Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 4, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 4, 1867 Page 4
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aragu.i Chicago tribune. FRIDAY, JANUARY 4, ISST. THE CITY. Soldiers' Hosts.—The Board of Managers ot he Soldiers* Dome will bold tneir regular meel ng at the Dome, on this (Friday) altornoon atSK > clock. * Pkw Rsurnto —The pews in the Calvary Preeby terlan Chutch, Her. E A. l*ieroa, pastor, will be lot thi.-* evening; bids for choice of seats being received by the trustees. Discharged.—The case of Wm. Ryan, charged with obtaining money nndcr false pretences, from Mr. J. J..Woodmanaec,of Roseville, Illinois, wa* brought before Justice Slnrtevani on a con tinuance yesterday morning. The prosecuting witness failing lo appear. Ryan was discharged. Burgiart.—The fruit store of S. N. McAdams, at No. 110 Madison street, was entered on Wed nesday night by burglars, and robbed of earned trult, oysters, to the value ofabpnt f'-iX), The store was entered through the base ment below the sidewalk. Katt Williams Again*.—This woman, whose name has been so frequently mentioned in the Police report* of the past few months, on New Year's night. U is alleged, stole three pairs oi men's boots and a pair of*hoes. At the Police Court yestes dsy morning she was held for farther examination until next Tuesday, in hail of $590. SmscnniEEs to tux Tribune residing in the di-rirlct north of Ohio street, and east of Clark, in the North Division, are requested not to pay tny more money to the late carrier, W. E. Is bam. A pood and prompt carrier has been appointed in his place, anc will be accompanied on Satur day by the Circulator to collect. Cokbissiok—ln another column will be foo* * the advertisement of Gilbert & Field, commission moicfcan's, No. 16S Washington street, successors to i-ilbert. Updike & Co. The bonsc will be found iu tbe future, as tn tbe past, among the most reliable and attentive to the interests of Ita patrons. Wc commend them to the notice of those uovdlcg agents for the sale of produce, cic. The Flag fob the ship “Chicago."—The com mittee of citizens, consisting of Messrs. Wm. B. Ogden, 1 homes Hoyne, Henry Grcenbaum, and lia JlacEy. of Now York, appointed to present the fag designed for Ihe British steamship “ Chi cago." Mi this ci’y yesterday for New York, to t'vaii the arrival of tbe vessel, nowon its way from England. Who Own-s it?—The police authorities have recovered a boll of water proof cloth, of the description worn by ladies for cloaks and dresses. It was round at the house of James Mcßride in the rear of No. 344 State street. Tho arrest of Mr. and Mrs. Mcßride for tbe larceny of a quan tity of shoes and various other articles, was men* si. the Tnißrxs of Sunday last. The ctoth may he seen at the Armory. Bout Pound in the Lake.—The body of a man without ccat or vest was picked up yesterday near the nior.ih of Herring Creek, on the east shore of i-cl.c Michigan, between Manistee and Betsy l;mr. From papers found on the bodv it would .ipsoarto bu that of a Mr. J. J. Fairbanks, or iJriwaulee. Any inquiries may be answered at :! e office of Porter, Bates & Co., No. IS Franklin street, up stair.-*. Ari'uros Club.—At toe annual meeting of tbe Ardul-m Club, held yesterday, the following nffcM- were elected for the ensuing year: ChatlesL. Wilson. i'.V- iVrrisVnr— J. V. LcMoyne. c.t’d TWcmrrrr—John H.Ross. if Jiirecfon— Darnel Tnompson, H. \\. Clarke, and James Steele. Ei-ncLD or SSOO.—A lame man named V cut g r:ed«‘complaint at the Armory yesterday Mu n’i'i n that he had baen robbed of nearly SSOO o crtct.Lscks at Page Hairla', a colored bouse of ualmUcn on Sherman street. The inmates of in j?c were all arrested, and the case will picbably undergo Investigation this momlngat ihv Police Court. Mr. Young represents himself uo a moider by trade, from Manteno, Illinois. Fnoa BniDCErnßT.—Two 'drunken brutes, nsnud Morgan Connell end Thomas Hayes, co ined ’be boused Mrs. Sarah Hovcy, on Joseph street, near Bridgeport, about 1 o’clock yesterday morning, and abused her In the most shameful inarctr. Her cries of distress brought policemen to : e srot, and the men were arrested. At the Police Court, yesterday morning, the prisoners were Cued each. TE-M-irc Money.—lda Bestel, a German girl, o bse only been in this country a few mouths, ■ployvu as a comctlic In the bouse of Mrs. tcon. at No. llCWcst Randolph street, stole iulisrs In money.from her mistress. She I lire- theft when it was charged upon her .-ii r.irdaj.and was subsequently.arrested. At ‘be Rupee » onrtyc-terday morning she was u, U.IMU- U for (rial in ball of&OO. At Hr* Owm Hors*.—Edward Donohue con trived 11 at he had a right to be dmnk on tbe side walk in front of bis own house, on Chicago avenue. A policeman told him to go inside. The argument which ensued provoked an arrest. Donohue resisted ami bit the officer severely fn the hat d. At the Police Court yesterday morning Lv was fortunate enough to get OS’ with a fine of V>. PnuEMTATiox.-ii. l. Esq., the popu lar and efficient superintendent of tut North Chi cago City Railway Comcauy, was madetnei* cipicnt on New War's day of a handsome gold watch Iroro the employes of tbc road Mr. Gra it rmeily cashier of. the road, made the pro in a nest complimentary speech, in the courft* of which he remarked that it bad been sometimes supposed that he had been employed bv Mr. Bristol to watch the conductors. That supporirirt. he said, was unfounded, bnt now tnc couductois tad employed him to "watch” Hr. LlialOi. The Cojmispjoir ButixEss.—Elsewhere will be for.r.d the advertisement of E. V. Bobbins & Co., ct'maib'inD merchants for the purchase and sale of Western produce. Jtr. Robbins has for many years beer. eopatjedlc the commission business. «L<!. thrunch iLQUstrr and Integrity, has achieved a i* pn!aTit’D as one of our most respected mer* chart.-. He has associated with him Colonel \V. Arjr. Pay, cf Wisconsin, and C. JL Howe. Colo- Zt i Pay Drinzd to the new Ann a large aconaln* uci;e an.! a welt deserved popularity, and con* tiibcto- liberally to the cash capital. Wo bc ppeak for the Arm a liberal share of public pa trunage. Illinois Sexatx—OmciAi Prronixß.—We retire ihat George Buckley. Esq., is a candidate for tt.c cf.’.ce of jfllcial Reporter of the Senate of tLis Srato a: the coming session. Mr. Buckley is well ki’O'.'n In this city as a thoroughly competent aiiil faithful reoorter. Ills record as official re port'.'i'during tne last session ofthe Senate was ktu.l: that ptubahly no Senator holding over will cjiio-o him. Besides Lis connection with that iteffsb’ Pal fuflilentatf priWSft.ftaiPilPk.el jo-iJir:. of Assistant City Clerk, of Chicago, in which «he duty of compiling the official report of the proccecings has for a long time past Lot:* distliarged by him. A Crniors tfriT.—A suit was bronght before Ju-iicc i. B. Brown, yevtcrday afternoon, against Acgu?t Maufi, formerly a Captain In the service, fur the alleged theft ofsn account book, the prop erty of Frederick Goodyear. It appears that on Wcdn'-.-day Goodyear brought a salt against a Vroshrr of MauffV, before Justice Enzenbecker, in i in - Wi-«: Division, ihe defence being represent ed by Augu.i Manff. Goodyear pre«cn(ca the ac coui.t n'<;k to ihe Jnsi.ce for examination. The *!• di-mis-ed. and when Goodyear asked for the l oiil: he ascertained that the Justice had l.andtd it to Maud. Mauff denied any knowledge ot it. and strict search in the office failed lo pro duce It. Being either unable or unwilling lo re tun; the hook, yesterday, Mauff was committed foi tnnl iu bril of SIOO, rxr.Er.jsrmtD Votes sox Valid.—At the last election John Clark and Schuyler P. Slmonds w-rc CKiicidntes for Commissioner of Highways in the town cf CJccro. The votes showed a ma jority oC five for Simonds, who was accordingly ntclnred elected. Clark contested the election, nn the ground luat the judges of election bad re ceived aud counted about ttlily votes from par ties ** ho had not been registered. The case wa* heard yoitidny morning belore Justices DeWoll a:.d Wintlap, of Chicago, and Booth, of Jefferson Tonnriiin, and Clark was declared to have been dulv ck-clen— the evidence showing that ten vot-s Lad bem cast hv unregisteicd parties, and that thev Lad b*-cn thrown In favor of Slmonds. They were declaten yesterday morning, by the Justice*, i<> he of no account, and consequently Mr. Snnocd.-.was reduced from public life to private citizenship. Commuted toe Trial.— The case of Henry Oc?:e. cl arged widt an assault with Intent to kill Fn flfrick Bat&e, was finally examined belore Justice : icr:tvantyesterday morning. The de tail- of ;li i> ca=c were published In these columns oniio-uay morning. The witnesses for Mr. Ocsu- itot.M-tlrg of tbo bar lender, a partner of y.r. O'-i-u and a woiaar iu the Douse), quite over did ti;-; l.T>;re£3 fa swearing for him, and tro pa;:-od iho Mrongih of their testimony. Mr. iss;--«;V Mi-mid* w.’*re very severe, and \vh"n he v’ a- Lome bis wife, who was In a very deli cate Mi-..ailoi , gave premature birth to an inline, »n cui.- v<;u.;uce of her alarm for film, and is now Ivj:;.. in a critical condition Tbe relation of this circKin-tar.te excited abroad smile on tbe brutal cui:r.toj.*«i:n; of Oestc. After an impartial h»-a-- Ii:~ of t-.c race, the Court committed Oeale for tri;d in kail of fSLO. Trjrrzn,ij«cK Jlextijjg.—A public temperance mcfTinp was held last evening. In the First Pres b.-tciian fbnrch on Wabash avenue, near Con grers fctivei. : Xhe meeting was held under tbe autpicr* of the Union Reform Association, a sod tv which •.••»» funned July 4th. IfeCl- They issued their first document on teeplember 9th, ISCI, ami la about one year they baa Issued 120.0-W, beside- 4 nvnuin*-c]al». luthcarmy some 12,0tD offic-r.- ai.'i mm joined the Association. The exorcises last night were opened by singing and prat or, a ter which a text was read, beginning a: ine ‘twenty-i-inth verse of the twenty-ninth chapter of Proverbs. The meeting was addressed iiv Rev. 7. M. Humphrey, D. D., Mr. J. Bonsall, rVv. 11. N. Bishop. I). !>.. and Rev. W. W. Wlt:- iianis, Svrroiarr of the Association. The speeches •wrje well M-c.livd by the audience, and a num ber of r.-me- were added ro toe “total abstinence*’ pledge: aiur which the meeting adjoarned with pjayer by Iter. Dr. Bishop. Tnc Toy Pickpocket-.—James Quirk, George Snv.nUvj-. oho* Reed, and Andrew Johnson, the tim-rjutciiilcß arrested on Monday afieroooti by d'V-ctive? I'iron and Ellis, were bronghtbefora the Police Court yertrrday morning charged with varmnev. Their employment recently has been pilfering from me pockets of ladles and gentle mvn m cio»d*-d thoroughfares and on the street cars. Quirk 1b an oil onenderandwas fined {too. The other two wc«e fined $73 each. If those who lof-c monev by the depredations of these leeches on the community will not lake the trouble to come forward to Identify them when arrested, they tbcnld not complain of the Inefficiency of out police authorities, but bear their losses with Philosophical composure. The arrest of these 1 bovg was mentioned io Tuesday's Tsibuke with H j rC qu»st that those who bad been vicßmlxcd tbouio call and tee them. One lady came and idcntifi* o one of them, but declined to appear against Llm. 11. E. enucca Exrrsstox.—A mcePngof Ihe Executive Committee of the Rock River Church Extension Society, connected with the M. B. Church, held a mediae yesterday afternoon In the office of Dr. Hitchcock, No. G 6 Washington street. Mr. R. F. Queal In the chair. Rrv A. J. KtdcU, who was elected Church Ex tension Agent at a previous meeting, was present and accepted the position. Mr. Kynetfor many years has been engaged with the Upper lowa Conference, and in tbe tutors swill devote bis Dine between tbe Upper lowa and Rock River Conferences. On motion of Dr. Hitchcock, the pastors of tbe various 74. E. Churches in the city were invited to be present at a taic'ing of the committee, to be held this morning at 10*i o'clock, in the office of Dr. Hucbcocu, lor ihe purpose of consulting with Ibe committee and agent oaa plan for future operations in the city. Ou mouoc of Rev. T* M. Eddy, D.D M Mr. R. F. Queal was appointed to secure a room at head* qoaiteis for the committee. Op motion, adjoarned until <hl« morning. COMMON COUNCIL. Adjourned Meeting—Proposed Chapter Amendments—Assessments—Fire Department. An adjourned meeting of the Common Connell was held last evening, to continue the considers lion of the proposed amendments lo the Charter. Ills Donor the N tyor In the chair. On motion of Aid. Talcott, the Board went Into Committee of the Whole, Aid. Woodard in the chair. The chapter under consideration was AJBES3BCNTB. Frc Said Assessors shall not In any case as sess taxable or pensons) estate any less than its real ot trne value as defined by the State revenue laws. All personal property of any nature and kind, having ita actual ritut within the city, ahall be assessed lor municipal purposes In the district where the same may be lound, whether the owner resides in the city or not. This provision shall extend to and Include the proportion of the rolling stock of all such rail roads and railway companies as ran cars or trains into the city by loose of. roadbed, or track, or by contract or arrangement with any other railroad company or corporation, such proportion lo be ascertained and apportioned in accordance with the statutes regulating the assessment of the rolling stock by such companies the same as (hough sack company owned the track and road bed. Src. —. Provides that the Assessors shall call upon all persons and corporations fora list of their taxable Property, the Uscdo he signed and veri fied Uy the person making it. Sec. —. Neglect or refusal to make out the list so vended to be punished by penalties to be pro vided by the Council. Sec.—. The Assessor shall note the refusal to list or answer by any one called upon, or the absence or sickness of any such. dec. —. The Assessors, with the Commissioner of Taxes, shall meet and remain in session twenty successive days to equalize, alter and revise the assessments, and after that session no changes shall he made. K*Sec. —. When tho list is completed the Connell snail levy taxes based on it. Sec.—. The lax warrant is to Issue as at pres ent, and to be collected upon. Sec. —. False swearing under this chapter to boptmiehedas perjury. Sec. —. The Common Council, In order to rem edy any unlorosccn defect or omission, shall have the power at any time upon the recommen dation of the Commissioner of Taxes, by ordi nance to so modify or add to the requirements of this chapter, as to perfect the assessments to be made in said city for municipal purposes: Fro rtded, however, that do such modification or ad dition shall be made unless at a regular meeting, after due publication thereof, and then only by a vole of two-thirds of all the Aldermen elected, said vote to be taken by ayes and none, and en tered on (be minutes of the Council, and in case the same is vetoed by the Mayor, it shall require three-fourths of all the Aldermen elected to pass the same over such veto. The Board of Assessors hereby created shall perform all the lation to assessing property, for the purpose of levying the taxes imposed bj tbe Common Cone •*il. Toe Assessors in tbe performance of their duties shall bare lh** same powers, and be subject to the same liabilities as are or maybe given by law to Town Assessors, unices otherwise pro vided iu this chapter. mut PErATmttNT. Additional sections were adopted In the matter of this Department. Section —. Allows the Board of Police to Ga- •ahl’gh their grades of Assistant Fire Marshals. Skc. —. It shall bo tbe duty of tbe Assistant Eire Marshals to attend nil fires, thry to take rank according to grade. Sec.—. The Board of Police may, with the consent of the Common Council, cause repairs to be made to fire engines in any shop of the city. BOABD OF PUBLIC WORKS. A scries of amendments, offered by Aid. Talcott, nrondingforacbasgcln the organization ot tbe Board ol Puolic Works, were not approved. These provide for the addition of the Mayor as an ex-officto member, a fifth member lo bo added by me Council. It also provided that the terms of all injure Commissioners shall be of four years -luration. Instead or six, and that any or all men bezs may he removed tor cause upon a three-fourth* vote of the Council. The committee then rose, and the Council ad journed till this evening. OPEMKV OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Four Sew Structure* and Districts—Tile Boundaries* The Public Schools n( this city opened os Wednesday morning with their canal fall attend ance. Four new schools were also opened In or der partially to remedy tho lack of accommoda tions, which Is great and rapidly increasing, as follows: . Elizabeth Street PrlmarySchool. This is a new frame building located on the comer of Elizabeth and West Lake streets, containing eight rooms, capable of seating 50m pupils, and requiring nine female teachers. The pupil* are from the Wash ington.Rrown and Skinner schools.which were too greatly crowded and also from localities so re mote mat the children did.not attend at all. The boundaries of the new district areas follows: Beginning at the comer ol Reuben and Klnzic .-.Heels, thence following Single street to the river, ibe river to Fulton street, Fulton street to Green, Green street to Randolph, Randolph street to Ann, Ain street to Madison, Madison street to Reuben, and Reuben street to the place of beginning. Another new building ia on tho corner of Pier jvDand North Market streets, and u called the i’lerscn Street Primary School. It is similar to the above in size, cost, accommodations and number of teacbere. The pupils come cbiedy from the overcrowded Franklin and Kmzie dis tricts. The boundaries are as follows: Begin ning at the intersection of White and Wells streets, tbcncc following White street to Town send, Townsend street lo Oak, Oak street to the riier. the river lo Huron street, Huron street to Wells,Wells street lo the place ofbegtnnicg. The third building is located at Douglas place, near Coltax avenue. The district was formerly called the South Chicago District, bnt is now earned the Cottage Grove School District. The new building is a full district school, with all ibe grades, and will accommodate about three hundred pupils. The Episcopal Church In the vicinity nos used fur some time in connection with the old building. Coin arc now vacated, ami tjiM latter Is to be moved la the spring to Twenty s'sth street, between the Pittsburgh & Fort Wayne, and the Michigan Southern Railroad tracks, to form a branch of the Ho.cly School. Ibe new bnlldin" has a male principal, and tight female assistants, being five more than before. The Cottage Grove District consist* of all the citv sooth of Twenty-ninth aud cast of Halstcd streets. A lonrth new district has been formed called the Holling Mill Primary. The bandlnsis that called the “Uld No. 12 ” U was first occupied by •beßrovniscbool, then mored to the Welle Dis trict, from whence it has been displaced by the fine new airuclnrc completed there last fall, and fass now stopped near the Hollins Mill, having started first from Union Hark. The new district takes tic primary children from the Newberry Diflrlcr, west ol the rlv.r. It employs two teacher? id ccn accouimodulc nearlv 150 srlio’ara. bounded as follow**; Bogii.ning at intersection of city limit** with the river, tbence following the river to Black Ilawk street Black Hawk street to Reuben, Reuben street lo North avenue. North avoMte to Wood street, Wood street to the place ol l-egiuniog. These four new schools opened nearly full, and will probably soon bccro»ded, showingthat there !*> still need for more accommodations. About twenty new fachers were appointed for thcrn.TS? Anchor building, on the comer of John and Walsh envois, is nearly completed, and will be occupied in the spring. It will draw pupils from .ill the city south of the Burlington Jc Quincy itallroad track, and west of the river, and will contain all the grades ana employ eight teachers. ALLEGLD ABORTION Seduction and iu sequu-a ..teuw man charged with the murderous Act. A serious charge was hronght against Dr. E. W. Edwards, a medical practitioner of this city, on Wednesday, before Justice Brown. A young gill, named Kile Marlow, who resided with her parents, on Western avenue, left her home several months since, under distressing circumstances. She bad been seduced by her lover, a young man named Bernard Gardner, who had managed to gain the affections ofthe young girl. Her parents discovered her m the boose of one Madame Beau fort, on Slate street, where she had been led by her betrayer, tor purposes which need not be specified. She was taken back to her home, and Gardner was arrested aud held to bail oa the charge of seduction. The girl soon disappeared again from her home, and alter considerable search she was found liv ing In a room at No. 121 Dearborn street, with a young woman named Annie Reynolds, who was m-a similar unfortunate situation. It soon ap-. -/eared 'hat an abortion had been produced upon her. and when, at the instance of her friends, she <as removed to a hospital on the North Side, she ••onfessed the wLole circumstances, stating that Or. Edwards and ano>hcr physician had adminis tered drugs which caused the abortion. The Doc tor was arrested, aud on Wednesday the ca«c came before Justice Brown fur examination. The wll : css did not appear agaimt him, and the case was .ontiimed, the defendant giving bail for his ap pearance in tbo sum ol As there arc always tiro sides to a story, It Is due to the defendant In Ibis case to state his rcr rion of the t circiimetancu9. Dr. Edwards alleges that be examined the girl at her own request, and, judging from marks about her upper limbs, he diagnosed her to be suffering from a disease which nerd not be named. He prescribed for her in the picecnce of the landlady, and the prescriptions wero carried to the drug 'tore by a friend of tic girt, and there placed on the file. The Doctor claims that these prescriptions ore open for examination, aud challenges auy one lo say that there is any thing in the drugs calculated to prodcuc abortion, lie farther claims that be was never with her un der circumstances which would admit of an opor- itioubvlog performed unknown to the friends of iLc gill; that he did not believe her to be rncl-nv, -r.u did cot treat her for ihuL If these statement** ;'C tt uc, it is not probable that the girl or hvr fends will appear to testify against him. FEMAN 111 HEXING. c&tlicriiscror the flenanna Circle. A meeting of the McManus Circle of the Fenian •uotheibood was held in Lloyd's Block lastrvcn- F, B. Senator Michael Scanlan, presided, Morrison, Mr. Scanlan addressed the ; icctin.:, and expressed his dissatisfaction, in ;»r«Uy strong language, at the small number . resent, giving bis bearers io understand that Ibe interest manifested in Femanism 1»v the Iri-h in hicagc was not as creditable to* them as it might be. Mr. Morrison was also disappointed and mor tified. Uc din not know whether the elitr. ;*ucLda:ice was owing to carelessness on the ;.art of those who had been, charged with .be management ol the meeting, or to a falling oil :>f enthu-ia-m, but tnc meeting was certainly «li£crent from there of former limes. In Chicago, wbm R was an easy matter, at an hour's notice, cun without *bc aid of big posters, to gather a large ciowd of genuine lovers of tbo land ot their olrth. Mr. Mon Don was particularly tcvcraapou certain parlies in Chicago, whom be charged with •avinr failed to do, pecuniarily. In Jure last, aliat they bad promised. In the course of hi •pooch S;e staled that the first, second. snd I bird n.mpanlcs cohering to tbe Ft mao cau-r *crc composed .ol native Frenchmen,—and he atked hi- hearers In a snmewha; , arcastic war. if they were in favor of having p jenchrocn fight tbe.battles wnich they ought to light themßches. Uc also stated that more than sMXl'.lbb bn J been raised and given to Stephen* snd O'Mahoney, and he would like to know- how this large sum of money bad b-en expended. Mr. Morrbon gave considerable information in repaid tu Fenian movements, but on one point— that of tbe date ol the next attack upon Canada— he maintained a jndldoas reserve. He also rtated that there were In the East, within ten hours march of the Canadian border, Irom 7.000 to 8.000 men who were ready to march, well armed and In uniform, whenever Iheylsjrccelvfd the word. Hib statement mat more than iIO.dOO rides and g,WK) COO rounds of ammunition were In the possession of discreet Fenians caused a good deal of sensation, and so did his statement that the rifles were being changed from mtmbi-loadcrs to breech-loaders, through a process covered by a patent recently taken ont by Colonel Berdan, of tbe famous regi ment sharpshooters. Mr. Morrison's speech was a very earnest one, and received many marks of approval trom the audience. A Striking Incident of the evening was the co llate of a company of stalwart Irishmen, known as the Corcoran Guards, who marched through tbe ball, and finally baited near the stand occu pied by the eloquent speaker. The Bbjdewell.—Ore of oar reporters visited the Bridewell on Tuesday afternoon, and inspect ed the kitchen, laundry, workshop, cell* and re ception room—everyone of which was found in good condition. But the general average of the concern was discovered to Do had, so Car as venti lation and a few other necessarlcalwere concerned. In point of cleanliness, the Bridewell compares fsvorab'y with anypnhllc place of resort In the city, and its halls and etalrwaya are about as neat as any which belong lo dwelllngn on Michigan r.vctmo or at Hyde Park. There I* not room cnouph in the Bridewell for those -'ho ntc tn (he habit of patronizing IL and u ought ui be replaced with a new one, or nbol- Irhed altogether. Asa general rule, two prlio iicra occupy a call, and the beds being onW about two feet wide, their occupants are In danger of nnatrclling when one or the other gets too far in the middle. The presect Bridewell has, or ought to have, performed Ita mfetuon. It answered for a good many years the purpose lor which it was catib lifted: hut ft nos l;cpt pace witn other Iroi-rmcmcnts, and lt< guardians would do well to clvc it the cov n <'t p/tre-*, or nlace U on a more re spectable tooting than it has occupied for the last year or two. As the thing stands now. It is a disgrace lo Chicago; ana we are informed tnat romo of Us Inmat s. especially those who have been convicted of vagrancy or disorderly conduct, thick they arc more uiscraccd b* living in it than tney were by sponging upon decent people, or raifing a row In a bai-roonj. Mr. George Knerr, the keeper of the Bridewell, set a very palatable lunch, at four o'clock m the attcmuoD, and entertained bis gnc-ls in bis usual hospitable eylc. inUSKIIIBNTS. Tub Opera.—The opera of Emanl was given last evening with eplcndld aacccssl aad may bo set down as one of the hnost finished representa tions of opera ever given lu'lhc clly. This was especially gratifying, considering the failure of the evening previous. The castwas a strong ouo, having Gbloni, Sosiut, Irfre and Marra In it. Every artist, chorus sinner, aut\ Orchestral player seemed determined to afone fob the fiasco of Fra Diarolo by conscientious individual effort, and the result was a success. We regret that the unusual pressure upon onr space forbids ns no ticing the performance in detail, for It is rare that we can pass upon an opera with unqualified ap proval. AU the artists were in fine voice, and the choruses were given with spirit, force and pre cision. The superb finale of the third act created a genuine sensation, and resulted In a demand lor an encore, which the sudden exit of the conducor prevented. The trio In this act was also encored. GhlonTs interpretation of the Ernani intotoml was very aitisttc and embellished with some oi the purest, clearest runs wc have ever beard. Su slnl was in unusually good voice and made up bis vole superbly, lore sang with more fire <han usual, and used his middle and lower register With more effect than at any time during the pre sent season. Marra sang tno Sepulchre aria In a very impressive manner and in all bis efforts, es pecially m the them of the finale to the third act was very effective. The choruses without ex ception were excellently given. We arc glpd to chronicle so pronounced a success upon the heels of so pronounced a failure. This evening Vn hallo In J/ascAcrawlll he given for litre's benefit. llcVicEEii'a Theatre,—'The benefit of M’jlo. Johanna Clauesen was well attended last evening, and the p f ormances, embracing English and German, • ■ >cd off well. This evening, “The Woodland V ‘blower,” and “ Tbe Young Scape grace.” bamrdoy, benefit of Mr- Waldron. Museum.— I “Formula” and “Don Cxaar de Bazan” contributed (he bill at Wood's last night. This evening is the last but one of the groat fairy extra'aganza, tbe production of which has been attended with eminent success. I'iiu.uAHMOxic.—lt was thought up to a very recent time that this society was dying out of existence. It has now been decided to make an effort to continue It in the expectation that it can be restored to active life. A meeting of tbe man* egers was held on Wednesday evening, every one ot the parties going there In the fond belief that tbe society was about to be extinguished. After some doleful talk, with expressions of rcgr<tat “the lack of muslcjl taste In this city,* 1 a motion by on; of tbe members was entertained to the effect that another effort be made to gain the, public favor and' keep It in existence tor seme time longer. The motion prevailed, amid conbts as to tbe posribUUy of carrying out the measure. It was decided that the series of concerts already announced, should take place In the Music Hall, instead of In the Opera House, and that the character of the concerts should be changed with the change of accommodation, to a hind of hermaphrodite blending of tbe chamber concert and the full concert. Home talent is to be relied upon exclusively for the future concerts cf the season. Some people arc wicked enough lo think that, had the committee bestowed mure attention upon the home talent in their previous concerts, they might have been mote successful. Whether the chucgejof location thus decided on, and tie change of character In the concerts in volved. will be acceptable to those who purchased season tickets iu Use expectation of a full course at me Opei a House, we are not prepared to say. Skating.—The ice at all tbe skating parks an J rinks is firEt-cla*s,ijicd the weariicr mild enough to make the sport really enjoyable even by the delicately constituted. Special announcements arc given Inoar advertising columns. Skating m Behalfof tho Poor. Wc have often had occasion to commend the liberal deeds of the managers of (be Washington Skating Park. Wc trust that the following corres pondence will he the means of putting some thonsi.rds of dollars at the disposal of the Relief Committee of the Young Men's Christian Asso ciation: Wasuimotos Skatimo Park, I Ciiicauo, December 31, f Wirt Debtor, Esq., Chairman City Relief Com mittee: Dear Sir : On behalf of tbc Board of Directors of the Washington Skating Association, 1 beg to tender to the City Relief Funds a benefit. To this intei.l find - tickets issued by the above com mittee and sold at such rates as you may deem most suitable, will be honored at this Park during tl.c wteu ending January 12th. ISG7. An early re ply is desux'd. Yonrs sincerely. Geo. G. Street, Secretary. Chicago, January 3,15G7. Geo. G. Street, Esq., Secretary Washington Ska ting Park Association: Dzau bin: In the absence of Mr. Dexter I most thankfully accept yourgenvron* offer of a benefit for tbc teller of the worthy poor at the Washing ton Skating Park for (be entiru week ending Jan uary lath. Tickets will be at once issued and placed for sale in the principal music, book, drug and jcwclrv stores in me city. Very truly yours, T. U. Aveby. Divorce* Yesterday. In the Circuit Conti, In '.he case of ADELIA S. VS. DELA F. EIMdEU, commenced Anguet S, ISGb, the Master’s re port was filed and confirmed, and a decree rendered. The bill alleged a marriage by Justice Startevaot, on the 2Cth of March, ISCf, and living together until June 1, ISK3, when it is charged that del* ndaut refused longer to live with complainant. She also alleged against him that be was habitually a drunkard, refusing to sup port, and sometimes healing her. The applies tfon was published and the matter was referred. The Master's report, based upon ibe testimony ot one Sarah M. O’Reilly, was favorable to the de cree. which was granted. A bill for divorce was filed In tbc Recorder’s Court, th? panics being CItAHI KS E. VS. EUZAEETD M. LEACU. The 1111 in tins ca-c acta up a marriage ou the loth cf October. ISW, at Boston, Mass. 'J be charge Is. that daring April, ISC3, the dclcndaut deserted complaii.nnt. PrxKnASi UibCiiAiiaED. —The case con- lirocd from Wednesday, before the Police Court, m Charles Pinkham, charged with stealing Us wife's satchel, wa* examined yesterday afternoon. The salt was of such a peculiar character that it was disposed of by pi educing the satchel and the division oi Us contents. Mrs. Pinkbara going •through’' it, with running comments which were exceedingly edifying to the spectators. Several “Banners of bight,” a few photographs, some choice newspaper extracts regatding Mr. Pink bom’s “trial' 1 in Philadelphia, and an ancient genealogical tamlly record, were missing from the satchel, and ihiir loss was greatly deplored. The remaictug con’enls comprised several dreamy pamphlets of Spiritual literature, a little clothing. ami saucer, a quantity of old letters and handbills 6f ~* c LccTh fes '“no 1 F.tfaical science. Spi; Ituol Philosophy, with an expose of Familiar Spiritism, the Introduction of pure Christianity, the origin of all things, men and Governments, the attributes of Deny and Eternity 01 Matter, the future of America, Europe and tin' World, the future rarucr of President Johnson, 'Maximilian. Louis Napoleon and Queen Victoria, Who ought to be the next President, the World’s Comention and the Coming Man. Admission in cents.” One of the pamphlets was entitled—“ The History of all Things, by Hie Lord Jesus Christ, delivered through the mediumshlp of Mr. Arnold, a son of mat), earthly aud unrcgencratc, to whom it was delivered in the words used; ar ranged and amended In punctuation by tbo intel lect ofthe roan and the occasional assistance of the spirit above named.” The pamphlet entitled the “New Bible,” bad an Introduction assvming to be received from the Savior of Mankind, and signed “Jesus, formerly of Nazareth.” Folio .v --ingtliU htroducrion were the endorsements of George Washington. Benjamin Franklin audJohn Jay. The -rcab.r part of this rubbish was restored to Mrs.' lu.'ham. much to tbo gloom and discom fiture ot her husband that was. State Militia.—An adjourned mating of sol diers and other citizens was held in Parlor No. \ Treroont House, last night to take steps for (be organization of Illinois volunteers nndcrabute militia law. General T. O. Osborne occupied the chair, with Captain i has. K. Uvi-rrockcr as Socrc*nry. A bill was reported by Captain W, Kelsey Reed, secretary of the special committee appointed to prepate a bill for the object above stated, which should be presented at tbe next session of the Loci filature fur enactment. A protracted discussion arose on the various features of the bill, which was participated in by General W. B. Scales, General O. H. Mann. Colo nel R. A. Gllraoie, Colonel G. R. Clarke, Captain J. Ilaydf; Captain W. K. Heed, Captain E. S. Brand, in _:al J.!.. Beveridge, Dr. Blake, Licu tanantCb*.iu;:.'rs, Colonel Rutishanscr.and others. Itwss finally voted to refer the hill hack to tbe same C'-mmbtec, to report at a subsequent meet ing. Doctor Blake, i uptaiu Brand, and Captain Hayden were added to ihe committee, and the meeting adjourned to meet next Thursday even ing at ihe same place. The bill provided tor the raising of twenty-four icgiments, to compose twelve brigad-rs and two corps, for a £l&tc tax of half a mill on the dollar, a yearly drill of five to ten days, pay to volunteers two dollars per day without transportation or ra tions. Onrnait Astloi. —A meeting of the Board or DRertots of the l*rotrstant Orphan Asylum was held yesterday altcrnoon. No baslocs of Impart* anci- was transacted, with the exception of the • Wtion of officers for the present year—the re sultof the election being: President. Mrs. Tul hill King; Vice President, Mrs. George C. Cook; Mrs. Satnncl Locke. Mis. J. M. Richards ai d Mrs. C. M. Gray were appointed a committee on wardrobe and bedding. Mrs. Charles Follansbev was appointed a com mittee ol one on rci option, i. c., to decide upon armtsaions to the Asylum. An Imitation irom Yankee Robinson, for the or pbars to attend a matirt'e at the Coliseum on Sat urday afternoon, nos acknowledged ana accepted, uitli thanks to the gentleman giving It. Mie.TutbillKingand Mrs. George C. Cook were appointed a Committee on diet. A contribution of ss* was acknowledged from the scholars ol .Miss Randolph's school on West 1- nlion street. One of the scholars, several weeks ago, proposed the giving oi a donation to the Asylum, and, her motion baring been duly Bcconecd, she and Iter mates decided on having a Jurei He fair, wrick was accordingly held, and the m*l re. nit was $52 in lawful currency. The pm, jeet «n« well conceived and admirably executed, and if Miss R ndolnh’s scholars feel prond of their work, no reasonable person win blame them. The Matron's report acknowledged contribu tions of provisions from various parties, as well as fire dollars each fiom Mrs. J. B. Cobb. Sire. Ficderick Tuttle, Mrs. Charles Bockuhh, Mrs. Dr. Kidudge, Mrs. Fisk, and Mrs. J. laylor. Home fou the FntutDLEss.—A meeting of the Managers of the Home for the Friendless was held on Wednesday afternoon. Contributions to the amount of S7GO were acknowledged from tbe city, $*.W) SS from the country, and s2ss.s7 from miscellaneous sources; also, a contribution of $25 from Mrs. Van B. Higgins, one of SSO from a friend i.f the Home, and others of $57.95 from panics who do not wish their names to be made public. Mrs. Sarah Funk's donation of $250 was ac knowledged, as well as that of $25 douated in provisions by Sutton & Beckwith. Dr. Colion was tv-engaged as physician to tho Home, at a monthly salary of S2O. The Matron, Mrs. Grant, made the following re port lor the month of December: Admitted, 191: children, 43; women, 59: dis missed, K—of which there were 49 women ami SO children. There were two deaths daring the month. Present number ol inmates, 85. The sum of S3O, as supply money, was voted to the Mahoo, to be used at discretion. It was decided that the annual meeting for tbe election of officers should take place on the second Monday of the present mouth. Street Can Accideht.—On New Tear's eve, a Milwaukee avenue ctr, at the Kiuzte street cross ing, was slightly injured by a railroad locomo tive. Conductors are required to stop their cars at such crossings ana look oat for passing en gines. Tbo engine in this instance was standing a few feet trom tbe aoeslog, and tbe conductor of the street car requested the driver to move on. The engineer of the locomotive thought the car bad passed, and started slowly forward, striking the rear platfoim, but uctwith sufficient force to damage It much. The driver, somewhat f.ight etied. got off the car and was kicked by one of his horses, but nousenously hurt. I.AVF INTELMOENCK. The Grand Jury of the Dolled Slates District Court has not os yet returned an) true hills into Court. The Jury his been discharged in the Cook Conniy Circuit Court for this term. The January letm opens on Monday mottling next. In the case of Thomas W. White end another, against Alexander Crawford, default of the de fendant being entered, the Court assessed the damage, and rave Judgment for $333.30 debt, and damages 1175.52; tola! s4i€.ti&. A motion was made to set aside the judgment recently recorded in the snUof E. J. Wilcox vs. Johi: K. Pollard, impleaded with Rodney M. Whipple. In the case of Mary Button against the city, the deicndant interposes ibonloa of general denial. This case was stated in the Tribune a few days fclu ce. The new salts in this Coart include only one action of assumpsit, and the Issuing of one attach ment wnt. The first is by William E. Dcggett, Henry D. Bassett and D. Hobart Hills, against Anthony Tcnncmau, Is which the damage ts laid at 1500. The other la at the salt of the same plaintiffs against the same defendant on anal* leged indebtedness of $353, and the allegation U the fraudulent assignment of property within two years. There yet remain two days of Insure to the Judges of the Superior Court, prior to the opening of the January term. Meantime there Is still but a paucity of business presenting. The suits in this C mt, os In the Circnt*, being limited to one ac tion in assumpsit, and one attachment proceeding. The action of assumpsit was by James Doyle vs. Thomas C. Holland, with damage laid 11.500 The attachment was by Frederick Heldc against Robert N. Loucks, on the ground of an alleged in. iention to leave the State, and on an alleged in* debtedaes? of $128.73. f|Thcatteution of the County Court was given to the examination of accounts, excepting In so far as the commission oflonacyaffecting James Car roll was taken. It appeared to the satisfaction of the Jury lhatbe is of unsound mind. The insanity is - found to be of four mouths* duration, tho patient hci'g twenty-seven years of age and not subject ’to epilepsy. Police Board.—An adjourned meeting of the Board of Police, Fire and Health Commissioners was held at their rooms yesterday morning. Presi dent Brown and Commissioner Qnud being pres ent. Tbe pay-rolls for December to tbe following amounts were examined and audited: Fire Do pamnent, $5,453.93; Health Department, 5i.437.12; ■ Police Department. $11,035.62. A few small bills were also approved, and the Board adjourned. COMMON COUNCIL. [OFFICIAL EEFOET.-] Adjourned Special Meeting, Chicago, January 8, ISG7. Prettnt—\\\s Houor the Mayor, and Aldermen Knickerbocker, Curler, D’Wolf, Wicker, Barret*, Wl'manb. Calkins. Kann. Flonncau, Wallwork, Moote, Schuler. Rafferty, Tslcott, Woodard, Ctxby, Russell, Ackboff, Gastflcld, Franzen, Rah, Engyl, SUackford, Clark, O'Sullivan. Absent-- AloermenCox, Ilatcb, Fnshie, Holden, Huntley, P.-oudioot, Lawson. COMMITTEE Of TUE ‘WHOLE. Aid. Tnlcott moved that the Connell go into Committee ol the Whore, on the proposed amend* meat to the City Charter. The motion prevailed, and the Connell resolved itself Into Committee ol tho whole. Aid.'Wood* ard In the chair. After sitting, the committee rose, and through its chairman, Aid. Woodard, reported progress, and asked leave to rlt again. !. Clark moved mat the report be accepted save to sit again granted, i motion prevailed. Aid. ana 1c The Aid. Wicker moved that the Connci) now ad* }onm until to*morrow (Friday) evening, at o'clock, p. m., and The motion prevailed. A. H. BODMAN. City Clerk. LOCAL MATTERS. Wien (n the flash or health we scorn disease; bnt when stricken by disease, must we turn away merely on account of having beard such words before? No! Retail who suf fer from diseases of the Lungs and Tnroal re member that Pectoral Balm will relieve all, and cure the majority of cases For sale by all drug gists. Burnhams & Van Scbaack, Chicago, Gene ral Agents for the Northwest. Sewing machine Exchange, 159 Clark street. The only place in the Western world where the twelve varieties of flret-claas Machines can be seen on exhibition in the same store. Par ties maxing a purchase at this establishment can exchange tor any other make if not satisfied with Hist selection. l)re;s and cloak making, calling and lilting, family sewing ami shirt making: gar ments cut by the French style, or by Jones'new system, which we challenge the world to produce Re equal. A call earnestly solicited. N. Jones Tax Notice—Notice is hereby given that the State and County taxes of A’orfA VhXcaqo are now due, and must be paid at the office of the Collector, Room No. 17 Dhllcb Block, North C lark street. Wat. S. Swam, Collector. A Nitre pile Cure.—Dr. Gilbert’* Pile Instrument positively cures tbc worst cases of piles. Scut by mall on receipt of sl. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wauled every where. Address J. B., Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York Hair Drcmlng without a particle of grease. “ Glyccria” restores tho liafr, communi cates a delicious cooling sensation to the scalp, cleanses it from dandruff, and is absolutely free from grease, so as not loi soil the finest fabric. Caswell, Mack & Co.. New York. Sold by all druggists. Wc would sav to every mother who has a suffering child, goat once and procure a bottle of Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup. It will relieve the littie one immediately, will allay alt pain, softens the gums, reduces inflammation, regulate? the bowels, and" cures wind colic! By relieving the child from pain, U allows it quiet, natural sleep, and comforts the mother. Itch! Scratch!! Boyd’s Medicated Cream cures Itch, scratches, and ail skin diseases. His neat, pleasant.aromatic, safe and certain; specially adapted to children. Sold by all drug gists. FEARFUL DISASTER. Dnrnlnc of the Steamer Fashion—Fifty to Sixty lilrai Known to be Los Mad Details of the Disaster. [From tlio New Orleans Picayune, Dec. 29.] Tlio steamcriMagcnta, which arrived this morning, brought down Captain Pratt, of the lost steamer Fashion, Thomas Hastings, the mate, and Mr. Uiuwiddic, the clerk. From the mate we have the following particulars: The Fashion caught lire at half-past three yesterday afternoon. She was then about seven miles above Baton Rouge. The Arc caught by sparks from the chimney. It was first discovered on the larboard side, mid way between the boilers, and spread with amazing rapidity. The Fashion had on board 2,700 bales of cotton and ever 100 cabin passengers, be sides some 150 on deck, making 250 passen gers in nil. Mr. Hastings thinks this a low estimate. About sixty coming on and going off all the way down, and wc have no list of the lost or saved. The principal landings after leaving Vicksburg were Carthage, Ashwood, Grand Gulf, St. Joe, Rodney, Natchez, Fort Adams, Red River aud B*ayou Sara. Two elegant ladles came on board at Bayon Sara, but the mate does not know their names. They were un doubtedly lost. Among the cabin passengers was a party of emigrants to Texas, Thcv were from North Alabama. Fully onc-tbird of them were lost. They had horses, wagons, etc., with them. All of them were consumed In the flames. But one horse went overboard. The passen gers on deck were principally negroes. They leaped into the water. Hastings saw fifty or sixty of them struggling in the waves at the same time. Very Tew, if anv, were saved. The two chambermaids, Mrs. Clark and assistant, jumped overboard and arc believed to be lost. The clerks were able to save the money and valuable letters ot the office, and probably also the books. Mr. Shaw certainly saved some ot the books, but bow many is not yet known. The number of cabin passengers lost was fifteen to twen ty. Of deck passengers, principally negroes, probably fifty. The boat was landed from seven to ten minutes after she took fire. To escape the flames, the people ran both ways, towards the bow and towards the stern. Here they huddled together, till, pressed hv the flames, they jumped overboard. Mr. Hastings let himself down into the watcrand swam ashore. The pilot of the Fashion, Thomas Mon tague, remained at his post nntll he landed the boat, and was driven from it by the smoke and flames, when he walked to the stern and was not seen or heard of after wards. Mr. Oliver Fairchild, first engineer, remained at the engine till too late to escape, and perished on the steamer. Mr. F. Hardesty, the steward, is lost. Mr. Rich ard Costello, the second mate, is lost. Mr. McMurtcn, a planter, from near Natchez, jumped off an eight tier of cotton, on lue bank, and broke ids thigh. He was brought down on the Magenta.' Dra. Stone nnd Choppin were hi attenUaucc upon him. A Indy, name unknown, threw three chil dren overboard, when pressed by the fire. and leaped la after them. She saved one of her children, but the other two were lost. Another lady, bound to Galveston, jumped overboard with her child, and was picked up by the yawl, and finding herself safe, called for assistance to others, before she had been scarcely hauled over the side. The mate first gotten into the water two boats. The first filled and the other went adrift. He bad the window blinds and doors of the state-rooms thrown overboard, but few of the people knew thelrvalue or tried to save themselves thereby. There was a great deal of confusion and excitement, and finally a perfect panic. There were some forty or fifty persons struggling In the water at the same time, and a most appalling sight. When the cotton burned off forward the un fortunate steamer floated off to the head of the Reach above Baton Rouge, where she was still burning when the Magenta left. There were three tires on the Magenta during Ihe passage down—one nl Morville Landing, one below Baton Rouge, and one below Car rolton. The latter' was about daylight. During the alarm the ladles' state-rooms were many of them entered and plundered bv river pirates and thieves,* One of the Morville thieves wasarrcsted,anothcr jumped ovcibnsrd. By this fire eleven bales of cot on were destroyed. Sliocklne Death onion. K. C. Scranton, of New Haven* I From the New Haven (Conn.) Palladium, Dec. 3.) It is our poinful dutv to record the sudden and terrible death of 1100. E. C. Scranton, of this city, who was almost instantly killed last Saturday morning at Newark by the cars. The particulars of this sad calamity, which throws a funereal gloom over our entire c\ty, and which has deprived us ofacitlzeu whose death is an irreparable public loss, arc as follows: Mr. Scranton, accompanied by his only daughter, left home on tho 6:80 a. m. train for New York, expecting to return tho same day. On the arrival of tho train at Norwalk, Mr. Scranton stepped off the cars for a mo ment on a Ims-incs? errand. Before be started to return, the train moved. He ran to tho south end of the depot just In lime to catch bold of the platform railing of the second passenger cor, the car in which bis daughter was seated. As be grasped the railing bis foot slinpcd from the platform, he lost his hold and fell under the wheels. Two cars passed over bis body. The train was Imme diately stopped and a half score of stont arms seized the bleeding, mangled body of tbe President of tbe roacTand removed it to tbo depot sitting room. An old acquaintance of Mr. Scranton's was one ol the first at bis aide. He heard him groan and uUor an exclamation |of agony, and then exclaim in ft feeble voice, “I Am cut in two.” Then all was over. In the car, accompanying President Scranton to New York, were the Hon. James E. English and Prof. Sillimao, of this city. Mr. English taw the President attempt to get aboard, heaid the alarm signal given for stopping, imd knew instinctively that tho accident, had happened to him. Both went immedi ately to render what service they could. Everything was done that human power could do, but of course ineffectually. Miss Scranton was Informed of her terrible be reavement by Mr. English. Wc have no heart to attempt any description of tho har rowing scene which followed. ILLINOIS. The Finances of tho State. A Gratifying Exhibit—The State l>ebt— 1U Rapid Reduction—Expenses of tlio State—-Large Excess of Receipts. The following report to the Legislature concerning the public finances of the State of Illinois, presents a gratifying exhibit. The receipts from all sources, for the last two fiscal years, amount to $1,351,789.19; of which $734,098.93 were derived from direct taxation, the remainder having accrued from the transfer of the war fund to the rev enue fund, and from sales of property mort gaged to the State by Governor Matteson. Of these aggregate receipts, $910,021.15 were disbursed for the ordinary expenses of the State Government, and the sum of $380,237.23 for special purposes, including expenses aris ing from the war, leaving $00,030.81, excess olrcceipts, still unexpended. It is estima ted that the ordinary expenses ol the Gov ernment lor the next two years will not ex ceed $475,000. The State debt, it appears, Is in rapid pro cess of liquidation, the sum of $2,300,457.17 having been paid toward Us reduction during the last two years. There now remains in the Treasury, to be applied to further pay ments of the principal of the debt, the sum of $987,044.70, ol which $255.-450.21 were re ceived from the Illinois Centra) Railroad Company, which is required, according to the terms of its charter, to pay to 'the State, semi-annually, seven per cent of its gross earnings. To enable our readers to realize the import; e of this source of revenue, it may be iw. itioned that the rail road company, during the six months end ing October 31, 1860, earned $3,163,343.03, seven per cent of which is or nearly half the estimated annual expenses of the State Government for the coming two jears. Including this latter amount, there Is now in the Slate Treasury, to the credit of all funds, $1,035,745.41. On December 1,1806, the condition of the State debt was as follows: Illinois Bank nod Internal Improve ment stock, July 31,1837 f 31,000.00 Illinois Internal Imptovement stock. January 1,1639 11,000.00 Illinois internal Improvement stock, July 1, 1&9 10,000.00 Illinois Internal Improvement stock, Stay 1, l&W 21,000.00 New Internal Improvement stock, Ju ly 1,1617 1,705,520.43 Interest bonds, July 1,1617 1,077,886.17 interest slock 630,409,23 Liquidation bonds..: 196,372.00 Bemnded slock 1.261,000.00 War bonds 015,200.00 Normal University bonds 61,000.00 Thornton loan bonds (act app’d Feb- m ' mM York $380,000.00 Canal bonds payable In New York, registered 514,000.00 003,000.00 Canal bonds payable in Loo don Canal bonds payable In Lon non, registered 715,066.67 . . 1,453,855.8'J liiternal Improvement scrip 18,795 80 Interest certificates, canal stock, not registered lfi,Sffi}.Bß Canal scrip, signed by Governor... .. 2,616.97 Balance canal claims under Thornton Loan Act.... JLC21.59 Two certificates for arrears of Interest. 1,002.53 768,252.28 Total, In December, 1565, the debt, exclusive of Ibc last five items, amounted t050,05'2 1 061.49, showincr a redaction during iB6O, of nearly $1,400,000. At this rate the debt would be wholly extinguished in less than seven years. The total valuation of real and personal property in ISOS, was $303,327,006; lu 1804 it was $356,878,837. The number of acres of land in cultivation in 1865 is reported as fol lows: Wheat, 1.975.585; corn, 3,970,218: other products, 1,535,236; total, 7,484,042. In 1853 the Legislature fixed the rate of taxation for the payment of interest on tho State debt at one and one hill' mijls on the dollar. This rate was somewhat increased in order to provide for extraordinary expenses arising from the war; but it Is now believed that less taxation than in 1853 will suffice for internal purposes, and accordingly, a recom mendation will be presented to tke Legisla ture to make provision whereby the rate of taxation may ue reduced from time to time. MARKETS BY TELEBRAPH. New York Financial Newts. New Yobs, January 3. , MOXUT. Money fairly active. STERLING BXCHANGB. Sterling firm and quiet at 9,Sd9>f. . GOLD. flrTri rtwVi'dlphli’hiif-nniinliv* «t ' Geld decidedly higher, opening at 131U', advancing to 133, and closing at 131. KOEKIQV FREIGHTS. Freights to Liverpool dull and declining. OOVREVMC.VT IECTEITIU. Govcmirents rloseu buoyant. Coupons of’Si, 107V® ICS; ’W, 1KIX©106; coupons *65, 105,Vt»10iV. IC-409. WV3IW. STOCKS. Stocks ffra. Ohio certificates, 25*031; N. Y.C..112V ftlttV ; Erie, C7M(3 67. v ; 111. Cent„ vil VOIK 1 * : Pitts burgh, «Vt Toledo, 35Nc'.96; K.U lOtttlOltf; Ft.W„ 105; N.W.,4fH;M.S.,W; MU. ft at, Paul, pW.«9; Chi caco ft Alton, pfd, 111; Pacific Mat}, 71V; Miesourl's, 94 S ; Tennessee's, SS. tttsiso finance. Mining stocks active. Gregory. ?l"; LaCrojso,fl2o; Rocky Mountains, f 315; Smith ft Parmelee, fais. LATER. uoszt. The Comi,nrrlnl says the mrney market It un changed. Applications for loans are not active. Dis counts quiet. A decline lu rates fur call loans Is antic ipated. KXCIUKOE. Sterling exchange firm at 93#. OOTSEXMZXT STOCKS. Govern inert stocks Arm, hot only moderately active. Thsre Is a disposition among »ome foreign naakors to buy old 5-90 a, upon the supposition that gold will ad vance. Stocks generally more active, wltUsjme Irreg ularity In price. GOLD. Gold steady. Tltc Prodace markets. NEW YORK. . Nkw Yc-mt, January 3. . Cotton fully #c higher, closing at 35#c for uplands, andStacfor New Orleans middlings. Flour ICMISe higher, at for extra State; ?lI SOC-iViM for round hoop Ohio; 113.10013.53 for trade brands. t Wheat a shade firmer, and In fair demand. Com ic higher; ft. 1301.14 for mixed Western In store: fl. 1501.15 v afloat—closing with an upward ten dency. uScfiangea. Coflee quiet. Sugar steady. Molasses In moderate request at Si#@S6e for New Orleans. Whiskey 25c for State to bond. Pork hv.tvy. at 130.25031.37 for new. closing firmer for oath; f 19.00019.35 for old, closing at t!9.13 tor cash. Bacon dull. DreMcd Hogs lower, at So?#c for We«tern. i ut meats oult, at 9010 c ler shoulders, and 10S13,s’c for hams. lard unchanged. Butter 1.’033c lor Ohio. PHILADELPHIA. _ PiittaDEtratA, January 8. Flour—Firmer; sales at ffor .Ohio and penmylvanta. Wheat—Unchanged. Corn—l>«V. Oats—sTosßO. Provisions—Doll and unchanged. BUFFALO. Bct/aio, January 3, Flour and wheat quiet. Ccru—Nominal. Oat*—No. 1 Chicago about 50c. Dressed hors— Dull at 7S®#c. NEW ORLEANS. Nxw OblxaNs, January 3. Cotton Btltler. Sale* 10,000 bales low middling at Sl.Vfc-tlVc :.mlddling S3)*c. Receipt* 3#» bales. Ex ports 4,w0 bales. Sugar In good demand; fair at 10c. Uoiatte* in rood demand. Common 55-3 MC : prime to choice 64&«0c. Floor Arm. Superfine f 11A0; extra {12.00A15.W. Corn in good demand at f 1.0361.10. Oats 4c higher at S0&&C. Ray quiet at Pork firm and higher at 133.73. liacon—shoulders l?Hc; sides I,ard 13*<*Uc. Oa>W isix. Bask sterling 43. New York exchange V®V discount. Fretchta to New York ic by sail; me by steam. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribute.! MitwarKCH. January 3. Flour—Dull, hut held firmly. Sales of 333 brls •• At lantic City” XX spring at 111.00; Mayvllle choice ex tra at 110.t3.5t choice superfine f 5.75. Wheat—Dull and heavy, and 2£2Ve lower, with sales at the 9 a. m. Board of 4.000 bo. Sates at the noon Board, 17,-VO bn, at WAS for No. 1 spring; f 1.97&dl W for No 3; f 1.99, seller’s option all the week; lorNo. 3; fI.KS. seller’s option, January 13th toSlst. Corn—Firm; sales of lAOObn, atStc for old No. 1. and 70c tor new shelled. Oats—Steady, with sales of IAOO bn, at 46c for No. 2. Provisions—Weak. Sales of SCO brls extra prime pcrkalflSAO; 130 tet sweet pickled hams at 10c; 75 tea prime city lard at lljfe.

Dressed Uogi—Closed3Sc lower, with sales at |5 7S 67.35. Live Hogs—Dull, with sales of S 3 head, averaging 2W »s, at iS.3O. Receipts—l.6oo brls four. 1.7C0 bn wh-at, (T.OM bn nat». 3.000 bu corn, t/>OO bn barley, 3,900 dressed hogs. Shipments— 3.100 brls flour. CINCINNATI. CISCISX AT r. January a. Floor flnr. and In pood demand: tales of snperanoat *9.N& Wheat firmer and higher; sales of No. 1 spring at #2 ;do winter at *2.93. Corn in p*>d demand; sales of ear at 55c; shelled. ‘• Oats opened active, and prices advanced to Me, bit < dull under Urge receipt.*. *cna the advance was SctUNo. I,5Sc. Rye firmer; So. 1, $1.20. tvarW - unchanged. Whiskey in good demand at 35c In bond. Hogs dull and price* lower; #7.2*1*7.50. Receipts pork dull at #W.SC®K 1 .00. Green meal* doll; fe for shoulders, Sc for sides, and d-Vc for liamt. No change to balk meats. La*ddUil*ll2c. Cotton sell*east! higher—closing with m feller* of niudllag below sic. Private advice* from liverpocl ore very favorable* Putter and cbeo»c unchanged and steady. Groceries steady. Money scarce. Exchange dull and nnebanged. Gold, was* aiv. ST. t.OUIP. st. Loris, January 3 Tobacco—#4.6o for common leaf. Cotton firm; so.Sv'Slc. Flour qqU'U #U>3O mr single extra; $11.7Mri:.75 foi lonble extra; #!3.35a?1550 f..r choice. Wbtat Arm; #2.60 for good Call; #2.55 for choice. Com advanced; 77i*7fC. Oats Mvh'r. Pork fit) SO. delivered at Cairo. Whiskey tmsetU , o;#7.Si®A3S. Hogsloacr;6!<s6H*c. yXAELT BITZXW. The Bt. Lonla Price Carrm: give* the following sta tistic# concerning the leading article# of the prnlnce market daring the past year. The remits are n >t cqaal to the anticipator* generally entertained at tbs com m«.mnentof tnefear. .. Ti'h*cco—Receipt*. 13,775 hhda, sales, 1U500; exports, 9.443; Slock at ch'SC, i2i 0 bhils. Cotton—Receipts, 3,163 hale#, 1.63* sacks; decrease rear previous 7,600 Dit*s. Stock on band, 3.9 W. Hemp—Ro cipts, IS Sa bales: consumption, 30.r<H) bale*: actual crop of 1565. 6,000 bates; estimated cr-P cf is« 6. SO.OCO bale*. Stock on band, 3.000. Lead—HectlpU, Jso,«fiptg<; c* nsocptlon, ISO.S4S. blonr— Receipt*, lj2Cß,i-Tj bits: manoftetored in SC Louis. S19.ll"; total. 3.C37.&43. Increase oxer preTiotta Tear, 131,963. block on band. 60JOO. Wheat— Refclrta, 4,080,4*3 bn; Increase, 1,101,10. Stock on bano.£2S,r«l. Com—Rec- Ipta, ba; Increase, 8,789,310. Stock In e'evstor, S.3JO. Oats—Receipt#, 3.467,550 bn; decrease, 707,430 bn. Stock Is • ... . j cltTator, 11X<8J do. Barley—lttcelpts, 517,864 bn; decrt*M,33W76; stock to elevator, id,(t>4. Rye-Uecelpu,S7s£6a bu; Iccrease, 157,5X0 btu No itrcK. Hoc*—Packed lait wasou, 115.225; ar*race nrelcbt, 313 k C'B. Prevlooft season, paired. iOO3S3v average ueicUt. l"c ir>. Packed this season, to December SUV, 90,4X0; BTtra«eirelCht,2»»a. , M Pork—R ntU, 3.9C1 cuM and tier ceß , pickaces and 5i9.313 pi* ce>. . aM Bacon—Receipts, 13.553 caska and tierce*, brls aTdboic*,SO,tCSv*«.kact«. . ntl . . Lard—Beceuls, H.OU tierce*. 6.9J1 brls. kec*. Coaee—Receipts, W. 067 b»i«; IncreaM, 4*,tjOi Dip, Bugar-Rwylpts, 14,668 bhds, 55,Ta pictirM; g,. crease, H,7S». b * Molasses—Receipt*. 6,907 hrls; decrease, 5 779 brla Whisker—Bccilpts4st),ls7brls; manolai. lured. 4.0 m • Inrrtiae. V3,h2T brU. • flay—Receipt*. Mt-t®bales; decrease. Uo.l3sbales. Wool—Receipts, 9.3C0 packages; decrease 1,395 pack ape*. Toi’.ow—Receipts, 13,969 packages; increase, pack aces. potatoes—Receipts, ?a,r37 packages; decrease, package*. Albany Live Stock Oarket, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Auuuty, K. January 3, Dcei Cattle—Only about 3,300 cattle bare been re eciTcdahostar.bttttboueh the supply will be light there Is no prospect that prices will be any better th«n i ut week, a few sales wees made to-day at prices ranging from Be to 9c per a. Sheep—l«®6c. Hoge-«K»7t, New York Grocery (Haricot. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribute.] New You. January s. Coffee—Firmer. BloattflK&Qxe. Sugar—Firmer. Fair to prime grocery at 10Ji9Uc. New York Uve Stock Bl&rket, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] K*w You. January 3. , Cattle-Demand slow but market firm, with only 700 received since Monday. Sales Rood to crime Illinois steers at lSdl6c; common and medium rtaUc. Sheep— Firmer, from scarcity, atsKd?e. Boss—Lower at 6XC. Receipts, 3,500. [By Western Associated Press.) Mew Tout, January S. ' Beef Cattle—Bather firmer, bat not active. There is etui too much poultry, and there can scarcely be an improvement next week. 16c 1» the highest price ob tained. ' Sheep and Lambs—Dull, with sales as high as 6,vc for good latsbe. Swine—Are steady, at *HC tor prime corn-fed. New York Provision market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Mew Toes, January s. Pork closed firm. Mew Western, 121.33 regular, and seller February. Lord unsettled. New York Breadstnflli market. [special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Mew Yobs, January 3. In fiour. wheat, corn and oats the firmness rests wholly on suspension of supplies, Demand very slow. Foreign maU advices are favorable. - New York Dry Goode market. Mew Yoke, January 3. Dry goods opened better, with an improved feeline. Prices arc firm. Standard shotting*. 32c. Prints are selling slowly. Woollens not in demand. Foreign Freights. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} Mew York. January 3. Freight*—Small shipments of com to Liverpool by tall at two peseta halfpenny. Pittsburgh. Petroleum market. PnTßntntOQ, January 3. Market dull but prices remain the same. The only sale wa* 50 brls Smith’s ferry brand at 13c—packages included. ITIARBIED At Cedar Lawn, Januarv 3d, at the residence of the bride*# lithcr. A. C. Wood, by Rey. Arthur Swazcy, of Chicago. Dr. JOSHUA sillTU, of Marseilles, aud Miss AMERICA E. WOOD. At Peru, ill., January Ist, at the residence ef the bride’s lather, by the Rev. Albert Wells, Mr. W. fl. GuFF and Miss BELLE A. LIMINGER, all of Peru. DIED. In this city, December 3d, of typhoid lever, FRAME G.MOOEHS, aged 21. Massachusetts papers please copy. art association. JF TOC DESIRE TOOK Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, WIFE SWEETHEART OB FRIEND. TO ENJOY A Happy New Year, Present them with a Certificate of the OPERA HOUSE ART ASSOCIATION, Which will surely secure to them A VALUABLE PICTURE, AndpKe them a chance of becoming possessed of the magnificent OPE3S.I& HO USE, .13,638,552.21 amusements. pROSEV’S OPERA HOUSE. This (FRIDAT) EVENING. January 4. at 8 o’clock, Tenth Subscription Night cf the tenowned GHIONI AND SDSINI . ITALIAN OPEHA COMPANY. Max Stkasoscii Director. Benefit oi sicnor Ettore Irfre—'Verdi’s chef d'Ouvre, in four acts. UN GALLO IN MASCTTERA. Mcsdamcs Gblonl, CanUsa. and Patti Str’akosch, Slg bore Irfre, Marra and Coletti, In the principal roles. Musical Director and Condnctor. Saturday, January 5, at 3 p. m.—Grand Gala Matinee FRA DIAVOLO. Admission to Matinee. $1 to all parts Of tbs Loose. Scat* secured without extra charge. Monday—LA TRAVITA. Tuesday— Meyerbeer’s Cbtl d’ceuvie, ROBkRT LE PI ABLE. r\ ol. wooira museum. cbl,. J. H. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements F. B. AIKEN Stage Manager TAOS. BARRY Lastnlcbt butene of the famous Spanish romantic drama, with iw former gr* at cast, and also last night but one of the Fatrv Spectacle, wtth U* e’egaot scen erv and costumes, novel machinery and properties. Friday cventrc. ,Tan. 4tb. will ha presented the ro mantic drama of DON C.tsAK DE BAZAN. . Tc conclude with the Fairy Spectacle of FOBTOMO. Satnrdav aPernnon. Grand Matinee—DON r.EhAR anUTBR LILLYWUITES. At night, DON CJSSAB and FORTX'NIO. toth tor the last time. Mondav—XlCC.OOO. VICKER’S THEATRE icVICKER & MYKRS. LAST .MOOT CUT ONE OF MT.LE JOHANNA CLAUaSEN. Friday. THE WOODLAND WTLDFLOWEK. Lizzie (with songs) M*l!e Clanssen THE YOUNG SCAPEGRACE. Paul (the Young scapegrace) ..... M’lle Clauisen Saturday afternoon—M’lle Claussen Matinee. , Satnjday—Benrnt ot Mr. Gea. B. Wsvtdfoo. Mr. F. 11. Monroe am* Miss Dccgctt win appear. JJcVICKKR’S THEATRE Sstra Benefit of G> B> Waldron. OTHELLO. Mr. Frank Monroe as Mrs. t’cwel! as Mis* Gertrude DoggtU as. G. B. Waldron os Saturday Ereuto?, Jan. sth, TyITKOWSKT HALL. * * BRANCH «P TBK New York Museum of Anatomy, AVITKOWSKY HALL., 176 Clark-su. corner of Monroe. This important and hlehlv instructive Mmcnra con tains WONOKBS OF CRKATION from the first month, Miniature Wonders of the World, at also OcantlM of Osteology, Myology, Dermatology, And In fine every department of Medical Science. The Stadent, the Physician, the Naturalist, the Han of HußlneM. the man of Leisure, mlcht eaiay In ram where they could spend a more prontahlo hour, open for ccntlcmcn only from a a. m. ttU 13 p. in, Admission so cents. GAS. PR. COLTON, Who originated the anaesthetic nso of NITROUS OX IDE GAa lor the extraction o! teeth, will, upon the invitation oi a number of prominent Dentlsta of Chi cago, deliver a LECTCKE upon the gas with A GRAND EXHIBITION Of its rov'd nod amusing effects when Inhaled In «ma Josef, and ttf bcautlfnl amcslheUc powers when li haled In large doves. Preliminary to the Public Exhibition,Dr. Colton wl give a IXCTVRE A\D EMERTiINMEXT POR LADIES ONLT, AT Tilt OPERA HOUSE MUSIC HALL, gaturdoy Afternoon, Jan* ti. Dr. Colton will endeavor to render the occasion In structive and amu<Sag to all who attend. Twelve Ladle* will inhale the Gas. Apvismo.v Frx*. Doors open at I—to commence at 3 o'clock. None bnt ladles admitted. Entrance on State-st. (Sift Enterprises. great and RARE CHANCE I NEW YEAR’S GIFTS $3,300! SHI. CHADWICK offers the following VALUABLE AND BEAUTIFUL GIFTS: Hu wide y-koown celebrated trotting BLACK MATCH TEAM, Buggy and Harness, AND SPLENDID Geld Hunting Watcli and Chain, VALUED AT $3,500. Ticliets Five IDollnrs Uadi, Which admits the bearer tc the Variety Theatre to un «■*, making the tickets only the actual charge of tei atmltrion*. Mcren Hundred Tickets Only Issued, METHOD OF DISPOSING OF THE MAGNIFICENT GIFTS: Throwing Dice, the highest thrown to take the CtLtPHATED TROTTING MATCH TRAM, and tbeb'wvftvreetarownwvtakethe SPLENDIDGuLD HUNTING WATCH AND CHAIN. Tte following gentlemen will guarantee that all the proceeoicca arc conducted In the most fair and honor able maiter. _ . _ The Raffle to take place at the Variety Theatre on FRIDAY. F*l tuarr Ist. 1567. at IQ o’clock a. n, and condnu*norllthectfuar* disposedot . TIL „ POsSEeMON GIVEN AT ONCE AFTER THB OWNERS OF THE GIFTS ARE KNOWN. ZST A clear title guaranteed to the property. FLOYD niOGINS, Vu KEEP- Tickets tor *ale at 7S State-tU. hr FLOYD HtQ GINS, and M 7 Wabatb-av.. by L. REED, and at the Variety Theatre. business (Sams. rpHE BOSTON FISM MARKET* 100 Monroc-SU, opposite Post Office, lathe Place to cet nil tied* ot Salt Water and Like Fl»h AT WHOLESALE AS'D RECOIL. „ , Shall haveihr<iQ2b the winter. Fresh Col, Had lock. Halibut, E*l*, Smelts. Lobster*. Clama, Ac., Ac,: all k td< or smoked Fish. *T*ch a* Samor, Hallbit, Fin nan Haddief, Yarmouth Dlosltb. kit* of the beat se lected and Mwa Mackerel, Hsllhat FU», Tonsoe* and sounds era- tootd to Chicago. A. UYDKK, 100 Monroo-jU, oppoa'.te post Otace. rpHE LAKE & BODLEY Portable Circular Saw Sills, FOBTABLE STEAM ENGDTES, SMnrls Machines. Corn Mill* and ShaWns. Wood* working Machinery. 1/ANK & BOOLKV. Corner ot John and Cincinnati. AppllcmtsiordeocnpUTo circulars win tpyify }he machinery they need. *gsß«eWoOtt THE DRAWING OF THE OPERA HOUSE ART ASSOCIATION llf TnE -AFTERNOON OF THE 31st OF JANUARY, COM3IENCING AT 3 1-3 O’CLOCK, THE HOUSE BEING UNDER ENGAGEMENT FOE THE EVENING. arranged and conducted solely by the Committee whose official asnotmrcment has been published, assisted by the gentlemen following, wno bars •ccepun weir invitation lo be present and represent thdr respective cities at the Drawing; Fall Howard National Bank, Boston: David pu'sllbr. of f-ulalfer A Payioa. Boston; Charles P. Stlckaej, President Massasolt Bank. MoertWm « n 55? bo,ct 4S ; S4mnrl Castncr. Coal Merchant, Trinity Buudu.2, New York; v. M. Heddw. lata Casnlcr Croton Nations! Bank, -NewTort; ohla ■w»iS;iii22 n lf'*. ri i* ,ir Merchant, Philadelphia; Caleb H. Needle*. Druj-irlst. Philadelphia; Richard Smith, of L. Johnson A Co.. Type Founders, Paiiadel- P waiter IQgersoll. cashier of the National Insurance Bank, ol Detroit; K. S. Bowse, of Caveader A Bowse, Bankers. St. Louis. OT The Certificates or ihe Aseccia'lon will Kusiness Cljances. m,crest in a leading COTTER, hew York, or Lock Box 1034. qS*™” 1 "p'OR S^X/E —One of the finest saloons riV~. 01 kml'r matters. Ad « anSSi™ *i U n t flt ~ tttlWMn Randolph and Late st., upstairs. Icpulreforjoayfibber. Store—Stock and C^Uur^Crnl-clai»rmdfresh. being all new with* town- e Sf th»wi?» at ’ one of me moiS irrowioe SiteJiSlTg». iJm£mi.S7 k “°“ sem ° B An interest in a leading £»,nsf sia ® are Ohance—An old nnn ß r. W fe .L^, baß i rl “ B - Ol Post Office. i l<^n£M£t?i«l£ t i*c A ‘.s 4n ? rnh •malt capital can find 92 MonroeStl “ otfered * *0 PAYER SQIMP, - SALE—A first-class ladies and £SSiS. e ? 8 Dlb l ec Saloon, well located and do. f? rß «*»colars call on WARRBM ft GOODRICH, 125 Dearbornßoomg. Tj'Oß SALE—I will sell one-half interest m « : lTs. o . wl, i. help me w C« 11 Introduced. It can be attended to after business hoars. A good chance for a i C 6la3“ ndof * mail ‘ Addre "* ««» »• F)R SALE—*2SO -will bay a hall inter est Ina well established office business llcht and profitable. Apply at 13‘lDcarOorn-st., Boom* 3, up FOR SALE—Great bargain for cash. Extra good saleable ilock of dry goods, boots and shoes, ready-made clothing, hats and c-ips, groceries, crockery; small assortment lor country store: In voice at wholesale Mew York price; worth 23,000. for {7,000 cash: win sell bait or whole, to salt purchaser. Two-story bnck store bonding, worth 16,000, for Si 003 c&ih: two-story dwelling and eut-houses. worth {2.500. for Sl.SCocash; two liactlonal lots, worth |ioo. f jr <JJ3 cash; lease of lot 13 years for »1C0; 16,000 wine plant*, worth $3,300, lor fl.sbo: too gallons wine, worth {1,300. tor {WO ca*h. For further nartlcniar*. address P. O. Pox 66. Waterloo Cuy, DeKalO Co., Indiana. T7OR SALE The shelyine, counters, 'T lease and flxinrcs of a grocery store, well located. For terms apply at c.-TnerofMlchigan-ay.andTwenty aecond-st. (Coal office), petween the hours of 10 and 11 TTOR SALE—A small stock of fancy Jj goods, at invoice Boston prices, at 103 State at. Moce hot cash cnitomcra peed call. Tj OR SALE—Prop. “ Genesee Chiefs X now lying at DetrolL Michigan. Class A 3. Ton nage (old measurement). SM. Anply to WM. E. W.-»R RIMER, Detroit, Mich, or to HARRIS ft BHO.. SI Lumber-?!., Chicago. XT'OR SALE—Cneap Wood received i dally via Chicago aod Great Eastern Railroad. Good Hard Dry and Gr»en Wood, from f 9 to fl 3 r f r cord. Office and Yard, 100 North Saaeamoo-ai. CLARK d; YOUNG. I7OR SALE—Office occupied by Kirbv. X 5 Carpenter ft Co„ North Sid*, near Newberry’s El evator, two r torles bleb, suitable fordwel’lne fbr small tamlly. Also, imall frame bare and sheds attached. TTOR SALE—Wanted—A Book lor the 1 accommodation of all persena wishing to Iny or sell buildimr* to be removed, mavbc found at my office with 11. C. Morey ft Co„ Beal Estate Agent*. No. S Metropolitan Hall, free to all. Also. I have a Patent Apparatus for removing Cottages and mcdiom-stztd DwellltßS. without injury to plastering. Barns and email building* removed on heavy tracts, very cheap. J. S. McINTIRE, residence 6S Casg-gt. F)R KALE—Cheap—Wood. Seasoned yellow oak, canal to beach, at |7 per cord. hy car load, or #9 per cord out of yard, delivered. Office and yard southwest corner of Van Burcn and Cllnton-au. li. L. CHAPMAN. T7OR SALE—Grocery fixtures, counter, I 1 Conr bins, shelving. etc. Apply at *27-1 Soalh JelTaison-st. FOR SALE—Vessels—Christian & Co. have now on band a number of res**!* to *ell. All those having vessels for sale will do well to give us a call. Boom 3. LUd’s Block, RanColnh-st. bridge. (Cottcsponbcnce ffißanteh. CORREb PONDENCE—Wanted—Two young cent* wish to correspond with an unlim ited number of young ladles. Object, fun and mutual Improvement. Address HARRY IIAZELTON and ARTHUR CAYTUN. Uol 765 .Signor Nioolao pORKESPONDENCE—W anted V / With any number of Indira and gentlemen who want their skates sharpened for SO cent? pair, at 323 State, and IS3,S' South Clark-st., near Monroe. — A VJ Lady (aged 37) would like to form the acquaint ance of an agreeable gentleman of means. Object: To dispel monotony. Agccf no consequence. Address AY.” Chicago V. 0.. tor one month. Boarh ffiHantch. T> CARD—For man and wife, with two J> rooms. In private fstnllv, where there are no otter boarders, on bouth bide, between Van Duren and Elgbteenth-Bt. state terms. Afidrcss P.O. Box 3030. BOARD —By a gentleman and wife; a suiteofrooms, with board, on tho West Side, in the vicinity ci the Park. Addms,wllb references, stating terns. P. O. Box 2C5. BOARD — By a gentleman, wife, and child three years old, in a private fhmlly.or whire there arc but few other boarders, and where plenty ol room and something of home comforts can be bad, on reasonable terms. South Side nre erred, and best re lereneca furnished. Address “ W.” Tribune office, lor three davj. giving location, terms, etc. .MANAGERS. T>OARD —A nicely tnrnished suite of 1 J tmnt rooms, with board, for gentleman and wife. South Side prelcrrod. • Address, lor three d»ys, *• F,” Tribune cOtce. T>OARD One lame lurnished 11 room lor gentleman and wife and one small room suitable for nurse and child with first-class board on the We»t Side, required. Address, with terms, •* C S." Tribune oflleo. T>OARD—In a private tamily, by a 1 "> younff tran. Best of references given. State tenrs. Addrc»s ** E.” Tribune ofllce. jborsrs, (Carriages, scx. .Desdcmona 770 R SALE —A span of black horses, r yorng, small and In good order for family car riage team. Also, one large draught borax (I.Vm) as), suitable for any work. Also, a good express wagon for one or twoborscs. Apply at lift West Lak-.-st, .Othello TWO airiJSS, finrncss and wagon lor sale. Inquire at 35 West Lake-st. A GOOD PONT HOUSE lor sale; /\ RdiMtrJl.heUxMnr, vlimnic, gtllSlc, nr In saddle. surds without bitching; afraid ot nothing. First-rate for a light exprc-s or grocery wagon. or tor anvbßilne*s Sold for want of use. Applj to No. 1U Methodist mock. Eight heavy team horses and 1 Harness. for rale; one trm-k and two hcarvhox warms; a’so, a pair office carriage n jr»es well broke and s'-nrd. with rarrlaeß and harness nmplele. In* bulre of R. BLACKMAN. 34 LaSa!le-st. rOST— On Sunflav, n Red Cotv, white j star and white tinder b«Ur, about six years old. The tinder win receive fJi reward by returning to 714 Wabash'av. los>T —Dog—A small black Spaniel dog’, j on New Tear’* day. from 219 West Adams-at.; bad on. when last seen, a small ehaln collar. Any one returning him or giving Inhumation wbere be can be found, to the above place, will receive 15 reward. I>. DzqRAFF. _ _ IOST —On the evening ol Jar. 2d. at j the Opera House, a whit* Fan, with carved Ivory • sticks and silk top. Act one returning the same to the otHceof the Sherman noa«e.wtU be suitably rewarded T Os*T—Or Stolen —$10 Reward. An I j English Terrier, yellowish color, black noss and month: wore a butter's collar, with ths following in scription. *• H. C. Frank's Haas.” It returned to 60 and 63 Mlchlgan-ar., the above reward wltl bs psld T?OUND —A team of Horses (one black. r the other vi bite) and wagon. The owner can have th-mby paving expense of keening and this advertise* ment. at .T.TO South Wells-st., corner of Harrison. G. BROWN- FOR SALE—Cheap—One Piano-cased Mf lodoon, 4 stops. In good order. Price HOT. One rabtnet Organ. Wafnut-ra<-*, 3 s»nps. Price flo. Apply atSVnOS A BI’RKITVh. T 77 L&ko-st. T>ERSOSAX Mouth White River, I Ark..D»c.sth, iSfifl. Fmx. Your* truly, Q. K. PHILANDER POESTICKS.P. B. WORTH RUCTION. Tuesday, January Sth, lSG7,at 10 a.m. HATS, CAPS AND FDRS, Without Reserve. We are Instructed by Messrs. RO?ENFELS PROS., wlo are retiring frcmshe retail trade, to fell at t-.clr etore. 161 Lake-sf.. corner of LaSalle. aU their larg* and valuable *tockof list*, Caps,<3lovoo, Ladles'and GenVl«'s ?ui#. &c„ Ac. Goods on view on Mi>ndav morning. DANIEL SCOTT A CO., Auctioneer*. RUCTION. THURSDAY, Jan. 13th, 1557, at 18 a, m. Furniture. Pier Glasses, Carpets, Cliina* Bohemian and Parian Ware* We are Instructed by the manufacturer# to pell, with out Ti*s»rvc, at our rooms, 104 Lake-st.. the Pillowing Assortment of Cnlcago-tnade furniture, comprising parlor Suites ol seven pieces each, in Walnut, Oag and Mahogany, covered with Green Slltf. Silk Rep and Silk Tcrrv; Bedroom Suite*, ol three pieces 'srii, m Mah >s any.'Oak and Walnut. Balr-Cloth sofas. Lounge*, Wa»b-tand*. Chairs. Marble-Tep and other Ccntr? Ta ble?. Whatnots of all description*. Spri-g, Hair. Cork and Gras? Matt'asses,Unu*-K Ktddermlnste'. Ingrain and Velvet Pile Carpets. i*ier Glasses in ncavy gilt frame?, round, square and oval. Ac., Ac. Also, Per brig Hawk, direct from France via Montreal. ca?ks white and colored Parian Ware. Carer assort ment of Chl-a, Gilt Ware and Bohemian Glassware, *TbeAnctioneerswonld call tne especial attention of the Chicago public to this sale of home-made Furni ture as being, for design and workmanship, tar beyond what la usually oflered In this city. DANIEL SCOTT & CO., Auctioneers. Q.ILBEIIT & SAUPsOX ELESAHT FURNITURE, IT are and Household Goods AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY MORNING. January 4th, at 10o'clock, we wbl sell at :Mir salesroom*; 47 and 49 Dearborn.- st. a large and elegant assortment of medium and nch furniture PrparPr, chamber and dining room, Inclmdcgsevem! rich oil wa'nnt chamber suite and parlor set, brusselA S-ply and ingrain carpet*, stair do oval Frerch-plate mirrors; damask curtains, crockery, bedding, stoves, Ac. GILBERT A SAMPSON. ADCdoneara TTTE VHLL SELL ON FRIDAY \y MOUSING, Jan. 4Uu at 10 o'clock a. m., at 19*J Sccth CUrk-aL, ForoUorp. Stove* Mattroa«e* Carpet* Jtc. AIM.. tot« * co, Aocnooeers. A. EUTTEUS & UO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants PALMSK’S block, p6tf 44 4: 46 RANDOLPH^ST. On the Stage of JFot gale. Eo£t anh jFouwb. pianos. iJctsnnsl. auction Sales Clearing Out Sale of WILT. TAKE PLACE the Opera admit holders to the Hmse. 2y-7tn tril/ be retfrrfd/or Lndtet. ate fiem—ißouses. TO RENT—On South Side, a first-class two-story and brick basement house, 877 State fU, containing 3 rooms, good bam. good water and gas. pent $35 per month, furniture for sale. Posaev sion given lamedlstely. Apply at 5S rro RENT—House, and turniture (all _l complete and new; for rate at a bargain. Price, 11,600. Call and examine, at 13 Raa; Harrlsoa-st_ between Wabash and Mlcnlgaa-ars. TO KENT—Or lor Sale—A Lew two story house on West Jackson-sL. 309. containing 9 rooms latest styldand improvement*. Kent low. Inquire at Room 2 Cobb’s Building. 126 Dearbom-st. TO RENT—South Side. Good comfort able cottage. Mo. 36 Alexander-it.. lour rooms, closets, wood-bed, Ac. Inquire at 34 Alexander-at. 'T'O RENT—A nice couture house, No. A 1358 South DCtplalnes-Bt., containing 6 rooms hydrant water. Ac. Apply to C. B. HOLMES, Mo. 39 West Randoipb-st. T} RENT—House 01 7 rooms, for S3O per month, and one of 9 rooms, good stable. sls per month, on South Sloe. PETER SHfXIP, 93 Mon roe-6t. TO RENT—A house containing 8 rooms, 73 South Adams-€t., and a part ol the furniture for sale. Inquire cn the premises. 73 South Adana-st. TO RENT—On the North Side, several good brick house*, 11 rooms, hath room, closets, Ac. Rent low. inquire of ••CLERK ” "JG Lombard Block, 109 Monroe-at. TO RENT—Furnished house on West Side, only three doors from cars. Call on A. WATSON, 113 LaXt-st., Photograph Gallery. TO RENT—Dwelling No. 428 Cottage Grove-av.; 8 rooms, hydrant water, at S3O per montii. Inquire at Boom 3.167 Dearbora-st. nro RENT—A neat two storv and a hall A cottage bouse. Mo. 357 West Ictuans st.. with good-arn and large gardtn. At ply to JUS. R. BICK EKDIKE, Room vj. S 3 Washlnctan-it., up stairs. 'T’O KENT—House No. 233 Newberry. -L tu tear C. B. &Q.R. B. FERRY ft SOM, west end Eighteenth s!. Bridge. TO RENT—A comlofifthly furnished home, at a nominal rent, to a party Urine alone and willing to board a lady in the tamlty. Address. ConCccctlalß. “BEN'RY p.” Pox 2SS9. Co Kent—nonius, r pO RENT—A desirable suite ol unfnrn -L Übe«mont rooms, with or without hoard. CROS BY’S DUILDiMG. 84 ana 80 State-at. TO RENT—The upper part of house Mo. 329 WcstLako-st,, six rooms and pantry, and water. Inquire at 136 Sooth Sangamon-st. TO RENT—Furnished rooms, at 178 Cllntoi.-Bt„ between Adams and Jack son-sis. fTO RENT—A suite of lour nice room?, ' fi with gas. water, Ac., suitable for a respectable lamlly, at >l3l South Clark-it. TO RENT—Very desirable office rooms, on the second floor of!) I Banonlph-st. Apnlr to DR. JAMES, 93 Randolph-#!.. secosdfloor- T) RENT—A room on second floor in Post Office Block- Inquire at Room 2. 167 Pcfllbo rc-St. TO RENT A furnished room, 53 Third-ar. npO RENT—A lurnished room. Apply _L attMtf.Ohlc-Bt. TO RENT—One turnlshcd room, suita ble lor two gentlemen. Convenlenccafor a Ore in the loom. Apply at 232 State-st TO RENT—Two tront rooms, with board, in a private Jamliv, on We«t near Sangamon. Address “X Y Z," West Side Post Office, TO KENT Two furnished loclirinc ro>m» roar tha Post Office, with gas, for gentle men. Call at IS7 btate-gt. TO RENT—Cheap—Two furnished 1 room*, at S 3 Jacksoc-st* near State-st. Icqulra at tie house. gTxi 33cnt-gitorrs, ©ffiers, &c TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent, roar of 7J R»nrtolph-«t* Court-pl-icc, opno sltcCrorby'a Oiiera Hcuso. Apply to A. tvOUDEN A CO.. orL.I. TODD, on the prettlsei. XO RENT—One-half of a store on South Clark-st* In the very best location In the cltv. reasP.O, Box 303. nPO RENT—A desirable suite of trout A offices, at No. 16S Randolph-st. Applv to GEORGE M. HIGH. 161 Bandolph at* Room 12. TO RENT—Two lurnished rooms, for gentlemen, sirgl? ami donhl*. wlih large cloven, in a row cottage. Sf) West Washington-st* a little ever two Mocks from river. saral 3=statc—ffiltg. mPKOVBD. T7OR SALE—A neaily new two-ftory I’ frame home often rooms, water, gas. and lot Stolen irrm. wlih ham. So. 206 Warirn-st* n*ar Lincoln, immediate pokscsmoo glivn. THOMAS D. SNYDER & CO* Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropol itan Block. T?OH SALE—House, with marble Iront, I’ on Vlchigan-av* south ot Fwolfth-st.; 3S.S feet on Wibash-av.. n. rth of Twe’lth-st.; 50 feet on Prairie av* rrer Twentydlr«t-9t.; 2bo loot oa Irtdiana-av.. dcat Twtntleii -*i •. W third and Twenty-fourm-st*. A. J. AVaRELI* Real Estate Office, N»«. 7 Metrepolltan ulock. TTOR SALE—House and lot. northeast P corner ol North Wcl s and Hnroa-sls. The house la new, with pas ard water 10, s-ven room? and six cio«ets up stairs—tfce lowtr partis suitable ter a store, and lor smalt famllv ts rearof store. Inoulrc on the premise*. 177 North H. D. KtKNIG. XT'OR SALE—On Michijran-av., a sp’cn -1 did tew hrlcfcresldenee, wlth'nll the modern tm provvnient*. and not a woman kll'cr. Parlors, sitting p'oni, library, dining room, kitchen, pantry and closets nil cn the first floor, and a splendid barn and les house. For Amber Information, inquire at SOI Mlchlgan-ar. I7OR SALE—A new two-story trame dwelling bonie of 11 rooms (withlot 50 feet ironu. brick foundation, batn room, hot and old watrr. water dr.»« t. cistern, ga*. marble mantles, etc* with barn. Inquire at SO South RocKer-U. |7*OR SALE—A desirable house, with 9 I Torins. 4 presses, china closet, sink r<nm, marble mantels, wafer, cas. Arc., together with 5 V years lease ol lot. Inquire on the premises, 773 Wa&ash-av. J7OR SALE—A new two-slorv and I basement brick hon«e of 11 rooms, hot aid cold wat r r, water cloacts, bathrooms, marble mantels, etc., m d 1-t. with Dan . on Wabaah-ar.. near Twcattclb-si. THOMAS D. SNYDER & CO., Real Estate Agents. No. -1 Metropolitan Mock. J7OR Ip ALE—House and lot —One for V (t.OJO. one for *3.150, one far (2,950. on" for fl.loo South >Wo\ one on the West side for (l,fcCo. PETtrt antin', >»a aiouiee-at. T7OR fcALE—On West Washington sL, I near cornerl'RpnbPn. and near Union Park, a c hoice lot. SO feel aoqth front, with two-sto*y trame dwelling and barn. Inquire at 180 Deiroorn-at., Room 3. 7 S'—A hoardins house on Canal I bL. with 10 room*. Ac., doing a good bntlnesi. Everything new and In excellent condition. Prl^c only (1,000 fbr the lease, fixture*, furniture, *c. WAR KEN * GOODRICH, Real Estate Brokers. 125 Dear born-st. Room 2. FOR SALE—A commodious and con venient bonse and lot. No. 1 S 3 Sooth Jeflcrson at; 13 rooms. Ac, good barn—ln perfect order. A crest bargain at (5.900. Title pcnect. WARREN * GOODRICH, Real Estate Brokers, 123 Deaibom-at, Rcom 2. F)B SALE—Furniture, with lease of house. The furniture of bouse, with lease, for sale at a bargatr ; l< fhrsUbed to accommodate thlrtr hoarder*, and nearly all sew. Inquire Immediately, on the premise*. 205 Fast Madl(ou*tt. FOR SALE—Two neat frame cottage house*. 018 room* each, water, eas, closets, and lot, on Woshlogton-it, between Lincoln and Rob-y. Immediate pos-easl-.n given. THOMAS HNYDKR * COm Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. T?OR SALE—A new two-story trame I noose of n rooms, hot aol cold wat»r. bath, man tles, etc-, and lot 33 leet front. So. 423 LaVe-st., near Ada. Immediate possession given. THOMAS D. FNTDEB & CO., Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropo* lltan mock. UNIJIPBOVEII* F)R SALE—BI leet on Calumet-av., extending SCO feet to the lake, with a good bouse; creoitbe finest locßllonslnthecltv. XT9.003. A. J. AVEKELL, Real Estate Ofice, No. 7 Mctropolttar BJcKk. ./OR t?ALE—Lois on lone time, near 1’ Stale nnrt TYiUty-Srst-sts. Atso. oti In'ltana, Sllchlcan «m! near Drirm? I'art. 11. O. SIGNE. to? state-at. “ F.« T?OK SALE—At a decided bargain, lot r 50x153 feet northwest corner of Jackson and trie chester-gt*. THOMAS D. hSTt'Kfi & CO, Heal Es tate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Plock. T?OK bAf.E—At a decided bargain, lot s roxlS feet, northwest corner of Jackson and Win rhester-sts. THOMAS D. SJfTDEB * CO., Heal El tate Agents, Ko. 4 Metropolitan Block. T?OR SALE—II2xI72 feet, comer ot j 1 Waba,»h-av. and HoPbard-conrt. At the low price rffuso per front font. Term? liberal. Title perfe- t. WARREN & GOODRICH, Beal Estate Brokers, 1*25 De«:boni >t..Room 2. iioaming, T> CARDIN Q—For gentlemen, m a pri- I » ratefair.lly: board tret-class, location very fine. at 259 Jllm- b-tt.. two Mocks from State-st, Bridge. "DOARDING—Day hoarders and board- O en by the week, can be accommodated at 49 South Clark-jt, T>OAKDING Ten* pleasant front J_) rooms, with board, at 825 Mlcfalganar. K LARDING—Good board and lodging can be bad lor two ecatlemec, at No. 81 Ssbath Adatns-el. Also, pood frsrt room to rent. pOARDING—A small iamily have de* J) slroble rooms on Brst Ccor, to- let wtth board, sniia'Jefor ertUeraan and wife, or single gnUcaien. Apply a* 926. S Michlgan-av. pOAßDlNG—Splendid rooms, tdmish- O ed or nnfamlvhed, esc be obtained with flrst-clasi beard, at 1-10 Foarth-av. A capital pi ice for stu dents, with all conveniences to atony at night. BOARDING —One or two gentlemen desirous ofa comfortable home, with excellent board and decant rooms, to a respectable family on W*bash-av . not far trom Post Oder. Best references rcqpirco. Address *• C," Fox 1.520- T>OARDING—In a private tamtJy. A I > plraiantfnrnlsbed room for centieman. at 55 South Pro, a-st. BOARDING— Two in a room, $4; sin- Klerooa, $5. Good table. 225 and 225 Kin zlMt„ near State-?!. Bridge. BOARDING— TVith tarnished room, tor crntlezusD and wife, orslnde gentlemen. Also, cay board, avls2 East Madtson-at. T>OARDINQ—One large ' furnished, I ) room, suitable for Pmr ffeatlemen, oar be had with board, at IIS East Mndlson-st. Afewdny boarders wanted at $5 per wetk. "DOaKDING—At 102 Statc-st, eingle oi I) doable roams. Also, slew day boarJera arcom modakvL BOARDING —Good board and p\eafaat rooms at BRIGGS HOUSE So. 2, SS Sfocryo-at. I>iy boarder? accommodated. • BOARDING —An unfurnished front room, also neatly tarnished rooms, with board. In a private family, at 19G South CUnton-st. BOARDING —One large furnished room, snltablc tor pcntleman and wife or two tipe>c ctHimeD; also, one slnslc room to rent, with beard, at 74 Jackson-a t, two block* south ol the Poet office. BOARDING —With furnished rooms, suitable frJ gentlemen and their wives, or single scnilemm, on reasonable terms, at 130 Grisw<£b*Cn between Harrison andkoßc. iiOARDINQ—A large pleasant trout r> room, well tanlohed, in a flm-clals house, suita ble for gentleman and wife, to rent, with board. In a private family, 1010 Indiana-ay., comer Twenty sgcond-Bt. House, agaantcß-fHale BOOKKEEPBRSf SALESMEN &e. \\T ANTED—A good travelling sales- T T mas, by a wholesale boose, about the Utb of January next. Address, with name and reference. “D B," Tribune office. XT7ANTED—A drst-class salesman in V T the wholesale grocery bustneaa. None seed apply except these haring a cood acquaintance with the Jobbing trade of the Northwest. Addree*,tor three days, with real name, “ B,” Tnouae office. TV7"anted —Two expel ienced sales ll men. In a wholesale millinery boose. Address, for one week. Box (JO3C. XXJAKTED—Two expre.'smen, accus- T ? _tomed to the work, and » bartender. Adolt at 283 Ktnne-st. Reference redulred. \\TAKTED A first class dry goods V* sa'esmaa. Those having city experience may i^i^LakweL 100 ' 010 ** BAK TIR, HICKOK &CU-, V\7 ANTED—A good canvasser (or en- V % graving in nil Its b ranees. Cal! a) No. 96 v> aamngton-st.. up stairs. \VTANTED —A first-class bookkeeper. ? t One who 1* wen versed In mercantile nooks. Addreas P. O. Box 1752. with reference*. \\7ANTED —A first-rate man as sales tt man In a retail tea, coffee and grocery house. Addre**, ststlng where? last employedUand also the roercLces in the above line of trade, -s C,” Tribune office. TRADES. T\ T ANTED—Stiller, ol Pi st class abili- V> ties, to take charge cl a 4-ran mill. Most he strictly temperate. Apply, with reference. at 3S Michigan*!. TANGUAtU A UDRLBUKT. X\7 ANTED—lmmediately—Two first • »- cmPhorscrhocra. to whom liberal wages and will be given Apply at once • A CO Michigan. S An TED—A competent man, as fore man In a foamlrv. Abo.Sgood moulders, aid rrletccd man to attend a cunalo. Inquire at Uard's Brick Machine Uannfiictory. 33 Sooth Jcflcr son-st.. rhicago. W? ANTED—Watchmaker. One ■who is Ti a co:xl workman and can give aood relerence, to co to a plate iso ml ! e» from Chicago. Apoly to LYON A UEAIY. no VTathltglon-aC TX7 ANTED—A good brass moulder. Ap t l ply at 282 Mad\*on-*t* Sd Coot. \KJ ANTED—An*irchiteclural drauebts- V t man. One who l> competent can hare a perma nert situation. Apply to T. V. WADSKIEB, Archi tect, CoDb'a Eulliiug, UGH' Daarbom-it. TXT ANTED—Three cood cabmet-raak- W era tax! 1 carver, at D.'M.SWINBIS£BBOS* 78 and s*o Fnltcn-st. TXT ANTED—A first class bookbinder V » and ruler amt job pririer, at the Omaha Dally Republican office. Omaha, Nebraska. axHantch-#3inale fficlp. SA?UYrctWOBI2SU TSADK3, &e. TXTANTED—Saleswoman. One having \ ? experience lb trimmings and fancy dry goods. \Cdreta P.O. Box 65, with rtlcteoce*, Ac. TXT ANTED—A governess. A lady ac- V T cuetomed to cood soctetv, between thlnv and forty. can,ble cf teaching English and music, can flud a home In n private family. Salarv fxOO. Adtrcas, with | artlcnlars, **S L IV* Tribune office. BOUSE SERVANTS. TXT ANTED—A Gcrmau or American \ t woman, who Is a coed co< k, washer acd Irnncr. None net d applr unless tn-*r are competent and relia ble. Inquire at !)3 Dearborn-st* Ist poor. TX/’ANTED —Au active gul, to do gen- Vv era! housework. A GcrraanorNorwegiaffpre ferred. Washing not resulted to be done. Apply at 358 West Harrison st. TXTANTED —A first rate cook, one who T » understands cooking oysters In everv »tvle. chorssteaks,*e. Good wages. Apply at eMITITS Oyster House, 1 63 State-st* corner Monroe, • cook; one who Vi understands washing and Ironing. None need apply without good city reference*. Call at Room 39, gbtru an House, between K acd 3 o'clock, this day. TXT ANTED—A first class cook. None t T but thrt-e who luiiy nntfnritaod their business need 111 Wabasn-av. TXT ANTED—A good cook, washer and VV Inner, lor a imaTi family. Non-shut the best reed apply. Call at CAKUCTTS Uadery, 131 Lake st. Wages 53.5: a week. TXTANTED—A servant to cook, wash \V andiron, in a small larolly. Inquire at 274 Indana-sf. TXT ANTED—A girl to do general bouse- V v work. Reference* required. Apply at 51 South Grecn-st. TT7 AN TED —A girl to do general bouse- T V work, in a small lamlly. Inquire at 378 West Mcnroc-st. TTTANTED—A Protestant girl to do Vv general homework, for a small family. Call at 523 North LaSalle-st* southeast corner ofbcnlllcr-at. TXT ANTED—A first-class cools, washer Vv and Ironef, at 374 West Lakc-et.,opposite Union Park. TXTANTED—At 410 West Washington- V V et* a good Ctrl to <li» general housework. Uoud wages paid. Protestant preferred. LX7ANTED—Two girls: one as cook, V v wash* r and Jroner. ano meaaee’-ondalrl. Good ages win be paid. Apply at j 1 <» Wabaih-ar. TXf ANTED —A cood furl to do second V T work, at 19 Copgrcss-at. \\T ANTED—A gtwd pirl to do general \ V htiC*pworlc. None hnt the b'«l need apply. In quire at 1390 Waba*l>-»v. lEmploEtnctU £?,gcitcleg. T\7 ANTED 340 men to . sro South. V \ TV ago* (45 to (SO per month and "board. Also, allttrronslo. king furempioimcnt lb tbc city local! at P.ooc:81.No. 187 South Cl»f*-*t. \XT ANTED—To employ one man m V V every town in tin West, to sell an entirely new thing. None but itv» and active men n*ert apply. Ad dress lor particulars, with two three cents stamps, to pav rtltirn postage, b. H. McELWALN, Dox 1068 Chicago, lIU \\T ANTED—Bookkeepers, clciks, sales- VV mcß, porters. drivers, bartend-rs. nr*k*srasa. mechanics, .ar> rern. r vivasaers. and all wishing iitna tlo; *. to apply at EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, S 8 Dear born-sl., Room 2. AppTcants by mall enclose 10 cents. W/ ANT£D—2 assistant bookkeepers, 2 V 7 talesmen, 1 conductor. 2 brakemen, I fireman. 1 porter. 2drivers. 2 expnMtn-sa. App'yalßoom 13. FnUc riot> Meek, *fi Dcarbort-Bt. Appilcanu by mall address J. 3! MOORE A oo„ Box 1707, enclosing 10 cents for reply. TX7ANTED —Young men in the coun- V T trr. wl-bjtg obtain situations. each a* bx>k keeptn, clerks, collectors, talesmen, conductor*, cx picsmirn. Ac„ Ac., to apple at Rma 13 Fullerton Block. Pc«b •,.oraddrc««J.M.M' lOUE&CO., Box 1707. cr,closing tea cast*, for lull particulars. WANTED —Young men in the coun- Y V try, wishing to obtain tltaatloa*. such as boot keeper*, salesmen, collectors, evorcaumfo. clerk’, brakesmen, &c.,ic, to applr at 13 3 Bcom 2. or nddrtst M.F.. JONES A tX)., Box 2040. enclcblng ten cent*, for full partlca’ara, 11/ ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 Y V colhctor, S bragem-n. 2 firemen, 1 pore.-, 3 driver*. 4 acmu, S entrv e’erks, 3 conductors. Apply at 134 X)varborn-*t. Room 2. T7l WANTED —We have employment tor Y v men, cfsll klid«. In Michigan, Indiana. Illinois, lows. Mi.eoun. Mis isslpul. Lonl-lana and Chicago. Apply 10 PARSH ALL t SMITH, I'JSSouih Room 11. Applicants by mail enclose 10 cents for full particulars Alt order* for men promptly filled. TX/'ANTED 2OO railroad laborers at Y * (1.50 cer dav and board; TO levee men at Sls to ISO per month and board: 15 wood choppers fbr Indiana. Apply at lOQ kladUbp-st.. Room 4. TX7ANTED This Day —ls wood V V choppers fbr Michigan, f:c* trau»port*Uotu 90 men for Memphis. (IAO per dty and board. Apply at Bc«ur 3. Lind's Block. Raadolph-it. Bridge. ■XX 7AN TED—I,OOO men to go trouth, V \ wages (45 to (M a month and board. Also, rail road tn»n. and al) wanting employment. Apply at 133 Somb v:l,ark-el.. Room 3. gtHantca—fHisccnangoug. "TXTANTED—A number of good busi* Y 1 n»f» men, to establish lu«UTance Auctclca in Northern Onloand Indiata. Address Box 2.353, Cleveland, Ohio. *VK 7 ANTED—To sell an interest m a VV mannlactnrlce holiness lo a party who has had experience and Is willing to travel selling stood*. A party who can command six thousand dollar c»sh capital can learn of a very profitable laTostaient by addressing Lock Box 69. Cincinnati. Ohio. X\ 7" AN TED—To Purchase—From fib V V teen to twenty thousand dollars worth o! dry goods and clothing, for apart ca*h and balance In roil estate and other property. In Sew York State, at a flourishing village within forty rods cftlie K. T. & E. B. K. Ararelnrestm-nt to make mon*y. Inqnlreof or address W. GOODMAN. 67 Lake-»t,.tblcago. TXT AN TED—I hflTe money to loan on VV Improvedcity property. 12’S Room «. H.'H.hAaFP. WANTED —All who are in want ot weather “trip or rubber moulding to call and Keoon, before purchasing. We harems best la the market. Affects wanted everywhere. A. c. BROWN A CO„ 12S Lakt-it. TX r ANTED—Persons wishing to know V V the fatare sbomd address the greatest astrolo clst ]n the world. Enclose-SU with as penmen ot wri ting, to Macame DU PON f, Drawer 6299, Chicago. \\T ANTED —A smart youth. 17 to 18, Vv that knows the city well. Apply at 194 West Lake-si. TT7"ANTED—Live men to sell some- VV ttlsgncw. Useful Jn every family.* rirahle; the greatest InT*ctlonof toe tiroes. Meets with tiemrodoui sales. No competition. Been thoroachly t'Bted: never wears out. The greatest offered to agents, and we will prove It by calling on ns. Send retail price. $3.50 lor sample. Two stamps for reply. POLLER* CO.* 155 South CUrk-st., Rocro 18. TXTANTED —To Purchase—A large V» Vardmc house, central*?located, lor whlcha good price will be paid. Address "f\," Tribane office. TXTANTED—To buy a notarial com- Vf mDclon. Addres*. staling terms. Box 16S8, Chics CO. ANTED —To form a connection with VV some gentleman ol capital, to encase In the manufacture of«n article wh*»se reputation Is already established, and for which there tea Urge demand* Adf i* ‘*L B, M Tribane office. TXTANTED—Every lady and gentle- V V man to know that they can nave their srfalsht hair converted Into beantlfcJ and srracefnl curls. For $1 atid two stamps. I will send a retire fbr cnrling (he nalr In ai y r hape de*lre<h Sample 1 1 preparation s*nt pratoHot-ely with each recipe. Address LEO. DU- StOKD, Cnicago. TXT ANTED—We will forteit SIOO if the VV fallowing is not tmet |.Lawtn‘T»o]dQit*cf our new patenraacblne*. In two davs, at Valparaiso, iLdlana-proGhfSO. Send two stamps for circulars, rtrawtnca, eawpleaoi work. Ac. Capital required. »3. MORTIMER A CO.. 1291 or P. O, Box aoT- •WANTED —$1,000, for one, two or VV three years. First-class city real estate civea asseenrlty. Apply to A GOODRICH, Attorney at Law, Ccho a Buflolnc, Boom 2. WJ ANTED—§3,500, on five ygaxs-time, VV secured by city property. Intcmt-paJiseml annually. Parilea wi«hlne to loon, apply at Room 2, Cobb*s Bull ding. l*2tf Dearborn-at, WANTED Foundry,. Any person having a small fvtmdry, ca-aplace aalcahle for one, to lease, will please ad dr cat P. COLAM AN, Trl bene cffice. Strarcu aab jgdolra. QTT? ATTTWVmm comer Thlrd-av. and O TdjlQML,ontbeevcnioeoithe ad tail., a leum oTlloraes harnessed to a lamhirwagoc. oneinwyand one bar tone. »y returning n th!corner of May and the Under wul bo p.p. lOUMY. . QTKATED-0r Stolen —Reward. — O while Cashmere Kids. Ad-. taaE.rVMui.t,T, ii, w«iw«i,ujwint.. SitttaiUms ESamea. JIAIBS, C ITUATlOK—'Wanted—By a young LJ mao who is not mfra.d towortt. Oood rasrcacm given. Pit w address aESKYLOClatlriaaneotgce. C ITUATIOK—Wanted—By an Ameri- O can man aid wife, the man to attend horse* ■"* co chorea arnond the honse. the woman to do general honsewerk or cooking. Adirt&i **o K A,” Triboaa office, lor one week. SITUATION—Wanted—As coaclncan, O for tome Christian gentleman. t>7 a highly resvee*- aoieyoung mao (ao American). Ibe beat of reteroa am tarnished. 1 understand the care ol horses thar ingMy, having bad many y;arscf experience; or would wot* ttra gesUetnsn about the hooaa and barn. Tf ages aw object; a hcc e wanted fur the writer. Address •* C,'’ Tnbcae office, or C. 11. fttt.t-Ic wit#-,, w>.h, C ITUATIOK —Wanted A situation O M salesman or light porter by a reliable young man ofeood habits and address. Good re*«r egeedren. Address “A. A•* TrtCsaaeOffice. ITUATIOK—Wanted—In wine or H- 0 qnor business Ibr wholesale, by a man who baa S**t experience in ibis trade. Bis employerwUX of b,xa sceoraolate a fortune. beeaoac *«cret of knowing how to cmantactore a *^VL* ht v W . Mcl ‘ oal r has to be made to be patron -1 Stecoinitry n^>aae oOcc. 2«o objection to going to O ITUATIOK—Wanted—By a practical O. bookkeeper of seven years* experience, Salary moderate. Oria ■ willing to assist lapostlag and c.oa- Icg a set ol books. Address “CLABK.** office. C ITUATIOK—Wanted—As bookkeeper • O or clerk by an experienced ma-. who can sire first class references as to ability tad. character. Addnaa Box 6233. P.O. C ITUATiOK—Wanted—By a young O min. In a respectable prtrate family, to take can or a horse and do chores to nay for bis board and go ta school. Address ”H A T.** Tribune office. FEMALES. SITUATION—Wanted —By a young O Lady, who can give good* reference, as Clerk la a retail fancy or dry goods hoese. Address, by letter, M Sa s,” Tribune office.- Q ITUATIOK—Wanted—In a small fhm- O Hy, to do general- housework. Inquire at 704 State-eU in the store. , - C ITUATIOK—Wanted —By a young O Girl, to do no suits work and plain sewing. Ad dress “J M." Tribane office. C ITUATIOK—Wanted—As conk, it here O there is no washing, cr wcnld go as meat cook la a betel; is a good cook. Address “EB," Tribune office. C ITUATIOK—Wanted—By a respecta- O tie girl, as seamstress. Can cat and fit dresses Ttrygoou. Can give lasealorat present in St. Joa-pb Orp&an Asylum, North Sins. Can bsi-rn there tor three Say.»,;or addicts •• M B,” Trl bace office, agcms JsHantfii. AGENTS: —Wanted—An agent to can vam Cblcaro for “Abbott’s Live* oftr.cPreal aenw.” Books now ready for subscribers. Pnbliaber.* hlcb-st ccmml.-slon win be given to a person of abll lsJJls.*li?tM'r,eae<‘- other need apply. S. 3- LOYDEN, 73 Clark*st. A GENTb—Wanted—Experienced book S\ ard eocraTlnc canvassers, to whom a large aal arr or commisMon will be paid. Addreaa CHAKLSS PILL. 13? booth Clark-st- Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—slsU —We want X\ asenu to *ell the B&BTLETT SEWING UA COINes, price slSJso.Thoe<* willing to work for 513QJQ per month will *aare«, with «tanjp, PAGE BROTB- Ohkr Geoexal Agents, Philadelphia, Pa* or Toledo, AGENTS —Wanted—*300 per month SEWING MACHINE. Price reduced to ag-ntA. Ad drees VT. DiXOSS A CO* 168 Dearbonpst* Chicago, A QENTb—Wanted—?150 per month. _/A everywhere, male and female, to »*M the OESU IAE COMMON' SENSE FAMILY SEWING MACHINE, the greatest invention cf the age. Pricesl3. Every Machine warranted Urns years. Address BECOME & CO* Cleveland. Ohio, A GENTt—Wanted—s2,soo to $3,000 xXavear. A good chance to mate money. An agent ts wanted la every town la the Union to mansfectars and sell an article of consumption la every t>milv. Can be manufactured m ibe acecfs dwelling. It la entirely new; secured by copyright, Sale aa permanent as Boar; no titling np to he done. For pirfeatArs ad-lrae. with stamp enclosed f r return. LOUIS COBLKKTZ. Middletown. Maryland. A GENTs—Wanted—Price $2.5 0. t\ ‘Lloyd’s Great Mao,'’ Tus Camo Statcs Coj.nsit.vr IX IPCf." Three mar** In one, and the cheapest map in the world. One agent has lost ordered Tlty Mars ifter two ditv# caavsr*. ,n* l.paxr Patittotic Cn-orror AxKuio v seat frrs wlih the map. Address GOOOSFXED & CO- 1-18 Late st* Chicago. AGENTS Wanted Farmers* boys, tb.s winter, to sell “Crowell improved and Kilte Sharper.ffs.” Sample-ami circulars isent tor M) cents, G. W. CROWELL i CO* Cleve and. O. AGENTS? —Wanted —10U men can have stcadv cmplovtnent (hr the winter hr canmula the i*lr of POMKOT'S NEW AMERICAN HEAT UFGFI.ATOR. Business light and pleasant. Proflta imnuLsr. bnrcoes cuaraotf<d. AOdresa or call upon I’. LATHPOP, .tC..Rcotn No. l« Church HI-ck. Chi raro. 111* or Boom No. 4 Lyman's Block, Cleveland. Ohio. AGENTS— Wanted—For the HISTO RY OP THE RELIGIOUS DENOMINATIONS t»r THE WOBI-D, tplendldiy- lilniirateU win. Bne fdeel portraits of eminent Dinars efthe van.tai The work Isjnstfrotn the press, and cannot tall to meet with a ready s»!e. It sh-mM be la ev*ry library. We wantanagentlr eachretinrr. B»m! for circulars. Ad dm» ZEIGI.EIh McCURDy & CO* Lombard Block, C.htcago, 111. Agents wanted—For bar- RETT’S LIFE OF LINCOLN. The best, most complete and authentic, work yet published. President Lincoln havinc htirie-fftirnHhcd for this work alone, the lacwothla tarty life. We are oßertos agents, be sides a very tine Hit rt premiums, a higher commission than can he afforded by any other house In the Weat. Address J. s. GOODMAN i CO* Publishers, 3 Cus tom Haase Place, Chicago, til. A GENTS—Wanted—For THE A.'MB- Jrx RICAN FARMER'S HORSE BOOK, hv Itnfcert Stewart. M.D. V. S* embodying tncrtsnltßof twentr years of original investigation. The book above all others for Agents, as It appeals to the ne*x-!-sltlci and eetf-lutere#, »-t a very large, wcdihy and luti-llgent rla»s lr. everv commurlty. Asplytoor ad.trrs- J. s. GOODMAN & Co* Publishers, 3 custom Chicago, Hi. A GENTS Wanted For Prank _tV Moore's ntwwork “WOMEN OF THE WAR.** rat* the Chicago f'rsning Jmimnh It la, lo the noblest seme, a gxllery ot beauty, ann «« envy the author the grateful work he ha* performed. It all re-da like a ron;ance. Tlie of tbewarcaa never he well told without Utc story ol thv wom**n Is told with It.—Th» people want It It sets s?h*ndl Uy. For lull p&rticulais rail nriddr«u B. C. TREAT, 117 A GENTS —Wanted —To sell a new, j V fclahiv interesting act rich y embelllshrd work, THE PICTORIAL BOOR OP ANECDOTES AND IN* CIDENTR OFTHE KERELLION.cIvII, mHUarv, naval and domestic. embracing the most brilliant and re* amrkab’e event* of the great American c-nfikt he roic. patriotic. polllcal, rrmantlc, har.iTon*, and tragical. a beautiful royal octavo volum*. TfiO paces and over SO cccrayingi. Thli wort la uae of tbc finest production* cl the ace. and the most popular hock of the war. Over 12,0 0 copies ordered the first two mccUu. AgesUarr making lain salt*. and sav It Is the b“«t selling hook ther ever sola. Energetic AsesU will fln.i itto their l*-te*c#t to engage in tbc mlc cf ibU tasl-sclllnc book. Exclusive territo ry snrt large commission given. Address J. A. STOD- I(ARD& Washlugton-su, Chicago, HI., Dot 389. AGENTS— Wanted GpwViemcu and ladies throughout the Tnltcd States to sell onr now Book. “A II COms LIVES of the PRESIDENTS.’* ITcm Washington to the present time, in one volume ofabout aCCpnee#, bcamltnlly Illustrated with steel engraving*. Tug Arninn-mx Times—tiik Tumi*, the ekgart style and moderate price, all combine to render this one of th»mnst attractive, n->etul and *ala ble books ever pnbllsbed In this couttry. To experi enced agents this Is a rare chance to make m..ney with a kplcrdld book, and no. competition. Publish ers’highest commission given. s-md stamp for cir cular and terms. S. S. BOTDEN, 73 Clark-st., Chi cago. m AGENTS— Wanted—Experienced first c’s.v csr.»iwer«, gen lemcn and ladles, for “TflS FUAYER AT VAI.LEY FORGE.” a new and magnln certistce! cngravlnv; price. llm peculiar rc rou>m«-iidntfon* *Tilcfc cause It to be admired by ctctt American, cf whatever sect or party. every where are meeting with nnparallelcd sure****. Pun hsber** hUtest commission given. stamp endugi-u. S. S. BOYDEN. 73 Clark-sU Calcazo, UL AGENTd —Wanted—31alc and female, to »H 1 a new article la great depiand that every Utmly want*. (1 per day made witbont leaving home. Travelling ag*cts can mage from So to |JO per day wUhout Ir.tcTf*rence with other pu*lne«. Ttc article shews f. r Itself. Sacplva, with terms and particular* ol the hmlnsss, sent for 23 cents. Address R. W. COAFPEI.L. Drawer 6533. Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—In lUincis, to sell ‘••1 HE PATRIOTISM OP m.INOIS," or the complete history ot the part taken by Illinois In th« war, her regiments, batteries, dulingnlshed men. Ac„ Illustrated by over twenty portraits 00 steel. Wa are ottering large commission*, which, tegethcr with the very large sale of the work, presents strong ln«*u'e cents to good ven Address the publisher*, CLARES St CO. 3»Q and S 8 Chlcaga. A GENTS—Wanted—To sell a tip top IX article. Sells everywhere, with ordinary talk ing. Everv business require* it. Combine* utility with buyer’s own advcrtUcment of snocial int-re-as. Has no competitor. If aj* -rfect nor-rty in the UcltrC Btatca—only one mantJfacmry ret e*t*.bMsh«v!. Tho * ssnds already sold aad giving ccmpieTSßßMartic •* Open* up aa entire cew Beid for agen», of al ca pacities. ConsnniptKncoDstautand increasing. Scud, stamps for circulars. <*aav»«ter*s aample-otuflt sent free, bv expres". for |1 23 remitted to n*. Address or call on THOS. DERRY & CO„ 196 LakwL, Chicago, m- < A GENTa—Wanted—ln all parts of the I A country, to Sell “THE HISTORY OP ABRAfI VM LINCOI and the “OVERTHROW OF SLAVERY.’* Id oce voU ol over 700 page*. By Hon. I. N. Arnold, late member ofCcngrc**. asd lor over twenty yea*-* a confidertlal triend 01 Mr. Lincoln. This work Just been completed, and will meet a wont felt fcvev •ry intelligent citizen, it presents ftaturea Which have not appeared In any other wort. The Daily Chronicle, of \*a«btngion, lays; “it will assume a ebarar ter and hold a place beyond anything vet pro duced.'* For territory and terms, address the pub lithe?s, CLARKE & CO- SO and 82 Washlng*oa-«x, Chicago. at titers SManteh. PARTNER —'Wanted—A great induce* ire:t for a tnaa with a sc all capital, to take the entire control ct a commission &iis!nesj.,Apply at 90 LaSalie-sU. Room 3. PARTNER —Wanted—In one o! the best psylpfj Mtshllenmcnts In ibe West. Paying from SUU to »-JOU per w«r. A small capital reqalftd. Inquire at Room 21. No. 129 Sooth Oark-st. T> AKTNER—Wan*cd —A No. Ihnslneas I. man, with a capital of SSTO. to take a hall interest fnawdlet-tablDheopsjmsbLSlcess. Apply a: 100 Msdlgon-st.. Room 4. PARTNER —Wanted—A young man, with £l5O to tJCO capital, who wNhoa to rt es*c la a nsht. profitable business,*!© ra’l at Sli DeartK»rn-st, Boom 2. up stairs, No rlaics to run. "PARTNER—Wanted —$800 to advance I by a yonpff xan. with cootl relereace, for a situ ation aa partner, clerk, or collector. In *ome establish ed business. Address **L B,** Tribune office. PARTNER—Wanted—With SIO,OOO, in 1 a sofa and legitimate builaess. Protits very large. InqnlreP r.or ftduresß“ST,”Bouß4l, Garden City nense. iHadjincrs. T?OR SALE—Three 8-borse power up s' nnbt CT’wtn-?; also Six horizontal englne«,B. 10 ard JS-herse p-.wer. larger or- smaller entires for nUhcU-wJUi or wlthoat boilers.. 12,15, IS and 38-borafr tubular ana locomotive? bolters fbr sale, best make. Also one t-roller Union Matcher and PI same Machine. Sswreliai. barrel and wood-working machinery. Iron. pian«s,bcltlnz. saws, flies. Ac.. Machinery Depot, 3* Dtarborn-sfo, Ctlcaco. GBCTSLEB BROS. A CO. FOR SALE—Fortabte EnsiTxes=% 6. A 10.12,15,20. 35 and SC-horns 'power, new and leooca-hsnd: one 50 and one 35-horse power. Second hand Stationary Encißes and Borers, Portable Saw mills. Woodworth piauers-aad Matchers. Sain do MUIa ; and Wood-worklrjr Machinery. Power Corn Sheltea, Small Bam Mills, Iren Feed Mills. Shafllnc. Poßiea and Elevator Machinery bnllt to order. KiC BAUDS* : IEOJJ WORIvS. 190 sod 19*2 Washlngtco-tt. FOE SALE—a second-hand Buckley foldlne machine—la coed condition. Price, $199. Apply to the TRIBCyg COMPANY. F3R SALE—IO,I2 and 14-horse itorta ble Endues and pjoders—very lew, by GBIFFIX BROTH tots. 158- Soath Water-ax. FOR SAXE—Two Portable Engines* nearly new. K-horie power. Ui pood ruaamc or- Qtr. for sale-very cheap U applied totsoomby GRBKX LEE PROS. A do- 52 Pearborr-sU Cblcaxo. FOR SALE —A cood 0-horse stationary Exzina and flue BoHer. In pood order, at *fi* ; wamkoosc. 50x100, two storiis; a So. 1 oplteWestStde. Room S. M>. 4S ;>oathCte._k-^._ gjgaantrii-go TtTANTED—To Rent—2 or 3 desirable VV rooms, taralsbetl cr aswruiihed, with boarJ. Most beta pleatarjlocatlcn,AddreaaP.Q.Box 1555. TTTANTED —To Kent—A good flouring VV mill,wnhtwo &rttaicerunotsionr, n*ar road, for eo« or more years. Address WSI. A. BL t *jA Slgd P- Og Will County. XU., giving particulars. -err ANTED —To Rent—Purmahod VV rcoms, with board, byapmUemin, i#dy»w» son. or rooms for oousekeepiß's. state asms, which most be tnodyiaip. Addrtsa “o B," Trthun« office. «