Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 28, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 28, 1866 Page 1
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FROM WASHINGTON Outlines of the New Wells Tariff Bill and Bcporl. The Eelam to Specie Payments Strongly Eecommended. FROM EUROPE. Interesting Summary of Continental News by Steamer. Four Additional Catholic Dio ceses to be Established in the United States. Proposed Confederation Between Switzerland and the South German States. FROM CANADA. Acquittal of Fire Other Fenian Prisoners. Grand Rush of Canadians for the Madoc Gold Mines. CASE COSVIiKTIOS IT BODE IUD. Speeches Delivered and Res olutions Adopted. Committee Appointed to Memo rialize Congress, &c. Third Day’s Proceedings of the Illinois State Teachers’ Association. Eeport of the Horrible Indian Massacre Hear Fort Kear ney, Confirmed, Weather Reports from Vari ous Parts of the Country. FROM WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] WAjmcioroir. December 87. SEW TATUTf BILL. Ihe now Tariff Bill of Mr. Wells, as a enbstltnle for*ihe House bill, and his report, arrived to-day. Ociy three copies arc out, and enough is known of the bH i to make it certain that It opposes the system of protection agreed upon by the Uoue, and embodies the news of the opponents ol that legislation. It In cScd re-enacts the present rates ct duty, though an advance !s proposed to many article*, and a decrease on quite a num ber. Tbe free lift h? materially increased. The bill la accompanied by a lengiby report, in which he discusses the Ills which the industry and business of Ihe country languish under, and gives his reasons lor adtalu- Jfetcring substantially a bee trade tariff as tbe remedy for them, life main idea L* that the Itfla -aim qj tbe ccn-.ucr is the real enrmy to oar prosperity, and that before we c*n manufacture must retain to soecic payments. He lakes the ground that what be calls oar tuna la.iv,. system of protective duties Is ruinous lac > Industry, and that with the resumption cf-.peels payments no protection would bs needed upon tbe feeding articles of wool, coal .and pig Iron. That the only .jtereri* which necn protection arc those whose produce are fisc aca requite skilled labor and largo capi tal. 'i fat if lowa, Kansas and Texas can grow v, nol at a profit, Ohio and New England have no right to complain; that the revenae taxes on de picted or exposed Ind nattics shonld be lightened ■ cr taken ofi; that the condition of our currency and tin suffering state of our mauufoctnrcs arc untavoraWe to any sadden modification of the lung, ho far as the main features of ihe report and the bill hive uanspired, there appears to be much opposition to It, the Ideas regarding a re turn to t‘i> payments being against tb»pre- Vttiiing opinion in Congress. It may be stated 11 ut it is as yet a confidential document sod dull cult of uccess. It will bo famished to Congress man lornu time nest week. mpLoxanc. Letters just received from Paris elate that a very Important lately seat by Minister Blgi lowtolhc Frcuch Plate Department was with drawn two dayslalrrby our Minister. Tberei smns for the snpprcselon of (bis def patch by Its anther do not appear. Tho inquiry is mad-'tadi plomatlc circles here whether this docs not fur nish an explanation of the state taenia of the Jfon iitvr. TBE 3CTBTEBIOCS EXTSDITIOK. A morning psper announces editorially that Don. Fred. Seward. Assistant Secretary of Slate, has gone to Albany to make New Years' calls. An evening journal rays he has left to attend tbe funeral > f the Portugese Minister, In New York city. Private letters from Annapolis assert tha* he tallrd from there in the Gettysburg, night be fore UsL A few days will be required to settle this vexed question. tXAt'OUBAL OF OOVEBXOR WOBTB, OF XOETH CABOLIXA. Governor Worth, of North Carolina, In hl£ late inaugnrai, thus set* forth what he wants to do: *•1 ardently desire, independent of my official oath, to maintain and deicna tbe Constitution ot Ihe United Slates and the Constitution of Norib Carolina, and cannot therefore assent to a tcheou* of compromise based on the idea that North Car-* olma is cot a State of the American Union, nor to Any scheme of amending the original compact, which the State shall have no band in propos ing." POST OmCt CHANGES. *) be absence of the Postmaster General will ac count for the loilowlngmeagre Hstot changes in Wtetern offices for this week; Hichtpa^-' Leonidas, Si. Joseph County, B. M. Jclmson, rice W. W. Dnnkeus, resigned; Athens, Gra'lot County, C.M. Scot!, ri«S. P. Buck, re signed : Oak, Wayne County, C. li. Coon, rice K. D. Spencer, resigned. OAio—New Icbauon, Montgomery County, O. F. Edwards, tkv 12 Mycn, rcalsned. IHacon ate—Johnstown, Rock County, H. A. Ambler, tice J. Ambler, resigned; Little Prairie, Walworth County, D. li. Olds, rice W. P. DUhop, resigned ; Bairett'a Station. Kenosha County, A. W. Brower, n« W. b. Beeves, resigned; Wheat laud. Kenosha County, J. Uagcman, rice S. San born, resigned. nnrmxxnr inspection. The Commissioner of Infernal Revenne has issued an orccrto Collectors directing them to make a personal Inspection of all dlsttl'eries in their districts.and ixamediau-Jy close all those who are found not strictly complying with the regula tions of the Department. Revenue collectors are required to report, for Immediate removal. Inspectors of distilleries who are incompetent, or whom they have reason to easpeci of collusion with those seeking to evade the laws. cnotxna *.7 bt. thouas, VfasHiKcroK. December S7.—The Department of State has received lufonualion that The Asiatic cholera In 1U most malignant foitn has broken out in St. Thom*. vVe*: Trdics. The disease oc casions greet alarm among shippers. tlaiXS anMS'T wnr iep It is again rc;»orfcd that our Government his re- ■ccived satisfactory advices regarding the claims against England. In reference to the depteda • tlons of rebel vc-scis, tbeie «s every reason <o be lieve that the claims will be fully recognized hr the Briiitb Cabinet, and our Government wilt recognize the claims of England against the United 1r tales. TOT KTW TATurr MtU W*<B»OTOS, December ST.-Mf. Wells win snbmlthls report and draft ot .he new tariff Ml, on on the UriC project, bnt to uhst extent is yel un knoten. JUDICIAL DXCISIOK. ' j Id a case from iUwfcnippt, thc Cnlied Stales Snprcme Comtbeld ut*\ ''h*« W«™»tUcon- | <Jnded by • court In one buie. It !■ crusty con cluded m to every other, and bo rbiiu übUi , C t J.M«br « superior court. or by the Court or >,:.nre£ on the basi« of Section that ftill lorcc and crc-.U Bha.lbs state, to the public acu, record# of every olhcrState. the cenrr rtrx. Goutmor Orr, ol Bomb Corollns, terenllr tniGetjcrol Bcoll to disperse tor slimed Suilit?oTS>U*noii» or Hocks ot Klnistree. ff. SS iS’, soldiers tor the purposes and result tteTtetonenl tees sud bssed J oK on the te* 01 piemen. "to Sr- moused ot mremptßS WMCtci (reed tom to 'tort tot lore mho* lire bod inertly Bet to discos- the Is- EorToosuSc; ood this gncrlse to the rumors. Gorcmor returned’Atahuu. Is«WilUtrs. -vSrelojs JlcduUoat boo returned 10 the city. :>eC • T.OWSU CAUPfIttKtA. . , r -—n-ir iisorf-mbcr 27 —The Stile Depart of the reported arant of meet laowß nowi of Americans on- leave Sau I fSS®® aSrreTtocpartj. iia ncisCon"-n«e oii TAjufrlobbt ■ . hdvdilift lour fnputlcff the ollUs win attempt; *0 „ Deiaur's Azures and tlcol Buresif rrl.relcd £acWdUpnJ\cWetrM e™^ Mpui;BESTATtvj;s o^*?nj r 4 -W«%Ulnstoo*PCcial* htw-\otE,l)<«niPer cc , ded 0 f MyUUatc 8 bold that Con iVSStohSSS uAt icpreeeutailTes ot ony Southern State that adopts the Cooatftutluad Amendment within a reasonable time. tux xcncxa quranos ia allD unsettled, bat the President yeilcrday ex presses au opinion that the result would be aooa satisfactory. rAUDOirzn. Johnson Noble, or Kentucky. an ex-rebel Con* ypossmau, has been pardourd by the President. uealtii or clneual urskt. General Grant is still confined to bis room with a blvcto cold, bet la much better. to rixaKcuLAocrrs or tub oovxßjnnnfT. Mr. So Inner, Treasurer of the United State*, notifies financial agents of Iho Government that they arc amenable and util be held to strict ac countability for depositing public money* other* wire than prescribed by law. Collectors of Inter na] Revenue esn only nepoatt fn particular depos itories designated b» tbc Commissioner of Inter nal Revenue, and not with any other banka or All parties lolerc-stea, oncers, bankers. Ac.. are notified >bot tbe transgression of the law subject* the partit-s offending to conviction tor felony. the caxrnnx-eunzxajr mission. Ills confidentially alaU'd that tbe Admintstni tion is not disappointed In 'he result of General Sherman and Minister Campbell's mission Into ilex;can mailers, it was thought expedient to make a friendly demonstration to behalf of the liberals, but nothing of a more practical charac ter »as intennud. Tbe Government awaits farther de relop menu before It will adopt a definite policy. rsros pAcmc nanmun. General Simpson. United States Army, Presi dent of tbc Board of Government Commissioner*, advisos'tbe Government that tbe ninth section of the Union Pacific Railroad, west of Omaha, I* in an acceptable condition. Tbe road is now In ran- Dm:’ orders distance of three hundred and fire mitre. THE Texas Indians. Tbe Commissioner of Indian Affairs has tele graphed Governor Throckmorton, of Texas, to dls ribote S3.WO worth of provisions, and a«iO clothing. among the Mendly Indians on the fron tier ofTciaa. it is said that commi«slonen will be appointed to treat with the Camtnchea. s . sournsua cxaiaa. Tbe resolution of Mr. Julian, of Indiana, pro viding that no claims dne by tbe Government prior to April. 1861, should b; paid to any one who wav nut nn active, outspoken Union man, is al ready being regarded by some of the accounting officusof the Treasury. Tbe Sixth Auittor has refused payment to Southern mail contractors o amounts due them prior to tbe date named, un less contractors can comply with tbe re quirements of tfau resolution, which has not yet passed Congress. - consular Bifini BZLr-ecrpoinrnra. Tbe report of tbc Fifth Auditor of the Treasury ehowa that tiio Consular system of tho Untied States is vow aelf-supponiog. LUiOBiUB. WasuGCCTOK, December 27.—Returns received at the General l«nd Office from lowa and Michi gan iLow sales in November of 5,440 acres of pub lic mud at that office for cash, amounting to warm nu pat. £. Totten, ronnset fur Mr. Itullman, bad writs leenca to-day agilosl tbe eercral committors who engaged him to furnish tbe supper given on tbe oc carion ot tbe welcoming of Congress to Washing ton. Ibeconlract waafor s2j,otr>—nonoof which bas been paid. THE LSTS CENrnn|.»mrTr«* BDCCES3OU. It 1> moored that General Frank P. Blair ha< bc*n appointed commiasionei to Inspect tbe Union i’auflc Itailroad, net General Curtis, deceased. ROCK ISLAND CASAL CONVENTION. The Orcnnixallon—Delegates Present—Re port «'t tljc Sarvrv Committee— Letter from Colonel It, D. Jlnsun—Npeech at tJcueral \\ Hbon—Colonel nadnatl’s Report—Ad dress ot Coieeel Worrell—Resol at lons Adopted—Unuto JiCfnonalizeCoosTeM and the Stole Legislature to Improve Uock River, Arc., Are, (.Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Hock Island, December 27. A delegated Convention was held to-day at the Inland i ity Hall, for tbe purpose of bearing and uctirg upon tbe report of a committee appointed in May last, at Rock Island, to consider and re port upon tnc survey of a route for exteudlug t e Illinois and Michigan Coral from IxSolle to the MLriSfcipp) Hirer, at Hock Island, and from the Summit, on this route, to ibe Bock Hirer at Dixuu, TUB CALL for the Convention invited all friends of enlarging the HliftoU and Michigan Canal, Us extension to ut- Mississippi Hiver at Hock Island, and the ini ptoTcii.cnt of the Illinois and Hack rivers, end .i.cincrECtucn by By the call each county on the canal ronte from Chicago (o Hock Island iiiid on Hock and Illinois rivers were requested to rei-d five dvl* gates each; al-o ddega ea were in viud from other counties la the K-ste and from lowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. ’ The call was rigned by B. N. blevcus. G. A. BlUcnbatmcr and Janas if. Allan, Ibe commltue. OSGANUATION. At lu o'clock u large number of delegates from the counties above named assembled, nearly fill ing tnc balL Tbc meeting was called to order *>y H<>n. V. Trucsd. U, Mayor of Bock Ist at d, open whose nomination Joseph UUcy, of Dixon, was chosen chairman. Sccie s'le* were then chosen as follows: Colo* nel J- F. Beatty, Chicago; J. L. Braidcn, Joliet; I. S. liyatt, Rockford; Colonel iL S. Barnes, Rock J blind. On motion of Charles Randolph, of Chicago, the call ter the meeting was read, embracing both the call of the Surveying Committee, and also that oranoUicrConvcutlon called to meet at Dixon on the 2tth Instant, but which was afterward* re voked aaa the delegates requested to report at itock Island. DCLTOATES. The delegates to tne Convention reported their names as follows: IltKur Cocjrrr—A. W. Perry, Andrew Craw lord, S. T. Hmnv, Luke Wells, J. M. Ashley, Wo. Smith. H. O. blight, James L. Allan, Moses Stevenson, L. Mcvenson, K. Lloyd. Rock Isiaitd Con.Tr—Charles AUdnson, T. J. Uobicson, B. S. Kimball, J. AL WUsou, D. Zlm mennss. Uctu Cocktt—l). A. Pinckney, Leonard An drews. J. P. smith, O. P. Jacobs, A. P. Brown. Wwsebaoo coubit—B. M. Cfanicb, A. J. Enoch, William Lathrop, 1. S. Hyatt, A. C. Suf torn, Putnam D. Schild.T. W. Sbefiord, A. Lomax, U. W. White, WmxtsiOE Coustt— Charles Wright, Nathan Thompson, E. Seely, VT. S. Barnes, Nelson Ma i.p, John Uarpham, William Wcthcrman. L Mo;se. W. Anderson, James D in amort, S. 3. Pat icroon. rock Conor—lTiaco.vai/j.—Wililaia M. Tall* man, U. Richardson. C. F. Dickey. City or Davcsfroirr—John L. Svri*«, W. C Wads? ortn, George li. French. C. H. Rent, i*. R. Richatdeou.D. T. Ncwcomb,Johu Dmat.W, 11. Deeper, A. H. Crotikhiu, IL IB Cliossea, 3d •T.vd Russell,Frank Grl£gn,J.E.Dlsuo,A. Stafisn, Giorgu a. Wood, K. A. McNalr.'Christu'mer Ba ker, U. C. Smith. J. P. McEwcu, C. C. Parry, W. I). Clark, A. C. Pulton. C. £. Fetusm. H. Lowry. I a.:au.t: CoLKrr—W. Perkin?, «t. 1). tkcwsle/, E. Winslow. C. C. Herrick. tlxT cr Bock Isis-sd—Major C. Truesdeli, .iltlcrucn W. L. Snctfuer, P.Bogue, J. liob r, P. • Cobb. Wax Corsrt—L P. banrT.B. P. Hassell,J. W. Bower, J. L. liraddou. Wm. Downer. l.f.t Cotc.iv—Josejm Ut-oy, J. L. Camp, IL T. Noble, I- Wood, Wo. A. Von Epps. Fintir Conrrr—lt. N. tinnier, Ralsh Me- 'Unlock, Jacob Sells, Win. Riley, U i). Whit he, cbailea Baldwin, W, C. storey, W. M. V.'jjpple, Brls. Elevens. Couc Coustt— Frwa the Common Council of Uiicopo— Aldermen •>. C. l r . Holden, Maocil Tal bott. W. 11. Carter, A. O. Calkins, Robert Clark. 7 > or;i ’he v/iiccjo Doari of Iradt— Charles itio dtilpi', J. F. Batliutyrc, P. S. Wllllamsoh. John r . Really. From ifiei.’otmt of Real Etl-iU I)ro~ ie» r, CVtunpc—George ,\- Springer, A. J. Gsllo v.ny, A. C. Steadman, st. lions—Captain hLuon, slr. Brockmyer, Tapioln J). While. uii motion of Hr. J. Malle j, all gentlemsn pntcLi Irom other Plates ivera declared to be members or the CccvcLQon, and United to par ticipate in the debate*. cojanmc os nn.ES and osdhu. A committee to prepare rales and order of bttsl- Li»s for tbe convention, was appointed, ai fol- I.iuf : N. B. Stevens, of Bureau; Captain Mason, i'f Pt. lon is; A. W. Peny. of Henry County; IL c. it. uckiiiycr, of Si. Louis; and W. M. Taliman, ol Janesville, Wli. UKPOKT or TUS BtrUTET COMInEL Tie commitue appointed in May last to effect tic survey ot toe route fora canal from La- Salle to nock Island, and trom tbe Summit to BUon, made through tbe Chairman. J. M. Allan, Esq., a report, which was unanimously adopt ed, and which contains the followinc facts: Col onel lindnutt, of the Cblraso University, iormcr -1 y connected with the New York canals, and the Illinois acd Michigan Canal, was. on the recom mendation of Hon. VV. M. Gooding, Colonel Ma son, and ether engineers, appointed to take charge of the survey. The work was commenced .it Bison. June 2Ttn. The water of Rock River could be taken by canal to tho Summit oy the route, for a from LaSalle and Rock I-land. 1 lie piirvy «a*> completed oy the reiduje of Aa unrt, and shows that tho length of canal necessa ry to connect the Illinois Htvcr with the Ulssis- mvvuLiicvi uiu iinuuu i.mci nua ►tppi is sisi.v-fpur miles o’ily, and tbe length of tkv canal feeder from toe Summit to Bixoa Is ibnly-clgbt miles: and (hat (he cos*, of construct ing a canal ot such largo capacity as the Illinois and. Michigan canal, U four million six hundred Ihousano dollars. 1 ne survey also thow; the feasibility of deepen ing and enlarging the canal. Thci-o improve ments, tbe committee assert, would increase the bnth ess of the Illinois Blccr ten fold. The dis lascc Hock island, by the new canal, to the Illinois Kiver, and thence down that stream to S'. Igtuls, Is li-ts than tho distance from Hock Island doun the Mississippi to SL Louis. The Heck River Improvement aUI afford a cheap outlet to the extensive coal fields of Illinois. The coet of tbe entire work, they say, will pot exceed the amount now paid annually In excessive freights, which they would remove, la view of tbct-c important facts, the committee urge the Coavenlion to anile in adopting measurer looking to (he carl; completion of the works. COKJfCTTKE OX BKSOLCTIOKS. The following gentlemen were appointed a com itiiuec on rcsolntions: Charles Itasdoljih, Chica go; 1* P. burner. Will County; W. M. Lalhron, Win tbaeo County; J- C. Camp, Lee County; u D. U'Lititig, Whiteflde County: C. Trnesdcll, RockhUiid; George li. French. Davenport* U. C. Brockmcyer, St. Lonls; William H. Tollman, Janesville. uitle mo* rowwnt B. b. jtisox. Aldctman C. C. P. Holden, of Chicago. raid he bad been appointed hr the Common Council of Chicago a delegate to this Convention, and had called upon Colonel R. B associate member of I lie Chicago Board of Public Work* for Ibe deepening or the Hilcota & Michigan Cana', who bad aent him a communication giving hUvleos os U.c proposed immOTemeaU, The letter contains the following points: pint. ;ln lowering the aummil of the Illinois &. Michigan Canal, be believes that this work wit] accomplish (he cleanring of the Chicago River, and dispense with the large and expensive pnmp- Irc works at Bridgeport; and with the Calumet feeder. thereby lessen the expense or operating the canal, and aCordmga large ycatly Income for the payment of the canal debt. . Second. The Improvement of the lilrnol* River. The Slate, be»aye, has a can*) one hundred miles 111 length, with perhaps an average of two moolis Is a year that tee Illinois River Is navigable for canal boats. The balance of the year the boats wercccnficedto the canal. Improve iLcimnols River, and we substantially add three hundred mite? or more to onr canal, with rood navigation the eetire season, lie thoaphUhat the tn-nrovc mcnl would add one hundred per cent to the bnslnef 8 or ILe proscot cacal, the income from bolb Iroproyciaeirs would won pay loe canal debt anil toe coat of the rivec linproco menu Thou lie canal, lu Ita pr«cnt condldon mil pay ihc caial debt. In raraid to too mcana for inintoving the river, he asks that if the bUte Sni’oi, or der Us Constitution, raise the money to ao it, why not raise the money by taxi rheux able pi openy of the State be estimates at m**™; dred millions, on which a tax of ouetatllpe year. lor three ycar*,-wonloncariy PV W f «r provement, and the Slate would recclTC a istff'- iitccmc trom the Increased lous. 1 bird. The canal, from the I llnols K»tm. to Rock Island, with a feeder to irtxoo on Hoc* River. 1 bis, bo says, would he a great advance at a modem*, cost, allowing canal ooats to ne ta ken fiom the mouth of tne canal at Rock island to all points on the nver bcurcan there and . u Paul, opening ao en’lrewater communication pr ivies St. l*au' and New York, with no breaataff of balk except at Chicago, ana at Oafihlo or Os* jepo. Ihe Improvement of the river should pc for the Ititgcai class of steamboats, with expecuu on that the Illinois .S: Michigan Canal wih be enlarged to admit them la Chicago. VTilh uiese be thinks that much of Ihe vviS 1 ,b f u Pl>cr Mississippi would be done ' B r^“if b “'* t isonlhe Uudroo River, In boats la S bout*; and the Rock }l>>doU & Michigan Canal, York WJ Sfii Canal ls ‘o o“lu t ol?.lom ™ " ,cm4 <®UwCoomlß« 'wiuo*. Gctcr*l J.TT Wilson, deuifed War Dt pwtment at Washington to superintend VLV H!i 'ey of the Mississippi, UIUoU and fo. t!.e purpotc ol ercctiuz an Ta-v'jrvtion, addressed the Convention J I cirh. Be considered the mproveneSottSS MKsl-ilppl lo lie the work of first Imp Kline tLd IwHeved there was hut one optnUm am™- the people In regard to this work, ills plan- £5 no improvement of that mat mcr would he reaej tvlihtn the next three weeks, and thev v.ould remove the obstructions to navigation. •?* far as the Uaplds were concerned. The Rapids ©« (he Illinois and Itoct rivers are not in such con oltloii as yet to enable exact estimate# to he form ed. Ihcy wtnild be read} in January, lie believed tnehtaicof Illinois to he moused with mater facilities lor internal navigation than any ©the VOL. XX. Stale In tbe Union ; and ber advancement In wealth and commerce cepends upon her Improve ment of thoae facilities. Measure* should be im- mediately taken to connect ihc Illinois with the inexhaustible summit of Lake Michigan: when the commerce along that river is developed, Bock Itlvermnst be improved through Lake uoricon to Green Bay. Chicago, Su Louis and all the neigh boring clues arelutereeted in these improvements. In makirg his survey be had bs»n requested to find what would be the coel ol making a nav igable depth of four feet, and also to tee how steamboats could be cot tnrougO from lake Michigan io the Mississippi. General Wil son BUbmlUed Ibe following unofficial memoran dum or facts relating to the improvement of tbe Illinois Hirer. In oidcr to give seven feel of nav igation between Ixhallo ana the month: To over come Ibe (all without flooding too larre a txict of low ground, six loom, it i» stated, will be re quired. ].ock No. i. at Cblllicotbe, *rtll have six and three-tenths feet lilt: the dam about tweuty onefeet belgbtb. and the length of pond about foity-one and oue-balf miles. Lock No. 2, about two miles below Copperas Creek; Hit seven teeth dam thirteen feet; length of pond forty-four milci. ]«ck No. 8, Frcflcrlck ; lift seven feet and tbree tentbs; dam twelve feet high; pond forty-three miles. Lock K 0.4,.4, Naples; seven (■ret lift: dam twelve feet; pond twenty-seven miles. Dock No. 5, Eastport, near Apple Cieek: seven feet lift: damtwrlve feet; pood twenty-eight miles. Lock No. v, at Six Mile Island ; lift six feet: cam four teen feet; pond twenty-eight miles. Total cost of Blx locks and dams, $2,177,261; total cost uf dredging, tI,TO,OW. colonel namnrrr'a nxroirr. By request of the Convention, Colonel J. A. lincnnlt. Chief Engineer of the Canal Survey, made a report of the result of his Investigation* last rammer. Tbe report was published in these columns in full, about tbe 7th ol November last, and is not, therefore, repealed. The survey de monstrated tbe pracuenut'Uy of tbe canal from the Illinois Hirer, at lAhalle, to the Mississippi, at Keck Island. Also, that such water connection era be made by coot trading sixty-four mites of turns line, and that li can bo supplied with water abundantly b< a feeder from Dixon of eighteen miles In length, on a total length of canal anl ficder of 120 miles, coriisg about $1,50U,(80. Tbe note: of Col.Uudt.ini show tbe following figures: lu regard to tbc elevation of various points, the descent from lake Michigan loJaSalie Is 120 feel; to Bureau Junction 100 feet. Sheffield iselgh'y cigbt feet above Lake Michigan, fee bed of Ttock Hiverta thirty-six feet below lake Michigan at Rock Island bridge. Tbe Mississippi at Hock iblattd is foity tcet below Lake Michigan. There ip lib feet dlfierence between the Mississippi at Hock Island and LaSalle. From LiSatie co Alton b twenty-reven feet tail. annexsa or colonel wonnotx. Colonel Worrall, U- lied States Engineer, en gsgee in the survey of thn Mississippi, Hock and ililnolti rivers, made a short address,giving some accortlol the extent and progress of the surrey. In orderto gel acorrcct view of the magnitude of Die great work, be observed, we must first take a -lance at the systems of navigation that can bo brought into use from the west bank of the Mississippi. Then be must look at the extraordinary connections tbet can be made between the Mississippi River and the lakes. How can you get rid of tbc vast amount of products of these fertile plains? Tbe answer Is—Nature lias left the lakes as one grand outlet towards ibe Northeast, amt the Mississippi as another towards ILe Southwest. Between the Mississippi a&d tbc western pan of Lake Superior there are several small stream* flowing over tbe land. Tbe wisest engineer in tho world could not put them In a position more advantageous to the «cmuierctal interest of the country. Ihc general course of tbe lakes is almost directly Northeast, md to three a connection U to be made, aod It is found that Lake Michigan bends five bandied miles South, connection. in Rock Hirer, there Is a lake at tbe head of the riter, which affords an inexhaustible supply of water. A cut can readily be made from this laku into Lake Winnebago, ard Lake Winnebago w capable of sapplying also an unlimited amount of water. Two or three cento* lea ago, A. Jamct passed .from (he bead of Hock Uiter to tbe lake in a<anoe. Ihe Improvement* of tfae Illinois and Rock rivers ere not rivals. They are eo far removed n om each other that they never can be rival*. They arc eo nectar ary that they moet he made, ana when made, they will have all they can do to trans tort the pi odacta of the coaster. The Illinois liver may beao improved ai to allow of the past* ace of the largest vessel*, and'therefore the tin* provan cut o( the lillnols River ought to claim the preference; hot when Itock River is considered, it will oe found that It baa an abundance of water. A canal can be constructed In Itso as to famish Icckatre lor boats ot 500 tons The Erie Canal, of New York, has transported flvomiUloua five hun dred thousand lona ot merchandise per annum, and a canal could be made of thelcnnhand elao of the Erie Canal, which would accommodate as equal amount of trade, and when all these Im provements under consideration shall he made, they will brirg into uae an amount of any or sixty thousand miles of Internal navigation. The coastsoftbe Mississippi and of the lakes ate mure in extent than the coasts of the Atlantic and I'ari&c. Tne Government is spendlnc money oil the time upon the roasts of the Atlantic, and upon the roasts ol the takes, should we not spend something on the coasts of the Mississippi 7 The State of hew York asked for Congressional aid In the completion of the Erie Canal. They signed fictitious to have the work done by Congress,bat tnasalt in vain. New Y'ork had to complete the canal at her own expense, an amount equal to lot ty or fifty mlUlona of dollars. Wbeu they com menced the constrnctiontof the canal, she was no richer than the State ol Illinois, and now Illinois has more land nndcr cultivation than New York. When a man Is asked to make a statistical prediction In regard to the products of the Wea>em S’aiea, be can bardly overestimate it. At Foud da Lac, in Wisconsin, 2WI,iOO,U)(i feet of lumber are sold In a year In Oshkosh an equal amount is sold, and when a canal is constructed along the Hock Hirer, all ibat lumber trade would come down Lis way. At present, the iron ore ot Lake bnpo '• ■ tor U sent to I’ennsTlTanta, because coal 1$ found •here: built a canal were constructed from Green Hay to the month of Rock River, the iron from that district would meet the coat from Illinois, ami the larue cities, 11* e Birmingham iu England, u on'd -pmg up somewhere moug this route of the canal. Alotg the rente of the Rock River Improve mtnl there Is no place where good building stone carrot he obtained within three miles of wncxo It isnccQtd. The proposed canal commences at Foua do Lac, and proceeds by a direct lino to lake llcncon. both for navigation and for a reser voir. ItUicu leaves u ; tcea parses frost Lake HcricoD, thirly-r< or miles, to Watertown. It liter pursues Rock River to this place. The Icrg'h of the canal will he miles. Ihe charnel Is constantly in'errnpted by slack mbit, ai d (here are about sereuly miles of slack vatet navigation lulu length. Ills almost cl city as long as the Erie Can-jt, being only about tea xnUen lets in length. When the work is com* oietcti, as surveyed, It will bavo seven feet of naler. In answer M a question w nether tbe construc tion of the teider, as propose, from Dixoa to Ucvl.V Slongh,wonld lujme tbo navigation ol the Bock Hirer below Bison, the speaker thought it v. ould bare no Injurious civet. '1 be Convention adjourncd to meet again at half pu-t tv o o'clock. ▲rtEUSOOK SESSION. Ibe Convemlca assembled pursuant to ad louiniiecu TOTPJO ntxr. Tbo Committer on Hulea ana Hcsulatians re potted tbe tallowing rule: In all questions before the Convenlion each county represented in tbe Convention shill have file voles, provided that the three delegations item Cook County have fire votes each. Report adopted. nzsoLuno.vs. The Committee on Resolutions then reported through the Chairman. Charles Randolph, Esq.. tbe lollowing preamble and resolutions, which were unanimously adopted; Wunusas, The State of Illinois aod the country •vert uno noitb, have made such rapid strides tu settlement, ana business generally within a few years past, that notwithstanding tbe advania.-c* of lakes and riven and a laigc number of railroads :cctntlr constructed, our htale is now In gnat need oi increased and cheaper facilities for trans portation, and this difficulty must continue from yeat to year to magnify in a greater ratio on ac count cf the unlimited resources of tbe state, and xcausc of a very extensive and rich country sit. i ar.d north of it that does now acd mast for all time to come do ita carrying trade across this 9taU, unless there is some radi cal change in the entire sy atem of transportation: and, WoxncAS, Lakes, riven and canals are far draper means of carrying heavy articles than railiocas, and mrveys and qallmatcs made by competent engineers, prove clearly that a canal can be constructed from the Mississippi Riv«.r, at or near Bock Island, to the Illinois Hirer, at or rear Utinvpln; that the uariratlon of tbe Illi nois and Hock mers may be sufficiently itn* Stored and connected by canal, and the Illinois ; Michigan Canal can be deepened acd en larged so as to pour through Its channel any amount of water from tbe Lake that miv bo deslied, and all for a sum of money not so great as tbcaoc nm now paid bythecUicens of Illinois lit excessive freights; and that these improvements, if made and Judiciously managed, will save to the people ol the State of Illinois each and every year their entire cost: aod tail thev trill be so extensive, so widely distributed over tho State and form ench important connec tions between the lake and the Mississippi as to rally Justify the Legtsla'nre of mo 9tate of Illinois in assuming tho responsibility of their comple tion; tbeiefore, ifrsoftfd. That wo tall wilh the highest sails (action the reporter tne survey of the canal from the Illinois River to the Mississippi, which report demonstrates beyond question that tbe route U eminently feasible for constructing a first class canal* J.’esol". yi, That the construction of this canal. wUh a navigable leader to Sterling and Dixon, to gether with the improvement ol the Illinois and rtver?, opening up a grand system of Inter nal navigation and completing the connection by water between the Mississippi anil the lakes on the line of the greatest continental commerce, are works of immediate and lasting Importance re ■jnircd by the agricultural and coiumeldal interest of the whole country, and are entertniaea worthy of the public spirit, greatness ana btrb destiny of .be state of Illinois, jietclrtdi Ihat In view of the mine of the in vestment In those works and tnc ample revenne to nc derived from them, when completed, as well as to Insure cheap irausportatlon to the people, nc arc dcCidcdty and emphatically In furor of heir construction and ownership by the State. Jle solved, That (he Convention, after mature deliberation and Investigation ol the surreys and estimated costs of these Improvements and of their location, connections ana Influence upon the Eccplo of the State of Illinois, has no hesitancy in ccfcing tbat U Is the duty of the legislature, at Its next session, to adopt such measures and enact each Uus as wQI lead to a sptedy construc tion of these works. a , J'etcUm, That we tender onr Uutuka to General Wilson and Colonel Worral for the Important In formation they have communicated to this Con vention, and their testimony of the worth and lm ('•ortscce ci' the works; and also to Colonel K. D. Mason lor bis endorsement, contained in a wtil cn communication to this Convention. JZttolred. Thai a committee of seven, consist ing Stevens, J. U. Allen, G. A- Bilttn inner. Committee on.Canall Surveys, and Joseph itilcy. B. XI- Cnnreb.T J. KoMasoc, and It. l). nonchtalinc. Committee on Rock mver Improve ment. be appointed to memorialise th* I«rlsl»- mrc of Illinois, and to present the surrey# and SSSJtef mie ta Kferecc to Utot, taprovf meets, and such other facta and reason* for their SniunSoa aTiecxn judicious, and alsoto petl uoo Comncs? for assistance directly in aid of thiie works, or through the Legislature of the of Con.™- i *•" : SSbssp*** ntOM MICHIGAS. loiapiny v-ii belli »t Aicwon, s Amo* Loud oi Director* was cl«icd as I * !;oot, M. A. WcMopb*"". V.. U. , OecksoTi; ii.Shaw.of Eatoeltopiiw. >. «* UaMiicb; 114. \V. Barber. I * liarloiie. Amos Hoot waa elected I Incene Pilnplf. becnrtaxy, aed f. B. * Tieasnm. it!* company b»» j«t BOl(1 fi""* 6Bl ot its bonds to buy iron (or tbe eastern half of t ie road. Congressmen Welker, of Ohio, and Kelso, of Mlspoun, arc spending tbe holidays In this city. A fire In Dexter, Michigan, yesterday, destroyed the Bentley House and four adjoining stores. Loss over SIO,OOO. STATE TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION. The Metric riystrm—Attending Teachers* Associations—Andreas ot Hon, Newton naif-man on the delation of College* re Common Schools—Election of Officer*— Fi nance— l>alr*barg the Next Flare ofjleet* ioic—Discnssloa on tbe Agrlcalcsrnl Col lege, Arc, fbpecial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Jacksonville, lU., December 27. irmctoos tdocxedingb—second dxt. Tbe following 1* the closing portion ot Mr. Per kins* addicts on tbe subject of Reform Schools : Prevention Is better Loan enre-ond to ne pro posed to speak first to the teachers In regard to taking precautionary measures to rave from re form schools. abolish boot-black brigades and new-bovs, and give tbe work to wounded soldiers. He quoted trom English experience, showing that these oc cupations tend to a residence In the Reform School. Make attendance at school compulsory, and then arrange work departments, ao as to give employment, dispose of ma terial, Ac. Crime is winked at; kind ness of heart dismisses the boy thief with a reprimand. It la the duty of those concerned to leant of previous life, lest frequent reprimands buden tbe bran, and reform ii beyoad reach. Uailrusda famuli as easy passage, and a boy can travel all over the United Stales. Sympathy la aroused by a melting tale, and so the beet feeling* of tbc ticsit are used to lead to vice. A law per iritticg societies promiscuously to bind out schol ars In cm Stale trom other Suites, s&ould be re ■pealed. New York societies shift their respon sibilities upon ua. These older Stales must keep ilnar own. Children must be protected againn the avaririoussesa of parents. Boys and girls in our cities are trained by their parents to steal, and in all way* of vice, ue in stanced rases from his own observation, showing bow glaring is tbe Cut of parental training In the tchoul of crime. Ihe very young, tbc extreme young, n<ttd the moat looking after. The law fixes six years of age ss that for ad mittance into Refoim Schools, but we need to look after those even younger. In the school we scoaralcd tbe very youngest, bo that they Jihould sutler so contamination, i.utby and by found some of them the very worst boys we had. Yet. despite of all precautionary measures, reform school* are necessary. There arc two kinds of these schools, the one partakes ofpiUoc Ule.the other modelled after the family. In this country wc have two phases of fsmilr system; one seeping entirely separate from the world, a kind of conserva'ory. Ours is a kind of village school. We are training them u workshops, Ac,, letting them meet the ordinary temptations ofii e under constant super vision. Instead of dismissal we give tick els of leave, continuing from time -to lime ai conduct merits. Tbc Indus i>l*l feature of the reform must not be uvetlooked. It is a poor reformation that does rot te.ct dependence upon labor for rapport. A reform school should be under proper restraining power, yet look perlcctly free. We have to turn the boy completely about. He loves to loaf; *e have to teach him to work and study, lie thinks it no harm to lie, steal and swear; we have to teacu him these art all wring. A reformatory should. In all Its surroundings, be nome-Uke. Greater and more successful developments, in this re gard, await our future efforts. The Influence of tbe good, the bcanUlnl and tbe true, begets « love for them, even la a reform school boy. Very few reform boys be come fanners, and tbc idea that tbc school fhonld be turned Into a large farm is pimply absurd. We must train to sympathetic industry la workshops of various kinds, *«ch as ttey have a taste to pursue, ibe Reform School i* a labor of love. - 1U harvest la very great, but its laborers are few. Ihe address was earnestly delivered, and tbc sympathy elicited from tbe audleuci was pro found, the attention ©f all being completely en chained during the fall boar. SVENtKO OP SECOND DAT'9 SESSION. Mr. Andrews, of Warsaw, moved to strike ont from the list of officers of (be Association Ihe name of Corresponding Sect clary Garrick. Kxrmo stitkk. Mr. Shastia, of Lewiston, moved the follow ing: That the teachers of this S’ate be In structed to post themselves in regard to the metric fcyktcm ol weights and measures as adopted by ihe last Congress, and take special pains to make their pupils tamlllar with it, and to secure Its gen eral adoption. The resolution passed unanimously. TKACHECS ATTESpUfO ASSOCU.TIOSS. Another reeolotioo was also introduced a a fol low# : £ttolved, That It Is the opinion of this Associa tion that the school authoriliuea should cram per mission lo the teachers of ihia State to attend the meeting* of this association without any redaction ot their salaries. Alter discussion hr various members of the Association, the resolution was.cameiL ntLATiox or coLLtcan to cukxos SCHOOLS, lion. Newton Ba-tman was then announced as the speaker ol the evening, and announced as hU theme "The Itclatlon oi Coll-gea to Common schools." The colleges are for men, not boys, and the men who teach must bs the wry Wife oi oar llm-crs and teachers. Have we inch colleges in Illinois? Yes; and those whose chairs are tUtcd by men who arc peers in every regard of any in the United fcta cs. Ail collrges feel the prosperity of the public schools Blot oot the colleges and the nubile isnools would not long exist. They lur nlib onr teachers. The normal school eao farntah only a few to fill cp the broad area lo be famished with laborers. The progress ol education in the port, and Its hopes for the future, mast rest wl® our collects, 'they are Christian Insulations; their whole Inducnc has been salutary upon the churches ond country, and the public achuoi teachers arc to-day Impressing upon hundreds of thousands ol school children the lessons of parity and truth learned at the college; and uis precise ly because they are Independent of politician* and legislators, that they hate been enabled to do this work: and it ts certain that if the Legislature bhoolu siunt sums ol money to the existing col leges, that Legislature would be besieged with ap plications for charters and aid for now colleges. Uitlauan colleges aie bettor endowed tnau they would Lave been had they depended on State legislation. In ten yean tht>y have received fI.SH’.CtO. It is altegcd that colleges are unpopu lar. Not so. The nnmber of student* la greater than ever before, and public sentiment Li rising In favor of higher and wore scholarly training. The war has bad its great lessons, written la letters ol Mood, ot fire, ond to-oav the mterinces of college thinkers are awaited with abated breath. Coll**gr9 are eminently thrSaiiau. The eternal God Is tbo foutdatlcnol oil teaching. It is said there are too tunny colleges. The truth of this statement cannot be d.-mt-d. When the public know the ar licence of emptiness of real college classes, (bat nine-terib? of tl.e names tn colleges arc those oi boy» In giamtasr, arithmetic, Ac-, they will not be aj*t lo sc«'tbj policy of more collies. In a few years this will lie right. Then genuine col lege work xvi l l be done. Wlut then should be the bearing of colleges toward the common schools I it should oe cordial. Common school men lee] .hat colleges ate not in sympathy with popular education. They caorot beat variance without injuring the common cause. Wc need the aid of college thinkers, to aid in planning and directing the van interest of common schools. We need the cordial right band of fe'lowshlp. Boca it need to be repeated that the higher the average grade of education, the more students v. ill hud their way to the halls of the college * Let them take up the appeal of the common schools until the claims of all are asserted, not only loan elementary, but to a scholastic education, Ull* Dots waits for a college tbat shall he to her com. I mon schools what the University of Michigan Is to the schools of that State, lialf a million of acres of land await it as Its princely endowmci t. Power and wealth wall to ally tncmJlve* to I', TimtD dat's session. Rev. William Baker, of Borlagfield, opened the «e»*ton with prayer. Br. WillirOjOf t-Drlngfleld, moved the following: /iWo/rrd, That the committee ot Uti- body ap pointed toao for seeming certain legislation de nied by the Association, are instructed to co operate wlto the Committee ot the Natural His tory Society tn its cr.ort lo drain appropriations for the Museum. Tbo motion prevailed, omcisn- elsctxd fob ms teas. The committee on Dominations reported as follows: J'rendfr.t—A. M. Brook*, Springfield. Stcrttary— li. L. Wells, Dement Frscswri r—J2. A. Gasman, Decatur. Trtiiifnt el lAtqt— G. L. Pickard. Chicago, lice iYe«W«Af—First UUUlct—J. ts. Baker, Chicago. Second District—□. G. SherreLßelrldcre. Third DhJtrht—S. W. Dicker, Fnlton. Focith District—A. M. Starkey, learner. Fifth District—d. B. Roberts, Galesburg. Sixth District—W. B. Dowell, rent. Seventh District—O. P. McKlnn, Decatur. Eighth District—J. W. PowelL Normal. Ninth District—n. EL Smith, Macomb. Tenth District—S. L. Martin, Jacksonville. Eleventh District—W. EL Mason, Centralis. Twelfth District—J. P. Slade, Belleville. Thirteenth District—E. P. Barllngham, Cairo. Zhwufirs CotnmiU*f—o. M. Andrews, Ol War saw ; W. n. V. Raymond, of Alton; U. L. Balt wood, of Griggavßie. The report was adopted. sociabxu. O. M. Andrews, ot Warsaw. moved the appoint mentot a Committee on Sociable. Carried. Mcsant. Kberbart, Martin, Oyer, Prince and Seal were appointed as said committee. Music was called for,and Ibe choir sang “ Trip Lightly maxes. The Committee on Finance made their report, which was adopted. sht or mrno. Mr. Roberta, of Gaissbnrg, gave the mrUalion of the citizens of Galesburg to the Association to meet si that place. On motion, it was resolved to accept ibe same, subject to the action oe the Chicago, Burlington A Quincy Railroad la grant ing half-fare tickets. Mr. Roberts moved that the Arsociation meet next year on the thlrty-flrat day of December. Tucsnco mrrom. Rev. W. B. Hines, of Spnnrfleld, then pre sented hi* method of teaching history. Be had three articles in bis secular creed—Marriage, Uis Country's ■'Fjtgsnd Black-Boards. Be pre sented a sea serpent like black-board, dotted wiibplns. on which to hang cards registering events, divided Into twenty parts, to represent centuries. The system is ingenious but cum hiojis. Nest cane a dlscn*iion of the questlon-Should ifco Free High school and Umtersity form a pan cl the system of Common Schools! An argument foi the af-irmativo bj Hon. J.l- Piccard, was then read py W. n. V. Raymond, the writer not being aide to be present. The question was spoken to by ilr. Brooks, of Spsingield. conimt oa couzuis. The report of the Committee on College* was then presented'. > P:vi.J. D. rnrner, ot Jackson rule, cßbodTii.R the favor of the Association tor Industrial Colleges, especially proteslcg against the cutting up of the endowment grant by the last session of our Legislature t declaring to favor of us perpetual unity and integrity; lor systematic j voluntary endowment* and for fiur and open I competition with communities, so that the I Mate shall have a chance to avail Itself I ofthe best terms. Tbc resolutions were support ed by a very energetic and powerful speech by tbc mover. It haa been said here that the people carrot be trusted with our tnstttntlofts. It is sheerest tolly. Bid not our people carry through our great war for five veais. in spite of our poli ticians and our legislators, and I hid almo*tsaid our colleger and our churches! and the people esucot bo trusted! Legislation will prostltuto Mate irftitutions to party ends. Look at our in etlinUons here, and at our normal. • For twenty rears thev w ere under the control of the party to rbich 1 do tot belong, and yet they

wetft »» wtH carried on as when under the control ol my own party; and vet tbc i«opl" cannot he tmsted! I can ever nust the peopl*. Their great hoait always heals true to 'begrea- Interest of humanity, and woe to the man or set of na wbo try to mislead them, t ©tv av the UniversUv of Michigan. Is not that well aumuiistered? and yct ti s a people's eol-egr President Stnrtevtnt,ol iUcoU college, said: I tare been derided lor saying we have too many colleges, by the most influential papeia in the Mate Loot at our starving colleges, and **T whether I am not tight! 1 jealous of common * wi- : I thoold as soon be Jealous ot my falLeTonO OT mother, and the wile ofmyhosom. VolUgw without common acboolsl As soon CHICAGO. FRIDAY. DECEMBER 28. 1866. roofs without boose, oceans without rivers. j>r. Adams, of Jacksonville, asked «««• lion, “ Whet wil] be the Influence npon colleges by introducing the university feature in the public school system J” Dr. Storterant answered: “1 do not know; hut If colleges stand In the way of universal edaca tioo, let them go, and more among the rest. Projector Tamer answered that he presumed that, like all things nsefol, they would revolve In perfect haimonr, and form parts of one ma.estic whole. Turn or x xanow. Miss McCamhndge. of Cairo, then read a v'jy able essay upon the subject, “The Wealth of a Nation.” The wealth of a nation consists in it* men. „ A very spirited discussion ensned upon the Be* Bforrn School question, which was participated in by Miss bridges, of Peoria; A M. Cow, George bpaflord and G. W. Perkins, of Chicago; Dr- «u --liard. of Springfield. . , . Mr. J. U. Slfldc.of Belleville, next entertained the Association with an essay ou “Edncttionai Jcnr* nals—tbclr value.” The central thought was out own educational journal, the JUlnoh lecclur , its aims, ability, and the necessity of the patronage ot teacnen of the State, it is the teacher a conn* Vfc iCOUiUfI VI UIV CldK* I, « M.W .....IV* ' seller and friend, and yet there are 17,UU0 teachers In this ti'ate, ot which not 3,(MJ subscribe for their own organ, and tbne eighty per cent labor on in wiitul Ignorance or what la brine achieved by their colaborLTs in the Stale. - Professor Blackman, assisted by a number of ladles and gentlemen, introduced the afternoon exercises by ringing In a really superior style. Mr. W. Bsk»r, Principal, of Springfield, then gave an address npon profes«losaL labor, For years wchavc struggled to make teaching rank as a profession. It woold be saving too much to claim that we have lolly succeeded and taken the place we would bWc. Yet who will deny that |ne |T,O«) teachers of this Slate do constitute a profession? Tb* reason why we are not accorded the dignity we desire, U lack of thorough labor. Law Is a profession of work. Teachers will not give thak thought, their hearts and their lives to their work. Teachers’ leading is too apt to be uou;l resiling. Intellectual laziness is the vice of Uachers. Dr. Eeccher said that “Urines? is an origins! sio,” and teachers, as a class, pos seas too much of it. The working teacher finds ills reward in steady npwaid progress. Head then, tor your profession, the larger works and extrusive treatise?, and npon the subjects of your w ork. Constantly advance the out-poali ot your knowledge. The movement in regard to a State Diploma, abir seconded, would hare gone far toward raising teach lug to a profession—professional work will only brirg professional status. We do not even agree as to what education is unless wa settle what we want to do to educate a person. We cannot call osiselTea a profession. Use la shout* d a? the working tratenword, and atilllar ianism It* fist, sinking os luto a cation of shop keeper?. He then entered an earnest plea for classic study. language la the crystal izaticn of the soul. To moat children and youth the science# are a# a tale (hat la told. The New England boy studies bis text books and works out his education. The German boy has hi? teacher. Compare the two—which la the su perior. The object lesson disease nut Its course, ard It is a shame to us we arc canted away by it, Educated men arc self-made men. If this be so. Hi coin waa an educated man. Take bis Gem rime Oration- His mastery of the resources <f the English language, was folly equal to (bal of thegreat masters of oar language, lie pul the defining Use ftbunty iirour o his loess, and, hence, others could not rail to comprehend them. If Lincoln had been 'brown into our profession, be would have been a leader. Tile true teacher must Impress himself upon hi? pupils. It should bo earnestly cound cied that the teacher'? intellectual habits, his di rectness or tballownes? of thought will be transmitted to hundreds and to thousands. Are we dear in onr knowledge? So will h- oar pupils. Are we earnest la onr work? So will they be. Is it not worth a life to leave behind us such fragrant memories, ?nch disciples pressing on, ever on, to wind the hi.'best alms? Oar busi ness demand?; the highest order of talent, per sistent labor, true alrus; in short, (he devotion of onr beatts and our lives. The next exercise was a discussion of the ques tion, "Should attendance at school be made com pulsory, and Is it expedient that a law to that ef icct should be passed at the present llm-. ” Tlie discussion was opened by W. H V. Raymond, of Alton. As civilization advanced the citizen must yield up more and more of Ms vested rights to the Mate. Ibe State demands univers al education, and to be universal, education must be compulsory. He vl* followed by Messrs. Doltwood, Bridges, Ralphs. Heslet, and others. Iho choir then gave a spirited rendering of the song. Our Native Land. fboh eubope. Bt Menmahlp City et Boston—Tho Proa stao Government and tbe Late Mini oi nanovet —Fear Additional Cache lie Olocroesto be Established la the United Mates-Itoynl ueereeln Favorot an Ocean Telegraph bclwen Cubs and the Coast of Florida—Proposed Confederation between Switzerland ond tbe Mxnhern German Hintra-Cooctnsionortbe Pope’s Speech to the Preach 5-otdlcrs. Nsw Yonx, December 27.—A telegram of De cember mb, ]rom Paris, asserts Out thi Prussian Uovcicmtni win demand the expulsion of the late King of Hat-over from Anstrias territory. He 1? accused of txclUog Ms late subjects to ho?- nJily against Prufrta. it is not believed Austria would comply with such a nemaud. A telegram from home, Ulh inet., ’states that (be Pope will establish four more Dioceses la tbe CuluaSute? wbicn wir require a Bishop ft* each, icctcaslng the number to twenty-two. dev cral Bt«hops oflhe Greek Church to Athens and in ihc Daunblan PriucipalMes have announced their determination Vo makepeace wUhlheChqrch °Vae l 3fngllj»h creditors ofSleaiiy.tbcFenian,wtli prosecute him for debt should the Government release him, and thus hoid him In durance vile. The Paris Jtonite>tr says the Queen of Spain ha* jn?t issued a decree granting to (he Ocean Telegraph, an American company, permission to lav s cable from a point In the IsUad of Cuba to the Florida coa>U * A Paris telegram reports that Switzerland has p«opt»fC to the States of Southern Germany to unite In a confederation to strengthen each other egnlmt the future aggression? ol Prussia. A Brussel? telegram slates that Prussia has pro posed lo the protecting Powers to hold a comer cnee, in order to afloru relief to the Chriathn sub jects of the Porte. . , The Joun.c! dt! lithe.'* says the Pope’s speech was not correcUv reported In the Pazirian jour pels. It conclude? thus: "Go, with my blearing ;md m* inli’niiloJio/. If you see the Emperor ■.it uo French, yoar Emperor, you wilt tell him that 1 pray for him. It £» said that bu health 1? not rood. 1 pray for bts health. It Is said that hj> mind x? not tranquil. I pray for '.U* repose. Tbe French nation is Christian ; Its chief should b: Chrsllau also.” . , , _ , 1 Ms largunge produced a sensation in Pan?. Court I^-rcark is with sofwuiug of the taolu. FROM OMAHA. Spits of the Indian lliuiacro Near Port Phil. Kearocv Officially Confirmed—DeMli ol Gcncnl K K. Cartls. * {Special Despatch to tbc Cblcsgo Tribose.] Oxaua, Via Council Hturw, » December 2C. f Official Intelligence baa Just been received here that a detachment of oghty-ionr men and Ibreo officers of tbc Ligbteentb United States Infantry, were attacked by 3,000 Indiana, near Fort Pbit. Kearney, on tbe 81st Instant, and every man killed. Tbe officers killed were: Lieutenant Cuiontl \V. J. Peterman, commanding the deuteb m “hi; Colonel F. 11. Brown, and Lieutenant G. \\. Grommoud. 'i lit? htpulhecn this evening announces the ii<aib or Major Samuel I*. Cams, of !ow.i. who died suddenly at r.lne o’clock this rooming, cl Connell Bluffis In an appoplccilc fit. General Curls had ju»: returned with bis asso ciates, General Mtnpcon end Or. While, as tbe (iut eminent Jiailroud Commissioners, from tbe eaaminstloo of tbe last section of thirty-five miles of the finished portion of the Union Pacific Kail* toad. Ibe Commissioners left here this morning to vioit Kansas, to examine a portion of tbe East ern Division. They bad cot as Car aa Council lilufc on their journey, when death overtook this one of tbctrnamber. General CnrtL* has a national reputation as the ccmr.iander of tbe Union army In toe bard fought battle oi Pen ILdtre, Arkansas. __ Foot Ijtitajiix, December ST—The messenger just in reports tbc formation of a grand coalition ol twelve tribes of Indians for a common canse agiiutihe white* in tbe IVrrilories ofDacotah and Montana. The number ol vramors is estimated at it.UXi. The names of the killed in the massacre will be forwarded as soon as they can be obtained. FROM ST. LOUIS. Denlli of ft Rfnaber of General Sherman’s Slmir-GoTcrnor Fletcher and tbeOoser vailvnt—Ail (inlet nt Lexington—Black- Mone vs. Barni Corn—Grand Bnlld'H* Pro ject-Work on the Union Paclßc ttai(re«d. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis, December 37. Colonel R. M. Sawyer. Assistant Adjutant Gen eral oa General Sbennan’s stiffi died las* night at Ibc Ltnd«ll Hotel, alter an illness often days. Be wa.* formerly private in tbe First Wisconsin la fsetry, and bailed (tom Fond da lac. It b> reported on good authority that Governor Fletcher is preparing to withdraw the milttia bom Lexington on assurance* of the leading citi ml« that the laws will be enforced against bush whackers. The Conservatives have a fresh fury fit to-day, occasioned by tbe Secretary of Slate throwing out the vote of Calloway County entire, which electa Anderson over Swltaler by one hundred majority. Tbe proof of tbe non-cuforte meatof the registry law In Calioway I* over wneimlrg, andlQibe testimony of tbe principal registering officer. Ills shown that the .aw was .tisregaroed by rebels ooenly. Swilxier wilt con teal end announces himself as a candidate' “igfc. fiom Lexington indicate a perfect quirt, the rebels subsided as soon as they were assured no United troops would help them resist lawyer of Illinois, made himself ridicu lous by applying to the minstrel troupe here fbr a 'Uaailou, and because rejected, sent a challenge for a duel to tbc principal manager. He was frightened by a ibioal of the police ana vamoosed The wealbtr continues very cold. A grand project is contemplated lor building five honored dwellings about four miles Dorn tbe citv, embracing plans for gas ano waterworks, a > abroad dlnettu tbe location, and other tlemecls of a (oil sired city. Capital has been subscribed, and it is proposed (to accure leasees for botues la adiacce of their bnDdlng. Tbc project is a lowi n'd< tffair. , The Pacific Railroad are baulttg ten »rloads of Iron per day, tor the extension of tbe Union Paci fic w e* t of Port Kiley. FROM stw FORK. Swddra and llyittnos* Rl*' la the Woekel a .Hldlbb rampmay—Faaemi at (be late Portuguese Mlntaier-Scarcltf of L*ab«r— Temfie Arc- J*atr Vooc. December 97,—Mining shares are \er> active. The ehircs of Ayres* Mill and Min ing' Company advanced bom 51 to Sid, and was stricken irom the list for 'he present, the par* tics who sold It short claim that It la a eecoad Napoleon oil case, and a special committee ot the Bond has the matter under investigation. Some ot the directors and ofleers of the company are gentlemen of high standing. Among the pemma present at the ranentl of the ale I’ortncnese hllnLier to-day, were Secretary Seward, Caron BaUeaox. Consol General of France, the Danish and Austrian Consols, and others. It la said there arc 13,00) workingmen idle here, most of them ship caipooler#, snip jolnew, rig gem, sail maker*, Ac. Braider these there is a large nnmbcr of common laborers wanting em ployment. It ha* jest been made known that during the cholera notation hete.a vesael was moored to one of the piers and guarded by policemen anal the passengers and crew had recovered from the epidemic. A icnlflc southeast gale Is prevailing to-night. The tide is very bleb, trd many cellars a'or.g the ]Sonh jndiCaitUlvcrs ate flooded. The bay l! exceedingly rough and the ferry boats make their tnpavmta difficulty. No serious damage as yet reported on shore or at sea. The storm extends all over the Slate, and the telegraph lines in the interior are mainly prostrated. The storm extends far to the cask, and in COD' sequence of the prostration of the lines caale news cannot be transmitted. FBOM. SPBISG FIELD. Record of a DUleval Johnson Postmaster lobe Light—Contrlbn lion of a Colored Iteaiment to the Lincoln Slona ment Pond—Horse Thiel Indicted—Mur derer Arrested. l&l>ccial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.'! SrsmonxLD, 111.. December 37. I twill be remembered tost some time during last rammer a aeries of resolutions were adopted by the Springfield Post of the Grand Army of the Republic In i elation to the appointment by the President of Edward L. Merritt, of this city, to the responsible and lucrative portion oi Pension Agent of the Central District of this State, in which certain grave charges were made against the said Merritt on the score of bis record daring the war, characterizing the appointment as an insult sot only to the soldiers but to all loyal men. Shortly after the publication of Ibe paper referred to, Merritt published a card In hla paper, in which he cliaracteiUed the statement as a lie made ont of whole cioth, and demanded proof of its an tbors. As rbe records of Mr. M. were sufficiently well known not only in Springfield but wherever bis disloyal paper found its a ay, the Post did not thfnk it worth while to take any notice of his challenge, more especially as a general election ««aa appicaching, and it might be said that the natter was stirred up tor political ellcct: but as Mr. M. continued to reltciate bis challenge, it was deemed aorlsablc to appoint a committee to respond to bis demand forprooh This commit ter. 1 cudmland. are now ready to report, and to give proofs of all the charges contained in the origins! paper, and, if 1 am correctly informed, they purpose following cp the expose with a petition to the authorities for his removal from the position, and the appointment of an honor' able soldier in his stead. Hon. Jas. Q. Beveridge received to-day the sum of (500 from the Forty-seventh Regiment United States Colored Infantry, toward the Na tional Lincoln Monument Fund. The record of the colored soldiers in connection with this na- (local and pstrioilc enterprise will compare verj favorably with any other cla*s of oar citizens. All honor to llte noble dark boys in bine. Isaac Denton, of this county, was to-day held la the b&zq of SBCu for his appearance at the next term of the Circuit Coart offcangamon. on & charge of horse stealing. Henry liver.', chaired with murder in Kentucky, tv as arrested in this coonty by Sheriff Sbonp, and forwarded to Louisville, Kentucky, where It la alleged the murder took place. During laat night the grocery store cf E. L. Higgins, of this city, was destroyed by tire, with Us culre coincide. Loss of stocs and buildings, (5,(40; (neared la the hue and Marine Insurance Company, of Peoria, and the Hartford Company. Governor Geary’s Appointments for State OQicers. Hanni«Brito, Pa., Decembers'?.—General Geary, Governor elect, ha? appointed Colonel Frank Jor dan, Secretary of the Commonwealth, and Hon. B. Brewster, Attorney Genera). Destructive Fire <it Elmira, X. Y. Funca, N. Y., December S7.—Tbe build ing oc cupied by Bigelow A Co-, boot and shoe maun 'acturer?, and Fielding & Co.. codec and tea dealer?, was burned Co-day. Loss («O,UOd; In sated tor (52,090- fPbot Ills Ulster, December si.—A young man named Patlerron shot bis sister in a house of ill fame. Ectmdto induce her to leave the place, but she refused. Ibe woman will recover. KVtVAITIIBOTUEKr, Advertlsina Ab'i» 126 Dearborn-?!., receive advertisements for all the leadinc papers llircughoat ibe United States and Canada?. Seating £ca£on. OPEN THIS AFTERNOON AND EVENING. WASHINGTON SKATING PARE Splendid Hew Sheet of Ice, smooth : SOLLDI bUPLBB CLEAR I CHYfeTAL-LIAE I CUAHMINGI Full Great Western Light Gnard Band in the Evening. MEsiXC ! antiTOi MEBUDI ENT To-Morrow Afternoon and Evening, GRAND WINTER FETE! Full Gnat Western Llfht Goarlßud all tbe time* gy Sec sdrerttKTnccw la to-morrow's papers. T ABAcjH-AV. RINK! FINEST ICE IN THE CITY. PERFECTLY MAGNIFICENT. GRAND CARNIVAL TO-NISOT. GREAT UNION BAND. Hewers and Miss Dean Skate this Evening. CENTRAL PARK.. Mew Sheet of Ice. OAENIYAL TO-NIGHT. Great Attraction. HOLIDAY WEEK. MAGNEsnrar light. SIDE RINK. SPLENDID ICE. OPEN DAT AND EVENING. ~ GALA TIME. QGDEN SKATING PARK. GOOD ICE, Good Ttrce. Part well-agMrd. Gay time guaranteed. Come all Young tola, to the old favorite Part. ]3i)Otosrapi)g TI'VERTBODY does go to BRAND’S, JLJ lOSLate-iL, tor good »taure*. Just step In aoc eee what BZ*BOAI9T POaCBLAmS HetsaaktcgfbroalySS. Csrte* da VUlte, fIJO pe: oosee. “■ I -vOKT YOU SEE THE BLS.CK. I J CLOUDS RISING OVER YONDER?" Wbv. do. That Is only the Immense rasa of people who *re Going to Brand's, 10S Lake- st., PorPletcre*. Porcelain* reduced to (x Cartes A» Vl»lte, cclySlJO per dotes. BELIEVE ANT ONE who JLJ tefj you that bRAKD. at 108 UtMt, win ns: tnakeyoo Jim sa good Pictures as anr other man In iliectuiTfMLaadatarciorereaoitiable ortcea. COP* lu ol all kind* promptly and beautiful y Ha label, i crcelklca tor *2. caru* de Vlsjte, only mo per doten. JJHOTOGRAPHS OF THE GREAT . N'nBTH AMERICAN* MASTODON*, found S 3 teet tow the surface ot tne earth, and aald by Prof. Marsh of Yale College, to be cue-ttirt larfer tban any known arnna’. will be sail to any addrws on tne receipt ol iwn.iy-five ccrta and stamp. Every one interested m science, snd the wonders or thu continent years ago, •socld have one Address FEBGIbON * MANVILLK. 177 nircr-ruTroy. >'. T. Cljc 53ail Season. ASQUERADE COSTUMES : A larre and splendid assortment for CamiraU and l*>ttliO , ir atrendoopaid to oriet from tbe country, by Mr>. CATH.OEmCISSNortb Carle. Ctlcaao. Engtabings. TV- EW TEAR’S CALLING CARDS.— i> Grntlmeo are solicited to leave orders la time fu? their CALUNBCABDS, at W. J. WHITE’S atarrletr Cord PcpesliorTi 148 South - tlaca*9t. s © joos. JJAKKED DOWI-T. mmense Sacrifice. OCR min nm OF DRY GOODS MARKED DOWN, PREPARATORY TO OUC REMOVAL m LAKE-ST. SIMPSON & HUGHES, 181 L.AE. B-ST jFur (Scobs. ADI E b ' it IZ JESS FUMS, LARGE STOCK. ELEGANT GOOES. REDUCED PRICES. N.8.-POST Btrv nil Ton bnve ereo nor stocß loti prices. BBEWSTER, Furrier, SHERMAN HOUSE. ’ fHcmral. J^ISTURNED. mi, i ii,mini,i. Can dally be cocsolted at the Sherman House, CATARRH, nEONCOTTIS. ASTHMA, LOSS OF VOICE. OF FEKtrVE IREATH, DEAFNESS, DISCHARGES FROM THE EAR, and diseases of tbe EYE. EAR. THROAT and LUNGS. \TRS. S. C. DICKISON " J TREATS ALE KUEUfIATICS, Llmtvrs Stlfl Joints, removes Tape Worms la twenty, fear hours, without Injury to the patient. haUafSctin jlvro. o: no charge. Mrs. D. esa be louad at iS3 South Clart-st. 13oofcs anb Statiouerg. 'T'O MERCHANTS, BANKERS, and BUSINESS MEN IN GENERAL. McNALLY & CO., 81 Dcarborn-st., Have a Use assortment of Frandi & Loutrell’t Office Journals, Also,alareea*Bortm«atofLadlea* and Geatiemsrt Pocket Dunes for sale cheap. 530018 anb Stars. INTER OVERSHOES. Just received. S-bnckle BUFFALO, BALMORAL? aud other desirable styles of Winter Eboes. DOBGETT, BASSETT & HILLS, 20 ..d 31 I.a a .Uf patents. LLE K ' S PATENT RUBBER MOULDINB. lire bctn nsable to keep *jtU now .ally prepared to meet all demand*. Many ot our patrons hare not Who Tin cut nuaber. We would *»T hat* eare not eocneeted with »ny other.TObastaeou 4a mere art inferior article* pot on the we ‘ antU n al> who xnl our Vtouldlne tna* si; Boom No. 4, Chicago, nu aLereali orders will I* promptly met. T TPVj DUMBER MOULDING. —Wc arc pre- LV pared to rupply cmWmcr* with oar SEW RUBBER MOULDING. „&>• a. Mt am «« pARD’S PATENT bbick machine. o«c* and mactuactorr 53 Scat!. WompA. 10 iiuotsuOoß and deaertporo clrmla^Urwa^^ SHante*. tttaNTED —To rent a pit. -.*- J \ V caicd (Sooth side preferred) rtTsmsaso asazcßNoa, RrafkmhTOf three persona. Woold Uk* possession *&"t the Ist of Marcn. Bestol rrl-rc*rt et»rn,and wUI pmy a liberal real. Adams **J. W Tribune otnee. XO MERCHANTS AND OTHERS. Wanted, an engagement torlSF. by a thorough. rebaaißrMmaa,wbt>i*an exp’rlJ&ccU traveiir g aan gtntni s lanm. w«aM jra« * permanent «t --nation at a moderate sa’aiy.ln awbolv-ile manu' .* tails* reuse. Partieswuowscta reliable a#*U -it to art In ttiy capacity, will please artdrras fj: oue «tek. -X LNI,” Trinnne oflee. Chleaco, IC lUfer rcc*At. - . _ fHasonic Noticrs. \ lASONIC—A Regular Convocation of iVL 1% aUUuttoD ChapterTSo. <3. R. A. M-. »1U be hr .a m thetru&H, No. 82 W**t KandalpC-SL, this (FRIDAY) imunt NUMBER 204. Jfine jpurniturr. jp O R THIS WEEK ONLY! CLOSING OCT SALE OF Furniture, AT LOW PRICES! Prior to tajrtng account oi stock, xmmtnclns > Jonnaiy Ist, 1888) we >Oer oar Complete Stock of PfIGLCR, CHAMBER, LIBRARY, DIHINB ROOM, OFFICE, AND COMMON FURNITURE, AT SUCH LOW PP4CE3 AS WILL WARE ANT SALES. W. W. STRONG, 203 - RANDOLPH-ST. - 203 EiHatrijcs anb Jctoclrs. T* 53 ®^ American (Waltham) Watches* Dealers In Watches Into tU part* oi tbs country are reminded tbat the undersigned keep a full assortment of Waltham Watches, in gold and silver cases, con stantly on hand. Large reductions in the prices of movements and cases have recently been made, and the Internal Revenue Tax is no longer charged to cus tomers. The good repute borne far sod near by the manufac tures of the Waltham Company, makes It needless tor the agents to urge their claims to general patronage, or to do more than caution thepnbUc against spurious and Inferior Watches with which the markets are flooded. Every Waltham Watch, of whatever class, is warranted by spcelal certificate, whlca should In all cases be demanded. ROBBINS&APPLETON, Agents of tlie American Watch Co, IStS Orondway, !•, V, (Clodjiwg. Q.O TO SCOTT, DAVISON & CO’S AND SEE TQB OVERCOATS THEY NOW OFFER FROM ms to S2O. All Hew Stock and Just Received. Now is your lime—Go at once, £36 Lalio-st. ffiitg Kotos. Q^dinance. DrrXAjt, Tbe city U ranldly extending around and bejondtbe old City and Catholic Cemeteries, in tbe jioiUi PlvUlon; And Whirr as Ite continuance ox tbe eastern m interments In ihttc cemeteries cannot tali to be prejudicial to the health ol the vicinity, as well as to tbe k* neral health of tbe city ot Chlca-o; there lore, ■■ a taniury measure. lien ordoined by w t&rruton fjouncil OJ Me Ci/y q* becnoa t. That bereattsr it shall be anlawfa! tor any person or tervoni to bury any body cr bodies ta filter of the cmcUatc* in the North IdvMan ot tbe City of Chicago. or wltbln tbe corporate limits of (aid citr. cr to deposit any neb body or bodies In any vault In said oesnttertes, or vltbin tbe limits of aald C *bac.3. Any person who Shall violate tbe provisions ot this ordinance shall be liable to a fine of one bandied dollars lor each acd every such violation. Sac. 9. All ordinances or parts of ordinances hereto fore passed, which may be In conflict with this ordi nance, are hereby repealed. „ _ . . uc. s. This ordinance shall be in rail force and effect firm and after It. passage and due publication. r-.rt, IW.M.UM. Attest: A. It BoDMaa. City Pert. (Clofljcs IHanglcc. 'JttE A MKRFOAN CLOTHES MANGLE Irons Clothes Without Heat. (t will do It la one-dotmer the time rt> qalntf mib heated irons. 1c gives n c on. and brilliancy of lustre to linens. lopossf* ble Co be obtained from heated Irons. NO EXPENSE FOR FUEL. No Hotel, Laundry, Eestaurant, Boarding House, Boepltal or PrtTatelamUy can adord to be without one. IT SAVES TIMB. • IT SAVES CLOTHS. ITSAVESMO.NET. it SA\£S fuel. |T SAVES LABUB. IT SA\ES HEALTH. For pamphlets, containing full description oi av chine, addras AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE CD., 149.131 ana 133 FnUor-aL, Chicago, UL, Or J. B. BICE, 161 Lafce-et. gjtocfeljoHifrs’ IHcrtings. rphE LU3IBERMAIPS INSURANCE I COMPANY.—The Annual Meeting of the Stock* holders for tic election of Director* ot this Ooapiuy, wmbehtldaithcOfflaot the Company, 70 Lasaiifr **** oo MONDAY, toe 7th day o» January, 19TX, At3p. m. THOMAS GOODMAN. Bec*y. CTOCKHOLDEKS’ MEETIMG.—The stocaho.den of the _ „ NOBTHWFSTEKN PACKET CO. Are hereby touted ttat their Annual Meeting will be held si the company*# Office. la Dubuque. on Wednot* d«r isth Jau_ 1567. st u o'clock a. m. UEO- A- BLANCHARD. Secretary. Imbccue. 10th Dec.. 1566. CTOCKHOuDEES’ MEETIMG.—The o Stockholders of the _ . _ Northwestern Colon PacketC-mpapy Are he/ebr totlflert that ther Annual Mreftncwllll be held at the Sberaan House, Chicago, oa Tuesday. Lth Jan., ISC7. at 11 ll" tASCHARD, Secretary. Dubuque. 10th Dec.. 1566- Sot £ale. UMBER AMD PIAMOS. 1 will sell a flrrt-cls« Plane, and warrant aaUsfso tloo. In exchange lor Lumber. Addreas •' 31. 31. Q*,” Tnbane Office. rpo PUIMTER6 AMD PUBLISHERS. FOB saue; One of the most exten* ire and best adapted eatabUib* meats for Newspaper. Book and Job Printing In the south or Southwest, known aa the “NANHTILLE CMOS” OFFICE. TbeKewipspef Press Is one of the largest and fkatest cylinder* extant, it not disposed of by them of Janu ary, met, it would be rented, as the proprietors are at* ot di'tolTlrc copartnership. Terms made known on application to BECKETT. DBOWNE, HANKS A CO., hoes Box ] 03. Nashville. lean. J7OB SALE— Schooner Essex. Grain capacity, 0300 bushels: lumber capacity, VAJXO tfet. JOHN SHERIFFS A SON. ItQO south Canal-at. T> 1 PROPELLER FOR SALE. The Prtpeilrr OUawa, rating 81. and beayllT re ea’red m irfls, well {bond and in good coalition. Is of. ♦nred tor tale, lor further particulars inquired WABBEX A W&ODBPKT, uTCaaal-et. iAcal Estate. DEARBORN-ST, 1 FOB BA. Ttro ttnne* escb. frame built, itone touadatles, cokl csitar. bet icdcoM water. Both houses are tnaa ex* eelku title ol repairs. C*o be told together nr *cp*- Fo* furtltulirt »ppU to WuIGa.T4T\R BF.LI, 0 ilctrapvUUa UlOvs, Cs-UV-), CMCfcetg and ffilasstoare, JJUULEY & TYRRELL, 4LB LAK^I-ST CHICAGO, Inritc Pm chasers to examine TSEm LARGE STOCK OF IB l lUVi! WHITE, fiOLD-BAAD ASD DECORATED DINNER, TEA, AND BREAKFAST SETS, Of thsßewest Patterns ani Tine Decorations. ALSO. VASES, TOILET SETS, BOHEMIAN WABES, AND OTHER GOODS ADAPTED TO THE SEASON. P. S.—Our • DOUBLE GILT’ Dimer and Tea Set# ■xcetd. lu quality and Leant; ol flnUh, an; itmilar good* ever tettire offered la thli city. 2HooB unb ffioal o AL. COAL. J. L. HATH AWAY Dealer In HARD AND SOFT COAL AND BLOSS BUkG. OFFICE AND YARDS, 44 Market-st., near Randolph. Coal Delivered Promptly and in Good Order, to all parts of the City. gILVERMAN & SHEKWLX, Wholesale and Detail Dealers in LEEIGU COAL, ALL SIZES, AND AGENTS FOS| BITUMINOUS GOAL, Ti'OOS) SAWED AND SPLIT. XT Buyers should call and look *t our stock of su perior Lump Lehigh, before purchasing, at 13 - West Bandolph-st. - 13 Y OTjQHIOGHENT COAL CO., Office J 7 rhnmberol Commerce nod corner \\c*C fcklnzie and (inea. ToushlorhaiT, i-rlar UlllaadCanodCoal |IOAQ Mineral Rldce Cca* 9.00 ConneliSTllle and Pittsburgh Coke. AME 3 A CO. lousiness Curbs. MALTING COMPANY, Hos. 2 and 4 Micliigan-av, manufacturer* of malt and Dealer* In Barley and Bye, G7~ We keep conitsotiy on hand stacks ol Prims Barky and By* Malt, wblcn we are prepared to sell at me Icwttl market raw. UNDERGO OB & CO., General Commission Merchants, Cor. LaSalle and Washington-sts, CHICAGO. Give particular attention to lorn baying and wKlsj Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. property bo oxst and held ca mar Tins, and sold dlhe la t&li or Eastern market!. rr Special rates oi Commwdon made to those wh« tarnish their own money fur Urge purchases ol pro erty to be held tor tale by oa. p. L. Ccdcrwod. Deo. W. Cnderwood. ■Q.ILBERT UPDIKE & CO., General Commission Merchants FOB BALE ASD PCBCEASE OF FLOUR, GBATN AND PROVISIONS, Especial attention given to ule cf DHESSED BOQB Is ibeix Ktfcn. OFFICE AKD WABEHOCSE. 163 IT ashingt«m»st <> Chicago. Canhlcs c. & o. CO. PARAFFINE WAX CANDLES, While and Aj> oned Colors. ss, 6s and V 2- Also PARAFFINE WAX, Choice quality, lor sale it 41 Blrcr-st, Chicago. 111. S. P, SANFORD, Sole Agent tor the Northwest for the Colon Coal Oil CQ. of Maysvtne. Kentucky. (Gnuxal Notices. 7?LECTION VOTICE.—There will be t‘j an election x i rctors fur the COMUEKLIAL InsCBANCE vUsit. NT, tor the ensuing ye ir. on MONDAY, J« c. 7.1867. Ironj 10 to 12 o’clock ». m . AttL, ccw.--,'.oaicwtsi J s^t iuEB _ w ' DIYIULM) oi sixty per cent now h- Ing paiti by the Conncelknt Xatnal Life Insurance Co. Fcr i;. _• nm ud UH Wgjj » ± STEiESS- Q,-acral Arena. 49 LaSal e-st. 4* TTIGH AUTHOUnr.’' n We oodentan t Mr. Samurl B. Raymond's hSjrn authority to be J. W, Gulteao, Agent of the Mu te*! Lite It»nrance Company at Darcnj>ort, Inwa, sad H. B. ileirlii. General Agent of Detroit, Michigan, who hare lamed a circular con taining the tame statement In regard to the Waaklag ten t-<ft» insurance CompanyFof Sew Tore. It us ssTZZTBEUas. talse. and does not in any manger inatlfy him »n repeating U. urle»* a trto of false elr colar* will answer the purposes of the .Etna Lite In tnrancs Company better than the truth. ru-,' j...«. »«».- t M46o^ General Agents. TJOUSTIZS. ■perrons entitled to bounty under act of July 29th, 19C8, will do well to apply tor the aae at one. Appll cations received by the undersigned.-. £«». XO. Ad rar.crt maCc ca approved claim*. JAMES A. DICK IXBQN. Authorised Agect. OH W—hiag«oo^a.Chic»wo. (Sas Burners. A NEW BURNER. the brilliant LIGHT! LIGHT! The Last and Best Intention. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Bums! Glow Chimneys dispensed with. A KejdT, brlUmm-lUrbf, equal to gas* to bum ordinary Kerosene. ADAPTABLE TO AST LISP. a »j 0 see is to be ConTiaced.” jy &t*te county Rights lor isle by A. K. SLOAS, Adams Home. (trusses. TJEBNIA, OK RUPTURE, Cnrtd by the HABD HOBBES TRUSS. Thl* Truss iiUl'itTer mat. break, cnafij o: bcc-jme filthy, Requires to itr»jplOft. Ceed la batting, and is always as good co- lea vett, C.M-*. JTtitacco anb (Cigars. OX nnA A DESIRABLE jobbing Stock ot Tobacco and Clear*,with •T'rc fixture* and good vtU ot aa established trade, CAN BK BOUGHT For the -bote »tnu. A rare opportunity. Apply at 163 Sc eta Water-At. artificial jflotoets. FAEIS FLOWERS—Just tecetrcd, di rect Born Paris. the LATENT NOVbLTIEri IN FLOWERS, For parlef, trimmings tbr balls. Also. White Mara* cr7,ti “SBS’S.^jSlm.srs. •17 indlana-»t, east cf North dark (dwelling housed. TVI OMET TO LOAM ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, At 13 p»r cent per annum, for 3 or 5 not less than ftdOCO, bt the LItEBPOOL A LONDON & GLOBEINSV-RASbE ON CZTV 33 AX* EBTATB* PASSES & LTMAN. So*. l. land IT Portland Woe*. riTparcd tn roonaacw on re»l.e*» utein u-i* city, ibtoocn »hcUcorrtipondcats laS«w Yofkiui i>9«Wa. &tblcal. A few PACTS _rV for tie consideration of an who suffer tnm Aiuci, Inflnenna. Croop, Wbooplac Coach. Spltuoc ox More, I-ala ta the Elde nr Chat, SroachltU, aai a( dueatea ot the Luxe* and Throat, UIAHSDBN’S PECTOHAIi BJLLX Eaa been used withtmrama* •*/***» ta orerctsS* lion case*, and haa met with the wanaeateoloctes from '■ pbysltlana. clergymen, cad snflerer* from the abort oUmuea. as can &e proved by oxer 1,000 gnaotldtod xm ttmonlan now on file la our office. a trial u all that U asked, and a core will be guaranteed to all who wa fer from any of the above coinpialnta. The proof la within the reach of all. and it becomes a garter o< celf-interest to thosesuffcrlug u teat the accuracy a t thoe laiedon*. Thousands hare tested it. and ait sow healthy, Ums witnesses to the wonderful efficacy of thla truly meritorious preparation. . Want of»pace prevent* cor girlnc la faubat a few oc the many cares effected. „ „ , , “ BSOOSLTW, Oct. 24.136 C. *• 1 Cjnnd more relief from using Federal Palm ta t n? rttwir from any other preparation 1 ever > - WSL TOUNGBLOOD.- ~ ** Xmi Asnrx, Pxuxjujxlphia, Kor. 19. ( > “ I think, la a city like this, where so many are sat firms at this season with coasts. colds, and bronchial dkrases, tt would be to jaar interest to IstrodaeeFo toral Balm, u l ttel satisfied It ahoold be la the hands t of all inCeren. : “ H. R. tEkUE. U. S. SV* **N*w Totx. July a, M I purchased a bottle cl Pectoral Balm, and loagoe carnot express tbe feelings of grantade I owe to too, übi recovery was Immediate, although previously cites over by my phvsldans ss Incurable. - Q£SBl THBOCKMOBTOH." U “ Bosrcnr. Oct. * 1364, ** Prertoua to using your Pectoral Balm. I had tana et cry i reparation I heard of without relief. I bare n*«d out three bottlr*. and all symptom* of myagual tins complamt—asthma—hare du appeared. “ IYU. BKOWMNIi. Conductor C. K. R.” “ New Tors. Aug. 7.1*5. “ For the benefit ot all who hare or are sufifatag from bronchial diseases. 1 lez to add ay testimony to the effleaey of Mar*drn‘i Pectoral Balm. as I consider U was the only tblnz that saved my life when reduced ' to a skeleton and on tae verur <1 the .rravc. -MARGARET THBOCKMOBTOX?!H3 Mith-av.- Bt'RNHAIIS & VAN* SCUAACK. ■Oa-Twale AeOitS ! tor the No:thwo*t. SMITH * DWYEiI. Wholes Ue and Retail Agents and erugzlsts la Chicago. <prtoiug iHadjinrs. Q.REAT Volcanic Eruption. THE SITKA Hu again opened Its crater, and is throwing iurth SEWING MACHINES Ot the greatest practical utility and most beautiful drslgtr. to pleat? everybody. b*th rich and poor. Pe*- lecuy reatole. Call and see them, at 07 WASHINGTON-^T. 080. H. rOBTS, General Ageat. KtU) yutjliratioHS. CHICAGO BRANCH OFFICE OPJ. V / M. BBADSTREET & SON’S IMPROVED MER CANTILE AGENCY. December 17, 1566. NOTICE. To Bankers, Merchant!, and Manufacturers: The Twentieth Volume of Bradstreel’s Improved Com mercial Reports, will be ready tor delivery to robscribera on or shoot Jsnuary lit next. For obvious reason* we bare been ucttattaily careful in our renatoos tor the torthcomlue Ifaue, and bate added a aocb larger number of ae*r plates and new names than la may utber previous edi tion. especially crcos Hoads and all MI'.’OK TRAD ING HUNTS. In abort, BUADSTBEETS pB CVI.IAH SYSTEM bas been thoroughly tcsrrled out, ujiLlcr UiclrwirkanlNPlSPENSAßLEauxlllary to all l>ceire»a men. Slcigljs. gLEIGHS. SLEIGHS I SLEIGHS I Websvenowoß band the most magnificent assort ment of FINE SLFIGUS ever exhibited re this country. It 1* s fact Rut the BIH9ALLS taka tbs lead on Fine Finished Sleighs, For Style. Beauty of Finish, and Durability, they an not equal.ed In tte world. Flue Machs of oar own make, from |3O to S3OO. rtce Portland and other Sleigh*, not our own make*. Dom foS to fM. tP~ W e cannot be undersold on any SWghs In the market. KIHDALL BROS. & CO, 110, 112 and 114 Sudbury Street, ißadjintm jy£ hRUITT & COLGHLIN, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 10TT0N AND WOOLLEN HACBINERT, And TVoollcn Factory Findings* New Factories furn' slicd with Machinery. Shaftta*. Engine*. Mans, bpcc f ,cations, buptrloteudenu aaa . expert cuctd w orkmen. GOLL CABI>S Always on band. COITOS WARPS i CARD CIOTHDra Ol all klnde. pT Second-hand MarLlnery on hard. tor sale (toeatk 'J’O WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS. (/omits iuhot. E. C. CIAuTBL.VHD & CO-* JCbCnojJ SHOP, WOUCBbTEU, MASS., Manufacturers of Woollen Machinery. as lotion: Corciut Mactlne* and evincing Ja.'ks, troic new aod Improved pttwcii Wool Plcke's. ftV>l acd Wa*n Lusters, Tara Spoolers, and Yarn and Warp ing Machines; Isroad *iA .Narrow Gip*. Lota axneifi ircdooc&ie acting: bioadsnd Narrow dru.-tlrg Ma chine*. Velretlnp, wlweyn* and !*• Fiolab- Irp Machines, Ujdro Extractors asd Clots Drying Machines, Ujurosiatic and Screw, Press Plum ILatcrs, tadteo Grinders, Uctarj Fnlllnp Mills, Waati Mills,Cloth, Winding and Measuring Mac tinea. Slid* l;e*t Tarnlnp Entices, Card Grinders, ic. Cur machines are all in substantial and superior Iron tram*#, and are warranted to be H)nsl la eset/ ipect to tar machines made la the Calusl Stales, la addition to tbore Lamed machine* til oar ow» snttr. «<■ areprepan-d to fljrnlsh Crompton's looms. Parts ± Wocljol’s shears, steel Etas liar UacMaes and Dor Pickers. Card ctoUime. and mano£ictann* endings generally. at makers' Kiwestprkw. Md esa ftrauTi oar cuslotrers with machinery for Wooilm iltlla. complete, with protnptaeae. and at a» raTor»«« prices as any ether timlder*. h. c. ' J. U. MASON, Worcester. Mass.. Oct. ZL 1566. J 11. BASSETT. gutter ©oohs. JJUBBER CLOIHDsG CO. WAKEDOCSEij XEW TORS, CniCACO AM W FBAXCISCO. F, 3i. & W. A. SHEPARD, Agts. tsZ I.ARE*J*T., CniCAUO. We here on hand a 101 l Use of RUBBER GOODS, Comprising Clotblug, Piano Corer% Boots and Shoes, Balls, Toys, Comte, Druggists’ and Stationers’ Goods, Kick Jewelry and Fancy Rubber Goods FOR THE HOLIDAY TRADE. Prices game ai a New York. 2k .msponatlcn. IJHE AVOOLWOKTH & BARTON OVERLAXD Transportation lane I Arenow arecsxed to forward an classes of Freight, trera ihetr ‘Warthotae at North Plane btauoa. tbs present teminua of ‘he Union fadfle Hallway, Sjr 3lulo or fatila Tnflaa, To the Territories of COLORADO, UTAH AND MONTANA. »srk Trelsht "Cere W.A B, O.T.Lhe» Onaha* Aeb." ThiccshbUUcf lading from Chicago to any point t» the*boT«*Territories.willbedreawfeadenred. Formes or other tnbrn-auon, apply at the Oeocrat Office ol the Company, No. 234 BBOADWAT, N EW TOES. Or to S. UAEGIS, Attest. No. 33 CUxk-«L, Chicago. S or flje Q.EMHIME Meerschaum Pipes & Cigar Holders Ol our own Importation, at rery lew prices. BELK A WlglH. 93 South Water-at. DEARBORM-ST. Albums at Cost. C?*S. w. STEVENS. ISODcarborn-st. YOUR pictoies AT 150 PSAHSOB»*»y. (Consignments hogs. Dressed Hogs. We again offer our serrlcea to parties atdpptag DHZSfcEI* HOGS to this marsefc For rrferercewe r»- tt?fo those wto hare consumed to os darOg the port 4 Vt animates and Weight Lists ftiralsb-d fret at cn “®** BATES, STONE dc CO^ 131 SOUTH WATKK-ST. TJ UTTE R—Eall’s celebrated DAIRY BUTTER, la tarn, ft>r family we. An extra chcUr lot Just re ceftol. w e SXPSM ISI9 South Water^t. jQHESsED HOGS Usual Taclllties to Shippers. ro**'t> l , vlct* oa ctr-lotdloU. iv rwi cent C ' l A. M. WKIUHT * 00, 13S »4 149 gintifr«m v.nsc «t u