Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 5, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 5, 1867 Page 3
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; l iiIIKMIY ■ns and Snjwsitlons or f?i loii.Ki. r«tnicif-as Effect of Hr. i CuHouli’s Poil.-y. i'oiliflculica of Onr I - ..: VYM.-.ii Ili-nwmi.-J al ill- iiini. of roiiHrrsv. ! TfuJcrs, (Jovornment Bonds s Nnl tonal BsnUs. Cracxpci. « T snr ,i * V . v "Vimr efibc -•- .'t> I hax'* U'ijcod tcvccalii! I-.-l.i V :rr : • rcfcrcrcc to Uic flnaucia ••-. fthe Secretary of the Tieosury. I-iia,*- ■* r, -»;ll i-er.a vi ro In u!u e-ach Udh‘ t»n ;J - ii-j. ;•! a - , th ■ imp;; • of fu’ cue <’• H:i; - ::a i..:;a'. uiunccS lmv<* l»j ..(V-nch cuorm >is p • • -r.l • an * *.lie , tli.‘r.*vo iu-. L . i > heav.'v on ;•> tliai ili-.- s-V-.uj b 2 tboro vjhiy • 1» a: er c-c-rel.i.r MaTullccli male _j - • ir; Wa\ ” ■ .<p vt* - .i. d m. ~ ■ i - 1• f >11• idi.a *-• *■ l-d»; t ;.idc.v, I wralc -i :* te :n.end • j ; pahlVutiou -in M« ] ’ -•• -’r..x: -*««•'■ f^L • k.. .i;lii le cfTe ea ; • ••.iVl!ea.i.*n. ji.if-eui ?ec;ii» ua •a •: eruii iu ;.i r uuiiiei.i* aT;. : :v., and i ■ ..* ?i -»pTa jjlve - i ui »o\ eou:.hh-r«:’ ::j, lacy are 1 n; ; itmaidlmcly a‘! ■ by th.'ai tluua iv i.iji;■ subjeel, Wc. Hu* pop",.-. fur.iL*b a'J tin- f-uuls, nnd wc sb»<ilJ*look careluliy to t: - ;*r niHdc of (bom. a: nrofent fhcici - * i-oltcm ofourexpaa c (*' u bears so luavilj up .;i u-as oar t-x.v. Ni >iinre of our dally cxpvu-eaurc a-idi ;i -n>: > the price of a-ii.-ios (•fccnaainp.iun, , I iii runny care* more tbau lull'the cusH,made tiy ; n.uu’aclurcrs and iraucsuisn. lo fee »;ir> v -v ; tb-c cousumcr the revenue tu (-.•.< which v i •» till th. - Ticasury xaul’s ani dc.*rar the . ;r s • i-r. ol(?ovcnitiu:'J‘. In view of lb ess ij.. - !'. the jn-.iple should carcfillv scrultui'i* the unaucial policy nf their at Wa*h- read aud reilcct. think and reason for H■••(!)-eJve5, and be free lo wliat c'.’irre =nould be pursued in ral-irur revenue, the of their fends whea l v'ireled. ! Lutc taken a deep interest In Ike curren cy iLe country, bulk ftiite and Na- I: Mai, ioi -niucy year#. The issues of the fU United States Bank question, the 'fiitoval ot the deposits to the “ pel b.nhii,” as they were called. sn*p.'*n. vf.-peeie payment In ISJI, priWa seii-i* linking, and the subseiueni “rei d.-a" curreaej of New York. are*uil ftmUiir j«. my recollection. Since ISl‘ I have hai t'.'ino knowledge of the issu.-s of Ulinois enr t'-ct v. fiomiha palmy days of the Milwau kee Marine nud Tire Ins:i;an?c Couipaiv, Atlanta, Dalton, Miucdirevide. Chcroluu*, •ve.. motto enlarge upon S,-!h in ( hieago, with George Waililagtm an* Tin-mas JclT rson fur counsel. and the twelve Apieiks a-Directors), down to the modem ‘-•ullap-e of our S>a*.i bank*, bas.-d on a quite similar to our preseatNa- Banka. i jj-.e political war on the United States \ and finally cn atl pv-.v cirrency, » u -rd a financial cr:»’- -.r::I r .*rr* o.'a’nd a 1 J. i: ‘- 1 o| lui>n;.\S' and . .. . u.».’.V/si'h t:ik ruj-’ev and run: t!,r; j.ii i.i- ianJ Toe .l>• ; i vi.- C:i plla lof Ihc r .11 i;. i'i ii. »Is of t 1 Was S'liil. «i it ,'U! j; ; • I!d r> - Vh* d;. ol pr.. ; . - ; i • ?, vlu. / lu'i U v.itli i ch-.cruri • . .* • . Th • 1 v\ ■ tb? umii 1 »o U ' i . and tin 1 hi’ c! .mi,- „ * ' v.;, • L;s • r»i ;>■ J. Jin’ H.:.v aed ;■ . ;.i *• at* ci:l |i» a mill of i:;-* ‘ • V<e ours. ( be •«::»•? urad.i i • r.'Orcd, I'i.j v- ••- of tl, • niav.r. \-i r? iuniv 1 tin. axe i;u I ...e .a v a.;,1 , i. :h,mu-i -i ~i /*!. ■ mini l i. i In* i•;» A»u i;-. v ‘ . •j» odiu-c, a:i ! :e. bravl .j: iiic ■i" tVt (Jjy to ib*- v.-lins c-vil'M • •;• : dif. . i' i ■ ; t.ou.i iti a : .mi -.i>. • - \i j,v..u'rry;>ii _, : ,:v ;:l, h•V.n •• • i I. ; S I i jr.Vl f. I •- -|»- > •• si Ta.ny . tea r .it;i I . . tn ?. ’l|o' • s’i i. l ■y. .is hive tie p’.ip.u oi ' :.;h : . . • fh t au.l tVot ,-.i..d mil.-ai traak js M\ V -iry his |.?m <• • ; Hi ’ i •: ; • a 1 tha .Sa t ‘i'■•i.--ry i-. c.i: f ); its fiium'ii > l Hie li;iu :-i-ui ; -/ .-i> :«■» I cion i*. J •: Do.-toii, N«; >• Vn \ Ichnili 1 III*' ?••:»{. <• "j,’| • j . ‘a i.l < -n' 1-* ' ; r_ a : IV r !:j:’ • \ an i jiowe;- 1 1* in hi-U Ij Dmj i 1 • • ■>.? r'-l itfs load- w . ** {.he u »»n Hr* j I. and lii;H »a‘ _• in ; i > ? . ;-rla • I V■:m e - l.jr.-, ... i'j G m jVu.u.M . i'y r.- m.-: wji . \ c / e opp*d ; fi-Lin til.* p.-rtf*’.- vv?3s. Few to ®<*e t*i« tl m-.-' o yitldinr to the ]• oi i: i\. f* _mvo :uj m j ; : ii t hirh’ii 1 , i u .:p •of j. 1-- ;«.?c a ~. l .a* r : iv Seere.ary shoi-’i: yi ;•* ~i t»* ,i:», » -'idnof lie (invt-ra.r "it woiilJ r.ri ti ■ .1, in h .-.s i nioc vda s. lj «r t:: * f-'-nls on tli •tl ■' d :hc credil o:* V;’ ”.y ri ■ f-j ; .aiof Iw y of till? \ to P'V.V’t-C the! m h:;,-..- the b*»ud!- f .e • j or. th* dy< j r , liny wo.ittl T. t f •■;! Ti* •*n titweTisy f-.-r let I .. oa;..j\ >.a.- I#l. and «•;■••• t. . - .-j vaa re- SU» • d. fl-.d ccu'i.: 1 ; j’.ii ua c.i l»..;ric.-. ami the >••••.*. a ;v.i::,-?d to uar, li > U. nld 4.,.; ail.l Iff, s*-; iM Xfi h - van 11 e t 1 ir;; .* kin ; tr.lic } a tO ::•-•!!> ret-lere that e-tll.-.-j Wncil »>u** tfc y h.n? pos-j-n.n na . ,&■. l>.*a’.i Iff' "r to l!:c indue 111a* aiiu'-e.'o! flc-T-il It.. we; a'l I I rrryMived. 'Ji.i.p. puh'i h, Hrim: ii-. u- • ! • ~n i^e -1- . ..1 the Gov-.-rtm ■ • . . 1 i>;i.ii 11* ;o#p j e.nrcncy ever Isji u c nllbcut. Ll am of the ... r;.*-u ;i tb eurr.**irr U %' »» *h« only e 1 ;je 1 1 ,*nev ed m «-.e-r 1 t: • p • . eurr • . I ; ■. • ■;.* i*j f-ct. a ar.* i: •: p.:-:.;.a . a •; »:< a > *;u 1/ >M. -»*; t. 1 I ■M!i •;»*7h'»ld h *h.-Ir « .vo La. .• ;> a. - a-y re- Ot -tuh-, kt . 1 iaUc-dtltf OJ - m- (h .err.m c ».* r-Miijii all tl. . ’irr-.-iu v of n:n “Con ut> - -‘all h„v<- p --*r !; ’ v '.a nuncv : :t:-ih-tc I \a L- 1..- . . vc.” The l ..1 i.m, f;... - ! .. . j;j 2 S:&.< ■■■ ■>■l anything hn. L I .-.a . ivr a icytal ■t m!rr in jui\ n.< m...; u.- . - i..uHy i- miti;-, an\ stj J .1 ! j. , a , • bank 1■» ■ i'u~ ill.. 1;. fhe ' n i t t.i-'U, vir : > | -roll 1 1 ; s pit.t v.ij.- .• . ji-uj hy I 11 - . - ..;l- ur Sfr.• h«u*;! 1ee....' .* . la ;:*av, <_ T.jrif.s ou'v, ih« j!,ha-- -.-.a;c'a *' ~■■ : aiHT can, m: . Au r- ... a i;v. h ri’ In el;»*uidl >*i. hua h.o-hr silTer •• ■ 1 t:t ■ !i« r 11: aiiby- ;i w. tin- t" 1 .'; i 2 rcss r-; U;c pu lan'th. - , ,ii.. .iuhni;c rerrtlary to ■-t.Mrai'- }>■• mUieH .-u:.;»*;-ur •. .. I■l. . 1 :i|ie |«.-I u; e>r... u.I a. and < • of k l p'r .••■ni, cmr'emd n . •••! .•<’•*«*-•, whurh a--.••’•.! l-i rejneaxed as h - - .1- /nods ac'.*uur,; I ; ;»ie Traasjry, : tlian .1 of the :. • d'h; could ti.u, br v.aid and « .mu with In rr : wa could ; .* * Uu at.*v ; .ua o ..i.,l ixastly be i wiiint.o - s.-v.n.e, m ‘■'nor - * -t! years. b!i nM -;r jv. -:gi h* pnlley of !• •-. y ovi, i: Itifi'... n t li: Treuary ‘ , ••• 1 iii' e: tv iii. ■; 'iiiiri'.TVJ, “lie peo -' V!Jtr,-.n-;. woui.l ;;.md s ; iu'u*:i letter f'»»' i tuj'.i *i ns, than anv - ,• i r cuiro*:.-.- we ti vo ev*»r bud in this In nr*t ca.-, tii** U-gal-tenders, >-* a r ' :rri by tii.- p*.**ilt - .-, r.M-ixry chest, -* J' --.ild run rc.-t wii uti jy ,1 .i-iun. Wqj object t.. <l'arute’ii.ixa«! V I ;u- currency..? ;e>T ntry. eve.*; t banhor-? vVJiy sh.nilu n..; the repeal the » bank;- *: lu« u:j-i issue an ctjual of treasury no *s to all banking asao .p ,c> itatul j>ricute laiiktra who defire to > liVjst c-apitiil in basking, on depositing ,'J I ' bf.i irtaus bonds ti.!i tiie <*om:-tn*llcr in * 7 r ii*nt amounts tot< c irg pavmcal, and / rc : banker*, to pa* ibr--.- p.*r‘eont to the ■ f .in ■].!.• f(T Ftidi pilT.cgc ; Hankers would f ut<; nvlir.c a fair rciu.m-raiion for their cap- V *fc!, interest *>;i Hi • l«nd*, and from 3to 7 ! out margin tin lb e.;r on y. t* 1 1... tlic above metlnj of r.ilicclltvj reve , mu- -in the circulating In -’ :m vl throe par | ei: (rom those whot; a i oto use capital hi I- bi t King, t*• wh-*;C [(i ? i: ‘ fuken. inert* woul 1.-si i>avhur lo the G- v-.runxenL mid Use }*oi*i- of fail ten per c*'-t, aa compared wiu the present plan of t*. - Si-er.-iary, on the eils.c sum, $70.0>J,033 pe annum, m-trly thr-,* ti n--? tiie annual co.-' .if *lohti tiimiey Aims' entire admlnta- Ibatsnn. Should be adopted, a por* > tlop of the vexatious Im-.-na’ ') wul., and me high tariffs ”0.1 *,x of necessi.y, .;)t produced la this ; COimtiy, might lu* greatv red te.d. ;.' 1-ut !t lus look at tjg coijjeaiteacca of Wi. the Troastv lolua ami f.xud* Vin* tl:eiu ou tong «r sht\ bonds, t it Liieittaom o; ml* jsc wo j at; lippte'Ximatl'-n .} a bpje:-.* ba*lt, it f ffi incil.' a cheap pap-r Mp ir of 5-. ic't-d --- « into n h: rd cash d- Ur. :ia 1 If tliiv end atlaiiicd, it act.i.v'ly c- .iv.*rls all our (J.'bt into a dpoie dcbl, bvariag ; a, ■ -u* 1: {»■Tv.-l. Allu« in. Lgr-s to remark -/t* t bir- is tue nslgin «.f I : g . :J t p.v-i ire v ! it'd Ilii* i. gul tviul'gs U;;j t*m:~:ct tlix i 1 ® r; 't"v. - > I:tat vh-.-i t.ite b wark* r.r; ; , j;-'i.Mi t-• i n--li L.* cm:- >s.-ng Uutm-l i.M ,u*V) c 'a*3‘..T,;»e .v*-- ’ : 't, 1- mnv, i-uil i.rt. * r f-e:- lu t.ut sid . <iu-n.iAn prl. ala J,*-.- ? ■ pH H !;.Mg' -. i'.'-.. uu.-: th«M b I* ,1a iug.-id, c: i-.jsi-v.AH a: haute *• ; ..1 1 ■ ad, wl!! do 1 . ; *, tM- j* »In-v. J• •. ;. J,,. •/>’,», mid „, tj, i; *) 0.1 the l*. li -'■liu' tiiore .- l,an::i; llr»n r. : •;ls of approluHo::. an i. / 6a <* c Ik • a large nccumuisttiut: of fcardei **llll3 \ 9 Hi* t.'-iill. 0 ■ , t*.e people bgwar-' h v*- tl>v slumber, t ■ : thif ease goaga.a-t ih*.*a% d.fauU. o .*:-!• to t‘3,. this Pani:: pD no d •«)*. ? "-"o: doc= this gre.i’ burden fall? To ' n. : bit.g of favors shown then bv non .l ;uni| their land*, if- ihg r.'.b their mi Hon* J tell \o;i ti:iv. 15y t. 4 work - • ; i> :r r.-v. nm; t ;v>- . ii’t'.mal o- 1’ .r jwihm ca tlm-oianum It . ilit-* great e >n■ ::ii'r;s of -iroduc* *, cl.audisc. au-.l :nanufoct*.c<. Is sc inn arturer, or trid-smen la,.a he - Hi- I tiru* !i Oo.ibh*d. gcneiatir, .fj \j, e • • I ! toe people, h a li.'h corpt.iijon ♦ *iH: s (.pm ny. 1 they vip,. ? ..Mi.; in hiirmc.c > ir.uucence o. this . ;..i . liii'go it over to the co’.;s;-m.r. m..: ■. rpay-u’.:. S;i ii’ we th -u Vow e C'i'c to L>i' ii.ecwd twenty* p V j. • ■.ti.ti Pu:r (il'.y per c;vj.| l . h.-j ;i.iire pop.Tiy to p.iy • ■.’> ;? hr th ; ' c : ir.. :y now in oir I • 'i lu- re.- .-P'.r.’i . will eg> | • ■ .% rca*. j-iuJo ol'thi.ig*. I 1 ••. c: ecu: ejiipuiis aud Trevsarj uju.. .1 red. ‘.icJ, .viltno pr.mrV.o: .-.•I I\ llklJi. j. dn.-H- last ua us.-ti-y ii’m ’. .tvcmniihilc iu the Tu-a.-my (o m e. r.n.'h l.axineplK, a: d :; the carrr-ory cjr-- luc.ed Id the Cj;e-il 11 * :>.t .»/ !he Nai i ■'Ul! bo fSh'dnh h-d. im pay o!f on; - piiblie uii i, u' hn I. jH-aidblc, while mnn-y o - plenty •ctsap dollar will pay a dni- Jur of imliii < iit>e.s- We e»’.» pay our at*.Ll so u cahu.i, >mr Si veiine.- anxmiit to Slx i fii Ii ve and siv nundicJ mtiii.n-a h-ni-o jtiy, thin v hen the curruiav is cenlractui .an ;uomy t-enreo. Bubincib then wiU be cheek'd l« propnr tVn, and pnc.-t Dill, A day’s labor, o hushcl o: a eai u l of (K'tiir, twef or p irk wm! iKimuid ju(fic doHars i.ow than formerly, when wc «crc on n cold basin. If ivc with d-aw t!*c balnicc of the lc;pi! t»x* ders and contract Ibr currcecy, »c m-ufc two cvilh, at before Elaici. b-nhancc the a.-nsunf of dtht and lit »nd, ?t the fiamn tunn, nj«t Ulcclu&lJy diuiiuicJi our {>owc*‘ oimccT ■; it il» dmsecs. T he bonds against ut have not jutdnecd the petiole, on mi tieiro iln :: fsfLy cud;: on *Uie dollar, In nohl. Why lu-nohu]! wc hr i«i baste lo double this ln> it in the humhi of the bmnl hi-hii-riV Wbiic wc, in cnm-rquencc, miivt ic'd r-.irwlnat, dour. href, pork and corn for hc’f');c pifCcnl price to c.mblc theui to üb »ai- :» b; rd g Ad dollar fer the cheap paper dMbir winch they paid for the bond. \ S'hat f-jjcaail? * * W. (J. LlATa.vway. KUtrMxni:. !»;(!.. Deecaibcr St. i»• .!!■■• Ht. Per rii»e ('hlcspo Ttihnnr: v'i':nl:ic». i'vi.lau that the !n*cr f: I- *'n our i.uliouul debt will be promptly pj, : i, and in a f-’i ;rt lime thcrcafitr, pold will ii at |>«r in New York. Iloweliall w? d-. Üb'.v The an-wer ii, l»,» pursuio/jn com lh'u-aciif-e rr:Try, and. jiiileud ol retiring hr at icudei note.® r.c.u clrculal.ion and itrar if,lT t’lom up. iiai-n* l Un--: .qrccnlueks in reaec- ictercit bra'O.j; 'bunds. What, rcii.-c Is the,-.- in irti- omiMC that portion of our balu !•»«« dvwi on w uicli we pay no inter «-sL v*. i*y n<.( red* tin the in crcat-brainne touch. «••«! jrnrr- the legal leiuJCtS for a cirl cubit .n£ medium? If there is too much it (.m y in <-Trcu?ali'»n. why nut retire n por iioi ni iht- currency? It may l.c isiici, ih.a . a-iiioi be done. 1 answer, it enn be iu this WQ r : Uoujjrcsfe autliO.-H.e Ihe Srcn-iary of Treasury to take the b-p:I tenner uoica he It icarics up, and mo? them iu the bonds on which •’•cec National Banks are bared. Ru!, :yya -ue ; fiords arc net due, and" tho (muims all u-.. ||» ;.rccpi. ("C “ "rcnnbicka ” Ihinr Tfial Itf’lruc. but the bonds Mft* n'uwuia-jlc at the plcarnru of the Gov crcmcn:, all.r live year*, end rlirmld the r« f.;sc to hceep: the money, when .cr.dercd, tin* litcrroi on ihc bonds ffould ■U'p iiosit tea ■ time. Hence U. would make ■•" '*«i!t,rtn.:« i.iu iher the banka flccepled .-uouev lor the l-oade ur not, 80 tar as the • ntorest oi the itt:v.T?MUT*:ii. ie cnnccmcd. »m it wonid make a prent d'uTercßcc tv> the i.inks. The.--.* Mats ;ial am likn a wo;*o;,. -J They receivelatcrefloti • r;e ..mountof «iit-Ircapilal Irom the itovcnmit nii. »r;d itilcrcsi on moe-teutbS of • Ir; c '-amta* i.- m tudr natroi.s. Two men • a cai'L'a: of &'.UI»,CyO. They bath ••vc -i. ««i» «r iiioucv in tu’led Slates bouia. (•m* C;....!.. K'3 a Matlouai Bank ; tho other ■:'*(•?■ not. V..u man who has the National ii :uk reallLui < ;i; l;Jr, SdT,(VH mo»c aumia* > . mn thn man wtio is not a banker, and be Uoe ;- UiL, it b -1 bis money ul r,ix perccut. The people of tM.* Govcmment •re pa\-na "« every $1,000,(i:X)of National Rank .•■irrea._y m chcuLiriua thu sum of u iUL.-iij, by Iki» iU;' iutuics. cm Lite • Utj.-, >; .« ’| a i: b oi th-87 batiks. If !h ■ e;.O, t*” ’’ o: vittlun.iJ i a *k joluc were iu ;*!ec”! rek.- , ,v..u'd Ik-caved auuu* ;sliy. Tl.e 'ii-! r.-t we are jnyin;; on every ..oiler oi Man - na: Dank cw rcicy in eircula* lion will tl: t;•; j tu i.r‘..:cl.i.i! uocu cvuiy u;u yc.; ~ t,'u » e-ruip uimi interest, Tiiijj, •I-.t f - i- * -du id Ik. t.inrr n - ' OJO.tkK) of ftnc.l--, }-ii rack week, are not c .-tu. . • -fn*;r • ■. hnru »Ji;: bnnd-»t'i:it *"'• • f * * i*» .*?»<•!» Iy? The pnli.-y bviu;c pti.sacd b.' cc ic.ury McCulloch wou'd Link > I : ..v c;,v. -iri,.-ni. Our linauriul nn’.U-y U-cLti'.ci or w are ruined. '““TH Ottawa, li). DccrmV'i *'). l;r P * »•' »?»•• Ti tbnnc: .»r* «if Ortobcr is an cdllo * «,f Jsixlnj; Government •- a d immhdpa! authorities, «• rrU;lrj.« of a brief reply. .Ltl veu aJtrib.ili? lo Cupper- T,. v. «i : >;i t in t> : «•:; ?■ :>*■' » rilii'-jj;]!} alone, opinions J*.cr»<r to su’/ti tuxii'liiti. However discrcd * I |jr-Jti wi !i{*v:c , i .1. *>.o to mv Writ y.».ir _ !•< t ev aluno hold aueli Cj‘W *;• t i rviivu.ia. UJ'I j-. .- . :j i* til euiivleiici*! Of « 1..-, .... u! tin- Jfep'iblieait* ul this ..Li. ; I*} V UDlrlrl, hu'l in tui* ol t"i: Ti'cil-T. of a large majority of the fn»? t‘u* law of Ongres* ex i’-g L - ji:| - u .'j.aLts from Slate jug _ rngue., i' l luiatuio, is wrong iu pr.rcjT-e, oi v. :y questioncjusli tui;. »:•!..y, ami JtisUliable only, if o-ie a( _ ail, on Hit* ground of j’.cce-.sity ir» or national {; t 1 rr;? «> i«»I ■,* r?p:-.*Vl us? soon :i c a’i«\ 10.-M-red umier it- arc faith* Jolty d<-i i, and v.ij; s;u:j oldigniians . • i.e .ua.v-i.ged a; a ».»n sib pra'ilicablc. ' The cscai-itou. by a law of <.'ongrcs? of United biat-s feeuhue* fr mi State taxation, ho un«* '•■s'.uati.nul i<i time ol jn u< e, f lb ■rot vm 1 fint. r-ii'di sccuriti-is *n tlio haut.f* oi lt? arc Iho property ol eiti:<u:?, and ot e-a.iv 1 lie same nature as ‘•liicr boc.iiule*, avd, tmvefore.Jo exempt liropor v from ta\a.i-.u by a Slat* wmi d uc in violation ot. the j.mvl inn of the United flutes Constitution, am! of every S ate Con* dilution, n.q»K.iM! laxa.loa to be equal. I Li.ow tcij well tluii tin* Supreme Court Uis uecMetl two cases, whieSi are » ficn cited in mvorofex-mpdon, but in neither of these tares vas the quc-iUon olthe eonslitutinjal ; owe • ol to legalize the exemption oi butted Si lies securities Irom taxation, either ra:.-cd by compel or considered by the i otirt, and, } !> bah»\, fur the very suQicicnt reason that U< ug.\«s had never attempted ;•» do such a thing. Moreover, If the ;':;jT«-rie *V«rt had decided the question, ♦o alkg«d, is Midi a decision InfiUiblc or lr •evocaule? Jf so, then pray why Is not the iieb.t.n iu the Died Scott case irrevocable as .• ell ? But the rc*M>tiiug by which the court ..rrived «t the decisions iu th.‘eases relied "7<*n by the advocated of exemption, is very ’. isie and unssiijuio-iory, quite as nmrh t.a -s the reasoning in Iho Dred Scott cast*, and, rucicfvre, they sr- ctiiilled to no more c;*u ild. ralKn, even If applicable to the quest! m t*w at issue, than U that decision. It i* asteitcd, In ‘.he editorial referred to, .hrt the United Stite.» bond> are iu the hands of thy poor as well as in the and.* i f the rich. iir-iule,.l, for the sake of the that tab is tine? wliaifoi !ows> That the lav is equal judjusl? Not jI all. For oh the pour and uV me rich Jo Mit liohl bunds, and t who do hold bonds co iiot and canno* bold ihcm in equal w I.ucvcr L* able auj wilitag and docs hold Urilkjls by UiU c\«mp:ioT« relieved from ihi Je:i of an cj-nif Sia e and municipal irvation—from an **count asie-sm-nt” a< lo the or.iujic laws of the States clo 1.. c b ui:cd Slk, ct>. ihit it is not true, as a Dialler of lad, as a general statement, that United States bonds arc in tbe hands ol the joi.r; but, uu the conlruiv. Ii is true, an a general statement, Ibal such securities and ail cthur.securjtU*s arei.ithe hands of •he lich, tin? capitalists, the money lenders, and not iu the hands of lac pv<*r. the money boirow'crs. ilow absurd would be the slate ment that the {>oor hold the bonds and morl tages of tlio couulry ’ Yet no more absurd than the statement that they hold the United Stales bonds. Again, exemption of this class ofpioperiy from taxation bears unequal as between the old and new States, as well ns between the individual citizens of a Slate, 'ihttnew States arc money-borrowing, the « Id Stales ate money •lending, Suite*. Hence, the ratesol interest in the old Stales are h.w—rix and seven per cen» ; while in the' new States the rates of internet are uigh—tcu and twelve per com. iu the old States i tQi.ney seeks investment a* low rates, be i cnu<e the supply is greater than luc demand; while in lb? new Stales money is sought ab ler at high rales because Hie deumnd is greater than the supply. It is notoriously true that the new States are literally mort gaged to the old States, young cities to old cities, Chicago to New York and B >►• ton. YouDg” men borrow capital of old men. United Slates bonis, like all other securities, as a general thing, are held by the Astors, the t iah-ns, the Stewarts and Lawrences ol the old State?, and are a most dcshable investment ut sis percent In gold, or seven and three-tenths per cent in currency, without the bonus of exemption, but with tho. bonus of exemption, a fit thing. Bnt in the new S: «:es, where mojey cornu ards ten and twelve per cent, and even larger mtes cl intension real estate securi ty, if there Is any money it will seek such Hcuritics at such rates. The consequence i-S United Stales bonds arc not sought or held in the ucw Suten tj any considerable extent. Probably of the SJOO.OJO.tXX) or s:oo,tt.O,o(X)-of United Stales bonds which are exempt from taxation, excepting those iu the hands ot foreign capitalists, i-15,(XW,C00, or, perhaps fSJjd, I OOO,OOO, are in the imeds of capitalists In the old States, if, then, this vast amount ol property m the hands of the wealthy money lenders of the Hastem States !s exempt from-taxation, an equal amount of property inthehundaof the fdinie:s ollhcWcsl and the mechanics of the Hatl—the money borrowers, must pay doable taxes, to fecure - a given amount of revenue. This proposition, or rather conclu sion, !«too sell-evident and indisputable- to need more than a bare statement. Why not carry oat the principle und exempt the mort gages ou our firms, warehouses, factories and railroads, which are held by these East ern nabob;, from taxation, and, while we struggle to pay our semi-annual instalments of ten o: twelve j>crceui interest, let us have the ui speakable luxury and privilege of pay ing Ibe lu\Le of these gentlemen, as well as our own? It, ll»cn, appears to be very clear Uut cx . mpiu.a. vitiher considered as between in* dividual* «>r as between Slates. Is grossly un equal and nnjust, and in violation of every State Constitution, and Uio United States Constitution as well, ard jU'tiUablc only, if at all. by the necessities of war. It imposes double burdens upon poor persons and poor flutes and exempts rich persons and rich Stales from bearmg any burdens at all, so far as a certain doss of property is coueern* cd. That such a law as a permanent financial measure should lird advocates is indeed lamentable, and serves to Hum i very true lover of equal lights and impartial jmticc that even in Jour liepnblic there Is a strong tendency to sink the rights of person in the alleged more. Im pcrlant-and more sacred rights of projwriy, and that r.n aristocracy of wealth is hist over* riding and snbvcrling the principles of re* j-nWican liberty. Ilesides, it Is indeed very qne 4 llonable whether at> a war nuasure exemption Isjusti liable or even excusable. Vet nutwiihsiand* Ida Hits Is true, every wise patriot now says it living “thus denominated in the bo - ulV’ let the pound of tics h be cut from the part nearest the heart of the laboring masses, hut n«.l an ounce more or loe, nor a drop of blood, and never Jet the unrighteous agree* Jhu-t be renewed. not even in war. If the ship Mnkh, the laboring people will have the savistactior at Uvsl of knowing that the Shy. V. cks must go down |n the time catastro phe, To my that tin* pledged honor j,i -.5 t jpriolifiu, the mortgaged wealth i.i.d h.:.iu ami iii:.eie ul thirty-live mi!* hens el' AiuctUau kumva aad their j - c|;‘ -vi; y•; "V no* rer.trilv to l!i ■r. m fiviicv at i\'.vc-i uaj -li-siLha I or cent H'niiymnm* wi.hni!, tiiy UMiphlcor:.. tunni.; of exemption fruuj iaxa” t:«»r. If lo tyy « t tcvcrcr thi-’j- tm.n r.ascvrr uUtutl by any ..vnpot of Korop.- :i~aiiut Ainnic The iduU-mcnl jj uhm uimlc t:a I ho cditore-il In quo-lion, that if itic. i'-.a.’rs av.J muni-an-u «u:i*oi».uj. \re;e allOHid to (ax urur'uK-;. such n lux might by i:n- the Statu; us prevent invexU n-ci'l jn cueb e-ci'iiika alto; ether. uml than ji'ticv it In the.- jn-vver cf the illiitas to Murk H e xxLci ‘6 ol n-c (iuiifal tlovivaimmt. U n.JpJ tbo is:id, <■:; (he ol is-r hand, with r.|im» plmnlMtiiy, (bat If (he General Guv crumcut Jjra l pmvu.- io i-xnujif uni! npreics of , properly iu Inc imtdu cf eilLa-us from Jaxn- I lion by the. ihuU-;:. it tun: power to exempt ■' <‘.'wy *■;ecie;; of property from each t-ixu* ; L««n, and (in:* d< prive the iha-Vs «*f lUo i power to now any re venue at all, mid : thereby an absolute central I tTcspr lhni ult'-ily im o-ipaULm with j rcpubli.r-i "ovcrtinici.-t. There uppo ; 1 sllv p'.Jii'.lli’i.s:, iPevyJi equally put id nr i ; aij*umci.t», are e. I si all IM.elv taoccur.und I : for this ehip-Ic reViiop, ai*. aui wo:ih a m:>- ! j UK-LsV coiiiiUviali-‘U. Thu jue.'l.; are. quite sir mar l» one department of the (Irui-ui' 1 1 f.'ovtrn-i-ft a: i; aM ’ (Secretary Rrowni"); j 0 J i (lit* c-erfrar.v uituhbtiaTiclbqr) r.* (y the { J R ale I»t riitul i.ri'i. i-ad etui nave no po.w-Ituo | . motive- j.i in;; to; at. to bbvk the wheels of' j cUiur, If th»y {*.>?.orreti i’c po.vt.f A.aoy ' rale, traitor;: in (V u/rnia tu\ quite ;t - Uaa* ' serous ps (util-re in thcSvat- Le;*i>»a*urcs. Ji» * lie county i-f l.y'aUe, (wbs«\ l»v (f»t? Way. lit it lie* i.-ae i li.scd i- *he eer itij • comity in lb-. t'vuU- rv pppu’aii i • «ml poeti cal in»foiinne-*, nmi s> the birth tlu-eof »hc lle|HihiM-;iM of (lino-:, nnu i'. purcnls : arc tli'l alive aoduaijy ILerej i,« Board of I'-j-.-rvi:-;, »vh*:-h i- ciy U-. pnMienn her isn i-i ciap*. ailc-Hr rtv-dvod at each ofUfa- tuailne. U:*!;.- tine • Ul an% tuiihu i.< isc •>( Tulasd ciJ ue.i cv empt f*om tsivr.ihin. 'Cite K-iUa’le Ctnsnfv . KepublScrzi CVnvesuiru on lh.\ of \urriisl 1 last rpfojvi d ivoi’.!!:!, any m.Uicr cx -nptina nnanlnuasciy, and t= t » did t**e Uepah* ■ lic-ta foapn-ii.-tVnxrntion of ihj , Ui\lh held at Morris <«u the j lllh of Anse.-U R. C. i.'j •»!;, our i shreivi! an ir ren’tccntztlVe t:«n 1 *»• * -« !« r.|wveU dcllrored iu Ollawa on uif r.-uirii Rom Wash»r»dLon iu I July InM. i-hteed l;i:ii- v c!f c-;aarely on the J moh>;joins of Ihe R...-,rd Ci ei in h.c i-pcc- h before the County (!•». pnelncn i.JonxcnfTiin. lie sere earueal and ecipli.nic iv. i 'iitlc.ireiiion: «»■ ihyrcio* In! hat:. »;f i?iii: L.-..y o n v furillvrcs •tupllen, arstl n-:irrr.ier! i:-r Vsnjc C:ail* iifcatf In hi-: tprer-h &i the C’unsr.*3jl mat (Vinvi-tiiu.n, :i:u; Las done so mane tlinec ??• I;L- va j n-ait.o spctieiie.*. I fan as*:arc j(*n. Air i or. iha* tb* Bcpmi'hnittt nf the .-mSi’.i ».«:>,ij v *t at \trA*l arc lho:iia”l;s\ e nvisieed l;:a- (o him that bath siiail be vi»«;i, ani l-i h ! m (Is.l hath but sl»a‘» lie laKt-u nwav i v»-n (hat he hath,” is a piluelp’o in.-i an.•lie shin in a.ihtstms tbc huuicns oi taxiiTioii i?» u republi'am yyvsjrti* tm-nt. rap c‘:a"y r.b-.u n:- unauesal u_-ees>.;l,> exifif. to if n cm er.mse. Us ejiuircmieiu. IS In that the wisest of the Caa' e'-J l.‘u-s already be -in to fear that tb T I'jVrt'aehed titcmsflvei*. ••• th'- B an\ other li iaada! maas iirc> T.imli t c l.nbts’.cd n.-oash Con* funs, sii I i here b until-; reasou for lucLa (ear. Win!in K. and others fiat.Uy eom**:sce to ;-.m io v-n no Co amtlt H c la Men a mat UuiLed Mates bt;:«;r KulfJ .v::r ::y :<• S 3 ninth m-.f n::ul:c!-U they xvc-e-"t i-enrn from lava- * I t: ", ; , t-**- ? ity of esenrtien ib’ft-t ul tiuaUly lead to j J. 1-, 1. ] (M<l -SCu : !. i Tills n>.auci.‘- quesiloa isr.u Imp r ant one, jfc ouuiii'.vte t L»- qie.iiua of rccyiistruc } a-d -.v. it ' i.o*r he the stb.-orhim; ques tion I r.-*t,c:--h d I e.m di: of. ♦he J e •• - ;.* r :::•> a s' le-'.s!, haVC ilia ) eu«6rd it tn .. ;.ii•, an.; iiUaly under* I s and i orbatlcri’j.u'tha p.»!- i UlciHtiS. : s:** ,i:>. eatP’.-'ii ‘ *<i' , ".e. < s3 re* j liiK-d. umi v*. i i ’oad ipLal.-. Bank* ; ei A' •i-!ui-Ti:”t l in*n to renew \ the exempt nn of j, |.;.Jr -o Im. r.n*c for J Ihe l-em- h, 7. , Ui d ; :»!». tiTUi-i.-. o. u: , .i-i-i.v-r.-:» ;o «.». tiuc’i a j »our me'Ti 100 uexs n'-.Mflii Iwnrrily will fail, ti*kCi ii iin-iib.*: - sdf i how ihelr h-.-l on this Kitlieci, ana W;li n•: darv to r;»jo fjp 'mrh ;nn inji>«:;r-e i: ene R'i-..*'d vlcl.l to the trn»n(i.rton-.(.f e h-S.l y l.c will erv out t.i . vuui f. i the mount.: ■*» cover him when , he rrtmiiS lo hh e;«yli.ue:?Ui. Uina'lj, vc .Lin!;, 2dr, Lldltor, the ophiinns of tsi ■■ ]« *‘f lc County and m* the fixlh Doirle*. lhi-y ‘ i’Cinf: I Ilf! v.ti-juiV sn:d honored fu'.’ie-a of the 1-nriy in t’m r. eat S:ai-; of inin.u.-, arc i entitled in a .1. we mere rc3*-e.*i.";P cyii-i.i i • alien a! die in rl n[ the iutlnca:?i! and 1 p«e-M*i:i«l Tcirii*-•.», th «n was erinc-d in the • odlioihti ri-'Tuj ty. As we traded the ! party, and wa'i-he. 1 if in i:s infaner, : we ret; and moJoully raumit. that '■ wc arc carflh\-t)i ju.ljiie* wint arc the e'e ; ineiiiu ot its sjrtif-ch la tuuuhn.i • and what I Ii will u.l on. . A. J. C.ii-jvim, SEW MEXICO. t»f Aftsu.T Gumnor Amy'* ITloca^c. 5Ve arc in receipt of the second animal mosageef A'-'big Governor Arny, of New Mexico, from v>LIeU we-nathcr t Itc hdpjwi .g iteirs oi ir.terrj concerning that compara t;vcly i?»known country. The Governor, m’.- r n >lu . .ig to the dulled of the Legislature aii-1 the prosperity of the year, pafses to finances, ni*d complains of the uu nnrons rtc.'aulUro in the Territory. The Treasure:’s ivpcrt show* u balance In bis burn!?, Novcim- r 75. ISfti. 0f51,8‘.»5.03, but the £hci ‘ cf one-h:;’r the comities l*j the Terri jilojy Lava reuimtd raids Irionglng to the Tu-asury, and amounting to $5,001.-5. Ldm-allun Ims been sadly neglected in the Territory. Out of z p‘pu’aiion of there arc .77,peic-t ut* wlo cannot n*jd or write, atid there is not a single fn-c school ii. the whole Tenitnry except those taught by Siet- r* ‘f Chair.y Tom the b.nintym’ the Roman Cut a oils •:. Vue T.mtury has been under the iuldaiu-c of the General Gov ernment lor Mn-ii'y y«u*v, and not a single dollar has been f;;rri'h' ,- l by the Government or the people f«-r educe!.-Mia* nurpa.vs. The (levcrn.T tbenTore tlia Legis lature to memorialise o«>:jcr.*>n u*ul reipect lully ask ter such an appropriation as will lucoual to what has been giantd toother Terrhorlo* lor bchuols; fur her recom mends that the prerent school Jaw be amended go as to require each precinct to detciraine by vole wheibcr they will furnish ihe means l«* support a school ror the educa tion of all the children of the precinct, till rongrrss can respond to their request and lurriifh a school fund. The state.* that the mineral re g'-urccsof the Territory arc nrlther known nor appreciated, and will not bo until the Indian* are plac. d npon reservations, so that miners can operate lo safety. Gold exists In iwenly diffetrnt locaMties, and invariably yields richly. Silver is the roost prominent ami mot abundant mineral of the Territory, and the lodi s are fii.mj in every mountain chair.. Seve a\ copper uiinca havo been opened end promise well. Lead and pint!* nmn have Iticn difcoverc'd. TMcGovcr ior says; **ii tU.- Gove-nment could be in dncrdl» cx.ead !■? us IV • neccs-ury aid to scenic the tii-v ! t-.‘ ihe various rich tninem's so ah .nv '-'.i in cvcrv mountain soul I. and »»o>i of t!ic Ra! .a Kr*~.\ they would in n t ■■ ~ year- I*.* uV.-' m pav every dollar of (1. ru*.> dob: .in n -tuliie car* reucy.” Asan JmlueeTuer.* ty Mat om cv'-Ral Istsio intr* dec.* a man "A-.* uroer ►•sir nin the- To: I-e-y p ?•< state - ! ‘ha - the t! ».;Ica of sheep } .clu ul.lh'i;s of noumlso: yr,. A annu ally, t o m-.foerth r-trt of whicli l-« inana fai-mr..! *“p i:-eo *n t• ■■ ijc the want of machinery, cap*.a’ anilabcr. The*r nre’nlnA•••■r. ■ •wr.» Hie torrlt.ny le’v-; AV. Thc.-c 1; uirn* nr-'friend- Iv ami ric.-s, Tv.- Irdiau* in t• Tit - -* >'-t~ Tiv , 7i'“*r s? • .-.'•'-v*: A*ia::h-- 2.. r u>; Kava-o-.c I*V»J ; cud I’uV. J■■ l». Since the Terri;-. :y was r.** mrc-J .hv the l't*!{cd c.a:e? they have committed depro r.s felLv.-a*:, -,-Dr; mules, MT*: caf>. sl-e.'n and i»«vifs, total va'ci-.*, ,?-l7.3vk**o. In addl tVu to ihc'e thieving oporall-m«. they havo kli>d ninetv rersens. wounded thirty-one and taken t»f->ty cap live. In regard to the prole: dlspo’.i -a o! t!u*-e Indians, the Gov **n or ;oys; “Aflcr several years close obser vnliotond frequent inicrcvurse with these Indians, I have become fully convinced that U-cy should be put upon reservations and compelled to remain on them, as a matter of economy to the Government, and also a benefit hi every way to all parties Inter* ested.” There \z no Territorial law touching the mailer of divorces, and as applications are growing frequent, tbeGovemrr recommends the Legislature to pass a law giving the Dis trict Courts power to sranl divorces, and that parties steking divorces must have been rr gideut* of tic Territory, at least one year. The c»hcr provu.on* of the rccomtnenda* tlm aic based upon the ordinary statutes. The Message doses with several general rcccmmcndstiona among them established forms of law for the guidance of probate judges and jnstlcts of the peace; abolition of the whipping of crimloala as a punish ment for crime: the erection of a jail In each ccnnty; removal of defaulters from office; and the proprictv of establishing but one form of action In all cases of civil pro cedure. FOX, THE BIILUBD PLIIEIU Ills n>»>trrlou« Disappearance and W hat Is Thought of is by His Friends* JF:om Ibe KewYtrk Billiard Coe.] Mr. Lonis Fox. well known as a billiard player of extraordinary merit, has been mbs fup since the morning of December 4, and Tils relatives are apprehensive that he has been foully dealt with. It wjU be remem bered tlmt about two nontbs ago Mr. Fox was severely wounded, tt bb residence In Rochester, by the accidir tal discharge of a pbtol. Tlic ball lodged in the Ihijjb beyond the reach of the probe, svid ha* never boon extracted. After being confined to hla house about &*m.>nU),bc ramvered FufUcicnt ly to superintend the bushes? of his billiard loom, also in Rochester. On the morning of the *lth he left the bouse at about nine o'clock, apparently witl the Intention of going to his placi of business. He Lad contemplated coming to this city tu see about changing his full sired tables lor smaller ones; yd. when he took bis depar ture from the house on the ith, he assured h;.s wife that be was not going to New York or out of town that day. AUut twenty min ulcs oftirwa:d» be was met bv 0 lady ac quaintance at the »vsl cud cfAndiew street b:idgr, which crosses the (ietessecßiver, and is about forty rods from bis billiard room, and on the mute usually ta-cu by him to reach it. TM» lady, who, as far a* has been accertained, was tlie last 1 cr*-n who saw him, c< nvci>cd with him in rclatiin to his recent wound, as to his health, and*ordinary topics, and found him rei. arkab'.y thoe.Tl'al unJ of good Found mind. Alt hough Ler husband did not jetnm home nlgbn Mrs. Fox Icit hut lit .Ic untoslnus, believag that he had bis mind, and in reality gone to buslrcss of Ml room ; and it v;iF m.t until tbricilavs after card,by which 1 mi hcrbuidd have rcitni'it ti» ll'-cholor 1.1 wiijt. 1; a<ln the cause cl his delay, that !:V J:»n.: ; y i rraine a l ..'ru.e'l q to hi.- ’safely. 1 1fi i-ri .!> !u v ami c.. win re wen- xver, ,;uy u le njiL, ( Af» tend in Mr. I o.v, i;» a letter rc\: f *o lo.• nh apj-cutf nini’ .** *1 ’!*• I(I cf be. c aiming? tlio.C who bi n b‘.l(, aia Wuomc bivt iir.ju.rhiled uiL.i I ih i U.c i ' I;, Unit we rl; .11 - .t v.r .ea id a j alive a'-u n. That T«c Ims Um* cither .i i ta.-Ud in Hk »tmt:; in bread day, or <-r --ticcd niioio-ov h.-irla' i-timloo.illv murder V or r :.t he lv»r lOMinlthd by thrpw’ [ ii.£ MtmvM n* -the uvrr, or !:» beute olh:;r , sni.nncr. I h'-ve in thenry. I t-PI hum mmc, with whic'j all tho eueam.lunc w wIU teem eouiLUul. 1 have iiecn juniicd ai bv fi me for expieu inj- the .den that he u dead; hnl I am clronc’.v of that oninloc. ITc was woilh ?»0,000 or ciomcn tMnfltabJc baiinjsa and Uv.yif hau* I' 1 ’ 7 yUh bif liinolv, and teuiparaic and chut, fnl noi luitily. not t’ldnciii;* cif bitic'de. He had no cm niics ; he* dlannnrnr. (U ill b oad dav, and had to uiio • n well liaveijcd v -trwU lliov miahl ?u» bare fcccTi murdered ?Kc v,«i \, sr y gw , -mily i.nowri. It; i xery pTi.f. - : Ihcec arc ic-mc per rei a would ro. tpi.Uc aia. There was : uo known ic-irou tor lot jeolm; hwhv. All :i:m:-ri(*K fail to clii ij. wny inuinnai!'p. It 1 does i.ot i«-oni as if tic hbd eve--Jcf- tovra to, J..U Wjb nbtenv. il is diCieull to fvi.ui an inlc inherit theory. Uhould the cfrnr.s e- Uiadc pi hvd bia body be fittcctuudiil llcp of r-t M-.. » wdl throw a Hood of acw IL*:*i npou 'b*- tnvMeiy,** BKIITAL 31CRDKU. «*'.:el;.rt afa.Wtfb to Death and iSdCUpCM, (I . vi. - Jke Cabo (Ul.) Dcmoc al. January kh) AS ilb-jiu llaiuilnv, or ns tuMindinea b*“ ft called Wiu-am Stuirp. • murdered h'i s wl.-.- \ eric;cay taurnirtL'nl the boirdlnq h.;;;-? of Mr. : li;ji4i.;u. ohMiuelcenth elreei* he e-ii\- lua wi - li'd'-aiii. T!ir Riu-dern- ami hi; vie lim •• erv • 'marativdy liiilo Kuoau in Ui'.> vilj. i‘t* ba<s hern Icro some time, and f»r a while v;ot«.-d ai lhiil'at:o Docks, bat Hwis wn.'eciitrcd by thoic who him bet!, (hat hit ical t-n was C( , untsrf;i : i , 's?. He We* ii*(auiar iu htis lirti'.JH, and iny.*! *r»o;js in i.V iiiov* tuou'.s, and all.'jicLhtT was nol reircidei: by Ms ae>|iMii)|jfue«rß iu a val nah’c ITc nad not bcc-u al anv uvular nr.ii. for mmc time, and a tuW d.-j e a,co Lc jcavi up hi* lum-c we me he hid been liviuii, , u Xin a K.r-: -i, sad lie aa-.l hit M lie ut) ILt-tr bo:t:d aud at thu .tov-- - r.aui.d iulilran’s. There bad u.-e.i ; f.:5:V.7 in jirvdicyV conduct preuoak io • ***•• i::«? I'iui i im .'dir any appreheoshm •hal he fi.r a !n«;in**ni eunismsrilai-.-d tl:-* re vu ilvj'etniiM wiih-li lit- prrjvirat■*»!. <)«> .I-- C‘ X*vv i«-rr* s «tstx, th? dr:n*rc» , i. .1?- j d:.T» «n >o.i>vttn’t ta'niiy heard c -ual I • cl V cr ml her quarea: Hui ß by p’ T V wiie. ili.* .lUJen-nreupjx-.irin’ff :o hc :hm U-: wanted Iu p» lo Mound City c.ciii iv ..-rrV'jr Mr Sullivan,on ROln«; asfs! r vuut to wake up h:n buarJers, . - ‘ e.i fai iu-j docr*o th. 1 rovia occupied IFrrd.ry : t»<i ah*.- wa- **i*vu, and Mrs. • try aivcsa the ’vd, with ner • in mo.cV Cc immediately •'cn- uCT-i *.„! 3 and tsjaiHed Mr.-;, fialli •an t> u-;u :ve ii there uas not some* ililui-the!.Twl,h f.trg- Handley. Mrs. *ui!ivati .tv oui'6 V.J-U* vo Urn to uu m.U louud ‘.lrs. r:a; nicy «:vraii : T;t.* nins m was ijiven ;iv U i; ira‘i« for M~.ti.Hcy, bat he had ;.r •■;cs; c. au»t u t » m ulc present time tv-dcliiiire *r.x. < • ((;,; •uiinlcer has been " uml, till hcivjii i> i» ‘ -np -nred he Is ivvLxblv tccie.iu - .n Tu • •aojiM uoitb of •I <1 p-'i-ne prv.-t- itvd I-ci* our reporiw • • .d t*’c wu? shre.Wu;; lu the c\- i :itThe »«t.n wi.uuuh tduu audrcjscd, •:;u. i.wa-4 d (iie;> mul set au while r.;i c. ey was nurrit" uif. ui.irdereiu- u.hieus. iOid waimiop up lils- tl(nv*a*': ren-dvea to lb-. siiei.iuij iiomt, i>y i.i-u.nsc (vuarrcl.inff. and v.*l-•: aTI war qui-i Mi Tj( houre, he .-qirung i\" lut tiaoat. aml ... re.- i.-.-rvi.-a uL- Jim till the u: r*;u» wi ik njn com pl<- .i.O. There wore i-o idri.u of a i;tru<;£lc ureu::.> «Lo. j- ;o : there iu*. oi. every bund t' ( t . >. i.ccvj ol w.j-.nau’s ord. • and i lioiisrut- I. .f «• cvtii the bed on v.n t i<-li the dead v.i.;j a*- Ist \ cud been Im: UtL c •liciir-hed, ami • n*y wl;.n om* looked at the nretrmiirfj tot"UC. cisi.adcd eye?, and «lu..GrUd tur.s of the murdered woman dul .uc f.i't leuii.y ine... ’2lie t.'pnliaui a«i n ivlLirr, Vi*-* KtVe j*c '.rally t/■ nd twocuilouli ( Ki:nis it red by writers— on.*it. t;so r«vld amt i eesim»,cmcutsof this auhoal in the tcov'rttite other, his cap!- hi i-ii« cl j over crc.und Jor him a t v* parent u rntf-i le. Tie claelic, noucl.ts ihoHUil i i the cleptiaut aa* U*ca fmpicuiiy riKii.-d ;«i liy on Indiuu &anjec:r-. nud hr.s l ivn iii ntiy assorted to be the moai juriccnLb' i»:a ure in Journeying ou el**i>’t3nl back. i'h’o paciiiuiMty may be cariiy cx pl: Ircd by an csatnnuulr.n ot the rlmclarc ot tlierr.: n.iiiV n.ol; but Iho silent, sUnliuy way in which be will p.u-s throti'J 1 . the ctl tLicl:::, hteially “siipplns; away,” when bis uculc tt-nrc i f smell or hcatitiix warn him of ih»i:p»T, ba-! bt*c*i» rjeueiaily ’ VtOjimiicO, ami a» pttiKs to us s >me«nat tiliiic.:.’. td ex plauaiu u. Let. uy one in tlsc rovr- Irrlei; ol bu-iironjlrg” attempt to ;> ove • viii a few istvi-i in sin nrd'-mry lox ccveil Wilhm.: miiu*, ami bu will lorm aomc Idw of the difm-ii.i .ec u .cu to iLc piueage of to t.tige an avinm' :r- tbo I'lophaiit itiruUijii the dtm-'* timuica i.:m>Ti;rowih oi a 30u.1i Afri can “ki-ii." ief tu-d the animal, despite bi« cn-tmoim bn'V. wfil “draw oil’,” when wHhln a fe-' - of his pursuer,.wHlkmu lhe fil:li e- ~-c. and with the greatest ra pidiiy, ev u tu iho iiiiei»cst cover, ie iir:d> i.iaUe. Ap-in, h; 3 of passing over ditlieult tiitiiud arc of.rn underrated y>cu bv hunters. When esper'iinenis were first made in Jiidm in irKvhanls lodtawtbe gmi, It war- 1 vvim auj-uiic tluitlho an.miii.. j*«.wir oi riocp auti rug ged groui-d vvcic :ai greater :nan had been •■ntie.p.ii' d. Ihe cuu“ a tight rix-poaede null wh.eii the Inal *.vaa Urd tnado, was tirnwn up u s*e;-c 'trvp mto require tho ua.tutd l-> 1 up'Mi itj tour hates, which i Qi<) hvcxluli.,n. (in i];a other hand, penal by the gnn .tiid limpnsa, the te.phai. (.a emaU female) rh .wtii umr- t iut t'leiu vt>ofi und SWauijv gr -iiud. OUH HARBOR. j Ii r oith Pier— The S x H * •;! .1 txtcr.s'na low De termined on. (’entc; ! T>o!wmi lltmtuu S!*ili ;ui.i a luiLc Ciirront—History of the Cfclccco owe-In a "real inca'-nn? its or: cw :ied Mib.r'jocn: tr»'Wlb :o the.lake e uniw whirh hi i.ammt »i the cn 1 of I'.tj t.. a-clij iq.en in lucbnr. Shut ihit up. eiv.; onr dects orst;.;ij-.::ip iip fchrJi -t ,rom thewjad alo.uis Ifrcnch tb»* >cr, rml t. • e.-c-b-i •nn im nf ir o !nuj«i :% «-d ■ . a i-imrii iiiruliro * < % v.i . h. c - - a ..j O v tll CJI-e-. Cv.- eh .j our r!; IvJCJ Loll i? - ptc-i* -a. . H'6-tj nrrrrnr. nannon. twrii m»o. 11. l'.o year l-~ it Is ra ! a iK- u>‘ ra-'»i.~ re •• iwl the Ca-ca-jo K:vir, wni- « ucbjj;c..ra n:;o LxcMo »{**.»• ;h ?fj ,*t c. wl*ai i« rtrm Mmiircs st*c<t,rheMu?gL-!i*.i&i:fi MiiTt-rat dept*. tj a.l-an -aiMI rr..i . ar.<; giv.rgfhvai t- i'.tcafomi. in t*<* -ton** y.*«r I-ori Dearborn was buili, and the f urthubuioftTif i.'boeci y itm*lai». ihsoilg- S:ai :i.m*y of;lu» tuirrxv waa made in ts:t. Th* ; liy, lum. ver, wa* roi V- tit*':h-' jesr IS’JS. ti-rv W».-t"levioiai Ui tba: lime an! in<*rc into liti* or •«■•; nig bom-cs ca its pr.sent Mu. As tocnm* rue plate l» ";i:i id j;*rw. Bitvation was uerxcu to tea of fne hi'bor. the bar !:*• b« inflow sad •*«aim*y. and a"o:dinj* Utile »•: the a!v,wwv« demanded the liicns»?it»j* wiiTirsco. iaih.n Ir.U- nn*. rfisn an a:).)ro'- p: teller. wa? cifiuK i .• V ■ ; and i’jc ii*mi*i ,".t vus ir- u nr.- a sh .:{ ci-ailw, a tn*w i.ght •cere bid!*, rrd U; * month *» sac riv-rr ctui-vd JO il -l ■ rvn-'.u CDSiU.*. is VTUo thought that ill l- s I j- :aiai.iT.t rarbnr bd been cs;.ibi.>iuM a:nl the 1 vaducc Ci rand cv-r its a.-utu eau-alv or.-- '.'rted. '*b f.a h k;*-'. nut then h-Wlu-.ih, *<-nt sc or.' -r.h men:« a; midc u cut o:T Uic sla-an .;etx the e.u cLaaucl. THt. Ql.OtrtH or OHS7RI T PTt>* , »». ’ nas luuna. bnvcvi'. U-si an aunost constant c. -cut\%Mirii»«isu»tvnrd ib:*harbormonthfrMii • trs tislU r: Mackinaw, and Is caused by thepre ra ' ; rv winds f-nra tbe cart and northeast, whose rrottltsm ts m nrorticr nearly tromduc northeast, is busily encaeed in stirring np the sand which folios il«o lake hUon* for miles to the r.onb of the bailor, t>ud rolling U down lito a bar In fiont of lb ■ city, ihe same causes also were gradually ci?i nu.'ng the Mum; north of the pier farther to the cart, so ibai ibe present coart it* tar from that laid down lu theoricteal enrvey. ft Is Interesting to no.c bow tuCto chat per have gone on. Tue ori-'i ral tiuvey. m cate me olilcial coaH Ime north cf the tiver at wh.v is now St. Clair street. This was the line.of aratlabie land; but the shore actually txUiuicii tfShfoci fanher eist, to Seneca unci. X'roin till* laltcr point Ibc distance Oiled ii loth.*lake has U* n a« follows: To JSJi 110 feet; isjv«o-c*';; feet; 1«3,6a> feet; IS.?. 7W lent; Jril. iect, to Luc present bend in t-.e pier; ..j. i.b.. feet; lAVi, i.-M) uer; iSoi, teeit isibl.toi feet; lS»i3, l.T'’. I 'fed. Adtiuxc ibe tee. of nnareilablc lard barb l-» ;tc pulut ironi which the official istiniate snarls, we flnu the of accretion along the back of the pier since the survey to bo o.’er feet. Meantime the d*;- yo. ii u»k b.-en e...endingnorthward non.* rabidly tuso Into the lake, so that it now icaches to Wbil- : uey street, or Uiree-qnancis of a mile from the pier, fo.mirg u triangle of made ground uiueiv one acres In cxt:m. The Water Works arv bufti out dOu feet from the original bank. ZSTXJiMON OP THE PUX. To gna:d against thrtccocUnnalcrcr?achniot« of the sand, the dty early commenced graiu.U!y to ntcnl tbo ylo. out into ire like, liwaellcsl bull out In a st:night llu.' l,«pi feet, then laralug about twenty «li- ; ;n cst*i the north,-CU feel were added; ihcucc uu amibet pten. s*X' feet farther 1 torroiLC ihearcofa circle, u;.d ivs*c*lu-' Jb; Kti* of the it bt house, which vascrcctod m l-v\ ml u- I.JCO feet i.ooi the fianlnj uolst, tn iSJia d '.ill was eniended -tkl feet fnahc.% lunilng a Mile to the roab. ->i x* *o comimu- on tu-r line of ILc flivl tiidif*..!, which bJb,-04neni ei)giue;rs bad drf.e* .<*.• boa to salt their «L>- ic.cLt Ideas of t'.<c bi t d .m j. ibc tclegnrh uutiourc .l yesterday that the bccrciatj o: War Lai -u t coainU'ica ; Vd to tii* Hcufc tbc report of Major J. JJ. WTumlcr, of (lie Corps ot ki cince:?, cu CMe-iro liirbor. Tbi.« rcj orl ►how? the y of .i b. oige 0>»fl f *: nuditioin'l to tbe nonh r»ar bn: t'je wo-k his bctu positioned until t;..- woikirp s a-oa t ; ii-» spring. tor t.« work i* a>vari,-_ u 0. M. t oi*e, cf Chicago, the lJ»c«t Udder, and the boud.flO.uti. ha?- b n-n -Ipn* d, f.;r :ts fjuh'nl Tic cost of the wo:-* ii SSf.TW : pnscn« a;*,.:- : r.i ; -n. Tils estimate irK.s'd*;. *.< c iu b.tlilrtr-two tcet long, tl b ’v f t • ’ . twoMV f *c’ high. t-’cui.d i u-average depth of wat r in a lice wiili tne ui: :lo><i of tb> uuit i pier as follows: Flr>t two linound f.vt, twenty-Mx and a half feet; rest «;.c htmdred f vi. t*»euty-onc led (Seep t next fifty feet, twentj-twu fcl deep, aud the rcciatnlrg two band:* d aad fluy foe., over iwenty-tbne leti d;co. Tbo report save tbotc is to far htuldiug a south pl-Jr. Ihe object In having paiadtl piers is to confine the Tolnme rf water pounug out of the Over, and make n»e of the current »o scour out and main tain the channel, bueh an atiecipt with the Chicago iUu-r w cnld be uaulcao, there being no perceptible cnncnu nir nsn. Besides filling no north ot the pier, has been dcsciibed. ice littoral cnrrc’it ha* been coa'.lua* nlty placinr a deposit of sand to the form of a bar iu fioiit and south of Ibc month of the tiver. widen has been constantly tiring and extending, c><d also swinging westward, to close up tie < nuance altogether. Since IStS, on th*- Imc of 1-aLe street, soundings of twenty feet have receded SCO fut eastward.ard on the line of Michi pr.ti street, -2UI fent. On the lino of .Madison sued in at d’Of* the elope of the bar moved kVf Uct,wcstwaid. and opposil-*'ph aid Monta'euceU, In twelve foot soundings, the bar is now I.C. d tcet wide. Its length trom the pier southward, with from five to twelve fectsoand ir.ts. te IkCU- feet. In 1545 it extended only to 1 c*-c tucct. or 1,2T0 fee;, with ten feU soundings. J ci many vents tesscii have been obliged to run 1 uewn cioci u the south aid of Ihe bar in order to i TihCbil c i Broor. At present a rtcp'.b of iw.lvo , in t. rt if-mry ter tb r .arge»t classox ves.ete.can ; < ■ 1\ itl.umi' t>y going .-oatli to Jackson street, uic the b. - -i is tn rapldli -;wlu * mi... rc V. j’l *»(• ?oon. tf it • ; n.l _t • • \'j tlci-td •»1 in,;,? pv* -.2ica tf the pier has hul tbc r\'f iot.t'it.i Hii c :rmU c* ntnd further eirl, a- 1! i. L.-n Iwr;? nr., iu proccM? vt formation In a f,o I d'-rc*!..*, from ibc red of the pljr, imeenf.-j tliTfii t!i tsnt. At pier it u :.p? f.-rt vi:ip;f‘i! r rni'f.! l v p d ptrH orm-ct two Irvl >i. depth irmu£.'; fo: a rpacu oJ 103 find b•■ £,O fnv bfi-atl In t omo p.acct tbS’d-' P l ' 1 * I'l . f ti; fed derr- The nr.? bar forms an .wale i.f.irnv cr wtenij with |t>e old btr. YUc rlt i-:!j • f water o\t- U I‘i?t enm:«»ci war twelve kvl, uni I.- low 4>u( Utuc, nnd tlii! tkoaUug. rij\sb i-jK-itj-LiT Ayu Aoorraii. Ttc cxi. onion of lav north plw t wlilr;* baa been reft r-n! h., j.B* l>etn Oecldid upon as the moit r.’OflMr wi.y t-f p'-i-ervjnjttia barter. Flrenlaus ttc:e j iiifntc-.l r? the Board o» Public Work?, »U,;l. wf-.-i* ft?» r»UuA«: 3'i. iuedxiux. ibb was rjsctcd*? not beta? alone, on arroui.t o> (bo uncertainty cl tbc dareuen i f fa\o::tblw wi ether, o* tdnrmr wm:l3 stop the vo:ka; well cs w.islr 1j ibi olid lolyh lean in Jlir {•. iirrr : Ijc hnfbi" I *-!»••? of fti** \ iar. -d. Li.csiia;a’ ito ioalh p’o? anff Jnpcailac t pr»n ili.: ri.o* ca l ret tto t-.-uu out and nsuaUi atlauia-l ll::l j. v.t iTir;r'»-:i M;«t the current Vest < t Ft^c.c-1 lodl.e* tfco obh-.J. >«J. u••■• <.tifrn»o irock sn'TOanal ri.j,ij-ei;T ut mntar a picVuuaicjcntly La* ou. LCitbol ile icr'-ii jii.-r. (o pr.tvml accrrUotnin U’C CV.ltel. 'litis fin-, aUbt»u;u co;i.«id* , klan-tiv.-, ::i bdi in pr.»kictin2 ibc l»orlh IMs of U.t* eotisncc to tbr i>aibjr,'*-as mil Andcrtolrcu, nelnl.i imoutc it v.-crU Inroivc a*j alilunes tri;b j;r:vair rsnli s ano .vonlu me tbc worko2trstn naUnnoi aid. * •Uli. t‘nn; ir«riir»~ « curved plor out into Ibe Jut e, of Ft<rh n fiUMt j,t .rneb n bom t.w Uj-r l bon. »♦ :m to nn.T npr.filc.~mcMr.vnt. dui'np iLc pie\M'*.i-Cs v« nStlltiTljr wild - to; i-m: atf:>/thobn r . fi’i J.htr ; c i 1 il ■ uiMuilb: Hi to •-•■S C.< clrl. c Pio; •' Jh, i uqu!*t.l u.'iw. ..o coirpl- iJcji. ttb. l*stcrdi>T l* 1 " p"nt!i r r ::-’. Tats tl?- cidrdlu It si r<: o; i .21 ;i. tisl »h.»- •• oh! 1 a-I ;«1 rclli £. ai tl ILv v. v ■-L:t- occ .:\Uu m* !;«.*:« r.»r hrl (orvatu. .vs: ■■* t:yu-of s:il> u >» In order, bo-rrer. t v « , oa tl«j entrance wbtclt j Ibe l !rr I' d-’.-IcLt-u iscrratter |x» pro'vd, a vad j amount o« tinxeinr ba * K'cti r qnt-'CJ. In l ( ’s\ | < » GraLtm. ctd.-r tj»e dlrecitoa ollLeUa'led : t'L cc ‘ c-. i. dre '>gai oat the tluacel uar- , ilu’*, b;i. a. :: L.l-J up. I’. 1? M-serr. Fas t .V-i:.A*;.rd :t co-tr-ad with »oc*'.'ty to mass I .1 dirt;MV' le llrotym the hiad of tbi - Ur, aiid by AustciU tbe/ bad opened a , pac-ope cdinltMr;; p.’cpc'ildrj O' 12 CO i-.i fail j C’CCGbt. Ley i.av. !*>-a calu ttlp;OreiU SjU,i ,; 2. : r 4*JC d'.UUu* l , Le*»Trt.\ u too nsir.vw, and v.-.'tV: i ate in uauaer of iti'anded whea lae triad ; ic high. Far.Lar nor., bi nne-.led, and will \ fccGvte. 1U C-iar^ooCouncil Ui £;»• -j i tin ti.iM: ’ izz x.c: i era c-iuas y«i, iu mo hotutb*i to i f.i rr;ol {.«v,v:t*n.'.T,t ttilj ;*»r *it-r w.a.\ i.l I,at* * i V. i;L t •iorori'L OK-iuiu* fi coiuhcUju wi.h Uta I • si-.ucf IK-.- ;,ie\lbe -si wf ■ t: n»t- v\ii. d;• b••a *C ■ > - 1 :•■ CiC,. UiJ I ’• l>rr JUj *s*ul sr; l t‘ hati.J. ti.ioj • l" up, : v ]! ! a rvt«‘v ct:d b u...Uujlc cat nine- s-v r - -r s i- evafu- biun tuc ' V C Tiiu.-t. u. sr.d f ,»rs onrport. j iG.r;* o tl?v ij'nt'C' sltcu bavj h?er. in' 1 ' r-.n-Jeliva by IL S iLis-luiu.c, *• s-K^.t.vCr, §;i£3TESIY ROUSE RE?D3T. y and DintWijn'idii. it* .{lt. Torct*—Arroriix • Lost Three Mont ? »3 of I'Kio * ■ —Asce, Charges, Oc cntmtlonsr, Jte«, of i*risi»nors. Uir* rrgnlar spnii-wcekly meeting olTießaara afPclrr, Fire ;-d XTr *i:h fo.unUtßiju?.4 -:u bo.d yeilviCa* aliefaixui ul police ■.teamfi I. ; ,ivt F:c: vi-l—T. J. IVejdaut, iai ul. • .>-! viS xtU ua J viund. ■|’b !•:!:.r.t.s cf Cue ixi ueetin; ncro read n d .;•••;« v. c|. • i. .f : »*ro en!.-** Ills ynr l-rT.'re i I.* i:>c eiid-ug Dee.-m «•■ ;;t. i - ; j. .i.ov'.:n- i- yum- of p;..jie.-ty rvrov.— 1. voir.j c.' j»ic;».ty 4 .; j.i d Iv, act n; lot Hn:. L.ii[»it:<i. tb %vdn I'ueimrnoe.- of « •n<•• :• ;u ot. Ui , »:;u*. fui. a?; v. : \. I 010 r.ucib-. <iiim:n on po«i.* e:.i—en erty Jd.', n»d “B’ CC'.a! 13. ■»•. • mind t>V.’atchmcn. ti: da-,' m • ni. r; ilv l<L«i\sv. ?: «!i a rijrl:, ;; • i -;e ; .1 :• 1 / vJui-.l:—L.cri'!:d u‘ r.i,- lI otc*-i-.a0.:, Atv 1 '.CM'!. !'•; at . n?o:**8 iv.-- ui-ii v-i a* ’-i! -i .■•»-.•: >•:. or £vry .i» »-*il aobstcr. »'.•,•!.*. a- . ac.r ... -i. »v .■• 1 . t:e:u . i a:..»- ■ • 1:. ! >: a*. i'Mrd IV.'c’ v . a', tr::!- I; . c»r;cr vor.ubee B:tiata>id I-crlb Tciai wl.c o.' r:c- rtr ronoited atolsn. fr*l,?:r*.Jv;ic;a T \si :«'<.• ii»<Uni--.jO‘.»lTr* , covc»cd, I »•!(.-! uu.v, • * G.irJ; taJaJ •.-tial’Ci «•*. tries**. .V>*, Of wL»c’i 5 - uv.o•«i'oi <ui l.tC-i? i.uiiSc.; -i,. •,«•' ■'■j' I- ;ul l.i .s. ’ Tl'care**. oftbj \rc e « follatra? rct-r jf r, >j : «.‘au ■( y. T« *; na lti • }R{-t/, nntir.- i - iv. .C»:; u;« .cr liin\ S -J; Uud:; - I-5;. . 1 .J, u.'_c-cv»catf,:M; t jU.’Vjs. lio.v uisiwHFn o:*. .! r rrrr» r**rc ol a* f.»:V,w>! TV> • a*; -'d I.- "cy o- ,5. • : ■ • rt_l- 1 * .'Tin Jkl.'v l.vs; 10 Con y • : *o I'l.a.i tr. j j: to* Jloma.t ’a :• ...• :.:)ivro. ■ ; ; > ;I'v H-'- a; O-.-r. iii t. •>«. fl.vue ; a »'l t».t caw**. : U.; o jo kc,- > jvfa:.*.ai; b’-'i-i r I'. - ;;u l*taWeuw.ll' t—■.vj. 'i’yia 1 ,1 ')J. ”! • •* (••■Ur* m<* r.a i-ltow?: An»"rl.Mßi, • K.yciik.:«%», i •is'.vo, • •• • 1 . n ii..-. I ; Tii; vi • • ; n ■ 'is-- ...i .aii-iiiJ, .li; vi • •• •- ' \.Vi. - «r .* I; i ii.i, • • • •; i:». ;i: a, :r; i.. ■».. •- : ;• ■(«. :.s. To_»:, tl. ' 1 '.TtJ-SS. jl c IWMrjrase ic •,ecaj«t;i.riij o* tVi pir nK-i t?cK7; at!ctijn*sr«s.l: at!i<U. 1 ; ’ ooU-lvt e. 7; ’.v-c_»ulis3- 1 : bi:a *,JJ; i rcl».T?. *m • l.sadff. 13; b.i.i . banet,. 3; i. Tar: .3; I’p'l-T mttl.Cir.S: In,:'. EUlvarj', 1 ; L rea'a-V..-bai o' re. 23 ; bi> '•*, I • alu. rcpierf.a: ;ci»d.rr, .;, »; <%•*'<?, 15-J; carpcalttrs. 12S; cosa*. 7 : caopcr.’,; ci*ar •iv c. f.. ciulrfVJtf. I; • a Tj*at r'liinr, 1 : «u>tic> ui-'ii 2; citv*s:». i ; earner*. I ; : rr.:u. I I. 0.0 ; »iraj a* u, •;.«; dra^- i’: cv iii. ~u : M; oji.;re, • ; ill c . a vi :i, > ; fj.r.ia.*,K: -am i •,..c‘ ( -.. r.r -an n s -,-r-. I; -usur?, : pan;’* l u ; ire - ’.e. -i. ; -.irdeej-.-t, *i; back bite, -ic; liCu-'Ca*..** ere. 241: I* »rc .*<.« maker?,"; I. i . ... -Cl..*. ; ivia-f If j.uik :c >; je 1 v 1t aboier*. 13<<) ; mr/ci, 3; luliUiu. .. 1: aisu'-jal-. a ; tfi; xraciil- .'.', ;, i- l-i;. 3": 9; , nlne'H, 4; urc' rtta’ jvlic-, i; marble ea'trre, 1; nu oc.n --1,‘.» - • —ityj.iia'TS. >; •;jy.a*rriv« •; *> ’.iow*. fid; >- mas, dvi; fit; ticailie.» ; liljr.beirv 102; ijsi;:a?rß.r4b porlera. *; Yoitud rv. . . ~ ■„; prune l e, si: i>\:i..drsn % 14 ; p iMtCtni, l; r;;i ' ■.'.r ,mnl -7.' ■. t ; rj » dea'.ara, •« ra •• -.9; sa'Jora, Ku ; u, “ : eervauts, t.>; ; aJv ;. l -rlnsi* r.\ 4j; *.vi-Vt;ie, ;]• i'.a%vtCo’v. : fltlVtn, 0; irt«vf bu-'il *r% 1; •j*rr ; al polie*, ’ : »uMinr..*, ti; li fatlei.-, tC; 1;IS-J; miUci*. 5; Inr- r: re, 5: ta itio a, (I; Un-it itLiJ 0; : J'bv’.a >; i o ipra (jra, »; up’icls e »i>, 4; u.*-e utierd, 2; vfiK'ja inn i. ur, 2; valu'-iuuikciv, i ; 2; weuvtfrg. 1; tela!, S.I'JS. cnarncs Itw following are ibe na'nre ot the cht'gca • Arrnoli, 15; aisocS; ml tU; •■', 3 ; - iimjlL \v;lli I.milt wea;»;»n, S; vrb cat I« do . edily Injury, j ; with to'cta to do 'alary, 1 : wnb imt-ti; to kill, id: lo cummi: «n.s»o.-v, b; hf.-«nli|pj* r.t’.l-c .•: ; a ; *u:viig dumb aulutat-, £; burglary,blgum*’,*: drunk, B*s; d>Lu?* aid a swi'crly. l.'tfi; di-o aoiiy. 1,1:8; d.’ftlVut-.; .7 hcd r ci ateh'iio, 1 : e-car/d 1 oa i.*c* i'.tro i fb-'ii.-.- ciju •vgi« : -- •>. 1; fil-c impri:- . m.r t. 2. r;;ud. 1; f-.rnuy 23 ; IV: drying, aI; U-u:cle. u::Q-;;c;iy honre, RIS; «i‘huasc of ill* rtisi?, 6; si.|i«se;ar will n ism:, CJ; keep* !*>tr dhojO.r, ill; u«j; I.* td tnfc. 5; lan-.f.v, si.; -■•’•r.ey -vd co.-i? by Ulad p c‘en:os, I*; - '-rt' v. .»r, i; mayhem,;!: caiuh.lug, S 3; ccu.i* r mim >n II c.uc, ft: coatrorf -t ■ it-t.fv. s' ; to.*); y. •*£: re. t»ti.T? c.'Hco-, 21; riot, ••‘5 ; npni-01. i.trlura c:l ua an cs.-lkor, T; r-:c.*lv r r'clct) I'tn, i...... l ; tc'llug ii i:ur wtlhnnt cr-•. y; fi ti c *.m It •» fj.y bmi i-. fl ; Ihr •,}**. : l> * la leg ; j ib'.-a »i,wl, I.T ; va j an ;y, £53; ’•ola'l n .‘ v ordlcjri >. P 3. 'tho re;>r;-, ua.wnji; uan ; plac’d on 111*. Af cr t’-c tr.nw- -ton of sundryol!- no.-? of no ]>-•«.i! interest, the Uoa d udj-araeJ. ahd coaasasui no.vjcaiu Ftttoxx ErrMxn. .fannai j J, IS 7. T j .‘-’'ll. \ iC-; tutnruia.U'aiioti read ou - k • ic :.v : ! PoAnn or Tr*.\T>r T7oo>?«. 1 i Am any, December 2T. tVA. f | At 9 mrit-nr rT:hn Ib;nl nf Trade of tl*j * ••’ ?; * "v ; a.* D •-!- r 'ri|i, M *'i . w • 1 1 *ri «• • Viudc '"'bln» j,i a r ::-r D.• fr-* 1? 7. a* ft: dir cn ' - t > < t;** “ *'-'z - jt r;«M«nfcnisiii** - roi- r-etl ant v**o I ••amt ‘O Board of *9»- cf i-iij:-!*;. aivl :nir a m*je>*r.K of tlnsc • 0 lessees fiwiu cacii L'aird of’Trade to asrrvj yuan ! a ('ay acd ;5t;T n-* cr d- fa:!* r. inisht bc a-lrDiV • j i>i rvr«'tuv.: f ’iitl I*; co :s- c tonwlii ihcadapJon of i it rr,w S7?t -m rf mcaettr.'uwjt. i Whereupon <7.-W u.i!imii:£ rteolmloua. whlrb were unanimously ; adopted: j /.’<■* olret, That wjth Ibe M*<*nt of t v <* DoiM§ of J vh;ch L.’- c taVn action oi> th? tub; - *'., ; ILc‘-cental sT**cai” rhu 1 £olnto ctTacl on the I !tr*t dr.* of ?!prch, ‘*•>7. I AVto.w. J bat the Secrcttnr be directed to rmairnb' w.;h ;s;<* vatl.-t» tV-ard? ot iVale. i ard t.-oR* 1 *! of dicta to fit that diV* and : uciii* iiilr- Losud lu the end that concert of action I tray be had. } Tett uiuUrtitre-!. in the abor,' "ecO!uTv*i.?, •n*::* to cd*. a:* • dica lc lire j;;j > - .* 'c cf iciinecist-j action 1 • ••' n. in o-d*- ; J ««’. ;-fon cf th-» n w ‘f* *.u on lU.Crj.Oc c ?-a.ta: cz». nay be general. * ■ Kespcctfally, W. Lirrv. Sser-*arr rrc«!d«tt J. C. Dme chered the fuToeiucre* '• ::*ticn. which expressed the views of the Dtiec.ora - ' the Bo&.d: j That ca and afe- SJarc’; I.ITT". oth-* ! *’oard« o: Trade conc<i*iir.*r. all tr;t ■ :: .m - tf •bis JBoarii *»« d- e.'*. , tl. . tJ.v.lac;- , ed in “c«r'-a!‘," insi \\l >h •* bash-I*.” • An smondsicni wa« that act ? .m on the ■ : ore be postponed until lnojd.l7 next, a; tare.* j c:o<k. p. m. A farther ansadmtnt offered. Ihat tbchivtr | 7 charred from three, p. Ta.,:ot\r.lvc, ax. I.a?-. A itoUoa \*aj *b ?r. xn_ ’• • • !ay‘ 'o in- .im.ut j : n tie Cariiblal .• . u-i 1.;. n-i.-ly. I I r.c qnest'rta «■<»,» ca'ied os ro»o;a?i>n. and : . was ad ».Ud bt'an oienrhi'hnini aii : irfty. ‘ AilUiat tens-* -•• to l>* don’*, to conrlesotho ’ :* to ar<;j7.:tr fcejur, !e torJUDvanhc?*’, St. l.onif, loaUvlUc. a - .J •vobc.-peiu topjas reao'atioaj con:a: inj | •* c shivs. I .u ndtUUon to the leeitlsiste aest'e demand far j I r.:tiu-r, by packers, proriilon and produce deal* ; j r.s. there was considerable Inqnlry f>r cnrrency ’ : tree eftbe National Banks, to order to make j a “good stati’mcnl** for Monday. I'bc tntctlor ; : k.arke were also checkin': freely lor feni* to ! I crop, and fls np **«tatcmeau*— ; a:u in e'cry quarter wc beard reports of alight 1 ■ onry irarket. These **slaU:aieuU* are a p:r --1 Vet farce—an natnitimted piece of dccepti *n— ; ;ii‘d the sooner the Currency Act is amended, • SjLop akolblilns or compelling *aure j frequort publications, 1 lie better for j ibe Barts and the cointnnnily. Wc woald rccoimoend. that ibe National Banks, iu those • vilice setocied as redemptionpoints, be compelled ; bylaw to iralte a weekly etaicment simitar to i that made by the Banka m New Yoik, Boston and < 1 l.iladclphla. If this were done, the quarterly : conlrccilone in the money market (for which (here is no necessity) would be entirely done away wi:b, as the hanks would have no time or j • opporlr.clty to “caok" a statement, where snch I ; appears once a week. I Thcte was an Increased amount of Bank ex* j . chance otednr to-day, owing to the Dct that j some of the Nationals were short, and wanted 1 the currency ior Monday’s statement. Tbiscaased I a 'czr ncjciilcd marker and sales were made at j GO cents Qiscannt'323 cents prcmlam—closing at - about par. The counter latcs were steady at par , bering and I*lo preminm eellliiff. ; ! The Brcadstcfis market* were firmer. Flonr 1 Mas mete ccilru,favoring sellers. Wheat ad • | vacrcd £(j *!ic on No. 1. and l*f(f?‘2c on No. 2 . I Spiimr. Com was excited and lOltiC higher, i Oats advance*! V-A’ Kjc was lff{*2c‘l*citer. ' Bamy was quit!. b ,- .t firm. Me* j Pork was dnll 1 :.i.u wcakaiV. Ce.Hi.oo: i3c. Green Molts wer • ard Cru.i larJ was 3in, tk>> la?u ac tive. 1 re- :il : lie:-* d-f’n.ed We^; ■ r jw ..incr. Tac taa-kit rr,,.-M ji -.d Y£i.cttUo >i**i. iL-tlluid /'••■«, sail nt W-V. -Ill* crliic ran*,'? timing U;~ t|aT be In; H".; t?ir H : ' - 'Jhc fo!! am - guotittan? were r.-eshed 1} Itojd Erca., gt!J ur.d jtock brokets: a. m» * •—3* * 131'i l( i ; 10**1 l:siu. ra. •■,•'• JU>U. la 13! { *iwp ja JlrTiiLiu Idij, I p. -i :tj -1 .it a m 1I»1 1 -imj u . m wl U:tb«. a JS;?: | * lion, U e abukcl was dull and umelifo I—ousn. tarßtJ3Pi f a<lvanrf».;?to J-vS>i. dornal'gto 1~33, and dor Ice < Mirer wa, nominal at IXO ICS. KeiortmenU- were firm, and on tbo gold boa: !n»bo»idP prices werra e*%ade higher. t-kc fcrtlowlmjtsWorhovra the Ncfr 1 0.-K 10-day, compared wliU thojeof tits itato picvioti da^e: .. Won, Wrr! Thnr. KH. wc» ri i:u?s nr.* iwi; ju^i F'i?i.Tbi;i.?s, *n» /iwt .? n fju*l ,--r 3 ’W |a*.4 vM »«••«•• •*« »&>4 VO? ■ S3U SJij s-:,,; 1;U ‘ iiltbC?, .1115,,,, 'lijJJ i(»l J.JJj f* , n , i -Tliiit.>s, dune... ,!o*-f liiisr *»u»' I'Vfr sc\ci.-'ln!ril6%Joly. ~ I<4's hMj£ ;rj|^ M'idt»:dendi litre Uie market wm flint, wiUra good tiesnaad. We mt^b*: CCV&ftHWTNT PSODHinEJ—CHITAfK) «sin. as.sii.otm sfS*«- V I*. S-Xfc. IRK jxS 1«?5' li'S j'SJ’.m »'?k iSS- D.S. 1.-I.iiUrj.;;) V>U ']£ C.*. J.’-Jibimiail} .... .. H* li'f* 4*, 1 te ™* ’i'j\ 0. b .-VL*. : «l tftu*# lOJ4J Jl)j U- i-». -i*v .-«i rc.JCB.... ni*i JJO V 5.7.;-aj<6B»4*l> IIMSS Cuiotwiaa.. June, Iftw 115 ’ '* u luijr, iso4 m>4 '* Angrier* 11ft* “ oci., ISGI m •* Doc,l«M 113 May.lSß injj Ang. t IRfc 110 *• Sept.. 1«» OcL. 1305 1W The scared National Bank gives «Uc following (liiOialiDju for the I’uLUo Funds: Oonrorp. 18M l(X j June Comp.. 19*1..110 b-:0 ooQpop?. jdalr “ •• ..iisu 5-« v Ci-trf.oiis, lOcl “ “..ill Biuail lt‘3*i@lCs*S-tDec - “ ..U8 u*.t*£ -asi mu :0-lO Coup., entail.lU2 j “ “^lin^ T-£<'- I»tffo..lWfii«e>tMa< j Sept ** “ ItOU I Oct ** *• ..Its There is to movement In Local Secorlii-vj and .Li tcarkcl may be quoted di«gasttu?tr dull. , A . . . iJtiyjn". Sclilng. CLtcneo tity dorens t yj iV-ci. tou-.iy Sevens. S3H *J7 .'Lanibc.- ofCamucrce...... ..95 <>j —itn lloeloa remarks : mor-j inarlct to-day chows increased -ic ~ti.>, dementi bstsj; larger and more g^a.-raj ■tab ic-i some days pa*t. iTanyof tbo bank- hive bt.T jr r*o«‘rconciU -n to respond to the wonts of b. iu-.- con.-tde;al»:e diiilcuity has bo.-a .TtulerccdbyssiDf pa?u.s la Hading the coed* fr?. t-.vftilf cm'-. whem iht* rate of interest liaanat : turd {» Pm way. T,r.:£ft amain** of money which La\c i*t cii out on call, a tai»!ii«r the advent ofdlv itici-U day, bavo litsu aitVdia-vn and than* have been large orafrs open the r.vaks from New Yori ihcc c:Mtr/r to tl.c The son •iai !3it*s oi interest are uei cvvcmllr adcctod. tho diflirnity be Inrr more in flndl irooemploTcd fnnda than In regard to rates C-H loans are ta reaaest at Ms lo leTcnf.or cev on the best cecur.tics; cnmmeicuU paper take# the mmol range offrora tvwn to leu per cent, according to grada and ccirt. Inihccoarr-oof afiwdays the payment cifth- 6i iiii-anuna! oiv!dcnO r , and the In’feoton 5 :Mf, ;•!:/. laiircsb and Nation! bond? will doi li it ;’e do Irt'.cli fo nlli ve tin- inx.h-t. v -ll.e ciicmutti of yesterday, oh 7‘r.aey Is tight, and likely to retnr.npo nnlll rTsi vest ilOftCav, at wlleli UiUu ibe National rr.nVfl mnlre in th.-ir unjficrly hlatoineuls. iJatc* si - por k i s t be wen bsiT.lvro and their cuitomcra, and ti j;. p r isa’ nn.:rr.‘. at n-r cent out-ido. “L>tl-.:Tico ms: q«!‘e native, t jo olTcrltca being i_T rsn erc -psol iho demand, auil the market :0 ss share casJ r. t-bt Ufsconnt beliig the p-c --ii otiyitir rate, m n fur the scliiugprlc*. al ■ ' iimfatiioui bankers were tuado . U-t')lHi.*' - ~ut following, f/cm the r port oftUc Suita ‘ r.... rrer cf Oliic, -jbo '3 thiP there Is practically '•n- I t;’.: (Ttculutioit n-ik lo »nr : ; iate i>aaks: I>s. O-dt Oiu>ticd!oc ofSlocks. cbcnlatioa. iuijksg.o) . D7,O7S.'W Parks iLO.'.-ciidait backs.'. T0»a1... .8 5U17.51 sl-v3,7J7.'.0 —'ll;!. loUlcl:crla’ s tm of rh« Fr-’e Banks of lu o:» 1* *j 3«t pi IH>>,a* shown la (he lortV fi«cal rcjr, ending Orjoeer 31, 1855, wj‘c:b nal : ci. two haonroa nrd nl"olv-three rc.tti bnrUicd and fit‘y dollars r.-:.-.i.Vi-3). ’i\.o auiouui October •*i« va3 ccTca:r-»bre.' thousand et-ven him 1 'ivusi-d tevs-ty dolia-a ($72,7 7C‘) —a roducMon, tiu i* u- e cL’ -utu laoaliiS between Un» da»*3 V!vi'»-, of or.e ».isi:ion uro Imndrca and ctfostssn ; I use hundred nn-i clrht* dollars , . r,» A. rciinsr ibt* quarter foiiowm;* the " ;■ u 'V- tbcio ba.l been returned to ihc Ma’. * Anil'. W. uc'troycd by barnlm;, ard thousand savtu ;c«i nril ten .toljOT?. o.* more then t'ro-lhircls f r a ; t .e uu:cs cl the free bank* at 10 0 ctvmr.’seJ. .."He *sz month* ending September CO, .1. «c Lnd toes i turned aa'i d'. - *tro>cd, oae

U I'. . i rt-»ily Vl;<’iUs;jT:d j:;r?c linal'Cd and dtrrcii • anl Jarir" tt*e a?ne munii!* cidln" V -ri'ict.ei 21, tf*is, ore nlllkm tiro hundred and • pt.-:vrcc tLuutfatid bis imudrcd and sisiy* . oliv*. cjptim'iko vKsen the tan*, ocroara n, Hank nr Palnn. Sa!era—*Ms?soan Qs (Q. £ St. •’o.)-Jl.7Jo:c'^ni.nioa, L-i.k oi Salem, Ken* Albany—lndiana C«, *S.(WJ; clTnlatiou, f5,1?3. l~!nk of Pacts, Paoli—l.oaisiana 6s, !S,<X*o; cir- ChlsitU-n, t12,-«W. BA3KACI,O3D(CI. rscbinre BanV, Grepiica«tle—Celled States l-iX.s iT.5t.-y ; escalation, ffi,ssS Ire - tea Pananns’ isank—United BLa*es 7*333, S 1J0' ; cltcniatita. fS.SOU. Ji diara Hank, Jladjsna—United States 5-10 s, ?10.i(U; cirenlutloe. Si'inTJank. Goihou—Greenback?, ?S33;clrcu Knrlango Bank, Attica—United States 5-203, ! o;.circulation, $1,7 id T i r.k 45 f t fr-phrs:. Uo-ben—United States 10-JOs, }.*].> uJ; circulation, n.ftO, i'nino tliT Bank—United Stares 5 20*, SSJO; cbe- • C-'.sjfc:iKTv ‘ ity Hank—United States a-iOs and ; Circulation, itC". Cw.ul.stoa Coatty Sank—lndiana ss, $300; cir« uUI cd, $ t;3, 2Lc Director of the United States Mint pab* Mi s I'm ft.llottliiff statement or deposits and foi Hie month of December, ISOC • deposits. Id deposits from all pourcei Stlvu deports, purchase?. dvposiis... L . «n com coisar.r. No oUVccj. Value. 8 Mia n jionM" espies. I ii.ti Lais... . TUjI, . ... 33,STS *1,775,015^3 t,a-\ . .. 43,800 TTalt t'o'lars Fine I .art... Total. 49,835 *S3, ITBK. Certs. . tTIO.OOO fC,TOO.OO . 511.25 U 6,415.03 . 533,000 15.9W.00 , 2,157,000 152,850.03 Two-Cid-t nieces Tjirter. j.i FiVi-ctfctiaixea. Total. liECATITL’I *'«IOK. MC&3. RV73 ',9U,~»J c. % Jr«ajre copper. Total •1,1D3.r>e3 * ,:*3.7u The cclnsgc of the month w*s some »»vo Imn* •I:cuusu fiuy thousand dollar# less than in No* vcn.hcr, and toe number of pieces coined three bundled and clghiy-sls thousand less. Ness York tstoea SlnrUct. IT. «ir;t rrlrcs wr cars. January 4. i»;i. received l>> JoecpL M. Ljoni & (;o„ Brokers: Ist 2d I .lot 31 B*rt. B* J. U‘J. BM. X. V. Oi it:* ttl* lU. S. 6 per or nt Erteu-om) 61* 61* | bjodi, 1861... 103 159 M. *5. if.-m).... S-* I tJ. H. 6 per crai c.&lra Kt :>.vOconp., *63. tor io;* U-/CK Itt.w I 1’.b.0 per cent C. & > . W 43 <:•«; KV coup.. *6l. 103* 101 V C.tS W.pM'lV S3* IU. 9.6 per ceni KKi.*.V.*C...Jf»4* . S3)co’>p..VtJ. 103 V IC3* <. w ;;-k»n>er.... 15* 15 U- b. 5 per ceal I'.Lr.Ka Tri.. 1-iV 4C* 10-13 *l*lo3 C. Aa. icuja)..ijOW ICJ'j Tr. Vote*.. 8-10 1--.*V 151 is.** mwrtM 103 105 o.&M. •>-, & V. S. 1310. 34 lleusoa River..V.3 l:ii htj-s 101*101* 115. Central ..l«* 121 V C. S- 73-10. Sd I*.* 1« 101, ‘erles MIX 101* Ch-v*». «7».1...,125 121 Amer. 801 d.... ISl* 133* T.& Bfeiifti... 43 IS* Market—ltl Board steady. 3d Board steady. CO.n^ERCUL. Fiubxt Evutya. January 4. 13'*. The following tables «how the receipts aud *Mp mente of Produce during the past twenty-four houn: urciipTa past Twrsrr-rora socits. 13h7. IBi'tS Flour, hrls ....* 4,ni! S,fitl When?, bn 14 Oil IS.3T! ■ or , bn J-UiW Gat-, bu 9.lff) «.3>*l hve, bu 3.115 1,801 Barky, bs 2.3» tlraMbeed, ft# 70.935 00,013 litocm rcai. lis 35,0?5 .... t.-rrd ISt, . 3,!SJ ! ; ref. It»s* t 3 ru:k. Iris LWd 217 ’ JI.l. l£« 5.520 25.130 'Si*?. Tdl J'V*‘>3 rJuiur, ft.e 9,.’*71 2^.131 i»re.-v t c’> *;, >0 *l.!f3 S.*' *., I,lrcllcss,j?c SdAI-i 11.0.7 < 5,1-0 l,i7J Hide?. 2J.377 i(J:.yS3 li : i:fc\\ire,*, brls... 37 I‘* W.K»i,ta .. * C: i ■ r.jnh-'i.w T 3 iJ esttHLsrs pjjwnvEinr-rocß noun?. nr. hrlf V.'ncat. bn . ... . Dab*, bn lathy, he Gtass tet-d. lbs... Bii-ni ‘Vet.. e-erwl Meals, tw. Beef, brU Perk. b;b> 1-ard.lbs /alio*, ibs iio«t.c. h- D. Uocs, Nw..... LlTclirgf, N 0... Celtic, No 11. War?, iris.. Wool. t 5....... I.amher, m Brl-gi(s,m loih. m <u’:. l*;U Bult. ban .... . s,«i a 3?o . aw -ti-oi s.voa 810 470 liVJ'O rw w. 6» ,a\3sl .103.830 7)3 2KI , I.TW »0 , 1,38 5,132 . 15,0*7 510 . 1.211 * 710 ... 333 , 1.3-t -«B . 57,117 IT.2H There nss a good cttecdaccc on ’Change to-Jay and the leading Gram markets were firmer, at a slight In prices. The market for Mess Pork was dal), -fiat, and fully 23 cent? lower, but inoihcr descriptions of ileg prodofi there was no change. Wc note saps of W hrl* Mess at $18.50 cash asd a cllor January, and f 15. 75 seller February—closing wsth free sellers of standard at SJS.SJ, and fancy brand* al Prime Mess Pork was dull with salsa cl lfo brls at SIB.OO. Extra Prime Pork advanced rfc, with rales ot SCO iris at $14.00. English Meats were quiet, bat firm, with sales of 100 bn Strtifurdsat B»ic. Others may be quoted at S4c ' for Cumbcrlands; 9;<c forbhoit Klb ; IQHc for | hhort ClcaT. and ICc for Lone Cut Rami. A lot of ?0 blrs Clear Poik sold at $13.20. Greta Meals were steady and firm with.sales at 'JSOUc for Rams Lom Slaughtered, and Shoulders at from Dnased Begs. Jjird was firm hat less active.wi«h sales of '£s tres at 1 life for prime Steam; HKfc lor Old, ard lie for No. 1, cash, and liy®ll?fcfor Steam, buyer January. There was nothing done in B<cf product. Grease was nominal at quota tlons 11 re found elsewhere. ' Brea: c d Hog* were slow and ICHS-15C lower,wi'.n e-’es at S6.rr r— closing at SS.“>SC.9O for good ' ..... Hi;* w :»:;■« v ere r.eglcctcu and nominal a* $2.20 i • rLii -..‘c for Bonded. 1 •; •. cl u« ;n.i joved froaNcwYctk : :: "eraEftmcrciMivcdnnan.: «'*r i*l.» J lJl f -i-Ul r...m-:. V*V ->.c Jcr\Vb;:. VTi U; . ill d".;': r —'*• fio ~i{j.3o for ! ' r fa-*, ip- Fjm jc- error*. t~*v a Mrprn** f *.}?..«• |tj Wheat. and tuc !;•'£ active, etlvanerd e -r'd-iC on *' r - * ir.d Js»o£r<-n Ko.O s. rli.c. The sale, foci S7.H foi Nr*. 1 in I ;s3l*s ••lijr for Ac. i IN-aular; fer N-*». - in K. *• 1 f j.t jj.; fu,- j»j Ucao'ar, and j'.CJff.i.T* fv/r c-clcfclcj firm at for 1 ar.d No. J. A cm* load of clioic; ••t Lrorka •* Uoltlt jj atrfd at ?--• .0. Com tra* txclJrd* at.d (be market a'Jv.v’cM 1C -I’f. whbea!c3cfiin,f«A bn ut TSc for YcHow ; •'UH“!‘kcfor No. I; 7s*w*?ic for N«». 2. oad Ui,fnbtc tor New liejec(-rd-clo?ln«rnnn alTbrt'S’ jfcsltrrr. TLcrn was a fairly actlre dexiand for O.i**, and tbr tr.s»st! ud>«;scd 'jV-ifc. wlib ssJe* at i::i >• 'l'c for No. 2, amt for Kcr,Tl«**“rlof»utfflioaj t Hye*ras |S?a? Meter, wlpi ? a!r- ,?1 mr !• 1 wn? ri» Fsricy uct rjulet baj .Via. ~llh ir-- fit- N: jet led. in ibc fcnc.--J '• street mark U*' so cuat'c,’. dt&de cuiit.nuca «|iiiei. 'i’i c loKimlng iclpurtitti .vere read to-3»y so ’CI Lxigv; Jfrv York, JsoßSrj* f. . Honr hotter at Wheat niroir^jr ado ut *2 Cora tumor but qmstat il. : Hi xntJcu*. Ods firm- r at Kirfe m 5 1,, ‘! V~i.K? r . Lo. a quid. Hogs dull at K ; - 1,1 r.our „uoyant. Wheat firm. Cora t-ftony a' aott.afeaU films LafJum; Old, U No*. 13c. In the ailcrnoon thoie wns s frallng In fbc Grain market* Wheat dosed up -jirouj;. with hujrcrs at for >o. 2 Spring. Com-old ut SJc, bujer tbe inot-ib. .Mea? Purir-H-a* dull, with of 2HO hrls Country Mesa at <IG.OJ. fliere w.ia eeffle inquiry for Ecpllsi* Meats, with sslea ol 103 hxs Stieitord? at C^c: 103 bxa Lofo Cm Uam, at 10c t and 1W) baa s-hosf Clear on private tenn*. un derstood to l.e 1-tjC. Ilalk Meats sold to tbe es tent ofW.Uiiy B-s Dry Salted Shoaldere at re packed, to be dcliro.-cd January f Jth. Lrd \vj-t qnlet, with sales of wu tea at ll£c. buyer Jaun-iry. The St. C'latr Fittitu- At a recent lutwtla.x ot tn.a |>o*polt Itosra- of Tra le. U.v-lo.K wine ♦ rrt- *....pti-J: A«-/r«I, That tha Ikisrrt of Trade ol Detroit ea rii-rM-Uic piv» p'<>ivw«d to Ut<‘ lion. Arirtvy of -u ar. tnrtushibe toslneer iJeoarta.-at, ot ouixlaj a -:tt»li-nt khtpracnl a«n%a >t. ir. ttirr U|nm.’,lfcrw ol muaryln C(uJkl:>s tbcovl-tln* charcr:. ' Tb«it tbe rrrsldeat and Secretary of (Ms RoatuK'Olrcrtrtl •ujilrnam! M*n.!a ropy of I-teste rva a-, toettbar with 6Jcb < tier paper* tvirlac otwo tltcrarj'etas they mar J-t-ni proper, to (be Cjxmi'teo on r<.B;rafrrcinta h !lon'co*t->f*m*-». wuba letter i» traiikDiituu. urains an apprnpnatiuu lobsmada Curlcc the prcscr.t <>o*sioa, aad another a? tu inut t.:ur. ;tt ac«* vrtH*re with vhc rattm .to« at r*ta Kn -1- ti«e; Department, for ctiaiirnc'.lng the proptued ship AW'-'fr'rf. Tli*t ib<* rtrjrijatn mnlntcl by TJiH I'-i-arr! fi co to WiuMnrton to prom ninthe pa«M?e of ih-. Niagara iiiln Carat iliu. :»■>* pcvllaa Harare t?»o ?.W T % Hoard to-Laic the SU Cinlr 1 iit» liuy-j'Viiieal tiici- e;n-:ta’ ha-lats ::rr- Pi£ aior. nnerw;i. Iftr tuo-lty eramjitln-j ih- iVj> t r?»D. ktd cf iu»ilLg tuc S-ce-iaiy aojrLtiiimUyaj in ml e tala The Cental sc Detroit. The Pel roll Hoard cf Tralc, at lu Isat nreeUag. adopted tie :oilowlag: WntEFai. Great Uu-tinrcubnice sad ha* i>i:fcn in fbe u-e of r.e t-uahr. far lU-j iria-fer uf era t. tbs »nrdatd rcJeht at that m«nv nrllc *4 i'tile>iD£ lu n-snyct the stales and Prluci I’lorl'css.Mi: Mes.heu. 11l it on and after March I. ISST. thl» Ila-ir.l uco|»: tlie cestui fj-sletn, liTiyins end hclu 54 o - m l ;.ufr I’i'.t Onto byu.e i.u-d.-cu D»auda. loatcxl of Ci t‘o Lurliv! r* bcTctM r*. • •f'-.-.r. Tftit »lo tic-nlary of thU Hoard be !•»• -riiitn.e u* roUlv Uia Alt my Coi.-i or s>al-nf ;M* lot:, mo th:a\re in:! wltli esn.;act;i»:i tbh nmc'.'int to'vurd a ‘luftilare nt once slni'i!* and utt-olii v, cl applet Ui ad countries. Stock ol Flour lu Ntvv Vork—Jmionrv 1, l*-l. U J i>. JN»I. lSb«. V. car ' n>:S'lt.'Hear..iiT.CT? t v j.. >, T» IC i.'iM iUJ. ::j c’tLa‘l2;- I'rtjr l.Vffl 4.CTI U.’.SM ;UJJ sK,;i Uvar a> JOO St.bT f./’O 11.v.i Mo?t»nl Utcsain Son York—Jnnimrr 1* Ho. .s.'.m.iu rr.KJ lui.tit . aui>s IS>K liT«. .5>L-,iOS s.r:vn •'Ol 4.-.5 03S MH.ItH TTT.-ys ■H'-ffil a,1«J,54l Wlirci. Tm. • er.j I a... Hye. Hu.. PnsJfV. |.a. Oats, bu... WWat. bo. i'vtc. Us... ta . I»nrjfv, bo. UaW. liu... (*IIICA(>U CATTI.k .UAItKET. Owes of tub Tcrorvs.> Fi:ii>jiT tvtbaKnwnrr i. j nPCEIITS—The reeft the wi *i nj* to this ctci iLg were: jjiirnHy ami MonrKy (no rvta^^^KwT. I.MZ 17.0TG i,\a rnJay ftvs 15,0:j 3 a Total 3,m 3.C11 Tfcc ncvljiU l>Jay v,-».re over tli-fblVurl'u rj itt-: Cattle. Hiij*. lly luuoi* OctT'v Road 32 ni Hr Kock Inland R'vul W 7 1.-NI 'i; By AQulacy I load. 3t»J *3 *>V I'bSrago A AlUr. I!'<aU 3ftH B» N->mwt«t.!Tn sh 31s H« - Central Roa*).... 0- MMi'iinn s-.-uSt-.»n> U -rv!.. tij Pillsburgli & Ft. \V. iijaii, Total 93S JS.C7J *5» Ifcr ahlpn>vntt to-day. and ter the up to this oienins, were: Hun.lay sad Hoti- , n 7 Tisoila; IVcdnvaday 'Hinrsdsy rilday Total «5J .... 3.00 The slilfra.-nu t-jnuy were over :h; following roads: Cattle. i|isf( *^hi*en UyM.S.&K.J. Road «I • • ..* i i”i It; M. C. Road fii .... j,- By P., Ft. W. & C. Total 93 .... I>rw Xhefoliowing-wire the entered sates: C tUltf. tlOiT*. Pit-van At tlltnolP Central Sente 17J 4,53,1 ,-.'4 At B. S: (»*. Scale r*l 7,7*0 •» AS AUO« a)? J-iJU *"* At C.4S. W. Scale UH i. 736 *i«- Tots* 1,321 17.5 W 773 CATTLE—Hu; general fcitimw ol the market were substantially the same as mentioned last crcalnj. The weather was ftvomt-le for Imamus*, and. with a large attendance ol buyer* and a moderate supply of filr to pood stork, an average bn«tae*B was transacted, at fc.vWJT, 1 * lor pood second class steers to choice Male Bullocks. « a©«.oo for medians to good fat Steers and Oxen, and f4.?V*s.M for medium to ch dee f.u Cows and Heifers. There was little or no Inqnl/y forlnf«-rtor to common mixed lots, such as M Scalla> wap" Steers, poor Cows ant lean, bony Oxen, and la a few balances sales of euoh were made a« low as M.OO C 43.30. Tbo demand ts almost entirely coster*] on (air to choice fbl. piDC Steer* and medium to good butch, ers’ sloe*. For such prices rale Arm at quotation*; but Interior dealers who have common mixed stork, unless they arc ai»Mc.oas to ss’l at a cjasld jrable’lws pric e that their stock la really worth at home, will hold It back. .S7SMOV2I **<B3 nEEF CATTLE SALES TO-DAT. Mym fold Walso! & Reiacman 81 prime State Steer* averntfn« 1,»0 B«. at f«; IT bead guod smooth iec u.d<iat» Steers avcraclnc 1.210 Bi, at ffi.33 Wnixel * lU-tnemnn boncht 12 Cilr Sleers.uocvcD bat fat. jiTiraglne l.ur-0 b*. st p/’O ' * hteaartaohl Ahtuho IS tUr even, light St«er« srrn». tecl,(S6%f,att£AU. , ra “ Obcndortf told Franks 20 good Cows and (air Ste*r* averaptne 1.150 ft*. at IS.US. »*c.r», Mnlvwr.e A Eo»« sold Able, 'ii llcht (at bteonlnvcrae tnelUO Bf. at 15,12 V. Valno *l,l .'.\CU S 3 23,i-?4;a irti'TOua Wall bought OC medium Coir*. averaging 9*; b?, at jWcriold narhman. t«’.eaJ good batchers* stock. :i%. nwjac 1.C33 Cs. M* V-j. J.Dawton t-old t''alTel&U* headorltn# Mate SUers aver-vinc Provo. & Ihotrnmi Mrt ityerMChrad lair batchers’ stock, RTeraclac 1.CT.0 r.t ja.CO. BomnJ & Co. bousut 55 fiitr Steers. averarine l.toa &#, at 155.00 per head. 5 * Alcimnoi-r sold & head prime Steers, areraefo? !.<SO 88. atsSl.2j V head. O’Ma’ey sold U reenh vim 20 rood smooth iccond-clius Steers, a\eraclnel.«oo ns at fTt.OOper head. Jose’, Hough ,t Co. said RiSoy 13 moJiam Cows, av* cmclnk l.tttt n/. at f 1.50. Sndtn Mid Wall 1? fair Steers, areraelnsLOSj a«. at, 5J.55. Id a few Instances, sale* were mitfe by the head cf inferior and common stock as low as The market dosed steady at the following quota tions: Prime to choice State Steers ?-5.s ST** Fait tocoodeeroed-eU** Str-cs* jq *•«? ijV Me<!lmn l<» air butchers* Steers 4.« j Css 3j Medium to choice Cows and Seifert Inferior to comniou mixed tut* s.uo Atloo HOGS— There was do diminution in the packlne de mand. yet price* suffered a further reduction of 5.310 c per 100 ft*. on food to choice lot*, anc 153J0c on com mon to medium trade*. Sales of the day add np 17,335 head at sG.Cod>i.3s for good to really choice lots off cars, and t5.4£35.1>3 tor common to fair grades. leafing only about 3.G00 head nosrldht the clcte. Sales In clude the following lota: DUG SALES TO-DAY. , S->. At. Price. Jones, Hough ft co to Crogeo *3 a er, . wooer, Hcngh ft Co. toervgen 91 6.U .tones, Boach Jr Co. to Crugen in ::.-j 6.15 Jones, Hough ft Co. to Crocre 45 S 3 6.13 Jcr.e», ftXo. to Hoed ft bher- Wffl 53 zi: 5.00 A Co. to Burt & C0...143 2*3 ojj Jone#, UoOKb A Co. to Trtrpla & Co.liK) S 3 6.20 .lottn. HOTigL i to. lo Croc.n A C 0.106 rjj 6.20 Mniiti tnN—h :-3 S 3) C;n tMplcj U» >'Mh €2 310 6.20 StDiTaiu & Kt*« Mid. +8 3JO 6.20 ilclrar e t Ito#s m c 43 SOI 'DillhUiNftlb 61 331 V.n Welin & Co. toTolvff S’) SaJ 6.S WcMiACo.toßeJl.... 43 S'. 6.n •VeM>& «*o. t-' Bi*lr & To SO 316 6.m Webb A Cb. to HWr & to 49 274 6.15 M\Lb*Co.:oßi»ir&Co. S) 7X 6A3V f- tevert- to K. M. iloneh ro as v?n te^ert-to It. M.JloaEh :>j .... sloyer» to K. S!. .• 113 277 i. 90 V»ticrsontaß.M.**oii(b t« ;«5 a.» Wallwort £ M. tc It. M. ItOQZb. 43 233 3.75 SVsllwtrk &M.U>K. M. Hcnrh 41 77) 8.93 SVallwort ftM.toK. M. Hoash 57 318 5.W5 WA!n?orfc* SI. to R. M. Honiiti u •« sjo Conover ft Util to K. SI. 4S 591 6.00 ,T. Ac*»niato K. M. itoogb JIT 3) 3,70 AC«n«toK. M.llongb 53 256 53J vTHcxxtoK. >!■ Hough 15 511 CJS J. Sbrplaru to H- CcrtUw IJ. St. Hflncii 5J 373 5_30 Urpccryft It. to K. St.UoHth 3i 370 S-S5 7 tt, Ji.laato U. M. bough 31 SJI 5.93 M. Jfbrstn R. St. lloneb.. te iw sio SI. Clark to U. M. lli'nzh 30 357 6.CJ -t'Tl-vork 4M. toB. SRHoucb 129 351 J. J. Kuod to 15. M. Houfib 51 393 t>JS4 tniCACJO DAILY MARKET. A!1 tale* of Grain reported in rfti* market r<for a: <• rurtf.* on £e batlt of i clnter (Ir) ttoraffr, urJttt i Tirite erj retted. Frtpat Eve sure. January t, 15C7. FREIGHT?*—UviLnoxn Kbsi«ht?—Tne tog la Uie jviti tarlh on the Eastern ro.v!»: a>t 4th Drs*d Rate? troTi Cticago To— c]a*«. cUv. Flour. liars. Putts to, >. V « 47V 95 so Ti>»onl.>.C.sV n§ 47V 91 S 3 Maitreal. C. K I.T, 95 1.9 J i.w Albany. N. V 170 «V 1.4* 1.10 New tors ire W I.S} 1U iv.*t<-n tnd Albany. irn se iin 1.0 Pcstan ricGra'.dTmO: iro 91 1.9 J 1.53 Portland no Grand Trank 2 JO 1 W I’MlacMrbia 1.15 *S 1.71 1.40 (••w> tin: ore 1.15 83 1.70 l.w 12.773 ruiebnrca.. CcvclscC. Ohio 43 S 3 70 53 jrC»p»oanrte, ind 43 3r TO ... CinrlcraJL Ohio 43 S 3 60 55 sLiiru-n«wiT«j.toa bris: •irnocd. «.W7 bn*. llarkrtCrn and active. 8«le» were: wirrrs Wprrsas —IOC hrl« or* tamed aiSISJOiIOO bn*.!'* St *12.75; 100 brl»**Acn« ,,, at*l2.»o; 1W brls -Asteroid" a: 812.25; U*i> Wisrus— iiV b-la r.ol named at 811.63; ku urli .’ 511.73; S 3 brisdo at fll.tC* ; Sraii'O ExT&aS— ii brU rcT named at 111 33; 150 hr:* “Dater'i* Ad* vatrt” at IllAU; ICO hrl* ‘•CnamptonV* at 811.23; I. Ctrl* “Island Mlta'-MtA” at 111.25; ICO brU -BUT a;.<l Crt-scc;.!" (vfstrrdav a;ter ’Chance) at fUJii; ICC brP nut named at f ll.O’ ; 1W br*« do at |U.fVJ; JTO hrl* "K« araarce" at f liat); 100 brls cot named at ?rJ»; SW br:.- do (ontruck) at £IO.OO. iQ brU Coat %\\i s7V: ICO hri* Co ?;O^7.V; in brM da at BJ'IJS; SCO hri. uo (10.75; l«l brt* do at fl3.t - .)N; 130 brl« do at HC Vl\ : 15 hri* do at #10,53; hris dual 510.25; 50 ' b-’sdo at 8:0.10; Iy, brla do at 110 00; Spcciu br- I rers— 57b:l* -Klcr.Tllla” a: *5.00; too b?U do at BJ.OO. \\ |lK*T—Krcrlvtd, U.C3I bn; sbipped, 8,761 bn. y&T*,tt advanwa '■n No. i and LS»V'* on No. 2 bprlus. bales were : i.fCO X a No. 1 t,t 12.13 (R. 1.); (CO V«d- at|M,V;i.2ooM'3o!2l7(rerilar);4WlbrNo. 1 2at>2 W tU. 1. j* 1.900 ba Vo. t at *1.94 V; 1.5 X) bn do 1 ai SJ.Oi; V.ll <!<> at ddtl.V; 400 bn'do at ITttV; I C3,C»W bu dv at *5.95 (rccr.lar); 4CO bn RelectM at 11.57; 43-bnd-i »; 41.f5-.l.A'dba d.» at f 1.61; 40) bn Choice : Ni brr.-vr at J 2 r 1; S' l bo t>~ esTop’o at 82.25—ploslnc 1 ai? - .U7v7.i2.17Vf,.r No. 1 and f-t N 0.2 B;’’.;nc u> rrati ar Lur.'Cf. fO*< X—ReceiTnl. 1 S.7TC bit; »b‘p?*d.M9bn. Mar* set advncffrt ITilVc. Satea were: 15.* 00 bn No. lat ■ T3 l .c; UViCmdo ut73c; 23.‘fPbnro »t7BVc lAOW bn doatT?' c; b v bu Y^'lawat79cd>,X(ibn No.tat72VJs 4CCbu ai'Tlc; 7.5:0 bu 1 cw *liellcilatsV ; WtO budo at live; 5,*-fX bn nt33c; SOO bu da alilV^—closlns at 7b*,Mi9i- fi r No. 1. VT»s—lb'.t Aid. 5.530 bu ; fhlpuM, M»rbet aiv : r.r» : ,' \.J »,c. SsWtrevMM’.Obu No. 3 a* l.Jc; . si.CtOl udoat ll'af; ftObu Itej-.xUsi a*. dJ-:—ctoainr at 1 4'w<- drnt. ; i;YJC—licctlvcd, C,l£ bu; a'-iri'O - -** t7tc. Mark;! a.'\.r i ;coi>:Ko.: •'» >1 jf-«; BA K I.EY— nfrrlwwl. i.TO (>ti; 3!0 'ju. Martin rutct. but Crm. S'.irswrfc: liX.’r-oIl.'h: UrJiii I'c; l,*K Ut tfo at Itk-; ICI In #*i u pH *t ii «ti> nt TVr: ICO Im arvt 1K ! bac* at ‘SCV*. C«A.s, Ucrj: 13 v.*ca Ula’lospr at s**. *.a,to«rnir. llt'BOti HORN—Hive uaoibiosdoioff. S^icc* auiuina'tr tmcl-ni petl. Hi;i'* , CU-lkcc.vrf.9.CJ7»t; shlppjd. 13.031 S*. Jl.rsci oiiU TTi-quvic: 4)»i»Tj>airv a -’7 c (iopllTw .*• ;iil C i Coa-sctn j' frt> r Pirlir I C IfAIMJI/VK—•-‘c ,, -ilr-'r» o.«et at prmoat mwt Wr' vtir cu'ilMiol > : Aslinnol A. i bn. ho» riU-nA.CUa. do -O.W UTifiOIS i.Vlu, da si&» Ci t. Krrbnnfr.. • • 'i.-K) Mark a, onu-t K!««ilcM» o.K LtwnStr A, tlci »100 ai rtr?*P4**7?in, n.< ' «1.» Mill*. «i<» i msßci.l •*. -•» 7a09 -to r-. 59 For! Till. t Uj 73.00 fcllECi, rto ZliO Fmv. U.eosrrfCulc.iii rnprt X**-n\**U rh» ..:*,*>«r ujm tidrsde- r^tW r.r*:tpr. Uu. n’j. 1 ,w<t> Kr'i str CM*.-.. -ajO l.'SUll'-tili—!>• fitjiply iu ;:i m-M. .»;au *♦ arc nrj} Uio dn:ia;»l i» .p; C i. \fa Sew FucUwyieetm.nci W c Fs*tesr(U;infU) !■» ;»u c n.>i!’.i~ ; 13 -sli c Woter*- !:r»<*rrc .3 ,*|*. c WV-dCfit rlntr*... . 12 T-Jt “Voui-e -n r COA I.—Them Uatr s.Mtvr retail m—maa. *•:•! tt' .i i»» jVn m oor pretter-s rat-:»: K'.ilt—l* OwAfUd * nj3 »0 OflM-by n.w CLi»r' wv-l'nar Mt U. 03 c<» Hidec ;a.C3 r<. *Mow llaaW ai» TsJtuir om rt*‘j.i*wa iftfO BitMMiuri: I.ussmj ;‘>.i;vv.aui L*i»awau», prcparf-d m.3j tcr-nU u It.Vj PSt-srnn t:.tO IPiBClf n.'iA.’ s"on (!u vti track. V‘*> Ton'.titeuU'iy.... tHlOl , KXCAi;fr>Sa*rt«*civ: :?7 IWi fl.‘ ; <Wdy al f IdO.itet.;.'-#) Lard Ti>.rc<* a', {i .V «K -1 . rOKPI’K-Pir prom! nur&et rol«s» firstly, and \. lun cof wa* larger than t!u9 ot era. da *3 previous. We quote: •lava SS ci3J C U.o. eoaituon tc fall sitftf.Mtfe UK*. :oui :o rpitß«' c Hto.prt.-ne to choice IT »KUc U>rs-Tbo pinrral:»»rktl presentsnoctiac^c,and weccmtaue U> quote: W rttcoc. Ko.». X Irrl f U>3 7.:.% - Xo.ikbri T.'i.a*. No. 1, y, lift 5.03* 3J3 ** Xo. \ H htl 4AM L»j Wacfct rvL Ho. I, K brL new ILOMU^S M No.«,X brl lO.JiytuTil *• family, V V art ‘J CS* 9.51 •• rxtra mesa. ► V brt W.iCMJS.M “ “ . ¥ til S.7i» 4.00 “ 1, tit». new to* tTj •• family, Klu tXM CixLjvli, Ban*. ?> tiV »• T.SV» rt.t-5 •* George’s Dank • .-tUO-* 9.i9 Hak<* < v> » «.cj ilcrnniu.tlrled.Nc.l, ?* box KM f 5 ** *ca «!.. 7>,e 7S Labrador JUinot, V nrl HAvdli-VJ „ ’* *’ Kbrli *.A Scrwefian *• K’s. Vbr] i*.os *• ** U 1". V brl J6/«0 PllClTS—Arcanrhwerd. .We repeat: 6E£sk rsrm. LATKQi •'ppJrs, Vbrl *2.75 a 4AO orarcre, Havana, lid 5,1*1 m fi.oj Lmenf. Malaga 10.00 (ill 00 Crai bvrriee. *Ud U»a*2 liliOJ Cranberries, cnitlratM uxo ftJ-1.00 USIUJ lECm. Dates. 25 o as Cetmtd Tcii-br*, ft.dus.2 a cam 4.65 ft 475 Apple*, utw 9 y* 13 Prattler, halves and quarter* 16 & 19 roaches, parwl 49 <$ 41 tcarkberrta*, new, v a ns (4 as lU»plv*me«,nrw, V a 0C M 7a 4tnfrr*es. plttrtl.... 73 K*ltir.l,!a«c» Q « SA) Around*. hardfhrliod ;2 0 35 *iDionac,»ort»‘hcl:»M 411 « 51 A’mcr.< inched 53 & 53 l*CaTl!lt-«, ?« ft 13. SM It I‘rnui >ut* ia ft ss Filberts 17 « is KrcllSti Wn'.cut* 2J ft 21 Naples Walnuts C.l ya 2t mars, mmU and large 2.4 ft .to Hickory mim. V bo jja (4 Chestnut.-, > i.u :P.:o & («Kt£A?*B—Matket quid but tlrm ftt for I'M* 1*; V-* f>r Yellow ncd9V‘(loc for white. 1114* *i xv INKS—Hendryd, 37 lirU*; 52 bri-. t du.l and norului' at 3Jc for Dondedand (..'OfirKrc. UOl’r'-Ato dull at (or Eastern andSo£Ue fofW* nnrn. HOHV-UotTlvnl. 4,7(3: Hhtppc.l, 1.241. Mnrl.t't mow and IPSISt lower, nalcvtrer*: !b averauioe :o.< ft*, at 87.13 *4 *• 2*4 T^M ::» •• f.*a »». at : 00 35 •• JSO »s,»t 7.d) r.r ** .... ftn.ut. 7.C3 (At •• us 7/0 18 •• 277 ft«.at 6.31 M ** 214 J Da, at. fi.yq 31 *• i'O ft*, at. 6.50 i t *• *7O ft*, at fi.95 50 '• 213fts,at 6J3 19 *• zt; as, at «aa •• S' 6JO SO “ i'd ft-*, at C.SS 35 •* 230 ft sat (SRJ 3«t In lit*, at tf.7B£tg) 62 a'erasing... aa. at 6.^0 SM dividing uu 2ft> fts. at. M.75,* ».ca) 511 “ SCO e«.at>i;.9) •46 iw e-V-fi ij —closing at *R 75 and |6.80 for go vl averages. HA 1 —The market is dull. We quote: wn-a»>At.r m:tn. Tlmotlie. roller and lT»:er pnsac-j ?n.v>-vi4.?o Timothy, loose p-ased t4.dM13.10 I’ratrle,boater pressed lO.COuJIIAO rrTAn.i-uic£j<. Timothy, roller and lieutrr pressed. It.OCjjlS.M Timothy.hns* - prrtsod 17.CM19.00 Ptalils roller and beater pressed ll.ft'^ls.M train*. Rose in wskols clcinen-! IIAI^U.OO fts: s'.lprvd. 37.t1» ft*. Market 2rm. TVcqcotc: G.-od Uutcbcrt' r.v.% 71^ GTeet. Palled, trimmed ow.*io' c Green Calf is ..»i9 c Kip, OrHD Pali.d tl rtia c l»ry Flat, trimmed K’V'tn e l>ry Paltfd. trimmed U (*js c Green SalU\l. part erred 0 c<» »Vfe IKON AND Sl tEI.-llif market t* moderately active and prkesaro fuiiv sustained. Wequutd: Common Car sya Horae Sno** Iruu 7^.4 Heavy Hi«nd 7l»-il0w Doopacd M;ht Hano 7\f.«11-v Hound and Square. Ovul 6k(4 7V Halt Otbl and Hail Hound 7 « sheet iron, c* tiimoa....•••• 7* M>cet ticn, GHlmt lrrrt, 17.v?s 75 ft Sheet Iron, charcoal 9-k(e Bbeet Iron. Ju> inia H k-elT* Kcnrav Kali Ibda 12 yis Plow Sled, German <^l4 I’low Steel, en»t 17 cais Sprlnc aid Tire Steel. English. tl ui*’ Tool Ca*« Steel, onllnary istres 7J ftrat Tool Cast Mc"l. American «25 Blistered Siecl 20 .431 Kusilo. Nos. 9 and 10 H <.(;•«» Eus.-la,Am., Ist qtiellty. F fdl ©JI Ku«*U. Am, I'lnuallK. >J ahret t .i22 Uc>sl». Am- vst qualitv, 7> sheet ft 27 I.FATIIF.H—The market Is steady, demand lim ited, and prices rule llnu. We continue t j quote: UXMLOTC. Clt) Uamese. ? 1 siausbter. Sole, ft f 43 Rnllalo * *)a 43 (Jonntry hamc»4 -t ] Slansttcr, Sole, l ice. Fft 43w 411 CMcaco. .V ». 1. 13a 12 Kip. uitdlum. f* Slau.'htrr, Sole, ft. l.liftLTOl Chicaee. N 0.2. Sift 37 Cnli, Fft l~‘ft>t *0! Sai-K« Ayrv*.... 39.» 40 I'rpvr, V 100 t... Stf-A 30 1 Onooro so'e.... 31ft 38 Connwy l’pp»r.. 3305 251 urlaoco. good. Col. at, F t 001.... tTS64 211 datiucnl (vJ.OJJ nti*. ssb?ef*. S4l “M Ostti**. Ibip. Sbeep. l> 4 fC. FUucl.tcr Sole.. 5.V* 51i French Call. 31 llarmsa.V ».... Vk* tt ft* ?.10->?3 rprcr X..J 1 Kr.-crh Calf, ;« Kin. No. 1, nts- I lb* S.'KMAIO «Uur3 Frca- h C-»:f. Le- K'.p, No. I. [ motcc?, > dJi3}.OO3S3.W hCiTV =N?t.lQl LlLtlllKK—Tb-ro Is no rHlble charge to note «\n» e our Ksl report. VVc quote: LiMreii—first Clear. 1, IK.l*and2lnch F ni..., t*V*kYss.o) record ru ar. 1. t}*. I. 8 * **nd 2 Inch :.Kj>V:i‘V).oo Thlru Clear, W.W«s3j.S)Q First and t—cnr.d clear I- 'ucrlr-. f»ccth cr. rough. the lame as Second Clear wMc Cotnmr l Flooring, mush Shav-iiC.W Mstclicd and drcs-cd Common Flooring.. 10. 13JW sUt«bC'l ui! tlrt24ae-i S-lnth Common FSrfcf nn<l Second Clear Sldlnu. together.. 3XJd tii ti) First Ci nnmm Drceccd StiUrte 23 03;(25^0 IV Uoanla. select, 15-lich and op war«> 3S.ofr»ts/a A Sleek Boards. 12-lscbes ja.aatf'.’l.OJ It Stork Hoardis 12-iacbc* *ii.od^Z«.od Oimraon». Jolsw. SciDtlluc. Fcac luc, ami Small Timber. 12 to IG feet long ?I.r«VrS.M •Tolsia kcd SranUtnc, 30,12 and 7t loot KM*W.CD Smm A or star Shared Shingles jjwi A or Star Snwr<l Shingles s.C>> 5.M :<*•.! Sowe.l Shingles Lath—lit ci In van?* 5 W) By car-load oy Lortlnotcm llailroad. delivered lo ary yard a here car* can be fv UclttyJ. or auy drpet: Aor S'ar Sawed flduc'e*. hr car-load.on track 3.153 130 A. or Star Shaved Shtcpl-‘s by car-load, cl track lAO No. 1 Sawed Hindus or car-load, on fact 2.S ■n.Trertotlarv a car-load in-t-*d when trAr-P-rreJ, which charge fallows the Shi-.gks In bU stiKcu! 4T.vsnvn». ■n-dekuca*—Flveshiipleslo be two Inches lattlck nt^s. Length—Sixteen Inrbes.*—lw *Lty Ibcres. Conr^cs—TwentT-rv e. l> A Nl» TINNEIt*** ••TtlfK—Trade UacilT-.acd a Ir.lier lucliug prevails. U'ccoitluuc lo quote: TTS. I Box Tto tl* le, I C I 10iU 115/0 I I.irjclin ST P.£&, Barllu ns | nu:*;nr roiYHii. |T.Sar.:l‘> JJ Metallic Al’ Ik'tu... St I li) su.l 11 IS Copper Holton*. ... S 3 ]U U Braziers ottr 10 ?•.. 13 • i It 3 01 uinßu«r; «b « «*• iam • .• ShwtJrc*, It tc Tionlnir*.... io|w lumir icLTAi- ik I*t(iraiUy .... sall'J. AatUi" , r-> W 150 1! Fit «• S« ld«-r W | Feoff t?tap)w iO NAP ft—TLc demand U »te«djr andprice* areCrai. ffcow’it: It'd to SI, ¥ kejr f?.SC 31 40.35 Sri 7/5 M. floe Mini 9.75 6d e.o> til. nachiaed 10 75 (il e.» tut Soilc. n 7.35 3d £.75 Xet 943 OILS— *rc ijsisl anc aa bunged. \Scr.-pait: Ur«eM Oil JI,:»V.L/3 J.l&Cecd Oi:, beiiru. Oiire OB ivtale oil. w. r>. Lanl Oil.extra. lirrt 011 l yo. 2 Winter! Bar k Oil*. rocrC I Machine Oil. r»*:n'l I'*'?. Sperm Oil. W. 8., roual 1-. la. Lr.tmrnilns 0i1..... castor on CA Itnos Ol I/—’the demand {« m csre-.s of the supply sab the market»tire; at oar quotations: Curboa ? ctrlcad fikSOc Carbon. mall !cu. E-nrclc... PROVlSlON*—lV*reiro*i, fiVQfts Cire-’M-ata; 1 (I*3 hrt« i'nrc: aid .V? 1 I Be !.ar>». r.9,*u B« Cored Meets; 7» btb B»ef; l,"J0 brH Pvric. an! ES.ICO Ci Lard. Wes* pore—Merkel dull and Co lower. Sales were: t-ebbr's at ca»U: 03! Isr .tau-iapr, jl-JO; s:ibrie. wl er flr.Tj—clwbii wlib f.-rc term Bts:x.W »r rtaodard. Fancy brands were oit*rrd at Clear Pork-fa'cs were: rOotla at?ls.CO. t rime >lc*a Pork—sale* were: lljlma ai fcjttrn prme Pork—Market soc better. Sales were: 300br!t- at Sll.iO. Cosllak >»eata—Market brm. Sales were: 100bia Stralfarc* at S^c. Rrreo Weal*—Market jteady ard Crm. Sales were: I.OCO Oaais (».b.). atSlji-; i.Wd-?(s.h.>aS9 •-« SO.ia&cdofs. b.i. ntOo: r.CtO pet do oa p. I.; 10.0C3 Its Sbouldcr* (d.h.l, at 5Xc. Card-Market flnu. Sales were; 213 ic» Steam at IISc. cash: 100 ics O!- at llK'f ; l r o f* Stfttatll-r; Ifv lcs prims Sleau at Il\c, and JW tes doa:ili|C, borer .irnnatT. POULTRY—SaIes were: S do: Dree«d Cblckeat :t i{or. doat f!-W; 2«i0.: d • ifre-'t) at oor Lire Cces? at flv.oo : 500 as Dre9*.*d Turkeys at lave: GO co. at ISc. HIUA AMI -Al.KllATli-.-Tbc nirtct I* sii-tfiy. rod tbcrc is lo ebons.- to note. We oonte: BabhtlV* Medicinal. 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TTccjaote: *** ToanffEysoa. »cpcrl;rtofloe,p a «IXr*ai4o do extta to choirs, ft ’i 6£k4l!So Imperial. nsrenortotac,V a |jS| Cu a... iv.?il9o Cci.;<s'wdtr.»crvnorto{'ne, 'f> t.'. I’.’. j.i'X-JI.TO co extra In choice, p ?. . Jnjic.aat-iftl leal, cne to extra nnc. v 0... I.CCvuMS do do Cue to cfcclco, V » 2? do co orcd, r> 30 TALI*OW’-R«eiTc<L 7irt »s; »lit;>prd, t»», ti jkt. ,*;•■' ‘‘live romita: a; for Tiiao C.:?,^'i9^»tcf9TCenalrr. TRRA f li - r :«?‘i _ t ?>* 'T’ JWIUQ'.. S| (<« W C*-;i;:.oi u* »j &a*U*Q Tcb*. ; ■*— AlfrltU-iMctU- -0 «1.« CfK>’Cf 53. »* ») Miilliiq as (4 25 tv.itaoa t-t'im W (g 'S Pl.tu To’m ifi- Lojal dUrrn ■& « w Famin' UulitM..: M u n Natural Leaf. ,1? t«l* c Utlf Prtff*rt «5»1,15 Choice U.ccß, *on; <3 «© . Mc'tlum... n'.c-t 73 Cnmxroe SO m TJ Savl ta » trsiria ic« icU tts ra a, m Ptoncdtra 73 •» » w ()CU—i» If tnoueTHle fltmunC ia»l ttesdf, n; t<v* P»liv>pTfn Ik,‘low: r-J**, ? card. dfitTpTcrt ? isja i :.v Vcjijr. V ir iV'> l. 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Bt Lons Kmvir, Auttacraf “ThaWlrhl Before the Delate." ItlnttraU'd xlin OS FnsrariDir», ir..’rupc-si’*! tnr-njti ti;e te\«, and 34 tn tj»«se ii.'nn;..»ior.*, eMciiy craTQ uoa natnrc. Cr W. Fanner, lUcflraisr lo Use Botanical C.'nrsc of the Fa -ulty of Seltuixsof I*-iU. Oner*.!,. 5 vo., tacatUlthlly printed. it 4! f*a?e-'. clolh, W. M Th«* iuchm trr.|nm«iTßT hr cnn'McrM <o the i.-c --end «onirll.utivn wu.;. - ! M. fwulrr has ; *>. ar.l tala uMtuu a? in .Witurf. * i (ro Worm beto-e >.i. Ik*- coot mpiat.d a p» - rtj<t in the world's history whin ite natural ornament w.» arrest: wliv. it* sur face was an arid de#t r:, a %»a; intrude, the ahoj- of silstco anadrsih. l*utn* animal* la t.o or der of creation; tthktuh.-u, ct; antra* J whUh pws (led nun were creat'd i»y the wlwom gf im ■' - uni. ;hc earth was Mr- any c .na»d tn a uantle of vc c-n- Hon. 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U&mww. am or of “rhe fk"* amt its L|Tlt~ \\\n-‘cr*,'* a.d -The Tropical World ” With S fmi-puyc.-ncr.»vi;n[» a - <1 ncanr woodenta. l 'ui.. >v... 4irt piift-a. Uo;tj, M; inuf talC cxlm.flOtfnllfa''. TUL uir SEA A conttl'.atlm ta tbr Natmal *ce hennomli* Utxorr of tnc il:ltl*3 Food Fi-Ste. I»y Jayl.- u. Hkctroi. Um. :K-ll.n*cratl"r.s, 1 larjjc vol .mo, SIP p»et>. CluOj, STAC; oaf r ilf. Cairo, IKnfu 1 ! unit. cAlrn, rU*. Till lilfciOi.V OK 11!K CXIfFU STATE't»F AMMMCA FhOMTIIET»InC**VKUV OFTHr. C \- TINFXT TO THE KUI-T ISAFC.I'RATI'Hi oF ABKaBAH LINCOLN. By.l itAnms Pattth. A. M. Si.xtta t-ditloQ. lrci ,Svo. C otli.FJ. aitti l*or.rth«; sheep, f<; KiiLtt uflhekboacK'ntfrC'M'y mill.ou rectl.'i of rnce. liuslucss i£arus TACKbOXYILLE MACHINE fj wokks. 5?. L . GKAV ESi , WOOL CABBING MACHINERY SIIAKn.XG, I'ILLKVS. KAACEBS, Anil General Machine Work. Miiilh maln-hl.j Jack«uuvh!e, 111. |>LAIR & JEFFKUSOTL CO .717115 S IO.V 71K KCH A NT:«i, OFFICE, t:O4 FEOST ST., j. { M BJI PIUS. 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T>(v foOotxin? iai> e ttaw table fox the arrival trd departure of mall* from the Chicago Post Office for the witter, and tow in torec; FVi S« 73*1 V*. ff.% TV* l/'ijun »•&» 90 3£ajlr closk. r. o. ceicauo, lit. asAzna jutnxrz. a. nu p.m, ss. m. p. m. ... few.... Mich. South. H.K Ji*vO .... StIS.... ** lk B^s .... 12:10 m “' “ “ .. &00 11:03 .... l£:Cu m X*chL 12.CQ “ “ “ •• &W &0 ... - psa .... ft!s . “ “ *: 10 .... lino m “ “ * •• Alhaur £ ii:ou S:sO 7:43....bc1cna Kallraad 3;liJ fe4u 12-00 »i:ft»,...1 , 1i00 Air line.... 0:00 7550 V'-DO s:ia>....Uoeklslan<l Paflroad 5:13 12:00 F:fP....C.,8.Je Qniccj R. R. 5-.3U Ut '-J ?:*0 3-O»,...Nolthwcsiertl It. R.. S;-'3 5:50 5:i.U 2:43,...V11nanLce Railroad. 11::X) S:M 12;; 0 7;•’....r.Huo’d Central R. It, 7:'‘J IkiO Ii C 0 7;CJ....1:1. I.ocle Railroad... 3:55 3:15 ROD’T. A. GIuXORS, P.:i. \3 gwg id» ai.-j S. C. GQi(;(.> Jc CO.. cnic \c:v». MAN CFACtUUEU OF Of tLe beat qnaMty. (Crnrrn! Notices. n. c. fkekman. Civil and Minir.g EntiriT. laailroabs. r 10. \> y. z.. jppedal Ki/ttog. Dr, Jftmx* The editorial from tac Lafayette (lady /•7<<v Courier, Jaa. 2, 1H7. Ij ocff of many of similar Import Dr. JamM reerlrrs Cram lime to tbac Dorn Uk prc<«.Ncrth and Snath: . “Dr. James, the well knows ipectalbt of Chicago “la the ticatmect of prirate dlionJcrf, jormerly or *• James' Lock Hospital. Custom Hooae-aL. Ne * Or leans, tad known tbrbajboat the United States u “ >bo mo« iacce«fal practitioner fa this specialty, baa “ lemoved to 91 tad 93 Baadslpinu corner of Dear “boro-sL, (tearly opposite bis oldsfllce),Chicago, m. ~WeLaveknqwnDr.Jamer personally fbr ha Jett’ ** six ;ear«. and can *ay with these ot tie medical pr> ** fcr»lon sad the prraa who bare known him lor m “ much longer period, that bo baa no anper or m »ho n 'reatetatef tbeelau ul dlaaaaea which ha mikeilt ■•aiptaaltytotreat. "r-r. daie~» has recently luson] a nbreed “ edition <f the • MONITOR,* eoaUlnlrtjr tbo Mitory. “»rJ:-p. settle tad daa«cr of fexret dUeues. with a •• irt st*v; jijw.n i-nj;» dueuev, We haTrearffally •• boot.a.n h-nrtJlr r . coasaewl Urn “ the oH 63d jocne—f.e teamed and siasie. •it ex •‘Plate-me nature of tfw:o m hwi. and -leer direc “ te.-ttelrae«Waae#.and auo prucrlptlcM fbr -s-.Jirtritm al •» tea =,3?cwd. -.r.v, e.t; table read.m Jtavter. simply inch USw - a> XI shcaV! Latp. The MONITOR oaa • hsu > addie* ,Ipc Dr. Jartw.p. O. Box 60S. Ol ’'fvr..*, rj.. eiHTjo-lnr titty cent*, with f.ur Ibr ■''.V'njrp." r . J.M- car ’>:earix fdat hi- -.htoaid aariur*. l< I ird MU Rardrijih it., ntrirr of L> art, . fa< =;<4 ,|y opr-’ Reid il!t aS!r- t from 1* t. *r. i». nt, Sip»- p.O.lfcu r-i-ntr, *r.d ert «ai!aHva: chler.-o. ill. s>r. ‘ f'vf »** t rwrt iTuaaie rhia r* o 1-j i’)-» W‘ ct ;* . ; r stow,*. r*j> r.cdrt/s, • \ Rr. I'lipnuoD, * ‘^l* r of Lv*SltnSlcn! aix! 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PAKcONS A C.aik-s:.: DLCUE ft MOICKY. prt !ta:i hdrb-ct. tVhi.;rsale Arrow tor Chteaeo, Ilh, BvltNUAilll ft VAN sUAACK.andbyl>nu;>rut3geutrahy.or order* o ay )w mid reseed to the Sole Proprietor?, übCAB U. Mt*sh2:ft "uUution frc>». A CirmUr, cnntainlrr r.\mcrU9 OF *jlnt c.v.*es treated, will be tent tree, hy ■raiL t<v a- • who will write fiir It. Cite I\d tires FUR AN IRON JL l-i.UM-K. omcs a? mr> or Pccuc Wons?, > Ci'ti’MtM, n.r. n *..*r W I'*. f Sealed nrrroMl* wl I rv* hv tr,«* Board at PuMc V... r s«. at tour ttHce. ll'a.m. T-tenUT, Jm;i;ar» Six tor U,f cur.aln:c:v>n.rnGii>l'l« itnil ready fr r u«r. n? ua Iron llri-u** over h.*r;h Water .tre. t, at Uo l: with Xurlli ?:n.—t. Bid i cts are io/ct gutT Itn»lro*n p an-'atl sprciCcatloaa, sul l?rt tu t.\** .luted below. The have & s:aa cl eutty (S»)ie*t !«*- twr*n K’-uri;i«i?i*. There will be two rmdware, eaeta t-ctij tu-iwivlie m tb- clt-or. jail l*oiU*swal4a tor toot trure;. each elsht fty feet wl-tt la the clear. Tb»* floor beam* wt t he ot 1 bean Iron, fit seven (7) in bra wMr. rliu-ial two '5;: -el asurt frmn ceitre to tretre. Tlic bor.t-radlnc w:.: ho cf n« Iran. Ostb pattern. five {s> incite* wlue. aad the btlaater* will be ol wroarh: iron, one <i) led. wjiare. I’oits.ot wrouubt lion, one urn! vce-linlf tlV> IneLe* square. wlu oe piarr-a Hr lit (S) f*et apart. wborcTcr the*e pods ceme tbo floor trains will pr oataMe of the sulewalx two n) fcvi to aQurl oppo; tuaity l«r braelns the posta •tenn-.y. Tim ends* oust support wub Safety toe -.I ore ha-dm! and twenty-fire fiJS) pianos to •.jch eopertclal loci of the Coer earUceo: lbs ro*J * ar. la acuiilun to tb>‘weftjbt rfton a.rocture Itself 1 be brltise mast he platajm la far h t manner aod with «urli diet njivn* tuas tbe tensile irralt. on wroarbt iron [Milt e: all oot exraed at die rate of t*n tnou«ui>l p>.-nnc9 rer eqaare lacfi anfex tbedisci of tae n aaliiitm toail. _ ,VSLXkIUU»It 1U341. l’r*>i-c?ai*. ;>ap«atd specifications a»e also turned (:-r»xld hrtdve. built ai ature. e.toptlntr that In tse ceotre tbe briilj? than be suvd - . ite-i by lr«u coia-nai rceUnsta stone lounditi-na in the atmt b-d .w, tl« rtißuma b> ire capped by an l'o= girder raanlf.gcfnse "ut JhcbrltJcp. Prop<*a-;'ir.a*tb'*e/dre«rcd Id the Bsard ot Pc&bc Wvrk>.rf:crM*i**l*r3po«al for lr--u BAlre,** and be s.-'otnt'.c'cuw.tli tbr ttaa., wila sureties, to hr app- ovret by tor Board. The Beard r«ervt tb« ri;bt to rr I *ct my bid not la acconiarc' with the cnndlhnn* rf Hits a l.vrUAcmett; or to rqttct all fctes, r.n-1 tn proposal wilt or ac-cpt-**! nr.les? the iurre f.r'mrlt *ha‘l trtre ertsracr uttsac vrr to Vic Him'rd that be bn., meiwcvasary skill, expe rience, curey ta .1 ability for d-inr the wurfc, U IroaS* vort.i}. ana bra anHUMst-t {-ctctv.arjr resources. ■I. 11. HISIIhLK, Ltrrz, O. J. BOSK, Hoard of BnMtc Works. (£JtU3Oi3F.’.S BAT:JlOi: IVOSKsAT GRAND i£A- YkXan-t r.!aek I-ak-. Mv-tnr. Orru aeii tn>Ti >Di.M. Kanixccc, HatutusC IsM’.otailitvf.t, : IKK Mu:il’«»/.v. < Mi - T>'ar-.r>, V.icr->r.Jar.oary 1. 5r?JrC C’ -rriali lr dn - le ili*, of kb.* fi»rrn fumUbed hr tV rnc- r. vt-a iirr.r vcl ai .hi * ullL'C itnlll .Th r.-- : o«. ;b-Ifa .1-y f Bt-bruarl b;. r. it u*. f-r n-rrov-i u ;h* hartxfs- of Ctatd Uavcaanl Hlacs 1-U -. K:clt:e*ta. Tt.-:ir; p-i.-.> ;ncr.*»a*. C~a*d H*Tm will of ir.r'ffii’.pur-n,- p,’c.>- •• p.lin- M n.-.vo-'l the ■•olv .fib* v -■* ,r ;.n -a« .1 a'i au ex t-> 1 on> i, uHi ,:i Itj cu; c.-.t M..-1 With 1 *J !*:a •?. T ext wt •'■■i ft U,«KiVat |.:eiß,M3 n;. iil-s Co<tto a‘l, {fTstS- I'JR r w,;. tv *. »! :of p'j.r as th • r-v sr ’iiTuf. a •>'-• *’7 > M _ . f--rs c-w •'eass*cnn fit* tsti’elS'Mod •. i’» l r -U to «l* *v ho wLU to esamta.- ui-mt Zj: U>« ‘ 'i • V: r!>•'"*»'» i»V‘i srrtrata rrctrti worV, aa.l for or laii r :-jr et*■«!•»& ?'t* vi.u at. it oc .or i p rt or, ’ i 0.0 wUj.*- rfuliier “•£ ’.soVo \A i 3 ■ el*t»v ’• ■.* ! T‘ : li kbit* t'cr. r*«- rt ivfr t? tbf laiiod Siaws* tic tftrcjec* 8 E fiiaj arc lo be preiei t upon ti; opening C Tfce liyxiis v: »»:J;%ecn J A*#>fccoclow4ia == t ; ir-’ett»j. 1 -!. W-BLRB. tr. ilr/rtiPis-'C*. wii. / tiflCK OF 'ixia bUfr:tUNTiiNi>- \ » EKI OF a>N£TI«rCn‘JS O? Tin o. s. cue KT BGUsJi. s»on« H.ltoW. hra-co prcrr«Vr» will .c rft coat tat oinc>M.Ußn B2r!i:Je:tU;>t of BNW SW** C-crtlU'«»* at »nrtn£ sc'j. ntiocis Bmii T 3 »cicc« ®-J‘? cß ris* f ea»Mrot» 4*‘f p'at**. Ac., for fe Sprt-.;2A£ Ji; cso »;:• iw tiflce, aovep*c , asa. D f *»ln*'* wc*k. »h *wicr ctiSiivtoai- d'Jtso ard **t ui »«. <■» i!,i„ fA i:t tWfSS c; ay apr’ ! catto: as »fcc tta-wc: H- a«? at ctu ’. celsCa.a ran. Ohio, P.fMhars!sl*»jiTaj.T»M. 5s Tonis J'l'Sctru, I•" pstpras fjr frr Bjr »J i ~»ni if* tudl’CiW Hr.4Sr>.ot ft. 5' _» i.*l it -S --.,-W! |,. V'c*( me. All tbc ewU-c a-.;-: iff .. vi.-T r r • v-u iQ’rkaccs, •'•srp srrj.vs .v.l i «i i'fccfn'..i^rtilom , a;a*Jt £ t«a. s , . •'-‘ i«.. e rteuMandde ,’- »VV>«* n> a ih. 1 • ■»*•<»act Ui»* wor> tu'.i'l »s I. J . -,i h> rr M.»rv;i I'-'.. v» ife ««TU •*'ff 5 t : sn' t;.2 C.isvrwur - ...... V.i-. . . i.--> iw:«lr —.iM..A.»ih-v*r.;. = . •* . ~-t »■ •• ! *e * •>- • .. •*•'-•= ?>» t r i-.T.