Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 1, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 1, 1867 Page 1
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(Eljicago ®ribunc. TUESDAY, JANUARY 1. IBW. ■J UK NEWS. The impor's or specie at Sow York last wccknaomj'cdto The amount of wheal received at HUwftn koe during the cast v«ur, Including the pnln re duced to flour, foots up fifteen millions of basnets. The Allentown" route to Sew York Jim 1 not been Interrupted for an hoar during the Uio | severe ptonn. • v Exports of specie from the port of Sew York during the - past year amounted to $t>2.:.20,T Co. Department will commence the disbursement on Wednesday of lou millions in cold a* 1 merest on the public debt. The Fenian trials In Canada w\U be re sumed on the ICtL Instant. There are thirty-five prisoners vci to be tried. Five-Twenties closed In London last even lug at 71*. <luld bad a flight upward tendency in Sew York, the market closing at MS** The gist of the decision of the United States Supreme Court, in lheca«eof Milligan, the Indiana conspirator, I# given In oar Washing ton despatch. Flv** dliTeront communications from per ran wlio d.elrcd :o rdl«« m<* c'lnirtontet, vere rcc Ivcd r,t th- Ttomutt DcptrlmcTit. 000 person ic Indianapolis sent two thousand dol- There occurred In Kow York, during the -jit just, Closed, thirty-five homicides; tblrty rm infanticides; and sixty-one snlddes. or • latter cls-a twelve died by the rope, twelve •is-d a pistol, five took Paris green, and one Cos tf’s Hat Exterminator. The St. Paul Press publishes a statement showing that forty five million foei ol logs and tifiv-two million feet of lumber were run out of (he St Croix Ri‘er this year. The quantity esU ■ p-.tted to he cat IMs winter Is ninety millions. T umbering in the woods Is backward for lack or E The will of Mrs. Sarah Lewis, late of Cin cinnati, givrf ihe Widows* Home the Or- r ‘h. n Axvinin at Mount Auburn fS,WO, the Public s 7j‘ oo i {,:bra-v the Theoloctcal Dapart of Kcnvou College for the endowment of aVi'orcvForshiuSl«.Of ,, .anfito Ihe diocesan mU- Pio- a rf IhmesmSl Episcopal Church m Ohio. Hotwven nine and ten millions of bushels cf wheal w«ro snipped from Minnesota daring too nonpar. The aep of IfW was shout eight mil lion? ori*ns»:el-.t:c bslance being wheat held over ficw ;bc rrenous year. Ibc lumber sent to iiu-r.ct trr-m the Sr. Croix Mver during the past -vr-on v.m • ortUTl,C3*,o 0. J Wc iocs a from tbcFratikforl tonimontml/A that the General of Kentucky has hren r.otifirM by the proper national eutlinriJcs ihai S7Tv,PVC ha' c b>en made subject to the draft o; the Govenmient of Kentucky. Tbo i-otil-snie Jfurtai also liana thv within a few -v iv i ; , i- tv.rca »u f 3.\000 and 32,030,000 more will ►, 0 ,o try credit of Ihe Stale. Tho Sate 7: '.uury r.o-> in funds, and probably by the #•1 d of another month will contain heween :V.,. a;.d $.1,000,000. The State debt is be iw< cn £.*.<•' (•.<’** 0 ind $6,000,000. Tb<- Ex,t:;llv« Hoard of the State Agricnl tn-al Society will convene In the Agricultural Room*. in sprli-gfieH, on Tne-day, January Btb, n i crn:l:;tx in -l-.-101, several day?, to wind np *» .• t»u.-Ice.-r; « * the past two years, and award ••cmir.mi? r;; fanas, nur?cncs, field crops, etc. •e ne.«iy elected Board will Iks convened the place rn Monday, January 14th, to locate r, ur- sj£ic Fair, andto ■muse up a premium * f,*r and «urh other baslne-s ns may cotar .■•■:orc tr- it. U 5? understood that Quincy. Jack couvni*, spiirgSv’d and Decatur wUi strongly v.' mpc'.o for the Fair. The latest particulars from laii.aiity that Dlgcomb. one of (he men r.;ir.g. v,as already mortally iround.d by a blow ot:Tlic held fioru a batebet, so that the brains ran r?n. and fire rye was cat oat,banging over the ':<vk. ;ii.T !.r had been mortally cut on the neck. - could t«»t h-vc lived an hour in the condition res h« ii hung The partyfrom Mankato who 1 lo bring down the bodies could not find m and go: no explanation, bat found a bole tu u Ice and M.mmms blood-marks. O her indl —•»‘*rs show plainly that the bodies were pm in :h. river. Tire Democratic Convention of Franklin C’oi.nty, OLn». me* at Columbus on Saturday, and r con.incndi il Judge 3barman for Governor, and •C r. 0.-olnnor, Uj.i» the Democratic Slate Conven tion ow the r.b of January should adopt a roioia ti, ii >cqi;c.-ih}f: the legislature to submit to the Ui-* qu’-tiou of ••-rising the word •* while” fr» in 'li?' Cr.ii-titption cf Ohio, In order lint there Di; 1 .) r.o loi rvr 11 a doubt as *.o bow the people ot C io arr nf-rIM r.po'i the proportion of negro toiirg rt.d •• VN « declaring, »hat we will hereafter, a -4 heretofore, always oppose the proposition at ll.v A destructive fire broke out nbout three o’clcrk, Sunday rooming. in the npper partoi 'be Minneapolis Cftrontrfr office. The printers sd juft snack oft* their edition, and were golug , iifcie, when :h*y dtßCorcrcd flames near the vi inney. The alarm was sounded, but the fire spread and dc.moycd nine hnlldings on Wash o.ton avenue, between Helen and Mrcsctonca sixt-eis. Tbepower press of the VhronicU office t d*-troy v d, imt most of the type and other property oi i-- office was saved. rhcFirfltNn ual Eo’.t-l wai scorched badly and with difficul ty -ared. XL? total loss is SIUO,CW. Insurcd/or V 4 X». Account > ;rom Xovr Mexico represent the ptefcat c.-rdiiion of that Territory ns quite there of ccrvcab’e. It is said that a meraortal “ufty ioi-t ha? been lorwarded to Con xreif, aririrg fir mors troops to guard the eet :i-i-frer.: IrJtan rjiius, :<ljj-antly IndcJ, It i? said that *‘rol>- 'ct :i -s end univOe-rs are growing into daily occnr r.’icr.-'.” ill: rvttrg Governor has If«ned a pro clrmr.i!ou ra ,s :r.g npna the citlz-'n* to nrm and enrol ihtm-'t-; •vs for dcT-crc. On the other hand. Lir* ci!:lr fn'hojlti'Ss n the Territory do uj‘ *.*.« ir.aitcr- in ilia: licit stall. A <.’onv. of producers nn.l dealers lu fetoi In l :ir?’.j;" i..?. representing nearly all the oil W "-■ :r*-;u iu rtV<=t Vtrain's, wa< held in BL r; !■•?* Wednesday, tor tae purpose ol a a r.-iioa. A coaslitntlun was adopted &:•■'. a t-aic.-lly wo;dcd proposition was presented # t'j capitalist* fjr ilio jndicions f-jnaauon of a coa» (p mi-‘lcn ;i-«» cy. thrunah which sales of all’ cr.s tf I;;i r:-*aUt.jr oil pt’nll be made and ad vc:ci*.‘ ; j »;1 lc producer*, under lie direction of a Ikmrii ijsr.* t.i.0l .*ore«all*’ from the bc«t hu-lce-' r..;i i::JercsfciS therein. Inspectors of .wp ir.jceihy '-lit psss onon ihe purity and rrovitf under d:flerenl b-ands. It is hoped by •;e opcictions cf the UdJoti, to prerent the r}a« ; > • of iudMaual it tcrest, and to Improve She m reU o! tU. PL- foilovrlr.c: arc items by Ocean tele- graph this Onr Consul at Uvcrpool acsw ere ail objections to his recent action In rela tion to the settlement of claims arising in Eng _ r a , a j.j me course of and connected with the " -o utli (.rn rebellion, by glaring that he hadaulbori :y from our Government, wfcarever they may have u n throughout Europt.... the American yyentnien ate the reclpieni of one coollnned round of ovations. Bennett's challenge to all | Europe has been accepted by (be Duke of Eden- I burg, who wi;l match IPs yichtTiking, with the Henrietta, the race (a circuit of the Ulo of Wmhl) tc tkc place in August text—.Napo'eontias ist-ccd a royal decree abolijiilng tonnage dhties spams! foreign vessel, the ne.r rule to go Into Xu-ct on the first of January A number oi the Fie eh transport fleo sailed from Cher • enr- for Mexico yesterday; 'he remainder of the ) rt.tiadroa hzvt* cruers to leavr as early os the Sth -,f.Tan - ;ary....'ihc colonial debates have agreed >pon s conic Jut niton scheme fir the union ol the No;th American Provings. nroa suit J Arrival cf Trrnnure—Afa**tue of Prominent i i \ i -arlv Export tf.^ecie—Baa» } Payment of lucre!*! on Uio . rUicDciii-lnirrt-«i«m*Ufcl»cbu*, Etc • -4s-.r Yom:, U‘cc&bcr 41.—Ta ficamer llenry C*. •iprej. inj*u AFplnwall, Joe arrived with - A-‘o Cl M: a-uic. ' All the prmamest Fenian* l;ve di»npearei, i « atrvrt they hav gone '©‘lreland. / f fljtug ,-v.c i* expected icjay, but may be / rtxlajcd t. n da;?. J rf •j ct.o for the yea, from this pori, J , l^ L ’ bru!, returns for the whee year show that I tbo lociifl iLcr- n*'.d tr-m T3Tt.f*i Dun on t*-e Ist of t January to S-.;.: -.,(WJon thestn cf OcJober,the l cor.rsction Ui :ing place woeW« later than , nsiint. ihy d-potKvlcclloed 15,'WXroo dnring j vcjiccrv. 1i r-.uary and Mara. at«d afeeword .tflr.g H.,.uiii.o the cuiuiinilng pom* on tho :j oi October, .he clrculatio- lia? fliearily In -c;tsed from The reserve ekajw ug:u«. .'caurully lucicasd from F7..WI:'UJ*) :i «o O,Hr. pn,*eqaently tallmsas low as t' fr' Cti-.COfI,(XO fit the beginning of Lte month. , i-end-a* mms dL-haree(ii<'n(s'i«x«* exclastve of 'Jovenimcat. ex ecds The Trca- 1 t rt ■ "ry Ib'jjartriiocty ill coiiimcn^ito dUhaf'e on I ,»e<-i.C(-du} •-1 *"b sbJJ ?a grfil ti Intcruat on tho nnblx Cob-, ihcra. will bi nOv>a,(KJd of thU I tmount paid out at ike on tho 13lh i :-roxinio. Abu I fn.oOii,auo pi p a |d oat i„ i • net cy. c , ihll.-cbl on U»- 7-D - The MactJjttcii Gcti'spany v.f. W/xat one all. - lion Fcvec liu'.or.-d moosaad <dallar« oa account or>civ\or-i*iat\ tue Oi»l> 4tit- Agency will pay Uirte huudr.-d jad fifty tttu«snd dollars as 'V« r , i l r7 ! bn.oarhuadrrdthotuanadollars Jf jPruicipfi] of debt of ’hat State. Tonneasc w.ll put -ere Jiandred tlnusand dotlara'as ■icreet on Its'-oi.ds. TlcrewiU al*o be some *'»sc&c:i>s -ere on accont;t of Calitoca'a and J **“• i.Hiils of the itvpnbhc will pay in -5 on the Georgia Plate b-xtiD. • , heavy enow ‘torn etfli prevails. ' ) • here weio;iinr-fi*chomlcidc*, <ui'ty-fcix mfsntlcjdea. Eixty-one suicides; of the it cr (w*.iie hung, twelve used # •-j-iol. sad five look I’atjs gresa, and one Cottar's it exteumnator; 2"J7 persons were drowned, and 3irty-eicbt d*snh # resultot from bnn^. . Nsw Youk, Droerober 31.—The Court oTAp \ “tsli a’ Albany. New York, will if'-day annoanc; i. their nuanimua? <b cl*lon the constita- Tt : onsht> Ujo EsGte law. ••t‘l;n t.J u*on, who was stabbed and beaten on . ghtb nu-nne, yesterday, will probably die. .tmi«- i- 1. aas bc“n arrested, charged with I’ !> deed. i’srl'.b Jon?:, Lt'ioien, the aileged Thoznpion vcct murde.v.'. ba j been arrested, and al«»o .ncnish Cc-o i, Sweeney, a wniie man, his ccompUce. f \ ioui-c lat..v;tam*:a E’Jen Alcorn was killed In ♦ ooklyu, ye-irnla/, by a kerosene oil explosion. _e wai pouiiog oil <>n tbe fire from a can. - - Cuu’i Give ibem Away. jjicksok. > Kh„ December 31,—The newspapers of city rnvedecided to furnish thtlr readers w iib tbcje] alifinews reports furnished by the Lnltcd sftatvf* anil, European News Association, •ved docLncd ic uci-vpj odexod thcmirrailihy die New Voik /.“ivviatcd Pre*£ Vicus»t:i:«s, MNa., December 81.—Tho newsps -x’rt ol ibl?y;uy hs'e.refused the gratuitous re port* of Uic ~rv lojk Associated Pres*.and here if ter print u-.ctia*hic news ot uie United bta’ec uud j-aroptaa News Association, Eiplohlon nsd !•«■« of Idle. !l,’cw llavi;-.*. C», Dcccrob.'r 81.—An explosion iaC'Mlcs A coal oil refinery,H Ibis city, \if>T, resulted in the dcstrncilon of »h" worts by [ erri th<; death of Frederick Thompson, a— -1 J met sope’lT.tei.dcnt o» the works, who was t hrin ll.c air t.uty or 3 ly feet,’aad into U»e / jert in froi.l of the works. U» was iaslanily ■ j'.lcd. Ib<* troii cover from pcc of the large olf •aui-2, was llowi, a rtistancc of flx lo eight hun irv.u Jflrdjj. Lojs, six lo eight thousand dollars. • icvenuc A»«ee!»or Caught la faiiewa Trap i- ciLiPELAriA, D4Tcmber Sl.—Calhoun JL Dar in-er, AesctFor of Internal Revenue for the se i district of Pensaylvauta, appointed a few a - <!s> .-i. Las bttn arrested, charged with at- T-&t ''or; c-.txtjorl moDtr trom a whiskey dealer \-%I ■ tree! r.-eLnure of cu premises, and than ptgaiie the 'matter tor cue thousand FROM EUROPE, Latest Despatches % Ocean Telegraph. \ Courtesies 10 the Tachtmcn. Bennetts Challenge Accented by the Dnlie of Edinburg Names of five Lost from the tacht Fleetwing. Royal Decree Abolishing 1 the French Tonnage Duties. lailing of French Transports Vo\ . Mexico. 1 FROM WASfIffiGTOS. The Obnoxious Sections in General ;SioHes’ Beoent North Caro lina Order, Bonds of All 'Whiskey Dis tillers to be Examined.' Opinion of the Supreme Court in the Indiana Conspiracy Case. FROM CANADA. Fenian Trials to be Resumed on the lOlb instant. Gold Closed in New York at 1331-4. FROM EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEOQAPU. GREAT BIUTAKT. IjvEnroon, December 81. United States Consol Morse exhibits as bis jus tification for settling the salts against Frazer, Trcnholm & Co. and others, a written authority from the United Sta'cs Treasury Department to «n urge all rebel claims In Europe. To-day la a holiday and nothing la doing. The names of the men loft from (be yicht Fleet virg were Captains Woods and Hazlellue of r'talru Island; First Matoj Brown, of Boston; Steward Ncilson, of Norway, and seamen Sully and McCormick. UOROUS TO THE OCEVR TACHTHER. Cowes, Jflx ot Widut, December 33. The yachts Henrietta, Fiectwmg and Vesta -ailed tip Osborne Bay at the invitation of the Qneen. Kcr Majesty witnessed (bo various manmu vvrlng from the beach. As the Henrietta passed the tjneen, she saluted her with a wave of her handkerchief. The citizens of Cowes cave a grand banquet last night. Flags, pictures of yachts, tic., decorated the hall. Speeches were made acd toasts drank. IxTSuToox, Monday Etch lug, December Sb The Mersey Yacht Club will give a grand bnl in honor ottho American yachtmeu. BSSRSTT’S CHALLSKCB ACCEPTED, Lordok, December 31—Noon. Bennett’s challenge to sail against any yacht has been accepted by »ho Dnke of Edinburg’* vachl Viking, to ronnd the Itle of Wight t':e first week in August next The Viking I; sa!.l bo one or the best of the Royal Yacht Club. At tbc grand banquet given by the citizens of Cowes lost evening, the hatl was profoaedly deco rated with British and United states flags, and pictures cf the contending yachts, while the bails were bung round with friendly mottoes, felr John frimon, M.P., presided at the entertainment, and :Jw greatest Intematfonsl good feeling prevailed momr the guests. Toasts were drank amfdst great enthusiasm, to the Queen. President, armlo* end ravles of (be United States and Great Britain; peace and prosperity to the United States and .old England; the New Turk Yacht Squadron; the Ij’ alib of Mr. J. G. Bennett, Jr., and a hori of other toasts of a friendly character. Major Gen -ml by command of (he Qneen. ex rres«cfl her Majesty’s interest in the race and her thanks for the compliment of the display during the afternoon. kxtessitx ran at arasssAx talacb. Extensive department tropical productions at Sydenham Pslac", vaslmrnedljul ■i loss of £300,000. cohtxpkutios scums Ton run unman south ahemcas riionxtms. Losnos, December 31—Evening. 'The Canadian delegates. after a confcrcact* with the English Ministry, finally agreed upon a confederation scheme lor the British North Amer ican Provinces. nosex. Paris, December 31—Noon. A decree ha* been formally Issued abolishing anertbo first of Januarr, IPG7, | ill tonnage dues noon vessels arriving at Its ports, excepting *uch vessels haling from countries which impose deferential dues upon tbs mercantile marine of France. Ha vue, December 81—Noon. Thirty transports sailed for Vera Cruz from Cherbourg. The remainder are under O'dc.-a to leave by the Sth of January, to bring troops to France. Parts. December 31—Evening. LaTSbertlf, (his morning, announces that Mr. Winchester, an American, Is urging np&n the French Government tuc adoption of hi? now guns into the military and naval sendee. Eatcat Foreign workers, Lovpon, DeeemacrSl. Cecils for money, SJ;x; S-KKJJk; Illinois Csntral W; Erie, 4CJ*; Petroleum, i?d tor refined. Axrwxer, Decembers!—socn. Petroleum. SUfl. rv »sktobt, December Si—Noon. Fire-Twcnaes, 7s; Lospox. December 81—Noon. The stock market closed with 5-so* quoted at 7?V; Eric. icjf; Illinois Central, SCv. Loxnox, Dccamltcr 51—'Evenlnr. Closing prices fors 3C5,72,¥; Illinois Ccatial.stV; Erie, 46. LrvEaroon, December Si—Noor, Col ten and other morkc « dated. FROH YTASniNGTON. ■WasnixoTox, December 31. REVACATTOK OT OEKXnai. SICKLES' OROEB COX erraaxo corporeal puxisrnmrr. General J. C. Kobuson, at present la command of the Department or the South, In a general order dated December SSd, announces that on the V'tb of tic same month the President ordered tho revocation of the two paragraphs of the famous cider leaned by General Sickles on theflrstof Octol*er lost, which arc herewith given: Firth—Corporeal punishment shall cot be In dicted upon any person other thin a minor, and then only by the parent, gaardlao, teacher or one lowborn said minor la Iswtallv bound by Inden ture of apprenticeship; nor shall any person be sold to service as a punishment for a crime or for other cause by any authority whatever. Sixth—The laws of the States respectively in thlsDepnrracnt deflnlngand punishing vagrancy, applicable to white persons, may oe tnforccl against all petrous. Nevertheless, no one who shall have o&ed reasonable dillgency to obtain employment, or who shall be unable to work by reason of infi r mlty, shall be decreed a vagrant. tost omcr charges. Tho following changes of Postmasters In the West have betn made since the 2Ctb of Decem ber: fviro.—Monterey, Davis County, W, Parker, rice B. W. Marlin, declined; C->nnover, Wlnoe* sbiek County, S. A. Gilmore, vice E.« Mather, re signed; Freeport, .Winneshiek County, W. m. raimer, rice L. B. Frazier, rrsigned ; Eaatport, Fremont County; F. il.. Davis, tie* S. F. Gil more, moved away; Cole, Mariou County, A. McNeil, rh* L. McNeil, resigned; Mapleloo, Monona County, W. n. Wllacy, rice J. If. Scott, moved away. iZfl*oU,—Woodlmll, Henry County,ll. Stephens, dee M, A. Stephens, resigned; Wostbaie, Warren County, W. T. Pennybee. rice W. 11. I«ora, re signed; Grand Cottle, PralHe County, J. M. Allen, tic* 3. C. Henry, resigned; Dnpago, Wells ‘County, M. Assely. vice W, O. Farren, resigned ; Crab Orchard, !WllUarason County, J. Huddle con, tire W, A. Mcllar.cey, resigned; Big Praine. Logan County, J. Dillon. vice K. Sumner. re signed; Benntult, Monroe Coacly, F.W. Backey, Jr., vice J. Glenn, moved away. J/lf/cvri.—Gadfly, Barry Coanty.jJ. A. Shaw, Hoe A. Seilers, resigned; Cecil Bend, Dances County, J. J. Price, t Ice J. VT, Hlgbtrlce, resigned j Locust HIU, Erox County, H. Flngne, rids 8. 8. Uogdinin, resigned: Webster, Oregon County, W. E.Hancock, nee S.Conch, resigned; Alton, Oregon CouEty, J. A. nice, wee W. S, Norman, resigned; Thoriugton, St Francis County, J. W, Matthews, vire S. A. Baker, removed. Ohio.'— Pemberton, SbelbyJCoimfyi W. Proctor, ilce ft D. Coon, resigned. Indiana.— Oakland City, Gibson County, J.May hew, vice W. L, Lxstor; North Madison, Jefferson County, Mrs. B. Smith, clceJ. Roberts ; Heller's Comers, Allen County, T. Heller, rice J. Gorham, removed; PatsoDTillc. Greece County, A, J. Mor eau, tier Vt. U. Price, resigned; Entaw PMrle, Spencer County, J, W. Goulds, tic* W. Steven son, resigned; Lapone County,-A. Al len, rice C.Tj. SKleberg, resigned; Blue Grass, Fulton County, J. Ball, rice J. Matthews, resigned; Celias, I-aporte County, C. Ililla, nice W, Martin, rcslgnsd. ArkOKto*.— Marion, Crittenden County, Q. W. Barnes, rice J. Bailer, rc«ignod. UicM^an. —Drnlton, Gcneseec County, S. Wicker,tierM* W. Tucker, resigned; Antrim, i^erxan VOL. XX. Shlawaaec Count/, A. Beard, vies J. Near, re sist cd. COSSCIXKOE aroinnr. Five different commtmleaUona, accompanied by money, irom anonymous persons who desire to relievo t“r!r consciences, we*« received at the Treasury Department to-day. One person in In d lane polls sends two tbonrand dollars. kcw nan's dat. Preparations arc making for the proper observ ance of New Year’s Day by the President, Cabi net Ministers and Diplomatic Corps, besides many prominent officers of the army and navy. Many of tbe Ministers, Consuls and other officers iraiding outside of Washington, arrived In the city to-day and this evening, lor the purpose ot participating In the reception ceremonies at tbe While Bonseto-morrow. Secretary Welles and Sect e tar y Seward will not receive, owing to recent • deaths in their families. oruaoK or the srrnmra coubt is xn* i.vdiasa coksmuact case. WasmuoTOK, December 31. —The opiuloo of the Supreme Court, In the case oil- P. MltUgan. or Indiana compbacy case, on a certificate or division of opinion between the Judges of the Circuit Court, District of Indiana, has been of ficially promulgated. The opinions ofthc Judges ot the circuit Court were opposed on three ques tions vie* t first, on the fact stated in tbe peti tion and exhibits, ought a writ of habeas corjm* to l>e issued? Second, on the fact slated, ought stud Milligan to bo discharged from custody? Third, whether the Military Consmieelon had Jurisdiction legally 10 try ana renterco Milligan. Judge Da vi * rn np t * bpid (he opinion of the majority of that It was cU-nr that a writ 00^V\°J» BQe •hat Milligan was entitled to bo discharged, mat icc trial by Mdliary Commission was contrary to hiv: fl at iacUb-in of Indiana, which was noWn übcV.iou, and not being in the military ie was amer.ableoniy to cml liw and not mgjft iv law; that .me of me plainest of cou*nta«eoal provisions was violated when he was tried by a eturt not oulhorixed end ordained by low, ana j tother guarantee of freedom was broken when U was denied a trial bv jury. Tne lira iWo hum tlcnfl were decided affirmatively. aud the third negatively. Chief Justice Chase apd turec olhcra d‘isented as to the third question, holding It to bt vvhblu the power of Congress in time of danger or invarion, to determine In what Stales or diolricts i-cuols may be iried by military tribunals. In this, low* ver, they were overruled by the ma jority of the court. In. Dio course or tr.'pioc cdiPFfi, it is remarked that * tne Conetl* Is a law for rulers and lu-oplc rnaailf in na. and In peace, and covers wllh the shield of Us all classes of men, at all times and under all circumstances, and no docirino invoiv •ig rs cic pernicious consequences was over In vented by the w it of man than that any of lu pro vjfiors can be suspended during any of tho great cxlcmciw of the Government- Such a doctrine leads directly fo anarchy and despotism, am* tbe theorv of necessity in which It is basedu V • tue cabs or rm. xenn. Chief Justice Chase has dented the application foravillof ftebros corpus for the release of Dr. Mucd. rnorosED ikoiease or national baskin'® capi- W 7 Deeper intends to press Ma bank hill Im mediately oi> 1b.5 re-opening of Congress after fhe hoildavp. Uc will etrcunonsly opoosc any in- of tbe*SoO,W,ofo capital or the National Hanking !a\r, A strong pressure has been brought to Kmr upon the committee from the Northwest to f-ernre a moderate Increase, but Mr. Hooper, bucked I»v the committee, strenuously opposes it, ar t' willcndeavortodefeaiulntheHouse. North* western n embers allege Massachusetts haa S6Q,- [-CXt.rrO ip'ost?tl Jo Nftfional BAnks.wJjtle the en tire Noulipeet have not much over *53,000.0u0, ne iiif» debated from getting more. The? will urge, therefore, a considerable increase over the $330,- Oro,PU) as provided by the present law. IUXTS The Pcns'on Bureau advises those interested of certain ruler which are strictly adhered to in that ofl'ce. Original applications are numbered, and their receipt acknowledged, and they are acted on in mm and not taken np out of the order in which they arc pvctented. Toe condition of unadjudl cated claims not reported unless they hare l>« tn filed three months, except In special coses. An Inspector of Bevenue lia« been specially deputed to examine bonds ot dUtiUtrs and iu cicase the amount where it Is not sufficient, or re quire new enmtius if the Interests ot the Govern ment demand it. Bonds of all distillers will he looked into. Tim MAS6A''RE or SOLCIVns OR THE PLATRS. A despatch t-* the Commiogicnsr of ibe Indian Bureau confltnteg the re*-ort of the massacre by Indians near loit PhlUKcamcr, say.-* the United States soldiers •rent out to give them battle, when they met who IJoir Rad (ate. Tiie tribes engaged arcpnid to he Ksckfcet, Sansan^cs,Crows, Uncap pas, IJntes, Ogailaloe, and other trib-i-f, which nave recently eu-oed very pacific. No subse quent hostile derionelratioue were made. Com artsaloner Bog? thinks the Indiana did not rlart with hostile itited. but the coinmrunl* J r uiUiaking their punmeo, a conflict ensued which terminated ro tragically. Woikmcn are employed in erecting a platform from a north window of the Executive Mansion through which the *• loiters will pass out otter see inn the President. Mrs. Senator Patterson acd Mrs. Mover will receive with the President, Mar *tal Gooitlng and Deputy Marshal Phillips will uierent the visitors to the President, and lion. B. B. Fronds will present to the ladies. OTHER BXCEPnORS. Prcretary Stanton nil! receive at bis residence, on K ftreet, near Fourteenth street. Secretary McCulloch* will redvc at his residence on H street, bc’ween bixtetntband Seventeenth street*. Attorney General Sunberry at the Metropolitan lintel. General Grart at hi? residence on I street. On scconr.t ofihe rec*it death of a near relative, the Sccieiary ofthc Nivy and Jlr«. Welles will not receive. Mr. Sec;«-iary Seward will not re ceive on account uf the recent death of Ins daughter. AFclrtant Secretary ot the Tretwo/y, J. T. Hart ley, 1= fIHJ very ill wltt pleuropneumonia. Col onel Thomas, Qnartertti-tcr and U ; ited States Military Storekeeper In this city, who has been tor some days lying at th- point ol death, Is now recovering. nncxsT sotiiexc oovut nTctstox?. The recent decision of the Snpreme Conrt, ro pflrdiui: military trials & d o»her important de cisions yef to follon - , wl'lca. it Is alleged, will de clare several laws now on ihe stalnto hooka to bs nnconsluntlonal. have jrodnbcd a fecMnc of alarm. Ablejnriem of brth Donees have been seriously emsidcring the propriety of Congress tokinc immediate aciion to avert acriona dan cer*, Tlie President Is e*!rf to live conferred with the Jndcca of the Supreme Court in reference to the positions assumed by O.ajrpas towards the tkmtbera States. When he annonucert to Com missioner Weatherly, of Soith Carolina, that ibe ’•tiprrme Cor.rt would declxe the amendment un constitutional, it it themcht he spoke advisedly. _/ IS TERGAL r.EVEM’I RECEIPTS. The receipts from internal itrenno 10-dsjr were $1,389,T«U5. The Bonsc Committee of Ways and Means will recommenda modification of tie income (ax, de creasing the amount of exotvstfon from income tax to-sl,ooo a year. The comm ttee find it impo*. nhlc to resist the pressure lora reduction of the taxes. 'ibe manufacturers arc here in force, and wilt probably succeed in procuring i slight roducMon on some articles. SOmtXBK STATES A7TD TUX ,\«XXPUBXT. Congressmen arg divided In “Xpic'ston* and opinions upon the subject of the •meedments as a tine qua twn to the admission if the Southern States. A large number of lleiubiicans assert their unwillingness to - make lb s a basis ol ad rob eloi* to all Indy loyal member!. but these em brace chiefly the conservative ivirj of the party, the more extreme members beug opposed to commllMug tlipmselvcs upon the r.tesifon. ft Is not improbable that a caucus will I c held to con sider the propriety of ofi'eitng the 'amendment to the South as a finality. rentes Trials tn be Rcsninriltaibeifitb insr.—Accident on tho (SmudViunic Itail wny-FirM. Toeoxto, December 111.—The thirij-two Feni ans rrmnlnirg inlx.ilhere will he tried, m th- ir:n prox mo. in order to expedite proccu inys. two jodiies v\IU conduct the assize-*, ail'ittt in s pa ralc cbnmherr.rnc to attend to Uc usual business and the other to the Fenian?. The Grand Truck train from Toronto t. Simla, on Saturday, ran cIT the track near Pai k Till. A pasrtiiger car went down the, and (he connnctor and acvcrol passengers tore in jured . C. W.. December 31.—Tbe Inning ton Botel, o" the’Vyoraing and Oil Spnn? road, was burned last nlpbu A child vra* binned ro death. Moxtueat, December 3'.—By a colUstiu on Saturday night between tho exorest* (mit from Uonsc's Point and a freight train, the eagiae driver was killed. A fire occurred yesterday at the safe factcry of Kershaw A- Edwards. A large quantity oT ms chineiy ami tools were destroyed. T! e re.-ldcnce of Uon. James Leslie was baroed last night. Colombia Declares Neutrality Rrtfrom Spain and the Sooth Atuerlmn Rcoubltx —A Spanish Fleet Bonnd'for I’cru, «Ve. 1 Nrw York, Decembers!.—Adricss IronXFonti .Vtoorlca state that Afosqnera has declared nei frailly a* between the South American Republic* and Spain, and ordered tbe scisurc of mnuitioni of war for the former, if eUcmpted to ho Uaus- Korlcd across the isthmus, b\v that cithe- bei gerent may bring prize? into the ports of Colom bia, It is Lot known at Valparaiso whether there 5p peace or war with Spain. The laic Peruvian MliilVcr to England is rhavged with gigantic frauds on Qoverumcut guano contracts, amounting to S9,tOJ,OUO. JI is expected at Callao that the Spanish fleet, which left KIo Janeiro in October wirh six mouths' provisions aboard, was hound to Porn. A letter from Pern says that charges of pecula tion have been fulminated b v benor D. A. Dogar aus against cx->Umsier of Finance Don Manuel Pardo, who will be arraigned before the Central t'onrton.A criminal charge, and it Is likely the Peruvian MlnUtcr at Woahmgtan will bo called »pon to present hlmsell before tbo sane court to .'.newer charges against him as on accomplice of Pardo. Revenue Collector Shot and Robbed of 815,000—An Illinoisan Found Jlnrdcrcd- Ftrc and Robberies. Mumus, December 81.—A special to the Atalatic/ie, from Uttlo Rock, to-day, says, a Revenue Collector, named Brown, was wavlald at Duvall’s Dims; on the night of the ®»th, shot through tho jaws and iuti*>ert nf his watch and ?15,W0. Bis condition Is crlUctl. Ho had drawn the money In Memphis. Ills supposed that he vas followed by the robbers. No arrests. The body of Captain James A. King, formerly of Illinois. and lately planting ncarOrecnville. .MhrlMlppl. was found in a cane brake. He bad been shot through with a ehot gun. i'bero is no due to bis assassin.. < This city I- fr.feeted by a gang of thieves who ore daily uecomiog more bold. Two fires occurml, one on Main and Poplar *itevta, supposed to have been incendiary; (ally insured, the other broke out in tne afternoon in W. Alexander A Co.’a store, corner of Uutuu and Main, which destroyed the upper portion of iho building. The goods were removed with little damage. City PrwpoiwatolaniUbitsown Ont-Newm popi-r hu»pended—lunancipation. Toftok" December 01.—A committee of Iho ikitud ol Aldeimen k|,| report lo favor oi appoint. li;g s Commissioner to Inquire into the expedi ence of the city inatmfaclnring iu on*n gas. The Etching tonnerlythe tbwi 4 r has suspended publication. 1 To-moirow will be celcbrato4a» the ar-nlversary of emandpition. Fred. Douglass and General Butler, Phillips and others will speak at tba Tre> moot Temple. itosrox, afsss., December 81.— A mysterious and diabo.ical aQair has Inst come to li-ht. On Friday a box was shipped os merchandise ai IbUadcli bla for this port on the steamer baxoa. and marked ** Edward Mason, PurtUnO, Ihe shipper uald It wonld be claimed at Boston Tho box uas accidentally broken oijcq hern, and ,0b exaoltOUOßi fOBDd tb rawtaiq thpßQ^dead at tie wirnr nonre. PBIUORAE. ncvrjiiii srKcn.noss. FROM CIS ADA. SOUTH AMERICA. FROM ARKANSAS. FIIOM BOSTON. bodies, two men and ft women, apparently ag.-d about thirty-five yean. Tho throats ol the wo* mtn and one of the men had been eat, but no mark* of violence were discovered on tbe other. Tho police believe they were all murdered. A despatch to **Edward Mason, Portland, Maine," ban rot been answered. At present tbe matter la wrapped In mystery. FROM KANSAS. Contest for tbb TVro United Hmtev Senator* ships—Extensive Trade with she Indians— Qatcb Railroad Time—State Finances— Condition of tbe Public schools. jSpcsil Despatch to (he Chicago Tribune.] Lawsskce, Kansas, December 31. The Legislature of Kansas meets next week. United States Senators to fill the places ot Hon.' 9. C. Pomeroy and Itoss, the latter appointed to fill vacancy earned hy the douhof General Lane, are to be elected. It is generally conceded that Mr. Pomeroy wID be retained. Tho other con testants arc cx-Qovemor Carney, Representative Clark, dodge Thatcher, Hon. ibas. Kobloson, first Governor of Kansas, and some, twenty others unknown to fame. B. Dnrfee, of Leavenworth, daring the present season has Imported sso,ooo worth of Indian blankets and clothes from Kurland, and pur chased |250.ui)0 worth of Indian goods Jo New York, lie has purchased fronttbe indians3C,ooo bmlalo robes, besides a largo lot of fine furs and ports. Bis business daring the year amounts to &00,00 U. At an Instance of rapid locomotion, tbe editor of the SwU Journal notices bis trip from Law rence. Kansas, to Dctroitin forty-six bonrs. The bolter portion of lour great Slates and 8W miles travelled in less than two days. The route taken was the Kansas branch of tbe Union Pacific, the . Missouri Pacific, tbe Chicago & bt. Louis, and the Michigan southern Railroads. Mr. Bayford. a grocer merchant, was recently wounded at Fort Scott by a negro named Kll Mackey. There was talk of lynching the negro, but better counsels prevailed, and he is now in custody. _ „ _ Sr. Louis, December 31.—Tbe Democrats To peka (Kansas) special says the State officers’an nual leports are in the hands of tbe printer. The total amount of ontstanding Stile bonds is fCOLWO; ontstanding Stale, Territorial,- and military warrants, Tne assets of the State consist of taxes levied and uncollected, $352,0*), and claims against the Federal Govern ment for equipping troops, &c., sufficient to can cel all the indebtedness, and leave a surplus la , of Common Schools reports Cl 720 children la tbe Slate between five an .1 twen ty-one years; value of f cbool Jtopae*. •*' . tbe school tax amount* \‘ Q $193,000. ’there ire twelve colleges, academies ar.d universities and cicbty-threc schools. Tho Union Pacific Railroad has completed jwen ty miles beyond Junoilon City, and the contract© s ore hauling large quantities of Iron and ties to the end of the track roi rapid work as soon as the weather permits. mO3l ST. LOUIS. The New Hoard ofTrado-Mc?dcr of on Old ond Deepened Citizen and Ills VVlfe-The l.eclnlainrc—United States Scunror-(Jr>T «rs»r > M 31 pjisnce—lncendiary Fire The \\ enthernnd iho Hirer. [{•p'.cial Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.! St. Louts, December 31. Tfcc Board of Trade completed organisation to day, electing K. W. Fox,President, ills designed to icprcs-cnt the incrcatulc cla-se- mo r c geaer rrally than the prerent Merchants’ Exchange, Information haa been received that a few nights since William Van Deventer and hie wife, old and respectable citizen- of Monroe County, hvlngaear Florida Station, on (he 11. & St. Jo. JtaifrOai. were murdered in cold blood. The mnrdercns, whoever they arc, undoubtedly perpctiatcd the foul deed for money, as Mr. Van Deventer was in the habit ol handling large sums. Mr. V. has pved In Monroe County for the pa«t thirty years, and was rcfpcctcd by all who know him. 110 Legislature meets Wednesday. A large number of members are noiv In town. The pre vailing sentiment favors the election of Charles D. Crake ns Unfed Stub s Senator, though it is prob able a strong combination may defeat aim. Gov ernor Fletcher’s message will prove surprising in the Javorahlc exhibit of Missouri finance). An Incendiary firo occurred this raoruiag. The building was occupied chiefly by mllilncrv good*, laving been set on Arc la three places. The hus band of Mrs. Dale was arrested on snsirielou of liming set fire to the establishment in order to get ike Insurance, amounting to between 51.3’Jfl and S2,(i)o. A quantity of rags were found saturated with napthn where the fires were roL The weather is considerably milder, with icilca tfons of a snow «torm. Navigation, for the pres ent, is suspended, na it would be unsafe for boats tovenlure out until there is less Ice running. The current In ihe river Is quite strong, and the Ico Is running out rapidly, and, unless it torn suddenly cold again, there Is no prospect of a gorge. Only three boats remain at the levee. FROM SPRINGFIELD. The l.cltmil fiord—lnformal Opening—De scription «f >tho House—State Finances— County A»scbsoicntSi &c. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SrntNcriELD, December 81. 3he Leland Dote], which has just received the flolsMuetouches, and Is pronounced one of the most perfect institution* oi the kind in the West, or perhaps the nation, will be informally opened this evening to the stockholders and their frl:mD, including the clergy ol the city, who will snp together and Inspect the various rooms of the es tablishment. Tuo structure. U five stories high. Its dimensions ore 153 by 137 feel, with a court inside sixty-lwoby tblrtv-elghl fret. It is sixty-five feet high from water table to cor nice. The work was commenced about the first of Way. !s}!?, under the able .superintendence of L. D. Cleveland, Esq., architect, whose plans oad been previously accepted, and was therefore a yearand seven months in building. It contains 300 clorant apartment", varving from fourteen and a half to twelve feet from door to ‘'tiling, and wi:h the furnitnro nss cost S3jO,OCU. It Is provided with all the most modern and ctogant improvement’, and will amply a wr.nt hllhwto cxpcr cnccd in this community. It will bo con ducted bv Hones Lcla?d, Esq , late of the Metro politan Dote], New York, who gives promise of being the most popular hotel keeper in the Wo>r. The receipt" from all rources Into Iko State Treasury for the mouth jnat closed, amount* to $317,614.71. Disbursements for same period. $31,778.59 The ac*e*!>ment of Clay Conntv for IfifVl is S2.ITr,SB!t, a decrease btnee 1365 of $21,530. Stark County. ?i,6>3.*201, a decrease of $12,773. FROM MADISON. Reunion of the Snrrlrow of tho Fifteenth • Wisconsin—J*tote Historical Society. l»pt clal Despatch to the Cbicago Tribune.] Madisok, December si. Quite a company of Scandinavians are assem bled at the reunion of the survivors of (he gallant Fifiecnih Regiment, which lost l*s Colonel, Urn tenant Colonel and eighty men in various bard fought fields in Kentucky, Tennessee’, Georgia, and elsewhere, and left two hundred and reven teen graves of men who died from wound-* and disease. There is a considerable rlclogition from your citr among the Invited gue-a?. From abroad, is General WilUch, oi (‘iuriunMi. under whom there piraeut served. A letter from General Carlin, long In the same brigade, hi--* been re ceived from Nashville, expressing his keen re gret that sickness in his family prevented his at undnree. ami speaking In warm term* of his old "ororadea. The hannu-t is progro«sing in the rooms o! the Republican Gymnastic Soelmv, beanilfnl'y decorated, and with th* old bann-ir* of the regiment binging on the wall. Snueenes r rcm General W JlHch. Colonel Johnson, Governor Faiichild. General Allen, and others, arc on the programme. 11’“ New York Society here propose to have a grard supper on January 4th. The Slate Historical Society win hold its an nual meeting on Wednesday evening. '“bo weather is cold and urv. FROM MILWAUKEE. Firr—Amoonr of Wheat Received Daring the I’nst Year. Despatch to the Cbicago Tribune.! iitLWAfKCn, December 31. A fire broke out at o'clock thla morning in a small frame building owned by Mr. Furlong, and occupied by tv. R. Kllcse as a clothing pton% who also lived Wt the upper part. The building wa« valned at f1,5C0: fudy Insured. Mr. KUesc'a loss !? $3,500; fully insured. Spreading to an adjoin ing budding, it burned that, also occupied as a saloon and residence. The amount of wheat received at this place dur ing the past year, Including wheal reduced to dour, fools up fifteen millions of nearly allot which has been shipped to Eastern points. FROM EEOSCE. Funeral of the l,nte (<rnrral Cnrrl«-n<»o oro tn (he niNtirtralsbed Dicensed—The Wmtbcr and tbe Ittver- (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Exo&ns, lowa. December 21. Ihc funeral eonicoa of Major Genera! S. R. rurtis took place here to-day. Dmdncs** was gen erally suspended, and Hags throughout the city were draped in mourning. Bells were tolled and nlnute gens fired as the cortege The ptrrices were courtncled by the Knight Templars, llev, W. li. Woods oflldatlng as clergyman. rai« of the First and Third lowa Cavalry, the Record, Flflccnih end Forty-fifth jlnUntry; the Bssens, fire companies, the City Conned. the bar atd clergy, took part in U.o last tribute of respect tothohonored statesman and soldier. 1b« river Is full of floating ice, but too light to interrupt ferriage, llefcnry 18 above. FROM ST. PAUL, ABiinl shipments ef Grain, Floor and Lszn~ > her—The Weather. (.special Dcs;*tch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Pam, Minn., December SI. Rejnrte from prominent shipping points In the State i-bow that between nine and leu million bushels of wheat wrr~ exported from Minnesota coring toe part season. The wheat crop of 1536 was about eight million bushels, and the balance was wheat Vtd etc. - Irom (be previous year. Two bnojrvd and twenty-rwo thousand barrels of Bour weft exported last tear. For eight year* ue import*! floor, to supply the actual deoatiß for bread. * , j^Si The luuber sent to mrrkot from ihc SU Cro® Valiev the nsst season was worth 81,633,000. A lu* ■ • aow fell yesterday, bnt not enough to* cover tie ground. Tbe mercury stood eight de grees btlow aero this monuhg. FBOK STtEUSH. Utstniciifc t t ltc-*Lost 810.000, Vflth lobnrAoco, |Sp«chl Despatch ofthc Chicago Tribune.] jjTCttm’Q, ill. December 3L About f!k o'clock last night, *row of five frame bondings, on Third etxott, caught fire, and lo less than an Lour burned to tho ground. The flro Is. supposed to have originated in s grocery store owned by McAllen Green. A tmn‘mlih sad bar bershop, and tenant houses wore the adjoining buildings burnt. heaiCvU ai'Tlhliyr «na *ave». Mr. GiccnV stock tvaa partially msiuru. It was a bluer cold night for lec t&miUo* Uxas barnt oiu of u home. Tl e lost Is probably $10,00»,«IA very UtUe Insurance. Trouble with Negrarj. Forthiss Mpunos; Docemher 31.—A dlffl cuily occurred In Ilaopton, list night. A party of negroes made an alUck cm a store lo rc \xvfo the flettUi of pep who ww akpl whuo it- CHICAGO. TUESDAY. JANUARY 1. 1867. templing to steal. They were dispersed by Ao military. THE COSGBESSIOSAE PABXT, At Grand Jiyicilon, Bliss-—General lit* chance of Good Fcclrkt ait alone me Itontc, &c --(Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.;’ Guakd Junction, Mlse., December 3^, The Congressional party arrived here sat: ly this morning. On tho trip from New Orleans, citizens along the rente called on the parly. A general exchange of opinion occurred rrb-ch ranch modified the opinions of the party. 7he best claeses of the Southern people called on the party. All seemed devoted to the worker rec-.n strncllon. and all expressed themselves as rc;« tv to do anything consistent with boner to obtain representation in the National Congress. * FROM CINCINNATI. Ire In the Ohio f»rrnt Xnwrn* ►ion Brftlcc Opm to Vehicle*—luflrmp-jr Building Burned. Etc. CiNcurexTi, December SI. Tlicfctry boats between this city and Coving ton and Newport were obliged lo suspend ope-a atlonb this morning, owing to the heavy lee In me nvwr. The suspension bridge, although not fully ct n plclcd, will be open for vehicles of all kinds ;o morrow, as a temporary arrangement, Navigation la wholly suspended here for the nrchtfDt. There have been no arrival? or rie pnrtnrvs at this port since Saturday. The weather cor. juucr cold. The Warren Conaty Infirmary Budding, at Lebanon, Ohio, containing ll'Hamatca. was des troyed hr fire at nooa to-day, cauaetl by a del c live line. I oss, $-O.COO: insured foe SIO,OOO. Drs. iJichardsoa and Batrheldci. parties tal-h --cated in the insurance swinclc at Lebanon, Ohio, were released from custody to-day, no charge lug preferred against them. FKOa THE PACIFIC COAST, Reported Serious Damage to #ll _ tbc Arizona .•lint*-' . old , or chllra . I December 31.-U U rcoo.-ed V>„:,\ n s, rcc at storm damaged the Central Fa- Qc .catly. .a Prescott, Amona, letter, of December l :!b, cays the mines are propperour. but The IndUns are troublesome. lt *Z ftated*lfcat the steamer Colorado. which pails for Conanawa and Hong Hone, to-morijw," takes a million dollars in treasure. Fi-rgcr Arrested. PmtADTxrniA, December a I.—lsaac DcTVvtt, alia* Baldwin, the third of the parlies that pene trated the-forgery on the Fourth National B£=.k, of Ncw-Yoik, has been arrested here and tJ. at hack. " ; Fmnncipntion Day at Richmond. • BiCuyo:;T>, Becomber 3!.—'The negro volan&cr ttoors of tide city propose to celebrate tbc Siiat* v-rrary of the issuance of the Emancipation 11-o* idamatloD. t Snow at Wilmington. S. fj. WitanucTON. N. C., December t»!J here Saturday and Sunday; the heaviest snovain twenty years. 1 EUROPE. The Progress of Reconstruction in Germany. ' Ofß BERLIN LETTER. Thu PMgrcM of German ncAmitniji* lion—Organization or xlic North G<-r --man Confederacy—The Cominz Co»« forcncc at Berlin—Probable of flic Slew DoQutlluilon-Xcw Fhascs of political Life In Prussia—TVJh nt tlio War has Wrought—A Complete ONsii* lotion of tlie Old Political Elements. [Special Correspondence ol (he Chicago Tribune.] Berlin, Prussia, November afl. The crisis ol last summer required tbc highest ability on the part of tbc conductors of public affairs in Prussia to overcome the great difficulties and dangers involved in the task of gaining, through the arts of diplo macy and the force of arms, on undisputed ascendency In Germany. But, though tho cunning, enterprising diplomacy of Prussian statesmen, and the bold, dashing generalship of Prussian military leaders, together with tho intelligence and gallantry of an all bnt perfect soldiery, made up a record of uniform success in the Cabinet, as well ns in tbc field, the mighty work commenced last spring was not finished, either when the busts of King 'William stood at the gates of Vicuna, or when the conclusion of the treaty of Prague insured lo undisturbed reaping of the great fruits of the war. On the contrary, as it is always more difficult to build up than to the problem that then presented itself of retiring upon the ruins, to which the battle of Fadowa had reduced the for mer political structure of Gcnnsiny, a new, solid edifice of state, enabling Prussia to rest secure In the enjoyment of her gains of pos session and power, called for the exercise of slate craft of as high, if not higher, order as that which brought on the great German revolution—for revolution it was, though Emperors and Kings were the main actors'in it—of 18(16. The first thing to be done was to transform the annexed ex-mcmbcrs of the'.'German Bund, viz: Hanover, Hcs?e*Cassel,' ; Kassan and Frankfort, organic parts ot the Prussian polity at tbc earliest possible moment and in the most thorough possible manner. And here the fuel that at the head of the Prussian State stood a man, who, unlike the insidious apostate pnt by accident into the White House, did not possess a weak oat-of-placo sympathy with the conqnered, but an un hesitating determination logo to the extreme length of the war-power and the right of conquest, helped greatly to expedite the procession of incorporation with the old por tions of the monarchy. Instead of reorgani

zing their autonomy. The first step taken in the work of reorganization, was the appoint ment of military'Govcrnors to rule them un der the laws of war. While the administration of Justice and the management of educational Interests and public institutions under exist ing laws and regulations, and the material and intellectual pursuits of the people gen erally wore nut interfered with in the least, the military power was rigorously used to keep down disquieting political agitation, and to make the revenue, postal, railroad, and telegraphic systems at once part of the machinery ol'tho civil administration of the momnehy. As as the military Gover nors had the new dependencies fairly in hand, the royal decree, proclaiming the conquered territories integral parts of the kingdom, nas promulgated. Next came, as the first exercise of the rights of the new sovereign over them, royal ordinances, regu lating the military relations of the new prov inces. 8o promptly were they carried out, that in the course of a few weeks not a trace was left of th<‘ir old military establishments; that their respective contingents already form parts of the Prussian army, and that the first yearly recruitment under the Prussian jvstem is about taking place. ‘ Not onlv in military, but also in civil mat- t«rs, great progress has been made in tho work of assimilation and new creation since the issue of the royal decree- The Prussian civil administration hxs the deserved repu tation of being one of the best managed in Europe, and the officials attached to It arc nearly all intelligent, active, experienced men. The heads of the several departments at Berlin lost no time in sending oat a num ber of their mo.-t trusty subordinates to in quire Into the condition of the new pro vinces, and rc]>ort U]*on what would have to be done to bring tho various branches of their civil service in accord with the Prus sian. These special commissioners finished their preliminary labors some time ago. and an army of Prussians, experts in judicial, revenue, railroad, mail, telegraph and other matters, have since invaded tho new terri tory in order to carry onl their recommen dations. Altogether the work of rcconstracHon pro ceeds very speedily and cfiectively, consider ingthc peculiar cirenmstanees under which it has to be cart icd on. Bnt it Is by no means near completion. The greatest difficulty in the wavofthePrussian reformers and ri-gen erators'ls tho strong prejudices against aod even outright hostility to Prussian'rule tbit £till animate amonga hirge, it not the largest portion of the new subjects of King William. This neither roval decrees nor military or ders, nor ministerial rescripts can or will over come. Time alone can produce that change in ' the popular Ibelicg on the-sub ject of annexation In tho conquered States, and that reconciliation to the Prussian rule, without which a perfect congrulty, political and otherwise, will not be possible. It is within the power of the Prussian Government to neutralize those popular antipathies at once and transform them very quickly into hc&rty sympathies by pursuing a dearly-defined political coarse. All tbc distrust with which it is looked upon arises from its reactionary—despotic would not be too harsh a term—policy lo the past, and from the intense stubborn ess and vindic tiveness with which It herctolorc sought to stific all aspirations of the Prussian people to greater political liberty. Let ft but change Us course, and Its new subjects will soon he verv willing Prussians. Of the people ol Hcsse-Cassel and Nassau, it con be aaicly said, a majority arc rather gratified than’otherwise at tbe change of sovereigns the late war resulted in, aud this owing to tbc fact that their old rulers by their abuse of power and general misconduct, gpaclc any change most welcome. But of Batiover and Frankfort it is equally trne, “on the other hand, that tho bulk of their population has been aud is still most bltter iv opposed to tho government forced upon them by tbe sword. That thceitlzens of the little oligarchy ot Franklbrt should be most loath to'exchange their former relative free dom and Independence for a royal master, is very natural. But it seems decidedly singu lar that tho people of Hanover—nest to Hcsto-Casscl aud Mcehlenberg, the most misgoverned State of the old confederacy, should cntertidn so much devotion to the bouse of the GueVphaas they manifested in thr hundreds of thoxsands of signatures to the addrcsc-cs to King George and tho Crown Prince, a«td to the protests against aonexa tion gotten up lust summer, notwithstanding the iTU-siati occupation. This queer phen oinena can only be explained by the attach ment to an old established order of things, whether good or bad, that forms one of the distinctive traits of the German character- As it U y the process of assimilation and absorption, earned on under Prnsshm aus pices for some month*, has already made Hessf-Cassel and Nassau perform their new functions as organs of the Prussian body pol itic to the entire satisfaction of tho Berlin CErilmm authorities, For the reason above stated, there was, indeed, hardly any opposition, active or passive, open or secret, to the po litical transformation. Only the landed no* bilitT, neither large in number nor weighty in Influence, made some show of resistance. Even the army officers, who were more strong ly attached to their former sovereigns than any other class, have already given in to the new order of things and entered the Prus sian service almost in a body. But In Hano ver and Frankfort there is as yet hardly any willing co-opcration of the inhabitants with the Prussian authorities. Most of the indl- genons officials, with tbe exception of the militant it is true, have already stromal* icgiance to the King of Prussia. Tbe anti-Prussian demonstrations such as stealthy tearing down of the flags, destroy* inir the coats of arms, ami defiling of the official placards ol the “conquerors,” similar manifestations, that were so frequent during the summer, have also-ceased. Ncver tbeK'Cs. tbe temper of the Hanoverian and Frankfort public is still extremely aullcu. Especially in Quuovcr, the rancor of the aristocracy and lower classes—among the middle classes the dislike of the Prussians U far less strong and unyielding—continues unchanged. Nor la this r 0 be wondered at, in view of the constant secret agitation kept up to this day throughout the former do minions of King George, at the instigation and under the direction, no doubt, of the royal exiles a*. Vienna. But the Prussian Government US now evidently come to thfr determinaf'.on to put an end to this 6 p c _j°' things by the employment ot Vigorous measures. The lately decreed confiscation of the private property of the ex-Klug, has no other object t u:m first, to compel him to return the many millions of securities which he had trans ferred from the Hanoverian exchequer to i-oudon hpon the outbreak, of the war, and w?Cndly» to deprive him of the means of feeding the fire of discontent among his former subjects. A&ain, the order of King William informing the' officers of the Han overian army that they must signify their intention to enter or uut to enter the Prus sian service by tbe first of January next, and directing the non-commissioned officers and privates to report iu certain Prussian garrisons for incorporation with a certain number of regimental organizations, means no hing but to move out of the country a 'large" body of dangerous propagandists for the old dynasty. Many of the artil lery and infantry, it Is known, would be willing to don the Prussiau uniform If Klmr Onorft lad uulj lliem tlieir toual’ouihs offidelity to him. But this the letter absolutely refuses to do. As soouas King WUJain’s order appeared, indeed, he earned a circular to he addressed to “his faithful Hanoverian officers” directing and exhorting them to remain true to their old allegiance axd spurn ail Prussian tempta tions.” According to the traditional view of the binding force of the oath of soldiers to iiieii ;cvcrc£r.;, iuvV 3, v«t in Germany and acted upon In the i evolutional r movements of MS and MO by the King of Prussia, 118 ns all the other German potentates, office.”* and men can only bo released from It by the sovereign chief of the qnny *o which they belong. Hcncc. the Ifpnoterian officers, inclined to serve under Cue Prussian colors, lave but one course left, namely: toga into retirement as pensioners, under the terms of the Convention ot Langersabza, be tween Kinu George and the representatives jf the Prussian Government, unless the for mer should change bis mind before the close of the year, and release them from their ob ligations, as did tho Electoral*Hesse ami the Dufcc of Nassau with their troops, long ago. Next to the lucorporatiou of the annexed countries, the organization of the North- German ConJedc/acy was the roost tmpor unit, delicate and laborious part of tbs ta*k the.result of the war imposed upon the Prussian Government. This question was practically taken In hand immediately after the ratification of the peace preliminaries at Nikolsburg, by the emanation of a cifcular from the Department of State, at Berlin, ad dressed to the Governments of all the States, with the exception of Saxonv, to be included in the new Confedera cy. submitting to them the articles of federation, and asking their assent thereto. These petty sovereignties, knowing that as sent was #n inevitable, necessity, promptly accepted the Prussian propositions, except ing the Duchy of Sasc-Momingen and one 01 the principalities of Beuss, which were subsequently brought to terms by military occupation. Bui owlnc to the delay of the peace negotiations with Saxony, the work of 1 reorganization could be pushed forward ouly with moderate expedition In the early part 1 I of the fall. This obstacle being, however, eventually removed by tbe final yielding of the Saxon King to Count Bismurk’a condi tions, It is now bo far completed that tho time has already been fixed lor the meeting of tbe plcuijKdnntiarics of all the intended members of the confederacy, at which tbe measures to he taken according to the preliminary articles ot federation for calling into life the North-German Par liament arc to be definitely agreed upon, and a Federal Constitution dratted for sub mission to the FetiernlXegUJttlure. The con ference will convene at Berlin ou the loth prox, It is already understood that the Prussian Government will Insist unou the promptest action in order to have the elec tions for tbe Parliament take place no later thau the loth of January, and the first session opened on the Ist of February. The articles of federation express distinctly that the election laws to be agreed upon by the, have to be hawed on the basis of those devised by the first German Parliament In 1840, ami that tho Federal Constitution to be prepared for the con sideration of the Parliament, to be created, has to embody the fundamental provisions rnutati* muter.rfi«, set forth in the celebrated proposition fur the reform of the defunct Diet submitted by Count Blsnurk in his circular despatch to the German Governments on the 10th of June last. The features of that proposition, which will doubtless become part of the Constitution of the North-German Confederacy, are; 1. The supreme command of the King of Prussia over tbe Federal land and naval forces, and the uniform organization of both according to the Prussian system. 2. The exercise of legislative functions by a Federal Legislature, to consist of repre sentatives elected on the basis of population by direct vote, iu conjunction with a co ordinate body to consist of representatives, of the States of the Confederacy, appointed by their respective Governments. 3. A commercial union between the States of the Confederacy. 4. The supreme authority of the Federal Government In Us executive, legislative and judicial branches as to all questions of war, and peace, and treaties, the regulation of weights and measures and moneys, and every thing pertaining to commerce and industry, emigration ard immigration, citizenship and rights of domicile ; the issue of patents and copyrights, and the international intercourse by'uatural and artificial channels of trade as the sea, lakes and rivers, railroads, tele graphs and mails. Nut the least of the changes wrought in Prussia by the great events of last summer, are the new phases which political life with in her limits has assumed since ihc decisive triumphs of the I’ru-sian arms In Northern Bohemia. In this connection these facts stand out pre-eminently: the snddcu popu larity, by virtue of Its unparalleled achisv mcnts in the Cabinet and field, of the same Government that but a few months ago was the object of the bitterest hatred of fully two thirds of ail its subjects; the easy forgetful ness of past wrongs and approval by the great mass.of the people ot Us evacy step and measure, ai*d the readiness with which the Liberals of the lower House of Parlia ment after a determined struggle of years, almost without counterpart in pnrliamentarv history, against outrageous usurpations ancl abuses of power ou tho part of the Govern ment, also came to tho conclusion that it was their paramount duty to make peace with the powers that be. Before the war the Prussian Government had been for years so unpopular, that, not wilbvtandlngtho most desperate efforts and a reckless use of all the means at* • its com mand, it found itsclfrcgulorly in a minority in the Lower House relatively no more sig nificant than that of the Joh'uson party in Congress. As late as last winter unrelenting opposition to Its unconstitutional oatirso was the rallying cry of the more than two-thirds Liberal majority against It, But no soon er had it been successful in its great diplo matic and military ventures, than a sweep ing reaction commenced. Not only did the elections in mid-snmmer for the new Parlia ment multiply the strength of the Govern ment party; but, when that body met, it be came at once apparent that moreover enough of the re-elected opposition members would join it to insure the success ot every measure proposed by the Government* A complete dissolution Indeed ol oil the various factions in the Lower as formerly constituted, and a new aggregation so to speak, of politi cal elements took place and the party divi sions exist Ing before the war, remain only iu the record oi the past. It would he unioir to blame tho Lib erals of tho lower branch of the Prus sian Parliament, in the face of the events of the last six months, and of tho decided turn in the current of public opinion they produced, for modifying their views and coarse of action towards tho Gov ernment. For, If there he one truth more indisputable than another in Prussia at this rime, it is that the gratification of the na tional vanity by tho results of the war has made *thc * mass of the Prussian people forget and forgive all of tbe past aud almost- an unit In ardent support of the- Government, and that no parly could live under existing circum stances that thought of pursuing the old course towards the latter. But, on the other hand, a blind, unqualified support of the Government, in all it chooses to do, is also doubtless fraught with great danger, and likely to check, instead of promoting, the : development or constitutional liberty In Prussia. Her present rulers have done great things oflatc foe tho territorial aggrandize- , mentof the kingdom. But in considering i this, it ought rot to be forgotten* that U was King ‘William who, as Prince of Prussia, did more than any. other man towards tbe strangling, by the must cruel means, of tho effort* of the German people Ibr unitv and liberty, aud that his. immediate counsellors, Count Bismark net excepted, were heretofore the most zealous Instruments in the suppression of free speech, iu the persecution of the press and liberal aspira tions generally. The record of King and Ministers foes certainly not entitle them to a blind confidence on the part of tho repre sentatives of the people. This is the more apparent in view of tho fact that, except the arrest for political offences, decreed in Sep tember). t, not a single positive measure has as vi t originated w ita the Government that could be construed as an earnest of a sincere pnrpose on Its part to enlarge the political rights of the people. On the contrary, it has resumed its efforts to muzzle the press, and prosecutions of newspapers of free criti cism of its acts are again numerous. The necessity of caution is already re cognized by the Liberal members that did not lose their discretion In the general in toxication by the military glory of last June and July, or have recovered it since. The disposition manifest In the lost sitting of Parliament to vote any measure asked by the Government Is by no means so great at the present session. The debates on the an nual budget now going on !n the Lower House have developed a determination on the part of the most advanced Liberals'to inquhe much mere critically into the Gov ernment propositions than last August and September. Some of the appropriations al ready granted were obtained by only very small majorities. The bill introduced by the Minister of Finance, appropria ting a million and a half of thalers for distribution among the Generals that most distinguished themselves in the war, at the pleasure of the King, now being considered in committee, has found very strong opposition, and Is likely to give rise to another serious rupture between the Gov eminent and the Lower House, unless the former concedes the demand of the latter to insert In the hill the names of the recipients of the pecuniary donations. It will certain ly be for the good ol the Prussian people, if its representatives continue to bear in mind that ‘‘eternal vigilance is the price of lib erty.” New Orleans market- New obuloip, November 51. Cottom—lVc higher; sales of s r V9 bftics low raid- middles at si£c. Receipt., swco bales; expons, u.ta’o«>ajf *. Gnoocnse-Sosar htxber; fair at 9\fc- Molasses higher; prime u> cLoLo 70e. Fiona—Dull; superfine at I10.73&U.OO, and extra at FIIJOOU4XO. (Ibaix—corn unchanc*d. Oat) easier, at 73377 c. HaT-Fb'SJtr. at s36.o>rt 37.00. Psomioas—Fork Weber, at $31.73. Daron about dm, i?Vc ;slde*. l3V.3l\Vc. Lard a: 13®13c. Tobacco—Medium leal - at W 3c. Golt>—lSJJf. New York exchancc at }( discount, Futiom »—To New York, ii ; a (cam, ; Liverpool. X ; Havre. 1H- Ptuabarch Petroleum Market. rirrsßcron. December 51. No piles to note. The prices of erode la hulk are B,Sc.amnt&tltSc In barrels, pavksecs included. But one sale ot In bond of s.t>o brls standard white ai32Vc,frc*Jos. Imardofcar* here. Receipts of crude 103 brls. Smith's Ferry brand. Free oil doll and Dom ical it tf&tte. .. The total recel’ti of mrie at AheahMW wharf for 11-ia j for 1355,111,670 bits, an excess ***. (General TSioticcs. ■pyASHIKGTOS SKATING TASK, CntCACo. December Ji. 13-73. Wirt Dexter. Esq., Chairman City Belief U unmitt-'e: Teas Sm—On behalf ol the Board ot Directors ot Washington Skating Association, I beg to tender to tie City Fund* benefit at this p,rk. 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Any i»cdcd will be chcezfolly render® 1 by tbe rtnUemamy aUccdnre. Cllntm-jt, care. QEO. WESTERS. Snpertntcndent. 9£estautants. (i RAJfD A FFAlß.'—Great .Pruo Lunch 7 oa*ew Tear’* Day. TbennUersisncd bcjrs icavo o aaaococe tb*t be will accocimodala &u friends wtu a Sn'ertUd Free Loach c» ITew Tear's Day. AU are Jons jognson. 47 &ya\ h Clarfc-it attomigg. JOHN FOKSTTHE, AXTOENET-AT-LAW, teal Estate sad Cjllttlioa A;cnl, 133 Baadelph«flt*« opposite Coart Hoaso* CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. I offer my fpirlres la baying, selling, leasing and taking e.neral cat* and management of icajjestate, In negotlitlag loaai of money, and to making collections ofailkUui. Title* examined, taxes paid, (partlcalar attention being given to special imoa«mont»), convey ances of all kind* prepared, testa and other demands collected. I 'will also attend to badness in the Probate Coart. When desir'd I will an as irnst « in cases vaore treat deeds are given to secure loans I confine myself exclusively to this class of business, in which I have bad great experience, and, aa to my competency and integrity, I refer especially to Hon. J. Young Scammon, (whose large and varied private business baa been under mr charge £bc many years), and to the named below, (ill 01 whom, bare authorised mi to cso their name-), aai to the Bankers, Latryeia, Merchants, and Beal Estate Men ot Chicago generally, JOHN FOBhYTfIE* Chicago, January 1,1357. BBFEBENCES. Bon J Voang Scastmon, Chicago* Bon Mark '•sinner, Chicago. Governor Wo Uross, Chicago. Bon N B Jadd, late VS Dliainer to .Pros* sis. Chicago, Hon Thomas Draaiuond, Judge of U S Court. Chicago Qod Walter B Scntcs. Into J udse of the 9a» pretoc Court of Illinois, Chicago. Hon Edwin Earned, late U 9 District At* torney. Chicago. Hon Samuel W Falter. Chicago. E B SlcCon* Eiqm Chicago. 91 O Ogden. Esq.. Chicago. 9F Gale. Em}.. Chicago. TV F Cooihnngb, Esq.. Pm’t Colon Nation* nl Bank. Chicago. 9ol«tson A. Smith, Ewi.. President Mcr chants 1 Savings, .Loan and Trust Company. Chicago. Solomon Si arses’ Sens. Bankers, Chicago. Hen P TV Cbemiler. Boston, .Hass, lampoon ICced. Esq. Boston. .Mass. Hod Wot II Ogden. 37 Broadway. New York. Hon Cyrus H McCormick. 40 PlUlwiv n New York. Hon Charles Better, 13, New York.. Aaron J Vandemoel. Esq.. 371 Broadway. New Yore. TJs* pilot. E-*g.. 33 Broadway. New York. Hart Mnnnlttctartng Co.. 243 and 343 FcatMt.. New York. Charles Macalester.Esq.. Philadelphia. Messrs Wm |< Ewing d; Louis. 310- Messrs D A January vt Co-. s*i. Laois. 910. J 11 ftanktu. Esq.. Sit. Louis, no. j 0 Broadhmd. E»q-. hi. Louts. 3io. Joseph C Bailer, Preo’i Lafayette Bank. Cincinnati, Ohio- Messrs Porsithß Co.. Pittsburgh. Pa. Messrs John J House di Bros*. Pitts burg. Pa. Messrs It T K.onp t edy d: Bro-. Pitisbcgb. Pa. IT.ysfrbs Zng d; Co.. 8ab!o Iron Works. I Pittsburgh* Pa. 1 Miuct CJnMcdar. El*., j,..iirule. It J l . ff(l Hue. tsq M L >ntsyilic. Kr. TVra Garvin. Esq.* Louisville. Ky. James D Gherman, Esq-. Milwaukee. Wls. NO Wmslotr. E?n.. HaOVo.N. Y. BK v Inslow, Esq. Cleveland, Ohio. John N Drummond, E*q. f Treasurer ol the Toledo. Wabushand Western Uailway Co.« Toledo. Ohio. Bou David iDavls. Judge of Supreme Cannot IJss Bloomington. 111. Hon OH Browning, Ssccretdrr of Depan* meat of the Interior, Washington. D. C. Hon Lyman Trumbull. CS Senator. Cbl —. 111. rH »-. ■* n Treat* Judge oftboU S II ba Hamki,.. Court, Sortlltficia. i— - Sprlnaflelil. Jacob Uaan, Eo«., u - lDKr '' Col John William* Prc.iilcnl vim Na tlonnl Bank, ("prlhgllcid* 1)1. Hon O C Skinner. late Judge of (bo So* pretne Court ot Illinois. Qnincy. (11. Henry Cormtb* Kan . Banker* (Jaicoa. Hl* Hon J'mc I. Williams. Fort Wayne* lad. Hon Joci Parker* Cambridge* Musa. \\ m Mack* t-rq. 11 D* >ulcm. ,Uan4. Hpd TlioiM Edwards* SI C« Keene. N tl. Sflinorl J Underbill* lu»a.* Jericbo* N_V. Rickard T Haloes* trr.* Esq.* Elizabeth* New Jersey. k llradTi.Ecqrt Cashier el National X>auh ofUestVinnota. svheeling. W Va. sanmclJ Walker* Esa-* Covington* Ky. A CAED. MECIUMCS’ SATIOSAI BASK OF CHICAGO, John Foraytbc.'Es**!., has occupied a confidential relation in my business, for more than fourteen yean. He was with me. Id my law office, for many years, and had almost exclusive charge ol my real estate and private box loess, leasing my property, collecting rents, paying taxes, &c, Ac. During the year* 1557 to ISCO, 'lochatvc, while 1 was In Europe, be had emir* charge of my real estate and private business, and attended to the same with a Add* Ity, promptness and accuracy which left nothing fur* ther v> be desired It those particulars, lam very sorry to lose his exclusive services. No better or more laltblul agent- con be found. 1 recom mend him In the most unaoallCed manner to all who may have occasion for his services. J. TOTJNO SCAMMON. JHnsical. jyo MORE APPROPRIATE NEW YEAR’S GIFT Con be selected then one of those nncpi ailed 6UROETT ORGANS. They arelnmlshcd In elprant of Walnon. Oak, Boevvrood or tinny. rUln oc richly curved and nic*s r»Dp<.- Irora s:ou to SI,OOO. Xj’S'OW &. HD AIT. Business ®atßs, glllTH & DEXTER, PBODTTCE COSOnSSIOK MEECHAUTS, OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE,So. I<l Cblcaco. Coulrarscnta ftfpartftilly solicited. . QILEERT&FiELD, OZHEBAL COMSCB3IOH MEBCHASIS, (Successors to Gilbert, Updike ft C 0.,) 103 WasltlnKton-Ht. CBAS. J. GILBERT. GEO. FIELD. UNDERWOOD & GO., Genera! Commission Merchants, Cor. LaSalle aad Washisgtos-ste, CHICAGO. Give particular attention to both tmjlng and selling Crain, Flour, Sseds, Pork. Card, Beef, Tallow. Property boa;ht and held on mar/me, and aold cities In toL> or coalers markets. * RT special rata ot Ccremisnon made to ttota wh* taral'h lh<*Jr cm money ft-r larye purchases ol erty to be held ibr sale by os. P. L, tederwaafl. Ben, Pndsrwiwd, TpSTABLIaHED IN l&W. i ITILLXAM LITTLE & CO., Commission Merchants, For tic Sale or Purchase ol Grolo, Flour, Scrim Butter, Pressed Qosst Dried Fruit* ami Provisions. ■Warehoußß, 231 South Water-et., CHICAGO. W> retfr to Merchants’ National Baal.*, or any ot the Rank* or Merchants. XXriLLIAMS, TOUXG & KAAS, VV tVhot'fale Grocers. No. 34 wTe azentsforpaf’ceer* Jones’ celebrated French Mus tard. Whok-Mic dealers mppllcd at lowest New Tor* price, addin/ freight. A FULL ifrorK copnanttrk*pt on hand. QEO. H. KOZET, SEAL ESTATE AXD LOAS E2OKEB, OS LaSallu a Ht* Leans oecotlatec oc Itml Estate. Bonds, Stocks. Warehouse Becelpts,i tti other securities. MALTING COMPANY, Kosi 2 and 4 Hichigan-av., Hano&etnrcra of BTali and Dealer* Is Barley and Bye* Car - We keep constantly on hind stocks cl price Burley and Bye ilalt, which we an* prepared to sell st tie JcwtU market rates. Uaots ar.u Sfroes. ■^riSTfcK OVERSHOES. Jast received, 3-hnckle BUFFALO, BAT.MOBALS arvlother desirable styles of Winter Shoe*. DCGDETT, BASSETT & HILLS, 29 05d.31 X«ake>et. ISaucatinnaL pBUOAGC. ACADEMT, 'll 8 TVABAMI-AV. Winter Term commences WIDSESDAT* An. AIBC7. GEO.T. WOODWaßDvPrtndpal. MBS. A. % WOODWARD, CCttniBKCUL I 3 COaLEGSlathubeatbuslnesi eatabluhneat tu tn< Weal, being the onjv one CONTdJCfED BT PRAC TICAL bXJSC»ES3 >£S. Foreun laocuasw auebt. -The EDUCATIONAL AND CLASSICAL COLLEGE* pteparavoottsfor a Buslaevs or a uni* vers I-y Coarse. Julies Sets! jury jastepened. giorfeljoftets’ iSectiugs. a'HF. XCiIBBEiIAN’3 IX3UHANCE C4 >\*«‘ j» v y _■ Annn.yl McCtloe of ti 3 Stock* hOdfti* toe tbc elccttrnof D'rcriTSOl lli ic wlJl be btM at tbe tttfict oi tac Ccia?anj, 70 Laai-o ftt ** vt moNDaT, tbe 7tli day o! January, ISC7, Al3l>. m. THOMAS UQOPMAK, aec’y. C' OM MERCIAL NATIONAL BANK, \J 0 T CHICAGO, Chicago, Hi., Dec. a, J 358. ieb ju.mbal msoviifs r,p ,»• o-fuikholilcra cf this Bsab, tor the election oi bTlStt a* It* office. TUESDAY, Jaon- EyWi.WGT, - il.D.DCCOAivA.H.tfkjawr. Neto ITeaf s ©ifta. TO THE PUHLIU. GREAT AND RARE CHANGE! KEW YEAR’S GIFTS UR. CHADWICK, drslroas ol eirfeg the pstrocs of the Variety Theatre, aod the public Is goerai. a grate tnjacSoowledxmestlbrpastDatrroaze, off-ra the ftrf* lowing VALUABLE AM) BEA CfiFCT. GIF fa Ilia wldciy-knowa celebrated trotstug BLACK MATCH TEAM, Buggy and Harness, AND SPLENDID Sold Hunting Watch and Cliaift VALUED AT S&SO0. Tloßets Five Dollars Each, Which admits the bearer re the Varictr Theatre tax tutes. making the tickets only the actual choree of tea acotsaiona. Eleven Hundred Tickets Only Issned. METHOD or DISPOSED OF THE MAGNIFICENT GISTS; AS great dlssratseCon has ever been I*U at drawing for gifts, the prize* will be disposed. of by Throwing Dice, the three hlchcst thrown to take the CdLK* ABATED TEOTTINO MATCH TEAM, and th- bevt U ree thrown w take iheSK-ENDIDGoLD HUNTING WATCH AND CHAIN. The public will st once pee ceivethe method ct disposingof the sNta does aw4* with every doubt of deception. The following xenUemai will gaarsnee that all the proceedings areccadocted in the most fair and honors able maicer. To give all ample time to avail themselves o' the ad mission, the tickets will be issued Jacuarv 21. isffT, tte Baffle to take place FKXDAV. February lac 1357, at Ift o’clock until thecißaare disposed 01. 10SSKS1OS GIVEN AT ONCR AFI KB TBS OWNERS OF THE GUTS ARE KNOWN. BT A clear title goaratteed to the prrperty. FLOYD BIGGINS, L. REED. Tickets tor able at ?S Sw;e-*L, bv FLOYD fflO- GlNNazd !)7 by L. BE£D, and at the Vartetv Theatre. The Match Team to be seen at nitratin' stable; tbo Watch and Chain on exbibtn*n at JJwj'j Jewelry Store, corner cf Clark and Wasblaztoc-oU. BuylrrlSUfyttc g&irtg. yAbHIOKS DEMAND J. W. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic (OR DOUBLE STRING) £ K I B T S. They will cot hetd or break Uti the CQsf'e rfvtn**, hat will CTtr prcsefrelbelr perfect asj heantUul sh*?*. where three or tear ordinary Stlm ara thrown a*tde M tuelcsa. They combine com/hrt. darshiUty asd ecrndair w«th that e : er»cre of shape which iis the “Duplex elliptic" um STAND AB*> §&p>x OF THE rASHIOHA.3LE WORLD. At wholesale b» the rxclaalrs maanfoctarew aaf aclc owners of the patent. WESTS, BKiPLET & CARY, Warehon«e and oace, 97 Clumbers aad 79 and SI Kcadtsst, hew York. Alao, at wholesalehy the lead* leg Jobbers. Bradley’s, Duplex Elliptic Skirte, ByfsrihsTnrrtpopnlaiimdCTacetiil SWrtwaTß. Tot sale at wholesale at raannftienir«r ,, prtccs. by FIELD. PALMLU * LEITBK, 110.115.114 and 11« Lako-sl. Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic skirts, Frr EJetpace and Ecorwtrrv are ncsnrpa«*M. For salt - wholesale ty JOn.V V. FAitWELL * CO, *• 45.4-1 sad 46 Wsbash-av, Chicago. Bradley’s Bn*.' The 'lcbtrst »?re*ftfcle and v- ForaaJeal wholesale. bm>_ 19 and 21 Lzke-sL, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For beamy. -orr/ort and dnrabllity superior to aOoa* er». For? eat wholesale by TORiiKXCK. UANNISC £ CO. ::5 Uahe-sf. and 39 Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, At wholesale, at reanmacmrcra* tirtces. KRITfI. WOOD 4 CO, 10. aad 14 Lake-at, Chicago. December 31,1566, JEransponaticn. AVOOLAVORTH & BARTON OVEKDAND Transportation Line! Are row arerwed t> forward all clawes ol Freight, from their Warehouse at North Plane Station, the present terminus or .the Union PaclCc Hallway, By Mule or Caitle Trains, To the Territories of COLORADO, UTAH AriQ WdT&fJfi. Mark Frelsht **Care W. A* B< O. T. Line* Gumbo, Jieb.” Throcgh hills cf ladlnar from Chicago to an? point la tie above Territories, will be given when d» sired. For rate* or other inform aaos, apply at the General Office ol the Company, No. 254 880 ADWAT, KEW YOBK, Or to 11. HAUGIS, A cent. No. 53 Clark-rt, Chicago, OP EEMO¥AL MESSRS. WATERBTKY & CHRISES, TAILOSS, HAVE REMOVES* FROM 1-1 S TO 146 BEAEBOB2T»ST. TJESIOVAL. ISAAC BOND, COMMISSION MERCHANT. HAS REMOVED TO lilS, LASALLE-ST. , Particular attention giTea to the sale ol Dressed Hagg ffoEgtsntnents. QRTJDE SALTPETRE. JOO Uss best equality CCUDE SALTfCTKSir for file by WIITH 1' D’TTSK; Wholesale Dragglatj, 93 sad 01 Lake-*. QAI-H ADVANCES ' Made on Shipments of PROVISIONS & DRESSED BOSS To New Tor*. Also, on PROVISIONS 15 STOKE. . JOSEPH 5. PHELPS, CALTPETUE. • °CBUDE SjMsTOSraS, For Packers’ tue, torsale by joseph b. phelps*, IS Chamber crCcmmaTfi- rpEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT X PAIN,by tie niccf Nitrous Oxlue Gu fUO Each, smallest Gold FlUlca LM Bach, larrer and more com plicated.,.. 5.C0(31tU30 Destroylnr and Bentons* Nerve- icq LOO Treating deemed Tooth, preparatory to Uiiiur - 505 2JM SecaraUosr Teeth ? 6T-4 IJO Bftraovinc Soperflclsl Decay .■'d-tuo Cleasain* Teeth 3-MdS AOO JUlliirN’erTeCaTltte«,e*<h LWV-t itfl.. lr.«xtlniPivot Teeth i.uyz BSO Sets ol Teeth on Bobber - ia.(X(320.00 98. J. O. rAHNSWOHTE’S DENTAL SOOUg, UG R.V>DOL?U-SX., Op pen La Col. Wood’s Unseam. JSSnnh ash Coal. Y°OGHIOGHENT GOAL CO.. Ofilce 17 Ctmmberal'OtnmffTce an4«rse» Wnt liiaziaanU fJreco. Toutthlaehmr, fil'd ud Cancel Ceil $l£L5O Slineral BWtre Cc»' **®o Cocnebsvllle and Cote. ONE OP THE ÜbCFCL IN TENTIOIId-OFTIIEAGE-WiL !d;SIIITa*S GREAT WESTERN. BAG HOLDER Hav be seen ;* tke CITT ROTFL. stote and County iflEbta ft>t tut ty the-Inventor, p ADD’S PATEST T '■*’ BBS CSS MAGfiIMS. • Office and m&uiacfnrr 33 ScutoJr7cMC-eW Fcr infcmutioa and o**cripuve ga South- Jcgera3n»«U Chfcaco. TAILED HILLS. onV-«=r."S AKIEFSS j isi Grindjfromfl\ .• '3.' stoU TfUcli rca-:y an cam j._ Grain. AVo, CUPIHi VeLF^IGUL.VTIK& VftSO Plticsa FHOJI $« UP tv AltOS, Csj"l\>»<srallep«~«lo YirttLaSC-ak, CMoUO. yr V. K.onViS. G-nrral Aggftt. 7> 1 PKOPELLEK FOR BalX. Tbe Pn-rHlir Ottawa, rating B>.wJ ™r rwlirdUitrfj.weUtonsdaad VaaAjdco'.tui.i'.. U of fvrtd tor sale. For Canker BorilcaUPS loquJriv* _ • WABRSS * woopßUßTt^lO caa*l-«u WOCTH iptio Skirts, Sfcirts msd& **»S DUOS “^ilcasro. SKmobals. Bentstrs. ffaienis. jßartvhtrrg. r AiiM* * *r:>u ;* cry- ihij ?>-icvs fs? a> t o jii). jfmc Sale.