Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 29, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 29, 1866 Page 4
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€l)icago tribune. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1500. THE CITY. Uircot—A epedal meeting of manager* will be held at half-past two o'clock this afternoon, at the Young Metre CbriaUao Association rooms. Bnsimv* of Importance requires the alien dan be cl every member ot the Board. Tb* PtwwiM btie issued I nut little poetical address to the great public, whom they have so veil served that, since filteen months ago when the syaiem first went into operation In this dty, the eyttom of box delivery has almost islien into disuse. Lmccrr or Boom—A colored yonih was cx tmieed at the rollco Court yesterday altcmoon upon the change of attempting to steal a pair of boots from Jnlfna Holman, a colored servant at tne bbetmaa Uonse. 11c was committed for trial is ball offsrt). Dcsxi*, ms FonoQu—James Dennis, charged with the forgery of a draft tor S2OO upon s Detroit feintinghouse,and attemptjngto procare corient fasda tor it of Messrs, Putney, Knight A malm, u mentioned in these columns yesterday, was * B .iir examined at the Police Conn yesterday at tersoon, and committed lor trial In tail of f 1,030. Dmnsezn. —Charles Bcney, charged with the larceny of a sofa, as mentioned in the Trines* of vesterday, was discharged at the Police Coart yesterday altcmoon, he having ‘“rcttlcd" the, matter in a satisfactory manner. He slated that the trouble arose In the first place bom a misun derstanding, no laictay being Intended. Wter RiShorpn Snurr.—A “property owner on West Randolph street requests ns to call alien lion to the ftet that filth, la large quantities, of an n noun cable character. Is allowed to accumulateion SlrnewnsTemcnt in direct contravention of a rermindryordinance which the poUcc officers neglect to enforce. Srtatrao a Skate,—At the Police Court yester day altcmoon Michael McTigne, a youth of fif teen, was charged with being one of four or five who bad poshed down a smaller boy on the river and run away with one of his skates. Michael utterly denied It, and desired time to bring proof that be was not so had a hoy. Ills case was con tinued tilt Ibl; afternoon. Win Brxnso.—John Daly, residing at No. IT] North Water street, on Thursday afternoon, heat his wife In 3 very wicked manner, “ blacked ” her eyes and threw a revolver at her. lie was arralm ed at the Police Court yesterday momlnc, hot his wife being too ranch Injured to appear against hto, be was held for forther examination on Weds»day next, la hail of *SO. IxeaxcrL Uau--Partnis having sons to aend to a select lamlly school, will flrd such a home, wlin the beet of training and !nsirnctloa v at this Icstltntion, which Is rltaalcd near Chicago, one mile west of Graceland Cemetery.' I lev. Dr. Park, the Hector, Is assisted by five able Instruct* ore, and teaches all ffic branch* of a practical baemess t dotation with great success. His Post Office address Is box 1,930, Chicago, 111. Oaris* Axerica* Fans Mm-—We call the at tention of thnnere and others to this much lm proved feed rail, which grlnns from five to twelve bushels of flour or feed per hour with two horse power, and really grinding the grain, a thing Wb>ch few iron mills do. Tbev are furnished at *6O and *l2O at the Western depot. No. 4; West Lake street: F. K. Orris, general agent, also of the Empire City regulating windmills. DzscnascED.— I Thomas Corrigan and Peter Ty.-on, merchant policemen, charged with bur glary upon the residence of Charles Tewsbnry, on Indiana avenue, on Sunday night, were finally ex amined at the Police Court yesterday afternoon, and were discharged. Besides a want of sufficient proof of idcntlScailor, Corrigan brought tbu best cf testimony regarding hw previous character Tyson was arrested only npon suspicion, and there was no evidence to hold him. ConnTTtit ron Tmai_—Patrick and John O'Bilon, charged with three or four different as eadlta npon Edward O’HoDoran, the particulars of which were published In these columns last w«k, were arraigned at the Police Court, yester day morning, for final examination. Patrick was committed for triaL noon the charge of assault with deadly weapon, in half ot *330, and both brothos were held for trial upon charges of riot, in ball of *9OO each. Dttis Pack Skxxiko Cum—The citizen* o$ Bydc Pftik have jost completed a skating park embracing sn area of one and a half acres, with house, fence, flooding apparatus, and the stock is nearly all subscribed for. A meeting of the stockholders w*s held on Thursday evening, at which the following officers were elected for the ensuingyear: Provident,C. M. Cady; Vice-Presi dent, Jas. P. Root; I’reasnrer, Geo. W. Waite ; Secretary, H. B. Boyne. A “Big Traao.”—Large numbers of parties gathered yesterday around IL B. Peabody’s cigar store. No. S Clark street, to look at a huge meer schaum pipe, said to be the largest everimported, and eertainlv a finer never came out West. Mr. Peabody has also Just received a large and choice stock ot pipes and cigar-holders—jnst the things for New Year’s gifts. A box of “those nice Ha vanas” would be voted “not a bid thing to take by the fortunate recipient Parties needing any thing in that line will nowhere he better salted than at 55 Clark street. JJmsrw Relief Socitrr.—We have received a lengthy communication from a gentleman signing himself “Alcxsndcr,” aIU ging a case of neglect to relieve snC'ering by the Hebrew Relief Society. He states that the applicant some five months since emigrated to America from England with wife and four children. Finding nothing In New York, he v a? advised to come to Chicago, and ar ri> efl here nearly three months ago. He wa« una ble to obtain employment here, and as a last re- Borne: applied to the above named Society, whose offlars aneraekicgnnmerons qnesuone. flcally told him that they could do nothing for him—he subsequently learning that the reaecn of inch re fatal was that be Is aTole, thungh a Jew. Babsaxh Scuool PnxscjriA'noji.—Ata pleasant Sabbath School Sociable, enjoyed Thursday even ing last at the Paik Avenue M. E. Church, in this city, Vr. J. Cutler, the Superintendent of the school, was presented by his lcscb*« *nd scholars tv th a fine and co»Uy edition of Smith a Bible jjlctionarr. Mrs. J. 11. Bellas, the wife of the pastor, was presented at the rame time, by George Sconlle, &q„ on brittle cf the church and congregation, a beautiful atid valuable set of mink fore. It was a (complete to Mrs. Beyliss, who most gracefully and grattfhlly acknowledged the gift. Though but a few montiu here, the pastor and bis lamily have already endeared themselves to their chorea and congregation Jcnixs n» tux Usmo states Co out.—Tbs fol lotting is a list of the grand Jurors drafted by Mcears. Commissioners Iloync and Fraudfoot, for aortic: in ihe United States District Court, com* wmcirr on Wedeerdsy next: C. H- Haddock, Oliver w. Bolden. Michael Connolly, Ilylcr A. Down*, John C. Haines, George. Schretder. James Tavlor, Dr. John U. Foster, John P Hoar, Henry Fuller. 11. 11. Magee, Samuel Uoara, Daniel Mol- Una. George. A. s*cavema. James Cong. Went worth Flcigcr. S. D. Ward, John S. Wilson, F. Guardi, A. T. Sherman, Chwmccy T. Bowen, Geoige W. Snow, and M. Case. The petit jury in the Clrcnl: Court will be eo pancclled on the Kth day of January. Finn ok Perm WATtaSTamtr.—About half-past ia>t r.igbt, a fire was discovered la the basement of No. IS3 South Water street, which portion ot the building was occupied by Ha.«brook & Dewey and F. !4. Smith, commission merchants. A dense smoke Issued from the baMimeni door for sone time alter the engine;* commenced work, bnt the dames did not hoist on!, and the fire was soon tubdued with a small lo«? lu the building. and a eorsldtrablc one to the hotter, eggs and o'ber ar t ides cf food «bich the water thoroughly soaked. The stock is probably insured. The building Is owned by Mrs. Norton of Svracn-c, New \ork, and is Scsn-cd for fS.OOO Id the Lament & Amer ican Exebaege. This same basement was fonnd to be on fin* In>a than a year ago, but no great damage was done. It la tuougUtln both cases to have been the work of incendiaries. Ccrccn Ettek«ok.—ln another column we pilot the call for a meeting of all those interested in the formation of an Old Styli Presbyicrlar Church in tho West division of the city. The movement la one which cannot fall to command general sympathy, and will doubtless succeed. It tg the intention to plant the new church In a portion of the West Side not already occupied, and where one Is really very much need *d. Cbcrch accommodations nave not begnu to keep pace with the growth in population. We can therefore commend this movement most heartily, and alt the mote so f/* m the tact that It is expect ed that a clergyman of our own city, already most favorably ecowq ae an eloquent and able divine, and also bv his long and successful labors throughout the country in behalf of the Christian * Commission, will be called to tak-* charge of the enterprise—we allude to Rev. Robert Patterson, D. D., now of the Reformed Presbyterian Church. The new vdihee will probably be located within two or three blocks southward nf Union Park, and will cost upwards of f 10,000. It Is under stood that nearly one hundred persons have al reaoy signified their intention to breome mem ber*. lion ron the FuuarDLEsa—Festival.—Tbe children tn the Home foe the Friendless had a care treat yes'erdiy afternoon and evening. Fnenda of the institution had sent In an abandonee ot eatables, full justice to which was done by the little unfortunate*, and at ae early hour tn the evening the reception room preoeeted a decidedly gay scene, one Which will he cherished for ye«ra by those for whoee benefit it was gotten op. The blanches of the Christmas tree, which had been “planted" in the centre of the room hy a number of the lady managers of tVe Home, bore strange looking frmt, any some of them appeared to be overloaded, but their burdens were soon removed hv the lady managera. ted handed to those who had waited patiently all day to rive them a hearty welcome. Among the ceremonies of the evening, were sing ing by the children, and prayer by Bev. E. 3. Boring. Socretaiy of the Institution. the evening a well-known cemlema. walked iolo the reception room, and handed flity dollars to the matron, Mrs. Joel Grant, for incidental ex peraee o( the Home, with the proviso that hl« nszne was not to be divulged to the re porters. A. M. ]«wis. Esq., of South Ren nes street. Union Hark, presented a cow and coll So the Home on Christmas day— the note which accompanied the present*, statin *r that although the Borne was bonntlfaHy supplied with themilk of human kindness, it was resorted to be dePdent tn cow's milk. The calf was snow white, ar.d when it reached its destination, with a pair ot bice stockings around iu cock, and a pair of red ones over It* shoulder*, its appearance suggested thoughts of .oof notional colors. The somber ot children la the Home is about flftv. There were seventy-three on the first ol the month, bnt since then neatly one-third of them have been provided with good bqmes. CmasTirAs Festival.—The Christmas festival of the Sunday School'd the Cathedral ofSt. Peter and SL Paul rras held os Tburs *ay evening In the Lecture room of the "Baptist Church, comer ot Jaction and Peoria street*. At an early hoar tbe room was crowded to over flowing by tbe little ones, their parents and tileadx. The room was decorated with ever greens; at one end on a platform, screened from eight, was the Christina* tree, which was brantlltfllydecorated with omatnen’s and gifts, while large tables were loaded with books and prerenta for the older scholars. The eicrciJ' - * consisted of the singing of carols a lew febort. addresses and the distribution of gifts. Tbe former reflects great credit CP (be taste and skill of Mr. Geo. P. J£&,tlie Superintendent. No little inter*!* was excited by the appearance of the “Three Kings of Orient, *• who, personated by three of the choir boys in appropriate costume, tad bearing the gilts oi gold, frankincense and DviTti. saega carol m a very graceful manner. Tbeineritablr fcantaCUus was there, dispens ing the gifts snd exciting great amusement by Li# quaint dress. In the course of the evening Mr- Wm. Cnadell, for fourteen years sexton of the Cathedral, and it* predecessor, tbe Church of the Atonement, acd who al#o during that entire period has cc.-er 'been absent on a single occatron of public worship, was mada the happy recipient of a purse containing *123. from the members of Hie congregation. The nrexematlou was made bv Hr. T. G. Baxter. Every child con* netted Wllh’lhe school received a present appro priate to tta years—a cornucopia of candy and tome cake. Many of the teachers also were not forgotliii in tbe distribution. Ttc exerdres closed at a late hour, and we ire sure will long be remembered by many grateful little hearts. COMMON COUNCIL. Proposed Amendments to the City Charter—The Assessment and Tar Commission Clouse Postponed The I’ollce and fire Depart ment Chapters Agreed Upon. An adjourned meeting of the Common Council was tela last evening, the object being lo con •idir the discussion of the amendments to be pro* posed forthe adoption by the State Legislators, as the organic law of the city government of Chi cago. His Honor, the Major, presided. There were present. Aid. Erickerbocker, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Catkins, Kann. Flnnncan, Hatch, Moore, Scbnlcr. KaCerly. Tricot), Woodard, Has sell, Ackhos Shackfora, Lawson, Clark, O'Sal- On motion the Board went Into Commute of the Whole. Aid. Woodard In the chair. The chapter first 10 he considered was “Pax Commissioner*’ assessments, Ac,- On motion of Aid. Rnarell, it was resolved to recommend that tt l ** chapter be referred to a special committee for revision. _ The Committee then took up Chapter. “The Po- UceD epartmenL” , . „ The following clauses were ignored, a molion prevailing not to pass theta : Sec .The Board of Police may establish from lime to time as many police precincts (not. bow* ever, exceeding eight), as In their Judgment may he required. ■sec. —. The said Board may, from time lo time, appoint an additional number of Captain* and Sergeant* to the police force: Proridea* however, the whole nnmher of Captains shall not at any time exceed eight, or the Sergeants twenty. The following sections were adopted: Sec. —. The Board of Police, In their annual es timate of police expenses, made to the Citr Comp troller, shall. If In their Judgment the pnolle weal requires It, recommend to the Common Council such additional police patrolmen and such addl- 1 tlonal sergeants, not exceeding twenty, aa may he neecssirr. Sec. —. Tnc'Common Connell may, on anch re coemendatlon of said Board, prondc by ordi nance for each increase of tho police patrol force: ProtUlfd, however. It shall require a vote of three-fonrtbs of all the Aldermen elected to pass such ordinance, eneb votes to be taken by ayes and noce, and entered on the records of the Coun cil, Sec. - The Superintendent of Police shat' receive so salary of oot roore than $3,000. ibe Deputy Superintendent* ebftU receive an animal salary of not more Una {2,000. Each Captain of Police ehall receive an annua) salary or not more than $1,500 per an num. Kadi Sergeant shall receive as annual t alary of sol more than |I,SOO. Each patrolman shall receive an annual salary of not more than SI,OOO, the fame in each case mentioned, to this section, to be fixed by the Common Connell in the animal appropriation bill, on thw recommendation of the Board, and which shall not be in anywise increased or diminished daring the year. Sac. —. It shall bo lawful for the person desiz anted by the Board, as the custodian or depositary of stolen property, to sell the same, alter due oo lite, at public auction, under and pursuant to such zenarsl orders and regulations as the Board of Tollce shall prescribe, lbs proceeds of sjich rales, alter deducting the cost of storage, adver tising. selling, and, In cose of aplmals. their keep tug, shall be paid over to the President of said Board, to be by him paid Into the City Treasury, to the credit of the Police Life and Health insur ance fund, as already provided by law. Sec. —. It stall be unlawful for any person other than a police officer or patrolman, to wear a star,orolhersimilar device.or to wearanyunl fom, or part thereof; like that of a policeman, under a penalty ornotl- ss than $25 nor exceeding SIW. FIDE DEPanTXEXT. Sec. —. The FJrc Marshal, the Assistant Fire Marshals, the members of the Board of Police and end) vnem ners of the Fire Department as the Board of Police may designate and appoint, eball be Fire Wardens, and shall have ana exercise {all the rights and powers, and aball perform all the duties cow conferred, exercised, imposed or re- 3 aired by law of Fire Wardens. The Fire War* ena are hereby authorized to enter upon and in spect any building, place or places for the purpose or ascertaining whether the same is or are in safe condition, and if not, to direct or sense the same to be made so. Sec.—. The salaries of the fire police aball he fixed by the Commou Council in their annual ap- Bropriatlon hill, on the recommendation of the card of Police: iVorufaf, however, no more than *BOO per annuo shall be alio -cd to each fire policeman, except <hc engineers, who shall be paid as cow provided bylaw. Sec. —. The Board of Police are hereby em powered to regn'atc Ihernmtrnetlon of chimneys, and to compel the cleaning thereof; to prevent she setting np or construction of stores, boilers, ovens, or other things In each a manner as to be dai’gcrons; to prohibit the deposit of ashes In unsafe to regulate the carrying onofman ur.vrtoncs dangerous la canting or promoting flics: to regulate or prohibit the talc ornse of fire works in said aty; to rare or demolish any building, wall or erection, wtrteh, by reason of flic or any other cause, may occome danger one to human life, or health, or tend to extend a conflagration. On motion ot Aid. Calkins the committee then rose to report progress. The Mayor having taken the chair, and the re pot t oi tfco committee having been made. Aid. Wicker moved that the matter of Tax Commissioners, Assessment*. &c, bs referred to the Committee on the Revision of the City charter. Aid. Knickerbocker moved to amend that the subject be referred to the Committee on l-ocal Assessments, tnl opposition being offered to both of these propositions. Aid. Knickerbocker moved, and it was resolved, that the consideration of the subject bo-referred to Aid. Sbackford, Carter and Unsse 1 !. The Council then adjourned until half-past seven this evening. THE DEATH OF JIAJOB GENERAL CCETIS. Bis Bcmalmi Pass Through this City for Interment. Is our telegrams of yesterday was announced the death of Major General Samnol R Curtis, well known a« the hero of Pea Rids*, and since the eloee of the war, ore ot the Commissioners appointed by Government to Inspect the several section* of the Union Pacific Railroad and Us branches. We give the tallowing statement of the circumstances attending his decease, from the Ups of Major General Simpson: "Between the SM and 2-Uh Inst., the General, the Doctor and tayssir ImbwUih ih* ninth soetlcn of the Union Pacific Railroad, ex tending irom the xTOth to the 806th mile station, west from Omaha. “On the 2Cth Insu, after making oar report to the Secretary of the Interior, at nine In the morning «rc left Omaha in a carriage, to go to St. Johns, lowa, twenty-two miles distant, intending there to take toe 3 p. m. train tor Chicago. When we reached Cho Missouri River, the General proposed, as the Ice was of doubtful strength, that we should get ont of the carriage and walk. We all did get ont and walked across, the car riage following ns. We had no difficulty, except that wc were somewhat Incommoded by the high wind which was prevailing, the sand which blew into onr eves, and the severely cold condition or the weather. “immediately after crossing, the General being a few yards In the rear, hot expressing no remark to show fatigue, we all resumed oar sea'ainthe I cairiage, the General and myself silting on the rear, and the Doctor on the front seat. We Bad not r proceeded probably more than half a mile, when the Doctor, who was facing toe General, exclaimed, * stop, driver; 1 believe the General la fainting.* , i immediately cast my eyes upon btm. when I perceived that he was very pale; bis eyes rolled op. and a gurgling, guttural noise from his throat. Indicated that ne was In a distressing paroxysm. ThcDcclorand 1 Immediately laid him down on the back seat, I taking a seat with the driver to give him all the room possible. Ilb clothes were loosened about his throat, and the driver directed to drive rapidly three miles dis tant, to the residence of Colonel U. C. Ivan, a loop and tried friend of the General, who hap pened to live on the verge of Council Binds, nearer than any other citizen. On the way, soon after the paroxysm, the General’* countenance tamed troro a pale to a dark livid red hoe, and >be Doctor feeling no pulse at the wrist or actio i of the heart, expressed the opinion that be was already dead. "Arriving al Colonel Xntt a, Mrs. 5»nU» as toon as she learned the ead event, bad a bed placed on her parlor floor, the Genera! was taken {torn the can tare and laid on tt, and Drs, Bown and Bundy immediately called in. Meantime, restoratives were applied, but to no purpose; both Doctors llown and Bundy, as soon as they examined him, concurring with Dr. Wnlte, that : Hie was extinct and that probably be bad died 1 from congestion ol the brain. "The shuck was the greater to his colleagues and I to his many friends about him, for the reason that 1 dating bis * bole atay at Omaha, end while he was I examining the Pacific Railroad, op to the very I moment of hi- decease, he had never appeared In licttcr health and spirits, nor more congenial. “Ibe General possessed many noble qaalltte* of head ami bean, and both as a soldier and states man, his made his mark, but nowhere, probably, was be more conspicuous than when In Congress, as the chairman of the Committee on the Pariflc Railroad, he advocated with success the Pacific Railroad. "Colonel Kult and others of the General’s many fnemls, among his old Congressional constituents at Connell Drills; Ur. Webster Snyder. Major Rent and Daniel T. Casement, of the Union Pacific Railroad, at once made all the prepara tions lor the removal of his remains to bis home at Henknk; and yesterday morning, the artillery firing minute guns, aftar an Episcopal service at the Lease of Colonel Nntt, his body was carried In a hearse to the outskirts of the aty-the artil lery and Masonic fraternity, cltUens and Commis sioner lollowlcg in procession, and there trans ferred to an ambulance, which carried him lost. Johns, where it was consigned to a special car for Chicago, thence, at twelve to-slght, to go tio the Chicago & Quincy Railroad to Keokuk." A meeting of military officers was called, yes terday morning. In the office of Hon. W. B Scales, Collector of the Port of Chicago, at which It was resolved to proceed to the cars end escort the re main* from the Well* street depo: to the depot of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad in the evening. The gentlemen who assembled for the melancholy duty were General L. P. Bradley, General M. K. U. Wallace, General W. B. Scales, General Erskine, General O. L. Mann. -Colonel Hayden, Colonel D. G. Rash, and Dr. S. C. BUke. Ihc remains were taken ont last evening for Keo kuk, lowa, attended oy General Simpson and Dr. White, on the part of the Government, and Ur. Beni, of the Union Pacific Railroad, and Colonels Nntt and Sapp, on the part of the citizens of Coun cil Clans. GOOD TEfIIPLAUS. Annual Catherine of Star ot Hope*’ The twelfth tunlvcrjary of the Star of nope Lode* of Good Templar®, ns held last nightie ihe lodge roots, in the Clark street Methodist Church Block. The house was crowded with a pleasant audience of ladle* And gentlemen, who appeared to he well oleascd with the exercises. ihe Loopc Is the oldest And largest in the State. And it is a very flonrtshlngcondiuon. The ex ercises were opened with prayer hy the Chaplain. Iter. J. L/Drakc. followed wfiti the singing of An ode hy the “ JJncoln Glee Club." A poets ru then read by 3. L. Drake, on the subject, “ Be* penlenee, or twice fl*e years.” The Vi. G. M- tnen announced the toast. “ Star of Rope Lodge No. 15,1,0. G. T.—prospering and to prosper," and U «ts re*ponded to by Mr. Dale. Afera ballad, nlcelv sung by Mbs Wolf, the loail was road, “ fhe Essential Element of trne Piogreea." Mr. B, E. Hoyt appropriately re* epooded* . „ Tbe next toast was “Osr Anmreraary," acd wax spokre toby Mr. D. J. Lyon. The fifth accilocnt was *• The Reformed Drank* ard—a same of which one may justly be frond." Mr. Van Etta wax announced to rexposd, bnt wax not present. , , . „ Tbe eong “ 1 elood on memory e golden snore was then prettily sang by a ouarmue. The crxt toast teas *• TUe Good Templar lodges In Chicago," to which Brother Morey responded in a witty way. . , Ihe next eentnamt, “The man tmdefiJed by whiskey," was answered by Bro. Geo. W. Gray. Ihe eighth toast wax “ The license Law of IlU* nois—a wicked and ncjaxt law." Responded to by Bm>. Morgan. to his remarks tbe speaker stated that there was 36,000 Good Templars in the State. The ninth toast w^s—“Woman, she has long snftrrod from the aclc of Intoxicating drinks; eire hertnffrare, and she will obollsb it,* Jlro. Small responded in a very ncatand appropnalc Sp Independent Order of Good TcmplareJ’ was next proposed, and was responded to by B.Sherman.*Tbe speaker said that there wax thlrtT-three Gtxsd Lodges of Good Templars la me Culled Slates, and a quarter of a mluion of membets: also 3.W0 or Aftii members in Chicago. “Lincoln Giec Club ” then sang a rone, ana, Mrs. F« C. Kent, of Dcs Moines iotra, raced Mrs. Eemans* “1 jndine of the HhrrimFathers. acd the exercise* closed with a song by a trio of * l Ttecxerci#ee throughout were inlerestluir and srlcy, and very creditable to the lodge and Indi vidual performers. Tbe organisation.ta dome goed in encouraging Ihe temperance and at (he came ume afiords Its members a profit* able way of enjoyment. uhisgiuisis. Tnr Opvs*.— Faaet wts given last ev-ralnc to « verylslr bouse. Tha days of large houses on Fault performances are over. The (uias la pettt, Sualoi assumed the roll of Uephlslo. In the ant acthtfl vote® wax quite cleans bus he aoon hoatecd np, and during the remainder of the opera It nas bard work for Dim. Id action be Is not no to the standard of Hermanns, Bellini or Morelll—in fact, be U quite an 01 dinar? devil. In tout requiring power and dignity, or broad hnaaor, he ta equally ■tborne, but aa metaphvslcal Meplilrio be hardly cornea np to >b.* charactT. life made a anperb Faoat—ln fail, the beet we hare ever eeco. Bis nlnelor ot tbe&zlrrdr/iloro was very cipre«lve, and action of the character vu very graceful and artistic. Can'asa baa tm proved upon her personation of Marguerite last rpnnrr, ana cmro a very fatr rendition, both vo cally and dramatically. Madame tjtravoscb waa a very charming Siebcl aed sanir the Flower song very pieUilj. Marra filled the ungrateful ro'e of Valentine vary acceptably. The choruses were pood,and the orchestra improved on lie wretched playing oi the night previous. Asa whole,per haps, this emasculated version of Faust was given as well as It deserves. This afternoon, for AUUnee,” V Afrlcalne.’* McVxcam'a Turauit —This afternoon the *• Child of Nature.” with Mdllc Claoasen as ” Po llalne.” In the evening “Miriam's Crime,” In which John Di'lon will appear aa “Biles.” Mcaan*.—Matinee, “Forinnlo'V The same In the evening, preceded by “The Middy Ashore." Skatiko.— The Parka and Rinks are all open. A grand carnival at the Washington. Vest Side Old School Presbyterian Chore tu At a meeting of gentlemen of different branches of the Presbyterian family to consider the It. creaalnc necessity for missionary eflbrt in the West Division of the city, which at present does not posters church accommodation for ono-elghth of the population, it was reaolved to like meas ures for (be immediate organization of the Old School Presbyterian Church in that Division. Per* sons desirous of uniting in each an organization arc invited to assemble on New Year's Day,at o’clockJn the Livingston Dutch Reformed Cbnrcb, comer Sangamon and Monroe streets. Those nn able to attend the meeting are requested to send their address io any ot the undersigned: 6. Hair, 411 West Jackson street. John CilL’bton,Sls South Water street. William J. Banns, McCormick's Reaper Works. J. P. Ross, M. D., 17 North Peoria street. William cl Holmes. 170 South Clark aireet. LOCAL MATTERS. Wc call the attention of oar readers to the advertisement of Plays, by McNally & 00., No. 61 Dearborn street. Send 61 for the “ cblcaso Tlome Cir cle” for one year, or raise aclnb of el* and get a copy free. S. M. Kxkkxdt, Chicago. Tbe Beat Tonic.—Caswells Mack Sc Co.’s Combination of Iron. Phosphorus and Cal* isaya. known as Ferro—Phosphorated Elixir of CalUaya. The Iron restores color to the blood; the phosphorus renews waste of the nerve tissue, and the calisaya circs a natural healthful lone to the digestive organs. One pint contains the vlr tuc ofono ounce of cal is ay a, and one teaspoonful a grain of Iran and obosphorons. Manufactured by Cxswnx, Macs & Co., New York. For sale by all drognisls. Dr. Slbbcu Physician for the Hair and Scalp. Entrance to rooms. No. 78 Clark street, nearly opposite (he Court House, Consul lallon free. Cares warranted.' 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Yesterday evening about five o’clock the quiet of the town was abruptly broken by the discharge of a pistol at the corner of Second and Main streets, which attracted to that point an immense crowd of excited per sons, of both colors and both soxes, to as certain the cause of the irregularity. It appears that a negro man, At. Slcßob ards, bad made a huge effort to take the life of w. A- Harne, an officer of the law. He shot at Harne twice, both of which took ef fect, though not inflicting a serious Injury. The officer finally succeeded in getting the best of the negro, with the aid of a large club, and, with the assistance of some other constable, lodged him In jail. This, 1 sup posed, would be the last of the matter until legal Investigation could bo had. Judging from the quiet that prevailed in a few mo ments after the prisoner was secured, and seeing that oil were again cojoying the usual Chrislroas-Eve hilarities. Bat In this conjecture I, at least, was dis appointed; for scarcely had the “cod of dreams'* encircled tnc before the foil tones of the Court-house bell aroused mo from my dreamy rest, at twelve o’clock precise hwirlilonint a premrmUlon that "Judge Lynch 1 ’ bad business on hand. I did not go to sec, but concluded to bide my time, aud so I did until this morning- The judge, with his officers, went to the Jail and took the ne gro “ aforementioned” and hanged him by the neck until dead on a large elm tree in the Presbyterian church-yard, at the west end of Main street, Danville, Kentucky. The boy was a desperate fellow, having made I several attempts before this to kill several persons, and did slay a negro at South Dan ville a lew days since, for which crime be had not been punished. THE CASE OF DB, PEESTLEY, Bo Bcslgna His Pastoral Relations with Ola Church—HU Farewell Ser mon* [From the Pittsburgh Commercial, Dec. 27.] The Monougabcla Presbytery of the Uni ted Presbyterian Church, met yesterday morolnjr iu the U. P. Church (Rev. Mr. Cole man’s), Birmingham, the Moderator, Key. S. B. Reed, iu the chair. There was a full at tendance of the members of the Presby tery. Bev. James Prcstlcy, D. D., present ed bis resignation as pastor of the Second United Presbyterian Church of Pitts burgh. The Presbytery, by a unanimous vote, agreed, that os a petition had been cir culated among the members of Dr. Prcstlcy’a congregation asking for his re-installment as pastor, the resignation be referred to the congregation for their decision. Dr. Prcst lcy then rose and said that he did not wish bis resignation to be referred, but it was now before the Presbytery for their acceptance. Under these circumstances, the Presbytery accepted the resignation, and Dr. Prestley was relieved from his pastoral relations. On Sunday afternoon last, Mr. Prestley de livered his farewell address to his congrega tion. He said that as he was about to sever his pastoral relations with them, he hoped they would remain as they always have—un divided ; and that the brotherly and Chris tian spirit which had heretofore existed be tween them would never bo broken. The occasion was a solemn and affecting one, and bis remarks brought tears to the eyes of nearly every member of the congregation. Some evil disposed person has circulated a rumor of late that Mr. Prcstlcy intends leav ing the city. This, we are authorized to say upon reliable authority, is a base fabrication, as Mr. Prestley will stay here and endeavor to live down' the charges which have been brought against him. Governor Lyon* of Idaho, In Airfare. [From tho Washington Republican, 2id lest.] Publication was recently made that Caleb Lvou, of Lyonsdale, New York, who has been Governor of the Territory or Idaho for several years past, while on his way from this city' to New York, In the night train, was robbed of the sum of forty-seven thou sand dollars. Government funds, which ho held os Superintendent of Indian Affairs of that Territory. Governor Lyon says he Mtt the sum of money named in a belt which, for protection sake, should be worn around the body), bnt that when he' laid down in the aleepine car be pat the belt under bis head: that the thief took the money and left the belt exactly where the Governor put it. To say the least, this was a considerate thief who pnt the belt back under the Governor’s head. What makes the statement about the loss ot the money seem very strange Is the fact that Mr. Lyon sbonid have allowed himself to bring such a large amount of money upon his person to this city. There was no occa sion for It. He could have deposited it in any Government depository and taken a certificate therefor, the stealing of which would not necessarily uave sub jected him to the loss of the money. It will appear by the record, we under stand, that since July 2S, ISO 4, the Govern ment has advanced to Superintendent Lyon, at different times, about one hundred thou • tend tloVitn, for which, we learn, he has never rendered any account whatever. Therefore Governor Lyon will not only have to account to the Government for the |47,0(X) taken from the belt under his head, but for the still larrer sum named above, the dis bursement of which there U no official de tail rendered at the Department. We cer tainly hope Governor Lyon will make a sal- L-lactory settlement of the financial affairs ot his administration in Idaho, reference to which we thus allude to publicly, because the subject is a public one, and will probably be before the courts at an early day. Sad Accident, ' There was at least one hearthstone In Al* leghcnv City, on Christmas morning, made destitute by a sad accident, the mere recital of which causes a parent’s heart to fill with sorrow. All lovers of prattling children know how the? live in golden anticipation of tbe great'holiday, and bow nervously anxious they become, awaiting the visit of old Santa Clans, who is to fill the little stocking, pinned to the mantle, with a rich store of trinkets and gifts. Such an expect ant little angel was Elliot WhUehoaxe, a bright eyed four year old little son of Mr. Edward Whltehonse, residing at 3s o. 4 Isabella street, Bis stockings, with bis little sister’s, were pinned to the wall, acd both were pot to bed with their beads Bill of busy merry thoughts of Christmas and Santa Claus. Early next morning the little ones aroused from their sweet slumber*, and, without waiting to be dressed, turned to their Blockings, and were wild with Joy at the store oftoysleft for them by the generous saint of the children. The little boy got clw to the fire, when hla thin clothing Irnltcd, horning Mm badly on the side. The ather being present, pot oat the flames la a few seconds, but the mile le’low had inhaled the flame. Dr. Mahon wax called in and rendered all the assistance In his power, bnt the child gradually sank till 10 o’clock, when on Christmas moraine be was borne to the throne of the Great Giver of all thing*.— PiUttmrph Oascttt, Dtccmbr 27. smmaui COURT of Illinois. An Important Opinion* The Right of the State to Tax Invest ment* of Ferttfin Certificate*—Who arc tfoddenU under the Provisions of the Btvtune Laws, The following is a true copy of the final opinion of the Supreme Court of Illinois to the case en titled “The Board of Supervisor* of TaaawcU County *t of. <?<-John DivenpoiL Error to Me- Lein”: Ofxkiokbt Bsxesz, Justice:—' Two questions were presented by this record— >trsf. Has a Comt of Chancery Jurisdiction of the subject matter of the bnl of complaint ? ana, &eotuL Was the complainant therein a resident of Hus Stale, or tho property which be controlled as scent, or which be bold In bis own right, Jlaole to taxation In this Slate ueder onr reTeone laws ? Ibo first o ration is of no importance it the f«*cotid is decided against tho defendant in error, and to that we will devote our attention. * cry able arguments bare been presented on both sides of this Question, and we have examined them and deliberated upon them with studied care. The defendant. It appears, was assessed person ally. and ns agent for Ira Davenport, Charles Davenport and Mai tin Adsil, upon money on band and money loaned. He objected to (he assessment on the ground that he was rot a rest cent of this State, and appealed to the Board of Supervisors. The Board confirmed the assess ment, whereupon the defendant in error filed a bill to restrain the collection of the assessment. The Circuit Court made the Injunction perpetual. The Important question presented Is, Was com filaxnant a resident of this State within the mean* ng of oar revenue laws 1 Those laws provided that all property, real and personal. In this Stale, shall be liable to taxation, subject to the excep tions slated.—{bcalee, Comp., 987,1 “That all property, real and personal, In this State, all moneys, credits, invci-lmenls in bonds of persona residing in this State, or t ued or controlled by persons residing In this State, shall be entered on the list of taxable property in the manner pre scribed In this act.”—{lbid, IWfi.l ‘•The ‘terra money,' or ‘money?,’ wherever used In the act. shall be held to mean gold and silver coin and bank notes -In actual possession, and every deposit wbleb the person owning, bolding In trust In having the beneficial Interest therein. Is entitled to withdraw m money on demand. The term ‘credits’ sbalUbc held to mean and In clude every claim or demand for money, labor, or other valuable thing due. or to become due, or cveiy sunnily or earn of money receivable at slated periods, and all money invested In prop erty of any kind which is secured by deed, mort gage or otherwise which the person bolding such deed, or mortgage, or evidence of claim U bound, by any lease, contract or agreement, to recoavey, release, or issued upon the payment of any spe cific snm or ■urns. I ’—flbid. 1,W7; acvof 1851.1 By Section foot of the same act It is provided, that cveiy person of full age and sound mind, not a married woman, shall list the real property of wblth he is the owner, situate in the town or dis trict In which he resides, the personal property of which be Is the owner, all moneys In hfe posses sion, money loaned or invested, and all other property of wh’ch he Is Ibc owner; and he shall i also Hrt all moneys indebted, loaned, or otherwise 1 controlled by him as the agent or attorney, or on | account of any perron or persons, companies or I corporations, whatsoever, and all moneys subject to his o'der, check or drill, and credl’S doe from or owing by any person or persons, b3dv corpo rate or politic, whether In or oat of each county. And by ibc same section It Is provided inateverr certon required to list properij on bcn.U orom ers. by the provisions of this act. stall list It In the same county, lown or district, m which h« would be required to list It if such property were hla own-—I Ibid J 043, lOtt-l 1C _. . Tte proof shows that In February, 1555, the defendant came to the city of Pekin, In the corn tyof Tazewell, to loan money upon real estate, notoclyfor himself, but as aient for hla father, Ira Davenport, and Lis ncclc, Ch»r*ja Davenport, and one .Martin Ad;U,apd so continued to loan money up to the commencement of thU suit.. These loans were made as permanent investments, and principal and interest when pala were re-ln vested on the same kind of security. The deeds ta all cases were recorded In the proper office In County, and In the other counties In iKI Sir w« tituud. won, eu cured in tha burluear. ho made tno ritj or Pafcin hia headqnailera; it .fas hia poet »a<* ad dress. The banking house there of Rupert £ Co. was hla place of doing business generally, but eoSetlmSs in tho office* of Ur. C Young When I Rupert & Co. quit business defendant kept Ms office and did hla business with and Crecg & Co., In tho same city—had a table and de a k thete for the transaction of bis business, and kept bis valuable papers, and sometimes money, in the sale of Iheir hank. When hla lather was ihcre he also used this office and safe, and deftn- I dant carried a duplicate key of tho office. When defendant wept East be left the pa pers In relation to loans not com i pleted atd notes maturing during hU i absence, in the safe and sometimes In the care of 1 Rupert & Co. Where any chances of payment or collections were to be made, applications lor that purpose were made to defendant. When papers i were forwarded East, they were not returned to Pekin, except for payment or collection, though extensions of time ot payment would be granted by defendant, without tho father being tfiere. Defendant bad possession of securities for loans made there from November, isfii, to Julv, istfS. When the principal of loans was paid, it waa generally at once re-inveeted in loaus made by him. He Is a single man of mature age, and has no other business hut to attend to these loans. Money collected on them was seldom remitted Bast if it could be reinvested here, only in a few instances. Notes taken by him in making loans were mostly made payable In Pekin, and noles made payable In other places were paid at Pekin. Since 1559 largo amounts were deposited with Rupert £ Co., to the credit of defendant. The father of defendant said. In lECO, when at Pekin, that loaning, money there was a good business, and that defendant should follow it; that he would letail the money be had loaned there remain on Joan, and be would get more and send to defendant to loan. Charles Davenport also sent money to defendant to loan, as defendant would write for it, and they both atemed disposed to make it a permanent busi ness. and they always extended or renewed good loans. Adsil lived in Chicago, and had been a partner in business with defendant a father, and owed him Urge amounts, which, as fast as pay. menu were made by him on this in debtedness, the money would be sent to defend, ant, and be invested In loans. Adslt was often made trustee in the trust deeds for Ira and Charles. Hus business was continued from July, 165 a. at which time the father commenced it, np to July IGfi when 11 ceased, because defendant waa reonired to give In a list of these loans for assess ment. The largest amount and much money was loaned in Tazewell County, but all loans were perfected. money advanced and deeds delivered at Pekin, and kept In the .bank safe of Rupert* Co. When defendant first catre to Pekin, In 1859, he brought letters from his father Ira to Rupert * Co., etabng that he came to make loans and collect those matured, asd debited that firm to assist and Instruct him tn doing it safely. This was all defendant did while In Pekin, and be gave his whole attention to it. He staved from one to four months home, leaving while be had money on hind, and remaining away only during the hot and sickly season of the year, and then returning. while In thH State be resided In Pekin- After he was assessed on these loans, helefl, and required parlies who hadhustness with him to write to him at Bath, New York, and prohibited Gregg £ Co., the successors of Rupert & Co- from reed vine money on any loans. He I changed the place of transacting business from , Ptkm. In Ibis Slate, to Bath, In the State of New i York. While tn Peaks he had charge and control I of the cotes and security taken for loans. In Julv. isnfi, these loans amounted, in the counties of Logan, Tazewell and Mason, to more I than i 250.001*, all or repriy all of which bad been 1 negotiated at Pekin, ana wen* at an Interest of ten per rent per annum, besides a commission to defendant, tanging from two and one half to I five ner cent, payable by tho borrower, over and alove the interest. Defendant commenced this business In February, 1553, and car ried It on to July, 1£63. He now insists, although doing this profitable and extensive buelmss under the protection of the laws of this State, he ts not amenable to the revenue law of the btate ; that he was a mere visitor and temporary sojourner, having hla resi dence la the State of New York, to whose author hies he was liable for these taxes aaa not to this There is no allegation In the bill of complaint tharthclaxes have been paid an these moneys to the State In which be claims to be a resident. It is not necessary that a person to be amenable to the taxing power of the State should be a citi zen cf the State, or domiciled within it. The question Is narrowed down to this on the proof; Did he bare a regular and permanent business here? And did he remain here and continuously for a time sufficiently extended to enable him to transact business? Where were his business operations conducted? Had he a fixed and mown place of business: a well-known port office address; an office provided with desk and sale? And was Ms business designed to be of a permanent character? He remained at Pe kin for months at a time, only leav ing at the approach of tho hot and sickly season, and tarn leaving an agent to attend to his business until bis return, and returning regularly. Ibe only known business or occupa tion defendant bad was this business of loaning money In Pekin, to which ho devoted his undi vided attention. These loan? were from two to five years—the longer owes bang preferred— showing, by that feet. It was designed the busi ness should be of a permanent nature. So suc cessfully was It carried on, that in less than fear years the loans amounted to more than secured by real estate, the title deeds of which were recorded in offices and by officers'provided by the State, and the whole business connected from rear to year under the secure panoply of onr laws. Although tne deeds may have been sent to New York, thev were of but trifling value after they were receded- The record of them was here within the jurisdiction of this State, and the money they rcuresented, also, within the same jurisdiction. . . . 4 . The testimony oficred by the defendant shows most clearl v that hla domicile, duringall this time, was tn the State of New York; that was the home ol his father,!© which he repaired every yearal the approach of the hot season. He was not a minor, but a of matured years and oumanlcd. Now can a man hare a home, a domicile, In one State, and at the same time be a resident of this btate? Thai is the (question, and on It much argument and authority has pronounced on both aides* The appellants hold the affirmative, and they have referred to cases supposed to sustain their side. it U unnecessary to enter Into an elaborate dis quisition on the meaning of the true domicile, or spedfT its several kinds, as the revenue law does use that term. It will be sufficient to inquire what constitutes a residence within the meaning of our revenue law. In Poolee vs. Moples, Mend. 06, It was held that a perron residing without the State of New York, though domiciled in that biate, was within the meaning of (be statute allowing (he depositions of non-resident witnesses to be taken. So tu r'rosl and Dickerson vs, Brisbce, 19 to., U. It was held that a person having bis domicile in the State of New York, but wbo carried on boatsesa out of the State and pertcticUy superintended It, was net a resident of New York within the meaning of the act U> abol ish imprlfOtDv.ut for debt, and might accordingly be am*ted in that Slate for a debt arising upon con<tact Tbedcmlcifeof aparty maybetuone State and his ac'oal residence tn another. In that care the affidavit* showed that the place of boamesa of the defendant was at Milwaukee, In Wisconsin, and that it was personally superin tended by tho defendant. He commenced busi ness there as a merchaht, with the Intention to make it his permanent resi dence, ulih the mental reservation that hisbnsinrtsrhouU be successful. The question was. Eld bis charter of mmd while continuing in business there even with a view to close it up and before closed np and removal, as a change of rrtidcncc ? The Court **y» the answer to thb question would depend oi>on the meaning or legal import of the term rtndence tn the connection In which it is used in the statute. The Court say: “ The transient visits ot a peison Tor a time at a place does not make him a resident while th re. Some thing sure is necessary to en title him to that char acter. There mast be a sotted fixed abode, aa intention to remain permanently, ai leaet for o limejp* Ourtr.sJi or ether purpom to cmelltuto a residence within the legal meaning of that term:” ted the Court say wbe.bcr, therefore, the defendant had so established himself at Milwau kee, as to make a change of bis domlcle or not. is Immaterial, for 11 we concede bo has not. he may still be a reridetil there. The domicil of aclttxen Bay he in one Slate or Territory and his actual residence in another. In the case of Barte’l vs. the Mayor of the City of New York, 5 Sanford, 44. the plalutltt' bad ob tained an injunction against the collection of cer tain taxes on personal property for which he had been assessed, on his allegation that he resided in Westchester County, and engaged in erecting a dwelling house there, and. while it was in process of erection, he and his wile took rooms at a hotel tn the city of New York, from December, l?t9, to about *be end of April. 15JO, intending, however, to return to Westchester, and to be and remain a reeident of that county, and not to be a resident of New York: that ce did return to West- Chester County about the end of April. ISSO, and there remained actually resident until about the first day of December, ISO, when, Ms dwelling house being unfinished, he took apartments for the winter at another hotel tn the city, but with the same intent to be and continue a resident of Wesehesterandnolof tbeclty. He further stated, that, during all (his lime, his principal and only placeofbnalifesswaslnlhe first ward of the city of New York. Hts bill of complaint further stated that he had presented at the proper time au affidavit to the assessor that he was a resi dent of the city which waa delivered by them to ((be Commissioners of Taxes, but the CotamUrtoner* refused to strike hU name from the tax list „ The Court refer tc the case of Frost Orlehee ante approvingly, anl sar that Ac com* Elalol shows ilrJ the complainant's domicile wu j Westchester County; hu hov»t nu there, and bis residence, also, tor a ittile tnomthan half the year, bat that Is no: Inconsistent wltn the tact that hla residence vra» la the city of Mow York for the rcmaitdrr of the year. Kcference U then made to the definition of residence bv Webster, a Icxl* cogrtpher of acknowledged authority, and he de fines it to be “the dwelling In a place for some contlsoaoce of lime,' 1 ae m Prorl vs. Briabcn “lor business or other purposes.” Iha revenue law of New York 10 this regard la the same in anoJianco at ear own. Tto raws of Dongles vs. 'lbs Mayor, Ac., of New York, S Doer. 110, la to tUe same effect. Douglas, In XKO, and for bc'era) rears before, re sided In a blivd bouse hi tbe cfirof Newr York, during He winter and spring. and at bis country Best, Flushing. in Queens Co only, daring tbe summer and sotnas. In the winter of ISW, be was assessed in New York for a taxonbUner nocal estate, and in tbe summer was assessed lor a similar tax is Flatting, which he said. He resisted tbe pßjrseat of tbe taxis NowYox»,aai filed a bill lo restrain Us collection. Tbe Court held that whether the domicile of Douglas was or wa« roi at Pinching, he wn? & resident of the city of New York and llab'e to be taxed as such when tbe tax for tbe city was assessed, and his bill was dli-misecd. The court considen-d’be case identi cal in principle with that ofEraitcl'e case, 5 Landf, <l4. Many other cases to the same efiketmay bc found, was it secearasy to cite them The appellee's counsel contends that tbe testi mony does not show that tbe appellee had any in tention of making Pekin bis permanent home, bat that bis domicil was Bath. At this place only conld bo exercise tbe privilege of a citizen by voting at popular okc ions. Tois may be so, but the revenue law docs cot place tbe liability to tax alone npon tbe ground of citizenship. He also contends that tbe terms resident and inhabi tant are synonymous. referring to 2 Kents’ Com., 576, 10th edition. That edition is not wllUa our reach, bnt a diligent search of prior edition* of that volume has failed to ebow tu this doctrine. In Rooseveldt v*. Kellogg, SO John'„ R.. 311, also cited by appellee, it Is eo held, bat Ncl*on. Cb. J., In commenting on that case in Frost et ai v*. Brlsben. 19 Wend., IS, says: “It may he doubted if this position Is strictly accurate, as the latter “inhabitant'’ Implies a more fixed and permanent abode than tnc former, and frequently imports many privileges and duties which a mere rend mi could not claim or be subject to.” In this view of tbel Chief Justice we accord, erring it the preference over the definition of Judge Peters, in tbe case of the United States n. Tbe Penelope, l Blnney, 851, and cited by appellee's counsel. There is a marked difference in the meaning of tbe term resident and inhabitant growing out of these respective rights and duties This being so, the other case referred to bycoun sel of Wrc. ley and insolvent debtors in 4 wend., CCbi, can have no hearing, as that case turns upon the fact of inhabitancy, not of residence. The case In 8 Wend., 140, is tbe same case of Wrcgley, and turned npon the >eme point. Tbe case of the Stale vs. uosb, 3 Lobnskie (N. J.) Sl7, is more In point for'appellee. One Jamei I’oiUr, a rich planter of Georgia, was in the habit of spending the summer season in Princeton, N. J., where he owned a house and estabibbment, in which be resided five or six monlbs In each year. Outing the sickly season in Georgia. He was as sessed in Princeton, first, for bis lands and per sonal chatties situate there : secondly for a poll tax of fifty cents; and thirdly, tor 1200,000 of Camden £ Amboy Railroad bonds owned by him. That case turned upon tbe point that Potter was not an inhabitant of tbe Stale of New Jersey, and (he Court said that the assessment npon the real and personal estate in Princeton was legal, but not being an Innahltant, be was not liable to a poll tax—that a temporary residence, for the purpose of busi ness or pleasure, continued for dare, weeks or months, while the parties domicil Is elsewhere, and. while be has no Intention of becoming a citizen of that Stare, old not constitute btm aa in habitant, and that It was perfectly Immaterial for this purpose, wbe’her be made his temporary residence In Mg own dwelling, with his domestic efitabijsumentand retinue about him, or as a mere lodger In the bouse of another. As (o the railroad bonds, the turning point was the same- The Court said the revenue act applied only to the Inhabltante of tbe State, and that tbe act must be limited In its operation exclusively to property owued oy Inhabitants of the Stale. The Chief Justice, from whose opinion tbe counsel for appellee quotes, docs not use tbe term “ resi dent,'* and properly, too, because the statute baa exclusive reference to Inhabitants. The otber cases cited are not on tbe point of residence, as connected with tbe taxing power. Tbe case oi tbe City or St. Paul re. Merritt, 7 Sltnn., £SB. only decides that under tbelr law, a non-re»ldent was not subject to tbe tax imposed upen bond* and notes due him. Tbe ststnte of Vitncsota makes so provision for credits or moseys under tbe control of an agent as dues onrs. and expressly limits the power to ba exer cised upon the owners residing in the district. Vt e can pvrcelvc In the facta no essential dif ference between this cafe and that of Frost vs. Brisbes, 19 Werd., 11, and Bartlett vs. Th-' City oi New Torn, & Bradf., 44, and Douglas vs. The Mayor, etc.. 3 Dner. 110. Here tbe domicil or bouse of tbe defendant was at Bath, la the State of New York, and his business residence at Pekin, In tbe county of Tazewell, in this State, ooe-ihlrd of tbe year. Bis only business was carried on at Pekin. While there attending to it he could not bc considered as residing at Bath, in New York. In conformity of tbe definition given of tbe term residence, that of tbe defendant fs cstab- ibhed. There was a settled fixed abode st Pekin, an intention manifested to remain there perms* ni-nily. at least for a time, for business purposes. Whtnal Baihhe resided for a time, and so at Pekin when bo was assessed. His residence there was Just as certain during the business season as it was in Bath, to which place be repaired, on the approach of the hot and sickly season. It Is true be bad but one borne or domicil. bat he bad two residences, the one Fekm whilst be was there, the other Bath, his home and domicil when be chose to go to It. Suppose Ira and Charles Davenport bad been assessed cn this property m New Tork, and they had shown that It was capital Invested in loans In Unsi state, nader the control of their agent here, übat would be the decision of the coarts of New York on such facts! That is answered by the case of tte people ex relations Qoyt vs. The Com* mitslonrr of Taxes, 83 New York, 231,* cited by appellants. In that case, the relator residing in the city of New York, was assessed' In respect to capita* invested in business In New Orleans, and in re* spect to chattels on his firm in New Jersey. The Court held tbo assessment was erroneous, and cite approvingly the case of Wllltey vs. The City ol Pekin, 19 Illinois, ICO, quoting what Is there said to be the general role, that personal property follows the owners, but municipal cor* poraUons have no power to protect property not wimin their corporate limits, nor can they render any equivalent for the right of taxing snob prop* erty, and there Is no propriety in tbe application of ibi* rule -o them for tbe purposes of revenue, and that It was evident tbe Letffc la'ute intended to confine tbe power of taxation to property actually within the territorial jurisdiction. This property a&sesaed, as well as the defendant, were In Ibis category. The case of Cotton vs. Hell, 21 Verm.,. liL Is also on the point, and sustains tbe eameviewa we bavo taken, we bare no denbf tbe appellee fn legal contem plation was a resident of Pekin when assessed, and amenable to our revenue laws. The decree ol tbe Circuit Court enjoining the collection of tbo taxes against him was erroneous, and must be reversed and a decree entered disallowing tbe in* junction and dismissing the bill. VIEWS OF THE PRESIDES!, DU Tlem on tbe Amendment—He Thinks It will Become Port of the Constitution. Special Despatch to the Pittsburgh Commercial. WASBcroTO*. December 2i Representative Eggleston. of Ohio, had a long interview with the President to-day. He spent more than an hour in conversation with him on general matters, reconstruction among the rest. After talking of tbe rcsnlts of the late elections, Mr. Eggleston asked the President if be did not tnlnk It would have been better for him to have surrendered Lis views and opinions In lavor of the popu lar verdicts in October and November, and not to have pressed his policy in his last message. Ihe President replied to this that he did not think he had shown a farther opposition to the popular verdict than merely to ex press bis opinions to Congress on what he thonght would but conduce to the welfare of the country, Qc thought the Radical patty had made a great mistake In spending so much time as they did last session before an nouncing upon what terms they would agree to readmit, the Southern States, and what great damage to tbe public welfare had been the result of this delay; and now that Con gress had passed the Amendment, and it was about to become part of tbe Constitution, bo conld see no guarantee that the Southern States would be admitted, even alter the rat ification bad been fally accomplished. Mr. Eggleston replied to this that there was an Implied gnarancce In the speedy ad mission of Tennessee alter the Legislature had ratified the Amendment, and that he thonght tbe party with which he acted would be nearly a unit on the admission of others of the latcrebel States, as soon as tbev bad complied with the conditions exacted from Tennessee. The President said he hoped this would prove to be true, but he feared there would be strong opposition to such n policy from tbe extreme Radicals. Mr. Eggleston said he felt little donbt on the subject. There’ might be some op position from Sumner and Stevens, but it was a good characteristic of Stevens that If be couldn't get wbat he wanted, he would take tbe best he conld get, "Ycs,” said the President, “that’s true of Stevens, and I always liked him for it. A practical man, but he seems to me to be working In the wrong direction.” The Pre sident repeated the' hope that tbe Sooth would be admitted to represention on the adoption oflhe Amendment. It * ;u. useless now, he said, to discuss the propriety or impropriety of the conditions embraced in that measure. It bad been agreed upon, and all he conld now a*k was the guarantee that reconstruction upon that basis sbonldbe faith fully kept by the party that had offered It. He expressed regret and surprise that so few members of Congress had called upon him since the opening of the session. Mr. Eggleston replied that he did no; think members of Congress should carry their antagonism so far as that. He believed in fighting out old political battles beforq the people, and thought t*_ ‘ opposite , the views of the President oaghi ns. • gg. ter members uCS TitL ihe Exe cutive or consulting on business matters. The President concurred in this velw ex actly. Be wo_ld like to have men of all po litical complexions call on him and tell him what they wanted. No harm conld possibly come of such an interchange of views, and a great deal of good might come of it. and now that the quarrel had been settled, as most people thonght, there was certainly no reason why Senator* and Representatives should so sedulously avoid him. Tbe conversation was concluded by Mr. Eggleston Inquiring wbat about the Mexican question. The President replied that it didn't look as favorably as be had hoped to hare It, bnt still he thonght all would be Well. Letter Prom Blaliop aicllralne. The London Star, of December 7, pub lishes the following extract from a letter written by Bishop Mcflralnc, of Ohio, to a friend la England:

CutcixWATT. November *O, 1-66. Since the termination of ocr terr ble war I hare withdrawn fr< D that measure of participation la pnblic malleta which 1 felt called to during the war. though my interest in all that pertains to the. good of my country baa not abated. The pood pan so nobly sustained by Iho S’ar la oarcaase I shall not forget. It wa* always faithful. and true, snA useful. Nor stall I even fonret the contrary pan ta*< n by the J2ee*tr& and Cariatlca 06a/mer. Tney w ere la that respect mere echoes of the Lon don 7lmaa. The ObrrrT'r was the worst, and worse than it there was not la Endanrt, so far as oar cause na* concerned. Silly aversions and Ig norant prejudice* filled Its “Xsiice# of I’abUe AChlra.” whenever they touched on nnr I was thoroughly disgusted with it. The Record was only lu« a little ler* bad; aad In proportion to their area [alloc In thia country no t»o print* did more to widen the separation between the two cosotrle*. to create til-feeling and misunder standing* on both sides. I trsst the power exhibited by the people, first, In Muta'ialce the Government by their treasure acd blood and ail sacrifices through the war. then in subduing all tendescies to revenge after the war, and In tocir wonderfully peaceful subsi dence into home Ufe, acd tn ail the patience with which they now sustain the measures of Govern ment to uphold the credit of Us finances aad pay the immense public debt. I hope all this may pierce the veil of prejudice, and convince those people that there may he a people's government without the weakness and anarchy which they seem unable to separate from it. If England de sire* to see peaceful, quiet elections, under tha strongest possible excitement, let them coma here and sec 1 look with great interest on the Re form question aanow agitated m England. She will bare u> yield la a considerable degree at least. It Ii well. Sho needs a wider extrusion of the (ran- rblae, a more popular baala of representation, and the her statesmen «e the need—or, 11 not that, yet the ctceaaify u( coming down some dis tance to meet the swelling Rood—the better. 1 am sorry the clergy so identify themselves with the high and dry of polities. BatlonaUam and lUmallsm will train by their aspect of beteir more lor the people. In Qua country tbs policy ol the pro's has met with a powcrfnl and most merited rebuke in the late Congressional elections. The North la determined that alarogrown views, and passions, and ambitions shall no more rule the country, and thst slavery shall go oat la spine u well as form. FKOM. NEW ORLEANS. Louof Lite by the Banins of lie Steamer inuhtan—The Turf. Nrw OxtxAxa, December S3.—Further details of the burning of the e’eamer PjuUoq pot down tne loss of life at fifty to sixty. The passenger list heirs mislaid, there Is do accurate account of the tost and saved. The fire caught from sparks from the chimney. The nee Unlay nos attended by the excursion ists. There were lour curies, mile heats, beat three to fire; won by Halcomb la three straight heats, lime—l'-SOi-i, I;soand Armstrong woa second. North Carolina Pinnaces. lUlexoh. N. C., December S3.—From the Treas urer’* report It appears that the debt or North Car olina Incurred before the war, including Interest to October, 1860. was $15,000,000. Receipts for the fiscal year ending September ffJtb, 18CG, were $1,0G7,t7Q. Disbursement! for the same period, fi,Sso,Kfl. Balance In Treasury, about $123,000. Estimated expenses for next year, nearly SSOO,QUO. The Treasurer leaves to the Legislature to provide for the payment of the interest of the public debt Collision on jbe New London & Northern B allroad. Nobwich, Conn., December 2S.—A collision between two trains on the New London & Northern Ball road, occurred this evening. Five or six persons were seriously hurt, sud s much larger number slightly Injured. The wounded are Jnet coming in. Jo dee Boatecd’a Decision In Delation to confederate money. The Montgomery (Ala.) Jfoil states that the facts of the case brought before Judge Bustced, In relation to Confederate Issues as a consideration for contracts made during the war, and bis decision may be stated os follows *. The defendants, on a certain day during the war, received from the plaintiffs certain amount oC Confederate Treasury notes, and In considera tion thereof executed to the plaintiff a written In strument, in substance as follows: “ Received of (.the plaintiff) a specified number of dollars for a specified number of pounds ot pinned cotton, this day sold by me to the plain .Uff; and 1 agree to keep said cotton for plaintiff, and to deliver It to him when called for. he run ning all risks, except only that 1 am to be liable tor any loss resulting from my own negligence or malleaaance." There was never at any time any actual delivery of the cotton, by the defendant to the plaintiff. The plaintiff contended that, although there was no actual delivery, yet there was a sufficient con structive delivery of the cotton to entitle the plamufl* to beat the contract as an extended con tract. The Court decided In the cose before It— 1. That the consideration for the contract was Illegal- In other words, that Confederate Treas ury notes were an Illegal consideration for a con tract made during the war. 2. That whenet ei a party to auch contract was forced to call on a United States Coart to give him any aid In carrying out ary auch contract, or recovering its fruits, the Court could not give each aid. 3, That the plaintiff in ibis case was calling tor end) aid when he Invoked the doctrine of con- Btrnctlye delivery; for a constructive delivery is a delivery made out by the mere Judgment of the law, upon the special facts, and In the absence of an actual delivery. That In the absence of en actual delivery, the Court could not, by Its mere Judgment, make out a delivery from the terms or accompaniments of ot the contract which was before It. It will he observed that the Court decided nothing as to a contract which has been com pletely executed in alt respects by the patties, although the consideration for such contract was Confederate Treasury notes. A contract Is com pletely executed when all the terms of U have been compiled wiib by all the parties to It. and the purchase money has been paid, and there ha* been actual delivery under and in accordance nitli the contract Great Fire la Shelblna, So< (From the North Missouri Conner, December 21. | This morning at two o’clock a fire broke out In Shclbina which burned down most of the business part of the town. Mr. E. L. KimmeU, the gentlemanly special agent of the Farmers’ and Merchants’ Insurance Company of Quincy, Informs us that as be came through on the four o'clock train the fire was still progressing. Some dozen buildings were already consumed in the best portion of the town. That company will be the heaviest loser from the accident. The lire Is said to have originated in a back kitchen about the centre of the principal block, whether by accident or design is not yet known. We’can give no estimate as yet of the public or private losses, but they arc quite heavy. Markets bv Telegraph. New York Markets. New Took, December 23. Corrax—33x<gSlKc. _ __ FLom—ljiUc hither; State and Western 13.60; Ohio 91U00U3.M ;BL Louis fIUA»I7.Oq. OUaix—Wheat quiet and Ora. at $2.10 fbr Milwau kee, and *3Ao>af,H for So. 1 Chicago. Bye heavy. Cora dnliatfua for mixed Western m store, and fl.tsv afloat; Sl.oß tor new yellow Southern. Oat* drooping Psovrstoss—Port firmer at $19.73320.33 fbr new; 119.23219.73 fbr old ;t fil.ooSti7.3o for prime. Bacon dull. Cut meats steady at 9210 c fbr moulders; 102 UVcfor hams. Lard steady atU®l3Jtfc. TaUOW-DuU at 10% AUftc. GBucKKixa— Sugar tioS. I*»TKOLXf«—DuII. . _ Dsxsexn Hoo»—k»Jtfc better; SSStfc for Western. LATER NEW YORK MARKETS. tßpcclai Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toor. December 3S. mrxAhsTgns. Flour—Speculative holders are somewhat aervotu, but prices are gradually hardening. Wheat—The sale at $3.10 was Ko. 1 Racine, and at 92A6 was choice Canada club tree; doting steady. Corn, oats and bar ley woe well held, with more export inquiry. rsovuioxa. Fork—Sales since'Change of 600 bris old at sl9.l}#. and 100 bits new at s3l-00, buyer February. There U more Engllih demand for bacon and lard. axocxxin. Coflee firmer, with a good demand; Bio at 21231 Vc. Sugar firmer, with a moderate butinesa; fair to prime grocery atiw<®n#c. Molasaes.lower; New Orleans at 7I2SSC. srnca are active and firmer; ox elaugfaters at 12c, Scotch pig lower, at |<AM. uooe. Market inner, st Td7«c. KecelpU 1200. TUB NEW YOfiK CATTLE MARKET. Sales ai Benrnu (Deported by telegraph exclusively lor the Chicago Tribune.] Krw Tone. Friday Events?. December 29. Bzzr CaTTta—'The supply Is very light, there being only UOOO bead at Hudson City and 309 head at Com monlpaw, mil they don't all sell. It lathe hardest market experienced sere for months. Batchers ate chock fall. The beat grades (ell at 16c; rood atftc, and common at lDa 15c. Tbe average price paid was Ite. The market la 1c lover than at this time last week. More cars are hourly expected. Stmt*—'The receipts ham hem light. Poor Qualities aen»!ovat4jt*c: good, 6;; extra, Tc. Hoar—Receiv'd, V’ttatForUtthslreet. Thewesth er la fine, and a better 1 cling ohtalnt. Prices range at *Via“c. Solos bobxssos. Albany Cattle Market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribunal ALsasr. N. Ym December 23. Bzzr Cxmz—lt cannot beaaldthat v« have had any market for beeves this week. The storm wjych set la yesterday morning, proved to be the severest that ha* been experienced here far many years, and among other things had the effect of putting almost a dead stop to tbe cattle trade. The cattle were covered wjtn ssov acdlec, and no doubt stoodan average shriek ed- 0!99 pounds la* t night. Comparatively few buyers here, and It being uncertain when they can ship with anycertalntyofceuisgUirougb on time, buyer* de cline to purchase. Den than SCO bead have changed hands. Seme of the tale* Indicate a decline of Jfc f» D. hut as the receipts are light thus far—only 2,99 o—this may be recovered. None of the Cnlcago dealers have yeteeld. selling at foreommon to good, and U&Ci(c far extra. Receipts, 1,900. Hoce—SwtCXc. Receipts 6.C00. Dittus Boos—ln talr request at 7)»®SKC. Milwaukee Marker. (Special Despatch to the Chlcaeo Trlhure.] MtLwacxzz. December 20. Ftoc*—Advanced Sc,wlth tales ol 1.179 brla superior Western at 91L50; River Street XX sprlnz at 110.T5 Good country XX at f 19.25; choice X at 116.90, and su per at 97.00. Okas—Wheat kjtSe Maher. Sale* at the nine o'clock Beard this morning were 10.000 bo; at the noon Board •ale* were 83.700 bu at tlfft i 2.00 far K 0.2 ; 9LS23I.SS far No. S, and lor rejected. Com It not so firm, with tales of 1,100 bn atSkkfacfar oMNo. 1 and Tic far sew Is store, usts unchanged. Bye nominal. Fsottstoxs— Firm and hlzhtr ; sales ot SOO brls dty miss pork, seller two weeks, at 117.71. but at soon ll&SO asked and 315J5 offered. Prime lard at UVa| Dusm Goes—Firm, sad Mosoe higher, with sale* at «&.Sd7JO. Lrnt Hoos—Also higher; sales at $3.7535.90. BBOtm—L*oo brls Soar: 12,100 hn wheat; GO bn ost»; 1000 bn com and SO dressed hogs. sirmirm—SCO brls fleer aad ba wheat. Oleney ud btseks I* New.Verk* H*w Ton. December S 3. Mqxxt—Steady ssd less active at C&7 per eeab bTXZUso—Doll at VS3.HHU. CsuU>—lfljher. optmirr* atl32X. dtcileleg to 121)4, ' * vkakßatua*. r:xim.' jhads lower and cfaslzt steadier. . •atesTt—Dull. ,mn Erte.Trrr„.„.. w. 57* MScoap*'M.. .„.U$U Slxe*. IMP*, «s Gold. i.. u . KocvUiasd.. Ft. Wajre... PUtsbcryh... 111. Cmu Mich. Cent... Mich. So Vi . 83V I ompjptpt. Sew Toss. December sa. 31. K. Je«np ft Co. scooobco Qte MUomaf flirt* on<u; ChirMO ft Alloa cocpo=s of Ut mariner Nftflf; J(.U*t*CUcai.oC3uposs,USmortns«t>flßd«; Debocoe ft Stops City coupons, irt. mortgua ooad*. mrd taterc*! oa dividend scrip: Datrtqce ft Sootbveet' eracocpodjl itt ports** l *prefrrted hood#; Detroit ft aHiwacsee coapon*. ml Detroit ft Poetise coapoc*. New York Dry Marin. Xw Ton. December JS—Eve. The trade to-day has been ezcoeiliaali quiet. Tnera bM Vec ib »WwK a anything of a »p*cul*Uv» epim *®d aceda hare oa!f been taken la small qaaa- UtH*. The ieart«it la a very healthy rotation, how ever. and w bes trade heatne train dealer* trill hare to cone into the market because of the shortness of itotl*. I Tice* oachaaeaQ. Cincinnati Martn, CtscoaaTt. December SS. Flotv—la good local demand and the market firmer. Sale* sarlacsuperfine at f5A49.5: winter f3.TVelO.*iO —hard'' aar c/the latte- la the market; traie brand* at It MMJia; tircr at jlt.fQaiAW. _ G»*ui—Wheat firmer. So. 1 »prtnc at jCo. i winter at Cora dell at «Aklc ftrr shelled. Osiacn'latascrorSo.l. Bjednllat fiJA lOr 210.1. flarW unchanged and quit*. Whisett—loecod Ccmaod atz>c to bond, CorToy-!>c;lai3CUXVCf>r mlfdllac. H<y-s—Flrwr. with a eood demand, and nricee hlrher. bain* of 5.30, head—ckwtng at g7.10A7.G} net. Uceefpta. 4.W0 bead. _ , . l*xorozox»-l!ea> pork Era and la rood demsod at Balk m«wustavlyat7Va£ef>>r«hoaldei«: tor side*, and UkAlle far clear Aden—all packed. Green meat* ta demand at 6£S£9«c for shoulder*, sides and ham*. Lard fteady and la mod erate demand at ll\r. Batter tndch««*« steady. UovTTAtT—GoM IS2V. boyinc. Money Ugh* at liiw per mcath. Exchange dnll and larre amount* pressing o& the market. Banker* discounted at aad sola at par. _ SahlmsTs Warket- Rttn-ffb>*t tttt scarce; rad ISJi. ComK«Sdo» Erorr—steady; Chicam extra heaar. ITotmen—S«l«iedJ| DnaiPlloci Mike. . axxt-Inactive and drooptug. BblTal* Blarfcrc, Bcttaio. December S> • Flore—Wleter red We»tt«aflz.aOAl2JO. * Guau—Wbeak No. 5 Milwaukee sortne. coed to choice car lou. Corn unchanged. Oats firm. Petotd Hoof—TJfGWc. Bzcszm—Barlry, 1,790 bn. Flttiboixh Petroleam Market. Prrmcaon, Deeemher S. remains doB. price* abent tbe same; iAO brlstnamv* Aartly; sale*of WObm uSXSk. Mckagea mezwtd; SSO hr la at 14c, packagM taetaded. Bafined tnboadnonuaUat free a board of canbmlFnaoUdant amaUatocM selling at «9«6e. Pt. Louie Wn'mee. or. Looo. December 8. Tobacco—Dull. Correa—Dull and nnehanced. _ ...... norß-Qnlet: medium and loww erarte* eaaier. suprr at Sa.7Sta»<33: extra at *9.ia®lO.So; double extra and choice at aii-iCVIMO. ... . Gaans—Wheat Arm; prime fall St IUS. Com an- KUicd and lower sVrvaTtc. Osle Sower PsovtsiOHs—Dull. fork unchanged. Bulk Meats— fibonl-tra, packed and dry salted at Be. Bacon—Clear ■ldea at lake. Wai.-an—UnaeUled; the only sale reported was at ajja. Hoos-Doll. Prorere are asking an adraaoa Md E ackers an standing off. bales of tight at eary at G&sKc. ___ Philadelphia market. PniLiDeirßU. December 53. f LOt»~r inner• Gaais—Wheal very doD. Cora lower; sales of yel low at FsoTtooss—Dull: sale* of now oua pork statliO. »w Orleans Market. Kxw Oauajun. December W, Corros-Actlre and *rtflfer:low middling, max*: middling, Sic. Receipts, SACO hale*, sgalort S7AOO bales ust week. Exports fiir the week, K. 300 bales. btock.SU.CMUM. leafi *SJOaiOJ»; fair, ft! GCttt'LOO. Gold—iss v. Kew York exchsarr. x discount. Weather cold and nlny this eremos. Louisville Market. Louis Tin lx, December 23. Tons cco— Unchanged. Flora— Superfine, 19-50. _ , _ „ Gcats—winter whc*t 13.3: raxing, prime, s3,o* Cora, ear, in bulk, 53c. oau. OOiCc. Hoes—*Xc. LlEht receipt*. , . M rtorisiojfs—M«*a porS.»S?o.of. Prime lard, tic. Bulk shoulders.SHc: clear sides. Wife; grceoshoul dem.6c; hams, JOc. Whisxxt— ln bond, Sc. . . Gaocaxns—Orleans sugar, common to choice, 10$ **fcorroif—Middling. 30c. BiBEIBD. In this cltr.oo the 3Tib Inst, by Bcr.Eobert Bentley. Mr. JACOB OSTRANDER, of Psw Paw, and Mu* OUVB 8. FLUMMEB. of Chicago. In this city, on ibeSUh insL, at the residence of th? bilde’s Cither, BUWestTwclflhat. Mr. WILBER F. WFRFt. and MU* JULIA M. MOODY, both of this oty. York papers please copy. In this city, on tbeZlth ln*t_ at tte residence of the Twelfth-**., Mr. GEOBGE W. GILBERT and Miss EMELIN E J. MOODY, both of this city. IFT»ew York papers please copy. At WestvlUe, Cornu on the aih lart,, at the .resi dence of the bride’s lather. by Rev. J. L. WUlord. as slated by Bev. E. b. Bear& GEORQR M. BEARD, M- D ct Sew York dty. axd LIZZIE A., daughter of Mr. Wm. H. Aides, of westvme. AtFraiklln. Boftoo, and JOSIK H. HATCH, eldest daugbter ol the late Hem an Batch, of this city. In this city. Dec. sth, hr Bev. R. W. Pattwwn, D.D., W. K. fiHfiibY. Bag., of Peoria. inland MAHQA RETTA SMITH, daughter-in-law of J. A. Smith, Esq., of Chicago. No cards. rysOetroll and Peoria papers pleate copy. At Alfred. N.Y-Sth lost, by the Rev. K.V. Hull, Mr. aTsTESMAY. of Chicago, and Mias LISA E. HUNT. No cards. DIED At Sterllrg, 111- 2Sdln*L, Miss MART EARLE, for merly of Rockingham, Vl, aged •• year*. At Oracse. New Jersey. 30th Inst-suddenly, of con- Mttoo otthe Inn ga. JAMES E. HObMEK, of Hew York, In the SStbyear of his age. At Denver City. Colorado, 3Jd inn., alter a short ill n«* LIZZIE s’ was of Join L. Dailey, editor ot the Denver .>>*«, axed Ss yean. amusements. QOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. . J. O. WOOD Director of Aanxmcnia F. E. Aires Blare Manager Si'Kßx Bn'llaai buccesi of Fortualo. Lro;; ue< 3 hooves from floor to celling. EcthtulstticApp'aoaeand Shouts ol Laughter. spies<Ul nhvr scenery. machinery. proper* Uc». deeormtibEj. mtule and dances. Jbl» (SMoiday) atterooob, Dec. 29th, at the Grand Manned et H past 2 o'dchi, end also In the erasing at Mtoß,wlU be performed tbo Qrg.d Fairy entitle Sid Musical Extravaganza of FOBTUNIO ASD BIS SEVEN GIFTED SBRVANiS, tbW Wondera ol the World. In the ertnlnr the entertainment will com mence with TWO CAS PLAT AT THAT GAME. THE HOUSEHOLD FAIRY, shortly. QROSBX’S, OPEBA HOUSE. This (SATURDAY) AFTERNOON. Dec. 23. at 3 p.ra-, FIUST GRAND GALA MATINEE of the rccown&l GSIOKI AM) bUSIM ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY- Meyerbeer's pos'hnmoos masterwork. In five seta, L’AFBICAINE, New c*‘tamos splendid tclMen scene. and perfect cast, including- liesdaites Gainst and Caxissa, Signors Xrrsx. Makka. Scant cotxm and others. The oew scenery includes. In the 3J act, BETWEEN DECKS OF A LABGE SHIP, With entrance to the principal cabins, and, in the 3th act, the great MASCANILLA, OB UPAS TO EE. tIEAXD CCOKCS AXD OBCnSTBA. Musical Director and Conductor Signor NioolaO Admission to the Madose. Including reserved seats, fl; Bov Scats, »lAO. Box Office now opeo. Monday—LA FAVOBITA. Tngday-NORMA. _ Wednesday—FßA DIaVOLO. Thunday—EßNANl. Friday—lWh Opera nijhL McYIOKER’S THBiTRE. [CKEB A MTFRS MANAGERS. Benefit of Mr. BOCK- . . , iPUt JOHANNA CLAUESEN and Chicago's favorite Comedian. Mr. JOHN DILLON. Master HENRY will ring between the pieces. Saturday—Ml UIA M' S CRIME. BHes Mr. John Dillon Srambj.r....... Mr. F. Bock To conclude with the comedy of tbe MIDDY ASHORE. Barer Halcyon M'Uc Johanna Clsawn Tom Cringle... .....Mr. F. Bock Saturday aiternoon—UUe. Claassen Matinee. THE CHILD OF NATURE. poUxlne (with song) .. Mile. Claassen Mooday-Benefltof Mr. H. B. Bodsoc. THEATRE. C. M. Chadwicx. Prop. O. H. Bastox, Manager. MORE STARS 1 NEW ATTRACTION! MISS JULIA RILL, Daneeuso aqd Comedienne. MR. GEO. A. HILL, Comedian and Leading Actor. PBOF. WILLIS COBB, And hi* Astosadlng TRAINED GOATS, MONKEYS, AND DOGS. A GREAT BILL. JgKANCH OP THE New York Museum of Anatomy, WILL OPES JAN. I. 1367, AT WITKOWBB.T HALL, 296 Clark-sU corner of Monroe. This Important and hlehlr instroctlre Museum con tains WONURBS OF CREATION from the first mouth. Miniature Wondere of tbe World, as alio DeauUm of Osteology, Myology, Dermatology, Awd in (get every department of Mellcal Sdouee. The Student, the Physician, the Natnrailit. tbe Man of Holiness, the msn of Lei sure, might easty in vain where they could speud a mere profitable mar. open for gentlemen only tram 9 a. m. UU 10 p. m. AdaUtf-lcnlO cents. AN NEW TEAR’S DAT, \ } A BRANCH OF THE NEW YORK MUSEUM OP ANATOMV Will opes at Wltzowsky Hall, 170 Sjnlh Clark-sU, comer of Monroe. WONDER OF WOKDERS-KATTIRS UNVEILED THE GREAT OEBTP. txtonder OF WONDERS I VV To be seen only at the Branch ol the >T3W YORK MUSEUM, WUkowihy Hal, 176 South CUik-eU xsr opens oy new years. ■VATURE UNVEILED! J_\ At the BRANCH of the 2Vew TTork SEZosemn of Anatomy, Wltkowtky Ball, 176 Booth Clart-tL, comer of Monroe. tF*OPEKB OK NPW TBAB'S. Ruction gales. Q.ILBERT & SAMPSON. Medical and Miscei aneous Books AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING. December 29th. at 9V o'clock, we will sell at our Salesroom'. 47 and 49 Dearth n it. the LIBRARY OF A PHYSICIAN, and about PUO volnvx* New and Second-hand MISCELLA NEOUS BOOKS, all In good condition. GILBERT * SAMPSON. Auctioneer* pILBERT & SAMPSON.! Large and Importiat Sale ol Marble Statuary, Tasea, Figure*, SU« ver-vrare, and. Fancy Good*, AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY. Dee. 25th. momlnr and afternoon, at 11 o’dockand 2* o’clock, at our Salesrooms. 47 and 49 Derrtwro-sL. poo««Hnr of a boo elesmt as sortment of pure white Italian M stole Ficon** ana Staloette*. Vases. Urns, Cart Receiver*. Tsarea. AC. In this superb colleetkn may b-found many articles of bcautlfui desten. manv of which are original pieces, roch m ClaaMraJ. Hebe, Roman. Grecian. Neapolitan* and other well-known forms of Yates. Statuettes of smlptnml MarMe and Alabaster, snch as N eons de Mrtiri, art*. Wov. Girl and IHnctnt: Gwis., andotberclasslral and historical creeps and Azures, matins altocethczoseof the most neautl fnl coDvcUoos of rare and costly Marble Goods ever offered In this city. Alto, will he added to the tale a very fine assortment of Sliver*ware, la sets, and ether good*. Ladles and gmtleiren are resn-etfmiy invited to at tend the sale. Sale without reserve. GILBERT A SAMPSOK. Auctioneers. I "WILL SELL ON SATURDAY, at 10* o’clock sharp* 40 Caddie* el Tea, la good order, 60 Bemmlfnl Baailn? Bracket Whatnot** BOOTS, SHOES. HOUSEHOLD F URN ITU BE. ASD MISCELLANEOUS GOODS. Also, a Retail Stock oi GEMTC*B COLD JEWELBT AKD WATCHES. J. M. BETSOLDS. Ancaoneer. X\7& WILL SELL AT AUCTION, Vi at 19S South Ctark-ft^ SATUKDAT MOBSISQ. Dec. «th. at M o’clock. Counter*. Shelving. Candle*. Show Cue. Ac-, contents of Ccnteetlonerv; abo, Furnltur*. Feather Boot. Cot* pels. Ac. WM. GKXTJItHS * CO., Auctioneer*. ...«>/ ::*Wf —UOw ... m A. BUTTERS & CO, Auctioneer* & Commueion Merchants FALM£B*S BLOCK, pW« 4t A: 46 HANPOLPB-WT. Blanks. gOUNTIES. Official Blanks! We have now fbr sale the fhOowtag addldcstai Boun ty Blank*. which hays ALL bees approved hy tha De partments: Soldier's Claim far AddHtsnal Dmatr, Widow's .**.♦* •* . Father's “ u u 91other's ** h u Porcnia* *♦ (Jointly) ** « Gwordtaa’s ** u C A communication ftoo 6eooud Andltoi*s errtak tnoopkaof our BUcka seat tor examtnatiao, says: il The ffxrms ax« decidedly the beet that b*ye bees presented to ibis Of* flee.** Sent prepaid A receipt or tha money, at fl.o* pa quire. A neat pamphlet, containing Ffinaloa aad BouniT Law* ot COS, with lataat tnstniedoes aid regulattona sent Agnato a receipt oi stamp to pay postage. A espy inclosed with each package U Blanks. Addrem TRIBUNE CO., 61 Clark-st. Chicago. Ci &ent-%mtoeo> TO RENT—Ot» Pnllertnn-av,, and on t&eMgeof Wright's Grove, a !>«• Jbona*. wl'hM aereofcrotindar»anait,coulalaiagw rooms, b«ld»clo*ela,i» feet vest ot hone can. Apply to CLARKE, LAtTOX ft CO- 13M Ws.hittgtOD-,1. TO RENT—If yon want to buy a house, rent* bouse, or eell a house or lot, call »t onrol* flee. Great inducements always offering. GEORGE fcWtLLUUS.7 fcoulhCUsk-et. npo RENT—A new house, on Twenty- I fourth-st- -.ear Calumrt-ar- ttS per TaoaUuhot aru) cold water bath. Ac. Inquire of S. B. BOWKS, 1 l‘J Cottage Qrore-ar. TO RENT—To ft good Tenant—House Ko. ‘.ill Indlanaat Good location and bat Are minutes walk from Clanr-sf. bridge. Apply to GEO. F. FOSTER. 317 tfouthWater-'.u TO KENT —House on Huron-sL, near North State. Inquire at 303 llmon-st. TO RENT—A Lew twO'Storr bouse, on West Jsckson-st- 509. coLtalnmg 9 rooms. latest style and improvements. Beat low in May Ist. In quire at Room 3 Cobb’s Boiialnr. 136 Desrbsra-st. rpo RENT—A neat, well-built and con -1 yenteat utory-and-a-balf enure bouse. 337 Wen Isdlara-st-with rcod birnaud lam c&rden. Apolr to JOS. H. BICBEHOfKS. Boom 9 King's Block, Waabing*oa-st- op stairs. TO RENT—New cottage house, corner of Rocker tod Tyier-su .water la kitchen. |25 persieatb. Inquire of C. J. ADAMS, conj*r of Adatos and canal-sts. T) RENT—House, and furniture (all complete and n«w> for sale as a bargain. Prtefi, auoo. Call and examine, at 13 East HarrtMMb, between Wabash and Miciucin-aTS. npo RENT—A one-slory house, contain- Jl mg 4 rooms and closets, at 33S Oak-it. Apply on the premises. rpO RENT—New dwellings, at $lB and X *2O per month. Apply at 130 North JeQersos it., or to J. HOLLAND. llfrS West Madlson-«t. rr*o RENT —A neat cottage, on Jackson- A. st, west ot BoyaesL contaMnz ieven rooms, presses, pantry, Ac. inquire oi Mrs, O. pBATT, No. 150 South Clatk-eu XO RENT—Cottage house, eight loomf, water, can within two blocks. No. 130 North tamon-aC Inquire at 171 West Icdlaua-at. TO KENT —An elegant furnished house, containing 9 room*, centrally located and cheap rrntj also, an unfUrnlihed doom of ID rooms, one of 6, oceof7: also, some lomlahcd rooms. ARTHUR 4 BOTDEK. 710 State at. tEo 3£oit— rpo RENT—Eight Rooms, at 71U West A Madison sU Water all complete. Inquire on premises. 'TO RENT—The lower part of the J House 234 South Cilnton-et, containing four rooms, pantry, closet and summer kitchen, all in good order. Apply ya tne prenitwa. rpo RENT—Two well-ftirmshed rooms, X with beard, to peraon* who deilre flrat-claas ac commodations and are willing to pay for such. Call at st>7 West Randoipb-si, near Morgan. Bat refer eccCT required. T) RENT—Furnished front room and bedroom attached. In a- strictly private family. Aoorea-MCJ."Tribune office. f~pO BENT —A pleasantly furnished I front and other rooms. Movement U bmlne*#— cettlcmcn with references preferred—*t State-it. TO RENT—TIie cottage, 13 Twenty* nlntNtt, near the hone carsT* rooms. cheap torn rood tenant. Ar-ply to J. M. MARSH ALU Boom 8, at 97 South Clark-aL. rpo RENT —One tnrnished lodging j room. Inquire at 03 Bapfinlpb-sL So&cwt-gitotes, ©ffices,&t TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent, rear of 74 R*ndolph-«C, Court-place, opp» vile Cn»»bT** Opera House. Apply to A. WORDEN ft co, or L.T. TODD, on the premises. TO RENT—Second, third and lourth floors of the new store SS illchljan-av, size SOx 13J. well lighted, and enttoble tor either manufacturing purposes, or the second floor will make a tine sales room. Apply to ED. AUSTIN, 43 Lake-st, or ad* drew Boitf3?o- Xo RENT —One-half of a store on South Ciark-«,ln the very best location la the city. rets P. O. Pox 305- TO RENT—Second floor, 140 Lake st, near ciark-tL Location Terr drflrabto. .Director. TO RENT—New store, with good dry' cellar, in good location, convenient to the laree depots, on West Side, suitable tor grocery or produce and commlatlon. Apply at 136 North Jefferson-it. TO RENT—Office, ndmlrablv adapted to banking. Insurance, real estate, mmlc, &c M or Crave Ufa store; flre-preof (ale. Immediate posses sion. Apply at No. 2. Custom House-place. TO RENT—Store, on Dearborn-st, be tween Baudotnh and Waahlncton-s'i., on tne west sice oi the ftreet, heat location in the city. Lra«e and fixtures at a isrrlfice, as the owner ha# to leave tor California. Addrea# “ B A," Tribune ofllce. 2121antED-aro laent. XXT ANTED—To Rent A fiirulsucd V* home, small or medium size, and convea'miln all reared'. BouthorWeat Side preferred. Apply to STEWAKT. LUDLAM ft CO.. No. 4 Lind’s Block. XXTANTED —To Rent—By a gentleman VV and wife, a nicely farnUbed room or «ultr of room*, with board, fire. saa. and convenience* for bathing, in a private family, or house w here thrre are but few boarder*, in a genteel neighborhood, on the North Side, within ud minutes walk tram State-*t. bridge. Address, for two days, stating terms, ftc.. “PARKIN P.” No. 3*4 North Dearborn-st. WANTED —To Kent—A small house, or Sor 4 rooms, suitable tor housekeeping, for man and with. Hot so particular as to distance, it the Place la desirable. Don’t want to par over tl3 Per month. Gall on or addreaa J. K. SHAW ft Lake-st. WANTED —To Rent Two good rooms, well lighted, one a large one, centrally located and suitable for a law office. Would buy iornl tare. Apply to of addreae No. 9 Portland Block. XXTANTED —To Rent—A room, suita- VV b)c for a single gentleman, as stadia and sleep ing room. Must be turnlsned cnmolete. AduresSiStat lag terms and Ircatloa, -LOUIS,” Tnbnne office. WANTED— To Rent —A furnished houre. containing 6 or Brooms, by a genii cm an sndwitf*. South Side preferred. Immediate posses sion drsirxl. Parties wbo desire board or to retain room* nted not answer. Address, stating location - and rent. F. O. Cox 6309. 53 oath lug, T>OAJIDING—At the National Hotel, JD corner of Washington tod Well*-«U-, on* block watcx the Coon Hou»e. Good front room*. suitable tor » gentleman and wife or tor fi*mlw«, with a private entrance, when* you vilified at all times a table ore- Tided with everything oi the test, gi»od waiters and courteous treatment, at 13 a weeK tor dav boarders, or board and rooms from*S to f)0 per week, xrautlcnt boarders. U a day. BOARDING —Four gentlemen cm be accosmoc a ted wlthVkasant rooms and flru-ciaas board, at IS9 Tl'lnols-st. Day boarder* can bo acoom mocaicd. Good rpfcrexces required. T3OARDING —Good board, by the day l> or week, con be had at HI Adams-*U, three mla nte** wall from the Post Office. TYOARDINQ— Can accommodate gentlc- D man ard wife with nl re, pleasant front mom and bedroom a.i|olning, If desired. is a small private lam lly.flt 1270 ladlaxa-av. T>OARDING—Atront room furnished, 1 * soluble (or a family or two gentlemen, to rent with board at 113 W-ibaih-av. BOARDING— Fust-dare board and large comfortable rooms may be had at low rates on immediate applicatlonat 137 Fonrth-ar.. lour-sto ry n arblc front hoc.-c. T>OARDINQ —AtSEldridge-conrt Two O suite? ot fbont nnfamfrhert room*, with closers, andocefnrtiabid room,suitable tor two gentlemen. Terns moderate. T> OARDING—Good board and room lor O ore or two gentlemen. Apply at 391 Indiana sl. North Side. BOARDING —One or two gentlemen, desirous of a comfortable home, with excellent board ard elegant rooms, tn a respectable family, liv ing on Wabas'-tr., net lar Dorn tb*r Post Oder. Bat Tccrenccs reqnlrcc. Address ** C." P. O. wox 13gQ. BOARDING —Two ladies can be accom modated with good board and large, pleasant room, at 30 Fourtb-av. T>OARDIN G —A comfortable room, with l) beard, suitable for a gentleman and wlfo or two yousc men. nay be had at 43 Thlrd-av., where the comforts of a home may be enjoyed. T>OARDING—Good board and pleasant D looms lor Uncle gentlemen, or gentlemen sod their wives, at 7 Ea?t Ilandotplj-su, comer of iUchl can-av. Apply for oae week. T> OARDIN G —A good table and larze .!> rooms at l-LCO a week. Day board t3JC a week. 46 Dearborn-sc. North Side, within fire minutes of the court House. T>OAHDlNG—Sinxrle rooms $5? two in a room |4. 333 andttSS near State st. bridge. J HOARDlNG—Furnished room to rent, A with board, soiu&le for two yonnt men, as 308 sbash-av. T>OARDING—Wish furnished rooms, O torgenUcffltn. Also day board at 133 East Madl<on-«t. BOARDING— For gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, a large and well-fur nuned front room, at 1 13 West Adams-sc TDOARDING—The comforts of a home D say be found at the BRIGGS HOUSE No. 2. S 8 Monroe sc. woere lodgers revel in luxuries and day boarders feast on the choicest dainties. T3OARDING —Good board at $4.50 per O week, at the Dining Booms. 144 Dearborn-tU near the Post Office. T)OARDINQ—For centlemen, in a pu li vat* femlly. board flrvt-c-'ssa, loeatlou very one, at 339 Ullnols-sL. two Mocks ftom BUtc-tt. bridge. T3OARDING—A gentleman and hiswlte *3 or two node gaOemen can find a pleasant fur* nubrd front parlor at97l Sttwv JSoartr JuHantrtr. TDOARD—By a gentleman, wife and 13 child S yean old. with a wit* ot two rooms. South Side prr*rr»l. Address. statlae term*. loca> t>cn. ** PBOWy." Tribune otSee. I3OARD—For fire centlemen and their 1 > wire*, and famished rooms, la a private family cr wtere there are tew or no other boarders. Address " BOARD,*'Tribune oQce. T3OARD—With furnished room, In O a prlrate family, mr a gentleman and with, where tboe are no other boarders. Beteicocns exebanrsd. Addfta*. tot two days, “C BB." IQI Baaoolph-si, T3OARD—By two yonng gentlemen; 13 roonAfcrnuhedoronfartds-.ea.wiui orwnhont dlnncra. Pest of ref-rares circa. Addrea* Box 2383, stating terms and location. BOARD —For myself and wife, in the South Dtndoa, north of Jacksca-vn, with two roosa,ca». reel, bath and u»ual attendance. W which I will pay tUi per month. Addiessp. Q.&3X 542. T3OAIUD—Bv a young man. who has a ID plato, which he wlfhes to s'!! ana take pm par inboard. Apply at &S Bandolph-et. ißacfiin tva. TT'OR SALE—Three 8-horse power np t 1 right esumes; also *lx borlxostal engines, S, 10 ard 13-hcrse power. Larger or smaller engines furn ished with or vliboot boilers. IS, is, IS and 30-boree tnboiar and loesm.'Ulr*. botlen for sale, best make. Also oc# 4-roller Gnlon Matchs and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-wortfog machinery, iron pianm. beldnc. saws, filre. Ac. Machinery Depot. 53 Chicago. CPPw>fLSg BCQ9. A CO. FOB SALE—A second-hand Buckley folding machine—ts ennd condtuoa. Pilce, ttOO. Apply to theTHIDUyg COMP ABF. F)K SALE—To machinists. A small lot cf •battlnc, pollers, hangers, etc. S. S. MIL* LABACO„S3Curk-*t. n T?OR SALB—To Bookbinders and Print- JT m. 2 second hand shears; tbeblsdeof ooelaSL and the other 77 tnchre long. 6. S. MILLAit A Clark-«t. FDR SALE—IO,I3 and 14-horse pom- MeEasirea sadtßotXers tcry low. b? GSIFFUI nBOTHEBS. 158 South WaterAL ?"HE LANE & BODLEY ortable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM EH6IHES, Bhinkla Corn Mills end Shaftleg, Wood* weikinr Mschlaerr. LANK Ac BOD LET, Corner ot John aad Ctnclrnatt. Applicants tor desenpave dxcvihn wm spectly tie asSioer uifT aacd. KSksKi-trxn Saantett-jgaU j^elp. BOOKKEEPBBfIi SALBSOEtVAc. TXT'ANTED—A good traveling salc*- W man, by a wholesale house, about the 15 Ih of January next Aden**, with n»ma tad reference, *D B," irttmno office. WANTED— A Bookkeeper Must be able to trrep books by doubt* entry. a good penmen, and come well recomtsesded. Salary, flrst year. »7uo. Address, giving reference*, P. O. Box 2904. Chicago. TXT'ANTED —Two or three young men, VV to work la a retail grocery fcoaw. Address «‘sb. h Box 3388. eacio-ing 10 cecla or paftieolafs. TRADES. experienced coal TTT ANTED—IOO V V misers, by the Molngoas Coal Co- at Its mists, la Boone Co- luwa. Meads employment summer and -witter. Wages 8 casts per bushel. Good board ft j 0 per week. Seres miners with famines also wanted, to ?j Into the Company's new booses and board men. ncEportatiobtot&e mines free. Fir fonder tnrvir maaoa applr t* P. B. WK.tKK A CO., Commission ktcirhsnts, 1* IS South Water-**., Cblcaeo, 4 r BEKS’! PABKUUHaT, Coal-Aim t, Mflneona. Dooco Co-. lows; or thetmdsnlcned. at Cedar Rapids, lowa. W. W. WALRBR. VlcePro’t M. Coal Co. ffigaanteb-jfamale %clp. BAIESWOEIEN, TRADES, &e, "|7tTANTED Ladies are wanted VV throusbout the Northwest, to canvass for TBIC CHtLDBKVS ALB CM. This book ll beautifully trstedand elecaml* bound. Laile*. and schoji teach era especially, will Ted It particularly adapted to their sates. The commission U I*rge. Address, or apply to W. J. HOLLAND & CO- Chicago, lib; Milwaukee, WU- Dctrrtu Mich.; Dubuque. lowa. WANTED —An apprentice cirl to learn dresamakinc. Uu»tbe a Protestant, snd race wed recommended. Apply at 383 West Lake- HOUSE SERVANTS, WT ANTED—A good Cook in a private V? family. Non* need apply, except the beat of references can be as to both character and abili ty. Wares satlrfactory. Apply ai 112 Plnc-*t-Dc laie 6 o’clock, each day until New Year*. TVT ANTED —A good cook, washer and V> trocer. ai 792 Mldtlgac ar. References re qnlred. _____ TX7ANTED—A good cook, washer and Vt tracer; noue other need apply. 467Mitchell at-near Blue IrtandaT. Good wages will be paid. TXT ANTED—A girl to do chamber VV work. Utut hare Rood referenced. Apply ut 259 IDmcla-*t. WT ANTED —A first class girl for gen- VV eral housework, and must be a good cook, washer and Ironer. Xo each an one, good waee* will begtrea. Kooe other need apply. CaUatl73War ten-au. third, house ea,t of Lincoln. TXT ANTED—At 172 Jllchigan-av., a V V girl to do second work and taka care ot chil dren. Gojil reference required, and Protestant pre 'ANTED—A neat and reliable Pro- VV testast Girl or woman ,to cook, wash and iron, in a small family, wtere there Is a second Ctrl. Wases 13 per week. Apply for two days, at 266 Erle-st- Nortn Sloe. TXT ANTED—At once, a good girl, -who Y Y can coma well recommended, to do general housework Id a small family. Good wages gives. Apply tt 7?’J Mtehiganav. TXT ANTED lmmediately A good VV cock,washer aad lroner;nene other nee-l apply, at 54? Wakuh-av. *_ TXT ANTED—A good girl, to do second VV work,at 103 East Jackson-st. A. good.steady p’ace to work, and good wages. Reiereace repaired. XX7ANTED—A girl. 13 to Id years old, V V to attend children and do light chamber work Apply at S 7 South urten-at. WANTED —Girl, from 10 to Id years old. to wait on a Kick lady. Apply, this morn* lag, at Boom .10. No. 88 LaSalle-*t-. Chicago. iatnplopmit agencies. XXTANTED—I,OOO men to go South, VV wageaPO to (50 a month and board. Also, rail road mm, and all wasting employment. Apply at 135 Sooth CUrt-st, Boom 5. XXTANTED lmmediately 1 office VV clerk. 3 real estate solldtora. 1 salesmen tor commission boose, 3 insurance agents, 1 bartender, 3 coopers, 4 canvassers, 73 men to go to Memphis, Teats., KX for lowa aid Missouri to work on railroad*. Alsv men to co tocth. For fill particular/, apply to FAR SHALL ft bitlTH. 128 South Uark-sr, Room 11. Applicant by mall encKse two sumps tor rep.y. XXTANTED —Young men in the coon- V » trv, wishing to obtain titoaUona, «nch a* book ktepew, 'salesmen, collector#, exore#«meo, clerks hrakesmtn. ftc.,ftm,to apply at Ki t Dearborn-sn, Kcom 2. or address *l. E. JONES ft CO., Box 2040, epclcalng ten cent#, for full particulars. XXTANTED —3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 V\ eol’-ctor, S brakemrn, 3 firtmen, I poner, 3 driver#. 4 ac-'Dia, s enrrv c erts, 3 cozducton. Apply at 134 Dcarbom-su Boom »J. XXT ANTED—ISO men to so South; good V* wages elver. Al#o. 13 rood hewer* ior \yi»- eonsln. Sthip rarpenten, at fh<om 3, Lind’s Block. Bandolph-i C-Brkpe. XXTANTED —Travelling men who wish V \ to make ftQ to $M per day oy aeUlng our patent machines lor grinding knives, shears, reaper knives, edged tools. ftC4 baa no cntnpell tloa; never wears out; •ell# everywhere. FULLER ft CO., 133 South Clark- Two stamps tor reply. XXTANTED—Business men, with S7OO V? to capital, to take an It tore* tin an estab- Itshcd raying bofineas. Apply to OLMSTED ft SNELL, IQO Madlsoa-it.. Boom 4. XXTANTED—This day—2s good wood- V T chopper*, for Michigan; /5 men lor construction and travel trains, transportation free. Apply to OLMSTED ft SNELL, 100 Madl»oa«t, Boom 4. XXTANTED— Bookkeepers, cleiks, sales- VV men,porter*, dnvera, bartenders.brakesmen, mechanic*, labarer*. canvassers, and all vl«hlng sttua tlocs, to apply at EMPLOYMENT AGENCY. 82 Dcat bora-»L. Room 2. Applicants by mall enclose 10 cents. XXTANTED —3 assistant bookkeepers, 2 V 1 taltftnen, 1 conductor. 3 brakemeu. 1 firemen. 1 porter, 3 drivers. 2 erpnaamco. Apply at Rwru 13. Fullerton Blcrk. 9*4 Dearbnrn-ar. Appllatnu br mall addrea# J. M MOORE ft C0 n Box 1707, enclosing 10 cents for reply. XXEANTED —Yonng men in the cotm- V V try. whblcc to obtain sltnatlsos. surh as book keepers, clerks, collectors, salesmen, conductors, ex pieastsrn. ic,ic, to applv at Boon 13 Fullerton Block, fl*4 Dcttb jir-flt., or address J. M. MuO RE ft CO, Dot 1707. enclosing ton cents, for lull particulars. JHisccllaneous. XXTANTED—A number of good bosi- V V cn mtc. to cataMlab Intunuce Agencies In Northern Ohio and Indiana. Address Box 2,-jß3< ClcvalaLd. Ohio. ♦ WANTED —A second-hand jobber, ca pabt? of pttnUns a fora “sVJ lachw. cv near mat- a KeUcca’s Card and Blank trea? might answer. Address JOUUNAL OFFICE, Tawgla. m. TXT ANTED —To borrow two thousand \ V dollars for one or two tear?. Will par tea per rent. Good security given. AOJrcaa “HAEDWAUE." Ttlbnse oaice. tttaNTED—Now is the time to invest V • your money la Weather Strips and Rubber Mooting. We have the beat In the world. A. C. BEOWN A CO-, 158 Lake*;. TtTANTED —A man of good business V » faculty, with a small capital. tojotntheadver- User In a new acd v»ry profitable business. Call on, or addrißi S. iIcDOKOUGU.No. 90 LaSalle-st, Room No. :t. *IX7ANTED—A good tenant ior 4 for- V V ttsbed rooms. Kent parable (n dry board. WUhgood rUerccce, call or addrvaa363 Sute-st. No small cht dren wanted. TXT ANTED—To buy an Interest in a VV good drag store. MortbelnagoodlocaUon. Bribers not answered. Adores*, In confidence, tor cue week, riving location and term?, M nrvitr,- Tilbone Office. TXTANTED—To sell an Interest in a « V minufaetertrg bnilness to a party who has had experience and la willing to travel sening rood*. A party whp can command nix thousand dollars cish capital can learn of a very profitable investment by addressing Lock Box 69, Cincinnati, Ohio. TXT ANTED A second-hand smith’s V V terge, tor which a fair price will ba paid. Ad dress P. O. box 93, staUag where the same cas be seen. \ TTANTED—-To exchance Chicago city Y f rr-iperty for n hone and Buggy or a double team. A!*o. an *ici ’lent fkmUr trorery itora lor sale. AKTSC K A BOTDfcN, 310 t:tau»-*t. Uusinrss CTbaners. FyR SALE—Tt e leofe and fixtures oi a Mmt Msrset, douyr a good buslneas. Inadre at 190 South Water-st. F)R bALE—Lease and fixtures of iptore 457 Stste-st, comer of EldUdge-conrt. Irmilre at the btore. FOR SALE—A Drug Store, with stock and fixture*, valued at lii.O. well established aad Coirs a good retail business, parties wishing to pur chase will addras P. Q. Box 381, Pond da Eae, Wla. FDR SALE—Stock and fixtures of a Jewelry Store, row doing a good bnstoea*. in a city of € CU3 u-iabUauts, »bou*. rtxty mile? from Chi cago. Beaten? P.r telpnc. f.l health. For partienla”? addreas E. B. WILLIAMS, 91 Washiceton-st- Chi cago, UL T7OR BALE—A Rare Chance—An old P wUbtlihed bcsioetf. half block of Post Ottce. Houre. lease of lot. and good wUL Ax active man, with small capital, can find a chance seldom offered. Best of reasons clv« tor selling Apply to PETES sump. 03 Moos ee SU FOR sat.T!—s2so will buy a ball inter est in a well-csfiihlUbed office bnslarii, light acd profitable. Apply at 134 Dearborn-sk, Boom 3, np sum. TTOR BALE—One of the most elegant X 1 and desirable eating evtablUbmcnt* tn the rltr. cer trail v Vocsted, at a great bargain for cash. WAR REN A GOOD KtCH, Beal Estate Brokera, 1*33 Dear- .ifov Sale. T’OR BALE—Lot ti, block 29, in the s’ origlr^llows, situated onW«tWairr-aL,near Washlsrtoc. ICO m dry Sour bd staves. Bark Tus cola and scow Gladiator. Apply at 472 North Wa ter-sL. near Oghthonae. OalrN EASTMAN. TTOR SALE—Prop. “ Genesee Chiet;” Mj now lying at Detroit. SDcti ran- Class a 1 Ton* case (old meMumsent), SSL Anpiy toWll. E. WAB BINEH, Detroit, Mich., Or to SAKHIS & BBO„ 81 Lmnber-sL, Chicago. FDR SALE—Two large Kettles, one Lard Press, one Cooler. Address Drawer 5519. Chicago. FDR SALE—Second-hand School Fur niture, at 354 Michlgan-ar., to be disposed of bj Jaanary Ist. TTOR SALE—Bricks, Bricks. 500000 t 1 BnckssiTerrlowflaarea. Sre»ampleirtßoom 5, 50. 133 South CarkiU, crol J.P.HICKEY, 91 fcouth Peiplalaes-st. FOR SALE—Clieap—Wood received dallrrla Chicago and Great Eastern Bdlroad. (>ood Bard and Dry and Greer . *l. from to I>3 OffSaadTanMO* n Sangamon-su rt.ABK A YuU>Q. JLost anb jFounb. LOST— A small, blaci Memonmdonl, eoataininjr two noun sea otter paper*. The Und er will be liberally rewarded oaretaniiasthesameto 77 North Morgaa-gt. S. GASPIhEB. IOsT— A yellow Fox Tcnier Dor. ears j and ta-l cropped. Eetnrn him, and recefre a lib eraJ reward and owner’s thanks to 290 SutwC wt/re yoo can bar Boote sod >6o*6 at half price, or ess y«o confil before tbe war. LOST— At or near Green’s toy store, pa Lake-et.. on Monday last, a moiifcr which the Under will be \\U t»UT rewarded by leaving It at 233 Sonth-iU op »t>lr*. X OST A larce bnllalo robe, between tnrtanrlt to aTABTOB *C°- 133 a-akfrit. T7OHTTD—At tbe Opera House, on Sat r 23d&*L, a Lady*. Par Collar, hare by calling at 539 Wabaah ar, and paying charges; tt'OCND —An Utter Fur Gloxe. The n o «xer ran bare it by proxies property and p»x iSrtnl* adrertisemeor. Apply at JOHN' Bsstaarent. 83 Clark at. Worsts, gactfages, Sit. "I pair cf matched horses, fuitnWe /\_ £-y a light express waeon, wanted. at 199 t-yp-sttn?r ta *rs. -I A LARGE MARES WANTED for 11/ mule raising. lAcse and dissbled no objectioa. rhire cue span crisniea fir sal* or trade f -r mares, a« abene. Cail Mccday. Dec. St,. ISjfi. cor cer of State and Twecty-eecoLd-s J. J. BUBS sP._ Stragrb anfl gtolro. OTRATED—From the barn of Mehrlng A Puodt, on tbe cleht of Dee. «lh, a Black Horae aSeutuv hands hlrt, * years old. A reward will be paid to whoercr will return him 7b QQ North Canal-it. SiFnHlNr. A FUHDT« Sx'matlons ffiaant?# RALES. ClTDATlOif—Wanted—Ad emrt OJ , on car of sbe HortO B*llro»nU la tins»ia.-u fibula a ilttulioo la tone Christian family, or _l* some Christian merciaat, where, in the carnn-jfK da*7 bread, ho will not be compel!*! to break th, balb. Inquire at EJr’e, corner of WMninrvn *c» Dearbors-*is., or ofC&apln & Baber, jo Palmer* ur,u mp. sear Wahaah-ar- oa Bandolph-st. SITUATION—Wanted—In a grocery O store. t» a young man who Is acquslat*! wiiv.4 busla«e. .Wares bo cWrcC The brelcf it'trnnn given. Address F. N. KEARNS. Tnmme oitw ; * can ba consulted at said office from 18 lotio’el-xt *.ia. SITUATION —Wanted —By n young man ofcomldcrabU experience*, la a ctoccrTMar*. townoresnatry. Address “DEF, t ’Trlaane office. SITUATION —Wanted —By a young Frenchman^ lately arrived In tbls city. In a eeaae mas'sfsmlir. 0000 references can be dven. Adtlro* •* A B,*’ 3-19 DlrUlonet. “* OlTUATION—Wanted—To travel for O some wholesale boss* In this city, on the route be tween here and Omaha, by a middle aged man of U years* experience In toe grocery trade. can lend W» emplcyrrfCCO to (HI/. Address J. M. FlbflKß, Xrt bate Office. SITUATION—Wanted By a young Lj mao Irem the East, in some mercantile business Emploimenl Is the object, tialary saffiele&ttaosr board Is an that Isrequlred. Address HENBT ciAY. Tribune office. SITUATION —Wanted —As Sre: class drae clerk, by a senbemaa at experleore and a eraduate ot medicineJate of Bhllnde pobi. Adfircs* GRADUATE, care of w U 4 Co., ISa Siazle-«t- Re. yere House Block. CITUATION —Wanted —To Business O Men—llaTlrjr quite an extecalve acquatnUaco through Himols, illcblcun and lowa, wish an agency ; efpart or all the time. Unexc*ptiooable ntysbt country Tticrtucc*. Address “S S,** Tribune Otboc. ITUATION— w anted —By a compe test and experienced mao, boMtkceper. cra<- nstant bookkeeper. Coed rufLTecce given. aAddrcs* P.0.80x No. 765. Chicago. C ITUATION—Wanted —To hotel owu- O era. A man and wlfls. of many years’ ex pert desire a situation as a*slstants la the manau* nent nr a eood hotel is the euuotry or city- Address •* s J o,** ISO Indiana-*!- Chicago. SITUATION—Wanted—As bookkeeper O cr clerk, by s competent and reliable roan, who i» qnaMed to till» sitnation of tiust or mponstbintr. Batereneea sallifaciory. Addresa Box 6233. P. O. ‘ CITUATION —Wanted—In a pholtv O eraph gallery. by as eastern man; has aad oh* yesra experience; lor two years w&a tn Ct of uu ul the leaClnu xaliertrs ct New York. A perman*ci Situation rathi-r that larse wsses dwirert. will chargn of a gallery, or do the op«rai<nd orprlndif Wooid like to rent a gallery or buy an Interest i a om that pays. Address F. M. HAYES. Hudson, inch. FE7ULES. Q ITUATION&—Wanted—By two cirlf. O ore as cook and the other as second mrl.lna re apectableprlyateaiplly. Apply&t m Vi'tr pjlkVt. SITUATION —Wanted—As housekeep er. whi re there la uoothtr mistress, by a lattwba is competent to take fu 1 charge. «-vvi Address for one week, Mrs. ROBERTS, i&j baab-av. SITUATION—‘Wanted —A respectable O marrlea woman wi»hos a situation .« cnrvrr envernm or s in a tamlly whore she rti hare her child with her. Wage* not *■* mnri m oh. |ecla* a home. AdJiess ‘■M o D,” 356 WoiTay. Agents ajganten. A GENTS—Wanted—For THE A^IE XI RICAN FARMER'S HORSE BOOK.Iv Stewart M.D. V. s. t etcrotMeg the rcsnlts (,f inti? yean ct original InTtsQgauon. The poos ahovr au others for Agents, ai it appeaU to the necrohie- «-j *elf-lntcre»t of a very large, wealthy and tato.iintt cl*»* In every coramnclty. Apply to or address j. * GOODMAN J: Co- PttbUshara. Culcago. ll'. A GENTS—Wanted —Messrs. Ticknor £ XT. FleMs, Boston, hare publish-,.*! a steeT-mgrartd Portrait of Abraham Lincoln, as a perfect :tkrnor« *.-d a work ot an. it is commended as the beat Uiertw RobertY Lmcom, Mr. Trumbull. Mr. \U. Herr ion. Mr. UN, Arnold, Gen. Grid, Charles Sczuncr, Mr. Chase. Gen. Borcsldf. Ami many other*. It la told only by subscription. aed Agent* are wasted tor it# tale. Litx-ral ocai - rl*#loc* arv- n -yn to canvassers and succtsefttl ocee can hare ?w! ter ritory to operate In. Address JOHN H. AMMUP. Publishers’ Agent, S 7 Washlngton-et, Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—Everywhere, to aril the IfsSTA NT A N EOF S WIVDOtV CLEAN BRAND MAGIC I'OLTSH. This new and won.K-ffcl preparation, as thousand* of purchaser* durinsr U>« last lew week* will testify—work* Ilk" a charm; tins- Ing windows, show-case*. *r„ without «o»p or he: water, dot or litter, and »tth comparatively tro labor, and Imparting almost lurtantlyan ccsnrp.ieao'! po i-h to all metals. Everybody wants it a* soon as thev m It# effects. Yon can mate M to flu p«-r day *-l!ioz In vour own nrichb rhoexl—city or country. Now I* the time to secure ibe territory you want, for it» rapidly beieg taken np. Call Imme-itat'lr, or send s cents tot sample and terms la Q. M. rM[TH A 77 Desrhorr st- Cfclcar'. IU- DURANrft S :OIT. Mllwanicc. Gctefal Agent# for Wisconsin. lUnl tit* oat for reft r^nce.] AGENTS —Wanted—Expcncnred bc-oi. axdengravlisp canvassers, to whom nixr» »al arv or win be oald. Address CiIAKIW BtLL. 132 South ClSrk-«t~ Chtcagc, 111- AGENTS —Wanted—SCO more, Htr the BAKER SEWING MACHINE. I will pay active men lira per month ard expense*, or ctve a liberal cjo miDMdontotnale and fttcaleaem T . ForparttrrUr* and agenc} paper#. addreaaS. BECKWITH. ChlcakJ. A GENTS—Wanted—slso We waul r\ asents to sell the BARTLETT SEWING MA CHINES. 43X0. Thus* willing to work forJCACC pyr month will addrsM, with Stamp, PAGE BROTH ERS, General Agents, Philadelphia, or Toledo, Ohio. A GENTS—Wanted—For “LIFE AND XT DEATH IN REBEL PRISONS A splendid book. Always sells. A. KIDDER, 9S Wasblngton-iu Clu caco.lll. AGENTS —Wanted —$2CO per month to aell the GENUINE IMPROVED BARTLETT SEWING MACHINE. Price reduced to Ad drtea W. DELOSb ft IIU AGENTS-LWanted —100 men can have steady employment for the winter b» encasing in Ibe s»i-rf FOMROY’s NEW AMERICAN HEAT RE GULATOR. Business light and pleasant. Pr-flute mrnse. Sn<-re#s Addrrs*. or ran naan F. LATBROF. Js.. isood No. 16 c hurch Block. Chi cago, 111., or Room No. 4 Lyman’s uiocr, Cleveland, A GENTS—Wanted—To know that we Xi have minced our Maps acd Charts to New Tetk prices and below, comprUlng all the popular styles ruMlMicd. and mounted superior to any in the c -qu try. Try u* rod be convinced, Addms GOODhTERD ft CO, 148 lake-BU. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—slso j>ci month, rA sTerTWhere, male and ftunals. to sell the GK3TO INE COMMON SENSE FAMILY SERVING MAC3INH, the greaunt inveayca of the age. Price fl.*. Kv>uy Machine warranted year*. Address SECOMB ft CU, Clsvelan«l.ohlo. A GENTS—'Wanted—To sell a new, XI highly Interesting and rich’y embellished work. THEPICInRIALBCOK OF ANECDOfES AND IN CIDENTS OF TUB REBELLION, civil military, naval and domestic, embracing the most brilliant and te markable evenu cf the great American cnfllcthe roic. patriotic, po’.ricsl, rcmantlc, humorous ana tragical, a beauilfbt royal octavo volume. w* peers and ever 30 engraving?. This work ti cue of the fimst procncUoU of the ace, acd the no‘t c Jpular bo-ilc of 'he war. Over 12,® 0 copies ordered the first two mocthfl. Agectaaremaklnz lar« salts, sad say It Is *Li* b?«t selling bc-eg they ever sold. Energetic A cent* will find It to their titerest to engage In the sale cf thl* la*t-«eUL'<g book. Exclusive terntc rr acd large commission riven. Adorns J. A. STOiv I>aP.O4CO- 105 WastingTon-iL. Chicago, Du Box •ISS. A GENTS—Wanted—Male and (female, X\ to6*l!anew article In crest demand that every tamliy want*, $1 per day made without leaving home. Travelling agtatsam make from*3 top m-r dav without Inter ference-wlth otb-r h-slne?i. The aril !c ■bows tor Uscli. Sample*, with terms and particulars ol thebusiness. sent tor A ce-t*. Address It, W. CHAPIhLL. Drawer 6533. Chicago. A GENTS Wa n t For Frank Xi_ Moore’s new work “WOMEN OFTHEWAR." rays the Chicago Evening Journal-. It is, la the noblest sea-e. a gallery ot beaaty, ana we envr the anther the grateful work he has performed. It all re da like a romance. The s u rr of the war can never he well told without the storvoftliewom»uu told with IL—lb-people want It. Use ]? ipleatUHy. For (nil turn calm call rr address R. C. TEEAT liy South Clars-*L. Chicago. A GENTS —Wanted—s2,soo to $3,000 XX a year. A good chance ti make money. An ag*nC Is wasted in every town la the Union to nunoCictare acd sell sn article of consumption la every Umtlv. css be manufactured In the agent** dwelling. It Is entirely new; secured by copyncht hale as permanent as Conr; no fi mng np to be done. For psrfcuTsra addrm, with stamp enclosed for return, LOUIS CUBKESTZ. Ulddletown. Maryland. AGENTS —Wanted —Male and Female, to *el' the “LOSKESCOPE." Hie very essei.-e ot txacty- Frst lntro> urtloa. Sanp’e forfrjyi. Ad drtfs (with stamp! C. WQITACBE & lector-?!-, room 3. A GENTS—Wanted—-Price $2,50. J\ ‘Lloyd's Great Map.” ”Tm CsritD States CoitTXScsT vs 190 C.” Three maps la one, and the cheapest map In the world. One agent ha? tn?t ordered City Maps after two days cacraae. tsk Geaxi>Pxt»iot«; CaAXTor Awruica seLimawldi the map. Address GOOD SPAED & CO-14!s Lake «L Chicago. ,\ GENTS Wanted—For “CHRIST t\ AND TQE TWELVE; or Scenes and Event? In the LiSsol nor haTtonr.” By Ur. J. G. Hollanp. anther of "Ufe of Lincoln,'’ ‘‘Bitter liweat,*' “Gold folL” “Timothy TltcomVs Letter*,'* Ac. A work ot CUscharacter, edited by thl* favorile author, win be wanted In evrjr tollj. TtttQtby Tltromb's wort? are always welcomed- I want experleuccrt and ener getic ranvancea. Address CQA.HLES BILL. 135 South Clark-fk, Chicago. iSeal gstatr—gitu. inPKOVED. FOR SALE—A desirable house, with 0 rcom*. l pio*c?, china clise’. sick room, raarve msotela. wate*. gas. AC., tocelhcj wl-.&w yean*‘ea?e cf lot. ItquJre cn the premise*. 773 WsoLh-ay. F)R BALE—Or to Kent—A new and beautiful resld<cce. fashionably located. Price, wun lut. SB.COO. Prlceof rent, fWtt. A’vo tor tale fail depth 'ot. tracts east, nearly so (bet, on Wabasb-ar- la a good locality, with improvements worth irUOO. Price, |».300. Also tor sale. SO toot lot on LaSalie-cL. Jart south of £ H. CUMMINGS, Boom 19. No. 133 Squch%*lark->t. FDR BALE—At a great bargain, two feameb-uses and lota,Sljand 619 Carroll-?t.,be tween Wood and Paultaa. THOMAS D. SNYDER* CO-. Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. TTOR SALE—Cheap—Two nearly new J* two-story and basement Crick houses of nine rooms, hot and cold water, marble mantles, etc., and lot on Adams st., between Tbraop and froatlcjr Jeffrewjn-psrk. TBOiLAS V. BNYDKB A CO., Beal Estate Agents, No. 4. Metropolitan Blcek. (JKUIPBOTED. EOR SALE—A beautiful lot on Wah panieb-av., near Vincennes road. a)x9S fcet, orlr fss. ittaken Immediately. WAR HEX A GOODRICH. Beal Estate Brosen, l‘i3 Dearborn-su, Boom 2. FOR SALE—A tew ten-acre lots in Gen. Erato's tract, only JUtO each until Jut. 1-4190 down, balance In 10 years at 7 oer cent Now is the time. WABBES A OOODKICH,BeaI Estate Brokers, XM Dearbcrn-«, lioom 2. FOR SALE—The north hall cf Block 80. C, Schoo' Section Adomoc. hartac a troct acscfCSfetdoaCUn'on and JeSeraoa-tU.. rad coo tairlcc 23 lota. A At a cagafactP rr. Wll be w> ! d on reasonable terms bf T. 5. KiTCH. ACO-,So. 167 Dearboro-tt. riR A T.F—At a decided bargain, *. lot 55 by IM fcet, on North between o*k sen Whitins. Lot M ‘7 ’3 fret, corser of Jack-03 and Wjachreter-sta. THOMAS D. sSYDEB A CO- Brel Estate Agents, Xo. -1 Metropolitan Block. FOR sALE—Lots tor $2-10, near corner cf SQlwaotee ar. and Dlxti!rn*»t. cl3«r to the bone otrs. Boose to rent. J. F. STABK, 124 E*rt Ksndamh. Good 1. partners ffiaanteu. "PARTNER—Wanted—ln a respectable A Mta'-il-hedcomsmslon bonse. by a whohaaextensive csperUtco la tb* basla*«, a Eastern cocnccdon, some replial. its s n c< financial fsePltlre. Comjtcnlcasl''E» strictly coifldenual. Ad cresa “C R." Trtbnce oßce. TJAKTIvER—Wanted—A man that nn- IT demands the r?tsil crocery ncstntas, with SSA. to Join the advertiser In list business. Adtw-a offler. stating where an later view can be had. PARTNER— , invested win pay 110.1C5 a year. <M«a boAlLt-ts.,' 7jlclp re-doired.) Cailatocce. SIS Laktat, second fioor. PARTNER— Wanted—A man of good bcsiEf** fsen’ty. with m man capital, to Jo ta tte aoTertiser in * proflmble bnrttesa. call on or addrea* F McDOXOCGH.9olaSa]lejt~Boom3»^^^^_^__ Heal Estatc-Coumra, FDR SALE—A good improved farm of ftp acres tEI be sold *b a b xly or tn parecU. ‘Twa booses, one new; ban. cider min an twocrchardso 1 rapcrlorDult; well w*.»red a:lwel Umbaed. acd tUsated wlthla two mse» « Ba.ta Creek. Michigan. Terns rtjasocabie. Forparneolare. jdarm WM. J. WaTsOX. *aiti* creek. Mich. - pianos. TTOR SALE— Cheap— A first-class seven r ortare new Plano Forte; will be mlly wsrreaiad & tex* «Hoa3« ITcat w f f