Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 31, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 31, 1866 Page 3
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Lin: ISSC- FOB It.lM’lL ,m; It* Worker*—Norn l>craml >uccrw. .--oflifolmnrancc, which is profit ti.c officer? and the company, 10 the , ii d 10 the relatives of the party in many year? alUr Its Introduction looked upon tn no very fevor - .'one cotnraunitir? tie Idea? held ’i in regard f> it were doctdedly i- being found hcie and thrro who ,l i»n* insurance agent had been t.v extend leases of life be (.peclilcd In the original fcv wane Nature; while < tot - r'C nay senve la taking 1.-«, (frp'Xkliv a- the holders thereof I tin* money when it tichme due. I't-t.elleveit that the taking out of a "nv* a tendency lo shnrtm the life 1- lavor it wan drawn—ln this [•Tj; z the fame high order of intrill >,mn by the original* whu are cer l-'U'-ypf ala«i will and te lament I fi sil- 1 the life of tie testator. Oc ol a policy In a dwelling a., - v difficnlUcs; as for instance. In 1“,.- zi-7 woman who had been fortn riitry an elderly gentleman of |r rteold gentleman fcanng l>.« H? fortune in btuinesa speen m-hiagto make due provision for B !. idc. took out a policy for £3,0)3, S home, threw it Into her lap. say ■ i -ci. ** There my dear, if 1 tall to die ibe nest day. you will have a rV'f'." Tcc yoneg wife, supposing document was not more than one ved from a death warrant, insisted ot want it tn tbe house, and told ter t she-was surprised at him for at she wss anxious to attend ; and the results of the -.nil. hysterics on one sHe.and scold her for several days—that the policy d. and the amount of premium paid counted a total 1o?s. >ul five years, however, the insurance ■ paid remarkably well; presidents, ;:u other officer? receiving handsome the annual h*Lncc shoving dividends. Alargeshireolthlspros -10 outside ageita or c-invassers. who percentage ba all policies which iftrumenlal In securing. Some make a specialty of the a one year's end to anotocr, and .some living ont of it; others, on . become dU'rartesrd alter a few -.d abandon the business in acenn >pcft, perfectly satisfied that they ntbeir calling. A canra««er has no ;U-vcr with sensitive feelings, and italic a dozes rcbutTs every day. and ;rv one of ihcm. be bad belter nont —nalcmolotmeiit. The nuccessfnl ,j a certain extent, “case and when sharp answers are her charge the sebj c* lorn minute a’view of getting tbetr customers . humor; arri, this point ga >ned. th 'y • return to tno quc-iiou ol 1W ta il coollv sicue 1 14 advantage* from nnd-point, Ifa gentleman, to whom ha* applied, elves a direct refusal, •r bid* him good morning or aftc-r --vje tliut would have done credit to an In bis best-days. nnJ r .‘turns la a •avtac i«* the bKudest manner con in't tnoaght 1 would dn*t> in and see changed yonr mind about ve were talldcg of the last n here." His manner la bo ai;d thit the pnrtri .re Ilian half cU-pom**! to ordor him oIT . a corplc of days before, allows bias* •wa »n;oa Irictd'y conrtrsn’ion. and .«> the cnnrassei to civo him another If *o, the canvasser is sore of 1 be leaves tli.* *p' JCC soltto ;Ui.e after ibis style: “ I*ll nelhitnlo rr a'-st time I see him: pood thins, didn't yd mail wiica I was there •J Bis •cxti-iactiin. it hcowloj > kettr his temper, ami Is on of (Minin? his object, does hltn <•<l a* he expects to derive from the '•fhareof tlic anticipated premium, rood can! 1-* played in tins manner: -.r eo- i<> a dwi ihnz honre. and, as told that the bead of :h<* family 13 o* nj> to»r, or over the river. Ifln* l down and wait for :he rrtnoi oflh® ' :ce boc'C, he accepts the invitation, i r - x.*« without a mowjiii’* delav to •ttelnby. Ever sines that particn l its mother Las, of coarse, be - superiority over every other Sate, but after the canvas one praising it, she tccls •anroved with herself tar overlooking f-cil’oaswbJch.i»rcvlja»ly Invisible, ;«ti out br t s»r»t'scr, odd .miadiable beauty of that *• dear, Tt c canva a #cr,'snt 3.lcd with the ha* prodneed, makes hip business .rshebas riot tints to wait, for the cturn: but he accepts the lady's la* ■*c.u’again when her hnsbmd'e at !h- ckiiic a of the haabaad rare grratlrm hi- tuvof. lura*oot this particular matter. b -t.» geaor* ii rh .'tue baby all the credit which tu tor helping him atone In the tracs* :;-iuc?r I? net so proCtablo for, can* :rur)v. llba*. in many place?,been 'd none bat the tno-i expert stand rro of making anTtblng more than •iricnec. Mbt, 80i-c diaKiass can* v very rood wages—better, perhaps, jiiM at any other employment requlr i:r and the same amoii’Jt or labor. >•« oilers who roleht be coanted as ■' :lic t:isi-cla«?.men who are on the • nUfa-t time till a laic boar in (bo n*c weekly receipts, when flammed dav cl-ht, snggert to the recipient* * 'inir.z no wucr than wnea they h rtavioretervntloa wafje*. cuma<jers arc engaged la to which tliev de "riion of their Umc. and make tcondary consideration. The resnll t.couramng as was arrived *t by the ■bo mi more Irons in tlie Are than o manure. Mbc every other kind of ( of lilf canvas re- file best tcailon and bard labor. rd la it beicf; satisfied to go a doz ct-tary, to tccurc a tingle policy, recce l« a miu who ba« other .•ml to would do pretty well by urancc eaavassintr severely stone, n-acratcly well-doing canvassers soldiers, who, with the lots of a jrcln-j dibarred from the pursuits lowed before cnierii.g the auny ; ■t tunt to act a; canvas :-err. Oae nonnate cU-s Ls reported to ire than fi-iOO the first of la«l •ij large fortune, certainly, bat -a for one who time- in bis blp a stopped at tbc CofT.-erllle debt, qncstly left lsls tight arm in lie ol lipaubb Fojrt. Ills «accssa la i. f t'rywf Arcrc wanting. «•' -he estJ* .'ftT'ibe wotirded soldier Is held by teaidcnta or tLu great air of >orccK on Saturday. Jhorco was readervdon Saturday -t?cn. oflbe Superior Court, in the .c r. vs. rinxir, ihhelow. title case was Clod >eplcmbcrlUh od a tnanlagc at Spring Ac-d, la this -.iant beh.g tben a ill's Davis, and Middletown, Illinois, on the 10th of ,; 2. The present ages of the parties •ly twenty-nine and twenty-one, and ‘‘h'capo daring November, IS3I. Hi? bill Is that respondeat commit* the tenth <lay of last September, with one Jame* F. Andrews ■ rronal service of the process was • ridaiit, and upon a hearing In open ; was rendered on the ground of the C-nn one case was attended to. a vs. corjCET.irii s'or’rsi*. » c.nro "a> filed October 23d last, rr.iliat tin.* defendant wa« Keeping u.t- -atue tm:«* an iauiocUon isrned. : udai.i made uo«wor, admitting the - denying that tile wile bad been > «n ic-ard to the management of »m«. Ho a‘?cn<- sof lie> th »t she tn -ucb an extern as to make Ms • ia Biinj'ort of this, tie owes for lus «ifv-'s sccoun; I tii cc the 53th of .April, 13«3, the Ju-u-etold Ims iiirca $7,302.55. i' b be ha-paid. Ue farther stated t. -ince the? came loibUclty. in - ed to allow him access or lode inom, except darln™ ahont two -he compelled their danslitcr of leon years to *l«rp hi Ibc -.ime bed • al-o d<-nlf*d the adultery, anda.*- :su declared to be hid mistress to an agreement, the ’>lll was amend of aunltcry being erased, when « withdrawn. kcest.- James and itaryMcßnde, 'ife, residing fa an alley in the rear u street, were arraigned before Jas . afternoon, charged with ‘."n sting variety of articles. Bas er entertained for some time that there was a cart* for thieves, and l.t thefconse wa.» visited by officers .ntTipsoD. who nude an extensive unearthed ten or twelve pairs of •tf. a new parent pocket lantern, etcher knives, four or five canvas cb a« are nsed toy the I*o«t Office De ading newspapers.) and other arti- Mrs. Mcßiiac stated that some o( ■vero purchased, and others, as the vee, were left ihvre by panic l an ; .’rsof the cutters wore idcnllfiad •chell, a boot and shoe dealer on . bearingjhe trade mark and gen v of scoic which tv ic stolen from front of bis store, (an entire case - - three weeks ago, soon after the - n left (here by the Express Com .; was mentioned in the rmnuxE t occurred. Mr. and Mrs. Mcßride fibber examination on Friday al f'.-m each. IL AND COMMERCIAL'; JIOMiTABI. kTCBDAT Kmafctc, December a. ; la Manager Ire?* statement of the : Clearing Homo for the week cod* Clearings. Balances, f 1,656,613.1 D SICS.IU7.S3 , L-116,4 Iti.tfJ IW.S2LHI J,61-W>j.23 S37,OUSA9 1.471..V8.0C J 53.113.00 1,271,15X15 IS *:,SSU,sSi.W f 5t2.13T.00 .£! fJ.I4S,TCj.(» *1.102,250.5S ttjjlrade of the city, with few excep m-finitc doll during Lb a week just A# interior, the marketing of the a BligLt alimnln* to business, hp absence of Uiat activl j which Bhld reason. In some quarters we flporccicnt in collections, but clso ftre reported exceedingly slow. 9tw to pay, as, iu the present di«- $W of onr finances, there Is a strong tOfhoard greenbacks. Capitalists upon to ctabsrk |o new enterprises, t^Bctecslons-of ihilr business, and gt arcalale with freedom. Until nletcmine upon tome settled poll* jfehl icln epon the Secretary of the S; ntopian riewr. If followed oat, 3t the counter, no marked Imprure* Bar be looked for. Purchases will nicvting actual and pressing wants resolution was ofiered on ’Change this Board Is decidedly of the input contraction of the currency ..ronld oe very detrimental, if not •hticiness interests of the whole ut the Secretary of the Board be ntard copies of Ihi* resolution to H‘a henator, and Representative mored to amend by a more rapid contraction of the country than is now provided (or Iy oTcrcd a* a taUlitute | \rt upprotc <>i tlic policy of the p ressure, for tin early return to ■s the only sal:~nard to National Ig in vLmv ujc landing of the I of the Urltcd Stales Treasury f We trnstlhro'.' years to be 8 sui table our Ciownimect tu rcaouic [tv sad equality imorg iho com' kf the earth, by paytaij bor oh** -noncl S. M. Hooch, the •he table by an overwind? 4o # called on Mr. '•Z In Ite adODtir*” v " «^ moßt fas anieT'i’-'.J™ »benTnf, aod IngT'- ** 4,re tnaatfiecyoruvcnty dt«ecutlac voices out of the five hundred members present. This action of the Board cf Trade Is a step la ll'.e right direction. and as far as It foes, is worthy ofcUccuoistmcßt. But It might have taken a FtcpimUier. Tbe resolution ought to hare pro tested agalrst any contraction whatever, and i*Kcd Congress to rescind the law which now pro vide* lor the cancellation ol four minions per month. The currency Is at the present time, a secondary Question and needs no tinkering what ever. Bvery business man possessing a fraction ol ordliary common sense knows perfectly well, that it Is to his advantage and credit, to decrease that portion of bis Indebtedness which draws Interest, and leave the ocn-Iclorcst bearing part to take care of It self. The policy of tbe Government ought to be unswervingly directed 10 the payment of the debt which carries Interest. Every dollar of this debt cancelled Is a raving of six ccnta In gold per year to ibe people, while ihc conversion of the enrren cy (or contraction) Into bonds only adds six cents per year, for each dollar eo converted, to the enor mous taxes already borne. Tbe gradual cancella tion of the Five-Twenties, or other Interest-bear ing securities, proportionately strengthens our National credit, both atbomo and abroad. Specie payments will be much sooner reached by the gradual paying off of the debt, and Improving oar credit, than by contracting (he currency, which in the end docs not relieve the people of one cent of taxation, and adds nothing to oar National credit. A year ago Mr. McCulloch made a speech* in Fort Wayne, in which he advocated at length the ccniractlon ot the currency. Every merchant and capitalist throughout tbe country has a vivid re collection of the Injurious effects caused by this speech. The country is going through the same opcitdon now, as the result of the "specie re sumption" and "contraction" policy enunciated tn his late report to Congress. Wo want a defi nite and live policy on the part'of the Govern meut—one that the people can take slock In, and be freed hereafter from these periodical distur bances which have hitherto sprung np at tho will of the Secretary of the Treasury. The week closes up on a very right Money mar ket, and there are no prospects of any relief until al»cr the appearance of the January statements. Tbe hanks are confiuiug their favors to tnose whom It would he impolitic to refuse. In the open market good names arc taken at Ilf®!*? per cent per month, and less acceptable signatures at 2 per cei t There was a more active demand for Exchange, and u the scpply is exceedingly light, the market ruled firmer. Sales were made between banka at 30®40c premium, and even at these figures toero was' little to be bad. Moat of the basks were obliged lo ship carrencr. The counter rates are firm at par baying and 1-10 premind selling. There was more activity in the demand for For eign Exchange, and owing to the advance la .Gold, the currency rates were higher. The market closed strong at the following rates for sight bills: Gold. Carrencr. 1/>ndon £ staling £5.00 8.05 ©6.43 Pea* ptrfiacc 20 2C*£a -27 Beilin per i’rnssian tbalur 75 1.00- ($1.02 ■Norway per ilx mynt 30 40 ©4l ’bwedco per specie dales 1.10 1.55 Cfcl-57 There was a belter feeling in I'rodacc circles to day. nd prices ere generally a shade better, though Ibete was scarcely any. increased se ll illy. Flour was steady end firm. Wheat was quiet and a abide stronger. Corn was moic ac tivcand*&©*XcbcUer. Oats wore quiet at an ad vnocc ol y <slc. Rye and Barley woo steady sad him. Mess Pork was inactive *bnt held firm. Green Meats were a trifle firmer. lArd was more active and folly He higher. Groceries were qnlel bar firm. Geld was somewhat cxdted and higher. It opeted at 132?*, advanced to 134 H, and closed at I-:r.s;. ihe following quotations were received to-day by Boyd Bror M gold and stock brokers: a. m 132?; ( 11:15 a. m 1314 lllffiii a. m j 11:55 a. m 13-1?; 11*0 a. m llHii 112:10 p. m 1314 ll:'S a. tn 4?3h 2:00 p.m 13<4 Ijaia m 334 | 2:30p.m 133»« litre ike market was qntet atl32H©l33H hay ing-closing at 133. The conn’cr demand was light. Silver was tcmlnal at 125. . Tbc following table shows the dally range and closing pnee during the week: Ranee. Closing. Monday, 21th 153!i®133Ji 1354 Wtdpoday, 2Gtb Kltf®!*!}# 131?, Tbnnday, 271 b ISIKftI&S IB?6 Friday, tiSlft !S2H@l32?i If-T-i Saturday, 21-Oj 1325®15H4 1534 Government tfccnrllies .were a shade better to* day. Sixes ol'6l advanced 4* Five-Twenties of l£C2 were H higher, as also were the 'Gl’u. Ihc 'C3 Jsecu was unchanged. Ten-Forties were steady. Seven-Thirties were 4 higher. Wed. Tiu. Frl. Sat. Sis«* of’Sl 110 109/j nu»i noj* Flvc-TV-cnUtia, 105 Jj 10jJ* 105*4 1054 Fhc-TwenliM, ’W 101* 101 lUI4 H4H Firc-Tvenoes.’os 101*4 10« H IMJ£ I0»*f len-Forllet «>i4 W 09«* 03-4 btTen-Tlintie* l , Aqc..** 10l!t 103\ IWS Scvcii-Thlrtiea. Jnne....lMU lC3fc IIMJ4 101** Sevcn-1 nlniee,July. ...114J4 lOlfc lOlft Here tie market was quiet but Him. We quotef covxuxxEST exccnmrs—cznoaoo kabkkt. Baying. Selling. 110>£ no,* .lO&il IIB* .m>s ioi% •IWH 101*,' U. S. Slxcs'of :ssi L S.Wto. 19C4. u.s lew, IT. S. 5-20?, 1335 V. ' ' ,S. 6*oe (small) I<4 CIWX .... . S. 10-40* (large) W OOJ* i.S. 10-40* (email) 101»f U. S. 7-U)a, Ist scries ioi*; D.b. 7-OOf, 2d ewlca 101)4 101& U.S.T-3n*.3d tcries 101)4 101^ U. e. 7-sus (email) I03?i Compound:, June, 1804 116 July, 13M USX “ Ang.,lS»4. 115 * Oc«., 1601 114 •* Dec., 18C4 113 ** 'slsy, 18C3 111)4 “ • A tig., 1605 110 Sept, 1965 .11*1)4 »* OcUI3CS 103 Ihc Second National Cant elves the following quotations lor Government Securities: Coupons, 1881... ..110J; Jure Comp., 16&1..11C 0--.0 Coupons, July " *‘ ..11514 lant«*.— IWKfeIWX Aug 44 44 ..115 5-UJ Coupons, Oct 44 44 ..114 5ma11..... IDI Dec 44 44 ..113 Id-inConp.,large.. 09 May 44 IBVC.UItf 10-40 Aug 44 44 ..110 7-£0 largo.. , IWJ4 Sept 44 44 ..109« t-SO. small.. JO3S Oct 44 44 ..109 Tfcc market for l-ocal SccariUf'B is doll, and quotations are little better than nominal; Bantu;. Selling. ... W lUO .... &5W 97 95 ft} Chicago City Serena.... Cook County Sevens... Chamber of Commerce, conmnuciAL. Satuudat Evrsrso, December 29,18 V. Tbc following tables ‘how the receipts and ship* meats of Produce dating the past twcaty*foar home: crcmr’.z fast rwocrr-rocß nouns. t*OJT Ififfe Floor, brls. Wheat, bn. Core, bn... Oat-, bu... Ktc, bn 2,030 1,050 DarUy. be 3,200 .... Grass Seed, lbs 32,500 97,590 Uroom Coro, B>! Cwrtd Hief, brls Pork. bii«. lard. Cs, Tallow, Jbs, Hmter, tm. Crossed Doe*,No. lire Dorr*,No. < stile, No Hides, the ilij»lwlnc?, brie. Wool, fi* l-oabcr, to Shingles. m 131h,m emroxsTO fast twesit-focb 71otir, htls. Wheat, La, Cum. La. Rirky. ba 700 S7G Broom Com, ft*... * 63.531 WsTSh Cnr«J Meats, 5* ..7.3.451 121,983 Beef, brU , _ JO MO Pork', brls. lard, E>e.. Tallow, lbs. Uniter, los. 1). Hoc*. No live Ifocs, No 'Cattle, No Uldtv, fta 11. Wine*, brli* Wool, tt-fl l.BTDber, m.......... Scldjlc*, in i.. Lath, Salt, oris . n-om asd cnus ct store. Xbe following table ahowa the amount of Floor ard Grain In store cntiie S9th Inst, aa compared wUbltc amoont In store on the same day last year: IS6G. 1565. Floor, brla 78,17? 42,711 TVbcat, bn K»7,55< 873,5>« 337,863 163,276 Com, bn O&ie. be 3 MUM i23.SU Rye, bn 159,833 »5H,571 Barley, bn 318,316 539.i1! Tbcie was a rood attendance on'Change to* day, and the leading Produce markets were a trifle blsber. though there was no Increase In the volume of trade. The market for Mesa Porte continue* Inactive. The in Hop* strengthened the views of packers, who were Indifferent to offer any pro* duct, and buyers refused to respond. There was some inquiry tor Mess Pork at sl3 50&15.73, bat bolder* refused to sell for less than $15.73®19.00 the opper figure lor pood brand*. For January delivery we hearof sales of 300 brls at $13.73 klUt’s option. Prime Mesa was dull, with sales uflOObrl* at SIC.M. Extra Prime waa held at with $13.12*4 bid. Sweet Pickled Hams sold to the extent of CO tcs, at There vraa a good demand tor Green Meats, and the market vast tn£e stronger, with tale* of Hams at OHc from slaughtered, and S*fc (tom Dressed Hogs, and SHOSJ£C fbr Shoulder*. English Meals ncrequiet, but &c belter, with sales of 100 bx» Cumberland! at $Hc, Bulk Meats were inactive and com mat There was an active demand for lard, with tales of 1,453 tea st U4&ll«ie .for Siesm; 11c for Old, and lOH'c for Country. There was nothing doing in Grease, and tbo market is nominal at 7Sf®loc for Brown to White. Dressed Hogs opened about 33c better, but the market subsequently leccdrd 15c—closing steady. Wc note sale* st $C.735i7.40, doting at S6JU and $7.10 for rood lots, dividing on 20J E>s. Whiskey was neglected and entirely nominal. Floor was steady and firm, with sales of 3,550 barrels at ?IS.OO@II.CO for While Winters, f 11.00 tor lied Winters, £10.00011.00 for Spring Extras, and *7.500 *®s for Spring Snpers. Wheal was qalcl bat a shade stronger, though at the close there was a less firm feeling In No. S Spring. The demand was mostly milling and for shipment by rail. We i>ote sales of 15,000 bushels at *3.1303,14 for-No. I, Jl.ttJ for No. S In A., D. & C0„£1.5501.6a for No. Scalar, and £IJS3@LS3 lor Kijectfd—closing firm at t 3.1202.14 ftr No. 1, and quid at f I.SB for No. S In regular booses. There was more activity In Com, for filling ma- Inrlngccintraeis, sad the market advanced viih sales or 112,0C0 bn at 75c for White; 71®714c fur 2*J. 1,; 552.55 c lor New, and Sic for Ear—dos ing 4olet «i 744 c for No. 1 in store. (Tata were quid, bat s»@lc higher, with sales at 4?*&42c for No. S, and 37c for Bejectcd—closing rfrongat the extreme price. / Bye was steady, with transactions at 3?®3lc for No. 1, and 65c for No. 3 in store. Barley was steady, with sales at 65®6Gc for No. 3 in favorite houses, and CocOsl.os tor samplo lota. Grocofee were qnlet, tbonch the slight rally In pold baa given a stronger tone to the nuiket. Tbc following despatch** were read to-day 0/ ’Charge: / Nrw Tons, December 23/ riocrb--!i~«at f.'.iiC(itll.Cs. When', flrne-At f hi.r ; *;:;:> rt '-OJC a’ *1.12 in atom. (its flip- i’ork Cm and in fclr domed' at tiWTK.w.dNcwat*a. W . u r d£&J: ™ d « ’S,C, andKcw u 15j;c, Ilo*s Una, at £oAOQe,7S. harm. Flour and Wheat firm. Corn tame, at fl.lia Ll 9 in store. I‘jovisions firm. Gold, 15JS- LATER, In (he afternoon, there was nothing doing In the Grain markets, and prices were nominally un changed. Provisions were quiet but firm, with sales of SCO boxes Cumberland* at BJ4c, and 100 tea Lard at lltfc, ciah. There was nothing done In hlees.Pork. Bccelpts and Shipments of live and Owned Hogs from October Ist 10 I 1 ate—Approximate Packing. Tbe following tables show tbe receipts and shipments of Live sod Dressed Qoga from Octo ber Ist to dale, for two years: nxcctmor boos. Week 18GJ. 13C5. end’g. < »■ » a , _ , Live Dree'd. Live. Dres'd. Oct. C 21,001 .... 31.910 • 18 111,409 .... 22,795 SO 28,831 .... 17,517 27 16.W0 7 14.000 a Nov. 8 10,759 58 32,704 42 10 2U.29S S3S 17,083 10 17 15.799 133 27,750 * 20 24 13,103 831 23,913 23 Dec. 1 19,120 1.2C6 15,757 1« 6 82,106 L 713 ft. 123 - 130 15 24,613 3,596 19,016 ’ 623 22 56,824 10,333 27,273 5.0(3 29 30,718 21.003 21,488 15,896 Total - 811,4156 43,733 273,527 21,017 Add Dressed.. 43.735 21,817 Total 355.1201 BmpKßrra or nocs. Week 18^6. end’g. » * > ■■ ■ % Lave. Dxt’d. five. Dree'd. Oct. 6.. 22,911 .... 13,836 IS 15,012 .. 18.758 SO 13,513 .... 15,431 27 15,201 .... 7,239 Nov. 8 B,7ifT .... 11,410 11 10 10,774 .... 17,046 90 17 9,983 SS 13,065 24 4,«C3 00 10.709 Dec. 1 5.515 419 12,439 73 6 8,003 CIS 4,106 10 15 712 ItO 10,053 58 29 2,6C6 s£li 5,083 3,314 29 724 11,265 3,966 10,706 Total 117.551 13,419 151,125 14,811 AddDrwsed.. 18,419 ... 14,311 T0ta1....... 135,970 .... 165,4 ft Deducting the shipment* from the receipts, the balance should approximately indicttc the tom* bcroflloga packed and butchered for city cos* sumption Receipts... Shipments. Packed and batchered 212,231 123,010 h.cssr?. Wllward & Co., la their ffircalar of to day, approximate the packing this season, up to date, at2SB.HO. Chicago Provision Market, CttiCAOo. DfCCTit'ftf 29. CohtraiT to ceneral expectation, the market for hoc* sod provfidnc* has maintained Us tone tolerably well through iLc went, and tbsceb. Curiae that time It iua experienced many fiactnauoan. y* l prices are Vxiar. if aLVJtilnp, titch'Tlhan those current a we;k ago. It is difficult toeomnrchrnd the actum ot operator*, tor all present Indications l-joa more gloomy thaa previ ously. • The large supplies of bon to all the principal pslnts ■till continue, and unless the sappiy should Crest off suddenly, of which, at preheat wc baron llhe alight* «t Indication, the prospe rs are that the packing ot the Weil and Korthwm wr* exceed the moat san- Ealne eiiectatlms. During the continuance of the oilcan the furrier* will tot hurry in thulr stock, but after noxt week the receipt* milt, probably. be liberal. TbcprnUnnoTißd'cllr.oin the gold marcet andthe de pressing account* from ahrc.i t prerent any traaaac lions Ir.r foreign market*, and give out little hope* of an? relief Item those quarter*. The acts ma«t. there fore, be broadly regarded that ire are laying up a largely lerre*«od crop at price* entirely speculative and danreruns. with many of the usual channel* t re lief shat otl. and comnmsr* holding alxifi unwilling to cper&teatUte prices. Ultimate circumstances may « Uils action on the part ot the Western packers, pi rant U seem*,tosay the lei-t, lujadlcl.m*. Thewea'her rhr..ugh the week has been excrllent tor cunrg, onr parking houses bring mostly well protect ed from the fro*(,aud enabled to mamtdnaneren temperature. The receipt* ol hngsf .r thewcrksnin up as follow*, rl*: dressed, Xk>s; lire, 3-V7IS; total. 57.WJ; and the shipment* :ure»*cd. 11.715; live, 771; total. 11,9 D; leav ing 15.*©» brad f.-r packers, city consumption and tmm- Iwr leftover In thepens. for the cone-ponding week last year the receipt- wete: dressrd.l7.iW; lire ,12*05; total, 35,717: and the dres-ed, 7JJJo; live, 3JNIC: total, 11,833: leaving TVGI hcan for packer*' use,’ Tbe packing to Uie present time approximate* to 338,110 hogs, agalmt about 71,003 to the same time la*t year. Bert parking ha? b*en abandoned for the pre sent. During the early part of the week the market for live bon declined to fid*) to (5.75 grots, lint ral lied rapidly and clones at (0.0(1*0.40 cross. The market has been, probably, in a measure sus tained, owing to tlu packers requiring hog* to meet their malnring short sales of rocts pork lor December delivery. Dressed sympatUU** wltn live, bat under an active demand from the shippers, packers were forced to pay higher pne-s than they wished. The market closes at f7.cnc*.7Jri set. • Brel cattle may 1* quoted at >5.00 to (8.00. TTansao Übn*lnprodoct«3iavc been mustl v speculative and prin cipally In totwani salm of me* oork aljl*i3 t0T1 a .75 for Jan.»lng at JIS.7S; ft'J DOaskrd. I‘rlmo mesa Is nominal at Jl6iO but there are no .ran*actions. Extra prime and rumi>* tn moderate demand at (I(UK>£ ( Clear pork held at?JO.(XUof Bulk meats fully enred are scarce. Shoulders sold at 7e and sides at B>»c to S\c packed In box ft*. Thera Is no demand fbr sag tr cured bams, and they are nominal at iPc to tie. Green meets are to active demand at 5Vr for *hoaldcrs;lvc for sides and 9c fbr hams. Joints Cram dressed hogs command Sc to Sc Ift-a money. English meats are held firmly at fc Vc. for Cumberland; 9 Vc. for short rlO; and 10 to 10, l »c.lor rbortclear; long fumsOV to 10c. Lard has been more Inquired for. best brands of steam, kettle dried, arc held at UWctollc; ordinary bran ts at 11V to HS : ctdmeatsa reidy sale at 10 Vc. Grease it. active demand at 9K to 10,-, for white; B.v to 8* lor yellow; acd~Wc to ~vc. for brown. Tallow flrmai9.'»c l« lOjjc. for prime, the lower Quotation being for coun try renderaLTallow grease Ora at Btfc to9c. Freights unchanged. _ newer M: ~vain> & Co. l.oniATlllc llok Market* TheJbvrtiolofyesterday ssye . Tbedecllncslntbe Western markets tar hoes hti caoird romo redaction In price* hue, and pickers nor consider as the extreme r*t»* of (be market. Some tew oiler* are made at Gaowc, and a saluatf&Z&Mt. One of car packing homes has noted fur the season—Messrs. lingoes, HnrTmaad:Co'». The rrerlpt* by Uio Jeflcrsoriville Halt road to dats, bare been «,2M bead, all for T. J. Martin dr Co. The receipts hr M e L.& N. and L. & F. lUllroats to* day, were 5.750 head. The kllllcr yesterday and to* da>. and Hie total to date. Is as follows: Killed. FreTloiulr in pen. Hamilton & Bro 1,5 t» • 19,575 .... O. W. Thomas ti Co !,«*' 21,1(0 ta) owsierdco rod ia.725 toj UncLrs, UuUmsn £ Co 163 1.-COj .... Dunam, Fiord £ Co 3,101 17,916 wm.Jwti»4Cn ICLU9 GOO Frtd. I.Jfb 10,006 fIOO T. J.WrutiL £ Son New Albany (nUiLaUd) 5.500 3,000 The BrciecateslaQcbttT todate bclre 130,???, vim 5,fU3 Irfl «t cr m the pen*-. Dressed Hots in Albany—Dec. SG. With •uadylnciwlne receipt* and a moderate de mand. the market became ovci.torkeC, which wa* fjt lowti by a marked dtprcMloo. The weather, 100. on alncdaT, we hmi fbr bolder*, though some improve ment hssMnre takes place. Te*tc:cay, fbr the first. «ltr packer* were la market, bat pr*noa»ly the sales *«rc ton&si-a to n few out-uHowo bnyers, mad for Im mediate diy ron»nmpllon. A we*Jc ago the market ruled steady lint qnlct at *SSC«I(LO) Tor light and h'wvr. fen ce then there Las horn almost dal y a sternly rc i'lc in prices. On Mmaay u«t heavy hog* sold at SS-SI. and yeMerday at 15.13 ;or State and |S.OO for Tl cstern. Tt.l* mortdag there waj rather more ac tivity, cliy packers heics willing to bav g.wl|ot*at #KOO. and ti c city trade pigs at *3.50. thiozh a few (lentand rm-.n-time sold at a traction over the:* Hz hit*. At the cl« se the market rak-d steady tor S-ato at Dh.WtS~6»or medium and heavy. TH.SiwaiJO for Die*, and two ftr Chicago and Michigan, vnha moderate business doing. / CIIiCAUO (lIIY GUODB 3IAKIIET. Sattkdat Evliixu. Decembers}. The Dry Good* trade doling the jcarjiwt dcMlogbas ntfctl doll, though prices bare noderponc co chance. Most ol onr Jobbers are taking stock, sod foottnc up «c year's but Incss. The market closes op Ann at oar quotations: B.SSI 2.9-3 18,3« 1C,«3 13.735 9,180 17,450 Ucmmac p I** i Ametietn 17* Mfrnou ft . ~30 1 AnowM.... iitu Cocheco 1» iiacbfMU. 13* HaciCc........ ...A Moornlnir.. je Cara era. *B}f Alen'» 17* Sprain;** 1H Providence n Dannell • 17X Jame* Sanders' isv Manchester. 17 _!! !i7 V )W< B; "‘•Preenm ACo..IS Arnold’* 1554 Union ...iijf Lancaster. 17S IVutum uw HldunotuL 17s Colombia. ii'w OIXtiUAJt*. Clintoo 81* Glaacovr 39 Lancaster...... 31* Jr _ sconx MTErmns.' Banner ..... tl* Atlantic. -1 Lawrence. a* PeppmSlO ...-IS* .Hlark 4-1 */• GnnltFiJli Arrieion4-H oh\ - « a is Bedford 4-1 tt »Indian Orv’urd A-. «X J<»*hna ?J 1 -*• - *.«.. 31 Indian Head 4—4 33V M “ i 11... I9v CabotLA4—4 as “ •* A.... 1»V Atlantic 4—4 Bu- « a /L.... 17 AitKWfceac4-4......-32.,. BootMlU*H/i «5* Salmon flails 4—l ;iw “ •* e jo Acawam F4—l IS* • •• * 541* Appleton U 4—l to Western 7?rtd 16* XUlooSa A 4-4 19 Arkwriehl- »* bwl’llUrcr 4—4 IS I'orUu.oahP* II reppeieU E. a Napoleon.* IS 'u „IL 31 Quaker.../. US» PepperellN »: * .. „ „ BLXA'i-r tmemoiL „ N. T. Mltla 4—l ■ • lied Han?*—® 17 WamsnUa 4—i. .87* “ - /4—l Su Hales *—l gjw 2d 'VWte Hock 4—l AO Arkwri ft Hills 4—4 AT* Wambrf. 3 “ 7-A Ai J.&vaster 4-4.... A7sf MsaonriHe 4—4. 90 Csnoet-* —...A* Bar Mill* 4-4 AO SlatexfUe7-8.........30 Ar droet-opirtn 4—4.....» UisclJone Hirer laodoo 7—4 ”*"*3 BlacwoneA *••••••• A* *• 4-4 R*iW A Son 4—4 A 354 •f ** 7-8.....A0 Lonwale. r "“ C f|S!k. »x Cambrtca 125»»16 1 j Amoaksar— a* York...- .-37* triUßiloo. 37 Manchester au Uford improved.... Ad Oxford AS* laeHUL . 7.37 Union, .i -a) trnO«T Bfc najiriykWa. m uk nea..; n . snann »/Tisoi. Ajcotteac- jsi fbKicndAC-. OX York si I *• A. »x American .a%a rarajrlUe ..AS <&Tt . Halla. 3( ftorndlke 33X liuaaoka jj b docket. 30 6&0 79,110 .... 120 8,010 23.«»0 2,133 CS43 P,%5 IT.tTO 2.JU5 3dK» fl,££J 433 an 11,H53 125,!) 3 220 3X \SSO 5.155 93 S 3 S 3 4iS .... 33 nonu. G.T73 4.5T0 11,019 4.-.C3 . a,cei gco .171.450 163.553 18313 20,000 8,740 17,500 Mil 'Jjr, .... s» 474 1(0 4.GGO 87.747 4 M £sl SS» 4S.ISJ 358 1»> 46 37 40 2,015 77J Amoskaag A C A. » i “ a «s *• • it u i “ C ;.S9 J - I> 80 I fork S-lrch tfJ Albany.. jij Turk SKech..... xrf . OO*/,' Atnoakeag y 1 Laconia. a | Bate* ... ...... ff j KanmtaacSaU« I lUtaUUn stout. T I StertoaT. Jtfl Bott—X .7JS I Urocl*. pH i hm Manob eater, I Daofie. new I B*OtAX. BUST*. Gilbert** _..UO I M*nr*a* MaD*m4Lll Wlutix I'n+'S lß»liefit'». *.» IVmtoomc UfifJG I Bniarr US WMMcjpnn fJO J Bell* ofUttKMK.. JJS [ntuM. J.ftP. Coot* BJB Kinwc* IHnlaU.... Clark**, AJO (WUte SkPtn. lUdteyd Co» ICM'd Wonted Brmldj,/ % IWUUm&aae.. Sta C0rd..... j 70 1 rrroK tacxs, rrr .... /... 6SH | E«t' 1?” ;;;./.....w »* ax tacxs, rro. .autEulußi ftS ..Qk i Carpet Warp M ._CO | CaatUnrlck tOSM ...m ICtilcacoEatw... ..IlLao . uom LorclL Splj-.J-•*?•« aopertae.... ..MJOCIJO •* aaicrJ*-- 1.15 CroMJty* f*UTap« - ■ wh» r >■» w 19JK n«rtlnr>».>TtffPlr RoxltiUT. ~li3)i •• itr.n/'PIJ S.I3M liulft. Utt *• *»*••••• *•♦» Degrade- I£S •* nc?®— l - 05 • 7 uwuixn. *b’» » I Erefptt l„ JB.V ....M IKrertUO M Eagle n0pe...... Franklin., fart Fanotrs* Wabash..., CuM«:u CATT I.K MABKET. For it Week Ending December *.20, • / Orrtat or nr* Daht Trnror*. I / hATTSUAT Erxxtsa. December 99. j / BKBF CATTLE, jb* Hlowtnr table abov» Uw daily reteiptaaod Catue daitac tb« week «gdipg to* vlUtUw receipt* a&daUpsrraU of tbe eor*"'’ Becelpts. Shipment*. / 1664. WO. 184$. WS. BoJr «*IMODd*T. » .... 88,' ct&£V.V.V.“l*.V.'. «i ’ito ‘Hi tjFmut. *n sst ssi m I cP»T... «S S9O 671 534 LbrdlJ 679 SlO 480 105 1 roui zw T,t» Tm s,is (Aft week. 5,01 .... 1/G9 .... .peek before itrt. 4.R8 .... KVeck«.dincD«e.e.... MJS • .... MM .... AreittodlrpDcc.l.... 454 .... S.OU .... f w By compartDC the receipt* tor uu* week aad l**t we find tfce following: Receipt* laatbsn Iwt week......... MS (shipments le»*lh*ii last week...... 4U Tliey compare with the receipts fOrtheoorrwpooOiDC week of IHZ>. U follow*; Receipt. thu week 2,056 i:o.iU>u»ror rorre‘porulla* week of 1685 1,555 Bectipta losthls week Ml For the same period la the year 1554, we fled: Receipts this week t.(V Receipts lor corresponding week ot last Z.6M Receipts leas this week 517 Greatest number received for any week since Janu ary 1, 13.C7. Smallest Lumber received, 2,056. Received week ending March SI Received week riding Decembers. IH£ MARKET. , The most that can be said of the market for the week Just doted. Is that It has bees onprecedestly doll. In no week daring the entire season has Unde been so stagnant* so utterly prostrate. The closest scrutiny has failed to develop the slightest evidence of vitality. The receipts faU 1,093 bead below those of any other week during tbe year, but notwithstanding the meagre arrivals, such has bees the character of the demand, that trade has suTcred no aerlous drawback, 00 this ac count. The attendance of buyers baa been remarka bly slim, and the few who did lend their presence evinc'd a most provoking Indifference, and maintain ed a stability of action that waa really painful. Tbe average quality of the arrivals has been below par, cccils ting almoat ex cl naively of medium, common and Inferior grades, with common and Inferior largely predominating. While the great bulk of tbe arrivals baa been of this “scallawaz" order, the demand has been confined prirdpslly to the better class of stock. There has been a steady, moderate demand for good to prime shipping Steers, reliable lor tbe Eastern mar kets, and the few droves answering this descrip tion were readily taken up at fair raW. and, indeed. had the arrival* embraced a lew hundred beadaddinona!.bolders would have experienced little difficulty In closing oct. For common batchers* stock there has been very little In quiry. sq that the supply of such, thoosb not extrava gant, has bees considerably In excess of the demand, and sellers have found It Impossible to realize, except at liberal concessions. The market has been fairly glutted with Poultry and Game of every description, which baa had much to do with the present tmaatufso- 294.474 torj condition of the Cattle trade, and until this Is In a measure absorbed, It will not bo veil to anticipate any ' Important improvement Is the general character of the market. The tenor of Ea-tem advices has not beesofachar acter calculated to encourage alupper* to active ope ratios*, though the major portion ol tbo stock offering was takes Is their Interest: chiefly tor the New York market. Drovers show their judgment to be greatly at fanltaato the quality of stock salted to the wants of the trade here at the present time, it. Instead of their common, half fattened “ scallawag" descriptions, they would ship more liberally cf good straight shipping Steers and good tat butchers* Cows,they would not only meet the requirements of the market, but would find ready-sale tor their stock at remunerative prices. The legitimate wauls of this market will abeor's a certain amount of such trash.bat after this Is suppllM, the re mainder Is a drug, asd mainly unsalable except at 11! (.Urates as buyers are cenerous enough to oter. The weather has bees co d throughout, thongs not so mm hsoas to retard operations to any extent. The general attendance has been tight. Good shipping Steers hare been In demand, and prices bare hem tob crmbly well sustained, bat all other deem Iptions have been dull, wltn prices rnllne lolly 25e lower. cnneiso or nu ssuit. 1886. IS6S. 5m,911 231, t"4 1*3,070 105,401 For the closing day, trade was fair, though the same ladlf roslttoo to active operations vai apparent, Unt has characterized the traffic lo this department daring the preceding days of the week. There was a retptcu* hleaUendaaceofboyerf.ardabontXlOhead of Cattle a ere closed oat daring the day; the better aradm at a •light advance oa yesterday’s rales, bat common stock at substantially the same Agorot. The market closes quiet, wtihfCO head la the pens,unsold. Attention la directed to the following: • “By order of T. T. E. Bryan*. Superintendent, the several (calc* wlilbestated on Tuesday, J*a. l. 1557, alter 12 o’clock, noon. •• block will be. udlvercd to packer*. If dMlred. an- - all slock received will be fox and properly cared lor.*' Tbt tallowing are tbf current rate*: CLOtf.NU PBICCa. firiro /tore*—Fine, tauwell-formcd. 4 to 6 years old Steers, and areraglag at aid upwards 56.25A6 CTV /Vlme i/'«re>—Good, •cll-fatted, Ulrly funned s leers, avtragUg from 1,100 to 1,400 B*. at. , 5.T334.0S Fair Wsii«-Fair Sleers,ln fair Deed, av er* nip LOCK&I.2OO BS, a\ Utofutn CTa»»-Medium steen ana good Co vs fit for city alanphtr, and areras lneKoftLoMtta,at.~ 4.W®1.7* SUiJt Lvttlr— Common Call* in decent C*-tu aversclDptuOtUOO u, au S.»l6frtao lujtrior— Lipbtand iMdComb and Steen. - much and voanc, averagin'6JQ&&o Bt, at. LN®llO tVc note the foliowlt g CATTLE SALE£TO*DAT. Dykeaan booth! ll comma Cows and Stags, welgmg 10-P-tO lbs. at (4.50. - During bought 9 Cowa and Steers, weighing 7,530 tts. ntd.tO. lilrkey bought 19 fair Cows, weighing 17,950 lbs, off cars, at (Ut). iilboooti bought 16 common nock, wcUMnz nous. The following arc the receipt! ttd ablomests for the current wt».y, ana Cjr the ccrrtponauy: period last Tear: Keeelpti Shipment*. UOC. ISV IS€£ 1965. Sunday and Monday.... .... JU7 .... 3.1 a Tuesday Wednesday... 77. 193 6M Thiimlay S.CS 3.W .... 539 Friday H.9S» 8 683 .... baturcay Total .......88.776 31.83 192 3.968 Lut veelc 53.137 ....', *,351 Week before lut 81.281 .... 910 .... Week rndiDft0ec.1....33413 .... 6,633 Tbt rccclpu for tbi« irttk and lut oopare as lob Iowa: Receipt* this Week. Receipts lastw eelr Receipts Ice* this week 13,tU A* compand with the correspondlneweek la 1803, we Cud u follow*: Receipt* this wuek ; IK.“S Receipts far sam« period ta 198 31,4-S Receipts mere this week ..13.J53 Price* bare fluctuated somewhat, hat t»Jer mode rate arrivals and with a coaUnnsd active Qmand, the advance of last week has been more thantnstslnsd. Packers have bc*n the almost exclusive opratora, 133 head onlygoing Into the bands ofthlppea. There* most either be a sensible advance In the Ea», or a ma terial depreciation la values here, before shtpsrs can again operate with any degree of eafetr. Ttprea-nt value of Live Bogs la Sew Tork wooM ceiklaly not warrant them la paying over ssM£s.«> P liXte*. The market to-day (Saturday) wa fairly active, tho hulk ot the offering* being readily closed out at price* lolly op to the ciotlmrate* of yesterday. The fresh receipts were iASI beat, W!U ot which wire taken at tS.MOS.SS for common to lair grade*, and |&Bo(<i&3S for good to choice Dos. The pees are well cleared, and the market closes tin at tho quolatun* given below: Good to Choice S 3 Medium to Fair 3Ai3.Si Common. 5.0*W0 Sales Include the folio-*lnc Hugs sales to-dat. Jocca. Hooch ACo to Thorne .its* *s* i'lj 6 ’ Keenan AF. to Burt A CO, 47 372 l.« • Keenan ft F. to Bert aCo ss 376 ijo KKUD&P.tdllsrtaCo ti -gj ijj Brown AT. to J. net AT. *4 7*9 fits Brown AT. tc Kent ACo as SO do Jones, liaugb A Co. to Tobey A U... U sat die JcD(s,Hincii&Co.toKrßt AC0....1M s«u ros Jucrs, Hmgh A Co.-toTobcy A 8... 50 819 6,'SV J. Ktily - o Hubbard 41 256 5.55 ConoverA Halt toltomp 106 as gJS Cocover A flail to l!omp Jl9 773 6.U Conover A Halt to Cragin ACo 33 si «;» ConoverA Uali to Farnsworth JO 333 6Aj hli££f—Hecelved mu week, 1,107; ahlpoed thla vc-t, l.Ch nccctved to-day. uone ; shipped to-day, none. Tie market for ths week presenta the fame gea cralcbaactcrlsUcsas noted la our previous reporta. Tie detmfcd, at heretofore,'wa* confined ptlndpallyto the telte grades of Sheep, to supply the wants ot our city bathers, and for good to prime qualities—of which Siere have been comparatively few offering— prtvloa rales hate bven tolerably well aa»uiocd. Hut matron and tifc-nor descriptions which hare bees 8 CXcew of the demand, hare been patnJ*iXy alow d 1 ale, ano have ruled Zs&soo lower thaa during the yeccfllng week. The deman:, which b also time extensive, has been uncannily light the past week, owing to the large supply cf Poultry aoJ Game in the market. Thoe will probably he little or no Improvement In thl/ dur!cg the comtnc week, and with large reelpb, prices n.iui, apparently, teffer a farther re* datK'D. The market tosuy was doll and Inajtlve. FSrs tc-day Include S 6 head, averaging £4 as sold by Kenan A Finley to fTCOC; 96 Bead, areragtng j; as fold by Webb & Cx, at (Aid. Prices range at gAOSAOO f >r lnf« lor to extra Sheep. CHICAGO DAICY OIAUHBT. AH tain "/Grain reported in tki» market report are made 6» tAe 6 atit of trinier (4c) tXoroge, ualcti olieruise extretted. sxTr*r»AT Entsno, DccmVr 3.IWC. FREIGHT*—KiiteoaD FnumTS—'Taa lolljw* tSK U the joist tarlil oa the Eastern road*: __ M tut Dr**d Bate* trotn CUcapo lf>— tits*, cl***. Floor. Hoff*. BdQ*lo.>.\ es 4*tf 95 9 TorotUX C. W 69 47V 95 9 Montreal C. E. 1.53 9j IJO 1.0 Albanr.S. T 1.50 9*v l.Ri 1.40 Sew Tort.. l.» M i.« Boston and Albany 1.35 95 I.W i.« Ik* toe r<o UraodTnret; ia 95 1.9 10 IvnUnd ri<i GranJTroa* 3.10 140 I'tUUdctpbia a t. 30 1 m Raltlicor* ).15 SS 1.73 1.40 Itltabotvb TO SO 1.00 TO Cleveland. Ohio 45 25 TO u JcC. nonvlile, lod 45 S TO “'“'"nail. Ohio is « Cincinnati. l>Ku* ti tl 66 a FWJCK—l*ccived,3-3Clhrl»; shipped, 6.173 bris. UajkrtetraOr. Sale* were: Worn t\ ontEs—SOlbrli •• Coral Onu'’il; rvvbrls \n«eon*iß at #IIA9; Ru> wu>TK»—UObm >1911X3; Spbuq Rxtaa*—3oo brlc Dot named, at #11.30; vootrl* “Farina** >1*31.00; ICO named. at *10.57V; 300 brn •'Eearairre'* abgir.n: 500 brU “Adam*' Goldra Shear at #10.73; SOObrU, net namnl. at fUJO; 120 b-U do at #10X0; snixa Srma—loo brls at #SJS; S 3 brU do at #7XO; Bte Fcom—lPO brls at #6.73. WllEVT—Received, IS.SUbo; shipped. ll.ClSbo. Uaikn qcict bat a fbaaeSnnrr. Sal<* were; SOO ba No. l*rrlreat(3.!t: 400badoat (MS: 6*<Y»ba do atfU2;4(V) bn at (a.U—utccalar); S,WbaNo. iat die; do at bo <1 > at Sl.'fe. (Kev lar); 400 be do at fI.»«.(A.D. A Co.); tTOba Keteclsdat (lAs; «.Obn do at (1^; toabudo at (t.a; Ur Sia. n.t—AC bn at»? JO; 4tX ba at f 2.0!*; fi' ba at (2.r0; 40) to at $1 w-cirtwpfflnn at (i.tasui for No. l aaa qnlct at (*.»« lorNo. a recalar. C'OKN—Received. !*».« bn; shipped, none. SUr- Lctu-oreactlvcruid V£*c cwtur. s*;«xrcre: 30JU0 bo No. latHNeiS.OW bn (!' « He; 4Wlra Whit.* at a-; SMJba Wn drlM atfiOe; Mo baNew atMc; n.Wnhodo at MVc:W® ba ilo at SV; liX bn Ear Corn at Me—c onne quiet at 71 vc for So. l. shipped. none. Marmot V«Tchicber. SaJoawere: 1.00 ba No. J at«c; li.KU (hi do ai 41 Vc; I.S« bo do at 41 Vc: 600 ba Refected at stc—eJoatnc at 42c for No- 1. WYE— Deceived. lr.»: shipped. 750 ba. Market iJridy. were: SCO bo No. 1 it9lc; WO bnflo at *OWc: too bo do at 00c; «SJ ba No. J at foe. i Hamilton, regular 10 , - 1> s (Pembertio It -..S I - X ,J 5 /Swift RlTer «u J Star Mills SMaeh ....AO ] “ *• »inch » BA It LEV-ttecelved, SAX) ba s ibirocM Vo bo. Market quiet aid firm. Ss'.eawere: IXho No.3a; CSctJQ) bo do at to-, in favorite house*; 113 to. - *, br sample. at (1.(8; If I bar* at GPc. has-bale* were: 13 ton* Shora at 111.00, BROOM CORN—Nothing doing. lUciel nomi nal at rtXOriUj. lltlTl EK—Receive:, J, snipped. . The nunron'inoe* vers dull; Indeed. it*r common and inferior dt-e.rtptlon« there I* scarcely any demand and quotations irv almost nominal. Tbc supply of common Firkin Hotter l« tic«*lve. and with to raarjrtn no twees tbt* and tbc New Vork market, there la no to qmn lor shipment whatever. Choice table qna'lUee ate In steady fair request, bet under a more liberal supply prUr* arc easier, drains otJennr freely to-day quotation*. The fbuowins are ibe current rates: nm > Indian Orchard i«w 1 Androscoggin. Uy I PerpercU & (Globe is rLisxzu. I rhorsdlke. S?v 1 Sanmtcagbleh. ....JO rrai*. I nen&mrUm M I Pronerau 9th antes. I Hamilton a I All Wool *s*so Choice Dairy. Good Tut.... C«imo«oa Firtia. Ptlto Ftrklo..., <-..*>!> C BAGGING—TLe c'cenU nimrtrt U doll and loao- Uw.tDoßgh. cwtn; to Uie moderate supply cn prices are :olrr*l»;j veil aaaUined. Gaanlet areln talrrrqaest and steady at a devils* ot f4,rd. Otter descriptions are Nkt'ocai a.s bn,>eazDla» Uocs S4IOO rMonA.Sbo, do CJO ll'tnol* A.rba, do S&00 Corr Excludes «J 3 s?»»rk A. cotton tni&lMi ; 73.00 LnlttoDA. do UM A’-drrxff pyln. do TQjOO American. do tcj» DciTcrUUU, do 70JM inmsridS, co w.OO mm Mills. do 7SJ3O Fo« mu. do ■a.oa stlco, , do 7. SUO Sac'*. Horn icd cotton. 55J0 itldctwocd do »jxj SptlDcOelQ. 31.03 Gnnniet —...• J'jn Harlans, I ba. So. 1 3903 CUr... 40JO mSte'E-rTlm ktucral character of the market does no< dlfier In any csaeetlja particular from Uut nMcd moor previous reports. Taere is s moderate demand for prime goods. hot other deKTlptfons are dull and inactive. Owlnc to aa advance Bast a better fretlss obtains and prices an comparatively firm at our quotations: >'cw Tork Factory (genuine).. .It 013 c Factory (Illinois).- »*vr c Hamburg 16 t*l7 c Western Reserve li CW« c Western Statea. a (*I4 e •* Yoonr America" A] c lUIA V—Tbere If a lively demand tot this article, mod dealers grnersJy are holding firm at arenoca rates. Ite stocks are ample. We costume to onote: Esuc-Bkk kftcJd. 4 1U» do OnnsbT 11X0 Cixm-iSD—lrrUr Hill uxo do Mineral Ridge 10X0 Co Willow 8ank...... ™ oq do Taaasl 10x0 Chtpiesra 10X0 BlwWf UXB Lump Ufaltb \Mu3I6XO tarkawana, prepared; 14,00 Scrattrn. 14 00 tUmois 6X03 BXO do 00 track bkfl® &XQ ouchloch* is tIJO i:iiKt , KE—TLe demand a steady and prices are firmer ca prime and choice grades. We continue to 3octe: sva M «39 e Uo, common to tatr. .HW5W6vc Rio, trod to price. -»**?: e Bio, prime to choice... .u UTSVc KtlO>—The market Is well supplied, and With only the local dematd to meet, sale* are slow at «V«t»y chl.Cv at Sic. FBTlTtt AND NUT?*—The central character oi the market remains sobsunually the same u noted In ocr pttloci reports. There la » steady filr denand Tot central auoMmrnW. am lir a.oat varieties prices keep we!] up and ere tolerably firm at quotations. Choice Winter Ap;>!u* are la demaod on local accoint, ami, wlih a miter liebt supply of aacb m the market; rt«al cra are holding nrmiy. and sencraily ar a . light ad vance. Dilca Apple' are in ftul (apply, anl qmet and st-ady at prerlou* rate*. Suta are is cooa request and Ena. We give the lollowlajtat the prices current: oun Rent. _ l«,1u B kn *t T. HIM Apples, V bn Oranjps. Havana, V ICQ_. Lemons, Malaga Cranbcmet,wtid Cranberries. cultivat'd dkzxx> nrm. ncs— Da'ea. Uanned’lv*ch*/v doa, 2 & can*- 4.0 * L 73 Applia, new 9 $ 11 Pearhet, balves and quartern. 16 9 19 Peaches, pared. « ft <5 Blackberries, new, v a.. Raspberries, new, V a... Cfcerrlev. pined Elderberries, V a RaUlas. later* Almond*. bird ahclidd... Almonds, f oft ihJled. ... Aliß'-Pd*, paper She:.*!.. v a Brazil NnU Filberts. English Walnuts Naples Walnut* pecans, small and large Hickory Not#, 1» bo Cbeatrnu. V bo. There wtorsseouai imororejuent to note in the demand, the Inqolry being 'ontliei almost en tirely to the local retail grocery tn.4e. There li, bow crer, no at*po»itlon evinced on the part of dealers, to tbace price* to any considerable extent, and the mar ket may be quoteo itaadr at Ute prices given below: Whllctsh. No- U X bri «7 JOO 2-*3 “ No. 2. V hr) 7.35m* 7JO Trent, No. 1, X brl 9.000 9.39 “ No. 3, X brl 4JOO 4.79 Mackerel, No.T, X brl. new .U.afetlJS *• No. 3. X b*l 10.25010 JO “ fan Uj. * X brl 9M4 9JS M extra tnow, VXbrt 13.00.* 15 JO “ - V kit. 3.750 4.00 ** Ko.l, kits, new 2.04 3.73 . “ tamiir, au 3.2% 2.39 Cod«*h, Rant, f> 100 bi 7.504 8.06 M George’s Bank ; BJ&4 9.Q0 flake. 5J04 6JO Ucir ti)V»."dnei No." i. "p ooil* “ scaled labrador Herring, i bri U J&IIJO - - . X brl*. 6.90 A *•» Norwegian **' K**, f» bri 18.C0 - “ M’s, PhrL 19.60 GREASE—Market quiet bat firm, at 7V®9c for Brown for Yellow, and 9X'4loc for VTblte. U it;Yl \V 1 \Eb»—Received. ZX tnU: shipped. 461 brl*. Market call and entirely neglected. Iree may be qr.oted at tL'IC. lliil***—Are quiet at 50355 c lor Western, and 17* GCc lor Eastern. 1 Jli. Market opened folly 35c higher, bat at the close seceded about lie- bales were: Zi averaging SM as, at e<-*0 S» - a* ns, at. U 5 ta ** 250 nu*u UJ 6 “ WHtt. - J 37 “ *u» 49 “ 771 BB.aU 7J5 17P •• 7J5 63 * 352 JJI 10 M 7-» IhDaHoref AObi.wu JJ9 21 areraglng SSO Bt, <-ItX 4CO - scoß 7J4X 6i “ 341 JJ7X 103 “ .. Bf. at 7.10 11 M 300 B*. at. 7JD 10 IS3 ai aU.V.*.".*.7AJ 300 •• . B». at 7.00 Su6 rs, au. 39 all orer XbßAau. « mTenclngTa* Bt, at. in •• 7(6 Bt, at. no at, au. 96 undo- 300 Bf. »U.. nuiua UoateraslvgaAß 7.00 ytl •• JOG at, at 7 00 51 dlvldUg OB SOO BA tU *9.73 and 7.39 M " U9O and 7AI 77 u SLO Mtu 7.00 a&d 7J5 4t M too a*, au 7jo ana 7js 14 M 3(oßi,aU 7.00 and 7.73 37 M 7JO and 7Jj 100 M 300 6JO ami vls CM “ 300 Bf, au «iO and 7.t*> 0 “ 300 us. aU ASSXand 7.UX -closing at f6AO and $7 JO dlriding on M Bt for good jotf. IIA V—There It UUledolng la this department of trsdf. though with moderate slocks prices are toler ably well sustained. We quote: wuoubvalz mens. IHn-ftthr mllwtnrf nnuud u Timothy, roller and beater pressed. T imothy, loose pressed Frame, beater pressed nrraiL mom. Timillie. roller and hnur nmiM Ttmcthr, roller and beaur pressed. 16J0419JW Tltnutny. loosvprce-cd. t7J<k,4I9JJ Prairie, roller aid beater pretsed HJO^isj) iTalrlc, l*'o*eon wtcon, delivered UJA4ISJO HlDE**—Received.— —; shipped, . Dndßrs short tuppiy, and with a continued active demand, prices to-day exp-jnecced an advance 01 xe. Toe le quirr t< principa ls on shipping account, ftoagh local tannen ars operating In a small way. The markei n ay be qnoUa firm, with a farther advance In pros pect: Green Bntchm' 6ya 7^e Gmc halted, trimmed SbttstO c Green Colt IS (419 e Kip. Gm-n Salted .. .14 019 c Dry Flru trimmed. 16X317 c Dry Salted, trimmed 14 01s e Gnrn Salted, part cored 9 (4 9Wc JIION AND market If moderately active, and prices are the same as previously quoted: Common Bar. 9X<4 cv Dor>c Shoe iron :yt* hx Uesvy Band 7'it4t3X Drop ana Light Hand. 7VAHS Bound and Square 6W<«llx Oval 6kti 7X Half Oval and Ha f Round. 7 (* Sheet Iren, common 7^® Sheet Iron, gahanl/ed, l»x2s Ui m Sheet Iron,charcoal pku Sheet Iron, .Isolate. UV3I3 Norway Nall llodt (*u Plow Biee>, German («lt Plow Steel, rant. ..IT Spring and lire Steel, EngKib.. 14 (jia Tool Coat Steel, ordinary tlxcs ** Tool Cast Steen American. ceil Blistered Steel .20 &li Nos. » and 16 a «f» Knxla. Am. let quality. f> hdl .*. All Ro'fcla, Am, l»t qaaltty, V ahcct c<23 Buasta. Am.,3d quality, V abcet <A3I I.EATllEtt—Thereto a Bluntly Increased demand, and under reduced stocks, and In sympathy with the advance)!, Hide#, abetter frelic* cOtalna. aaddealers were bedding firmly today at nm rates. We quote as follows: City Harness. V Slaughter, Sole. & tSA 40 UuiUlo t 40» 43 Country harnesi 3ta 36 Slaughter, Sole, Line, »* D 43d 44 Chicago, No. 1 09 42 Klp.medlom, Slaughter, Sole, B> UVatAO Chicago,No.3 St 337 Call,PC U4U1.10 Buenos Ayras.. 3V,» 40 Upper, V tect.. 80 Orinoco b01e... 3td 38 Country Upper. 23u* ‘A Orinoco, good. Collar, f> loot.. 33d >4 damaged 813 S 3 Siaachtcrßo'e.. 5Si M| Preach CtU, St UarnrtJ, * 6... 40(4 46 M IffiMU toper. S 3 French Call, 36 Kip, So. Lme- w J-OftjMO cflnm 1.103 L2O French Calh Le- Kir. No. l, _ molaea, V dozStW^-M b«avy 8S&1.10 UMIHEK—The Rtnw tnsln uncharged. Wc quote; Lcuun:-t;r»i Clear, l,ix, IX, and 2 inch. ► m fsoowajo Second Cuar.l.l&lKßrdZ Inch Third Cleat, inch 8100*55.00 first and second Clear FI >orlnr, tlsrctb tr.TvoiU-thc sune as Second Clear, vi.; f Mjmjwxi Common roach Match’d and ilres.-ed Common Flooring.. ll.W Matched and Creseed S-inch Cordoba • -/loortnff 86.C0.239W First and >cccnd Clear swing, together.. »u»2.ti.a) rim lomniocDr»f>edSiJlog 2hOO^M.OC v« agon-box Beards, select, 15-inch and ap- Yards 33Jttai3.W A Slock Boards, 12-lnchcs 35 (*>*37Xo n Slock Boards. 12 Inches 3500*37 00 (Vaimoa Hoards, Joists, Scaatiutg. Fenc- » > In;, and Small Timber, U to 16 (set . > lone tl.ofti«j-00 Joists sod Scantlipg 20,2 J and 91 feet •K.riVjyi on sm.NbLEp—A or Star Shared Shinties 4JO A «r Star Saved Shingles 5,003 5*D No. leaved Shinties : 2.5x43.00 Lati—• iTr m 1- yard. a 5.0 J Uy car-load by Northwestern Railroad, d ilremlln any yard where cars can bo saltclud, oi any depot: AorSarSawcd thicclcs. by car-load, on track. 3.733 4.00 A,irfcur Shingles, by car-load, 05 track. 4*o No 1 Sawoa Stmglfi by car-load, on Hack 3j5 Three dollars a car-load added when transferred, whim charge follows ur Shinties in freight bill. _ . „ 6HISOL* STA.XDABD. TLctrcw—Fire rhlsglca to be two Inches la thick new. Leitrth—Sixteen Inches. Ends—Twenty Inches. Cot ree-Twenty-riTc. METAL* AND TISNKItS- STOCK-Trarte Is tuady, and prices firm at the lollowinc quotations: Tu, I me. - Du Tin I'late, 1 C, ! I*l quality, task 13w , HxH. 4i5«4 list qualify, sheet. It Largel’igi 37 (SUP U Snail list 39] hugutwiks. oo juuuuiwiu. Bit Iln 83 I tod 11 cow**. 7,8 and 9 12 Metallic AF tbit?—. S 3 liandll U Copper S3 12. DnrtcreotcrlO »».. <3 Uamtlt IS bh-ttlncsmo 1602. c ISaadie 15 Toxics* ...... 10 17 lunnrr is IS* l«t quality 90 i> n Antimony -30 20 a Fite Solccr SO Face Staplei 10 NAlL>*—The demand It fair. We einUnne to anote: ltotobd,Vkeg |7.75 3d. .4u!5) Pd 8J» atcncMncd 10.00 M SJS 2d. finoblaed 11.00 M &53 CntSntkn BJU 8d 9XO CllncnNet jjyi . OlLS—'The general market rnlea quiet, Lln*-cd is ImuiltnpplT anddnlhand almost entirely nominal There U tame trqmry tor LltatedOil In round-lota. bat asidetrom thla there 1* nothin? being done a*, present. Lard Whale oils art aieady and unchanged. Weaoote: Linseed Oil tlAJal 10 Limed OU, boiled Al.tO Olive (Ml St » WualeCH.W.B I.KXaIJO Laro Oil, eUra. jo Lard oh, \o. l Winter, IJULh Lanl OH. Xo. 3 Winter I2S*L» Bank oil, r.nnd lots LC&aLIO MacUlLoolLroandlota al n Sperm Oil. W. round lots aL-j Lubricating Oil 60*1.30 Cettor Oil Xcatafcot Oil t^lJO I’AKIIO.S til I.—The demand U light, but under a abort «nppiy dealers are holding firmly at full rate*. Wo qnotMhc market Arm with an upward Uadeocy In Carbon, p car toad ASOe Carbcn. small lou ijjc lb nrole fXDe I’OOVlSlO.N**—Received.s4lofc»Cored Meats; Xbbr!. Fora : Sj.l3 asLaro. Shipped, TIG. Xsl ha Cured iUati; si bi la Beef; 3,051 brU l r ort, and ITLDJ a* Mew Pork—lnactive, thouxb firmly held at i’3.75 (3 19JO. bntersatfiSAOftis.Tj cash. Sales were: XJ brls teller January at Prime Mena Pork—bales were: lOftbrlsatfHLM. bnect Pleated llama—Sales were: eo oeren at inj*c. Rasllah Menta—Firmer. Sale* were; lOOboxes CvmlKrt atrts at S)(c. (•reeu Minis—ln c*>cd demand and a shade better SaW were; UCt piece* Hams (s. h.) at»kc; SU,COO as do (d. h.» at s-ac ; lAM pc* bhoul.lcrs (I. h.) at s<»c • K.COO as do (a. h.) at She ; 500.0C0 as do on p. t, '* bard-Moreactlrsandßchlxher. bales were :BW tesat t:».c : ICO ICS at U>»c; »J tea Old at Uc:»t tes Coulltt at lOwc. POI'I.Tk» AND R.\HtE-€ales were: 25 doc Dres«ed Chickens at M dor do at |3.W; 5 dt-r do at; II rtoxpoor alTi*; 1 coop Geese at eiIJU; 1 dcallTsai tKLM: 1 dex Dressed Gene at*3A); 5 dot Dtm-cd Ducts at fACO; idoi du at tt-OO; lb) as Dress edTnrtrM at 13Kc; 1(0 at do at lie; 50 notdre-sed at Sc: 15 dot Dressed Culckens at #1A0; SOS du4l*ralne I hickots at ya.'S; 9l) dor do at fA2S; 9 doz do at fl.oo* 51 Cor Quail* at; i« dez at SUO: Ctdozdoat *1.15; idcrdoftlfU); JO dor Rabblw alOt: If Jo* do at *3c; 1 dox bdnlrrels at lie: 10 car> cass*--- venison at Sc ; 4do at 9c: Ido saddl*! at ti* M»l)A AND J>AljEllATl:s*—Trade lair, and pneca into firm as fbUuws: Babbltf* Medicinal. •* Pore DfUntT* Chemical.. “ Healthy... “ i*ure srRAK-*—Tr*iett ootierately mtskn, u 4 price* are crm. > We onolo: ctu.j.-w .. uvais e Porto Rim ..........tIK^UVc X. Y. BeQoed, Powdered ud Otwnnl*tco....ltvauwc wute a,... .. firr'eA./.ir.’.’.r.'.r. White n utwu e KxmC Ill* Alike YeJlcw U .11 Ml 3 c OsrardC JCVAU c Omirl cabk.. n .11 t£Ul«e j*YKUPs»—'lke demand U fklr. Tfe rontlaae to qpote: Sew Vcrk | RVIUO Ycliow l»r*re UMI.U Com Molaeeea 7j(4 g& l*oito mco 90 New Orleans TAji fn Hhi;*de!rbla Bee Hire. {w » Cble»RO Beanery, Amber l.«V*iai» “ *• Golden. gar* 90 “ “ Uoose. TV* a 9>A UT—RecelTHi, none: * birred. 2.013 hm, Market AOtilcmtettporM: New tine 9 •» Coarse, 9.6) Ground Atom rtagyan Tiirk*» Islam*, bass . l.7Sijjn GroncQ Solar 2.90 Datrr. witn Mcka £.m D»lrr,vliNmtuc)a 5.73 TLA!j—Ttw market Urteadf at ike following qno- U lions: X7 as e :jti oil e .14 «» e 't §44 ' ToddfHr*oa, rope?Jorto Cne,va do extra to choice. * a tfiuuc kapertor to fine. v> a. uttuusa do extra to ebotce, ? a iAai.9o Gotpowder, lapertor to fine, * a...—....... do extra to cbolce. V a IJD^LK Jantr, natural leaC Coo to extra Coo. V a... 1 J6.eL33 da do Coe to cboice, 9 a t.3VtI.3S ffb do colored. 9 a ÜBaiJO TOBACCO—CootIaoM doll, Cboosb mod roods are tin atqaotatloß*. rtlcee are tmctumred, aad we coatt&ce to ottole: . «ji riiwrTO Tobacco— Extra. Choice... Median Cannon. EXOKISO Tobacco— virtfiila’B Faxorlte - a atJM ctPk*. s o a Median 31 j » Common Stecu 19 23 Piro To:ucco— Lota) Citizen 75 e 90 Far.nerV Dcllcht. n u 3 NataralUaC. UO ii!.m lUlfbOctt S <M-U Choice Black, seand. 75 a 80 iirtinm ; w a 73 CDmTDon SO o W Navies o<<£ ® vitgwu ip» sod »a. non Flooorters. ... 75 & S 3 WOOO-Trade ts crt parcrolarlj brisk, thong'i. trlibnosorpliuoa baad, dealers are demandlpp fill rates. Saleeanmadeatth^fOUowtncraiifc: Maple, VcinUdetlvered tULSOAII.OQ Maple, V oort, lQ Tart. ILSCtaiLOO Beech, V con), delivered 11.01i1J.03 peecb. ¥ cord. In yard. Hickory, V cord Oij»lS.OO \*OUl<—lU-erlrcd, s>s: shipped, 966 &«, Mar* k« Inactive. So sales reported. LIST OP LETTERS. “LETTERS REMAPfISG UN CLAIMED IV THE Poal at Chicago, Miit of Illinois, on the Wlb day ofl*ec> mber. 1506. ty “To obtain any of these letters the applicant must caUfor ‘Ar-vzimaED Itrita. 1 clvo the date of Utla list. and ray one cent Ibr adrertlalng.

Sir “ U not called fcr within oa* norm, they trill be amt to the Dead Letter Once. -*i~ a IAO 5« * djn .10J3O uIIJO jyw Letters arc not advertised until they bars re mained In the oO re one week, and on Fridays and Sat onlays letters to be advertised are in the bands of (be Transcrttlnr Clerk*. “1. DIRECT letters plainly to the street and number, as veil as tbe Poet OQee and State. “2, DEAD letars with the writer's Post Omn and Stats. exrrrT and mntss. sign them plainly with tall name, and request tbe answers to be directed ac cordingly. “ Letters to strangers jr transient visitors In a town or city, whose special adure* may be unknown. should be marked. In tbe lower lift-band comer, with tbe word 'Transient,' ’ 110-OO -^IXOO *l3d» $31.00 a » *8 25 * 26 .. M « S ..Mon 70 .. a a .. .. 4.79 0 9JQ .. 23 t« 35 ... nan ... 55 0 56 ... 13W 5* 14 ... 24 0 33 -4. Place the postage vtmp oa tie rms near qaxd coxxxr, and uurzeraci between the stamp and dlrectlonfor rosT-Jtaacrxo without interfering with the writing. “N.IL-A REQUEST for the RETURN of a letter to (be irUtf. tf unclaimed within thirty days or leas, written or printed with the wafer"* suts, Post Omcx and Stats across the left band end of the envelope, on the face aide, will be compiled with at thensnal pre paid rate of postage, payable when the letter U ddlv* errdto the writer.-*dee.», Law onacs.** 17 6 U . 13 « 31 . si S aa .3JO O#JO JOJO «ILCD t3T Free delivery ofLuttmsio any part el the city can be seenred by baring them addressed to the street and number. Abbott Eliza miss Allism Nellie 3 Adams Emma mrs ADea M M on Adams Drtlel mn Arnold Lotas mlw Aborts Mary tmas Armstrong Cyntbt mrs AdamsM%ry W mn Atkinson Joseph mn Adams Mlcbai mrs AwatterAmiss B Bacon I. P mrs Brooks George n mn Baker Ann mr* Hockley M A mn Baker JcbnM mrs Buckley H Tmn Bailey John mn Bnrubam Emily alas Bskcr Sophia mtu Bomb News Kate mn Ballard Milewa miss Browne Qooanda mist BsneWCnn Browne Jennie F mrs Bsrtxr Betb mrs Brown Carrie F miss Barker Sarah mitt Brown Mary aits Bancs AC mrs Urewc Maggie miss Barrows Jolla mn Brown abb miw Carton Clara milt Brawn in mr* Baxter John mn Brown Looesa J mist Bastresa LllUe miss Brawn wary miss Beardsley George u mrt Brown Elizabeth mrs Bel-eager Richard mM Brawn Josepbene miss Boeaiord Ciara mn Boms MolUe C 3 Bemmt Bun Borns Margret mist Button H mn Bynis Sarah mlu Bird Andrew mn Borns Magglemlst Bishop Caroline mist Byrne Mary A mlu Biglow loalsemadame Bums MaiyAen mist Blckerdyke Mary Ana mn Borg Came mIM Blake Nellie mn Bcrke M miss Blake Mary Birch Jolla mist Uelg*r Mary mist Bosh Maggie M mn BoatvlcbU Kmrs Borrow* an Uonntll James mrt Bncnham KelUemr* Bowcani Mary U milt • Butlmell Maggie K Boyd Nettle mitt Buckingham MvrtnaEmn hoilr* con le P mn Botlu Ivory mr* Boys ten j F mrs BnUer Martna miss Botkwell Alice L mn Bauer Mary J nun - Bowes Ellen mlu Butler Ann mrs BoyiesAM mn Butts Liter miss Bradley Both mlu Brownell B min Braawll Cath»nne mrt Broken*hire mn Brady Ancle Browning Dell A mtu Ureonan Rate mn BrltK Margret miss Brtcn Margret Brtnkerbou Loela mr BMtclos Susan Urtgdon Udy N mlu Brlckley Carrie miss . Briioon Ana M mr* Brotnett Fscsle mist . Bride RuthM mlu Brace William mr* Burner Carrie miss Brooks Betsey mrs CO* 65 Campbell Martha mrs Clarke Eanb mist Campbell Hattie Pmn Clarke Isabel mn ‘CatDpionfaiab mist Cline Martha J mn Canneid Mattie Cochrane OtsrgeCmn . 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Bates Gee rceW BcmanC Borcue Lawrence Bate* Stephen BooneThoa Barew*er Ja» K BataßooertE Borden Andrew 3 Borbana Henry BaltU S W Uostwlck Edgar Burk John Ranchman W S Bostick John A BnrkElmna.l Baxter Hlclul W BosUlckWF Burling P Baxter Hlchsrd Boulacd Isaac Bn ms John Bay Christ HcttUn Lawrence Burns James Bay 11m J H rer BoorreU Henry BurrFcstos Beal Chaa UowenJatH Button Henry BcaaJnoL Bowen Wm Burton Jno Bean H H BoydeaN Dhon9Barton Beaumont O BoyntonGeorgo capt Beck Joseph C Doyen ion Geo Burton CL Becker JM ft co Bracxctt Arthur BEuafs L J Aco Becker John F dr Buhnell Sidney LADIES* LIST. Bills Kelli* tars Ullts Annie K ran Dollliler Ann miss HoKonN M mrs Bo.tmEtui.xßn Smith H C mn Smith Lw HnrtuS Smith U 7 ml«* Initials. JCmrs tJEXTLEMEVS LIST. Becker J eter Brackett KathaaTßuv-um Chaa Becklcy EA. co Ju N Botler Leandet BccKVlUt B L Brar ter Frank Q Bnttolpb Horace Becksitb B Bradshaw JII Bytcc dr IKecb A H Bradshaw Wn Byxoe E Bccse Frederick Bradley mr O CadwellStephcnWCbrlsaan Aco Coos & Tatmer Cadweil Etiume Church Edward 2 Coonea K CadweilTbto Churchill WL Coonwcll HE CadweUJC CiaxykUeop Cooper James CaUansJW Clair Win Cooper IIP CaLUtsJsa Clarke CB Corcoran J CaUadise B dark C A Cordis John CaUcndcrJPark»ClarKEO CoreyAcoWß man Clark Thomas B Cornell Georzeß Cauow William Clark Taylor Corson S S Cairln it Clark C.ara Lyman P Conch O T CamasWlilismll Clark ft Caceson Cox Marlas B CameicnMalcolmCUrt.lor.alhaa Coyne dr Campbell HC Clark & Ball CramGeo>C Campbell Ge« P Clarke dr LacUa Cram James W • Campbell Geo A D Cramer J P Camrsun Bud W ClarkeD C CramptonSamrel Larblsler Aco Claccys . Crjndall WB Caimocy MlcfcaelClcghom J D Crane Tnos Carpenter Aco Clues J H Cranky Jsmea B Carr B O Clodxlo Timothy Crawford Jobs Garter Jsmea 8 CloonPß Wa'ter Camiglit B Cobby A ErcwaterCrawford A M CaseicoOD Coburn lL CreasonNewton Casey John Coder I*oab Crocker Frederick Cashronllio* Cogar O.trlea S Camay a M Colbert ii.&bert Cranan Jerry Csnlcy W 1* Colby John D CrcnkrlteAliredA Cavanaugh Ed- Coleman Croats W wanlb a orct CrosbyCß - Gavin John? Collins John CrosalcyGW Cavender W n CoUoalleut Graver JQ CtudMjHU Colvin Isaac D Cnllom John 0 Chambcriin Bruls-Comero Will Caneo F B ter commlngi gam* Cnnlifc Hyailnth Chapin DM eel _ CunninghamPat* Champion WVT Coamings F rick Chapman W F Cone col John E CaanlngnamHen* Chapman F U Conger Dana U ry Chapman D Connell Wm H Cunningham Wm Charles O It Cocx»d I'elcr W tUMKBUU WW,»*V.W. 1, Chant amt F Cooean Edmond Cnren Allen U Chaae Henry T Cock Hen L Cortland Alien T Cbnao Move* S Cook Ulchanl E Cu»aona J M CtanteldET Cook Jaav:s F Catting Otis 3 Chester pro! Cook hrlg gen Caae wm Waahlcglcn _ John _ Covert J _ Chilton captWF Cook Lewis H Ca.-ponterßJ Chittenden mr Code Thomas Cross Anlhany Choyco John Dailey Jat Delong JaaW DorlsoaJotm Dale etepben II U*long M B Dow D S Dale bA Dttuarce Moacs Downey 4co - Dale J T ' Dennison E n Downey Patrick DclehantyEdwardDerespadc Een-Downle A Daly W m hen u Downs A Andrews Damon Chas DertnneGeoS Doyle Michael A DancrWmV Dtrtrz John Drew Chas A DartonhGeoM Dewey lltnry DeDrDcoll John DamhrrMacncc Wou Dryer JU i Danlelooh Chas Dexter B DuifyJasAca Darling JB Dexter Edwin P Duncan TCtnd Darling Willett Deyo Jotm Dnnsaraa Jaa Dan berry Gilts Dickinson AlonzoDookle Cbaa W Dtmcn J b L Donning hand D DarerportJS Dlckman Geo 2 Dun>op JB Davenport John DigianDan Dunu Jonathan J Dartoacn A Ncw*DUlawayA Dros Dunn David ten Dixon U Allcat Dannlag Wm A Davie* Thos Doane George M DnetcombTbos O DartiAlfredßeaplDodge U H«co Dartce Edwardß Darla C n Dodridge Win 0 Durham Beniamin DartsCUflonU Drian P DurkceGsoß Dans James E DonohueP Durkin Patr*-^ Darta.lolmC Donohue Patrick Dorset IZcarr • Darts WoodhoryFDoualdson JJ Duvall Georgs Darts LCAco DwOiiltle Q Dwight John a DavhonPß DoolcnWm Dwyer John DawlyThosß Doran Chas DyoNP DttktrJchn Ucrimi Wm II Dyer G'o&cO’ _.„o>y«rJJ Dorrtagton Geo EDycr W H DellavtnJE DcrwyAltx Dyson E dr Delaney Timothy Dougal John Denis mr Delong BF DouglatsUicbd Downer AN EiionMatk Eggleston A Erie A Cook Ebert A E Thompson Estes CC Eddy LA rev Elltaßll Evans Geo H Edmonds IIW EllockJoecob Evans A O'Hara Edwards AlbertWEiWosd Jaa O Etclelh Goo 11 Edwards John Eugalls E A Everoit Joshua Edwards Wm rev Engs Wm Everest Ed EowardsDrewscoKcnii George Evert It >t>tesnt Ecclestoa b ErbeyWm EwlnpT Franc Elder F I Fairchild Charles Filch * f hsri» FossPD FalnunoßW FHch James W Foster* Walsh Farrar J U FilchA H Foster MB ABJ Farrar Jki FI tree raid A Ap-Fo*tcr St Ander- Farrell J H new son Faro Fred FlUdbbons JobnFoulks mr Fergcecn John Al'ltonaurlccUljs-Fnintlla Q W F»rn Daniel Pra«erJoha Few (iWftco Fleming Ira T Frawley Dsatd Field A UcClellanFlenilnK David Freeman C FineidTJ filckinger Henry French Geo R PlncSeld A cant St French Robert J Finley Vil Follett Martin French Win Pinegan SHrhar-1 Foley UP I'rUblaE Finccan U illlam Follmer John D Foller C n FtEerty’otnF Fontaine Joeph Fuller Frederic H Fisher LO F« IA Gilbert Foller George Fisher JasW Ford Thomas'S Fuller J 8 ruun %’«« v* rvtu iuuuhw t uitui n 9 Flt-k Allen FordJ L Fuller A co FUk David ES Forsyth Jas S Furlong Thomas Filler A co . Foiboigh J A France IX Grim** Ai» GlndcllCtuaW Greeley SF Gall John Glaty MicnaeH GreenLevl Gallapht-r BSbert Glade Frans Grrca Wm A Ui.tiunttiT Olircr Edward Green Joba A Gardener It F oiusJtme* E Green John Gardner Edward Oinwa Onu Green O Gollek Daniel s Golden Frank GreenßS Ounser Chao AGoodall H L Green Beniamin F dr Goodhne W B Uroeo ft Wall* Gamscy FrascUGoodtnc I R Orotnacre James D Goodland John Orce&hlU K Garrison lysanOooaman J H Ore?? Geo der Goodman J A Gregory Jolnl Garalde George Goodman A J Grey Joan L Garvey 1* Goodrich HJ GreyJosiahL tiaakeu Undaon Goodrich BuMcUGrimn Jamea Gates Sam F S Grinin Sheldon Gatea James Goodrich DE QrimnCF GatlerJohn Goodrich D A Qrtrfllh* Wm R QtvinHW Goodwin Fred C Grlfflth* WUhar Uearsl P Oocdwln I) B Griswold F A GUlmore Albert GoodnoGeo W B GromdaNlcholaal Geer Lewis C Uiriulu UoraceGroutA unr M»l> V VI4IMWIU UIMM4UIV4»A F 3 Groves EO fiecrrGAtco GocldWGAeo Gurney KH GtrtyFntnck Gould ocorxn oamey Tbsodore Hetman Martin Graham JM F Gitenoß James (inbin A Gromtay 5 U Gibson Ella* Granger mr Guthrie mr GrifilnliF Grant Leroy Gyles Harrey Glfora mr Grant OC Oleaos John Gilbert Geo GnrDW GrUOnHlchacl Giles Marcus D Gray Geo A » II HwtackChas Harrison Thn* Hostfln John C Haln«a n T Hart Cornelias Ho are Edward Halaen Alex Hart UK Hof.bUW HaleEnxeueT Hodge Albert Haleb r Hartley Crer Hodges Leonard! Hale Frank narr»y Elijah Hodgeman J a UaleFnnfcU AooHarvey B w Hoete Alexander Halle & Clayton ua»broockFblUpJ|oUaadTbM Haley A 1 cnnsocßasklU Henry Holland Tin Hall Augustine Hatch Cyras Holurciworth Hall Char Uy Hatch Jil Holler Hall E U Hatch baiathlcl C nolt dfrata Hall T D Hatfield A C Hooter E T rcr Hall Tommy A Harbeway A A Hooker EG Hal! Gee V.' Hatheway \y m £ Hooper John H all J Andrew H arretyiD Hopkins 81- Bill C&ark* A son Hawley M P Hopkins Tho* Balildav hr oa Hawley Fxed Hopkins Selda B Hamlin FN Hawley AC HopelnaiJß Hammond SE Hawthorne AlbenHoptlnson John Hammond Bentos J Hopktnsoa Aco Hand £ W Hay Henry Horan Thos Haney Simon reTUayaenPetcrAcoHoMlaaSl HatlordAcj HaysßlcaarucaptHoamerO E Aeo Hanley Henry H hazard UI Helenas* J H Wanna JT ter Hazard O H HOWJJC iianra Bulk Heath A Wood Howard BeoJ Kansas JC Heilman A Ken-Howard John J Hannas John C dan Howard Edward Hassell Joseph BRenel M Hoya F A Mcilan- Hanson Jas capt HenneoeyMß aW Uardlnr CouvaseHemoa J a Burenin cut - Gray Aco Uewtn Mania Harenio E B Hardison George Hewea Wo Honett John ff HardyCha* s* 2 HeywoodPP Hail Thompson HarUm ILos HKkey Michael P Boise J Harman W A Hirctc A co Hunt WUey HannaaPeUT MUDAioa Hart Homer C U amort on Uar-Hl>i W H Hnnt Cotter A rtson Hill John) Huntington H Harrtsetofinc 11 ill Edward X JlauUntfton Geo Harrington GS I mil Cbas C Huntoo Wm H liunoitpr Hill A F IlnrlbotChai HarmOM HklltoorelHTldnUots; LU Harm A chore- Hills W C Ham Edward jud HIUonUS Hasten JF HarrtaEP H 1 rtslaaaeS Ifnte- lawotfm A Harris Edward An-tin Byeds A brothers Harris OC Htatelmaa Aco Harm Aaron 2 HamsTho* HiptneJas Boldndce WU- Harmon Geo L Hickey Ihotnas p pert 3 rer Hoaclin A Kim- Harper Da rid Harris Thos H bail - InjrmollJA In«rah»ra Wm Wires EJ It gbmtn S A 3 Ire* Chester JaefcUa Robert Johnson Wm Jones K Jaekscaroeo Johaaoo JObail Jones H Jakes Daniel JthajonJoha A Jones Jno L JamesCbaries JobawaG J -Jones Edward T Jstcos J A Johnson J A Jones It C JtCcrsca & Deed Johnson HO Jonc* Station! 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S- McrrrtnJ BraaJS Morgan Gm Mallory Metcalf l.neloa A Morgan Geo W MAl ; orTFr<uk MtelioUJß MorpssJaa Ml'f* EdmsG Moris J A Maine C Miles Jaa H MorriUVotaF Manns Halejr Millard DW Morris John P Manning Dud el Milhooae Francis Morris Kdgar G March CO W Morrison Alcnn- Marrr David Miller TVtn H der UuueWß Mlhcr John Morrison John Markey John Miller Henry 3 Morton Jaa W Mania Pctor Miller PF Morton Andrew Martin Oe-vC Miller Nicholas Molt Jtxepn Martin Joseph S Mints John L Half UsvtJ espt Martin Michael It Milner David Mailer George Martin Jaa A MltlsftGlhb MoDeoET Marlin broa Mills O H Murray Patrick Martina Wm Miner Ambrose Monger Milton C MartlneWm Miner Benjamin Mauaon Salmon D Marsh Abraham Miner P r Murphy H c Manioc Jaa Minor Rush Murray Thos ft eo Manton Alonso UlUerftco Murray Jaa Masher Toms Mitchell Thomas Murray Jaa E Mason Thomas S MltcheU EA 3 Murray JoUu MaatenßP MUcheJl Del Morey John Mathews JT MltcheU mr MnrrayWm Mathews Jaccb MltcheU Ezra MyreaThoa Scott . Mix Sqjdre C Myers Geo C May John Mixer Cbas S Mv*n David Mayo Joseph K Hockley Wm Marrlncr JF Mayo JS dr MoltbyHß Me McAflVcyJohn McDonald Wo 3 McQuvie Michael MeArtho Eo&ertMcDonild Daniel Mclunls William McAtthor B gem M'Donald John McKecteng John McAalry John T McDonald T wMcKeenß F McAvoy peter Scott McKeUop Thomas McCall James 8 UclKmell Ed- McKenzie H McCarrcU Wm ward McßtuneTTbomas McCUarty Wm McDonnell Fdr MsKltmoa mr McClaryßernardMcDouccUPatrtckUcKnight BTF McCoikerW McDongaldO'A McLainCharlti McClnreTbcsJ McZHveneAUc McLeanSeth McClure VC dr McFarland JB McLean DeWltt C McClure J A McFarland WW McLeod John 1) McColiy James McOam Ihonias McMahou John McComb Georte McGlnalsCnarUe Mclleefcln Samuel McCrea Samuel MeGlveran Wm , MeNaby Wm T J MarreadyTboa M G rath James McQuerry Jamas McCuUock CO dr McGregor Wal- Msvettic A.bsrl 3 lace W McDermott John UlcGuvle Wm Saltern a Newport Eniioo Norman Theodore SiMsVmA Newton KC i NralTJcapl Nawtoo Rcwel NorriiC*oadaß Keif W Nichols D NortuaWm Nelson Henry Nl< i Thos J Norton L Q 5 NeUenWU KltsHS ElbrlTo Neuon P Nodllug F Nurse Ulchd W O O’Brien Terrence G*Nlel Louis Olaey Edgar CTUrtneJ H O’Noll John Orris EG o’DrlcnJohn O’Neill James Osgood George B O’CcnmeU TbomasO’NeiU Thomas WOsgoodWm M O’Leary AuxustusO’NelU James F Oslo 9out I! FI O’Leary CornellutOcdm ft Bobbins Oaily Boat N F O’Mora John OlcoU Wm p PaarenKß FeazaouTJ PlkeP W Padgett JasL Peaae John F Pike Sami 3 Pace Joel Peck Earle W Plnkham William Palmer William Peck Jason Pittman William U Peck George C PalmerCJ PeckhamßWS PlaoeEG Palmer Henry Pevdergreas B Plumb John Pardee LC Perkins John Brough ParkW dr PerklUi Geo W Poindexter Frank ParkerW Q Perkins KOfteo H IWrUnaon John Perklus bros t Pollack Lewis Parlta M B Peters A H Pollock J u ft bro Farabali George Pettcrson J F Porter B B Pars hall ft hnuth Petty John Putter G W S Phlleo W C Porter JamuL Parsons Geo H 3 Phillips Alfbrd Pcrter Ins Paschall Thomas Phillips P Potter Frank P B Phillips John Potter James N PatrldeeF Phillips WeadtllPouerA Wheeler Patten u D bon - Pood Henry il Patterson ÜB3 Phillips M Power Morris Patterson AustlnPblUlps W Pratt Mortimer Patterson Hesryl*bllllp* W Pratt Luther capt i’hlillpMU B 3 Pre*t >u-T Patten on U H . Pickett Klehard Price Lewis a Patterson Jaa H Pierce BA Price James 8 Patterson K C Pierce C E Priest H U l>attenon E U Pierce Charles Pntlg A WaUb Patton WUllamWPlerce Hiram W Prouty ft Lubrika Patton J N Pierce James W Pullam Charles Parol James Pierce Wm Pulling UC Peabody JamesDPlerce LA Putnamß V Pearce WUilaa LPlerce ft co Q Quick John S Quin Mlcqael QulnUran S Qolno James Hace James A Rhodes Ocrsbom Hoskwell B BaceWlillara K.ceUTS Rockwell Alpha Kaimorth lUchardltlce Jamre B Rockwood Fred 8 Rauuonh BlchardHlch Clarmce . Rogers O c gen Hamer peter Richards Chaa Rogers Sam Band Robert W IffchardaUSS Rogers John Randolph P Bdr kßlchanla M Wal- Rogers Frank Kandoipn John W lace Romans Sant o r Richardson, Bar- Rooney William RaollneJW nnm&co Rose mr AMVtIUCtf I* _ U-M U VW *WV Ml. 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CMinuMii Sco rule B Smith CUas IT Sampson A L Sea SW Smith J SACO Stockman Thu M StaiinsChaaW Smith* Block Brockman WJ)J Scavenw F A HroltnMl’ton Stone .M J ScourJ B Smith WU Stone *D Walter dr tkdcewlckJ: smith Wm stone Lewi* Seeley TP md Smith JonaW Stone A Clark Sutler A S . Smith J N dr EtonemonQF Selby Panl Smith JP Stott John Sewel John Smith Ja« H stoat Thompson Bewail MC Smith I«ucl< W Snackford Chaa H Smith u Stow Chaa Bhaffntr J W Smith G A Straight liaoc ShaoksJohnT Sa:UtiUr*lnjeLßbtrattoa ST Snvnm £ A smith s<tmi C stretch Edward Sharpe Andrew smith Edward cart scarp John W Smith K R StlcJrney Chas Shaw tnr Smith DII Strode G»o VT- BhavH M Smith Dell Saw* Strong Wo E' * bhtv Jeremiah art] btnart Alkn W ShtkJon A Griggs Smith Orville T smart A B Sheppard K SruvtheWHU Stuart John capt Shepard J Suimn Mortimer Stuart Joha SfctrlMurne Fred Snow Chi»U Sturdivant Decs- A Border Uazmon mr Sbenrta Chamcy T 3 Bodies TIA D Snyder D Summcrheld Johj Sherwln A L Soogwell c Summers Chat Sbtrwoodw H copd iLllca copt Summerville Da* « SoyerU Leapt vWT Eher wood Allen Epanton John Sutherland ShlneDcnnls Sparrow Joseph Swain Frank Shipman Ettas 3 Spellman J» W Swain Chai Short Charlie F Spencer SS SwanWJ Shore Patrick spkerE Swartley John S FbnteWmQ Spoor AtuUnJ Sylvester George Sintrk W D Spring C Bfmonii Oeo S Simmons AT SprooleJohn handers Emery T TIItJN ThompsoanesryDTonmkins Rp TaicoltLß Thompson (IT Tompkins WmS Taber il'nry W Thompson JrneCTcmilo-on J M TatmageTbeodoreTbompson W M Townsend CC rcr F Thompson Titos Townsend □o dr TahgwayJß Thornton WUUamTowdoeEdC Tappsn Henry D TmrpeFred • Tracy Wm TaroleFW TbroopSA Trask Taitmaa TateFG ThnrlowAAco Trover Homans A layer JW TbontonEtj Readier .TaylsrW I TltJenvLrsaader TncfcJllL Temple JH Tlllotson Wra E TatuEdwinJf Terry William Timmons Wm Tnllls c E Thomas Donald C Tlmncy Dennis Toller E Thomas Kerry T Tlnkey James TullerS Ihcmaa D W captTltcombFndkA Turner George TocmpnoD Colnm-Tobcy Jos Torrel Jared H has Grten Tobias Mathew Tnlblll 8V R ThcmpsonFranaKTomblla Ira Tyler A'athan IhompsonTMcapt tr iTdr] Oecrpo Unde.-bUI Solo- UUej George P Ui!m«n Joflepb sua VanakenE P , WalterVanSirtelsaacn VanDetueo Ju E J Vair Tftoaaa VanDnzerj’C* VanderbosareDa-TkvrO O Van Vlack T W VanElrk John U rid W . Wacner Wllllim WehsterllS WileyJas A Wagner Piter Webster Jaa Wilkins It udr Watte MU WcedcnChatF Willett Airis T WaVhJU Welch J wmiardSO Walker Jaa Welsh mr WllUamaO Walker Locna P* WlliUaiOeoP Walter JobnU Welsh Michael Williams Horace Walker JU Wells 8 Williams John E Walker JU Welts Geo C WllUsma C GU- WalkerAco Wells AM more Wallace ThosJ WcntwortaApple-Wiihamnoa Jas Wallace Thoa ton hon Williamson Ueo A Wallace Geo w Wesson O Lou co Wallace Wm 1> Wtston John Jr Willis Fred S Waller Stephen capl WlUman Henry waUUJC We-ton Geo M Wilson William Wa polo W R Wetnerell 11 Jf WlkonED Walter TD& eo Wheaton Lloyd Wilson Jas W Walton niilard Wheeler B-v oa Wilson Robert Ward John Henry Wheeler H C Wilson John J Ware Wm Wheeler JohnO Wilson mr Warner liudley P Wheelock F F ftcoWUsoa J U Warner A steel Whccloci £ a Wilson Richard Warner P D Whlilarer C B Wlnans L V Wanuck F C Whitbecfc WII Wlnetnan Parke WarrenN Udco WhlteSileholas WinilusJ H Warren John E WhitußanUFcaplWt*wetWm Warren U • White Git Wolfe Joan Wamner Dexter While J A'3 Wathbnra Ed- WhiteJL ward s White Wm B Wood Alonre Washburn W K White Michael Wotds Isaac J Waterman W A Whlteford Ja* wroudarJ Pal WaumanWm Whltehoue ChaaWoodman* Wafers Horace H Smith Drugs na<a,jiuii«a annul Waters Jaa Whiting WoE Woodman JU Walters 112 Whitney WmC WoodwardGeoT WaUansEUatS WhinemoreWmQWoodbaryLevl Waiklts David J Whyland Chas Worcester John C Watsen d • WlgfitmanAF Wrlsht Ssmael Wayuer Henry Wilcox H W • Wnght W U Wayte Lien Wilcox Sami . Wyatt Tho* Webber Thomas Wild Chas T WyhnruUy Webber E A Wilder Stacy 3T Wlggens Dradlbrd Webber NaihaclelWlkr Jacob ftcoSl W WUcs Bnssell York Geo C Young Lewis Z 7r» William ?/ii Gening ft CO nidCELLANEODS LETTERS* A C Publishers Chicago Son* Agent of Baltfwln’a Patent Car Oawtte „ toah Lock Proprietor of Kew Bnlld- OOn Factory Bear el 33S lug booth or Baptist Banoolph-at CidrmJtr ConUnemal Botel I*lo*idem Boot & Shoe* Clarendon Doom „ makers* Society. Ejc SoothCona*l Choreh Hart MaonCaclßllM Co See Oriental Jfo SI Jam>aC See Wmß Warrea Lod^e XilX„ Se~ No 2USI Local Frelcfat AjcerlCen- OWJ Ual Express Market Clerk Wctliaalf** Dry Dock ffl KK Vncbi&t'i Clara’* Eesls* Worthy SccMUiloa Lartgo try Office No 7101 OU X CfDre of Beeker*a Floor Nona WdU it J 31IIH (O Sootl. Cur K-rt o C L * **> Late-«l Proprietor CoO? Factory POor»»ers9l3 Bear S 3 Baodoipb-at nOLI.AXIISE BRIEF. Prom De ember Itfth till December 23d. 86-Jaoob Vaneid Aa [ 89—0. Eyntwstanett BT-M. hi. M, Lane 9C—-cIU Van Oamme 89-E«7 Van Bersctot I . I —Office open min the lat at April to tbs Ut of No -1 ranter, mm 7a. m. 11117* p.n.; from JCovember Ist to Arm lit, from Ba. m. till; p. m. The restlbole wlil ' remain opai until 9 o’clock p. m. On Sunday* from 9)( a. tzL. tin 10 _T B. A. GILMORE. P. V. gjranspottation. | QNLT DIRECT LINE TO.FRANCE | General Transatlantic Company’s I UAJX. HtTTWEEy Shff ypK& iJQ UAVKL, CAI.LLSU AT BBEST. Tbe ipfecdld tew Tee*eU ol tail CtTonta rente te 1 tteCcDtt«atirta»ßlT« u toDowi: PEBFTRE Jtochmc....January sft. VILLE DE PABlS..Europe February i. i FT. LAURENT .Bocanrti February J 3. 1 fKiCE Of PASSAGE IX GOLD. I run Cabtn. fieo; scccna Came. yiaa, including tax* vise Us either dut. The ateaaen ot ’thli ttaa do act carry iterraae pa* i **pSaen«r» tofendter to land at BKEfT wtu be far ' nlahed with railroad cot:pen ticket*, and their baezan , checked to Faria, at an additional charge ol ii fcr try and |3 fer wooed claw. ■ Medical attendance tree of Char go. Fortorther Isibmaacs. apply, 13 Chicago, at Uu ! FRENCH COSSULATB_OFFICE, *3.1 New Tort, to GEO. MACKENZIE. Azent. 38 Broad way. Slcigijs. gLEIGHS. SLEIGHS! SLEIGHS! WeharenowoDhsnd the most magulOeen*. mart mat ol FINE SLEIGHS ever exhlMled to thiscoantrv. It U a well-known fact that me KIMBALLS tab the lead on Fine Finished Sleighs. For Style. Beauty oi Finish, and DnrahiEtr, they are not eqcaUd in the world. Fine Sleieb* cf oar own make, from fOO to fSOJ. t ire Portland and other Elcistu, not onr own ade. from t» to tSO. tr We cannot he undersold on any Sleighs a the market. KIIIBALL BUOS. & CO., 110, 112 and 111 Sndbnry Street, IT'D PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS. FOR SALK, One el the most extensive and best adapted establUb tnmu tor Newspaper, Booh and Job Printing m the South or Southwest, known as the “SASHVIIiLE UNION” OFFICE. The Newspaper Press Isone of the largest and fe'test cylinders extant. 11 not disposed cf by the lit of Jana* ary. U£7, It weald be rented, si the proprietors are abiOt dissolving copartnership. Terms made known CB application to UECKETT,BROWNE, HANKS * Cu., Lock Box 102, Nashtille, lam. jppenai is duces. Sllrßsmltlis. of Pravjieuee. C. L. Izform the trade that ibt fare prodnelr* See Electro-plated Good*, com prising full Dint er and i ea nervlcre and Table Wat e of every description, of a Terr superior quality and ot new ano e ietam designs. Ths baae la Nictol Silver, upon«hl bisadcpoaltot pure Stiver of each Udclc i« that they roa>oM all the advantages ol solid surer In utility. and from bcautv ot drain 'superior ha- Uh areasdistlsrnlshahle'aum It. The Gorham Miucfortnnag Company refer with con* sdence to the high rvputattou they nave establl-hid In the production of Solid Silver ware, la which they hare been for many years engaged. and they sow as sure the public that they will fully sustain that reputa tion by the production of Electro-plated Wares of such flua'iry and extreme dnrtbilty aa will Insure entire ssnshcUon to the purchaser. AH articles hr them are stamped thus: And all nich are fully guaranteed. TUeytred Itnecea saiy patQcularly to call the altendon ol purchasers to the above trade-mark, aa their dsaigna hare been al ready extensively imitated. These goods can only be procured from responsible dealers throughout the country. Prepared OH of Palm and Slaco, Fcr preserving, restoring acd beautuyiny the hair, and Is the most delightful and wcndsrlal article the world ever produced. Ladles win Had U not only a -certain remedy to re store, daita and bcaattTy the hair, but <iw> a doslrabie artlcloibr the Tolies, aattls highly perfumed with. a. rich and delicate perfume, Indepeodeat of the fragrant odor of the Oils of Palm and My*. Tux Uiim or Pxrc—A new and beautlfnl per ftose, which, la delicacy of scant and the tenacity with which U dines to the handkerchief and persoa,isaare quailed. The above articles ftr sale by aU Druggists Per fcmen,atnperboUleeaeb. Sc*. Iby express to any address by the proprli-tore, T. W. WEIGHT * CO, 100 Überty-ft, Now Yoi t. Forsalo ky J. H. HEED ft COn Chicago.. • •*A Tstlnable Uledldzie, “Dr. Poland’s' White Pise Compound, advertised Is out columns. Is a successful attempt to combine and apply the medicinal virtues of the White Pine Bark. It haa bees thoroughly tested by p«ple Is this city and vlalnity. and the proprietor has testimonials cf its reins from penesi well known to our citizens. We recommend Its trial In all those cases of disease to which it la adapted, it la for sale by all our drug gists.**—lN. Y. Independent. The Great New England Bemedy 1 Dr. j. w. Poland’s WHITE PINE COMPOUND Is now offered to the af dieted throughout the country, after having been proved by the tost of eleven years in Urn New England States, where lu merits have become as weUknownaa the tm from which. In part, it derives its virtues. The White Pine Compound cures Sore Threat, colds, Ccngha, Diphtheria, Bronchitis, Spitting of Stood, and Pulmonary Affections geseraLy. It Is a remarkable remedy for Kidney Complaints, Diabetes, Difficulty cl Vcldlcg Price. Bleeding from the Kidneys and Blad der. Gravel ana other ‘complaints. Fcr PUre and scar ry It will be found very valuable. Give It a trial If you would lean the value of s good and tried medicine. It is pleasant, earn and sure. Sold by Druggist* and Dealers In MoUdnes gene rally. BURNHAMS ft VAN SCHAACK Wholesale agats. Dr, Junes, The well-known Spxcuust of the age In the treat ment cl SnEVATorsnma, Stphius, and all disease* ot a private nature, can be consulted at hla office and parlors, 01 and 03 Bandolph-st,, corner of Dearborn. Chicago, OL, (nearly opposite Us old office). Dr. James established and conducted James’ Lock Hospital, Custom Bonae-stt, New Orleans, lor thirteen jean, and for the last six year* haa been located lu Chicago, and Is the only physician who haa made the treatment ol Secret Diseases a Specialty that haa bmi acknowledged by the medical profession and the press to be un, oowraim asd xtt.txulx. The universal reputation given to Dr. James as a 'practitioner Is tbebest possible assurance ot his abil ity to successfully treat the class of dlseasu he has made It a specialty to treat. Office bear* from 9 a. m. to 8 p. m'.t Sundays during the forceooa. Separate rooms, and consultations strictly private ind confidential. Dr. Thomson, PrcpjJetor of the Medical and Snrtfca! Instltnte, 17S Sooth ciatt-sc, bM ueatea ad ton&s of venereal dis ease with unprecedented sucecsa tor nearly Ijrty years. Bpermalorrtuca and impotence treated with the happt. cat results. Particulars of tbe Institute and tbe Gaide mailed free to any address. I*. 0. Box 72, Chicago. Illinois. Confidential consultations. Dr. L.SAMJ&B, Member K. c. Somoci. Lcndon, and hoc. Member of Ma*(. Medict' Society, fin bo col lulled, aa njual, at hla office, tty Bacd;lph-flt., on tbs medical treatment of Chr.clc, Nemos. Prlrote, aem* Iral and Dtlnary Dlaeaeea of both aesca, lone bis ape* claity. J,’r. SaEjcr's Female Lcsmlinaic certain in all cates. ISaiexiolor’s ttalr Ilri-f The Best In the World! Harmless. rename. testuta neoua. The only perfect Dye ’ N J dtsarpomtna't— no tliiicnkms tints. Slprt.l. 'Vnxi*a A lUTCtisuir, Skv Tortc. AI*o,RE'»E.VKKATIN» EXTRACT OS MlLl-E-FLECKb—mhirtc prt»crres and heaatlfiei the half, sold ty all Dnuem*. Itfialafr-ly lip. Bljrelotr, □arlnc the confidence ot the panic and the medical faculty at lamr, 1* tr« mod reliable pbye'clan In the city nervous and sexual du>eas<u. Call at hia office, 17!) Sonte Cls*k-sl_ corner of Mocroe. Booms separate. Consmtailcn tree. P. O. Boa 1 Uia guide to health, publlined monthly, sent free to any >ddret«. Hanks anli Hankers STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETING.—Tbe meeting ot the Stockholders of lie Firrn national bank of Chicago For the election ol Director*; and to transact any other boilncs* \Zi%t a*j lawfully come before tbt nteUnc. ■*lli be held at me office ol said Bank. No. SO LaSsMe-iL, Chicago, b«‘*weto the Lean cf lOa-tp, and 4 p. on, Tue*da jf January Bth, 18C?. ISAAC G. LOMBARD, Cashier. Chicago, IVC. 7th. 1566. iHatrijcg ant? Jcmclm American (Waltham) Watches. Dealers In Watcbes trom all parts of the conn try are reminded that the undersigned keep a full assortment of VTsKbam Watch a*, in gold and silver cases, con stantly on hand. Large redactions In the prices cf movements and Case* have recently bees made, and the Internal Revenue Tax lino longer charged to cus tomers. The pood re rote herte far and near bp the ma infac nires 01 the Waltham Company, makes It needlow r>r theageota to vjo thetr claltna to general patronage, or to do more than camion the public mlul spurious aad Interior Watcbu with which tha markets are flood'd. Erery Waltham Watch, of whatcrer class, U warranted by aoedal certificate, which should to all cates be demanded. ROBBEVB&APPLETO>', of the American Watch Co„ IS'J Brondsrny, r*. Y. CHRISTMAS AND NEW \EAR’fc GIFTS. GREAT WATCH SALE, On the popularccc-prtcc plan. glTlnrerery patron « tacdroice and reliable Watrbforlheloirprloiuf Tea Dollars, without icirar.; to Trine, amt not be paid lor nnless perfidly samftcvury I 100 Solid Gold BontttgWAtebct fSO to fSt 1W Marie Cased Gold Watches »oto SX 100 Ladies’Watcsea, enamelled luOo JX HO Gold Homing Chronometer Walctea.. ISO to sac XX) Cold Hasting Fngllsb levers WO to 230 SDOGoId Hunting Duplex Wattes 100 to XXI 503 GoM Hotting American Watches 10C to 260 SOU Silver Hucting Levers SOto ISC 300 silver Hut. One Duplexes 73 to SC iuOGold LacW Watchts 50to *3fl- LUO Geld Hunting Let Ims SO to 73 I.TOO Miscellaneous Stiver Watches 50 lo ltd 2JOO Hunting Sliver Watches 3Sto 33 W 0 Assorted Watches, all kinds 10 to 73 Every patron obtains a Watch by this arrangement, costing bat tlO, while it may bo worth <730. No parti ality shown. Herirt. J. Hlckllng ft Co.’s Great Union Watch Co n New Yolk City, with to Immediately dispute of the above magnificent stork. Certificates naming the ar ticles are placed In sealed envelopes and well mixed. Holden ate entitled to tha articles named oo their cer tificate. upon payment oi T*n Dollar*, whether It be i Watch worth fTSOorone worth lets. The re tarn ol any of cur certificates entities yon to the articled namec thereon, u|*jo payment. Irrespective of lu worth, sod as no article valued less, than fto ta named on any cer tificate. It will ai once baanm that inis U no lottery, but a straightforward IfiglUmat* transaction, which tnsy l>e participated In even t»y the ra>t Usildions ’ A stogie Certificate wUJ be rent by mall, post-paid, upon receipt of '£> flvef,r fl, eleven for (2, thirty three and elegant premium for U, slziy-sUand m an Taleable premium lor fib, onehnodred and most sa perb Watch for |l3. To agents or those wishing em pleyrrent this 1* anreopportonlty. It U a legitimate fy conducted bosinees, dnly aelhorlied by the Govern ment, and open to the most oreinl scintifiv. iry ss I Addrvas J. HICKU.NG ft CO- 1-IQ Broadway.a.T. iSailroaus. BAILBOAI> TIME XAELt. CH3CASO >yn BOBTU'WKaTXM—DSTCI CVS. W3*l WATTS AJTD SL'dU. • Depart. Am“o. DeyExprcM- •wOa.n. *6a)p.E. Night txprcM •■fc® p.a. *5:15 a, n JnneeTflle Accommod’n *s;lop. m. »±::a p. a. Vi oodftock Accon’d'n. • *3:00 p. n. *fc‘* a. el omnoh. Fallen and Cedar Bapidt *3:15 a. m. 7.-2 up. n. Fallen and lowa. t*:Bop,n. 6.D03.18 Freeport and DtmlaUU.. *%OOa.EX. 8.-C0 a. m. Freepoctasd DonJeltj.. *10:00 p. a. Bs.op.ra. Bocktord and Fox Elver. * !1:'? a. n. .* flrjp.a. H:U(.a Geneva ttd Blirtn. xzlwacxsz Dmsica. Express.... *fcoo a. su c. ixpreas MiOOp.c. *l±OC nu A£COBxaodati<m li:4S p. m. a. ie. K-ctxba Accommod'a... 4:< flttt a. as- Waukegan AcconusodX. 5:30 p. c. S'SO x, m. Boseblfl, Calvary, and Evanston , ItSOp.m. £4op. n •rundayi excepted. iMondayt cxccpted- tSaisioayz cxrrptad. KUbiaax cxjttsal aanffioan—*tkio« jtzros.aoo* or mi Kint. Monies Express....;... •kncta. *845 p.n. I»sr Express *7:00 a.ta. *itaXi p. rz. Evening Express S&SU p. ta.«*U; Lp. a. Night Express £*&4sp.&. s cutcxiiNAzz aim msu, *ominc Express •7;flf& ta. •tirr.Sa.c.. Sight Etprce-.... WtCCp. n. *11:0.p. a aiCHtSAM A3JV AC» «OOl> U>s—Di pot cosaxa tax Arms *.«> easssas mxsn. XOLZIK) UHE. X.II U.tta K<• n ••USSjLUL. *t;ssp.n Day j£sprv«. *':OC a. id. p. c New York Expwei 2: 5 p. a. tlsob o, c Nisb'Bsprtfs p. n. niKi c OKFOt? ICTS. Will •*«**■ *r_ tf.'Oi • m •4:45 a. a. tfcfcu A a Night Expreai. Jiccuu p. m. *a;sa p. o. WTISBCWE, kOhS WalSi AM> CSICAbO. Mail •uaOa.ta. ftw ail. •:KUa. ea l±M»a. m. 1:15 p. c. 7:10 p. c Express... Fast Line. Sxpresf.V.*.'*i’0:00 d. e- liiCOp. r njjaoa -ajn Day Passenger.....' *330 «.e. •litScp.xi. Night Passenger... UliOOp. n. *€:4sa. la., KwtiVafcee Hjde Park ana Oak Wood »&2t) 8. in. *l;Ui.c, •* •* “ ... *L=lohl. •ScSaa.E. “ “ M .... *&XIp.E. *l:sr-p. E. « 14 *• *bS o.m. *7:30 p.iß CHICAGO. BCBUSBTOH ATO CfOTCT. Day Exj>re*« and Ha 11... •asoa.nj. *9:00 p. a, GaJesbnrePaaaenger.. . *&COp.m. ••Laob. d. Airara **CO p, m, •'JHXfa.ta. Night Express JliW cld’ht t&so a. a. CfflCiM 45> B. LCCI9, Express snd Mail SOS*, a. 8:45 p. a, Nlch*. Express 9:15 p. a. B*so »,m Joliet and . Wilmington . Actomnodadon p. a. 9:43 a. m CHICAGO AND G&UI SASTSIOf—(IXXX gNCaXAC six lot)—xiivAtnnsi lirtßosa pxjot. cox. CAHALJJIP Kents STBXXZI. Day Expttts 6:30a.m. lft-5 p.n. NighlExprese. 2:00p.a, &S>p.Q« fob cmuxAfouSf lcuisiu.lx abp ctsosnati. Day Express 6:30 3. a. 10:55 p. a Night Express 9:00 p.B. fi:so a. a ColaalmaExpm*....... 0:30a.n. Itks3 p. a ** « ftoo p. a- 8:30 a. m. TjTKing Jtaa a. a. ftOO a. a. u w p. a £:W) t>. a, CHICAQO, bocx ttt xvn air ytcmcxtn.mur . Day ExpreaaandMiC... * *5-.30p. a. Night Express liOOp. c. *5:45 a. it. Jouet Accommodation.. 4:40p.m. *9:40 s. a. Express Freight, with passagcr car attacb'-d. vm leave pasfgDKx depot every Saturday ai p. m. for the West. The Joliet Accommodation cctnnrtt veLi sx< press Freight for Way Stations. •Sunday excepted, tMonday excepted, excepted. janiitKj gC II BUCK'S PULMONIC SYEUP, SEA-WEED TONIC, 3HAKDBABB PXIA3. THE HISTOBT OF DR. SCDENCTTS OTN CASS. AND HOW EKWAS CDEEDOFCOSSUM.-nONT^ Many years ago, while msding lu*phjiiie:pUL»l J had pro creased gradually iaio the last stare ol f ai> monary Consumption. All hopes of mr recovery be ing dissipated, I was advised by my phytlaas. Dr. Parish, to remove Into the country. isoor-stowc. IV. J, about nine miles distant, being mynvdv- nUce. I was tetnoved thither. occupying t«o lull cur, in me transition. ‘ My tatter and ail hli family had lived and died there—aid died of Pulmonary Cmsairr'ion. On my arrival atMooreatuwn Iwaa pot to bed.« beta 1 lay lor masyweels in what was deemeu a boedam coedition. Dr. Thornton, who had been my father's family pbyitctaa, andhad attended him in tua laat ill *«*»• was called to see me. He taoncattny care entire ly beyond the reach of n-ui accldel »***» I tnnat die, and gave me cne week so arrange my tempo ral aflahA In this apparently hopelroe emd'tlonl hearcol tneremeclrewhichlsowtuakeand led. It seems to me that I could lee! item woitltg their way, and^ penetrating every cervr, fibre and uameofmy My megs acd liver put on a new vaoc. ard the more }i'}3f ua A\^ hlctx h3r *"-*** «cuinuU;ed and irrt tat« tus different organs of the body, w m eliminated; the tube rev* on my lung* ripened, sud I expectorated ffetn my lungs as much aa a pint ct yellow offeaMee Aa this cxpotioraUon of mat ter sn balded, the lever abated, the pain left ma tb* cmigh ceu-r-i to harass me, and the excaustingmgkt 5? i oi^ r “wt. and I had refreshing which 1 hadTcag be«mastranger. MyaopS began to return, and a? cult to restrain mvsell from eating too raoeuT WHk t~l3 retsrn cl health l gaUtd in strength, and tow aa now * healthy man, who a targe ueaioft cicatrix is the middle lob- of the right lung sad thS T IUI pleura. lsauunc.and cnn*-etn>-i» at* the right one u in a tolerably healthy coudiuna. Co&auinpacn at that time was thought to be an. lucnrahiedlsearc by every cue, phy»ldass aa weU as those who were unlearned la meaiens—espeoahw such cates aa were reduced to the coadioonl niS pia lacneed many peepie to beheve ay reccverr >»>» temporary, l cow prepared aaa cave medicines la oonaumpttvca ftr tome tune, asd eu, wonde*. deataad increased sorapiaty that I “ cflir toe:a w ta « pnblh'. and denote my undivided attention to Intg diseases, la tmta. I was forced to it, Lr pecyle would scud forme, S near, to aacertam whether their cases were Uka with my prtaetpal office In PBiuJelphia. 1 c boen niakineregalar orev HwSSiti* Xt> * NCTr Vo;k * »«*«. BiiacSre V-* o l^. Ar 7 Jt y t 1 h * Te as many as Ore bchdrtd exarnttauens weekly, with thd .. For »nch examinations my charge is five dollare. 5P d “/I?.* 6 . 1 ** nt *°s* Te Patient the true roS? gstVienf* di4c * le ' hisittaitiy a aeittt he win The gr«t reason why physicians do tot cure On- try todo tcomuoh; thry give eas?si , ?aEiS£ w » a “ ThetmaonleSyrnp Is oce cf lie cost valuable meoidsesknown, itUnuln*a:i.powerfailv tooiejmft heailng l°lt*elL It contains uo opium, yet lo sen* the phelgm In the bronchial tubes, and nature threw* It cS with little demon: one botti* fr-cumtlv cure* an or* dlnarycoid;. catlt will bew-Dant to tike a niteal Schenck s Mandrake Oils, to cl tan— the s:»uuch. The digested aad abeorted Into bioo<L to which It Imparts Its healtt e propcrtlw. It la one ol the b«t prerarattens of Iron fo n»c; vtua pow erful tcnlecrUeelt: andwheMbe Seaweed T;ulofC»- JS lv^.l^ e .? n S u l ? »*?ma.h. and l» carried off by the aid of the Mandrake Plus • bealtiy flow nf galtttro. jalcr, «ood appetli» and a good f.*Do«. Tbeieawevd Tome is a stimulant, ana ccuc oths I* required when It Is used. It I* pure acd ul-asMt* no bad effreu *lke when uimg DombnDWhi’kere wuici disorders the i tomact, torpors the liver. K«c£» on aS the seerettoos. two* the blood Is to water, drocsv *dx in. acd the pattern dlwsuddeuly. Bourbon whiskey tsreecmcesnrl now-a-lsy» hy al most ei cry physldau. Many pauccts who vl*lt my rooms, both male acd fciia.e, :ire itup>Hed xit*. El»° n -.The relief Is temporary, if they cougr, they It a little whiskey ; If they frel «'cik an 1 foehlr, thex take a Ultl? whiskey; it they cuauct »!e-p. they ate m little whiskey; and thee ro on In this uay.rviuinny more and more, until they are b oated ore a-,d tmaetae they are getting Ceshy. me liver aaTdK gesuve powers are complete;; destroy 'd, acd loro thttj appetite ter toou. Nootewu ever cured nf dosumn ticn by IhUprvcc*!. where iawd*i bare beca rormed. In the lungs. A little lUmulsst D ttequcctl' her eh oat to coLiurrpuves. auco as pure bra-cty or wises* Inmars casreLondnrporuror brown stunhln rale quantities but Pr.urbcn whlskaT hatteus on m steaa of curing cot*oa-pti^ti. The SEAtVEED TONIC pwuesa lasting retuita, tiorouchiy langorauug lh- af.-cich acd dlrcsam system, and etsbuug It to eliminate aaa rtaxe lute healiby tlooa iiefucd test may I—usol for trat pur pose. It Is so woudaßui It its feiiecta that a wine comb full a 111 direst a hearty meai, aaa a little ct it before breaklh-t will give a tone to the stomach which ftw medieicte p<-.iwf» the ct doing. The MASDHAEK mil h; is.-a with entire safely by all aces and, prodartu* all the Sued results that can be obtalnec tram caicmei or ans cf the mercurial tneclctuca. and without any ot thrtt tciuUl or Inlurtous results. They carrv cut cf the sys tem the feculent and woru-out matter* 1.-ojaied and dtre->lr\.ti ty mv Sea Tome and pu.mcnfo Sjrum. It will be scut that all three of cv cedlanca areneeo ed In meet cases to cure ccasumptltn. patlats can consult me profeußocall'-at my rooms, S 3 Bo&a-kt.,NewVcrv,every TUEsDaV. Iroia » m. Aliadvtcefreecfcesree; huttcratner tm*h examination with his P'ioboC the Pulmonic Syrup and beawrod Totlc. roch»i S» p« boiur, or |750 the half dorett; Mandrake PU-. F sene a box. feotdby untcglstsand d-aierr e'-rrwinw*. A full suppiv can alwaj* be obtain-- 4 at t!i nxji. S 3 New \orX. DEMAS BARNES ft CO- 31 Par»ro-r. Nev Vet*,. Uenerai Whol«»aie Agent*. jfnniimn riEMTURp." GEO, J. HENKEIS, LACY & Gft, 13rn and CnESTXUT-ars., PHILADELPHIA* We bare a ralteor Nice Books, Elegantly Carpeted And tarnished complete as PARLORS AND CHAMBERS. Ihtrchwcrt can see bow a aolte ot furniture will ap pear in Uinr house, and can from these rooms, make a letter selection than they can trom fanltun* promia rona'T pi *r«l in lorsc ware-rooma. Otopcssis j^otice. r , Crerpy Bocit, OG»»« B rE.jii,N.Y.,* 6cpTßtsn>lizxT POrncE, NoTemoerH) f Sealed bkpomUvUl be received tit lie office ol the Boptritto'dintol tn»* new House at Uraca*- borgb, N.l ..until 12 0 clock thea-h nsr clJanuary. l»t, tbrnimuhlng aodaelmrtDc dtirea-lra rtoaeilbr uie oubMie swne work of the bonding a->j»e tiesun l a»e. The stone required h for base nod Ws mnn«. window (tiler,lintels aid panels. lap'll mculJinsi •icMtoIU, corn’t e. blccktne coons, cno'tn aai bias <4 chimney tupi.asd also for ashiar. if«l for the Initxettof the Government to use ashlar In the place at pressed bride. Ary ijHtitt of whether granite, narhia cr sandstone. gnrUs. or any other, may he suriaW tied, but wkaterer kiid may te proposed, it moot boo: the nuwt dnrame quality, oi good color, fine grain. to rater, oertbctly on affected by treat and ca pable ol rtttirlu a One noisb. The aim < r the alee* required are various: thtlr dim visions mar be procured from drawings at the Sanenn denfs 7Le tout amount of <tt> menn.n Hones, tsetadvw ol the ashlar. win be aooot IWMJ cable Cett. Tf.e stone mas: bed'ilvered la the rough on me site ol me halloing, cr each place as may be designated by the Superintendent, .v.d petals mist be aaco b/ Uwcnbicfootol stone de-lve*- ed. Isrlmlve of all Ought, hauling. dc, Measurements to be c adc on delivery, by authorized agent* or the bapenntcccest. and ten per ceauot ail payments re tained nniL completion of lontracta. The nrunoeaia fnr aebiarmnst befl.r 4-toch and 3-lach asular. f>rtß» superficial foot ot each ttnd. * Samples cl tlx Inuea cube, «( the stenes to be furnliUd, mnst be snbmitted b toe Superintend ent before the opening ol lie prrposals. wlih to* t art on* style* of ending or ha-uaerteg csoj on the das* of stone, and property marked wnh the la-e cf the car- Ur* by whom snbmitted. w The w bo!e amount of the stock rennlro: to ho deilyw ertd by or before ice Irt cf June, t 60,. and tin delivery lor the lea cr courses ot »b>ne w_rk to beam tiyoroo lore Slay l»t, ISC*, lie Department reserves lie right tort[ectaryoralti:cpropo»iD, • All bids most be acrcmp«nlfd oy * bond cf trs r*. sponsible persors, In the sum of *3,000. list the bidder w 111 accept and perform the contract L awarded to b.m, the sufficiency rf lb« security to be certified by the C'checSor ol Inun al Revenue ol the District. Prrpcsalsrboald be endorsed for Dressed M:oe Wcrk,” and adarw.*ed to N. Etster t rook, EopertntcttCtst of Cmtom Hooee.Ocdensl arzh. 2*.Y. NATHAN EASTEKbBOOF,*^ I ICE OP THE SUPERINTEND- V/ ENT OF CONSTRUCTION OF THE U. 3- cocvn HOUSE. Springfield. Illinois, D-*. 10. UGS. Sealed propo-al* will be receive*} at the oflce of 6t>- peilnteadentof Unitaa Sum CcnrtHinse, ntsprtne fie.d. Illinois, until fil o’clock n„ December 3tuL tar cart-iron columns. pilasters, and thrir beds, caps, bed gates, Ac„ required fi>r me Springfield.lllinois, Court v-nee »nc Post once, now erecting. Drawing* of the work. shewing dimtnMon*. design and extent of it, n.»y bereen and-xvnUed tercstlr-atiDgattnyolßcew or by application at the Custom H nses at cnl'agm Uliscls, Cinclaratt, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Penimrama, and 6u Ismu. Mi-von. Tee pattersa fur capitate must beautmlttcd to the SaperU.ur.deat fcr approval l<etore casting, and beds and lone of columns and cll«- tenmnstb* planed true. All the casting* most be iccno, uf even thlcfcnem. sharp arrtssca a. J smootlt laces, ana itaeomaaeaUtlonmuit teef saponor finish. The prlce,inclu<in? freight and dc leery, most be gtvm In srrsa and the vco eof the wort most be la Sprtnrt. Id by cr before the Ist cl lurch, ISST. Rids most be acecmpanUd by a bond of two nation slble panlci. m the sum of fl.SOu.thst it« bidder wia the contract If awarded to bin. Lie* must b-addressed h* A. Schwarts, Superintend cut of the new Court Uocsc at Springfield. loiaci» ia4 mun be endorsed, “Propo*atsfbf iron Wtsc." A. SCHWARZ, Bapertn tender!. gtig yoticts f\BDiNANt£. tfnmi*, Tie city 1« rsnlcly extenilne amnarl bey ocd the old City and Catuolle Cemeteries. 1b the North Dlrlflon; Aod Wima*, Tbccoatioaanceorthe coMom ot u trrmeott in three cemetcrlM casonc <»n to Us prejudicial to the health ot the tlclulit, aa well as to Utep-cerai health of the city ot Chicago; Uiehfr tofr, u a unitary tceaaare. St ittrd'aueJ bg toe Common Councilqf tie dig at Chiengn; Sacrucc I. Tba» bereatfer It »ball be tEJasrfol Cjt any penon or ptnona to bury toy body or bodlm m rUber of tbecuseterieais the North l»lvU!oa CUy of Chicago, or vlihla the corporate Uiotu or laid city, or to depofit u; cadi body or bogles la uy xaalt Ui»»lJc«2ttCTle», or vlthio the »ia.»ta of bam my. tac.2. Any person who shall rlolito the prortifoas M Utlt ordinance shall be liable to a Uneof one hundred Joll&n Icr cacti ltd tvery iacti violation. Pic. 3. All ordinances or parts of ordinances hereto fore passed. wbtuU may be In coaCUct wub this ordi nance, are hereby repealed, tic. t. This trJlnaoce ihall be In fall force and effect from and alter it «pa«eareaed due pabUcmdon. Pa*cd.l>ec.£ , i,ti66. Approved, Dec. rt.Vvtf. J. B. lili’is, UITOTi AU«t; A. H.Bodkaj. City Coe. Proposals for an iron tdUGK. time* or the Boaed or Pernio Woxxs, > Coicaoo, Dactm*XT is. pcs. | Scaled proposals wid be received bytne bmM d PtoJe Worts. st Uitlr Office. anal 11a.m. Tceßdar, January Ut, tor t&e construction. compute and realy &,r n*e, cl an iron Uridae ovcrSorth Water -cv.t, sC 1U Intersection with North Weil* street. Bidden are Innted &> sa&z It th»lr own plan* ami speculations, s&bkct to the conditions stated below. Ice bndsesUi hare a span of elghtr (80) teet be> twero aUittr.eau., There will be tworoadway*, each twenty (tCifvctwhle xa the dear, ami two sidewalks tor t <-t travel, each eight fS! feet wile In the clear. The Coot beams wM boot I beam Iron, say aeven (7) tttfce* wide, placed two(ljI«t anart Comccatreto etnUe, The hand-mitae win be of cast lxoo,Ocee patten, Cve (2) lacfae* Wide, and the balosters will bo <jl wronsht Iron, one a> inch *qaare. hxlt, ol wrouehC Iren, one ar.d c no-half (IST Inches square, will oe pine* d «ktt (8) r-et apart, wherever these posis come (hefloor beams will project ocUJJe of the sidewals two (3) feet, to afford oppcrtunlty tor brucine the poata tecureiy. Ttw cruise must saptrrt with safvt* the veisbt ot one hn'Crcd and twenty .five (IS) poona* to each eaptrCclal loot of the floor Bart ice ol ths road, way. in acdltlon to the welcbt eftbe stro.tare UsclC i he bridre nnd be planned la rach a in inner sad witti sect dlmeoMon. that (he tensile strain on the wrought iror pMrts stall not exceed st the rats of ten tnonaial (ir.OCPj pounds ptw square Inch mulct the effect of the traxltnnn: load. IVM. Frot f+als P ar« aid ipedUcatJoae are also lOTital l >r>u<l brtder,b-itit a« above.exc»pilar that m tee centre the bridge «hai! he supports! try iron columns r;stirsm atone toundari-'iia Intheitreet the colour i b'lne capped by an iron sirder nmnlcg eroaa wlseol thebrtdce. _ . . . Pn>po6&.» nm«l be acdr**aicd t>the Board ot Public Wort*, endorsed “ Proposal f?r Inn Brtcre,” sad be accoicp-iu'td with the uroa «?M bead, wlta aoreUca, tobt aprtovedhy tfc? Board. . _ ... _ The Board reserve the rizbt to WToldnot In accordance with the conuuicns cf thUa.vertuetasst, or to reject Ml bids, and ni proposal will beaecegted unless die ~rty c?enn; U ahaU erre eri:cnw uud» •cry to thelioard that he ha* ih- cectasary »kUL expe rience. energy asil ability for doing the work. Is trut> wormy, ana has stuQclent pecuaM^ u J. Board of PBbOO Wortt. (£'nrijs. TVLAIR & JESTERSC:,', - MERCHANTS, OFFICE. 501 F^O.VT-ST.. Jir.i«ns,T3!.va Literal cash advstcesctti madr on tenifgsncnta. EsT, HATTED A CO, WSslesale Csnmmtloa. STtrchantl, T>7o» 50 Between Fand GHU.) PEXYKn. CCT^fcAiJU, tSressed hogs i i.KK-nT lists Fnisiaul cr.UL v*rof nt returns made. 8.»>l-.i.4d. " ot * P wwminNP A CO, Goal Cm*: V-rehtA. bJ Waihinetva-.L, Chicago, IU.