Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 31, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 31, 1866 Page 1
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Wtcago MONDAY, DECEMBER 31. 1800. f TUG NEWS. I The Maine State Prison was managed at ft [profit of fWO list year. ! At najtfoni, Connecticut, Government is fmaanbcturlaz one hundred battery guns of ft new Invention. , A. rich lead has been discovered In East TtameaM-c. General Thomas will be President of ft company to work It. The total amount of National Bank cur rency now Is drcnlauoa la reported at s*»,• HS,C79. Five-Twenties closed In London on the evening of the *7th at . The latest cold quo tation in New York on Saturday evening was 13i*. Judge McCoan. at New York, has decided substantially that a person losing money at gam ing is not entitled to recover by law. The London subscription for Qnebcc \ amounts ta-£15.000. of which £IO,OOO Is already \ render, d available by telegraph. \ At the municipal election held in Cbatta- DJaooga, Totui.. on Thursday last, tbe whole Radical : " Vkel was elected by a large majority. “ /Nine ears, heavily loaded with petroleum, pore burned on 'he Erie Rail my. at Cuba, on Sat urday morning. The conductor was severely homed. Tho Clierokees have appropriated 250,(XX) acres oflaudand $500,000 to help construct the railroad from Fort Bailey to Forts Gibson and fmltta. Ten or eleven distinct shocks of earth quake were recently experienced at Sorri. C. HL, Mmg a period of thirty or forty seconds alto gtthcr. fOn the 27Ui instant a fearful accident oc curred at Cleveland. A hack driver named John >ttller, drove from a road where a bridge bad been swept away directly into the Coyahaga Hirer, drowning both himself and bis team. In our New Orleans specials will be found an account of the reception and entertainment ot the Comrreasioaal excursion party is that city'. Among the moot courteous and attentive were Beacrcgaid and the ladles of bis family. The Arkansas Republican Convention, held «tFurt Smith, on the 31st icsL, was attended by oxer 400 delegates, representing all parts of the State. Resolutions of the genuine Radical stamp wore pasted, and a State Central Committee ap pointed. Fcrtiieraceounts of damage by the late violent snow storm utthe East are furnish'd toll o-nuhg. Trawl on many of the railroads is still suspended, and there are consequently lugs ac cumulations ot freight and passengers at various IVnla. ( Vhe Grand Trunk Railway Company have I oird to bind themselves In tbe situ of $1(0,030 the Tipmsury Department at Washington for f\' pcals&loc to have personal goods shipped over ibir road pass the Suspension Bridge without I axmlnatton. ’.cv.Jatscfi B. Hickey* agent of the American iVe Society hi Msxico, died at Brownsville, Tcaf, onThe MUi InsL, aged bixty-slx years. In My, 13CT.Mr. Hickey was commlsrioned by the &ciety Agent lor Mexico, and labored efficiently l> :Lat capacity m.tli hU last illness. Hanson Baungsrdccr, who was sentenced It be hanged on the 12th of Ffbnwy ut Marietta, Onu, tor hilling John Thomas Eubank, last Bcp lasher, mano an attempt to escape from jail on tantutday. lie knocked down and severely injur rC Uepnty f'hvrir Baker, bat was bully oeca red afieij being ►b«l in the tacu and shoulder by another officer. lie Tioy, N. Y., 1 Vhi>? stoles that the xri-fcles fca Wen rasing in that city to an unpre cedented extent for several weeks past, bat the lilrac Is now Fomvrhat abating. One phy-idan liaepeen called to over three hundred cases, bat V.asl ad >he good fortune to lose only one or two pstjnts. There Lave been nearly one thousand ci-si in Troy within a mouth. diaries 6. I’atterton, a New York slock briber, has brought a suit again*! Albert M. fciVLea and Fei diuaud A. Abell, the alleged pro juitonl ol two gambling houses, for the recovery or&fijkdl, alleged to nave been won from him. TI-r accused gave ball to the amount of $20,000 to for trial. As au of,ct, they bare sued ic;tei>oii for l.bvL An of'. lims been passed by Ibe Georgia I.vgiriaicrc, and signed by the Governor, provid ing ilait all property of the wife at the time of kroarniEc, whether real or-personal, shall be ned fenuin her separate property; aid that all properly given to, inherited or asquircd by the wilt curing coverture, shall vest In and Delong to brr. and shall col be liable for the payment of cr> debt, default, or contract of the husband. The school c-en«us of Minnesota, taken la OcioJei, tbowa lUJ,SId iwreons between fire and twmJyKjnc year, oid, against 27,*21 last year. At tba came ratio, which gave the £50,000 population yn June, ISKS, this would give 310,000 in Jane, 18GC. The estimate of steamboats is that SQ,uOO Nave come to Su Paul since June, making the popu'-aliouoftbeßtatecl this lime OOJ.UOJ. At the usual rate of increase this would give .aO,OOO lnl»is. IrUlucnlial Virginians arc reported to he In Washington, saying that the Virginia Legislature is prepared to accept the Constitutional Amend muit It they can have an assurance that upon its tdop'iun their ropreeenUllves will be admit ted. They give up their opposition to negro snf yrmge, to l:c enfranchisement of the old party badi-re—everything, in fact, for the sake of getting hack inu> their old feucral relations; and they believe Virginia goes so will go the whole bonth. The Richmond Diyaich says that the own er cl the liirui kn«wu as Dutch Gap. finding that the Isiard t:i«uc i*r the cutting of Batlei’j caual could uoi cwoviutfiiily be put to use wltnool gome minis or comnmnlcation with tbs mala * iana. is filling oue end of the canal. in order lo - —cnufcway, and the caual will soon be cf hichninad rto not take steps to secure Iba prtv ehctieoiugthe navigation of the James lU't-T tc'fia! iniK-*, which object tie proprietor •, of lie Luid probably desires to hasten. -Warding to the .S rmnphore de Mi. riipliva, of iht Longchamp Obseivatory, dss co.vrid anew plana on the sigut of November -,:L. Uss sltuat -i! In rhe constellation Aries. He t «•- :de the eiKovery as follows: November 1, 1?•i. at 11 Loura, ti ! minute*, 50 seconds,a- nu— ij fat timecf iiarveiles—plane! la Aries, right jiuitiior. Oi>c hour, 15 minutes,9seconds,polar db-sa'cts, ~ defites, Siuilautci; dlumal motion, IS -<ccnu9 in right aicestlon, and-i zuuiuuu, 5' ; tvv,.uri» la dbtrnec from pole. Tiita new asteiold 1 makes the ninety-flra of the group situated V I eiuetu Jupiter aui Mare,has the b.Ullxacy ofa F tiarof tneiluvcutn magnitude, r Tlx- O f.-,Ur de Frchfe, alluding: to a Jewish Council uhich is to as-emble In Paris next year, I leir.uks tbit the decline will be especially called I ru to (Iccilc the following questions: ihe abolt tk n 41 the jeohi•'lihmof certain articles ov food; lit topprebtioa of polygamy, which exists among the .Te»e in Algeria, and tbs recognition of female chil.ireu ns equally qualified to Inherit In that coni.try wish the males. The French Government Is Mila to oc very anxious for the reforms relaxing to lb'- African coiooy, as there are in Algeria lo.ty ! :ban»ani] JewirU famlUce, composed of Indastn «.n- people who are not subject lo the general larva •/ tf tie civil code. fA Jly Atlantic Cable this morning, have r.,r tanouncemc-ul of the arrival o! lbs contesting ? York ' acb;“ at Corves, lc the Isle of Wight, übc mu made by the Henrietta. Dennett's yar’ujn the almuet unprecedented lime of thirteen liats. lwcntj»jbTeehouis st-d filty-cigot mlaa'cs, »be beating htr rivals a trifle over tigDtboars. 91c best day's run made by the Henrietta waa t-.-a bundled and eighty miles, and tbc poorest one hundred and thirteen miles. She made but ore lack during the whole passage. The yacht Iln Urine lost six of her crew daring the gale. The Veolamade tbc trip without accident.... The report of the lailuic of the French expedition r.galwt Corea has been confirmed. ...A Vienna dcrpiichorthe^liastales that there areramon ot changes in the Austrian Cabinet.... Miami La* irstted a strong appeal to the Homans to rise and '.locUloi the Republic of Italy Taetcl cjrsph also furnishes an imcrcitlng eommaryof new* by steamer. . * Oi:r despatches by the cable slate that the Italian Government bos demanded indemnity ' from the Sublime Porte for firing into an Italian tb-amcr by a Turkish man-of-war. Advices from China state* that the French troop* bad 'captured the city and fortifications of Gong Kong. Details ofih- honors bestowed upon tho yaditmen by tiu. ta Victoria and the English people generally, will be foced tn our despatches. Adairs in Ire land tic generally quiet- An official o<llc. restor ing Prussian Poland to herrighlß.tmdtr the Prus sian crown. Is published. It ts reported that Ans - trla inlet ds to Invade Turkey. The Turks are tv,'-oitcd to have been again defeated, with heavy lo*r>, by tbc Candisns. The Queen of Spam is nukble lo form a Ministry pos-esalng the coufi } dccce of either parly. The King ot Hanover has absolved all of hla officers from their* allegiance. The Sublime Poile has issued a circular to the Great Powv:e,»ccmplalning of the warlUe.scu of Greece in the aflklra of Candla, ar.d asserting a determination lo break off diplomatic relations with thataatlon. It Is eemi-offieUllr announced that the Great Power* will not interfere -la the question fqj tbc present, but Lord Lyons, oa be half of F-ngland, has been instructed to caution Greece against farther acts of ho>iillty ajal&st Turkey. Maximilian has ordered hts letters sent to Mexico, and not Gibraltar. Tbe N‘cw Jersey State Asncoliarat Col* lege. This institution is really a department or ppeciul come in the Scientific School of Kutgers College, Xcw Brunswick. The Newark AVrr.iny Courltr gives the following inlonuation about ita present condition: Tiu-re are now two classes pursumtr the course of study recommended by the faculty. The Unsi have studied the elementary principles «<i chemistry, and have been exer cised in the laboratory In analysis with the blow-pipe. The Instruction of the pupils o.f the College in mlllury tactics, required by law, was begun In September, the depart ment being under the care of Colonel Joslah II- Kellogg, of the regular army, who holds the appointment of Professor of Civil Engi neering and Military Superintendent. Un usual wisdom was shown In putting the Col lege fund at once Into practical operation through Rti established institution, instead of attempting to found a new school. The prospects for Its future are very promising. I Tlie Girard Estate. I’ r The Philadelphia Pros gives a -summary ’ 1,, of the la*t report on the Girard estate. The f ' ■' , *-»*«tsraated gn*ss revenues for ISC7-S are • ■’”Vu*o»- an Increase from last year of over .'-r'tifcv per cent. The great wisdom of Mr. it . Girard In leaving a bequest of real estate Is .. Tv now clearly seen. Its value is constantly in* _ , f £ crea>lng. As the real estate cannot be sold* 4 I-' or leafetd- r or a longer period than five years, c. >*-• it mutt alwavg furnish a large and steady •X If revenue. The tmst owns nearly two ban* “** -i].‘ dred properties in Philadelphia, consisting i. of stores, dwellings, wharfs, lota and farms, Z* i besides valuable coal and Umber lands In r, Schuylkill and Columbia Counties. Some of /■.'* tt- rents have bccn.doublcd, others trebled. = The dwellings on Chestnut street, between ) V'. Eleventh and Twelfth streets, arc soon to be __ converted into stores, when they will yield ■ ‘.V Are tlnjcfi the rent of LSGS. It is hoped that SI ■ i foDd 6Oon be *° ® u PP £,rt twelve ■ ji- bundxvd orphans, cn I } at Ek niOM EUROPE, Italy Demands Indemnity from Turkey. The French Troops t'aptnre Hong Kong, China. Honors in England to the Yachtmen. ' Prussian Poland Restored to Her Rights. Austria talks of Invading Turkey. The Turks again Defeatedby the Candians. Turkey Complains of the Con- duct of Greece. FROM ffASBIBT(E Arkansas Republican State Con- vention. Republican Victory at Chattanooga. Destructive Fire on the Erie Bailroad. mm HEV ORLEANS. Courtesies to the Congressional Excursionists. A New Commander on the Bio Grande. FROM EUROPE. BT OCEAN TELEGRAPH. Italian Government Demands Indemnity tram the Porte —Capture of Honsr Kong by the French—All about the Vachtmen— Honors by Queen Victoria, Arc.—Report that Austria Intends to *lnvade Turacv— Tho rvublloe Forte Issues a Circular so the Great Powers acatnit tho Conduct of Greece, Are* mLT. FcoasscE, December S 3. The Italian Government baa demanded tnuem nJiv from the Porte for firing Into the Italian steamer by tho Turkish man-of-war off Candia. apanr. MaoniD, December S 3. Ills staled that the Ppanlah Cortes will soon be d.seolved. tub cam;nx or soxo kobo. Pams, December S3—Evening. Advices from China state that the French troops bad captured the city and fortifications of Hong Kong. TUB TaOIITKEB. London, December S 3. Quctn Victoria extended invitations to the own ers and masters of the Henrietta, Vesta and Fleet wing to vlalt the palace at Os borne, Islo of Wight. ■ Cowes, December 90, The Henrietta arrived last night; the Fleetwing und Vesta to-slehL The latter two, after leaving New York, kept in the regular steamer track, the Ficctwlrg going noith and the Vesta eouth. Ibe Henrietta, the first seven days, had cold, tongh weather—rain, hall and snow. The Fleetwing bad a rough passage, and lost otwboard acting Captains NlchoU and Wood, and *eau>< n Kelley and Nelson. The Veeta reports that nothing occurred of Im poitance, h--)l Wilton sent a congratulatory letter to the yacetmen. The news of their arrival was aentlm iued-atciy to the Queen, by her special request, iLu Beard of Admiralty ordered that every tecll ity be given them by the officers on duty in the English Cuanhcl. Bcmutt has declared himself ready to accept a challenge from any yacht In Europe. A banquet to the yacbtmen Is talked of in Paris. Cowes, December 23. There la a preat banquet here to-day to the vecbtxacn. One hundred of tho elUt of the town ire present. Pants, December 39. Tbe French Iron-clad fleet is expected to leave Cheibonrg to-day tor Vera Crux. Losdos, Decembers?. It Is officially announced that Parliament meets February Sib. _ Drums, December ail. A Aire In Ireland are generally qniet. Two regiments here will soon leave for England. i’auis, Decembr27. The Council of State is *a'o to be divided upon tee new army scheme. There arc rumor* of the probahie retirement of some ot the membt ra. Bsntss, December 37. An official edict, restoring Prussian Poland to her right* under the Prussian crown, is published ta-day. TTTICTT. Lohdos, December 23. A report Is preva’ert that Christian Powers will Intcqcrc in the aAlre of the Cbristiau subjects of Turkey. The Times editorially states that the chance* of collision grow smaller daily, though, in case of trouble, England is disposed to let uvents take their coarse. avstuia to utYAD* rmitT. Breus. December 27. It I* reported, os the authority of a semi-official newspaper, that Anstrla meditates the invasion of Turkey. Tsizstb, December 35. Tbc Turks arc reported to have been again d< frnted, with heavy loss, by the Candian insui gents. nrx Tsorsxxa xa spaix. MiDitiD, December 36. Tbs Qaeen i« nnable to form a Ministry posseis itc tbc confidence of dtbcr party. Dissolution of tbe Cortes is btmed «U tUXOTXB. Bestnr. December 23. Tbo Klnc of Hanover has finally absolved a officers of Ibe late army from their allegiance, ixienow nior. Dcbuk, December 20—Erentng. An election riot occurred la Dnngannon. The military were celled ont, and one men was killed In a cavalry charge on tbe rioters. Quiet bos been restored. tsx aesun post* to Tin qsut powxns. CossTAJtmonx, December 20—Even lac. Tlie Porte bos Addressed a cl real at letter to tbe Grc&l Powers, complaining of tbe warlike acts of Greece In tbe Affairs ofCandia, and Asserting a de termination to break off diplomatic relations with that nation. IS . | tue owu.TPrwrs3tnxxjro? irmrm. Lo wikis, December 29. It Is fcml-oSclally anaotmeed that the Great Power* trill sot interfere In tbe Tarco-Grrck question for the present; bat the statement la also made that Lord Lyons has been instructed to cau tion Greece against farther acts of hostility against Turkey. mxnm.i * Paxis, December S 3, blaxlmlitan baa ordered bis letters sent to hie: ico, at-d not Gibraltar. •. ir.nmiNO X3U6EIXTS. Dsnuw, Dfimber 23. osuua, vrweioorso. Tbe Pinssian authorities still eontKue the ar rest oi intended emigrants. Foreign Markets* [Oy the Cable.] . LrrxarooL, December 2J—Evenlcr. Cotton closed easier. Bata unchanged. Middling upland! at lid. Draadslofis rtry firm. Lirxxroon, December ». Cotton firmer. Sales: 90,(tDbales. Urcadftnfisqaifet; price* firm. Provision* unchanged. * LtrxarooL. December 33. Defined petroleum 10* Stfd per cation; steady. UajrcnxsTxa. December 33. Market quiet and price* firm. Lomov. December IS—Breda;. There ii a brisk denial d tor money at the hank, asd In the block Exchange rates unaltered. Consols d£ liiotdaquarter, closing al90; J-iOs, ?3M; Erie,<3 Hi niitoli antral, W*. Lomov, December 33. Amer lean securities improved in demand and price, ow sy* Advanced to nv. The billowing ts tbe cor rect market: Urmoox. Wednesday, December *6—Evening. Bales cotton to-day lW»0 balsa. Market closing at an advance of tolly J<d. Middling nplaada, Hlfd. Lrmroou December 77, Cotton-Tina. Salu 15JOO bales. Closes steady. Limroou December X 3. Th. >trAVm* rt wiU, «!>, i,Ua rtf rtrtr.rtrt ft Tbe broker*’ circular report* the tales of cotton for the week at <O,OOO bales, aad the stock In port la 90400 bslc* above the eattmate, 1-rlcc* advanced Jfd. Quoted U - Jl ilaxtetquiet. FBOH CrKCOSATI. Democratic Bccommendatlaii forGoversar— They tVaitf the Word M “White ** (submitted to tbe Feepte, drc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trtbane.l Cixcontact, December 33. The Democratic Convention at Colnmbns on Saturday recommended Judge Thurman for Got emorj Also, that tha Democratic State Conven tion, to meetkt'Jhat place on the Sih proximo, sbonid tdoprnmclotioti requesting the Legisla ture to snbinltto the people, at the next annual elcftlon, the question of striking the word white VOL. XX. fiom the Constitution of Ohio, in order that there may so leaser be a donbt as to bow the people of Ohio are a&cted open tbe proposition of negro voting, ibey declaring that they wQt hereafter, as heretofore, always oppose the proposition at the polls. Cmcnotan, December 30.—'There were seventy deaths !u (his city lut week. Including foorfrom cholera. Tbe will of Orlffln V. Taylor was admitted to probate yesterday. Tbe total value of his real and personal property U estlmoatedat one mil lion and fifty thousand dollars. The weather continues very cold, and the river is full of Coating tee. Navigation ia suspended. The two new port ferryboats and thirteen coal, barges were swept down tbe river this afternoon by me ice. FROM WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.l WasazacroK, December 3J. vat ncPAwrxmrr. Tbe Paymaster General, to k circular Just Issued, reconvenes tbe examining Boards tor offi cers ol the Par Department, organized by the War Department in November, IGGI. One Board, consisting of Colonel T. P. Andrews, retired Paymaster General United States Army, OLd Brevet Lieutenant Colonels W, R. Gibson and C. Holme*, additional Paymasters, will assemble to this city on the second ol January next, and the other, consisting of Brevet Brigadier General UiraiQ 1 conaid, nnd B:cvet Lieutenant Colonels W. P. Could and IL 8. Webb, additional Pavznas lets, will meet at an early day. at San Francisco. LAC LA BULLS CASAZ. Tbe agent of the lac U Belle Harbor Improve ment Company has filed a Hat of land scclee none, embracing'one hundred thousand acres, be ing the full grant allowed by the act of Congress, approved July td, ISeC, to aid to tbe construction ofn ship canal to connect the waters of latte .Superior with Ibc lake known as Lac la Belle. ' mantmsDDans. The disbursements of the Government on ac count of tbe Bevurat named, department!, during the week ending yesterday, wire as follows: War Department, t67a,41i.8ti; Navy Department, $1,b87,T15.t3; Interior Department, $£1,133.31. Total, $1,7Uj,8.*3.1'j. BATXOMAL USX COSBZKCT to (be amount or {3us,iiso was Issued by the Acting Comptroller ot the Currency last week,making ito total amotmt aofar Issued J 1 n,T3 ! ,?Cl. From this sum ebould be deducted -f£,is3,-13i, being the amount returned and cancelled—leaving the ac tus! circulation of National Bank Notes at the present date $233,012,513. EBCUXUrED COMPENSATION. Ac argument ha» been prepared by the Bureau of StatUuc*. lb favor cl increased compensation to Government employes. It is atabl* comparing values in 10X1 and ISM. By this it appears while at coid standards, salaries, ut present are oue tbiidlesa than in t&CO, by the same tUmiard the necessaries of life are two-fifths higher in price*, to that to obtain the tame amount of necessaries us they could purchase in 16C0, salaries should bu increased over one hundred per cent. SKATING I‘OND. The Washington bitting Fond was inaugurated esterday afternoon. About 2,000 skaters of noth exes were. on the ice. The Marine Band was tetent, and the grounds weie filleu with visitors. FEOX SE(T OKI.EAJS. The Congressional Excursion U’m-Imer ebanve of Courtesies—Complimentary Din ner—A General Good Feeling—Beooresani nod bin Family CoD«picoou->if Attentive— Mlntel* r Campbell and What he bays it-hout Mexico, Etc. (SpucialDrayatch tothc.ChlcagoTribune.] New Oiilcans, December 23. The Congressional party was vistt> d to-day by the most prominent citizens of Now O.leans. Amoi g the visitor* were General U. T. Ha,-c. j , bberifi of New Orleans; Mr. Parish, attorney; General A. J. Herron; Colonel Field, one of the most prominent lawyers of the city; ID. Camp bell, Minister to Mexico; General Sheridan; Colonel Nixon, of the New Orleans Judge Abell, of the tTret District Court, famoa* sea lawyer, and more famous on account ot the characterization of him, b» General Sheridan, in bis report of the New Orleans riot, of July i.nb. Gcntral Bcaiegard was aiso present wnu the patty, and the entire day was accompanied, ua ite visit, by all the ladles of bis family. The Gen eral was quite a tavorllo among the ladies of tie parly, allot whom praise him lor all klndne-s anfi auention. Mr. S. Plumb, Secretary of the ■ Mexican Legation, called also. Yonr correspondent learned from Minister Campbell that be positively declined the invita tion of the French authorities at Vera Crus to vikit them; and such decimation was made in a formal manner. General bhcnncu did not give assent to the formal rcfuaal to visit the chj, tri Minister Campbell Insisted, and bis decision was acquiesced in. Our Minister will remain here ul'ul further orders from Washington reach him. He thinks tbatbad be and General Sherman delayed their visit two weeks, Maximilian would have been out of Mexico, on bis way to Paris. He thmka that the question may be a troublesome cue tor settlement; but bo Intends to avoid in every way possible any complication, without ex press ilirecticEs from Washington. The day has been a rainy one, and the Congress ional party has not been out, as they Intended to be. However, lucks were provided by the my, and a tour of the prominent streets was made. Ibc dinner tendered to-day was a splendid out, and tbere were over Wi seated at the tables. It was pre-arrangedthatno speeches should be wade. Ven ofexnetnevicwt were In conversational! day —representatives of both sides of the question; and as both parties maintained with some reeling tnclr respective views. It was thought best not to carry the ntscupstou to the table. Many of the most prominent ladies of Ihecity wore present al the tabic, and passed the compliments of the day wilh the indies of the party. Good i. cling and occasional Jollity prevailed. No kiLot r meeting was ever known. The ladies of t-ennal Beauregard’s family were particularly at tentive to tbo ladks of our parly. The party vis ited the mint,French Jackson square. Kvcij where in the diy, while travelling annul, ihc people received Ibo parly very kindly. Seua tois Wade, Ramsey. Foster, Lane. Norton: Uep iv.cxinlives Whalley, of West Virginia: Haves, ~f cbio; loiflm, of New York : Thomas, of Ma ryland : Mar-ball, of Illinois: licir, of Indiana; aml Ilnbiiatd, of Ohio, called upon the cnUciu, and were called upon by ihe citizens. A general interchange of sentiments occnrr- d, and all cin ema wen. satisfied that the Congressmen of the par.r would feel more kindly tenant the people of the bouti' since their visit; Colonel Palfrer,a very radical bontbem mao, came to Ihe hotel, and paid his respects to the Congressmen. He was com plimented for bis visit, and irlroduced to all the ladies of ihe pany. The paitv extended th?ir thanks on Icavjuir to tho bt. Louis Hotel, lor their hospitable reception. The SlltimiT District of the Rio Grande— Thu Escnr»iiDi»u-tirmal Howard—The rased From the S*teanlcr Fashion, Arc. New Oulsass, December 3U.—Major General J. I. Reynold? nas been appointed to command the milltaiy district of the Itio Grande, and nroreeda to Brownaville, the headquarters, in a few days. Owing to the iueloneL* weather tho programme arranged for the ontdoot amueem.ut or the cs cartionhlr was abandoned. The cn'lre party .cfl to-night by ralL They have been very cor dially received, and their Interconrwe with the people has been (rank and (me. Mr. Wade,of Ohio,stems the uoet rctmd and reticent of the party. Genera) tiowaid nude a favorable : imprteelou among the leading men as to his riu cere (iestic to act tairlr and do rightly by all. The Invcstira’lng Commutes are taking evi dence lor the defence. Ibc following passengers, saved from the steamer Fashion, airived this morning: Uirrard and vlfe, William Sellers and wire. Dr. >T. A. Owens and eon. of Arkansas; George U. ueth. of Now York; Mr. Schribcr, of New Orleans, end J. E. Townsend. FKOJI NASHVILLE. Kndlml Triumph at Cbatlita*oia-ni«d Fcclldc fat XaabTUle Demeen the Soldim end Policemen—Utatrue hr Soldier*— Sbiirp Correspondence Between ('olonel tvcciznad Mayor Brown— Uetocatlou the llcud Imoa Soldiers, drc. special Despatch to the Chlcaco Tribune.] Naauvn.i.r, December 3J. r ibc mnnictpal election in Chattanooga on Jlamday tesnlled m an diction of the whole Radical ticket by a litrc majority. Ihv killing of the soldier, Crcso, on Cbrlsiaus day, ha* piodcctd a very bad ftdlnc between' the eulokrs ard policemen. The former complain that lu inc trial which ensued the ends of Justice wcie Lot gained. On Friday nlcht lonr dronlcen soldlrrs armod and-eulercd a fi-etdmeriV chnrch OUr, near the Chattanooga depot, and alter bating a negro on the bead, demolished aud carritd oQ a great many oi the aiiicc* present. A sharp correspondence, n it jet published, has bem ;-omc on between Colonel Rautx. command* icg the poet. and Major B>own. Tbe former blames the city authorities for the large number ofprocctrles open, t&ns allowing »olqjct* to be* come drunk aud disorderly. Ihe work of disinterring the Federal dead Is being prosecuted rapidly. Up to the present ilmc ncaily two thousand bare been exhumed from ibe City Cemetery and placed in tbe Nation al Cemetery, about aix mllct from the city. BIYAL PHESS ASSOCIATIONS. Old Focnon uuler the Ilarww-Tri lag te ticc Vpa SScnaatUnby Ktlnns the Emprcea Carlottn-A Decaying Jtanfpoly. Krw Took. December D'.—The ealerptUo of the United States and European >icwe Associadon was tn««t swikingly shown last Saturday evening by the follcmnc facte: Ihe despatch per cable to lid* Association aa nonuclcg the arrival of toe yacht Henrietta at Cowes, was received from i'js agutl In London fccnra ahead of any icceived by the so-called Associated Pte*s, >1 they received any at all. Tbeacnouncemcnt of tbearrivil of the winning yacht was also inndshed to the New York DorAi and the various papers or tae Untied Slate mad Europe-n Kewa Association tnrougboui the country, one boor ahead of the reception la thu aty by any parties of a similar despatch. ’ibe heartless attempt on tbe part of nasties cot netted with the Associated Prcsa, of this city, to impose upon the public the death of tae Em press Carlo'll, waeatailnre In this city, bat ?»y lorringt signature, the despatch was sent by Iht se parties to certain papers in Philadelphia ana tee booth. The imposition was one of those fraudulent cAorta always made by a d*-cotlng monopoly In an endeavor to bolster Itself up through conUmptiblc ecDlcrfnge and bearish trickery. FROM BALTIMORE. T he Senatorial Qaestisn-A Case wherein n Apply the civil iUahta Bill—Uotldlaa n Baltimore. . lUi/nxoux, December 30.—The Senatorial que* tion is absorbing tbo attention ot the Marytanu Etwf. The papers of the haaiern Shore appear to e nearly unanimous in opposing any repeal of the law vbteh declares that one of the United Mates Senators Horn Maryland shall always be an inhabitant of the Eastern Shore and tte other of the Western Shore. Hus law, if not reoeiled, vfll-rrvTeni the ilecMon cf Governor Swann to mccced Mr. Creaswcll, who is the present Eastern there member. DaiTtaons, Decrml>cr 30.—0 n Saturday. Joa lice John A Simmons, of Frederick City, who vasbiocgbt h-te bribe Deputy Matsbai on a wariant issued by Lnttrd States Commisaloner BrooVs, cbarslng him "Ith refusing to proceed ni’fcatwstarey case imtituted before turn by a colored woman namrd Henrietta Wlnabern against Wiliism Taylor, saying be had bern advt«ed legally that the Civil Right! 8.1 l was not a law, underwent a preliminary examina tion. The evidence. Including hla own slate* mentr, showed be took the affidavit of the com plainant, but cither dlsmlfsed the case-or post poned it with the intention of reqolilog informa tion respecting the bearing or application of the Civil Rights Bill to the subject before him. Fur ther bearing of case deferred. 'there has teen over a thousand new building {lexzuUslcsacd during the past year, showing a ■rge Increase over the previous year. Many ol these permits are for dwellings, stores, churches and manufacturing establishments, denoting a healthful advance m tbe prosperity of Baltimore. *1 his growth will be much - greater too coming year, t rom all Indications the steady Increase in population alone will demand the erection of a very large number of dwelling*. A new eonreh. Just completed for tbe First CouTregauoual r-ociety, tutaw street, was dedicated to-day. Hev. R. Palmer, D. D., of New York, preached the eer mon. FROM. ST. LOUIS. Prise Piaht In Embryo— Republican State Convention la Arkansas, &x. Br. Lome, December SJO. —A report is current among the fancy men here that arrangements have been made for a prizu fight between Joe Co burn and Mike McCool, for the championship. Co hum and Aaron Jones are now here. An organization of a Board of Trade was effect ed tt the meeting last surhL Adolphus Meier was electedtPresldent: K. N. Fox, First Vice Pre sident, and T. U. laylor, Second Vice PrcddcoL A board of ten directors, embracing some of the most prominent .men to the city, was also elected. Tbe Arkansas Republican Convention, held at Fort Smith on the 13lh last., was attended by 40U delegates, representing all parts of the State. Much enthusiasm and unanimity prevailed. La fayette Gregg, ot Washington County, wa» chosen permanentFre&idctit, with nine Vice Presidents. Resolutions were adopted declaring that Congress baa the exclusive rigu to prescribe terms for the restoration of the late seceded Mates, In cluding the power to amend the Constitution of the Ctilled States so as to carry out tbe designs ot the Dvclara'ioa of lrdependence; alleging that the adoption of the pending Constitutional Amendment la absolutely necessary for the sale ty. honor and digniiy ot the nation; asking Con tress to takg, *b early as no-stole, such steps os w'll enable the loyal people of Arkansas, without regard to race or color, to reorganize the State Government on tbe basis ot sincere and active loyalty U> tbe United States Government, and upon cleanly defined republican principles. They also ask Congress to declare the present State Government ot Arkansas abolished, and extend tbe richt oft nitrate to all loyal men, without dis tinction ol color, except Jcotaua uutaxed. Tim Convention also elected a Republican Slate Cen tral Ccir.tuiitee. consisting gf thirteeq members, with V. Bell, of s-ebaetiaa County, President. The weather continues cold, with slight enow co-nlghU Navigation ta suspended for the pres ent. FltOM KEW TOUK. Fire aid Loss ot Lite—Arrested far Conn, icrtcitlng Labels —Admitted to Hull Cliaußt of Place. NewYoqk, December SO.—The Gasallne and rarafllne tactory of W. it. Winchester, South Brooklyn, and the oil refinery of Jas. Hudson and Jas. I- Houston were burned last weeing. Loss JOU.UW—partly insured. Two men faulty burned. George bchiegel, lithographer, has been arrest ed, charged with engraving counterfeit labels uf lie Lungwortb Wine Manufacturing Company ,ol Cincinnati. Five or six suite are pending against the alleged manoluetuien of spurious Lataw ha wines. Babcock, one of the parties accused of receiv ing a portion of the stolen Ixml bonds, was ad mitted to bail yesterday In $20;Old, after months of close confinement. Geo. \V. Mcl«au, Just appointed Street Commis sioner, baa been made General Revenue Agent for this city, t'icc Mr. Leu is. Young Forcers—Retired In Disgust from (be Old monopoly. Nlw Took, December su.—Charles Jones and Thomas Cook were arrested tc-day for the mur der of the negro In Tootapsou etieeriast night. The murder was a most cold-b'ooded one. Both Joms iuiu Cook are notorious scoundrels; the former was under arrest for murder two monies since, and the latter escaped from Mng blag prison two weeAs ago. Joseph Jacobs, seventeen, Cdgar Brown, same age, and a newsboy named Max, con olntly forged a check for on the Fourth National Bank, using the names GUlatt&Co., In whose employ Jacob* bad been. The cheat was paid anu the boys plunged Into dissipation. Jacobs ami Brown were arrested on the discovery of the forgery, and sfi,otKi recovered, but the newsboy escaped. Alexander Fnllon. of Baltimore, and RichardT. Colburn, two of the most prominent attaches of the Associated Press monopoly, have retired from that concern In disgust. FIRES, At Flshereflle. N. I?,—Nine Railroad Cars With Oil on the Erie Railroad. Concord, K. 11., December SO.—The Pemacoke cotton mill, at Fiehcrvllle, six miles from here was destroyed by fire yesterday. Loss $73,000. Two hundred audiifty operatives arc thrown out of em ployment in consequence. OuaN, New York, December 80.—A tram of nine ran, heavily laden wilh petroleum, on me Erie. Railroad, caught fire at OuDaa, Summit Station, near here, yesterday, oectroying the care aud oil. The fire probably original'd from sparks from the locomotive The couductorwasbadly burned It is believed his injuries are ret fatal. The va rious passenger trains were delayed some ten hours, as the track was ImpaasaMc on account of the Uueptie being burned bv the oil which rati uvet the earth, in the vicinity, in great quantities. The French Diplomatic Imbroglio, Wasdikotoit, December SO.—A Parts Inter or the mb instant, puhllthfd In yeeterday'a CcrtiH'r a'A'.'ara 6’, ib iLe subject of Urely comment to day w diplomatic circles here. Mr. betrard ex- preface at tonubnient at M. lumber's proDouncius uU tamotte cable despatch o( the 830.0 f November “pn*** and offensive.” as this dee patch wm re ceived by Mr. lionoer only on the assurance of Mr. Bicclow that American troops bad not occu* filed Matanioiaa, and it vraa returned to Mr. Blgo owßflcrtlierepottedoccupation was eoa9>tncd. (t 1* contended oy f :rvigualpl miata that France old not receive tu Those more directly posted lu Mexican affair* express apprehension that the Matanuiras affair offer to Napoleon a pretext fur a further delay in withdrawing his expedition ary forces. From Nan Franclwo, San Fuascuco, DccembcrST— Tbc Holden Age ralicrtftodaj-, takicg f.UO,<M3 lu I restore Elgbllalluica ofjrodoce and retail dry goods dealers w«re announced yc»lerdsv. Aggregate lia bilities, f^r,out. The banks are dl; counting freely at Kalis Rite ase-traccc of abundantcraps next year. A company has been Incorporated in Oregon for tbe mamtfcctmc ol linseed oil, Ltgal tenCcir, "Jo. * San Ftusctsco, Ecccmber 3ii.—The Plscenrlile Ifallroad has been mortgaged lor til‘,ooo to Gbas. t. .VcLanr, lor Well?, Fargo & Co. Weather Id (icersta. AvorfTA.Ca., Ikcembc. CO.—Sleeting all day. IclgUa running. BUREAU OF STATISTICS. I lr*t Animal Hcporiof the Director to the hrercury of the Treasury. 11-CASCBT DITAUTirEKT. I Buukau or statistic*, V November a*, 1“W. ) Sir.: In transmitting you the regular Annual Report on Comintrct- and Navigation, I beg to state that the Act of Congress creating this Bateau, was passed on the 2s:h of July, l£G6. it pmvlded for a Director, and made it bis duty— First. To prepare the Annual Report on Com merce end Navigation. Second. To prepare an Annual Statement of vessels registered, enrolled, and licensed, under the laws of ibc United Slate*. third. To prepare an Animal Statement of all merchandise passing in transit throngh me Doited Mate*. Fourth. To prepare and publish monthly rc rorta ol the exports and Imports of the United States, including quantities and values of poods warehoused orwllodrawa from warehouse, and such ether sta'lsrlcs relative to thetvadeand in dustry of the country, as the Secretary of the Treasury may consider expedient. Fifth. To collect. dige*t and arrange, for the nee of Coccrees, the statistics of the manufac lares ol tie L ulled Slates, their localities, sourer# of raw material, markets, exchanges with the producing regions of the country, transportation of products, war*?.:*** inch other conditions as an* found to cuvet their prosperity. it will be observed that these duties were very comprehensive. Dn the 6th of September I was appointed. During the months which have since clap«cd, the Korean has been organized with a force ofelcrks: correspondence established with every Statistical Bureau in the vorld; with all the officers of the United States Internal Revenue Department; wish all our Foreign Consult; with tor Governors, Treasurers, and other officers of the States; wiih County Clerks, and Registers of Deeds; with the Mayoia ol the principa l cities; with the edi tors of newspapers; with the principal banking bouses: and with the principal educational ana religious societies in the United Slates. To all ’hc»e persons and onamxatious the Government should fevl devply ibdebted. Unlike the Statist!* ct! Departments attached to the monarchical governments, this Bureau ts not empowered tn demand 'official returns from local officers ap pointed to furnith thun. In the main. It can only icly on priuiltons mfonustioa, and oce of the first enortt of the Director alter coming into office was towards determining how far such as* vbtance could be counted upon. To his Pleasure i he found that the utmost detire prevailed to ren der the Bureau ever; service in the way nr local statistical rcturcs toat could have been hoped jor. A vast force of voluntary aids in all pari# of the country were tn this way organized and being put Into r quismon at once, returns of treat In terest and importance are now coming in dally. These returns are devmrd to be of greater relia bility than the common run of official returns re ceived hy tlmiltr bureaus eUcwhcre, aad they thus vindicate tn still another form iiy and harmony of our institutions as compared with those of other countries. Of the forty-five clerks employed tn the Bureau, the Commerce anc Navigation Division, which was formerly under tfie Kent*ter of the Treasury, employed twenty-four, l have made no addition to this tom*, though the work thrown upon It, by reason of the Increased number and size of the mums demanded this year, has been greater ' ever. The following table exhibits the number of royal folio account books used tokeep the records ol one j cars' Commerce and Navigation munis: taslz sßowuto m xncnxß or accocxt books usxn ts tux rmnoa or cozuckbcb axn wavr- GXTJOS, ECBiSO TUX TXAX E3TOQCO JCSS 30, ISGC. 56 3 *3 0 <5 © 1 £5 i I- - S = S. ?o B “ w Subjects. Imports. Domestic exports. Forcieo rzpcm -.. Impotu 8 -567 1,403 •joncac* 11 at £36 3,113 lid pot i*—la direct trade—Bed-t 3 433 ttO p rooty v*l 1 600 ScO BecUlet of return* 1 2?l S?i Imports and cjqkuU (valaea).... 1 230 330 Total. The nature of the contents are the weekly, monthly, quarterly and yettly returns Com the Collectors aid Surveyors of Cm to ms at one hno died and forty one different pons of entry and other places lu the United States, arranged arcorditgto ftattsttcal forms prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury. Cf the remaining twenty-one clerkt, twenty arc employed on general statiaucs, and oueon lon n*ce measurements and the numbering ot Tea sels. In the Commerce and Navigation Division 1 have expedited the returns of imports and ex {ions, Impokta, tonnage, etc-,which, even after be ne reduced to ptinl, take up debt hundred pages ot close type, so that they are being printed mb year earlier than before ot late years. Furthermore, 1 have compiled monthly reports of imports and export*, CHICAGO. MONDAY, DECEMBER 31. 1866. irclodicp the quantities aad value} of jood wixchoc.'cd or withdrawn from warehouse, and other statistics relatlre to the trade and Industry of the country,'which up to and laclading the October returns ef imports and exports, Ac., have already been published; and next year 1 expect to be able to print the return* of importa and ex porta. Ac„ for the entire fiscal year ifidJ, wlthm a month after its termination. lnthh> division also I hare bad prepared and issued to all ibe easterns collectors In the (Jolted Stale*, a blame toon of eighty paces of classifies lions fur Lbo quarterlv relume of lw»7, and a blank fyim for monthly return*. In the dlruion of Genera) Statistics. In addition to the preparation of namcroos sodaloolcal-in quiries set on foot in accordance with l&c terms of me act of July 2S. answers to which have not yet all come In, as elaborate report comprise? the General Statistics of the Ueited Stales, has been compiled in response to a requisition of the De partment of otalo to the Treasury Department. Xtits report is intended for publication to the catalogue of the Farls Exposition in ISST ; and its cumiiilauon alone has exclusively occupied nearly all the force emulojed in ibis division. Vet tine has been totmd to famish numerous statistical tables to the special Commissioner of the Revenues, and to other officers aad depart ments of the trailed States and foreign govern ment'!, and to es'ab'jsli a tolerably comolets sta tistical library of several hoadrtd volume*, partly drawn fiom me Treasury Department, aad partly pti!chased under my direction—a reading room of commercial and other newspapers and periodi cal*. and a filics-room of market reports and the cun cut prices of labor and commodities in all parts of the United States and foreign countries. Finally the Director, besides the daily routine of hla office, has, in accordance with your in structions, made personal Inquiry concerning the state of ship-building in the United State*, and tn.-ulibed a report on the same, with details of evidmoe. Before closing this rapid sketch of the operation* oilhe Bureau, 1 desire Co state that In regard to the Commerce ecd Navigation Division the ciaasifl cmlocs ot the customs -elams are becoming too c macrons >o enable the annual report to be pub lished in time tor the assembling of Congress. For ihe Tear ending Jane SO, ISC6, there were no lets than seventy-six folio pages of classifications m the quarts r-v early blank alone: and for the year ending Juno a), laCT there are aa already stated, eighty. AU the work embraced in these forma baa to be accurately balanced oefore being published; and such work therefore requires tune and care, and as much of both as can be atTordcd. 1 find that yet one yesr's balancing has been neglected. Ibis was It-Ci, tor which year the official valuation of the imports aid exports of the United pistes ts not yet determb ed. In regard to both divisions, the? require to he officered by the beet grade of clciks exclusively, shier the character ot the work to bo performed is highly technical and demands both assiduity and ral«*r. 1 have tbc honor to be, sir. Very respectfully, yonrs, (Sign'd,) Ai.ix. DELvun. Director. Hon. Ucau McCulloch, Scc’y ot tho Treasury. TEBBIBIE FIB I! AT EL3UBA,NEW YOKE. Onoibtrd tbo Bu*lnc*» Section of tbe 1 ownDtslroycd—Saloon*, Hotels and Buildings Burnt Lom Uoir m silUlon—Tbeloaaranee*, tbo Scene*, tnelncldcms, Ac., &c« [From Uic New York World, Dec. 2£lh.J The city of Elmira, la this State, was ter ribly desolated by tire on Sunday morning, the 23d lust. At two o’clock on the mom itg of that day, flames were seen Issuing from the cellar of a drug store on the east bide of Lake street, between Carroll and Walter streets. The alarm was ineffective. Many minutes elaiscd before the citizens realized the tact that the alarm really meant Are. and in tic meantime the store underneath which the Arc started was en veloped *lu flames. The building was of wood. It burnt with fearful rapidity. Not for mere than half an hour after Us com mencement did the engines reach the scene, goon after they got well to work, some chemicals and liquors stored in the drug stop exploded with tremendous violence, blowing out tbc entire front of that and ad joining buildings on either side and rolling billows of flame out in the air, the intense beat of which compelled firemen and citi zens to take new stations further off. The force of yhe explosion earned tbc flames across the street, and set fire to Anthon’s Hotel and Turner llall. Down both sides of Lake street the conflagration- swept, i carrying off building after building In Its Scry path. Built almost solely of wood, they were defenceless against tbo flames, besides which the supply of water proved miserably Ineuflielcnt, tue Water Company's office being Itself consumed, and the key to the main trunk of the principal reservoir be ing lost in the ruins. The stoppage of the ttames was Anally effected, not by human labor, bnt by the Isci that reaching with Concert Hall, a large vacant lot, they could go no further, and they were checked from wsui of ammunition on which to seize. For over six horns the dreadfnl scourge raged with ungovernable fury.

Ilouie sftcr house went down. The whole city was in the streets, working with the energy that only common calamity can in spire ; but itlelr labors were frivolous, owing to lb*- defection ol the supply of water, and nothing they could do stopped the course of the conflagration. Fortunately no lives were lost dnrirg all the dreadful hours, and -con siderable movable properly was baved,though o.uch more wa- lost. Tbe buildings destroyed are: The old post office bnildlcg, including fear offices, live slates, one mat hot, and the dwelling of Rev. C. T. Kellogg, rector of (trace Church. Thu' St. Nicholas buildings, including four offices and three stores; tbc Bricwlddie building, including one large store and one cwelling; two wooden bondings and a tin shop; the Cowen building, a large drug and metical establishment: the Pattlson build ing, including* three buildings (four (‘teres, two offices, and one Tamer’s Hatl); Dunn’s Block, four stores, two offi ces, three lainlly dwellings ; Concert Hall, mclunlng one hotel, one large Assembly Hull, one (-tore and several offices; Mechan ics’ Hall building, comprising three stores and four offices; Bolt’s Place, a large eating saloon; Bundy’s block, a tobacco warehouse, Bigelow’s bout and shoe factory, and adjoin ing sheds, in all comprising the whole of Lake street, between Water and Carroll, with the exception of two small tenements. TUB INSURANCES. A total of Insurances of $277,500, leaves ont of toe estimated loss of $-VA),000 a re mainder of $1u2,5t0, to be borne by the suf k-rers. Tbc insurances arc distributed as lollows among the companies Albany City...', New York Arctic, New York Springfield North western Norib Americas, New York.. National Hartford Felton Niagara Lafayette Merrbants* Kxci-Mor Greenwich Colnu hia Lenox Oomtuoce Weetom Phetnix Security.... Pbanix, of Hanford. Act mil Manhattan... City.... .... Metropolitan. AIIiU.UC .Lina, THE STRUGGLE Df CRETE. A Letter From Victor Hugo. M. Victor Hugo has written a letter, of which the following is the translation, in reference to the revolutionary contest in Candla: “A cry reaches me from Athens. In the City of rhidias and an appeal is made to me —my name Is pronounced. What, am I to deserve such an honor? Nothing but a vanquished man. And who are they who call to me ¥ The vanquished. Yes, heroic Candiotes, tbe fallen of to-day, you are the victors of the future. Persevere. Even if you are prostrated, you will tri umph. The protestation of a dying agony is a power. It is an appeal to God, who crushes what? Those mighty ones who are now against you, those coalitions of blind force and stub 1-01X1 prejudice, those armed antique tyran nies. have as their principal attribute a re markable facility of making shipwreck. The Uiu. to <u> tl>» r*>«F, UK lui fan uu me pnm, the old monarchical ship is leaking. It Is at this very bonr foundering in Mexico, in Aus tria, in Spain, in Hanover, In Saxony, at Rome, ai-rt elsewhere. Persevere! Yon vanquished! Impossible! The Insurrection suppressed is not a principle destroyed. There are no more fail* accomplit ; there is only Bight. Fact U never completed. Its perpetual incompleteness is the opening which is left to Right. Bight cannot be submerged. The waves of events pass over it. It reappears. Drowned Poland floats on tbe surface. For JH jnn European policy has tom this corpse, and the world has seen Us soul floating above the /ail* accompli*. Creeks of CaudU, yon have right on your side, and yon have also reason. Why a Pa»ha should exist in Greece Is beyond com prehension. That which Is true of Italy Is true also as regards Greece. Venice cannot be restored to the one without Crete being restored to the other. That which is there a resurrection cannot be here a sepulchre. Bat ;n tbe meantime blood Is bowing, and Europe penults It. To-day It is the Sultan's turn to exterminate a nationality. Is there a Turk ish divine right venerated as a Christian divine right? Murder, robbery, viola tion, are at this moment sweeping over Candla os, six months ago, they dashed over Germany. They which would not be allowed to Schlndergaanes .is allowed to policy. To have tbe sword In band and quietly to witness murders, this Is called statesmanship. It would seem that religion is Interested In what the Turks are quietly .doing—the catting of Caodlan throats—and that society would be shaken if, between Scarpcrto and Cytherea, little children were not pat to tbe sword. There the ravaging ot crops-knd the burning of villages Is useful. The motive which ex plains and tolerates these exterminations js beyond our penetration. Alas I one of the humiliations of men whom a long exile has made stupid (I am one of them) Is that tbev cannot comprehend the great reasons of the present aseassins. Nevermind. The Cretan question is henceforth clear. It will be solved, and solved like all the'other qnes t ions of this age, in the sense of deliverance. Greece complete, Italy complete—Athens at the head ot ope. Borne at the head of tbe other—this Is what we (France) owe to our brothers. It is a debt that France will ac quit; It is a duty that France will discharge When! Pericverc. Tictobßcgo. Uautcvllle Bouse, December 2, 1860. 0 2° ? I S» I. 19 45S 6,Cdt 115 MB 1,725 } 9 1« SO3 .. 18 45S 7.230 72av313 2i,TU rgy Philip Dorahcimer, of Buffalo, while Revenue Collector of the Bolfalo District, levied on contraband whiskey to the value of about $600,000. The Secretary of the Treasury compromised the affair with thi owners. Sturgess & Co., on their payment of $200,000, including a One of $25,000, one half of the latter going to Mr. Dorsheiraer os the informer. Mr.-Durshelmei claims that one half of the value of the confiscated article, amounting to fSOO.OOOj Is due to him under the law, and the ease is now before the Court of Claims at Washington. COBEA. The Olaiascceof Use French Blaslsna* rte* In Cure*. The following interesting particulars are xiraettd from a Toulon letter; “ important news has been circulating here on the subject of events In the China ami Japan seas. The French Government, entirely disapproving of any attempt of an expedition against the kingdom or Corea, directed Rear-Admiral Boze to undertake nothing till further orders, as the .massacre of the French missionaries required an exem plary chastisement which would be better deferred to a more opportune moment. Vengeance, though tardy, would only be more terrible on that account. There was an objection to engage in a hazar dous one ration before obtaining a fulljknowl edge oi the approaches andhesisting power ol that mysterious country. Tha prudent provisions of the Government are In some sort confirmed by the last despatches. Ad miral Boze Laving penetrated into the Sea of Cores, abounding in dangerous shoals;was for a moment compromised and threatened with a great disaster; obliged to be continu ally casting the lead in the waters where the tides arc subject to variations of some 30 to 40 feet of water every twenty-four hours, he found himself at last on coral reels with all las little flotilla, consisting of the steam corvette Primsagnet and several email gunboats." A catastrophe appeared Imminent, when a high tide floated the ves sels and enabled them to emerge from their dangerous position. After this escape, the French squadron, trusting entirely to the map of Commander Guerin, as being remark ably correct, made way toward the month of a river indicated as one of the principal outlets of the capital of Corea. Ascending : tbc stream very slowly, they reached, at four leagues from the mouth, a largo vil lage. where a strong body of armed men wore occupied in constructing weirs. After some truitlces attempts at a confer ence, the Admiral, seeing that his presence caused no cessation of the work, destroyed tbc stockade, by eannou shot, and tired grape into the hostile corpt d’armee, which took to flight In every direction. During this short engagement it was remarked that the Coresn troops marched barefooted, and that the greater {-art of tho soldiers were armed with bows and arrows and can led pikes. The admiral, who only intended to make a .hvdrograj«hical reconnaissance to facilitate ulterior operations, has left these inhospitable shores to join bis main squadron in the China seas." ATTEMPTED MUKDEK. AEroilicrSliootf Hl* Slater for Lead- li>B a Bud Idle* [From the FhlisdelphU Ercnlng Bulletin, De- cember 21.1 About half-past eleven o’clock last night, os Olliccr Blee was walking his beat In the vicinity of Fine and Juniper streets, he heard tbeteportof a pistol, lie instantly rushed to the spot from whence the firing pro cecded, eud as he cume near he heard some one open a window and call out “ Mur der, murder!” lie went Into the plate, No. 823 South Juniper street, from whence theories were heard,- and, rushing into the parlor, he found a young man standing In the middle of the door, with a huge horse pistol In his hand, still smoking from the discharge. At his feet, all bleeding and scmelcs, lay a young woman about twenty-two years old. OlliccV lllcc raised her up, and found that the load from the pistol, consisting of No. 2 du«.k shot, had taken effect in her head, arm and breast, inflicting severe, yet not dangerous wounds. The man’s name was Patterson. Be refused at first to give up the pistol when demanded ; but It was taken fiom him. * The story of the prisoner Is mainly os fol lows : He resides at No. 1,502 Jefferson street, • with his tatLer and stepmother. The yoang woman whom he shot was bis sister, and bad been leading a bad life for some time past, according to some accounts. She was a fine looking, rather handsome girl, with a clear complexion and large fall eyes, lie said that the day before yesterday be bad gone to see her at No. 823 Juniper street, and had at tempted to reason her oat of her wicked course of life, and told her that be would pay her board at any respectable boarding house, and to leave her course of life for her own sake and for his and her relatives. She re fused and said she preferred to live os she had been doing. He then went away, and yesterday he borrowed the horse pistol, and going to the house where she was stopping last night, he again begged of her to leave the house. He then sold he would rather see her dead'than see her as she was, and I'red fall at her, Intending to take her life. When taken to the Filth District Station House he told Lieutenant Connelly that he was glad he had not killed hb slater, hot that he hoped she would not get well enough to get out before she had time to repeat of her bad conduct. She had been going by tbc name o! Laura Gordon. Patterson will have a hearing at the Central Slation this altcrnoou, at 2 o'clock, before Alderman Bcitler. Tbe prisoner U a quiet, inoffensive man, and deeply feels his position. SOETII CAROLINA. Governor Worth's Inaugural Address to tbe Legislature. Governor TVorth’s Inaugural address, de livered to the Legislature December 22, Is brief, and deals chiefly with the relations of the Slate to tbe Union. We quote the Im portant passages: Jhe orcer cr General Sickles forbidding-our courts to cxesnie tnc laws which have existed with ns ana oar ancestors for many hundred tears, in the face of tee previous proclamation of ■be President, declarer that civil law existed In all the btsic* which had ergagcdln the late re bellion, astounded the Slate. Ur mission to Washington touching this encroachment on the right ol the Slate to administer her laws, not pre texted to be inconsistent wlthibe ConStilnUon oi ihv United Slates, and other* imperative ad ministrative datiev sine* my return.- have ea ctoeKd my attention and leu me no time to pre patc an address suitable for ihe occasion. This order of a military officer, asserting. Ja effect, his right to amend such of our laws as he may deem unwise, is suspended by order ot the President. Ibis arbitrary step h> scared; arrested, when a measure is proposed In Congress, looking to tbe rarcticn of this nuluary snpr macy.ovcr oarlaaa. lathe midst of tne progress of these events we are aatontded by a--proposition, originated by North Carolhuac*, and brought before Congress under sncplcce calculated to tls-m u«. that North Carolina, one of the original thirteen, Is no longer a State, hut a Territory of the United States. Tho scheme proposes that a new couveution be called, the members of which are to bo elected by voters with qnsUficiDOus prescribed by Congress, in cluding negroes, caeluded from voting by our Constitution. This Convention thus, is to fbrm a new Constitution for the Territory formerly ktowu as the Stale at Kortb Caro lit*. Tae Constitution when formed Is to be approved, not by the people who are to live under it, but by the Congress, to approve, modify or reject tbe same; and with a test oath framed with apparent intent to reverse tbe prin ciple that the majority of the people ought to rule. It is remarkable that tbe avowed and prominent pi ejector* ol this scheme were distinguished acton m the organization of tbs present Slate Govern r cut, and have sought or hold office unde.- it. Under these cltcumstaiiccsf 1 assume, by the choice of my countrymen, me pa mint responsible duties of Governor of the Slate, without time. In carefully considered commentary, to review these revolutionary movements. The Governor then argm a against more amendments to the Constitution ar.d in favor of a National Convention, and adds : .8 2,300 . 81,5u0 . 12,500 . 13, (XX) . 6,500 . 11.3 U . U,O(W . 13.5J0 . 7,150 . . .. 5,000 2,000 ... .. SAHJ Mu GOO a, joo .. 5.000 .. .... a. 300 If my wtsoes could prevail, North Carolina would be the first btale In the union to bold np to the* zattoD this cocatltnUouil Dll’*- branch. 1 uiut that I seta not assure you hat no act of mine, official or petsonal. any circum stances, wilt give any conniec .c *e to tie p.-rallel sctivme of erasing North User ;aa from the g? la_.y of States ot the Americas I'nim. In making ’tla declaration, I desire to dec; u-e postilor Implica tion that there la within my k-.oirleogc any o.hcr r—4.m* wt state ' who would Tolumanlv assent to sacs degra datioa. la ay childhood tbe lessons of paiezxal Instruction taught and impressed on my heart ailecaon for -he American rntnn The civil war through which wr hive passed has not erased these Impressions. The rejection* for i (per veats but ttrergtliened them. When, in spite of dt remonstrance?, a sectional war arose, my duty, as 1 conceived, required me to yield Is obedknee to the at lacio goverouentof the sec tion In which 1 fired; bat »hen the par:; claim ire to fight to preserve the Union prowled. 1 gladly renewed my allegiance to me Union, and *lll sot now Invite us dissolution by an act of Congress. . Be n-ped the legislature to encourage mans fscinrcs, and said, “ 1 appear before you to-day, clothed is the handiwork of North Carolina man- niseiur«*. and made np by Nprth Carolxoa mo chatties,” Failure of Lewis a<UUe, the Safe Alan* macro rcr. [From the Troy (N. T.) Times, December SB.) Rumors have been rile fur a week or more of the failure of Lewis Lillie & Son. Tbe heavy purchase by the firm about a year ago of lands, mines, furnace a, dwellings and run ning machinery at Reiglcsvillu, Bucks Coun ty, Fa., has bad, of coarse, largely to do with its present embarrassments, which U is hoped and believed will prove but tempor ary. The purchase necessitated a large ex* penditure on the start. Included In tbe pur chase were more than one thousand acres of land, seven hundred of which were under cultivation. Dunng the last summer tbe works and whole concern employed over three hundred men, whowi monthly pay roll waa $17,000. The pruouct was £2,300 per day—sl,soo in safes and SI,OOO In pig iron- The ready means required for the manage ment of tuch a large business were of coarse very considerable, and how any mishap or miscalculation may have seriously crippled lor a time business operations to tbe extent indicated, can readily be conceived. It is understood that the assets of the firm. as shown on paper, foot up <600,000. The indebtedness u $590,000. This Includes a mortgage of $155,000 on the real estate at Keiglesvlllc, leaving a floating indebtedness of $373,000. A portion of the indebtedness has been incurred by the acceptance of sight drafts of the firm bj H. B. Hnbbell, of New York, to the amount of £150,000, and accept ances by George G. Wilder, of Boston, to the amount of SIOO,OOO. It Is understood that both Hr. Hnbbell and Mr. Wilder have sos- I ended. The dtlTerent banks of Troy arc creditors of the firm to the amount oI£TU,OOO. It is claimed that £140.000 of the' Indebted ness is confidential; bat It seems probable that in the end there will be no distinction made between the creditors. At a meeting of some of the creditors In New York hist week, Mr. LIUle clalmcJ to be solvent, and requested only time—air, twelve ancelghtcen months—to clear every" thing. At this meeting a committee of cred-. llora was appointed to prepare a full state ment of assets, indebtedness, etc., and re port the same. The committee will report next week. The real estate of the firm was pur chased for $273,990. On this $75,000 was paid down, on the first of January last. The balance of the purchase money. ($200,000), remains on mortgage, and Is Included in the firm's indebtedness. The payments CD the mortgager which ore not yet due, are casfoVThe firm claim to have be come embaaßssed solely by the large amount expended for necessary improvements; that these expenditures have put the concern in possession of business facilities which will enable them to do a large business at a cer tain profit, If permitted to go on. It is the opinion of some of our business men, interested in the failure, that the whole affair will result only in a temporary suspen sion of Lillie & Son, and that It is not im firohah’e a compromise between the ft 'in and ts creditors will be eficctc<?at the meeting in New York next week. THE CUBAS FINANCIAL PASIC. AGeneralSarpenalon of Specie Pay* menu at Havana—Causes vf tho Grl- (Correspondence of the New York Herald.] Havana December 3d. Onr ehy Is in a great stato of excitement, and & regular panic prevails among all . rim*we.. ■ IVc are m the midst of a great ca lamity, and if no pr« mpt steps arc taken to remedy and alleviate the general distrust and consequent disastrous results, our com merce will be prostrated and'lnjured to an incalculable extent. The princlpil cause of the suspension of nearly all of our banks Is not, as tbc J/Uirio erroneously states, the withdrawal of two and a half millions from tbc vaults of tbc banks, and sent to foreign countries by unauthorized parties, but the large amount of Government Treasury bonds held by the Royal Spanish Bank, and on which they advance the cash to the Govern ment Used by the Royal authorities to detray the expenses of the war with St. Domingo, Mexico and Chill, and which tbc Treasury Las been unable to redeem until now. A meeting of merchants and bankers, un der the Presidency of the Captain-General himself, was held at tbc Palace oo Monday last, to deliberate on the depressed and rutn- uus state of our commerce, and the scarcity of money, which Is very embarrassing to oar backs, and will lead to disastrous financial results, if no steps are taken to devise means to extricate them oat of their ditficultics. The only feasible plan presented was that the Royal Spanish Bank be authorized to pay out fifty per cent on all sums, in bonds of the Government, which are fully secured, and of which they bold very largo amounts as ’* Ro*' ’ *6 collaterals. Also, that the Royal Spanish Bank should make use of the credit it enjoys In England and the United States to horror $2,000,000. On Thursday the hank ot Bossier & Co. suspended pay ment. This bank was the one organized and patronized by all the provision dealers and wholesale grocers in Havana, and enjoyed a monopoly which has given great offence to the mercantile community not interested in the institution. The hank received a per* centage on all sales made on the wharf. Many of the depositors had been quietly withdrawing their lund* for the last two months, after the Royal Spanish Bank had uulilieU Messrs. Bossier «S Co. that they would uu h.ngcrbe able to discount the pa i'cr of their irstitntlon, or of their patrons, o the same extent as before, and lately had only done so in small quantities and ou hrst olaas paper. Ou Friday more snspensions took plane, i'mong them the Banco de Comcrcio (Fessu-.-s Bank),-where all the fnnds of the Reg .a Warehouses u&d the Bahia Railroad a.*-' kept, the Banco de Ilia, and in f.--* -ill icpt, the Banco de Ilia, and in fact ult with (.be exception of the Caja du Ahorrtos (Sav ings Bunk), the Allianza and the Royal Spanish Bank, which still continues to pay out specie, and will probably be able to weather the storm, although It has only $3,033,757 in specie in its Taolu, while they haves4.S46,9u>on deposit, and $3,653,150 of their bills in circulation. Their assets, in case of the suspension, amounting to $13,744,760, are more than sufficient to cover all their liabilities, and leave a surplus of over $3,000,000 to the credit of the bank. Strenuous efforts have been made yesterday to prevent this result. All of oar principal provision and grocery merchants will bos* pend specie payments to-day, and several booses who do not rest on a venr Orm basis will be compelled to close their doors and go into liquidation. It is supposed by all onr bankers and prin cipal merchants that the suspension will only be temporary, and that the arrival of the new sugar crop, and the consequent In gression of fnnds Into the Island, will soon pni things to rights, particularly as oil of the suspended banks have a large surplus of assets, and will be able to resume payments as soon as remittances of specie arrive. Curious Chinese Stories. [From the London Pill Mall Gazette.] There Is a well-known Greek story of a .icnr.ilees man who, going out with a rope in ills hand to banc himself. found a purse of money, which induced him to throw the rope away, whereas the owner of the parse, coming hack to look for bis property, and finding only the rope Instead, straightway uangul himself. A still more curious tale, of a oimllar kind, Is told by the China pa* pens. Id the native city of Shanghai the parents of a young lady lately matried, hav- ing fallen into distressed circumstances, ap plied to her for assistance, and her husband allowed her to give them a coat for the pur pose of being pawned. The daughter, how cvcr.bcing anxious to render farther aid with out ber husband's knowledge accreted $lO In the pocket of the coat. The old man did not discover this, and took it to a pawn broker, who, noticing the money on unfold ing the garment, kept his counsel, and qui etly advanced 2. soon after the husband discovered that the wife bad given the $lO to her father, and made so much noise about it that the young lady disposed of berseif by aanging. ’ln inis way the news of the rob bery committed by the pawnbroker became known to the parents, and tbe old mother took the matter so much to heart that she poisoned herself with opium. Lastly, the pawnbroker, getting alarmed on hearing that ils dishonesty had already caused two deaths, drowned himself In a well. This story Is very characteristic of tbe Chinese feelings In regard to Life, and similar inci dents not unfrcquently occur. Some y eats auo, for Instance, onaccom- Jllsbed young lady at Cauton, who had >ccn unfortunately married to a coarse and stupid husband, was bewailing her late to a party of sl-tcrs and female cousins, and de clared her Intention of committing suicide. On this, the other young ladles declared that, since such was married life, they would die too; and so the whole bevy of them Joined hands together, and walking Into a fish pond deliberately drowned them selves. Again, three men, imprisoned in Bong Kong jail, on a charge of >lracy, determined to make away with hcmielvea, rather than have tbe bother of a triaL At eome height, In the cell where they were imptisoueo, was a small , window pnarded by two Iron bars, and the problem which these worth!** had to solve was how the three of them were to be haug cd upon tbe two bars. From the position m which they were found In the morning, it would seem that the third man had assisted he two others in hanging thenudves from the bars by their tails; that then he had cut • sown one of them by gnawing, through the i3il with his teeth: and, using the dead body ,s a stool, to be afterwards kicked over, be hod Contrived to suspend himself. All this, ,00, was done so quietly as cot to attract .he uotlce of a sentry who was pacing out -Ide beneath the window. f3T IVAIT fInOTUEKf*, AdicrtUisa Ao*U i:G Dnrb<ini4t.< recfite advertisement* :or all ibr iritdins papets tbreophoat the L oncrd Main and ('anaitnr< jHasoni: Notices. "\ JASONIC. JJ A Special CcacUre of Chicago iloadTr Si. Ji> erderot tbe£.C. V.o:£oa K.T. JOHX WHITLET, Bwordtf. sHjotosrayj)s. OH, DON’T YOU KNOW THAT Nearer Bros, are making Xo.l carte de rltlet luroiiylLWperdoien? Vigneumfjr #t per doxen. Ocr room* will beepeo New Tears day. ■\VEA\tKBBOS, tropnclon, 107 Lakt-tU, corner c. ~w. FUJBKXCE. Operator. Educational. {» £LGKE’S SELECT SCHOOL — In 1; Morrison Bnlidlnc*,'room 53, entrance, north* k'oteorxer. BeaSde* Use aadect awl modem laa* »dl branches ar» taopbs which arc ctnaDr "teated Is school* and by three able acd experienced teacher*- The etadles »til be me mart next Wednesday. (General Notices. pIRST FRESBITEIOAK CHURCH. 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Bow few there are who are not subject to tome at>o> Bon of the lungs or respiratory organa, who, by ne*» lectxng premonitory symptoms, aggravate the con* plaint, cnlli disease strikes its shafts, i-w^_ pressible torture of the patient, and anxiety sad da tress to Mends. “Only a cola I" *• A slight son throat 1 M li the heedless remark of many wben so afr tectcd. Tea; *• Only a cold,** was the thooghtlom ax* presslon of thonaanda whom death baa m *’~k»*l far hm prey. Forewarned—Forearmed I should be the motto *»> ever Inthemindset all subject to Cough*. fViM*, c>* larrh,or Influenza. Words of advice sbonld be needed by all tuflenng from AtUima, Bronchitis, Consumjr ♦lon. Belief Is within their reach; and. ti neglected, tatal consequences ensue—* lue of misery—a d*By hourly struggle for existence. A contest la which then can be bat one victor—Death! Does it net appal the strongest to think of tbe result caused by neglect? Then why daisy t What excuse can be offered, when timely warning la sourdrt . your ears ? When the .danger! 1* pointed out, wty set avoid It? MikSDBTa Px cream w*t.w has be« used with success in nearly amlltloa of cases, and. Is endorsed by the Medical Faculty as the meat prompt and efficacious remedy that sdcntiae research baa <Hm covered, to relieve and core ail cases ot Coughs, Cofato Influenza, and Consumption, If the case tanot beyond all hope. Sven when the eaflererts in the last stages, be will fled relief by nslng this preparation. One boV tie will convince the most Incredulous, that the mens ot this preparation are by no means exaggerated ; i* feet—fail {hr abort of the eulogies bestowed upon It by thousands who have been cured by 1U timely use. A guarantee accompanies each bottle, and dealers arc In structed In every In stance to refund the money, wtmm this preparation fishs to relieve. Prepared hy T. W. MARS DEN, 457 Broadway, New York, and f:r sale by all Druggists. Price, tl perbcttle. BURNHAMS* VANSCUAACR, Whole* sale Druggists, Chicago, HI., General Agenta for Che Northwest. For sale by SMITH A DWYER, ocl»7a-'Xtltew-Mt ffiarijinror M EHRITT & COLGULIN, UDIINAFOUB, ItfDLLM DEALERSIK COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And Woollen Factory Findings* New . .ctcrier furnished with Machinery, Shafting. Engine?, 1 Itu, bpecificatloaa, baptrlnuadecta im expcnenctd» ROLL CARDS* Alwiyi on tana. COITUS TTABrS & CARD CLOTUKQ 01 >U kind*. £JT Scccrvl-haud Machinery on hard, fbr sale eheopw 'J'O WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS. WOOLUN JSiCHIHEfiI. r. C. CLEYELAJfD * CO. JUNCTION SHOP. WORCESTER, MASS, *Macofactcrrrj of Woollen Machinery, as fellows: CardltrMactlhOiand Spinning Jacks, from new ami Improved patterns; Wool Platers, Wool and Waste Duk.l. Tarn opoUers, and Van Dressing and Warn* leg Machines; Urvad and Narrow Gigs, bothstngia acd oocnle acting; bioad and Narrow Brushing Mi* chiDPN Velveting, Wlineyl ig and Pitersham Fmtan- Ing Machines, Hydro Extractor? and Cloth Drying Mac nine*, Uydrosiatlc and Screw Presses, Press Plate Heaters, Inuico Grinders, Rotary PnUtn* Mißs,Waak Mills, Cloth. Winning and Measuring Rest Tnrclc j EtvlLcs. Card Grinders, Ac. Onr machines are all in substantial and sopolor Iron frant* t, ace are warranted to be equal In every respect to any machines mode in the Celled state*. In addition to above timed machines ct oar own make, we are prepared to furnish Crompton's Loom*. Parks dr Wooisot/s Shears, Steel Ring Bor Machines and Bar Pickers, Card Ciolhinc, and maaalkctaim* endings generally, at makers' fewest price*, ano <_aa furnish our ecaiome* with machinery Tot WooQea Mills, complete, with promptncaj, and at a* favors we prices as any other builders. e. c. CLKVHI.ANP, J. C. MASON. Worcester. Maas- Oct. 33. :£♦<. j M. BaSabTT. gtocktolhcrs’ JHcctings. -^TOTICE. The annual mcetirg of the stockholders ot the North Chicago City Railway Co, St? taJaloi jciT. wUI bo held at their uffiS* , lS6 North CJarkwL,oa TUESDAY, Jan. Bth, IMT, at 10 a.m. H. N. TOWNES,Secretary. OTOCKHOLDEUS* 2IEETING.—The Etoefchn'ders of the NOBTHWESTESN PACKET CO. Are b*reby notified teat uctr Annual Meeting will be held at the Company’* Office, In Dobnqae. on Wednes day. i6Ut Jaxu I*l. at 11 o'clock a. m. GEO. A. BLANCHARD, Secretary. Dnbncne, IClh Dec-, 1568, STOCKHOLDERS' MEETING.—The Stockholder* of the Northwestern Union Packet C-mpaor _ Are hereby notified that their Annual Mw&nrwUl be held at me Sherman nocse, Chicago, on Tneaday. UQt jun jar;, at u o'clock a. m- GEO. A. BLANCUABD, Secretary. Dcbcgee, 10th Dec., 1368. Consignments. QKCD£ SALTPETRE. 100 tap ten RBlUtj CRUDE SALTPETRE, fbraale br J SMITH *■ DWYER. VhoteMte OS »sd &■* XAte-at. QAMi ADVANCES Haile on Shipments of PROVISIONS & DRESSED HOBB •XoKtwTork. Alio, OS PEOVT3TOS3 E? STOKE. JOSEPH B. PHELPS, 13 rtnunber of Commerce CALTPETRE. ■ CBODE SALTPST32, For pactera’ esc, tor »al<# by JOSEPH B\ PHELPS, liCbimhcr of Commerce. £JIiEStED HOGS Usual Facilities to Shippers, * CO, Ijs <TV -t 140 SUaie-st. corner cl lanane. dTot Sale. T> 1 PROPELLER fob a,vT_ji. Vi., p—i*;wr otuva. V»tB; 81, »s ■' f» rS’ta rn ife, wHi fjoad goad wa'Jiloili - of ter • ale? Serfnrther tanalna of lot ** »• XSISEJt * -VTOOOByUT. IQ C« V-rt*- r