Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 29, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 29, 1866 Page 1
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<El}tcago SATURDAY. DECEMBER 23. ISM. TUB NEWS. The first city railway was opened la Charleston, S. C.’last Ssrnruiy. The exportation of grain from California . daring the presect year will exceed ftAj&i.OQO la gold. Oar LonifviHc despatch gives the details ol a horrible moider and attempted a&lddc which occurred ta that city jesteroay. The cattle plague in Holland is Increasing. In the week ending 2Uh of November 5,237 haad cfcatUe were attacked, against 1,533 in the pre aloui' week. The Grand Jury of Warren County, Missis sippi, have complimented General Wood, com manding United States forces la Mississippi, for ills jast and Impartial exercise of authority. The Miles O'Reilly wing of the New York Democracy hare announced through thair official organ, that they will never cast their votes for the candidates of any Bute Convention that recog- Alaes (he Tammany organization. The Western Union Telegraph Company has, through the House Comml'tec on Post Offices, tendered the Government the use of one of Its wires to feel the experiment of a Government tel system. The Congressional excursionists had every cordial reception at New Orleans, as also at Mag nolia and Jackson, Miss. At the latter places the citizens turned out is great numbers to meet them. They leave New Orleans to-day for Wash ington. At the Fenian trials in Canada yesterday one prisrner, M chad Crowley, was convicted and eeiiUrnood to be hanged on the 15th of February next. Another prisoner was convicted of the oiime of receiving stolen goods, and sentenced (o three months' Imprisonment. The steamer Commodore, one of the old Long Island Sound boats, went ashore near <>rccnport, L. 1., during the gale of yesterday. Thepastearcis were, by great exertion, brought to tbo shore in life boats, soon after which the steamer went to pieces. The Treasury officers hare succeeded In capturing the plate for a counter-frit fifty dollar legal tender note. The counterfeit is slid to be one o! the mo: t dangerous and successful that has l>ecn palmed upon the public tlnct the first issue of national paper currency. A description of this plate Is given in our Washington despatch. The telegraph, this morning, famishes an ccctunl of damage done by the terrific storm which nas prevailed at the East ter the pen two days. The railroads in New York State are entirely bluckadea, ana one lns*ance is given where tbo passengers were rescued from s snow-burled train with great difficulty. Much damage was done to the wharves and shipping in New York aad Bos ton. A Washington despatch states that thu Attorney General is bar-1 at work upon the report In answer to zo inquiry from the House of Repre sentatives as tothc number of pardons Issued by the President. The despatch assorts that the num ber of pardons in-uvd to prominent rebels will be fennd to be laall. and that the recommendations for the pardons granted will be found to comprise in almost every case many of the Icadiag mem* ln;!B of the present Congress. , About Mlk-culture, a correspondent of the Doston Jutrtic’. v. riles from Florence, Italy, a* followst ** whole section of country is more or less engaged in silk raising. The plains of Lorn hatdy arc plact-.*d with mulberry orchards, and at the foot of each mulberry tree you see a grape vine. Very little oi the silk raised Is mannficmrcd here; tbere arc a lew manufactories of silk goods alilllan.bat nea:ly all of me raw silk is pur chased by Swiss rocrcban**, taken over tbe Alps lo Z-iricb and Northern Switzerland, manufactured them and then shipped to the United States. Tbe American Co-.-ul sc Milan, Rev. Mr. Clark, In forms me that he baa beau approached by some of tbe Milan n, crib nuts who more ultimate commercial relations with the United States. Taey wonder that lb-* Americans, who, they say, are the •mod ingeclou* puoplc on earth, do nut manufac ture silk instead of paying the Swiss for doing it, and then pnyiega heavy duty upon the manafiic varidcood-.” Tire Upper Canada school report for 1585, Jnst publi.-hcd. di'clofes a good degree of pros, penty in the cduratlocal interests of the Traviuce. The whole maubor of children of tbe school age U of v.Lifui ZS2 CIO atlmd f-chool, an in crease of IL.I’ST in the year, but leaving42.lll, or or.e tcntli, as not attending any school. The amount expended for school purposes wa ■ -s!,£>s,tX/7, or Cl 54 per scholar, an Increase o.‘ about CCG.WJ. Average time tchools were kep •op-m, ten months. the average in Mawacbusett Is h ported cs seven months and nlneteea days ; fuMcwVcrk a few davs over seven months— showing ti e higher ftandaid of success reached or Upper Ciuiuda iu mis particular. Tnc whole numhcrorHonicaCatholic children reported as attending r-cLoor wa* about 00,000, -and of xhote ail but about 18,0od went lo the common schools. The Pittsburgh Commercial says: “We presume it is well remembered by our readers that Mr. Ross VVioasa, of Baltimore, built the Nicholas Railroad from SL Petersburg to Moscow. He is said lo have made annually, white lhe road was in progress of construction, the snug little nun of nearly 10,000,000 rubles, or, aay $3,000,000. But the management of the road and construction ofwagucs were afterwards transferred to tho Keg liih Conpcay of Crosnc & Call. Mr. Wlnan?, about three muntbs since, was reinstated In the uianaacmcnt, and eoou discovered that his pr«de cecsorx bad at least tolerated, if they did not them -'dree cctumlt. great frauds. He his Increased the iV i tblce montnly (the ruble is scvcaly- Uicio ughtj-tixcents, accordlug to thu coinage), and lias bcci nblv tn drc’area dirldcad ofcishteea ’ur cj)l. VTinsns has proposed to the Russian 'O.ovc.-inceciUjpiy tnannurl dividend of tairty tour per c. utoa the invested capital ot 9t,0C0.0-Jfl t üblcs or f7r.,ujf’,i JO, providud tbe tudre manage armt of tho road were left to him alone. Bat this proposition was against tbe private Interctts of •CouLts Adfcbrerg and blrovanoU, and they knew tor lo frustrate br* p’.*nj.‘iUon. Mr. Bc.bos, t’iODi Bc'Sin, is in lioss o, u*7! a ? to make on ar r-i>gcment more suitable to three noblcmca and eo Buppiti-dc ibt-rehy Mr. Winau*.” J.OVii.TY IS TIIK SOOTH. TDr Mnt ItojitibllrAn SOU© ConTSßtloil lu Ar!;atrmi*«—Adoption of Radical Ko olullon.. and a Me morlal to Con* smo, rei... <l.. 1 d.,—.. t.i ..m._ .... v Thu flr*t Republican Con-cntloa ever held iu Afkarsu* met ct Fort Smith on tbc 13th instant. Four hundred delegates were In at tendance, and the proceeding* throughout tv ere harmonious and enthusiastic. The fol lowing resolution* and memorial to Congress -were adopted, and constituted the mala busi ness oi tbe Convention: ncsoLunoss. WirsßEAt, Our late fellow-citizens, who en gaged In the treasonable attempt to subvert lac liberties of tbe people, and to overthrow, by vio lence, tbe Government ot this Republic, have, tlnce the failure of their wicked undertaking, vhown, with rare exception*, not ibe Slightest signs ol oelcgconscioiu of tho great wrong and wickcdccrsof their pernicious renomes, notwith standing the nnjAralh led magnanimity and for bi-urancc of the loval people who ©Cored np their live* and suhsurce with the most unstinted pro lusion for the sanction of the country; and Wueueas, Ihe leading conspirators against tbe life of the nation and the pence of Its citizens, have again succeeded In obtaining the rein* of government m each of tbe tcu unrepresented States, (Arkansas Induced); and Wgraro. lu said Slate*, the loyal men, both white and black, arc not in the fall enjoyment of the Ueaveu-bouow* d and Icatlensblc tight to life. lilK.-rty, and tbe pursuit ot happiness, guaranteed to all men In the Constitution of tho United Stales; and Womii, The late Insurrectionists in the State ■of Arkansas have shown their dudatics of ibe au thority of the National Legislature, by electing Senators and Representatives to' Congress, noio rionslyduqaalifled acting aa such, by the snare they took tn the rebellion: and Wiimru, it Is of tbe almost Importance to the Imt iulcrvls and dlgulry of the Inhabitant* of ibis, as well as every other unrepresented Slate, and tbe country at forge, that ait of the States should bo excicUlng tbclr full foscUons as Slates in the L'nivn; and Whereas, Tho plan of reconstruction hitherto followed has utterly failed to accomplish this much desircu end; therefore be It i AVscfrttf, By ibe loyal people of Arkansas In Convention a«icmhlea — 1. That to tbc twcnty-siz States now represented In belong* the exclusive right to pre scribe the rcs-oratlon of tbe non-ropressnled Stales, including the power to amend the ConsU iotion of the Urlled State* 10 as to carry cut the designs of tbv Declaration of Independence on which the former is based, as U devolved upon them to restore the rebellious Slates by force of arms. 2. That we consider the adoption of the now pending Ccnstiiutlonal Amendment a* absolute ly necessary XcrtLe safety. honor and dignity of the nation. S. Hist we mo*t respectfully ask the Senate an-l House ol Representative* of the United States to take, at aseail/a cay a* possible, en- h sieos a* will enable the loyal people of IheSta'c of Arkan sas, without regard to race or color, aud such ■oiLcrs as may be deemed worthy, to re organize the State Government on a basis of sincere aud active loyalty to the Government of the United States, and in "cconiance witn clear and decided Republican principles. ■KHOniAL- To Oif Scnaltar.d n-mt* <jf K'prttenlafictt of ti* fair tdifc/ft In Congrttt assembl'd: The undersigned, citizen* of the United States and OT the State of Arkansas, most respectfully pray your Honorable- Body, In view of the unwillingness of the late Insur rectionists in this State to render a prompt com* pUance with the measures taken by the loyal peo ple of this notion, proposed by their represeati- Uvea tn Congress, for the final restoration of the State of Arkansas to ID fall exercise of the func tions of s State in this Union; And, m new of the defiance shown hy the late rebels of the laws of Congress, by electing men to represent tb’t Slate in your honorable uodv that cannot take the oatit of office, and are otherwise to «he loyal peopl-- of Ups Mate bv reason of the prominent part ’-hey took In tho re bellion ; And, jn view of the Government of this State, In nearly all tu brar-ebre, haring again Ullen m tne bjnos ot men ko »wn lor their hostility to the loyal . pcop e, white uzil black; • And, In view ot securing to what Is known as the . 'State of Arkcr./fa*, at an early d*v, Us full share in t tbe General’Government as a Sute. and maran . tedre to all Us citizen*, of whatsoever race or condition, their Inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit oi happiness— That your honorable Ixviy declare the unrecog nized Government of the State or Arkansas. u present existing, abolished, and of no eflem. S. To confer npon the loral people ofthU State, and such other perrons as may be deemed worthy, tbe authority to reorganize' a Slue Go*. orementupon a basis wbirh shall ensure to them tbe full enjoyment of tnclr right* and privileges guaranteed by tbe Constitution of the United Mate*. z. That your Honorable Body declare the twenty-six Maxes, now represented by you, enti tled to legldsie for the trJuli country, as it devolved upon those States aUoto maintain the lutccnty ot the uJtoU country by force of arms— until such time as the unrepresented Suites shall h*ve compiled with the condiilons precedent to their admission. 4. To declare m accordance with the previous prayer, the pending Constitutional Amendment ratified by a sufficient number of St*t*s. and therefore apart and parcel of the OonstUntion of the United Mates. 5. And that your honorable body will, as far as -deemed practicable, extend to all loyal men the right of suffrage, without distinction of color ex cept Indians not taxed. Andaslnduly bound your memorialists will ever pray. Vtrgfafa Iteeia. Rrcmcosn, Va., December 23,—The weather Is The coldest of the season. The Potomac River is clo.-td by ire. John li. ilcKlrt and Joan Flzranl* old citizens, died 10-dsy. Four Mokkoe. December 23.—Weather Intense ly cold. Trc and Elizabeth nvera are ob fctmeted with ice. MM WMBifiW, Seizure of a Skilfully Execute! Counterfeit Fifty Dollar Plate. Forthcoming Report of the At torney General .In Rela tion to the Issue of Pardons. THE (MIT STORM IT THE BIST. Railroad Travel at Many Points Entirely Suspended. Trains Snowed in and Passengers Eesoned with Much Diffionlty. Damage to Wharves and Ship ping in Kew York and Boston. STEAMBOAT DISASTER ON LONG ISLAND SOUND. Tbc Steamer Commodore Blown Ashore and Becomes a To tal Wreck. Narrow Escape of Her Crew and Passengers. FROM CANADA. Further Trial of Fenians Post poned Until the Nest Term of Court. The Prisoner, Michael Crowley, Convicted and Sentenced to Death. The Congressional Excursionists at Jackson and Magnolia, Mississippi. MUEDEE AND AT TEMPTED SUICIDE IN LOUISVILLE. Gold Closed in Ncf York at 133 1-8. FROM WASHINGTON. (Special Despatch to tin Chicago Tribune.] Wabbixotos, December 2S. TEST OATH. It la now Eald that there is little doubt but that the Supreme Court will decide the test to be unconstitutional; and it Is further said by some knowing onea, that a decision to that cflbct has been prepared, which Is so sweeping that It will cause the entire abandoning of the oath in future, min rut This morning the prize case of the Grey Jacket and cargo was railed la the Court. General But ler and Mr. Cnehrng appeared for the clai mants, and Mr. Adams and Mr. Earner for thy United htalcs and ravel captor*. General Bitler moved tbe Court to allow farther proof In Ibo case, which was Opposed by Utv «oims»l for the Government. The Court decided not ti hrar lb*: application till the hearing of the cause on the original record. This case pre-eota two Im portant questions, first, that of the right of per- (ons to recover property from the South after two years from the beginning of the war ; tecoud, the power of the Secretary of the Treasury to remit forfeits of propezty captured and condemned un dor the lans of war. Tnc amount involved In this case is over three hundred thousand dollar*. COSmatATIOH or TUI ISDIAW wiMlmi, General Grant to-day received a despatch from ®o«t Lanmtc, confirming the recent report of a • cnible mueacrc which occnned on the Slat inau near Fort Phil, Kearney. Dreyet Colonel Fetter nan, Captain Beccan and lieutenant Qranwood, of the Elgbtcenth Infantry, wilh tilnety-one en listed men of the Second Cavalry and Eighteenth Infantry, were surrounded by Indians, and every officer and man killed. oeketlal obast uccoveezd. General Grant has sufficiently recovered bom his recent illness to be at his office again. bsceots or ccsroxa. The' receipts from customs at the below named pods during the week ending tbc 23d InaU were as follows: New York. $1,057,120.82; Boston, 5210.X5.0C; Philadelphia, *130,619.87: Baltimore, fC9,ISOM. Total, 11,410,191.5 L Tbeao returns show a decrease of nearly half a million dollar* at eomc porta daring the week preceding. nx. Assistant Secretary of tbe Treasury J. T. Hart ley, waa suddenly taken lit last evening. titinim, txt* ways as© xrass comarrr* are In iaror of increasing tho salaries of the de partment clerks twenty-five per cent. It Is prob able tfccy will report a bill to that effect Imme diately on the reassembling of Congress. wxxsow class. ' Too Senate Finance Committee held a meeting to-day. and listened to arguments In favor of la crca*ir.g tho doty on Imported window glass. Cirmuss A COrXTEBVSIT PLATE. The officials of tho Treasury Departmmt have just succeeded in effecting the capture of lh* plate of one of the most dangerous aad success ful counterfeits that has been palmed upon the public slccc the first Issue of tbc National paper currcnry. The note Is a very fine Imitation of the fifty dollar legal tender note, beating the vignette of Alexander Hamilton, aad with the exception of one or two very light errors, made by the en graver. is an exact fae tlniU of the original. The general execution and coloring of tbe note I* also very good, far surpassing that of any coun terfeit that has been Issued. Persons receiving notes or this denomination would, do well to carefully scrutinize before accepting them. Ibe easiest and quickest—we might say the only way—to detect the counterfeit from the genuine Is by observing the margin line of figures running arourd the back of the cote. In tbe lower left band corner will he discovered the figures 390 In stead of 90, a* In the genuine. The mark is qolie plain, and will tnanre tbe ready detection of the counterfeit, the capture of original of pUte pre venting any alteration. It ia believed tnat there arc large numbers of these notes in circulation, and merchants and other* should be on their guard against them. srw TSAUS AT THE WHITE UOfSE. Wasoisctos, December 23. On January Ist, at 11 o'clock, tLe Pi esident will receive the members of tho Cabinet, foreign Ministers, Senators and Repres'nlativea of Congiess, Judges of use Su preme Court, &c. At 11*4 o'clock a. m the offi cers of the tnny and navy will be recrived. aud tho reception to citizens will commence at 12. IXDIAS XASSACBE COXTiaXED. Tbe maafacre, by the Indians, of ninstr-four United States soldlers.near Fort l*ul. Kearney, is confirmed Colonel li.B Carrington, command ant al that post, telegraphs that they were attack ed near the fori by 3.UW) Indians, killing Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Fettermoa, Cantain F. H. Brown. Lieutenant Gruuimoud, and mnety-one Kates. The iKxlles when recovered were found ibiy mutilated. It li not stated what com panies they belonged to, but lh- v are supposed 10 be tew recruit*, lately sent west. ano user ckxxiial's nnroßt n? hslatiox to pabdoxs issued. i*UWA 9 lAOtUf. The Attorney General l« preparing for presenta tion to Congress on its rca-ambling, a partial re port in response to the reflation Inquiring as to pardons, ibis report Is intended to Include all perrons pardoned under the test, third and eighth •xception* ol the Amnesty Proclamation, walcn includes all who were military officers of tLc Con federate service above the ia*. k of Colonel, those who had been graduated at West Point, and those who were members of Coagrrst. This list will be found astonishingly small, »*>d iho recom mendations for the pardons granted will bo found - to comprise in almost every case many of the leading members of the present Congress, and leading editors and poli ticians. Ihe report will be so voluminous, that an Increased clerical force will be required ia the Attorney General’s Office for its completion. rsEsen mamt w. The new French Minuter, V. Bcrthcmy, his an attack of erysipelas. nrrxuKAt rzttxue nrcurrs. Irlcrcal revenue receipts . to-day were. WIOCEXT BSPECTOUS EXXOVPD. Severs! incompetent or corrupt dßuUery Inspec tors, at Mew York or Philadelphia, were dlsmi*«ed to-day. q bis It> apart of the result of the Con gressional Coaunittee’s conducting thelnrcsUgs- nrciPßocAL actiox is nrtAnoK to tout »cn. Wasiuxotox, December 23.—The President formally announces, by proclamation, that in ac cordance with the order* of tbe Emperor of the French, all vctaels belonging to the United State*, after the first ol January, will be admitted to the polls of Frauce and its dependencies by paymsnt of Ihe aamedues to which French ressele are sub ject. Ihe President further announces, in virtue of authority hr eels of liM and iShi, ho proclaims that *o long as the Lnlted Mates vc«BtU are ad mitted to France on. tno terms aforesaid, French vessels shall be subject to uo higher dutlce oa tonnage than those ot the Lulled States. wow Tons lottbit cases. The Mew York lottery cases, whether the power of the Federal Government to tax the business was prohibited by the State when rased, was be fore the Conn & follows: ** United States vs. William CrafL This case ia upon a din-100 of opinion ol the Judges of the Circuit Court ofthe Lulled Mates for the bvulhem District of Mew York. Tbe defendant was indicted on the 21st of November, te(w,for carrying on and eiereuitg in thakdlstrict the business and profession of a lottery ticket dealer, without the payment of the hundred dollars required by the statute of th* . United States providing lor Internal VOL. XX. revenue, Ac. nc demurred generally to the In oictment, and there was a joinder in demurrer by the United States open the hs-rw 0 f the de murrer. A question arose npon which the Jodees were opposed, and the point of the disagreement waecwufiedaa follows: Is the law Imposing the special tax in said indictment, and for non payment of which by the delesdaut the same was preferred and found valid f or is the same law. so for as it authorises the levy and collection of on constitutional ? Argued by the Attorney Gen eral for the United States and Evert for the de fendant GREAT SHOW STORM AT THE EAST. Railroad Communication Entirely Bns pended—Trains snowed in and 'be Poaacn* aen Rescued with Difficulty—Severest Hnew storm forDSaay Years—Damage to Wharves and Shipping- • Auujrr. N. Y,, December 28.—The storm ves terdsy and last eight was the most severe we have had in this locality since 1833. Snow fell to the depth of twenty inches. The wind blew a gale all night creating drifts to some places of eight to ten feet deep. The gale continues this morning. Railroad communication la entirely suspended. The train due on the New York Central Railroad at 4:30 yeelciday aflernocn, ran into a snow-drift west of Albany and could not be extricated. As un successful tflort was made to reach the train with six locomotives and two coaches. A large gang pi men are employed to shovel away. Every ef fort Las proved lutlle. The workmen are com pletely covered up In the drifts. During the night two other passenger trains and four or five freight trains reached West Al bany and coaid proceed no farther. The snow was plica up higher than the locomotive. Early this morning two locomotives and two coaches succeeded in reaching the trains and res cuing the paEreegen from cold and Lunger. No trains bate deft os any of the railroads since lasi evening, nor have any reached the dty from any quarter. Nearly all the telegraph wires between this city end Buflslo are down, and those that tuve with stood the storm work very hard. Railroad communication will bo suspended for tome time. Cu.vrt.AND, December 2S,—'The storm of res* terdajr continue* In fall violence. Xo arrivals from the East this morning. The trains laecnight vreie sbanconed at Buffalo. The paaiecgcr trains real. Weal and South lett here inis morning on lime. There is not much rjrow, but it is drifting badly. SmotornLD. Mass., December 23 —ln conse oocDce ot the atom, no Uaios, at eleven o'clock tbia morning, had arrived from Albany or Boa’cn. _ Tbe train from IhcTVest. doc at S:TO !a*t night, wa* delayed at FUtafleld till this moving, and bos not >ct arrived. Kew yosk, December 23.—This hae been an anxious day for the underwriters and ship or.nera. At Harlem, a row of six houses on Al* ‘xandcr avenue were unroofed. A number of Louses on Willis avenue were alto unrooted One was blown down. Loss C20.00U. Storm very violent At Hudson every avenue to the place la blocked up by enow. Four passenger cars weie blown from the track, but without serious damage. No traluK have arrived fromlhe West Drifts on tbe Doftob roada are said to be enormous. On the Hadron Hirer Road there are great embank mcotc. Several trains are snowed under. Gonsnicn, C. W.—A feanol snow storm has prevailed tor the past two days. Mo trains have arrived since the zCtfa. Trains are blockaded near beaiortli. The mow is three tect deep on a level. Lofton. December 2S.—The storm yesterday and la-t tight was very severe. Considerable L'ticmrc is cone to rbii>ping, and buil'linga were unroofed. Jenkins’ glass works, at South Bos 'on, arc flooded. The railroad tracks in jome places are washed sway, bni will be immc-ately repaired. STEAMBOAT DISASTER. Tfac Si comer Commodore of the Long Inland Sound Line a Total Wreck—Narrow Es» rape of the i'asscncerw. Rtvui Dead, h. i., December S 3 steam boat C’ommocore, of tin- Stoningtun Line, Is ashore six miles west ofTJrcenpolnt, Details of the Jofs of the rtoamcr Commodore Bbow(thatjjhofe on board made a very narrow es cape. Shortly alter the coimneccemeot or tbe gala, which was terrific, she broached to, that Is, tec wind came eo heavily she refued to obey her hdm % and could not be kept on her coarse. At this time her bulwarks were stove le, tbe forward decks wasted, and her smoke-stack lei). The ex citcmcct now became Intense, end all attempted to become resigned to their late, butfll every countenance depicted utter rtes£arr. Many engaged In prayer, and a few lost their self-posacesion. Inside or the vessel stoves toppled, and it was by the utmost efforts of the crew and otbera that tbe vessel was prevented trem burning up. There was an alarm of fire, bat the flames were extinguished. At ten o'clock the were all put out and dan ger from that scarce was avoided. For two hours tbe vessel drifted at tbe mercy of tire waves, the Captain and pilots being successful oolv io keep ing her beaded nearly south, tbe flood tide setting her towards the Long Island shore. At two o'clock a. m., Dawkins Point was made, the gale continuing without abatement. She gradually dtiltcd Into a little hay about two miles west of Hawkins Point light- Anchors were then dropped in about two latboxns of water. Port of the cargo bad been thrown overboard. Tbe pompa were kept consb.ntly at work. At tbe same time two lines of bailers were formed, and did admirable service In this condition the boat lay till day light. at which time it was decided lo beach the vessel, which was done most successfully. The gale became still more furrow. If eoch were pos sible. The life-boats were lowered, and one was finally landed In the breakers. Soon a line was pot ashore, tbe boats were manned aud controlled until several boat-loads of passengers, comnrUlne the übcle, were satojy landed. The vessel after word* broke to pieces. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Grncd Banonei to the Editors and Legtala. tern of Illinois at the beland nanw-Jlaf tcnufComplalDl-G, A. lb [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribunal henraonann. 111., December 2S. Nothing Is talked of at the State Capital bat (bo Grand Banquet to the Editors and Legislators of illlnols,which Is to signalise the opening of the new hotel, the Leland Home, which U to come off on the evening of the Sth of January. Oar fash ionable circles are all in a datterof excitement, and the great question with ohr belies D, what shall we wear? The preparlcnif are on a scale cf perhaps unparalleled magnlfla>nco, and there Is no hazzard In predicting that (it will be one of the greatest affairs of the kind that has yet transpired in the West. The« various committees haling charge of the aQalr, are published this evening, and contain the names of the Governor and Slate officers, ana the leading editors of the State. It is, however, a subject of complaint with some, and perhaps Justly, that oar Demo cratic fellow-chums have an undue preponderance on the various responsible com mittees. Of the seven committee* announced, but one la beaded by a Republican, while (here is a conspicuous absence of a most prominent gen tleman of that persuasion on the bul. It Is said, however, that this U the res nit of accident rather than derlgn; that there was no Intention of taking ant advantage of the occasion for party nnrposes, and that lest the present construction of commit tits might favor such a corclasion, they mkht be remedied so as to present an unobjectionable front. It Is only to be hoped that nothing will be allowed to occur calculated to mar the harmony and hippy feeling that ought to characterize the occasion. At a regular meeting of Post No. 2, O. A. TL, at Spnngfitld. 111., December 19, ISOO, the following preamble and leaolnuous were adopted, and or dried to he published for the Information of tho dlCeieut Posts in tho Department of Illinois. All communications in reference thereto addressed to Captain Fred J. Dean, Post Adju tant, Box Sal). Springfield, 111.: “Wuuixas An of the States that furnished vol unteers to aid In suppressing tbe rebellion, have paint bed rei>orta made by their respective Adju tant Generals, containing tho military history of ( aid troops; acd, “IVuliizas, It is due to tbe rank and file of Illi nois that their records be carefully and truthfully wade cp and published by the Stale in substantial form. to the end that they may be cat lly accessible to all of said soldiery; therefore •* Rftclred. That In lb* opinion of the members of Springfield Post, G. A. R, the report of the Ad jutant General of Illinois should be published without nnncceesary delay, iu a style correspond ing to the Indiana renort. *• Herolcid, That the Poet Adjutant, bo, and he Is hereby directed to furnish a copy of these reso lutions to *ll the post* in this department, and re quest their concurrence therein. “Aesofrvd, Tnat a eommittie of five be appoint ed by tbc Post Commander, to whom all resolu tions teming to the subject aforesaid ahall be re torred, who arc in the name of this 'organization hereby empowered and directed to use all Just and honorable mean* to secure the passage of a bill appropriating mentis for the purposes hereinbefore stated. Ana t>e it further “AVaotcrd, That tho raid committee are hereby Instructed to arertre the passage of a bill provid ing for the sale of eaid report to all tlUools sol diers el cost of printing and binding. Said com mltlee shall have power to flit all vacancies occur ring In said committee, and shall report ail such chances to this Port. "Ibecommittee consuls of Comrades H. N. Jl den. Herman Lied, Robert Allen, Thomas 8. Darker, and C. W. Johnson. *\Offltial) Fez©. J. Dsas, Post Adjutant.’ 1 FROM CAIRO. The Story af Killing Nearara by Farmer* not Caafiraett—The Slyer* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Cairo, 111-, Decmaber S 3. The story of Ihe killing of negroes by farmer* across In Kentucky, published In the Cairo Dm>- enty and telegraphed to the Chicago Tlnus, U cot confirmed* and not belter ed here. The report was brought by officers of a steamboat. The weather ts clear and cold. Ueary lee U running ont ot the Mississippi River. The steamer Islington started ont for St. Lotus this afternoon. U Is considered donbttni about her getting through. FBOX sr. LOUIS. Arrivml of General Sherman—Suit Against tbe Pacific Kallrond—When tbe Slliltla are to be Employed—Re-camere of Escaped Prisoner*—Fatal Accident—The Hirer—Of-' strortire Fire at WArreaabnrg, 310. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] 6t. Louis, December 93. General Sherman returned to the dty at mid eight, arriving In time to attend the funeral of Colonel Sawyer, his Adjutant General, which took place at 11 o'clock this morning, at Jefferson Barracks. Tbe County Court has Instructed lu attorney to commence suit against the Pacific Railroad Com pany for the balance ot the original indebtedness due, with lucres I, on account of bond* Issued for mo completion of said road. Tbe amount was fit.MW wben tbe first suit was brought. since •• blrb time the rompsoy have pa*d fV* l ". leaving a balance due the county of shout 510.CC0. Governor Fletcher nos written to Judge King, of Bay County, that the militia will not be em ployed, save where it appears the courts are powerless. Ail the prisoner* who lately escaped from the Miller County jail, at Tc«combis, cava beta re captured. White out. they stole nine horses, tllrvcn 1 air of boots, five new coats, two tails of domi flic and one boll of cotton flannel, five fid dleF.thirtj pounds oi tobacco, and nnmerocs other aitlcies. Alter making the above haul, tho gang tbiU went to the nearest bouse, a lew miles from luHTumbla, and (went to sleep. While in this ‘'vrciticn the officers pounced upon them and pm th<m In Irons. 'ibemas Walsh, from Cincinnati, was instantly killed at the Iron Mountain Railroad Depot, at nine o’clock, by brltg run over. The river U falltrtg. Large masses of ice arc comli g down, but the water Is yet too high for gcrgfnr. Sv. Locxs, December IK—A fire In Warrens berr, Mo., on Chrialtnas Ere, destroyed twenty two btalncss hoosca and three duellings. Esti mated lobj f2.b,C00; toaimace not known, hut rmnU. Among the principal losers are Pmiagton A Biloan, Hyatt & Allen, Jas. Laphlsmer. Hr. “ en l7 Well. Cruse * Garth, Mr. Hall. Dr, McClelland, Kirkpatrick Blodgett Sr. Louis. December S3.—The Democrat 1 a Jef »erao“ City special says a delegation of Inflacntial citizens of Lexington have been In consultation with Governor Fletcher to-day, and that upon as surances that the lawa aball hereafter bo eoforced and order preserved, he has promised to withdraw all the milltta except fitly men. The Lincoln Institute of Jefferson City, for tho education of colored youth. b>« received a dona tion of $2,000 from the Freedman's Bureau. The wagon factory of flebrou A Bchner, at St, Joseph, and the dwelling adjoining, were burned Uutnigtjt. Loss, $12,000 to $13,000; insured for THE CONGRESSIONAL EXCURSION- IBTS. Their Reception at Jackeoa and Slagaolia* 3d is*., and at New Ontario- [Spedal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! New Oauaxa, December 28. The Congressional delegation was kindly re ceived yesterday morning at Jackson, Miss. The delegation was met by General Beauregard and other prominent gentlemen from We* Orleans. GovernorEomphreys, of Mississippi, also called at the hotel where they stopped, and paid bis compliments. Very many of the citizens went to the hotel, and every Congressman was kept buy conversing with them. The interchange of opinions was kind, and citizens and Congressmen were highly pleased with Ibe meeting. The Congressmen expressed ibemselve* as much surprised at the treatment from Southern men. At Magnolia, Mies., the party of Congressmen wsemetoy s delegation from New Orleans and taken to (he Central House, where a splendid din •uer was in waiting. Mr. U. P. Bolling, of Missis sippi, made a vary happy speech, welcoming the party to (he titate, and assuring all that (hey woutd not iece(ve any indignity on account of put political opinion. Senator Wade was called upon to make a speech, and though very weak aad sadly worn, be at last consented, acd responded in a very kind vein. He as-nred (he people ol the Sooth that we of the North only warned each action as wonlri secure to the nation rcfraterotxition, and a return of Hi* kindnesses tiuri existed before the war. Be (Senator Wade) said that all the North wanted was harmony and kind relations between tb" sections. To-day tbe citizens of Mew Orleans cave a din ner to the members of Congress who have ar med. and the expressions of kindness went of tho very kindest character, and from tbe most prominent. Tbe party then visited every place of Interest, and were v eil received. They visited the race ’ track and levees. The citizens treated all kmdly. New Ourtaxa, December 2S —Atelevcn o'clock to-day, a committee of tbe Common Council, ac companied by several prominent citizens, tendered the hospitalities of the city to the excursionists, and Invited them to a public dinner at seven o’clock, which ba« been accepted. One 01 the finest boats on the Mississippi will leave with the party to-morrow momln", and steam cp and down in front of the city. Detween two and thieo o'clock they will receive visitors, acd depart for Washington at nine. FROM LOUISYILLE. Horrible (laic ot lUnrder and Attempted hulcldc-Tbe Tacking Business. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Trlunnc.l totrrsviLte, December 23. This morning at two o'clock John W. Perkin*, tor many years a premmem official In the ehorcb, but lately convicted of stealing from hi* employ ers and 6enttothePcnltentiary.bat Just pardoned ont, cut the throat of his wife and then bis own, and left a letter to bla daughter acknowledging the crime, acd expressing a willingness toaacri. flee his life to atone (hr it. In it be implicated bis wife as having incited him to steal, which is a madman’s lancy. He says in the letter: “ This Christmas is my last day with you. This morning, when J waked up, I asked your mother foraCbrh-ttrasgilL She Raid ehe bad none. I said a kiss would do, which sho stoutly refused, which hurt my feelings, for 1 asked it from mr heart.” Betore the Coroner, the daughter, EosaPcrkina, testified: “ 1 and little brother sleep In the room with mother and father. About two o’clock In the morning was awakened by father talking to mother. lie was standing by tho bed-side with a razor in Us hand. He seized mother, ana cut her throat. As he made the stroke, mother screamed, • Oh, dear, Rosa I’ father started towards me. I caught brother in my arms and ran toward the deer. Father told me to look In tbe trunk and gets record which would explain all; then, ell ting upon the edge of the bed, with &u left band be held up bis chin, and with* bis razor in bis ngblbrata, art his own throat, and fell upon tbe bed by Uk side of mother, who was dead. Perkins will probably recover. Hops firm ana scarec at CliQ>(>Hc. Total killed, 13,950 1 u: pens, 2,500. Thoitly & Co., packers, bavecloscd. It is thought here that packing at the leading points will tall abort of the aggregate of last year, FROM MADISON. Tho Wcnihrr—A Word la Favor of Negro bnltraar—Hrrvct rommtMlons. Madison, Wis., December 23. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune. | Weather continues clear and cold with no snow Tho ihcrmomcti-r was shorn zero yesterday, and this morning foara areoniortaiaed of serious dam age to winter wheat by the weather. Tbe 6Vaf. Jiwrrmf, In an editorial to-night, de clare* In favor of ptadne the ballot in the bands offreedmen, by tha action of-the General Govern ment. It la shown by recent events to be the only method by which they can be protected from wrung and outrage. Preparations are going on at the capital for (be meeting of the next Legislature. Apparatus for heating the bnildlng with steam haa been put in operation. Tbe Governor has directed the Issue of brevet commlrslona as Captains to Private Geo, Kellogg, Company A, Twenty-Uilrd Regiment, for cool, daring and cocsplccons bravery in tbe charge ou the rebel defences at Vicksharg, May stkt, IS-Vi, and Sergeant Jolins P. Gould, Company 1, Twen ty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry, for distiugnlabod gallantry at the battles of Port Gth«on and champion Hills in May ISC3. from Milwaukee. laitr Ptrc—Dcsirncilnn of the Engle Iron Works—l.otte 890)000 A New Hold. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee, December 43. One of tbc most destructive fires that baa taken place for some time, occurred hero this morning. It first bioke out In the large foundry known as the Eagle Iren Works, corner of Second and Fowler sired*, tbe structure of which was con sumed rapidly. Tbe timber being old and dry, and a frc»h wind sweeping down tbe Menominee at tbe time, cinders and blocks of homing wood were carried to the adjoining building aau lumber yard. A large two-etory building used as a repaid shop by the Milwaukee and Prairie da Cnien Roilrcsa was next enveloped to Can e*. Next came a two-story dwelling noose occupied by Mr. Cline. which was destroyed, together with a bam belonging to the Railroad Uom-e. Next the devouring element spread to the Inmber yard of Johnson & Co., which bamed to the alley tenanting tola yard from another, which connected with several wooden buildings, and bad ibe fire crossed the alley, the whole lower portion of that part of the city would have been a mass ol ruins. Eight millions of dollars would not have covered the Joss, tod all owing to the neclect of the dtr to equip tbc new engint-s. As it was, the three engines were Just barely able to stop the fire at the alley. It they had bad one or two more streams to play upon the Ore. there would have been no oauger of its spreading. The total loss Is estimated at $50,000; Insured fur about SSO.UXL An cstcrprl*c is on foot to build a large hotel lo the Fourth Ware, to be called the Milwaukee House. John Plankloton, one ot our wealthiest citizen*, I* tbe prime mover, and what be under take* can't stop short of completion. FI!OS IIES MOISES. Temperance Hevtnri—Seizure ol I.fqnai— Disinclined to Accept —Body Identified— Murderer Arrested, Ac. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Dj» Mora**, December 29. - The temperance people bere are getting np a revival In the cause. Tne firat of a series of meet ings was held to-day, and a determination mani fested to enforce the prohibitory liquor law to the letter. The law tn lowa la stringent enough to close op most of the saloons, if people will en force It, barrels of various kinds of liquor were seized to-cay. and placed In the Court House. Several small lota were seized a tew days since, and a great deal more is to be seized, unless it is otherwise disposed of. General Williamson is reported as disinclined to accept tbe Lieutenant Colonelcy. • Mills A Co. have Justj Issued a very neat direc tmyof ouraty. Weather very cold. Ibe murderer of the man found dead near Ot tumwa, on Friday, has been arrested. The came, of fhe nmrdexcd man was Leter. The name of th? mmderer ia Anstin Fogden. and he (lived at Promire City, Wayne County. Ibe boraea were recovered, together wnb Ibe exact amount of gold taken from Ms victim. Tba stiver be had disposed ol; also two coupons cut from the bonds, which are Identified as tbe deceased. The evidence is conclusive against Mn>- ne is now In Jail m Oskaicosa. FROM ST. PAUL. Didn’t Get What he Wanted-The Belle Platnc Excnrsloß—A Terrible Tragedy* [special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] St. Pan. Minn.. December as. It turns out that Colonel Woods didn’t gel what bo wanted when he broke iuto Ur. WUaon’e office, and was obliged to return (hem upon the demand of the latter. Tne Belle Plalne extortion yesterday was well planned snd executed, and the excursionists re turned In the evening greatly pleased with the ulp. It marks the opening of another railroad line to this city. A terrible tragedy occurred at New Ulm on Christmas. Alexander Campbell and George U*- comb, who wore residents of Mankato, were re turning from a trapping expedition and Rad stopped at Mew Ulm. While there, some kind of quarrel ensued between them and dUxen*, during which a man named John Spacer was cut In the leg and bled to d*a;b. Campbell and liscomb were arrested by the Sheriff; but a unxnken mob took them and hung them until dead, and then took the bodies do»n and beat them shockingly* and left them lying in the street. FEOX BOSTON. Appropriation for a reldlcn* Slonamrnt Oriented—Merlon* Fire in Mew Bedford— Committed lor Slwrdcr—Salaries of School Teacher* locrcsmed. Dostos, December S3.—The Common Conned last cvtticg detested the proposed appropriation of ?CO.CWJ tors soldiers' monument. Borrox. December 2S.—Aaeilous fire occnmd in Mew Bedford I his morning. It broke out la the iron foundry of Joseph G. GrinnelL on Front street, which «aa entirely consumed. The foun dry ot Gifiord & Allen, coppersmiths, was tadly damaged, and also the shops of Pondon & Putter, psintns, and Joseph Clark, pomp and block maker*. A high wind prevailed at tbe time. Alice lane, who shot Harriet Pans, a colored domest e, at a house of ill fame. Mo. 4 Aldea

street, lait week, was brought before the Munici pal Court I o-day. Physicians stated thstttie In jured girl cannot live. Tbe care was continued, and the mii-oner fully committed to lait. State Constable Joses has directed th«t all eat ing houses bcreafier shall close ai * o'clock o’i Similar evening*, and one or two prosecution* have been msec for non<nmpllance. ihe matter cxcttLs much comment and ridicule. VVH.IU,U, SUU 1 (UJbUfU. 1 he School Commissioners have advanced the salaries of teachers ten to fifteen per cent. Bostoh, December 23.—Tkg eenu-asnaal di^l- CHICAGO. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 29. 1866. deed* payable in IhH dlyon or before Janaary Ut, Btnornt fo almoit nlcemdlinsf. incladinr two and a half mflllona Interest oa Puftod States scca ri,iM parable m cold at the Bnb-Xreaaiiry. The total la fJdO.OOO greater than la Jaly. FBOM CISCISSATI. Firre—iDmatm of the Ohio Penitentiary— Nrsn ArmieiMtr Attempt at Kipe. I tpctUi Dapatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Cntcman, December 28. The tannery elorehonre of Henry Emlcr, corner of Findlay and Canal streets, was destroyed by Hie hut night. Doss of stock, consliling of tan bark and leather, abont SIO,OOO. Fully coveted by Insurance in the Eagle Insurance ‘'omoany, A elaughtfrhouse o( Samuel Winder and two dwelling* adjoining were also destroyed. Loss SS.OU). No Insurance. There are wa Inmates In the Stale Penitentiary Ccmmlsnoners hare cone to New Orleans to pay interest on and reduce the principal of the pnnlic debt ol the State, both of which now reach $75.01)0. Henry Cornm (colored) was held to Sail in Co lumbus. to-day, charged with attempting to rjITV , a white woman. A convention of Kentucky editors la called at Frankfort on January mb. Finton eblnkle, of Covington, Ky., has nur chascd the interest of that aty in the suanenslon bridge, fIW.OOO, old stock, at three ceaffofffi dollar. FKO3I INDIANAPOLIS. Pork Packing-Under Consideration-Burg laries—The Weather. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) JrnuariAPoua, December 28. Boca continue dull at f5,73G5.90. The total number packed last season was 30,000. The man ber packed this season has already reached 40,000, with several thousand yet to come. The qneftion of admitting negroes tb indis criminate scats In Morrison’s Opera Hall, on the oj*aa,on of Fred. Douglas’ lecture, la under cou elderation by the Directors of the Young Men’s Übrary Association. * ou " Numerous small burglaries are being commit ted, apparently tbc work of tyroa. . Wsatbcr cold and clear. FKOM THE PACIFIC COAST. ‘btpwrcck— Large Receipts of Coffee—Mill* wit Protection for the People of Arlaona— Memorial 10 Com rets tor a Division of Idaho Territory—Coinage at the Branch ailnt In San Francisco Daring the Foot I ear. Bah Ftusctsco. December 27—p. m.—A largo chip is ashore at Half Moon Bay, twenty-flvo mlies down the coast. The flood Is very great at Sscramento. The bark Cornelia Walker brines six hundred thou? and pounds orcoflbo—quality, fine Bio. ' Coin drafls on Atlantic cities ore two and a quarter; currency drafts, twenty-lire. A palm and oil factory was Incorporated here to-da». Capital, S6OO,UX). Governor McCormick has Induced the military authorities to assign a portion of the Fourteenth Infantry to the protection of the people of Ari nina. Caraiir will protect tho mall route. General Crittenden will accompany Governor McCormick to Arizona, and probably aaantne command of the forces. San Fiuxcisco, December 28.—An Idaho des patch save that memorial-; to Congress for tho di vision of that Territory wtlll probably pass Iho legislature. The proposed name of the new Ter ritory is Colombia. The late storm extended tor north and prevent ed the receipt of the usual amount of treasure. One parcel of SISO.OJO Lorn Frazer River was de tainee from Inability of the steamer to contract to carry. Other parcels were detained at Idaho. Or egon, and Nevada, by bad weather. Ibe estimated gold coinage at the branch mint here, during the post you, u about twenty mil lions debars. Telegraphic transfers are selling to-dav at three per cent. Legal tenders at 7514. Mining shares clo&i d as follows: Imperial ISO, Deleter IS2, Chilian *«, Yellow Jacket 1 200.1 FROM. CANADA. Tho Fenian Trials—The Prisoner Crowley Convicted and Sentenced to be Hanged Feb* ruurylStb—Clothing Donated by Roberta Uclased by l.yncb. • SwiETßncno, December 3d. —In court to-day Mr. Devllo moved an airest of Judgment in the case of Michael Crowley. The application was refused, t Tbe'prisoner was sentenced to he hanged on the Isih of February. George Crawford plead guilty to receiving stolen goods, and was sentenced to three months 1 Imprisonment. The term hat ended and the court is closed, Tho police and military remain till faithar or ders. Tocokto. December S3.—lt Is stated that Presi dent Roberts has forwarded thirty-five overcoats fortbejaikd Fenians hero. Lynch refused them, and satd it was a catch-penny to draw mnds to the Fetutn orcamxation. II is understood that Slstead snccods Napier in the W estern District of Canada, of which Toronto is headquarters. * Wet thcrcold. Rai r roads running regularly. Toloxto, December 2S.—A number of German and Swedish emigrants passed here yesterday, dcstiration Chicago and bt. Louis. auwu WMikVU .uu aw MIUIJ. IVitldenl Roberts bos sent SM) to the Directors ol tho House of Providence, lobe applied la aid of the Fenian prisoners. PBO9I CHIKLESTON, S. C. The Dally New* on Ira Withdrawal from the New York Associated Press Monopoly —Emigtatlon el Freedmcn. Cnsm tffrox. December 23.—The D slfy ffetrt, IMs evening, announcing Us withdrawal from the New York Associated Press, says: “We for some time have bten ncelving the despatches of both associations, and finding Craig’s the moat complete and satisfactory, and moreover not con ceding to the Associated Press the rightofdic tating what we shall or shall not publish in our paper, have concluded to withdraw from the old and now famish oar readers with the full aid tno.-t complete despatches of Mr. Craig’s association. 11 All uf the Judg's on the municipal election beldheicon Tbnrdayhavc mused to certify to any t esult, declaring that the election was illegal and void. Mayor Lewis concurs in the decision of He judges. General btudness is dull. A.large number of freedmeu are passing as em igrants throngtfthe city for Florida, mostly from South Carolina. FROM. SEW TORE. City Officers Charged with Fraud—Frond* on the Government hr Silk and Lace Im* porters—Exeunatar Uevoked—City Futon* ccis Etc* Kzw Yobs, December S3.—Fraud, upon tbe revenue are known to bare been perpetrated by venae of tbe largest silk and lace importers In (Lis city, by undervalued invoices, etc. One im porting bouse was made to pay <60,000 In {fold for attempting to evade the law. Ibo atcaiDihip Australasian, from Liverpool, went ashore, bat pot off. Steamboats andasilnoatsare detained, and tele* graphic communication is partly interrupted. Nrw Yohk, December w.—irutdent Johnson has revoked tbe exequatur granted to Gerhard Janssen, Consul of Old* nbnrg to New York, said Janssen hating refused to appear in tbs Supreme Court of New York in an action against him and u.hcrs, pending hU consular privilege. The corporation of this chy have brought .nit against Chaa. G. Cornell, late Street Commission er, for several hundred thousand dollars, which be is said to have squandered or appropriated, tie is charged with trend, corruption and malfeasance in his official capacity. The tax levy of the city for next year will ex ceed <IU,OWI,OOO. Its debt is $31,500.1(10, Navigation on the Ohio Ulvcr. (Special Despatch to the Chicago TribaLC.] Loci* tills. December S 3. Tberlrcr it St. Clond U seven feet eight inches. The Importer pasted np. Tbe bat of tbe coal barges 5n the falls, safely got off to-day. Toe slim ice began tunning this afternoon, sad as the weather la cxccaelrcty cold, (here will be an ob itruction to navigation to-morrow. Telegraph Expenses ot tbe New York Assocl ated Press—Thea and Now. New Tons. December 28.—1 t U stated on cred itable authority that the weekly bills of the five responsible members of the New York Associated Press, which under the management of Mr. Craig averaged from <3OO to $250 per week, have in creased to $1,300 a piece. In consequence of the abandonment of the association by a large num-* ber of their former newspaper patrons all over tbe country. The President of the Association to-day announces that they will ahortly nuke a direct appeal to mctchanis and speculators to come for waid and assist them to carry their present heavy load, which is likely to Increase to <3,000 per week. New Oixxas?, December 13.—1 t is currently reported that Doyle, tbe agent here for the Asso ciated Ring of flew York, has Instituted Ifgal proceedings against tbe Bailee Telegraph Com pany, (or alleged violation of an agreement to lease the line to members of the New Y&rk Asso ciated Frees, claiming damages to the amount of <50,000. The owners of the line executed tbe line a few days ago to tbe United States and European News Association, to take effect on tbe first of January, and as the possession of that line t, equivalent to the control of all marine and other news from Mexico, Cuban Ac., by Inward bound steamers, there was a warm contest for the possession of the lease, at-d its award to the Unt ied States and European News Association is ah;- nlflcamot tbe genettl favor is which the latter ts regarded in this city. rboa eubofe. Dy ainU-Mlnlster Wright’s Action In Rf* card to Pumlb’i Inprmnm or Amort* can Citizens Utaapproved Stttpposed Ithercaktßif ot tHepbcns. Knr Yobs, December 23.—'The Berlin corrcs* pendent of ibe World say* a despatch bat been received by the American Mlclster trom Ur. Sew* ard disapproving of ibe Minister's conciliatory tttUade la reference to Prussia's impress lac Amer* leant into ua service. The despatch waa read to the government antborUiea, bat no action baa bees taken. A Dahlia letter to the World Bays tbat Stephens It believed to be la the aoatb of Ireland. FBOX PHILADELPHIA. Recovery oi Stales Property—Action of the Congressional Invest! gmtlaz Committee— Meeting to Orgnnizr an Aatoclmton for the Benefit el the Freedmea* ruuADLLtmA, December 2S,—The box of P. Btjard, banker, stolen was ioaad this moraine In the slre.t. Ibe Government tceoriilet were gone, bat til the other stocks were left m ibe box. December S3.—The Congression tlCommhlee on Fronds oa the Revenue was in ses sion this afternoon at the Continental Hotel and mil continue their investigations to-morrow. A number of wltnet«ee were examined relative to the corruptions of the Internal Revenue system. A meeting was held in Wilmington. Del, last evening, to organise an association for the education of (recdmrn. Several Marylanders ad* dir seed the meeting, including Generali Gregory, who has charge of the Frecdmen’s Bureau la Mary land. Colorado stlnlos News. St. Lons. December iS.—The Denver S'net. of th 6 19th lu»L, tnmisbee the following mining Items: Five mills are now rsnmlne st Empire, and turning om from $2,000 to $5,000 per week. In the neighborhood of Georgetown some very rich silver discoveries have recently been made, and there U a good of excitement about them. Bnlldings arc stSl going op here, and a bnay and prosperous season Is expectetl next year. A good deal of wold*wasome la being done all along Clear Creek, and with satisfactory rssnlts. Tko water L*o got down low, ao ttat aunsu can S 5 "■** “>-'ltar- FEOX MEMPHIS. -offerers by the \lchabnrg Fire. e«i ortfe.®*. Wi tonnerty Adjutant Qen- Wednesday. Altai, Board .r Trade Adept, Ibe lent.) em. DeCfm t b€r 28—The Board of Trade of WMlnifoni? fmoaaJy ad0 P tw the following the a£|t « llt °f the Hoard of .Vr> e ’ have taken action oa the subject. dar^of°Ma«t£ t lSc7 lial! 80 lm ° e * fccl on «■* l Vl 4l e s<!CrcUir l directed to communicate^ with the various Boards ot Trade, Sk 5? 8 ?* ‘H® *° ?* npoo the; date, and notify bVbad* 1^t 0 lhai concert of action may *' ew Hampshire L'onerceelonnJ Nomlnu tlSßS. Coscoan, N. H., December 29.—The Republl ttneof the First and Second Congressional Dis tricts have nominated Hon. Jacob H. Ela, of for the First District, and General A-ired Stevens, of Nassau, lor the Second Dis trict. No Cable New s. N'w Toarn, December SB.-The Eastern lines are si la down, and no cable no->ra has been re ceived. BT WAIT BROTHER!*, Advertising Ag’tv IS6 DearboriMt., receive advertisements far all the leading papers throughout the United States and Canadas* Nfcto Year’s (Gifts, TO THE PUBLIC. A GREAT AND RARE CHANCE! NEW TEAR’S GIFTS WORTH $5,500! MK. CHADWICK, desirous of riving the patrons or 1 tie Variety Theatre, and ihe putllc In general, a gn.te tulacknovleOtment forpa.t patronaza, the fol lowing VALUABLE A N D BEA UTIFOL GIFTS s His wldeiy-tnown celebrated trotting BLACK MATCH TEAM, Buggy and Harness, AND SPLENDID Gold Hunting Watch and Chain, VALUED AT 85,900. Tickets Five Dollars Each, Which admits the bearer to tho Variety Theatre ten c aking the tickets only the actual charge cf ten acmiMdcns. Eleven Hundred Tickets Only Issued. METHOD OF DISPOa'NG OF THE MAGNIFICENT GIFTS: As mat dlsiatlclactlonhas ever been felt at drawing for giro, the prizes will be disposed of by Throwing Dice, the three highest thrown to Uke the CttLfc- BBATED TROTTING MATCH TEAM, and the foirwt t’ rec thrown to Uie the SPLENDID UuLD HUNTING WATCH AND CHAIN. The public will at oncj per ceive the method ct disposing of the glfta docs away with every doubt of deception. The following win guaraetee that all the proceedings are conducted In the most tail and honor able manner. To gl>e all ample time to avail themsslves of the ad mission, the tickets will bc'iitiod January 3d, 13$;, the lUOle to lake place FRIDAY. Fetruvry Ist, 1867, at 10 o'clock and con Onus natll theriruan* disposed ot POSSEhhION GIVRN AT ONXK AFTER THE OWNERS OF THE GIFTS ABE KNOWN. DT A clear title guaractccd to the property. FLOYD HIGGINS, L. REED. Tickets lor sale at 78 SUle-»L, by FLOYD HIO GINS, and fi7 Wabatb-av n by L. REED, and at the Variety Theatre. The Match Team to be seen at Higgins' Stable: the Watch and Chain on exhtblUun at Mayo's Jewelry Start, comer of Clark and Wsshtntton-«is. ffiuslcal. MUSIC. Tlie Harp at Midnight. Competed by V. B. acbotT A beactifol reverie, quite brilliant and showy, yet within tbe capacity of ordinary piano players. It is rapidly Ucomlnga general favorite. rnce,« cents. Reflections on Spring Waltz. Composed by Arorarcne Boos. A charming waltz, cot eommooplae*. but fresh, ijurkUnc brilliant, and uf meilum difficulty. We Met Beneath an Awning. Composed by T. Jl.Tcwsx. An excellent comic Bong and churns. Entirely free trom vulgarity. Jet the thing to keep a company in good cursor. Brice, SO cants. Zilla Bee. Composed by P. G. Sou*. Apopnlar tong, ot the character usually sung by the Minstrel Troupe*. itlSßucgwith cre«t applause by Kelly & Leco'a Mlnsbals, and other popoolar com panies. Price, S 3 cents. Published by LYON & HEALY, Comer Clark and Washlngtos-sts. INSTRUMENTS Ol every description, sevn.-ely "picked, and sent to any put of tbe United State, oc receipt of the marked prices. VIOLHSTS. German or Ficnch, IX <3,14, (3, s£,£3, <19.112. Frrnct or Italian. 115, fIS, *2O, *e. to >JU. Old Uutm, (very fine ton?,) $59, (.0, fito to 1330. GUITARS. Frenchdr German, <B, <«, fiC. sl9, (do, <33. American (very ncc)iA <3O. <39, (40, <T4 to <73. ACCOUDKONo ana FLTTINAS, French and Ger man. |3.H.|s,<fi, SB, <to, <l2, stl. Its, <ls to <35. _ CONCEBIiSAS ar>l lIANDONiONa, (i ft, <5, Flageolets. Clariocts, Banjos, Tamborlnes, Triangle*, Castlneta. Harmonica*, Ac. Trimming, toi Violin and Guitar, Howa, Bow-halr. Botin. Tailpiece. Screw*. lirldgw, etc. string* for all instrument* sent by mall, 29 ccnu eacn; beat 90 cents. Adcrera H.T. MERRILL & CO., 91 \Vaiblniiton«st.t Chicago, 111. Krto iJublicatious VOW IvEADT. LOTE AND LAND. Poo ms. BT 91ICHAEL SCAtLAN. These Poems have been written daring tbe Anther's connection with the Prolan Broth* irboed, and. while tbclr general sentiment Is nor confined to geographical limit*, repre sent what I* supposed to be the most ad* vnneed ideas of this radical and thoroughly National organization. For sale by all booksellers. ISmo. clsth. 800 pages. Primed on tinted paper. Price, fcj, s-eni tree by mail, on receipt ot price. TEE WESTERN NEWS COHPAH7, Publishers, Chicago, 111. gTf)c Dali Season. Q.RAND MILITARY EXCURSION, The Annual Ball of the ELLSWORTH ZOUAVES will be erven st the NEW HALL HOUSE, tn MIL WAUKEE. on JANUARY Flh. 19»7. AH past, present tad mmorarv members efihe Zouaves, sod all friends of the Company are Invited to attend. tickets tor wie at KlNsLr.Y's. in the Opera House. Holders of excursion uckeu axe earthed to half tare to Milwaukee and return. Dr themselves and iicstaurants G RAND AFFAIR. —Great Free Lunch ’ onNew Y<ar*»Day. The nadenlcned beys leave to announce thst hewtu bu friends with a brcctdld Free Lunch oa Stir Iw'j Dir. AU are mvr.ed to partake. JOHN JOHNSON’, CECOND OPENING NIGHT OF O AN'DMjSOS ± HANSON’S LtGBB BEER SA LOON. ISS South Clartr-*t. A cood daw la expected. Come ose. coxae all, aid rally round ibe bar. A ■plea aid sapper wti- be given to all wlo may liver at wUb a call, tree cf eharev. Don’t Call la alb-ad- Kerom ter the place, 18S Sooth CUrt-i,tb,* OATCRT»\T» ntebL ANDfcRbON A HANbON. ££lantra. ■^TANTED— Merchants’ Union Express Stock, TO FILL AN ORDER. TYLER. ULLMANN A CO. jeorictg fHcctingg, 10. OF G. T.—Commercial Lodce • No. taJ. will meet TRTS XTEXDfG, And era y Saturday evening nan: further notice, at i7Qtoaia Ctarte-eu, third floor. 33j)Otosiapi)a. 1,1 PwONT TOC bEE THE BLACK J J CI.OCDS RISING OVER YONDER?" Way. no. Ttat i* fit ly >br immense rush cf people who are coics to BRAND'S, 10S Lakc-tt* Dr Bictarcs. Ixrcclams reduced to f5-CO. Cartes lie Tlsite only $1.50 per dozen* MAN THAT HATH A TONGUE X w ill cet Call o ten hl» trleadi that ths only place to gtt gtoc Flemns is at Brand’s Elegant Booms, Jim Lake-ft. rorce'atn* for only RA}, (V~ Cartes de Tlsite p«.r dost n. X>HOTOGRAPHB OP THE GREAT X NORTH AMERICAN MASTODON, loon-iß3te-t Ulow the surface ot t&e earth, an 4 said by Pro£ Minh cf Tate Coileea. to’beoße-tttlrd larger tbaa aar tmwa inmi', wiD be scat to any addma on tne receipt oi ntmty-flvc certs and stamp. Every one Interfiled to selecev. and the woaeers of this ennsioe&t years ago, fDooiebaveoae. Address FERGISOM d HAN TILLS, 19 7 lUTU4L, Troy, 2i, T, Ef>e Seating ferason, -^-abashav. RINK? SPLENDID ICE, GALA TIME. Foil Band, Afternoon Mining. GREAT ATTRACTION For the Holidays. AND EVENING. WASHINGTON SKATING PARK. THF GREAT DAY OF THE SEASON. THE GREAT DAY OF THE SEASON. THE GREAT DAY OF THE SEASON. WINTER FETE I WI3VTER FETE! WINTER FETE! FULL Great Western light Guard Band, AFTERSOO3 AND EVENING. New Sheet of Ice, hitherto unsurpassed in 82000TSNS8S, BOZtZDZTT AWD SPZsBmOS. LADIES’ WINTER TUTS, IS TQ£ AFTERNOON, Durlnewhlch the above celchrUed Band, under the leadership of PROF. VAAS, will perform Operatic Se lections, ai also at the EVENING FETE. 'Randolph**!, Cara land yon at the Pork. Mndisen<«t> Cars land you within a block •of It. / SEASON TICKETS. Ontlemen. LbUn ChlKtrrn... SIDE RINK. MAGNIFICENT ICE. GRAND SATURDAY EVENING CARNIVAL TO-NIGHT. GEEAT UNION BAND. QGDEN &KATIKG PARK. GBAUD CABNITAI TO-NIGHT. FULL BAND IN ATTENDANCE. A SPLENDID SHEET OF NEW ICE, And a Good Time may b« expected. COME ONE, COME ALL. Tbe Park wilt be lighted by Calcium Lights. pENTKAL PARS. New Sheet of Ice. SMOOTH, SOLID, CLEAR. SO SUCH ICE EVEB OS A PARE. CARNIVAL TO-NIGHT. , MAGNESITDI LIGHT. ISoofejs anli Stationers* *JO LOVERS OF THE DRAMA. PIrAYS. McMIJLY & CO., 81 Ecarborn-st, *t*ye added to th-lr already large stock .1.000 AMERICAN AND ENGLISH FLAYS. making It tbe itrratud OLly complete aasortmeat vent of New Yon. They have aho a large lot of COAHC TITI ATM-ACI, For College, Camp or Ohln—Male charaetut only. DRAMAS FOR hO\S—Male character* only. HOME FLAYS FOB LADLES—FemaIe character! only. AN EVENING AMUSEMENT—An original comedy, a burlesque and tirce. bQARSF£ARE*S PBOVEKBS-By Ilf!. Clark. Amatenr Clubs, Colietes, Schools aid Dealers sup plied at publUhu'a prices. Catalogues teat free by malL 'J'O MERCHANTS, BANKERS, and BUSINESS MEN IN GENERAL. XcNALLY & CO., 81 Dcarborn-st*, Have a fine awortmest of Francis ft Loutreil’a Office Journals. Also, a large assortment of Ladles* and OeaHemtn', Docket Diaries tor sale cheap. J£ONLY TO LOAN, ; . Ott HIS AX. SBTAT22 BSOUBTf?. Ingntie at 39 Sooth Ctark-et, third floor. \IONEY TO LOAN 'ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, At 10 »r cent per ammo. brS or S reart. In arsons!* act Itu than f .0.000, Or the UVKBKKJL * LONDON ± GLOBE INSURANCE Co^o3XceNo.S4LaaahbtU r OAN& ON CTTT ns AX BfiTATS. PARKER A LYMAN*. No*. ] 3 and 17 Portland Block, arerew yrepared to rorctlstemortgages on real es* rate la this dry, through their comtpoodentt la New York ard Boston. Storage. CTORAGE—Brick Building. We bare storage room tor 500 Brla. Floor* also SOO Brls. Seat Pork or Beef. fST Impilre at 33 North Dearborn-st. Sfcucalumal* DTHitENFURTH’S COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Is the best bailees* establishment Is tee Wert, being the only one CONDUCTED BY PUAC TItAL BUSINESS MEN. Foreign lauceaeestasebt. The EDUCATIONAL AND CLASSICAL COLLEGES re*pccuvely piepare youths tor a Eminent or a Uni* verslty Conrae. Ladle* Seminary tost opeced* dfot gale. ■port SALE— Schooner/ Essex Grata rapacity, U.WO botbeis: 1 amber capacity, irvt. JOHN- SHEUIFFb A SON, T> 1 PROPELLER FOR SAXX The Propeller Ottawa, rating Dl.aed heavily re paired in liQ, well fbond and in good coalUltmTu of ford lor rale. Porfen&erpartlcalars inquire of WARREN A WOODBURY. IQ CaaaPst. Ciobarco anh Cigars. r.ilA A DESIRABLE iobbine o«V.vvU* stock ot Tobacco and Cigars, with H reCotnres and good wlUof an estahUthed trade, CAM BB BOUGHT For the above fom. Ann opportoaity. Apply at lASHMOWiteNL . vrt NUMBER 205. UolOjag ©oois. •ppQLIj&AY GOODS! Fli\'E MUSTRITED . BOOKS. PBHER BOOKS Hi BIBLES In Elppanl CiniKnff. Itt Fine IMnriing, ELEGANT WRITING DESKS, In Great Variety. FINE STATIONERY STAMPED, TO ORDER. COBB, PRITCHARD & CO., @3 Lake-st., TKPBIOJJT BOtJSS. jJatenta. QNE THODt AND LIVES LOST. TERRIBLE DISASTER. The Planters’ Hooso and an Entire Block of Tenement Houses Destroyed BY F IRE. Haw often arc the public startled 'and horrified at announcements like the above, and yet bow cheaply and surely could they be avoided By adopting tor gen* eral use HORNE’S FIRE ESCAPE. On the day of tnst.. a will descend from th- sto or Mb story oJ in- Tremaal House. Come and see him, at 3 o'clock Monday p. m. By H. D. BATHS. PATENT RUBBER MOULDINS. Excludes Wind. Cold, Dust and Water from Doors and Windows. Ailbedemand baaoeenso terras we bare been nntble to Keep a lull supply, butare now lolly prepared to meet all demands. Many of our patrons have not known our number. We would say that weaxc not connected witn any otber establishment. Aa there are inferior articles put on the market, we rantlcn all who want our Moulding tuat number is at ST WASnrNGTO.V-ST., Boom No. 4, Chicago, in,, w here all orders will be promptly met. E. ALLEN. gßcon HAND STAMP, With Complete Dates for 12 Toots, NO TTPB SETTING—3O SOILED FINOEBS. Dates Changed in a Twinkling ESOOB BAND STAMP CO, Office 73 Dearborn-st. rjAKD’S PATENT BBIC3 maCHINU : Office and manulactory 33 Scuth Jeffersot-it. Pc InformaUon and dtaadpuve circular address E. B. GABO. 33 South Setomg iHarfjuus Q. R E A T Volcanic Eruption. THE ETNA Baa again opened Us crater, and U throwing torth SEWING MACHINES Ot the greatest practice utility and mo>t beaotllal designs, to please everybody, both rich and po,.r. Per fectly reliable. Call and *« them, at 07 WASHLSGTOX-9T. OSO. S. POLT3, General Agent. Consignments QASH ADVANCES Hade on Shipments of PROVISIONS & DRESSED HOGS To New Tcrk. Also, on PBOViaONS INSTORE. JOSEPH B. PHELPS, 10 Chamber of Cotaneree. CALTPETRE. CBDDE SALTPETRE, For Pacha*’nsc, torsaleby. JOSEPH B. PHELPS, 13 Chamber of Commerce. J-JRESSED HOGS Usual Facilities to Shippers* Cotnmlwlo&s on car-load lota, l v per cent. A. iC WRIGHT A CO, Hoots anß jntoes. JPJR MALE— BOOT MD SflOE STOKE, The lean, atock and flztares of one of the beat Retail Root and ahoe btores la Chicago. The trade is already •-•utluted. and the location cne ot the best in thecllr. It Is a rare chance fbr a person desiring to atep right Into a raytts boilnes*. Addma - BOOTS AND SHOES." P.Q. Box 2033. INTER OVERSHOES. Jsat received. 5-buckle BUFFALO, BALMORALS and other desirable stylet of Winter Shoes. DOGGETT, BASSETT & HILLS, 29 and 31 Laßalle*st, fHemcai. IVJRS. S. C. DICKISON X TREATS Al.l. BUEPSATICS, Umbm SUd Jolnta. restores Tape Worms In twenty* tour hour*, without bjnry to the paaecL Satiitsctloa given, or no charge. Mn. P. can be lonnd at gSS Sonin ciatk-n. (General Nollies. T? LECTION NOTICE.—There trill be JCj tn election of Directors fbr the COMMERCIAL Ia&DBASCE COMPANY, tor the a»alngyear,on MONDAY, Jan. 7,196 Z, troa 10 to 13 o’clock i.el. At the Company’* Office, 46 LaSaUe-ct. J J. FARMER, Sce'y. ot sixty per cent now h" JL/ lug paid by the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co* Jor tew rate* and tables, apply to r M&JRE 4 STEARNS. General Agents. 49 Labaite-sL “ TTIOH AUTHORITY." .11 We understand >lr. Samuel B. Raymond’s high authority to be J. W. Gulteao. Agent of the Mu tual Lite Insurance Company, at Davenport. lowa. H. B. Merrill. General Agent cf tho tame Company, at Detroit, Michigan, who have Issued a circular con taining the same statement In regard to the Washing* tan Life insurance Company, of New York. It is, snikiolLes, riiUt, and does not in any manner justify Wm in repeating u. ni les« a trio of false dr cnl&rawlli snswer the purposes ot the -£ma Lite in surance Cons oany better than the truth. rltau ffite us tlaker autaorltu. PAUL * MASON, General Agents. JJOUNTIES. ,jytv®vsen«Ued to bounty under act of la*, win co well to apply lor the same at once. A onil cadoaa received by tbeoaderslsned. Peea,slJ)o -ftf Tances mace on approved claims. JAMES A. Tirrir. 1N&ON. Author teed AcenC9SiWuhlngton-tt rCp agents. J^GENTS _W A TVTTrFITI. S f rc?S.fSSmSS.P SUKi -’ tCE 01 “«• • CHAS. D. LAEET. Oeaectl Agent, bO lASaUeeL Closing. JJOLIDAYS. CHRISTMAS IS PAST. NEW YEAR is coanNGr. Don’t Invest Oic Dollar IN' CLOTHING Until yon hale seen the MAMMOTH .STOCK AND LEARNED THE PBIfIS, JS.T DeG raff’s Ccrnef State and Randolph-Sts. YOU CAN SAVE 10 PERCENT AND Be sure of getting what you want. L. DeGRAFF. jFor tj)c ffiolißass. THATCHES, JEWELRY, &U. CHH IST JgAS 000031 EOI.TPAT OOODB BRIDAL PRESENTS I PRESENTATION GOODS I Comprising everything; to be feund In a first-class Jew* elry sure. AMERICAN AND GENEVA WATCHES. DIAMONDS and Precious Stones set In every new and corerivable style o; mounting. French Clocks, bronze Vases, Cnps, Ac. solid nurer Ware, the best assortment ever ollered In Chlcauo. Plated Goods ol beautiful designs and finUb. ecaal to solid silver, being plstad on Osmu silver, which bas the appearance oi real silver and la quite as durable, Baring sold theae ■ccdatar Ibe part year, or ever vtaoe they were ant introduced in the market, we caa tolly recommend them to our customers. Our block Is always Pull and Complete. We pride ourselves tn being able to say to our customer*, that they will always find tho very latest r.vd most desirable gsods exhibited tu on.* stock a* sooii as they are prepared tor market, a reasonable prices *od fr.-m an the leading factories. Thankful for past tsven, we ask aeonttnutett o came, and aa examination of our goods. HATSOH & HOBS. JgQ DEARBORN ST. Albums at Cost. 130 Dearborn-st. C*r*a. W. STEVENS. "[,] AYE YOUK JPffCTMJISJES FUGUES* AT 150 PBAaSOHJf-aT, Q.ENUIHE Meerschaum Pipes & Cigar Holders Ot oar own Importation, at very low prices. BECK a wißTtl. 9.1 Sooth Witmt. ©as 33urners. A >EW BUHNER. THE BRILLIANT LIGHT! LIGHT! VYc Last and Best Invention. Paten: Kerosene Oil Gas. Burner. Glass Chimneys dispensed with. A ■teidf) brilliantlltlit<eqna] to gai, to bum ordinary Kerosene. ADAPTABLE TO ANT LISP. u To Bee is to be Convinced.” fT State and County Rights lor tale by A. B. SLOAS, Adams House. business Cams. C ACEETT & CO., .conmnssiopi »mn chants, Pitrchate and sell Floor. Grain, Prorlsloaa, Dressed 213 SOUTH WATEB-er, CHICAGO. Beimnce—Northwestern Natlcnat Bank. JJICE BROTHERS. 800 & S7X East Water*st, aiIIiWACKEB. CH AS. H. BICE & CO., SIX <£ BX3 South, TVator-st., CHICAGO, Produce Cotttnlfflon Merchants. Dealer* In Flonr and Grain. Special attention given u>theaale of Dressed liogs. Btasnla lor marking and mat tut reports tar tubed free. Tj'STABLIbHED IN 1836. WILHAM. LITTLE & CO., Commission Merchants, For the Bale es Purchase ot Groin, FI but, Heeds. Batter, Dreaeed Dos* Uned FnltaaadFrsfisloui. 'Warehouse, 231 EcutX Water-sL, CHICAGO. Ws refer to Merchants* National Bank, or any ot the old-wtabiUhnd Banks or Merchants. Canbles. ■JJ 0. & O. CO. PARAFFINE WAX CANDIES, TV bile and Aliened Colon. s*. fa, and Uj. Abo PARAFFINE WAX. Choice quality. lor sale it 41 Rlvtr-su. Chleago, in. S. P. SANTOSD, Sole Ascot tor the North veil for the Untoa-Coal OH Co. c£ Mays? Lie, Kentucky. proposals. Proposals for an iron BRIDGE, times or tbs Boars Wosss,) CBICaCo, Domhcr 15. L-'M, f Sealed proposals will be >eeirtd by the Board cl Public Wort!, at thtlr rrtn 11a.m. TaiedaV, January Bth, tot the construe u©o. compute and ready ■ fbr me, ci an Iron RrUxo over North water .tract, at ita Intersection with North Writ* street. Bid iers are Invited to soba Itthrlrowxtplana and specifications, subject to the conditions tinted below. The bridge win have a. span of eighty (9) leet be* tween abntmenu. Then* win be two roadways, each twenty (37) feet wide in the deer, sue two eldewaUta lor toot travel, escb eight fs> feet wbie la the clear. The Coor beams *M 5u ol 1 beam Iron. say seven (7) inches wide, placed rro ni Teel rynatt from centre to centre. The hand-tsl'tuc will he of east Iron, Otoe pattern, live (5) inebe*. wide, anti the balusters will be of wrought Iron, ona Cl) loch wpiar-. po«u,ot wroozht Iron, one and one-half (IX> Inches sq.aare.wtil oe placed etebtOLy tee; apart. wherever the joina come the Coor beams. will project outside of the sidewalk two (7) ffet^tcr.afford opportunity lorhadaitha posts securely. The bndre nut soppert with aaftty the welcht o». one hnr fired and twentyjlve OS) stands to each loot of the fioor sorttce ol tho road* way* lo addition lb the weight of the structure ttselfi The orlfige must be planned In such a manner and with sue a dlnstnrluns that the ttusile strain on the wruanhl If'jU parts shall net exceed at the rate of ten thousand r.cjw> pounds per Ktiare Inch under the effect of tho □asboom load. Proroaais, p.aos and specificatians nre also Invited lor aald bridge, built a* above, eicep'irig that In the centre the bridge shall besepoorted oy iron columns rtsucson atone tonsdati.ns In the street beliw, the columts being capped by on iron girder running cross wise ot the bridge. Proposals mu*t be affirekped to the Board ot Public Works, endorsed “Proposal (br Iron Bride*,-and be arcompa&'edwitb the tuna’ fiJCObond, with tareiiftJ, to be appioved by thr Board. The Board reserve the rtrtt to reject any bid not tr arcordsnce with the conditions of this alv«rtt*?m;ct, or to rejett all bids, and no pruporalwin be accept'd unless the party csenng it shall grre ericeacelatutic torr to the Board that be has tba necessary sklU, expe* rltnce, energy and ablUtv tor doing the work, m trait worthy, ana ca« samciail necaaiary re«>are«i. J. G. QINDELB,' FEED. LCTZT^ O. J. ROSS, 33t g ffiooos. jyjAKSED DOWN. Immense Sacrifice. OUR Mill SIOII OF DRY GOODS MARKED DOWN, PBKPAKATOBT TOOCE REMOVAL 11l LAKE-ST. SiMPSOK 6 HUGHES. 181 LAE es ■so*. Duplex elliptic Skirts. FASHIONS DEMAND J. ¥. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic (03 DOYirLT SPHZ3G) SKI R T S. . They will not beed or: -eak like the stare sprlm. bn twill ever; rr«».rve their perfect where three cu / o d10.%;y Skirts axff thrown mS as aselcn. comfort. duj ability an* economy with tl ,»t .» of thape which baa the “DUPLEX EUIPT.J" the STANDARD SKIRT OF THi f,i?H;OHABLE WORM!. At wholesale u" tfc e*cluitve mannlac turns »** sole owners «f the patent, WESTS, BKADLET & CAST, Warehouse and Office, 07 Chamber* and 70 ud 81 Eeadesh, Hew York. Also, at wholesale by the lea£ lag Jobbers. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic SMrts, Sftr»bemo«poptUaf andencetul Sklrtwbm. Tor e at a hoi stale at manaUctarert' FELD. PALMER aLeITRK, no. in i<4udnautMt,cueSih Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts v i.r Elegance and Econon: - rre nusurpsfaed. Foreala •t wholesale by JOBS V. FAKWELL A CO i— 44 and 46 Wabash-av., Chicago. Bradley's Bnplcx Elliptic The lightest, meet agreeable and pence* Skirts mate. For awe at wholesale. boWEN BROS— Bradley's Duplex Elliptic Skirt^ For beauty, corrfort and durability superior to aB o*s er». For tare at wholesale by TORRENCE. MANNING A COL, 30 Lake-tt. and 39 Wabaah-ar., Chicago. Bradley's Duplex Elliptic Skirts At wholesalers! maonlactarera’ prices. KEITH, WOOD A CO, 10, A 3 and itukMt, Chicsga. ££loolr anb Coal. gILYERiIAN & SHEKWIN, Wtoleiale and Retail Dealers Is LEHIGH COAL, ALL SIZES, AND AGENTS FOB) BITUMINOUS COAL. tVLV.IO.2 H’OOD SAWED AND SPLIT. PT* Bnyen should call and lock at our stock of su perior Lump Lehigh, belore purchasing, at 13 - West Randolph-st., - 15; yOUGHIOGHENT- COAL CO., Office 17 Chamberst Commerce udeanue West Klohie and Green. Tenthlsrhmy, rrlar BUI and CacnelCoal .CO JO Mineral Kldse Cca) US Conns LiTllle and Pittsburgh Coke. , <E£Uncs, ILiquots, &t. yyiN-EB TO3. THE EOUSASB. 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