Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 1, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 1, 1867 Page 3
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• to rcrcaik, in tal- - tbal ihl» creat ucd Incalculably b-'i.-Jo'al pub lic improvement i> no »• l>i a mir J v*ar to meet wi.h t'ic appro ml of f.i;.‘i’»Utu c. J tad Ibe b cmimS«ve. Us,id*;*i*r. :c*ar* n». r.i-a mb-Io ▼ eectioa bclfar ibc fcia e at alMJHirli ibe y C-mnercetnu tuanntr.’ J the- first to apjnocta c t'.>m One ortbc roMnir mmli in oar M last year’* review ss :iuiOi.;c nc iea.l* l *- majitiac \lorlcß cf Chicaji). fca ib. on <l'ii* o*‘-1 by fir *, bat *■ it* tvbaiiiiln- a- an ca l v u~ v 14 *■' ,J ' “iaioaui.l. 5?,-. The wa cii metorv at £l«rn, ’ti:a ;;uir «*o i-’eiu e * a Chicago cvtcrpnc, us in- entirety In UeUacdtui Ciilca^om.T., lit* so far n* U«. c o.N m 'be uut'.vi a<»d is haw pro.‘pcrir-cvea /‘ol iu fonrdc's. ’ . , AnctLcr erica?*) cntcip-» e. atln-msb located out lue :Ii • titv. is ibe tioc;; factory at Hurl'.m, * li:ch i a iic;ui->!.hi{; mainly ir the v. oik of ; i-nr.rauoa, It would bca lotr V' ", 'rri’or than -jnc? forlivro. Trfclch w. r.UI ? :->'!nde ell tbn v.vrl>n rml'.a, tom* one*, etc.. *t~rt d Ut O- icaru men outside till* y-'j.m prop -ilv h-r* by virtue of Derine the past year Ottr Cipi- U® ul.v. ; iiir. V.-uu e if’j lore, Jir-;co4 llteir : fcggiui ■<• j lac •.•y'ab'.i** men; of rvmnfiet ar!es of ! riOC< a::1 Hu’s h vc th 2 «arcat iaa? for bnhdtnc u:> lb- pro••jwrliy and power m- SKctr'-P'-llr of t;.f* Northwest, vn'i'.l i icpeta? vHi Imi «Wun to this dlrec* Oot c«ipr.;>i ul.rn cheap tret£tits, *»y water cam* Utica*-v. increase oar facilities for baaiucaa ft the Sor.t' and Southwest, aad wc mar look etvard with ooaSdcrce to j* f.tiuro of continued P rapsrt :iirr<a«p of oarconimrree and tnann* »_Mr4rc«, unprecedented even in oar remarkably successful uns*. , l ast veer v.i were erab’ed to Jay before onr readetsa crpjpiiailon of ti.alistJc* oi maau ac turca in Ct\ik t'otinty. m*du up from the stale census of that year, but ilu> year no Mien fonree ot irfonn; lion I-atultniMe :;;id work of col* lading them wii-cut that all woaM be indeed a Herculean tstk. The bool.s of the Aa.-*cs«or*a ofllce arc month'iu arrccis, ami so complicated by a new of asres'lngon levenne, above the amove of hcen.-e. a* reported by imnchi-ta ai d mauvraetuicrs. that for the purposes of litis article tfc.y .’.re nsewe. Thee were, x*or ISB% i six hundred ar.4 labty-rhrre manafactoi Jos re-! ported. Ibc annual product of which was in the asyric’at- •fi'.Tb'.iv-i. but this year both the number "of lavtoiies and the asrarecalc crcdact k undoubtedly largely in Increase. tVr ictiarco, m ore ei.sjle item, that o! niatn'i'actor"* of boot? and fbo-'s. eisfyteven were reported, the aggregate yrocnc* troiu which atauactea -to ;?Ulft2,al2— bat tbt? vcarV.a’d a cicr-r. of the principal establish* meets will together tpja-Iraplif, it not qulnlnple •that amount. e*oako w>th the tanneries, which list jeer wore reported as producing 5t,0.V),3JJ worth of csanutac.urod soods. this year have doubled tus: amount, and are still incrcasm? limit ftcd.lier. YKs'ixs i;; poi:r. In ono wav c> ;.o pjoxs:.. i»-* Idea raaj *>.• fo -.u i i • t ;ir li.twasi: of l.oui Ui« «u --lar.-ed li-t ul v:ilu oar carrvlii^ l:ailc. ar- iltj> n* *r Ja* i up at Ihta paru i u:;r- j- v. :• cr. a*c ul lac nu:nbcr ct vessels in tcii i.V.t.', Lai al.« j an ir.crc-aic of Jlicir ton ta^c: i«: 3. i«s'. Vo. Tonaasro . .. ... 3 77J . K r.7'5 19 IMS-5J •V, -3 23 1,0 w . ; 1 I'.Til -13 20,3! lj . is is B,«a .23* 4-.0J9 ‘2'io 31.M.3 . V 4 «;10 S 3 2,733 . .. .... 2 C»3 IVcpt-UC:?... EiJw.’.V Sci:ooiitr ... fcvOW-: Klipc*. -V.'Ste SJ ... I,C;'G -II 3.T.G s.i,v2 A*MiCI.*TED CO^’ASIm. Ij tk- of.'.Lf* o: :hc Ohcm* ;'nnr, o! the conaty kivck.CL .;lt:doa-u'2-*' 5 oft*, aoi So pur- Mirtrc rf ibe t-cvera! d ; eia« acl? of ;L<; S'.-'.ro. article? of association of ttio fol- Total. lovjrc ] ' * Air.ichaiii..i *i EruvnEi; Cellar a.;ii’.nf;iru:iru' Ccal ('lode r.vd 13:-.« C i : :*®tillJl ■T (V<.juai.ii a. L'.*aUiCr • Zt i :i;c i-r : >id lAnr.f’rv en -T Mill-... •ID. i L .. inf -u *if Hi. I;” ici-Vs: Vo?. I-‘ho W< • in tl,o. to nlud. 5. ».r ;*,i» t-onrt tuerc were nl n.v.r-' ot-.hc ;n ra« of the act o* •.,tke terms of limited partnar- % Win* - - Yankee i.-j laliup* i • Fu;nri.r,-.. i'r.msu". He's, cr.:--. J 1... Hrdtf. A.*' ITavori:.;- 4.;ir:;ci Biugs :nvt* ted la IS'.*3 by special Total .''nt- i-i?' Tlic labor t:? 1 V. t La- been bilik all ihroruth the voar. "ud lev. ].**.ss>ns. except Clerk-s, «ic., Liv- in *, t \ J i»v s,vk erapioynauu A general btiumnev r :• all :ii:ci* ere* Tt- - H-i hr the W.iib-T, Jill haw f. u:; j i no;o <iu ;n was*:-* widen exhibit a coola• jf.i-b? .• 5T.-V‘.:.ier»/-!t .iio reiuane-atbia ot foniicr . Jt? * cumM’hilbjna of workiag n..n bate* U.-n treng aa ever, bat only two strike? c. T.: i .»rl.nrc*j liuv.* oeeurretl—UtOcC of the stone cu:»*: •an » u • 7 •:•.*; tu.t. workers. Iti gcut‘r;.l :h. !> :a’v'V.; betvr-ra employer a?;d employ-..* i.j c l;v 1. wf the mo.-l tnliifaeiurr char acter. * initio' c "’be flxb’-bonr n-.ov.unenl tra« agl lat'-fi i:-t . a*l evi ry’ ar. of Itj-j cjautry, bat in to ci?r it: Ti.iorAMa it !iu-l uivoCates l;.;,;! iij c« At «!!•; tl'i-n .1 j.'aoblllJU, ilxiag eight I.t-u '7.- a’ cl-al day*, wmi; far p3i«on* eat p\ucd bv • L-t < I-U'J. and passed - i -t.’• i . ::>::itru Coa’.rsl. A -iujila.* r,*so!a- X s ticn n.;- in ti c t’uurT of o bat Jt" no actU’" v■•.- Mbuii npun I*, rbe Board deciding I tnut it 1.1.; ho C'Jairoi over the \ nr.ttcr. lb*- a:»»tij.i of tbs Loan* / cil «s? u. callrd lc» Hi-* ‘‘eigbthonr I u-fcia.i- L/* bet mat body has y .1, up to this I time. ?: .i:;y p> pal its (mercsolu* } tiohs) rt.r.*:..•ir.ciiu- i»i It.-i-. An art=:.?pt mo ;u b'Tj.-e thr la;t elec tin, bv pu,m*> b-bhi.Si-' »ae Copper jc:ii;ron f, ' to ob ;.it; f.-.* v.iiu* «»! teorkni;- >. n;tu tr.ior'.*" biSe .-•; t «• ♦kill-d me chan?'A r’.d la'yj:ot Chicigo were Jcu j i.i to be caagiil by any, -urU ilvcoy. ydr 1 ;,•> ;,-v \w *u aitxi *.a lb' *hc ilucti;*n to ise n».o: - J i ’* of «!.* ♦; vioogud Vt> *T - vote for ::ii swt n-a King »?ight h.»ars a -fj Icyai da*.’-. vt.:k: in:; t.i-» nad tw» excell-’ot -*V rta’?or- iui Mio-r.-j-iiu t :!.•? ••.-C'CAliel” worV -1 I i-j-nwn r * r';. . : li* -;. it.,; hj.t t o lanc’J p»ii.- I ci; '..- U* V. T- ! *l: -I *IIC p.tft* M'hb'U a^TOCUC-l f “cnta.i i*?.- nil un-.i. .-•-•lumlly, J buy had I xci*a; Ji''.' •*«i V'in »n<; p;.m» hon- I csf i oi •■;•.•*. • .<»>■• ...(-j "ho truicaoclata- on-us i r i':- r Vi- t a ucislsriv hard on ortt*dor*r T OikniM! Cerpeaior*, bricklayers, i-ut-ide iea:d*-e-rs. dray- EjvU. . layer-. fraca build mv—all found th»; v-li.d-up of the rainv sea* - «ca, Ui the smue caegory. During ‘.. c p%L of oamuii’f and the » .'M 11 'l.o mil, all kinds ot out-door work ;vcro, vh!;? log 1 tLer, a' a stand-still; brick \»\se do.-fiteu; Ltiii'iin.’s half tmiabed woie lolt in :liyl r-LsiOt luhtn'r paving uordralu* in” wa*- prr JKV.hto. and thousands ofinda«»rion9 **■ Tr. who l:-«x Ik-si in the lurilol carrying their ■JHVi-’vrrv,- home ou lay- night, torthe b'iitlil ci f.-is UmL'ics, tuo :gld themselves for-• Innaic If '.be - - could mak- ei.iigh Uj working an hour row and then to keep their wives and Uule oi:ci tjo:n actual want. And some*, whoso ! ru’e bni Im-ct Jo jmv as lh**v went, would have-1» vu cbropc’l-d to solicit charily, ii jpeir grocer*, futch'rs uidlake.s had not trusted iLcm in tan-s of lb. ir gieaie-l j.ecd. Fut fait \u albir flobUy peila; there wasplcnty of work to he done, and ifa*»y mechanic or la borer remained idle he did . of- »m cuoice; wages ro-e hall n d-olar a day higher than th<*y were hc lo.-c the wot «oaton ct:iu:ne;uc.l; bricks very t .nri- donl-h •• iu pro - -; and the aHmry which j-; r*voii'-nl la li.c nclldlog tine was as great, if oot creator, than ui any fotuier period in the history tt Chicago. , „ Our tabic of wages s!iow« thn average daily, r.uchly, monthly. or yearly receipts of laborers and other w.nkmcn ircncr.ilJy: Tailors n«-<uve, lor making men’s h’ack frock OAiu* 10 *ach; oveicual?, §ll,OO to V- i.nd neglige'*?, ?T.ZO to £0.00; panta irons va cMo s:m,. Vc.-S sue pnt'c s pa!ly made hr woi;..who ;• ci;lvc far each vest ftum §io3 to v. ;, n -ee a; • about the same that were p: 3 IT. 1 H.i- ‘-.’aryo! policcraaiu prior to •lie sub .T’.;.’, :ij.'i ■. j»:r.ce tliat date old ; v,ic-jr..*r. itcvi'ul \>i'T year, r.i«: i* v. -pi. iritfs n. ifac Legislature v.ii!U , s*M'L.i , ..s viiijfr. to oa?» au ac: lortbc c.f t!ie i*ritir»; l>e;i!Utm’*nt, \vl.Kh u> u if: u will v- 4 ' v; dd for t*ic appoiut latnt o: tL. ji,j; m!| tUi uiidtruocuoued v.~ nalaik^; (■n. i -tit S.VW fine As-r-iMHiii J-UiAlb.lcrr.ent . 2,r>tM Twuim-Lie fcciceacifi.. j ip*j-o iXliCLlUtt 1,1100 iirii-itc f tve t • ctxabUtbed, but ihi-to: :o i-aLe >1 til:ui ecbcdLlc, cud tbarpe wiut liiey can > • Ccar n:nV.:rs average from CIO to <ll r»cr week. I . For tfto 1»;' tLiec t»i lour they ;»ud UiC*f CIU* I * r.c; c-? .c'c iot s--Cfd «;n Hi.; Mib \vaii4, s bit li' .-vrr -1-iUt*-*-! ul--3:l n have bca > atnt {» cal-’y U e •d'-mai*-.'- of i.. e climr makera ha'ine b-rr '.•>. , n< , :s*Hy acicded 10. i’bc futh.v-ii t,bk* shout* t r .s av.-ra;e rate ob« ■. taizin;', v.iiu ‘he fer lUI3, by **ay of com* i / p-nson: ■ n . Eor-re paiatirpr, per day...: «£ Gia"icr?, M’t i'.sv iiiiTi pa*ut. r-*. p'-rd-ty. Coal vri>.-cl'.-t'i*, per hoar Pnjtr p»-r "eck sions rr;o<j 30.n2'?>. 51.01 l.fho2rap:.tT- r.ns :,vw© sum joiners..-io.L'j'-, il.uj ai.ooy. -1000 rbo‘.o?ia;>i:c;s. per week Pbo'.ostaph prime."* l , per we*-’- 14CC© 15.C0 S3.M$ 23.C0 Pholorr.'.'-li prliiicrs. « , Jr.dicF. per veck © I’botocn.'h painters , peruovk ft. .... 53.03??, 63.00 Paietf. po.'’ay a.on,.f. .... .... Stcr.'-ci:i’.c:-, per day..'<?, ... < QcarrTlzv'-.-:.-.*,pLi dayti.ic';. ... ... Brewer?, per m0nth...50.011© .... C'J.LtO© CO.'M o!a*s blow ;i?. per day 3.Vl© so.i •I.'sifi 3.53 '* ";!*u!B cn’ler'-.ner weeklj.OUS liU.OJ 15.03©, 23.00 iPsitld makers, per .fjr-ig'j , PS.CO© 30.00 3?rnr>cin'} it« cn." » a *iiiinf>:-j~-.pi:r weeic 1.00 © 8.03 0.-iJ ■> U.OJ a «v Jcatvitilcberr (cirlt*) ““ ~r vot-5: O.TV:© J6.OJ 1200 ft .... 7 rrs? make:*, per day.. J.OJ© £.iK) I.s'jfS 2.00 , % ;n -rver.-. iv.-drt‘ .. •* Sill- cutters, per week ty».l>o uj.oo© S 3 00 •, per week 53.W540.C0 ... S 3 Oil oir's Get trimmers) ©rv-eek © Q.(V) 6.00 S S.OO Pai *Ji!r!.ei=, per do* © g.ff) .... 8.00 Ha‘i-oarr-. per d«<zvn .. (>t 4.00 .... 4.03 JJa' curlirc, per dozen .. © 825 .... 3.25 Carpenter?, per day.. 3.00 >t 4.0.) 3.CJ© 3.43 'l:iMurs, prrdey shCt© S.fO .... 3.03 Ci:;ner>. pcrwc. k.... lo.W© 23,00 IS.COS 23.00 1 Cauki-rs nu season) \ per Hotel purl<T- (Willi Vo3rd)iv-L3on-"h... 30.10 S 40.00 J. 0.003 43.03 Lclol porlers (with board) per month ‘ tfhip Carpecters per •u*or» j.‘os ft car 4.00 .... 4.50 i € MacUiuMa.pcr day... a,notft 4.00 3.0 G& 4/,o week. 3.oU£a M.tio l(l.fl0?4 IS M) Wj ihenvonieii, per clay I.oo© B.OD I.U'JC* « (sq (m pnralo ' intuit:-', 85.0C3, 45.01 TiSQKi 4’ CO 4User?, per v-csk 15.01 15.00.© l; yo yoiemcn. mlllcre, per b amum 1.590.09 \ Coppcr£:nllliF, per day 3.0?© 3.25 % i'iivoxi.l.'iifcic, ”irl£,per * tt»* VCCK sjUverolaer?, nen, per sV. 'l£? -»£«>>. _», Blacksmiths P*r day.. 1 j .BlackfcmiJi'b etakvre 'A ' day... 2.00© ILSO 2.00© 2.50 'l&rtc-tLccrspcrday.. 2.75© 3.00 3.00 i -S mi ; tree! roiltrcy cocdnc*.- f t —»ra, per day LSO J. 75 railway orli ■ s-m„“i,i'ri;p;v'sM;:; Uiici.l.ivcis, ucrda/... JJUJi 4.50 4-..<® 4.5 J l*i.iMfur»-per day.... 3 o‘J..a 3TO 3.OU® S.jl H. d-rarr?ej>. per day 3.03 2.25® 8.03 IR.-llc* («ub boarn\ I i*r .r.oriiL,..' • Tiercn?, per day Cri.Ov-makerf. :kt Wick ..19.0.1® 20.00 ... 20.01 fir.icrs. pur day -lut) . ... 4.0 J per nechlS.'JC® 33.00 40.033 3J.OJ Hiliohirrcts (clrls), „ '. it week............. 5.5'.’3 G.jQ C.OQ® T. 03 : ar?, per week 38*03 .... IC.OO, per day. 3-2**® 4.U0 .... 4.*0 £;iuvt. laborers. per.... ... cay. ... 1.59® *-00 .... 5.03 Exjros mct»erccM, SO.OD 70.003 ■\VLhe\i-a-!ir>.p*rdtfy. 5.00® 7.t Ji —® 0.00 ard I'arriaso ttakcit, per day 3.00® 4.00 *X3® 4.00 Hue Melons (clrls) i or “ cK........ ........ 3-W® Am 3.01® 4.oft IV.Ttctr. pc- week... .17.1074 20.03 IS.o.'® 23.00 Ulauk book makers. per neck ..20.007a 23.00 20.90® 23.00 Tcaaistcrs, per day. .. 4JSO® H.OO 5.03 Wood ca»Ter«. per day 8.095?. 2.09® 9.03 Jim keepers, per monlbOO.Ou® 25.03 83.0G® 33.00 Hotel natters, per mouth .20.00® 23.00 25.00® 33.03 Hotel kitchen jjlrld, per •week . 3.0?® 3,30® 4.00 TnmU makers, per day 3.0 U& 3.50 2.00® 3.53 Tn sr boat captains, per luoutb... ....9C.09®130.00 ....® Tit« boat cnsiuecris,per month 93.00®120.00 ....® Host office clerks per Pott office separators, per aunuia... Tost clucc fmeasaa, per laticmu 1,000.00 .... 1,000.00 Tostoffiio carriers, per annum.. EouUbirdcre. (fonvard cife>. per week lO.COO IS.OO 1G.090 13.00 Bookbinders (finishers) por week 13.r0® 80.00 13.03® 20.00 Hook makers, per day.. 2J>OO 2.00 2JJOO 4.00 Iron moulders.pcrday. 2.55& 3.25 3.000 o*o3 moulders, per day 2.500 ... 3.21® 4.00 UrassflM-licre, per day 7.5C0 2«a 3 50® 4.O'J Cabinet makers, per dav 3,00® ... 2.73® 4.00® IS,ijU 15U0® 1(5.00 Gardeners, per month..CO.CC® 40.00 81.00® 49.00 bakers of broad, per veek. .14.03© Hakcis otciaekuf, per w «*ck .12-00® ILOO 11.00® 15.00 G:ii* per day (0 350 3.000 4-00 clciksir wiioletaledpy coods house* 2,t000 2,500 0000 3,093 Ck-tks in wholesale drag closes 1.0000 1,200 5000 3.D03 Llotl-s in retail dies e to*«« .7TI,OCO® 1,200 COO® i,200 CJc:i«i? in 1-oultstorea..l.oso® 1,200 239® 3,5^1 i ?. w -,ks In banks. 1,200® I.tcO SUJ® 3,uJi) Waiter* in ealcoiiS, per month 590 00 300 103 Surd musicians, per day 1.000 6.09 5.000 8.00 rk:io tneers, per an- __ imm Coo® v,Cw) 7500 2,000 iJusic instructor?, per * _ __ quarter 150 CO IDO »o Ihutfct makers, per iveek ....10.(00 18.00 10.000 20,00 liveiy men, per mouth ...40.000 S3.CO 49.®'01W.09 bbiil-makcrs (v.omcn) penieel.... Leaoiu.oo 4.00® 10.00 Hooters, per day tn 2.V0 2.000 3,50 Fur cap indiiura'Un.'tn twaueu), da»’.... 2.000 2.59 3.000 2.50 i;i«-jr.n:ake:s. pcrUiou "•uid ... .10.000 13.00 10 000 14.03 V. uirb-i»mke>s and rc pam-rs,; cr week ®. 29.09 15.000 3 #.OO Dis filers, per mou<a ,59.CiV»& C : J.7lj 50 a» (9 75.9 5 Pork-packets. per day. 2.25® 3.50 2.590 4.00 I>utchc.s, (hoys and _ meut per week 13.0*)® 23 <io 15.0.10 25.03 rjesiijis, ncrdaV....... 2.5C0 339 S,S9'<{, 1.0.1 per day.... 3.0J0 425 3.030 4.59 Hulling mill men, per day.. 2.000 5.09 2.C00 0.00 .Ufbrs, per work . ...15.01:01211.00 13.0J2i150.UJ, >uin*bui'dere, perday. 4lii) 209® 4.00 ]; it*;.-niakcrf, per diiy. 2.U)0 2.50 2.000 2.53 Brick-Bakers '(beys), Icr r 6.CCO 10.09 5.000 12.03 Clunk-makers, per weak ... 15.000 23.00 15.010 25.00 ■j ? ii end suect iron •!C3 93,3 It wmkcr.*. per day i'Jo-makcr.', x-<- f I ; mill :• •• str with ..12 00© 20. M 13.00 a 23.00 l-aburc;s in Inn. j?r jUM'o- . ............ Najl-aiakcts..., lin-alncerr, pjr day.... Laborer* (T.n-t*ciat»), per day 1.1V5 !.«.> 3.W liiiti L-uiaL«*h (women). pcrvecu.?V. 2.00-S S.OO 2.0*15 S.M tier w,tu .........iQ.nn© is.iw 10.019. axon SaUdcaki-r*, per Cay.... 3.005 *3 ~4-0 Tobacco workers, per wusk 3ooff)» is.oo n.«vis au*) Cc-ffiu-raUese.pCf wceliiS.U© 23.00 IXXXj) 23.(11 J’a lile-cancrs,j.erday 2.3b --t 1.00 C.UJ.W, Dot *lactii.iHs.pcrUar.... sail*., C.tU 5.1-5 3 2.1 Vcixciymou, perday.. 2.2/C.UO 2.10.. T, C. 25 \sal-maliOi>,pci day.. 1.705 5 2.00 Vinl-taakeis (women). pertu-ik.... S.oo© s.OO 3.00© S.OO Servant?, nnno»* - 5 23.00 Ij.uj -r, CJ.W lyre IVncdryiucc, per A-ck .. . .18.00© 23.00 20.075 20.00 Type r.'Biidnicirl*) P-r week............ ... 5.005 S.OJ 3.003 10.00 Tvpe foundry (beys J per week 2XOa D.UO 2.0.1© 3.00 Wapon DfinityV per day.... I.oo© 300 I.'iO© 330 | V>'Li|)>iaaker>>. per day. 3.00© 4.03 COOia 4‘JJ TiuMtiUbd.pir day.... 2.00'(£ CIO 2.0.1 5 400 per day 2.73-3 100 3.0)5 4.11 I liixsiai.a?. porwr<k..llMJls 20.00 lU.vN© 23.00 operators'' per iai-utU. 71.005100.03 5X030103.00 5 7CAnssuNio:«s._ Amount Invest ed by special .No. partner. . -a ?3 *.n:o . 1 jJV’.W . 1 16. AW . i iMoa . 1 p:,V.T 2 S’.tfW .. I 5,0-.<a 1 5.1-0;) . i yo *3 , 1 £.700 .. i a,sjo .. X 2,00 J .ei33,9W The followimrare the naoi- a of the President.* nt.d location crbui-binarter*- ollbo various Trades Intous In Ciiicßi-o: 'l tadcs .Vsstuiblv, V,*m- Parker. 155 bomb Clark HUt I. Hilcklr.jcre'nrd ■'*asOcs\ L. G. Cross, 101 and It’i Ilamlulpb btree*. IroLmc..Jocip\ *\Vm. K. Lee, 22G bontb Clark flicc-U Idnnibcr.s, .Tames A.Keles, JlcCormlck's Block. Union, 00.-.pu C. bnow, corner Clm i: and VVasbit>aton streets. CaijiciitcT?' non Joiners’, C. IV. Walker,22s Sontli Ciatk ftreoL LusCttcrt’, P. Uacelln, comer XJcarhom and luikdulpb sire. t>. IL M irray, Cohcmiao Hall, cor ner of Vanßuu-c and iTi.aou efrecis. >!n?:c]uio’, \\ tu. lbuki>aidt. 171 Uaudolph.- CsnuttuaUcra', L. idoiou, Warner’s Block, rambdpb hire. I. German Txjiogmpbical Uuiuc, Charles w. I ud.s, 53 LaSalle *frci l liamcsttaakc;V, Wnt. Ihorp, 7-5 La?allc street. Cuujetb*, Cti-7b Hillock, i.'il street. Bras-; ilunliicTi’. Guo. Stone, 22a Suutt Clark S.lCi,t. Cluarmakcn**, Henry A. Dana, comer Wells and IkmculpU ttreds. Btotccnlter-s*, iteonro Howl-on, corner Clinton and Van l.iucu i^ltcct.*?. BaVen.-', \Vm. Shatter, flrcot. labour?*, P- McCarty, earner Mirkct and Jb.i.dolpi tliec-te. ui.a Blackbmitbs*, lotko and South Water ttruet?. I’Jastcrvrs’, J. O. Norton, S 2 Weal Knndolpb street. Mcrblccutiers', Pt-icr Bonin, 226 South Clark elni-t. Tailors’, P. C. <‘la-k, 77 Dearborn street Shiy-caipcircrs* and Caul'.ers', James Barry, : S2h South Clark eire--t. Paiii.vre’. K, A i hiiipa, Apollo Hall, corner lakeund Mark*'t Hro. ts. Wood-.iimers’, A. Von Doos-r,corncr Handolpb and Clinton eiicets. A Scries or Chm-srs Against 3 Police The examination lionrns C. Bher ! dan, charged with attorn, *nita rape upon the person ofMrs. Mary McQnad •••*8 resumed yes teiday morning at 20 o'clock, Justice J, S. Qjninn, at bis office No. 5 North t rW elreet. Tbo plait tiff In the case had been engaged in a drunk en frolic at her husband'* saloon. No. 132 North ■Water tUoct, ard 1c company with several urea nrd womcii, nil participants la the ro v, was ar rested sad taken to ’he North Market Station. The keeper of the station permitted Mrs. Mcviiude to return home on . making a deposit for her arpraracc' 1 Ihc next morning. When die lett the station, officer Sheridan, who had arrested the party* went with the woman, but soon returned for tbe keys of the house, which were in possession of her husband. lie procured them f<om the Si leoncr and started back to itc saloon fo admit [n». Mctiradc. bothy some means the officer was unable to find one which would unlock the doer. At this time Mr IVter Connelly, who had been aroused bv an alarm of the, came alone, when he assisted to admit the woman. Ho testified that the officer then departed and be remained tea minutes talking with the woman, advising her to retire, and lock op her house. The woman swears that the officer entered the hoasc. locked the door, turned down me gas light, ami ordered a lliilc girl who was present to nm up fcteirs, when be fttlampted to commit th; crime of which he >s charged.- In the hearing ye-teroay the plain! iff was the pi inci pal wline-s. anarnarced, i-moti" other things, ihat the officer wfco made me nitenipt on her person was the 01 c who arrested livr; hut it seems to he the fact that Captain Sher man himself arrested ihc woman, and conducted her to the station. Tbe delcndau* attemp.vd to piovo his whereabouts by hla associates mid others who raw him that night, aud succeeded - with ml except a period nr about twuny minutes, daring whMi time the Justice thought ihere wag a possibility lm il.nrfiW.mL-’ij CUOmiltCd the aCL 111 ’“^*4,-the Justice - *1 to Vcsterdor afiercoim'-tbe Fiidny rJctt last, Icilowcd up ihe above cb3 a?airttihc officer by Laving lira arrested sad »Jorclil tcJoro .Justice irtVulL ca of assault aod battery upon Michael McCfuanc. They ifilUiU Jo tollutv these ill'Li alone uitn chas’ccs of bnraJary, perjury and felony, and are bound, as they dccuao, to seao the officer to Jodut for a turn. S SATT*. 2.73 2.50 4.L0 AnotJiop Ex-Pollce Officer In Trouhlc. Men who have some time been on the police force scud lately to have had a general time of coming “to grief.” The latest was yesterday inornli g, when Henry Ocsle made hia appearance before Justice Slnrtetaut. Henry bos been keep ing a tafucti on Canal slrcet,'near Mitchell, and whatever may have been its previous character, there was certainly a large sized row there In the very early hours of Sunday morning. Frank Busse had a dead turkey—n turkey that wa< so plnmp ard fa*, so to the epicurean nn:d of a clorions Sunday dinner, that Prank lep ptotd of it, and oq hi* way home about one o'clock at night, he thought ce wor.»d stop at OesteV saloon and exhibit the choice bird to a gioup ol l»i* friends. A Teuioaio gcuileioau look exceptions to the turkey. Some admired u exceedingly, a few were inditTercut, but Perer schmldl treated It absolute maUgnliv, giving It rude punches with bis fingers, lifting It up and dropping It, pulling lee.* rudely and fooling with ns tail maliciously. His remarks were lolly as otfaisive n« hi* conduct, aud Basse retnou rtratca. bchmldi dirt not know why the spirit of mortal should he so proud over *• one Hide lam heo turkey;” other folks had turkeys a* well a* be, hut they did not tike them all round the streets to show their neighbors that they were going to have fl warm meal In their houses. The charac ter of Senmidte remarks, coupled with bis disrespect lor thMnrkc,, was t>o much lobe home by Hie ii.tHcncni Huese, and he “piiched into” Fcbmldt with a zeal that was oulv equalled by the valor dlrnlayod by Schmidt in self-defence. Lilly Bonin rtenircu to see fair play, and a* an in evitable remit got between them and was exceed ingly well “thrashed” before he got out again, Theflphi eo baldly inaugurated hy hla patrons cxdtco the ambi.louts mind of Henry Ocite to toe achitvtmcnroffuch n success tha- there should be no mure trouble in his saloon, owing to the fear and awo that should pre vail regarding Its proprietor, it 13 alleged that ho sallied forth from tus bar, aimed with a huge club, vPh which he made a general attack upon Billy Bums-In general, and Bnsse in par ticular, indicting sneb woueds upon the head of the latter the* he look' d a* it be nad been marked off for dissecting purposes. Bums rah our and secured the serf Ices of ufllccr Omaha, who ar rived upon tbc scene to And Basse Insensible frem his wonnds, and the remainder of the criwd in a state of terror at what had transpired. Ocsto wa« at once arrested He was held lor farther ex amination on Thursday morning in bail of £1,003. 12.03© 20.00 13.00© 33.03 7.00© 18.00 73.00© SO.CO 80.000 0?.00 3f2o\ro 7.00 7.03© S.OO ■nnxß Oct or Tovnr.—John Henry was found ml employment, and atunnaual hoort, in the fcoatli fclCo street railroad stable?, tus coneUlinc ct a bottle of laudanum. lie was brought belovo the Tulle: Coart aud find 82S, the execution betas suspended a sufficient length ot time for John to gel beyond the ctly UmUa. 15.03 13.00© 2 '.OO 4.03 .... 4.W '33.('ovt 10.1.0 . S.IO& 100 s.uii* 4.0 J moo 900.00 ... 903.00 70X00 700.00 13.03& lti.oo 3.™ 2.00-ft <J.GiI 3.00& 3.W 2.00i5 -UA) l.oOTf, 1.75 S.r&b. . .. . .. a. 23 y.uoSd y.S’j A Staxiil) IJA3E, #• . Officer. A TRAGICAL ITGKT. I E STOCK TRADE Of ISS I. - CiIIOAGO. A lUviotv of tlio Business for'Siiu. GREAT INCREASE OVER 1805. Cciciptu ana Shipments Dnrinj tbo Year—Comparative Statistic!-. Tlie Union Stock Yards—Cost of Con struction, Sl-G75.000. In reviewing ifco Uvo Slock trade. It Is gratify* iog to nolo thcroarked and rapid progress wo are maklrg a* the iecogti : sed centre for supplying the increasing want# of thp vndoly-gpi-ca J and growing markets of this continent, it Is bat a few years since the Uvo Stock trade of inis city was hut a com porallrely small aa'air; simply a de- pot for enpplics; but the rapid development of the Korth*estero States has made U one ol the great leading Interests of Chicago, perhaps sec ond to noneln importance and magnitude. From an insignificant beginning, thl? tiad<3 has ad vanced, keeping even pace with ail. acd outstripping many o! the varied interests which the last quarter of a cen tury has dweiopeu in oar midst, until to-'ay Chicago bears off the palm as the live block emporium of the world. d Lis hue ail other branches of business, has had its vicissitudes, but each succeeding yea. has nr’iU-d someihing to Us extent and importance. While rival markets, which «ncc competed «nc cessfully wild np for this product. Lava dwindled away to a mere nothing, as it were, mid while some have ceased altogether to have as existence, onr market exhibits all the strength, vitality and vigor of you’ll, with even more flattering pros pects for Us future greatness chon have attended U since its incipiescy. Chicago bears the palm, and stands the recog nized live Mock empm lum ot the world. The re markable facilities offered through our network ol railroads, reselling os they do almost every town, village and hamlet, in tale au X contiguous SUto.s has bceu the prime agent In building up tbit- large and nourishing interest. Vet vast as our present trade is, when we reflect that it is only m»u in Its infancy, the mind can scarcely predict 118 *“"• BEEF CATTLE. The trade In BpcfCatt'c dining the year now clofitr, has, together, been an n-.nve and probperonß one. Tbo receipt-. alalQeialty report ed by Secretory Dakin, aggregate head, r.gali bead received in 180.", Utu« orhitut liig an increase of oS,lifliihcad. Although the sup ply in point of r-atuhum has two a satlstic’ory, the average quality of the nocU has bardly been eqaa'totuat i f 1«M year. This is explained hy iLe lat-i that the opinion had come to be pretty uiiivcrtaliy ♦'t.Ur.’talncd among fanners and stock "toners generally, t; at the extravagant ra'cs that Lad been obtqruea duiint* the four years of civil war. coulu not, for ai' ccvridctr.'ble length ot time, he sustained, llrnce they have rushed forward their stock, b«- tcrc bcin" ted up to a marketable condition, in iluir t. vciUnai.iiety to realise npoo everything m the Levin- sptcics, before the downward course of prices thoalcl Cilriv set in The legitimate and inevitable ecujcqumces of this la apparent in rhe almost total absenceof ucll fodcaule daring the during Tj'tipu *of the year. For the Q«cl hi : f of U.e year there was a steady, strong tie mud ter Mock cattle foi the pasture* of Western New Yotk, rtnr.b'lvania, Ohio, and hectlnsa of onr onu etatc, to tkot this halflatlcned stock u-aa rcauily worked off, at reinuneraUvc prices; bm, laser fn tire teaser, leaders, seeing nothing in tbo future of the market to ‘.variant to. warrant them in psvirg the high rates then ruling, withdrew fronnlie field, ap’d holders ol this cla-a of slock hove found do. sale for their oScriug?, and gen erally at unproflt-.Lb: rate*. Of dbilUciy ted Cattle there was, during last spring, a liberal supply, and prices ruled high, but owing to the nciiod ui Congress in tiapu.*- ii.g a L -avy tax cn hlghwinca, di -tillers have { been Idle, thus effectually tutting off rhe . buridyioi ihe coming sea-on. Our iiiinpmg trade ntutcglbc lore;*artol the season war* active, and untocarlvfnllxwa'iin abealtny and prosperous condition: but later, owing to the extravagant rate* of freight on ihc roadi rntiuing ca t from ♦Pit, point, ami the unpreceuoutc-U.Vra jtd uepreci atft.ii In value# in the Ea»tom markets entailing disastrous losses upon those interest*, the inquiry fortliipiucnt was, for a time, nearly Mt«poiid--H!. But, during the pa*t few wee!;#, the market* abroad La'<-. In a rac.i c ure, r. covered, and wk v i it n butter scvlinjr prevallionfOiig the shipping inter* es.a t*rc. There La? not forxnontbe been a more catrcr dc sir*. on tne part of tbippers to purchase good to choice stock than Is at p-csoat manifested. One fea'inealmosi mtarlyncw to Uri-, market 1? the airlvai of Texas and Cherokee cuttle. -It Is estimated (bat&ijidO Lead ha*e been received during the Beaton. Abatn one-third of there Lave be*n pncncd here on owners* account. Tho fact la each year becoming more patent that U is Is rapi-'lj becoming the great ceulruofthe No;threat for supplying the increasing wan:*, of the entire contitry. The mm kcti formerly ch-eJly supplied from Uiiionud Indiana—us Puiladuiplr.n. Hal iuioic. New York, Brighton, Cambtidgu, and Albany-c»e non* oepcuding principally upon Chicago f«rtheir besloucC Tire yearclosui upon a a (;?;!■ t market. though for good grades the gene* ial feeling is hrm. WKTXLY miens Of CEEF CATTLE rOnT3CTKA.U t-04. K:tta. I'ritue. aiulsuui. Cuunnm. .Tar. 6...f7Jr\T-.v,:-0 {.Wur-Ai f :.C'j v:.73 »• v.;... c.'.S' t.e'Ut.rv a.0v.T.73 “. -J0... CAT*.7.OO “ 27... CA«-(7.M s.r**f-.75 4WU173 :i.UO,-.l^X) Feb. «... fi.MU7.OO 5AV,«.25 4.«U1.73 o.ou 1.(0 *• Hi... fid*ti.7.eo 57i.4--i.25 4.o** 159 53a.f5.73 .* . ~ *r * >.. • ... .I*. . i.i .• ... .> ii*i . a . u l 17... G.*iCy,7.lU 3.7356.2 i t.Wifit TO Sa»*.;l.i«J «■ 21... «'C*y,7o)o 5.50-vVjO 4.0>,fc1.7i liar. 8... fi.TV.,7.60 HCO'tGAO 4.0 V-41 TV 3.0» <.! 75 io.„ fi.TV 7a« fi.tKWUtt- 4.:nut.73 s.m *..;.73 ** 17... 6.00,..;1.60 3.7V...6.0 4.03«t.7i 3.0J-;C7j ** 21... “ 51... i>.Sj(4.7.UG «'.O:-v0.50 4.Tvt.7i 3.-».;C73 Apr. 7... 6.75.- 7.00 fi.f1.V6.50 4.2V<3.00 3.oog»V7'> •• 14... 7.MX.-.7--0 fi.i.tG.r. 4.v;-.»1.25 3.2»<1.«i0 ~ 21... TAAi.TAO 5W... Jtny 5... 7.»i-7.*75 r.trt 5.</)j(.3.7S 8.73^1.30 ** 12... “ 12... 8.0.v t ßyu “ V.... S-UV.-tW 7.6)A7.r> 5.75 5'..2» 4.’t>v«J.7s Jure =... B.OU(>,Sy4 7A'>J7.73 5.T.W. i* 4.<1^t».'.3 *• ii... 5jif1.44.50 vi.Tj 5.75:40.25 4.fiii(.73 “ It-... 7.7:»«5J0 7j1.V4.TA0 SAO.4-5.0) U 75 a»A) •• 23... 7>:mß.Js 7 50, j 7.75 sJ>>. -AiO 4.f*n i.7i “ 0T... 7AJ<48.0 U July 7... 7.75a800 5.7>. /JAO 4.23.15A3 ** 1t... S ;',V>!*' iU 7.7?5.75 vC.73 3.73 *5. 23 “ 21... KUs.S.Jj TAu.h.T.Tj 5dW-.0.00 3.55 a 3.<A1 •• 78... 8.W55.23 7.:'k-,7.7V SVI w'-.W Aug. 4... 8.2 V-8.50 7.75 SOJ 5.7 i<-■'..‘A :!.73.tJi.A •* 11... 7.7.,- S.«)'jT.To s. kMfi.rrt :t.7i -'.jr3 ** 1H... K.I-V. S.« T.fU 4.7.75 OAr-vVW 3.73 <'i.oo *• 2*'... 5.2rV;8.:~» T.TTv-S.f<o 5.7'i- V '‘-.J* 4.03 /.V*s fc.'pt. 1... 7.75 *• 5... 7.r..»8iM 7-2.07.D0 5.'-5*.» vS."J *• V. ... t.iy't 8.23 7..’4t...T.73 5.:% . 5.33 3.53.4.*.. ;» u •.-j.’!.’ 7. : 0-7‘75 6!t5 : 17.Vi civ- 'b?) “uvifaJ <Ct. fi... 7.'.'V i 7.75 ‘.T f.’r. S 4 TV-.VtU 3.Vv.(.5A3 •* i"... 7Jii<,i..j f. ;y 7.j3 4.75 -.'Ue> ts.?3 v *.-.i.vj .» ic“.‘ 7.2. V-7 5U 6.75.77*0J 4A»*>.W 3.r.V;t50 •' 27... 7-C1\4,7.'1i CAiO.d?i.73 7.73 33-I.Ji Nov. ;.... fi7s<r/;,>7v o.f 4st* il.v) :;.o*.*h:to) “ P'.., .V..%i7.0' V*'V6M 4.::.*’A;o 3. , '0*vl. r . 3 “ 17... C.jf» • I*.«-3'J 5.7'.7*103 <2*. -3A?' 2 *.;** ?.7i “ 24... Hai'r-,-,-0 5 7:«5‘'.73 4.2'3.i>l 2.r>a.rt!.i» Iff. 1... 6.Vsr.C.tiO 5.75-46.30 4 2Vi'.,s* 2.V>I.WJ “ 8... a.Tvar-.w 4.2VV33 2A. 4t.ji “ r>... ft.r-Hfi.oi 4.*>;**. r o “ 22... tfuv .V.73.C-U33 4 2'vv'AO 2AI * l '»3 11 23.;. HOGS. “Te iccefrts rf J.m* Hoes datin': «lioycavl33s mwTii.i to Wait, ns will bt seen l»v the an* lii'Srd table. bcine a decrease of .1 ‘3,7:1 I licnu from i the icceU’l* In ]t6s. Up to the npcttuo" of what is | nMiallyienn.d x;*o packing season, tue recoir.;,s | exhibited a liberal ln.rca>e on those of (Sir,. V>ai that period have sb-adlty fallen off. As to ll.e came of thi-* dec.easc, citations didcrsoi'ie* , vbai. A laryo uv.iaba of drovers who .have vis* lied the L»opprod«cii."dl*lilcis lu llio Northwest c airn H at the siumbcr I* considerably below that c* lasi year. thbeis aseorl with i*qiwl n-fnrtnce Hint Hie l>p* pioHijc' largely exceed* that of for mer vch;b, r;t.d !«■ areally superior in quality, ami atnumte-s tin; falllr™ ofi in lb? arrivals to the rrnid ocprccisJjon in values that las character ized the market since that dale, and the n-fn-a! of packers to enter the market at lire opemc" of the parkin" season. We OIL- con vi need I bat the crop i? by no means a-r deficient as the Unlit receipts of rite past iwo months would seem loiiukca'C. The decline In price, vvhhh commenced iu October and contln nod to near the close of ihc rear, prevented the iraiketiiie cf rust uumhois Farmers had become k- accustomed to l b e hljjh rates vh*ch had pro* veiled dv.rlrg the pvcccdtn" mevthsot the year, . that it seemed like a saennee to sell at the de cline. Up to the middle of November there bad i been a steady, healthy shlpnins demand, cMcily for tl.o maikcts ol New York, Uo i lon and Bain* ii.oic. buttlncc that date, ouiuc to the compara tively liich rates at vvhlch the prodnet was held here. ibis class of operators have been idle. Xhcnb cuccofthf shipping demand, however, lifs not seriously Interfeicd with of trade, as the demand on Las been such that the arrivals have been readily ab stain'd at remunerative prices. The number oMJvc Uoirs packed In ChUt"o since thy oj calcg of the pachiutr season, will reach abom lP0 I tT,Cbeafl.shov-su';aViheraUi'crea?e over the rntnber packed in 1533.' Xae year closes tip or. an active matbcL welext rmccs op ive uocs ©recta tus 1930. Date. I.ive flogs. Date. Live Hogs. Jun. fi...sS.H , Clfauj July 7... 8.23 cI'US 13.. P.'JCfcIU.CO 1t... 8.30© 2D. . tl.GCttlO.ltt 21-... 8.73© 3*75 27.. 8.39© ss... 9.» © M.S3 Feb. 3... B.i. r © 9.73 Aug. 4... U,73Mrt0.75 10.. e.7s(f<.K*.Po 11... y.-i»®n».so 17.. B.3f© 92T, 15... iMWiKUO 24.. D.u((?, £3... 5.7r,”,M.20 MaicbS... c.*i"©l".Po Sept. 1... 9.2>T* M. 13 1d... 8.15© 9.60 5... 8.23® 0.30 17.. 8.73© 9.50 15 . P.OOCtUO.WI * 51.. 8.73© 9.D3 22... 8.23« 9.59 31.. B.cb(Ts 9.43 29... 8 -IT® 9-83 April 7... 8.3365 9.25 Oct. 6... 5.5 J.. ».W) 14.. S.Bs© 9.35 13... IM*»© 9.75 21.. S 12© U.t« 20. . 8."00 ‘MU 28.. 7.30© 5.40 27... 7.30» SSft Slav 5... 5.31’0 9.23 Nov. 3... 7.303 8.75 12.. B.:.i*a 0.-:5 in... c.ooc 10.. BTO 2.03 17... 5.30© 0.75 20.. B.W('d 9.33 2"... 3,73® 073 Jnxe 2... 8.25© 9.23 Dec. 1. . fl.3 I >4 0.35 1*... S.3i ; £i 9.35 5... 5.003 0.00 30.. 8.7346 9,(55 15... 300<4 (US» 0.0TC51Q.00 22... 5.590 6.'4) 30.. 8.75© 9,73 29... 5.40© 035 SHfcF-P. Ilrrelolorc, Fnffidci.t Importas-ce line not at tached to thl* dcpsrinnnt of Ihe live Stock mar to merit more than a patsies remark, but its a’mosl nrpanllclled growth during the jear now clteirg, places u alongside of onr first com* ten dal interests, and, assneb.demand? attention. Ihcncciptsthis jearreach Sfc.&ri Lead,and the shipments 72,4 17, leering 132,3*>7 tor city consaaip lion. ‘The market lor the learhas not been dis • meuirhed for cctivlly, though the volume of buriccss transact'.! sbo*s a large increase over that ol any |*>tn ions year. There has been a sti sfij ct d aitivf* canard throughout the season for good to choice mutton Sheep, and for such fair remunerative rater have been reaUred. but common discriiulors lave rn!cd-dull, with prlc s very low. Owing to the low price of wool, ihelnquliy for Stock M.opo ha* been lc-*s acliie than fotmeriy. The market at the cl.*se of the year is doll, at f*.5U(-i5.W> (or Inferior to choice qualities. The followin': tables, compiled from the records efibe Union stock Vaids Company, stiow the mcett ly i or . Ipti and shipments of Live Stuck fur tire yoarlSfC: iircrirrs or tivi; stock. Mrnfl). Cattle. L. lire*. Sheep. Uorees. Males .Tfi.r.aiy.... i:« 305.2*8 10,131 CO 23 Ftl’rnarr... siVV) 0:5.211 11,252 63 112 Matvl; 43.25 T 2iß*» W-33 .... 56 Aprl 31,020 Sl t SB ,V>IT 116 52 iS«T 4?V*sC Jare CC.381 65.0C3 2 ,S:C US ... July 28,103 50,113 38.197 223 1 AtTtiat.,. . 45.2 U 7! CM **!,lSO 16 8 September. 4I.SS 01,231 17,5*0 IG3 ... October ... 37,rca pn,s*s SUU IJ6 ?Jo\cmbfC. 22,040 F7.1C7 15,250 131 12 December.. IS 03 352,5V3 11,153 15 Total. .831,931 JK5,?11 205.304 1,122 214 emrjrrsTß op ute exock. Cattle. L.Ho3*. sVcp. Dora's •limitary 13.F09 H.fsc s,usj .... February 13,110 8.2t3 10.0C7 .... M:*rch 2.",tT.5 17,W3 11,203 April ... 27,155 89,079 4,f,1S 103 >’ay 32.710 63,130 11.5J3 .free 89,765 <u,C57 12 o>l 2 July 22, K« 49,876 B.SR 16 August 3J.UBS fu.'.GG n.tri2 20 September 2G.23S 61,859 1.7 M Ortobcr 14,370 (3,510 2,417 .... November 30.533 22,433 1,133 15 December 30,881 31,233 2.513 Total SG9.ISO 452,775 73,117 IC2 Tht follownnp table exhibits the comparative re ceipts andshiprocnts or Hops (I, he and Dressed) and Caulc at Cidcapo fm the past twelve years, con.piled from nuircs.l records: cecutts ax© shtpsekts op nocs ax© ©eet cat* ixt 1A cnißAco ron tweeve years. Hops. Scores. Scc’d. shipped. Scc'd. Shipped. IKS U3.rrf» 1U.715 8.28 S 1656 291,025 231,Mil 21,030 22,&« 1»7 231,11.3 131,210 4SA2I 91,508 183 S nai.OtfJ 17T S SM 43.1 W 1K« SfiM'JQ 912.040 011.571 25,013 JBTO 055,831 100,281 18*,753 10Llt9 i* oi cTß.we aniAta kuig 1659 I,mS‘JO 401,135 103,555 112,713 ISI7J 1.90,513 8)6,451 2!«,351 203.817 TGI ..l,rS2,(!n 7QI,SH SS.-x.G27 XTJ,S2O JBCS 870,572 509,059 S-'a.SOi 812,706 1603...; .1,237,913 559,311 531,101 ‘-02,100 TUB U-4ION BrOCK TAUD3. Orrla't annual ic>itw coo'oloed on elaborate dcr-cripumi of ihc Union Flock Varda—tbe h-iit Giro;cod and lam-et Tive block market in thy wold. Wo give Uk following summary of their giro, coat of conbl' Uciluu, «£j,: Amount ui land owned by the Company. 313 acica. Number of acre# In pen**, 100. ftnmD.<i of acteg for hotel and other buildings, •15 Knnlbcr of aero# roserrod for now poos, 8 JO, Capacity of raids, 2.73 J car load#. Capacity lor cattle. HI,© I .®. Caj-acry for ho-s, 7G,,0 Capacity forthcoir. 19.000. Stalls tor Lorste, SCO. Numb r ol Peas, 1,1500. Miles oforait ace, di. jlDes of water pipes, 6 Number of hydraii!-', 3fo. ■Jbrco water unl.ahulding 114,000 gallons each, total, 242,1X0 ”StICD6. Number ol mile? of street* and alleys, 7. Noml«r of miles of water troughs, a. Number of miles of ie* d troughs, it). Number of gape, 9,000. Amount of lumber consumed. 22,000,000 feet. Amount cl nails consumed, SQQ,(JOO lbs. Ti roe miles «>t hop-pen* covered with shed". Fleet note), 141 by 130—rapacity. tSW guests Exchange buildlusr, iM by 00; eating boose, S 3 by is*. Nine bay bams, capacity 10,200 bales. Three horse barns, capacity 300 horses. Six corn cribs, capacity GO.OOU bushels. One horse shed, 40 stills, Fite welch scales and houses, 50 tons each. Two truck rcalcs, SO tous each. Ure ice house. One lam table. One passenger depot. Fifteen miles of railroad track. FJxty switches and frrfga. Total cost of construction, $1,C75,00J, COMMON COUNCIL. Charges Against the Board or Public Worts. Street Improvement*-Change of City Office*. A regnlar meeting of (be Common Connell was held last evening. Ills Conor, the Mayor, In the Cbalr. 3 here were present Aldermen Knickerbocker, Cox, C'ailcr, B 1 (Volf. Wicker, Barrett. Wilmarth, Calkins, Hatch, bchnler, friable. Talcott, Wood* aid, Btzbv, Holden, Itnaselt. UasUloli, I’road foot, Sbackioro, Lawton, Clark, O'Sullivan. A communication was received from Brevet Brigadier General Hough, of the Quartermaster's Di-(.artzmut, frtulint? Inal the bodies of the rebel d«.ad would cc removed trom the cemetery at Camp Douglas a» soon an postdole. Hamilton B. llogne was appointed Clnardian of the lU-lonu School, in place of Colonel Henry Smith, Qccta-'ed. Ihe followin' communication was received from l.cdlir, Lou cli iz uo.« couiractor.H for see* liou- Ob to 13, inclusive, of the lllinob & ilicaigan car.t‘l; Ti" Uonoroh\\ the U-iyor nrnX Common Connell* Ci’y vfC.'.xccgo; 'i nc undersigned, l.cdlie, Lowell & Co. con tractors lor the cnUwaeut of the Illinois & .Michigan Ca ai, from section C 8 .to 45, inemrive, would re-pecltrlly slate to your honorable boiy, that by the rcpoit ol lasi night's proceedings of thu Common Conrdl, published inlo-day’a paper, we are advised that the Board or Public Works icport lo your honorable body “that iboy havu examined the work being dune by the naderslgn ca ou t«?i linn 4T» ana that they Lave dnecied the . foicc employed ibeic to bo !ucr.*a:o*i.” Too un dersigned iuimdiatcly wait'd ou Us Honor, the Mayor, and Hated f-ai they had .lit received my such notice directly or Inair-tkj, and tuemtore thercpoilmadc by tin- Board of Public Works was not trm-, uor La** 'be undersigned any reason to believe ibe existence of dissntisracdni! in the ot their work. Tto unde-.-tgaed have new, to qualify this statement, oa unknown to itu* active member* of the Grin, a loiter ft om ibo Board cf Public Works of Ibeimpou above referred to, uaiod the idlest, was.dcuvcred privately at ibo olUccoi 11. D. (Jolviu this morning, the adtb, -ix cays atcrin* dale, and not brought to the nonce of those making Ibu stab-ment until about 1 p. m. to-day. In connection with ibis public demons tiation against 'be uaccislaaed eg uucallcd for, uud so candy avoided byalightintimation of Uie wl-hes cftbcl'oaid of Works—tbc ciidersigsed would now respectfully state Ibat there ate many tspciirnccshi cooncilon with the operation of this wmk, and Hie ratingof lbcß>ara of Paine : Works, with which tbeyare die-wished, loremost | among winch is the üb.-eucc of all conQdi Ucu in the accuracy cf the entrinat surveys on which it.s w«sk was leu The nad-ustemd know that It ia faulty, incorrect, uud open to practices Injurious to the Interests ana rights of ’hi* contractors; that the absence of a correct or reliable bastsfrom which ah monthly estimates : for work pci lormcd ma*t he calculated, is mani festly unsatisfactory, and fail- in the assurance of ‘ accuracy in the amount ortiusc estimates. : The undersigned would further state that in no one month of work performed, have they mecived a Suit estimate for the lull amount of Ibis work, less the twenty per c. nt letaiuedas security per contract; and further, instead of an accurate close survey of cacti montu'r wotk, according to cou trad, mid to which your contractors were entitled, the engineer ia charge ha-, la Instances, simply estimated by guess ned from inquiries taad-i of men employed by your contractors, nude tin wbat be presumed might be theamouui of work done, always taking a generous care tally to un derestimate as farther security. f ihe und.ndgned would turther elate that frivo lous and aucojlag pictexts are constantly bring used to avoid reluming as work done, wnat has been literally taken out in accordance with the re quirements nftbis contract. The undersigned has made frequent efforts to have those wrongs con ected, by nnpia'in? to ike Chief Engineer, and after repeated failures. Gad f ingno response, Iheyluid tlielr complaint before the Board ol Public Works m the early part of i December, “thatthey had not been properly esti- I mated tor work executed m the months of August and September. When making ib • state | meal of theio tacts to Mr. Mason and "Mr. Good i ir.jr, who met the undersigned to confer on this ; claim the latter, Mr. Guclinganswcndin a repul sive and unbecoming manner that the vepieseam turns were untrue—ln fact, a falsehood—but the sane day, after a consultation, tac Bond of Pub lic Woiks adduced .*» note to the undersigned to tbectlccttnai the Chief Engineer, with bis tia-mci ates, was directed to go to the works the | following day to siuvey that port on : tvnlch the deficiency was claimed, a-d invited onr prcMTcc. A new lurrey was mad-; in positive prove that cur claim was correct, and on the li'.tb of Dcc.mWr an es'unalc 'va3 given to the undersigned for a part oftbis difference nf work done in August and September at less thrm ball price. The undersigned would ro«ncr»rnlly stv.o that U Is lbc;r whb to be y.crnu.leu lo execute this con tract with integrity and good Piith, but »e --grvi to say that there ia a manifest dcsira by sutb pets of injustice, pamculariy a; a lime whan the necessary outlay tor machines and material is ilie greatest, und all tangible means necessarv, todrtve io the wall your contractors, as a remedy or Solu tion for complications, and a* Mr. G< oding say* In bis letter to jour lumoiablo b .dv, for projects In which y,.t xonttactors have no interest. 'Jhe t,i:S.-i£lg»icd world respectfully state to your honorable bedy that they have a Ju*t and equitable claim for work already pei formed, and for which tucy have as yet failed in gening an c-- lirraie lor any prut, ol about SiS/V.ri, whlsa sum wo ild enable the nndersigred to push their work to a more rapid completion, to sail-faction of the Board of Public *>o k-. and to vo ir ;iuu nubic body. (SlgnedV sl l.nntte, 1.0 .vsll & Co. cuicaco, December iSdd. INTOUStATtuN WAHTTB. __ Aid. Clark, from tbe Cominir.LO on Ilarlnrs nr.'l UsiflccsieTfOttwi nn orco* calhos apor: ;ri„* lioa.-.i of riiMlc Works to fnnih'j iuronn.-.Una a« to Mhcllier oddttlonal icd-rlaHou noccs-aary lor ibc conpttnctiui cf a b.iocc ail'vrcli'ih strrct, and a plal; irci.t of bwrh as mil ebo*vwhy thenj ccrffliy ttcps bate tint beuii Uikon to esiJblhh a bridge r.i Clikaijo avccm : oml requiiiDjr the lo report plans and ppccilcailona for a budge at Acams tlrwt, 'I be order passed. Licuviiom fTsn:a. Tee Jrclclary Committee reported oa the eight hour re-, olurtuue of AM Uarre’.t, that the <aoic •vent offinsive to the Council, a? developing n want ot !i; the rectitude of it- action, but that the resolutions calling the attention of the Beard ofPubllc'Wo'ksto the order matin? It the duty of the Hoard lo make its contract* on dx° tu fts *Ol debt houre’ labor per cay, were proper. The resolutions were passed. EOIXEV.MIDS. Tin Committee on Wharves and Public Grounds repot ltd on the mat'er of the park aionnd the city. In relation to the resolutions mstractlng our members of the Legislature to vote for.the in corporation ol the Hark Company, that it is not advisable Co nuke such instructions. Placed on file. street ntTßovorcsTM. Tbe Committee on Streets, of the South Hi vi sion, reported an fo* the openin'* of Franklin street from Madison 10 Adams street. Passed. Also, to macadamize Sonlh Market from Madi sou 10 Van liuren streets. Passed, *lbc Committee cn Street* and Alleys, of the Wcei division, reporten upon the remonstrance Uie improvement of Ilalsted (street that the committee disagree with the staternenuhat the improvement 1# for a private Interest, arguing that ills for- thcgeicrul good. They recommend that the improvement be made as socn as possible. The remonstrance was placed 01. Ale. neons to be iiesttd. The Committee on Public Bnltdio/?-' reported upon U-e icsolntlon to lease the buildings Nos. 13 und 17 Wells street for the nsc of Board of Public Woits. reporting in favor of tbs making of the lease. The committee report* back to bo passed the resolution authorizing the occupation of the building- for thn c years, provided the rout chart rot commence nntil the necessary repairs have been made. Tlio. order passed. The Board then adjourned. A special meeting was called by the Mayor tor Wednesday evening, at 7»i o’clock, to take up the pi opostu charter and amendments. COMMON COUNCIL. [OFFICIAL SEPORT.} Adjourned Special Meeting, Chicago, Uctcnitar 20,15U0. Pstttrf— Ills Honor the Mayor, and Aldermen Kt.ickctUocker, Caiter. H’Wolf, Wicker, flUrreii, Wilmartb, Calkins, Fmtnjcan. Moore, Talcott, Woodard, Hnsscll, AckUotl. hransen, bhackford, I-uweou. Clark, O'eullivim. riNtr.f—Aldeimrn Cos, Kano, natch. Wail woik, Schuler, Ftisbie, Kafferty. lkxny, Holden, Gaetilcld, liunUey, Proudfool, Huh, Engel. comtrrrss or tub whole. Aid. Talcott u oved that the Council go into CcmnuHec of the Whole, on the proposed amend* Etuis to the City Charter. The motion prevailed, end the Council resolved ilrclf into Committee of the Whole—Aid. Wood* art: in the Chair. After pitting, the committee rose and reported profilers andasked leave to sit again. Aid. Talcott moved that the report he accepted end leave to sit again granted, and Ihe motion prevailed. AHJoin.v3fE^rr. Aid. D’VTolf moved that the Council do now ad- The motion prevailed, and Tbc council stood adjourned. _ A. 11. BODMAN, City Clerk, Sent Hack.—Arnold J. Brantley, who was ar rested in this city several days ago, charged whh , lu\i« g obtained about S*,W?O from residents of St. Josrib, Missouri. m.der false pretences, wa? examined iu the last named city on Thursday. S£tb nit., ard upon bis representation that his most Important witters was in Mlsslsslnnl, was Allowed til] Uio Utb instant to prepare hlnueUfor trial. Ore of the charms “rairst bun Is that of obraJclngfiouj the ca-nicr and agent of the Bu chanan UfelnsrianccComnanv, tbosnm off 1,123. he reprinting thar! o kid a targe awoant ol money tnldm to Lis draft in the hands of Mr. Da* is, of Tlemingtbcrg, Kentucky. The sum above Lamed was paid to him upon his own draft cn this Mr. Davis, bar when me draft was aant to ' Ilcmtngsourg for collection, it was dUcoverad: that no one named Davis lived then'. One of On sireclar incidents of the affair is that aronU<?>2*3 draft on Dsns was endorsed by a well known mcichant ol St. Joe. If Brantley was engaged la swindling, bo showed I’Ulo sense in kit ng bis vict v m> know that be Intended coming to Caicago, btcACte the police of this city ha. w a way of hunt lug up piopfc which is not agreeable to those who have a lancy for remaining incog. Tcckedyp Acais.— John Murphy, a very In genious vagrant, scale enonah to Impress the sympathetic with his miseries, now of rh-:mna tUto, sometimes entire deafness, 'frequently drv.uful core uyee, and always the meekness of Uriah Hi cp. was brought before tno Podcc Cour justcidoj morning. He was la*l arrested iu the rvlt o: a deaf ihici, makmc himself lawless with srmc my flee gtapes in the garden of a citl/vn. He esn both hear and talk as well as most people. This time ho was found in his favorite character, dcafftv.ddunib, licdcing from door to door. He wr.rflm-d(2a and sentenced to sixty days at the bridewell. risroPEu or.—-iJenliou>vi a made In yesterday *a TnißfKt of the finding of an infmt upon the Mtps ot No. IC9 Adams sL-ceU Ac the Tolies Court yeaterday xnomlug Ibo young innocent waa sent to the Home for the Friendless. ANOTHER RACE TRACK HDRDKB. One Trainer Killed by Another—Arrest of iho R 1 ordcrer, [Frcrc Uie Richmond (Va.> Kxamincr, December st,nic two weeks since a race was made up between B. M. Harvey’s black horse “ Ply Away,” and Mr. Tyhu’s bay “ Jeff. Davis.” The race was to have come off on the Will, but owing to so no misunderstand lop it was postponed, and day before yester day fixed lor the match. Quite a number of persons assembled at Chcs'crficld I’urk, and after wailing till between three and four o'clock, aud there being uo prospect that the race would come off.'it appears tbit Murpby, who had trained Tyler horse be came angry and cooimeuecd übustug every body. lielly, who wos on friendly terms wl’li Murphy, remonstrated with him, whea Murphy threatened* to whip him, end advanced on him. Kelly drew bis pistol ‘ when Mur pby came towards him. Tho latter then said, ** 1 have got some, too, if that Is your play,” and turned to go to his wagon to got his pistol. As he walked off, Kelly fired at i him, the hall taking effect in his back, i Murphy stumbled up the bank and went to Ids wagon. Kelly pursued him, and Just as | Munffiy got his pistol aud turned, Kelly . Credf another shot, which struck Murphy ou - the nose, between the eyes, and passed into his brain. On receiving this shot, Murpby fell m his kucss, when Kelly took his (Mur phy’s) pistol, a nary five-shooter, and beat him over the head and lace with the butt of It. Murphy culled out, ” for Christ’s sake, Joe Kelly, don’t kill me!” lie then fell and died in a few moments. As soon as the kill ing was done, Kelly got into a buggy aud came to the city. A Yankee sol dier, named Timothy FHnu, who wit nessed the affair, jumped on his horse and rode over to police headquarters, and gave information of U. Detectives Tyler and Knox went immediately to WcstcJtt’s stable and secreted themselves to await Ktllv’s arrival. lie soon came and was ar rested by the officers, without making re sistance,’ard was taken to the station house, lie was sent over, yesterday morning, to the Chesterfield authorities. Murphy’s body was taken to the Chesterfield Park House aud luiii out. Darnel Ward, a witness at the iuquest, be ing sworn, said the difficulty grew out of a n&e that hud b. en made between Mr. liar- i vey’s black horse, ‘* flyaway,” and Mr. j Tyler’s bay gilding, ‘‘Jeff. Davis,” to come | off over his course. The race was to come off on the 19th day i of December, if it were a good day. It was | not u good day. According to the agree ment it should have come off on the first good day thereafter. The parties agreed to i icier the matter to Mr. Westcolt and Mr. | Blankenship, who were to say what day it should come off. It was determined by them that It should be trotted oa Christmas , oay. Witness telegraphed to Mr. Harvey, ut‘Danville, to come down at once, as the race must take place on Tuesday, according to the understanding between the parties. He said he met Mr. Harvey on Mayo's bridge on Tuesday morning, us he was’going oVc.* to Richmond. On his return from the city lie met him again and informed him ot the comlitiuue of the race, and what had been determined on by the referees, aud told him that be ought to put up the money (SM.\) He pledged his word that he would do so, and that he would be ou the truck at one o’clock lor that purpose. Witness was re sponsible as stakeholder. Mr. Harvey did not appear. Considerable discussion then took nlai-c at his house as to whether the race should go on or not. The discussion was between the gentlemen who ban been selected as to the day and weather. They all vent upon the track. It was decided that th*' pa»ii<s hi'lciing the stakes should select the jndgt». Witness being stakeholder chose the judges. The first chosen reiusnd to serve. Murphy remarked that he bad been feUeted by Mr. Tyler and intended to act as a jndne. Mr. Blankenship, one cf tho referees, asked witness if he’wouM serve as a judge with Murphy. Ho said that ho wbald. It Vi a» tlun thought that ifthe race came off, witness, Blankenship and Murphy would bo the judges. Hu then crossed the track aud had a conversation with Mr. Diimore. During ibis ccnverati..a -Mr. ’Vcsleott came unex pectedly on the track. Witness IbougUMie had left. He proposed to Westcolt and Blankenship to choose lUoir man to act with them aud settle the difficul ty. They said they hud intended to do so, and had hud. chosen Mr. ciliugluff, bat that he hud refused to serve. Theysaid they had also asked Raleigh BaUcr to serve, hut that he bad refused also. Witness said that he then appealed to Mr. BaUcr to act In the matter. lie consented to do so, ami the th.'cc decided that the horses should trot. This decision caused considerable talk. Wit ness had a conversation with Tyler, and they walked half way around the track. Before leaving Ibr this walk, Westcott asked wit ness ii lie bad a boy that could be sent for the wagon to which Harvey’s horse was to trot. lie sent a boy, and continued his walk, Murphy then jumped down off of the bmk, on the track, and caught hold of Smith’s hor.-e. He had no interest in this horse, lie then commenced abusing everybody, using very severe language, saying that they were “all d—d scoundrels, thieves aud bastards.” At this moment Kelly spoke to him in a friendly manner, and’ tried to stop his abusive language. Witness said that as well as he could recollect, Murpby called Kelley “ad d Irish thief,” aud started towards him to fight him. Me thought Murphy said “1 wiil whip you.” Kelly was on the bank ii> the crowd, and Murphy*was d*owu in the truck, which is about fifty feci wide. As Murphy started towards Kelly, the latter drew his pistol, thinking, as he believed he did, that Murphy came over to the race for the purpose of raising a row. As soon as Murphy taw Kelly draw iihpistol, he turned and ran It* his buggy to get his pistol. As he got across Ihe' track, Kelly fired aud fol lowed Mm. Murpby went towards Ida bug gy, behind the judge's *iluud, but before he reached It, got out iff the sight of the wit ness. liiaid a shot fired ami rushed towards it to stop the difficulty. On reaching Mur phy, fimnd that lie was shot in the head. There was is«* doubt but that Murphy had a pistol in his buggy. Murphv let go* the horse he wos holding, when Kelly spoke to him and advanced to ward?-him* for a tight. Two shots \v re fired. Tne first struck Murphy In .the back, the second on the mue, buiw’ecu the eyes. Wit ness »nid bis theory of the uilair was, that .when the second shot was fired, Mur phy must Lave gotten his pßtol from his buggy and was returning towards Kelly, but Kelly fin d first and then took Murphy’s pi-lot from him, Kelly, immediately alter the second lire, came back from behind the judge*’ stand aud remarked to the crowd, “Here’s Murphy’s pistol.” Witness did not think Kelly had given Murphy any provoca tiiu. Kelly's manner lu speaking to Mur pfy was ’conciliatory aud friendly. Hu thought they Were friends. Witness had the mutch to Murphy's pistol, which was a navy revolver. Kelly’s was a small pistol. TVIIOI-r,SAi.E FOISOSISUIS FKA.XCB A I'arisicr !iU Whole I*’amUy to EuiivrUthtflr Property. Another rase of a more startling character than hamirande’s is engrossing public ntten tiou In Paris. The case is on Inal at Xiort, in the Department of the Tiro Sevres—a de pen dercy of the old English province of Au jou. The prisoner is a farmer of Pressigny. a large village in the neighborhood, called Martin Kean, From the aefe d , aeeu*tUt<m It appears that in ISoS the prisoner's brother-in-law, Pierre Kcau, tlu-n in his thirty-second year, died a fearful death- He had cone out for a day’s shooting on Martin lleau's groutds, and had lunched at the farm house; he alone partook of the meal. He then went out to resume his shooting, but was seized with a sensa tion of burning and an intolerable anguish in the chest and throat, and he died on the 2d of February. His brotbor-iu-law, Martin Kcau, inherited his property. There had been, moreover, constant quarrels between the two respecting some money matters, the prisoner haring repeatedly attempted to overreach Pierre. Three years and a half after the death ofPierre, his sister. Martin’s wife, died alter a short illness, which pro senud precisely sitnilarsymploms. She had made a will leaving all her properly to her husband Marlin Kean, on the 2Tth April, ISSS. mar ried Julio Bonlemps. She is described in the iutf (Tacciifntloii as uncjetihe foume charmanU'. Hut soon after her marriage all her bright ness dopaiied; she grew pale and ©icklv, and had also to drink potions administered t>y her husband to prevent her having children. She was treated with the grossest brutality by her husband. Among other devices he'placed blocks of wood across a dark and steep staircase, down which she had to pa f s; *hc fell down the whole flight and broke her arm. She gave birth to'a son in September, ; the child was pul out to nurse in the care ol a woman who lived in a state of great poverty. In April, 15d5, Julie fell ill. 'Several doctor-attended her, but in dependently of thetr medicines the husband gave lief drugs ofbisowu compounding. Her svmrtoms xedre similar to those which had marked the Illness Cl her husband’s brother in-law and first wife. Finally, she died in 'great agony in July, lSf«5. Soon alter the child was taken borne. The boy sickened, and after a snort illness, which presented the same features as that which lud carried off his mother, he died in Jnnnarv, ISW. His ib at h made Martin Beau the sole heir of his wife, and made him a comparatively rich man, with about £?,OCO. I TLo death of the child induced the neigh- I , hors to suspect foul play; but they would hardly have acted on their suspicions but for the imprudence of Martin’s conduct; he went about proclaiming that the only way for a man to grow rich was to marry severaUiaaes. Finally/thoy communicated their suspicions to the police, and the bodies of his brother in-law, his two wive?, and his child were ev burned. TVlr viscera, their coffins, and the very earth of their graves was found impreg nated wilh large quantities of corrosive sub limate, «>f which he bad a large stock to doc tor the mules and horses, of which he was a large breeder. He was arrested. While In lai), he bribed a fellow-prisoair, one Berta (hitto. in custody for a trivial offence, to take a message to two of his neighbors—a earpeu ur and bis sou—ottering them one thousand franc* apiece to iU pose that they had heard Paul BonUtnps (his second wife’s father) plotting the death of Julie and her child with a man named Paul B>chou. He gave Bertadatto his Instructions ia writing, aud jjlcrtadatto handed them to the jailer. ftUnrdor tu Tsnuc»sco-A Memphis Cor oiur Mioi ami K Hied Instantly. [Fi cm the Memphis (Tenn.) Bulletin, Dec. 2?.] A few days ago, Mr. Frank Erickson, the well-known Coroner, left this city by train on the Memphis & Charleston Railroad, to spend the Christmas holidays, and :t seems ho was destined never to return to Memphis alive- He bad been warned, it is said, that i f he ever visited Somerville, he certainly would not survive, as sundry parties aggrieved at his conduct during the war. Another story Is, ' that he had had an altercation of some kind with an old man named Burton In this city some time ago. Burton is a resident of Somer ville, and his son James, it is reported when he heard what had taken place, swore dead ly vengeance against Mr. Erickson for the in | suits offered to bis Cither. Notwithstanding | these threats, Mr. Erickson went to Sotner erviUe, us has been already stated. While patfeing along the Public Square of .that town on Thursday afternoon, he encoun tered James Burton. Words passed bo tween them, aud both became very angry. Threats were used on both aides, and it U bald lb at Mr. Erickson drew Uis dsto) to defend himself, or to shoot down ilb antagonist, in an instant Burton, who Is represented to be a tall nowcrfu'younsjman, srized the wrist of Mr. -Erickson’s right bund with bis left, and drawing out his pis* tol with bis ri"bt,he placed tbc muzzle di rectly under Mr. Erickson’s chin and fired. The bullet look an upward direction,pierced the brain of the unfortunate man, who fell dead instantly at the feet of bis slaver. As might be expected, the tragedy created a ] redound ‘sensation In tbc little town, where both parties concerned were well known. The greatest excitement prevailed during tbc afternoon and evening, bat up to the lime our informant left, Burton bad not ‘been arrested. The nrcclso nature of the altercation between the parties, which led to tbc dreadful tragedy, Is not known, and opinions arc various as to whether it arose out of Mr. Erickson’.-* conduct during the war. or the insult which be is said to have offered to Burton’s father In Memphis. Deceased was a man of quiet temperament, utd generally respected by tbo:c who knew Idm. He was between fifty and sixty years of age, and was much debilitated from re* cent ricknc»s. Rebus officiated as Coroner for ibis dis trict for about a couple of years, aud per formed bis duties very eflicieutly. He leaves a wife usd family, who live a short distance from tbc city, to lament bis loss. George Sand* Madame George Sued is now sixty-two Tears old. In spite of her age there-is eime thing youthful in her appearance, which she •woperiy owes to her sparkling eyes, and '.hecurls which, hut slightly streaked with ;rey, encircle her brow and temples. She Das a.mild, pleasant voice, and expres.n-s herself In conversation with much ease and simplicity. When a visitor calls, the first thing site docs is to Oder him a cigarette She lights one herself, ami takes undoubted pleasure in watching the little while clouds of smoke ns they curl m the air. Was she ever beautiful J Heinrich Heine has express* cd himself most decidedly upon this subject, and his critical eye could scarcely have been at fault. He hcheld In her a miracle of in* comparable beauty, a kind of suffering but brillant divinity’ who was worthy of all admiration. The expressive head, tire face, whose lineaments are now purified by age from ravings of suffering and passion. Incline us to believe that Heine was right. George Sand in her youth lived romance. She w-as married In her thirteenth year to un old, close-fisted curmudgeon of a country squire. Paring one of bis vacations, a young lawyer, .Tales bandeau, saw tbe young Aurora, and fell in love with her; she returned his pas sion, and followed him to Paris digaisid as a student. The two young people hired a garret, and ect themselves to work to fiud

means for their housekeeping. Jules wrote articles fur the Journal-*, which Aurora copied out, besides painting dowers, which she dis posed of at ft neighboring shop. At this period the great object of the student’s am bition was to-be able to go and sec one of Victor Hugo’s plays, in a fine velvet coat, while the dream of Aurora was to compass, for the same occasion, the acquisition of a beautiful turban of the same material, with u drooping plume. Imitated from a costume of the fifteenth century. “ What If I should try and write something/* suggested Aurora, one day, when they had been'discussing the ways and mean-* of getting the garments •* Let us try our hands at a story ! ” exclaim ed the future author of “Marianna,” so they sketched out the plan of a novel, which they worked at jointly, and which, uudar tbe pseudonym of “Jules J*and.” is now well known as “Kosa a( Blanche.” Having thus broken the ice, Aurora soon found herself capable of driving the quill unaided; and having adopted as‘her faphtw a modifi cation of that adopted by the student, cater ed resolutely on the career of authorship which has brought so much money aud such wide renown to George £um!. But the two who began their disliiigm-lu d library labors together, after a few ycar«, parted, and each went a separate way. Jules has just been* named to that nust of local ialucucc and glory, the chancellorship oft lie French Acad emy* aud Auroie is—George Saud. Tito ri>rl**tlcn Denomination**, The following exhibits a correct statement of the number, capacity and value of the churches of the leading Christian denomina tions In the United Slates. The figures have been prepared froc. :hc latest aud most au thentic records, uittl will prove of great In terest to statisticians: Accommo- Chnrehes. daflous. Value. Methodists 19.353 C,239.7.rj $5-V‘G.67l Baptist 3,713.33.1 ID.TJVJ.'S Pic-byivrlans 5,P«i 2, I-S3/M 2!,227,=r3 Roman Catholics ... 2.533 3,101,43* 2»,771.1».> (longncationallsta.. 2,031 VJ3I 13,317,531 Episcopalian!? 2,1-5 5i7,23'5 21,'* , *5,(J' | S T.n licraus 2.183 737,'>C3 3.313.17 D Cbrinians 2,' GG C» c UMO 2,313,‘315 Union... 971,933 1,971,213 Cum. Prcsbytcnan-. 320 202,957 014,23'* Cb.*rmau Reformed.. 670 2<3,'1d7 2.432,610 Ui>ivcr-nb 5 15......... 661 233.210 2,333,01.3 Freewill Baptists.... M 0 113,093 2,7i1,-i::3 Friend? 705 2,55J.3)« Reformed Church... 440 211,0:9 4,3 Dnukard* 169 (17.901 172,3'ri IhT. I‘rcrbjtcriaos... 16» -15.9D7 9SI.i»T» 1(K 3 i, f 33 Kcnnoi.itcs .Tinish.vrr*’.‘.*.7.’.7. - T? BMli ’6 Adventist? 70 I7,li«) 101.170 VVinebruooeriair).*.. (*3 27.700 71,170 S'vedenborclun? 53 13,335 3 - i1,2J0 t-cventh-day liapt... 53 17,3*U 1U7.000 Moravians 4'> 8J.310 227,1"0 Spiritualists 37 ?.s*b) Six Prltt'ipal Baut.. 0 I,‘J'W 8,13*1 il;nor sects £0 11,130 30j.i00 «ni,sw,i3i Total A I’anKcc SJout Uucciu Japanese Wa» A prlvhto letter from Tokohama,Twpitten on board the British war-ship, Vriueess Roy al, September 30. gays: “ I told you lour months since about si boat race between «3 and ibeerev/ m tin* American ilng-shlp Hart ford, in which we boat. hast night the re turn nsec came o!f amidst the greatest ex* cUc.mcut, In w the people on shore joined. There was heavy betting on both sides. Both boats’ crews were in beautiful condition, sis they had been in training for a long lime, and tte Americans evidently thought they were going to beat us. At 4p. ra. yesterday botlrslPps’ rigging and decks were crowded with people from the shore. At 4:15 the bouts stinted; thev were twelve-oared eut t*Tß. The Yatike* s got a little ahead at first; there was a heavy sea on. In two or three minutes our boat shot ahead and came in ten boat-lenths before the other, after a four mile race. The Americans, therefore, have bi-on licked twlefe. Tise taoe uas for one hundred dollars, ft has ba.n all the talk here for a mouth past.” Look Oct. Cots !—At the Police Court yester-, day morning, a boy about fourteen years old, named.l.* cies Brown. vn» fined $1 and cost* lor trying to steal ins way into o::o of the abating parks by climbing cner die fence. FffiARCIAIi AND COf-IMBRSIAL JIO.MiTAUY Monday. Evening, December SI. 3 he following laMe J'bows the business of the sub-tt( usury In tols city for the week ending De cember-^: CnFlomp Miscellaneous. Total DISDCItSimKXT*. Special Warrants... Disbursing Otticers. Currency ti-terest... Miscellaneous ..... Total,.:. cash on band. Coin Currency Total. Last week There was more activity in financial ad'airs to doy than for some time past, owing to the croud icc ot two days 1 transactions into one—all notes maturing to-morrow baring been protested to-day. The demand for discounts was quite pressing, barb ut the way of fresh paper and re newals, and the market showed unmistakable signs of increased stilngcncy. From all sources there Is an active demand for accommodation, and, as the balance of trade is slid against ns, tbete Is no return Cow of cnrrcncy to give any ' case to the prevailing stringency. Paper is scru tinized with a severity rarely seen in this market, cud many borrowers go away empty-handed, the banks arc confining .their favors to those uhoec claims cannot be denied, and in some quar tets loans arc being called in preparatory lo the publication of the January statements. In the markd good names are discounted at per cent per month, cud the sccond*ctass sig natures at 9 per cent. There conilucos a scarcity of Exchange, and with a good demand, the market ruVia firm. Round lots soli between bankers at 23340 c pre mium. Counter rates arc steady at par baying And 1-lt' premium selling. The Third National Back has declared a semi' annual dividend of 5 per cent payable on and after JannatyS. free of Government tax. The annual meetings of the National Banks will be held on Tuesday next, Stb instant. Flour was steady and firm. Wheat was more active at an advance of ](32cou No. 1 and 3*Mcon No. 2Spring. Com was quiet ami unchanged. Oats were a shade firmer. Ryo steady. Barley firm. Mess Pork was scarcely so firm, with mar-* deposition on the part of holders jo rvalue urven Meals were inactive. Lard was quiet bat nrm. Wool was dull. Gold closed up a shade casterto-day. It opened at 18+ and declined to KOH—cloelcg at t\ls figure. The following were receive! to-day by royd Bros,, pold and stock brokers: in n. tn lt>l 111:15 a. 22 133 H U':lCa.u IMJS 1 ll a. m Ili m K3‘j Here tte market was quiet and steady at 18J:j butirp. Silver was nomimal at 125. The follow!up table shows tbe lowest and high est price of Gold In cacb month dun.g the year ltC6. Jao.9. Jan. 2.. Feb. 21 Feb. 1. Mar. 21 . Mar. 1... April ifi. April S 3. Way 1... May 25.. June 11.. June lb.. July 80.. July 2... Aug. 27. Anc. 10- Sept. 22. Sept. &.. Oct. 23.*: Oct. 13.. Nov. 21. Not. 5.. Dec. 27 Pec. The lollotdrc table sbowa the highest and low cst quotations each month during the past flee Tea is. or since cold rose above par • ISC2. 1550. 13‘J. parkins icisiw irujiiffi . 1(|2<%1C4 13 : '®IT2 137.->,ICO . IDlOI&i 133A171 153th«09 USSfcIOJ 14»Vrti:vi i(vv& .SI . i-t3taiss ifo^rn . lUJwiw noaiu isjirtiii . 1U3&12D J 253113 22J31-JSS . 112(211G J22fi123 231 iWS . initial 127,-an? 18532*3 . 122(3187 Uois*lsG -1893283 . 1S&&133 143&151 -203&3C0 . 130®1W Sfa&*U January . February £larch... April.... Jlay.. •• August ... September. October.... November. December. .lacnary.. Fchmary. JflsJch.... Afrill.. .. May June Jnlj v ScpH'mbcr.... Ocioli-r. Novtnil-cr...,. Uccembei ■ Government SecutlUu were hL'her throushoat the lit*!. Sixes oi ’SI advanced }*. FlvL—Twen lies were H@sf belter. Tcn-Forllca were V t h!uh«t. Seven-Thirties advanced %. The fol low In« shows the cloeln" prices in New York’o day, compared with those of the three previous d«j»: | . Ttm. Frl. Sat. Hon Sixes of'Sl .KWS IWJ< lius IKM* ■ Flve-Tucotles,’•? 105ji IWii li)ju Flvo-Tweotlee, ’GI 101 lUl>i 103^ Ftve~Twent>Cd« ’C3 13ifi 10-Ss£ lOlk li)3H leu-Fortiee 03 Stveo-Thirtie-s Anc.... UX3S KWJ4 .... I01»r Scvvu-Thirtiia. VM'i V>\‘i sevt-n-inlrUes, July. itw?i 101»* iol=y i"^£ Here the market was firmer, with a jrool de maud for IrveiUaeat, tat holdora reftiard to ac cept the ruling Wc quote: covzmracxr bzoucmES—czncaoo atznszr. U.?.SirraoTlSßl. U 5.5-20 a. 1862... U. S. rv-2! a, ian. U. S. 5-20», 1903 C. 3. 6-SCs (small) XOt £lO5 U. S. JiMOs (largo) iiOji 03* U.S.KWCa (email) 102 IT. Js. 7-SUs, hi series 301)4 103 U.S. 7-3Us,2d series lUlu 1133 U. S. 7-Xla. 8d cede* ’Oljj 105 U S. 7-'oa (small) ItM»* Compound., Jane, ISO I U5-l£ *• Julv, laor 115 U “ Aug., 16'4 H4J* “ Oc'., ISO! 112JX “ Dec, ISC4 112*£ “ May, 1305 lll\i - 44 Aug., ISOS luJJ£ “ Sept.. IStio l'W»4 “ 0cUhxi5........103i£ The Second National Bank gives the following quotations lor the Public rands: Coupons, ISSI llufi June Comp., 1501..U3 t-S0 Coupons. July 4 » •• ..115)4 largo 105&10C Aog “ 44 ..113 S-vu Coupons, Oct “ “ ..114 sranll HM)43’.o4?i Dec “ “ ..113 fl9j£ May 44 16*3.. 11154 lU-iO Coup., } Aug 44 “ ..110 T-£o large.. K4),iSept M 44 ..iu9)4 7-*u. tma'd.. JUlJitOci 44 “..103 ) ccal Securities arc dull, and quotations are little better than nominal; Chicago City Serena.... Coot: County Sevens... Chamber of Commerce. —3 bn following summary exhibits the opera tions of the United States Sub-Treasury in this city for the yean? 1505 and 1566: l«a, 1366. Tolal cash receipts $16,211,973.00 87,314,133.17 Of the above was loc’d lor cnstorai Total cash di har.-e- niems Amount of public debt on which interest bos been nud in coin 10,011,303.00 0,073/00.00 Amoaui at public debt on v;lk-U interest has been paid in currency 2,275,000.00 12,755.100.03 Five per cent notes re deemed. wiitx Interest 870,003.00 410,030.00 2sew fractional currency te«ucd .... v 250,0:-0.00 352,000.00 Old tinctloial currency » redeem, d 263,001.00 233.030.00 Tlic following is a statement of the debt of the State of llluou-, a* it stool on December Ist : Bank and internal improvement, due iscu „ $ 81,000.00 Internal improvement, due IG7O ii,iiCj.uO New interna) Improvement, due istO.. 1,763,320.1 d Ncv.* intcnal iuiuiovement, interest, due 1877 1,0:7,8:8.47 Interns:, due ISJO ", C. : -M0>.23 ! iiinidttion. due 1'63 103,372.00 Itrfnndcd, due 150*2, ISCS, ISOP, 1070, 1570. 1577 1.201,000.00 V.'tit, due 1870 bS.i.KJ.OI Nuaual I'rxvereily, duo 15*0 Gh'WUh) Thomlou lonr, duo l&IS' IPJ,*WO.IJO Canal, payublj in Nc » York, duo ISJO ntd IP-.6 Os^OOO.OO Carul. r,a\c»lein New York, regis* tcicd, due 1:00 uml 157 U.... r.11.CM.00 Crsal, ; auiblo in l.onrton, dao 1570. 705,-ii.o2 Canal, payable lu l.'tudou, r. g.slctol, due* 1870 713,031.67 Tolal bends Floating debt, scrip, &c. Total debt ~.sS.ujS.-52.2l X)f •■<!, 3;,i3...1 ;.... 0^52,001.70 rccialuri'. 1501 11,121,5.4.15 —The l*i iiadelplila Ledger remarks; The Dan'»B are moderately well supplied with currency, aud arc ready to respond fr.» most of ibe ckmauds for monev on ca'l. There is u general aversion, in tLe leading cities, to disoounthigc' in- Liucia: paper, erther long or short, and burro**, ere vbo nave nothing t*J?e to ofler. complain serl* ousiy of the present condition of uiVatrs. There J- a general want ol confidence lu business cir cles ami tins dittrust will eoniinuo miUl there Is a radical enunge in the condition of our merchan ui>e markets. Both banks and private capitalists r.o • mty growing more and mure averse to making advance's to our merchants and manufacturers, uud this reluctance is surprising to no one. Bills of the State hanks arc fast disappearing. InlS'i*2tre State bank bills received by the Suf folk Bank, Massachusetts, were trom five hundred thousand to a million dully. During the month of October last only two hundred aud seventy five thousand dollars were received for the month, or cn average of ten thousand dally : and during tl c moi.lh ot November only one hundred and rcvcnty-ilve thousand for the month, or u daily uvvrjgc oi seven thousand. 13sS'n CO.TI3IUUCI.Ii< Mosd.vt Evexikq, December 01, 3*43. The following tables show the receipts ami ship ments of Produce during the past lorty-eight hoert; hecutts past roimr-cxcuT uoms. It>u6. 1865 Flour,brU 5,-tsl .... Vfbcat, bu S.V2I .... Core, ku 22,P.»5 .... (Jut-, bn 7,3 41 .... Ivyo, bn 2,KX) i Barit y, bu 327 Crass Seed, »s 20,00(3 Broom Corn. F-* 1?,7M .... cttttd abut. Tvs 53,m»3 lV.k. brjs 1,711 lord. k>s 03,7*0 .... Tallow, »b? n,'»l .... Duller, F>s 13,320 .... Droned llog«,No 2,023 .... I.lvp 80g5,170 5, 4 '03 .... t ntlle, No Si’ till) Blues, lbs 00,120 llighwluc.sbrls 53 Wool, 1b5...;.. 35.825 t.iimbtr, 62 .... Shingles, w 233 .... eiiuJmNTs past rocir-cioar hocus. 1 Flour, brig Wceot. bii Com, bu l.n bulky, bn OtflSb Seed, Us... broom Com, fra. Cared Meals, Sis. Beef, brl» Pork, hi la bunt, the Tallow, Vis Butter, It'? 1). How, r»0... Caitle, r*o HJdo, n. Wm«v, in.-*. Wool, ffi5...... l.umlitr, ru.... Snit glee, in m SnU, Lrls FnU. bass There was less firmness exhibited in the market j for Hess Pork to-day, and holders were eager sel- 1 Icrs at the inside asking price of Saturday, bat ■ the views of buyers were generally about 23 cents ’ less. Wc role sales of 1,050 brls at sl3 30015 73 cash t 519.75 seller last half of January, $15.59 seller January and $19.00 seller February—closing • with frcescllers t>t slS.73*cash,and bnycrsatslß.so. Eitia Prime Pork sold to the extent of 209 brls. at i 13.50—an advance of 50 cents on lasi reported sales. Green Meats were very quiet, with sales of l.OCfl pcs Hams at 9c from Slaughtered Bogs. English Meats were dml, with sales of 2‘o hoses Cumberland al Site seller last halt of Jan uary. Lard was quiet but firm, with sales 290 tea prime steam at llftcca-b. Some retail parcels of Kettle sold st 12c la tierces and kegs. There was nothing doing In Grerse, Dressed Hogs opened about better, but closed rather weak and it'c lower than on Satur day. Sales ranced from SC.73o.7.3o—closing very blow at SF.SO and $7.00, dividing on 29i> fi>s. Whiskey was dull end neglected. Free is held ul $2.20, and Bonded at 25c. Floor was in steady request and firm, with sales of 2,950 brls at sj3.Currl4.UO for White Winters; f 9.rp(512.25 tor Spring Extras—the extreme price tor a fancy lot made from Italian wheat, and 55.25(0-9.00 for Spring Supers. There was more activity in Wheat, and we note an advance of 10.2 c on No. 1, and STr.-lc on No. 2 Spting, with sales of 53,000 bn at $2.1302,13** tar No. 1; tor No. 2 regular; $1,930 1.58)4 for do in A. D. & Co., and e1.350.1.C6 for Rejected Spring—closing firm at $2.1502.15J* for No. 1, and f 1 92 for No. 2 in regular houses. Com was quiet and the market exhibited no material chance. About 49./flrbn changed bands at :i&lliicforio.i; *??tarNo.2»nd 68051 c for New Shelled—closing quiet at 71)icXor S'o. 1. Oats were quiet and caller, with limited transac tions at No- [ Rye wa? steady and firm, with sales at 92c for No.l,aridßlGß7cforNo.2—the upper figures for . fresh reep-pte. j Barley ocs firm, but quiet, with sales at sl.lO for No. 1; 7Cc for No. 2; 48c for Rejected, and s',Cofor sample lots. \ Seeds \ ere dull, with trUllng sales at $2.23 for | Flax and $2.60 for Timothy. i Ccopcisge was in good demand and firm, with ; -alee at * J.8C02.C0 for Fork Barrels, and $2.43& 1 2.55 for I aid Tierces. , The ft. 1 , ion Ing despatches were read to-day on ‘Change •. ! Nrw Tons, December 31. 1 Floor ofllct I $9.75011.73. Wheat stronger, but quiet ai -2.53&2 45. Corn inactive and nominal. Oats i‘t» ::t?v. Pork strong at $19.43 tor Old, aud *21.00 fc i New. lard firm ; New at 12*£c. iloga . firm anj -carce at GolUSo'*. XATEIt. 1 Flom ,jod Wheat buoyant. Corn quirt at 6MIU in stem* Pork and lord firm. Bogs cosier at 58.Cf0T: -o. Whiskey nominal. j I.ATNB* In the afternoon there was a stronger feeling In ; Wheat, »ad the market closed up strong at {« 1S»*0 c.tfl for No. 1 and $1.93 P.r No. 2 Spring, ■ !r. reguk.: bouses. Com was quiet at about the define piico cn ’Change. Provisions were quiet, hut firm, with sales of 393 brls Mess Pork, seller lost halt of January, at $19.75; 200 bxs Short Rib* alOijc, and ICO tes Sweet Pickled Haras at iC} B c. ( New Year’s Day* To-morrow (Tuesday) being New Tear’s Day, :bero will be no session on ’Change. The Banks will also be closed. Baltimore Provision Mamet—December 2S. rtcfeti- commenced opcr-.iV.oas a*. t!w close of lass« the receipts ot hog-fcatoeo fur been I: :*•». prten* bare r-rpej treat B(SBVr, the principal salci 'w- U.C at S’, c. Cut meats have moved slowiv In tmall lo;s and the market tor bacon closed doll and an j stvtlru, No transactions cf moment have been rs- Barted8 arted In barrelled pork or lard, and both are lover, acot—Old sides have sold at for rib and clear, ted new a; rjvailc; old shoulders at it vc, and : new IJiilCVc; city cured bams at liaise, and i western at liwvcc, accords*: to brand, Market in active at t&e cio*e. Park—No sales reported. Mess i Dcminai at S22XO P brl. Lard—Western and city, bris, liave sold in small loU at 13c. Baltimore r<*Onod, iu r kess,we quoteatlCc. Bulk m-’a’s—No sales reported, and prices entirely nominal jar shoolders and aides, ! Iroolsvtilc Oog market. The Courier cf Saturday clwervcs: * pa bog product ibis year, however, Uexrectrl to j csrc"d that cf lost year very considerably. It will be 3 dl>inbntfC uoro over the country, with l.*ss of an ac q cumulation **t a fe« promlosct pomta, ai has been the ; case during the naxtthreeycafa. I» will be converted * vcrvlerqtjv lata &acon br farmers at distant aud tut * mcdlale pomts: at the fia-t ramed because the market 1 was ln»tc<*BiMe, acd with the other lor the reason that 3 the tamers ana drovers rcla«ed toed their bogs at •> the prevailing rit-s, cud determined to •• save tatlr -. own t-acoc.” The receipts here have already on re than doubled tht total alauzhter at this pot ii Iml year, ' vtth indications of their aggregating nearly three « time* the product of the previous year. It - Hogs W-day were firm and scarce at GK&X O * Fo«, BXW9J *5,154.51 $37,511.18 IM.ISVM 4,03.1.10 T?,5‘J1.31 0,035.25 .5191,318.21 £5*977.13 -Ji0,T15.03 s7<vi,s;»C 11 851,273.83 Lowest. HisheaL 12354 .125« .13721 .liiV-i .U3tf .U3»5 .. .. 133*5 .i33?i ... . HSJi at the pen?, irlth onlr rtrf tne»i | *r receipt*, li-.-lnlln* three card by the K«shnli« roil to*uy, aal urssyot* fere ay. (not 1003 a# prints), alili oat three c\M by ineL.<tP. rond, znixlscreceliU ot bat 333 tfda*. Another ofiht> i a- fters, Ow«Jvy <b Ct~ bare clout for. the aeaten. with the aianstater or I3jc2 hos*. Tbs packtijrto-day, and to date, snra* up as follows: Pacaers. Kf’led Prerlansly. lipen. •as. is:i 201 OMIK m Mi|| ! 'Vj m (fclCO X3V&&IS94 147 i4-*i«an-i:s* in>s ?piM*i 111*4*6148*4 iBJi-ams 145Js'58l4Ssl 1344,-A 1 llJfe«»l4S>£ ISU*TiVIiIJ4 O. W. Thomas & Co. Hamilton & 8r0... . Hocbts, nnirman <fc Co. 11 ancon. Floyd & C 0.... Oaslcy A Co Ktf 14.4*1 closed Wm.JarnafeCo 700 I V>'A TM Fred Lteb 10.05 533 T. J. Martl-i «fe Son 5.W0 New Albany 7.235 CM T0ta1....; Total receipts todate. Philadelphia Flour (Marker* December 2S* There la no material change to notice m prtoor fie mard. About IW brh *oM m lot* to the real*?r# and hak'rs at nnoia rasgtnie Irom tor aao^rUne: f9.tCCJIO to for extra; lor lor and fancy rorthw&n extra fautllr; ?W. r A?llAfitor P-nn«Tl vanlaanU Ohio ftn.HT, and f par brl for fancy brands, accordlns to quality. Eye flour anils la a cinati »»t at fits p»r brl. in corn meal there iiUt tie or nc thins dctng. Philadelphia Seed Msrheli Deecmber OS. In Clover s**edihnnj is very lltte doing. Small sales on- makiDc at f3ai*9(M per bn. Timothy sells at 13.J0ii3.7j, and flax seed at per bu. Buying.’ Selling. 110? i llu>; .1033 IC6J4 Oyptcs of m CmcAfJo Teuxcttr, ) Slokdat Ktskcxu, December 51. lira. { BEEF CATTLE—There was a good atiealanaa on the yanlfl this tsorolnc. bat owlrg to the absence of di-dr abiesiock with which to operate, transactl 135 were limited. There was a fair Inquiry for pood shipping Steers, and for sneb, had they been on sale, outside quotations could hare bcco readily obtaltc J. Batchers’ Cattle doll and Inactive, with prices nom inally unchanged. BOGS—'The market opened active at an advatns cl lf£lscon toe cjo In; rates 01 iaat week. There was bat a light supply la the pens, and those were closed oat early in the day at fJi.GOS6.43, chiefly a*. The advance above noted is not generally regarded as permanent MltaUir/ Grotn reported m this market report l aremnd* on (As basis of tclnUr i4c) it&ragt, nr.lsj* \ ctierizUt txirTf*td. l Moxdat Evesuio. December Si, ISM. FRElGHT*—lUu.» PKct.iurs—Pas ijUaw { Itr la the Joint tarlToathe Eastern raaii: i Si 4th pra’d ] lUtc?trom Chlcapo to— clx**. clas*. Floar. Hops. • rmtaio.N. Y &J 47W- 50 8J • Tor-Jtto, C.w fei 47* 50 SJ MoLinalC. E 1.25 9j 1.5 M 1.0 Albany, N. Y lAM ».»* 2.49 New fort 1,53 9J 1.81 IJO Hc?t..ti and Albany i,*3 SJj 1.93 _ 1.6) Uottonrw? Grand front l.Ji 95 1.99 1.0 Portland rigGroraTrane 3.1 d 1.43 Philadelphia i.u a i.Tt) 1.44 Italtlnior.- 1.15 S 3 1.7) I.W Pittsburgh 70 SO 1.C3 71 Cleveland, Ohio 43 33 79 53 detStKO&vlilc, lad 45 S 4 73 ... Clbflprnil.Ohf 45 S 3 M 65 FMH7K-'Hec*lvert,s.S<lh?li»; »tnppM, S.TM bris. Market lirm. Sale* were: WatTß WiaTEit*—i*l br:a at {14.(0; (A b:la ‘-Olmda of Omacy” at {1A&); 2t>J b*ls M\ Pconsln." at *13,00; Siaa.o—293 br’s “Aune” at JI2; ICO b‘ Is uot named ut cU.r3; K/i iris “Atlantic" at SII.CC; SCO brls, nctnamo-U at {IUM; 130 fir Is do at {11.00; 103 brls da at §11.51; SWbn* ilontf.O.R'U 100 brUdoat {MStw: 100 brlsd> at * 10.73; : Ivt brl* “Kcan-arce" at*10.75; 100 brls '‘Star .tCrew : ef t” at*10.75; lUlbrts ••Gamc‘l’* Eicclsl ir at{10.75; • 17 brU. not named, at {10.62:*; 130 brU *C. L-vob's*’ , botatflO.Uv: ICObrls. not named. at {lO-XI: 300 nrls ■ do ut f 10.20; ito bris do at *9 62 V. Vlbrl* da at |3.25; IOC Lrl* do at «9.00; srmsr, series—lo 3 bris choice 1 lot* atSO.V-0; tdbrls, rot nvned,at{3.S.o;t'>JbrUdoat • f 5.25; HrrKwmeeT FYnr*»—r-o h'l* »t §8.25. \v HEAT—Received, 8,421 bn; shipped, 13.553 bn. , Market more active at an advance ol igsc on No. land o(i-4c'D3u.7 rprtuu. w«*re:Auuo ba ' {3 15V; 1.20 U bn do at {{.13:1.550 be do at §2.11 V; 9,«3bu do at {2.13V; 5.700 bado a;{r.U; No. iat {ld’S: 3,401 bldo at {1.91; 410 no do at SI-9lI*; ».SCO Ini do at {191: S.CCO m do at |1.83*;503 ha do at SI.&V; 400 bn do at {Ub—both A. BJO ba K«- j«;cd nttl.T-A. I). & to.; R 0 s>u do at fIAS; 3.M ba dOhtJIA.; itdbuduat S.CCO bit (to at §IA-h --; clos’.n’: Bnu at<i.l.l3,'j for N’o.l and tor No. • bpinjr. l:OUN—'Rwcltwl,22.96slm; sbtt>i«d,6S3bn. Mar ket nt;:et a:.a w lUkui dedoea ebanc-. Sails were; Ili.lCOl<tt Ko. lat 71 Ac; 17,'0J ba do *l7l’<c; 2AOM bn do at 74r: 403 bu No. 2 at 64c: 870 ba New at 34c; RlO ba do at for No. 1. <> a TS—Recetvetf, 7 r vO I*;: •. nemt*. Market and scarcely so rim. P.‘. h rO bn No. ght -.r; ASJOru ao ai4lj<: Aduha doa:-U,Sc. It Yl7 l.ecelvtd. 5.4C2 kltlpp-d, ba. Mar -1 kc: st.adv and flnr. Sates were: SOD bn No. lat 1 Kc ff-tsh!; UCJbn No. 2at STc (.trcab); 4W bu do at S3c; , 4d* bu do at S4<% . IIAICI.CV RiYtlvsil, 537 bu; ba. 1 Market qnv l rno 2»m. r-l.'S ware: 400 ba No. lat SI.VJ; U« bu No. 2 (favorite b.Vise) 70c; 4M hu Krjseled ) at a-c : 4(b bn by kainple ut n.'.'o. A 1 COlIl) I,—Nominal, a« 51A&A4.60. I llUAN—liiictivcasdocmiuaUai No , eau * re|Mirted. lIKCti.M CIIFN— ilarketdull. Pricesraesefrom , {it* .vC«vm.C(' for Inf-t'or to rilw. 1 It |>AN>- Are retailing at «3.Ultit2A>o ?• Im. lU:TTKlt—Uccer.nU' Dt; fhtarod, 6*5 a«. ! Tl rre Is t(. provciaont to rote la the general char* 1 a, !iruftt.e marii't in any essential dcn>iil.als eor.fP(*d cMettv toc'iolcc l‘ab!o ((luilflcs on T local account, for whieb. owing to the light arrivals * pnct s are t doralilv well sustained Co.rn.oa grades J are mcicete-1 »ml almost seminal. Prices are ua -3 follows: __ tl.o!< «• l':tiry .....27 <l.O C Good Tub M «2I C l CciTir.r.n firkin 14 (S? 0 c j Prime Virkln .35 (-tit c ,1 1JA47471\»5-lho inurln-t rorlin.u*4 Vith 1. price-uiicnanged. We repeat our list: Buying. Selling. ... <J9 1W ... 3554 0? .. 93• 93 875,001,79 627,311.41 15,565,421.00 7,i}7i ; 3T!.02 Kat>rc:tl A.gim, suatnlere Hue-... U* lop A, 2 let, IlTaul* A.2bi«. Ua Ccrn I‘sriiaacc... ........ Stark A.cotujn etMialecs I.cwifton a, do .... ...... A* dro«c gglc, d > Anscrican, «lo ......... leaver Mills, »l>> lattsf.flU S. ro hnu Mills, do r.-rirm, do S'.lgc, da Suer. Unen atd cotton Kldctwood do f piinU-Cid.... Uurlafi'. 1 ta, No. \ li.utlrc City LII KFSK—Tlic?e U no change to note In the toi c of tli- murket in rl;* prices. The demand is light, but un der moderate 6‘orks. prices keep well ap andcoaipora tlvely frra at the toll«m*tng r.«ge: New York Factory (KCauluej W C Factory (Illinois) U» f«:|7 c Hamburg (Ai* c Wuitetn Ueseivc ...13 c Wofli-rn States... 13 tftll c •• Ycunc Ai-.uriea” .31 c i o t 1.-lr-Je Is brisk and prices dam and an chciijicd. M e coniiuuc to quote; Kijik—Broi khelu t U-J® do Orxuebv CLLTKLiM>~SrIar tllll 11. M do Slmcral Kidge IP.CO CO- VlllowßaLk 10.0.1 do Tnnue! 10AJ Chippewa 10.10 IlloMburc . _l2.>io Ltblgh.. 15.{»^1d.00 l.n»-kr.yvuna,i.repa»eiJ.. U.Od tt «:o 1‘itt5tcn........... . 11-00 Illinois W.OO Co on track r>.i\) YoncMechttiV 11.00 <:<JCH*E»A<7K— logo.dnemaad andfirm.»s Wer«-: 2> 0 I*«tl‘ Ua» rc-li- at *2 CO; 100 do at 51.97 : K>l do t.l • 1.9.!; Utldo at sIA-0; 50 Lard TlcrccS at |2A3; 103 do at ?3.70. rO I* FEE—There <r no to note In ihc.gan“r» - al ie.itrn-« of the aarket. Pcalera aronrmcr lu their vewf. ITeruclc: „ ,I«%a -V C? 3? C hlo, ci'tatuon to lair. 2IVA-->. , »c Wn,C'w.lop.-inc c UKvnttietf* thole- 3. (£*•;«'£ m fud supply, tnd slow at with sakse|.ii-ny.:it ifh-. KKMT? AMI MIT* 4 note nachanec.ln thec»acialol*>-ractcrorthu market. There Is a mod urate demand fur get eral assortu cnU, nn.l lor mo.-t deteih.lici.s price* arc well snstulowl. Dried Apples arc In area aupplv, and «niJ. buyers holding off la m lli;l;>atl*ju«flwv.crrnt«>. Vtlni-r Apples arc In de mand, and itesdy a* d firm. IVeqnote: CEI t:, FECITb. _ I, 31S SS»,WO lid 2,UJO 9<i 79 .. 13 J, 500 n«» ISr&l ClOJoi ??•?!* . •*! .1 533 131033 SAO3 CHICAGO CATTLE MAXK.ET, CUIDAUD DAI Li Y .lIAIOiCT, Apples, l» bn OiHngts, Havana, i? 110. Lciiuirs. Malaga CrunUrru-s, u I:d Cranberries, cultivate! onus ('anil's. Firs Pates CvMicii l*c V doz, 2 D ciui! ApplrP, r.ew Ftaclie*, balrce atd <inarfero. I’i acliPS, pared Blackberries, new, V D - JJa>pbtrrie»=. tew, V P*. Cht-rrics Billed Kldcroctrii*-. ? & IJnHj'¥,liss-tr.« rticTifti.. Almonds, sort »ln lied. . Alm'tid-*. pnprr eLel’ca. l\anuts, V lb Brazil but* Filberts KrsJH* WnindU Xipka Walnuts Pci-ars email nt.fl la^jc. IllcicoryNuw, Vim .AM T> bn • M.W «UAI EuMin qblct and steady at previous rates. WfqUoie: „, WbhCt&b, No. I. V brl ?!•???• ♦.» •• N 0.2, &’brl. *•••*.•< ».jfl Trent, No. 1, H Ml *•» •• No. 2* X brl 4.stV* 4.73 Mackerel. No. f. J* brl. new U.ObSit.23 •• No. B.X brl 1U.2XX10.53 •* /airily, V X brt ».oJia 9.23 “ extra mess, V ,Y brl ....15.01X1.J.-0 « “ VtlC S.U4J.M “ No. l.klu. new . 2.6>x 2.73 “ &mby, kli? ?.2>;» a.s> Fanr, VIOO a 7.KU 8.00 M Ucorge’s Bank UAVa 9.W) n*kr a.v>4&M Herring?, dried. No. 1. V oox -6Jj4 6j • v scaled 73h 73 Labrador Herring. V brt n.o>.-«ll^0 •• “ «brl 6.W3 «.35 Norwegian M K*s, V sn 13. W *• •• Mb*. V brl 16.C0 fjßEASE—NotLtncclolng. Quotable at for Brown: PV.ftSJjc for Yellow, and forWblte. UlunvviNE**— Received. 50 brtsi aMpped, lift brl.. iicrkctunii ana nominal. Free held at tijsi and Bonded at 15c. Arc eelliug at 57603 c for prime Extern ami LOprzc lor Wntvm. noiJS—Br*i*rtvett V"3; abiroed. l.llf. Marke t opened about ;.'r b*ftor. bat at th» clone Uio r was more than lost, and the market c.osed tathir weak, fcalciwtxc: I6avera2ice&'<> n?.at 14 ** 25ii :cj •• ... a«.flt 7.23 —rloslng rather weak at |683 and (7.00 dirt ding on 2W &«. BAY —la doll. Price* sre unchanged, as follows: wnoLEHaLs caress, Tiir.othy, relief amt beal-r preseeo. $1X5*914 AO Ttmo»hy. looseureascd lUIKfAISdM ntliie, beater preseed iO.Ca9u.OO .arram mien*. Ttirctby, roller and beaier pressed. 16A0915.M Tltnotrr. loos ’ prrs-ed Prairie, rolterocd heater pre-sed lI.OJAIUM I'ralrie.lcosecn wesuo, Buwlvtd. iW.tiO B>»; shtpoed. 29.0,0 &s. li tre Is a ctod dcmntd on eh pplnjr account; and under a scarcity the market U firm at full rates. 77c • quote: Ontoßutfhers' bJfG* <l*c (tmaSalted.trltaiued...... c , Green Calf. M c Kip. Gtecn galled ~..U 641 S c DryFlft, trimmed..... c DrvSalted, tr.mned It ij>ls c Saltci*. pvrt enred 9 9J»c IKON AMI SVKHj—The market is tcoderatny ! pruvA and price* are firmly sustained. 7Ve quote: 1 Common Bar. *!»?• |!f Horre gnee iron B\ Heavy Bunn T’jidUSf , Deep ana Light »*<«sl!k Hencfiand Square. 1 Ova? 6iid tjf > Half Ovnl and Haf Hoaad. ® ' Sbrelircn,coTtnmi 7lf'3 Sheet Irna, ealvnclied, 17x2? .V 0 A ■ Ehret lroi),charcc*l....~ 9k** „ Sheet Iron. Joaia'a. Ni Bode U (-ala • Plow st«i, German P-U rk-w steel, cast 17 «is Sprit ir and lire Steel. English 14 (-Jls ToolCa«‘■lceltOrdlca/Talcta.. 2J @3O Am-rrican ti 2» • Blistered steel *2O @-2 Ihi:ila,Nos. 9 and 15 AS fin 1 Btl-hb, Am., ifct quality. V bdl @sl Rc*sl», Aid, l« qua’tty, P ehret @22 Bcseia. Am..Vd quail.f. »hret fitl iBATHKH-T« qntet. thcKiph steady and firm at , prenocs rates. TVe make no change in oar quota* tiot *: City Harness, P _ sunchter, Sole, _ a. !....« 43 8.1U410. $ 4C3 43 Conriryfcarecss 5:3 S“ Slaughter, Sale, ■ Line, ¥ © 423 <4 Chicago, Na.l «3 42 Elr, medium, P __ Slaughter, Sole, _ a... !As<alJo Ctv.cvu,Nu.T are 37 Cull, Ph IgOrt.ifi Bn-iiiM Ayre*.. HM W Upper, V text.. *a)@ 30 Orinoco 501 e... S7@ 38 Cotalry Cpp«r. i3 Orinoco, good. Collar, P loot.. S3@ *4 dj>uugcd 313 3 S-auchteTS-Me.. SS« Bt French CaU. 31 - . P ft... <o® 46 n 5............ 2.1332 3 Upper SQ@ 32 French Cult, 36 Kip. No. 1, me- a 5............ 2.00fi3.1J &inn< lAJS®U3 FrencbCaWite. Kir, Ko. 1, mulnea, ? iIoiS3JI3»J3 fioavy SJt’.MO ! itClUßCte—Bnsincrfl lathe yards is dan, although prices axe steady at the f- llowlns Lcuptp—first Clear, 1, JJf. IX, and 2 inch. - ni............ - ....... ............;.JG3 WCWS3J3O Second Cl*ar.l.lHMXard2 inch; 53.K<aCDj)0 Iblid Clear, inch. SOdXt^&TO First and second Clear FI. orlmr. togeth er. rotuh-Uw same as Secoad Clear, Ttldc 50.t03Tj.t0 Cocre on F;oCrt- & roach ».{»:-ef7.90 MatclirUnn-J area<ed Common Flooring.. 49JM@12. < X) ilcubfd and drreeed Stuck Csmuton Flooring 3.(0333. (» First and second Clear Sld'ag, together.. 53.00@3t.00 First CcmmocDrestedSidlnc.* At afion-fcox Beards, select, 16-inch and uo •warts.;. SLtaaitoa A Slock Boards, U-tnchca, B Stock Boards, 12 Inchas. Common Boards, Joists, Scantling. Fcac lot;, oxid Small Timber. Id to 18 feet long 21.31-t T 2.93 Joistsu>a bcanilU-jE?o.Jlftiulitf»2t 2sjjo,#3Wlo Smaotrs—Aor6larSh*7«l Shingles A or SurSawed Shingle*... S^JatLY. No. 1 Saved Shloc‘e* 3-Mia 3.!\i Bate—her m Ic yard..*,.. :-.M By car-lcait by Northwestern Railroad. . delivered la any jnrd where can raa be switched, oi an; depot: A or aarSawcJ Shades. by ca*-loab, os track. 3.753 4.03 A, or star S K atM ny car-load. on track. .Tttf.. .T? 4.50 No. i Sawed Slagles by c»r-load, on track.... Three dcllar* a car-load add*a when transferred, which charge fallows SJUrtsles to out. TUckre&a—Five eblngle* to be two Inches In thick* Lcncth—Sixteen Inches. PactU—Twmtv inches. C >a r*e—Twcntr-iWa. METALS and TINNERS* STOCK—The dem«na is fair. &toe»ii*re ligut, sod price* arc arm *; the tillowinjr Quotation*: TtH. Bis Tin Wale, I U Kill .fis.eo Lar?o Pl£* .. 'Jt £a iUPus SJ Bari In S 3 con»«!. 7, S and 9 12 Metallic Al’ Boiu-... S 3 in acdll 13 Copper Bottom 55 12 II BraztersuverlODS.. 43 Utandll 13 fehettings,l4WlsoZ. 43 ISaadld ......IS Turnings. ...... io l> 17 babbit aeciit- i IS 13 Ist quality 3) 119 2i Antim'-ny 30170 22 Fix.* Solcer a) 1 Fezca6ta?l«* U KAlLtS*—Arc In active request. Wo ciaUnuo to quote: lid toSd,f keg, SI. 6d. 4d. &K>|CotSplkM H.OO 01LS—The c otral market Is qalet. Llasc«r4 oil Is* dal) mid nominal. Prices are unchanged. Ucseifl CU. V V..3S Litseed 01), tolled Olive oil WlialenUW.B Lard Till, extra Utd 01., No, i v; iiiuv lard oil, No.av.’;:.ter Bink Oil, round lot* Machine Oil. round .ow» Swnu Oil. W. 8., rouu I ,oU. Lalxicatlch OH Castor oil Xeatsfcot Oil I’AIcBON OH/—la scarce, and firm at our quota tion,*, with a fair cuoaumptlveoleniind. Wd quote: Carbon, V car load _£jjlc Carbon, small 10w...: -. o>-»c Itcnzole c IMtOVISI ON**—Received,:S,COJ ns Cured Meats: J,7S4brls Pork; aed 6£.~n)Cia Lari. Sb!op"d, 'iTOT* Us Cured Meals; iu btls Beef; !.«.*» brls Pork, and £3.143 Si Laid. Met** I’ui i.—Sales were: OSJbrla at31«75; XDbris at i 12.30; 30 Ir’.s. for WedncM»y, at at pirtin; home; JW brl*, feller January, nt tit) br’s, feller lost hail of January, at |IS. .o; 30 br!s. seller February. at tiOjO—cloaici wcacot #1?.73 ca*b - -Extra Prime Pork—sali. wens: tOObrl* at English Firmer. Sties were: bozos, fd'f rlast bslf of January, at Skc. Green Mratn-Mvktt quiet. Sales were: I.CW pieces Haas (s. b.) at 9ac, _ Enrd-Quiet. Sales were: 200 tes prime Steam at 11*C ; J 5 tes andSkea* Kettle. *t IV POPLTItV AM) GA.II £-£*!’• were: 4 dor. Drrs idCblcktosat £LT>; 6doc do at $-1.031 ltdoz do ftl >2.60; 17 d«z do At ?LCO; 10 doz do a: f I.M; 1 doz Hnssea Crete at Ml.Cu; tjrtozdo AtJO.W; 3 dor Dressel Ijttrks at S3d-0: lOdozdo st *3 00: 3tO os Dressed Tar* kevs At 10c; 1,4(0 BS do At duz Prairie i. idcken* at£i.3o; to doz do a: ; 41 d >z <!■> ct 12.73: 54 doz Rabbits At 30c: 43 Uoz Quails at |UO: 0 drz do ftt f 1.50; 5 dozen do at # }-0~ SODA AND SASjSItATX’S—Trade steady,and prices arc quotably VTe continue to Ruthltl't Medicinal 12*4SU3 c - Ireland's Cltciulcal .....kIV-slb c ♦♦ Healthy 12h,*1.».Ve *• l*ure ny^U7c M‘GAlls*—Tbc marketroles t>t*sdy, owlnstotbe rci'accd condition ot stock*. Prlcts are. however, ■» til maluUduoa. Wo quote «,*uba. Porto Rio 15‘, N. V. Evbccd, Powdered and GraQUialcd...-165.417>tC WlUc A 15*41* 15JtC (Trc!c. IVhtto PMTtll Yellow Oanard CcxOa. Tberelsnochaasc to bote. Prices ara slciiuv nwJ n* changed. Wpquote' Npw York Srmjfc?. Ycl’cw Urlps... Cuba MoUun. I'o.lo R1C9... Sew Orleans. Mitlade]i<M4 CtTC...< litancrj-, AmVr-. •* •• Golden.. “ •* fcnpir SAl*T—Received, n'nr, s-ldjwd. li3 &Tls. Mil ■fret »ti ady. sw lr ? no*?, fine, ot NtwFlne # 2-*0 Cvaw- «. aao r.rov.iii Alum Turk's It-inu.*, bags GrntiErt Polar l>air>-, »ltr Dalrv. without sacks .. 5.13 ’l'l'.Art—Bmlue'M# fairly active. ITe quote: Toctp dysot, snpcjlor to Cne, ft Jl.iiX'jl.-lO do extra to choice >» ft LJOwl-SC Imperial* superior to tins, V ft................ I.l'Xai.O do eatratocholre. X* ft Gr.rpowder, superior to tlj'C. 1* ft. do extra to choice, 9 ft 1.9XH.1H Japar,natural leaf, tine iu tiira tac. V ft... I.l‘Jd.i) co do One to rhoics, V ft...... I.£»-vl.‘«3 do do color 1 -U I 1 c> I.SVvI-50 TAI.I.O'V-«;.1n5 were: S 3 brls Country at aj. City l* held at Hteio‘*'e. Market dull. Sales were: IT U3T9 Flas at ; its lues Timothy *t F,'.«3. TOBACCO— lifiuatßs o.aict, with co essential cbaitfe U* prices. our *bf CEfivnxo Tobacco— Meoluui Common Sxoeim) Tobacco— Virginia's Favorite.. Choice. Medium .... Common Stems * Tobacco- Loral Clllrcn 15 & S 3 Fenners’ UellshU... JJ (i 13 Natural Leaf.. L 23 ctl.W fl ilfbncht S 3 Choice Black, sotmd «•> « M Mcdlnm 13 <1 . » Common 50 •*. TJ Navies t>l!vs SO vircltdalCsaod fts M ® W Flounders.. (i WiiOll—Tsir moderate demand and steady, at tao Ttkcs pttctx hclow t Maple, ?> card, doddered fl.*^O,<tll.oo Maple, V rord. In varrt 13.50taV1.00 : Beech, V»roro, delivered 11.0X%13.0D Ketrti, i ourd. In yard. 10.M.*n/0 t Uickorv, V cord It 01-T15.00 t* Oill.—Kfcelved, !'».?.'> fts: shipped. ft*. Market ►toady and nominally unchanged. Sales were; b.tco b>s Untrashcd,at 4tc, K oir. .toco . S*.J3 . 41.J0 73.00 7I.PA 70.00 Tf.lK) 73.00 TJ.'O 73.00 73.01 71.00 53.00 SiElatrijcs antr Jeteelrjj. American (Wallbu-a) Watches. Dealers in Watchcutroffi all parts ot tb-* country arc reminded that the undersigned keep a m:i assoitmeot cf TTsltbun Watcher in cold end silver cases, con stantly on hand. Large reductions In the prices of movements and cases bare rcanfybeca made, and the luurnal UcveauuToj Is lo longer charged to cus tomers. The pood repato brrrc far and nearby tteirtcarac turcs ol the Waltham Company, mak.-s 11 U' ies.’ fjt the agents to urge their claims u> genttal p.i.rotuge. or to do more than cnuitca IhJ public against spurious and Inicrtcr Watches with which the markets are llccibd. Every Waltham Watch, of whalcvcr c!a«s. Is w.mar ted by special certificate, which should la all case* be demanded. ,?g.73 O 1.33 .3 0) (J T.A) .IJ.IM (glt.oo ~l0.(d i-IM.OO .13.00 (.JW.IW :i O M 33 64 33 4.C5 a ;.T3 » « n 13 (4 H 40 64 42 &; © jm 63 TO & A rPL.I'7 OX, Arcuw of tlic American AVatcU Co., IS'j tlroailreay, Y Sftair llcstaratlbe. Tu 23 £ .. }.7j- (4 2.03 2! ut. 40 G SI 55 £ 53 m® 14 21 « 23 17 <H IS 30 a 21 •S W 21 „US « SI 'TBEGHATEoTAXD WOItSTLOOS.- JL INO if air “iocdcn Hair Ciict R«torar r “Lvrdon Ecsntres Its Hair Co or E^io-er" “lotdon Yotunful Hair Color R-storer" “l.ordon EwoK by H*ir Color K-nt-ircr** “lot don R 3 I sc. Hair Colo? RcAter-i** **j .otflon Hair Color Restorer* It co«a not dye th» Bair, hot acts us a Mißrnar.tnad tonic to Ihetrsans and til* them with new life and co.crlrc mcltcr. Dry. harsh, dead or discolored JO rtatance of the HaT i* chanced to lantom, nnrtlcautllallrck!'. '1 he fecali* t« kept clean, cool and h«a tbv, fend dandruff cj-r.tnmlv cure 1. sinzfe tattle ■Scftf-; hall (V zfr, M. Sold l y oil CrosAsi*. tiMnil&DWYEft. WnoiceitieAcciU. Uusiuess iCarUs. coiimissiON- OFFICE, 201 FHO>*T-ST., J. T. BLAXT-, I J.W.JU'FMtfOS. ) IZt. * *• LiL* roi tu--n adviscexcsti Bade oa toadituicctti. £JE»T, BATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commissioa SefchanU Wo. 50 3loGaa>«tn Between F and G-et»„) y\B£SS£D HOGS I AND WEI PUT LISTS Famished cratla.' Blithest taariret prices catraatsefij Frutvt ictorns made. Correspondence wdclted. KEUMOM* * CO., Gen’l Com’a Mercb'ts, •*3 Cbicaso* HI. Kailroans. 7.UV “Uli :m OJC ........... S.W c^o 7.(51 lf£s6*ind 7.12 V 7 CO and 7.25 7.00 acd 7.12 V 703 *t,vl 7.12 V TOOj nad 7.12 V i? TIME TAl3lt£. CSICAM AND aoSTHWrsiXSft—OSTC* CCS. *fS3» VtATZS ISDKISXUi. A/rlv.-. D«y Express..... *b;W*.n. •&«<) p. n. Night Express *S;43 &. e. Jar.csTllh-: *3:40 p. n. *i:-Cp. c. Woodcock AccomM’n.. **oo p. m. *fcofi a. xa tfaltSX EITISIo.N. FiltonsniCe'bir Saplds 7.2gp.D fuJsva jnd ItKvi. * t7;3op. c. Wn»a.jn. Frtfport»»>d Impieifls.. a * m * Freeport and Dunlelth.. *lo:Cop.ii. ® Sockford sad Fox FUvfi. •««» p. is. Jj*jg *• £- rixoa •WOp. e. UtW R. a- PensTsandEljras * si-cp.n. fc' TASXia Dtn&ea. Fspna* *4:CO m. Sight-Accommodatioz I’ ir.’C a. n Kenosha AccomworTa... 4;4l>p.c. wjj a. el 'Vuu began AccoOtnod’C. sr7op. ti. CoseilS, Calvary, aae •Sundays exet-pted. tSatzidsy? except. tSlocisjf accepted. «rnic ai» csyrtui auisos?—?sjosp¥W7,23C» ot iar* murr. sotsliw Esprcsi “=• .!?j® '• 2- r ar Express .... **;" a. n. •i’aJt js. to. Hrenlng Fspnaar 75:30 p. t p. ns. Mcb*. &press* t*o:4s p. in. a. to. tb i£i> usnvnu nthit. taomloc Express *W»vb. • t «:'3a.n. Sl*»bt Kxpres- t&oo P- c. *11:00 p. a a ! t“uto>y hOt.TKTVp AST’ AK3 i-POiV U«-h?' £O7 cCE>» TAS BCIiES AdD BHXB3TAS 81353^. iUMW .-Uli** siaiU.. * *1:13 8.3. •fcolp.xß DavFxpms •':ooa.m. *i):00p. c New York Erpr«i... .. 9t-sp.n. tii'Uu. to Nl«Ui Exprest p. a. JdW. a. to r»ro»oi» inra. vai, * *4:45 0.12. tt;tta.a Night Exp:«s4 mOO p. m. *6:35 p.n. KTit-BUSet, 2CBT v>rNu as~u chi; aco. vail * toOt-s. Esprese - *:;Coa.m. IStoOtust. caat line... S:l3p. o. jt-io p» to Ssores* *l ;* IDOOc. to rfv*wnr-> ! 33ra»1~ ' Day Passenger ; *9:20 a. to. *l*3o p, El. Ni~biPtsseuget tltkCOp.o. m. Eankakes AcconiDc.-i*t:. *::osp.m. • «s“»2* t? u *» »* .... *3:^op.c. * iv »i *s;S3i>.m. •Tril o. to chicaso. aunußtitcs ato uucsos. raySxpressacdiJail... * *9:oop. a. Ga:ester*Passenger.- . eajcop.m. m. Aurora *i;Mp.». •Off’fa.'to. 2?k;hi Express tXiCOEtd’bt titfiua. O.'iaac as*j ei. iccia. • Sjprviaannilal'........ £:osa. to. StASp.ix. Mig'm£xprcso.:...-..... ,3:50 a-C- Joiici and Wihningto: . _ _ „ Accommodation... ... ic-ia s.m cbv-kgo aao aasar —(mss osctssaxi *JB LUn)—KirWAPKB* BAtoSOAB PETOT, COto rijtiL&tn) sstnXKSisn. .... _ Day Express 6.3)8.12. Iww p.C. litnluExpress. .......•• fcOOp to.« Jh alSsAPOta, xo«7toisAffa ascasar;. Day Express fcoOinzto P - S’ jCJcht to Tensing AccoontodatJan ftaS *• ri ’ 11 u 6:15 p. 3. wuu P-to. CHICAQO.iIOCS gTACT ASD TACITIC HAILS OAC. Day Express and 31ar... • *9:00 a. n. c. KSh\Staaa.: ,lstQQp.c. Joliet Accotmnodatioc.. 4:40p.8- *fc4o a. n. EipMS Prelgtit, wilt Clr llj'cb.^. irin n-atepasrencer depot ewry Saturday at &.». p *ne Joliet conaacta with JSX* tntyM* X>r. J runes, rbrmcr.jTf James* Loch Hospital, Oflatota House st« Sic*.* Orlcanr.lor Uiclast six yean locate! la Chicago, and known throaglioat the estutry a 9 the most »ac c«*iul Specialist extan* la do irmuneal of Private di*onlers. c*n be~consaliM conrdenUsi’y at Ll* office and parlors, 91 andStfEando ph-sr., coinsrof Dear born-; t.-near!y opposite his old office—from 9a. is. tqSp.m. To contract aa Illimitable Df. Jam* bos Issued a revised ond tnlarsred edition of Cm ilos nor. which contains the history, origin, nature and das pertff Secret Diseases, s treatise upoa'Cnoate dis eases, with the remedies and means to promt, con trol or arold disease, and, if affected, prescription* for self treatment Price of boot CO ernti, with four cent* postage. Address Dr. James. P. O. Pox C9Q, Chi cago. J nxc. t«i quality, cats tSjf Istqu*luv, *>tteet It SUO U UXUOUT VICE. I to 6 .41 The star* reveal your deatnyt TThU U it? VTh%C are your minre orrsterts In lue? Tj hr, r,rnis to b% antstixcl Good cr mi? Wtm trill solve It? Dt. Raphael can solv* the qcsatina I Hs has the secret of winning the erections or lha op posite sex' He ran show yon the llkcners ct tout loture btsband or wile. Ho tan foretell tie r<«aU of all business trap* actions ajjd aptcoliuons. He cu .mice yen to and liocor. Hr al?<> mlCes yea to health, even when yoa are pT<n an a* jncarable brothers. Cad at ♦;l 3 East Msdtoon-st-, l«i> stairs),between Weiis »od FrannUn-eu., Chicago, ill. CoDsattatlos fce. One Dollar. 3d. *13.00 3d. fine biaed 13.00 3d, fine blued 11,00 nr. Thomson* Ptoptlctor of the Medical ami Surreal IvUtute, 17 South has treated ad l3rnn of vea-real rtU tve with unprecedented success lor ncarlrt TITTf-ara. spermatorrhea and impotence treated with the fia?ot cat results. Particular <of the institute end the Guide mailed Dec to any adlircs'. I*. O. B-<x-73, Chicago- Illinois. «hX.4J «2.W I.&MM . 1.-Ji'jil.S . Liy-eu) . IJWU3 (3.140 (iJ.3O . S0l>l;V) . 5.»33a0 Hr- B!se]c\r« Hs*lnc the ccnflicnce ot-ne rut ;♦£■*»*.» the xediral UccUyat laroc, u tne mod reliable pbrj>cun la the cl;y nf*rvooaand »exiul di«ei.-pd. o*ll at hi* office, 479 South Uwrk-sU, cornet sf Mooroo. Rooms separate. Conscdatlon free. P. o.l’oi I.VI. H*s jrulde to health, published tcaatfaly, seat free to any addle* ». . • ISanfcsr and iianfeers. CTOCKHOLBBP.S’ —The O annual meetup; ct the Stockholders of the FIFTH SATIOXALBISE OF CHICAGO Tor the election el Directors, and to rran’set ary cl: er bcslnt-s* that taay lawfh’l? come before *he mreilnp. will be held at the otiloe of sold Panic. 3c. 00 Laiallc-sU, Chicago, between the hutira of Id a. xa, and 4 p.m., ‘ • * Tuesday, Ja'nnaVy Stfs. ISG7. ISAAC G. LOMBARD, Carbier. CUtcagc.Pee.~th. iS63. T-jELCKE’* fcELKGT SCHOOL —ln ) Morrison Buli;angy.n>gta 23, entranre. north west comer. Bc-lde* the ar« !f , ti cr.d motif's laa peace?, all brar.clic# ar* tunjrht are usually Mndied In school* and ccllepes. Dr. I'cU-te i< assisted bv thrc« able aid eaoenur.eed tcacners. The studio* * 111 be fyjiitnett p.-x: wedne-day. genEXUK'S .nvais SEA-WEED TOA’IO, .15SA15h( -UA*ls c .tWAltjp .12 (£l3 ( THE HISTORY OP DR. SCPENCK’s OtTN CASS. AND HOW HEWAS CURED Of CO.SSUM.TION. C Many years »co. while rwidu'* lu ftmideipuia, I cad progressed eradoally lit. a:« .*;t buigd ot raJ- Eoaary CtOanicntlou. .VI t •;.<-» of rzy rwvrry be* |T.jr 1 w artvi-fd by —y piiyslme. Hr. m»rUb, to remove uitoihe cunmry. jf. J., about sine tulles (.lauct, niyu-tite place, I was ntt-oTco thither, ofropfl-e twr t-lliisys la the transition. My utber ana ail bt* tamS y had tired Cut) tier*,—aiUiliiMof ±*a!iitOu»ry Census,pnoo. on mv itnivai »t I wu put L!>where I lay fer i&h&j weess In what wu divttea ahopeleai coidlVwti. ur. I‘hfTGt.vt, who tout been wr father’s lually pL>ei< iun,ku«i i-aa aitenec-i him in iaat ui» l •••.-, Vas walled f; see Esc. lie c»y •.*««;*. lytcycr.d the r acS of and dcrlde-t that 1 met* dtv, anc cave we etc w*»K v« t>t» *ns« >n« Mitcpt> rai all*l:s. in lira aspar-tdl; topch-s ondtlcnl fci’9f(ii>l which!l.iw t.ak.*auj »cd. It serniF tor e That I ccniaiee: them wo twine their way. »rd pef.ctratme every terre, ilbr** and lUatte of ms system.: My Uu-gs sc<l liver pnt on a net* action, *nJ tbs mor bid matter, which ha - lor year* accx* and urj luted the clCtrrnt orcans uf th; bode, w ,< f"-)inited; the tuLercV* oa my l-ma* ilp-lcc, i->: 1 exrocfc tiled ffem n.y lungs r ... -.i a p.n: ;l i ’* • - *•— J K»3!.jO • S pCfi 90 70„4l-TO Gx * 70 5.1.5 93 2.AJ oiaiv-r every me nc- .. -i in-tw t.r t-uWtduu, t* ever uhntad, the pain left rc*,to» co:ig'i citscd t- Aid* me, alii tha csta.nit :-.i niect, rweafs »ete lunger s,ua i t-av -• n . *r.4; -hap, to whir' had :cnj j» u: t straj'*; M-.-a;*? 'iif ww st>: return, oao u i 1: cult u< rest* . t«'11 frcm ti.!> reir- T ‘Mined lo stmurta, s-.d - j m -v~ cicatrix u. ibu ml idle lobeoftn'c rlgM iim; acrt »ne over lute ct patted. with amiphit ct ttd pt*nr*. Tbc I-lt "uEg ts tcago, md th- upper lost: of tne right oe<M> jnn b-rembiy health? nvdri'-c. C-m-nmycicn at that nil) aia tc..n> >t ta be «n . \i -axe dt-eatc by ever; one, pfcj-l U.s &* w-di »*ihc9- v o were nn;«trrrd in mc-iK-t'..—cnprotxi:? >•>. u ca*r? nswereredumi w tne wndircn 1 ws> 1 ■ Ip Icdo jd many peep.e to believe mv re-rove:* omv t. . 1 u-os prepared and eave mucicmes tb ?t:n;r ;ves fir gone tunc, «-d m .ce rvy wonrto* li i curt*. and the det-acd tzcrcaseo s.» rapidly Ibat I Otter:;'L Pil to t tt-t them to tne, an-l u-.cola sty en«»iv;ff«l atviitiuu to lots d!>f an - ?. lu truth. I was icsttcr.’WcotoU,f.r people w«n’-l«e-d for =e, i& ato near, to ascc: twn wnetbir ttnlr cues wc;e ace mine. f Formany yea-ss tn conjunctl m with iy prtnclpxz . (iQlce In I'MU'tclphifk 1 liavebfi-n matin; regular pro itscioittlvUUilo.Sew Yoik. listen, UalUmote q-m mtn-bnrgb. .?U5 . i/J) <11.15 ~ < *i . C 5 L - 7i S 3 (31.00 23 :V) 21 « 23 13 Q :i pot n ary years past, I have made <w many *ir flye bciidirnexairliaticu week J v, with »hn “IttsiuroTn*- Ur.” Fur guctk examination* my charge I* fre dollars, nnil Uetibbiug me tu pttli-nt tae.trne mnfl. ticn efhtidisease, iclltiHiUici,lf wueitcr Uc «rm f-ctwiU. Tlic sreat n-a«n;i wby pltrsiciats do tot care Con* sotr.rtl.»n It, that ti-T try l» :c too mact; tiiif etTe n.*< lo at- p t .eco - ;uh. ti»s:np :b- <wua£s, hectic icier.:iinl t»y »o dulu< lf>-y iler»:»"t the waole (latcaUve gysum. I cUlaiUpUie cxrcUwus, andcvna inally tt c palicnt dies. The x truouiv: Synn U cae of the most Taioahie cccndnes*itc,wii, Uta nuirtent. puwcmrls wne,»:il , trilling Id UM'lt. tt conuun* no cpimij, yi tlo nuu use phelgm in the bronchial tubes, aed u-tur** tari’Wj I; off w lit Utile eacttlcn; ore ootar Crsqucnitv carss an rr clu«ry co«»: bat It will bewdlcmtuuce a a;ca ot tcl.tuck’s 51aaariltu HUs, to c.»gn»* tne awrract. 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M-»ry ps'lcnt* s~h.-> vi.jt ay rooni,both tcaieabd lunae, are sc.pulm «it*' (sly TPe rc.lrf lauaup-irair. if con«i, t«cx take a littie whb%xej ; if Ui“f feel *. osk au ■ ilvnlc, lane a little tchlrkey: it tueycaan.t ric-p.Uicy utet * Utfe whiskey; aril ttcr ro i>i la icii '-»t. acre and arc b oatec! up. a •! i *.ai lzs they we Ri-.tlm: Cory. TCi- ;rnnruh. liv’r a;;d di gestive powers weC'tnplrta:yd j »i;oyf.l.*»npl joj* their aprctitr t-'t Ivo»i. h'. ol»- v»*ac'cr cut'- J «*f tiunby ttlsprccesa. whi-rc lantlis tiu: been tom-.’o Id the iticgs. A little siir nl »at li :red'i '’tretiaai lo cotsuii ptltcs, sata ft> peru hra*'Uy <-r it'o-i wuii; Iriii-arj cases London porter or browu ?:-ut Id mcoe» rate quantities bat f-ca'o-u vM-i-.r bastr.i.e ct ln» eiemtof cotsii’npti.c. The SItaWEKD IONIC gn>inct» lasting re<tLta, t'oionnhiy luvlcuraQa; th« »p-r.*i.u 00. l dlrrsava sjetrm. sutu ccn'jt'cr it t> enu.ip-.U; tu»t Di:i<is tato h.'ality Mood the ffxvl tint in'-” b- a-c* fi.t t-ft par poe. 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Xew T.'rfc GeuereLWbjlti* e A-Jcw. T* r HY WII.I/ YOU SUFFER \ V Iron' KIDNET PIeKASB, GOTTT, C.KiYKL, ITJECIIATJSSJ. (iONOU'GiEA, t."-, SMOLANDES’S EXTRACT IBHICSiTF trice only One Dollar. Sold by 11. FCuViL, AgecS crChlcacoaad vicinity. DEXVKK, COLOitADc. r\h£lCß OP THE SUPEIUNTHXD- I / LaT OF CONSThUCTIOX OF TH-C V. S. COLUI HOUSE. s-pnartdd. Illinois, U-V. W. tsS3. bcaed pr<*po«ala will he reccm-d st the ottlc*/d bo» perlatcndcui of l' r i'toi Stctt-J tert H at jotSc<- field. CUnou, nnUHS o’clock 0., iK«c:al>cr 21th, fex«®t*.rs.airt their te-t«, caps.t’vd piatca, &c., required for t:.o iprl-cUcl'C Dlnnis, Court H.cscanc i*i»st OQee, work, ►hctrlns diictcd-'a*, d**lcn feed ei?-nt of !r, aay befCfD end «rssilrcd Mrwtlr. a'loe at or application at the Cj*tJiu U.-csej at Culcaeo, UhuUs, c»c! :t«M. onto, PitifeboiKh, I'-n.sjtvau:.s st. Loots. stt?«oon. the pattered for cnpltais ioostbe»nt muted W fie Superlotatdev. fir approval beJorecasaay,i»Ddb«d* nadtiiwot oed plus* ten must he pruned Lae. A.l «>«j raW.ijts mr_d ws teued, efev-n thickness, fefcarp arrt9>w a: •! jinooUa laces, and the ornamentation uio-'t reef superior tIaLIU The freight <sa Ce ivery. In cross and ibe wco eol the wor*. mo-t bo d in Srrtrzth'rtbi ort»f»Teth« ih* t Mtre.h, l-m. BlSL”tbe acccmpaabd &*•«?«£ s sll lopartle , imhefutn of ***« will Pcrl-Itn thecrntmrtlf award d K.-hi-fi. i;ic» must he artdri*>eed tn A- ontof thonew Ci'ort House at Sprim’grid, l.anou, and tntnl he endorsed, “Frupwr*!* f?r Irr.a Wcrs.” A. bCIiWARZ, hnpeft'tßndnct. wnraiAS, TbecltrlsraoLjlrcxtis.llng aronnVaix! beyond the oil City 'and CotOwllc ■c-smsterlei, In toe >'orto DU Won; ArdTVhrr.ns It continuance of toe ccstcm ot Interment* In thvse censst-rtes asms till to be prejudicial to the health ol *be vlclnltv, ** weU. astotheg-neral health of toe city ot Chicago: there* lore, aa a sanitary measure, .. £« it vrUatued by me Common Council of the Cuy qf SxcticScL That heresttrr It shall be nulawfal tor any person or personsto brry any body or bodies 13 either cf iuec>.iuel«te* m too North DUMoa ot taa City cf Chlcucr, or within the corporate Lmlts of xalil city, or to deposit any bucU 1-ody or b-Kites la any vault In said or withn the limits of salt! Adt person who shall violate the provirions ft thl« ordinance shall be liable to afineofone hundred dollars tor eucb aid every ansa violation. gic. ?. AH ordnances or parts of ordinance* hereto* fore passed, which tray be In coalites w«h this ortl nsnre, are hereby repealed. . - „ , , _ bee! 4. This ordinance shall ta in fa’l (arc- and c2ect from and after tt» pH R-vca tldce pnjilcail-.n. • Passed, Dec. 29, is*. Approved, IX-C.^UV'Oo j. B. jisior. Attest: Citrk. to!3t>o im. Proposals for ax ißox BEUKiE. omcE ot Tim DoAzn op Pronic wossa, ( CiUCAOO,DcC-ElCcr:a.A>-ii. > Scaled nrcscsal: win be received hythj Doaril cf PCD.Ic Work?, n: tt*-lr OlEee.natt’ 11 a. a. January Jib, lor the ff'cstructloh. ana reajy fbrQM*,ct aniron Bridie over North as itslniexsecUontrllhNcrl* emce'-. D:d;cr< *re UvlteO to sab? it th*!f o*rn p*au< and Epccl lcutlja*, Bcblec*. to the cr.cciuoDS »ulfJ trioo: _ . .. _ The brli-'sa «U 1 a ac-aa of elect.* twc.nahure.enrs. The.e twenty (50 fret n He in the eJre.r, end t«''s! lewaJJa tor foot travel, ench eiahsW’fret-wltie In tne r! eaj. 'iht Cfcor ccams'ni'.l b-iol ibeam >even(T| inchfa wide, plioc-d :wo{2)ioyt aoart ftom ceitra to ftfttie. The Jnii>rai;tns '*t’'*4 t »i: o ‘int‘h2 pattern, fife CO larhe* *F:e, -ui 1 'be h uu.terj will to of wronahl n> Inch *1 tare. J.ot wrou^t Iron, oca end oco-hiiu U>A la>bc» >Qna.e,wtU 00 ph.i><J eisht (?) Pet apart, 'rtcrerer xm p the Boor beam* wit! prr>_W, on**td.* > n f th_ Vku (5i feet «»a(iurdupt".>:t;:ui»y rji br-clar «3 p«* serttrely. Tik hrtd.»- iiiu-t-a;? rt f->Uiy We weletf cf on- ha d*cd ir.d each ieptrfc-al loomf the tlorr jnnreeox th' n»tf way. In addition to tho ofi&e tuett- Ihf brldsc mast be plans'd In «u-h an- i-'r aad Tita sect dlmtwlun* that ’!••• t’V-.t’S st *a.-o~ wroaeht iron rarts acail not .1 the rat- of uu tonxjvai (ic.OW; potmtbt per stiaire Inch nodcrltdenaet oftao maximum lean. . . pans arc jpecldm. on« «*<• al«a ta..tal lor said brtdee.bntlt a* acove. cxc-ptlrs that is tne centre the bridge -hntl ♦npparSod py trea rofeazn r*"nnon stone inna-tati a-* In the-tree, ivl-w, the cf,j; n.r f bdre capped by on Iron nit d-r rxod_2 croaa v“fßot thabrtdiif. ~ ■ . , .. „ . ._ . w pioDreAianm.lbeatdreA-'cd lathe "cardrd ihxDr.c T.v.tkn, cbdPAwd *»rrv»roaal Cur (r in H.'t tue,** and to •crbnreWed wlib th- n-n.V «D)botd,wila snrelia*, tchc aoptovfdby thr Board. . , , The Board re-erve the rluht to relret any bid not in accordance wULthc condlUnS* cf lib a ircrUsemerU ©- to re'ert all blue, and no proposal win be aereptnd unless the p.rtv ortenog it shall give e» i icace sa.tific. 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