Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 6, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 6, 1867 Page 3
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UTKBA.UY. |>'u!?i - os of »w Publications, KV.r IDEA: TAUT SEr-ONrv.nF THR of an i.somir:R. iir t~ C i mu: .Itr\es. New Hard & < liiraco: Sj.vCh Pearson Co. ['r "the right bank of a beautiful nvcr *ds a:. • stone b»u<c which has been 1 .ht rnc ol several Generations of eldest r\ a u j.roud and cultivated, but much {(.to tbo passion for old piclar*-s, and .juJeg strangely in those ma»t*rs whom i;rn-k< would call “artists of ii«th. M la ' nil of that picturesque home Is a paint* ..fa do*i fluht by the sporting favorite of •vc'-.m grr.mlfalbcr. The bull and mas* •r* m desperate struggle, biting and ’\w’ nunt earnestly; demoniac eyes tint: f:• ; blood dripping to the "round; - :> Mucd and forked by sweat and dust, that of i*oor Laocoou and Ills boys re | itsc the hungry anaconda; altogether dc* J from tMfe lair lame of the faithful tl 1 smmble dog, and forming no very ex* study for the children of the house* j. ll»d the amateurs who did not put H •. picture in the garret onre looked upon tt rt j ulnive old marble hag lu the Capitol wl h countenance lull of blight 30 i injury, or the Dnmkca Woman Naples Museum, so revolting to jS of feminine nature, u new • would have arista and all ban*, i'll and morbid subjects would have ■:i ca.'t a-ide- How true Aristotle was to ■*.- spirit of the art-idea when he advised %:,nU not to exhibit to their children the f ui.ncdliko *' studies of I’jn.icus, lest their jAn.-iniiliuiis should be perverted by ugly Vfcgcs. The Theban artist wai compelled jy hiatulc to avoid the depraved and un* Ufcitly, and directed to constantly aim at tm e nnoblement of humanity by suggesting lt®!"ost graceful and exalted moods. of Mount Saint Golhard and looked i the gloom and glory of surrounding i:-o sin* could not help weeping, so over iPiling was her Inspiration of the univer -.;i «>f things. This is the very ontl of the depraved art suggested lu our I remark;. This is God’s art; stud Mrs. r.ming was one of the few who are able read the sketch-book of the Creator add ■ the divinity of nature’s client talk, ouabt on the canvass of the universe are the forms of the beautiful. Curves, :al ? , colors, carried to the height of .retie, bive us expression, and tbe essence expression is beauty. Woman, la her fhc-t type, famishes every beauty of p|i. The rainbow Las every tint of color. 3- Held of art Is between science and rc -3.-n. Science is tbc true; art is tbc beau* 3l; religion Is tbc good; and tbc true, 3 beautiful and tbe arc the carth «Uy o: human destiny. All legitimate ftjSivr, all language of tbo human soul, from tbe animal needs of aln. come within this classification. TSiben art aTies iiselfto religion, as in all civili.ation, tbe latter becomes tbe sbtitrulilng motive, and the former only beauty to mystic symbo's and images if celestial powers that rude imaginations Ki-eive j> presiding over the destinies ot K:i. A desire to embody the subtle, mi* Mu life that governs tbe world, personified U: in trees and stones, grew into tbe art of Mt ; ptvre. Color was for long time a sym £ >athcr tbati an ornament. In India art - remained f;r two tbousaad years in tbc »rd ami mas-ivc forms of superstition. rt> is wanting, and art dare not commit i<ere>y ofa new form. China clings still •rs* lenuuMy to her reutiue of queer spirit -1*( d materlailsat. Here are ueirly half • on the globe timking art toll .->-b«n<i!> to perpetuate error and bar j>ru i—. If it hud not boon for the false and imovabl.- art of the East, oriental society ;-.liinoi have fallen into monotony, for j ;*.ing ard printing, the great instruments ’change, were* not known till tbe imuio- fwitv yrss llst-d in word pictures. tArl 5s language ; and truly Its noiseless ‘lajio. ch lolls the talc of the past. The time jidyini: iciinutablUty of Egyptian arehitec jSbie now only stands for Hie daring as»er of immortality by a fcebie folk long since JBrerottpn. Sculpture and painting were eou a*!:vd. the former to rigid symmetry and stiff -wir.a.-yir.g posture with mystical aspect of ‘*;iturc, the latter to crude strung positive • •Vrimr, and both eat at the feel of Ihearchl rfitt. wh*» again bowed himself to the '»l*sls. No charge. No progress ; because 3 freedom. There was no poetical imagiua «)n for there was no room for genius. The t'Ast metaphysical forms were stereotyped by kVtte will «1 Egypt's cods, and no upstart was to jind a new thine under the Min. symbolbm has a tendency lofty and soul* Svatlus;; but there Is doubt mingled with mysterious, secret, sepulchral ; (ftrs, dark passages, cl«»omy torch lights, iSc-insplrlng tombs, much sorrow and small Nolhing heroic, nulling sensuous; HH all dogmatic, grand and sometimes do ■ JBstic, thoimh seldom buniliful in the ex. f!sile Greek sense of beauty ; never free always sad. ricnlal iiuuge-niyatlrism found its way > Greece,-and the chimeras, three-eyed, ihle-hcadcd, hundred-armed statues and n&ter began a new growth. But priest 3ield loose rein, and fauns. satyrs, eld-* grew out of a pantheistic taitb, till illy euti.-e freedom devcloj*cd trausLcndeot litis and Greece became schoolmaster nf benntinil ball the woild. The Egyptian u!i was brunght np out ot the sublet cao vault, retnodeMcd Into a fit abode for • gods and set upon a hill in the open sun ight- The outside was more beautiful than he inside; for the deities loved the open the lorcst. the waters, the mountains; *mnd the pones, rituals end plays were gfclapted to out door life. The isohvtt-d •-'Sb Htideur of the Temple of Neptune at ORcstam nailer the lovely sky of (.'ntupama Sill! remh ds our pi-actual eye o{ Iht* art tasid the “giants that were on the earth in ThchKaol Greek architecture V?S|, howerer, strictly human and sensuous. &,i:il>inintr a free-and cultivated fancy with mlie most exacting science, li suggests tth-nuiM; Imt there is no* unearthly mys firry. Symmetrical columns tower toward fß.avcn, hut modestly tlopaml never attempt Hp overtop the entahlaturo and the |ccrmce. The gods inhabited the lower Jfctmufpherc; and there is no high-looking ' divinity. Paradise was an earth-heaven ; ':2nd herein the Greeks failed to satisfy the ira- longings of the Christian world. The jttrt-ldea was 100 finite, and it gave place to Bho bjli-iminolaiing, heaven-bound aspira nfh>n of the followers of Jesus, who eschewed Xhe sensuous and sought the spiritual, hoped Sfor a wider immortality and practiced a .. virtue. -X- The universal-dominion arch of Rome, the i| Symbol of earthly power,the idea of every tun* -gjy»hithcatte.anucduet.tcrople. palace, basilica ttai.d sever, gave place to the wild liberty .Sof the Lombard imagination, out of which Ap'lw'.tb Orirntai and Saracenic help cam - forth, beautiful and sacred, the Gothic cathedral. - JCEthereal delicacy and communion with Lea fJvcd. Shafts and buttresses rising toward the Tjwclcomiug clouds: vaults and roofs break -Ift log into sioLt-spray joyous and lighUomc aS the ocean wave. Pointed arch and sky- II aspiring dome, lolly windows, the tower ol |ft watchfulness. the spite of hope, intinitc ftrinniinHii. soul awakeulug mystery, in-cru aSablc designs, awful deep ideal harmony, im- Sfcnorlality, a world of ideas, Providence, tßiod—St. Peter's. japT. El iiO, A NOVEL By AmmMa J. F.var.*. 9 rioib. New Voik: C'arkton. Chicago: Cobb, PiUcharri & Co. Learned nonsense for the “high-toned” ißcaders who send to the circulating library j£>wßbra vorrl, no matter which one, or who it, or what its tendency may be. Sen- Station pays the best; and forth comes Au- Evans to tell us a morbid laic of St. Elmo, the hero, is a naughty, lr- interesting character till he be- Komes a minister, alter which our gcutlc and jit earned authoress does not “do’’him very .jßclcvcrly. Edna Earl, a blacksmith’s dauah- BBer, Is the heroine. AU her relatives die, and ,«kt the tender age of thirteen she is left, like IHhc Monk of the Mountain, quite alone In gjlhis densely peopled and, as Petroleum ifijwould say, ougralcful world. She bravely JRgels into -the cars and goes in search of her The first catastrophe is a railroad ■T'accuU-nt, from the chaos of which Mrs. Mar- ■ ray takes the precocious, beautiful and B womanly scholar to her luxurious home, ® educates her and generously offers UHo pretint her to society. But Edna Is ■ independent and prefers to teach. She 3BWiuum> herself, as did the youthful Elihn iu his blacksmith-shop, with the SjKtudy of Hebrew and Chaldee and Coptic ard sundry other feminine pas times. Her Hebrew fellow student gets enamored o' her and sue rejects him. ills wealth counts high; but hb intellectual poweis arc beneath her and be must depart. An English lord also presents himself and his belonging*, and !•* like manner comes away single and sad. St. Elmo throws himself at her feet, and he too ignominlous ly retreats, curses and bless** in many lan guages, flings a diamond ring into the fire and swaggers about as If possessed of the demon Bluttah which St, Benjamin says haunts that notable Hubert who lives among the Tombs. But the nil-importmt question as to how it comes out is already too much delayed ; for which girl who reads seven novels a week does not peep first into the last chapter to learn the fate of the hero ? Well, Edna converts St. Elmo,, and the loving P couple are wedded. The proluiii'd heroine, |J]> Low only to her eighth teen, with her scraps ■T of dictionaries and cyclopxdias, may rest here till the curious reader chooae to peruse JB more at length the rehashed 4 * Hucheeter” 9 irr.m Charlotte Bronte and the original ped -9 antry of the authoress of “ Beulah.’’ BAIL ROOM COMPANION* or IHNCINO MaDFK B» Emile de waldct. New Yoik; Lick & FiUireiald. Outcast: The Western News Comptuj. If there chance to be a rcadei of the Tat- m-nk who has-not burnt any nmbdgbt «U Lclitrc bis private mirror, practicing llio lino art of making bow#, it were well that a ropy ofKiiulorie Walden's inb»tunsry ’ w-*rk< oa the new dispensation of manners should bo purchased, and well thumbed and pored on licloic the New Year cal la ore made. Let a large h-oking glass be inouutcd in a spacious room—cumins down, a brilliant light, door locked. Thonclbcr limbs must I>e poised by mechanical admeasurement. First po sition lit advance—the third—the second : disengage foot placed in first position behind by transposing to fourth position front; but In justice to the owner of this secret wo will nut let forth the whole mechanism ofautoai aton tabulations, but leave Cscser’s “fashion able young dancers” to study Emllo dc Wal den’s elaborate’profundity tor themselves; as also we shall leave them to search out the bidden springs-of graceful motion by which gloves arc polled on and then pulled off again ; the gentle mode of walking to a par lor window and looking out into the dark ness ; the dancing master’s method of get ting la and oat of a carriage, for which the back yard and moonshine are suggested for practice; the decorous way of sitting in au arm-chair without any acute-angled leg erodings; the beautiful rhythm of fanning cue’s self to the edification of all the beaux ou the piorza during a sultry evening, , thus perfecting that cool and reposed har i mouy of pretty-armed motion which gives | so much pleasure to the idle. But above all j let every lover of good manners ponder deeply the rules of indiffcicnee and dignity ; the former to be used In business, the latter in the drawing room. The one is in requisition on ’Change ; the other is good to be put on by* those whose beads arc empty. Emile dc Walden thanks Heaven that the rales of his tiptoing science ere capable ofimprovement. So It mayobc the SontU Sea Islanders thank He.> ven for the divine Institution of friendly m. e-rubbing. Avery busy provi dence gets interrupted by uncounted thanks fur any j»;i. rile nonsense that hapjrens to please the ’ Linker. We do not wish to dc- I rceiate the exceeding beauties of the music of action, whether in ordinary carriage or in the dance ; but when the will is made sub ject to a machine with a retrogressive peda gogue for engineer, when forms arc exalted cbnvc things, when word-twisting and pretty lies take the place of frankness and truth, when the letter supersedes the spirit, when the little things of this most dutiful life are made great and the great ones made little, we shall not hesitate to denounce the babyisms and exalt manliness, even to the prejudice of sundry bookmakers who seduce the young men of America from deeds wor thy of their forefathers to do the small basi- Li-s-s of aping British lords and French dandles, and then laii in the attempt. FOR THE LADIES. COnecrnizic Society, Fauhlonq I*laa> urns ami jnatrlmouy. CONTINENTAL M- UUIAfIE LAWS. Among tbc antiquated laws and custom! of tuiue of Ure bmaiJer Geiman States, which will be üboli ued ou tbeir annexation to Pnifsia, not tire least curious arc those re lating to inuiiitmc. In Electoral licssc no muuwus allowed to niurry if under twenty• two yeaißof age, and no woman if under eighteen. The' result of this somewhat ecvcic law was that while in other countries L'irlo ' try to iitakc people believe they arc “sweet teventccii” for many years after they liuve leli senool, tbc Hessian young ladies often declare themselves to be eighteen years ole long before they have reached that ago. Tbc I’lUi-siau authorities, however, will change oil that, tbc law of Prussia miking the minimum marriageable age eighteen for a man and fourteen lor a woman. In Wur lejnburg men arc not allowed to marry tinder iwcnty-flve, except by sjrctia! dispen sation. A curious law, iaid to date bom tbo time of tbe Visigoths, also exists r in that country, forbidding any woman to marry a man twelve years younger than herself, "in tbe oilier German States similar anomalies iK'eur. Thus, iu t-axony, tbc minimum mar riageable age for a man Is twenty-one; for -women there is no restriction. In Austria, a b<*y of lourtccn may marry a girl of twelve; white iu Baden, marriages where tbc bride groom is under twenty-live, or tbc bride under eighteen, arc not allowed unless sauc* liquid by the jiulice authorities. UGW TO DHLSS lIAIR IX A COIL. First tic it all together at the back of the head, fastening in with it a thick piece of silk cord the color of the hair. Divide the into th;ce or four tails, then twist one <>l the pieces room! the cord so as to cover U ; then twist it round the head and fasten it. Take another band of hair and twist that round tbe cord; fastqu It rouud the bead as belurc, and continue thus until the cord be completely covered, and the coil sullicieutly huge to be becoming. If your hair is not very thick, piocuru a frisettc, about half u yard lopg, and use it instead of tbe cord. They are made purposely for coils, and can be obtained at any good hair* dressers. CHOOSING CARPETS. A carpet should be always chosen ns a background, njtcu which the other articles of furniture are to he placed, and should, from Us sober colors ana attractive features, have a tendency rather to improve by com* parison object* placed upon it than com mand for Itself the notice of the spictator. ll slicuhl vie w.itii nothing, but rather give value to al! objects coming in contact with it. Composed of sombre shades and tunes, and treatca essentially as a Hat surface, it exerts a most valuable though subordinate inlluencc upon all thojAher decorations of tbe day. Upon it tluTcyc reals while sur veying the more important furniture, and its ptcsence, properly treated, supplies the necessary material for a satisfactory contrast w ilh other portions of tbe decoration, which comparison in no wise detracts from iu own peculiar degree of merit, but proves from this eiicumMunee bc.w valuable if i- as con tributing to tbe pleating effect of tbe whole ai urtmeut. A UL'SMAX HALL-ROOM. A St. Petersburg letter, ot November 23J, says: '1 lie dancing was curried on with a vigor we arc hardly accustomed to in Lon don ball-rooms. In the third figure of the quadrille, lor instance, the gentlemen joined bands tn a circle, and danced round and round the group of ladies as fist as they could turn. There was a good deal, too, of shouting to mark the lime, and the dances were very hng to look at; what the}’ must Lave been to th« pJTloimcrs is a question 1 cannot Lope to answer. The cotillion, I sun certain, lasted lor sin hour, and most ot those who look part in It never sat down above a minute or two at a time. In that modi re publican of dances the whole company Is mixedlogcther. The Prince of Wales must have waltzed, 1 think, in turn with nearly every lady in tlie large circle seated round the since where the cotillion was pci formed. The Crown Prince of Denmark could not keep up with Itis Royal Jjlglmess, and gave in before the dance was over. The Princess Dagmar was indcllttigablc, and, ns it struck me, waltzed better and longer limn any lady in the room. It is no very high complin ent to her to say that she was also the prettiest woman there. She looked, belter than 1 have yet seen her look lu St. Petersburg. The heavy diamond chaplet was replaced to great advantage by a wreath of roses. She wore—so a lady told me—a white tulle dress, with a rich green silk pelisse, h&lfcovcring her shoulders; round her neck was a triple diamond necklace, of great size and weight. She was apparently iu high spirits, ana, with her cheeks. Unshod by dancing, she had a freshness ol look very rare in Russia. 1 should think It would be dUiicult In any other country to collect in one room so many ladies of high rank and fortune, so few of whom had any pretensions to peibcnol beauty. I have no wish to be unjust in my criticism, and I admit there were very lew to whom the word ugly could be fairly applied. Good figures were r:ot uncommon, but of beauty, such as you sec in any gathering of English ladles, there was absolutely none. Thclower part of the 1 lace is alwaye thewcakpoinUnthcscßussiau > countenances. AXIKUICAN TOILETTES INcPAKIS. The Parts coneapoudent of the Boston .tdmfw/r says: 44 Seme brilliant partied Imre been given by Americans, and mucU gossip baa otcit elicited by the rather gross and overdone toilettes of some of the ladies. At one of these entertainments an American lady appeared in a red velvet, shot with black, wearing a con-net of diamond daisies on ber head, and a stomacher which wds a mass of diamonds. No one, they a.-sert. not Jof pilocely extraction, ever appeared in Europe with such a wealth of diamonds on her person. There i? a class of Americans who come to Europa apparently for the single purpose of wearing osteulatlons cloth ing and making genuflexions before crowned heads. Each to his lalse. Ido not quarrel with them.’* A MISCELLANEOUS OLD WOMAN. An old woman, named McLean, died, In Glasgow, lately, apparently in destitute cir cumstances; but on the house being ran sacked after the funeral, nine boxes were uncovered, filled with a miscellaneous as sortment of ai tides, consisting of blankets, selln dtcfees, shaw ls, a number of parasols, boots and shoes, pieces of wax candles, etc. Three bags were also found in the boxes. In one of which were £lO4 In gold—sov ereigns and half sovereigns; In another, sixiv-four one ponnd notes of the Clydesdale Kink; and in the third, forty half-crowns and a number of crooked sixpences—ln all, £175. A NEW HALL CAItD. A fan-cy.hall card in the shape of a fan, •which opens lor the writing down of the names of happy accepted ones for the dance, has been brought out by Mr. Rimmel, the London pcrfuuicr. MISCELLANEOUS. An American teacher, in Europe, says the lump of butter an American girl puts on a plate, would make a Parlsienno starj wildly. 'When a young lady is serenaded in Vicks burg, she present* to her troubadour the headlin es sue wore the evening before. A chap recently went serenading, and a water fall was tossed out to him from an upper w indow. It came from a waahtub, however, -which followed it. It is estimated that seventy-five thousand of the female adult population of Marseilles —in fact, nearly the whole—wear false hair. There are three hundred and ninety-seven pcrruqnifre in the town; and three th'ousand Kilogrammes of hair, imported from Britain, Auvergne and Italy, arc worked up annual ly, in addition to three thousand kilo grammes for export. The New York Oazettf save: “Very bean tlful were the designs for N’cw Year’s cmds this vear. Tie most popular style was to Ihave'lhc words ‘Happy New Year’ engraved In a scroll or wreath over the name, with 1807 in the cetiire. But carda were not very generally used yesterday, almost everybody calling In person.” The'new fashion is a bonnet in which a chignon is attlachcd, so that a lady purchas ing a covering fur her head can be at tbc same time supplied with her back hair as well. The number of chignons exported from France to England durtnethe past year was 11,954. In addition to which there was ex ported a sufficient quantity of hair for 7.030 chignons, to he made up tu England. The total value of the exports of hair and from France* during 1805 amounted to i,‘-\X).UiS francs, or upwards of BlorJmc. Enelaml took Urn larjrcU quautU tv uj.d the Uoil' ti titaba next on the lUi. RtEIKISCEKCES Of WASaiXGTOK, Gram of TVai»l»lngion*« Ancestor*— lltr Device of the American Pl*c. IProta the Colatubus (Ohio) Journal.) John 11. Klippart, Esq., Secretary ol the Ohio Slate Board of Agriculture, during his n coil visit to Europe, under the auspices of the Board, not only collected and brought lion e a considerable number of raie uud valuable books relating to agriculture, the breeding of cattle, etc., but also some speci mens otari, ami historical records of Inter* est, which mav be seen at the Agricultural rooms in the Capitol. Not the least Interest ing »*lThe latter, to the writer, are two foe tin.Ue impressions from the grave-stones of ancestors of onr illustrious Washington, which he fell njionby the merest chance, at Little Briuglou. Northampton County, Eng* land. This little town is m a rather isolated pait of England—at least apart not mado accessible by the modern improvements of railroads, etc., and therefore not much visit* ed by foreigners, although It Is not very re mole I ram London, and is by no means des titute of hbtories! interest, being in the vi cinity ofihe Naseby battle ground—a battle so decisive of the late of Charles the First, and of the renown of the “Protector, 11 Crom well. Mr. Klippart had made a journey out from London to Northampton, to see the famous herds of Earl Spencer—among the largest and best in the kingdom. On arriving in the vicinity of the Earl’s scat, he halted at the small town mentioned—Little Brington—to procure some refreshment, and being at tracted by something In the appearance of the ancient church, was drawn by curiosity to the piavcyard attached to it. The many familiar American names on the gravestones then arrested his attention, and ted ulm in to conversation with an old lady who had charge of the keys of the chun-h. The lady, learning that be was an American, informed him that she could show him some In scriptions which she thought would be sjtccially Interesting to him. The passage into the church, not fur beyond the entrance, was directly over two graces, which were, indeed, interesting to him os an American citizen. One of them was that of Lawrence Washington, the great great grandfather of onr American I‘aicr Vatrlc. Tula grave was coveted by a marble slab, containing the name of the sleeper beneath, and the coats »f arms of the W ashington and Butler fami lies—tbclutterbeinclbatof i.U wife. The former—the Washington coat of arms—eon siets of three stars across the top, on a blue ground, and beneath four stripes, two of red and two of white, alternately, oa In our own glorious flag of freedom. Below the coat of arms appears the name, lu prominent but very unurtistlc cboracteis, thus: LAVUUSCX T.atliDiOTOß ICI.J Here Ilcth the imdt of Tn.icncc WasblDztoo sonuc and heire of l?ot-irt Washtac on of solgnre In the countic of Northampton Etqtikr who matiicd ilatgaret the eldest dansbterof WtTliam Bailer of in Uie Coucuc of buetexc C6qu : (-r. wco bad iesn by her b t-onns and 0 daughters which 1-uweucc decc-<rec the 13 of December A. Dnl ICIO TLore that by chance or cboyce Of this ►ftbt slghl Know lift* lo death itrignee As ilny to night; lint oh the iMitiiib /dome Jbohes (he dajr So Chris: shall ns Though turnde to dual 6; clay. Joliti Washington, a son at this Lawrence Wsi-hlnglun, whose grave is under our notice, was a partisan of Charles the First it. the wars already referred to, and seems, troui tin- rcfiunisretiws gathered by Mr. Kllp j jut, to have Iveen u kind of John Morgan in ♦ but contest—a cavalry raider, not unlike l.itu who h> Micceabfolly buriowed from our I ei.Ucutlary, to die elsewhere the death of un Urrjsaiii. After the great battle of N:im I.> , so falal to the interests of his chief, J. liii Washington emigrated to America, am! east his lot among the early settler* of Viiginla. He was the great "randiulher of our 'Washington. His son Lawrence was the grandfather, nm] hi* son Augustine the father of (Jeoigc Washington, ana had their residence at bridges Creek, Virginia.- Thc other crave referred to was that of Robert Washington, a brother of the first mentioned Lawrence. Although not so im incciutc an ancestor of our American family, the inscription Is interesting, as containing some historical information, and showing that the family at that day was not one des titute of position and consideration In the early part of the seventeenth century. On the gravestone of Hubert Washington, above the same coal of arms—the Stars and Snipes—is a brass plate, containing the fol lowing iiscripllon, which we copy verbatim from the Impression taken by Mr.*Klippart, on sheets of paper, with heel-hall from a shoemaker’* shop, the best substitute for ink that the obliging old lady could pro cure : Here lies icUricd ye bodice of Ehsab.Wafhington wuidone who changed Ibis life for imoifalhic ye ITIi of iJarch 10£i: As also ye body of Robert Washington cent: her hie hvebaud second soouo ot Robert asbnglon orSolgra>e in yc covnty of Ronho: E«qr: ho c-’p’icn this life yc li’th of Maicb After tbev lived lovingly together many yeares in this parish. The biass plates which contain the inscrip tion quoted, mid the Coat of Anns below, ate considerably wom by the footsteps pass ing over them lor two and a half centuries; hut the inscriptions arc so legible at to be uadily deciphered. Wbethei the precedence given to the name and do.-cription of the wife, though the last tu die by nine days, i» indi cative of a higher rank in the caste* of that day, or ot Hie chivalry of the ago, dm snot apl car, but may be a malterof curious spec ulation ; as aho the cunncction between the m*ign of the Coat of Arms of the ancleut Washington family, ami that of the flag that waves over **the land of the ficc ami the home of the bruve”—a ultc quotation, now given with more consistency and a better i dish than formerly. The Wnshington’Cost of Arras, as given in the Heraldic records of England, has an eagle perched above the shield containing the stars and stripes. This Is not found upon the grave store from which the epitaphs are copied ; but the fact gives additional inter est to the speculations concerning the or igin of the design of our dag, and the adop tion of the “biid oi'hcauty’ as enr country's emblem. A CIUM> PROJECT. Srlicntcfor CUUzins tLoWater Power of the M, Lawrence. The Montrealers arc dUciissh'g a rwgnlQ cci-t scheme fur utilizing the immense water 1 over of the St. Lawrence River at the La chine Rapids. These rapids ai c about ft mile In length. In that distance the level of the river sinks twenty-live feet. It the mid-t of the rapids lies a clutter of Islands extendin'; through their entire length. The only chan nel that 1» navigable' runs between the Is* lands and the southern bank of the river. The sources of the water supply arc so im mensely distant and vailed, aml subject to so many ’mutually compensating inlluenccs, thot’thc river is not materially ntTocled either by floods or drouths. The hydraulic power at the rapids i* estimated to be equal to the combined forces of of tour million of horses. Various projects to turn this vast motive power to pood account have from lime to lime been before the public mind la Montre al. Rut tbc schemes have been on so grand a teale. involving so immense an outlay and so small an immediate available income, that nothing has come of them. They think now, however, that they have bit upon a plan which is feasible. It Is described us follows: “This clan embodies three principal features. Fin-1, U Is proposed to turn the slieam gilding between ihe islands In the rapids into a great ccr.tir.rons rolU-r-trcara for Hie maantactorlcs to be bnl'f i-n the Wands. Secondly, It Is Intended toconetrnct a great dam from the l-lands to the ixuihf in or Montreal bank of the river, tw o thou sand eight hundred feet in length, wide enough ter a Double railway Hack, a carriage road and footpath?, and high enough to mam all fhe bend vnti-r of tho north channel, which by running a pier a short distance np from »he uppermost i-lar,d can be made from sixteen to eighteen feet, below the dam, along the rocky bed of the ar rested north channel waters, mills are to no nocled. Above 'be dam will be an immense and placid millnotd. into which gn at rafts of amber horn the Ottawa and elsewhere may be easily floated to be sawn by the mills below. “ la proposed to excavate a canal three or six hundred net wide and fourteen le-t deep, ron.nivncit c a short distance al*ove the dam, and mu. ing neatly parallel to Ibe river about* thou sand fcit luin Its bank down to Ue valley ot the liver St.Ptctrc.linis arc lobe hoili along the canal throwing fhilr lail water into Ihe over. Mills wcwlu hi* bolU also alone the valley of the SU Ibcrrc. It Is calcmati d that the hydraulic power tf.u* conttolled will be snCirient to drive all the mills for whose location space can ye found wvbin proper distances. It i*mounded likewise teat the water of ILc cure I should supply inr eased pump mg power for die city water works, and when needed fill docks tor ocean going steamers. “It Is anticipated that the of the projected dan will greatly relieve Montreal from the yearly danger and Inconvenience arising from the accumulation ofpaikm tee, as much of the a ce i ackioe lakes place on the rapid* along the NoiUiem charnel. “lo accomplish this great work a company with a proposed capital of two millions of dollars has been formed, and has alreany given notifica tion nf its intention to apply tor a charter, or his mam the requisite application.'' THE SILK MANUFACTURE. Fatal Dl«rn«c Among SISK Worow t'nusc of tfic SnflVrtns Anions Use X'nnels Silk Weaver*. A correspondent of the New York JCrprrt* thus accounts for the suffering amoas the 1 eilk wearers of Lyons, which has hitherto | been attfibuted In a great degree to the fact that America has ceased purchasing the costly fabrics r The real cause of the evil is to be found in tbe gatllnc, the fclriae, the mnscardinc. tor these are the names of the three filial diseases which have made such dreadful havoc among the silk worms. Under the Influence of these, presto I the price of silk has risen from SOf to 100 f the kilogramme— an advance abundantly sntScieot to account for the falling off In the orders received by the manufacturers. This fact is fully proved bv an article which has just appeared in the franchr Comte, a journal published la the cast of France. As silk Is much worn at New York, and >U use has been in no degree restricted by the v or, Americans may like to know something of the origin of the above named diseases which have caused such an enormous addi tion to Us price. M. Pasteur, a gentleman who has profoundly studied the question, assures us that the QaUiat, fclrlue, and inns* catdmc, arc the conscqucmcsofcorpuscules, which attach themselves to the worms and cause their death. But whence comes these corpnscmles? Here science Is at lauit; It only knows tbal they arc analogous to the globuline of the blood, though they dlflcr 1 lr; m It In one essential point —the glonbults of the blood arc healthy principles, while the cornusculcs ol the silk worm arc morbid, in Ibis instance, ns in others, old women a 1 science comes to the help of the learned, . Not long since. In the department of the J Iscrc, a careful old lady began to raise u few silk-worms, only three or lour at first. She fed them with the leaves of the wild mol* 1 berry, always fresh gathered. Bhe was most attentive to her chargee, kept them clean, In | a spacious room, with an unstinted supply of air and light. The silk-worms stowed their appreciation of her proceedings by spinning fine large cocoons. Their mlktress was proud of her success ; she reflected that if she could obtain a good quantity of such bcautllnl while and yellow tiik, bUe luinlit make mono}'. dUe tUereforo set about the number of her voims, and b. can to rear them as t'ie bust- ju tb of her lift*. Her neighbors were ull Sftonbhcd at her euccesi ; they could nut nudentand Low the uiaimsrd to have her worm* always healthy uud to uJtaiulluc cocoom, whlLst oili. - r people's worms were cm tied oir by di-.ea«c and their cocoons almost worthless. Her receipt was very simple and always tlic tHinr. The good woman managed tho woims with the most scrupulous cure, as al t&idj described, while other people crowded theirs iu rooms without either air or sun. and fid them with dry or withered leaves. The eilk-worm Is as much affected by by grjilc influences as man himself. lu course of time, however, tho woman bo* came os covetous and negligent as her neigh bors, and then, like them, she lost her stock 01 worms. This story Is no creation of the fancy, hut a fact, communicated to tho writer by Dr. Felix Achard, of £l. Matcellin (Here.) lIIE GAS QUESTION. How Cities Slay Furnish Their Own (.'as. Important Investigation at Cincinnati. Tho Cincinnati (JaztUt publishes the fol lowing communication from three promi nent citizens of Cincinnati, whoso Investi gations of the gas question will be read with interest by the people of Chicago; To tbc Editor of the Cincinnati Gazette: The undersigned, citizens of Cincinnati, being personally interested iu the reduction of tbc price cf cas in our city, at their own expense, some davs since, visited Ibltsbnrgh to ascertain from their Gas Company, what it costs there to manu facture gas i Lev arc fully eatisSed that no other city in the Union hut Pittsburgh can manufacture gas as cheap as Cincinnati. Their conclusion i% mere can be no question bat it Is the interest of all citizens who burn gas that the city thouM un doubtedly buy tbe works. They were cordially recchtd by the Directors and Engineer at the Gas Works, (Pittsburgh,) some ot whom were found to be old acquaintances. Their books were thrown open and every in loimation desired flven. They also gave their annual printed report to June #>, 19RC, which Is hereto appended. They manufactured, last year 1U7,C00,0U0 feet of gas, (besides what they used at the works > at a cost of f97,56S which is 1 W*» cents per J,iuufeeu Theyreport two bushels of coal will make tlreeboebeU of coke; that 1 00 bethels o> coal will make one' barrel of coal tar. Tbe coke ibey sell at 2 cents per bushel, the coal tar at f‘2 per barrel. The demand for both is lim ited hi neb of the tar they run io tbe river for vast of tale. From tlulr published report slt)d-sa.rß was received from the sale of coke and coal tar, being cents per bushel, a credit on erst of coat, ol which they consumed tbe past year, 3t0.~i bushels, and for which they par, at the uh-trf, Scents. The cost of labor we find about equal—common laborers, tl.go; stoppers, Now, although we p»y !•;> i cents for coa’. yet the price we gel for coke (say t* cents i alone pays fonbe cost of our c* al—Unit Is. if two bush-1* of roll yields three bushel ?cf cokr, as reported In PitUUurg. Coal tai sefe (>t per barrel, which u act edit ofg’i cents per bnsbel on our coal. The committee have an application from one of the best and movt responsible coal dealers in Pittsburgh, offering any security required, to de 11.n ml Vougbiogbecy coal required by the Cin cinnati Go* Works, Bills wharf, fur tea years, at Kg cents per bn-hel, and we understand the Gas WcTiks bas just cuniracctd with a well known tmity iu our city lor !J)O,WO bushels of coal, for future delivery, at J- J ,i cents per bushel, thus they cannot see why Cincinnati is unable to furnish gas as cheap or cheaper than Pittsburgh. The’Direc lors and Engineer of UicPiilaburgH Oa« Company, no Intelligent Scotchman, Robert Young, stated that 'f Cinclr.rn.ti manufactured three urn*'* os natch gas as 1 itteburgh—which is nearly the cue— (all material end labor belrg equal vClnclnnall could P'akc gas one-tblid less thanPlasbureh. An intelligent German, wnohad been engineer to s gas woike in Germany, calculated it would to Iweitte-flve per ceut less. The city of PiUskureh gave to their GasCorapany one hundred aid seventy thousand dollars, lonr years since, on condition that ailcr the Company made a pres ent to tie city yearly of feet, they should nuntsh all the pas required by tho city for Tic per i.t.UJ leer, mid cltiz* as at ?I.O", which con tract they have faithfully kept, while we in Gin ciniali are paying —a I'ttie more than double. Tbe said Pittsburgh Company has._after (•upplving pas so cheap to in* !»• city and citizens, declared annually V n per cent diviuenis for their gtecUioJders, and accumulated In four years s£C,t ihi or more, much of which they ate now in verting on tick woito. . , Below will be tuntd a statement of the commit tee, snowing that putting gas In Cincinnati to co»t twenty-five per cent more than it should cost, say at *i.9B per 1,«00 tect, the wuole debt tor pur chase of Gas Company. Itmugh It be «i.ytu,ooo, and paying Intercut at eight per cent per annum iu currency, or six per cent on gold bonds, can be paw off tu eight years, charging yearly for gas {a > üblch Is the lowest tbe Gas Company pro pose inrmshißc to tbc city for five year?. and after paving the whole ot said debt, leave a balance of I3«*,CCO In tbe treasury. So that alter debt years tbe aty cac luruub gas to everybody at u cost of not over Jl io | per 1 Coo feet, wfiicb will be an item in cooking to a iorso number of our citizens who are compelled to use an oven. It will be observed, in tho fol lowing etaiemeuf. that the amount left yearly in Ite treasury 1« much more than la necessary for the extension of the works, more especially tbc first vear. being $115,000. The annual increase for the use of gas for the pan four years will av e: age let, per cent, the basis taken by the com mittee w hich is much too lone, for when the price lsrtidaceJfroml3.2btof2.3o the increase must be large. Should the people vote to buy the woiks, the committee would recommend there being a Board of Directors, say of five, compo*ed of men of known character, (o serve the term of five vests without pay, each to be elected yearly, thatr.o sudden political change should aJcct the interests of tbc institution. (tinned,) Gideon Bentos, " John Oatxs, Ucnux Vos Pun.. TBE KDCDEII OF TEXT OF Qiß COSSIISLIf BY CIS* CUiXATI CAS COST AST PAST POUR TEALS. JPCS nri.-his'.Ho 1 18tV> 220,181,7*0 is* 4 ist>,iis7,aa | ifc«i 2:5,000,000 Brinfc yearly average t:alu of lul4 per cent upon r.u.cui-1 ideas consumed. TVar—l*CT. :.M*,CW,CtO feel »t e<X‘i per 1,100 is $ «A!>3o Deduct cost gss, tay $ 3:5,00 To interest at 8 per cent, say on {2,500,000 300,001 Amount left for extension of works.... t 1*5,000 Second f>ar—lCC<B. nr.C.ff 0.1 cn feet at per I,WW Is % 8T5,0M IHauct cost p*9, say $1.25 t -nr, 500 To interest, say on $2,:00,0C0 MW* Credit to sinking fund. Anonr.t left for extension o! work*.... S Ci.SU) T/ilm Tiar— lSO). 4( (*.1X0,100 feet tt{2.KJ per fl.^.OOO ptduci costol gas, say tLSS 500,000 Z 500,000 To S per cent Interest on 12,925,000...... ISfsOOO Credit to sinking fund Amount leu for extension of Works.—s 04,000 J-'oxrth isTU. rP,Of OJfO feel at ?2.5» twi 1,0-« *1,125,000 I’cduct co»>t pas, say 00--.oOQ To interest on 82,072 V 00. Credit to sinking fund Balance fur extension .••«•* 71,500 Fli h lror-IS7I. . St4\rco,ooo feet at 82.5 1 ) per l.nou lo cost of cas, saj *1.25, 1» 6A\WO { 635,000 To interest at S per cent on 81,750,000, U 140,000 Credit to sinking ftmd. Balance for extension of works * 85,000 Slr-li Ytar —lS7*L rwi,tOO,COO feet, at *2.50 per 1,000, is .. $1,2*9,000 To cott of gas, say *1.25, la 005,000 * 697.500 To interest al S per cent, on $1,850,000,14 If>%COO Credit to sinking fond Balance lor extension of works'. * 70,500 Ser'ntfi 1V0r—1973. f.OC,OCr,«O feet,at *2,50 per 1,000, U.... *1,500,000 Bcdna cost ot pas, ray *1.25, Is 750,000 f 750,nt« To intetestat 6per cent on *550,000 63,000 Credit to sinking Hind. For extension of works t 82,000 Eighth Tear—lß74. Cso.fCo.CW*feet, at *2.6oper I,ooc, 1a.... *I,Ci»,OOO Ucdnelcost of gas, *1.25 812,500 * 812,500 To Intcreat at 8 per cent on *250,000.,.. 8v).oOO Amount to sinking fond, Crfdit. First Year Sinking Fond.... Second “ 44 •••• ’ibi:d 44 •••• Fonrth 44 •••• Fifth 44 44 •••• >)Xlh 44 •••* Seventh 44 4 •••• Eighth 44 St-prosed cost of Ga« Works $2^00,000 Paltucc cash in treasury, aticrpayroe, iu ti°M jeair, the test of the whole wotlu, valued at 52,5C0,«», pay mg in- Urea: cm bond* at S per cent per an- nnm.charclnjrhntt2ioperl,u»f«ct. 5M2.500 rcorir aso loss or rrrrsnrnon uis coxpast. JCXE, 30, Dfbtor, Jan 1. To dividcndNo.3?,two dollait and Sitj cents ptr chare &5,33).10 Joly. Dividend No. SS. two dollars and fifty cents p ' r ,t,re I-i— in.9M.OC State tax on capital stock SJ,Ste.CO Nat louat tax. .f3i,120.W Less Itevennetax collected irom * conanmere. 5P.430.66 City.bnalness, poor and ctjunty, mate, work* honse and water taxes In Eighth and Second _ _ w “” ——^ Manufacturing expenses 91,969.31 Services tor Joe* on ac* court 534.00 Cuycf Pittsburgh,for gas c.'volP'don acc0unt...10,176.90 By balance Total 1565. Crrdi’rr. July 1. Balance from lasi year JaoeSO. Gas for W. 740,000 cm tic i.atold topn \aic cowomerf f147.135.ii For IG,S6n,SC3 cable feet of pai to cltj * lamp* and offlece... 12,160.16 Coke and tar. for pro cccda 19,55L3a Fittings rented, pro cce<& ISO.OO Bents ot real estate, _ proceed*.. Futlnpe, proceed*.... W 9.06 latex eat and premium on United States bonds, certificates and cola. 9,W7.8S * Slatool Pennsylvania for error. Total. The »tro Actor, Aldridge. Tlic negro actor, Ira Aldridge, has bad an immense successat Versailles, in *• Othello'* —the only tragedy, unfortunately, he can appear In. The theatrical performance was preceded bv a splendid dinner, given to the slaw of the literary world, at the Hotel des Reservoirs—once, by the by. the sumptuous residence of Marquis de la Fompadouor. Alexandre Dumas was among the last to ar rive, and sat next to M. Barriere. The prince of romanclsts was In full force, and related more anecdotes during the hour de- voted to dinner than any ordinary man would Lave remembered In a month. Tbc Versailles Theatre was crammed to suffocation, aud .Aliirii'ce was tremendously applauded by the somewhat old-iaahioued iuhahitanu of that antiquated town. Ills costume alone insures the admiration of the feminine world, tiril if all tho Othcllos of the pres ent day only sported half the cold, ptecious stones* and"pearls, which dazzled the Ver sailles audience, toe Cossios would indeed have remarkably little chance of wlnninc their Dcsdemonas’ smiles, Aldridge’s act ing is splendid, but he Is too well known on your side of the Channel to require ray humble meed of praise. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL nOhBTARI. Patcupxt Kysuso, January 8,1857. Manager Ives Innmbea »he following cxhlbit of tbelm*mora oftiic Clearing Douse for the week ending to-day: Clearings. Balances. 2,7T6,13L83 * 4,053. ID 2,1M,110.18 17(1,219.01 . 2,070,071.40 255,232/2 . 2,993,563.23 IM.UXT.72 December £l. January 2..., •* 8... f0,550.T«5.5n tM!/*5.27 7.55V\885.70 812,197.80 T0ta1.... Lact nett, The following is lie quarterly statement of the condition of the ilcrebanu’ Savings, Loan and Trust Company, as it stood on the morning of January 3: LiAsiLmrs. Capital stock . 11,000,000 l>uc depositors $1,121,012.51 DnetacLsano bankers. 2i1,1C0C9 ' 14,’031.33 255,315.03 Dne dividend account. Undivided tamings... nraomcra. Bill? Dae from banks (tx cbanije) Bond accoact— U. S. bot d« *12,700—112,700 L. 7-oor.o'ea. .806,815-800,810 Cc jk County bond*.. *4,400 6?,2»8 Cbic&go diy bonds... 4,000 4,000 Illinois bond* too- 500 Cash account— L. T. & >■ bank notea *418,901,43 City check* 114,301.09 Cuupouiid interest noted. 3ut,GSU.UO 803,419.31 1,530.00 2,5K.5S Often tarniture. D. jj. iicvencc stamps. lapses m The Money market was very close to-day— closer in (act than it has been at aoy time doting t&e present term of stringency—aa the National Bant a were hoarding every dollar, it was pos sible to reach, in order to make aatislaclory state mints on Monday. After publication there is no doubt hot that the stringency w*ll be in a measure relieved, though not altogether removed. Exchange was flat. Hound lota of Banker's were hcely oSered at 25c discount, at which a few transactions were made. Subsequently there were no buyers at 50c off. The couuter rales were unsettled and lower at 50c discount®par tonyltgi and 50c®Mt» premium sclttng. The demand for Foreign Exchange baa ruled fairly active daring tbe week, and tbe market closes strong at tbe following quotations: Gold. Currency. London per £ sterling *5.00 6.70 @6.80 I'luU perfiauc ' *0 *6;!£@ -7!* Berlin ptr Prussian thaler.... 75 1.00 @l.w» >OTway per rix mynt 30 40 841 Sweden per specie dalvr 1.16 1.53 @‘.6o On ibt Produce Exchange, Floor was firmer; Wheat advanced IHc; Corn opened active and .Mg.fc higher, bnt at the close the advance was al most lost. Cats wore firmer, itye advanced Ic. Burley was more active. Whiskey was neglected. Provisions were firmer; Mesa Pork opened doll but doted stronger though there was no advance. Green Meats were active Civonng buyers. Lard nos steady and firm. Wool was dull. Groceries were quiet. Gold was eomawhat blither in New York to-day. Ihe market opened at 1S2?». declined to 13314, ad vanced and dosed at UU&. The tallowing quota lions were received by Boyd Bros., gold and stock brokers: U>£.*> a. m 11:23 a.m Wi ir:Ci) a. m 13*i 12P?0 ra 131?* ll:tr<i a. rn 13S»j 13114 13:158. ra 132 H S:lsp.m 131?* 11:10 am lot 1 ; Here Here was Uttlv uolng. The brokers were Imjlke at (he extreme figure bid at the close. Silver was nominal at Itt&liU. The following table chows the daily tange and doting price of gold during the week: Ranee. Closing. l*a»4Ql3t 13>}* Wednesday 132Ji T.-misday Friday Saturday 133H491WS 1*1?S Governments were steady and firm, with a slight Improvement on aome of the gold-bearing securities. *lho lollowing table shows the closing prices in New YorK to-day, compared with those of the three previous days Wed. Thcr. Frl. Saiur. sue? of TO 10T* 107a£ 10'!, ICS* Five-TwcutW?,’«S lW(i IW».S 1U7?» 10;« Fl\e-T\%cnUee,’o4 103 H 103*j 1054* 10o?» FWc-Twenties.'(3 103 105i£ 105* 10C leu-Fortiea 9a« MX 100 ti 9 H Sevci>-1 butiep, Auc.... ICO 105 UK 105 Scvci.*ThirtU'fl. June....1045£ KHJi IWJ* 10IX Sevcii-ialHiesvJuly iw-fc IWX 101 X IWS •Kidltidend. Here the market was qoiet hut Arm. We quote:<t bzcuiunns— Chicago jiaiutET. Buying. Selling. U. S. Sixes nf 18S1 108 108»* I S.t-iUs Isbi 107 JLTJfi V. S. V?>, IS*V4 IW‘5 103=1 U. b. 5-*::»», iscs iosh I!. S. 5-Pta (small) IMIiSiOa .... U. S. HMiia (large) K'H 100 U. b. K‘-sd«(email! lOiH U. S. 7-..0-G letactlcs.... .IW*£ 10.* I*. S 74#.’«.ud series 10*H 105 U. S. i-.fu. Cd series dlls4 103 u P. T-i« 3 (snuJ) iw;j CotanoctiQ , Jane, ISM .. ...lit* '• Inly, ISM lISH - “ An?;., 16*4 115 *• Oc 18M 114 Dec., ise-l 113 “ May, ISGT. lUJS *• Ang.,lSß3 HO “ Sept,. 18C5 100*4 “ OcU. IST* 109 The Second National Bsnkplvesthe following’ quotations for the l*ubllc Funds : Coupon**. 1861 10» | June (, omp., 19Wr»llfi 0-tl)Coupon**. | Jnlr 44 ** ..H*H large ‘ Anc “ “..115 S-Cti Coupons, I Oct “ 44 ..1U email 105 ©JC6 i Dec “ “ ..113 IWUCoop.,largo.. 1 May “ 16 k'..UIH 10-10 roup., small.lW 1 * I Ang 44 44 ..U‘> 7-C0 S«Pt “ 14 -l^H T-no.«DS 1..101?,©i04!* lOct “ “..109 In Loc.l Securities there Is nothing doing, and the market is entirely nominal at our quotation?: Buying. Selling. <M 100 OR 97 05 06 * 3.7,500 175,000 * 311,000 . 259.000 Chicago City Sevens.... Coot I'ormy Sevens.., Chamber of Commerce. New York M Closing priced tor cash. by Joseph It. Lyon* & Co„ Ist 3d l»t . 2d HU DM. DM. Ud. S. m« .... C.B 6p»rci*Di Erie (cunt) «7* .... bond*, 1551... 10S1< .... U. B.6 per cent C.& Pitu fcni .... 5.3000ap.,*63. tO7S It ck I*lnnd....l(B* .... U.D. 6 w crot c.&N.w .... 5-socoup.,lft»x C.&>*. W„t*fd <3.V .... U.S.C per cent t. n.w.*c...i» .... Mocoup.,va. kc,v Qai-kbllvrr.... 45 .... U.b.5 per cent Union Tel.. 46 .... 10-40 93\' C. 4A. (conj)..lo9Y •••• Tr. 4 3-10 Pur.&o IS3 .... l«t#erlc«..... 105 O.&M.Ccrte.. WS*< .... U. S. 7 310, Id Hm!KmlUrcr..lMl .... IMrf 111. Central. ...mK .... C. S. 7510.3 d I*.& H«d l».i .... eerie*......... VHH Cleve 1*T01... .!£» Y .... Amer. G01d.... UtS* T. Wwu»b... 4<Y Market—lilDcard Ann. $ SR2.MM . ItifsCOU S s»i,sno . 325,000 * 435,000 400,000 COSUIEBCUL. Saturday Evening. January 5. tS c 7. The followlnc tables show the receipts and ship meats of Produce daring the past twenty-foai hours: $ 579.500 £OO,OOO oEcnrrs past twestt-toub nouns. Flour, htla Wheat, bu Cotn, ha u«t', bU Bve, bu Paihy, bu Gras* heed, Ifis... Bioom Corn, Se cured Meat, Pa... Fork, brls 1 ard. lbs Tallow, lbs, Butter, tbs Dressed nor*. No, Lire Hogs, No. , . t attic. No Hides, lbs iilgl.wiucs, brls... Wool, Tbh * 032,000 600,000 % 792.500 250,0110 inulnr, m •'5 Licglcs. id...... ••• 160 I*U gmr!njrwPAFTTTrEnT-rotninoniw. 18(57 ISoC 6.275 2,337 1,300 9,4'J0 $ 512,300 173.000 850.000 T 85.000 400.000 500.000 600.000 850,000 Floor, brie. Wbeat, Lo. fort, bu, Oats, bn i:*e, bn. Barky, bn Glass Seed, Es... Broom Coir., lbs. Cored Meal#, Es. Href, brie I'ork, hrls lAid.Sw Batter,** P. liege, N 0.... rank,no Uido.Ps H. Wraths, brls*.. Wool, E* I. ember, m Stliglcs, IQ Latb, m Salt, brls Salt, bacs The IcidJne Grain markets were somewhat ex cited to-day. in view of the more favorable ad vicot received last night from Liverpool, and a higher ranee of prices prevailed. The market for Mesa Pork opered quiet. with efiorts on the port of same operators to force a ‘•break ; M bat at the doae there was more Inquiry, though holders were firmer In their views and refus ed to accept the figures ofiered. Wo note sales of 2,£fo barrels—pan last evening—at J 15.37? jSIS.TS, cash, and $15.50 seller January—clewing a itb buy ers of “standard” at f 18.50 and sellers atstS.<RM> Favontc brands were held at $18.73. There was nothing doing in Prime Mess or Extra Prime, and the market may be quoted nom inal at SIG.a&I6JO for the termer and sl4 00 for the latter. For English Meats there waa some inquiry and the market was firm, vith talcs of 600 bxs Cnmocrlands at £V»c, cash, and stllcr first hsU of February. Sales of some 400 b** were made last evening at SHc for Cam lands ; Ofcc for Slrctfords !C**c lor Short Clear, and luc for Long-Cut Hams. Bulk Meats arc scarce, wi b sales of 20.C00 fts Dry halted Shoulders at Cfic, loose. Green Meats were quite active at figures favoring buyers. We note large sales ot Bams at b*c from Dressed and 0c from Slaugh tered Boos and for Bough Sides from the block. Lard was steady and firm, with sales o 4CJ) les prime Steam at lljfc,’ cash, J * n * otry. Grease sold to the extent of S 3 to Yellow at S4c. Dressed Bogs were without material change. Sa!ea ranged from f4L50&7.00— dosing at about fC.SC for good averages. Whiskey was dull, neglected, snd entirely no minal, at $1.20 for Free, and 25c for bonded. There was a good demand for Flour, and the market ruled firm, favoring sellers In some in stances to the extent of 10c. We note tr * a * a s* liens to the amount of -VXW htls, at 512.5031.LjU for White Winters ; sll J0®12.25 lor Red Winters; tD.CCCWJO for Spring Extras, and s'-ZJ rjc Sorter Supers. , , .. , There was a pood milling demand for >o. 1 Spring Wheat, and the market advanced l‘*c. So. a opened active and excited under a strong speculative movement, aid the market advanced fully 2c. Towards the close a reaction set In, and , prices receded Se-closing quiet. Rejected was quiet but firm. About 61,000 bu changed hands. • |-*i $2.50 for Sod Winter, by sample; $2,19 lor 65,571.03 9309,119.63 I 36,117,17 180. SO $209,415.M 2 Splice. ni|Blu; $2.00 fur No. 2 in R. I. ; (LOS ® 1.97 fordo regular; ned ST.C7®t.CS for Rejected —closing at 12.10 lor No. 3, aud quiet At (LOS for No. Sic lerntar hour Cs. The mine favorable advices from Liverpool and Ncv Voik caused an bciJto speculative demand lor Cora, and tho market opened excited at an aorttßce of 3®Cc. tabscquecUy prices broke dotvo, ata the Improvement was almost lost, bat at iLc close a tally ol l®l»4c took place. The rales fool rp 133/00 hn, al &JG- C 3c for No. 1; 72 f° r No. 2; for Rejected, and S3® 51c f..r Ear—cloflnc quiet at for No. 1. Oats were steady atd firm with sales at !3**c lor No. 2—closing with sellers of reg ular at 4Cc. Rye advanced lewitb sales at 95®3Sc—the In side for irvsb No. 1 and tide fur No. 2. There was more activity m Barley and the market was stronger, w Ith sales at 63 £73c for No. 2—the upper rgnro for receipt* In the Rock Island: 45c for Rejected, and *oc® for sample lots. Ta3ow was quiet and steady, with soles at 10c lor City, spd lor Country. Groceries are quiet sod unchanged, though In some Instances Holders are inclined to be firmer la ttelr views. 'tlie followitg tdigroxaa were reed on ’Change to-day Nrr Toss. January 5. _ lour better and etiable at sio.BU& Wheat stronger, and held at t2.35G3.50. Cora taiseattl.Sviaeture. Oata better at ss®6Gc. Pork dull at tUU2Ii@3I.I2H. t-aid quiet and at-adj. ilopa heavy at Gold, 133£. IATEU. Flour stronger and quiet. Wheal Ann. Corn Ann but quiet at $ 1.19 iu (tore. Oats firm. Gold iWH-l In the af lernoon the Grata markets were true- live aud nominal at the closing figures on 'Change There was considerable inquiry for ilcaa Pork, with rales ol SOObrls at $13.02*4 ; TOObrla at $13.50 and £OO brls at f IS. 374. Lard was firm, with sales oISOO trea steam at 13J£c. Green Hams sola to tbe.extmt of I,OCO pcs trom Dressed Uogi «t S4c. Beef cattle were quiet, with prices nominally* unchanged. The little desirable stock one ring was taken tip by shippers at substantially the closing rates ol yesteruay. The receipts Unlay were IbO head. Entered sales MO head, cbleQjr at f4.t0ft5.00. Kecchedihlsweek,3,Bo4head. The market closed firm at |3.OUftC.S*4. The market lor Lice Hogs opened lively and costumed thus to the close. Packers were the ft,3>LSds.3l 1,440.161.45 131,373.87 almost exclusive operators—ls.llo bead going into their bands at f 5.30®3.V0 for common to fair, and 8C.C0&6.30 for good to choice Uog». 11m market closes strong at tbe above quotations with less head left over tuuold. Bcwrfw and *blpmeuts of Ltri’ and intsKd Bon from October lat So Slate—Approximate Packing. The following taMcs show ihe receipts and shipments of Live and Dressed Dogs from Octo ber Ist to date, lor two years: Week Live Drea'd. Live. Dres'd. Oct. 6 SL,OdI .... 3L‘JIO 18 R4t'9 .... fiy'.QS 20 25,:«1 .... 17.517 27 16,tMU 7 11,300 S NOV. 8 lIi.TSJ 5S 3J,768 41 10 SU.3&B 233 IT.Bfil 10 17 15.1v* lU3 27,7;*) ao U ia,4U.l 831 23,913 25 Dec. 1 18,190 l,9tfi 15,757 135 8 89,106 1,713 6.123 180 ■*s 24.613 2,598 18,616 623 52 5t,594 16,333 S-%273 8,063 29 36.713 2 .‘.863 91,453 35,336 Jan. 6 K,77S 27.69! 32,385 23^87 Total 266,289 71,336 835,319 50.131 Add Dressed.. 71.356 50,151 Total. Week eud'g. Live. Un»M. live. DreaM. Oct 6 22,911 .... 13,529 13 15,012 .. 19,758 20 13.513 .... 15,131 St 15,201 ... 7,259 Nov. 3 B.WT .... 11,410 11 10 10,'i74 .... 17,0 W VO 17 9,253 S 3 W,UB 24 4,*3 VO 10,709 Dec. 1 6,315 <l9 12.459 75 SJIC3 018 1.160 10 712 lU2 10.052 5S 2,0.6 5,312 5,933 3,731 721 11,205 10.708 9,682 1,039 3,533 £l. Jan. C. Total 117,551 28,031 133,059 17.377 Addßu'SSed.. 28,031 17.>77 Total 145,(713 .... 17*).936 Deducting the shipments from the receipts, the balance should Indicate approximately the num ber of Bugs packed and butchered for city con sumption: Receipts... Shipments, Peeked and butchered 232,003 205,000 &>ceer«. Mllward Jz Co., la their Circular ol to day, approximate the packing this season, up to date, aL-SVioT. Chicago I'roTiblan Murlitt> Cutcaco, January 5,1557. The events of the pa?t week have done more to in duce rolcr-n.KidL-u c.-usUkTOlion on the part ut opera tors than has been apparent by ttclr actions tor wins time. , . Heckle*# IcdlCcrenee seemed to have taken posses sion of thor mind*. ana the price ot bogs was ad varcce dally without seeming calculation as to how the money was to return. But the replies trom the varlcn* packing points as to the nrefcm and orespec tive etaie of their business have dcvelopedsnch a state of affairs that operators have paused In ta-lr onward carfcr,Midlnv«9U?aH-d matters with caution* inter est, I u»m Inquiries imtltutcd Ly roost rcUaDleGin clDLatiana It appear* Hut the number of hoes eat, a~d chtmicua u> U cut, at the various points beard from aim up I.MS.M) bead, against 1,169,iifl h-ad Hit year, .bowleg an Inerevs ot about Mt.iCO Lead. It the points .ti l to bw beard froar should In.rts-x; in the same ratio, the whole picking Lead, against U&Ltil bead last year. rLuwlrg alt Increase oi nearly dAVaU head. All otnta f at u c have near-: trom a so report an Increase n weight, am* the resti.t exceeds oar most drevled ap <nhcrsions. Atihecommenecmett of the season, it coucdtd that, with the absence of a fureten demand, wc could not expect to consume a crop even equal to that of last year's, except at very low | rices. Ti>t* tuMsn demand dots not promise nn terlbu-y; abany rate. It whl nut amount to the antic.- pateflSncrctioe in th. Cr<l» owr la»r j earV, so that vre nref.u-cd Vi the conviction that Uw snmmleg up of uepackltgfewfn will pres-ct sach an exhibit that lower price* must rule Mir ngnout. Ihcrcc-liU. f bog* tor the past week sum upas fol low-,, viz: Dressed. :G.*S!l; lire, SXitdi tcul, &L2H; ami the shipments: dreasto, y,G*,j; live. —; tot* l , 94 C.'— 73.7:3 b an for packer-,• city comma p- Ucu,a Tor the cor.*esgjn.i inr jxTlru last veor the lecelp:- vrvre: liresHod, tvw,: l>vr.l2ASi;»oia;.tO.U2?; awl Hie shipment.: drtMAOd. Kiln: live, 1,939; total, ?.l»3—loavm.; to; packer** a?e. Plc_ IMSP head. By the courtesy of Mr. cbm .ler, ITO-ldcuioftbe Union Stock Yard-of this city, vroaro enabled io *ute Hut the actual receipts of live hO2» from Mie Ist < t October to UicM.-t «-l D.ccmotr, sum up x3t.;91; and the ac.ual shiiuucnis. KU,:*<t *bowlrv a filffi’Mncc of 317,‘214 hca-t. add in; tbU uurmnee between the reeelpU aal .Metncnta ot dressed, li. s l6 head, ana show* lie U-tl the rce-ipt* by wagon have be»n suQduct to isppiv the city ro. HompUon, we have SAG*) as the ntm.bvr pacted to 'he Sist oldm<<, whluh very nearly &• cords with our I.;it week’s estiTate. Tie pars ng to the pr»j.nt oatc approximate* to gSvGi heal, against abort lit.'.ol he«il at same time Ivi year. Ina market lor live bogs w»« eacueo eariy m me weeg ui>l pr-ces a<ivri-o-.I to fa.o9 and f".tO grii»s, bat he* vler recclins prwlnced t do llnc io The narket rb sisotret at ssAirttl.lil grown Dressed hog* luive.-clO steacdlr at about d.TTvJT.’H ce., OKhUng on CtO tbs, cU-sUig quiet at same. Shippers have par &Yncniarkct*tor prodccts throuebthe week has ruled nnp-t, and In oiauv ca»l, r. Mess pork soldreaul- It early U- tb- w.«k at fw.(«;but su"*cqucaUy drag ted alo* g at |lWOwl9.», mid close 1 Qinct jlliis losldp qnotatloo. iTime m» ss has met but a limited lagoiry, V c few talcs made being a i ialraprim: hasodvancvl and closes firm»tlt 140. KompporcheM fltmlT ut tIS.Co: Bnlk meats .•ured arc scarce, and are

held amly at tjic for shoulders, an-i BHaS*c for .Wta, Sugar pltiiw hams have sold t > *ome prtndpallv at the In-ldc ouoiaUon. Green arm at syaoc for shoulder*; .E<s3c tor "ides, ua 9C-9GC fbr ham«. English meat* have bw-n tn better minol and some parcels sold at S,yc lor Cutnberlan'ts; (br Stretford’s; 9Sc fbr abort m.ddl»; ll>Vc for short clear, and 10c fbr long cut ham*. The market closed tame as ue account* from England are tar from cheerful. T.ari ha* ir.trwn.odcraUj ucmamlat Jl-\'C*l3cfor prime,and U S«SeSm at9*eioc tor white; SWjSVc for yel low, and 7K(a <\c tur'firotn. Tallow grease orm at sx firm lor country. *ad W&WXc Ibr city U y C T -unchanged. ilgyirrMn.wagp&Co. •lock 31&«kct. i, January 5. IS'u, received > n Brokers: Ko 3d Board Saturday. 3iII.SO.U> XULE XAUEi; -incxoo a5Ti 50%fti%asT*^--i)zro? ''sz. 7XIX2 XJTOKXSna, • Depart. Arrive, * *?:>op.n N&fSroaa **«*.»• Jare-vlllc Aceommod a 'f lO p. is. Jfcijj p. n. Woodstock Acccm’d’n.. •j:oop.n. •S.TOa.m. bAtkNX DiVtSIOS. Faiton aM Cccat P-apldt *?:lsa.ta. 7*2op.ic S tiUuii sud lowa t7:3‘p.c Wwn.m. Frocnort ard Donlclth.. *9:ooa.n. 3;Wa.m. Freeport £n Bonlclta.. •IftOOp.ia, BoclSSSl and Fox »iv«. * £ :Wp.c. JHion... , •»:00p.E. !x.H;9.iff. Genevsand Elgin * ~-9p. • -i-w a.□. winwAUJC/.v otnaicn. Fnts**. *>ooa. IC. »W-p.a SiSS:::: : *« Sight Accommodation 1 :tr p.ic. -:*l *• tr KoDoibaAccoimuod a... 4:49 p.zc. j:w *. m. TUaunecau Accoucnod'c. 5:3Jp.T2. firau a- n. »ioseMll, Calvary, and Evanston 1.30 p. is. ...40 p. c. •Sendavs exempted. tbauiniayr txcep £d« tiionesyt- cseepted. . . terete** ctsraxi sutaoxn—D«o:ti.uo*.>Ov! o/c*»y msrt. jAomlli? Expres* 'Vk* Ftnm’ «... *7:WJ a. m. •i4a*3 p. B. eSjot tow ,ggp. «•»•£< p. =• Nlebt Kxprwi'. 1*9:45 p. is. •—J a. ir . usciw*" 4K- WTiJvr.J waias. •40mlur Eiprie! •Itifln r Slcfcl Fjor’*-' 15.00 p. d. *ll.Ol p. r mega «Hcr» u>r-»>- ruT tou>ki tan »vucs axxajfxß ere sat*. 156 R S.n'O 2,272 IV®O 10.UIJ 20.140 19.33 U 12,473 25,‘W 2,325 3,060 4,560 ino 1.l m 65.573 17,000 I.STJS 59,400 25,91‘) , 1.477 SPI 4.H510 27,570 . 5,313 7,350 , 12,512 5J»20 , 7,987 7,353 . 15,079 12.219 . m 9-10 , 15.079 110,091 . IS S!1 . l.un 8,670 1.236 1,400 1,060 ! 6,809 . 24,787 1.213 .109,659 36,06? 403 ill . 1,266 717 .233,400 53,‘XM , 2,010 I,OW . 2, 510 ~ 039 .137,123 21,155 . 266 56 ~ 7,978 6.500 .. 277 201.C0J .. 146 4 2,000 sj.ono 537 8M S3O •4:15 a. :s. *&SS p. n . *':o>; a. jo. *11:00 p. c .... % sp.i&. tl£&D. e t*lO:ft p. t». **Ct a. c u>». Vieb't Expr»*f:. JiWJti p. xs- *3:35 p. G icn ***** AUii <w:«-Aj.o. —♦i™ *u«)B.b. *.». “' *.*.* ’ ’ ... • * : -W »• “• **¥ *• n - SjlSp.o. 7:40 p.c .. . nicOQum. 11:00 p. c. ILLWOTS .OiTKAL. _ a. c. *lo:3t p. is. ?S«r^SSs;v.::'..«»^sts- RMkisafccv Accor - ni('rfS.. * ; :osp.ia. *• ST-V ™ o ** c ° a .tS^. .... *3:30 p.m- •ijyp.xp. *i *5:53 p. ra. *7:20 p.c i>sy n ntrop.m. £ tii-cocxm tsana. ■=• % .mciio et. Lora. Ssrjre-'-fcxdSlaU.... 5:00 ft.IS. SliU. Exprcft* TtlSp. s. 3.W ft. c Toi.i’ one Wlhnlastct _ ~ . _ Arcotnmodation... .. ArfVpP V l^ and oesat Etfraa-{ias» ascanur jja tiy-.)— glL*f*rxa* KAILSOJU PXTUI, cos. va SAI *SD KlKTlft erftxrr*. navCsvtett 6A-E.B. IfcM P«=- ioftwa»*p«* umsmu: asu cd£CT>*ti. Day Expra*-... ■....•••• &30 a.zl q. «Cscin Express.. ~ ftOOp.D. &j 0 ft. E, rolucbne Express a. n. Ittss p. c. ' m ftyo p. m. &50 a. n. t Accgn m< >d* t^r|T> &r 3a. x&. ft(W ft- ra. « fclSp. n. &u 0p- m* rraCAGO, BOCK ISLAND ASD VACI7IC BftllJJOftD. n a . ExpressandMftil... *ftooi-Tt. *s:3op. xa. joft.-l Acconuaodftrtor.. 4:01 p. p. *9:40 a. a. •Fnsdfty excepted. tMonday excepted, pJarcrdaj 'Xtcd. Mali DajFaprew. York EvpseJS Mcfc. ExptVf« Arrival and Departure of Malls. Tbb following is the new table for the arrival and departure of mails from the Chicago Poet Office for the winter, and now In rorcc: Itkrzs CLOSS. r. O. CHICAGO, ILg. SAILS AUIUVX. a m. p. m. »• m. p. m. *yo....Mich. South. B, R.. .... liSO ■* 8:15.... “ “ “ S;» . liMm “ 44 44 .. 6:00 11:00 *** l2:Cb m Mtch. Cental R.R 12,00 * 8:-5 ... 44 44 44 .. fcOO 8:45 *.. 2:00....Pitt5. «fc Ft. Wayne 12:30 . 615 . 44 44 * 4 7:10 ’**! 12:00 m 44 44 4 .. 60) 11:00 12:00 t7:2o....NewAlbanyisalcm 620 11:00 S:(0 7:4T>....Galena Railroad 610 640 12*00 OtTO....Dixon Air line.... 600 620 6tO....Uocklslan<llU£lroad 5:45 2:30 IiQO 8?0 o:lo....Northwesternß. 8.. 5:45 630 6:CO 2:43....Mluankee Railroad. 11:30 620 12:40 7H3....nUnotsCentral R. It. 7:00 600 12:00 7:C0..,.51. IjOuls Railroad... S:S 645 BOBT. A- UILMOBB, P. M. “IJPTTKIHJ RRMAIWINO ITNCL.MMFD IN THB i*osi Ota. «• a: Slate of Illinois, on me slh Car of .Unt.ary. Ifi.7. fy-lo obtain any of these letters Uts applicant mast .call for •ADTomai) Imm.' give the Unto of this list, and pay ooe cent for advertising. Ur -IX not called for <* ithln uax eostu, they will V *rnl to the Dead Letter Office. UTEH, EtCEIPTS or BOOS. l**i-7. !£6WS. . 408.595 .... 375.996 6EITXEXTS OF HOGS. 35.6-7. 1 1513-6. lf6G-7. ISSS-6. 4.'&,r.93 3:j,ih«c .143,022 17U,0>6 itoaus. Blaii LIST OF LBTT2HS. ryinimare not advertised ucclt they hare re iratced In the office occ wwk. and on Krld.iv* and Sat urdays letters to be advertised are In the hands of the VnxbicriLlnc Clerks. “1. DiJaln ktiers plainly to the street and number, u well as the Tost Office and Slate. ** 2. BEAD ktters with the writer's Don Omcs and State, steett and kthbee, sign them'plainly with full name, and request the answers to be directed ac cordingly. •• Letters to «tranters or transient visitors In a town or city, whooc special address may be unknown, should be marked. In the lower left-hand corner, with the word Tracsltnu* “X. I‘iace ttie postage stamp on tbs cepe* stoar seed, and leave space between the stamp and direction for roaz-xazxixu witboat inurferlnx with the writing. “N. B.—A REQUEST for the RETURN of a letter to the writer. If unclaimed within thirty days or less, written or printed with the writer's name. Post Optics and State serosa the left hand end of the envelope, on Utc aide, will bo compiled with at the usual pre paid rate cfpostage, pavable when th« Inter Is deliv ered to the writer.— S 9, Law of lauk” CT" Free delivery of letters to any part of the city can be secured by having them sddrwaed to the street aud number. LADIES’ LIST. Adams Frank mis* 2 Anderson Marx C mrs Adams Huiie U mi«a Arnu-lronx Boas Aon Adamian Arnold Mary cii« Acxe rota Lids B Armstrong Henrietta mrs Aobott mbs Anm-troox miss Aldrich Hutu A mrs Arnold Kittle miss ADcenon Came mIM Atwalter A ml** Andreas Myra E Averell Elizabeth miaa Annes Harr mil* Atwater EUa Appleton Elizabeth A mrs Anderson Loolaa mla* Bailey Phcbe J mlat Braclletta Mary L tars Bathe* t H A mrt Brawdy Mattie mia Bahcock Sarah A mita Brewer B ti mrt Bayisy M A tart Brook* Better mrt Baber Caroline mitt Brien Marearet Bake: Mary J Brooks Emma mlaa Balia rf Annie mrt Orophy Catherine mrs Baldwin Jo*lo tnlat Brooks E P tnra UaldalnStelleCmn Brownlie Annie mrt Barclay Alvla D ion Brubston Qenne ml«i Butler Ereicttnua Unmet Mathilda mist Barkley F M sin 3 Bruwn Charles 11 tors bartonr Mollie ™»a Brown M A mrt Harney GFinn Brown Ella mUs Bawnlt Ida mlat 2 Brown Sherman W mrs BaixetEnamist Brown Jennie G bames Caroline mlat Brown Addle mitt Harrow* IxiOlta mrt Buchanan John Stewart Barry A C A mrs mrt Beck Amanda mitt Bnntlnc E mist Bertram Mina mrt Borbndge Kama O Berdan JB mrt BuckEaaj Bennett C L mrt Banker Maaml mitt Bennett Jotmhlne mn Bodman Ada line mrt'rMA Borch James E art Bickford U bouse Burroughs E«a mist Uoardman'Martha J Barn* lAcce mlat Uoit»n Mary Bu'ler Eva mU* Bower LPmIU butler Battle mbt Bolden Harriet mrs bcnerheld KelUe mitt i.ewers Si F r rs Butrina Barth W alts Buyer MaiyCmrs C Cady Helen L * ' Cobb Minnie ml*« Cahill Ellen mIM Cogswell Sallle mrs Cobb Libbla J uiri Cobora 1) mrs C«n»ld Amelia T Caupbcll Kira J Campbell tlxule PmISS terllcia Ella A Corlt-y Mary mica Carpmter C ron Carreli Louisa Carrol cbarieeßmra Carter UeurKUa c.r* 3 Canon Alruln mrs Casey L E mn CottT J mrs Collins Kata aits Colley John C mrs Counter Katie miss GiUinAMlmn Coltl&s »arab mlas Colborn 11 ester O mUi Clostcr Marie sties Colt M Eml«i Comley faille mra Coming Dolly mrs Connolly Maggie miss Conners Margaret mrs Cook Viana E mis* 3 Cook E:tza W Cook IiWA mn Cauif eld Laura mn Champion p c mn CbkLdlcr aarah J Ch»f-e Vesltca mrs Clupmaa June mill Cbatdu J F mrs ChaunltrEttair.l*B Ctiantoa Hamah mrs Cht<ho:m Mary H mrs i l.aK George K mrs Ci<ltcs tnUS Corbiy ran Coscrove Rose mtM Cotton C F mr« Coagtnlu Jut.o mn Co> nc BcsMe mrs Clarkson Julht A Ciar.c<y Mar? Nina Clancey Mary A Clara mrs Clark E A mtM Carle Ahhy mlrs Clark tuHisim mn Clark Mary M mbs ClarkL S Clark Louise B CiaikJortiell min Clements Carrie miss dice Anna 11 mn Cllif Crpl.u mbs CliCESsnßeckvy miss Cloyde Margaret mrs Creswell Clara mn Crawford Cynthia mn Crete Auinutamlsa Craft Mary Crumby Mary Ann mn Croson M A mn Crowly Margaret mrs Cummins* Ellen U miss Cuiuutous Clementine 2 Cushing fc Bun Cushing mn Cn«hlng Helen miss Cushman Mary A tulli Ouplnal Mary J miss Dlekerraan Rams Dobbin A>»beilt Dolpb M-irttu mist i>jnntlK U M mUs Do- neiry Mar-nmuM miss Doty WV miss IK.r»ev JUlamrs I>uml lUrUn'.'l tun Uorcheiler Elmira mra IVwns Ellul‘et'l P mrr Duulvan Margaret ude« l>una Annie mra Dunn U o nn UwljntK Coirs Dwight E T nri lb'bau Catharine mra Dybul Hv.ttemra Descoa M miss K Paltcn John mrs Eactuiih miss Dalun Lib mrs Darling Mary C O lailaiitorv, xra i*a>tni*oiiM A mra Day J C nm Day Mart A mr? Dtikt-r W II mrs Define l tarl< s mri Dcl.Lis Maria uUi Ikr.ctU It n.r# UlvoiC M ir.ln IHunl* ElUabeth rera Dlion W K uua DUon Ati ; Jotiemr* I.igby LA mra Dickenson 1 1' mra Emerson Mary miss Eatery (• M mrs Kncilsb Alice nn Kvao» Mary .lace Ewing Julia miss Erickson Anna mlfl Eaton Mary Cmrs Eastman lirti-it U K. kky Marla F tnlra Kiiwanl? Mary miss lOwarC» lloaa I.luou Ssrali J Ely li K ilis Ff\mnra L n ml-* Heroins Rr*a ml« l arnum Mwy E mlw Fleetwood U A mra Furuum Ithid mrs Fox Alice mis* Far loti; A K mrs Hernias Mary B mite Farr Mary K mrs Fox barab e mrs l ercut Jiarn»ftt Fo»ter Ida J Feu c mrs Foster M»ali*a A 2 1 Uiitr J«.siTh mrs Francis Mary mIM FUzu-iralil Jl«r»aret Frtemaa Nartnaf min Kitzicisto CaUitmro mUs Frost It M mrs l. E i/abctb mrs Fulkr LO mrs. 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L Flits Kobcrt n Fortocpanl FltherLGi FosterJamea A FjkeJoob- G Gate John A GUbertNS Gra\araCh« Xtacrae Oraoser HL GMvm Milts GlllUt Ed «rrco J D Caret John C GlllettSDdr Green Henry Gant on Mathew GUIuH Green Henry H Gano Aaron Gilmore CH Greta iaoiuel Gardner D H riMnan John Greene Daniel nardnnViscentAGlvrsH I) Greene Berman cirteldV II Geaaon Wm Melville Garteld A W Gleaaoa Mortis Grreae Johnny GatreuE M CcdcanlF G GreeneSß GamtMBEK GodfreyGC GreeasenP nawickLoko Gofl»rey ueals. 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HartockChas D HodcsonWilliam Hurliurt J E Hartwell Frank AHoogea James B Hurlbart Henry L rnailcr Hodzc* Leonard Hurlbart Cha* A Hartwell EdwardHoQman GeorgeJ Unr.hurt Bdwln A HomuanCF HnmFO Harvey Joel D Hodman Harm Id Uus.ey Jaa IlaabrwokA FriorHogaaT F UusiedWm Hartrcurk Edwlnitogau Martin Hutchinson K C Haikell Chas W HoklhbithamßK Botchlnsou n U Haskins J Iloslo George Bntchmsoa Josa* Hawes Gilbert B Holbrook L Uixu Hawks CM HolbrookF B BayosErastna Uawlerjos H Holden S Hamilton Hiram UawsaGrockwaylioilandComeans S rev EawtinT Icfll Fenitmln Inslec 8 L Inslee F B Ireland J £ Jaek«on James Johnscn M T Jones Israel cant Johnson WJ dr Jone* Albion JacotsWW Johnson Henry Junes John F James Edmond D Johnson Lyman Jones Jacob bvt Jenkins HcrveydrJohiiionJitoepha major Jennings FS Johnson J Gees Jordan GsoL Jenntucs 1 Johnson CR Joseph E Jtn’treChanncer Johnson B F Jo*llo K Jchm-OD N E JutmSuD AN Jcilw L H JohnsonWalterdr JohmonJ C A co Josies J _ Johnson Robert Johnson EH Aco Judah Chaa J Johnson WarreuE Jones J A Justice J J Johnson O H Jones J R KalrJnhn KrtdanCW King TV K Kane Thomas KendersonCTV Ring John Kunrnw John H Bcc-Cckmr KlaelUiU Keahel John Kennedy N KlasVß Keefe James Kent C A KingGT Kerlrri'E Kerfoot Henry King Reuben KttT A Whitman Kent Ctias King Casua l KeenChaa KeruChas Kingsbury kdwd KiwcTTß Kerr Will Mnnlmeat David KchoeTß Kerr A B „C»Pt _ Kaltb AlymcrL Kctheraoo Jno C Kinsey Geo Kellogg UII rev K«je» Demon Rtn»cy PatrM? Kelh'gg Robert Kev«*N P °f's - .Do b „ Keltocu Dan Kidder Chas B Kirby IhosK kSit%!£u Klleu Geo F K l rk|*ndJ F 3 Kelly J W KIUUnBJ Kirkland J « TV Kel»y JohnTV KlmballGß Knapp AC Kelly Jamo Kimball C A Kno*p Samnel Kelb Aldrew B KlmoalirraDflaU Knox Joseph Kendall Geo S Kimball Groß Knot Jamt-s P Kendall C TVut Klmhail hw Aco Knuwlum u L lament Geo Lea W D dr LoomU Luther Lancaster Thos Led AD Lord> Am d Lander Geo M l*ct Thomas T Lorlae I vvid lt Lai cEd G LeSerU _ LoterWUhcJ Lanucr>onChas LccceltChnsT l*onnefThomas LacLer«»iU I,egrand fcdward Lov«JN tancflann K Upper Wm Lovcnud FrankC Langston TV Ixsjle John R T co «>.«.!• vcr» Latpher Judge LeeanderCA LowlherWD Ijuiurmat A Levings-ione JohnLuca* V.m Lamed W C Levlngeione TT dr Lttce Geo A Lamed J G Lewis ■ harles Luce 11A cape lamed K F Lewi* Pryce Lackey Wm Lamed F U Lewis J U Luulam J V» Larkins John M Lillie Robert B Lombard Thomas i «m i r Lind Mit Lundy Wm U viftrorTP LlndievWL Lullicr Chad B Latlmrr tlas LinklaterK LrgttcaHU Lavtriy John F Lltn W Cdr Lyman Wm Law M 7 Linden Clarence Lyman W IvwWmlr LiureAUwtt Lynch James Law Iltpry T iulejvna „ LyonG _ LaKSow John U\lngstoneWindrLyon John T Lawrencs J*« V Liviasatoac Jno\ Lyon« trank LarfliicKrra Locke Edward LyousDaalel t »w iii.f .« K LoVcyDF Lyons L A Lesrv James Long ll E Lyons Mlehaal l.eo L LootmsCF Lyons DcaalaAco Lev John 91 Martilcx .TohnT Bottim W uiumMuoJj A U M«ut«nJ,licW IWH vSSS-Ti-5 MuuocdOl* MvcnsG MooreTVTLa Mulitr James Mcndeltcn John h JA 3lsb«.c luvurd McnatesAA Moore & Wlaa«er MvUvUe.vlile Slcrcler Joseph Moranlatrlck Mull’ollacd Isaac Mcrrell H A Murcncun Chas A Maun h Ucrnll Howard Storey Chan ilann T Ha : e Merrill K U Muiford ii Tuttle Mannings U MerrickGrorgo Moigaa Henry SUn-hcfd &co Merit Coarnel Morgan D W rcr iinusCelda M.cbleoo *• co Morgan C SluncoldJA kRU-» Jame* H 3 Myrgut. Amos Merlon John P MlKs II F MnrphrT II E MrKty ah.ul 11 MlleadrE MorrillJF 'lurrAohn Mißar James aiorris Jchn H i Mar* Chas Miller Cicero D MormsW Musics CUaB D Miller l*cter - - Mor j Uey Michael Marsh George A Slultr George Mot riser Phillip blorsli A A 3111,cr Kuraev B Meicy H Marsh ffmP UHlerUeniy 2 5V ,r ?*r»s.w March A Goo<'rlcliMil!cr John Mu'So Chas E 31arthal!3lV s'HlerJohnC* Cop- II R Miller 14 E ilartm TT m * brv Mldcr illcbl L 3loru>r. Wm Martin TL Miller A Drew 3 Mon on J Martini) SB t Moss P TV Ms:UnbolomonKMIU» Mjf:a P -lu A t Manor JW MUD L S f , w . K Mason Ike F MilUmr Muliln Joan Mason James 3 Milord Israel MuauJoha Jlasoo BiAwell MmlerT L Mun*eil caannecy Ma»cn Joseph D Mlt-prF D Murphy J,»bo D il lehrh David b Murpny Join Mote: JuLn MUeUfll Uu-hd Murphy TUopaa Slalthcw* WTV Mixer Cba* S Murpoy lUchild Mntthews Wm MoCat A crowcll Murrj ilartm Matthrws Hcnryb.Moioney rail Mu«7dvi«-apt MallhewsTA MontasacJohw M>.rr»> Andro* mSutewsE U llouiaruc B:rt- Ac. Maxwell John . rl , Mot Balta-ar Monlorulnn J 1 Mjfesh r. «S “rl K MontgcmeryW A Myt£ Kdward Main John D c*pt MyrlcltWi MayoOswln McAnleyJ S McDr nalJ Geo Vel/~nr Martin Mcßrl eV.’tr McUorell Geo Mclnuwh Daniel McCaireroi ItngtiMcDonellJ jhnC M |\«j*nroCP 41,-CanJohn H MeDongallJohn L Mi Carroll Win MtUowwl Jaic« McKeaafJ f , . Met arty Janiea McElUcott John McKvaiuy I.a.W rt nl tapt McKrnzle II ;*apl MctaM.r John Mchntyre MlchaelMcKenrle H M MUheenry A WeMackrariand McKenzie D n KevniliaW Ainaaa Mi'KitarlcuJ I. McClay Albert L Mcl-arlandCoU Mc»AwJ«*fcJ M'duetber JaaMiOeeJchn McLeanAco tt Mark McLean L MiClore RD«tco capt MeMahoaJot MvVoillstur CLaa McGinnis FracclsMcMahon Fr*=cJ* 3, .‘,r * Mc-Glrcn Peter MeMaiien Jo* McCormick A J ilcliovc.n Lcr- MiCoort John nartl MiMur.ay i.oJt VeCraflrS McGrath Edward McNair Jamea IJlillVThen McGrattcnTl.o* McSllt A U JlcCull'Vk.l C McGncor f'a:a McPariabd H.nry McCurdy TtCO- MiGnlsc * SralUiMcQacenP J dote MclIcUW M-SoyHuch MeUcrmett John McHenry Joa McNwo'VmU McDonald John Mcllagh P KatfcanS Ncwhonac 8 D Nome messra A t Nradntn Ccoree Nlrho|ir. ; oW Neal John C M>'holi )\m • \cidhan rcT bt Mcho.sJU MotA MUJaad Mdca Ed NorrwTho* Nelton * James Mice William * or f; B: L a Ntvlng William Mm* «enel N.MtMnz w b NewbercAeo Nob.e John NcrtooLßS. Ncacemb 4eo N'blo George Noyes ChaaHume Niwconbrll A Noble ZM _* Nor* BR * W Newcomb GtorgcNolan imld i. agent llenx/ d’Rrlen Dennis Ottara Chrttto-Onderdonk JohaD c/ltrltu Peter rher Organ Perry OTcnrrll llucasO’Leary dr A Cretan WUlamW oVonrelt John o’Uary JercmlahOsrwrne KoM O’Connor II Oakes Circs Okowl W O O’Connell EmtnftOdell Aii>ert C ooc»nyv,P O’DcnneMMlchaslOzde:. Chat C c»u*kkl totorsQ o’Ctady M Olaccea Henry Owen I. D O'Haro dobs Olden P A Owen Oeo C 2 Packard Samnel Peirce John dr PlleThnsJ J’sce George Ptudeitfa»t Tlmo-Pocock T U P«.elU?aniel tty Potacroy H M fi pall C.eo H W Ptr.ncct H J John Psml.lcli.rdS FetUtu»«o Pool Juiah W 14ft Edr RnliaWT Pert william PaitrrßF Pcnons'Vdr PorterAi.ctmofw Partes Thomas Pcrteet Jackson £•( J £ h ,' p - e * Parker lilt PcrrliSO \ icier A Potter H b l4rt£ L K Peter* * btunlutPotta JasTbo* Parlm 11 B Psitlbone P F Poutson It, Panel CJ P«m & Holland Poaltea John Parsh Fraut PettUt Charlc* M Jua ell Fran* M pa: hall A John- Phelan John Power Sl.cMel MB piiepe* 1* PowersAJ l-sr-or.i HB4W I'l.oJp-* Herbert prill CrO-->rjeE halt tall T How* phllftpa M PrtndtrgssHUos arda Phillips John F G Pates U pbiait-s Henrr E Preecolt Jeremiah PattersonEdwanll'tllllpsHcuryS H Patron JN Phillips F . Prttlcr Thomas PatcnAlrlnA Phi lip* Frank Prior Wm A Panl C w Pick Edward Price 'N I'tmeßn I".ckra cell John A Price HD Pearsall Bella I'lcktorV.N Pease EU pierce Lnlhercol Pullen John E Peaver* Franlt lierce Joseph Purrlnes A F Pierson 62* l*ataain Herman Peck Geo W Cneal Grin H Quinn Edward QolckJclm Qttlsn James Quick mr Racln blkbtcl Bifh Dwlcht B EoWnscn ElKs C Ksinmreh A Richard A B lU.biueon Leauder Kamsdell A Lowe ElchardtGS A IScdolphEJ F Idrhardi GtorgcTEockwen AS I'andulph J F lUchnrds J U Jack hstsT Pftur A Richards A IHrat Kodger* Am 2 linitri Frank Richardson U B Boland JoUnt. 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Geo SrjmonrCi, Smith Sj It eater Stoat J Q Seymour J A smith Stephen D StoverSrev Shatter Morrill J Smith HB Straight laaao Sharer John Smith Henry Stratton J S Snarp John W Smith J SarjCLt Street Geo B Sharp LL BmlthJM Street Frank maa- Suarp Kalaa C Smith JB Shaw F A Smith J W Street Char Ins rer Shatter Jobe M smith John L Streeter t ' Sceebaa John Smith Wright SwcgSM Sheffield D A Smith Wm . Eton* US sin sffisi SmlthVlcal btroncCha* li IneMrtJoMPh SmithFS4W Stroog Henry Khmeid t Smith ft J u SherUw Walter Smith Daniel W Jobnl* SlSu W«S L lwk« B S W cant*SotffinßiSh* SUmnwraeld Wm £hi«dJß John smeer Alonzo samnmr* ft Hi su?SdVB Snow :ta* bcmterlmaPll shi££an Snydair Jsmca Sardam Lyman chlnman Ellas Snider Anthony Satonaud J B ifctxraft MiUcn eoiieu Johu anther .and Johr. Somer Cbarlew Sntton Abner ‘bollcnmHenry SommemeldG Svadkma Alfred SoathttlaadD SoccUh^Toi ShotweH H C Southgate AFnltSweetOeom ShaflcltOft B A Bpauinlnx Wm A. Sweet Theodora BhmnwayCharte* Spaulding If W Bfte(taw| 4 Sickle* Jcha W Spaulding HW Sweet 8 H SlcdallJJ* Spar Mike BuldamaJ blmmocß John J Spear Frederick PSyrne Job* O Sitnmoos Charles Bpdgnt Wm Sorry T I, 41 saillotto or Talbct Walter Thompaon C TreraoWmCrer TallJa s W Thou[SonTM Trtceot A P TaoklnaJohn Thoopaon GeoC Trlmale J Edvard TanouaryWalterTThomiwon R Ct’rTTuaiS Tanocarv R*nl It Thompson B H TruehlooJ Alfitd Taa?ev K Thompson, John-Trucadell James Tarbox J B t sonico Trumbol Jasteais TarrJ B Thorn Fred Tahoaa Blcaard Tarrow Martin 5 TbraneDartl Tnaer. 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Walt John J John Williams Charts Wall Sl OP WeObrr 1 C WUiUiusGF Walt C V Webster Mark Williams alt Wake Richard Wcckicr Adam Wltlams HFt rev Weeks B W Wlisrn IVibt Wake’ey John W Welcht F U WUsen Joha Walden David WeluenJE WUsenUeo Walker Wm T WelcherKH Wllren Solomoa Walker Joeepl A Weha 1L Aco WUsen Joatph Walker James W WeUs Wm WUsenAco _ Walker Henry C WendeliACO Winder Lionel Walker, Slier* Wwt Frank 3 Wing W O wood A coS WracctlPß Wlamlll David Wall John Wcsten J S WmneK _ Wallace John Wtalen A WlsslowQJS Walace«m WhtddenJS WmdowCA Wallace Phillip WhlppleGeoA WlngarAeo WaiihPhllUp White David WutaJohnM Walter Daniel While Aia _ WlanerChaaß Waiter Ddr White John K WlsweUAcoJß WaiaonhßcasellWhtteJK WlubeckerFnsrc WareWmi White Johns WoirVß Warner PB W hite A Carpea* WolUcoll A Bar- Warner HC ter bridge Warner Frank Whiting WA Woodsaml >v arnock Thoa Whitmore FB Wood Jamea nuuuub iu>« n uiiuviE r v ’■ vw ■tiiin■ w arrack FhlUlp Whitmore John Wood ddr* Warren KM Hi Wood D W 1 WarrenW s WUsen Augustus Woodbury Hdr Warrta.l WhttmoreJD Woodman C WarrtnFrankO Whllnry C J Aco Wodrlcn Henry A Warren A UAcoWhltzev Wm W JD Warthmc Rudnty Whitney & Fanlk-Wo:drnfl George O ntr Woodruff J WartMery SamnelWhUaSerCß Woo-lwarS ARK-A Wateronry John Whitutjcbn Wdr B Whittier Randall Word U OS Waterman dr Q Worthier SamTC Water* Hiram Wicker A B wright 5 Waters Wm H Fred WatersEM Aco3 WnzhtO-o Watkins S E WtlcoxFC WilghtWa B aiklns Henry E WTlcvx W p Height W H Watklt* £ A Wilkins R WnghxP Watkln* J 8 Willard Wm WrtghtAeo Watkins A T Willard M Wyloa R W Wateon K W Williams Silas G Wyman Cnrtsdaa Wauea BZ Yates Hcnrr Young Andrew • Tonne TTV Yerbum Alfred Tonne Ctu H Young Lawrence York A F BIIStC£IiIiANKOI7&t LETTERS- Hoot & Shoe Firm* 151 Myron Lodge XACCC State street Mich Iron co Fc.x 613 C North TV ot Pah co CCB operator Northwestern p «j) Telegraoh co p It orpat r UlScer K H n Pacific Mall Steamship co Editor cf N’orthweneru Producer*’ Bank Chronicle See Oriental Lodge Editrr A&tU;nart»n TJ _ _ Gl, No SO klonroc-st To the Agent Dias Line B t real Wea’irn Band R Careen City Gift Enter* To the Proprietor of tha prlae Commercial Hotel Gift Book Store Wooten Maonfactiulng e» j 4M North Wells-at JOB Qark-at MAW jgpctial jV| otters; Dr. James, So widely celebrated In tbs treatment ol Sranu* TonnuiXA, Brrmus, and all diseases ot s prlvsc* sap tcre. can he consulted at his oacc and parlors. «j x and 93 Rancolcb*sL, comer of Dearborn, Chicago, iIL, (nearly opposite his old odee.) Dr. James estahlUhed and conducted James* L>Mr nosplUU Cnatctn New Otlesna. for thlrtesn years, and fertbe last six years has teen located ta Chicago, aid la the osly physician who has made the treatment of Secret Diseases a Specialty that has been acknowledged by the medical profession ami the press to he earn, coipncn and cmiAßnr. The rerued edition of roceatly la sued by Dr. James, compiled from his more elaborate works, contains the history, origin, namre and danger of Secret Diseases, and pmcitp:lan« for self treat ment, with a treatise npoadlscasca pscullarto (bauda*, kow avoided and prevecNd, res edits *v. The nnlrcreal rrpntatlon given to Dr. Jamas ass practitioner is the b«t possible as-iarance ot tls abil ity to necrsttolly treat the class of dlsektcs he has made It a specialty to treat. Office hours trcmOa.m. to Sp.m.t c andaya daring the forenoon. Separate rooms, and coiaultattona atrlcCy private and coua-rcntlal. Astrology and Tour Destiny. The stars rtTeui jour dest-ny! What la it? What ate your lulare urcstetu tnlue? To be, omit to Ikw tstLrallaUompg Good ..r snl? Woo wih solve u? Di. Raphael oau soiva the ipicatioa! He has the secret of winning U.« aucchoo* of Uiu op posite sex I He can show juu tun lueseas ot yoar lUiurcl.ikhacdor wiK. U<* can f.«rePill u.u result of all tusthcta trasiactK&s SLd sp-culaaona. He esa cnlflcjcu to wealth, emtoecre «nd h'«tor. 11. a!*e culdww»onu>health,even vhuu y»u ar.* giv*n un aa ibcuraluc tv otters. Cad at Mia Fast MtdiauaAK* ■3|, kialra).L>-lwe»i. Wciia and Oaagp* ill- CoumtatU a fLa, One D >-Ur. |sr. Whittier^ ■| (M Sr.nth cute* ail private dlscaare uitLout c ei'urv or P'ls'jnoo, drnes. «i much V» ne urtadid. brninal weakness, mall hi vanM l.imu,* II aitw werkr. Vouna meuattllciadwithdieaiM at Llchl, ptoouclcu wcavneas of the wnola txxty, cos iivc&om*, ru.trlns la 11-e turs, call and left-me Uoc tf.r*s cptciontico* l charm*. Dr. W. publtatMM agahle 'o health ahUhshouldbr In thehauos ufcvetyooe: ircc ot chat «x. Sci.d ttirte ecuU v. Ilnurs from t a. m. until 9 p. n»* Post otfcalloxjdM. ConfiileuUal totianKailuns., Dr.L.SAM)£IC U. C. Lntiiloe, ir.l t ct. lUinDfr of Mvj. Mf lira necua *» hu«fficr. lia3fi.lpb-»t ,oa the n'ctllcal treatment «.f Chr cic. >«f\ via. Private, oeca is »1 and Vrlrarj DU«*a»e» of both fttxc*. ions Ms »pe cUU». J*r. bashes'* Female iuuucdiea ate certala m all ci.»c>. str Rl»el«v\c* inn* tt« confluence cl tb* pnslica ? tue •uit7 L- t»« mo t rt.labic pbvjlC lalafba iat ui»/bv luu . *w..w m* city fi. r ebrci.l.i cirrous and »exas. d'tcvei. c»ll aS hi* uOce, 199 Soul- Cl«rk-*U t)fi'J «( Uoarca. j: oiui» ffp<riij. Consul *itiah Dee. I*. 0. Hot 1 -Vt> Hit gnlc* to health, paalkhed monthly. vest fr*« to my addieis. . Ur. TDoiiunn, prepilctor r.f the Medical and burgled la.tltote, 17S South Clark-sC, ta* treated a’l I >rm* of venereal din erne with unpreet dented snceett l?r nearly t ;rtr y*-ar», e-pcrm&torrbiea and impotence imtal rub the hvpßi e»t rr»ujtj. particular* of ibe loa'iiutc »o:l ttirOulda Dialled tree to anyaddns*. I*. O. Box 7~, Chlua*3, Illinois. (general Entires. gPECIAL KOTIC.E, OmcT or J. M. Bnai>mmrr » So»*s [ararsn» MtCCS-N. ILE AOEACT. NO*. 1 ASD 3 f McCoKJCLIC* tklLDUl.h, CQICAtiO, Jac.3,14J7. ■ ype are now rccelvlns the 20 tb Voloxe, (Western Xldltlou), of ore COMMERCIAL REPORTS. To Insure reentartty in cHlvery. subscriber 1 * names are alphabetically arranged. Tiu* will «n*e'le.ay » tome. Terse, thereture. dt**tring their lcitn*or a’ely will oblige us by tending their order to our oSce. ri-'HE SUBatRUiER OWKS a LARGE TRACT OF CHOICE COAL CDprslte LaSalle, and desire* the aid ol capital lorlta deCelrpeniciit. A parlor the whole Is oJcn*l torsale. Has a liberal charter tri m the f>r a»mj parr oteauUattOL. May be ?ecn from U to IL at JttLa* ot OGDKS. FLFSTWOOD a CO., .iril A note to him at *JSU ILmois-at.. wUI atfc*nUoa- Kl. C/. r aElt TlAa. Civil acd Mlnigtf En gin ear. Uusmrss €atbs. 75LAIR & JEFFERSON, COmiHISSION ITIKSCHANTS, OFFICE, 204 FEOST-ST., w. i MRne ms, TBSX. LHxral cash adTarcemests made on consheacesta. Q.EaT, HATTEM & CO, Wacles&le Commissicn. No. GO MoGaa-dt., Between F tod G-sts..) PEN VLB. CULOBAPG. HOGS I •"stench.* AND WElliilT LISTS Furnished gratis. Hlcbeet mar set nnarantrtd| ITompt retarn* made. CorriHpo'-ile cr Sodcited. * KEDMOFD a Oci**t Com'u M-jehTa. KA WastUQgton-st- tlilcago,CL_ Maukß anh Hankers. Stockholdings- ma.etj2to.-tiw annual meetmi; zl tbs Stockholders of tha FIFTH KATIOSALBAJK OF CHICAGO Fcr the election cl Director?, awl to tnn«act asy oU er hcslnta* that may Uwfallv come l*Dre -be S'Mdlnc.wll' be tela at me office «1 laid Baoi. Ho. SO LaSallc-at, Chicago, between tte boom of 18 a. m. aba I p. m*. Taetdaj) January Bill. ISG7. ISAAC G. LOMBARD, Cathier. Chicago. Dee. Ttfe. 1966. ffiioposalfi. Haeboi: works at gkaud ha- VF V aan Pl-u t Lake. Mlcf Igaa. Ottic* erPEunrrrnDisr. »ni!r*Ttt. OxdowC ijercorartsTS*. ) VuvaCUX. Wiaconate, January LIW7. I nronoaals. In dapllcate. of the fomt fnrnlabel hv“^euim”r?laaS.will tasroce.tcd at dtUoiDeenaUl the 14thdr* *f February. at IJ oi_ Dr ?mpw?uc the imrtJtt of Cia-.S diaren and Blacw l TffS 1 p , o“Sicnl».t Gra'd B.Tm .111 ra«il is)ot r-£t. mr r- or !e«. of pUlnc to protect the south hank* f the nrernesar l»e enhance and an ►*- tertlco of Ibe south plcrflti €OO feet oycrlln CUod with B *Tbe*lmprovement* at Black Lake will be at ?s* ,3 .r* cf me orient piers, 112 rnr nine Ibet in a L *td drcu£ ire- Thedreozlne wtllbebetween the pier*. plactnrthenewerlbA and will amount to JC,Ctw cubic Tarca,moreor !•». „ , Ptac* and apecificatlona a« on die to th °tn* e, ma willteahawnto all who wUhto examine them for the t IKS™S““': & .cparalc Br each wort »dwc aaih"Srtlii.«!a; «r p«r tor .111 be tcctlTprt lor a part nr lor tpe aceitaer work The work to b* - nnUhed be October 1, is**. . T-oa.otka"ill pSlet IP lac!;.<«rjrpj. der, Ttaarrlcc to Uie United auttea tpe rltUit to rot. “gldJotiSnqticstodto paprraertpppa ttr opoptod C Vb“SSic«ecmpos^Jt';^M^doraad. ***** “ aeparate thTelopes, J. »• WHEELEB. U. 5. Mliwankce, WU. OiFICE OP THE BUPEIH2jTS-Kl>- FST OF COHSTbCCTIOH OPTHH U. S COCirT UlMfc IW fie’d. CUnoia. notU 13 o clod ears, bed ©•ates, r«lulrM ~~ Tn awlnzs of the Eons* *nr Poat Office, now er«^»ju. u t«^ itull work, ’bowlns dimtnrioni. at m» office, may be tem and H aw at thlcaaob cr by application at 'te CiMom fa; Utmcls Qbcl .ral. Ohio, s*^Sf t l£rsa for apltaM amt SU Lems. approval mnatbernr.tmttcd conntna ard plla*- v .ctore ovstlny. ar d beds ana 5« tenmtuthe nne. aid tmooUi 10C93. *>f even tT " -eoHaperor DsUS. jera. and ito« d?Avery, Th e me wore must be it. nr befbw «w Is t n March. ISB7. r t is?s. must be eadonsd* “ wiewai**^