Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 7, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 7, 1867 Page 3
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DAJDGEBING WITNESSES, u.Tiorc Bocorcd ta tlie Breach than In tUe Obierrancc.” Ttc American system of jumpm-fence Is equal, in ibcorr, to that of any country w-* know of, bat 3u nraciifc ills wofaUy deficient In one respect, ni perhaps in tcrcral. The particular deficiency f, vhicli «c relcr, regards the nugenLcmanly a bU which charactcilc** pettifoggers Have o( -o«bcating everv woman ana ucrv n» ortgoo- man whom tber catch npon the witness lismL Occasionally they attack tbo wrong party, «cd the abese which tbev give is retnrned to them « : ih pawnbroker-’ interest, but in the majority of fV.« in w hich they are engaged, they, unless ironght to a cotaparatlvciv dcciat tease of K-tcrior by the Court, tnanage to coafase Jhc witnesses who are aabjecied to their ,rpoirtil and brutal cross-examinations, and their iialntiiii-c phytlocuomuti never wear more hlde n. leers than when modest women, to whom lbi-v Lave propounded indelicate questions, be cokc voni lino, and contradict, in u*iaor roaUcrs, the enaeiM e which they hnvc previously given. And it is ' cry seldom that the Court interferes and th’* witness t v e protection wh'Cb he. or she, I\i lepailv and morally justified In claiming. The great dJihculty in the matter is, that witnesses «'o ret “worried” by qnc«tious which. If asked of a man, in men's company entirely, would enti tle too questioner to a Mow in the fan- or a kicu elsewhere from the toe of a boot, ilo not know that the iwtlilogge.-* who abuse and it;*nil <hcm have no more rig-: to do so In open court than lu the public street; Consequently, supposing their persecutors arc legally autnorlzed to displas t-wlolrfi attributes, they attempt to rcaVe lhebc.-tofa bad barenin, and in trying, for instance, to explain tbe difference of time between i-ix o'clock and ten minutes. and tcu ralnatos af ter six, they say something which Uiu »b»sters magnify a dozen fold, and which is dilated Tipoti bclore jures, and pronounced, in language i similar to that of the Five Points and Cow Hay, l n? direct iirool of wilful pe-j-ry. Our Police I Justices ere Pcqucntly ,oblmcn to dismiss cases | of brutal u>?anlu« upon rcso-rtabls women for so I other reason than that of the n<m-appearancc of the prosecutinetvitne-'scs. who—some Irons exoe- Science and some from hearsay—know Ibc dia- CUbtlijJj ordeal :o which, in case of their appear jmeo on the witness stand, they arc liable to be subjected hv a act of harpies, who, when the raffle for professions came off. diew. by mistake, bogus lawyer*’tickets, la place of those which would have entitled them to subordinate populous in a worthless eight scavenger?. Theaame r-.iv be said at the Kcrordcr’s Coen, though not tVc earne extent. The evil la one which calls ;or a remedy, ami as the last named rests entirely w i h ihe luitgcfc of our courts, we respcctfuliyask that it bc’apidied on all necessary occasions. THE CUOLEBA. Information Wanted by the New Verb Board of Health, The Metropolitan Board of Health, New York t'itj, bee appointed a Bureau ol Statistic*, the Re* coi disj Secretary of which—ElUha Kerris, Esq.— Vhi-addrc??cd froic Ibe ofllce, No. 501 Mott street, C letter 01 inquiry, Eolicliicg replies to the sub* oined points: 1. When. where and to what extent, and by what ■val personal agencies have the furrier epidemics if cboUra prevailed under your ooserrauons In ir.v place! •j. What elrcnastane-'s appeared to have afforded lainuoitv from cholera! 3. Depth ard nature of the earth to the surface of livlnp waters? |Stale particularly what is the! dep'h to the suiface of wafer in freshly-dug iv.lls of iho i*auicnlar locality where cholera be* r-j- io spn-ad, and if tiie depth to water was [■i. aid or if?? than usual at that time.] " •!. Mate what is the relative elevation of dwell* Ire? and grounds where Hie outbreaks of cholera (, a> e been consecutive, and what Is known of sol! crainagc. Did the ptogress of the epidemic fol* low the coon-e of the drainage? 5. Stole all the fact? vhich go to prove, pro or that there ha? oecc any relation of privy or filth soahage into drainage water as a source or caching cau«e of cholera, and particularly it ibe < srreifl ul persons sick with cholera or choleraic dlnrrbo-a were exposed to each sankage ? i 0. Total population ol the town or aly at the lime of the epidemic. , i 7. Total muuhcr of death? trom cholera daring [the epidemic. , , _ Total from olhcr causes in the same period, dumber of weeks continuance ol ltic cholera. Gjv.: cnmli r r of deaths In each we k. i « •.*. Kcpori Jr cholera has been conveyed tolo cnlitics tr p'-rsuna nnli! then uninfected, appa* Si rcmlv by j.crroaa or thins* that b came Infected !el‘i'ibcrc. 11 a? cholera inmediaicly succeeded the arrival 01 persons eick with choleraic diar r*'l'i. i toe firtt case, or group of case* be reported -.mb pai ucuJar accuracy, and " irh deMlls of all :5 c csrfiitU! points. rioa«c transmit this infer motion L 3 v.trfy as practicable.) COMMON COUNCIL. [OFFICIAL X£POHT.\ Adjourned Special Meeting, January otb, 18G7« Present— Ills Honor the llavor. and Aldermen Kiilrkor’«ochtr. Cart-r. B’WoM, Wicker, Bsrrett Wiliaartb, Hatch, Wallwork, Moore, Talcott Wo:canJ, Ruby, Unwell, Ackhon - , Caulfield Franr.en, bhackioru, Claik. O'Sullivan. Absent— Aid. Cox. Calkins. Kami, Finnucan Svl uler, Frkhle. Rafierty, llolucn, iiuullcy Procured. Rah, lawsou. coHmrrtx or the whole. Aid. Knickerbocker tiw d tha« the Connell go into Commmer ot the Whole on the proposed amendments to l v .e Cut clianer. 'Jhc liiuito: prevailed, ami the Council resolved it»clfa.toiommiitec. Aid. Woodard in the chair. After Fitting, the committee rose and reported progress. Aid. Knickerbocker moved to accept the report. Carried. ABintTWMLKT. Aid. Wkk<T moved lha: the Council do nox iadj"nrn to meet on iioiiday creaing at T‘i o’clock, piuitulbcr cjn-idcr the jiropuscd amendmeuu. Aid. Knickerbocker moved to adjourn until Tin a day evening at halX-i>a-*t seven o'clock. Car rini. The motion prevailed, and the Council stood liioumea. A. U. BOUMAN, ' LilJr Clcft FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL nONETAItI! Satuudat Evssikc. January 5,1867. Manager Ire? Innilshe? the following exhibit of tnobaanicsa oftlio clearing House for the week cn'Ucg to-day Clccrlnjn. Balances. I.TTiVfIiSS 9i«,(C9.10 2,ir»UlO.lS !Trt,Sl9.ol . 15X,C8T.T2 December 21. January 2... - a... Total S'JJM.Wi.W fS4I,O«.ST lAftwcek 7,twU,SSj.TO Sri.lT7.oo The follow Ins is the quaticny statement of the condition of the Merchant*’ Savings, J<oan and Trust Company, as it ttood on the morning of January 8: Capital slock H,TOO,TOO lUa-dtpo.'itcra {l, Dae banka and hankers, 422, W Ui) Due divid-nd account... it,031.93 Undivided earnings £S‘*,^ls.Uj BESOtXCZS, Hills discounted 1,440,161.15 Due from banks (or- L.t,v«3.Ss7 Bond account— U. S.bords 112.700-112,730 U. S. 7-30notcs .TtfC'lO— 30C,*tId Cook County bond*.. 74,1D0 0..253 Chicago city bonds... 4,0/0 4,0-00 Illinois bonds auo— suo Cash accoanl— L. T. & h*. bank noics....*4lG.‘Jo .4j city check* in.s*il.h Compound interest note.*. »'l.*aUK) Office fcrnUnrc i,SW.ik) C. S. Revenue stamps 2,563.53 t2,sat,Bca.ii The Money market was very close to-day— closer in tact than it has been at any time daring the present term of eirihgency—as tne National Uunka were hoarding every doliir. It was pos sible to reach. in order to make saltsiaclory state meets on Monday. After publication there ts no donH bat that the stringency will be in a measure relieved, thoucb not aUog-.lhrr removed. Exchange was fiat. Hound lots of Banker's were lied; offered at 25c dUcount, at which a few transactions were made. Subsequent!? there were no buyers at SPc off. The conotcr rales were tinsculed and lower at r>oc discount O par buying. and 50cOl-10 premium selling. The demand for Foreign Exchange "has ruled faiily active during the week, and the market closes strong at the following quotations: Gold. Currency. London per £ sterling fs.oa fi.TU o)C.;yi I*arts perftanc SJ 27^4 Uciliu ]>cr Prussian thalur.... 75 1.00 (<11.U3 .\otway per ilx mym 30 40 46 41 Sweden per specie dalvr 1.16 1.55 C6'.GO On the Produce Exchange, Floar was firmer; Wheat advanced IJjc; Com opened active and SQ.Cc higher, but at the close the advance was al most lost. Oats were firmer. Rye advanced Ic. Bailey was more active. Whiskey was neglected. Provisions were firmer; Mess Pork opened dull hat closed stronger though there was no advance. Green Meats were active favoring buyers. 1-arJ was steady and firm. Wool wus dull. Groceries were quiet. Gold was somewhat higher in Xcw York to-day. The maikct openedat declined to 133*4, ad vanced and closed at The lolloping quota tions were received by Boyd Bros., gold and slock broken: .ISSJi I 11:55a. m. I iSrlfim... H'£s a. m. llitM a. m. USWa.I3 -..lilxj AUip.tD IMH mno a. m latf* I Here there wap little ooinp. The broken were liujicff at l22*4®iS3i£—lbe exuviae figure bid at the close. Silver was comical at 122CMS5. The following table shows the dally range ted closing price of sold dories the week: Hacce. Closing. Monday ISJHWISt 18tH Wednesday l»sfiAl33 J32*i Thursday I£i»4Wl3W< 131 Friday I3*<fcl3l«i 131* '-Saturday 133*4t$IS4S 1M», GoVernmentt were steady atd firm, with a alight Improvement on some of the gold-bearing securities. The following table shows the closing prices ta JsewYorK to-day, compared \vi:h those of three previous days Wed. Thar. Fri. Salnr. Sue e ot'Sl XW*C I(*4 ics* Flve-Tncttles, 't.S X«H WH 1T?» 10:?i Five-Tweuties '(A I«SH 1“-’S !*>»« FUc-Twenticv. 'CS 1«S l0: *. ,fG S Ten-Fortics »* XOjf «|S» Sevcn-Thlrtiw, Ana.... 103 lit I'O 1(G ScveL-Tbirtus. June....IO*H s*cvtfa-Thlnle* i .July.... lOlii 101?* ItMX loiji •Exdlrldcsd. Dere the market was quiet lint firm. We quote conusstsi bEcvratixa—cmcico mitgrr. Unyiag. Selling. C. S. Sixes of ISSI 105 IW3H U S. &4U*. IWi 107 IfITX Tj. S. 5-Ste, lst>J 10T>»4 105*4 U. S. 5-SUs. 1»B lk«?, lUS& V . S. S-** (Final!) l'M>4olos IT. S. HMfto (large) *•#?» 100 U.S. Iti-JOa (small) l(U«i .... U. s, 74ita. isitcnes.. .10iy jus IT. S. 7-30*. M scries.? lUJH 105 U. 5.7-50 s. ZA fcdcs .0154 105 U. S. 7-Mte (»OJil) mtfi .... ■*V>Tt!twnm«i - June. 1501 ......110 *• July, iso* 1154 “ Amj., im “ Oc*., IS»W 11l •• Dec, ISM 113 •* >!ay,l9G3 lll‘J »• Aujr., ISfiS no “ Sept.. 1805 .14 « Oct- iso lea The Strcord National Bank clt-ea lie lolowing quotations for the Public Funds; Coupons, 18S1 1C« 1 Jnnc Oomp., wa .nr, trio Coupons. I •July ** 1an:c.....1U5t5®,117}ii Anc u .. 115 5-U) Coupons, I Oct **••114 -ma11.....iu3 0106 fllcc •* ** ..113 ro-n)Coup M laritC-- W S W..UIJ4 Coup.. unalMWWi I Aug •• **..n» 7-bu laTsc..lM*i€ilMai ! Sept 4 ‘ *‘ 109V4 1-iJ, I Oct ** ..liKf InLool Securities there Is notbinc and the market is entirely nominal at our qaouuoap: UajiDK. t-iiin". I*3 100 DC «J 7 93 Chicago City Sevens.... Cool, Count? Sevens... Clamber ol’Ccmmercc. took Market. January S» 1967, rooeiTed . Urctcn: Now York £i Clostnc prices tor cub. I'j Joseph M. Lyoui & Co.. m 3d itl id D’d. B’d. D*<L B’d. N. 111 w .... U.6.«perce#t Krle (com) 63** .... band*, 1851... 109 V .... >t. 8. u-0m).... W.H .... u. 8. t> per cent C.&’Pm* Fi* .... H'et lflar.d....l(S* .... U.S. 6 percent c.&N. w .... s-H coap„ *M. IfiSV .... C.A.N. w„nfd «5V .... cent IM-XW.AC.-Jfa .... MO cobp„ *6*. 105. V •••• OoKkallrer.... 45 .... U- b. 5 per cent n’. Colon Tel.. 46 .... KVJ3 9»X .... C. ft A. (co»)..IWV .... Tr. V01t5.75-10 Bar. AO ISO .... l«t serin 105 .... O. Cert«.. »V .... U. 8.7810,*! Icubooßltg7..lSS .... »crW INK .... lIL Central ...Hl* .... V.&. 38-10. »d . r.A Bead...,.lMj* .... terlM • CSfve.i*T«t....VMf .... Amer. 00W.... U*V .... T.a: Wbaasb... 44* .... \ iiarkcl-lst Beam Ann. No W Board Bator COILTIKBt'iAIi. SATOWiT Evtxrto. January 5.18V7. 1 he following tables <bow the receipt s aad ship ments of Produce enrirs the past twenty-four boars: ntCEiPTB rxst Tvmrnr-roun nouua. R.tT.O 5,2*1 ! 13,680 19,031 1 90,143 11>,25d 1 11,475 U.U33 4.545 3,069 4,WW 433 ! I. C 6,573 { 17,C00 I,9'JS 89,430 26,9 t» 1,477 »*2 | 4.590 27,870 ( 3.318 7.CW 1 11, 5^20 7.857 7,M3 . 15,079 12.919 I 936 9*o 15,‘/79 110,081 18 SU 1,367 8,670 96 60 "f UirXEKTS rABT TWXKIT-rOCTI HOCIU. 1867 IS€O 5.275 8,351 . 1,300 2,490 ! . €l4 .... I 1.256 1,400 : 1,030 890 . 8,608 , 32,757 1,215 ,193,659 50,063 402 441 . 1,266 747 .293,400 53.C0J . 2,001 1,991 . 2,219 . 023 .137,143 21,150 . 206 80 . 7,976 6,500 2T7 301.000 . 146 4-2,000 . 837 660 The letdfog Grain markets were somowhatex citcd to-day. In view of the more favorable ad vices tcceivcd last night from Liverpool, and a higher range of prices prevailed. Ihe market for Mess Pork opered quiet, with efiorw on the port of some operators to force a : 1 breakbat at the dose there was more inquiry, (hough holders were firmer in their views and refus ed lo accept the figures offered. We note sales of 2,300 barrels—pan last evening—atslS.3TJ4shlß.7s, cash, and $18.30 seller January—closing with buy ers of "jj’andard” at 516.50 and sellers at 513.6214. Favorite brands were held at $’.9.75. There was nothing doing in Prune Me*s or Extra Prime, and the market may be quoted nom inal at $1C.&.&16.50 for the former and $llOO lor the latter. For English Meats there was some inquiry and the maikcl waj firm, *itli sales' of CU) bis Cnmoerlands at tHc, cash, andetlK-r first hall of February. Sales of some 400 bif were made last evening at b}»c for Cam lands; t J4c forStrctfords 10j£c lorShort Clear, and U’c for Long-Col Hams. Bulk Meats arc scarce, mh sales of 20,100 lbs Dry halted Shoulders at Cjic, lootc. Green Meats were quite active at figures favoring buyers. We note la-go sales of flams ct Hie from Dressed and 9c from Slaugh tered Li» u s and 7;,c tor Uongb Sides from the j block. Lardwaa steady and firm, with sales of I ;t<i tes prime Steam at 1124 c, cash, and buyer Jan | utry- Gieaecsold to the extent of 95lca Yellow at Flocr, tils Wheat, hu Core, bn Ust-, hu I lye, hu Ilsrl.J, bu....... (;rat*bi f cU, £•<*.. Urcon Corn, lbs. cared iUat,Us.. Poik. brl« lard, !&* Tallow, ~*s Butter. tf*—.... BlCrPCtl Ucw« No, LlveEog:,No. . . HigLulLi-s,brJg. Wool, Hi* lnii,b< s lunch '• m..... Fleur, brls Wheat, bn Com, ba Oats, bn live, bu I>arlt.y. bn....... Grab* r-etd, ILb... Broom Corn, tbs. Cured Meal*, E>s. Beef, brls I’orl, bits lard, fcs Butter, lbs 1). Hogs, N 0...., Otitic, No Hide*, tfs H. Wise*, brls... Wool, lb* l.nmbtr, m BLii’glc*, m Lath. in Salt, brls Brettcd Hops were without material change. Fa'ca lauzcd from£fc7.oo—Closing at about for good averages. Whiskey woe dull, neglected* and entirely no uJrol, at $5.20 for Free, and 25c for bonded. Them vriis a pood demand for Flour, and the roaikct ruled firm, favoring sellers In some In stances to the extent of 10c. Wo note transac tions to the amount of s,flyy hrla, at $12.59013.50 forWl.ik Winters; $11.50012.25 for lied Winters; for Sluing Extras, and s•>.oo for Spriue Sopers. There was a good milling demand for No. I Spring Wheat, and the market advanced Ijjc. So. 2 opened active and excited under a strong speculative movement, ard the market advanced fully cc. Towards the close a reaction set in, and prices receded 2c—closing quiet, ilejccted was quiet but firm. About 61,000 bn changed hands, at $2 5“ for lied Winter, by sample; $3.19 lor No. J bpiirg. regular; $2.00 fur No. 2 in It. 1.; $1.95 01.9 T f. r do regular; ard SI.C7©I.CS for Rejected -dcsita at $2.19 lor No. 1, end quiet at $1.85 for No. 2 in regular houses. The mure favorable advices from Liverpool and New Vuik caused an active speculative demand iorCcm, and the market opened excited at an aovaoce of 500 c. Subsequently prices broke down, ana the Improvement was almost losl,*lsut at the close a tally of 101‘ic took place. The sales foot up 135,r0d ho, at ShoSsc for No. 1; 72 (Ji’.Ciic for No. 2; CCOSSc for Rejected, andß3o 55c tor Ear—closing quiet at BlVjc for No. 1. Oats were steady and firm with sales at ■»2yc.-*oKc for No. 2—closing with sellers of reg ular at-SSc. live advanced lewith sales at 9Oo9Sc—the in side for ires b No. 1 sod iCc for No. 8. 'there was more activity in Barley and the market was stronger, with sales at G3072C for No. S the upper figm e for receipts In the Rock Island; 4Sc for Itojocted. and 70c&$1.10 for sample lota. Ta’low was quiet and steady, with Bales at 10c fer dly, and for Country. Groceries arc quiet ami unchanged, though in trine instances holders are inclined to bo firmer in their views. *llio following tcKgrams were read oa ’Change to-day Iscw Vo UK. January 5. F!cur hotter and Mlatile nt {in.30313.d0. Wheat wronger, and held at $e.35©i.50. Cora tameal 11 SUln rtoru. Oats better at C>o6Ge. IMrk dull at 519.12?i@21.1*2*i. la:d quid and tUady. Hoes heavy at tS.SiJiSO.Ov). Gold, 133,v Fleur “Ironcer and quiet. Wheat linn. Coro film lu quiet at il.l Jin store. Oat* firm. Gold S4J a . I.ATKIt, In the aflcmoon the Grain markets wore Inac tive ai.d nominal at the dosing figures on Change, There was considerable Inquiry for M:»s Pork, with sales of 50.) brls at : 700 brU at ©15.50 acd 20: brls at fIS.37K. Lard was firm, »I 0» sale* ot 200 ires steam at I13(c. Greco Ham.'* sola to the of I,uuo pc* irotn Dressed Uogt at SHc. Beef cattle were quiet, with prices nominally ODcbaoscii. The little desirable ntock os'erlng was taken op by shippers at tubitanllally the clogim: rates of yesterday. The receipts to-day were 150 head. Entered sale* :110 head, cblely at S-4.U'3-5.50. Deceived this week, 3,U0l heed. The market closed Arm at J3.UO®6.ST;i. 55.5JU36.7.S Tlr market lor Live Hogs opened lively and contxuedthna to Iho close. Pack-re were the almost exclusive operators —ls.llo head coin* Into their hands at |5.50®3.1W for common to fair, and IC.OOQ-C.oo for Rood to choice Hors. The market closes strong at the above quotations, will less than 2,100 head left over unsold. tSorctpt* and' Shipments of Lire and Dressed Ilogv from October Ist to Date—Approximate Packing. Tic following tallies show ilie receipts n&d fbipbente of Lire nod Dressed Ilogi tram Octo* ber :»t to date, for two years; nacxzprs or uoos. lrOu-7. Wok * Uvo Drcs’d. Lire. Drcs'd. Oct 6 22,1*M .... 24,'J10 ;S 13,4119 .... 22,795 2i>....... 25,721 .... 17,517 27 IC,WO 7 11,900 8 Sot. 3 1C,750 58 ©,704 « lu 99,88 *3B 17,«53 10 17 13,7.9 193 27,730 90 24 13,403 351 25.913 95 Dot, 1 10,120 1,2*5 15,737 133 g 82,1115 1,713 6.122 ISO 15 24,tn3 2,506 10,616 023 22 6C.524 16.363 23,973 5.063 SJI 36.713 2V.H3 81,463 15,808 Jaa. o 55,775 27,621 62.235 23,907 Tctti :»vao 7i,338 ais,su- kusi Aul Dressed.. 71.'0C 60,151 . 435.535 .... 575.996 tinpimrra or IIOCB. I&.G-7. 1 Vc-k M-d'K- Lave. Drcs'd. live. DrcflM. Oc„ 6 22,9 ii .... iß,aae ir. 13,(M2 .. . 19.753 .... 21» 13.513 .... 15,1-11 27 15,261 .... 7,239 Sot. 3 8,737 .... lU«9 11 10 .... 10,374 .... 17,616 W 17 0,283 8S 13.03 '2l 4,803 90 10,709 Dec. 1 6,515 149 12,489 75 p SOM 613 1,166 10 53 712 10* 30.032 5S 29 9,6*6 f s Sl2 B,«» 3,«l JC» 794 11,965 *,«B 10.768 Jan. 6 0,684 1,939 3,533 Total 117,551 25,051 153.059 17,51 Add Drcaecd.. 85.031 17.V7T 143,632 Total Dtdnchrg Ike shipment* from the receipts, Ike hahmee should Indicate approximately the cum* herofUogs packed and butchered for city con* sumption Receipts... Shipments. I l *cl. cd and butch ered 2J2,9C3 205,000 ii-.ser*. Milward & Co., In their Circalipol to day, approximate the packing; thU season, np to date, at 255,337. . Cblcnso Provision Market. CmcArto, January 5,1567. Tbc event* ofttapa?t week hare done more to 1 dnee fOlrCr-minded consideration on Uie part oT opar tors Las been apparent Cy iLelr acUcn* tor son time. Reckless tcdmcreuce seemed to have taken possss elon of U>«-ir mind*, and the price ol hog* wu ad vanced call; without eemlng calculation aa to how thcmciLLj was to return. Bat the replies from the rations parking points as to the present and orospcc- Uve state otihcir imt-tccsi havcdevelopedsnch a state of aralrs that operators have paused In th-lr onward carevr.acd Investigated matter* with cautious inter- Horn irqclrle* instituted by most rctlMtleCin clncatiana It appear* that the number of hogs cut, and e» i Hustl'd to« be cut, at the varlon* points heard . fh-m bam up UDs\BX) head, agalart l,tGa,7tß head last 3 ear, * how Inc »n Increase ol about W.COO head. If the point* *U'l to bo helrd from should Increase In the same ratio, the whole picking wlllsom op 3 2c8,675 head, against 1A53.474 bead last v f ar,showiccan Increased nearly Otyaj head. AU joints U-alwc bate heard from report an Increase in weight. and the result exceeds our most dreaded ap pn litxbloos. At the commencement of the season. It wasuniversally ccac*d«l that,with the absence of* ford'Ti demand. we canid not cipect to consume a crop even tonal to that of last year**, eicept at very low prU cs. The foreign detuned docs promise flat teringly; at any rate,lt will not amount u. the anttci psud incrucse In the crop over last }«arV, so that we are forced to the conviction (hat the summing an of the packlrg Mason will present such an exhibit that lowtr prices must mle ihr.ugtoat. The receipt* ct bogs tor the past weet jam ap M fol lows, viz: Dressed. 47,'i1: live, 55,«rJ; Utah SVbt; and the shipments: creased. 9,‘#3; live, ; 1 : total, B,i C»—leaving 75.54 bead h r packers, city coasump tlomai a number left overtnpais. tor the correspond* Inc period last jear U:e tccclpt? were: Dressed-i-,*..; ll\;.!*;lota-. 10.M5; and the diipmeot*: dre»«d. UA3j; live, I,S<B; total. 5,17 i— leaving lor packers* use. *«• TJ,U»' hiad- By the courtesy of Mr. Chaanh r, president of the Union Stock lards of this city, we are enabled to state that the at ta*l receipt* cf Uve hoes from the Ut ot October to tfceSUtot December, sum up SSM.4PI; and the ac uat »blpmcnts, UCX7, phonin' a dincitnee of 317,314 heal. add lt n this CUerctce between the reccing and M-tVntcnw cl Crested, head, and allaw- Iti: that the rcotlpt* hr aagoa have hcensuffldctllo supply Iho clti consuit-plon, wc Lave 2-C»,au as the I tuLcr part'd to «tcc'»t cltlrn-, whlth very nearly r-cord* with our last w»Tk*» estimate. The pack ng to the pt-tunt Calc approximate* to SSSJJ7 head, aralr.'t aheut 111.7C1 l.cnl at tame time hot year. The n a-kvl forllve hop* wss excited early m toe week, sue rr-e.r) artvarev-s to $6.00 and jd.tO gn>a, hot Ihittvjrr receipts produced a decline to f3.7S<CJO. The rltM* octet at js.WaG.ia gross. Dressed hogs YC at about net, dlTidl&s oa :c< cp, c'.t-s'.za quid at came, fitipperi lure pu chi'H'd Irt-cly. rktst *' ’rodocu inronzh th* «r«S hu_ mis! j Tue market lor rrt>- —miaiius ~w ctl-U »’-«! la a any ms* * r. Mrat pork «old roall ly early It th-wrclat fJ9.Co;hut sutaegueatly drag* red ala' c at firJO'rtliw, and clo'ci quiat allUo taildo DBoratJon. Fnme tn'>* ha* met but n limited laqmry, t*eft a w »»lm made being m f10.C03t5.50. Extra prims ha.sadvanced mad dost* llnnat JIUO. Hump para held r.nnlv at Hulk mc.iu cured art scat ce. and are l.dd hmlT at IKC fur fhomders, an-i Minar pht:cc hams have wid tj»ome <-.itemall(k4Uc, rm.rJpallTaMheinMc naamhm. Ot»*en meat* are r.TO at for shoulders: »V(*ic lor aide*, and *tiVl»c for*. meat* have in lictter miut»t and some parcels sold at B>c lor CnmlierUne*; M>VC for Stre:fcnl*»; 9J»c for short middle*; lor. short clear, and 10c for lon* cut hairs. The market cloi*-d tarn: as the accounts Ron England are lar from cheerful. I/ird ha* &'«t a moderate cemand at prime, and lU»ilW< - (hr So. i. Crease-Firm alSEUltt lor white; 6K&Syc low.acd'ik(i*Xc tortrom. Tallow Bna»e firm alStf c, ad Tallow Ann at 9J*c lor country, end for city n-niwed. _ , Freight*—rnehansed. Dressed Uses In Detroit—Jonnarr 4. Kctwlthotandlnr ftlllm; «-!fln othtr markets, rKt'rme rtlea coacnoc to N: realised for ilreMot hoc*, owtric to the KaMty. Faehcw. who are la talr Mupp)y, c< r.t;a«e to crcr t7X«s)*.(sd.vjdlnc oa 290,)>ut Id arsw ease- IV?5c higher was paid to-day ii prc'crenc** to theallmiatlTrcf tempornruy •Ufpcndln? operation*. Price* here. In all probability, can advance uo Inrther >u lone u ether ma>kcts keepd.-wn. Tlic rcporte<l sales to-day were: 10 light at f 1X0; ISS, averasim; 319. on n. aO, arersclnc '•‘fd. at 17.49; 2 cars, dtvldlu? oa 209, at tl.Cftal.sC: acara for>londay*aueUvery,*llvldl3?on 210. at at 51.T037X5; 20. tu m Mrrcr. at (1.25, all over 250; and 59 from street, at ouMdc ncurc lor tOipi weluhine SW. It U IKSHblctn'.t our receipt* will be materially ausmeat ctl dnner tlic cctnlng week by arrival* from tne south ern Road. There are a lew very Impormul p-luu In the dressed ho: trade on that read, from which large ccn*lenmchU wererecelvol beie a week or two aao, but in the meantime the roledotnarkctadvancedahote our*, w Meb naturally diverted th- trade thither. Oir marl ct l« low thß htebrst, which. If the hoe* axe In the country, will i.o doubt cauic the lido to turn once more lu this direction. P“ Drctwcd Hogs Id /Itbany. January 3. Tticrr 1? no Important change to notice la the general feature* of the market, bat if anything there I* rather more flruuios. There nreaiew transient buyer* he.-.v awl city ruritrs eUll boy pparlnrly. The receipts 6ln?e our last cum up bOO head, and altlmip:li Urn market u well supplied we notice o* Increase In storks since Sat urday; If anything there U a nccrevse. borne fan l */ lots are held at |9.Uand others are limited to **.oo, but the blßt.i st figures of buyers Is iSS): and we daabt w Ltther anything over that figure could be obtained even for the owt.-The*alesuwlsy were: VS head Michigan, averaging 3iO as, at 1:0 head Chicago, averaging 3ii flu, at BJO 19 head State, averaging *<M lbs, at 9-0 At Eait Albany yesterday afternoon there were sales cf €2l head. Hooks, averaging 23 ts, at fSAJ*S9.7a l.UOhiarton foou v .on p.t. 1 his calc on foot cleans out the yards of all live clock- rbriadelpluu Floor Alarkei-Jannary 3. Bolder* cot t.nue verr firm in their views. but the demand u limltta. Al-oul hWObrls soldialoM to the retailors *ud bakci* at price* ranging from fS.3i to ss.lsftr enperfiit; {9.K&10.50 for extra: «tI.aKULS for low grade *i.a Urey Northwest extra family: US VOfellHo for Pennsylvania and Ohiofamll>, and iU-Wisfe.OC per hrl for flinty braccU, according to quality, liyc flour sella In a small way at tT.Tspcr hrl. In Com meal there u nolh ng doltg. ProTlflomi in I’Uiladclphta—Jan. 3. Tberc is i o uat«i lal change to notice In price or dB - Small salts arc reported at <2I,00«ll-W V bn tar n-w n.c*s pure: 14»B«c Vtt for plain and fancy ba con hams; 15(*17*c tor pickled do; for salt tLouldtr*, > a lor prime Uidin b:U and tics. lllllCACiO DRY HOODS MABIiET, Sattkoat Etisisq, January 5. Tb« market daring ibe week has niied very quiet. I'rlntf arc unchanged. Brown Sheetings are steady and firm. Bleached goods are l&9c lower, licks de- CitQtd 102 c. We quote closing prices u follows:>4 | American 1< v , .30 I Amositcac 16 V ..19 I Uocbeas B u ..IB Mourning 77 ..IS# I Allen's IT 4 ..18 liroTldcnce 17 ..17K I Janus Sanders' 16* ..IT |(Tloue(vter 17 . 15* I W.\VM rwaanA:Co..!3 ..15* 1 Pnlon ll* ..17H iWamsutta II ..l«H 1 Colombia. U OIKGIUXS, ..34* IGlasgow 33 ..34)» I Uuannke. .....19 Jlcmnsc Ti. tlrrncac V. Cocbeco I'acltc Barters Spragure DunnellV... Manchester.. Lovell Arnold’?... . Übcttlcr.... lUchfLOtid... Clinton... Lancaster. bbows BUcertNoa. Dancer 1 Atlantic- *1 Lawrence. 35H I l-cpoc.-vll O Wfc Stick 4—4..' an iCrcalFaUa M 30 Act>lcloti4—l «>* ‘ “ “ S 13 Medford 4— 4 SIK Indian Orchard A.... its NnthDS ............... W “ ** C..... 31 Indian Ileal 4-4 “ “ 1»U... 1 9:4 Caboil A 4—4 21« “ ** W..«. Is* Atlantic 4-4 «Jf " . L.... I. Ainwkcac 4—4 - IK* Boot Mills n 163* Salmon Falls 4—4 tlv ** ** 0... ..30 Aeawam F 4—4 tf.V “ »••• *‘K AppMon i) 4—4 au Western World Mi* IPInnlK A 1-4 19 Artwnsht. 33J< Fwl*lKl»er 4—4 13 Portsmouth P. 14 r«.pp'reU F. 23 Napoleon 13 * B 21 Quaker WJ* PeppertllN 17 Bixacxucu smßmcoa, jf. y, Mir* 4—l 40 Bed Bank 7-S 16 Wamentia 4—4. 37J» “ " 4—l .19 Bates 4—l SO Lonsdale 27 White Bock 4-4 3T.V Arkwrlpht 31 Bills 4—4 3Wambcck a « -_g 3< "» J. ft W. Slater 4-1 27* Maeonrille 4—4 *3 Canoe 3—1..... i2>» Bay MUH4—I 53 SlatcrrilleT-e.........5) At droscoggla 4—4 37 Biacksiooe Klver I • —35 tmi’f.Ti ?—ft '.V.V.-a Blarketone A a 36 •* 4—4 33 Ballon ft Bon 4—4 aaj* “ “ 7—£......30 rarEBCABOCICi. Lonsdale...—.... SO [English 203* Cambrics 153*816 | divub. __ Amoskear.. 40 conn ecu cut .....33* York 87 * Washington 77 Macebtetor SO Mlllord Improved V> Oxford .\. .SS* HbieniU 77 Union.. .A 30 Cora City 35* lUymajkcr’B....4l l*awn« •••••24 rnaj-KDtJiirnsGf. Araofkcag. S 3 Whliuaidcac .71*' York SI ** A S 3 American. rnauvlllo. J 8 (477 |ialw Sfi TLcrndike 73* JO Shemciust 10 Amoakccc AC A ® Haiatllen, reguitr ~* “ a 46 “ D .....S3* •* b 40 Pemberton E 37* M c » “ A JO « D so Swift River .»* York W-ltch 40 Star MlllsSUncb ....XJ Allumr 16 “ “ Winch US York SMnch JO ■ eowrrni**, Araoakeag 39* I Indian Orchard 18* Lstoma 72* | ABdro*ci».cln.. My Bates tSV < I’emircll K Naumkcactfaltssn....** (Ulobe. U cxstok ruxsaL*. namtUon stout » i ihorndlse 37* BJsrton T. 77*INacmkragbl«li.. 9J Utows I)KILLS. iron 34 h I Penmorton 34 Laconia. ... W* I I’epporaU ......34* delames. Manchester, new » | Hamilton ...55 Puente. new 74 IAU ttool 43is*J BaLWORXL brtet*. Gilbert’# SZyri UanvanA UuUekcn.l3.33 t> iicox Kallegn’s 3.00 I'ontooauc. 3ii7w£gO Bruner 7.74 Washington Mi115....3.60 Bellsoftheseaioa.. 1.35 nrexADt. j.ftP. Ccat* |UO HrrenA Daniels.,.. 71* Clark’s UO While baeln 90 IlmlleT* Co’* f 5 Oil’d 1.08 Wuipied Braids.... SS WUUrsanuo S 3 Station! - 70 cottos txox», rro. Fag'S O* I Eaxlem... 66 Hope «3* I Carpet Warp CO Franklin .W I Caiidlexick 1-ark CO 1 Chicago Batts 41i.50 caxi’im. Lowea.Sply 73.16 Mq-erflae. ....11.5V31.i3 •* super 1.»3 Cfo*«lvy*s fat,Tape* ** IXO UarUorc.*-xtra3-ply 23 lUxbury... I^3* •• lnip’l3-plj 3.13* Rmpuv illuS IJ4 « suiter...... 1.73 Belgrade 1.0 •• medium... I.K CA»U(KBXS. „ ramm * Bveh’s 65 I Everett L J7* Wabash 40 1 Everett O ») CHICAGO CATTLE MARKET. For the Week Ending January J. omci or tbs Daily Tstboit*, Satccdat firsxivu, January 5. BEUF CATTLE. The Idllowine t»Wo Btiuwa the Arilt reectpn red iiupmpDU at Peel *C»rtle danse the »w 6 esdlne to day. compared with the receipts sad shipments of thf corrctpocdlne week Ust yuar: BocMpts. Sunday and Monday, Tiic*day TVwtrcwlay Thursday Friday Saturday »... Total WW 4,371 1.4 M 1,61 Last week 2.056 .... LS33 Week bciore last. 3.631 .... ISO By eotnparlnc the receipts fbr this week and last w Hod the fjUowme: Receipts more man last week -t,3M bhlpmcnu more than last week I,<M) 11, cy compare with the receipt* for the corrwsponJtag wrct of IMfi, as follows: Receipt* this week. .3.*}* Receipts for corresponding week of 18W i.nri Reeelpu lea* this week L&>7 For the same period in the year 1353, we find: Rrccl pts this week .. . Receipts tor corresponding week ol ISGS Receipts IswthUwcck ISSS-C. THE MARKET. The market opened thl« week with a moderate do* maod, and price* ranging BatxuntUUy the samo ai at the close of la*t week. Tno receipts have been light— especially of good shipping grades—fir which there has been a steady, (Sir demand through-ont for the markets ot New York, Pittsburgh and Udffita, and all droves ansa rrlne these description have louad ready buyers »t fair remunerative rates. There has been a very moderate demand lor common Butchers’Stock, so that the supply, though by do meats extravagant, proved folly oqual to »ihe reqn ire ments ot the trade. The market is etid liberally stock* ed with Poultry, and so long as the consumer can pur* chase the aaroe at live per ft the butcher will scarcely find ready sale Ibr his Beef at 13c. Eastern advices have generally been satisfactory, which has kept the shipping trade to a good, healthy condition, Wc quote the market lor the week as fclily active for good shipping Beeves, at an advance of 95c ¥ 1M os, with common and medium grades quiet andaom- Inally unchanged. To-pat—The market was quiet, though for good shipping grades there was a Cslr Inquiry, and had there been a liberal supply of snch on site, all would no doubt have found purchasers. Transactions embrace StOhead, which were divided between shippers and city botchers, at prices rangmr from 34.00 fbr common mixed lota to (d JO for fair steer*. The market closes Una, with less than 300 head unsold. The following are the current rates: 1533-®. rgiot». E?trfi B&r**— Fine, fat, weiUformed. 4 to 6 yean old Steens, mod areraplDf 1,200 BB ard upwards f W 136 97# TMmf Good, well-fsttcd, Islrly fornied steers, arenplng from 1,100 to 1,(00 B‘,al. 6J&36.3S fiTjr tsraa-p— Fair Steers, la Odr Utah, ar erantp UXXftl.loo Its, at. SJB£S.73 A'laiL’m Cfu**—Mediant Steen and pood Cob b, Ct for city aUuptiWr, and averag ing MCkiljaOßs, at... 4.2335.00 1 ft?nie—Common Cattle in decent aTprarlnp SAIL* CO Ba, at 5.73^1-50 Inferior— Light and thtn Cowa and stecra, rough and coar»e. at engine Bs, tA ** CAITI£’SALESTO-D A y! 0T.338 IFG4-7. 1555-5. 435,295 3T3,tW. 115,634 179,935 V.\i Nineteen bead pood liclfer* and Steen, aTeragine .ca &*. nts.'a. . . _ Klfiy-lbrec bead good Steen, averaging U 255 »*, head Cow* and Steer*, averaging 470 »s tt toe. nocs. The follow ice are the receipt* and ehlpmeeu far the cun tut wcet, and jor the ccrrtj ponding i*eriod jear Sunday and Monday. Tuesday. P nlmilij Thursday Friday —• Saturday Total J3.W2 WSI .... U 3) lArt wcr* S>vT7* .... 1M Week li'forc ;ast ii. 197 .... 9AS .... The market for the week Jn»t closed has been ehar acterlrcd by more activity than at any time since tie opcnlßjr of ibe season. The recdots are considerably in excess of those of any week dartne the packing season, but, under a 5 ood, healthy dnanpd, nearly all have been readily absorbed, not have prices suffers! utocr the larte arrivals, tbe market closing strung at abem the opmlnc rate*. Except the few taken by city butchers, packer* have been the exclusive optrator*. Shipper* arc oat of the market. There was a brisk demand to-day, 15.44 C head chang- Ins lat dr. These were taken atS3£3S<hSS for common to choice nofis. The market dotes strong. with less t>'«t 2.CCC head left In the pens unsold. The fallowing areUio closing prices for this week and last Goed to Choice., Medium 10 Fair. Common , S 3, AT. ITI~. So. AT. Prtje. S 3 art (£.OO ISO *» fMS 63 3T*3 6.00 91 art 6.W 9) *49 C 05 70 3U5 5.3 lie S 3 f-13 W 2.‘l S.SS SI MB 6.15 lt>J *66 S-® - « ISO S» 4j S» 6-jJ rn £73 6.ia 4* sn g.i» in tW 6.t)0 W SIS 6-»3 uw 333 S.tfl 333 SO 0.40 140 VSS 6.17* 137 8W filEKT—'The market for the week liu beca awler* att’v active, ted under Ughl arrivals pnc« hare hero wthrnetaincd. Good mutton grides are clued? Id drmaiu, a:.J holders ot droves answering this dfr icrlpUi-D have cipcrieoccd do difficulty la cdaeUag ralts at 101 l rates. Cocmoa and inferior gradoi hava i hsuaualbcca quiet. CUICAGO DAII.V KlAliliKTi All *alf* o/Gr<*i* report'd m «ft market r>pcf re TMdf or the pom of (ict fteriOf, tr\lru ilervue npre»»rd. gxTL’EDAT Ercnso. Jam ary 5,1867. FREIGHTS—IUuxoad ratioars—Tiw loU-w --lex Hint Jornttarlffontar Santera roa^i: • sd ;ui on*d Sates Irotn CairatP to— el«««. cla«<. Floor. Hoji. r.uttaln, .a. OS 47tf S 3 W loicalQ,C.W. « M w Mqttreaa J S 3 , 1-M I Jri i» ojv is* Kew Tone US M IS3 IM TUotra and Albany BoatonrttGraod linnk 1A w IJO 1.00 TurUaDd no Grand Trunk 210 IAO KJiMkipbU. 1-U » vn i.» r-aitiaort IJ3 85 i.TO i. 40 PJiUbiircn TO 53 IXO *0 Ctvclutf, Ohio *5 Si n U JeO* rsonrUle. loJ. CincltsaU. tmio.., pi4>ru-UeeelvM.&£nbrl«; KtDppca. 6,413 brla. Market firm, and cn the better trades as advance was realized, bale* were: WoitxWurrrES-ITOorU “Ran dall and Pollers’ "(Pastry) at (13X0; 100 bru not oam*l at $13.33; 13 brla do at {14.53; UNsor.Np—ltM hrls not earned Bt|lo.6'JX; Red wiyretto—loo brla not named at $12.25; 10C brlsdo at (1L50; Sraiaa Kirnas—3jo brls not named at $15.10; 530 brls “Cc*Ur Rapid*” Oerternav after ’Chance) at (HXi): 100 hrU ••RlcLoar’ at 111X0; luO brla ’Hiarneus’ BrceMor" at *11.5) ; i(» trlfc not named at Ill.Cd: TObrU da ai 111 uo; 500 brla do at {lOdfiV: lOubrla do at SUjjlK; 299 brla do at |10A); 100 Lrls do at f 10.15 ; 100 brla do at 110.15: la brla go at $10.15; ICO brio do at (10.15: ICO brla “ L'tltn XT" at $'0.15; UM brla not natt-rd at $10.50; 6tO brla Coat (10.35:100 brla da at (1b 35; UO brla do at (10*00; SU) bnado at (I0UK1; liX) brU •• Colorado" at SI3XO; 190 brlt do How »fr»do> at 19.15 ; iu) bru do no; named at (0.50 ; 310 brla dot t •*>.Co. Bwhso bcPirt—ls brla no; named at (s-*S). \V(IEIT-Received, 13,‘St bo; thlpped, i.sco r>a. Market Vr bell* ron No. 1 bprtne; No. 3 opened excited sea advantedSc. bni»ub»ecuer.llj fell Men 3c—closing culi'i. bales were; BtP wwr«-ltdbu. by eatnnle. at S2XO; BrntJctt WiilaT— bu No. 1 at $2 .19 ; Mb bu No. 3 at $3.(0 (U. I.): SObbadoal (IdR; 10.400 bu dc at ll.bCtt: bn do at (1.96 ; U3W bo do at 81X5V; 1 ‘■b» bu doat(l.X> regular; 1.450bn Reactedalsl.'A; ei-b bn do at SIX 7— cluing at SU9 for No. 1 and quiet at ll W for No. r Hnrms In regular houses. roilN—llecttvel,2i’,l4obu; shipped,*!! bn. Mir ket opineil cached and advanced, sahuxiacatly a reaction act li>. reccdlnc sc, ra.lyluj* at the clcse J vc. bale* were; S.OCOhu No. 1 at Sic; 13.CW0 at ; 10.900 ba d<’ at Kike; 35,0(0 be do at Sic; *S,UX uuil>at V3>,'c; 15 0(0 bu do at tic; 5,0,0 bo do at SI >* c; S.CU) bo d* at B'c ; MOO bu do at SOtfc; 10.000 bn do at SiVc; 5.000 bn do at Vic; WObudo (N. S.)at lie ; 300 ba N0.2iU.1-) atisv; l.iUi ha do at l'-c ; 5.000 bn RJ-cted at 5Sc; tibbu aoal 50c; Kan Coa.f— bn at jjc, m arrive; bn at 10c—closing rather slow at Sl*c for No. 1. OATs*— Received. 12,47» bn; shipped. 1.336 bo. tlar tel tm;. Saifs were: 36.000bn N 0.3 at 43c cash aad seller Uic mcnlb; 10.0(0 ba do at 43*c; 1,2)0 bn do at 43uc (fresh)—closing at 41!f®43e, lIY K—Received. bu; shipped. bn. Mar ket aarauerd le. bales were: UOObu No. lat Hie; 1.2 M Imdo at b'.c; UXhn do (winter) alOCc; SOO bn No. 2at Received, 4.5G0 bu; ablppfel. 8M bo. Market firm. 6alcswere; 11.000buNo.2(B.I.)al!3c; M»ou bn (regular) at 6Vc; M 0 bn Rejected at ISc; 409 ba by sample at $1.10: MO bn do at f IX4; 4go bado atsOc; 16 bu uo at 15c: 4X bu do at The, A1X01! O l.—Nominal at BKA.S—No fairs reported. Nominal at (13X03 CORN— Market doll. Bales were: 1 teat lair ni {145.(0. 111-.AN*—Are retailing at (4.00(34X0. -(wvl _ - BlilTEtt- Received, luXU »s;»nipped. 2,000 Bf. There is to noticeable in- provemtnt In the demand, and under an increased tnpplypncea rale lower. Ibc In quiry is confined almost delusively to snppiylmr local want*, and sales are slow at our reduced quotations. Sale* to-day include 10 pk£B at 3te; sdo at 35c: 15 teKsat2lc;3niktn» prime at) tc, Wcnow quote; choice Dairy c Good Tub.... » »» C Common Firkin...... 1* c rrttno c UACiCllMl—Tliemarket presents no now feature worthy of note. Trade U Utnitcd, thoagh under mod erate flocks prices keep well up, and moat aescrlp- Uoiifl are held u lerahly firm at quotations. We repeat Hl-.VET MILWjIBO it Co. our lift: National A,2 ho, seamleaa Unea.. LnlonA.Sbu, do Illinois A. 2 bu. do stark A, eoltos*« arnica* ?*S9 Lewiston A, do W AtdruecbiSUL do TO.OO American. do 2-W leaver Mltla* do W.W nttsfield oo O.U I*i on Mills, do jj?JO Fen Pitt, do tlijjo, do 73. U) Saco. .Inen and cotton 55.00 SS tiutmie* JJW Burlap* 4 ou, ho. 1 se.W Emilro CUT 40.00 CllEE>E—Trade Is alack, with prices steady and tncbu crd. The stocks loough not extrarapuft, are MifEilcnt to mict the present rrquiTODcnt* or themar kit. v e cake so change tn oar (.notations a.« follow*: K».ir Tort Factory (genuine) IS <#l9 c Factory (Idlncls) 16 (fl« C Hamburg 1® C«»l* c western Itceerre 15 »1» c Western scales 14 <*l4 c “YootiK America*’ ...... ... f<3o c CO A I.—There U a brisk demand lor this article, and under mil atou*. prices remain steady and orui a: pre vlcti' rater, v Mch are as follow*: Euir—Brookfield. f lUW oo Onrsby. IJ.OO CLevEi,.*jp—itnar nil! 11.00 Co Mineral ladco. 10.00 do Widow Dank HU3 or* Tonne! 10dD Chippewa. 10-W Lump Lelilgh 15.00*16.«J Lachawana, prepared U.W Scranton lt.oo I*it:sion. 1110 6JVto M 0 do on track ■ 5.Wu4 6.00 Toußhlopbcny 11^0 COII BEIt A tlK—Marsel ftcadr. Sales were: 1,000 por« Burrelis at #».US: IT3 do at fUO; 200 Thants* at >2 M, delivered; 1M WUBkey Barrels at Tort Barrel* at $2aV. ... . , . COFFEE—The market for the past week has been steady. and close* with prices firmer. We quote:. .java. C Klo, common to lair Bio. good to prime .. "iVimJ c lUo. prime to choice 11 ‘ir*!! 0 EUliS—Were in fall supply, and slow with sales ehivily at Sec. Ihe only Inquiry la to supply local customer*. FHIITSAND NTTf*—The peneral market con tinues quiet. with prices of most descriptions tin* chars*-«). Winter Apples are tn fair request, and with a rather limited supply In the mark-t, are wring hc.d at an advance of k<*Tsr per hrl. for good to prime ouailhs. t'holec varieties *old rcadilv at fS.OOft sjo mUd ait occasional sale at J6.M. Urie l Apples are in Urge sunnlr and easier. Southern Fruit Is slow at Save, ard Michigan and Ohio at Idftllc. a* to Quality. Oi the smaller Urlert Frutu the ttocis ar« not extrava gant and prior* are well sustained and generally firm. NtiU are in demand and firm at quotation*. Wegive thef. Hammgu the current rates; ouls revue. .«U) 5 50 . 5.00 6.00 .KUO «UOO .10.(0 (SHXW .15.00 C 30.00 Arp'.**. P Ors'-ges, Havana, *< UO Lemon-. Malaga Cr»t hemes, wild cnmbvrnts. cuiilvaird nnixt) nsrits. Canned Pcachf*. i» doa.l ft can* 4.© Si 4.75 Apple*, new f <-♦ }| rc»rtJ«, h*l«J and quarter* 16 a 19 I*e*che*.p*r*d 40 a 43 i*eacne»,p*r*u ........ v» »« Klackl<crrl», new. © » c-4 » K#Kphcrrle*,iiew, V © M ** 22 Cherries, pilled „ „ Klcerheirim, © .5 g " Kftumi, layer 4*‘j{ ®»."0 Almonds, hanlshelled © *5 Atmo&R>.s«n shelled W *» AUnrnC*. par«r shelled »,® » Peanut#. I'lX'a ii llrarU Not* ~ ® n ® i? EnclUh Naples Walnuts. '• <4 11 mans, imaU ardlargc w » » Hickory Mitt, * *-* Chestnuts, V hit I®-®) «U.OO r 1 Ml—There li little traproTetrml to note, as yet, in ite c« ncral character of the market, though In an. llclpnlun of an Increased demand toward the ciom* of the present month, dealers arc generally holding their CCHxi»I-:nilv. The inquiry I* now coaaned chiefly to supply inp the city retail grocery trade. The following are the prices current; „. _ WhllcCeb, No. 1. 3* hrl I,‘ Q* •• N 0.3. Chrl Wsj» «J 0 Trout. No. 1, j, hrt 0.W.4 5^ » jo, 2, w hrl 4-Mn 4.75 Mackerel. No. 1. J» hrl. new 1 V^HIVS ~ &™,%N? r A S.m : r ’HS'iS •• No. 1, kits, new lf&.e 2.75 •• lamiiy. kits J-** 5-i» CodCsh, Cans. * 100 ©• *• George’* Hank 8.»>,• 9.r0 Hake I-* l ’- *-09 Herrings, dried. >o.l, F box J® *• ucacd— 70r* 75 Labrador Harrier. V hri UJWjittJiO - H ItN 4.00 J «.» Norwegian •* K‘». ? hrl If-®* »* •• M’#. P hrl 16.0 FEATHERS—SaIta were: 100 nsaU3c;loo ©s »t TPc. (; It SE—w»n*; trr» Tcllow at 8 »tc. iili:a\\ iMa»-»ff*mv% 19 brl»; *h>Pi*cd. 2?o hrl». VnrVot i!o.l and uomlcst at ti.JO tor >rw and V*-An< dull at ST&fOe for Eat tern aad %o@Hc te mt?>HKD noiSS-Rtfrtved, ‘.WT; shipped, 3,v4ti. MerVi't wiuwnt Important changi. Sales were: 17 averaging JJS bs. at co ** xro st, st. *-W jj “ ttSß%at SI *» *» 8.4. »u 45 “ W7B9,at. IPfi all over 67 ; •• ...Ba,aU. 6 “ *908»,at.. 47 •• IS6SB,aU. S 3 •* 3SO 88, St.. SSt “ ... Bs, at.. St •• a»B«.at... S 7 *♦ £6 Ba, at... S “ ..«Bs. at... ISI »*, at... St “ invß».ai... 63 •• 810 80, at., ss at.. 16 •* rt) BS au. *9l •• ... 88. at.., 133 «♦ 813 Bs, at... 6 “ 18$ M. lit... 252 OKIuIEROn 200 BS au. 33 ** 3TO 88, at.. 107 •* SCO bs at. Shipment*. 1<67. IJ»'A 13<7. ISM. .... •.■74 .... STV «« C 64 .... MJ LoiJ 1,1« 1.301 W 9 056 1,071 Wi 3i» ISO aw 237 a* ** 253 “ “to •* SCO fts at 640 and C. 75 44 •» AX) St. at 0.50 and 6.75 —closlrt at |6 SO tor heavy averages, H A « —me stock on hand is hr means excessive, nut o» mg to the oulet state ot the market, rtesirr* have re ducer their r.->:rs 50c\$tldK) per ton. Quotations now stand ■» follows : wnorxsAik ptttces. Timothy, roller and beater pressed. Timothy.loose pr>atv<l Pmrie, beater pressed- Timothy roller and tester pressed ..00 Timothy.i«*.*e pre-sed 16.0'« J *l'*.oo Praltle. rollrr sod tetur pressed’.ilS.OO Iraluc.loOfecn'wacot. delircred 9JXV*IIAJ lli !>ViS—liwclTeo. lA.OW tta; shipped, 1M.125 a*. There Is no csscnllalliuprovetncjitinthesopciy.and vUh a continued active ceniaed. prices are atlU adran dr.c. The inquiry t* chiefly for shipment, thoach lo cal tanner* are operating in a small war. .Ml rtoatr*. We lots are readily taken up at full rates. We now qrole Jrod Butchars’ m <j<(4 *?<C linen Salted, trimmed...W 13 isU’.Sc Green Calf 16 e Kip. Cfcui Salted. U 013 C Pry Flat, trimmed IC,©l" c Pry Salt'd, trimmed. 1> (415 c Own Salted, part enred 9 © v*c IKON AND STEEL—Tradellmoleratelyactive, aim rrlcesare ashatic easier. e revise Quotath: n*: Common Par sV*® Horn* Shoe Iron fV® *E Heavy Band . • »• *k Hoop and Ll:ht Band 6,v«10g Hound and Square. 5h:4 ?J* Oral S.V4 Ball Ural and Htu Bound 5*(4 6* sheet Iron, cuniinoo., Thai Sheet lr.-n,GalvatUed,Ll2S 10 *4 Sheet Iren, charcoal 9V<4 „ Sheet Iron. Jut lata 11 Sii*n Korwa* Nall Ihda 11 rtiJJf Plow Stee'.Gennan ctll I*luw Steel, cast. IT (413 Sprintaid Tire Steel,English 11 rtlS To.U Caat Steel, ordinary auw 23 ®3O Tool Ca*l Steel. American ®i3 blistered Sinl M ft® Rnaeta, Noa. 9 and 16. .13 ®29 Rnata, Anu I*l quality, p hdl.- ©2l 1 Una Ma. Am-l«tcaallt>-.V sheet «£i Kneeta. Am- M quality, P sheet GUI LEATIIEII—The central character ot the market remains (uhatantlatly the aamc as noted to onr prtvt oop reports. Trade t « Mack, thoash otrlnc to the corn* paratirrly light (apply In the hands of dealer* and In armpathy with the advance in Hide*, a very arm feel- Inc ohtasn* and fall price* are demanded. TVe make ou chance In our Quotations: UZSILOCK. ntr Hainesa. V Slaughter, Sole, ft 40 Bofialo | 40$ 43 Country batnesa &k* &> Slaughter, Sole, Line, Pft 403 41 C’hlcaco, Kj. 1. 403 42 Kip, method, P Slaughter, sole, _ ft . ...77T.J. i.isat-M chicaco. No.a. su s: Calf 9» ft UCUI.6O Enenos Ajrea..- S3.* 40 rpper, V 100 t... 29C4 90 Orinoco 501 e.... ST® £ Countrv rpper.. 93® *5 Orinoco, rood. Collar,V f00t.... S3® S 4 datnac«d Sl® 33 bMpmeoU. lleeelpt*. 1956. 1957. .. 8,04 ~t;,u7u .15.0 ~11,353 10^*1 M«7 1^219 SI sue It ter Sole.. EM 541 French Call SI .. Harness.?’s.... 4A4 461 tt5............. 3.1&03.0 r?iSr„.!. 300 341 French Call. 36 KipT No. C aie- } 2JOOidO dlnns....T. IdOC’.:? Trench Calf. Le- KID. No. 1. motne*.* dozAP.M«M.» LrSinKU—Trs<-et tuie yards t« ae- . tlTAandiherelsnocuangetocotelaprlca. Wecoa- 1 Unre to Quote: ... t Li ants—First Clear. 1, IJf.lJk andJlndl - si leO.COk^tu Pecondarer. 1.1«. I,S andllnch &s^K> Third Clear. Inch »4WO»j« ; First and Second Clear 1 looting, toceth er. roach, the tame as Second Clear wid™...“ SCJOeSiiO Common Flooring, roach aSJ»?.3T.M I Matched and dre**ed Common FKvjrlnc.. W.OO3UAO 1 Mau bed and dressed Mach Common ; Flooring S*.O>«R.OO First acdsccood Clear Siding, together.. First Common prtaicd Sldlag 3.09025X0 Wagtm-box ttoards, select, 15-1: ch taC cp vnrd* SS-COaCJO A Slock Boards. 13-lnche* 25.0035-W it Stock Boards, 13-tnohes *6.00017J0 Coraicoa Boards, Joists, ScanUlag. Fenc* ti-g, and Small Timber. « to 16 f«*t long. Joists itd Seanllinr. 30.« and 34 toct. Slit>ctx»—A or Star Shared Shingles 4.50 A or Star Sawrd Shingles 5.003 9A9 Ko.l Sswed Sblncle* UDA SJO Lsth—let min yard*..,................... 0 SJO By car-load by Northwestern Railroad, delivered In any yard where car» t an be saliehe*!. or any depot: Aor Star Sawed ShJr.rle*. bv rar-lovl. or. track S.wk3 4 CO A, or Star Shaved Shingle* by car-load, on track No. 1 bawtd Mlnslt* bv car-load, on Hack ..... B.S Hirer drilsrs a car-load added when transferred, which charge fellows the shmclcrs lu freight bill. I ® Bnni.TV fcTiKTlltttl. Thl*wcctr. Last week. UCO ULB TC-DA.T. a 83 70 45 U M .$42.03 . 43.00 . SU» . 40.00 6z»a 6.W 6^;w 6-Sj G^S CM dja .16.75 and 7.00 . 6.75 and CM . 6.70 and CM . and 7/fl . 6.6 Q and CM SCO tss, at, 200 US, at. •fII.SVUSAO . U.*')„«U.CO . v.oa*io.u) SBCliai t'TASO.vBD. Thickness—Five shingle* to be two laches la thick * Length—Sixteen lochea. Hands— Twenty 10-hca. Course*—Tit caty-five. INEHh’ wTilOK—The are fully nxntomwa. Wo cir.TAi.s ano tin: rtanetd :r fair, pncci a CUAiluc to Qui te: tlM?< let Quality, ea*k 11V let quality, ilfcWL..... <l4 Box Tib rute, I C 10x14 Landis* ... S 7 ss Bar Tie 89 1 to 6 u cni-t'E*. 7.6 and 9 13 Metallic AV Jiotw... » Itf and 11 W Copper Ik/Vota M 13 • • •• Brazietaote* 13 &■.. <3 Wand II 15 sUecUrcß.llf*l6os. <5 15 and 16 •» Ttonltg* 10 -IJ r-J.r.BIT MtTAL. •“ Ist quality 90 •£! Antimony 30 SO Fite Solder W Fen0e6ta0j«..........W RAI l.S—Tbe martst la steady at Ore following quo- Sa w?i V ktc .*SJOI H •• M 7.3 J M, floe blued 9-25 4d fcjjO 5 M, Coe blued. 10.3 M wjtf I Cut Spite* ••2* 8d 9.7 b | Clt*>cta Net 9.35 O | l.S—The dwnano la not pardcnUrtr brtat lor any dfKTJpilru- tti Ckb the reotts! ni»rtu rxliibltaallttle more fll»' during tic past n.tlb. tins evA Ula de m»rrf, tn roar rt lots atrt la full supply and steady at fl.rAl.'tO. __ Lard OU is Ann at quotations, we «n»e cur Il*t a» foilowa: Linseed Oil Unaced OU, belled. OllTe OI» tVlmle Oil, W. B Lard Oil,extra Lanloil.No. 1 wjn*r Lard oil. No. tWmter Ilatk oil. round lev* Machine Oil. round lots Sperm Oil, W. IL, round mu. Lubricating Oil CaCcrOll Neatsftot Oil .irftMW 1 CARBON OIL-ls scarce, and owinc rame in Liverpool, a Brmer feeling obtatos. thourh prices here at e not qnotaoir higher. There u * mode* rate consumptive d eta ana, and tome inquiry tor Foreign markets. We continue to quote: __ i‘art>o£ P car load Carbon, small lets jrr.r® TUnrole ft -zc I*l< oS'l!»J O N S—Heculvcd. 83,100 159 Cared Mrats l.trj brl* Petit and 4J390 ftsLard; shipped. I*}.®*. Cured Meat*. «a brla Porkatd 2m«o Pork—Market quiet but firm. Salejwere: LU.C hr* (last eve) ai f isiii;9oo hrls atflSAd: 100 brls at 101 brls at fJS.Ti ca-h; SOObrlA seder Jaa* uarr, nt SCO hrU country (last eve) at flh.»>— closing wlili buyer* of ‘atandard” at |IS-*O, a d »cl kr» atllS.r2U". Favorite brands were he.dat f 15.75. IJwrn Mcatrr—Market active, thourh scarcely so strong. Saler wcretLOlO pcs and 100,(00 ft*Hams (*. h.) r.t pc: ?:.ioc a* do id. h.) at p:« and IL.KO jb* dj (d. L.) at bVc: 40. MU C.B Be Ugh Sldsiat 'cnth—Palea were: 30.000 BsSOry Salted s^^KMfeV nt Mealß—Market firm. Sales wire: 550 bx# Cnmoerlauda at fjfc cash, and 250 bxs do. seller first half of February at BHC, sales la»t *▼«*££ w ere :C« lx* Stcrtfotd* at 9Xc; 110 bxs Lode Cat Hama at 10c t ICO bxa bhert Clear at 10HC: and Uu bxa comber* U Srm. Sale* were: S 3) tea Prime Steam at li\c,caah; HlOdo alllic, buyer Jaa- P'dri/TUY—Sale* were 3 doz Dressed Chickens at |3, jo: aa its Drcs.'Cd 1 arWcy* at 15c. yiOIJA ANIi ?*ALKICATL>-Trade Is steady, atd ibcrc I* ao crscLtUl change w note. We quote: Bablrlt;*. Medicinal Pare HChtmln! 13jfc<4t3 c Healthy Pare tiVc<Stl)(e srCJAItS- There is noebange to note In theseo* crii feature* ofthsr..arket»lncs out Ustrepoft. Prices art arm and with an upward tendency. wc eonUcae Pormßleo UK^lSgc N. Y. Hunted, Powdered and Granulated....icswisjsc Waite A De land’s Circle A. White B. Fdtra *• c OxiiardC >?*£>« « Oxnard C extra U >*l}H C SYUCl**—Bcalneaa In ibis department of trade fbrlhcpaitwectnat teen exceedingly quiet; pncea are steady and without crfcallal change. We quota: .sew Yorkbyropa I, ®®Vix Yellow Drips Cuba jg| » I orto Blco iSa, S New Orleans Philadelphia bee Dire , ®*>, ™ Chicago lictu.ery, Amber. I *2£* L 22 “ “ Golden.... « »• bogar Doom 85 SA LT—Received, none; shipped, 337 bl«. Msrtret itcady aid nominally oocliaflKCd, Sales were: 4W I ris Nrw Fine at *2.10. New Floe Coarse I 2.40 GronrdAlcra Turk*’ Inland, hags h.TXir-OO Ground Solar f-J® Dairy, with sacks IMrv. u lUiont sack* _ 3 ‘ J Thcdfa-ardls Cur and prices rale una. We continue to quote: „ ~ loucclltboo. mperlortoOne. V » do J extra to choice, 9 B J - s£*J’S Imperial. «pcnor tofine. V a V*£»i m« do extra to choice. ¥ a H2*HS Gunpowder, tupcror to fine, P a rST-^H? do extra to choice, V a Japir, natural lca£ fine to extra fine. V 8... 1-CJ3HS io do fine to chclcc, * B I.W^tJO do do colored, * a 1.3*31.90 TOBACrO—lhc general character of the market dotßLOldUlcr.m any essential particular, trom that noted in our previous report*. There U a Heady de maud for prim*; goeda. and for such there U no rtlerosltlon cvirc'-d on tbcoart of legitimate dealers, to t-hade prices, hot on the lower grades—in rotmd lota—bllsht crncw-lone may generally be obtained, Th» stock* are light. b. Sicplicnion, 3to. 13 Dearborn street. quotes as follows: Custvtso Touacco— Extra Choice Medium Commot- ijiciiisii Tobacco— Virginia’s Favorite Choice Medium Con men Stems Plvo Tobacco— __ „ Ix>jal Clllren 5 2 Farmers’ Delight 32 5 Natural Leah LJO ®? - ?? Half Bright ® »l.« Choice Black, sound « » ® Medium..,. ® 5 Common 59..® S Navies 80 Virginia 10s and B» 55 ® 99 Flounders • *5 « ® TAlXOV\—iroctlvcd, WIS Be: rhlpjwd, nnne. Market quiet hut firm. Sales were: M brlJ City at 10c; 15 lirlr Country Sabrlsat 9c. . u nou-ls qolet, with prices Heady and uadisng ed. We quote t ...... .... Maples, V cord, delivered Maple, V cord, in yard !J.Wi,tl3.«J 1 leech, V cord, delivered 11.00w11.M- Beech, V cord. In yard Hlekorr. V eord ...14.OCVai5.CO WOOIj-Uecclvcd. 1.5*7 Be; shipped,7,973 Be. There In no < hasge to note in the general features of the mar ket. bales were: 4.0(0 as Tub at 4Sc; 15,000 Bs Fleece, washed and unwashed, ranging from *i>342c—Xc oT Dr Ihu unwashed. llailtoabs. SiltJiOAE TIKE TABLE. otnckßC aits fcu-.t*iwzsteek—niro? oob. win WATS* Mill KIKCUt. Depart. Arrive. Dny ExpreM- *ir.iwa.m. *fcSOp.m. N'-'ht fcipcveo *-UdQ p.m. *5:15 a. m. Jarcsvillc Accommod’a. *s:iOp.tL **'sop.nx. Woodetock Accom’d’n.. *3:oop.m. *%ooa.a. UALUbA DJVI6IOK. Ftltoc and CcdJt Kaplda *5:15 a. m. 7.3 Up. m. Fulton and lowa tT:3U p. n. 6:00 a. m. c twport ai d Dnnleitb.. *9:00 a. a. 8:00 a. m, Freeport and Dunleith.. *10:00 p.m. 8:>0p. m. Rockford and Foi Ittver, *::uup. a. 11:10 a.m. P* XI:W *• ni. * k ; Cp. m. &tta. m. Kinrarxja DITOICS. Express..*. *W»a.m. * F&prcea.. T. *4:00 p. b. *I2:OC m. Night Accomnmdiucn . 1.:45p. m. 5:3T a. a. Kvnosha Acvommod’s... 4:40 p.m. 0:43 a.m. Viuketrus Accommod’c. fcWp.c. S;SO s. CL (icsebUl, Calvary, and Evanston XsSOp.HL SMOp.a •Sundays exo pied. tr’aiarflijr* txccpted* lilondaye excepted. «u*lx«ax cx&xfeai, wAithoAo—vkios r»OS, you* or utks iruß. nomine Express «s:ui>xxa; *S;43p.ia. I>ay Expruef »X:W a. a. •naso p. a. Evening Exprere X5-3U p. (• p, a. '■‘icbi Expree- p. a- »5Sa. a. asip cotnsvTLCß ?iunis._ rtomloz Exprecs eirOna. tn. •iltssa. a. Sight Expr-ss P- b. # ll:0t p. a. ati'ctsay eourHknM axi> a*s »ho»? uns—~ju. rot cosfu tas ecueh a?d spuxaz btust^ '4;L" a. tz. *S;ssp.n. *'.:lK)a. m. *11:00 p. m 3: .5 p.m. tl’2::'L‘p. m *10:00 p. m. *C;OCa. m x.r»i. ViehtEipn-ttf. tlO:(Wi..n. *S;55p, n, ?aa* vatks Chicago. -mi •WOa.e. fcoc a. m. Fxt>r>*** .... *f:ooa.a. a.m. Fan line.. 8:15 p.m. 7:10 p.m sniw *rwwo.m. ii-oo p. s □JJ7OS viSMTEAL. Cay P*?scnccr *9:20 »• —• *l**o P* Mctl Passenger 110:00 p.n. *6:15 a. o. Kankakw Uvde Park ana O&kWood *6r2o a. m. *7:45 a. m, »* •* nanop.m. *S:s3a.m. •I “ “ .... *B;%P.m. *l:sop. C. U »» •* *5:35p.m. *7r3op.n iiiil 7.'.»■! T»cj j-xpm* SerVork Eipres* Mcb: Esprts? t*J D«acn CHICAGO. kltßiaPStOH ASP tiUtSCT. Day Express and Watl... •5:29 a. m. *ftWp. nu fialcsbcicl'Mecngcr.. . ‘ICOp.m. j. m. Aurora •5:10 p. m. *9 Fla. m. Nicbi Express ;i2.ooc:ld’ht ti;si/a. m, CHICAGO 43'-/ ST. LCCIB. „ icvpreis and Mall 5:05 a. m. kU p.a. Sight Express 9:15 p.m. 5:50 a.m- ToUcr and Wilmington .„„ . Accommodation 4:OGp-n M 3 . n:-APO ASP 6BSAT lUTKP7J—(U.T! CISCWSITI aiß ust>—AJLWAtTXra HAILXCAP LIPOt, CO£. r-Aitat. akd Kisnx fuaxTre. Dat Express &a.a.E. lihoS p. a. SiihtExppT*? B;00p.m. 3£o p.m. *1,3 ISDIASATOUB, tOCIATCLIj; A>T3 CCIcIHSAi;. Day Eipn’T? 0:30 a. m- 15:3 p. Q- Mpbt Exprese s:SO a. a. voTncbiiiJ Express 6:39a.m. Iftoo p. a. »• « ftoo p. c. 5:50 a. m. 1 ansinff Accommodation ftns a. n- ihft) a. m. “ « StlSp.a- kudD-a CHICAGO, BOCK tELAED XKD PACIFIC BAZLBOAS. Day ExpressandMail... •9:00a.m. *s;3i)p.m. MchiESprcs; IftOOp.n. •SiCa.m. Joliet Accommodation.. 1:49 p.m. *9:40 a. m. •Sunday excepted. tMonday excepted, jsaxardaj excepted. CTIOS STOCK TABS TOttTABII. Leave MtdUon Street. Leave Stoci Yards. 6:10 a. m. 7:10 a. m. B:30 a.m. 9:10 a.m. .a.m. li:50. ,p. id. ,p. m. 4:00 .p. m. 5:40. BCKDAT TBAISB. ~..a.m. I 9:35.. ...A.m. 11:45.. ...p.m. ftft.. .. .p.m. 1 5:15.. darirs. ■pLAIR & JEFFERSON, U COJiniSSIO!! MERCHANTS, OFFICE, 304 FSOST-ST.. MBMMIIS,TEBHr. Liberal cash advarcement* made on consignments. Q.EST, HATTEN & CO, Wholesale Commission Merchants. No. GO MoGaantu, DENTER. COLOBADC. Between T and G-stsQ ■pvBESSED HOGS I STENCILS* AND WEIGHT LISTS Famished gratis. Highest market P*®* f™**? B **! return* made. KEDMOHD ft 00., Gen’l Com n MerchT*. KA WashinrtnMt. Chicago. DU irlritjljs. gLEIGHB. SllieHSl SLEIGHS 1 It Is a well-kLOwalacl that the RIMBALLS take tafl leaden Fine Finished Sleighs. For Style, Beauty ot Finish, and Durability, they are not eotial.ed in the world. . line Machs ofonrowntnakft.from &3 to fSw.■ t me Portland and other blelghi, not onr own msse. ciaaot he undersold on any Sleigh, la ths market. KISIBALL BROS. & CO., 110. 112 and lit Sndhnrr Street, grangpottalum. ONLY DIRECT IESE TO FKAKCE. 1h« _ . General Transatlantic Company's MAll. STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN KBW TORS AST HAVRE, CAJJJNO AT BREST. Tbe (plcadid new tmscli ot thJf towltc tbe CoatJneas wiil nil troa Pl«r No. A 0. Noctt Bmr. as fellows: pEKEITiE. 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Butined lo theoClccnne week, and on Fridays and Sat urdays letters to Iw advertised an is tba bonds of the Transcribing Clerka. **J. BILIXT Inters plainly to thestreet and somber, ma wdt m the Boat Other and State. mm " w* MK. * vw* VM*Vh BUU **3. HEAD letter* with the writer*! Pcwr Ornoa and Statt, ennr and sraacc, sign then plainly with full name, nd request the answers to be dinned ao* cording!). *• Letters t* straceers or transient rlMten la a town or city. whoe**poclal addrawmsy be unknown, attxUd be marked, lo >c lower left-baod corner, wlQi too word Transient.' “i. Place the postage stamp on the n-rzs taaar hand coxa kc, arM uraT*. orauu bctwuea the etasnuaod dlrecdonfor pojt-wackxso wWiom: Interfering with the anting, “N. fe.—A lIEQU2ST for the KETTJiirI cf a letter to the writer. If unclaimed within thlrtv Oars or I***, • ritto: or printed w.*h thr wrl:-.-'* v ■ I'Jrr Omcx and State acro»*ibe left hand end of the envelope, on the face aide, will I* trtnpllsJ wl!h at the usaal are* p.ilil rat-ofpoitAK«.p.TTiSie when »*»-• letter Is detlT* end to the » Filer.—(Sec: a. Law of 1353." Ci£” f r«a d-llvery ufLeuen to auy part ot the cltr cab be Kctucd Lj haring ts«*ra a<L*r«aokl to Uta street inti atnubtr. .fLSOiALSh . «IM . 9*oa . 1.10-.1.13 . L3301A . T.15«91JD . . . . «iASO . 50*1.00 . 3 3Vt3AO . LADIES LlrfT. Adam*Frank mlta 2 And-non Marr F. mn Adams UcdloD tula* Anutroac Kota A mn Ailanj ran _ Arnold Maty mlu Arhettnaa LtdaS Arraatrong Uvurletta mrs Anbott min Arcvtrocc Jau't taiid Aldnch Ruth A mn ArnoW Untie mm Au.erson Came mlas Atwatt-r A ml*» Andrews Myra E Arcrel 1 Ell/atxlS miss Attuen Mary mils Atwater Eila Appleton Flltat*.th A mrs A—dcnon Louisa mina Bailey Pbebe J ml&t BracUetl- klarv L mn Bailed IIA mn Brtwdy MatCe'mUi Ual>tcck Earah A mi-* Brewer H o air* BayieyiiAmr* Brocks B«t>«y mra Baker Caroline miss Brlen Marcaret Bake: Mary J Brook* E:nma ml»s BallarC Annie mn Brophy mn Baldwin Jo'lcirtM Brooks E F ntr* Baida la Stelle C ran Brownlie Annie mn Barclay Atria D mra Drobatoa n-ertemm BarterEvricUmia Bronet UathUd.t mUa Barkley F M mn 2 Br,wa ChtrinU mra Barbour Mollie miss Brown 51 A mrs Barney OF mra Brown Ella mbs Bawnis Ida mtfs 3 Brcwn Sherman W mn BarcetEttamlf* * Brown Jennie G Barnes Caroline min Brown Addle mlu Borrow * Louisa mn Buchanan Join Stewart Barry A C A mra mn Beck Amanda mlas Denting E miss Bertram Mina mra Butbrtdge Enin* O Bsroan J B mn Back Elia J Bennett CLmn Bunker Maoml olaa Dennett .'oserhlnemn Baffman Adallne mn Btckeruyke M A Burch Jam-** E rur* Bickford U Louise Burrondis Eva mlai - Boardmon Slartha J Bcru* ra.Ui Button Mary lln'ler Era nlia Bower Ll* mist Duller Haiti- ml»8 Bolden Harriet nit Dotter&i.-td Nellie miss ttost * rs m F t n Buirlcn bar ah W mias jjju Mary C mr* Cade Deles L Cobb Minnie mlt* Cahill Film min 9 _-srpil Sailla mrs Calk Id Amelia T Oobb Llhblo J mil Campbell Elias J Ceborn U mrs Campbell Ustlie P miss Call T J mis Cars eld Ella A Collins Kate mtis Carlty Mary miss Colley John c nm Carpenter c mn Cool*ter KaUe miss CaircO Louisa Coltm AMT mrs Carroll Charlrt R mn Collins Sarah miss Carter Bennetts mrs 7 Culborn Hester O miss Carton Almira tun Closter Marie miss Catty L F. mrs Colt M E mIM Canibeld Lasrs mrs Comloy Sallle mrs Champion 1* C mrs Commc Dolly mrs C hw-dltr Sarah J Connolly Ua^gJeuisa Ch»f»e Ve»tiaa mrs Conners Marsarct mrs Chapman June ntl»s Cook Viaaa E miss 7 Chapin J r' mi s Coos Ed/A W Chaor.Ur Ktlamlss Coos L WAmtl .15**15$4C C Cbarltoa Ilatnuh mn Cbßbo.uvilary Umrt (haft Gecrtc K tnn ruirna Al£» imu Clarkacn Juliet A Clacfj Mary N'lci UaEctVMaryA Clark Itadcre mis Clark E Amiss C art Ahhy ml«s Ciark SnlllTnumrs Clark Mar)* M ml*s Clark L S rates Clark LouUe R Clark II mUs Ctcmuils Carrie nilsd Cline Anna 1! mra Cline Urpha ml‘s Cliocu.anßctkry mIM Cloy oe Margaret turs Dalton John mrt Uanlmih miss Dalton Lib mra Dn:linc Mary CD Davis George mra lavicport M A mrs 3,iy J C mrs Jay Marv A tots Decker tv 11 mrs D* anc Chari' S turs Dennis Marta mUs Dennett R n ra Devote Mir.lw Dennis Elizabeth mrs Dixon tv K nua Dixon Ann J&ue mrs Dlpl.v LA mrs Dickenson C F mra .81.13 Gil AO . I.o* ct 1.13 . SO « '» . 65 71 „ S <31.(0 35 (£ oO .. 2! (3 35 .. 19 & 23 Eaton Mary Cars fcaatmun IleleuD ht kley hlarla F mt» Euvard* Mary miss Edwnrdt- I’osa EIIM'O Sarah J Ely 11 E mis Faroam L n ir.t«a Fleming Ro*a nlsa 1-arnuw Mary E miss Fieetwood ll A mra I'aruum Ichtel mra Fox Alice miss Karnmn A K mrs Fleming Mary Kmlsa Farr Marv E mra Fox Sarah K ura rtruus M'argartt Foster Ida J l\U C mrs F oaair Matilda A J Mplkt Jcscoh mra Francis Mary mlaa FmgtraldMariaret Frteman Narthai mlsa F in-erala c athvme mite Frost H M mra F>uiLg»r E't'altlh mra Fuller L O mra. Fhvugherty Mary Fuller Mary tuM Gavin Theresa A mles Gould C A mrs Gay Mary mn Gordon U u mra Gaylord Hattie mra Gordon Dicey mra UarHeld tajolice tlore An. ic C mrs Ccii J F mrs German Mary t mliS George Mamie Grey Johanna mrs 3 UEIk tl Frank L mrs Grey Mary V* mrs GUI M mrs Drey Ebu mlia Gilbert Lottie A mill Grey barah E mlaa GUb* rt Elizabeth ndss Grant Mira miss Gill Margaret mlsa Or»nl Francis J mrt Goodleaion Jennie Green Emma mis* Ucodbuc O li mra Green Harvey rarj GtOdali Kittle zm>» Greuii bailie rare GcodlesU c Emma QrvoaMJmra Goldi-wltb Lizzie B mIM Green F b mu* Goodman Pauline mrs Grctn Flora Gi.-od'puud Jot-le G mre Green Olive mn Golan Jistphtne GrtthnTAmrt Goonwln tunn.cLnilss Graldler SUggle mlsa Goodall C B turs GrldieyEMmra Gould Emma Griswold Xett P4> Martha XV mra Hibbard G XV mra irK Matilda irra Huth-Uttle miss Hamilton Iktthamlss Uiph hannUs mUi Hamilton k c-U* Ulcknuu Barbara mrs Hamilton Libido mra ninman canton mra Hamlin Sarah mus HI 1 baraa.lrars llMLltnt taUi llitracoclc xv L mra lliinn C iLiaa Ultchin* Louisa lisoani Mans I. Xl«*» £nUU C mIM Hwnlln Ida J mUs UH sEC miss HoLcacan Hansorah rari Hli'a Mattiu uuas llac-Uion Uciena mus Htl'on Jennie mus Harwood J F mrs lUKhcock hlltabeth mrs Harder Frances Hill Carrie ml»s HtikiT Maria L Hill Bra Harlow Hannah Gre las Ullirclh Gus>de miss Harrison Jane E mrs Hinds u a mrs lit ray Isaac mra HodtccsJ B mrs Hannon Annie M HoJuiaa CM turt Hamr Ethrlica mra Heilman M hmw Harwell Z A mra Hodge Zj tla C mra Hare A .1 Hojtan >*»«*«* Haider Henrietta mra Holms Fannie miss Harris Ancle mra Hoiicb fcataa miss Hart Nv Ills 3 Horan M«ry mUB Hart Nettie mUB H-.rnbyMMmrs Sarah Amiss Tlutncr Magrirmla Hashrook E mra Howland J V. mra Hath II H mrs Howe Ann mra Hathaway G M mrs Hoynedr mn Hatbrook Fannie mM Howe* Jemue mrs UaUeld A Cmra Howard Hat Js E miss Haskell Klin 1> ml * Uugrnt Allee ran Haclcv Augustus mrs Hudson c mrs Haywood Annie B HochoiMary mil Hnye# SI A miss Hndemond Mduoy mra G K mr« Hubbard Addle mlw» IU) re KHen mra Hynes Anastasia mra Hayes faille E mrs Hyde Kate mis Heaton o B mra Humpt.rlrvillc T L mra Hca.-y Harriet mra Huai Robert mrs Ualmana B M mrs Uoll KB miss Hal icar SI L mra . Hyde IlcnricUa tales Il» adec Loretta SI miss Hunt Ellen Henrv Eliza mra Unlbort Ilachcl mra Hitman Delta mrs Humphrey Cornelia mra Martha J mrs Hutton Carrie mr» Hrrarb Poa mra Unsay Aitbiirmrs H u.ard T .1 rers Humphrey Hattie mlsa UilLs barab mUs 3 Iverson Julias I J Jsncrr mIM Jeffers Maede mra Jarkfon A R tor* Jones ClmloU*m.-s Jackevc Arcs E an June* basan mlsi jm'um Uclea Jones E ml** Jaict* £anh A ml** Jones Beucy mra JennliC'Marsmmra Johnson Manas Jmisc L C tors Jolmion Bcuey A miss S jtuLlups Susan mlsa Johnson Fannie miss Kay Lizzie Kimball Mary TV Kavansugh Am* Eliza Kendcy Lnirs KrtJ Sarali II mlee Kertland Indlco Gcacc Mary rolu Kingman W n mrscapt KcU cc Hrifc A rnisf Kirs iuwn Ellen ml*a Kellogg Artamus B uim Klrny Jane mr* • Kctdail Nellie ml»» KlUJelo Harry V mrs Kerrigan Bose mrs King su*le A mr* Retain Betsey mra Knapp H-nrteUa mra KetlirUtn blm KnugttmMatUc mra Kennedy Join tors Knights Do: a bum Kennedy Ann mrs L Lacy temamrs LewlsEurettaM LaC.ld C M era Liblman Caroline UCm Grace M Linn Ada E Ladd Übotla J Lincoln Lira mrs * .apiar Ancle mr« Linn Lilly mia* Lane Mary E Lltt e barah ml« Laplani H ro!a» Littleton satsa tnlM Lnrury Ella miiw Llvlng*ton Maggie L Aaw •arkin* Mary nus UxUe&ara Aviertnary miss IxicgCCjcrs LietM V. n.r« LocaaPEmrs a Fever Emma mUs Lowry Macelemrs 2 UaTittFanny Loonus B Amiss Lee M F mrs Losie Kalle A mtas Lee Je~le mlfs Love Joy E F mis* Lt* T tr Dora nraa Lndoy Junanna mrs Lester Oliver mr* LjonMarr ml** Levi* £ 11 mrs Lyon Ja* a mrs Lever Lizzie mrs Lanley J M mrs Bl Maetway Marlon mrs Miller Plube mrs - MapnnisCfcatus J mra IfiLef Unjy Kmla Mai k Ellen tnl>* 9 Miller EUUO mrs Mallory fl mrs MinerSopntatcl«s Malone Ancle W E miss Mltchel Caroline mrs MaLony tarat miss Monteath Isabella mrs Mall Lucinda Morgan Clara miss MelLotn Mary A mra Morgan Ellenrala* Marseil Jua ralaa Moran Ann iul» Mansflrtd l; tv Morse Ella V miss ManafieM Mary E mr* Morse Charles M mrs -«<rstr»il M A mrs Mowe Elizabeth mrs ManbKUen'mn Mors- Jams* Warren mr* Marshall I Hmra M«r»e basic mua Marsh Kancy A Morse Kh mrs Markham Miauls Cole* MurrU Uoseana mrs Marlin Lucy Moms Emma V raliS Marbev Haysob Zmrs MorrUon Pranx miss Mayo Utnrletta Jmr# Morrison tlattle S mIM Mayo Simon mra Momsey Mary mlas Mar M tnerva tnUi 2 Moore Mary mtsa Way Minerva M Uoore tt l» mrs Malhswsoa Mary S MooreSarab B mra MAti.eve E B mr« Mxirc Clara mrs Mead Maggie n.i« Mocre Behoeca B Med«av Lonlsa (’mra MallrrCarrieM miss Merrln'Minnie " , t«» Moaselman Lizzie E M mra Marry Noah mr* Merrell Jarrmles MjcraDinr* Mcrrtih E B mrs ilrcrl bol R mr* Monlman A N mrs • Morphy Lnd*ctmrs Metzger Alice A miss .p. m. ,p. m. .p.m. Qlc UcClcvey Anna McKichav Ada V Msrraret tr.l«s McKowa Hetty mrs Mclteniel Martha Fan MeLane Catfcren mrs MclMßgaU Margaret miss McMillan EltMetulM Mk-I'ocpaU Margaret MrMatoc B mra McDonald Ella cin McMann Mary miss MiDoncsll Mary mus McLaren Bell mt«s MiUocsiaismrs McTermaa Catherine miss McDonald Annie mra Mcßride Marta Sophia Mi Gtiire Calbrinc miss .miss McGraw John mrs Macanlcr Hattie miss McGuire Berry airs McCollnEtna ml« McGee Rachael McClelland Lontas mils McCarty aridcettnlas MeCollonHannah mrs MrCearv Georgia mlr* McDonough Jolla McKaae Maggie A xaUs \'aah Hannah Klcholis EPcn an >- a ctt n Annie Nicholson J E mrs, >‘U»os Msty miss Klckcrscn UiKte raise NtsHlHAmn Nicholas Della mis* Ntfl Jeare nlss Nichols W L xnra Nettleton'Jenny P mrs Nicholas Isabella miss Nrwt- s Orillit misi Norton Faaay NewhaJ A miss Oberton Annie miss O’Brien Joseph mrs Owm Ml.Ue miss O’Dcnaeli story mUs OtishyUlaEcuss O’Neil MoggiemliS Obsey miss Pace D C mrs Peters Marr Ann mlsa Paddock F I. turs Petersen JosepMne Pace Elisa rurs I’hllllps Mary mrs Pace Nancy mist Phllllpp* JeeviemlSS Page JoMe A miss Pile Mary A mrs paimtr Ellen M mrs Phillips Mary mra Prrkertara Pltteraon Emma mrs Parker Jotannah mrs richer Aneelms mrs Patrick vmji L mrs Pierce Amelia mrs patt. n Kate mua pollln* Jennie mlsa Pauerson Viola P Podoli Sopnla mrs Peck Elaw*r mrs J*otwla Helen H mr* l*cats Lirrle C h mis Powell .Vnn mrs I'racock S A mra Powell Maria fi miss PerktS'Fannie tors PriceSalilemtss Pcirv Hauicmta Pritchard Shea J Petrie MaUnd miss Q I QastkcnhushMarrAmiss H I Randan Lyre ms laatsrds S M mrs KawtonAmrs Bidddl Nancy mrt 3 ' Kajptrtars wugJranmrs 1 Rsvuolds Anniemri Ritchie Mary Finis : Ret nolds Agnes Rldlon 11 Angtuta mIM Ilcn-Uiiiton Flora mrs RHer T D a:a Rie*cMJn.r» Ribblna B miss • H' inliiciDi! Llzrlemlss E Rocer* Ellen mrs Ktin ci* bar»b mrs Rohctt Anne miss Ut cd Mary mla» Rsgers Joahca miss Real l.scm A mrs P.ole Mary miss Richanuon Gordon mrs Bowe Emma mis* Ihrtem-n I iLMe mice tureen L n.lss Eieh Laura Mnn Roserli Mattie m!<J Blclimt tU Jestph an llyau «lar*aret mis* Lkti;c E>;L< r uusd F.ohen Mary K uili* Elct£f«*w-ii> flilc ten RysnWmmrj Bice llirctftsar* Boila.tultalicm Richey Sathintl-amln Enemy Mary A mr* Eictard* Abate ml** SackettSarah tan entllh Lydia ittJx&lfs saabt-rton Mary mrs Sr.ilJi heir run Sanborn O T, inn Entllh LneßmUS Scootorcr M sin bmUb £1.1117 mUs Scot 111* Act. mlu tmJlh UHr mUi gcoila? 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Clara mra Cravford CynUila mn Crete Aneusta miss Croft Marr Crumby Mary Aim mra Croxon M A mra Crowly Marearct mrs Cummlnc* Ellen II rot** Cummins* Clementine a Cushlus £ I) mrs Zimmerman Emma miss Candice S Abannesßarrard AldrichGeorco H Andrew Martin l)'.«rnUby joua.Aldrldgi* Uli J'lm thun Alexander AnoldAr.g»»il C *• Achofton C W Appleby O E Ackley * Clark* Alfeo Cyrcnlus Armstrong Henry AdaeCF Allen A J C Adair Davis L 2 AiliflK Armstrong JA' Adams Lavld AllenE _ Armstrong *»co C Adams E All'U A W C AdaiuKTom Alien James Arnett wm Adams GA-rgeE Allen John A* AUlnsmOP Allan Alien tvuitam Atkinson George Adams II A Allen 'Vlllmm col Atkinson Joeenti Adams J ultra Aids John I* Atkloacn Kalghus Adams W W Allison J I) to Adams A soil F Adman Cl>as Atkinson RAJ Adams * EldrldjeAlton ChnsG AtwatcvJohQ L Addis J< 1m L Au.i.-'.a uoas tl Atwood V ALcrn Patrick AcacrsonClC Atwood t lias Aichcr ATtt d J Anaerson CharlcsAuicln JII AlkvnGcoL ma-'ter AuansttreGeo Aikm TVm D Anderson Jolm I Aj crJ Wla»;owdr Aiken Chas Andrew £ A ArajhmaaFoHcrs Ainsworth Cufhng mra Lu«Mng Helen miss Cusbrunr. Mary A miss Cuplnal Mary J mls» Dlctcrann Rxma Dui>h;a Arabella Dolph Martha miss Donnelly U M miss Uo> neiiTMarjareltaM alas Doty VftV miss Dorsey Julia mra itachact mra Dorchester Elmira mra Downs Ellr-abcth P tnrs Dnntvan Margaret ulaa Dunn Annie mra Dima G O an Dwight K C mfi Dwight ET mra Dyl an Catharine mra Dytuil Haute mra Deacon M miss E Emerson Mary miss Vmifi G M mrs EusiUb Anno tnrs Evans Mary Jane Ewing Jolla miss Erickson Ann* mlea Babbitt tV M ± coße’l Clias Branrod Thom* Babbitt Geo h colßell S „ Breuse Thos Backer Jolm Dell J B dr Brrnnan A co Bacon t> *» Hell Jolm Brewer Chad lien tV E <5; CO Brewer sn Badclev Sticlrc EBcllew Chia Bridge IIP Baker J n Belle’s C E Bndcemsn J W Baker tVllliam Beuedne All Brlcriy James roaster Dent-due J A & eoßrill ,Irme« 3 Baker A Mappa Benjamin O U Brink James W Baker U E Bennett U Brink T 1» Ball □ Bennett Charles Brinkley Stephen Baltin ore .Taa Bennett Hurry Brlnkworth CD Banket UtoL Bentley CU i Brian Entrant Banks William Denson Andrew BrlutoaHenry 0 Barter tV B DenlauJohnU Brookings I> J Baroer Tl* Itcrper John S Brooks wo Burlier St*tb Bergman John A Brooks B W BntbonrCA DcrmerGeoU Brooks Sami Batoour J B Berry J S Brooaiall Geo D Barchir»C!.r Bevllu Chas Wtwlislaw Burn David 1 Bickford H Broil tVash’ton Barnwell AC hldwullWß Brown Daniel Basil J«*crb Billing D Brown Chas K Baker lliiM-ell BlshopS Brown Fletcher Barker KC Black Wilson Brown tVm B Barker J II t lalne H U Brown «C Barlow JtV dr WwtcECV Brown Oliver H Barnard Rlchd Blake JU Brown O H Bmrtaro U R U.aucaarl M Brownell ttlllUm Barton! John C Btanchard G A Browning Joe 0 Barnard T O captlUactfltaraasl Browning AugM* Barnard Iloval B Blaicr Lyman tus Barnett J it Base Frank T Buell ZII Barney JamcaS BlusJL „ Buckner Henry Barnnm M Blunt John E BuckUmhatn M Bocklrs .IcsepbßUodd SC Barnett Oliver Bold Wiliam BuUßmbß Barrett An<lrcw liolles E a Henry Barwtvii Bolltt. Hiram ' cap« „, Hait.euT A Bolton A co ruunellHr Bartlett W U BouflcldJotm BorchardWmll Barton Anthony Booth N Mvln Barge Eujene IV Bassett A Booth ESI BurceCil Ba>4(tt Henry A uootlacd tfVllllamDurke James H Baaeettjamts BostwlcteW F Burke John Bastiek Ju(:D Bouworth 51 Bnrlelzh.Toha L Battar Andrew Bouchton B A Burlvm It Battirt 5l W Boarki’ctur Bamcll Henry J Baughman CbM Bontwcll G N Bumvlipanicl Layfiss JII n-v Bowes Frank Darns William Beard Chan.hcrs Boyd Jam** Bum* John BcavensiMl Bowman Martin Burr H F Buck Thomas Jloydun X U Bu««°m Ch« TI leek Samuel dr Bovliu i’tler Baler KG *e.» Buckcr Jnn W Hnc* C A Butter Sydney A Leclm Flank'V Bradford Lnth.'rTUiittcrtl.M \\m Beckwith CbM Bradford L T Bryant Armor Beebe Harry Bradford o»car Bj rue Henry Becscn VVtu H Bradley HT BysbeU S Jlsh&n Samuel S Graham Geo Brown W U « JuidenC Lralnard Dwight co Bciflcld II B Brand Homer Byrne John UciGcid Ilrrry ll Bronlck Edward Dell Comellcs urant Eusunc Cadwcll VTm Clancy XV n Coonep Mlclml Cady ttCSsrs C lapp John U « oopvr lliOi ( CadrFredW Clapp Theodore ECoop-r Jareei > Caflcld Herbert AClark J XV Cooper John bny. Cahll Francis Clark GeoC r. dc L-t-i Caldtr John Clark It Cooper T L Calef Ira J Clark Uecrge Cor .f.t I’a’rtck caiktns si H Clark Norman Ctrblt Owen Cailaliber PcimlsClant A A Corrigan Andrew Callender RM Clark AU CoraonJ XV Calmdan WmC Clark OB Courdy Henry J Campbell Ell Clarkson J C Cowan .IS Campbell.lames Uatoy Wm Cowan I.C Campbell JG Cieishorn .J I> Low.ey U K Cantim John B Clement Henry Cor Calvin Caarialr captain Clement lie Cor.Tjlm CaadeelSrev demon Jas Cor william I Cant Fronds Cleveland B C Craig George B Casey XViiLam Cline Jehu H CraU Jtmei A rant Cline wmlam Crats Edward Q Camtnan M B dr Clock J B capt Can*cnuT«J CiuiterJA . Carpenu r Wm H Clyde JcoW CTrunec John Carptntci JtrtmetkibP I) W Crandall W B Cobb Cyme Cranuy John R CarpeolrrEL Cobband Hcnla Cr-nston JohnL Carpenter DbG hros Cravens A w rCl ft'KsCcthrane W rer CreaLrr.e oha Carr enter Thomas Crcvlrr w Colo> J»hn b Cricksou K A ' Carpenter B J Colburn J E CrUtetdenJ New- i Carr Lafayette Colburn Oco W tin i Camcan Jamei Cole I) A Crocker Froucr. i Carroll, tieatiu & Cole II K r i co ColeJametil Croft CJ | Caracal! PC Coles XV T Croud TXV Carur C E Coliccr Thomas UCroullsh Thomas Carter srxl'l L Colin C M'|' Casey Thot J Colies Michael CroaswellLß Ca«»rL'E comnaXVn Crotscroii Casliin oomes Collins Perley E Crotty vnuum Caetallo Id chart! JCoiton (Kuruo Crouch Car James Coman Wm H Cronnaci Jaron* Ctiadwlck 1 B Condon P b crumcasperO Cl ambtra John GCone A F Crutr.pton EdwVl CTamlcy M H Cone .IE col Cullers AH cranrtlcr Leapt ConeXV G John Ct-atdlcr James O-nely James Cnltoa WB cipt Conker Joseph 2 Culver XV b Chtpdl Doatan AConscr S U . Cnmndncsw O.atiln Wm U AConklu Richard Cmmlnyum Ed- CO Conley John win Chapman F B Lounell Charles Corner LXV Chapman i) CotnellWU Curran Owen Chase JJ Connor Thomas Cnrrey Edward Chase C C Connor F Cnrrey J bey* Cliaunrv ir.r Conrad G E tnonr _ •Tam Jam'* Conroy Michael Cnrrey James 2 Cheney XVUUam JConversc, VoungCurrler Augttattu Cherry A ConwayLJ CartlsMP I Childs Ctas capt Conway Richard Cashing George J I Cl.llror XV leapt Ccokv Abbot Cu»hman c Chmo Scott Cook Jay L Cutler AM Christian Geo V Cook ar Cntler XV R ChrlstcpUerJaaesCooteM H rnturcH Cliureh it cooko George XV Cutter J-hn A 2 Clicn-h Edward Cool AI. Carpenter * Good- ChurehlllF CoocCß rtuh Clancy James Dsesn Dennis Dennison WG Douglass Truman Daley Andrew 2 Dennison J 5 O Dales Jones Denney V*m A XX>nsU»sTw iinn on c caps DoaglaasEJ Dana Vfm Denny John K Doaglaaa Lewis Dana CD Derby H C DusEO, if> Datby U G Dcrcnii Uenry Dowllne THS Danks Albert DeWirt Richard Drake James b Darling John 2 Dexter Eavm F D:om C E DarllteJß DlmlckCliaa Droney Austin D*rrowß.rrert DlmserJohn Deebero D'A V DavenportWm H DewdJonaihann Dudley JT Davenport J Dtngman Chris- DnuyMTV Davenport I'rank tlan Dnlevsge George Davis harry TVm Dixon T L A Davl* J C lnxM3nr»tcp Damleke L C 4 B Davis Jamts H liobsonXß Dunham Benia* navis Tl’ Dobeon bamnel L min m d naruGe*'Emory Dobson J R DonlapJohnl. niTUFB DoddLevtaN Dunlap 4 Fer- Datls D Ambrose Doddridge Frank goson dr Dodge buerdie B Dnnn F W Dean TV Dodge A Donning TV C Dean Delos M Doge IIH gnMe fred DcarnleyJN DogcettOH Dai*nycM*« Dcase John L Donnely Decker Geo Donttiy Patrick Durant ET DeCoorccy TV Donovan John C Durant K E A_ Durant A DeßavenJEZ Dorland Willett Dwight AT DcSnc James D Dorwy Maurice Dwyer Davtd DcLovg J H Dorsay A . DyeM H Delong James Dotson Edward Dyer Pb DcLoLgM Hprof Clark Dyer Parker S Dcnbar James Douglass J M Eaicpf Jo« rer EUIot David EiuU»bJW faiuce E F LUiot J G Engiun WUllam Partisan HenryFEldctJP Eolcyß EcKityliia KIUsJ W EnrtnGeo Edeerton Wm Ellison FII E«taorookA Efisca KW S Ellison Isaac Evans EmarrC Edeonßcbcrt Emamftco ErclclhOeoa y. Ezra EniaionsEA Everts A A blmrloge he. ward Emerson M Edward El irewood blljas hn.ery Joelab D Ft KitintThomas Eraleriy Jame* Evctl James s FadtnFA Fisher WmC Foster scaW Fsimother WL Fisher Henry ££***£ £ R Fake HL Fi-hcrTboe J Fortef EM FaU l<aac Fisher Augustus FowjerkimsJ F.Qkcr = B Fl' hean wm E dr FowlerCharle* N FantahUl SamuelFlUgerald John Fox Fred** FasnlnM Flugerald DennieFox£^>£“3 F«iS 5™ FIWtTUi TTU- Krall Thomas t «rmer Jan-es Ham Fr&oCMU Fammu WDt Fitrpamck Mlch-FrsrteDaiw v.*q .■ p »el * raner i* i* ParrarJobn P Flirpatrick John Freeman J C Farwell. HUL FUxslmtnsChai FrccreEM * Knox ft co F.etchtr Bernard French 'Vn Farcer Geo E Fletcher GtN French FaTorOtliS FlimlncGjwrgc French I^odjH Far Wc. G Flower H D dr B fsr/S“ L fSS&i ?,s^ ps ?gsi c “ |;;src\ jn lSr?rU, FSS£'““ Ferry ED Foote ft Gilbert Friend F S Ffirr Stephen Foote JumU Frink H M Fi^Vrit Jm» ard Foote Theodore Frink Ucnry FlildJas Foot F L Fry John 2 pn«W Ed 3 Forbes "W Fullaru ft lAShn-n FrV trean MlchfclFord Eugene 3 Fnller Haben FlcocKaa Lhvma»Ford £ Fnller Charles H e » Forrest Jamea S Fuller DW Firth John . Fork, th Joseph . Fnlietton C ft F'ehGeoM3 Fcrsvth H li Pulton Henry P FishFM Forsjlli E W FurocssEl/ FjpL Robert H TortnePsnl FyteGeo Fisher LG 3 Foster James A FykcJonoS GsetJotm'A. Gilbert NS Graban £ha* Cafiscter a. GlbcrtWC UrmmßA Oall-«rayVselelierG«bett Eneeae Grander G L Galilean Dtnib GllbratUVN CottocG' arc* E a rapt GUdea Veter OrayJG GalvtTi'UUc* GIUUt Ed Green JD Gat'.* John C GuiettbMdr Green U«an^ C-i*i»onSlaUieT Gluts Q Green Henry H Aaron GiimoicCH Greco bamuel Gardner U H GiJMnan John Greene Danid SSdßerYiPcentAGirenß» Grcoae llernm narT.cld V H Gleason Wa Melville Garfield AW Gleason Morris Greene Johnny naireu E M Godaarrt I G Greene SB Godltpy G C Greccacre nawltfc Lrse God'rej Genls Greenleaf jlearr Garner Vktrlrk Goldie Wm GreeawayßarUoa ( ?fcin Joaerti Goldsmith Geo OrwTto* Goebel CharieaWGoortj Edwinr VateaMarkW coodfillow Joha GrUio Ail Tart Z mri Tates K mrs Initials. i;entle3lE.vs list. CavlnT Goodins J B Grimaßoscoe. M t Gayrti J rapt Goodcas J D Griffith E B Cfvtem Gooarlch UC 2 Grom KfWmai tMUrc-William GocCrlcgeMU Great Frank „ GiU-i Junta Gucuo Jan:U GroTpflecsi w H Gill)" Geo Gorham A U GrnlcyWmU I Gibson C II GtulaJr.ta Gruley S F Gibson J CokUI’S Guernsey Sami 3 Gil>cc mr GodM Jm ( Clrrlov .lofc-j rev Orcca Goo W GautberGau t.upft n. ii Grot, am liccry C GurntherGao < Hagan Chatles HtyMinon Homacsworih B |;i£r.nlMi Uayte William Hollingsworth Hale Frank Uayford Huey Holly Halve# PM capt HoUIsJB Hatneworth J 1 Bayne UT Hollister JB IlaicJasT Hi»y« Blanchard IloliwayU FalcdrEM Hn>«*H*nry Holme* termr HaleGeoW Hayton John lloluicaJß Bale G W capt Harm George Holmes W S Baiev ft Fcrcuioniiazictt L» T : HoiTie# Wallace Sall'Cotcer ftHe»JohnC2 HoltHE Tripp lleald JclmO IloltESfar n«n jocea ft Bin* Heath Carolus Homan Henry H msn UesUiFC UoamsHeisoa Hull W c Heaton Nathan John Hall Joslah An* Hcck John Hooker major tirov Hcitse H o *rn ta! HalrThomaa U»p»nNiloaia Al*Hookcr Bcward Daillniaaoel bertU Uoovrr Rnm lUllGccfse Heller r£ 3 „ ..phrjyftoj Hal! s E UcrU^r'-nWUeesilopklnayii Hall AntlreW? lUnly ,'u.aC ll.>;isln»Tß HainmrnT Her.?* Win n:pclrs?aftC3 Hillctvarß Henry And«rx HopplnrGL Herstiehiv Tbo* H*irU»nTL Bnaulk-n Janvr HetmS.l «co Bortoa James M Hamblston LLaUt-iieron U Horton Joha H lev HcrruosJftco Hoskinsil QampionLA HtrrcoliJA KoosLltn John C Hanes it K BersLa Mortimer Hoolcbcn John HaTrr Ja Orln S BrmeßM Hamrry Dwrld Hes« TV W lloward >\ m O I!ancon John H H-tvbard fl rev llow<* W Han«i<k Eugene Hibbard Ashley llo»*i J C Hanraban uir IEoBcr»OD J T Hojct’.iS iiardcnbarcHow l!t»Srv John Uoutlns ffK ardcapt HlckleyST Hoxley WUIUm Harder Wm Htckok Barton Hoy P A liardicc James H Ilkfci ‘»oo Uoj e A P HatfUnc MicLael IHcki 'fartln Hoyt * co ,t \ Haruy V H M J ii Here A J HlLClb.* Rcbble Uunhard SH UarlenTH Uigglnlattom O Hubbard TdrS Hermann F W Hill Will'.ij Hubbard DP Uanue Charles ft UillCery Houbard LL2 pro UIU Henry T llubnlo Ensearr Harms WPllam ftllill Andr-va- Hughes James co HiUGroree Hcgh«« Patrick Rsnincton G W HUls Geo F Hull l««ae T‘ Harris J E Hibbard N gCJ*t Hull Isaac .* > _ •• l, ti.k.l CL'h. 111. la lad Harris I F Hindman Wm Hall As*... _ HwrlsThrsW utnelhomas HunphrvlUoTao- Harris Robert nice H W mas E Harris* Waßh Hintman IIW Hunnewell Wm Harrison Charles Uitchccck J Hunt rust Harrison '• I. Hosjrle .1 Troi Btt Harxe i Wm Hobatd W L Hooter J A Hart Hob»rt H Hobard W Hauler Joan HartAltsnP Hpmh'V lltmancAL Harter E F UxAias & James IlDittligtoa n „ Hartman F Hocking Abbott Huntley Jacob P H&rtotkCbas D UodKtor. William Hurthart J K •puna-t il yniit AHoflkVs •'anies U Hurtburt Usury L muter Hodge# Leonard UiulNirt Ch»» A Hartwell Edw udll r»3m»n tK-orceJ Hnr.bart KUwtn A. Hodman C P Hum PC Harvey , l iklD Uotlmos Harrold ilitswy J*s Holbrook* PriorHoganTF Hosted Wm THubrcai k £tiwluilos»n Martin Quu-hinson B 5 Haskell Ctns W thamilS Uulchlason U U DucklnsJ Ucgle George Hutchinson Jona- Hawes Gilbert Q Holbrook L than . H»w k» C M Utiibrook F H Haj es Eraitns Howler joa H Holden S Hanil«»on Hiram Haws ißrockwajUOiiatdComellus b rev UawUnT 1 jgell Pcnjsmln Icslee S L ln.-lee P n Ireland J K Jackson Jiem Johnson M T J.'BC* Israel C»nl John*:B WJ dr Jones AlHoo Jaco:« W W Johnson Henry Jones John F* Ecmcnrt P Juhcs.o Lyman Jones Jacob bTt Jenkins Htrvevdr Johnson Joseph G major ■i»nntiii;» K S * JohllSUQ J CiCSS JordinOSOL Jcnmtcsl Johnson UK Joe-phK Jf mreCCatmcey Johiison B P Jo.-lln It JoUD‘cn N E JoliaeonAN Joslia 1. U jobrsenWaiterdr JohasenJ u & co Jones J Johnson Bcl-ert Jthaton Ert& co Judah Chas J Johnson WarrenEJoaoeJ A Ju^UooJ ■Johnson 0 U JotC# J K Kaln John Kcrdall C W Kane Thomas KcodcreocCW MccJolia Kearney John H Kcil il John Kennedy > Klni:\R Keefe James Kent c A Rtaet»T KcchrCK KejJbot Henry Kins Kmben Ktet it Whitman Kmc Chas Kitat Ca«tns I Keen Cbas Kivu Cb.s Klncjbary tf wd KteseWß Kerr Will Klsnlmcat David KehoeTD Kerr A B capt Kelti! AlymerL Kt-thersoa Jno C Klti-ey Geo _ Killoce uII rev K«ie» Ix-ctoa Mt»e> latn.K Kcll-'gc Robert KeyeaNP Mn«ey Bob KeU.ff Dab Kt-lderChas U Kl'Cta t«eu i Ki.klauil J F 3 kSJ i W K.llUu 8.1 „ KlrtlmJ Ji W KeliyJohnM? Kimball O E KnappAi. Kellv James Kimball C A Kno«;» bamiicl Kelli- Andrew B KlmMllFrancUM Knot Joseph Kendall tiro S Ktn.lAlJ Geoß Knox Jam** P Kendall C Wist KJtxihail bro <i co Knowlion 11 K . I, .... ! Lament Geo tee W P dr Luther Lancaster Tbo? I.vrt A U d tanicr. i!to M Lett Thomas T Lonnc David R Lime Ed G Lcficril Lorer B UhcJ Laugcreon Chas Leggett Chna T Ljuney lUoiaaa Inuaereon Edward l»ve J 2* Lnogtlaa-J K LeuPtr Wm Loveland Frank C Lancelot} W Uellc John R «d. _ Lanpherjndze Ltvatdrrc A LowtherWD Lnuu-rmaii A Levmcstonc JohnLuca* in • Lamed W 0 Lcvlcgtfoae dr Luce Geo A latnedJO Uwis»htrlts LuceHAcapt J anted A F Lew U Pr yce Luekey \\ r.i Lamed F U Lewis •) U Ludlatn J W Larkina John M Ldllo Itobert B Lombard Thomas Las* L U Lind SI R * Lundy w m H Lathropl* Lindsey WL Luther L^aaß Latimer Chas LuAiatir B Lugllf* H o Laverty John F Lltn "I dr Lyman ''nt 7- w 11 Linden Clarence Lyman 'V LawWmir LUtio Albert Lynch James Lav Henry Littlejohn LyoaC* LaiClov John LlvlngstoticWmdrLyoD John T Lawrence Jas W Livingstone Jno 1 Lyon* rrsa Larslng Ezra Locke Edward Lynn* Daniel Lawther .1 R Lokey B E Lyon* LA I-earr James Long HE Lyon* Michael Lee Geo L Lo.uiiatF Lyons Dennis A co Leo John MsckGß Mayas A lUttc* Montrcsc UW J Maddox John T Meacham \> biUiuMoouy J.U MudlKinJcLnW Mick ID ' MaxoonOP Mmis G SWeWTC2 ( Maher Jan-.cs M> udetten.Tchn MoorobJA 1 Mahon Edranl Mcanes A A Mooru* Wlnd-er Mairv Ml-vlilc Me.cler Joseph Morau I’atrkk 1 MuUiolUul Isaac Wen ell 11 A Worded Ctas A stnno B Merrill Hovard chas . ' MannTUa’o Merrill L H MurfoM* Tuttlo | Manning S U Merrick George Morgan Henry ! Mamaenidico Merit Courud Morgan Ut> rov , MftObtieldS M.chlronaco Morgan C ManvoldJA Wilts James H 2 Morgan Amos i Marion John V MINHK Morplmy HE Urkty Atollt Q Wiles Jr L Morrill .IF 1 Varr John Millar James Morris John 112 • Mar* Cbss Sillier Cl.troD MsrrD SVV 1 SastesCitasO Miller Deter Morrtsey Michael Mareti George A Multr George Moirlsev Phillip • Marsh Ai" Millet Horace B Meroy H ( Marsh «mP iliUer Hmry a Morse I. E sl9rlinore* E Tap- , SKS.Ii-s.sw.S*h.L &Y a ! i!SIST, L Martin golomonK Mills Masen P Mo.ttrAF Marsoi-JW Mills L S Mu f'V K Mason Ike F Millsmr , Mallln Joßn | Mason James 3 Mliord Israel Munnjoha Mason lUswell Winter T L Mutual thaoncey Mairb Joseph B Miner h D MurpbyJotinD \ Mj.triJ. hn MUchrll Rich d Murphy Thonaj Matthews WW MUt Chaa b Murphy fHchaid MsttbcvetVtn M'>U*t 6: Crowcil Murry Martin j Matthews UenryllMotonry I’att Murry John rapt • MattoewaTA ilontasce John Memy Andrew 1 Matthews EU Momnuuc Bt,n-Murray Aco . 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Walk-.rllenryC W-ndrf. Aco Winder Lionel Walker, Sr.*r* West Prank 3 W Lng WG wood A CO 3 wescort P B Wlnmia David Wall Jobs Weeicn J » Wiens B Wallace Joba Wcsum A Wlnslowlt-J 3 W* Urv"ia WhiddenJ N Winslow C A Wallace Phillip W IdonleGeo A WlngurAco Wti.b PbUUn WbUoDasid Wirt. Join AT Waiter Daniel While A»a WlsrcrCtuuK Walter Bdr WbltoJohn!! WlswellAccJS Waivortb RofseUWmte J B WlttbeekerPrsdfK M art Win J WbitAjobaS WolfVß i< su nu • 11 uiDWMaw »»w • *-» Warner P B White A carpen- Wnllacott A Sar- W anier H C ter bridge Warner Prank Whiling WA Woodsam*! Warcock Tbos Whitmore F B Wood James W arrack 1-MUlp WUlmcre John Wood blr 3 Warren KM D 3 WoodpWJ WarrenW S Wllsea Aasnstos Woodbury Hdr VkiidJ WlutmoroAD W’coJuian C wam-nPranko Whitneyc J *coWodrlcb Henry* Warren SU&co Wbltnoy Wm W* J D WarOdae Eodn«yW*bitaey * IHalk-Woodrafi o*ol-3# jj nvi Woodmn J Wartblery SarrfoelWbitaktr GB- Woodward Alfred Waterbary John Wblttet Jchn W Ur □ w tattler EaifJall Word'll C 9 Waterman dr H B orthlev Sam’l * Waters Hiram Wicker A B Wrights . Waters Wm U Wlaetn».Br»dfOTUWrtnOt Fred Waters EM *co33 Wruhlfr'o Watkins SE WUeotPC WrlcM Wm W'atklca nenry E Wilcox W P WriuM W H WatklLiEA WUklnaß Wn«’at F Watilni J 8 Willard Wok Wright A ea Watkins AT WillardM . _ Wjles K W WaLcn X W Williams Silas O Wyman CWlsllaa Walien KZ YatnHetuT Tonne Andrew Toting FIV Yert-un: Alfred Yonng Cna* U Toang Lawrence York A F i BIISCELIjANEOG!* letters. ! Boot & Shoe Firm, ISI Myron Lodge XAIT C C 1 6la> street iMKhlijjavo B< x r-156 Norm Ww; rub co ‘ CCB operator Nmhwestcm U<C) Teierraeh co DB OrpatT oncer E U n Pacific Mall Steamship co Editor <*f Northwestern Producer*’ Bank Chronicle ?ec Oriental Lodgo 1 Edltrr Artlquarirn TJ _ . _ Gl, No so Monroe-st To the Agent Glue JLtsa K t-real Wes'cm Band _R . ... Garreit Cut Gift Eater- To the Proprietor of the prUc Commercial Hotel Gift Book Store Wtwicn Micufocturlng co j i>} North Wclli-at JOB 195 Clart-«t MAW Srpccial ISotlcrt. Theiiorli&in rrZanuracmrtnc Company, Et!vt'PTnlUiß. of ITovidcuct. B. L. I'torm the trad* that th,rare producing Cce Electrc-p’sted Good#,com prising fall Dlnter ana lea servlet* *nd Table Watuof every dtwrlption. of a very sapenor quality and ot new ana rlccan*. dealtma. The t*s-v la Nickel Silver, upon which is a deposit ot Pure surer r! curb iM.-t- D(*a that they rww all tea advantage* cl solid silver in utility, and from beauty ot d<»lga «nd supcilor fin ish arc nrdmtlr puUhahle from U. The Gorham Manufacturing Company refer with con fidence to the high reputation they,nave e*lat>Urhod In thr production of Solid Silver warn, ta which they b»v c been tor many years engaged. and they sow as sure the public that thcr will folly sustain that rrpnlv turn by to- production of Klectro-platod wans of such Cualuyocd oxternc dursbi Ity as will lefan- ecilrc satisfaction to the purchaser. All amclta mads by them are stamped thus: jjjjULVM.vnip t^ And all such are folly goarsatoeiL Theyteel ltnr««- saiy particularly to cad too attention ot to the ai>pve trade-mart, as their dcelgos have be>-& al ready extensively imitated. These goods can only be pictured Bern responsible dealers Uxruugboct the country. Prepared Oil of I’nJm and Uaec, Fcr preserving, restonng and beautuytng &e hair, and ts the most delightful and wcndcrlal art cle tee world ever produced. Ladles will Cud It net only a certain remedy to ra tio rt. darken and beautify the hair.bat also a desirable article for toe Toilet, a« It U highly perfumed with a ilcb and delicate perfume, independent of the fragrant odor of the Otis of and Mace. Tn« Uimi. or Fine—A new and beautiful per- fume, which, la delicacy of scent aad the taaaclty with which It cllass to the handkerchief aad person, u une- qualled. j live above articles f&nale by all Drujglsta and Per- I tamers, at td perbettle each. Sect ny express to any j address by the proprietors, T. W. WEIGHT A CO, ICO Übmy-CL, New York. For sale by J. H. USED i Si CO-. Chicago- *iA Volnablo medicine. “Dr. Poland's White l*tce Compcnr.d, sdvertiiM ts ■ our columns, is a *uec*safUl atMmpt to combine and I apply tae medicinal virtues cf toe White Fine Bark, j It has be® ttorougiUy tesic«l by people in this city and j vicinity, and the proprietor ha# tcttlmonltls of l>£ i value trom person? wtU known to onr citizens. We ! recomtnenu Its trial In all Uioie cases of disease to ' which It la adapted. It Is for MCe by *ll oar drag j sUU.”—(N. Y. Indtp. ndecU j The OrcatNew England Remedy IDr.J. W.PoUnd’s * WHITE PINK COMPOUND Is new oflfcrea to lbs af | fllcted threughont the country, aftor having boon I proved by toe to*tof eleven yeets in th- New England State*, where Its merits ha.e become as well known as the tree Bom which. In part. It derive# It# virtu i*. 1 nc Wluto Fine Compound cures sore Throat Gcldr, CooglJi, Dtphiherta, Uruccnius, Splturg of Blood, and Ihiliconarj Affections gercral y. It U a remarkable remedy for Kldocy uumplalnt*. Dlabttes. Dltbcnlty ol Voiding Urine. Bleeding from the Kidneys and Blad der. Gravel ana other complaints. Fcr Flics and bcur , vy It will be found very valnaote. } Give it a trial If yon would K-art toe valna of a good 1 aid tried m«<Uctoe, It U pfeaiart, sale and sure. I Scld by DmcsUts snd Pealcrt ic Mencmes gen«r ; rally. BUBNUAMS Si VAN SCUAACK Wnoleialn | agents. Dr. Jnmc#, So widely celebrated tn the treatment ot Spswa- TOESiitsa, STraihis, and all diseases ot a private na ture, can be t oLsultcd at Ui« otllce and parlon.9l and 03 Kandolph-dU, comer of Dearborn, Chicago, ill., (nearly opposite Ms old office.) Dr. James established and conducted Janes’ Loik Hospital, C-istum Honse-su Ncx Orleans, for thirteen years, and for tbe last six years baa been located In Chicago, ntd Is the only physician who has made the treatment of bccret Diseases a Specialty that has been acknowledged by the medical profcMlon and the pxeu to be sin, cokpcrzvr and nsi.tiiu.g» The remed edition of the MONTTOK, recently is ! ined by Dr. James, compiled torn bis more elaborate i works, contains the history, origin, natora and danger of Secret Diseases, and preset Iptlcns for self treat ment. with a treatisenpondlscaacs pecollar to Simaies, bow avoided and prevented, remedies. Ac. The nnlversal rt potation glvva to Ur. James as a practitioner is the best possible assurance ol hU able ; uy to fccresitolly treat the class of dlsiassi ha has I made It a specialty to treat. i Cfflce hears Ire m9a.m. to jp.m.; ?ncdays darlnj the forenoon. Separate rooms, and consultations i strictly private and confidential. Aatrolocy and Tour Destiny, The stars revaal yonr deatmv 1 Wbst Is it? Wbst are your lotureprcstecta Inlue? Tu t«, cr not to be. Is thenil absoituDg quevtlcnl Good or erll? >»?*• will solve It? Dr. Bapbaei can solve the question t He ba* the secret of winning the affection* ot the op potltesexl He can show you tne likeness ol your iniarc hesband or wile. D-r can foretell the dm alt o: nil bu‘ltc»s iraa<options and ap-icnlanoas. De car cnldevca to wealth,emlcetce and honor. Us alrc cnld*a yon to health, even when yoa are mv*n op as inccrah’eby others. Cad at •-! 13 Cast Madlson-tt., <ut stain),between Wens and CLiaago. ' in. cobauitattvn fee. One Dollar. Dr. IFhiUlcr, 1«4 South C!art-«U cures ad private diseases without mercury or poisonous dross, so much to be drtaced. ttmlnal wcakntes, la all in varied forma, cured in a fcw weeks. Toons men afflicted withdrvams at niche producing weakness of the whole body, coa mttiesA.nmrlDSlntt.evar*, call and rcor-lJ“ lor * opinion pec »>f charge. Dr. W. pnbllthts* a guide to health which shoclo be in the hands of every one; free ol charge. Send Hwce cents n, hours from s a.m. until 3 p. m. Fo*t Office Dot 2iJ9A. ConfldcntlnJ Conaaltnlions. Dr L. SANOEB, Member H. c. barzoon*. Lotdoe, and M.B. Member of Ma»*. ijoclerT. can be coc soited, as usual, at his cfflre, toll Kandujph-sl-. on the uedlt-al treatment cf Chr.nle. Nervous, Private, sem 1-al acd Urinary Dt.*ea*e* cf both sexe*. lonr hi* spe claltv. J)r. hanger's Female Eemedieaaie certain in all cat**. Dr. Dl£ulcw, H* Tins the cl me pniUc acdthe tnedlca: SfcCQlty at lure. Is me nort reliable pbyrctan la the city f<-tclircnlen«Too* end »exu*i cau at MsMßce, 179 soclh Clark-it.. corner of Monroe. separate. Connitatlcnftee. P. O. Bor 131- Hie (row* w bMltl:, patUihtd monthly, cent frae tc lay addict*. Dr. ThonsoDy Proprietor cf the Medical aid Surreal lartltnie, I7!s South ClarS-sU ta* ueated lorma of venereal dis ease with napreerdented success ter nearly torty years, cpcrmatorrtm and impJttncs trsat&l with the bapoi* estrwniu. Particulars of the Institute and the Gal<U nailed tec to anyaddrw. P.0.80x73,Chicago, IUILI-I*. jfuntitutc. FCRKITCRE. GEO. J. HBSKELS, LACY & CO., IjTH AND CHE3TXU7-5T3., PUILAIiEU’IIIA. We liave » suite ot Nine Booms, Elegantly Carpeted And lursUbed compute as PARLORS AND CHAMBERS. purchasers can tee tow a suite ot lurultara trT'.j a> year to their tocse. aa*i can from these rooms, a betur selection than they can tram furniture nrorelv coasty placed in larue ware-ro--m3. 13 ants anh lianfcc cs. ST 0 GKII OLDERS 1 MEET JKG.—The anneal xnesllns cl the Stockholdf •% of the FIFTH 5 ATIOSAL BASH OF CHICAGO For the election ot Director,,, n-jd to transact aaj otrer business that may JV-faitv come before tht mttilnc.wll, be held a;t^ je olficecf said Dank. No. 50 LaSalU-st, Chicago. cctween the hours of Id a. m. and i p. m., Xueadayj January Btli, 1567. ISAAC Q. LOM3ABD, Cashier. Chtcace, Dec. -ith. ISS6. ■OATCHELOIVS hair dye. jn»' fptesdld Hair Dye Is the best la the world. HVn-les'. rcliahl*. lastutaneocß; the onlr Perfect Lryc. KoCUappoUCnent. No ridiculous tint*, bat true to nature. Genuine elgsed WILLIAM A- BATcIU ELOtL sola oy Drnrcuu and perfumers. Factory, frl B«day-ti,,>’e'w Tort. Krto ffublicattoKS ■^ r EW A-ND ENLARGED EDITION. D. ATI-LETOS A CO, Kcs. i 13 and 115 Broadway, Hew York, AKD s. c. Rficp Oi CO .« Chicago. fCBLI-g TZIZi CAT THE HOUSEHOLD BOOK of POETRY COLLECTED AND EDITED BY CSABLES A. DAJtA. edltloi revised sod eilarged. oae rclnnw royal ee f a\o. elli to?.-$7. Half-calf. ext?*. *>. ••ihe nrposs of this booft Ulo«m9rt#ewir»ln«n» lcnt<lao«aslairlcTolnn.e what is truly beicUfnl and acmir .b eamccs t£e minor pton*s of the Kne irli laa cuare. • • • Especial car-* has a* alto beta taken to elre every poem eoQrt sod cnmnUlsted. sirelss iniLcocstantbciulc lorm whicli coaid bnproenroj. — ihr.'itrt.irc'v iY’/ace. “This. tneeirvtßtn «*HIon, has reed Ted very mate rial artuitirni ibe poets'«ho Lara attained <Us tlscUtntlnraeiVriMt rtciit years.and ianovmaO rrspert>i the Cntrt luiicttlan lif riaor poems cl the Eua'.lsb lasßuace :?tr attempted.** —Axrurlam £ap~ :Ut. " WiUita a >ltslla?rp’npus there IsaocollecttoaoT poetry In Ce laciniijfs iliate.;sa:s this In rarity, far r.cbntss cl thought and expression, and or poetic ini aßf»y.**-j-ir<rcMt«TP»i*^uTiir». *• It tnvea ns In an elej-ttt *n-t compact formeuch « hedy of vena es cm'. >• ruoud la nu r.chef vlnme or sericaot voltutce. It Uhr 6»r the moat complete csl» Itclfc n that ha# ever be*.s rnoda of English Lyrical poetry.*’— Button Ti ir.i*crt%i. “Among the sin. liar boesa which ha* o appeared,*** do oo< hesttAta to glTc this Tic highest place.”—Pro*» ktenee Jvurual. jlHcf Messrs. P. Anptmea ft Co.’s c>mwt and raiuMiic Books Cor the ilujiiaya are hr sale by c. U. GIUGSo ft CO. • 89 and-11 Uiast. EES’ BOOK BT IWCISFiGCIER, D. APPLETON * SO , Nc». f i3nnd443 Bfwadlfcr, N.Y. ASS •*. G. CJCUIfiS Sc Cll., Chicago* narrxow eeapt 'J lie Vegetable \7orld t BQSG A HtbTOBY OF PLANTS, WIU Owlr Botanical Descriptions and Peculiar Properties Bt ■snw Fieura, Anttsrof “T!i« World Before tie nin«trated wttfHM EiwtraTtngy, Interspersed thronCi tte l*at~and St fttitaage illustrations, chlvfly drawn from natore, Bt W-Faocsr, Htns*cator to Botanlest Course of the Faculty of Scltnces-ot Paris. One voL. S vo^beantlfully crinted. iCpages cloth, |C_ **Tho prestnt volaiue may b< cnn'ldorcd a« the aoc* ondcoDirtbntionwblon U.BWnier has made toward Lis Tableau dt Ut-S'itvrt. ■ •'in* Worldbetoro me ua lUKe* tx-uitmpisus a perto-l in me world’s history when Us natural ornament waaanseat; wbec 1U snr* face was an arid desert, a vase the abod* of ailetce and death. Plants preceded in tae or dee of creation; when ihs great aslmaj» which prece ded man were creatsd by the wisdom of the Kternal, ibscartb wssalrraov rtothed fa a mantle of resets ti.'tj- We learn ITcq Holy Scristoro mat -Ucd -aid, let the esnb bxlnuli'ith armss. the herb yielding seed, and the fruit treeyte'dlngfruttfifver tts kind, whose tert I* li cit, upon *.te earih ; and It vi«*o. Ami the «mrth brought :onh jriii, anft berh yteidtois scat after bta kind; and G>l saw that It wn C 'od.’ *’ I*. A. A Ci*. UcTe Utei* publi»: eU; THE WORI-D BEFORETBK f>KLCGE. By Locts Fioruea. a new edition. IT.® Geological r'rtl >tt earereUrrevUeil. a*o tr.ach origins! matter added, oy Uimt w. Bujtow. F, B. t.. cf the U** 'graphical Bnivcy ofG-rst Ccnulslar $l di i-p«e 1!- mitratlonaof Extinct Aaltpsla and Idea! Lctd»«-apcs of the Anctect World, designed by Rtor, ard Wi Mg ore* ot Animals, P.anta ana other FcwU lirmaias and Uestoratto'-s. 1 tok, 37 pages. Beautifully printed. Cloth. Jo. __ THE HARMONIES OF NATURE, Or. Tub rjtrrr of chatiox. B» Or. O. Hirnns. atitror of "Tha Sts* and Its Utli>e Wum-crs.*? oad “Ins Tropical Worlu.*’ With fHI!-papeencraTlc«a aad n-arly AM wredems. i xot- bv.., tui pages; Cloth, |IAd; half o'C exincflO: full call. jiJ. THE HAKVESTOFTUK SEA. A eorfrlnatloato ihr Natural *nd Economic HlJtorr of tAo Rritls** Food Fl*Lt». by JaasMi. lUsraasu tVllh NolKnatrailoßa, l large vol .svo.. A!0 pa*t-». Cloth, SIAO; ba3 call, extra. JIP; full ralr, extra.* 13. THE UIS'IUHV OK TUB UNITED STATED OF AMKIUCA FhuM HIE DIaCOVEKT OF THE Cu*i- TINEST TO THE. FLUVI INAUGURATION OF AKKAHAM LINCOt-N. RyJ lUcss Farms, A. XT. MxihcdlUon. l Coth, JJ. u ltd Portraits; sheep. ?s Kit-cr cflhe abort* teal free, ey cell, on receipt of ; cnee. S. C. GRIIiGX- & CO K CHICAGO. gclatcfirs aim CHMSTMAS AND NEW \ EAR'S GIFTS. GREAT WATCH SAI.B, Or. the pcpnlar one-price plan, giving every patron s rat.UMnuo and reliable »VaUh for the low prlc-tof Ten Dollars, without xecara to value, and not be paid lot unleaa (*rl- ctly citirthetury! ICO Sclld Gold Huatu cWatche* fK to fS€ UO Ma .-lc Ca>ml Gold Watt:1.«5........ id to *X ICO Lame** Watcsra, ecamelled 100 to Mi ItO Gold Hurting Chronnmeter Watches.. l»to S# 2.0 Golu Hunting Euslish Levers *wto g« IXO Gold Hnnilnu Dnplra Watches 15’J to 8X JOJ Gold lluctlmt Arocrieiu Watches pv to CO Ud Sliver Buntlmr Lever 5.................. 50 to 139 W 0 sliver Routine iuudexea.....; 73 to 258 '■)i;u,iii.iwi-»*Wsiit!i so to me 1.1. t it; 1.1 *• rnnß Levine* 53 to 75 i.ftii vi*«ti neon* Silver Watches.*. 50 to itt 2Jvl) Iluiitir Sliver tYalchea 25 to SB AuOA»*»ri dWatrhea. all kinds 10 to IS Kvi-ry i>*'ioa obtains a Watch by this airnaxetnent, c.>tl!!K l:u *lO, while It may be worth |*3o. Nopartt* AC.'.’s Great CtlonWatch New Toik City, wl-h lo lu-mcuiatel* dispose of the ah«'Te marnlflcei-t *tocK. C-rtificat** ihmlug tSe ar> Ueies arc placed In K-aied envelopes an<l w -ll muat Holders are entlLeU to the arfcciw cam&l on their cer tificate. upon ravu.ent ot T*n Dollar*, whether It be a Watch worth tU*> or ore worth lew. Ihe return otaay of onrc»rtlCcaUw«ni:U“syon to lie articiud named iheraon. up«'n payment. Irresiwctlve of 1U worth, sod a* no article valued ica than *lo l* named on any err will at once be seen that tots l* no I xit h etralchtforw an! huiUmste imns u-Oou, which may be partlcltuitcd in evec ty the mtottaalldi .oat Aeioule Certltieatowinb<* »errby upon reoopt of A ct*., five for »l, eleven for *2, tiilrir- Uircc»iJiUhsanlpr.'ii,lauifi.r #■>, eisty-*lx and more valcaMe rremlnw JcrtlC, enc huutlird and uuwt su perb Watch tor *ls. To agent# or these wlsnlnz cta- Filsyion.t this tv a rare opportunity. ItUa leflttmaSe y cvcdoettd bnsjuuss, du.y aulh irlrci! by the Govtrn uienUaml open t • the most carnal serntiry. Try os i Add-ra.l J. niCF LING * CO- 14j> 8.-oadTa>.N. Y. t3CoSQg?lfi HAEBOK WOUKa AT GRAND Ha ven and Black Lake. Mlcvlcao. Orvirr smtcrrciDcn Eamssn, UAcnonC iMj-rownrsT*, Lack Mtcuioav. < Miiwarr.tK, Wiscotislc, January 1,1:5?. [ fealtd rrorh sals. is dnptlcatc, of the firm fnmUhed by the unilf r*lenr.l,'will oo recu.vcd at this ohleo nuill Ibsnu'ar.the Hth day tf February. I*~. at 12 tn-for Improving the barton of Grated Haven and Utacs L»k-. sUchlgan. _ ... ... The Improvement# at Oratd Haven will consist of 15.1X0 fecunura or les#. of cla*e piling to protect toe routh hank <• r the river near toe entrance and an -x --tetsk-n of ihe south phrfo; 600 feet oyenb* filled wIU» Improvements at mark Late win be extenstona of Uie present plen*. 512 running feet In all, and dredg ing. TbedrcCidDg the pier*, aud for placing the sew cribs, acd will amonnt to jO.b'O cable varus, ir.or* or b . Flans and speclficallona are cn flic in the oO<*e, and win he «hJwn to al! who wl»h to examine them fur toe purpose of tsttmatteg. . Tie tropesa*# will be separate ftreach work, aodfor each class of matt-rial or lalwr for each wort. Bids w 111 be reclved tor a part or tor the whol* of cither work. The work to U» fmDbcd hr October t.IStSL Tr cse works will be let loitc lowest re-rondM* bid der, reserving to the United Slates the right to reject anv or all bids. Bidder* are requested to be present opon toe opeolnjg The duplicate proposals wt" be endorsed, enclosed la WHEfXEE, c. s. Enslcecn, Mmankee, WU- ■JtfOTIO£. CCSTOk Dorse. OODEVSBTCOn, K. T* I Prywi&tiyppn’g otneg, Novembers 13*». f r-rcpoiil* win l-e rc-eclved at the redee of tan SniK-rfUrtfcntof the new Cnstorr. House at Ogdens berth. N.T„untdl2o'cl>*ck'r,tae3sth ear of January, fbr furaistlns atiddeUverloudlmcnilcn stones tor the outside st»ne work of the baildtnc at»ovo the snh t**e. The stone require! U f„r basa and b-et cunncet, window ?UJe*.llntela »V. tanel*. Its nest mcnl-linga, arcbtToltu, cornu e, hl.wkic i course, quoin- au>l cj chimney top*. and aUn Tor ashcar, tf d-vard f;r the interetl otthe Government lo ns: ashlar la itn place at tr^y d faeces «f clone, wh-thtr eranite. marble or satdid -sc, ct.' Uj. or any ether. nay Us suomirr<!d.bnt whatever laid u.av lcprci>o;cd.Umrni bc oitha most durable qualltr, nf rood c-lir. fine grain. l-jp?ryUKa to water, perfectly ncaiTrcted by lro« uJ » pable of receiving a 'in* ctn«h- Ths sizes i f mu are Tartcnf; Ci»lr dlniMsioas may b- procured Com drawioss at t-V bdix-rla denfs office. The tetal amount of tV_<e d.- menst.'n stone*. exclusive of the astuur. will le hftont 17.CU0 cubic first, Tt • store must be ddlvered- In the ronsh on the site of tb«* haUnles. or Much place a* may be drslenatad hr the Superintendent. aert pro p tala muet be mace by the cable foot if »u.oe de.leer ed. Ircluilvc of all frets', t, hauling, &c. Mnaweiaeßtt to bo uade on delivery, byauttorlztd azente cr the hopcrl&-rodent, and tea per cent, ct all payment* ra tnlned omt< completion otrofJrvedJ. .be proposala for ashlar must baltr 4-lcch tad a*blnr, by the superficial foot ct each kind. , baruples U *lx Inccea cube. ot the stone* proposes to t- ftuaishrtl. must be lubmlOwl to tb» superintend ent b'Jore the oper log ot tbe proposals, with toe Tarn ouj styles of cutting or hammering used on the class of atone, and propoily marked with Ite name of the pato t«»bv whom submitted. . Ih'-wholeaamoalof tbestockmralre-tto bo deliv ered hr or befor* the Ist of Jane, li*«. and lha delivery lor the Icaer courses t»l *Son-* work lo bezln by or Do fore May Ist. 1357. The Department reserve*the right to reject any c* ad the pn;s«»au. . All bins mult oe actCßpanled oy a bind of two re ■pcuMfre persons, la the euro of J&CO.that the bidder Wills- ••nd and p-rform lbs coitrart U awarded to ihesullldEacr-riheaccamj to’be ccrU*t«d bj th- •A.hrctor of Internal Kcretme ot the DlSvrkt. n k p.,sals «-boal<* In* endorsed "I’r.'P**! for btork for atoua tVorli.’* and addres-rl to -V * ’ * * S’jperir.:gpjc6C /~\iFIGE OF THE STFPERINTESD " / EST OF COSSTBrCTfON OF TU* U. 3. COCHT HOUSE. Sonceacld. Hllcols, Dre. W- W 4., rea.edproro»«lawm be received at tbeofjee «f pertetenden! of United Slate C'-uftnins". at Surtoj oeid, UUnolN until Vi o'clock m_ December 21th. te cast-iron colsmaa. nlxasb rs. and tbelr car*- piatw, 4th, rtqnlred ffir it e Sprtegtteld. D-jcois. Cciat Dense an?Pc*t oaice. cow mcUse- Dra rtns= of tlw work, •bowing dimension*, design and cat-nt of It, maybcfeeaand.iamthtd Cresdn-atlni! Mtmf pfflos. or hr tosUcstloa as the Custom Hi naos at culcafiO, Ulu»l(S Ctncljtan. Ohio, Riubarnb, and SU Luma. Stisscari. The psttenm foe capitals must besabmicud to the Snperln«sedens£sr and bod* ot column* aca tersmnstbe planed true. All the csstlcgs-mnst b« sennd. cfevra tbteknes*. sharp arr*»f* arrt smoott tacea, and the omucestadDu molt oe cf snper.o-* finish. The price.ia'iiadin* freiuhtand de.l7dfy,mtt3t be give 1-* ernes and the wto’.e ol the wort an*t be deuveraC in Springfield by or beOrethe lit ol March. is« 7. Bid* meat be aceompaalMl by a bona of vwo .-espea slble partly, tn the •mncfllJ'OO. that the blduer wta perlorta the contract If awarded *c tic. „ Bids most be addressed to A. Schwartz. Snr anntesd mof the new Court Douse at S*rtngaeidjl;incD, asd must be tndaised, “Proposals Tor Iron Wort. a. SCBWARZ. Bopcrmtasdect. _ (Cits Notices ■pHOPOSALS FOR AS IROS ■*• BIM o ! SS£t OTTai mjaao av P-lUJC-ffono, 1 Cni'AGC, Bocf - f Scaled prcpore'iwltl » reccivnr by me Public Works, at tn*-tr Office. cnCl 11 a-m. Tuesday. Januarv y.|-. tor the cvnstrcctuw. comrUV? and ready itr n-c-’ct an Iron Uridee over hortb Water *tre-.t, at tu Intersection with. 'Xcrth Wcila street. Busjers are Invited to Ib-lro to p:uw and speaiflcatloiis, tnbiect to tte contains sulci beiow. The bridge will save a sjaa of elshty ISO) teet *i>DUncj;"w There writ be two roadway*, eacii twenty (30) feet -aide in tl» clear, and two sidewalks tor toot trave\ each eight (S> fret wtda In the clears The Coor be at I beam Iron, say seven (7) inch*-* wide, placed two(l> feet anart from centre to centre. Th.e baa-l-ratllsg will bo of Cast Iron, I'ce* pattfra. flv i o) indie* wide, and the blasters will be of arooct.i iron,one fl)lnch square. PoJta.otwroiibt I. on, or e and placed t unt (D net apart. Wherever there posts come the floo f brama will project outside of thr sidewalK two <2 . teL to afford opportunity tor bracinz tae poiu seen* ely. The bridge inert support with wd- A* cl one htt'dred and twenty-five (125)* a o rapeitclal toot of the floor smrlicectt£ia jr.y.ln addition to th-? weight oftte >•»««« 1 je brllsemutl be planned In such a manner a-d with p och dimensions that the tensile strain on the wrongs m »=d specifications are loyaald bridge, bollt a* asove. exceptln-th** In-»• centre the bridge shall be lo.n-aa ref tine cn etone iwoirtatuia la the ftree- br| w. column brtc* capped by an Ironclrdcr r-nni c-o*»- wlse ot ihebrtdce. , M , , .. n „ ... piorcraisxurtbea<<ire«sed to the Boarlol wane Wort?, endorsed tor Irm PMu.-, «J“ acrompan’ed with the nsn* |Joobond.wl.a r_.i-.ic*. ft..., i*np* t*v .rd ability tbr t." *b worthy, ana baa sufficient a, FRED. LETZ. o^jTkoss.^. Board cf Pnbllc Wert*. ißaic recstoratibe. H"HE GRAYEST AND WORST LOOK JL C<G DA IK Hair (j o « cr Beatorer" ES*sice9 Its flair Caor liestorer- Half Color ifesiorer" bmw» Hair. Color Res:«r«* la tic/ Hair Cotor Rtt»tor-r~ * Hair Color ftsuw* dretb«Hair,but ftccsasaeOmeisaiaotf n ctcb, DWAEB. Wtt» o»!5 4S®a.