Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 30, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 30, 1866 Page 1
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ffitycago tribune. SUNDAY. DECEMBER 30, 1«». rnu news. Tbe Mainu Slate Prison was manned at a profit of s»iO U-«t y«r. At Hartford, Connecticut, Government It manufacturing one hundred battery irons of* new Invention. A rich lead has been discovered lu East Tcanoewc. Getcral Thomas will be President of a comptLf to work It The* total amount of National Bank enr tmer sow to dreflation Is reported at s*«,- eia,rn. Five-Tweet its closed in London on tbe evening of tb*' 2»v!i at “2 1 ,j. The latest quo tation in >cw York on Saturday evening was IJ3*;. Judge McCann, at Now York, has decided substantially that a person losing mono/at gam ine Is not entitled to recover by law. Tbe London subscription for .Quebec amount* to £IS.OJO, of which £15,000 Is already rendered available by telegraph. The Cberokees have appropriated 250,003 acres of land and $300,000 to help construct the railroad from Fort Bailey to Forts Gibbon and Smith. Ten or eleven distinct shocks of earth -quake were recently experienced at Sorcl, C. E., benig a petlud of thirty or forty seconds alto gether. On theSTth Instant a fearful accident oc curred at CWc-aad. A hack driver named John Miller, drove from a road where a bridge had beer, swept away directly JutothsCuyahaga River, drowning both himself and hla team. Further accounts of damage by the late violent snow florin atihe East are famished this Tnnmir.g, 1 ravel ou many of the railroads Is still suspended, and there are consequently latgc ac cumulations oi freight and passengers at various points. The Grand Tmnk Railway Company have offered In btnd themselves In the sum of SIOO.OXI vritb the Treasury Department at Washington for p-nals«lon to have personal goods shipped over their roud pass tbe Suspension Bridge without examination. Ilausuu Baumgardner, who was sentenced to be hanged on the 15th of February at Marietta. OUio. for nlPirg John Thomas Eubank, last Scp tgmbor. maun an attempt to escape front Jail on Satuidey. He Knocked down and severely Injur ed Deputy SkctiS Baker, but was finally secured after being tkui In tbe lace and shoulder by another officer. The Troy, N. Y., WTtig elates that the Bws't* ha L«cn racing in that city to an ttnpre ct-dcslcd extent for several weeks put, but tbe dl.-ai-c is now t-omwhat abating. One phy-lcian has been called to over three hundred case*, but ha* had the good fortune to lose only one or two pad. nt?. TUcic have been nearly one th jurand ca.-< f in Ttoyu iihio a month. ChuHus G. Patterson, a New York stock broker, to* brought a suit again u Albert M. Mokes and To'dinand A. Abell, th ? alleged pro prleiorv ot two gambling houses, for :hs roovery of s:jrv,fitn), alleged to have been won .Tim -'laj. Tte secured gave ball to the amount of S2O,(XX) to appear fur Tint. As no ofiact, the/ have sued Pattered! fur libel. An act bar* been passed bj the Georgia;i*-)aii>re. ar.d by the Governor, provid ice that a!i pro;“-Tjyof the wife at the time of hLriaarmsc. wlittliir real or personal, shall be and remain Migrate property; acd that all prop-fXT given ti*. inherited or nrqui cd by the t. ife during coverture, shall vert ia and Dclonjj to her, nnd thai! pul be liable for the payment of *ai riebl, or contracr of the husband. The ct.'ii*us of Minnesota, taken In Ocjolr.-i, i bows !C'J,5iS persons between fire and t•••tiiJv-anf >caie o:d, againstß7,2sl laetyear. ,\l the «au:c ratio. which the ia’),tXK) {utpalaUcra in Jacc, tLi.» would rl?c 210,fXh; in Jcar. ■jS’-n. *ihc cellmate ol steamboats Is that SO,bOJ i. corns io St, I’jtil since Jane, mating the j. tbs State at this time 2 , JJ,uOi. At the usual rale of Increase this wo aid give ■? jO.OCrd in 1-75. Influential Virginians are reported fo be in AVasbiuglun, saying that the Virginia legislature I-joepered to accept the Constitutional Amjai. mjnt !l they can have an assurance that upon its iKtr representative* will be admit ted. 'i lny give their oppo?ltioa tone-j.-o suf. ftucc. to l*v dW.-atichUemeiit of the old party 1* 2;ici>— every thing. In fact, for lh« sake of i ■••.iuigh.’.ck in’.j their old federal relation-!; ai<d tt.-y believe ilia* as Virgicla goes so will go the whole bo-dli. The Kirhinunrl Jibpatch says that the own cr of tin- tirnt known a* Dnfch Gap. Gliding that iLc Jpl.iiid by the colling of liaUei's canal could not corv.nicftly be jml to use without seine tnenss oi communication with the main iam l , ia filling np oac ccd of the canal, in order to vrtdie a causeway, and the canal will soon be r.n*ong ite things that were, provided the people ‘of llichmnrd ‘to noJ take steps lo secure ths priv ilege of slwrenlng the nartgation of the James Diver *evei a! mites, which object the proprietor cf the land probably desires to hasten. According to the Semaphore tie M'ir*eiUe t 3!r. ‘in pfceu, of the Losgcbamp Obeciratory, dla covcud anew plasetODtiienlgnt of November •lib. It In tircau-d In the constellation Arles. Ue jvccit!* i itie cu-covery as follows: November 1, 1 s *'•, at i: hours, to minutes, 26 seconds, p. m.— mca*i time«t Harwell es—planet in Arles, right urcoiiFto;. < hour. 15 minntes, 9 seconds, polar U*'gi<c?, S 5 mlimler; dlnraal motion, r.g Mftnd* in sivht ascension, and I mlautej, 5i scconoß in dlstfii.c* from pole. This ccwn«l**rold vbicli make? Ike nlccty-firtt of thj rronp situated l.etwcc'ii Jcrh-jr and Marr, has the bslllUncy of a ctar oi th-j Cm crib oagnitade. Tbe Cazr.ic <.V alluding to a Jewish CoULC.t alembic In Pails next year, irmutka lint tli-: meeting wllfbe especially called (•u to decide tiir- tallowing questions; lbs aboli tion ol tbe {••oLi u'lonof certain aiucle* of food; tie FUjiptrj slou of polygamy, which exist* among tiio Jr-, t* in AJgut::,aad the recognition of female cLibuea «.<* o.j-nlly qaaliGe-I to inherit In that ct .;rTry vdtb liu- e.tJei. Tfie Preach Government I- -• t'j to be r.-ry anxious for the reform* relaung to tbe Aftlcun cot;ny, p.s there ore in. Algeria lo.ty li'oa-.'cd families, compo-eJ of tnda-tn oii- people who arc r.ol subject to the goaiuai laws cl ;hc civil ro.;o. r.y Allantic Cable tills morning, we hare the auuuuuces.tM.i of the arrival ol the contesting Ni-.» Yurkiichii klCunrt,ir the Isle of Wight. •il.c n:u v ; ;» made by the Henrietta, Hicutu'a ya.-i.t.inthc alucr: unprecedented time of di-.s. twMi«y-:iireehours at d Clty-eignt miou’cs, »L-* U-atlrr iai rival* a trifle over eight hoars. ’He best rtiy'a nm made by the Ileurlettiwas : hundred and eighty miles, and the ponest enchrndr'd end thirteen miles. She made hut < ;.c tack dunce the whole passage. l’-o yacht Fl. nv.iii2 Ic'il SIX of her crew during the gal;. 11a* Vesta made the trip without accident....Taa repel of the luilu.o of the French expedition arnica Corea has been confirmed. ...A Venna desp-.tchoftii^-rttastates that there arvrniiors ct-atiye- iu the AxMria*i Cabinet.... Ma".uul < v.- a r-uong appeal to the Koißans t> vi*«» tied pieciaim the Hcpubllcof Italy TtClcJ ‘ .irrijih al?o luraishes an interestin': summary of licit e by ttenmrr. SOETU CAUOEISA. <t'uremor Wortli's Inongural Addren to (be Legislature, Governor Worth's inaugural address, tie- Dvered to the Legislature December -d. Is brief, and deals chiefly with the relations of tin; Stale to the Union. We quote the na. j>oriant passages ; i tie order rf (Jercral Sickles forbidding oar courts lo ci<v;r.!c tne 3aw»s which havo existed nl:b us ana our aLccstors for tunuy hundred years. In the face of tec previous proclamation of Hie President, declaring that civil law existed In nit the Mates wnich nad engaged in the late rc iK-lUon, astounded 100 State. Mr mission lo Wa.-Mngton touching thw encroachment on the right of the Siate to admicistcr her law®, not pre tended to he inconsistent with the CoostUaii in ol the United States, and other imperative ad ministrative dmi**‘ since my return, have ca grueted zuy xlircllon and left me no Itiae to pre pate an address suitable for th< occasion. Tnu order of a military officer, aseertiog. in edec*. nls richt to amend *;uch of oar laws as be may deem unwise, I? mspetded by order OMhe IVe.ddcnL This arhllrary slop -is scarcoiy arrested, when a measure Is propo«ed in Congress, looking to the sanction of tbi.-military enyr macy.over our laws. In the midst vt t*ie progress of these events we are .astounded !>▼ a proposition, originated bv North Carolinhinp, and brought Jiefore Congress under AREpicee cilculaicd to alarm R«, tiui North • Carolina, one of the original thirteen, is no longer a State, but a Territory of the United Slates. The scheme propo.-es that a new convention be called, the mvmbws of uhleh aie lo be elected by voters with qualifications prescribed by Congress, xa • eluding ncgnnr, excluded from voting by oar C'otißtiinuon. This Convention that, ie To form a n:w CodeUiqUou for the TVrrlfory fomicrir hrown as the State ot North Caroline. The Constitution when formed Is to be appibved. not by the people wno are to live nndci :t, lid by. the Congress, to approve, modify or reject the same: and with a test oath framed with apparent intent to reverse the p<la ciple that the majority of the people ought to rule. HU rcmariable that the avowed and promlnc-l ptojcclorr ol this EChemr were distinguished acton Jr. tlie OTCanitatitfa of the present Mate Govern rent, and have Bought or bold office undj. iL Under these drcumnanccs, 1 asaamc, bjr hi* choice of my country tae«, the painful responsible dnUes of Goixrnor of the State, wltbonl time, in carefully caren'ered commentary, to review these rcvclotiurary mivcmcnie. The Goverror then argue* against more amendments lo the Constitution and in favor of a National Convention, and adds: If my wisbeji could prevail. North Carolina would oe the flr»l ctale lu the Unlpn to bold up to the xatloit this constitutional olive branch. 1 tout that I sc*o not assure you that no act of mine, official or {etfonal. under any circa in- Stoner*, will ct.o any c-jantenance to tbs parallel scheme of erasing North Carolina from the grlaxy xf Males ol the American Union. In m iking this declaration. 1 dcrlre to deny rue pvs>lble implica tion ih«» there is within my Lnowlengeany other patriotic dticcn of the Slate who *wooid volnnanlv assent to such degra dation. In civ childhood the lemons of parcxtal -InUrrctlon laoght and tmpr v «srd «>o my besit Bflcc’ioc for the American Union. The civil war tl rough which we btve pt«scd nai not crowd thc<a Impresaiotu. The redectioos lor riper years but tl.ungUjenel them. Wlieu, In rpite of tar remonstrance*, a sectional wararese, niy dnty, as 1 conceived, required me to yield rn ol>cdi(nce to the Ce recto government of uio sec tion in which 1 Jived: but when the par y claim ing to fight to preserve the Union pn-va lcd. I gladly renewed iny allegiance to toe Union, aud v lll not now Invite its dissolution by nnaclof Congress. He U'gcd the legislature to cncntuago tnsne facinres. and said. •• I appear before y.*n to-dav, clothed In the handiwork of North Carolina man ufacturer, &cd made up by North Caro icamc duoics.’* FBO3I THE PACIFIC COAST. Tns>crci>r« Detained at Nicaragua—b-urreT Gummecred on »be tSomhern Pacific Itnli ronrt. fcAN rntvcfco, December 23.—Steamer Tsyior. H NVariguir which ar.ivedh-re in b Haul wa« i«-o day? over her time, when the tjcLtrer atari in Nicaragua, December S*h. sent the Taylor to «hi» port; a? a con«cqnmcr »i-.q parscegtrs, including £OO United Estate? troops who icll Nrw York on the UCtii of JCove-tibcr, arc ditaintd lr. Nicaragua, and cannot arrive here nrtll the ntinn of the Meaner America, due Jant’t'y £t).u,JiiCa being toll two coomb* on Ue "llic survey of the Southern Facile IMlroad has commenced. A large amount of -nock has 1 ecu lakes, a' «I there will be no difficulty In du pi.fir,'- of the reminder. Ground wili be broken next spring. Kaiu La; Icca falling steadily here to-day- Mercury G-:«4. Fntal Carrinue Acetdenr. Kashvillk, December 49.—W. A. Wad, of Mem phis, «c B hilled yesterday, near Franklin, by Use upsetting of hi* buggy. FROM EUROPE. Advicesto the27tii by Ocean Telegraph. Interesting Account of the Great Ocean Yacht Race. The Henrietta Beats Her Rivals About Eight Honrs. Six of the Crew of the Yacht Fleelwing Lost Overboard. Confirmation of the Report Con cerning the French Failure at Corea, Rumors of Changes in the Aus triao Cabinet. Ilazzini Issues a Stirring Ap peal to the. Romans. Full Summary of European News by Late Mails. FROM WASHINGTON. National Bank Currency Nof in Circulation, $298,018,579, IflE GREAT SNOW STORM AT THE EAST. Condition of the Varions Rail roads in the Line oftbeS.orm. Brief Particulars of the Recent Massacre on the Plains. Gold Clcsed in New York at 1-33 7-8 FROBI EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGBAPH. Losdos, December SS, nrertr or ttte cheat occas tacht back. Ibe yacht Henrietta, arrived Conve at 5:45 this afternoon. Tcc uip 'rai made in about fourteen days, Lojjdok, December SC. The yacht Flcetnln? arrived at Cowca at 2 this morning. The arrived al 2:50 this morn- I<om>ox, December 26. Tbe yacht Henrietta made the trip, calculating the diiTereoee between London and New York time. :n thirteen days end twenty-three boon tfty-elghl minoUis, beating the Flcelwlog eight boars Ctiecn minutes, and Vesta nine hours lifio n minutes, Members of the Itojal Yacht Squadron will give the vachtmen a formal recep tion. Tbl* race, and its quick time. Is c.eating a : rr.sation In France and England. The best ran that the yacht Henrietta made In one day was two hundred and eighty miles, and the least ran the made In one day was one hun dred and thirteen miles. She made the entire passage across the ocean with but one tack, and did not lose even e rope. The Henrietta is every whctc looked upon as one of the best and fastest yachts that ever sailed the ocean, and is greatly admired by everybody. Loxdok. December 27—Noon. The yacht Fleetwing lost six men and her Jlb buom on the 20tb instant. The yacht Tests Is all and wontd have been within two hoars of the winner but for an error tn her nllot. Tbe Loudon Timet compUmenU the Ameri can yscbUncn. for the last time they made with ihclr crafts, and for the great skill displayed in the management-of them. Lowuott. December 17—Evening. The Hoyal Yacht Squadron bare laviivd -tbs Accncsn yaebtmen to a grand banquet wu Friday ((cuing. iTzrncvs sxKonxess. LtrxuPOOL, December 30. General Mitten, tor several years connected with ib«> Fenian orcanlzanon,publicly denounced Stephens as a htunbtuj cheat, and warns his coon* Uicicn ipilnat him. LONDOS, December 26. Ihc friends of Gordon, executed at Jamaica by • >idcr of Governor Eyre, have brought the mat* ;tr before the court#, which will determine hU cf-poLslbility therefor. London, December CC—-Evemajj. It 19 confirmed that the French cxpc'lUton to Jotca has proved a total failure. STSfeV AT.IiIVAU. Tjrr.ui'oou December a*—Noon. Hie steamship Denmark, from New Vork, ar med heic this forenoon. Ijvcr.rooL, Decembers?— Evening. l*hr steamship Aacica, from New Y'ojk, ar tiled here this eTtucoou. IlaviiL, December ST—Evening. The steamship Europe, from New York, has ar rtxed hcie. rasic rx tbs island or srrvoncx. Losses, December ST—Evening. A panic Is reported at Minorca, owing to a ra nor that the United Slates had demanded Its ccs riou_from Spain. * tratr. Hoke, December 2T—Evening, ycnzlri Las turned a stirring appeal to the TU roara to nsc and proclaim the Republic of Italy. * ArmUA. Viexsa, December 27—Noon. It Is rumored here that changes are about lelrg made in the Cabinet. rorctirn Mnrkrta.' [97 Ocean Teiegra; b.] Loa*i>ox, December X, Flvc-TwenUes, 73i^GT3>f; Erie, U>\ ; lilnlols Can trah'S.k. ols closed at 90 for money t Illinois Central, 79 vt Ene,tfj» t TrSa.TSM. lavzsroou December SB—ErentngJ Cotton—Sales of cotton today 15.0 CC bales—market cJo*tng with an advance of J*d. MlddUng oplmdi ore quoted at loTPor, December 77—Noon. t oc«ols-S0K fbr mon«y; &fO/, «t>f; Illinois Cen tral. 79; Etle,46K- Lrvrcroot. December??—Noon. Colton—Estimated rales to-day will reach U. 030 hales. HlduUng opiaods are quoted at ItSd- Loxtwa, December 2»—Evening. JUinoU Central, 78k; Erie. «s; B-'iJ*, 7i*. Lmsrooc, December 7<—Evening. Corrox—Sales Unlay is,too bales market closing steady at li’.d for middling uplands. [By Steamer.] Los dost, December 11. Tbo London mosey market on the 15th was steady. cU" k ofc->Uon al Liverpool was lbs, includ ing 159. MU lb* American. Wheat—Finn lor winter r?d .and Southern lta£ I.VM, Core—Easier, at a decllnrof l*36J per quarter on the week. Ilcef—Decllnlcg. ixrV—l-ow«r. ixtroleum—Firmer: refined, scarce. BY £>TRA.H!»II]P. Details of the recent Colliery Explosion*— Fenton Excitement r*i»bslUHur— Catted states Claim* itontnsi French r*bln.bniiders —The Pope not to Leave Home—Marshal D&znlne to Napoleon— Rapture Looked for between Greece and— Farther Cor* rcependeace between Minister Kins aid Cardinal Antonclli, Ntw Y’ons, November £9.—The steamer Ans -tnUarlan. from Liverpool, December l&h, came cu this corn leg, having been agronnd. Ihe steamer Ta?macia arriveu at Southampton with yellow fever on board, from the West InoL e. She had r.lncty-elx cases acd twenty-one deaths oq the passage. Details of the explosion at (he Oaks colliery Abow SIS deaths. The second explosion caused (wcntT-clgh: more deaths, mostly mining enci «>,eie and firameu ot neighboring collieries. Two more explosions on the same day canard the sranhtobe suspended. Ano'Ler explosion oc curred near Staffordshire, and fourteen Uvea were lost. The Fenian alarm la reported subsiding in Ire lai.d. and no more arreste are^reported. The claims against M. Arman, in Fiance, by the United Stares, is 2,2£Q,u<l Irenes, which b the amount paid bv the Confederates for slaps of war. Nrw York, December £9.—Foreign news states that the mission of General Flenry to Florence refers solely to the Korn an question. All idea of the Pope’* leaving Home are aban doned. Several proclamations have been relat'd in Fan t>oerg s-t. Denis, rails, inciting the revelation m t-piin, under tar lead of General Prim. Marshal Baraiue telegraphed Napoleon Decem ber Sd, as follows: “ Maximilian u still In Mexi co, and fas not decided regarding his future movement*. “The evacuation of Mexico, requiring to be complied by Math is urgent. Transport*should arrive without delsv. General fcberman and Mir l-ter Campbell arrived at Vera Cm* on the 4Ua». anti, left on the Bd. They appear to be animated by scutimirit* of Ihc most conciliatory character.” The \ienoa esys; “A rapture between Greece aim Turkey Is inevitable " Two hundred kou«« have been destroyed by fire at Dorr Gong, China. • Civil w»r U suspended in Japan. A Tart? letter aetcils (hat an oxpeilUion is pre paring is the United States to aid the Cretan la mr gChte. General King, United States Minister to Rome, h e bad further correspondence will C.w dirat AntonelU, respecting the alleg-d n*com civi.dailon ol the Pope to our Minuter to embroil Creada and the United 6*ale? Transport* were to Mill on the SOth to bring back Fn Lch troops from Mexico. The New York World on the New Telegraph Amn«cmcnt. New Tons, December £3.—The ITjrM contra dicts the mendacious statement of the Timet that It wanted to get bach Into the Associated Pres*, and denounces It a? a “ lie for a sinister purpose,” to stop the dally exodus of Journals all -01011110 country from the Asso ciated Pres?. , . . The Hor/d say* it prefers paying any amount for si' the news n* tnraished by the United Stales and Kuroyesn New* Association, ta paying about 9i,siju per week fer the aisle news of (he Aaeo- VOL. XX. dated Press monopoly. The World points oat Low tbe Ilrmld prints socaal cable news, cheat* It* confederates, and now, as heretofore, violates ell |t» agreement* with impunity, and tbe Ring moropoiy dare not enforce its roles. Vto World cays (lie United Stales and Earopcan AscodsUon Is famishing fresh and well compiled news to two or three limes aa many journals as Ike Ring, and under tbe support of the lire Jour nals of the country, and tbe public, baa distanced all competitors. FEOH TVA.SHISGTOS. Washington, December S 3, smnarr. WaenzaoTOS, December 23.—’The Navy Depart ment has received no informalloa Surras wiilbe brought to this country on tbe S-vatara. It is not Improbable he may bu Vaaarcrrcd to an other vessel. PARDONED. Jofierson Wilber, eon ol the ex-Confedcrale, has been pardoned by the President. usd tK HD or i iiur canal. Bon. Mr. liiiL agent for a Michigan companv has filed with the Genera) Land 013 cc a list of public lands eclrctcd, embracing one hundred thousand acres, allowed by act of Congress to aid the construction of a ship canal from take Supe rior to 1-ac La Belle. PATENTS. The second Issue of patents for January win be rnedeon tkc B'li. One hundred and fifty will be Issued. NATION*!. BANK SECDIUTIES. Thi* TrM.nrrrn' thl, I 1 fpH 'illll#, hntllt tta au_ The Treasurer or the United States holds as se curities fur the drcaistiuu of National Banks, S3ttiJXs,lso; dcpoeitcits o: public muuryi, Sd,w,ioo; total. tar.'.civsM. CimCtNCT ISSUED. The total amount of currency Issued to date. $5U).73U,951. Deducting currency returned, in cluding worn out rotes, tbo actual circulation U k W36,Giaj.B. fkoji sr. LOCIS. Ex-Conf edrrnle Officer Tried for VaaraocT fltilitm to be Uce&llctl from Lexlagtoo— (taverner Fletcbt-r’sUespatcbt-MCa the Jli*. •oatl Hrnntotu vilxsoarl *»nr Claim*— Stale el tbe AllMtaalppi Itlvrr— Portico! jn of the Recent Maaancrc of rsoidiera on ibe Plain*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribanc.] St. LoCls. Decembers. Clltf n Bcrbr'dre, t-*- former Confederate opr, and cow a paroled Confederate officer, was tried at dtcqnluedol vagrancy to-day, though poliee men swore be T»o.« tbc reputation of a common gambler and vagrant. Anacc mentt- na'c hem cmnplctofl for with* I’.rawii-trtlic mi inu from Lexington, .lodpe i nti ai d other CcnservjiUv* jruaractotlng the enforce n cot o« the iawa. They cnmp.liAcut the milila mi (heir general tcod Irebavlor. It 1» under* • .coil that one company of thirty men are to be left to perform polio? duty, to piovent rui-chlef. GoTern.«r Fictc’erV dcfptxUu* to the iJUsoail f motors ere p’lHlrbcd. tic state.- that .'-lisaoii'l would not petuit interference in n matter purely local, tils former ueapatcie* to General Giant niiecarricd, otherwise Uie troop* never would liavc I'Ccii oruen il to Lexington. As *OOO as (imcral Grant uccivtd it he ordered tbc troop* removed. 'Xbe Commission appointed by -lie Governor to audit the claims o» xl**octi f«»r v-ar expenses, ui cci the <. o litre riotial act appropriating ncnn million;* to ray 'he rame,bas nuprovid them. The eirerdltun-e wire tlx and uhan million dollar-, It is leiUncil the payment of the; e claims irtll Improve the finance! or .Missouri. to aa to Insure Hie futuic payment of oar bt-te interest regu* Jarir. The river Is fall of foaurg Ico. aod ferrr boat r.av*gailcu i« mofe di’.Ucull. The cold weather coitiiiuco. nnc if the liver recedes, aocti more of a gorge Is likely. bT. Lons. I): cembcr 29.—The following bri-f paiticLlare of ifcc recent crt>:acro oxi 'lie I’Ulqs ate n.c« Ivcd. Ob thu il*t isst., a detaichtnuil of tioopc conibUiig of elgbiy-focr znoa and odlcers FtancH from Foil Phil. Kean;ce« taking the road toMoc'Bi a. When flee mi e-* from the fort the troop? were attacked and surroanded by C.IOJ In dian?, and al’cra most desperate light cv.ry one was killed. 11 is repotted tba* (lie loss of the lu dions guatly exceeded the number fit troops en tered. bnlllcicni reibfotccnitutt Lav* been fvu\ from Fort lar&rolo to protect the military poeta along that rente. rHO3I ST. PAUL. Another Treaty With the Sloan Indians— Trouble ArUiucFrotn the New L'im Trai> edi-biuecii Uclow zero. [special Despatch to tne Chicago-Tribune.] Ft. Part. Minn.. December 29. "BniJriDla Thompson, of t';!s city, ha* Just re cciveo oidcrs to take twenty of the leading Chiefs of the Fieselon and Wapeton Sioux to Washing lot-ton lo make a treaty of peace. An extensive and expensive commission vislt>'d the frontier more than a year ago and made a treatv with the same Indians, but it teems It did col bold, or dee somebody wants lo make a fen* thousand dollars and *o get up another treaty. Mr. Tbocip sou Uft for the irontier to-dar. *lbc report reaches here that two hundred citl »n« of SlanLato have taken a ulvce of artillery and aims, and gone to Mew Ulm code i. anu itc bodies of Campbell and L'scorab, who were bung by o mob on Christmas Grctl ex ciictrtni exists lo Uial locality, and if the New Clin t»opK> still relnso to surrender the todiei more Lloooibtdmay ensns. The mercury reached sixteen below zero this neon, with a blight ran shining. FKO3I qviycY, ILL. iitaial (litrare-Tlie wanting Season—The Fucktow DnnnCM-WitrU Cstmnenced on lUu UruSse to (Irontbe .liUslsmypl, Arc. [Special Despatch to Ibc Chicago Tribaae ] C’lixct, 111., December 'A A met! horrible outrage was committed upon a little child, a colored girl eight years old, br a Vrute la bctnac lord, a white man, and married at that, and having a family. The man has left :h< city, and It Is lot probable that be will be hrurclii to jtiftlcv. bappusc tbe child bad been whiteand the brute b'ack, yon would have heard of a t-ioim ot Indignation, and no doubt of the caubii'g and banging of t&e miscreant. Tnofkatltnr link* have been opened '... this city, and me well pMroniaod. LotwUbecLJJn.' there-is Finoolb lc* on be bey. IVrk c does not pr»»grefs very bridtlr. but lam told That tlicie Is a Urae quau..;y iu u: eocntiy. 1 he fridge ovei tlwMississippi has hocaloot«i\, t.d work commented. htlurtsiiic being made to have the next £ ,*.u lair located here. Audit-gs to that - La-e ••.-n Mid. YVe&thcr cold and freezing. FROM HADISOS. (Sraiid Rcanlrn of Veterans—Halt I-.* the ilntberhood ot Engineer*—The \V_r;tc»*. [s-pcdal Despatch to ire culcogo Int :-.c.| Mamaox, Wls . Decern’ er -3. There Is to ha a giard reunion hero ihe Cl»t, of vetcions ot the Fifteenth WUconslr .. t composed of ecatidinax'Ut s, nhlch won h!ju u or.- or cor rg the war. A largo delctatioa expecra.l frem yonr city. Cjeat preparation is iniVieg tb*lr rt-erptien bt the here. >ieu nals hVUlicb and farlm. alth whom the touchy are expected and a great lime la onucl l&ted. ’the Lroibertiood of Engineers on the lines running into this cltsclve a grand hall ui Ne» Year's e»e. Weuthrr dry; thermometer four degrees below, this rooming elx; above, this noon : and eight ahoxe, to-ntghu FROa LOXDO>’, C. IT. rhorklns Rnllrond Amdeni—*rrrer»l Per, eons fiatilT Irjnrcd—The Weather, [Special to the Chicago Trlnnce.J Lokdok. C. W., Deccmberii. A fhorldng accident took place tUU morning on the Great Western Railroad, near Komokn. ,An emigrant train going wc*l ran into the rear end of the Sarnia train, M.vcopi»ip the passenger and b*ggagc eats, reMiuli.gxn ecrionsly tnlurncionr women and eight men, one of the fatter, it la thongbi, fjially. Canrot ascertain the names. Weather pleasant; good sleighing. THE GREAT STOUM AT THE EAST. The Fall of Snow nt Varlooa Points—Condi* Uon of the Uallroado— Lane Aecamnla* tlons of Ibaasenarrs and Frelshl. - MosTEtau. Dc- en.ber 29.—A heavy snow fell during, the last two day*, the \nud blo.nng a la nhanc. All tiains bcuiml time, Pa_, December 29.—1 - has been •rowing for tee past tony-eight boors, and is still snonii-g. Jhe n-ow is two f>xt deep. Nrw York. Derember 21—The wcaiber ts clear this morning. Mercury 12 degrees above rero. Burroto, December 29.—The l>ake Shore Road Is villi blocked but as the wind baa subsided it n ill scon l-e cleared. The Great Western b unobstructed. The Grand Trank is blocked. 'the Atlantic Great Western between Sa’a xrauca and Cleveland is resorted clear. Liu*, Fa.. December 29.—1 n consequence of tbc rxiow blockade there u a large accumulation of Eastern honrd Dclghte here and at points west. *hkh the Empire lice 1« forvrarriing *a rapidly as oossible over the PbUadrlphia & Fxic Knad, that being the only route open eastward. Passengers aie aLo accumulilliighere, and at Dunkirk there are large numbers. Burroho, December S3.—No id ails were it seived ihis afiercoon from tie East or West. The mar kets are nnctumgvd and quid. MEXICO. Juarez Declares that (he United State* Wants no IHrilcaa Tcrritorj—No C«*nflr» tuotion ot the Reported Uasnios ol Esc*, bede. NawY'ucs, December 29.—A CbUmahna letter of the (lh gives accounts of a grand ball given by .Inarcz. At the banquet General Lew Wallace proposed a toast to Mexico and the Mexican Stall's. President Juanr, in responding to the least said, speaking ol the Ucltru sutea: “They do not desire any more of onr territory; Ihrv wiil not Insult ns by asking ns for U.*' Ti e official periodical of the Government says: “Thejccathat* Republican Government is dis posed to cede territory to the United Slate* Is ab solutely falfr." No official Information of tbc hanging of Eto bedo has been leeched st headquarters atNiW Oi leans. FROM SEW TORE. Aniline of the Preach Ex-lllDlttcr Montho* Un-Kcvennc.tiOlctnlß and Whiskey i-pecn* lotion— Snip ol Ocean Steamer*— Prospect el Another Filhbafctcr Expedition Against inU-An Itrmst Etc. Nrw Yonx. December 29.—Ex-Minister Mon ;boU n sailed to-day for Fiance. Übe Cor;resslciiml Investnraftne Committee two the Custom House funds here .-bow that one cruel made upwards of 3SO.UU above bis sat ike steamships Allantic and Baluc were sold fur tin thoti*ax.d dollar*, Isaac Taylor, a* busier, rrcoming Hu* purchaser. Tucre arc liens to the • u:ei nt of half a minion dollar? on tbs vv??el?. “ TLe Ar«»-i**e Cez»tu Mates (hataa organisation elll shortly he commerced here, tor the purp-ao oiioclutioilalng Cuba. h Is chiefly composed oftul'ase.wbo. like neatly ail ihvlr race, desire to <ever the cctisci tlnn ot Cuba with Snam. Pri/ces-cr S. F. ft. Morse h a».n; v'.'wj to Paris, to pei chase Washington AliMou’s Jeremiah, which be win nrcMCtio iho Hale School of Fine Art?. . It I* reported that Collector Smyths has re sisted. the attempted ssiasslsiUoa of Kmil JavL. last Mot day nighul* still a royalery. Jut 1* rapidly rveevcting. ard "ill be able to throw light on tno strange occmrcucc. Nothing tn the bouse was ndsrtrg. Ibe door fastening? wets U’ldla’mbed. 2tree tbonsapd dollars.worm of Jewelry, In the room at tbs time of Ihe shooting, was not touched. T be assassins are supposed to hare entered by a ladder in tbe Lack yard. Afire broke out but night at N 0.63 Church street. Stevens. Peixalte & Co. occupied the first floor and basement; Samuel Meyer 6t Co. the sec ond floor; Zeller A Co. the Ifava floor. Damage io the store of the fi>at firm, consisting of cloth ing, Is 13,WX); S. Meyer A Oo n dealers In tailors' trimmings, lo*e $10,000; Zeller & Co., dealers In children's eiothlnr, damage by Are and water. SIO,IXO. Tbe bcliding was owned by D. Hunter; injured. FBOa PHILADELPHIA. Work of the Conarcestenal (tammittee on loicronl llevcnar Fraud*—Cotton and Wool .UanararturentOßk for the :Abriiia. non of the Five per Cent Taxon ibclr Pru duct*. Pan.ann.pnia. December29.—’Tbe Congression al Committee on frauds on the Internal Revenue have ul< anked home astounding cases here of corruption imbOi; olflclaU. At a meeting at the Board of Trade vooms to day a large number of cotton and wojl manu facturer* agreed to memorialise Congress to ab rogate the five per cent tax on manufactures, and otneiwUe address U concerning their interests. A committee was appointed to go to Washington. FROX BALTIMORE. Tbe Police ('omatisaioacr Imbrotrllo—Salt lor Fatso Imprisonment Withdrawn by tbe >ew ilourd—Governor Swarm wilt 1*,02m« bly be Chosen EultedMiaics Senator. Baltixoce, December 89.—*be Board of Police romaJj-tion' n have with irauu the suit against ib** old Board for false Imprisonment. TLii Legislature meets oo Wedncjday. Oliver Mt.lui, <1 Anne Arundel County, will probably bv elected Speaker, and Governor Swann choiou as United Stales Senator. FEOH. JIOSTCOMEKY, ALA. A Georgia Cengretmman’n Oplalon ol the Pronpect* of (be (Aeatbera Statev Xontoonaßt, Ala., December ».-Onr Con- c.ect, Judi>e Wiley, just returned from Waahlugton, txpi esses me opinion that if the Mates ratify tltc Cnnsiliutioual Amend mei.t Lteir Kctiree«.uta*nes wHi be admitted to Congros, and If they refuse they will be temtu-' rlaltxcd. Lenisvllle Items. I oi'isville, December a'*.—Too police arrested Wdi. Hewej and wro for Larlne a large amount ol stolen goods of 'arious kinds, among them dry good*, and postage stamps, eloKa from Thoma* nicks. Postmaster In vluham County, ciar Westport, on the night of tbc lath in-taut. Pcikice, tbe wire murderer, la convalescent. Le has been arrested and removed to tba bos pitaL rn-Btdcnt ol ibeNt w Hutch Untlroad Killed by the Care* Nouwaj-Kj Codl.. btcemb;r 80.—Mr. bcanton. I’rxtJdCDt of ILe Xcu - Haven Haihoad. tlljipod ifum a platform here tbla mcrzmir, and \va< sl it-o* l instauU) killed, the cars pa.cda£ over las Lipd. I’cnttHTiTanla Lcsiftliuars. ITamuimrso. Pa., i eccmlcr SO.—A quorum of botn Imnchca of the I egialattm* hi« arrived. J. K J*unpli*soo, of the Philadelphia I*r*r». has beta appointed Private secretary by the Gover nor. Uomnse to Newfoundland Telegraph Lines. liauraa*, N. s., JJ«ccutbcr gd.—the Newfound lit <1 tele* ruph hues were prostramd tor many miles in extent hy the terrible gale of Wcdce-day. ’ltt company ue woiklmr energetically to .put t’;iui in ouicr. Otol'-ou t« (•mend Joe Johnston. Mratims, iteceiui >er a>,—a superb ovation wa« civcn to <>tu> ra! .too Jobuitou, at Holly tarings. Ml-?., on Tcureday lie returned to Selma j.-aaucy. Anest ol a Thief. Ntw lice. ‘.o.—.Tobft t*tycr, arreted io cay, bud a bti'L* quantity uf sulcri gaum |;om intrCLtutb <it Louirviile and New Albany f-jaiiJ :n tisi pcsse&slon. Stjer was committed to ILe l-ouitvUic jell. 511 E CULTAJt UEYOLUTIOS, Syshnialtc Lying About the Cretan In surrection—Exploit* of a Greek Mourn er—Ci» trappy KlTects of European ul pleniaey—t rucl Policy of Uio lurklah Government. CoysTAsnsoFLE, December 2, ISM. The history of iluroix-au diplomacy, writ ten in a spirit of truth, would be the history of i-olillcal crime umi the unfolding of all the causes of the cver-recurrtug deluges of blood that have so often engulfed the savings of civilization and the hopes of Christianity. And that history over repeals Itself. Thiity-als years ago Crete freed her self from the most fanatical, brutal and cowardly of all oppressions and was by di plomacy tied hand and foot and handed back to her oppressor, it scums incredible that so infamous a crime could have been perpe trated in the life-time of men now living; that in this epoch the rulers of great nations should Lave so violated the spirit of justice und liberty as to em-lavca whole population, who fur nine years had battled ana suffered , fur freedom and woa It with tif expenditure i of hiilf its number, ami mimetic* and mar tyrdoms Inconceivable to ns. And such slavery as U was banded back to!—that of south Carolina was better. The life, the honor, the property, everything that was. was the Mussulman's—"his wife. Ills man servant, his iLald-ecrvant, bisox, his ass, and everything that was his." The conduct of the french and English Consuls in Crete has been worthy the ante cedents of INJO. The former,' more Turk than Islam was. has not hesitated not only to endorse all the talseboods of the press oi Coiistsnlinop'c und the official reports of the local government, but ha* exhausted Inven tion lo framing slanders of all kinds against the Cretans, La» rpeut his time In prosely ting and bis C'ihciu‘. InCucucc in intriguing lor ibc Turkish Cl>-vcm.;* .t. The joltcy the Utter Lac oeeo .• .üboticirl from t'j<* outset, illhrcw ;c:c the -kv-a Jd.o<X) of ile moat laujticul se.dU.ry, uud, *:• ;ij couces- .•i( W till rla to CUUi. ].-• »nc pc.*;*;c. :u»hcu lull hivtia* Airy the UiniiU. \ :>vr»* dcot. .yc.u .a<r. ci* cd chiiilr r* rj.'i-n. . lo \5 V (-.virvtbiiv to u decree at tnust v.t c> Ivr.Ko. r ,i:o hiatory m iha war »;■ ihr V-r iv*% .iu cf ciuuri’.g hcicis-n, pa tient sutler; > .'*>{ u.iikDn. matet nai ouctibcca ,u resolution ti.--v. i.u! rei cue aide, rcu hru,;..; ...*,.; a-r --larynx un the olher.'sucii as in our ma,._. i*ai:ncrt> Ire ccutprcLcnacd. The ’ w Jlicy ol ,tii'-ldit"out went on the ruppositlo-i’that u. Lrcluus uutJd be iiiuutuu,*U or tortured «uhll.l>A,Ou hCIDTC ItiC ffori l had time fc<*e wim; xrus pr-ti-g cu. Twuuty days ~'e.C su, posed tu snhun f-r this, N*rt' the cr.Uiulalicn Ciilcv, * r. t n the cna* of the d-vii caru a to be ip out. They p.-ctcidcd that tue 'J-ciuis h«u siifitutiercd-au*' that all was’Lhi^V.-1. A..v ••..y Europe hod to inovu ,i. .c if’.rcdcra wacn th« mws f;*ll U<»; a o*i u.r • ibdr x-s y cn.-u'lbuLioeA Gnrti’a.^ivni üboi.t sword ir*. wi.,- It-j news ci.*»ie? too late, bo rruci; tiatc ghtn -d; tea 2-jit d.iye n.:dtu to til..- t-Ten: . Bui in •.Ctltlajj lrt>; -tofT Cd: y.l r : 1.; <.;.t jalsc.’iood iii'ua; .t:t ■•» • r again ; .tel it cd .tC bail. * rutcaleu. ; i.ey *; j *> cr.dcr»>cnj« nta : niul tidiold! all ready tulc-J ;Ltlr panics ua'u vie of their GovemmeuLi nrc'tLc Couhui* 11 anguind and France. Bat thle week, we know that only the Govern ment has not succeeded in breaking the spirit of a single district of Crete, but that the in surgents have Just iutlicteo, at Arkn'di, one of the most damaging blows on the invading army that the history of these struggles can show. Every day volunteers arclanainjr and the Cretans petting belter arms; and though thtlr wives and children arc perishing unaer the kuife and the snow, they ore further from eubmitting than ever. The Greek Itlacd of Synt Is only a few hours by steam Irom Uiu Cretan coast, aud it is doing for Crete wbat Nassau did for the Couiedcratcs. The Greek steamer Pauhcli tiion has made some twenty trips to Crete with ammunition and recruits. Some of these have been very exciting, and she has narrowly escaped capture by the Turkish blockading squadron. Ibe Tu?ks call her the Shcltau-vapor (Devil’s slcamerßs and they are this week fitting up one ot the' fastest of the Sultan’s private steamers to capture her—if they can. On one trip, after the date of the last telegram above, she landed 500 men, with breech-loading litlee and four cannon. This week she has made twotrl]« (one a failure! and landed a large quantity of ammunition, sixty bates of leather, u large number of bayonets, all from England, aid StO additional volunteers, in cluding twenty-one Garibaldlacs and thirty, two Montenegrins. She is to to joined in a few days oy a new steel-clad steamer, which can run'vlghtccn knots an hoar, and it U expected that they will pat 500 men a week upon the b-land, ■with all necessary supplies. The excitement in Greece has reached a point beyond which it can hardly go with out forcing a declaration of war between Greece and Turkey. Every one now, from the King down, is in a fever of sympathy for the Cretans. Every available nun and held piece in Grccec has gone already, and volun. leers arc going every day. Even the stolid, selfish Greeks of Constantinople arc moved. This week some 200 have gone from here, and among them young men from the wealth iest families in the city. If the Cretans can hold oat nntil spring, and they may be able to do ro with tnc aid they are now rcrclv*"- fr. m abroad. I have : gvod reason tol-vlitivc that the Greeks have determined to slake their kingdom on a sin fie throw and in their lot with the elat’d of Crete. It would be a bold step for such a kingdom, with less than two millions ot inhabitants', to declare war against Tur key, but they have not forgotten the Greek revolution, and they know that such a step would re-open the Eastern question with a vengeance. My opinion is, Uml it would be the best and wisest thing they could do. They have little to lose and everything to gain by such a step. They have lost their prestige and become a stench in the nostrils of Europe, especially In the moneyed circles, bat a bold step like this would win them fiionds and sympathisers everywhere. It would afford some scope for their restless ness, and they would be pretty sure to come' cut of the conquest with a larger territory than before. Fiance might prevent this by rending an army to Athens, but it can hardly be prevented in any other way. The Turks are protesting already against the aid given by Giceceto the Cretans, and King George has promised to issue a procla mation enjoining neutrality, but it wili de ceive no one here or there. Turkey would declare war against Greece to-day but for the ugly ‘‘Eastern question,” which would at once'be raised. After all. as I have.often said, the roal question with the Cretans I* that of subsist ence, IX they con find food enough to lasi CHICAGO. SUNDAY. DECEMBER 30. 1866. them until spring, they will hold oil even against the 50,000 troops on '.be bland. Time alone can solve the-qneatlon. Mean while the sufferings of the Cretan families and the atrocities committed by the Turks are more revolting than ever. The Servian question has suddenly be* come a very serious one. They have de manded. lormally, the immediate evacua tion ol Belgrade and the live other fortresses held by tne Turks In Scrvla. They have 100,000 well-trained militia, armed «llh rifled cannon and breech loaders, to give weight to their demands, and Russia Is urg ing them on. But the Turks arc in a dilem ma. If they yield, they lose forever the key of the Danube at Belgrade, and they In vite other demands of a similar character from other Christian provinces. If they re fuse, the Servians will do their best to drive them out by force, and this will not be agreeable. Their policy will be to procras tinate and gain time as best they can. but it is questionable whether the Servians are in a mood to tolerate this temporizing policy. Russia Is not likely to encourage anything but action, and Austria is now hardly in a position to exert much Influence In favor of Turkey. ESTPOJCTAST FROM MEXICO* Departure of the French froops-Ncw military Division of the Kmplre—Vl dncrrl, Ihcjla, 31 tram on, iwarqncz— The hmperor at Puebla—Seizure of the Vera Cruz Custom Uouae by tbe French—The French carrying off the Silver—Lively movement* of me Lib eral*. iFrotu the New Orleaaa Picayune, December 25.1 The steamship Mexico, Captain Poindex ter, from VcniCruz tbe morning of the IBth, arrived ui this port last night. Sbo brought some forty or fifty passengers. The Mexican Opera Company, bound to Now Orleans, tried to get passage on her, but they were finally compelled to take passage on a sail ing vessel. They were expected to sail about the 23d. The Emperor Maximilian baa removed from Orizaba to I’ocbla, for tbe purpose of more

deliberated taking stops for the perpetuity of the Empire. The Council, some time &ir.ce in tetbion at Orizaba, baa returned to tbe City of Mexico. Tbe Church party have pledged $10,003,000 and 40.000 men, for immediate use, to sus tain tbe Empire. The money will be raised at cr.ce by farced and voluntary loans. • The Fn neb troops have already began to embark fur France. One thousand went on .shipboard tbe morning of tbe ISth, when the Mexico was leaving. There are several other transports at Vera Cruz, and more arc expected. All the French troops arc con centrating on tbe highways leading to Vera Cruz, and will be crujmrked as soon as possi ble. So tar as tbe are con cerned. they seem to desire the early depar ture of the French. The talk among the na tives at the capiial is, “ Wo will first get rid ol the French and then orMaxlmliian.” Tbe embarkation ui the French was tbe talk all 'Lioughlbe country, bnt there was no ex citement, only quiet sati’faction. The French are said to have monopolized ail the trade of the country, by Introducing French goods as military goods, which were not such, without paying duties, and thus underselling the resident merchants. They also, on the morning of the 12th, seized the Vera Cm* Custom House, with s2oo.ftX) in cuin, which they transported to tbe French packet Eugenie. A emiducta of $403,0iX) Horn above, went on board tbe same packet, making StOO.COO for France. Tbe Eugenie mailed on the IClh. ’1 he breach between the Empiror Maxi milian and Marshal Ba/aiue is daily w.dcn lug. Max. no longer counts on him fur sap pert, bnt rather desires his absence. The Marshal Bazainc’s (organ at the capital, was 6U-j*ecded on the lolh lust., by order from the Ministry. ’The Empire has been divided into four grand military divisions, with Viduturi, Me jia, Mlratnon and Marquez in command of each. They are all Mexicans by birth, and,, from the beginning, adherent 4 of the Cunrch and Imperial p: rty. Vldiiurtl has command of the northernmost division, Mejia of tbe next, Miramon of the country In which the capital Is located, and Marquez of the south ern or fourth division. They have each and all promised to bring the whole country Into unison with the Empire and nnder Its gov ernment. Ibe Liberals now bold nearly all tho Pa cltlc coast, and it was rnmored at Vera Cruz iLht they had captured San Lula Potoai. It was said that Mejia, on evacuating, had re tired into the Sierras. The Liberals are .-‘aid to be well armed and clad, ami tbe large or ganizations are said to be creditable. The smaller guerilla bauds ore nothing but rob bers. The lowcrrortion of the upper section of the Imperial Railroad, which runs ffvtiu the City of Mexlcv> tb Apasaco, 87 miles, is held by the Liberal General Rodriguez, with 2,500 men. They commanded the traWT to the, ur.u the goods bound ihithcrl On the 3d and 4th of December the Liber alt made a raid on San Juan. Teotihuaeou, and Otumba. the pyramids, SO miles from tbe capital, and pillaged the country, and levied forced loans. Travel trout Vera Cruz to the city of Mex ico Is now pretty sate on account of the rapid movements of the French, bat everywhere -l»c it is said to be unsafe. • Tbe general opinion is that Maximilian w;l» cot, In the long run, be able to sustain himself, but will finally be compelled to quit the coun ry. . • CAM) IA. Tlie Loss of Lite at the monastery of Arkadhi. [From tho Pall Mall Gazette, December 11.] So extraordinary and desperate an attol heroism as that whicn has ja*t ennobled the caasc of the Cretan insurgents at the Monas tery of Arhadhi should not, if possible, be allowed to pass down to posterity with any Inadequacy or want of authenttealion alroni ,ie •iciails. There is no doubt as to * he fact Itself, though the absurd figures wit j wlucli it was at first announced trnn 1‘; i;u v.: ’nrally Induced every one l«» it to tuo iaine limbo ns that t » which we have long been, accustomed t* hand over all u’-grams Corfu, and u -tab’y the lm- Jte'cly preceding one cblutingavictory will*, a 3.IXX) Turks killed and ti4:;T. prisoners. li I* not clear even, yd ■.»!'> ‘h r tru; monastery was blown up bjvi rCt,r«- 'ftacr.j ’uijtnSae berore mbit»aoo» J i» •' U, or wVnbcr the" monks tired the paw ner ri:t.r the Turks bad stormed it v.d were »a complete po?se*>ioa oril; nor Is tiijlUr.}; like approximate certainty ; t L to thetmciL-'M on ';:hcr tilde who have ! Aju. l jsccrtju these jviiuu (s the ©f-*v;".*:c jaSti!2‘"-y. ami we may lru«t that ■jiCu ;Tu-utT-'tpi'" : lit who ns tha Timed' •Wircei-« 2d •••. Athens -will investigate AL-.2: rally, and thus lilifup the necessarily •'►’cfUes j*.Tj>lion in ontliue which he has just •*at 'is. Indeed, if he does not. we much fear that no one else will be able to do it properly, however willing. For the moment it would be almost itnpcr* :;ntnt minutely to criticize the details of so crand and tragic an act ol dc- however, more than once pa.. iieiLit, though on a tar smaller scale, in • «dJ <Tif-;k revolution. We love to aaso- i«at deeds of this kind with the name of a A- leudin ’ mind; but, as jet such tails us now, os it ue»rly docs in modern Greek history. The name of Yonrhaki, of Mount Olympus, the Itumcllote captain who blew himself upla the Moldavian Monastery of Seko, to which be bad cur Ids way with much address and bravery In field, at the close ot the Premature and mlsdi* reeled campaign on the Danube, which pro luded the true Greek Insurrection of IS3L may yet remain lor the rcprescnlat} - .* Greek patriotic self-devotion—as afll tint of Constantine Kanaris—it Is Ukewl:r. the only exception to Finlay's *lcru sentence of judgment on. the wbmc (evolution: il Ko eminent man stands :'o*- ward as the representative of the n-difmV. virtues.” Up to the present time, altnor' without Exception, wc have been apatbatk anil sparine of sentiment as regards the Cre tan movement, and the Greeks have nly ,v tbank themselves for this result, 1-rough» about by the bewDderment into wbl> their preposterous telegrams have thrown s*.' An event of this kina is not unlikely to sti: ■ sympathies to some depth. Bat it Ir.jjyi likely to make us intervene, much les£ wr make France Intervene, when such Interven tion must of necessity adopt one or the other alternative —either of expropriating and restoring 50,000 Mussulmans, or of aban doning them to the mercies of men In hot blood who would destroy them In a week. If England or France, or both together. In tervene, they will simply be compelled to occupy the island. On other terms interven tion is hat idle talk. BIEBSTADT. A TUI to the ralnur'kStudio at Irrlu;* ton on (be kludnon. [Cotmpcnderc* of the Jiaiioutl Intelligencer.] Bic-rtladt, the great American landscape painter, the man whose brash has made os all familiar with the grandness of Rocky •Mountain scenery. Is the last acquisition Irvington has made. High up on thotop of a prominent hill, about two miles cast of. hot in sight of Sunnvßlde. and with the solid rock for a foundation, this clever artist has built him a castle of dark, hewn granite. It U a huge,. Indescribable pile, an architectural oddity. The artist was his own architect, and 1 venture to assert he has given to the science a new. if not a very harmonious feature. To describe the figure it cuts on the ground you would need to have the last great work on geometry at your elbow. It baa more short, sharp tinea and acute angles than any other noose within my kuowK*dge. 1 have studied it from almost every point of view, without finding much in It to adtoirv. Indeed, it was some time before 1 discovered what our friend s real object was in building it. At first sight, it struck me as being built in three sections, and put together as the convenience of the owner demanded. Then it occurred to. me that Mr. Bierstadt.'whote mind lake&anUti xary turn now and then, had been studying Professor Mahan on fortifications, and got redoubts, lunettes, paranoia, traverses, cm brafuito and cpauliucnts so mixed up la his admiration that he had them incorporated in hio architecture ; In short, that he had built hb house w Uh a view to a war with England or Fiance,when It could ho very readily con* vet led -uto a fortress, made to penom a conspicuous part in defending the position. The wale are certainly thick enough, and the windows are so arranged that puns mutinied in them would sweep the country on three aides, as well as command the river. Three galleries or verandahs stretch along the many sides of the first, second and third stories of this great house, afford ing an excellent opportunity for promenade in rummer. Then there is a look.out on the front, and an immense cupola, the distance from the top of which Is clghty-two feet. As may be imagined, the views obtained from this cupola are of the finest kind. Of a clear morning you can see New York on the south of you, the hills ol West Point on the north of you, while towering high in the fir West are Schooley’s Mountains, in New Jersey. Let ns look into the Interior of thlsartist’s palace. What fixes the attention here is the completeness with which every bit of work is finished. On tbs north side of the build irg Is an immense studio, sixty-eight by foity-two feet, and thirty-six feet from the floor to the centre of the domfi. Broad win dows extend down the sides, and are so ar ranged that the light can be gradu ated to sell the atmosphere and the demands of the artist. A snog little gallery runs across the west end of this studio, which is finished in the most substantial manner with walnut and bard pine. This studio opens west into a library thirty-four by forty-two feet, finished in the Bostic substantial number, and with large ca«*mattd windows overlooking the river and country below. Above this Is an other studio with all the necessary appliances, and which Bier&tadt sets apart fur any artist fiicndwliomaycbai.ce to he his guest. On the lower fim-r, and directly under the libra ry, is an elegantly fitted-up billiard saloon, and also a room that mty be hsod for private theatrical*. The beating and ventilating ap parous are of tbe most ingenious sod com plete kind, as are aho the ess fixtures for lighting iac studios and library. Indeed, the boose in all its parts is a curiosity well worth seeing. ' Here, then, la literature and art blending their gentle ard refining influences • with the wealth and the enterprise of New York, and increasing the social charms of Irvington. I ought to add, alto, that tbe domestic, or family portion of the house, as Olerstadt calls it, is on the south side, and consists ol at least a dozen large and ele gantly furnuhed room*. A FIELD DAY IS THE ARXT. A Laughable Bemintseenco of Lite In Sbonuau’i Army. Sherman's army rarely ever halted lona enough In one place to permit of those splendid reviews which are no thrilling to the beholder, and which, at the same time. Is of more Importance—stimulates the cfjirif rf« of the troops. Neither did the officers or men have leisure to Indulge in those sports which area lecture of armies doomed to long sieges or permanent sta tions. WhUe, near the close of the war, negotia tions were pending between Sherman and Johnston, our army was exercised in drilling and reviewing, while sports and fun of one kind or another tilled up the hoars. There arc good horaes in the army, Cist hortes, very Cist—but my horse J “There’s no use o’talking,” as people always sav when there Los been a great deal too much talking, and threatens to be u great deal more; but thus each young officer tries to think of his own horse, and having brought himself to that belief, he loses no leisure oc casion to endeavor to impress his belief upon others. And was it not a Field-doy—field for offi cers and soldicisin the morning, and held for frolic, fun and horses in the afternoon ? Thus it was that the not unusual horse discussion came up in that merry group that merry ’day. For several minutes there had been the old dispute between two aids-de-camp as to the relative speed of their two horses. Let ns call the aids Brown and Smith ; the steeds brown and bay. It is to be feared— though no one ftared It then—that Drown, not to say Smith, and, in truth, the whole company, had Indulged too freely in the simple beverages of the season and locality; for alter the usual amount of preliminary parleying Brown makes a direct assault upon itallb, in the following manner: “1 soy. Major, you’ve been talking about that superior mare of yours for a long time. Now let’s have that race, and settle the mat ter.” “Bnt, Brown, my dear fellow, don’t yon see that the mare is weak ? the has not yet recovered from that run the rebels gave me. Why, 1 havu’t had a saddle on her twice/* before to-day, since we left Savannah.” “Well, when will you runherY” aeta Brown, with some impatience. fcraiib, not a little nettled at thelns’nua lien' evident enough In Brown’s language and manner, promptly replies; “Ob, whenever yuu please !” “ Very well. Yonr horse Is on the ground, and so Is mine. We wilt ride them our-elves Duff, and in the wide road which passes the hitote.” “ All right! I accept tho proposition.” The byttandeis, who have been listening this excited and exciting colloquy, at into Lbv spirit of tho fun with the most Jubilant demonstrations. An ad journment was at once madc-to the front of ihc home ; the horses were brought around, examined, and criticised; umpires were dr fen. starters designated, ana bets were made. In tives-ort imuutc? all the material, preparations, and accessories of a Derby Day, on a very small scale, had been made and were present- General t offered to wager a one ban died dollar rebel chin-plaster, new Usue, against a three cent postage stamp on the muic. General B—, with great alacrity, accepted the wager, and the funds were placed in the hands of a third party. Other bets of equal value were aiso nude. In cluding nil sorts oS thiugs, from a b:cvet to a bool-jack. The distance marked out for the race was about three hundred yaids in oce of the main streets of Raleigh. It jmfired by the headquarters of several general officers. On one side of the track was an OrphsnAsylum.aodoatheothcr a Seminary for Yourg Ladles, some two hun dred of jvhom were disinterested, If not amused, spectators of the scene. The street, now. the track, was very good for Raleigh— a comjound of bard clay, with here and there a few stones, bnt with an unreasonable, if Lot unlimited number of rut holes and ; v,t.d puddles. The wicniLg-puat «■•*> a wide ditch farming a part of aliueof teriltlcatlons Infill ter the defence of the cityh-lhc caiihjr,. part of thqvar. ■ ' / Suet was the track. The jocks ?were I'meed In position, thy. words were" "given—cmc. two,, three!—ard away they wmt. The excitement wayinUnsc! For ?ouio reason tl-afcto thiff day .smith does not ard’r<-ti.nd, Brown’s horse had the advan tage,of iwnPßngths at the start, which Smith's marc pamaßy overcame in the first 'fty ya<Q*, this point tce.e was a slight *:u In .nc read nod in affair, for here trewn’ehorct crossed the jt*l ti;ve\ of StultU’s marc, so that her forv-feet came in contact T .-jtb his ;he s;cd awayumajured; ;«hc catrc down on her knee? aad’uigh shoul der, and so great w«r tho terc,. .f'.ii<- fall that she rolled over cud for end. It requires some lines—lines that l ave not Silk a la plrajact plaaes—to describe all lbv*, vh’.cn lock place In tbe twinkling of at eye. The mare was down and done for. But Smith* U requires no great effort to imaging what became of Smith. For fall live itidntcs following the decent of his •;ooJ Mad Lis uwu memory was somewhat indistinct, and his perceptions dimmed. Uni disinterested spectators aver that bo went thro; gh the air with a speed that was Impos sible to bis mure, or to arv other man’s. At one moment his soMicr-llfec bead was dimly ■fvco—■then his military boots. Head, legs, and armsln rapid, rotatory motion, marvcl oosly resembled the bub and spokes of a swm-tnrnlng cart-wheel. Ho de«-ribed cir cles as he had never desert*', d tnc virtues of bis wcntcriul mars. The more military "•owed lha* *»■» made a ewlfl, shclM;ke, pa; 3 code, uiaLo' .ceocr*ts’.nri*i;; b the air,tfare*t ' •-nin ’ irs'.an* Cifciur.roo l explosion, then 4 , v.ttd a Uuic, aid ficaitj lay in i' at i trembling several yards c '.tetn'.e --~Z: hf It said, gained '■■..israted ; and poor Smith |.'“J lrttht-*f cafnends.whiic !■ •'''■’Vf C-ptalns, iLijors, r c ‘ >!s. p».n red aronod. , f ‘V “U—u--t race. All who • i*"-*■*‘';Vmee 1 lost somethlhc L J <v-.. * I ;r- - -r ,1- Loir, auu *> .■* bald-headed; T '- —lon s*®»cioui. ~>portanlty; Uie ~»ho t}*:* upon the mare lost their pa* tJCDCC"»sd their, staked postal currency; Smith lost the race, some blood, and more credit. The mare vras examined, and was found to he badly cut where her hind feet had come in contact with the Inside of both fore-shoulders, bat she was otherwise un hurt. Smith states that he is folly satisfied that Raleigh roads are somewhat harder than his herd. Hia tire, which was shockingly braised, was bleeding; and, altogether, Smith was in a pitiable plight. Meanwhile, what became of Brown the victorious? Not seeing the mkhap of his antagonist, not yet bearing the sound of fast-following hoo6, he turned in his saddle. That moment—one partly ofinqulry, chiefly oftrinmrh, for he was wildly waring his hat the while—cost him his own scat and llie scat ol hU white corduroys. For at that instant the horse shied at the war?n~ hat, ami, with no elves words of one, two, three. away west Crown—be one war, the startled steed the ether—and Brown 'rose from the ground with a frightful rent or cut across that portion of his nanUloons delicately called by Irvine, in liia description of the Great Unknown, ‘the broadest part.” Then there was another yell—not from Brown but from the assembled crowd. The wound d were brought in; clusters were ap plied in both cases; the usual stimulants were exhibited; neither Smith nor Brown smtained any serious injury, and from their Bahigb ride they both soon rallied. But that night there was not a private sol . dier la all that ertat army who did not know that two staff-officers, hixjor This and Major That* of General So-and-so’s head quarter, ludbet-n uuhotsed that morning; and ol ell the merry men who laughed at their expense, none enjoyed the Field-day race and its dlsa>ters more heartily than did the principal participants therein. Poor Smith kept hU room for a day or two, with a pla&tercd yet p'acld countenance, the centre ol a characteristic crowd of brother t fljeers who came from far and near in camp to pxy their visits of condolence. Such sympathy 1 No photographer would believe that men con'd puli' their faces to »ucb lengths; no undertaker would believe that heavy-booted military men could come into a darkened room so silently, so sol emnly. They stood in groups, and whisper loply asked if “ poor Smith was likely to live out the night?” and then these sympathetic mui htokatmt into one irresistible, imcon- trollable yell of laughter. It was too much —worse than the rL>e and fall of the Raleigh race—and, in Smith spoedQy re sumed his dally oat-door duties. Hev. James B. Hickey, agent of the American Bible Society is Mexico, died at Brownsville. Texas, on the loth last, aged years. In May, 186-3. Mr. UlckeyVa* cotnmlstlooed by ibe Society Agent tor Mexico, and labored efficiently tn that capacity ontii his last Illness. A Troy**>'apcr states that Sao Desin. the actress, was married in that city last week to a named Purr Corley. C3rWAITBBOTUEK*>, Advertising Aa’ia ISO l)rarlMni*«tn receive adieni*eaicni* for alt ibe leading papers llireagbsat the L'ntled Stores and Canada*. &te Seating Season. QPEN AFTERNOON & EVENING. WASHINGTON SKATISG PARK. MONDAY, OPEN AFTERNOON AND EVENING. ICE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. TUESDAY, ISEW YEAR’S PETE, ALL DAY AND EVENING. FULL Great Western light Guard Band, Ally THE TIME. MUSIC IN THENSoRHINB ! MUSIC IN THE AFTERNOON! MUSIC IN THE EVENING! SPLENDID ICE. STOOOTS ACTS SOLID. 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Xrto Year’s Gifts. TO THE PUBLIC. A GREAT AND RARE CHANGE! NEW TEAR’S GIFTS WORTH $5,5001 Hit. CHADWICK. d*strcni of eirlng thepatr>ma rr the Variety Theatre, aad «►* poblto la «eecr*i,a srate tnl ackcoa leccmeßt f:r p-»t patronaee. oIT-rs tno Al lowing VALUABLE AND DEAUfIFCLGIFTs: Bis wldeij-kccwu celebrated trotting BLACK MATCH TEAM, Buggy and Harness, AND SPLENDID Gold Homing Watch and Chain, VALUED AT SSAOO. Tickets Five Dollars Each, Which admits the bearer to the Variety Theatre Us Lure, making the tickets only the actual charge of ten OCCtISeIUDf. llcTen Hundred Tickets Only Issued. METHOD OF DISPOSING OF THE MAGNIFICENT GUTS: As great dlvafslactioo ha* ever been If It at drawing for tins, the prize* will be disposed of by Throwing Dice, the three Mchtst throws to Ulus the CELE BRATED TBOTTINO MATCH lEAM.ond the lowest u rethrown to ute the srLKNuM) GoIUJ HUNTING WATCH AND CHAIN. The pubiie will at ones paw celve the method oi disposing of the gifts dues away with every doubt of deception. The following gentleman will gnoractee that all the proceecues are etadneted lathe most fair and honor able matter. To give all ample time to avail tbemstlve* or the ad mhnloo, the tickets will be issued January AL UJ7, Lae BaCle to toko pUce FttIDAY. Fetrnvrj l*u laCT. at 10 o'clock n c Uone until the gifts disposed cL FOhSEs&ION GIYtS AT OMIK AFIbS THE OWNEBS OF THE GIFTS ARC KNOWN. \3t~ A clear title gnonateed to the property. PLIIVD HIGGINS, _ L. HEED. * Tickets lor role at 7S Etile-iU bv FLOYD fUG- GlSfr.acd B 7 by L. EE£L), and at the Variety Theatre. Tne Match Team to be »ecn at Hlgctn** Stable; the Watch and Chain oo exhlbltl n nt Mvro'a Jewelry Store,corner of Clark ana Washlnctoo-sti. (Sl>r Af>A TO LOAX OS 131- PBOVEO HEAL ESTATE In this cuy, m snms cff3,OCQ and upward*. GEO. FT. KOZET, Beal Estate and Loon Dr-kgr, OSLaSalleet. T OAKS 02T . CITS' SSAL - PABITFR A LYMAN. So». V A cd 17 Fnrtltnd TUcck, aren-mr prepared to rcrrtlat- n.ur'ragew on rral,**»» late a Bis city, throned tL«d> C3-.**>p%-nJcnu Is New York and Boston. 3300 ts aiuf SWs. JfOR >ALE— BOOT MB §ESE STGiiS, TTx lease. etcdcaiu*. flit’-itte of oar of ihebest Retail Boo* nvi tboe a tort* tn Chiraaco. The trade u already established. and the lec.tioc me ot tie best In the diy. It U ante dunce fir apen:n fceirtoß to step risbl intanpajlLC best^st. Address -BOOTS AH) Slit-’TS." P. Q. pot 25'J3. -YyiKTis OVERSHOES. Jest received. &%nckte DALMOEALS and other dctlrahle tv'oter Sfiofc*.^ DOGEETT, BASSETT*& HILLS, SO and 31 La**alle»«. ixcsiaurants. GRAC’D AFFAIR.—Great FreeLtmch on >cw Tear’s Day. Tbenndenlenedbegslßato o annotate th*t he will accommodate his mend.* with a epici did Free honchos SewTcarV Dsj. All are UtTUed to pamte. Jons jQOSSOS. 47 Sooth Clark-<>. 35iuratlonai DTHhEKFUItTITS COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Is th; lest fca'ites* ea'aW»fer.eni in tnr lYejT.txSrc the odlt one CONDECfED BY PBAC* TILAL LOSISEBS WES. Foretra lansuawsuaeht. Tit EDUCATI*’SAL AND CLASSICAL COLLEGES respecurelypttpareTonitsCjr a Bsatness.or a Col* TCilti Cacirf. Lsdtta Seminary last opened. s£looti aiuj <£oaU ■y OUGHIOGHE' COALCO„ Office 17 Chamber «1 Commerce and cornel Wr»t Klosie naJ Creva. Toi32h]«rhrs7t ortar HUlaadi.»aa«lCoal yirml Bldse Cc»‘ 9-® Gofiael»»tUle *ad mtsbargh AMg3 (general Notices. TTLECTION NOTlCE.—Tfiera trill he t’y sb election of Dint ton for the COtfilStOJlAL JasCUANCB COMPANY. tar tbo cawing ya it. on MONDAY, Jos.7,ISCT. corn 10 to 13.o*cJock a. sl. At the Company'# 09ce, 46 LoSoliMt. ■ J, FAjmEK. SecT. gTofraceo antt (gigara. Gft fIOO A DESIRABLE jobbing u v« stoel «*f Tobacco and CtzsrF.irtta ij re imures and good Till ot on wuhtistied trade, CAN BE BOUGHT For the ab3TO lam. A rare opportunity. Apply at 161 Sonin Waterst. gtotage. Building. tfe have floras* room tor SOO lirli. Floor* also 500 Itrla* Hem t'ork or Beef* fS~ Inqalra at 33 XorttiDembonwt, Sts (Goods OFT SALE. BAKER, HOK Ul, 141 I^ake-st., Will On MONDAY, the 31st inst., COMMESNCE A CLOSING OUT SALE OF THEIR ENTIRE STOCK OF WITH GOODS. Our Goods are Marked Down, many of them much below Cost, as we are determined to Close ont onr Present Stock, to make room for SPRING PURCHASES. THOSE WISHING TO EOT DRY GOODS CHEAP Will do well to sire ns a s rcrlr call. BAKES, HICSKOK & GO. iHustrat. 3IUSIC. The Farp at Midnight. Competed by V. B. Arassr. A bcantimi rerertc. quite brilliant and showy, rat witbio U>e capacity or ordinary piasoplarer*; It u rapid!} becoming a general fiTOriie. Price, M cents. Reflections on Spring Waltz. Composed by ArorsnxE Dnot. A chamtae waltz, cot cotasaoaplv. bnt ftr.b, KarkUcc and brilliant, ana of medium difficulty, ice, to cents. We Met Beneath an Awning. Composed by T. M. Tews*. An esrcHcßt comic and ctnrua. Entirely free troi»valmity, Jn*t the Uumr tokeepa cotnpraym good ootuor. Price, 30 cant*. Zilla Bee. Composed by P. G. Ajpcpnlar sore, ct the character equally ric; by theSl>s»trcl Troupe. It U sites with cre»t applans* by KtUy * U»o*-* MtiwUeU, and other popoolar com panies. Price, S 3 cents, pat luted by LYON & HEALY, forcer Clark and WaiOlngt-v-su. Rrmobals, NOTICE OJf REMOVAL. MESSES. WATERBDBY & CMIMES, TAILOES, HAVE BEHOVED FBOU X IS TO 146, DEAEBOEN-ST. transportation 'J'HE IVOOLWORTH & BARTON OVERIuAND Transportation Line! Am cctf arepared to forward all cla«res ot Freight, ttom their warehouse at Scrth rune station, me present terminus of the Ualun Pacific Railway, By Mnle or Cattle Trains, To tha Territories of COLORADO, UTAH AMD MOHTAHA. Mark Prelokt “Care W. A B. O.T. Line, Omasa, >cb. ’ Tbrocgts Mir* tt ladlnw from rftlnco fo »o» point la the above fcmtortr*., wm be slvrn wea d> fin-c. For r»IM or otn«r it-fum u£oa, tpp.y at the General Ctace ol the Company, No. 534 BUOADWAT, NEW YOKE. Cr to H. U AKGJS, Agent. No. 53 Uark-su, Chicago. grntisttg. rpEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT .1. PAIS, by the u‘»' f Nitrous Oxide Gas ft JO Each, smallest Gold FHlirg 3AJ tech, larger and more comcl'cifed S.CMI-J.OS !)• ftroyicr and HenovirgNerve. tZ& LUO Treating Ulcerated Toctn, preparatory to Clllnr 50a 2J» SrparmtlxigTctth Ltn-ovlnz supcrccUl Dtc*y tleanslnsTevth 1 lUldc Nerve Cavities, eat h. Ir wrung Pivot Teeth beta of Teeth on Rubber SR* J. o. rAßitawo2Ta‘3 DENTAL ROO3IS, 126 n.UfDOLPH.ST., Opposite Col. Wood’s \ln«etstn. ISusuicsß YOUNG & ILAA6, \ T Whol*«ale Grocre*. No. 31 Elver-tst, .ole • gents for Bartocer A* celebrated Fr-rch Mna> lard. Wholesale dealers (applied at lowest New VocS price, addlcgfrelAht. * A FULL STOCK coenantly lypr nr. land. n. Kozm, REAL ESTATE ASD LOAX BROKER, OS LaSall»:-Mt. Leans cecctiatec cr Krai Estate. Bends, Slocks. Worthooseilecetpta.. t.i other accurlU'j. YETH & - A^'DERVOORT MALTiKG COMPANY, Kos. 2 and 4 Hiciugan-av., 31annfac£nrer« of malt ami Dfalen Ur Barley nud liye. Z3T We keep constantly on hand ct Frlms Darby and Bye Malt, which we ore prepmJ to eeu a: tac lew ttt market rates. Consignor rms. QKtDE SALTPETRE. 100 taja best rqnallty CBCEE SALTPETHR. for tale bp 7 SMITH ,V mVTEK. TTbolesale Drcaatsto. 02 tLd9l .QA>H ADVANCES Made on Shipments of PROVISIONS & DRESSED EOSS To Sew Tort. Also, on PROVISIONS IS STORE. JOSEPH B. PHELPS, 15 C h| y"ttr of C^wnews- CALTPETRK. CBDDE SALTFSTBS, For racier*’ use, Sor kCb by JOSEPH B. PHELPS, Chamber of Commerce, J-)HESeED HOGS Usual Facilities to Shippers. COCOLMIOUca^-W patents. "T'LED. MILLS. ORRIS’S AMERICAN FARM MILL. GrtniaTrom five (5) to twetTe (12) Maihels of Floor or Feed vr hettr. with S-hcne n?»«‘ Tee csJj Iroa Mill which rtaLy ooaoiat aU otser ialu cox the t “ B- PBICS3 ISC ASD H 33. AUO, EMFIBi. SELF-BKGCLATISG WISBMUXS PBICbSEBOM *63 CVWAEDA rw~ Xfaitm Do DC l. 46 VftH LaSc-iV. Chicago. Iff qRVLn General Agent. gECOU HAND STAK3P, ■With Complete Dates for 13 Tear?,. XO TYPE SUITING—NO SOILED f iNGSB?.. Dates CBanged In a TtrinVjing SECOP. HAND ST Ail'. Om:e 7*ll> .-arDora-st. pAKP’a PATENT bbics rasc^.nas. Office and mannactiry 53 Scu*' j »n-tk fw lalbrmtloa sad C*'#crlpcTe circr jj ajjrt- 1 -® JFor salt. SALE— Giitin ctpatie r lajca lomi*r cipvltr. 17W.D ttet. •»* JuU-. iIIUUUFa * MIN, «»Cl> bouit Canol-st. J> 1 P koeelleb fob sale. Vje Prfpe.lrr ouava. radas 81, and hearts re taizidlb l"i>, veil fjaedand lu *o*lc**» Is of Ten .• tnr .r 1- Per further oarlltTilw* lannlrsof w ABBES A WOODBURY, 10 Caaai-«U i.t» »•• U 9 3.00 Id' 3xo 4.. '>-« 6J» imnj > a.oo