Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 28, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 28, 1866 Page 4
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(Utycaga tribune. FRIDAY, DECEMBER S 3, 1866. THE CITY. Pzksosai-—Ex-Governor Salomon, of Wlscon* els, is now on a. visit to Chicago, and la the guest «f his relative. General E. S. Salomon, County Cleric. Fnz.—'About four o'clock yesterday morning a Are broke out In a story and a half frame building at. (he coreerof Elm and Bremer streets, resetting In the entire deatrncllou of the building. Yhe loss is estimated at *B,OOO, wh»ch la principally covered by insurance. Exxccnox Earoncan. —William Beeves waa ‘lined *3O nearly a fortnight ago, the line being suspended four or five days to give him a chance to spend the holidays ontalde of the dty. On Wednesday he was arrested lathe dty, and was brought before the Police Court yesterday morn- Xhe execution was ordered to be enforced. False pßrrutm.—Henry K. BncJ, clerk at ?fo.B Lake street, was arrested at the Instance of B. Goodwlllle. and yesterday held by Justice Sltts In *BOO, for bis appearance before the Re corder for making false representations m regard to the value of lUtnols Petroleum A Mining Com pany's stock. ArnavxsaAßT.—This evening Stab op Hpr* the anniversary of Star of Hope Lodge, 1.0.0. T„ will be celebrated at ibe Lodge Ball In Metho dist Block. The exercises will consist of a poem by J. L. Drake. Erq M with short speeches. Ac. This Lodge Is the oldest in the State, and one of the most prosperous. All members of the Order are cordially Invited to be present. Mawsos* Sieett C Ana.—lt may nor be general ly known to those who are in tbe habit of retnm fog to their homes on tbe West Side by tbe Madi son stieet car* at late hours, that since the cars have been running on Randolph street, tbe last car on Madtson, for dty Untile, leaves Randolph street at fifteen minutes to twelve o'clock. Tbe last car on Randolph goes out at twelve. Lizzie Aim's Aqaik.—Only a few days ago a visitor at Lizzie Allen's, a house of prostitution on Wells street, was victimized out of a sum of money. Wednesday night John Wilson, late of Rockford, Illinois, lost *l7 in a mysterious man ner In the same eslabliehmenL The inmates of the house were all arrested, and yealerdsy morn ing Maty Wade was fined *’PO and the others *S each, the unfortunate John Wilson included. jLisosac.—'The annual communication of Gar den City Lodge, Xo. Hi, F. A A- M„ was held at Masonic Temple, Wednesday evening, December 86. The following officers wore elected: G. W. Barnard, W. M.: D. F. Holcomb, S. W.; An drew Bant*, J- W.; Henry Starring, Treasurer C B. UQlUrldge, Secretary ; Q. A. Cole, S. D.; C. F. G. blender, J. D.; E, J. Higgins, Tyler*; R. R, London and D- B- Crego. F. C. Tbe Faxct Bazaab for the benefit of the Sis ters of Mercy, opened last evening and was well attended. Tbe yonng ladles of the Academy have made all the necessary arrangements to make the visitors enjoy themselves. This evening the second concert win be given. In wh'ch some ot our best lilcnl will officiate. The Bazaar will eon- Unoe every nicht this week, at tbe Academy, Xo. IJ3 Wabash avecne. alleged Laucext.—Charles Heney, a dealer in second-hand furniture, bargained with Mr. Bubbel far a quantity of old furniture, stored at Fitch & banborn’s. At ibe same place was a sofa, nearly new. which Ur. Hnbbel expressly stipu lated was ootlnrlnded in the sale, out when the fcrnllnre was removed the sofa was taken Ueney wuf arrested for larceny, and at the Police Court yesterday afternoon he was bold in ball till to-day (or farther examination. Midmost Assault.—A young gentleman pass ing a’ong West Madison street last night at a late hour, was assaulted by two half-drunken roughs, who Crocked him off the pavement into the snow. He •* recovered arms, ” and sent one of tbem sprawling and then walked away. The second fellow vas cut severely on the bead by contact with the curbetooe. He was carried into a drag fore, and arrested after hit injuries bad been at tended to. OcmAcxocs A?exult.— Mr. Jacob Becker, aa old and highly respected citizen, was walking peaceably along Little Fort Road in the North Division, near Bnbbard street, on Wednesday, a little past noon, when he was assaulted by a young fellow, whose name was elated to be Fate, and cruelly beaten, being knocked down two or three limes, and etruck In tbc face till the blood flowed freely. The perpetrate* of this dastardly outrage has not yet been arrested. Toe Tax Collect© ns.—A correspondent de sires ns to ask why the office of the. Collectorot Taxes (he does sot say of what taxes) is only kepi open from ten to three o’clock—five hours each day, while hundred* of working men are obliged to wait in string for hours together, amid the pres sure of Those Abo are featfol of being charged extra after New Year 1 * Bay. Be thinks it ade elded shame that the convenience of tax-payers should be thus ignored. We agree with aim in thinking that every possible facility should be afforded the tax-payer to the end that oc may not be obliged to throw away adav’s wages in paying away a few dollars. Poon Will:ax.—William Green was charged with vagrancy at the Police Court yesterday morn ing. Be has been watched for patiently for some little rime. Be enjoys the reputation of bring a professional coal thie£ and is very strongly sus pected to have been one ol the party who garreled a colored man a few nights ago. Be lived with his eister for a whße, and promised to get her a barrel of flour, but no opportunity presenting Itself to steal one, he gave It up as a forlorn hope. U was alleged that one day last week he hung around the Galena depot for some time and dis appeared simultaneously with a satchel which be longed to a traveller. Fined SSA. A Rkvxatx Oepicib Cised,—Yesterday alter nton the Assistant Revenue Assessors of the Sec ond District met at the Matteson Bouse, to this city, and through their leader, J. G. Barr, Esq., ol Kane County, presented a beautiful gold mounted cane and a floe silver tea eet to Duncan Funrineor. Esq„ Revenue Assessor of the Second District. The party then.' with their invited guests, the Government officers of our city, par took of a very fine repast prepared by mine host of the Matteson. Alter a brief skirmish with champagne corks and social sentiment, the party adjourned to Che office of the United States Dis trict Attorney and consulted Judge Stoner as to what tteps should be taken In order to pnwcnl other Assessors from being similarly caned. FEtWix.—Last evening the Snnday School scholars of SL Lake's Church, comer of Wabash avennc snd Vin Boron street, held their annua’ Festival in the lecture room or the church. The room was crowded, while the yonng and their friend* were enjoying themselves In’every pos sible manner nsuallT practiced on such occasions. Santa China with bis huge grab bag. the “ post office." fortune-teller, eating and lancy tables, were all well patronized. During the early part of the evening, the two classes taught by Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hoes, presented their teachers with a banrtfotne silver pitcher, platter snd goblets, as a U-stlmoidal of thrtr high esteem, (be affair was a very pleasant one, and continued until a late hour, when all returned gratified with the work done. No&veciax I ctuekan Cntxcn.—Wo some time patt rofcmd to the above named church eodely, which tn April last vnthdrewfrom the Angnalana Synod, "for the pnrposeof connecting itself with a tree Lutheran Synod.*' The followli.g document* ■bow that this has been accomplished both with regard to the pastor and people. The subjoined is a copy of the minutes in a meeting of the brood Council for the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church is America, held In Decorah, lowa, December Cth, 1806, and attested by V. Horen, Secretary of the Connell: “ ItefpecUrur the application of July sth, 18%, from Pastor C.J. P. Peterson and bis cbturb In Chicago for admission Into our Synod, the bynod Council That Chicago’s First Norwegian vangellcal tntheran Church and Its minister, pastor C. J. P. Peterson, are hereby received into the Synodfor the Norwegian ETangellcaU.utbcian Church in America." “Orrron Chicago."— Under this bead the lilt nets State Journo/, published at Springfield to this State, baa (be following in its issue of lh< Wlhult.; ** J. B. Mayo, Esq., one of our most popular citizens, has closed out the remainder or bis stock of Jewelry, and gone to reside at Chicago. This Is la pursuance of a b illness arrangement with hi« brother, Mr. W. M. Mayo, of Chicago with whom he has entered into a partnership oy which be becomes Joint owner of ouool the larg est and best jewelry establishments In that city. Mr. Mayo resided among ns several years and built up a large and prosperous bosnesa. Be now goes lot larger field, and Is followed bytbobest wishes of all who know him. Few men enjoy the confidence and esteem of our entire community to a greater extent than be, and we bespeak for him a cordial welcome among bis new associates. The firm of W. M. & J. B. Mayo are located at the correr of Clark and Washington, where toey will be glad to rfc their friends from Sangamon and Morgan." Sttauxo Baccacs Checks.—A young mao who gMve ibe name of David C. Smith was brought lxforc lie Police Courtyestentarmomlngcharged with the larceny of a baggage check. Tie pried* pal witness against him *u one E, P. Baylor, who. It appeared, stole another baggage check at the wme time and place. Baylor resides at Bar ban, Marshall County, Illinois, and Salih at .Etna Green. Each of them stole a c&eck at Plymouth Station on the Chicago, Pittsburgh &. Fort Wsynv Boad, early in the tnoeth of November. Both of them snbMuuecUy presented claims to the com* pany for lost baggage, and Baylor not having the tact to carry the matter through, confessed hi? crime and tmpUeatca Smith. Tie latter, unaware of having been " ’peached upon.” wrote a leagthv document describing t'.c trunk he bad lo«l with all Its contents of drawers, shirts, coats, pants, ic- amounting to fWC. lie wrote that there was a " good deal of deviltry coin’ cn on railroads and he was afraid that a “poor workm* man" had no thaw* “to g« hi* nghlO Her.- Induced to come lo tile city to "get bit rights” and was let Into the trapmeepared for him so far as to receive an order for the payment of f 140. and was thru arretted. Be wu committed for trial lu bail of {l,o*. TMTIi&HU SUFFRAGE, Bsw Hrctlng of ('o)aml Citizen*— I The ♦‘Cook County SntTragr League.’* A mass meeting of the colored dhxena of Chi cago was held at Quicn'a Chapel ou Monday even ing. December «tb, 1906. The meeting was cal! d by John Jones, Genera] State Aaiini, Wm, John ston. Cl airman of State Central Committee, aod others. Tbe meeting was organised by'electing Her. Wm. C. Trcvan. Chairman, and George L. Thoms*. Secretary. Tbe Chairman thoajcallej on Ur. Jones, end that gentleman came forward and addressed tbe meeting- He eald the Slate Con vention. which was held in Galesburg. In October last, Uai appointed bun the General state Agent. Ibe work before him wa« to canvass the State, and circulate petitions for signatures, which in time be would lay before the State Legislature, asking ’bat body for the right of enffrage for tbe colored meoof Illinois. Tbe speaker was brim ful ot euthnelasa-. ills remark* were well timed, and In keeping with the object la view, and were well received. bpeeches were also made hy the foliowtagcen tlemen—J. Startler, Bev. DcEcptlst, L. It. Waite and Seth Paine, who all seemed wide awake upon the object of the meeting. Vbeappeal of the lart speaker was a noble effort, and «as loudly ap plauded. Alter Mr. Paine closed bis remarks, the following was adootrd: AVso/trd, That a committee of five be appointed to dcrise ways and means to carry out the object of Ihli meeting. The following gentlemen were telecled said committee: R. L. Hancock, O. Stokes, Joseph Stanley. B. M. Moat aud Geo. 1,. Thomas. The first report of the committee was not adopted. Second report was on a Suffrage Leans for the citv and Cook County, which was received and adopted. The te*£ne waa then formed, known as (he Cook. County Suffrage League, and the follow ing offcerv were elected: l*re*l«3eat—J. B. Dawson. Vice Pri-sldent—R. Deßapuet. Tretsnnr—J. F- Platt. Secretary—R. C. Warring. Executive Board—William C. Trevsn, George L. Thomas. O. Stokes, William Baker, WtUlam s. Johnston. Qnlte an amount was paid in <o canyon the » oxk. At a late boar the meeting adjourned. COMMON COUNCIL. Adionrned Meeting - New Boonu far tin Board of Public Works Saarer, Steele i'Co. Ask «n Adranceea their Contract-Charter Amendments. An adjourned meeting of the Common Council was held last evening. His Honor, the Mayor. presiding. 1 here were present thefoDowingAldS’tren: Knlckirbockrr, cox. D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, WUmanh. Ksun. Pinrccaa, Moore, Ijulcn-, Ihi cott. Woodard, Bussell, Ackhoff. Gsstfleld, Fran zes. Rsb, Shacktord,*on, O'Salhvan. On notion of Alt}. Wicker, the rule was ana pended to allow of the reception of two communi cations from the Bosrd of PabJlcWotks. The first of these was cotnmnnleattng the oner of the building Nos. 25 and 17 Wells street, for the leasing of the first sod second floor, excepting one room, until Hay next, at the rate of f-t.GOO per annum, and the entire tmlldmg after Mar, tor three year*, at the rale of *6,(00 per annum. The communication wa-* referred to the Committee on Public Building*. The second cooummlcatioß was transmitting an application Irom Sanger, Steele & Co , <be con tractors for the rock sections of the Imoolsaud Michigan Canal enlargement The Ann asks for an advance of £S,UXJ, to be secured on the per* manen*. machinery of the establishment, to allow tbm to continue Uicir work. In this connection the Board esy lhai they are nswUllng to recom mend the advance. and a letter waa read from Mr. William Gooding, In which he, in terms, con demmd the prelect. In this same connection the same writer signifies (hat legal advice has been obiaireo to the elect (hat the mi reties on the bond of the contractors Is not binding. The matter waa referred toibe Committee onFrntace. TUT. AXEKOOUXTt TO THE CRABTCIL The Council then resolved itself Into Committee of the Whole, Aid- Woodard In the Chair. The following proposed amendments to the Charter were adopted by She Committee, being xX e continuation of section one of chaplet—“ Co mmon Council," declaring the powers of the Council: Elettnfh— To Increase or advance the price for which work or material Is contracted, only on tho concurrent recommendations of the Comptroller and (he Board or officer letting the same: Pro ttdfd, however, such recommendations shall in all cases be made to a regular meeting of the CooocU, and shall in no rase be acted upon ex cept at & subsequent regular meeting, and alter one publication thereof in tbe corporation news paper; kai procidid, further, no Increase or ad vance in price snail be made on any contract, lu any esse, unless by tbe votes of three fourths of all (he Aldermen elected, such vote to be CEiered by ayes and noes on the records Ol tbe Cooed!, ana In cafe the same be vetoed by tbe Mayor, It shall require seven-eighths of aU the Aldermen elected to pass it over such veto. . Twfi/fh~-' To direct, regulate »cd prohibit the lo cation and management of houses fur the etorin? of gunpowder, or other combustible material, within tbe city, and within one mile ol tbe limits tbereot TMrUentK— To declare that it shall be unlaw (nl for sny ball, theatre, opera boose, church, school house, or building of any kind whatsoever, (obensed lor the assemblage of people, unless the same te provided with ample means for tho safe sod speedy egress of the persons therein as sembled In case of alarm. I'ovrttenth —To control, regulate or prohibit the use of steam whistles within the limits ofthe dty. 1 be consideration ol clauses fit teen and sixteen, having reference to the makmg of loans for tbe purpose of paving debts owtnchv the dty on ac count of the Chicago Water Works, -and lo tn ctease the ability to supply pore water, and to in crease the sewerage works of tbe dty, was post poned. Tbe Council then passed clauses as follows: SertnUtnth—To direct and require tbe Board of P&blic Works to let tbe cleaning of the streets and alleys, lanes and highways, or ordinary re pairs on the same, or any portion or part thereof, to the lowest reliable and responsible bidder or bidders. The said letting and contracts to be In all respects governed by the provision* of the (aw in regard to the letting of contracts for improving the streets: however. U shall require two-thnds of all the Aldermen elected topass any such ordinance, such votes to be taken by ayes and noes, and entered on the records of tbe Council. Eighteenth—To direct and authorise the Board of Police or the Board o! Health to let the scav enger wort, nlcht or day, or both, to the lowest reliable ana responsible bidder or bidden, or in ' care a proper contract cannot be made, to author* j jr.e said Board to do said work. finch letting to be governed in all respects as nearly as may be by the ntorislone of the Charter in reference to the letuag of street improvements. TufT'lj, —To make, publish, ordain, amend and repeal all sneb ordinances, by-la*s and police reg ulation*, not contrary to the Constitution of this Slate, for the good government and order of the city, asdtbe trace and commerce thereof, as may be necessary or expedient to carry into effect the powers vested in the Common Connell, or of any officer of said dty, by this act, and enforce ob servance of all rules, ordinances, by-laws, police, sanitary and other regulations made in purbnance 01 Ibis act, or the act to which ttils is an amendment, the amendments thereto, or any other act concerning said city, by punlsh oicnt, lire or imprisonment la the fitidowell or Boose ol Correction, or both, in the discretion of the-MscUtrate or Court belore which conviction may be had: iVortdsrf, however, each fine shall not exceed fire hundred dollars, nor the imprison* meat two yean. Trct/ify-acond-To regulate or prohibit the car rying or wearing by any person, under his clothes, or concealed about bis person, i_ny pistol or colt, or slung shot, or cross knuckles, or knuckles of lead, brass or other metal, or bowie knife, dirk knife, or dirk or dagger, or any other dangerous or deadly weapons, and to provide for the confis cation or sale of such weapsns. TVrn/y-rhinf.—lb cell or otherwise dispose of any grounds heretofore purchased fora Bridewell or Bouse o! Correction. Ticmtyjourf/u— To provide for the purchase of grounds, cither within or without the corpo rate limits of said city, and erect the necessary bull dine* thereon for a Bridewell or Bouse of Correction. Ifuwfv-fyTA.—To provide for the payment of the same hr the levy and collection of taxes, or by the issue of bonds, or partly by both. The consideration or a section to elect by ballot on the second Monday of May, 1867, and bienni ally thereafter, eras soon after such dale as may be, a Superintendent of the City Bridewell or House of Correction, who shall nave the charge and superintendence of such institu tion. under the direction ol the Com mittee ot the Common council on Bridewell or House of Correction, and who shall be paid an anneal salary not exceeding $3,000 per year In stead of all fees and perquisites, was postponed. The committee then adopted the foilovnng: Ttemfy-serentt-To adopt all necessary rules and regulations ter the government of said Insti tntlcnand the proper ctscipllnc of the Inmates thereof, acdtopoichaseall materials, tools, Ac., receesaryto ptocure tho results of ibo labor of ■ me inmates. [ To require said Superintendent ! to keep such books or account as stall fully and I in detail show all the expenditures and receipts of I >aid Institution, and to require a report thereof Irom lime to time. _ .. ■ t On morion of Aid. WOmarih, the committee . then roee and rcporiedprofftees. r The Board then adjourned until Friday evening . a; “SX\ AJnVSKIOENTS. Tub Opeua.—ihc favorite dramatic opera of Lucrczla Borgia, so much esteemed for Uaflne choral effects and brilliant concertos, as well aa (or the preservation of the unities—* rare occur* reoee in libretti, waa given last evening with «iie following c*ot: Laar-ris, Ghioni t The Ookc, Collettl; Gcmuro, Errmnl; Oninl, Patti Sirs hot eh. GblonTs rot* of the Borgia Is one of her most elective representations. Her expressive face, good stage presence, chaste and dig* , nified dtamadc action, os well as the I poster and absolute correctness of her voice, are all in her (Ivor in making op this difficult character. There Is a lack sometimes of passion, and the contrasts between Locrezia, the Borgia, and Lccrcxla. the woman, arc not always bnffidenUy sharply defined, hni vocally there are few exceptions to be taken. The Com $ btlto, JJmirt pianger. the tcena with the Duke, sod her psrtintbe grand finale were very floe specimens of dramatic vocalization and gave fall scope for her strong rich voice, i'ew prime dome have better voices than GhJont, and ►tilt fewer know bow to nee tbclr voices, or sing with such faithful ex actness. . • Patti Slrakosch'sOraipl has now become famil iar to all opera-goers, and her representation will tlwajg bs a favorite one. Her bright expressive face, finely moulded figure, set off oy her hand some dressing ot the character, and her smooth, sweet voice, make up one ot the most charming, it not (be most forcible, Orsiols on the operatic stage. The assumption of a male character is al ways a temptation to provoke chean applause, bat in this i: stance every attribute of the charac ter, and every circumstance connected with it, were chastely nrd artistically rendered, both dramatically and vocsily. The principal number of her rote, the 7>, was charmingly sung, and the final IrQl was very perfectly made. Although the air re peats after a few bate, the audience demanded an rvcort, wnich is no small compliment. bosun's cold a HI continues and consequently Collettl took the Bake. In the Vleni la ma rw dtUa he achieved qnite a success, hnt his other numbers were not np to ibis l» excellence, and his action was rather heavy. Erninl was Ilghtfor Genarro, and bis habitual use of the chestvoice even In tla highest register, is palnfhl to listen to: still he warmed up at the last, and tang very i well. The choruses and the orchestra were by the ears a large sliare of (be time, and the braaees were occasionally as wild as hawks. Av a whole the opera was not given a* successfully as tbe same troupe produced it last spring, bat there were many parts vrrr successfully done, especial ly the grand trio of the third *ct,whlch received an enthusiastic encorv. To-nlrht, FansL StcVicKxs'e TnxATns.—Mr. Ralnford's benefit last evening was well attended, and an excellent bill was presented, Including some clurmlng songs tromMiss Claossen, who appeared la the role of “rolixinL” Between the pieces Miss Nellie Dean care an exhibition on parlor skiies, whldi elided mnch applause, This evening iusa Clanssen in “The Child of Nature.” M irsxm.—“ Fortnnlo *’ it drawing good house's at tbe Museum every evening. The same play to night. Tbe Fortnnio Galop, by G. Stevens, la most excellently arranged . STimcn --ThO park# were all tu the** gloty last night, ai-d so apparently were the happy multi tudes oho soniaii the sblnlng levels to kill time and aanihllate space. A finer slurry, frost/ evening conM not hare boon wished for, and better ice could not be round than on tbe broad expanse of Thz Waarasorcx, where abrillUct ana extoa •ire Catherine of both sexes, and all ages, bad as sembled. There was a carnaval there, with music and lights, and sparkling eyes and gracefully moving forms. Thu park continue* to maintain Its ancient prestige among the West Sidera, and ir nightly thronged with a most select compa ny. At the Wear Sn>* Rune there was likewise a grand car nival. with snpertor attractions In the saape of a number of star skaters, professional and amat»nr. The Ice l* ►apeth here, and although it has beea crowded every evening, not a single rat or flaw is discernible on the whole surface, Mr. Towers, the renownt-d Pf. lawrcnce skater, assisted by several tkir amateurs of this city, gave an exhibi tion Id the early pan of the evening, which gave great pleasure to the numerous spectators who filled the galleries. It was rather prematurely brought to a close, however, owing to a slight accident which E reverted Mr. Powers from .performing some of is t«*t frats. The Kink resounded with mirth end festivity all the evening, and not till the tinkling ot the last car was beard did the skaters forsake the sport. .... . . TtizCnrThabwi* attended list evening by Im mense numbers. There, too, it was a carnival night, and a merry time was passed. The Ogden ard the Wabash Rmk had a fair share of patron age- . A STATE mum. Sleeting of amitnry Sen Lad Evening. A meeting of returned soldiers and diixens was held lart evening In Parlor No. 1, Tremont House, to take measures by which s law may oe passed ; by the Legislature reorganizing thi State troops upon an efficient and permacent ba-ls, so that In ca*e of need the State of Illinois may not be be hind other States in quickly furnishing men. The meeting was called to order hr General J. L. Beveridge. General TbomasfO. Osborne waa chosen chairman, aod Captain Charles Overrackor, Secretary. After the reading of the call for the meeting by the Secretary, General O. L. Mann, with a few introductory remarks, suggested that It was the first duty ot the meeting to aopolr.l com* misters tar the «ran**ctlon of business. Co’onel H. B. Dox thought it best to bold st first an Infor mal meeting, by which therlcwß of the different gentlemen present might be made known. General A. C. Dural thought It was the dntv of the experienced soldiers of the country to orgai* Ize so that in case of necessity troop* might wit i ont delay, be moved to the support of the General Government. „ . . General John L, Beveridge heartily endorsed the tbjects r. f tbe meeting, and hoped tbe designs would be carried info operation at in early cut*. General Thomas O. Or borne said that the mili tary spirit of the troops of Illinois should oe maintain'd. Tbcydtd not want an old militia system, bet a thorough militarTorgantzation n -a flartoibatof Massachusetts. The men should bs j.*ld a regular tec for mining by tbo‘« who r-*- mained at home, acd made fortune*, while others wrte !c the field. In case of another war the m a helonclop to there organizations will go forth to defend the property of aIL and those who rema'n most bear til the expense*. General O. L. M»na moved that a committee of ftve be appointed to propose a Ur to be pre «mtedsl a fttlme meeting Cameo. i lie chair appointed Uene’al O. I*. Maori, A. C. Local, J. Ik W B. Scale* and Captain W. E. Kc<-d e» such committee. By vote General ’ibociM O. O.bourne and Colonel Robert A OU muMiren. added lo ihe Committee. Colo do' H. B. Box moved tb*r the committee be instructed to report on Thursday, January b, 1667, to meet In toe fremont How. Carried. On mutton, adjourned. Polio Paiupc.—Yesterday afternoon there ttas a public Ipaiade of 113 members ot the police fores in their new uniforms. The patrol* men of the different precincts, under their re* tp«Ure Captains and Sergeants, marched In double die to the Central Station, and between two and >br«e o’clock In the afternoon, were re viewed by the Mayor, the Board of Police Com* t*lssloners .and other municipal authorities, on the Noith Side of the Court House. Mayor Rice, in a bnet and appropriate address, complimented them upon their effldency and handsome appear* ance, after which they were again matched to their respective stations. Rest Tnotjotxa.—Mrs. Riley, residing on Jef ferson street, rented a ponton ot her bonsa to Mary Want, and at the Police Coart yesterday morning she alleged that Mary was keeping a disorderly place, not only refu*lng to leave the f treatises. bat threatening to remove Mrs. Rliey’a Ivvr.ana making various other threats. Mary was fined 110. Fms.—About one o'clock this morning an alarm of fire was given from box forty-eight, the furthest box on the South Division. The fire was a considerable distance beyond Cottage Grove avenue, and none of the engines went to it. The Ballot to Colored men* Editors Chicago Tribune: Allow me through the columns of your valu able piper, which has always been found on the ride of Justice and humanity, to appeal to our white fcllow-dtlzcns of Illinois lo behalf of that portion of the citizens of this State who are wrongfully denied a right that Justly belongs to them, and that Is the ballot box. -The colored torn of Illinois are as honest, as indnitrlons, law abiding, and as loval as any class of citizens to be found within or out Ot Illinois. Then, fellow citizens, do yon wish to withhold from os oar lawinl rights? The only reason Is this: race and color—w.uch Is very frivolous. Indeed. White men of Illinois, you may for a while longer with hold your assent,hut the time will come; then we want von men of to-day to have the credit of doing full Justice to your fellow men. I cannot think—neither will i believe—that any loyal wnlte man ofthe Prairie Slate would withhold his signature from the petitions which are In circula tion throughout the State fur signature*. Those retl’Jona will be laid before the Legislature of tho late at its next session, to pray for an amend ment to the State Constitution whereby colored men a right lo the ballot box. Fellow dtiaers, the colored men of the State pay the same taxes lba» you pay; amenable to the same Ja*» e that you are; In short, the colored man of Illinois performs every duty that you perform, ex cept two. And what are those two 7 Why, that wiilch is ibe most important to every freeman—to send bis children to the schools which bo sup ports and the billot l*ox Those rights we ask fur a* men. and as law-abiding citizens wo de mand. Fcllow-citlzcns. throw off the old garb of prejudice; look onr prayer—our request—cilmly ana dbpsislonately lo the face ot all the changes that Lave taken place In this country in the last six years; look at other countries and other sister Hates. Revolutions will not go backwards. LOCAL MATTERS. manden’s Pectoral Halm Is the moat pleasant, safe and efficacious remedy that has ever be* n Discovered for the relief and care of disease* of the lungs and throat. It can bo nsed by all with perfect salely—relieving and caring the Coughs, Colds, Influenza. Croups, and diseases of (he Chest. For sale by all druggists. Burnham* & Van Schaack, Chicago, general - agents for the Northwest. Dr. Slbbet* Physician for the Hair and Scalp. Entrance to rooms. No. 73 Cluk sin ct, nearly opposite the Court Hoosc. Consul- ■ tail on Tree. Cures warranted. 4 A. Care at tavt.-AU those who are suffering from rhenmst'sm can be restored to De fect health by taking a few doses of Metcalfe’s Great Rheumatic Remedy. Lord A Smith, Agents. Tlte crowds of people who are already visiting W. W. Stroup’s immense fonilture ware house, 2KJ Randolph street, warrant us is the be lief that the above is thf place to find any and all articles in their line. They are offer lag induce ments during the holidays whic b ought to attract everybody—as maybe seen by their advertise ment on our first page, or more particularly by calling at their furniture emporium. Taxes* Taxea,—The Heal and Per* snnul tax, lor State, county and town purposes, for tbo year, for the town of booth Chicago, Is now due, and can be paid at my office, oo Clark afreet, near Randolph, tinder A. U. Miller’s Jew elry store. Please bring last rear’s receipt or your deed. H. W. Philiips, Collector Town bomb Chicago. We recant fflnu Wlmlotrii Soothing Syrup as Invaluable for the purposes for which it is designed, and would have it if Its price were double wbat it now is. We shall do ail in our power to Introduce it among oar friends and ac quaintances.—{Henry A. Hitchcock. Sturbridge, Mass.) It relieve* tho child from pain, softens tbe gums, reduces Inflammation, cares wind colic and sure to regulate the bowels: gives rest and health (o the child, and eomlorta the mother. A Sore Pile Core.—Or, Gilbert** Pile Instrument positively cures tbc worst cases of piles. Scut by mail on receipt ofsL Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everv where. Address J. B. Boxactx, Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York “mother,l cannot ains the old •onsr.a** Do let me buy that beautiful song. Just published, entitled “ Foot Pints on the Snow.” It is com posed by the popular writer, J. Henry Wbltte more. The price is only 40 cents, and elegantly gotten np. The tills page alone is worth the Sricc. Messrs. Lyon & Bealybave just received ,00u copies, and they are going off very fast. Bair firmtne without a particle of grease. “ Glyceria" restores the hair, communi cates a delicious cooling sensation to the scalp, cleanses it from dandruff, and is absolutely free from grease, so as not to: soil the finest fabric. Caswell, Mack <£ Co.. New York. Sold by all drnggtafa. Itel»! iUnilcn! I Haj-Alb n«dU«tMl Cream cores Itch, scratches, and all skin diseases- It Is peat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain; specially adapts ic children, gold by all drug gists. . Paper Hangings and Window Shades «t greatly reduced prices. F. E. Rigby, 63 Ran dolph-st. ATTEMPTED SUICIDE, A Toons Ulan Disappointed In Lore Drinks Laadanom-He Is Arrested and his Ltlb .Saved hr an Emetic. [From the St. Paul Pioneer, December S3.] On Sunday evening a young man residing I in this city attempted to commit suicide by I drinking a heavy dose of laudanum, but for* { Innately his life was saved by prompt inter' i fcrence. The circumstances are ar follows : About dusk a respectably dressed \ anng man went into Allen & Champlln’s drag store and asked for some laudanum. Sx c poctlng that he might wish It. for an improper use, Mr. Alien declined to sell it to him.- Ile at once proceeded to E. H. Briggs* drugstore, on Third street, and called inr : laudanum. ffm, Collier, toe clerk In at* i tendance, questioned him closely as to the use he Intended to make of It. The young mao said he wanted to use U In his family, some of whom were sick. On being ques tioned if he knew the quantity for a dose, he said “Yes—fifteen drops for a grown person.” 'Mr. Collier felt quite sns' plcions of the person, whose actions seemed eccentric, but concluded to give him the laudanum. On handing him the bottle, which contained about two ounces of the poison, the stranger handed him a bill. Ur. Collier pretended to turn around to change the bill, but still kept an eye on the party. Thinking himself unno ticed, he at once uncorked the bottle, and applied It to bis mouth 1 Mr. Collier sprang at him and knocked It from his hand, bat not until the prisoner had swal lowed most of the contents. ''Do von mean to kill yourself?” asked Mr. Collier. “ Yes, said lie stranger “that’s what I mean. I want to die. and intend to do so.” He then attempted to leave, but Mr. CoUiersclzcd him, and forced him Into a chair. The suicide resisted, but It was no nse. Mr. Wm. UcEconedy. who was in the store, now slipped out and soon re turned with c police officer, last as Ur. Col lier had prepared a powerful emetic, which he was endeavoring to force the man to take. By the help of the officer, he forced a small portion, down his throat. The officer then took him to the City Hall. Here, to make a long story short, Dr. Rie ger was sent for, and not ’Without some trouble succeeded, the officers helping, In forcing an emetic into the unwilling stomach of the suicide. In a short time the laudanum was brought to light, and the man’s life was saved. He was then pnt to bed very weak from the paroxysm he bad passed through, but still declaring his intention to kill him self at the first chance. He turned oat to be a yonng fellow resid ing down town, who was recently “ crossed In love,” and goaded to desperation by the jeers or his comrades, he had actually tried to pnt an cod to bis life. At his earnest re quest we suppress his name, as he U respect ably connected—bis father being an eminent clergyman. Wo hope he will not repeat his rash act. EXECUTIOS OF TWO SEGBOES 15 50RTH CABOUSA* A Shocking Se«ne-Tbe Hope Abent the NrtkefOae of the Victims Slips and Be struggles Ilottibly Tor Half an Hour. I From the WOmtarton (N C.j Journal, Dec. SL) The Sheriff of this county executed, on yesterday. Lewis 'Williams and Augusta* XVilliams, freedraen, convicted of highway robbery and sentenced to death, at the last term of the Superior Court. The execution was attended by a large concourse of per sons. both white and colored —a larger cam ber than ever has been known to attend an execution here. The condemned were taken from the Jail shortly after ten o’clock, and conveyed to tbe place of execution on the suburbs, under the escort and guard of a socad of soldiers of Company D, Eighth United States Regulars. The prisonerbwere attended by the Rev. J. C. Thomas, who offered every consolation and hope for the relief of their sonls. Ar riving at the place of execution, they were as calm and collected as could be expected of those about to lace death, and from the scaffold made a parting address to the large assemblage of persons. They both strongly protested their innocence of tbe crime of which they were convicted, and expressed a hope of peace hereafter. * At half-past seven o'clock the Data! cord attached to the prop was polled, and in stantly two dangling, struggling forms were seen suspended in the air. Lewis Williams died almost instantly and without scarcely a struggle, but the Caul rope attached to the neck of Augustus became misplaced In the tall, aod gave rise to horrible sufferings, which were plainly indicated by the fearful and maddening struggles he made. In about halfan boar he 100 ceased to struggle, aod the crowd dispersed owftxlly Impressed with the horrible scene. The execution proceeded with the utmost oniet, no disturbance or attempt at rescue having taken place. tVholrantg Case of Palaonlng at RlpM* Wisconsin. MavAtmt December «7.—The fomOy of Frank Culver, Urine on Green l*Xe Prairie, war Rlpox. WUeon-iu, consl-tmg of himself ana wife, u Ventlcmau from Michigan, a hired man ana a hired clrk were poisoned Christmas night by drinking lea in which strychnine n»d been put. They were all living SIB ©dock lislnlght An iralun who has been working for them u *u«- nectnl (o be the perpetrator. asV was discharged on Christinas, and circumstances point strongly to him. Parties have gone ont to arrest aim. FEOM ST. PAUL. T%e> Asoossoraht* Imbroglio—Jehasea’i *O p«tntw Hake* a Raid on the Offlce «f Hie FredeCe—r Twelve Baildlan Horned at (ftlltiratet, (bpcdaJ Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! St. Part. Minn., December 37. Colonel Woods, the Andy Johnson Assessor, being very conservative, obtained the services of the United States Marshal on Christmas day, and went Into Wilson's he was at the Sabbath School Festival, and carried off inch of the hooks and papers *a ha could find. It Is re ported that Wilson Intends to scad Woods to the pexutontlaty lor burglary. The fire it Slfllwaicryealerday destroyed twelve buildings, the lots being fiS.UOO, with but UUIe Insurance. FEOM CASAIMU A Christmas Dinner to she Fenian Prison em—Grand RBih Co the Itlsdoe Gold Field* —Three Men Drowned—The Fenian Trials —Comnctlen of One and Acquittal of Five Other Pr sopero. Tobohto. December 87.—The Fenians in jail here had a big Christmas dinner prodded by their friends and sympathisers. Another bill has been filed in chancery against the Bank of Upper Canada. BzLLErnJx, C. W., December 87.—Numbers of Beople are conUmtallr passing through here for le uadoc gold fields, the laud cf which la being rapidly bought up. qcxaic, December 97.—0 n Christmas night a canoe with five men in it, crossing to PolctLert, was upset by the ico and three men drowned. Swxrranoßo, December 27.—The Jury in Crow ley's case, retained a verdict of guilty. At the requestor Mr. Devlin, sentence was not passed, to give Devlin time lo move for an arrest of judgment. Edward Gilman was arraigned. Mr. Ramsay opened the case for the Crown, remarking that it was most extraordinary there should he a failure of Justice regarding these prisoners, whose complicity could be proved beyond a doubt. Several wltneseeJ were examined by the Crown, and the case was closed. In the case of Gilman the Jndge charged favor ably to the prisoner. The Jurr returned a verdict of not guilty. De wa* discharged. Gustave Morill, a lad of about sixteen, charged with stealing, wsas acquitted. Edward Carroll, charged with luteal to levy war, Ac.—The Crown abandoned tbo case, and he waa discharged, and also McDonald and Howard. Wemon Holmes pleaded guilty to larceny, and was sentenced to two months* imprisonment. Mr. Ramsay said he would proceed with Craw ford's case, tnc last of tbe lot. to-morrow, and tbe Court adjourned. MEXICO. ainstmilluo’s Circular on his Resumption of Authority—Napoleon’* Latest Order* to Hazaluc—Evacuation ot Han Lais Fotosl byiibe Imperialists Confirmed, New OnxCAin), December 27.—Mexican news to tbe 81st is reccln-d. The Emperor, lo a circular, says he accepted the throne, being assured, that such was the national wilt. Civil war. he save, nevertheless continued, sudeompe d him to Incur great expense, hsb seqeentiv Ua? Emperor Napoleon announced that he would discontinue tbo aid he had advanced. He was, therefore obliged to with draw hla troops, and tbe dissidents occupied a number of dlles thus abandoned. This encouraged them to increase their efforts to overthrow bis government Then came the action of the United States towards securing a republican form of government Allusion le made to the manifesto on the subject ofa National Congress previously Issued by the Emperor when he arrived at Puebla, the address from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Marine. Napoleon has given explicit orders to Bazatne to co-operate with Maximilian In the Interest of order and peace, and cire him assistance so long os the French remain in Mexico. Tbe Liberals are very active In Oaxaca. Military despatches have been sent down for the last French steamers, which are missing. They are believed to bare been intercepted on tbe road to Vera Cruz, which abounds with merlllaa. , Tbe evacuation of San i.uls Potosl and Mato iiurla by the Imperialists Is confirmed. FROM BOSXOS. Tbell.lonor Law Enforced la HUh Places— Proprietors of the Larce Hotels Fined and Sentenced to the House ol Correction. Bostoh, December 27.—The proprietors of the Parker Bouse. Tremo-t, Revlere, and Young’s Hold, were before t’ Municipal Court this morning for selling Ibpicr in violation of law. Ttoy were fined SSO each, and sentenced to the Honac of Correction for three mouths. An ap peal was taken. , , , The prosecution was instigatedhy Honor deal ers who claim the constabulary interfere with them and allow first-class hotels to escape penal ties Incurred. __ BotTOJt, December 27.—The storm has been vert severe all day, bnt has somewhat abated ibis evening. The wind blew a perfect gale, and the rain descended tn toirenta. Teasels in the bar-* bor dragged their anchors, but no serious damage to shipping is reported. Tbo tide is very high ibis afternoon, and the ends of the wharves received damage irom this cause. About forty feet otthe Eastern Railroad bridge across tne Mystic Klver. between Chelsea and Somerville, was washed away at high water, and all travel has been suspended since half-past four o’clock. The late Mrs. Amoa Lawrence bequeathed $33,W8 to pnbllc Institutions, to be distributed as follows: Williams College and American Board of Commissioners lor Foreign Missions each $5,0(70: Foreign Missions of tho Protestant Epis copal Church and American Bible Society, each $4,0U0; American Home Missionary Society, $3,000, with smaller sums to various local so cieties. FBOX PHILADELPHIA. (khool Teachers’ Salaries te be Increased —Action of the Cotloa and Woellen Mann* facturen-qalck Pusage from Su Fran* claco—Heavy Hank Robbery. Philadelphia, December 27.—The City Council proposes Increaetsg the salaries of the teachers in ibepubllc schools twenty-five per cent. The cotton and woollen manufacturers here and in this vicinity held meetings on Saturday to con sider upon action for the abolition of the 5 per cent Internal Revenue tax on their manufactures. Philadelphia. December SO.—The ship David Crockett, ninety-four days from San Francisco, < has armed. This la one of tho quickest passages ever made. The dipper David Crockett brought 60,000 bash els i.r wb««t from California, the first direct cargo of California wheat ever brought to this port. C. P. Bayard & Co., bankers, were robbed to-day of a quarter of a million of Government bonds and securities, id s manner similar to the !<ord bond robbery. It la supposed to bare been done by two men who were in the office asking ques tions. Other bankers state thatparties answering their description visited their offices this morning, Philadelphia, December 27.—Robert C. Gal lagher bad bis pocket picked, on Third street, near Chestnut, this afternoon, of ffLOOO in new United States Five-Twenty bonds. He had just purchased them at DrexciA Co.’s, and dlroc'ly after leaving their banking home, discovered that the bonda were missing. FBOUftEW ORLEANS. ProtfiTMi of the Klot Investigating Commit* toe—li'imt Dearth of Money—Arrival of the Consmilonal Excanlonlaia. Xiv Odleaks. December 27.—T0-morrow the witnesses, wbose names bare been tarnished by the Lieutenant Governor, Mayor and private du acne, will be examined by the Biot Investigating Committee. There la a treat dearth of money here torvnn phiag the seeds of the cotton planters. It Is txlieved that ebon means wDI make the next crop as email as this year. The Congressional visitors arrived to-night and were escorted by a lirge sarty of cx-confederatcs to Ibetr apartments at the ft. Louis. Among the patty are Generals Howard, Sewell and Wood; Senators Foster, Lane, Wide, Norton and Ram* sey; Representatives Bays, Marshall, Whaley, Lafilu, Cnanler, Uubbcll and Kerr. FBOM THE PACIFIC COAST. Sblllbr of the First leaner In the New VJopon Line—Recruits for Corona In We*- Sax Pcaxcisco. December Sl.—'The merchants ard bunkers algntUxe the departure of the steam* er Colorado, Tor Japan, by a banquet next Mon* day. Two hundred men led here recently to assist Corona in Mexico, under Max Henning. Custom Bouse dues last week tSi,OOO. FBO3I SASHTXLLE. An Editor efthe London Times Prospecting —Cotton. Market. Nashville. December 27.—Mr. 11. C. Baffte, commercial editor of the London Times, Is here od a tour of the Southern States, looking. Into their commercial prospects. _ Cotton marketdall. Sties, 2l» bales at 27®2ec* Shipped, lift bales; received, 631. Weather Reports, Bcttalo, December 27.—Mercury 8 s above gero; weather clear and fine sleighing. Ctkctssati, December 27.—The mercury at 9 a. m. was so above xero. Toboxto, December 87.—The weather is cool but not severe. St. Paul. December 27.—Coldest dsy of the season. Mercury 10* below aero. Wasiqxctox, December 27.—The weather has been v«ry told here all day. High wind this if* ternoon and evening. It has blown a gale .from Ihc northwest, which still continues. Philadelphia, December 97.—1 t is very cold, and a heavy gale is blowing from the northwest. Locisvuxe, December 47.— Very cold and clear. Thermometer 22. _ _ ... St. Lons, December 97.—Clear and cold. Snowing at Kansu city. . . Boerox, December A terrific easterly atom with a drenching .rain.. Damage to the wharves and shipping considerable. Usssmsm sf Hfcsswaa* p/iffn, December 27.—General Sherman and Secretary passed through here to-day. the former (» rovfvfot Su Louis, and the latter for Philadel phia. ___ Steamer Burned— Twenty Utm Leat. Vicsaamo. December 27,—The steamer F**h lon waa burned this evening about twelre mllee below here. Twenty Uvea wert lo»f. IJie offl etn were itTtd, Site had a cargo of 860 bales of cotton, all of which wma lost. PEBSONIL. Admiral Farrago!, it is said, will assume com mand of the Mexican squadron next spring. Some yongmen In college at Oxford, England, of ihe “ Verdant Green ” persnaalon. have re solved, after discussion, that John Bright is a re proach to the country that gave him birth! A couple of Bar tford doctors, both over seventy, bid a street fight all to themselves, the other oay. In which canes and fists were freely used. Ben. Wood, with his recent taro winnings, and some other pocket money, has purchased a hand some row of stores on Broadway. M*Ue Caterlne de Lyon ha* married, at Paris, Prince J. Tolstog. She has a dowry of $2,000,000, a palace at Sc Petersburg, a mansion at Faria, and SSOQ,KC of diamonds. Tbe Prince de Joltviße declares in the most positive manner that be Is not th* author of the article m the cfrrvc <U« Vtvx Jfcfttfvs on the naval battle of lisaa. Prince Gagarin, now a mere Father Gagarin of the Society cl Jesos, was a nephew of the tste Czar and is a first cousin of the Ccar regnant The Ute Cxsr forbade his entering Russian territory, under pain of being drawn and quartered. The wife of the rebel Major Dick McCann died last Friday, at Kashvble. the left four children. Benjamin Briggs, editor and publisher of the Newark (Ohio) Adtvcaf* for thirty-six years, died on the morning of the JMh. Lieutenant Colonel John J~. Polsley, late of Ibe Sevuth West Virginia Cavalry, died snddenly at Charleston, on the 10th inn. Be was a son of the Congressman. The Eston (Ohio) Hotter record* the death of John Ankmuaa, who had lived on a form near Eaton sixty years, fie was nearly etghty-Mv«n years old. Deacon Leonard Merchant, a leading Free State tw»w daring the early settlement of Kansas, died at Central City, Colorado, on the llth inatant Be was a native of Montague. Mass. Tbe AUa Calfornla of the 83th ultimo says that fitnry Well# GrinnelL son of James Grins til, of New Bedford, and nephew of Henry and Moses H. GrtnnelL. of New York, was fonnd dead in his bed tnihat city, on the day previous. Young Grta nelL during his short Ufa, bad been a “ fast man,” aod waa a salfor ” before the mast” at the time of his death. The Boston Jwraal gives the following list of tbe dead of 14’A, >o Boston ud vicinity: Harvard College bu lost President Sparta and Professor Charles Bock, the eiercr mil miss in the sacred deck Rev. Dr. Barrett. F-er. John Plerpoat, Eev. Dr. Worcester and Rev, Dr. Jrnta. Buhop Fitzpatrick, the most respected Bomaa Catholic U-shop of this diocese, also departed early in the «ctr. Wealao recall the names of Bod. WlQlain Parmcn e , Hon. Stephen Fairbsnta. 800 Charles Wells* ez-Mayor, Bon. Charlesß.Feaalee, John Q. A. Griffin, Dr. C. H. Biedmtn, Dr. A. A. Gould, Hon. George Horry, Colonel Samuel Swett, Chester Harding, Solomon Piper and Shea 0. Stanwood, as among the familiar faces which we shall see no more la our streets. Many of our weQ known newspaper men bare also died, and among them W. W. Clapp, Charles P. Bosks, Captain John Clark ana J. Frederick Marsh. General Morgan L. Smith, late of the Union Army, and now United Stale* Consol to Honolulu, was married in Vlekshnrg, Tuesday evening, to Mist Demise Gecelta. The Valparaiso correspondent of the New York Btrald says that since the marriage of General KDpatrlck, he haa been living with bu bride at a beanllfol country sent, near Santiago. On the 151 b, General Vickers, of Philadelphia, and Attache of Legation, married Mbs Amelia Valdlvlera, sister of the wife of General Kilpat rick. The ceremony was performed in church In Santiago, and was attended by tbe members of the Cabinet and t&c title of the city. After the wedding an elegant breakfast party was bad at the palatial residence of Ur. Henry Hefgga, the Amer* lean railroad millionaire, and later Is the day the conplc deparied fbr Valparaiso in a special car. They left a few days after in the mall steamer for the Stales, where they will spend the winter, il* turning In the spring, when the General will then commence hla new railroad nrojecta. Both the marriages were attended by (he happiest auspices, the wedding gifts were unusually rare, and the la dies of Chill are in high glee at their capture of the American Legation, cavalry leader and staff. Bon. Thaddens Stevens baa endowed a profes sorship of moral and intellectual philosophy in the Vermont University. That institution U hla aitna motor. Tbe antognph trade in Parle has Its regular price current. The following are some of ila latest quotations: George Sand, 8 francs (Sew ard, 10 franca ; Jefferson Da>le, 13 franca; Miche- let, 1 franc: McClellan,SO francs; VcrdU Bfranca, 60 cent.; Renan, 10 franca; lonia XVL, i francs, 50 cent. At the Masonic Fair, in Washington, picture* of Lincoln, Grant and Lee are being voted for at a dollar a ticket. The first night the votes for Lee were nine times as many aa for tbe others. Wednesday night the diiaualon orer Lee’s aepe* rionty itu so great Uut It almost amounted to a riot. Coe of (lie features of Miss Hosmcr'e mono* ment to Ahrsham Lincoln, now on exhibl'ioo to BoMoo, la the four negroes standing on pillars, one chained and ready for sale; one standing ready for his plantation work, an aimless, listless figure; one alive with tact and cunning, with torch and oar, ready io {nude onr troops across :be Southern swamps, and the other armed as a soldier, emancipated, ready to defend bis tights. These represent tbo negro as be exists* dor* me four periods of President Lincoln’s admlnia {ratios. The Polo (PI.) Prett says Ihxt a young genllo man, a teacher in Ode County, os account of 01- neaa, engaged a young lady belonging to tbe family with which he boarded, tv take bis place In the school. She laugh’, tor him nine daya, and it Is aald ehe did the work as well aa he had done It, At the c*oee of tbe next term be received 916 for tbe nine <tay’a service of the yonng lady, and then ashed ber bow mneb be should par her. >hc told him to pay her what he Ibosgtat was right. Be banded ber $5, saying bo would pay her that,. •• aeelog aa bow they had done bla wash ing and ironing during the winter.” Colon*! X. Wentworth Ulggineos has engaged to write a brief memorial ol Jllas Charlotte P. Uawca, the writer, wbo lately died at Worcester. The Tycoon of Japan, who died at Ossca early i In September, was a young man Just arrived at I maturity, and desiitute of ability or energy. Be I died of a disease resembling dropsy, which tbe Japanese call KaX I. Bis successor, Stotbaahl, was unanimously elected by tbe Gorogio or great Council, and la said to he an able atatcamn wbo has already secured tbe submission of some of the great rebel princes, so that there la a prospect of the speedy restoration of peace to the Empire. I The pictures constituting the seventh annual exhibition of tbe New York Artists’ Food Society, were sold by auction last week. Tbe following I were among the pictures sold and prices reallxed: 1 “The Neapolitan Coa«t,” by KemeU. f43U; “Scene on tic Western Plains,” by Whltlredgc, I |iSO; “Mountain Stream." by Hubbard, JJS; “The Old Wearer of Darien," by Louis Lang. (SUS; “A Trade/' by Johnson, f 673; “Green* wood Lake." by Cropsey, |I2S; “Near Point JodUb/'byDe Haas, 1210; “ Morning on the Hudson," by Gifford, $655: “Creek at? to we,” by Huntington, |22S; “The Flirtation,” by J. G. Brown, 120Q‘. Ur. Eavanagfa, the armless and Iceless man, who was recently elected to Parliament for the county of Wexford. Ireland, is, it appears, of the Ihotesiant persuasion. His election has crested a ery considerable speculation both In England and Ireland. Be has the reputation of being a thorough able man, well qualified In every respect to become a most efficient member of Parliament. He la esteemed by all wbo know him, and loved by bis tenantry among whom be resides. Bis views about the regeneration of Ireland are said to be eminently enlightened and thoroughly practical. The New Orlosrs Picayune of (he 19th says that a gentleman who left Cordova, Mexico, on the 6th insu, states that only ex-rebel General Sterling Price of Missouri, and ex-rebcl Governor Harris of Tennessee, are now left in that interesting rebel colony. They have erected a house, bat U Is scarcely comtortable, and their Camilles reside In the city. Governor Harris is about sending bia j family, six in number, to Tennessee, to bare tain children educated. General Sheloy la at Verd Crux, engaged in the colonisation of TaxpanP General Strvcns Is still Superintendent of the Veta I Crus Railroad, bat the travel and business on it I are small. All the rebels in Mexico are in very | excellent health, bat tbclr prospects are poor. An English jury has decided that when s man nbo is smokirg in a railroad car refuses to re move his cigar at the request of hU fellow-pas sengers, they have the right to knock It oat ot his month; andtheJndse thought that the blowing of tobacco smoke in the flice ol a feUow*pasaeagir might be considered an losnlt A Dutchman at Decatur married a second wife a week after the loss of wife No. L Tne Sabbath followli.? the bride asked her lord to take her riding, and was “cot op" with the following re sponse: “You tlnk I ride out mil asodor woman so soon after the death of mine frant No, no I" The residence of Prof. Morse, the electrician, at Poughkeepsie, Sew York, was broken into by burglars on Sunday night, and the whole building ransacked frem top to bottom, the (kmll; being absent. Besides other damage to the pn raises, a box enntjininfr • very valuable set of telegraph Instruments was broson Into and the contents nearly all destroyed. Colonel A. R. Chapin, of Rockford, died on Wednesday morning at his residence, la Es*t Rockftml. The Segitter says: Colonel Chapin i commanded the Tenth Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers, in the isle war, and bis military re cord is one of which any man might be proud. Some three yeata dace Colonel C. wss compelled by ill health to resign bis command, and sboitly after removed from Milwaukee to ihucity, where he was for some lime engaged in the hardware basinets, which bis falling health compelled him to relinquish. Alexander Hamilton Bayea,a prtoter.wcll known throughout the United States, but especially so in New Orleans, died In the latter city, a few days since. Be was born la Gettysburg, Penn., about the year 1905. Choosing the prof-telon of printer, be was first employed tn Philadelphia, but after* ward went to New Orleans, to become foreman of the Hcaytmt newspaper. Be left the office of the Picayune to become one ot the founders of the DtUa. After that paper was established, the proprietors separated, and a portion of (hem, with Mr. Bayes, estab lished the Crescent. The Crescent of to-day Is the revival of that paper of which Mr. Hayes was an original proprietor. He acted as foreman to both tho lidta, and the CrrseenA In 1330 the Crttent was transferred to other owners, and Mr. Hayes lookup that wandering life which continued to his death. He went to California, and thence to Japan and China and back again to California, which State he left on the breaking ont of the war. Be made bis way ovndand to Tessa, where he re* sided during the rebellion. A few weeks ago be was invited back to the Picayune office hr the pro* pricton. bat he died the day after landing in New ’ Orleans. He stood bigh In his profession, and was esteemed by all wbo knew him. The New Orleans Typographical Society paid appropriate homage to bis remains. FOUTICAL. Tbe Helen* (Montana) Serald has an able edi torial on lie - rum cal Pstnt* " of that Territory, the leading features o> which wo win repr-dnce. Among tbe youngest or the territorial depend* endeaoftbe Union, yet tbe peer of sic'ior or all o( her rlvala in anriferona riabta, Vntfitt, point, callr. Is ontatripped by her poorest competitor*, md ta ruled to-day by men wboee party teneta and practices are at open warfare with the enlighten mest of tbe sae. Bow this happen* to be io, ii detailed by tbe Setvld as toltowat Boring tbe latter days of the rebellion, when the majesty and strength of tbe Government began to be felt, the shattered and fleeing horde* of Price, and rebel champions, ■ought talety in this Territory. From tbe North, there came about tbe same lime, intermixed with some go< d aad upright men, numbers of coward* and Copperheads, draft sneaks and blackleg*. In tbe tame direction, ana now form a dangerous dement of aodety. With loyalty at a discount, and treason at a premium, tbe dominant party in Mon tans came Into power in ISW through the votes of a fagulre rebel soldiery, who. crossing tbe plains ta bushwhack era on tbe Southern route, went fresh to tbe polls, dad m their suits of bnttemat, aad deposited thetr Demo cratic ballots. Since then, the Republi cans, with no outspoken organ In their behalf, and no organixarion ta the tanka of the party, have permitted the several local and Terri torial elections to go by defanlt, and this Demo cratic dement baa had things their own tray. The BrraltL, after giving the present attoadon of aChirt, says that another year vrfll wltaeaa a radi cal change In the politics of Montana. Tbia Is evident from the class of immigration that has flowed in from both the Atlantic and Pacific States. Theta Immigrants, nlne-tcn»hs of whom are Union Repcblicasa, and a large number from the

ranks of the Union army, will become permanent aetuerc, and take the place ot the anventnrers and vagabonds, who are now genet ally leaving for the States. The Strald, mconclusion,savg: “With the precedents before ns of Kansas tad Nebraska, Colorado and Nevada: with the emigration at high tide sealog in tram the E*s% and the West toward tbe rich auriferous and agricultural coun try of tLe mountains; with men of pre-eminent ability long In oar midst—who have fought rebels in tbe field and defied them at borne—as leaders; with a host of good men in onr ranks, disposed to cont.wi the Democratic doctrine that 'the Government should not be consolidated is the people and Congress, but be diffused through one mao. which is A. J.;* with all these encoirageromte lending Inevitably to tbe highest realisation of onr hopes, may we not predict for Montana a political future-bright with the rainbow of pro mise 7” AtseetUffof the dllzens of Camden, K. J.. was held on the £oth Instant to rejoice orer the District of Columbia So2r*ffc BUI. The colored people presented a handsome sSk dag to Uoa. J. M. &coyd, on the occasion. ita by Telegraph. Market Hew York narhna Krw Tou. December ?7. Corro*—Heavy at SSjtSVo—chiefly at latter. Ftorx—iftaiic better: £MO»U.IO Car Bute and Wt*Uro; 531.00(51320 tor Ohio. Geais—Wbeat quirt and firm. Coro dull atliaea Ll 3 In store: fl.ltul.tS nQott; |IJ3 for white south ern afloat. Oat* dull atQSCc, PeoTtcoxa-pork firmer; |U-S7a 30.50 for new: 118.8tai9.11 for oid—cloainr at latter, ca*h. Beer bama firmer. Cut menu heavy at saiOc for f>h>aldert: Jdol9c for hams. Lard dull at UfeUJfc. Bolter Ud »clot Ohio. _ Dinaip Hoos—Firmer at 7Jf«9c for Western. LATER NEW YORK {BASKETS. (Special Pee patch to the Chicago Tribute.] NrwTotr. December 77. cszanerrm. Floor—Demand mainly tor v*ry low grades to go Ponm. Good Northwestern Court doll ant scarcely so firm. Wheat weak; the sales atgLMhad not pre viously been offered below fts7. Other grain very fiaC paovmosa. Pork and hog prodncU close rather (Inner, bat un settled. acocmxs. CoSte—Blom&BKc. with a fair demand. Sugar— Fair to prime grocery lONailtfc. Market steady. caTxtsiuxzzr. Beeetpu fbr two days. 1,009. The wholesale botchers are doing nothing. Market duQ and prices weak. Good to prime Western steers IS&X6c; cjmaoa and medium U®ltc. snzsr asddoos. Sheep s®6e, and quiet. Bogs—Receipts, 2,000; mar ket firm at the. Hllwsakre Market* (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Trthnre.l . Mavicm. December 27. Flora—Firmer and more active. Baleawere: IJOO brls at |3OXO tor XX spring, |9.0 tor choice X, |I3AO for superior winter, and 1720 tor buckwheat Boor. Gxacr—Wheat advanced 4£sc. Sales at 9 a. mjboard were: axootm at 5M5 tor No. 1,57*80 tor No. S, and $126 tor reacted. Noon board—tales were: 33,400 bn at 51.94£1.97 for Ko. 2, *1.793181 Jf for No. A andfixpa at f1.94fc1.97 for Ko. X 51*793181# for No. A andsL6Qfc IXB tor rejected. Com Ann and higher. Sales were: GOO bo at 85c tor old No. L Oau steady. Soles were: l2oobnat4<ctorNo. 3. Bye dull. hales were l$J)5 bast Motor No. 1. Psemaosa—Very dun, and no buyers. MsfirnpoA 576X0. Beef hams scarce and held at 530.00. + Dkzsszd Hogs—Finn; sales at jM Lit* Hons—Declined; sale* at 53.37>»«■■' 6a. n(j Bzcsms—LSso brls flour. 13200 bn Wbeat. 5,100 bo’ oats. 3200 bu corn, 1,400 bu rye, LWO dressed hogs, 73 live bogs. Sunsm-tio brls flour, t,coo bo wbeat. AlburCtuie Market. (Special Dcapatch to the Chtcaeo Tribnne.l AUUST, K. T„ December 27. BEEF CATTLE—The *npp!y of cattle I* not large as yet, nor is it likely to be, as a aerere aaoc e?o.m u -•er ailing. The zsarke* - - - pier&Ulsg, Tbe zs»rket cpcu rrtrcmelj doll and At a declined HGkVc V t>,liTcwelgd. SHEEP— HOGS—6a#J>»c. Dre»ed’Hoc* “>*l33^o. Rloneraad Stacks Io New York. ~ , Naw Tons. Dectmber 77. Mossy—Steady at 6A7 per cent. Etxbujio—Dull at per cent. Oolp— Lower, opening at ISltf, declining to 151 if, anocloelcgatlSJ*. OomaxcTO—lower. Etocxb—PnU. _ iU. Cent. ini* I Wabash Western. O Toledo TO* | Ft. Wayne l«jf N.T.C ÜB* I Hannibal 4 bt Joe,..lflg Beading. lia< 15-30 coop, new Uine.,lo7« Tennessee Ca 69<i 16s *dl conoons UO ccnpons .is ) Cincinnati Market* Ccrcc.TH.TT, December 27. Flock—Dull, bnt prices are tmehaneed. Tbe demand ■va* local. Superfine spring ti.'OMM anl winter f?Jo®lo^s. Urxja—Wheat dull, bnt beidfirmiy .with sale* of No, 1 spring at t3.SA7.tO, and winter at £L*&LSS. Hold en are Aim generally and not prearing their stocks on the market. Com dull and nrlces drooping, with sales ofearatsagSc: shelled SIACTc. Oaa dull and price* lUtte better than nominal, with sales ol No. lat s%3Mc. RyednUatfMOfur No. I. Barley—Fair de mand for tbe >«st grades cl fall at flXtkai.TS. Wnukxr—Was firmer, and holders asked 36c In bond, bet borer* refused to pay over JJc. Cottos— DqII and nothing dslng—middling held at In fair demand and the market Arm at 1743 to with sale* of 5,00 head chiefly at *7.33 to £740 lor ££tuv7o fts average. Receipts6.4Ao bead. PBortaioffs— Hess pork held at £1940330.00, bnt the demand was light. Balk meats told at 6V'4Bc fbr ebunlacn, 9©9j,c fbr sides and lOv&lic for clear sides, packed—tbe outside rate for that fully cured, Green meats firm and In demand at shoulders, 7V(i he for side* and 9*fc fbr bams. Lard doll atlOV<3il!c for steam snd like fbr kettle rendered. Bauer quiet at IfWtc fbr prime to choice Centra] Ohio. Cheese anil a* liftctiSc. Ukoccsiss—sugar doll at UaiSc fbr raw. Coffee doll at 34331 c. Egg*39®»c. Mosrrasr—Gold closed at 1S1&IS3 boring. Money scarce and the demand pressing. Exchange doll at ft to 1-10 discount baying, and par selling. Heavy orders were sent East today lor currency. Bankers continue to transfer their balances from Near York to the West. New Orleans Market* Xsv OuuKa, Decembers?. COTTOS Firmer, with sale* of ATOObales low mid dling at 39£S0c. Receipts S,aX bales. Exports baits. Gcoccbixs—Uo'uin steady, with talcs of tupertor at <:aisc; prime 62*87c. FLocn—Dull and lower, with tale* of superfine at yii4s; extra (HJoaiMio. l*noTUio**— Pork (22.00. M^sn - —Gold. 32: bank sterling, CX; New York exchange X discount. Buffalo Market, _ Buttalo, December 57. G:uis—'Wheat—(2.7s ftir while Canada, core—old No.lmlxedlljOOfbrcarlota. data held at 55c. Pbovwoss—Port doll. Lard Uc. Other article* unchanged. 9k. Lssli .tlflrtet. bt. Loctß, December 27. Tobacco— Unchanged. Cottoh—Seminal at 30c. Flora—Oolet and unchanged. Giant—Wheat stiff and higher: spring ranges at (2.10 a;.40: prime fan a: (2.7002.75: white at (190. Corn declining; 79® 95c, closing at 78090 c. Gala heavy and lower at 61066 c. pionnoae—(join and unchanged. Doslneaa tmall. WoiMtrr—Unsettled. Booe—Dull .packers standing off; pens full; no tales reported on ’Change. LauUrllie Market, Locxstilla December 27. Tobacco—Sties of 43 hhds. Market firm and active. Common lues (3.03. Medinm good leaf #19.00. FLorB-snperflne Bed Winter (9JO. Grain—Wheat—New Waite #2.73. Com—Shelled a 068 c: ear 63064 c. Hoc*-64065c tor choice. Receipts UwUy LOOS. To tal receipt* 133.000. PBomtoss—Mess Pork—(2o.Co. and firmer. Lard— Stlesel 12tes. Green Shouldersßwo. BamstSc. Corros—Low Middling 26029 c. Middling dull. Vt niaxxx—ln bond (ffl.oo. Fftubnnb Petroleum Market. Ptfiiacifl*, December >T, Oil market very dun. No arrival* to report. Crude, soohrla, st lie; packages Included, 500 bn* at Sc; 450 hrls at 8c; packages returned; 750 hrls to arrive, re fined In bond, at 33ft23Xr,fteeon board of us* here; free oil comical ati4o«6e. HARRIED. la this city, December 25th. at the residence ol the bride’* lAtter, 673 Carr-Mltt., by Pev. E. Q.Tatlor, Mr. CHARLES A. HURD, of Marseilles, HL, and Miss AXICt. A- CHAPMAN. la tbt* city, hv the Rev. R. W. Patterson, WIL LIAM L. WILLIAMSON and Miss DELIA GABRETT, both of Chicago. la Marseilles, at the residence ol the bride’s lather, Deeembfr 75th. by Kev. K. H. Baker. CHARLES K. ROLPH and Mist TOBITfIA J. SNYDER, both Of Man lius, 111. In this cltv, on Monday evening. December «4th. by Rev. tL G. tavlor. Mr. MADISON CARTER and Miss MARY JOHNSON, both ol this city. DIED. At the residence of hl« father. In tbls city. Dec. 36th, DIP.AM HASTINGS. Jr, aged 38 yearn and 6 months. Funeral tror> me resl’tnce ol C. C. Garber, 18 Ad ibhi. this afternoon, at 1* o’clock. Friends are re- spectfully Invited to attend. In this city, Dec-26m, Urs. MARGARET OWENS, aged 80 yean. Funeral from the residence of her son. O. Owens, 149 Sooth eanrameu-su on Saturday afternoon, at 1 o’clock. Friends ef the family are invited to attend. At Evar ston. ItU Dec. 76th. ALICE A-second daoeb ter of Edward W. and Charlotte E. Banker, aged 19 years, 4 months and 21 dat i. gjr Boston. Mass., and St. Louis, Uo., papers please copy. art association. OaTHUBSPAT EVESINO.’Dec, filth, it 7 o’clock (onlr one erenJnj't tale), at our Ba'earoom, 47 ard 49 Dearboro-«L. 60 specimen* by modem Om-eUM anltta. Amo eg Use dlsungoUbed name* art tie toN lowing: _ Decry yearo. Pan] Weber, W. Sheridan Toon*, c. Krochctt. Jaa. Hamilton, Otto Sotoera, TbOf. Horan. Ed.Motaa. J. Brewrl, O. W. MchoUon, Leon Jolllard, Veony, Knsyser. Jno. Fnntter, and other*. Prominent artlfts of KewTortc, Boston and Philadel phia, twice the mott valuable and rhotee collection of Palotuutf erer ofibred tor tale m thu city. AH lorert of fine Original Picture* aw rcepectfUly tnrlted. The ranery •■in be open far exhibition the day and ermine below the tale. GLLBEBT A SAMPbON, Auctioacera. „ , ttim I T>T GILBERT & SAMPSON. During the HoMays. j -t> 'J’HE OPERA fIOU&E ART GALLERY OPEN EVERY EVENING THE GREAT PAINTING, “THE RECOGNITION. IS STILL ON EXHIBITION, Free to Certificate Holders. blanks. gOUNTIES. Official Blanks We have now for sale the following additional Bonn • ty which have ALL been approved by the Dt- pertinents: boldlrt** Claim for Additional Doaatv, Widow’* “ “ ** Father’s mm*. Mother** ** mm Parents* *♦ (Jointly) M ** Guardian*! ** mm EA commonlcation too second Auditors Office, re mtmrtocopiee or onr Blanks sent for examination, says: “ The forms are decidedly the boat that hare boon presented to this Of* fice.* Sent prepaid on receipt of the money, at tl-00 pa noire. A nest pamphlet, eostatniar Pension an ! Bounty Laws cl t**, with latest Instructions and regal Ml ons suit Agents on receipt ot stamp to pay posmge. A copy inclosed wUh each package of Blank*. Adthte TRIBUNE CO., 51 Clark-st. Chicago. kJußinees Carse T H. FERRELL & CO, f ■ CHICAGO, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, FOB THE SALE OF Furs, Bides and Tallow. rr ConsltntcenU and erdet* solicited. ATTOTTOX given to an bulneu ea rusted to onr care. _ fHarijinrtß. rpHE EASE * BODLET Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, Wood - W * M ** LANK At BODLET* Comer et John snd Watery, Onctnaatl. .^SSSST" meal BBtatr-ffittg. inpBOVBD. T7OR BALE—A desirable honse, with 9 X' rooms, 4 pieefca, china cfose'. sink room, marble mantels.water, toarthei with 5V yean' 'earn of lot, xsqaife on the premises, 775 Wsbasb-ar. FDU BALK—Cheap—A nearl? new two-story frame house of ten rooms and lot thirty one feet (font, wiih b»m, Ko. *206 Warren-eu. be tween Lincoln and Robev-sts. Immediate possession riven. THOMAS D. fiNTDEB A CO., Beal Lute Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. I?OU SALE—A choice lot on Monroe* r aueait of tirer, with home, worth 5L509. lot CVXI9O ft to CO-foot alley, and is worth t&O per toot. Price ftioo, cash-nesrtr $3,000 leu than lb raise. Tiue perfect. GEO. W. UILU 17 Reynolds' Block. F)R SALE—Or to Rent—A new and beautiful mldeice, fashionably located. Price, with lot. fS.«O. price of rent. faro. A‘*o tor sale full depth lot, Ironu esav nearly to feet, cm Wsnatt-av.. In a rood locality, with Improvements worth 5U.000. Price, (30,800. Also tor sale. 50 toot lot on Lahalle-sL, just sooth of Mad!fOD-?L E H. CUMMINGS, Boom 10. No. 137 Sooth Clark-tt. T7OR SALE—At & great bargain, two A 1 frameh<-n«c* and lota, 617ana 619 Carroll-A.. be tweet Wood asd Paulina. THOMAS D. SNTDEB 4 CO., Heal Estate Ages 15, Ko. 4 Metropolitan Block. F)R SALE—Cbeap—Two nearly new two-story and basement brick booses of nine rooms, hot and cold water, marble mantles, and lot on Adams at., between Throop and fronting JeHerson-psrt. THOSIAB D. SNTDEK dc CO., BcalEsuteAgentA.No. 4. Metropolian Block. FOR SALE—TVe offer lor a few days house and lot, No. 40 Mouroe-st* for tbe very low price ot 112,150. street assessment for Nlcbolion pave ment already paid. A rare bargain—lot 39x100 fret. WABEEN 4 GOODRICH, Seal EUraW Brokers, 1‘25 Dearboro-ati, Boom '2. CNIMPKOVED, FOR SAl*E—The north halt of Block No. 43, School Section Addition, having a troct ogeof429feetoQ CUntoa atd Jetfer»on-*U-. and con taining S 3 lota. Arareoprortuulty for a manufacto ry. Wlil be sold on reasonable terms by X. a. FITCH 4CO n No. 167 Dearborn-st. 'OR SALE—A leasehold interest in a splendid residence lot, on North Dearboru-et. It U a comer lot, 9Cx!VC feet, to an ol ey. The lease hu 11 years to run. Address "S." Tribune office. T?OR BALE—At a decided bargain, a lot P 53 by 100 feet, on North between Ost and Whiting. Lot 50 by ISleet, corner of Jacksoa anl kWmcbester-tts. THOMAS D. SNYDER & CO., Beal Agenu, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. TT'OK bAJ-E—Lots lor $340, near corner 'T of Mllwaukec-ar. and DtvUlfiu-*t-. close to tbe bone cars. Home to rent. J. F. BTABB, 134 East Bandolpb. Boom 1. _ business OTljanccs. I7OR SAljE—Tte lease and fixtures ol a r Meat Martdome a good Dailoess. InquJro at 190 booth Water-t. I?OR SALE—Rare chance for a small I 1 capital. A compete Tob*«»> Factory. wl£ cot- Unr and OJTIDi machine*. torfSOO. Address P. O.Box 17~J4. F)R SALE—By A- P. Whitney & Co., ST Waihlngwn-st, Stock, tatnrea and lease ot a boanUoe house and saloon. In a rood location, and do tsr a rood boalsees. Will he sold low 11 applied tor immediately. TOR SAI.E—A Rare Obacce —An old 1 MtablUbed builneas, within half a block of Pott Office. House, lease of lot and goodwill. An active man, with a capital of from ILK# to flv»».canOaaa chance seldom offered. Beat of reasons orffl for tell* mg. Apply at VETER SHIMVb. 97 Monroes : 70K saTjE —A first-class Confectionery ■ god Restaurant, with a good stock on band of eonfteUonartM, aUo 20 day boarders, can be bought at once by calling at 2'fS Statist. TOR SALE—A neat Barber Shop, with ’ fixtures, complete. Apply at 119 Madi son su, comer Clark. T7OK SALE—For $2,000. One-half ol 1 a Drug Store valued at £AOOO. Inquire of BURN HAMS * VAN SCHaaCK, -wholesale druggists, 16 Lake-ft- Chicago. TOR bALE—Lease and fixtures of Store " 487 State-st, comer of EWridge-eonrt. inquire at the biore. TOR SATE—A Drug Store, with stock “ and fixture*, valued at £*Joo well established and dolrc a good retail bmloeas. Parties wishing to par* chaapwm address l*. O. Box 381. Fond da Lac, WU. : TOR SAXE—Tbe subscriber will sell 1 the stock and fixtures of an old established Book Store In one of the nest locations in this city. Or less than iI.VOO. Stock will Invoice about «i4ft Sales tbe present month £3,000- Address “BOOKS,” Tribune Office. amusements. (■'IROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. THIS (FRIDAY) EVENING. Dec. 28. »t 8 o'clock. Fifth Subscription Mahtoftne renowned OHIONT AND BUSIKI’ ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY. Gounod’s grand Opera, tfi fire acts, FAUST. Mcsdames Caxima and ParnSruutoscß, Signors Ixyxs, Brant I and MaSxa In the principal role*. FULL CHORUS, GRAND ORCHESTRA AND COM* PLETK MTLITABY BAND OK THE STAGE. Moalcal Director and Conductor Signor Nrcoiao Saturday Afternoon, Dec. 29. at 2 o’clock—OßAND GALA MATINEE— L’AFBICAISB. "With It* splendid ml*e en aceno. new caatmnes, jrreat caat and lucre**ed orchestra and chon*. Admlstion to the Matinee, Including referred seats, (J;Box BeatAlLhO. Box Office now open. , Monday—LA FAVORJTA. Tuesday—NOßMA. _ Wednesday—PßA DIaVOLO. Thursday—EßNANl. Friday—l&h Opera night. Me VIO KER * S THEATRE, CKEB A MYERS MANAGERS. Engagement ot M’Uo Johanna Claossen. Friday, tne beautiful Play of THE CHILD OF NATTTRB. poll-ring (with song) ......MUe. Claniseo To conclude with the roaring fkree of THB SMITHS AND BROWNS. Saturday altersoon—MUe. Ctaosaen Matinee. Sattuday erenlng—Benefit of Ur. BOCE. JOHN DTLLOK, the Celebrated Comedian. Mr. John DlUon will appear a 5..... .Biles pOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. Col. J. H. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusement* .F. E. AIKKN stage Manager .THOS. BARRY ABudgetofFon. Received by houses crowded from Boor to celling, with unbounded enthusiasm. Magnifi cent semrry. Gorgeous Costumes and Decorattoos. This r?Bit)ATI EVENING. Pec, atm. atxth time, FOBTUNIO AND HJS SEVEN GIFTED SERVANIS. the wonders ol the world, previous to which, the screaming Farce ol FAMILY JARS. Grand Matinee Saturday Afternocn. Formal© every HOUSEHOLD FAIRY, shortly. 'yARIETY THEATRE. C. U. Chadwick. Prop. O. H. Babtov, Maaagi MORE STARS I NEW ATTRACTION! MISS JULIA HILL, DasMOse and Comedians. MR. GEO. A. HILL. Comedian and Leading Actor. PROF. WILLIS COBB, And hie Astounding TRAINED GOATS, MONSEYS, AND DOGS. A GREAT BILL. auction galea. p ELBERT & SAMPaON, VT GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. SECOND VALUABLE COLLECTION OP ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS, BY CATALOUGB. AT AUCTION, From me welßnown Gallerr of F. QEBEGBEWiTZ, oC Philadelphia, SPLENDID STOCK OF SECOND HAND AND NETT iirniture, Carpets, 2 Piano Fortes And Household Goods, AT AUCTION, This (TKIDAD morning. at j 9 o'clock, we will «ll at oat salesrooms. 47 and 40 Peartorn-sfe. thermal, tare, Carpets, store*. &c„ of t umllj breaking op; also, a cne assortment of new PARLOR, CHAMBER AND DIKING BOOM KLUM'iUBB. Of all kindi. lectndlag several floe Marbl* Tbp Oil Walnut CHAMBER SETS and PAKLOH dCCTES. Also, one Plane Forte —a splendid Instrument. coat far. made by Hallett. Dans * Co. Also. one made by Uchte. Newton A Bradbury, each ‘•odire. SMm os. _ - ABcdoaecr*. Q.ILBERT & SAMPSON. stedical and Miscel'aneoes Books AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING. December 59th, al »* o'clock. we will Mil st onr Saleroom*. 47 sal 49 Deartxnn-IV, the LTBBABV OF A PSTSICIAN, end sboet COO roltimes New end Second-hand MISCELLA NEOUS BOOKS, sll In rood condition. GILBERT A SAMPSON. AncQoneerS /GILBERT & SAMPSON.! Urn sad Important Sale ot Marble Statuary* Tosea* Figure a* SO* Tcr-ivtK* and Fancy Goods* AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY. Dec. S9th, norntef sad afternoon, st u o'clock sad IX o'clock, st oar Salesroom, 47 snd 49 Dearßonnh. cotmttlsx of s most eiecsn; as sortment of pare white Italian Marble Finns snd Statoette*. Vises, Urn*. Card Becmrm, Tanas. Ac. Inthlaruerb eoUectl<a may be found mscyardclea of beaanfaldenra. many of which are ortrlnal piece*, •neb as Classical, Hebe. Roman. Grecian, Veapollua. ssd oixr weD-kscwn forms of Vases, Statnettea of MBlptnred Marble and Alabaster, each as Vena* de Medici, Bebe. Bor, Girl ssd D'o. Dancing Girli Groepa, snd historical eronna and firnres. marine alto cither one or the most '<aoU fal collections of rare and costly Mttble Goods ever offered in this Cltr. vuernj is «iui ui * » Al*o. will be added to the sale a t«t flae assortment of silverware. in sets, and other cooda. Ladles snd gectiemei are resnectfhUy Invited to at tend the tale. Sale wtinoat reserve. GILBERT A SAMPSON. Anetioeeo*. T WILL SELL ON SATURDAY, X at uk o'clock sharp. 40 Caddies of Tea, la teed order* 60 Beaoilfa) Uibclsc Bracket tVhatnois. BOOTS, SHOTS. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. AND MISCELLANEOUS GOODS. Also, a Brian Stock ot GENUINE GOLD JEWELRY AND WATCHES. J. H. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, A. BUTTERS & CO, Auctioneers & Commission. Hetdiaats PALMERS BLOCS, pfett 44 A 46 BA?il>OLPIl-ST. T ABQE STOCK OP RICH Silver-Plated Ware AT AUCTION. On FBtpAV, Dec.«. at 19 o'clock. at Batter*'**!* room*. 44 snd 46 Bardolpbwt, Between Btvte-st. snd Wsbsah-sT. pianos. TGDK SALE —Cheap— A f tst-das seven* r octave new Piano rone; wiUbanSy warranted. Cute seen st ho. 130 TrestMadiaoneu, opsSSa. Eo Uent-JBouges. TO RENT—O" Fullcrtonar, and on the edgr of Wright's Orova. a ne» J-twrT home, \rtta K acre of ground around It. containing u rooms, bc*id«»cio#oU. ISO feet west ol hone can. Apply to CLARKE, LAYTON ft CO* 13S WftJHngtoo-U. TO KENT—If you want to bay a house, rent % house, or «U & hoaae or lot. call at «uf at flee. Great Inducements a Way I offering. OEOBQK ft WILLIAMS, 7 sonlh Cisrk-et. XO BENT—A new liodec, on Twenty fnurth-st*ie%rCalamet-aT., fli per month, hot cold water bath.fte. Inquire of S. B. QuiVES, 112 Cottage Oro»e-av. To RENT—tiomb Side—Good comlort abft Cottage Boose, No. 6A Alexander-*t. four rooms, closets. wood abed. Ac. Enquire at the noose* TO RENT—Five Houses—ln different localities. Threeof them bare farnUurefor sale. ad#» several boalrras places lor rale. T. H BEL* FIELD ft CO* Beal Estate Agents, office lO P. O. Block. rro RENT—Frame Dwelling—ln good I cosditlon, contatn’n; ten rooms and close's, ou southwest corner of Ltucaro-ar. and Towasend-«t. Inquire at KNAITER ft ROLCOM*B, comer North Water and Clark**ta. office Mo. 1 Ewing's Block. TO RENT—To a good Tenant—House No. 211 Indlana-st. Good location aad but five minutes walk from Cl*rk-«t. bridge. Apply to GEO. F. FOSTER, 217 South Watet-st. TO RENT—House on Huron-sL, near North State. Inquire at 303 Huroa-it. TO RENT—A new two-storv house, on West Jacksomst* 309, containing 9 rooms, latest style and Improvements. Bent low to May Ist. In quire at Room 3 Cobb's BuUainr, 126 Dearbam-st. TO RENT—Two first-class brick houses, or the North tide, near street ears—bath room, gas, hot and cold water, fte. Bent, 9693 per annum. CLAFUN, 93 Washlagtop-st TO RENT—New bnck house, on Indi an a-sr.. near Thlrty flr«t-»L. two stories, besides English basement. 9 rooms, bath room, closets, ftc. WM. HANSBROCQH. 90 Washington•«. rpo RENT—A house ot 17 rooms, in a A good location, m the South Division, cheap rent, and furniture lor sale. ABTUUIt ft BoYDEN. 310 Siate-st. TO RENT—A desirable residence, with in three tnlnntea* walk trom the Court House, Call personally at Room 2. No. 4S South Clark-st. Best very cheap. TO RENT—A small cottage, and ftirm tut e for sale, new two months ago, suitable for housekeeping, situated between Madison and Ran dolph-# ts. (Sul at 43 South Dtaplalnes-et TO BENT—In the South Dhnslon, a large marble trout house, containing IS rooms, supplied with cas. oath, crate#, ftc.: good bam on the premises. R«ntonly«» per month. The adrertlrer medltttesltavingtbe city, and must dlsp«« of *»T t-'OO worth of the land tore. Address “DOL"Tribune office. Co lanu-Hooms TO RENT —E'ght Rooms, at 111/ West Madison at. u iter all complete. Inquire on premises. TO RENT—Furnished Lodging Rooms, with closets, store* and ess, without bowl to gentlemen only, at No. 35 aad 13 South Watet-st. TO RENT—The lower part of the Boom 234 *ontb Cllntoo-st* containing four rooms, pantry, closet and summer kitchen, all in good order. Apply on the premises. TO KENT —Furnished rooms, on illchi ’ng.iT. near naxrU»o-*i. Oa Ont or iccoad floor. Addwtil*. O. Box 8394- 0 KENT—A furnished room, with board, atNo. 1 Johnston-sL, corner Taylor, with la bvc minutes’ wait ot Wn> Island-av.cart. TO KENT—Furnished rooms, with a BzaaU stove In each, with or without board, at No. 00 South JcgeraopTC. between Madl.-on and Moo rot. TO RENT—Two tarnished rooms, suit able fbr housekeeping. One perron wubei n take flay boarfl with the perron venting. If convenient. Lo cation Stalest. north of laylor, Address “A O." Trl bnoe office. rpo RENT—A pleasantly famished 1 frost and other rooms, convenient to bednea*— gentlemen with relerencia preferred—at '2'iOH Btate-it. TO RENT—Two well-fnrmshed rooms, for gentlemen, for lodging. Board, If required. Apply >tvi69 North Wtlls-st. TO RENT—Part of a house, No. 8 Mo rer-st.n-ar Btate-et. Apply at wood raid, 196 E*»t Washlngton-sU rpo RENT—Two well-famished rooms, A with board, to perrons who desire flrst-elaa* sc cotrmodatloDSaadarewuimcto ray fbr such. Call at 287 West Randolph-sL, near Morgan. Best reier ecees required. 3anit-StOVCS, ©flaws, &c TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent, rear of 74 Randolph-sL, Court-place, oppo site Croebrs Opera Rouse. Apply to A. WORDEN A CQ., or L. I. TODD, on the premises. .Director. TO RENT—Store, orhuildmg, with two stories over the store, and good dry basement, in one ot Hie best locations on Latest. Auo. the lease ot same. v» a term ofreart, tor sale. For terms. Ac_ address “W L C,” Tribune office. Every way lulled lot a uttt-clasabuslncta. wholesale or retail. TO BENT—A leasehold interest in a splendid residence lotos North Dearbom-st. Ittsa corner lot, sQxUOftct to an alley. The lease has 13 years to run. Address "X,” Tribune office. rpo RENT—Second, third and fourth X floors of the new store ££ Michigan size adx 133, well lighted, and suitable for either manufacturing purposes, or the second floor will make a fine sales room. Apply to ED. AUSTIN, 43 Latest, or ad dress Box 3376. TO RENT—Yery derirablc office rooms, on the second floor ot 91 Randotpb-st.: also, a lane room on the fourth floor ot 93 Btndoluh, comer ot Dearborn. Apply to Dr. JAMES, 93 KMdolph-sL, second floor. TO BEKT—Store. 100 Monroe sL— splendid room lor Insurance, real estate or antic men. Flre-prool safe. Fixtures for sale. Immediate possession. C*U at 167 South Clark-st. rpo RENT—One-half of a store on South X the very best tocatlaa la tbs city. Address P. O. Box 305. rpo KENT—Part ol a Store in a new 1 block, cornering on Clark-sL, between Monroe and Lske-«ts. state for what wanted. Addroee ” WATTS.” TribcneOfflta. SlKanteU-So Sent, \\T ANTED—To Kent —A small house, YV suitable for'fliree perrons. A furnHhed hoa.-e Srefrrml. The beat reference riven. Addres* Box .IKl.Chlragop.o. Would like to take care of a house tor thewinter. WJ ANTED —To Rent—A famished VY nomon the South Side,without board, sultab'e fora idogle gentleman. Mart he ■well famished and in t oort location. Andress, staling tensi ao<l location, TXT ANTED—To Rent—A hall lor a yV public exhibition. Must be central. Address BAILEY, Tribune pace. TXT ANTED—To rent—By a gentleman, YV wife nod little girl. asaltc ot tnrcUhed or un furnished room*, * Uh bjard. Terms sot to exceed (99 per month. Address “SB," Ttioune office. TXTANTED—To Rent —A farnlsned V\ house, small or medium fire, ar d convemeit in alirrercete. South Or West Side preferred. Apply to STEWART. LUDLAM d CO- So. \ Lind's Block. 13 oath rag, pOARDING—At the National Hotel, D corner of Washington and Wells-rta-, one block west ot the Coon Hou-e. Good front rooms tuitabl for a gentleman and wiieor tor fimtiies with a prlvat entrance, where yon will find at all times a table on vided with everything ol U;e rest, good wallers and courteous treatment, at *5 s we»k tor dav boarders, or board and room.* from *3 to flO per week, transient boarder*. *3 a day. pOARDING—Two gentlemen or a gen- O tleman at d wife can have board by applying at l»S Abcrdtta-it. * p CARDIN G—A large room, suitable lor IJ a gentleman and wife of'Mngre gentlemen; al*o. one single room to rent, with board, at 74 Jacksoo-st. pOARDING—For a Jadr, at 142 North Jj EaJted-*t. J HOARDlNG—Furnished room to rent, ) with board, suitable far two young men. at 20S •bash*av. POARDING —A few Gentlemen can find 11 good beard and pleasant rooms at 22T Mlrhigaa. st. near corner North State, and convenient to bcslness localities. Terms moderate POARDING —Four gentiemcn cm be LJ accomrroCatcd with pleasant rooms and Orst-cUss board, at 2N9 Ililnols-f t. Day boarders can be aeeom modaied. Good reftrercea reumnd. pO ARD TNG—Good board, by the day X 3 or week, can be had st St Adams-SL, three min utes’ wait from the Post Office. p OARDING—Can accommodate gentle n man and wlte with nice, pleasant tmut roam sad becrootn adjoining, if desired. Is a small private tam ily. at 1279 Indlaaa-av. pOARDING—A pleasant suite o! ironl X-> rooms, nlcelv furnished, is a private finally, to a gentleman and wifi?, it 332 Ohlo-st. BcTerences re* qnired. BOARDING— To rent, with board, fur nl«hcd rooms tor one or two single gentlemen, at 40 Bcsh-st, References requireiL POARDING —With furnished rooms D tor reotlemuu Also day board at 132 Eas Msdlsonti. pOAßDlNG—Gentlemen wishing good D board tn a private famtly and very plcaaait loca tion, can find such at 239 UUnots-sL, two blocks from 6t»te-st. bridge. ' pOARDING—Two gentlemen whowiil J) room together, canfioua good home and ftrst cla>s board atllS State-«t,ooe block from the port Offloe. • pOARDING—A front room tarnished, |) soluble for a tomlty or two gentlemen, to rent with board st 113 WabsA-ar. pOARDING—Fust-civs board and O large comtonablc rooms may be had at low rates on Immediate application si 137 Fonnh-av. lour-ito ry marble front bou*e. iJoarh aKantetr. T>OARD—By a gentleman, wile and D child 5 years eld. with a anlta ol tiro rooms. South Side prrflTraL Addree*. stating terms, loca tion. Ac-, ** BBOwy.- Tribune office, OOARD —For five gentlemen and their l> wives and furnished rooms, in a private family cr where mere are lew or no other boarders. Address “BOARD." Tribune office. T>OARD—With furnished room, in i A a private lastly, tor a gentleman and with, where there are no other boardm Beteiencea erchanged. Address, tbr two days, “C RB," 101 Bandolph-at. ,lFot Sale. F)R SALE—One of the best built nig boats In Chicago harbor. Measurement Z tons, is pew, and will be sold at a bargain, if applied fbr Im mediately. Address C. W. PLSKHAM. Fond da Lac. Is. TTOR SALE—Lot 8, block 29, In the P original town, si mated on West Water-sri, near Washington. 1(0 tn dry Hour brl naves. Rark Tua cola and scow Gladiator. Apply at 473 Korth Wa ter-au. pear lighthouse* GALE* EASTMAN. F‘OR SALE—Prop. « Genesee ChieC’ cow lyinn at Detroit. Mich Iran. Clam A 5. Ton aare fold tneasnmnent), zu. Anply te TTM. {£. Wa B BTNER, Detroit, 511 ciu, or to HABRIS & BEO.. 81 Lag ber-»C. Chicago. FDR SALE—Two large Kettles, one Lard Press, ooe Cooler. Address Drawer 3819. F)U SALE—Second-hand School Fur nitsre, at 334 Ulchlean-aT.. to be disposed of by Jaanary Ist. F)R SALE—Bricks, Ericks. 5,000 Brick' at very low figure*. See 'ample at Room a. So. 135 Boom Clark-sc, or ot J. P. DICKBT, 91 booth Doptaiaes-st. T?OR SALT—Two Stoves new and ■ fir»t-clsMhesters at abarraln. Apply at JOHN* spy. SpgycEß a CO.'S. 44 llt»«t. PPi Personal. T>ERSONAL—WiD u Rizpih” please X seadP. O. addrtasto-H C. Jr./* Boa 54?3? Worsts, Carriages, &c. I,[ HORSES, weighing from 101-3 to 14 iT cwt, tor rale. Will beatls* Uclra Brock Tsni stab-es lor a few dsys only. Hones tron Huroa Co., Ohio. PCRDT A >. ROVES. StrarEfc aits Stolen, CTRATHD—From the bam of Mehring O A Psadt, on the eight of Dee. 31th. a Black &mk abontliv hands hlrh, 5 jeais old. A reward wIU be paid to whocrtT will return him to 03 Koith Caaal-st mEHKTNG- a pout. mmm-SBalt melf. BOOKELHEFEBB, BALMHES Ac. WANTED— An experienced General Agent for the State of Michigan, to represent a wbu established Western Lift Insurance Company. The very best of reference reonlredu Apply at No. 1.1 Exchange-place. or addeeas CHAU. B. HOLMES. See* WANTED A gentleman who can command trad.', as bookkeeper or salesman, or partner. Inqcjre of A. COLE, 30 llicnlgaa-av., near Bnsh-st»Bricge. SniT'AKTED—A good travellm? sales- VV mao. by a wholesale house, about the X3th of January next. Address, with name and reference; “D B," Tribune office. TirtXTKn Salesmen traTelling V\ through the country, desirous of adding to their eommlfolcfis, can hear of something to their ad rsoUge. by calling on TODD BROS, ft INSLBS, 103 SouthTWater-st. TRADES. ITT"AN TED—A first-class Shoemaker. f V Ollatßcom 31. No. 127 South Clark-at, immediately. *VXT ANTED—A good colored man, to V V take care of a span of horses. None bot one thoroughly experienced aod with good references need apply. Inquire at 24S Late-st, TTTANTED A reliable, industrious VV man who understands gardening, taking care of horse*, and general work for a private ftaily. Must bring good recommendation from former employer. Apply at 129 South Water-st. TXT'ANTED—A good brass coir mould- V V et. at 53 NortiTDesplalncadt. Good wagea ted steady emplcyment. i ggaanteb-jFamale g?elp BALESWO3UBN, TRADES, ftt. TXT ANTED Ladles are wanted V V tbroochont the Northwest, to canvass for IBE CUILDBEVS ALBCM. ThfobooKl*be* trated and elegantlv bound. Ladle*, and school tr*ch cjb especially, will find u partlcnlarlv adapted to the,r sales. The commUslon Is Urge. Address, or apply to W. J. HOLLAND ft CO, Chicago. XU.; Milwaukee, Wit.; Detroit, Mich.; Dubuque, lowa. TXT ANTED —An apprentice girl to VV leant dressmaking. Mu»t be a Protestant, and cose well recommend aL Apply at 553 West Laire- house servants. TXTANTED —A cood Cook in a private VV lamlly. apply, except the best of references esa be given a* to both character aad abili ty. Wacea satisfactory. Apply at lt2 Ftae-st* t>e lore 6 o'clock, each day until New Years. WJ ATCT^O—A good German gill, 12 or V V II years old. Apply at No. 400 west Van Ba reu-tC \\T ANTED—At 293 West Washington- V V et* a gcod, competent girl tor general opus* work. ___ TXT ANTED—A good cook, washer and VV Itoncr, at 792 Mlchlganav. Sdareuees re> qulred. W ANTED—A good cook, washer and Inner; none other need apply. 487 Mttcnell near Blue Inland av. Good wages will be paid. WANTED— At 307 West Randolph >t* a good kitchen girl. XTTA2sTED—A girl to do chamber W wort. Mon hare good references. Apply as ass nimctMt. TXTANTED—A good Cook, at 508 Wa- V V ba»h-«v. Inquire for two daya. WJ ANTED—A flist class girl lor gen- V « era! housework. and moat be a food coot, washer and ironrr. To neb an one, good ware* win begiven. Noce other need apply. Call at 173 War* ceu-sL, tettd house gait of Uxtootn. AA 7 ANTED—A good nurse girt Apply V* With rcSrrences. at 38S North CaSaUe-st. \\! ANTED—A good girl to do the V V housework for a small family, at 766 Wabash- \A t ANTiiJ?—A good house eirl at 738 V T West Lakc-st. None bat a competent, smart one heed apply. Coed wages paid. Apply fbr three days. WANTED— A girl to do general house work fcr a small family. References required. Apply at 317 Wahash-av; TXT ANTED—At 172 Mlchigan-av., a V? gin to do second work and ute care cf chil dren. Gold refereccc required, and Protestant pre ferred. TXT’ANTED—A German girl to do cen- V v era! housework. Apply at 3*25 North La- Salle-st. TXT’ANTED—A neat and reliable Pro- V» tesiact Olrl or woman, to cook, wash and Iron. masmaßfhmllr.wlerethereuasecoodglri. Wages S 3 per week. Apply for two days, at 306 Erte-sC, North Sine. XX7ANTED—A good German or Nor- V> weglan girt, to do general housework, at t 823 Wtrt Sladlson-tt. jjmploßingnt agencies. XX J ANTED—^I.OOO men to go South, \l wipes ftS to fiO a month and boara. Also, rail road m*n. and all wanting eaptoyme&u Apply at 75.1 Sooth ulark-st.. Boom 3. XTCT'ANTED —A man from every town, VV with from tl to lUOM, to call at Room ‘A, No, 4S South C.ark-iu, npitairs. WANTED— This day. 100 men to go Scutb: (15 per mouth and board. 35 wood- CDoppen; also, carpenter*, masons, and thovtlm. Apply at lUO Madlson-at., Boom 4. WANTED— 840men to go Somh, this omy, wages from (ts to (50 per mouth and board. Apply at Room 31. No. 137 South Clark-sL, Immediately. WBIOarACO. TXT ANTED All persons looking lor V V employment to call at Room 91. No. 147 South Qarx-sL. and get a gooa paying situation. ~\\T ANTJSD—3 assistant bookkeepers, 2 V V saleamea, I conductor, 1 brakemea, t hitmen. 1 porter. 3 drivers. 2 expressmen. Apply at Boom 13. Fullerton Dlcck. 99 Dearboru-s?. Apmlcantaby mall address J. M. MOORE * CO., Box 1707, endosing 10 cents for reply. XTTANTED—Young men jn the coun- Vt tty. wishing to obtain situations, such as book keepers. clerks, collectors, salesmen, conductors, ex pressmen. Ac« to apply at Room 13 Fullerton Block. fl*A De*rboro-«C,oraadre*sJ.M. MOO REA CO., Box 1307. enclosing ten cents, fur lull partlc Jiari. TXT-ANTED —ISO men to go South; eood VV wagesslvtn. ADo. 10 cood hewers tor Wls mnaln.SGup esrpenters, at '‘‘■im 3, Lind’s Block, Randolph-* t. Erie gc. ___________ TXT ANTED—Young men in the coua- T V try, wuhln*: to obtain ritualions, such a* book krepm, aalnmco, collectors, exnreasmen, clerks, brakesmen, fte.. to apply at 134 Dearborn-sL, Room 2. cr address M. E, JONES ft CO, Box 3040, rocloslEg ten cents, tar foil pamcaiars, \\7 ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 V \ col'tclor, S brakem*n, 3 firemen, 1 pener, 3 drivers. 4 acuta, 3 entry clerks, a oocdoctora. Apply at 1;m Dearbom-yC. Soon 2. XXTANTED—I office derk, 2 real estate V v so.idton, 1 salesman ter cnmmlirlcm honse, a Inturanec amenta, l bartender, a coopers. <3 railroad turn. Also, men to go booth. Apply to PARSHALL <s SMITH, las South Clark-st. Boom 11. TXT ANTED Men wishing to ob- VV tats situations as bookkeeper*, clerk*, col* 'ectors, porter*, bai tender*, driven. laborers, etc- to .pply to FABSHALL d SMITH, 12S South Clarx-st-, boom 11. Applicants b/ cm eaclose two stamp.*. WANTED— Travelling men who wish to make *lO to ShD per day by selling our patent machine* lor grinding t lv«. shears, icworr knives, edged Tools, Acx ha* no c tn petit lan; never wn»r* oat: >ei!s.vtr} where. FULLER & CO, lA3 South dark sU, loom 16. Two stamps for reply. TXT ANTED—Bookkeepers, clerks, sales- VV men,porters, drivers, bartenders, Drake-mea, mechanics, laborers, canvassers, and all wishing Muta tions. to apply at EMPLOYMENT AGENCY. Dear* boru-sU, Boom 8. Applicants by mall eo<*lo-e u, cents. SJaantcb-faiscellaneous. TXT ANTED—A number of good busi- V V n*ss men. to establish loiurancs Agetcles to Northern Ohio and Indiana. Address Cox 2.353. Cleveland, Ohio. WANTED —A second-hand jobber, ca pabl* of printing a form 7xlo Irchcs, or near that, a Ke'legg*s card and Blank Frea4 might answer. Addteaa JOURNAL OFFICE, Tuscola. 11L TXTANTED—2OO,OOO lect clear lumber, VV asiohows: 23,000 ftet I*l and 2d clear Inch; TOjOOO feet Ist and 3d clear IS' inch: 70.000 leet Ist aud 3d clear 1m ; 30,0(0 feet clear 3 Inch: 30JXO feet clear 3 ahd 4 Inch. State price, whether gr« cn or dry. Ad dress C. A. HAWLEY. Box J.AO2, Chicago, 111- or call at my ottcc. Boom 8. No. 84 LaSalle-st. VX 7”ANTED —A finely educated young Vl widow lady, ot * hlgn'y respectable Csmlly, which, through bad luck and sickness baa been thro vo back, so that she Is ultimately compelled to ask ol tome lice gentleman, or lacy, a loan of or f 60, so as to en able her to start tn some business again, which she will pay back monthly. Address -M O.- Tribune office. TXT ANTED An experienced music V v teacher, lady preferred, that can give gosd ref erences, can have ail the comfbrts of a pleasant home, and board, in a respectable private family, in exchange for t*sehlog thechl’dreo the piano. Al»o, aa expert enccd seamstress wanted. Apply at‘4l6 Fnltoa-s;. TXTANTED —A teacher ol nine years* VV ezp*i)ecee desire* a school is a good sized country town. Can teach the higher English, Mathe matical, and Natural Sciences. Address “aa," at North Chicago. TXTANTED— iDslrnction given on the VV Plano, by a laly ct five rears* experience. Terms HO per quarter. Address INSTRUCTION, Tri bune cffice. WANTED To borrow two thousand dolltn fer one or two veorr. Will pay ten per cent. Good tommy given. Address “HARD WARE," Tribune office. WANTED —Pupils—A gentleman de sire* to teach the French language to a tow pu piis, either at tuelr residence or at his own. Addreas - 8 A F.” Tribune oflee XX7 ANTED— Now is the time to invest V v your moxey in Weather Strips and Rubber Moul'lng. We ha>e the beat in the world. A. C. DEOWN A TXTANTED—A man of good business V v faculty, with a small capital to join the adver tiser In a new ard verv profitable nuamesa. Call on, or address S. McDONOUOQ.No. 90 Room No. a. » TXT ANTED—A good, smart, active boy, V f sheet 15 years old. for bell boj, st the ST. CLOnPHOCSg. 114 Franklin «t. IHarfjincts. t?OR SALE—Three 8-horse power xrp f right eagtnef; also all boritontal engines, 8, 10 ard U-hcrse power. Larger orsmaSer engines fnm labedwlth or without boilers. 12.15,16 andZ-borse •übniar and locomotive hollers fbr sale, beat ma*e. Also oee trailer Cuton Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, bra piaaera. belting. saws, file*, Ac. Machinery Depot, 33 Dewbora-su Chicago. GREENLEE BBOS. A CO. T7OR SALE One Improved James’ r Beater U«y Press, la perfect repair, work with clamps, lever* aided with heavy boiler iron, and can rot break down. It sill press from 10 to U tins p*r day. AL*o, One Hocsentot presa, Crtt cU»s. For par ticular*. Inquire at out office. Bo<wn 3 Walter's Build tig, AOX Dcarporawu WALKER A CDTTiyO. F>B SALE—A second-hand Buckley CoMlbs aachine—la cood cnnrtiUoo- Price, $ Mu. to xtc TEiBCSK COUPAS Y. Apply FOB SALE—To machinists. A small 1 lot of ghanihc, pulleys, hanger*, etc. 5.3. MIL LAR A CO„ 33 Ci« K-st. PjR SALE—To Bookbinders and Print rrf. J second hand shears; tbeWadeof ocet*». acd the other <7 inches loot. S. b. MILL AU & CO., 33 Ciark-at. T7OR sale—lo,l3 and 14-horse portt; F WeEnrloessndrß OBirriA BROTHERS. 133 South Water-t. iLofct anh jFouub. T O&T—8300 Reward—Lost on the night vs&suriSS&SSSESt J- oST—On Wednesday, December 19, > ob Monroe-sk, between Tbroop and Green-0.. a Lr k ilttff. The finder win be rewarded by leaving it as 50. 433 West Monroe-st. LOST— The person who probably took by mistake a Csdy’s Mlak For Collar. Tuesday eren p£, at Marline’s Cartscnaa Party, will plea»e turn UtoH. E. BOUKSIQCE, at Beldlnsfs, 100 aad 10* Bandolph-st, and receive his sincere thinki,,« ci r nmrtaocrt are inch that the favor will be highly ippmlatea. OST—On the sSth of July, 1858, CETCHEL C. DO HE 8f Iroquois Coaam Illinois, nc! cted bis note or obllcaooa. to Thomas w, Ander sen- with L. T. Hewing and James Pallia as snx Jes. tor the sum of fifteen hundred (1500 dollars, parable on de imnd.aEdatUßper cent totetst. The cotenaaoeen c ,t or oU!ild,bat has been paid and tsereion can erred. E. W-DEysMOBE. Ageat tor John L. Uarye, A *-crcey lor Thetaas W. Anderson. rpAKEN DP—Friday, December 14th, X 1960, one light grey Horse. HebasaUrgtwarlon tdstau, Ctnbef&caaat 139Dearbora-st, Situations mtami STALES. CITTJATION—Wanted—An employe o on one of the Bone Railroads in thu my. <*. obtain a dluatlon In some Christian family, or vita Borne Christian merchant, where. in the csramgan* daily tread, he will not t-e compelled to break ihe bsth, luqulw at Ely's, comer of Dearhorn-aU . or of Chapin ft Baker, in Palmers tum*. lag, peer Wabwh-ST* on Haadotph-st. SITUATION—Wanted—In a grocery O atore. hr a yo«g roan who I» scq’isintM wifi ife business. Wages no obiect. The rest of re'ersres given. Addrres F. S. KEARNS. Tribune office; m can be consulted at said office from 19 to U o'clock a. m. SITUATION—Wanted—As Solicitor lot JO some wholesale loose, bra ysnsar man vel* k- Qnalsted with the busltee* aod dry. Bpeaks Germ* and BagUrti. asd *lve the best of city references and security. Address M BC C." Tribune office. SITUATION—Wanted—As salesman or O bookkeeper, by a yenug man veil acquainted with the city grocery trade. Speaks German and Baeltit. and can Eire the best ofcllj reference*. Address “ilW.”"rnbaße office- CITUATION—Wanted—A gentleman O of the Jewish persuasion desires a attnatlom a* salesman or traveller—a wholesale hmuc preferred. Address “SB P.** Tribune office. Chicago. CITUATION—Wanted—By a compe- O tent and experienced mam as bookkeeper. or as sistant bookkeeper. Permanent situation preferred. Coed reference gives. Address P. O. Box Ka. 7U, Chicago. QITUATION —Wanted—By an expert ly cored man, as bookkeeper, cashier or correspond ent. Abilities dret-claas, and reference*, ta this City, unexcwpUonable. Address Box 6333. OITUATIOK—Wanted—By a young n ty.«* of can.lderablt experience. In a lown or '•■jentry. Address “p E Fi"Trtme office. OITUATION—Wanted—By a young p Frenchman. Istely arrived la tnls city, in a renae msn‘, famiir. uooo reftrecces can be given. Address “A B." 319 Division st. CITOATION—Wanted —To travel for lO some wholesale bouse In this city, on the route be tween here and Omaha, by s mlddre aged man of 13 years' experience In the grocery trade. Can lend hf« empl&ver 9600 to 9bou. Address J. M. FISHER, Trl> base office. CITTTATION—Wanted —By a young O man trom the East. In some mercantile btuinres. Employment is the object Salary sufficient to ptr board ts all that la required. Address BCNB7 CLAY. CnUATlON—Wanted —As first class O drug clerk, by a gentleman ol experience and a graduate ol mediclnOate of Dhllade pbla. Addrtas GK&DUhXE. care ot W ttftCo., Ib3 Klszle-sUUe. rere Honse Block. CITUATION—Wanted—To hotel own- O ere. A man aad wife, of many Tears'ex peneaea. desire a situation as assistants In the managrumt ofa good bote] In the country or city. Address •* sJ o “ IS9 >ndimaa-st* Chicago. * SITUATION —Wanted —To Business Men—Qavtrz quite aa extensive acquaintance tbroocb Illinois. Michigan and lowa, wl h an a-szer; travel part orall the time. Unexc'puouabie rstj * ,j l country retercncea. Address “S S. iTlbtme Office- agents ggianteb. A GENTS—Wanted—For THE AMS* s\. bican farmer's uobse book, br ivibm Sfewsit, M.D. V. S., emrodylng the results of twstv years of onglcal invrstlpuion. The book atwr ig others for Agents, as It appeal# to the necessities ui self-interest of a very large, wealthy and mteU:>xt class in every community. Apply to or addrw,j.s GOODMAN ft Co* Publishers. Calcago. 111. A GENTS—W anted—Experienced, first ilclMi and ladle*. for “TOR PRAYER AT VALLEY KOUi-E," a ?ew acd mnH- cent it' ei Engraving. Pr;ro J 3 50. Ha» pccmiv'm cctnmrtdatlon*. which cacao It lobe admired bv every Ameilcan.ot whatever -ector party. Amenta even-, where are meeting with usparaheied success. Pap. Ushers blubeat commission given. Address. sUaj eceloiwt?. S. S. HOYDEN, 73 CUrK-et- Chlcmr»\ til. A GENTS— Wanted Gentlemen and XA. Lahirs. throughout the United Stat<>. to •ell onr new Boob. “ABBOTT'S LIVES op THE PRESIDENTS,” from Wathlnstoo to the present time, la one volume of about &>3 beautifully Illustrated with steel engravings. To* Armor—m* Tom tib ntxvx. the elegant style and moderate price, all combine to render rhli one of (be Bwt attractive, useful and salible boobs ev« Rubllshed in this cocntry. To exncrtenccdageat* tot* : a rare chance to mate money with a splendid Moi:, ana no competition. PabJlshets’ highest comml-vlou given. Send stamp tee elm am and terms. S- 9. BOYD EX. 73 Clark-st., Chicago. 111. . A GENTS—Wanted—Messrs. Ticknnr A TV Fields, Boston, hare ntibllabed a Portrait of Abraham Lincoln. asaperWt Mkcceesard a work ot art. it is commended as the best Ukccrea Itobcr Ijxcola 'Mr. TnxmbulL Mr. Sutstna, Mr. Herndon, Mr. I. N. Arnold, Gen. Grant. Charles Sumner, Mr. Chase. Gen. Bart-lde, And many others. It ts sold only by subscription, and Agents are wanted tor Its sale. Liberal commissions are riven to canvasser*, and successful ones can have good ter. ritory to operate In- Address JOHN H. AMMON, FubtisherV Agent. S 7 Washlcgton-sL, Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—Evervwhcre, to sen the instantaneous window clean- SB AND MAGIC POLISH. Ibis new and wonderful preparation, os thousand* ci purchaser* during the last lew week* will testify—wotfcs like a charm *. clean ing window*. show<ase*, Ac., without soap or hot water, dm t or litter, and «Ith cos paratl rely =o labor; and Imparting almost icttaotiysn no*urpi«*M po,i«h tnallmetal*. Everybody wants It as soou a* tb-ysee Useffrcts. You can make |9 to|loper day i llingtn yonr own nelabb-rhood—city or country. Now is toe lime to secure the territory you want, for It is rapidly belts tvken up. Call Imtsedlatelr, or send 35 cents for sample and teres to O. M. SMITH A CO -77 Dearaom-sL. Chicago, 111. DURANf « s jOTT. Milwaukee, Genera) Agents fQrWisconsin. [Cut this out for reftrtnce.l AGENTS —AVamed—Experienced bock and engraving canvassers, to whom a targe «aL arr orcommUiloo will be paid. Address CHARUa BILL, 133 South Clark-st~ Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—SCO more, for the JTJL BARER SEWING MACHINE. 1 will pay active men (ltd per month and expenses, or rive a liberal com mtpbslou to male and female arenD. For partlenUra and agency paper*.address s. BECSWitH. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted —8150 Wc want /X scents to sen the BARTLETT SEWING MA CHINES. price (£.OO. Those willing to work for iimoq Kr mouth will address, with stamp. PAGE BKUT3- General Agents, Philaddptua. Pa- or Toledo, Ohio. AGENTS— Wanted—For “LIFE AND DEATH IN BF.BKL PRISONS A splendid book. Always sells. A. KIDDER, 98 Wasblsgtnn-<L, Chi cago. pi. AGENTS— Wanted—$2CO per mnnth to sell the GENUINE IMPROVED BARTLETT SEWING MACHINE. Price reduced to agents. Ad dress W. DELOS9 ft CO n 168 Dearbom-sL, Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted— too men can have steady ettr>loyrn»nt for the winter b* engaclarta tnesmlecf POMROY'e.NEW AMERICAN R&AT RE GULATOR. Dc.«lncw light and pleasanr, Pr Hulm mrrife. Snrmi Addr-ua. or can. anon P. LA THROB. Jt., Room No. 16 Church Block! Cht uco,liuorKoom No. 4 Lyman’s Block, Cleveland, A GENTS—-Wanted—To know that we XI. tare reduced onr Maps ard Charta to New, York price* and below, compelling ail the popular style* published, and mounted superior to any in the «-»«»• try. Try ns and N-convinced. Address OOODSPBED d CO.. 14S lake-sC. Chicago. A GLNTb—Wanted—slso per month, Jt\ everywhere, male and female, to sell tie GENU INE COMMON S&NbE FAMILYSEWING MACHINE, the greatest invention cl the u*. Price *l3. Kv-rv Machine warranted lift C year*. Address EECOiIB a Cu., Cleveland.Oulo, , A GENTc—I,OOO Wanted. The best x\ chance Tec A work of historical value tad national Importance. The only work rrj our Navy yet minefield. Anou find to compeCticn. la press, OCR NAVY DURING THE REBELLION *. or, Fa»- iuoct *SD Oru Navat Comiakunx*. Bv the »or.d renowned historian. Hon. J. T. HEADLEY, to one harfiscne volume, with twenty-two spltndil steel por 'aalt.* and battle scene*—cotnrr-elnr the early Ufa, pub lic services and naval care-r of Admiral I). G Parra, cut. Vice Adtcltl D. D. Porter, Rear Admiral* Drpopl, STinebno. Dvrls, Go dab-rough and Dahl gren; Commodore* Wilkes. Wlrsl-w. Worden, UaiJey, ard many otter promUent naval ccleb.-jUes. written In Mr. Headley's graphic and Ii tollable stvlc. withma authentic acroant r.f cattle*, siege* and bombwrd itcnts. including ihe recent discoveries ta conducting naval wsrlar* by gncbca’s and iron-clad reasejt; at«o. thrilling oevrlptlora of the most brUlinat exploits and athl'venject* of th» rebellion. The anthenucltv ol the work Is beyond a doubt, as mod of the material concerning their ejrlv life and public services was furnished directly by the 60c*r» or their friends. The hook will soon oe reacy to deliver, ard agents are already meeting with almost unparal leled success in taking orders. Our terms are nowhere exce'led. aad. taking into consideration the great popularity of onr publications, our inducements t>< ateats are unennsl.ed. Don't f*U to send for onr circulars and oitflt at otc*. as a day's Oelar may make a hundred dollar* difference. Address C. W. ULLET, Febllsher, 26 Reynolds’ Block, Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—To sell a new, highly ictcre*Ung and rlchiy embetlUhed work, THE PICInRIAL BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND IN CIDENTS OFTHE REBELLION, civil military, naval sod domestic, embracing the most brilliant and re narkabie event* of the great American e.nfflct. he roic, patriotic, political, romantic, humcrati*, and tragical, a beautiful royal octavo volume. 109 pages and over S(0 engravings. This work Is one of the Curst productions of the age, and the mou popular hook of the war. Over 12,00 copies ordered the first two mecths. Agectsaremaklnglargs salts, and say It la the brtt selling borkthov ever sold. Ecergetlc A grata will find uto their Interest to engage in the sale Cf this tast-selllng bo>k. Exclusive territo ry and large commission giver. Address J. A. STOD- WashJiigtoo-sL, Chicago, Box \ GENTS—Wanted—Male and female, xj to «U a pew article la great demand that every family want*, *4 per day made »llhont leaving home. Travelling agera can make from *5 to *39 per day without laterftrvnce with oth*rbc»luc*». Tbcaritrle •hows tor Itself. Samples, with terms and particulars ot the business, sent ror 3b recta. H. W. CHAFPELX, Drawer 6333. Chlcagor^ A GENTS W anted For Frank J: JL Moore's new work-WOMEN OF THE WAR." tay* the Cticopo Erentnp Journal: It is, la the noblest seufe. a gall err ot beanty. and we ecw the author the grateful work he has perfhrzncd. It sa reads like a romance. Thestcrr of thewaresn never be wtiitold wlthoutthe story ot the women is told with It.—The people want It ItseJs vplrodlfiy. For lull particulars call or address B. C. TREAT, 117 bcuth Clart-tL. Chicago. A GENTt?—Wanted—s2,soo to $3,000 xTayear. A good chance to make money. An ag-ot is wasted In every town In the Union to manufacture and sell as article of consumption la every t*muy. Cam be manufactured to the arent s dwelling. If U entirely sew; secured by copyright, vole u permanent as flour; no Cuing up to be dene. ForpirfrulsrsaddreM, with stamp enclosed for return, LOUIS COBW&ST2, Middletown. MsryUnd. AGENTS —Wanted—Male and Female. to rell the “LOSRESCOPE.'* the very essence ot txantT- mtlntrocncttoa. Sample sect IbrtlJO. Ad drese (with stamp) C. WBTTACBE A 9S Wash iagtop-st-, room 3. A GENTS—Wanted—Price $2.50. Xi “Lloyd's Crest Map,” “Tit* Cxrrxo SraTxa cosiisur nr lax.” Three maps la ote, and the cheapest map in the world. One a**at has test ordered City Maps after two days canvass. To* Gbaivt* PaTmtrrrc Chaet or Awekica stinanA the map. Address GOODSPEtD * CO, 14 M Lake ft, Chicago. partners &aanuu. PARTNER —Wanted—In a respectable establlihcd commission house, by « gentleman wnohasezterjive experience In th» business, a rood Eaatera connection, aone capital, uj nod cneedal facilities. Commanicarlcfis strictly eoafldeDttal. Ad* ertaa **C B.” Tribune office. PARTNER— Wanted—$200 only, to . ta*e tole interest la a rood raving business, only price furniture, 4c. tor selling, field:*. A good chance for a man that w*at« a good, permanent business. Address p. O. Box 536. £ARTXEK— Wanted—With S3OO cap -lUL So risk to run. Bnsla»fß the best, on South CUrtJiwt. Brokers need not apply. T>ART2TER —Wanted—A man that un _L tJerrtscds the retail grocery bnslcest, with CSOfi. to join the advertiser la that hnslne**. A4ire>» “OROCEKY.” Tnhcse office, stating where an inter* ricwcan&ehad. PARTNER —Wanted—$'2,000 invested wClpaT JlO.'Cia year. (Mean business.) (Help rttjnlred.) Ca lat once. 21S Lake-et., second fioor, rear room. T>ARTNER—Wanted —In one of the X best paying bo'laess lr the West. Pstldt SSB9 to ICO per week. Call at Boom 121. 137 ionth Clart-eC T>AKTKER—Wanted—With $1,500 or r thXO. la a grocery dolneir'-d Muaesa; also, ore with fTW, in aa established ennae**. nayla* fIOO perweeanet. Apply at R-om 4. >'o. 100 Marl* aoo-st. •Krai lisfatr-Couutm T?OR SALE—A rood unproved farm of X 610 acres will be sold *n a l»x*y or la parcel*. Two bouses, one cew; barn, rider min and ostpasldlacs: two debars’.- o-f2j<nor fruit; well ws:-nM stuwe.l timbered, acd situated within two miles ot Haiti* Creek. Michigan. Terms reasonable. Per parti caitrs, addresa Wii. J. WaToOK. Bailie erect, Mich- FOB SALE—To Emit Growers—The best truit farm In Tracis, ota mile from Ccotraila. 50,000 grape vine*. ii, r C2= trees, LKO apple trees, UXa PftfWjHgSS trees: also plum apricots and Qtnee. «a » acres strawberries. house of tea rooms, with a fine s#s£ssS^S?Ssara« a co. st wauiiar.o*cc, nos 3. I