Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 6, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 6, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. SUNDAY, JANUARY 6. 1867. THE CITY. Cnmcn P*w*.—ibe sale of seats in the First Congregational Church, corner of Green and Washington streets, will bs made on Monday evening, commencing at 7)4 o’clock. DrscnAßsxn.—Chariss P. Musor, charged with paasteg counterfeit money, waa discharged from custody on Friday, ihe Grand Jury finding no bUI sgaiuat him. Bohzxzax Club.—A meeting of the Clob will be held on Monday afternoon, at 4 o’clock prompt, in the now rooms in McVlcker’s Theatre building, east entrance. WisnzvcToxtur Mxrruro.—-Ihe regular meet ing of Washingtonians will be held at the chapel cf the Home. 5T2 West Madison street, on Sunday evening at 7 o’clock. CCTTExanr. —The regular monthly meeting of the American Methodist Ladies' Centenary Asso ciation will be held In Evanston on Tuesday, at 10 a. m. Can leave the Milwaukee depot at 9a. m., and return at 3)4 p. a. Tub Tco “ Usiox.”—A telegram from the South Mentions, received on Saturday, conveys the Intelligence that the tag “Union” bis arrived there -all right,” She went out from this port to fetch, in the hark “Champion.” Woke? akd Children. —The next rcgnlarmeet icg of the Trnsuea of the Hospital for Women and children, w3I be held at the HospitaL No. SIS Ohio street, on Monday afternoon, at three o’clock. A lull attendance is requested. Fiee.—A barn situated on the line of Kankakee aveune, outside the city limits on tbe prainc. was deftioycd by fire about eleven o’clock on Friday night. An elderly mancamcd Jenldnsou occupied it a? a “residence.” ADnmosAi Bocmr.—A correspondent In quires it there la any person appointed by Gov ernment, through whom the additional bounty can bo collected, which was granted bv the Oor e.Btuct.u and approved July 23,158 G. \Vc answer: Yes: Colonelll. D. Cook, Stale Agent of Illi nois. (P. O. address) Washington, I>. C. Pbusosal.—Onr respected fellow-citizen, T. B. Bryan. E>-q., who has been in Europe for over a said to have recently purchased a handsome villa fc Switzerland, on the bank of Lake Geneva, with the intention ol soending some time there, 'ihe heath ot Mrs. Bryan Induces him to protract Lis stay m.Ol next year. Cactm rz Visit*.—Brand, the well-known pho tographic art!it, No. 10S Lake street, the leader In tbe movement to reduce prices, u now supplying beamifa: cartes de visile at one dollar and a half r>cr dozcti. lie takes copies oi old vetures, eu arred if required, and beautifully colored. He guarantees satisfaction In every case. See his advertisement on the fintpage. Coxcrirr Rzuibacsax,— Mr. Ba’atka announce? that tlik reLfarsals of the .Oratorio of SL Paul, which is to be publicly performed under the auspices of the Yoong Men’s Christian Associa tion. in aid of their work, having been suspended through the holidays, will bo resumed on Mon day evening, at 7)j o'clock, in room 18 Opera House. Ail singer* who wish to take part in ren dering this performance arc requested to be present al that lime and place. Gooi» Templabs’ Festival.— An entertainment and oyster supper will be given on Tuesday even ing by Hathaway Lodge No. 210, Independent Order ol Good Templars, in the lecture room of the Free Win Baptist Chnrcb, comer of Jackson and Peon * streets. Tin* Lodge I* in need of funds to pavforth*.* a*.ia»«;aEd olhcraddltions to :hclr new Lodge- oom ou the corner of 5H dated and Harrison streets, and have chosen this pleasant modeof rai-in them, the Mends of the work will probabh make tie affair entirely successful. Pejifokal.—T. A. Brown, the celebrated Boston pfcotogjaph«r, has arrived in the city, and com mences an engagement wnh G. B. Green, at lua street. Mr. Bronuis an artist in the troe reuse cf tbe term, and we need oulv add tbe name of .Mr. Green to Insure oar readers of first-class work In order togive the pnbllr a chance of testing Ihc truth of thi'*, Mr. Green proposes making beautitnl pictures lor tne next thirty days, for one dollar per dozen. Bounties.— Mr. E. F. Adams, the well-known claim agent, received the 5100 bounty for E. S. Frvlaud, Forty-fourth New York Infantry, on '•December Irth,** which be claims lo he Ihc first recem-d by any claim agent in the West, nndcr the act of Jnly 2Sti>, 1800. And the chocks come iu almost daily sine*: then. Among the compani-** row bein'? paid through him, i« the Chicago Boaid of Tilde Battery. Those vvtsnln'* quick return* cannot do belter than lo give him a call. "> need scarcely say that his offi-c is on the northwest corner of Madison and Dearborn streets. Deueiun —Richard Burke was fined JlO at the Police Court, on Saturday momiugi He resides on Bloc island avcnne, and owing to his recent excessive indulgence is “spiritual" drink he has seen strange visions. The special hallucination which caused hisancat was his firm belief that there was a masked ball going forward at bis nonse. This invasion of his premises by shadowy and uninvited guests he strongly resisted in speech and action, bat the artful guests danced merrily on, and mocked him from benind the chilrs, me and other furniture. At last he /aticcdiLat agoodlv number ol them had been ct'ivcn ut.*;er the bed, and when arrested he bad just made a desperate p'unge in pursuit. Tuuoccn Line to New York—Exclusion.— The great ihrough line from St. Louis to the At lantic seaboard—a uniform guage on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, Michigan Central, Great W esteni. New York Central, acd connecting roads, will be probably opened by » n inaugural excursion, wldch will leave the Central depot iu Chicago, on Monday, January 7th, ISC7, at s;fo in the afternoon in Ihe new palace sleeping fare —“Mayflower," end “City of Detroit." 1 be train will reach Detroit at fi a. in. Thursday, cross the river on tbe new steamboat, without un coupling. teach Suspension Bridge at 3 p. m„ and Rochester atop. m. Returning will leave Roches ter on W ednesday morning, and reach Chicago Tfanisday morning. A STodebat* Swxjulxb.— -William Miller, a German, representing himself as from lowa, was arraigned before Justice Millikcn on Saturday afternoon, charged with ob'alnlrg money under false pieunccs. About lour weeks ago bo nego tiated the ealc of three cat-icaos of barley to Mr. L. C. Hook, al No <6O North Stale street. Air. Hook, a- a personal favor to Miller, loaned him ST> until the delivery of the barley, which was rep resented to beat the Northwestern depot On similar representations. Miller borrowed *5 front each of four or fire other parties. To one no told of having 51.000 worth of hogs at tbe depot. It vvar asc rtaiued lhal these statements were entire ly feisc, and he admitted as much upon examina tion. He was committed lor trial in ballot SUM) Seatiitc Foe tus Pooh.—The Washington Skating Park Association, which has estubllabed an enviable reputation in the pa>t for liberality towards benevolent object*, nowannoanccs a bene fit for tbe sulk-ring poor of this city for the entire week -r.dtrg January 12th. Tickets Pave been Issued by the Relief Commiliee, and placed on sale at uc usual idsct-s, and. in addition totb:?, a large Lumber of canvasser* vv ill engage lo their dispOKai. The committee arc determined that the liberal offer of the Association shall produce liberal results. Ihe public have, in this enterprise, an opportu nity o! doing good In a very pU-iuani way. as etery ticket sold goes to supply food and fuel to the needy. Very lew can retu«e to purchase, even li they do net intend to ub the tickets, and it Is hoju.*d Ual ’cn thousand will be sold for this worthy object. Biting Coal.— Charles Fleaher represented to Nicholas Dnbcrtlonthe third of last month that be couid piocure coal for him from a yard on Van Bnrcn street, for 59.50 a ton, delivered. This was mcch leas than the current price and was In consequence, he said, of his being Captain of a tng boat and having a contract ta snpply ins boat. Unberti pa*d him the money for one ton. bat the coal was not forthcoming. Hubert! repeatedly visited Flcsher, to ascertain why the agreement was no fulfilled, and finally 10 get hi* money back. But F Icsbcr said be hlid paid tbc money at the coal office and the coal would be scat. It was not sent, and on Saturday Fiesher was arrested and bronchi belore the Police Court. lie *i*tcd that he had lestced that coal had risen in price to SIS and he Intended to return the money 10 Hu bert!, hut had been sick a part of tbe time lie was committed for trial in bail of fijd. Cheat Tumble is Pcices,—We do not wish to rasp the sensitive nerve* of such of our readers as have imm-T-se stocks of goods on baud, which they find it hard to get rid of, and arc lelnciaut to “mark down’’ to their customers, but dory to the public nevertheless compels us to say that within a few Jays past prices natr tumbled ai no alarm ing rale at the store of L. DeG rai corner of aut • ami Randolph. Be is one of those enterprising men who believe in tbc “nimble sixpence” policv of doing business. He want* lo clean ont his es tablishment of winter stock, to make roam for an early spring trsdr, and has therefore pat the screws no the prices of his entire stock. People who now go taere and ask what u wib f<>** *« hay • nvurcoat <-*•», •-»•»«*, Of Salt ol the beet made clothing in the market, miy stare in astonl-Lmcnt at tbe answers they recrive.acd those who have a little ready cash, aad want to put it out at big Interest, are eager to Invert. Be <*rs£ offers bargain* to ail who com?, and “first come first served.'* From medium lo the finest grndcs, he has a large and magnificent stock of wlnicr clothing, suited to all classes anu coudl- Hors ai men, jontfin or boys, which ha is selling lltcndly “cirt cheap.” Tun Ellsworth Zoeatxs’ Bali-—This aTatr. ullch comes off at. the NewLall House. Milwau kee. on 'inesday, the Bth instant, promises to be one of the most pleasant o* the season. The Zouaves, under Captain-Brand, a con tinuous course ot drill dtrlng the past two moLil*. prepared themselves to enliven the occa sion with an exhibition drill, wh'ch will do credit to the fame the company has heretofore posreserd. The company will carry with them the tlag which was prerented to them on the occasion of the visit of the Boston Lancers to the clEy. and which was wrapped around the lifeless 1-coy of Colonel Ellsworth, and still bears the stains of his blood. The band has been selected from among the best musicians in the city, which will insure finalises music. Ihe Chicago 4 Milwaukee Railroad Company has consented to pass bolde-s ot tickets to the ball at half the usual rates. This will afford to parlies going to Milwaukee an opportunity to travel at reduced rates, as well as to secure lor themselves a most agreeable entertainment. • Tae train will leave tbedepot In Chicago at !»o'clock on Tuesday morning, and depart from the depot at Milwaukee at 4 o'clock p. m. on Wcdnesd iy* Dow TO Bens Coax —Nine out of ten who at tempt to bnm coal in a stove waste about as much coal as is necessary to be consumed for the obtaining of all the heat desirable. Observe the following simple rales, suggested by a contem porary, and lew who adopt the burning of coal will mom to wood fires. Suppose the stove to be cleaned out: f lirt—To make a coal fire—pot in a double handful of shavings, or ose kindling wood in stead. Fill the earthen cavity (if the stove has one) nearly full of chunks of ary wood, say four, five or six inches in lengfri. On the top pat ahont a dozen lumps of egg coal. In ten minutes add about twenty lumps more of coal, a* soon as the wood has burned out, fill the cavity half to two-thirds lull of coal. The fire will be a good one. The coil will by these directions become thoroughly Ignited. Second—Never flilastove more than half or two-tblids full of coaLcveoin the coldest weather. Third—When the fire is low never shake the grate or disturb the ashes, but add from ten to fifteen small lumps of (coal, and set the draft open. When these are heated through and some what ignited,add the amount necessary for a near fire, but do not dUtuib the ashes yet. Lcttho draft be open half an hour. Now shake out the ashes. The coal will be thoroughly Ignited, and will keep the stove at a high heat from six to twelve hours, according to the coldness of the weather. Fourth—For very cold weather. After the Are is made, according to ruler first and third, add* every hour, twelve or twenty lamps of coal. Yon will find that the ashes made each hour will be In stout that rale. COMMON COUNCIL. Tho Railroad Question— Sewerage Pay of Aldermen—Police Courts. An adjourned meeting of the Common Connell waabcld on Mlurday evening. When a qaurum had assembled the Board, on motion, resolved U .dr ill!; CmnmiUcc ot Uic Whole, AM. Woodard in ibe chair. The matter first considered was la relation to naiLßoarw. Tbe anestion was brought np on the tootn sec °°u o! lbe «a»»Pter eotiued “ Ccmmon Council ” heretotorepublished in the Turns*. rbeorlglna! «ansc provided for an autboriaatlon to the Conu ell to dm the streets and sllejs bj nllroid com panics, provided three-fonrlbs ol all the Al dermen elected consent to thesame, and that In 'hc case of a veto the grant shall need a seven eighths vote, lists at a former rawing was ■mended by requiring the railroad company de siring the use of the streets to obtain the consent of a majority of the property*holderson the line of tLc street. Ald.Uofisell moved as a substitute, - To author* ire Ibe use of the streets and alleys In saldcltv by (•team railroad companies, for the purpose of'lay ing tracks thereto: provided bowercr, that no each grant shall t ike effect nmll the Board of As sessors of said city, shall have estimated the damages and Ireneflts to Ibe property aborting on such streets or alleys by any such us*c or occn- Saucv, and ontll the net amount ol damages after eduenne benefits. If any. to tbe property a'ore said shall be returned in doe form to the Comp troller of raid city, and until one third thereof shall be paid into tbe city treasury by -uch com* panv, and provided further, that Ihe other two thirds shall bo paid out of the my treasury; and it eball be tbe duty of said Comptroller to pay all such damages so estimated and returned by said Assessors, on such property, (o too owner or owners thereof; provided fnrther,that no such grant for the use or occupancy ot any sited or alley by any railroad company as aforesaid shall prevent the Common Council at any future period from enforcing anyordia ucc or or dinances that may be passed regulating the use of any such railroad company to remove their tracks out of any street or alley so occupied, should the public Interest require it.” Ihe amendment did not prevail, and the section authorizing the use of the street for railroad pur poses, as published in the Tbwcxz heretofore, on the coneeut of a majority of the property owners, was passed. (XWZEAGI, The committee adopted, under this bead, a sec tion to provide for borrowing, from lime to time, fSSC.OOU, to pay debts Incurred by Ihe city for sewerage works, and to increase the works. pat ron ALPKnmr. This matter was next considered; the danse, as proposed, gives to the Aldermen antitank) sum of money us salary for service. It also provides that municipal elections shall hereafter be biennial, Aldermen (holding their oClco during four years. Aid. Wiimarth moved to strike oat the clause The danse providing for payment was stricken out, aud then the entire section was dropped. egh-W POLICE COUBTB. J’bc committee refuse - to adopt the amendment to the e!!*ct that the Council may designate two Justices of tbe Peace to act a* Police Justices lu each Division of the dty. It a1»o gives these Justices jurisdiction in all ca»es not exceeding a demand of *3OO. "The same section gives flic power to the Coundl to fix the salary of these ofl'ccre, before any of whom recognizances can be taken, and vitaer of whom may take juriedlc uon on the process of tbe order. Hie committee then rOi>e, reported tbe ordi ranc-lobe pae&ed, and ihe Coundl adjourned until Tnraday next at seven and a half p. m. THE CHOLERA* Salormntlon Wanted by tbe New York Hoard of Uealtb. The Metropolitan Board of Health, New York City, has appointed a Bureau ol Statistics, the Re cording Secretary of which—Elisha Harris, Esq.— has addressed from Ibe office. No. 801 Mott street, a letter of inquiry, soliciting replies to the sub joined points: 1. When, where and to what extent, and by what local personal agencies have the former epidemics of choUra prevailed under your ohaervaaons iu anyplace! - 9. what circrmsianccs appeared to have afforded immunity Crum cholera! 3. Depth ard nature of the earth to the surface of living waters! ISUile particularly what Is the usual rtep'h to the surface of water lnfreshly-dn~ wells of ibe particular locality w here cholera be~ pan to spread, and ;f the depth to water was greater or leu tlian nsnal at that time,] "a 4. Slate what is the relative elevation of dwell ings and grounds where the outbreaks of choie- a have been consecutive, and wbat Is known of soil drainage. Did Uic piogress of the epidemic fol low the course of Ibe drainage! 5. Stale all the facts which go to prove, uro or con, that there ba- been any relation of privy or tilth *■ oak age mb- drainage water a* a source or exciting cause m cholera, and particularly it the L-xcietaol persons sick with cholera or choleraic dtairhu a were exposed to such saokage? 6. Total population ot the town or city at the time of the epidemic. 7. Total number of deaths from cholera during me epidemic. .8. Total from other causes In the same period, dumber of weeks continuance of the cholera. Give number of deaths In each we -k. | I*. Itcport if cholera has been conveyed to lo calities or persons until then uninfected, appa rently by persons or things that ipcainc Infected elreuherc. Has cholera immediately succeeded ihc* ariival of persons sick with choleraic diar rhea! rU t tne fir ß t case, or group of caves he reported with particular accuracy, and with derails ot all ihc essential points. Please transmit this infor mation as early as practicable.] BAOGEUINIi WITNESSES. “Itlore Dotored tn tbe Breach than In the Observance.” The American system of jurisprudence is equal, in theory, to that of any country wo know of. but m practice His woinlly deficient iu one respect, and perhaps in several. The particular deficiency to which we refer, regards tbe ungcnßemanly Labi; which characieilcas pettifoggers have of bro-.-beating every woman and nervous or igno rant man whom they catch npon tbe witness rtand. Occasionally they attack the wrong party, and the abuse w hich they give la relumed to them with pawnbrokers' In tbe majority of cases in w hich they are engaged, they, unless brought to a comparatively decent sense of behavior by the Court, manage to confu°e iho «riiuvß-ca who are subjected to tneir UKoient and brutal cross-examinations, and their uninviting physiognomies never w ear mire hide ous leer* than when modest women, to whom ihcyhave propounded indelicate questions, be come cent useo, and contradict, iu tuinor matters the evidence which they nave previously given. And It is veiy seldom that the Court Interferes and jjives the witness the protection which he. or she, is legally and morally justified in cla'mlug. The great difficulty in the matter is. that witnesses vvlo get “worried" by questions which, if asked of a man, in men’s company entlreiv, would «nti ■ tic tie questioner to h blow In the farcc 4 ora kick elsewhere from thelocof a boot, do not know that the pettifoggers who abuse and imult >liem have no more rigut to do so in opeu court (ban in the pnbllc strict; consequently, scppodngthcir prosecutor* are legally authorized to display swinish attribute?, they attempt to niake the best of a bad bargain, and tn trying, for in-tance, to explain the diflerenciof lima between six o'clock and ten minutes and teu minutes af ter six, they say something which the shysters magnify a dozen fold, and which is dilated upon before juries, and pronounced, in language similar to that of the Five Points aud Cow Bay, as drect proof of wilful perjury. Our Police Justices are frequently ,obhgca to dismiss cases of brutal assaults upon resih-ctable women for no other reason than that of the n-m-appoarauce of the prosecuting witnesses, who—some Irom expe rience and pome Irom hearsay—kaow the dis gusting ordeal to which, in case ol their appear ance i n the witness stand, they arc liable to be t-übjected by aset of harpies, who,when Iheraffi lor professions came off, dievr. by mistake, bogus lawyers’ tickets, in place of those which would have entitled them to subordinate positions in a worthless brigade©? night scavenger*. The same may be said ot the Recorder’s Court, though not to iLc same extent. The evil is one which calls •Of* remedy, and as the last named rests entirely vyi h ihc judges of oar courts, we respectfully a-k that it bo applied on ail necessary occasions. Zocavk Cadets—Toe Death or Major Hos sttn.—-'lbe original members of the United States Zouave Club, who joined in the Eastern excur sion of the company In iB6O, held a reunion on Friday evening, a* the office o! General John B. Tnrcbin. It will be remembered that tbc late Colonel Ellswoith was Captain of this company ai the time of tbc trip, ard be designed a gold medal to he worn by each of the members who participated in it. The meeting was held for the purpose of forming the “Champion United States Zouave Cadet Clnb," to meet once a year. Tbe toliouing officers were elected: Jl. D. 1-afiin. Esq., President; I. R. Harden. Esq- First \ Ice President; E. D Knox, E*q,. Second Vice President; Sidney P. Walker, Esq., beet e>ary na Treasurer. Ihe beautiful fiag which was presented to tbe company in IS.'9, by the Illinois State Agricultu ral society, Is kept in the possession of the Club and i* to become the property of the last sur viving member. The following resolution* upon ihe death of Brevet Major Charles A. Uosmcr were presented and unanimously adopted: Jfraofmt, That tbe United Plates Zouave Cadets have heard, with deep and unfclgn- d sorrow, of the death ol one ol its members. Brevet Major Charles A. Ilosmer, United Plates Army, at St. Paul, Minnesota. I,< tohvd. That by bis death the Cadets have lost one of I heir best members, and his acquaintances a dear and valued frieoa. Jtrmlctdi Thai a copy of these resolutions be entered upon the records of this organisation, aud that the Sccrcmry be directed to forward a copy ol them to bis parents Mi« O. E. Ilosmer arrived in this city on Fri day night, lu company with Colonel Smith, Ad jutant or. General Terry’s staffi and a military es cort in charge of the remains of her son. Toe r.ntTdi enmonu await the arrival of absent members of the family, wno been icl„ graphed for. , Alltoxd l.&nciNT or Pio Icon.—On Saturday •ifteraoon detectives Dixon and Simpson arrested Michael Biflie, James Hill and William Bums, the ■tret two charged with stealing two or three tons •■f pig Iroc, and Borns with receiving U. Charles O Kellogg, agent rot Barnnm 4 Richardson. a manurmctnitac company whose office is at No. 61 ~ouih Jefferson street, stated that the company anting the past season received consignments of :>l« Iron from Falesburg, Connecticut, hating it delivered at ditlcrcnt docks on the riv er. The iron was peculiarly brand 'd and marked, used expressi* lor the manufacture of ear wheel*, and their** van isc only agci cv for it in the city. They bad missed In all sewraf tons ot this pig iron, and on s-aimday morning two or three tons of it were tonnd at Carlisle & Mason’s, at the comer of Fal len and Cans! streets. The firm said «hev na*-- cbafcd it of William Bums. Uuon vi«uin- Burns, he learned that Boms claimed to hi in tie business of haying old Iron of all de •enptians, aau bad purchased the lot In ones tion, he alleged, of Riffle 4 Util. Riffle 4*lllll were next seen and they represented that the* got it oat of the over, ard that thevmade their living by the recovery of lost pig* and other ‘brags fiom the nimkyd»pt‘ , s ot the North and >ootD Branches Rogue Ridcraood, In •’Ortj Mutual Friend,” engaged in similar pursuit*, and constantly avened that ne was **a honest man as earns hts living by the sweat of his iirow.” bet he camo to great grief. In the pres cnl case the parties were held for further exami nation until next Tuesday. Bums m ball of 91.50 G and the other two f I.tCO each. The Caibo Street Contract.—With refer-mc* to the contract ofMessrs. Fox, Howard * Walker for filling the streets of Cabo, in this Slate, we have been icquestcdto publish the followin'* re port of the Committee of the Common Council of Cairo to that body, on which report the contract was continued: . r T Jtf '“““HIM jppoio'ed to enmln and ob- If D i. adv, “ ° r coubhcl upon the nnlits of tbo clly in regard to the contract now calstin. ne twcctithe city and Mcara. Fox, Howard* Co. for nlllco Bp the street* of the city, beg leave to report that they have coc.nUcd the connrel -loon the tnl.ject and the opinion of the conned ,o con suited is that the contract now existing has notbv its terns and the fams attending the filling termt nated, and that the Connell have no ri n Ut to de clare said contract forfeited. They would tore recommend that said parties be allowed to proceed with their filling until the streets and parts of sirens to be flltedby them be completed, all ol which Is respectfully submitted.” Tux Waits.—The Twbuxe of the 21th instant contained an item In rclerencc to an orphan babe, seven months old, whose pareuls bad died of cholera In the early fall. Before tea o'clock on the morning of the publication ol ibe item, seve ral applications were made at the Asylum for the litrie unfortunate, and wc arc informrd hv one ot tlte lady managers of the Asyinm. that'more tbr.ii foxty applicants have called to see a*d zdopt it. It may interest those who read the ' em to learn that the babe hat been adopted by a ’ndy **hn lost her own treat area a year or two ago, and that its prospects are tf good U those or ■H} baby of lit nitc in tlu Northwest. lu this connection wc nray ask, who wants a ‘arger baby than the one which the Tmibuks has round a home fori There tl one eight years old at the Aevlum. She belongs to the femluluo geu d> r, aud has a temper nearly an sweet as firsi rla»s honey. Her eves are a trifle or so bluer thin ihe best Kind ol iudtgo, aid she'.* as healthy a ihli-cap one would meet *Uh in a day’s travel, ladles. If you require such an article about the honae. apply at ino Asylum, corner of Twonly aecond street and Wah&rh avenue. AaUSfcITIENTS. Considering that the akaltng parka have mala talned an active and vigorous opposition to ovary other species of amusement, the opera and the theatres kave been pretty strongly supported dar ing the week. At any other season of the your the attractions prese; ted at each would have been sufficient to crowd the houses to overflowing, but the ire with the many hie things which arc seen and douo on it. Is a powerful rival. Mana-vra grumble, but tkey mutt - submit to the In vliiblc when the Inevitable comes,” and “bide their time.” Mcsxrx.—“Fortunlo and bis Seven Gifted Ser vants” baa run its appointed lime at the Museum, having drawn good houses every evening, ip. eluding the holiday and regular matinees, for a fortnigbuthi* making nearly a period of three weeks. The production of this brilliant extrava ganza. one of Blanche's best, is the second ex periment made py the present management to popularize ic tnis city (hose amusing burlesques which sprung np many jean ago Id Loudon, and caled into existence an entirely new school of acting. They are still tbe race there, aud wc are encouraged by tbe success which has attended tbe representations of “The Invisible Prince” and Foiluniolo predict that they may ultimately be come so In Chicago. Tbe only alsadva-.ta're that being for tbamost part written to anil tbs taste of a i.ondon audience, a great many allu sions aud hits are utterly lost, and th-? substitu tion of local -Mgs” seldom or never supplies the deficiency. There are some burlesques, how ever, which we might suggest as more adapted (o the taste of a foreign audience, and we trust that Mr. Aikeu will, afitrs suitable interval. re*ume the S reduction of this species of entertainment, Tbe fureuin company are. on tbe whole,well qualified to render such pieces In the rrebl spirit. lu For tnulo there waa a good deal of over aclug, some of the members showing a tendency to burlesque tb« burlesque it*elL and rotla'e the racy absurdi ties ofthe piece to sheir silliness. This Is a seri ous fault in burlesque acting, and spoils the entire effect when indulged in to any extent, Mias Jen nie Bight seems thoroughly to comprehend the requirements of such rolet as has fallen to her lot in the two pieces above named, and she has never appeared to flnertadvantage than Id these, it U well understood that theparts she is required to sustain are always tbe foremost attraction ofthe burlesque. It was in the rendition of this •tjle of character that such eminent arUvet a« l.\dl* 1 homnton. Miss Keeley and many other London ce lebrities gam d their great reputations. Fortunlo Is no? a very brilliant example of ihat style, bat Mbs Right shows In her assumption in this piece that she is eminently Cited to undertake a better role lu that some line. Mr. LeMoyne’s part comes next. If it does not Hand equal In point of poyularitv.with that of the young gallant; and he, too, thoroughly understands his business. Mc- Manus failed notto render ample justice to the rof< assigned to him in Fortunlo, and it may be said (bal each of tbe minor personages in tbeburlesque were effectively done- We take leave of Fortunlo *iib greatfu) hearts for the many hearty laughs it has afforded us during the pan two weeks, arid turn to welcome the new comedy entitled “A Hundred Thou?und Pounds,” the production of which has been attended with great success In Ixmdon aud New York, it has been In rehearsal for some time, and is said to be a Bunerior comedy. Finr-wuxßrasmor Mn, Roams. On Fri day next Mr. Charles S. Rogers, the popular aud rising vonng comedian, take* bis farewell benefit at the Museum. Ho has oeen connected with (hi* institution fora long period—almost since Us commencement—and very few names have stood so deservedly hr»h in popular estimation, both as an actor and a gen tleman. Mr. Rogers is a faithful and studious actor, and he possesses abilities which will boon advance him to a good position in big profession. Thefieqncn-ere of rbe Museum will regret to see tbe word “ farewell” in connection with this an nouncement, but ihey will atthe same time take the opportunity to give him a substantia! proof of their este.-m. An excellent varl tv bill u an nounced for the occasion, which will’ of Itsalt in sure a bumjtvr hoUfC. McVickeu’s Tiieatbe.— Mies Johanna Clanssea concluded an engagement at this Theatre on Sat urday afternoon. Her sprightly hnmor has de lighted large audiences during the week. Saturday night Mr. U. B. Waldron took a bene fit, w hich p« oved to be & good one In point of at tendance. The tragedy of Othello was produced for the occasion, wltn Waldron a* ihe Moor. Mr Frank Monroe as lag», Miss Doggetl ns Emilia, and Mrs. Cowell a* Dcedemona. Tbe performance was a very satisfactory one. 5 Ou Monday the distinguished young av:lifr, ME* Civile Rush, makes h-?r first appearance lu Chicago. This laay has been highly spoken of by the {{astern press, and in eve a - city where she has played. SKarnro. Tn ri»tr»ri In tfin nArlru «i,.1 *Va a.l*. .l . To return to the parks and the rinks, where the best of all sport is being vigorously prosecuted every evening. It mlgut be supposed trom the somewhat sloppy aspect which the street* tons muc towards liicmd of tne week, that the icc was rapidly melting away like a beautiful cream. Not at ail. It is as One and smooth as ever. There seems ’o l«s one kina of iveathcr in the streets, and another In the parks. The new (alien enow i? dissolving In the thoroughfare-*, and yon are dt-conraged at ihc prospect o' a thaw. Jim enter tbe festive precincts of the Cen tal or the Washington and you find keen breezes, the surface unshaken as the comment, and all the signs and tokens of enduring frost. So H waa on Saturday afternoon, which was quite a gala day among the steel clads. The Ice was never in bet% ter condition, and me skaters were never in better hntuor to appreciate it. There was no pnbllc annonncem&nt of any ex traordinary attraction at tne West Side Kink, yet those who chanced to pay a visit to that capacious ball ot icc,cnjoyed, perhaps, the finest treat of tbe season. For there were assembled a company of tbe best skaters in the country, accompanied by notafew ladies comprisingthe best of oar ama teur home talent. There was Mr. Towers, the great. St. Lawrence skater, and his no leas cele brated conntryman, Al. Lafayette, of Bockvtlle, vho has just been engaged at tbe rink, and will make his first public appearance there this week. There was E. W. iojrd, ol Boston, who won the gold modal at the grand carnival; E. T. Goodrich, well known tn the citv as an accomplished skater; W. U. Willard, who took tbe first prize last season at tbe Wabash Kink, and iwo younger amateurs unknown to fame but aspiring and promising students of the graceful science, Janus Bowen, a son of Coioucl James tl. Bowen, and Mr. W.U. B. Brown, of ibis city. The rirk was also graced with Ihe presence of a num ber ot distinguished lady skaters, among whom we noted Mrs. Pox, the winner of many a prize pcason ; Alls# Elliot, one of the most accom plished and graceful of all our amateurs; Miss Annie Montgomen, who is rapidly winning her way into tbe circle of the “ distinguished,’" end many other wed remembered forms who signal ized themselves at the lonmamenls last season. A brilliant exhibition was given by the gentle men above named, and it wss difficult to say to whom the palm of viemry shonid bo given. M. JAfjyette won universal admiration l»y the gracefulness and ease of his movements, qualities iu which be was unequalled, while Pow ei«. It was conceded, bad the advantage of him In respect ot muscle and endurance, and lo the va ilety ol his evolutions. 1/ord and Goodrich are not much interim to these in any respect. The latter came on the ice at a somewhat late hour, which precluded him ftom exhibiting his prowess lo the same extent as his competitors, it was one at tbo most Drilliani combinations of skatlrg talent which could be seen on any nark at one time, and T mav be long ere snch auotner opportunity occurs, ihe exhibition was witched " j admiring interest by nnmeron-* spectators, and the performer* received repeated applause. An elegant collation was prepared for thos-» prvrent by the managers of the park, which closed the festivities In an appropriately festive manner. TUE W AsmxcTON Pants excellent condi tion on Saturday, and had a large oilendance In the evening. The Central was liberally patron ized, and tbe North Side flocked in large num bers to the Ogden. Thl« vveck promises to bo a great one on icc. Tbesllgm tendency to freshness in the weather gave place ou Saturday night to a keen frost, and the fear of a disagreeable bieak down was dU pcljfd. Fancy Dress Cahkivai A grand fancy dress catniiul, the first of the season, will be given on \» ednesday evening, at the Central ..bating Park, In a style of unsurpassed grandeur. A iM'rtlon of tbe park will be set apattYor those appearing in fancy costnmes, which privilege will be restricted to the holders of season tickets to the several parks and rinks in the city. One hundred and elghty-threc costnmes have been already engaged, and enough tickets have al ready been l-sucd to make the affair a «-rai.d sac cess. Ibe park will be lullllaally illuminated. Kvjoono Oft tub Thack.— A very serious an noyance and detention is cansed to travellers on Ihe street cars by the frequent esses of cars run nicgolt the track on all the lines. Two ont of tbrcc of the care on Randolph street generally manage to jump off near Halsted street, the double curve made by the swing around the wide space occupied by the old bay-market and by Mil waukee avenue making this place perhaps more difficult to pa-s than anyolhcrln the city. The great reason of these frequent occurrences seems to beibat the rail is not sufficiently high to keep the wheel in place. About two years and a half aeo the Common Council, on recommendation of the Board of Public Works, ordered a uew rail to be thereafter laid down, having a lower tongne, with the top more rounded, than those formerly used. In the Eastern cities a very high, square topped rail is used, to the great damage of ordi nary vehicles, whoso wheel* arctwUied and broken In attempting to tnrn c.n aud oQ them. Tbs inten tion In adopting the rail now used, to a greit ex tent. was to obviate this difficulty, giving the ve hicles also a wide flange upon which to run. This accommodates them, somewhat at the expense of the street railway*, and U a compromise rail conbl be discovered, combining (be advantages and discarding tbc disadvantages of the two ex tremes mpnttoucd.higb enough to keep the car* on. and uot so high as to break tbe wheels, it would be very acceptable. It is frequently difficult to steer clear of t-cylla without running into Obatj-hdiß, hnt U Is nevertheless important to try 10 do ro. and tbc at'cntlun of oar ingenious me chanics Is Invited to this subject. Vegetable Cclttre.—Wc use the word veg -ta- Mo In this most extended acceptance, to signify crerj thing cultivated by the farmer or gardener- trees, the cei etU, grasses. 4c. lh(3B?ntlcmcn of this county who are interested {n any or all of Ihe above arc icviicd to meet at two o’clock on Tuesday. at the office ofvhe Frtrlrls Farwirr. Ihe regular monthly meeting of the Cook County Agricultural and Horticultural So ciety will then and there lie held, audit is pro posed that the gardeners ot Chicago shall form a new society, resuscitate the old one, or continue to be a pail of the Ag. and Uon. Soaetv. We abbreviate the name because of Ha great'length and suggest that if the field of discussion ’he ex tended. it be not Indicated by a corresponding In crease in the length of name, or the society may rink ntder the ponderous imlectloo, Cnts ron Cold.—-The following lines, written f-y a poetical doctor of great fame in the year 1430. *‘ln She second oracle of the first moon.” coa lalus a prescription which may be of some value, though the tallow may be slight!? objectionable to those who Ulieve that these sti.l metal illumi nators are whitened with arsenic; ** Fnl your tette in hot water As Ugh as your thlghc*; Wrappc your bead up in flannclle As low as yonr eves; Tike a Qnan of rnmm’d crnelle. When in bode, as a dose; With a number four dippe Well tallow your no?e.” Whose abe Tost?—Detective Kelley arrested a colored man Saturday in the act of disposing ol a pair of ladies* balmoral gaiters worth 95, tor seventy-five cents. The shoes have only been worn a very little, and are of prunella cloth, with patent bather tips and lops. 1 hey may be seen at the Central Station. CourriTED ron Triai—James 11. Bingham, an account of whose swindling operations was given In Friday's Tbibcxe, was on Saturday committed for trial in bail of 11,000. He received Ihe cordial assurance of ihe coart the: If there was any probability that he iJames) could procure that amount of ball, it would have been fixed at a higher figure. Fejoasa.—lt is rumored that James Stephens, the great untraceable, has been taking lessons in the aided cabala, and baa arrived at ihe com forting conclusion that m his name is couched a prophecy that the Fenians will take Ireland, erect a tnonarehy on the ntlua of the Sassenach domina tion, and make him king—"Stephanos” is the Greek word for " crown.” Wbafa in a name? 1.0. O. F.—At the semi-annual meeting of Chi cago Lodge No. 55, 1. O. of O. F., th; following officers were elected for the ensuing term' L. K Aaihans, N. CL; K. Dean, V. G.; Thos. J. Toom‘- a«, ncc y.; O. D. Wtthcrell. ireasmer. Inslalla tion of the new, and reports of retiring offleere next Mocday creaiog, January ,’th, at o’clocxl RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE. It baa been decided to bold a Daily Union Prayer Meeting, nnder the auspices of the Young Men’s Christian Association, with the concurrence and at the request of the Ministerial Union of Chicago, during (be week of prayer, commencing Monday, January ", at nine a. m., in Ihe Firt Methodist Episcopal Church, comer of Clark and Washington streets. The following person* have bren appointed to lead the merttng upon the days designated: Monday, Rev. W. W. Evens, D.D., of the First Baptist Church. P^“totn’ch , ir&. a North Wednesday, Rev. C. D. Uelmer, Union Park Congregational Church. Thmid.j. Itov. Arthur Smusj, Third Presbj teriaxi Church. Friday, lu-v. William Dandy, First Methodist Episcopal Church. 8a lard ay, D. L. Moody, President Yonng Men’s Cb’lftlau Association, The following services are annonneed for to day. Invitations are extended to strangers and otbeis to attend, aud in all cases seats will be glady presented free. „ . OTnum. To-day, the sixth of January, !■ the Epiphany, or manifestation ot Christ to tbe Gentiles. As described In Mathew U. 4. It denotes the dav on which the Wise Men csrae from «hi East to adore the infant used a different name to designate ft from the many days celebrated by them. They called it ‘•lhe Day of Uoly Lights,” and -The Theo phany” or manltestatiou of Uod. Ibe objects of the Episcopal, and Homan Catholic cborchea in celebrating this day, u to express their gratitude to God lor making tbu Gentiles equal to the J-wa, Uta chosen people. It will be characteristically observed in the city by tbe above mentioned churches. xnscorax. SL Mark’s, Protestant Episcopal, Church. Col lage Grove. E. B. Turtle, rector. Divine aer vice at lotf a. m. and 7tf p. m. Sunday School at 214 p.m. Rev. Themes K, Coleman, of Brooklyn New York, will presch In the Church of the Holy Communion (Episcopal), comer Randolph street and Wabash avenue, at lo>4 a. m. and “l* p. m. Ft. Lake’s Church, comer ol sixteenth street and Wabash avenue. Rev. H. U. Cole, rector. Morning service, sermon and Holy Communion at 11 o'clock. Sunday School at 8 p m., followed by evening player, with full choral service, at 4 p. m. The Saint Luke’s School will reopen, after Its Christmas recess, on Monday morning, the 6th instant, at the school-room In the bass mentot the church. Ibe school is under the im mediate supervision of the Rev. H. H. Cote, aided by Miss C G. DeValin. Christ Church, corner of M-chigan avenue and Twenty-fourth street. Rev. Chss. Edward Che ney, rector. Pews free at Ihe evening service. Service begins at 714 p. m. Morning service as usee., at 10)4 o'clock. Sunday School at Sk p. m. SL Stephen’s Church, corner of Blue Island av enue and Forqucr street. Morning services at IUV4- Evening service at 7«4- Sunday ?chvol at 2U p- m. Harlem.- Rev. Dr. Bishop will hold Episcopal service at 3 o’clock,p. m. to the Harlem House. BAPTIST. r.itAn Bail. U.all.i Pi.r.—k - .# ,iv . Union Paik Baptist Church, comer of West Washington and Paulina streets. Preaching at 10H a. m. aud 7J4 p. m., by tbe pastor. Rev. £. Q. Taj lor. Sabbath School meets a* l»a. m. The week of prayer will be observed by th!« church. Flrrt Baptist Chnrcb, Wabash avenue, south of Hubbard court. Rev. Ur. Everts, paitor. Public worship at 11 o'clock a. m., and 7!| p. m. In tbe evening the subject for tbe next of the series of Ecimotis to tbe young will be -Temptations of City Life.” Dr. Evert* has given great study to this subject, and onr citizens will be well repaid ny making a special effort to bear iL Sabbath School and Bible class at 8H a. m. Genctal Blbie class at 3p. m. Young people's prayer meeting, Wednesday evening. General prayer meeting. Friday evening. North Star Mission, comer of Division and Sedgwick streets. Preaching on the Sabbath at Pils 9 - 11 !- and 7f4 p. m. Tbe ordinance of bap tism will be administered at the close of the even ing service. Sabbath s-chuol at 8 p.m. Prayer and conference meeting evciy evening doling the week. Hollins Mil! Mission, near Ward's Hollins Mill. Preaching sabbath at *’4 p. a. Sabbath School at 3p. tn. Prayer and conference meeting Tuesday evening si 7)4 o’clock. b'-cond Baptist Church, corner of Morgan and Monroe streets. Preaching at pi*4 a. m. and 7*4 Em., by the pastor, Rev. E. J. Coodspced. Sab atu School at 9 a. tn.. ana Bible classes at 9 a. m. and 3p. m. Young people's meeting on Mon* day evening. Genenu prayer meeting on Wed* nesday evening at 7*j o'clock. TLrr* will be services In the Free Will Baptist Church, corner of Peoria and Jackson streets, at ICJ4 a. m and 7*4 p. m. Preaching by the pastor, I>. M. Graham, I), 1). Sunday School at 124 o'clock. Indiana Avcnne Baptist Church, comer of In diana avenue and Thirtieth street. XTeachlng bv the pastor. Hev. J. A. >milh, D. J)., at II o'clock. Sabbath School and Bible classes at Hjtf. Young people’s prayer meeting at B*4 o’clock Sabbath af ternoon and at 7*4 ’Tuesday evening. Church prayer nveting Sabbath acd Wednesday evenings at 7*4 o'clock. Fifth Baptist Church, on Dekoven street, near South Despiaines. Preaching at a. m. and 71 • p. m., by the paslor, Rev. X. Colver, D. D. Bible class at 9*4 a. ro. Prayer meeting after evening service. The habbatn School will hold their Quarterly concert at 3p. n. K. S. Skinner, J. G. Sweet, S. A. Williams, and others will ad dress the school. North Baptist Church, corner Superior and North Dearborn streets. Preacning oy Rev. John C. C. Clarke at 10J$ a. m and 7*4 p.m. bonday School at 3p. m. Young pcopl *« meeting Mon day evening. General prayer meeting Wednesday evening. CONOBEGATIOSAL. Fln-t Congregational Church, corner of Green ana West Uasutngton streets. Communion al Hi}* o'clock. Preaching in ihe evening at 7*, o'clock, ladies* prayer meeting Frid* vafe-moon at 8 o'clock. Young people’s meet/ng Friday evening at 7*4 o'clock. Tabernacle Chur- h, comer of West Indiana and Morgan streets. Rev. J. W. Ilcaly, pastor. Pub lic servin'- at 10H a. in. and 7*4 p. m. demon and commu ’on In the morning, and New Year's discourse to . young m the evening. Mother*' meeting at p. m. Sunday School and Ulnlo classes at 3p. m. conference and prayermcctlug to the Lecture Hoorn on Alonday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. Plymouth Church, corner of Wabash avcnne and Kldrldge court. Hev. L. E. .Matson, pastor. Sendees: Coromnniou at 104 a. m., Sabbath ecbool and Bible class at 3 p. m.. and prcacbmg in tbe evening at 74 o'clock, by the pastor; Mon day evening, young people’s prayer meeting at 8 o'clock; Wednesday evening, chinch prayer meet ing at 7*4 o'clock. METHODIST EPISCOPAL. Clark Street Church, Methodist Block, comer of Wmhington and .lark streets. Preaching al 10*4 a. m ami 7‘; p. m., by the pastor, Rev. vv. 6. Dandy. Religions services In 'he Declare Hoorn every evening next wetk, commencing Tuesday. Januaiy 8. Illinois Street Church, Illinois street, between Wells and Lsbalte. Bible class at ll o'clock. I’rayer meeting at 10 o'clock. Pi caching by the pastor. Rev. C. H. Wheeler, at 114 a. m. The lord’s Sunpcr will be celebrated and candidates received after the sermon. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 3p. m. Mr. I) L. Moofiv will preach iu the evening at 7*4 o'clock. Wabash Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. The pastor. Rev. R. M. Hatfield, will preach In tbe morning on “The destraction that men bring upon themselves by neglecting present duty.' and in the evening on “ The difficulties m tbo way of escaping perdition and gaining Heaven, as they are described in the Word of God and encountered In the experience of men.’’ West Indiana Methodist Episcopal Church, on Saucamon street. Preaching by the pastor. Rev Robert Bentley, at 10*4 a. m. and 7*4 p.m. SnV je«tof evening dDcunrsc, “The Now Year Coy eranL" Sabbath School at 2p. m. Young Peo pled Bible Class Instructed by the paslor. R«- llgionu cervices every night this week. Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, corner of LaSalle sGeetand Chicago avcnne. O. U. Tiffany, D. D., pastor. Sacramental sn vice at 10*4 a. m.; Sunday School at 2 p m.; voting people** prayer meeting at f-H p. m.; public worship and New Lear e sermon at 7*4 p. m. Eighth Presbyterian Church, northwest comer ol Washington and Robey streets. Communion services ai 104 a. m., conducted by the pastor. Itev. J. T. Matthews. Preaching. as usual, at <4 p.m. Sabbath School and Bible Claeses meal axs^p.m. Se\cnh Presbyterian Church. Rev. J. W. Larcmofe, pastor. Divine service in the base ment of the new chnrch, corner of llalstcd and Damson street*. Services al 104 a. m. and 74 p m. Subject of morning discourse “ Abraham/' In the opening, dlscontee on the New Year. Sun day school ai ISJin. m. Foster Mission at t p. m. ihiid Lnitea Presbyterian Chnrch, Snpcrlor street, west of Wells, North Sloe. Pastor, Her. Johns. McConnell. Worship Sabbath at 104 a. m*. and 714 p. m. Subject tor the ersnlu": ‘‘Neglected Obligations.* Sabbath School and Bible Class atfip. m. Olivet Presbyterian Chnrch, Wabash avenue, comer of Fonrteemhstrcel. Rev. T. O Rice will preach at the usual hours of worship, vie.: 104 a m.ana 7,4 p.m. , First United Presbyterian Church, Green street, between Madison ana Monroe—Rev. W. C. Jack son, pastor. Services at H>4 a. m. and 74 p. m. Sabbath School at -4 p. ta. Prayer meeting in the enureh every evening during the week at 74 o’clock. First Scotch Presbyterian Church Rev. A. Me- Dlartnld will pieacb in St. George's Hall, south Clark street, at 104 a. m. and 34 p. m. Mr. McDiarmid will also preach in the evening, at 74 o clock, tn tbe Gaelic language. Retormed Presbyterian Church, Fulton slroct, near Clinton street. Preaching at lIM4 a. m. aud JV» j»- m.» by the pastor. Rev. Jtobert Patterson, HOMAN CATTIOUC. A lecture, the proceeds of which are to bo ap plied for the benefit of the poor, will be delivered by Rev. Father bmarius, S. J.. In the Church of the Holy Family, West Twelfth street, at 74 o'clock. The worthy object should call together a large audience. CKITAntAN. Unity Chnrch. corner or Chicago avenue and Dearborn street Preaching at lOjr o'clock, by the pa-tor. Rev. Ro‘o-rt Coilycr. Chnrch of Ibe Messiah—First Unitarian, corner Wabsshavcnncand Hubbard Court Ker. Rob ert Laird cvilier. pastor. Morning service at U‘4 a. m. Vespers at 74 p. m. SWXOENBOUOIAK. New Jerusalem Temple, on Adams street, near tbc lake. Services al 11)4 a. m., and 74 p. m . Mihject of evening discourse, “The Lamb's Book ot Lite and tbe Names written therein/' Free Chnrch, comer of Tturtv-tbird*street and arccne. Services at :i p. m. nflVEttSALtsfT. St. Faul’s Church (First Unlversalist). Rev. W. D, Ryder. D. D., pastor. Services in the morn ing, ai the mual hoars. Id the eveomg Dr. Ry. tier will review the sermons iceentlr preached hv Rev. Dr. tialfield, of which Dr. Hi dvr has a t*r rotUn report, on the Impossibbtly of Keconcilloe Inlversalism with Reason or the Word of Cod. church of the Redeemer (Second Universailalt comer cl West Randolph and Sangamon streets. Rev. T. E. Ft. John, pastor. Services at lo>4 a. m. and p. m. Subject of evening sermon. ••Lnivcrsalbm.” rNTTzn Bnmnict. auc.l UiIKJI. First United Brethren Church, corner of Clinton and Wlison streets. Kcv. K. A. VanSaat, pa*tor UcsliODce, IB Judd Sire L Sunday service* at the usual l.onrs. The meetings are continuing. We ask an interest in the prayers of our sister church _ XISCZLLAXEOI'S. Washingtonian mect-ng. The regular meeting of Washingtonians will be held at 'the Chanel of t~C Dome, Nc. 572 West Madison street, on Sun day evening at T o'clock. Christian Church. Meet regularly ever? Lord’s Dvy at Crush*'« lecture Room ot IUH a.'m and 7Ji p. m. Service* at the regular hour by B. O. b IrstFocicty ofyptritnaltsts. Services inCros bv s Vitale Hall at li)-» a. and 7«4 p. m. Mor nine lecture by -Vise Fanny T. YoungificTeDlrg hf ?elh Paine, Esq, of Cb’cago, on the need and expediency of eostpvraiive movements In trade and industry. Children's Lyceum at 13* ©clock. Washington Dal). There will be no service? at this place for the present, on account of the sick ness of Mr. Charles A. Harden. Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, corner of Monroe and Sangamon streets. Preaching at R>H a. tn. and -«*s p. zn., by the pastor. Rev. James Hemarcet, Jr. Stockyards, services rh*sn. m. at 2u o'clock in the Hough Bouse. Preaching by Rev. S A Jewett, of Trinity Church. Friends Meeting Is held in room No. 15 Church Block; on first day at 11 o’clock a. m.: fourth div at 101*. m. The Manners’ Bethel is sitmlcd on Michigan street, near Wells. Services at ton a. m by chaplain. Subject: "Jesus, the Master, onboard ship." Sabbath School at 2?4 p. m. Lecture at "H P- m-by Dr. Ami is. Breaching In Marine Hos pital at 1H p. m. by the chaplain. Lodging the Hamelew. T-*. „ Waukxoab, January S, 1557, Editors Tribune: Having read your article, " Lodgings Wanted,” I take leave to suggest that warm and comfortable sleep can be afforded to the extremely poor for three or five cents per night, for each person, , ? tl, i«^ v * r:,1 ’. ll n bttndTCßUUl « a large room In the fiflh or sixth story of any block, cover the floor with saw-dust, lan-bsrk, or any similar cheap and soft substance, and let sober, orderly men or boys, women or girls, lie thereon, for the lowest sum for which the accommodation can be acoidod. Genii Smith approved the plan very warmly, when suggested to him. tome Tears since* bet I hope the Triedke will not, for Ihji reason, or any other, fall to advocate it. Warm air is the cheapest euhjUtute for bed' and bedding. But one attendant would he need wl for* hall lodglnglwo or three hundred persona of either mx. What objection ? “Oh 1 ‘twoold be * harbor for vagina ta I" Well, alra, each alwaya Incline to clues any way; and which Is safe*-, lo hare them, as now ard heretofore, shivering, thieving and mooplng about town, often aeltlng bußdln-re on Are by walch U» ret warm, or warralr sleeping on the floor of “Iho Young Men’s Christian Associ ation Three Cent lodging Hill?” q s RELIEF 'WORK OF THE CITY. The fharsrs Ac&ltut tfic T. in. C, A. Befmed-DlstrlbaUon of Charity. Rditon Tribune. Bavin? recently procured blanks to He naed by niywlf and the Relief Superintendent* of the Young Meu’« Chris Dan Auociation in referring a class ol appllcanlsfor relief to the Relief Society of the Catholic Chnrcb, their nso has been made the occasion of charge* being publicly nude, that none bat professed Protestants could procure any sid from the Y. M. C. A-, coupled with the Insinu ation that funds contributed for the relief oflhe poor are need by the Association for erecting building*. As there arc some facts In connection with the pcr..*ral relief work of the city which wilL I think, be of Interest to the pnbllc, I beg apace In yonr columns to present them, and first, that (here may be a correct under standing of what we regard ■- our leglnnntc work, and the proper manner of doing 1L I quote from the circular of Instructions i*«ued by our Relief Committee to the Keliel hupenotesdenta ar.d visitor* amoo" the poor* •‘lnagieal city like ours, Ui* impossible for any single organised charity to relieve all classes of want and suffering that may exist, and It Is Important that our proper work should b.* well denned, and that we confine ourselves as Btrl"tly t o th>i! as circumstances will permit. It is not our province to care for the paupers of the city* the public uatbontles undertake to do that, and the work should be left la their hinds. Onr work is with the Industrious poor, who through sickness or other misfortune, require temporary aid. Onr work with them is—lst, to relieve suf fering b> ministering to tbclr wants; and 3d but not least in importance, to seek to Improve their moial and physical condition.” • • • • • “ As a general rule the lower class of onr foreign population, who are always applicants for aid. should. Instead of being aided from our funis be referred directly to the County Agent, Major Harding, office at the northeast corner of Stne and Randolph streets, who will render necessary aid from county funds.” “Applications for relief from members of churches which Lave relief organizations within themselves, and which neither co-op-rate with ns or contribute to our funds,may with propriety ana as a general rule should be referrea to such relict organizations for aid. We have no right to assume work which properly belongs to others to perform, and by so doing relieve them of their obligations.” It will be seen from this extract that we do not undertake to support the paujters, nor IhaLcJass of the poor who may be classed as the unworthy, or ticioj-s poor. Neither do we assume the sup port ofthoso permanently dependent, but seek to confine our work to the indui*rious worthy poor who from sickness or other mlstortane require temporary aid, and so far we have found amoa'* this class ample use for all the funds furnished as lot relief purposes. 1 come now to notice the charge that none bnt “professed Protestants” receive arv aid from the Association. To show the incorrectne-fi of this assertion, 1 call attention to the followin'* from pace 13 of onr lasi annual report for the yea'r et ding Match 81, 16G6- The whole comber or applicant* relieved wan 4.050, representing the following nationalise*; Americans, 1,111: Irish, 1.006; Germans, 630* Scandinavians, 207; English, 215; French, 111; Welch, 1; Canadian, 15; colored, PC; Scotch 32- rolande'e, 4; others, whose nationality was un known, 496. Of this theie wereprotessed Proteatanta.... 2 010 Professed Catholics 851 Ueltsioua faith unknown 11?6 Tola! 4 090 Assuming (which is butfalr) that of »he KiNJ whore reunions faith was unknown, the same ratio of PiotestanU and CaOioUcs existed. ana we hare in all al«>nt 2.8C5 ffrotestants, an 1 1 223 Cailio'ics, or within a fraction of seventy per tint Protestant, and 30 per cent Catholics. An examination of on? books, which are oocn to any one who will take the trouble to call at bur rooms to examine them, will show that there ha* been no change in onr manner of work, but tbit the worthy poor, of nil nationalities and of everv creed, are still receiving aid the same a* hereto fore. While thus secklnc to relieve all c!a<sos of those who are proper sabjec s for relief from »nr lunds, wc do not feel that it would be right for ns to allow any oneeiass to absorb on undue pro porllonoi oar lands, which would be the rase were we to attempt to relieve all the applicants who come to ee>* us from the Catholic Church But faking into acc util ibe fac‘ that onr fundi ate raised almost entirely by contributions from Protestant Clmrehes and busin es men. that the Catholic Cbnrcb has a rcllefsucletv of Us own, to which alone its members contribute, and upon width its poor have claims sneb as they have unon no other organization, and which is need toUly or almost euUUj for the benefit of its own poor (lor in the three years dnring which I have bci-n connected with the relief work of the city, 1 have never known but a single instance in which anv our a Cauiouc received aid from the St. Vincent de Paul Society) 1 am willing (o submit ihe question whether they have not received as lan*e a proportion as they are Jtwtly ealtticd to of the relief disbursed by the \. 51. C A. But J am prepared to vo turoher and show that as a class, they ate receiving an undue proportion ol ihe aggregate ofrbepublic chanties of the cilv. The tore*- great sources of relief for the poor of Chicago are the\oung Men's Christian Associa tion, the \ incent de Paul Society and the Coimlv Agent. Our dkbureenucts last year were about *23.000 Oftble nmomu the Catholic poor received Uilrtv per cent, or f7,5M). The Vincent de Paul Socie ty, at Us seu.i-anuual meeting, held July 23d, («ee report In Chicago Times of July 234). at which only eeven ot the ten local organizations were r< presented, reported funds received and ex pended for pencral relief purposes lo the amount 2r f“ or an average to each society of fUCMo. Ibking this amount as the average for i arh °t ten societies, it gives a total for the half y #nu;»».r.o. m the pubil-hed report of the last semi-annual mveting bc*d December U, (see Chicago Tljjcs, HecetubiT 10th. Ifblfi,) the amount expended tor general relief purposes, i- not given, the report merely saying that “the reports or the dlheretii societies wore reed and •ap proved. But a* receipts lor the Catholic Reform school, were reported at fiin,U<U it is but a rea»on able presumption that a liberal amount had been mlted for general relief purposes. But nllowlu" only ore half as much to have been raked as in the tm e-ding ball yeacand It elves ns #5.313.25 which added to the amount for the preceding half year tlvcs a total for the year of over#l6,oPU, which lias been disbursed almost entirely it tot rhttttljf to CalbUlc faioillee. ffe cumc new «o tno diabnrsements by Malar Ilarniug the Conotv Agent, which amopiit *to #2:i,cr«, fhll}|thtee-iourthaof which (fi>,so,) be Informs me have gone to Catholic ami nes. Wc thus find that- out of some #W,IOO of relief given to the poor of onr city, the Catholic poor have received from The V. M. C. A $ 7,300 The \ lucent de Paul Society IfktXM The County Agent 17,353 Total sl3 -53 or about G3.S per cent of all the funds uaed’for the relief of the poor 01 oar dty. In the departments of private charities, street begging. i— , I ini confident tbs Mine proportion wdi hold good. ! bare ru data from irhlcb to determine the relative Protes<aot and Catholic population ot onr city, except the statement of Father Dunn in the tEOCtfce above referred to, on the 9th of De cember last, in which he states that tlrn Catholic population or our city Is CO,OOO. ana the Tiudcxz'j statement of Jainary Ist, which puts the present population ol the city at *20,1100. Taking these fisrnres aa a basis, and the Catho lics number bnt a fraction over 97 per cent of onr entire population. have thus the astonishing spectacle of a snide church, whose numbers comprise hnt2; per cent 01 our population, obtaining «55K per cent of all the public and private charities cf the ctlf, or two and onc-thlra times •* , pitch as they are numerically entitled to, and still complaining because they do not receive more; and toa thoughtful mind It mar well provoke the inijmry; ••What are the cause's winch, operating in the past, have brought about such results f and how tar may that Church he held responsible for this state of poverty, beggary and panpciietn among lb l members?" The blanks to which exceptions arc taken were prepared for nse in that large ctass of donbtfcl and unworthy applicants who arc alwavs clamor ing for nla, and tor whom It was never'thc Inten tion of this Asroclation to provide. If elded at all. it should he by the public authorities or by their own Church, of whose teachings they may be regarded as the legitimate IruUs. *lnce they most abound where Catholicism holds most un

disputed sway, as In Ireland, Italy, and other stifcily Catholic countries. I have tlr*ady trespassed too fir npon your columns, and will only refer to the insinuation that funds contributed lor the relief of the poor arc used hy this Association for erecting build ings. It is only nece-saiy to sav that all funds for our relict work are raised under the direction of the "Cillrin’p Executive Relief Committee," con sisting of Messrs. Wirt Dexter, Henry W. King, Gilbert Hubbard. W. E. Doggettand T. M. Avery. who are responsible to the public for the proper use of all funds collected. They use the organiza tion of Y. M. C. A. as the channel through which they can directly reach the poor of all parts of the city, ano believing that it is better to have one t'enftal relief organic lon. than many smaller ones, to each or ail of which parties coaid apply, receiving aid 'sr beyond thclr-wants or menu. I have written tnls article In no splnt ofnnkicd ness, and with no desire to provoke a controversy, hut the Association having been unju-tlv assailed —and that publicly—l feel that Ihe public has 9 right to these faefe which have been gathered In my experience in the relief work of the ct»y. O. C. Gibes, Chairman Relief Committee. Cmcaoo, Janoary 9, 1 s»i7. meteorological, The following Is the Meteorological Record of toe week ending Satutd.iv, January 3ih. IS'l7, a* kept by J. «. Laii£gaili, Jr.. Outidan, No. 113 Laimolph aticet. Tho temfieratore is taken in the shade. The direction and force of the winds are given approximately, with thebaromet rlc alii tudes—the small letters being the Initials of tbs words “high,” *’brcexe," ••gentle." “veering." “rain," “snow." “moist atmosphere," and “dry:" TUEEMOKETEB. _ Night 91/ fUin to D.M. 9>j [ %.a. J. rn. Siip.m. ?cn 7-18 0-11 W—B 15 8 M0n.... 13 9 Sl-5 W-l VO - 5 .«C Thc*...—6 -16 3 -IS 16 -17 10 -10 1V1’d...—3 -15 13-10 56 - 3 n—i Tim -7 -11 IS C 08 s 33 1 Krl .... 2C 5 01 137 2 3« S 31 SSTSSB3S3O .133* IUCOKSTXK. 3 p. m. . Date, Mere'*-. Wind. Mrp’r. Wind. Mer’y. Wind. »*»• •=»•« W.S W.g. ».ll t.S W.g. 29.11 S.B.W.C. M*m W.175.5.W4. 29.0 W.B. Wf Tee* JS.7S N.W.c. 29.72 W.c. »vo W p fc:::S£ gg ß * B^ T ‘ !9 ' U S * W * D * SM * mortality. Joxtsxtuz, Michigan, January 3 irCQ. Editor* Tribune: In inking owr the mortality of Chicago for Jon ttreard it upon the whole a* ihiP place a popnlation fof fourteen hundred. aEdt “3-V eb * T ® bc ’ c bat uco deaths dnring the year isnr.: both ofthom were bet ween the a crs of and sixty. Where I* there an equal popuia- Uon that can show ns email a mortality • * * Asnntw P. iloainra. [Probab.ynowhere; and toe one-sevecih ofor.o P« cent will e caretly hold good in| Jonesville for Colored Tien of lllinoU! Acu are called upon to rally} strike the blow. .wtdMeehadbe free! Then wnko np andsroto not l bat “h~ who would be trw [he conflic:^ e lbe blowi " Then orgaoixe for a£ T S 1 ? 1 * °/ authority Tested in me (yonr State O«obil£i9 B C T o^ nl!on he V d ln SSSb S£ !SiSfsi<bl 9 Jfsi,lf2r n 9 * Gtbof i« yoa toor vni«M>BteJfJsnM ln every city, town and '“S*;. w b h out these orcaniratlone, ihe meet ing ol the Convention would be m vain, t'nen Ift££S. < T. the B P IfU of ,hat Convention by C onree t vcj thoronrhly through- There eaVniT Sili* Cns% work ,h « Is beforen*. v, Cre no^ lc P accomplished lhat!«\-aln e''‘^ oatG aaited effort. Yhea wc oa‘t an lie Political redemption. 1 * Sui- ta the Southern Sutes from mccaslty. Jvot so in the North. It will be is me time to stride the blow and be free . Fraternally yours, P. O. Box -M, Chic.coflll? 01513 ' Aml-Gsa Stonopoiy—Peopled Gu 3leet- The joaraedincctlncof iheclttwn* lo hear the repon of the committee iti the bill drslted bv them, toamhonre the city or Chicago uTrap. ply pa-, will be held at the Circuit Conn Boom on Monday evcplne. the 7th, at 7«4 o'clock. on gßy order ol committee. Reduction of Traces at the Lawrence CTlaaa.,) .’□llls. lAwnxvcc. January t.—Serrni of th» pitnripal mills Uve nottllei their ems?r«» of t redne lon in tnclr wig** of ten per ccTon sr. count of the depression its pr:ce* o'goods ted the dull stale of oanclactunag lotereola. ® LOCAL MATTERS. Bladaxne I>el«tonr« Female Pbralclan from Europe, cures all diseases of the elan. liver, and kidneys, may bo consulted dally attbe God frey House, 453 booth Ciark street, room 31. ■ “Crottp,” w> dlsireaelngt and often fatal di; ca«e, should not be neglected. Maraden’* Pectoral Balm ought to be immediately adminis tered. No parent who studies the health of their little ones, but should be provided with a bottle. For sale by all dmcgMti. Btnnmawd A Vaw bcruacr. Chicago, Ilf, General Arenta for the Northwest. if yoa wish a fee win* naehlne go to ir>9 Clark street, where roa can find the Grover A Baker, Wilcox & Gibbs, finkle & l.yon, Wheeler b Wilson, Elliptic, Howe, Weed, Florence. .-Etna, Singer, Leavett and Empire, all in one office Ureas and cloak making, and all kinds of femliy sewing done. N. Jones & Co. Dr. Slhbet’a room* are dally filled. Those found to be within the reach of remedy may rely on a speedy and permanent restoration of their hair; alter which the use of remedies can he dbcominueJ. Entrance to rooms. No. 78 Clark street. Foreign Rxcbange and Paaaaee.— Passage to and from Europe by the Cnnsrd, the Inman, and ibeTapscott Lines of ocean steam* ere. C. M. Dokxsix, agent. No. 13t South Clark street. Taxes, Taxes—The Heal and Person al tax, for State, County and Town purposes, for the year, for the Town of South Chicago, is now due, aid can be paid at mr office, on Clark street, near Randolph, under A. H. Miller's J-welry etore. Please bring last year’s receipt or your deed. H. W. PuiLLirs, Collector Town South Chicago. We would aay to every mother who has a suffering child, goat once and procure a bottle of Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup. It will relieve the little one immediately, wifi allay ail pain, softens the gums, reduces inflammation, regulates the bowels, and cures wind colic. By relieving the child from pain, U allows it quiet, natural sleep, and comforts the mother. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. New York Financial News* New Voss, January 5. MONET. Money steady. FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Sterling is quirt at per amt. GOLD. Gold Is » shade brtUr. opening at 13tx. declining to MS*, and closing at ’ 6 (IOVE&N RENTS. Governments without derided change. LATEST. .. _ MONET. Mosey, after two o’cJocx, closed decidedly easier. Stringency mere apparent than real. GOLD. Cold firm at isitf. COVEEMIBXT SECURITIES. Governments firm. Coupons •Si....t»i;iaiOß>f IMOcoun. , 66...lMX'at«K WO coup. ’®...JOT,v-«ia7Y j(j_|o coup WkteliM 3-50 conp. ’W...I«Y(3IQSJ< 1 STOCK*. Stocks closed steady. K. Y.C 111*0115 I Roc*lsland....lo3V'klOltf «7*i(a n* n. w. pto kjjsfu Reading lOSKi-sKB* I MIL d SC P /....47U lUCett 131 0132 1 * VIKTNO SHAKES. Mining shares very active and Una. The Commercial note# a continuance of stringency In money. The market Is unnme'ly active at 7 p L *r r*-nr. Dlacount U nominal. Governments are Jes* *c lit e. but yesterday’s quotations are unchanged. Ster ling roalnsl. The Produce, markets. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwackkk, January:. Flour active and 15025 c higher. Sale* 7,000 brls at fIICO forsnpcriorwiuter; #12.55 forGreroa* beatXX; lit JO fbr Imperial X ; #10.65 fbr Forget-me-not XX; #10.75 fbr Sliver Creek XX;#ICJO for Keystone XX; HO.OO fur choice. Wheat ncUvcand higher, gales at the 9 a. m. board ‘A'.TTO bn. Sales at the noon board SS.I'OO bo at J 2. M for N«'. 1; $2.0102.05 for No. 2; fI.SS3I.SS for No. 3; f I.To tor n-^cted. Oats advanced. Sales26,ooobn at 4M47ef0rN0.3. Coro advanced sft3c. Sales 1,600 ba at 34c for old So. l; 72c for new shelled. Rye •carte and Metier. Bales 400 t>u at 99c tor So. 1. Provisions dull. Sales so brls c.ear pork at W bn.- pickled ham* at 9)fc. Dressed hogs timer at #6Jfi&7.oo. Llvehogs firm't *Vl<jfoC.OO. Rretips 600 trls Hour; 15,000 bu wheat; 2.000 bu oats; 2,OCObu corn; <OO on rye and 3,000 dressed bogs. Shipments 200 brls Hour: 3J30 wbaaL NEW YORK. Sew Yobs. January 3. Cctton—Closed quirt and scarcely so firm at 35c. Fl'itr—l.V*2oc better, with sales of extra r-tateat tn.0CVk13.75; round hoop Ohio *11.3001273; trade brands 112.80014 JO. * Wheat—opened 3c better, and clo-od quiet, buyers generally refusing to pay the advance. - harle>— Flmer. Com—2<ii3c letter, but closed scarcely soflm; sales at |1 Jg<Jol.2o in store: c!o*lne at#l.l<Ml.UV atl jiL Oats—tc better; sales at «5c for inferior Chicago, and Cfot~o tor cood to prime do. Wool—Firmer at 45063 c lor domestic fleece. Petroleum—Dull at 19c fbr crude, l*ork—Drorpirp. Sabs at M0.5702U2 fdr new. do*- Inn at Mlcash; £l9 03019.25 tor old. clo.nag at *19.25; also new at |2O.OCk<2IJC, seller and buyer January, February ar.d March, heef—Active. Cnt Meat—DuP. Dressed Ho;-*— Heavy at “K’fcSJfc for We«t«rn. Lard—Quiet at llEol2kc fir old. a' J u«oise for new. CINCINNATI. CiscisitAT r. January 5. Flour—Steady; superfine, I9JO0IO.OO; trade brands. *II.OCVT{I3JC, * Wheat—Firm bnt quiet; No.l *2-45 for spring and *2Aso2.Mfbr winter, 9 Lorn—ln good demand for ear at 55c from the distill er*, bnt there being no export demand pending the suspension of navigation, shelled U dull at 60c. Oats—Steady; So. I, Me. Rye-In moderate local demand; No. L #1.20. Barley—Firm at #1.700:.73 for prime lo choice fall. Whiskey—ln demand at 26c In bond. Cotton-Quiet and a shade easier, with sales of mid dling at TO^c. ling?—Dull.owing to the liberal receipts, and price* are lower; packers were not buyteg.—#sjc to #7JS was the ranee at thn close. Receipts. 10,020 head, though tide dm« not compMUrt all; one rallwav has not reported for two days, and Rid carloads came over It this fircnoon. Tberecclpts fbr the week -willreach T..C00 bead when *ll are counted. The hojuhavoeom imrnccd arriving very freely from Uiia State andlndl- Mess Pork—Doll at #l9 JO. Itnlk Meats—Dollar 9VolOtfc for shoulders, sides and sides—parked- Raccm—A limited demand; clear sides sold at uye for p><ked; no t-boolder* out of smoko, they ran be bought at pacXiil, to he delivered next week. Un-cu Meat*—Lower and dull; closing at “Yc Ct> for shnnMtrs, sides and bam*. Puuer and cheeso—Unchanged and firm though the remand Is local. GnvTrii"—steady; sugar. Xltailc; coffee, 33027 c. Ciold—Hlal er. closing at l 31, haying. 1 heaetnacd for money continued pressing and rates of Interest are irregular. Exchange—Stead} at V(3>t4o; discount buying; par selling. NEW ORLEANS. New OaLKAwa. January 5. C-itton—Qnlet wnd steady. S\l aof 2.703 hater; low r. Willing at SiVG'CKe ; middling alMtfc. Receipts, 2/Aol*a'M; export#, I.!00 bale*, suear—Active and unchanged, iioiars'f—Higher; common 55®56c; prime to choice, 67Jf(37<c. Ft* nr—Quiet; «np«*rftne. fit.37V; extra Corn—Very firm at fl.oitsl.lJlf. Outs—Firm nIS3S(iSSc. Pork—EaMer at f l).?5. Paeon—Dull; liionlders, 13c ; Bides, ISVQI6C. l.ntd—Dull at )2.W(%13c. Gold—opened at tilts'. Bank «t*rllng—tfW. Freights to New \orV—BysalLl.Kc by steam. IS'c. BUFFALO. Burr ato. J auuary 9. Flour—Firmer, ard held at 113.00 for No. 1 spring; fl«.n for white Western. Oats—Vkarjc. Pork—iio 90. Dressed Hogs—♦7.M. MEMPHIS. Murrm*, January S. Cotlondn'J. at maSJe. Receipts uxiar. 2.003 bal«*t for the week. 7.143 bales. Export* tor ths week. 0,703 bates. Corn active, at fl.i'&at.OS. Flour »tlfl, at fS.XUs 15.00. Oats 77c. BALTIMORE. Baltiw'osc, Januarys. Flour—Dish grades scarce and firm. Wheat scarce *nd steady. Higant more aeilre for refining, V»a l*ork—CXlAu^Jt.7s. New York Provision market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New York, January S. Pork closed very quiet and nominal. Other hog pro ducts quiet. New York Grocery Market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,! Nrw York. January 3. Coffee—‘foo nnsc’Ued to quote. Sugar Arm and quiet. Fair to prime grocery. 10«i($ll*«c. NewTork live Slock Market* (Special Despatch to the Chicago TrUnne.] New Yoke, January 3. Hogs—Recelps, 3.500. Selling at five. New York Dry Good* market. Nrw Yobk, .tanuary 5. Prospect hopetnl tor a good spring demand. No anxiety to pro* goods. Prints arc more aeilv-. spring styles of cleHtnes arc expected to open lower. Woollens gtnerally u> changed. Total Imports of dry coo*» tor the rear at this port were f1jfi.977.M0. which is on excess ot thirty-four millions over last year. New York Dread«tnfl> market* (sjhxul Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.l New Tone. January 5. Breadstnffs—The advance brought out free fellers, ai.d the clo*e *»• heavy, partly owtes to the money procure, and la com to higher freights. GalTCfttou Cotton market* Galveston, January 5. Cotti.n—Reovipls. 1.377 bale* In fiiuraay*. Salwf'r week 1,731 bales. Rates V>%lc better for low middling!' Foreign Frelslita. Stw Tons, January 5. Frfighu lo Llvcrp.>oi letter. CoraMiy.l; oiw sd. lABRIED In Belleville, WJ*.. Sept. L 1 «v, by Rev. G. W. Sew. vMv^ r *t> t . I *¥. k ,,?\-- E *. B£K *** Mr*. CiLUSTA EL VIRA RU UARO-. daughter ot the late 11. A. Spearr. NotbofGreene County. Vu. ’ 8* p.m. OfU.bcrllth. at th** re-ldmeeofthe bride** parent*, br the-ame. Mr. BENJAMIN P. WHITE, nrnimf Coonty, and Ml*a MART ELLEN, canghterof Francis ilbhs.of Dane County, Wfr. November 27tb, hv tfce sane. Mr. JOHN SALMON asd Mlai CATHERINE HOLLO, both of Dane Coun ty, wn. December 21th, at the residence of the bridr’a pa rents,.air. WALTER S. HEAL. ot Gref do County and sll>s FANNIE it.. daughter ol Mr. Hiram Baascrtne. cf Da-e County, W»*. * January s.t«7. by the same. Mr. ALFRED GREEK* WOOD, of Gmce Connie, and MARC jase LYONS, of Dane County. W|». T» 1 E D. IntlDrltr. on the sth ln«- of scarlet freer. AH. THI-K AGOT6EAX DAGGV, actd 9 year# 10moathe and 5 days. Fnrtral ftom the re<ldeac« ot M> parents 153 South J« Cere- to-day at 1 ©‘elect. Friends ot th- fami ly are invited to attend without farther notice. in St. Antb'-nT. Hlnne*.la. on the 24 lost- R»r. WM- A. SMALLtVOOI). D. D.. formerly rector of 1 rlniij Chnrth, In this city, tgel 63 years. In tuDcitv, December lslb, Mrs. HATTT M., wttt 01 Wm. F.Turner, aged 26 rears, la tlut city, LEVI FULLER, aged 67 years. Funeral will take place Irom his late icsidenec, is Ea>: Fnrrd> <( the family are invited to attend. f*r"Xev York papers pJc*»e copy. Sirt assoriation J^OTICE. Don’t Defer Bnying- Certificates until the Closing Week. Krai iEstatc-Cauiurp, FOR SAXE—A very desirable fhnn, located at Raw Station, Indiana, oontlstlxu; of sd acrea rralnclanrt. Improved. For pirtlcnlar* apply tolltos. BOUCHARD. 72 wtlon st. Chleico. fttjair Kcstoratibc. ipHE GRAYEST AND WO UST LOOK- X INQ HAIR -London Hair Color Restorer" *•1 or don Resumes lu Hair Co or Restorer" “Lotdoa Youthful Hair Co*or Restorer*’ -l.ordoo Beauty by Hair Color Rtsiorer ‘•Louden Its C»e. Hair Color B«tor-i" ‘TonUon Hair Color Besiorcr** ivauvu uwi « It coc* not dye th* Halr.bnt acts as a stimulant and tesic to the organs and hilt them with new life and coicrlng msttcr. Pry. harsh, dead or discolored ao pt-arance of the Hair t* changeo to lustrous. -Jilnlna and beautltnl locks. The scalp u kepi clean, cool and lira thy, and daudntff etfrctnaity cure t. a Ingle bottle Tjcftla: sold t>y ait crnrrtsw. bMIlh A DWYFR, Wholesale Ageno. THE EEATVIIG WILL TAKE PLAGE IN THE AFTERNOON OF THE 3Ht OF JANUARY On the Stage of the Opera House, COM ÜBKCIKG AT 5 1-2 O’CLOCK, IDE DOUSE SEIKO UNDER ENGAGEMENT FOR THE EVENING. AVOID IDE CROWD OF THE CLOSn'tt WEEK! BUY YOUR CERTIFICATES AT ONCE! The extraordinary success t ofiich it attending the dosing ta'e of Certificates, and which it largely due to the aid given the Auociation by the Banks and leaditg louses of the city, has made U now certain that EVERT CERTIFICATE WILL BE SOLD. VT The Certificates of the Association will admU’hoiders to the Dense. Sea:* vtll tie reserveJf< r JsrJies. amusements, QROaBT’S OPERA HOUSE [From the Chicago Tribuse, Dee. 50, tw.) Vocal Culture, Elocution, Suaksfeaei and tub Bmr*.—PROFESSOR McCOT gave, on Saturday last, at the Opera Dome, eight private lessons, cf an hour each, to as many ladle* and gentlemen—tor the voice— purposes ol >peaking, singing, acting, and personal health and pleasure. This Is a sample of bts general eogsgedness. With the new year. Id order to enable him to give more time to writing oa the science and practice of vocal cnlture.also on mls-readlngs in Shtki peare by distinguished actors, and mis-readings in the Scripture by distinguished clergymen, professor Mc- Coy will abridge somewhat the number of hours de vote to oral lectures and lessons. Private lesions heresfter, instead of nine, will begin at t«s o'clock; aad only cne lesson a week will be given each instead of two. Applications tor the new classes now being formed (ladies and gentlemen) to meet from •even to eight, once a week, may now be made at Pro lessor McCoy’s Lecture Room, in the Opera Bouse. QROSBY’S opera house. ONDAT EVENING. January 7, at S o’clock, eleventh bUMcriptlon Night ot the renowned GHIONT AND fcCSiNI ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY. Max STEAXOscn Director. Verdi’s Grand Opera, Is fonr acta, LA TRAVIATA. Mmc. Anglollna Gbiom. Signors Errant and Marra in the principal roles. FULL moaua AND OBCtt EXTRA* Mndcal Director and Conductor Signor Nioolao Tuesday—LUClA DILAMRRMOOR. Wednesday—lL BARttiERB 1U SEVIOLTA. QOL. WOOD’S 31UBKUM. “I’m a lawyer, my name is Marks.” FAREWELL BENEFIT OF CHARLES S. ROGERS, FRIDAY EVENING, JAW. 11. c VICEEK’h THEATRE. McVICKEH A MYERS MANAGERS. Engagement of the talented artiste. CECIL E UDSH, For one wc-’k only. MONDAY EVENING. January 7th, 1364. BZAKCA, The Italian Wife* Blanca Ceelle Bulb. Supported by the entire company. The perform ant* wl.t conclude with a favorite Farce. Tuesday—l.OVE'S SACRIFICE. Saturday—Civile Hash Matinee. WOOD’S MUSEUM COX-. J. H. WOOD Director of Amusements. glace Manager THO 9. HAHRY A New Comedy tor the ftr-t tlue in Chicago, now playing tn New Tor* and London with great sucees*. Monday. Jan. Ttb, lor the first time, an original com edy for the times, entitled X 1 O O O O O . Prerentel with a gr-at cast and all the completeness of scenery and appointments that dldlngakhei this establishment. To conclude with A PLEASANT NblUfinOß. Grand Matinee* Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Friday—Benefit of MR. C» S. ROGERS. Lecture FOR TOE BENEFIT OF THE FOOB, Will be delivered By Rot. Father Smarlu*, S. J., In the CHURCH OF THE HOLY FAMILY, West Twclfth-st., On Sunday* .Inn. 6lb,at7,V o'clock* p«m. EJr - Ticket* SO Cents. Cars will bo In waiting alter the Lecture. XTTITKOWbKY HALL. RRANCII OF TflF. New York Museum of Anatomy, AN ITKU WeJlvY II ALL* 176 Clark-et., corner of Monroe. This Important and highly tostractUv Mus*nm non • talne WON HERS OF CREATION from the first mouth. Miniature Wonders of the World, as uho B-.-autles of OsteologT, Xlyolugy, Dcnuatulosry, And In floe every department of Me Heal Ibe Student, the I’, the N*t iraiisr. the Man of Maine*?, the roan of 1.-i«urr. t*?s»y in wm where they could spc;d a m- re protitau.c h mr. open for pertieiULD culy iron. 9 a. m. till 10 p. m. Artmldslcn SO cent*. anrttnn Salts JAY GILBERT & SAMPSON. Superior Household Furniture, CARPETS, LINEN GOODS, French Pinto, Mantel and Oval Mirrors, AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY. Jan. Mh, at JO o’clock a. m.. at onr ►*ie*room*, 47 and 49 Dearborn-*!., tonMAtlng ol I’arlor Suits In Hep and Hair Cloth; Cia-nbtr Salt* In Pol!»h Oil Walnut. slth marble l"D«: Cittage Cham l>erSaltcf 10 pieces, with a complete assortment of Furniture for PARLOR, BEDROOM AND DININGROOM. Redding. Loangw. Crockery. Mirrors. Pm»e>ls and other c*rpit-; one Jarre mantel French l'Ut# Mirror, u. I'rll'h Oil Wtir.ui frame; oval gtlt frame French Plate Mirrors. Also, 160 Boya* and SZon’s Skates* Als*. a flat lot < f Linen Good*. IT *kt«. To vela. Nap kins. Rr-.wn ami White Llueo 1 üb> ci.-th*. a t-w dozen ixtra fine ladle*’ Cambric lldkfs, with a general as* eottmtnt of Hon«-boi«l Goods, ftc. GILBERT A SAMPSON. Auctioneers riILBERT & SA-MPaOX, V.J GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. TRADE SALE OF 62 CEATB3 OP CZIOCKBB?, IN OPEN LOTS. AT AUCTION. At onr saleroom. 47 and 49 Dearhotc-st. oa THURSDAY. Janoarv Kth. at uCf o'el>ek, ofa complete afsortment of fi.llrt. Dfrncr ardTe* Ware. win be sold in lota to suit dealers. Goods packed for country delivery. GILBERT A SAMPSON. Auctioneers. JM, REYXOLDa, Auctioneer, • l’J7 DEARBORN-ST.* On MONDAY, .Taa. 7th. at IQ o'clock a. m., at No. 576. S State-st.. the entire HOUSEIOID FURNITURE Of a firtt-rIMS Boarding lion**, enuidstlne of Bed steads, Stands, Tab'es Claim. Bureaus. Looking iieitulng. Carpets, Crockery, Glassware. Stores. ft«-„ A,*. %3T Sale positive. J. M» REYNOLDS. Auctioneer. A. ECTTEItS & UO„ Auctioneers & Commission Merchants- PALMER’S BLOCK, pAIS 41 A- 4« HASDni.PtI-ST. ,lFor Sale Tj'OH SALE—Prop. “ Genesee Chief,’ A now jymg at Detroit, Michigan. Cl»»*A3. Ter race cold nicasnmnenti,Sst. Apply tn W>l. K. Wall- KlNKß,Detroit. Mich., or to HARRIS A UKO.. SI Chicago. T?OR SAJ-E—Office occupied br Kirby. A. Carpenter ft Co„ >-trth Sld\near Newnerrv’s El evator. two #torit> hich. >Qlta3i|cf->rdwelling fjp small tanitly. Also, mall frame hara and sheds attvrhf J. FOR SALE—Cheap—Wood. Seasoned yel.ow oak. equal to Ivarh, at |7 p»r cord, by ear losd, orfQpercoTdonlof vard, dellverel. Oflce and yard southwest corner of Van Boren aa 1 CUnton-sta. R.L. CHAPMAN. F'OR SALE—To Free Masons and exhi bitor*. Th»* great work of art known as the Tern o*c of Elng Sokmou. erected at a co*t of over f.U.h>j. t* for sale at one-tenth part Its value. Inoulre of J. M. Rf;~acld.-. ancUonccr. IS7 l>c*rbora-*t. FOR SALE—Walnut office desk, Whee ler & Wilson Sewins Machine, and a lot of conn* ter*. all Id bock! order. Will be Mid cheap. Inquire at 79 UkMt. "pOR SALE—One sole leather valise, I one Cneblick and gray new cent clothinr. oa« of tb-be»iAm. collar*. rnttrclv new—<mc mlcr-vscop macniryinc roo time*, oac rllver watch, one spiraled new frock coat,ore to be wM cheap at So. 31 Michl gan-*t. T7OR SALE—A black walnut hair cloth i parlor ret. andiomechaniherlornttare,alra.-3t row. Inquire at 42 Crosby's Opera Hoase, or !**«) Saperlor-st. ' ' fHarijinnrn FOU SALE—Portable Engines —4, 6, S. U*. 12,15. w. 25 and Jtf.lmrae power, new and e*cona-iiand. oce 50 am one ■'D-hortc power, second hand Stationary Engine* and Boilers, P%riab'- Saw. mtlL«. Wo'-dwortb I’lanrra and Matchers. Soloc'e MliU and wood-workicg Machtnerv. Power Corn Shellera, Small Ram Mid*. Iron Fee.l Mills. Shifting, Rallies »ihl Elevator Maehlo-ry bull? tuo-der. RICO ARDS' IROX WORK;.. I9(| and 1 !H Wa«hlngton-at. FOR t'ALG—A sec(*nd*haud Buckley foldlnc machine—in eoo.l condition. Price, #WO. Apply to tteTRIBUSE COMPASV. I7OR SAXE—IO,I2 and 14-horse porta -1 We Endues and ’Boilers-rcry low, by GiUFFIS BROTHERS, I3S South Watcr-st, "C'OR SALE—OrExchanec—One Planer 1 and Matcher, rne Ue.%dlngand Srlrele Mill, one Jointer, one Heatllcjr-roande-, Saw Arbor*, ‘everal Band Lathe*, arut one aree Tl>nnc Lathe. Win ex change for Wtv property or lumber, or sell tor part on time. JAMES WARNER. 253 State-st. FDR SALE—Engine, 10-horse, in good order. Inquire at Chicago Steam Laundry, 92 West Madlscr-st. Eoi-t anh jFounh r OST—On Sunday, a Red Cow, while star and uhl'r under bellv. about «lx rear* oK. The Under wi’l receive £S reward by rjtamiac to 714 Wabatb-ar. LOsT— Or Stolen —$10 Reward. An EncUshTpmer.yellowtsbcolw.hlvck ni 4 * *od menth: wer" a hitter's collar, with the OUiwinc in scription, “ 11. C. Frank’s Hans.” It petarned to GO and 63 Mlchlcan av., the above reward will b* paid T OST—On Friday, my discharge ccni -1 Ucatc trom Co. D. 72a Tlllnols Infinrrv. The Und er will oMlce a eeedv *oldl»r by rcturolos'same to ANDERSON MORRIS, Tribune office. T OST—By a poor laboring woman, a Xj ion ol money, between 173 Wa!*a»h-aT. and the Dost OfDce. The t-nder will be liberally rewarded br leaving it at 173 Wabaah-aT. LOST —A black-and-tan dog, about seven motihs old: bad on. when last seen, a Ger man stiver cellar; with small brass padlock: answers to the name of* 4 Gyp.” A liberal reward will be given npor hu delivery at the Tribune office. 'T'AKEX UP—One black Horse, with X three white (eet. UK hands high, sod about six ycarsold. The owner cm cst same byldectiMng and paying charges. J.J. BROWN, 140 west Madlsou-at, ffli! -Kent—Rouses. TO RENT—On South bide, ft first-class two-*torv and brick basement boose. 577 Sure st., containing 8 rooms, good bam. good water and ga.-. Itent£& scr month. Furniture Mr asle. Posse** glen elvm t xmedlvlelv. Apply at 3S State-st. TO HEJvT— Or tor Sale—A Lew two etory house on Wnt Jart»or-sl_ 309, contamlng 9 rooms latest styk-tond Improvements. Rent low. Inquire at Room 2 Cobb’s Dolldinr. 120 Dearborn-st. TO KENT—House No. 233 Newberry sc, near C. B. &Q.R. R. FERRY & SON. weal end Eighteenth s!. Bridge. TO RENT—House of 6 roons, $2 »; tenement 6 rooms, 115. Merehindtsc n exPbanee for hon*e and loc Exchaogei ot all kinds effected. S. W. SEA. Land Office, 11-1 Adsm*-st. RENT—Cottage, and its furniture 1 for sale cheap. Cottagv In five’ «.vk from Court Douse. Address “J 11 C,” Tribune office. TO RENT—New cottage House, corner Rucker and Tyler-sw. s rooms, water to kitchen *» per month. Inquire of C. J. ADAMS, comer Canal and Adams-St. TO RENT—A choice House, No. 1157 Pratrle-av- with 7 rooms and water, between r wecty-ttilh aad Twenty*?ixth-su, near the bores care. SSSs,” o» 10 J - M - MiKSIIi, - L - f \ 'O RENT House on illchifian-av.. I near Eighteenth s!., a two »rory frame honse. with iroilrrn improvement/, and fnmirure fbr sale. Fcr particolare address p, o. Box 577. TO RENT—Nice cottage on 'Wabash av.. first soaihofThlrllelb-st. Rcntf©. Several boufie*. large and small, at equally low rests. GEORGE A WILLIAMS. 7 Soatli Clftfk at KENT—New dwellings, 19 and 23 I eight rooms, hydrant water, at fW. Also. No. 42fe OniTe*T H at (33. T. 8. tITCH A CO.. R ym tt. IG7 Uearbsm-st. TO RENT—The lower part ot house _£ 107 North Clinton, t ear Carroli-st.. at (tl per month. Also, loacr story oidwel lrg on Grren*st M corner or Fnlton. at *-ja per m.'nlh. Also, a sslonu or rrstaurent, on nortbwe*t comer West iJike v»d North Ct>n*l-»t. a flret rate stand. Apply at 13 MctropMi- UD ulcck. T’O RENT—A newly fbnvshed house, ft on the sonib c »d**, within five minutes’ walk of ti c post Office. For particulars apply at 74 Kail Ad&nis-sU r PO RENT—A nice cottage house, No. i *JftS South Desclslses-ft. tontalnlic * roo-n*. bydrent water. Ac. Apply to C. E. HOLMES, No. 39 V> r?l Ramlclpi. fL r T*6 KENT A very neat two-story I Rohm.'. Id room*. bath room, can and water. gi'vl ct-Jlftr. On y tea xstnutca’ ■xalt trom Court House. For particn.are Ingnire at 07 Michigan »r. T'O RENT—A neal cottage, containing 7 rooms, partry, presses, 4c.. on ,Hek.*on-«tT, w< ttof Ui.yuc. Apply at MR*. D. PRATT’S, 130 Sooth ClurK-Bt. 2To iScm--liooms TO KENI —A very largo and Oc-sirablc room. In an-w bh,ck, ocriarS-tt. UeLtlow. l! qntr* nt Rccm 1«. C&rrett Block, corner SUt- and Ks- d''lph->t*. r ro KENT—One nice furnished loj-nnc 1 room, within two blocks o r th-.* Cou-t Uo'i*e and I'oat Ottcc. 190 LaSalle-:t.. Or jt !iou»c s>uih of jl .u --rce. TO RENT—Furnished rooms, at ITS CllnioL-sU. between Adairs a-d Jarksor-sis. TO KENT—Two t>nc Iront rooms to slneb persons, with or wlth.-nt fnrnltnro, on No. 73Gathe-.t, TO RENT—A furnished iront room. with closet#, to two situ!'’ c’-tl-*moa. and t«a. it dc lrtd. Apply i~. liSi Wo: MadUco-st. Proprietor .F. K. \IKRN r PO RENT—Nicely larnutned rooms, J, with or wlth..ct board, at No. iS Fonrth-av, TO RENT—Handsomely Punished mite of rooms lor genthraatT and wife, or tour gcmiima.; al#v». slngl- room, with board. Relercnces nainln#*, at 915 AK-rdcen-st. TO RENT—Furnished iront icom, with «r without boar.t. ouMiclilgan-av..lrtwe»n Four ai.d biatectiU-sta. Adoress “tj Z,” Tttbttne KENT—For three months, the low* X 1 r story of# email h.-nse, at fts ptir mouth. Ref. r /l r l r '^J, o<l,,lrf><s an<l flrst month’s rent In advance. ■174 Fulton st. TD RENT—Rooms, suitable for house keeping. Apply at 6UG Northdark gt. RENT—A splendid suite of rooms, I cheap, and tnmltnro for sale. Inmlra at Ronnia S and 9. Loom:* Bui'dmg. *a Smth between • aid S o clock p. m- for one week. TO RENT—A mcelv furnished room can oemvn tir applying at No. US Uunroe-SL. near the Post otLco. H^ORENT—Two furnished rooms for 1 contleroeu, single and double, with large id-i-xt.* In strew cot-age. S 9 We.«t Washing! ; a little over two tlock# from river. 3To Irirnl-S'tores, ©{Rrrs.&c TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to renus>,rnf74 llandolph-«L, Court-place.opp> OK-rw I!,-uj.e. Applvtc A. WOKDKN 4 t 0., or L. I. 10DD, op the preu Iww. 'T'O KENT—One-half of a store on South AuS&ft&.'&tr ct " tiw - r PO RENT—A desirable suite ot front I oiTtcfe. nt No. ms JUndolph-st. Anplv to oht h\.iE M. HIGH. ICM Randolpb-au Room ; 2. r PO RENT—An office in Chamber of l Commerce Ruilrilne. on tlr*t non-, fro;.t'.n~ La i-an.-ct. To •» rcspoMdhle t-n.uu a xuod opportunity >• ohr.rwl. Apply at No. 1,1 ea-nr I.niuHng. THO RENT—Vcry desirable office moms, * rrnr<i nor, rof HI TU->ortpj..jt. Analr to 1)1.. JAME*. !>,'i Rvidulph-at.. second flo.jr. r l' , o RENT—Rare chance—The second 1 rtoor ol 74 and 70 Lakc-st. luqulrs oa thn premise*. TO RENT—A brick store, 532 Stite-sl., nn tto corner of Twelfth. A snl- n-t Id locality for online**. Aw, the two upper storira cf the sate. . pp.y at JKRVIa HOUSE, corner Van Buren and hlurtnan-el. 'T'O KENT —A small store, and fixtures 1 for gale rery cheap. Apply <t-237 sute-st. TO KENT—Store on South Clark st. fixtures t>r *a’c. Inquire at Room 2, 167 Dev horn-si. RENT—The sl«ire No, 20 South J Market st. C. McDONNKLL, Aij-at, office 1a * Sonth Ciarkti. * RENT—Store, 109 Monroc st. L0,,1 ~1 c ftM«n e-cel|ept. Rcrtlow. Ro„m lar-o and iluht etoniib for i»ix desks for bJ‘lce** men. Apply at 167 Sooth Clsrk-sL * JJlamrt—Co LJcut V\ ANTED—To Kent—lmmediately, a i » rottage oft room*. In a irooj until the Ist of next May, vHrets “RENTER," Trl nunc office. WT'ANTED—To Rent—A larce room, T I or parlor and bedroom. fu*nUhcd. suHahle for two cer.ihmcr. Slu-llwlnn p-cv«»nt location, and convenient to basinets. Address I*. u. Box .19DS. TTTA2sTED—To Rent—A good sized * % furrl«hcd lotl-nrir room. Wonl.i pnrchaae fur tnrc.lflocatlon and location. “B F F," Tribune office. TTTANTED—To Rent A turmshed V » room andlhianl hv arcunj^rntlemmandwif®, flare a nrst clasr piano, and will glrr ksson-, jfde tlrable. Addrrs* “II S B," Trlbnnc office. T\TANTED —To Rent A store on T T l.ake-*t., snlfahle for a whoWal- trad®. Ad <ire»*. suiinir terms and location, “a Y Trthncc office. \\T ANTED—To Rent—A place to start V» aflrst claf« *aloon. stor-* a l;h dwcllla;: ore erred. Artdrc-s "F F R,” 33 North llalfted-it. \\ T ANTED Rert—A bouse ot 9or a » 10 rooms, situated within IS minuts* walk of Court Horse. Shrmld I reter the South Side. Add rest *M." ISS t-outh Uoarhing, T?OARDING—Day boarders and bna’rd sluaTcUfk-st. week ’ “ n 56 acco3mc ' l3lcJ 4 7 iqOAßDlNG—Splendid rooms, turnish pi or unfurnished, ran be obtained Orst-clas* Jj’'-O lonnn-ar. A capita' place for stu dcDte. with all conveniences to atnay st ninht. T?OAKDTNG Elegantlv turmshed 1 1 rooms wliltm-cIA-s board, one or two llemrn and their wives, er smele cen-l-men. In a orl vale tami'y. «n Thlrtv.£r‘Mt,. near lndtana-av. street cars. No cil-er boarders. -Address Box 1927. Chi. cagtK T>OARDING—There will be a vacancv 1 > for two sentlemea, on the Tib, at No. ICI West Hasblt ptcc-st. TDOARDIXG—One or two gentlemen I f d'Mrons of a comfortable home, with excel'ent hoard and elccaat norai. In a re'pectableiamilv llv ingrn Wahash-av.. tot Tory far from t*»« Post 6>'ii'e. references required. Address **c, H Box 13**0 TDOARDIXG—A finely furnished room, X> «ltb board, in a private family. Call at «S 7 W tst Banflolpb-at.. corner of Morgan. TDOARDING With a suite ot iront ,1) ro'tns. can be obtained In a email fsmtlv tm the >o:th Slue. Adores.* »» K T G." Tribane office. TDOARTDING—A few dav boarders can be acc;mmoda»l With good board, at IS7 Wa- T>OARDIXG—Four gentlemen can be I > sccomtT’odsLrl with cootTrooms, at No. 67 VTr«t rt *' >S ' 6U stoaetU preftrred. Tetms very rea- T>OAKi)lXG—Handsomely furnished r»orn*, hor and roll water lo etch, with board, at No. 1 Its East Udatns-BL A lew day boarders wanted at f 6 per week. T>OARDlXG—First class day board can l * be obtained at maderate rates, at the Jc-th Boose, comer Van Boren and Sherman-els. rhls botts* h*» recently been re-opened la good stve JACKSON BROS.. Proprietors. 7 T>OARDIXG—At 520 Wabash-av., one JJ unite ollcralshed front rooms, with board. T)OARDIXG—Two furnished rooms, ID with board, m a private family Addlv at 69 North Green-st. Beferencea exchanged. T>OARDLXQ—A gentleman and wile, A ) or two single gent etnen, wt»hlng board In a pri vate family, in a Sac location. *t a reasonable rate, caa secure a plea-am nnfarnlshrd Iront room, on Wabash av., by addreaslng **A R.-Trtbnae offlee. TDOARDtXG—A few young gentleman I.D can be accommodated with board, at rta« inable term*, and convenient to business, at 104 Monroe it, sear comer Clark. _ TDOAKDEN'G —A room suitable (or two D Mngle gentlemen. Ihe eomtorla oi home. Tents rtMocap.e. 30 North Hahted-»t. TDOARDING—One large turnished I * roctn. suitable lor gentleman and wife or two »tng> gtßt'rtner; a'M. one slide room lo rent, with board, at 94 Jackson-su, two blocki sooth ol the Post umce. TDOAItDIXG —A pleasant Iront cham * l>cr. ramUhed or urfoinlsh'-d, with board, at 119 Slato-ei. Befeicoctt required. TDOATtDDsG—Good board and rooms, XD at BRIGGS HOUSE No. 3, 6»S MosroML,sear the Post office. TDOAKDIXG—A very handsome suite X> ofontumlsbed rooms, with chandelier, water, »rd fir«t-vlM* board, la one of those large white houses 137 West Monroe-tu near Desplalnes-st. IDOARDIXG—NiceIy furnished rooms, XD with board tor g-ntlemaa sod wife, or singlegea oemen. Also, day board, at 132 Bast Madlson-stT TDOARDDs G —Furnished room tor rent, I 3 (with closet), with board, to two gentlemen. In a private laally. at 230 Ohlo-sL TDOAKDLNG—Gentlemen will be far- XD nlshrd flrsl-clxM board, with rooma, at No. 20 Adatas-at. , a&aiitt'O-fHaie BOOKKEEPERS, S.U.EBIEN &C. \\T ANTED—rmlcsmen of mature aee \ \ and experience, who can encage permanently, to fill first ct*-« and renp-mrible situations. Inquire of .1. A. .IONRS, Dearboro-st., or address Drawer 7991. Chicago. 111. WJ ANTED—At 078 Wabash-av., near V* Elchtecntb-si.. a'man or b3T. who lives at home, to take charge of a cow. Apply before S o'clock, or after 6 o'clock. V\rANTED —A first class tfavellms VV salesman, bv a fancy dry goods and notion hon.e. Address, elating name, reference, experience and qualification, p. O. Box 3377. St. Loots. Mo. TUADLN, \\T ANTED—Immediately—Two first- TV class horseshoers, to whom liberal wages and permanent employment will be given Apply at once to J. W. HEWITT ± CO., Jackses, Michigan. X\r ANTED—Watchmaker. One who is VV a toed workman and can give cood reference, to go to a place ISJ miles from Chicago. Apply to LYON A IIEALY, 116 Wa*tdcgton-»u \ATANTED —A first class bookbinder V » and ruler and Job printer, at tie Omaha Dally Republican office. Omaha.Neomka. \\T ANTED—Tinners and sheet-iron V T workers allnmace store of F.A. SLA'IK. ffgaantcb—,-|Fcmale ipclp. SAUB&WOItIKN, XtaADES, at. \\T ANTED—A governess. A lady ac \ V enstomed »o rood society, between thirty ami forty, capable uf teaching English and mn«lc. can find a homo In a private famlb. Salary f.-00. Address, with ;»rilca‘ar*. **S I. I*," Tribane office. HOUSE SERVANTS. WANTED —A first-class cook, washer and trocer, at -774 Wcat Lake-et., opposite Union Park. TXT ANTED —A first-class woman to do V T senoral hou*“wcik. Mn>t l e capable of taking charge and Ruing the work In a family ot two R-P»r» e: res required. Apply at 276 We»t WasntngUm-gt. WT ANTED —A girl to do general honse- V « work.on Warren-eU, near city limits. Inquire at 373 West Lakc-sL \\T ANTED—lmmediately, a good cook, VV In * private hoanlliu bouse. Apply, Imme diately, at 2b9 lillaols-st. North Mde. \\7 ANTED —A cond Girl. Apply at V\ I—7 W«; Warblagton-st. F 1 3 WANTED—A ffocwl cook at 503 Wa- Vt bash-ar. Inquire lor two or three days. T\rANTED —A girl tn do chambcrwork » t a:d wa-Mce. German or Norwegian nreter rfl Apply at dtf■’< Muhlctc-ar. b 1 w ANTED—A good cook, washer and t ? Iroccr, with xoo.. recommends, at No. I Park- TV r ANTED—A pood woman to do «v\» MwSife’xsr ° T - f,r * ”■*" f * mur - ipp,r WANTED—A wet nurse. Apply nt V* ICSMitldgaa-at. 11 3 Xl r ANTED—A good girl, one that can v * cook, wash atid Iror. with refi-rcnresi, Ger cun prcf- rwl. Cat: at I 7 inne-su North bide. Isinploratcnt 3,ijtntciEg, \\T ANTED—To employ one man in ... » every trwn lath-We<t, to rcll an entirely new thine, bonebnt il» and active men nec.i aprlv. Ad cress tor partirnlars. with two three rents stamps, to P.'.v return postage, S. n. McELWALN. Bos 10US chirauo. 111. —Monday—Fillcen wood » • chopper* for tran-porta:ion; SO met- fo: Memphis. ?I.W per dty and board. Apply at ikoom ;j. Ucd’s Block. RaiiJjjph-st. Bridge. WANTED—ioungmenm the coun \ > try. willing to >,Ma.u -ltuat‘ur.3, -uch a- Krepers. salta>mtn, collector*, rl?rks. apelv at i:<t Uearborn-st. U om 2.craddrev; M. E. Jt»NKS&«;o., Box 2020. euci.clpg ten cent*, for full particular*. TT/ ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 1 % > coli-ctor, 3 brthem-r. 7 f return. I li dr, rs:s* i ae, uU - s - ctr7 c-»*rSok 2 coEducivr#. Artdv at IJ I !)• arboru-s’.. Rc*-ni 2. \\f ANTED lmmediately A lirst- T » Maa* c.>ok. who ran wa*h and ir.m; aKo. a C'rd chav N rtnald. Must ik* abb- to wait at tabic Appll, after S. t>t vonray. at 14S -Sti. -hlgan-av. \\7ANTED —A girl to cook and do »» housework in a #nnl) faxllr. a we-fc wm be p.'Jd. RciertLcc* required. Apply at Na. 199 \\TANTED —A good sirl. to do central T 1 loanework. Apply at 109 Jack#on->t» JEttlantrt—fUiscrllaricous. WTANTED— A number of good bnsi ». n*»« min. to cstat llib Insurance in Northern i>.ilo and Indiana. AddreiS Pox 2.35 J. Clvvelard, Ohio. T\' r ANTED—Persons wishing to know > % thMuture sbr.n.d addre#* the greatest n*troh'- CM In the rid, Fnrlr-se |l. with a spo. tm<m ot wri ting, to Macame UI'PON t~. Drawer G 297, fhl'-ogo. T \T ANI ED —A smart youth. 17 lo 18, well. Apply at 194 Woet \\ T ANTED—To Purchase A Jarce > * b. ardingbou#e, oontral’y lo -ntrrt. t whl<-?a cuod price will be pant. Ad lre*# ’•K.” Tnhnae otllce. AT T ANTED—Men, in the cnnnlrv, to » » art as nernu to solicit uMpmcrU of firs. mle*. pelt* fetid tliow. To p*r»oa» of luttuoncc ml to tho*e who i»r command trade, we will pay xmd ailorr Ad.!r r f»«. rnc-n.I2KS rent stamp. J. H. FERRELL ’it CO.,pomti>l»#lf n merchant*, Übici?j. V\ ANTED— aiders and Masons—To * > exchange revl csta'« for psintimc and mtsoQ work op a hous®. Apply atNo.S Metropolitan Block. \\T ANTED—A man and wife of es » », who Is not afraid nf work. t*» take charco of a boardirc ion** la iho .country, where there Is .-I work, an*: pay accorrtm -lv, Address •Js. West Brap-h P. Chicago, with \\r ANTED—A good second hand me * » fimm or l.trc® sired flr<* proof Mf,- a!*.\ an onkedosk. Addro-s -I) W."irlhute office,lor three days. ttatii.? price, aid where it c»n he seta. T\7 ANTED—A tew more men to in • r veyt la oar wmiht-r ftrlp and ru‘>lf-r njonMlps-. A 1 who tr? it ire tnakltij: mrnrr. N'o hett-r Invest. Lokiat 11 i!,a,e - A - C - UllOwy £ CO, Ij*S V\7 ANTED—A room mate, by a vonmr ?^fi l - .m fi *■ 't, Kent low. Appiv, Ur fooraa,B.ta J Mb. 1;| I as«lh‘. Room Na. 1. \\ r ANT£D—The celebrated Gips\-wo ▼ T man. Ifyon wish to know all thesvirtaof your pa*t aadmtun* life, the which may save you years of sorrow and t are, don't foil torn;. V 'J - - Ccnsultatian, one dollar. I.» fc id-,i re a? || c.ark st. ANjED—loEschance—SOacreso y ? oMmjroredland Is lUriMn w Coar.:**. fo “ ’ IsTa b °*“' kr> ' * L l ■ ,n * r,<? cutter. A<lcire»j l*. o- W AN 1 £D—A teacher, whose evenings T » aieunoectirlrtl. would like tw.-> nnp'.M wKo Ci-utdcon;cP> hertr.-m* tr 9p. tnsir .ction m ct-mmon sen. cl hranche*. M--h*-r inalh-malics or sclcrrc. Addr w* “A A." Chicago. \\ T ANTED—Two young men, singers, . 7! Ub lo o,n a clmlr- re there Is a'zood »i rer lw<. Addres. TWO MLSICIANb, Tribune office. TT^ANTED—A tew music scholars by > * aCrst class learher. who. owimrto nthipecled clwumnai'-e-. win t»n-h tor half price. Aildrets. without delay, “A M U,** Tribune office. V\7ANTED—To cure those who suffer f » with rhenmattsra, neuralcla, drspo;»»is, piles, constipation, cocsnmption.cold feet. h«a.lvLc. toith ache, kidney ant Itrer diseases, weak back, -o-eeye«. Ji-roiujaand fever*. Lrs. LEWIS & Sooth Ciart-at.. R>om 3. Chicago, m. V\ T ANTED —To sell a mortgage ol T 1 H.tOC, sec tired oa real estate worth tfoable the amount. Farilcs havinxt=on®v «UT do well to look Into this. Addiess -J il W,'* Tr;oune office. TXTANTED —All railroad men interest- T J ed in loconiotlvc hevMl«st*. to call at 176 Booth C isrk-st., and see the bcj>i one in the world. — All persons, old and » yonnp. to reme to 176 South Clark «t.and bar t..e only ci-Diiine (,o.nmoD j •■lsc Sewlnc Machine acid In this dir. iJu<3inrss (Ehanrrs, FOR SALE—Drug Store—St<»ck and fon*{tnre.fir*t-clai« *rd 'rwh. r-elnn all new with in a year. Am-not. Cod. In oneofth" most crowtne l.iwn* of the we*t. sail«tac<ory pea»ons fjr ••jon- Address POX iya.lonia, M;rh. rca » Jaa *-» r OR SALE—An mtereSk in a leading 1 Wholesale dr'? house, over twr-ary years, harm? a larire trade. In one of the larxen West ern rlll-s. If the party partlcalarly d»lr-*s. jms> tetnts may .«* mvV t - selltij- entire bn-lncns. \o ?Sa.S&Si!iV,. 4 iIcc ' J TTEE. S. T.. or Locfc Bo? F'OR SALE—A butcher shop. In eood locatlrr, with bor-e am vacon and pat-nt Ice i£o*c. with fixture complete. Address “f F.” at Tribune office, * FDR SALE—One ot the best Restau -5K tl - B «» dS 2 ,< £ r# 1:1 H ,e dLV - located, ouu doing a fine bcno***. si •‘OO p*»h * t MILLS gCQ, 133 J ' SALE—At a bargnm, a Vmesrar 1, Factory, with boiler, engine. and »■! the r.-aufsite tool* complete, moniy all new and bat dill- need, mil In first-clan eot><iitloE. Capacity to mate 20 barrels per day; tor *1,530. I« worth twice the amount. It mnft re«oidlooa. No tncumbranc**. G<vvl reason SS^Vop" O. li.cct SLF,EID4CO -*“> FDR bALE—Stock ot dry goods, for* nlshlng goods and notions, will &chanre for city pronertr. or other property and cash, or drug store In dry. S. W.hEA.Laadmnce. H 4 Adatns-st. TT’OK SALE—Stock, fixtures, lease and 1 good will of A No. 1 Grocery Store, centrally loca ted. ard dolor a good paving bulne**, Capital re quired, LTOOC to f.%0f0. Good reasons given for selling Address Box DSS. Chicago. T?OR SALE—A rare chance to pur- I ehaee a we!l-e*laMuh«l and flrsbcla** EsUaa lloaße on Dearborn-eu known as the “Ov-ter Bav •• in ipw'i Blocs. This well-known is well arranged, having all the conveniences o{ water ga*. lce-chess>. nunace rangea, Ac. ThU boo*-; na* a large basement where all the e*v>L-in-- u done" The arrangement of the dlnlnt-hall t» well plaa-erl has tlcemarb.e tables and good (Urnitare. The owqt crslrtneto xii thl? esUMbhrarou offer* it for & days. Partita wishing to or.rcha»e will rail at i«»s Dear:arn-st, (WAEItEN & (HIODRICB'S -;Oce.> ne. ar J asi. of L'OR SAl^E—Stock and fixtures ot a -* floor and fre.l store, 406 Sooth Clark-sL, doing a poodbcrtneM. Inquire on the pre™t*«a, UJU|C F'OK SALE—The stock and fixtures oi n.As!r ß, vSi? f . e 13 c ?? mo?t driving towns J^ l I ?nl v> Bent °*» -rf 11 * 1 particular*, inquire irpm 10 to Ua. of Dr. W. KNOX, 123 bonlh Clark-st. ilorrl-on’s Block, Boom IQ. FOR JnALE—Very low, a complete out fit for a photograph Galierv. Call on or address C ~ u - JUNTOS, Lloyd noweT-f 12 booth Ciark-*t.. Chicago. ' gomsponfrrnrr glSlautcß, pORREbPONDEXCE— Wanted—By a \J yrung man oflelsore. with a young lariv Ob^-t acqualntanre and fun. Acdrere P. o. Box 2290, pORKESPOXDEXCE Wanted irA cenUeman wrnM like to correspond with a wid ow lady, cot over 10. Object—companv. envrtala ment, to paa* away the time. ACdreas “G I B,** cal ago I c»i Ce re. jßorsrs, (Cnrriascs, &r. F’OR SALE—A span ot black horses, young, and la g»d order for family ca-- nsge team. Also, one lame draught horse (i,s»> M). suitable for any work. Also, a good exoreis wa-jn for one or two horses. Apply a; ipy tv eat t HORSEb— Two span ot work Dorses or males wanted, la exchange fbr real estate Ad. Ureas office, for nvedayaT BROWN HORSE lor sale.s vears 0M »«r i«r. Situations naantes ffIALES. onUATlON—Wartal-fiy a T ~ iji man. In a wholesale or retail make htnn-eil generally useful. Wrlwn'"J',l? s, f snaqulckatagnrcs. cost ot references nr-,* ?:• drew “O I. A,*’ Tribune office. • "" ClTUATiON—Warned —A German cto- 1 O eery Clerk, kuowi bookkeeD'ng, i« I with the English language well. the arncerj vDJ I city, wishes a eltualioc. Would bo wsilioc p- w„,7;.J J any tier? ots'tuatloD. Address •* FK' P.0„0r33Q WflUHadlaoe-sl. Chicago. lWiac «fl ITUATION —Wanted—ln a wholesale establishment, by a young naa who dulraa to ieara U-e btulneM. Can os*Ut in keeping awt ot books. Good reference* given. Adders* jIELSoV Tribune office. * ’ SITUATION Wanted—B» » yoime man who wants to learn sign painting. Address **G L, w Trlouae office. C ITUATION—U anted—As bookkeen- L> er. or In anv po*ltlou where a sol P'*iT7.>s -ooj habit*, and good city references are reqnlsit-. "si* dress. for one week. ••JO,*' 13 East Uarrl*oa-?i. FBIfIAZ.ES* C ITUATION—Wanted —Bv a middle C 5 aged widow lady, a* housekeeper In a private famljv. Icqulre, ft>r three dars, at -|*»l EUt.->n-read near Ward’s Rolling Mill?. Best of references given and required. iIGS. G Q S.” P. o. addrnis Bjr CITUATiONS Wanted Lames in O went cf reliable servants, of anv de.-crlnaon. can be supplied at MRS. D. PRATTS Emporium lor Help. 130 South Clark-at. * CITUATION—Wanted—As housekeep ers er. or as ladles curse, bra voanz l.v*v. encea exchanged. Apply at 76(j Carrull-st., corner Paulina. Heal izstate-citg. inPBOTBO. Iron SALE—Ey s. FT. Kertool & Co, , * ***?! £»*•!« Brokers. 71 IVaroom-M. to aUev CW lra=:wLuus,s lot iss:6o feet. aSr-'Large brick building, iultable for manufactur ing purpose*, wjth a nver front of ICO fret, will oe •old lou and on easy terms. 3.7—A desirable residence on the corner of Twenty sixth—t. and Cal'imetav.; house of 11 nyma hot and fold wates, and all modern improvement*, lot lOCxtaj to alley. 33—An elegant residence on Pralrte-av. near High toentn-st.; house of la rooms, with all conveniences: brick barn on alley. 2— Brick residence on Park-av.. contains U rooms, hot and col I water, bath n>oia, Ac., Am; well flubbed la every particular; good torn; tut 30 Pet frnat. 94?*—See frame dwelling on Wanen—t, of 10 rooms, marble mantels, hoi and cold water *c win be-old low. 94 6—Two story h<iu«e on Throop-«t., cearUa twos 12 rcotns. beside* bathrooms, closets, Ac. Can be han cheap. :<2—An cast front oflM feet cn Michigan av. H-W ac «* or gtxd farming land in Effingham tonnty, at fit per acre. AUn. a of improved and otuaproved property In ad portions ot the city. F>? By Rees & Ayres, office, lO Opera Uou*e. BenlJeucee—VV Lake-fet., near g-od two-«lory frame lw:iV i ro. m*. lot 'Axis*, for JSAOD; «.sfO can remain at Inter c« Syt-ar*. Jllchlgan-av., tear Tweinh-*u on. of ib e nr.osi marble front honocs In the dry ht--* heln -r --l*l.ed, lot Sd feet front; price 119,C00. WabaetTnv near \ an a One residence on a lo; -tOxlli f, —;.-O.TOO. Mlctlgan-av., near Twentr-womMt a nl.-e two-suiry and bastmeat Pries booae-fii p.y» DearPorn-«t.. near menl brick hocje-JItSW. ln.Uana-sL. near fine marble front houso for JIWCO. Lmcda -t «adl«>n-3t, cottage house, 6 rooms, besides clo-ets— LOR SALE—Double Frame Flouse A oo Feoria-n.. near WasMneton-st. W -no-"# ml ardjewcr; Jot UUI34 to alicv; *j,aOO. Cottages on W&rrrn at- four blocks w c *i’ ',.,4 Park, 6 rooms, double flo..i>, (trcrs. Ac• ’••t••-.thi ?2A0: Immediate po-we*?iou. T«rt» two «tor» fc, on Jciletfon #t.. near Monroo*«t.. to be remor-.• it o,i ami Slgm. One-am*-*-half story cottage. IIOH -h-is Halstcrt-sr, si.ojw). 102 South S*nrvn n«: t-,*..—?.-, cojtaee.Drioms. il.OuO. H. C. MOItET <S CO 'l-ii Estate nrokcrs. > Metropolitan Blocs. * X OR SALib—Douse and lot. nortbex t 1 comer cl North Wcl s and Uaroa-«la. T Isntw. with gas ard water I-. seven i cJiwct? up stairs—tie lower parti; suitable i - and lor small famllv i-. rearof etnr*. rr.tvr-* 0 . • pren:l«*-e. 177 North We'ls-gr. 11. P. K<F.SI i T7OR SALE—On Michigjuijav., a sn'en -1 did few brick residence. MUf*;! tt>e in>*e--' i— provenient*. ami nn« woman kll’er. Parlor* sifiti* r. om. library, diuinc loom, kfteneo. paatrva all cn ike Bret door, and a splendid ham arid 1c • For further Ufnncatlcn. Inquire at SO I .Mlch'-io.*,* TTOK SALE—A desirable house, with 9 I ronns, 4 presses, china rlon-t, Mnk ro->ic ir e mantels. wa*«r. gas. &e.. together with 3’,' \-m-s ‘ ls- . ollot. Inquire op the premise, 773 wa&aMnr.' T7OR SALE —Two convenient an.l de- J s!r«T>> b.inses on Mlrhlzan-ar- d»%* I.r mv. je-rac-ft.. wbh*!shtTearvi**Rse of Mt» at v.«-v l i, prlcfs. IVAKKFN & GOOi-KICU. Ueal £,•«•,. n-a gets. 1 •*.» Room 2. I,*OR SALE —Two new and rit s.rahlc 1 boc»M on north of rwi»nfT-r«nf*-«* ten rc»tn* -ach. Ac.; 101 each; pru—»• fr-n, i > A^'. Sbl, ' T } Immediate. WARREN A G:» *D. r.IUI, 12.5 I»carborn-#t-. K<>oni 2. X Ok SALK—A nice 2-storr house m £ Cllnioc-«r..near Van Barcn-st. L*t r\iv? s; <<ki AUrseV-Mory bon«eon Clp ton-st-b* n»;n.. mvm e msr.tle*; hot and rold water. 4c. Cwd ham » .AU 11. C. MOREY & S Mi-tropolltas Blocr. X'OR SALE—Residences—One on Mich -1 Igan-av.. near Elehfi-cnth-st„ with *n « ~!e re tmprovtuenu. New hoi»'.ui«t being computed on rear Twentv-tfr*wt. nou«- on n**i lot, near Fonrtecnth-st- on Wahn#h-ar. Fran. •ho i*c anil brick basement on nr*ar Hand 'inh isnet bot>#« on Norh I_aSalt»-.*t. J. |>. n\KV ,, 'V r*i* ea tate amt loan broker. 7h» LaSalUsst. FOR SALE—Or Rent—Houses and lots In all part* oi thecltr. Call at our oflW i: r.m want to buy. rent or sell. GEORGE 4 WILLIAMS 7 bonthClark-it. * X'OR SALE—A new three story and 1 baicmcntbrlclrhouse of 11 roomsh >t aril .-oil water, water closeid, marble mantel* and b-t js feet front, on West Lakc-st.. near r-.lon P.irk. T'l'>'l\S I’. hhYPLU i real estate agents. No. 4 Metro polltnn Block. F'OK SALE—A desirable house and lot, on Wuahlnctco*£t., near rmon-.*!., with 11 water, ca*. Ac.. Jot f.«r. go~I harn, file entv SLOtO— a bargain. WARREN A- Ooi»‘)Rijr real estate brnk* r*. 1 2.4 ro.m 2. T, OR SALE—Cheap—A new two ?iorv ffsiro Jioti**-. 11 rooms water. ca->. ma-U’ mri tel#. Lot No. -ISSomh An'»-3t.. pcir w i-hln- on-.t THOMAS- P. SN YUKR & Cereal ••staleago.-.N, No. 4 McuopoiU.m Block. SALE—At a Karenin. The two story frame hon>e undlohNol i 33 <■. Ore a-ii. A dellKhtlul residence property, and very ohajp. *Ap ply >.n premise*. ’ * 1 F)R SALE—Three new two-storv and basement brick houses. u room* emit. nil t\> >d*ra improvement*, and lot*, with lam, »i w.'a.ViT pear Twenty-* jxth-st. THOMAS D. vNVDER * CO** l>al Estate Atfexiu, So. \ Mciropoilttn Dloci. * US IITTPUOVEU, L’f'R SALE—Dd-Ints 3-1 and 35, section t 1«. towns*. ranee u. within a -.sort dt-.taa « theJunoitnn cf Uu- liusl.ur/hd: t\»t Wr.r, e ,inu Mtm litfui Southern R. R., ointainlre ahont itVmre* v< > £*■ <w and <rr tn block M, r n W-*t Ma ■>.-:‘r.'ea !!Sdf 110,1 lloyne ‘ st3 ‘ D * w * MITCHELL. 3 .■ r n:.-rton SALE—A beautiful lot frontin'*- « Jpffrron-ra’k corner of Monroe art Lov ■ y 3 !! s .iV£vf c '\- 0, h h . r . font ' *- J - avkrem.. IS *- fate Otßce. No. 7 Metropo ttan B.oct. 170 R SALE —IOO Kct on Indian-; ar. by 1 ~i fen cn TwentT-tnud-M.—.s'.ir*. v-1 lot hr Improvement. H. c. MORbV A CO.. Ik* il Et ■a.c l.rocm, Xi-. S MetropoUtaa Hlock. OR 5-ALE—A tine lot on Twcntv l srennd-st, mrir Inrtla-a-xv.'. :t:xrn. .it »nnce a;d on easy irrm*. WARREN A: C.oajißJcU Rul LsUt- Rrr tcr«. 12.1 Roo-r* r» Agents ffaiantco A GENTS—Wanted—An acent to can +y, ~T V .‘, c. h lra- o f “Ahhotl** Lives of »>-ITesl eotSLv. I t'd OU,Br ° el; ' l *»»• 5 - s AGENTS— Wamea—Experienced booh tndcneravtajr ranvassora, to whou.-i ; »i. Bl^ r iW,s n rT n l b ; tui.i, a-onta Chtr*g'*. u l . A GENTS—'Wanted—#Uso —We want ’J-'Sl 1 BARTLETT SEWTNU MA nf.e *2s—o. Thos® willliur to work for «ivlx E:us m i y2 ,,reM . wl?f » otamp. PARE Ohio. Gent/al PhUadelpbia, Pa, or Toledo. AGENTS —Wanted—$000 ncr month ImTkOVeSbaSlSt? ... i-’uJilAtlllxE. Prtoo reduced to •L"-ir> .a dree* W. DELOSh A CO„ i CS D^m-suChlc^. A GKNTJj—Wanted— »lso per mtmtb. fvr tbe ORSU CO.. e yrArl - A SHCOXbI A GENTS—Wanted— s2,soo to $3,000 rf A, a , y s?r* A irood i banco tt make money. An axent * a --, , , r ' < l !n every towm in the Union to tnanulhctnre J'-' 1 • a ar P2i‘t be manafartnrrd'tn the axent's dw®uire. It Is er tire l & rew ; eecimu c,y copynpht. Sale aa permacrnt M ', no c, ini i °r to be done. Forp«.rt*ntlara addr<-»3» mImSSI 1 ' L0l;I3 CODLESTZ. A GENTs—Wanted—Price *2.50; jty, ‘Lloyd's Great Map," “Tna U.nTlTt StaTTs 15 , t?pr 'v Tbn-e map* in one, and the fJ?,* 9 , I . n *be wcrl-L One axent ha, hut orritrid tUty Mara after two days canva**. To* I.PA3D Patcotic Ctiakt °r AurniCA s®ct rmts wlih ibr n-ap. Address GOODaPEKD A UO_ 14*» Lake >— Chicago. A GEN f S —Wanted—luo men can have s’eady emplornient for the «‘ n ter hr cnzarlnx In' «| sale of FoMßors NEW AMERICAN HK.VT REGULATOR, posices* llzhtand pleasant. Profit* U n Fl^.‘‘.W !! 5 r( ? M Address or cad upon P. LATUI op. 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