Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 30, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 30, 1866 Page 4
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Cljlcago SUNDAY. DECEMBER 30. ISSO. THE CITY. The Post Omcx will open on New Tear’a Day at 5 o'clock, and cloee at 10 fur the day. Disobpebxt Hones.—On Saturday morning at the Police Court four keepers and sixteen inmates of disorderly houses were to the aggregate ■mount of fits. Amrnojt Ctrn.— A meeting of tho Andnbon Club will be held in Parlor No. 1, Tremont Bouse, on Monday evening, 2Jst instant. Measures for the enforcement of the game law will be takes, and officer? elected lor the coming year. Accra kxt m Jcdoe Dnontoxn.—Hon. Thomas Drummond, of the United Stales Court, sprained bis ankle so severely on (be evening of Friday that he was unable to be in attendance upon Court on Saturday. PnoresnT Hecovsbed.— Samuel Daly was ar rested Saturday morning charged with appropri ating a roll of about 800 yards of canvas which was lost from ooc of the wagons of tho Fire De partment about three months ago. Daly >»«<* sold the property far £ls. The Akkcai. Ball and exhibition drill of (be Ellsworth Zouave t, will be glvenatthe Newball Bouse. Milwaukee, on the evening of January Stb. Milwaukee Is reported as very enthusiastic on the snbjict, and her prominent citizens pro pose to rive thcZonavea a grand reception. Kail road tickets will be sold for half fire. Holiday Beet.—Those of our readers who are in «rarch ol something extra prime in the way of holiday beef are recommended to Inspect the stock of J. IT. Shaw A Co. No. 115 South Wells rtrcel. They have seme of the largest, best beefever brought to this market. ApoWon ol if will he on exhibition In the office of the Biiggs lloni-c on Monday. Park Taxation.—The hank officers connected with the Clearing House held a meeting there on Saturday afternoon to discuss the matter of the taxation of hsnk issue* by the Stale and to devise some method of relief. A recoil decision ot the New York Saprt-mc Court that Stale taxation of National Bunks is unconstitutional, bas led tu ihc inquiry if some salon should nol be takeu In the West to Steel tain the law on the subject. A Sesiocb Charoe.—Themes C. Speden, a po liceman, was examined helorc Justice yes terday aTemoon, charged with assaulting Michael of No. 135 North Water street, with a dangeions weapon, and with making an assault, w-th rnnntto commit rape, upon the person of Mr?. Mctjcald. Howes bound over till Monday moming. at 1U o'clock, for father examination. UonszV Fmr F-scape,— A new Invention for fafoly de-ccudtng from any put of a burning building, will be publicly tested on Monday (to moirow) afternoon. In front of the Tremont Horse. A mar. will descend from the lop story, outside >bc braiding. Into Ihc street. The escape is spekvnof a* a decided Improvement on nay vhicnbsF yet been used, and wc doubt notxhat tiionsauds will a-semble To see it put to the real U*?t- Mr. U. I). Bates b the agent. The l.r.rrr. Cxmusns, who have served the public fo faithfully the last New Year, have Issued a Nev. Vca.*s Address, and propose to dis tribute it along their different beats on Tnesday mortice. They refer quite happily to their la lifts daring the U«i twelve months, promise to be as faithful in M 7 as In *66, ■wish every oco a happy New Year. f-xrjvs* their hopes that they may be received “ with a friendly smile" and dl«mi«scd “ with an extra stamp.” To all of which we give s benny indoibemcot. Assault asp Rounrur.—About six o'clock on Fatuiday evening a young lad named Stctt, cm- piejed in Fi>id, Palmer *t Reiter's store, lake tiseei, "ss protredieg homeward In company with a young companion, when they were and denty assaulted by n couple of ruffians while pasv Ir? the !nn.b.r yasd near Cacal street. Oncol the ro: bi-rs held occ lad while ine other “went throacb” Stott, and rlievcd him of a wa’eh ana chain. The Mlrws both made their escape be lore the police arrived. Tut. Tattoo.-On Friday afternoon, John Scbaenle became thirsty and vtal’ej the saloon ol loci’* Dnnu'-iburg, at No. 314 Milwaukee avenue, ostet.sltdy to get a glass of beer. After getting his bt rr another kino of thirst began to grow upon him. at d tt became so strong thar be could not resist the v nutation to indulge It. In the mo trtrtary sb-mcc of th*- proprietor, John reached aero, s the counter, it is alleged, and abstracted ?:5 from the draw er. The theft was shortly after wards discovered, and Schacnle was arrested. At the Police Court Saturday morning be was com mitted for mj In ball of (3CO. A FcrnsuKo.—About eleven o'clock last night Oflicer Prince lotted on the steps of No. ICQ Ad ams flircU a lemalc Infant, apparently only twcnty-foui hours old, which had been loft there by Ita iircsturt! roreut—to be picked up by a sirungcr or to pcri«n In the cold, as lleou*dnat Lfi'e fumxed Jong in the Miter night air. l*he llitlc WEtf wa* lakes to the Armory and commit ted lo ’be care of Mrs. Gates, w ho lives near, and li-uowdring well. The Impulse of shams ami desperation must have been strong to r-nd-r a w omsn so lost to the feeling of natural affection u to cart anay a helpless babe like thU. The -t.txaJ Stuns- Machine is a Noiseless shuttle or lock stitch machine, and combines all the good qualities of nil the firet-cla's machines yet invented; li Is unsurpassed in heautv of de sign, simplicity and durability. The finest fabrics of liren U- sceand all varieties of stitching and seaming, tucking, felling, hemming, braiding, cording, 1 inding. gatherieg, 4c., are executed with nrcnlug regularity, case and celerity. Wo won'd advl*e ail who are Is want of a first-class sewing u.rcbiue to call acd see them In operation at 07 Wa.-liingiun street. Geo. 11. Folia, general agvet for the West. CoancrnCTAi. Acesct Reoisteh.—lt will ha 6(kd by refctencc to advertisement In another column, tbel the well-known agency of McKil lop, Sprague A: Co., of New York, havecomplctsd vbclr annual Register, which will be ready for de livery In a few days. Their associates, Tappan, MrTUilop A: Co., of lM« dly, will keep a supply of these hcoks for the Western trade. Tbe reputa tion which this agency has csta'JUbed for il.uioupl.cers. correctness and fair dealing afford* sufficaM warrant thai whatever comes from their 1 aril* may relied upon. Merchants, hankers ar d hurluvss mrn generally will do welt to sup n’yihrniM-lvib btiore the present edition is ex hiffi-lvd. Vocal Crrrtms. Elocution, SnAKsrsAus and tul Btr.tE.—Professor McCoy gave yesterday a; the Opera House, eight private les«one, of an "tour cadi, to as many ladies and get.Ucmen—for the vo!rr,p;upo: es ofspcaking,sinftng,avilog,«nd pcrronsl I'cnli'i and Measure. ThU Is a sample ol his gim ral ougKgcdnefis. With me newycar.m order lo .Table him to give more time »•» writing tn ibe science and practlre of vocal culture, also on mi—rcacHi-g* m ohakspeare by dtsiin gisi’hfd a«-.ore, Profeesor McCoy will hcreatter ahrioge #om**vi , a: the number of hours devoted to to omi lectures and lessons. Private leasons i.-.cjpcr instead of nine, will begin stjur o'clock; sej ri'ly'cic lesson per week will be given each clc-*, Instead of two. Arpllcallous for the new clft-scs row bo'.n • formed (ladies and gentlemen) to mcit from seven to elcht, once a week, may now be made, at Professor McCoy's lecloro room, 1l the Opera House. Wno W.urrs It s—Among the orphans at the Orphan Asylum b a woe bit of a feminine thing el.oul fcvcij months old. with the bluest pair of ey« tmsgii able, and a month eo small and pretty *• toirvitc kirsc* from all who come’ within its insecure. "Ihe mother of this Uule unfortunate, a nrprctable --'blow, died peroral weeks ago of cholera, and upon bcroealh the babe was taken lu charge by tlic kind ladles who manage the af f.iirs of the Asylum. The Matron and her asslft* aix* “iMt-k the world and all" of it, but we pre sume tlvy tad the olllcers of the Asylum would permit it to be adopted Into tbc right kind 01 a ;smltv. Invirymanr dwellings in which this Rem will he read, afe liltlc vacant chairs and b n<*ly hearthstones. Some of Ibem were never ll~ru.i up with a pialUer’s smile; and In others, the light which tbunc so brightly (or a brief pe riod, hs* con 1 * completely out. The Inmate* of such n d«eldr.g would receive mnchbenefit from thi* iltili* morsel of hnmaultv for whose good this Wm I.* written. Again we ask, who want* It? Alllcld Lacctsr.—James and Mary Mcßnde, husband and wife, residing la an alley In the rear of No. ITS State street, were arraigned before Jus tice stn:t> vaat, Saturday afternoon, charged with Mealing au Interesting variety of articles. Sus picions have been entertained for some time that iu that v * there "as a czcn* for tnieves, and or. Fiidr> uicfct tbc house wasvtsitco byonlcers Bruyl Thompson, who made an extensive search, and unearthed ten or twelve pairs of numen'e gaiter*, a new patent pocket lantern, several new belcher kcives. four or five canvas mail baps, (sneb a« arc nsed by the l*ost OSes Do p.irunen' iu sending newspapers.) and other arti cle*l. Mr and Mrs. Mcßride stated that some ol three articles were purchased, and others, as the fhocs, for ir«tanee, wore left there by partie* un known. Jtnpa!r*of the gaiter# were tdesllfiad bv Mr. U. Y, -chcll, a boot m*d shoe dealer on Clark Mr cues bearing the trade mark «ud gen eral description of some which stolen from the «:dim ni’~ in front of bis store, (an enilre case of them.' at*out three weeks ago, soon after the ruckacr had neve left there by the Express Com pany. Tbf theft was mentioned in the finance the day nl’or it occurred. Mr. and Sirs. Mcßride were Li-ld for further exanußat'oa on Friday af nooc, in bsit of (SUi each. Wikis akd Fiki Gbocibix*.—lt were a super Cuotis ur.iieitjklng to ray anything recommenda torro! the fins c! Stanton ii Co, so fhr as our city rradi n* ate concerned, as No. 133 Lake street is neatly as veil knows as the location of Clark street bndge. ai d we write tbU article solely for tbe benefit ot sneb ot our readers as reside be yond the dry Umitr. In everything bclanglag to the trsdc to fine groceries, Stanton X Co. oOv-r th moci temptiug inducements to tbe public. Their teas and corses, particularly, are unsurpassed by srr in the A Tati icon market; and in the c.attcr of dried asd preserved fruits— sneb as tics, grape?, prune*. peaches, pear?, citron?, currant?. cic. etc- they defy coat petition. a? wl-11 ic quality as rmanuty. Their stock offo-r-iva siin la one of teecho»ce-t eve: brought to this canr.try, and include* the famous brand* of ‘•u. '.dcn Seal** asd ‘•Ventenai." to getter with ration* brands of light wires lor In valids—tbe lightest brand, with tbe most ex qnMie fi.-.vor Imaginable, being a Portuguese v*icc. and bnowstho wotld over as **Tears of the ]>ouio.‘* la addition tbey Lave a extensive stock ot genome whiskeys, including some very old Bourbon, .aid Rye, hcoLch. Irish, etc Then store at No. .33 Lake street, comprlt cs the first finer at d ■ asemov. each twenty feet wid' bv 150 long. In May last, finding taerasclve ciaippvd fir room, Ibov «J?ened a branch store at No. -5V State street, which, although smaller than (be Lake tlreet establishment, contains the same general assortment above referred to. Alxs-OsronLcarsßS.—H occastonilly hap* pecs that when a thief is examined in the Police Court, charged with taking an overcoat from as entry, ora lot ol under wear from a clothes line, be Is asked by dorliee MUliken or Justice Sturtc rant why he prefer* stealing to manual labor The answer gmerally 1* tbit the prisoner can find so work to do, and is obliged to rcso’tto petty larceny tor a means of subsistence. II ihl-ve* of thUodibre—and, indeed, loafers in general, wno spend ■ a great deal more than they e-m— --would visit tbc Soldiers’ Home, and taae ■ noie of the industry dl*play*d bv a wounded soldier named Edward McGarvv.tbey would, providing they have aav lilecoi shame left in their nseles* bod re*, be ttmr> ocghl* disgusted with themselves and the Ji— graceful way in which they manage to axi*U Ibis poort-oldlcr lost both of bin lege and hi* left arm in the war. imt Instead ol sitting or lying all day, and muplag over his muiortnue*. be keep* busily at work, and gathers in many a ••sump" in retnm forth* pretty mats and tidies which tc never tires of making. *Some offals pas terns are tonJly beautiful, arid when bs invent* one a little prct.ler than usual, he takes exlraor dinaiy pairs to make the workmanship equal the design. We venture tcc assertion that be would cam his U virgin any Christian country, oven if h werc ucprivrd of the borne in whisnb'lsso kindly can d for. In censeqnenee of the tnfiueoce winded by red tape and sealing-wax, be has not been pensioned: bat he seems to care wry bale al*ont the FSS per noith which be Is entitled in, though it ie tu 00 presumed that hs will welcome the urn 1 isymen*. corn tally, and have pleasant an ticipations nganlmg-thoee which arc to como. TS£ CITY CHARTER. Troposcd Amcntlmcnla Thereto —Meet ing of the Common Connell. Xlir Board of Health—The Harbor- Hoard of Public Worka-Ulty Improvements. The Council met, pursuant to adjournment, lasi evening, la (he Council Chamber, his Honor, the Mayor, in the chair. The following Aldermen were present: Aid. Knickerbocker, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Wilmartb. Calkins, Flnnacan, Moore, xalcott, Woodard, Rossell, Ackhoff, Franses, SI ackford, Clark and O'Snlfivan. On motion of Aid. Taleott, the Council went into Committee of the Whole to take an business "here lift offal the previous meeting, AJd. Wood ard In the chair. The following proposed amendments to the city charter wcie agreed to by the committee: BOARP 07 UEA2.TB. Pec. —. The Common Connell shall have the power by ordinance to confer and impose up to the Board of Health such additional powers and antics as may be necessary io promote or preserve the safety or health of the dry or improve its sao iiary condition: Provided, such oidlnance alutii receive the votes of a majority of all the Alder men elected, to be entered uy ayes andnoceon the recoids of ibe Council. hre. —. Said Board of Health may ecact such by-laws, rales'and regulations aa it may deem ad visable, In harmony wlib the provisions and ob jects of the act establishing the same, all acta amendatory thereof, and all acta the object of which la to promote and preserve the health. safety and ramtary condition of the city now ex isting or that may hereafter be passed, not incon sistent with the Constitution or laws of this State, lor the regulation of the action of said Board, Us officers and agents In the discharge of its and their duties, and for the regulation of the citizens or public, and from time to tunc may alter, amend or annul the same. Sco. —. All rules, regulations and by-taws so enacted lor the regulation of the allien or public, shall, before they go Into efiert, be published fur three successive days In the Corporation news- paper. Sec. —. In case of pestilence or epidemic dis ease, or of imminent danger from impending pes tilence or epidemic disease, or in cose the sani tary condltirn of the city should be of such a character as to warrant it, the Common Council may from time to time, to meet such temporary emergency. Increase the cumber of (he members of the Board of Health, nut exceeding four ad ditional members, who shall act in conjunction with the Board of Police In all mailers relating to the licalin or sanitary condition of the city, and for the time being, rball together constitute tho Board ol Health of sain city, and shall possess all th« authority, and be charged with all the dunes conferred or Imposed on said Board ol Health by .ny exit ting law of the Stale, or ordinance of the city, or any that may hereafter bo passed: Pro data, hov'ever, tbit no increase tn the number of the Beard of Health -hall h r made unless by a vote ol tno-thlrda ot all the Aldermen elected. snch mu? to be taken by ayes and noes, and entered on the records of the Council; and. prodded furUvr, that such additional meiuheiß shall be elected by pallet, nnd shall :eccive a majority of‘he votes of all the Aldermen elected: and, Provid'd further, that before anv such election, the number, time of service and salaries of sneb additional members shall be defi nitely fixed by tho Council, by ordinance. Frc. —. In the presence ofgieatand imminent peril to the public health In said city, by reason of impending pestilence or epidemic disease, it shall be the duty of raid Board, or (be Board of Police, tu take such measure*, cud to do. and order, and esnse lo be done, sueh acta and make such ex- ptmOitnrcs (bet ond those duly cs'imaled for or provided) for thepreserratioa of the pabllchealth, (though cot herein or elsewhere, or olbernl'e an* thoriz?d)aslt may, la good faith, declare the public safety and health to demand, and the May or of the city shall also In writing approve. The Common Council, for the purpose of pro viding lor the contingency mentioned In the pre ceding section, may order tee Mayor and Comp troller to borrow a sufficient amount to cover such extraordinary expenditure for a space oi time not exceeding the dose of the next municipal rear, which turn, together with the interest shall be add»d to the amount anhoriwd lo be raised in the next general tax levy, and embraced therein. Sec.—. Any person or corporation who shall violate an; of the provisions of the health laws or ordinances of the city, or any of the by-laws, rales or regulations of the Bi.vd of Health, Aa addition to existing penalties, ahall be subject to a floe of not less than Cvedolla-s nor more than five bun- dred dollars, and on failure to promptly pay the seme may be Imprisoned in the County Jail, Bridewell or House of Correction, as in other cares ofiallure to nay a fine, or such person maybe both fined and Imprisoned In the discretion of the Court or Magistrate. Sll-CELLASIOUS. Sec. —. Whenever auypyrmit shall be issued by the Board of Public Works, granting to any l-cr-or. or corporation the uso or occupancy of any fUict, alley or highway, or part thereof, lor building purposes, for the depositing therein of material, or other proper purpose, said Doard shall take from such person or corporation a bond, in an adequate amount, with l«o good and tuffiucur sureties, conditioned that eccu per.-ou or cc:po-*atlan shall he liable >or any and au dam ages by such use or oecupaiiou, or re sult re therefrom, and In every case of recovery and juogmcm againstthe city in any wi-o grow ing out of permitting or sulfcring such use or oc- cupation. or w hich resulted therefrom, waeru due notice of the pendency of such salt lias been given, r neb judgment thill be conclusive not only a« to ihc dam»cL-3 recovered, but as to the liability of tbe party or corporation and snrcHcs. . Me.—. Whenever in any cft3e,nny trjurv shall be sus'alned by any Individual In consequence of any sidewalk, orits being out out of repilr, or any nbstniciioo thereon, both ibe owner aud occupant of the edjkccot premises, whose duty it i? hereby declared to be, at all times, to keep the same in a safe condition, acd In a good and thorough state of repair, shall l>e prima«!ly. and Jointly, sev erally liable in such cases, and the dly shall only be liable in such cases after the pa.lyhas exhaust ed his nmedy against such owner or occupant; but in no such ca«o shall the judgment against tbo owner and occupant, or the owner or occupant, be any evidence against tbeetty. if the owner be a noo-roeident, proceedings may be commenced against the property, os lo other cues of attachment, under the laws of this t-tate. Sec. —. Whenever any Board or officer of the city shall let any work or Improvement, which shall require the digging np, use or occupancy of any street, alley, highway, or public qronnes of stud city, there shall be Inserted in snld contracts substantial covenants requiring such conlrador, during lha night time, to put np and maintain such barriers and lights as will effectually prevent the happening of any accident in consoinence of such (ileging up, use or occupancy of said street, alley, highway, or for which the city might be liable, am* nTso-eucb other covenants and conditions as experience has or may prove necessary to save the city harmless from damages. And also to provide. In such contracts, that the party contracting with the city shall bo liable for all damages occasioned by the digging up, use or occupancy of the street, alley, highway, or public grounds, or which may result thcrelrom, or wh<ch may re»uit from the carelessness ol such con tractor, bis agents, employ s, or workmen,. Sec.—. Whenever any work or Improvement Is let by contract lo snvncnoti ur persons, firm or corporation, the Board or officers of the city let* ting the same shall, in all cases take a bond from such person, perron*, or firm or corporation, with good and sufficient sureties. In such amount us seal! not only be adequate to insure tbe petfimn ancc of the work tn ttc lime and manner required in such cor.trnct, bM also tn sate, and Indemnify, and keep Lanulr-* in «*JJ clt T agaln*l all liablli. tic« h-d-Btrou. cost* and expenses widen may lo autwihj 4 * eomu against aald chy. In conso flQCi.ce of the grau’ing of ruch contract, or whica may In anywls.* result fiomtbe carelessness or neglect of said person, firm or corportlon, or bU agents, employe* or workmen, iu any reaped whatever; and In evert suen ca-o wn»rc Jud«- mect is recovered acairst the city by reason of ttc carelessness or ncgllrcuce of such person, Aim or corporation so coniracllng.-or hla, tnclr or it* agents, employes or workmen, and when due notice has be- n given of the pendency of «nch suit, such Judgment shall be be cotic!u-ive against men person, firm or corporation, and his, or their or Its sureties on such boud.uot onlvastolhu amount of damages, but as to th>*ir liability. Src. —. The City Cfrtk shall in* authorlxed to fl]']HMnt olc or more dt Paul's, subject, however, lo the approval of the Comm m Council. Sue 1 ) flepmlre. alter confirmation by the Connell, and alter having taken Ibe oath required to be taken by the Clc'k. may lu case of tbe richness or ab sence .of the (Turk, perform all the dalles Im posed by law, or any ordinance of tbs city, ou . raid Cink. and shall likewise be subject to tnc same llabllifos and penalties. No ordinance shall l*c finally adopted by the Common Connell until the same Ktr’.l be engrossed by the Clerk, unless ofbfifwUe ordered hr three fonrths ol all tic Aldermen elected, except such oreleis and ordlcanccs as arc sent to the Council ' by the Board of Public Works, relating to public , improvements paid for by special assessments. bcc —. The Clerk shall record all orders and 01 dinarces passed by the Cvtamon Connell In a proper book or looks, with proper indexes, and transcripts from such books, certincd by bim un der the corporate seal, shall be evidence la all roust*, fn like manner 09 If the orlgicala were produced. Sxc. —. Every ordinance, rrsolution, order, or bv-law of the Common Council may be read in eridincein all conns of legal proceeding*, from the volume of ordinances published, or to be published, by order of the said Common Council, without any other proof of the passage or publi cation thereof: but such pnbllrsilou shall onlvbe iirlno fc.ii evidence of tts passage, or that the Mine has been duly published in the Corporation newspaper. £tc. —. The city shall not be liable bv reason of the Common Council fslUng or neglecting to exer cise the power conferred by the revised charter approved February is. ISC3, In relation 10 remov ing and preventing all obstructions In the waters which arc public highway* in the said city, and to widin.airaighten, and deepen the Mine, and to t revent and remove all obstructions In the hir er, or auv provisions of the like nature to re ran! to the harbor, river. and tu branches; tier shall the city be Hvble for the CaTare or neg lect of the Ilubor blatter or ether officer to en force any ordinance of the city for (he like nature oi character. Sic. —. In cate of a vacancy occurring In any office created by this act, the Mayor shall, with the advice and consent or the Connell All the same tor any nuexplivd period. Boaso or renue wqbcb. Sec.—. The Bo aid of Public Works of said 1 city are hrtebv authorised, from time to time, u 1 It shall be deemed by them for the interest of said city so to proceed, to advertise for propose for* 1 the contraction, or reconstiactlou, or relaying of 1 ■II or any portion of the eidcwaU* which mar he required to he constructed or reconstructed, or which, during the whole or any part o'the muni cipal fiscal year in which such proposals are re* 1 reived, according as the same shall be ordered hy the Common Connell, or hy said Board, according to the provision of the act of which this la snpple* mentary, the general provisions of aald act tela* nee to the letting of work and the execution of contracts, except *° -* r as Inconsistent with the powers hereby granted apply to this section. Bxc. — In case the prosecution of any public w ork should he suspended In consequence of the default of any contractor, or In case the bids for doing any such work should be denned exces sive, or the persons making proposal* not re* •norsiMc or proper persons, the Board of PoMlc works roar, if the Common Council shall, by res olution, of a three-fourths vote of all the members eUcted, authorise them to do so, employ work* men and procure the necessary tools and machl n«rv, ard materials, to perform or complete any improvement oideied by the Council, provided tin-expense thereof shall not exceed the sum of •VS: —. The Corn mou Connell shall have power I t 0 cacse public reuw* to he constructed and la’rt In the streets and alleys and public grounds of t-atd c'.tv; to establish or chance the dock Hoes of Chicago River and ot Chicago harbor so as to facilitate navigation on the same: and to cause water and ga« service pipe* with their necessary 'topweka ard o!b»r fixtures to be construe led ana lain so as to connect with the gas or water mains In the streets ot said cuy. ...... *; rc _ Thn provisions of the acts to which this w supplementary as to the manner of making ap nroprtatlonTor cut Improvnuecl to be executed by said city tc hereby made to apply to the Im provement* specified in the toregrfoc sections Sec. —. Upon receiving as application for the making of any Improvement, tbo doing of which is within the aUcrellon and control of the muni cipal government of raid city, the said Board shall proceed to Investigate the same : aod if thrr shall determine that inch improvement isneeva *arv and proper, they ahsll report the same to the Common Council, accomjiaiiled with a statement of the expense tiereof, and a ptoper ordinance or order directing the work, and shall in anch esti mate specify how mneh of said expense, In’thetr ortnii n. mav be pronerlv chargeable to real estate cspedallv benefited by inch Improvement, cLd how much thereof may be prop uly chargeable to and paid out of the gcucial ftii d, or out of the proceeds of any g.utrcl tax anthoi iced to be levied by said city. Having reported on sneta application and recoin* mending that ihe Improvement be made, ordlsap piovlcgof the doing of It, a* t* provided for in the above mentioned act, the Common Council m.w then, ic either case, ord' "je doing of snrh work or the making of such .oR' improvement, a f ier havlrc first obteired f * -li an es lirnate ot the expense ihcrci .d *hall in ■aca Older specify what amoncl o. nld estimated ex* perse -liall be chargeable to and be p3*B out of the procttds o! the general fund or out of the neds of ;my general tax auihoitzcd to be ieiird bv >ol<i city. Another section wav ron*ld-red In part Toe section Is one giving the Board eummsrv power to raise, lower, icralrand relay eldo«vaik.*. p;i vate dra’cs, ic. Considerable discussion ari*«sg as to whrlVcr ibe eonrur.cnt action oi ihc Conn* ril tborld be requited, A motion vii made and adopted that the com mi'tcc rise. The M»tof having taken the Chair, Ibe Council adjourned. DESTRUCTIVE FIRE. A Boarding llonse and Several Stores Burned—Families Loft Out Li the Cold—Total Loss about $20,000. About half-past saved o’clock, Saturday even ing, an alarm of fire was sounded from box num ber nine. It was occssloned by the discovery of fire »n the basement of a grocery store, slloa'edat the corner of Wells nnd Monroe streets, occupied by Frederick E. Scbmce, at a grocery etore. How the fire got started in the basement, L; en tirely unknown. Reports gamed circulation that ilwaaan •neenotsiy fire. It was first seen nnder the side-walk. where combustible material bad been previouslyatored, but our reporters could not learn that there was any res) foundation for Ibe rumor. The family of Mr. Schmoe, living tu the rear portion of the corner building. upon the first Door, were at tea when they were alarmed by the smell •of burning wood, and is a few moments the crackling of the fire was heard among the barrels and boxes. No 1 time was lost in ascertaining the cause of their fsar, and all bsite was made to escape, for the names bad thenntiro advantage to the oegicalug. Iklore the first engine could jiosilbly reach the scene tie whole first floor was wrapped in flames, and the upper rooms of the second and third stories were aoon to follow. Tho building, of three stories, has long been known aa the Williams House, and was built In 1850. It was owned by J. M. WfilUms. The corner etore was No. 174- The upper floors of No-174 and 170 were occupied M a hoarding honee by Glttings A Dunham, who had nearly fifty regular boarder*. They had scarcely got away from the tea table when they were rtarried brine ay ol fire. There was no time to save anything but the clothing they were wearing. With a tew exceptions ibo ooarders lost abrolnte ly eveiyttaing. nnd some of them had barely time to escape with their lives. The entire upper portion of the structure was very speedily nude the prey of the devouring element. The flames burst from every window, and for more than half an hour ibe scene was truly magnificent, and, not withstanding the Intense cold, thousands con gregated to uehold it. The firemen were early at work in full farce, but far some time It seemed as if their tfforte to aubdae the main fire were en tirely futile. It was finally brought under subjec tion at No. 180, a second-hand clothing store, oc cupied by Henry Newbnrgcr, ibongb parties sus tained losses who lived in apartments over' No. ira. befidee the losses enstalred by the boarders al luded to, many of whom were ladles, a number of families dependent upon hard daily labor for their support, some of them widows with young children, are rendered destitute. Several of these houseless and homeless otes were seen io great .distress,cryingard bewailing their losses jo a manner that could not fail to cxclie rhs aympa ihiis of all who saw them. We give below a state ment of the losses ucd insurances as fir aa they could be ascertained. Mr. Williams’loss is estimated at £1,000; In sured for £4,500—13,000 la Lumbermen’s, of Chi cago. and f 1,500 in some company unknown. The comer store. In the basement of wbieb the fire originated, was occupied as a fatally grocery, by Frederick H. Scbmoe. who luslbis entire stork. He was insured for £3,000—£1,00(1 in the Coati ncntal. of New York; £I,OOO In the Peoria, and £1,0(0 in the Washington, of Rhode Island. Uo had fi,OCO insnneve on bis furniture, all of which wan lost The upper floors of 174 and 176 Wells ttreet were occupied by Glttlngs Dunham, boarding doom keeper s-whose loss is estimated at (3,500; lrsnrcdfor?2.«oo. partly In the Ph coals of Hart ford, ('or:.ccticut, Some ol th«ir bosMers lost all ofJhelr personal effect?, end a few wore luckv mooch to save ptltof their cloibtug Id a damaged condition. Their cook, Mrs. Montgomery, lost all Jotter effects, valued at Among the hoarders was Mi»» Mary Cardy, who lost her cloUrng and two act* of silver ware: total lot* cstmistad at (1.0C0; no insurance. Miss Carrier it*, on Itallau lady, lost clothing to the snionnt of S3OO. James B. Daly's lost Is estimated at (ICO; and A. D. Pierce is put down for the same amount. George Ncwoerry, carpenter, lost all of his tools, c.othlrg and monov, estimated at from €3JO 10 (400. John IT. Welsh also lost oil of bis clothing and other valuables; total loss supposed to be about f.%0. Mica Tixrle Reynold* Is reported to have lost her entire wardrobe, the estimated value being J. W. Cummings Is credited with a loss of SSO In clothing. Gittlngs & Dunham are reported to have lost a valuable piano and a first-class sewing machine, noth of which arc enppoecd to be partially cov en d by insurance Wise IJxzie Williams lost a trunk of clothing: c«iiii sled value (1(<0. All <: ibe above named, except the owner of li e gro, viy In which the fire originated, boarded wilt fritting* & Dunham. The whole number of hoarders wr.s In the neighborhood of fifty. Uts safe tu estimate the loss of each hoarder whose name is uoi specified above, nt from $73 to (too. The ground floor of No. 176 was occupied by William Kuchnc os a bird store. Mr. K. hid about 6 1 0 ringing birds, moMly cacarlvs. in the store when the ere broke out. hut he was fortunate enough to secure nearly 400 of them. The loss on tlieStnwhlchwerc smothered or burned, I# esti mated at (I.CCU. Besides this loss, there was an eetlmafcd lossofiSUO on 400 pounds of bird seed— making Mr. Kueht.e's mtal lass $1,200. Elias Levy occupied the ground floor of ITS, \\ ells street, as a agar store. Ills entire stock wa> destroyed. Lo«b not known, ft. con. The upper floors of ITS and ISO Wells street warp occupied by Mrs. C. 22. Brand., saloon keeper at 17U Wells. Her loss wa«: gold coin, (1,000; greenbacks. (3U); furniture, (3,300; carpeting, t N O—total lo*.-, (5,400. No Insurance. Hr. Newberger, keeper of a second-hand cloth ing store at 180 Wells street, lost his entire stock. Loss cot known; slock supposed to bare been nn- Insured. Josephine Millctte, occupylnga room above 160, lost her wardrobe and housekeeping furniture. Estimated loss (100. No. IS? Wells street was occupied by a Mr. Bar rett as a grocery. The tainting and goods were to very great danger lor some time, and the for mer was considerably damaged, hut the stock Hietained no material Injury. The bull ding was owned by Jonas Udder, and was insured for (430. Charles Yonngman and a Mr. Turner occupied looms In ibe second story of No. ISO. Yoang man's lose is estimated at (150; Punter's not kcown. There was a report that a girl twelve year* of age had been burnt to death', but our reporters could not trace it to any authentic source. CANVASSING FOR LIFE INSU RANCE. The Easiness and Its Workers— Num- ber and Karens, The business of iu- I— «»»nce. wmen w prom able alike to the officers amt the company, to the ‘i«.ckboldcn>, and to the relatives of thepartym -tired, was for many years alter its IntrodacUon mlo this country, looked upon tn no very Ikvcr ahlclipbt- In tome communities the ideas held ard cx|*refscd in regard t-v It were decidedly rovd—a genius beiiig found here and there who supposed that the Insurance agent bad been deputized to extend leases of life be yond the time 'specified in (be original contract signed by Dame Nature; white others could not ere any sense lo taking ont life policies, especially as (he holders thereof vonld not require tee money when itbeeame due. ClheTs, again, believed that the taking outofa policy would have a tendency to shorten the life of the party In whose lavor it was firi’rn— in tills respect exhibiting the sarao high order of Intelli gence that is shown by the originals who are cer »eln ibot the making or olsri will andto ument (« ncecf-satily latal to the lire ot the t-stator. Oc- CRficntliy the presence oi a policy in a dwelling bouse lea to family difficulties: a< for instance, in ihiicasoof a young woman who had been fortu nate enough to many an elderly gentleman of considerable means. Tbe old gentleman fearing that he might lose his fortune in business specu lations, aud wishing to make dne provision for Ms handsome bride, took out a policy for (5.003, ami, upon going home, threw It into her lap, say- Irp, as he did so. “There my dear, if I tall to morrow, and die tbe next day, you will have a competence tor Ilf-.” Tbo young wife, supposing the ponderous document was cot more than one degree removed from a death.warrant. iosts>ed that eh* did i ot want It in tbe houV*, and told her husband that she was surprised at him for ttltiklng that she wes anxious to attend his funeral; and the results of the affair were—with hvstcrlcs on one sMe. and scold- inp on the other for several days—that the poller was destroyed, and the amount of premium paid uron it wa*s counted a total loss. W Ithln abont five years, however* the insurance business has paid remarkably well; presidents. secret*rie> and other officers receiving handsome sa arfes, acd the annual balance sheets showing satisfactory dividends. A large share ot this pros* rally is One to outside agerts or canvassers, who receive a percentage on all policies which they are Instrumental In securing. Some canvassers make . a specialty of the business fiom one ycat's end to another, and make a handsome living out of it; others, on the contrary, become disheartened alter a few dare' trial, and abandon the business in a genu* Ine state ol disgust, perfectly satisfied that they bare mistaken their calling. A canvasser bag no business whatever with sensitive feelings, and if not able to take a dozen rcbnils every day, and to laugh at every one of them, he had belter nant up more congenial employment. The successful ones are. to a certain extent, " ease lardened," acd when sharp answers ire given them they charge the subjtct fora minute ortwo, wliha view of getting thetr customer! lack to good humor; and, this point earned, they immediately return to the question of Hie in surance, and coolly argue Its advantages from their own stand-point. If a gentleman, to whom oneoftbexnhas applied, gives a direct refusal, the canvasser bids him good morning or after* noon in a style Dial would have done credit to Beau Hickman In Ms best days, and returns In a day or two. saying in the blandest manner con ceivable, “1 just tnoaght I w onld drop tn and see if you had changed your mind about that policy we were talking of the last Ume 1 waa here." Ills manner la so gentlemanly and self-possessed that the partv vho Was more than hair disposed to order him off the premises a couple of days before, allows him self to be drawn tmo a Irlcr.dly conversation, and very likely asks the canvasser to give him another ca'l at bis leisure. If *>, the canvasser is sure of Ills point, acd a? he leave* the ?place he solllo quire* something after this style: “HI get him to take the policy next time 1 see Mm; good thing, wasn't It, that 1 didn't get mad when I was there flrati" And bis satisfaction, iu knowing tKat be has kept Us laap-’r, and is on the point of gaining his object does him as much good a* he expects to derive from the receipts or bis share of the anticipated premium. Another good card la played in this manner; Ibe canvasser goes to a dwelling house, and. as h expects. 1* told that the head of the family u do* u town or up town, or over (he river. 1( to* viicd to ell down and wait for the return of the gentleman of the bouse, he accepts the imitation, ard ccmmeoccs withcnl a moment's delay to make love to the baby. Ever since that particu lar 1-aby was bom, iu mother has, of course, be lieved In ils superiority over every ether taby in the State, bnt after the canvas >cr has done praising it, rhe feels ccosldcrahly annoyed wlthberaclf for overlooking numerous peiftctiocs. vbich.previouriv invisible. Vet now pointed out bra stranger, add Ivtotbc Inapproachable beauty of that “dear, blessed bab*. The canvasser, satisfied with the edict which betas prodcreA. makes his business krowr, and says be has not lime to wait for the gviitlemiu's return; but he accepts the lady's In vilallon to “tail again when hsr hnsbvna’a at heme," and the chanc s of fu*ni«h‘ng the husband ulihapollcy arc greatly ta his favor. In case ot his success In this particular is gener ous enough to give the Vabv ill the credit which it Is cntlt-ed to for helping Mm along ta the trans ection Cut the business is not so profitable for can tatters as formerly, u has in many places boon merdose, acd none but the rao-t expert stand UjP least ch*n<v of making anvthlag more than a hare subsistence. Mill, some dr*t<ts» can vassers make very good wages—better, perhaps than Ihcv could at anv other employment requir ing no ‘capital and the same amount o r labor. Then there are'other* who might be courted as belonging to the Brst-dass men who are on the go from hrcakfa«t tlmellU a late hour in the evening, whose weekly receipts, when summed up on Sa’ordav night, suggest to the recipients that they are doing no better than when they workedbv the day for starvation wage*. Seme * canvasser* arc engaged la other btuU-eis, to which thev de vote a portion of the r Ume. and make tiriwanee a secondary consideration. The re*ait Is about as encouraging a« waa arrivea »t by the MsckrmUb, who put more Iron* in the tire than he was ab'e to manage, TJ*c every other kind of busltcss, that of life Insurance canva««lng ie tinirea close attention and bard labor. His be-t m those engaged ta U being satisfied to go a dot cn limes, If necessary. to secure a single policy, the ratnra' inference is that a man who ha- o'Jkt business to attend to would do pretty well t.y leaving life insurance canvassing severely at-cc. AT wot the cjoaeratcly wrll-rtolug canvassers aic wounded soldietf, who. with the low of a limb 6nd themselves debarred from the oursaits mbich'hw followed before entering the army; hutonile compileat to act ti canvx«*err. One of ;hl« nnfomtnsie cia*« Is reported to have cleared more than £2,3)0 elite the dratof laut H»y—col a vry large fortune, certainly, bnl •jitAty fair wagei* for one who came* in bla hip a bullet which he stepped ai the CofTceville fight, and who subsequently left his right arm In the d ich in front ot npauUb Fort. Qla a access is a r olber proof, W proof were wauling, of the esti* matlon in which the wounded soldier Is held by the large-hearted lestdcnta of the great city of Chicago. A3HJSK RIBNTB, The weslhcr has been eo bright* sunshiny ad? cheerful all the week, that albeit it is rather a threadbare topic, we cannot help referring to It with a sentiment of gratitude. Fine weather Is welcome al any season. It Is doubly so during the holidays. Clear, la ugh log blue skies, and streets as bard aa adamant, singing with the tramp , of honcVfeet, look au Uhe Christina*. Wc could bare wished that the auow bad been at leaat two Inches deep ou the ground, to bear the merry sound of the sleigh bells, suggestive above all other sounds of jollity. However, as Ibe last snow bto era broke down so suddenly Into elopptness and slush, we almoet fear to wish for acy more of it. ibe fun al tho skating parks baa b-en unlntoruplcd Since Jest Sands' - , and the rapidly growing pas* slon for ibis species of amusement has considera bly!emptied the theatres. Tho opera season, a sketch of which will be found In the inside, has bees moderately success ful. The matinee os Saturday drew a full bouse. The programme for this week Is Favoriia, For ma, aVncal, and Fra Ihavolo. McVicsm’a Theatre.—Tuo ben-fitf at thto theatre during the week bare been three In nsm* - her. and two more are announced as OVo come. On Saturday, Mr. Bock was the bcnCSajhy, and the bofisc was crowded to wit ness our old favorite. John Dillon, In hlelinlmltatie impersonation of “BDes.” Dillon Is Quito as irresistible as ever. Be was bearuly welcomed by the audience on this occasion ol his reappearance, and he played Biles with all bis ac customed drollery. Mr. Dillon will appear nt McVickcr's on New Year's alLirnoon and evening tn some of hts favorite roles. Monday evening Mr. Harry Hudson takes a benefit, wfccn ibe play of “Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady” and “ Artist and Actress” will he rep resented. In the former piece Mlsa Gertrude Dogcett, who created sneb a favorable unprcisloa last Monday, by her rendition of “Elvira.” will eu*tain (be principal part. Next Faturday evening Mr. Waldron, the lead ing mao at this theatre, becomes the beneficiary, on which occasion “Othello” will be produced. ‘Mr. Monroe,whose histrionic abilities are well known to many ot our citixens, has volunteered to emerge from bis retirement and enact the part oflago. Miss Doggctt "ill lake Dcsderuoua. Musxvw.— The extravaganza of “Fortunlo” has met with a success not Inferior to that of the Invisible Prince, it is brought out at great ex pense and wilb good taste, and Its absurdities nightly keep tbo-»pevtatoia in roars of merriment. Fortunlo is good tor another week, at least. BELIGIODS INTELLIGENCE. The following amices are announced for to day. Invitations arc extended tn stranger., and others to attend, and In all cases seats will be glsdly presented free. 4 BAPTIST. First Baptist Church—Wabash avenue, south of Hubbard court. Kcv. Dr. Everts, pastor. Public worship at 11 o’clock a. m. and 7‘* p. m. In the evening (he sermon will be appropriate to the close of the year. Subject, “Burial Place of Ages—-ibe City' of the Dead.” Baptism at the close of the evening service. Sabbath School and Bible class ttS:-£a. m. General Bible dmat 3 p. m. Yonng peoplt*’e prayer meeting, Wednes day evening. General prayer meeting, Friday evening. Second Baptist Church, corner of Morgan and Monroe streets. Preaching at KH4 a. m. and 7»i p. m. by the pastor, Kev. K. J. Guodspeed. Sab liath School at y a. m.. aud Bible classes at 9 a. m. and Sp. m. Yonng people's meeting on Monday evening. General prayer meeting on Wednesday evening al o'clock. Wabash Avenue Baptist Cbnreh, earner of Wa bash avenue and Hightec! Ih street. Preachin- by the pastor, itev. Samuel Baker D I>.. at IC4 a. m.. and 7>i p. m. Subject for the morning. “Long (oibearanc- of God toward sinners.” For the t vetilng, “ Tne Day of God.” Kotin Baptist Ctnrch, corner of Superior and North Dearborn street. Preaching by Her. John C. C. Claik, at IG4 a. m, and 74 p. to. Sunday School at op. m. Young people's meeting on Monday evening at 75i. The ulirct Baptist Church will hold services In the basement of their new church on Fourth ave nne, between Polk and Taylor streets. The bouse, tboucb not completed, is far enough advanced for the church to occupy the l**cture room.' Prarcr meeting in the morning at 6 o'clock. Preaching by the pastor. Rev. Dcßap'tstc. at 11 o'clock a. ra., and 74 P- o'- Sabbath School from X till 4p. m. Freewill Baptist Cbtircb, comer of Peoria and Jackson strict*. At lti>, a. m.. preaching by the Rev. D. M. Graham, D. D. Sunday School at 12?» a. te. North Star Mission, corner Division and Sedg wick streets. Preaching by the pastor. Rev. G. t* Wreon, Sabbath B'4 a. ro. and Tu n. m. The or dinance ol baptism will be administered at the close of the morning service. SabhUb School at 3p. m. General prayer and conference meeting Wednesday fverlnealT 1 j o'clock. Young people's prayer meeting Saturday evening at 74 o'clock. The annual festival u postponed till Thursday, January 10,1S-7T. Mill Mission, era? Ward’* Rolling Mill. Preaching at 74 p. m. Sabbath School 3 p. m. Prayer and conference meeting Tuesday evening at 7*4 o'clock. T"0 candidates will be baptised lit the bnMistry of the North Star Mfrriou at the close of (be morning service. A cordial invi tation is cxtmded to the employes of the Rolling Mills.* Union Park Baptlet Church, corner of West Washington and Paulina streets. Preaching morn ing and evening at ICu and "»$, by the pastor. Rev. K. G. Tsylor. Sat-nath School meets at 0 r.’dock. General prayer meeting Wednesday cr«xis«r, and youug people's prayer meeting Fri day evening. Service at ihe Indiana avenue Baptist Church ou Sabbath, at 11 o'clock and at ball-past 7. Preach ing by the pastor. Thu ordinance of baptism will he administered In connection with the morning service. luscied for COXGCSfIATIOKAL. First Congregational Church, corner of Green aud West Wafibincton streets. Preaching by Ptofessor Haven. Morning service at I<H( o'clock. Evening at 7U o'clock. Subject of the morning discourse, "The death and burial cf Moses.” Horning Bible Class at 9 o'clock. Sab bath School and Bible CJasse* at 3 o'clock p.m. Annual meeting of the Church, Wednesday even ing cert. Preparatory lecture by Professor Ha ven on Friday evening. Salem Congregational Church. Oakland. Preaching morning aud evening by the pastor, Rcr. C. 11. Thomas. Sundry School at 2 o'clock p. m. Wednesday evening prayer meeting at the residence of Henry Brookes. Plymouth Church, corner of Wabash avenue a’d Elaridge court. Bar. I* K. Matson, pastor. Honrs of service—morning, 10ji o'clock; evening, 7H. Sabbath School *na Bible dieses meet at 3p. m. On Monday etcaing the auiinal meeting for the choice of officers, and other hnsiccss, will be held at 74 o'clock. Wednesday evening, church praye r meeting, at 74 o’clock Tabernacle Church, corner of West Indiana and Morgan streets. Rev. J. W. Eealy, pastor. Public services at IC4 a. m. and 74 p. m. Preaching momlcg and evening by the pietor. Sabbath School at 3 ojciork "N flung People’s praver meettrg, Monday evening, unurca roctaule, Thnraday evening. airrnomsT ETtscoPAX. R(pwt Ui*thi>iti.* Rlni-V nf dirk Street Chn-ch, Block, comer of Washington and Clark meets. I'n-achinj at 10; a. in. and 74 p. m., by tha pastor, Rev. Vi. C. Tandy. * Ike roars men's Bible clue mict# at 24 o'clock, with the Mission Sabbath School, in the Mttnodist Kpt«copal Church Block, corner of i lark acd Washington street*. Snbjoct for ills- CUrMou: "Uc Hie and Character of Joseph." Wabash Arenac Method!*’ Episcopal Church. The pastor, Her. It. M. Hatfield, will preach a New Vtar’h sermon in the morning, and a second dirconrse In the evening, on “The Impossibility of RcconclUrg Uulver>alt«m with Reason or lie Word of God.” Grace MctboJTt rp!«copal Church, comer of laSallft street ard Cmcagn avenue. O. H. Tlf fany. 1). !>., pastor. Momlngscmce at 104. Ere* ningscrviccat 74- Subject of eveningsermon, “ Domestic Relations." Illinois Street Cborcfa, Illinois street, between Wells ard Seaman’s Bible class at 9 o'clock on Sabbath rooming. Prater meeting at 1> o'clock. PrcachU;gl'ytliupas*or, Rev. C. H. Wheeler, at to 11. Sabbath School and Bible at C p m. Preaching In the evening at 74 o’clock. 1 here will b-' a watch tneepng held In the Foster Mission, B*2 Sonth Jefferson street, between Polk and Kwirg, Monday evening, December Sl«t, services commencing at S p. m. There mil be one or two pennons on the occasion. Also preaching on’Sabbath at 104 a. m. and 74 p. m. West Indiana Street MetbodUt Episcopal Chnrch, comer of Sangamon street. Rev. Robert Bvntlcy pastor. Service# at 104 a. m. Sermon by Rev. 11. L. Pierce. Evening service at 74 p. m. Sermon by pastor, subject—“iVorlcence knows noe/vcflo»." Trinity 31. K. Church, comer of Indians avenue and Twenty-first street. Rev. S. A. W. Jewett, pastor. Service# at H'4 a. m. acd l'i p. m. Sun day School at £4 p. m. Rev. 11. Whiople will preach at Wesley Chapel, comer of Blackhawk and Sodgvick street*, at 104 a. m. babbath School at 2 p. m. Prayer meeting at CH p. m. Preaching at <4 P- m. Trinity Church. Right Rev. Dr. Cummins will ptoacb fa this cbnreh morning and ereni-g at the nsnal hours of Divine service. The sermon to toe evening »111 be one appropriate to the last Sunday of the dosing year. Christ Church, comer of Michigan avenue and Twenty-fourth street. Rev. Chas. Edward Cheney, rector. As the pews are nearly all rented, and many who are not pcw-holdere arc prevented from regular attendance by th*t fact, Inc consratofthe owners of the pews has been obtained to an ar rangement by w bleb ibis u made a free church at the evening service. Morning service, as usual, at ‘IO4 o’clock. Chnrch of the Holy Communion (Episcopal), corrcr Randolph street and Wabash avenue. Ser vices at 104 a. m. and 74 p. m. St, 1 nkr's Church, corner of Sixteenth street acd Wabash aveunc. Rev. Q. 11. Cole, rector. Rev. W. U. MBhuzn 'UI preach both morning and evening, heivicvs begin at 11 a. m. ana Tit f>- tn. Sunday School at 3 p. m., followed by evening prayer, with foil choiat service at 4 p. m. St. Mark's. I’roie‘taM Episcopal Charch. Col lage Grove. Divine setvlce, 1&4 a. m. and 74 p. m. Sunday School. 24 p. m. E. B. Tattle, rec tor. rauiiiTitiix, Seventh Presbyterian Church. Rev. J. W. Larl tnote, puttir. Divine aervice la the basement ot ibe mw chnrch, earner of Delated and Ilamson streets. Service*at 10»i a. m. and7y* p. m. Sob •ect of morring discourse, •* The Nadvitv of Cbri-a.** In the evening, from the text. •* When thou cotnc«t, bring with thee the cloak and the Docks,’* in which tbe pastor acknowledges bta « hristaas presents. Sunday School at SH p. m. Eighth Presbyterian Chnrch—opening services in tbe Sabbath School rooms. In the baeetatnt of tbe new chnrch, northwest comer Washington and Holey streets. Pleaching at 10*4 a. ra. and 7 P. m., by tbe pastor. Rev. Jas. T. MaUhewi. Sab bath school al S!4 p m. South Prcsbvtertao Chnrch (Old School), comer Wabash avenue and Con cress street. Services by the pastor, R«rv. Mr. Har-ba, at 10«4 a. m. and TV, p. m. Subject of the evening disco arse. •• Thoughts Appropriate to the Closing Tear.” Sabbath School at a. m. Third United Presbyterian Church, Superior stm t, west of Wells. North side. Rev, John S. McConnell, pastor. Public worship at naoil hours, morning and i rating. Subject for the entire: ** Revivals.** Kt formed Presbyterian Church, Pulton afreet, rocr North Clinton street. Services, forenoon tC:SO: afternoon S3O. l-ec'.are to yonug men in the afternoon by Rev, Robert Patterson, 0. 0. Sn^'cct— ** He Closing Tear.** Oflwt rresbvterlan Church, Wabash avenue, emer Fourteenth slreet- Rev. T. O. Rica will p-carb *i the nsncl honts of a wor»hlp, m. and p. m. nvmmxx. Unity Chinch, comer of Chicago avenue and I'ta-hcre street. l'ieach!rg"al o'clock, by Ihepss’or, Rev. Robert Collyer. - Church of the Messiah—First Unitarian—comer Wabash aircce and Hubbard court. Rev. Hebert laird Collier, pastor. Services at 10JJ a. m Vcsperserviee at *»4p. m. rxivnnsausr. St. PanFe Church, (First Cnlvemlist Society), Rev. tT. n. Ryder, D. D., pa*lor. ' Religions fVivlees, on Sunday, at inu &. iu., and 714 p. m. Sunday School at close or morning services. Veiling for prayer and exhortation. onWednes* day evening, ai T*i o'clock. This evening. Dr. Ryder will deliver the fourth of the series of doctrinal aetmona. Subject: ••The Scriptural signification of the words • Lake of Fire,' • Ever lasting Fire,’ • Unquenchable Fire,”* etc. Rev. Ifcil; Matt. 25;-II; M<tt.&:g. There will be ecrvievs at rite Second Universal. Ist Church, corner of West Washington and Sau* gamou streets, at lOH a. m. and 7ij p.m. Rev. E. M John, pastor. In the evening *ll be giren the last discourse of the series on the conduct of life. Subjtct, "AmblUop.** CMtxD Human. . First United Brethren Chnreh/eorcer of Clio* tcu and Wilson streets. Her K, A. pa»tor. Services (of which good vocal and in strumental music form an interesting parti, every I ctd's day. at ICH «. zu. and T)i p. m. t*mday School at 12:15. Un Monday eveninr. December :il. isefsthrofflerrsof thissehoolwill glveahlgb* )v tnterestire exhibition. Music. red’aUons and presents will be the order ot the occasion. SWTD^iT.OUCIiS. New Jerusalem l empl*-, on Adams street, nea tbe lake. Services al tC‘j a a. and 7‘4 n. ts Subject for tbe evening di-course: "The Lilt bc-c-t of Memory, and how it was written.*’ Free Choich, coTtcr of TMity-tiilrd steeetand K&Lkakce avenue. Serrires at .7 p. m. m«rr:i\s*ors. Church of God—^Wancn a&d Robey etrects. Preaching al HHJ a m. and 7*(p m.bythc Pav tor. Rev. A. X. Shoemaker. Sunday School at 12U n. tea prayer meeting at 6 p. m. ieToriu’d Pfolcrianl Dutch Church, corner of Mcmoe atd Sangamon streets. Preaching al r. m. end V/, p. m., by the Pastor, Rev. Jam .-s Demaraat, • r. Washingtonian meeting at the Chapel of the Home, > 0 372 West Madison ftreet, at 7 o'clock, b. etclica ofpraiaeaod songs of joy from the re claimed. Her. Mr. HoWngten—the blind ieciUTW-k ihe absence of Mr. Charle* A. iuydea, will spefik Jit Workington flail, Washington street oupoalle the Court House, Sunday evening at 7K o dock. Fira> Society of HplrituslUts. Services la Cros by's Music Halt at lOH a. m., and 1% p. tn. N. Fisnk White deliver* the closing lecture of his course. Children's Lyceum at 13ft o'clock. Freeds Meeting la held In Room No. 15 Metho dist Chuich Block on first day at llo'doch, and fourth day at 10 o'clock. The Mariner's Bethel Is Ixated on Michigan street, just west of Wells street. Preach ng at lUM a. m., by tbe chap , sln. Subject: “The Ships oflanhish. 1 lecture at 7p. m. by Dr. Anus. Subject: “The Ancient Cityof Jerusalem." Bible Class for seamen and others at S p. m. . All sailors and boatmen in part aru cordially In vited to being their friends. The chaplain says to every one, ‘KJomo, my hearty, weigh anchor, and make your wav to the lighthouse." tiBCENX AMO PKBJUBr. A Specimen of Thorough Base nitty. Lizzie While and Jenny Allen, two frail crea tures, who board with Mona Poreraaci*. a keeper of a house ef Hl-fsme on Wells street, were brought before the Police Court on Saturday morn ing, charged w!ih larceny. Tbe complaining "vic tim " was one John C. IferkL who stated tnat be was a and waa a porter for Ihe Wis consin Bouse, a hotel not very widely known, lo cated at No. I'JI Van Bures street. John tried to be a policeman for a short Time, but proved to he eminently unfit for the po sition. and waa sP sight way discharged. For t«o weeks past he boa been earning hie board at the "Wisconsin flocae," by “run ning" for it at the can and securing the patronage of the emigrants. Friday night some oi the trains were belated, and when Merki was retiming from the Galena depot, Els condition appears to have been somewhat more than salubrious. Tbe uight was cold, and, to keep bis aiilrits up,-ho tnd poured spirits down. Instead of returning to tho hotel, about four o'clock yesterday morning he sought admission to tie house of Marla Severance. Be told them he was a railroad conductor, and that be had been a po liceman. Do wanted to remain only two or three hours, and he did so, the two girls first mcutlon-id sharing hu society. About se'en o'clock, when he was getting ready to leave, he alleged th*r he had been robbed of bis money, fllsu m green backs and a certificate of deposit for SM), Ibe property of one William Teadll, a Canadian, un acquainted with tbe wiles and stratagems or cji~ sharpers, who had placed tho money in Mt-rkl’s hands for safe keeping. This mcney waa enclosed In a little flannel sack, and' iletkf said he bad it npon bis person when he re tired; sow be hadn't ft: thcreforehe was robbed. Tbe girl* entirely denied any kno 'ledge of It, and bade him examine bis pockets and clothes In the most searching manner. Thl* be seemed to do. Lnt no money was found; whereupon he waxed vrry wroth, and was going to have the girls ar rested and punished to the full extent of the law, and he went so far as to intimate that he coold use a pistol which be had, with most shocking damage to any one who Inter tered with his pnrposes. Miss Severance was called and she at once sent for a policemen. Merki wasvery anxious to leave the house at once upon tho same errand, be alleged, but they refused to let him go—the matter should be Inves tigated then and there, and if the girls bad stolen it they should be punished. The officer* came but found no money and the "household" was as rested and taken before the P-.lice Court. Up on an examination of tbe case there appeared to be to evidence azalcst the girls and all were dis charged : bnt tho unfortunate ilcrkl was arrested and charged with larceny. This "change of base" old not aocm to surprise him greatly, hut he prcslstcd in saying that he bad lost the money. He was committed for tml in lull ol (9t). He was takes down stain to a private room and thoroughly searched, (.occealoiodoiv two shins npon hi* left shoulJ'T was found the little flannel sick containing (in In Government notes and the certificate of depodt tor $2Ol. One of the officers who searched him : staled that a moment before be found tbe money Merki exclaimed, "1 am lost." and seemed In clined to fall upon his knees. He was again taken before tbe Police Court chitiycd with per jury and committed tur trial In bail of SI,OOO, " buch is lile." LODGINGS WANTED. The number of men, women and children In this city who ri*o nj» In the morning without any knowledge as to wncrc they shall Jay ihe.r bonds al debt If larger than most people imagine. Daring the summer these pariahs sleep under side* walks. In alleys, sheds and rnthouses—in any place where they chance to find au obscure nook; and It they are somewhat used to vagabondage, they experience no great inconvenience or loss of ship. But wbemhedays login to shorten, and the nights to prow lone and cold, their troubles Incicare, end the bitter nights of midwinter bring more 01 suit'eiinis and exposure to the homeless ones than many {of our comfortably homed citi zen# can Imagine. The winter also increases the number of the shelterless by producing a stagnation and stop* page in many branches uf Industry, and throwing outof employment many who have managed to Itxe till then from hand to month, but now have neither money nor employment to depend upon. Hlr.ce the present severe weather began the police stations bare received large numbers of this class who are picked cd between daylight and morning by the police, as they arc skulking around look* leg for bhelUT In the roar of buildings, or about public places, or who find their way voluntarily to the s’alion bouses and beganigU'*B lodging. Host of these characters are boys from a doxen xfarw> d ard upward*, and men of all ages. snd£w greater portion bring In with a well deftnoand not pleasing odor of the most inexpensive varieties of whiskey, which at once b< trays the real cause o< their present unhappy condition, sober. Industrious men arevery rarely found in ihcsc circumstances here, lor labor and good wages can generally be obtained by those who prove themselves reliable and ready to work. Consequently the character of tacac seekers alter ‘•furnished lodgings’' is generally of a low grade. Frequently a man Is found In the bitterest night* lying In the getter, senseless from the effect of (liink, aril his blood fast congealing In bis velus. VTllbont the aid of onr vigilant ponce many a hu man being would freeze to death in our streets by nlgM. Very miserable and ho.•ekes is the appearance of these poor creature*. They an generally thinly dad In a atilt winch Las don&»frtTthrough tbe sonimtr, and U now »u!Sci-'nt» .c-aloteri far the free drcolatlon of the wintry blasts. Uvercoata are a ranty. coats and veslSfOpen in frlnt, leave nu: a single ttala covering drer the chests; ibdr bands. unused to gloves, are bine and. cracked wiib tbe cold, ana they shiver as Jf their bone* woold part company, when questioned, they re late sad stories of want. Most ol them are sin gle tarn, oho drill about from place to pbee as Ike wave of chance ctnlo< them, with no more care or provision for the laturc than the brutes mat perish, without energy btnngibofwiU or hope, depending on fortune lor ibdr snstesabce. I’heso are the class kno-m lo the law- as “ vagrants” without visible means of Mipi ott, and as they know, by frequent expert erce, that Ifonvs ed Uiev will he fined, and, ta li«u of pavtnem, sent to the Rv hlcwd 1 , they gene tally avoid the observation of the an'houiics. red do not very often apply voluntarily at the station? for accomodations. A Ip«v, however, are known at out the sistlor.9 as regular customers, nnd are expiCted whenever the cold weather set?!". Oc casionally a woman or a gul is found among the homeless ones, tbongb the poor ard friendless of ibis sex can And ready shelter in the abodes of shame, which open to them, and so they are rarely found trying to pas? the night lu the street. Toes, , too. women are mo-e dvpcndort and less resolute ; than men, and when poverty comes open them many of the-a seek refuse In some of the bosnl tals or benevolent institutions of the city. Bat notwithstanding all that the charitably disposed t are done, there is stilt much suffering ou the part of those wbo have cat where to I>y their brads. As the members of happy families in Ibis city, shall to-night feel tbe son tottch of slumber seal ing their eyes in warmth and comfort, let them think of those wbo arc ahtoed in onr streets without fncid or home: wbo have roamed about all day. perhaps seeking employment and finding it not, and, a- night came on, with tbe feeling of loneliness and helplessness, which U nowhere so strong as in a great city, among thousands of careless passers by. looked for some shelter in which they might ward off tbe keen tcelcinr'icy of lha winter weather, till at last, worn ou. and bopcloae. they dropped down on the cold pavement, and either died before daylight, or enflVrcd almost to dcatb, or were picked up by the policeman and conveyed to tbe prison house for shelter. And, as they think, they will be prompted to devise liberal things to respect to food, clothing and shelter for ths un fortunate ones, some of whom arc worthy and industrious people, who nightly wander in our midst. VY cfttrru Patents. The following patents-were Issued from the United Stales Patent Office for the week cadlcg December IS. ISSB, a« reported by G. L. Chapin. Patent Solicitor, Chicago: Burning Fluid—W. Sogers, Chicago. 111. Plow—J. W. Bartlett, Otter Creek, HI. Cheese and Beer Cooler—S. Elder. Springfield. Illinois. Well Tubing—lf, H. Sherbnni, Elgin, HI. Corn Planter— A. Wlortcck, Peoria, 111. Sash Fastener—B. S. Uyers, Pekin. 111. Combined Holler and Harrow—G. H. Wood mi, JersyrUlc, 111. Sawing Machine—'W. H. Stewart, Logiasport, lea. Temupbcrc—E. Hool, IsdUsaooiis. Ind- Hotary Steam Valve—J. L. Mackey, semorc, Ind. Steam Trap—T. If. Dtvey, JeSenonville, Ind. Compound for Cure Disease of Hogs—D. W. Slowc. Thomloivn. led. Fan Brush and Hack— B. Pouleou. Fort Warue, led. Car Brake—A. Hitler. South Bend. Ind. Car Coupling—E. Cole. Detroit, Mich. Wood Turning lithe—M' Spindle. DetroitJMich. Washing Machine—J. Ballard. Almost, Mich. Water and Steam Separator—D. C. Bristol, St. Clair, Mich. Heck Drill—C. D. Foot, Fond du tae, Wis. Potato Digger—C. 8.-Cannon. Keokuk. lowa, TiklUafor Grape Vines—B. Elliot, Cedar Falls, lowa.

lightering the Tiros of Wheels—T. Morse, Mil waukee, Wis. i’anin—t B. Wbahip, Raelne, Wis, Biaerb-Lotdmg Firs .Us-r. Yatea, Milwau kee, Wts. • Combined Blackleg Brush and Box—F. Batch, laCiopsc. Wts. Potato Digger—A. Gilmore, Fort Atkinson, Wis. Beat Radiator for Stove Pipes—E. Detwilcr, Milwaukee. Wle. * Combired Gass Plow and CnUivalor—W. St Jons, St louts. Mo. YertUaling Fan for Gas Burner—H. £ch»r, Bt. louls. Mo. Broom Head—W. P. Brook*. Falrmount, Mina. niforcte on Saturday. A decree ol divorce was rendered os Natordar hyJodge Jameson, of the Superior Court, m the cue or Isaac r. vs. rasxts bicxlow. The bill In this case sru filed >eplaaber! Uh last. It alleged a man lage at Sptlnrfiv.d, In tins State, the defendant beta; then a Mbs Daria, and a resident of Middletown. Illinois, on the 10th of December, 1808. The present ages oftheparrie* are tcspcctlrely twenty-nine and tweaiy-oce, and they came to fiasco daring Novemoer, 1961, Tb** tn the bill i* that lespoodent commit ted adultery on the terth Ujt of last bcprembvr ai dat otbm rimes, with one Jaaew F. Andrews of this city. Persona] s<-rv]caof theproc-«s wat had on the defendant, and upon a hearing Is open court a crate tt« rendered on the crcand of the idui'vry. In tbc Circuit Conn cna case was attended to This Is the case ol xurAßrm a. v*. coßsrtirs it'orcxis. The bill Is fh!s css? was filed October e*d ta.<t It cbsi Red at the defendant wasUeerlne amtsbesat at the same To this the defendant made answer, admlitio* the matriact, but denytee that his vile had been faithful U> him lc rat'd to the mtnarcza-nl of tbclr joint concents. Ce asserted of her tbit s’-o was eaimvanat to snch ar extent as to make v ts home cr comfortable. la support of this, be »tat*s that be row owes for his wife's account SMTC. and that tlnce the l£h of April. I?SS, tbs expense cf the household ha« been flT.Jrh'A SG.2SS.It of which he ba« paid. He farther it it'd that bis wife has, since they came to this cite, in May. 1863, refused to allow him access or lode men: In her room, except daring abont two weeks when she compelled their daughter cf the ace of thirteen years to sleep in the tame bed with them. Be alto dented the adultery, and as serted the woman declared to be his mistress to be of good character. Saturday. en aa agreement, the '>lll was amend ed, Itc allegation of odnttery being erased, when the anawerwas withdrawn. Tn* Ex-roucmtAS Acais.—Mention was made in thesecclnans about flee w-eka ago of the ar rest 01 Henry Smith, who, at the time, had been on the police force abont a week, upon the charge of bigamy. He cotnpromhcd the matter la somi manner, and his first wife relumed home to New "Voikdty. After a few days Smith followed, and, U arrears, araln calned :h« confidence of Mr*. Smith to the eaui't of petting from her JiDOtn tn-uey, with which be rcisrced to Chicago. Re was arrested last week for the larceny of JTOO, and on Sstuidij was held for further exaalsattoe at the Police Court on Monday afternoon tn ball Offl'WO. meteorological. Tbe following is the Meteorological Record of tbe week ending Saturday, Deeember29lh, IBCfi, as kept by J. G. LougguUi, Jr., Optician, No. Its Randolph stieet. The temperature U taken in tbeshade. The direction and force of the winds are given approximately, with the bare tael ric alti tudes—the small letters being the Initials ofthe words “high,” “breerej> “gentle." "veering.” "rain," “snow." "moist atmosphere," and "dry;" •nrrnunK Night 8* Bala to Data, preceding. 8g a. m. 8 p.m. £m. 3*p.m. 50n.. ...5i -3 83 0 47 8 30*-1 -M* M00.....a -BMISB-2 —I J)U TUW....8 -II 18 1 St 3 89 0 .m. Wed....lT —7 tf I 96 2 15—19 .0* Thu 5-15 8— 8 IS —7 78 8 Trl i —ls !0-ia IS —• 15—15 bat 1 —l4 13 8 S IS 7 3 p.m. BXm.m. Date. Merc*v. Wind. Mer*y. Wind. Uer*y. • Wind. Ptm.....~23.79 W.K W.r^.7SH.K.WjnJL«AfN.b.W.v 51on *SA4 BJS.WJ. JSJOW.S.Wj. 53.16 W.N.W.t.* Toe* JOJI W.bJWI S.Wjg. »gSBa.W.b.T Wed .99.91 N.N.W.g.59J3 W.H.WOI Tbn ». *8 • w.g. Hit W.g. ».«i Wr.v Frt .29.67 K.W.g. 29.87 Sat. .59.67 N W.b.v. 99X0 W.g. 59.57 TLg.r The dash preceding a figure indicates “ below seto," AnoTzxss Bbvtk.—At the Police Court on Sat urday aitersoon, for getting drunk seven day* out of the week and besting bis wife at intervals, as her corntllotion would bear the Infliction, Frsdcnck Penixen was fined 835. LOCAL MATTEES. For ■ desirable suite of nuthmislicd rooms, with or without board, caQ at Crosby's Building, 85 State street If your Bair la tbln, «.Trr, diseased or prematurely gray, call on Dr. H.nmrr. Booms la Miller's Block, earner RandolphAudClark streets, entrance No. 73 Clark street. ITXy Cornel Oh, ifir Corrfc'!—Dr. Ste vens successfully treats corns, bunions, club and Inverted Bails, and all diseases of the feet. 132 South Clark street Separate room for ladles. Banden’a Pectoral Balm for *Coaglu*, Colds, Influenza. Dr. Klbbot Physician for (lie Hair and Scalp. Entrance to rooms, Na. 73' Clark str» ct, nearly opposite the Court House. Consul tation tee. Cures warranted. B Taxm, Taxes,- 1 Tl»e Beal and Pfk'* sonnl tax, lor State, county and town purposes, for the yearlPCC, fortbe town ofSouth Chicago. Is sow due, and can be paid at my office, on Clark street, near Randolph, under A. IF. Miller's lew- . dry store. Please bring last year’s receipt or 1 your deed. B. W. Pamirs, Collector rows r'omb Chicago. Paper Hangings and Window Shades at greatly reduced prices. F. £. Rigby, 83 Ran dolpb-su S 3 A EES AT DI3XEB. Bow Reptiles are Fed at the London Zoological Gardens. George Guyon, in the Science Gossip, gives a curious account of the feeding of tbe .snakes In tb* London Zoological Gardens: “As probably not many of my readers bare witnessed the operation of feeding tbe reptiles at tbe Zoological Gardens, perhaps a short account of what was seen daring a visit a few weeks ago, may be interesting. It must be premised that the sight is not altogether an agreeable one: but, notwith standing, It seemed to exercise a sort of fas cination over tbe spectators, and some la*, dies, who kepi expressing their horror and disgust, were nevertheless as eager as any to etc all that was going on. One might go there many times without seeing the opera tion, as these creatures are only fed once a week; or, as the keeper said, ‘all Fridays In the year except Good Friday.* “It was quite by accident that I happened v uUt the reptile bouse a few minutes be- to enter the reptile bouse a few fare the feeding commenced, which was late in tbc afternoon. Before beginning:, the keeper locked the door, apparently to pre vent persons from crowding in, as not mauy can see well at tbc same time. lie then brought supplies to the different kinds of prev, and cast them Into the serpents’ dens, ihc’doomcd animals being young rabbits, young utlec, white mice, ducks, lowls, spar* rows and frogs, which wore distributed to salt the size of the various snakes, except the Dogs, which were provided for the aquatic species. “ The large lw»a constrictors. Into whose cose three rabbits, grown specimens, were introduced, seemed the principal attraction, but their mightinesses were in no hurry to dine. As‘is generally the case after long watching, I was looking at something else, when there was an exclamation, ‘ lie’s got It I’ and I found one of those large snikes was coiled aronnd- a rabbit. The latter, I thought, struggled a little, but It might be fancy; all remained quiet for a few minutes, and then the huge reptile uncoiled himself, and the rabbit lay perfectly dead. The boa showed no inclination to cat his victim, bat gilded about in a languid manner after the other rabbits, who showed little sense of their danger. It was curious to sec them, in happy ignorance, snlllllng at their dead com* panioD, or putting up their noses to a hand held near tie glass. Two ducks were Intro duced into the den of another large boa; or, rather, I believe it was a python, which is the boa constrictor of theold world, and sim ilar in size and habits. •*Ue moved slowly after the birds, which - showed more fear than the rabbits, but made no attempt to seize them. While leaning over the bar to observe better, two or three loud thumps sounded on the class front near my head, and some bystanders expressed fwr lest tbe glass should be broken. The attack was so sudden that it was only when the keeper requested me to keep further back that I was conscious that the big snake preferred me to the ducks. Tbe blows sounded like those of a man’s list, and would probably throw a person down If they took effect. By the quick repetition of the strokes it seemed the reptile wa»slowto learn that the plate glass was too strong for its efforts. 1 regretted afterwards not hav-' lag estimated the size of this python at tbe time, but from memory should imagine It to be nine or ten feet leug. “ Next to these large snakes the venomous kinds scorned to attract most .atecnlion. Some rabbit?, so young as to be almost help, less, were dropped Into the eases of the rattlesnakes and puff adder. They were soon struck, but the venom was much slower Id Its action than I shonld have expected. The bite of both of these species is said to be fatal to man, yet these small animals sur vived about twenty minutes. The bites were effectively given, as In one instance blood oozed from the punctures, and in another it flowed from tnc nose and mouth. 1 paid particular attention to the act of Birikirsr, having understood that oar Eng* Hill viper docs not, strickly speaking, bite— that Ib, docs not close the jaws, but with the mouth wide open, drives In the fanes by a downward stroke of the upper Jaw, like the blow of a hammer. The puff adder, however, appeared to seize Its prey with a momentary grip, leaving go immediately. “A half-grown rabbit was glvcp to another venomous species—l think a ‘horned viper ;* but, though the poor little animal was re peatedly pushed up against the reptile, the latter would not strike. Every effort was made to Irritate it. and it frequently turned round vcogefully, hissing like a small steam engine all the time, hat it would not use its weapons. The 'glass snakes* appeared more ready to feed than most of the o'hera ; mice were* provided for their refection, and one of them disposed ot two or three in rapid sue cession. Shortly after, happening to pass the python’s den, a bang on the glass ap prised me that my Ophidian friend was still bent on making closer acquaintance. “A stout gentleman, woo frequently ex pressed bis antipathy to the whole serpent tribe, took occasion by this fresh attack, to : utter some words of warning, reminding me of the keeper’s ■rcqncat to keep back from the case, and re-marked that the clashes I had on at the time were probably the attrac tion. 1 replied that the reptile was appi rentlv In a slate to strike at anything tbit came* within reach, and two minntes bad scarcely elapsed when my friend, with h’s little boy. crossed in front of the den. the python made a similar blow at him. His alarm wasludicrous; with an exclamation of intense horror be staggered back half a dozen paces: but I fear his activity would have availed little but for the stout plate glass between. The evident desire of this monster to get a human victim, while it Ignored -the docks within its retch, seemed to Indicate a longing for larger prev. It was difficult to Imagine that’ the snake conid really swallow a man, but the peculiar structure of the jaws in the boa tribe, and their immense power of expansion, enable them to get down animals of a bulk much exceeding theirown. When these creatures were glid ing about their dens, great play of muscle was observable through the skin. “ During those performances -a large box was brought in by two laborlWi It had apertures for ventilation, and c&ftalned some large rock snakes. The keeper raised the lid, and touched one of the reptiles, which were in a half-torpid condition. This excited the curiosity of one of the workmen, who in quired anxiously. ‘They be'ant alive, sir, be they?* ‘Alive! yes,’ said the keeper; do von want to have' one out?* *Oh no, sir,’ was the quick reply; and he and Ids compan ion were cone in an instant- The cobra ap pears to be one of the most Irritable species; ibe class front of its case is partially white washed, to hide approaching objects from it. but notwithstanding It strikes against the glass so frequently that Itsjsosle was quite raw. “I took the opportunity of asking the keeper If be bad ever observed the boas lick tbeir prey before swallowing It. as they are p. p atari? believed to do. He replied as ex fected, that In several years’ experience, he ad never scon it done. It Is not improba ble. I think, that, while the boa Is examin ing Its recently-killed prey to commence the swallcwiiig operation In tbc most convenient manner. It may keep flickering Its tongue m and rnt as most serpents are In the habit of doinr. and this may give an Inaccurate ob server the idea that It was licking Its prey. I ferr this tccount may appear tediously minute, but 1 send u on the chance of inter leret-lirc some who have never been present at the serpent’* dlnaer-honr.” SCTSE Ef A 3TESAGERTE. right Between a .Wan and a Uoxx. Wombwells's menagerie is now at Leeds, Ecgiard. and the y-mUAire Pod, In giving an account of it. says : “A strange and dan ce reus accident happened last week, when Messrs. Cross, naturalists, of Liverpool, un dertook to forward a huge black-maned Sahara lion to Scarborough. On its a rival there the animal wastakento the menagerie. AU went well till It was atlemoted to shift this untamed king of the forest from the cage In which he had been forwarded into the den built to bold him at the exhibition. Aflrrmany nnsnecessfal attempts bad been made to inove blmout of oueicage into the other, it was at last determined to telegraph their difficulty, and request the assistance of Mr. William Cross, who. at once, oa receipt of the telegram, took the train for Searbo rooch. Upon bis arrival there another trial wa«'made. and after a severe struggle, that lasted some hours, the noble brute was at length successfully and safely denued. But, strange to sav, whilst Mr. Cross was receiv ing the congratulations of the people about him he inadvertently laid hold of one of the bars of the den. •‘ln a moment the huge animal sprang from bia crouching position, and, to the consternation of all beholder?, seized the band of Mr. Cross in bis moots. It is im possible accurately to describe tbe scene at Hus juncture—fear seemed to possess every one present. Several strangers who bad. boon specially invited to witness thff ablflmg magnified tbe accident to Mr. Cross into an etcapv or the lion ont of .bis cage; thus, filled with fear, they rushed out of the me nagerie in great terp dation. The lion still held Mr. Cross fast by hla band, nor could ho be enticed to let gohlsbold, although tempt ing junks of beef and cows’ beans, were thrown into his cage; bat the most surprising part of all was that, daring the whole of the time each was trying to at tract the attention of the lion from him. Mr. Cross appeared the least undisturbed, as, with his eyes fixed upon bis captor, bo scorn ed to be watching and waiting patiently for some expected opportunity. "Finding Ihe lion determined to retain his bold, and the pain becoming very severe. Mr. Cross ashed one of the keepers to hand him a small bar of iron he was boldine ready for use. 'With this Mr. Cross succeeded In striking the brute a terrific blow between tbe eyes. The enraged animal sprang back with a snort, tearing away the flesh from the hand, and mutilating one finger so-serious ly that at first it was thought amputation was an absolute necessity, and was recom mended; but Mr. Cross, with coolness in him characteristic, refused all surgical aid— he thongbt he was sufficiently cat up al ready, and, wrapping up his mutilated limb in wet cloths, walked out of the menagerie as If no accident had happened to him, and re turned as soon as possible to Liverpool." 9Jf p.m. Peter Marie, about seventy years of age, and an old and much respected citizen ol Laracca. Texas, died recently at that place. Tho Commsixial says: " While sleeping tn the daytime he was fly-blown about the nose, which resulted m the Introduc tion of tbe screw-worm. They penetrated the head so os to cause bis death. This is the first human death we have ever seen recorded from that cause; but It Is not at all Incredible." Markets bv Telegraph. New York Markets. New Toss. December 59. Pottos—Heavy. Ftors—'Very ana, but uncharged. Gnsis—'Wheat—Quiet a&i fins, with sales at (2JB for Kc-S Chicago spring. Core—Doll and heavy. Oats— Qolet, atfiSSft&e. Ptovn-ioxt—Pork—Firmer, with isles of 6,003 brl* mesa, at (70.00390.75 tor r.cvr. and old at fl&S&aaa. Lard-Ftrmer, at HKcitZKc. Wool—Sale* at Sc for •lomstlc fleece, and 33@ 59VC for pulled. Daxasxo Hoes— BJghcr at?tf<sß,Vc. LATER. NEW YORK. MARKETS. [Special Despatch uvthe Chicago Trtbune.l Krw December £>. BSKAMrerrs. Flonr and Grata—The reported stocks beins larc-T than the estimates, checked tbe demand, aad tho feel la, ■? is rather depressed. ococsßixa. pj ices nominally nnchaaged. MtOVtSIOXB. 'ili'Mlnn i In nnrtr. V.ivhii Not Meg doD j in pork. Kew buoyant; doling bids at SSIA January; end 891JS seller Febnury. Old eta {I9JJ7K. Lard j*c Letter. UVX BOOS. Rogt fit m, atTMc. Receipts, 8,600 bead. QMlwonkeo marker* [SpedA 1 to tba CbJc»*o Tnbore.] SlturacKXS. IVocemter 23. Fooua—Dull and onclinged; holder* ask yealirdsy** prtcr*: buyers demsni concession. Oeais—Wheat—mtH end J®3c lower. At the 9 a. □.board thercwm uc tales. At the boob board ibc *a!ea irtclisd bo at Jl.Sf'SUljJf for No. 3 ID •tore: t’.J6«dler*t option. January, |]JD; 50. 3fa •lore £l£l scilsr'aoptlcu January. Cora—Dull, wlti tales oftOO bn neo a:>clled on track atfflc. Bye—Doll; calt aIM bo So. 3at ffic. Barley—EcQte; rales SCO bo and JlCbags at CgSfe. Peotisioxs —Cnctacced. Sain cl 50 brls mess pork »tfl?.sfl;7t) trcs prime lard delivered next weekatlllic. DFseero Hoes—tTuehanßed. Sales 1457 at f 5.759 uajf. Lite Hoo*— Uccbenjed at !s.Sfl3|r.W. ittCTirre—l.Ko 6rli floor, 4.400 bu wheat, 1,500 ba «ts, 1,700 bn corn, 9tl dn.Med bon. t.SOffhrii'floor, 060 bo wheat. Cincinnati Market* cntcunun, December 3 3: Flczz— lnfiatrd'rmard tnd market tirm. Superfine f9.Mi31P.50. ana trace Oeaix—Wbrat firmer. >o. 1 oprlne $3.10; No. 1 winter Corn doll AtPOgTlc for shelled Index*- lor, actl 5T««54c for car. Cara dull. Xo, l Me. Uyc call and pikes nominal at sl.lO lor Xo. 1. Barley on* changed. WmsKxr—Firmer; 36c asked; Ssc offered; b*' sOcs. Corroii—A shade firmer, bet not much done. Mid dling Sfiii.Xtfr. How—Firmer, with * poo! demtod. All taken at sT£Ce7.ra. and at the close was asked lor extra larte. Receipts, 4.M0 bead. Pbutitio:**— M*-*i pork heM st f39.00&1£.59. Sales of outside city brands at fIV.TI. Bulk meat* qcl-t at 7VCs9c for sbonliKr*; 'JVtvO.'ii- lor side*. and la*-tile for clear sides, all parked. Green meats firmer, bhoal dersfr; sides gc. ana bam* 9;,' t9i;c. Holders a<Ked Mr higher at tb**closc. Lard i»rnv*r; primek**tle IJe. CooMirafiK—Pork and lard rooperare scarce, and prlP's Mrber; pork barrel*. (I.IOrkASO; Ur l tore"*, s3.oC£3.*<); ana a pre#«lnc demand; bat light stockion (be article made last summer, so that now the market Is bore of all kliuis and 1* cos-nlersfily excis'd. Perm? and Cunt**—Stead}, with a fair demand. Geocasiu—Bull, tut prices utcha&s%l: sugar, lift coflee, 3?ft77c. Mosktabt—Geld ItlV boring, closing weak. M>n*y tight. Exchange dell at ‘fcsMC discount buying and par selling. £l. Lohlm .llarucc. Sr. Locu, December ID. Tobacco—KrtSlnir doing. Cihtox—bale* at rtXc, I'luce— Noilunc dolor. Gluts—Wheat cna. Com doll ud lower At 73®76c, Oftodnll at CM me. I*b(iti&ioa6—3les« pork easier at Baeon cn changed. little doing. I Geo oral marietta euziiaot. Money and Stocks In Nenr Vryk. Kxw Yoke, December 33. Unxxr—Firm it 7. bruxi isd—Qoi't usd unchanged. Gou>— Firu at 133*. Govassnistrs— Firmer. Uakrtlle Mnrbtt. Loci* tills, December 39. PtovuTaxs— lDWOO m dear baconsMee were at It' c. dflUcrab e m Jol« actl July, for the Florida n arket: also 900btl* p.rtc. GhaDT—SOtCOO sacta com at 85c; ?,OJO tm oats at *Bc. XTex.*—Sold »t 10c. Number tlaoshtcrnd around tbe Fat's to dam, 151.167 brad. Chicago Prortamß .Vorfeet* . Cntcs00. Conlraiy to veneral expectation, tbe market fhr bora aud rro*f-lors btuiniaintalned its tone tolerably well tliroiiKb ibe wet k, md ibc-ncb, darlnz that Ujt It has experienced many Oocruatloas. y<t prices are U-da*. l(iii,\iplr». hieh-rthac those current a week a?o. It 1a OifHcuit to cotnorvheud the anion of operators, tor all present inulcatloaa look more gloomy than prerl oc-»y. Ihe larte supplies of horn to an,the principal pilau Mtll<MntlM>e, and unless I lie soppy should break orf suddenly, of which, at present we nave a-1 the slight est Indication, theproepc-fsarotbst the p-r-ilueol lhetVe*l oqd Northwest will exceed the most *an unlnc cxiectatlms. Durlae the ccntlauan:e of tbe f«rmer« will r ot bury In tVJr stork, hnt after nest week the receipts wPI. probably, be liberal. ■lheonUnnoas l clicolr' the sold market and tbe de prcisln; ac< o-ints fr.uo abru-i. prerent any transac tion* I rtortljn markets, and give nut little hope- of atj relief from ihoec quarters. Thetbcla mn«t. there frr, be broadly regarded that we are Uymxupa' lrcrc«scacTop nt prices entirely speculative sed rtjmceiT,D«. with many of the nsnM channels ~,t re. Itri shot ofl. and ma'iumrt bolding aloof, unwilling to • at the prices. Ultimate rirrumstanees may justify thUactum on tbepartot the Wostera pacters, r.ut at piesr’it it seem*, to say tho le.ut, inlttdidouj. Triewcaiherthro'ijjh the week has been excellent lor ounce, our parkins booses heirs mostly well proteef eil fr.>m tbe frost, and enabled to maintain an even t« mperatcre. Therrceiptaot hoes f:r tbe week imm up as fo'iow*, ns :drc-»ec.3o,9rs: live. SVtIS: total. 57,Ni1: and to* »Mpn ecu: arr.-cd, n.2v»; lire. 731; Vital, 11,99: le tr ine bead fir packers. cltTcor-sumpUnj and pum t-T Ictiover In thep-ns. forme carte-porvhne wivt last year the receipt* wetc; dressr.Mt>W; Hv*. 13JOO; t0ta1,25,717; end tbe shlpm-o's; «lresrd, 7.95 A: lire. 3.MS: total, lliC?; tearing 13.831 beau for packers’ o*c.l The paeans to the pre-ent time approximates to TCi.llO boss, against alien: 71,000 Vi the same time lasi year. He*! par.lngha«h<*ca abandon*! for tbe pre •cat. During Uiecarir part of the week the market for live rcis decline! to t 1 $.*..77 rro?i, bnt ral -1>«l rapidly an 1 clones at ff-TiA-UO gross. The market has been, probably. In a measure ra#- talr*J,owln* to th- packer* roonlriag hoe* to meet tbetrmalnnrgshortsalesof hm pnpV tor DeccfnVT dellrurr. l>ro**eil sympathize* with lire, bnt under an active demand from tbe shippers, packers were torced to pa* hleher prtc-s than they wished. The market closes a* net. fleet cattle may he onoted at 93,00 to fk.OO. Trar«*c tlonslaorodncts&iaTebecnmostli speculative as-1 prin cipally lajorwara saint of tne-s nork atf lU3 to SU.TS for Jan. L’fllverT.c o.lnc at fir.7s; 9.9 CC ask'd. Prime me.HiU l omlnalal Slf-.fObot there are no .rac'acllons. Extra prime and rtrmp* lr. moderate demand at ( i:W» t14.5d. near park held at|?}.o} W&sl. Balk meats fully enmiarescar-e. Shonlrters soli at 7c a-.dsl ?<ss atSS'c to ? Vcpa« ked In boxes. There I* no demand tor«32*r enml hams.and they are nomlcalattPc mile. Green , meetsarcloactlredemandatSVcfofchonl.Urs-.Tve for sides *ndSVctc9c fbrhams. Joint* from dres**Jhop* command };c to >(c le«b tn'ney. EnrU«h m»ats are heMfrmlr atSVc. for Cumberland; 9Vc. for short rib; and 10 to lOKc. for short clear; lone n tins 9k tt baa been more inquired for. best brands of -dean, kettle dned. are bod at UUc.tol?c: ordinary brands at UV to tIN: eidmetu a retdr s*)e at lOke. Grease lb active demand at 9H to i9c. for white ;SS' to 6W lor Tfllow:ard"Vclo7vc. fbr brown. T*ltow dnaatD ,c t- 16Sc. for prime, the lower quotation brluj for c-iut try renderod.Tuilow prease 3rm at B.Vc to9r. Frclzhw nnchansed. 3IARRIED In Ctitcafo, on the 2-tth tr.»n. by H. W. Patterson, D.D- Wr. WILMAM I~ WILLIAMSON and Mbs DfLIA CiARIUTT, a;: of IM« city. In t«rt* citv. on the n «h ln«u h* the n»r. V. K. V v>- net RALPH U. DAKRON and Mis* LBCT FBANK, ail o* tUt city. amusements. c VKjKEK’b THEATRE. McVICKEB A MYTHS. BENEFIT OF MB. H. B. HUDSON, ENGAGEMENT of Mile JOHANNA CLAUS SEN. MISS GERTRUDE POGGETT, Ofth's city, who made so favanhle an impression oa ue ooiflra of Mr*. Cowell's tMseflt, will maze her fecc&d appra'anee «*o any atare astae DUCHESS Dt TOUHBNVBVA. Hondav— LILLIAN MAT; Or, Atnst ajd Across. Lillian May. the Actrea* (with *ooe*>..-M'D« CUtr-aen Blitttd W in»n. tb« Aruet Mr. H. B. nnl»a The pertomanee win commence with the petite era »dv of ■ FAINTHEART NEVER WON PAIR EADT. I" cell*-1 de Torrmacra. Visa Gertrude nonttt F tt jc Ch\rt** Mr*. Cowell Bat Gomez Mr. H. B. Unison Tnoday (New Year**) Maflaee. QRGSBY'S OPERA HOUSE, On iIONDAT EVENING. December S o'clock, Sixth Snbstrlpttcn Night of the t crowned CHI OKI 'AND SUSINI ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY. -DcnlzeM's Grand Opera, to four arts, LA FAVORITA. .«■npttiin* ChiaaL signora Ftfre, Ardaranlasd Snalclta rrtx CBoan ast> osmttTza. Mull cal Director mod Coed actor Signor Ntooiao Tuesday—NOßMA. Vnawir-FKA DIAVOLO. Thursday— KRNAXI. WO OP'S MUSEUM. _ ....Proprlrtor •F. K. AIK ES COl. J. H. WOOD Director of AnoMnutt, SUse Manager. HIT-A PALPABLE HIT r* Crowded Boum. Raui of Loti of ?oa. A Galaxy of At'ractlots. Two KrwPiece!. On Jlcc**ay rfii&r, Dec. sut. will he presented ths tatnons Falre Sy.rtucV of fORTUKIO AND HIS fF.ITA GIFTED SERVANTS, tM Wuad»n ol the Worid. PievKnt to wblcb, for tbo fir t Hue, & new C-.tnrdlMta.bT Telfontd, ennaoi THE HOUSEHOLD PAIRT. Tnesdsv afternoon (New Tears Din Ettra Madrrc. Great Comte Entertainment. Grand Mati nees Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. THEATRE. C.M.Cxiabwice. Prop. O. B. Dcvrov. Mtnteet MORE STARS! SEW ATTRACTION! MISS JULIA HILL, Daaarnae tad Comedienne. MR. GEO. A. IHLU Cornelian and leading AeC^r. PROF. WILUS conn,- And bts .Vtocn<Jlag TRAISED GOATS, MONKEYs, AND DOGS. A GREAT BILL. -VTEW’ TEAR’S PARTY. it Tuesday evening. January LISC7. at CHICAGO DANCING ACADEMY, Corner Clark and Monroe-ata. Benefit of J. EDWIN MARTDiS. auction Sales. iL A. Bli I'iEßt? & CO* P VLUEB*ts BLOCK, p«« At As 40 EtAM)OLIfD-ST. art association. 'J'HE DBiWING OF PlffllffllS OP THE Opera House Art Association, WILL TAKE PLACE O.V THE Stage of the Opera House, In the Afternoon of the 2 lit of January, com- the Home being under engagement Dr the evening. It win be arranged and conducted solely by the Com mittee whose official announcement has been pub lished, assisted by the gesUetawi following, wno hare accepted ihdr Invitation to be present and represent their resoeettve cities at the Drawing; . „ B.E. Beamon. President Howard National Bank, Boston. David Pnlslw, of Pulilfer 4 Parson. Boston. Charles P. scicxney, Presldcnl Mawisolt Bank, fall Hirer, Massachusetts. Samuel Caatner. Coal Merchant, Trinity Bonding, H. M. Redden, late Cashier Croton National Bank, Colonil Vd. B. Thomas, Floor Merchant, Phlladel- P *Caiebß. Needles. Druggist. Philadelphia. Richard Smith, of L. Jonnaon A Type Founders, Philadelphia. Walter Ingmott, Cashier of the National Insurance Bank, of Detroit. _ _ . B. H. Bowse, of Cavender & Bowse, Bankers, fat. Louis, tw~ The Certificates of the Association will admit holders to the House. Stilt irtM be referred for I/nUet. UNTIES, Official Blanks! We hare now for sale tbs following additional Bonn- ty Blanks, which hare ALL been approved by the De partments; Soldier's Cialn f*r Additional Bounty, Widow’* *• “ “ Paper's »* “■ “ Mother's “ “ ** Parents* “(Jointly) ** “ Gnardtan’n “ ** , a fv>m > T ,nri, Second Andltor** OSes, re erring to, coplea of onx Planla tent tor examination, aajas ** The forms are docidodly the best that tuaTobeon proaontod to this Of- fices” Sent prepaid os receipt of the moeey, at fUX) pa quire. A neat pamphlet, containing Feailon and Bounty Law* cl ISCfi, with latest Instructions and rtsulatiom sent Ajtents on receipt ol stamp to psy postage. A copy tnctoeed with each package of Dlwks. Address TRIBUNE CO., 51 Clark-st. Chicago. £c XXEm-jttjousss. T 3 RENT —On Fullerton-or., acd on tbceogeof Wright's Grove, a new 2-itory V»a»*. wl*f vacreofffOPnrt orvnr.d it, containing id menu, pesldsecloset?. 1W f-et w*«t r* horse car*. Apply to CLAKKE, uno.v A CO- 12S TO RENT—If you want to buy a boose, rala botise.orsell a bensv or lot. coll at <mr ,n --fpp. Gr»at Indncftnent# always offering. OEOKUE ft WILLIAMS. 7 routh CUrfrst. TO RENT—A new bouse, on Twenty fonnU-et-'ieirCslntrer-av., sl3 per tnr-.lh. hot and cola water bath. 4c. Inquire of S. B. HOWES, ; 112 Cottage Grove-sv. TO RENT—A neat.. wcR-buDi and con* venlenl stcry-and-a-balr c-mre boose. T 157 We*t iMiara-et., wiih gena ana large taraen. Apolv toJOS.R.nirSEKDIKE.Rooai 2 King's Block, S 3 Wasblnctfft-st, op stairs. TO RENT—House, and furniture (all complete aud new) for sale rw a bargain, twice, Call and cxamioe. at {;[ Easi Jlarriaon-aU. between vtabash and Mlcnmn-ars. TO KENT—A one-story house, contain* leg 4 rooms kcddorc’s. at *238 Oak-su Apply ?n tbe prtrolrta. TO RENT—Cottage house, eight looms, water, cars within two Mocks, No. ISO North Sacramon-el. 1 minify at 171 We«tlcdtaaa-st. rpo RENT—Tnc two-story tmme dwell* 1 leg. with wattr and ess. containing 11 room*, good Ircatlon, Nc. 72 Ct Ic*<o-ut. mq lire a T KNACKB ft BAI.COM. comer North Water and CUtk ogee Xo. 1. Ewing’s Block. TO KENT—Two new dwellings. Nos. 19and 23 Colt*ce-P *rc. eight ro- m». hrdraat water, at fsa each. T. «5. FITCH, Room 2,107 Dear. borc-«L rpo RENT—And Furniture for sale. A 1 farce Board teg House. Call at 127 Dearoora-st. J.M. HEYNOLI). TO RENT —To a family without chil dren, a nealty tcrnlshed bouse often rooms, with* tc ti n mlnntes wa tof the Court Hocra. Will board with the tamliy for the rent. Address ■* C B,” Tribune office. TO KENT—A neat, well timshed cot tar- occulting 9 rooms pantry atd closets: gas anti bydnuit water la tb« bouse: situated at No. 209 Ihirk ar. Apply to C. E. HOLMEb, Xo. 59 >Wt Hactlopb-fU TO RENT—Or lor Sale—A Lew two* non too?? on West Jackson-iu. 309, containing 9 room? latest nrit-Tand Improvcmeota, Rent low ta May Ist. Inquire at Room 2C*>bb’3Bullaltr. 120 l*«arbom-«t. 'T'O RENT —Tfie cottage, 13 Ray-av., J soßih of Twenty-ttath-st- near tbe horw* nan. 7 to- tr« cheap toft g'.od tenanU Apply to J. M. MAR* MI-ALL. lto» m 8, at 97 South Clark-et. TO RENT—An elegant furnished house, containing 9'oom*. centrally located mod cheap rent; airo, ao noftmilrhctl bnuaeof 10 room.*, one of onmf“; st*o • -me tarnished rooms. ARTHUR ft LUTDEK, tIOSUIcsU H'6 RENT—A neat cottage, on Jackson -1 *t„ w«,t oi Heine »L coctamloc »rvcn roars presses, pantry, &c. Inquire Cl Mrs. 0. PRATT. No. 130 South Cirri:-ft. TO KENT.'—A good house of 10 rooms and bath-room. up hr Upton Park. Inquire at A. PAT.l*nnrV'S REAL. ESTATE OFFICE. Roam So. ii. corner of Can«l aoc Randolph-su. £0 fectit—Booms, TO KENT—A furnished roora^wither wlttcutboard. at No.-1 Was-hlagloc-sl. 'T’O RENT—A front parlor, lurmshed I or unfurnished, with or without tKi£d,at 197 Fnlton-U., between Green and Peoria. r T'O RENT—A nicely turnished suite ol i rorms. and single rcorn. to gentieman and wife, rrfoar gcntlecpn. wlib hoard ar.d cimtort* or a home. Reference* required. Apply at 93 AberUern^t. T’O RENT—Furnished and unlnmishcd r<>OTTa.«t 131 MichigannearCiarh. TO RENT —A handsomely furnished ftoct parlor, with or without oedmotn, jm. *e« In a prlrate -Uil South CUrh-au Will bo rcottd ctfeap to a suitable party af parties. T’O KENT—Very desirable office rooms, on the aer-nd fl>.>r*of f>t RanJo’sh-at. Apply to DR. JAMES. 93 lUudolph-rU «ccond floor. rpo RENT—Furnished Lodging Rooms, I with closet, auirr* and ms. without board, to pctlftrcr oedy, at No. g.l and 13 South W«t«T*H. TO RENT Chtap Two pleasant rcotr?.aultabla fur atmall family.atUi7 West CPO RENT—Six moms, suitable for a I cir.hU lamlty. Inqidrc at aflll West La<e><t. FcrtJture tor falc— ufa, rocker, aad ?is chairs to match. Ptdftcad*. common chairs, Ac.—cheap for c<**h. Ap.-ira; U9«iWe*t Latent. rpO RENT —Pleasant and desirable Inr “ r.!»b'd rocras ccnrer.lert t.i buMr.c->■ttable fir crrtlrmen. Gettlemeawlin refcrei«epref,-rred. Ap ply at btatc-at. rpo RENT—Fnm’shcd rooms suitable A for single ccat'emen. at S 3 Jackscs-tUceor S;*us«t. m So Hnit-Stortg, Ofiirrs. .Vf TO RKsT—Steam power and rooms to rent, rear of 74 lkmdoiph-#L, Con~vplvr. tlieCrtebr** Owra lions-*. Apply to A. WOHDES ft CO- or L. I. TODD, '.c the prer:K«*. Dryer A Co. TO RENT—Occ licirofastoreonSontb the *cry best location In the city. reaaP.O. Box 305. TO RENT—>ea»nd fli*or, 140 Lake ft, tear Clark-lt. Location Tdry dealrable. TO RENT —Store, on Dearborn-sL, be tween Raodnh>h and Wa»&meton-«'s.. on the west «ice pi the street, but 1> »ron In the cltr. Lraae and dxtnm at a f \crlCrr, as the owner has to icare lor Calltornu. ASdro# “B A,**Trl‘na“ ofllce. .MANAGE!^. TO RENT—Store, and fixtures for sale. Powerdan immediately. Call at 91 Baadolph-tt. npb RENT—A desirable suite of front JL ofleea. at No. .1 OS Randolph-M . trem Jfuary Ist. Apply to GCOQUE M. niGlt. 164 Bandolph at- Hoorn 12. rpO RENT—The ime Brick Stores. 3-40 I and 231 Pouta C3*rk-«t, 256, 313. -169 and 479 South Ciarvauttnrraard dwe Hun ant noard ti'ChrE«r*: 463, atn*e. We*v Mvll^on-st_; 1 IS,(lore, Caat JackaciMU; | j; Eu: Monroc-eU bam in reart ITZ6 Fourth ar„ clwel.lni; 134 Sberm*a-«u,B fine N-ardlEg home; oTlffi la Lennon, Lo;g and Speed P’cckr. Powwion at onr» for all the abore prenliee, Apply to J. M. MARSHALL, Boom S, at 97 South Clark it. T) RENT—store on South Clark-st, Inquire at Boom * 167 Pcaroonut; *T'O RENT—Store, with dwelling above, I rt* fonth Clark>-t_ at fjfl r*r month. Apple to QUIMBT ft HAWLEY. So. 7 E^Tf«ldß , Clock. Dear boru-t*- r PO RENT—Store or Office—The cle -1 rant room artjDlaine Fourth National Bank, and oalr two doers from the Poat Otace. bafe. water, ftc. Apply at So. g Custom U jnse-place. .Director. saanirti-iEo unit. V\/ ANTED—To Rent A fhrnisced “ * home. small or medlara lire, and canren'eat la aUrrareet*. Son'h nr West Sld» preferred, Apply to &lEWABT. LUDLAM ft CO- So. 4 i.iMfs mock. \F.T ANTED —To Rent Two good Y V morn?, well Mrhtcd. ote a larc* cne. centrally located and anltahie f. r a law otace. Weald buy laral tor*-. Apply tonr adirpa So. ff Portland Dlccfc. TXT AN TED—To Rent —A mom, suite- V * ble for a etael-r errce-nar, «• ftodl» and »!««■ Ibgrrco. Meet t>- turniehed complete. Ad*ren,stat> lag htma aaj 1 ratios. •*LOUIS.- rmoone cfiice. .THO 3. BARRY WTANTED —To Rent—A furnished * 1 boo*e,cootalnlnrSor 3 r-oms. by n auatlemia inaalb. Pozth Pile preferred. Immediate p-.*§<*- rter d'«»r> - d Partle« wbe d cel re Voir-i or to 'etala mc~m» n«« oot an‘-*er. Address, itatls: lucadoa aad rest, p. o. Box 6309. T\TANTED— I To rent —Two ncfnrnisb » V ed ror jb*. with board, for two ladle* oad a e»3- tleiras. Prlrate ftimUrprererred. Be-tof r-Jbrea-es greoard recolrel. Adnry*. for two day*, statin; catno. tnrma. - Pox up Calcayx WJ ANTED—^To Rent—A vonng een- V V tKman wl*be* to hire f aml»hed*rooin, without board. Addresa “R.” P. 0. Box UOO3, tor two days IOaT— A yelu»w Fos Tenier Dog, ears j ard ta l cropped. Hctsm him. aad recefra a !i> oral reward aad owner** thanks, to l£9n w etre yoe can do*- Boom aad Mn s at Half price; or es* mao y-a coaid before the war. T OsT—A Mt’s Fnr Collar, on SnndaT La sight la«t. <m Cllntoe-et- between Harriaon, aod Jackacs. The finder will pleiae relara the aame to M We£t Jacktoh-at. T OST—On Fndav evenine, a stone I a martin l*dy*i collar: between Vu toQBd ua ri‘on-6ta.lonXVabaih-ay. The finder wll bo »al.- al-:y rewarded by leaylagltatSo.ta N aa Barca-at. F'ODND —At the Opera House, on Sat arday ercathg U*t.»l Irau, a whlchlheoatwrcaotaTebycalUnKai BJ9 Wabaah ay, and payl&g chatyea. FOCND— An Otter Pur Glove. The owter can have It by proTicg property and piT ibc ter «a!« adreraacmenr. Arpiy J» JOilH WEicars litaacrast, bll Carktt. mcncing at 2)f o' 1 dock, Ulanfes. Host anb jFnunh. fflaanteir-iHale |^clp._ BOOK&KEPGB8, SAtISS-TUS?! Ac TT7ANTED —A good travelling sales- VV did. by a wbolcaats boose, about the 13th of January neit. Adcrcas, wlthnamemd reference. **D B,*' Tribune office. TBADtS. WANTED —100 experienced coal ralncn, ty the Molcgona Coal Co., at in min*-*, in uoone Co., lowa, steady employment summer amt winter. WuaScnuperbttahei. Good boardftco. prrweck. Seven miners with famlile* also wanted, to go Into the Company’* new boose* and board men. Transportation to tne mines free For further In'.'f* matloo apply to P. B. WStRE Jk CO., Commission He? chants. 118 South Wator-st, Chicago,' r HENRY PAEKUUKS.T, Coal A rent, Mclngona, Boone Co.. Iowa; or the undersigned, at Cedar RtpiU. lowa. W. W. WALKgß.TlcePres’tM.Coa Co. %ctp. smswoinm. tribbh, &«. TT7ANTED Ladies are -wanted VV ttronahont the Northwest, to canvass (br 138 CHILDREN'S ALBUM, nils bullets beautifully il.Ta unted an 1 elegxntlv bound. Ladt<*<. and school tesch ett especially, will End It particularly adapted to their tales. The commission is large. Address. or apply to W. J. HOLLAND A CO.. Chicago, in • Milwaukee, Wls.; Detroit, Mleh.; DnbOQu*. lowa. WT ANTED—Two girls who hare work* ,ll „ed at book-binding, at249SouthClark-sL, Kosm 39. BOUSE SERVANTS. \\T ANTED—A first class girl fr>r gen » V eral boosewoft, sad most be a good couk. irwncr and Irotur. To sack an one, eood wua crlti driven. Is>ne otter need apply. Call at 173 War* ren-at., tMrd boate rax of Lfucoln. TT7 ANTED lmmediately A coed y.y. washer and troner; scneolher need apply, at 347 Wabash-ar. ¥ *' WT ANTED—A good girl, to do - second Ti work, at 103 East Jacksan-st, A eoo.L steady place to work. and gcod traces. Bmerence requited. WJ ANTED—A girl to do general hoase- VV wrrk, hot of wacw ctrcn. Call at 110 Kan* kakee-ar.. pear Twenty-fourth at. WT ANTED—Two first class girls; one V T to cook, wa»h and Iron, and the other to do chamber work. German or American preferred. To those who are competent to fill the hill, liberal men and a pood home la offered. Anolr, between 10 and 13 a. m., at 93 Dearbom-si, first floor. WT ANTED—A girl to do general house- V V__ work. Inquire at 532 Wabaah-ar. TT/ANTED—A cood girl or woman to V? do kitchen wortTProteaiant preferred; at J*o. 191 Wabaah-ar. - WANTED —A woman to do kitchen wora. Most be a food cook, waster and troaer. itetrrcnces rcqaired. In«igireat3t Aberdcea-st. TX7 ANTED—A German girl, to do gen- VV eral housework in a small family. Inquire at 140 West Monroe-ot. 'll 7AN TED —A girl for general house y y work. A capable person.»itb poed references, can have a steady home ard pood wapes. Apply at yo. 50 Lake-st., tip ataus. :ne week. TXT ANTED—A good cook, washer and V« Ironer. One that can come well recommended. Apply at No. 13 FrankUn-sU between Lake and WaUr-su. TT7ANTED —A gill ?o do general hoase- V? work. Korirrglan or German preferred. 139 bomb Green-d. TT7 ANTED—A neat, tidy girl to do the ?y work ot a family of two pemuns. Mist rime wellrccoTTmtnded, Apply at 101 Soaih lor two days. TX r ANTED—A girl, who is a good YV cook, apply at 223 Xorth LaSalle-*!. iHiuplofimrut ageiuies TXTANTED—Evciy energetic man oat Y> oKtnplojment. In jmy p*it of tbeematrv. fr) krrw that wc nave Jan tit tile* for them tut? win-nr. A. C. B'tOWN ft CO- US Lise st. TXT ANTED Mon&y mormne —3O V* wood choppers, iraa*port*Hon fnratafifd; JM weti to go Sonth. V hewers. 5 »atp carpenters. Apply at H-totr 3- Lind's Block. Randolph-*!. Bflcgp. liLlanfrt-JlilisrrUancous ■\XTANTED—A number of good bnsi- V * t*v* rr- r, tc establish In'irtnce Acenrtei la Northern Oelu *id Indiana. Address-Cox 2..553. CUvda. d, Otto. \\7 ANTED—A second-hand jobber, ca* VV pab'*ofprlnllnc a form Txvt l“ehc«, or n-ar that. A Ke'l'ry? Card and Blank t*r«»ia»chi answer. Addrt»a JOLtOCAL OFFICE. Canola. 91. - • TXT’ANTED —A man of good business \ 7 tamliy. with a small capital'to Jtln tbeartver •tlrcr in a new ar-1 very protuhlc Mitsc-**. Call '’a, or addnec*. McDOKOCGU.No. 90 LiSa’.lt-iE, Ko nn 3c n. T^ITANTED— I To buy an Interest m a T V cor d cn;c store. Musi be In n coo«l locatloa. prekers iki ar.- Ad;rr»*. in contidcac-*. nr nnc week, clvlag ;c-.atloa and term*, •* BEUKY,” Tilbane GSlce. TTT A NTED—To sell an interest in a V* maantactarn c t n-to«s to a partr wbc has hart <Tperl( ree and Is w.liinc to triT»l se’llng A party wbh cm com triad six thonaind wish capUm cau learn of a very prod table tnvsatmcat br addrt s«lng Loik Uox 69.' Cincinnati, uhto. WT ANTEI?—To Purchase—A civxi 7 » bonsc.ol tnoilent Jtaprorenisn’s, RnltalUc-for mcvlrc.*' tnewhrre on lirt west Side. AdJresi or call at-522 Washlogtcn-st. state terms. Ac. W I " ANTED —Wc want everybodv aud V * W? wife to know Ih*.» wr hive th*T>e<t iTtnbir XonldlDC that ever wi«oiT-red to tba public, and all ptrtvnt waatlnz Uobt>-.r Xauldtog ara reqotsu-d t-> call and *celt. Ac»rtß wanted In tbecocctry. A. C. BROWN 'TIT'ANTED —A man ol csrcnence lo V t take an Interest In nn eftaMl-t.ed anctlnn hnsi ness.bTUt cr January. 15«7. Arrlv at 192' SonJl Ctark'St. WJI. GKIFrITHS ft C"., iHcUoneer*. TX7ANTED—St»me second-hand tarri » > tore tor a parlor. Must be In good coocltloj. Address C. V> ARIIEX. •mbaceugfcc. TXT ANTED—I have money to loan, on V « impritert city 10 per cent, 123 gootb Ciark sL. Hoop 8. H. H. HAUFF. \\T ANTED—To exchange Chicago city V \ pr-perty for a horse and Ungsy or a denbU team. ANo, an -vcelleat family grocery stsre tor ssUn AI.TOUH ft BOYDgy. 210 rfute-st. TXTANTED—To Borrow —For one or T V two year*, on new sobstandal hnllrtloge. on lra»ed groasd. L>*w?e a lone ont. Addre<a “It S.“ Trthnrc office. «ta«lng where an interview maytad. iJusiuesß CbauEES IT’OR SALE—The lease and fixtures oua * Mra' Mn7Mjt,dcicgn good budnut. InqJro at ISO South W.u-ef. SALE—Lease and fixture? of Store I 487 Statc-*C, «.ort«T of HHrtilxe-ccart. Irqutrs at the tUirf. l/’OR SALE—Stock and fixtures ol a « Jwelrr store, row uolni * cood b<H)nm,tn a .-;ry of R (VO «nts.*l«-»ut -Iny iriH ftimi- CM- C'C«>. l>«(i u» f-«r •etlire, 11 health. T><r panicaS-e tdd.-w E. It. WILLIAMS Ol Wa'hlnqto-st, Chi* tW. lil. ’OR SALE—A Rare Chance—An old * ertaWtshcd bu*trr*(. halfblock ofFostOClac. IIon»c. |o»*c of lot, sad “o«<t witL Ai activ- man, withsmallcapita',can Cut a chanc* seldom otfeoj. i- s: rf zlven fjr (cillng App.y to I’ETcIU MUMP. 92 Mcnn-r -t 1 TOR SAJ Jv—Drug Store. A good chance for a man wMh a •fill capital, who ■» |»he* t> »j;. t ace In ticdr.ur trul-. in itr :iourl«Mr.*: and c"*»lar u>rm ffti.-rt. Sh-l--« County, on the Illinois Central ; r-lyia,-.* -iqnirrd. A ■*"?«•»* P- O. FUOnT. HrckrrP.O. Pixel, 111., or POcTft UADEAC, lt>2 Late-*;. I7OE SALE—Flxtmes ot agrocerv store, »• In'-ldlne u’cvr and (lour bins. Atdlt* at iS7* Soctli JcSeirtn-st. SALE—For $2,000, one-half of a Pme 5< re. Ta’u?<! at {S.OT. Inq ilre ot TIUrvX nAMSftVA?.* SCQAACK, wholesale Urugr.a*.J, 10 Chicago. FDR SALE—Factrxr. Profits pay 100 per res: a tson*h. All In good roentaz onlllUan. l-d 4 itaoct..lpt)-«L. Room No. I. F)R SAI.E—The best location and rhcßp»*trent on South Clark-*L, t • a r»a*ari that will clreil-S m»h for *h<*wca»e and Good a*ADd (Dr millinery or drcsa-naLlcg. Addresa Box A3l. 33oar5ing, T>OARDING—Can accommodate eentlc .l7 man and wife withal *e,ple*>ar.t front room and bedroom ady tttne. If deiLvJ, U- i small prlxatc im. Ily. at Iti7M Inillara-ar. T> OAHDING—At 8 Eldridce-court. Two 1 > suiter cl Coot unfdrni»hcd room*, with clcarta, and orefurriipid room, suitable for two neaUemec. Tense moderate. T>OAKI)ING—One or two gentlemen, 11 dmroiv* cf a cosufurtable homn. with board and elcssnt roc-mi. In a respectable f*mllr, hr- Incoo Wapii*-ar.. net tar fro-n the Po«t OiScr.' B*t reiererrts rt;olred. Atldrras u C.** P. <>♦ tex 1320. P>OA«DC>G —Two ladies can be accom- I rcodatsd with xcod b’oard and l*rse, pleas me rootP. at 36 Fonnh-ar. T>OARDING—A good table and larse I ) nv-ma at ft M a week. Dar board !3JM a weeii. 46Dcarbora-*t-Noith SUe, within fire minutes, of the court Hou«e. TDOAKLJNG—SingIe rooms $5; two in 1 > a room H. StifJ and‘A33 Ktnzle-sL, near Stats-' «. brldce. J HOARDING—Furnished room to rent, > with board, (ottablefor two men, at 308 aba*b*tT. "DOARDING—Two gentlemen can find A.J crodboardat 49 Bush-at. Also, day boarder* soUelted. BOARDING —2 wcll-furntsbed rooms, v !Ot b-ard, to peraon* who deslro firss-claas ac- and are wtllt&c to nay ft>r inch. Call at :M near Morsaiu Best reier recta required. "OOARDTNG—For gentlemen, in a pti -1 * T*ie family. bo:rd firet-c-'aw, location r*-rr fine, at 239 two blocks from State-it. brtdgn. T3OAKDING- Handcomelv fnrmshed 1> rooms, with board, can bepreenredat 11-2 East Adamret. Alio, cay boarders can be accommodMed at H per week. TYOARDING—A few gentlemen can O fled day beard at lift Wabaah-ar. TYOARDING—Good rooms and board. If Also, day hoarders wanted at the BBIOOS DOUSE SO. a. SS Mearoe-rt. BOAEDING— A suite ot front room?, utiftmlohod. with Mart mltaWe for a eeatVnaa aod wjft, at So. S 6 Ada=*-su plea»a3t^ni ccDTChUct tobnslneaa. TYOAKDING—Ensmess men can bo ac- I J ccmmodated with dar board at *2OO Raodolph-tt, next door to the Metropolitan Hotel, R-tTlnzchaseed h»r.d«. the premiere hare been newly fined np aadfnr nl*he«*. marine t» very definable for board er*. TraneUat boarder* SI per day. Two Made rcom«Ju«t vacated. MRS.TIMMEP.UAS. Uoath ©Etantrlf. TJOARD—^With Inrznshed room, in a IP prlrate family, for S3*, wife, Sorth or South Side preferred. CoaMwpn tin the middle of Jar c*ry. Address “11,- Drawer 6-244, stattox term*, location. Ac. TJOAKD—'With tarnished roonu in » I) frt-atefamily. W'my statir. »*St’~ day board fer mx-seit W»M«a or >lichiff»»*T. pro. ggjSl Tnt»e 0 ffl:e. BOAED—For mrseli and the Saga "2 rafftffrigfcSSlSi Aaa, ra .p.o.i».A4-a. iDorsfg, (gatriages, &c. A PAIR cf matched horses, suitable ftr a Unlit exprc<i* wason. wasted. Pall at 199 xucostair*. SKISSERft BOVSTOS. -i A LARGE MARES WANTED for 11* ma>rai*lnc. Law e aad disabled noobjecaon. Inayesne fpancfmclcs T~a »‘J*ortradef rmarea,at aNjre, catl Monday, IVo. 91,19«. at me stable, cor ner of State and Tweaty-aecoad-ata. J.BUttbAi*. TTOESE, HAENFSS AND SLEIGH. _TI for «a>; all la perfect order, at WHITIHO ft bKI>"SUITS SUhle, on LaSallML, opposite Coart Bcn«e. fHadjinenv FOR SALE—A second-hand Buddey fo'di&z Eiachieb—la good ccn-'Ulca. Pi ice. tUO. APPIT to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. F" OR SALE—IO,I2 and 14-horse porta ble Ecilro; and Oto lera-yery low, by GiqFfTO DKVniBBS.I3S &oatnWal«-«a. Situations ®aan«c. WALES. CITUATION—Wanted—An employ* O on one of the Horae Railroads a tins rtty.dairs,! obtain a situation la some Chrl/maa faaiilr or ».r? somaGhrlrtUn inerchant, whew. In the earnm- of Mi daily bread, he will not ce compelled to break the a»2 hath. Inqaira « Ely’*, corniT of •STai^-Sa Dearborn-ail. or of Chapin * Hater, in Palmer* be!-? lag, near Wabash-av.. on Faodolph-st. 9fiL * - C ITUATI ON—Wanted—By a yotms Lt Fftnchmaa. lately arrived In talsdtv. in armi£ maniamirr. Gooa re&rccco* can be riven. acLl-m *A B. 349 Division st. 71 CITUATXON—Wanted—Bt a comp* Lj tratandespeneoced man, at bo>tfcfe>:r. era*. ggararsa. zs£sh u * , ‘ TBL CITUATION—Wanted—As bookkcepS k-P£r clerk, by and reliable man, whoh rnalified to nil a fltnatlon of trnat or References sallilactory. Addrwa Tlji gggg. p. o. SITUATION—Wanted—In a _ photn- U graph gallery, by an eastern mas: has had alas years eaperlcncm tor two years was m etarze of oca ?.M h .M lMu:ln .s **«"“,» « Sew Tore. Apei-wm situation rather than Urge wages desired. Will Caro 55 ar FT»£* S9,ICT 7* or n ‘ l ‘ op-ratlag or printin'- Wrold like to rent a cattery or buy an lateren in one that pays. Address F. hi. HATES, Hudson, Mich. 00 * SITUATION—Wanted—As coachman, L 7 in s private anCy. hr a Onnaa, who naderatand* hlsbtulncM, B«:oidty rtfrirae-n irtren. Wum not a# mnrh of as object u a food place. PWaj ad dress PB, Trlbnct; oHcC. VITUATIOA —W anted —A 3 bookkeeper k_> or clfrt. hy « comrettnt and relloOle maa. who U gjsllflert to mi » fttuilon of mat or rwpon.-'Mlltr. efertncea satisfactory. Adore?* Box 6233, I*. O. CITUATION—Wanted—A medical Sta- IT} dent wt»hea to obtain a «itnatloir u clerk 1 c i rmcnptlon drue store in city or country. 'Will e::i» r.r a Itirhof time, as he wish** to chute a taorron knowl»dee of the business. references sJvco. Al dres* - STUDEyr.** Tribono office. FKSIALFS. SITUATION —Wanted —By a Jewish yocrjrwoman, %a cock, la a respt'ctahle Jewj, nmlly. Apaly at 431 booth Clark-st. Oil UATION S— W anted Ladies in O want of reliable servants of sny descrtpa.m ri b* supplied at Mils. D. PC AIT'S Emporium tor flt'ia* 130 south Clatk-st. 1?> CITUATION—W anted™ As hccsekcer^r Oby a competent middle-aged American 'sdv ; beat of rlvse. Call cr address 25.1 Mich tpan-at. Jt ClTUATlOX—Wanted—As second O Uml’ au American dn. Vaa Trlbcte cOr^ 1 01 cl£} l\cal iaetatr—UTitii. IBPKOVEJI, T,'OR SiLE—By SH. Refloat &Co J Krai Fstate Brokers. 71 prarbom-st 3L—An el'cant brick residence on l*r tlrfe-av- ElithU-enth-tC; lot rial 76 to alley; cast front. 32 lot s-ar Twtnry-focrth-at.; pne- 30—Brick dwel’lcs on Wabajh-av., last sooth o' n«?n»< D-*t4 lot 4o feet feonr. 29—Eleven desirable lota on Jatkson-iL. near Us. coin; will be sold cheap for ca-h. 27—Frame house with nh modern Improvement*, cn Forth Sloe, near Uncoin-rart; IntUCiia t*vt. 13— A desirable p ace o*> West Adams-su, twi>-*tn— bouse of II rooms; lot atxlSIS, loafer; well slocked with ihrebbery ana small fruits; pnco'lcw. 14— Brick tcsldcoce on Klshtevcth-sn, n?ar Pmln-*- ar.: hai U roems, finished in «ood style.marble m*n tele. &c, 7—Hermit marble front on Watas!t-ar„ n-’rth <X FourtcenlL-st.; hot and cold water bathrooms, ani every convenience; IctktxViS toa ley. 9-IS—Frame dwelling rn Wn»reL-sr.; in mom? »♦- sidesrlowt«.bnthtvom.lot rtrciXrv;; al.-. -m. 914—Wot Lase-tt. lu(,XxUuf(Wl.near unitts; <iii be sold chrao lor cash 939—8u«1.-iS‘S property on nalstrff st.a short ,*:*■ Uncv from Madison. 93S»Two Monai cn De:plam«-«.; vn": be sold Lit and on easv terms. Also, cncerfo* residences in all parti of th-cut ranging 9 otr.<a#9 to >2S,CM. J TOR SALE—A new two glory honso on Twcotv-n'Oth-sL. mnta'rlrs all raMe:nl;n proTfmenta Coatfri.fcH'. Will be wdd«lm Home atdlotroautclng Fix room*, on MUcbed-FL. worth will trsofd for 11.000. Itocac and lot on ion room?, !br t</o'. Uou*e and lot on Waßash-av- n:.-Ui oi 'i«*-Uih-3t_ ten rooms ISACf. nooFcand Me- Fantainen-SL. ten rooms tl.iVo. Hcnseanrt cor-rr .« on Wilarlst.. flvp tobi. s3, tbitfl cash. AdtTQUK ft DIIkDKN, 210 SUte-sU , L'OR SALE—An elegant house, on I Mleblzas-av.. ne*r' Conzfrft*-Ft M slrvfr srr ctaFS, with marble treat. and all uolera Inin* mrr ts. with «- m* furnln-n*; S-IC.CU'. A. .1. A\ f.i; .(.L. Offre. So. yMstrcjmlitta B.ork. SALE—An eriirclv new iwosi >iy T acdba<emeDt brick '.fer.oc.of II r-oms.bat iizt cold water, wsurrlo-iet*. hath. marM- * vtr, ;kT«J hit, with him. on tVnta«h-tT., near THOS. b.s-NVnEU&CO., weal Estate Alttropolltan H.oclf. IT OK SAT^E—A first class new tfirec -1 story a>d bat«:i. r.t I’rtcx Ho:n.\ ,<r ;t: h«t and cold wnbr. bit i, water martcJf. etc_ «r d lot, with b.rtelrMrr. op Kt. rear CurH» «t. d.UCWIALKE *Cd., Beil fc-U.e Acfnte. No. .| Mctrcpolltao l”oek. T?OR SALE—A ren* desirable ncdcora i rnortlons hou***. No. 371 i Ifcrth with I? rooms, wattr, cp". balh-r.»oid. paint-'J at-. ;i --jrrc.t In decant stvK-.srd hixtac every coarrc ei - rrr.RiMte in aCrft-cJa« c-dabirshmetit. L--»!lori. Mryassed. Ut *0 fwt Iront.rttmtax through n;ii >t. Larcebarr.»lth wrfer anrear. KTsrvtl.i;.* n perfretfcrd'T. TitlecnqnesttoubC!-*. Price rio'n;.’*. leriLiliberal. Immediate zlv-en. Kev'in by I.artato-.;r«.trc«>. WAP.ItEN & r.<K>Ut;ica. Ertaie Brofci-ra, 12A Pearb .fu-sr. IhtoniS. FOR SALE—As the owner needs n:on cy for a »pcrlal purpose, up are aiCi'in.-f 1 :o Offer honscnml lot. No. -IO Monrc***».. f>ra f-w at th* creatlv reduced price ot ft3.3M. 1.->: !■>« left—ore ol the n>o«t temptlns bargain* la ntarvet. WABKEN ft GOODRICH, Eeal Lsutc frokera, i2i Dearhom-sl., Hoorn 2. SALK—Douse, with marble fror.t, I on Mlrfclgnn-9v~* <>l Tw. fftb-jV. 3>’.» f t - *«;r Witash-iT.. nc.rtn of Twe ttb-wT.t .!> fevt on‘pr»:ne- Twentlrth-Bt: lw’ fe-tnn Jn;llaaa*r.,i,ei"veetiTwc~ty thirrt ar.rt Twentv-ronrth-sts. A. J. AV>.itFT i , laal E»ia;e Office. Xo. 7 Metropolitan UlQek-. Ij'Oß SALE—3 first-class sloresonSouth JP Water-*!., row rented at frnia fJ t.* 13 per *rt on ti e price aakeo. A. J. AVEUfcXL,- Ileal Estate ODce, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. 'L’OK SALE—Or to Kent—A new ned 1 bcantifal reslrtfree, faahirmablv I-rite. I. with lot.SS.crf. I*rlce of rent, #3fo. Afsa tor ?»> full depth 'or, tn eti cant, r.tarlv it) fi>ct. oa Waonh av. la a gcod locality, with ltuprovcm-n*s worth •!• •.<*'<- I*nre.SW3fo. Abofiraof*.sofwt Intnr. LnSall• footh «f MsrtKir-st- K if. CL'AIMCIGS. ho«m 19. Xo. 132 South Clirb-tt. l/OK S3ALE—fI.SUi cash will birr a • ' eo*-d two-st-irv Loner and bam. on Carpmt'm ince'ber w'ti, an groesa i«i*« (verv ehvip). The whole is wort’. rut will b« it tak-m - f-cn. Apply to C. E. BOLMES, 5S Wt.t fiia dcTpa-»t. I/OK SALE —A store and lot oa West ,S R-mrtdph «. rrer !>“{.;<.rheas. luo'-Jr- M S. P.UISH I!!*? i:«if F«t*«c nfflrr. Boca 6, Tak's l-utli tnc.ccr. Canal art! Ilatilol;;!. *u. I’Mnpimvßn. T.'GKS.aI.E —The north hall of Block ■ S->. I-. SrVo* s-ctp.n Adlinro. eoct r?*f f ITSfcet on CUut**n and .T»*dcn*otj-.u . and e»u -tclr.lrc-Uots. ArareopportunUr f.»r a man-ifheto it. With-eo-.' o- '»-j.o:i3t»e term.-by 1. s. FITC7T ft CO.. .NO. 107 Ivciubom--L FDR SALE—3I feet on Uaitmet-av., estrn'MnslCO fr-*t to the lake. with a coM b-*u»; ffnl thrfee** t-cnll.-nalnth'jcttr. ATEKf-IL, Heal Eitatc OtQcc, Nc. 7 Metropolitan P.lock. SI gnus ffiElanteh. AGENTS —Wanted—]\fescTS. Tickn-ir «k Elf !>■•. Howtos, hare nunCsinl a "tec’-*!! j*artd l*r itraf ol Abraham LliwoJn, s» a •t*R«»a v d a wr.Mc of art. It is ttnua* nd*-d a» tae beat likectM rrt rcMld.rd. hr Ecb. rt T.Lrealn, Mr.TmtnbulL Mr. Sta-t-n. Mr. Uc:ndon, Mr. t.S.Aracld, Gee. (Jnvat Cbarlf* Sumner, Mr. Cb««e, - Gen. Sor.Rde, . And cany other*. It la sold ccly by «tib»C7lpilr n, aud Areuta are vattr.l for Jt« »a’f. Librral coniatl‘‘l-u» aru fi/ec L- ranvars-r*, and «uce*»»fal or?* «an hare irwvl ror rlti n lo rp*rate m. AdCrraj Jf*«LN IT. AMMOX. IhihhaheAna t. S 7 Wa*hlcgtoa«u. Ctbago. A GENTfr—Wanted—Expenenccd boci X» rowN>m a larre frronoirmtf«lon via be n-dd. Addrr*a PILL. I as Scuth Clart-aU Cbtcaga. Hi. A GENTS—Wanted—sino —We war.t jt\„ ascot* 1* »e»l Uie BABTLETT SEWING M\- CHINES, vnre *S.CO. wtllis< to wort for ai’lftt r»T month will aedrrea, with ■"amp, PAGE UROT-f- EP>, Central i.tatt, Pftlla<*eipbia, or T:l*lo, AGENTS— Wanted—Por “LIFE AND HEATH IN BEBKL PRISONS. A epics •M<* book. Aiv*rs A. RHIDES, ns Wwhlnztos-*L, Cti cage.lU. AGENTS —Wanted—*2CO per month tr.aeIMhrGKNCINK IMPROVED BARTUTIT SEWING'IACUi.VK. Price reduced tomrtst*. Ad drtea W. DtLOSS ft AGENTS —Wanted—100 men can 1-ave sr««ly cm plorcif nt fcr the winter l,t enzar ne in ti»a»>of H?MKrtItNFw -AMERICAN - EGLIatO!:. I>nsti.«:»» light and pie!»«a-r. Pr itwim « »crr*e cuaraavc-d. A-Ur or rj»;i ut> a F. LATFI«*I*. Jb., Room No. 1« rhurrh niock, Chi «ano. or Room T.c. -I i.ymanS Clc-cr, AGENTS—Wanted—To know unatwe JTJL bare reduced our Map* trd Chart* ta ’-rx Tcrk prices asdleio», comp blnsr all the pop. -tar sty ** published, ana mounted . up nor toanr tn-rrr r :an ». IWBsnay.-cn'irrl Addrea*OC*/DnFE£D ft CO- T4n t*£c-.u r ■.- ro. A GENTi—Wanicd—*lso per month, -TV IhECOMS.VN SENSE FA MACHINK. the creates: jß*entica cf the ace. PriwFl®. Er*ry Machine wamrt.'dtlrte years. Aidm- BECOM& 4 C(?-ci»Te!aeii.05io. A GKNTtj—Wanted—s?.Mo to $3,000 xAaycar. A cood chance to make mccer. Ar ayr.t H vat ted m every town in the Ccloa to manufacture and *ell an article of cocmmptlor. ta • rtry f-uult. Caa be tranufactnrrd InU-.e arenfs dw-limz. It Is entirely rew; secrirrdly hala as permanent as Cour; no feme up to re done. For rarpculars add-er*. with sump encloses for return, LOUIS COBLENTZ, Mldd’-etowa. Maryland. A GENTs:—Wanted—Price $2.-50. J~\ ‘L’ovd's Herat Map." ‘•Tn* Cxttco States CosTDcmr rv lUCE.** Tbrm mam la ore, and the ehcapm map In the world. One aceat has >ut ordered Pity Mars after two day* canvas*, ths Griyn Patsiottc Cuakt or Asmtca »mr tvtz wl«a the map. AJdrt-s GOODSPILfcJ) ft CO- IdSLtit* u. ctleaco. AGENTS Wanted tt!? winter, to Mil **t*pow»i: Imprered scl-«ofi atd Kt Ue Sharpeners.- Sample and circular* aca; Kir 50 cents. G. n. CKOW2LL g CO, O. AGENTS —"Wanted—Male and female, to Mil a now art?ri«lo cnatdemstid th*:ecery family want;. (1 per day made w uhoot iearing Ma*- TrareihPe aceracan rreis from S 3 tofJQ per day without Interference with oth*rhnsu«H. The aril ie »ho»# ft»r Itaelt. Swarthy, with term* and particular* rt the bcalcra*. eew »r 25 eect*. AcUfcss K. W. CnAfPFU, Drawer 6333. Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—100 men can have «»esdy ctnploTTnmt for the winter by sararln I la tic •*!» of POMBOTS SEW AMEBIC\N HEAT lII.GULATOTt. nn*u e*4 Ugh: aod pleasant. Prn»u tmm’nM. fcerreea gaarsotced. Addrcfr* or cad opott r. LATlirop. Jr., P.con So. 16 Chcrct ; Uock. Cbl caro, HU cr Boom So. 1 Lyman'* Brock, Cleveland. Ohio. ,-ffnr F'OK SALK —Prop. “ Genesee Chief.” now Ijlar at I>trol„ >Ucl te*o. Cl-’*» A J. T' naee i<*Jd n.ea*srertsent>,..'A. Anplr fn TfM. E. RISER. PetrcJf. Mich-. >.T to fiA.Kills i OB J- **S Lay pcr-*t-. Chicago. FOR SalaE—Second-hand Scbot'l Fur zllorc, at 33-1 to be disced cX by Jacory Ist. F)R SAlaE—Bricks. Bncks. POitH'O Drlrkaatyrrylowffyores. See«vnple<it ». so. 133 Sooth C-irt St, crol J. P. utCKKY, 91 tooth Doptalaes-st. ' FSR SALE—Cheap—Wood received datlyrla t** > lcaco sed Great Ei»lcm Bdtr«al. Gccd Bard aed Dr* asd Gr»er» Wocd, fr&oi 5a to SIJ wrrord. OOfe aad Tart, 100 Xorth Sui«iDca->t CLABK ft Y»»U>Q. FOR &AIE—Two patent richts on med ical tMtramrtO. Doth are appror-d by the leading medical men. and melt cozce laio or'.eha'r ' cse. A tortnne for a man of enera aad seas mer' Inquire at *175 soatb Clsrk-»t. F)R SALE— 3OO Lard Tina; hold abort' 15 petmd* each. WALWOfIXH. BUSCH ft CO smutMt. . T7OR SALE—Furniture in a splendid F room Ararechancetoroneorrs-'Siazle genUeota. App:y between • and 3 p.m., at Eoom 52. ba. ahdStf . LaSa-le-n. F3E SAI.E—OIDce occupied by Kirbr. Carpenter ft Co, North Sldr. near S?*wrrr'a B evatrr. two sLwlc* MslusaltaMefortlwe: *.ur rorimaa tamtlT. A‘a-i.»raatl frame barn and _ pianos. FOR SAT E—Cheap—a serga «ta^Tncw^h« Fort; Jill b« rally warratrt. Can be teen at So. 136 We«t Ma-Uwa tt, ap-iAir^. V'OR SAJiE— P'jmoT'ftd], round serin r ectace. aeatly ntw. WUI be so! 1 verj eaJW *' •03 Octano-*L. scar Clark.