Clevo i labd.t Otorgc DclUy. for I 11X0. Tag NV. A. Moore, hvj. ihMtevub. 1n.1r.-11, to J. M. Uallantyne, Uilcaz-s for jai.tCP. Hark Baltic. hyJ. Prtfigoon. to J. M.Bal ; lantvnc, Chicago. Cor fluA®. Scbr MH. Sibiry. by r iitnicttad A marsont. to -Alrer ft Jager. Do -1 troll, for ft.SW. Bcsw Wcdora, by parties u nianown. to —Dudley. Detroit, lor *1,513. r Schrßelndnr.bvUcrJck ft Cb..Detroit,hi Ih Bjdrr. .. Detroit, tor 194>1b. fccow Dolphin, half interest, hr K. f l/tat, DPtrctt, to D. Sheehan. Detroit, tor f I.OM. schr l unknown panics, to James Craig. . forfJJU). t,ow Lnion tur, by unknown parties, to a tYb.teft Fisk, Detroit. SI,OOO. benr Kt.’prt>flfe, oy Do a trail ft Keith, Detroit, to Wilcox ft Drsp.r, folrdc, r '"Tbc cartic* to the following sales we do not Had re- C< S<hr L.B. Sl.eppard, for f lIAOO. TacS. V, R. Wat tor for <S.3-*4'. be hr Qnlcsatep, bag mteicst, (hr liftO. Sehr Wclßa Am, half Interest, tor <1,030. bthrJ. K. Stitiicrland, liau lntcre-1, tor <t.o?9. hetir U. It. Hubbard, tor <V«I. Schr Arroi, (or<4,WJ. Settr Atctle, half Interest, lor JH.OJP. Tog O’Hrien, tiair Interest, lor <MOO. bchr Wetlmc loc. for <1>.030. Sehr D. Dobo, for I ron Feptnne. bv Western Trantportsnon C>mpaay, llt;Lain, to P. K. Wrleht, lor<53.COJ. bchrlTiilena Mitt*, by J- Davidson, lluilalo, to U. Lidwyck. De treit. for<r„VC. bchr B. R, I.tron.ts, by E. Ranter, De tioit, to J. W. Jonrs. Raciue. tor <7AD. 6*-nr Th-*ma» -tnm*. by K Baitaman. osweuo, to Captain MarUn, Cswtin). for <;r s -.00. icbr Rate Robtnsoa. by J. •(. £e- it, lo bitiUh, Kelly A U>.. Forr'fctsr. tor <9AOC. bchr llcnie.b» raruesat r> HubbarJ A Cam mnes. I’ort Huron, ior<UACU. Stmr S. Ckroent, bv E. P„ Ward to John Hatching*. Detroit, tor 125. CM). P.opB.K. Wailc.byE.B.Ward, roJ.Crtdgeoa. Do trolt, tnvate terms. Ivop Montgomery, by and to • anepartv. private urns. Brie Powhattan, by J. StaCxid, Chicago, to A. lutd, Depere. UD™ Private linr* Tnc KelteC bv ( card of Underwriter*, to Sartwell A Mareh, private terma. Bsrk TomWrrng, bv J A Eakc.*. eparten, C.W., tonnknown partloa, fcr *5.030. gold. Scow liOaUe. by J. Tracy. Port Dtirwcih to 6. Kecady. Detroit, ior <2.000. cold, bchr A. Davis by J. A. Kaklnt. bparton, C to Mclh-p»:d A private terms. Sebr Senator. *-v C. H. Smyth, to P. UcEvov. all cf Oswego, price JXGCO. Sear Ia wu Well*, by Camng ton A Casey. Toledo, to J. Davidson, Unflalr. tor fI.'JW. Tug M»ry by pants* ank&owe, to Georg* lutiet. Marine City, tor fl.oW'- Tng Emera'd. by Smith * Co., Algorac. lo Save A MeGraw, Saginaw, for fIP.OU. Scow Juno, by rartlee unknown, at Detroit, to* Tng Urania, by Saginaw partim. to Camp bell A Milt*. Datroit. private term a. mg K. Gallagher, by.’ -bn IruvUto Georce Brvant, Detiolt, tor <2,A». Bark txceblor. bv J. Keldcrtionse, Bnflalo, to Tf.os. Kcidsrbonsc. tor <bX«O. Scow Black Hawk-by East nun A Pcmit, io C. Me are, Chlcato, f>r <t.Wu. Tng lU-bAndencubyß. S. Strong, half interest to John , Dec a*. Detroit, frr fIC.WJ. Sehr FerretL by George L. M. Ma*on, ivoolhior t-VCO. Scar Mury. by O. Burke, to h. AJ. Hackett, for <SCO. Ivor i J. tl. .'etcme. by Captain Foanuc, to C.Gardner, tor t >.«O. Sccw Canada, by B. Bean me. to Frank I Nerlcn. Detroit, for <go. Stmr Ariel, by 1). 11. . Jereme. Sagtnaw. to 11. Pwolc. private terms, t bimrlG. W. Ei-jnuldß,by Toledo parties, to Ale*. Eng . g’.bb, priv ate term*. I ;ep Lady Franklin, by Wanl A i btrnihan. to J.ll. Stevens. St. Joseph. tor>S\CUJ. Tog lie-. It. l“trkpr. fry J. L. w hippie, to O. H. l*ar»«. De* ' troll, Intern:, lor <7,000. tebr SI. H. Plhley. t*f I*. ' Jacn, to U A. Alcrr, htlt Inttrm.fortl.-'-00. Stmr* Ciiv of Clrvvltnri fend Morelos t-lxr. or Ancle M Kv. »r.«' Detroit, orreburdrccib Inttrrrt, for $3,000. D. Carter and S. Gardner, each a flfUelb Interest, for 1 fi «a fact, to L. A- Pierce. Cleveland. Sen* Swallow, by H. >’ Slrous. Detroit, to W. H. Goodnow. on prl \ ate lenu. Fur fkrlnrk, by and to »mc p*rty,on private terms. Scow I - . B. Gra-.t. br partlrvontnown. to F. U. Slinotds. Detroit, torf-OM Se-am yacr IK. A. Bru*b. by Koc A Stliley. lo Mesrthy, of Olca Anor, for fetter LHUe Eastern, by 4. \V.Gil bert. tast Sastnaw. to J. It. Jactoun, half i mere it. tor Sl.uo. Scl.r En-erpriM) No. t, by O. Cbrcrim. t.« A. bixdtcw. Dettclt,ha’f lnicre»U torS7so. Tosh. G\i lattvr, by Gcirce l>tv*nt, to A. D. Dlckesroo, IMrclt, private terras. Prop Mayflower. dl»- el led, by Western Transit Company, to H. N. Sircar. Detroit, tar <IO,OOO. ; cow Msrsmrl Alice, by F. l. Uarver to A. L. iflcrce, l-etrclUtoriitC. Ijarce lldnoK by W. E. Watmier, i Ittb in *rv»l,to p. T.Drer.u**. lot *750, Sehr Aconria*, b> J. P. Dark to J* tn Moore. Detroit, tor <15.000. Bri* parrconaiy ilnJalr and oUur*. re autfotd « cy>„ ft»r if.Ue. Sc: r ,I.F. Rainer. by »:. Daslgaa. Toledo, calf ‘Merest, to'V. Harlow, tor <S.CCO. Tuc Dispatch, by J. a. Stenn, MaJire. to S. B. Grimm La, for sll.OJi. Toe Carte, by Jo'-n I.ickccs, Muxke<ciu to K. U. U?eo, bate irtrrvsi. tor|33C. BncsUrilcbt, by K. Kaov-r, De. tr«'li to A. Toll, Mackinaw, for <IS,TOO, scbrß>-r>Ma tcHtl), by*. D. Lftvm<ic* toll. C. Winslow, Bunal-v, OrSiao. B«br W. Wallace, by M. Brant* to a. West* t root, for *lOlO. Tub Arrow, by T.>*. Hubhell to North* Clark, for CXM. 6chr Oitawa,by Oeorw McCbwnm Osweco, to Erie partje*, tor F.VJO. lirtc William Treat, by Taylor A Jewett, Bndrio. re J. fe. Korea. fcr ri,ocio. 'ln c Miranda,by E. P.Perry.Grand Haven, to E. test, one-bs'i Intrrri-L lor *3 SiO. Scow J. A. bander*, bybuet-ki.-Tucker,toHttlardothera,torU,oC.\ Scow D b Tee*.r. J*aqu'ilc. to G. lUldnm. Detroit, forfJOi tchrOnetra Chief, by K, FlticcrGd. to U, i.’. Hnbhvu. Milwaukee. lor }IVM. Tuc J. E. Elite, i n-M.B. Jotn nuiclanc*, Detroit, on private t«re t. Brie Voo&c Am-rica, by Farnham A llodce, to r ittrtlaCo M t'Uflalo for |UA-d. Prop Adriatic,brW. i o. brown, Ucfla'o. to L. CoaU, tor <33,0(0. l*rop f rortmmtiti:. be Erie Rattwat Companv, to W. P. e lUvLuiond.l’uCaJo,on private broit. Tnc Ccnstltn- L t PTI. li. I t> tn .fnhn 51...K.n * on. Ily JLinjitruaz A Hackett, to John Slracban, Inurrst, for f 10.500. Soow Amis. bvE. lojilttoW.u.iUdcntr. lor |1,12. Top Hiram War jer« h,* J- «. Campbell to J. B. Lentlenx, f.>r 15,(»#. liar* Tnbal Cain, by Aihley and 2 u . k ’ r &, ,pJ *£; Jw “*.flvc'-«lpliUi» Interest f-r £. c, « i£T -b> Dennett A Avery Is Seth Clark. BcCalo.iotJU.CW. &curt;« ) I. L. Dar- Ker,twratn.tol;aikrT t (^» cso ,for S23.CW. icbr Arroa. uy 11. 8. OMcaco, to CnrtDs A x f* Sterman. by K. Sb-r -- 9;Jr J .S,'£lsi 1 '* u i<m'>-balf tnlercst tor )U,l(0. Nhr 8. G. Andreas, bra-vit-ar Jt Ca t a Lord.lTle-tA Co- for t!O.SW.^ c W ,£i y Grace b? i.vm# A liUna«tfT lo Jobe Demaa, rtetTML r.r «*>i iy>l Dartlubxl Cain,by J.M.Jor,ta Interest, tiov Addatr, by C.IL toW.Gvoecer. Detroit, for ftrd. Sees- by I*. Winter toj. Heitor, hall-interest,for r oiir.. bj Geo. Freeman to & Fmcman, hai," late-Xt forirft'. beow L'rlnn. by Z. Freeman to E Frecoal li»Ii-lc;cre.t,f rflM. fccbrC. F. Allen, by L. w. Loct'b, Cbtrasn, Ibr fW/oi-. Star lltinnir idUaMtOh by M. D. Kean to Edward Keen for iio ore' 1 bclir H, G. Aden, by J. Ulatr to A. Navarre, r :li lao. ' Sclir Fairy, hv F. lintfferford to U. B. Sexton. Oere lar.d,lbrS2.S7s. Scow Emma. be Wilcox and others to Wanner A Ce- for fiSOO. Tns Micbtcan. by J. Ifldc con to Canadian Government, tor siS,*XOcold Ha--fl Art, by F.«. « ard to Georce Caileton, tor f«J\ Scow liomnni-c Bint, by D. J»nue»t to ivter Uetoor fo-tKtt. Otifltolbarkll.t;. win»toa. by llitmas iCj-toK- W. Hudson tor S4JOQ. Barer Moraine Star by A. Smith p>John Carhrev lorfUW. Prop Hurhccto3. br L. C. I'lislcett to W. ljTlnc»ton. one q carter interest. for t iA*i. Tue Ben Drake, by CMcaco psrtlr* to Diekry asdotccrs.Cblcaffo.fto.tW. steamer Kventne Star, hr A. <'urtl»s to A. I). Dickinson, wn ibam. fiACtn. tnivi F.tnltv. br T W. t-'-ook. ot ill. Clemens, to Hill & Co. for 0 BenrW. Tel!, by G. sterrea to K. IbdblnstorfUbtC." Bcow Forest, by Detroit partlea to • Hannan A Crool, Cleveland, SSS)O. Brlel{iir>nnrln.byFeirlsACo. tr> D. D. Harnett. B'inalo, on private terns. Tnc Ontario, by a. T, KlccMsanto patties in Galveston.Texas.for SIO,OOO. Tuff SDic-nor. by and to same parties lasi noted for > fic.ifc. Scow beildM. by ' W. Snook, of Mount CUtters, so a. Gilchrist foi #AMC, Barffe Forest (yo«.f n. by S. Ward to ttroehan A llsekett, ooe-ccarter Itumt, lorTuc li. t*.Clinton,by W. E.War ,r.n«r to J. ttupitskblaothlrds it,wrest, (-&LG6. FvrrffTeenjtiy .1. B. Miyer to Dell A Tcaver rchr John Frerte, by A. H. Peer tn L k. Ma-o->.tor SIAOO. SebrUvc\atAo.lyJ.M. Jones to D. Whit «ker, Detroit, one third Inu rest, for SI,OOO. Taff Ajar, B Down to c. W. Glbsou. one-toarth Into rest. rISACOO. Bchr City ’ SanduskyJhy 8. Lawler to H. f.„V-ne-elcb’U mtcrtit, forties. Fame steamer, by l*[ n ?,Krtv to J. Barker A Hewiek. oao-fianh interest. ii Dark Inrtlara, by Milwaukee parUet to 1L rj.”* 1 private terms. Prop Sltrar*, bv nn. to Kellocff A Goodlnc. for fItLCA). tir/r K T'lrdo narlleitoSagnawpartus,for Higadortie.•«J.C.Rob- Itoston, by Bcttca A Finch »«, • !• Bafffcs U. Lanffleyanll-. I.Boyc^byuE»pers w> to Tom Lewis, tor 11,003 SSSR WJ&fivE&S jTor. by M B. Kcat.. “ h'uT in 11, for 53 ICO. , u,r K 'i I VvJ, lr *Fcf»* , Wl'rt Rovr.bT bicli.ioMi> r KaUia.torS**. 5 ™- /wi. iron Us jwl oUicr*. to (2., to A. B. SinclaK for stesKS iMS a S**°&;irU»tn«iown.toK.Footer.lor»TW Hart pm»tc‘ll£n*- ; l«atn•«» rwlllchUbr S. RlrhaM ini 1, t Liars, tor $1,22. Prop Aotelope, by D. W. Ito? CTltion, b> fcltrd Stair#«n»P. to Nmod MU e, H U Loilm p, by Fowler 4 Mcrnrt, to D.Wbltnev, Jr“ Detroit for tl&ao. bebr wltoca, by £ B. Mowrr. to J. T. Qatrbtoaoo. Cleveland, tor 113.000. Prls C.P. W ilium?, by E. VT. Hudson, In C.ercuad t»rrirt fir 112.0 X. Tar General Bunulae, by tmb fittSi-C?. ti J, B. tutor. lor|lW& Bctir >lbtt p. Hale. brULnason, to Mixon* Ssmllb. Eaf talo. 51MC0. ’ ficbr Z. G. fclmmoa*. 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Schr Elrn City, burned at Eric, with cargo of water Ume; total low. fccbr Anccllne, wrecked near Milwaukee? total lo»«. with one lire- bchr Flight, barned while ashore In Etraiu oi Macalnaw; total bus. Bchr Arabian, wrecked at Cleveland; total lom with four Uvea, bchr Alice Grover, wiecked near Cleveland; total Paa, with one life, fehr J. M. Lr*. wrecked near Buffalo; totlu h**! Brig 6. C. WalbrldK. wrecked. be h w LMveland; total low. bark J. I*. Kina, wrecked at Lons Point; total low, with tiarteen live*. Scow pncltlc, wrecked at Port Burwcll; tout lo*a. Ecbrpblltoa Mills, wrecked below Cleveland: total lorn, with three live#, Soar Planet, cUxantied at Chicago, ana p aced out of communion. Bark Ocean Wave, capeiMd and total lom, at Green Bar. ttmr R. K. Elliott, dlamanued and converted Into a ba«e. Bchr Croucttc, capsized on Lake Michigan; total lou.with four Uvea. Prop Oliver Buffalo, burned at Buffalo: ictal lots; valuation. *73,000. bchr Nonpareil, wrecked on Middle lelmcd. Lake Huron; total loss, bchr Auto crat. with cargo gralßAunkby collision on Lake Mich igan; total lot#, Elmira, wrecked at Gwxaee, Lake Ontario; total loe*. bchr George C. Brew, wrecked on Oran tv Wand. take Huron; total Im*. Stmr Hanger, wrecked above Port Stanley; total loss, reew loceStar, wreck'd near Fairpori; hJtal Teg N. I*. Ktracnr, burned; tout leas; point not named. SthrPuritan.wreckea ml Buffalo; total loss, tchr .lonm*. wmked at Ume Bcbr W. W. Bf Ishatn, wrecked on Lake Michigan. to tal let*. BcfrM. S. Scott, wrecked at Idjcinc; total I,.as, with carjo grain. Bar* Great t\e#t Xo. L wncied on Kaclne rccT; total low. bchr Hiawatha, MrWby collision on L s ke Michigan:■total loss, bchr lonlsa. wrecked|at big bodlns. Lake Ontario; total lots. Schr Roanoke, wrecked at Pentwater,, Lake Michigan; total Jo**. bclir Pioneer, wwekrd near Grind Havta; total lo*», witn Hi live*, bchr Alma, founderrd In Lake Erie; total lot*, with *U Uvea. jS.Lt O. V. Bratnard, vrcckeii at port Hope, Lake On tario ; iol»l Uni. Brig A. UitchciL wrecked on Lake Michigan: total lot*. Tuc Daniel Boone,named ml itniralo; total !«•*. Prop fiar> blewart, wreckednear Grand Haven. Lake Michigan; total loti. wn-tked In Heron -af;toial lom. wTJj one lu-% Fchr Pay Queen, wrecked at portt’olborne; total loss. Pr? pile la Belle; toUl lom In River bt. Clair,, oy (olii-lon. BarkTrm Wrong, wrecked at Port BurweU, Iclallon. Barge Kxpcrjfet.l, *Fnw X Lex* iS P iVte Bt Francß Hon K. W. Backo*. total lom by Cr> «l cg City of DafMo, total 10-iby ftro rn Niagara lllvcr. Park J,bn \tr«k. eon. Lake Michigan; total lots, bchr 31. Uai lilrdNaerkid on Lake Ontario s total 100, nad all imrAs Etiur Cilflon, dismantled and placed on l*f rotnmlwlon. Totalcnmberol ve-»cUand tteamer whim Lave p**s«loulof cil‘iecce.s9. MW Tltrtlß COIUUfUOMI* IK iSto, AKo WHS ncu/r.^ Larkn.P. Baldwin. built atDetroit by J.M. Jones, for U.G. Stlmsor., burthen 06 lona. Prop Fre xn.nt. built at Fremont, Ohio, owner* unknown, bur tbenfoou-nr. th-hr Uoatiwller. bnllt at Uaytoa Sew Vort for rowler &.E»*clt-ne, capvnty«a.ooJ on. B»fk C. K. Mms. built at Clcv* land by Qnavleft Martin, fir o. L. Sin.a. 7U) ton*. Schr J. Blpl»r, unlit at Detroit. \x J M. Jom« lot A. Carrier. bnrth»n 3HO tom. Bark ifrlcc*water,at Buffalw In Iteacitti Avery.capac ity iis.uitj buvhrl*. Bvrk Kc!*oa, at Milwaukee, by Etsworth ft Cc- Tor Nclbju * Co., 53.000 bushel*. Dark tmothlasa, built at Falrpai t by Dailey & Co- for O. 1.. Mma, TtO ton*. Srhr Goshawk, bollt at Cleveland by L.lalriritr, for Winslows. 40,C10 bushel*, Schr U. Fiohrch. built at Oswego,for T. b. Molt, capacity SMUtbcMieH. Bark Marla Martin, at Cleveland, by C««y,c ft Martin, lor It. 11. Harman, 0T,04 btubsl*. 2<l r Kre, built at PoriUur..n byJ.D.UwKKone to the seaboard, 090 ton*. Schr Mystic,bam at Milan ,bv Itaysor ft Date*. burthen 110 tnm b«-br Osk leaf, btrlll at Cleveland by Peck ft Klrby.fOr n.reiiy.SOWObuifticU. tebr W. i.To.awalte. built at Bay City by Cro&-«wnttc, burthen STO ton*, btmr Even- Ips Star, at EaatSaelnaw, by Trlppft Kin j.burthen r»4 tetif. b<.br Olive Ttrarch. bubt at O* w«-«, ny Coble ft Co., rapacity y<3 m feet lutnb-r. bent S. 1. Atwater, built at Cnarlolte, Sew kork, by beorae Jlardl-cD, f. r U. bushel*. ParkßeaMe Tat w leu, at bt. Catherines, by 1- bhkkvluna. IftOM ho. kchr Repina. at S'. Catharine*, by McLeod, R.OW bnsa cl*. Shr WaUl.kto, at bbtboycam by Uoblns ft Cc-burthcn 130 tom. Bant L. C. VNoodfull. at Buffa lo, by F- S'. Jcrcs, Ibr Wim'osre, 39.033 bn.hei*. ,Bchr k'uoii.w(«t, built at Oaw ito, for 11. K. bhsplurd,» hjrft no,iC,tOObc»h«4«. Tnzltobert Emmett, at Grand Ha ten,by Captnln Myers, small class. bcow Flora, at Mllwaukt c, by MrLi-Uai. burthen 91 loa«. losL O. Bearn, at £andn*ky, email cla*a. P«orel ler Brooklyn, at Cleveland, for the -Northern Tramccrlailcm Company, burthen 303 ton*, tfrhr k. M. Carrlncton. at Pott Huron. by-Carrlnst-m. ISO in feel lucil-er. bitur City ot Sauansky. built at ycnCc-kr. bn th n 4CO tone. btrur Keweenaw, at Ma rine city, for E, Ward, burthenooo tout. But Lottie Wnf. at Greco Uav by WoU. fur Savcland ft Co., bar* ihrnsatoßS. Bark h. Blsvcll. at Toledo.lor BUsell ft'Mlner, burthen Kfl toe*. Prop City of London, at H. Catharine*. to.* Canadian owner*, burthen 310 tons. Baik Tubal Cstn. at Detroit, by J. U. Jone*. burthen -roton*. BarkJaniMF. Joy, bnllt at Detroit by 8. McDcna'd, 53,000 bushels. bcow M. O. Keys, at Con maul, by Lyunft Co., capacity JSC ra lumber. Fchr W. n. Allen, ct OzdrtebnrK. for E. D. Allen ft Son, burthen 400 ton*, bcow Colorado, at Cleve land, for Bet ker and other a. capacity 310 m ftcllomb-r. Fcbr Jane Hal Moo, at Gibraltar, for W. ILLIdd, De troit, burthen 400 tons, bcow American Champion, at Tmiton. by Baker ft Co., SCO m feet lumber. Bark John Mirer, at Dei-clt,br John btuploakl for Captain Miner. 20.100 bmhel«. Bark F. Morrell, at Marina Cltv. by Lull ft Gllcbriit, 007 tons, rjehr Kemlaioe. at Bcfialn, by K. S*. Jones, burthen 150 ten*. Tne J.T. Kdwara*. at Buffalo, by F. S. Jone*. »mall claw, behr I'teanaba, at Vermillion, for A. Bradley. Cleveland. -00 ton*. Bark Asa Guild*, at Mentor, Ohio, for Fountain ft co- 4ld too*, t-cbr Monterey, at, by Camp bell ft Owen, for Mcrtck ft Co- 400 tons. bUur Orton, at Mknttowoc. cost JHhOWJ, burthenßoo tons. Bark D, ft. Vanvalkcnburc, at Toieur, burthen SOP Uma. Bark Mon t morenet. at bt. CaUiertnc*. fbr M.-rlck & Co- 403 tons. Debt Mary Hatlle-utSew Daltlraore. earrtti l« mfeet lumber Simr w. it, Clinton, at Marine City, tor Flow er ft Brctber. 300 tens. l*rop CUT oi Detroit, at Menre Cltv, for C. c. a' Detroit, SB ion*. Bark C. J. lr\cll*, at Cleveland, by Quayl- ftMartln, j„r y. Pnew, HWton*. Ttc Ida l«ot ftsrd, at Pott nnrrr.tbr BoP.'ord. small class. 6chr Glad Ttdlnza. at Detroit, byJ. M. J«.nc», fbr D. Wnllney, Jr- W 0 ter* Set.r L. M. at Algonac. oy Smith ft Meacr. 'ifd m ltd lumber. Sct.r Daperlor, at Port Duron, by D. J. Lewi*, cone to reaboam.3oo ton*. v: m r Saclnaw, at Marino City, Kr £. ITard. Detroit, 9,0 ton*. Simr MH-aenccr. at Cleveland, by C. M. iwk, ania’l elwr. schr ICC. ,\U nac,by ru HU ft Luilcrnelo. ‘SO t- ns Prop Florence, at 1 V.ltdtot. by 8. ft 11. Jenkins, also owner*, small Bark Annie Sh-rwcoa, at Fair rert br A. tb-rwo-d, Dnifaln, «90 tons, rrl r S. G. HnrserP nl, of nerderron, fbr Ulxen ft iTbite. 17.0C0 l-mhe'*. Bark T. B. Dice, at C aneant* r..r M.Csprcu. burthen SCO tons. Iron steamer Great Wi-trrn, at BTrdeot, for Orvat Western Callwar. tcLr Cor'r£.sl«’*weco, bv Lee ft Kavagt, tor C. 11. i-mj th, IKObO bufhet*. fcciir Geo. C, Finney, at (t»we-" to. by Gcotk*- Gobi-. f>r Lyons ft Ftnncy.a.o3o br-tbcl*- Fcfcr Geo. 11. Wand,at UaCato by J. Keldcf bor*e, 55,0(0 bn*l cM. Schr Smith ft Post, at Oakville, for Smith & Wilson. ICO toes. Prla entawa. at Hope well. Lake Ontario, burthen ITT lent. Schr Kate Lynn-, at blurt Liver. Ohio, bv Wm.«. burthen 343 •dots. Schr Pamlico, at Bnffa'o, t-r Winslow*, bn:- rhenfootena. FchriL O. Simmons at Boron, Chin, eapadtv ?.‘(0 brat el*. Schr Jane C. Woodruff, nt St. Catharine*, by L. Shlrkalrna. 19.0C0 bnsriel*. irhr Frank Brace, at Buffalo, Jr .parity BJCJ bushel*. 1 t-c Andn-w Miller, at Chicago, In Mdicrft Co. ;cv«t, fit.Ct<s. Stow bark Menomonee, at Men'mnnee.for A. Flrby,?&tn fxtlumber. Tup Wm-Ooodnow atMll w» larpc ela>*. Slcam scow Mackinaw, at Do* :nli, tyjobo Stuplrskb for Kantcr ft Chnlon. Srbr fhariis Wa'l. nt Cletr'and, lor window*, burthen c-Jucs. 'Schr Graer Whitney, at UUraitar, (br 1). W t Itnev. Jr- Detroit, STC m fret lonber. bcowbarpe rore*« Line, at T* -.awanda, carries m feet lumber. S I r Sophia J. I.ntl. ml Marine Clt/, burthen STMon*. Scbr 1 < rkawar, at cawreo, rapacity IT.ihO bu»nsl», seirllonirr, at Sbcboysan, for A. P. Lycnaa. 30,000 bu-brls. Sin r Northwest, at Manitowoc. torA.E. Cooerlrb, Cl.ieapo,V(oU>n«. Pr.*p Hotcobel, at Peab tiro, Wls., tt Pull I rcok, 91-0 tout nurtoes. Schr Deo >i ■!*, i urn »’t Klncston. C. W.. trnrih-n 4W ton*. Schr Corsair, at Oswrco, by Lee ft Navsph. for C H- Smith, bushel*. b>mr It. S. Kit-*-, at Dttrolt. by t'amp b<lt ft o«cn*. t.ot )it iftoo tnca. Stmr Mai Ire City at Marine City, not ytl completed, about 8W kb . . Tot'd numbtr of new tcmcls. as far as known, in 1*6... 9i Number la ISO SI V;nt r Ditww Important Informa tion for the people. Arc couphs, colds ami consumptions, with oihcrs. more specially fatal? Among tLe latter is i-nemuoula,called by some Inflamma tion ol the and by others lung fever. It is a disease wide i attacks the {cable and the strong; the most ragged arc taken to the grave by it in four or five days; others it spares to live and suffer lor years; even those who get over it remain feeble for months. Pucu monia is one of the avoidable dis eases, and being of sneb a dangerous nature, they arc wisest who, knowing the causes, sccr to avoid them habitually. A man sat up wilting till a late hoar of a winter’s night; he noticed that the Arc had gone out, but thought he could finish what he bad in Land in a short time, bat it required a longer period than he thought ior, aud when be had finished he found himself chilled through and through, This was followed by an at tack of pneumonia, trotn which be suffered for two years, running into consumption, of which he died. A yonng lady remained at a party In the country until two o’clock of a March morn ing ; therewas dancingand music and mirth ; the rooms were warm, and she left them when the body was overheated, rode home in auopen carriage, and found herself com pletely chilled: she had an attack of lung lever, and at the end of two years stated that she had never seen a well day since the night cl the party. A young lady was sitting In a warm room in her 'father’s house, and some friends called in a carriage; rather than pat them to the trouble of comiug in, as they merely wanted some item of Information, and had an Infant with them, she went to the gate to speak with them , U » ao snowing a little, and, be coming interested in some recital, she no ticed a chilly feeling passing over her. She i ever saw a well day afterward. Many excellent clergymen have had fatal attacks of pneumonia by {ailing to thron- a desk over their shoulders after the cxcUe mentof preaching in a cold room, or oot of doors. Lunff fevers arc common with music teach ers, who, after tbc excitement of walking to the residence of their pnpils, arc allowed to wait some moments in cold parlors, or, after £ivin£ a leason In a warm room, especially In vocal music, go out into a damp, raw wind. Clergymen and other public speakers bare c fen been prematurely laid aside by beine compclUd, after speaklcp, to nde several miles on horseback acainst a cold wind. An attack ot pneumonia w often occasioned by p,?uii;c into a public vehicle after having bc«n excited by walking, and being com- I cllid to sit in tbc draft of an open window, which seme selfish, inconsiderate clown had raised for bis own comfort, regardless of any consequences to others. To remain at rest in any position until a feeling of chilliness is induced, is suUlcient to bring on an attack of inflammation of the lung*, however vigorous and robust the per son may feel. Sitting still with damp feet, standing on the wet crass, keepU g on damp clothe* after having been engaged in exercise, are fre quent causes of lung fever. One great prin ciple, practical in its nature and easily un derstood, underlies all these eases: it is tbc getting chilled. This is the more easily brought about in proportion to the amount of exercise which was previously taken to the extent of Inducing a warmth of bodv above wbat is natural; the easy and uni versal preventive is, cool off very slowly after all form* of exercise in cold weather. If a delicate person goes to bed in a warm night, and the fire goes en tirely out, leaving the room thirty, forty o fifty degrees colder when rising, than at the hour ot retiring, a cold is a very certain re sult. ' DEATH IK DOOQS Multitudes of people have a great horror of going oat of doors for fear of Ukimr cold. Ifitls a little damp, or a little windy or a little cold, they wait- and wait and wait : meanwhile weeks, and ’ even months, pass away, and they never during that whole time, breathe a single breath of pure air. The re sult is. they become so enfeebled that their i constitutions have no power of resistance; the least thing in the world gives them a cold, even going from one room to another; and before they Know It they have a cold all the time, end tbis Is nothing more or less than consumption. Whereas, If an opposite practice had been followed of going out for an hour or two every day, regardless of the weather, so It is not actually falling rain a tcit different result would bare taken place. , Tbe truth is, the more a person is out or doors, the Icm easily docs be take cola. U is a widely‘Known fatt that persons who camp out every night, or sleep under a tree j for weeks together, seldom take cold at all. I Many of our ailments, and those of a moat I fatal form, sre taken. In the bonje, and not outot doors; taken by removing parts of J clothing too soonafimcomioglntotuehouse, I or lying down ou a bed or sofa when * a a I tired or exhausted condition from bavlngcn-1 caged too vigorously In domestic eranloy- 1 ments. Many a pie has cost an Industrious I man a hundred dollars. A human life has | many a lime paid for an apple dumpling. When our wives get to work they become so I interested In It that they find themselves In J an utterly exhausted condition; their ambl-1 tion to complete a thing, to do some work I well, sustains them until its completion, and I the moment it Is completed the mental I and physical condition, is one of ex* hauallon. when a breath -of air. will I give a cold to settle in the joints, to wake up next day with inflammatory rheumatism, or with a feeling of stiffness or soreness, as u they bad been pounded In bag. or a sore throat to worry and trouble them for mouths, or lung fever to put them In the grave In less I than a week. , . ‘ I Our wives should work by the day, “they work at all. and not by the job; It U[ more economical In the end to know how little they can do In an boor Instead of ranch, it is slow, steady, continuous labor which brings health and strength and a good digestion. Fitful labor is ruinous to all.— Bair* Journal of Health. Steles In and Oat of the Union* judge Curtis, of Massachusetts,.•wrote a campaign letter for the Copperheads, in which he argued thus: The United State* took np anas, and made this a tror for the sole puipo#e of restoring the supremacy of the Federal Constitution, «nd_be cause it could be done la no other.way;.and hav. toe done this, and the assorted right of tfe to secede having been put down by which undertook. to accede are not and umoi m pretended to be oat of the Union. Utwefor*, *»tlie ten Slates are mil in the Union, and of course entitled, unconditionally, to representation In Congress.” This argument la bald sophistry as can easily be shown by a little Inspection. Sap. pose the result of the war*utd been favorable to the rebels, would they then he In the Union? Ofcoune not, as they would have won their Independence. Then, in order to forfeit no political privi leges In the Union, It Is necessary lor them to be whipped on the field of battle; but if they should not be whipped,then they would lose all their rights In the Union. They must, therefore, lose to gain, and wlnto to Copperhead logic. A writer In reply to Curtis puts the matter In this light: . “Voar doctrine, then, Is plainly this: Stales of this Union may icbc* against the General Oovetn tutM. and war against ft ae lone as they like. If they ercccd, they win ibdr Independence. If they tall, they resume their places In tne Union, na* sLotn'ot their righU or ponep. ln olher wordJ, vbm any of onr Slates act tired of helping to cDTcm us, they may go to fighting ua ; and when ttty set tired oi fighting us, they may go back again tc governing us I . . “Such a thcoi y as ibis, nnder which States, m a wor aralnst the nation, wnu.d have everything to gain, and nothing to lose, would operate as a pre* ttitso lo rebellion It also ahlft* the whole non to the domain of physical force, where tha only ilk'ht that prevails Is the rlrtt of the stronger; bat with the singular anomaly, that this right of tho stronger is never ™ tide of the nation; but only on the side of the n belling Stairs. Whether a State has a right to abandon Its position as a governed community, that Is, throw off in allegiance lo tne Union, ts cnc cnieation, while its power to rellnqulfb Us rights as a governing body Is anolaer aud very dftcrcrt one* 100. Theqnrsllon, whether a state can secede fom the Umor,has plalti y a doable n’c;nln>*; ltd "y taking advantage ol this double nuanlri:. vonr parly has based Its wnoio consulo logic on a mere play upon words. Ti«c Fiecdmen’a Barc«u In Alubemtt We have received the report of MajorGen cral Waccr Swayne, Assistant Commissioner cf the Bureau of Refugees and Frccdmen, for the State of Alabama, from which we gather the following items of interest: The total number of rations issued in the State during the eleven months ending Sep tember SO, 1806, was 3,789,788, valued at $013,590.10. The net cost of schools sup ported by the Bureau has been an average of ninety-two cents for each month of tuition enjoyed by each scholar. The various amounts paid out were: Teachers, $3,777.30; Superintendents, $1,140.07; rent, construc tion and repairs, .$1,715.75; total, $0,033.02. There were, Incurring this expense, sixty eight teachers and.forty-thrce schools. The receipts of the Bureau were, $130,121.81; and disbursements, $120,805.77. In tbc hospitals, 3.801 were admitted, 2,879 discharged, 473 died, and 440 remaining. Fast Frelctu Lines. The “fast freight” business Is attracting the attention of railway stockholders, who can not understand why the managers of a road can't nurfast freight trains as well as out siders, and thereby save the owners of the road the twenty or thirty per cent extra charge on snch freights which now finds its way Into the pockets of speculators. The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad manages its own fast freight trains, and the Pennsylvania Cen tral is running a fast freight train at passen ger speed. Mr. John W. Garnett, President of the Baltimore & Ohio, testifies before tbc Oblo Senate Committee that: ** This company certainly disapproves the ar raegemerts commonly known as ‘ Fast Freight lines.' Experience has shown (hem lobe iejn nons to tie public, as they are certainly corrupt ing, daixeroce ai<d expensive to the railroad ccairanic* affording them faclMier. The advan tages to the commurity claimed for such organ!- rations caunot be as greet as well managed rail roads can supply, and onrut to supply, to the pub lic directly. Instead of to a class of middle men standing between them and the public. “Aa lurtb *r Illustrating our position, the ‘Ball!- note A Ohio lightning Express June’ is able to deliver freight ot tee higher classes from Baltimore to Cincinnati in thirty-two hours, aud irom PblU ■Ulpiia to Cincinnati in thirty-eight hours, being ni about one half the lime consumed by ‘Past Freight Lines’ between the cities named.” Many of these lines arc conducted by the nfilcersofthc roads, who thus pocket large yroiU which might and should go to stock holders alone. IZT Prussia made her late fourwecks’ cam* paipj gainst Austria and the petty German State?, jxry in a pecuniary as well as territo rial way. The campaign cost Prussia $42,000,000, for the reimbursement of which she has levied the following sums on her de feated enemies: Austria llavarla Mxonj Wuncm erp Batu-o Frankfort Hesse Darmstadt Total. Being the whole sum, and a round $14,000,000 of profit beside. When we In clude 45,000 square miles of territory an nexed, with a population of 4,000,000 there on, besides C. 000.000 reduced to vassalage to Prussia, it is not a bad snmmcr’a work for the winning side. NaaghtT Girls at a matinee* [From the New Yotk Bound Table.] A custom prevails In some European cities of qutetlv removing, r( et armts , persons who insist on disturbing the audience In the the atre or opera bouse with selfish and untimely uoise. If young ladies, or those who have the garb i( not the manners of sneb, con tinue to indulge at New York places of amusement in practices which can be de scribed by no milder terms, we really must urge that it will constitute a fit matter tor the Interference of the police. The nuisance is most conspicuous at the afternoon per formances, which the conductors think proper to call mariner*. Whether the absence of male companions it Is which leads young women to misconduct themselves in tills unseemly manner, we know not; but we know that It has now be came almost impossible to enjoy a day per formance, more especially of a musical char acter, at any theatre in town, because of the insntlciablc aud most Indelicate noise made by those who, If appearances are to be trust ed, ought surely to hare learned better man ners at home. What, with the giggling, the screaming and tbc bustle of these fair dis turbers, the auditorium is made more like a village school in an cproar than a temple of art where ladies and gentlemen are supposed to assemble to cpjoy the works of famous maulers: and wfial Is amusing as well as irri tating, the slightest mark of Impatience or reproval of their unreasonable aniics Is apt to be received very much as insulting pro posals may be supposed to be by an indig nant spinster. There is something very charming in the indications of good spirits, and the laughter of girls has been celebrated by Byron, as well as by older poets, as among the most melodi ouslv delightful of founds. But there Ist place for evervthlng, aud we go to theatres not to listen to the audience bntto the play ers. Habits sneb as these grow rapidly worse through being unchecked, and we arc not surprised to bear that intelligent foreigners are invariably doubtful of the character of ladles who commit themselves in a manner which, to their eyes,la so equivocal. Ills quite as Inconsistent with good breeding to spoil the pleasure of one's company In a Urge or public place as It Is in a small or private one, audit U surprising tbat so many who would be outiaged by a man's walking into their drawing-rooms with a cigar in his month and hL« bat on, should so repeatedly be guil ty of Infringements which are in no degree less Improper. We have heard a whole act ofa Uvorite opera positively spoiled by the rocket ofa bevy of pretty girls, while the poor patient men sat silently under the in fliction. unable or unwilling to venture a word of remonstrance. Surely thU absurd and unladylike habit should be pcrcraptorilT abated. It is not only disagreeable to all of the audience who do not jleid to It* tcmpatlons, but disre spectful ard peculiarly annoying to the arliata. California Slang* The San Francisco Builtlin criticlsesa re cent article on “ Slang,” in the London Be ring, for omitting to notice the racy idiom atic phrases of California. It says: *• That a country which so much vitality in slang as California, and has. as it were, crystallzed so many of Its pecu liarities into succinct and crisp expression, should be overlooked In tbis catalogue is offensive to the egotism of every citizen. A country wbicb has elevated slang to the dignity of geographical nomenclature; which rejoices In the pastoral village of * You Bet.* and Jhe modest hamlet of * One Horse Town,’ has certainly some claims on posterity- With what a vivid conception of the amiable gambling weaknesses of our pioneers will the future historian speculate upon the first of these euphonious titles. For, be it observed, California slang, unlike the illegitimate conventionalisms of other countries, has always some slgnlficantlocal derivation. Onr half-yearly droughts r:* expressed in the once popular t * tfry up,* as well as the acme of lllty and evaporated .,iS__v,rh arouud'cxhiblts that prev" ,n ip.^ u . , bespeaks rainy scaso** diluvial epochs. •Played out’ Li another reminiscence of the gambling table, and expressed vividly hopeless condition of affaire, In wblca even the operations of chance •To copper,’ or to * take one a pN«» ll f K \° l "S* to the gambling epoch of our while to ‘ take stock* In any statement, theory o r suggestion. at on M prod aim s»Qe erce of unsuspecting and Imbecile credo illy, which the history of the past few years makes doubly significant. To * climb down to anything Is Western otPike-CaUfornlan (Pike itself being derivaUve slang), and G perhaps the most graphic description of pain ftil and laborious retrogression; an act which involves all the energy and danger or i climbing without its ambition or hopcfal- I n^ of course there are many examples of California slang which stand solely ou-thcic own immediate and individual merits: sen*. 1 tences and epithets which have neither 1 conesptlon nor gestation, hoi which have wrung, like Minerva, fully armed from the 1 hraio of some Californian Jove. Get! as an intransitive verb seems to lack conaplctcneaa 1 and significance; hut as the abbreviated form of * Get up and get* it gives m a vivid picture of the transformation of Inertness tlo activity. ‘You get I’ and theappari tion ol a revolver pUccd at the bead ora midnight burglar; bet,’ and the dis appearance or the bead aa rented In the anecdotca, la a pure California Idyl. To be I ‘on* anything, expresses something more I than habit, an adapllblllty of the Individual to the habit, which no other term can ex press. Adjectives applied to Individuals are Sot aa original; • ewcet-eeented ’ J •ftw all oolv an Imitation ot ‘ ewllt-footed. for- I darting,*‘crest-tossing,* etc., of Greek liter ature.” JAIL DELIVERY. Six Women Escape From the County Jail—Serious Injury to One of the Party. ' About three o’clock yesterday morning the De puty Jailor at the Court House was aroused from bis slumber* by a rapping at hb door. It was at once ascertained that there bad been an eaca nado from the second floor of the Jail, and that It was only discovered at ihst tine tn come quence of an accident which happened to> 000 Sr the party, and nearly proved lata*. In the southeast comer of too Court .“I* oce flight ot stairs Iron the basement fioo.,twelve v omen have been held In confinement Six of these tinder the generalship ot Mary Ann Brennan, one of tneir number, conceived the 1c was a hazardous undertaking, but there la no risk so jeopardizing that Mary Ann Is for the em«n»ncy. It will be remembered that Mary Ann Is the same creature whose record In the line of stealing, her joilet. Ac ,w*a briefly reviewed a f«.w days ago when creation was also made of ner playing a htu;e ickc on a police officer who went with her I to a place where her sister dwelt, to get money to i par her fine; and bow she stole clothing at two different places white the officer was out of aunt Mary Ann is a woman of most futile By some means she obtained a knife, and It was con verted into a saw. A boUte of MoaPjrtls was expected from the outside, but li has been ascertained that the article did not ar rive In time. One of the Urge round Iron ba a which are securely fastened inMdethc jail win dows, was cut entirely -‘in two. and as smooth 1, u if It bad been a piece of pine board, -ome stout wrenching had jerked It one aide suf ficiently to allow a not too areal person to pass 'there was yet another obstacle—tut heavy sheet Iron shutters on the onlalde. By seine ecciitht dniOt ISese TM alresdy gone. U was necessary to remove two more. How il was done without assUtaice from beloJ with a ladder It Is Impoa.iDl- to stale; hut the ends were buret off al one sld<* and they were bent down. An cx lempor zed rope- consisting of sheets lien togeth er and securely tied to one of the rerunning Iron bars at the window, afforded a means or escape to those who were daring fnoa-h to attempt* It. If they fell. It would ho adlMance ofiwcnty feet, striking upoaahard reir-stone pavement. It must have been an ex ceedingly olfficnli operation for them to have passed through the narrow aperture they had cre ated. that through the shutters not exceeding trebt or ten Inches In width. Six of the women, all’ held upon charges of larceny, were dauntless enough to tmderta»e the escape. Their names are Mary Ana Brennan, Bridget Unnan, At* Towers, Maty Webster, Mary Howard and Ellen Donovan. The last three wfic to bave been sent yesterday to the PtnltenUarv, at Joliet, to stay various lengths of time, agreeable twthe terms of their sentence*. Bridget Larnao Is presumed to have been the last to male the attempt, and probably the most timid. She had scarcely got outside the window before she lost her hold of the twisted sheet, and fell heavily to the basement below. Her groans vety soon attracted the attention of thos: sail remaining tn tho 100 m. Their womanly sympa thies w< re greatly excited, hnt they were also deeply Interested In the sncicss or their more fortunate companions In crime, and so for several minutes ihey refrained from giving any alarm, walling until they thought those who had .-scapsd bad got to excellent start. After about fifteen or twenty minutes, the night watchman In tho hall was notified that Bridget had fa len ont of the window and was In great inner ins His astonishment at this revelation may be Imagined- Assistants were Immediately sent out wind the unfortunate girl. She was la extreme pain, and could scarcely move. Fortunately no bones were broken, but her braises and Internal Injuries were very severe. Bridget was committed from the Police Court only four or five days since for stealing & variety or articles from her late mistress, bhe did not deny the principal part of the larceny, hnt wished the court to write to cer tain prominent men in New York who would give her a good character and would tell where_sn«s 44 sprung from.” The last place she from” was the jail window, aod she will not have mnt b pleasure for some time in making any rctcr cnce to It. . . . Mary Ann Brennan, true to her instincts, song at tho quietude of the West Bide, and about noon yesterday eas seen emerging from the back door of a residence. In proprietor summarily de manded what aho was doing, and It was soon Lamed that snTbad taken (CO In morey. She woe taken to the Police Sta'lon, and there recog nized as lit* lady thief of the city. The others Lave cot yet been captured. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Proceedings In the Courts—^Wholesale Libel Snit—Alleged Insanity. Tie business of the coart* has well deb con cluded for tic year ISC3, and a* the closing 1 moment draws nigh tbe doing of business slack* j cns. ■ c Tbe business of tbe Circuit Court extended over r man? cases, but lu a majority of them tbe action * was but to continue tbe trial of causes upon tbe ( calendar to a fntnic day. _ . | Ibc matter of tbe attachment against Dyrtien- , Inttb. for violation ot an Injunction, as examined , s day or two since, was laid over until Monday , next. i A care of Join. V. I-eMoyne va. John Weinman, » action ot' a covet in' of lease of the basement icom of No. f« Wells strccL Verdict was for the plaintiff, and damages assessed 819231.40. , The following cases were dismissed: < Alepts Wolf vs. Frederick Becker. Appeal. ) William Nevcns vs. T. Q. Wmchelmati et at. , Appeal. i 'tnomai Mclean vs. John Clements. Appeal. Rudolph Jnlln-vs. Mark Campftell. Appeal. ' Jonathan K. Whitmore vs. Wil iam A. hrctaln ger ct a). Appeal. In the mailer of tbe petition of George Obem doif vs. Christian HammeMor a mechanic’s linn, tbe Court found for the plaintiff for 9670.90. Tbe decree is not yet filed. A default was rendered in tbe cause of John A. Vanßaaklrketal- vs. John McManus; assumpsit. The damage was assessed at The new suits to tbe Circuit Court were not many. Tbe list Includes, in assumpsit: Kilpbalrt W. Blstcbford et. al. vs. D. A. Fred* erlcK. Damages fi.(XO. Thomas C. Johnstone vs. George McWallcra. Damages 950’. . „ John and Herbert L. Baldwin vs. Joseph E. Moss. Damages (LOOU. v * At d an appeal of Francis Prenss ts. Louis D. Berwln, flora a judgment for (22.91 against de fendin' given by Arnold, Justice. A creditor's bill was filed by Erastui S. Wilcox vs. Jobn K. Pollard. The amount Involved is $6,158.10. The same plaintiff bronchi suit against A. J. Ambler on t dne bill for (IG7, dated Octo ber isth, 1882. The common law branch of the Superior Court (Gsrv, Judge) was Ic session yesterday. The case of CTtntonW.Sweet agatntlF.Wcisenrolher,an action of debt brought on a lease, submitted to the Court December 13th. last, was concluded by a finding for tbe plaintiff; debt 9210, damages (5.78. The case of James B. and Orson Lowe against Christian A. Stoner, which wa* on tri*l on batnr d.y,was given lotbcjnrylast evening. This 1s an action of trespass, tbe declaration charging that defendant donor Apnl last iwore out a war rant, by means of which he Induced the plalntma to make a deed of sal* of their entire stock in trade, amounting to about SI,OOO. On tbe next day tbe parties refused to ratify the sale, made as they claim, nndcr duress, when the defendant took possession of, and earned away tbe slock. On tbe part of defendant it is urged that be received the bill of sale to acquittance of an indebtedness. On a former trial of me case plaintiffs received a verdict with 9iAOO, bnt a new triad was granted on tbe ground that a tender of the relation of tbe notes delivered when the deed ot rale was made was cot shown. In tbe Superior Court a petition fora mechanic a lien was filed by John Schuster igalmt Raiser W. scovlll. The property affected is No. 490 North Dearborn itreet, the work done was plumbing and the amount alleged to be due Is (iXiU- Tbe following actions of assumpsit were com- I, tmneed; 1 Isaac M. Wolff ct al vs. William Dosenbcry, damages 95C0. t Joel Ellis ct als. vs. George Dorsey, Jobn Wall, Thomas Wall and James Brci.nan; damage. (2-JO . Marv Burroughs c-mfewed judgment tn favor of Simeon E. Terry for 9163. " An action of trespass on the case on libel, lu welch 925.CC0 are claimed as damage*, was Insti * tuted by bamntl Straus. Tbe defendants are multifarious. including twenty-seven persons, » prominent wholesale merchants of this city. They r are Max. A. Merer. Joseph Frank, Motes Lind- I helm. James B. Bowen A Brothers. George It. Whitman, 1.. B. Colby. Johns A. Kobo, * Martin Clajl-urch, Morris Emslets, Charles and 1 Salomon Stem. Moms A. Btnch. Oscar L. Amert s can. Jetta Sml'b, Aaron Cabn, Louis Wanpold, * Bernard Caht., uecry Rosenblatt. Solomon Price, g Moses Rel't'T. Mori'* Steon, Sl'reined SQegllU, Morris Jacobson and Solomon Gluck. The de* . duration »e not as y»-t furnished. > 1 r |, iii Career. who was a few days since ar -1 rested on the charge of subbing a fellow-diiaeo, r wns yesterday before Hradwcll and a jury, a in tb* County Court, on tbe allegation of toe on q sour dneas of bis mind. If ere was quite a con e test In the hearing. It reunited In a verdict of . *• jiae,” however, with tbe specification that he la . subject to fils of epilepsy. .. fj«,ooa,ono .. 12,0011,000 .. 7.P0U.000 ... a.snn,ix» ... *,400,000 ... *,400.000 .. 1,200,000 .. <56,200,000 POLICE MATTERS. Ihellay Before daitstmaa Imeug the Disorder lie*. On the records of the Police Court yesterday morning there were ninety-cine cases, all, with rare exceptions, betngeliherdntnkordltorderly, or both. Tbe following selection of Items f:oaj h general mase,U:Ough daß tndeed,weradedded v interesting, by contrast, to thoie who listened: Battle Adams bad bees out to a ball at Sunny* side on Sunday evening. When she returnee ebe stopped In a aalocn on Wells street to get warm, and as she gradually thawed out, the liquor drank at £nnsyaldc began to make her intoxicated again. She became noisy and a poUcezan arrested her. Fined 95. Charles Myere, keeointr a saloon on South Ctsrx street, contracted with a hacknau named > Charles Clair to brmc to his j lace two trail ere*, (ores named Belle Cation aid Satan Carr. The hoar was late— two o'clock, yesterday morning— bat the parry renaired to a pdraie apartment and became convivial over wine. While this was in prepress, a less amicable party gat Into a qttarre In the saloon, and Myers vras caned upon to qoell the disturbance. Be pulled off hi* coat tod “went in.'” The Incipient riot was quelled and the hackman drove away. _ A trr.-e minutes later Myers discovered tbar a'cbeci tar (CO on the Second National Bank, and-rbl* greenback, bad been abstraclea from bKXrr ul book which was in the c«at be had Wn H,? before the Police Court. n^- 0 c j •>., wttn«><M examination, each MSnan * P T “‘ , « «* ihfOWtng PJUrMU Costello, a colored man, wts golnr -cine bom church on Sunday night, when it o> curred to him thatbe woald call at the dwellin'* of Enstl- Ferris, of similar complexion, and net some clean shirt*, which had been left tabs i washed, that he mirht make a more presentable appearance on Christmas. It was about eWen o'clock when Eos:!* was awakened by a load : tapping at the door. It was somewhat exu> rcrallnclo w alk the cold floor in the dark, and t nly find a man who wanted his dean sblrti, and he rrplteo 10 CoeieHo’i rotld request by a stun ning blow, which sent an eye into chancery very * need Jr. Ferris was ai rested and fined $5. Or fc'alarday debt Mrs. Elizabeth Monroe, residing at No. JC£ South Clinton street, wu tho rednlent of a benefit which aha said her menu had “i sited’ 1 for her. U«u a eery An* P*«7 Indeed. A watch was rallied mr and therein was the benefit. John Monahan was cashier, hu da ties consisting (as he told the Conrt in a Camilla.* navhiu receiving money trom every man that cave It <o him. Ibere »as* a liberal attendance, and even litre passed serenely until the arrival of June* Martin, «u employee of Ue Plltabarch > Fort Wayne Itailroad Comscny. James iaid he was invited to drink. The'first n,i rp he knew some one struck him.' He “made” for that some one Five or aix others struck M<n. He was chased into tbs street and some more people struck him. Mrs. Marram Hickey was there. Streand several other lair ladies told a different tale about James. Ue i bad a pocket krlfe with two blades-both open, I With this formidable weapon, the Hickey was 1 stabbed Is th- arm, and two Of three others re

ceived some slight damage. James, tber said. I was dmnk when te cam*, and Quarreled with one | of the girls who was 100 “sweet 11 oußimey smith. He would have his revenue, and be took the fir-t installment by ailing Smith a singular complica tion of vile names. Smith told him to dose bis month, or ha woaid “dirty his collar 11 for him. Afer promiscuously stabbing several of the party, as bclore mentioned. Marlin beat a baa«y ictrciL He was subsequently ar reted. At the Police Court be was committed for trial upon the charge of an assault, with intent to do bodily Injury, In bail of S3OO. Daniel Quill frequents the saloon of Jerry Poley, on Archer road, and Jerry’s suspicions have been very sti one tbal Daniel was unduly Intonate with Mrs. Foley. On Sunday evening bis proof be came olsagreeably positive. What he »w with hu* own mortal eye* at once determine! his course. Ue caused Quill to be arrested, and yes terday mornlcghe (Jerry) endeavored to procan from Justice MilHken a bill of divorce from Mrs Fi olcj. Quill was fined f to. „ „ At aUtebonr on bandar night James Mon* knocked at the door of one Jolm Dojrgln. rcsld ioc ou tbe West Side; Dnggin opened the door and recognising In James an ancient *otAConl» U knocked him down, or, as James expressed it— “tackledhim up.” Ibis conduct eventuated to a row. and James waa subsequently arrested. After bcanng too leaUmont he waa porjiitted to qneauon the witness. Ihe followm*slngalar &U aJocuc ensued : “ Hare ye any haired oT me J Do ye nako anything oil of me whilst am In Jail I" “No.” “Bo yc steal anythire from J me while I am in Jill. A* coorre not.” Alter this Jack Bonshy* Ukc colloquy, James explained to tne ConTtibal his wife bad been dead some time, leaving him to manage the property; be believed he would sell out. He was toed *5. Elisa Scott, a Tarrant whose appearance In Court Is always looked for as roon as the has rot clear of the Bridewell waa foond Intoxicated on liindeatieet. Fined f 25. i Two colored men named Joseph Wilson and | Clybonrne Matthews. cot Into a drunken njtot oa SnudaTnlcntatarsloon. James Harris JJfS* to ” wllh a billiard cne and hit Joseph tiemcnd ou! It on tne bead. The cne was broken, bnt the head eas scarcely braised. Tbe three men were artsei. Fined s3each. William Banet became somewhat oblivious in bis mind on Saturday nlfiht reratdlnr the nrhte of people in property. Ho had taken a few drinks, and Christmas was near at hand. From the two Ideas be developed a toird-toat posses* son constituted ownership. Wilh a view ’ me the new plan be placed himself top®?****”® of tv o rarity* which had belonged I pant of a store at No. SIS Clark street. They very ihortly missed. The owner catmted toe I turkeys and Immediately aaw that there hid been toil play. Banet waa pawned ud ar rested. It was in rain that be pro eented hit theory on the eahjoct, and the more sabntnlial tacts that be had ■ wife and six children and no money—not a stamp—-u a cent could bn\ America be conldn l touch It. He was fined $5 and sentenced to twenty days at the Bridewell. James Bums and Michael Geary, two young lad?, ttole the sum of $2.25 from a saloon keeper on fcorth Wells street. John Carl, anoiner naughtr boy, residing on Pierson street, stole a ttetfficus a little boy four or five years old, and sficmards lied about It. The three youths were held for cxan-ltauon before toe commissioner of the Eefoon School. BIVOUCES. A Wife Come* Into Coart and Acknowl edge* Her Adulterous Acts—A BUI A»kcd on the (• rounds •of Adultery. The last divorce rendered by the Superior Court 1> a peculiar one. The case la that of WATBAJt a. vs. KUEABETH W. FQXVK. The bill was filed Jnne 27th last, three months and three days subsequent to tbe marrlaue ol the parties, the defendant bavins changed her name from Fox to Frank on the 21th of the preceding March. The bill alleged cruelty extreme aad re peated on the part of the defendant during the brief interval ot their joint existence, and It fur ther showed “that since and during said mar riage, bis said wife has been gulltr of adultery and fornication and has committed the crime of adultery and fornication with some manor men to vonr petitioner unknown, etc." The defendant etablished her own character iu reference to ch 19- luyby tbe following answer, to wit: "that she admits all and singular tbe matters and Ullage ana allegations stated and charged in said bill of I complaint filed In this cause to be trne in sub- I stance and fact, and further austveroib not, etc Signed Elizabeth W. Frank.” Independent of I the proof by this confession on the part of the wife, the Court very prop eriy adjudged a decree, . for a woman who would, by her own act, place upon the pub lic records of a judicial ulbnoal the acknowledg ment of her want of virtue, cooli not, and should nor, be allowed to marry, or remain married. to one. even so I: be were 8* mean os she hersslf. In Ihejsamc Court there was, yesterday, filed a LUI for rlrorce, by „ _____ cathouxs vs. jmn n. diplT. Tbe wife alleged, m her petition, that she was roamed to tbe respondent m Chicago on the 12th oayofOstobcr.lStij, since which tunc abe bad demeaned ber-eif as an aflecUonaw wife should, notwithstanding she charges that be, on Wodaes* dav last at a bouse of ill-fame, on State street, woSftted adSte? with some lewd woman. The bill Siopmys an injunction to restrain the hus band from luierfo-mc with a qnaymi or bouse * old roods, which complainant claims to be hew ot btr own light. In th - . bouse No. 12d Brunswick street. of this cl.v. Gift Concerts Again. ZjlsxsTTIXS, Ohio. December 20,1364. Young Men's Christian Association: I see by the papers that Bryan, Rosbrook * Co. are color lo donate $3,000 to the poor, through your Association. 1 wish to be Informed if there has been a'Togtpouemenl or withdrawal of the Union National Gin Concert, and If you reed red the money. Please Icime hear from yon. Respectfully, A. N. Tsnsr, See, Edltora-Trlbune: Wc have juft received .Ihe above ie'ter from Zasesxllle, Ohio. It Is evident from IhH, and otter letters of a cimlbr nature, which we have received recently, that many from the country and neigboottas; towns are iuvo.tiog in Gift Concerts tan Jittery Enterprises, tbinktug thnl the} have our endors* ment the proprietors of these en terprises have taken the liberty to advertise that a certain amount should be given In aid of our work, without the consent of the Association, aud we take thU opportunity of saying that we utterly disclaim having anythin? to 00 with these enter rriscs, lr the future, as In the past. CbiCAco Yolsg Men s emus. Asso'ir. [We give the above a place lo our columns Id 'nstice to the Young Men's Christian Aesoclitlon, not because we consider that the public will bo advantaged thereby. Were we to publish all the letters which come to hand'in reference to gift concert swindles we should oPen fill columns wiih them J Ddosc or x Fmnraa.—Flaca were at half* oiaet over the various engine houses of the city yesterday, In coneequcLce of the death, oa Satur day mrn.lng, ol William Dorsey, flrc>oan ol the Meaner ‘'lsland His laacral took place afternoon. resterdij FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL AXONItTARY. Moxoat Evzroro, December *L Tbe following shows tbe business of the Sub- Treasury, In this city, for tbe week ending De cember 15: Customs Internal Revenue. Miscellaneous.... Total ..‘ PianCßS EMStTB. Special warrants... Disbursing officers Coin.... Currency Total Last week. There was an Increased degree of activity in circles to-day, owing mostly to the fact that all notes maturing to-morrow had to be pro tested to-day, tbns crowding two days' business mto one. Tec Money market presents no new feature*. The stringency whteh was bo apparent at the dose of last week still continues, and. stows not the least sign of "letting op.' Paper is narrowly scrutinised, and none save what ts “ doable gtlt-edged’' find any favor. There is no change tn the bank rate. In the open market good outside paper is taken at IK&S per cent per month. There was quite a scarcity of Exchange fo-day, and the market was firm, with sales between banks at 23 cent* premium. Some of tbe banka we*c compelled to ship currency to keep up balances, which are reported to be light. The connter rates were steady at par buying, and 1-10 premium sell- tng. Flour «u qaiet and unchanged. Wheat ad* vanced 2©3c. Corn opened dull and lower, bat r»;U. d, and dosed miner strong. Oats were doll and 2c lower. Bye advanced ic. Earley was la better request and firmer. Provisions were qaiet, but firm. Dressed Hogs dedinedaboatSSe at the -close. Wool was dnlL Groceries were qaiet. Gold was a shade caster In New York to4ay. It opened at 13S*4, advanced to 1335, and dosed aIISSH- The following quotations were rec«vtd by Boyd Bros., cold awl stock brokers; ....13RU liliTOa.m .13814 lW45a. m 2S3Vv 11:45 a. m 151* \u& a 153* I X«uo xn. : 13* lusa.m i*s|W:«p.m 133* Here the brokers were buying at 1813181—the inside figure Ud at tae close. Over the counter there was a more active demand, and sale* were made at ISSHttIH* Silver was nominal at 125 ©125. Govenimcnla were lower in 3few York On the first call the Long Sixes de clined is- Five-Twenties of ’62 an 1 *Gt were H Jower. Tbe'O'a fell *»• Tet-PorUei depred i aied Is. Seven-Thlnies were nuchsnced. Thors. Pri. Sat. Mon. Sixes of’il «H 4 lU* 11014 Uj* Five-Tweatlcs, *W W3f» l-O* 105* 10IV pive-Twcnoesl ’O 1(0* l«j* I£* 103 Ten-Forties 99* 9934 Wv 99* Seveo*Tbirties,*Aus.... i(M v 105 10«£. IW5£ Scven-Thlrtiea. Juae....HW»4 M 5 10*54 W Seven-TOlrUes, Jaly 10154 105 10154 1M54 Here the market was doll acd lower. Wr quote: . ooiuisinT e SCCUBIXZZS—CHICAGO ItIKKTT. Baying. Selling. C. S. Slice of ISSI 15054 110* Us. 5-50*. 1962 U. S. 5-Sfs, 19M IW*6 U. S. 5-20*. 1905 IWJt D. S. MCs (email) 10IJ* 4105 gm, U. S. JlMOa (Urge) » ...T* D. S. 10-40 i (email) mWk 3M5£ U.»S. 7-50 i, lei eerie* ......... 10i* Utw O.S.T-OOsM •crig>. 01* 10lJ£ E* 1* rSSS’# 3 *-***) IWH U S. one, 1664 116 Com®*" July, is« 115(4 A nr., 1M US *• Oe- M 1904 .114 “ Dec, ISC4 US “ Sitj,l96S *-..1114 •* Ang-1605 110 “ SepL, 1965 .109* “ 0dL.1965..... ..109 The Second National Bank quotes the Public Fonda aafollows: ES9 Coupon*, JSBI UOH June Comp., 15M..118 6- Coupon*, Jnlr ** *• ..113)4 ]«ee.....iMJiOlosK An« “ “ ..115 5.20 Coupon*. Oct “ “ ..1M •ma 11.... JM ©IDS Dec - “ “ :.iw 10*40 Coup., amall.lOix An g “ “..110 7- larsre.. U4VS Sept “ “ ..IWV4 7*3o, nsaT)... IMV% Oct “ “ ..103 Tfeen la nothing doing in X<ocal Securities, Cock County’s art freely offered, bat there U no demand. W« nominally quote a» follows; tfnytng. Sexilag. Chicago City Serena. g *22 Coos County bcrem £» g* Chamber of Commerce » _ ** -Ike debt of the State of Michigan on Decem Bcncwal loan bonds, C’», one Jaa.i, oj^ooaOO Two minion loan bonds, Ts, Jan. 1, oy^gvino Two million’loan Jan. 1, loan bonds, IPs, Jaa-1, Warhonntyhooda, • 6,QQe May 1,1993 Adjusted bonds, past due vy •* 19 ( Jl-2i,(X 0 of unrecognized flvomUUmi loan bonds, past due, and adjust able at Total bonded debt....... Deduct debt of Jan. J, ISSI .. Total bonded debt. Deduct debt of Jan. \ ISSI. Showlnpnet Increase of bonded debt dating pa*t *l* yeara fLsJ»i,ora.4o _ jbe new York CommmHcJ .IdrmUcr ob- Fotrlgn exchange is agsln weaker. T^J^okau ample Jmpplyof prime bills" on 018 “Jf?®** bet a moderate amount of the lower At nrwcnl the supply appears to consist largely of bankets' acceptances drawn against of cotton. Prime bankers' sixty days bills are offered at KB, from first bands, but lOsS repre senu the majority of transactions. —The iillwaukee Sentinel of to-day says: The money market has exhibited no pwticu lar chance. there being an amnle supply of cur rency for all purely commercial wauls, and the hanks being In a eery good situation seem Inclln- StooSllSl propeftoemties that merchants totoePredoee paper U at this season almost out of market, and as it la »o*j®£ ® f ft{ jear. new operations are not undertaken, tne aavenl rule being rather to close up old business Ann. and the quotations Imre not varied since our last weekly review—H discount to par buying, and 4 to U Pranlnm dealing with each otber, the banka allow ooc v* premium. coamsßCUb. Moxdat Enarao, December 24,1336. , The foUowtaff übles fhow the receipts tod ship menu of Produce during the P«t forty-eight .. SMI .. ,7.000 .. 30.678 .... I ... 16,774 .... I .. 1890 ... 6,183 ... 03,006 .. 16,605 ... 3i,M3 ... TO ... SM33 ... 15,881 ... 19.011 i ... 7,631 .... I ... 5,782 ..., 231 06,107 230 1,130 100 Floor, torla Wheat, ho Corn, ton Oat«, too Rye, too Barley, t 00........ Grai) i'ted, »*...• Broom Com, ©#»•• Cured Meat,®*--* Pock, torls larrt. Tallow, tts Hotter, tbs Dressed Hoes, No. l.t?e Eoes,No. . . cattle. No Hides, lbs Blgbwlnes, torn... Wool, lbs Lumber, m Shingle*. m emrxcm »m«aiT.*ioirt noom. iB6O. IJja. VII w»0?i Flour, brts. Wheat, bn. Cere, bn... daw, bn Ityc, bn Barley, bo., Crass Broom Com, Tbe C'in-.d Meals, Bb. Bvef, brU Fori, bila lard, lbs Tallow, Its Butter, Be Dressed Hess, No. Live Docs, N 0.... Cattle, No tildes, lbs Illgbwlne*, bils. Wool, lbs . l.rmltcr, M Shingles, N 0.... Latb, pea ball, brie Provisions were again quiet, but there was a “ steadier and firmer fecllus than was manifest on Saturday. Mess Pork wua quiet, bat firmly held, C with sales of 1,060 brls at $16.00 cash. A email lot £ of M. O. Pork sold at SIB.OO. There was ■ slight inquiry for Extra Prime Pork, with sales of 209 J brls at $13.00 each, and seller $14.00. Green n Meats wei o qutet. with sales of Shoulders at OH 6 * £ and Dams cash, fiom Dressed Dogs. A lot of 5,000 pcs Shoulders, from Dressed Dogs, a sold at 6Hc seller January. Bulk Meats were "nil, f with sales ot 10,000 lbs Shoulders at Tc, packed. 1 lard was firm, with sales of 300 tea Prime Steam ( aillHccasb. A email lot of Country Kettle sold ( at lie. Grcaae’was quiet at BJ4C for Yellow. 1 Dressed Bogs opened rather slow, and an effort 1 was made to force a decline of abont 23c, but such | was only partially accomplished. At the close j the Now York despatches eamo In annoanclng 1 lower figures, which caused a very unsettled feel ing. The sales tanged from $3.C0@7.00, mostly at $6.73(26.00— closing unsettled with few buyers at $8.60®6. *5 dividing on 200 S>s and $0.73 far good average. Whisker was unsalable and nominal at s3lSk6 2.50 for Free. There Is no inquiry for Bonded, and it is Impossible to give quotations. Flour was quiet and prices were unchanged, with sales of some 1,600 brls st $13.75®12.00 for White Winters; $ll.OO for Bed Winters ; $0.50® 12X0 fbr Spring Extras; $5.2T®3.50 for Spring < Supers and $8.25 for Buckwheat. There was a fair milling demand for No. 1 Spring Wheat, and the market was 203 c be'ter. No. 9 Spring opened tame and the market de clined lK®Sc, bn' subsequently a reaction set in, and pilcc* rallied 3H®4c-clostng tolerably firm. Ileiectcd was quiet. Wo note sales 0f45.01"J hn at s2.”lC(Ja2.l2lic for No. 1 in B. I.; $2.0802.09 for do regular; SI.SI®I.FS for No. Sand SIJ»O©I.M for Rejected—clo.-lag at Jio3®2.C3 for No. 1 and ?1.8;h£1-£3 fot No. 2 in regular bouses. Corn opened utc, and a decline of tully 1c look place, hut under more favorable ftdocee from New York, the market tallied 1® UJc. The rales footnp6B,ooo boat 74jJ®7Cc f-r No. 1 and 32®Wc for New Shelled—closing at 7S-n®T6c for No. 1. Oat were dull acd l v e market declined Ic, with «aU*s at 89>4®40c for No. 2 and 36c for Rejected. At the close holders were firmer, asking 40c for No. 2, with buyers at 39£e. Rye was ic Higher, with sales it 69290 c for No. t 1, rndS4Sssc for No. 2. ' Harley was more active and firm, with sales at 63®66c for No. 2; 45® ICc for Reacted and 73c® SI.I?H for sample lot*. 1 CoopersgJ vas steady and firm, with sales si 1 s‘.Bs@!.£Kl for Pork Banehr. Lard Ttertea ate [ quoted at J 3 1002J30. ! Groceries are quiet and unebanred. 1 The following telegrams were read on’Change * to-day: New VoitK, December 21. Receipts of Flour light, and market firm at * s9.oSau.Bo. Wheat steady at $2.20®2.13. Corn 7 inactive and firm at sl.lO in *torc~ Oats heavy at - fi3a63c. Pork heavy at sl9 314- Lard quiet, s Dogs lower at fS.nsjos.3O Gold, lilt*. S IXTSU. Flour stronger at $*».00®11.85. Wheat firm. Cora salable it $1.12 In store. Oatsdn’l Pork firm. Uidfteadyj Old. 19?*c: New, 12MC. Dogs lower; sales at $7.5C®7.T3, with 12,0X1 heal re ceived. CHUiwntts nar. To-morrow (Tuesday) being Christmas Day. there will be no session on 'Change. The Batiks will be closed. LATEB. In the afternoon lha Grain markets were qnM * at ptices a shade better than at the dose of ’Change. No. 3 Spring was l@l<ic higher— doelrg tip strong with buyers at f 1.564 for Recti* lar. Corn was firmer at Provisions wete firm but quiet. Hess Pork sold to the ox* tentofSOObtls at f 13.50, cash. Lard was In re* quest at li«£c tor Settled—with sellers at 12c. Steam was nominal at lltfc for good brands. Tbcie was nothing domg Id Green or Balk Heats. A lot cf 80 tea White Gitase sold at 9SC. Beef Cattle were quiet and nomiml at about Sato- day’s rates. Prices range at 5i.5035.6314. The market for Live Bogs waa fairly active and firm at 55.35ft6.35. The yards wete well cleared at iho above range. .( 3,030.00 387 A 0 . 581.92 9W69.42 .9 47,91143 . 6,930-47 .f 54,711.95 .9960.190.70 . 51*5,075.09 .$*64,273.33 .$914,747.0 SAGINAW SALT. Amount manufactured Is 1866. We are Indebted to the Saginaw KnUrvruf lar tbe following i-utemcnt of tba «alt business of lbe Valley for tbe put year: Kiruvui. Mart* O. V. Salt works. O. A. Ballon. F. A- Raiser. nasoo*. M7T Ttylor* Moolihro... BeckvltltA sun-lalr.. Lear, BradfleM & Co- Hcy»toae tait tad Loaber Cc UJM 1,300 'Mcorr, Smltti *Co aotroa .... uiano. C. C. Fllshneb US 13« 9 FttkAClart lAM .... 8 Chicago and Milwaukee Salt Co.. 33*7 .... U W. S. Tilimio. not run Q.P.Parmalee no*ran BAT CUT. K.B.Br*diev 7,0 r soa ]> Samuel PUU A Cc 7.«0 430 9 T.Dojw VS 400 U BaltbAHart 5373 .... 8 Bay ciry MaautaettulugCo.. ~3«> ill U Itolion A Walker 8.W7 .... 9 Hill A Van Ellen 430 .... 9 Lower Saploaw Co WM .... 8 Boren Sait Co W* .... IS Atlantic gall Co. 8.00 130 11 Fowler A'incker - LOCO .... U puiisaui’in. A. BteresaACo 4,70 739 IB Portsmouth Balt Co 110 .. S New York Salt Co 8.719 .. 7 Hayden Salt Co 1300 .. 6 ztLwacsn. Western Salt Cc SO3OP TOO 39 New York A Etcinaw Solar Salt Co UTS s|too 55 Mrchlnn Salt Co WOO KO - U CMWBBtXTI. Oneida Salt Co 9fiOi 90 10 canoiXToa. Oran** County Salrco.. UOO .. & Saimaw Valley Salt to USD 600 1C Chicago Salt Worts it3M .. is Centre Salt Co MW .. IS Carrollton MUI Salt Worti 14300 MO 90 Gilbert ACo not ton .. nouxci. Chicago Salt A Lumber Co 5930 1300 <s zasraaotsaw. Ea*lßa*lnaw Salt Manufacturing Co. IT.. IT. 23.000 L7SO IS J. F. Seat* ACo U 3« E» 19 aaootawczTT. E. Brtrc* *315 803 10 ibaetnAVan Way U» 1.400 IS D tf.wuitner 6300 .. 10 Made. Sefcmld A SHU »» * Barnard A Binder. Ug « Green A Hardin* JSS a Heather A A1’1acn,.............j. • 32™ Cg i Forest VaUcy Salt 3 Lumber CoTT WOO 75 U Co. WOO .. jo Wt» .. 6 y'JVcuiler 4.000 « s Alien A Southerlscd. eoo eoo 4 Flatter **ort 8300 9300 « M«inaSaltCo Satina Salt Co 10. *l3 .. 13 BOSA TOT A. Xtw England Salt Works. 8300 AV 19 TterjJuwAsan. Wayne Co. Salt Mannlkcturln*Co. 10358 ICO 19 CAiS KITZX. Albany City halt Company 9,139 .. IP Cot don, fenny A Co 6W .. 8 sxmo non. Union Sal* Worts. 1300 800 S Total- 410.144 23,431 695 ooxfAXATTTX sxATnawr. _ Brls. Salt made In Wffl , <3OO Sa-tmadetnlSSl IZS.CCO Salt made It l«a «Vfl> Salt made In 180. 465^X4 Bait made In 1964 273.1T3 Salt made la ISO 1931 Salt made la 1960 411,141 Baltimore Pmlslen Unmet—December3l. Packm bare not yet ctmaencod operatives, and the trade oolr buy to rappir ttetr Immediate warns. EtoeatUhtotall drscilpilous. Pork—Small sates of meas bar* been effected at (SAO9SXOO p brl. Lard— City and Wotcn- bm bare bronchi tuts wc In a small way. No inquiry for round lota. Bolt Meata—A tale ofil cafks tew aboulders waa maae at lbs opening ofttte week it 9>*c. Nomoreaeat la bami or tided curie pobllc. Bacon—Sotar-cntjd h»mJ b«Te move* oareneclj, noting uom only faa~T Waau comsuicdlsz Us* culde tlrurvi. &U3all:r» ■al ■ldea bronsbt l?*l3c tor old anl new. but triiuactioaa bare been Tei7>fct>b tfeeda in Baltimore—December 91. Flaxseed hat farther declined tbs putt west, the prln. ipaltalmbeusal liWjl-SD. Tlmolbr* ocsn-clecud.and ou« nominal at JS-50. Clover cpen*d with tales o( prime at (9.5, bat bat alnre ruled UVabc per bushel lower. CBICAnO CATTL.B JIAttKKT. . Omn or xn* dncaoo Tetscsx.l UoiUT Evdiaa, Dccemtter 21, 1564. > BEEF CATTLE—The market vu qalet sad no ml* all. XberewuaUberalsapnlr of stock in the peas but rtry little that waaoetirable. The attendance was tight, and, wilt tbe exception of a ter small lots taken for city slaogbter. nothing vu accomplished tn the way ol rales. Iho market may be quoted, nominal at 93 soe 6.Q# tor interior to choice grades. HOGS—There was atalr demand for u»U day laths week, and the jard* were tolerably well dcarai at prices well op to the Seeing late* of ua week. Pack era V ere about the only purchasers, city batcaera a tew lots only. We note the following rales tcxlay: eoo sales to-dat. No. At. Pries. Beed A Sberwln bought “ Sj E«d A eberwln boaebt. Jf 2a alia Reed A Sherwin boogbt. » l . 2 Beed A Sberwln bought. *1 S Sw g |S iSSS *f. to K«d . a M m }-B KeenanAF.toShaw ACp •• S I* Keenan A F. to Shaw a Co IN r>s Keenan AF. to Beed AS. - « *>• AW Keenan A F. to Shaw ACo 2i| f-S Kent A Co. boogbt 55 2} tS Kent A Co. boogbt. M *♦* f*J Kent A Co. bought. *-90 K«nl 4 Co. bougt;.. Turner booc&t Tamer boagbt—...... SHKEP—There wa* a fair demand to-day on local ac count, nut under the large enpply price* aro lower, me demand U chiefly tot good Wealern gracen; otlief deatrlptlon* are almoat neglected, me toUawlng were the principal aalet: '' Ko. At. Price. Cooorer a Hall to Teegarden .*» a »SJn Keenan AF. to Wall » M ».» O'Ertea bouebt. TO 9. 1M Tecgabdau bought 9* ® S* B ® CHICAGO DAI GY MAttKCT, All taltt r>f Grain reported <n UU market report are mode on Ue baelt t>f winter <tc) Uorafff, unit** " MoSDiTErxxcra. December 34,196*. FRElGHT*—Baiixoad rwwnro-Ttft lolli#- Ijj. joiDiurtff od Ute Euicra roads ; Bates trom CtlcaffO to— class. clik. Floor. Rogi. Bnfialo. N.Y ® g)f % « Tor?LW.C.F ® ** » Mo&tK«i.«£. B }5 * Iqq iso .AlbanrTN* T* }>*J 9tY 1.10 Stf tort.. ... lsj f * .gu j >so Bo* ton and AP>*B£... 1A m •90 151 Botton vfciUriadTmcX...... VT » } g Jg BotUsndrta Grand Trank.... J ” jS J-.,, BbilidelpLii VJ4 <£ I*7o i'sj Baltimore ••• H| S ,2» ,$ PUt»bc©rt> l OR ® 1 m 1 aevelila. 0b10... 2 o * S » jfftwmTWv, g S S 7 uwitßituol* ( J a U m d br*j; shipped. 8.7« brto. SS22. t ulet and unchanged. bales were: Wcrre 1 btU“S»U«” WiTtcw , *t $11X0: skejso Extras— l® brU M Mnrpln* ’ ?..NX” at IlLDO;JOJ brll -Dalcr's Advance' - it I *11.00; I® brlt "Hampton” il |IO.TS;JCO brts“siar mad Crescent" at |IDJO; 300 brls not nnsed atflJ.7s; , 100 brls do atflOiO: SODbrHat $102; 100 brl« at #?.M; . artcro Smxs—&bruats£.lo; S 3 brU atF^S. I WHEAT—KeceUrd. 7.000 bo; shipped, ICJSI ha. 1 No.lbprliitradTanced J£3c. No.J opened doll and ■ declined Ifci&c, bat subsequently rallied Siftjle—clos- I Inc tolerably strong, tiles were: NO ba No. lit l mj* ; <; S» ba do it t'4 Id, (B. 1.) ; I <Cobodoatf3.C9;lU»>bo do»i 12/9 reraur; 5.<00 ba No. Sal |l>C ; 5,0«) ba do it fI.S; 15,030 bn do it 51.93 U ;SOO bn do it 11.34 ;*0 Da do St *1 nv:3.®ol» 0 itllAl;<ooba Rejected at|lAl; -fcW ba do at |IA4; j UlO be do it \ IJCO ba do it f IJO-cloilnx at«J.» <ar fB fi.p tl.SUjftl.Ss IQr rC2i>'or. ~UOKN—RwelTeJ.W,st!i'n: naippeuilf ba. M»r --x • Let opened danlttfi^ia^fo^yicrbai'VabMQßoiur rallied u* me. Ealw were: U.toO on No. 1 alls: : 10.000 bn do atlVic; 10.000 bu do at »s\c; 2.000 On do «t TJLc; 5,000 bu do at 15c: 10,000 bn do al. I*c; a» bu new atSc u4OO bo do at 53e; 5.0J0 bo do oa tract at ' Me ; claslnc at fcr No- 1 in » , ore. i o \T!*—Rweltwi Kslll bn; a. 720 bn. ilaf* ttr coll and folly ic lower. Sales wen , 2.MJ bn Xo- 2 ■ -t «. v • bn do at 3Jtfc; iOOO bo do at 3JUc; 6(0 bn r*j«rted at 5Gc-fIo?ln5 at lor So. 2. **YK-Uccelvcd, bu; shppwMtf/ 3,720 4,977 2 53 1,250 50.SJT .590,520 . 131 . 1.533 .119.172 . 60,779 .. 24.081 . VtEI 512 . 1,517 .112,055 keumtet Mil about 1c better. tan* were: IN bn .So. lat Wc: 100 bn do at -JVC; 1.300 bn at ;WObn on track at?"«-; 400 bu2*o. 2at ST>c; UN on do at O\Kl.EY—KiCilvcd k 6,l3Jbu; *Wppe.», a,352ba Market Hi m. with rather more doles. SWea were. 400 bn So. 2at 66c; SAX) bn do at Ce; 400 bn do at 1 6ic 400 bo do at 60c; 400 bn Rejected at l '«; t.IW tra <lo at 4Sc; 410 baby aample at *II2K; 400ba &t*UO; 400ba aV 11.(5; 4U) boat*l.oo; H»baat 3c. BRAN—Market quietandiijraloal at 113.00. BROOM COItN-TLe niarkel l«aul«t. Common radca are plenty aiul rlow at jIOO.OOiUiO.OO. trx>i to . 11,600 .. 5 <0 .231,003 . 1,000 . 1.196 rraoct arr ntrmj uu nu« •• «inhiw»wM> •»» smu«. is rrra at t175.0-\jiohoo ud extra Hurl U i Held at MfO.CO. t IIISAN**—Are retailing at { V bo. HMOOwS— Arcqulet. tteqnuW: ' Common, V doz H*s£*vfi ] Good .. .... 2.7X»1.tfl ; BUTTEK-UecelTed. 19.011 Bf: shipped. lUF» Bi. < riie market present# itie earn- ee-.eral leatura as noted In our previous report*. There Is a c*od healtay d<s mand wr choice roll Butter, ami the receipt* ol such arc icadlly alaofDed at talr rates; prne» ranging at vlth an occasional sale at Shamc lor a fancy tackace. For common firkin grades me market ex* nititULoeaseotlal Improvement. There li a largesar. plus In store, with scarcely any Inquiry, either for shipment, or of a speculative character, sale* to-day Include 10 pfcgs prime atSSc; sdo at 27c. We quote; I'tolrc Dairy *• ©" * »•* ©2l c Common Fltkln •• 1* t*2o c Prime Firkin « IIA IJtJINCJ—The market for cotton gjods exhibits a imie more life, ana a better feeling obtain*, with prices firmer. The stocks are by no means large, though perbapa adequate to meet toe demand. UorliM and Ouunlea are quiet and itesAT at the do* clmenotedjesierda». Weeontlnne to quote: National a. 31m,seamless Unca f*;.M U-ion A, 3 bo, do Illinois A.2ba, <lo ®-®* Corn Stark A. cotton scamlcif Uwl'tonA, do TbW Atdrotccggln, do American. do 2,-S Beaver Mills, «•> 2-2. Pittsfield b. fo 2*22 Penn Mills, do S’?, port pm. do |ac?.*Jlnen aid cotton M.M Jtldeewocd do "•}” || SSSWiS 1 «J» <lll BBs*E—<Sfod goods are in demand and steady and comperatlrely firm at qnoUUons. The poorer grade* are dull and almost neglected. The following are the prices current: New York Factory (genuine)...™ W ©l9 « Factory (BUnol*)... 16 «'l c Hamburg. l6 (*l7 c tVcsitm li (?J6 c Western 6tsus 13 Ol* c ••TonneAmerica”. »J c ronPEßAClE—Market firm. Sales Fete: *M Pork Ba.reis a; *lhss del.; SOO do at *1.90. „ CO a ij—ls in :*od rrqae#l, and steady and firm at full rales, ihcuc U a foil supply la the market. Prices racscss f.llntrs: .. Epik—Bro< kficld I 11.00 do Ormsby lldd ChXTXLtau—Briar ti 111... H.u do Mineral Bidge. 10JO co billow Bank. 10.03 oo Tunnel lOAO Chippewa 10.00 , Blcuburz IWO I.urop Leblth... . liJX^l^OO leikawana, prepared l 11.00 PlttCOD 11.03 Illinois ............ 6A3® lUM do on track MO® 6-01 YooridcKheny UJW ' COFFEE—There is no chance to note in the general character ot the market, ana oar quotations remain nnchanged. Wcquote: 3V«a»,'e Bio, common to lair. 25 Rio, grod to price •£ ®77hc Iflc. pnme to cbmce T7u^27ac Mill**—There isasteady ikir local d« mans, bai,wllh a farce supply id Uie n,srket.-*a:c* are slow st.assaic; ciirij»i sisflSc. F»tUITi*ASDMJTS—There waaaCslrlr sctlvc dercahdio-duy for ccacr»iai»ortoi cats, snddealc-'s were boidlnc at fail rates. Choice Winter were In cod demand, »nd scarce ace firm at r«.U)(31.50. tor a very prime attPle. Dried apples are la larce supply, atdoolrtand easier. Nutswereln {rood request and Cm. We make no change tn oar quotations, as tal lows 2 oun fELIIS. Apples, 9 brl Qt U 1 Orangis, Havana, 9 UO. SOl M 63 Lemons, Ualaca 10-00 Wll-00 Cra&bemes, wild. 10.00 (411.00 Cranberries, calttvated 15.00 (*>l3 dhzx> earns. Fix* Dates Canned Beaches, V dor, 2 & cast. Appß*. new..- Peaches, halve* and quarters Peaches, pared Blackberries, new. 9 » Raspberries, new, V » Cherries pitted Bderperrlc*. 9 9 Raisins, layrra. «SffiS=: Almrnds. paper 5hciied........... Peasnts, 9 9 Brazil Not* Filberts... EntlUb Walnuts Naples Watnnts Pecans, small and U*ce. Hickory Nnt», *bo Cbestcnts, V bn l.’lull-'ni-wneitl market I IboCWeral market is very quiet, thoujh for mo»t detcnotlon* price* keepwell on, and are to'erably firm ai quotations. White-fish are doll and almost nominal, at f 7.5607.75, thonrh dealers are m erally ■frying price* Sc. Codflih are firm. We No. 1, x brl fT.*» ‘*.'3 “ No. 2, X brl 734 7.50 Trent, No. 1. v brl 5.»a 3.75 - No. 3. w brl - I JftA 1.75 Mackerel, No.T.* brl, new R.t\*UAo - No. 2. $ brt. U»3aw.£fl •• fan uy. 9 H brt 93» 93 “ extra mem, 9 V brt 15.0V415.90 M “ 9 fclt. 5.7V4 4.00 “ No. L kits, new 2.«t4 2.75 “ fkmUr. kits 1.2 V» 23 Codeth. Fans. V 100 as 7Aft4 8.00 ** Genre's Bank 8.73*4 9.00 tt.v. * un a rm Hake....~ UO3 6J» Uerrlofa.dned.No.l. F oox ®a O “ tealed. 7>9 <3 Labrador Herring, * brl 11.CD3U.S0 “ - S brl« 6J»® 6.* SorvegUn ** K'*, V btl 15.00 - “ M'i. F brl 16.60 GlfßA£E—Bales »ew 95 tea \eQov Greueat iS'lGf! WlNES—Eeeetrr!, S 9 Tba; tblpped. C 5 lb*. Market dull and,a«l«:u.d. Free areonaalabie aou nominal at _ HOPS—Areonletat3Ta6oetor Eastern, asd SO* 45c for Western. lIBE.H>EI) HOGS—Beretred. 7.01: skipped, J.CS. MarketdaeUnedWily3Se. Saleevee: 1M all rocnd at. fWg S 3 averaging SS at, at. J-J5 43 - TO at, at .«.oo S 3 * 905 a*, at. •** S “ TO at, at. «■» *7 *• »o at. at. L» « “ - *-® ISB “ BL LSD O •• 349 at, au 6LBO $a “ ...637* 0 - 637* IN a'l trader 3M sa, at a. 75 llaTergltc »5 « •* 6.3 uoi7 •• at t 3 190 dividing on 900 au at |6.3<a7.t0 a -*-- tsttib —rloalnt vrak at $6.3 all round tor beavr. and €• Jo (26.3 OlTldlßC OL SCO a*. HAY—The market cooOnne* qnlet. wuapneoaa little weak aadsnsetUed, tkongbnot qaoUblj lover. We repeat ocr Hat: nouuu ■■ Timothy, roller and beater pr wed. Timothy, loose prewed prairie, beater crewed XK7AII.nuCB> Timothy, roller and tester preasel £®sJts-W Timothy. loo« preeaed- Irairte. roller and beater praised-. «'£&!«'£! I>r*rnc.!ooacon •’lrrrcL " •1} SnaiXM TITDR*»~R«eeITed.9AUT b»: shipped. UUU bt. There Is a lair demand botii tor >tißmenlsna cn local ■SSI P» aim u firm *t the aaraacenotH Saturday. We comlntu Green Botcher**....... *Xa £Kc Green Sotted, trim*"* 1 Greener. .• *f gjf e Kip. Green Sat**-: JJ ag « Dry Flint, t«»roed- *t6#an c DJlS*lw?i.wlmmed... v Jl «li c GreenE2vd.mrtniraL. 6*99 r UTtfSASU STBtl«—Bailnen U qnletat taefol lo*4hg Quotation*: £*amoQ Bar. SJf® 6Sf oneShoeiron ;...7ya 9* Hearr Band ?**aU9( Hoop ana Light Band. 7tt*lllt Honed and Square. -. i^uiiu Oral 6va 7 v Half Oral and Haf Bound. 7 9 Sheet. Iron. common. TSftb Sheet Iron, guarantied, 17128. ,20 a Sheet Iras, charcoal 9\& Sheet Iron, Joalata. UfolS Kora ay Kail Bod*. ,u 013 Pl<nr Steel, German. all Plow steel, cast. j? ois Spring sndrtr*- Steel, English. .11 ais Tool Cast Steel, ordinary aliea .jj gra Tool Cast Steel. Amtrlcan. ajs Blistered SteeL 29 gh Baaia,Kos.9aadl* r.jz 3 §79 Rn»ita,Ain., Ist quality, V bdl an Euwla, Am. Ut Quality, f» alicct c*?j Bn art a. Am .2dquality. P sheet an LEATHER-Ih*roUnononce*oie improremeat In the demand, though with continued Urnt Mocla dealer* are cot disposed to onre their goods at con* cession*, hut are centrally holding firmly at thi nrlccs Siren below: • City Harness, v Slaughter, Sole, b t 0(3 40 Bodalo. |Ua 43 Country harness Sto 88 Slaughter. Sole, Line. ¥ b <3O (I Chlauyo.Ko.! 400 42 Kip, medium, ¥ „ Slaughter. Sole. b I.UOIJO Chirac >.Kj.3 Sta 37 CslLFb Boeso* A?ru*.. So 19 Upper,V toot.. SO 90 Orlnocosoto... jjg Country Upper. 230 a Orinoco, rood. Collar, V tool.. 2la 25 damaged. SLA Sh \ oat. Slaughter Sole., S3a M french CalL St Harness, ¥ b... <Qa 46 ba 2A9A525 Upper SUo 39 French ihrtt, 38 Kip. So. l, me- ba tutai m cfinm UfIOUO French CaltLs- K fctTT KO * *’ awi ID 1“»3*93J»3».M market Is steady and unchanged. Lcuc»g—tint Clear,LlJl, " - F 8U,.. somlaJO Tblrd Cle*r. inch •rarauew.ineo Fir*l and &jxxmA Clear Fljortna togeth er, ronih—the »ame u Secoad Ciear, wide. Common Fiocrt'g. roosn *••••■ -Hatched and orwied Common Flooring.. Matchrd and drnacd 8-tnch C-immoc FJoorlae First and accord Clear Sld'D?. together. Firet Commoc Dr-**ed5id1n5............ Wagon-box Boarda, lel'Ct, U-lnch and nt>- A*totX Bowda,ii-inebe» S' B Stockßoards. U inches. Common Boards, Jouts, Saxsmn*, Fenc ing. and Small Timber. U to IS MMJ SnucGua—A or star Stared Shlngxea 4JO A or Star Sawed Shln««e»- Ko, 1 Sawed Shlaeje# V&afn t.itti iff nla rardt BrcxMctd br Northwestern Railroad. deHrned In any yard wemfinaa tic ■witched, ox any depot: AorfcarSawed „ Shinnies, by car-load, on tract........ -.t^» A, or Star Shared Bhtsgl-4, t»y car-load, 4 M ThM K dcUan' a'oipJoad add'd *s™ ®^s?, 6rrtd ’ which charge toltowethe Shlneleajn freight bill. Thlckr*»—Fltc j-hintfee to be two tocfcee la Uilck* m Lenctb—Sixteen Inches. P*wU—Twenty laches. Coarse—Tw«t*-flTf». _ __ aifcTAl.** AND TIXSBRS’ HTOCK-JT»4e U ttesdr, and prices role firmer, ffe continue to quote Tin riste, IC. I m quality, cut 13tf , l*ai .fiiW 1« quality, sheet It ~ a sua » Smell Pisi as BXtanrwTSE. Berlin. 33 ito9 oner**. 7,9 end 9 Metallic AT a 16 and U Coptw Bottom 93 w, Bmlenomwn,. w UaadU.... Sheettncs,Uto 16oz. c iSanflie.. 1 Ttnnlßce> —lO n ejo Bjunrxruu is.. Ist quality »i». « Antimony * 120 Q pine Solcer... ® I rexee cissies 10 SAll»<*—‘The «*• laoni.i, &ai prices axe Uie nmeu pjcrtoosly We , iccuSd.l) kec MS 1M JIOA I «L .TT..,..rr. WnlM. Cor bitted. 10.10 S' 'OOlil.ftncbttrt U.CD S’!!! ASOlOalSpLws BJM aS!!..!!!.! 9.001 cuou vo nil.w—The eeocral irartecl u-ilct. wun nrleeaa lim* tmarUled-Unfecd u to fall supply audeatier. Lard oil M doll acd drooping at tt«<J«haewjtod on Saturday. Prtceaato unchanged and wo continue to iSii&on. » §;■“ wl S!« Lam Oil, extra - Lard OU, No. 1 winter. Lard Oll.’so. 3 Winter Si Wa Bank OiL rcoad V>o 1 aHa MaOalne OU. round ltd*----" SVS Sperm OIL W. IL, round lota. Lubricating OU *»*sso Caator 0U..... I K caM«s‘6ltr-ia la aood eonsumstiTe de demand acd to sympathy with a*Hcht *d»tmce la Clen land, a firmer feeling obtain j. W e quote the mar* ket steady at the prices pren below: Carbon. V car load £*£ Carbon, small D< P^Wisi6N^Bo^ , fed,lLWo'b* Weired Matt, 673 brU pork and NJMJi Ljrdj 5! Cured Meats, in brtißoet i,3» brt* Pork and !W,t33 ns pork—‘Market quiet; buyer* and sellers aranTbair* were: UOO brU at |I9J*L e**h. .11. O. Pork-Sales were: 65 DrU at SiS.oO. , Lxtn prime Pork—Sale* were: XO brU at IIS.OO, cash; 100 btls. seller 1L at glkOO. tireeo Meats—Market orm. Sales ns Hum* at BMC; ‘JO, 000 ns Shoulder* at 55*c;i.COO pc* do. feller Jannarr, at sJfc; 6,CW) pcs ilams on p. L—all trom Dressed Hog*. .... .... . _ Bout Mrats-MarkcldulL Sales were: 10,000 as Dry Salted Shoulders at Te packed. Lard—“arketuulel but firm, bales were: SOOtrcs prime tsteam at U*c; B trea Country Settled at lie C *POri.TRY AND t.AME—The market Is com paratively glutted, ana although the demand l« quite brisk, the supplies are greatly to excess. Sales were: U doz dressed Chickens at SO.CO; 16 dor at *3.53; St doz at *3.10: U 0 doz at *1.50; Wqoz poor at 50c; Udoz lire at *3-50: 3 doz live Geese at SUJO: 5 doz dressed Geese at *6.30; 3 doz at *7.»; 50 at SDceach; 10 doz dressed Ducks at *3.50:5 doz ml *150; 3.000 ns dressed Takers at 3c; CCO as at 9c; 3.3 M) as atiOc; IA»3 nsat lie; »n»ati3c; 3,300 n»ail3Hc; joo native at »c; sa dos ores* d Chickens at *LDO: 13 Geese at Wc each; 10 doz at 500 ns dressed Turkeys at Sc. . S>OUA AND WALK* ATlJs*—Trade Is Steady, and prices remsin OLctmuzed, W e continue to quow: i Babbitt's iledirqisl 12 v, a B ‘t c H i*rirc...... { Delsnd's Chemical .UVAIS I *. 1 - Health* _ toyiUHC - imre. HX^Ukc &t’OAUa*—The cenersl features of me marset are the isree as at our last report. With the the decline la gold, prices are weak and unsettled. Wequote: tuba «* llVAix c Porto UVstoJl® X. T. Uefloed, Powdered and Granulated....l6w4l!*<fc Wtlte A Cin e \ ~ White •* J?»,SSd2 Extra U w Sit*S Yellow C MU C oxMrtb:::. Oirard (' etho .... . ... ........ ..UVSUIie l*s demand Is moderate and prices re. mainquotably nnehanged. Wequote: New York » Ye**°w Drips.. 'IOS Sl3 ATS .id IM &.TO unoa adt M roito S*.S New Orleans ir* l *S Flnladclrhla n<* Hite g» S IMS'S *• “ Sugar House TV* Si I S«A 1/P—The maraet U Una bat quiet. we qao-ei ! New fine * ;•?; COA[W* • a .t**... Ground Atom ‘•ir*r.nH Turk'* Mane, hags 1, * 3 “ > 4’2 Ground Kiar ;•!?! Dairy, with sacks J-s C The gcnuai'n'.aiiViV quictl We coatiaie YomigVy »ob, superior to toe, J » *HSVio do extra to «.holce, V ai Imwlal. superiortoflae. V ;• t-oSl.m do ntratocholct, * i i4<i is Gon powder, superior to «*«.£» i aiij ji do extra to choice. V a --- ;*?«»;•£ Jmrar, natural leal, toe to extra Due. V »--• do do fine to choice, 9 » !-S-*!*s ilo do colored. 9 a TALLOW—Market quiet- Sales trere: 20 brla Cctatry atSVc; SOhrlf doatSUc. __ TlJllAcdo—Tterets aCtlr demand tor the tetter di»3 of coodaanrt wi'h no surplus aloe* on hand, deal ers are noldlna flrmlr at quotations. common de scriptions are cnll and almost generally at slight coacaslo: t. We give the 1011-wlng as the prices correct: mnmo TOBACCO— Extra. Choice Medium Common Esoktco tobacco— Virginia’s Farorlte. Choice. Medium • Common Stems..... plto Tobacco- _ «, Loyal Cltlxen,... ® » 2 Farmers* Delight--. .2 9.5 Natural Leaf. .1 MS «LOO Halfhrlcht “ Choice Black, sound ® M UedUm—■ >•» * 52 3 Narlea S*g S Virginia ICa and Si x 2 Tloueden •- d w WO * ■ D—Eematas arm with aa acllre demand at ssssirasflavi-. .!P«u-is SSSB S S£ iiSSSS iSs*S£t»r«i >fa«KS nickorr. P c0rd..... ■ • (w.« i% mil*—Thcmartet rales qniet and nomlnsilrnn chanced. Sales were: t.OOO »» fine and medium at 40c, lioufcs pood rendition at Oc. punVRnAP TEB.E TABLE, caiviso uni FOBtuwiuts—d«k« cob. w>»? W&ID 45DKRIZXS. Depart. Ar;lve. DajExprcsa. ...... *6:ooa.n. 's:'i j.o. Ktebl Express *4:30 p. a. VijCa-m. Arestfllc AccosuDOd*c *5:40 p. m. p. a. Wooobtock Aceoir’d’a.. *3:00 p.n. •MO tuns. oattrA cmsios. Fallon ana Cedar Eapldt •SrlJs.m. Tftjp.a. Fulton and lowa. t“:3np. n. MWa-ia. Freeport and Dttnleitb.. *0:00 1. n. Freeport and Donlelta.. *10:00 p.m. fceop.rn. Rocuord and Fox lUvcr. *i:oop.a. 11:10 a. n. Dixort **:oop.a- 31:10a.n. Genera and Elsrtn.. , • sr>op.a. &4Sa.n. xn.wauias nrrtßTos. *ftooa.a. *a;i£p.zi. •■too p. a. *!2tfC it. I*:tsp.a. arse t. m. 4;IUp.E. 0:45 a. a. KTJp.a. 9rW a. r-. Express. FxprtM.... ...... Sight Accomißodadcn ■ Kenoaha Accommod's... Waukegan Accomxsod*z. Bosehifl, Calvary, and Evanston •Sundays excepted. lilou'iajE excepted. WCEU&9 CXTISAt. BiitTCAT—njnojr nwet, nw a » as s «a m «.o a i.a orun rmyrr. «on)u Express "WO »• ®- *8 45 p. ru Da* Express *»:00 a.n. •*>4iC p. c. Evening Express tiiaop. tn ?*U: I p. m. MgbtSipna* :*fc4sp.ta. JttSi.9- oncissat: *jra loruviix* *u»». KoreibC Express •'1:00a m. *iu:«»a.c- SSSt Ezom* p. s. •Uitt- p. D. MICinSAS aoirraann A3P *ll SHOT.? UM—PI roT cctMi tax ncurs a*d uzsrAX mjiTr- i « u . is a is £« <3 (* ss ; «« 3 • 30 ».JU LB »3i6 M.n r *4:151. XU *b:S3p. c. St torwi....- •■ •U:00r-c 85HS* Exp reef ♦»*»■ * t*lftOC p. C.. *&*9. ET CT»2OIT USA •4:45 a. a. tt;U S. & UC:O»}F*“. *8:53 r-c ITKS 4>l» CFICAfO. •t2oa.iT. 6:00 a. a. • *:CO«.iE. 12: ht a. ic. 3:15p.m. 1:40 p. r. 2 .0:00 u. m. UM>‘' c. n. 95TBU- Dit fisKDVCI *M01.3). *w.» P . B. SfttrSSTsw rfcOOp.c. Kwrfcatet, Hjde Park ana Oak Wood *(Wi a. m. i* .t vt •lijiop.c. »• .... *2:3op. m. *1:50 p. zu u *5dS o.n. l^Jp.n CHICAGO. cmiastoa A3tt» QCIHOI. Day Kxpreaa and 51 all.. •irffa.m. -9:00 p. n.. GafcabarcraeMiiS"** • *3;oop-m. *J->« P- Aorotv «3:COp. o- •9 offs.0 f fs. a. SfehlExpress JliCOcid’bt tSSOa. m. Chicago Uu rt. tocia. Eipreaa and Mall fcOSa-ia. 3:45 F- JJ* NtgbtJSzicesa «;13p.m. & fouct and WUminßtcs _ ... Aih nwm>J«Hnli ... Wflp C *■ A. C. mmnHua t-gnanrir »ra ron)-*n^P m nauseas depot. co?. rAKAV AKD KCIII3 KUW* .. ■ __ WBsorat (U3oa.n 10:.>5p.c. KlgbaSipreM 9;00p.n. iSC p-m, »oa uMJiAXAPOLa, ucsmu avo eaxcns a... jjiic lajsp.c Sight &prw JTOp.K. ,s®***’ Colombo* Express 5:2? **®- s 2:S p ‘ E tf 9:00 p. m &50a. s, I asstnz Accomaodatton am. fcCW a. m. •t* “ Wsp. m &U) c s CHICAGO, BOCK AKDPACmCaAIUUJAS. Day Expresa and Mall..- *S:ona.ra- *5:45 a. it Slchtfixpren fc43p.n n. Jouet Accommodation.. 4dJop.m. Eiprep* Freight. wttt paweaccr car at*ached, win leave pwnim depot every Saturday at p. m. for me West. TbcJoUrt Accommodation co&nccta with *s presa Freight Cor Way Stall one. •Sunday excepted. tMonday exeotod, tSatarday •zeeptsd. Still-...- Sight Bxpreal 5 ■ rnTEßxrcv, ?oit? Mail.. \ Express ■••• Fart Use .. Leave Madison Street. &30, &30. 10:00. 12:80. *2O, 4:0. .tiuoaiiu . ium)jo . lO.OQQILJO ftsn... IQeSO... I£3D„. 4130... Arrival mod Departure of malls* The following it the new table for the arrival and departure of malls from the Chicago Poet Office for the winter, and bow in force: xuxa cioas. r. o. chzcaco, tm. mu an turn, ram. ram. p.m. ... £oo,...Mich. Sooth. R. R Jtso .... 8:15.... “ * “ &55 .... 12:00 m “ *• . “ &00 31:00 .... I£CU a Mich. Centra) R.R: HOC ... 8:5.... -** ** u .. 6:00 6:15 ... £oo....Pitta. & Ft. Wayne i£gu .... 8:15 . “ *• “ 7:10 .... I£oo m U a * .. too 11:00 I£UJ 4:80....Great Eastern R 8.. 8:30 uj;0o ltd) 4:an.,..New Albany ft Salem 830 i£oo Sc'-O 7:45....Ga1ena Hail road 3:10 £4O 3£CO £oo....Dixon Alr-Une.... 6:00 7;yi 12:00 18:00....HockIsland Knflroad 5:45 £3O I£CO 8:30 Jfcoo....No»thwwienill.B.. 5:45 B*3o &30 3^o....ililnantee Railroad. 11:30 s^O 12: ro 7:45....1U1n01a Central U. R. 7:00 £OO I£oo 7:00....5t. LonU Railroad... 5:35 8:45 JJLALR & JEITEESON; “ COAXmiSSXON BEBCHASTS, OFFICE, 204 FEONT-ST., j.v.jimaoy.{ BewpHlS, TENS. Übtral cash adTincemuta made on coadgtnerx QEaT, TIATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commission Kerchanta No. 50 AloOaa-st-* Between F and p£yyim, ojiqkaPO. IQBESSED HOGB I STENCILS AND WEIGHT LISTS FnruUhed gratia. Highest marret prlc*« rnarantrec Prompt returns made. Correspond :?ce solicited. Rtminsn * CO-Get’l Corn’s M«cch*ti WaahJAftoa-iU, Chicago, CL , 1)4, and 3 Inch. in iff? Formerly of Sew Orlesa*. »r ttji* la*t *l* y«»located in Chicago, Sraciauar In the treatment of drraiLß, SrnxaTonmza. and other species of Prtrata Disor der*. tiularscdbytbeßedlcilprvfesloa and U« pres* generally. Th» Hosttov, by Dr. J saee, ftxraltbes Ml Uoa upon the anbJect of Secret DUeoaes, together wi» importin', tafcrmattoa to ttmaleo. Price of book emits, with tour eenta postage, Addrcs* Dr. James, P. O. Box 696, Chicago. SOJOAHJO 55.00+J7.0D 5&C0339Q0 auK^+xhon tt.aiog.oc ‘officesodptrlors.eland 93 Btodolph-it, corwr of Dearborn. Cblctco, HI- naartr oppcelt® tU old Office hours, 9 ft. m. to Bp. ta. P.0.80x Chicago, m. tmroiogy and Tour Dwtlny. Thestars rereaitout destroy! U? WhJ* ereyoor ramre prosterts tn l]te? Tobe, or not tob«. Is the aU-stooinini; qorsUoal GpoO W TUI solve It? Dr. Raphael c»a solve the qoesuonl U* bftj the secret of winning the eJ&ctions of the op- BMltsMxl Be cut show too me likeness ot Toor huheSorSlie. Be e*n foretell the rM<Ot of ell hnrtr"** tt*n» actions and OctuUUoo*. He cm raldeyoa to wealth, eminence end honor. Hr also fnirtM too to health. even vheo roa ere etr»n no *ft otSSSrJcftd at *i!3 Kft.l rap etalrs). Between Well* and Frankiln-sts- Chicago. ni. Consultation tee. One Doiler. Dr. TbonuoD. Proprietor of U»e MeOtertaad swtttl H*mhCl*rk-ct-bJU treated lorm* of Tenereai o»- S£Wwkecat«d socceas fir nearly Sperm norrli era ud impotent* .Bested jnth £e &*£ mart leautts. Particular* of U.e !<-f3tstd Golds mailed free to any cato» IU» „n ..12 ~.u ~.u ...15 ...w ...n Batctielor’a Hair Dye, ~T, me Bert In Uie WcrU! Harmlwa nwu. me only pcrlect Dye! So to rldicalcaa tlau. SljTßei A «ST?rt“SSSBE&SERiTISO EJfRACTO? MIL US- FLECKS—rwtor** preserre* ud toj®* UtebAir. soul by mi Dnumta. d-aai^-tT Dr. Kgclow, HaTtns tie confidence oi the nor lie aad the meal"*! uculn atlarce. I* the mo*t reliable pbywman In tbs dry to ebranm nervous and «eiaal *»*U at hta soeaTl7» boats Ciart-rt.. corner ■ ofJonw. l*--omi»co*rate. Conaa.talloa use. P. O. ItoxiAA liif“w« tMMUJ. ■'« f!~ to >HT tddl«»^^__^ gCHESCK'S SEA.WEED TONIC, TAB HISTORY OP DR. SCRKSCK*s> OWK CASK, A*D BOW HB WAS CUREDOF COSSHXK TIOK. Many jwi ago. while residue In Philadelphia, I had procreated gradually into me im sups ol Knh> monary Cc&tnmpUon. All hap« of mv recsvSry bw toe olstipated, I iu advised by my ptjdaan. Dr. parlth, to remove Into tbs country. Moor-nosa, M, j„ about tine tulles distant, being my zuttm pltcc. I iu itr-OTcd thither. occupying two tall days la tha transition. ily Utter tad ail his Uml y bad uved ud died litre—aid died of Pulmonary Consumption. Da my tnlrtl at Moorwtcwn I vat pat to bSi, where I lay- fcr maty weekt lo whst tu deemed a hecuSeae condition. Dr.lterator,who tut been myfkthert bmUy phj ilcUn, and bad attended Do in bis iaat 11!- tew, va* called to ie<? me. He thongst my case entire ly beyond tic rracb of medicine, and decided dial 1 t&cst die, and gave me ccc werK to vrwnge my tempo ral aflalta, la this appar*ntly hopeless waJttoal heard ol tae remecl«t wnlcn 1 now make and rell. It seeina to me that I ccUd lee; them working their vay, and pcnctncng every nerve, fibre and uaioe af tap **Sy?nEg» and liver pat on a new scum, and the met bid matter,which baa lorytart and itrt uted tb- mSerent organs cf the oody, w t» eliminated: the inhere.™ oo my Junes ripened, and I expwv.rated from my luugt as much at a Uni ot yellow olfrurlrs mattr-r every mcmlng. A* this expwiorsUoaof mat ur tnbJdeo, the lever abated, the pate left me, tht I cough cessed to baraa* me. sod uxeinaust-ng night, vere ro loccer sad I bad r'•freshing' •leer, tc which 1 hsdlong ba Sir app^ •it< now began lo retarn, and *' ti.T** T i ~~ ‘f •*« cull to restrain mys-ll from eating C >iUT thlsretnrntf health I gained la stret owa-r flwhy. lam now a health; man, vt , ■. . .»«■*!-* cicatrix a the mlstlle lotmofthe il. . and **iu * • lobe ncpsllrcd. with compien ..or e» f o °rlb. i'lt :cac it semd. ted >.■: , i. v -e * a tolerably health' ,v.«o. the right one «■ _ , n vr, , . Coisunpnui at tn*. ‘one. p .at _i Iccotabte discosc by tvcr> • “ . a* these who were nn.camtd Is n»w . . . • ench cases as wore reduced to tetf C| - , . * Tbit Irfncedmsny pwo-etc bentve - • .vj •*■ ttniporarr. in<*v prepared ana m.- m-.. o-. eocicmrurcsior tonetimr, arama ■ J' • -r. fnlcarw. and the demand ncreaaod; detemlted tanCrr them to the puhl. andlwued attention to mnsdlsca«ea. text to ft-rced toll, f t t*»pie would . . err. near, to ascertain warmer their a. ■ j Bite. For many year*, in ccnjnnrticß wi • r - , i.JHce In I'bUa SelpDia. 1 have been ma • .t .i irado:alvtaiutohcvVork. Boston. b..d. nttobnrxh. . , k F<r many ycaft pait. 1 have made .»• ~i ; hncdredexamlraifcn* vttkly.vUh ?r . ter.” For such examinatloca my eha.- and It enable* me to give each piOent - Uon ofhb disease, and tell him frankly •>' ~t- r.- get well. The great reason why pbytlclana do -v - •nmpU-m Is, that they tryts <io too n t t. medlclnwtoilcpttecongh. lottop i j* i—n; beetle ftver. and Dvrodola f ; they fle t*-<klngnpthe teend .• « tnallyue patient dies- , f ... ... , The * clmonlo Sjren U tme Cl the - eotrirea known,. It unnlrlc.l. p>)« i; •.. L-aitncfr ‘tseit. Ucontains tocplnr, • tbtinn>i> the bronchial tubes, and aat;.j .. Witbtm> exertion; ore tottJefrt-jaxi • r eittryc* d: built win be w-llnm t »;.• - * Skbeici ,Usnarakomils, too*n«c v •- :.. iTiimm-; By: op is r*adl.y dlgesva • blood, t • which It imparts Its teultnjr ,r r-r me ot the bc.t precaratloosof Iron 1: n ertU lenieef Iteell; and when S< - • • V sotves the mucus la the stomach, me ~ x - U. the aloof the SlandrakePl!-*, a betlt r •>: like. s°od appetite and a cord •' 'n« The heaweec Tonic la a stimulant •*: :n Is reoolretl w6*n Ills t"ri. cobadeßectt-ikewhaiiutngßoarbr '! n dlsrrdenthesiomaeb.torpcittre It the secretions. tntr» the blood teto w , . , lu, and the oat ent diet tndassly. D->nrtx>n whiskey is recntocecdet! • v most every physician. kUry pauec ■ r roctns,t«ih tuneacd temae. are it pjUon, Theredef Is temp‘>raiT. It tatoalltue whiskey; If they fix;! take a little whiskey; U lhcye>nnct r im- v little whiskey; and then goon in t's - more and more, until they are feostc' • p tney are getting Ccahy. The iu*- ge>llve powert arec.tnpl-tciyncsw appettk-lor J»»or« wrttrer X' .o t tlonby fr'iapr.test. whererantlis ihth« inapt, a littleifrisnltat Is ifj; T \o cotsuttptlvrt, taca a* pare »>rar» r ■■ 1 In; I rate quantities bat | neaaofcnilbgcoxsomcUim. The SKA WEED TU.MU ;rocnc • v» - .. ■ -a, tloronghly Invlgormung the sloe X- 4n i . r •»rum, sed ettabi’ng It to eilmin* e hcnlthy Mood the foed that ms? h- U. s- ,-.r rose, itUsowoodtrtnl t&iuetrw thMta> virr-aa fattwUl digest a tearty meu, and t Uah « 1; Utov before DrcsklaitviU rneauceu Aesc .ma-n which ftWßfdldnea posa.'tsue pen ere* •; la*. Tbc MANDRAKE PUJAmay I ;akm • v tafetybyall ace* ann conditio riolu i*-: -o goednsnitsthfctcanbeebutneo *•■ . "v of the mercurial moalcinta. and 'L-.nt ■ r tcrtml or Inlnrlons results. They • •ft? o*-*. : ■. lem the frcnle&t and wora-ont n ots > dlssolvtdtymySesw-edToaica: ' ■ It will Fetetn tint all three of v» nJeitf • .'ta; ed In most cases to cure consurept a. Fattentacancontnttme profrt 4 .-si f •* " ’ , uiDsta-*W,>cw Tors,every 1 t--r. s s. aMoSp. m. All advice free •fe v ••nrh examinsucn wftf; uu rrjll . • t.- r_-r ** * thePolmontrSjrtp*r<lS^s«ee*l cx |» 00 ae half uoxen: Us.——- • a box.’ bold by crngglito and dialers e - «y*lj-£-A fall snpp'vcsc alwsyibe obuiatd at hi* rcotna. 3a York. _ _ DEMA&BABSES A Pars row.hew YcrK. General Wholmaie Agents. ♦ alio . i jn n « u . 05 » 73 S 3 01.00 25 » 30 n it 3 19 » 39 ■Sailioans. 1:30 p.n. "«:40p.a tSitorcsyr except* rjLiac u>r. nrzo* troex tabs im table. Leave Stock Yards. 7Hfl. 9JU. 11:30. 1:30. 4.-00 5:10. ..a. m. ..a. m. ..a. a. ..p. m. ..p.m. ..p.m. ..a. m. .a. a. .j. m. ~p. m. ~p. m. ..p. m. .A.UL I %3S. .j. m. {11:43. .p.m. | 2:30. ..p.m. I 503. ..ra m. .4.0. ..p m. ..o.m. Hnsmsss ear?:--. Special Notices. Sr. James* Metical. PTJUfiOSIC SYEUP, xbandbabs pnxs. * v.. TX7 Hr WILL TOD SUFFER VV fro- KIDSET DISEASE. GOUT. UTIAYH-, TfONOUGHEA. *c- A SCH SMOLANDEB’S EXTRACT BSJCHIJ Will core you pennancaUy. Uadies Should! Ofclt irtce only One Dollar. Sold ey o. SCOVIL, Aaaot or C&lcaco aad rtctalty. yrto 3,3ubUraUono. 1867 TUE 1867 SsBNDAI SCHOOL TEACHER, roiunE second. A Lire Sunday School Monthly. Fresh Lessons ter ever y Sabbath In the year, prepared by a ashler Land. The best of Coatnbutora. oayct Lessens. Colloquies. GeOEtapbieal Exercises. Foreign ana Home 8.8. Intelligence. New mtufe every month. Improved typography. Increased excellence in every department. The Coarse of Lessons (br 196 T win be Tbe Second Year With Jeans. Being selections Ironth- Parables, Conversations and Ducnnrf es ol our Sartor. Tims—|lJo per year. In advance. Slaste copies, IS cents. SCNDFOUA SPECIMEN NUMBER. Addma ADA3n<, DLACKDER Az LYON. rHTCAftftjri.r. f?ru?ngai% atFICE OP THE SUPERINTEND- EfJT OF COSSTECCTIOjr OF TH< o. a. IST HOUSE. Sonarfiold. Illinois. Dec. 10 tea.ed propovals will be reteireo at the oflce of So perlntetdcmof United States CcnrrH<nse, atSprtn?- fidd. Illinois, onto U o’clock nn, December 34 th, few ca<Mroo colcmnL ptlosfexs, and their beds, cans, bod 6at«, 4&, required fcr me Sprlfizheld. lUlnois, Coor* onse *m- PoetOOcc, now er-oJce. Drawlnn of toe wort, »bowlnz diTn*nflon'. design and «xt-_nt of It, nr be teet and »zadied tsrcatlna'lnratmTolEce,, cr b/ application at me custom Hi-oaei «t Chiraeo, Illinois. Cu-clmau. Ohio, PUUbomb. Ptnriyivacio, and Bt. Loan, Muse an. Toe patterns for capitals oust besnbmltted to me Snperlaietdert Dr aopnrml toore castlmr, aid beds andmps of oolntnns ana pUaa ten man be planed true. Ail the castings mast be reoed, of eren ihlctces*. sharp arrlsse* a: d smooth taces, and iheornamertoaoD mod reef superior finish. The price, including freight and de leery, most be circa tn rresa and the who eol the wort mnjt be d<*liTered to Springfield br cr before the Ist ”1 Tloreh, lss7. Bids most be accctncasled bt a bone or two respon sible partle, in ike tnm of 11-XO. that the bidder wia pert ' rm the contract If award d to bun. Bldwincst be addrtssM to A. Schwartz, Superintend tot cTibenew Crart Houseat SpringCi-ld. 1 -llnoli, and mtut he endorsed. “ Proper*!* fci Iron 'Wort.” A. sctIWARZ. Bopen-teodech. a gnus aaaanteb. TT AWARD & CO., PUBLISHERS, J.X 171 PeaM-su. Kev Tort, Leplnu's celebrated nil Portrait*, cabinet size, (with or without frame* J. rotrscne of portraits of Presidents Lincoln, Johnson; Generals Grant, Lee, and Stonewall Jsctson : M*rtba WerbingUm, dc, are now oOered by tbe pobllaben at reccced price*. Agents wanW. "Tt 7AN TED —A lew experienced Can* V V rasters, to act u General Apati In Erery Slate, In senior “HO jVIE” A BEUGIODS BOOS FOB THE fAMTT.T > pphcanta cast hare a tnull capital. sn-1 be able to central the serrlcee of a number at Acena. We are prepared to cCtrspecia'lodacementa to me right imu dddrest H. E. PENTO« Arc’d.* Bpnngfleld. 5 m. 90 f\C\(\ agents wanted, a a\/«ivvv sample scot free, with lens* fbrany one to c «»rf3 dal»y. In three boars, Bcstness enttr*. IT new. light and deelrab e. Can be dose at nome or both rails and female, no Gin Enter prise erhemong. Address W. H. CHIDESTEB, • Ssttologp ■pYESTIN Y, —The well-known Prophet 1 J of the Nineteenth Century, the areas EGYPTIAN ABTBOLOGGB, Chiromancer & Elcotrioian DB. B. DHIARD, After aertn yean* practice In Sc Boult. Mo., and har ing performed mlracoion* cores, new on tua way u Europe. t»r c-'c*-nted to remain positively only a £w weeks tn Chicago. Hettnbecoi soiled cn ell matters Important to bn rcanlty. athls office, No.bti near the Port Ogee. Hants anb Hankers. CTOCKHOLDEBS’ 31EETING.—The O annual meeting or tbe Stockholders of the fifth national bank of Chicago Per tlw election ot Directors, and to transact aav ot‘ff business that may lawfhllr ccme betore the meeting. will be held at tbe oOce of said Bem. t, AO Lasalle-et, Chicago, benreen the Loan of 19 ra at. andtp.m.. Tuesday, January Stir, 1507. "VTOTICE.—The copartnership hereto i-l under the «tr.e and name of Said win A Merritt, u Una day dlasotred. John A. Baldwin Is alone aalhorUert to reselys all money* doe ealdhna. . _ JOHN A. BALD WHS’. Chicago, Deg. ITlh, 1964. IRA A. MXBOITZ.