Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 5, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 5, 1867 Page 4
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Cljicaga tribune. SATURDAY, JANUARY 0, 1*57. THE CITY. Knr Mrsxc.—l.yon & Hcaly have jasl issnod “The Harp at Midnight,' - a nocturne (or piano, by V. It. Aubcrf, a taking composition, and ** 2*l - Kee," a eongand chom.* by P. G. Sails. Pabseso ConmnrnT Mojrxr.—On Thursday afternoon Charles P. Minor was bronchi before Oomml*rion«rr Uojne by Sergeant Douglas. and committed for trial in ball of $1,300 for passing counterfeit money. Stzaixvo Tan Douaxe.—SamuM Daly, charged v .it ttcalli.g siu in money irem Joseph Moxon. Is a saloon at No. I Jcfleraon place on Monday r.Ufct,was examined at the Police Court vestor dst morning, and committed for trial in bail of ** Taking a Teick.”—Three notorious confi dence men played the customary confidence game upon a country gentleman yesterday afternoon at the Piltrlnrch & Fort Wayne depot, relieving of turylns greenbacks to the amount of—Michael Enright, at tbe Police Court yesterday aitcrnoon, was required to give rco ball to keep the peace against Chas. Moore. This involved the forfeiture of a bond ofrimibw character lately given to other parties, acd Icg-g proceedings were ordered upon it. * The CnAUcs Aqaixst A. U. Contis. Esq., for practice unbecoming a lawyer toward his clients, Hendricks and Rcdlmsker, heretofore folly stated in these column?, was summarily disposed of by the jury in the Superior Court a few days ago. they finding a veidict for the defendant without leaving (heir seats. The plaintiffs claimed $1,070 carnages. Daises’NrwTntAxifE.—E. M. Haines, Esq, has been engaged for some time in revising 'j|s ucw treat!-*- for Justices of the Peace and Con fiablcf. red has the work nearly completed. It vUI contain references to alliaio decisions and rtctuiertctmenis, and trill be In all respects ranch improved from former editions, rendering it one ot the mod complete works ot the kind extant. Drip Ircroyr.—A male infant corpse, appa rently about a day o)d, at the time of death, was found lu & corr-starch box on the sidewalk near the comer ci Fonrlh avenoe and Taylor streets, y olcjdsy morning. This Is the second or third instance of this hard, we believe, which ha* oc curred within two or three months In the vicinity ol Fourth aicnur. Fcts IjtccDiac Exhibition.—Dr. Cotton, whose Kfsous and exhibitions have recently a«- tracted considerable attention. Is now is this city tor the purpose of giving a series of interesting cskib::icns ol ite ** laughing go?,” with explana* uuy P cinr.s. 3he first of these will be given Ibl* afternoon at Croeby's Music Holt, commencing at ru o o'clock. The ex&lhUir-n to-day is exclusively tor lodic*, who will be admiriedfree. DifriixxcrD.—Charles W. Kent, charged with the larceny of S7O in money and some trifling ar ticle*, fi cm bis room-male, George E. Gardiner, we? filially examined before the Police Court yes terday coining, and dDcbarged from enriody. As siVcd on a toreiff occasion, the evidencs SiraiijFt Kent vva* almost entirely and in defence yesterday be bronchi excellent ic:e:effcee regarding bis previous integrity and uprightness. 5 :r-i-UUtaTri'.—William Ryan, who was dis charged on Thursday upon the alleged oEence of fcavtigob’clrcd money underfidse pretences ot J. 1.. Woodmsnsw, of Roseville, Hltoole, was re anested yesterday morning upon the same ol tero-. Mr. H'ordnsasec hayirg appeared. The CE-e wa« tobavc been examined yesterday, but a rni tirtiar.-* 1 was granted nntll Saturday, Uie I2ih itiiaL*. ball c; e'iOJ beii.g re-joL-od. Wi ot Macuinzht —Wc Invilc .V.tcn livu to the card c»P. L. Graves, pi oprietor of the .lacLeouvric Machine Works, in another column, 'll i* is ore of the most extensive cstabllabments of ± < - Mrd !n the West, and the quality of-the r r.chfnery manufactured is of the most reliable charjcur. tbafllug. pulleys, hangers, and all fiit.ds of general machine work is turned out in rtv«c. Wool-growers will do well to 1 jitroi ix: them. T*hc mcchuic works are located cl t-cLth Muiu street, Jacksonville, Illinois. Ujcrorscm Asstimox.—We are requested hy Mr. Is um&9 GcodwTilie, proprietor of the North Her PJanlrg Mill cr.d Box Factory, to state luat a Hati mt-nt circulated by eome malicious person to the tilt ct that he bad closed out las business with out cotsfj rug hu patron?, for the purpose of ob taa ing his custom, is nslrnc. Mr. Goodwills has ncitilly enlarged Li? mill aud is prepared to supply all lands ot packing boxc., widen can he tuiLtd (>st by the million, if requited, and with great Despatch and-cheapness. Real Estate.—Attention is called to tbs aa connccmcnt m another column of Clarke, Lay toe A Co., the well-known Real Estate Agents, at No. 12S Washington street, which wilt be read with in terest by all having .occasion to deal. It willbcrcen that fine opportunities arc ottered to those wishing to mvrst money profitably. TuU firm has attained a high reputation in this drv for reliability and Uncralltv, and c&mtalUta will oowtii to consult them on the subject of real estate. .VmromPiT Episcopal Cuenca Eitbxsiox.— 'i he pastors of the several Methodist churches in ibis city held a meeting yesterday morning with tic Executive Committee ot the Bock River Ex tension Society, for tbe purpose of agreeing on §t.m*- hstil atb when tbe agent. Rev. A. J. Kvnctt, »-hculd tneseni-the can-e in the city—Jlr. B. F. Ci;i-:i! in the chair, mid Rev. W. S. Jewett acted Alter a'lengthy di’-cussion, dun- Tny, ."nrr.rv SO, was set apart as the day f>r the r:l»lrg of funus for the chuicU extension cause. A Hood ArronmirsT.—'We notice that W. n. Harrington, Esq., has been appointed manager of tbe ult graph ofilce at Clinton, lowa, on the Cnl- A Northwestern Railroad, and chief operator on the circuit fixture n (‘Union and Boone. llii Las cntiie control of the* due* between the 4.2 points, and snl»oruteai«»s are rebelled to report lo him daily by telegraph lor orders. Mr. Harring ton ia an excellent •ipcmtor. and a man ol doe r usings* habits i.nd capacity. He was stationed for b< me time el Janesville, and bi» many friends at various points on the road will be glad to hear cl hia merited success. BmnuiUES.—'The grocery store of George Cl atks-fiild, at the corner cf Peoria cud West Lat.uoiph sheets, nab entered by burglars on Then-day r.ight and robbed of an overcoat, a smal 1 amount of postal currency andafowgro cents, in ell a loss of about £JW. Co the s am<» night some thieves entered the es tablishment of Mr. lang, at No. 132 West Ilan doij h street, by catling out a pane of glass, and tL<m teaching rojmu and unlocking it from the in side. '1 Ley were only rewarded for tbeir trouble by fir. ding from £5 lu 51‘J worth of currency iu the drawer. Ar.Tt&RAJf T-ntcons—Carpenter's celebrated painting ol Mr. Ijuckld, which the well known ►kill of the anl.-t and his intimate relations with ll.c subject, of whose household be was long an n r tfo. have conspired (o make the most faithful *rd strihirg of »U that have been executed, ha* ju*t beta reproduced on steel, la line and stipple, bv s, Halplnaftera luborofovernUiCtcen months. \fc have seen a copy of the engraving, of which A. J. Johnson, of New York, Is tint publisher, and '■pn‘-;dfr If probably the very best likeness of Mr l.irrcln wlilch has over been produced. Uis sold rnlv byTUhscription and la now being placed be fore the public. I* it a Potsox ?—a photographer In Indiana tvriiu* to a professional friend in this city, making tx-quries wlih regard to poisoning by the fames oi ci aside ol potassium—an article used exten tive ’v by the makers of sun pictures. The wrilcr has beet. euCenng for some five works past order a peculiar disrate which baffic# the skill of the I hyturens ; they think the symptoms reaunblc those ofpoixouingby prussicacid or cyanogen, bj. Ihi-y h»\c had no experience in. or knowledge of. poisoning by the power of cyanide of potassium « Licb patient thinks must be bis maladr, a* he !s otherwise unable to account for the visit» lien. He asks lor light, and will be gUdfotiev of tny Chicago physician who can throw light oi this hitherto inexplicably dark subject. FrcT CorcatciTicsAL Curncti.—The annua mi-cfor of tie numbers ol the First Congrega tional Church was held on Wednesday evening, Jc the church on the cornir of Green and W&4 Wa.-hinpton street*. Parker Merrill. K«q., was chc'tn and Mr. J. R. Dewey acred as rfoneta’v. Th* reports of the Clerk and Coamu tee cn C'tcdeLliuU were read and accepted. Tlie foilowtng otT-f-ife were then elected: Descent—J. il. Williams, T. L. Miller and E. B. mu. Cudential Committee—J. H. Pearson, T. M. Av en-. M. Moore, Parker Merrill, H. B. Earn ton. Vr. Davies, tlcrl.—J. R Dew*y. Librarians—lbayden Faitoustall, Calvin Mer- AJrer which ttc meeting adjonmed. Ten Week or Pilatzh.— lt baa been decided to held a daily Union Prayer Meeting under the ensj ic<* of the Young Men’s Christian Associa tier, vi'h th? cnccttneno; and at the requestor the Micieteiial Cnir n of Chicago, daring tho week of pjr.yer. commencing Monday, January 7th, at 9 c. m.. in rtie Fiisl M. K. Church, comer of Clark ard Wr.; hlneton ►trvcie. file folloamg pcirbn# have been appointed to lead »hc meeting upon the days designated : Mm .iay. Rev. W. W. Everts. !>.!>., of the First I’cp;j-: OLnrrfi ; Tuesday, Rev. D, C. Marquis, of t‘c Nonii tcrian Church; Wednesday. l>r C. 11. Hrlmer. Union Park (’onyregatlnnal Church : Thursday, Rev. Arthur Swazey, Third l*rrebvic*ian Cbnreh ; Friday. Uev. Wm Dandy, i irti :j. dent V. 51. C. A- .*.?tAT.r.Aarxnxc—Thomas Myers, a colored m- CMduil. erd s white woman cf Celtic extraction v 1.0 | csf f ns lire. Thomas Myers, were arrested i«M(r>'aT fiotuiheir denial on the North Side, where tl;rj vere haying a very lively engagement, when a ’•ciiroman interfered. It appears that the uwihi' livid it.gcUier for the past five years at »cch time* a« the woman waa oat of the Brice* v. i-il, l.u Thomas said, “To come right down to It.Jucre, I *spo«c we aTnt exactly legally what yo.\ coll married, jour Honor.” They sometimes qrarrelKd. Yestirday vra« one of those occasions. ■| bonifts >pokc disparagingly of her bro*he. She threw a kettle of bol water at him. He “went” snr Lor. She laised ah&fchrt. Ec pushed her on iLc door and thought she sprained her aim. It was crooked, snd out of hl« tcnderne>s for her he gairita fearful jerk to straighten if, which ac counted for Its being black and blue, h- Tcc interesting couple were each Cued %:n. course.—The rcaoers of the Tribcxe will Ki.icir' < 'r that a few days since, not exceeding n, Alderman Cox. ol this aty, 33d Henry Kr. wac arrested for knowingly receiving smrgsini 1 nnore and tofcarcoe. An examination o! \\.<- ca*c ct Alderman Cox was so Car proceeded u• ih that Mr. I'oraailssiocer Uoyue and tne Dis ii kt Attorney were satisfied of his innocence, but a- the detective made mysterious allusion* to an important hut ab- nl witness, Mr. Cox refased to be dlsAbarged, demanding that bis <a«e be thor onctlv examined. Ihe result of all this ha« been the aiK-'i of ope Elias Allen, the parly by nhom the cood* supposed to have been smuggled were 1.-fl in *hc care of Cox. The case comes up on N'onday next, and the witnesses hare been bent for. . Feo* Darsß to Sober.—Patrick Young, of whom mention was made In yesterday's Tnmcxx a* having been robbed of nearly ss'to Jo money, was quite sober yesterday morning, and slated that he lost only ICO or S7O. With a friend be vlrilcd Page Harris' den on Sherman street, and there one ol ten individuals took his money. Thereupon ten colored individuals of both sexes wrtc arrested. One* of these, named Alice Rob iE*on. Pairick thought took hfi money, bat he declined to swear positively. Alice's own con forioce to the offlceis fixed the matter beyond a doubt. nr.d ali-o involved Thomas Robinson. Nel- llonl-, Susan Alleti and Jane Dndtey as par tie* nho were cognizant of the then, one or two of them receiving smaller sums of tne money •;he five panics were committed for trial in ball ° f l*art* Harris and the remaining four inmates of Lis notorious place, were fined—Harris, $lO, and the tutaaUs {beach, for keeping and occupying a disorderly house. STREET CAR FATALITY. A. Man I*nt Off, Bun Otcr and Killed— Arrest of the Conductor— The Inquest. On Thurt-day cvenlrg, about seven o'clock, an intoxicated man named Hubert Teckle, by trade a blacksmith, and an employe of the Michigan Southern A Norihera Indiana Railroad Company, was run over by a atrecl car bn Cottage Grove areane and instantly killed. The accident oxitr red near lwccty-«lxth street, and the collision with the tmconecloos man. It U reported, ihrew the car off tbe track, which was the dialing itmsuon the passenger* had of the sad accident. The conductor, upon getting ofl the car, dlscov. cred the tody of iho unfortunate man lying amoaa the track, bis head lying over one or the rails, and his neck broken, too car luring passed over it. Coroner Wagner held an inquest upon the body si the late res'drocc of th« No. i?.l iwrcty-iiimh street, yesterday monung. It ap peals from the testimony, (the main points of which are given below,) that Mr. Teckle had been previously elected from car No. 10. Immediately preceding the one that run over him, in conse quence, it is alleged, of his refusal to pay bis tare, it (oTther appears irom the testimony that the man most have lain Insensible npon tbe track some ten or twelve minute* before car No. 16 ran over him. The verdict of the jury resulted In the arrest of Edward Maloy, (he conductor of car No. 10, and placing him In jail to await a legal Investigation of the matter. Thomas Flonnlgan testified that he was stand ing In tbe door of his saloon. No. HH Cottage Grove aveune, when car No. 16 passed; tbit ms attentionwoacalled to it hy theehoaCtngot the driver and the Jumping of the burses, lie saw something lying on the track, and going np found that a man had been ran over, haw the body ly ing before the car came np, aid does not think that the horses struck IL Knew that the deceased was in the habit of drinking. Used to go on a spree once in a while. Does not know whether ,he was sober at the time. It was dark when the accident occurred. L. O. Murick next testified: He is conductor of car No. 16. Near Twenty-sixth street bis car struck an object and was thrown from the track. He tonnd It to be the body of th-deceased. Had not seen him In bis car. Witness was on the rear platform at tnc time. Dr. D. W. Floia testified that be examined tbe corpse and louna the leftside of the body from (be face to the knee much bruited, the hock, shoul ders, hips and thighs very dark ard bnuseu; the lower jaw was fractured near iU articulation and the neck dhlocatcd. Death was apparently earned by the last mentioned injury. Only oue wheel passed over tbe body. Jsm«.r Me* hue Utlified: la driver of car No. It; He know a that the deceased was not on his car and uld not try to get on- Saw an objects few yards ahead of the car bcfoieitw&s struck, hnt !< being dark did not ecu what it was. It lay motionless like a atone. The car was thrown from >bc track. No ons was walking os tbe track tii.frnni of bis car. Tbe cur was No. 10. Edward Maloy was sworn: Is conductor of car No. It. Deceased got on hU car about Twentieth sheet,on U>e front platform, and west Into tbe car. Demanded bis are, and tht deceased said that he bad r aid it. An altercation ensned, the deceased .claiming that he had got os at Twelfth street, sed bad show n bis ticket, and swearing at the’ cuudjcior. He finally went upon the front platiarm. Witness told the driver to stop ihe car, which was done, oml he pot the deceased offitora th£ platform. The car stalled, and the latter jumped on again, on tbe (rout platform. Fnt mj hand to bis breartbdt conld no; shove him cm Told the driver io stop ogam. Fashed hits oil then and he fell. Did not see tbe man afar, haw the man etaggor before be got on the ca» at Twentieth f licet, tic was under tbe influ ence cl liquor: am positive the nan got oa the csr ct Tv t-uticth sued. Hchnll'wd lo ihediDer i«i our office on Twcnthth s»rcct and inquired for a Cottage Grove car. The driver checked tbe tar and the mas got ou the Croat platform. Sev eral ol the pa-servers wanted me to pul Ihe man off the car on account ot his swearing Wteu he shoved the man off the car for the . tecccd time be fell on the ground outside the (rack. They went ou and be diu not ste him rise. Trey went on when he saw ihe track wan dear. Ihe next street south ot Park place Is Twcuty-thiid street, lie was standing on toe rear plafurro when wc passed Twenty-sixth and Twcntj -fifth streets. The distance from Fatk plac.- to Twcnty-jlxth street is four blocks- Ho ran twelve minutes apart from car No. 16, which was loilowieg him. When he shoved the man inr the second time, hia bauds were on the car. on tbe railing, and he tried lo get on the pladoim. He believes bis fret wore on the ground when he off his bauds. There was the driver and one passenger on tbe front platform at that time. The man Jumped oo nnd rfl thc platform before he fell to the ground. Tbe car was In motion at the time. Witness pus*:cd & foot acaiusl his wrist, when he let go ardfoll. Uecd both feut In pushing the man off and be ueou Lis hands to hold himself on the car. btcod on the front platform one minute after be bad pushed tbe man off, then went through the car to the rear platform. It takes the car four minutes from Paik place to Twenty-sixth street. Patrick Farrell testified that deceased worked iu the same chop with him. They Lft work to gether and went to a saloon, where deccasel drank three glasses of beer. He had been to tbe same saloon during the day. Saw him get ou the car, bnt did not see him stagger. Unj Bloom was next sworn: lie is driver of car No. 10. Saw deceased get on his car near Twentieth street. Saw him show his ticket to tbccondtutorondpui it back la bU pocket. lie iben came out to tbe fiont platform. Conductor came ont, and deceased said—“l paid my faro at Twelfth street, and now tbe conductor wauls me to pay again." Conductor told him to stop tbe car, which he did near Indiana avenue. Conductor pushed tUe man od. and h-r walked by (be car a tittle way aud Tried to jump on. Con ductor gave him auotner push with bis foot aud be felt to the ground ou the ice. Stalled on and did not sec him again. He was apparently tf-aer the jnCacnce of liquor. Beard aim swearing when be came on to ibe platform. Did not hear the passengers say anything to tbe conductor about him. Dvcea?cd tried to hold ou by the railing, but made no other resistance. No body get ou the car at Twelfth street. The jmy then retimed tbe following vsnnicr. Wc the jury say that Robert Tecklc came to bis death on tbe evening of January 3d, trout injuries produced by being run over by car No. IC, Chica go City Railway, on Cottage Grove avenue, near Twcnty-MxUi street, and wo find that said accl- dei.t was caused hy rough treatment to said de ceased Indicted by Edward Maloy, condactor ol car No. 10. AN OLD SWINUIiIiR CAUGHT, A model Employment Agent—'Taklu; Security ■ James 11. Bingham is not as old In years as in sin. He la a voting man cf plausible address and a BmooUi, insinuating, agreeable countenance. He is known at the Police Court and at the Bride* well, bnt np to tins time has Ireca sharp enough to avoid com Iction hi any confidence game ofsof- Aden* magnitude to take him to Joliet. Some*, time U-t summer ho swindled an aged couplefrom the country out of a earn of money which sent him to the Bndcwcll lor three months. Ills time expired In November, and ho immediate* ly “cast about 1 ' to devise some new scheme of confidence. He hit uuon the plan of opening a them real estate agency and employment office. 1 his concern was located at room No. Hi In the Morrhoi. Block, and one of the earliest viclms caught In the snare was a young man named Henry I- Krabl, residing on West Klnzlc street, whom be engaged as a clerk on the Bth of Decem ber. It was represented to Kratil thal os be was to be employed in collecting money about the city when cot performing clcilcal labor In the office, it was necessary that a deposit of £2jo should be made as security for the Unit reposed In could not spare the money but loaned him SISJ taking bis note for It, doe January Ist. and being promised £ls a week, payable ever* Saturday night. Up to the present tlm-' Krant bad been able to obtain only £2l of bis wages, and nothing whatever on the note. He has not toned any col lecting to do, bnt has been principally engaged In recording the names of applicants* for employ ment, and receiving for the company £2 from each. About two weok« ago G. W. frossman. residing on bon'h Battled street, made tbo acquaint ance of tbo ingratiating Bingham, who toi.i him that he bud b» cn tn partnership with one Wain writLt. but they ban dUeolvca, and he desired to sirengtbtn tbo business with a Utile additional captlal. Ue stated lo Mr. Grossman that be had been in Use business mentioned for the last ten years, and now had not less than S3WMM) worth of real relate In bis agency to dispose of. Mr. Grossman was induced to invest £2OO with him, Bingham giving the name of GeorcwH. Wiigbt. The new firm was to be called Wrlgbti Crossman. Alter becoming a partner, Mr. Grossman bad abundant leisure to examine the books ot the borne concern, bnt could find no evidence of transactions in real estate. The business of itifi. office averaged from tbicc dollars to twenty dol lar* per day, hut the money seems to have been derived nnsiv from the employment department. Yesterday afternoon Bingham was siraiunelb-* fore the Police Court, and, alter a partial hearing of the case, it was continued until this afternoon tn bail ot SI.COO. Mr. (' removed to tills city In Julv last, from I ibertyviile, Illinois, where be bad been cngag»*d In trade. Mr- Krahl is a young man. of gvniitmanly addrcsn, who has lonian arm in the service ol his country, and one whom none hat a scamp of the first water wonld have the meanness to cheat. His blend* reside in lowa. Testimonial loScrctantlhirret. On ITinrsday evening a large number of the frtends of Sergeant Thomas Barret, of the First Police Precinct, assembled In the artillery room cl the Armory to do him honor. The meeting was called to order by Alderman Cox, and T. B. Brown, President of the Board of Police Com mt&doccTP, presided. The object of the meeting having been stated, ex-Alderman Peter Phimp presented Scgeant Barret with a very ele gant gold watch chain, rained at £250. The case of the watch bean tbo following inscription beautifully engraved on the inride: “Presented by the friends or Tbo#. Barrel as a token of regard for service# rendered an Serpcant of Police In Sonth Chicago, Jamurv, ier.7.” I Mr. thimp said that at the solicitation of a goodly number of friends from the Sonlb Side ol Chicago. be bad been requested to present to Ibe Sergeant this gold watch and chain. They were vaUsfied Ibat l*« bad always been an honorable and an honest man, and a worthy officer in the police force of Chicago. Th** watch was made by one of the oldest citizen* in thU city, it would not ran down as the Sereeast had ran down many a thief and vagabond As a K Herman, tbe donors bad every respect for him. ,cy hoped that his foinre might be crowned with entire success fn whatever undertaking be might go into. The waleh was the ctf’ of his feltow-atlrcas of the South Side of Chicago. The worthy Sergeant was manifestly embarrass* cd. Speech-maktrg |i not his torts. He mU: “llhaikyon, fel'ow-cltUeas, for this nice pre«* mt jou have given me to-night. I will call on Prc.-ldetit Brown u> speak for me.” Mr. Brown said that he wassotmnehofa talker. Ho believed more In deeds than In words. The more faithful a policeman was m general the less bo had got to say. In behalf of Sergeant Barret and the police force, be Icit excoedlnclvgraiiaed with thU token of their appreciation. They were clad if the e£orts of the police force in preserving good order ard keeping the dly in a measure free from pickpockets. murderers, and other rascals, v ere appreciated by the citizens. The excalltesf oft he force as compared with the terri- Itry it extended over, was compared with the city of .New York with its SjTOfl men, (be latter on duly bat fonr boars at a time, while oors work six. He believed that our force should have an addition of from 100 to 150 men. In New York they had a pohcJ mac for every 600 Inhabitants: la tM« city one for C'cry i.itO. Ibc salaries of policemen were noticed. Hrbelievi dtheiuinsafflcJent. The merits ofmrny of onr best policemen were at once recog nized bv citizens, and resignations frequently oc curred because they were offered better salaries. Good Hying salaries woaid bring ns good men who would a*ay by. In behalf ol Sergeant Bar ret he again thanked them for this testimonial. More valuable than that gold watch and chain was their good opinion—the moral force of the people is supporting and upholding the officer while he was trying to protect our property and persons. [Applause.! 3 In response to loud calls. Commissioner A D Tlusworth addressed the meeting. Ue f-ll (bat Mr. Brown bad already spoken all that was neces sary to be said upon the subject. He believed that no man present bad reason to be gratified at what bad taken place that evening more than bimevlf. biz years ago be found Sergeant Bar ret in this aty out of employment, and by dial of considerable effort be got Etlm npon the police force. From that time forward tic bad come on to ihenresenttime enjoylrg the confidence of the Police Board and the force generally, lute.-rltr, industry and sobriety were the three elements which made a good police officer. It was k ratify ing to him that this presentation was made, as he felt that through bu instrumentality more than that of any other person the Sergeant had been placrd upon the force. Deputy Superintendent Nelson being loudly called for, mode a tew remarks lir his usual lively vein. 11c had known the Sergeant since the time be waa policeman when JoU'i Wentworth was first Mayor. Tne Sergeant had been under blm five years, as policeman, as Station keeper, and as Sergeant. When the Sergeant waa promoted to his present position it wa> not solicited by himself. In all changes of the force under poilu cal ir.Rucnce* he mi the earn* “Tom ’’Barret. If ibal watch w«b covered with diamonds it wood mshe iioihluc else of him. tie did mu ** grow ’’ V j promotion ; there were no “ atra “ about him ; It? tad lonnd him a faithful officer, a good ciUxeo, and one of God's noblemen—an honest man. Captain Nelson's remarks were loudly spplandect, .i;irr irirch the conoany partook of an excellent and snbetanl'al coilati a of good things pro paixd by Christopher £chell. Brief speeches worn made by cx-Alucrmeu Birragwanaib. Me- Hoy, Kdth and others, and the remainder of the evening was happily pa«ecd In social greetings, songs and general enjoyment. LAW INTELLIGENCE. (notions for New Trials—A Slander Case—Capias Attachments—A Widow VUftrac* Her Share of her Husband's Estate—A Unardton In Contempt. The business in ihe Circuit Coart was cxclo- Ively confined yesterday to the bearing of mo ions. William Fetch el 01. rs. Town of Eyons. Mo tion tor new trial overrated and appeal, Thomas Ball vs. C. U. Chadwick and Henry Pilgrim. Trespass. This is one of tbe many ends resulting from the controversy berween Bail and Chadwick aa to the right to possession of leasehold premises No. 112 Dearborn street. The contention commenced in April, 1831. It has thi-e far re-ultcd in four actions of trespass, two of forcible detainer, seven arreste, and one action for specific damages. One appeal is rUll pending In the Suorcme Court, and tuts is the last of two between (he same parties to go there at this term. This particular action was to recover for ob etntcliona placed on the premises by defendants. The jury awarded to the plaintiff fI,OOO. Motion lor new trial denied and appeal. E. 8. Perry vs. Orion J. Hose. This was an ap peal btonght to tbe January term of ISCS, from a judgment of Justice D 1 Wolf for ?56 and costs on a demand of (CG for medical services alleged to have been rendered in the family of defendant The cause was dismissed, and a motion made to eel aside the dismissal, i bis motion was over ruled and an appeal taken. Ravi G. Rounds vs. George Gilbert et al. Now trial denied and appeal. Stephen Hassell vs. Jacob 8. Blrkehnd. Ap peal from a deds on for plaintiff in an action of forcible entry on premises on Green, between Phillips and Pratt streets. Finding by the Court lor dclcmlant and motion for new Inalovcrnilud. William and Caroline Severin vs. Tbe City of Chicago. This was an action on the case to re cover lor Injuries received bv Caroline filling through a hatchway In front of No. b*> Randolph street. Tbe case has been twice tried, in the first case a verdict for froOO being rendered for phtfutifi, while in ihclast trial. May Ust, the de fendant received tbe case. New trial denied and appeal taken. J. C. Howell vs. Clark Woodman. This was an action of trespass to recover ior an alleged as sault, on ihe trial of which plaintiff received SBOO damages. New trial denied oud appeal tuken- D. it. Bract el al. vs. James Gallagheretal. This was ou action for forcible entry and detain er of saloon No. S) East RandolphatTeet. Tbe Jury touud the defendants guilty, and assessed the damages at SIOO. New trial dented and appeal taken. The sew salt? in this Court Included several petty rppeal.*. Beyond those there was com menced an action of replevin, the Sheriff being the defendant. Catherine Schlomer. a minor, by her next friend claims a piano forte valued at JTO. An action on (he case was commencsd by J. W. Bingham against R. CoKon and KlngMUUken; damages being laid at 440 U. The Superior Court I*, of course, not in session, the liratWopdsyoftbc month not occurring until next wevk. The new sails in this Court were five LIU* in chancery by Charles W. Strong, or Bos ton, Massachusetts, filed for the response of Frier Wicdith and Thomas McKee, tn each it is Fcught to procure the payment of the considers, tiou priced a lot of gionnd with accumulated ibU-roat, taxe* and assessments. The lands inter cried are. in the flist suit, lot t l , block 10, and in the las' csec. lot 10 of tbe simo block. In Ogden's addition. A wnt of attachment Issued at the suit of Al fred liycock against Alonzo C. Jones, who it 1? alleged haa lelt the State to defraud or delay bis credior-. Tbe indebtedness Is staled at fPiO. Ak action on the case was commenced against the Chicago & Northwestern Bail way Company, the pluimifi being one Jobn O’Malley. In this case the jtracipe only was filed. A "lit of copias ad respondendum, issued for the arrest of ha W. JUrritt, on the complaint of one John Dunham. The attestant in this case alleges that be has been, during fourteen years, a married man, of good reputation and of virtue, t hat the defendant knew these facte, and yet for the purpose of injuring him in the esteem of his neighbors, he maliciously stated to substance that planin', committed adultery with bis (defendant’s) wife prior to her marriage, caused her to be <n eier.fe, and then entered into a conspiracy to in duce defendant to marry her to conceal the pater nity of the cnild and bis act of adultery. T.e damages in tbe trespass case wore laid at t In :V* County Court, Clara Catharine Carolina Louisa Diehl "as appointed to administer upon tii- e»tniti of the late David F.lliott Conrad Diehl. Trc late husband of the applicant bad received the appointment, be being a creditor, and tbi< gr.ut is made to Ms administratrix, Her boud was fixed a* 13.60). In tbe estate of Bemdt Abrahunson, the ad ministrator having some f7OO in band, applied for an order of distribution. There were left a widow and two grandchildren, the children of two sons. In view of the prospect of an equal distribution, the widow, who was In Court, was load iu her declaration not to receive tbe money unless a larger share should be given her. Xh2 case is yet pending. Ar.nbnb bpring, guardian of Edward Spring, having taken her ward from the jurisdiction or the Court without leave, was required to show cause why she ba« so removed him, and why her letters should notlic revoked. U is understood that the boy is In Mas?achnseUs, and some diffi culty may result by reason of tbe fact that the lady, without any view to injure her ward has placed herself in contempt; her accounts to the present time have not been allowed, aud an erid pes Hood cf litigation maybe looked for. SOLDIERS’ HOmX. An Annual Appropriation of 913,000 loLeAsUed from Use State* Tbe regular montnly meeting of the Board of Manager? of the Soldl- re’ Home was held yester day afternoon, Judge Bradwcll, President pro ftm., in the chair. Eighteen donations, from as many individuals, were acknowledged; also, a dosatloo from ladies of the North Presbyterian Church, corner of Cass sired atm Indiana avenue. A report irom the Superintendent showed the foilouirg exhibit: Number of inmates, December Sth, 9S; admit ted In December,43; dismissed, 31; died, 2; present number. U 2. The Committee on Music made a report, and recommended that a petition be presented to tQe public, for tbo purpose of raising means to pur chase musical instruments. The report was re lencd back to the committee, with authority to act at discretion. A motion toapply to the Legislature for a char ter was unanimously carried. The Board ol Managers was Increased by the election ofMrs. Maucell Talcott. An invitation was extended to the members of 'he Legislature, providing they come to Chicago, to vl-it the Dome, and partake of a lunch. Mis Drayman, Mrs. Ball, Mrs. Bristol and Mrs. Fayrcs were appointed a visiting committee for the present month. Upon motion of Mrs. O. D. Ranney It was >e solved to apply to the Lcgisla’nre for an annual approptlation ot fl*2.uoo for four years. Mrs. My rick was authorized to purchase bed steads, bed and bedding lor twelve of the in mates ; also to use her discretion iu buying a washing apparatus, A prcuofiiiou ir_m Mrs. Black, of Elgin, to tar nish bedding, was received and acknowledged: Ltd the Sect curv was Instructed to reply, and give Mrs. B. the thanks of the Board. A committee of two, consisting of Mrs. Myrick and Mrs. Sanford, was appointed to purchase fresh foci end pork, and nave tkcia salted down for future' use. *rhe resignation of John McGowan, Snpcrlntcn dent, to take tOocl on the let proximo, was re ceived ar.daccepted; and Mrs. i)r. Uamlll, Mrs. Mytick and lire. O. D. Ranney were appointed a committee to report the name of a suitable person lo succeed the retiring Superintendent. It was decided that future meetings of the Board t-honld be held tn the rooms of tbo Young Men's Chrlkttan Association. Adjourned. City atortallty. The following is the report of the Health Officer of the mortality of the city of Chicago for the month oi December,-18C6: Aytt— Under five years, 153; from five lo ten, V.l; Irom ten to twenty, 15; from twenty to thirty, SS ; from thirty to forty, at; from forty to filly, 1C: from fifty to sixty. H; from sixty to eeveety, 11; from seventy to eighty, 12; from eighty lo ninety, C: unknown, 4. Total. 003. Ao-ior.cfirts#— Chicago, 123; other parts of the United btates. (B; Belgian, 1; Bohemia, *2; Canada, 2; Enc!and,s; Germany, 47; Ireland, S 3; Nor way, 6; on the Sea. 1: Sweden, S; Scotland, 4: Wales, 1; Unknown, (I. Total, ON. Ccuteof JJeatA— Accident, 4; asthma, 2; bron chitis, 1: burned, 1; cancer. 2; cbiidoed, 2; chol era Infantum, l; consumption, 42; convulsions, 85; croup. 7; c01d,2: chickenpox-l; congestion of bruin, 3; congestion ol lungs. 2; decline, 1; CcDrinm tremens, 1; diarrha’a, 5; diptberia, 15; disrate of heart. S; disease of liver. 2; disease of Inngs, 7; disease of brain, 0; drupsr, 7; drowned, 8; erysipelas. 3; fever, childbirth, 2; lever, remittent, 4; fever, scarlet, 13; fever, typhoid, 4; fever, typhus, 1: fever, not stated, I; njdroccphalas. 7; Inflammation of kidneys, 1; inflammation of bowels. 9; inflammation of Inngs, ti; inflammation of ttver. 1: mararmns, 1; old age. 15: palsy, 2; pneu monia. 7; phthisis putmonalis. t; spasms, 1: spinal meningitis, 1; anfoeatiou, 2; small-pox, S; jnlcldc, 1: still-born, 10; teething, a; whoop ing cough. 17; gun-shot wound, 1; while swell ing. 1; unknown, 33- Total, 309. Ibe following were the nnmnere of deaths in each division lit comparison with other months: North Division 75 Booth Division 105 West Division 129 Total for December. Deaths in November... Decrease for December 71 Deaths In December, ISCS 833 JIOBTALITT or TUB TEAR. The following U the accurate, and complete statement of (bo number of deaths in each division of the city durmatho year. *and their age*. The flgnrea published to the Tububc, Jammy Ist, to: the month of December was an estimate made, and varied from the official by only six. The total ofdcatbe tor that month wet v three hundred and nine, instead of three hundred and fifteen. North Sooth West ' Dir. Dlv. Dir. To'al. . 74 113 1W 293 . S 5 91 111 SfiO . *8 HI 93 *3l . 65 93 lit STS 73 73 114 STS . 91 BS 131 ftil iro 196 815 7W *97 833 940 .150 2’>o 334 TM .311 331 s*l 1,170 . 73 137 ITS SS2 . 75 105 129 309 Month. Jaroary.. Febmaty. March.... ApiU May June •Inly AngUM.... September. October.... Nov» mber. December. Total 1.479 I.WI 2,501 5.93 G The following is the tabic of ages: a ►s’sa*uttoc S. S 5 S 5 5 5 g. O"«? . H - 5 MOimiß. g * ° 2 J? 3 S • : § ? 3 C % V I : a : : cr : ; January 152 29 SS 17 24 14 1 ’7 Febrnaty. . 117 40 32 20 0 li 3 s March IS 25 C 2 12 7 17 0 0 April 129 S 3 39 24 11 U ] 7 Kay 134 25 53 21 7 IT a UJ June 165 80 54 21 14 14 0 IS July 518 46 80 23 19 28 9 8 August STS «J 156 43 27 31 8 16 September.. 329 SI ISI 68 41 25 fi 7 October 819 161 893 116 72 69 0 25 November... 173 45 75 40 18 S 3 S 8 December... 153 54 Cl 10 11 gs fi 4 .2399 633 liSS 426 2to 2*l 30 294 Total. DIVORCES YESTERDAY, Cruelty and Desertion—An Injunction, The Superior was the only Court yesterday favored by applicants for divorce. There were two libels filed. The first was of EXJZABBTH TS. CUAHIXB OCOfS. In this LiU it is charged that there was a mar riage April 26th, 1554, and a desertion on tbe part of the husband during September, 1559. The bill Is accompanied by an affidavit of non-rceidence on the part of respondent. The other case is that of BUDGET VS. TUORAB EAGER The bill in this case alleges that the complain ant has been dnnng three years a resiuent of Chicago, where, on the 7ih of February, 1365, she was married to her present t'tuband. charges lhai be has repeatedly treated her with extreme cruelty, and that at divers times during each and ev« 17 month of 1366 be heather. This bill also asks temporary alimony, to enablt complainant to her suit, and upon the represcuuUon that the respondent owns the Lonae No. 43 Hope street and its furniture, at.d propoies to dispose ci tnem, an Injunction was Issued, restraining him from conveying either. oonnoN council. Olscomlod of Charter Amendment*. An adlonrned meeting of Iho Common Council was held last evening, (or the conltnned coualdcr alien of the proposed amendments to the Cily Charter. The Board at once rcsolred itself Into Commit tee of the Whole. Ike chapter drat taken up vaa SCHOOLS. and tl.i' committee approved amendments to tbs following c Tibet: Sic. 1. Ihe Coned! shall hare power to etec*. Eurchase or hire htaldmga for school homn, and cep the same in repair; to bay or lease sites and grounds; to farnlih the schools and maintain the schools; supply Inadequacy of tbe school fond for (he payment of teacher* and the erection of school buildings; also to declare (nancy acrime, and punish IL sec. 2. The Board of Education shall divide the city into school district*, and alter them or create new ores. fcxe. S. Tbe Connell shall have power (o levy a laxofibrce mills on the dollar for'educational purposes; and the Board of Education may bor row money, through the Comptroller, to continue schools In operation, notwithstanding any defi ciency In tbe appropristion- Sec. 4. Powens given to the Council (o order the issue of $SW,wu ol bonds for tbe construc tion of school buildings, interest to be at seven per cent, and a tax to be levied of one-fourth of a mill ou the dollar as a sinking fond for their liquidation. bxc. 5. Tbe Board of Education shall have pow er to confer collegiate degrees, gtc. 6. Repeals all conflicting laws. sec. 7. The Bo aid of Education may umolut & Secretary on a salary to be fixed by conae&t of the Council. DESTITUTE CHILD HEW, Sxo. —. The Council shall have power to ap- Sropriate 110,000 lor the education, «£c., of nny eetitnte children as would otherwise be InmaU-a of the Chicago Reform School, who are confined, clothed, educated and taught mechanical aits or trades In any other Institution. The Council thus rose and reported progress, and the Council adjourned outll i:3O thi» evening. AnCSBMENTS, The Opeua.—The opera of Un Ballo in But ehtra In spite ol Its intense dramatic chwacter and choice melodies sprinkled through it, iinot a favorite in Chicago, which accounts for the fact that there was a failing off In attendance lost evening; hnt those who were absent will always have cause to regret that they missed decidedly the best representation ot this opera ever given here. “The Masked Ball’’ bos always witnessed mu or more failures every time it baa been given in Chicago, and last winter, it will be remem bered, it killed ooe prima donna outright; but the per*©nation last evening was nut only marked by excellent singing hut by fine action. Neihor lifre nor Ghloul have snog to well before, al thooeh they lacked the influence of a large audi ence. which always creates enthusiasm in artists. Tbe duo between these l*oartists in the third act was a magnificent specimen of dramatic singing, as was also the trio, (Gblotd, lifre and Mirra), while throughout the whole of this act Ghlonl developed the qualities of a great artisl, The ronelc 1= tot on'j very difflcalt boi w nominally trying to Ibe voice, but her laree and powerful organ uas mere than equal to the most difficult parage?, and carried her through with the most perfect ease, where so many others have made only fiasco?. Irfre also in the well known stnCcaio passage t tcMrzo od <foll\a, earn; with nnnsoal fir? and dramatic spirit, and corn* polled applause, ilarrn was la ex cellent voice aud acted well ap to bis role. II there be any fault with this artist it is that he sings too loud. It is dangerous to expose a voice of such fine quality to overstrain by constant load singing. Mad. is always good in tbe supernatural lac, and makes up such diameters as Ulilca always iu good taste, both in taclal ex* f retemn and dress. Canlsaa was a very charming ittlcboy, and sang her role very pret'ily. Tbe cboruEsca were well taken, and some of tbe tn* wereunusuallyefieciive. TbeMaskedßall equally with Kruani, maybe set down as a per fect success. While the troupe failed in French music, they have male their mark la Italian, and the repic«cntationa of Entsni ami Cußilio will al«ai? he pleasantly remembered. Inis aßcrcoon Fra Diuvolo will be given, and, on Monday evening Verdi's opera of Travista. McVicKai'flTiiEATCE.—lnst evening M’lle Jo karma Clausscn delighted a large audience hv her spiighUy rendition of "lizzie,” in “The Wood land Wlldflower." and “Paul," In “The Young Scapegrace.” bhe will appear at the matinee this afternoon. This evening Mr. George B. Waldron takes a benefit, when Hhflkspcare's tragedy of Utbelio will be given, with a cast of cbaraccrs which will donbtlere draw a full bouse. Mr. Wal-’ron him self lakes tbe part Of tbe Moor, supported bv Sir. Flank Mouroc as lego, Mrs. Cowell as l>e?dc mona. and Miss Gertrude Doggett as Emilia. Tbe last named lady has recently appeared In varions roUt, and la rapidly winning her way into popular tavoras an artiste, Wc anticipate a fall audience on this occasion. Musei-v.— “Forlauio” was again presented last night, prefaced by “Don Cesar de Bazan." This afternoon, “Don Cesar" and “The LiUywhites." In the evening the same bill as last night. Monday introduces a new London comedy, en titled, “A Hundred Thousthd Pounds." which has been produced with great success at Wallace's Xbeati-e, New York. N. W. F. A. C. "VTlio Appreciates 4 Jio Work of tlie AorllnTcslcrn freecimen’s Aid Commission I Let the boxes of clothing famished by the la dles for the destitute answer. Lei the Christmas presents from the children, for the children who never had Christmas gilts before, answer. Let the applications of well qualified ladies and gentlemen, to be employed as teachers among the colored people, answer. Let the self-denying and self-sacrificing tolls of tbe teachers now in the employ of the Commission answer. Let the contributions from individuals and congregation?,both trout abroad (for lu-tnnco. £IOO sterling from England, received on New Year's day,) and al borne (for instance, n collection of tearly by the Second Presbyterian Church of this city), answer. Let the following responses from Chief Justice Chase and Rev. Henry Ward Beecher to invitation? to be present and address a public meeting, to be held in this city !u behalf of the Commission, an swer: WAflimtflTOS. December 18 1566. My Dear Pin; I have received your letter urg ing me lo attend the meeting of the Northwestern B»anch ol the Freedmen's Union Commission at Chicago, and pieside. No nrgtng was needed. In every way In my power 1 fceibound to promote the noble objects of the Commission, aid it would give me a special pleasure to attend the meeting at Chicago. Nothing bnt physical Inability, or the peremptory demands of official duty would prevent, and I hoped, until lately, that It might bo in my power to gratify my wishes in this respect; but It is now cc»tain that the business of the Court will keep me here. I trust that the meeting will he largely attended and animated by tbo best spirit, and result in much good. Sincerely, your friend, S. P Cnx«2. Reply of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher to an invi tation to be present and address the meeting; “1 would rather go to Chicago on this mission than anywhere on any other. This educational work is the great work of the hour. It is the gos pel of 1887 to the American people, lam fully irnprefECd with Its Importance. It la the only public national Issue thal 1 feel called to preach about. A man must bare a lively imagination who can exaggerate its Importance. Bnt I cannot in honor leave home. I am bound here till Hie Ist of March by ties which 1 cannot loose and dare not break." Arc there not many who, entertaining similar views, for the sake of the country not only, hut moved by benevolent regards for the freed peo ple. will have the kindness to forward their lib eral benefactions to the rooms of the Commission, 2d Lombard Block, Chicago I Rev. H. D. House, Secretary. COMMON*COUNCIL. [OFFICIAL HEPOST] Adjourned Special Meeting, January 4,1867. Pret/nf— Lis Honor the Maror, and Aldermen Knickerbocker, Carter. DWoif, Barrett, Calkins, Ksnn. Flnnncan, Hatch, Wallwork, Moore. Raf ferty, Talcolt, Woodard. Bixbr, Russell, AcUhofi, Fnuizcn, Rub, Engel, Shackford, Lawson, O'Snl ltv»n. Abtmt —Aid. Cox, Wicker. Wllmartb. Schuller, Ftii-bic, Holden, Castfield, Huntley, ProudtooL Clark. eoirartTZE or tuz whole. Aid. Barrett moved that the Council go into Committee oftho Whole on the proposed amend ments to the City Charter. The motion prevailed, and the Council re solved itself into committee. Aid. Woodard in the chair. After sitting, the committee rose, reported progress, and a«krd leave to sit again, which re port was accepted and leave granted. AWOI'HJiXEST. Aid. Knickerbocker moved that tbo Council do now adjourn, to meet again on Saturday evening, at 7>. o'clock. The motion prevailed and the Council ad* A. 11. BODMAN, City Clerk. CmcAoo Skatiso Cecil—The thirteenth regu lar meeting of the Chicago Skating Club was held last evening In Parlor No. 1 Tremonl Boose, Mr. Caryl Yonng, Vice President, In the chair. The ruinate# ol the last meeting were read and approved. Ibe names of several persons were proposed for membership and dnly elected. The Secretary then read hlc annual report, em bodying the following frets: The dob was or ganized January I,At the end of the skat ing season there were member*. At S resent the roll contains (be raises of twenty ve active members. Since the date of organi sation there has been flW.NTpaid into the treas ury; amount paid out £133; cash on hand, in cluding a few badges, £53.50. lire dub then entered into an election of offi cers for the ensuing year, with, the following re salt: Preticlrnt —Caryl » oung. Bcr uerrey. TVyosurrr—George G. Street. Secretary— D. S. f.ookiniand. Cn motion, Messrs. J. U. Uervey, William Wil lard audW. S. Johnson were appointed a com mittee to devlsp a plan, and learn the coal for rkaUng jackets and caps tor the club. On motion, adjourned until Tue-dar night at seri n ard a half p. m., to Lear the report of the committee, to meet at the Tremout House. Fox, Howard & Co. is camo.—The firm which has achieved for itself so extended a name to first taklng.and then successfully throwing np,thc con* tract to excavate a large portion of the Illinois A Michigan Carol Improvement, seems to hare got into rather bad odor in Cairo, where they have succeeded, as the Democrat alleges. In procuring an extension of a contract for street filling, at cents a yard, when every one knows it can be re-let at fifty. >Ve quote tne following os the alleged reason, which, as having Its cognate action in onr own case, may be, perhaps, accepted as an indication that other than dvil engineering may be resorted to by successful contractors: “Vf e are told that the Conn nl conld cot get oat of re-letxmg the contract, because, in some things In (he old contract, the city failed to fulfil its agree ments, and thus prevtnVng Fox, Howard & Co , from completing their work In the stipulated time.” Y. M. C. A.—Tux Mobster Oboax.—A meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Young Men's Christian Association was held In the .private office of W. W. Boyington. architect, yesterday morning. There were present Messrs. H. E. Sar gent. J. V. Farwcll, E, D. I*. Sweet, £. S. Scran ton. B. F. Jacobs, and D. L. Moody—the first namt-d presiding. A committee of three, eonaisUng ofC, M. Cadv, George P. Upton and E. D. L. sweet, was ap pointed to attend to all matters relating to tbe new organ—the members present expressing a desire to bave a larger and better one than that which threw the residents of the “Bab” into a state pi partial lunacy a couple ofyears ago. A cah ol twenty-five per cent on the capital slock was ordered—the collection to be made without delay. A considerable amount of discussion was hid tn reference to lighting the new building of the Young Men's Christian Association. No final conclusion was arrived at: but the probabilities arc that the building will be lighted afka the style of tbe Honse of Keprescntattvcs at Washing ton. It la understood that electrical machinery, for lighting the gas, will be Introduced. The meeting adjourned at noon, to meet again at ten this morning. The organ M 111 probably cost folly forty thou- land dolltre, a' d be (be largest thsl has ever been made In this country. Too committee «HI invite proposals from the leading organ builders of the states. CHICAGO AMD ErBOPR, Some elgbt rears ago Chicago was first cos- direct with Uvcrpool, hr a Teasel, and moro recently the earns connection has hero repeated, lu leas time than was (hen consumed. On Thursday night, however, all previous sam< wcreecllptodaoda problem given to the world in the reception of a mea-age l u thia city from Eu'.ope to six Lonrs lisa than no Ume’at all. The story la loldeo prettily bj the Chicago ibif that we cannot do better than copj the account given In ihdr lasso at ycataraiy: “At atom a quarter past eleven o'clock last night, the telegraph wlrea were connected through direct from Chicago to Beart'a Content, ard ibe Chicago and Heart'a oserator indulged in a fmiidlycnat ota quarter of an boor. Heart’s Content reported weather very cold and clear. At lI;S0p. m., Chicago time. daimarrSd, Heart’s Content operator gave the Chicago operalor the Valentis (Ireland) weather report, which waa sent from Valentia, at r.:30 a. tn„ January dtb. Valentis also reported itfat London oiflco coaid not be raised, the operator having gone to sleep. At S;SO this morning Valentin time, the weather waa frosty and clear at Valen tis, and at the same (actual) time (11:30 last nigh: Chicago time) U waa about the aame here, and on all the laid between the two points. The friends of Pack arc nndontitedly glad that that mythical personage died is time to save hla repautlotuand the fact that the wonderful imagination of the great poet, which encircled the earth In forty mlnntes. Las been outdone by the agency of the great Cyrus, who ’pot a girdle round the earth* m Mesa than collate,’ officially confirms, if U needed any confirmation, the adage that ’truth la atrarger than fiction.’ Thu la undoubtedly the greatest time on record, or rather the smallest. Ihc latest from Europe, six hours ahead ol the ann. • New Steam Generator—A Great Inven- tion* Ur. Frederick Baumann, well tnown to the cldzers of Chicago as architect and builder, h&a constructed and is now exhibiting, In the estal> llshmci.t of Messrs. Wallworth, Boschlck <sc Co., comer of Michigan and Franklin streets, a novel steam generator, t. a boiler or combination or heated vessels, wherein steam is raised by Inject ing the water in quantity so adjusted that all 01 It will be transformed Into steam before It can settle In the bottom pail 01 the vessel or vessels. This principle being mote than forty years old, Mr. B. has contrived some Ingenious combination ol ves sels, by which he bids lair to conquer ihc difficul ties which hare Urns far been iu the way of gen erally employing this highly advantageous princi ple. lie on 3 sncceecert In a combina'ioa which enables him not only to completely aUlteo his fire, hut to work coins, .lively low pressure, cn su* ing prompt action je force pump. The advantaged of this generator are: Saving of bulk and of first coat; rapid and certain gen eration of steam; saving of more than one-half of the amount of rue! otherwise used and absolute security sgalnet explosion. The small generator exhibited, crude u ll b, U capable of driving the extensive machinery of Messrs. Wallworlh, Bnschick * Co.'s boiler shop, ana* ns we are in formed, will be running in future every day In the afternoon from 2 lo l o'clock. Mnj.mV Association.—A meeting of miller* of Chicago was held yesterday afternoon in the Board of Trade liall for the purpose of consider ing ti e piopilely of forming a IMillers’ Aasocia* lion. Mr. P. W. Hater was chcaen Chairman, and Mr. N.Hawkins Secretary. The President In a lew remark* staved the obi ecu of the meeting. Those present then considered the question, whether the Association should be formed from the millers of the city, State, or whole Northwest. It was finally agreed upon to organize among the millers or Chicago, then to extend (heir limits, so far as practicable; to allow all to kcow the exact cminuty of grain on hand, and the amoout needed to meet the current demand. The beneßte*whlch the millers expect to derive from their a uniformity of action throughout, aud that some arrangement may be made with the proprietor* of the elevators tor a better plan of duellcg In (be future. It is alleged hy the millers that there is otten found a lault to the measurement oi grain taU*n from the eleva tors ; that there is bat one pair of scales where grain may be weighed, so that a;salUfactory mtasarcmenCmay he obtained. It U alto stated that at the elevators the pur chasers of grain do not gal the same quality of grain for which they bargain. Also, millers claim that their works have been stopped at times hecnose ol delays at lbs vlcvalore, and In consequence they have sustained Jomcs. ihe millers sow intend >o loan an association and raise funds by which they may gain a more satis factory mode of dealing. On motion of Mr. J. Cole, Messrs. P. W. Hater, L. H. Norton and N. Hawkins, were appointed a committee to prepare a constitution and by-laws fora Miller?’ Association, sud report on Monday, January Ith, at a meeting to be held in the Board of Trade Dali, at 3p. m. Adjourned. Good Testtiaiw,' Conviintion at Niles.—Tbo eevenlh Quarterly Convention I. O. G. T. roptc eented by delegates from the lodges of Cook and lake counties, met at l» e ball of “March Forward" Lodge, No. -IGT, at Nile*, Cook County, on Wed nesday, the Gland Worthy Secretary, R. A. Law presiding. Ihe Committee on Credentials reported that delegatee representing twcuty.nbie ledges m Cook Cocuty were pietenc. The CercmlUeo on Permanent Officers reported ihe following: Holla A. Law, W. C. T.; Mr*. F. Burtonch*. W. F.T.; Mrs. L. ti. Cowdcty, W. U. S.: J. W. Ward, W. A. ti.: George Thompson, P. W. C. T.; Rev, charks Peiklna, W. C. Reports were made by delegates from various lodges, showing that the order was m a nourish lug condition. uhe Finance Committee recommended the pay ment by each lodge of one dollar for current ex penres. and JS3 were added to tbe fund. Addresses were read by Rev. Mr. Perkins, of Brlck’on, and by several other delegates. Mrs. £. Ross, ot “ March Forward '* Lodge, was presented with a sett of ciuT buttons and a gold pen. The ladles of Niles presented an elegant colla tion, which nas received and adopted. , At the afternoon session Palatine was chosen as the place for holding the next Convention. Ihe report of the Committee on Lectures was adopted, and <704 was pledged by tho ccvural lodges. The Committee on Resolutions presented a lengthy report, which w&s adopted. Among oih-r resolutions is the following, to which the attention of the lodges Is invited: xfreo/ntf, Tbatinoider to combine as mochas roffible both atilascmem and Instruction, and keep our memhere alter they arc initiated, a monthly or weekly meeting of ail members and their Inend*, should be held in the hall of the so ciety. fuc to nil. for tho purpose of social and intellectual enjoyment. The programme might courlat of mnsic, rcciialioos, speeches, tbe read- Inff ol papers, etc. Ihe Convui'ioii adjourned to meet at Palatine on Tuesday acd SVedccsday, iaa Uth and Win of AptU, isa. Wanted.—The Chicago Esmlruj Pott aaya: ‘•Dr. Benjamin K. Patterson, fo'nnerlya aarjrcon In the Ut.ucd Mates army, and sou of the late Judge Patterson, of Mobile, Ala., has. wo learn, fallen heir to property of some 52511.000. Ibe only difficuliy in the way of the luckv man's pos sessing this windfall. Is that be cannot be found, not having been beard from since ISGI, when be was at Bermuda Hundred. Ya . on board General Graham's flac-ship.” DrecnAiujED.—Officer Thomas C. Spclden. who was cl argcd with assault and battery by Michael Mctiuade, while tbo ofocerwas arresting on Friday night. December 2?th, bad a bearing before Justice D’Wolf yesterday afternoon, and was honorably discharged. Illinois Smarr Cucbco.—a young people's meeting will be held this (Saturday) evening at 7JJ o'clock. All young people iro invited. Sea men's Bible Class at 0 o'clock on Sunday morning. Preaching at 1C; 15 a. in. and 7*4 p. m. Sunday School at 3 p. m. LOCAL MATTERS. naraden’a Fcttoral D&lm Tor fuflit erra ana a«lhma. Dr* Slbbct develops a new and per* manect growth of hair in three weeks. Hundreds In this city who have been treated by Dr. Slbbe: testily to this fact. Entrance to rooms, No. 73 Clark street. It la Not a Humbug!—Do convinced. Though having been in use for only a sbort time. Metcalfe’s Great Rheumatic Remedy has gained a world-wide reputation, and is recommended by the best doctors in New York as the only sure cun for Rheumatism. LORD & SMITH, Agents. Tax Notice—'Notice h licrcby given that the State and County tares of .VorfA t'Mcaio arc now due, and must bo paid at the oQce of toe Collector. Room No. 17 Uhltcb Block, North Clark tirect. W*. S. Swan. Collector. A Sure Pile Cure.—Dr. (lilbm’i Pile In«lrumcct positively cures the worn cases of piles. Sent ny mall on receipt of ft. Circular* free. Sold by dnirgletJ. Agent* wanted every where. Address J. B. Kojuunb, Manager, No. 575 Broadway, Ntw York The Dcat Tonic.—ifanwcll* Mark & Co.'s Combination of Iron. Phosphorus and Cal l*aya. known as Ferro—Phosphorated Elmir of Ctllsava. Thelron restores cnior 10 the blood; the phosphorus renews waste of th rt n.*rve tissue, and the caUeaya gives a natural healthful tone to the digestive organ*. One pint contains tbo vir tue clone ounce of calisaya, acd one levspoonful a grain of iron and phosphorous. Manufactured by Caswell, Mace <e Co., New York. For sale by all druggists. We would way to every mother who tag a ecU'encg child, goat once and procure a bottle of Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup. It will relieve iho little one immediately, wilt allsr all pain, sofiecs the gums, reduces Inflammation, regulates the bowels, and cores wind colic. By relieving the child from pain, « allows It quiet, natural sleep, and comforts the mother. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. New York Financial News. Nrw Tofik, January L KONTT. Money firmer, and aettve at 7 per cent. EXCUA^Ofi. Sterling 9X cent. GOLD. Geld l« a shale lower, op uir-g at 1!H. advaccing to 133)4. declining to U3.q. ani closing at USS. OOVSKSHfiNTa. Governmeci tocunhcs are a shads better on go!d bond*. Stocks dull. Gold firm ISI I Toledo 23* Coupons *SJ If* sl , | l'oc«l«Uad....n»J<.»WJif 1-30 coop. Mich. So Pl*< MOcoup. V 4... Northwestern,.*® O U MO coup. *65 it** | Roadln*. 1»K tCMO coup 99fc<aif0 \ A1t0n...., .ij» 7-«r§ .*»tte Ft. w«yce i» 0.4 M. ccm.. 2» Ss>t I in. Cau i*t N. Y. C IW’s Mil. 4 St. T. pw ~jS I MII.&0.. . 6T* uivoart’s.. ... fS |Tean»»ee'*. ymxe (HA ESS. trie lltuturpb. illrJnc«hMt»are Tcry active &ad advancing. Tbe loliowlc; *re t!« rlotlre prices: Arafrtnn Flap.. JCO | £(dU) i Parmdee....*t3 Ueavon ...IS. TV-xky Mjiauia .SCO ~Q |t’— - ..510 IhtbbartLl LATEK. Corr^ooZ. The O'mwerrMf nay# th* monar market a steady Iscreaae of caw. Rau*» unchanged, fcterllnc Is Id moderate Inquiry ul unchanged. Rot rumenis are Crm atd actlre. Some aMpmmta arehkclr. The stock market U quiet and arm. uold

Ona at lS?\. Tbe Produce Tlarkcto, MIf.WAUKEK. [Special Despatch Jo the Chicago Tribune.) January*. Flour—Firm and nnebaarrd. Sale*: W 3 brla; Klter Street and Atlantic City iX spring |u.W: Bearer Dan, country XX. J 1033; Taharra. g:v>d X 19.59. Wheat—Timer. Sales, 9 a.m. Board. 10,700 bn; noon Board sale*. 13, *OO ba: at SMS for No. 1; %'.S3 v for No. 1:11.93 sellers option sen week: JIJO sellerscptloamonth alter Monday; H.SJV'sl.ri lor No-S; HA4 delivered Monday: tl.Si tellers option next week; |l a? for rejected. Corn—Firm. Sale*. SCO bn. Sic old No. 1; «9c new •helled. Oat*—Unchanged. Sales:3,ooo ba: SOc tfc No.T. pye—Adrancmt. Sales; WO bn No. I,la siors,Wc. ProTlilona -I>nU and lower. Gales:. 900 brls extra prime pork at fUJO: SO tea sweet pickled hams, 10c; 90 tea cured do, ICtfc. % Drcated Hogs—Declined Tic. Sales at t&COjlHi}, Lire Bogs—Declined Sc. Sales at 13.3033.7}. Rccrtpia-IJOO brls floor; 11,000 bn wheat, g.tXQ oata, I.VCO bn corn. %£CO dressed bon. Shipments—l.3W brla flour. I.NO bo wheat. ST. LOUIS. St. Lons. January 4. Cotton—Active and higher atsitfo&hc. Flour—Quirt and enchanted. Wheat—Beyers ud sellers apart. Nothing doing. Com—Higher it Oats—Firmer at SiS^V** I’rtmtloo*—Dull and noudngdolng. Dali shoulders, narked dry mU.Sc. Whitt ey—Lower. Dog*—closed hearr and lower at Sk'i^fc, Ibe Secretary of toe Merchant*’Exchange vouches tbr the following: Stock ot Dour In SL Lioli Janoarr ULlUWtj.'la.ol which»L9T9 bru arc choice douola and treble extra s w beat, n 5.700 ba. CINCINNATI. _ . cwcciXATt.J4rum. Flour-Steady bnt Quiet: superfine at W.MaiOAdand trad; brands at stLSCuaLLM. "Wheat—Firm but quiet, with sate* of Ho. 1 sprier •( (J. 45 sad No. 1 winter at 9J.iftaS.9o. Cora-iorood demand at M atte tor ear aad 61451 c fcnhrjlrd. The rbl'f dcgiaad Is from distillers. Ttiers U ont ranch demand tnr shipment. . Osu—QoictatS2etor No. t in etcratort. ST* Bye—firm at gl.l&c IJO for No. 1. WhlUc»y—ln goo>l demand »lKc I* bond. Cotton—ln large Ceased, with talcs ot iJXO balsa at tLlddlltga—closing with a Icm active de mand. Uoge-Dull aid lower, packers not baying at (ho cloee; S7.Mfc7.3S. Receipt*. 9.50 J. UeMPorW—Dull at 419£>«&03. EOOObrU told in the morning at the Utter rate, but at the close buyers withdrew. CrrrnMeata—Drill, and prim* dropping. SbnnMera, 6c. Bides, Ham*. 9Xe. Bales ot the latter at 9J*c lor next week, but there were no buyers at this rate attbeclose. Lard—Lull at JlvaUc. Xotelr-g dotcc to bale meat* or b*rca> Orocfno*— Steady ard to moderate demand- Patter aod Ctieeae—Steady. Gold—ls 3 bat ing, and ISI selling. Kicbaoxe—Dull, with aa increased pressure lor innn« t *ca the market i» even noser than heretofore. NEW TOOK. Nsw ToU, December 4. Cotton—Euler at 33c. Floor—More active. Prices advanced IftatOc. Sales of extra State at round-hoop Ohio at xn-tCGclrf-M: trade brand* at Wheat—Steady at KJOS3.SI for No. X Milwaukee; |3.00 for rejected spring. Rye—Firmer. Barley—More aetlre. Com—hale higher. Sales at IUSAI.UVC for mixed We*Km in store; HJfiJiU” for do afloat; »1.16 for Western yellow lo store; fI.W for old Southern yellow —closing buyers lor export at t 1.17. Data—lc better. Sales at Uasuwc. Fork—Lower. Salta at ft3.3Tcvn.3s—closlnt at ISl.tO cash; |1B»1319-U for old—Closing at tUA cash; flt.OOQltdS lor print; also tew, seller*’and buyers’ rpilon. January and February, at |39.Ti321.50. Cut Meats—Quiet. Dressed Boss-Eaaler atXSfaSXc. Laid—steady. Butter and Cheese—Firmer. BUFFALO. BryTALr*, January I. Flour—'Western spring f 15.00. v for No. X Milwaukee spring. Corn—Dull. Oats—l3c. Barlsy—He tor Ohio. Brctied Uo£»—TXdSe. MEMPHIS. Uctcpms, January t. Cotton—Quiet but firm at 5333 c tor middling. Flour—l 3-00 to *16.25. Fork—l Inner at *3JO. Oats—Active at TV. Cum —Quiet at I1J&. New Oannaxs, Joan ary 4. Cotton—Quiet and firm, wilt sales of 8,700 bales low middling at SIN£S3.Vc, and middlings atSJS,c. IK celptsfor tte week 2C300 hales, against 30J00 bales latlweek: exports 9,UiO: stork XiSJwO. Sugar—Active and unchanged. Flour—Lull and easier, with sales of superfine at IF-vOUKc, and extra at llJfjlSC. Com active at *I.OS@IdJA« Oats StGtSSC. Hay higher and tn.hO(9i?U». Pork dud and lower at <i2 M. Bacon—etoulders I2xc; sides ISX^lS^c. Ijird cull at I2W<SISc. Tr baccon-rt whiskey unchanged. Molass:s higher. Common OCiiOC; prime to choice Cs<iTa)iC. (io'.dlW. New York exchange XQH discount. Albany Lire Stock flarkcf* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Albajit, N. Y.. Jaanuy 4. There wa* more doing la cattle to-day, and It may beaaldthst the trade has bees eomlderably more artlre than It wa* last week, but prices are no better. Extra cattle are la pood request, bet there are none In market. All the cattle look poor ly became of the atoms and cold weather they hare endured, and they loae much by appearance In the eatlmaUon of buyer*. O. C. Coon aoldSl bead Kentucky, averaging 1,31) a*, at S!<c; 1,430 bead, averaging V»JO and 41 head, averaging 1,600 D>, at 6c. 11. Bora? cold 15 bead, averaging 1,650 ns, stSVc. Jamee Farthing told S 3 bead lUlnots, averaging t,SO ns, at 8c; 51 bead, averaging LUO ca. at Stfc; and itO head averaging 1,150 ns, at 6Jf c. D. Waxcll bold IS extra Illinois, averaging LSOO a*. at%e. M. Bams sold 40head Kentucky, averaging 1,440 ns, «t SLSj r 100 n*. George Davey sold ia bead Illinois, averaging JAW tt»,; and IS bead State, averagtngß3o Bs, al4X'c. Total receipt* for the week. 1.990 bead. Sheep sold better to-day, toms extra bringing as high as 6,Vc; common light, 4.¥<&&• RccclpU, V*-0 head. Hog*—Receipts. 3,090 head. Light rale* at 6*{&Tc. KcwlorkUro Stock market. EALXS at eesclx. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobs, January 4. TUef Cattle—There are on eale 1.336 head and nine teen car* due tc-morrow. The market U slow for such • Ilcht supply. Nearly all were a• 1J at an advacee of t,c. The rntlncrTlcca wire lC£l7cftr the best; 135 HJc for good, for poor. Sheep were Jfc belter and lively. Fat brought 7c and thin s»3Cc—all sold. Urge—Received, WOO head, %»Hh twenty-five cars ex pected to-day. Slow at Western dressed fell nt Bc. Weather fine with an overstock of poultry. Solon Bobinson. New York Gioccry iflarkct« [Special Despatch to tho Chicago Tribune.) * New York, January I. ColTce—Rio active at lOCsV-’.Uc, In gold, la uoed; ei peeling lowir duties. Sugar—Firm; fair to prime grocery, I9?*3ii«<e. New York Markci. ISpecial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) New Yoeb, Jatmrry 1. Flour doted buoyant, though tbs advance brlnj out free sellers. Wheat very strong; good demand. Corn—Further advance.; 11.13 afloat. Rye and barley aUo buoyant. b'nr York Provision market. [Special Despatch to the Chlcam Trlhnne.] New Tone, January 4. Pork clo*ed firm ; sales of new Western at £21.13 fin regular, and fIIJO, seller March. J^rd—l3c bid, seller February. Hrtißod Hog*— Foreign Freights. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) N*w Tons, Jaunary 4. Freights to Llrerpool-33/jOO bu corn at 3.V3-2fd by tail. EufTalo Live Stock JlarkeL BtTfALO. January 4. Breve*—ln moderate demand. Sales frointet to 54 lncti:,lvr. r.‘i hesd, r.t tC.'JAi7.S7j» for ordinary to gocci; |6.Cf4vSJ3 lur extra. Swine—Close du'l at ?o.KVifi.4s, sverxclnc 1945)75 Ea. Sales from l»t to $-1 inclusive, 4.CC9 h"*d. sheep— Sales S 3) tca2, at <4.oo^l^o; interior JLSO each. New York Dry Goods fflarlcol. Net Yoek, January 1- The trace this afternoon haa not b#ca ver r active, then-being very lltllo deposition to bur except to Oil ord«r«. Ihetnarntforfur.lgn gojl* begins to be a SUtJi- agitated, la slew nf the expectattsn of some , danse In the lartif. Mr. W«;u’ report l* received ■with approbation by most of the marketer*. aa they think It a wire measure. Price* are unchanged. and there Is no likelihood that price* will Many lower than they are at present, un it's* trade should remain Inactive for sometime lamer. There ere but tew spring roods y«t In the market, and lilt probable that they will open low. Na&kvlllo Colton Market. Naxiitih.*, January 4, Cotton—Lets ac'lre •. sale* att->i3ac. Com—Sales at 9G<«2sc. Pittsburgh Petroleum market. Pittsbitiou, January 4. But Utile does In the oil market. Salt* of SM brls crccr, dtdlviml on first run of 01! at Sc: 100 barrels 011 wha'falW-iS ! *c;4iobrH. term? withheld. All pack aee* returned. Reflaed In bond doll and declining. Owing to the nefavorab.a news from the East, pnees may be quoted at isvfttlc, free on board of cars b»re.. No sale* el fre-oil. Rate* nominal at 41.4.450. No inquiry f.r Residuum or Naptha. HIXBB I E D • AtredarLawn.Janriary2l. at the residence of thr* brl fe*- l»tSrr. A. r. Wood, by Rev. Arthur Swaxst. of Chicago. Dr.JiHlirA sMITU, of Marsiilles, and MU* AMINA K. WOOD. In thlecUy. Jan-ary >,Mr.FDWARD BENTIRTCKS, ol rr-**o, and Mbs BATHE HENRY, ot TUkilwa, iniaoi*. Inthi«cltv. Jxnn«TT iff. at the raldence ofF. P. Do e. M r - J. w. OAGfc. or N-wTorkCltv, and Miss MARY D. SPEARS i fihiseltr. Na card*. In this el’v. on the lusia&t. by Ker. Tr. Willis lord, CKOIfcE M.-BEAN and UIN EATY CAMP BELL. both ot Cbicaco. In tVe eliv, at die Sherman Bonte. Januarr 4. by th' Rev. W.C. D*, Mr. GKO. I). DODBLEDAT and Miss CAROLINE ROCKFELLOVT, both ot Wisconsin. In thl? city, .Taonarr l»L bv the Rev, Mr. Reene, Mr. EDWARD ft. WA KN TIL of Cbicaco, anl Miss ANNIE J. WILLIAMS, of the town of Lake, Wisconsin: At lt(*.lan*n-ll». Inti.. January 2, by Hcv. fl. A. El sos, Mr. ULNUV C. wiL»ON. ot i/Llci*o, and Mias MALIK L. GRANT, ot the former pi*c*. DIKD, ‘ IntMsrity, J unary 3, GEORGE SPP.ING.asei ta year*. Foneral at 2 o'clock, this aßernoor, from his late residence. 112 near Frun.U and acqualmaoc.* ate tnvlieJ to atten I. Is this citv. January 3, at the residence of hi? #OO, General McArthur. M 4 Moaroe-.U, JOHN McAR TUCK. br.. agetl 79 years. In this cite, jarnary 4, EDWARD R. GKEEN. son of Anduwacd De-ric bwart Green, aged 3 mouths, 13 davs. ennrral to-dav at 1 o’clock, at their residence, 553 North Frankllc-»t. Frlemls tnvlt«d. la this rltv. on ihc 4th In«., CHARLES A., Infant son of \V. 11. acd euean Carier. Funeral Saturday. 13 o'clock, sin Imu irom hit failin'- rr.-ldet c* 111 Erie st. In Watsrka. Xroano**T\inaty,TP., oi Sunday, Decern h»r leth, Hon. JonNCtAHUKRLAIv. agei yasri. For cary year* a protlnr nt « ttl.r?;j of that county. auction Sales. |>V GILBERT & SAMPSON. Superior Household Furniture, CARPETS, LINEN GOODS, Frcacb Plate, Masiel and Oval Mirrors, AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY. J»n. Sih, at TO o'clock a.m-at oar -a.c«:ooms 4? a&d 40 con*l*tlng ot Parlor Saits In n«p and aair^loih; Cha-aber Sulu ta Poll-h OU Wmlmi. with marble inns: Cittagc Cham -1 t r Suit *if 10 pieces, with a complete asiorlasat cf Fnrsunre for PABLOS. FEDROOM AND DININGROOM. Bedding, lornee*. Crockery. Mirrors. Prmse'ls aad ntherC-nbt*' "nelarje mtr:t«l Fr«a:bPl:t* Mirror, it p'dbb Oil Walrnt frame; oral gilt frame French PUte Minors. Al*o, 160 Soya 9 <md £son*s Bkct«s* Aide, a flu* Tot cf Llnr*n Good*. R'tD. To vets. Nap kins, Prawn an.l White Llrca Table Cloths, a lew dozea extra Re# ladle** Cambric tldkfk, with a gsoeral as* •oitmcntoTßocsebold Goods, Ar, GILBERT A SAMPSON. Auctioneer* J. 1L UEYNOLDS, AUCTIONEER. Sale of TEAS. THIS DAT. at Id o'clock, sharp. Fresh stock Japan, Gunpowder, and Other Teas, In orlglCil pickagM. AllO, MISCELLANEOUS GOODS. J, 31. RBTNOLDS RUCTION. Tuesday, January Sth,lSC7,at 10 turn. Clearlngoul bolsot HATS, CAPS AND FURS, Without Reserve. Wo are instructed by \fovr*. ROSENFELS win are rellrlrg from the r.tall trade, to *,-ll »t t-.-ir *tore. 164 comer of JjiSvlle, .-.’J th.’ir Urc - *cd valuable »tock‘of Rxt*; Cap*, Gloves. Ladies sad Cetllrrren’* 'nr*. *r. Good* on new on Monday momlag. DANIEL SCOTT & CO.. Aurtloaeora. RUCTION. THURSDAY, Jaa. 13th. 1357, at IP a. m. Furniture, Pier Glasses, Carpets, China, Boliouion and Parian TT are. We are ln«trnctcA by the manuC*ctn?cr» to *e’l, with ontrcsKrve.atourrooms, |6* Latent.. thef>!loviag aseertment of CbJoie«vm»4e furniture, conipmmz Parlor Soltr* ot eevrn ptcro* each, in W*innt. Oax *a I Maboganr, covered with Green SIU. Silk Rrp and SLk Terry; Bedroom Salles ot three niece* •ach, tn Maine anv. Oak acd Walcnt. IIMr-Clotb sofa*. Louures WLh-tasd*. Chairs. Marble-Top aad other Oatre Ta bles Wnainou of all dtsc-.ipuons Spri-c. Hair. Corx and Gras* Matt'a*eesßmi*?ls Kl tdcrmloste-. Injreln aad Velvet Pile Carpets. Pier Gla*ee* la neavy gll: rramee. round, square ana ovaL Ac., Ax. AIM. Per brig Qswt. illrcct from France rta Montreal. rscntcf ttlia. Gilt Ware and Bohemian Ghuswarc, Ac. The Acctlo beers woa’d can tbe facial attention of IbeChtcaro public to ihla sale of bonr-male Furni ture, m being. for dolrn and workmanship, ur bey oai wbat U usually ottered In this city. DANIEL SCOTT A CO., Aactloseera. ■yyiL A. EUTTEUS & CO, Auctioneers & Commission Merchant: PALMER'S BLOCK, fM AX St 4« MANDOLPa-»T. iJuslness Cijanees. if'OH BALE—Drug 6tort?—Stock itnd furniture, flrtt-clata andlrcsb, twin* ail new with insurer. Amount, trtwju of the We4t SaUiisr’ory reuona for aelUag. Address Box IKI. toaia, Mich. FpOB BADE—An Interest in a leading wh Nestle drug bonse, established over twenty years, bavins a largo tradr, In one of l&e lafgoit West* eroclllrs. If the party particularly deilr t w, arrange ment* may b« made to aellttc entir* btuiaeu. AP e'»*n DA NIKI.I, & McCOTTEB, N. T., or Lock Box 1044, Cincinnati. fpOKSALE—A Rare Chance—An old 1 established bnrtaesa, half block ol Poet Offlce. How. lea»<* of lot. A iran with imall capital can nal a cha°« teMom offered. Apply to PKTKU SHIMP. 99 Moaroe-n. pOR & -* SALE—A small stock of fancy —. roods. at lsvo!c« Boston prlc*», at 103 State it. ?>ote tat cash cu»tomerj aceii call. SALE— A produce, gram and 1 faultry depot, centrally locaKd and doing a good ““'ness. Alio. Igo id saloon and bait Inlereit in a Up top reaUursnt Apply at lOOM*dUos-skßooa4. SALE—A butcher shop, In good l location, with borse sad wacon and pat-nt ire nense. with fixtures complete. Address •• f F." at Tribune office. F)R SALE-—One ot the best Restau rants and Saloon in the city, centrally located. 5i C i?2K! 1 .f M ifev Price *1.200 cash. a. J. MILLb A co„ 15J DearbortnL F)R SALE—At a bargain, a Vinegar Factory, with boiler, engine, and a'l the rcoouite toon complete, mostly all new and but dtue uwd. and In Cnt cius condtaoa. capacity lo make 30 barrels betdsy; tor fIAOO. Is worth twice the amount. It mustresoldsocn. No Incumbrance. Qom reason plvenlors.nine, r n. Bilrl£LD 4CO, BMI Entile Agent*, 10 P. O. Ulcca. T7OR SALE—A half interest in a retail AV X3.C00. Inquired BURV- P*'MSAVAN SCHAACE. wholesale druggists, 10 Lake-st., Chicago. F)H SALE—-Mock of dry goods, fur nishing goods aid notions. win exchange for city pjopert*. orother property and cssh,of drag store luclty. a. w. feEA, lAaduGlcc. 114 Adama-su FOR SALE—Stock, fixtures, lease nnd gcod wiilof A No. 1 Grocery Store, centrally lacs iCJ.asdrotnc a rood paving buslnev*. Caullai re quired. f-"0CO to #VWO. (Jo-jd reasons etveatar aelllns. Addrcat Box OSS. Chicago. i3oarh ®2aantefl. T>OARD —Forman and wife, with two J 3 roc ms. in private family, where there are no other boarders, on sontb MCe, between Van Ban* and Elghteenth-st. BtaK terms. Acdreas P.O. Box :<O2O. BOARD — By a gentleman, w«fe, and child three years old,in a DrtvaKfomlly.or *htre there are bot few other boarder*, and where plenty ot rcoro and smnethlngof home comforts can be had, on reasonable terme. South or** err*vl. and be«t re lercnrea form-bed. Ad.lrest •• W,” Tflhuae uhce. lor tbrre days, giving location, term, etc. BOARD —A nicely furnished suite of imnt rooms, with board, for gentleman and wile. South Side prcierrcd. AddrcM, for throe days, -• v, M Tribune efflee. *OOARD One laree mrmshed JD rocru tor gentleman and wife and one smalt room suitable for ten* and child with fim-closs board on the We*t Side. Itefereice required. Addrwa, wun terma, •* C 8,” Tribune office. T>OAI\D —A trenlkman, with wile and 13 boy, withes to obtain a choice olace to board. A front ro«'n>, with bedroom altar tied. Is required, either furnished or unturrUbed—tfcetoraer ccslrable. We-l tide rreicrred. Reference* exchanged. Addrrn STARK. at Tribute office, dating location, price, and mil particular!. T>OARD—A young Jady desires board O in a private family wTie-c there are few other boarder*. Address -£sl,”Tribune office. OOARD—Two young ceDUcmen desire I > a well Hg>;M an* ecnib»rtauls room. wl*h par tial tioard. Location. Wert Fide, near Msdlaon st, •ars. Uaeieeptlopabla reference riven. Addrcsi •PHILADELPHIA," f. O. Drawer 57SN. Chicago. T>OAUD—By a ringlegentleman, on one X 3 of the avenue*, between Twelfth and Twvnty teccnd-rta. AJdrrevO. A-Post Office Drawer 5.80*3. fHarijinrrg. 170 R SALE—Three 8-borse pow’ernp r right cadets; also six horizontal l aclnon, 8. 19 ard 15-horsc power. Larger or smaller endues fur nished with or without boll ire. IJ. is. 16 and 50-borM ttdrolar and locomotive boilers f«r sale, best make. AIM cue 4-rollcr Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wocd-workle* machinery, iron Biauers, belting. sawn, files. 4e. Machinery Depot, 52 eiibora-eU, Chicago. GREENLEE DUOS. A CO. IT'OU SALE—Portable Castries —4, 6. I - ' P, 10.12,15.59. 53 and 3f-(iwo power, new and F'cono-hand ■ one 50 and one m-hof»e power. Second hand Stationary Engine* and Hollers, Portable Saw milk. Woodwcrtb Planer* and Matclicre.'Snlcglo Mill* and IVood-worktrg Macliinerv. Power Corn Shuler*, Snail Psm Mfb. Iron Feed Mills. Sharing, rallies and Elemtnf Marhlnery hutlt t > order. RICHARDS’ IKON WORKS, 11)0 and l»-2 F)R t'ALE—A second-hand Buckley fo'dlne machine—la com condition. Pi Ice, fliu, Apply to th* THiHUNK COMPANY. TTOR ALE—IO,I2 and 1-1-horse pom f' bte- FnrlEc* and'H'* ter«—very tow, by GHIFFIN BROTHER!*, US South Water-at. FDU SALE—Engine, lU-horse, in good order. Inquire at Chicago Steam Laundry, 92 Wc«t Madlfoc-«t. Amusements THEATRE. C. M. COAiwncs. Prop. G. O. BabtoN, Manager. NEW ATTHACTIOM. FERNANDO FLEURT. _ FRANK WOOD. VT. CRARLEi- Don’t forget tbs GREAT RAFFLE for the ce'.ebratsd last matched Block Trailing Team, Uassr and Harness, And a superb GOLD HUNTING WATCH and CHAIN, valutd at <5,500. Raffle to take place FEBRUARY FIRST, at the VARIETY THEATRE. llvkou Five Dollar* each, which give* tm adml*- lions u the Theatre. The three hi; heat throws to take the TEAM. BUGGY AND HARNESS. The three lowert throws to take the GOLD WATCH AND CHAIN. QOJj. woolvs 31 ÜBE U3l COT. J. n. WOOD Director of Amusements. stage Manage; Lastnlcbt of the great Spanish romantlcdrama. and also of the grand Falrv Sp-ct*c!c, aits its splendid testers- machinery, costume*. dance? and song*. Saturday attemoon. .lan. Ml l , at the Grand MaMa*c at V pait 2 o’clock, will be performed to# creat span iso romantic dram* of DON o.c.s>Ait I)E BAZAS. To conclude with TOE LILLYWIIiTKS. in the even ing, at ‘.'to?. D*»N C.ESAR T>E BAZAN. To con clude with, for <o* la*t time, too uraud Fairy Specta cle ofFORTUMO. Moi.aaT-illCc.m QUOSBT’S UI'EKA HOUSE. THIS (Sstordayl AFTERNOON. January 5. at 2 p. m., second grand Ga*a Matinee of the renowned GHIONI ASD bUSISI ITALIAN OPERA CO »l PA NY. STEAKOrCn, Anbor‘s Comic Opera, la four aets. FRA DUVOLO. Mrsdame* Canlasa and Patti Strakosch, Signors Irfte, Errant, Ardavanl and i'ciettl, In the principal IOl«M. mx cnouca axo oHcimTux. Musical Director and Conductor Signor NioolaO ArtaJa-lon to Slatlnw. ?l to all parts of the house. Seat* rrcnrcd without extra charge. Morday—LA TRAVITA. rm>-dxy Meyerbeer's Chit d'auvre, ROBERT LE DIABLE. jy]"c~V]UKEK'& THEATRE. McMCKER* YITERS i..MANAGERS. LAST APPEARANCE OF M’T-LB JOHANNA CLAU>SEN. Who wEI appear In «be alter-o.'n Grand Matinee at J oVl'v*. a» the Y’OL’NG SCAPEGRACE aud THE MIDDY ASHORE. Saturday Nlght-Dtvxm or Mg. Waldeon. OTHELLO. With Ml«* Dcgr*tt, Mr*. Cowell, Frank Monroe, Mr. Wablrxn.mnd Mr. Frank*. In the caw. To ron-.lnde with Mis? rivnssoa a* the YOUNG SCAPEOR.v.'E, Mondav—First enticement ol the distinguished AZl tbte. bIISS CECILI.E RUSH. Grand carnival night at THE OGDEN, IF TOE WEATHER PERMITS. BAND! GOOD LIGHT• •axß A MAGNIFICENT SHEET OF SCE! ;y He tore acd rlelt the f AUGHING GAS. DU. COLTON, Who originated the ac.v#ltctlc use of NITROUS OS IDb GAS lor the vxtracticr. ot teeth, will, the Ihvllalloi. 01 a nuTrht-r of pronlneat Dcntts'* of Chi cag.-, deliver a LECTURE upsn the ga.. with A GRAND EXHIBITION Of Its novel and atanMng efle-t* when inhaled In *znall detf-'*. anu It* beautiful powers when in haled in Urge doffs. Pfritmluary uiLc Putllc Exhibition, Dr. Colton will give a LECTURE A\D EX TE RT Al\a EXT TOB XiADtDS ONLY, AT TBL OPER-V HOUSE MUSIC HALL, Saturday Afternoon. Jan« Is. Dr. Colton will endeavor to render the occasion lo {tractive and ama'lne to all who *U»nd. Twelve Ladies will Inhale the Oaf. Apytnios Fb»x. D«4>rs open at l—to commence st 2 o'clock. None but ladies admitted. Entrance on State-st. linking fHacijinci. ’J'HE Lamb Knitting Machine KKITS A STOCKiHQ COMPLETE, Etittirg U the heel and narrowing off the toe* as It goes along. No Other Machine in the World Can either set up tu own work, knit all sue*, widen or narrow, kalt the heel, or narrow otf the toe, or knit the SINGLE, DOUBLE BIBBED, OB FANCY FLAT WEBS. Knits a yard of plain work tn ten minute?, and pro duce* all varieties ot Ecu Goods, ttom a cord, lolaat's stocking, mitten, or glove, to a lady's shawl or hood. From 100 to 150 per cent Profit On every article produced by it. it li simple and ta*llj operated. WOOL GROWERS AND FARMERS Can dcnblc the valco of their wool by converting U into Entt Goods. Svery ZSXaciuuo Warranted. For circular* and sample stocking, address, with stamp, 09 Washington-su Chicago. B. BBATfBOW, Agent. Business (Carhs. r PH£ BOSTON FISH MARKET, 100 JQonroe*St f opposite Post Ofllee, Is the place to get al! kicd* ot Salt Water and Lake Fl?h .?T WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Snail have threnrh the winter. Freth CoL Haddock. Bailbnt. !>!«, Swelta. Lobsters, Clams. Ac^Ac.; all Irtd? of rmoked Fish, such a» Si mor, UallbuL Fin nan Haddic?. Tarmonth Blo»t - m. tn* of the best *■-- Irctcd and Mess Mvckerel, Halibut Fins, Tonga** and Sounds ever looed la Chicago. a. RYDER. 100 ilooroMt., opposite Post Odlce. .■*,trr’ t i x-xt t_ iiunt i^x- r LAXE & liODLEX Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAK ENGINES, Shingle Machines, Corn Mills and Shafting. Wood* working Machinery. LtANB Sc BODLBY, Corner ot John and Waier-six, Cincinnati. Appliraaa tor deecnptiTearcalanwlU specify the auchuery they need. sgsJ3cl-lpn? Hm-ißousea. TO RENT—On South Ciide, a first-class and brick basement bouse. N 77 Si* l *, •t., containing 8 rooms. good b*m. good water and ru. bent *36 per month. Furniture for sale, posses sion given tmaedlttciy. Apply at 38 Siate-si. TO RENT—House, and inrmture (all complete and new) for sa'e at a bargain. Prl«?. IUSCO. Call and examine, at 13 Baat Harrlson-iL, between t-abash and Mhnigan-avs. TO RENT—Or tor Sole—A new two* story house on West Jarkson-eL. 309. containing 9 rooms latest styl-*aud Improvement*. Rsat low. Inquire at Hoorn 2 Cabh’a Dn'.loler. 136 IMarbam-st. TO RENT—A bouse containins 8 rooms, 73 South ACami-st., and a partol Jhetttralture Ibreale. Inquire co the premise*. 7 ‘Abooth Adatr»*t. r PO RENT—A neat two story and a ball X cottagebonre. No. 357 Ww! Indian st- with good >am and large garrtrr.. Atpiy to JOS. R. BICE* EHPIKE.Boom3.Na Washlcatasu.upstairs. TO RENT—House No. 233 Newberry- SL, near C. B. AQ. R.'B. FERET A BON. vest end Eigbte'nth s*. Hrl.g-. . TO RENT—House on Indiana-ar., No. 1114. Inquire of U. D. CHAMBERS, I7 Rey nolds* Block. TO RENT—Bouse of 6 rooms, $35 ; tenement 0 rooms, f 15. Merchandise to exchange Ibr house and lot. Exchange; of all kinds elfjctM. S. W. SEA. Land Office, 114 Adams-et. T) RENT—Cottage, and Us tumiture for sale cbeap. Cottage in fire tnluntes* walk ffom Court House. Address “J II C,** Tribune office. 3 HO I?ENT—House—A two-story frame L bouse, and ahont 1700 worth of tumUore for sale, quire at 221 North LaSallc-at. 'T'O RENT—House of 7 rooms, pantry, .1 hydrant, four blocks west of the rlrer. aud one block fn m street cars. (30 per month. Apply at 153 Clarb-su. Room 5. TO RENT—New cottage House, corner Rucker and Tyler-sta. 5 rooms, water in kitchen I'd permeate. Inquire ofC. J. ADAMS, comer Canal and Adams-gt. TO KENT—A newly furnished House cntbcSonth Side, wlrbm fire mtautei walk of the Post Offict. For particulars Inquire at 7 I East Ailams-st. TO RENT—A choice House. No. 1157 PmlTle-sT„ with 7 rooms and water, between Twpnty-Lftb and near me horse cars. Poe*e«ston at once. Apply to J. M. MARSHALL. Room S. at 97 Clark-*t. STo Unit—liooms. TO RENT—The upper part of house Ko. 329 West Lake-u,, «is room; aod pantry, and water. Inquire at 136 bonta Sangamoa-iL TO RENT—Furnished rooms, at 118 CllatoE-aL. between Adams acd Jacksoc-sls. TO KENT—Veiy dtsirable office rooms, on me second floor of 91 Bar.urlph-*;. Aoulr to DR. JAMEss 93 Eandnlph-st., second floor. - TO RENT—One turnished room, suita ble ter two rcntlrtn-n. Conveniences fir a fire in th« room. Apply at 352 Slato-st TO KENT—Two iront rooms, with board. m a private laml.r, an Writ S!a.lUon-«t„ near Sangamon. Address “X V Z," West Side Foal Office. TO KENT—A very largo and desirable roots. In anew Mock, m. Clark-at. Reatlow. icqntrr at Hr cm 16, Garrett Block, corner Slat? and l{a*-dilrli-n>. 't'O RENT—A part of house No. 690 A Fulton-et. with or without board. 6 rooms and 3 elo*eui below,anil I rooms and 3 clooels above. Id> quire cl F. J. REED, office ol the Board -Public Worta. _ _ * TO KENT—A desirable suite ol unfurn ished front rcnnis with or without board. CBUS BY‘B BUILDING. SI *n4 S 6 Stalest. RENT—Two furnished rooms for I gentlemen, to rent. »lnc!e and doable, with law closi-tf. S 9 West Washington-*!.; a little over two blocks from river. TO KENT—Furnished lodging rooms, single and double, with closets, ra«, and stoves; kept In order; without beard, to gentlemen only, at No. iM Mklilgsn-sv. TO RENT—Rooms, ttimished orunfur i lehed. Good reierauees required. Call after 9 a. m„ at 94 Thlrd-av. TO RENT—A ftimuhcd Iront bed room for one or two ccnt’emcn. Also, an ntfumlthefl parlor at 72 Ea»t Van Durcu-it.. near Stale. TO RENT—Fmnisheu bed rooms, witli clotLoe rrc-«. ar.l conv r.Uat fr p'Utins up a store, at No.OO b'ont'i •l.'Ccr-ou-it., cftrea minutes wa'jt from the Court House. TO RENT—Furnished parlor and side room, fmlabh* for a l)»r.t!»t> offine or p*ntie'na'>’a ladeln: r. cm. Inquire of tho Janitor, at MOItiU SQN*S new Block. TO RENT—Desirable and pleasant fur cUhed front rooms. eult.iMe f r fmr centiemen, convenl-nt to business. Apniv at 236'< State-H. Gti.tlcmen with references preterrwl. KENT—One nice furnished lodging X room, within two block* of the Court Uou«e and LittOflito. 180 Lasallc-it.,Cr»! hou?cs^uthof Mou* STo Lvciit-gtorcs,. ©ffirrs. Nr TO BENT—Steam power and rooms to rent, 7-| Randolph-*!., Courf-phiee, e;.pv me c'roebv* Owm lion*-. App ytoA. H oiiDflN ft CO., or L. I. 1 0DD, on ihe premlsw. XO RENT—One- lialf of a store on South Clark-st., in the very be»l location In the city. reap. Q. Box 305. TO RENT—A desirable suite of Iront offlees. at No. 1I»S Randolph-st. App!v to GKORGF. M. HIGH, 164 Raodolph-at.. Roem 12. TO RENT—i?tore oroftite, 109Monroc *t.. two doors west from Post Office. A rl.aire for so errtral a store does not often occur. Apply a; 167 South Clark-it. 'TO P.yNT—An office :n ObAmber of J Commerce TtutWinr, <ih first Boor, fronting Balle-st. To a responsible tenant a good opportunity U offered. Apply at No. 1.3 *aa- building. TO RENT—Rare chance—The second floor ol 74 and 76 Lake-*;. Inquire on the premises. TO KENT—First class Sewing Machines at 11. K. bCOTCHUER-S. 90 Madlsoa-at. SKLtantcb— sTo Hcut. TX7 ANTED—To Kent—By two young V f mcr, t* o farnUhed roams, with b >ard, private farol-y. •» here few <t no other boirdcra are taken, and leca'lo;; witMe nfte*njmtnutrs walk of the Ccurt llease. Fits: c'»»s refer-rrea riven and re* qulrcd. Audroa* ‘•UACHKI.OIIS," Tnbono office. ..’...Proprietor ,F. E. AIRKN .TUOS. HARRY TXTANTED—To Kent—A lady, without V* arc fataliv, wUhea to rent a luri.liliNl boas? ot*. Is willlne m biard the fatally iwtol rtferetet g given. Addrtan "W X V." Trloaae oOco. TX T ANTED—To Kent—A furnished \V room < entrally located, South rile prel-rred, by two yooßg g *Q- Address K,” TrUiaaa otflea. TXT ANTED—To Kent A suite of V Y mom*, or one lire- room. ftiridah-M or uniar nlthrd. (former preferred.) in the Ttolntty ot Court Hou‘e. south view pre:erred. Addrete “D t),*’ Tribune office. staling leran. .Director, iSral Estatc-eitp. I.TI PJIO VtID. F)R fc-ALE—Two tew marble front Ihree-rtory sturoe. with lo: 43\1T0 t»rtt.> a gt.f >Ol ailiy, the second a: d thiM doors OttM npfj-dwrU- Ins*, with fire rooms, bathroom, car. water. Ac., oa each Ccor. Fine ettrre under e«ch. Will pay 15 p«r cent cn ptlee ajsci—she owner cjlntf so Huxope to live. Alsc. bnnte and lotssais f-'ct.on the aonthw-it cor ner cf Welt ilidlsrn and Albemarle-ste. Alio, ten acre* lylmrbetw—a «>»i I.ako acdslsll - wwtef cite limit*. Al.«c, lit fe*t 01 Nor*h Clark st.. with front cfSO f*et onlUrtr,at fiMper fool, ani *be budlircs Apply to ceo. k. n. hchfies, FOR SALE—A ncnily new two-story frame home often roon*«. water. ;a». and lot St.Vlwt irrriT. with ban. No. 20W Warf.m.«t., near I-itieoln. Immrdlat-no«ae««ion civ n. THOMAS H. SNYDER & CO., Heal Ks’jite ARtaw, No. -I Metropol itan Block. T7OR SALE—House and lot. nnrthcfu.l r comer cl North Weis acd«. Th-house Is new, with yas ard wattv Id, s*ren rooms and »lt closets np etatrs—the low-r partis suitable tor a star-, and lor small fr.tullr ta rear of sp)r-. Injuire on the premises. 177 North Weil«-st. H. D. KtKXIG. T 7*oll SALE—On Micbigan av., a sp'en dldrew brick reMdeac-, with all tre modern Im provement*. and n--*t a woman killer. Parlors, sittinc r< oro, library, dining room, kltcn-n. pantry and closets all cn tbe first floor, and a spl-ndt I Mm and ice hou«c. For fhrtlier lcformail>.n. Inquire at SO I Mlchljan-av. 17 OR SAJ.E—A desirable house, with 0 rooms. 4 prwscji. china clo*ct, Mnkro">m, maro e mantel*, water, css. ftc-. tocethcf with 3V v-ars Isase ollot. Inquire on the preml-cs. J7A Wsha-h-av. T7OR SALE—Furniture, with lease of Jr house. Tbefnrnltur- of house, with *ens-. for sale at a bargstt ; 1» fnrcMhcd to accommodate thlrtv boarder*, am nearlv all sew. inquire ontbepremkes.2os EastMa’.Don-sl. FOR SALE—Two rent frame cottace house*, ot P roo~«-a.h. wat«*r. jaj, cla'et*. and lot, m Wa*Mrctoa-»t.. brtwe-n Urcov. ;n! Ibi v -*v. Imm«<ltaret*o«*e9«t*a given. THOM\S SNTDE'l’ft CO.. Rial Eeiato Acenb*. No. 4 Metropolitan IMo?^. FOR SALE—A new iwn-storv frame house of Jl room*, hot and - Md vM*r.fntb, man tles. etc .and iotas leet front. No- 425 near Ada. Immediate no»«es«lan riven. THOMas D. SNYDER ft CO« Beal Estate A*enU, No. 4 MeUopo- Htan Block. FOR SALE—Yniuabte outside proper ty. a lots on Lake-av., casr Belarai School. 10 acre* on Kankakee-av.. tv tape* from *i;tv liml's, very cheap; 40 acre* aflF>ln»n* **ltt*hureu ft Ft. W. R. It.. \ mile Irom Umlt*; near Wdt Lnv- «t., M a-re*. nrv ebrap: ;j acre* 1U mile* from litnf*. tear W«t Lakc-st. J. D. HARVEY. Heal Estate Broker, 7S LaSaße-st. FOR SALE—On North Clark-st, 100 teat front, with buHdlas*. cheap, on lanj tin*. Frrtv-clstt fret on MlcMron-av.* with two-swry henxe. CLAFI.IN. f)3 Wa*hlnctoa «t. FOR SALE—Two convenient and de* ilrabl* bonus on Mlfhtran-ev., near Twrntv. lecooC-**.. wl h »lrht year** l*ate of lot*. at verr 1.7 V prlcii*. "aKRF.n a U'HIfKICII, Real Estate Bro ikn IS3 DearbQTi-sU. Boom 2. FOR SALE—Two new and desirable bouses on Waba*h-av.. north of rwentwiinth-sh, ten rcorr* each. Ac.; lot 55v191 each; price* liw: t*rx» ea-y. immediate. WARRBS ft GOOD RICH, 123 Room ‘A. ft SALE—A nice 2-ston* house on CllntoK<U,near V*nßarea-*t. LoiffitUO. |t,ooo. A large 2-*tory house on Clltton-st.. in rtimi, raaro’e tr.sMle*: hot and coll water. Ac. GoM Ura. #iKM. 11. C. MOREY ft CO- g< Metropolitan BlscX. UM3IPKOVED. pOR SALE—Lots on lone' time, near 1 State aod TbirtT.&rsi-su. .Mis. os Indiana. Micbfran ac-d Wabash-av*., near Driving Part. H. O. STONE. 107 £Uto-t. , FOR SALE—OuMots SI aid 35, section - If. town JR. raa« U. within a V>ort distance ol the jnncMon of the nudburrh A FottWsrreaadMich lean Southern R. R.. r»ntainlrt nV'Uffl acres. Al»', lets C 6 aod €7-in block 60. rn Waat laiiao". hetveen Robey and Hoyne-tu. D. w. MITCUECL. S Fullerton Bock. T7OR SALE—SO leet on enrner of Dear r* born and North ful deep—fir sale cheap. A. .f. A VKBEXL, lies I Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Biock. FOR SALE —A bcautiSil lot frontins Jcfferion-pa-k comer of Muyoe aod Loomla-au' - . 15X125 fact. *onth ftont. A. J. IVERELL, Esal Es tate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Hoct. FOR SALE—IOC feet on Indiana-ay. by ffeet cc Twecty-lblrddd.'-ji.wj. as etc-lli-.t lor ir>r Improvement. H. t.’. * CO., Real Et tatc Hroktn. Sc. S Metropolitan Bloch. FOR SALE—A tine , lot on Twenty* iccond-sr., near ln«Maaa.a% Slxist. at a low price and CD easy term*. WARRES A (JOODKICU. U<tate Brut era. 123 I>etrbor>«u. Room t£. jFor Salt. E’OR SALE—Prop. “ Genesee ChicC* • now lying at Detroit Mtttiran. CIimAJ. Too rase fold measomnenti. Anpiy to WM. B. Waß* KINER, Detroit Mich., or to UAURIS & URO- S* Lamber-it, Chicago. FOR SAJ.E—Office occupied by Kirbr, Carpenter A North sdr. near Wewl>?rTT’» £l - two stories hich. snltd-le P<rdwei*tnxf3r small tatnlK. Also, tciall frame hat; and sheds attach* d. FOR SALE—Cheap-Wood. Seasoned yebow oak. equal to bead, a' ft per cord, by car load, or i* per cord out of > delivered. Office and rardtouthwest comer of Vteßuren andCUntoo-sts. 11. L. CHAP* AN. [ T7OK &AXE —Two (Portable Engines, r near'.v trw. l'-bor»e po»er, in good munis? or der. for sa c very cheap Uapi.M f<r»oon,by GItESN* BROS. A CO., 32 Chicago. T?Oh SALE—A few: good second-hand J 1 Sewing Machines at IE E. SCOTCHMER'3 9Q MadVomsL 1 FOR SAI.E—A Wats walnut hair cloth parlor set, and some tbamber lomlttire, aUn st cew. Inquire s; 42 Crx*b|*» yjwra Rouse, or isu Supsrtor-aU a&4anuo-ittaif «eip. BOOKKEEFBBSt BALEBSES At. T/irAHTED Two cipciicnced sales- VV mtu. In a wholesale millinery boo**, Address, for ot-e wwk, Eor 6050. \\; ANTED—A good canvasser tor en- V V slaving In all Ita braacea. Call at No. 98 Wasblnglon-st.. op stairs. TRADES. XXTANTED—-Miller, ot fist class abili- VV ties, to take charye ct a 4-ron mill. Most be strictly temperate. Apply, with relcreoce, at 3S TANGUARf S UURLBURT. WJ ANTED —Immediately—Two first - W ria*s botsesboera. to wboa liberal wages and permanent employe.eel will be given Apply at ooce to J. W. HEWITT A CO.. Jackson. Michigan. WJ a VTTin—Watchmaker. One who is V V a goed workman and can glee good rdsrence. to go to a place isj miles from Chicago. Apply to LVON A BEALT. 116 WaaMcgtQD-sU A\ 7 ANTED—A good brass moulder. Ap. VV ply ataSUMsdfion-sc.Sd floor. TIT’ANTED—A first class bookbinder V V and ruler and Job printer, at the Omaha Daily Republican office. Omaha. Ncoraska. WANTED —A good hat trimmer, at C. C. OHEMLVS. 06 WsaMPStoc-at. WT ANTED —Two young men, trom 11 V V to JO years ot age, to pack spices and mate tbemselrcs generally useful Mutt be acquainted with tte baslneM. Apply to Western Coffee and trpice MUU.vbl SouthMarkcVst. WT ANTED—3 or 4 good tinners for > \ ro-flre. ImtncalaleJy. *A2O bomb Clark-st. FK. HARTMANN. ss3anteh-,iFmalcj9Elp. 8il28WOnSI(, TBADP.B, fts. WT ANTED—A governess. A lady ac- T t customs'! to gooil iwietr, between thlrtv and forty, capiiile of teaching English and music, can Qud aboiti: In a private famtlj. Salary s.*oo. Address, wtib fartlcuiare, ••S L P." Triboce office. HOUSE SERVANTS! TXT ANTED—A first-class cook, washer VV and Ironer. a*. 574 West L*ko-*k,opposite CslonPark. TTTANTED —A girl at 224 West Mod i' V to do general UOOMwork, but more par tlculariy to cook. * TXTANTED—A first-class woman to do VV genera! housework. Must he capable of taking charge and doing the work in » faiullyot two Refer ences required. Apply at 276 West Washingtoa-sL TXT ANTED—A girl to do general house -7* wort, on‘Warreß-sL, near city llmlia. Inquire at 375 W«.st Lake-tL TXT AN TED—A girl to do second work V t InasmallOtmlly. Inquire at 24 5 Mlcblgau-sL TXT AN TED—A cxrl forgcneial house- IT work, on West Side. A competent girl, with good reference*, can have a steacr borne and p>9d wages. Apply at 50 Lake-»L. 3ad floor. T\7 ANTED—lmmediately, a pood cook, Tv la a private hoarding house. Apply, Jmtne* dial My. attlSO Itllncls-st.. North Side. \XT ANTED A competent up stairs Vj clrl. wb« can brine good reference*. It quire at 604 Wabash av. TV'ANTED—A woman cock, that un- V? demands meat and p**try rookies. Applvat Si and S 6 t-Ute-st.. flratdjor ta the light, up stain. Emploijmrni ggendts WJ ANTED— I To employ one man in A l every town In thn to !>rlt aa rmlrely new thing. None hot nr? and active men apply. Ad dress tor patUonlars. wUU two three rears stamp*, to my ruern postape, S. fl. McELWALV Dos LOGS Chicago, HU XX7 ANTED—I,OOO men to go South, V t wages f 45 to #Sfl a month and board. raU road m»a, and all wanting employment. Apply at 1 !i !i South dark-si.. Room 3. TX7ANTED—Young men in the emm- T f try, wishing to obtain Utnatlon, such a« bios krepera. salesmen, collector*, cxprcs*mea. clerks, brake*ni'n, ftc., &e.. to apply at 131 Uearbora-sL, H.-om 2. or addnas M. R. JoNESfttbi., Box 3040, end.sing umccau, forfj.lpafllcu.ara, \\T ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 1 \X col't-ctor, i braiciu*ru J flremea. l poner, 3 drivers. 4 agi-nt*, 3 entry c erlu. 3 cocdact.-r?. A;pl> at 134 Dcarbom-su. Loom tg, ■\VANTED 2OO railroad laborers at W rcr dnv acd board; - F0 levee men at 515 to £N>per menth an ! board: 13 wtwlchopper* for iztdlana. Applf >1 100 Madison-st.. Boom 4. TXTANTED This Day ir. wood V V chopper* for Michigan, free transportation; SO men fir Memphis. |t.s<) p»r dry and board. Apply at lioom 3, Lind** Block, Uandolph->t. Bridge. TT7ANTED—We nrc tarnishing cm \ f plov ment tolwtotkeepen. clerks, sale-m-n. ool l«;tor?, r*3rt r>. drive:?. iiart*til- rs. lanu liaa».*.ia borcr».,vc. PAiISRALL * SMITU. ItiSSoutl. Cffirit. Rrorr. 11. Applb »nts by mall enclofc 10 eents for fa 1 partlcnliia Orders for men Plied. XT 7 ANTED—3BS racr. Work at ilera- T? phU, Kcd Liver Landing. La. Ai*r>. to M:r*onn,lowa.Mlchlg«a. and the city. Apjdv to FAKMIALIi ft SMITH. By mail enclose 10cents for p*rtl. ular*. WANTED —Live men to sell some \\ thing new. Useful In every family. Simple, de sirable; the greatest Invention of toe time?. Mc"U» with Lerretdont sales. No competltlus. D«*va thoroughly ttslcd: rever out. The greatest lcdneem-n:« otfered to agent*, anu wc win prove U by eailiug on oj. Send retail p-ipc. f.VA lor sample. Two stamp* for reply, r CLLtK >t CO.. 133 South Clark-*;., Kocm l <|. TV J ANTED cle» ks, sales ft men. p'rtrr*. driver*, bartender*, brakcsui.'n, tr.ecbantca. iaoortr». ranva*sera, and all wishing sttna llo; *. to; at EMPLOY WENT AGENCY. s-J l)-*f. bom-flt.. Boom 2. Applicanta by mail cn i3*e ll cent*. JiKantEb-faiscdlancous. TX7ANTED— A number of good busi ▼ > nsss ram, to eatatllsh ln‘urvtce Ace-cle* in Northern Onto and Indiana. Address Dot 3.4*43, Cleveland, ULlo. TXTANTED—To Purchase—From lil -7 j tetnlotwertv thousand dollar* wcrihotdr,- p"fi!g aLd rlnihlcg.fw atari ca-h and balance tn revl rotate jod other j..-e»*rir. m New York Sutg. at i fl. nrlghtt.g vlPaee wl'.bln frrir r 0.19 cf the N V. ft K. R, B. Arare it vrstm-nt to igr.he moci-y. InqutieuC or aedress S. W. GOODMAN. 67 Lake-*;. u-jeago. TXTANTED—AII who are :n want ot W wofiih'T nrlp or to call and leooor*, bcfi>;ha*lnr. Wchavetne be*t in th*» sv.atkvv. acp'.u. wautvd evetywbeie. A. V. DHOW'; ftiO„l2. > kLake-U. TXTANTED—Persons wishing to know T t the tntnrc at <'Q>d addre** tbegreat-rt sutrnlo plst lu the world. KO‘ - l"*e SI. with a*i*ocjm-a A wri ting, t- ilnfamc DTPON r, I)rawi*r G2H7. Chl.-aTO. XX/ AN'i ED —A smart youth. 1? to IS, T f that knows the city well. Apply at 191 West Lakr-st. XX 7AN TED—To Purchase A lanre V* » ardinsbncsw, ccnlial y locale*!, Inr wbii-'j a pood price will bo paid. Addrea* “K,” Tribune u a«. TXTANTED— Foundry. Any person Y Y V.a\ Ku a small f v.urttv. or a place suitable for o:,v. t,i leser. will addirts I*. COLEMAN, Tri llin** cfllcr. XXT ANTED—Men, in the connirv, to V ( act as accntsto aullcUahlpmects of faro, nlrte«. pelt* and U’!ow. To psnor.j oflntlueoce and to lho*« who cat command trad-, we will paycnod «\Urr. Addr*n, e.-c’«.»l2p3 cent stamp, .1. a. FEI'.UELL "i CO^ccdhUskn riicrchanK.Chlcacj. TXTANTED—To Purchase—An interest Y Y la a retail drov bn«lnr«». lo cor.r.eri the man i* taitnnns of ‘ prpprl**iaiT medicine larcely adrer tl»e«t. or mu'iM take a aitaat'uti where larlhties could Iv bad inar.ufuciifioj io» ulrleiat* trad-. L'noa cci-ilansblc rdvrencc*. Acdresi ••DltreiOlST,” Irl babe oit«e. XX T ANTED—It you want a light, cen* Y Y ted acd cood parln?bnslcf« for th** wint*-r, w- prrtutu*it la Ton In our tew patent. S-ml two stature ter foil inlormatloa. MOUIUXEB ft CO.. 129 or bos aB7- TXTANTED —By two>oungmenanun- Y' Y fhrnlehM r.‘«m, or salts of rooms, with op with outboard, la pn rat* house. Address.ilhtlnr teras, “A C B,” Trtbaac ogee. TXTANTED — n alctere and Masons—To VY ssrhar*-rest-smt- forpsinilQß and mason work on a Ai plf at No. S Metfopalltan Ulocr. 13 parting, 'HOARDING—Dry hoarders and board- J >/ r ‘. i'y the week, can be accommodate! a; -17 fkmth Clark-n. T^OAItDI^G—A small lamily have de* .1 > slrsble r *nm« on first tVor. to let with Mard *uH»;!i'fi.r r'C.t.cman and wife, or slnclc e-ct!aaen Apply a) Q'JSii Miciilg«a-av. "HOARDlNG—Splendid rooms, lurnish i > ed or nefi;rnl»hM. ran be obtained with flpst-clasi beard, at 140 lonrlii-av. A capital place for stu duila.withaU .onvtnteacea ta study at nlffitU TyOARDING —An unfurnished front 1, Jroett. al-o neatly turnlsbe*! ro-j-a-.wlth fir«*-cias* beard, la a |*rlt«tc family, at 17CSosm Cllatoi-st. BOARDING —One large furnished roern. suitable tor jrenti-man and wifr or two jmce 'wenta'ac. one *irsle ro-jst to rent, with boas), at 7-1 Jacksoa-sU, two block* south ol the Fo« Offlfe. HOARDING—A large pleasant front A.-# rOCTn - well tnmUhcd, in aflrit-claa* bouse, tails bWorcron-manandwif-. to rent, with board. In a is Irate family. 1010 Indiana-a v., corter Twcntv fecund it. TDOARDING—Torent, with board, fur- X> ni»h«d roima. «altable for two os throe slasle EentlctLen. at 45 Hash-tt. Scfetmee* required. T>OARDING YTith pleasant rooms, U fire aid llitht. for R-ntlemen. at 13 per week; also.afceiylnmlibed trout room, tor a gentlcmaa and wife, at 272 West Madiam st. Location pleasant. TJOARDING Elegantly furnished J room*. wltl Crst-cla»» bward, f>r oaeor two gen tlemen ted their wives. sr single gsnMeraea. la a prl* ▼ate family. en Thtrtr-first-st.. near Indlana-ar. «tr—t c*r*. >o utter boarders. Addrsi* Box 1927. Chi cago. •pOARDING—There will be a vacancv O for two gentlemen, on the 7th, at No. 1C I West Wa?hlrgtnn.<t. pOARDING—One or two gentlemen _L> rt-ilrpci or ncorJurtable heme, with excellent board and errant rooms, la a respectable family. Ur* Inc on W»h«!i iT, *ot v*ry far from the Post ftm**. Best references required. Address “C,” Box 13*0, T> OAK DING—A finely furnished room, 13 with board, tn a private family. Call at 2*47 t\ »st RacColpb-stw comer of Morgan. T3OAUDING—Good board at S<LSO per ID wc*k. *t the dining rooms, 1-11 Deartwrn-it., sear the i*ost Office. Boarding With a suite ot tront can be obtained in » small family, on the ? orth Side. Address “F T G,” Tribune office. T>OARDING—A few day boarders can JJ be accommodated wlta good board, at lb? W*. baab-ar. pOARDING—A pleasant room, mr jL> nlshel or mtfumlshed, with board in a prtrate family, can be had br addressing or applvlcg at So 2U;{ Illinois street. References exchacged. pOARDING—Four gentlemen can be l> aecomirodated wits good rooms, at No.fiTWcs: Students preferred. Terms rorr rea sorable. pOARDING—With nicely furnished 13 room*, fbr two c-ntlemen and thefr wl res. or it 3. at 132 East Madison-**.. aV^> i fry ■pOARDING—Few boarders wanted, JL> where there are bat lew respectable boarders kept. Gopd rooms, well fomUhed, at No. 7 East Ran dolpbst. pOAßDlNG—Gentlemen wishing cood JL3 board la s prlraw family, aurt very plea«%al loev Uon, can find such at 239 Illinois it, two blouks from &Ute~«t Bildge< pOARDING—Any one wisniug good 13 board, well inrnuh'd room, with comforts ot a home, tn a fmall family (street car* right it the door), can find same b£calling at *52-1 WesfLake-st. or ad* dreasltg 1. .D. T-, Tribune. Use of good bam. If re* pOARDING—One nice room, with J 3 hrs!-cla«s board, for a gva’lemaa imd wife, or Merle gentlemen. A'so, ose stogie room. Aun.r at “297 Mlchlgaa-st, comer of ITae. 3 p CARDING—Two who J 3 win room togetber.can sad a goad room »rd flrat-claas board at US atatnuone block from the Post Office. Corrrsponbnxcc gjglantrb, 0 UKESPONDENCE Wanted A V ) lady t{ coed appearance. pos»—of son* tn< ans, ilesires the acquatniaace of a gentleman thirty five or Ihrty years cf art. A widower with children pmerred. please address a note to “ M T," Ttlhane pi ORRESPON DEN CE—Wanted—By a V J ycungaanofleisnn*. with a young lad r. Object. *cqnainuu.ce and run. Addioaa P. 0. Box 22907 gnroammg (Beaanwe. SfAI.ES, §ITUATION— Wanted— As coachman I tor ionic Chi Istlan cmtlemin, hy a e joQ2R man <sn hmcrkani. ihebart rurnlshrd. 1 understand the cars ot h, t V V,'.' 0 >,T* haring bad many yrars cf eiper'mrc •Vf wonid w«,& ft»r « gentleman about the bouse and b»rn WiVJL ££ oWecf; a homo wanted fur th» winter Tribune office, or U. 11. HILUKEK, .Mt« s j'ich! errUATlOir"—Warned-a O as salesman or debt porter br a »nI?P young man of tood bablta and wMrMs r esco given. Address -A. A" Tribune pew* r ’ y “* elans reference* as to ability and cbarac£- e - flm Box 6333. P. O. Kle * • OlTUATlON—Wanted—fiy a rm. O man. In a wholesale or retail stew, i* nin',, fi make hirosell geseraltv useful, wntra a good ana quick at figures. Best oi references mV-rT ua ?l* dress "OL A.** Tribune office. SITUATION—W anted-As bcokkeener O by a Ihoroughly competent man. of experience: or. It willing to assist on asttofwJT Address 11. C.. Tribune Office. m °r hooks. FE.TIALB9, CITDATION-Wimted _By a vmrng k_> Lady, who can give good reference. «u Cl»r'< 1-aC V&i*%&S?<sSS Mho ' ue - ClTtJATiON—Wanted—ln a small ftm O lly. to do genera: housework. Inquire at StatMU in the store. 7tf » CITUATION —Wanted—As cook O there Is ao washing, or Whnld go c. ahctcl; 19 a good cook. Address *‘Estrla-i-i. * office. . l CITUATION —Wanted—Ry a woman O to do general boosework or second at IQO West Foortb-st. comer of Mllw au x w . a ; u?l * CITTJATION—Wanted—To cook m n O boarding hoc«*. Apply at 204 boumdi^^. CITUATION —'Wanted—To keenkonv f’ br a re«pect*Me mamrd wetnan. wli>r U r-r-t the te»t of city references. Adt!rc«s *• M,i L - •• i office. 2 CITITATION—Wanted—By an experi- Cl enced woman to do kitchen work la „ tamlly. Apply at 163 Koitb LaSalle-et. Urrereact-i dTcn. 01TUATI ON—W antcd-B v a respe c table O American woman, to »ew snd 2o •■hi-r;-.-tTrrt or i< hocset'fpcr. -\rp)y to MRS. D. Pn.vrr< PtT pcrlmiu 130 sooth Clart-i*. “ agents SSJOlameii. AGENTjs —Wanted—An aeont tncan va*s Chicago for “Abbotfa Lives of id.- Prci. dturi." Bo>ks now ready for «üb»crlbfrJ. Pnl luh r-* blchest comtnl*olon will be gives to a person of Ipr and »xp-rleuce. None other need apply, s. q DOYDEy, 73 Clark-gt. AGENT*;— Warned—Experienced book andoecravlrg canvassers, to whom a lire- mj. ary orcominl*«los will be paid. Address CUAkLiti BILL, |.T7 South Clart-«t_ Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—slso —We wart XX aaenU to *ell the PABTLETT SEWING M*. CHIK£«. rrlrpf3Xo. Tbr«*» willing to wt>rk per month wilt address, with stamp, l*A(i£ BUOT-*. EHS, General Ainu, Philadelphia. or Tcl»ia. Oslo. AGENTS —Wanted—$200 per month to sell the GENUINE IMPROVED BARTLETT SEWING MACHINE. Price rrtnwi tosrsii. \a. drcea W. DELObS A CO., I*>s» Dearborn-*!.. Chirac?. A GEN Tb—Wanted—slso per month, everywhere.nmleaml fetnal*-.!''**?l theGETO- TlsF. COMMON SF.NSE FAMILY SLAVING M ACHCOL rnerreatrat icT-ntioa cftbcacf. rrj. .•*;*. cS^SSuSSo?"' 1 '"- kcoiib* AGENTcj —W anted—s2,soo to $-3,000 a year. A rood chance to make money. An uwaiu-d in every town In the Union to inar.ufaci.irp and sell an arucle ofcunsSßiptloain every t*mtiv c*« be manufactured IB the ascot * dw-ihng. ’ Iter.Ure'r new ; eecnrrd by copyright. bale os pernor ui da flour; to r.tnrirnp to be done. For rmtu-uKr* adlre*j JiVA? UTnp en^ iWf , a fur return, LOUIS Middletown. Maryland. A GENTs—Wanted—Price 52.50. XX ‘Lloyd** Great Map," "Tzt* f'lirr Sr.\.vi» COM7SE.VT ix lAf.” Turce cap* 1c «>nc, amt the rheapest map In the wrrld. O'.e age;;*. ordertd firy Mar* after t** dan ia.v>—. i.BaxDPaiPT.vrn:CnA».Tor.\Mntjpi irec will the map. Artdrr» a GOODSPar.D * CO, lt> Lake *U. CUk-ago. A GENTS Wanted Farmers’ bovs, j. \ ibis winitT, to ml •♦crewrll impr vr*i S<-;-«i,r» atd Ktlle Fbarpcwr*." Sample and circular* s<-nt mr N 3 cents. G. W. cROWEI.L & CO M l». AGENTfc —Wanted—100 men can have s*esdy emplanrirTi; for the wtrte- bv *1 icln !!£r7-K " f , I'OMHI'VS NKtV AMKUIOVN UK VT BEGI LATOI,. bunco* light and pha.*ai.t. i* udtr in.-rmrs-. r»-. , er*s aaarant.Td, ,\rt’trr»< or-rJn*->i F. LAI Hl'Ol’ .18., a-otn No. If* o’ irv’i -i v «-v WK«, n;.. or Bootu No. 4 Liiuuno Black, Cleve-aud, A GEN T^:—Wanted—For the HIfc*TO BY OF T!?K BEI.tGIOUS DKNOMIN \TI*»V3 Or TIIE WOUI n. iikn-IWv 11‘drat. ‘t V'tV steel p'.ttraiw of et Divi’oiw • r tho mnott* vet*. The work Is Just Jro - ilw prc??. aucra- tot ul! b»nie.-t with a ready *a.e. It *h uM V* la cverj library, w want aa agect It ejchewirtr. Send for rsrea! ir«. Ad- ZEIGLEIL MctM lIDV ft CO.. Umbart Utwk. Chicago. HI. * A GENTS WANTED—For BAR t\ RKIT’S LIFE OF lINC.II.N. Tljo be*t. mn*t complete and authentic. wtrX yet pnbM«htd. l*rp*!-I'nt Lincoln bavink: for tin* work ah«oe the lactact Id* early life. 'We arootr-irmgagenl*. eMrs a very cr.elist ot pnolnm*.a Mgh-r tomud. t .'ia than can be affi'’-d«dhy any other lioce In tl.- ’V..* AddrewJ.s. GOODMAN Publlahcr*. 5 fu*l tom Uou?e Place, Cldcvgo^lU. the ASIE- Stewart M *D UpRSR BOOK, tr Robert yean •• T* the rr*n:ts „r t*-Ty y *7” JnT.sngailoc. Tl.c ho>k r»N-->re art other* f..f Agent*, aa It a;>i«V.« to th? r.0.-e**li!a« and *e.f-lnterc«t cl a very larg-% wodtuvaaml -nfigrti ihevery e-.mirniUty. l:ply t.ior adirwt* J. s. GOODMA-* i Cc^F :!h J»‘hnil s*Jo»f>ai ti .u«5-ptftte, Chicago, IP. A GENTS —Wanted For Frank J. X. Mr,wre's nt w work - OF THS WAIL" {•ay* the Cf into- LrenLiy uriuili IV U. In thfi noblest sense. .» c.*l;?tt t,f; bi-auty- and we envr the anther the cra’cfuf woft he has m-rfamiert. It all re-da like a romance. 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AGENTS—' Wanted—In lil parts ot the c. n ,?^.7* t 2* Hl “ 7llKin - sTo, S of ABievtiiM i.u»C()I.V and the **o\ KUTRUOW OF FLaVEUY •• iS.2 «f? r ,C 0 paer s- n - T *<> n - t- N- Arnold. l»*e member of C< ncrere. ard tor o*«r twe'-tr rea*sa rdr.fldenilsl frl-ud 01 Sir. Llrrolpf ThlV h!is Jue. be-n completed, und will meet d»r*->t f-1* brer intemiffnt rltuen. it features which any other *t«t. The f’ailr Chronicle, cf Aathlncrcn, tar*: -I will •onme ■ ~ e r^c d , bo id jivthln- vet pro doced. For territory ard term*, al-lriw-. the CWra^ LAUKE& C^"l<o “ a<l TFajhinron-k, AGENTS— Wanted—?5 tostO per day can bo made aelllne one of the »c« d o me.tlc li th .locs ever oflrred t-> ttic public, frbere is no com roJ. l \ n . ~S ‘ 1 *. Tje!n ?^ Ue 9 n Tlov-u!ioi 0 r lhe l i.^;i„” r ctiered tor sale, p e lUnund U v*Tr larire. Rverr laniby want* from two to ado.’cn. yijr Us In oce week. 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Gaxd- n City "OAKTNEU—Wanted—Oi X en la a valuable Patent Uic!,j email acta. To the rlirht man I will drcCT, with reteftnee. Box 0233. | "pAßTNEß—Wanted—lr -l_ ard Tobacco business. Appi onVelU-n. Bridge. , PARTNER —Wanted—IVo partners wnnteiJ-ot e with #r<o an* ca*with fcde. to lake >o uite’f-v in a ■wel, e.labilsbrd pair im.ii«.? At>» pty at 100 l!adi»cn «t- Room T s OKUi “** PARTNER —Wanted —4 man fr-iornor t. I »n.«v. and wh~> *ahe« to fat llsi.t,ia.e and honorable buslnc*|one mat win pit him a good focotse, will <jo wc.l tjcall at Room •7 Reynolds Block, between the beta of 9a^-fancM Voters, (gattifets, &c. FOR SAXE—A span 9 black horses, yonne, and la good otter for family car team. Also, oae lame drat;: horse O.Va) S - snltable fbr any work. Also, a fcod nxnrftw vsna for one-cr two horses. Apply a.|97 WcsfLak*-*!. Eight heavy teMi horses and Harness, for sale; one trof and two h*aw bos wascnaialso, a pair uf One cardtgc mr»ei. well broke and Hand, with carriage and Kmessc'mnlete In baireofß. PLACKM AN. 34 issue-st. P AYODNG HORSI purpose, lor sale. Api doiph-st. suitable lor any at itlali Halt Kan* HORhEb —Two gpl; of work horses or tnplci wanted. In for realeaia*# a«- dreti -F." Trl&a=rrfflce.tb A<5 iIQEt anij.-ffouuii. r OST—On tinnaoj, a Red Cow, white JLJ star and white nndt rocllv. about six r-nn old fe.^a. rro: * e f «”« «SEI& T —Arnall black Spaniel doe*, a d ** fro “ We*t AditnHt; bad on. when last jeen. •'mill chain collar. Any cue retnmitg htm or BlricTiufirinatloa wnerc In can sa Migrate 6 aboVe p X T' wlll rcCTITe V* reward L. T cn —slo Reward. An JLi fcncluhTerrt'rrellowijh colir, >l<ck no** wl nienth; were abuia’a coP»r. with the f>tio*.ci-v* ln aeJ 6. M.chlgaa-af. the abeve reward »lil b»paid T ObT—On Ihday, mv disebarse ccrti* ThlllUoolt Inf tarry The find* “ ae - T 9®^* —H, A. A. Certificates— JsVJfo. «wut, v>xsn. and A* tboj are n^toSySd/Jw? 1 owner * thc ? «nao; be ot snr I OST—a poor labonuc woman, a -./SSL? 1 between 173 Wihash-ar. and the £2*S u “ der win be liberally re* arded 0/ leaving it at ?73 WapatU-ar. T OST—-Du Wabash-av., between Peck Court Ptd on Friday rveslnr. Jaenary l.JLndf* Dark Mink Collar. «ttn tall*. IM WfHib-arf rewarded by leaving U at 417 fpAK'flPr UP—One Mack Horse, with JL threathlte leet. US hands high, and about six years old. ‘(be owner c*a get same by Identifying ch*s«. 4. j, bboWX. XteO west Madi*ja-«, k $lO per day lar:iclo (na hum particulars. toJ. pntor’s great P out. It in pro llif ilr*. I.ic<*»ia. fcie*!. W. IJ, Hern* I. Painted Irom f ' U |vf». now la voir Llen, m, no iicir. fehalt inter- B j b- eold for a [•ellch-ap. Aft. ja good Cigar f southeast comer