Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 29, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 29, 1866 Page 3
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THE GR&3H TRADE OF CHICAGO. A MARRED INCREASE SINCE LIST TEAR. Flour Manufacturing in this City. Receipts and Shipments of Floar and Grain. A REVIEW OF THE BUSINESS TOR THE YEAR-COMPARATIVE STATISTICS. THE GRAIN TRADE. The supremacy which Chicago has long enjoy ed as the girticst Grain market In the world u fully recognized, and each socccening year adds laurels to tnc fame woo In this regard. Inlho ta bles given below will be found the receipt* and shipments of Flour and Grain for the year IdM, with comparative statistics of tormcr year*. From these It vrld be seen that the total receipts of all Grain—Flour Whual—aggregate bnahela, against IBSS—showing an loocasc ol 14.1-15,927, or a little over percent- Flour show* an increase of ETO.Crj brl<-—nearly diiT-scven per cent. The reccipis of Wfieat arc 2,195,373 ba greater than la ISda. As compared with this last mentioned year, the movement in Corn shows an Increase of n.Ur,i.s'»3 bushels—^or ore.' thirty-three per cent. Oat* fihe «■ a falling off of 253.5 9 ba, or not qnlre three per cent The Increase in the re cclptsui K'e is nearly seventy per ceaL liarl.-y ebows a tailing off ol about 10,000 bn, as compar ed with 1865. tv Him a qua. Had it not t*ocn for the partial destruction of the Wheal, Rye and Barley moos, in 130 and 1966, the receipts for the year just do«iug would have shown a much rrraicr increase ikon exhib ited In the tables below. Next year we cannot look for a larcv gain in car reccip:*, owing to the damages inkicieil on the crop* by the rains, in August and September la*u The early frosts in the middle ot scptcmber and the late rains, groat ly retarded the groivth of tt.c Corn cron, and in many section*, it never reached It* full develop menu • Below wili be found the weekly tiolcsofthc receipts and shipments of Flour and Gialu dur ing the the year as peeled on 'Change by the Secretary of the Board of T«eds— the receipts lor the )a»t wt-tk of the rear being estimated: WEtELT BLCCITTS OF IXO CB, WHEAT AND COBS roix tub iXAi: IS6Q. Week Ending Floor. Wheat. Corn. January 6 15,690 101,000 9 ; ,333 - 18 21,617 147.H3Q ** 20 IS.SU fcO,24H 77,311 “ 27 14.07 ft *51,321 58.010 Fcbiaarv 3... S3,t7ft 121,000 113.373 “ * 10.... IS.4M 108,4*6 121,515 ** 11.... £O.SW 73,782 67,530 “ ju .. 22,190 *aos oi,ca March 8 27.399 71,732 03,373 ** 10 23,685 57,310 101,400 *• 17 83,11 UM. 691 05,169 *• 24 96.MSS 33,‘JGO 30,273 w HI *6,781 35,717 47.723 April 7 £l,OBl 81.039 SUSS U t 4 sSise cs,«a bsvwg ** «i ... . 23.014 123,281 473.503 a 28.... 34,055 370,918 6tJn,ool H»y 5 4J.C69 102,911 KMi,C3O 12 44*525 179.71! 9«.bT3 “ 19 40,454 272,511 023,117 « V, 37,141 15SA2S 1,201.021 .lime 2 £8,891 199,29) 1,7(0,980 p S?nio 215,023 1,915.436 “ !«’ S9.UI 292,013 “ Vi. 43,W* 217.110 I&HA7i •• SO 32,531 133.3-* L'SMOI July 7 £8,311 157,412 1,23.,020 V U JCnIS 10V-W* 1,327,'.T3 .. si 24,408 • +1,380 1,121100 “ 29'*!... . SLC-S 53.252 8*0,911 Aliens!* 4 IS,:m 53.155 74i,lK* •* J 1 l£&9 75J93 768,971 *. 3* JfL444 77,923 1,15J,125 ♦. S 3 245,392 1,531,319 S« . M.M JjWjJ* “ 15.*’ 47>il 475,112 83,9 50 »* 08.513 007,210 002,711 “ {>5,793 43-,005 451.223 Oclober 6 01,184 7Ri,J*O Ml,lift .* ia cm!4oo 0J2.2U man “ £0 . . 71.030 778,312 633.80 s .4 «7 .. . 74,833 070,705 433,030 November «... 00,232 510,550 279,^77 ** «0.. cC«3I 618,881 3-9.679 4, 17.. 74.925 •150.010 416.715 4* .i* 70422-1 850.249 531,790 December 1... 45,114 133.032 100,525 « a... 05U51 ISGJ3B 71,(C0 “ 15... £0,7.3 70,71] 33,450 “ 52... £3,671 61,712 61,5H5 “ 29... S 2 *-26 68,619 55,41* Total IVWMOI WEEELT RECEIPTS OP OATS, BTB AHD Week Ending Oats. „Rye. Barley. •Tannarr 6 14.259 2,000 •• ao ... C2.sto 0,005 1.C74 “ 27.... 70,733 lU.--75 2,0* v cbraJl*o... . 18,785 rvuju.*, IH.CM 111.230 8,128 “ 17 70,488 14.644 NO 10 “ «4 52,058 7,B*> 6,017 March* .... 4',2U 5,5-0 • 2,380 “10 4C,WO C££s 5,685 “ 17 “ oj 2 c .C65 0,515 4,220 “ si 41,515 3.1 DO a,2M April T 41,498 4,231 100 “ 21 C0,8G5 “ ftj, 133,905 14,163 2,000 Mays 291,3:7 3n,i05 ih.ho Jirtt 271,477 25.(65 7,830 .. ,u . ... 324,607 31,033 4.155 “2s“ 531,014 50,060 4,001) Janes WLM3 75,0011 11,077 “ 9 ~ . 627,061 61070 13,330 “19 41LSU CWBB 7,310 “23 510.720 65,637 10,570 “30 .. 442,921 53,Cci3 l‘,*-50 JnW7**. .. 37,2 , J0 3.510 “*l4 . ... Wsfrs 2LG23 VBU “21 £67.4 3 42, SCO 2,613 “ 23 171,1**4 1U.152 023 August 4 61,020 8.900 700 “11... .. 41530 V*o “ 18 70.M1 8,615 6,0-0 “ 23 .. 100.'SO 12,853 10,739 September 1. 170,870 “;g •v 15*"'. 18i,*E 48,tca 3S£J3 “ 53... 15i487 42.H39 62,070 ♦* is:::, maw mss 67,m October c.. .. 197.003 74,753 . 139,660 “ 12 306.104 1M,95l Vj^s7s “ S. V. 4W?t<J7 10i,T01 148,212 “ g 7 215,(33 I'JOJIU 127,013 November 3.... 977.079 C 3,255 l(iW»4 “ 10.... 865,723 11W,63j 100,0.2 “ 17.... 276,173 SIS4O 91,111 “ 21.... 122.8C7 50.655 ll.iai December 1..5. GL.oS2 2%783 EMIII “ .« . 48.222 7,57 j 90,921 “ 15.... W. 353 5,259 15.861 “ 22 . 35.314 0.5. W 14,625 “ fj.V.. &.4-S 7,815 10^2 Total 10.C12.320 1,933,819 1,W3.5U0 -rm-xrvre or n.ocn, asd cons rou the TEAS 1860. _ Week endlug Flonr. Wheat. Com. Sfe gjg Ssfi :: «JS «'.«l “ K‘. «r.lB Irileos C.4J7 *» Si"!. 17,126 13,933 4,570 March S 19,853 Ci.OM *• 1U 23.7*8 5V15 «»*,SBI “ I?:::..!! is,** .♦ ij . 1a.949 53.557 15,678 U Zi O- .ve 62,013 • 30,032 Aorll V 6-,530 11,216 AP ”‘ 14 *! sTftg „ i\ .. «o,Gi6 142,577 65,9-H U «* ’ 9-USO 113,813 758.651 Vot *5 C9JCB 2U1.3M 1,310,884 .? |J; 37.796 100,115 342,820 « {o* * 4L9SO 128,«96 1,441, 4V ** ftfi!* SvdTJ 146.9 -d 1,067.923 JUDO 4 !***!!• 4&7» lUifi 39 • S.BSUB4 I !.!!! 81&7 ISIAS. 2*<77,0»l « 16 ... 4UBI 351,918 1,401,836 ,i 23* 4&W9 506.1G4 1,786,018 ,4 |n Sbs4 202 057 309,093 j c i T 7**:. ;. 31.21*3 1,51.5,170 ‘‘ 34 ...... eosa 125.»« 9,10,813 M 81 !. BVC9 56.1 M 3,414,6 a .4 5V ssasa 58,249 5 0,337 AUCTUI4. “ g;-;;-;: gig I|||| *e—’l- £S? 44 ip’ 44,723 41 V«M 1,411,805 .. g*~ si!»nr «iiis «5,390 4. 8) csTcttl 5it,CU3 419.065 October 6 sl,fiCß 4W.2J6 729.960 ~ ia . M.U9 IW,BU 1,944,058 ♦4 so fiSUBI IMLSSS 27 BJL4M 4XM.4BS 8l9,?f8 November *3 75.253 G4S,S» 650,200 >oreml>er a... £ 3SS.OM 386,100 « 17... «JO6 l.llW 515,601 „ « 4 .. 06,481 447022 805,400 December 1... mW 96,509 H 8.750 *, 5... 21540 42,910 6,9j| *• 15... *0,903 81,9‘2 150 *4 ss... a£>i 4,guo « a... 28,137 35.957 6,200 Total 1,797,100 9,670,000 83,400,851 SHIMEHTS OT OATS, BTE AND BABLET JOB THE teas 18Uk Week ending Oats. Bye. Harley. ¥m i» J ia 19,679 MS* SfcM *♦ 80 66.GC9 8,873 537 “ 57 81,293 4.SJO 1.6 D Febmary 5 88,217 9,uM LBSO cto ir H, io aajsu m« lsib « 17 3-7,183 *5.04 “ 81.,,.. 13,525 BJII 1,102 March 3 ' 81,144 4.028 2.091 « 10 13.M1 4,786 SIS « IT 10,271 2,133 2.917 “ 94 81.407 8,615 4,35 t ** 31 82,7.8 8.374 2.453 April 7 29,840 tis 7 8,331 £ l| 49.841 500 2,533 »» ci 40,033 l.iA-1 10,131 “ ts 211.739 1.9,933 42.146 May 5 426,009 ' 8475 85.421 “ 18 216,394 81,579 8,7"$ *• 19 377483 8,180 18,792 “ 2fi KS-452 284*1 *9,930 Jane 2 418A74 41,319 5,«21 - 9 583,179 131,’65 11,771 « 16 759ASC 02.541 2,713 88 643,238 76 SSI 5,979 ** 80 449.403 75,40) W.OG3 Jnlj 7 336,323 84,192 2.069 “ lj 54MW 84,729 3C,»| « 21, 4SUMI 58,7^ »• 9S 146,30 I,C« 6.350 Annual 4 214,777 2,197 4,1« - 11 177,488 7,553 2,500 « IS 103.617 2,775 410 25 117,85(1 1.566 2,180 September 1.... ITIAg JM« J4.t« *• 8.... r*,TO 83,'J34 50,631 »• 15.... IM.SC3 C 5.563 13.45 W “ 55.... BQ£O9 84,930 IS.RS3 “ .89..., 128.890 M,OS 05.603 October 6 1G6.10: 39.499 53,277 « IS 831,65*S 96,474 112,033 “ 80 877,595 “ 27....... 180,744 G2,<3) 82^2fl KOTemher 3.... 1C5.733 m.C‘G 98,0;ts M 10 ... 9CS£R9 “ 17.... a*,ooo 43,100 115,101 *• n... 8M.533 71,177 39,832 December 1 ... 79C521 X*,»4 G.l7* “ 8.... 10J0S, 11.569 r.,^i “ la.. . 6,40 ii 7,945 S.3JJ “ S 3 .. 0.759 10,638 l^w “ 53... li&S 3,581 Total VM&H Total Import* and Export* of Floor and Grain* Tbe following tables show the receipts and ship ments of Hoar and Grain is Chicago during the past four years: total ■'ktipw or mors *xd cuu roa roi TUXES. ISO. 1844. IBS. 1964, Wheat, bu.... cenubo u.C£U«7 sutfijm oatCmL. s.ussts taxuAtt iM37.a» uutso ItreTba M9,;m wc.Ufi u«.t» I.«VSIS LArtcy,btt..... 7ii,Ut 1,J3i.T54 LWAO Total Aa.tiE.4S3 43A4S.ia* Add Floor ILto __ Wheat... ... 7A7IA» £.706.355 Total .SCjrSJO 45A35,Ttl 53.64333 67.771.W0 Tbe following table shows tbe shipments ot Flour and Gram from this city for four years past: toxxl tmrxzsTß or rton axn onus > ecu cuicaso JOS. 1834. tsa. 1554. WTiest, bo Wl&l 1HA15.»« 6.771A19 «.6TaXOO Corn. t.o ai.i14.149 UASLMS 24,6«.t53 SUtWAM oau, bw. 2AI4,iM l4Aas.s« M3W« Rsia iaw.ui barley, bu CCS.TTS 2(2, US 48..f113 U 13,371 TISS9 cmiTS «««■ Wheat 7.665A54 5.767.40 5.112.03 fi.233.M0 7ottl The following table ebows the shipments of all kinc* of Cram from Chicago for the past twenty doe years: MiiPui.TTa or rtoua Ctocoro to whsat) a*» ouix.nas cnioAßo rotivsm-sui toaba. Tears. Wheat, Corn, OaU, Eye, Bri’y, Total. ba. bo. ba. bn. bn. ba. IKR. “pi . 73 two! s.bti IX' Ml ”” M*. *bH k*W. 290J3 ISM. to.tM iS'om »S«. RS6.«OJ : tmm tots, eev-vx t«+t. ws.«i **. asm 1S«. I.oM.ft» I.WIK.’O IRIK. 1/ST-.K19 1.U9419 lt*lT. S.lK.fOl CT.J33 3R,>oa yu»i IfUK. 9.0R6.U10 666,490 eye 3.0317LJ ism. y.i'a,v» cii/is asms .... r.ta>ui is». LaiT.aa au/is isa.»» .... iA».ua l-si. 79?.C0 M53.T 19*.V7 .... 4.C16.731 I*2 51.. w 2,37/11 2,00,317 CU9 17Ji$ 5070.111 iR-3 ? "swa \.7ta,c® aisa ns I 3 7HS6J tSBTKBS,-S9«:nMri4t.t » tfOJ.34 1833, Tdiuio 7 ,547/73 &J/S1 2f1.1« 1*63.700 :&«. 2,-i;or*..v«An iscßi Morwo/n IfCT. JC.TM.2W KAII/I5 515,77* 17/J5 .... IS,«ttW7« isa&iuiauita T.vsi/n i.ite.ixi ivr.rc* 7/s9 moves IKp'.'. 1C,'.51, <d 4,3:7/31 1.17U77 (7&1531JM19 8.7M.795 IMA I'.'tH/TJ It:tv72 1.0».r& 1M.5u637 i«n. c/usto 3i.tss.s9 i.* <a,a»oi I'XZ. * Jia.;c3 St-,4.U>,Sia S,U*/«W',7«» 557.1*156.177.t10 i;a. it sm ssc 2UIUM 7/:i,oi s»s.ia cavna‘o,sw.3as 1*64 jets. iujaui: :i.s<s.is3 ojte ixs sa.m isu-nt imiusii IS.Ci.'fcO 9800.09 U’lSgit ' ) PLUVB. The receipts of Flout during the wear lust clostd were 1,657,2 W brla, agafavt 1,1h3.1til nrls received in left; 1,141.761 brla received in 2861, and 1.474.254 brl* in 19G3. The course of the mar ket throughout the year has been, with few ex ceptions. extremely favorable for manufacturer#. At ike opening of navigation, it was found that tie Atlantic cities and alftbe Eastern States wen almost bore of stock, and those sections which were in the habit heretofore of looking to Canada fur their enpplics found themselves cut off from this source, by ibe abrogation of the Reciprocity Treaty, which expired iu March last. 3he Middle Sure*, which In yean gone b>, used to be the gnat ezpotUTß of FJonraod Wheat, found they lu\<{ t-ratct ly enough for home cunsnraption, and no supplies could be drawn from tha> quar ter. As the season advanced, an active Southern demand sprang op, and about two months before harvesting it was found that the stock of Old Wheat in the country was cxmcoinsly Ucht, with no anrplns at any of the principal Interior points. A speculative demand sprang op, acd as the consumption did not dJmin -Ith, paces tlcadily advanced to figures that Were not touched at any time daring the war. The prospects of a bountiful harvest tor a while caused a depression in the market, hot it was only of rhon duration, ns the heavy rams which fed almost curtinnonely throughout Amrntt and Sep tember, Inflicted a material injury on the ripening Wheat, and destroying thousand* of bushel* that wtre then in the “shock “ It was soon dl*cor- ered that the crop wben harvested would not be gin to equal tbe expecta'ions of those who had re lied on a bountiful harvest, and prices of Flour again rallied, and have ruled who more or less firmecss throughout tbe bsbnco of tbe year. Notwithstanding that the Wheat crop of 1&I6 snsiainrd so much damagc,-lhc millers ItuooirijonttDe Northwest did not let their brands run down in consequence thereof. With & perse verance worthy of all credit, they purchased only tbe be»t samples ot Wheat that could he found in their 0«n immediate neighborhood, and U not to be obtained there bought their supplies in cither Ch'cago or Milwaukee. During the pant Ibree or fonr months, Indians, Southern Ifllnois, Ohio and I'cnnsTlrania have been constant buyers of Flosr in this market—Confining Ibclt purchase* chirlly to Spring Extras. TLu New England trade, nas, as here colore, taken largely of our high ground Extras, whilo New kork has bougbi liberally of the medlu'u to good qua lUcs. At time* the trade ho* suffered ranch inconven ience, owing to the scarcity of freight room, both by propeller and railroad: bnt Miica tae Intro dnclon of the “ tbronsh the interests of the trade have enfieredlces than in former year*. The following tables shoe's tbe weekly nrtces of Spring Extra Floor daring the years 1550, ISC, V<8l: .ELKLT Pn I CIS or BTUJSQ ZXTBA FLOUT* VX cuicaco ron Tacn trails. Weekending 1806. 1543. 186 L Jan. «.. $7.23@ 7.40 $7 25@H.75 ftLTS@ 5.39 13.. 7.W© 7.40 8.50@6 63 5.35@5 40 U'.. 0.73© 8.00 8.00 5.25© 5.3 J 37.. 7.CO@ 7.02* 7.733,8 00 5.33@ s^o Fvb 8.. 5.70@ 7.50 7.75 5.10@ 5.59 lU.. 6.50© 7.00 8-00(3,8.35 6-20@ 5.50 17.. 0.73© 7.53 7.5007.85 51.. C.7C&T35 tL67@S.OO s^s a, 5.73 Match ,1.. 7.C5@ 7.50 7.40©6.W 5.40® S JS3 10.. 7.4«»@ 523 5.33@ 5.50 IT,. T.CO@ 7.23 C.C0@7.00 BJS9@B 50 54.. T.oo@ 7.50 6 00@7.00 8.50© 5.50 6.C50 8.23 5.0055C.1W 5.005* 6.00 April 7.. 7.00® O.'JO C.0W&M.85 5 250 5.50 11.. 7.00(0 875 0.00&C2U 5.40® C.SS «1.. 7.'70 is., 9.C00 D. 75 6.8507 23 GJ2j@ 003 }lar 5 . 12.. 9.0 ffilO.OO 575@G.00 SSSO 7.0 U 10.. 8.250 9.50 6.0900.(2 filWo ti. 75 •Ai . 9.(00.11.25 Jure S.. 8.7601150 6.1307.00 5.93® 7.00 9.. 10.. 9.73011.25 0.000(6.50 0.000 7,50 23.. 50.. 6A@11.60 6.0000 *3 7.3*«.'4 8A) July 10.12fe 10.50 5.2505.70 0.370 0.73 14 ©lO.lO 0.2506.50 11.000113 21.. 8.30010.00 5.8030J0 9.00011.00 25.. 9.W01U.50 6J2507.50 9.00010.00 Atie. 4,. 7,Coftj OXO 6.7307.00 9.00,* 9XO 11.. 9.00010.10 6.7507.73 8.73® 9.35 19.. 10.C0010.60 7.12083 9.000 9,00 53.. 8.73010X0 7.6003.25 0.50010.25 Sept. 1.. 9.W010.23 7.6t'07.65 10.00010.75 8.. JMOOII.OO 7.0008.23 15.. 10,(1)01130 7.4009.00 ....010.25 22.. 9.00011.50 7X008.40 ....010.20 £O.. 1U.00Q15.25 7.0008.50 8.*50 8.00 Oct. 0.. 9.0)011.73 7.4509.37 8.00 ® 9.37 13.. 1025011.73 7.0009X0 6.750 B.UO 51,035,031 20.. 9M® 12.25 7.51®B.W 27.. 10.06@1S.SS 7.00®8.00 BJ>o@ 9.(0 J*OV. 5.. 10.55@1i.75 7.50®7.73 8.50® 9.50 10.. o:>7®lUo 7.90&5.10 8.73® 9.50 17.. 9.50® ULSO C.90®8.00 9.00® 950 «.. f1.00@10.50 7.2-7®7.55 860® 0.50 Dec. 1.. 9.C0@11.80 6-50®7.00 &50® 883 8.. fi.75@10.W 625&.7.00 8.37® B.® 15.. &50U10.7S 22.. 8.87010.60 f .8707.60 6.000 860 39.. 9.00@10.65 7.0007.60 B.oo® 8.73 The following table shows the receipts of Flour is this market for fifteen yean: stcnni or nocs ron mw team. Bril. Brls. 1J52 53,337 18C0 700,006 U 5 43,947 1661 1.446,137 1554 158,375 18f.2 1,683,291 1F55 250,«S 18&J 1.474^84 185 C 334,921 lb« .....1,141,791 1557 5M.9M ISCS .....1,150.561 Jfs3 524,943 JSM 1,857,200 18S0 741,013 The following table show* the shipments of Floor for twenty-three yean s tuirxxxTs or morn ronTwmfTT-Tsncx txaus. Brli. Brls. IM4 ISSC 216,889 IMS 13,752 1837....'. 253.&1S 161 C 28,046 1553 436,231 IP-18 43,200 '.BCO 713,t53.» 1519 61.TJ0 1861 4t5,w05 ISST 160,871 |S«4 1,733,819 JBSI 72,406 1663 1,53-*C9I ia:t 61,190 laM 1,151.480 1R;: 71,190 1865 1,022,527 1854 103.627 I?G6 1,791,100 ISIS .....163,419 Flunriozln Cbiemro. The manntaclareol Flour in this city li ftcadJlr increasing from year to year, and keeps pice with our growth to all other depsitments of trade i bere are now In active operation to Chicago lb ir (een Floor mills, which repot t as the aggregate re* suit of tnclr labors for the year lust closing. 444,521 brls Flour, an Increase ot 145,734 b;la, or filly per cent on the production ol thoycar pro* vloue. The quality oi the Floor mamuactorrd at these mills Is equal to any and excelled by none In tbc coontiy; and bout at home and abroad the various brands are fast w Inning their tray in pub lic esteem. Ibis sketch woiJd he Incomplete without a passing remark on the 44 Star and Crof* cci.t Wills.” which were erected during the past summer by Thayer dt Bro. These mills are situ ated at the west rod ot llandolph street bridge, baring a rlrcr front of nearly UK) feet, giving evc»y lacilltTlor the loading and unloading of vessels and canal boats. Tho west side is ex tended to tbc track of the Pittsburgh «t Fort : Wayce Kailroad. giving ample CaclUUea for re ceiving horn cars and loading Flour. They arecQcd up with all the modern ImprOTCtnenta and appllarccs for tnmieg ont the best article that ran roaslhly be maontacta* ed from the best quali ty of w beat. There arc eight run ot stones, with a capacity lor grinding 300 brls per day. The following tabic shows the msubCsctura of ' Flour in this city for the y,ara ISCG, 1833, and ; ISG4: smmcmiE or nom nr ChicagoronTimer Tsana- 1866. 1865. 136 L B. Adams ft CO 69,112 47,428 48,958 J. i). cote, Jr 45,000 30,162 25,300 Empire Mills 18,000 9,000 8,000 South Branch*. 20,900 13,000 Take Street. i*,ooo 18,r00 20,000 Michigan Mills 16,030 85,500 25,000 Oriental MIIU 57,100 40,000 6U.DOU Stale Mills 70.000 45,000 40.000 Chicago Cttjr Mills Sn7S3 25.300 20.000 Maples Mills..*. 0.000 12,000 Marpie's Mills .- 20,000 Jlew England Mills 1.5C0 .... ... Geo, A. smith’s Mi 11.... 3,000 .... .... Starft CnscentMills.... 500 .... .... Total. •Kcl In operation—de* 1 be lollowlnjr table et Floor In ibis dty for eer aastracTcns or run YXAHB. .tSB,SSO 1811. .255,058 11300 .756.331 WUBiT. The receipts of Wheat for the Tear iB6O foot op lI'JCS',O9I baehcla, against y,4C5,*i13 bushels (or 190—an Increase of 2,<‘A3T3 hQ*hels. Had it not been tor the damages tnsulncd b> the crops ot 65 and *C6 owing to the vet harvests, a much larger increase most bare taken place. 'ibe following table shows the weekly prices of Xo. 1 and No. a Spring Wheat In this market, (or the years 2SG6 and 180. vam nucßs or sracro wheat n cmcapo FOB TWO TEAUS. 1868. ISBS Wk er.Cc- No.l(Sp'gNo.sSp'* Ko.lSp'g. No.lSp’g yan.6tiA3s&iai KV<*si fi.<vx<»v7o ... »lAS 13 S trl« TO 12} 81 o»»JV ... «.... 27 L3?S<4l43* .. fit!2 L«S HU)),'... ».... Feb S L3O&MIAOV W ••• »—• 10 L.ll InUO 79 ABO 17 80 MStK lASM«SU44M .... *3Jn 34 sS3,*nj<U( t»IJD ... Al-5 Mars M a« lAVMJSk... «u> 10 .. (ASS IJli »ua ... «*.... 17 88 dIJOIOSKWtJtI 1.0**140 tt .. 1.13 *145)4... (#.... SI 144 *LW »*«S7 I.o* ,uy* ... Apr 7 14TMA1A0 86 «eS9 ... «1J» UB *l4O .. ass 140 Ml.u ... 71 I.OXWIMX 96 (A 1.03147 ... *IJU as T viCyi q 1.04 - fcUJB 1.17 *l4B ... *LOS May 8 1.85*140 UH *M27I44VSIfIB A-- 7 1J IXO *l4O 140. *I4OV « © l 'fi 19 I.M ce1.70. 1.W',W147147 *149 106 * LOT S 6 L<3 (*144 LX3 (*1X0••• *l4l Jones *l4O 107 *l-29 LZla*l4l}( UTWt U 9 L€ 7 «<L7J LO3 *149 Ll 5 ,i*l47 ... *lO4 1« 140 0(1.93 ID6 ttUSUtf *147)4 LB til M S 3 149 M 146 140 C4l« IJStfsLU)* ... *UO SO 1.73 6146 LOO *LSI4Z> *l-03 ... *9O ’July • 141 *146 .... «1411. W 31X6 149 &108 11 IXO *L7tt l.« tSl.WLUkfill.l3 .... *U» n 188 MI.C3 93 hW 141)»«>.12 LOO *IXI J 5 1.49 *1 53 87MA99 Ann 4 1.40 C(144 90 149)4*141 1 01 *UB U 1.5} *I.TS .. tart LSlMtaLli 149 *LII 18 I.® wL9S l.» talAJ 143*141 rt I4A *l4l LO *1 7Slx7)Tml-40 LS9talXl Scptt 1.77 MI4Q 148 (;lAII4I Al.3flft.lS *l4) 8 145 0240 Lfi:)«VlXJl4) *143 147*1.27 19 140 QOJTi I.® *141149 *l4l 149*1.73 a 210 *242 144 *2.0)144 V 2XO *2.11 1.73 Ml47l.Ul<«(*L4: 14)*14i Oct 6 S4H *241 1.70 13 J.llh'ktUtV IXB *149 LAi *144 1.33*145 ID :.7C *340 147V*1-M147 *149^115*1,19 27 340 A?XSV 141X(i?.071.43 IJJ «J,15 Nor S 2.19 * 2.21 k 1.97 *2.(13141 *L4S 143*143 10 240 *2.(6 I.TR *1.*ri.43,V«i1.<7),’ 1.15 §l4O 17 101 *LC9 1.75 *1.90141 *149 145*140 Jl 3.19 btS.l6 144 «tl6LS7V^l^Vl-Wai.lJ Dee 1 3.® *l4l 140 *1421® «142« f W* 91 • 8 2.01 *24S 5.76 *ljai.»4*l4J), 86 * 85 15 LtS *243 147 *140143 *l4) «) * M «.w r* v* -■ S 3 Itt 02X0 M O 96 Z 6 2.10 Ut.ll Ufl S«tA3lu9 Wl-SI S 3 « Tbe Wheat mark el during the year lost passed has been a very eventful one, aod In itaresnlts has disappointed the expectations and calcola* turn# of the shrewdest operators in tbe connlry. Tbe season hu lieen a remarkable one in many respect*. Tbe crop of ISCo waa to tbe Northwest excellent in quality and largo in yield, while that grown in the west and bouthtrest waa oft dia metrically opposite character. Daring the month ot January there waa very Uuie discrimination made between receipts *cd the fluctuations were light, hot early In February it waa (Uncovered that Die Northwestern iwmpxa were belter-than those on any other road, acd as such were in aood de mand tor milling, borers soon began to di.-c-Im* luatc In their ftvor. From a dlfierenceors&ieln February, the discrimination finally scached tsi roc in larorof *ho Northwestern. At the open ing of navigation it was discovered tfiat the coun try vae almost bare of Breadstofls, and in none of the ptcawecclring points waa there anr surplus. Indiana, Ohio, Pennsriranu and other Winter WhtDt States were depleted, and from these sources an active milling and speculative demand sprang np, »nd prices ran np from 1t.2iCM.23 on March 31, to SI.TTGI.fS for Regular and hr Northwestern on July 2d. During tbe next veik a “corner” waa worked on Ibis market on llcgniai No. I Sp:vLc and pneu ran up to 51.51 while Northwestern was selling at 11.63 ft On July :o-h the parties comroll* tog the 4 * comer'* on “ .Regular 11 refused to accept Northwestern receipts In settlement of contracts, and Insisted either ou tho Wheat called for In the contracts, or the differences. On the lith tbe “corner" broke and the market declined 221527 c, but as the parties who engineered -the movement bad shipped the great hoik of the Wheat, Terr little came Into their hands. Darin? the next week or ten days the market was very heavy and Price* dccUmd to #1.55 for reralar, in view of the brilliant prospee'e tor an abundant harvest. On thu26th heavy tain storms act in, and wllh reports of heavy rains In Indiana, Ohio and lowa, a large speculative demand sprang up, and prices mater ially advanced. Dannc the next few days the weather was bcaatlic) and the prospects were thatlhe‘‘coakere" would be disappointed, lu «icw of this, the market became heavy and oe clinco to $1.35 on August 2. On the ZA rain again sot in, and the speculative fever oner more broke out, end ou the tth a dUMon of “tegular" was made—North and South bide receipts -tic former being the more valuable. Up to Inis lime no dangers of any consequence to the wueat crop wwsppreboudcd. and the were good for a magnificent yield both m quality ana quantity, bat m the second week In August the r&fn clonus ret in and continued almost without inermiMlou fur 2%c <>r six weeks. Harvesting was tadly inUrfercd with. For a few hoars at a time the weather would clear oil and the formers eagerly took advantage of it to cut the wheat; but jam asiiln set in, causing a suspension of labor. V/Lolc fields of standing grain began to sprout, owing lo the disability 01 ibe formers to cut U, and in many sectlonr, tbe eraln already cut was found to be epronUng In the itack. North of tbu latilcdi* the effects oftbo rain were more Injarloas than In the country comb oflt Fully one-half of the sew cion inspected No. i. tcarce y one-eighth >o.l, tne taisocc went Rejected. As soon s> Ibe crop began to be marketed, a marked dis crimination was msde. The receipts by each rail read had its separate and dialled value, though at time* the difference in prices was slight. Ibe diecrimination was more marked in No. 2 and Hejicien than In No. 1, though at the close oftbo year a decided preference wo* riven for (he re ceipts of this grade on the Rock Island and Bur lington read*, ihe shipping demand during the year h&f been constant—a much larger propor tion than usual buying keen torwuraed ny rail road, mostly to points tn Indiana,Ohio and Pena ftjlvahia. where tho Winter Wheat crop wo* a failure —haring been winter-killed. The southern pan of this btalo has also drawn on tu for supplies—the Winter Wheat raised in that section having been exhausted. Toward the end of the year the Buffalo market warranted acme shipments of No. S Spring to that city by tail. -The Indications are that unless the receipts show a marked increase during the ccxtt wo or three months, there win not be a large slock to go forv aid at the opening of navigation. The following table shows the receipts and ship ments of Wheat lu Chicago for a senes of yean: ntcgipw or wnxAT ron puttxn teaus. 1552. 1653. 1851. 1t53. 'SSC. 1537. JS>S. 1959 emnccm or wheat fob twewtt- thbst tkabs. Boflhels. Baahela. IPM 691,681 ISS6 6,537,420 1815 95C,tfi0 1557 5.465,05* ISlfi 1,450.591 16SS .... 8,727.633 JfiH 1,974.3 M I'fiS - 7,207,653 1648 2,166.600 IS6O 12,437,051 IM9 1,910,001 ISSI „15,75fi,«65 1850 l.&tt.bU IKB Itfl 487,000 1663 0,841,881 IMS 088,003 I*M .10,515.339 1858 1,310,848 I?® 0,777,818 1651 -2,106,725 IH£C.. •...9,670,000 1855 0,533,455 COttN. The receipts of Com «la. ioz the rear 1800 were 22,€55,08Mm. antnet 25.125,089 bn Is 1805—an Is cfcftjc of 8.909.593 bo. This great gain Uto be at tributed totncljr to the excclfcnee of tbe crop of 1665, which In point of unallty and yield ha* never before bees excelled la ihe West. 'lhe following Uhle sbows the weekly price# of No. 1 Corn In Chicago for three yean: wzeelt nueza of >o. 1 coas nr cmcaoo fob TIIEEE TEAM. }' Week ceding 1866. IBM. IS6L “ January 6 045 ... © a 94 , 41 15...44 @44* ....& 091 I 44 SO 01 43 ~..@ <a 91 V 44 m @« ....©.... 9i a oi* J Feb'iy S @4l ... Si ©9l ' 44 10 ....©.... 03 @94 ” “ n ..ssjigw ...© tt «* ; “ 44 <& © ©B9 ® March 3 @ © @ 63 4 44 10...41 @4l* ....©65 63 a 81 ' 44 1T...40 ©lt 75 .@77 87 ©S3 F 44 51...41 (ft4l* ....©7O 88 © 90 \ 44 81.. 41 @4S* W @6B 83 © 90 , April 7...45»£@4: ....@67 ....© 91* * 44 14...45*@46 Gl*@C6 01*G 93 * 44 21 :.45H‘S46V ... ©lO 07 © 16 f 44 -5j*...49 ©SO ts*&66* «*© 99* ]> May 5...47*@48 66 @C7 99 ©I.OO [ 44 lS...49*ttCl* 53 @6l 99*@1.00 h 44 19...48*450 52 ©SS 1.01 @IX6 S 44 26...53 ©yji err ©SB i.c9 @i.« I June 5...E2 ©53 M ©64 1.14 @U4* f 44 y...45U@50 s»*@Bs 1.18*@1,14 4 44 16...53 ©55 5T @sa* ~.©US 4 44 -«...8.7*@35, 67 ©37* 1.16 @1.16* , 44 July 7 1.51*@1.33 3 44 14...56 @SB 56 ©s6* 1.37 @1.33 J 44 31...55*(a50* 57*@li0 ....©1.31 i 44 SS..-sa*@C9J£ W @CB* ....@1.30 August 4...EW @67 61 @65 1.27 ©1.27* 44 11...58 @s6* W ©7* 1.31 @1.27 ] 4 - 44 25...35 ©56 43 @73 L»*@Uaa SCPI, 1. .50 ©sl 65 &C 6 1.51 ©1.32 44 6...53 ©SSU 63 ©64 1.81 @1.33 44 15.. 53*©57 61 @O3 1.32 @I.S2* 44 53...61 @65 68 @65 I.Bl*@Uß 44 59...58*@59* 6UK@6l<4 ....@1.38 October C... 62 @Cl* 87 @SB 1X3*@1.94 44 13...C2J£@64 50 @sl* 1.19 @1.20 50...71*073 <8 @49 1.27 @IJB 44 57...53 @BS 47 @47* ....@L2C* Norem*r3...ol @97 49*@fl ~..@1.30* 44 10...85 @B9 .. @55 ....@1.36 44 17...80 @Bl 57 @s7* ....@LSI 44 84...87 ©9O 67 @59 ....@1.40 DeCemV 1...80 @32 43 @4l 1.25 @LBO 44 8...61 @Bl* . ..@42* 90 @96 44 15...60 @Bo* ....@46 ....@1.03 44 55...75 @76 ....@4s* ~..@1.00 44 SB...7S*@7C* ....@4s* 1.00 @U» The Corn crop of 1965, In point of yield and qual ity, waa unauipasaed by that of any former year, ana to tbU alone may be attributed the great In crease in the rccelpta. The course of the market dotingUm year his been marked by few events ■KOilij of notice. From the opening of men tion. all through the summer, until about the ; middle of September, there was a steady, attire 1 shipping demand, and ibe market was subjected : to few violent fluctuations. On (UeSlftoT»ep [ tember a eeverc froft visited th<; West, particolar ' ly on the line of tbe- Galena road, though its . ertVcts were felt between the latitudes of Ceutialla 1 and Fond du lac, and extending as far westward sa the Mississippi Hirer. During the week the market was considerably excited, owing to 4 frost , reports," and prices Usd an upward tendency, s Ice heavy rains which fell throughout the latter 1 part of September and early in October retarded ; the ripening of tbe maturing crop. This, coupled , with the intelligence of a diminished harvest in • England, and a heavy export demand, canned a ? buoyant market, and prices acvaixod from 60c at , the end of September to 83c on the 371 bof Octo -4 her. On November 3d a comer was cSccled on 2 tbe market, and prices advanced to sl.lo—the ‘ highest point touched during the year. Tbe next u day the comer gave way. and prices declined lo tOc on November 17. subsequent adnees from Europe being of an exceedingly favorable chamc v ter. caused the market to advance to 90c on the b 24th of November. Daring December tbe mark* t • has ra’ed very quiet, and prices had a downward v tendency, owing to the stringency In the money *- market and less ffevorabta advices from Europe. ;, The iollowliig table abowa the receipts and r rhipnuiits ot Corn In thla aty lor a series ol >• years: it uxcniTS or rous rou nmn yrxns. ® Busccls. Basbels. l c 9,991,611 lt«l 15,457,008 • iStf. 2,669.379 1861 26,511,333 f isSl 7,490,753 V4S4. .39,4W,3« j! 1855. 8.5*2,277 18f41 2«,43£h568 ” J 856. IS.aS3.3SS 18M 10.823,037 ** 1557. 7.4WUWU ISbo .tV,125,«23 ’’ 1-53, 6,8C0,0« 13CG. J»3,C55,051 J 1659. 6,410,0 CS (I c . smrxtsTa or cobv ran sisnm mn«, rt BnsheU. Bnsbels. e- 1818 566,460 jy 1819 614,1*17 1-59 4.317,651 ts 18C0 5‘3,013 1860. at 1851 S£3LAI7 ll- 1853. 3,757,011 1803 39.433,410 a 1553 3,760,365 ISC3. H«U47 ISSt 6,?57.559 ISW 12.G57.925 Of 1855~ 7,517,673 1863, 31,515,153 id 1657. C. 614,615 The receipts of Oats daring the year 1906 foot np 10,045,520 bn, against iu,SSs®B bn for the year Sierlonr, and 13,653,941 hn f0r‘1664. the market nrlng the year has presented few points worthy of a detailed notice. The most distinguishing fcatnre of the year was the almost entire absence of that speculative feeling which has character ised the market in previous years. Tbs great bolt of me business bos been done by half a doz en operator! who hare stack to the trade with a perunadty rarely seen, and which- It anplled to oil boring, wcnla hare brought the drill oat some where In the neighborhood of China. There has been a steady shipping demand throughout the year, ind prices, tnonch fluctuating, have shown none of those violent changes which distinguished last year’s operations. The heavy join watch fell , throughout August and September bad a damag ing escct on this year's crop, and, since the close ' of September, the great balk al the receipts have been composed o: No. 2- These were light in weight hot somid. Dmlngtbe past two months heavy shipments have been made to Green Bay and other points in Wisconsin, also to Wlnons, bu Paul ana other sections of the upper Missis sippi country. The following table shows the weekly prices of Ko. 1 Oats In this city for three yean: wxxsiiT nuctabr ko. 1 oats ik Chicago von Tunrf Tiim ,m,3M 135.8 W 2-0,063 frtroyed I»r ftrc. tliowe Uiq mauaftcturc of tco tears: ids nr cHJcaoo yousmx .860,990 -83LSM .332,000 Week ending. ISed. 1965. IS6L Jaii, @2l* 61*0654 M ©6»H HI 85 ®k@« 65*€fr«* SU 684 CIH(tlS!( 05^666 87 8t ©S4H 63*4Q&"( 01 @s3* Fch. 3 SSH6S3 63 653 MH@G3H io 83*esss «meeav» esnossk 37.. .83&653H 6SH@» 65 84.. £3k@»4 KH653 6t£@sSk sfar. 8 sßHits9 (4^s^ 10 a»tVi M G©* 17 21 OS6 UH&S3* ©kOMH 84 685 45fc6464 61*065* 81.. ©H®*®* 65 ©654 April 7.....244637 40H«S<lSi W*f@Bs r 14....-86H&7 8S ©414 6146654 21. ...274«p34 «4i«4 ®Hg«* SS 80 ©3IH C ©43 61 ©674 May 5.... CO-W3OH 68*e«0H C6H@S?H is st Cssi* _at Sa«4 6L u 69 19 SO4USI4 574Q40 ST ©634 26 13 @33 48 ©144 57 ©66 June 8 44k@t5>« 9.. *l*o3 «H@M 70 »:oh 15 SS4SB44 SS ©554 79 @7l 98 S 3 @334 «J4OM 71 o^2 30. ~.-81 ®3IH 41 ««H 73 ©79 July 7 Si ©33k 49 ©43 79 @BJ 14 BD4esl4 554&41 79 ©6l 81 S 3 aSk S 3 «»4 76 @73 SS. ...2S ©SS 4S @53 73 S&SO Ang. 4.... 88 @BO4 6 ©484 •• @75 11 ©S9 46 ««H 74 @76 IS. ...874@83 35 @4l 8 ©654 85 @BB S 3 @4O 67 @6B Sent 1.....9S @BSk S 3 @54 67 @6:4 8 29 @»si 824@534 6CK@67 15 @B9 aikftSJ 6S4@M 88 BIH«t3S S 3 @734 63H@&4 29 StH@S4* SIHCSIk «k@6s Oct. C S44@o S-k@aiU 59 @604 18 84 @344 S84««0 57 ©574 80 85 @854 as 87.. 41 @434 »H@S7 65*061** yor. S 43 Q 444 87 @874 65 @66 10.. S9H@4l 2^4@72 644@61 17. ....35 @BS 87 @29 .. @534 84 83 @S94 .. @2B 63*4@6t UtC. 1.... 85 @B4 97 @874 614®«H 6.. ..89 @404" 'BS @is4 61 @63 15.. 43 @4B. 86-@3 4 67 @fc»4 23 404@41 ' 86 @BSU Gs4@«Ht 2fi CBk@U 8S @864 «14@65 • From (hla date tin the dote of tho year, (ho quotations are-given tor No.* Oats, as very few No. i were marketed. Tbe prices for this ends fnled nominally about Sc higher than the figures Riven- .. ’ The following table show* ths receipts and shipments ci Oats in thia city for a eczics of years: meaiTTs or oats roa rocßTxxs nans. XSS3 1.0T5.770 1960. LOW** JSM 4,104,895 1881 1.683.258 IStf 6,047,1351 160 4,159,723 ISf* 2.219,167 1863.. 9,139^25 IW7 1.70T.243 1884 13,653,941 ISSS 1,235,1*7? IbGB 10,387.899 1-68 aazraxsra or oats roa twzstt ima. 1547 SB,»W 18OT 416,753 ISi« 65,260 IKS 1,496,131 JSM Co3,es7 191:1 1,665,381 1K.2 S.Wjr.SIT 150.... JUI2.SC6 15M....'. 1,638,542 ISC3 7.574.VW lgf.4 SS2P,tF7 15M 14,CSS,CU7 1855 1,850,53 a ISCS 2^*1,055 15U 1,014. m: I3do 9,835,065 Tbe receipts of Bye during fbeyear Just clnring, foot op 1,135-£l*> bu, agaioat 1,11<5109 on received tn 1855, and it?,110 hu In I&>4. In (be fore part of tl cytar, the volume of business was light, and confined to the wants of aclnai cooeumption. and as the Bupplv waa Ugbl (cauaed by the damage* indicted to (he crop by tbo heavy rains) prices gradually advanced from «3050 c to 73£7tc £a Urn Bushels. 11,568.427 17,639,909 13,973,110 11.16U.344 li^srm 9,485,013 11.U60.991 Bnshels. . 837,496 1«60. 1,687,485 PCI. . 3,033,955 1682. . 7.535.C97 1803. . 8,707,760 Ifo4. .10.314,701 . . 8,181,748 OATS. UVK. middle of Jcne. Tec prospect* of a boamlful crop caused a heavy feeanc and the morsel stcia lly acchced. tooching 31c on Angarl 11. The heavy rains doang August and September caused a t-pecnUtive movement, and prices nm up to b3c, FArivin October the market rnled along quit at 7J&£oc« bst toward the cluse of the month and curly in Noveffbcr, an active speculative and ship ping demand sprang op,—prices touching $1,014 on N'orember 8. bubscqnen*lv the market broke down, and price* dfctlued to S.®3ic, bat rallied to SBiifcDCc— the current prices last week. The follonls? table enon> the weekly prices of No. I Dye in this maiket for tlieoyearo: u xcsir riucso or so. 1 era in ciucaco. rdn mere Tasks. Wick tiding ISCG. laGS. l«jL January 6.. 49 <& V) .. fel li Hriiia .. “ Ik. .. at Si .. Ctl.lo 1.0? <h .. “ 20.. .. fS SCJA .. «I.M 1.05 ©I.OB “ 27.. .. R M (fjl.OO 1.00 <h •• February S. . & 50 LOO (&LOl 1.01 dt .. “ ll>. .. @ 4341.00 UI.UI 10( U .. 17. .. 48 .. ©I.OO 1.08 ©l.&l “ »l. .. © 43H •• <St 9? 1.01 © .. Jfarch 3 © 60 .. © 30 1.00 © .. ** J 0..., 63 © M 03 ©U» “ 1t.... 03 © 51 .. © .. 1.00 © .. “ 21 it 52 .. ©75 1.00 © .. “ 81.... 49 © 50 CO © 04 1.03 © .. April 7 ft 50 .. ft « I.OS © .. “ 14.... ran© M .. ft 75 106 01.10 “ 51.... 5640 GO 73 ft 80 1.29 ©1.21 “ 23.... GO ft C»4 .. ft .. ©LSI May 5 .... cn ft 51 .. ft 73 L24ft .. “ 12 72 ft 74 W ft 55 IJM ftU25 •* 19 .... Csft 65 .. ft .. 1.25 ©1.28 “ 26... .08ft TO .. ft 60 1.40 ft .. June s ft CO GO ft 6041-40 ft .. 9 714 ft 72 .. ft 58 .. ft .. “16 ft 74 CO ft Cl LB3 © “23 TTifft 73 SG ft 58 L 23 ©l.Bl “30 15 ft 73 .. ft 6t L3sft .. July 7. ft 72 56 ft 53 1.48 ft .. •• 14 64 ft C 5 .. © 00 1.13 ©l^o “21 53 ©55 63 ft © .. ©1.30 & 70 .. 581.83 © 65 .. ©1.27 © 70« .. ©1.28 © 66 1J59 ©1.41 it SS 1.33 ©1.39 I© 70 1.95 ©MS © 71 Ml ©1.36 “ as! ©6B es August 4.. .. © 55 “ 11.. B 1 ft 52 * 4 IS.. 58 ft 69 “ 25 . 03 ft 83 S 3 Sept. 1.... C2ft M GH “ 8-... 824© GS “ 15 ... 67 ©75 71 " 22.... 75 ft 7S 88! 39.... 61 ft 63 84 Octobers.. .. ft 79 “ W.. 79 ©9O 66 • “ 20.. &6 ft 874 60 “ *7.. 96 ft 98 60 Nov. 3 ....IJIS ftLU>4 (0 “ io w ft w ea “ 17 81 © 87 .. "24 68 ©B7 58 Dec. 1 ft 85 54 “ 8 » ft 83 48 “ 15.... . ES ft 874 - “ 22. S74ft S 9 *• 26. 89 ft 81 (To 71*41-23 'T6LB3 (<f» C9KI.BOH& -• «9 BO I*l6 CU.9O <& C 8 9) Ctl.OO tft «3 .. (A ip ci 1.10 ai.i4 Qt S 3 .. CTil-10 (( 63 .. fj> .. Q .. ft .. te 57 1.12 (aU3 too 1.11 & .. 55 1.13 QLI9 yh 49 1.10 CtLl7 & 57 .. &1.59 Co 54 .. (U.L23 Q 54 .. &IJO Tho following (able shows the receipts and ship menu of Rye in the dcydariogaserlcsoficita: bzckxttb or axx fob am teacs. .... '0,031 11SQ1. .... i,a.B,ea ] wa,n«i IMSSSXt or BTC TOB XIBB TUB* .127,003 .478,102 .1211.156 .4C9.492 .871,790 BAULBV. The receipt* of Barley Marine the year 1865 were 1,££5,390 bushels, against for the year 1606—adcaeaaeof9u,lC4ba, Thecrop of’6s was very poor, owing to the heavy rains which fell daring the aulnrui of that year, ami to this fact may he attributed the decrease In receipts. The crop 01 the put year promised well, and would onoonbledly bare turned out aobad It oot been for the heavy rains In August and September last, which Inflicted a serious injury on the growing grain,aod greatly deteriorated that which bad at the time, been cut ana stacked. The deliveries were lu the aggregate of much bettor quality than those received the previous fall- in the fore part of the rear, the local trade was mainly supplied oy Bar ley of Canadian growth, a large amount baring been imported during the previous fall The Western article was of v«;y pour quality, tad did not met t with much favor with our brewers or lualaters, and transactions in it were confined mostly to the manufactureis of mill feed aud cts- UUers. Prices during the summer mouths took a wide ranee—from 15c for Old No. Sop to IMOfor firintt; temple. Shortly after the new crop came n, an active export demand sprang up at New York, ard large shipments weie made from this post. These continued throughout the fall up to the close of navigation, end along about the let* of No\i.mb<.r, or. active speculative movement took place, which, however, lasted only a f*w day*. I he speculative demand daring the year I has bees light, and confined mostly to the regular | dealers, who restricted their attention to prime samples. For these there has been a constant and steady demand for home and near-by consump lion, and as the supply is Inadequate, prices role with great Dtar eas. Some prime samples have sold duringthe past week atJl.iijol.2T, but the general rang* is Jl-1001.20. The followirp table shows the weekly prices of No. 2 and Sample Barley (or two years: WEEHLT PUCES OF EUUXT IS CHICAGO POS TWO TEARS. r ■ -ii IS6G- '— i i ISGo ■' « Wk end's— No. 2. By Sample. No 2. By Sample Jau.G 12501*) 1S5I&150 do. 13... . 40042 300131 ....131 1950130 do. 20 133 ....120 do. 2T 130 .... 1450155 Feb. 8 40Q« 125 ....HO do. 10 33 ... HO do. 17 40042 250135 1190120 do. 24 45 1000113 113013 Hatch a 103 itr* do. 10 300 70 1050120 do. 1" 1000110 do. 94 250 SO do. 31 36 April 7..~ do. 14. do. 21. do. 2S. Hay 5... do. IS., do. 19.. do. 20.. Juno S. do. 9. do. 10.. I do. S 3. .. 35®104 .... 90 91 .. 600100 ....83 73®1(8 25®1W ....*l6 .95 300 90 .... 51 60® 68 .so ao®n<> .... 33 35® CO 30 as SO® 55 83® 73 .... 45® 70 80® 70 TO .. 40® GO ....GO do. a) July 7 25® 70 ....66 do. U ' .... 60 .... 6-1 40® 06 do. a; ooslw .... co do. 28 40® OS 1000110 Avc. 4 75€ t S 3 1000110 do. 11 70« W 1000110 do. 18.... .... 400 85 750 80 do. 25 tiO 600 88 000 W 800100 Sept. 1 400107 600 01 do, S ‘..53 400110 BJO 87V ....101 do. 15..,. 70073 880117 ftift W ~..110 do. 53.... 7*oßl 320123 E2O 8i ...ISO do. 29 .. B£©B3 J 000133 730 83 Ott’r. «.... 70073 650125 720 73 .... C 5 do. 19-... Ctt®67 85012 G .... 1300135 dr. 20.... CBO7O 650110 ... 180 80 do. 21. .. 7307 ft 000180 .... 300100 Nov. S .. 75077 650121 460 47 .... S 3 ao. i 0.... esara 5n0.n0 .... 730105 do. 17-... COO6I 630 07 .... .... do. 24.... 670G8 550117- .... 600110 Poe. ].... 59060 800112 ... 125^130 do. 6.... 60069 600120 4*o SO 1350131 do. 15.... 66097 100011*4 125 do. 23 ’... 7601 lO .. . ...-20 do. 26.... 62068 450110 .... The following table shows tho receipts and ship ments of Barley In this city for a scries of year* 7 eecehts or bjlrzxt ron tzn txass. 1657 127.683 1961 5*2,053 1658. 411,421 19*8 ...1,098,340 1650 662,187 1861 710,410 J? 0 023,005 ISIS 1,591,734 IS6I 417.127 1866.,.: 1,503,590 CT Ton HIKE TEACS. lb«S 631.731 ISOI. 562,145 1803 481,913 1:60 1,217,874 . 73,00 i .131.449 290,911 .’55,253 139,183 |,.VW INTELLIGENCE, New Soils and Judgments. The following la the hdslness yesterday trans ected Is the Circuit Court: The case of James Me- Carthr ettU.Ta.Engone (7. Banova «t al., on trial Wednesday and Thnrsday, was gives to the jury, William H. Tu reman va, Abraham Upmaa. Ap peal. Verdict for plaintiff, with SSO damages. The following caeca were dismissed: Ellas Levy re. William Brown. Case. Michael T. Becnan m. CharlM Kully. Appeal. William H. Eddy tb. ILPhUnpson. Appeal. Famncl Eoee vs. William Bcrge. Appeal. DTbe cue against the city ojr Peter MacUn, which Istoiecoverfor Iholosaol a horse, alleged to have been hilled by reason of falling into a bole or excavation on North Water street- near (he cor* ccr of Rush, la now being heard by the Coart and jury. Ibe damage claimed 1» fTiO. Ibe following proceedings were commenced in the Conn yesterday: A bill to enforce a contract made by Prcntls Law, In his life time, for tne sale of a lot of land in U.c town of Hyde Park, was filed by Uoben t ralr and John Ccgan, peiUlona tor a decree for the partition of lota TJ and 90. block Cl, Canal Trustees'subdivision of section", towns hip 39, north of range Hemal. • - ihc actions of assumpsit were as follows: dames A. Wilson, et al. va. Isaac D. Wll*on and Wim«m u. Mcefcer. Damages laid at $23,000. The snit la bronght upon four promlasary notes. John K. Rowley ts. bamcel H. Harris. Dam* ages fi^CO. Berry Watson £ Co. vs. Annie Wilson. Dam ages tioo. A bill was filed by Jobs IL Manlton and other* against the town of Niles and others, the object being to contest the right to collect the bounty tax I levy. The complainants state that they have no I desire to htsdei cr delay the collection of any ex cept the said pretended bounty tax, which they allege to be designed for the private becefl l of persona not entitled to receive the money. The bill also alleges that the whole amount needed to secure the town from a military draft was sub scribed from the pockets of citizens. An injunc tion issued to restrain the collection. John W. Burwefi vs. Albert Cndney. An ac tion of trespass with a capias issued. The snil aiises horn a difficulty in the settlement of m a ]. Icped r-arlwerehlp in the suUmhtp oftheFUty second infantry of this State. Ibe business of ihe Superior Court was eon fined to the common law branch, presided over by Judge Gary. In the matte.-of the petition oi Joseph Zanders for a mechanic's leln upon prop erty ot John J. Schwarx,ioave was given to amend the petition by naming new catties. The bill and crossbill In the chancery proceed ing of Gray va. Densmcre were withdrawn, and tic case dismissed without prejudice. The judgment* were as follow: Andrew H. Dalton vs. Fre erlck. Smith et. al. Appeal. For plaintiff with $5. damages. Archibald O. ct. al. va. Jobs S. Brown. Assumpsit. Verdict for plaintiff with $8,474.5? damages. Ttaenewtnlta in this court were In assumpsit, as follows; Clark U. Chapman tb. Lyman P, White, and al. Damage* SOO3. Chance MniiMn tj, John Dnghee. Damages JSOO. William T. McLsagfclln and Flcbard B. Wool* ford to. Michael Lynch. Dim age* S3OO on t so;e OJ 1118.18. Faycuo and Henry M. Hooter vs. James E. Coe. Damages SSCO. Singer, Brother ft fowler rs. Bernard SDber. Damages toOO. Hopkins Bowen ra. Chicago ft Alton Railroad ■Company. Damages 4-»U,OOu, io recover for stone, gravel, sand cement alleged to hare been tarnished. Writ? of attachment issued u follows: - William G. Dcwis and als. (Lewis, Utm & Co.), vp. William Spirt*. to recover an alleged Indebt edness of fIS4. and brought upon tbe ground of removal from ih« Stats. Alfred L. tad William Siagcr and Henry W, Fowler ts. Joseph hchultx. Welt Issued on the ground -of Intended fraudulent disposition -of property asd |o recover an alleged Indebtedness Of f 155.25. A eegnof istrrd a*. tho suit of Bart Brothers rs, Kathan Scholtx, to recover aa alleged indebted* sees of $177.86, the ground of the issuing of the writ being that deicndant made false represent!* boat In respect fo his solvency. Another salt waa commenced, the being the defendant. Tbe action U bronchi hr Mathias Bonier, who lays hla damage at 110.000. The al* K-sed cause of action Is the Calling of plamlld on September id. IJ6Q, tbrough an unprotected hole tn the sidewalk of Canal street, between Madison and Washington streets. - in chancery. Lyman Fills filed a petition igahut the administrators and belts of John Gray, de ceased, to procure tbe conveyarce of property contracted for to be sold by Mr. Gray dunag hu Uetlme. In the County Court the estates of Charles Mclacgblin. Albert Corlaeos and Hems Meyer were declared settled, and the same order waa* made injfie estate of Gotlcib A. Troeger, except ing In tht* case the hdn have not proven their right to the remainder of tbe property. William Wa-man wac appointed guardian of the property of George Hairy Goshacd und ir a hood of (5.Cu). Andrew Thompson was tried before a Jury, as ■lgniflfd Thursday In the Tcxncxz, and found to be Insane. The following ire :be Grand Jnrons for the Jan uary tem of the Recorder's Court: F.D. Gray. G. W. Bohannon, Frank CabDl. John 8. Gculd, A. U. Holden, Ira Henixnann, Robert Fergus Hairy Kohn, I’clcr Lobbu, George Ixsllo, Martin Marrhofer. S. M. Mathey, 6. C. mason, Joseph Bobialon, Timothy Quire, Harry Winning, C. C. 'Waite, William Wing, Michael Snlthan, John stdir, j. iL Bollard, Wes ley ITikln and Henry Major. Conatttatiou of the F’ulos ttefom Amo* naiioo. Thta otnslnalion'thal! bo AuTicxx I, Witr/. cal.ed the D I*l ON REFORM AMJOCIaTION. Atmcu 11. XoUo. \YB FBAY % BHUBVF, ftvj> r. jfjtTciL ttohK, wait and uoff TO GLOBiFTGOI) BYnLES&ma MAX Annexe 111. Vharaeur and Otycc't. The Luton Rctona Association is a General Morn! Re- form and Charitable bodsty composed of at least seven Ministers and seven laymen from each of twelve Evangelical Renomiaaiion*. U aims to promote al meal reforms. ATraßy, for the good of Ibe people who need reformation: sud, t»c vtidlp, for the lafine&ce of their good example upon others: end, rnuiily. to establish a power* 10l public opinion lu favor of saving the idolct hitherto lost by liquor*, tobacco, rambling a-.-a other vice*. ana using it to promote tne welfare of onr crippled veterans and ibeir dopenlen'- rela tives, and the aged parents, needy sisters, widow* and orphans of those who died for oa~ and the Infirm minis ter a and mtisiosanes of God’s gospel, and the widor r, orphans and otuer dej'cnaciu relatives of tins heralds of Christ’s croe*. who sacrificed earthly.riches tosaveson’s for which onr Parlor died We ask all whom we cat* reach: “Which do men love the most, their useless and hurtful habits, or the maimed members of our Arm v and Navy and the fathers, mothers, rlf lets, widow* and orphans whose naiuiat protector* would have supported them if they had not oled In our defence? Which do they jovt most, the intoxicating liquors and tobacco, or the worn ont pastor* of ctu let's Church and their dependent kindreo I" As experience proves that a Moral Reforma tion, based on only one Idea, must haro revivals and reactions, so that we cun hardly keep up th: constant excitement needed to stimulate perms- nent activity in reformatory efforts, westrtvu to •ecurc a general and lasting interest by combining several important reforms. Wc cau thus niiliza a revival of convict low upon one subject when peo ple arc tired of bearing and talkies about other*. We can alto economize time, toil and labor, by hav iiig only one charter and set of officers, offices and agencies. "yuUK FT2IESD" or our Monthly Magazine for Adults, give- uj£, 100 columns ol reading mat ter each year, exclusive of advertisements, and " JliE BAdiXKli OF HOPE," or our Illustrated Monthly Newspaper lor Vouiu, gtres us 2,4 X col* nures of tea cans matter each year. If each of oar iCd life Directors or corresponding editors wIQ write one article a year fur os on soma one of me reforms which we are prosecuting, tve shall bare pier \y of orirlsai articles to fill onr4.SX col umn* each year vnUi the practical prodoctiooe of expcttesced Christian workers. There arc 104 fcahuath sermons Inmost charchci every year, and fifty-two ir-ekly evcnlog ■er moua or‘‘lectures.” In doc lime all chorchcs can easily arrange for one sermon for one of oar twelve reformatory efforts, on the third sabbath In each mourn Wo therefore aim 'o aid In removing. (1) intem perance, (9) S-aouath breaking, (3> protaau/, (4) the use of tobacco, (Si licentiousness, gambllrg. (7) opprecslor, (8) cruelly to animals, (9) Ignorance, (10) bigotry and superstition Its* natural oasprlng, while in the eleventh (11) place, we try to use for bctuflcence pari of me Immsase sums thus caved, and the vastly greater wealth produced by the iocreaccd health, strength, cconomv. Intelligence sod virtue of unr people, while (13) In the twelfth place we should oseeomt; o> the rest of onr cavings to provide ourselves and others with first-rate books, newspapers and magazines, and to insure onr lives and the lives ot onr Pastors on the n .-w Ose, Five, ob Tes Txan Nos-Fouteitabui EaiwwTtairt Bum, so as tu make sure provision for ourselves and our families, and our pastors and their ismlhes, in old age, or for the families of ourselves and our Pastors in case of our or their premature death. The rest of our saving? should be given to the Bible Fund provided by the (*50,000) fifty thous and dollars in policies of ten year non-torleUsble life insurance upon the life of Ifcv. Win. White Williams. The amount of thepolicles will be paid to the I’nistcea of the Union Iteform Association when ibe donor is forty-five years ot age, that is on the second day of January, 1681. In case ilev. Wo. White Williams dies before 1551, this I tSO,CCO) fitly thousand dollars will be at once paid over to the Treasurer of the Union Hclonn Asso- . 475,005 . 833.7C0 .1,100.1119 1,935,818 . 635,153 . 793,703 . 839,297 .1,500,131 'lbid Bible Fund shall be invested tn United blaics tlx per cent bonds until they ore all paid* 11 shall then be loaned out on boons secured by first mortgages on piodcctive real estate, worth tw ice the amount lent* 7hid rule- shall apple Ut all moneys given to (he Color Rcfoitu Association, or willed to it by citizens of the Uiltcd hiatus, where the donors do.lrttnatouly the annual interest shall be applied to the bcnlficetice of rte Society. Donuioas re ceived Uom foreign nations shall be similarly in vested, unices the douors expiess tholr decided opposition. Arnicas HI- Agtnextt and Mt'atuns. Ssc non J. Ab Chrir*’* Church militant la the best society fur prosecuting any morel reformation, and ihus hastening the era of the millenlsm, we shall specially strive to secure the cordial co-ope ration of the pavtois and members of ail Christian churches in concerted and systematic efforts to present to cvciybilde a Family Bible with this society's marriage certificate aud life manual, and onr temperance and medal of honor pledgee as the family is the fouudation of society, and marriage is the beginning cl ilia family, wc shall thus aid in leading each orlde and bridegroom to signalize their wedding by recording their solemn resolution to form good, useful and consequently happy habits. Thcannuaiincomefrom onr Bible Fund shall be used in famishing Family fiiblcs, and the Union Reform Association’s marriage certificates aud ble manual-, and medals of honor to every couple w bo will accept them on thetr wedding day or afterwards. Fee. 2. As the Sabbath School U the nursery of the church, we shall strive to enlist the officer*, teachers ana scholars in olt Sabbath Schools tn securing signatures to our Testimony Temper ance I’lecgea. which -contain the testimony «t the Bible and of many eminent ministers, doctors, lawyers, warriors, writers ard ruler* on the use of intoxicating liquors, pro fanity and tobacco. By these efforts we shall hone to reform the errors of acme of our best people, which led Rev. Albert Barnes to sadly sty that ** it Is just because it {intemjter&.ct) ft upheld by the rich end respectable, and by pro fessed Christiana that the Temperance Reforma tion drags so heavily,” while we shall reslizu the practical adoption of his true Temperance plat form, namely: “Every Chorea of Christ, the world over, ought to be In deed and in truth an organization ol pure Temperance under the bead hhlpard patronage of Jesus Christ, the friend and the model cf moral parity. The pnlplt mast speak oat and the press mast speak, and yoa fellow-CbneUans aio summoned by the God of purity to take your stand and cause yonr Influ ence (o be felt.” Sec. 8. Inasmuch as Temperance is. in tUs wot d* of Rev No»man Hall, “one of the chief * pioneers of tbe Gospel,” wo shall strive by pub lic meetings, private and personal the circulation of our monthly organs—'”Tour yritr.d." lor adult*, and •• Th* Jkvttur of Hop*," for youth, and also by the cli eolation of other good leading matter to luoace those now Intem perate to save the health, money, strength and Him- thus wasted, so that they can come to church when cind so as to secore protection from the weatcer, while decent clothing promotes thelrself re-nect and (bus leada them to bear the Gospel with piofit. ... As temperance and all other vlrtnea carry tbelr own reward* with them, and u it always pays best every w*} (o do exactly right, we shall atifvc to promote all moral reformation?, but as we “n n?t t e boro again,” and repent, and believe id Christ, or perish, we stall strive to induce all oar yoath to attend some Sabbath School, while we strive to trad all adals to attend church, except those who are oioridoatially prev.nted by dis ease or tome other disability. Id order to reach their cases, wc shall CDcomace every church to employ one or more Bible readers or deaconesses, who shall read God's Word In rich sod poor, who cannot or trill sot attend Divine service, tad who will examine applicants for material aid. so that really deserving persons may tc relieved by tlu deacons of the church, To aecore the realloa tlon oMbeee objects, thirty per cent of all re ceipt* secured by the sale ol oar medals, pahlica : ttons. and prixe cariosities la any church or Sab* hath School shall be given to that Church or Sab bath School, to pay the salary of some suitable woman cc women, whom the officers shall choose from among the exemplary members ol their chorea, to devote time and toll to the appropriate work of the Bible reader ami deacon ess. All chnrcbes and Sabbath Schools which make an annual collection for the Union Before Association tray retain flfly j-er cent of all such colk-ctlons to pay one or moieilible readers and deaconesses, so that every family in the parish mar be visited once a mouth and supplied with Bibles, Testaments, Tracts, and “ Your I'iima"nni '■ J'Af Banner of Hape." AT sneb churches shall be credited m oar published reports with the toil amount of Urnr collections, donations of books, clothing, fuel, food and money where they aae our rolls ofhonor in making their collecUocß, whether they rctalnand person ally distribute one-half of iheirdonaUons to their own midst, or whether they deliver all to the Union Biform Aasociatlon for dutribatlon by our Sl *Twenty per c*nt of all receipts from the sales of our mccals. publications and prize corlodtlcs shall be given to each church or sabbath School, to supply *• Tour Fnnd" for one year to the tiacher whoso scholars recite perfectly tbe most verses of the Holy Scrip tnres In each year, and to give th« "Bauur of Uooe" for one year to the scholar in each class who introduces tbe most new scholars in each year. In order to be counted for a prise, the new scholars most attend at Uasi three oat of four of the sessions of the Sabbath School. In ad dition to these regular annual prizes, which shall be decided the last Sabba’h In December In each year, Kev. Wm. While Wili ams will give to every Sabbath School SaDetiutei.dent who circu lates twenty copies of “ Tiler Friend” and fifty copies of “ Tkt Banner of Hope,'' in his school, one of oar one handled dollar prize bracelets, made of fif teen different curiosities from the Bible Lands, This very valuable prize shall he given to the scholar la each Sabbath School who brings in tbe most new scholars and behaves beat, op to the Ist of Bay, 1867. Sic. 4, Believing with Bev. John Wcaley that we ought to “• oppose the tue of liquor as we would oppose the Devil, whose offspring and likeness it I?,* we will strive to secure the general adoption ot hie plan of making “every family and Church a Temperance Society." We ihereloro adopt tbe provision of the Discipline of tho Methodist Church, which requires ministers to preach cn tbe Christian duty oiTea least “once a year." 8.-lieving with the Presbyterian General Assembly (hat the Tem perance Reformation odes precedes and prepares the way for| true revivals of religion, we aloot the rule passed by the General Aasemniy at Its meeting in St. Louis In May, 18G6, namely: that all ministers should preach on the Chriat'an dntr of Temperance on toe last Sabbath in Jane in each Tear, so as to check the terrible intemper ance which caused BEV. ALBERT BABNES to say that **Tns FocctH or Jlt.t iso ntumaOa voru tAan tin Botnan, *.*» mvl-xt-ide* cf placet tkrouaAou'. our load." Be lieving also that, Christmas and Mew Year’s ought not to be disgraced -T flntakenacjs, as they generally are at present, wc urge ail true nit liters to preach on Temperance on the third Sabbath in December, and we reque*t them to clinch their sermons by the circulation of Our Toiimcur, Temperance pledges by the teacbera and scholars In their Sahaatn schools. Stc.i. Believing also that the press Is now the mightiest agent for weal or woe, because it reaches almost all who go to chnrch and millions who seldom or never euer a ssntuary, we respect fully request all editors of good magazines sad newspapers, and all publishers of good books and* pampletr to send ns one copy of each of iheia publications in exchange for oar publication and advertlseoeijtain “lour.Friend"lojs correspond ing amount. Me. 6. As Abt is one of (be greatest edseators of tbe masses, we Oder to all respectable artists and publishers of pictures our publication, med als and Prize curiosities or auTcrascmeots In 1 “ rovrJhier.a" in exchange tor ih«u productions ; of corraponcisg price and equal value. Wecan use the publications, picture*, busts, statuary,etc., thus obtained to amiably famish oar tree leading which shall be suitably divided so as to accommodate'nll ages and both sexes with airy, comior table and light reading rooms. By these rooms for raTlonm recreation, and the cheap aid clean temperance restaurants which we intend to establish on the plan which E roves eo successful in Cir.rmnaU, we opc to “ overcome evil with good. By these measures we hope to secure enough moul suasion to induce our Legi'lators to pass ironioved prohibitory liquor laws, and then to advise the community to sec to it that the proper officers do their duty and execute the Maine Laws so long as they remain on the Statute Books. Stc. .. Wc aim to promote the proper observ ance of the Christian Sabbath. To do this wo re quest that all ministers preach on this subject on the third Sabbath in January in each year, ana we especially urge all Christian? to tue their Ipsa eucc to enforce the laws against the horrible dese cration of the Sabbath by the liquor traffic. Sic. S. As protanity a the most outbreaking and utterly nicies* and outrageous sin of the Anglo-Saxon race, we request all ministers to preach against profanity on the third Sabbath in February in eacQ year. . . . Sic. 9. Ae drunkenness is greatly fostered and increased by the craving for unnatural stimulants which u produced by tobacco, and as tobacco chewing, smoklag and snuffing ore filthy, unhealthy and useless habibs and cause Immense losses ol tempo, time, and treasure whim Ood onlr lends to ns to be used as wt«*alewards w*u> must lenders atricl account, wc respectfully re quest a l ministers to preach against tals “clean and bnrtfnl habit, on the ihiiQ Sabbath to March, In each Tear. See. lb. As mock modesty, and a false, foo-lsh aso wicked reconvenes* and timidity keep many ministers from boldly proclaiming the whole conrselof God, and as some set time is needed to secure systematic and concentrated action by the pastors, ws respectfully request all ministers to preach on the Seventh Commandment on the third Sabbath in April, in each year. Sic. 11. As gambling U a great snd growrut vice, so much so that one rambler who was for merly la Coe gross,lately wen >l4O, WO from t MTT ly elected Congrcieiaar, who kceps a gam bling hell, ana as gambling feeds more clerks *o plcrder their eznplofcra than an y other finale tm, we respectfully request all mlsMer* to pteacb ugalcat gambling on the third babbata lc War each in year. htc. 13. As multitudes of sewing*women and other laborer* lo all part* of the world are so onilJy overtasked and miserably paid that their lives are made “bhtcrwhh hard bondage," and they are so rxhan&ted (hat they sleep daring inacb of the Sabbath day. and cowq'-caUy hare so tune to attend to the Miration of their pools and as millions of former slaves are abominably abased by their white ta-tmartare, we earnestly , urge.all minuter* of ChrioUnbo “hath created all races of one blood,” and died to save the souls of millions “cl ereiy kindred and tribe and tongue," to preach egamal oppression and tntavor of fair play and equal rights for all, upon the third bcbbalh m wane In each year. bic IS. As intemperance produce* and ag gravates many other sins, and awfully cartes onr country by Its t-liockicg drtecralluu of onr Ml lon’s natal day and greatest bolliday- we urge all ministers to preaen on temperance on the last babbath in Juno In each year. And ta Intem f-eraoctr Is csccnt’aily a social sin, and as no true rlrnd Mill io become s liar, wc earnestly and respectfully request all minister* lo clinch their sermons hr supplying all their Sab bath School scholars with our testimony tempo

rauce pledge*, and requesting them to secure as many signatures as possible. By thus sending the pledge Into all the Camille* in the parish we avoid giving ofence to any, and secure an cm dent, apevdy and thorough canvass of the entire field. To sDmolate ail to wise activity lathis noble went, we will give the scholar who secures the moat signatures lu each year, one of our hun dred dollar prism hraceU-ls; while w© will give lo the pastor who sends ns the largest number of pledge* Iron his whole psrivhacash prise of oce hundred dollars. To allow time to bear from ministers and mission aries to all parts of the world, these prizes shall be awarded in the month of November in each rear, and a draft on New York or .London for one hundred dollars lo gold, or twenty pounds sterl ing, or five hundred francs, shall be forwarded to the successful p*«tor by the General Secretary of tbe Union Reform Association, on the thud Thursday in November In each year. There is a profit of over fifiy per cent on our medals, and five per cent of onr total receipts for medals ehsll be eel apart as tbe Prize Food, In addition to the fifty per cent previously set apart for beneficence. ITo b€ conclud'd in next Monday'* TMhuue.l FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL MONETARY. Feusat Evescjg, December S 3. An Albany telegram says: •> The Board of Trade of this city yesterday adopted the following resolution; jietoSz'-d, That bon and after the time upon which the method of celling grams by the cental shall take effect In the cities of New 1 ork, Chicago, and Milwaukee, all sales ol grain made by the member* of tals Board of Trade shall be at specified rates for each 100 pound*. 1 ' The cities named in the above bate unsnlmons ly advocated the adoption of the “cental,” nod the abdication of ihebusheL There only re mams to be done, to complete the action already taken, to agree upon a time when the cental shall take simultaneous effect In Chicago, New York And Milwaukee. The moment each shall be deter mined on all Ihe other cities throughout Ibe country will follow suit. Let our Board ol Trade start the ball is motion. A resolution waaofferedon’Change to-day, to be discussed to morrow, protesting against an; rapid contraction of the currency, and authorizing the Secretary of the Board to communicate the same to onr representatives In Congress, requesting them to sse thetr inflaence against tbs passage ot eoy acts tending to reduce the currency at • rate greater than that now provided for. The public are gradually being awakened to a realization 01 the disasters that most of necessity result tom a sudden and rapid contraction ot the currency, and the scheme la being denounced in all quarters. We are In no burry for specie payments. The great bulk of Ibo Nillonal debt was crea ted on a currency basis, and ought to bo carried along, and paid off in currency as far as possible, without adding to the amount of cur rency already Issued. If Congress would only let the currency question alone, and devote Us labors to tlie gradual reduction of the interest-paying portion of the National oebt, the public would ba much better satisfied, and the wheels of commerce would move along without clogging. There is no change in the Money market, and none is likely to take place until alter the publi cation of the January statements. The chances arc strongly in favor of a tighter market each suc ceeding day daring the interim. These state ments ere a Circe, and ought to be abolished, or the law so amended as to compel more frequent publications, such to appear with an indent ra pidity as not to allow any time for “cooking.” Exchange was scarce and the market was firmer. with sales between banka at SS cents premium. The counter- rates were unchanged—par buying and 1-10 premium selling. Floor was steady and firm. Wheat was quiet ai an advance of l©2c on No. 1 and a decline of lc on No. 3 Spring. Corn was dull and I@IV» C lower. Oats were quiet. Rye was unchanged. Barley was quiet. Provisions were slow. Mes« Pork advanced 33c. Green. Meats were In good demand. Eard was quiet. Gold tn New York was higher to-day. The mar ket opened at IS3*, declined to X112J4, and dosed at 122#. The following quotations were received by Boyd Bros.4go!d and stock brokers: .132*; 112:00 m... •IS3H I SniUp.m. .13SU &Jop. m. •1B« l '10:30 a.m. 11:00 a m. lUS a. m. 11:45 a. m. Here the market opened qnlet, but In the after noon there was an increased .demand. The bro ken were bnylng at HHiQiSiK - closing at the latter figure. Silver was nominal at 133Q123. Government* opened quite flat this morning, but at the Second Board there was a much better feeling, and prices were higher tbrongnont the list. The following table shows the closing prices in New York to-day compared with those of the three days previous: Mon. Wed. Thu. Frl. sixes orsi nog uo ioos no* Five-Twenties, ’*.4 UK 103* ICO* 103* Flve-Tweollee, ’W IMS KM* 101 It’ift Five-Twenties, ’GS 105 Jol* IW* 1W« Ten-Forties «H< »U W W* Sevea-Thuties, An* Ktt* 101* 103* 101* Scveo-Tbirtiea, Jone....lWj( IWJ4 tCB% IM* Seven-Thirties, July km* XM* .103* 101* Here tbs market was qnlet but firm—prices showing an improvement similar to that la New York. Wo quote : oovmsnzHT bscuntxxss—estexoo kobett. Baying. Selling. C. S. sixes of 18S1 HO lU»* L' B. B-SOs. 1852 105 103* U, S. S4CB, 18M IM* Ml* U. S. 5-SO*. ISCS IW* IW* D. (small) 10S*£tol U. B. llMfle (large) 09 99* (7. S. lU-4HS (small) KJl2* U. B. 1-cth, let Airies 401 IW* D. s. l.afc.Sd series 101 lOt* U. 9. 7-«0*. 5d t erics 101 101 H U, S. 7-ifla (smaj) lo3l{ Compound.-, June, 1364 115* ~ Jtlf, ISGI 115*4 ** Attr., 18*4 Ilf* *♦ occ, is* 11s* Dee., ISC* 112* 44 May, 1965 111 1 ! 44 Aog-,ISGS. 109* “ fceou. isos .109* « ocL iste 109* The following quotations for Uoremmenl S«* curl lies are given by the Second National Bank: Coupons. I6ffl ICS* June Comp- 1851..116 5-SO Coupons, Julr 44 “ ..115* Urge 10l*<2»103 Aug ** **..115 SSO Coupons. Oct 44 M ..Uf emßll.f...lM*®HM Doc 44 44 ..113 10-W Coup., large-. I*9 May r 44 180..111* 1(M0 Coup-.small.luiH Aug . 41 “"112 7-« U »rge.. US* Sept 44 44 ..ICgH 7-3 C, small.. 103* Oct. 44 44 ..U» In local Securities therel* nothing or moment transpiring. We nominally quote as follows; Buying. Belling. *** 96* 97 95 « Chicago City Serena— Cook coarty Serena... Chamber or Commerce. The London Star of the Bth Inst, says; “ The failure of Ueser*. George Stand & Co., Id the petroleum trade, of Stirunc, ha* been an* noenced. The liabilities are a M to smonnt to lUVOOOf. aralcit which tsetr assets are believed to repreterl 160,0004. It h*9 been found reanjalte to suspend payments In tbe meantime, to avoid sac nfldns the interests of took Market. •ecember «, 1366, receired , Brokers: New York Si ClMlny prices lor cash. P by Joseph M. Lyoos 6t Co, Ist 3d B’d. B’d. U. 9.« percent bonds, isa... ids* 1095,' u. 8. s per cent _ _ 6Joooop.,’Q- 10BX 105 C. per cent WOooop, 'U. tM* 101* U. 8. 6 per cent MO c00p.,'85,104* IMH D. 8.5 per cent 99* » 10Of KB* *■££**«„,** C. 8. 7 3-10. Sd „ 5erie5....?.... IMV MS* Amer. G01d.... 131* IS3* 3d Board steady. B'd. B'd. ?*. T. Oen i»*f iro •irte (com) Ok .’4.b. icom).... aw B* C. & Pitts wQ «W 'Jock Island....lß* 103* C.AN.W 43* 44* c.*>*. w-pmwk »* KFt.W.kO..AOSX Quicksilver.... *4 *B* fl-.rnloaTel.. 41* C.a A.(com).Jo9 1» Bur.AO. .ISO ISO o.AM.cem.. »V 7?N BodaoD E3TCT..II9W 1»W 111. Central. ...U«« H»W F.A* WSSC Clere.&ToL...lW 124 V T.«Wtiuib...WV «1V SUrket-Ut Board dull. COSUIBBCIiit FsmaT STX3XKC. December 83,1838. tbe following tables show the receipts and ship ments of Produce daring the past twenty-four hours: bsc ora rm ißUii*ron nocss. 1966. 1835 1939 3,t(S 11«0 16,130 HBS9 10.030 10,113 21580 I*3 1350 ESI 55,(3) 71400 U. 745 6,000 8,900 33,450 601 46 Flour, brls VTbeal, ho Coer, bn. Oats bn Kva-bn • Barley, hn Grass beed, As Broom Cors. Ba Cured Mcst,Bs.. Pork, brls lard. Tallow, Bs Batter, lbs Dressed Boev, Ko Lire 1 attic, • Bides, Be a** Bitbwlncs, brls Wool, 8e..... lumber, a Laib. in fact TwmT-rors bodu. s 13C6 Jfitt sjfi a,s« a.m Floor, brls. Wtcal, btt. Con, bo Oata bo Eailiy. b 0....... Broom Con. CM. Cured Meals, S>«. Beet brlf Pork, brie LatO, lbs Tallow, O'? Batter, S* . D. Ho?*. No. Cattle, N 0... Usdw.^a.... H. Watt, Lib. Wool, Lumber, ».... ?cligltv,n.... lath, m Salt, brla There was a fair attendance on ’Change to-day be; the leading produce markets were qnlat, and to the aggregate the volume of trade was light.. The Provision market presented-the sane char acteristics aa on yealerday, and the volume of bosinesa was comparatively trifling. There was a little inquiry for ileaa Pork, and the market ad* rxncxd. 25c, with sales of 1,150 brla at f i3JO®iS.TS for City Standard, and $18.60 for ICQ* wankee, delivered there. Clear Pork told to the extent of 60 brla at SI9JQ. Extra Prime vraa quiet and on changed, with aalea of 100 brl i at $13.10. There was a rood inquiry for Green Heats, with Mice of Hama at B*®9c from slaughtered and from dressed hogs, and for Shoulders from slaughtered hogs. Balk Heats were dull with aalea of SO.OOO S« Koagh Sides on terms not made public. Kagllih meat* were llfe leu. A lot of 50 bxs Cnmberlands sold at B<%e. Beef Earns aold in a amall way at $24.50. Lard was quiet bat Ann. trim sales at lllfc for Settled ; lliicforStcam, seller 10c, and 10»£c for old. Grease sold at SH C for Tellotr and 10c Tor White. Whiskey was dell and entirely nominal* There is no demand whatever, except ua a retail way. Dressed Bogs opened alow and 90325 c higher, bayhujea rerued to par the adnneed figures. A compromise was ehecicJ and trade became m?te aedve. bale* tanged Irom O.loai.t2if— clo«hsgatfC.Tsa7.vO for good lots diriding on *otbf. There ns a steafly'eoLiuapU’re demand, with son b speculative Inquiry for Floor, and the mar ket ruled quite firm, bat no quotable advance wu etuhlahcd. We note sales of 2,003 barrels, at Si 1.(0 for White NTlntcn, J11.25@11.80 for Red Winter*. JIC.WQII.CO for Spring Esins and $3.00 for Spring Fapera. The Wheat market was qntet. Thera was a moderate milling demand for No 1 Spang, which advanced No. 1 Spring opened firm and 1c higher, bat subsequently broke down 1 and dosed 1c lower and dull The sales foot up 43,003 bnsb eh. at J2.U@8.16 tat No. 1 in Co.. JS.llCpS.l3 toe regular, JI.9DQI.O* lor No. S in K. 1. and A., D. £ Co„ JI.S&SI.62J* for do regular, and StA4@LGO for Rejectee spring—closing firm at the advance for No. 1, and doll at fl^s>4forNo.S. Com was heavy and IQIHC lower, with tales of 6rWoohutlT3«eTlHCforNo-!»and 70c far Ko. 2—dosing at W4©74c lor Ko. 1. Data were quiet but firm, with tales at for fresh receipts of No. 2 In store. Etc was in limited request and steady, with sales at Sic lor No. 1, and St@S3cfor Ko. 2. Barley was quiet and unchanged. Transactions were made at GIQCSc lor Mo. 2, and SI.OO for Re jected. Wool vu dun and nominally unchanged. A lot of 10,CC0 He medium, in good condition, sold at 42c. Tbe general street markets continue dull, and there arc no features worthy of note. Tbo lelcgiams were icsd oo 'Change Kzw Toss, Deceabcr 28. Floor ftronger, at Wheat Inactive and steady, at £2.22(32.13. Cora hearr. at *1.12 »u>/ore. Oats caalcr, at G?3&4£. Pork bettcr. ai f1i».73 foe old, and f2U,75 for new. Lardqnieu Uo» better, at $1.2538.00. Gold IS!**. IATSE. Floor active and firm. Wheat strong. Com t« mo Oats heavy. Old Fork lower, at $19.3714; new firm at $80.75. Lard scarce and firm. LATBB. In the afternoon the Grain markets] were Inac* tlve and nominally unchanged. There was some inquiry for Mesa Pork at *18.50, with seller* at $15.75Q19.00. There was nothing done in Green Meats or Lard. The roarket'for Beef Cattle was doll and inact ive. with co quotable change in prices. The de mand was confined almost entirely to good ship ping Steers, hnt there were bat few of this class otfcilnjr. and sales were limited to 451 head, which were taken principally for the -New York market. The receipts were 300 head. The mirks: closes a little wrak, with prices nominally at52.50Qf1.Q2«4. The Live Hog market opened fairly active at about the closing rates of yetterday. but, later in the day, under moderate arrivals andabealitaT competition among packers, an advance of IDQISc woe established. Sales embrace 9,270 head, at f5.5CQ0.40, chiefly at 5180Q6.10. The actual re ceipts to-day were 7,013 head. The market closes strong, with nearly all sold. About Bod Flour- I [From the New York Tribune.? i At the Corn Exchange on TharsOay, December 13th. Iftd, sales of New York superfine dour were reported at f7A539.U, fifteen cents per barrel more than the Mmede*trlp?lonofaonr was sold for the day before, ■ which proves that bad flour can rise In price, U It sulks Into flint} “hard tack” when baked tor sailors and soldiery. ThenextquouUonU|9.*kau.a)for* , zoMnd extra state,” which clearly shows that the former was . unsound, end should have been Dnu ded bad. Four or five different klids cf extra are reported, at various price-, worn ys.*'- to fi&OO, enough to perplex a Philadelphia lawyer to find out what extra mean*. It is not Intruded by the. mixing millers thitbujctsof thetr nuainoas extras shall discover their neaUne until they have paid lor the flour. When the dealer or retailer sends a harm of such floor to a customer, the Utier tries to cs j It. and find ing the cheat. Mild) U hare, ihs shrewd miller docs pot put his name on the barrel, and as the sale Is made through a broker. tin* purchaser, If he has paid the Mil, Lasco recourse to the concealed offender. The dealer bos been swindled, ana mutt bear the loss, or cheat son. c one else. Such Is the Exchange of New y o-k, as represented by some ot those who there do congregate. Tbe dlegracclul taut stilt stands out on the report or the marlaa that Kcw Vers superfine flour Is pnbtiCij - sold tor leas than half the price ol fconttern floor. But the Southern millers are already taking lessons Irom the New Yoncis. Receivers ot Southern flour ssy that thebest ofthe Southern fl>ur is not sent here. The first run ot the minis kept at home, and branded family, Themfcnor I* braided exttaandstat to Sew York. There la often a difference of from $1.(0 to 83 00 a barrel in the value of the best Southern extras that tome to this market, and thus we are to be paid In our own coin. The grinding of unsound wheat Is defended hr some penu.os on the ground that most ot tt roes abroad, aud the people of Engiacd are accustomed to sn'talcod,a»much«.f their grain comes from foreign countries, and I* generally more or lass damaged on the voyage. Hence we are no worse than other ship pers ot bad floor ana grain—no worse than Uretks, Turks, poire and Russian*. U may be sot it may be true that our “rogure In grata" are no worse man Euro pean -rogurs in grate/’ but It reemv to be a novel ap plication of the adage “to him that hath fholl be given." It would he more c: editable to us to bj able, ifln truth we could, to deny tbe (act, than to defend the practice on such authority. Wu*n will the manufacturers of Europe turn their attention to the establishment of their worssboa* in our We»tcru btalcs, ana live npjn the rtchprodacUons of the soli there, fresh and free Irom deterioration by tratsporutlon to the ee*board, and thence to Europe? When our (’eagres* shall give adequate and perma- B'tit ptotcdk'D io our mechanical aad manofoclurias interests, the attention will sodn be answered. And that w lb afford the best possible protection to agricul ture and even to commerce*, for It will famish car goes lor export as wed as increase of consumption for imports. THE CHICAGO LITE STOCK MARKET Orrmscr tux CmcaooTzusuae, i Fair at Evtunsa, December & 1966. j The followixg table •hows the daily receipts and shipment* ot tire Stock during the week np to this evening, as reported by the Secretary of the Union Stock Yard Company: Came. nege. Sheep. Sunday and Monday .... .... .... Tuesday....- •••• .... Wednesday Ol HOT 131 Thursday sn 8,638 713 Friday - CO 11A39 309 Total 1,477 M,M3 IJBJ Same time last week S£to 49.U5 Aus Week before last. 4£S6 tkSU I*3 The receipts to-day wen by the following rentes: Cattle. Ron. Sheep. By Illinois Central...— S 3 .... Uy Burlington 809 7.SS# 83 By SU Louis et Alien 46S .... By Northwestern - 138 1,677 .... By Rock Island SO 1.163 .... By Michlaan southern S4O Hi By Michigan Central «5 .... Total 4*5 lU3» 309 The shipments to-day. aad tor ths weea up to this cact . Bco . tmsday and Woodsy - .... ji *i» *M Total 998 191 333 Same time last week. 1.817 Week befbre last. 1397 491 1 »J Shipments to-day were by the fOllowm* rentes: Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. nyMichl*** Central aos ByUlchlgaa cootbern, 7TI .... ixa TouU 574 .... L 3» Kale* si entered at the dlSeresl Scaie-boasee, were aa lollows: ; Cattle, non. Sheep. ' fninoli Central Scale IS3 3.K3 xto Banlnstoa A Quincy Scale.... 156 3L9Q3 .... SC Loots A Alloa 5ca1e........ U 751 Northwesters scale UO 1145 193 Total- - 451 1779 48 BEEF CATTLE~Tte general character of the mar> , ket does not differ in any eaaeoUal particolarfroia that 1 noted to onr prevlcns reporta. Trade Is as doll as it well can be. nor la there any evidence th»t there will, , fbrwme little Use at lea*t, be any radical change &>r thebetter. The market at present U literally glottal with Poultry and Game of every description, and tmUl this U In a meaion absorbed there wIU be very Utile demand tor botchers* stock. The arrivals dortrg the week have consisted principally of median, common and laicriorgrades.wilhcommonand Inferior , largely predominates. Tbli “scalliwig" stock 1* 1 not wanted at anything like Mr bolds* of ssch arc compelled to bold over or seliat a sacrifice, andonlewtbm sbooldbea seaslble increase la the demand lor these descriptions, the snpply already la the pens win be Quite sofilcleat to meet the wants of the trade tor at leaat a week to come. There u a steady, Hir Inquiry tor good to prime shipping Sloera for ton Eaitan markets, and the few of this clan offering are readily taken at good prices. Saloa to-day number 431 bead. Tbesewootakeo chiefly by shipper*for New York, tbengh a tow went Into the hand* of city botch er*. Price* ranged at f3JOBA6BK tor Inferior to choice . grades. jnim, We cell the attention ol nr reader* to the following nones: “Bj order of F. T. R. Brjant, Enperintodent, the several scales will be closed cn Tuesday, Jaa. 1, 1967, alter 13 o'clock, noon. M block via be dcUvered to pecker*, if desired, and ell stock received -will be tod end properly cared for." • We note the alloying tratsactiona: ! CATTLE SALES TO-DAT. Johnson sold Hyman *l6 heed rood Etrtra, averaging un sv, ted end watered, at SVBO. Hewiu sold aO bead prime Illinois Steer*. averaging Ijoo be, fed end vetered, et 14X0. bead medimn stock, Uffl bs, tod sod watered, et U.CO. Branneman bought 10 heed common Steen, sveng* IS? 1.115 ft*. StfAlQ. bred raised rough let lot, averaging ] IdfOb*. et|«Js. , _ Seventeen heed good Cows and Steen, averaging 11 no be. at f* *°- Pifhuwi hwui mixed lot Cots andHetton, averaging 81s head scai&wag Cows, averaging ?75 b*. et fLOJ HOGS—The market opened sharp et aboat the closing rates ol yesterday, bet towards non u it apparent that the receipt* would be moderate, there sprmir spa brisk demand, and a competition among peckers thatludoeedan advance of Uk*lseper 100 as. Sales toot up *£9 bead, which were . taka almost exclsaUaiy bypsekm at UJo®3.aibr : comraoa to medium trades, and |3JO®6JS tor good to prime Hogs. Aftw droves teond buyers at a alight edraaeeoa the shore range, though the great bolkol the offfertogs were taken at aad wlthla the range of »UC«*$J6. The peas are nearly empty, aad the market doses Arm at Quotations. We note sales of the following droves: 1 800 t-ALES TO-DAT. No. At. Price. Jones, Bough A Co. toCrogfa.......ios w yia) Jones, Hough g Co. to Cochran. IC3 331 AID Jonea. tiengh A Co. to Cochran sa 173 UP > Joses Hough A Cochran... .. 41 SIS C.l3jf Jones, B. A Co. to Wooioott A C 0... 44 S6O AS Jones, U. A Co. to WooKoct A C0..J0 39* US JcnesHonghACo. to Kent A C0...107 72) C.SS Joses. Hon*n A Co. to Nash... It* W Mt UKrwxAF.toßl*irAOo TO MO UO Brown AF. to Kent ACO —9O X7O SJO Brown 4aJ*. to Cragtn ACo .SO *65 SJQ Bri.wn AF. toCragtn ACo Q 33 U 3 Brown AF.toCraglnA Co 48 so 5.73 BrowaAF. tocragn ACo 51 W ZS Hnwa AF. to Crajla 4Co ...S3 SCO SA9 Brown AF.toCra&aACo ..... 50 30 5A3 Brawn AF. to Cragm ACo 56 353 9JD Keenan AF. to Blair A Co. 73 SSX AS Conover A Rail to Kent A C 0.... ... 85 373 5A3 CosorerAllantoßtntA Co <3 85 5.60 Conorer A Ball to Turner 50 771 AS t c< norer A Hail to Tomer *3 £9 «-03 Conover A Hall to Cochran. 44 ago Uxv Corover A Hall to Cochran «7 353 Krelgh A Co. boozbt .51 M ATO KrtighACo.bocgaU. 1» 7H A£7 inrun A Co. bought. J» 3» MO Turpin & Cg. bcttgbt- -11* 2§ f 2 Tarnin A Co.bosght. M , 362 5J3 SHEET—There was nnle doing In this branch of tbs market. The supply uconfined chiefly to common aad inferior description.*, Cr which there Is Utile or no da F .*»i The few isles made do not Indicate may mate, rial charge In price*. Among the entered sales were 150 head common coarse Sheep, sold by Jones, Bongb A Co- at *3.75, Prices range at gUOaUD. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Alt taUtef Grot* reported In tkit market report are mode on tie .katU of vinter (tc) storage, watoaa oiiervUe espretted. fxmer Emso. December 3S, ISSS. FREIGHTS—tUmeoan Fsxiuhts—The follow teg is tte Joint tariff on the Eastern roads: u sin iM’a Bates trots Chicago to— Class, class, Floor. H.jr. Bottalo,N. Y a (W # 90 1 Toronto. Cf>W O (is 95 ® • McStreai.C. B. US KT 19) l.« Aiwa?>. LSO U« 1A» l.« ’ LU W i-» 1A) ■ Boatonand Albany. - LS 99 1.6) 1 Kftab r55Wk....... IAJ 95 IJO l.« 1 BoTtland H« Grand Trank.... .... .. i.» > Philadelphia U* B X.TO 1.40 t pitaburyb W M l.» TO • CereUna, Ohio AS 7i 55 I SanmltWlDd. « » » . tnnrtsnatl. Ohio 45 S 3 M 63 r shipped, s.Ulbr!s. i Uarkei steady and tins. Bales were: Waive Wes , t a—ICO brti st flCOO; 323 bris Cowond-at (411.00; 1 bxd Wrcrra-AU «1» at niAO; TOOOrta atfUAl; * firnsG Exrsas—lU> brl* ** Bennett’s" atfU.oo; SQO tsu “Star A Croesat at Ilfl.TO; 100. brls -Kearsase" 7 attie.7s; tOC brl*. cot earned, at flO50; 103 on* at 1 tiJTO: fa brla at SU.CO; ICO bris at |10J0: SniSQ * «RB-4 obrta*t«Uo. W»»EAT—'Kecelred, ISSS3 bn; shipped,US bn. - Market»OTßCcedl®2c ooi'O.l Spring. >o.2opcaod strong sso ic hleher, bat broke down and closed about 1. \clower, taicawere; BBbaNo.l6pilog at(U6 (R. L L>;lCSbti do atfUt (A/D. A Co.): 7XOO Undo at KU3; □ 4-obOdoatß.il*.«oobnr>o.2kt tL97(n.{.);4oobado atfiAC do *tnjßtV.«uo bn do st tIASw; U.CDO bo do attlAßt r. l«u) bn B*lected at g1.60;(Wb3 do at |IA3;S3O ba do 4 t gt fLMK; 400 bd do at |Ls4—closing with seUers at 5.400 A9OO 4.M3' 13,715 2,989 5,09 3.CBS 351 sac 5a,670 113^23 .... «4 3.M) 1.760 97 74 60 519 313 OO 9w B,'S3 IS.W 81,550 51,480 .... S3* 655 40 .... 101400 83Q 22.053 963 2,8*0 261 SB n&6 190,650 11 S°7 JLTOO s£to 9C3 SIS 419 16 130 16 1,09 1,033 tor No. 3 Spring. SM c:ocl ujfirajtm adraacc. I-OKS—ltecelrcd. liSWtm; •Wpbed. awe. M«r fcM doll and to*l V“ jower. dale* were: t\OM t>a*>o. lat "Vic : UUC* bn do at tic; 1,100 ba do at TJVe: id#) badost mVC ; 3st 70c—cicalag st 71c lor 5:o. 1. OATS-necrfrci 13,10 bn; sMpoM. 6B.*ba. Msr-. tri quiet bat Una. Calcs were: 1,30) ba No. 2a: «tWnadoat4lr, U*E—Bcctired, 1.325 W: ibirbid. nans. Mar ketquin ul tmcb»R*d. daletwen: fioo ton Ho.l atSlc; S00t« N\\3 sJoCo; tWbudoai Slj<c; W 3 bo BA K »,EV—KfcetrcdrMl bo ’• shlroed. Hi bo. Itsr ket read; bales were: WO tm No. 4at 6jc 1 *3l bn do at UtiC; SCO tia do at file; sift bass by saajp’.c at f IJ3O. A I.COllOl.—Koom at «nMta. KKAN—lnactlre—qawab’eatflt.OO. BKUO.M COKN—MatLet deli at |l9Ua£33L3a,ac cording to Quality, „ BEA NS-Aro . eOtos In a «mal» war at BUTTER—Eeertred. *.90 a?; a*. Tbe mam: U qnlet, with a large supply os hand. Price* are s.ncbiu.z?<3, * 1 follow*: Choice Dairy.,. .58 oSI e Good Tab .3* e2l c Comn-uo Pubm u aso c Prime Firkin— - i.iP i£SI e BAGlSlStJ—Thtrcte aoptsceptlble Imptareiaetn Is ste di-stand, the cjartci remaining noict at prerlooa ecotatlona. National a. Jln.Maailca Uses. CMOS A. 3 bn, UltaoU A.tb'l. Corn Sxchacsc.. Stars A, cotton ittslbf. . v TO jo »j» do AedrMCCggtn* do American. do Bearer MnU, do Htufield S, do traa Huk do Fontiu. do - SUco. . do Saco, tinea tea cotton iOdgivecd do ........ Spiingbeld... Gunnies.... Karltpe, ( bo, So. l SO 00 Eici>ire City. ITLCO CUKBf*E—Trade U moderate, tbc are fair end price* remain tteadr a* prenooaly quoted: New York Factory (ttcnttnt). V* At) C Factory (liUsoi*)...., - 1C «i 7 c Hamburg - .1* wit c Wecternßeeerve..... is isls c Western State*. „ U tfU c “Tocac America".... S 3 c CUAL-Utn tcotf request, tad rteady aa4 Arm at tie prices jarea belov: 1.00 do Ormsbr Cumun>-tfritt UIU. do Mia end do 'WlltovlUak. do TudqcJ. Chtppeva.... Blotfborc Lamp Lehigh laijcawana, prepared, serantcn. Piuach. IQinou. VoacMoebcnr CuOFEUAGE-SHuTtre: SBLaraTierce*(oak boop) U *i;3. on track; an Pork Barrel* at «usk on track; ZKJ eo (oak boop) at *1.55, on track; SCO TVto>kcj Barreta at *2.85, del.; 383 Pork Barrua (hickory hoop) attUO. del. VOPC BE—I» la moderate rcqoeat and wttioat aaj ewtoual ckaake. B'eqaota: Jara .S 3 c Bio, commoa to talr Rlo.ccod loprin.© c Bto,pnaeto tMtt. ajitfc MsCs—Were mfnll inpplr and oniet at Suasjc. with nice chleCr at **•- __ FBCiTS ANU NCT»—There I* • frlr demand ftir jccaenu assortment*, ud tor mo*t d£*crlptlooa price* are »eU rastajned tad tolerably Ann alqaota- Uoc(. We repeat oar JJ»t: onw ntrrra. Apples, 9 bri Orangea, Havana, 9 UO-. Lessons, ilalatra. Cranberries,w UiCV.V... CnnberncA cultivated... deud retire. Fig* Dates - » (4 M Canned trachea, * doz. s beans. UO a 4.23 Applta, new » id 13 Fcaches, halves and quarters, 18, id 19 Peaches, pared. 40 <4 43 Blackberries, new. w a W %» 33 Raspberries, new, ? » « m 70 Cherries pitted TO * FJaerberriLS, Va. 30 A .. Kal.'lo*, layers t.TO « SJM Almosue, hard shelled id ta 56 Almonds,soft shelled *0 9 W Almcnds. paper shelled S 3 9 58 Peanuts, V UUld 14 Brazil huts SJ c* W FUberts .... 11 f* li Rnell&h Walnuts 30 9 31 Naples Walnuts 13 w 34 Feraos, small and large « (J aa Hickory Ncu. Vbu SAO ce SdD Cbemuu. Vbn. lOdo eitJM V I dll-The market presents so nsw feature worthy ot note. Trade in slack, there being acarceiv any in quiry. except In a imad wav on local account. Prices arentxhanred and we continue (0 quote: Wbltefiah. No. 1, x brl - ff-»3 I-W “ No. 5, x brl 7-«4 7.50 Trout, No. 1. X brl S- I *® 3.95 - No. S, X brl 4JOM 4.7 S Mackerel, No. L X brh new U.oJttUg» - No. 2.X brl U).23i»10.50 •• fan lly. f) X brl 9SXtU 9J3 - extra mesa, V x brl 15.0U«13.50 - “ Vklt 3.73.4 4.00 •• No. L kits, new 5.04 2.7 s M family, kits J.»it IS CodMt,Bant, V 100 ft* 7.304 8.00 “ Gcorse’s SAb* 9.00 Hake 5Jd a 6JO Ucrribss, dried. No. 1. ft Ate 63 •* scale a 70s 73 Labrador Herring, b brl 11.0Xe11.50 “ X brls «.00(ft fl.ft Norwegian ** K’a, f btl is.uo - •• M's. ¥ brl 16.60 GICF.ASE—isles were :C brls at 3X«i torTelliw, aid 10c 'or White. llHiDWlNEH—Becelved,none*, shipped. 11 brls. Ncihlor doing. Impossible to give QUvtauoa*. II«PS-Aro .tiling at37£Coc tor prime Estern, aod Soft36c for Western. DRESSED DORS—Received, 3.313: shipped. 662. Market opened strong and 30&9c berier.bat at the close the advance waanarttally lost. Sales were; 23 all over 900fta,at 97.2 s 8 - 7.9 20averaclog300Bs,at. .J 5 SCOalover 2Coßi,at. VJ3 IS averaging Ml hi. at. 7JD 7 - 2!0 as, at 7.00 7 “ 230 Ba,aL 7J» 160 “ SABB,aL 7.00 140 ever 2rx> 7JJO at averaging 2(0 fts. at, 6^3 an « 11s fta, at. bJO 21 " 240 fta, at. AS) 172 " 215 ABO as - IS fta, at ATS SS w 150 fta at. ATS 23 “ l&BAfct, S.7S 55 M SOOBS.aL Aa 102 dividing on 200 fts. at, «7dX) andT.ltX w “ sco BA at. ass 1 IS M 200 BA at...,- ATO and 7XO TOO “ 300 B*. at, 6A3X«nd 7JB 413 “ W 0 BA at, ABO and 7JW 81 “ ATS and 7AO U M 200 BA St ATS and AN S 3 ** SCO BA at ATS and A9S ■ 110 M a* BA aU A7O and A 93 1 —define quiet at |e.T3 and S7XO dividing on SCO siior I heavy lota. * HAY—Is dull, with prices nominally unchanged. We quote as Hallows: 1 wnoLEBALk rsiczA 3 Timothy, roller and beater pressed. 413A9at4J0 * llmoiby. looaepmaed lUttialsxo pratnA beater pressed. IO.OOiAILOO nsraiL peresa. Timothy, roller and beater pressed. 16.04*19.03 i Tlmotny, loose pressed mo&jajD rmlriu roller and beater pressed. iLOO^iSJri * Prairie. ko*cOQwaxtja.cellvered.......... 11X0(413.00 * lllDßw-Heteived, 59,670 Bs; thlpPad. TLS4B fta. > There is a fair deniald, aid under moderate arrivals prices are well maintained, and the general market Is •lead? •* ottr n»Mll*u 1 a Greco Botcherv 6X® ?XC ' Green Salted, trimmed 9*;» avc > Green Call. 13 a» c Kip, Oieen Salted. U sli c Dry Fist, trimmed 18X®17 c . Dry Salted, trimmed 14 *u c . GrteoSalted.partcnfrd BJf(i 9 c unai miw. uu 041, 9 g IRON ANU e*TELL—Tmdel* nir.Uioudnre amp'e, and pncoi are cenerall/ well austalned. We quote: ■ Common Car. 5V® 6^ Hone Shoe iron ; s* Heavy Band. lUAI9X Hoop ana Light Rand Bound and Square < w«tii a Oval 6XO 7X Half Oval and Half Bound. 7 tA Sheet Iron, coDtuoD 7k>a Sheet Iron, galvanized, 17x23. M M Sheet Iron,cbarooal 9JfM Sheet Iron, Juniata .11 *O!3 Norway Nall Koda - ,li all ; Flow stcei, German. all ! Flow Steel. c*«L 17 gii Sprlnetna lire steel, EnglUh. ll au Tool Cast Steel, ordinary urea ...2d &S 0 Tool Cast Sled, American. a 33 BUatcrcd Steel V) 03) Rsmla, Noe. 9 and 16. jsi as Hull la. Am- lit quality. > bdl &il Burma, Am-Ihqualilj,jiaheet ea | Boss]a. Ate.. 2d quality, p sheet. atu LEATHER—ia dull, mod prices arc unchanged. We quote: City Harness, V , Blaurhter, Sole, ' B » 393 40 DaJEalo f 4CO <3 Constryharnm S 6 Stanch ter. Sole. Line, ¥ 0...... <3O <4 Ch)oi«O.Ko.l <OO <3 Bin,medium, p Slaughter, Sole, il I.ISOIJD Cbicagd.N'o.3 SIO 37 CalLF* 1A0*1.«I Buenos Ajrw.. 2>o <9 Upper, V toot.. S 0 ao Orinoco b01e... S 8 Country Upper. Tk* a Orinoco, good, , Collar. P tool.. 3JO 21 damaged. 310 $2 i OAK. Slanahter Bole.. SSO &4 French Call, n Hainrt*, > 8... 41W <3 Bs 20003 S Upper SLO S 2 Fracb CaU, 3$ Kin, No. L me- Ba 2JWOJOO dUun. 1.100103 French CalC Le- Elp. No. 1, molnca, Fdn9oJX>39lLol> fcnty....—. -l 8»IJ0 _ LG M BEK—There U no asendal chi?.xe to note In the general features ot the market. Btulnew-ta the yards u quiet, as Is gcasraily the case at this —— The demand tor Shingles is Homed, snd Lath are in Bur request. There is a good demand tor Fencing, at the following quotations: Lcubr—firstCtesr, 1,1K,1K, and 3inch. «• m taJoaarajo Second Char, LIK, 1J» aed 3 Inch SAOoanxo TtUddear.inch. .. 80.00^55.00 Flrat and second Clear togeth er. rotub—the same as Second Clear, wide.rr. Common Ffoorttg, rough 56J»eSJ0 Hatched and dressed Common Floorlag.. 40JX0U.90 Hatched and dressed 9-loch Common __ Flooring. SS.omg.>o First and necond Clear Bidmg, together.. ai.trtan.CO First Common Dressed Bidlac ttOCWiW.OC Wagon-box Boards, select. iMneh and up wards. afl.mairoo A Block Boards, 13-Inches 29 93037J0 B Block Boards. 13 Inches. 3AUOO3TJO Common Boards, JoUta, Scauttmg. Fenc ing. and Email Timber, W to l* leet _ ___ long. o.Mauoo Joists ana Scantltrg O. a and 2t toeu 2UK&33JO Shisglxs—A or star Shared Shingles 4^ A or Star Sawed Shingles- 3Jrt» SJO No. 1 Sawed Shlnates 3A30 3JO Zjlth—Fer tn in yard* ....0 3JH By ear-tesd by Konhwettern Ball road. dßllreredlH any yard where cart eaa be rrllchcd, or any d^kot: Aor bar Sawed _ Etta gif*, by car-load, on track. 5.750 LOO A. or Star Shared Bhlnglf*, by car-load, on track.. 430 No. 1 Sawed Shiogles by car-load, on track - LS Three donut a car-load add'd when tnniforred, which charge follows tbe Sblnalas la freight bQL uosou suxpad. Thlckrets—Fire hhlngles to be two Inches la thick sets. Length—Sixteen toches. Banal—Twenty Inches. MmS'llilDTl NSEIW s*TOC K-The de- Band U cur, and prices rale firm at the tobowlsgqao* tatiesa: Box Tta Hate, I C. Ist quality, cask. 13# ICUI mqaaiwy, 6beeL.....1i LargePUa........... S 7 Slab dl Email PSt. S miatrrwTSX. Berlin., » ito•. -U oranx. 7,8 and* Of MetallicATßotU 3 iSfiBAH .» Cotroer 80tt0m...... B gSSSrtSaiOhs., 43 3»di4. ua Bheettngt,l<tolSox. 45 ttaadie.... 1* Tmnicgt W It Jt nrit. 1a.,.. .U Ist qoalityrr. » »- .3 Anume5y............ V S ..JS Ftnsßolder. 3 FecceStaples .. SAILS—Are In steady request. We CPtmaneW ?(K o toad, P keg. 17.3 3d. AIOJM 6d.....vr. 8J» A23 3d. floe blued ILOO : ad... Mb CHncnSet. MD OILS—The general market remains tabitaatlaliy ’ the same as notod In our previous reports. Trade u stacnaaL We make nocnaoge la our quotations as follow© Unseat OIL. t BUO Unseat OU, bolted aLO oureua. «L» WhaietiLW.B. L©*lA) Lard Oil, extras tjasua Lard OL, Ko. 1 Winter. 1 M»I.TS Lard ou. Sa 3 winter LUgn.n R»«r OIL Hi cad kits. UWLIO Machine OL. ronMiota. MI.M Sperm OU. W-B-round lots. dXSO LobrlcatlEC OU s£»j jo Castor ou L»&d-ao Xeatstoot OU.„ LUaiAO CAKBON Olli-U in moderate request, not Steady aid firm at foil rate*. Weqoote; Carbon, V car load ®s3c carbon, small 10t5..... «Hc Benzole ...... . Ct33c PBOTlMUXs—Received. LkO ©i Cored Meats. (81 brU Pork, ana IW fis Laid. Shipped, 83,650 as Cured Meats, 666 brt* Pork. Bless ('ors-ilirttl adraneed 9c. Sales were: SOObtisatfLVS: SO bt Is at ttSJO; iOObtlsMUwaotoJ packed at SIBAO delivered there. Clear P.rt-M brts at sl9-52. Kura Prim© Pop*—Saleswere:l6obrl*atslAoL Beet Ha»a—tale* were: ÜbrlsitUUO. CscDberlanda—Sales were: 53 hrr a: 9«<c. Balk JJcatw—Sales were: 20,000 se rough 514c* on p. t. Green Meats—la eood demand and first. Sale* were: taco iiams (i.b.) at 9c: LOCO pcs do fs.h ) at Byc: to.oco ss eo (d. h.) at 8 vc; 3.J00 pcs Shoulders (*, h.> at 9*« t 00 pcs do (v. iJ) at s>fc; Lard—Market qnlet hot firm. Sales were: 10 tes in) tessteam onp. u 50 tes do, seder XU. at I)Lie; &>4 tea old atlOyc. POCITKV AND (SaßlE—Sales were: 23 do* dressed Chickens at J 2.75; 73 djzdo at $1.30; 90 doz do atri-M; X doz dressed Geese at SiLCB; Sdozdjat |7xo; Sdozpo°; sdoz Docks at SLOt: <do* dontfUS: 50) hi dressed Tutorial 12Vc; 308 ©3 do at :iOc; Stossdoatec; 173 doz Ptalrle ChJcse-aat S3AO; SO do* do ats3Jo; 3 do* do at fi.73 : 73 doz Rab bltaat <Oc; 10 doz do at Sc: St doz bnalli at $3-50; itf doz do at tuff: Odozdoatfl.TV. Sttdaz drat SL». hOPA AND I»ALBEATDh-Trtile steady.aad price* remtn unchanged. We continue toqoote: Babbitts Medicinal wyaiSVt “ Pete JJXdUyc Beland's Chemical 13*1*13*0 •• Healthy “ Pnre... .ltS»il*c SUHAE^ —The market Is modoately acute, and prices remain the aame as prerlousiy cooled. The stock of Clide A ScgaUs Heal. We quote: Cabs. .11V31S e Porto Rtou aiy^suyc X. T. Ikllccd, Pondered and Granulated,..jSWksuuc wine A JSHhsUvc . ClrclaA. 13V3UKC - White B. J**ai3 c Extra C KHdllXe Tclhnr C JJ Sl3 c Oxnard C .lOyail e Oz&sid U OX eUH6 f» YHTPH—TV* t'ctsaM i 3 !U5!. »->l TOCt»ep*d- VTeeostlcoe»Quote* Ktw ToiK Syrup*. j Teller Drips Csta UoUssc I*oito Blca New Orleans Philadelphia Bee Hire... Chicago Bearerr, Amter. •4” X * * QaUx “ “ Sosar tforae. TO* *S S*Al«T—Eccdred<toßes shipped. Idfidfcrii. ilirSsi steads. Sain fen; ?10 bflj Flit at J'UO. Krv tiiv ♦ Coarse. „ Droned Alan Task’s binf, tag*. Grtrmxl Solar Dairy, viu ivti JJIJ Dairy, without tacfca .. SEEDS-llarkci <mu* Silos wem 6 ton Clot er Tlae corset rule* qalet «cd prices amieady si toe ftiUowlr* <jnoutlet: . „ Toon* Hyaoc.aupolorto Oe emw to choir*. V a UH«*USC toprrtor to fine, 9 *..... de extra to choice, V & LStjMJO Gunpowder, r.Trerlor to cac, ?» 9 lJD3l.aj do extra to choice. ... LS*5L9i Japar, natural ItsS, One u> extw ice. V 1... IJO^tLS do do Dee to choice, V 2 l.njtlJC do •do colored. 9 » 1 TOB*f?rO—There i« no essential c too re to note. The desaad U UybCbutanaer rertoced itoctapncja ke>p well tp, and are ctmfaraQvcty Drat it prerioas ratea: __ Carwmi Toaaoco— Extra >.. rhole* Medium - Common , Snonso Tone wo— F»Tcria, Ch0ice....,,.... Medlom Common Stem. _...ft.u «ija o as 73 .... TOM .... ?SJ» .... tut ....•sja .... two .... 55.0* .... SJ.M ovuo SJ.KJ Psc« Tobacco— Loy»l aascn. FumttV DeUcht..... Kitaral LnL.~ Halftirtzht ChoicaßiAck, MBBd. Medium TO a % Common a...... » ft TO caw* A TpiofiU 10s miKt 30 (4 68 Flounder*. 73 0 S WMOD—l«lnMrd»im.rHl.aml Heady and Una at thefcllawlrcrur ev <• pncss • Maple, 9 end. dulvr-* I fISJOSU.M Maple, 9 cord. In j*rj UJ&a\S.od Beech, 9 core. deiirtrtd Beech, 9 cord, la tuiL IO.CJ4U.rO Hickory, B cord.. UOJ.4ISJO .1 r IUO . tua . 10i» . UJ» . 10.(0 . 10, CO v* OO L—Br«!\ed. 3dWO 2ss; shipped. 3J.TJJ fts. Ttemarkrt Udailasd nominally nnchiaged. Sales were; IfI,CW >8 median, food tcndlOoa at tie. asaatcfifs anhJetoelrß. .1SJ&31A0O . ILW .. 14 00 &aaa&oo American (Waltham) Watches. Dealer* Id Watches tram all para at (he coon try are restated that the aadentgnedkeep a mo aaaortateat of Waltham Watches, la cold and allTtr cases, coo stasUy en haad. Lar<e redaction* la the price* of momneoia aod case* have recently been made, aad tv Internal Betepne Tax U to looser charged to cm* to id era. .J2.7S f*4.» .3 0) fc* 64)0 .104) all4o .1040 »1840 .1340 The good repute borne far and near by Qe manaTsc rures 01 the Waltham Company, makes it needless £>r the agents to nrcetbetr claims to general patronage. 9 0 8 or to do more than camion the public aca'.nst spurious and inferior Watches with which the market* are flooded. Every Waltham Watch, of whatever class, ts warranted by special certificate, which should la all cases be demanded. ROBBINS&APPLETOX, Affeuts of the American Watch. Co. IS- Broadway, a, Y. issucatioual. TJ'D'OCA.TION t—To any CotnmuivitY la 11/ want of an Educator. An expert- ncad teacher, and graduate lo one of the Profestlon*. wl hss to h:ar oras opchlPz whcie be and bis wire can engage iu teacblna a thtTiujU and ixlei.unccanvae.tbe radituenti ctlhe CUaaio*. and a coune of Mano inatrcction. Blease addrvtr. IsunodJit-Jy, ‘•IN&TKUCTOR.” Tribute offlr*. Clilraso. Uushuss €axbs. lILAIR & JEFPKKPON, connisstON HEncnANrs, OFFICE. 204 FEOXT-ST, J: w. Jte&sov. I ilEUeillss TES 8. Liberal cash adraacemitts made on». Q.EaT, HATTEJS & CO., Wholesale Commission Xercaanti Between F and G-sa,) HOGS I STENnil.ri AND WBK3UT LIST** Fnrslshed eratis. Qlcbut market priem totMai-L PrubDt returns msda. Corresponduee so.l.ut L HEDiIUSD A CO, Oen'l Corn's M treh'u. <Sitjj Notices QRDINAKCB. ymxmt. The city li rasloly ezteadlnr around, and beyond the old City and Catholic Cemeterie*. ta the North Division: And Whereas, Tte oontinnanee of the cnstomol IrtermaoUln these cemeteries cannot till to be prejudicial to the health ot the vicinity, as wed as to the genera] health of the city ot Chicago; there tore, as a isnltary measure. Me u ordained by t*e Cbwwa Cbuncft <if U< Cut V Chicago: eacnow 1. Tbsk hereafter It shall be unlawful far anyper«ODorptn>onstobary any body or bodies in eliherofthectmetules 10the North Division ot the City cf Chicago, or within the corporate limits or laid city, or to deouait ary such body or bodies In any vault In laid cemtierlai, or within the limits of said city. hie. 2. Any person who shall violate the prov Moos ot this ordinance shall he liable to afineofone hundred dollars tor each ua every such violation. 6x0.3. All ordinances or parts of ordinance* hereto tor* passed, which may be in conflict with this ordi nance, are hereby repealed. ..... sue, t. This ordinance shall be Is full fores and effect from after It* passage aod due publication. Famed, Dec. 20,1M6. Approved, Dec. 31,'is«. j. B. BlCh, ilavor. Attest: A. H. DoDkaa. City Clerk. gmposßis. 7*vFFICE OF THE SUFERINTENU- 1 } ENT OF CONSTBUCnoS OF TBI U. 8 COuKT HOUSE. Springfield. llllnoU. Dec. 10.1 SM. Scaled propnvals will be received at the office of So perintendent of United States Court Bouse, at bprtnx held, DUnolA until 13 o'clock mu. December TUh, £ec carvtron colainna. pilaster*, and their beds, caps, bee plates, aa, required tor tes sprtngfiel-L llllnoiu Conr House anc Pont Office, now erteUnc. Drawing* of th« work, thawing dlaiuuloaA dmiyn and extent of It. maybcser&andexarilied trrcsiimA*lngatmyoflto>.. or by application at the uoitom Houses at Chicago, UlinolA CliiClunati. Ohio, Pittaborzh, I'enrsyivaniA and Bu Louta UlMoun. Tne paucroa for capital; most be submitted to the tor anprova too re casttor, and beds tr>pa of eotomzis aod pllas toamustbe placed Sue, All (he casting* most be found, of ev-a thickness sharp arrtasea >;d smoott tacw. and the ornamentation molt Derfjap-ror flalsu The prtcAlficludlajt freight and dc ivcry,mu;t be rivet In rrt*a and the wbo'e ot the wort most be deliverer lo Sprtngfleld by nr before the Ist of March. IS«7. Bids must be accompanied by a bond 01 rvo ftspm stole parties, in the sum of fl-DOO. that the bidder wit certotm (he contract If award-d to him. Bid* must be addrwaed U> A. Schwartz. Saperlutcid ett of the new Ccnrt House *1 Sprlngurld, I .hoop, a at must be endorse 3. “ Propoaala tor Iron VTort.’ * A. SCHWARZ, Supcrl'.tecdecU ISailroans. RAJIiiWiU TIME lAJiLi- nntian AJS DCSIawmXIUi —E-hTOT COS. «fJB WATTS ASD KZSZIE. Depart. Arrive. Osy Express - •ftOOs.r:. Nlchl Express.... *-UoOp.a. *3;tS a. m. JaSexvflle Accommod*n. *5:10 p.u. .eu Woodstock Accota’d’n.. *ioop.n, •ft",, saitta urrratos. Aaltos and Cedar Kaplda *rcls a. n. 7;SC p. in. Fulton and low a. 17:30 p.c, WOs.b, Freeport aril Dnnlciti.. *ftCot,n. & Freeport and Dnnleitt.. nttOO p. n. 3:40 p. m. Rockford ttd Fox River. *»:00p. in. 11:10 a-re- Dixon-... »tOOp.m. IhlOa.n:. Geneva end £lgut .• p. c_ Stlda, m. ■n-warxjSDrTtsjop. Express.... *2:00 a-in. *l’ tSreaa. *4:00 *lftCt re. jtifbt Accommodation.. a. a. Kenosha Accoauaod’n... 4:40 p. a. ft4s a. a. Wankonn Aceoremod’a. p. re- 9:36 a. a. BomMIL Calvary, aad fnnitofi 1:20 p. a. &40p. re •aaadajs excepted. tSataiaiys except, litoodajt excepted. XZCHtQAS ffTXTI> * T - SiUlCll'~tlKlol 9SNT| fOOI or uu Morning Express • *645 p. a. Day Express »7dK) a. a »lUfi p. re. Evening Express tftSO p. a.t*l2:* p. a yightExpreaa J* civusxas akp 10 uremia tsaxts. Morning Express *7:«ia.a *i«:isa. Q. 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The following I* the new table for the arriTa! tad departure of nulls Grom the Chicago Post Office for the winter* and now hi force: wtnji closx. r. o. CHICAGO, nr. vans abbztx. a m. p.n. atd. p. m. I.; 5C0....111ch. South. B. 8.. .... i**) .... 5b15.... “ “ “ - &S 5 ! . 15WXJ m u “ “ .. &00 11:00 .... itco m SHdx-Central R.B 12.00 &15-... “ “ tOO ft 45 2rfM....Pltta.*Pt. Wayne I*3o 8:15- . ** u •* 1:40 * 12:00 m ** *».*., «0U 11:00 ituO 4:50....0rcat Eastern 8.R.. 8:50 IROU 12:CO 4:30....New Albany * Salem &90 11:00 f ; y) 7:43....0a1ena Railroad 8:10 2:40 12:00 feCo....Dtooo Alt Une 6:00 T:io 12-00 18:00....BockIsland fiiflroad 5:45 2:30 USCO &C 0.... C„ B. & QuIcCT B- R. WO 9:00 fcSO too Northwestern R. R-. BsC 8:30 'ftSO t 00.... Milwaukee Railroad. 11:30 Br2o I*oo ' 7-13 Illinois Central R, K, 7;00 9:00 12KI0 7rC0....5t. I-onls Railroad... 5:35 8:43 agents ggaantar. Hatwahd & co., 171 Pearl-*L,Xew Tort, Leplna'i celebrated on rortralts, cabinet size, (with or wlthoot flames). corAUCss of portraits of Presidents Lincoln, Johnson: Oesenls Grant, T.e*, and Stonewall Jackson: Martha Washlmtoo. Ac- are now offered by lie publisher* at reduced psisok AfeoMTWM* . BKUU:. . TV* «3 ♦,•4 vo 70v«1.D3 70 BW *.1.13 n Fp*3ict*7 of J«ae3» Loct H&ipltaJ, Catra New OrltAas, sad lor the lasi tlx jean locatn ta CM r*cn, u ccUimtod Urocsbcai Ibo conatry ta lie »oc ces*ftil tre»tm«ator9TPoao,Goso*cu<n, Snm- ToitEtTA, cTtry ccscrlpUoa cf prlrste disorder*. Dr. James u acsanrieoced hytlu medical pnrfaiiio» *1 d Utc pablc to hare bo superior. s.n3i» THE MOSTTOH— BerJsrd ami greatly enlarged, irlrrs ion Itforomtlcn npoa lbs isijcct of Secret DU c*«?; contain?, *l*o, treatise upor. ftmsle heir aroided, their retnedle*, bow to prevent eonesp (lon, tod the sect*sitj »rd prtprtetj. romefimes. oC •» dels?. This book win injure soee. bat imeflt s-T—tie tld and young o/both sexes. Price ; a can. sad Ocr eerts postage. Aadre.-« Dr. James ?• O.Bor 09C. Chlcsro, Hi. Br. Janes can be cooCdeatftny consulted at hiaof> fee and parlort, 91 and 93 Randolph-sh, Chicago, nearly opposite his old office, from 9 a- a. to 3 p. a. P. 0. Box 696, Chicago. Attroloxy And Toop DeaUay. The stars rrreal year destiny] What la U? What are your future prvsrect* mine* To be, or ant to be, UUseall-afafcu&tngaaeatloal Good or eril? Woo trUl solve it? BTrßapnaei can solve the question 1 Ha bas the secret cf winning the aSkcUoru of t&e op posite ?«t! He can show* yen me Ut easts of tout tntare fcnsbaal or wire. Be can lb re toil the resale oC all tnuditess traa-actions and tpccoUQQ&s. Be cu effideyoo to wealth,ealseace ana honor. Be alto anides yon to health, even when yon are rtna ns as t- ccrsSle by others. CaJ as -213 East Madlarosn. <> p stairs), MtrwQ Wens aad Fransdn*«ta* Chicago, U. 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Sts Ruce to health, published monthly, seat free to ur address. gCEEKCK'S PULMONIC SYEUP, SEA-WEED TONIC, THE HISTORY OF DU. SCIJKNCK*a OWS CASK, AVD HOW QB WAS CURED OF CONSUMPTION, Uunnn ago, while residing U. Philadelphia. 1 baa pjocttww gradually into Ct» lan stage of PmK nonary CcnsomDUou. All born of bit recovery be ing dissipated. 1 tu acvi»ed by my physician. f*~. Parish, lo retnoveinto (hseountry. Moorsstowu, 9. J.. about nine mile* aisiaaU o*tog m;n«Ure place, i waa itcoveu thither, occupying twu tulldiya tn the Iran*itp-n. Mj Utter aid id tu* Uni y bu lived and died xtere-aid died of Pulmonary ccosampiioa. Ob my arrival at I au pat to bed, «&«f t lay tor mary weeks in what vu a hooetess condition. Lt. Thornton, who had been nytatlurt family phjnclao, and tac attended btm IB his laat m tear, wa* called to tee me. Be tnoncat tsy rate entire ly beyond the irach or fiieoicloo. and decided ttw* i rmut die, and gave me cte weric to irrun my tcajpo ral aSsl.a. In tb’.a apparently hopeless ccnd'Una I braru ot IhemneaNswhlrh 1 now cake and *«IL It »eems to :”e that I could Joel them working tbetr way, and pcneiraCnjt every serve, dbn aod tissue of aw system. My loses t&d liver pot on a new action, dsd tb« nscr tlc matter, winch Lac lor y-ats lattd the olfiervot creat* cf in* body, w u eliminated; the inhere rs on —j Janx* riper ed. a-d I expectorated frun n>> lutg* as much aa a nlti ct ysJ!ow offi'aMre matter every u-crtlm:. aj thla expectoration oC wl*t ur subsided, the lever abated, toe pain left >"*, tte co,.cb erased to baraas me. ami U.o exnanatini nlcSt * wears were to loeger Known, and I bad refreektn* t-> wblcb I b«d i.nx beet a ftrang-ir. By aows ♦it-row began to return. and a' tl~e»Hound Itcbflb cult t»* rotrara tnT»i-lt from sittox l-o m-C:i. Witt ibis return <1 uraiUi I gained in umyii acd now aa nevhy. lan bow a healthy myi, witi a urze neafetf amirumhc Btictc iube of tfle one and the nrpatlml. with complete adhealon ottte pleura. Theleftlung u« the upper lobeot Uit Mrll one u IQ a tolerably nrallhy corditioc. Coofoaiptlca at that us« »aa tb«xubt to be bb iscnracie dueate by every one. physician* ttvfl a* the**- who were onleaned is irrninn i i nwruTle * iwh case* aa were rccoccd to tt« eunotaon I wae ts. 'lLMuccced n»ny peep-e to believe cy reccve:vcniy Umpotary. laiw prepared arc nr> nodiane* ocLtcnipUvcsr.r tone iia., and made c-aay wonder l'ii ccivf. jn.i the demand iccra»*3rt to rapMly that I dciem.L.ed u then to the pob.ic.asd diwta my QneividedauraQOßtoinredlseaaca. in truth. I was wit :ofcrced toll, fr people* wonid wed for se. ta anc ae,ir. Bine. Jfor.aiMyyeva.lacctitßnraon with cy pnaelpM cClt'c In 1 LJaiaphiv I bar# been matin* rc<alar prr>- fewioial vlatu to hew hork. Boston EUiamcre and ytusbavsb. >'ct many yean pMt. 1 harema'le aa many a* Uva Lrrdred wetaly, with mg “Ectpirom*- It*." • nriucbexamßstlußan’y charcetaCTjaollanL jn.ltt' .«>]rivee»cbpatlest the eras coodl t L lii3e *^ a ' leU traskiy wmrttcr be win Tic ,r«at reason why phynctasa do pot cor* Con •nmr'aiata,tbattaey try todotoonocb;they ttrw W n*- d;. n«* to nop tee co'Jicb. to atop me olxhl i.wea£K, Seale fever, and by *o done they arms* the whole dlsrsUreeyaun,fcctiaicpthe eecmtlcma. asdeva> toally tte pattentdlea. The lU-Tnonlc hymn u one Of tie mott ralubt* couicloa lac-vs, It ta oatriest, Q'aUfiy ißluell. It contain* no oplnn, yet tte pbelgm in tbo bronchial tnbes, and nature thr-rve It ett with Uttle exerdoot oee botiicjyeqatnUy com aa or dinary co’d: hot It will he w-U dm to take a doee of Scbesck't Mandrake mU. to mean*; the iTjlnoclcbyiupiar-adtydlceated andabcortedlnto blood, to which U Impart* Its tesUint piopcrtlo*. It la. one ot tbcbcjt pmtaraaoranf iron ir c'«: - t taa pow crioi tonic u lucli; andwhentbo Seaweed Tooledu eoire. the nuctu in the stomach, and U carried off by the aid of the Mandrake PI Cl. a healtny How of nasUto jntcc. cood appettvo and a eood QlzeaUon t>Uow. The seaweed lonic la a sUmnlant, other la rvqnired when It limed. IMs pore and pieaaant; so bad edicts uks when ostn* Bonrboo vhukey, wtdek disorder* the itomach, u>rp:r« tt.c liver. iocc> o» aH the secmOona. ttrss tbs blood Into water, dropay atfia in, and 1 be oat: eat dl ea e widen Iy. BonrponwbUkeyiirecumueoded now-a-dayt by ai tcoftercry physician. Many pauesu who vlJt my rooms, both mate asd lemaic, ara wiw tua poltun. The re.irf U temporary. If theyconza,ta» lake a lltte whiskey j if they reel w«ab and ffeeble. Iney take a UtUe a bUkey; is they cannot slo'p, they take a btUe wbtoKey-, asd then ,tu ca la Utu way, reqninnJl more and more, nstll they ate b.uatcd ns. and they are Kettlnr Ccstry. The etonacb, liver and" d> Stalvc powers •rerTiaplrteiy&i'dfojeiiasil loeethdr appetitetovtoon. booeewa*evereiite«l , of tioaby tLlsprccoi. a here canoe* have M-en tormed to uk mnp». a little lUmuLnt u scaaentir DcnetKJai to contampUTes, iolo ar pore brandy of c-oa wines; lamarj caseaLcodocpoturor Drown »: -uC In moc#- raUqnanut'e* botpoarum wCUk<.y hasten* on la •lean or cunsr«« ssra-ptvm. The UKAWkED TOHtr listtns rernl& i ttoroachly invijoranag th» sfin-sna and dii«ttve ij«trn.ana caabitny it (f> effma<a« *O4 majes'katv bralthy Mood the food uw nay be o*M iw pop rose. It li *0 wmdsrtni Is tu cdecu that a wlae cUia fQU will dlcest a Cetrty near, and a little ct u takw bcftrebrraklkdtwili area tone tn the stomach which few mrdlema posaeMlba per ot dine. The U/IN IHiA KK PUJo- mj beta'-n with esSra lately hr all a*ve ani cnullticns. prodocitu ill De (toed rcaaltsthitvio Cm obtained non calomel or any of thA nercnnal aodwilbout any ot t&ets LvrtfM or Inlirleos mulls. Thjy carry cut of Uieiy*. tm thefKnleat md worz-ont tnattets loosened arA diMolvrd tymv Seaweed Tonic and pnlnoolc 3ymp. it wUi be seen that all three of .tv medicines arenas ed la n-nst cases to cureeooimnptlrn. PalleUi can coosmt me at ny room*, S 3 Ikhd^h.hew Ycr»,every TUEoDAV. trom 9 a. t. tc3p. m. All ad nee free uf char se; Sc-tt.r a true -1 otubexaaimaCTn with hi* reaptrotrfter, PncaoC the Pnlmonic Syrnp aod Seaweed To-le,erwh |159 pr betue, cr #7 50 tbr naif dozen; Mandrake Pl-lJ,2sceta . a box, &Udby drucsintaard d’alers e-'-rtwlirfe. a run tnpply cac always bo obtain al at Lis aew York. DFAIAS BAILS ES & CO, 21 Pari row. New Tot*. General Wb iltiale Aetata. DENVhg. COtObAuC. # k “The woodenciprceressotMeaicat basses dnrlncthepo«l»<xv<ar«oaJ7'.raak<sltp-i*. M Mi »lble iaru»ecocK2ecuon»l'oj’ilclaii toA:- — m — cure, now, ihatCosmawnuA* u u ere- TAtirLT ctuu as In termitlfnt Hr*r, aad as <3>- T.Mxlt rczTZXTtD as Sm'Ml Poz.'’—[Uc. Ckarlet M Kins, Jf.ZLAi.ZJ, tie. KEG’S ntEI’AP.ED ritESCKIPTIO.V, Made from the Preemption of Kev. CD A 5. K. KINO, SI. D. LL. D- etc., for the PreTtctl:s aca Care ct coisrsuM^Tioisr a> ITS MOST ADVANCED STAGES.) For tha £adieal Cure of ASTHMA. DBOSCUITIS, CA TAKBH, and all affection* of the LITMUS. THUOAT, and AJB PASSAGE^: for Gmml acd Special D* ran semen it ct the NERVOUS SYSTEM; tor Dttvriert of toe BLOOD; and lor all Functional HUordert of tax Sionaeb aad LoutU. iumtmediauij Increases the strength and •terpens ike color of the pale blood. It ißbdn-i the Chill* aad freer, aod diminishes the Expectoration. It cl<r£* at r.tgkt tuealt. always. In trumsettn :v fourteen das*, Ihe appetite U al oaee tnnporcird, andfe patient r»> i f,yfy gal*-»Jltth: the touch, and tie difficult brim*- Tno arespeedlly relieved; the sleep become calm and rtfreshlrc; the erae-.atUns router aad unifortu* ALL THE GENERAL bTUPTO.Vo OF CONaUICP TION. AbTHHA- BRONCHITIS, dih, DISAHPKAH WITH A REALLY ASTONISHESQBAEUnir. TteFßbnCUlpTiONiboaldpe a*ja in every can » here the PPytitlaa prescribe! “Cocoa Mintift," •'Toxica,” i Koa, Aetna, Bans, tatm, Cos Lrm Oil, WnnxrT. and In every Disease, by wuxttv aa vm« esows, la ablcb there l* exhibited any ooe (jt nore ct the fbllowlnit P*Y3IPTO>I?» t DUBcclt or irrernlar Breatidns. Lc»m ot BreatX Coaah. VTaallnz ot T!c»h. Kizhi Sweats, Blt-wllhglTcat the Loncs- Lo>s of Strength, Lots ci Apvcute, jotiar Dri>UlD. Debility ol and harrisg, FWe* l*mla»throoAtbe sheutera, Pace or Limbs, Nenralria, jservoas I’eadvio, Nervous ProatraUoß. Nervou Irritation, Giddlcea orDislneas, Bxceattvw Palesees. Sore throat, hlreplvsceM, Dyv repala. Sonrbloiaacu. “Heart Bure." Opp*e*»looot ilnklnxof the Stomach tofbre or anereatia;. Coan. ration, Banltieot Fever. Ac-aad rs?eciAAtr ts all Fcnsale Dlactders or Uterine Irre-mlarttiw, wneb as Ulfllcnlt,PainluLfcappre*sid.ScaatT, fjjcceaaive, DO lajed, Frenuvtnreor too Crvqcmt Slrestroatloo. htaieneais From P&tienta* Ac, i 415 p.m. tlisfip. m t*iftOOp.jc. *fcOOa. n iwsor* USX. •*Fcnr fTwcrpUcu tarod my aix;stef'illf\Jß4 ba» ieb hundreds of deHart.—liar. E. ilcxnt- HTf. N. Y. . . “ We ties* wehaverecetred from jpar Fieparod Frescrljtlca."—B*r. F. Finaoxura, I “BrcffTCe&»’to= I hare recommended It hasbe*- cflledmadi by Us tue.*-Her. C. D. josxs,Kaclß* W Boi* Eorsx. AnokFLACi. V.—la the early p«t 0 t February, 15CS, I iu taCirux ftaa a v luleotcangft, or which 1 bad bees treated dona* six months pra viocsir without benefit, 1 had Xtgh: wnich*.' completely prostrited ce. in ti e evening. boartenem «ouw come cn, which would prerat ore tram spsah Ins abate a whisper. 1 bad the? bad two attache <K bleeding from tbe longs. My foolly Ptritdaa armra®- ee thathe sonld do no more armt. 1 wu growing rapidly votse, ltd aid. been compelled to tearabon s« tor nearly two month?. All my_nr=»ctorijtad:> ciud nmnlttakahly, the presence ot CO>i-LilFnON. la tbe beginning of February. Us. Hmr nsm. Irttuvrercf tMt Ammom. Sibtf Scct't'i, presented me with a bottle of tbe PKEPAitEDFiISsCfIIFriOIi. la n few days my appetite {uhlc* I bsd entirely tof*V retorted: wUhl*a week, my couch hod almost kn me; and In less rt ‘« n two weeks the.\Tp4r-.?<r«> ws* broken op. Th-ncrtbrwardl regained strength rapidly, end am dow regularly- attending to ray dalle* as clerk to the AMKBICAN BIBLE bOCIKTT, In wtMoo era etorment 1 bare t«en aloeyean.* I am now estoytaw - rood health. Toot FB£SCBlPXloseflecsed»LU£ffl, •*“ “T “HgITToBOKB. “I hare hid Nxirout ob Spafhodic Amui for eleren years. Duridgihelaitslxyeart I hare oarer hid an uninterrupted algnrs rest. It often teemed tw me that I would die before X could pet air Into my lues. thatlwucompelled to takefrequentrests In walking from my residence to my pace ot helloes*. “Tie alrbt before I obtained the *PRSFAB&u FHS SCEIPTION’ was the worst I ere? passed. On oWas ur the rezsedy, i toot a teaxpoonfnl at noca and agmaa at nlghC and ailment without waking. 1 brew SOTHaD ABXOI*S»IOHT»XXrt axes. • • * * I barenow completely recovered my strength and »Wr* Its, and am not at all afflicted with * shortus* 4 of hnwa.* 1 shaD bo glad tohiTeanyoccairictdlwith A.*taa» call and see me. - BZEA C. BAN uDOvj, “ No, SH Focrlh-eL. New York/* The “PREF ABED FKEsCRIpIIOS” is put up toin ft u*oidby MJ>S AEHaBP, I-At’L* iCjBUCK. 03 Clark-rt.; J. PAShDNS * CO- -»J SSSi SSSI-n MOSES A CO- 57 coETLoroi-rr- New Fort- Cao tslta’lonfree, a *i»t nut, sacceeifalJy treated, will be senttrse,by null, to »U who will write tor U. ta. ..S.B. ~p. tn. -TXTHY WILL YOU SUFFER W fira KIDKKT DISEASE. GODT. Q3A.7XL, SHEUiLMISiI, GOXOBRHEAjAe^wIim SMOLAXDEB’S EXTRACT BUCKU WU care yon permanency. Ladies Should Use Xt. Srlce only One Dollar. &--i by li. SCOYIL, AfM er CViearo and vicinity- STOCKHOLDER? StEETIHG.—The meeoag d toe stockholders of the FIFTH SATIOYFX BASK OF CHICAGO attbe offlcaof said Ban*. Ho. between tie toon oflfl t. m. andSp.m-. fnesdij*) Janturf St2a« IMT. . ISAAC 0. LOMBARD. CWtU*. CbJcuftiDec.TtfcittM* Special IS stiffs. Dr, Jomnj I&mtai. mAyoBASB PzxiXia. Uanfes an"a bankers.