Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 5, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 5, 1867 Page 1
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I FROM IROPE. » Last Evening’s Despatches b> by Ocean Telegraph. ■ iirresl of Suspected Feniam in Dublin. Tltt London Times Urges the Prompt Settlement of Amer ican Claims. Arrangements for the Election of Delegates to the German . Parliament. The American Yachtmen In' viled lo Visit Conti nental Ports. Progress of Negotiations Be' tween Victor Emannel and (he Pope. FROM WASHINGTON, -Judge Trumbull and tlie Su preme Court Dejjsion. 'January Statement of the Pnl lie Debt. tl s do on (he District Suffrage fill! Expected To-Day. E;1I to Eestriot tlie President's Pr.rdonisg Power Passed by the Senate. Evolution Passed by the House in Jleferenoe to the First Illinois Ccllection District. of News from the State Capital. FROM CANADA. 'tc-nlence of the Condemned Fc nir.ns Commuted to Im prisonment for Twen- * ly Years. fiov. Uramlette’s Message to the Kentucky Legislature. FROH EUROPE. av OCEU TElECmpu, cun vrnniTArT, Sorrn.varrox, January 3 ■l'-auior Bavatia, irom New York, has a: Beaux. January 3. is respect-(1 F«n!a*is were arrested here last **■’*•■7 -l-ev came fiota Liverpool, where thev LM .•)-« nrrlv. d f.-om America. They are sno p'-re 1 to be Fenian exmsaarics. * * Lovdos. Jinnary 4— Nona. 4 7i; ' th * only »inc<Uoin England id' »<■ v m v.IUi other.-*, are with thr* United b: • .ai.d urccs the j»ro:»j;it settlement of tfae-c or The n»i,« heheve-j it a:-. 1. :c. ji *t«c-uoo i« noxv approached ta a nw»n r t v *?• “"“S’- I *'*. ‘P"*t wuloiae'nt .ri NTicN- to vnz AiinacAX yacht ex. i\ Cowes. Jauuarv 4. -V .'-ccHfl v.-er.‘ visited by P-Jacc ChriVtim. wh» c-j.rcrHCt] htmsclt much pleased * ti-ccia-.-na cf American phaaure craft, . London, Jacnary 4. American j-arhtuien are receivin'* a-i'-u-Jon Iro-n the London yacht club?. Uv , * 1 ' I,T W’jecn, the Tachtmea visited <M e to-day. The Thames Yacht 'Vn “ 5 •'* An,l-, . CiE! * a Laoqnct to-morrotr. ILi;can re-idciith of Paris have Invited u<? * h i ♦ r> of die lienrieus. Fleetwinjr and Vesta *° v - ‘ : !‘ ,rt c !; r * I= casu sh; * invitation la ac r- :-.i ■- th } will {,-ivc a zrsud banquet in honor ol .*.i. irvitut.oa to x:«it Russian waters has been m.;«-d by rh, American yacbtmcu from (be it: • -.a:i Imperial } scht Club. .... Roite, January 4. Mi-ror I ottcU nas arrived at a definite condo -in. y it.: Til.* i Govcnim m onecreralof --- d betwien Italy and Rome. j re «h;.!on:atJC corji«= paid the nsnal visit to the r<t{e 111 >ew\*s Uay. UMloiluess. lore •l-'1-'1' 10 ’heir comp.lmcniaty BalaiatfmH, re- Irrrvd. ir mthcr severe terms to the want of ad * ** : 1 >■•- I’apacy on Uie part of those be it . uii d Lie lOimer Irlcndx. rnxxcr. , ~ Pa.ris % Jauuary -j. Af an «rt*mce of the Ugo appreciation In " 1 J! * "f 1,0 J- lhe EmDl!r " r Napoleon in an acti.i.-rai.h Idler to ;.ir. Bigelow, the rcllrii,g ~, ' ter. presented hiniivlth acopr ot.J-noras. Ihe letter nas conehad In eerr icfilJL,* leruj: .... Moscow, Russia, January 4. iL itH I,<sue lo*da?» iiaa an tmuor : f’u-; vi political situation ofJlnssla, 'be Boverr.menl by the rcialts of the war eboaM lie removed.'ati i thus relieve ' ; ~ ,f° r c ' r: ~ : y bardcra, the abrogation of which would ma-cnally enhance ,hc pra„.,ceaivc and ?»»«• <*Empire. Theabove-tneo , 4 " r " clc elites cmridcrahle attention. not °o * I' 1 t ’ ~vorlirae ii‘ circles, bat ha, received the I«ra«tel the lorelen diplomat, at St. r,- ; r,lm. c . who have advl«d thetr rc!p.cti« rjveniin'UU thereto. * w .e-i f. . . fc ” PCTZttFncno, Jannarr 4. The Gear baa tamed a nhaae exteadie; th, ot tbc o..lcer»* of the army. niusiiA, M-veral of the .North .ISSS,.’;u have f.-rniaily nerved that the Parliament ahall rircl on the 1-th ot hebrnary nett. The rrn«slan Oeternnientiatakintr active atop, hantn' the STj.” _ Bep.t.t?». January 4 Tec Ivncua question in U,e u um^m (Inal acttlen.en° i,1,.0k.a noon a. involving serien. comolS llcnf. Pomeicllcitnde is apparent in regard to it b» oictais. acsrniA. „ .. ' ienna—Noon, .Tsnnarj !. " fce Convocation of the ertraordinarr He»alon ; U.c Ke:cht:aUi has had abad eflectin Hungary bei/sicx. h _ r-. •, „ . Brcmelm, Jannarr 4. The £- m> Lflje m> 9 that the efforts o( the French oovernmentto forma quadrnnle Ain.™! .1H England, Prussia and AnTia Uaa ldl;d. It-tales Hat England favora an allliie e.U. Prussia provided He l.Uer wUI go.rlnto be Indepcmlcuce of b rORTt'OAL. ... , Jannar7 4y o on Thc K, =. c “f 00 '' I ’, tbe c ««“ to-day and or-cd rcuicanizulicij of thcanay. “rgeo I.atcMt Foreign .Tlarket*. Litwool, January |_Voan KiiAi-t*oBT, January <-Sooo. ,IT^ »S Ct> l *cntu» TS.H, i “If* ft francs S 3 ,i;r: rrlcc of rs^VK: 1 "?'- neer of 5-30,. 33.* ; Krie.«; mtuol. Cenw.l! bT* <*«« merhe. uddlln;: upuodi it Is*d, w,wu DSlei Ll ViGOOOL, J&aturr I—Errmltve TJ chwadetotf* market flra. Corn firm wm, u\ ■ar 1 tendency, »n-l hu advanced to 4U tip or . for American mixed. Western when ts or a \Tt trnieucy, and baa advanced tl p«r coSl marls Ann. Lrrrcpoai, laoosryt-ETcolae provlMon market steady and firm. Lard U *»rlV :d leads upward. Che«e 1. firm with * 6 U*buV,'n t.-tdeicy In price. r^i- FaxSKroBT. January t—Ercniaff rW-siu* qcotaUoas cfs-a0» were ;?,H. &,CDl og. * I’ulua, Janunry 4—Ereuln. riie closes steady. Bcnlci dosad mt cjf FROM MEIF YORK. Tro-»crl.lon l u an Important Will faw-.tppcal fordid to the Candlanu, Nf* VouK dtnuarr d.-Tlio rubber rood, c. of Henry O. Sortou * Co., No ‘‘,l - Vsimi a . lyam, f* d »r*re thlsm'om niuS™ °; cd - Peck - Bundolph & J. tid'V?” <lmlral T «e'“to<r vleiled the /J hurdmer wIU cwc,ln wnlch t line amount of properly le-Inrolvcd, has be=n de.-i(lcdl,T ih. Court of Am.e.l, In i„or of D.rtj UaS! n ?, ! b,olber of Mm, «-Prt»ldcn: ryl^ 'Xste&sgngXi*'' * ..7?:«L£“ who commanded the Honrie:- ta, baa been appointed to or.o of the new China rtcjn,<nj of tbo P»cUc Mail Compin,. I™ Jl.'."''?.' f ?°?’ rr J —The tbi. morn vAVrfi?-’ k * private party ofyacbtmcn on 2\ew * ear . 6 ®'®i beta on the great yacht race wet set* Uca Jo the amoaut orsrjs,ooo. Ic so no instances ooda baa been given on the Henrietta; in others, odds were held on the Held against her. FROM WASHiaGIOJr. f9pt dal Despatch to the Chic&to Tiibnne.] WaanzHOTOtr. January 4. eksatos rnnrsnx aito TnsstmiExscoiJur. As some unauthorized and incorrect statements have been pnl forth regarding Senator Tmtnbnll’a views of the Soprcme Court decision in the Mil lln»r case. His proper lo say tbs'; he concurs In the decision, bnt differs entirely from the Court u to the ottfer dtcivm. Judge Trumbull prepared the act of March Sd, 166.% relating to the suapen aion of the writ of Jutbto* corpus, and prescrib ing the form of procedure in such cases. The bill, as reported from the Senate Judiciary Com mittee, was passed by a largo majority InTboth houses of Congress, and nqbody bai ques tioned Its constitutionality either la or ont of the Supreme Court. Senator Trumbnll was conspicuous . throughout the war in maintaining and defending the power of Con gress to n-gnlato the whole question ofmllltaT and civil Jurisprudence. His entire public record is opposed to the doctnne set forth in the diciun of the Supreme Court, that Congress could nof Kit had so desired, bare authorized the trial of a traitor by a military tribunal. II there be any foundation for the supposition that ihe Supreme Court dlcfum militates against the Preedraen’s Bureau and Civil Rights bills, certainly Jnd~e Trumbull, who prepared and defended both lho«e measures, would be Jhe last min in snstaln It 1 have the highest possible authority for these etalcmenta. COXOUESS. ho bnelness of special importance was cd in either house lo uay. Dniing the mornto" honr the debate waxed warm in the Senate noon the first bill passed by Ihc House, repealin'/ the clause ol the amnesty act which extended* the President’* pardoning power. Mr. Rercrdy Johnson, In the course of bis remarks, condemned the Govcmmeut In the btttero t terms for holdlu" Jcfl. Davis In confinement, and declared that Lho fact of his being held as a prisoner of war of itself shielded him fom trial for treason senator Howe, of Wisconsin, replied in a scathing speech, under which Maryland exhibited more uneasiness than bo has been known to show for along time. Senator Howard Intimated that Davis was held as an as sassin, and that it had been necessary lo wait for evidence. He further gave It as his deliberate judgment that instead of ever being tried for treason he would be released unconditionally by the l*rcsidouL The debate called u!argecro »d to the Senate, and altogether It was the most ex citing occasion of the cession. Tbc House at an early hour resolved Itself into Committee of the Wnole and several members read speeches Tbe Senate has adjourned to -Monday, and (lie House will Lave a session to morrow for speech reading. TUE KEBUASKA DILL ccjncs up In tbe Sesa’c Monday, and It is the la l.ntion to force It to a vole. It seems certain to jass, though it may not be possible to carry U over s veto. In conversation, within a lew days ibe President has stated that ho was not commu ted cgeiasl tbe bill, and rather Intimated tnat he might sign it. TJ.ot-e to whom he was speakin" however, do not believe be will, °* EXPLANATION'. Mr. Secretary Seward bavin- canned al !oa‘t lonrutterlv erroneous statements lo h. ma.'o iiul.ilc;; ihc movements of nl. eon It is proper to state that the sole object of the trip I, lo petehase the hay of eamana and the adjoinin'* peninsulas of the Dominican Itepnbllc, for a coil and naval ttalion. The State Department re neves that the purchase can he rcadii t made, col wnhslacdlnc the opposition of lo.el.'n poverj lo the project. PENNSYLVANIA SEXATOHSinp. Member? of the Pennsylvania delegation, who were Id Hamabnrp yesterday, are of the opinion * at Cameron will be elected, and that Curtin has no chance. They also say that Cartin’? fronds have bern so greatly provoked by ?om«* act ot fctevtns\ that they will not unite on hlro.ihonMi they may possibly npon Mr. Grow. Yesterday the frame, as these men saw U, appeared to be be ween ennm and Grow. To-day, however, a •lol* milicn of S,evens men from the called on him here and said that the Curtin men had agreed to transfer their support to Mr Stevens. THE TARIFF a ILL to Vo ter oft. ri by the .Senate Finance Cammltfec jartirjen from the Etprcsstona oflLdlridnal mem’ bers,wiilbe inmost respects a compromise be twe.n tbu present House bill and the bill reported by tooaiiseloner Wells. CnECOKEE LAJfD THACT. Senator Ros», of Kansas, to-day introduce! n ‘o orovlde for clrtnjr the rl s ht of pre-emption lo settler- on the Cherokee neutral H;;;i t;ucr which mis printed nnd referred to tno Committee oc Public land-. This hill has special refercnc othe lunus bccrclary Harlan was about to sell a , nd ol, J c « 11 >o secure seltlcra in u)< Ir tishls to landa uiteaay prc-emotetL it u >ltal importarce to at least len thousand sohlcre * TCDIAXS IIELD RJ iIiITUS * nsutut ed by Mr. Sumner In the . yesterday. rcuardlu*; thcboldiu-ol Indians lUßla.cryinJieivJlealco, ,rill brio-to H-i.r Sc fac B lhat a most dearadm- system ol slaycry still lh! “ “ is and eucoura-cd the OoTemmcbt nfflcla!,-. and thaftt is eapress contrary to the treaties made with the Indian*. rrnnrn op jaxcabt banquet r f ?“ e,ltl “ 3 bMucote lob-- CI ' ::: ’ ;:J eighth of January baui]iio' In bi- Cl..'. Concerning till. occasion, the Vtiiau whose od.tor la ono of tt.o principal ™"? i rn tbe rnatlcr, fays: Very imponant declara. .ons of poln ca! principles will bo cnnnchf,; u ibo r. color leasts. which will he responded lo by ■rwc.w’i,' 0 r M ‘ L cml " c s! ebitesinen of the conn •rx,cr,dlt, Connrcra. Tho IcadinirConacrvafn. ciUzt ha of The Uiau ici of Columbia will be p-es ■ r 'f. uufaltarlu- oppo Jt on ■ o 1,a.l , cal..m will bo boldly proclaimed, win, J pofiiivcnefa and rcilalnly which iutimidaU™ ’ v ' l ' ”■ “*— tv T,, . K AonicrLmiAt noticAu. Jhe toronimoo on AsrictUnre ig about to r* Sr ' tb " ,<! »»S o, ' 0 I°T“ er , n ‘V o! r mformaTlon , ri« '.f“ rla , lltural society ml be country, with one exception, has allied PreeiiW i.A-fl , ;cmove Commissioner Mewl on. * b ° „ i'AVPiItP.X OS UECOKBTBCCTIOX. The circulation ofctia*le*(i in-ir n^» “ prcdiidi. B considerable c!T Cct aa c . ” live llepnldicans la bolli brancnei? ' 1 tt-VATOIIWADUTO THE SOLTWinXZIM ST" PWf radian ; vb:cb SCDI,or w «l= expreeraThU radicalism, dnnng ihe whole tup, both In „.,m ! and private conversation with leadin'* rebels ” THE tUILSO&D INTERESTS. ™ e S ®?. a ! o Fiu . ftnce Corammec 10-dav consid- a petition, eurned by tweaty-one of the had men of the coimirv r.r.- l.un.lrcd millions of ralltoad crane^v''ll.“' lb.l .be nouse biii pladn?,woTd“ nor pound dmj on s.eel rails end thrae anS'r terns per ponnd on other articles of bessemer sleel ofmore uimcnlt manefacture, be 1 hev represent that previon, to the p.esoMwteu^e —7" —I mr “4i^ c ”“ ara ■n process of erection at Troy, Ncw Ymt- n,7 Haven ™' SS L-, ; ? bn T tlmprasvnt domestic dcman^l* 1111 ° re ~, p0,T orncl: cniKcts. _ , °ll°“inir arc among the clmn-ei in Post UKO s„ic, *, j. Ga '- T „ ~,, "7 or .LLIXOIS. Mr. if' ttr,”^n nlitn He vole iraa taken prc! ™ keahnnM bare bceo oW , sod !o Ur. BhichTm,^7TL C : T* T nEr"‘,ov of the Utc decision or th.«;n P Parlns a rc ‘'le ; v “ ill I*l=o .h e 7 tt ZS no.«b?„ CC °a Uni IL •‘nwgett possible grounds against notice of the noose at™ cLi J dl "“' !° ontracMu cases of He oporc.f.l. l T?™ m0!1 mots by the cinl anlhorttla , t the s SU°”' ’°'' nut cotionasstottaL nE CEmaN arnta south. All connected nhh the Conetcslonal .... ■ party nolle in Ute statement that Senator w^‘°” listened to »Ith matkrd alte^Uoi’c. C ?|o“'ncS a reptesentatiTC man. The strlclnre. ' peared upon the Na-hvlllc speech o' n%! r Jl --Thomas were so and rcltßraph as to canso no J {T u> °«“ .. _ , WCXTWOn ™ , 8 speech. Sir. Wentworth, of Illinois* to-day delivero.! » vejy characteristic esecch th« ell J. ore “ a which stoned to ho to affect the ° l ° f t«l in Uliuoh, by altcmplL.u lo TCS.m.”' authored* the Indemnity ,« „ r isclMd^.S ZfT^ o™' 0 ™' ™ Prt“rtT, : rl^^t •he decision against the ralldltr nf • v Military Commission Id IcSm on h« b l Ibttt the decision would hove been’ different if°io r;dt::'Kr t,i! -«° r -«s TU* rUBUC DEBT. «r a twcnty-cix hundred und ccccnlr-llvc iSSu'i d 11 , of tj-twotboa,iud.llve bnuarMX.l,^.?" 10 ",''' » Is : cdrrencr In the rmocurv wl!lcS 114r3 ' 0010 a °d hundred Sd thlm . 10 °’ m end thoSknd Jl hundred million,fonrhnndred.rHlH«!.^S rleen hundn-d hradi.ff correiiCT £?<££! I ety L hoa *aud Debt Iblrty-two millions tiureo bnodrmi dred and nine thousand- Debt hearing »*? d ■evenly, bundled and twenty-five olir scvccty-thicc tbotuani! d?lian Xhatld:od a,ld S2S,:ia,ra?IhlSSSS fc', 1 , hl -> OucioeioJ iwmcnt lr Ices b7M“iS?m- IrS i5 o 1 t)re>cr -tc i for let nil. The ou tht created IS.«s,sct 61 interest hu d • In the treaenry hM’dSeascd 0 *!-^^ 1 .* 58 ® 010 sajiss,^“®s£-ia VOL. XX. 0 ** 10 provldo for a committee of inve;- TO» TZUntTOUXAI. mu, and A , Bhley ’ 9 Territorial Bills will be PJSf' e “ t ?, a I B^ e ® d l ? vote, with the probability that bo<liL"ln, B [S 1 S totb mc “ snrM bc cm ' , abkaWs nrixoATioir. ** an interview with who . waß tmreaerved ln Wg exore9 . Constitutional Amendment, ji e OD^h . l fhoMld not be accepted. The &j?? 6a f, Coi ?? l e:;Joncrß baTC been Informed hr leading Republicans that Congress won’t ma'sc exceptions In their lavor, nor depart plana to be agreed on In Congress. 7 .. Ia a ° f ?. ter vic\r between the Arkansas dcle-a- i ho E ab n . cc . t .°* da . T » Mr. Slanberry told JjjjjJjJj Cone flered Arkansas was already rccon- _ _ Tint rnsrntCT ecmiAos eill. „^|*b®p a will be-called noon to pro on W? D ; ,lrlc l Colambl,”nr. na s e Bill. This will plate becrctary Stautou dul”'/pos?; tbC ' C “ :d for or ,fc ' alll ' t tte PieaU A CUAIJXWCB. .■w.V' 1 !. 1 ”?. 1 wbo dlrtlred prominently at the Converitlon ba. cbiilemiea , Demo* c.,Uc Scnalor. The trouble 1, übont ,n offlc£ lie Senator hM yigt replied to Ibe challenge. uktousded. one million of dollars was paid lii December to Southern claimants forcoc* fifeated cotton dorltiff tfce war, is unfounded, ‘ LOUISIANA XEXOIUAL. «AsmacTO». January 'L—Tbc Louisiana me- ZDorlal sent to the Senate yeuterdey*. asking the assistance of Congress to rc-bnlld tho levees, shows that eighteen oarWiea. one-fomth of all lie Slate, aiid tvvo-thirds of the assessable property, are subject to overflow. The Government losses are etchi iaujtons annnelly of Intomal Revenue taxes by this condition of atialra. The State a Government guarantee of six millions bonds tojcpalrthe levees. __ _ iSOTHEB VETO EXPECTED. . ■“*£~.*®theld quite « proirac‘cd acaaiou to ftawsrsts lust the veto message will be sent Into Cou-resa to-morrow. • ANOTBEB VERSION. 3lac7 Jvtpnbllcau Congressmen bare beeu dis cussing to-day tbe policy of Impeaching the Pres ided, and express fictions doubtj as to ita aroorl c*y. A caucus will be called to-iaonow evening, »o sufficient number of members are In the city, f, r :?WO'W that Mr. Spanldlne, or Ohio movement** " la,ic stro, 'S B ro « s »ds against the V«.J l O^ 1 ? ,C 5t raol l WnlaKrT DISTILLERS. tbe enortn-us frauds <>n the revenue by distillers which have come to li*»b» it is staled at the Internal Itevcoue Bureau tnat the receipts of duties from this eource are tbree times as large as last year. .T m /■- . TOREION SEEDS. v3 c 5 0 .? miBB \ 0B ? r or iV ? ‘‘ iculfnr e bas been ai '*;£ d lb® a [rival at New York or a m- I.?*?. "f blc fot ?, !n ' Mc<lß fw distribution b} u» department. Trey will be ready for de limyln a lew days. Tbe Commissioner bas or dered from Germany a lot of celebrated Asllke clover seefls fur dlotributlou among tbe lahsie of tbe country. fa H o ncuuu- COKGRESSIOSAL PROCEEDINGS. SENATE. m ... . . "isuixoTON. Janttarv 4 re ." 0,0II 0h of the Territorial 1,0-ie -atiue of Uon.aoa was presented, ashin- to in create tbc members of that bouy, ° Mr. MOItGAK prose led the petition of six SSSfSiSESSft.“ w,,8 for “ rttl “ Uon or thc tbtit relations with Prance and Mexico, and into the power of Mnximihan to m»in*aln hinwlf. ° Mr. aiOHGAN prcsevtcd tbe memorial of tbe ocal Academy of Design, asking a specific duly of liIKJ on imported paintings. ** t r **°J n “P» wa-» laid over Inquir ing into the action of the Executive branch of the Go*emmentin rvtcrcnce to ti*o intervention of Fiance In Mexican affairs. 'ifce petition of a my oilicere fur increased pay whs icleiied to the Military Committee. ' terred* petitions were presented and re- Ff r increased lariffon imported wool. I- or reduction of ihe duly on railroad Iron. Bills were introduced to donate apor.Jonof Foil leavenwonbreservationI eavenwonbreservation fora nubile road* vi’i l'n'.H'Tr ' b " “’■“•fttci.on ° r ''ridßc across the Mlrsouri Hiverat I on Leavenworth; one "rant- ln*Kunsas!* r ill,ls “ «“*■*« bnl rj'Shlntlutr Ihe tenure of olllco was tavra up. The question bring oa Saulsbnrv’s amendment to repeal th-t entire Confiscation bill insteau of the thirteenth section, Mr JOUNSON argued at length In favor of the nfive 011 D£ power r ** Un S tolwy with the Excc- I Mr. JOHNSON said. In the Convention which fifltncd the (-onstitntion. after gieat differences of opinions. U was finally- conduced to vest the par doning power in tho President alone or cour ee mhapowor conld not be -iren tomorc limn one departmecr of the Government i l .r^ aS . I 1 lin l ed ’ o,be r rcameßr 111 a ° most com | prehtnsne terms. and without limitation. The j 1 rcsloenthad thought to Irene an amnesty proc- Inmalion, and be combatted -be richl of Cuonces Jo Oo go. and quoted Irom Justice Story auu others in opposition to it. The power to do a thin-' he 1 v v;h Ul .i *H C P oa ,‘ Be j s ‘on t'f the means to d > It, b ‘ rb ru ' l {n the hands of Con- M * P°«er was solely le'dsla ‘r\fr’m V b . C & 0! * e ° r , Preheat were . -After some further remark® 'fr went on .o say that a party mum be tried bcloie be could d ?n iJ" 3830 )-- J t wounded hie sensibility a“ an AnitncoD citizen to sec incaiccnttcd for two 'tVli* 1 ~H a cbarg ? °I treason, a man ol delicate m7ni» f i 1 V’ 70 * anil pleaded lor trial. It Alolatd id ideas of Amer.can justice. A.r.hOW AKD asked what power the courts bad ~ } c ll a prl-ouer to Justice without a-j or i I r Al lhp , Resident t of the United Stale*, and by he wa> Incarcerated. 1 Ait JOHNSON said if ho was a prisoner or imp tri ,? d treason at a)]. Asfo fi-uP it it as he said the President h-ul hi liSriUe“ m l ° be *0 the civifaH lifellffSSSi,"* - ' tlK ’ !o I,r - ,:DCi3 11 "»» to -loil-’'-0.-i—The conn before nhom ho to. f»nl?" :4l0b<!11 ‘ c 4 boai ‘ ll 10 ■ K/5.?? ll ‘ iOD " blcU p:«!«!nlid the I } Lii /Vr ?ct ' lH al i’° ' VJa kept wucre he \va« ir measure* towards those In relwl nn ifo>is “ > conciliatory policy woui d slrau *& b f,e t ;S? "lulo severity would bodb>ibon°in J ‘ “ff » “W would °c °Amc,!ci 11^ bc “ ?o «t°' C^iTw adb T ;Ueofi{n ? cd a - ana yet thonih 0 ?! *l* robt£°B«lfo U commenced ft. zad* unnMif A^ nroe s l! *>e had been IVciideit 1,? wonld have diea near there ion- ai.d no letl- Ine of mutt would trouble him • 1 f** r° f( - p, in " . power °I the Pre.ideni ‘ s n#,u i thereof, the amendment oi • ..uLhuir va« lost. The hill was read a third lu;c, a i.d j i..-aid by the following vole: d CaUcll, t hardier. Comics?, Cra«iri limiimls. Fessenden. Foster. I'mvliefer ;on. l owonl Hone, Kiri™ cod. Inn" -ornll, Poland, Ilamsev, itoST s 10 ‘,'S' ;s;iv/■wi^J; ll T r " m ' ra,, • ' Vad - w ""*- ~ _ KATF. ■A lr * **AUt ra\e notice »liala» »,«• ;.’o i;:?r **™ w& ipifilill UOCSK mil. It appropriates S2O KMU'bo SS iSf ° fMhlth * ro/io'la \StSS Ur. STEVES reported the Fortification i»nt It appropriates (i f or fort Warr..m£m* «V ?I(, "’ Wofor Fo ‘ * Alratra^?CalKia • «no * raror.nnejnf He .Nonncmlna SuTfaiS; 110, l people ought not to be farther at prrsent for the reduction of the w “ rertrTed t 0 lhc Ways and Mean? f«^ r^r?d»T 0n " as requesting the Sucre each month during the past year, « Ofoa.tle*» and amount remitted br th?Deuarf r SWJfSaSS23S In cofer‘L & ,'°a r n 0 J « JffiSfffiggS . nntS n ” ref 0"0« •■> He Judiciary Com 10 <cs , nelill , «e e n , i!? ,S,C S '“<*SW tS?r' a '“e ffy? d ,hal ‘ b ‘ rjMecuilons f S? l ' ran h ‘tS Vtb of Sy h D«SfnS Sr SiiS; hin w? Mlt**- -Tha law /reason protccohoD Imt fur one faX^£sVjJ? l « lain 5 bejisf-jssfi; as rr.?Sr s trial In san Fianciwo in apt ? an trc *#on Sf“ .anCßy punished by fine and imnt|«amaent oa^Aiion,ir *’ e StfS?V2M srjJSsSK ®3SS,S I rove it trrontj. rourresp h,f «.fi? ho^, J < * 8 to "pH P'cnarc for whatcS? the“conArS^V/ 8 Clde. T.he JcdJclarr Comiaittco wSSIiSa hiii d » e »* n pea! the three y<ars’ UimiaUon In th« lt i hw. ainl lo restore Uie rleht of of TLia tvaa both expedient an£roSftiEKSS 110 ?: was expedient hcranar, dwte? ttinteL \\ had been, and It fUU w£ 8 to prorate for treason, e * *ucb action on the part of (;on-we«B T'k^LT 01 ?? eeranepnnUsbment by reason "of thelr«vll« on 3 rebel ion. Theie «a* no doubt oitbarSS 1 % ed Uorißipowcr ot Coorreaa (o raaiiSl. «S C 2 n ?M ta ‘ prosecution after It bad been bar™! of After some remark* from Mr. NEWFi t r " «Jrj?ev. on the mieeiloc of reron..«i^r I *' °* Mr. »txnvoitTj], of a llffteSEK’S V; eirlMl pSnUhment. Hc7pok? rill rof Of Colonel St. Ledger and f sai*d the Ch i ca S° conspirators, ana said efforts were being made to re. G^^J 0 v, fihow w , hat *ortrt a man «, C ,i. i.i 5.®, w °nld have the clerk Cf ad 9 letter from Colonel Moore, late of the One Mcndxed and Fourth Illinois lid-mlrr. tBS mire? < aiuf ) ™ Ce ? J G 2 L ‘J? fcn aa a robber and muc- K^® r t acd conceded by saying he ought to have uog. and the writer hoped Mr/Wcntworlh woulu prevent bis release and have him held on ™!VrOl "Vi To . r ?W“- iiidSlhU Wentworth said, worse ones had been 1 Rn^S ae ?' S nder 1116 of the Supreme I Court ba«ed on the law of 18S?. these hrf leased by writ of hob tat corpus. He »ifil n? d . lb f ccctsion, and lelt bonnd to declare n ° l have otherwise decided to Thli 3™ wfa y he had endeavored faeff2rih.fr4S Me thenred-ed the tell WM c , on . s P lrac y. for which Gren S‘?y Pl ?ve ora 0 ra ■ p rc7S.i4 n rd f Se I The House adjourned. I KESTUCKT lEGLSLAXDEE, Goromor Brumlette’a Annual ItlMvat-c -He P.v«ij a General Amnesty- Kentucky State Flnancee-Tlie Gov einorie Argument Attains! tlio Constl tutlounl Amendment* Kcnh3ck Jt Jannarr i.—Governor 1010 Jhe Union asdclcnnincd by the vt'tma rrr'lrt rojnlL and Ice increase ot crime &fvtrtowihi l^ 0 «. t \ e i a -. o v.? I,le expectation. He Is gritSkd to i )o,l cynttbc close of ihc war. of \ r ®! : Jpwdona 10 ‘bdlclcd soldiers of cither Vr?: ba ? wen followed with the happiest results in , c close of war peace and amity are correlative and dcpenoani. Withont amnesty there cm hi« r.« real peace. L nlces forgiveness covers tto acts of war and release (bore engaged, there Is no real peace • be m ar is transferred from the field to the forum wbete timid and conupt uicu may swear that for which brave men «id ™ ItSSskTSJ luanlv blow. Toa.-ume thattwfor thatciVi! • u S ,«-? ed 100 piea, . ly10 be forglveu* is to declare a partial, not an entire peace. I’he breach nurin ?/ 1101,1 tbe ami -‘ 9 of strife, rc Ktndlf d from the dying embers of mr m.,» lick the life blood of onr people. Anne atv 1 M®*®" 1 , es!i, llio flames and coS the ■ iHktid ashes. Tncse principles have guided mo the liuon?“ a PP ,icaU «»“ce to the Stale and M3.yrf STSSfJr &SSSTS H ?drf!uh^? rr, lnKO f ,oryonlhfal Coders. °Se tmvocaks provision for the care of colored Inna !L cs f D i tI P car cf«l revision of alt laws relative lo tbi- colored population, to seenro them In the en -H ‘^"pStVllap 6 ,”: It rot? h‘ f 3r V' Confl/tMlon or onr*tfth°n h " rccdmc ““ Bureaus and Civil HUbla -iP 3 - u , lO ptpvivioti of eneb laws as will in. S*5 superior class of tlio laboringpopulation lo ” rtmurliin;- that rrcclom beSlowed on tnl. 1,7 .°7 3333 ° r men iriibdrn.'-s from them tile prelecting care of tbs suporior race in itS, axssssS lo male timely provl o lon lor .ho -npi ly of a &SSI ES , M.. , sHffi P ill oo“un™iSt:? to repC31 03 ■‘■mrjuod’a lair oJiu. l i? ve " ! . or r Sfommcai!a 3 provision by law / r ' , yvcrun of statistics nrpopula ratocral 11 d “ c ; , , 3U3 r“S'li:>'"iiral, mcciaiflod, £ Hirer ‘VvCTn t onipany, approved March Ist, isir,, will b?!ir“ wbormr wm CC ” l ’ r " 1 n PP r “ n ° n . ‘be coniolouon & % »s£,“* a.S IhncnHnc™ of tho COmmcrco 33 Greca Tlic finances of the Slate arc very fiatlorlnn Present indebtedness. JVI3S,:JI7.IWn!™ S’r sinking fund estimate i nl $3,tdT,031. The ■ftSsn' !? OD i)ecembcr3M bad SUCI.4II. Onr claim 71. onr tavoimf* a lUtSPVf- r l‘ , eh P ,,r " » balance In and^pc^Tsknil^’jrrcsse^^r^etifemcn^nd^l mi LTonL^V 3 ™?” lOf 1 Of auS half i ii.ui.on or itie deot, so as to enable us lo df«. ’Suited Constitution and law# pursna* t M pTopic a o? J ,bff s '"™ Tlii: lilSlisiiP 'WSSSS' pres.nt consutnlion a nnorim .7 ?w "fM,-o U °sZ;?„i C 'i unse "t HepresentaiiJesl ‘WMi^SSa,' ?3Si££> ® «sjs of clev.-u Stat-s, ..ot being admmed io missus I* ss'fi?.yja?s 3? «"~ n S 1 Scoifl/Sf t? !y f eriu *oetit remedy.* The Pa« ? h*' o rvcr kept this faith She ps^gUl a '^ i.4ii i ■» c f; l uf i « fc T='n nl & r "Z'a allnses d ' ;* ef the Jfe denira repenlance and reform! Anrrornmeni the^MpJ' l ’i 00 P a P er « b "t can onlybe eivenTn A voluntar y consent to supVorrand namtatn a covcrnm. tit i 8 the only tree :mi th.« S aSIh. ,fln ’? llon the Pledge Ip Scact sis' fis Ws "iffjsgsf'as'js "•”^ d^i“blcoS, 0 " car ™ a * *ke hope of the patriot revive car discords cease, and oor safety be secmod. M MISSOCBI LEGISLATURE. C ”Tr™” r Flctelicr'n itlnwnsc-Thc Con .siiiDilonal Amendment StronelrEn. dur»ed —Kdneatlonal J luimrcs-Tbc Lafujcltc Comity Tron DlC*j &C« , T ;_ hoi'is, January 4.—Governor Flei£h>>r'ii message was read to the Legislature this armr 2SSS comm&dto^h£?iiSd r : nienl to the Federal ConrtttntioDfhe nr^..* ahnl?i^n C nV‘?v ,l '“ Cni »Umaon, snchfas the aholltlon ol (he ;ueacbc« and teachers* oath “ m J ede "ViST A,, “»m2SS. °wui I’olley as a nearly as nrattiiahfe'to the'na .'^S^SKKisfelS^'SSSS “I I ,?* c l” c s’i ,J u> mod tt to ASK •*/£*?» E y amnesty to traitors without dis. crimination a* to their conflnct, I hope MiSaonri to 4ectd« to the general amnesty bat /n?M i«rci v «;ness specially dependent on the fu tare poofeondact or each Individual. • u, *i e ctof education ho says: Theaet for the organization, support and government of the acrordsVi r ts°?if’V &sse,l, ?5 the ,an J**nrt»tiir«j n««°lr .i W v th - Uae spirit of progress, and Is ?° c l^c beneficent results of the new era of wb,cb has entered. He ro lW?r*i?r Pio»w»orahlp in the Stale n>pi»««i^*«^^ ft ? e r. artn * £nt of agriculture ana ncJ v “ ,n5 * «*ool of engineering. d ' l,artniCll einHS» e /^ PC ? 01 *} CBnC , C 9 Governor Is wry fh?i&iVn.rt d iS2 tl vT J ar S cl r t Q to the condition of !r *L'?l,P 8( * indebtedness of tnc btat% He rccom «m topda l ??fh ol i o9 bac , k Inlerc «t on the six per tmar bM>& .M U ,h ße P* Bix P" cent twen liti!?f«r ; ¥ ,d ,hc immediate payment of In ■ndaffiif%;Stul.e * S. e ,bU)kB »we millions ••«/?«» °. tbe . e^x millions two thou- SS' *'£ 2“ ' to the State hr Confess, dne lnKsl? d to a ,ho of over , , Jntertst, and rtimv« a» total rv«u nt« C mtk°L lS,ai ? reduced to urrto ffi.^.K ne sC"’«inicrwtlntho Troas anaihi>»-rS?»' l «* b .‘ a r e® erT e fund eqna! to Snd« *S hI2J2 t ? ren ltTC:, te<i <□ Government oondt, to bo bold to mod dedcieucics in the in CHICAGO. SATURDAY. JANUARY 5. 1867. o?.?^l. pr .? Vl l5 d K b7 , lle /'“te Conelliatlon. Our credit would be placed on a sure and Arm barls, and conld thus be permanently main* lalcea, while we conld appropriate liw tea per cent tor tho present and tallowing year and fifteen per cent thereafter of thecross S C .'i' I, SMV he , I Jnc .'? Nortll Maaonrt BalESd to the sicking fond. Bespeaks at some length of the ea!e of tje South Pacific & iron Mountain Railroad, and of the latter he aaya it la a cause of congratulation that our metropolis will haarc. without contingency, connection with the South! ern system of railroads. , Connt y afialra, ho soya ; c|vU offlcers a number of to*. .lemen claiming to represent the wishes of thj S 5^ p, iin f^?ifoni,t7 assured methatclri £nmuH ai lV^ p », ropcrofflcer ? In afrestinit and ' holding for trial the men against whom prop,* writs are aimed. In order to give them fall 00-1 1 have withdrawn all Lae mUharj with the exception of thirty men and Pf®. ofliccr. who arc ordered to remain , unless caUcd on by the Sheriff if a J rJ(VJ Le “ ecn,JoD of a process/ In the ca>e °j.i a * # ilnre, from any cause. 03 me part of me clUiens of Ijfayaltc CoamyTo ar.-est the men for whom wilts are leeacd, and those who are aotori ouely qmlty of hiab crimes, I .halt order WL-a e ?.? t '/'.'.i, ro,c 2j r S r ,bc nl ™t or Uivee parties cllbrrwi honrtthnnt assistance or concurrence of the citizens ol the county.” WCT Tills statement received loud applause from members of the Legislature. " *° ra Resolnllona looking to the adoption ofthe Con honsea nal Amo, " lment ' Tcrc Introduced In holh FROM SPRINGFIELD. ILL. The Project for Unending the live Session—Contest for tho Speaker, ship—The senatorial Qnestlou-The Graml.Unllat the Inland House. [Special Deapatrii to the Chlctgo Tribune.) III., January L The recent editorial In the Chicago Tmncins on the expediency and necessity of extending ih<* Bcsf lon of tho Lcjriihutre to at Ica»t ninc>y days is « strong impression upon the members ofthe legislature. The project bai been much dnenesed amon? ihc membertj hero 10-day. All acknowledge die force of your reaaonlo" and ihc» ntier impopslhlllty of Mfryin™ mi boaiacss b W r pcriod positive dot’d mem ip the Inlereats of tho Stst«. Th" ff'aV monow rooming, and endorse its position. ,l)e canons friends of * di**erent candidates for Speaker has h«>n quitcactivo here. Tfca content is practically n» candidates—Ron. Franklin CorwiJT nr County, anlllon. James Umsmoor of Whiteside Coomy. Mr. Corwin is not only a gemlemac of dlstlngalahed ability and honor but he has the aclvumace of a large legislative esne. rlence, botn In Ohio and Illinois. Mr. Ditiamom is also a first das* man. The current onlulon amoPi: the shrewdest members. Is that ilr. Cor. «in will he chosen. Tbecnucnsfor the nomini tion of a Speaker, clerks, and other oaieers will evening “ Assembly Chamber to-morrow n hl?“Jfs'; a ,'i?, rial '■'■“Hon bos absorbed consider able aticnUou to-day, but Is somewhat over. ?i d >y lhe Senator Trum frlcV.fl!i conDt n P°a «lean 50 members®! the lowci Ilonge as sure for him. A rumor .-tarti-d by ri R Cfa journal that Senator Trumbull had c n nrt B r 2n U H rec V nt i of the Supreme Court, const d much fluttering and anxiety amon" his friends 10-day. and inm-ed new encokraje njiui Into the ranks'of his opponents, bnt tlie q“d?^ Q u just received from Senator liuaibull sets that rumor at rest; *k t ~u “ 'Vasuington. January 4. I have neither expressed nor entertainer ihe ?o i refCT ltr ' b "^ l - 'am? lu 1110 I S le £ fam to which yon refer. (i-igned) . L. Tncjinm.n." This, I think, and this U the general onlulon here renders Jmlgc sncSs SmoJt cei tain, llic lobby interests already show a nretlv Ig^i)e«i! CKa * ° D ' wb * cb P™”!-' 8 to lacrS oJ grand opening ball at the new Maud House on fuesrtay evening next, proml«es to be a m«/ mCcent affair. It is expected that full five bun-’ Irul connle will bo present, reprcseoling every or A. on ,°f *^ c c,aie * The I-eland is a “rtlenJlJ Ration, col excelled by any other hotel In ule About twiniy additional roembora of the riui'. eral Assembly a*nv«‘d to-night, and more than tno-tUirdsof (ncm are now hero. iaaw FROM LAXSISG, MICH. IKhcm» of Governor Crapo—Nomination lor I’m.ldcut ofihc Senate-Sale of the .tintioj-, Lansing d; Traverse Bat Itollroad. J [Special Despatch to the ChicagoTrlbnne.] Daxsisg, January -3. The Governor's health is not materially changed Bis situation is reganied as crillcal, bnt is not called dangerous.* His dlsca-e is, as Oral re ported, hemorrhage oflhe bladder. All other re porta arc undeserving of notice. The Republican Senatorial caucus to-nl-hl SrToc“™atc. CIIO!0rCr03 ' tell Prlsl ‘> ll ‘ pro tm. JtcAmhny Unslng-t Traverse Ray Railroad ? 13 a,’- under a decree of the Ceiled Slates Circa:! Court, for TaiKI.OOO. TheJacWi’ Saginaw Railroad were the aireß 0 bid "? 3 *fWOO, which ran no w?th The two roads will be consolidated^* The senate hill to mctcad lire time Jor'tUe rom-

Sf.!■*“ Brand Rapids & Indiana Railroad andthohtll to amend the compl'ed laws relative to the limitation of actiona rotating to real ntoaer ty, cite read.twice mid referred. Ptoper- FROM ST. I.OCIS. Tlic ICrccnt Robberlo* on tl»e Pacific Itnllroad-.irrcßtor Xiaevca-Senoto- Ac. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] - r , . Sr- Louis, January I. The lawlessness reported onlhe Pacific Railroad ram is allrihnlnhle to six or seven returning mill lia men who were not properly controlled by their officers. Only t.vo persona wore actually robbed. sfoj l ofihceDiiseirdinwaafa^c wasjtnade on the Clinton llurbridgc. tha ei-Confederal- ro-ar. va ® Tar,c P• haa a second llmc dia . of tho Legislature is & V onM« to tte cliciioD ol Drake a? Senator Cnn >enra’rvcs will support Dr. M L Union n RadlrM 10 ?” 1 uul l s ? 6 combination with sorehead Radicals is possible, to defeat Drake d ™ ■<sVlif ’ V& J £- ,»• & sas-te? Ibis will iconic hla nomination in caucus and consequent cleclion. ULUa anil FROM MADISON. I’reparatlon. for ibe Meeting of the brglnlHlure—ArUelea forlbc Parit. Kx poelilou-Aonual meeting of fbo ITls comrin II LstoHeal SoclctyT ISpecial Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] r» . Madisox. W 19., January 4 rreparariens aro nearly completed for the meeting of the legislature next Wednesday A • -7oro d ffl ° M!i<l r S r *' r P^and t. e canvas, for officers has begun. The Gorcr acmcvb.llSgiLyTn d dUllVnm « ” of ihc condllion oV stkie tfilnT Wl 3 “ tGme "‘ Quile a largo number of articles in departments have been tcc"vedm r rh?p,rf? n! SSB&i^sssssiSsi At the animal meeting of the Stnt« . Society, la*t evioincttte old PniSJS nistorical clcciod, except that Dr A wero r ®- chosen in place of Waldo Abwi S^i wa ’ FBOM INDIANAPOLIS. Bnlldlre Improvements During the I nsthoar-Pourt ic (i-pecal Despatch to the Chlca E o Tribnn ■.) Those who Imagine th« will he suprhed to lean, that S’ ac the Board of Public Improvements harp m u,.t j I.IKI permits. of Which 3SI "ereto S? S’awJV 0 f ° r f ltcrat,ons improvemS WS?‘ Tw S ‘toiiSw 1 ' ci,iio ' iec voice, of which 111 werecrant^ C^ 1 5 nsf > rdl ’ ana si are now nendinc. ffraoted ’ ** du ralssed. The IVlnliy Method Ist Knlscoofll rhnmi : SSMS!! occasion juuroiy, wm officiate cu the t^ssss^s^^r 06 “ a “*« FROM ST. PAUL. S ‘”n..^ a ' V ’* Doc, ? rM Cncon.muttona, Z^^^V“ UMe, 111 ,Ilc “'Port or ACrl cultural lumuitnioner Nctnon. I L s P«Jal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) _ „ Paul, Minn., Januarv 4 o" s "P r s'”° Court has decided the tax title law oMSCS, Uniilioir the time for contesting tax Utica l o rS":, r^r c r,"“ ,iil " 51 =■ u '° ihe orisattohal Bank clock 111-pal. under mr Al t.' i!U k !0 , Ulat “» *an license required ma l ,k“'ia«f.d^d , ’hSLi|“ rM °“ UWc 01 nnreL?le'repo“2? I, SlA^ oa a^ m 0 i 'V n,Jana , an area of 43U.MW acre. ofwffliSl£S S'S* ft# ana shots, the same dhtcrepincrKSn 022’ ,J '' PoW '°“. Ack"hStTMiS FROM DtSMOISUS. I> ™ C lll ßMi“ Ca f°' Rock Island r ... R.llroad Conatrnctlon nn”, Ac. “ u,ld,n = « b o Stale Amc (Special Dcapaich to Ihe CMcago Trlbnne.] Tbc, Heck bc m;s:%“ Tsr*** v* therel»fie*TyCTadlnethework wni^ lnt9 bere this winter, so that ffthe anSwrTh some mi face eradinn B«*3TSS? n ? t,beon, r the road for Ih^iSJS'apfSlhia £,£? er 10 prc P 4re The Otwlg Wet P K .mS'ic P Sl n l^. 7i but lu Mo"d.'“cril°' Uovcra ° r ™ postponed wSm's?lteA^^V llra Co!,trlCl fM Iba WcalEer mild, hnowln, uda evening. ss-KSisSsiMs FHOM LAWRENCE. Capture or noted I lilevea-Thc Kansas Kenatorlul Question—Weather. Upedal Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.) fn,«r» _ Kansas, January A DmS , me °’ r - and Engeae Hamilton. with numerous alUuet. miiKmi »»,- W^mm sicxico. At Franfefia, Tea?, the’ SwLy'nfl'is^rc^f’K'e”' rro Q mX‘&.Li mVer ‘ 3 h tb ‘= city Inches thlSr tno ice Is about eight d“a toi «» north with . FROM CINCINNATI. The TVeatter— Hon.c or SS3S2SS u, ° eo “ u ‘- cti^Fo ffiSSSSiS.SS! I pa!Md ,ha Juailnnliic Homicide— citizen or 1111. Pots Dooly Dentcn—Arreiit or tiarro- Imum G’otlnierl'eitero—Female Daw. [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.] , v . p CixcnraaTi, January i. a "'' o ela: tlle Kcnlncky desner- B '! ,Ul;0 ' 3t Moaat Sterling, Ky!« bLlride? “ ’ 1 '“ “"J 11111 " 1 “ jnslidaUc t/w b / mbo " f etr " n " or t,om Hlinol., was knocked down, last nlsbt, by two radians nnd*° dcath - Bad robbed of his wa-ch They were beU fS boeS b opSria'g fnSt'S It was iacorreclly elated" Stefda°v. U ' JllO l ” I 3IIMVADKEE. *" V*® Lon "* roi >tcs(fa »i " l! VS - C,l > MU [Special Despatch to tl.e Chicago Trlttane.l TTirt |„ , MII.WAVSEE, •T'lDTlarj -}. in WWl™ / f’’ r ° ncl: w- City of Milwaukee, in iiugatlon for the post nlna roAra , “■> **« PlaSuff h ? CODrl below ln ,avor °? Urn Jl ieacl, 5 n WM brought In i837,t0 re- CO\cr a balance due for the construction of\ straight ent in the harbor. Tho contractor at first agreed to receive- 5P5.000 In dtv bonds, bat re fused, and he nqw receives, 7 FKOjI NASHVILLE. Work of Kculncky lleapcratloeii-clilld Uumcd to Death. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Nashville. Jannarv 4. Information has been received at Bureau n -ad quarters here that a gang of desperadoes from senlhetnKenlnckyhaic crossed over Into Rob ertson County, In this State, and are playin • the mischief among the freedmen, eomtteirn" some pi the latter to dee for their itvos. Woona iSS! heen sent tram GalMlu to hum np and°nrroalfhs scoundrels If possible 1 •utcsiiik. .On Wednesday afternoon, a;Columbia, a Mile mr named Marshall was burned to delft by hi? st?“ >VM,C 9ho WM «tandm ff y nsaf FROM CtIYADA. Letters from Ibe Condemned Fenians— Sentence uf fenlau Prisoner. Com. menb *° Tweu ‘ r »'«*•’ Imprison- defied EnWnhcd a long Jailer ad dnssed to the editor of the/risfi dmrrS 51 nylog cenain elatementa printed in that nSucr ° MoSTitnaL, c. E„ January 3.—lbe Rrdlmi,™ council hasl hecn In session three days, Mnsldco log despatches received by iho cable 3 concerning the fate of the convicted Fenians. The only snlT engaging their attention Is hJlloved io ba that the sentence can be carried lato cocci. “ TN t ibe eleventh annuel concert of tho Irish s To,em Sr,c ' ct . v last night, °l‘\rev McGee delivered one ol Ihc best ero’r riasm hCrC ’ " 0 ch wa3 rcccivcij with great cnthS .ha^cMseTmhc"r t ,S! h C ° ns,4 ' !ra, ’ , L '=« It Las transpired that by directions from Fm» land, thc|CDience of the condemned Fenians fa commoted to twenty years imprisonment in rn«» penitentiary. Those in StveeboSVni ht .rougUt here to-morrow en route for Kingston. ° C MEXICO. Troops Dtdffhlngoa San tnl. Polo.l aim tbe nty of .nexlco— Story oftncDeatb of Escobedo Denied New Om-EAjf?, Jannarv >l.—Gcn»ral Moil. t a _» ported dangerously ill at San l,nH i\no' fl n!i !he°p C , o .S m,lsorlJi>cral >re' mmSl^il >° Ittin Mm Sf SS&Sf o0kl! ‘- ”*» W f -no Brownsville papers of the sod of mak« no mention of the death of Escob-do arrt the report is etldenilvnnfouiiHod. " U °* nrd iug Oricga'l? a°o I 'ifiv?"“ r<ia T3 “P“ 0 . proclaim. *ax liaxrisco, January I.—There !• no letto* nows from the inferior of Mexico A” Frenrt ha\e not evacuated Acarmlco. and orders 10! supplies received here Indicate that they win re main three months lonpp-. 3 mre FBOMXEW OBLEASS. Gunboat Dcspalcbed to Vera Cruz- Boslnem. New Tons, January I.—A New O-lean* iLa Kfr <“l* soiled suddenly lwe« P,CO ’ 10 vnt> ‘ crc “ u New Oniiaxs. January 4.—The weather onened clouQT, with indications of rain, but clo-ed Sir Buainess toward the close of the day exhibited more activity than for tome dav*. J MfDuea - m.l ai J? Vftl » W(re tee "ar Ka'gle L-om St. Lonl* ..nd the Magenta from 'N tckshnfg. and the deDart ures the OllVe Branch for St. Louis. part Ja , T ! nary Minister Campbell !”b" aLniig. C ‘ !T ' *“ ri ’ POrti 10 CoEtrar y Major General J. J. Reynold*, the nowlr.-n tommandcr of the District of thc r ß?o (, J?C dc il car ?f for Brownsville 10-morrow. , n ‘“ t .O l > e Ilnndred and blsteenth R- cimcia. t f oof,s ’ arc ordered to be mustered oat of temce at onto. i re J lort . «»at General Sheridan Is about to : Kad tu the altar a fair daughter of ixjabiana. FKOM QUISCT, HL. Fatal Railroad Accident—Blrcr Open— Boat* Rnnnlng. Qliact, 111., January -I.—The engineer on lha p'fnSilt'" “-af thc r °' cdo - Rehash i Western at nlSjs's7 , .P ni 3! , * r “""tar. while oiling up Jf Sfl2. j''* Uo & di ; rovt 'rci Mood on the pilot n,e i£S C l C l- A Mdm - • messenger bach over the track, a tt-atchtnan named John Shields was J .fimSS? ‘a 1 " 5 ™’ 161 " wndlllon and died In tniS. U Tlc rausc 01 lhc *«> d aht la hoi JO??#'*' ■•oho” at this point: the fenr-hoa 1 * r“mKt.ol r nkSJdb?cflb’mo?rL b . oat U cii ’ ected maevxakd. Ancient Catholic CUnrcli Bnrned-BUi f* 1110 for tlie Enfranchisement of Rebels, Ac chs^h l er' , M fhoma'l inS* iS?’’’," Catholic ■heir right bj thc Pre°i.t S s «,S,'iJ n Ucb,n ' ed ° r H v Garner sthntional Amendment ’nnf SCXdtaS THOM BOSTON. Boston, Janaary •!. noremrr ~ sage refers chiefly to State a-iri-J 8 , n , 110ck * mc? - tapuidcd fifty millions In thorvar ‘»T„' !? ? chrHet,? f aaf?is?ss. #f jSf **• Is probable' that the Hoe nil! be FRO3I PUILADEIPHIA. TToniaii Beaten lo llialb br He, bnajd-laoTemcnl, of nflub.t“ e^~ PIUnACrtPITLV, .Tannery 4__* S.cCotmick beat his wiieio death thN te tnn n, ? ,e<3 Up v as subsequently arrested in a ® or, ti-ac. ' ,r ‘. Cin, l'bell, Minister to r Ohio to-morrow on a visit to his fail";. “.VI S’! probably procreiito Washington to ci n S- I ‘J «irsc.‘' 0 to hJ i'C Honuna Items* St. Lorn. January 4.—The r fleph special eays that nolwllhs landing mJ plotea and shot were o.vca to tho Pnrt 21 *^^ 0 S cenl distrllmtloa of aenturies at Pori Benton, Montana, and that traders .vorw perini'led to sell these articles to the™ llinlcg news Jaroiable.^ ShJpwrtek-Flre Persons Frozen to Death. NAsrecKrr, Mass., January 1 The hri» a Hottonwas lost m a etorm on the STthofftho* ioSc/ti reacbed thefbore - Kansas United States Senatorslilp, KSS£, ta " Eans - 8: a ‘ 3 ° Alleged mutineers Discharged. dil3i a^^^a^^, r t^d^ I: c b *r ,^cc°®r^*- *hiTe been h SdS&a fo Thcl "” srato Yellow Fever at iiemarara. made ead ravage! amour the troops. BISMABK. Humors Concerning lili Health nud his Plans. A correspondent of the Pal! Matt Oaztttc writes na follows from Berlin; “Strange rumors continue to circulate the health of Count Bismark! He is really far from well, and his physicians 7S}l? *° Slve npall businessK. time and go to Italy. This, however, he is deter, mined not to do ; the creation of the North German Bund and the convocation ofthe German Parliment are tusks he will allow no man to perform hut himself. On the day Ur . .1° B S , ’ in W* friends pressed him to listen to the advice of the doctors, but he answered that ‘ he would do his wo*, even jf 11 m b , 13 1 understand however that the greater part of the business ofthe Foreign Office will still be transacted by 5f,7 von Thile, and that Count Blsmari; will coniine himsclt to tho two great nues tions 1 have mentioned above. That he is suflenng from any constitutional disorder is ir.H rcaßon » to believe, not true! lie is na,umlly very strong, and bears everr kind of physical hardship cusilv. But during the past lour years he has gone throu-rii an iiuiount of mental tension which would tell on the most powerful organization H Hilo on the one hand he had to nrenuro eyerythhiir for the war which was hKSt Vl?' % the other hand to bca’rt’he i*n'i reii i 0 I? 6 ch ™ be r and the nation, and Of d C infnm. t Ji e W ’ ““I OI,I F b - V the SCCreCV of diplomatic reserve but lar more bv the openness and trnlh with which hoevervwhero expressed his Ideas. Then eamV & war! which began by an attack on his life that he escaped almost by a miracle. He shared with the King the dangers of the campaign, and on the 3d of July he saw the fate of Prussia hanging lor ncaily an hour on the brink of a precipice belore the Crown Prince's army eamo up. In that fearful hour,'said he a short time alter the battle, ‘ I was only consoled by the unshakable calmness of Moltko ’ (tho chief ol the stall). ‘I rode up to him, offered Sr c ' sa, i . case ’, ancl ba ‘l presence of mind enough to select the best cigar that was id it.’ Cfti the after the haltlo hi* elept, shrouded in bis cloak, on the wet pave ment of an adjoining village. ** “A further trial awaited him atXikols. hunr, where M. Bencdelti, the French aut tiaseador,. brought proposals suggestive of r rencU intervention. Count Bhmark ah runtly rejected tliem, threatenin'' to make peace directly wilb Au-trla, and hinted at the combined forces of Germany being used against France. When at length all was settled, the objections of Franco and Austria °. tb ? Prussian annexations were overruled UCcii .a lal "! C " alK ' e of tllo integrity of .'axony, the strain on the mind ofthe over imlablc, sleepless, and totally unlit for work in ns? “nweous.derabiybetter, bntsomc time must yet elapse before he can recover Abroad, many difficulties yet loom on the horizon, and oven at home he is by no means sure ofthe SiipFnrt of.the Chamber,” | Revival Axoxo TD-. Seajiex-—An interestin'. religions awakening among iho seamen of he , 11,11 Hospital la In progress. We publish the •olio, fog from an old tea captain as n sign of the cood being done; from n irev ,lr£ T laj ii 1V 5^" ;: 1 nriicptetr an InyllaUon irom itey. j. if. Leonard to attend one «p I,l "ht prayer meetings at the Marine Uos- I ibj|* We found a laryc nnmber of seamen il?m a C n C t <1 ti lo,:eti:c f* aDXloa3 t 0 j“in m the iluns ol the evening; many assisted In -inpt-p prayer, and paid deep af* ttntfun to ihc cshorlalious fjlvcr. and cvbientlr ln ,h V rmbs •Po'ken. When the v. nap jam asked all who were determined in r.> fhtd ‘to I si’y r sn“h\‘“l i | fr< ’ m 11,11 “““““I to serve moo, to say so by rlslnir, twenty declared ihit •hey were so determined, girlcg evidence that 8 hp rtt was at work la their heinV. ojr -onls rejoiced at the evidence that tac lima had 2S!h 1 mi !ir of ‘^ !o h -rtf sonTSf IK oceli Pifj.'i.l'"? 1 ’ 3 BosriTiL —Ibe following la the ■ST'S,* V ,?' r lho mon!h December, IB<G, lor St Lake s Hospital; s'?■ ? ,a,c ? admitted daring Ibe mouth h No. of females admitted during tho month 3 Total S®* te cored dtmng the month In * o. discharged as improved during inc month!! 1 Total “ No. of death*—female ... . , Average days or treatment...!*! 'ri“bmr d .. a .-!' ,!:,fce mon!,i - •■•"""-"""a Mdifgtiam !..'!!!!* !!.!.’;*! * v®* ° T . »•!■» remaining Jamiar'v Ist!.'’-!’ * “ 7 No. of females remainfnltg January Ist.!! *!!! 5 Total ' ““UTUEBa., Advertl.lna~Aa*7. i receive nalvenispinrn's fatted iim.e. c :ndSuS ©ilStoncH. JgMEKF OIL STONES. SOMETHING TJ33V7. ans FAIRBANKS, GREEN LEAF* CO., ■ Aecnn. ago and gas l.vl-e..r 2T|)C Da l Reason 'J’HE SEVENTH ~ ANHIVERSfiSY BAiL AND EXHIBITION DRILL OF this Ellsworth Zouaves, WflH>e held at tho Nevvhall ITonne. rVUlvvaukee. Tuesday Evening, January Btb, 1567. 1 To be had In Cblcagu gTjlc Skating Srasou. ’ EIIK! Grand Carnival To->'lfflxt FULL GRBAT UWlOltf SAND. The Finest Ice in the City. A KAV TIDE, To-XHJIiT! Y^ T AbHIXGTOX ' SKATING PARK. Open Afternoon and Evening. Ladies’ Fete D’Elrer in tlie aflcraoon, FULL Great Western Light fiaard Band AFTERNOON AND EVENING. Thc fee nt ihla Parte Is In clccnnt condition. and will bcsorc to ptense alt. QA E D TO THE SIPMBEKS OF THE SKATING PARKS AND KINKS: A Cried Farcy Dress Cart Kai. to be pottra ap la a styce! grammar nerertwiore attempted la tm- city, wld rente off at tbe Central I art, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jen. Ota. A portion of toe Part: will be ret aside lor uose eppeannz la Fence Cosrcme*, and will be Metaled np equal to any of tbe Rlnit?. Cards of admission, cutltUnc *s>:B*ns oxlt of the Wasblactoa and Ocdea Parke and Wabash-ar. and Wwt Side Rinks the prlrileceof arpearlajr la Faary Costume*, wilt be Pence to holders ot tickets to »ald Parks or Rinks on presenting tbttn to the Secretary of tre Cet tral at tbe Parr. Application tor cards to appear In costume thonld be made immediately, h« the number of tickets u lim* itctLand enooth to make the affair a pram! success hare already been issued. ABNER KIRTLAND, HUFUa HEWBS, Committee oa me tag licteu. SIDE ZR/XZtsTK. Full Band To-Night. Ice Like a Mirror! Smooth, Hard and Colitis i:oDdolph*at. Carp land yon at the door. , . PAIiK. Grand Carnival To-night. ICF. SOLID, HIRD. JSlasonir Notices. • ATASONIC.—There will be a speem! •iJ . Connannlcatlon of Wo. H. Warren Lod<c, No. ± a. *»., hetd at Masonic Temple, oaaAT* ' EVENING, at 7J| o'cioct. laslallaiiiu of Bv order ot W. M. D. W. CLASS. Secretary. NUMBER 211, ffilotfjmg. QLOTHUfG. Don’t Invest One Dollar 13sr CLOTHING Until you Lave LEARNED TIE PRICES, AT DeO raff’s CLOTHING IS DOWN, AND WE ABB D£T£RMLW TO SELL AT ACTUAL VALUE, Regardless of Cost! TUIS IS SOT 5! EKE TALK, BUT WE CAS CON- VINCE YOU THAT OUR PRICES ARE f COM 10 TO 20 PER CENT LOWEI Than any other House In Hie City. YOU CAN SAVE THE ABOVE FEU CENTAGE, AND Be sure of getting- what you want, from Mr MAMMOTH STOCK. L. DeCRAFF, Corner Stale and Bandolph-Sts. l-Hjotoiirayiis 'HOTOGRAPHS AT *WAT <TjIS & A ~R BOTT’S, Only 81.30 per dozen i niinnetift, 81, nnd bents. 30 cents pep dozen. le"£“l^7'“ oa, ““' ® ““ S jJSK Ton will fled Ujfm at 117 I.AKB-BT., CHICAGO, H.T., 108 BAND'S. $1.50. jm iPIMMi faclo.r. Cano lie Yi.iie cnlr tl s ‘ tu ' Blau’S F™ .n|S’rlS,%‘ae t 'vh-,;a”. d KCm “ do, -“ ° rlul “““I Central Xoiicrs g £ C O It HAND STAMP, With Complete Dates for 12 Soars. NO TYPE SEIZING—NO SOILED FXN’GERS. Dales Changed in a Twinkling SECOR HAND STAMP CO n _______ Ogee T 3 Dearfrora-?:. T ~y ZSTilI2s STER PSESBYTEEIAN CHUSCH, PROP. SWING, Pastor. TUe ANNUAL KESTAL OF FEWS »U 1 utc puce Saturday, stli Instant, Fr&ta 3 to ID a. a. and Iram 7 to a p. n. |JNION SCREW AND BOLT CO. The book? are now open tor snbrcrlpUoa to stock* In the Union Screw and Bolt Company ot Chleaco. at US Frsnklla-st., where a machine Is in operation mat leg screws on aL eatlrclyn>w prlacip’e. goctttg jHmhigs. OXIDE.—A regular meeting of the Marine Engineers’ Assoelatlon Wtll b. hole on TCESOAT ETEXIVG J.n Oth .. ihtlr rooms, Newherry Bnildlne. A * >u ' Jan * sa * 85 JOHN MD2ZT, Sic’y. AfEKCANTILE ASSOCIATION -kfJL The annual moetlns will he held atth» «»». 3W*-*VS ia £ oa T? n MONDAY EVEWNG h Lb, at . o clock. Reports will he cert elected for the ensuing year. presente£l »ad 013- ©arbtoarc. JTN PLATE AND SHEET IRON, Damaced by Water Only. &o Rrnt, fpO RENT—Store and Basement, 213 WASHINGIOS-ST. One oftr cbeitloctlnn. In the cltr for a Pmenoi ltd Conimmion Home, with prlvlltce otrileEf™ >n Ist cf May neat. Apply on Hie bremlsea fftoposalg. TELEGRAPH c ONTRAGTORS. f SS Toledo , roa? m De * roM to *fo Michigan Central Ball- Fortber Intormatlon and specifications will bofttr ly pro per rcftrtn w! 11 *° tta ’ B. n. VAN KLEECK, Ho* 136 Maiden-lane, New Xotfc* JJEAL ESTATE. Clarke, Layton & Co’s ANNUAL CIRCULAR To tlieir Patrons, THE PUBLIC. Year. embrace th opportnalty to return onr thanks to the PnbiJc tor the liberal patronaj bestowed npon si dans; the jcm. ind, mu the compliments or the tenon, bee leiro to Inarm them that we are soa holding arthTt onj Old Stand, No. 12s WASHINSTCX-ST where etui . good heme to the homeless. In the moat pleasant portions tl the North. West and Sonth Blrtslens or the city. Flm.ln Bonsn ranging from 12,61(1 np to at many thonstmd. second, in lots ranging from tm np to », "00 each Also bus Id cm property awl rlrer lots. ' Onrliatoi property embraces over 5,000 which are located in every part of the dty t aad we know mat we are selling as cheaply u any dealer. We bare sold dartn* the past year nearly ' $2,000,000 TOrth ot real estate, a large share ot which hsa bee~ purchased the Immediate Improvement, aad are happy to be able to say that the Investment to a t who base purchased of ns the last year has hcea eqnsl to at leas -30 per cent per annum cn their money Invested. Wo are confident real estat; win cmSnm to Improve lu ealnc dnrlne the coml-c year as rapidly as In the psstyear; that the part piowih sa l fatnre prosperity 01 the city tnlly warrant cam si; Ins that there tsno way in which capital can hew profitably employed as In Jndlclons Inrestmenls In Chlcajo llsal Estate Thera tsno city mth. Colon of the sire and cosiness’ w ‘--' c Polmprored real estate Is cow so cheap. IVc are still stile to onercaplts’lsts Cneopportnnltlss for Investment. by the aer" tn the Sonth and horth Divisions ot the city, and w I ,tm Berenice a per cent age lor a sham In too pronla Clarke, Layton & Co., 128 WASHINGIdH-ST ?Bosicn), Notions, Set. FUiM. SEIIOCR, CARTER & CO., 22 LAKE-ST., Importers and Jobbcrs of hosiery, WHITE GOODS, Notions, Twines, Soaps, Perfumery, Toilet Articles, Etc. Sole Agents for Bigelow’s Celebrated “ SS *37 -A. IFL ” PAPER COLLARS! THOMAS H. SEYMOUR, THOMAS B. CARTER,] Late with JAMES TTY AM LEY, / J ' & c T™ 'j-o LOAN At Elcrlit I»or Cent. f5.«010 f IC.COO on lislde City Real Estata eocortty. w. c. RETxorns, ——G Opera Home, TO LOAN On Improved City Property. Boose* and Lota for sale m all parts of Use city „ J.D. HARVEY.' Real Estate and Loan Brofcer, 78 LaSatle-st. 'J'O LOAN. SS,OOO DOLLARS, Id Boms of |3,0r0 to for one to three roars. Ad p!r«l -NO. .1 SlErrOi-OLITAN- llUli F J)IVIDEND. booas will be clcswl mill! January to IKT. iran4,er _ M. U. HUt'H.vX.\K, Cashier. nnn To loan on m. s?*> » > v M * U PROVED REAL ESTATE In tils City, m suiß orftwo and upward g. ai * laU CJEO. n. UOZET, Real Estate and Loan Brokrr. gy LaSaUe-at. ON ®WS HBAX. ESTATE. PARKER ft I.YiIAN Roy, 1A and IT Portland Bloat ?n^ r^ i' ° tccotlate mortgage* ou real es* Yort^nd 1 Bolton! ir ° agll Ultlr c »™P<>°‘laM InNsw g®atrf)cs anJj Jctoelci). JEWELKT, &C. CBBZSTBXA3 GOODS' BRIDAL PRESENTS! PRESENTATION GOODS! CoasprliiiKt everjiMiic to be found in a Qrat-clois .Ict* AMERICAN. AND GENEVA WATCHES. . i’recion 8 StOQM set in every new ■nd cotcclva&le style ox rnonnilnjr. French uloek*- iminze Vw>. cups, Ac. Solid Silver Wart the SfE.V.S?!. 1 e , Ver btantlfnl designs and finish, equal to solid silver betas pnr customers, t„at thcr will always find the [,•* 1 VSL 1111(1 rl. o** 0 ** I * l -* ri * , * e exhibits 11. our rJJ* a? soon aether are prepared ftr market a prince, and fivci aU the leidtapfacton-s. for I ' Mt wc ask a coatin na 11« t same, and an examination of our poods. Stobcs, CUSTOMER. JJARDWARi, <fc CUTLEity. KURD, PRESCOTT&Cb 175 Labo-St. TTjc attention ol hover* Islovltpdr/i nnf»m« & JACKSOVb SAWS. JOSEPH KODGEKS* i^OV* aQmbcrsol C. n. fICBD. EI)W. rnEsCOTT. s. BEDTTSAU. fHadjinecg; J7KED MILLS. ORT Ife’S AMERICAN FARM MILL. ,m ‘"Mi of Floor or v'.rW “ ca ** •* ,b 2-hcr*e power. Tbe only iron Grain? 1 * OB1M * ; » u ot «r iiuu clt iSe PRICES fJO AND *125. JUO, EMPIRE SELF-EEUULATCSG WIND MILLS PRlCbb FROM *OO UPWARDS. t3T Western Depot, 4 6 WestLakensu CWeatro. IS, General «mt 3fo^k^)oUlerg , fSecttnga. COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK \j OF CHICAGO, Chicago. 111., Dec. 3, ISM. ’ THB AIRTOAX. 3K3ETIKO Of the Stockholders of this Bank, tor the election «* 11 ■* Qcntstrg. Tf?i^,b iXT ?c LCTED without digging S,m u SSS““ oaJ ' g " "-s Each, larger and more cnmollcated....V.V.V Sjaaiono Deatrojlrs and BemoTitiir Nerve... . jtoinn ISfflK Ulcerated room, preparatory to IXO ?-js I FimneNerreCavitiPs.evh.i??!? Hjy| 5 - S Lamina Plroi Teeth?.....;....... Hft? Jig S.ts of icon, on Bobber llixaaoc BE. J. o. PAHNSWORTH’S DENTAL ROOMS, no, Opposite Col. Wood's Moseom. Educational. DT™BT™TH’S COMMERCIAL Si 4Foc fj)g jQoißiagg. Q. E N UIN E ‘ Meerschaum Pipes & Cigar Holders °. ctr.Mga .. Sale. 1 PROPELLER FOR SAXE, The 'iTopeiler Ottawa, ratine 81, and h“-m’.T palttd in IH3, well found and in good condition, is of _ WARREN A WOODBCRr. 1Q CaaaMt. patents. Q ARB's PATENT BBICS mnCHIME. Otfce and manniactorr 53 Soatn Far tn-;-rmnl!oa and dtecrlpUTe circular address £. B. GABO, 33 South Jegttaon-sh. Steal Estate. HOLIDA7 60003 NOTICE. n. ! a. Z o. J .„ c . rTt , i ° E '°- A - '™ E KLcn±co. MATSOK & HOES J^OTICE. MK. ffatlAM U. MEAD Is a number of cur flrmlrom itu date. niEiu.vinc.i.iNs QOPARTNERgniP NOTICE. .0 a, lat^reilm CHAS. BEABD.SLEE BROTHERS & Co, Cblrizn. Jaanary 1. i*rr. T~)RB?SED hogs—we give PAR -lI.U ,r h a”:i , a^ss, , K , ’ ta - wai ** Office No. S 3 La'iallr^f, - E. v. Kouorys a co. QASH ADVANCES Slade on Shipments of PROVISIONS & DRESSED BOSS ToXeirTork. AIM, on l-KOVI'.IUSS ISSTOSE. JOSEPH B. PHELPS, gALTPETRE. ~ CEDSE SALTPETRE, For Packers’ use, lorsale by ' JOSEPH B. PHELPS, _Chamber of Comniwy, gACKETT & CO., : commission merchants. lUrthMeaad sdl Ftajcm. Prorlsloiu, DrJsoa R ICE BROTHERS, 200 & 371 lEast Wator-atn MILWAUKEE. CHAS. KJa CE & CO.. & 313 South TTater-st. CHICAGO, IN 1836. WILLIAM LITTLE & CO., Commission Merchants, For the Sale cr Purchase ol Grain, Floor, Seed*, Batter, Dreasedlloa, JUrted Fraitsaml PruTiatoms. ***** Warehouse, 231 South Water-et., CHICA3O. We refer to Merchants* National Bank, or aar ol tte old-& tab Isned Banks or Merchants. aaj °*® TI7UXIAMS, TO PNG & KAAS, It , Wholesale Grocers, No. a 1 Rlver-su sola ari ? cc ‘ Toce »* celebrated French Sl-tsk price, ,nmea “ '°*“ t Se * To * A FULL STOCK constantly kept on hand. QASE & BALIS Beal EMnle Agent,* Kansas Cltr, Mo. Bay and fell Real Estate on Csh terms. Win aeon maps, or other into rrration.Tipoo appUcattoo Beferto Governor Thos. V. Fletcher, of Mou Semi taryofState frauds Rodman. accre- jpAT TODB TAKES. The Real and Personal Taxes For State. County and Town a> t ths year f. r the TOWS OF WEST CiUEiliO, m».,L and can be paid at my office, on Corner RnndolphimriCar.aMts, Room No. 3, ®U£l££Eltiptic Sfeittg, JpAbmOJSS DEMAND J. W. Bradley’s Bnplei Elliptic (OH DOUBLE SPRING) SKIRTS. SslSs?-w STANDARD SKIRT OF THE FASHIONABLE WOULD. M,‘o;sss' lb s e y?^' ic; u WESTS, BBADLET & CAST, leg Jobber?. i 0 i * tbe Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic-Skirts, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, ~ F . or and Economy ar« atwholtsale by Sf 3~»44 and -10 Wabaab-av^ Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, " I?/ an Oto. * TORRESCE. MA.VXIVG & CO. - 3* Latent, and 39 Wabsah «y_ ctfiSZ* Bradley’s Duplex Blliptio Skirts, At wholesale, at mannlactnrers* ptw» kkitb. wood a co* ^Chkauo. itertncrsljip. FIUST Dir OF JAXTABT. ffi£SuS£S”i' amm - «n bo "WOLFF, BAESY & CO., Who will liquidate all back debts of the late Ono. LUDWIG WOLFF WM. BA.BBT, EDWABD BOSS. 'THB PARTNEIi.-HIP heretofore ci •A S? s?«a "SSS“or K fS<! , u*S •’SSS.SSt •;> of m= THOMAS NELSON. JOSEPH PEABSON. Ihebnilness of HOUSE, SIGN AND ORNAMENTAL, PAINTING nil l^.^ CC . c * Vnct^' 1 b r tte ocdersigned at No £££ ro **L-« wber e he wtl! b« pleased to maet 52* scrrehia o.d patron* and make neVonia. ** “* THOMAS NELSON. Jaccarr 1567. Either partner iaaothcttzed to receive or m»t« lections one ns. Ihe book* u<t £.2™'&JSV', s “ d 2° ™™“- T.maoi^'S. ™ iS .r.. tw ,, Fal „ tto , .o«o rassl3rc . WM. A. BILL, * HEXRV I>. TALES. »ASPL U. PAlHio! January Ist, 1567. COPARTSERSInp. ‘IS anil 50 abash*av. i:nAS- u. FARGO, iibNur i). falks! SAM’L M. FA Guo! Jtnary UM37T. D 1 l?i? L S. TIOX 0P COPARTXEIi- Vi\h£ S£r.!V? Ullß i ,a - T dUsolred by llmtuuoa B. B. HINCKLEY. Ctlcflcp, Jan. J, 1567. Jfoticc of Copartnership. successors to B. * 8. I*. CARTPR. this day catered Into a copartnershio ti'f \ oeskbal coumiM'buS IMtoh, under Use firm name and style of ua^ CAUTBIt, niXCKI.Kir & CO. CT" Office So. 7 Chamber of Commerce Reining. SAMUEL P. CATiTBB, E. R. HINCKLEY, OWKN FAKIJtTdaOX. A. W. McCLURE. * Chicago, Jan, l. iStTT. h, F ™--I Imve this day mWiMl’i ?UT lc hualauß. Co!. W. AUl*. unmixs i co. * m “ lcr “”£5 "ec f,S!vi v - Chicago, Jan. J. 1567. ** ' * KLUDIJ ' S * NEW nujj. ThenrtWMsmcri har*thla (UrP)rmMiMn(Mn«. fiisUS,£VrT o Tameof Ci:4G,J:ieral E. V. BOBBINS & CO., ‘.'‘"’ / f S l V n= S lofe att cnUon to bnslnm, and (air d * 1,1 . ,er * 1 «bamofwlronai£ «<t“tlon clyen to Plllrionlata l« Office $2 LaSallc-M, E. V. ROBBDTS, W. AUG. KAiV V. 1!. BOWK. Chicago, Jwn. i, tsar. he Copartnership [ norter the came and style of SUItULEE. WELLS & FAULRNER. t?rJr WW ’ * 8 day diajniTed hv mutual consent, tiller partner will sign is liquidation. M.L.SATTEI»LEBi E.S. Ctlcaco. Dec. S.fAUULNBtt. The tUKlcrslmeit «■«" - HrlM ° R R WE r r t i b J lj aQ . CMc.rc.J.n.l.MesT. JOHK A. BAITTLETT. R. HOiWKLL WILDER SL BCSU. Jan. 1, isti. Jan, l, iss7. January j. i«67. Consignments, 43 Chamber of Comtncrco. 33usiness garbs tffitß Notices. JACOB QIIOSS, Collector Town ol Wes*. Chic*