Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 28, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 28, 1866 Page 3
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THE LUMBER TRADE OF CHICAGO. Receipts of lamfecr, Shin gles and Lath for 1866. Great Increase Over 1865.. Bericw of the Market for (he Tear Just Closing. _ TL */f n ® win e **We shows the receipts of I,am ocr. Shingles, Ltih, by like, for the yesr J6OG, l^C recc^Pia dnrinff the yesre 18£3 atCEiTTB op Lujcnrn, ennroua ain> lath, bt tin, por np;n rum. iSaa cuflSh isfils fchinples, m W. 169 lOISD ?«•%» lath, m lItUM mss *7?a?: limber, m i^cis Cfdar peals, pea wa,** 933>a srfcni Telegraph colt*. m 12, «a iq> 3 -t'jli ln gle tiolu. &c . cds ... lijn iTcm ofoi e w2? ißl^v lse . ,n ‘ TCJU< ta ife Popuiu S a,srt Northwest 1* taken Into C9b«i£ crat.on-t.ic opening np of new channels of triie *=-lbc development or Us prairie resonrcM^ta« P*? 11 #.?* cp ? r MwlownaTtphere £« *SS the viJl*£e rplre alone proclaimed to icena«t?-° «nld^iv^!il. C “rnT When lbcse cvl tfeaeos P of the ° rUle rc£rlaas of the West are cm* ss&ssssa sgsas* iraas SSSwS;SS.%£{ K ,0 .“/„ f S- ,„ T ““ Cess of Uje jcsrJSf.l; and for this tmt ,1 rect ,s shown °«r i. Imports arriral °* eCason reported vras ifco shared, and a few cedar «it*~ cJi , r fc t# r “"tve from tune toUrne,’ andlS/JlS??* l Ed^ a ° D uii”?t and coarse eommon at «!Luo. From tilVdai t? Snaybe assumed lint the trade for ,i!l 11 opened. I t** demand began to Inereai/am! ih° mrnil ra^’'l, . r P r ? v ed Inadequate to the ’require^ ftasb'cn unprecedented la lh?hlßtorro?th^ti?d a 7ti...m. ■ ‘^• s ,°oen corcrned by the pren* w cl tlon baa been rife to unscUc lla valasa .CoS' spassteaSl asssassssau"*-- rffissst -^^^S^STS^SSS^S The activity ot demand, however '•rlaiu** fm™ «H ym. or ibe Western c™wSas/K lo its treat commercial centre baa orer-Miii!? 1 . permanent dcchre and re-esUblUbed ftTSSfA* «£!S r>r 2lS , £ c^. Tr,tb tothedlfficaUy men* ttoned need hardly be suggested, both as toftaim £S»“ » *«« 89 to woiUd •accrue Jo the transportation conunlw tv... brtbem fo InerSea^SSMSJSt shlppc. of lumber, as a mailer of conr*e. enhance. Uic .aloe of ibclrom Imjoei,. IncreawaaJ^SS is peeled that daring the coming sea-iTn nrl»«v l .ri/? T « e .P r/Joca of lotobcrwhlcb hare arrived dn xLlVe^VmbU 1 0t * Wero teedved from the miLs at i.tukccon to tlie eitcnl of liSctfkjO'n ll^^liW,*^“rE?d(n4 t9Tar v aa aboot W^UXMiOO, Orcrd Rjvcr, nboal 45,0j0.0«0 • Kala. 1110700. about ■25.C00.Wn: Manliil*- «kJS. iakc MirbiL-an, abon’ yJU.OIi'.OOO feet. P-om pcmlara lal.c Hnron.Tlr. : £Sf itrvnPr V , '"$ a a ". ”CJ lUtSbilUa about Km'o rr f. m Micbiai.lboit 7m vaiopg wants oftthhTmarket. S&imana haaSS ,he lcWl ” a alffisb me S , or ' Ptcperljr pjccc*6tna. rave been nnlte extensive on? S'i?i e r e have complained of the great scarcity of ttaßdd£ f ?£ t 1l aff receded here. From dnriap lhr past seaecn, and profiting dt Its t ll w0 . 8,d certainly prove profitable to “anßfcc Rwr to cut largely daring the comtn° SliSV&r i*« d ii ** ° r lßr! . bef mcnUouetC deSiencyJ Ito P reVenl ft recurrence of Ice - bß ? ,nC93 ' “d for the purpose of iJJSwS* 05 tlc t llß7 * o ' for the pnrchascaodsale ol 80 has bin formed. At nre -19 “ JodlrlJoal enterprise, rivi 1 **J i,- d at an early dale to make If ■ »“&a “ribSSf^fa 1 ! iwSn^H 0a d “-®.‘ c ! UC(V «. and terulato spectficatly all i Ujc matter- »Mc» may pertain to their bMloei« ?i^. e^if oc J a l ,0 * b * vc cascd ° { Win. It. O-’den i 8 *^ v r ‘’ ol of ♦ ntnkJm street, where the nn?n iw e r * cac " harf u r° n amral. and I rS-dLi 1 ! ra -e°« are sold. They have also room on , lhe cmnnd floor of (be pnuatng on Ute corner of Sonth Water -ireetsnr? . tt ß te alrrta?referwlt O' ThbiKcSSSdS! ’ an Exchange room, tf desir-d, and here the Sec- i rctaty of tie Association haa an offic-*, where thr 1 nf °f ,UOil,rr Bro recorded, rhoof t#»M«or!?i?*l*i£lbt7Deo* AwomsUonaro; Ar a " d u ™"' c - a -“ sarsctxs. «£?!oSS!ES? 1,1 ““ -Ww™«: oS.Vi£wlP ta w b7 wer ® mosUyderfrrd from Orano Kiver. Rogoe Kiver, Kalaroaxoo. VotS an Laoßay tjettjcneni, Maaitorroc, Clay'Danks sad ««fiwSS C p"^ l, i tb f ndircad recelat* »eie nearly fl l Uc, Oahkofh and Green Bar principal points of shipment, and from Sf Fnflr nbie-tcuUjj of ?L P | b ® l ‘ b j ,aJ u a rt ? clvc,J during tS* pa-i ecas °n IX /r%" cd * !h « Singles bavin; r“ ,rn SJJJLfJ P Xt IL aad con?cqucntly been Is very il-ht Hr I ran ,l^n l v•“^ , V e, ,or “ A " *"wcd shingle*, Dy rail, In March last, rras firm at Si *S mj nn V pwa i d tCD dency is price*, and c’m'lnnM . at * ,a2C c dnnns the month* of April SHr^rw".? 0 ’ ucUt r °i* £ c ™ ,b of ‘bat aomii theyre-ched tbt rtun of JP.CKJ per m. This fl-ri-n 2. S? 1 " J ” l r Ist - -tea l»cjb« S n to decline, .at the tate of 2.1 c tier m nrut f lt/se °f when they were lo fin to?* <J bey *«» continued gSton? KS»i 11 the low-fignreof point they closed weak and unset- Hf£ a , l cad of «»e season. The *ame grad* of JmifjlTf by C3l £ o v dnrin S tba months of June and July, were 2oc better than hr rail, bnlln October and November they were 25c lower and clewed will: the .Cason dull and lifctefs. ‘ a ° d summer month* an episode In the Hmi n “ ! ®s. occn ”« d * which basis; been aubellmethe rablcct of newspaper comment, in ibis article Some of oar prlh- Sn pt r<£^ l .?M* that gross errors were be- In. committed In counting Alngies before lli-y Ssir p^n 5 for Tae f bad been cegns %ant of the fact that shaved shingles ba<t, there ,broa tfO certain costly experience, Jra-thc short cosm was increasing to evcn a * Mishas one handred and fifty Jn the l thousand, forbearance cessed to if * viftoe, and thrv Trafila*. d their grievance by xsc-ns of the public prints, and a gentle remon .H* 1 ' 8 ? v° f " n mfreement, Ttil« latter signed by seventeen influential Ueal v . e ;»V\ aß V? Urt effect that on and after Ah;qii Ist, IS In all contracts lor shingles tlicy zautnaJiy agreed to par only for the number of Mingles actcally dcltvcrcd to them, regard!.*** of the pretended number contained in tush package 01 handle, or Jr other words, they exacted fur a tboueandsbln-lea lherqniTaleiitof one thon*aol < “ tS Sh* 12 611 Inches loss and • oar _ mchca wide, ana recommended, with f. ~ convenience and uniformity. W i Urt s ttOMMd bandies sho ild be packed in Lands twenty inehe* in length. with ««2 ? n v oc . c ' ia,r thousand nuneb nn'' I Jbands, with forty coarse*. ?eii"Js^o n .« , * u,Usd J fl ,orcl *«f * closer mathemat- OD i °f manafacturers, acd rt’Cclaii!!; t° c i. r eat exlen* an evO iasilvcom. ?«!i Be 4 OI “^l‘ hon » h a few shippers sMll cooSnne ofpa^ne 1 the re,;ooimcndatlc^a u to toe form «« l uri2,r J b 9 SC4 * on J" 181 closed, have been M laiyc demandjlhe consumption being, focwcausca alrcadj aasjencdfor the general gtowth 01 the Prices «^SSS^^^ # SSSgS?3S--" WXTKtr races or lcmbeu dcaixo toe tub. Common Fete- Raw A cargo. Boarea. Inc, 6hinr!«a. r-ith. Jta - | fS-oa*J^>»i.7iacos P»;t29 Pc., S.fIO S.ZMKO a **'"• »*- xr.«Lo v< ,w Y f " SA- 5 00ci33 r.T5*1.00 Fea * ,5 »«.. i 75 $: JSfc :.~stS ISja? : : sil 155;: v.h.'tS iS-iJS “ ■»•— n»« n * is >»«i uUt" £:• <<•■••. ; -C«iS 17,-4»h i.Owl.n Anrfl* '«"•* U J N r *^ lS VVS»J.V» At*™," «.... l.„«S 170-JS t %0 *2 *«vvv IVI7 txZiM. U>|li IWI7 s ss 71 isa?-, r.a 34„uicuita) rva:7 ism* iausa Jiiajj® 11-7 I**ixm?is'S Jt* 1 - 15(34,7 5 - So *S.‘ :3 4isaLnO w"«Mi «2 U, tls 15,317 4Aa*ioo U.-ISJOtsIAtO ..(*l3 _ .«» badasq Ja ••*‘2 -W? \f'£” 11.. ..&30 ..Mi3 ..4450 ..«r) MV'.ttt 4.71 *3j)J SSJS S:SSS as si ill* §::!S:sg2.“ Iffg j-qw-g sfpt- 4..IIJ?QtUiW aU73 2£U.?.- .. H..I7JMIfXO 37;*a MJaS* ...fS# M..t6Aft<WLoo a«U ?U<2i ....ttVTs „ » KV0.03 Wk2S 3... Jii.n 4»2a2 Oct. y.<2 9.. »itJ5 20(271 S,»2S.*O 4 7V4v» *U23 Joutra Vao« 5.. SQaa UU,<oAO 4.73*300 vksa =tk*/i too«a3 iaSS I'C T - « cwu 20323 3tVi22 5.0>23J7 4.7123X13 20.. h1.<22 2UA?3 SiO.+lA) 4.732*00 27 (*-17X0 20:*a »*a 3JXI 4.73*100 l>ec. 4 .£>17.03 tQ<i: 30(252 5.03i*5A0 4.7V25.W 2io2j 2is»a 4.7?Jx« *? f<....l a Gts a 032 SJOHSA3 4.7V0J0 3", V ti.... Sk*22 21*» . The following table tfaows the receipts ol Lom- aad fjth in Chicago for t»cnly iircxurs op trauma, bbisclef, lath, etc., nr CHICAGO ros twestt teiks. Lumber. Shingles, Lath, twt No. ffo. . ®W:i t ßo 152.41C.653 4snso .. sojourn slwTuw ...,«V9C,300 131.4.12,0X1 79,«5J.ipu0 7 S ,s 82UC1.450 ::2.-71.5;0 -*°2.tOl,oaS 91f?77 4 30,1137,(1*. • ••... oj.itw.sso lo.oat. tw I >^‘sr l ? s ,v. O i,“ T^a rr„ , r vns? u i I PmMESTB op AMD SIIUtQLCS BT CIHAL 1 >OiJTESITIBI. I jews liOttbar. Shlncle*. I 1 {2? 19,331.500 jS? 53.253/jOO I Jcfi? 3t,58,«i0 ,a» 17.0*3,500 }gg • '.'. ‘ ‘' ■”aß.ta %b::r TUB aiUSKBUOS LDUBBKTBAOB. New ninie-Tbeir .r Lumber Saved In ISfIC-Tbe •stock for iSnr-iMeremm, Statfiac*- Tke iDdaeement* for Labor Add Capital. [From the Utukecoo Knr*. J Kamo of mill owner*. C; UiTb * Co WJirox * Bro J. Torrent ...... ' Barley i Co O. p. Hlltborr & Co Glee A C 0.....,,.,..,.... 11. Btldler * Co Hackley * WcGorOoo.... h&ckJcy* Eon* Trnctddl * Orton* Geo. R. KoDrrta Wm. 11. A Co .. TIlO«. TnmhnH.-., Lo. MaaonftCo Mirth A Pom.. •I. Farr* Co Kjertcc, Hill* Co Ryem n * « ohnton.... . Merrill * Barton.. IJrowp * Kterwood. White* Svnn, Boyce ft Co. LtlllEer.lJayftCo. Grand total lor 1960 K9£ti«x CZSEUXL cofcuiECLu, nrror*» or tot xzsaaos _ Tiunr-po?cuno« ir. -CSSXBOS T r»»^rt^t* Uon 01 *** Mnakrroa vWrlaem. Mo-tpjroo viii»M 'iiV.V.'.'.V.'.'.'.V. A d i?. ,mn S towuion Ma*kecoaLake.llll riis »£aSS?tS; < S.“f.. , ! , r“ rT ’» ri " v ”i CKXUAIs HESJXnL UCXULUs BCIOSBe There are on and about Mnttecon Lake Mercantile esubhehiacoie Mtcnlse alirns aaa duodena Pianos mill. Sash factory Hokli Cimrelif* I'&lon School Hcqm * micary Schools JTCMBTI or HILLS. Sawmiiis on u( nrer.... Ficnrtßcinllls ste*mii*wimltaoaMcu6escnList«r!J'.’.’ , Now Jwlnc built .t. 7. *t In rontropUuon. i <lonb;!ei« Iw comoj»tM‘nm ''-w.: trttVritnfP I* 01 “d with the completion ft the inl*U In progre*, will cat over awjwwS. LOOB tlOiTlO DOT7X TITE Wrmennv “«*1 wmD, ASD petmSS ATiStSSSf ism ,££?*; Cent. IS:-:- SMS LCKBKS Kia^ACTOIXDASDraPPEDTeo*TUB PLJX* IOC million 1 fct/jJ? prrm^. .. tLxran IS3. iMttUUoafeeC ITO minion Ret, 3* , „ ncKRt. »iw,an sCPf.OCO ps/yy} TS(,LtB » CXDAtt POgTS. SQCAEX TDOtESS, Jman.n YUBk, AC, I i mill* that are not yet eomDletsd Utrtben-ckoabrWUcoxAßro. P T “ C Uttcr I tutlmatcd. WCC npLOTSS. O IJ r .VS? Tr ’ c: l * rc . eroriloj-od Jn mills at a cost cf per d ay, tor sop cays In the KAaoa....ysoo 000 sxrcron) bt citotsb. ' On harbor, tilers, channel, *c Imrrj.'oi! SWfn Elver,rowmellubwn ™ “ a »-®0 importations Jof merchandise, proTUloae. *cl IWB annually, win exceed In Tttoe... a ma TnawporraTioH or LLXBtI. Ulu, aHDf(iL£H, Tmn»B vm. __ ausww, PAAEMfcraa, rtc. * OOD ’ Sail Teasels 77. Large steamers.. L«r»-p propeller* ‘■mail steam coaster? z Clttir4flce » fur the pmmV’seaVon . * W °° 1 njrs for to wit z Tewel* Toe* tor towing Jog? to the mine! ****** »«“■ FEOSI -3JABISOH. Christ' -wa FestlTitler-Tbe PoldlerV Or phaus Boiuiiifiiii, feared Par-Body Ue icvered—Mipreme Conn Judges to Ue- I fbpednl Despatch to the Chicago Trlhnoe.l w AU'*o*. Wls . December SB. I Christmas was very generally observed as a boll- I f.ay; many of the store; being closed and very Ilc [ tic business dooe. In ibo absence of sleighin'* I the stmts were almost as qnlet as Sunday *’ The ciildrcn at the Soldier*’ Orphan Home cc jojed scrand good mo?. They had an excellent rwrSS 8 *??* P”* l *.® 4 b * the wod people of Jhj s Md J“ ‘he evening two large Christmas «r^V^?.S?i rI, ?/ij? Bp, ? T,aed hy the trcneroslty ®. r rlf ? e PP Ie ° r different parts of the State, were disirbnledto the reioidng little onee. Some t*TO t®® B ** “ d namerons bores containing story h. £c- were received from dilfcrvnt , places. Presents were distributed according to ’h‘if Ttnons ages and different sexes. <Jver twenty-fire cbllon-n. all boys, large enough to nse SSft.VS. eIV, 2.*J ~IL ! flik J l “° r ■!<bSSS toys and other articles from the tree; and ail Hr Is JtoM?ff iTC S*l >e *f»l e * ol herUy«, a neatly dressed ‘L 0r « , ‘ ,ed * , Tber ® wcre dfiy sleds distributed, clghty.lhree pair* of skates and tun* teen hand totae work-l w-keta for older girls, well osch 2 “ ee ‘ llc ' boots i cushion aid eiUer thiible Brief addresses were made by General Gaylord U/.^ 0 r E^ or #o<i there was a grand frolic of (he children afterwards. All at the B £“® V erc wc, l enough to erioy the occa«lo» Pet lT Blce -*« drowned In ’ V\” “CJ'dota recently, was recovered to-day Ibo private laws passed by the last legislature. It Is stated that two of the Judges of the Sn. pieuje Court—Downer and Dixon—have deter “*md i° i rM i* n .i w m c * r, J <**!» the principal •caton being Inadequacy of salary. p FBO3I CISCISXATI. "m.” ° v ' r nod K>"ed-A Train Dre.k. Tuvongb a Rndgc-Cnsnaltira UoaaUiog 1 licpt-from—Avrrkt of a Thief and Conn tcrfciter-Arttsu* Exhibition, Arc. (Special Despatch to tlic Chicago Tribune.) Cutcroan, December 555. Thos. Callahan, thirty-five year* old, had hla head creaked to a Jelly, this forenoon, tinder a car be was assisting to repair at the shops of the thS i *liy POUs * K*Uioad Company in Thf locomotive, leader and baggage car of the vft Da £° n ftafWd, broke '&L h hS l r k Wl*ea miles south of T:.h, hri,,l ?, a^ for ? I^ <)n * Boll wcre pitted no at the bottom, Michael Sweeny, cmoloved on he Dayton & Michigan ifaihead.was\tll.-d- George bulbeilasd, engineer of the train, badly T * Hmpson, unman, haoly scalded. SSft 3re if" r slightly injure!. Vhe , ; rrd b B \ l re . r '«‘"' «■ J V ? it f, re , oa ’. * J onn ff tnan, was arrested at d held ,o ball to-day for attempt-ne to pass a torged claim on t.'olonel Bannister, Chief Pay master L>. S. A. at this poel, for 52M.8D. Ue tried the tame dodge last jnmmrr, but failed. *»rr;if^ C 'i 1 n L r^i^ :i t? ny ' 8 5 °J d c«MMerfelter,wa* t>Z»t!!r u Coln “bns and brorurht ben* to-day He *** ( r in S bl In the act of passing a Jlf* f OO counterfeit greenback. He has served Pcnltemti /forth- same crime. -* bt -, Assorted Artleta open a grand exhibition Sfi b^ssT orki u> “ orrov T- Ibe collection la very aa ll arce - *nd.contains some excellent palm- K=”™, I?S ” e ° Kd fO '“ FmA “ <;olte e wld! Sli: 1111 ° r BCOW ’ tie weather has turned FROM MEXDOTA. Fire on Chrtstmn* Klghl-Ltsi ot SaOerers nnd Amoont of bessea [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Mmcpora, HU December 26. A Are occurred In this city last night, destroy log three buildings on Sixth street. Loss esti mated at nine thousand to twelve thousand dol lars, as follow*: Crow & Company, loss f*,OM to ln . 9Q T d S^t ßoo *“ ,b e Italic Com pany Mutual. Building osued by W Trnraan valued at |l,nOQ; Insorcd for SfiOO la the ISS Mutual. A two-story building adjoining on the cast, owned by John Foreman, and occupied at a harness shop, stock saved, building a total loss t for f 1,000. A small building on the west side of the leather store, occupied by J. Price as a l«)ot and shoe shop, was destroyed. Stock and fixtures saved. The building was owned bvW rnunao, and valued at f ttw; Injured tor 5153. * FBOM SAN FRANCISCO. Injunction Asntnst the doited HtntesTele cropb Company-pradts of i;«ld yitoca- Foor Men Perish In n Borning aotel (■rent Mood In ibe Sacrancato. Fnaxasco. December 25.—The Twelfth F^. , j‘^i ( ; c .f? r |’ vcrtirtay, tried the case of the ci V* r . ra .^ co . m ? 8, yf «• James Gamble, •o.ti!i»Vh lC P» a »? l i‘*e B lnjunction Su,c * Tolcrraph Comoany, SLV° fnJCI telcrraphfc despatches between certain points on the Pacific coRFt, Judgment wns given tor the plaintiff lhe net profits of the Empire Mill Mining Com [« B *fcf mo* C CTdla S D«®e«ber Ist. * V . lhe Company, for the same Sinl w«S ,f H!a Te . dSM!,,oa) for “fraettng. and b134,r0i. fbr rcdnclng ore. “ A hold bvrv, called Uio Cmtnl Don. 6, to Raw sorting, and four men perished tn Nothing doing in wheat; money atocka firm: legal leiders.73. The water has been higher In the Sacramento Ulvi rlnan dnrmglhe great flood of ISSI Four Inches of rain tp fallen here, and railroad bridge* and grain fields have smTered e-verely. The steamer Panama, seven and a half days from Vazallan, reports the liberal force* aN>nt to •eavc Maxatlan for Guadaljara. in pursuit 0 f the, and that tho Imperialists atlll held Saa Colonel R. A. Walnwrlgh*. of lh- United States Ordnance Corps, committed suicide at Bcnlcu Barracks last Saturday. J “ us Sax Fcaxctfoo, December 26.—Steamer Golden An. ftom Ihmaxna. arrived Among her r assengcr* were General ClUendcn and Gen eral Gregg, United State* Army. ibeOphirlllniug Company has lerled an as sessment of five dollars per soars. Charleston Icees. CnanmaTOs, December 2«.—The Coßecto :be Port ha« rclred TtkOuo cigars and a quantity . irmt Illegally landed from the schooner Grip, hhot. from Brazil. The vessel has also been seized. Ilortcs broke loote from the street cars, ktWtir one person and wounding several others. Sentenced for Life, Mass., December 56.—Thomas Fal lon, indicted lor the murder of his wife. In Sep- Umber, by beating out her brains with a brick, va. on trial to-oay, and plead guilty of murder in “ d •“ , '" crt 10 ,hc Wyatcrton* ITlcrdcr. [From the Ottumwa (Iowa) Conrier,Deeemberß3.) A tnyetcrloos murdcrwasconnnlttedabr»tit S ltT on t! >° »°ntl> tido of Hie river on last Wednesday nleht. As near as rt can learn, at present, the are a. follorrs: On yesterday the murdered man was found in a pnlicj, some distance from tfac road, on the farm of a Mr. Barton A wagon was discovered about 200 yards from wlitre the man was found. On cratnlna tion ol the wagon, considerable blood was discovered on (be bottom of the bed. This showed that the murdered man was in the wagon when the foul*crime was commit ted. The ccp of the murdered man was alto found. The cap-had a ball bole in the back of It, made by a pistol or revolver shot, and the weapon was so close to the man's head when discharged, that the powder burned the cap. After shooting the man. the murderer or murderers drove on some dittnnrc, as blood was traced along the road, and then turning off the road, and driving tome distance, threw the murdered I man in the gullcy, then drove the wagon i | r Jutu f« I Into the wood, a, it wa, nnailhl. f MS.£s. horecs from “j Jh. iS,V*it citJr - “ d “ f -" m MiSniUm on 1 I f?® pf ? l thc “f 11 waa brought here last even. ' ' M:- An^ m^Uon of the papera found oa his peraOT showed that he wai from LlSl Ttllc, Mo., and that he was a teamster In the employ of a merchant of that place, and was S™** 3 J**?.* o city to purchase a load of S?h Vm f* 1 * fPP Io^CT . and that he brought with him for that purpose SOSO in cold and some currency, the value of the enttre amount being about $930 in cummcyf Hfc orders were 'as shown by the DtneraUn hn* lor B rSf or . DeTin & 5011 aod'Dr. J. L. Tay* i° d iSh Y?„~.n ere «- dl,led , D “™ber ICth td to acod rood, by teamster, not rirtS MifS?'’*”‘“.yetthe murdcrid mShu recognized. From all tbeclrcnm « 2S‘inrt£ , 'J U . (m S ll thla terrible aSr mtrwf 8 , nc “ cf d to the opinion that the followed horn Llnerllle K w« J^ r ? tln °J Persona, who knew that ne was coming here to buy goods and had money with him. it la Quite nrobsblp that ““ committed the Cider £d T (^fin rode t w i b tbe “ordered man from JhQ?%no°i r & r ad S^ t ln the w «KOo to ride, a ?n °^li^ Ine .^ >€ / ore lb e deed was committed ™ r k ° & sxsd ftel Stock for MtiUam*. 1357. ... 7.871 JXO twiHM - I *‘<M JWOOO &£•«» tOM.OOO ... «A*W) ... lISSSS .. 6*IOXOOO .. LCOam ••Wgw iSm£* ’* 1 tt®oMoo ■• r2SHSS «*wxoco .. KOOQiOuO •39JUUB0 • i ?j£uS/m • -j-SSS-5® wowm . IXJJr.OOO uawmi .-*1.001X030 SDjOJUAO . m ejoxooo • *SR£? «S3So • R.QU'.ftM s *3.090 1500.000 i •J.WQ.uOO "ASfo" pSrtfo^iSrt^ * «udSSSi 21t t U),000 The Starsiiotrcr, a,TOlmc*»ed Amonr tlic Alps* lUI. Geneva ?) Of U>. SpriesMa T_ .. TUB ABCEHT. tta 'SSt W Swi , M d *j “e “emSffi SSJ&o .SAf-""' 001 »• .ide^.^K o^ 0 "* from ll ‘= mountain. t™} 11 VSJt } b ° '^^of^hfcTe*?^ 9&.SS SffiSS'.lS SSetSffTUf ta ife Ume wt,eil ** only German students can, and the ascent was commenced. Those dni«- u v Dt SSE?n*S<iV P can f nDdcr * l “ nd the difficulty SKSiSi “ foreigner In learning*! walk as the Swiss do, or as the fly docs whpn be reaches the celling by way of the wall T K,“A°“f 8-* wio ™ uSnto'i or v!S B »i2tVri“’“ d r bo Mkcd «omo «d --tlme ffhi tl rt .“ ne in a short iSbSteS" 10 in “■'Ugh.oto? Step by step each man dragged himself and i bi « ®»ck, facetiously called a caneTui th? that intervened between him 1 fi D £* objective point. At last the welcome 1 itSe ph!w ft V ™5 the 9x6 window of a nril xefb Informed ns that the end was f.f»»:« a ® T 6 ™ 40011 wound the glowing lo"s tilcn &wincrocm oflto chalet—at least It was the room where I he cows were milked TUB OBSERVATION. Bft f ut 006 o’clock In the morning the sir cul %enuirf d, *f n n ‘l We 6 ?°“ , w i ber “ around " „ . £eilUnel j on a rocky ledge that com raanded a view of every quarter of the r~ Ss s^^^daMrst'ss dl“the dlfr™£? almM . t ,ro,tll,CM ' 80 much am the different counts vary. Many strik £f& ta g“ hrl “ , “"‘ meteor, wereoh. served, but their course could not be follow r.e?s<>n t °f tlje many clonds. A ftw, twice the size of Venus, apparently were seen; but most were of Inferior flrh’ m^Sd„ L 0 tn,lla of mminoi *il e coarte t“hen by many, and these Ilaelfbaddu^?®* 11 *j? ]o ££ 4fterthc “etcor iiselrhad disappeared. They were in iket 25^« aore brfi,iant tbfln the meteor, and sometimes seemed to have more than & single head, as if two or more had blend* of these trains must -« BTC^ Hcn ’ though their length could not be seen by reason o2* the clouds, at least twenty degrees long. The meteors that we were cnoueh to have seen, seemed to all constellation lio. I hare S «i°« b Ki the night been clear we «4%SaSUSS fiHSS* £zst nomical predictions. » c cu™cy oi astro* .... 80 cr x .... i .... 8 .... < .... 1 .. 4 , 708,000 M&SB •W to 83 ?w .?, ry > “ rl «»«*™l«nr.l Society. b 4‘ .V””* 1 ««ilon of tbe MUeoart Horticnllnral Society will be held at 8l louK Tl * e followlny u the programme of exercises; «^E EB 2 AT—^opeaoon- ' B ®Ports of officer* Aflu- JJ?®** - Keportof Committee on Vineyards'* rerJnrt j'SEm'dlS'd"/' Ssbjt!}?o“ SfS’«g&lS2!“ “ d l,l ” 0 “=' “f Hemeiffi: x^i t r. ,r T BDAT “/L9 rm oon-Addreas by Colonel ff •J. Cobnan, of Su Deals. Subject • The iwT Ap St ge ’ K “'" ° ! Moro ' llUnols - Subject : The %cmpar— Womlng—Essayby John H. Tice Erq.,o St. Louis. Subject: Why should greens be Planted. Afurnoon-fclecXn of om «re ; hseay oy J. jf. Jordan. Esq., bf si LonS f'ubjtct: Uses and Abases 01 Manures. U u,Ql^ • fiasss^ I‘r.lrle Centre, Lulile, Pwi ®|JS“ T ‘ «OA.m. hISSKT*™- tthocl. While. CjmtoMUu. Koaiiiu.4 rSX. SSIS, FiraKiagc, }*SMIe, lUchart rjorelck. tesSm. sssssf s;s'£s;*“- iM5£ gS'few SSSSv. SE 1 sssfo&gg*- iJ.o'S£? of ““ ,e l . D l ta , nl there •opeared In your paper *?f? ll( ii coplert . from bt. Paul Daily Prett ‘ ,Tbe KUimg orMStSt; Ilawkes, which, 1 suppose, you gave as an article ofnews, and no: with Intent to sobserre the pu * “7 Interested party. No oce onght, b 'ame yonlor Us publication. h ™SiL r J?. c l?£ apparently fomded on a para graph conieil from ffae Uocola (111.) InieUlatnur nublhhedaseaily asthe Btih or 25th of August last, and immediately after Mrs. H.’a death, wbidi '•as on die 21st of Angnst. That article after staitagthat Mrs. U. was ‘•accidentally” shot by her hnsbandat a hotel In SI. Paul, adds: ”ltw b .«e «>at Me rtootinq vat not aitoytiJur acet&ntal.'' The italics am mine, and Uu fangnage Is that of a cowardly slanderer It “Hf" nnmucd.or It was an sccldenl-nolh »5??‘ tb * author dare not say "wic^d';f^ h t '„*“ ,PP " M “ :r »““»to hivi 0^- Licco ln contains about 4,000 InhahlUnts one < l Q a rt er of the people of that town b rj c ? ren . bcard ot lhe death, ard wh'-r-I ac^.V- ot r twen,l eil» port of Urn people 01 **»c parties, oraboye ad own persons were w.lh them (for Mrs U was there not orer seven weeks and Mr H was there only one week, both with their Marives and never there at any other time,) the In eJUavi c<r,at adhunceof at least fiSOmTlrs, nndcr&ca l°f»7 it I* “ecaerally believed ” e-c / w r,?/T;A?°~ b . cpcUythe cnimut of the /nr<WfC<re#r in pabltahlng so serious a chir-e npon eo slight a foundation, and raying It Is pen- StteSi 1 ™" 1 ’ lUI 1 ™ cottuSllt It'S: «. I slf r l* c !* ,,,tbe ?*• A»«ukoi np the pmagraph in queauon and adds, “Abonr that r-w>, cl f e fL fccalted here fr-<m IIllnot« wbidi slated that the parties” (Ur. and Mrs Uawkß ,L.‘ < f OOc * nicd 1,1 lbe tragedy had been separated hr some time before, and that they had ‘fj; prevtomlj living very such letters may have hern written In DUnots wivp M Dat tl u not easy to coa «»? »ho wrote them, nor why they were wr.tten by any merely disinterested party. Toe n , .*i Ca} ii£ls the parties had been separated ‘ lvcd . Bchapprfy. are unquallfledly^ frl«e and erpngh wltiessc* exist la Illinois to setaar atrest on tbase points ifho“s any litigation arise out of this matter, the public U “ l J ! . h? proof »*» be tOrUcom tD?t *°U* explicit, and Incomrovertlble. The Prtet iefets to 31 r. Hawkesas reputed husband.’ The records In the County clerk s office Icchlcago nDI scuio the fact that tvfJp.'r*/® rainle r d byßev.Dr.Hstfl-ld, on the J3!h ot January, iSuC. TbU occurred at Dr. Hat “«“l* tesloence, la the presence of the Doctor's Sn& lane3age as Ibe Prett uses shows that the "’ i ? B °* Jbat payer has been either vicllmuted and made a tool of fbr some sinister purpose, hr some other patty, or that there was an tnsicas •»*)* «arete?sncss la admitting the article la its columns. .Tbe •rtlcle from the Prett makes erroneous satementa about tho Insurance policies on the , c ‘, lbc The amount waa eta cd at sl&,nai. csd the annual premiums at 5513; borh ureerjors. The facta are: His own life was In sured shoot the Ist of March in favor of Mrs. H. in the fatna left* Insurance Companr. for *SOtL On the iwh of March aha insured ter own life In hit favor In the same company for 51,0 C-9, premium fS).Bt,~-of which one-half was paid m cash, the rema’nder tn premium note On the 23d Anril the parties took a Joint Insurance policy in tne Home life Insurance Company cm p, ? abl ® *® rttrnyor; premium hall cash »od half note. Oa the Hth of June they took anotfcerjolnr policy fbr fS,OtXk in in t:.e Conrcctlcut Mutnal life insurance Com- I any; prcmlnm flCl s<>, oue-baif cash and the cfbir tore, lhe policies therefore amount to ell.K’Q. and trecash premiums per annumflC? 18 These companies are low investigating the cumstanres of the death; this they w.-relnvltedto do by-hts attorney early In tieplember; and It la due to them to say that only one of th»m (or relhvr the agent of one of them) maartej’ed uiy dupo»ltlon to be at all unfair, at first; and if ibe otter? have changed their vlews-of which I am not Informed—it is because this one mar have been manufacturing public opinion bv snea arh cles as those In question, with a view to avoid payment of the Insurance, aad obtain their aid tn *• doing. Id the meantime Mr. H , after visiting bis rela tives In Masrachnsetta, and regaining bis health, returned to Chicago about NovembcrSUtb, aod Is at 145 Dearborn street. in the employ of J n Jotea. Be la wiring to submit the ohole' af lair to any jury or to tne pa He on the real lads of the ewe, and U confidert of comnl.te exoneration from all blame for criminal conduct in the premises. He only ask* of the press to do nothing to prejudice the pottle against him. and asks coillipr la bis favor except so fir as tber hare wronged him, to do him the Jus ice to klate the facta. I observe that the article of wblrb I complain was launched upon the public on the earns day In no Ice* than tore* da'ly papers in Chicago—me Tnt&rax. yfm*«*Pd Journal, a* If by design. It la to lie noped that lbe«e paper* will aQ do Sir U. the Jnttlce to publish this correction. L. N Robbeut ob the Stuxit Cxas.—Jobn McCarty was brought before Justice MUUkea, yesterday morning, charred with robbing the pocket of Miss Lonlsa Zimmerman of ita content*, fncladiog a pocktl book and elx dollar* In money, while th* lady was crowding Into a Stale street car. Co-i! doctor Bobfit Atkina had sect McCarty on the r»T*at varlons lime* under *a*picloat dream stance*, and be • tralgbtway collared the young man and •cordt/cV-y hua to the C ntral Sfetioa |\*ooo * fctM fur lurthcr czaminatloa la bail of CHRISTMAS. Its Obstrrance in Chleajo-A Few Incidents. Co,e * gathering m. ddcU to tic festival of Chmtauu. were nna. volacblj crowded oat of onr Usae Of yesterday • PBBSENTATIOJIS. W * .tf rallut d.jsf; ™ TSJ e « d & ilfi&Misi lom >,,if * ( | 1 . o*tnre, and would s-^-ctaSssss oftccl£jfJ b a vP^ en a squaring np oi account*, a kind of monument erected tatC Y «‘moS.VrtnSriSs'S KsfsifSiS SSf d «*cht-lhat of rc w?rtlSaig“ nartni J^SSf h Z®5 hl» attention. Aftertffi de £“«•* **•« frwtyold man. Mr. Ste reactive cachler Is Mr. Blakealee'e cilsblkhfaeS'femr 1 ' cfdßStfSn^^ 1 * 4 of **' co elegant totlot case, 'accomnaslei! Ji*mt®sss oeceeaary articles of a &dy“tX?™«£HTSl nSuJP 01 * ° r BI Dali celebHdfi,, ih« buffolc^ 8 0f * J ' er Dy hl * ntuacr ona friends in i^ISSSS r«r!j Balliaj Com- SffiT r d mUI * diamond pin -mined t.puln Hemblin, or ibe Weal Side Mcrchiet.’ pa^SjaSfiSSSg ®vr* y . Janes Klrklev foreman wea made ibe recipient ore &daomSelofdiS meotf“ romeM * bj Ul ' employer In Me depart- torn %H. lmas . tbe «*Weaee of Air. S L ~__ , rays'enoiuj-looking packages JhicU were laid upon the gentleman's table. ?h* Ji*&?Sf, d J eeoTerc ‘ l t 0 contalnTlSd-oSe »OHd s ,sr?4SoT.™'2='if.Kj SSSS 1 or -&' CHAIUTABLE INSTITUTIONS immmss obphax isTtmt, *l**° *° U>e orphan* in the Chi- oV js-jSgJS orphan*’ dinner, the tables IhJ lami 1 «?*« j5 D j. a naml>cr ° r the Director* eat down to Wdf dinner. Atnonir the emuUmn Chare*, ana Rcr. Mr. Pearce. of semnwrf i^ e «od gentlemen as* the orphans, who ranged tbemsclrea In a t»mf circle amend the Chmtmaa tree. inclj- npon the diflerentktadaol’frdt whiS? ht%£ ,°,E,°”."‘. 1 ! r *° cb '. ! ,-, tat^toSiste time and lane, * Hapoy Grccdnc to All” ani i woandnovlth recird^J caah-lhe moral of which was, ”Be carefafof ™n? money.” The dlstrinnUon of ateiy followed the singinr, and every Hole nr! phao waa. throorb the foresight ofTbektnd la* s^rcr"'”'’ of "■= n Jjj* P*^ BI St 1 e « le ®i«o?Sataiialeraf the- Home lor the Friendless win be beta on Vh day next. The Directors of the taafiSuoSnSj lf«L^ a^ # fif r *“ dfriends 10 contribote D to I rte jnaktnjf of the occasion memorable bi utwsrai«.ut. for the table or for the chLdren” t«£ J raIKUtJ solsizcs- non. The Are score and ten inmates of the Soldl*>r«» Uome ncic.on Christmas d.., dcllohMbj thesju '.t? 51 S r a *"«« coitahle for &o celeC ( , a . 3 ‘ Meocel Telcotl toot npon her. ell the doty of provtdlor the ettbslentiat Incrcd ems, end thia she did hr iKe prodecioo ot « couple or d ole. of turkey., *!h J'SS? ™ 9 "ijh •PPle. end little etceteras ns sawrcsK!!?. *V cn J *2t*° * B,r * ce and spent several in eih el°? «od piarinc patrloUc aonn wltt OUTSIDK CELEBRATIONS^ All the places of amusement which opened wsw* liberally attended. The ska Una SrkahadW merona rotaries both daring th7d*yacd eventev C? wa 11 the CenfraTPaxi.' rpkh drew forth an immense concourse Th*, WaPMnfiton Pvkandtho West Side Sink' were l£^.iV plcnd i d order - The forme.-had e>s nwfnt tb V p » refcrcnce ’ ,Le w «»Uier Ke (O plearant, bnt a most agreeable evening wli passed at the rink, where Ihe iro wa* ln-fno«?£ condition The Wabash Avenue T*nk ranch cro-idco to be agreeable to the skate-a. and the ice was considerably broken nn tad IhemcMrccat Wood's Museum was crowded Hundred, had *o iSr/ 0 ?*: ‘ cker * TP«»«re r.-as not :j V-1 med, although the attraction- were ocC. arruiv »■*»>« . ««*a« rumm ire Germanic portion of our etii - « at all dilatory in dcvtslngways an ; • * joying Chrtstmu day and Right J uad Umbnrger were In gr at demanc. day, and at night the waltz, the iS'e^r.L’xffrvV^'.!^ BJcck, in wnkh both sexes and nearb^a l ’ •KM "frr represented, and the roun" fblkt fr.r --'%A dozm ' 8 » ««Sy When onr reporter left the J hall at ? f 'f** yeatertUy morning the com *i^{ r T*ZJ* 1 breaitng up some time before noon. It Is to be presumed the mn «““• about the time iS “an B ° d Uwl U>e party dispersed In the nsual state of good order which characleilzea the end of German gatherings the world ovtrT “ a 1 __ , AT THI IDRU, * f ne#ta aad board era at cl ?* atM, - d . O to * dAOffaroas dinner at ‘* r ° ° dock. To attempt a de,*cript : on ?L! h ?J nenu f cre onbhopc that those who enjoyed It may not suffer on account of the qnantlUes of good things which deftroycd * ** Ma *l • number ot Invited were , prreent, one of whom after throngh the bin of fa:? made the discovery that venison and bear meat formed part of the dinner; asd there being no room left for either of them, he expressed a good ?n?ibl 2ni"2 U> n* et, ° j himself for not study- Ing the bill earlier and more attentively. Several if.?*™' G ? g * * Drake Instituted the custom of giving a toirte to their cmployea every 5 n chri!tmM eTC the employes S i b ® 1 ', I tCK > k possession ofthedlnmg room, and bad everythin'* their own nv ,ii. «>• wte S» &r t Sf M f. 1)r,k ”“' b -“' •—*-*r“SSJs , The Wnaw «the Briggs House at 1 o’clock was ?«F ln i 1 m O V. B^* r,pre P ,, « d with the good taste and skHl which have given this floe hotel iu SnA i* Tocber * French have the faculty of making their guests feel at home and at««.« and sverr want ts promptly met They arc aMy srcorded bribe obliging gentlemen In the oScev Toe Briggs Uobm b«s b**n and fmnrevad—i thU year at aa expense of 570,000, and www JnsUy ranks as a flrst-ciass house. ■* 1 At the Metropolitan Betel—which has just un dergone a change of proprietorship, Mr. Merritt giving place to Captains R. Johnson, well known as a hotel mao Ihrocghont the West—i bill offam S^iSSS e ht^S. nd tono^ Bnd ‘t* wSimS i-Tssttgaled by an unusually large number of guests. Theoier hotels nadoubtSjTcaveenter r ulaments worthy of the day 3 K * T enter Divorces Tetterdar for divorce were coalmene-d res terdav in the Superior Court, by 3 Asraa vama v*. caw, xnne voror. * COB,p,B J? Bnt wba * thlrty-nme yeare of age, whose maJdcn name waa Nordstrom, alleges STi?if ,r V^ Urri * d to tcr Pweat husband on Sweden, she chanS hlmwith several acts of adultery at Mobnninr bweden, wnh one Charlotta rehrrtrm °«n P i“' the (ruth to be that In MartS w»rKPI bmh to. cuid bTifi ISSS S^fivic'j* liS?s«Fs^ S^ssssaJgl nage in in Aiban* \Tv i • mar the case of SllfiSSas; today. «“«e cases were presented yes nonconsidentaoi hnsb£d? t.»? *? , une of He ta that condition Sat “ereara r'J 4 ?° «nn»blaeiia bis boniehoW .^7. r v^ g I“ m * ° : togly told tbe CoartTS^rSV 3 led * everything to complainJfM m&8 - aggravated her LeUnp« «i Il4t ». w . luch moßt c' ilial through with street. He bou«e an£5S?cdWU AJ h ' Vg°f* f **»*«<* toned upon tbs fiaer £ „,i vi f- 313 ’ -eapot was tt was liken W tw^? d *J *»* ascertained that hushaxd to Clnc°at his tt?iv» 0 He Intoxicated woman fed to the sT**r n * r ? eD^ h '‘ wretched strs. WUii ao , d^ 8 n At the Police Coart , bjbclrjjaemioltil r,^. J am t 0 *> e punished Ooc„ .&n?bl dl&S'u? Sr “"»»«• The I*s “ d rtqD “ KllO E'v ball ta tMl"to'k“ p ttc {&/ “y moretban he tru coln-r 2f 2m[?.?» Chr ?f t, sH d *2> bat I wfn iet Sit SfrJSfhSrfV*?? 3 *.. **s ofileer'a statement was Si7lsf I t^P 4totl i e ? o,nl; M U*t night be kicked S?« °°Li A *S? t ' “ d btu, B ed D ? toareTe." John iJtSStrSSFH* I ? 8 l de8 J n **»• *•« or the prem ifT? occ «L |e d by John Marker. His forrU-nf* «*%*?» f°* *** r *° Me bta punished. She nnt d «*£« d v CoU :l c . c l ,° U - T »‘ j cm it now. He hil evi ber fbls last baa, bat haa be tore. Fhe wanted him to keep sober and keen In hia p*ace. uwhtn he wu drunk he abnsedSr He Kf SLI&. p * ,r,c * *? d S ot “•ha.e"“m - ‘‘H,|| S£r?Av M J** 7 cJearl J r exhibited in the state n»cat of tfce policeman who arrested him. Hn SSSS* y i5 c . 1 e .° Cc, - r to street on Wednesday nlShtVVl? 1613 Bbe , blu3 *l*Pt ont door* for a SSai™’iSSf“•» «*rm u» hoaee. liw INTShbIGBSOBi In the Clrenlt Conn, the cn<e of McCarthy et ah re. Eogen.- G. Barrow, et al„ for the rocorety of rent, was submitted to the jury. mrtfvlOn* wL?^ ard Ueerey c t al. tb. Samuel and Emily McCarty and Lncy J. Darts, which a “ednmlc*# lien-waa dismissed aa^fl?S': ,I:Iti to “e Conn were la, wmt“ iSS£ fc£°- el *'• "■ Bolor l O Good ratUp UicTi re. jiarid A. Michael; damattoa orb E- Torr ' nc,: r»- harah Torrence; damn kfc.Smtifi’f “sSSJ* J “ drm “ l 1 “'?ror of A writ of attachment was laeoed at the snltof on oE° A ’ Cr3 ,'' ,or . d <°” the affidavit ol heuder Smith, cgcni,J Bgchat Jamc F. JIUU tanSnri Rms’S 1 !' etligcd to ho da?5??5S oirkCCJJS, with interest. The trrit «i« Lunn* that ttte party ts a u-?^. e i cota^ lcn branch of the Superior Court was the only one In sctnal acailon. Jn this Court irvjurT pave a verdict for the p.'alnUdla « C ti« i &eLuaj l^ l °/ James Haiieriord vs. raonua IMchcraon, the damage being assessed a» *i:t at ire Mjit o! Stephen O. heUon and others, on a «a dtalt dated January 19, 185 U, for and o per cent inieteat. «»*h w The new suite In this Court were. In aanmnilt • mSuS**** ct a* jCiowPTia: "■ P '" !to “' 1 Hdtmck. AisaSft&si'-Kas'B. 1 -“ a D^“d£ i,t ° n ”■ ““““ IL Bodenhamer. acc^fSl) 13 ’ i*- W.BIIgh. Dam wnuam L W a^t3Do| L C U 't«aß.rß, J. B.Abrame. Dam- agc°s‘c?'" r,T ' Ul ' "• J ‘ F - K“ d “Urht. Dam- ■A.C. AO. P. Bftdccr Ti. Bodner M. Whlnnla and Joha K. Pollani. dS^Vi/o^' 1 '” “ d t-red “ lct ' r ” ad * C °’ Weßto= 4 Ford * D *m- j. 1 !,.•P? Flihel n. Theodore end Julios licblcnbcfn. Damacea fi,SCU ai'SSojS.' s *“ ael s^v *“ "• ***• c °*- t A i a A a n i ajnhutJacDb Velltnper at the Vprm «°J*fw lllp u¥ Tbe aakid are Sttoy ajd #Uit 14 iot 811 assault tod Hn rm£s , i 0I J 80 .u dcbtw £s commenced by Mar- Ua CUCbnl, for the luo of Martin O’RorktasraSrt ?5J* *°d Benjamin F. Morse, damarea « **»; Md byliuton Parker T^St S'p.liffS.m.* 11 s “ ,MI M - «“*•*■■ McCaribr was appointed to administer $? cS' lhC eßt4le °* Bon coder a bood of ** «*•*« of Thomas Simms wm ordwed to slow eaose by the 8d oi January 7>jJ? c f rr ll, i*£ t ovar 10 **“• administrator of ElI JcnLlajr l . anrdnor, was appointed to ad- Sjd d *W. ° e * Ule °* John ortum > codeia An attachment Isaned for Harr McCarthy cnardian of Man and Uanlel W. McCanhy f& contempt of coart in not obeying a citation. ofadoeomeDtpreacarcd as the win of WBS rofeaed on the ground of his physical dlsibllity to males a valid wtn i t?id;DfjsSo*" sllowc ' llo ttc ”»'•« Ajf Attxvttxd Swindle.—On Wednesday fore noon a young man vlaltcd the store of Putney Knight* Hamlin, on Lake street, end revested tne Ann to cash a draft npon a banking house In Aa} TO WZ T p3y ? b i°, to J#me * Dennis, or or der, It was endorsed ‘•James Dennis, agent tor r?^,f Jl ? ,ley Th® excose be’nve lor askm K (Le favor of them was that bo was s trarel ln£ agent for the honse named, and was a", -re lhat they were patroiw of 0?n establishment be represented. The firm Knicht i hid ItSf.A"v„ ?>, “f ’‘ 1, f d b * '•«<*• nimj' “ '"“"ter TO TOelltatfi the w est, falsely representing their nrm a« he was not employed by them In any nay. The man ner of llr. ficnals was not altogether of a kind 10 ,“. dtc "Mptclon. He dfd notsoem to be nSedbr I?** h ? offercd *»* Bigniaoy ii. LL Cole ft bon.,” parties unknown Jsf« r * ® ennia was helolaconveri'allon sutioS the Central btatioo, when he was placed under arrest. 5® waa . before the Police Court yesterday morning, charged with Jfc? 4«toeUte staled lhaT DcSS dlled the bin »or a confidence man who had been named to him as William a <.«:»•? Cencls was held for farther examination nntli to-day. in ball of $2,000. r Tn* AamacAH Tnacr Socutt has made an «?mSU°. I,# Weei,a< lor »apt-filal subscription of ClUkOOft lo provide an adequate slock of nooks to 1* issued and reproduced perpetually The an l *i % p on condllioo that £50.000 be Decide, meoj .unis, fifteen individuals have subscrUied MTi twelve si,OoUtach; one $1,000; oaosl.onft on «$5,000. A gentleman In Philadelphia p^poSl UoSrei,teS;SSSio? Ztllc ‘ Apruci-noii roa I)rvoner.-Thc onlj bill f or divorce OledWedocadar, was that of A-oei Both true arrah.rt her boshaod Geotuo. This U a ( nlt commenced under the lUtßte altowlojf riroc'ed rnre In formojxttiperte. The petition ail™, , marriage la the year ISSb, on the aecond day of April, at Hamilton. Canada Wnl. trhm ik whl!!6* .l Tcd nnUl the month of March ift-ti* whence Ihey removed (o Wisconsin. whence i(i«» carae to this city dartn tf Ma«r ISP? JdJ- isolTiio de iccdant descried her without cause. c Esocked Dowjr ass Robbed.—On Christmas night a mao tamed of Aurora, nilaola, was in a saloon on Randolph street new Fraofcljn, and made the acquaintance of two men. cneoTaalipaa claimed to own a saloon on Franklin fit?? 6 * lolled Selfridgo to accompany him thitherto partake of Its good cheer. They went S® 1 Ijjjj'ad not proceeded Ut on Frank [‘“J’jSf.setfridee received i»o blows on the head with a slans shot, tad an additional -stun, ner In the face. When be recovered hfa con tclonmemhe.found that he had beennhxdlit FT - '; iS. 'Kailas lad It . c Stria 'S appear* •. National • .« the banka . weekly or bl market would sot Hi contractions which of Ujc publication of the ueenu. Jn the Interim between e*cb sutenicnt, th® banks can expand their loans to almost any extent, and the legal tender reserve inay roa down below the amount required by law, without the pnbllc haring any congulamcc of 1L But as quarterly day approaches, the loans are called m, greenbacks are hoarded, and a tight rein la held oreraU borrowers. Basiaeas receives a check, collaterals are sold out, losses are fre quently entailed on borrowers, and to what end? To decelre the onb’lc. It is notorious that com paratively few, if any, of the bank statements show an average condition of loans and reserve; and until the law U amended so as to require more frequent statements, an “average condition” will never be given to the public-each as was con templated l.y the National Currency Act. Ibe demand for accommodation continues quite active, though most of the banks complain of a dullness in thecounterbusiness. Theamoant of freih paper ofieriugU mostly confined to pro rision and produce operators, though In a general war the inquiry is mostly tn the shape of renew als. There is no change In the rates of interest. In the open mat ket good names are discounted at 12G15 per cent, while second class signatures can not be done for less than IH&2 per cent per month. r Iberetrasaleas amount efJCxebance oSbrlng to-day, and the market was firmer, with ealea be .twecn at p*r®2s ccnla pmalata. The counter iate« were generally pap baying and MO premium telling. Utosgta n a few instances con cessions were demanded and given. There was a good consumptive demtod tor Flour, acd prices favored the seller. Wheat was q«ctbntflim,atan*dran«oflccm No. 1, and iH6*HconNo.2 Spring. Con was doll and H ©ic lower. Oats wen qoiel and unchanged. Rye was doll atd easier. Barley was doll and .©Sclr wer. W&Ukey was neglected. Provisions were inactive. Ness Pork was in demaud at SIS.OC, with no sellers below Green MeaU were fairly active ana firm. Lard was dull and nominal. Dressed Hogs opened slow, bat subse quently advanced 10©iSc. Woil was dull. The vibrations in Gold were more marked to day and prices were quite unsettled. The market opened a» ISIH. declined to 131J*. and closed at J32Ji. The fallowing quotations were received by Boyd Bro<„ gold and stuck broker*: iraja.m...., ....1314 [thOO a •*“ MIH 12:15p. a 131 H “ ISIHi fcoOp.m w*4 ”l*| i«H ” ; 30a.a 131 ti 3;15p.a 15i* IWS a. a 131$ ) Here the aarket waa quiet at 1 bajlac —cJoslbr at 13lii@13a. The counter deaand was light. Silver waa nominal at 120G&123. The Pnb:ic Funds were lower in Xew Tort, ard the market was quite heavy. The Sizes of 'Si were 4 off. Fire-Twenties of XJ declined *4- The *fca were \ lower, and on the *6ss we note an Improvement of 4. Ten-Forties declined 4- Scren-Tblrtlea were heavy at £ off on the Fiat, and H lower on the Second and Third Scries r Sau Hoc. Wed. Thu. .IKIJf 1104 1W„ 1»\ Sum ora. Flve-Ttrcotiess ’•£ .lU&4 ius inos 1054 nre-TweaUc*, *6l 1054 IMS IW* m F<re-Twent3»! *GS IC5* IB I£>4 1«S len-For)i« »4 994 » Streo-ThittJ», Am IW|£ IW5$. lOI 1 * JW-i Seven-Thlrtiea. Jtme....lM* IW* IW* JO* berca-Tblriiee, Jaly.t,..lolS XOHf Wh WJt Dere there was a good local demand for Invest ment at the decline, hut holders reftucd to accept the tone. aoTnaiuT raecnmxa—qneaoo umr< Bnjmg. SeUlnc. U. F. 8lxc« of ISO lp« US.S-805.15C2..,: 1015 i lj*?4 1). S. 5-21*, 190 t 10Mi U. S. 5-20*. 1965 IS*H IW ?» TJ. S. 5-90 s (email) l 5 ® !t4 ”m

U.S. HMOb(Utbs) w U. S. ICMOs (small) .WJH •;r r L,. U. F. 7-TUs, Ist eerie* -IW, *££ D. S, 7-OUs, *d series 1«H U. F. “-GO*. Sd scries *OJV4 U. S.T-ros(fOs.l) >®s Compound.-. Jane. 1961 115*4 July, ISGI 115 . “ Alls., IS** * m » “ Ocu. 1954 IWH •* Pec, ISC4 “ I** Aoi;., iso «•>. “ Scpl •* Ocu. 1965 l^h The following quotations lor the Public Fonda are riven by tho Second National w««v • Ssasy? ,09 *| J - «?*. •irassi?** a? : lM) C0t5:53, ; ,??54 U •■5 it's- 113* I Beat “ - IMU -30,emiH.. I»s«|oct “ “ I ,? Cal there waenothln-doicc, and quotation* are entirely nominal.' Chicago City Serena,,.. 'Be“Js - connly Serena *; ap; S Chamber or Commerce " jg l g -The Sycamore etjmtlUai, In aUadlnr to the recent feilnre of the Sycamore Bank, remarka that ~ H°''. bUto7 ° ,wi,ll ‘“ t S“ktmr pmeenta ” "S“'“ or » rotten and worthmae con ofoT. .H?".n P . r °^ i '. tor ' “*• E - T - H-ttH. «> one of the Tut Lind of men. The known todeoted nee* la over $60,000, with a atroac probability of uaStnf “.'T’ 1 *“• “»ih'lr. .«Sh?e “ ' rlU *>ot np SIO,OOO. A pretty tIU swindle upon that community. ~ HiUadelohla Ledger observes: .„.»?.! ie i a .? ce P very quiet rerterdar S?*.!£2» fnn ratea Tooted on Saturday iron G to 7 per cent. Temno 0M w® 4 on Govern c«tl^i?nUnV. *" e * sl i?L &*•*»«* at s®<s pw «» 8 per cent per “ Th« Boston Adctrtlter says : Hn k *^f° neta 7 «<WrB continue in the same condl “a Cle'JirSS&'S "Oehly etatement of the Philadelphia % ° P “ lh “ ln «* nt - Ptreanla the foUowim; aserceate aa compared with thoao of theprcrloaa week: Bpe&V.V.V.V.* - U, SMjasl ?"«• * :75 - s^ Due from other S * K9 i«oi» , ****i ne * M» banka....... i 7SAJSX taafi73 D <*- 415^17 SSSSt™&®3 Dee. -Thefollowtng u a detailed statement of (he btulneas of the Philadelphia Clearing House for famished by Q. E. Arnold, Esq , “ 18. ii?Si« «. L - Wfc;,sS\Bt 585,*125!t7 $« I?* 5,804,701.59 ®^!159.15 u |* 4,918,039.49 438.5 - ]! |4 43 SSSS-J} 132,553,! __ --,135.05 $3,478,338^1 -j 1 * 3»ew York Shipping Hit remarks: tkletS*«f n «K° Tedemia4 lor money, as n«ual at cent WeqaoS: ““ “°“ e ‘lock secoriU t f""°' P '6Sa' 1 ?' do bond and morlcvo... ? Prime e«do, ( ed h | M.,.15r0... .;;-;;:: § I FtoMlm§ 8 Othergood name* !... ggg CDiinEBCCIL, * Tuuusbat Ettusb. December 5? ia>» IJj® *2° Wb, “ * hoir Ule recclpta and Boip jJJJJJ. IVodoce dnfln -’ “8 pmc Cwentj-foar menra put rnuit-roci: nouns. Floor, brls Wheat, bn Core, bn Oats, bn lire, bu Barley, bu Grass bred, 05... Broom Coni, as., Cored Jlcaclbs... Pork, brls lard. IDs Tallow, IDs Putter, Tbs ’ Bretscd Dope, Ko. BreDoniio. . . tattle. No.. Hides, IDs Hlghwlccs, brls..*. Wool, IDs Lumber, m Shingles. m enirsasßyyjLßTwcnT-rocß sotms. t Plonr, brl? 1566 i Wheat, bn. 5,000 1 : : agySS* S ?S StS? ffl S Tallow lbs ••• 2^813 145.710 SllSf®!::: ]*®o ™ «-|g «-§" U&": f sS bti " K -f ”* rlet ™ quite sUgtmnl to nlii.i b “. P,Ck '" •■■au&reat to offorteg ,o r prodactxt prewm price., and as the market Is refQM w m * k,! *”» farther enacements, Dejers were also not inclined to -ke.r.j.dTOee In their slews. There wm rcfe*.!r ? olrT fCr P ° rt 11 1'8.® holders reftmed to tccept less thsa J 16.50. at which we deli™” of «« l tl». cash and Jannarj « COW ThtS 01 aMr *“* "Sd Thtre ™ a good taqnltj for S™ 5 ”, J ”" h ““"I «ales it SM» rw.' a 1 “ d B * o9c ror ■tewhterS t* to’ Boo rough Comhorlaada IfOPP® wa s nothhic dome ip Shoulders, snd the market mss he qnotfd nominal at 5!4e55£c. Bulk Mcala were teactlse aod ttomlna l at 7c for SLonldeta. Urd TO dnU and qnoutlons are nominal atlln® ioidatu»l“ m ' A nl! * 11101 Gf 8el “^ Drersed Hogs opened alow, bat snbsoqncnlls hreame more active and advanced 10@lsc, with sales at tS.WQ7.OO-clotlng at M. 7396.53 hr good avereges. Two lota oteau. choice soil atS High wines were dnU snd neglected. In the ! sbsei-ce of any sales the market may b« onoiM ecureir nominal at 7 q M ‘ tJvSLTYii!' 1 * *'“ Te 'onompllm demand i for Floor, and the market was firm and rather In 1 laTOr ° r J* Uert * though no quotable adnncd took 1 place. The sales foot up -1,100 brls at firoia 1 SSSiSSi' *»■“ Ihem to . clluht demand for Wheal, mo-tlr for rSSt *°‘ l i?' »d>anced le on No. 1 and ilaro*# "e'"; ? !, P rt »C. "Ith ealea of 20.000 ho at tU* foe No. Ila O. 1.; t2.10a2.12 for do red ular. ft.So@l.Bei4 for No. 2 rerular and al’rrerl’ 55 f ° r Hf l erted s PrHrg-eloslo£ firm at »11®_12 for No. l aod tI.RSQI.SSJi to No i n “ d l«»er. with ealca of M,oCohoal ..c for No. 1; 53c for Ned: aod 51c for Ear—closing with rcllera of No. 1 at 73Hc aod buyers at 75c. ;-IAL WCIB StCldy salcs at -«)K@«c for Rjt waa don and easier, with light sales at 00/a CCJic tor No. 1. Nothing doing in No 2 *. B ? lc^ wl l dnl ! ,nd 2 ® sc l0 ™- with sales at 6(c for No. - and 4Gc for Rejected. Nothing of moment Going m sample lota. The following telegrams were read on ’Change: «mTo t 10 £l£ Hon4rmcrMJT.naa.oo. Uo;d, I!l:-J. 1 J‘r?MJU3ta .^“L.a'jTfi c, SGc - T LATEB, In the afternoon the Gram markets were quiet. Corn closed weak at 7ij<c for No. 1. Wheal was nominally nuchanpcd. Provisions were quiet FO,GrraIUm3 „ ?**** T*” dnll and inactive, with prio.- nominally unchanged. About the only inquiry is for pood to prime shipping Steers, ot which there p C , b 2l» f(ei t WTiTin "’ Tbc receipts were 351 head. Entered Mies, BSI head, at The mar elcady and nominal at 12.50 S alSnJnS' s * r Ure n °£* ojx»ed active, and daring the forenoon price* experienced t trifling tdrance, but iafer In the day feU off agitato the closing rates of yesterday, a?whldi ran B e the market closes steady. The rcceiola ffibc f lSs “»«. Sales reach 20337 head, taken chiefly by packer* at $5-3006,25. SewTork Orww namt, fTrcm toe Shipping List.] . .Coitw—The market tor Wo U quite dull. tod tha inr fn * <ng gth«a it. the tblpmeata hltber bar- U tS« uii L?t.S!L£r° u ' ' a ou,,T “«npaoi3 Broaa-The Mvrnt of the holidays brines with them the usual qmetoms. and tiK totatser wim very S Tdtasanl weather, has had the elect to narrow I.SS. net* wiihtn irsslf iimlu: Is price# there Is no quotable chwKe.themartatck-wlng. iMwevetTraUjcr 7.°. H£££l? a S2L r ‘ :w J"t week. Bein*li% Jt ®?2?Kf?? l ¥ iaalflric P r, «*ft>r bard ana yellow JtdraJtarhlrhcrrttCTtoreort white; we Quotehartf ItkSlSc. Mil wtltj ISkgll.'tf, tad rdicviuni/r. Thesao*« raw areaa tbdsCubaat riaiOVc-icdn taTeiSS. i'&SSJ Fstn The market Is Qtltt dull, and the cnrrearv Pff t* , .*^ n P A thiie with the recent considerable falilaJ 08 . eD ' d - There u but utuedSpeSt H'Si I *. Py.P^y oo ' l Imperative want#; while, on the other haacLlmporters do not arse their stocks. Tr*« sale* are UTO bis layer lota. S^aio nil*Hnoeu.sbisnu“ n i-SScliuT-ilo brla currants, X3XVI-c; U baza aib*rts, Ue; so esses ;; t ,;u"2Sr-.-% <«? M > ; ■“> »«• n.c. o r^s; Y -I'X \*7T\ : *l£«ma lemons. fiS; St*isS do. J—£; lOihds new Turkish prune*. S 3 ca.vs Psi?^ attX<:<l,ai * bx,llTernU * trail* dsles, ssd , ntro ,' 1 * Private tcm«. In domesue f^T»* Jg * , '‘.hwofum.croa#B3niherasp. p!e* si rc. G™rnapp t eaare without change. r Molatsd—The buaicess has been very Urtu sad w.- ! bjtTeot.yiocrar-salciof .”0 hb-ls. Porto Giro at ra I &rl« >*ew Orleans at SUSS cash. I its—>otwltli»tandinz the continued oepreulon ©I i tre told tronlnra, the tone of the martet i» anile at 1 coed as tha: of last week, a* mantimted by Increased ! pajfhaiw. la small Ucc*. b» the trade—sav mo jO) ntpu rhlrarOclooc. at fail prices. XaaadlUoaS which, no hf cttjts nacolored Japan. In bond, soli ! frtp.JyV taad#, extort, on private uctni The l ikrt that Oolong and some other descriptions are tea r***. **?* J?T eg •* the nrresponalai period 1 •foreign ccst is at lea»t tea per cent hlcher, Imoarta i ccnfldrtxe tarhe stability of the market, and all ihe 1 Inrac^tbeyea?* 0 1,0111110 “ »ctlTe trade after the : Exports sir BreadstnOs. I .J r *L-- Uo " tD^ ,bo T* v* mo rt»ofbre»d«aSifrom to Grtal Brtuia, from 9e?teader lit. goor, Meal, WHeat, Cora. .. Brla. Brla. Ba. Bn. !>rw Ycrt. Doc. B (u 2seu»S lqihs XrvOrleaza.Dec.lo... „., ** M * 3 *•***•«» Milladelp&la.Dec.a uo Am Baltimore. Doc. U. T~ Boston. Dec TL, is Giber Porta (California * g® «• i£un isiun xaa 9t\m uiaja Total. 1961.. Total, 190.. Inert***. Deere**. 6SLI93 usa »ua jy® .... wsw« v;yn TO THS UUIUUT. To til. 19M.. lot*!, ISO.. Ftop. Wlteat, Cora, Bra. .. New Tort. Dee. *3 i,*o .... jo3 iSis outer K> U’«t d*u it 14,113 Total, IW. - ISO. H 2 PS.U3 kSS ts 3 25J50 ItUUS .... U^3 -1« m" - ISCS.. rhlladelrfcta Flour narttct-Decetntor **G menerkr dull to-day: prirw Tm m ! ebantro. Th-re»unodemandfor ahipmnu. andi!m boxc coa«oxer» aaauwto-i bet l:We duoMlUna tJ! except to mpply IratnMUtc west fr-a hundred barrel* at JS.O3i.Si3 per b lfor . JOXC.<UXC for nuns; tiLMM: 10 for ir J to S?JS; « »“ psr hr!. _ Nebraska Wheat. Bepnhlton. Decemher Wh.) i^^sSBSBS gsgranaa come* in roirpetmoa with tie cr»ia of fHr“* “ -"ass' «ra.u«fLga; imemm MPM ■iliilliiS am rt “f“ “■**> ™SJSi *£a^SS¥.S!SSi S-EBm-wSS. Stei lag about S.OPO head. The ciartrt V»7i7i^.t e t* -■. e * cb ; KfS 1M «‘i “i VS? S 2f r .t"£® New Yor« Hide Maket-December 24 saMsa«aß«ffrSai^“ iV“.™™5 r ” rt ‘ 1 »i 1 Market—December S I. ffiWCH Vni ntodwtte droued »UWi C^'ft^hVv^n l S l r? teaciy ttI*l 1 * 1 UmsmSS® 1 coaUane b» raneeVom SSTsafli «Ucp 6, the latter price lor selected lota. T HK CniCAUU LIVE STOCK MARKET. OfTic* or Tm Cmcaeo Tnam, > _ . Tnrawx Krjosao. December tmssT’l zsss&sz;™?’ “• ° ! -» d »'»“ banday and Monday. Toeaday • Wednesday Thursday Ume‘li*tVoefiV.V.” V.” Visa ilm •S? Tba receipt* Uhl*j were 67 tte fjllowlniroate*!* 1 * 8 Hoy, bheep. By Illinois Central... By borUnctos 0} SC Lotus & Alton. By Kortbvcsters by Kock Ulana “i MJfLjßaa bouUicnu. By Mlctilraa Centrml.?T. Ky Great Eajrterr f-y Mttoburgh * Fort Wayne. «SLi“™ ? “ “ r “»»«»»>■> lt*G. 23JBS n,878 ifiW 2,010 ■ COCO 4JO .. .. 1»,»5 sii-i S.IW 15,430 _ Csl 170 .... C3.7M 103,893 K» 3,662 ••• 553 l« £BUd*r IBd Tr.fMliy . 1 Wednf»d*y •••. TtiUTMiay l *s CJQ j*aiae tm>r I»»t week ifii? **’* IJO7 *•§ -;|i £hlp=eout<HUywerebT the ftHowia* routes: 5 4 ij3 u< « s * By Michigan Centra] Dy HUtbargh ft Ft. Wajn», T ol * l 2®i “Imoto“ ,be nitooU Centra) Hcsle Sheen. Burilayton ft yoincy Scale.... its Tmo bU Lonls ft Alien 8ea15!..... « ‘‘St borthwestera bcale too ajft ‘ft new sMrht^npmgsmS.form^S'Snhts'S Car such, were they la the market; teSSSS^IS butchrA’ tSJ'S*' b « Dt fCr “ minon *»« medium vite ftt - ‘I o** 0 ** u *ca«ely any laoulrr. and holders find ft utterly fmpdsjlble to rc&lize^atfun w?th PM??® Zn, te ke !v •* P roscat 1* OTentodtS « »m ,r Ln.“ a SS.VSr, to S a^ bt ‘i' do d ' lL “‘ 1 lo , r tmtehere’ Cattle and Utovot r,!!' 3o^ 110 ® ice theirpurtha?e»with this fact la view. The snpply at present In the yards la made on slmcfft excloslrely of common sad Inferior grades, and SeUaE?* U * f * dlCmJ fmproTemenl in the quality l © ao essential Improvement la the cLsractcr t f the market need be anticipated. Fal» to-day were limited to SSI bead which were taken ny shippers lor the New York market and by 07 batchers, at prices raaglnc frem for la. icrlor to common mixed lots, sad PLSOeijo for r»»,» bmchert- Cows, and lair flohy sSST^ The cay was a bitterly cold tne, andwllb little d#- krfri^n^i 111 tOHUy - We quote the mar ket dull and nominally unchanged atsuaafiAtu to choice SJSSS^iS, CATTLE SALES TO-DAY. kSiM'£.7t o .',' l e^S‘dS 1 ““"■-'■eregle-um niwESwiSS' 1 .. 11 ® U 3. IwlSWHilSSSlSlStdSr* BW".*Terede» jEpteen newleommoa Eteerw .vereilcg U7»ni,. t t FVfleen heMeomnon Cowe, .vemglng w m, ,t 8008 talehet.- Coffi, everejtni WO t Tre heMecmmon mixed .lock, .veregteg 971 B! , >t OnSewTeu-.d«T,,t17 e'eleek,the iever.l Srele * n “ hone no besmcls will be other than receiving and carina tor stcck. By order of Secretary Dakin. . r .^°?“ Th * mwket 0P®«1 aharp m the morning and unde a healthy competition among packers prices ezpcnenred a slight advance, but later in the day the demand became list active, and the alight imoron- Ma^ST I TS. thßll9r “ OOBWM to *‘ 84,65 emhr «c lO.xnhead. These were taken almost exclualvelr br tor eom “ on 10 mediaa/and «5.9j«6J5 fo. good to prime Hogs-chlefly st and with in the range of 15,73*6X0. Tee roartot closes wltMhe pens tolerably well Tt e tote the following transactions; HOQ BALES TO-DAY. J«Be&,l3oßjtb 4 Co. t081a1r&C0....«8 So*' Jotes, Housh 4 Co. to F»rorlie. M «7 Jol», Houch & Co. to Oaacoclf ios ai 5 S Joscs.llouch& Co. to SI Lm CCEOTfT 4 H«JI to Bhsw 4 Co!r,r.V. n Ml 2*5 Cocorer4Haltto Bead 4 b ’ m |{s am C<«)Ter4Ua.itoßtuw4Qo.. ... . S «» JHS Colotct 4 Ball tobbaw* ss am M-»'tto Thome * C*.rr u 2? tS Kwd 4 Fberwln 80ught...... jij 5, MJ lU(d4SberviD DoucbL.. . ri: 2, ££? Bell 4 Co, ’:"- S 3 H 2 L*y. 4 Co. boo cat. .:... » 2} Kcllylohbaw4Co. mo SI S'S Kelly to Shatr 4 Co.. ... : : : • « 3?? 5*2 Kelly to Sb*«- 4Co *. S Si The Board aold j™ Si 5-® ThMloardfoid V, 2] The Board fold « S| S*S The Board told if £2 s*® 3>e ßoardaow....::::::::: S «S *2 Ibe Board aoid. ]2 £2 Tbelicanlwld,..:.... .... . ** W m TLttßoard acid "* S 22 «•£ The Board »W ...I.” jo S H 5 Thoboardaold m *9 S’B The Board t01a.............. JJ 25 |f gj |jj jue Board «okL Li s; rs Ihcßoardaotd. S S The Board toid """I:" ?i S* £?T* •nieitoardK'W... =5 2H nwnoaidMtd « 2i ££ Ttw Board KM. ZVMV.S gg Jg snEEP-There wai a betterdaaaad today. sad all durable lota were cloasd out at pneos well up to the opraiDc rate*. WequotetbeaxarSMlstaadyat U.J53 a-M for inferior to choice Sbeep. * CHICAGO DAILY MAUKET, Ail tales of Grain rrporUt in Mt market report or* meat on the ba*U of uiuler lie) storage uZttt ctierwUeezprttied. ITsmoiT Eiuuo, December 27 iw , PRKIGriTS—UxiLroiD yiwnrilS.Jmiow tip U the Joint tariff on the Eastern roads: p>Uo,r ' nSS- 11 "*'”- S™ Torocto, C. tt rn ai B m Montreal c. E. lS 95* ,5 , S i .I KM ® V tS 1® lOft l« on 1 u . Boston and Albany. 1.33 95 ,* M ?■= • Boston rfdUrudTmnfc 1.33 95 t m , S Portlsnd r(r Grand TnmJr. ... _ ” i’S J*S Philadelphia. lii a ?*|S 1$ Baltimore. «>« n i’i; }•*» ntubarph. . ” § ?*g 1 -S Cleveland. Ohio 43 S m S Jrttiwonriue. ind. *a S jo 83 Clartnnail, Ohm O S 3 t& ‘ek K~lrfttlTfd,ijq brla; shlpp-d, 4.443 brla i*w *ttt: WlllT* c "TTrr tuk syuxosno brla -RoytltiSo" at •i?n?.* le iSSL R 3 -00; «o bm shehUrlSocnd 1»t Pert llydrachc " at ficjO; 200 tela do at ClflJO- uu brls not named at «6.M; i»brl. attlo.2S;S} briiTt VS.? I ,”'.* 9 : 15 * 5 *-™»o «m«Wni»fi “ USfiRSUiSt" VVIIEAT-Kccelrad, 12.130 bn; thinned. «Ji7ha. Market Cm and iveSfo better on No. •tronceronNo.K oa.ea were: 1 «n*iiv7 t ao bo do at «2J?; 400 bn* do ♦.vDo bn do at fKO rrmlar t cqj bn No 9«• ti m/1 itMi s! kj.t t iS7 < , iSb"«ii” tl.' >: Wj bo do at : VJM bo do at |i.£s •3m hn Go medal*l.s3: 4CO bado«|l M-c «Q''SS »•»»«¥ tor »0.3 Brunp. _ a *W 5 bo* dipped. :.»> ho. ssvsm =‘3!f«!SSSS£ r S» «-slfl? ere: 4 * 200 bo No, 3 attic; tOSba S£,ViS t&iSSIS “ “ Wi ' Ci »»»»» k> •> aim h.' E—litvrfved. 1,700 ba; shipped, K4M bn. y »». kr.cnj. £*leiwere:4« bojio.l at»*c; B»tei do M P-iX? jk E , Y_ p^.T ß ‘}, 1 * 950 ba i kbtpjwL 453 bo. Ma.ket dm) and hue haer on No. r_ rTT.-- . *. *Z; HKAN—I* M-ltac at fIKCO In balk on track .ro^iVJ^r. 0 , 14 V? I*Udoli 1 *Udoli aMaotatnal market cm unnea omet with prtoa tonitofiS- «2 , ebanecd. Good to prime qnaUtlea an tat pood leanest : on local arconnu and nrde- a moderate bopolt atSSS? prlcw fcrep well np. and are firmly neU at onotoUoS! bornmeoorsertnuo&aare otui lUamdr 1 wT??: p-'a! car <Ut as follows: q ’'' w ' *>««• ChoW Dairy s ati #. Good Tan.... : -2 S 5; * temmen Kltklo w S Price Firkin MI aS? S naijtet exhlbiu btuV UitThe J b °i 'y*** tbpopbaunJcieal to meet the rrah Qnotl»lOTs- r * afic * We nachanpela oor N ati ooal a j j bo, tearaleaß Uoen, y^.r^ C;lcß4.Bba, do .*«jg ll.Jnoi* a. ; ba. do :*;** «jn Ccrr Exchaere. Sjo Stark A. cotton icamlea* SjS I-ewi«tcnA, do >tt' A'drowjpto, do American. do .... BearrrHiOi, do PltufieidS. do kenn Uiila, do Fort Piu, do Sties, do " S&oo, Ham ird cotton. •?-?s KiUr*-wood do Sotlßsfieid. S*2 OOBBM. ,* SJ-2® itnxUpt, tbo. No. 1 *** S-2 Banre am i::.:::;:: : 2S -I'D EE?*E—The mnrtrt present* no anr"fta&r» The »torki ire smp.e ia<j the demand Uzbt. phmm MOIdTU the iallom log ■ Nr» Tort Factory (janlne).. an _ Fmclory Busbar* '. -.."1 "I ~ *l| SlI ® Weftem Bcserre :? ??J c 1.2>i,U3 Western S Sii £ *• Toaur Adcric*" *“* H «*1! c Cti Klr~TmSe u teUre, the RtpalV’Urn kaS Kq'Sst“ T “ d ° rm * l ‘ ,teT, »“ wSSSuSS Eeix—Bnvhfleld. do onaabr ....... Clxtxhjtp—Briar Ultl. do Ibseral Kidre.*! do viilow Bia£.. _ do Tunnel Cnlppcw* Blo6.»Dt:rE I.BBP LtblCtl 1-ackaaaaa, prepared. Scraatca PltiKoat lUmois! on track. * - —■ 'u" .wwaamußai •S£sS&: , w, ,^s, . u Trrr ““ *»»«• | 80. ~J 8 AM « I go, good to prtn e...V*'* , Blo,pnmeto eintee.. « it itssc “ deauad to meet, aafca drag A£Pl«.»bru Hitui, p 1Cf1... *•?.£ ® J-2 gSS Pita nm TKTO. Da Ua’V.'.' SSS SSK!S * a£:i "» S3 -- Raspberries, new. * « Cherries, pined.' ..: KWerpcrrtee, « & Balaian, layers...., Almonds, hard shelisd. _ „ _ ! en^ ,oft * h * j, 2 2 5 I Aim'cds, paper shelled »*•• J? 9 M 1 pfanotsTv »\!. M a a as i Brazil ttnu £Vd II Filberts !> A a Eifilth Waiants--" •••• W a IS Naples Walnuts- a a Si Pecans, small and la»«u*V.V S g « Hlcaory Nota. p tm....... • •w2*S Whitetah, No. u*br1....'....„ njM ,_ _ No.2.kbrl *i*2wa 7.75 l! J: .Sll-S rfaws - sSftfS “ N'O. hklta, new.... !*&• i*2S ** tkznliT ttu ••••••»..,. 3.65 a J.7S Codbsh, Bans, v iw pi'.;: 2-&* |-» atte...S“ rc ''* B “ fc l»3i;g Sonrwua “ (?;< ,%,„ ”*lf » mJSS^S^SSS 1 "* “ na “ c Kr pa™ BMttn Ud |S|flS£.S J® “ 353 Ba, at- - ««*«K fg : »ftN« J® J« ** z»bi. a: fS W* *• MB* at. f® J 5 “ mbs,at. JH3 J “ njß MJ a “ aw St:t £» » “ WJftiJt ,g “ ...m,>l H" iw *• ... Btit. 5*5 f? *»»M‘ 15 SI 44 a, at 0.0 J S - j® *5 2*: 13 »7 - ISautu •« 8g on sto bsT tu « V^. i : »£«. ::::::: •£§ SS«iS sis - SottMt' as •* 98 “ StoStSu «A 0 and 8.75 « “ mbs St 111 S-5 19 - MdATS w •* Ssrfr 5-® *0d«.73 w - Sj as: 5! *nd «.ts «» *• Matfr £■« Md 6.7» Ifl M ia*rit fA° sods.7s 73 “ SaStai ?? UOU w «?i h w ot i£° to Boston* ■oeHllo^^f.Slf^.lJfr 4 * 4 • -<«. JftSSrßK^S®^ «*g.«- Piaine, beater ptSSS...!.”!!”::”"*"** }i2j*S3 S: r p »«» Prairie, roller and lw»”er onvsed J ;~os<l9.oj «SBIfSSi'SS?" 1 Green sailed, trimmed 7 «c Green »xc >tp.Green Salted.---- 3® 4* l * c Jfy Flct, trimmed.— 3J c >ry Salted, trimmed... c G ?sifs , r’d»nai'« _ 'Lii'i : Came. Hoy*. Sheep. si *is mi *a S.S3S 713 JS mi « hs « 'll ■“ U»«ie. How. s&oep. 3 2.M 6* Heavy Hand >Va» 8* * Hoop ana Light Band-.'. X‘4»l3x : Round and Square ‘S-fcUX 1 Oral ■ s&Hssss&a***- . S *s ,} I Sheet Iron, Jonlata.. . s, or *sy>«n Roda ;:;;;; ”*3|? 3 Plow steel, German. 6#L» 1 steel, cast. .. <*W . R»«», No.. 9 .nn IE -a »5 I ,bd]„ i An. Ulnßilur sih w > •••••♦•.»... (Cl prasSS»-ff^rfW H s s’tgs&. •&•£* “»“ -l ! l nai- p i saw®; SiiS? ZZ SSSSEV.;:; 8S ctlc *^ 51 &t;; ® » rgji-cai-s , uc * uo iftiZ iioiu “ Awt s«i io ““‘““.."tozsimaaia a »"- L c™- f t,l " : S3St^^? s ™» ! 4 CT W nVSrtnH.*mntb.* SWD^S W» , t * nM M SecoS Clear" Common 2^3®**-°® A Stock Boards. ROMI2XO B Stock Board* U Incbff* Safi'S Common Board*. Jolsta, Scanttmr'PmV 2S-BQ^JW , Joistawa | tsss-s s, T „! : A lS r £" sSc;I(A, W iil-iild, X;3a *- . W ™ ““ I 1 be two Ischea in UUct- ■ "" ss&S^s^ S«SSS* n« TC »&, I c WOMMV.'Si. ux lSSfev;".v;.v* s a? 11ls 0 *" 11 - ■«*•••-« . I ,“'.s™ g g2a?i?:::::;;;::::::S BrulenoTerlO&s.. « iSandii *?i shMtlnp,i4toi«o*. 43 isandii. Jf Tmn, 2» # *".' 10 17.“.. r. . £ babbit amn. is.* Mnamr .. so 4® AaUm'.ay jo jo Fine Solder w p.MiVanill »••••« . ■£, J? BA3 CutSpikea,..,. s*m M n»» LlraeedOU. boiled * <•!♦« oiire oii.T! g*-g j Wbai«cil.w.B - ~ ! oil, extra.- • i - t‘s8 1 ,'2 I Oil. N°. J Winter i~iv£is on. rcard ion. Hs>» Machine ou. round uta * 1 fcpmnOU. W. SIS lAbrleatlß* OU7 I SSSSbs S i moder * lC ra * M *« V car load Carbon, email lots I Benzole W*c ■ • gaoe ? ssTcnroi uSa^ <:tcftrPork-Sale»verc: sDbrb»at VrtM. »r?y ci i^>? >c, 4P*~^ n CT * oa demand and arm. h*).* sj£ : -V&**,S*P <*•*•)«* } «iu) a.doitsJ? Stv-* - * 4°* robbea la pa-l and puckaj. At 9c: atwvn »• d® w? MDie; UU pea andy.flQQ •»• ><» 05 °* roaeb CtxmtwUada at ««jo’ vhZfrSSS&SJSP 11 * 0t ■=“=• <«» (teas s^S”el!P^ 3d-.aMa:tuil l>scaat«4JM: S 3 Coz ivT J Co. Co a. j 5.00; 10 carcaaea Vralron at Sc V 8 do*«lL?‘ >ODA AND SALKKATCB—Tbe aeaeral fra. tore* of the mams remain tbeaame por«!. WecoaUtnewonow p ™^ oa * ,Trß - Aledlctoal Hva«u. D,i« fes::;;::;::::::::::::; ::::::: ili - Healthj f* CR A Re*—Tbe m afkVt niioa dali iiacl" be.ine» u wtCncd to thelocal trade. *£«iaJ?i n?M r : *"*" ° a 931 9ne*». = Po * tfer “ l “* G "“«£«<£'. !w*au circle «a££& c White ... ustn*S Ct»> n HxalS C ra^ c o:::::;:::::::::::::::;:::::::r. oxraidc x. tovai? * cexas. .VV'n*Sijrt demand u moderate. and dealers are firm at the fD lowing prices: **“*”• *rw Tortthympa. • *v>i «i w^fsa Z:- iIOUSiC*,.-... ;i""" ~rS’*« : = BSF*bb“~=:E^S •c^tH£r£s? lT 5 a t tooe: ‘Wwjed.Mm!*. v.rtw Kew^Lw* 6 ™* *■«: SCwVrU »! nJO. Coarse... * Ground 44nm....;. •••••..... Tnrk’i Idan!,’ Groce <3 So Ur. ... ... Dairy, wlta tack* .* Dairy, -withoot tacks.... a|sgSrSffi; '«"un tiS ’ |U “' ““ «"-• « btu TEAS*—The oemud 1* stead r. &r.d n-ir»« *n> BSSSKSSSS VS&2TZZZ oJS-SBSft&firrr- SI do .CXtt* to CHOIML V«T rs?f»® j.wt. iud&i tut toe u&Sr m£ »»:;: SiliS do oo aoetocboice, * » USaLS ■.do. colored. 9 a 1JX41.6S [>—Beram* aabstaßtlaiur tlie ksoVm prrrloui report*. Alcoa ranee u toj- TOBACI oted m on CJU.«I3«TCJ Extra.,... Cholc*.... Medium., Commcn. ungm05.......... SKOUXeTTBACCO— Virginia’s Favorite. Medium' Common Stem Ptro Toiuoco— Loral Dozen 3 a flo Daunt. ; s 5 a gSST » i § gTOuVSi^j'i-,g*« « noimtfm- sSg ~'V*jnD—l»«£»tly, wim prices cachanrM- ** * Maple, f card, detlrcred....... 1 1 m Marie, v card, tn nm itiorlu« g«ch, * eon , dellrrml... iiSaiiS aS^S’Sd 01 *""- ISfSuiS .» ILOO • lUO 11.00 . 10J» . 10J» • 10X0 lIXC • 14XO tuesory. |»cord u oSS'S , » Tfcr* e U exceedingly Utile doing, and Uis mark el Is ea* UtlinooiuL ajoirm: lS> bjSTs K sK:“om w.oo cj>ia tuo 6XO j Sewy«k Dry 6s«ds Harketi j {From the Independent! • th?£?*s2 0,8 *’ a «* ha* been reached, and £££tfJJ n ?T. baTer ? « tools at • the downward tavle - nri-. f° g,e Brown shirtings aad «h»etJirs h»r» n^V.^7^. Blc V ! ’’ dCuo<u «» also tetu£tta>srtat S^to^S C 2SiSy jBC r! ,r V ni 2 nt ba *°*- Wni SmSJi£«..fc a * ad * _P“*on flannels are oe'et. »a*ctlre bat firm. aroiJ. msmrnm^ TH*»^~t7iiv«z T 7' *«"«» goods are rerr i.?2-*®£ orut ? oM »r« very few. bat olJsi^.i SgSlliai-Efe tSsils? *shsi& m £ss?& & tobnjee. Mt * lll3eoldwiu a&cl prices Urorably a a iSS . 1 § SS « a •••••• _ tw SO a —L73 o S 4» I Sprriaijis Dtuty. SKsSMi ! ?ra?w’SfS “«^S“ S " £ SssssS®^^, 38 ?^ hate frw U.f?" “liver Wire, in which thee Su S.J^Zi^? 5 ® 6 ' “ J U»ey “wiZ don by the D?o»la£tio» , ftr^V*i? f 3 ** 410 tint repot** quality plasK Wares of «ch •oUamcUon H, Iniare entire “waTSiuip ittKSf***- ** "«el« n»4a by CCBIUM-VTfcr-, |£J «Po 7^ Sl J 1 n '*’'** SSSBg *° m S&**°&SS£&& Pwp««d OU of Pnlsa Mrt 3lac9. Cr Im ~" Uc - “Wnsii «d ta w „ u.e u. aa li-tomwdfiW.uuid n*a «. ajasworU ever produced, idmowmoaditaatoar « raum tcsm, a r> •tom, dutei m ia,hi,, botto) . aMrl J e ■rode tot ua Tolled u It u , •Id. od M«, Kta, taa-jovJmi of Ha odor of the OQa of Pain and iiace. TBXJU.™.. fnc A otw «d teaoiu p*. too, milch, la dotocT of M a , toacHj wa wUcMtcfaptdUalaodterciWad penoa, U oo t qttalied. Tietoo« m i c ,„ to . Met , J^n)rataiu rtf !<=■=»,«nporbouio.aa. Sntojorpao.u •ddrmbi tla proprietor*. T. 17. T7EIGUI i co -ESSE:*"*-*- I “- v Vdlnablc Medicine. " I gpaSSSftfflM i sksss 1-arsajafs ! b »»» » <»f duroo. w, ; vs t o,c . ca r ! “KoiLi- f “ “• W•» on. drox :S3SHH=~SH? 1 l" 0B, ‘ lldl ’ m PMt,Itdertrea Itsrtntua The White Pine Conpoaad cores Sore Throat i^v?. Pd^ r^„ D x^ 9 Ti%"!^“ a ’ aceno. BUICiHAMS * Whnletale * Dr, James, Fom,rrj T „fj ame .. l ° cl 80 .,1.u. Cmtoa tt.Mwt, ' Orltuii «m /or tit UI loaaa loCM cago, can be consulted confidentially at hi* office and P*rlert, 91 and 93 Racdolpa. comer cl Cblago (nearly oppoote bla old office), iron 9 a. m. to Dr. James Is known throughout the United State* la tteioeeetftd treatment of Syphilis, Spermatorrhea, and errry apedea ol private dUorder*. contain*fau miormauon open the aatyect of •ecreUUeaae* and diseases peculiar to female*. with direction* and prescriptions lor .elf-treatment. How to prerent Conception, and the necessity and propriety •ometlmef. of *o doing. Price of book. 50 cent*, with ienreests pottage. Address DB. JAiIES, P o Box 696. Chicago, m. ’ *°* °° z jn»© Only medicine in the World MtSfLEPTOSY ™ CEOFcK Sfl? M M " d ' _ Dr. Thomson* Ss* . SPSS'S Sjr nerrous and fexnai dueue**ci?wt g~^i!,l^ a HSusS^?“o°^“ 0 1 ”c» 4 «- iShurational. ! —To any Community in A.-****? 1 °* *8 Educator. 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WATS* ASP CHICAGO. *“••••- •feSOa.a. flaw alat, |*P««- *?:00 a. n., F*»tUne 2:13p.a. 7:10 o.c Sxpms ; 11:00p. a HXIEOa oasraat. Dvrufenger. *ftaoa.e. *uca» p.n. MgttPMrtnger......... {lo6oop.n. »B:Sa.a Kankakee Aceommod’n. *cC5 n. a. * Ujde Park ana Oak Wood »fcSO a. m. *7:i3 ». a, * M ~ .. ..... •J& •9S2a.cs ** „ *; .... •3:33p. e. *1:50 p.c, “ u u •fcSJp.ja. •'MOp.a ahd qcthoi p»y Express and Mail... •ftOOn.a. CatobnrePUKOger.. . *8:00 p.m. *4.31 5. w, Aaror*. *5.-00 p.ia. •frO'Xj. Express sl2.oo trld’ht t*»a. a. _ crrrnAfiO a mu tr. tocn. ■*»•■«- AxarewandJUU MBlb. ftOp.n. Accommodation. p. n fl-45 a. B hicaso uro obui sxsma—(lack ctxcsnris Al* fctgl)— KTLWACXXX SXTOT, COS. ■~-*XAt AXP »twct KBSSTS. Day Rxceeu &30 a. m 10:55 p. n, Sight Express WD p. n. ±3O p. m. /OS nTOIAXATOIIS, LODISTILLS AJTD ecfOWHASI. Day Express. fe» a. m. lOtSS p. nt Sight Express fttJOp. bl 8:30 x a Conmbue Express froO a. m- 10:55 p. c. _ * . “ fcoop.m &50 1. c. tsnsing Accommodation fcM a. ai. fcdy a. m. ‘ 4 44 fcjsp. m. &io o. m. cm cxao, bock mjjtrasi>»cxnc Djt Express and Man... *S:OOa.ra. *5:43 a. m. Klcht Express fciSp.m. *i3Jn. m. Jourt Accommodation.. too p. m. £ B Zsprvfß Freight, with passenger car attached. The Joliet Accommodation cocuncta vtth Jr. press Freight for Way Stations. *?nnday excepted. tJSonday excepted, JSatarday JJO SJO Lls32Ja i.'a^un C 3103 STOCK TiSD rr«f tiwt» Leave Jladieon Street.. Leave Stock Tarda. 0:30 a.m. 7?lfl Jr,n StSO. ....... wo „ 5J* JfcgJ a.m. -m. fc» .’it 4:45 &40 .5.^, HXBiTUUI>K k3I ( m I Ck« ..a.m. I ..a,m. I ..p.a. ..p. m. I .~»US alio ... LOO ©US ... so a n .. €4 © a Antral and Departora of Tfnrr«, The following la fits new table Tor the arrival and departure of man* from the Chicago Post Office for the winter, and now in lorcc: » ® ©LOO 55 © 90 n © 35 1» © s xiructocs. y. o. cmaioo,tut, xulsassitz. a.m. p.m. a-xn. D .m ... feOO..,.Mlch. South. 8.8. itS) ... &15.... “ - I g~ .. l£oo m M u *• .. &oo ii-nn . iMmHleb. Central a. R i*Jsj &’5.... “ “ “ .. tW &ti £oo....Pitts. & Ft, Wayne 8:15 ** ** •* ; ; w l~op rn t “ n * 6:03 11:00 12:00 *so....Great Eastern R. R.. asu ictoo 12:00 *3o....RewA!b(niT * Salem ft2o ij-oo S:.'o 7:4S....iialena Railroad 5:10 .2-4,1 ISKK) &Go....Dizon Air Line.... 6:00 7^33 S— CO l£t l O....Bocklßlaiiil EtUroad 5:15 2-30 12:CO 9:C0....C.,8.&Qaincr R. R. 9:51 frCO....Northwestern R. R.. 5:t5 c.™ &20 S.-f 0... MQnaafcee Railroad. l&oo 7:45....i11in0f« Centra) R. R. 7:00 P-.U) gCHEKOK'B PTTLMOKIC STRITP, sea-weed tonk. KASDsaSB PZM,«. s.fsssfstt : aoiurj LcaiiuaoUoa. AH h«pS or=/r££Lfl. SEmsgSi- SssSkESH w?yss •=» “»=c. i rtr «£“}“£• of nu ! I »»c*u were lo sletts to wwca I bii? a/fc££l, 1 tow to mtr a? 7,f ?£*£*?*• 51 * »P* rail to rertrau tnj»-tt m,m «S->r3? 4 - U«S 5 ttl. nam Of tala, I ™ ■ a war*: tol cum, mfi ujf denial S JIT. II^ 0 — v -5' woode detenttEwltoejrCT r orat “‘ :| 7 toat - onelTioed attraOOT to di^2? ,lc S i 34 d ' ay mxi tofcrerdSiut“ ! 5f■?""?•, Jo sratsu i Wi wl:tt = y pna«p» traitor ml toX.Vv?,V 6 S eB ausl re&atoffr HttrtmntoT ‘"«»*ewiork. Bajtoa. Biua«e iSt )iu£££iSSSffiife”*** “ *«T « an' &» sassftsfs^^iL^ ta "^«S »üßLts»is. I siu > fiot C3re Can-• rardlclaeato itoo »?<>« *w dioa :y» g i M _ £«°? a»e al«S'?wS2 iajUjue patient (U«. ni p ™« •CCTctiaa*, acderes£ beaita c TOB&tfnVifwft' wcrr3 > T V th U:t> ftxwdoa; ote *•'*•■-•▼. 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Transatlantic Cotnpanj’a Ikkr?® 1 •BocMidl....D«;en:l>cr 77. ftKEIKE.... liocn*T.e....jamn*v r* First cm^SL 0 ? PASBAGB IS UOUf! wS?to «ttS?S£ ; b€eoM <***• <lM * mtlQfilii* tab* ot Um Mac do net nr* «tcera« < l^S en f7 n toteadlr* to lied at Blais'- wilt be f»r. J^vL?2iV^ lr0 * J ““Pf 1 “ oefeato, aao th- gs.-Eiao—i cW ctttofJS Medical attendance tree of ebarze. gyv.rt.toßEO. MacKesz&^itrafiOto^ yanfcsaiib Uanftcts. CTOCKHOLDEBS’ MEETING.— The KJ anneal metlln« ot the Stockholders of tbe Turn national bank of Chicago For tbe election ol Director*, and to transact un »»F com”&£re S ?/» e i ?£iT3i» b ?n^ e,a al v lise oocecf said Runy. sa. Chicago, between tbe noon ofifa. ml Tae*dmjy January Stli, ISS7. Cltoun,.Dtc.7a.{s^ C °- cite. |jtO?sS3lfi. PROPOSALS FOR AN USON umc* °» to Boun> or public Wos*x > ■igw! -a**, POOJ6 Work*, it their OQce. taui 11 a_ m tbhui*» complete acdrraJy «». ®* ta “° n orer North \Vater »twlS ‘“Jfinwjon with North Well, «tre-t! wW J° «nfisl; thrlr own aM ■object Jo the condition* stated below • >ea -cnj3n* l tcc DTlrcu will hire a span of ei-»htr ian feet >*«. tween abutment*. There wilih- two"midw«V. LSw lor*?™/*2i. ree f * 12 clear, end two rtdewait* CL each ciffht fSj feet wile la the clear e *? ls I ' l be oil beam Iron. «*y wrnm W t£* p i^ ce ? two CD lest aoart from centre to S2tis; ofc«t Iran. Ogee lochej wide, and the balmier* vliTte lfo J u oa «£»> Inch *qaarr. Pwts,ol wrought •J 00 * bt}* and one-half (1 y> inehea *qoare.wui ne ?hi*e™ e f'tt apart. TVeerercr the joists come wIU project ouulJe of the aldevSk »rtoaeia« the poet* wSIJ?&V JT L S br i*£S noil sapprrt with ufetythe aelgtit of oc»hn- drcd and twenty-fee OS) ponnd* to each (npertclal loot of the floor aantce ot the road* ,_P**s;* and sperlScattons arc eUo Inrltat lor Jtld brldu", bnllt a« shore, excepting that la tan ssSrfs “tS? f f?4“g tssK2°Sif ™»tbea<fdrwied to the Board oi Petite endoraed “ Proposal Ibr Iron Urtaec.** tw «Cfoinp»a‘«d wltk the Mil §MO i«~i ■ju’ to he approved by the Beard. OOBa * •“* • BJeU- * Theßcard rr«crre the rlcht to relict any bid not to accordant with the conditions of ifi»Mwrttt« T i»f or to reject an bid*, and no propetal will M accented tinier* the perry ccenos It shall eire erlteaca satliSS •577 to the Board that he bat the neceaaary era*, rtence. energy and abiutr fbr dclnc the worthy, ananas enffirtmt pecuniary raonrea. J. ft. GCiDELK, fred.letzT^ „ O. J. HOSE, Board of Pablle Work*. Crt>Ut r\fFICE OF THE SUEERIUTESD- V / EST OP COKSTBUCTIOS OF Tffg rt a CODKT HOUSE. SonsrOeld. Illinois, D-e. io, iw/ rec * lT Mit theofflwof9o . B , ute * Hitue, it gprte? &e.d. Illinois, cam J o’cloci el, December aitb. fcr Piles, *t,reqalr«A Ibrtae bprtczfleJi U?Sou.Vom HccjcsnrPoitOffice,newm cUaz. Dri wlatrVrfSi worfcjitcwtse flitntcrton l , dceUa ind exttat of *2? n*r be?erasad caffilcetJ lire»us.»’lßc cmraflat or tr iplication it tbe eastern H -aae-i itthK^ ,<>“». g'anorai. m-isSS and St. Lotus. Ulaacan. Toe pittema for m cst be fntmtttcd to the • wore cwtffir, icd bedi sad tope of cnianitj »ad siijJ. ters mast be p.iaed trae. All tbe cutlsei taoit ha jonad,oferen thickness, abirp irrUva iid smooS «he ornimfrtaaooncit reef irapenor Gaiab. Tbe price.tncladlatCreicbtiad de Irerr. most ac «S«S *® IS?* Wb ? *°l tbe wort mast he deUfm* la SFrtaratld by cr before tbe Ist nt iiim. 1567 . Eli-s most be iccompir'd by i hena or two rwraow. lible pirtler. In tbe »nm of tLPOu. tbi: tbe bidder irtn pertetm tbeccctnctlf mwinl d to bjm. **** Bids most be addressed to A. Scbwartr, Scpenttead. ntl of tbe new Cctrrt HocieitScrfoiaeM, J-Ua«M« ma»tbeendorßed,**Propo«alsf;rlrrD Wort." ’ A. SCHW’AEZ.SaperiMeadeni iSusiiiESS Caras. JJLAIR & JEFFERSON, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, OFFICE, 304 FBOIfT-ST., /. w. jTnrr»os. | MEflems,TßsS, Liberal cast advancements made on eoolemaeaa. O.E»T, HATTEN & CO, Wholesale Cocunisdea Merchants, ..a. o. ..a-m. ..p. m. ..D.m. No. 50 SloGao-vtH Brtween F and G-eta*) DENYEE. COLOitADC. HOGS! STENCILS AND WEIGQT LISTS Famished ends. Blaheit martet ninateM prompt marni made. Coneapoulsice SEDSIOADA CO-Ges.*! Com*a Mhrtbta, MffttimiftpiHt, VhlcaectCL astrology T^E^TEsT. —The ell-known Prophet JL/ of tbe Nmeresth Century, tfc« jmt r EGYPTIAN ASTROLOGER, Chiromancer <fc Elcotrlolaa DR. B. BRIARD. Aftertereayeart* practice lnStLoa!«- Ma-aadhar !*»?«t>rn:edtslracej.-as cores, taw oo b:« **r L 1 " 110 r • ftw He cm be coi snltod co *!! mitt->rs tn»portv»t» ha. rranity, at hl3 caw. ho. SMS Mooroe«»t^aear tits t*e* iHrtlcal.