Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 25, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 25, 1866 Page 4
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(Stycaiga TUESDAY. DECEMBEB 25, ISM. THE CITY. jlaaomc.—At the regular annnal communica tion o! Wd- B. ’Warreß i<odge. No. £O3, F. £ A- M-, held cm Saturday evening, December 2*, i<m. the foUowlor officers were elected for the ensuing year: Ira S. Yoonglove, W. U.x Samuel C. smith, ».W.;C. U BhaUsck, t. w.: B-C. Wentworth. Treasurer; D. W. Clark, Jr., Secre tary. , Tsz BacWTojr Puso# have new been in sse is tbe East for fifteen years, and hare gives uul- Ttrsal ntdslacUon. We have yet to leam the fail ure of one of these instruments, which la really tbe highest praise that can be bestowed upon them. In omer to get them more folly before the pnbUc, tbe agent hem—Mr. N. Dye—rooms at No. 204 Randolph street—announces bis intention to tell Diem at prices which defy competition. Bousat Jiwtuit.—3l esera. Morse, Hoddln £ HnnUloa, northeast comet of Lake and Clark street*, ate In receipt of* heavy addition to tbelr of Jewtlry. for the holiday*. We notice that they bare met with as almost ortr* whelming patonsge during the oast vroek, bat they bare plenty more of the flneat goods Iriu and row otfcr ihcm at price* which are peculiarly ad- Tanlegeoiu to the pnrehMcr. * Essiao Wokes’s Bitcqe-Tdls very worthy luetiuwlcn was, on annday lest made richer by the ansi of £750. (he proceed* of a eiibscnpttOD ir.aoc amongst the members of Dr. Eteris’ chercb. The late Mr*. Eteris was one of the Man* agen of the Before, and it la proposed to Issue a memorial .dome, containing the aennona cellr exed on the occasion of her decease, the proceeds of which will be gives to the Belnge A Phils* delphla lady friend of the deported also gtresßOO to the same object. Elictiox or Omma.-H. W. Bigelow Lodge, Ko. A- F. &A. M., ita meeting held at their bill, Masonic Temple, Monday evening, Decem ber nth, 180, elected the following officers, la fUliitJon Monday evening, December S4th: Wil liam lApham, W. M.; Jobs S, Spuh'ord, 8. W.; H. P. Kellogg, J. W.; W. B. Dobson, Trcaiorcr; William W. Lock, Secretary; George Tapper- *>• D.; chanes P. Silva, J D.; Robert WUron. se nior Steward; B.J. Heron, Junior Steward; John P. Feme, Tyler. Tut £xsx. Bswnro SlACnurr, now on exhibi tion at Ho. 71 Washington street, is said to be one ol the beet and cteapes’- articles of the kin Jin nee. Ita owners claim that it is f&Hy equal to any sewing nachlre In existence, asd that ita price Is lower than that of any other first<lase machine. George B. Fol'xis the general agent for the west. ‘ihe&>na U exceedingly popular in the East, es pecially wiih those who are in favor of neat sew ing. and of teams that toll not rip in Icaa than a week after terrlnc- Pe.-soM destnng u> purchase would do well to call on Mr. Folia at an early day. MrrcAL Lltk Aaaciuscx.—Wc call the atten tion ofintcndlng Hie insurere to the advantages ofiered by the State Mutual life Assurance Com pany of Worcester, Hass. Office of genera! West ern sgiucr at Ho. t* LaSalle -treet, mom B. Ibis highly ettitmed comoany held in mnrb regard hy those who have been most Intimate with it atncii ita orgaiixatlon tn 1B« and f«st Increasing in fArar ic the west, hating more than trebled its number ot policies In Chicago within the iuteUrht codbr, now nrctents some new features In addi tion to Its former attractiveness lu modes ofAssn nsA Ccnurcnos.—Wc ate desired to slate that the paragraph published yesterdayla these columns regarding an 44 Outrageous afliir,” In which Mrs. Mary Usui vac was the alleged victim, was an Im position upon no one but the backman aud the policeman. The woman was an imposter lu her representations to the police. She Is a woman of the town of very lowcbaracter, wto, being a bon the depot, eoucht to ride ti? loab In » tiack. Wten !i was ascertained that sne had Wilber bag. gage ormcaer, she was left on fhesldewalk. Her story ol her sister >n its West Side, her trunk. At., was a pure fiction, as has elate been ascer tained, and one or two officers "grit” their lotth when they think of their mistaken real. Ournax Asixm.—A meeting of the Trustees of the Chicago Orphan Asylum was held on Saturday lasi at the Tremonl Uouae, at which It was re solved to raise f23,ofb this year for the purpose of conducting the Asylum aud ornamenting the grounds. The President was authorised to furnish book* ol subscription to the Trustees and lady Manage*. . , . ~' A commltb c of three was appointed to examine into the condition of toe Asylum premises and re* port what Improvements were necessary. i: was resolved lo permanently Invest the Mose ley legacy using only the Interest accruing there- Tkereport of the Amjiiicg Committee was read and accepted. T~. mount due the Treisurer U fZOS BT. ibe meeting then «. Joiuned. Cixax tbx SmcwALKS —Aaty ordinance makes Its obligatory npou owners and leaaeea of prop erty to clean Ihe now from the sidewalks In froiit of their pjemlsea within a certain lime alter the ccdof every nsos-ilom. Bnt nothwithitandlng this obligation, many o! our citizens hare allowed tae snow which fell tight days ago to remain on their sidewalks until «r»<« time, greatly to the inconvenience ot pasaew-by. Many of these delinquents are men of wealth, to whom the espe»dltnt« of a few ebCllnge for the dealing off of their sidewalks wonldoever be fell. On the other band, men of small means have pretty generally compiled with the conditions of the ordinance- The wealthy resUemeit above referred to probably know that ffa man were to fail and break one of his limbs, in consequence of the snow and ice not bating been cleared away, the city would be mulct io damages, and that, after paying the bill, It would have gooo cause of a /on against Ihe owner ol the propcr.y In front " which the accideatoc c erred. . pnwiviT —TTnn. peter Page and son returned from Europe os Saturday morning last, In good health. Mr. Page has been la France, Switeer land. ami German?, and has taken careful note of much that is valuable during bia travels. Be re ports the great (Mrpoleon of Europe ns keeping a tight rein, andhtndllng the ribbons in true mas- H. Hamlin, formerly 01 the Trcmont liouse, this city, no* a proprietor of the Newhatl Boose, Milwaukee, i> here this week spending the holidays with bu family. T. tv. Bastings, manufacturer, of the Western gait Company, nautnsw. i» in the city. A.B. Mnlleo, Superintendent Architect of the Treasury Department, la on bis way to Chictgo to select a site for a Marine Hospital. Any propo sitions for tua will he received u sent to toe Col lector of the Port. The STunmr “Chicago.**— Some two week* I we referred (o a beautiful flag which had been purchasedb> onrßotid olTradefor At nlcsni eblp “Chicago.** Adrtces bf Atlantic Cable In form n« that the Chicago left Liverpool on Use Ifcih instant for Kew York. She mil be dne by <atmday soon, and the Sag will probably be pre vailed on the following Monday. Cincinnati and bU Lotus arc advised not to grieve unnecessarily over the name of this mamldccnt steamer, for In doe time, i. inbeyever become as well known Id Encore aa Chicago is, they may have name ejWea carrying goods and passengers acres* the Atlantic. *Theie war an ocran steamer named SC Jjouia, which mad Jwo or three voyages be tween New York and Slavic a dozen or nneeu years ago. hot she was christened after St. lx>ou of France—her owners, at the lime she was built, beiaglcooranioflhefaettbal there wasa collec tion of bouses on the west hank of the Mississippi, directly opposite llhnoisiown. A Pus waa sold last evening by Wa. A. Batters A Co., for one hundred dollars. The bidding was very lively, the pipe starting at 5iS. going op at the next bid to S3O, nest lo SBO, and again losloo, and so one appearing to “go Utter*’ than one bnndrcd, U was knocked down for tin amount to E. A. Ju?sel, auctioneer, of Randolph street. It is reponefl to have a strange blstorv. Jta first appearance in pnolie 1# said to 'have been at the coronation of PhlJ'p Second of Spain, exactly three buadrea after this event la not generally known, but fume tweetv vears rince it iris smoked several time* a day byK ng Endwlg, ofßaratia. About this time Lou ilor.tra '-as exalte Intimate with the imbecile Kit c, ana it is to be presumed that sue wheedled It cut of n;s porsetsiun. When Lola was obliged to leave Munich in a hurry, ebc packed It with arch other bagrseeas #bc was allowed to carry awav. and brought rt to the United State* After her death It was sold, wllh ihe bilanca ol her eC-cla; hut how it came to Chicago la a question nhich veils not able to amwer. Its carrying capacity •!# very nearly an eighth of a poann. 1b is said to have been made abour the vcarisiC. Its age may be a trifle or eo less than three hundred a d fifty year#, bat there can be no reasonable doubt that the eccentric Lola smoked It during the last year* of her evemial life. Dr,rents ast> Rinnan.—Ephrlatn McGee, from Term llatnc, Indiana, started to visit his children at South Bend, Indiana. He would spend Cnrist mas wii b them. Chicago, with its holiday alltac* lions, eocnld bean incident ofthetnp. Hewonld stop a cavin the city. Re dla—and &U ia what cams cf It. With a. f.iend he went on Weils .stmt Saturday night. For a man of bis age to be convivial <m wells elrevt among eUargers was hardly creditable to him, tot he enjoyed It for a little while. His friend left blm. He drank a number of limes in ihe ettiairg society of fnul women. He don’t huowhow macy time?—several, If not more. Af ter lift he dooH remember much that happened. A merchant policeman found him on osekaoo etree: lying on the walk, most nndfnlably drank fetrsi m belfe'ea he Was drugged. He was taken to the A*mcrr and aboct $rQ u» mo(»ey found n?o« b'.m. OI vhlt. be u*k permitted to pay a fine of *3 rcttciday morning. He was amazed at several th'rcs. Helm* be met the cay company at No. So* Wells -licet he tad a chronometer watch and heavy silver chain worth J 100,« checi on the First National Bank of Terre IJaole for $5Ol, and about U ln errimhicks. When taken to the Arrorr <•0 t nly was found in bts parse, and hU t.;cl«loans pocket was some tom. He esn-td tbc arreet of Maggie hmnklln and an other lorvtte, but H ere was no evidence that they f,eotLcercame. iiUonueprobablehewaa gone lb: orgb” by eome or all of that party. CHICAGO HIBI-r. SorIETT, Tbc annual boilocfi incetliyr the Chlciji B'ble Society vu held laat evening So the Indore Boon ot the Second Pmhytenaa Coarch, cota n:ccic; si 7 o'clock. Hon. S. B. OlU,Pre»l dent, io the cltlr. A. cnrtalttec vrts appointed conslstmcof Dr. Pstteifon and 1". B. Carter to mate nommaHOM *°TVe committee reported u follows: For /'rft«J<*f—lJenrj Q. Miller. ’ m H Dr. T. WneeJer, S. If. Bm^ Hatn Bid J. ti. Hamilton. Ev}. 1 '1 Ti'iCwrer— C. U. » sun. > j stcrtiaiy—-’*. B. • aricr. ! A.t». Dowds. , -rt J ilai'CCfrf— B. W.JUytnond, n. R. Sldnocr. H. «■ Ki«-c, Fdwsrd b!y,j.N. Barker, R. M. Gail f„L» «“ if Blneham. Stand Howe. Wa. O. Holme?. John Wbodbridrc. Robert Clark, James v?rtme Robert F. QoeiVVr, U. ifaud. A- L. J Hare. P.E. Bndfey. I. L. Bond, A. , ■.cf.l'ff., Korcic, S. A. Kern. Phillip Plante, ] S*V‘ UiHiad. U S. w. UlMdsli R. T»y. 1 Jr'‘j 11 Cat cr.W. W. All port. A- C. Calkins, . 'iw«“ M. Bun, v»w» V. Coe, U. K. Walker. It. *W. Blatchford, «•. a - k fi* ■ * toc A- Unn, F. Waller, A- Upbol, Jacob All,F. was voted that the report he puV uJSfSSs (^ff&^grs^TOd. Bible So Cl Ttc MmnlKrc appointed la.t JMr to effect » i-“o poSaoo or tbe so.leir, re C 1 ?"' d „?' f'r otclon la-t wr. t.u-n In Ite n-err G. UllUr, S. B. Gookln* and J- W. Wane were appointed uW comolUee to re- S3.*; ”o?M wto ncwrnrj .0 tb. cue- C x oie oS than*.* wa» tendered to the dally . .pei-r lor tnclr toll report* of the Society. 1 ACjoomed- MERRY CHRISTMAS. Sight*, Customs imd iucJUcnta of the Dbj—Presents—Gathfrins*— Amusements. BemeuVriog the Children at Home and at Scliool—Sorrier*. “1 beard the bells, on Christmas day. The old familiar ca*ol play. And, wOd and sweet. The words repeat Of Mare on earth, good will to men. While tbeae imes are passing through the press the gray morning light Is breaking on another an* nlversary of that day held sacred throughout Chilatendom for the birth in Bethlehem of the founder of the Christian religion. Though nearly two thousand yearn hare past since that event, the day la aUli a way mark In the year, a dayofsacred and pleasant memories, of kind, forrlrlng iboogms, of generous, heart-warming actions; a day which makes men and women and children happier and better for Ua coming. For many daye the hustle of preparation for this holiday has been beard throughout every hamlet and city in ibe Christian world, and to-day In dif ferent dime* and nations. In different tonguesami ways, by people of varied creeds and customs, the old story la bronchi to mind. It Is a pleasant thought, in the midst of our rejoicings, that from polar region to tropic plains, alt round the broad earth, the millions who call themselves Chslstfans bare fhta one common tie— however nnllkc in every thing else—in the cele bration uf one common anniversary. From cathedral, church and chapel, organ and chair will peal lorth the solemn mass or exulting anthem, home brarth-atones will blaee with un usual warmth and light, and abont tables spread with abundance of good cheer, will gather happy families to rejoice In the blessings oi a bountiful providence, and lb the glfis which,the hand of friendship and aflhcfion has lively bestowed. Truly U la a day of world-wide peace and good will. cmuerxiA n to* cits. Though the holidays code is the midst of what is otherwise a doll reason, la a business sense, oar streets, for a week or more, hare indicated the coming of a festal day. It has been a real pleaearetoaUaiihewmaow.otwalk idly along uar principal thoroughfares, sad study tbe throng of faces that flit by. Pleasant anticipation, and 2»e happiness which beams from the eves of those who are doing for others, bare markedmost of the connlenancea. As the day drew nearer, tbe crouds ihlckened, and stores and shops of ill binds were filled with easterners, while scarcely a person was met who did not bare feme package or boodle containing, as yon could well caeas, a gift for the Christmas stocking or tree. Here a father wltb a little sled or a pslr of rkates for bU boy; (here a mother with a 001 lor a toy lor tbe little ous; yoaug men with delicate caskets of Jewelry; yomur Is* die* with books and patterns lor slippers; a labor* me man with the unusual luxury or a torkey for the family regalement; a sewing cirl with some article of comfort for an aged parent,—these are some of tie figures that bare hurried by In the shilling kaleidoscope of the street, and on every lace, for the time at least, self was dethroned, snd affection and friendship beamed oat. Merchants and merchants' clerks hare been al mo-t crazed with care and labor, bat Ibo golden, or rather paper, bamat which they have reaped ought well nerve tbelr muscles and quicken their steps lo meet the incessant calls which lor two weeks have been made upon them. The amount of roods of various kinds which are sold in this city doling the holidays la immense. Before tbe war a bom Ji.OOO.CCO wcreezpended In the way of gifts each season. With the contraction In currency at the beginning of tbe war, the amount deceased, bnt in 1902. with the great reaction lo financial matters, and (h-* enonnons Increase in cummer andliane of all k nds. the sales sprang up to nearly $2,000,w0, sod has continued to Increase greatly since. Dealers hare kid In ranch larger -locks each year, even to the present, when tbe dulses* In general business ban pfronlelo fear that the sales wonld not be so great os In 1965. The windows and Interior or all the principal stores bare In themselves been pictures of beauty and luxury* Jewelry, goid and silver wares, watches, diamonds blazing with light, (lira, paintings, cn* "laving*, stereseople views,book*, work' 3nos. melodeons, mo.-lc boxes from small and aim* . Ic to large ana expecslve,toys,fruits ana caooiea— these o« some o» of articles which have ►ecu duplayed with tempting skill, admired and loosed for with b*l«U breath, examined, priced, dfeenssed. left ai.d*c»H reverted to, bought and (laid for from purses lean and eorpulant, carried c Tcfdiy borne, snn&vzedinto tiny Btockluga pen* ilaot •-TI door knobs, hang npon Christmas trees ■blase wlih Urht, and surrounded with admiring rroaps, left by acknowp, roystemaa boys ln„ u'.ncy offices, eem Hying by steam to distant cities, received always and everywhere with thankful* ness and rcjCKtnr, worn, pocketed, tab'ed, played upon, caicu and drank, and all this and more be cause to-day la "Merry Christmas.” Mho would not be a Jeweller, a book dealer. a inrrier, a confectioner, an anything with holiday rills to sell* for the purse fillings open with rhe heart, the poor find something to spate from their poverty, the thrifty and economical become geo crons, the wealthy munificent, money is spared not, sod merchants wax fat. But betteryet, who wonld not rejoice tbst be has dear relatives and friends to whom to rive proofs of affection. Who would be a lucere. ernsty. miserly old bachelor on such a Csy. blessing hla stars that be has no • ife or children or cousins or nephews to r:nd his heart-strings with every pull at bis parse stung*? Who wonld 00l let the fountains ol love and generosity well cp In his son! for this day at feast, and keep Christmas Day with a will? THE CI'UOUCK TO-DAT. If any one ever get* so old or so enfeebled In memory tbit be cannot remember the ecstaey with i which, when a child, the light of CbmuoAsmom- In? need to fill him ; or it, what U far worse, bis youth wa» so saddened and straightened by the • and of poverty or frienoleavneea, that henevet knew wbat U was to look for the day with eager an'lcipatlons. tbit man la to he pitied; tor he baa Joflleomoof ihc sweelert pleasures of life. For weeks the children have been in a fever of enrios* ity and anticipation. Every package that came Into (be botxfe was scrutinized with a view to me possible Uct (hat It wasa forcranncrof Christmas. Any approach to confidential commnmcaUons be tween Uio beads of the familtes was laid in wait for and detected. And only hr sfirrcntldons means, or ondcr cover of the darkness, were tba treasures prepared for this dav brought home. And now, early Ibis morning, before the first bird stirred from Ws perch, the chambers of the Juve niles wen* alive wiib noisy animation. Garments were quickly donned, and a grand charge nude anon the capacious stockings, distended almost Ito banting. Contents were quickly extracted aid inspected nllh shouts and rejoicings, and the greeting “Merry Christmas *’ was echoed and re ecnoeo through the house. _ . In some cases, however, the great affair of the tca*on was on CbtisUnas eve, when Use branches of the evergreens. loaded with gifts for families or schools, made a cheerful picture under the gas light. It Is a pleasant custom that ot grouping all the tokens of regard together, and then as the names are called and each one falls to its owner, making each of the circle the sharer of th; other's Joys. Several of the Sabbath Schools gathered at jhcjr accustomed rooms and spent the evening most plcasantlv and cheerfully with music, ad dresses end, chief of aIL with the Christmas pree, as is told more at length elsewhere. Thlsev-olog 'Artcus other schools have similar entertainments. but tub rooal Alt ibet« pleatncea depend primarily on moony, and feme slaa f are poor, crnelly, bitterly poor. The wealthy, those la moderate circumstances, those who bare little to spare, all these eao, in. greater or leas degree. Quite the happiness atteod act on this merry season—and. perhaps, the de gree of pleasure Is not mtasured by the site of the parse. Bat some there are among ua who ,-v«av.*nt Cot dally bread,lnto whose doors the ganct wolf hunger daily !oos«, on whose bc*nb r-o irebnrna to tecep onl the niUer cold, whose children loot, with wan ore*, into their faces, and safe a Christmas sift—even a crust of bread 1 Ood pitv these, and pot It into the hearts of those rho this day rejoice m Their abundance to find ihcto <-ot, and so Hit their hotm* with good things I and thdr hearts with joy and thankfulness that [ this shall be forthcnawonderfttl “Merry Christ- OneoTthe most touching sight* of these past •■usy days ha*. been that seen now ond then as •-one thinly clad woman, or little child, bloc with cold ard pierced by toe sharp wittier winds, hastened alone bearing a luuc branch oferer rrern and a few, very few. Utile trinkets, bought r Itlt a hoard, bow hardly earned and saved, yon, neb one, cannot kao*, with which, in their slender vsr to make a ChrLstmas tree. In memory ot the * - ,py days In their dear old fatherland. Perhaps for many a day the hare denied the pressing wants of hunger, and perhaps for many days hence they will fee] they dental, that for one day of tbelrnnhleased lives they might be happy. Picy them, yon that are in comfort and ease to* day. and ao not stop with pity. |te noble institutions ot charity with which oar city la blessed Trill remember their charges to-day, and place In months an abandonee of food as well a* the song of rejoicing. At tne Protes tant Orphan Asylum a bountiful dinner will be •cned on Wednesday, and a tree bearing the Cniil* of charity will drop its fruits Into the hands of the little friendless ones. At tne Soldiers' Uome, last year, a liberal entertainment was -lien, and about a week ago a gen eral celebration was bell, so that to-day the usual abundant and wholesome tare I will not be specially varied, though the inmates | will doubtless find among themselves causes of r>lessiire. At the Marine uospltil and Dome for the Friendless good cheer Mill be provided, and at the other organized charities Ihe day will b* re membered ; bnt at all of these donations from the warm-hearted and cencrons will be gladly received • id property appropriated. AT TUB HOTEL*- The hosts ofoor great pnbllc houses remember Uie * trangers within their gates to-day, and most of them wilt serve np aomptnons dinners to console the travellers for their absence f com or lack of home and friends. Ihe Tnxncx* has received invita tions to dine at the Briggs Boose at one and at the Tremont House at toreen.m., and these ex cellent hotels will no doubt be found to su-uin ’belr wide reputation. The little army or em ployes at all the hotels will he remembered In sundry ways by the guests and manager*. The proprietors ofthe Trcmontglvc to thdr help to night their aormal Christmas party, which It Is hoped will he a pleasant attrir. AarcsonatTs. to vtake tbc day more generally a boltdiy. bufioeM wiu, 10 a considerable extent, be sus pended, «Pd the Mores dosed so that cxnnloroa >ill be free to enjoy tbequeltes. The skuUo? site and rlnVs which tbc u« few cold boom '..itt tat in condition will be crowa®* wnb tbc ;ron*hod throne who trill And health and stimc«k ias'eUac amusement. At this writing snow it 'Mime slowly, ai d there la a feeble prospectfor Idcnlne to-dar. If it Is reaped stables wilt be -mntlcd of crenrthlcc which 1 a* rtmners, and the nerry jingle oi ite bells will mingle with the ncmer laasb oi the Ik'lW. . . . -w Ihc Onera will be witnessed to-pight by an :aufually gay and brilliant assemblage, and the beatrei and minor places of amusement will *i jeihronced tvsuc ruicxa closss. Tte Post Office will oe own from ci£ht Io tea •’clock to-day, only, ibe Government offices win cficiilWbe doted, procctdlnjc* lo the Court* •beonMcned, «be Board of Public Works and •caul of Police Commissioners wilt u»ve no »o*- 'or, hanks tod htnklmr booses will be dosed ndbailacM on'<htnge will beenspeodea. WXAgitT TXCIOEJm. The receiving of gltu ate bvno mean* to be crirSard to the children. thoacn tbelr elder* ctre -ca receive la * lei* aenowtrallve way. Ilu*- : l3 Dde, wive>, brothers, HMera, relative* near, n : jote or prospective, bare been Peered and nm :bat-kfui to-day, end the lie* of a^» Dd n *°*' , ; ori tine been streacibened- If *o«ae of ocr ( xorth 1 d nmnenfahoiSd be served aswaiiiaoJier , übr,B:l-‘irur on Chmtmaa mornlne, miasei bis »rocklnc» and finally looking out of nlodow ,i,!ed ibeni In the horns ofa fine cow. ****£“*" :.l* {rale, the gift would be both acceptable tad ' «td.r mplOTtn .re already heart o' »bD have weered ibeir heart' to their clerks ani prt -1s“ 82,'SiSS? sgasss sss .ttss-raaga HSSr>SSsraSS I fsstißS&is&m : trtiha bamJaom.: Witl o' 1 susa on Dearborn street, wun.» niatmu Commia P^Ns^f ™ nitU a faw moments be a^J&SttSSßt f.cro lb. unci ol • roman "bom te endcaromd to atreit traily two yoora a4O. ><> j/C.\€i or mo o "liblol omt.l than Captain Blftoy otct lad 1 chaitre of a police precinct In ttU or any olncr enj lathe tnUedstate*. .. . l*fteventne Mr.O. P. Folic-,onopf tbepa t i crs of the firm of Fuller, Finch & Fuller. AO-. « «*««ISC Soa*h Market street. was - recipient of a complete wt of the “Wavetjy Nov el, ” hr the rtapJoje* oruieeslahlUumcni. At live S’dodf «il 5»« wer* MMmblcd In the main and the “hero" of the occasion call' d ST on special bonne**. When he caul? *aw an onuaaal alghi of , »*} ftVeda together, be m a cool manner inquired Hre there was a church.” «e traa invpoaSnnatlve,by being lutreaucea to Ur. J. E. Church, who. In a pleasing manner, and with a ret* speech, presented the wore m twenty-fire volumes, bound to leather! to Ur. Poller. The redolent o( Use gift responded by tsjluj tbit he could only itank them ; that the occasion was ends tbit he was amble to make icy reply. Al io, Mr.T. N lloldeuwa*presented with a slider pitcher, aa a testimonial ot the high appreciation ;ibkb all bases entertained for nlm. Oar notice of the presentation or a "old star to Servcaot Mcrcentbaler, cf the CartllTe bao-Sla lion, scaixclTdid full jusilce to ex-Aldertaao Pe terbhio>p The presentation was nude by him. John u. Hail, train master on the Northwestern Hailiotd, yu last evening presented with a cue nlflccnt cold each, valued at st«o, and fM la money, by the gmUemeu employed in his cepart ment. The watch »u hucrihwi, “Present ed (o John n. , Hall sy a onto* ber of bis friends and mm'itix lo the employ of the Chicago and Northwestern Kallroad Company, as a token of their esteem. December 45th. 1BC0." The presentation speech was nstdo by C. W. McCloer, who. Is a very hap py manner sketched the pMi course of the recipi ent, referring to the time when 1c IBW, be entered the employ of the company as brakesman,*was af terwards for good ’conduct promoted to the poeiuonol passenger conductor. and within the past year promoter to the poai’lon of desoatchrr of trains. Mr. DnJl responded Tery happily, thanking them tn language whose tones showed It to be heartfelt, for (heir kindness, and assuring them that he would never forget the occasion. The presentation, a rnnen more TsloaOlo one than is usually made—wm condneted by an association of which Ur. McClner was ITvaldeoL.Ur. Pmgrec. ireasnrcr, and Clark help. Secretary. After the presentation the party adjourned for champagne end other ct refers* of the season. Mr. U- Bellinger, chief detective on the Chicago arm Ncrthwcsten Bstlroad. was also presented with a silver bos hy bis associates in the detectlre dcpeilmcni. Amos U. Opdco, of Blair Lodge, A. F.4A. M., was last evening presented with a Masonic breast plnfand ring, on behalf ot bla friends and em ployes. In thehonse of B. A. Jessel £ Co. The presentation was made by Mr. Thomas Barry Is an unusually feJldtona manner, which showed that the gentleman was a bom orator, and withal warm hearted. y.r. Ogden responded appropriately. Many a deed ot charily and kindness, let ns hope, will be done In secret, of which the world will never hear, yet the donors will be well repaid In their own consciousness, and la the knowledge that (her have helped to make some lowly ones happy. Thus givers and receivers will bo pleased, and this Merry Christmas will bear away with It the records of good deeds. at tux cmmcßis. Special eerTlcca will be beld In aeveril of the diy churches, as will be seen below. The Epis copal churches are beautifully decorated with evergreens, and Ihs music In mem and the Cath olic churches will be an especially attractive feature. At St. Paul’s Dnlvertallst Church, on Wabash avenue, Christ Episcopal Church, on Twenty-fourth street, and St. Mark's Episcopal Church, atCottase Grove, eetvices of an Interest- Itiz character were held. rennexa to-dat am to-xicjot. West Indiana street JdethodlstEplscopal Church, will celebrate Christmas by a festival on Tuesday evening. Supper ia to be served in the lecture room of the church, after which Santa clans In bis munificence will distribute presents from the trees. The Christmas festivities ot the Bridgeport Mefhoolst Episcopal Sunday School occurs this afternoon at fire o’clock. Church ot the Mission, First Unitarian- Christ mas service at 11 a. m. Breaching by the pastor, Kev. H. S. Collier, on “ The Divine in me nom inal)." There util be service in St. James’ Church this morning at II o’clock, with sermon by Rev- E. C. Porter. ScbVect: "Good will to men." The pub lic arc cordially invited (o be present. The Sunday School scholars of the Tabernacle Church, to the number of 1,200, will meet at the church this morning at 9 o'clock, and will then In detachments visit the poor of the ueljbborhood- Xbc Festival of Christmas will he celebrated in Trinity Church, which will be decorated as usual, on lueaday morning at 11 o’clock. Bishop Cum mins will preach and administer the Holy Com munion- Sei vice* will be held at 11 o'clock this morning In Asc-otlon Church, comer of LaSalle and Ma- Ele street*. Sermon by the Rector, Rev. 11. w. cen>. Subject—" Christ's Divinity in Curtail aultv." Onion Dark Baptist Church. The Suodav School Christmas festival ot this church, located on the corner of West Washington sod Paulina streets, ill he gh cn on Christmas night Church of the Holy Family. The service* of this church on Christmas Day will be of unusual craudeur and solemnity. The first, or Christmas mass, will be at fire o'clock, followed hr a suc cession of masses until nine o’clock. Ai halrpast ten o'clock there will be a solemn pontlflelal high mass, with deacon, eub-deacon, etc., and the mu sic wllrbc Haydn’s (J in C,wiih full orchestral ac compatlmems by the Great Western Band. The ofiertety will be the hymn to thu Blessed aacra ment ot Father hamblllottc. with chorus sung by a foil choir. The sermon trill be preached by Rev. C. F. Smarms, 8. J. In the ahcrnoco. at five o'clock, solemn vespers and benediction. To-Upy being the Feast of Christmas, Grace Cbr.uh. coiner nf Feck Courtand Watvash avenue, will be ! fintlfully decorated, and the music wilt 1.0 excellent, bermon by the rector. Rev. C. LnUt. St. Mark's Church.—There will b* Christian service li» Si Mark’s, Cottage Grove,' si 11 «. m. E, B. Turtle, rector. Cathedral «f Sts. Peter sad Paul; comer of West Washingtonand J’eoria streets. Poll Christ* mas sen leva and tbe administration of the Holy Communion wilt be held In this chnrch at lofi o'clock. A SI. Mary's Chnreh, comer of Madison atreet and Wahath avenue. High mui will be celebra ted at S o'clock, when the choir will aloe Partner'* mala to B Cat, sod the second high mus trill be celebrated m 10:80, the ransic by Taamau. , At St. Patrick's Cborcb, comer of Adams and Destines streets, there Trill be solemn bichmass at half-pact urn. the choir trill sing Beethoven's I neat moss In C, accompanied by the Pblibarmo- I 1 ulc orchestra. under the direction of Ur. Hall, ibe otin&Ut ottM timitli ■ Soto* of the beat vocal win of tbe clir wit) sing. We hare no doobt that “Justice" will be done to the work of the great master. Tbe sermon trill be preached by Uev. P. Riordan. bt. John's Church, Union Park. Chmtmas aer ricea will be bead at St. John’s Episcopal Church to-day at halt-past 10 o’clock. Service by rector Rev. H. D. Bishop, D. D. The Christmas anniver sary for the Sunday School trill take place in the evening, commcncjeg at 7 o’clock. Tho exer cises of the evening trill consist of Christmas carols by tbe children, short addresses, and the distribution of gifts Irom two large heavily Ude& Christmas trees. All who wish to see a happy baud ot children, should not fall to attend. oaTnmnros mrr mstKo. Tbe Sunday School scholars of (be Second Uni vcrsallst Chnrch, comer and San- I gatnon streets, bad a very pleat&nl time last eve ning. The Interior of the enntch was festooned wuh evergreens, and near the pulpit stood three Cbmtn>n» trees, the brioche* of each being bur dened with doll% books. Chinese boxes, candles, etc. After supper, which came off iu the church at half past seven, the distribution of presents cctnmcnccd. ' r hc boys received books salted to their aces and capacity, and from the variety of articles hanging on the treea, the uirls were piwn each aa was supposed would please them moat. A large and expensive Bible was presented to Alderman Woodard, Superinten dent of tbe School: the pastor. Rev. T. £. St. John, was presented with a rosily pair of far gloves, and Mrs. St. John was the happy recipient }( apairofbeaoUmlvases. The school numbers iboiil two hundred and fitly scholars. It was in lecdedtobave tbe presents delivered bt a ficti tious Santa Claus, bat tbe gentleman who was expected to take the part usually p'aycd by the old gentleman, failed to make his appearance, ween oar reporter left, at nine o'clock every countenance, whether young or old, showed that, for one evening at. least, ore , and trouble had been thrown away. May they never be found, especially by the bora who were *o proud of their boons, nor by the little girls, who, when they received their dolls, look and acted as it their fortune was made’ for life. Tbe children of the Wabash avenne Methodist Obtuxh illev.R. M. Hatfield) assembled In the school 100 m attached to the chnrch last evening, sr.d bad a good time. There warco exp rc« order of cieiclscv but the pastor of the chnrch made some few remarks, as did Mr. George C. Cook, and this they did to a Juvenile andicncc assembled In eight of (be Christmas tree which was the feature of the occa cloo. On this tree there were candle; and toys. There were reflecting ball*, dolls, birds and such like lilt:c matters which delight the eye and subse quently gratify the cooler senses of the young. These were distributed amid Dual* of laughter aa loud as could be drawn by witty remark’ l on such a bapny ocaslon. and by gratifying gifts to the young. The dlstribaaon closed at this chnrch at an early boar and the delighted ctowd of Infantile beanties separated to their homes, the better for assembling and the more pleased that abroad aa at home they were the sub jects ofconeldcra lon and the heroes of a holiday The led are room of the Church of the Messiah, (Her. H. h Collier) at"aye tastefully decorated by Us ninminatfd scripture mottoes and appropriate furniture, mis last evening fitted off alter the style adopted as a part of the rejoldngs of the season. Tbe pillars and waha of the room, many of the coilie, mo galleries. and the places or entrance and exit were festooned with ever green ; hot more man all hy the company assembled within It was the decora tion made perfect. There were not only rich dresses noon handsome ladles, hat there were the hinny faces of wcll-plessed chUdrcr, watching the Procters of the exercises and snowing an eacer iotentnesa for that which was to follow when the Christmas tree ehonldbe cxlblted and robbed oftw treasure of toys-for their enrich ment. Nohcdy was tn a harry that the attractive force of tiitacUle gifts should be displayed, and yet the children, used to an early bed Jims, seemed only to keep away M the dustman,” the boggy of infants, by the pleasures of hope, and some eve the hope was realized, slumbered la the arms of their maternal parents. The meeting was nomin ally of the Sabbath School children. U Included these, hnt with them came their fathers and their mothers, and tin* children were not more amused than were their sires, for Indeed the exhibition po-sessed merluwbscb were appreciable to fire ot the “seven ages” ol man. - Hie exercises were opened hr the raiding of Scrio*are and prayer. Then came the music of the voice, the “Bonnie Breast Knot” bring rendered \>t M»s Bartlett to ito. rapture of the young and the applause of the elders. Next were uhu-aox, raprraciAcd with dramatic effect, and. in so far as costume was seen, wlih a m-ce than usual decree of propriety of dress. Judith stood hy the conch of Bolofernee; she slew him and she held hi* bod aloft Esther made her petition to the raw over Israel; she became hla Queen. And l»sily ofthese brripbini secure was the appear ance of an angelic corps. .Now wa* produced the feature of the evening* A drum revolted upon an ails, and presented ro lbo-‘coflhe children wfao bad not availed them selves of their mother's arms that they might sleep, the Christmas tree. Safely cnscoosed la a niche of rcfiectors was this depository of olay tl-.itgs. li seemed to the greedy eyes of the youngsters ss though it I*ore an endless supply of pree ous clße. and when Santa Clan) came la (Mr. 5. C. U tJLton). wilh his pack,even the sleepy ones revivified ttcmselves, and those that rl-pt acre awakened to a new Joy. From the tiec candies, fruits and articles for sport, were taken taken and dis tributed, aiid the distribution old not end until Christmas Itself tad well nigh com: upon those whoVcre fu atteodance. The entire affair was a success. it will be a b;t£bl JccoUoc iaa until tne holiday aeaaon of Christina* and New Year's again tetnre to draw :way, to a new tecue of pleasure, the thoughts ot ■be ruuday behool cblidica. AnvsEnEm Tox Ort»a.—The StnVotch Opera troupe cca taecc d their Mason la*t C'enSogwitbi very haod ecme houee. comldcnnfi that it «u Chrlticus cee, and that moat opera coera were encased with vhc curtain ary holloay oarliw. The opera wu Trovatore and the cart M follows: Leonora, Ohioni; Atraceca, Mad. J>lraka*ch: loea, I'ertwjdo, Collett). Ifcc opcnlnfi scene of lie first *ci went Ttry heavily. although theiaaie chonu U nnuanaUj pood, owloc U> the wpstebjd >nying of Uie orchwtra. who dr«cc*d toadVy ™’ ,--j u. e (ihionl etnff the teen la roll* hi flue «tr le . hut Ud «? "As: ? wamw*. 1 ’ TM lMia« »tU dtttrta '“-J tftra nu enn? superbly by »is?* - r ermine enthusiasm, indkaUng sßd from st.W, SSSSJSwKfopH*- *>• «>“** stesdfesmre sSsisg-sHa l '"-” C TO MM^CtonT., *®Aw« the h-as«ca of »hlcb were the atHdflo dMina'ica’ily Riven. IpiSSslii ffissssstssffcs Many arobust tvnnrcan scream the uf dlpoUri/uf tew can sing It and make It so dramatic as Irfre did. Ghlonl song the tcvrn totpir toUnu opening toe loanh set very artistically and by her tine ringing with Irfre in the prison scene gained an tneort. Mad- Strakcscn also In tbe nla s'an c/zcjiaduo with Irtre sang with much spirit and ibe curtain fell upon an atidlence very wcu plcajtd. In tolo artists the troupe Is very strong. Ghlonl is a conscientious artist, doing evcrytnlng well, irfre we setdowa as one of the beat of robust tenon we have overbad here. Mad. Strako&b la always a tavorlle and Mam and Collrttl aro both good trusts. The male chorus Is very strong and efficient, the tenors especially potaeulng good iraslily end quantify of voices. The female chores, however. Is very light and thin, especially m *opranl. which arepractlcally a nullity. The orchestra played very crndelf, bat lime aid re hearsal will probably remedy that. To-night lae lavonlo comic opera or Critpino * la Comcrr. McVicsxb's TnxsTit*.—Miss Gertrude l>ogpett achieved a real trioropb l«st evening. It may he beside the fact to say that the quit* exceeded the expectations of her friend*, for apparently pinch was expected of her by tboee to whoa her abili ties were previously known. Dot she fairly took by empties the aodlcaco at large (and a very large audience It was) who bad come, perhaps, with % kind of pitying encouragement In their thoughts fora novice In ibe dramatic art who mightprob abl> be iclaed with a stage fright at the brat glare of the footlights. The young artist who made her debut last night soon showed that she stood In need of no tveh encouragement Prom her very diet entrance all through the succeeding scene in the somewhat arduous assumption she bad chosen, Hlbs Doggelt maut fested a degree of self-possession which at once set at rest any fear of failure, and stamped her as a thorough artiste. There was a double attraction at the theatre. Uwas the advent of MJifl Uogjrelt,andllwasßlao, Mrs. Cowell's benefit night. The occasion forth such as audience as completely filled the bouse, and one of the must enthusiastic audiences which ever assembled trlibln Its «\alls. The play was Kotzebne's tragedy of “Plrjrro, or the death of Bella," a drama which, as generally presented now-a-dars, Is very materially altered from toe original version translated by Sheridan. It has been redreed from a five act to a four act play, and in the process of cutting j down it has been considerably cut np. *hli, enough remains in the parte of Elvira, Rolls, Pizano and Cora to make it an enjoyable play. Jn the original version, if we remember rightly, Elvira is discovered in the first act. Aa presented last night she does not make her appearance till the second scene oi the second act, when the In* terriew lakes place between her and Pizarro in the tent. Mies Uocgeti’s entree was tne signal for a unanimous cordial burst of applause. Her form is singularly graceful and dignified, and re calls somewhat of Uelcu Faodtt, to whom Miss Doccett bears no very remote resembluce. Her countenance and the loses or her voice are indica tive of deep and fine sensibilities, and admirably Qualified to express either sentimental feeung or tragic Tpusion. She was dressed in a neh crlmron velvet robe over while ailk, and trimmed with cold lace and fringe, and wore on her bead a coronet of velvet and gold. So modi father \itrtoneUe. __ Her rendition of ‘ Elvira" evicced, besides a natural adapleduess to the part, much careful study and a correct conception of tbe character. Oer reading is particularly fine, and it will be no detraction to sav that we delect some resem blance to the re-ulinc of Mrs. Cowell, who has been for some time her instructor. We have not space to specify the particular scenes In which MlwDoggctt mist excelled. Suffice It to ssy that she baa asserted herself as an artiste of no ordinary prompt, of no ordinary talent- It would be nut das to a young dft/ulanU to treat with leniency, even if she fell below the mark. Hiss Hoggeu’s acting, however, will be found to bear a strict critical examination. lie' merits are great: her shortcoming* are those which it would be unjust not to expect and make allowances for. In some of her rUnatloos last night there was a want of freedom In her movements, and occasion ally she failed to do toll Justice to ber excellent voice. These are drawbacks which could not well be avoided. W« cordially endorse the sentiment* of the audience, which Induced them to call her three times before tbe curtain, and predict for the young lady* distinguished career. Tie other parts of the cart were well filled. Mrs. Cowell’s "Cora" was a fine impersonation, and Hr. Waldron unite surpassed himself in his rendi- I iirip of" Holla." in which he calned frequent tp ! foBDIJ a c#rcial exponent At The close of tbe first piece, while Mrs. Cowell , and her talented yonngprotege were for the third ! ilme bowing their acknowledgments to the enthu siastic call of tbe audience, a pleasant episode occurred—* little drama to front of the dtop scene,' in which Mr. Myers and the beneficiary ccacicd the principal parts. 1 his was the presentation to Mrs. Cowell of a handsome gold watch ami chain, from a num ber of her frieß'-s. as a token of their high appre clarion of her merits as a dramatic artiste and a lady. Jtr.SlyeramadotheDrescniaUonspewhln very complimentary terms. Mrs Cowell in ac knowledging Ihegrit thanked the audience doubly tor their kindness In bestowing It, and for the gen erous encouragement and applause they bad given tb her Mr young friend. In whose career she took a deep interest. , Tbe evening’s entertainment concluded with "The Jealous Wife." iu which Mrs. Cowell as sumeu the part of Mrs. Oakley- 4 .. The Christmas matinee performance this after noon Is "The Jealous Wtfe < 'andanafterpi?cc. In tbe evening Miss Johanna Ctsuseen wip make her re-anpearancc In the "Woodland Wild Flower.’’ iILBECJf.—The falrv extravaganza of "Fortanlo and bis seven gifted servants," was produced last 1 night at the Museum In superior style Want of space precludes an extended notice of this piece. 1 It is well worth seeing and will doubtless bare a tunas long as It* predecessor, "The invisible Pnncc." It will bo given to-d*y at the matinee and In the evening. .. ’ _ . The Hutchinson Family—tribe of John—will give tbe first of a series of entertainments this evening at the Crosby Mnstc Hall. Mr. Robjohn wl'lama'st the piano, and Miss Viola will give some of Parcua’s popular duties. BWATZXO.— Ibe icela once more In good condi tion, and the parka and rinks are all in full operation, so there will be no lack of amusement for Chrbtmas day. At the Ckstiul Pjluk—A grand carnival will be given this afternoon and eventoe. The park has recent ly been flooded, and the surface u unexception able. A toll band of music and beautiful magne sia lights are tho attractions. . _ The Washington Park and the West Side Rtok are both open to-day. ATTEjinxiJ ARsos.—John Poody was arraign ed before Justice T. B. Brown ycaterd&r after coon, charged with attempted arson, and commit led for trial at the Circuit Court, in bail of SSOO. it was alleged that on Saturday afternoon Poody went under a bam at the Dmon Slock Yards, and was there seen to make severs! attempts to ignite a flame. Be was “pounced" noon, and told three or foor different stories in explanation of bis embarrassing situation, ihe flattest one being that he was trying to light bia pipe, when bo bad no pipe to light BvncLXßT.—The lumber office of H. F. Eldred, at the corner of Clark, and Twelfth streets, was entered at a late boor on Samrdiy right by bar clais, who attempted to break Into the safe,bnt only cot so far u to break off the door knob. They left their tools behind them, bat secured two overcoats. UUnola Volunteer*. The undersigned respectfully request citizens and i cto rued soldiers Interested In the reorganisa tion o( the State militia upon an efficient and per* manent basts, to meet at V'arlor No. 1, Tremont noose, on Thursday the 2?tb insL, at 7H p. “-5 to totakcstepsloproDOseabill to be submitted to the Uelelatarc of the State for the organisation and support of the llucols volonU'ors as a military TCoroas O. Osborne, Arthur C. Pncat, o Mann. John ?■ DcTcrtoee, Edward S. Salomon, M. K. M. Wallace, John B. Ttwcfcln, A. Ertkrae, L P Bradley, Waller B. sea es, A C.‘McClurg, Haahwack Darts, Hco W. Smith, Robert A. Otlmore, n. M. Hooch, H.B. Pox, and nttere. LOCAL MATTERS. Vorelxo Pmouurn und^Brchan?*. passage certificates to and from Europe by the Canard, Inman and Tapscott line# of ocean steamer** and by fl»« class sailing packeu. C. AlcUoxncu, 131 Sooth Claris street- BoUday GltU, EUlsam ’Toilet Slip per#, and everythin? >n the tray of boots and phoea at ilaodell 4 Brown’s, 153 clark-st. We regard nn. Winslows soothing Syrup a# invaluable fo* the purposes for which it Is designed, and would have It if Us price were double wbat U nowli, We shall do all to our cower lo Introduce it among our friend* and ae analntances.—{Henry A. U-tchcock, Sturbndge. Mass.] It relieves the child from pain, softens lb gums, reduces inflammation, cure* wind colic and Mire 10 regulate Ihe bowels; give* rest and health to the child, and contorts the mother. A Snf* Pile Cure,—Or* Gilbert** Pile positively cores ihe "p/at eases of niles. Scat i»y mall on receipt of sl. Circular* free. Sold by druggists. AgcnU wmletl every, where. Address J. B. Rokjojtk, Manager, No. y 3 Broadway- New York “IHolbefsl ruDot a»ntr the old Bone.*’’ Do let me boy that heantltal song. ja#t published, entitled “Pool Plots on toe Snow.’ U**?®®* posed be the popnUr writer, J. U*nry Whlttc more. The price I* only 40 cents, and elegantly cotten no. The title pace alone la worth the price. Messrs. Tyon A Hedy have jo*» received I tXW copies, and they are going off very bat. Special Notice to Bo«lnc« Wen and ihe Travelling Public generally.—-Quick time to New York. Boston, and all points J-ake Shore and Michigan Sonlhern Railroad line. Onr 3:15 p. to. Iraln arrives in Cleveland at 6:00 a. m„ Bnflato at 1:35p. m, New \otk at >:W‘- m.—Arc horn* In advance of the Michigan Central and Great Western time. Gso.M.Giuy.Wextern Agent. Tico'f offlee removed to No. S 3 Dearborn street, nndcr fremont Honse. CoD«tltntlon W*w.-A Certain Core for Dudetis. and all Dutww Sold Lf all Dragglsta. Depot •<<> Cliu-* f M i. Cnre for Con-1* or Cold.-Aa »* there In the slightest uneasiness of the Che*twltb diOccny of breathing, Or lodlcAllons of Coafcb, uke donng the day a few " Brown s Dronchul Troche*-" Corulnlnr demulcent laffredlenLc, they silty Polmouar* Irritation. Hate in era in readiness upon the first appearance o! a Cold of Coach. . Juniper Tar Soap core* chapped bawds, e»U rheum, pimple*, aad all cutaneous af fections, renderirg the skin soft and smooth. Manufactured by coswxtu Mack <t Co„ >«w York. Sold by all druggists. Panrrßaoetns* and Window Shade* I greatly rcdaceopricea. F. K. dishy, S 3 Han* The Collapse of Crinoline. [From the h. Y. Time*, December SM }»o one who promenades Broadway now-a* days will doubt that the long-foretold, long delavcd “collapse of crinoline” has at last come to pass. It U risible to the most care less observer, and haa proof la onr roost fashionable ladies aa they “ march along.’’ The immense circumference of skirl and sweep of train that esme in vogue a dozen years ago, and hare been expanding and lengthening ever alnec, until recently, arc now things of the past. In their stead mas culine eves are now gratified by neat, trim dresses, at once moderate la size, graoefaUy brief and pre-eminently piquant, »« be lieve that those who have experience in such matters, or make them a stedv. adroit that. In point of taste, conveni ence* and comfort, The present style Is far superior to that which it has superseded, and ll Is said that iu the estimation of ladies there are still other considerations favorable 110 the diminution of scope that has taken l**ce. But these are mysteries beyond ueu»papcr Ven, and not to be spoken of lightly bv the nnlnitlated. It would bo madness io hazard opinion as to how long the new order of things %**» remain supreme. But we expect, long ere we behold again in Broadway the flowing tQ of feminine dory which have reappeared in crew generation since the mighty Bess strode through the world In ' her gigantic ponderosity. Fatal SbooUns Cue In PouchkMpilfj New Tork. [From ihc Sew Tork Dcrald-l PoronxEirrlt, December 19,156». The moft shocking aflilr that h*« happen* ed in this cilv since the murder ofßer. J. C *Ucbmood’» occurred early this afternoon at the Wain street landing. U »PP®»™ lr °, m tie “tatement of Mr. John BroJeriet. «ho tSlnesee.l it, that hlm.clf, Wm. Bncklevand Tbonms Carey entered .he Ejchanm Boose awt 0000, and after Wltine tof ether In a ftkndlv manner lor abont hall an hoar, Tent out ucalu. Upon rcachlni; the aldetrjk rwv observed a number of pljeons ”’ e .-a,_ roo r a r the Exchange House, and ™cl.lm,r ; 'Oh. M what a lot. of plseon.;" dre^* - from Ids pantaloons a gSSlcd brccchdoadlng pistol, lutendins to Are at the bird*.. la some way or other the weapon was dlschirgcd prematurely, (be ball, a conical one. passing through one of Casey's Oncers ana entering Buckley's body neat the navel. The wounded man placed Lia bands on bis stomach and exclaimed. “I am dying.” Be was taken to the drag store of Dr. Deyo, corner of Dejeanx and Main streets, where be soon after expired. In the absence of Coroner Haight, Justice Vincent bold an Inqnest on the body, the jury return ing a verdict of accidental snooting, and ap pealing to tbe authorities to take some ac tion In relation to persona carrying conceal ed weapons. This is tbe secona case of death from the careless use of firearms in thb. city during the past year. Chrt<tssu Times. 'll* Winter’* reign and wind* are sighing G*er (he city and the plats* And lie snow flake* thick are flying, Borne opus the stona amain; Aid the poor are lowly creeping. Is ibelr cheerless dwellings sleeping, And their eyes are red with weeping, gad with want, and cold, and rain. *Tia Winter's reign and bella are rlnrJor, pealtor load the Christm** chimes; And hlythe, hooysnt heart* are singing. Of the merr»«*'lve limes. In the ball the Ugbl* are gleaming. And bright ey«r* with gladness beaming. And each hrvaat of Jo*» la dreaming, A* they chant their Christmas rhymer. 'TU Wioter'a reum and some are moslng Of the loved that are no more; Sadness 'mtdat their Joy* Infusing A* they think of days of yore; Of the brave one* Io«Jy lying. With their deeds of tone ondying. And the heart for them 1* sighing, hlghmg from the inmost core. 'Tl* Winter's reign and thooghts are rnehlng. Crowding thick npon the mind, Joy and crlef successive capsing. As they of past scenes remind; And past friendships are appearing. All their former greatness wearing. That made hearts so once endearing, And-to earth did closer bind. ’Ti* Wlntei’s reign and memory’s viewing All the comrades of the past. All their lonner trait* reviewing. O’er whom death his abroad hath cast; On lb< ir lofty actions pondering, Al their early exit wondering. And «hy death should make sdch sundering, And their brightest prospect* blast. ’Tl* Winter’* reign and *midst pages .Of ancient and modem lore, o’er the task* of indent sages, feast* the mind amidst their store; At d their deathless themes admiring. And their strains so deep inspiring. To blgh aim* the bosom firing. Higher, stronger than betore. ’Tig Winter's reign, and the soul’s peering into brighter realm af*r. Where Us pllgrimsge u nearing. Far beyond each son and star— Where an, lasting Joy* forever. And where kindred* ne'er shall sever. And where sorrows enter never, jp those hliasfot regions far. Chicago, December, 1H66. TRAGIC AFFAIR NEAR TOEKTOWK, A Soldier Shot Dead by am Ofllcer—HU Throat Cat After Ikath and Other Al* lesed Barbarttle* Committed on the Body—inquisition braflillliaiT Com* mission, and Conflicting Storlcejuto the Facts and Finding by the Coon of Inquiry« Ac. (_Corre»Dondeßce of the New York Herald.) Poirmrsa Moaaor, DeccmberSO, ISGO. On the 11th Instant. Lieutenant Egbert 01* cut, of the Twenty-ninth United States In* Jkotry, shot private George King, Company I>, of the same regiment, through the ncad with a revolver while on on the road from Yorktotrn to Warwick Court House, killing Win Instantly. Intelligence of the tragic oc currence rapidly reached here, and, as usual iu such cases, with varied and conflicting stories regarding it. On the day succeeding the homicide, a mil itary commission, consisting of Major V. 11. Stone, Filth United States Artillery; Lieu tenant Hawley. Twelfth United Stales In fantry ; Major H.R. Putnam, Twelfth United States Infantry, and Lieutenant Hill, Fifth United States Artillery, left for Yorktown and commenced an investigation. On Satur day they had concluded their Inquiry, and on Sunday returned here. It being four days now since their return, and no sure prospectof any time when their report will be made out, and courtesy hav ing given way to impatient waiting. I shall proceed to give the facts os reaching me from other sources. One of my informants living In Yorktown, where tbo company to which Lieutenant Olcutt and the deceased belonged Is stationed, and another having been there 'during the inquisition, to say nothing of the abundant corroborative state ments of other parties, leaves hut little ground, I think, for doubting the general correctness of the redial as here given. On the 11th Instant Lieutenant Olcutt, with two young men named Shields and Jones, started lor Warwick Court House, la a car riage drawn by four Government mules. Colonel Shipman, commanding the post at Yorktown, tarnished the mules, and private King, who for some time previous bad bad the care and driving of the mules, as driver. A gallon of whiskey was in the vehicle. Olcutt and his two associates bad been drink- Ing freely before they left Yorktown —so much so as to excite attention and comment once on the road. The dUtanco to Warwick Court Home is eight miles, and It U to bo pre sumed they Indulged in further free libations. The driver had never been to Warwick be fore, and not knowing the road lost bU way. Turning about to a fork of the road they bad passed, a negro was seen by the parties in the coach and asked if bo knew the way to War wick, and on his saying he did was told to take the driver’s place- The driver remon strated, and on the negro trying to get on to tbe seat and take the lines be knocked the latter off into the road- Shields and Jones came to the negro’s aid, and in turn met with rough handling. Lieutenant Olcnlt asked tbe negro if he had a gun or revolver at bis house, which was close by; and on Do ing told that he had a revolver, leaped from the carriage- Olcntt ran to tbe house, got tbe revolver from the negro's wife, hurried back, and presented it at King, with the question. “ Won’t you let that negro drive ?” “ No, I won’t.’’ replied King; “I was placed here by Colonel Shipman, andl mean to obey his orders.” “ Yon won’t, eh ?” said Lieutenant Olcutt, and he pulled the trigger. So close he held it to King’s bean that the Hashing powder blackened his face. The ball entered the left eye, penetrated the brain, and King fell dead. The tragedy did not cud here. Taking the murdered man by the heels, he was dragged to one side of the road, his head beaten with i ails and his Jocular vein severed with a knife. As thus he lay he was buried. It may be that a cooficloasnesa of ms dread ful crime Bobcted Lieutcoaut Olcutt. At all event*, be sbortly after made known tbe homicide, claimed that it was done in self defence, and demanded an investigation, wbicb resulted in tbe couual/sSon named above beloi; sent, as stated, to VorKtown- It will bo understood that tbe story givtO is tbe epitome of outside stories. Before tbe Military Court It is said to bare been given In evidence that King was intoxicated, that ho upset the carriage once In consequence of bis Incapacity to drive; that continuing him as driver endangered tbe lives of those in the coach, and that on the at tempt to change drivers he became savagely violent, and threatened tbe lives of all with nim if they persisted in their interference. The parties making these statements were, of course, tbe companions of Lieutenant Olcutt and tbe negro. Tbe motive of such evidence and other testimony is to change the criminal phase of the affair, although the suspicion may be unfounded— and U is to be hoped U may be-~is readily apparent, as only by such statements they would shield the Lieutenant and themselves from the accusation oCpartierps criminis. On tbe disinterment of King was discovered the cutting of his throat. This, Dr. Gray, a phy sician of Vorktown, stated was done after death. In this connection it is hgrctable to state that a decent burial was subsequently given the deceased. On tbe C»ct of Ms death becoming known, and the circumstances attending It, there was manifest strong excitement among the mem bers of bis company. There was special In dignation that Lieutenant Olcutt was not re strained at all in his liberty, and threats that unless some show were made of bringing him to justice be would not be allowed to enjoy his liberty long. One member of bis com

pany, who was more boldly demonstrative in bis threats, is said to bare been tied up by the thumbs as a punishment for his temerity. The deceased was years old. He enlisted in the Twelfth Lulled States Infantry, one battalion of which haa *ince bean changed to the Twenty-ninth United States Infantry fourteen months ago. Among bis fellow soldiers he had tbe repu tation of having been strictly temperate la his habits, and altogether of unusually or dcrlv and quiet demeanor. He jras In the armV during the war, and then, as since de iwriedhlmselfas an obedient and faithful toldier. He has a mother living in Troy, New York, and two brothers in tbe same ragimenl at Richmond. • , Licnunanl Olcntt has always bad the rep utation cf being an exceedingly quiet, loot fenslve and gentlemanly person, as well as a ••ood and efficient officer, except when excit ed by liquor. At such times he Is reported as vicious and unmanageable. It la related i that only a short time since, while riding thiongh the streets of Torklown, he met a Colored preacher, an old and particularly Cuiorea prcacner, *n w»u ■ peaceable man, ridinir on a mole, and with- p out any provocation, except that lodaced by Uncor, rede up to the man. threw him from his mule, and subsequently, while still on hi n horse, charged against the door of a house where the darSey mlms' ter had taken refuge, breaking in w the door, which act happily wound up Ms r . bcJUgrreot demonsiratlou. Only two or a three davs before the murder, while again - intoxicated, he is said to bare stopped a no- ~ gro who had not been saying a word to him, by the abiupt question. *‘Do you mean to ineult me?” The negro denied any such : bought or intention, which did not aatiafy Olcutt, who at once made a violent assault f on him. as though determined on taking bis » life- A sergeant interfered before he bad “ accomplished Ms evident purpose, . and than prevented the affair « reaching a tragical end. Jfumb?ra of J euch stories are afloat which It is useless to recapitulate. In short, his animosity seems to hare vented It>elf on negroes. L ntU thU late occurrence of the shooting of King he is reMtttdas having genctnlly behaved con .Weratclv end gcnUeraanlv toward the K.l - under him. During the wav he aetved with honorable distinetlon. He wea ap pointed, from civil life, and owes hla ap pointment, it is talj, toCo’.OMlOlcu'.l, Special Commissioner of the War Depart ment; who is bis brother. . rrbe result of the military Inquisition can 1 of cua— * on i y be divulged through head quarters ahwr-a,hi n ei o n, whence the report must be dlrecvi. From the fact » that Lieutenant 01tfn~, tm al üb» rt y, the general Inference finding is favorable to him, n 9 l no doubt from the Batura! disposition to shield a fellow officer, and knowing"-- ■ rrcr. , %impin«™« \ d character of the ThS? ; I" lav that I havo given the imncral lomrpreU % different state of facts, I shall, aa In duty bound, seek to give It equal publicity with this. _ _ FBOM BAITtHOBE, A Beassai of f»a*barliy—Netroeo Hold a* Aactiaa—'The OB>cer Msklu (be Sale Or* deied Coder Arrest. Baxmoax, December Sl.—The four negroes convicted of larceny and ordered to be sold oT Jndac Jlagruder, at Annapolis, were sold on Saturday. Some twenty orthbty tanners were nieseat at the sale. The first one sold wts John Sobneos. who bid for blsueif and (ho auctioneer taking his Wd, he was CnallT knocked down lo himself snd became his own purchaser, for thirty* reren dollars. Another man brought thirty-five dollate, and two girls bronchi respectively twenty i«o and thirty collars. There was an officer of the Freedman’* Bureau at the sales, and it was thought the bidding would have been more spirutd but for ihe tact that an impression •eened to prevail that the officer In question was about to interfere with the right of the purchaser*, and release the negroes Iron their custody. Humous, December 2L—A warrant was Issued, this morning, by Colled Slates Commit* elcncr Broots. rn the oath, of Captain vandeness, against the Sbcna; for selling tbe four negroes on Saturday. _____ FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. Fatal Ballreiid Accident—Floods in Call' fomla, Ac. gis F UAH cisco, December 3t.—The cooitrac- Uon train on the San Jooejßsilroad broke throngn a email bnd.te nett San Mate#* .aet night. kUnng two men ana injuring two. 'iiio ftD of rain yes terday and last night waa doable the Amount ever recorded here daring a aimliar period. Floods are reported In several places. _ ... , Accounts from Tartoaa points to California ear the streams axe overflowed, booses unroofed, trees blown down, and roads obstructed, bat no great damage is reported. „ , „ „ It Is now elated (oat the vUlt of General E. Me* Cook, Minister resident at Hawaii, who departed on yesterday’# steamer, has nothing whatever to do with a redpioctfr treaty. Destructive Ftre nt Elmira, New Tort. Zlauu, New York, December 84.—A large fire here yesterday destroyed property to the amonnt of t-u*,roi- insurance leases will reach t2U),000, chlefiy on New York fire companies- Markets bv Telegraph. New York narkets. Sw Tome. December St. CottoS—SeafT at SSHB33C. FLoca—Ooeed steady. . , n , Otarx—Wncat very quiet. stock IH.ADBbo. Cora t&tc higher, sales sojoo bn at »UldUl3 for raliM W«tern- ntodc 8.00D.C00 bn. Oat# doit. Stock, &UO,OUm. w man- Qnie t. Pmourih-Poll la bond. culet. Beet heary. Cot meats dull at abide for shoulders; inaiSc for hams, bacon quiet, lard heavy at iwaniic- at i%&BXz~ EATER NEW YORK MARKETS. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] A-McM. Expert* put week, 8,500 brl* CcnnW®o bo wheat; 50,030 bn com; 63.0 W bobuley; J,6DO brli port; SUjnO B* bacon: 757.0 M Ba lard. Flour—Some bid* for large llnea 25c below current pricer, bat bolder* are firm. Wheat very dntL Con supported by »pcenlalloo. Pork doted steady. New Western I JO AO. Demand mainly tor future delivery. Other box product* firm. With mlla ire*User tod receipt* for two day* over 12,C00 bead, price* declined to 6fcfe6jfc, Sugar*--Fair to prime grocery lOKaUVc, and steady. CoCc^—Bio, DllJwaauee .llnrhei. Milwaukee. December}!. I Special Despatch to the Chlcago-Tnbooe.l Ftocs—Nominal. Oaara-Wheat—s a. m. Hoard; sale* of S.OPO bo* NO. I at JIAI ;-No,2atat|l.7l: rejected Noon Board-Sale* ofll,0C0bn: t1.90y61.91 for No. 2; f 1.72 for No. A and (1.4 S tor reacted. Corn—'Unchanged *alc* at 70c. Bye-Uncba&ccd: aale* at 87c. Dees*xo Boos— Steady at Saturday** decline, |6.50 66,73. Lite Hoofr-13.5d3.30. UEcnrro—l.loo brl» Hoot, 9,000 too wheat, LSCO toi 'iis, 3.000 bu cant and 3,100 dreMed hosa. gmpjUEsre—«ootor!sflosran<l 1.0(0 bn wheat. NEW YORK CATrI.E MARKET. [Reported by telegraph exclusively iot the Chicago Trthoae.l New Toes. Monday Evening, Decniberll. BEEF CATTLE—The market is the worse posable, owing to the rain and wind. It I* extremely doll. All are sot sold, and great tosses have been entailed. The correct prices are: first quality ISaitjfc reconojdnanty...... ThJrfl quality... 9«t3 C The arerage price paid was Itisc, The market folly ic lower on alt grades, average uceaocedby leal goodsteck. Some aatoa.were made at2d3e decline. SHEET—The market 'la heavily over*locked, and roled doll all tha week, hot worse to-day. The price* were 4&6K& noujj—Receipt* bcary, and market extremely hard closing at s*esHc, *lb« receipt* Ibr the week aie Cattle. fcbrep! uui or hxctou ozrm. H. Smith, SI head, trcraelng 615a* at lie. A. Monroe, SO bead, ateragtm 650 B*. at UVAKc. J. T. Alexander, ST3 head, uneven weight*, at liaise, at Bergen. Datch A Co., 96 bead, averaging as, at !S«aisi,c. ■Coon A Hofchors, tin bean, atetagin* '<oo B* at 14)0 l9)<e. J.T.6ro«e«,aoldSOblo white Durham* tor KAK, oriTxe. Ben Fort AKemeriy.Whead irom sentacfcy, ater* affingSCO B*atls®»7«c. TV. jj. Wood. 43 bead from Indiana, averaging COO Bs at labile. Coon A Uoiburg, is head from Ohio, averaging <SO B« at iseiuc. Botox Eoonr»ox. Blatter oad St«clu la Ne<r V«tk> Nrw December at Uoxit— Qolct nt (VS* per cent, FTBIO.IXU~DaII «i txrctnt. & Goli*-Lower, otMclss IWJ*'. utreoetni; to ISK< Govm.t«rvT>—unil tsddecllßlßg. Stock*— Steady. Uoid y .1»X J OJk P... .Iflsj? | Beading! .m l fcT-*..... Fori WfcTw*. r s. r. c io9V . a* 1 o. & *. ecru a HR* r Nvrthwc*tera pOI t; New a’< LxTK*T. Moxxt-Market was quite active to-day. owlnrto ttc fed install cot tracts a.umrUic to-morrow had Co h-.w\U<l«<l cot " oex «av waa the general rate for call loans Dot at the efoae the marcel eued np. Mr. W. Hawkins F«m» ha* been appointed Cashier at tbe •nb-Trcastiry mine place of Mr. Kassel I, reccmlj retlmeo to Uku charge of tbe Cold Bank. Gone—There woesome few sales this afternoon at 133 u, after closing the room. l».uxios Escnaao*-Tba to retro exchange market I* quiet. hot a little stronger. Prime hanker*' blit* are quoted at ICONICS*. *n*l abort slzht GovxKsat>rf—The Governmeol aeeomios were oall 1 and lo«er this afternoon oa the cold bonds. Tbe wlf P are the dwloe price*: Betfatena'n.Attfceiffi | July io-uiconp. _ Coupon* Tt1....110ji(3110X «2- SK'* V3H 7SO repT’CS lIM* HHO coop &S& W* 5-Wconp. I MiectLLoXkors—The stock market waa active and exdt»d In the lower ball in tbe nuernoon, and there ws< a coneral adranc in price*. There la an tocmasd (U»ro«liiOD U> purchase for a rise, and the boil interest is cenicpUeascentlaDCT once mere. The market has been largely oversold, and thla aslata tbe npward movement. The deliveries ottte leading nock* were Terr inerolar to-lay. and some ot them are quite •carte. Northweatero preferred was tbe Icaolog fea ture, and at one time touched SIW. There U every ap prehension ol a corner in this stock. cumso qroTitioss. The follow Ins w ere the covins prices: _ „ Ohio Ceru » I Toledo. inSf<ais3 Central JC* MIWK R.I HB MIOW Erie « m tax s.'Western «U<* «« Mich cent 10: <«itb dorfd «W» >Uch south..., 83i«m fsv Ft. Wayne lost*aio6 Hi. Cent H7*«lis W. U.f. 4tk Pittsburgh SB f* SP.'j MtkixuSrocxa—l-Uue doing in mlnlsc Blocks. Con solidated Gregory told 1571. Cincinnati market* cerctawarx. December 34. Flow—Dell. and very mtie done, but price* are no-inally uuebanped. superfine winlor. t9.7N310.75. Trade brands •I|JX»I3.OO. Qaus—Wneatdnd. Nothing doing, and prices no mlnai. Corn dull, bat unchanged. In tbe ear. Me t shelled, 6?«C3c. Oata dull. No, J, 5Jc- Bye liregular. Nothing dote. Corroy—Doll. Nothin* dose. Middling held at Tic. Wmiin—Dull, at 35c Is bona. . _ Hosts—Dali at the cloae. Boyers withdrew. Dressed closed at T7.Wi37.25, cull. There was a very heavy teciiLP at the close seder tbe discouraging advices from other leadloc markets. Peovtuoxs—Mess pork doll and prices nominal at the close, at fIT/aUd-CO. Nothing done. Bui* Meats—Small sales ot clear bacon side* at 13ki£19c, packed. Green meats opened rather firm at 6c for shoulders. 8c tor sld* a and 9*loc fbr hanuj but fo*ed dalu and these rates were nominal. Lard dull and Vc low er ; sale* of prime steam at He. and prime kettle reo* dsredatllkc. Bolter and cbecMdnu. and the demand 1 1 MDjnrvAST—Gold. money tight, exchange doB, Rates irregular but not tower. New York Dry (•••da Jrtarkri- N aw To as, December 34. Tbe dry goods market haa oodUbdM tmT dull la erery department to-day, except fbr ordeta left last, week, and not filled. . __ standard Sheetings-'Are very firm. Atlantic As are be!d by Jobbers at »cj Appleton As. «S - e. Bleached Goods—Quiet, but moving under the InflQ race of very low p»1«* rather than •..demand. New Yorks are utenanged; Junta etcam Mllu, 3X. Colored Coltonc—Are out of eeaaoo. Woollen Goods—neavy. . Delaine*— steady, with slow sales and unchanged. Ca*siroere^- Very qaleu _ Carpet*—Mow ot ••Ia fhreigßs being off in price. wml«-good domc'ttca are ray am and sold well up. Fomuu Dre* Goods—Are quicu ho trade expected until alter the holiday*. New Orleau harket. Nxw Okixays, December 34. Oorrox—Nc lower. Bales of S.UO bales low mid- TtKe. Bocelpta, IL33S; Sug« in good demanm tair.BMc. Mo ia, sea m fair rrqueat; interior Prime to chotre, '’’ySrn—r.ruv. amanc; superfine, - x t''Gß * >tS^Ccr no 's%idy at tIJBaUO. Oata quiet at in local demand at K3JO. B*»n la retail dematd; shoalder*. 13J»e; side*. U»lsMc. Urd dnU at irKftlSc. New York ex- C> F»xwn'ts o YwfcaalV, kc; steam, IMo^LITCt- .*jC; Havre, imp. l«b1r tnarwet. BT. Loris. December H- Toju.cco awn Hwrr—TSolbiaC dote** GeiS-Ww* fiitn; ulHof ■prtKttllWWJJ. yrtei I*U *X HSfttO. com dull at su»9oc. Oat* °T* ru ■ rL*of me** pork at FWflVa srjp. JUcofl oDchoored; de«x »W*» *i l*e; »a«*r ton d ham* a: Use. Lard doll at HdHHc. Dcw—Advaored HtMtonb mrelevn Sltrtrt. Ptttsb net* n. Deccmbe-3 L Ticmtrvrtto-day was decidedly doll.partlyoiito coootof Chriatma*. and partly oa arcooat of to* ,j*a: ♦tort on hand. TVe are «UU wUboot * aiorlr receipt, there la darter tbat QClte a quantity of oil will be o*i cutler ttc rrrseai tre*het. Sale* of erode were a.adeat3o9\e.oacl:ift« returned. and Ueoo board ot ca.'a.paca«er« inr.nded. Tbcr* U rerr bole Inquiry for resred la bo: d. and bolder* do not feel diapoead to pa-t with u at present pnew. Free oil quiet, and price* unchanged. a o demand tor oaptha. _ UnisdlieMukrt. LonanU-a, December 3L Tosacco—£■*> St hbda leaf tobacco at foil raw*; licit Inc* to cedlma leifat (SJOeuAD. Furo-Papertlse r*d winter at fa.M. (iaata—Wtr»» (3.30. Ear corn in balk 58c; spring white tbeUcdntS'ac. OauSVkO*. ucoczszz»-Sales 900 brt* plantation molasM* at GiilPc. c.-rrox—Sale* its bale* low mldiilsn at £3k»3oe. Fzcnaior*—Me«e porks9oXo. LardUe. BoOS-6£tVc. Becelpt*7.oso. , Tsan-la bond Vh<LSc- Balilmare Markc*. BaLTDioaa, December S L Ttora—laacttva. . Cajas—Wbest aearce awl droop lag. Com quiet. Cal* Cm at CCrOc. G«ocnus»--Dalla&d heavy. _ l**ov»mjfj—'Vrry Quiet. f*ork. *37 50. Wbbut-Drooplor at JSc for air aad J3e fbr Pean ayWaala. - SewS.rtiWr*UrßUktolnn«at miM.Kowa.BJ. DCWNGICn. Bwcte. tieeica*^*—■ Circulation, Inerta*-*- Pepoalta, decrease.... Le*ti Ttaderi. mcreaae^rr [Walesa Awodatad Pros* , li*w Tomt. B«w CaXTL*—Beef dull. Price* decLaefxir eloalu* htaiT. BeceSpt* SAOOhead. Quotations 9Q>*fe uuefpmtbroS Caireiafead/ atlWB.Ha La*B»—Lower. EecelpaJLCaQ. tjaota ms t»w. BecdpU «CCQ.I9,M-S nsciashom SV9s^e. If S I € 11 R E cr FOB CHRIS quiet. wt three days ol Isat SsssS’BSsssßr^ssa® T SStmn.» >7 forw.«.s,Mcttl,MabT Erie, Philadelphia 3lsrk«. PoiLADKLPBLfc. December Jl—Jioon rt«rb—Vot dnll it Sll.OOail.'S »r Ohio. G^rx—inactive. Coro lower; sal» new at tixo;oia*m.\&. wood, of ChamoaiimCganO^jii^^ DIED. r«ivuf4n on the 23d tnaunt. at Use praiettaat Or !&%& JANE, daughter of William and g£y OPERA HOUSE. HUS CTCKSDAT) EVENING. Dec. a. at 8 o'clock. Second SBbsalpOon Night of too renowned GHJOKI AND SUSiNI ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY. yit Sntazoecs .Director. The Brothers Biceps highly laccewTal comic opera, la 4 acts, entitled CRISPIN© E EA COMABE, M’lleCiroea. Signor SrrfSL Bvmn. Marta and Co* um In the principal rotu. Tomorrow (Wednesday) Dee. 88, Meyerbeer’s posthumous I‘APRICAIK E. New costumes, splendid mut en teen* aad pexffect cast. InclndlDg Uesdames Qmost and Caxisaa, Sig nora Dmo, Marta. Scaivi* Coiarri mad other*. The new scenery includes, la the 3d act. BETWEEN DECKS OF A LARGE SHIP, With entrance to the principal cabins, and, In the sth act. the great MANCANIU.A, OB DPAS TREE. fluiTtr Kstxjtsau) cnoirs a»n osenasrea. Nrw You, December 34. Musical Director and Conductor filsnor Niooi. • . Door* open at 6*. To commence at 73*. Tbnradar, Dec. 27-LtTCKKZiA BORGIA. Fndav,Dec.;B—FADßT. _ „ . . Saturday Afternoon, Pee. 29, at 2 o'clock—GßAND GALA MATINEB- L’APBICAIHS. AdmltflOQ to the Matinee, ineludlnc reserved aeats, 11; Box beat*. |UO. Bale of Beau tor the Maoaee commence* *nmr»d»y at the Box Office. piOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. cbi. J. a. wood Director or Attcanceau ...F. H. AIKBN (jtue Uarater. ..•j.TBOS.RARRT Grand Extra Matinee. A Glorious Comedy Dill. Tbe Great Fairy Spectacle,produced vita splendid *cea trr, coneou* decoratlooi, »ac a steal c*»u Tnesdar Afternoon, Dee. Ssjf H part J. the comedy Ol FAINT HEART NEVEIMTON JjAIR LADY. To conclude wilb BOOTS A r TUB btflS. In ibe svenltjg. at ;* Before & the Great Falrr Bp<£ tae-’eof FOBTUNIO. Previous to waich, TWO CAN P Wf$LrK5«y D At night, ANDY BLAKE asd FORTPNttf. vr c VICKE ITS THEATRE. McVICKER A MYERS MANAGERS, A JtEBRf CDRISTMAS. „ Tee£d*T Or*t«s Mattae*. Tbe Coaedy ot " TilE JEALOUs WE. To coEcTCae irlih tb« Farce or _ A REGULAR fIX. „ . Tne«»<l»r evening. *ppc»r»ccc of M LLE JOHANNA CLAUS.—*'' THE 'WOODLAKD WHO FLOWER. Urrj (witi gore.) ITi « Johann* Clans*' To conclude with the ot THE JEALOUS WIFE. TLnrstfT-Peartt of Mr. BAISFOBD. ■*7"ARIETT THEATRE. C?M.Cn*otne*. Prop. O. H. Bairos, Manage GREAT BILL FOB THE HOLIDAYS. Appearance or the Beanttfal MISS KATE LESLIE. Mr. F. Llecester, Dan Shelby and a host of talent. GRAND MATINEE CHRISTMAS AFTERNOON. Doors open at IV o'clock. To commence at JV o’clock. Admission for the occasion only. Orchestra Chairs, 25 cents. Other parts of the bouse, IS cents. rpHIUD ANNUAL BALL **• OF THE CHICAGO BOOKBINDERS* UNIOX, AT WASHINGTON HALL. (In Smith A Nixon’s Bonding.) Wednesday Evening, Pec. ‘J6, 1566. xr MUSIC BY THE OBBAT WESTERN LIGHT GUARD BAND. • » cm 6,604 . 21, COO . 12,«3 rpHE SECOND ANNUAL BALL of the I jointsetjiek paintßits* osioh «« be Spe,Bu..b»»e».«B«cW. !i mmt ' smlm ' A. BUTTERS & CO, Auctioneer* & Commission Merclxants PALMES’* BLOCK, pM' 4t dr 46 BANDOLPfI-ST. BUOTS & &TIOES, BUCK GLOVES GAUNTLETS, MITTS, HATS. CAPS, FDK3. *C A-l* ADCTION, On WEDNESDAY, M 9Ko'clock. *t Batter** #»swfwn«.44M>d4« SUadolpb**-, between State* 8L * nd w * b4?h ’* wm. a puttees & co M Ancvn. •pITTY GOODS, CLOTHS, CASSI \J MERES. &uks, Uc thing, Famishing Good*. AT AUCTION. OnTHCRSDAY.Dec.TI. at»« o’clock, at Batten* MlMbKiml. 44 and 4 H bclwaen State st. and W*t>a>n-aT. WM. A BUTTEbSACO.. Aneris. 500 ms?'' WOOL TrHITE bIaNK - AT atictiox, On THURSDAY. Dee.S7th.atUM o'clock, at Bnt icrs' Bslfjroom>,44 and 46 Kandolph-at WM. A. DPTTEHS ft CO.. AacVra. r AEGE STOCK OF RICH Bllver-Plnted Ware AT ACCnOM. „ , , on FRIDAY. T>rc. *3 »t 10 o'clock, at nutter*’ Biles room*. 44 and 40 Bandolpb-at, between Stvte-su and Wabatlt-ay. f't HUBERT & SAAIPaON, v . ri7Da GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. SECOSH VALUABLE COLLECITOX OP ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS, From the well-known Gallery of F. OEBEQBEWITZ, of Philadelphia, On THURSDAY EVENING,‘Dec. TTUu at . O clock (osly one eyenlns's *alej, at our Salesroom, 47 ard 49 r«arbom-*t_ » tprclmoa by modern Brrt<laaß artista. Among tbe dlsttngnl’hod names are tbe tol nmw E icaro, Paul Weber. If. Sheridan Tonng. c. Kmeh-o. Jma. Rsmlllon. Otto bomera, Tbo«. Moran. Ed. Mo'aa. J. Breserl, Q.TV.MchoISOn, IwottJoßiard, jenug. Urmosr Jno. Fun iter, and otherA PTomSmt artista of New York. Bwtoa “d phnsdel- collection of ialntiSfeTer offered tor sale m this ctri*. jUlioTtdsof fine Original Pictures are respectfully exhibition the day tad * MUKOS. AT AUCTION—-HORSES! HORSES? -On WEDNESDAY, the 16th last, stOwßaeg Et»M«a,conirrflSuteaadTwejniHit. of Horses- Parties wishing to purchase or dispose ct wck. will do well to attend U»» “g. MORTO y, Auctioneer. Tg T.LEE, CUT AactHaerr* 1W Dearborn-** 1 X.COO coats. Panwand Yes la ; ACcO Snlrw and Drawers: VTfift Bats ard Cana. Ererr day and eTrrdng this ■gODNTIES. Official Blanks Welhare now for aale lb* IbUowtag ftddldosil Boos ■ ty Blank*. vUeh hire ALL bcca appro*** nyUieDe oartmcsta: 3*«ldJer*a Claim for Addllt*nttl Bo*nt»i Widow** “ - « Fi'ket'* ** ** Mather'* ** Parent** M (Jofntl?) a Giartiu’i w “ * t A <v-i TT ,,r TrTr*n^ f,a ~ta Seeotd Asiltor'i OSce, re emac to cople* of our Blanks *«rt tor eraatnadon, aayi: 4< The fomu are decidedly the best -that have been presented to this .Of* fice^ Seat prepaid cc receipt of ms money, at fLOO«pa quire. A amt pamphlet, cofliamln* 2 > es<l(m aad Boonti Law* ol »** with la teat inatrocUoai sad resolattoni ttat Agent*on receipt ol stamp to pay poampe. A copy taeloeed with each package of Blanks. AddnA pDItSmTRE ROOMS. .| 19&S1S . . ctvnt un»i sa,fca I tar it u the special perwa | ywntmi; good* la my Baa, to c* l * eiamlaa. 187 auf g 9 State-st, Chicago. AXD OSTA.TK THE Buffalo filarket. Bcrmno, December 31. habbibp. .musements. (the Cobbler and the Fairy.) auction Sales. BY CATALOCGE, AT AUCTION, blanks TRIBUNE CO., 51 Clarfc-st. Chicago. jFine jpatnitute. CHAS. TOBEY, MAKUyACTTBEK ASD DEAtXB D? RICH, MEDIUM ASD COSMOS Furniture, BEDDING, MIRRORS, &c. of aay booK la the W««. YOUR C E R CHOICE EEGSA.ri.VOS OF tmas & w 2ro 13 em—ffionses. rpo RJiNT—Two new dwellings on J. West Jackson meet, 307J*® 9 ' tlce room* racix, «aa, hydrant, cUtera w atm 1 , rocics pantrlm and ck<*eU, Ac. rtils U Hebert localitiesof thecity. IiQul« «Boosa Ho. g. Cobb's Building. 126 Oearbon>*«t. . O KENT—O" Fullerton-av., and on tbeeoge of Wright’s Grove, *c=» StW ho<“«. wl'h H acreef gronnd aronad it, containing M fpfjnuu reside*eVo*e«. tJO «l»nt ot nejj* an- Apply to CLABKE, LAYTON ft CO„ IgS Washington-*:. 0 RENT—A new 3-story and basement house, No. 7a Twenty *slxth-*L, containing tea. room*, ‘bealdrt cWeu. water, gav anti sewerage. A good location. within V bkcfc of street gn. Apply to CLAKKE. LAYTON & CO.. IgS Washington*!. rpo BEST—On south Side, a first-class I two-story and brick basement boose. 577 state* Bent fji per month. furniture foraale. Po**e**ioa given Immediately. Apply at 38 stalest. rpo BENT—iAnd tnnutnre lor sale I che»n)-Ko. 38lWe»tTwclflhH»L, » comfortable twoatory hc«se.wtta brick bawment and modern la* proreaeata. only bad block *»orae com. Ben: a good teasoU Apply to C. UUI KIN SON, ISB wa*htngtoo-at. TO RENT—If yon want to liny a house, rent a honse, or sell a hoase or Jot. call at oar ot -Bca Crest inducements aiwsy* offering. GEORGE ft WILLI* MS. 7 Booth Ctark-st. npo KENT—New cottage house, comer J packer sedTyler-it*. water inkltch«msroonis: s3oo per month. Inquire QC C.J. ADAMS, corner Adams and Caoal-stt. rpo RENT—A neat, well*bmlt and con- I renleat Btory*and-s*half cottage hoosA 1137 Wett IndUca-«t_ with good barn and large garden. Apply to JOS. 1L DIdKEBDIKE, Booms Kmg’.Bloct, 83 Washlngton-sL, up salts. 'O RENT—And furniture lor rale—No. SI Aaamfrt. rpo RENT—A new bouse, on Twenty- J and cold water bath. Ac. Inquire of 6. B. HOWEA, 118 CotUgcOrofe-«T. T) BENT—A very handsomely finished cottage on Korib Clark it, Contains 5 rooms, closets, pastry, good basement room, ga* and water. Part or all of ihefomltarß. which 1* nearly new, for aaletery rearonably. Apply at 37S North Ciark-st. TO RENT—House of 0 looms, stable. Ac.. |45 per month; one of ‘ rooms, month, near hone cars, on tae South bide. PETsB BUIM-P. H 8 UonroMU Xo RENT—A good two-story house, containing 7 rootaiTbteldee hall*, cioseta, pantry woodibtd. Alio, roams furnished and utlnrolsh ed. Ipoulreof PH. U. KE£D, 108 Baodolph-iL, room I\. - - ®o 9£cnt-Hooms, TO KENT—With board—A large front room, famished. Soluble lor two pcoUmeo. or crnOemtn and wife. Beftrence* required. Apply at *0.4 WaatAnpton-il. t» TO RENT—Torce rooms, to a respecta ble party, suitable for housekeeping. Apply at 606 front Clark-*;- TO RENT—I rooms, and furniture lor eale. H2»2 Sotnh Clark-*:. comer ot Van Boren. O REST—Punched and unfurnished rooms. 114 Peatborn-sr. Apply at Room 36. 'O RENT —A sleeping room. In a prC vate family, at 303 nHnol»-st. TO RENT—A comfortably furnished front and other room*. at t£36V State-st. TO RENT—Four rooms, with three clothes presses and a buttery, pleasantly located, on WcstMadUon-ru.all.l-1. For partlcnUr*,apply at 104 jJaDtca-st, between Van uorea-su and price place- TO RENT—Rooms, at U 2 Carroll -st Inquire at \ &6 West aatrtsoo-st. TO RENT—Cheap—One large furnish ♦dfiont room, with closet and gaa: aljo. one Bln eie room, the same ai tne abure, at $3 Jacison-st, nearhUte-tt. Inqnlr,. at the hoaae. ®o iScnt-gtores, Offices. &c TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent, reef of 74 Raadolph-eU, oppo »ue Crosby** Opera Honse. Apply to A- WOBDEN * CO., or L. I. loDD.oaiheprcmlße*. TO KENT—The store basement and lofti. ICSUBe-st. laqnlre at the premises. TO RENT—Store, or building, with two alorlea over thealnre, and goon dry la one ot the best locations on Lake su Also, nhe lease ot **me. lor a term of yeart, lor sale. For terras. *c-. addrcM **W L C,” ’fribone office. Every way salted lor a hnt-cl»*» baslacsa, wholesale or rctsU. 0 RENT—Office and basement. No. 100 X South Waterst. (old Board of Trade Banding). Apply on the premises, to HABT.ASr&N TO RENT—A handsome new store, on West Loke-at. with rooms rontolnlnz css and wawr.anltabiefbtTsoasekteplDg for a snail family; would be a doe location l:r some licbt dry good* busi ness. periodical, or lar cy store. Apply oa the premi se*. 737 W«*tL*ke-«t. TO RENT—A leasehold interest in a splendid residence lot on BorthDearborn-st. Itlsa corner lot, POxIiO reel to analley. The leas 1 : has 13 year* to ran. Address “X." Trtboae office. TO RENT—Store, or first-class office, for one Arm. leaving de*k room far six persons besides, at *55 per month, each. Flre-prool safe. Ap plyat Jtf7 south clark-tt. TO RENT—Second, third and fourth floors cf the new itore NS llichlxan-ar™ stse 30s IS2, well llchtfd. and snttoble fbr erther mannlkeiartog porpore*. or the second floor win make * tine sales room. Apply to ED. AUSTIN, 43 Loke-su. or ad dress Box 3376. TO RENT—Very desirable office rooms, on the second floor ot 91 R*n<iolph-sL; also. » laraep«om on toe fourth floor ot 93 Raadfloh, corner ol Dearborn- Apply to Dr. J AMDs. 03 Randolph-*'.,, second flocr. TO BENT—Store—Large, lurh; and cen ilrai—io»Monioe-*t.:flre-proo<avte. Immediate po'sewlon. K-*l c-«at- sod loturance men, take no Gee. Apply *t 167 rooU« Clarx-st. ffieiantcb-tSEo Kent. TTTANTED—To rent a small collate Y\ house, crsuuccfrooms, suitable for bom* Keep ing for •mall lamllX- State location. rent, Ac-to JOHN UATNABD.’-iaa South Water-rU ttct ANTED—To Kent—A celiarand rirst V V Coorofa good sized brick building, suitable for ■o oil ftcorv Adiin.M, with parU'Ultrs, "U" P. O. Drawer 3*04. t\7ANT£D —To Kent—A house con- VV talalngSor ten rooms. on South s-M». e«t of Sute-ft. and torts of Twcoty-slxlb-W. Would pay Iron* KO to }CO per 3.OMb. Addnsa Bex 6.409. st*u tcglcatlon, ted ween premUea can be examinee. WANTED— To Kent—A small house, suitable for tbr»e persons A fhrnltted hon»c preferred. The best references given. Artdres* Bor 1.153. Chicago P. O. Would like to take care of a house lor the winter. TXT'ANTED—To Bent—A small house. VV or sol’e of room* inl table for hoaK«c«nltic, hy a reutlemaa axvd vife. No children- ** re B,’ iflpaae CECV - IScal Instate—(Eiig. (RPUOVED. T?OR SALE—A leasehold interest in a P spicndld residence |..t, on North Dearborn-st- I: la acoroct tot,uOxtM C<et, to au aley. The lease bn l* years to run. Atldreaa “X." Ttlbone offlee. FOH f ALE—On comer of FranVlln-sK 35HH30 Get, to alley. w«h «opd hecse. worth fIJ-00-tl S4SOO. In « short time I hi* win he e>od t nrlots* prorejiy. W:JI r-nt nnw tot Per month. - Bare chance for a sn.jxdM Inyrjtment. TltlepcKect. GK». W. HILL. 17 Reynold*' Block. T?OK SALE— Boose, lot and stable, P £3.120 • one for fa,®o. on the South Side; one on tteWeslSlgc.X3.Mo. VET£P. MLMK9tf ItJatoQ-n. FOB SALE—A splendid lot, on Mon roe-sl—hetwccP and Wnhash-av., 39XIM feet, with a good twO-swryhulldlßjf, No. JO. PfloN aiAiCO. Ter'usea*V, A barea'O. title ptrfoct. WAS KEN A GOt’i'BiCH, Eeai E*tste ßrokers. 123 oear borp-sc. Boom ‘i. rwiuprtoVßi*. FOR SAi^E—The north hall of Block Ko. as, sScboo* Section Addltlcu. having a trout. affeof«'fee* on Clinton and and con ttlnUTSlou- A rareGppottanliy r.r a maaufiMti rv. wri be wi'd on reasonable term» bv T. s. FITCH £ CO- No. 167 Dearborn-*t- business (Eljances FOR SALE—Bools and Shoes—Execu tor's Sale—We hare now no hand «l(XW) worth of boots and shoes trom the atoev ot me l»te A. u. Pearson, A Co. 166 Laxosu consUtmr of tnca’s. oov»;. and youth’s Kip boot*. ladies’, misses’ aod children * rail boots; call, coal and pebble bal*-, womens arctic*, men’s buffalo overs acd !af-Uu-d baA, men t. woxeo * and ntraes’ robbers, men’s short rubber boo-*, - ,, All fiwh tuple goods. m<J la foil ca»ea. which will be sold by the case for ca*h. lower than elsewhere In the market, or a bargain wil'l* JVtento a Party bovine the lot. Appivto w» V. DANA. No. 166 tak«r*t. •• of 3. B- TOWNS, 50 Weal Eaadolph at. TT'OR SALE—Whole or half interest in r IOO rt —mi dry goods store, lease and 0 stares. WUI tsfce a rtrlnpr. or *e:i lor part ca»b sad time, or property. 6. W. SEt, 114 Adaas-st. FOR sale—A rare chance is offcied in re sale of a one-hall lotereat la <me ot th* torat panoramic KshlMtlona la America. The sub.-cct I* popular, intellects si, awl las never foiled 11 m«e. cleMof expenses, (tom »10JX» to tHOOO per auattm. The parties connected with It are rcapon- foie, an* want an active^ rrsporslble party to leros rtfered. Arpiy to **L B K. Boom I.No. lt>- Sooth QaiK st.. Clucagn. r)R SALE—A desirable house, with 0 won#. 4 pjw#^dite*elf»r l tfrtiws#iie m«niei*.»»tescv.«c~toreU» yws* ease of tou Itqolro co the premises, 773 W*oa*ft-ar. FOR SALE—One of the most elegant awl deniable rr»i*ar*nt» in the dty; aUQ.aaest inf hoti»c i» a rery central location; auo. a RW«r/ store, a boot sad shoe store, a Or»t-cl%*s hardware «-oft *c_sil cra»T of which win be sold at a ’owratd SSI wmoot sxty boons, WABBEJf * OOODBICH. 123 Dearb'rft- Booing. _ . &tal Estaic-GTountra, I7OR SALE—A good improved tarm of r* acrtr.wia be sold ta a body or ta parcel* Two r*e»«*7oaeLew; b»rx, elder mill andont-bolldlnes; two orcbiid» cl superior imt; wen watered aadwell Umboed. and rotated • within t»o ml.eaof o*M.e Crr*.M'rPlrsa. Tmns reasonable. ForpartlL-alara s^dt««WV>d. battle Creek.Mtch. (Comspotrticncc &3an(etr. CtOJVBESt: OXDENCE Wonted A i rMMrt«hle xoane c«iUm&a<lestr*i to crm- Object, "m,. trroUti! \izws**a*ct, ua toAmaaifltmce. Ad cAIAMX mLMU. CMcko. TP. fHarfjiiiero. T7QK hALE—One touneen-horae porta r ble ecctn- and boiler; two ttrehr-aorw do, c>ei oalyoneisoaUu uw ta-bonea:' 8 ,.."' •scat Terr low Prteea by GBIFFIS BROTHER ISGSonUi T7OR SAlE—Three power np £, sSSIJgSS: U*>eU*iU> ofvUfconi boLUrf tabtt'ir »no locotaodre boiler* *»• ■ £*??®Ki®* S.^tS5 c £s"-SSSSIS , .^f?K?™ BssSfesisa'isi&s^mf COR SALE One Improved James’ 1/ Btster H»r Pres*. In twrf-Ct rrp*lr. wort w»tt cUnitn, lerrn rtdfd with hWTT&otlcr Iron. arS Civ rot tmC Cown. It «lil proa pomiO to U tie* P*f <Uy. ai*o, or«* noc*entot mes*. flm tletuar*. loqeire «t our oOc*. Boom 2 tF*> »** * Baud* It',SOH DWhora-tt. WALKEB ± CDTXI^O. FOR SALE—A second*has<t Buckley fa.dlac tnichin*—la mod condition. 9KA. Apply to the TItiBCXK tfOMFASV. r£HE LAITE * BODX.EX Portable Circular Saw Mills, POETABLE STEAK EEQDTB3, Eblacle Cora WUls sad bbsfttab Wood i»u**ra LAMS & BOOL.BT, Center ot Jafca acd W*ier-«4a, Ctectaaao. AppUeaatj tor doaefipqTfl arcalittf Tin ipacttr tti atachlcen lasi a«4« - TIFICATES THE OPESA HOUSE AST EW YEAR’S ©Stanleb-jaalc fficlp. MLBiiaE?' &C, STED—Salesmen who can en- YV cage permanently in buftnew. Experience, prepoisetf-mg tn»,mrr*. good address and tvmparate habit* arc l£ot*pcti*abla rectilaiCj, Reference re* inquire of j. H. JONEs, 123 De»rhom-»t, XXf A2<T£D—Salesmen on commission V * or a*larT.for a cow puviratma- Apwy at once at 38 Lombard Blocx, Chicago. u L XX7ANTED— All commerrxal tmvehers \Y y QB can add 1500 per annum ,«> your salary. aaxpM to carry. Bnstnesystople. ** X*r ANTED—An experienced General V V Asent tor thrSUte of Michigan, to renre*-*,* , well established Western Life Insurance Conran,. The very beat of rricefier reunited. Apply at So. 13 Exchange-place, or addee« CHAS. B. HOLMES. Sec retiry. XV7ANTED Solicitor of Advertlsc- YV menu. To a man well posted In the btitlne**. we can ooer jndneeroen**. Addre**. »tsdn?.cxpc* rimer, refen-nres, OEtMJOE O. AdrenUlng AgenU. Boitoa Mass. TX7 ANTED —3 or •! persons to cqpy let- VY ters, nsnntcrlpt*, etc, Pirsse *t*te terms,etJ. Address, for three days, *• P* >M£UOT,” care Ba* fcadote stamp, to prepay postage. WJ ANTED—A smart young man as VV tfllce cl'rk, cne who can loan his emplor-r ytre. Ample tecnr.WrtTen. Apply at Boom Ho. 11. ISS Sooth Clarfc-st. TRADES. TT7ANTEP—I good pattern-makers. VV Hone bat good and experienced workmen wsnt* ed. to whom good wacra will lie given. Apply at ••Card’s Brick Machine” Manufactory. 33 SotU*» Jrf rmn-tu. Chlcsso. TT7ANTED— I To Bonkbmders—A good \ V blank bok Sewer and Pager wanted. To a fir»t-class one good pav *fd steady esptoymenU Call stEIDPEHft CO’S. 3-1 htate-at. giHantrti-jpnnate jgelp. SAhESWOBIBN, TBAPES, At* TXTANTED—Twenty ladies to learn to V V operate on the Elliptic Lock Stitch Sewing Ma chine. Leseops rreeofcaarge. All kind* of "Utchlog neatly done to order. MOREA ft S3AW, 93 Wash- Chicago. _ Txr ANTED Ladies are wanted \ V throne boat the Honhwert, to canvas* tbr *1 UK CDUDHKh’S ALBUM- thlsho-'kls besailfailr II.O»- tntc:: and elceantlv boned. Ladles and scbo-il loch tts t-wlal’y. will tad U parilcolarlf adapted to their talc*. The comilmlon Is Urge. Adlrees, orapolT to w. j. HOLLAND ft CO„ Chicago. U».; Mllwantee, Wl»q perr. It, Mich.; DcbOQß**, low*. Bouse SERVANTS. WT ANTED—A woman to do cooking, Vt washi'tr and ironlac In a private family, a capable perron, wno on furnish reference a* to char acter aid abtitty. can bare satis tactory vast*. Apply at ibe Trtbaae office. TXT'ANTED—A good gjri for general V\ homework. impure at 706 Wabasb-ay. TXT ANTED—A girl tuat understands V\ central boose wort. Must be a rood cook, sad co ire well recommenled. German Protea Uni pre ferred. Apply at 454 Wot Waaplpgtoa-st. TXT"ANTED—A good Cook in a private \ > lamlly. Son? o-ed apply, except tbo beat of references can he slver as to both character and abili ty. Wares satl’factory. Apply at I ltd be fore 6 o’clock, each day until N'ew Years. TXTANTED—At once, a good chi, who YY cat coma well recommenced- to do ttenetsi bowworrln a small ftm-ly. Good wage* givem Ap ply at 214 South «angamon-<t. WANTED— Wet Nurse, immediately. Apply at QQ.'I aucblean-ar. TTTANT£D—A German or Norseman V* Ctrl, to do sesenl booaeworfc. Apply alls 13 Rutlnilßna-Bt. 35mplo;i)OTCitt xlctcnctcs. AA7ANTED —To employ I maninev erytown la the West, ta sell an entirely new itmp. Kcne but lire active men need apply. Adores*, f'r particulars, with two three cents, tamos, to pay re turn pcaUge. 8- U- McELWtI*. lk?X 106?». Cblgago. \\T ANTED—I,OOO men to go ‘South, T V wasca ft 3 to #3o a month and board. Also, rail road m>n. and all wantlnc esployaent. Apply st 13.4 Sonin clark-at. Room 3. XXr-'^'l'AD —2 assistant bookkeepers, 2 YV salesmen, 1 conrtncror.s brakemcn. I tlreann. 1 porrer, 7drlrers. 2 expressmen. Apply at Room 13. Fullerton Block, fh* Dcarborn-a*. Aopuraauby mail address J. M. MOQUE <£ Box 1707. encloalng 10 cenu lor reply. . ■VXTANTED—Young men in the conn- V T try. wl'blng to obtain situations, inch as book keeper*, clerk*, collectors, talesmen, conductors, ex piCfirmrn. 4c„ Ao. to apply at Boom 13 Fullerton Block, DexTborn-BL,oraiddre«J.M. MuOBE&CO., Box 1707. goclotlpg tea cents, for toll particulars. TXT ANTED—A man trom evciy town, Y Y with (tom fI to fI.OOO, to call at Room ‘J. So. 4 S booth Gatk-aL. np stain. AATANTED—2 clerks, 3 salesmen, 2 Y» cookr.tbamnder.scooperswlthv.ots. s tin ness. I farm hand. Tt rsllroad men; also. WJ to m Sonth. Apply to FAlifH ALL ds SMI rn, 12S >ontn Clark, Room 11. Orders received daily. Applicants by mail ecclotc two stamp*. TXTANTEb—I,OOO rood men, tnat want Y\ to make from f too to Vfd per month We hare asnrathlik for you, and win fbr cash or good property. A. V. BBOWN ft Vo™ 138 Lake tt. TXTANTED—Eookkee pers, clei ks, sales- Y* men. porters, drivers, bartenders, brskesmen. mechanics, laborers, caavawera, and all wlshlnc *uaa tin:s, to *i.plr at BUFLOTmENT AGENCY.B3 P--»r --born-st.. Room 2. AppFcaals by mall enclose lt> cent*. XXrANTED—I.OOO men to go South, Vl wares*43 to JfOamooh and board. AUo. railroad m«-e. and all wannnar employment. Apply at 143 booth ctatk-at.. Boom 3. TXT ANTED—EarIy Wednesday morn- V* fnsr. laborers to trv Sontb. *45 to tbj per mtnth and roard. Also cvrpccten, masons quarry men. choppers ondshovelers. App.y at 100 Macum m 4. SSiHanteb—fEUsrrllancous. TX/ - ANTED—To buy—A stock of hard ware, move* and tlaner» r tools. J’artles vlsblnz U> aril address, host Office Los 48, Depern, rirovn County, WK \\r ANTED lmmediately To con- V > tnc for hauling fijxw yard* Mtul, from old City Cemetery to Wnshmgton-st. tunnel. Also. to reel, a (urtlabed home, medium slrec, and convenient in all re*n-ct-. W«r sire orelerred. ApolyW STEW ART. LCPL.VM A CO. 1 Lfod’a Block. WANTED— Patent-ttignt Aten-Tne >.Brtc«ssc«l ta.'inr a vslnvblelnvent! •a. ot «i lih U.ey wist to ar il territory, will give a liberal co tun Iwlon to the rtcht tied of me-. Apply atoace to 170 South Clark-aC. for sample asd lorther )o fora afi on. or addrcaa *■. W. JOBNaON a CO— De'roU, Mlcaigat.. XX7ANTED— To buy or start xn a VV healthy and growing In and town, a hardware •t'-re. wl:ustn»e»ad tinshoo artaebed. Any one in temted can addrwa “T’NNEB," Gilman. liU. \\t to $40,000 V V worth of dry coods or pwrral mcrchandlrs, f>r which cooler prairie land. In blinnaaot*. and pvt cash, wMbecx*h»r.iir.'. Audresssie. at Kocncitcr. WM. McCL'LLOCGH. TXT ANTED —We want several good VV men to wortfornaln ChlcacoahdneUhfwrtoi tower. Will dvr jcod mm S 3 per mouth. 3% percent ccnitc legion and office r-nt firti six moalhs. Better arraoxen ents -Orrwarrta with the best mm. a per maaeut *od pro 2 table sltcaQoP to atejdr worSrer*. Ko eloee |) lor i»nrin. &c. (TOOKE, BASENESS & CO., Cltdtn Ml. O- Box 3077. TXT’ANTED—A rontig lady, who has VV row under her charge l&mrpnpU*. Iq the vicin ity cf Rocker acd Mml-or.-ts- WratSide. wUbea to t-aeh as maty m->re, «o as to more fully occupy her time. Common English tranche* and Frercfl taught. Cfcarces moderate, and cooa refereosea given. Ad dress >-11 b H," Box 1338- T 7T r ANT£D—I have money to loan on VV improved city pnpeny. IJ3 htuih Ciarjc-st, Roumg. Q. H. HAAFF. , TT7 ANTED—The use ot from SI,OOO to V V £I,MO, for two or three yeara, etvloe as securi ty tmorova real cslate. worth rt-mbio that an-oont. Adansi. statjrg per ccsK MtUCEH, care of Trlb juc- TXT ANTED—Stock of good merchan- VV dis« for hall rash and rcod property. App-X \> S. W. SEA. Laud Office, 114 AdamfrU. VT t ANTED—Knllroad men and others, V V to come and ear mine C. D. CLINTON’S Patent Car Copllcx, the best evcrloveated. A rare chance ’or tave«taer.i. Comeu*4l2 couth Clarjc-#t,from < Wlf.o- LLOTD bouse. TXT ANTED—To sell Photoeraphere’ VV glass.-irercr.-sa; SlKPhonTsleus,lD: and choice new Dallaever’s triplet lens, fIOO. Ad lre-» EHAPPg. sn van Purer-sl. . _ __ partners ®aanteir, PARTNER —Wanted A gentleman with ?14C0 or yI.DOO. to cncsxe Is the manulactur lac of an article which p*ys U 0 to 201 pit ct nt, of uni versal mcsum-tlon. Bl* busineav will be tn trtvel, contract, appoict acenctea, and eolicet. None butiho*e of utdouDtcd characseraod onnipt bu«lre-« mm. need apply. Call vt K. T. GIUGOS’ Drue si*irc. N>nthi of Coin Boose. Ottawa. lIL Inquire for -HEBMAN. Wasted, alto, a cooa man to accept a fortune. J hare a new patent for pUater and cuiltvav-r—tt« brat w America. pos*eaalnc six aupertar p-lnl*. aoawnoiiy umlte an»tMnce>«la n*S; all coverrl ot ny patent. H»>io«ihrevoiher klws «i po*ln<" which occupies an mv time, I choose to eve others a caaara. rather ttannlsy “doc to the raanew.’’ I wUlseii the waole urteni for oxs-rirvawhat ajs Sute alone 1* worth. Vtlm and raymenU will not e\vw« us. inquire »s above. Ntd net communicate, uwe must sec and know out men, and they most aeefor themsetvea. ■OAKTaTBR Wanted 52,000 ready I rsrh. and a realvmaa » bnr of ahustae** eßabtltted and otlertoc fKQOO to ISSjno aycar profit. Beasoo, want hero, investment secure*; mean boif nm at cure. Call at silß aectad floor, rear room. PARTNER —Wanted—A joins man vith a cash capital of from JO.CM tofiMod> »lroto curareloan established business Bibisntf. Wholesale preferred. Beat of references CvniiheL “C W ST mbnne Office. TJARTRER Wanted With from fiCXOO to ictutß. to ensate in one ol tba test mann&ctorlea la this dir. The present partners » Icmian a like aawu.h Tne profits at present will srcrarc SJ per cent. Address, with ml name, jl- O. W-. Tnnboe ofice. ■ - - PARTNER—Wanted—In a rMj^Ue \ esta>rl‘brt commission tonse, by *?a wtohsawteulTt eaferteneelnth. Eastern connection, some capital. snf. tsdlttes. Co«mcnnl«*tl< ns strictly co-A«w«> Ad cress **C B-*’Trtbone offlee. 51," Tribune oSlce.orflo» |C * U ' ■p»at?TVER TTanled —12,000 ready Pts^«-sss a ffwaasasss np ‘ln*Jta»c: »«or«!; cn»»a bo«I* n£?ttcac£‘ C*UMSIBIAke-K,owe* floor,rear i-nmii -- ■■■ ■ 1 pianos. FOU SALE—And to rent, new ond sec oad hard ntmrc of tbe Cm<•!«■- RepUrtn* »nd 74 aLW,«n«r fwumr-tcu. bT J. rSEhTO>. F}T? SALE —Or Exchange—Pianos— FlTf t.r* PIM3S *s!£& e*r*«- Will p*r *»»® t£rTfcai fcUiMP. W Manroe-ff* FOK SA t -E—Cheap—A -rst-cte seven- Hiinn run" Vor& -, «11 K nfllr ff SS” '• ■M WW M«Jlx>a jj». ILott ana dFounU. TOST— Doe—A email black Spaniel t-iad.-wUI r*eelrc#s rtr»m. L. urj^*- LOST— At xhe Baptist^ •u T«■D i Y | ASSOCI A T I 0 E PRESENTS Suuauons ffiSanteo, WALES, k_l co cr» of Ihe Horse Bsllmads *a Cr, • • obtain a vUtition In »omfi ChrlsUaa CmsUt of* some Christian merchant, whew, in me nnit£ J* dally bread. bt will not m compelled mv-m* iL\*» hath. Inquire at Rir’s. comer of Dearborn-sU . crorduplc A Baker, a i*^tb - i' , *< lag. Bear Wabash-ar, on Haadolpa-st, SITUATION—Warned A O who ran command trade wnnld lib- r, ro-a ."IT cectioa with *otne nrat-clof* retail gm-err V-Z* boot-aceper or «»legman, vntn a view to tj*. partner. Address *gP.’* Trihnae ogee. ’ ■“**«- Si! UATION—Wanted—Bj a'cccvTS neas mater; one who thoroughly under* ta««Tr‘ Dcnnes*. Address, u ttABNESn MaKEK’-’tpsS Oflce. ' rJt » C ITUATIOIf—Wanted-By a ec^dlS SftCATJON-Wanted-Bj practical booiaeeper, Ha* fcvi liV^ Scsln»«7 r rJ oce 1n tte dr? z™* l * and -qflnK."Taffla*" are^M P"»- u*» R^ES«anted—ln a bo«s e »*^VL* :,i .®*^ iri 5 hosie, bj *a cR»- encedman. Addre*» -j ■» o 3tr * AtMrttt fer one wee*. Mrs. ilAat^ m Mui r ao!»,2*. SITUATION—Wanted a (rmneuTt U (Jmgclerk wmidltkc stltnstion -l,n-. vrT . . Ufaetcrr re»soa*forle»ringpre«entcrnv'!oTit Trfmutt*. Addnn W. A- boot, ido soath t»r sted*«t. OITTJATION WaniCQ —To Phou O grarhen—A DrsPclas* Operator wlabe- k .j*., tloa m the city orenontry. Address, torihrer dltT “M o.” Tribnne office. • • FKfIALgS. OITUATION—Wanted—Ky a O widow lady, as hoasekeeper nr seamsUeu* i* nitrate family. Addict*, for one wees, "Mrs. La* 266 bedgwlck-al, Chicago. ClTHATloN—Wanted—As saleswonaa £r ia a dry roods cr notion store; can ferula a refer, no*, and Is fnUr acqnalnrcd «ith thebnsists Address, cr apply at 33 Notlb BalsteO-it QiTUATION—Wanted To" do oh£ O sewing and chamber work. Apply at iyi b*»b-Kv. agents ffiKantca, A GENTS—Wanted—For THE A3ES- J.X. RICAX FARMER'S RORSE BOOK, br Rofc- Stewart, M.D. V. S., eirrodvlai; tne rwulu of t*orr year* of oncical Invrscvsatinn. The bool: «bor f ii other* fbr Axrafcs u it appeals to the ntvevltle u self-interest of * very wealthy and rat-u»—• cl**s in every community. Apply to or odins,j GOODM.yy A Co- Publishers- Calcggo. 111. A GENTS—anted—Experienced, nrs x\.rla*a canvassers. cenUrraeu aadladie*. for -TSI FBATETi AT VALLEY KOBGE/’ a lew ard mjs3. centst*et Engraving. Price faso. n*, commeidatlom. which cacao It to be arm'.red V ererr Amo lean, ol whatever -xctor party. Ax«nU ef*r,. where are meetlra wttb or, parol e:ed meow*. fV- Usher* highest comm»mlon riven. Aib're*#, *u~» enclosed. fi.S.POIDEy.yaCUT&^UChIca-m.lj/ A GKNTS-^Wanted—Messrs. Ticknor 4 XjL FleM*. Boston, hare portllshsrf a ateeT-cnrrav-* portrait of Abraham Lincoln, a* a perfect vitw»* s*a a wort: cl art. it is commend'd as the best like™ Tft pnriDhrd. hr _ Robert T-Lincoln, Mr. Trumbull. Mr.Scvitm, Mr. Herndon, Mr. I. X. Arnold, Gen. Grant. Charles gunner, Mr. Chase, Gen. Bureaus. And irsny other*. 11 la sold only by subscription, and Acecu t . wanted lor Its tale. Liberal commission* are clrrn to canvasser*, and snccrssfnl oce# can bare r> >d ter. rttory to operate la Adnress JOB* 11. aHMQS Fnbllsbera* Agcct. I>7 Wasbiccton-st.. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted— Everywhere, fn Jr\ MllthelbSTAßTASEnrs WINDtUV cLEW LBAKD MAGIC I*«LISH. Thli n<*w and woa.lcrf*! preparstior. as tbonsands cl pnrrhiu*-;.-- ilirtnx the last tew weeks wlh te-tlO'—work* Jilt- a charm: • 'oc. )r ft windows, Ac., wiibcot snap or water, dnst or Utter, and "Ith co-rparatlr.-ir -o la>ir. and Itnpartine almost insuntlyan nnsurpt**-1 po l<& toallmeUl*. Everybody want* it x« s->c i they we It* effect*. Ton ran make ?3 to Jit l per day * 111 m la {oar cwn nefehb rhoo,l—city or country. Now U lb< Ime to secure the temtnry you want, for If u rapiciy belrc taken nr. Call ImrudlsMr. or *rt»t a mt* for aampte and terms to o. M. SMITH A Co, 77 Dcar-orrxU III. DCK.kSr * r. rOTT. ylliwankce. General AccnU (br Wlscontm. jt’at tbl* pat for reference. 1 A GENTfii—Wauled—Experienced bock A »pd msrsvlnr canyasacps, to wh"m a Urre «U --#rr orconirnl'-ioa will be c«!d. Address CHAULHS gtLL. i:t; fromh Clart-at, Chicag». HI. A GENTs>—Wanted—SCO more, for the BAKER SEWING MACHIKE, I will psy v-tjre awn |IOO per month and expenses, or elves liberal rnit ombalon to male and female avert'. F»t particulars and agencj paptfa,adilre»aS. BECKWITII. rnicaco. TgENTS—■ Wanted—$188 —We wuut M asCDU to sell the BARTLETT SEWI*(J MA CHIXES. pnre *3.00. TPom wiillnir to work for livuo per month will address, with stamp, FACE BUnT3- EBB, General A cents, Ftuladelpbia. Px. or Toledo, Ohio. A GENTS—Wanted—An agent in eveiy XV town In the West. An energetic agent can clear fid to £25 per day, aid no hnmbnx. For oarllcnlar*, enclose too cents. Address L. OLMSTGAD, 4 9 Mcnl gomery-tL, byraccse, X. Y. AGENTS— Wanted—For “LIFE AND IfEATQ IX REBEL PRISONS A splendid hook. Always sells. A. KIODER. 08 Waihlcxtoa-(U Chi* cago.i». A GENTij—Wanted—Price $3.50. J~\ JO.OOO *01(1 :n fO day*. “ Llovo> Great Map.” **Thx Cxrrmp States Co!rrnr»sfT is IW." The new chart, "Fatdxe or ora Corwnrr ajtd Heurrs or / 7S" sent rscxwlib thessp. Thcbcst pnMtcatlons fbr Agents in America- Addrets GOODaPEAD * CO- 148 Lske-*t™ Chicago. - AGFNTS —Wanted—Ladles and gentle* men—l have soce cf the test wertssow belnr of fered to the puo'lc, and cAactvesn(.h Inducements that rood cnrrcctlc vgrnts wilt not cniy make a Ilnnjc. bat mate mr ney. Azrati wanted fer tne rtty. ami to every county of tne State, W. E. FLiRVEV, Cen»r*J Anal (hr Northwest- ot the Qnokrr City Fubllshlag ** ,r d Block, P.O, Drawer 3931, CM cagu. ill. AGENTS— month l* Mil th* GENUINE IMTKOVfiP BARTLETT ‘■EWING MACHINE. PMC* reduced to agents- Ad rireto W. PELOSS * CO., 16S Dearborn-aU Chicago, GESTS—■Wanted—\oo men cm have stead* ra plovo*nt for th~ winter b* cn*agiog In POMROrsNBH* AMERICAN BEAT BK- OtXATOR. Business light and pleasant. fr. ntalm mrnM Jiiccrea iraarxci<>*d. Addrsa, or rail nora: P. L.\THROI*. Jr., Boom No. ifl ilmch n 'oc£. Chi cago, U'~ or Ko-jm No. 4 Lym*n’s Bloc*. Cl err! and, O. _ _ AGEJ-'TS— Wanted—To tasnw that-we bare reduced oor Maps ard Charts to New Tort Mirra anil-clow, mniprl-lok all the popular styles •mMislied. and mounted snpsrior to any in the emo •rv Try r -« Sr coTivinrcd. A'ldrca* OOODbI*K£D A CO, 14* I akv»L. Cnicag?. \GENTfc —Wanted—?15U per mouth, • T prrwh*rr, and tori*!-, to «U tte GKNC ISK C OMMON SENSEFAMILTSEWINOMACniNK. the greatest invention cf the age. Pvjce *1«. By**J Martilce warranted tir e year*. Address faECOUB a <•«».. Ovclsh-LOdo. ioarhing, T>OARDXNG —To rent, a nice suit of XJ rooms with co-r! board; also a room fjrtwo yonne men at 13.1 West Monroe-st. BOARDING —Roard and pleasant un tnmsbcd room to respectable parties only, at No-144 North ClarK-st. earner of OntarU-st. Day hoard .6rfK-!aM, tl ; •efond-cla*s. 83 per week. Alao, one Isdy that works ont can be accommodated with beard attlJdper w«k. T>OARDING—Two or three gentlemen J7caa lie accommodated with fnrnlrt»«Trooms, with or wilt rat board, oa within five jploutea waHref the Rost Office. Hesto: relermecs given and required. Addrera “W. W." Ttlbone Office. T HOARDING —A srentlemao an»l wife or two youox men can be accoamodatadwith niard at 520 Meat lAtest. T HOARDING —An unturmsiieil front Iroom. a'«o neatly furnished moms, with ftrat-elaM board, in a private amily. at 176 South Cilatoo-tt. BOARDING —.*ets ot rooms tor gentfe tcen and Usetr wives,also rooms tor slnzle zeatle mes, with board, coon retainable terxs, at 215 Ecle- one dcorwestot North Clark »v. T> CARD TNG Hflndsomely furnisned X> rooms.with hoard, lor a ctnfJeman and wi/-, without cLUdteo. Location,aonth Side, a half hem Indlat»-av. ttreet csra. Befereacca ex changed. Address i*. o. B - ’! 1.9*47.1 T>OABDING —A tew sicele cciKlcmcn, O or a rentleo an and his wife, can be acrommo dated with toed board and rooms, furnished or owor- Dt*bed. by applying at <37 ciiaton-sU soata or Ad airs. West Side. ■ROaRDING —A nice, pleasant room X 1 tor a cvrUemto and wile, ana one large mom lor four S’ncle cenlltmcn wOo are wtlllnc to room to gftber. at £SJ4pcr we»k; also, single and double rooms at 294 illchigac-tt. BOARDING —A front furnished room with Are. cua-dwt, AC— for a »ingle ecalletnaa wtulncto “chuir.” with another ctn!!em»n. WJtof referenws renuirtd and given. Cali at house, No. 11 v Kerch DearoonwL TVOAIIDING —At the National Hotel, Jr> comer of W»*hlngt£in and Wells-stt- one block west ot the Court Boose. Good tout room*, sdltahle for a gentleman and wlte or tor rvntlle*. with a private eatraare, where you win find at all uma • B ™r vided with everything of the tort, Drtanq courteous treatment, at H a wetK for d*v bo*rdere.or board and rooms from to 910 ?^ r week. *rafl»l«st board era. <2 a day. _ _ TDOARDIN6—Two gentlemen or a jun to tleman asd Wife can have !*»•»<♦ *r *ps*t7»s St aSAPefdcen-st. TinARDING —A mrnished room* saHa> ioSjMt back tiuooer. fonushei or nmaraltedL t * B Applytoi on? weec Apply to K>"ACBB * MAI.COMB, corner ol Sorth Clark aad y*xw-g- •OARDING —A furnished front room ► to rent, with board, at 113 Wabash ar. I >OARDING —A well-famished room, > wife er two slade *fnt>foen. between Twenty-first and Tweo* ty-wcond-sts., 964 Watesh-ar. T) O ARDING—A very aer.raWe hr n cUhed front room, with b -»rd. for gentleman and wife, conreuest to business, 22 corner of minds. BOARDING —Two rentietnen who will room >csethfr c*n fiaJ s rt»«l room aod Cm aaulKirWat iiSSlate-st .ibo.i few day 6o»rt m Tttv !l lioarb £&anteu r>OARB—In a private family for s r> cM:><3Eic«ndWiwfie-wlilp»y»Sp»P«moTlli; Rplsr«c«» tlvca and required. ACdr&t J. u-, IrttmagOCce. _ __ DOaRD—By two students, in a prrrate Dooii.atiawTOt- to^o r A.*,g ceatse=en» arrfen »u p;e«esi«<»i W. H.DOi-MFa. Oiiotgo Po»tOt3fC- , .-ffot sale. T?OK SALE— One oi <SE r bc»t»iflCbJc«oh*rb3r. »ppDed tbrla b ne». Mid niMJbe »W F«ad da L»e, "rtUidT. AidiMJC. Wi*. . ; Tn »% Wnch ao^jtothe T7OB bAIiE— JT oristnal town. g* asttX trt wsOf ter-t^aoriutt^ ■- kindred cords ot tl>S^jr = Ctacf," ® ia6 * aao ~ ** raoritgTgattlascs. Set. * I^KQE, SSt tfeTlUoeK: - - -TTHORSJSti.