Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 7, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 7, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. MONDAY, JANUARY 7, 1567. TUE CITY. CsmcoPot.-ilit sale of ftils In the First Coujrregallonil Chnrch, comer of Green end Washington street*, will be msd© on Monday evening. commencing at 7 H o'clock. BoHßnax Club.—A meeting of Ibe Club will be held on Honda? afternoon, at 4 o'clock prompt, hi the new room* In Me Victor's Theatre bending, east entrance. CcrrxiLkßT.—The regular monthly meeting o{ the American Methodist Ladles’ Centenary Asso ciation will be held io Evanston on Tuesday, at 10 a. to. Cam leave the Milwaukee depot at da. m., and return at Sis p. m. Tit* Tco ** TJsiojf.”—A telegram from the South Manltoos. received on Saturday, convoy* the intelligence that tho Ing “Onion” haa arrived theta “all right.'’ She went oat from this port to fetch In the Dark “Champion.” Frn*.—A barn situated on the line of Kankakee avenue, outside the city limits on the prainc. was destroyed by fire about eleven o’clock on Friday night. An elderly mannamed Jenklnsou occupied it ae a “residence.” Aunmoaai. Bocstt.—A correspondent In quires if there is any person appointed by Gov ernment, through whom the additional bounty can be collected, which was granted by the Gov ere menu and approved JolySS, ISM. We answer: Yes: Colonel 11. D. Cook, State Agent of Illi nois, fP. O. address) Washington, D. C. PansojraL.—Onr respected fellow-citizen, T. D- Bryan, Ee«j, who has beta in Europe for over a raid tohavc recently purchased a handsome villa in Switzerland, on the bant or Lake Geneva, with the intention ot spending some time there. Ihe health ni Mrs. Bryan induces him to protract tis stay until next year. Sxccmcr a Drt Good*.—We call attrition to the advertisement of A. G. Downs & Co. in this Issue—No. 150 Lake swt—announcing a great sacrifice in Dry Goods of all descriptions—dress goods, ledles* eklrts, hosiery, cloves, under-wear. Sunk* in, &c. t which are being sold at prices whose result most be to effect a clearing out of the stock when once the extent of the redaction is known to the public. Cojfcxci EtnmisA—Mr. Balatka announces thitlhrrehcaivilii of th® OnwrU of SL Paul, which is to be publicly performed order the ansplces of the Young Men's Christian Associa tion, la aid haring been mspended through the holidays, will be resumed on Mon* dav evening, at TH o'clock, ir. room 18 Opera House, All singers who wish tu lake part in ren dering this performance are requested to De present at that time and place. IrCGUATiixiiz asd Thstt.—About three mouths ago, y*> r Harding, County Agent, who resides in the West Division, took into his bouse a siri who bad cone here destitute and friendless, and has given her a home ever sluce. Last night she rewarded her benefactor by stealing irom him one Oi ndred a'.d five dollars in money and some articles cf wearing aoparcl belonging to Mrs. Harding, sod departing without even saying allies. The bereaved family are anxious to learn the whereabouts of the mis.-tug one, and informa tion will probably be thankfully received at the Police trillions. _ Boranra.—Mr. E. F. Adams, the well-known claim agent, received the f 100 bounty for B. S- F relied, Forty-iourth New York Infantry, on ‘•Dt-cembcr l-rh," which he claims lo be the first received by any claim agent In the West, under the act of July 2aU*, ISSO. And the checks come in almost daily slhd* then. Among the companies »ow being paid through him, is (he Chicago icard of Trade Battery. Those wianlng quick returns cannot do better * ban to gw him a call, v. e need scarcely eay that his office is on the -onliWett comer of Madison and Dearborn itreets. Drumm—Richard Burke was fined $lO at the Police Court, on Saturday morning. lie resides cd Bloe Island avenue, and owing to bis recent excessive indulgence In “spiritual" drink he baa • seen strange visions. The special hallucination which caused his arrest was hU firm belief that there vas a masked ball going forward at his ronse. This Invasion of his premises by shadowy and uninvited guests be strongly resisted in speech and action, bnt the aitfo) guests danced merrily on, and mocked bias from bentnd the chairs, the stove and other furniture. At last be fai.ced that a goodlv number ol them had been driven under Die bed, and when arrested be had Jut made a desperate plunge in pursuit. Tunorcn LiJffi to 2»ew Tons—Excuhsioh.— The great through Ime from St. Louie to the At lantic seaboard—a tmltorm image on the Chicago. Darlington & Quincy, Michigan Central, Great Western, J«ew York Central, and connccilng roads. will be probably opened ibU week, bjr an inaugural excursion, which wilt leave the Central depot In Chicago, on Monday, January 7th, 13J7, at 5:15 in the afternoon in Ibe new palace slecptn:* cars “Mayflower,” and “City of Detroit.” The train will reach Detroit at C a. m. Thursday, cross the nrer on the new steamboat, without un coupling. reach Suspension Bridge at 3 p. m.. and Hochester atC p. m. lielnmlng will leave Bodies* ter on Wednesday morning, and reach Chicago Thursday morning. A Moderate Swuicleb.—William Miller, a German, representin'* himself as from lowa, vu arraigned before Jmtice MUlUccq on Saturday afternoon, charged with ob'alnlrc money under false pttU-nces. About loar weeks agohenego txated ihc rale of three car-toads of barley to Mr. L. C. Hook, at No. 400 North State street. Mr. Book, a? a persons! fa*or to Miller, loaned him fo until the delivery of the barley, which was rep* resented to t*c at the Northwestern depot. On similar rcpicscLiallons, Miller borrowed from each ol four or fire other parties. To one be told of bavins SI,OOO worth ot hogs at the depot It was ascertained that these statements were entire ly false, and he admitted as mnch upon examina tion. Be was committed for trial in bail ot tlAft. Seattsc ron toe Boon.—The Washington Skating Park Association, which has established tn emvulle reputation lu the past foe liberality toward* benevolent object#, nowannouncesabcne fit for the enduring poor of this city for the entire week tcding January 12th. Tickets have been Issued by the Relief Committee, and placed on sale at tic cscal place#, ana. iu addition to this, a large nntnner of canvasser* will engage la their dUi ossl. The committee are determined that Ui« liberal oiler of the Association shall produce liberal resell*. The puolic hare, in this enterprise, an opportd* city of doing good la a very pleasant way. as etery ticket sold goes to supply food and fuel to the needy. Very few can rciu#e to purchase, even if they do not intend to ufi< the ticLcU, and it is hoped that *cn thousand will be sold for this worthy object. Bctixg Coax.—Charles Flc.-bcr represented to Nicholas Hubert on the third of last month that Ee could procure coal for him Tom a yard on V.iii 13mcn street, for $0.50 a (on, delivered. This was rocro lets than the current price and was in conr-ciiiiCT.ce. he said, of bis being Captain of a tug boat and haring a contract (o snpply his boat, liubcrti paid him the money tor one ton, bat the coul wa# not forthcoming. Hubert! repeatedly vitited Florhcr. to ascertain why the agreement wa#no- fulfilled, and finally to get hi* money hack. Bui Fli-rher said be bad paid the monevat the coal office and the coal would be sent. It was not pent, and on Saturday Flcabrr was arrested and brought before tbe Notice Conn. lie stated that be bad learned that coal had risen lu price to i:2 and he intended to return the money io Du bcrtl, but bad Wen sick a part of the time, lie was comuittud for trial In bail of S2OO. The Waits.— The Tmmrsß of the 341 h Instant contained on item In reference to an orphan babe, t , veu norths old, whose parent* bad died of cholera in the early fall. Before ten o'clock on :!;«• morning of the publication ol the Item, seve ral applications were made at the lum for the liUle unfortunate, and we arc informed by one ol the lady manager* oftheAsyimn. that more than forty applicant* have called to Pee and adopt it. It may interest those who read the item to learn that the babe bas been adopted by a lady who lost her own treasures a year or two ago. and that !U prospects are as good as those of any oaby of Its sire In the Northwest. In ibis connection we may ask, who wants a larger baby than the one which the Tuibcse has found a home for? There is one eight years old at the Asylum, She belong* to the feminine gen der, and bas a temper nearly as sweet as flrsl cla&s honey. Her eyes are a Irtfle or eu bluer than the best kind of indigo, and she’s as healthy a thing a* one would meet with in a day’s travel. Lsdice, if yon require such an article about the houfe, aoply st ins Asylum, comer of Twenty second street and Wabash avenue. ' The KuLfTTOimi Zoiaves’ Ball.—This flfalr, wtidi conics off at U>c Newball House, Milwau kee, rn Tnc-.-day, the Blh instant, promises to be one of the mod pleasant of tbc season. The Zcrarca. under Captain Brand, have, by a con lircous course ot drill doting the past two motile, prepared themselves to enliven the occa sion wiih an exhibition drill. which will do credit to the feme the company lias heretofore possessed. The company «ill cairy wUU Uscm the ilac which wba procMcd to ibem on the occasion of the visit of the Boston Lancers to ibc city, and which waa wrapped around tbo lifeless liooy of Culond Ellsworth,. and still bears the s4fcl7ig of hls blood. Ihe band has been selecled from among the trust musicians In the city, which will insure dmcLss marie. lteClua*co& Railroad Companr has consented to pa ss holders of tickets to the hall si bklf the usnsl rates. Tils will aiVord to parties troinp to Milwaukee an opportunity to travel at reduced rates, as well iw to secare lor iletofcivc* a tsO't srreeable entertainment. The train will leave the depot Is Cblcoso at 3 o'clock on lucrday mcrolnc. and depart from the depot si Milwaukee at 4 c clock p. m. on Wednesday. Eubclaut.—On Saturday sight, between nine and ten o'clock, tbe gun store of Mr. Abbey, No. J 22 South Clark street. was entered from the rear, and a number of revolvers and knives taken, fcocn afterward detective officer J. N- Simpaon mw a colored youtb, named Jake Lanes; titerin'* a revolver for sale tn a saloon on Dearborn street. Tbe price asked was lour dollars, and the detective thought the once to b« too small for an honest one. He captured the veudor and took pim to the Central Station, where he found another levo.vrr and a kiuio on the person of ihr piij-ocr. After some hesitation the cap live Glared to take ibe officer to a place where be could find. ome more if he would let him off. Tbe officer acc,miauled blai to an alley In the rear oi “ Pc:. Eirwin's,*' on Dearborn street, betwe* n Washington and Madison, ami there tbe boy went ilnough a window into the cellar or the sale stoic adjoining. Once in the dark he showed fignl, and t:md to escape through a hole in the floor. Th. officer caughthtm ash« was about halt w y through tho trap, and after a bard struggle gu crtiicd lu pulltar b m oack, and then marched hni orce more to (lie station. Arrived there the lov aiknowjcdged bis guilt. Yesterday morning Jlr. Abbcv uentiu the station to lodge Informa tion of his lots, and there foned Ibe thief and uropertv. The thief wag captured and the prop erty recovered by lha -ride awake detective w (bln cn Lour and a half of the time of the buiglary- , Bow to Deux Coai»—Nine onf of ten who at tempt <o bum coal in a store waste about as nicclt coal ns Is necessary to be consumed for the obtaining of all the heat desirable. Observe the folio ring simple roles, suggested by a contem porary, and lew who adopt the burning of coal wvii) Ktmu to wood fires. Suppose the atovc to be cleaned ort: ... jri re t_To make a coal fire—nut in a donble fcandfnl of ehsvlngs, or use kindling wood in •tead. Fill the earthen cavity (if the store bat one) ntntly full of chunks of ary wood, say fonr, flve or six Inches In length. On the lop put aboul a doxen lumps of egg coal, inten minutes udd shout twenty lamp* more of coal. As soon a* the wood has burned out. fill tbe cavity half to jwo-tiurds lull of coal. The fire will be* good one. The coil will by those directions become thoroughly ignited;. , ~, Second -Never fill a store more than half or iwo-thlrds full of coal, even In the coldest weather. Third—When the Are is lowncv.r shake the crcte or disturb‘he ashes, but add from ten to fifteen small lamp* ol (cool, and set tho draft oocn YTh'.n these are heated through and aome wlat ignited, add the amount necessary for anew fire but do not dltimb the ache* yet Let the draft be open half an hour. Now shake out the s«hM The coal will be thorocghly ignited, and Trill keen the store at a high hast from six to twelve hours, according to the coldocaa of the For very cold weather. After the fire iS accoJdlng to rules first and tidrd. add, everv hour, twelve or twenty lumpa of coal. You wiii'fird that «J.c asbw made each hour will be in About that rate. CHICAGO IS 1866. Anneal Record of Business in the Courts. Civil and Criminal Trials In the Superior, Circuit and Re corder’s Courts. StJffIMAEY OF CASES* How the Different Courts are Or gasized. fioeord of Z>ivorcos> Tho business of litigation In the city of Chicago and the county of Cook is conducted In six courts of record; by seven dodges, ono Recorder, three hundred and for„y-nlne attorneys and counsellors at Uw, one hundred and thirty-two notaries, one prosecutor, and one Sheriff. The amount of busi ness these have performed la developed by the knowledge that, within ten rears, upwards of fifty thousand causes bare been Institntcd In our courts. The of the Interests Involved l*tx rord compute, for in no city, perhaps are so great a variety©! questions submitted to trial by the county. Every conceivable species of case —admiralty, chancery and common law, civil and criminal—seems, within the past year, to have b<tn litigated here, Involving life, liberty and property. 1 he courts which conduct this business are * The Circuit Court of the United States. Tho District Court of ih» United States. The Circuit Court of Cook County. The Superior Court. The County Court The Recorder’s Court. THE US RED STATES COCTtTS have jurisdiction in the counties of Hancock, Mc- Donough. Teona, Woodford, Livingston and Iro quois, and all the counties north of them. In pur' of a Congressional enactment, approved Febinary 13th, 1853. Its business, unless aajlt is transacted in Chicago, can hardly be said to be long to us. its statistic*, however, are properly included in the account-of the litigation con ducted In this city. The officers of these courts arc as follows: Pjetldlng Judge—David D. Davis, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Associate Judge—'Thomas Drummond. Clerk—William 11. Bradley. AsslsJantjCJtrk—E. A. Drummond, Marshal—J. Kassel Jones. Deputy Marshals—Ausu«Uis B. Coles and Par nell MUQEQTt. Baiilua—Spencer B. Webb and 8. U Tonrtel lotte. District AUonvy—Jesse O. Norton. Asslrtant—L. If. Bonteile. Masters in Chancery—J. Tildcn Moulton, Henry W. Bishop. cook cocirtT cmccrr cocnr. Hie ClrcnU Conti of Cool; Coast; is (he old Constitutional tribunal. la the youth of Chi cago and Cook Count; —that la lo Bay„wbcn Chi cago wa« sot, and when Its business was not dieamed of to lie a thins even ot the future— when our Convection waa at Kaskreki* UVa* provided that the judicial power of the State should be rested In one Supreme Court, and each Uif-nor comte as the General Assembly might fiom time to time order and establish. This was done in convention, August 26th, 1816, and of our independence the rear 43. Then was to Cook Connty. The Je-iel lion under that Constitution found favor In the Couv-ctlon of 1847. when it was pro* nded that there should be “Circuit and County Courts,” as courm of record, and to (his date this court has stood struggling with business, only relieved by the actron subsequently taken, of necessity, under the Clause providing that Inferior local courts, of civil and criminal jurisdiction maybe established by the General Assembly in the dlles of this State. The Jurisdiction of this court is consequently without limit, it has Its chancery and common law aides, albeit there be butene Judge, it has also criminal aa well as civil jurisdiction. It has Us peers in Importance, but side of the Supreme Court it lias no eoperior. As at present constituted its officers are as fol lows : judge—Erastns S. Williams. Clerk—William L. Chinch. Assistant Clerks—W. K Grcenlcaf, George p Blanke. Janies Mairay, Fred. Cole, and J. F Waite (Recording Department), state’s Attorney—Charles 11. EeeJ. Baillfis— U. 11. Scharenuerg, O. G. Thompson, and John D. Crnver. Master in Chancery—John Woodhridgc, Sr. In the office of thus court one change has taken place daring IrGfl. Stephen Beck, during nine years the writer of its record, departed this l*fe during the mouth of October, lie died of the then prevalent disease—cholera. sen muon cookt. Next In imnortance, and, by law and perhaps in Its distribution ol business, of equal importance in the legal affairs of our county and city, Is the Superior CourtofChlcaeo. It originated in the Cook County Court, winch was established In 1&15, the coclinoatiuu of which was authorized by the Constitution of l&iS. This was a court having no charccry Jurisdiction, and being thus I'mlted Id power, and being presided over by one Judge om>, It Impartially served to lighten the harden which fell upon oar local Judiciary. In view of this fact, at the Legislative session of 1333 an act passed “to create a court known as the Superior Court of Cnlcig*.” composed of three Josuccu with monthly terms and full Jurisdiction. Ihis court now baa the following olficcrs: Chief Justice—John M. Wilson. Associate Justices—Joseph E. Gary and John A. Jameson. Clerk—Tbomaa B. Carter. Deputy Clerks—U. U. Hawley, John H. Batten. Assistants—James H. Cole. Henry Kane, Frank la. Graham, M. P. Brady, and Marshal Waite. Bailiffs—Oliver B. Cbeeabro, Edward Langley, Thomas J. Pearsons, and Albert W. Edwards. Masters in Chancery—lra £L 6cou, Ulrasx F. Mather. couitrr count. The Connty Court oi Cook is perhaps, in regard to its special Jurisdiction, of most immediate im port to all the people. In Its care of the widows and utphans it stands alone, subject only to the light of appeal, a right which pertains in all our courts, oicoutso. Of the settlement of, and adju dication’ upon, estates, it has almost exclusive control. It hs a conn of the Constitution, p is ecssed of summary power, which too frequently has to be exercised. The present officers of this Conti are: Judge—James B. Bradwcll. Public Administrator —J. Rosenthal. Clcik—E. b. bilumon. Rtcoid Clerk—Norman T. G&sseUe. Asruunt Clerk—Joseph Poliak, IJaUlß—liciTscr B, Galpin. One chance has taken place In the eordnet of the affairs of the Court durine the year. Mr. Wentworth Fleiger, domtc three years the rccord vnU*rot the Court, reurea from nia chair to re same the practice of his prolessioo. At the termi nation of bis term or service, last December, he received the complimentary notice or the Court, es-ablisbtd upon that record which he bad,during ao long a time, kept. ntooßDsn’s cocnr. Ibo Recorder's Court of Chicago has a more recent origin. It first oecame legal by an act of 1853, when to II wss given jurisdiction concurrent with that of the Circuit Court in all criminal c#*e#, except treason ard murder, cud of civil cases where the amount In controversy should not exceed ore hui.drfd dollars. At this time tbe tills of the presiding officer was established as tee “ Hecoraei'* of Chicago. Subsequently, however, oy the act of 1855, it w&a enacted that this, aa well as similar local courts In other cities, should be possessed of concurrent Juris diction with Circuit Courts except in cases of treason and murder, and with provisions prevent ing the exercise of the right to Issue the high pre rogative writs of chancery Jurisdiction, except upon notice. As at pie#tut constituted the officers of this Cour: arc: Recorder—Evctl Van Bnrcn. Clerk—Daniel O'Hat a. Deputy Clerk—Charles Loding. Aartstant— * nstln Do.-le. Bailiffs— U. M. Merrill, B. B. Tattle and Ast Williams. SBBVET OPCWIIi BCSIKESS. Tho civil bn*tno«B of these several court* bas varied much within the few past yean. In tho yeurp ana IS5$ there was a pressure of litiga tion bo great as to form the excuse or reason for reorganizing that which bas since been known as the Superior Court, \ car by ycarlneaco court, however, this business slackened ofl omil the Close of the war. and aecarcltyof fees made clerks and lodges look despairingly out for their better time. People were during those years too busy mak ing money to be walling for processes of law to aid in the collection ot debt* on which no statute .of limitation would run until the gathering In of Fiefcntgreenbackawvs ended by the Withdrawal om (beheld of the soldiery, some paid debts wHch were pot larg>\ and of perhaps doubtful le gality, rather than to be brought into court, and all bad too mneb to adenJto to be disptrlne about iriites. With tho end of war. however, has commenced a small harvest for the member* of the bar, and 'heir brief* arc again becoming much more numerous, as I* exhibited In the following report of the number of rases instituted during the u-u y. ars ending thu evening of December 31, l*«; CASES XM TEE TXAtt*. The|a«t Une shows the difference between ttn nnuibcrofcaece In 1560, and the year preceding: this Is an Increase In each case except in that of tlic llccoider'a Conn: U. S. Circuit Superior Rac'd'* Courts. Coart. Court. Court. .. 457 .. C 73 4.465 4,470 226 .1.112 2,514 8,969 ST ... 775 1,459 8,127 23 ... OT7 1,047 2,793 80 ... m . 90S VS3 53 703 1,233 119 . 354 1,086 1,214 194 C 43 1,182 1.559 965 799 1’,478 2,350 Total 7,190 IS, GOG CS.5;i 1X34 BUJerccce.... 156 83t 871 49 In connection with the statistics of thcScpcrior Conrt »» given above, U mu»t not be overlooked that the suits of ;557 and 1638, and 9*9 or tnoso of 1853 were commenced In tpe Coart of Common Ptea*, which. was the legitimate prcdece»*ur of the present tribunal. The total number of lbs rtdta co Icclnded was 6,730, leaving for the Snpc i tor Court, as at present constituted. suits instituted since tie 13th day of April, ISS9, when thu act organizing 'he court went into edcct. By which statement It U made to appear that during the last decade there have been com* menced in the court* of record located In our city 5v,991 civil actions of all kinds; the number in each conrt being as follows United States Courts, circuit Court. superior Court... Recorder's Court. Total of suits in all the comts 63,991 nutD statw coMifaioxun. Tbe bnelness of tbe United states District Court bae also included the resnlU of (lie labors cf Mr. Commissioner Boyne, who has taken ac tion in tbe following enumerated cases daring tbe scar: -? Cs*« < < < < 2 —|i«©i7e;cass; 9 M m 2 S e'< o®o § o r : e9 M B»a;Be9 e a “ * ‘ c< ~ ~ 5 Si: : : - S* - - w ul •• m> « . e 2. S|:-:: : , S | a. &!: : es— u : as S n Si . . woe ;. - o a> I- - eo- - -c» r» 81: —: : : g 5 S> I t tiul J| Si &• » £s'ss DISTRIBUTION OFCiVlti CISKB. The businee* of (he Bute Coaxle was as fol low* : circuit count. f*a > s «8|? 1 I 8 Cose.. a & • • * Appeal 30 JK» 33 23 <3 37 Asai-xnpeit 35 83 33 IS 49 33 Attachment 8 8 5 * 9 9 21 unis 0 to 10 5 is 9 Jinl perpetuate testimony.. 1 .. 2 1 1-tIS discovery 1 Bill tor trustee Bill for dower Cs»e Change venae. Confession.... Corecant Creditor* 1 bill. Debt Defense Distraint Divorce Ejectment . .. Injunction 1 .. Mechanic’s lien 1 Partition 1 S - Petition to sell real estate.. 1 S 3 .. 1 1 Pet mandamus .... Pet-chance name... Pel. for conservator. Iteplcvm Trespass. Totals each month 109 114 233 16 1(53 133 J>»O 2 B H f I I I I i ft ■ ? | * I ||?° : : 5 ; * 7® : § Appeal *3 89 S 3 85 93 £0 333 Assumpsit... .. a 35 27 31 25 47 875) Attachment.... 11 9 IS 1* 11 11 11G Bills 5 7 3 7 7 0 U 2 BUI peipetaate testimony... 1 BUI discover; BUI for trustee BUI lor dower.. .. i Bill for parti tion Case Change venue Confession 3 5 6 8 5 10 71 Covenant Creditors* bill.. .. Dept Detinue Distraint Divorce Ejectment Eoieclvsnre.. . .. Habeas corpus. .. Injnnctlon Mechanic's lien. 1 Petition to sell real estate Pet. mam* linns .. Pit. to change came Petition for con* aerrator .. .. Qao warranto.. .. 1 1 hcplevin 2 4 9 8 3 7 44 Trespass 7 1 1 8 .. 3 45 Trover. 1 1 £nlta di mussed v.Len brought 11 1 .... 1 1 7 7 1U 4 7 7 8 78 ..81*.. 7 8 8 6 1 4 69 .. 2 .. 1 I 13 ....11.. 3 1 1 1 5 ~ 8 2 2 » 1 1 Total ca- mouth. 83 103 107 111 101 123 1,473 flurouoit const. Appeal Aerompslt AiUtc&icrnl Bill Bill to foreclose Bill to perpetuate tesu* mony Dill of discovery. Case . Corier>siou Crcdltora* bill Debt Distressforimt ... Divorce . Ejectment Habeas corpus Injunction >leth. lien He exeat - Petition mandamus Petition trustee..... Petition dower Petiilon'ttartitioo- Petition sell land .. Replevin Trespass...... • Trover.... •otaU each month. 203 207 151 IS3 159 SOI >?J a g j ta,e fHI ii P Appeal 26 8 14 20 27 3S 183 Afwraprtt 103 02 «8 121 100 142 J,U7 Attachment 16 16 20 11 SO 10 Sll mil 14 13 4.7 8 SI 169 Blllto foreclose.. .. 1 ~8 8 Bill to perpetuate tettimouj... BUI discoTery. Ccrtiotari... .. Case I‘ODfcpslon — Creditors’ Bill Cbhtice veiiue. Debt... Dlilriaat 1 .. 8 1 .. 1 8 7 3 4 5 5 40 4 11 20 181 18 15 174 .. .. 5 11 8 IS . .. 1 6 Divorce..*.’.*.*.*.... 22 11 13 10 15 9 IG7 Ejectment... .... 1 7 4 6 5 8 59 Foreclosure 1 •• 8 U Habeas Corpus... 10 1 .. S 1 44 Injunction 2 3 4 4 8 3 35 Mechanics’ Lien. 8 S .. 3 8 10 81 He Exeal 8 Pct.Waida 1 8 Petition Trustee 1 Petition Dower.. 11. 1 1 ... 9 ivtiilon Partition 1 .. 8 .. 1 l 80 Petition sell land. .. 8 1 1 .. 1 15 11ep1evin........ 11 * £ S S S S? Trespass 7 4 7 5 8 8 81 Trover 1 8 Total co. momb.SS 1% *ls 229 230 SCS 3,530 COLTtTT COURT. Administrations Admlulftration refused Administration revoked Contempts Estates ect’lcd Executor* iwnoved Guardians appointed Insolvents Letters testamentary Lunatics Order to sell land Ordcrlo moitgmgc Order to loan ITobatc of wills refostu Will? probated Estates entered in court Claims filed acalnst estates nicoanm’s coenr. In the Recorder'* Court the civil business was mainly confined to appeals and bills for divorce. Or thc#e latter, there were filed dining the year 1)01 bills. ' JCDOEETTS TS ill TSX COCBTS. .uyuauitQ *.i n mi .w The number oi Judgments tendered lu each cnnr i (except (he Recorder's) for each month of the past year was as follows: Mouth. B. S. Cir. Snp. Totals. January. IJ 57 W 116 February... 8 45 79 IC3 March... 80 61 Ofi 177 April *) 87 83 145 Miy 90 43 84 150 June 56 85 76 117 July.... U 10 31 Cl August 3O 30 £rpt*tnhcr.... 90 .. 104 130 October... ............ 10 44 83 115 November 88 81 150 December 6 43 08 141 Totals 170 438 822 1.53 S The amount of mono; represented by the jade* nettle so stated; beir? Independent of Jndtnaents for propetiy where th. »am:urewas merely nom inal, as in replevin c* : «b, and of ejectments and ench like anlia-laa-i follows' Coiled States Comts. Clrenlt Conn... Maperior Coutt, Total- In addition to which amount of jndmnenia ren dered In court, there have been judgments eon* fetPcd, to the following amounts id an the courts, and cxdoene o( those coniesscd to ibe United States in the matter of revenue law infractions: .Tannary f 11,095.(8 February 23,831.75 ilaich 11611.00 AV«i W.T55.16 Jcnc Ct»,M5.15 July AupUSt September. October.... Noretuber. Decemter.. Total by confession 5355.151.53 MaLme the total money value of Judgment* in civil suite, recorded In all the eoarta dating ISG6, *1,708,106.34. DOCTItSW TTLCT>. There were Clod In the Recorder'* Office of the com ty, in el), 22,059 docnmcnla of all sorts, in cluding the following CUATTLX XOSTOACia A2ID MILLS OF BALM: January - February March May!m*ll”--”------- OcloU-r. November Dice inter Total. As will be seen hr the tables we bare presented, applications for divorces are largely increasing la oar coarts, and it would aeeui as tbonch iho breaking op of the marriage contract should ba made more difficult than cow. Persons who are married, ought at least to be enabled to know the tact, and jet under our pres ent t-jMem in regard to divorces, there are many men and not a few women, now married who are unaware of the fact of their uomatlng. Oi old the poets tang that lore cannot die. 1 be law-writer! told nr that the marriage relation was not only the most pure, box should be the most enduring, The sages, patriarchs and law. given of ancient days protected the institution. Notwithstanding the caprices and hazards attend ing the matrimonial state, marriage has been, us- Ul recently, regarded as the safest ami happiest condition of life, and the foundation of rectitude In communities. All this is now changed, not Krtapabythe direct actor legislation, but as eresultofawantof stringency In that legisla tion. Coder the Constitution of ISIS, the Legislature bi< nr tally made of itself a sort of buprerae Court, for the purpose of Impairing the validity of marriage contracts, it made an omnioas bill, castjutotl tho names of contentious women and vtould-bc disenthralled ram, and with or without {generally without) evidence, upon the ip at dlxi* of some io»crc*tod member, dissolved the tie matrimonial which existed between weary people thicugboultbe £tate. The assumed power was constantly abn*ed,-ahd the eSoils of maty men wero directed to tbe changes made In the descent cf property and otherwise by this action, the tvstem received a check, when some mem ber of the Le" Mat-re, the one party to a contract continued la force for a quarter of a century, re turned to bis home to find himself, In part by his own vote, a divorced mai. Bo was speedily re married and Ills ext eriooce was not lo*t upon tntc legislators. In !?-*> Douglas procured a stflß to I*c put to legislative action in this regard. Oofll Henry Wcgprayed that he bo divorced from hisl wife Eunice. The petition went to the committee of which Douglas was a member, and npoc it he reported ” that it is uncohstilntional and foreign to the dalles cl legislation, tor the Legislature to giant hills of divorce.” Tbe report was adopted, and divoiccs came no more in omnibus bills from the Senate and House. _ ~ •jh- law courts on 'he chanceiT side now took a hard and in ISIS it was enacted that Impo tence, b’icamy, adultery, wilful desertion during two yeats.extreme and repeated cruelty, habitual drunkenness, and conviction for Infamous crime, ••hould constitute causes for divorce. In the Con stitution of tS-Ifi this power was confirmed in the courts and since then ft constant stream of petitions have been filed and acted upon, with very rare exceptions, n decree being granted. An examination of old and mnsty records to the mpre recent and more Eosderon* ionics of the prerent day, dcvclopes cl one instance of a refusal to grant tbe order of separation. Bow much of this business baa been done maybe gathered from the ststemout that daring the last yiaroue infevery t wo hundred and thirty-five families has ceased to exist as a family 3be h-glatativc enactment seems to be ample; collusion seems to be guarded against; trials term to he provided for, and a residence seems to he required. It would hardly seem that other provisions oflaw are needed, out the fictions ol law are plentiful under the statute, and there are probably bm ten cccrcrs gran led which might not be overset It there were not too frequently that very collusion, which prevents the reruloo of the proceedings at nul prim. Defaults are entered, and billj taken pro conftaao, upon proof . 7.100 .18,606 .55,571 53 J S- as £ n - w s • of publication, frequently made la obafure jour- I cau. A rhort time since a wealthy Individual, I nominally residing here, but a resident in fact or i anuihet biale, published a paper In which to hide hi* notice to Ins wife, and sue learned only when the decree bad been renaered, that she was a fem me eole. Taken as confessed the bill goes to a master, and in • eomo instances the process has been thoa, as may be seen 1:1 many a court recoid. At ten o'clock default ct.lrron and bill confessed with reference. At twelve the witness having been In wailing,ba* t49 * 'idert, and on Uie comlnc in of the conn at two o'clock, tne report has been confirmed and decree rendered At three o'clock the “ pleas of the conn” have found their way into the pocket of the discontented one, the teea hare been paid np and one tamUy leu has existed. Perhaps a more filtered mode of proceeding is for the parties to separate and xolhl the term of desenlon required. The bill being now brought, the defesdeat comes into court, enters his or her appearance, and makes no answer, when the will it taken pro confitto and the thing la accomplished. If la such a coarse there he not collusion, there of t certainty is agreement. We hare not at hand the data to enable na to state In exactly how many cases these loose courses bare been taken, bout Is anotzccabls tact that only one case, tbal of Ton Glahn rs. Von Gi&hn, has been daring the year 1866, litigated in open court. Ihe number of divorcee applied for and granted daring the year 2865 was: Divorces applied for .375 Divorcee granted 374 By toe statistical tabic already presented we find that there were, in the year 1866, Divorces applied fOr 33t Divorces granted 804 tbowlngan iocreaieof 49 over the number In the preceding year. Oi the divorces spplled for during this year the applications were: On the part of the husband 284 On the part of the wife 190 1 i« 8 '« 7 8 1 .. 9 19 3 8 3 9 6 .. .. 1 .. 1 .. 559 4 9 « 5 .... 3 1 1 9 1 3 1 8 12*88 158 8 6 H The criminal records of onr varlon» coaru pre sent a series of ttatmica which will be, perhaps, more Interesting to the general reader than the above. OEAJTD JVBIXB. « 1 Dtmrg the year we hare had grand Juries eta pannellcd frequently in all the courts of our coun ty which possess criminal jurisdiction. In the Recorder's Court, which passes upon the greater share of our criminals, we find there were grand juries In the months of Jan nary... February.. Match May ...... June August.... October... November Xfeccmbcr. Total No. of days S 3 Id the Superior Court grand juries b*ro &£• m the months of June September listing in all ( days. In the Clrcnit Court there haabecnempannelled one giand jury in the sooth of Mar, occupying three days, making a total of alxty-elr days occu pied in preacntirgiDdlctmonta for offences against criminals as follows: Circuit 8 days. Sopeiior 4 days. liccordcr’d 53 days. 1 S Tolal of days occupied 06 Equal to about four and a third years of ona citizen's labor, acd resulting m the presenting of charges against the following number of crimi nals tor the offences slated. | 3 g £ g Sf !s l< 3 e 2 ■=■ “ : : M" ; : ;**!!;• 4 8 8 15 16 18 90 102 Cl 84 87 91 35 8 6 13 17 17 19 U 16 35 15 13 * .. 1 1 .. .. Assault to rape i .. AeffiuU to murder 3 9 1 i .. Asfault to injure bodily 3 .. 3 .. .. A» fault with deadly weapon 3 S 4 S Adulter; and fornication ... 3 3 3 2 4 Arran 16 1.... P,. Ml. r,* R i n 1 o Burslarv. baeicrdy i heating. Ccn^pirscy... EtDbe/alemenl _ .. Fmodulcnt conveyance 1 1 .. .. Forgery..., 1 .. 14 4 Uamiog 13 13 58 12 6 Keeping rooom for sale oDottcry UcVcte Keeping boos* of ill-fame Keeping gamingtables Larceny. Maybtm Man*lamrbter Nuisance Obstructing locomotive. . Perjury ] .. Pubilaning obscene paper 1 l 4 8 2 .. 4 7 7 21 6 14 9 3* 3 13 3.. 1 11.... 3 1 .. .. 1 10 11 9 11 15 19 S IS 5 S 9 4 849 8 S 9 ..26111 812 1 1 3 .. a 1 .. 1 1 .. 2 943 2 3 2 .. 2 3.. 3 2 484 5 9 5 13 4 1 8 8 5 .. 2 Riot. Robbery Receiving stolen g00d5.... Rape Swindling Selling lottery ticket* .... Violence to police officer Vagrancy . Total for each month Besides which there were re corded in the earn emootha: •&i.ya.’aonreeocnlxance« 10 .. JO .. 8 Hecognl«UiCe to keep the pcace.23 31 Adultery and fornication 3 5 1 30 Ab*?. to mnrder S 1 5 3 38 A*st. deadly weapon IS 7 S .. 31 Aset. to bodily Injury 2 .. . 7 Aral, to rob 3 .. Asst. to rape 1 . AssU to steal Arson ' Burglary Bastardy Conspiracy Cheating False imprisonment. Forgery Gaming Keeping gamin? b005e.... Keeping disorderly house Keeping place for talc lottery 4 Kceplnplcwd house larceny Malfeasance la office. Manslaughter Malicious mischief Nuisance Publishing obscene paper Perjury 1 .. 4 .. 6 Resisting officer 2 .. 2 Rape...* 2 1.. 8 Riot 19 u .. a &4 Robbery 3 .. .. 3 19 Receiving stolen g00d5..... 3 1 1 3 23 Fodomy 1 1 Felling lottery tickets 5 .. Vagrancy Vlo'cnce police Mayhem KniWzrJcmcnt.. - Swindling... Total each month 165 97 1M 97 1,900 and durpig the same nr nth# there were recorded «d. la's on coetauisos with 1565. A comparison published between this and tho pieci-dinc year, exhibits an Increase of crime as developed by the records ot this court, tho follow* log state ot met#: Adultery end fornication Assault to murder “ deadly u capon.. 4 ‘ bodily Injury...., “ torob “ to rape 4 8,. 1 “ toslc* 1 9i.. 8 Anon 19 8.. Bmglary 15 30 8 Bastardy 6 6.. Conspiracy 1 10 9 Cheating .. 19 24 6 Kmbczaleme&t 1 1 False imprisonment 1 1 Fernery 10 33 13 (liming 17 133 4fl Keeping gaming boose 19 0 .. G Keeping disorderly house 11 1 10 Keeping place for tlic sale of lottery ticket*... SS S 3 Keeping lewd house 123 175 33 Larceny MS 517 139 Malfeasance in office 13 3.. Manslaughter 14 8 M.-.Pdous mischief. 11.. Mayhem 11.. Nuisance 15 15 Penury 8 6 3 .. PnCllsnlngobfccne papers.... 4 3.. 3 PcsieUug officer 4 3 llnpe 6 5 3 .. I Riot 11 M 43 ~ Kobbcry 35 19 .. 10 Receiving stolen goods 8 33 15 Sodomy 11.. Subornation perjury 1 .. .. 1 Selling lottery tickets SO 13 .. 15 Swindling 11.. Vagrancy 3 3.. Violence to police officer 13 7 .. 6 Showing also that several new classifications of crime bare been Introduced into oar Recorder's Court during the year. These, Including the bust* nets of lottery vending, so sensibly afteeted. and perhaps almost broken op by the results of the appeal to the Supreme Court: ladlcimama for malicious mischief, eodomr and vagrancy. .$ 391.551.5 S . SDQ,«K7S . M0,48.a5 .*1,323,934.93 4,071.13 29.55L37 20,T0.51 C 1.553.71 £8,319.39 55,074.78 The criminal business of thU court ebows the following Inllcimenta: Asianll and battery 33 Aeeanb to murder 2 Bastardy 1 Habeas Corpus .......15 Larceny 7 Murder 4 Nuisance 3 Wot 2 DIVORCES. XUCSXR TBIALB. The namra of those Indicted for murder were Cornelius Driscoll, for the homicide of bis wife, ills trial ta expected to come off at tho January term ot the court, Caspar Eiaenbrandt and Louis Iloixman, for murder resulting from an alleged arson. John Mormon, wno was sometime since tried for the killing of a railway switchman, ac quitted on the plea of insanity, and subsequent ly sent to tbe intsue asylum. In this court also ware tried the brothers Fa vero, Albert and Jotlns, who were allo«od to to plead cniity of manslaughter, when they were sem to the penitentiary, one for one year, and the other tor ten years. SUPERIOR COURT. The people’s cockel of the Superior Court is not completed yet, but we find upon It the trial and acquittal of william iloppo for the homicide of his wife. The entry of a nolle prot. in the case of Eisen brasdt, as above. James Gardner, for manslaughter, was sen tenced to the Penitentiary for one year, u was also Mary Cospiff. Ibe cases finding are; Charles Schick. Macs laughter. Daniel Trapp. Harder. James Foley. Murder. CONVICTIONS. The convictions in the Recorder’s Court were as follows; AMWte of ail grades Robbery Riot Adultery Cheating Rape— Lewd bouses Majhcm Publishing obscene paper Receiving stolen goods Conspiiacy ....« Kieplrg room lor tale lottery tickets. Otkiiucting locomotive S. Uinc liquor tmproperlv Uring violence against officer Mlsctil't Resitting cQcrr Vagrancy Cni.TIINAL CASES. .sitting 5 days. . ** 6 •* « 0 u " 7 ** it 7 »t tt 5 tt tt 7 u M g- it .and sat S days, .and sat S days. RECORDER’S COURT. tt S g a S 1 S?S ? g « 4 3 *i "a 1 .. ill 524 6 3 . a .. a .. . i ... 14 4 5 ... 71 9 7 a ‘i i .. .. .47 77 SS 70 33 . 1 . 1 . i .. .. i a 335 0 1 i 4 7 a .. . 8 8 a .. ..311 . 1 ... 245 .83 133 213 139 83 33 .. 10 .. 39 > O 5S O a £» o ® ~®, ■ | s s j Is Case. | f B & : & • ; o a • 2 6 .. ..18 ..10 a a ao .. 3 .. 3 .. 10 .. a .. 2 8 34 1 2 .. 6 4 3 3 S 3 .. .. 20 .. 1 123 .. .. 1 .. 1 S 1 .. 1 ss .. „ aa 'e its 111 45 60 40 527 .3 » .111.. 4 1 .. 1 .13 1.. IS S .. 3 1 7 a s g o ct a» 5 <5 s; I S 0 91 14 7 18 11 95 St 6 7 7 CIRCUIT COURT. Total. Cues. jrcuy.. fgamlrg tables. OCIOUBT. Total corrictlens.... S« nt to Penitentiary. - - Their period of service, years Sent to Conolyjan Font to Bridewell Prisoner* flood Accit’caie of Coos Finis collected Nol pros, entered Acquitted Knuanccs abated Sentences enjpended sod stricken from docket And there weie on New Tear’s ow, In the comr ty jail, 87 criminals and accosed prisoners. COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS. Like everything else in this great and growing aty, the buitnei? transacted by the Common Council during the year that has Just passed has been enormous, whether viewed in regard to the number of ordinances, orders iud resolutions passed, or In relation to the important inter eats concerted. There ha»e been nearly sixty neet inpsof the Council, at all of which, except one, the Mayor nae presided. It will not, within tbo limits of our apace, be possible to enter minutely into all the ordinances which have reared; but the following rssunw, compiled from official *ATir<**»,will p® or Interest; nstwiXKs. The total number oi mtewaik ordlnaaeea passed from January 1, to December 2S, 1906, U tSS. Of these 80 are for sidewalk* in the south Division; 87 are for sidewalks in the North Division, and 181 arc for sidewalks in the Weat Division. . .. law roars. OnrdTie .oUioilurab.Tß paid contlderable at tentlon ip the lighting of streets. The prev alence of garrourg and other delicate modes of treatment adopted by the members of the thiev ing fraternity towards our peaceable citizens may have been one greet Inducement to do this, but bo that as it may. It is sail-factory to note the pro- Br SL" weavemaklngia street QUantnatlon. The total number of ordinances passed been fifty-six, of which twenty-one, representing 183 lamp poets, are fur the South Division; eleven, representing fifty-three lamp posts, are for the North Division; twemy.four. representing 151 lamp posts, ere for the West Division. _ . STUirr tkPßOVKJrxjrrs. For sjfect improvements there bsve been passed Biitj-nin® ordinances, of which twenty nine are for improvements in the Sooth Division, nineteen tor improvement* in the North Division, “d twenty fur improvements In the Weal Divis ion. we specify the more Important: K.ratantetaell.l.tod Kftlt, trom TWrtr-arel street to Egan avetue. Macadamizing Halsted street, from Thirty-first street to Archer road. Gravelling Sixteenth street, from Stale street to I’raine avenue. Establishing courts and parks on Michigan av enue, south of Twelfth street. Establishing courts aud parks on North Dear born street, from Ohio street to Chicago avenue. Gradingand covering wish end-ra Archerroad, from Reuben street to Western avenue Cindering Noble street. West North avenue and Elston road. I’.VIDI! »lih TOJOdcn Woda USaile utreet, Com Madison to Jackson street. Panng with vrooden blocks Michigan avenne, from Twelfth to Twenty-second street. Gravelling Michigan avenue, from Park place to Twelfth street Paving with wooden blocks Washington «lraer. from Sure street to Michigan avenne He-tracadamlztog South Market street, from Madison to Van Buren surer. Macadamizing North Desplainea afreet. from West Lake to Fourth street. H Macadamizing North Jeilcreon street. West L&ks to Hnbbsrd street. Paring with wooden blocks Milwaukee avenne. Kirzle to Indiana street. f tiling and grading St. Clair street, from Michi gan to bi. Clair street. Macadamizing Bine Ulandarcnue, fromTwelflh toTwtnty-sccoud street. Macadamizing Bine Island avenue, from Twcn ty-secood street to Richard street, and Richard street, from Blue island avenue to Western ave nue. A second ordinance for macadamizing Halstcd street, from Archerroad to Thirty-first street, and repealing ordinance previously passed. A second ordinance for macadamizing Halsted street, from Thirty-first street to Egan avenue, and repealing ordinance previously passed. Enclo inc a park on Greco Bay street, between Ccdsrand £tm streets. paving with wooden blocks Sherman streets, from VanßnrentoHanUon street. Paving wttb wooden blocks, Griswold street, from Vaiißmento Potk street. He-g>aveUiug Roth street from Kinzie street to Chicago avenne. Paving with wooden blocks North State street, from Michigan street to Chlcot-o avenne. Paring with wooden blocks Bine Island avenue, from Harnsou to Twelfth street. Macadamizing Halsted street, from Chicago Burhcgton A Quincy Railroad crossing to Archer road. Paving with wooden block* Milwaukee avenue, from We*t Indiana street to El»tou road. Paring with wooden blocks Halsted street, from Cbtcaso. Burlington aud Quincy Railroad crossing to Harrison street. Gravelling Michigan avenue, from Twelfth to Twenty-Eccoud street, and repealing ordinance previously passed forpavlng wilt: wooden blocks. Macadamklrg Tuentr-secondstreetand Canal* port avenue. Paving with wooden blocks Hoisted street.from Lake toliarrison street. Constructing an Iron viaduct on North Wells sheet, over Noun Water strt. t. and paving North Well* street with wooden blocks from tbc river to Eirzie street. Kt pavirg with boulder-stone Haddock place. In block IS, O. T. Repaving with wooden blocks Haddock place. 11l block 19.0. T. Paving with wooden blocks Erie street, ffom North Clark to North Lat-allc street. Filling to grade West Washington street, from Canal to Green street. Gravelling North Water street, from Hash to St. Clalrstrect. Filling with clay North Market street, from Erie to DivisKn street. Paving with wooden blocks Michigan street. Irooi Ciatk to Kingsbury street. Paving with wooden blocks Sonlh Franklin street, from Randolph to Madison street. Paving with wooaeu blocks East Kiuaic stree‘, from Clark sticet to the North Branch. Fining Clyboumc avenue, from Division street to North avenue. Paving with wooden blocks North Clark street, from the river to North arenas. Paving with wooden blocks, South Clark street, from Polk to Taylor street. Paving with wooden blocks Franklin street, from l ake to South Water street. llacadatnlzing South Market street, from Midi* sen to Van buien street. The balance of the ordinances relate only to al leys. ormnxop, wide* in os am* extejtsioxs. 01 ibvee there are only twenty-one ordinances; they are as follows: South Dizltion. Extending Dearborn street eonth to Jackson street. A second ordinance for the same—the previous one having been repeated in the meantime* Widening and extending alley in block US, S. S. Addition. Extending LaSalle etreet, from Jackson to Van Buren street. Widening and extending Thirty-second street 'Widening part ot alley running east and west, in south *4 block 41), O. T. Opening alley inrougn block 83, west H of section 87, 39, 11. Opining Fra&Uln street, from Madison to Adams street * Aorf/tiHrlson. Widening La Bar street from Vine street to alley west of and adjoining lot W, Butterfield's Adcition. Extending Kim street to LaSalle street Extending Eugene street, from Wells to Clark struct Opening alley running east and west fa block atjJohnston, Roberta and Slorr’s Aodlilon. Extending alley in block Bailer, Wright and Webster*’ Addition. Extending alley between blocks 9 and 3, Del* avail's Addition. HVel Diririon* Opening alley ttrongh south part of block 47, section 7, OU, 14, from Wood to Paulina street. Opening Mitchell street from Hoisted to Waller street. Extending Morgan street north to Milwaukee avonne. (Repealed fnbsequcntiy.) Extending alley la bloct 1, Magee and High's Addition. Opening alley In block 19, Duncan’s Addition. Extending West Eiie etrect through block S, Assessor's division ofeast naif of northwest ouar- Urot sections, and blocks 10,13,11 and 15 of sec- alley In eonlh half of block 43, section TACATIWIB. Of vacations there have been fourteen ordered, ae follows Scroll JHrlzlon. Vacating alley .In block 45, C. I*. sub-division of section 27, Jtl, 14. Vacating alley running north and sonihbc twen ent' jot bof lots l and 2, and tbe aoulb part of the west put of lot 9, block llti, School Section Addition. Vacating alloy running north and sooth In block 75. section 27, at, 1L Vacating alley in cut half of block 13, Fort Dearborn Addition. Vacating alley In block 11, South Branch Ad dition. •' Vacating part of 40 foot alloy In block 1, George Smith's Addition. 2\orifi Dtviiion. Vacatlngalley running north and south through block S'J, sections S3,4L‘, 14. Vacating alley in south part of block 4, Stone's subdivision of Aster's Addition. Vacating alleys in block 7, BusbneU's Addition. Straightening alley In block lb, T. T. snb. of sections »>, 40, 14, and vacating a pan thereof. Wett Divition. Vacating alley between Sheldon street and Bishop place. Vbcaimg alley in block I, Magee £ High's Ad dltlon. Vacating alley in block 4S,Carpentcr'a Addition. Vacating alley in block 1, west 4 and west 4 o north-east 4of section 17, 39, 14. and block 5 Dnccan’a Addlnon. pcitate xmaers. Qnilc «large number of ordinance? for private drains were passed doting the year, but inasmuch as they follow the general coarse of street tm pi ovetueut* it It not necessary to mention them. ASSESSMENT BOILS. For all tbe improvements here particularized, except those which have been passed since the middle of October, assessment rolls have been made and vai rants Issued, and tbe balance of them are in progress. generai. ordinances. The general ordinances passed daring the year are not very numerous but highly important. They are a* follows: Ordinance authorizing tbe construction oft new bride* at Clark street, and a temporary loan of therefor. Passed January 22d. In3o. Ordinance concerning the removal of the dead from the illlliraan tract of tbe old City Cemetery.

Passed Januarv 22,15-Ji- Ordlnance to amend an ordinance In relation to tie extension of White street. Passed January 22.1SGC. An ordinance amboi Irinethe Chicago, Burling ton A Qniocy Railroad to tay down and operate tracks on Twenty-second and Lumber streets. Passed January So, 15*C. U'dinatiCe amendatory ofj ordinance for pav ing pail of West Lake street. Passed February 5, 18*6. Ordinance authorizing investment of School monevs 'n Water Loan bonds. Passed February corcernlug Northern Railroad Com pany, ciV’Og them right of wsy ox er certain streets in tie Korin Division. Passed February 5, IS®. Ordinance for cancelling sales for the improve ment of West Lake street. Pasted February 19, ISTB. . . Oidlnapce authorizing the issue of school coo* strnction bonds. Passed March 5, Otdinance to rnrchaae lands lor a House of Cor rection. to erect proper buildings thereon, and to issue bonds for payment thereof. Passed March 12, ISf-G. Ordinance In relation to the slaughter of ani mals. (This elves John Reid A: Co, the right to do this work.) Passed March 19,1546. Ordinance making sddliionsi appropriations of fiO.Ct-0 for the Recorder's Conn and $7,000 for Bridewell. Faffed Much 19.1566. Oidirance authorizing purchase of east half of block between Chicago avenue end Pearson street and between Pii«s street and Grveu Hay atrocu iThls tf for Water Works purposes ) Passed April S. 1566, Ordinance repealing ordinance for macadam izing Chicago avenue, from Clark street to the bridge. Passed March 26, ISW. OrcHrance anthorizins the purchase of east half ol block, between Chicago avenue and Pcar-oo street. Pine street and Oreen Bay street (for Water Works purpose*). Passed April 9,1806. Ordinance anthorlking Comptroller to issue certificates of indebtedness to William Lilt, (or f9.70U. being balance dne on lot purchased for Waterworks. Passed ApiU 16,15C6 Ordinance authorizing Wahl Brothers £ Usbtail to lay down certain railroad tracks. Passed April In, 1566. Ordinance granting Onondaga Salt Company and others to Ist down and operate certain railroad tracks. Passed AorD 16, iSC*- 5 a i S S- i 60 £4l Ordinance amendatory ot ordinance concerning slanchlermg. Passed Apr!) SO. iSOo. Ordinance authorizing agreement with H. M. WDmarthln relation to party wall between his property and ” F. C. Sherman” engine house. Ordinance changing name of ” Allport street* 4 to “Hamilton atenne.” Passed Slay I, ISCG. Ordinance in relation to botchers* licenses. Pasted »ay 1,19*. Ordinance in relation to burials within the city limits. Passed May 2S, 1606. Ordinance changing name of JJitle Fort road .“6 5 7 10 •Lie co ln avetne. OrdrotDce cbtaring uoe of **iinrd street,” to W«l Em Surety P»mml Jopp-i. 1866. _ Ordinance anthorixlwt loan of fso,ooo for School Food. Pasted Jtine 4,1&66, Ordinance authorising Issue of f 136,000 of Sew crage bonds. Passed June 18, 1300. Also, ordi nance pasted June 27, lAC Ordinance authorial, c Issue of *75,000 of Water Loan bonds. Passed Jose 18,ixM, Ordinance requiring Joliet A Chicago Railway Company to Improve Archer road and Grove street. Passed June IS, 1906. Ordinance making general appropriations for the year. Pa-scd Jane 25,196JL Ordinance for tunnel at Washington street. Pasted Jnty 17,15G6. Ordinance granting Chas. Bleu Sc Dro. pcnnls* slco tolar down and operate a track oa Stewart avenne. Passed July 20,19C6. Ordinance permitting erection of hashing house at loot of Xrle street. Passed July *0,1306, .*I2,2SJ . 8,2» . 105 Ordinance granting Assessors an extension of lime. Pseeed Jnlr «I, 1866. Ordinance in relation to bide eltj contractor*. Pawed Juli 22, 1965. Ordinance making Period Master** feet f LOO for each animal. Paased September 10* 1806. Ordinance prohibiting backs, Ac., standing at depots or other places, except at designated points. Passed September 17. 1960. Ordinance cbanglucfname of ’* Cano street ’ to “ (rant piece.’* Parsed September 17,1806. Oidlnancu levying taxes for the year 1506. Paascd September 21.15G6. Ordinance authorizing temporary loan of *270,100 lor Water Works. Pawed September fit. 1900. „ Ordinance amending sidewalk ordinance. Passed October 4,13*6. .... . Ordinance changing name of ** Archer road to ‘lArcueravenue.” Passed October 4, 1988. Ordinance changing name of “Lyon arenas to “Tbirty-third street 15 Passed October 4,1588. Ordinance in relation to dock lines and the dredging of the river. Passed October 8. HM. Ordinance In relation to the inspection of fish. Passed October 8,18’'6. Ordinance repealing part of ordinance for re rravelUcg Michigan avenue. Passed October 8, concerning Chicago & Great Eastern Railroad Company. Passed October 8,1666. Ordinance locating Hay Market on Market street. Passed October 15,18C6. Ordinance locating Vegetable Market on West Randolph street. Passed October 15,1866. Ordinance prohibiting deposit of dead bodies In Tsoita, Ac., for more than a specified time, phased October 22,1866. Ordinance authorizing Thomas, WUcoxJA Co.lo lar down and operate a railroad track on certain streets. Passed November U, 1860. Ordinance anthorizlng a loan of *II,OOO to re* move the dead from tue MUllman tract. Passed November 19,1866. _ , Ordinance changing the name of “Qaarlea street” to “ Vernon avenue. Ordinance establishing coarts and parks on Enron street. Peaeed November 19,1365. Ordinance abolishing Weal Division Pound. £ Scoll rich' to !„ advrn >od optr&rc o ijDroad tract on cumin ■treets. Passed December 3, iSCo. Ordinance in relaUon to, In cemcte riea and depositing bodies in vaults and dcad- SSuS. Pawed December 20. 1880. TimtTrmr- Amonc the unmerona questions have come no before the Council danpg the year, first and foremost may be classed that of the Lake Tunnel. Dnriug the progress of the work, Uic contractors have asked for an increase of price over the contract as originally made, and *uo tor accommodation in the shape z>f advances. Tbo Connell has met the contractors m a spirit of lib erality and faintest, which, now that the work is almost completed, may be reflected upon with sat w fiction. ~. EITXB TCWSZLS, The next question in point of importance Is perhaps, that of a tonne! under the river. A* sharp contest had been carried on between ite North and West Divisions,as to which should ha\# the first tunnel, bat at length U was settled, passed a imioel was ordered to be constructed niiuer the south branch of the nver at Washington street. The work Is now rapidly progressing. house oTconsxcnov. Diacgms Us a>ow length through the whole Tear has been this vexed question. In the early part ot the vcarußlle was selected and purchased, out since then many Aldermen have been dissat isfied with the selection, and numerous other site* have since been offered. It is alleged by eomethat the site selected is utterly unfit for the purpose from sanitary defect* ; while others a* stoutly assert that It is eminently fit. No longer since than December 21st, the Council was at war on thU question, end Judging from ap pearances it Is doubtful when they will agree upon any otiier site than the one already pur ebaseu. in the meantime, no b:«utuuoo is more absolutely needed than a substitute for our pre sent wretched Bridewell. COUUT HOUSE AXD CTTT n >TT— Tbc rapid growth of business pertaining to both city and county baa been such as (o piake it very evident that tho Court Uoose was not nearly commodious enough to accommodate It, and many attempts have been made to remedy lue One plan, which at first seemed likely to be adopted, was to transport the Recorder’s court to the Armory, and to build a new County Jail. The room thus vacated to be rearranged and fitted up for tbc accommodation of the various officers. Ibis plan was recommended bv a joint committee of the Council and Boaid of bnpervlaors, but, oa a special meeting of the latter body being con* was found to be uupopular, and there* fore fell through. The next phase of the question is now under consideration. The Do aid of Supervisors and the Council have again appointed committees to coo ler with each other relative to the purchase by the count} of the city’s interest in the Court House. In cocnecuon with this u may be well to men tion that the Commit'ce on Public Buildings of the Common Council have recommended the pur elaseof a rite lor a City Hall, bounded by La- Salle. Griswold. Jackson and Von Uurcn streets, immediately opposite to the new depot ot tnc Michigan Southern i Northern Indiana and Chi cago, Rock ItlnuQ & Pacific Railroads. 1 hough this would not at present be central, yet li is perhaps as much so as any other available plot of land, and as the stream of trace on the cast bank of the river extends (as it must) southward, and tho stream ofpopulatton on the West side ex teids south and west, Van Burcn street will probably he more central than even Randolph and Washington streets to-day. Ills to be doped that some definite and tangi ble scheme will sooo be du-vUed. by which the in conveniences now endured may be done away vnh. IKCT.EA'ID BCTIOOt ACCOJtHODATIOK. The wants of the romtunnlty cot Items amply provided for Id thi* respect, the Council author* iscd the purchase of sites, ami the construction of school bouses lu several localities. Moot of these have been built, sad ore now nearly ready foe oc cupancy. TEXTOUAUT aCCOXKQDATIOJt TOR CTTT ometej. Onthelastnlehl ol the old year the Council authorized the* Hoard of Pu. lic Works to rent, for their use. the building known as bmitb’s Bank," situate at iSand 17 South Wells street. It is proposed to use the rooms about to be vacated, lu part for the use of the City Clerk. There seems to be a large amount of difficulty ahead in relation to canal contracts. Already Fox, Howard & Walker, and banger, Steele & Co., have failed ro fmfll the terms of their coo* tracts, and at the lasi meeting of the Council in tfcdfi, there was a communication from Ledlie, Lowell & Co., denying certain allegomenis made by Ihe Board of Public Works, as to the manner In which they were progressing. eight uocngcEsnox. Considerable time ha* been consumed lu dis cussing the propriety of limiting the day's labor o{ aly employes to eight hours, and at length ff solutions were passed by which the Board of Public Works was requested to inaugurate tbo .System on the Ist of January next rntEEMITS, 40. Mast attempts have been made to pass ordi nance* chancier thefiro limits, but wationt of lect, and to-day they remain as (bey were when the revised ordinances were published. There Is cow before the Council an ordinance permitting the removal and erection of wooden structures within the Are limits on certain con ditions. The passage of such ac ordinance, sut fldrntly cnardedin its provisions, would be * great be on to many poor pcopte. rovssa. Perhaps nothing has caused more trouble to the Lonucll than pounds. In various ways they have been nuisances. Popular indignation at the way in which the pound masters hare discharged their functions, has been very strong. The residents of the South Division have joined In a growl about the kidnapping oflbelr‘donrs;”ln the NonbDiris jon cows ana mules bare been the special aflml ticsof the Pound Master and bis a«sls«anw. but all the horrors seemed to be brought to a focu* In Ihe West Division. Dorses, cows, dogs and every description of anlnai were considered to be food for George Lander’s pound—every mode of kidnapping was retorted to to bring grist to his mill, and when once there he Is said to nave been peculiarly an adept in matter* of charges. At an the thing became Intolerable, and so the ret or all, reduced the charges permitted to be made, and then abolished the West Division ponnd altogether. Ttc Committee on Judiciary bare now been jet thou*U of preparing a Pound Ordinance which shall be eatUlactory to all pittlcs. The Bailroatl Question—Sewerage— Pay of Aldermen—Police Courts. An adjourned meeting of the Common Council was held on Saturday evening. When a quorum .had assembled the Board, on motion, resolved It self into Committee of the Whole, Aid. Woodard In tbe chair. Ibc matter first considered was is relation to BAItnOAPA. Tbeqneatlon was brought np on the tenin sec tion ot the cbipter endued " Common Council.'’ berctolore published In the Tuibhe. I'be original cltiuc prox ided for an authorization to the Coun cil to use the streets and alleys by railroad com panies. provided thrce-foarlhs ot all the AN dermer. elected consent to thessme, and that In ibe case of ft veto the grant shall need a seven eighths vote. This at a former rawing was amended )>y rcqnlrlug the railroad company de siring the use of the streets to obtain tho consent of a majority of the property-holders on tho line of the street. . AliLßusscll moved as a substitute. ** To author tre the nee of the streets and allers in said city by steam railroad companies, fur the purpose of 'lay leg tracks theu-ln; provided however, that no such grant shall tike effect until the Board of As sessors of said city, shall have estimated tho damages and benefits to the property abutting on such street* or alleys by any eoch nsc or occu- Saner, and until the ret amount ot damage* after ednctirg benefit?. If any. to tbe property a f ore- Bsld tball be returned fn due form to the Comp troller of said city, and until one third thereof ehall be paid into the city treasury by such com pany, and provided farther, that theoihertwo -ttirris shall he paid out of the cny treasury; and It *nsll be tbe doty of said Comptroller to pay ail such damages so estimated and returned by said As«ce*ors, on such property, to the owner or owners thcrcot; provided fnrther,that no snchgrant for the use or occupancy ot anv sueci or alley by any railroad company as aforesaid stall prevent the Common Council at any fi’ture period from enforcing any ordin nco or or dinances that may be passed regulating theme of any such railroad company to remove their tracks ontofany sixget or alley so occupied, should tbe -frfcVtic Interest requite it." Tbe subititcte did not prevail, and the section, amended as follow*, was adopted: "The Common Council shall have power to an thorixe the use of the streets and alleys In said city by railroad companies and city railroad can juinUt for the purpose of laying tracks ana run. nmg core therein: iVjridwf, however, permis sion cr ar.i'aoiitv shill rot be given nor shall any such grantor permission already given, be ex tended, unless by the vote ofat least three-fourths of all the Aldermen elected, such votes to be en teted bv ayes and no> on the records of the Coun cil; enaprovided furt»tr n that no ururfy content, contract or heretofore given or madn. or >o be made, shall be extended until one year ofthe tetm of the expiration of the grant, consent or perml»sion: Provid'd, In case of the veto of the Mavor, it shall require three-fourths of the Council to anthorixe iu passage; that the cons* nt of the one-third majority of the prop erty-owncra on said street give their permission." Tbe committee adopted, under this bend, a sec tion to provide for borrowing, from time to time, (25C.MA). >o ply debts Incurred by the city for sewerage works, and to Increase 'he works. tat ron JLiDsrjtxjf. This natter vu next considered; the clause, as proposed, gives to the Aldermen s|(\»laak)BU3»of roocer as t-alary for sendee. It a'so provides that municipal elections shall hereafter be biennial, klnrrmen their ofSce during tour yours. ‘ Aid. " Umarth moved to strike oultbe clause The clause providing lor payment was stricken out, and then the entire section was dropped, roues contra. Tie committee retosc'l to adopt the amendment to tbe ellect that the Council may designate two Jo»Ucc« of the Peace to act as Police Jnsllcea Id each Division of the city. It also pi*es these deader* jurisdiction In all cases not exceeding a demand of ta«. The same section pives the newer to the Coondl to fix the salary of these ©fixers, before any of whom recoct trances can be uken, and either of whom may take jurlsdlc con on the process of the order. Ibe committee then rose, reported the ordi nance to be passed, and the Connell adjourned until Tuesday next at seven and a hall p. m. Wnossiss TnsxJ-DetectiTe Kellej arrested a colored man Saturday in the act of disposing ol a pair of udiea’ balmoral paltera worth *B, lor Mvootr-flvc cents. The show have on y bras worn a vorr IrWc, and are of pranell. clolh, vnlb patent Kathcr tips aod lops. They may be scon it the Central Station. Pasted June 4. CoMOmu ron Tmau-Jaiaes H. Bingham, an account of whose swindling operations waa Hven in KridarV Tmbcxe, tu on bamrdir coiled tot uUI in b*« or «.»»•“ the cordial assurance of the court that if Sere Si? any probability that he (James) could that amount of ball. It would have been fixed at a higher figure. Aml-G&* Honopolr—People’s Gss Heet« irig- The adjourned meeting of the c!a«ns *f» hear thsrenortof the committee and the bill drafted £u3£"ioMlhoTO. thrclMf Stem. Vrill bo held ,1 the drcolt Com Eooni on B cvcniEg, the o'clock. Sj order o. CAXAL CO2TTUACTB. COMMON COUNCIL. local matters. nsrsdru’i Pectoral Balm for Oooghst Colds and Asthma. Loud & axrrn. Agents. firrvoni Headatbet are tn^tantlf cured by one dose (” forty drops ”) of Uetcalte’s Greet Rheumatic Remedy. For sale by sll drug- Rials. Allow me to Hay a Word for mysolC ■ have been using Mrs, Winslow's Soothing Syrup in my faintly flrat introduced in this dry. x think it an excellent article, and would not be without It on any consideration. (Extract from J. D. Adams’ letter to Chicago Tlmes.l It sof eoa the gums, redacts Inflammation, regu lates the bowe’s, cures wind cboltc and corrects acidity, givee real and health to the child, and comforts the mother. 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Sterling Is quiet at »39H per cent. GOLD. Gold U a (bade better, opening at IS3K, declining to 13GK, and cloaing at lit'*. ___ nArrwvu L'vr, Governments without decided change. LATEST. HOSKT. Money, after two o'clock, closed decidedly easier. Etmsency more apparent than real. GOLD. Gold firm at ISIK. covzsvxsxT sxuL'antEs. Governments firm. Coupon* *51....W5,A105k 15-50 coup. *ffl...lo«J4'*lfKJi 5-20000p. 10-40 coup 99¥£tC0 >3ocoop. *64...1065«1C3:'* | sroccs. Stocks closedsteadv. „ >*. Y. C Illk«ll2 Bock Island....lOkiaia3^ trie fita tIK 5.1UU...... BJW HMdtnr I Mil. A St. P. i't% lUCcti in *X!i i HISIZO EHAKKS. illclnc shares very active aud Bno. The Vommrr'ial note* a couUnnanceof rtrtnseuey In mocey. The market is uuusaa’ly active at 7 per cent. Discount Is nominal. Oovemmcnu are lau ac tive. hat yesterday's quotations are unchanged. Ster ling nominal. Tbe produce Markets. MILWAUKEE. Cfipecial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Mjlwacke#, JanaaryS. . Floor active and 15®35c hlih-r. Sale* WOO brls at 113.00 for superior winter; $13.25 for Grevcs* beat XX: |ILSO for Imperial X; f 10.65 for Forget-me-not XX; (10.TJ fbr Sliver Creek XX; 810-30 lor Keystone XX; f 10.00 for choice. Wheat active and higher. Sales at lhe9 a. m. board 20,-nw bo. Sales at tbc nooo board 35,000 ba at 83.» for No. 1; 83.0*82X5 for No. 3; $1.8501,33 for No. 3; f 1.70 lor rejected. Data advanced. Sales 36,000 bn at 46$ 4Tc for So. 3. Corn advances VS3c. Sales 1,600 bn at 86c for old So. 1; 72c for new shelled. Rye scarce and Usher. Sales 400 bn at 99c tor So. 1. Provision* doll. Sales 50 hrls clear pork at 819.00; 50 brli pickled ham» at 9tfc. Dna*edhog» firmer at 86J00T.00. live bogs Ann at 85.12K88.W. R*c«lps 800 trli Dour; 15.000 bU wheat; 2.M0 bd oats; 2,000 bu corn : fOO oa rye and 3,000 dressed hogs. Shipment* 300 brls Hour; 3X» wheat. NEW YORK. Sew Ycmc, JannaryS. C'tton—C!o»ed qnletand scarcely so firm atssc. Floor—Km3-c better, with sales of extra «tatoat $11.00(312,75; rami hoop Ohio b better, and doted quiet, buyers generally refusing to pay the advance. Barter—Firmer. . , Com—3ft3c hot clo«*d wawclv a n Arm; sales atfl 1881-30 instore; closing adoat. Oats—ie better; sales at 65c for Inferior Chicago, and tor good to prime do. Wool—Firmer at -tVrftWc tor domestic fleece. Petroleum—Dull at We frr crude. Pork—Drooping. Sales at 830.37831.13 R>r new. Clos ing at fiuoo rash; SIJ 00819.35 lor old. closing at 819.2. V, alio new at artier and buyer Janaary. February and March. **ct;f—Active. Cnt Meal*—Dull. . Pleased Hors-Reavy at TK-aSve tor We»t*n. Lard—Quid at HYSWKc for old, and 12£313c for new. CINCINNATI. CisciJTfATl. January 5. Floor— Steady ; superfine, f9AO3IO.CQ; trade braaus, ftl.ooal3Ar. Wheat— Firm hot quiet; No. I J2.t5 for spring and *2.5W2.90f0r winter, tern—ln good demand for ear at 55c from thedlstlll* err, lm» there being no expert demand pending the Biispenklon of navigation, shelled Is doll at tide. Oats— Steady; No-I.Me. Kye—ln moderate local demand; No. 1. f 1.20. Parley —Finn at ft .TV*' .35 for prime to choice tall. Whl'key— Indemand at2f«c in bond. Cotton—Onlet and a shade easier, with sales of mid dltoe at 32 vc, Hoes—Dull. owing to the liberal receipts, and prices are lower; packer* were not buyiec.—lOJtt to 17.25 was the ranee at the close. Receipts, 10,009 head, tboneh this docs not comprise all; one railway has not reported for two days, and 130 carloads camo over It this forenoon. The receipt* for the week wlllrearh 39.UX) head when all are coonted. The hogs hare com* mcnccd arriving very freely from Uda Slate and Indl* Pork—Doll at |I9JO. ..... Bulk Meats—Dull at for shoulders, sides and clear side—packed. Bacon—A limited demand; clear sides sold at HVc for nseked: no shoulders out of smoko, they can ha bonchl at live packed, to be delivered next week. Green Meat*— Lower and dull; doling at s)fe. 7\'c aVVQ'JVc for, sides and hams. Batter and Cheese—Unchanged and firm though the demand Is local. .. _ Groceries— steady; sugar. U(%llc; coffee, 23JIJ7C. Gold— Ulgl enclosing at Idk buying. Ike demarrt for money continue* pressing and rates of interest are Irregular. . . .. Kxcliaogo—Steady at XtSMO; disco out buying; par selling. SEW ORI£ASS. Kev Orleans. January 5. Cottoo—Qnlet and steady. Sal-w of 2.7Mbsl«: loqr rolrtrtJjDC at tnV(VK\c ; midCmiß at SIXc. BecelpU, 2,00 ba’e*; esport*. 1.200 bales. Soaar—Active and tmcbanjrpd. . Molasm—Rmbcr ; con. man itgjic; prime to ° *ll .sr» V: cilra 111.73G15.00. Corn—Very Orm at fi.OjtAUISX. Oats—Firm at S2W«SSc. rorte—Eaaicr at I'il-Ti. nacoti—Doll: shoulders, 13c; M Jo* 13jf0lCc. lAid-Holl at ViX^lSc. Gold—opened at lilX* Rank Pttrline—l?Jtf. „ ... w . FtclfiUU to New York—By sail. IKC by steam, l>»c. BUFFALO. BrrraLO. January S. Flour—Firmer, and held at f 12.00 for No. l spring; aii.'s for white Western. Oais-StUtSC. Pork—* JO SO. „ Maxrma. January 5. Cotton dull, at siasic. Receipts to-oay, 2.003 bale*; tbr the week, t,MS bales. Exports lor U»3 week, 0..0S active, at fl.WWl.ft*. Flour Milt, at fSAO^U.OO. Outs 71c. BALTIMORE. Baltimore, January 3. Floor—Rich grades scarce and firm. Wheat scarce »nd steady, bnenr* more active for reflning, Mm Pork-451 firtr York Provision market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) New Tors, January 3. ifcyk closed very quiet and nominal, other hog pro ducts quiet. New York Grocery market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New York, January 5. Coffee—Too nnse'Ucd to quote. Sugar Dna and quiet. Fair to prime grocery, lOltGllJtc. New York live stock flKorket, I Special Despatch to the Chicaao Trimme.) New York, January 3. Bogs—Bcceips, 8,500. Selling at 6 Yc. New York Dry Goods fflarfcet. New Tork. January S. Prospect hopetul lor a good spring demand. No anxiety to press goods. Prints are more active, srrtpc styles of deUlaos are expected to open lower. woolk qs generally ui changed. Total tropin* of dry goo-:* tor the year at this port were which is an excess d- thirty-four millions over last year. Now York Urcad*>taOs.Tlarkct« (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] K«w York, January 5. DreadstuCS—The advance brought out free fellers, and the close was heavy, partly owing to tbe mosey pressure, and ta com to higher freights. Galveston cotton ffTarket, Galveston, Jannsrj 5. Cotton—Receipts. 1,371 bales in four nays. Sales fir week 1,731 bales. Kates V<3lc better for low middling** _ Foreign Freight*. NxdpYoES. January S. Frrlchts to Liverpool better. Cora o»u M. HABBIED. January slh, 1567, at No. 59? North Clark street, by C. DeWoff &q.‘ Mr. GUST. WEINMAN to Miss BER THA RICHTER. in Belleville, Wla, Sept. i. 1550- by Tier. o. W. New ell. Mr. Clark T. EsBEE and Mr-. C J LUST A EL VIKA RICHARDS. daughter ot the late B. A. Spear/, both of Greene County. Wls. October 11th, atthe resldeneeof the bride's parents, by the tame. Mr. BET JAMIN P. WHITE, of Greene Connty, awl MU» MA.iV ELLEN, daughter of Francis Tibbs, of Date County, Wls. November 37tb, Vy tbe »ame. Mr. JOHN SALMON and Mis* CATHERINE HOLLO, both of Dace C3un* ly, Wi*. Decrmtirr 24th. at the residence of the bride’s oa rents. Mr. WALTER £. REAL, ol Grcede County and Mies FANNIE M-. danghter ot Mr. Hiram Deaaeglne, ct Dane County. R ll- January 3.1567. by the fame. Mr. ALFRED GBKEN of Greene and Mis* MABY JASE LYON 5, of Dane County, Wla. DIED. Saturday. January 5, 1367, LYNTJETIMMERS, wife of L. J. J. Xleowrnlcamp, aged 31 years. Frirai** are. invited to attend her funeral today tMoOiUv). at S o'clock p. to. Semcta at Fullerton Avenue Church. In IfcU city, on the stn Ibiu, of scarlet fever. AR- Til r U AiinTHEAV DAGGY, aged 3 yeara 10 month* and a days. FuEtral Rom the residence ot Us parents, 153 South Jcfieisvn-st., to-day at I o’clock. Friends or the fami ly arc Invited to attend without further notice. 'in St, Ar.ihfnv. MlunetiU, on the*3l IdsUßjv. WM. A. SMALLWOOD. D. D.. lbnn»rly rector of Trinity Church, in this city. *s&l £3 years. In tnis citv. December IStb, lira. HATTY H., wile Ot Wm. E- Turner, aced 26 Tears. In Uut city, LETT FULLER, aged 67 years. Fee era] will take place Irons hU late tesidfaee, 139 East Pear*on uondar, January 7th, at 10 a. m. Friendi of tbe family are invited to attend. cn»‘t* York papers plesse copy. personal. PERSONAL William and Martha Norman, now Martha Tnraer. people. ara trqOoUd to send their adJr*>*i to their ei»ter lUria N'omar, now Slr-t. Dr. S. Abemelhj, of Bocatoo, Win- Mbego Cunnty. Hilnoia. PERSONAL— A single gentleman not utiaer Si. not over iW, with tadn'trtons habits, uuß e cwinff a home. or the elements tor ose, who will write, Hvtne the best description of himself dream stances and wishes, wID learn tomethlnr to promote til» happiness. Address “ ilr*. M. P-," Cttftoa,lllinois. OEIiSONAL Henry Kemp, recently I from England. withes to Cod hltbrotber, G£J. KEMP. who, la November Urt vm employed lo a dry coeds bouse ts tals cisr, bat whose adorers baa been joe:. Henry Eemptray be heard of at the rooms ot the Tome Mat's Christian AS‘oclaCon. rpHE LANE & BODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM ZITGETES, Shingle Machines, Corn Mins and shafting. Wood working Machinery. LANK &i BODLEY, Corner ol John and WaterCiarlnnaU. Applicants lor descriptive circulars wlDspecUy the ■achlacry they aeed. tfsaxei-iyna amusements. QROaBI’B OPERA HOUSE [Prom the Chicago Tnbnne, Pec. SO, 135«.1 Vocxl Crvrunx, ELOOtmosr, Bnaksraau aso tu* BOLE.—PBOFBSSOB McCOT rare, oa Saturday last, at the Opera Conte, eight prirato lessons. of an boar feb, to at many ladle* and gentlemen—(or the voice— purposes ol speaking, singing. acting, and personal health and pleasure. This la a sample of bts general eegsgedneaa. Wild tbo now year, la order to enablo blm to give more Ume to writing oa tboadence and practice of yocai coitnTT.aisoonmls-rcadings In Shakf* pearn by distinguished acton, and misreading* In tbo Scripture by distinguished clergymen, professor Me- Coy will abrldf e somewhat me somber of boon da rote to oral lecture* and letsont. Frtrate tattoos bereafter. Instead of nine, will becln at ten o'clock; and only one lesson a week will be given each class, instead of two. Applications lor the new claaaea now being formed (ladles and gentlemen) to meet from seven to eight, once a wade, may now be mads at Pro* lessor McCoy’s Lectors Boom, la the Opera Home. pBOSBT’S OPERA HOUSE, SiOKDAT BVENINO. Jacuary- 7, at 8 o'clock. olereaUi bntiecnptlon Night oJ the renowned GHTOKI AND BUSINI ITALIAN OPKILt COMPANY. wit Bnaxoscn. .....Director. Vcrdl’a Grand Opera, m four acts, T. A TEAYIATA. ym, Ansiollna Ohioct. Slcnor* Erranl and Uarra la the principal roles, rn-t. caoscs and osczzsiT&i. Man cal Director and Coed actor Slzaor Nicoiao Tuesday-LUCtA D 1 LAMERMOOR. _ cdnciday - IZ< OABBIERE DE SEVIGLTA. T\Tc VICKERS THEATRE. McVICKER 4 MTERS MANAGERS. Engagement of the talented artiste. CECILB RUSH, For one week only. MONDAY EVENING. Janaary *tt, ISM. BIAHCA, The Italian Wife. Blanca Cecils fiulh. Supported by the entire company. _ The performance wjil conclude with a larorlleFarce. Tuesday—LOVE'S SACRIFICE. Saturday—Cccllc Saab Matinee. WOOD’S MUSEUM. C&L. J. H. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusement* A /S?tS Stare Manager .TUUS. HARRY A New Comedy tor the first tine in Chicago, now playing In New Tort and London with great success. Monday. Jaa. “r*i, tor the tint ttm*,an original com edy for the tunes, entitled £IOO.OOO. Presented with a great caat and all the completeness of scenery and appointment* that distinguishes this Mtabllshmcnt. To conclude with A PLEASANT NEIGHBOR. iod iliUnwi WpdnrkUy indß*inrdAfarwnooni, ,d»y— Ber.eflt of Mlt. C. S. KQGRRS. JQAUGUIKG GAS. DR- COZ.TOZ7, By Invitation of a number of prominent Dentists, vlll give a Lecture, accompanied by a grand exhibition of the novel and antes In? eflecu of Nitrons Oxide, or laughing Gas. FOB LADIES AND GENTLEMEN*. At the Music Hall, Opera House, TUESDAY EVENING, January 6lh. After the Lee hire, twelve ccnfemon will Inhale the gu. TheelLvi of the Oasis to demon the most prominent trail* of character. Dr. C.«crclscssuch care la the selection ot subjects, that he has never tart anyuune to occur to otlend the most laattdlous ladr. As Dr. Colt m orlfflßillv introduced the auxulherlc u-c of (he Gas to the Denial profession la place ox Chloroform and alii elves few eap.rlmcLt* dTiionitratlns Its anesthetic power#. An opportunity to laugh and learn. Ticket* a cent?. Door* open at 7; to commence at 8 o’clock. “YyITKOWBKY HALL. BRANCH OF THE New York Museum of Anatomy AVITKOWSKY 176 Clark-at- corner of Monroe. This important and highly instructive Mua*nm con* tain* WON OKBS OF CREATION from lie first month. Miniature Wcndui a of the World, as also Beauties of Osteology, Dennfltolosy, And Jo fine every department of Medical Scleooe. The Student, the physician. the Natarails*, the Mt of Business, the man of Leisure, might cast? In vvi where they coo id spend a more profitable h >nr. iipon for gentlemen only trom a a. m. till 10 p. m. AdmlsMrnN) cents. auction Sales UCTION. Tuesday, January Sth, lSG7,at 10 a*m. Clearing Out Sale of HATS, GAPS AND FDRS, Without Reserve. We are tnstmcicd by Messrs. ROSENFELS BROS., are retiring from the retail trade, to sell at taelr store. 164 Lake-st- comer of LaSalis all their large and valuable stock of llsta, Caps, Ulovca, ladles* and Gcrtlcmcn’a puts, Ac- Ac. Good* on view on Monday morning. DANIEL SCOTT it CO- Auctioneers. THURSDAY. Jan. 13th, 1557. at 18 a. ra. Furniture. Pier Glasses, Carpets, China, Bohemian and Parian Ware* VTe arc Instructed bv the manufacturer* to wll, with out reserve, at our rooms, 164 Laluvat.. the following assortment of Chlcago-tuade fnmltnre, comprising Parlor Suite* ot eeven pieces each. Id Walnnt, Oak and Mahogany, coven,-.; with Green Stic, Silk Rep and Silk Terry; Bedroom Suit***, ol throe niece* etch, in Matng any. Oak and Waivut. Halr-Cioth Sofia. Lounsca, Wa*h-laod*. Chairs. Marble-Top aud other Centra Ta bles. Whatnots of all dtsclpUoa*. Spring. Hair. Cone and Glass Matfasses, Brussel*. Kidderminster. Ingrain and Velvet Pile Carpets. Pier Gluses In neavy gilt framer, round, square and oval, Ac- sc. Also. Per hrlg Hawk, direct from France -via Montreal. Mt?k« white and c'-lored Parian Ware, fiincv aT*ort mentof Chits, Gill Ware aud Bohemian Glaisware, 4r„ 4c. The Auctioneers would call tne e«pcclal attention of the Chicago public fo IhU calc of homemade Farm lure, s* being, for design and worknaashlp. Lir beyond what is usually oCcroil in this city. DANIEL SCOTT & CO- Auctioneers. JYX GILBERT & SAMPSON. Superior Household Furniture, CARPETS. LINEN GOODS, FrcLch rtaip» Hamel and oral Mirror* AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY. Jan. Sth, at 10 o’clock a. m-at oar MUP-rootn?. 47 mod 49 f>»rbsrn-<t., roasUting ot Parlor Suit# In Rep and tlstr Cloth; Chvmhtr Solti la Potl*h Oil Walrm. with marble tops; cntsge Cham ber Snlt of 10 pieces, with a complete assortment of Furniture tor PARLOR, BEDROOM AND DININGROOM. Bedfllnc. lounges. Crockery. Mirror. nmwn« and other c»rp* ts; one Urge mantel French PUt» Mirror. It Polish Oil Waitni fiama; oval gilt Dame French Plate Mirrors. Also. 150 Boya* end Itton’s Skates- Also, a fle* lot r f Linen Goods. H i»l«, To vel*. Nap kins Brown aod White Llcea Table Cl.dc *, a f.w dozen extra fin- TadltV Camhrlc Ilittfi, wtla a general as- BOitJuent of 800-ftold Good?, «c. * GILBERT a SAMPSON. Auctioneers n DJ3ERT & SAMPcON, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. TRADE SALE OF 62 CHATBS OP CHOCSBB7, IN OPEN LOTS, A.T AUCTION. At onr saleiroom, 47 and 49 D«vrbotr.-at, on THURSDAY. Jaanary 10th. at 9V oVlics. ronsUtlng ofacotuplelcassortment of Toilet, Plt>ner and Tet Wore. Will be sold In lota lo suit dealers. Goods packed for country delivery. GILBERT & SAMPSON. Anctloceer*. A. EUTTEKS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission merchants PALMER’S BLOCK, p»4B 41 A- 4tf RAXPO Boarhtug, "OOAKDING—Good rooms aud first- J J class board st 1 1S State-st., en moderate terms. A!-o a few day boarders wanted. Only one block from Post Ofllce. T>OARDiNG—One or two gentlemen II dt(irons of a comfortable home with cxc«t|ent Losrd ard elegant rooms. In a respectable family living on no; very f»r from the Post office- Be»l TdsrtDres rrqalft d. Addm» “ C.” Box 1320 P. O. TJOAKDlNQ—Gentlemen wishing good 1J board In a private tamllr, and very pleasant loca tion, can find sni-h at 339 liUnots-st., two blocks from Stat/-it. bridge. I>OARDING —Day boartleis and board > ersbytbe week, can be accommodated at 47 nth Clark-n. T>OAHDING Elegantly furnished I / rooms, will first-class board, for oneor tworen tleroen and their wivra. vr single gentle-sen, lo a pri vate lamliy. c-n Thirtr-fim-su near Indlana-av. street cars. No ether boarders. Address Box 1937, Chi cage. Boarding with n suite ot from wins, can be obt-Mned In a small family, on tbs gonh&de. Adcreas “FTG.”TrI bone office. T> CARDING—Four gentlemen can be I) accurate octtM with co<yf rooms, at So. 67 West Wuhincton-*!. Stndou preferred. Term* Terr rea sonable. T3oAßDlNG—Handsomely furnished I > rooms, hot and cel 1 water ia each, with hoard, at No. lUS £a«t Adamant. A tew day boarders wanted at 9< per wwt. T3OARDING—First-class day board can 13 be obtained at macerate rato*. at the Jems Boose, corner V»n Burea and bbcnnan-<u. This botue baa recently ben reopened la rood *tyle. JACKSON PROS.. Proprietor?. BOARDING— A gentleman and wife, or two tingle cert ernes, wishing board in a pri vate family, ta a hae location, atamaaoaab'.e rate, can secure a nica-ant anfarnUhtd tront rojm.on Wahaih ar., by adtlrmlnc “A E." Tribune office. T> CARDING—A pleasant front ebam r> her, fnmlibed cr tmfornlshrd, with boird, at 119 SUte-U. Reference reqolred- BOARDING— A very handsome suite of unlamGfced room*, trlb chandelier, water, ard flr»t-cae» board, m coe of tno-e large white booses 137 Wett Monroo-at.. near Pe«plaine*-«t. TJoarh JKantrh. BOARD— A gentleman wishes board in * private Jewish lamlJy. FlnKlau reference* riven. Addreaa, with particalari, “ARU D,” Tfl bnne office. BOARD —With a pfeasant suite ot fur nlahed ircnt room*, tor rmtiemen, wrfe. and boy mrer year* old. Private tamlly. and South side pre ftrred. State location and tenna, addre** “G A,” Tri bune office, for three < ays. BOARD —A small furnished room, with board. In a private fttnllj, lor a yaaar lady, who come* weD recommended* Address Drawer 6333, I*. Q-. Chicago. Host anh jFuunh. LOST— On New Yearie Day r from 310 Wcat Adama-n., a small black rp&niel trick dog. on when he Iclt a *mall chain collar. Anyoaere tnrn*nc him or clvtig tnlhnnatton whrrehe can he four d. will receive fa reward. L. PrORAFT. LOST —A black-and-tan dog, about <even mottbi old: had on. when la*t *een. a Ger man illver cellar, with small braaa padlock: answer* to the name of “ Gyp.” A liberal reward will be given npot hi* Cellveiy at the Tribune office. jporscs, Carriages, &c. HOR&Es —Two spanofwork horses or mule* wanted, la exchange for real estate. Ad drcai **E."Trt6u=eafflce.fbr Pveday*. ONE BhOWN HORSE lor sale,sycars old. good atylv*. olao.ose coming &, very pretty. Adores* P.O.Box 3649. aaanteu-jaaie IBelp, BOOKKKEPBB9, 9ALBS TTTANTED—salesmen cf mature age V V and experience, wbo can encage rff m *A* r tonuftmciMrn and rcspnnMole alcuartoW of J. A. JOSE 6, 1*23 or address prayer 3901. Chicago. 111. WANTED— A Drst class tlarelhne aaleamao, bra fancy dry roods aad notion boose. Address, mallnc name. retcrence, experience jb d quallflcaUOD. V. O. Box 3377. 91 Loai*. Mo. TX7A2<TED—Live men to sell our pa- VV teattnacbtoeCjrertßdli>gkalTea,abeara,rwpCT knlros, edged tools, *e. No competition; T“f* onlT Hmrld *•!•• everywhere. Send retail fi bi fcLi-EU*co_ 133 soatb ciark-aU noon J 6. Two stamps IQr reply. _ tsases. ffffissa 108 aod 110 Clark-et. __ TXT ANTED—A. flirt class bookblulcr VV and rnkr and job printer, at the Omaha Daily Bcpnbllcan office. Qm»hs ? JKgnra^* :^_^M^^^^M , ggaantea-jfgmale ffielp. 81LSS1T0918N, TBADBSi 3a ß« BOUSE SERVANTS. WANTED— A respectable young Vo. lor chambermaid. Ma*t be a go<vl wai t ress. City references required. Apply at 149 iCth- Igan-aT.. between 3^and < o'clock p. m. this day. TXT ANTED —A first-class cook, washer VV and ironer, at 374 West opposite Colon Park. Wf ANTED —Immediately, a pood cook, W la a private hoarding bonse. Apply, Imaie* dtately, afdStf lillnoU-tt. North side. TTTANTED—A mrl to do chamberwork VV icd»whlßE. German or Norwegian prefer red. Apply at 363 Mlchlgan-ar. TTTANTED lmmediately A fim- VV rlaascook, who c»a ffi'h and iron; also, a gjcd chambermaid. Mu«{ be able to -wait at table, Apply, after 3. ot voncay. at 14b Mlchlgaa-ar. TT7ANTED —A girl to cook and do V* hocsewortin a small Ctrslle. f3Jfl a we-K will be paid. Ueterucci required. Apply at No. 199 Warreo-st, TTT ANTED—A good girl, to do general VV housework. Apply at 103 East Jackaon-st. jEmplogmenl glgcnms. TTf ANTED—I.OOO men to go South, V V w»se* H 5 Vo SCiO a month and hoard. Also, tall* road nt'Q, and all wanting employment. Apply at 133 South clark-st.. Room 5. ■TITIANTED 250 railroad laborers at VV (lAO cer day and board: VO lerec men at 119 to ♦roper month and hoard; 15 wood chc*pm tor Indiana. Apply at 100 Madison-su Itooa 4. TXTANTED—A lew live men with a VV small capital to engage In a So. 1 paying busi ness In the city. Apply at IQQ MadUou-st,. Room 4. TT t ANTED—Men out of employment VV toappiTioPAnsuALLiSMrrn. lassoath Clarg+t. Room 11. acd secure good paying situ lions. By mall enclose 10 cents for particulars. T\7A2»TED—2S men lor Michigan, 175 W for McmphU ano toeoSonth. »onUi Mid hojnl. Anplrto PAK;IIALL <t SillfU, 12S fronth Clarb-at.. Room 11. WANTED— To employ one man in t* er} ". , ’ ,WT * ,h * Wwt. t} sell on entirely arw tbinc. None i>nl uv« and active men need apply. Al drees lor particulars, with two three cents su.-n?*, to pay rvlom pofllaicr, S. S. McELWAIN, Hoi yotW Chicago. ill. 224antcli-i£ltsrcUanEnus TXT ANTED —A smart youth. 17 to IP, Vt that knows tire city well. Apply at 104 W«t lake-st. \\T ANTED—Men, in the connin', to \ v act as agent* In solicit shipments of firs, aides, pelts aid tallow. T« person< u tho»e who car command trud?. we will pay coed stlarv. Addf*fls,e3c oslojr3 cent stamp, J. Q. FERBELL & CO..coiutrliskn merchant!. Chicago. TXT"ANTED—A man and wife of cx- VV perlence, who is not afraid of work, to take charge of a boardtnc tons-* is the country, where there U plenty oj work. an>t pay accordingly. Address •*J t," West Branch P. 0., Chlcaco, with nderence. TATANTED—A good secondhand me- V> dtnm or large aired lire proof safe: also, an office desk. Address **D "’."Tribune office, tor three days, ■ tatlng price, and where U esu be recn. XXJ ANTED—A tew more men to in s' Y vest In our weather strip and rubber moulding. All wbo trv it are making Vo better lave*-- nent in tLc ttate. A. C. BRdWV & CO., 12V Latest. ■\X7ANTED —The celebrated Gipsy wo- Yt Than. If you wish to know all the secrets of your pa--t end latum life, the knowlc Ice of which may save too vtars of sorrow and care, don't fall tocor the Gypsy Palmist. Consultation, one dollar. Bieldetce 3?tf South Ciark-st. WJ ANTED—To Exchange—SO acres o V ? unimproved land In Har'Un'Cocnty. lowa, fo a light open baggy aid single cutter. Address P. O- Box 1544. Dugiurss Chances. T?OE SALE—Drr goods store, best 10l l 1 ration In the city, Vo. 131 Lake-st. The leaie and furniture, with a small «to»'k of staple drr goods. Inti’dre at the store or addros* •* D. & U.” 131 Latc-st. FOE SALE—An Interest in a leading wholesale drug house, established over twenty years, having a large trade. In one of the largest ffuf erodt!**. If the party particularly dealtc*. arrauga menta may Ik* made to *ell th» entire bn-lnos*. A> plvto DANIELL ± McCUrrES, N. Y- or Lock Box 1034. Cincinnati. IFOR SALE —A butcher snop, in good 1 location, with horse and wagon and patent Ice hrosc. with fixtures complete. Addreaa “X F,” at Tribune office. 170 R SALK —One ol the best Rcslan -1 rants and Saloots In the dty, ccntTAllv locited, and doing a tine business. Price flg#o cash. A- J. MILLS & CO- 13a Dearborn-*t. FOK SALE—At a bargain, a Vinegar Factory, with boiler, engine, and ail the tvoaistte tools complete, mostly all new and hut -title used, and In first civ.* c-Drtluoa. capacity to make -*o barrels per day; for SIAOO, Is worth twice the s uount. It must be fold soon. Ko tneambrone*. Good reason given for k. ‘ltcg. T. H. DfeLFIELD ± CO- Deal Estate Agents, IQ p. O. Birrs. FOK SALE—Stock, fixtures, lease anil sfrod wtilot A Sot Grocery Store, cent rally luev tel. at d doing a sood pavlnr basloe**. (lanital re quired, fiocc to &.OT9. uo>i reaiuna glvoa fur selling. Address Box OSS Chicago. FOR SALE—A rare chance to pur chase a vell-cstablisbcd and flrsl-elats EvUng Bouse on Dearbom-at- known at the “Oyster Bay.** In Speed’* Bloc*. Thu well-known establishment ts web arranged, having all the conveniencesoi water, cas, IctM-iicstA, fhrnarc range*. &c- Ac. This has a laree basement where all the cooking I.* iliac. The amogrinent of the dlnlnc-hali u well planned; has Lice marble tables and good flirnltorc. The owner oesinsz to sell this estahllshment. Oder* tt for a few days. Partita wishing to nurrbase will call at 123 Dearrom-at, (WARIiEN A GOODRICH'S 0111-v.i ho twern ihc hours of 9a. m, and. 3p. m. This property will be told cheap. FOR SALE—Stock and fixtures ot a floor and feed (tore. 406 Sonlh Clsrk-SL, d )lag a good boslneas. Inquire on the premise*. TfOK SALE—The stock ami nxtures ot r a drag store in me cf the mo«t thriving towna Inlllleoi*. Lent icw. F:-r fall particular*, imiUre from JO to 12 a. ni., rf Dr W, A. KNOX, 123 b.nlh Clark-el,, MorrlMin's Block, Room 10. FOR SALE—Ycr? tow, a complete out- Ot for » Pbctojpaph Oal'err. Call on or address for one week, C. u. l LISTON, Lloyd Home, JI2 4Pot Sale. FOR SALE—Or Exchance for Merchan dise or Ural Estate— The one-half Interest in a I.COO bethel Distillery* la good order, and now running —cattle barrs. bogpeca,hocded warehouse, malt hju*e, Ac., all complete. Address “J, W, IV*box 321, Pro rta, UU F'OR SALE>—Prop. “ Genesee Chieli now lying at Detroit. Michigan. Cla*sA3. Ton nage mid mcaaomaent). Ssl. Apply to WM. E. WaU RIMER, Detroit. UlclL. or to HAUIUS A UKO„ S 4 Chicago. P)R BALE—Cheap—Wood. Seasoned yellow oak. equal to beach, a* $7 per corl. h* car load. orSSprcotdoulof yard, delivered, once and yard sonthwest corner of van Buren and CUntoa-sa. It. L. CU APIS AN. IT'OK BALE—Walnut office desk, Wliee* X* ler & Wilson Setting Machine, and al jt of ciua- Icr*. all In good order. Will be sold cheap. Inquire at 79 LAke-at. Ec »cttt-®Dttsses, TO RENT—A new collage, No GlO West Indlana-et.. with els rooms, two closets and pantry. Enquire at gSO West ladlana-st. TO REST—House of 7 rooms, pantry, hydrant, ■*<•., four blocks west of the river, and. one bloct; from street cars. 830 per mouth. Apply at 1 A 3 Boom ,1. TO RENT—Or lor Bale —A Lew two etory boese on West Jackson-st~ 309. contatnlag 9 rr-orcs latest atyletand improvements. Rent low. Inquire at Boom g Cobb’s Ballolnf. 126 Dearborn-st. TO RENT—House No. 233 Newberry* £U near C. B. *O.R. B. FERRY * SON. west end Eigbte*nth-st. Bridge- RENl—New cottage House, comer I. Kncker and Tyler-a U.. 5 rooms, water In kllrhra 8U per meets. Inquire of C. J. ADAMS.comer Canal and Adams st. TO RENT—A choice House, No. 1157 Pralrie-av- with 7 rooms aod water, het-ecn Twenty-Cfth and near the horse car". Posso*slon •» once- Apply to J. M. MARmir.M.L, Boom K at 97 Clark-«t. 'X'O RENT—The lower part ot house J. 107 North Clinton, tear Carroil-sL. at |l7 per month. Also, lower story ot dwelffcg on Green**!.. comer of Fulton, at per month. Also, a saloon or rrstaarant, on northwest comer West Late and North Ctnsl-it, a first rate stand. Apply at 13 Metropoli tanLtUct. (Eo iifnt—Kooms. RENT—A furnished room. Apply X at 246 Ohja-st. TO RENT—Furnished rooms, at 118 Cllniot-it, between Adam* and Jack«on-«u. TO KENT—Two fine front rooms to eJnne person*. with or without fhrultnre, o* No. 73G<Ethfrit. TO RENT—Nicely furnisuco rooms, with or wltßoct board, at No. IS Poorth-ay. 'T'O RENT Handsomely furnished i suite of rooms lor gentleman and wife, or toar pecu< men; al*o, ilsele room, with board. References required. at 95 Aberdeen-*!. TO RENT—Rooms, suitable for house* keeping. Apply at 606 North Ctark-gt. go &cnt-jp torts, ©ffirts,&r TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent, rear of 7-i Court-place, oppo- HteCrwby** Opera Hoo*e. Apply to A. WORDEN A c:o„ cr L. i. TODD, en the premises. XO RENT—One* half of a store on South Ciark-«L. in the very beat location la the city, reiiP.O.Box3os- 1 O RENT—A desirable suite of trout offices, at No. IfiS Randolph-*t. Apply to UC.OSGK M. mgil. 16-1 Raadolpb-sn, Boom 12. TK) RENT—An office In Chamber of J Commerce Ptulrttng, on flm Coor, fronting L*- SaUe-st. To a responsible tenant a rood onortanUT itoflered. Apply at No. la nir balidi*?- f \'o RENT—Very desirable office rooms, J op the floor of 91 Bandotph-*t. Apply to PR. JAMES, 93 Raaaolph-st.. ■ecundfloor. TO RENT—A brick store, CS2 State-st, next to comer of Twe3lh. Asnlendld locality for nujincs*. Alao. the two epper stories of the same. Apply at JERVIS HOUSE, corner Van Boren and shemaa-* t. rpO KENT —A small store, and fixtures A. for sale very cheap. Apply at 357 Btate-»t. TO RENT—The store No. 20 Soulh X Market-*!. C. McDONNfILL, Agent, office 134 Sooth Clark-*!. ®aantclJ~®o Uent. X\rANTED —To Rent —Immediately, a IT cottage oft rooms. Is a rood neishborhand, nnai the lit of next May. Addreaa “BENTEK," Trt bone office. \\T ANTED—To Kent A furnished W roomandboantbyayotmegeßUemanaudwire, Have a Cut elaas piano, aad will give leasoas, ITde itrable. Address "H 5 B,- Tribune office. WANTED —To Rent A store on tollable tor awholeaals trade. Ad orns, stating term* ana location, "B I S," Tflbaac cfficc r \\T ANTED—To Rent—A boose of oor V V _ 10 room*, ffitnated within IS minute* walk of Shouldpr««thn&onthaide. Address a, aOo oOQlh naiciet. Situations ©stanteo, HALES. ClTUATlON—Wanted—A'litnat’nT'' O or light porter by a reiUsi.TZ 1 ' 011 !* oTcood hablta and address. Good r w-Vi,? 15 **»«« * Addles* “A. A.” TrTbone Office. w - Ta -« mju. . - 1«"» b=.UM. 1 CarrLlt “ t'-V-r?"* » ™Z*SS£ ,aam *' a ' BL SITUATION - Wamed-Bfr^T- V-7 man wbo want* to learn ttn r 'uE? painting. Addreas-G t."TrtDon”oa*l o^*>>B ClltlATlON—WuiUetl— As bookie' of jn any position where a good a222r?*®P -5SL U V and so °' l rtt T rei'rrace* i fe dress, for one week. ‘MO." 13 e v< : Ad. &Eal 3Sstatc-Cin>, IMPROVED, LOB SALE"— Cbean a ~— mamaMa^^tai ,7 3™, r? w “MWc-ln™ 10l tCxITO fceu The s«otd «i tt S'tep^n^ oll prlce Alar*, bocse »c«i lot twi<« ,v_ of Wfai M*cll»Pn and Aberdeen «l e soct-wcsj corser A1»0.1311«l ca North Carr .fV.k , on Biter, with the t ui.diaciVt^ian 1 l ?« & ‘lr T,t of je»r B * tltte. 6 per emu s * 81 M »«•* fovt, ca are 1 H mllafwS* " city Miaiicn-iii, 77 Deaibcrau.f,^ F°o "fflee. wtoj -ear*. MlcW-an^arTtearTwciaL.?*^ * l l 2 w ’ r * **W mwbjp front horwa in to- put. -f^V* 4 1-bjd. lot S 3 feet imat; price Il9frij *••** D ?Afts» a D vf n vl t '* 4 Qoe °a i loTwxvp’fi? Mlrt»lpan-av.. near nl2f-hi.^V crT aD, L.bwcmeot Wlct hbu-«~*u't»L Dc-rborn-#t.. near Ctoc*£o-ar , toree-storr meat brie* jmo»7 fine marMc front hon* for f 15,300. Ltacotaitl ££ | , '* , 40j OC ' st * colUsc bocsp « ff rooms. Beiidw cloieUhi F)R SALE—Doable Frame House on l‘eoria-«„ near Washlnston-st. 19 room* sm ■no rfwt-r; lot sdxiuio alley; |9 r XO. One of the on Warren su tour block* weal or Laoa Dark, 6 .oocs. double floor., severs, <lc.; bit i'riji- immediate po*«eiilon. Two twoau>rr b'n«e« on .Ipcrrwn st„ near Monroe-sL, to be remov-t* *» «« and $1,500. One-and-a half «b>ry curtate. 303 'oath Haincd-st, S),DSO. 102 hontt Sancatnan-tt_bas*m«D cottage. 9 reoms. H.C. il-.i* Estate Protore. Clock. 94 F>l? SALE—House and lot, northeast corner ot North Wei s acd Huroa-n*. The v«*- la new, with gas ard water to, srren room* an* closets up sutra—the lower part is suitable ti>r a nor and tor small family In rearof*u»re. Inqnir* on premises. IT7 North Wells-st. EL B. KiF.NIG.~ F)lt SALE—On Michican-av.. a sp*en dldnew brick residence, wlttiail the prorements. and not a woman kil’er. Pariore. «ta-iV rcom, library, dining toots, kltcnea, pantry vul all on the first floor, and a splendid liara ar.-t lc- h«. iv For further Icformation. inquire at SO I Mu-iii; m-ar* FOR SALE—Or Rent—Houses au'l lots In all part* ot the city. Caritt oar 0 :n- if T , <a vaDl to hay. rent or kD. GEORGE & WILUASfi. ? Sonth CUrk-»t. FOR SALE—A new three stonr and basement brick honac of It noci, hot oal co'l water, water closets, marble mantels aa-1 let y. front, on w«t Lake-ac. near Union Part?. TtlO'fvs 1). SNYOER A Co., real estate No. -1 Metn [Killian Block. 170 R SALE —Cheap—Anew two nnry fratne honje. u room?, water, jr**. unrM- nti tels. Let No. 4S south Anr-st., near Wn-Ms •• ■, i..T THOMASP.9NTDKR <k Correal esteh- wld V,, 4 Metropolitan Block. * 3 ' T7OK SALE — At ft barcair*. The two- JC story frame house andlv>t,V*>. 15 5S')-,tr. A deligbtlu] residence properly, ami very ct-ii "\aT ply on premises. _ ‘ ’ * r F3R SALE—Three new iwo-storv aud basement brick house?, U rooms c.i'-li. a:: 1-~ lrcprorerr*ncs. and lots, with bam. «n Wihivi-.r r«rTweaty-*lath-»t. THOMAS P. 4 co" > Rial Estate A cents, Vo. 4 Metropolitan ill->c%. ** CMUPUOVF.D. SALE—A beautiful lot froetin* I JelTer.»on-ra’k corner cfMjtrce ardl..n- t-.:, 3 123X1VS fret. south front. A. J. AVEUEI L. Ri! Ev late Office. Xo. ? Metropo’itan ft oc». agents «E£iantrti. \ GH^vTS—"Wanted—Moists. TVkTiMr ft J. V Fields, Boston, have DonJlahrd arnee -cntfraT*! Pcrtraitof Abraham Llwola««« a pertect vrt a work rl art. Xt is coaitucnaeJ as ihe hot liler.%* rot I>T UrbmT.Liccoin, Mr.Truaba:!, Mr.St*~t?n, Mr. Herndon. Mr. I. Jf.Amold, <ten.isr.inu Chant* Sunmfr, Mr. Chase, Gen. Oarxide, And many others. aim u.mi, , utJtci,. U Is sold ctdy by »üb-CTlptU'u. sr.d wanted lor Ha fate. Liberal commU'lon* arc erven to canvasser*. and soecrssfcl ones ran have go-wivr. rltary to operate la. Adarm JOUN H. Ammon. Publishers* Aifct, *->7 Wa-MsgtoD-st.. Chicago. A GENTS —Wanted—ln IllmoLS to sell XX “THE PATRIOTISM OF ILUNoM," or the complete hl-tory of the part tak-n by Il.lnol* In th« a ar, her regiments, batteries, distinguished -i-n. 4«-., Ac. Illustrated by oxer twenty portrait* ot *-es’. w« are offering large commissions. wben. leiS.vr with the tery lareessle of the wort, present* str.iacmoa e- XLenta to rood c.en Address the palili-hers, CLAKKB A CO-, yq and gvj Washington-*!- Chicago. A GENTa—Wanted—ln all parts ot the Al country, to sell “THE HISTORY t»F AltttAll \M LINCOLN” aud the “OVERTHROW OK SLAVERY,** In one rob. of « ver *OO pages. By Hon. I. N. Arnold, late member of (?< ogrets. a'-d tor over tw« re.-* s a co; ftdcntlal Irlend of Mr. Lincoln. This work ha* Jnstbeen completed, and win meets want frit bvev ery icteUlgrnt citizen. U preaenta features w'bledi have rot appeared in any other wot*. The rally Chronicle, or Washington, lavs; “It will assume a ehaiaricr and held a place bey. nd aawhlng vet pro dneeu.'* For Territory arrt term*, af’drwn the pub lisher, CLARKE i CO-“>0 and S— Washington-*!.. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—An agent to cm /\ vass Chicago for “Abbo’l’B Lives of the Pmf ilinb." Books now i eadv for suMrnecra. lnhll>h*T<* bichist ror»imlfr*l<"n will hr given to a rerson ot »iii ity ai.d experience. None other netd apply. S. S. UOx- DES, 73 Clark-at. Agents wanted—For bar- ZtElT'a LIFE OF LINCOLN. The best, miwt complete and acthemic wort yet pnhll-he«l. president Lincoln having hlrefre-fromtshnl (hr tht* work alone, the tact* otht« early life. We are otfrnng agent*, be sides a very one ltd ”1 premiums, a higher than ran be *ffo*rted by any other house In the West, Publisher*. 3 Cus tom House Mace, Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—For THE AWE XX RICAN FARMER’S UORSE COOK, hr Itobert Stewart. M.D. V. 8., echodylcg the rrrclta i.f twe-ety year* of orlglral Investigation. The book aM»p an other* fbr Agate, a* It appeals to Die nree**Usf>» and w!f-lntcrest oi a very wealthy sad tut- llgrct class la every community. App:» t.-»or a-Tirea-j. >. Goodman A Co- Publishers, 3 toslim H.uosplaie. Chicago, Hi. AGENTS —"Wanted Gentlemen and ladies Ihmachoat the United Slates to sell rar new Book, “ABNOTTS LIVES ofihs pRESIpKNIrV Tr id Washington !■> the present tlai?. ja on- vnjaigs ofabout 500pnge«, beainltjlly limstratM with «teel engraving*. Tne Armor—nte Tan*-run Tnisat, the elegant style amt moderate price, »'l mtnNne to render tbls one of th* most attractive. u*cl:tl *rod gam ble books ever published lo ibis coattrv. Tuetperb cneed agent* this Is a rare chvnre v> make m .tjey wirhatplccdld honk,am} no co:np«Mtlon. ers.’ highest commission gl» en. s.nd b ; ani p for cir cular and terms. S. S. BOYDEN. 73 Clart-'t.. Chi cago. PI AGENTS —Wanted—Experienced lirrt claw canvasser*. cenMetnen and ladle*, for -TUB FUATEH AT VaLLEY FOKGK,” s new and tnagnlb cextr steel engravln-; price. S3.VI. Uts peculiar re cotnroendallons which caa.«c It to be admired by every American, cfwhatever sector partr. Agents evety wl ere «re meeting with unparnlleleil sn* >:<•*-■». I'ub- Ushcra’ highest commission given. AiMrc*s. stamp enclosed, S. S. EoYDEN. 73 CTargrt.. Caleago. 111. A GENTS—Hauled—slso We tract T\ M«enU to sell the BARTLETT PEWING MA CUINFir, price }T>.OO. These willing to work for *t*AfO Per month will address, with stamp, PAGE ItltorQ cßS, General Agents, Philadelphia, Pa- or Toledo, Obic. AGENTS —Wanted—*200 per rr.oiuh W < s,! IS»*KOVED BAirrLETT Deartcni-si^Chicago, A GENTb—Wanted—$15U per monifi, /\ everywhfre. mate and f-taa>. to sell the GRVD- Im b common sense family sowing machine. rreateer roventl'-r of the age. Price «a. Fv-rr M vcJilsc warranted inn e yean. Addresa SKCOMB A CO„ CTcrelacd. QUO, A GENTB—Wanted—Price $2.50. JTY ‘Lloyd’s ureal Map.” ”Thj U.vrr*n Statk* CojtTiAtMT is liCC.” Three maps la one, and the cb-apm map in ihe world. Oce agent has Just ordered flity Mare aflcr two dnyi canra**. TiIH Gf.ixd Patbiotic Chart or America not* with the map. Address GOODSFEIaD & CO, 11> Lake s Chicago. AGENTS —Wnnted—100 men can Lave steady etnrlorincnt far the winter by engaging la in** sale of pOMKOT’S NEW AMERICAN HfiAT REGULATOR. light and pleasant. Profit? ln.m»n>*-. fcrrcess pnarantet-l. Artdrwj* or call up*va P. LATHI’OP. .18., R-xim No. 15 Clnirrh 'tlock. Chi cago, of Boom No. 4 Lyman’s Clock. Gevc.asd, Ohio. A GENlS—Wanted—?s to $lO per day can bemade acLlce one "f the oest doxcrtic In ventions ever offered the pi-biie. Trere Is n<> com petltlrn. this being the only of the klrd ever offered lor aal<>. n-e demand K Terr large. Every larnlly wants ffoio two lo a dozen. Will save Its cost ta one week. All we »ik la jot you to call and exam ine for yourselves before yon engage la other r-udn-Ae. fall of tddress.wilh stamp, J. U. NASON, 122 Strata Clvrk-st., Room No. 9, Chicago, 111. A GENTb— Wanted—Carpenter’s great Portrait of Mr. Lincoln U last oat. It is pro nounced far anpenor to Mar-liaL’s by Mrs. Lincoln, Fcb’t Lincoln. I. N. Arnold. £. c. Lamed. W. U- Here <l' n,andby til who have seen both. Painted Irons life, as Marshall's was not. and finely engraved, it u ti e only laQJtiess Portrait. canvaMera, now is yoar chance. Address, with stamp, C. ALLEN, M. V* 90 WashlPgtOD-iL. ctilcacO- A GENTb—WantetJ—To sell a tip top XI. anirle. Sells vTerywhsrs. with ordinary talk ing. Combines ntllltv with Payer’s own advertUe- Kt-nt of special lat*re«u. Qa< no competitor- Isa Perfect novelty m the United States—only one maaa nctory yet established. Opens op an entire tew oe-d for agents. CoosomptUn constasr, demand steadily trcfcaslog. Canva»«er*s aaraplesratfit costs fl—S sentfreebv express. Send two stamns lor Clrcm larn. THOS. DERRY * iHacfituers. F>K SALE Two Portable Engines nearly pew.i6-Uor* good rant Tar or der, for sale Terr cheap tf applied for iocru hr GSE&N LEE BEOS. A CO„ OS Dear*»on>-*L. Chicago. T?OR SALE—Three B-horse power up* J . right engtn**; also six borlzoutal engine*, 8, It, ard ij-horse power. Larger op smaller engine* ttss? cubed with or wlthoot boilers. 12, 15, l« and aj-bor»« tnhatar ana locomotive boiler* for «l<*. lw*r make. A -fo one t-foller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. bawTOuia, barrel and wood-wyfktsg machinery, Iran B liner*, belting. saw*, flies, tr. Machinery Depot. 33 e--rborn-*u Chicago. GREENLEE OHns. * CO. ITOR SALE—Portable Engmes—4, 6, JT 8, IP. 12,15, SO. S 3 and 3£-hor*e power, new «m MCOnd-hand; one SO and one ia-h~r#c power, second hand Stationary Engine* and B-->J em. Portable Saw mill*. Wcodworth plaaer* and Hitcher*. Shlcrle Mills and Wpod-workirg Machinerr. Power Com Bbellers. Strail Ram Mi l*. Iron Feed.Mlila. Shafting, paiiiu and Elevator Machinery built to order. BICBAKDS* IKON WORK>. 190 aad 193 Wntilngton-st. FOR SALE —A second-hand Buckler folding machine—lc good condition. Price. u» Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. F3R SALE —10,12 and 14-horse porta ble Rnsines and tßoilera—very law, hv GRIFFIS BROTHERS. 13» Sooth W»ter-*t. 7 T7OB SALE—OrExchange—One Planer JL and Matcher, ooe Heading and Sblntle Mill, one jointer, one Oeadlng-roandpr. saw Arbor*, several Bond Latliea. and one large TX-incg Lathe. Will ex change for «tr g-QPertr or inmber or sell lor part oo time. JAMES WARNER. 233 State-it, FOR SALE—Eunice, 10-'horse, in srood orfer. bqnire at Chicago Steam Laandfy, 93 t>c«t * Tleal Estate—Cauntrp. P)R SALE—36O acres, fire miles west of CV.rago. admirably adapted f-'? pasturage and dairy term: 910 per acre, part tine. acre*. ln ral parcel*, u WiuConatv. nilnoi*. near;l*«nt*)ce'hU tlon. onlllisats Ceatral UalUoad; only *ere— verychey. A farm, well improved. one mile fret, Nation on lilin-'W o * arree, all unjettece and plough—f-;’, nViti,.' POSTON, keomNo. 3. Sc-Uh A NUoas BuLJlnr. Chicago. F)R~6aLE— A very desirable fimn. locate at Raw Station. Indiana. consUtlnr of eoaew*nv*sne\and.toprQv«*l. For apply toTIIOS. BOCCHAKD. 73 Wlbon av. Chicago. partners eHantth. T> ARTNER— Wan* cd - Two partners 1 with nj»o and H.CCO. fbr Grocery. FoutJr» and Sachin*Shop-; al*o, warehouM, couaje. deslrth.o bouoe, slx-hotM engine, and patent rights far Room 9 a®. 48 Soßtt Usrk-sv. '*£ f if