Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 31, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 31, 1866 Page 4
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\ “~'€i)icaga tribune. MONDAY, DECEMBER SI. 1400. THE CITY. Th* Peer Omci will open on Now Tear’* Day at 6 o'clock, and close at 10 for tbe day. Arorxos Ctru.—A. meeting of tbe Club will be held a Parlor No. l.Tromont House, on Monday evening, Slst letter Hoax ores for the enforcement of tbe game law wtu be taken, and officers elected lor t&c coming yaar. Ajtothxu Bmrrx,—At tbe Police Coirt on Sat urday aliensocn, for getting drunk seven day* ont of Use week and bestmg hi* wife at intervals, as her cotetltution would bear tbe Infliction, Frederick Pcntxen was fined $35. Accsssserro Jczxts Uncx-ioxn.—Hon, Tppmu Drummond, of tbe United Sts lea Court, gpralnad Lis ankle »o severely on the evening of Triday that be was unable to be la attendance upon Court on Saturday. Pxofektt Rzootxbzd.—Samuel Daly was ar rested Saturday morning charged with appropri ating a roll of abont 800 yards of canvas which was loet trom one of tbe wagons of tbe Fire Do pertinent about three months ago. Daly had sold tbe property for sls, Tux Aswtux Bau. and exhibition drill of the Ellsworth Zouaves, will be given at the Newhall Bouse. Milwaukee, on the evening of January Bth. Milwaukee la reported a* very enlhnsiasdc on the snlijtct, and her prominent citizens pro pose 10 rive the Zouaves a grand reception. Hall road tickets «111 be sold for half fire. Baku Taianos.—The hank officers connected with the Clearing Eouseheld a meeting there on Saturday afternoon to discuss tbe matter of the taxation of bank Irenes by the Stale tad to devise some method of relief. A recent decision of die New York Supreme Court that St&to taxation of National Banks U urconsUiutional, has led to tbe inquiry if some action should not be taken In the Wtat to ascertain the law on the subject. A Skbiocb Cuabgx.—Thomas C. Spedcn, a po liceman, was examined before Justice Qulnu yes terday afternoon, charged with areaulting Michael McQuaid, of No. 133 North Water street, with a daegeiocs weapon, and with making an assault, with :nt> nt to commit rape, upon the person of Mrs. McQuaid. He was bound over till Monday more lag, at 10 o'clock, for farther examination. Tnr I,*iTfK Camtxus, who have served the public so faithfully since the last New Year, have Issued a New Year's Address, and propose to dis tribute It along their different beat* on ftnesday morning. They refer quite happily to tbclr la bors during the la*i twelve months, promise to b* as faithful lu '(u a* in *66, wish every one a happy New Year, express their hopes that they may be received “with a friendly smile” and dismissed “ with nn extra stamp.” To aU of which wo give a beany cndoteeaenL A(san.T axw Robbxjxt.—About six o'clock on Saturday evening a young lad, named SteU, em ployed In Ffeld, Palmer £ liter's store, lake street, was proceeding homeward in company with a young companion, when they were sud denly assaulted by a couple of ruffians while pass- Irg the lumber yard near Canal street. One of the ro'btrs held one lad while the other “went through” Steft. and relieved' him of a watch ana chain. Tbe fellows both made their escape be fore the police arrived. ; A Fonrouso.—About eleven o'clock last night Officer Prince found on the steps of No. 109 Ad ams street, a female Infant, apparently only twenty-four hours old, which had been left there by Its noualmal parent—to be picked nn by a stranger or to perim In the cold, as It coo'd not have survived lotxr lu tbe Niter night air. The U>tle waif was taken to the Armory and commit ted to >he care of Mrs. Gates, who lives near, and Is new doing well. Tbe impulse of sham: and desperation must have been strong to render a woman so lost to the feeling cf natural affection as to cast a*ay a helpless babe like (his. Tnx Tapmso.—On Friday afternoon, John Fcharcie became thinly and vlsl'cd the saloon of Louis Dnnnctburg, at No. hit Milwaukee avenue, osler.Mt»ly to get a glass of beer. After getting hts beer another hind of thtrst began to grownpon him, ai d it became so strong tbit he could not mist the temptation to indulge It. In the mo- absence of the proprietor, John reached «Cr©s£i.hc counter. It is alleged, and abstracted (15 trols.tbe drawer. The theft was shortly after wards discovered, and Fcbacnle was arrtsteo. At . <he Police Court Saturday morning he was com mitted formal in ball of SSOO. The Ex-rduontax Asanr.—Mention was made In three columns about fi-e weeks ago of tbs ar rtrf oi Hcary Smith, who, the time, had been on the police force about a week, upon the charge of bigamy. He compromised the matter in some manner, and his first wife returned home to New York dry. After a few day* Brallh followed, and. It appear?, again gained tbe confidence of Mrs. Smith to the extent of getting from her faO in money, with which he retained to Chicago. He was arrested last week for the larceny of sC*i, and on Saturday was held for further crimination at the Police Court oo Monday afternoon In ball ofsi,uc. The HcTcncrsoji Faintr—tnbe of John—whose deilghtfol concerts in ibis city have been patron ixed by tbe most respectable classes, have made arrangements to sing during the coming weeks as follows: Wonder. December SI, In. the afternoon, for the Edom School, and In tbe evening at the Ninth Presbyterian Chord*. Tuesday, Jaanaryl, York* ville; Wccctsday, January 2, Batavia; Thursday, Sandwich; Friday,Amboy; Saturday, Princeton; I January 7. Peoria; January 8, Pekin; January a, Galeehnnr; January 10, Monmouth. Thence through-lows and Hamas. Wco Wakts It !—Among tho orphans at the Orphan Asylum is a vcee bit of a feminine thing about seven months old. with the bluest pair of eyes imaginable, and a month so small and pretty as to invite kieses from all who come within its influence. Tbe mother of this little unfortunate, a respectable widow, died several weeks ago of cholera, and upon her death tho babe was taken in charge by the kind ladles who manage the af fair* of the Asylum. Tbe Matron sod her assist ants “thick the world and all" of it, but we pre sume they and the officers of the Asylum would permti it to be adopted into the right kind ot a family. la very many dwellings in which this item will be read, are little vacant chairs and lonely hearthstone*. Some of tbva were never lighted up with a prmUler’e emlle; and in others, the light which fbonesw brighljf for a brief pc :iod, has gone completely out. The Inmates of such a would receive such benefit from tbe tittle moml of humanity for whose good this i>es Ip written. Again we ask. who wants U ? A Lts.-ok roßlAarcna.—lt occaeionslly hap pens that when a thief is examined in (he Police Court, charged with taking an overcoat from an entry, ora lot o! underwear from a clothes line, hetaaskedby JurticoMUlikcnor Justice Sturte vaut why he prefers stealing to manual labor. The ana* er generally is that the prisoner can find no work fodo, and is obliged to resort to petty larceny icr a menu* of subsistence. If thl-vesof tel* calibre—and, indeed, loafer* tn general, who fpred a ‘ great deal more than they earn— would visit- the Soldiers’ Homo, and take note of the industry br a wounded soldier named Edward- McGcny, they would, providing they have any * idea ot shame leti in tbelr usele#* bodies, be toor* oegh'** disgusted with themselves and the tits- rr a\ way in which (bey manage to exist. poor soldier lost both of his lees and hi* left arm in the war, hot instead o! sluing or lying all dav, and moping over his importunes, he keeps’ Vusily at work, and cithers | n many a “ stump " lu rctnrn for the pretty mats and tidies which he never tire* of making. Some of his pat terns arc really beautiful, and when b: Invents coca little prettier - than usual, he lake* extraor dinary pains to make the workmanship equal the doirn. We rentalc tbc assertion that be would cam his lines in any Christian country, even If be vcrc dcpiived of the home in which be Is bo kindly cart d for. In consequence of the influence wic.dcd by red tape and eeallug-wax, be has not becu pensioned; not he seems to csro very little about the 823 per month which be is endued to, tbcnnh it is to nt* presumed that he will welcome tlx flirt payment cordially, and have pleasant as* tlclpaticne regarding those which are to come. ABCSh QBKTS. The weather has bomt so brirbt, sunshiny and clierrful all the week, that albeit it Is rather a threadbare topic, wc cannot help referring to it with a sentiment of gratitude. Pine weather Is welcome si any season. It Is doubly so during thcbolJdsva. clear, laughing blue skies, nnd eti'eu as i ard as adamant, singing with the tramp of horses' feet, look so like Chrls'ms*. Wc could bsv- wtiht *■ that the scow bsd been at least two Inches deep on Hie ground, to bear the oerrv sound oi the elHgh bells, suggestive above all other sounds of jollity. However, as the last mow storm broke down so suddenly into slopplsrss . and ' slush, wo almost fear to wish for ary mom -of tt The fun at the skating parks has bceucnlntorapled since last Sunday, and the rapidly growing pas sion for this species of amusement has considera bly emptied the theatres. The opera season, a sketch Of which win be found in the Inside, has been moderately success* ful. Ttc matlucc on Faturdav drew a full house. The programme for this week Is Fhrorifd, for mru £ircr,i % and fra jHatolo. McVickeu** Tmurnn.—The benefits at this thesire during tho week have been threotin imn bcr. and iwo more are announced as yet Co corns. On s-atnrdsy, Mr. Beck was tie htnrfldary, and the bonse was crowded to -wit ness onr old favorite. John Dillon, in bi- icli.iiitble impereonaHon of ‘“Biles.” Dillon Isqnllcs* irrv>i:tible as ever. He was heartily welcomed by the audience on this oets-lon olbU Tcappearaotc. tad he played Biles with all his ac enruraed drollery. Mr. Dillon will appear at McVlctvr'a on New Year's afternoon and evening in some nf Li* favorite roles. Mondav evening Mr. llirry Hudson takes a bentfit. when the play of*‘Falnl Heari Never Won Fair Lady” and “Artist and Actress” will l»c reo riented. - la the tamer piece >Uss Gertrude Dopeelt, wti created such a favorable impression r»«t Monday, by her rendition of “EMra.” will Next Fslnrdsv evening Mr. Waldron, lha lead ing »»n at this‘theatre, become* Ihe beneficiary, on which occasion “Othello” will be produced, jjr. Monroe, whose histrionic abilities are wall known to many of our clticoas. has volunteered to from bb retirement and enact the part ofia-o. Miss Uoggctt will tske Destfemoaa. wtjsr*.—n.c cxlrarsgaort o f “Fortanlo - ha* met wlih a success not inferior to that ot the Invisible Prince. U is brought oat at great cx per.-t and with good taste, and its absurdities --irhllv beep the spectators in roars of merriment I ortcnln ir good tor another week, at least. TFeatem Patent*. The foDcvnng patent* were Issued from the Uniu-d tlates Patent Office for Iho week ending December IS. 15CT S ». reported by Q. Iu Chapin, Patewt Solicitor, Chicago: Homing Fluid—W. Racers, Chicago. HI. now—J. W. Bartlett. Otter Creek. HI. Cheese and Beer Cooler—B. Eider. Springfield. ««54 Tubing—Jf. H. Bhcrbnrn. Elgin. 111. ‘ Coro Planter—A. Wlndcck, Peoila, 111. £a*h Fastener—D.S. Dyers, Pekin. ID, __ . Combined Roller and Harrow —O. n. wood* n£ Jcrsyvnic, 111. __ „ . _ . Sawing Machine—W. H. Stewart, Logansport, Tcnaspttrc—E. Root, Indianapolis, Ind- Rotary Steam Valrc-J. U Mackey, Seymore, Trap-»T. N. Davef, JeSersonville, Ind. Compoona for Cure Disease of Hoga—D. W. Stowe, Thomloan. lod. _ . _ . Fan Brash and Eack-B. Foalson, Fort Wayne, '“‘^Carßfake—A. Hielcr. South Bend, Ind. Car Coupling—E. Cole. Detroit. Mich. Wood TnrnhJE Lathe—M. Spindle. DelrotUMlch. Washing Machine—J. Ballard. Almonk Mich. Water and Steam Separator—B. C. Brlatol, St. Clair, M««b. ... Rock Drill—C. D. Foot,' Fond da lac, Wu. Potato Digger—C- B. Cannon. Keokuk, lows. TrtUu for Crape Vines—B. Elliot, Cedar Falla, lowa. llrhteclcg the Tliee of Wheels—T. Morse. Mil waukee. wis. pnrop—M- B. Wlnsbip, Racine, Wis. Dreeeb-Loadmg Fire Ann—3'. Yates, Milwau kee, Wi*. Combined Blackleg Broth and Box—F. Hatch, laCiorw. Wia. Potato Digger—A. Gilmore, Fort Atkinson, WU. Heat Radiator for Store Pipes—H. Detwl'.er, Milwaukee. Wis. Combired (<ang Plow and Cultivator—'W. St. gohn.Su lAini*, Mo. VcrtCailngFan for Gas Burner—H. Sek«r, St. loots. Mo. ihocm Head—W. P. Brooks, Fainnonnt, Minn. CHICAGO IN 1866. Our Public Impi oremenbi— Buildings Erected During the Year—Material and Labor. Municipal Works—Water Supply —The Lake Tnnnel and Water Works How Much We Use. Hirer and Harbor —Drainage—The Illinois Canal—The - Parks Paring: and Lighting:. In its exterior aspect the dty. of Chicago has grown wonderfully daring the twelve months, but a tnr hours of which are now all that are left of the year IBCC. Its growth has been even greater than that of theflrst period of Its giant existence, when It sprung up with mushroom rspldily, but oaken texture, from the wild prairtea. If we seek, however, for a parallel is tbe vegetable kingdom we shall find It m neither of these, hut inj.the banyan tree whose Increase each y< ar Is greater than that of the preceding, and tbe enlargement of whose trunk Bhd filling in of Ua blanches is coeval with a sending down of shoots which In tbclr turn become mighty units in the magnificat associate tree system—a forest In itself—a genuine vmis In jifuHtas. We need not compare the Chicago of 10-day with the cite of tblrty-slx years ago, when tbe Indian was monarch of an he surveyed, to dis cover signs of growth; we need not even look back ten yean or four. It la a very difficult mat ter to Institute a comparison between the Chica go of twelve months ago and to-day, so rapid has been the development, so wonderful the change. A photograph of the city of a year since would answer ior to-day only in certain grand generals —the tame street lines, tbe same hotels and Court House, in much of the remainder, both above and below pound, a efiango radical and almost startling has been effected. The following is a bnef abstract of what has been done for the city of Chicago during 1806 m «a exterior phase of growth, by Individuals and by the corporation, in, upon ana under the sur face of the broad expanse of territory of twenty four equate miles, which, though vast la extant, la but as ihe central banana stem,alrcady surrounded ty scores ot le-ser but tbrivirg masses of swarm ing humanity. The exhibit Is one of which we msy «ell feel proud; the comparison between the Chi cage of twelve months ago acd now, for which tbe material is here furnished, will, in this In stance at least, fall to he odious. BUILDINGS. reliable estimates show that, during ihe year 16E6, nine Ihoneard bnildlncs have been esm metced or completed tn Chicago, Indicating a growth lK)th ULpreccdcnted and remarkable. The character of the structure* comprise all varieties, from the bumble cortege, bail 1 by Its owner in as economical a manner as possible, cosling SIOO or fSOC,Ep to the splendid matbie-front rejldence. ihrlomento business block and the great public balls, costing their hundreds of thousands The total cost of new building! and Improvements to old buildings maybe reasonably estimated at icn millions of dollars, a sum (ulßcieot 10 build a handsome dty for thirty thousand Inhabitant*. While, aa might be expected from tola rapid growth, icsplicd by ihe pressing necessity fur In creased accommodations, tbe metier part of the buildings, especially the dwellings, arc of a cheap class, yet many hundreds, perhaps 11 should be raid thousands are of a costly, permanent and on omental character, and the proportion of this hind is steadily increasing. cncßcnsa. Xh« following named cnnrches and chapels Lave been commerced, nearly finished, or com pleted, during the rear: Croce Mcitodiet Episcopal, on corner of North IxhsJje elicet and Chicago avenue, to coat Olivet Presbyterian, comer of Wabash avenne and Fourteenth street; cost, 145,000. Centenary Methodist Episcopal, Monroe street, betwee n Morgan and Aberdeen; cost, (20.000. Plyinouih Congregtaonai, comer of Wabash avcncc and Eldriogo court; cost, $30,000, St. Mark’s Episcopal, comer of Public square and Cctsage Grave avenue: cost, $3,000. New England Congrrgallon* 1, comer of North Dearborn and White streets; cost, probably aome First Baptist Church, Wabash avenne, south of Hubbard court: corn $150,000. Tkbtn-aclc Coßgicgatloaah comer of West In diana sc cl Morgan streets. Cuat,sl7,UJo. Niclb iheabjicrlan, corner of hills street and Wnbpar.feb avenuu. Cost, $5,000. tlgbiLi Presbyterian, ccmer of West Washing u-.n ard Holey streets. Coat, $25,000. Union Park Baptist, comer of West Washington end Paulina streets. Second Gorman Baptist, comer of Chicago ave nue aud Chase street. * Iblrd United Presbyterian, Superior street, be uvieu Wells and Franklin. St. Lake's Episcopal, comer of Wabash avenue rad Sixteenth street. Atonement Episcopal, Robey street, between WaeMtitlon street and Park avenue. Norwegian Lutheran, Chase street, north of Chicago aienuc. New Jerusalem, comer of Kankakee avenue and Thirty-third street. MoscicTWlsalon Chapel. Fourth avenue, aonth of Taylor street. Cost, $11,0U). Pzairte Mission Chapek comer of Haxwell and Newberry streets. Cost. SIO,OOO, Rolling Milt Mission chapd, near Ward’s Roll ing Mill. Cost, (4,000. Olivet Baptist (colored) Fourth avenue, sear Tyler street- Coal, $12,000. Christ Episcopal, comer Michigan avenue and Twenty-fourth street. First Presbyterian, a chapel and Sabbath School rooms tor tola church, ou Congress street, near Wabash avenue. Coat, $15,000. Free Will Baptist, corner of Jackson and Peoria etrerts. Coat, f»',tM). Plans have been made for the following: Unity Church, corner of Chicago avenue and North Dearborn street. To cost $125,009. Boman Catholic, on Archer road. To cost Ibe following churches and mission chapels have been remodelled. Improved or enlarged: Seventh Presbyterian, corner of and Harrison sited*. South Presbyterian, corner of Wabash avenue and Congretß street. Fullenon Avenue Pretbylcrlsn, Fullerton ave nue, west or tla-k street. nn Park Congregational, comer of Reuben r'ett Washington streets. Utrnt and Wi mnel Lutheran, corner of Taylor and streets. Imnu Bronx First Presbyterian, Wabash avenue, comer of Congices street, tower added. M. iT-seph’s Catholic, come; of Cross street and Chicago avenne. Foster Mission Chapel, No. 512 South Jefferson, street. -y; Chicago Avenue MU*lon Chapel, comer of Chase' elreet. Erie Street Mission Chapel, between Wells and Ftauklin streets. v UecspUulatlon— Twcr.ty-lour cow churches, cost ab0ut,....5700,000 i wo cautchc* projected ItS,O*K) ics chnrehes repaued, perhaps 53,009 Total. Five nubile school buildings hare been erected In this city timing the year, as follows: The Wells School. This large and handsome edifice was completed in September lait, for School Huirict No. 12. at a cos*, including font* lore. 0f?43,'i00. It is* located on the corner of Ueuben anti Cornelia streets, and Is built of brick, four siotlcs bleb. A frame school bonse, two stories high, on cor* ncr of 1-akc and Elisabeth streets. Cost, f12.U00. Tbc others, of similar description and cost, located respectively on the comer of John and Walsh streets, on Hinsdale near Market street, and on Douglas arenne. Two Catholic school buildings of brick hare also been commenced or completed: one on the comer of Van Boren street and Fourth avenue. fonr storie* high ami coning $50,000; the other on North Franklin rtreet. In the Fourth Ward, tiro stories high, with basement, and costing $15,000. Besides these seven there may have been some private schools built' *oe total value of those enumerated is sl£t> ft 0. mus akd •"rnxu renue Bcmniscs. The principal y»v idle hall creeled during the reir is that contained in the luuldmg ot the Young Men's Christian A "vdalkm on Mao Ison street, between Clark and l -aSallc. which Is to be com* pitted In the spring, will cmtaln two tiers of gul let Ics and wU be capable of seating three thon ♦epd reopte. This will partially supply a groat v . it in this city for a ball for concerts, lectures m.a erUl'lflcns, cot so large or costly as the Opera House, but much more spacious than any other piece now existing. The Music Ball of the Opera Eonse Is math too smvli, il o old Board of Trade hall on South Water street In unpleasant and badly located, the Turner Hall on the North shle not aur- Cci ntly central, and though there are others of ruoderatc caraqty,lhero Is Mill room for more. It i« stated tnalT.B. Bryan, Esq.. Intends even tually to erect a splenuid block, containing a spa cions ball, on the lota which he ba« purchased on Handolph street. Immediately went of the Sher man noose. This is a very central and conspicu ous location, and a ball properly constructed (here would be largely patronised. Of private hall* built tbln year, the principal are the Ma-onlc Ball on 1a Salle street, lor Oriental Lodge, No. 31F. dk A. il., the building containing which cost *106,000, and Biau-y Lodge, on Dearborn street, between lake and Randolph, which Is formed by addicgarother atory to Chittenden's Block, at a cost of Tbe following are some of Ibo principal cdl- Cces. to be used for various purposes, recently. erected or commerced: Anew theatre on Dearborn street, for Chadwick A Van Fleet, costing £4O,UXJ. To be completed about next June. - Tbe great Union Passenger Depot, of the Michi gan boßlhorn A Northern Indiana and the Chtca co, Rock Llat.d A Pacific Railroads, on Van Bu nn, bclwccn Giiswol.l and Sherman streets, will cos-StM.lXiO, and eclipse anything of the kind In lire Week lb- immense Freight House of the Michigan lonttern Railroad, south of the passenger depot. ct brick. toO feet long. The Cb'caro Tbco-oclcal Seminary Building, which Is desieord to coil $ lOO.iXM. The Hallway Stableaoi tho North Chicago City Hallway, on the come; of North Clark and Elm street*, coaling _ „ , Tbc Mcieamile Billtllrg, on I* Salle timet. op posite the Chamber or Commcre , of four etorlea, *>lth basement and narhic front, and costing <80,0(0.; 'ibe Historical Society*! Building, on the comer of North Stale and Ontario street*, will be ready for occupancy lu the apiing, and will cost $20,001. A Dutch Hcfonned Church, projected, to cost f3S.(CO.. . „ , TheZbologlcal Gardena and Circus for Yankee r.otitneois on the comer of stale and Washington itrteta, COflllcp JS,OOO. SniXIM SLOCKS. - Among Iht great cumber of substantial, eort’y cndhaafrome blocks creeled (or 4tore* and office*, a ten- ma* be mentioned. Ihe long Ust of build in <rs ©I all kinds publlshtd In the rmßCTt* of .S'oreuiber islb, contains the description of aU (bat sic mentioned In Hit* article, and man? uthets.- _ _ . The blocks of Messrs. Bowen Bros., and Messrs. McKey Bros., on tbc corner o: Wabash avenue and Randolph street, costing together Jk.s,«w. and co»*tlinting the most oxtenrive and elegant block of marble front wholeaal- • lores in the city. A block on the corner of Michigan avenue and lake street, owned b» Messrs. Bale A Aver. Hall, Efiubark A Co., and Washington smith, and coat log altogether tlTid**'- . A block for hotel and stores. on the corner of Canal and Randolph owned by Hmtj- U. H. Tale* and Barnes & Booth, costing f73,0C0. An office building on LaSalle street, near Madi son. for Dr. Bassett, ♦p.WO. , . . Two stores for Wm. Jones, on Randolph, be twei n LaSa’le and Wed* streets, rS,«Xh Two stores on South Water streeh between La- Salle and Wells, for B. F. sbermao, ?£>.«». A block of three wholesale stoies on coraerof Sot tb Water street and Michinn aTenaa. - Block, comet of Clark aad Madison eI South Water sheet. for W. S. G Block, on Slate rtrert, comer o« botntc«ntfc.fJ3.oCio., Jeegci’a Block, on Wabash avenue, near R*n dalrb street Ite Hat acd Crescest Mills, on West Rando'pb bt block of office*, comer of Madison and t-aballc streets, |35v900. . ■' _ A livery stable tor MOrtra. Wrtrtt Broe., comer 01 Slate acdKlnrie streets, !»,»». • - Additions to the Chicago-J-ead aodOil Works, comer ofChcton acd Fwira street*. f&jjjO. ?*A double ‘lore on Randolph, between Franklin and Market streets, t«,COO. . - Three Uick stores, comer of State etreet anc EluTtdsc conn, tti.cco. , A block commenced on comer of Madison ana PearboinsUcetß,|«,tOO. A brick More on State street, for Messrs. Bowen B A maroieTrent building, on WashingtonatmeU fox D. li,, i»i,CCO. , These ezatnMcewill be an(srlcrt to show the r'rovperity and progtesa «'hlcb is attending Ihe hnblr.r*s of the city. ttxarnzjrcxs. N«e«#liy, luxury and speculation hare com bined to produce the erection of a great variety of dwelling*, at all degtccs of expense. The Ini possibillt} whlcMhon* ami?- meet with of renting che p ard comfortable houses bare compelled the building of a large nunb r r of one story frame •truclurct- of an IncxpcnHre and somewhat tem porary character, at a cost of from SSOO, at which price the owner has general!*- done the moit of the labor hlmielf. to $1,500. Capitalists and y>ecultlore have also invested very largely in dwellings lomri, principally of the value of $3,000 or £4,000, aa this data giro a belter proportionate return In the investment thin tbe more cosily class. Then the rapidly Increasing wealth whlcn the general prosperity of the city has produced baa given thousands the ability to construct permanent and I as* left! house# for themselves, and so an Immense and constantly Increasing number of really costly and handsome dwellings hate gone op, varying In cost all the way dp to near tbe bandied thousands of dollars. But wh’le men of wealth can. and will continue to bmld to silt their own taste a-d ability, there Is edit need for a very Urge number of comfortable, respectable bouses, renting irom stoo to SI too per yesr, to accommodate those who have not the mean* or Inclination to build. Hundred* of such dwellings, pul up In pleasant and desirable locs- After, could be rented*! ooce, and made profitable Tarostmeniv. ■* A* a matter of Interest, a few of tbe better class ol residences erected duringlhe year will be hero enumerated: Marble front dwelling, for Wm. B. Keen, on Michigan avenue, $35,000. * A block of nx marble front residences on Michigan avenue, between Twentieth and Twen ty-first stivers, belli by Messrs. L. b, £ D. B. Gardiner, f ICO.OCO. A brick dwiling for Mrs. Hubbard, os corner of Wb'te usd North LaSalle streets, f23,fcn A suburban villa for F. B. Gardner, on the cor nu of Jackson and Mngamon streets, $50,000. A bouse for O. S.Wbeeloek, on Wabash avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets, |IS,(W). A block of three dwellings, on Wabash avenue* for A. Bigelow, SIB,OOO. A Nock lor Samuel Hale, West Washington street. S£kOOU, and one lor George Hale, 535,000. txrloS' “ 8 ,0r J ' y- Ba,: ' ATenne, A brick dwelling 00 Bsat« street, for C. A. Togul, f i7,ton. A block of three marble front dwellings on San gamon street, between Madison and Washington »«**»#, Is part of a grand design to cover a whole owe* at a cost, Induding ground, of nearly half a million of dollars. A bouse for R. W. Rathbone, $13,000. _Ahouse forW.Orer, on Pralrio avenue, nesr Twentieth street, $15,090. A house ford. M. Clark, on comer of Prxirit aveotu auo Twentieth street, iiyjoj. A house for 11. ti. Atutiu. on Fulton street. $15,000, and forC. C. Boning. sls/W. xmuiso xxTXuiai. axd canon. Tbe price of all Muds of materia) and labor con nected with bonding has continued to advance during the last year, although apparently suf ficiently high before, and this fact has undoubted ly caneed much contemplate! work to be post poned in bopo ol a decline. Common laborers, who, formerly were glad to gets dollar a day, nowicceu etwo del ate and a half. Carpenters and reason* sre paid from three and a hall to four and a half dollars a day, and stonecutters a* high as- five dollars (a day. Brick which, in IFdO, might have been bought' at $3.00 or f-UO per thousand, cold last fall aa nigh as S2O. and were scarce at that. Lumber which but year sold at from $5.00 to $3.00 per thousand, now co*ts from $30.00 to SIB.OO. Planonrg, which a abort ttmo ago cost twelve tenls a yard, now cost* forty cents. A similar in crease In oiher items might be stated. The long caclmecd rainy weather In the early fall Interfered very seriously wlln building opera tions, throwing mechanics acd laborers out of employment for a month or more, tatalng tbe price of material—especially of brick, as It prevents all work at the raids and made transportation trom I hem Impossible—ard dolajlrg Intended work ’bat with favorable wnatLer would hare been com pleted during tbe fall, hut will now be left until next eprirg. One architect alone estimates tbe amount ofhla work tn band which has been de ferred tor the c.*ason. at $150,000, which will give an idea of tbe grand total. The greater part of the buildings put up are of wood, but large mrra era hive been built of brick and marble. This last named material is obtained from two quarries at Athens, the only ones In tbe rotate. Jodet stone Is alto nred In large quiutilies for foundallors and wall work. Brick, during tbe fall, vu very scarce, as well as high, from the causes already staled. Lumber, though high, has been abundant, oar great fleets of crafts bringing the growth of the exhaavtless forests or Wiscon sin and Michigan constantly to our doors. tux rues or nxaipEncss. A house and lot may be bought a* low ns $1,500, these being small decent cottages near the ex tremities of the city. a plain two-story bouse tod lot wilhin a circuit of two miles can be found for (2,500. Forty uniform double houses, lust west of Ihe city limits, between Lake and Madison streets, threc-clonr, and of fine appearance, ate held at S),SUI to SI,OOO. A handsome two-story brick. In a good location, may be sold at SO,OOO, aud beyond that err desired price may be reached, np to the hutdruu thousand. ntai. varan. Under (be pressure of Increascjof population, as well no do'.’btto some exientfrom speculative in tentions on tbe part of laud owners, real estate of all kinds baa advanced greatly In price. In some cases doubling within ttao year. For tbe most part the advance la not Incompatible with the reasonable prospects of the city, and ievestmen's now made can hardly fall of being profitable In the end. Certain fashionable localities have In creased in value much more rapidly than others, the highest figures for building lota being reached on the four eastern avenues, and in the vicinity of Union Dark. On Michigan and Wabash avenues, as tar down aa Polk street, lots sell for about SIOO per foot, near Thirteenth street at $250, and ro down. In proportion to the distance, to s2r>, or (30. On the principal street* rnnnlng west from the river, ordinary lots a mile or two out average $55 per foot, though oo Washington street and the streets to tbe vicinity of Union Park, they sell at SIOO or more per foot. Near thellmlts of the city lo's can be fonnd at bom $9Ui and upwards. A fair lot in a desirable neighborhood, can be pnrehased for leas than S3WJ or SI,OOO, bnl of course prices vary accord ing to distance bom tbe Court House, location, etc. The total assessed valuation of the real estate of Chicago for 16GC, is as follows: South Division. West Divi-lon., North Division. Tout Btxrs: Tbe Increase in tbe price of rents has been greater than in building* and real estate. First class residences os the avenues rent for $2,000 and. npn ard. Frame homes in fashionable localities, within two mile*, rent as high as $1,200, and *3JO t* considered • reasonable tigore for a desirable dwelling. There Is a large class of cottages— comfortable homes tor small families— which rent mi from s4oo to S6OO, and small cottages near the city limit*, in ordinary localities, may he bad as lew as S2SJ and S3OO. The average rent paid by families in comfortable circumstances maybe, per haps, staled at SSOO. There is a great demand for a large number of dwelling* for the thousands of men who work on mod*; rale salaries, and a much better class ot houses might be built in tbe vicinity of ibe city limits which would rent as low as S2OO or SLCC. and yield a fair nroflt to the owners, besides beings great moral and oe -Canary benefit to a large class ot onr inhabitants. 'lt Is easy to bco that a bouse and lot worth $2,000. onglt sot to tent for sH>', and our capitalists -who wish to do a really benevolent thing, can And an opportunity in this w»y. Thus vacant and-nnntouuc'.ivc property would be improved, young nun who row lead dissolute lives would be induced to marry and make house* for them selves, and tbe general thrift aod prosperity of the city Increased. A. T. Stewart, me great mil lionaire of New York, after a life spent in accu mulating, without distinguishing himself for lib erality, ha- at la-t awakened to the desire of bene fiting others, and Is about to expend a million or so in house*, to be rented at a fair rate to proper tenant*. Some of our minor Stewarts might well imitate the example. rerun* Brnmcrcs. .$335,000 The prospect now is that a larger number of buildings will be ejected next year than ever bo* fore, anti also that they will Include a still greater proportion of permanent and valuable structures. Almost every man who has obtained a fair footing here in bmicess has found his trade increasing upon him constantly, beeping pace with the na tional demand* of the increasing population. and so the ncccH ity la constantly arising for palling flown and building grea’er, and Che ability and disposition increasing for greater and more expensive residences and places of bad* ness. Men do not stagnate here, and .very rarely do they retrograde in fortune, so that unless enforseen financial reverses occur we may expect a still greater and more gratifying progress in the building up of the city. A large number of plans arc already prepared in the offices of the difierent architects for costlr structures of various kinds, which will be com- ncnced as soon as the spring open*. Several fine churches are already projected, and a number o: school bonreS arc needed and talked of, wbUa a new and handsome theatre, many business blocks and countless dwellings ax eilherplanued or planning. Many miles of pavements, sewer are ard water pipes will be laid, many bniidlngs raised an>d Improved, and many now nnflnlsbcd ccmpletcd ana occupied. Wc may hope for great things in this new rear ISC7. - otm acntntns. “ trW» »bo plfrl« thp thf-atw* Af ImilnMt. It* While the city Is the theatre of business, Its necessary noire and bnirr are Incompatible will the qnict of home life, and so Hr den Urns laclli.e 9* ft: *8 tlicir occupations and means allow, to obtain residences remote from the roar of trade. So while business Is cen«tanuy crowding ont toward the cli» limits, homes arc np In the adjacent towns as retreats, at nightfall. for (he wearied laborer from the city. On all of the lines of railroads, which centre hero, are pretty snbnrbon Tillages, wlihln a circle of forty miles, which owe most of their growth and architectural beauty to the wealth of Chicago business men. who bare bntlt there their homes. Among these, may be mentioned Hvde Park, 5 miles distant, on the lUinots( Central Railroad; Evanston, Id miles; Winetka, 16 mile#; Glencoe, W miles: Highland I*artj_2S miles; Lake Forest, Ss mites, and Waukegan, SS mvles all on the Chicago A Milwaukee Railroad; Bar* lem. 9 miles; Collage Hill, 16 miles; Bab cock's Grove, 20 miles; Uanby, M miles: Woca* ton, 23 miles; Geneva,36 miles: Klein. <4miles, all on the Galcns Branch of the Chicago A North western Railroad. There arc also towns of In creasing beamy and Importance on the Wiscon sin Dmslcn of the Chicago A Northwestern, the ItaHtngioc A Quincy, Alton A Bt. Louis, and Rock Island Railroads, which contain many tlnr I ,_.jl resiliences, whose owner* do business In Cblczrv. To meUe these ple.t«ant retrsa's more available and nnmcroas use railroad companies should ran Inlf-hoarly or hourly train*, ail* dose In tbegieat European dtlee and in New York and Boston. On the Imudon, Chatham ± Dove? UaH road. Encland. three trains are ran into London between font and six o'clock every morning, for tbe convenience of those who work in Uwd J. nntrealde oat of loan. For ititsoai n t more th*n five or r is mDes out, a weekly ticket, enti tling ihe bolder to go In every tonminc,andre»ani every evening. costs one abiding (twenty-four cents,) *n average of two cenu for each loarney. On the Metropolitan Road, on which cam trains ace alio mn, ro weekly ticket* are tuned, hat the fare i« the Mine be the single tno, two cents. Snth Dequeues cheapness and rapidity of com munication would remove the Inconvenience of distance, and no donht additional facilities ot this kind wilibe given n« as the demand con tinues lomcreise, Then not only the po«*eswr of wealth hot Use man in moderate s‘reura»taitces can own his heanliful rural home, away from tbs emoke and dust and feverish burry ot ihc town, blessed with rurv air and pore water, and ear* rounded by the Iranquihains scene* of counter life. Ihns be will combine the advantages of the citv and the country and avoid many of the evils anil annoyances ot both. FCDUd VOUKB. The vest baa been rasrked bya great activity In the ImVroTcxent of the city. The great lake tun nel ba? been finished: the work on the Illinois Michigan Canal bas been earned forward with uicasnrabh* slowness; the cxcavnUon lor the Wa.htngton street tunnel ha* been commenced; several streets have he«*n filled and paved with wooden block pavement; in sewerage and drain see have exceeded the work ol ether rear*, aud have project ea still larger works forthe fu ture, tome ol which nuy be lapracdeablc, and others never carried out. ■wiTXK *rm.T. Eight miles Of water pipe, principally of four laches, hare been laid curing the year l?Ukata cost not vet to be ascertained, but a rate some nbnf exceeding that oflKw, when thirteen and a half miles were laid, the cost then being abont iL*3O per mile. Much of the pipe wus contracted for. aud peihap* a’l of iu dating the last mir, the price averaging J 65.50 per ton. The total length ol pipe i.o* !a»d Is about IS 1 * mllea. Ibe consumption of water In the city, drawn from the Water Works, has ransei dunog the ▼car at between tir and seven minions of f* l >cs ner day; affd iu this connection we maymcntlon ihe avcrsce consumption of «otno well-«nown ..obUc bmldlcfs of Ito ell?. Ite T.emonl Boum *iaa netd durlt" i!ic year loaverage .al.UX)gallons SSalife uon« the Aeams House SfX',oto galloss, and Cw Rich* ISSnd Sf«> b™««” S v « I> '* n J it s! cocmnisor).: till» ,»ed «>■ •«™e; •ut'Plv of TO'.rtt) gallons pet mouth, lUek * uuVisbnent ranging betw-cn seven and Blue hccd'co thousand per mon.h. autl • a-Ja brewery ccnsnmlnc at average o. j(*>,GOJ j. »Hoas month. Fln.i class house*, while they have been rennlng, have averaged to con tumc *jo.t«u per raonth. TXJt UKI TtIRNLL. ' The r-ieat la’ie tanuel. which was commenced March 'lllb. I*4. *** completed In November 1--. and cow forms a covered aqueiact two mile* Iu length, beneath the bed of ihe la*:c, for SefrJaxSon of pure wa cr through the count- lets uteri es of thU city, to supply the wants of otr Inhabitin'*. The contract price ofthli Croat undertaking was $715,139; and extra work bis bees allowed for to U>« amount of abont fcTD.O-W, including the change ordered by the Board of Public Works in the use of an Iron cylinder for the laud shaft. foe coot*act having I een u ndf upon the basts of brick work. The result of (bin increase of price has brea as Increased lmp«nceablhtr; a feature which liar also been added to Ihe crib, which by thl* eba j • ran now, if the necessity arise, bo emptied of h* atene contone without allowing the Ingress o( « ater tiesired to be excluded. The amount al lowed for extras Includes aho the chaice In IL'i manner of lining the tunnel. It was originally In tended to puddle a<.7 bolca teat might be made by the brick work, butnarirg to rlew a greater ao»!u --iry, the Board baa caused the apace over the arch o t the tunnel (o be filled tn with maseniy. It la estimated that there will bo an additional expendi ture upon this work of about (U.uO'J for tbe build in? ot the lighthouse at the eastern end, and the connection with the pumps and water-works at the wca cm end. Tbe contractors have drawn thus &r f.VM,4:-C.TI. in connection with this undertaking, the Board Is at prosed engaged in the work ofcrcctlng the new wster-worka themselves. Tbe main wail baa been completed. Of thla work, but few people have a comprehension. It was built upon the surface on a shoe made In two sections, sad form lag a circle. Tbe structure Is of brick, stone and iron, and ot tbe diameter of twcaty-flve feet, and of an equal depth. Its capacity belcg 7G,■MJ gallon*. This Immense structure being nearly completed, was stink into the earth, where it will remain as one of tbe permanent reservoir*, to be drawn upon In case of the necessity of shutting off the current supply at the tunnel's entrance la the lake. In this well and over U will be placed the ma chinery for pumping. This machinery. f* in Chicago, and Unas a capacity of eLgL'wi mil lions of gallons per day, natural. of these two tnglnee will be when compteieVrom $112,000 to $114,000. With these also will be The new engine bouse or tower, now in course of erec tion oitEile street, in the castellated gothic style, at a cost of IlGC^ind. In connection with all there a eeetmd well will be sunk early in tbe working svuiao. Jho size of this Is peitape hardly as yet determined upon, but It will bo an adjunct to the greater, with the same purpose to he subs erred. - cuomzso tux nrrm. During the year 18GS, two new bridges have becu erected la our dty, at a cost of about $23£00, under tbe superintendence of Mr. Thompson, of (bo department of Public Works. These were the bridge at Clerk street, costing f IG.OOfI, and that at North limited street, costing $7,59(1. The Madison street bridge underwent a thorough re pair during tbe same time at a coat of 13,000, It is cow under coatempladoD to add a viaduct of Iron over North Waler street, xt Its Intersection' with North Wells street. This bridge will bavgu span of eighty feet between abutments. Then nlll be two roadways, each twenty feet wide in the clear, and two rtdewalks for foot travel, each eight feet wide In the detr. The fiber beams will be of 1 beam iron, say seven laches wide, placed two feel apart trom centre to centre. The hand raillngovlll be of cast Iron, similar to tbe bridge over West Water street, on Madison street. The bridge to support with ssfety the weight of one honored siul twenty-five putmas to each super ficial toot of ihe floor surface of the roadway. Tbe chief differenctf made tn the conslrnction of. bridges this year, has been is adopting, on tbe Clark street bridge, iron chords and an Iron turn table. We have now tn the city, twenty-two bridges, built by the dty: four railroad bridges, ana three slip bridges. The first are located at ihe following streets and avenues: Rush, Sute, i lark, Welle, Lake, Randolph, Madison, Van Bur»o, Polk, Twelfth, Eight- enth, Rcuber, Falter, Archer road. Klnal 2, Indiana, Erie, Chicago avenue. North Hoisted,' North avenue and CTybourne avenue. Tbe railroad bridges arc located at Elnzie, north ol North street, Siefrartavenue and north of Clybourae avenue. Tbe slip bridges are over Ogden slip, on tbe Archer road; over Sciclon slough, and over Bralncrd's slip. Of these bridges tlx are firsts, (he balance be ing pivot bridges. One Is of Iron; the Clark' street bridge is of iron acd wood, and all save cne ate Howe's trusses. The expenditure ior repairs during the year has amounted to $15,010: for new bridges $33,500, and for k> eplng, watehlne, £c., $30,000. It mar be here also mentioned that in poses slon of tbe Board are plans for two new iron bndgee, designed soon to be erected on Twelfth street and on Chicago avenue wasmHoTos stuext tuwwet- Ta .a11.%'11 111. *tl4. Af IMV.I A ..i.. To relieve the tide of travel, a tunnel under the river nt Washington street was projected In 18<5. Subsequently, alter much delay aud do lit tle contention on the partofthe aldcrmaulc body, developing Itself in the passage of cue or two ordinances which met with vetoes, the location for such a work was selected at Washington airect, the necessaty expenditure provided for, and the contract let. Ibc works of the Washington street tunnel were commenced, and the first sod was (timed on Washington street. In the South Division, at a point thirty icet east of the cast dock lino of the Chicago River, on Tuesday, the second day of October, iSCti. On the eleventh day cf October, the ground was broken oo the north side of Wash ington street. In the West Division, at a point near the alley between Canal and Clmtoo streets. The contractors, Messrs. Btcwart & Ladlim, Contractor Etginecr, Mr. William TweeJdue, Foreman of laborers, Mr. D. C. Lace, and two laborers, being present. To the present time 6.U10 cable yards of earth have been excavated m Wtshlt.glon street, namely, 2,710 cubic yards in the Wen Division, and 5,201 cable yards In the south Division. About thirty feet east of me cast dock Hue the excavation has been made to the 101 l depth of thirty-three feat below city da/trm, being about forty feet below the present surface of tno street. Twenty-four piles bare been driven into the bed of tbe river, for ihe pur pose of forming a coffer dam, aud four piles are driven ol the length of forty-five feet on the north side of the qxcavatlon now being made cm East Washington street In the South Division. A large portion of tbe excavation which has been made In the Booth Division has been hauled up from the bottom of the cut by means of hoitling boxes and a steam engine of clghl-horte power. The earth taken out has been disposed of by the contractors of tbe tnnuel to the contractor* for forming and ending West Randolph street, on which It hu been employed. The contractor! bare lying on and adjacent to the work* upwards oNjo,ouo feet board meoanre of limber for piles, bracing and sheathing to bo employed In toe construction of the work, and haw from eighteen to twenty teams dally battling sand and dopoeltingthe some is convenient places lor the purpose cf making the cement mortar when the lime for commencing the masonry opens In the spring. | Vhework Is being unshed forward with energy and as rapidly as the weather will possibly admit, and it is the intention of tho contractors to con tinue driving the piles cither from the Ice os a louidation.or. If the river opeus, from the pile d> ivicc scow, so os to ensure the completion or the ctfler dam by early spring. The time for (be com pletion cf the entire work Is specified by the Board i f Public Worka to be March 1, 1908. sur cluxois a menial* ciKir sxmmoK. The wo’k upon the Illinois 6 Michigan Canal, for (he extension of its capacity, bis not during the year arrived at the successful result which was anticipated when the sorer*! cootracuira en tered nj on the prosecution of the labor of dredg ing, blasting and excavating. When oar river be came so impure that the people ware In arms— almost—to piocnro ■ purlflcaLon, the enlarge ment of the canal was a favorite scheme. Long after the lake tnnnel was a fact. In expectation, our citizens denonded that this canal be com pleted upon the plan originally adopted by tne Mate when in l£C Us construction was author ised. At the session ot the Legislature or iS'ij the work was *rt before our citlxens, to be per formed at their expense, the amount expended In deepening the summit division, to bs a vested liennixm the canal, with a preference of claim upon the part of the dlv, on the canal revenues. This acr received the elgnstdro of Oovernor Oglesby during the month ot February, and la the cucuing month the people of Cbicasowcre In fonnea that “In view ot all the beta, tho best plan for cleaning Chlravo River Is to cut down the summit of the canal so as to draw a suflkienl quantity of water through it from the lake to cre ate the necessary current in said river.” Armed with the power, the Committee on Fi nance, wt icb bad charge of the matter, on the 15th of May. iftiv presented an ordinance for the pro secution of the work. It empowered the Board of Public Works “to make any contract necessary .STT.-i60,007 . 90,-106,226 . 5,623,653 .$65,493,116 . carry Into effect such purpose.” This report jus pot before the public, by authority, m the Tmmui, and no rcmoastraacs was presented acaluet It. ihe project war soon lesalixed. and the deepening of the canal between ibe Bridge port lock and the lock this side of I.ockpO]t,a distance of tweniT-slx miles, was undertaken. On the 2d of September bids were received for the doing of the work, and contracts were exe cuted wim yox. Howard & Walker fox the con struction of sections Noe. I to 44, inclusive, of the canal in IU deepened form, at Ihe price of thirty three cents per cubic yard for the earth work, and two dollars per cubic yam for the rockexcava lloa; and with Ueasn. Sanser. Steele i Co. for the construction of sections Nos. 45 to M, Inclu sive, (section? of rock excavation exclusively) at the price of one dollar sixty-four and three fourths cents per coble yard for the rock work. These two contracts covered the .whole work. The time stipulated by Sanger, Steele £ Co. for the completion of their contract, was April Ist, ISCS.ano by Fox, Howard A Walker, September Ist, ISCB. Tbc parties entered npon their contracts, but Messrs. Fox. Howard & Walker «ome time since decided to abandon the sections from 15 to SS, and the work on these is not now in progress. Upon *the others. 1 to 1C inclusive, audSS to 4-1 luclc* rive, a fair average of labor bas been performed. TTpon tfao*c on which the contract was forfeited the Board professed to continue the work, but the Connell refused consent to the city becoming Ua own contractor at toe cost of unlimited expendi tures. The work, too, upon the rock sections 45 to *2, Is now almost thrown up. The contractors bare asked the loan of fSo.OOo as a pre-reqalsite to their continuance of labor. The basis oi their almost cessation of work ts the hu that the con tractors in both eases made bids which were known by practical men to bo at figure »too low when tbewoik was undertaken. The Board of Public Works will, under the Inst rnction of (he Council, soon again present the work to compe tition, and It Is trusted that Its completion will not materially be retarded. Tbe original contracts provided for the comple tion of the work at a cost of ti.mooo. Tbe pre vious cstimateof the Board of Canal Commission «ra was about two millions. the Hannon. Nothing has >ecn done toward improving the liaibor during the past year. The north channel UUn- np but slowly, U will require dredging this rear. It U understood that an effort will be made •>l>eedUv to procure an ordinance for widening the nver to ammimura of two hundred feet through- oat nearly the whole of ila entire length. DOUSAQK. The wotk ol draining the citv has been pa*bed «Ub considerable encrrT coder thernleot Jar. W. IT. Clark, tftiaeer in charge of sewerage. We have added nearly nine milts of public se«er ace. In addltloc to the lartre somber of private s«wete put to by property o tiers baring respect to thi present aod prospective raise of their real estate. The tallowing t« a statement of the sew ers built daring the year: ei>*th ZHtirici. State street. fromTwdtty-toarth street to Twenty-sixta street 5 1,317 Twu.lj-slxth street, from Sta« street , to ifidiint tTCtint 4 1,831 Twenty-sixth street, from Indian* are* nne to Calomel avenae 8 877 icdt&s* avenae, from Twenty-second street U> Twenty-third street. 24 . Sri Indiana avenue, from Twerty-slith street to Twenty.fifth street 94 666 Indians tvei ae, trom Twenty-third street to Twcnth-OAh rtreet. 2 1,527 limbless ivenr.c, from Twenty-sixth streetto twenty-fifth street 24 665 MiebipiD striae. from locnty.fourth street;© Twenty-firth street 3 623 Wabash *Tciioe. »roo Twenty-second elreelloTwcniy-tblrdsirecl 24 ’ 633 Wabash avenue, from Twenty-third street to Twei ty-toanh stmt 3 7W5 Prairie arenne, from Twenty-sixth street to Iwenly-finh street 24 CCS Pratne aveaoe, from cea'tc of rwenty firth street to 17 tcet aonh. 3 17 hlcGresor street, Irum Ojden slip to Stewart avenue 44 876 Stewart sto»b' frotaSocth Brar<h of Chicago IliTt f toTwcnty-flflh sorvet 5 437 Twrotv-fiflh street, from Stewart ave nue to Arche* avenae.... 94 1*338 Archer tvenne.irom Twenty-first street to Burnside street. 3 1,131 Twemv-flrst street, from Archer aro use to Wentworth aveuce—...... 3 IN Purple street, from Twenty-first street to Anher aicane 3 832 Stewart avenue, from Twenty-second street to Archer avenue. 9 Stl Archer arcane? from Stewart arenne to Ftootl .irtet, ....J...... * ao Archer arenne, trom Fined street to Tvrenty-lnl street 1 1,817 Archer armae, from Bnnside street to Slate street- i 1 Thirteenth street, from east line of Wabash avenoo to west line of Wa bash avenue 1' I®® Fourteenth street, from enact 3Test vener on Wabash avenae tc west' line of Wabasharenae. 1 95 Tneotitlb street, from east line of w>b*sh srenae to west line of Wa bash avento 1 l ro • TrcctT-fl;*t street, uota east line of Wslisb svicne to w:si*L«cf Wa bash arcane ... Total Uccalfid. West JHUriel. JTarhington street, from a point Ml feet west oi west line of Reuben sh eet to w eat line of itobey street.. 4 -West ludlaia street, from west line of Green elite! to weet line of Rocker street 4 Vanßnren street, from west line of llalsicd street to west line of Ruck er street 4* Ik street, from west Une of Blue eland avenue to within 3 feet cf west line of Rucker street 4 Chicago avenue,boa weel line of Mil waukee avenue to west line of Buck- cr street ; A Cm street, from Westlndlaa* street to Hubbard street 3 Peoria street, from West Indian* street to Hubbard street 3 Morgan street, from Randolph street to J-ake street 5 Morgan stive*, from Randolph street to Washington street S Carpenter street, from Randolph street toLakesheet 2 May street, from Randolph street to Washington street 3 Wood street, from Park Washington street t Washington street, from west line of Robey street to west line of Leavitt street ju Lincoln street, from Washington street to Madison street 3 Morgan street, from Adams street to Monroe street 3 Morgan street, from Adams street to Jackson street 2 Reuben street, from Washington street to Wsrren street ;..... S Taylor street, from the river to Exi sted street Morgan street, from centreof Jackson streetaonthward...... 3 Uslon street, from Twelfth street to O'Brien street.. 1 O'Brien street, from Union street west ward 1 Jackson street, from ZZalsted street to Aberdeen street 1 Jackson street, from Rucker street to Loomis street J Aberdeen street, from Monroe street to H way to Madison street.., 1 Monroe street, from Rucker street to Ttroop street 1 Sangamon street, from Vaoßven street to Jackson street 1 Wood street, from Weet .Washington southward Total llneslfeet. North District. . r. ; o Norrb svenne, from weft lice of Day ton-street to west bne of Lanabee street. 41c JJ3G7 Oak rtrect* from Weils street to Mar- ketstreet, 3 Bjj Wbito street, from Wells street to Msrkcfstreet 3 613 Chestnut street, from Clark street ro LoSelle street 3 j|3 North Clark-sireet, from Maple to Di vision sir eut s 74* Division street, Irora North Clark street to North State street. 8 TOO Dearborn street, from tbs centre of Elm atreet southward 1 SSI East Hinsdale street, from North State street eastward 1 JIO Huron street, ft On Wells street to Franklin street 1 jjo Superior street, from Wells street to Franklin street ..... 1 Franklm street, from: Superior street half wsy from Pearson street to Hinsdale street . „ t Fianklm street, from Hinsdale street to White street ,1 Franklin street, from Oak street northward 100 Total lineal feel. Total. The following are the total* In each Division: Sooth North West Div. Die. Dlv. Total. 1,218 712 2,065 4,075 ffTO 1,607 2,005 5.HU2 1,331 .... 7.325 5.659 .... 1.334 1,5*3 1,3 M ...» .... 1.3*4 4.W9 4^619 4,811 2,719 4,000 12,509 2,072 2,512 4.507 9,421 5 feet 4K feel. 4 tset. m feet. 3 feet. £H feet. 2 feet. 1 feet , ToW 18,411 7,C80 23.190 47,271 Inc. orerlSOS «,487 .... 0.733 18.233 Dec.over lfa6s. SO6 .... .... The total amount bolU lacking but 109 feet of Dine miles. htbiet tarcoTZxom. A larce amount of wort has been done In tbli direction, in tU divisions of the cJtj, and a great many other Improvements have been ordered, and the woik npon them la being laid out fur the com* Inp season. It is understood that early la the year IBU the Board of Punlic Works will com mence a system of Improvement, to include all the street* near tho centre, in the distance* on each division, fsrging in a circuit from the Court House, as tar distant as Twelfth street. Borii g the year the following streets have been opentd: La hallo, from Jackson to Van Daren. Bunker, < att to Desplaloes. Ta:k avenue, from Oaklov. street to Western avenue. Wallace, from Twentr-aixth to Thirty flrrt. Ullmar., from Thirty-first to the city limits. Thirteenth, cast to the Illinois Central Uallroad. The following streets have been extended t Third avenue, to Fourteenth street. street, to Can*i™*» Reuben Ftrect, to Canalporl ivenno. Rlrdsle street, cut to laSstte street. Walnut street, east to Renben street. Vine itrect, from North to Willow street. The Icllowjnß streets have been widened: LaPar, M arket,Kinzie, Michigan, Ohio streeta,(eo mochas lies of each lu Butler, Wright £ Weo ete'a addition). Wamn street, Between Eoyso and Leavitt streets. 11-awrencc street, between Doaglaa Flacs and irty-Crst street. Daisied street, between Twenty-first street and city Hail's. Seeley street, between Jackson and streets. North ayenne, beeween .Wells and Dearborn streets. Ibis beside ihe opening of alleys throughout the city. *ibe following strecis have been unproved, or the work la now in process: By cindering— Archer Hoad, from Bonbon to Western avenne. Noble street, from North avenue to Elston road. By Macadamizing— Jefiexson street, from take to Hubbard streets, HaUted street, from Thirty-first street to Egan avenue. By block pavement— Vi est Randolph street. Wabash avenue to Twenty-third street. LaSalle street, from Madison to Jackson streets, Washington street, from State street to Michi gan avenue. Milwaukee avenue, from Rlnzle to Indiana streets. Sherman street, from Tan Boren to Harrison streets. Griswold street, from Vtn Bun n to Folk streets. North Wells street, from Viaduct to North Wa ter street. Daisied street, from Harrison street south to railroad. Improvements have been ordered upon the sidewalks In the houlh Division, ixtemling over seven miles lineal measurement, and the greater Sortlon of this has been completed. In the orlh Division some seven miles of new side walks have been laid, and (here are about three miles more to be placed down. In (he West Divis ion the o:ders to place down sidewalks cover about tony miles, but tbe report does not show bow much has at yet been completed. A great amount of tbe work being but recently ordered, ins to be presumed but comparatively a small poriou of It has been made complete. The number of lamp posts erected during the year la fin; assessments during tbe year tavo been made for the erection, lu aIL of 235, and tbe Conudl has ordered, in all SIO to be placed lu tbe three divisions. The Improvement ot tbe public parka proceeds with some prospect of pleasant rcsmls. The Im provement of the Union nark, in tbo West Division, and tbe Idncoln park on tbe North Side, has been forwarded during the year to the extent of the ap propriations made by tho Council, in all for these objects some thirteen thousand dollars. We can scarcely report progress tn such a way as to sat isty the casual observer. Inasmuch a? the ground in there, as ioall thu park:, is In a coadidon of rnggedncee—of chaos far exceeding that from wbich they were sought to be redeemed. Thus far, according to plans, drives and ponds have been established; draining bas*becn per fected, and In some cases there has been subsoil mg, with the deposit of manure, upon those parts Intended ulumtre’y fut the growth of trees and create*. A large appropriation will, U is under stood, be asked during the year I*TT, to carry on these works. A plan was recently proposed to establish a drive, bovlnvrd or park, round Ihe city. It would need an set of the to ■ authorize. It: and, in view of the fact that it la said to he a private speculation at tne cost of tbe dty. and be

came Chicago is rot yet content to have Its limits on all, or either, sides defined. because it is not ▼ct ready to be fenced in. toe project was igno nriclously kicked out of tbo aldcimaoic chamber a few weeks since. THE CITY CHARTER. Proposed Amendments Thereto—Hoot l Ing of the' Common Council. Tbe Hoard of Ilealtb—Tbe Hurbor- Board of Pabilc W’orks-c'itr li DproTcmeni*. The Council met, pursuant to ad{onrament,laat evening. In Ihc CoqpcQ Chamber, his Honor, the Mayer, to the chair. The following Aldermen woe present: Aid. Knickerbocker, Carter, D’VTolt Wicker, Barrett, Wilmarth. Calkins, Flnnocau, Moore, taleott, Woodard, Russell, AckhoJ, Frauen, bhackford, titaik and O’Sal Ivan. ' 6a motion of A!d. Taleott, tse Council weal Juto Committee if the Whole to take tip business where left oJTai the prevlou- meeting- Aid. Wood ard in the chair. Ihe following proposed amendment* to the dty charter were agreed to hy the committee: BOAkDOT lUJO-Tg. Sec.—. The Common Council shall hare the power hy ordinance to confer and impose upm the Board of Health each additional power* aad en’ies aa may b- necessary tp promote or preserve the safety or tea!la of the dry or imsrove Ua san itary ccnrtltlon: such ordinance shall tecelve the vote* or a majority of all the Alder k men elected, to l>e enterwd oy aye* and on ’ the recoi ds of the Consol. v S Is I ?2 5? Src.—. Fa d Board of Health may enact each by-laws, rales and regulations aa it may deem ad visahKlts harmony with the prorUlons and ob jects of the act eetahUihtnc the same, all act* amendatory thereof, and all acta the object -of - which tt to promote and preterve the nealth, safely and tasilary condition of the city now ex isting or that may hereafter be passed, not Incon sistent with the Constitution or taws of this State, tor the revelation of the action of said Board, its officers and agents in the discharge of it* anltheir duties, and for tbs regulation at the citizens or public, and from timelo time may alter, amend or annul the seme. Sac. —. All rules, regalatiots aad by-laws so enacted tor the regulation of the citlzoo on public, shall, before they go Into efiert. be pablUned for three successive days in the Corporation news- P TS: —. In case of resilience or epidemic dls-‘l ease, or of imminent danger from Impending pes tilence or epidemic disease, or is case the sani tary coii(Hum of the city should he of snea a character as to warrant it, the Common Council may from time lo time, to meet rcch temporary emergency, increase tbe cumber of the*wrs of the Board of Health, nut exceeding four ad ditional membe-s. who shall act tn coulunctlon with the Board of Police In all matter* relating to the health or sanitary condition of lha city, and for the time being, shall together constitute the Board ol Health of said city, and shall possess ail th« authority, and be charged with all the duties conferred or imposed on said Board of Health hy any exit ting law of the State, or ordinance of the city, or acy Oiat may hereafter ha passed: iTi> riotd. however, that no Increase m the number of the Board of Health thall bo male nsieaaby a vote of two-thirds ol all tbe Alderman elected, such rote to be taken by ayes and noes, and entered on the records of the Council; and, profil'd further, that such additional members shall be elected by billot, and shall receive a majority of‘faovous of ail the Aldermen elected ; and. Provid'd further, that before anv inch deciion, the number, time or service and salaries of such additional members shall be deS nitely Cxed by tbs Council, by ordinance. fit. —. In the presence ofgrehtand Immuten* peril to the public health lo s£hj dij. by reason of Impending pestilence or epidemic disease, it shall he the only of raid Boank, or tbe Board of Police, to (eke such measures, and to do, «"d order, aao cause |9 b$ S9P9, etich act* «od make aacn ex- -16,111 peooltnres (beyond those daly estimated fi»r or provided) for the preservation of the public health, (though sot hems or elsewhere, or otherwise aa thorixed) u It mar. la good faith, declare the public safety and health to demand, and the May or of the cits' aball alao la writing approve. The Common Council, for the purpose of pro* tiding for the contingency mentioned In tho pre ceding section, may order the Mayor and Comp troller to borrow a sufficient amount to cover such extraordinary expenditure for a apace 01 time not exceeding the close of the next municipal Tea’, which sum. together with the interest shall be added to the amount authorised to be raised In the next geneial tax levy, and embraced therein. Sac.—. Any person or corporation who shall violate any of (be provisions or the health laws or ordinances of the city, or say of the by-law*, roiee or regulations of the of Ilealtb, in addition to dialing penalties, shall be subject to a line of not less than five dollars nor more than Are hun dred dollar*, and on failure to promptly pay the same may be imprisoned in the County Jail, Bridewell or Bouse of Correction, as la other cares of failure to nays fine, or such person maybe both fined and imprisoned in the discretion of the Court or Magistrate. ■xscrLtAjrzors. Stc. —. Whenever any permit shall be limed by the Board of Public works, granting (0 any person or corporation the nse or occupancy of any street, alley or highway, or part thereof, lor building purposes, for the depositing therein of material, or other propir purpose, said Board shall take from such person or corporation a bond, iff an adequate amount, with two good and I sufficient enroues, conditioned that such person or corporation shall be liable lor any and au dam ages occasioned by such use or occupation, or re anltlng therefrom, and in every case of recovery and Judgment against the city In any wise grow- Li? out of permuting or 9offering such use or oc cn'pitloo, or which resulted therefrom, where duo novice of the pendency or such suit has been given, 1 suck' judgment shall be conclusive not only a»to the damages rccovcreo, but as to the llahml/of the party ° r corporation and sureties. . .Whenever m any case.any Injury shall be ena'aiOv'd by any Individual In consequence of any sidewalk, orlu being ont out of repilr, or any obafrucUe.* l ihereon. both the owner and occupant of (be adf* 'cut premises, whose duty It 1* hereby declared, at all times, to keep the sama In a EafccondltfA - '. andlnacoodand thorough state of repair, ebat’l be primarily, and Jointly, and sev erally Hmle'ha cases, and the city shall only be liable la suck cases alter the party has exhaust ed his remedy ss ulnat such owner or occupant; but In ny sock “hall the Judgment against the owner 1 nd occupant, or tbe owner or, be .or .ortdnic. *S»lnst tie my. If the owner be a non -rv' B ‘dent, proceedings may be commenced against' >be property, as In other cases of attachment,- Bte Ikw* of this Sic.-. Whenever any- Board or officer of the dty shall let anv work a' r Improvement, which aball require the dlcgiug 0A nse or occupancy of •ny street, alley, highway/ev ’ Public grounds of said dty, there shall inietflv esld contracts substantial covenant* ’ such contractor, during the night time, to oaf \ .maintain auch harrier* and lights aewilf ex Tccmallyprevent the happening of any accident in’ * c^ e VL 8a ? a , such digging up, nse or ocebpanc’v. °‘ •Hey, highway or X city might be ua Jle, and also mch otfk covenants and conditions as experience has of . prove neccsea-y 10 save tbe dty hanirless frnt> And also to provide, in such contract** “IV v“ e party contracting with the city shall boA a ?i* r 9 r all damages occasioned ny the dleying opi “•* occupancy of the street, alley, highway, or* grounds, or which may result therefrom, or x a l cn may result from the careK-a-ncss d such’ » con * tractor, bis agents, employe*, or workmen. Bkc. —. Whenever any work or Improvcmnilv ' let by contract to sny person or persons, firm corporation, the Board or officers of the city let' ting the same shall. In all cases taka a bond from' aoch person, pertons, or firm or corporation, with good and snffident sureties, in such amoopt as shall not only be adequate to insore the perform-' ancc of the work tn the time and manner reqnVcd In such contract, but also to save, and Indemnify, and keep harmless the said city against all hablli ties. Judgments, costs and expenses which may In anywise come against said d*y. In conse qncLce of the granting of such contract, orwhlch ' may In anywise rcsnlt from the carelessness or neglect of said person. Him or corportlon, or bis agents, employe# or workmen. In any respect whatever; and In every eucn case where Judg ment is recovered against the city by reason of the carelessness or negligence of snch person, firm or corporation so contracting, or his, tnelr or its agents, employes or workmen, and when duo notice bss given of the pendency of such suit, snch Judgment shall be be conclusive against ►neb person, firm or corporation, aal his, or their orlts sureties on such bond, uot onlvastolbo amount of damages, out as to their liability. Ssc. —. The City Clerk shill be authorized to appoint one or more deputies, subject, however, to the approval of the Common Connell. Such deputies, after confirmation by the Connell, and alter bating taken the oath required to be taken by the Clerk, may in case of the sickness crab fence of the Clerk; perform all the dnrlc* Im posed by law, or any ordinance of the city, on said Clerk, and shall likewise be subject to the same liabilities and penalties. No ordinance shall be finally adopted by the Common Council until the same shall Kc engrossed by the Clerk, unless otherwise ordered by three fourths of all the Aldermen elected, except such orders and ordinances as are aent to the Council by the Board of Public Works, relating to public improvements paid for by special assessments. bxc —. The Clerk shall record all order* and ordinance* passed bv the Crmtnoo Council in a proper book or books, with proper indexes, and transcript* from snch books, certified by him un der the corporate seal, shall be evidence In all courts, Id like manner os If the originals were produced. Szo. —. Every ordinance, resolution, order, or by-law of tbe Common Council may be read in evidence in all courts of legal proceedings, from the volume of ordinances published, or to be* published, by order of rbe said Common Connell, without any other proof of the passage or pabll cation thereof: bat each publication shall only be prlrna fade evidence of its passage, or that the same has been dnly published In the Corporation newspaper. £kc. —. Tbe city shall notbelUble by renou of the Common Council falling or neglecting to exer cise the power conferred by the revised charter approved Fehrnarv IS, 1563, in relation to remov ing and preventing all obstructions in tbe waters which arc public highways In tbe said city, and to widen, straighten, and deepen the same, and to prevent and remove all obstructions in the har bor, or but provisions of the lite nature In re gard to the harbor, nver, and ita branches; .S34SO “I I Ps s nor shall the city be liable for the failure or neg lect of the Hatbor Master or other officer to en force any ordinance of tho city for the like nature or character. Sic. —. In case of a vacancy occurring In any office created by this act, the Mayor shall, with the advice and consent of the Council fill tho same lor any nnexplred period. boass or public wobks. C.n TV A Ha.—9 a# T>-VM a TCa.l.. ..U Brc. —. The Both! of Public Works of said city aie hereby authorized, from time to time, as It shall be deemed by them for the interest of said city so to proceed, to advertise for propca's for the construction, or reconstruction, or relaying of all or any portion of the sidewalls which mar be required to he constructed or reconstructed, or which, during the whole or any part of the muni cipal fiscal year in which suen proposals are re ceived, according as tho same shall be ordered by the Common Council, or by said Board, according to the provision of the act of which this U supple mentary, the general provisions of said act rela tive to the letting of work and the execution of contracts, except so far as Inconsistent with the powers hereby granted apply to this section. Sir.—. In case the prosecution of any public work (hould be suspended In consequence of the default of any contractor, or In case the blda for doing any sneb work should be deemed exces sive, or the persons making proposals not re sponsible or proper persons, (he Board of Public Works may, if the Common Council shall, by res olution, of a three-fourths vote of all the members elected, authorise them to do so, employ work men and procure the r.cce#s*rr tools and machi nery, and materir’s, lo perform or complete any improvement oicured by the Council, provided the expense ibereof shall cot exceed the sum of Src. —. The Common Council shall have power tn canto public sewers to bo constructed and laid lo the ftrects and alleys and paolfe grounds of said city: to establish or change the dock Hoes of Chicago River and of Chicago harbor so as to facilitate naviratlon on the same: and to cause water and gas service Pipes with their necessary stopcocks and otb-r fixtures to be constructed ana tain so as to connect with the gas or water mains in the streets ot said city. Sac. —. "be provisions oflhe acta to which this Is supplementary aa to the manner of making ap propriation for onv improvement to be executed by said city we hereby made to apply to th*lm provement* specified in the toregelog sections. Fsc. —. Upon receiving an application for the making of any improvement, tho doing of which Is within 11® discretion and control of the muni cipal government of said city, the said Board shall proceed lo investigate the same; and If thev shsll determine that such Improvement is neces sary and proper, they shall report the same to the Common Connell, accompanied with a statement of the expense thereof, and a proper ordinance or order directing the work, ar.d shall in such esti mate specify Low much of said expense. In’their opinion, may be pronerlv chargeable to real estate especially benefited by such improvement, and how mnefa thereof may be prop erly chargeable to and paid ont of Uiegcneialftuid, or ont of tbe proceeds of any general 'ax authorized to be levied by said city. Having reported on such application and recom mending Inst the improvement be made, or disap proving of the doing of It, as is provided for in the above mentioned act, the Common Council may then. Is either case, order the doing of such work or the nuking of such public Improvement, after bavirg first obtained from such Board an es timate of tbe expense thereof: and shall In each order specify what amount of said estimated ex pense snail be chargeable to andbepaldoutof tbe proceeds of the general fund or ont of tbe pro ceeds of any general tax authorized to be levied by said city. Another section was cons W-red lopart The section Isons giving the Board summary power to raise, lower, repair and relay sidewalks, pri vate drams, Ac. Considerable discussion arising as to whether the concurrent action of the Uoun- ell iLotild bo Toqolred. A motion wu made and adopted that lbs cod* mlttee riee- _ Tbe Mayor haring taken the Chair, the Cooadl adjourned. Disocdsklt Houses.—On Saturday morning at tbe Police Conrt four keepers and sixteen inmates of disorderly house* were fined to the aggregate amount of (13S. meteorological* Tbe following t« the Meteorological Record of the week ending Saturday, December S9lh. 1888. as kept by J. G. Laturgntu, Jr., Optician, No. .115 Kardolph eUeeU Tbe temperature is taken in tbe shade. Tbe direction and force of tbe winds axe given approximately, with tbe baronet rlc alti tude*—fhe small letters being the Initials ofthe words “Wgh,” “breeae," ‘"gentle.” “reefing," “tain," “snotr." “moist atmosphere," and “dry?" TMTHMn»TT«*- Klght Rah» to Date, rrvopdln*. 9>f a. tn. 3 p.m. P. m, e.Vp.Bi. *F. U. F. K. F. B. r. E. ' * Sob U —S Tt 0 <7 • « t .ta Mott_...3t 5 91 IS 0 36 S 4J13 8 —ii is 7 n 3 n o Voi. ...I? 7 J 9 I J 6 1 li—l* .830 Tho 1-15 8— 9 16 7 IS —8 Frt * —l* 79-19 18 • IS—ll s*t 1 —ll 53 8 JO —5 19 7 B.y a. ta. Date. MWr. Wind- Ucr’r. Wind, Mer'r. wind. Bms... W.3J W.r.X'SK.X B.aj,;>Jsis.’J.W 1 t lion •■BJlSjs.W.s. OJaW.S.Vj. 29.16 W.V.W.bJ Tee* JMI W.h»J7 &.W.C. 29.35 S S.W.h.r Wed~...J9.T1 WJJ.W.h.»4S WJi.WJ) Thn IP <9 W.p. W. 51 W.c. » 60 W e.T Fn ».*7 x.wi »«7 JJ.K.WJT. is.®: k.n.w.c Sat. J 9 67 K W.P.T. ».« W.g. OA7 W^.r The dash preceding a figure Indicates u below teio," LOCAL MATTERS. For a desdratble anile of nofornlilied rooms, with or wuhont hoard, cal! at Croshy'a Bonding, S 6 State street. Tbe Pnml and Sweetest CodLlrcr Oil in the world, manaractnred from fresh, healthy livers, npon the sea shore; it ta perfectlyjmre and «weit. Ask for “ Hazard £ Caswell's Cod Liver Oik" manufactured by Caswell, Macs £ Co., New Tork. Sold by all druggist*. Iteb! Scratch!! Boyd’s BVedleatM Cream cue itch, scratches, and all akin diseases. It is seat, pleasant, eromatie, raft* and certain; specially adapted to children. Sold by all drug gists- . A Sure Pile Cure,—Or. GUbertH Pile Instrument positively cures the wont eases of pile*. Sent f.y mail on receipt of IL Circniars hee. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted every where. Address i. B. Soum, Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York iathma Is one of tbe moat dlstretting complaints which aClcts a*n. Rarely fatal, but aconitine in the extreme. We ask a simple ques tion. Why *hSt.\ when relief la within your reach! Manden'a Pectoral* Balm has relieved every case, and cured thousand*. For tale bv all drocelats- Burnham* & Van ISchaack, Chicago, General Agents for the Northwest. Both Cbronlc aad Inflammntorr rheumatism are being dally cored bv Metcalfe** Great Bhenmatic Remedy, bold by au druggists. Loan A Sxna, Agents. We w«nld mt to every motlier whj has a suHtering child, goat once aad procur'd a bottle of Mrs, Winslow’s Soothing Syruiv H will relieve tho little one immadiatelr. sriJl alisy all pain, softens the gums, reduces inflammation, cegulatas Ut« bowels, and cures tld£ colic. By relieving the child from pain, it allow* U quiet, natural sleep, and comforts the mother. Ooleate & Tests- Winter SMf.-Be> commended for chapped bands and Tor general loQet use during cold weather. It may ne ob tained ot all druggists and fancy goods dealer*. Paper TVanetns* and Window ahafies at greatly reduced prices, F. E, Rigby, £Q Can dciph-su . . A Tlalt to Use Painter** Studio at^Xrwlng> ton on Use Hudson. • [Correspondence of the National Intelligencer.) Bierstadt, the great American landscape painter, the man whose brash baa made os all familiar with the grandness cf Rocky Mountain scenery, la the last acquisition Irvington has made. High up oo the top of a prominent hill, about two miles cast oh but in eight of Suunyslde. and with the solid rock for a foundation, this clever artist has built hini a castle of dark, hewn granite. It Is a huge. Indescribable pile, an architectural oddity. The artist was his own architect, and Iventure to assert be has given to the science a new, if not a very harmonious feature. To describe the figure it cuts on the ground you would need to have the last great work on geometry at your elbow. It has more short, sharp Lines and acute angles than any other noose within my knowledge. 1 have studied It from almost every point of view, without finding much in it to admire. Indeed, it was some time before I discovered what our friend’s real object was in building it. At first sight, it struck me as being built in three sections, and put together as the convenience of the owner demanded. Then U occurred to me that Mr. Bierstadt, whose mind takes a mili tary turn now and then, had been studying Professor Mahan on fortifications, and got redoubts, lunettes, parapets, traverses, em brasure* and epandments so mixed up in his admiration that he had them Incorporated in his architecture ; in short, that be had built bis bouse with a view to 9 war with England or France,when it could be very readily con verted into a fortress, and made to perform a conspicuous part In defending the position. The walls are certainly'thick enough, and the windows are so arranged that guns mounted in them would sweep the country on three aides, as- well as command the river. Three galleries or verandahs stretch along the many sides ot the first, second and third stories of tbls great house, afford ing an excellent opportunity for promenade Jn summer. Tien there is a look-out on the front, and an immense cupola, the distance •from the top of which la eighty-two feet. As may be Imagined, the views obtained from this ccpola are of tbe finest kind. Of a clear morning yon can see New Torkon tbe south of yon, tbe hills ol West Point on the north cf you, while towering high in the far West are Schooley's Mountains, in New Jersey. Let os look into the interior of this artist’s palace. What fixes the attention here is the completeness with which every bit of work is finished. On the north side of tbe build ing is an Immense studio, sixty-eight by forty-two feet, and thirty-six feet from tbs floor to the centre of the dome. Broad win- I lows extend down the sides, and are so ar 1V meed that the light can bo gradu pi 'd to suit tbe atmosphere and fq, demands of the artist. A snug > gallery runs across the west end 'a studio, which is finished in tbe "‘L- substantial manner with ralnut and 'iTnWt u no. This studio opens vest into a i nwwrVl kirty-four by forty-two fret, finished 1 \‘ n «h<. it* to substantial manne.% and with _ ntt . mated windows ove-looking the S a C “, A 'untry below. Abo*e this Is an ohistudi* with all tbe nccessay appliances, and which 3k ™tadt sets apartlbr any artist friend who mV T chance to be als guest. On thSovSfW #nd d *rccUy ™der the libra- Ir ly fitted-up billiard saloon, indAlvS f 25S* Hat may beased for private naming are of tLiti uost and com fighting the studios* house In all ita parUk i ort * seeing. Hero thorn. * B , itcrature and art bleating their gentle-ax d Je f L'i e « CCB with the wealth and ti\ '« olTi"! k York, nod increasing tfH . OC L a tL°thaws r Irvington. I ought far* .ImM* 1 . 411 ® domestic, or iraily port if* Bierstadt calls it, is on th** a P d consists of at least a dozer , iaige and ele gantly furnished rooms. . Peter Marie, about BcvcnivJP*®* ° ra?Cl an old and much reepseted clthen ofts. T »Ma, Texas, died recently at lhatplace. Hie Cam* * r «‘«a»ys; •* While sleeping in the dayime be> wa * ny*hlo«n about the noec, which icmllol tn-tho introduc tion of the screw-worm. They penrtt 1110 bead so as to cause hisleatb. ThJr». the first human death wo have- per seen records. 1 “ om that cause; but Hl* not ajall Incredible;" - . A. Troy paper stales thaSue Dcnln, the set rcas « was married in that city Ist week loa’mamnai ac d Piter Curley. Markets b v Telegraph. New Ywfe Market*. > Nltt You, December^, roTToa-Heary. Flo r»—Very firm, br.nucbaßged. GaAix—Wheat—<juu»cd firm,with sales at SLCS ter No. 3 Chicago spring, 2orn—Doll aad bmory. .OaU— Quiet, at 63QM*c. Peovi«ios»—Pork-Tinner, with sales of 6.000 tots mess, at $10J»a20.73 ft new, and old at SI9.Ud3SJi; Lard—rimer, at 11 w ill Sc. Wool—Sales atjStcfbr domestic fleece, and 96d 52xc for polled. CaMKtD Hoes—Blher at UTEB NEW YOBK MARKETS. [Special De*ptch to the Chicago-Tribune.] Kaw Tobk. December 39. nzADSTcm. FJour and Grahj- The reported stocks being larger than the estimates,decked the demand, and the Ital ic* U rather depterwd. OKOCXSQB. Prices nemlnaUjttacbanged. • monaiojrs. Nothing done li pork. New buoyant: dosing bids at S2IXO. buyer Janary; and S2IXS seller February. OM closed at Lanl uc better. utz noos. Hogs firm, at T<e. Receipts, &600 head. nflwaakce HarfcMt (Special Dapatth to the Chicago Trttirce.l MtLwarxks. December 8. Fton-Dnll and unchanged; holders safe yesterday's pries; buyers demand concession. Gcals—Wheat—Dull andj©!c lower. At tbe 9 a. m.board there were no tales. At the neon board tbe <a!w reached JI.SW) bn at for No. 3 la tUre; IU9 seller's option, January, 31 .SO; 50. Sin sure fl At teller's option January. Corn—Doll, with ,aVaof4oobui*'«r iheUedontraekatCSc. Rye—Doll; salts 480 bn No. 9at 63d. Batley—EcQtc; tales 800 bo ant 910taga at TSdBOc. I*oto>oks— Unchanged. Sales cl SO brts meet pork at BSAOt'O tres prime larddeimred cert UxaezD Ho«9—Unchanged. Sales 14SZ at 16.733 7.1 - Lire noos-rnchanced at 35.4&33&00. lacan-re—t.sra brii floor. 4,4(0 bo wheat, bn bo corn, MO dressed bon. smntmTa—st«o brU*floor, G6O bo wheat. Pittsburgh Oir Market. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Pn isHinon. December ». Oil market doll. Bales of erode In bulk at SAStfc, andl44l4Se.p*caacetlnelnded. Refined In bond 3350. free on board of care here. Free oil is quiet and Bomital at 4S£4«c. No receipts and no Inquiry tor re sidents or naptha. Cincinnati Stark**, CiSCP»'»aTT. December 8; Flore—ln fair demand and market Arm. Superfine 8AC&10AO. and trade brands jUAajIIXO, Casts—Wheat firmer. No. I spring 33.40; No. 1 winrerßS.O, Corn doll at CO3 file for shelled la eleva tor. and Slctfite for car. Oats doll. No. 1 53c. Rye dull and prices nominal at |UO tor No. L Barley on* changed. CUUMtu. woukkt—Firmer: 36c aaked tSc ofl*red; no sales. Cotton—A atade firmer, not not mnch done. Mid* filing So£»sc. HOG*— Firmer, with a good demand.* All taken at CTAGd'.n, and at the close 97.73 was asked tor extra large. Receipts, 4,600 bead. PsoTisiose— Hess pork held at Sales of outside city brand* at 319.73. Bolk meat* quiet at 7\'ClSd lor aide*, and itlX-illc fbrcicar aides, all packed. Green meats firmer, bhoul* den 6c : aides Bc, and bams 9V>39h*e. Holden aaked J<e higher at the close. Lard firmer; prime kettle 12c. Coorzxaox—Pork asd lard cooperate scarce, and prices hlebcr: pork barrets. 3L4ft33JO: UM ttercca, fa.VCgtJO; ana a pressing demand; ha; light slocks on the snide made last stnnmer, #o that now the market la hare of all tow's and h conudcrehly excited. Berm ast> Che®**—Steady, with a fair demand. Gaocrsnes—Doll.but prices unchanged; sugar, ll® ISvc; eoSee, 8337 c. uoxtrarr—Gold 132 V buying, closing weak. Honey tight. Exchange doll at Hai-U dlacoonl baying and par selling. New Orleans market. Nrw otLCASB. December 39. COTroor—Hlghrr; u)ea S.TM) bale*; low middling, 80c; middling. Sc, Uecelpu. ISU b*l«; exports, 10.7»b4!f*. Gtocum—Sog&r quiet; £sir,9#c. Mnlssiee tmxl tered. _ Bapcrtne, dTS; extra, rtocw—Dull and lower. *11.90314.30. G «aw—Oat* easier at Bane. Bat—Vccbanced. ptonsiox*—Port lower-# tUC. Bacon lard narttaoired. vinnn-Unchanged. Tobacco—Unchanged. Mosrr—COW.ISJV- New York . exchange, fc dlacooat. He. Lenin Sternec. ‘ St. bows. Decembers*. Tonsoro—ycthlnc doing. Corroa—Sales at a9xe, Fior»—Kcttir* doing. Casts—'Wheat arm. Corn atm mad tower at T&ne. Ostt doll at 63a©c. peoTiEiosf—Mcaa pork easier at lIOJO. Daeoo on ebutmi. Bosfr<-Samnt jc*Xc; mtledola*. f General markets staroast. Blooey aad Stocks In New York. H*w Yob, Deeeaber 19. Mover—lira at 7. BTuLcto—Qtdet aad unchanged. Gold— nra at 133 H. 8X P- Ru 3 p.ta. paowoxa—loO.Foo ft* clear bacon itdM —ere sold at lSVie.deUvtfabie mJane and Jnly. tbr the Florida market; a!an 900 btl« p-.rtc. OvAtv—3looo facta corn atßte;.J.OOOt>u oats at (Be. Hoes—SoU at 10c, Number ilaughiereJaroaal the Fal s to date. I»,*C7 head. In Lincoln. HL, on th* 25Qi Inst, at the residence ol the bride’s Maer. by fder T. V. Berry, Capto'a a. G. KVTTiEON. of Covington, Ind-, to Mist mattic a. BEGET, of Lincoln, m. Jo Chicago, na tbe Jllh test, by B. W.Pattenou. D.P- Wf. WIL7.IAM L. WILLIAMSON and DELIA QABBnr, all of til* city. Intel; cltr.oalbestthlnsuby tha Bev.B. A. Vaa- M£t BAI-PH E.DAREOS and MI'S LTJCT PIiANK. allot this dry. tn this dry, on fbe 3fth lest-. In the sixty-ninth rear of bis as*. Mr. JOSEPH W. WILDEB, formerly of Lan caster, Maas. Funeral win take plaoo from hia y ... restCenceklSS Wabash avmoc, on Wednesday. Ay ttz t. at to o’clock a. m. Frtesdi of tha £*aiiiy ar> ir _l7*J| toaued. ,vu*n Botlaa and Brooklyn papers please copy. T H. FERRELL. & Qi\ C H I C A. G O, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, FOB TB* £ fIAT.g OF row, Eio.cs and Tallow. S££22^?“ r nw and orders *oUclted- EiTen to all Dullness ea- r THE lake & eodlet . Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM EBGIBBS,* corn MUla and Shafting, Wood vorfcmg Machinery. ..> ■ . LINK dc BODLST, Cona ol John and Ctaotanatt. Appllcaau tor ctrcnlats will apecgy the aiaSleery they need. ggSQel-lpsn 'J’HE D RAWINCr OP THE Opera House Art Association, WILL TASK PLACE OK THE Stage of tlie Opera House, |Tn Vu Afternoon of the 2lri of January, com • mmdng at 2%'o'dock, tbe House belse uoJer engagnaeot tor tbs evening. It win be arranged sad eon ducted solely by tbe Com mittee whose official announcement has been pub lished, assisted by tbe* gentlemen following, who bare accepted their Invitatlon'to be preseal and represent their respective dUcs at tbe Drawing: U. B. DemmoD. President Howard National Bank. Boston. Band Pnltller, ofPnlslfer ft Payaon. Boston, Charles P. Stlcksey, President UassasoU B«nr, Fall Elver, Hassschasetts. Samuel Caatner, Coal Merchant, Trinity Building, •New York. K. M. Bedden, late Cashier Croton National Bank, New York. Colonel Win. B. Thomas, Floor Merchant, Philadel phia. Caleb H. Needles, Druggist, Philadelphia. Rlcbard Smith, ot L. Johnson ft Co., Type Founders, Philadelphia. Walter Ingenoß, Cashier of the National Insurance Bank, oi Detroit. B. S. Bowse, of Carender ft Bowse, Bankers, 8L Louis. I r The Certificates of the Association will admit holder* to tbe House. Seats tHH he reterteafer Lodift. BIERSTADT, TA cornmnnlc»«bafrom Byeond Auditor's* oace, re crrlnx’.to ooplefof oar Bl»rA» test (br - n p, u Thiifono>«M decidedly t£o beet that have boea proeeatod to thiir Of fice.” Scat prepaid on fee apt of toe mosey, at fCS9 pa quire. A cut pamphlet, ecstattdsz rscalon and Boatty Latrrol 19C6, with later? lastrictloca an i »eat Agee* os receipt ctsomp to- pay pottage. A copy incloed with each r«ctea« or Blaoks. Addnoa c VI CK E KJ_fc THEATRE. .. .eCAKAQESS. MoVICKER * MYERS. Orttatacltr. who made eo arorabJe aa Imcmatoo cQ \*ie ocraelnn of Mn. Covell’a teneOt, will make her kcosd appliance on aor autre aa toe ~ i DUCHESS DE TORitCNU EVA. lindtj-LILUAJJ MAT: Or, AhTtST axd AcntM. uliaa May. the Aesm* (*lth Msca'...M’UeCUa«eQ Ilrhard Wlfcon. the Artist Mr. 11. B. Rndsan JIFAINT HEART NEVER WOK FAIR LADY. 2A I '*** Ch Torrenuera Mae Gertrude non eft Kli CbMlr* Mr*. Cowell Importer Mr. 11. B. liaison T%eday (New Year 1 *) afternoon—Grand Matinee. ItoalsTllle Market, HABBIED, DIED. lUBincES ®at> g‘ art, association. Ncto ¥ear’s CSifts. TO THE PUBLIC. A GREAT AND RARE CHANCE! NEW TEAR’S GIFTS WOBTH $5,500! MR. CHADWICK, dolrccs ot (tirlag the patrons 0/ the Variety Theatre, aud the public la general, a grata tel seknov l«Jf tnent for past patronage, offers ths fol lOvlDg VALUABLE AND BEAUTIFUL GIFTS His widely-known celebr&fed trotting BLACK IKATCH TEAPT, Buggy and Harness, AND SPLENDID Gold Hunting Watch and Chain, TALCED AT 83,300. Tickets Five Dollars Each, Which admit! the bearer to the Variety Theatre tea tuiM, making the tides only the actual charge of ten actnUeloni. Eleven Hundred Tickets Only Issued* METHOD OF DISPOSING OF THE MAGNIFICENT GIFTS: As great dissatisfaction has ercr been Jett at drawing for dfu, use prizes will be disposed of by Throwing Dire, the three highest thrown to take the CELE BRATED TROTTING MATCH TEAM, and the lowest tt re e thrown to take the SI'LEN DID GuLD H UNTINO WATCH AND CHAIN. The public will at once per ceive toe method ol disposing of th; sifts docs away with every doubt of deception. The following gentlemen wilt guarantee that all the proceedings are conducted In toe most fair and honor able manner. To give all ample time to avail themselves of the ad mission, the tickets win be :s>ned January 3 a 1567, the Rstn« to take place FRIDAY. Fecratry Ist. 1567, at 10 o’clock a.m.. and continue undl the gift* are disposed laibSEefclO.N* GIVEN AT ONXK AFTER THE OWNERS OF THE GIFTS ARB KNOWN. t3f~ A clear title goaraxteed to toe property. FLOYD HIGGINS, U REED. •* 7S Sute-st- by FLOYD HIO- GlNb, and »7 Waba*b-ay- by L. REED, and at the >&n«ty Theatre. TheMatchTcam to be seen at Higgins* Btahl*; the watch and Chain on exhibition at Mayo's Jewelry Store, corner cf Clark and Washlngtoc-sta. i>lanfes. gOCNTIES, Official Blanks! Wc hire now fbr sale too ACowtng additional Bonn* ty Blasky, which have ALL been approved by the Ito partaeaU: Seltfler 1 ! Ciain? far Addhhnial Doantr, U’ldoir's 44 «* ♦« .Fa*hcr*e 44 ** « >fotbev*« 44 mu FarenW 44 CJotutly) 44 44 Gnanliai’r 4 * ** •* TRIBUNE CO., 81 Clark-st. Chicago. amusements. benefit or mb. a. b-hudoon. ENGAGEMENT of MTle JOHANNA CLAUSifiJT. MIES GERTRUDE DOGGETT, QKOSBY’S opera house. On VfUDAT EVENING. D*remt«rsi«t,at 8 o’clocf, Sixth ybacrtpttcn Mgbt cf the remnrned \ GHIONI AND 6U91N1 Italian opera company. Mai Director. DoniieUl\Gr»n(l Open, In fear acU, \. A FATORI TA , Mme. AnglolfVv GttonJ, Slftcors Irffe, Ardaraal aid Sionlla ibeprincipalmle*. rnx cq<V7« *sd OKunru, Musical Director mCCondactor Signor Stcotao Tnesday-NORMA. Wednesday—FßA D®.VOLO. Thursday—ZßKAKl. f)OL. WOOVs MUSEUM. COI-. J. H. WOOD A... Proprietor Director of AmoacmtnuA F. R. AJKKK" HU»«ia»W sw ....... 1 ... THOS. BARRY **a nrr—A papablr airr* ft iiii”ft £ ArADi.n ati ; Crowded Rome*. Koara f Lvirtiter. Lota of FtiO. A Galaxy of Attractions. *%o Kew Pieces. On Monday evening. Dee. bt. will be prwmted tbe lamona Falrr Spectacle or>OBTCXXO AND- HIS SEVEN GIFTED SERVAS®, tbd Wonder* ot Ipa World. Previous to wblch.>r th* fir-t Ome, a new CcirfMletta. by Talfonrd, c»Ued THE QOCBBROLD FAIKT. Tneftlar afternoon Jew Year** Day) Extra Matinee. Great Comic Ea tertian; eaL Grand Matt* nets Watfaeaday and Saturday frernoons. THEATIE. C. M. CHADWH3. Prop. O. \ Babtos, Manager. MORE STARS! NEW AIRACTIOKI MISS JTLIA H\U Dansenso and Camlemw MR. GEO. A. ITj Comedian and Lesdln Actor. - PROF. WILLIS OIS, And hi* Astonndtg TRAIKED COATS, MOKKBIr AKD DOGS. A GBEAT HILL gRANCH OF THE (lew York Museum oflAnalom^ WILL OPES JAM. 1, IWIAT W’ITKO WBRY iWxU 176 corner of M>oe. This Impnrtant aad biehtr instractl'Wnsenai son* tain* WOKDFBSOrcEE.'TIoK from bam month. Miniature Wonders of the World, a* al*Beaucies of Osteologr, Myology, Denktotogy, *nd to Act every department of MedKSßcienee. The & tad eat. the Physician, the Katortit, the Ita of Rsstnew, the man of Lelsare. mlcht s«y la rata where they coo id spend a more mr. Open for rentiemen only tnmla-a. ttctn m Admission 50 cent*. AN NEW TEAR’S DAY, - \J A BR/kNCH O? THE ; • XEW VOBK arusEUM OP AS2TOM.Y Win open U Wits',w»ky na8,176 Soßgp«rf«t. comer ot Monroe. i WONDER OF WOSOKBS-XATHEE USBLO- X'dE GBEAT GECIC. WONTjEK OF WONDERS - V* T 0 bescea only it the Branch olUe* NETf -STORK, MUSItM, Wllkowiky Hat 176 Booth CUtk-ai, £7> OPENS OX SEW YEASTS. * ' \ 'MATURE UNVEILED ! \ AY At the BRANCH of the I Wow Tort Sveitia of Aiiat^y, I Wltkowsky Halt 176 South CUrk-st, can* of I . Monroe. \ I tF* OPENS OX SEW TBAITS. \ ■VTEW YEAR’S PARTY, \ il Tuesday rrefilßjc. January 1,1357, at V CHICAGO DANCING ACADEMY Comer Clark and Monroe-eta. ' Benefit of J.EDWTS MABTDJE. Sltictlon Sales. A. BUTTERS & Auctioneers & Commission Merchants PALMER'S BLOCK, p&tS 41 & 46 RANDOLPn-ST. pURNITURE AT AUCTION. A portion of the furniture of a family lea Tine the city will be sold ta the highest bidder this moraine at 9 o'clock. Clothiac and other goods this evening at 7 q'cVmlc. poises, (Carriages, &c. A PAIR of matched horses, suitable J\_ fW a light express wacon, wanted. Cal] at 199 Lacettn upstairs. SIvINNEB A BDTNTOS, SKHantcO—Jßale S?elp. BOOUKKEPCIUI, NALEaaK?! to. ~VT7 ANTED—talesmen who cm ez»* W rase permanently. ‘ Call on or adlrass E. NEWCOMER, 1»»4 MaU-st.. Dubuque, lowa. TTTAKTED—A good travell-mr sale?-' VV man. by a wholesale home, about the 15th of January next. Ad cress, with name and reference, **U D," Trtbnne ogee. TBADES. V*/ ANTED—A Blacksmith to go into a VV country town- Constant emplovcneot and lib eral wages. Apply at the Bock 1 slated Bouse, between thohrur* nr 7 and 10 o'clock, January Ist, curuing. DAVID REIOEL. TXT ANTED—A first-class sewed Boot- VV man. Apply at 12.1.3 South Clark-eh. in the taiem-at. XX 7 ANTED—IOO experienced coal V V • miners, by the Mologooa Coal Co- at Its mines. In Boons Co. lowa, btcady emporium. summer ana witter. Warm 8 cents per bnshti. Good board £4 30 per week. Seres miners with femlilds also wanted, to go Into thn Company’s new homes and board m*n. Transportation to the mines free. For further Infor mation apply to P. B. WEaEK ft (XX. Commission Meschants, 118 South Watersn, Chicago, rr HENRY PARKUUKaT, Cool Agent, Me Inc-'to, Boone Co., Iowa; or tbeundersigned, atCodar Rapids, lowa. W. W. WALKER. Vice Pres't M. Coal Co. aS3antcb-jfamaie %etp. SALBSWOnSN, TBllfBS. «s. \\f ANTED Ladies are wanted -V V throughout the Nonhweet, to canvas* for T FUS CHILDREN'S ALBUM. This bocKts beautifully il a ted and elegantl* bound. Ladle*, and ■chtni te-ch ers especially, will it particularly adapted ud their sales. The commission Is Urge. Address, orspoly to W. J. HOLLAND ft CO„ Chlca-n, lli. ; Miivaukos, Detroit. Mich.; Dobuqnc, lows. jaotJSJE SERVANTS, ‘TX7ANTED—lmmediately, an Indus- V V trlons, genteel girl, for dining room. None but a competent girl, with reference, need applr. At 207 Michigan-ST, TXTANTED —A first-class girl for gen- V V eral bonsewnrk. and must be a good cook, washer and Ironer- To such an one, good vans will be glren. None other need apply, gin at 173 War ren-su. third boose eaat of Lincoln. TXT ANTED lmmediately A good l V conk, washer and Ironer, tone other need apply, at 347 Wabssh-ar. TXT ANTED—A girl to do general honse- VV vert, best of wage* frtrea. Call at 110 Kan kakce-ar.. near Twenty-fonrth it. TT/* ANTED—Two first class girls; one VV to cook, wash and Iron, and the other to do chamberwerk. Germanor Am-rlean preferred. To those who are competent to fill the bill, liberal waxes and a good borne is offered. Apdlt, between 10 and 13 a. m., at 93 Dear born-st. first floor. - TXT ANTED—A good girl or woman to V V do kitchen work: Protaunt preferred; at No. 191 Wabaah-ar. . ITT ANTED—A woman to do kitchen VV work. Must be a good cock, washer and ironer. References required. Inquire at 31 Aberdeen-st. WANTED —A neat, tidy girl to do the work d a family cf two persons. Must euae wen recommenced. Apply at 161 Socth Ureen-sh, tor two days. JBmplostncnt agencies. XX 7 ANTED—3 salesmen, 1 office clerk, V » * real estate solicitor*. 3 Insurance ag*nt*. I tartesdir. 3 coopers, X shot maker, I eanvawer», «sta:n to go to MempM*. Venn- ITS Or lowa sod Mt-'jonrl. to wort on railroad?; also men to go Stain. Par fell Mit'Calin apply to FAESHALL ft SMITH, 128 South C:ark-:L, Room lj. Applicants by mall enclose two BUCpi. TX7ANTED—Young men in the coun- V y try. wishing to obtain illoattosi, each a* book keepers, salesmen, collector*, expressmen. cleric*, brakesmen. Ac.. Ac-to apply at 134 Dearborn-st., K-iom 2, craddrcas M. E. JONES A «:a, Box 3040, enclcUng tea cent*, for fall partlca’ar*. TXTANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 1 r ? col.ictor, 3 brakem-n, 3 firemen, i pertor, t drivers. 4ar ou, 3 enter e'erka, 3 coudnctors. Apply at 134 Drarbom-t*-. Room 3. TY7ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 2 V V sal •atara, 1 conductor, 3 brakemcn, 1 firemen, 1 porter. 3drivers. 3 expressmen. Apply at Room 13. Fullerton BJcek. D*A Dearbort-ar. ApplUanUby mall sddrcaaJ. M MOOHE A CO- Box 1707, eucicalng 10 cent* for reply. TA7ANTED—Young men in tbe coun- It try. weblog to obtain situations, such sa book teeptrs, clerks, collectors, aalosmea, eunductors, cx pieaimrn. Ac-Ac-to apply at K->ciru 13 Fullerton Block. S 3 Deirbon-st-uraddrecsJ. M. MGOREACO -80i1707. encloilng ton cents, for lull parUcalari, \\[ ANTED—I.OOO men to go South, T v wages >43 to ISO a month aod hoanl. Also, rail road m*n. and a!) wanting employment. Apply at 133 South clark-sL, Room 3. TXT ANTED—Bookkeepers, cleiks, salcs- V V men, porters, driver*, barteodors. brakesiaoo. mechanics, laborers, canrassers. and all wishing situ- Mote, to at ply at EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, Si Dear born-et- Hocm 2. AppLcaats by mall enclote lb cents. YATANI’ED—A lew grocery derks. Al* y y *o, drygoods clerks, a-desmen, brakem*tL fire men. and all kinds of tradesmen, furnished with em ployment ou short notice. CaQ at Boomil. 137 Booth Clark-st. TXTANTED—A smart man, to act as H collector and solicitor: one that can deposit CCO.andccn-e welt recommend*!. Callatßoomai. 137 8co(b Clark-iU VV ANTED—This dav, 400 men to go \w S-nih. Wacrafrom SC to fM p**r month and board. Also men to work lu ibe cltv. Call at Room 31,127 booth Clark-st., Immediately. TXT ANTED—This day—2s good wood s'Y choppers, tor Michigan: t 3 men lor coustructloa kr* T cl train*. to*n«Portallon free. Apply to OLMSTED A SNhtL, 100 Madison-«t- Sooo*. TXTANTED—Every energetic man out y T of employment, in anvpattof the country, to Ircw that we have jars the thing for th«m tn» wlatar. Ir«xn*tbe beak A. C. BROWN A CO.. X2S LokoiC asaanlrtr-iaisrciianeous. WANTED—Ash hooping, in lereths TXT ANTED—A number of good busi- Y B»ss mer. to esMblisb Inmrsuce Ageort-ii in Northern Onto and Indiana; Addreta Box 3,383. Cieyelaa J. Ohio. TXT ANTED—To sail an icferest in a I * mshujaeturlrg MuLtets to a p»rrr who hu ?*£*£P trlrac « aD(l wllll °e to trarel oetflng mods. A party wta c»n commas'! alx thousacd dollar* cash eapltai can learn of a very irritable tumtmcct by addnstlng Lock Box CS> Cmcamqlt. oMo. 7 TXTANTED—We wart' everybody and his that we Nave the b*»u UaWwr Moukllpg that rrer was oX-rrd to the pottle, and all persons wana»s BuJ.b-r Monldjhr are racnwiedt* esll snd ire u. Arena wanted Is toecoar fry. A.C. CROWN ft co„ Ukfrsu u ’ aa '- uaLtt *' A *^* fftßatUEh—Co ySent. "IJirAJvTED—-To Rent—Jour or tire V * rorstaor jtLalirotUre. In rcitrctableTctsflor. M»nJ*in»?r.. Hat jrompt. Terms low. Aodt’abr DO “'V. If. S„“ l fey Sooth tfatcr-at. 'TED—To Rent—A itimtehed ; V V hou«e.coc‘alrtnT«orSr?om». t.f a g-cOraas ■ *° , l wit**. South Side niidlirel pcaaet- (Mfirrd ilatfe cr tn rtlSh rorasmeo notation. AAircsa,itatlnr locatfotncd' tcat.?.O.Bji 6309. . Cc xJcm—jßouse^. TO RLNT-—A two story hourc*and tern, ca Rntbarrfot-near Cirpent'reU' R/sf »«o e*r Btonth. IT. ROBINS JT A CC, Sd'ZpearborDHir. ■ TO RENT—A new cottairc, Ho; 610 Weet Indiana.*:- w its sir roomaTpantry. cZowul.. Ac. Inquire a; 330 HaohoM«. T") RENT—On FuJlerton-av., and- on the edge of WrighiV flroT«,ann» j-ctcrr home. Wi'h if acre cf ground arcana It, ccatalnlcg 3 rooms, bcMdeaelffet*. tao feet w«t ol ncr*e carr. ASDIr to CLAUSE. LAYTON A COL I SS Wa.htugto>et. r K'O RENT—lfyca want to huvu - house- JL renta hotnw.or eell whomeorlot, rail ot. fee. Great bxlncemrntc .always ottering. GEORGE A WILLI* MS. 7 aoalh CTatt-tX. TO RENT—A new bouse, on Twenty fherth-at, near Calkmebav, per VAnth. iTot aaacoM water bath. Ac. . Inqctre of S. B. BOWES. IK CottageCrore-ar. T!) RENT—House, and tnroteore- (all cco&lete&tidn'v:£>sntaat a bargita. Prtcr, tI£CD. Cali and ezusiDf, »l i:| Em HarrUcwt, tetweco Juxtucafl-av*. r PO RENT—Cottage house, eight i oomr, 1 Tircr. can wltam tvafclneks. '>■). l»tl FarCj 3aß*aaon-«t. Ingclrr-at 171 Wgitladtoift.- .TO RENT—Toetwo-storv triune dwell* J Uff. with wat»f «nd rw. containing 10 roots*.. .nod location. No. 72 CUcsio-ar. Isvinlre at KKACEB & HAICOM. caner Kcrti Water ted > Ciaik-eU.. ctSce Ko. 1. Ellas's Block., T" 0 RENT—Two new dwellings, Nos. 19t0d23 •w'nn. Hydrant water, at ISO each. T. S. FITCH, 1100ta5,167 Dear, tonn; TO RENT—A neat, well finished cot tage. contaMae B rooms, pantry and cto*ecncaa and water In the bouse; slvaatM at Ko. 2W) Park-ar. Ap;lj to C. E. BOLM/a. Ko. U West Randolph-* t. TO RENT—Or lor Sale —A new two* story bonsoon West Jackson-cL, 309. containing Sroomalatut stylc*and Improvement*. Bent toir to May Ut aiiaire at Boom 2 Jbbb’s BnUdiar. 12S Deart>ort-«t. - •• ®o lient—tioomS TO BENT—A tarnished room. Apply at 346 Ohio -at. * * TPO“RENT—A furnishsd lodging room ,JL to rent tor two gentlemen la Rey=a!oa* Block. Icqalrc atßooa 33. TO KENT—A toraislied room, with or wlthoct hoard, at Kc.l Wa»hla^toa-st. 'T'O RENT—A nicely tnrnbhed sniw ot JL: rooms, and alssle room, to mKlemaa and wife, : or four Kcatlemra, with board ana contorts of a heme. ■ Bsdereceeg reqalred. Apply at 95 Abortem-st. TO RENT—A handsomely tarnished ftont parlor, wjth or without serfroom, iu. 4c_ in a private faitLy. at 431 feontta Clark-st. Will bo rented cheap to a soluble party cr parties. rO RENT—Very desirable office rooms, I an theiceond»Dcrof9Vlta»ki!tjh-sL APPI/to Dg. JAMES. 93 second floor. RENT—FarmskedLodemg RoomS* X with closeU. store* a*d gss wfihoat baud, la rfctlcmec WatcML T) RENT—Sa rooms, suitable- for a ■man lastly. Inquire at 393 West- L»k*-*t. Fsnttnre lor ssio—eoa, rocker, and sta cftalr* to match, bcdataadi, common chain, Ac.—ctmaafor cash. Apply at 393 Wsst Lake-tr. RENT—Pleasant and desirable tor- X nlthsd rooms, convenient to hotmsu. gentlemen. Gentlemen with rclcrer«eiprcferr«d. ap r>lyat33MN sme-at. 310 3£ent-g;torgs, ©ffi~CEg,&t TO RENT—The east halt ol store 109 Sooth Water-it. Inquire of H.P. STANLEY. oa tfce p recites. TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent,rear of 74 Ratsikch-et, Conrt-piare. oarw •ItoCrw-bv’s Open House, Aptfy to A. WORDEN A CO„ Cf L. L TQDD.OBthe premise*. XO RENT—One-half of a store on South CsrV-jU,ln the very teat location la tha city. re»P.O 8«i393. - TO RENT—Store, and fixtures fi>r sale. Po*e«Blcn immediately. Call af 91 teadol?h«t. r T , O RENT —The tine Bncfc Stores, 2-10 I and 931 South Clsrk-it, 986. 31.1. 105> and 47D Scnth Clark ah, stores acd dwe Ungs andaoard- Utbrcttt; 401, store. West Millma-it.; nS.Wre, East *336 Fonrthav.. rtweMcgt 131 Shcnasa-'t-a Doe boarding home; Oder* In Larnco. Lone and Speed Block*. Po*»*M*on at one* for at! lw above premises, apply ta J.M. MARSHALL. Roots S, si 97 S:uth Clarksu ' ’ TO HENT—Store on South Clarh-st. = X Inquire at BoQta 3.167 Devoora-tt. rpo RENT—Store or Office—The e’e- J rant room ad!olnicz Fourth Xatloual Bank, aid only two door* from the Pott Ot&fß. bafr, vatcr, it ■ tp&ly at No. 9 Custom House-place. fHadjiucrg. 70R SALE—Three 8-horse power np \ right SDglnes; also six horizontal enclaea, A W >1 liborse power. Larger or mailer l»*d with or without boilers. 12.15,15 sad W-borw tay «r »aa locotnoUre bol’ers fbr sale, bra- raaka. At one l-roiiar Union Matcher and Ptaung Mschma. -»kiUU. barrel and machUery, Iron p a>n. beTtlsg. sawa. file*. Ac. Mat-hla«r I>nwt, 39 DoioruaU,Chicago. GBSENLEB BROS. A CO. F>B SALE—A sect-nd-hand Euchter cisrbtTie—la rood cradlllcn. PilcO, 5V36. A?Ult)tbo TRIBUNE COMPANY. ■* TTOrSALB—IO.I2 and 14-horse pOrta- X* bUtafliea MJd3otle»-ICT»Jow,b7 GRIFFIN LBCIH4iS,ISb BoathWs«r-lt> Situations ©stances. FTAItEM. OITUATXON—"Wanted—By a yon*i O man with nine years* experience, as aaJesm» Q l traveller. tpeaks German and English. and c*-, i.! the beat of city reicrencca. Address “C K3i ,S B no Island-sr. ty *. SITUATION—Wanted—A NorwSSi Cl grocery Clerk.ofUyeari’«xwi«mce,wanuHß cation in a grocery store, Undemsad* st.a so*s3 mme English, Address *• C K,'* Tnaasa office. ja SITUATION — Wanted —ln a photS O graph gallery, by an eastern man; hat bad m 3 ycaracxperleuce; jor t»o years was la erargo of <-3 ot the leading xalterles M New Tor*. A permaa-5 situation rather than large wages desired, win UjJ rbarg* of a gallery, or do the operating or prlca-t 5 Would like u rent a gallery or hoy an Interest mTr: that pays. Addrcaa e. U. QAT&3. Hudson. Mlcb. CITUATION—Wanted—As coachman C> tn a private femt' a German, who underttaah his hoitness. Best-d dry rvfrrencra given, notasmnchofsnonjeci** a place. Plres« u dreg* **P R.” Tribune office. CITUATION —Wanted—A medical stu- O dent wtahra to obtain a tituatlon ft* clerk bt {rfecrlpdonornrstore In cltr or country. TC! Kn» ur s length of time, u he wishes io obtain a lnorM-*i knowledge of tbe business. Reference* given. At dres* ** Trlbnae office. . FE9ILBS, CITUATION— Wanted —By a Jewish O ym.Egwoman,Meoct. in a rtapectabl* j e _.. s gmily. Ap*ly at-131 Sooth Clark-»t. Meal Estate—Cite. linPAOVBD. T?OR SALE—An elegant bou?e, on PI _T Mlchlgaa-ar- near Coogress-su sWtt u-nfirt class, with rnsrhie front, and oil modern ,41. !_>■ meets, with sfa? furniture; l-tOXCO. A, J. AVLim t M Real Estate Qglce.No. 7 Metropoliua Block. « *j"OR SALE—An entirely new lwo-*»oi? P J 1 sed basement brick Home, of It room" ho* r cold wster. water closets, bath, Tcsrli!- r and lot, with harn. on W*b*,, near Twfa , i-ts* , T f, THOS. D. SNYDEB ft CO, Heal Estate Agents. Vo j Metropoliua Block. *' o '* )R SALE—A first class new three itory and basement Brick Honsr. of n r-c=, hot and ccld water, bath, water floret* rr>-*£ mantels, etc- andtotwiih brlckbarn, oa at.neartbollvst-.J.LEWISLES ftCO-Bcalt,S Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. T?OR SALE—Honsc, with marble frocl r on Mlchlgsn-ar-south ol TwelfUi-it,; j;v f vt -J Wabash-ar., north orTwe - tUMh;SO f*e: oa’r»-»irs ar M near Twenty-flnMt.: Xu feet on Irdla-u-ar u Ja Twentirtb-st: KM (bet on Indiana third and Twenty-foorth-sta. A. J. aVslell plii Estate PCce. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. “** F'OR BALE—3 first-class stores on Sntrji Wster-e L, cow rented at from 13 to lsr*-r e»--!« tbe price askec. A.J. AVEKELL, Real Estate No. 7 Metropolitan Block. eu “ c *» FOR SALE—SI,SCO cash will tor a goed two-story hout>e and barn, on Cnrp-;A,. togeiher with an nrexplred croued i-a»e (Terr The whole is worth $3,000. rut will p« *acf USen *«.on. App'4 U> C. E- UOlAlts. 39 Wes; dnlph-st. CNIJIPBOVBR. FOR SaLE—The north hall cf Rioct N<;. 43. Schco'S-ctlon Audition, haring % ae»cf4£-fcetonCllntou and Jcfrctsoa-.ta 4- /g talslne S 3 100. Arareopportunity frr a Tsyc~\t?Z tt. 'Wi:i b- on miooiS e terms bv T « ?V T A* ft CO-No. 167 Dearhoro-tU c **** UT *• - «■HCg F)R SALE—BI feet cn Calumet-riT / eitendlngSCOfeet to Uie labs, with i cot < ore oflfe finest iccntl'-nslo the ettr. ‘ -1 ,* ,* AjVJJKELL, Real DttU OCla, No. 7 M-trcp-^ii agents &Hamec A GENTS—Wanted—For THE A-HE- JrV RICAN FARMER’S HORSE Stewart. U.D. V. S., ecrcdrtng tne results <-,? tw-rf year* of original Investigation. The bock J others fbr Agent*. as it appeal* to toe seep*,); M aclf-Intcrcst of a very large, wealthy and mi- i cla*« la every community. Apply toor odL- j \ GOODMAN A Co- Publishers, frfleago. lIT J * 5 A GENTb—Wanted—An a cent to can il T3*s Chicago for •‘Abbott** I nr* cf; oents.’* Books now ready for mbserlber*. |*j> hlgbtst commUslon will be giver to a per-.n U\-£~‘U a * > ‘2£ :c ''* None other need apply. EOYDEX, 73 Clark-*:. * l 1 ~ AGENTS —'Wanted—Exp cricnoed kyk and engravingcanvassers, to whom a !a*-e •si. arr or commission will be CMd. Address CIiVUL-a BfLL. 132 Sooth Clarfc-at- Chicago, pi. \ GENTS—W anted —?150 Wc trant l*,A v •r'nts to sell lie BARTLETT SEWING 114- CUINEfr, price IA.CO, Tho*** willing to work fo* iimao w month will address, with stamp. PAGE g“S. General Agent*. Philadelphia. Pa., o: T.:,10, AGENTS— Wanted—$2CO per mnrih to sell the CIKN LISE IMPROVED Q \RT' itt SEWING MACHINE. U j-resa W. DiiUSS A CO- lUB l>earbora-Qi- t’tir*g:, A GENTS—Wanted—To know tlntwJ JTX bavervlnced our Map* C arts l* v C -J prices sad hrlow, CfmprMng r.;i tv’non-l »r pnbllsbcd. ao*J tnonntM superior toa-v «-i t i,* WL- Try ns sert he conncc'd. Addresi <i OOD rI’EU A CO- 148 lakc-st- Cnicagp. j A QI^Tb —Wanted—$150 ncr tiohm rSF voS&s SENSK F'ufILTHKWL theowaieat tereen.-m ef the age. Price Ji- f AGENTS— Wanted—$2,500 to ' ayesr. A good chare-.? to make mocer. - tswaoteit tnevery town lathe Ulloo ;o mvrn: atd sel' *o arttole of consumption In every Dmilv be manufarturMlc the axcct'j dwelling. Ituet, t cew; secured by copyrrcht Hale as permru- : n flow: no fitting up to>e done. For psrtmusrs *; -,v/. ,am - “ nS CUHTST^. AGENTS—Wanted—Price $2.50. AA •Goyd's Great Map." -Tiix C.vrrto bTxjn Cos jL*ta r W IW. 1 * Three man* In on- a-d ™«P JO the world. One agent It": ordered firry More after two dajs eanrse*. Ink GtuxmPantOTicCnawror Arxstc* roct Re map. Addr»9 GOODAPEAD ft CO, 1-J> Ul«- *i— Chicago. AGENTS Wanted .Fanners’ hors, tela winter, to ; (mil Rrlfe Sharpener*.** Sample a&Ceirrn’a-w to cento. G. W. CROWELL I A GENTS—Wanted—Hale and lemile, a B ST-irs cl * lft J mzt thr ev, n S£?l ,r .. w “ u * **P«<laymad6wuiMmleaTlcgb'‘mi Trarjilme areata can m*ke from |5 ter rtsy winuur Interfermrc with cth-r hnslmrt. Th‘- vtt ie ahowsforltaelt. Sample*, with terms wi pv»'<-u!ar.r ot tftjl-a6lr-M,*eat for 2b c'tts. Aiareas >r w CiIAfFELL. Drawer Chicago. w * Agents —Wanted—10t' nos can have Frltfy emplOTment fhr t.Ve wlater h«enr.ituris Jfte »«L* of I*OMROY*S NE * AMERICAN hk vr REGULATOR, ituxtuc** HcLtard pk'sfant. Profia ewaatrtd. w a-’drcM nr rail cp.;u I. LATdeop, J»., urea Ch«r.-h caro. HR or Room No. 4 Lymaa's rNo«:- - 1 -—‘juTa ,Iror Sale. TT'OR SAL E Schooner 'Essex, Grim * Jntni)-r rapacity, ITj.'JCO feet. JOO.n jHEU*TS.2oOsotu:>Caaal-st. SALE—Prop. “ Genesee Clnef/’ A cow Dc-trot. MirMrar. ria«< A C Tpo r**ejpld me»;ar*miieTt>,2N. A»ol'-'-tp VTSI. E tr K KIXF.R, Dcrr.r;f v STIrA, or to OAIiTuS & lU-0,. Hi Lon.bcr-»u, F3H SaLE— Second-hand' School Fur niture, at Hi-t SRctlcan-ar., to be dispxrj'of br January itt. • T?OB SAF.S—Cheap —TVood received I daCwtla e.Mracn mil Great Elatem Uitlmad. Good Fara’ anA'Prr and Gre»n Wood, from •?ec|TC' p»rcord. oemtrdTenJ. 100 North S&aga.-aoa-aW a AlK*—Two patent rich Is on med -1 teal 1 n»tru.u*o». Both are asproved hr lesdlnrrao !‘r»! .-"ta- and moat cou.* Into ertecaiTo* U3e. A lor tune ;>sr a nan <"f energy and some mtaaa. Inquire at; J 79 Itenth ClarV-at. F>n S ATi**—SCO Lsrd Tnurhcltl about IS p.'ri sdf each. WALWOETtI, DCSCH A UO. ’ FOR JSALE—* Furniture in a splendid, teomt Ararecl aj icetorone or tw> tingle ceaii«a*x m* ■ ■between7l Adß>.m ,at Room 55, No. iM LaSailMt. TTOR SAJ^J—Ofßcc occupied b> J Carp mter St Co., North Sldj, near >' »wbe>» erator, n» nttortrs high, raltahlefciriiwe, iu; f.r. laaJtT. i I'ar.tnaHframeharn and>hM-<att^.n- 3 Justness (Cijanres. TTOR SAXE—An mierest in a Icadme A W 1 ccleaa.e I>m; Uoa*e. banop a larpc trad Mb M*of» Western Cries, ir tlie pcrctMcr aria u«lrT", amopemeaU raa» b« cade to ‘fxJi.'i -£DtJro \ppirm DWOLI Ar Mc- HJTTE .B.?»e-P Yort.orLoc& gor 103-1. ClciianaU. T? 0 R BJLLE—Aprncery store now doing ”ll’ f> ° •'’l' l on liberal terms. Ipqcll c for at 106 Dine liland-a*. "C'fJjH SAXE—Tie lease and fixtures ota F)R BALE—Lease and fixtures cfßtore Muj 4^s7_3tat*>ot.cor.rrofCdrld;o<ocrt. Inquire "pOR SAXE—Block and fixtures ot a /,*T v lfT s?£f. e * s ° w » cood twyi-w. in i oty of A AJD inhabitants. abcat, uxtr mile, from Cii- L>t health. Far yarticrla'* addreiM &i B. WILLIAMS. 91 Wsihlnuwn-at.. Chi cago, II FOK» SALE —A Rare Change—An old wiabtohed beilnMA. half block of Post Oidce. Ilonse. lease of lot, and aooa wIJL At actn— esa, withtaiaTi capital, can fdid a chance seldom ett—d. i "»" tna TTOR BALE—Drag Store. Agood chance J for a can with a reiail capital, wto Tfe:« tn «• va<«la tsadme trade, la t>e ocarl*3 - .atr aasl , cr>>%rias ofblxnL Sb*P>T ucnaty, on the Illinois naUroad; only »tJ3oir<;circd- u. mnsT. Cooker P. IX, Slgnl, UJ.. or POST s BADBAC, 19» UJtxt ■ • F)R SAXE—Factory. Profia* pav ICm percent* mo*i»h. All In gord rvraiac ■1 •»> Ko. 1. Heal SEstatc—(Puantrc UOR SAL3-r-Cheaj>—3oft acres oi Imd A fixe miles west of Cblctco. at Snt per acre. Also. 4CO acre* in Will Conaiy. on ». C.R.R. be from Mosee and Ptoccae StaUoa*.JJ7JO per ar re. Also, farrr c( 1W acrea. well Imprered. In Ford Coo ty. i nLC. B &-.»»per s:re. Apply to OjS. POSTGri, Ko. 3 Smith A KuA» UaUaing. pianos. F3K BAT E—Cheap—A riist*dass ieveo* oeHre new Plano Forte; will b* follr Can 1* k<o atKo. 130 Wctt Madltoo foaming, "OOARDING—Two gentleman who wiltj Jl y roem tsgeiher c*aflniT a rood roizsia.l irß-l cw*e bctnl si H 8 btate-st. Also. *iwia<7 fcr ‘.e« Kustltmau. "DOARDTNG—One larze f 1 3 lor gentleman ard •*& -ind et-; >' rccmsultsbie for ver?** and rhiid with f. hoard onw Wot sw-. Befereccarequlxwh. u witn terms, “ C s,** 1 nbunr ot3 r .c. h T> CARDING —At 8 EWridge-coort. I ■ suite* ol nnfnrm-»sd rtK>m«. with and oreftimei’-td room, suitable Cjr uc Tenai moderate. Boarding —One or two penUeD^ desirous cf a ccnitoruhle homo, with toard arc cleeant rocajt, la a reanwtabTe n=ul». - >O4 on tel tar from the Post Oflce. recreates required. Address **c,“P. O. 11-Pi Boarding —2 wen-famished with beard, *o rcrw'n* who desire anwl»iJ.*% sorctrodatlocß and are niltsz to nay tot su b. L ‘.“ at SB7 West RaaColph-sU, near Mcreao. Boi: nk. ■pOAHDIXG Handsomely farmsi" X) roome,«ltbbo»«:berrccuredclll'*.Kr; Adams at.. Al*o. Cay boarders can ttlCjxruwb 13oarir %ziaxtt&. BOARD— With tnrnisbed rooST 1 ortrete famllr. r-r "rar rt«tr. a Cat toard fbr mraeif- Wst»*»h or M'chlcn'i-s'. i> "erred. Address -MEBCHANT,** TribtUiQ SO r*. ILofct anh jFoun'D. T 9bT —A yeliow Fox Tenier Deg,« ‘ndta'lcrorr.ed. Cetamlla.and r.-crtv»*l e ™ '•-ward and owncrW to 300 Stall wbere ?jQ esn bey Boots and Shot• st tslf >rte- tf axyjq could before tba war. 1 CSV—On Saturday evening, betwc . Clan and on Ms<h*oa. a pockeVN cou'alnlntvbotjl IX m curreDcy; also tome mere ilgr ed l>r. X'Forrests Good TenpUt’a trareUltr \ »n' 1 seme n»mn». The ftadtrwm be »m'4 rmrto4br kyme u»t *3O MdOaoh-st.^