Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 7, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 7, 1867 Page 1
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MOM WASHINGTON. *Tlie Impeaclunent of President Jolmson. Articles to be Presented by Representative Newell, of New Jersey. THE DISTRICT SUFFRAGE Bill TO BE VETOED. ' A Programme for the Admission of the Southern States. [important Bills to be Reported from tbe Judiciary Committee. FROM EUROPE. tatest Despatches by Ocean I Telegraph. Tihe Tuikisli Government Warnet I .by England and Francs. ■he latest hum oh FHOKE BORIS. him mum 'be Governor's Message to be Delivered To-Day. Tkc Opponents of Judge Tram [ bull Unite on Gen. t’alaier. 'Cook County Representatives Dis regarding Instructions. IKE LATEST NEWS FBSSITh' PACIFIC COAST. Great i-Tire at TZohohoma, Japan. The Greater Part of the City Destroyed. FROM WASIIIXGrOX. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Wasiii.sotos, January C. THE larLACHMEKT QUESTION. Tbj decision of tbe canes last to refer all resolutions concernin'? impeachment to the -Judiciary Committee, without denote. Is regarded a# the present means of securing a full considera tion of tbe snbJ-,-ct. It is expected that Mr. Ash- Uoy'a resolution wit) be so relerrcd. While most fcegree that there is not sufficient time to complete the trial during the session, even if entree upon, ■he majority deem it important to investigate the KLbject in all of its bearing*. The Judiciary Com* K-iiueu is one of (be ablest, and at toe same time ■me of the most Radical bodies in the Douse. The ■ommUtcc is composed as follows: Wilson, of acua; Governor bouivxcll.of Massachusetts; cx &>mc:nor Thomas, of MarylruJ; Williams, of Bpcuusylvanla; Woodbrtdgt, of Vermont: Morris, Sbi New York; Lawiencc, of Ohio; Cook, of lilr find?; and Rogers, of New Jersey. If the matter Somes oelorc these meu it will receive earnest at- B-mion. Tnis result is quite a diflircot one from Slat proposed by Mr. Spalding at tbe opening of Rhe caucus, that it waa inexpedient to take any Rtcp- looking toward impeachment, bnt which he Ktilfeequcntly -.ithdrew. | TUB AUEAbSAS DELEGATION’. I Among Congressmen the Arkansas deletion [«lrv« not appear to nave accomplished much; [with the Cabinet they were be ter pleased, ospecl-. 'ally aith Mr. Stau berry, who declared their Slate to be reconstructed. SOUTHERN COTTON CLAIMS PAID. f Notwllhbtauuiug the denial of thcsMtotnsu (that -a large sums bate been paid Southern clii.n.inu for 'JS cotton coull-catcd by our, forces dariug the war, <■ such payment* arc being u«idt!. Fru.o the mlj die of November lo the middle of December fel siCl*,Coo was paid uj-on this class ol claims. judge :u;u:t:3, or Indiana, jhu gone West to take ht» scat iu tho legislature, lilt oiccisixns tli-opiialions lor the benatorabip. Land ex; ccts soon to resign his scat. I BPAtllllSs AND STEVESB.J | The debate of Saturday, b.iUvcca Judge Spal of Ohio, and Mr. Steveus,excltes much com- LmenU Uis regarded as the more rignifican', piucc Ur. bteveus endorsed lie Judge so heartily summer. I VETO EXPECTED. ■ The general Impression appears to bs tint the ■Ptrsldcni will return the District Sufrage Bill Sto-murrow, with an elaborate veto me-a-gc. K SEW BILLS rcoa THE JCDIC:xnT COX2IIITEC. S The Judiciary Committee is about ready to re- . Sport Mr. Bingham's bill legalizing nit acts done Sunder any of tbe Prevideutial proaamations since MAprii, ISGI, and protecting all persons from arrest Sor trial who pet formed any act by virtue of any Haulboriiy cotifcrrvd by these proclamations. BAlihcugh framed before tne of tbe £p>r.pnane Court was acoonnccd, it meets the de- in question almost as perfectly as if drawn gwilhthi* In view. The committee Is also nearly Sresdy to report the Hams bill reorganizing the f| United Staler Circuit Courts. Tblr the bill I* under which it improbable tuat a Court of Appeals V will be established at Cincinnati. \ PXUSOKAL. il Senator Wilson leaves for Uassachusetts to- K morrow, with the remains of his son. if Advices from New York represent that Hon. Ropcoc Conk ling has the best chances for the k Seuatorsbtp. In Pennsylvania Tbad. Stevens' chances ecem Improving. BEPnXSESTAItVC XXWCLL's ntPEACIIXEXT AS | nexus. I NrwYons. Jannarvf. —a Washington special [ hsts Representative Newell, ol New Jersey, hai Y ciawn np articles of Impeachment again-*! Presl v dent Johnson, which he will present to the Uoa*e. il i n jhe debate of the Haase yesterday, a- reported ’K in tho Globe, Mr. Newell said such a catalogue of J 3 bigb crimes and misdemeanors was never before presfctcd against any executive ofiicer la tho whole range of hi-lory, as can be presented in Uie present Congress against Andrew Johnson. PETITIONS ron UCrXACIIXEXT. Ta Thus far there have been presented lo.Conjress .13 petitions trout persons in the West, asktug ,Lc Impeachment of ihe President. I LETTtt: mort I’UEfinEXT JUAREZ. A letter received from President Juarez, dated ■fbihnahna, that day for Durango, m route for Zacatecas. In stead of going to Monterey, be would proceed to Sen Unia, a ltd Gutiajear, to enter the City ol Mexico as soon as evacuated by the French. Pr«elricnt Juarez cxpre»scs entire confidence m NaiKilcon's good fuiui in withdrawing the whole of bis force at an cailv day. acceptance of A?t<*T;ien esenos or ms union iuiluoad. The Secretary of the Interior has received the report of the Government Commisslocors on the ninth section of thirty-rive miles of the Union Pacific Railroad. It icprescnts all ready for ser vice, and recommends itv.acceptance. President Johnson coucnra iu the and bonds due for tbe same will be issued. rnoemuarz ron tue Annual on or the seceded ! states. u ■ Washington specials say Ills reported on un- j! | questionable minority that the leaner* la the He- ° ! publican party nave decided on a programme for b ■ the Southern 9 a’cs. First. Ihe ratification of the Constitutional Amendment by throe-fourths of **7frg_9late« represented In Congress: and, second. * the admission ot recn-tnt Stales by compulsion. • The adoption of tho Amendment by Legislatures J will be completed by February, when the mcoi- ■ cm will be carried through Congress. 1 srsccxxTxons ucoatmxc tub counts or cos- ■ onus«. 1 WasmscTOK, January C.—The prevailing con- 1 vtction among experienced lookers*-on at the Caoi- 5 tol is that the present session of Congress will be 1 mostly engrossed by politics, and bat little done ' lo the wav of practical legislation. TheTatiußlll 1 will be plt nUfally diseased, wttboot action. Nothing will be done with the currency question lo change the existing tfatui. A movement id to be’made ta Congress next week looking lo the re moval of restrictions upon the rate of Interest, irum the National Banks. mBBFVJUKS or UirTRAJfT WItSOK. Thebcdyoi Lieutenant WtaonanivedberethlJ morning. Senator W ilson will probably leave for Massachusetts with the remain* to-morrow. nmzuxß.s's rpffini- The New tear's festival of the freedraen at Ihe freedom's uUaceat Ariingtonilcighis took place yesterday. XISSIB6 BOLDIB&a. Miss Clara Barton has jnst issaed Roll No. 5. of the misting men of the Union armies, fur the purpose of obtaining information In regard lo thitn. This list HUT be sent to all newspapers fur publication. This list comprises anout 930 names of missing soldiers. ADPUtSf rCOM Till TLXAS XeUTium, The Texas Pena tors ard Ruprcstntativcs elect have prepared for pub'..cation an address to the people oi the United Stales, aetung forth the conaltion of afiairs in that State, the tamest loy tltv of its population, and the reasons for its ad mi.aion to representation ta Congre«j. szxATon vase ox tub cobuitiuk or m eocrs. it is cipec;«l Senator Wade wit! lake orcasloa i-s In a speech in the Senate to-morrow to expres-i ilic view.- and Ironn-Miona of the Soaiu, derived from bis observations daring the recent tioncl excursion lo New Orleans. a. rnmos fob a sxw tuiil fob erisctrn. Wxsitixctos. January 6.—A petition bn* been pr< vented to the rresident asking for lb- benefit tf a row Dial for Edmond Spa l gler.o»« of ihe >r:as fi luatlon conspirators connnod « j) r y Tortnga*. It ec*6 forth that the evidcuc: against Lim before Commission snd conimdictory, ana the then awe tLd terror prevented many witnessei from testifying in hD )*thalf. rnr qrxsnox. the emphatic action of the Republican caucus last night in reference to the introduction of resolution# looking to the in- Ri-ftcbment of the President, many of the Kepnb can members are urging that ths resolutions shall be offered, and a vole upon them pressed, in tbo House, to-morrow. iut msi. The inspectors of the mounted recruiting service at Carll-lo Barracks, Pa., have been direct ed to forward two hundred and fifty recruit* to the Second United tita'.aa Cavalry, now serving « gainst the Indiana in iho Department of the Haile. Brevet Cautalc W. H. Brisbee, Pint Lieutenant Ehrhtcmlh infantry, in announced as Alde-de- Catup to Major General Cooke, Commanding Department of the Platte. George D. UUI, of Michigan, has bean commis sioned First lieutenant Forty-Second United Stiles Infantry, Veteran Reserve Corps. FUOM EUKDPE. BY OCEAN TELBOBAFIL ruAscx. Pams, January C. la Faint ears the Governments of England and France have agreed upon a fotnt note to he for warded to the Porto, m which tbo Ottoman Em pire is counselled that the coarse of the Porte should be so shaped in its dealings with the Grecian? and In the East as to conserve the peace of Europe, it plainly Intimates that tho cooae qncsccs wHI rest on the action of the Porta. IT ALT. Hon, Janaary C. Tonclll, the Italian Ambassador, has come lo a verbal agreement ou religions matters in counso tion with the Italian regime. FBCBBIA. Bebux, January 6. The Pi tree of Anslenbarg has given in hie allegiance t*» tho King of Prussia, and gone lo Uesova. where he will reside, receivings subsidy. Financial- Pasib, Jammy 6. Boarrcflnn. Betties quoted at OftOc. FeAXKroET, January 3—Ercntny. Fire-Twenties doscU at JJjf, cx-ilridend. FEOM SPEISG FIELD. The Senatorial Contest—The Opponents or JoOsre Trumbull Unite Upon Gen eral John Iff, Palmer—llia Chances— -01 embers from Cook County Disregard ing Instructions—The Govemorts Sles ftageiobe Delivered Xo-day—General Llpplucott to be Secretary of the Sen ate. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.l SrnurariELD, January C. Aimoiiogofthc friends of the several candi dates for United Slates Senator in opposition to Judge Trumbull, was held last evening, at which it wa» resolved that Governor Oglesby and Gene ral Logon cbonld withdraw trom the contest, and the whole force of the opposition bo concentrated on General John M. Palmer. By this movement the opponents of Senator Trumbull claim to he able to moke a break in the ranks of bis friends, which will eventuate In his defeat. My Impreaston is that this clslm-will cot be vindicated. There Is no doubt, however, about the arength of General Palmer, and that he will secure the votes of sev eral member: who have heretofore been recogniz ed os the certain supporters of Jodge Trumbull. In fact, 1 have good authority for stating that Mesbrs. Taylor and Stevenson, of the Cook County delegation, contrary to the positive in structions of the Convention which nominated them, have declared their intention to vote for General Palmer. How many others wllPfoltox iLeir lead tbc Int ire will determine. General Palmer’s friends claim that there arc a large num ber. The j-tatement in the Taiause’s Washing ton facial 'hat Mr. Trumbull endorses the re cent crcislon of the Supreme Court, bat Is op posed to the obittr die'.vnu ha* given strength to Lif opponents, and alarmed some of his friends, who. not being lawyers, regard the lilt-rasa logical deduction from tbe decision. Udoornl Primer and his friends have been very to day, and seem elated ♦.nth the ‘resnil of their la bor, while'the friends of Jndge Trambull are very confident of a victory. The two bouses will meet to-morrow at twelve o'clock, aud immediately after organization Got* ornor Oglesby'.* message will undoubtedly be read, and both bodies will probably adjourn over HU Tuesday. Tuesday’.* session will ba a brief one. It being by general causea'. gl/ea up to jibe grand entertainment which is to taka place at the Iceland. Ibe Senate has not yet nominated its ofQcera, i>ut v. ill do so to-morrow morning. General O, K. fapptncoUt who made so gallant s light against Lewis Hose,ln the Ninth Congressional ListrlcU will ba made Secretary wlvnoa: oppoii - lion. FROM INDIANAPOLIS* (SeqtifMilou* for fngitlm from Ju«- lice—ticuvy Losses ol an Insurance Company—lnternal Uercaao Collec tion,—Fayntcnt of the January laicr <«t uu xho Mate Debt* dec. {.special Despatch to tre Chicago Tribune. J Indianapolis, January D. Drrlrg the year ISCG twentj-sevco reiuinllons iviu' mauo by Governors of other Slates upon tbe Governor of Die State of Indiana, for tbe arrest and return of fugitives from justice, twelve of which were made by the Governor of Illinois, seven by the Governor of Kentucky, two each by the Governors of Ohio and Missouri, and one each by the Governors of Maryland, New {York, Gcoigia. and Tennessee. Tbe same year flfly-one requh-itiona were;made by the ths t»owwi- "of imiiuoa upou IlieTio-eraorß vTmiieie... i U i .u. tbe Union for iho arrest and return of fugitives from justice from the Star: of ludlaua. i ho Iw of the State regulating Insurance Com panies directs that when a company's losses are gnatci than the cash assets, they shall notify the Auditor of die State, wuo will sell a sufficient mimner of tbe bonds deposited by them to adjust the losses. In accordance with this, the Richmond >nc Insurance Company, which lost heavily by the fire there on Tuesday morning, notified Audi ten McCarty, yesterday, that their losses exceeded (heir cash assets S7,SL“J, and ho accordingly dls posed of seven-thirties belonging to tbe company lolbal amount. Tbe collections of Internal Revenae in this dis trict for lari month are as 10110 '»: Manufacture* urd productions, 112,071.12; gross receipts 4£22,047; sales £JO,SR6; special uses, licenses, rtc., £77,722; incomes £275,310; legacies and sneerssions, £10.031: •'Oicr.cs, diver plate, ptsnos ui d carriages, f 3,560; bank circulation and de posits, £5.273; elaugUercd aumial*, £125; pau altie*. £4S*.2k Total, *2.01C,3U». Fond? hclon •- tog lo tne Slate amounting to £3,000 in the binds o: the Treasurers of fincen counties, namely, Wayne, Decatur, Huntington, White, Jennings, Menliec, Warren. Johnson, Franklin, Gibson, iTmioii, Wabash, Kosciusko. Bartholomew and N’nvioa. vere yesterday paid over lo me Trervs miT of State. Hon. John T. Morrison, Treasurer of State, re turned from New York this morning, wb re be has been paying the January mteicit ou the State debt. Governor Morton's message will go Into tbt hands of the printers to-morrow. Weather dump und cold. TJE IMPEACHMENT OF THE PRESI- DENT. Fbc Article* to be Presented by Bepro* (K-nLßtivc Newell, of New Jersey. Wasiiixgtox, January G.—The followtngiare Rcjiicfecutative Newell's articles of impeach mciit: First. Upon immediately entering on bis duties, without ceusnllmg with tho law-making power* and legislating for Southern States tu the must autocratic manner. c>ocoTid. Assuming powers which Congress only can exet else* and laying down laws for whole sections of country’* in met making and unmaking statute* for the people of the United States. Thitd. Assuming to decide who are and who arc not citizen* of the United States* aud exclud ing loyal men from tbe right of suffrage. Fourth. Authorizing uupardoned rebels to ex ercise the same right. Filth. Handing over rebel States to nltioyal iu-.-c, md pulling loyal mau under their a^ay. s;aUi. l.levatmg reue a who Dal fought to do ptroy ibc Ltiiou.aud putting down loyal men who nsd fought to prescnc it. Seventh. Appointing men Governors of States wlutte hsuiia were yet red with Lac blood of s'mugliicrvd Union soldiers and citizens. kigbtb. Forfeiting loose rebel Statesttpoua ItxaT and peaceful assemblage, leinlting in a massacre such as froze all hearts In thcNorth with horror and dismay, and caused every loyal Southern heart to utterly despair of the country. Ninth. Foraftenvard thawing the bioouy hands of iho«c murderers in the reception room of the rrcfldetiUal macelon, while ho compUmenlcd them upon the manner In which they had exocif ca bin programme for wiping out loyalty at the South. Truth. For denouncing this body as a usur pation. Eleventh. Not satisfied with exciting the pas sion of the mob agaln*t tbe lawful auittorliy of Congress through ino press, and by thofttlmiua tious of himself and satellites, bntdescendiog to tho arena of vtemp oratory* In this and other c ties, aud dcli'cnm; harangues not calculated only to cause breaches of the peace* bnta revolu : lion ot tbe Government tiself. Twclllh. On pretence of laying the corner-stone to a moncmcnlof a deceased Statesman* repeating iliOt-e harangues si every point on his route* tho uulv object of n-htch was to bring the Congress of the United States Into contempt and derision. FROM TEXAS. Trouble Between General Helntxeß man and Use State Judicial AatXsorP tiro* Oaltmton, January*.—Some days since aw-, lias was earn'd npun Major General Ueinuteloian bv orderfof the bhenfi of GnadaloapeJCouuiy. charging him with the commission of some of cnccageluat the laws ot Texas, committed br a subordinate o'Tlcer acting nndcr his orders, who ban received orrlen from his superior. General UciuiKclman refused to comply with the summons to appear before Judge Baldwin, the United States District Attor-ncr. in the following letter, to which a eynopsisjofhis reply is attached: OanvasTox. January 6. times BuTune : Sir—A few days since I was served with a cajria fn,m Seguin Goadaloupe, Texas, by Judge Ireland, notoriously disloyal. 1 replied by furnishing hna the orders under which 1 acted, and the letter of my Adjutant General enclosing it to the Adjutant General of the Freedman's Bureau. 11c has been Indicted lor iLeit, for acts committed by another. Under that order neither he or 1 went to Sequins. Tno present disturbed condition of the country would not admit of my leaving. 1 would not deem my life safe in the bauds of the Texas authorities, as 1 know of two persons potto death by a mob. There is a strong leeltsg against offi cers who have been instrumental in sustaining the U»», and especially those connected with Lite Ficcdmen'e Bureau. The evident object of the process was to annoy and oppress me, and to throw discredit upon United Stales authorities In this State. I remain truly yours. 9. I*. Unsmuux, Brevet Major General. Jnilge Baliiwlnsnstainedthe position of Gen era) iltlntzclman in an elaborate oration, and quoted Chief Justice Taney lu the case of Able man vs. Booth, reported in St Howard at page and said th* State's authorities could never haveattempu . so grave an oCencc against the majesty and laws of the United states as to have Imprisoned one officer, and attempted imprison ment of others, while In the discharge of their sworn and imperative national and official duties. No SUte Jndre or coon after they are Judicially Informed that a part}- is im Erisoned under the authority of the United States as any light to interfere with him. or require Inn to be brought hefo-c them, and if tbs an ihoritiesofaStaie, lu form of judicial proses* or otherwise, kbnuld attempt to control the Marshal or other authorities of ‘he United States, or the agents of the Untied States in any r*«pcct, in tae custody of piisoucrs, it would ho his duty to re sist it, and call to his aid any fore: which •might be necessary to maintain the au thority of the law against Illegal Interference The} l>h ol the ca.-c is • imply that an officer of the United Stales obe>lt.c tho orders of his superiors, ss ii< ibis instance, cannot be Interfered with by i state authority. The question as to the propriety of your proceedings is Inqulrabte into only by the power that placed you berv, and bade you no iha> thing. A* well might the President of i the United slates be dragged from his Cabinet on civil process for signing the death warrants ot the conspirators, as yon be carried i away from your poet on civil process. The Austin Gcsfitt publishes a complimentary letter from Governor Throckmorton to Heintaof • man, regretting his relief from the Commissioner's e Department, and congratulating him on the yol. xx. general ssU»factloa bis administration gave tbo people icTcsas. _ _ . Cleared for Kcw York—Tybee, with 1,215 bales of cotton. FROM SAB FRANCISCO. nmace of ilie Oorernor of Waih- Incfon Territory—The Stock and Wheat Market** etc., etc. Sah Fuakcwco, January 4 —Portland, Oregon, news to December SStb,givcs a rumor that the Cal ifornia Steam Navigation Company have bought a controlling interest In the Oregon Steam Navi cation Company and that the wads of Idaho, Eastern Oregon and the porta of Washington Ter ritory would be diverted from Portland to Si. Heien’fl, Colombia Elver. m Siw PiULßCiaco, January 4-—Trie message of Governor Pickering, of Washington Trmtory, to the Legislature, is received. The Governor re grets the absence of a good road through the Cascade Mountains, end recommends that one be immediately constructed. Ho says Indira land titles should be speedily extinguished, to facili tate the settlement of the country 07 whites. Twenty boidicrs from Camp Wa*son recently pursued a band of Snake Indians, killing fourteen men, capturing five women, and recovering some •fIS can cisco, January 4.—Mining stocks closed as follows: Cbollar, 2IS; Optur, 152; Belcher, 133; Imperial. 123; Vcllow Jacket, 1,315; Alpha, SOW; Legal Tenders. 71« i. Six thousand pounds of Sea Island cotton from Honolulu, arrived here yesterday, en ro'ite to Liverpool rlc Panama. Wheat market quiet; milling qualities quoted , atsl.Ki%) lt)n C-e. . _ A A Victoria. V. 1., despatch says the imports at that place during the past year have Increased seven hundred and fifty thousand pounds, and exports one hundred and fony-clght thousand pounds, over the previous year. Dr. Salter, the American Consul at Hankow, returned to China on the 15tb of December. All kinds of business is dull at Hankow. The Block ot goods on hand ia heavy, and throe more car goes ol goods were then due. It is reported the French intended to evacuate Acapulco on Christmas day, aUer arranging with the I iberals for the safety of all persona com promised by adhering 10 the Imperialists. The Import iraoe ot California during the past year was lourieeu million* of j dollars; export trade, seventeen millions and a quarter, exclu sive of treasure, which amounted to forty-four niTdlonfl and a quarter. This docs nor include nine and one half millions shipped by the United Slates Treasurer on account of Government. Wheat exported past year sis hun dred thousand bushels, valued at (w»?,uW. The total amount ot California productions exported dniing the year were valued at |11,b00,000. Tne wool xaaholactnred here during the pari year was 3,(KC,<W) pounds. t „ w o t 1 Steamer Moses Taylor sailed for ban Juan Del bnr to-day. Wheat market lower. Quotations close at (1.75 $ ltd lbs. Sak Fbakcisco, January 4.—A salt has been brought at Virginia City against the Savage Mining Company to recover six hundred feet of mining grontod, and damages to the amount of JQJ/OftoO. The question of the divirion of Idado Is again belore the Legl-Utnre of the Territory. A di vision of Washington Territory is also proposed, with the object of creating a new State from coun lica on Puget bound, and thosucast of the moun tali r, together wi»h a portion of Oregon. Tbc people of Victoria arc con-ldcrlng the pro prietv of memotlHlixiog the home Government for the removal ot tne Slate Government from New Westminster to that place. Tfcpapcnt fiom Idaho contain reports of In dian ucpredal one. FHO3I THE PACIFIC COAST. 1 he Inauguration of the San Francisco and Cblim Steamship Company— Great Fire at Vokoboma, Japan— lwo>TbtrdN of the City Gestroy».d— The French In Corea—A Spanish Fleet t»* Bombard Valparaiso. Sak Fuakcisco, January 1 —Toe binquet list mgbt in honor of the mange, ailan nffu Ctiua bleamf trip Company was the lincst cmertammori ner given here. Governor I-ow. General McL>uu ell and ctLeis were presenL Several mer chants responded iu Mnglirbtu toasts. Tbe bark Aichibald, twenty-five day# froui Japan, bnnea news of the destrucrion «»y Are of tuo-thmUrf the native quarter ol YukuLoau, and one-fourth of tbe best part of the foreign set tlement. Tin - French Consul lost bis o"lco build* ing. the Engll-h Consul's was damaged, and the American Consul's consumed. Loss, between tbice ana four million# of dollars, several bond ea warehouses were blown up to stop tbe llauiu*. Tidily-five dead bodice were taken from the rums. Sjix VirAKrisco. January “2.—An immense cun couise of people witnessed the departmc of :lie s tinnier Colorado yeslciday lor Japan. She car ried nearly six hundred thousand dollars In trea- sure. The negroes yesterday celebrated the anniver sary of the Emancipation Proclamation by a pro cetticn, fireworks and an oration. Japanese advices say ihe French fleet after having encountered slight opposition, penetrated to the town ot Uangnow Corea. October l«tb, and found the hoik ol tnc people had left. Admiral Bose expected soou to bring the Government (o teime, bulfor the present would occupy Haag now, ana maintain a blockade. Tie shock of an earthquake was felt at Yoko hama on November -Jib. The Spanish squadron which la to hotnhard Valparaiso, had arrived at Manilla. Sah Fbakcibco, January A—A despatch from PlaccrvUle says the action of the directors in moitL'»glnc the Placcrviilc Road to Wells, Fargo ACu.,Uitpudlaledl.nTUrge majmy ot tco slockboldcis, who will contest the matter. It Is stated that ibr stockholders of tbe Mariposa es tate have obtained an injunction from the United Elates District Judge retaining the lessees from working. A receiver will bo placed in posses sion pending legal proceedings. FROM NEW YORK. Cnmage by Fire—A Panic among tho Insurance Companion— .lmUlnui Sec retary Setvard Heard From Swin dler Arrcated| Etc.) Etc* New Took, January C.—The building No. 113 Nassau tticci, occupied by Leggett £ Co., book sellers, and others, was damaged by Are last night. I/o<e, Insured. A Snudny paper alleged that the frequent cocCagiutloi.s last mouth caused a panic among the Insurance companies, ana also says three com panies show, on examination, their assets to be merely nominal. „ The steamer Don ha* relumed to Fortress Mon roe, baring been disabled off UatUjtas. The Get tvsburg met her then-, and Admiral Porter and Arsis tact Secretary Seward embarked ou her aud continued ineir seem journey. , Kane Masonic l/uipe, No. INI, of NewTork Uty, dedicated tbcirnew hall on Saturday even ing with appropriate ceremonies. Twelve steamships sailed yesterday for Euro r>can and coastwise ports. The City ot Washing ton. Alternant* and Lonisiana for Europe. A Denis check ewmdlcr, name not slated, was arrested yesterday for victimizing Fricrc Broth ers, Jallr y & Co., Latbrop, l.uulngton & Co.. ana others, several hundred dollars each.J FROM BOSTON. Tbe Wenlbcr—Stilt for u amazes against a Physician* Borrow. January 6.—From four to five laches of snow tell last night. Mercury 23. A still fordamsgvs has been commenced against Dr. Jerome Harris, bv a young man wao alleges that be was seriously injured by the inhalation of nitrous oxide gaa administered lor a bronchia) trouble. Snlclde— Found Urotrned. New Yonn, January r>.—Charles, for liii-rlv Oulcrty Sergeant In the DeEatb Regimaut, comnillU'd cuictdc to-mght on account ofdeproA i-’ou ot spirits caused ny ticmg out of work. Uc leaves a wile and four children perfectly desti tute. Tbe body of an unknown mau was found ii. the North River to-night* from woldt the arms und leg* had been cut off. From Si* Ifoal*. St. l,om. January G.—The Constitutional Amendment passed the State Senile yesterday by 26 io C. It will pass tbe House to-morrow. Ihe Radical caucus to-morrow will nominate a Radieat United Stales Senator. It Is believed ensiles D. Drake will be nominated. Three distilleries in Ray, Jack-son and Clay counties, In mis state, have been seined for viola tion ot the revenue laws Arrival of a KHmlus Steamer, Baxtixoiib, January I*.-—The steamer Mexican, chartered by the Baltimore £ Ohio Railroad, which lilt Uueruptown December 9th, aud which was feared lost, arrived this evening safe, with a valuable cargo. Sbccxp.-timced hjavy weather all the way, and pat Into Fajal for coal. Judicial Decision. LonsviuE. January B.—Judge Ballard yester day decided In tbe United States Court, that the patdon of an offender for celling cigars without revenue stamps did rot remit the part of the fine allowed the Intormerc. [ I*o m by Fire. Savannah* January 6.—Tbe loss by the bunting of the VauClnre utills was £250.000. FKOU HOCK ISLAM). Details of a Brutal Wife Aw*alt—An I nemndtug Woman Fatally Shot by Her Husband—The Woman's State ments—Dastardly Cruelly—Tlie Hirer -Mtigblog-Leclurc*) etc. [Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune] Bock Isnasn, 111.. January 5. About nine o'clock this morning Frank Burger, one of the proprietors of the new Tost Office Saloon, on East Eagle street, in this city, shot his wife with a shot gun, the charge entering her back and penetrating ber lungs, producing a most frightful wound. Several physicians were In attendance, but could do little to alleviate ber sufferings. At the present writing, 7:30 In the evening, , she Is still living, but with no hope of re-, covery. Burger immediately after the shooting ran into the street in front of the saloon, and calling on the people to arrest him, ac knowledged that ho had murdered his wife. Officer Philip Ullicli quietly arrested Bnger— the prisoner offering no resistance—and con veyed him to jail, there to await the action of the Grand Jury, which meets on the I4th instant. Your correspondent called at noon to-day toscc the suffering woman and leaxn what he could hi relation to this horrible butch* erv. Mrs. Burger, through an interpreter— she being a German—made the following statements: Only the night before, Bulger ordered her off to bed, and taking bis own bed, placed 11 In tho saloon below. She, thinking it strange In him to give such an order, concluded to watch. &he shortly beard the click of a cun. aud, listening more closely, hear her huabsml stealthily ap proaching hfcr room. Believing her life in danger, on account of his off-repeated tin cats, she was forced to jump from the second story window to the sidewalk and mu to a neighbor's for protection. Seeins; him 1» avc the saloon In the morning, she took advantage of his absence to go to the boose, to procure some clothes and sec her children, of which she has four. But before she could leave the bouse, Burger bod returned, and, seeing his wife, deliberately took aim, with out any provocation whatever, and shot her as above described, when she was at a dis tance of not more than ten feet. I learn further from Mrs Burger that at tbo time of this occurrence, she was msienie, and that her husband frequently, while she was in this condition, kicked, struck and knock - cd her over, and that bj this brutal treat ment of knocking, pounding and beating, he had destroyed two children for her, while she was in this condition previously. Mrs. B. is a member of the German Lutheran Chr ‘ 'who and highly spoken of bj t! know her. The river la closed at this point, and sleighs ore running briskly between this city and Davenport, but only on the icc. There is no snow, and the weather is quite mode rate. Miss Clara Barton lectures before the Young Men’s Literary Association on the evening of the 18th Inst., at which time wc may exj>ect a rare treat, this being the second lecture of the course. The Association will hliortly move into tbelr new hall, In Harper's Block. They design enlarging their library, and doing many other things that will make the new hall quite an attractive place for the young meu of the city to spend their even ings. M. ILLINOIS FINANCES. Biennial Report of the State Treasurer, for 1865 and 1866. Statement In Detail of the Public Debt of Illinois, December I*ISGb, TnEAsetum’s Omcx. lixntots, ’ I SFiuKuriiLD, December loth. IdCS. f To tbe Honorable the General Assembly of the £<ate oflllicois: Gextjxkxh : In compliance with the statutes deflnti’g the duties of the State Ticasurcr. 1 sub mit the following report, showing tbe financial operations of this deportment since the last re port, (November 3U, 1844,) and its condition at the doe* 1 of the two current years ending November CU, 16C6, with an exhibit of the stale of the several iund?aitnat time. Tbe following synopsis will show the balance on band in the Treasury on the first day of De cember, l&fri, the receipts and disbursements dar ing the two years, and the balance b landing to the credit of the several funds on the Ist day of De cember, XrijO: Balance in tbe Treasury December 1, 1664 $3,563-50 Amount War Fond Iranalcrred under act February 13, 1665 37,439.97 Amount t« ce;>ed from United States ou war claims 439,016.81 Amount reedvedfrom ail other sources 855.812.3 S Total SI, 355,052X9 Pavrcen'B from December 1, 1861, to December 1,1606 1453.G23.1S Balance in tbe Treasury December 1, Ibrii $63,423.51 Balcnce In Treasury. December 1,1561 $389,134.44 Amontt received from December 1, 1164. to Decern cer 1, ISO 1,406,151.05 * $V j a3, Payments from December 1, 3S6L, to December 1,1560 1,201,02(1.03 Balance In Treasory, December I, 1666 Balance In Treasury, December 1, ISM £50?,256.58 Ameuut received irum December 1, JwM, to December 1, ISCb ?1,313,UU5.5J Pajmento from December I,ISCI, to December 1,160 C, Balance to Treasury, December 1, JbCC |55;,515.1' school pukd. Balance iu tbe Treasury December I, 1 su 8U2,073.W Amount received from December 1, lEdt, to December I,l3Ct> 231,710.52 Payments from December 1,18 W, to December 1, IBWi 2J7,07C.Ci Balance in tbe Treasury December 1, *6 f11,T5.9l ILLUOIB CENTUAL BAILUOAD FUND, Balance in the Treasury December 1, ISW $103,835.20 Amount received from December 1, led, to December 1,13GG 977,450.50 81,130,313.70 Payments from December- I, 1301, to December 1,1600. 1,103,436.54 Balance In the Treasury December 1, BC6 833,882.10 DELINQUENT LAND TAX TITOO. Balance in the Treasury Dec. 1, IsOl.. $331.06 Amount received from Dec. 1,1304, to Dec. 1, ItiOO Payments from Dec. 1,1864, to Doc. 1, I&W3 Balance in the Treasury Dec. 1,13C6. lUKJIOUTi AMD MINOR HEIRS FUND. Defence m the Treasury Dec. 1,1AJ1... $701.66 Amount received from Dec. 1,2891, to Dec. I,ISW. 51,415. ayßimta from Dec. 1,1861, to Dec 1. 1:00 . Balance in the Trouser/ Dec. 1, ISM, WAR FUND. Balance In the Treasury Dec. I,ISCI $10.76 Amount received from Dec. 1, itSW, lo Feb.10,16C5 29,530.00 $29*510.70 'ayments from Dec. 1,1561, to Feb. 13. 1663 2,650.70 Balance transferred to revenue fond under act Feb. IS, 1565 i Hancock cotnrrr ixrrnxsr fund. Amount teceired to Dec. 1, 1666 3'J,465.7(i Pa) meuts to Dec. 1,1066 8,930.76 Balance in the Treasury Dec. I, 1860.. £515.00 Ibc prosperous condition of the finances of tbe •tatc, to tar as rllntea to lb: funded debt, is a mailer of congratulation to all. Notwithstanding the heavy expenditures made by the State during the existence of the rehcllior, in placing her quota in the field, and the heavy and constant draiu up on her productive industry, the State debt has been gradually diminished—more rapidly, even, than toe anticipations ot the most sanguine. On the first of December. IS*<o, the entire bunded debt of the state amounted to £11',277,161.8C; which debt was increased .f:i,ISU.UX) by the nor loan of Jnly. 1551. making In the aggregate £12,327,101.06. On the first of December, IdCO, the entire debt amounted to only £&,uiS*232.2l* and there Is now In tbe 1 rcasury to be applied on payment on th; first of January, 1M37: Stare Debt Fund, £751,561.49, Illinois Central Railroad Fund. I‘-1,652 16, to which may be added £221,571.03, the estimated amount ot'the seven per cent of the arose camlngs of the Illinois Central Railroad, ue for the six months ending Oct oner St, 1656, which, when paid, will reduce the State debt to £7,G£6,9U7.51. The board of trustees of the canal have declared another dividend of rive per cent on (he registered canal bonds, payable January 2, 1507, amonnlingto 1123,106.06, which will reduce the entire bonded debt to £7,527,740.63. since the commencement of trie war the State has not only paid, od the bonded debt. £2,050,1110' —a sum equal to the entire war loan, and £971,50.63, the direct tax levied on tne State by tbe Lulled Stales—but haa paid in addition, on that dent as it existed at tbe breaking out of the n hellion, j9ti3,4WUM; mak lug the aggregate pai l on tbe State debt fi.lOT.-I’JO.W; direct tax, f9T4,:«M71; total, f5,9i?,0b0.57. To accomplish thu Uiere has been no resort to increased taxation. On tbe contrary SfilS.w be longing to tbe State Debt Fund was ••loaned” to the Revenue Fund under act of February 6,16‘>1. which bag never been returned; and tbe collec tion ot tbe two mil) lax, or the State D.-bt Fund, wag suspended by the came act for the years isu aud JSfii During the two fiscal years ending November 3?. iSt‘6, fg,:-.21,4*J5. 3 t;as rcen aoplieu by the Mate In liquidation of tbe bonded debt. Atibu prtstnf rate of valuation tho two mill tax w ill be snOiclcut loexlincnlsh the entire bond id debt within ten years, with tbe seven percent of tbe grots camlcca of the Illinois Centia) Rail road aaded. the last dollar of the Indebtedness can be met on or before tbe Hist day of January, 1574. From the synopsis of the Revenue Fund, it will be seen that the whole amount received on ac count of revenue from all sources. Including the amount on band December 1, 1501, wai £1,355,1)52.09—0f which turn £731,371.07 only were ileuved from direct taxation: and that during that tune the warrants paid on account of revenue amounted to SI,2S6*C2S.IS being £M6,235.1l In ex cess of tccetpls proper for revenue—to which ex cess should be added £25,000, a deficit by clerical error lo the appropriation of the •• Illinois Mate hospital for the Insane,” for the yean lrds and IMG. Admitting that the present Legislature win he only equally generous with toe last, in making appropriations for the gcneial Interests and char itable necessities of the Stale, there will be a de ficit of (estimated) t LSO.WXI in that fand November tat, ifciis, unless some adequate provision is made for its increase. With the rival wealth and endless resources of onr Sate, toe tireless energy ai.d abundant liber ality of the people, the time should n- vet come v Lcn the Treasury Is not able to respond to every legitimate demand. To place the State in such a desirable position, ana thus establish and sn«rain the local credit ot the State, la an object worthy of your attention. The question then arises, how cun this desider atum bo attained? To that end 1 would recom mend the enactment of a law creating a State Board of Equalization of Assessments, with powers fhll and well defined, not only to equalize the assessments of real and personal estate be tween the several counties of the State, hut to so increase (or necessary) the segregate amount of the valuation m the State, that the present iata of taxation will provide a fond snffi chm to meet at least all the ordinary current ex penses of the Government. if it should he deemed inadvisable to so In crease the aggregate of the valuation, as such in crease would correspondingly increase the Slate Debt Fund, (the rate of the tax for which it fixed in the Constitution,) permanent rellcl can only he found by an increased rate of taxation for revenue purposes. But as a fair and just valuation, or an increase of the rate of taxation, cannot be available for the increase «*f revenue until 1665, tor au immedi ate partial icllif, I would suggest that provision be made by law for the payment of the Interest on the School, College and Seminary Fund, amounting to about ti6,oott, out of the Interest Fund, to which it is propc»->- chargeable, instead of the Revenue Fncc : ajo for a transfer or loan of *34.000 of the seeming earplaa Interest Fund to the revenue. The Fund, on the first , day of December. .oJd. amounted to K55.M9.47. Of this amount. fiAOOO will be required to pay the interest maturing in January, 1917. Including piemlum on coin : and estimated fS.OOO to pay tbo past doe Interest that may he calted for at the Treasury prior to the first day ot July, !>r>7: leav tag an idle surplus in the Treasury of over *3S,OCO, which cannot he used without legisla tive action. No Inconvenience In the fniore pay ment of Interest can arise from such transfer. Under existing laws any deficiency in the Interest Fund can be enpplled from other funds lu the Tl lMb?totcrest on the School. College and Sem inary Fm d should be made chargeable to the In terest Fund, and tSUO.OOO be irsmsterrrd iromthal tund to the revenue, there would suit be a sur plus In the Interest fund of over f SUX-0. Afivr the payment of the interest due in .Tern ary, iPCstbere remained in the Treasury $i 19.150.5 X In coin, as per my report to the last Legislature, which amount was by that Legislature, under act of Fcbtnary 16, ISC. set apart or appropriated for tho payment of the in terest on the sterling bonds of tho Stale, payable in London. The amount then on hand sufficed to rav such Interest lu July. 1565, aud January, Is<yi, I. a'ving a small balance. Accord in? to the provl slurs, of Uu same act, JT7.OUO of gold was pur chased tor the payment ot strrUrgmterest matur ing ta July, IrbC. A detailed statement of the coin received and paid oat up to December h, 1£66, accompanies tms rcron. • Join U. Betxsisse, Trcr; •. No. ?7. Statement of the Public Debt of the State of lIU- CHICAGO. MONDAY. JANUARY ?’. 1867. nol«, showing tie number of bonds, dais, num ber?, dcnomlna’lons, when dnc, where payable, and total amount of all outstanding coupon bonds; also, the amount of inscribed stock and amoont of scrip, and other unfunded indebted* ness, outstanding December 1, ISM. Kamberat'd description ofbonds. Amount. Thirty-one bond*—Illinois bank and Internal improvement stock, dated July 91,1S3T. payable after IS00 in New York (coupons exhausted) ....9 81,000.00 Eleven bonds—Illinois internal im provement stock, dated January 1, 1?C8, payable af-er 1370 InNcwTork 11.000.00 Ten br.ods—Illinois internal Improve ment stock, dated July 1, ISSa, pay able after loft in New York. 10,000.00 Twenty-one bonds—Illinois internal improvement stock, dated Mayl, 1S10, payable af'er 1670 in New York 21.003.00 One bond—Refunded stock, dated July _ . 1. 1S59, payable In 1600 in New York 1,000.00 Seventeen ponds—Befnndcd canal stock, dated Jnly 1,1S50, payable In ISWin New York 17,000.00 Two honored and seventy-eight bonds —Refunded stock, dated Jnly 1,1S69, _ payable in lPti2, in New York 27s,000.00 thirteen bonds—Refunded stock. dated Jnly 1, 1S39, payable 1965 in New Yoik ..7.. 15,000.00 EJghty-fonr bonds—Refunded stock, dated July 1,1659, payable 1869 la _ „ New York.... .....A.: 51,000.09 Three hundred end forty bonds—Re funded stock, dated July 1,1S53, pay- able 1370 in New York 310,000.00 Elghty-clne bonds—Refunded stock, oated Jnly l. 1859, payable 1870 in NewYorl; 69,WW.OO Four hundred ana thirty-nine b,.t ds—Refunded stock, dated July 1, 1668. payable 1ST? in New York... 453,000.00 Sixty-four Nurinal University bonds, dated Jnly 1, 1319, payable 1879 in New York. .... One hundred and foriy-lbree Thornton loan bonds, dated March, 1861, pay able 1879 to New York 113,000.00 Five hundred and eleven war bonds, dated July 1, 1601, payable 1S79; ft.ow.. 511,00X00 Five hnr.cred and iwcnty-fotir war bonds of Jnly 1.1801, payable 1379; $500 .. .. A*... 262,000.00 One themand seven hundred and twenty-two war bonds of July 1, _ „ Itttt, payable 1379: $1U0 172,290.00 One bonded and fifty $1,000 Illinois and Michigan canal bonds, dated July 1, 1837, payaMe i860, in New Yoik, (coupons exhausted) 150,000.00 Five hundred and thirty-nine—same class of bonds, registered.... 269,500.00 Foity-flve fl.tnAi Illinois and Michigan canal bonds dated Jnly 1, 1638, pay able in New York, 1&60, (coupons exhausted). 45,00X00 One bnndred acd sixty-three—same class ofbonds—registered 61,600.00 Forty $1,010 and Michigan canal bends, dated Jnly 1,1811, pay- able in New York, 1S70 40.OW.00 SIziy-two— »amc class of bonds, reg lalcred ?. 81,00X00 One hundred and twenty-two $1,000 Illinois and Michigan Canal bonds, dated July 1, 1S17, payable In New „ York in 1'GO (coupons exhausted}.. I22,0C»).OO Two hundnd acd twcnly-Blx same class ot bonds, registered 118,000.00 Thirty-two A225 sterling lilintls and Michigan Canal bonds, dated April, 1S-.9, pavuble in New York 1870 32,0x).00 'i hirty-cif’bt same class uf bonds, reg- bicrtd. 7. 19,000.00 Twenty-nine £K0 sterling Dlinols and Michigan Canal bonds, dated Jane, „ l&H 1 , payable In Londor lETTur. .. 12,538.69 Four hundred and eight same class of _ bonds, registered 90,066,67 Six hundred and ninety-eight £225 sterling Illinois and Michigan Canal horde, dab d April, I&39, payable in London 1870 ....... ... 093,003.00 Five Immired ana eighteen same class • or bonds, reglftcn-d 259,000.03 For iy-tbrec ibou sterling IRmuls and Michigan Canal bonds, dated Jane, _ 1810, payable hi linden 167U 67,33X33 Five hundred and lurty-uine same . ■ _ class oi bonds, registered 260,000.09 IXEcniBrn Stock: New Internal improvement stock, lesned under act of February 2s, ISJ9 1,703,327.43 Inlcrtst bonds, issued under act of February 23,1817 1,077,65X47 Interest bonds, issued undpr act of February IS, 1S57 659,469.23 Liquidation bonds, issued underact uf February 10, 1&I9 15*^172.00 1 Internal improvement scrip and un funded Indebtedness $731,333.49 1,503,717.31 1,910,455.12 Total Indebtedness, December 1, I*W 251.21 RAILROAD TROUBLES 15 WIS CONSIN. Hallway Station Burned- by Form mortgagors. [From the Milwaukee Sentinel, January 5.] i€OSt,CC AVc learn from a gentleman just from Schlcieingervllle, a station on the old La- CroM-e Railroad, about twenty-eight miles from Ibis city, that on Thursday night the railway station bouse there was destroyed by Incendiaries. A number of freight cars belonging to the Milwaukee & St. rani Rail way Ootijpany, and a quantity of valuable freight were also destroyed. Ko effort was uiaoc to extinguish the lire. Tbe track.was also torn up in various places, and obstruc tions placed upon It to binder tbe passage of the trains or throw them from the track. Fortunately no serious destruction of prop erty or life resulted, although scores of lives might Lave been lost by the villainy. It is said that tnc perpetrators of the out rage were a parly of the class known as farm mortgagors, who have been committing other lawless depredations upon tbe property of the company in tbe vicinity. Tbe perpe trators, It is said, arc well known to tbe peo ple in tSchleUingcrvillc, bat all efforts to make them disclose their names have been unavailing. Meantime the Superintendent has ordered all trains to pass this station w ithout slacking speed, unless obliged to do s-o by obstructions placed upon toe track, until the criminals arc apprehended and brought to punishment. The company is also using other means of coming at the in cendiaries, which we trust will be successful. $331 06 743.45 |1,U3.53 $27,429.91 Proponed Public Remonstrance atralnst Use ACock Klvcr Improvement, Tiic recent Convention held at Rock Island has developed the fact, that an ell'ort Is be ing made lu turn the current of opinion lu favor ol the canal project from LaSalle to Hoik Island, with a feeder from Rock River at Dixon. We, the residents of the Valley of Rock River below Dixon, believing that the amount of water necessary to feed sa d canal would virtually turn the current of the river from its legitimate channel at that point, to the detriment of navigation and hydraulic interests below that point, do earnestly re quest those interested to meet in Mass Con vention at Sterling, in Wallace Hall, on the 11th instant, at one o’clock ». m., to remon rtrute against the u&lng of Rock Klvcr as a feeder of said canal. (Signed hr W. H. Whipple, E. S. Gage, Simeon Sampson. I’atu.rson, Wiliaer £ Co., W. A. San born, Charles Wright, Halph Sage, I- E. Rice, i.'corcc Uicby, Thomas A. Galt, Terrell & Harper, D. M. Crawfoid, tialt, BUlcr & Ueilsho, L. S. Icr-nlnclon, ilcCloy & tialt, S. Si, Coe. D. O. Coe, SI. I*. Coe, David McCartncv, J. H. Boynton, L. L. Emmons, ••'iiicral W. SI. £llgour, John 1). Arey. J. s,Scott, cbunncey Paddock, Dayton & llusselt, B. C. An drews, Joseph odder, 11. H. Kent £ Co., James M. Wallace, and tuai.y others.) Illinois Soldier*’ College, FtXTOS, Illinois, January 1, 15C7. The Illinois Soldiers’ College and Military Academy was opened for the reception of students September 12, 1960. The second, or winter term, will commence January 3, 1907. Students may take up any branches they wish to study and for which they are fitted. The College consists of a Preparatory, a Normal, a Commercial, a Scientific ana a Classical Department. It is open, Ist to disabled soldiers and sail ore of Illinois; 3d to such other Illinois sol diers and sailors ns need its assistance ; 3d to the sors of Illinois soldiers and sailors, over twelve years of age. The charge tor tuition, use of furnished room, lights, board and washing, will be, lor the winter term, only ten dollars per stu dent. Students murt famish their own bedding (except matlrasscs) and towels. Those wishing to avail themselves of the advantages of the Institution should do so at once. L. n. Potter. President Illinois Soldiers' College and Mili tary Academy. Lake Superior Harbor Improvements Onr Board of Trade, a few days sicce, received a communication, signed by many of the citizens of Ontonagon and other Lake Superior pons, ask ing the assistance of the Board in procuring ranch needed harbor and river improvements. The Di rectors of the Board ol Trade met thla afternoon and passed the following preamble and.resoln tioss: WnzuiA*, The trade and commerce of Lake Su perior, within ibe past ten -years has largely in creased, and Is still growing In importance, aud WnxnEiS, It is well known that there U & gtent want of good and capacious hubors on the southern shore ot that lake, and loss of both life and property have taken place on IU non bound coasts from want of proper harbor accom modation and believing it to be the dnty of the

General Government to tnrnUh snch protection aathc Interests of commerce mayirom lime to time demand; therefore, . . , i.Vro/red, Bv the Board of Trade of the city of Chicago, that 'with any great increase of trade and commerce, productive of Individual and Na tional good, the public interest demand a recog nition of snch services, and a proper protection for its future Increase, and tnat it is the duty of Government to fost’-T the same to the ut most of Its power, in the erection ot light honses. the building and deepening ot canals, and the Erotection and improvement of oar rivers and arbors. _ ~ , Eeeoltet*. That the p«tiuonto Congress which has been laid before ns by the citizen* of Ootona § on, meets with our cordial approbation and on orsement. believing as we do that Us prayer is one of imperative necessity. . „ . Eftoltfd, That thi honorable the Senate and Bouse of Itepresenulives in Congress awcmblod. bo respectfully requested to comply with the prayer of the petitioners, and that snch an appro priaiion be made for the Improvement of the river and harbor of Ontonagon, In. the building of piers, etc., to protect the same, as, alter proper!investi gation, may be corn! Jered neceaaary for its proper ai-d permanent improv«.mcni, _ . ~ , ■r.vjo.rttf, Thai me Secretary of the Board be in slrncted to Carward a copy of these rcseflaOoua to onr Senator and Keprescntativoa in Congress, with a request to have the subject brought before the propic committee of tbo Senate and House. The will of the late Charles Minot, of Boston, gives Harvard College the Income from f60,0C0 worth of Bufialo, Bradford and Pittsburgh road bonds. It will amount to 12.000 per annum. Charles M. Barra* expects lo make filly thona avd dollar* this season oat of his “Clack Crook." Be Tas the exclusive right to produce U outside of New York, ana ha& already bagged fifteen thous and dollars at Euuklo and Philadelphia. A young lady at Berlin committed suicide re cently because her boirothed was among the killed at Sadowu. She was playing one of Beetho ven's sonata*, on the piano, wbon Ahs suddenly left the Instrument, opened a window, and dMbod benttU on the paTtmcnt below. SUIT FOR SLANDER. A DlTOrce and its Sequel-A Startling Allegation bj a Repudiated Wife. Ira Merritt, late one of the proprietors of the Metropolitan Hotel in this city, was on Friday last sued by John Bonham, his brother-in-law, in an action lor slander, the damages claimed being S3,UKI. The slander alleged Is a statement of Mrs. Merritt, made under Intimidation by her husband, to the effect that a child of Mrs. M., born in wedlock, was the progeny of theplalniU, who, to cover his guilt, procured a marriage between the parties, which has since been annulled oy a divorce. 1 be lata wife of the defendant, Anna C. Merritt, makes a statement or alleged (acts In regard to her connection with ilerriu, whicn, if true, prove the said Merritt to be 'title short of a monster In human shape. Her statement is substantially as follows: “That a little over two years ago, aad while llviig with the said John Dunham (her brother- In-law), in the city of Minneapolis, Minn., sbe became acquainted with Ira Merritt, then and there residing, which acquaintance dually result ed In an CLgagcxnenr tor marriage. For some reason, however, this was broken ottj and for nearly two yeais thereafter they were as strangers to each o Ler. Bm at the end of this time they •gain became intimate, and In an indiscreet mo ment, under promise of marriage, she gave hi™ the Strongest proof ol her love for him In the sac rifice other virtue. About four months after this, on the S&th of January. Iswi, they were married, and Merritt, who previous to this bad led a Ute ol dissipation, sukmsly promised to change his course, and signalized his promise by becoming a partifcrlniherviculett House of that cliy. For .jpgi-weeks after marriage, he remained sober, bat .tierrtiler was again frequently intoxicated. Some months subsequently duuu Buld.viu, Che present proprietor of the Metropolitan Hotel in this dty, took charge ol that establishment, and ottered Ira Merritt an interest in the concern. The ojerwa« accepted, and on the Stub of Jnse. accompanied byhiawifc, they left Minneapolis for this city. Mrs. JJcrrls, at this time,was within a few days of confinement, end on reading Portage City, Wis consin, she could sustain her condition no longer, and at a hole) in that city she gave birth to a fe male child. Her hnsbaud, a day or two alter, came on to Chicago, but auout ten days after re lumed to Portage City to bring on lus wife, who bad snfficiently recovered. Hitherto hi? conduct lomu da her had been none of the best, but now, according (n her statement, it became perfectly fletdifih. Sbe alleges that on his anir.l be threat ened lo kill (ho child, aud poison her; that she was told by her at : tcndicgpbyrlctan that Metrilt had asked him for a quantity of poison, with which to put an end to Ihc czitlencc olbis wife, child and himself. More than this. He, on pain of death, extracted a premise from her that she would never assert the child to be his own, nut the illegitimate offspring of John Dunham, her brother-in-law. She natur ally recoiled trom each a promise, but, for the sake ol tier own life uxd that of her child, -he at last consulted to the imposition. Under these dicnnietanceethey strived in Chicago, a. d Merritt tool, chaise of the hotel. Judging from outward all coniii-etca with the establishment presumed Mr. Merritt and lady to bo a happy conpie. In the presence of others be always treated her with the greatest courtesy, and would frequently kj*sthe child,and carl it petnamo-: bm, when alone, she alleges, he always treated her in the most cowardly manner: upon one oc casion even going so tar as to lay his bands upon her person azd choking her in a violent maimer. U 3.000.00 311,00X00 “home time during tbe£wkter. Hr. Dunham came to the city, tud Ignorant of the discreuce between hla sister-in-law nod her husband, he dropped in to pay them a visit. Mrs. Merritt being at dinner si tbe time, he wa* shown into Lerroom. Her husband, learning of the arrival of hie brother In-law, immediately went to his wife and informed ler of his presence. He told her to go to the room, but said he would follow, and if he Discovered Mr. Dunham andhcrcon verwug together, be would kill her. Scarcely knowing what to do under *nch threatening cir cumstances, she hid herself In the room ot one ot the lady boaidcis fur several hours, ami until tier hioihci-inOaw had departed. Knowing noth ing n‘>cnt iht- trouble existing between them, ’his ctntuman was entirely at a loss to account for her refusal to see him. •‘ tins viait, she alleges. Merritt became still more exaiperntcc, and so intimidated her that the had no will of her own, hut stood in continual tear oi death. W bite lu this stale ot mind, one day. Mr. Baldwin, Lis partner, came into the loom, and Mciritt, (coking her straight in the eye with R meaning look which she nmierstood but too veil, Acd feared, asked her who was the fath er cf the child in her tms. In a stale of mind al- D ost boidering on mfaclty. she answered, in the presence of Mr. Paldwiu, that Dunham was the laibtr thereof. Ibis it appears, Is vhat Merritt wan ed—a witness to her admission uf guilt, tboitly alter this occnm-nce, Mr. Durham iu liuxcc Item the East, accompanied by Mrs. Mer ritt’s sister. The latter, immediately on ar rival, started for the Metropolitan Hotel, and in quired for Mrs. Memu. As the two entered aroom, Minittcloeid the door behind them, and closely watched their movements. This was on Wednesday, and he kept these two women a« prisoners until the following Monday. On the evening of this day, be informed his wife that everything wa- ready for her Imme diate departure, and that taeneli and sister urns I take the evening train lor the East. Uu said H would l>e oni) tur a short time, and he would In form her friends Hat sir had gone on a voluntary visit lie also proietsed treat love for hcrsilf and child. They u.d as lie desired. Before the train staitcd, the sheriff entered the car, and pre sented to her an application tor divorce. Sled by her husband, chaining her with fornication, ibis the SWb day ot lar t S-ptenbcr. tiume Uoiu tluriTg the month ol'last October, and during her absence in the East, the divorce was granted, on tiiektrcngihuf her admission in the presence of Mr. Baldwin, who was called on the witness stand. *, 43,909.19 BEFORE THE GRAND JURY. TTUat IVas Done in a Leisure Hoar- Peculiar Case as Stated by a Pecu liar Plaintiff— A Fell Swoop Among Magnates Prayed For. For fomt fifteen months past an elderly man haa Lannted ih* United States Court lo tuis city, who has exhibited peculiarities which have drawn the attention ol the members of the bar, as well as probably the majority of those others whose ba-i- ness has called them Into ihc precincts of the for tun. An investigation of the co«s shows itaat he Is an exemplification of the peculiarities exhibited by Charles Dickens in his charatler given to Mis* flue. He bus no canary birds to feed, nor is he especially given to taking caicot orphan*; bnt ho has a law eoit, or bad one, and lie result is a constant yearning to bo in the presence ol the bench and bar, wbicn has in duced him to traveno the State, first from Henry County to the Supreme Court, to vh!ch tribunal he devoted two rears of bis existence, and thence to tin. Vtittd States Commissioner's office lu tbU cUy. whence now be is found lu the Circa.t Coorl of lue United States bclorc the Grand Jury. ll is known to our readers that the Grand Jury of the Circuit Court of the United Slates is now Intcseion. On Saturday last, as is usual iu our ccuit*. there «aa lit lie or nnbuaicesa to be done, and 1 avieg a spare hour it was thought proper to spend It lu light entertainment, air. K. J. Bonner, of Galva, Ucnrv County. Illinois, the parry to whom we have referred, bad lorn; sought to meet the Grand Jury. Each officer of the Untied States Courts In this city had in turn been button holed with a view to his intro* oniliun to tbat Judicial body, ami now lu ati hour cflcuurc It was concluded mat be should Lave on opportunity of reciting hie grievances. Mr. Bon* ncr, wbcn’be came before the Grand Jury, had a peculiar appearance, 'the feu bat he wor«4\satmouniluc a nubia, which was wound carefully around hla head, was as neatly arranged as any old laoy before a mirror could have fixed tU ilia shirt was pethaps a mile dirty—** while for brown, bat brown lor white”—was open so as *o expose his breast. Ills under coat was more 1 suitable lor the warm days of September than for the present season; it was of brown Lolland. Us ovc.coat was writ and bis beard and fscc I indicated a'growth of the hirsute appendage* | forbidding the idea ol the pre.-enceof a harbors razor within seme weeks. The peculiarities of I the man. however, were not in hla dress, in his I übehavex, condition, or in nia light clothing; but , they eibtblred themselves In the vast aecutonla* I Uon ofpapers, which had thea«pcctof legal doc* ! umcnis. protruding from every pocket, and from , almost every pore. . . _ _ „ . I litis tndiviuua! desired that ei-Jndgcs Caton 1 and Beckwith, of the supreme Court, and the i three present Judges, the Circuit Court Clerk of | Henry Courtv, I'blllp A. Uoyne, Chief Justice John M. Wilsrn. of the Superior Court of Chica- i go, Arthur W. Windett, a lawyer of this city, Per- I Wins Base* late United States District Attorney, and Judge Drummond, of the United states i Coon, should be immediately Indicted as mall ! robbers. It may be presumed that this cctnleman u | klichtly riven to monomania. The facts of this 1 case as they exist are. that In 1.*57 be was the part cwuc% by possession, of four sections of land in I and adjacent to Henry County, in this State. A 1 suit of ejectment was brought as to one parcel of the property, and after some I irt.iH*-;!* ft decision was gives in the Circuit’ Court of the county adverse to bis interest. The loss of the property arected him apparently to the extent of car.sicg him to guard mote carcfr.Uythemcnnshchadlellon hand. Sud cenlv he launched out to pel a reversal ol the de* dstor, declaring the technicality of the law re carcinp bonds and appeals to be inventions ol the IjcvQ Be left home and came to Chicago. v\ bile here, on the IStb of August, 1553, he was arrested, ficedandsenito tae Bridewell as an insane va friends interceded, and he was released. Be then returned to Ottawa and prosecuted Ills snit in Us own peculiar mamer bclore the Su preme Court. Hl* first proceeding was to call a public meeting for the purpose of deposing the ‘‘Upreoc Court Judges. Bb next was to haunt the Conn until Judge Caton, (opacity him, gave him a scaled letter to ihe Cleikot the Circuit Court of his (Henry) coumv, sacccstmg that Mr. Bonner was **on ofLismlnd? In the meantime a letter was sent to the Clerk oi the Circuit Court stating the facts, so that when Mr. Bonner arrived, supposing he tad an order reversing the decbionol the Court, he was sent home to hi? daughter, much incensed, declaring that the malls bad been robbed, and that the order had been abstracted from the uuit bag. In Mr. Bonner nude hi? appearance again m Chicago. Be was then w*HI dressed, bore the evidences of having been well cared for, bat •veined to have concealed a gnawing anxiety. His first visit was to Perkins Boss, Eao., Dietrict Attorney. By bU recommendation ne waited upon Commissioner Uoyne, before whom he laid hi* complaint. lids complaint was given in so calm a manner, and in such proper words that the warrant was written for the arrest of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, but before It was uaoed. it appeared in conversation that from Governor down, including all the gentlemen wc have men tioned, all were guilty of the same o(Fence, In the view- of Mr. Cornier. Some suspicion as to the sanity of the mas now arose, and he was net off by the statement tbat the Judges cf the Supreme Court being • now In session at Springfield, they were beyond the ju risdiction oltbU court, from that time to Die present Mr. Bonner has been daily in court pre paring documents, which have been scut to all the Lighofflcials ol the Government. One, to Secre tary Stanton. *«» presented to the Grand Jury vo’terdav. In this be redtos his grievance?, for cetllnz always the original the trouble, stating that be its persecuted because be had beta a frierd cl tie late Senator Douglas. One to Mr. Reward avowed his adhesion to the policy cf Mr. Johnson, (a clear prool of his Insanity;) a, third to General Giant, requested (hat the armts* of the United StaVrs might b* tnreed out to protect the remaining property of the applicant in Qenry County, from the Incursion of the Liiuoin gaetii- Is?, But tot only bad these communica tion? been lent to the representatives ot our Governm* nt but Queen Victoria had been favoted with 8 letter, in which I: wa? stated that the applicant occupied a peculiar position. By the constitution of Illinois ha ftnnd himself a citizen of ibia Slate, he haviag been here before the had never forsworn hU alle giance to his beloved Queen, and m cer distress be would advise her of a way to clear off the claims of Ihe Fared State* regarding the Alabama piracies. Be had understood that the United States claimed tiou,ivo,w. Be tad »wv ewe than to be.leye that Andrew Johnson would ever make such a de mand, and he believed that Andrew Johnson bad more sense than to ever make it; bat ho w*s'will ing, as a citizen- both of Great Britain and of 11- lisola, to save bloodshed, and step in as an arbi trator. He had written to Washing ton and requested the President ro withdraw the claim, and to Mr. Seward de mandin'; Mm to apologize on his Usees for press ing tt> and he intended 10 recommend to Congress lo pass a rote of thank* to Qneen Victoria and Napoleon the Third for the strict manner In watch they observed the neu'ralitv laws. But if would propose that the Government ebonla at once preier a claim agaiiat the United States few damages unto him. Ilia damages consisted in the robbery of the mall heretofore referred 10, “dousing” him in the shower-bath of the Bridewell, and the wantol alacrity in the officers iu not issuing the warrant for arresting the mail robbers previously spoken or. The particular reason of the exhibi tion of all these papers was to pro cure the indictment of the- parties wc have named, the clerk of the Court, and the Judge*, and thccx-Jadges of the Supreme Goan, as moll robbers, the others named, on the ground that tbev bad been bribed to prevent the prosecu tion of the criminal salt against the Cleik and Jcdges and to inclnde ex-Govemor Yales and Governor Oglesby under a charge of slander. In bavins said that be was crazy. The investigation bas not yet closed, bat at the next session If the Grand Ju»y be willing lo bear any more of the statement, wc are to leam bow tee United States became indebted in the large amount slated. The appropriation of the means Las already been made. Mr. Bonner has decided, when bis claim is paid, to establish in Chicago, a daily newspaper, which is to advocate the rights of unfortunate and disappointed liti gants. Even the editor of the Journal has been selected, • in the mind of Mr. B. The claimant suggested on Saturday to the Grand Jury that unless bis persecutors were indicted, he wonlo at ocro proceed to Washington and lay ibo matter before The (jutted States su preme Court, nnd in view of (hr contingency of a want cl jurisdiction being decided lo twin this Grand Jury, a memorial has been prepared for transmission to Chief Justice Chase. Zouave Capets— I Tub Death of Matos ITor irm.—The ouginal members of the United Stales Zouave Club, who joined in Ihe Eastern excur sion of the company In held a reunion on Friday evening, a’ the office ol General John B Turchln. It wilt be remembered that the late Colonel Ellsworth was Capwin of this company at the time of the trip, and he designed a gold medal to be wont by each of the members who pcilicipatid in It. The mcclng was held for the purpose of forming the “Champion United Suit* Zocave Cadet Club,” to meet once a year. The lolloping odicers were elected: U. D. Ltfiln, Esq., President; J. It. Havden, Esq.. First Vice President; E. B Knox, E-q., Second Vice President; Sidney P. Walter, Esq., Secretary ana Treasurer. The beautiful flag which was presented to Ihe Company In 18t9, by the Illinois Stale Agricultu ral Society, is kept tn tbeposs-sslon of the Club, and is to become the properly of the last sur viving member. The following resolutions upon the death of Brevet Major Charles A. Hosmcr were presented and unaiiimonsly adopted: Sfottrd, That the Ceiled States Zouave Cadets have beard, with deep and nnfelgn-d sorrow, of the death of one ot lie members, Breve: Major Charles A. Hosnrer, United State* Army, at S:. i’aol, Minnesota. lit toll <d % 1 bat by his death the Cadet* have lost one vt their hot members, and hla acquaintance* a dear and valued frieco. £t*tlrtd, That a copy of these resolutions be entered upon the records of l! is organlzalloi', and that tbe Secretory be directed to forward a copy ot ibem lo his parents -Mrs O. E, Hosmor arrived in this city on Fri day nigh', lu company with Colonel Smith, Ad jutant on General Terry's staT, and a military es cort in charge of the remains of her son. Tnc ftmcial ceremonies await the anivnl of absent members of the family, who have been tele graphed for. livsxiKo Orr the Thack.—A very actions aa noyancc and detention la cause-.! to travellers on the street cars by the frequent cases of cars run* r.lcg off the track on all the lines. Two out of three of the care on Randolph street generally manage to Jump off near Hoisted street, the double curve made by the swing around the wide space occupied by the old bay-market and by Mil waukee avenue making this place perhaps more difficult to pats than any other in the city. Thu great reason of these frequent occurrences seems to be that the rail is not sufficiently high to keep the wheel in place. Abont two years and a half ico tbe Common Council, on rccommcndadoi ff tbe Board of Public Works, ordered a new ral to be thereafter laid down, having a lower tongue, with the tow more rounded, than those formerly used. In tno Eastern cities a very high, sqnare topped rail la nsed, to the great damage of ordi nary vehicles, whose wheels arctwisted and broken in attempting to tnm on and oQ them. The inten tion in aooptieg the rail now used, to a grew ex tent, was to obviate this difficulty. giving the ve hicles also a wide tlaugc upon which to run. This accommodates them, tomewhat at (bo expense of tbe street railways, and ii a compiomlao rail could be discovered, combining the advantages and discerning tbo disadvantages of tbe two ex tremes mcntloiß d.bigb enough to keep tbe car* on. and not so high as to break the wheels, it would beverv acceptable. It is frequently difficult to steer clear of Scylla without running Into Cbarvbdie, but it is nevertheless Important to try to do*so. and the attention of our ingenious me chanics is Invited to this subject. Aiixoro Ltacrxr or i*io lao:».--On Ba*ntday afternoon detectives Duonand Snapsoo arrested. Michael BilQc, James Hill and William Bams, (he Crst tiro charged with stealing two or tbree tons of pig IroE, and Barns with receiving It. Charles C. Kellogg, agent for Barnnm & Richardson, a manufacturing company whose ofilce Is at No. Cl Jefferson street, stated that the company •luting the past season received consignments of i lg iroti from Galesburg, Connecticut, having it delivered at ditferent docks on the riv er. The non was peculiarly brand d and marked, used expressly :or the manufacture of car wheels, and their’s «« s tlic oniy agency for it in the city, d bey had r.ih-scd in all several tons oi ibis pig iron, ana on morning two or three tons of it were ir.nnd at Carlisle A Simon’?, at tho comer of Fal len and Can»l streets. The firm paid ihcy pur chased it of William Burns. Upon visiting Bums, he learned that Bams claimed to be in tto business of haying old Iron of all de scriptions, ami had purchased (he lot in qnes i:on, he alleged. of Chile «h Hid. ihillc & Hill were nest seen and they represented that they sot it out of the nver, and that they made their living bv the recovery of lost plgt ana other •htLgs from the murky depths or tue North and routh Branches- Ilcpno Kldcrhood, in *‘Oar Mutual Friend,” engaged in similar pursuit*, and constantly averred that tie was “a honest man as earns his living by the sweat of his brow,” but he came to great grief. In the pres ent case the parties were held for farther examt ration until next Tnesdav. Burns In bail of f I,SU) and the other two f i,uCO each. Trot Cairo Street Contract.—With refer«nc to the contract of Messrs. Fox, Howard & Walker for filling the streets of Cairo, in this State, wc bare been requested to publish the following re port of the Committee of the Common Co and I of Cairo to that body, on which report the contract was continued: “ The committee appointed to examine and ob tain the advice of counsel npon the rights of the city in regard to the contract now existing Be tween the city and Messrs. Fox, Uuwaid >£ Co. for filling up the streets of the city, beg leave to report that (boy have consulted the counr d neon itie sor-Jed bna the opinion ot the counsel so con sulted is that the contract now existing ha* not by its terms and tke facts attending the filling termi nated, and that the Council have no right to de claressid contract torhdted. They would lb**re fuic recommend that said parties be allowed to ptocetdwith their filling until the streets ami part* ofpteos to be filkd hj them be completed, all ol which U respectfully submitted.*’ Yecetaele Ccirrar.-Wc use the word veg-.ta- Me in ibis most extended acceptance, to signify everything cultivated hr the farmer or gardener— hnlts, flowers, trees, the cereals, grasses. &s. The gentlemen of this county who are interested In at v or all ol the shore are Invited to meet at t-.*o o'clock on Tneadcy. at the office ofthe iVelrle farnur. The regular monthly meeting ofthe Cock County Agricnltural and UoiUcuUural So ctciv will then and there he held, and it is pro posed that the gardeners ot Chicago shall form a new society, ranscltate the ole one, or continue to he a part of the Ag. and liort. Society. We abbreviate the name because of Us great length, and suggest that if the held ol discussion be ex tended, it be not indicated by a corresponding in crease in the length of name, or the society may sink under the ponderous inflection. The Stewabt Dtvobce Case*—This somewhat notorious suit, of which Hart L. Stewntis de uncan*. will come op for bearing In the Superior Coen thla morning. The defendant afew days svo made application tor leave to file across bill,which was denied. The allegations of that bill were that the plaintiff, under the*Mlucnce of her father, had deserted him ; that me plaintiff and her Cither at :tned into a conspiracy with others to manufacture testimony against him, and that he Is innocent of ■j violation ofthe marriage voire. tJ-WAIT DHOTIIEUS Advcrtlslna Ak.T» (2ti Deorborc-si., receive ndvertiscmontt for all ibe lending paper* tlttouuboci/ibr' ' I piled Stnrre tod Cannons, jKasoiut Notices. JASO2fIC— r A Staled Conclave (U Uhi c»ro Cotamsmlfry. N>. 13. K, T-, wl’J £•> beM » (iluc<l«») cvcr.tnr, Jacoary ,ih, at • o does. t“ s Bawjnet Hat! *aj-Atiss tn«lr Atyiaia. ho, *»• :$t llanflolph-au JOHN YEITLET, dT*r £ale. TO PKISTEEa!—si,OOO, cash, will tow rnrcl asa * News and Job OOco la Central Il:lTOl«,wblcn n *r!y donSI- tjnt ataomß vuid iio inoretlianbny If proprietor was .notcompeLed to quit tfcc lnuir.e<e op account o*. phttUu. No competi tion vubtn a radius of twenty miles. Location on thp Illinois Central. witn seml-d-jJy coramacJcasioc with i Mcaco. al ipproprUtion ia» ]uit t*etn made lor a aiw railroad, matins itrc a lines ratmlag ftom tbe place, rofjo'.on given cn or bctore February p, l-r;. Nor* peed apply njiess Preparedto pij fte above imo'iii In CAr*B. Adorcia •* LTSANUEIt, Tribune offijr. Chicago. IJ. SALE OF BTJBTJBSAN X^ATIDS. The attention, of Seal Estats baysra is* salecf valuable Ual In ibt of Jcnriiun, walca, win take place at lac norm dror of tie Court Bouse, ct MONDAY, ibc. Tib Inst., it Wo’ciocc a. in. IP* land is tlruaitdonailcb rldiie. about it feet at* w tb« level t« Uie prairie, between It and tl_e city, wlutb. l» la fml view, and u.c kluution Is verv dettra- M« ttr country rertCcncos, libel-taut nine mUsslroia ti#e Court Boise. f3T Sale peremptory. T> 1 PKOP£LL£K FOR SALE. Tfcc rwp«’l*r Ottawa, ratlag Dl. and beamy rc r« i-c* in US, wrli four d and In soon ccndltlon. Is of* fiLd ter sals, tot further particulars inquire of imu icr ABR |r X & woupßrKY, 10 Cannl lt. ftlusical. v rtTflC. FIBST*CLA?S ALTO AND TENOB WANTED Pc. tfco Hrft Prrsbvtcrlan Church. tVabaib-ar. Ad drc-M THOMAS GOOD I * ILLIK. Norm fler. =>ocitti2 fCcctings. -% fERCANTILE ASSOCIATION. i\ I ihe annual nu-etins will be held at the roams Association on MONDAY EVENING, January Tib at« o'clock. Espcrt* will be printed and offl «" or u» LiDDi Seawj% NUMBER 213, JEjje Sail Season. 'J'HE SEVENTH ANNIYEESAEY BALL AND EXHIBITION drill OF THS Ellsworth Zouaves, Will be held at the .Venhall Bohic, SHltranhcei Tae«day KrenlDgr, January Sin, 18G7* W*Tlcketa 15. TnbehaJln Chlcuroal Klaaiej'ic H<- Jeer*cf'lckete. end tbdr ladles, wli; t>-_. to atd trum Milwaukee, by the HUwaukeo Badi-ad. at half I are. jgtatem cuts. QUARTERLY REPORT OP THE CONDITION OF THE FIRST MTIOSII BtSS OF CHICAGO, On the Morning of the First Monday of January, 1807. RESOURCES. Nctet sad Bllla Duconntcd J1.761.55t.47 Cali Uianj..... 17,390.03 *1.781,9*3.70 Furniture and Hxtnrea 013 wj Cnrrest Expenses ifinoi a« Caall iKin. tIiIwIUUiUK UCTCDUe Stamps,) 3.535.1 S Duo Horn National Back* 390.492.03 Dae from other Banks a&d Bankers 34,73 J. 03 U. 9. botfla deposited with D. b. Trets. to secure Clrcclailon 695.000.00 U.U. Bonds deposit'd with D. 6. Treas. to sernre Deposits 120,000.00 Cash on head in notes cf oiher National B’ats *484,055 53 Lecal Tender Not**, (Includ lr e Fractional Currency t 322.503.56 *1.006.559.39 Front ana Lcaa Accomt 1.731.39 44.032.539.75 LIABILITIES. Capital Fleet ptld In f 1,000.000.00 Cir.mlat'gcote* received from Comp troller 603.300.00 D£l*OdlTS« Indftdnal De* rfSftwVtur.T* 1 'il^osoSs National Dank Depotlu 253.714.74 Otter ItntiKs and UanVcrsDep'U 135.610.35 WJ520.717.51 UNDIVIDED EAUSINGS. Snrplu* accccnt $53,382.47 Discounts 43.337.9*4 Exitanuc 15.U30.A6 Intel cat. SS.S7I-S8 tSO3.SSS.SI f4.O3A.S3J>. 7 2 I. CORXKLIUSR. FIELD. Cashier of the First Na tional llauk f t Chicago, do oolemnly swear that the above statement U true, Ij the best of my knowledge “i i'Sl C. B. FIELD. CiMet. Male ot Illinois. County of Cook: Sworn to and sub ecrlbtd I* fore me, ltd* sui day ol January, laiT. Lact.ump.l B. tt. 6YMONDS, N jury i'abUc. UAUTEBLY KSFOUT . OF THE CONDITION OF THE iMiERCIAI NATIONAL BANK 03? CHICAGO* ON THE iIOHNXNG OF THE FIEST 2IOSDAY OF JAJiUAUY, 1567. KESOUCCES. nns i:cccivoT>.e. Cas’a on hand— Lmal Tender Sole* «15P,579.00 Compound Inter- _ at !iutu C5.3b0.00 National Bank N.le* 20.250.00 1.691.11 C n"r k W-. o °... C ‘'. r fl-.M3513- 303.a5j.30 Unef/om National Bank* 113.426.:<1 Duetrcm Bankers 4.« U SubllUlUol Kxctoanß* In tramlt. , 17-27b.«1 Lnilct. states EootU 20.1.300.00 immne Stamps....... S*v2 Office FuTimnre and Fixtures X1fi4..17 Oventraf.s *121.00 Premium? on 80nd5.... 6.503.51 io.oio.qs 81.1tf7.918.9S LIABILITIES. CtMial Steer. t**9Q, ooo.oo Cirroittiog Notes outstanding 1 .*■•0.000.00 Dt ports.* .TT.T..7. 690.U11.tfl Surplus $4,000.00 Earulrcs since Bth _ July. ISO 6 43.303.14 91.167,916.73 I. MILFORD D. TtrcnAXAN. Cashier ol the Com m»rdalNatUnal Bank of Chicago, do solemnly swear •haltleahme statement la true, to the beat of my knowledge and belltL M. O. BUCHANAN. Cashier. SflbwilVd an-iawora to before ta* this serckth day CtJatair.-, ISST. DOUGLAS'? It. KALE. N-jUiy Puoltc. OT Chicago Tltnea and EveclncJournaipK-aaecopy. ®i)c Skating Season. Yy EiX SIDE RINK. SPECIAL MiMNCEMMT, MOM LAFAIEIfE, The accomplished TVALTZER, gracrtil and elegant SKATKK, bating rern ergageJ at Great Expense, tor a suour Sfc AbON ONLY, will make hi* 4Aut before the Chicago public, at the above RINK. on This (Monday) Evening. This gentleman reeds no belter Introduction to the Chicago public than the warm encomiums with which he has been greeted in the EASTERN STATES AND CANADA, And It sow tci 'alnn fur the Skating Community ol tbo GARDEN CITY to endorse the general Impression. la making this announcement, the management feel confident ot ulvlng entire ratlafacUon. and especially 10 THIS EVENING, as there will also be an exhibition by ME, J. POWEES. THE HOLDER OF THE Champion Belt of the Great Northwest The- ICE is in perfect condition, without a flaw or flsturt. and offers a Seating surfveof *il,ooo teeL The FULL Great Union Light-Guard Band WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE. . These wishing to Skat* can da so. Come early and erenre scats. gy~HanCclph Cars land youatthedcor. V / sioo IN FANCV CObTCMES AT THE OE3NTR.AXJ, ON WEDNtTDAY NIGHT. JAN. 9. "YyASHIXGTpN SKATING PARK. Open Monday Afternoon and.' Evening. BEAUTIfUL NEW SHEET OF ICE. CLEAQ, SOLID. E&G3. P. 7 Ll* Great Western light Guard Baud IN THSt EVENING. 0I;S f SRAL PARK. JTUSIC TO-NIG.HT TTcdncadiy SUcht, -Janaary 9v't» FAfiCT BRESS CARNIVAL. M.ebrrs of Part* and Binia to appear la co«* wilt be admitted free. ABASH- AV. RINK! Gala Time Every Evening. EejUUr your name* at.ihe office for tha- Grand Masquerade OX THURSD AT njixt. tr»“ Free Admission vill be given w those coming Uteumsie. patents. gECOK STAMP. PATENTED IBSS. No Type Settlor required. No solicc finger*. Dates ebaaccd In a twinkling. Always In order. WtU out last any other. Best and Cheapest Sell Baler to use* TEN DOIiIiAKS. FOR SALE BY THE LEADI.NO STATIONERS. j.jI.TF. Jones. 49 and 44 Dearbonut.; Calv** Part A Hu?n«. \JH and ISO btwta J. W. lr.»- 1 Co . 190 Lafce-a*., Dean, Maeal * Hifraa'j.43 LaSalle-st.; Mcwoc, Silncer &.Clarte, 140 Cbicago, AM) AT THE OFFICE OP THE COMPACT, QARD'S PATENT BRICK MACHINE. OOc« aad manufactory 33 SoaUi J»7eiMc.-«t. TOi - K. B. OARlfi 99 Soutli Jefienowt* cwcuo. Sis ffiooos. QREAT SACRIFICE DRY GOODS $20,000 WORTH I DRESS GOODS, Hosiery, Gloves, UIVDERWEAR WITHOUT REGARD TO COST! BALJIIOKAI. SKIRTS, Men’s Sk'iirts and Drawers, 73 CENTS. BLANKETS, 81.00 (• 8 1.00 Coder Coat. Yard Wide Btea,C« tlon - Urowß Cotton Cloth. Table linens. Towel Raps, Diapers oni Crashes, tci 5 ebeap. COL’D i ILKS, LEfeS THAN COST OF IA IPG STATION. W halcbone Corwin Imported K(d Ladies’ Fare lAncn Udti. jy Any one warning 4 Cluak, bha* lor Hoo? Sldrt, do doi fall lo cail. A. G. DOWAS CO., 150 lake-s T. fßarijincri! jyj"hRIUTT & COL'GUI-I^i IKDIAKAFOUS INDIANA COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And Woollen Factorj Findings. New Factories fmnlshed'irfih Machinery, fchaton*. Bnclnea, 1 Una. tpeciaeations, Superintendent* sar eipcnencxd workman. ROLL CARDS Alwsyson band. COTTOX WARPS & CARD CLOTUISG Ol all kinds. t3T Second-hand Machinery on hand, for gale cheap. fjo WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS. WOOLLEN J&CNIHERI. x. . c. CLrriLLA.M> « co. JUNCTION ©nor, WOUOEiTEIL ttASb., MancikCtur<n of wc-llca Machinery, u loliow*. Cardin Machine* and Spinning Jacks. irtiic m.w and Improved patterns; V>*«.ol Pickets. Wool ar.t Wrate DusUis, Tam spotlers, end Yarn Dressing and \t lus Machines; liroart and Narrow Glut, both smdit asd double acting: broad and Narrow Brcshlce Ma chine*. Velvctinc, Wimer!** and P«ter»hatn Finish ing Machines, Hydro Lj tractor* and Clcio Umar Machines. ilydroaiaUc and Screw Press**, Pre»* Plato O- aiexß. Indliro Grinder*. Boiary Fullln* MJlu, Ws«t MllxCloih, WindingandMeasuring Machines, Slid* Kent Tnrnlne Kcptnc*, Card Grinders, Ac. Our ruacluscs ore all in substantial and superior Iron frame »,*nd are warranted to bo equal In every respect to an; machine* made In the United State*. In addition to above named machine* of our own make, we are prepared to furnish Crompton's Looms, Park* A WooUot'a Shears, Stwsl Bine bar Machine* and Dcr Pickers, Card Clothing, and mannhetaren 1 findings generally, at makers' lowest prices, and etc fhrnlib onr customer* with machinery for Woollen Hills, complete, with promptness, and at as favorable prices as any other builders, E. C. CLEVELAND, Worcester. Maas.. OcU 2d, ISM. j' M. UASSEiT. eooSiiiN^o SjariUiare, Stones, &e. JJARD'WARE & CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 Ziake-St. The sttmtiot ot cto»e boren car com* T.i e t* stiwls i f FOOTER 5 -'. MACHINISTS' ar.d CAB. PKNYEBS’ TOOLS AMKKICVN TAUcE CUTLERY sad Bl ILLEIis’HARDWARE, direct tromthe best manufacturers. We uiTer. a>,». a c .mpitiu M'ornnent of WOsTEXH-: -LM’S I’OCKKT CUII.KIiV. sPEAB A JACKSON’S SAWS, JOSEPH RODGERS & SONS' SCIsSOIiS and RAZORS, ST THUS * BOTHERT'S FILES, also SKATES and Strap* cf ••Trry description. We aLso keen constantly on band foil cunibsrtct SCUOhNPhRGEB’S JUNIATA NAILS. C. B. lICBD. BUW. ITHSCOTT. S. BRTNTNAIX. 47.M03.1-t ot i atones. P»MEKr OIL STOjSTJES BODIETHING NEW. lb-beat Oil Ston**. Razor Hones anti Em«*rr Whe-ls, In tbr worM. Muuufarturrd by the EMc.UY OIL STONE COMPANY. N». 11l Vulionsr., Chicago. Made of any dt.tln.-d grade of gnt, and to salt any shaped tool. FAIRBANKS, (SKEENLEAF A Oen’l Agent*. and S AS La&e-st. .Ifinantlal. TMYIDEXD. directors of ‘The Crnraerelal National Bank ol Chicago" have Ihtr* cay declared a semi-annual div idend of six per cenL free of Government tax, psyaxle cd the second Tuesday of January i-it The trander a-Sm cwhier. C*OX AAA TO LOAN ON DI- PROVED REAL ESTATE In this dtJ. uisums offi,oCC and upwards. CEO. IT. KOZET, Beal Estate and Loan Brulcer. 9S LaSsU»«t. T OAJte ON CZ77 REAL Z3STATB. PARKER d LYMAN. No*. 13and 17 Portland Block, are now rn-pared to r rgotlate monga;TOS on ical es tate in uis city, tliroagh their correspuudeau la New York and Boston. Cangigninmig. ■piKESSED HOGS.—WE GIVE PAK- I 9 TICULA U ATTENTION to th* sale of Dressed Ross, and alwajs see that each Ho* is corr-clly wngb c»!. Advane-.w liberally made oo thipmuncs. Wclgat hits and sterrlU furnished when desired. Office No. b>3 Ito’-alle-af, E. V.ROUOIKS4CO. QAS-H ADVAKC£a Made ou Shipments of PROVISIONS & DRESSED HOSS To’low Tcrk. Also, ca FROVISIONS. INSTORE, JOSEPH B. PHELPS, J ■"% Chamber cwCotnmcrce. CALTFETRS. °CBUDES SALTFETHE. Tor Fackers* ose by JOSEPH SS.rnELPI?, 13 cf Cocunerca. juices. ■JjNION SCREW AND BOLT CO. The bock# are now oyea for sabicrlpllou toelcekla the Union screw and Belt Cnmiuy ot Cbl Ago. at IIS Fzsnklin-eU wbx’Ah machine is la operation maltniicrtws on aniqtarely n*w prirrlpie. _ np &ETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT X FAlS,by thotuerfMtrou*OxideCa» lI.OL Each, Rnallrst G-Hil FlUirr tAO Lr.rL, larger and raore w-oiillcated S^u.^lOJJO Dutroyug and Scmovuix Nerve- 10® UOO Irectirc Ulcerated Too it. preparatory to CUlns «a *•» AeparailtcTcvm sft* I.W Removing bt«7crAcl»l Decay TJC Cleansing T«cl«>, 5-® Inserting ftrci Tecta. 4X4^,6JC Ecu cf It<Ui oa EuUbcr H.ft ji’tl.QC DS-. J. O. Z I AK*fQWOBTS’S DENTAL ROOMS, 11C RAXDOIPn-ST^ Ow-gltf Col. Vtgod'* Mamra._ Ttt TELEGRAPH CONTRACTORS. _I TC£ ATLANTA: AN ■> PACIFIC fELE GKAPH COiIPANr.-Pronosala £or the ItciaedUte cocMrcctScc ot iLe dlvuLttS of thfc AtUatic and PaclfcTelcerapALltie will bo received.oy tLe UJ> aerslsned onili Jamary tO. ISo!: FrrmNew Yorlttoßofialo rf-^Albtsr. Freni BuOfclo to Detroit rfi C« &ad Toledo. From Detroit v.* LTucaco rli MicblsviCeatnl Ball* read. Fonker Iclomtlcn and ypeciScatiocs wtH be for mated on app’.-culoa to tka andcrstxßtfL accompanied by proper ici‘.t«acc. E. H. VA2? KLEECR, 16MaM«i-line.New Yorfc, L o SI . D O G. & rm&n b?art: Specie! dor. on New Tear’s day. from 2rt "West .Vlibihl.: bad on, wbeoJast seen, a nnall cbafneolar. Any cne returning blm or riving Inlor* msttoo wrserc be f * ,ri be foocd. to the above place. win receive ti reward. L. DaCrIIAFF- pAT TOUR TAXES. The Beal an<l Personal Taxes F?r State, County »nJ Town pare*}**, {br tbfl year IStf, tr the TOWN OF "WEST d»a, aad can be paid at my office, oa Corner Unode}p)i(t(it\ | ’anal««ta^Se«BN«*3« Dissolution of copartner- SQU’. 19 ijn> 31 LAXa-rr_ » Chicago, December SI. WW. | The copartnership existing between thauuflcrslgaed, tueer tne arm same of Bowen Brothere, erpirea flay by limitation, each teem Per betas authorized u atr«ti>e£rm name la the settlement 01 the business cd ttie copartnership. JAMES H. BOWEN, GEORGS S. BOWEN. CHAUNCETT. BOVTBN, , OEOEGEB. WHITMAN. The business Ifl ill tne departments will be eooUncsS by oor successors, Doves. Whitman A Winslow* SPECIAL COPARTNERSHIP, The onderslgred bare formed a copartnership fat bourns, seder the firm name ol Ooweo, Whitman h Wlnalow. TbeteneralaatoraoflheboatneMWbesraae acted by said firm la a wholesale dry goods and whole* sale and retail crockery besleea*. George S. Bowen, George K. Whitman, .Macron H. Winalow. and Wlfltam H. Tan Slycfc are the general partners, and Jame* H.Bowen and Chaunccy T.Bovcb are the special partners to said firm, all of whom reside In the eUy ox Chicago except William H. Van Slyck. who r*»'ile* « Vorr Harr. In the Prate of N<*w rtje i. a, l‘ partner*, Jamr* H.Bowen and Cnann eeyT. Bowen, have contributed to the common node or said firm the asm ot aerentT-fire thousand dol'ara pwtncr>hip to commence on January Ut_ £• D.l^<. »td wm annmfeon December Slst A.D. ibo. ifie principal place of htuinaas of laid firm will be la the said city of Cnicaco. QF.OKUE S. BOWEN. GEORIiK B. WHITMAN. ALMEKON U. WINSLOW, WitXIAMU. VAN* SLYC&. 1 —The copartnersttp I / heretofore e-audlne neder tne name of dark £ wGODUAF,wa>eNaolrmonthaSl*tday of uecem* her. >9&. by mutual consent. C. L. wooDUAN will condone the Bakery boslneac at the cld stud. No. 156 Dearborn ac. one door north of the I' Ofilee, where ail customers will beiuppUed with BhEAD, including the celebrated 8 3.00 J£ratcd Bread and Crackers, Cakes#. Pastry, Ac. J. M. DAKE wilt continue tho reanctactailng at the Steam Bakery !a th» rear ot HcVlcker’i Theatre. en trance trom Dearborn, b tale,Monroe and Madlacn-em, where he will continue the mannuctareot the cele brated .S 3 ets. .10 eta. ABATED CRACKERS AND BREAD, and all other kinds of Bread and Crackers, ot the beat Quality. Customers will be supplied as tunal wltA what «ood« they may want Iron either bakery. The bnitnaS ot the oldfirm will be settled Dakc. JOA. U. DARK, C. L. WOODMAN. Chicago. December 31,1966. T\ISSOLIjTIOS'.— The Copartnership I / ot FAKGO, BILL ft CO. » ail a day filawlrol by aatual comes, u Elmer partner tsaatbottred to p-eelre or maka col lections One na. Ihebooks ard aocoauta will remain at cor old stand, 4S and SO Wabaia < nr_wis& oar hq. File* ft cn WM. A. BILL, DESKS D.FALBS, BAU’L M. FAEGO. .81.30 . 1.10 C OPABTW E R9HIP. Tte undersigned bare thU day rnmt) Into coosrV reishlp, under the flm name of F IBG<>. FALSS * CO„ tor ootlnuln: trie bailm-es af WholesaleltaaattC l ' luring aoa Jobbing of Boots and Shoes, at 49 ana 50 ttabaah-av. J^IBSOL^TIOS. The copartnership heretofore existing under the firm name rt this da; dissolved 9j mutual convent. The undersigned win eontlnoe the business cf Lard KeUr.icc and Slannt&ctarlngof Extra Lard Oil at “>« old stand. 532 and JCX4 suum. C3OFOOT, BANS * FINLAY, January Sd. 1557. s OP KIRM.—I bare this day 4 I aSbOClalcd A. G. WFpSTER with Bid In uu.«lo»< B - er the tirm name ol DICKENSON sTTEttSTEU. . _ , . _ JAMES A. DICKENSON. Ch. Icago, Jas.lst, 1567. Then 'cdersltineillaTe this day formed a copirtaw shl&fct thetranrartlcnot atTcneral Heal Katate aol L ICKENSO> & WEBSTER. Vttlsoo. ' tccrwM TmcUtuei. toy prompt ittm. tlou to tu«. n»w, we hope to retain Ail. old fruiulaaiul patrot s of . tbc tQce, aaa to Bc,ure i llottal share of M nr*"nle nl*r »lt»otlcn ctven to the collodion cl ibc JUO Kxtr» Bounty for Soldier* .*r,il to the p irrhna- Inc nt tax laui ’» Miltho pvnicnt ol t*x.» ta Illinois, lowa and miq* >nrl. Oltce Jl> U uhnictor.-tc. io»»»na au»<H JaSIWS K. DICKENSOJT.a A. G. >T£B»TErC. DISSOLUTION OF COPAUINER hIUP.—Itei 'Sftnershlp hcretcOra existing be tween the nnscrsii *fd nneerthe s;ude and styleut WILLIAM K. LO\i -JOi « CO„ of CUcsso, expired this o*v by Umltatio. 1. .The bastes* i_f the nnn will be settled IT WJLU'-iM B. LOVEJOY * CO„ whic mcretd ibe ouMne.- o. »ald flrm.ana arr alone aatbor iu o»e 'Jur named William U-Lovejoy AGO. in R LOVE-IOT* CO., Edtoo, SAMLbL A. LOVEJOY, CUA-. A- MOBiE. Cbl. acc,.' -a. L ls€». Hi* day firmed a p»»faer*hl» tsui-r «hci.' roakart Kyle of WILLIAM B. LOVEJOT At o. ami nil voiiicae tin* Woole»ale Of iMnr bu v. io irJ 17 Latent. CLlcoiro. and 7\ fratfc llu tu.d t ;»T Bevfn»bir«-»i«~ Beaton, a* herttofcre coCutctrdbi V.Miaai IL Lorepy A Ca. WILLIAM B. LOVEJOT, ALBERT P. LOVEJOT, SjEIH L. PAIGE, SAMVEL A. LOVEJOT, 0 1 Ctlcaco. LYMAN B. MEsTON, Er«tor, Jaa.2,1'4.7, CHANGE OF FIRM,—I hare this da;. aucclaled wilbrnc In biulsras. Under tbc firm namaot J. E. si EVENS A c». J. E. STEVENS. /CHANGE OP FIRM.—I have this day \J associatedulth ice Is business, Col. W. aO(S. KAY and C. M_ UUtVE, coder Use arm ntme of S. V. BOUDINS £ CO. E. V. BOUDINS. tAitcago, Jan. 1.156 T. The undersigned hare this day form'd a copartner, ►tup tor -the- purpose ol -lotas a General Coxndnott birjm, under th« name of E. V. BOBBINS & CO.. And by Rltlnc eHM« attention to bnstness, and Mr dcftlifcjf.ue toMCoroiv literal ahareof palronace. rjuv.calar atnmtlua Rives to Oiling ordeia t* tLls market. Office Si- LaSalle-*!. E. V. ROBBINS* W. AL«. BAT? C. M. UOWE. DISSOLUTION. —The Copartnership ' hcreU'f'ire ‘‘•.Sting under the name and style at bATTKHLkB. Wt.LLS ■& FAULRNEK. Wbo.eaaJa Grogan. U th‘.a aay dissolved br mutual consent. Either psalter xill ilgnln liquidation. M.L.BATIEBLBB. thfc. WELLS. Chicago. Sec. 3Ut. IMC. The undersigned will cenoao* the Wh-»l«»a’eGm» rj 5-»ln**i sas succoMcrt hi tea firm ol Satterlee. Weiia A Faulkner, under tns same ami style of. W{JI.L3 dk FAULK NEK, at Uw oM stand. No. HI South Water* sh. and (bail be happy to receive the patronage an lib erally enjoyed by ourlalafirir. Ordersreaneetfullyao llclted asdcarciully executed. E. S. WELL.?. Chi cage. Jan. Ut, W. 3. FAULKNER. QOFAKTIvLKSiUP. NOTICE. Mr- Wif. P. HUMBLE ts admitted to an mtarest in our houasfroia and after HU* data. CHAS. BEAURBLEE BROTHERS & Co. Chicago, Jahury l, ls6T. A Few 5V aids of Common Sense. ip.stttstis. fftoiffgalE. Ko. SLOSt. gits Matters. JACOB GEOSS, Collector Town ot Vfcst ChJ-4£o* Satinets}) i?. JAMES H. CRAUNCET T. BOWEN. Special Barmen. January lit, ISCT. CH.\S. U. FARGO, QB.NRT D. KALKS. SAAI’L 1L FARGO. Jatoary UZtSSt, J. U. WILSON, w. d. cuoFwCrr, S. FiKLAT. KEW PIRIT. Chicago. Jan. LI9S7. B. HATCH and J. HOLBROOK, NEW 3TXIOX. Chicago, Jan. 1, IS*?. j-HchiaU. How few there arewboarenolaubjcci t* some affec tion of tbs lungs or respiratory organs, who, by neg lecting pr-aonuory symntoss. aggravate the com. plaint. until dUeaaa ttriims its >haiu. earning UtOfe prc&nhlc torture of the paUecL and anxiety and da tress to friends. “Only a tola!” “A slight acre throat !•' & the heedless remark cf many wbea to af- U. ttd. 'lts; - Only a c-Od,*: was.the tuougbtlers ex pression vf thousands whom death tuu narked fbc hi* prey. Forewarned—Forearmed! should he the motto tee ner IntLr minds ol all subject to Coughs Colds, Cs- Urrh.or InCuccna. VTor-U of advice should be needed by all nfirnnc from Asthma, Brcsuhltls, Consump tlcn. Belief U within thar reach -..and, U negteetco, Utal caueequencea eaane—a Ilte cf mUety—a ‘tally bcorly struggle tor existence. A cunt**- in which there can W ini one nctor—Death: Does It notappnl tha strongest mind to think of the nsult caused hy neglect? Then why delay t What excuae can be oiferel, when timely warning Is sounded in j' ar tars ? When the •danccrl U pointed out, Wll notsjold It? Jlaudis'i FcncnxL Boui has been nsclwtthracees»id nearly amliUon of cases, and » endorsed by the Medical Facoitt at the oust prompt and efficacious remedy that sciential: research has dt*. cosered, to relieve and cure all cases ot Coughs. Colds Imlneaxa. and C'naumptlot, if the case is not beyond all hope. Ktch when the luficrerlsinthe laststagea. ha will Rad relief by using this preparation. One boU y* Tiu convincs the most Irxreduloai, that the marts ot this preparation are by cc ertta exaggerated ; Is act-fa.! far/'wrt of the euloxliai bestowed upon I toy thousands who have been ccred by its timely use. A guarantee sccompame* each bottle, an.l dealers or; li> itmcted in ercry loatance to ref and the money, when preparation CiLs to mlleTc, Frcparcd by T. W. MAI’SDSN, IS7 Broadway. New York, and for sals by all Druggists. Price, tl per bottle. BURN HAMS & VAN iUUAACK. Whole sale Drug 'irj, Chleaco, lIL, General Ageattfhrtta Northwest, For sale by. SMITH it DtVVER, 0C1a753-l*ot Itew-net lEarfg IGHT & DL^TON. Stcrace. torwa-dlrcard coromlMl‘ - n merchant*, tor tlie rorctia.*? aad sale cf all tltdi of country prooace, febO ioe irpCCiill fettfcOtlCD to ulc ot Braom Cor«, lliglmHie*. OrciMdHogs nn<i Lire stock. Also ascents fo- sale ol SAUINATT SALT. y. B.—Our ~f.ia of commission are tnoeestahuiaeo bribe Foard of Trade, cam wiiluli ws do not TaiT donslgnperda rcliclteq. QILBEET & Field, GE2TSHAL CO3CCSSIO2T MEECSABTS, ISoccessorsto Gilbert, Updike A C 0.,) 103 TV ashlngton-dt. CEAS. J. GU-DTST. GEO.FI»gJ> QILKEKT UPDKJi & 00., General Csnualssion Merchants FOB SALE A3D PPBCHASB OF Flora, GBAUf AHD PROVISIONS* Especial attention given to sale of DUS3SEO EOO9 OFFICS AJCD WABSEOrsE. 163 IVashing-t'ij-st., i.'hicufo. Commission Merchants, No. 11 Chamber Commerce. £. WAIBSUGZ, 1 U. D. Wai KXSS. ? Cblcsco. i W.S.towu, } „ , li. S.WALBCID6* & Co., Toledo, Cflio. ry Cs- a b tdvtnccj on C3n«uon;?ctJ to C. P. bridge ft Co., Ntw Toib.and ot* Lirrcspoa-Ja-'.® ol " **L»c«»»ouSed for parcbue al Flonr.Grnlo ol »H iin£t, and PTurUit-ca. QEO. H. KOZET,, REAX ESTATE ASD LOASBEOSEE, OS* 1 .os-alle-st. , Lrsas LecoUater oc lira! Balatc. Boouii srscn. Waitbocse Receiver td other securUifcc . QASE & BAUS Beal £»4»<c Asentss Kna*** C,ljr * JSfZ-. Re'-i to Gov«raor Tijo.. C. tleV.a'-. a* Ury &#SU» f raada Bodium. _ jfor ffioiroass Q.ENCISE Meerschaum Pipes & Cigar Holders 01 ° j£cK‘»'w , uSl! SStS» s w3i«. CHICIGO-