Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 8, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 8, 1867 Page 3
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EUUDI'K. Proposed Grand Catholic Council at Rome. Terms of the Final Arrangement Between Victor Emanuel and the Pope. Duel Between Connt Clam-Gallas and Barshal Benedek. ITALY. A Grand Catholic Council to bo Held at Home In Jane Kcxt. (Home(Dec, 18) Correspondence LondonThaea.i The Pope has addressed au invitation to the Bishops of the Catholic world to assem ble at Home in the month of June, ISG7, to celebrate the eighteenth centcnarv of the martyrdom ol the Apostles Peter and Paul, and the canonization.of several martyrs, confessors and virgins. The Pontifical letter of invitation, bearing date the Bth instant, is signed by the Cardi nal Prefect of the B«<*red Congregation of the Council, and i« to tbe following efiect: Illustrious ajcu VcnvHcvinEisoSm: Among the principal and gravest cares of the Apostolic I Ministry of me Sovereign Pomlil, the most grate ini is to confer, accenting to established rites, the honor of canonization and public worship la the Church upiin the heroes of tac Christian religion. Therefore, the Holy Congregation of Kites having accomplished all the acts according to the discipline pret-crlbed bv the Apostolic Constitution, onr Duly Father Pope Pint IY-, after having maturely considered the circum stances bus resolved (in as tar, however, as tue power of the Almighty, as we are permitted to nope, shall avc:t tne imminent tempest which threatens us) to hold, in the month oi Jane, 1567, two scnii-puhlic Consistories. Afier these Con sistories. the Holy Father, by the aid of God and the Virgin Mother of God, will Inscribe a solemn decree in the Catalogue of Saints, the blessed martyrs, ceutessors and virgins, whose names heiuattcr follow. On the d9;h ol the same month the I’esUralof the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, wlicii on this occasion will bo celebrated ■ui:h alt the greater joy. by reason of the secular anniversary of (belt glorious martyrdom. The names of the blesscu martyrs, confessors, and viTiiins. arc as follows: 1. Tbe blessed Josapbal, Archbishop of Po loc?k,oftLe KuUienians at Whltr Russia. mir tyr. The Messed Pedro d’ Arlmcs, of the order of regular canons or Sl Augustine. Inquisitor of biittin, and canon ofihe Metropolitan Chnrch of tjaragoate, miiitvr. £. ihcLiue blessed marlyrs of Gorkhtun, be ik.ugh.g to divma regular order*-, or to the secular cletgy. 4. lUe blessed Paul de la Croix, confessor, founder cf the congregation of Clercs-Dechamw s of the Holy Cro.-s and of me Passion of onr Lord Je.-us Christ. j. The iile*»cd Lconaid ol Port Maurice, con fervor. Apostolic Missionary ot the Minor Older of St. Fiaiicl? of tin.* Strict Observance. ■ fi. Ihe Uci-sed Maria Francesca of Five wounds, viig-n, of the Tltitd Order of Sl. Peter of Alcantara, in Naples 7. Tne ble.-sed Germaino-coufiln, secular virgin cl ’.he Diocese of Toulouse. Accoming to ancient custom His Holiness has, therefore, ordered me, Prelect ot ihc Congrega tion charged to imcp'ct the Holy Coaacjl of Tiem, :o write to the Prelates of the Catholic world, to announce to then thi- 1 glad news, and to jurna'.n u>vui that tee Uu-liop?, ,T- no not being dc.j ned i>y the fear of cau-ing grave prejudice to ilo docks conilrii d to their cares sir tnd repair at ii e proper time to this noble city, in order to be pr. -i j:: at u» Cunariories above mentioned. I; will b>- a t-onrcc of great Joy for the Holy Father to M - e L:. w hr. ihivti ai-sea.'iilo In one place, and ocutiip, with • nc accord, p-ayers to those saints r.' eody mxnvtd :mo celestial glo*y; In order that, moved by such suupiicouoas in the extreme i't.ii which lurc-aicus civil, and above all sacred things th&y may ash ui God .v, a obtain fro:a His good mss, victory over tee maPgnant ericaiv, i.mi por;u peace for the Church Militant. 1- urtber. it is need Uri io rcfi'-ct that it is the will of the t-uvcicign Pontiii that all tnose who may rcspoca to ihis invitation shall ho con toured a> having tnluiied the prescriptions of MU; s V., r; Ik.Jv mtniosy, contained in Hn; iiall relative t» tee obligition of making the Journey to Home in o.der to visit the -v.7a .:j vt vlorvui Lvnuia. And if ever there was a t:isit in which it was fitting tocoaie and \cm raic ibe sepulchres of St-inis iVie.-aud Paal, •aiLcr» u'.;d i; a-te;& of the truth, cuMgatvntug thn •roiTis ot the fat-limi (as was said oy i'uejJoreM it i?. abov • all. at the p-nod in which that festival will be celibmtcd which, in thy •r.u.ds of St. Leo the Urc.M, 4 in uduiUon totu.t veneration which u should receive Ihioughontthe world, should ;j baiitu wi.h especial reverence and jovitt Itome, in vtCei that In the place where the death ol the bucciph- apostles Las be-a gl-wified. greater joy : h( u.d I c mai.ue; ted on the dav of their martyr * om. M OlvtnatKomeby theSacrcd Con-re ~:lhm or ;bo Cornua tide Sth day cl December, i-fi-i, * a . cu d to the immacnlaie Conception of the .Mother •Ji God. The Pri-poscd Arrangement Between ilif Klugol Italy and llie Pope. The following are belie rod in Italy to be the basis of the arrangement which the Ital ian GovcrS'inutl has proposed to the Pope; 1. luc Indian Goverum f 'Ll wt 1 bring in a bill dec'r.riugl-ioieacetobe the definitive capital of the Kingdom of Italy. The LaidiuaLs will be declared Princes of the wmgdom. and will get from the Italian Treasury double the -ahay they low receive. The iLbauitaus of the Pontifical territory, wnb the ci-:reptioi. of Home, to dectarobva ple biscite whetLerihey will remain subjects’ of the 1 ope or unite themselves wuh the test of Italy. ■}. Komc to de deviated a ieligiutts ciiy sni gm -0 In wLlvb the Pope is to Lave absolute con trol. *lb»- municipal comcil. however, will be L-h*cu-d by tie citizen*-, and will have t„c disposal 01 several administrative offices. Moreover, «h« liiy oaurm will bcsub.-lltuted for the rclt-Iou« cK meuL, c-W-criiy if m tin? course of the nc"o - a small territory should he addcifto iiOHiP. •"- S'hc Po:::;fi(-nl troops to be discharged and the tore irn cornier- to be sent away. Taeiuaa j nac.sio I;- a lowed to enlist iu the .Italian army, I^us°is. C only daring the 7. Pin.-I K. to acknowledge vtc*or Kmauael as cf I:;; 1 ;, and, instead of going int j the “*pe to i i mc to Florence to crown tha liioJ a.- aovcri :gi< r.f Italy, £. Italy y.i’.i coUribnte Its quota, as a CiJholic 1 nwer, ui toe avil list which other Catholic states w ill bestow oi, tbo Pope. ACVIIIIA. SZosiilt: Isc*»vcrnCount€lam« C. liilusiuitl Ucncdck. I Frou tbe Jouri-al flea Havre, Dccsiubur 19.] From Yunna we learn that on the i:]ih a d i-l iowk place between Marsha] C’ouul Ciam-GaLat, at a small : jv. u near irairut-. Cuant ( fain-'Jallas received two .sabre cuts ore on tin: head a::d the other .m tUearm. i:S'Scer;..i uus M. tie Crouuevlile, Jirst aid di- e.nnj* ci lee Emperor Francis Joseph. Il.k- Lio:L' r-.ii-Ju-.vol Claiu-Galla;.. il. Mens dort iViiillx, was the second i*f the Field -marshal. M. Mensdorf was opposed to the • •hdice of ji-iols, because General Clam (, is noionunsly a good shot. This, coupkd viii: tiits rank ofliic seconds, proves ..bat .there wat- rather a desire 10 f-misfv a romi oijiun- r than a thirst lor Vougeauco. i his isiue last blood tbed on account of the late war. IHE TDHF. c.rcai’tliree .title SJoat Rncc at New Orleans —lLarcy of the AVcm Wins the Prize. [From the JCcw Oilcan* Picayune, January I.} On yosti-niay the groat three mile licit laec. heiweeri -Harry of the Wnsl, Lancaster :.nd rat.tJic Lruwn, came i>lf. -On account of tout weather, it whs postponed from ciatur v, a most luhcrable day, to Mondav, which was no better, for a darker, dumpier, mud dier, and dirtier day could hardly be selected lujiit the vcarlSOC. There was no ram, but the clouds hung heavy and thick all dav and the air was as damp and chilly as if'it bad been gotten up expressly fur hi"H ruv ctry at an ague festival. Notwithstanding the uiipjojibamnesfi of the mud and cold the uuxiely to seethecomest between the cham- I*i.-us named overruled the ohjevtiost* of tbe whither etc.-k, aud elected Mu largest and’ cayest ciowd that has attended the Metairie Mueclhc meeting began. When Hie call was made, Fannie Brown was the first to appear. She came before the Maud cove.ed up head and hears with thick blanket cloth. She seemed quite nervous as toon as site got a view of the crowd on the stand,and heard the nolzcnnd buzz produced thereby. Lancaster camencst. Hisappear ancc was quite pompous, which set a good many to oiler him for winner as soon as he came on Hie track. Quitcanumberalsowho had invented on Harry reconsidered their chance, and gave the same amount for Lau- T T l, .? rr >’ Tras tb< ; la *t to come on the track. liU p l uud er saddle, in company will; Kousseau, his stable companion, and went around the track in a gallop. A.U were colder ICk cover to protect them from the Harry, when stripped of his clothes and r^iV lort^ heracc, looked as it hosinteuded to take a nap of sleep instead of a three mile Inp over the Metairie. A stranger would have taken lum lor anything else but a race horse, in fact, he looked os It he wa* up there to aid, by.his gentle tnd appearance, m quieting the ncrW and ex. enable nature ol Lancaster and Fannie oar. ticularly the latter, who seemed would as soon be up in the air, cold as It was as to be on the ground. Harry got the inside place and I-annie the outside. When the drum tapped Harry went off slowly i n the lead, Lancaster second and the Ally third each about a length apart. Before the turn was made*it became evident that Lancaster and I anme had concluded to let the leader Ax the pace, for both of them were under a good pace. Harry passed the quarter in thTrty !>,o* tbrce , fourths seconds so far nhcad l^ a ‘i V lO inud £rom b^s keels could not reach Lancaster, who was nearest him. Fun n-i:ri!rasf lb r, eeU “ n h rt h s in rear of Lancaster. passed in 1:001-2 and the mile in «.(K) in the same order as the first quarter was passed. On the back gtreWh tannic went up to within three lengths of Lancaster, whoso steady gait after Harry Kept one continual stream of soil mudflow *i‘‘ J iC^ 6 ’ and whp h the half mile was finished she lay bnt a length in rear of him. On the turn the filly came up as if she had a notion to pass Lancaster, who as soon as the filly began to crowd him drove on fast«- t owards the leader, the filly still follow ing right close up to him. • When the quarter stretch was entered, Lancaster began to drive clore to Harry, who now Increased his gait making the run past the stand more iuter ct-iing than bt-fure. The second mile was Yi itb Haocastcr almost np vith Harry, and the filly crowding in for a place where she would he free from the mud .be heels of the leaders were on her. A moment, however, settled tbl case with her. for ’her jockeyWace wal with mud, which completelv b.inded bun, making it impossible for him in see how i» guide Lis' way. The filiv wl? nearly covered up with dirt, which wS ttreaming all over her head and shoulders It was evident enough when 11 parsed that site »aV2 w” 1 was ini; it blind, lor tbey ?,<>- sound ol tlm lector tte othwlYo w thoutEeiinirwhere they w“rc Si n! the neil turn Lancaster loit a °nf len K lhs, ayd when the quarter Was U “ rr ? 1,110 four lc "-tl)6. Fauui? ™ row fallina to the rearyery rapidly. Oa the next turn Lancaster gamed a little, and wh.-V h .°J? e El r''tch was entered Harry led him about three lengths. The tug of war had now come. Lancaster had staked all ona brush down the last quar orcr Uariv ‘ e, R°?i, hi ’ Bpeed for the victory °^ r „^ arr y-. Both went at it now in earnest, an ?™^ dn ll n - toward the line at a furi’ oub speed. The mud flew thick and last he hind them, hut It did no harm to Fannie : she and her jockey were fooling their way along the track too far iu the roar almost to hear the rattle of the leaders* foot. The excitement during the run on the home stretch was intense. Harry was taking himself up faster than even his backers be lieved he could do, and the gaycty of the Woodburn stable was there with him. To those on the stand it seemed both horses were side by side, bnt when they neared the outcome, Harry bad a good length the ad vantage, which ho held to tbo line, winning the heat in C:ll, with some to spare; Fannie distanced. The question was now decided, and the high-headed Lancaster was beaten after bis own manner of running. Ho had chosen a brush on the homo .stretch, and Harry proved too fleet for him there. A hundred to ten was now offered on Harry. When the time for the Second JJtai came, both appeared far the start, looking well, and at tbe tap of tho drum wen! away, Hanr leading a length to the quarter In 33 seconds. At the half mile, Harry led two lengths, Lancaster keeping & little to one side, as ho did in the first heat, to avoid the mud from the heels of tho leader. On the turn, Lancaster closed up on Harry, and took position close to his side, passing tho.lhlrd quarter almost even with him. The mllc Tvas finished in 2:03, Uarrv lead ing only a half length, Lancaster laying on his quarters, a position he held to near tho end of the second mile, which Harry finished In 4:00, leading by a length. In the next turn Lancaster fell oil* a little, and when the quarter was passed he was full three lengths in the rear. Tills position he held but a short distance, when Harry gave him a bigger pap and passed the half mile five lengths in tbe lead. On the turn, Lancaster closed about half of this gap, but suddenly fell back again. When the homestretch was entered, Lancaster rallied, and lor a few strides did better, but before the run was half finished he gave up to the untiring and invincible Harry, who passed the line in a gallon, winning by a dozen lengths. Time, C:l7*j. BIT’SHAnT. Sixth day. Monday, December 21—Parse, si.GuO. Three mile heats. W. U. Peters names T. B. Patterson’s b. c. Harry ot the West, bv Lexington, dam I-cuia, by Leviathan— Iy. o i i S. Minor names K. A. Alexander’s b. c. lin ear ter, by Lexington, dam Blue Bonnet,by liodyeford—3y. o 2 2 Dr. WIJ. Wood 'names E. A. Smith’s eh. *f. Fannie Broun, by Lightning, dam J^anra Brncc, by S»ar Davis—3 y. dlaL 'illllC. 0:11 FIRES. Diftastrouh Conflagration at Richmond, Ind.—Los* s2oo,ooo—Great Flro at Grenada, Miss. [From the Richmond (Ind.) Palladium, Jan. 3 ] Atw lear’s morning was ushered in with one of the most destructive fires onr city has ever yet experienced. About halfpast three p clock, our citizens were awakened by the bells of the different fire-engine houses and steam whistles of the foundries and machine shops, and it wa* soon discovered that the large and substantial pork bouse of Messrs. Vanneman & Reid was in domes. The fire, it is supposed, originated Iront the stove in the counting-room. Ail tho lard from about 11,000 hogs was stored on the second floor in the south end of the building, and, when the fire reached thelard It appeared to ignite the whole extent of the building. , The south end of the building, where the lire first broke out, and where the lard was, uhen the roof fell in, shot up a mass of flame near litre-* hundred feet high, and the "ind blowing from the west carried the (mines almost entirely over the tin roofing of -•lordecai Parry’s building, adjoinin'* 'un soldering the tin, and it was feared that his" building, too, would go; but fortunately there were separate wails to both buildings and M:. P.’s being about eight or ten feel higher, including his flre-wali. it was saved by the exertions of the firemen and II ?ok and Ladder Company, although he esti mates his Joss, in the destruction of his roof at about one thousand dollars. The groceries in the north part of the build ing. owned iby Messrs. Reid dc Beeler, were mostly saved, though in a damaged condi tion. By the aid of the n-ok and Ladder Company, the telegraphic apparatus in thb room over the grocery, on the second floorof the Great cetern Telegraphic Company, and most of the books and papers belonging to it, were saved. The next room cast of the company's oflice was occupied by J, H. Was son, agent of the Ohio River Salt Company and wc under-land that his books, papers and furniture were entirely destroyed. Uis loss must be about one thousand dollars, and we have not learned whether he was in sured or not. A small recess in the east cud ( 'i the bmldiug on Noble street was occupied MtU- b. IvJioUenberg, who was engaged in selling cigars, oysters, «fcc., and he lost most «d ins stock, valued at fourhundred dollars : no insurance. Messrs. Spencer, Crocker & Co. s wholesale and retail notion store, just south of and adjoining Messrs. Reid *fc Bee ler s grocery, had most of their goods on the fitbt floor; their stock of dress goods, gloves. &c., in the second story, was destroy ed. They arc fully insured. The heaviest lotFcs fall on Messrs, Vanneman, Reid, C. S. Beeler, and John P. Smith, who were engag ed in lacking pork. George Smith, ofAb ington township, J. Spohr, and two or three others whose names we did not learn, <n‘ Centre township, lost heavily on pork they had packed in the building on private ac count. llic entue loss by this fire is estimated at tJOO.OOU, but this sum wc think w : ll be considerably reduced, bv the saving of a large amount of bulk meat in the cellars, lard, damaged wheat, Ac., so that it mav be \° between §120,000 and §140,000. on which is the following insurance: SIO.OW on building; §50,000 on pork; §S,i>to.-agrain, (wheat and barley): $0,400 on stock of gro ceries—making in all §70,000. Messrs. Reid <fc Beeler had about 10,003 bushels of wheat, and 5,000 bushels of barley stored in the building. Fire at Grenada, .'Tlbed^lppi. _ IFrom tho Memphis Pont, January 2.] H learn that a terrible lire broke out on Mommy ulgut at Granada, Mississippi, in the block of storehouses cast of the square which, before it could be staved, destroyed the best business houses of the town. It was beyond doubt the work of an Incendiary. The hic was first set in Parker’s drug store nut was discovered and put out. It was again in the tame place about 11 o’clock, mid the wore of Loeb & Fultz, in the rilL '“ C ofbuilciiu ~ p . l7ll3 simultaneously . citl2cns nDd soldiers of l*e post hur ried to the scone, aud did everything in their powci* to hold Uie fiery clement at bay,, but in vain. Grenada is too strongly Southern .to tolerate anything so Vankcc-liLe ns a fire engine, and buckets were of little avail. T he lire swept through the whole, block from the alley by Ranking drug store to the street be) ond the Collins House. Tnat whole dis tnct is now a of ruins. Among the buildings insured wore the Collins ifousc the stores occupied l.y Colonel McNamara Mr. Ge°. . Leake, Messrs. Loeh «fc Fultz the frccdn.on’s Bureau, Colonel M. K. Mis. ter, and that of Mr. Parker, the druggist, .* tr y little was saved. Few, if any. wore insured, besides Messrs. Loeb & Fultz. Snlcidc. (From (hoLansing (Mlch.Jßcpablifan, January 3.1 i.™! 1 n Co . m rV, lul \ lty J'’ erc ffrcaUy shocked to hear that Charles Fox, one of the oldest and most respectable citizens of Lansing, had committed suicide this morning, by cuttiin* lus throat with a razor.’ He was inarrieiL but a few weeks since, to a second wile, his first having died several years since, and everything m his family relations was of the most pleasant character. No motive can be given for therasb act. It had been observed that he had seemed abstracted and depressed for some days. The full particulars of the tragedy have not reached us. Sir. Fox has been one of the leading members of the Methodist Church, m this city, for many known as a kind, liberal m 3ri zec * „ Isc 1,33 raised a family of children, some of whom arc married aud ™o%tT hQTC - nu aE ° wu3 about flfty- Amendment, tn ihe Conultntlon. Chicago, January 7. To tbe Editor oftbo Chicago Trlbnne: The present Constitution docs not provide that no Convention to revise tho Constitu tion shall be called in this State until two thirds ol both branches of the Legislature shall agree to submit to the people the ques tion of Convention or no Convention. Article 12, entitled, “Amendments to the Constitution,” makes It obligatory upon the Legislature to call a Convention whenever the question shall have been submitted to the people by two-thirds of all the members elected to each branch of the Legislature, and the people have voted for a Convention. r , oT A des for submitting amendments directly to the people, but it nowhere con- H.Tr w °rdß upon the power of the Legislature to call a Constitutional Con vention whenever, in its opinion, the exi gencies of the Slate may make it expedient. m 0 ??* 1 squire express words in the Constitution to deprive the Legislature of od y i? c !\ l>oW i r; and !t ma ? well be doubt- the power of the people to \bcir Constitution could be tieefun in rnYvT? Ti. "S' 1 b °r™ th ' s K s& fSt IkSS r.VK: Tt>e Leclelatnre of a State can naea >“ °", n Con.ll.nuon Md tlnx s l£S Lniud State.; and beyond tbe mr,Stations and VS smeboils cootolued In those Coa-nimim ”u £ absolute, omnipotent, and uncontrollable a rarliamcnl. (Mason vs. Walt, 4 Scam., 12;- Th« People cc. rrf. vs. Ileynoldf, 5 Gilman i.) * The rule that an expression of one thing U the denial of another, is not to be applied to tup quasi sovereign power of a State. There being, therefore, nothing m the Constitution prohibiting the Legislature at any time call mg a Convention for its amendment, there would seem to be no obstacle to the immedi ate passage of snch au act. A petition to the Legislature, of which I send you a copy, has been drawn up and signed by every prominent lawyer in the city to whom it has been presented, except one, who declined to sign it solely because it staled that the present Constitution was constantly broken, while he declared that he had no doubt of the powerof the Legislature to call the Convention and he was in <avor of u - J. Y. S. lI’ETITIOX.J Toihe and Uovt/t cf lieprt*tn*a. , \vnof the Sjafeof Jllinoit, in LtgxilalvreastginMat: The undersigned, members ol the bar, and olh aasssAf “° nty ° f c °° k ’ w ° uui r “' ,ect wfcßc, under ordinary circumstances, they won.o most strenuously oppose any attempt to alter or amend the Conrutution, except la the way pointed out in that Instrument, yet, under Ur C exigencies, where, from a change unforeseen and unantld ra aU tllm™ciM lie « Constit drional Convention, It Is impossible to carnr on the functions of V?«u,i° ove f , ?? lcnt tbc continuous violation of the provisions OT the Constitution or al lcast their spirit and Inteut, it Is, In oar opinion, a much less evil, and more ia emul rail ih* i? I S C of onr , tostltuUons, (c?Sa£ mit the question to the people, whether tLev will not,exercising their reserved rights! callaCon- vemion to amend the Confutation. P»rtlclputa/ In UK CHOUGH AM* STATE, The Catholic Eeform School. Letter from Ret, Dr. Duane, „ . „ , Chicago. Jan. 7, 1867. To the Editor of the Chicane Trlbnne: In your leading nrlielo of to day, under tlio caption of ‘•Chnrch and State,” you oppose tlio action of the Common CouneU commit tee, which recommends to the Legislature an amendment to the City Charter, by which they may be empowered to appropriate a sura of money, not exceeding ton thousand dollars annually, to any. institution which supports, educates, &c., destitute children whoarosent there by the city authorities and who otherwise would be inmates of the ChicagoKcform School; and you Instance the Catholic Asylum ns the one that would he especially benefited by that appropriation. Without entering into the religious aspect of the subject, upon which your argument Is entirely based, but with which the Common Council has nothing to do, 1 claim it as au act of Justice, which not only CathoUcs Bat any denomination of Christians have a ri-ht to demand. By the Constitution of the Uni ted States, religious Überty is guaranteed to all its citizens; bat of what avail is this boasted article of our Constitution if the children of Catholics or Protestants are sent to an institution where that guarantee la practically denied them? If Catholics or Protestants of any denomination think they cannot, without doing violence to their re ligious convictions, nllow the children of their respective denominations to be sent to a school where religions Indifference, or no religion, is taught, what Impropriety are they guilty of, what wrong do they commit, in asking the Slate or city to give them a share ol the funds to which they themselves contribute to support their own institutions, and to educate their own children in the re ligion of their fathers? What connection has the appropriation of a small suni ol money with au alliance be tween Church and State ? I am opposed to such an alliance. My motto is “A free Church in a free State,” and I hold to the principle that the State can make no laws which, eilbcr directly or indirectly, interfere with the religious convictions of its citizens or that would virtually deprive them of a practical participation of the public funds levied in a great part from themselves. Why not act as in Protestant Prussia, Catholic France, Austria and Belgium? In these countries there is no connection between Church and and yet Catholics, Pro testants and Jews receive a share of the public funds to support their own institutions. It is now the boast of every true American that slavery no longer exists as a black spot upon the otherwise untarnished escutcheon of our country. We have emancipated the slave. Go still farther; Emancipate the noblest part of man—tbe soul. Allow every man to worship God according to the dic tates of his own conscience, and make no laws which, by excluding him from a parti cipation of the public benefits oftlie country virtually deprive him of that right. If any class of our fellow-cilizens cannot consclcn tionsly allow the children of those belonging to their religious belief to be sent loathe Chicago Reform School, let the reformatories which they establish be supported by tho public funds to which all contribute. This is nothing hut simple justice, mid the only 'practical way of benefiting by that article of tbe Constitution which guarantees that no citizen shall sutler for his religious con victions, when these convictions arc not op posed to public order or public morality. Besides, the granting of this small sum of money will, in place of adding to the expen ditures of the city, save it thousands of dollars. It the Chicago Iteform School re ceive sixty-two thousand dollars annually to support its small number of inmates, ten thousand dollars per year to support a much larger number in the Catholic Asylum will save the citizens of Chicago from an in creased tax of’at least forty thousand dol lars. For economical reasons, then, if no other, the action of the Common Council committee should meet with the hearty co operation of every liberal minded man, and of every citizen who is opposed to the un necessary expenditure of tho public funds. 1 trust, then, the Common Council of this great Metropolis of the West will suffer no outward pressure to prevent them from do ing justice to every class of their fellow-citi zens. D. Dunne, D.D., V. G. ANTI-GAS MONOPOLY. Copy of the Bill to Authorize the City to Manufacture Gas. Proposed Loan of Two and n Half Mil lious. *»«d Appointment of a Cas Commissioner* &Cij &c* T 1 o tallowing Is a copy of tbe bill submitted last oveuing to u of lt.nuei.lial citizens ot Ci,lc. go, in tho Circuit Coa-t Boom, and by tham recommended to Ihe Common council for adoption, and to be rent to the Legislature, an f unlzii gtiieCily of Chicago to mamilaclure all tbe pas need for municipal purposes, and by the people of li-e city: Ax Act to authorize the City of Chicago to man uuxtmv and supply gas for said citv. bncrioN 1. Beti fr.oc’fttby tne people of '.Vs ‘Wifa.ha | ff the Central At umbly, ibat the city ol Chicago hliali have i>ll ItweraiidnatLodty to manufacture atu i BnpuJy ~ a .{' Med the purpose cf lighting the P 1 *. or ,bu Erects thereof, or the buildings therein contained, and to crc* T neces sary wot ks ana apparatus, and to lav pines for thepinporcofcobductixgthecas in any of tho si cets, avenues, alleys aud public places of said M:c.2. Tnegasso manufactured and snmlicd by the raid city shall be of the beM qnahtv which i» practicable, sum j*bail be tarnished at ibe actcil co.-t of ns nrnimatiure: iVochUrf, Thut m the estimation ofsuch cost, the anuun] Interest upon any amount j aul oa indebtedness incurred bv eiui. city in providing for each mnnnfncinre and hi’pplr, ucd tor the extension, enlargement and ° r . tljcsa rac,ardfor providing a elukia" fnndfor the payment thereof, shall helnclmled M:c. J. There shall be appointed an additional member o: the Heard of Public Works, who shall be Hjlci! the Oat* Commissioner of said Hoard wbotbail have the special superintendence ami management of the erection and construction of the works and apparatus which shall be needed for such manmactme and supply or gas In said city, and *Lall be charged w ith 10 other duty or i miiloymcniin connection with said Board, and .te said Gas Commissioner shad act and vot* as a member of said Board only in relation to’such matters as nei tain to tbe manufacture auo auunlv ofgas in said city. The said Gas Commissioner Miall ue an cxpcriencca and competent person for the said UuMness, and shall give his whole time to the duties of said office, and shall be paid «uc!i ffiarv ap the Common Connell shall establish, and shall bo nominated by the Mavor of said city and comimcd by the Common Counul, ami shall hold his office for the term of four years, and until his successor is appointed, or said office discontinued as is hen in provided: Frorldtd, lhat a majority of the votes of all the Aldermen c’ccfed shall be 1 necessary to eneb continuation; and wherever in the judgment of the Common Council! the person so elected shall not bo found compliant for such business, he may be removed from said office by a vote ol two-thirds ot all the Aldermen eu-ctcG, appiovccl by the May or of said city; or by a vole of thiee-foartb? of all the Aldermen elected, without the approval of the iaaycr; and whenever. In the judgment of the Common Council, the services of such Gas Com missioner can be dispensed wiih without preju dice to the public interests, the Common Council may. by a vote of Uvo-thlrds of all the Aldermen elected, discontinue the appointment of snch ofll ccr.acd m such case the duties said Gas Commissioner shall be performed by the said Boaid. The said Doaid shall appoint all addi tiocal assistants and clerks which may be required tor the collection of the moneys due lor gas or other materials supplied by said pas works, and may employ or authorize snch Gas Commissioner !i«li? pluy i aH enc 32 laborers (other than the sal f:’l cd , em l' lo > c f aforesaid) as may from time to u “®' , V* c .c dc d in and about said business. hEC. 4. lire said B >ard ofPnblicWo, ks sballhavo power, and it is hereby made their duty to imr ctase such lot or lota of land, (subject to the an of the Common Council) and to construct such buildings, machinery and fixtures os shall be necessary or desirable to furnish a Hill stiotny of gas to the different divisions of said cltv, both for public and private use in said city. Said Board übajl determine the streets upon which gas pipes »b bal he laid cr extended: Prorldtd, That the Cby Connell shall have the power! by a vote ol a majority of ab the Aldermen elected, to direct gas pipes to ba laid upon any street, alley or public place in said cltv. Said Gas Commissioner shall nominate, and said Board shall appoint all the englnceisand salaried employees who may be needed in and about the said manufacture, and said Board shall annually fix the sauries of such employes: Prortdfd.hoic errr, Ibattbc names and salaries of all po-eous so employed shall. Imroedlatelv upon their an pointmeiit, be reported by said Board to the Com mon Council, and the salaries so fixed shall be subject to the approval of tbe t’ommon Council • brc. 5. The said Board of Public Works shall make and execute all contracts for the bulldln"- ol pas works, machinery, pipes, or for other work, ■ labor and materials required in the said rnanubc lute and supply of ga**, such contract to be let In the same manner and subject to the like condi tions and rcstrlctiors as ate now provided by law fur other contracts tor work, labor and materials authorized to be contracted for by said Board, and alt contracts cnUrcd Into by eald Board on ac count 01 the gas works, shall specify that thev are for snch Works, and are to be paid ont of the funds pertaining to each works. Sec. G. It shall be thedmy of the Board to make al« ncedfm tulcs and regulation.- concerning the me and measurement of gas supplied by said Gas works, which regulations shall bo primed in the car permits issued by said Beard. It shall bo the outj of the Board to report to the Common Conn which shall be adopted by snd5 nd Council shall thereupon Ef»f,i«M„« rdmn ? tQ wiabliahlng snch rubs and uSni a, «nfAf nrt ocnoltlcs for thcirvio aUon, which penalties may be enforced in any ni°fhJ^)iinnnv! mdicll i Qn , oQences against any ol llie xnles are not complied with, the said Board shall have the right to stop or cm off tbe snpply of rofc^hfreVused** 8 W^cre com Pi ia nco with such 1 Sec. *!. Hie moneys received bv said Board from pas bonds or dues, shall be £eno«ited with the efty Treasurer, in like maincrMihe other moneys received or collected by said Board, and all acconnls pertaining to the gas works ol said city shall be kept separate and distinct from the accounts pertaining to other departments of said Board, and all moneys deposited witu the City Treasurer on account of the gas works shall be by him kept separate and distinct from all other I ”.? c , ey / ,aß^ th * f P llsfDnd » and tball only be ap plied for the uses atd purposes for which the same was received, and such moneys shall be held by the Treasurer ot the city as a snccial fund, sep arate and distinct from other funds, and be shall be deemeo guilty of embezzlement if be shall pay oat such moneys for any other account than that belonging to each gas fond, and shall be liable to indictment for so doing. W any person shall wilfully do orennso to be done any act whereby anv work, material or property whatever, constructed, provided or used within ilm city of Chicago or elsewhere, by the said Board, or by any person acting under uiclr authority, for the purposes of said manu facture or supply of gas. i>hali in any manner bo Irju'ed, such person shall be subject to indict ment, and upon conviction thereof: shall he pun ished by lino not exceeding one thousand dollars, or imprisonment cot exceeding six mouths, or both, in the discretion of the court * Sec. 0. The said Boaid shall have power to aMach metres to any premise* using gas, to en able them to determine the amount ofgas con flumed ou such pisnuscs, and an accurate record ot all gas rents or assessments shall be kept by eaid Board, which thallbo subject to public lu epcclion. Btc, ID. The "a* dues shall be parable moalh iv, on the first day of each month, when the same shall amount to the sum of five dollars or more, and "hen lose than such amount, at each times as the raid Board shall direct* and If the same are hot paid wiilm flvo days alter the Orel day of the month on which the sane arc due. It shall be the dn'yol the said Board to add to tho amount of such pas assessment an amount equal to fire per cent thereof, as a penally for such neglect. h’tc. 21. When any rents or dues for pas ahall be tn sircar, said Board shall have power to issue warrants for the collection of the same, and the xnodeof proceed Inc In such cases shall he tho same as is provided In the flltcentb chapter of the Act , “«o reduce the charter ol the city of Chicago, and I the several Acts amendatory thereof! Into ojo Act, 1 fPA to f«vise the lame,” approved February tne thirteenth, one thousand clgnthundrcd and sixty* three, for the collection ot delinquent water rents: and any constable ofsald city shall have power to execute fald warrants in Uke manner: and the time, place and manner of collections for delin quent gas dues shall bo the same as are in said' chapter provided for the collection of delinquent water rents, alidad the proceedings shill lie In the like form and lo the like substance and effect. Ssec. 12. The said Board shall have power to purchase, hold and convey any real estate which may be necessary and pioper to carry out the in tention and objects of this act, but the title to any real estate purchased, shalt be In the name of the city of Chicago, and no such purchase shall be made without the approval of the Common Council being first bad thereto. fcEc. 13. It shall be tho duty of said Board, after the said Board shall have established Gas Works turner this Act, before any street is filled or paved —so tar as practicable and convenient—to came Ks main pipes to be laid In such street, ana to r the connections between such mams and each lot upon such street as far as the sidewalk, in such manner as that a connection maybe made with ihe same without dleluroing the said street, the cost of such main pipes to be estimated and considered as a part of the general cost ol con sanction of said works; but she cost of the con tinuation of such pipes to and through the side walk area, and into the respective premises, shall be a charge upon tho respective owner or owners of the said premises: Provided, That in laying gas mains ou any street, tho said Board may, if fi shall deem It expedient, cause the said gas main itestrcet C aQ nn( * cr tbc eWtivvalks instead of in the purpose ot carrying into effect the objects of this act, the city of Chicago shall have power to borrow, from time to time, as tho Board of Pnbhc Works and Common Coun cil shall deem expedient, an additional sum of money, not exceeding two millions live hundred thousand dollars, upon tho credit of the city of Chicago, and to issue bonds therefor In the same manner authorized by the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth sections of the said filteenth chapter, entitled “Chicago Water Works," of thesalu act before referred to: and all the provisions in said chapter contained respecting the registry issue and sale of water loan bonds, toe custody and expenditure of the proceeds thcieof, and the payment of the principal and interest to become due thereon, the issuing of now bonds In place ol those falling dne, and pro viding lor a sinking fund for the liquidation of the same, shall in like manner apply to the bonds hereby nnthorlxed ; and the said fund so rained shall coni-titoin a special fund to be held and used for the purposes hereby authorized, and for no ott'er purpose whatsoever. Sec. 15. 11 there shall be an annual income or revenue In any way from tho gas works of said city greater than Is needed to pay the interest of the bonds issued for their construction, and to nav th; current expenses of the works, and for main tniolD" tljem In llipronsh repair, then the said Board shall have power to direct such excess of revenue to bo used In the purchase of the outstanding gas loan bonds, or in making such enlargements and additions to said P“ s . « they may deem expedient (and which shall be approved by the Common Coun cil,) or to the further extension of the gas mama in other s reeis and parts of said cltv, or to direct such surplus funds to be Invested iu‘u,e purchase of other bonds of the city of Chicago. The an nual report of said Board shall specify in lull what amount of surplus funds shall have been Imcfited, and the nature aud amount of the respective seem Hies held by them, al-o toe amount of pas loan bond* outstanding, and all dents out-tardlng on accountof tho gas works and the amounts due irom parties to the city for gas, con) tat, or other material, amt shall accu rate y and clearly exhibit all the expenditures of ■ the J.card on account ol said gasworks, which sbitcmei.tchall be certified by the Commission, cis ofsald Board (including said Gas Commis sioner) under oath. Sec lb. It stall be the duty of said Board, on or before the first day of Maria each year lo re port to the Comptroller what, u anv. sum will lie reeded by said Board, over and above the revenue of said gas works, to meet (tie payment ol inter est or principal of the ealdgas loan bonds, or lo provide a sinking fund for Ihe pavmcnr of the same, which said report .-hall lie laid by the Comptroller before the Common Council vvitii his aunnal estimate: and it shall be the duty ot the Common Council to raise said amount, if ap proved by them, as a special tax. In Ihe same manner as the general taxes, to be designated gaa tax, or In such other way as the said Common Connell shall direct, and the said amount shill be paid over to the City Treasurer, to be apolled to the payment of the interest or principal of the said gae loan bonds. Sec. 17. Tho said Board shall have power to authorize the Comptroller ol the said' city lo raise, by temporary loan, upon tho credit of said city of Chicago, with tho approval of the Common Council, such sums of money as may he needed for the payment of the interest on the said bonds or other outstanding obligations of the citv on account of said Gas Wo»ks, and for which there shall bo lo funds in the hands of (ho Treasurer* but in all cases such temporary loan shell he pro vided lor out of tho first revenue received from said Gee Works into the city treasury. Sec. is. The said Board arc hereby authorized, with the consent of the Common Council, lo pur chase the gas works, machinery, apparatus, lines of gas pipes, materials and property, belonging to the Chicago Gas Light & Coke Company, uud to the People’s Gas Light & Coke Cuiupanv, or to either of them, or any part thereof: aod it shall be their duty to mace such purchase if the said companies, or either of them, will consent to sell such works and property at a price which the Efltd Board, with the approval of the Council, shall agree to, or >-ho!l agree to sell the same at an appral-at of their value, to he made as hereinafter provided. Aud in case the said companies, or either of them, shall be willing to sed tnelr said gas woiks and property, but ifthe said Board aud cither of said companies shall not be able to a<-rce as to the price to be paid tbcreior, U shall be com petent fi r the said Board, with Ihe app'oval ot the Common Council, to enter into an agreement with either or both of the said companies, to submit the valuation of any property Intended lo be pur chased, to two disinterested appraisers bavin" no interest, directly or indirectly, in the aaxd 9 «as works, or eh her of them, or hi the business"©!- profits thereof; aud who shall bo residents ol I taid city of Chicago, one of whom shall be un pointed by the said Board and approved by the Common Council, and the other by the said «ra<« company; and said appraisers shall proceccf to make a viura,uin of such property and so far i*s said two appraisers agree, their valuation shall be final and conclusive upon the patties; and us to any piopmy in respect to which tho said two ap piaisus cannotagrec on the valuation, the said luo appraisers shall electa thlru, who shall be approved by the Common Council and by such , ' a ’* company, such third appraiser to have the same Qualifications as af-i.c.-nld, and the valuation madeot such prop* rty by ihe said three apprai<- ere,orbyrm two otthera. shall ho final autl con clusive upon the city, aud the cny shall be bound to pay the siine: iV.nic /iois:cir. that belorc making any such agreement of su‘w mlsMon. t:-e said gas company with "hem the same is mad”, shall he bound, under a penalty of siitfic.tnl amount in the Judgment of said Board, to accept ai d abtdoby tlio judgment ol said appraisers in the premise;; und to conve* lo the taid city the gas work , machine- P’ P*pc« or other property so submitted lo such appralml, and that the suit an § raisers shaft, before making such npuraivil. be nJy sworn faithfully to a»»nrai«e such property, and that they shall make such appraisal in wrltiri" pndar their haime, and shall furt-until a copy thereof to said Board aud said Gas Compary. And if is lurUttr juccid-d, ihat after such Hiilmic-ion to such appraisers it shatPnot he lawful .or either of .-aid parties to revoke such Miiums. ion. and upon a payment by ihe sail Beard ,to said Gas Compar yof the amount ot such appraisal, or if such payment is refused, ui-on a tender of such amount to said company. (he said gasworks or other properly shall forth with become the property of tec citv oi Chica-o. and the said Board shall hive the right to enter upon and take possession, ma.agemeut and con trol thereof. Sec. 19. The said Board shall have power to sell and dispose of coal tar, coke, naphtha or other main lais connected with or resnmn» from,said manufacture ana supply ol gas, in such maimer audios such price as they shall deem expedient, or, if they shall so elect, they may furuisk such com tar orother materials for the purpose of pa- Ung Ihe streets, the value of such material folia charged and collected as a part ot the cost of tho assessment for such street, and the amou’il paid over to such gas fund account. Sec. £O. The said Gas Commissioner, with the approval of said Board of Public Works, shall have power to grant licenses or permits, to any competent person whom they snail deem suffi cieutly skilled In the art, to lay gas pipes courvct irg Hny building with »he mam gas pipes, and to make ihe necessary cosnectlonswith such mains: such work to be done under such regulations and conditions as the said Board shall prescribe, and no person rot authorized by said Board shall have the right to make such connections. Sec. SI. The gas famished by said gas works shall be furnished in the manner prescribed ny said Gus Commissioner, and the metres used for soch purpose shall bo approved by said Gas Com misptoncr, aud all of such metres shall be exam ined aud inrp<i tcd by him and Placed as he shall direct, aid any delect or imperfection which may from nine to time be found in the some shall forth with be corrected. And no measnremem of gas consumed, reported or shown bv each metrc«'for any mouth, shall be reduced, except with the ap proval of the said Gas Commissioner and noon the vote ol the said Board authorizing said redne •lion. The amount of gas consumed by the said city for the lighting of the streets shall be care fully estimated and computed by the said Board, aid the cost of tie same, at the same rate as that paid by the citizens, shall be charged as a portion of the general expenses of said city, and paid tor by a general tax, to be designated as the gas lax. , The said Gas Commissioner saall give pood. In such sum and with such security as the Ccmmus Council elinll require, conditioned for the faithful and skilful performance of the duties of bis said office, acd if any Io?s or damage shall occur to the city by reason of any act ornogbet ofsald Gas Commissioner in the performance of his said duties, the said Commts srorer and bis sureties shall be liable to said city upon >ald boed. The said Board shall have pow er to require a bond, with security satislactory to tbtm, of auy of the salaried employes ofsald gas works; and if Ihe said Commissioner, or u'her of tie members of sard Board, or any per son lit the employ of said gas works, shall be guilty of any fraud in tho courae of such employment, or shall falsely report the amount of pas. consumed by any person, or tslsslrand fraudulently do or omit to do anv act or thing tn connection with his said employment, whereby the city or any individual might or shall be in jured or suflcr loss or damage, such person shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and he liable to indictment therefor in any court having compe tent Jurisdiction, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not rxceedtogonc tbonsand dollars, or imprisoned not exceeding one year, or both, in the discretion of the court. Src. 28. Ad; or Uxe salaried employes is said gas works mar be removed irom ofiice by the Boaid of Public Worts, upon the request, in writing, of the Gas Commissioner for such re move’, or they may he removed (without such re quest) at any regular meeting of the Common Council, by a vote of two-thirds of iheAldcrmeu present at aocb meeting; and any place made va cant by removal, resignation, death, or oinerwlse, shall be filled by appointment, to be made in the manner herein provided for such office. Pec. 21. If said Gas Commissioner or any member ot said Board, or any of the salaried employes of said gasworks, snail be Interested, directly or indirectly. In any contract for any work, labor or materials to be used in such manu facture or supply, or in the profit* thereof or shall receive any money or other property on account of any such contract. sLch person shall be lorth with removed frrmoflicc, and shall be thereafter ineligible to bold anv oClce under said city gov ernment. btc. 25, It shall be lawful for the legal voters In said city, at the nest regular municipal election In said city, on the third Tuesday in April, A. D. IfCT, to cause to be printed or written ou the bat lots cast at said election for municipal officers, the words, “For the city of Chicago supplying gas,” or the words, “Against the city of Chicago supplying gas,’- as the respective voters at such election shall prefer. Audit shall bo the duty of the inspectors of Election, when the said ballot! are counted, to cause the number of such ballots on which are printed or written the words, “For the city of Chicago supplying gas,” and the num ber of such ballots on which are printed or written the words, “Against the city of Chicago supplying gas.” to be carefully counted, and to make return of the num ber ol votes given for and against the city of Chi cago supplying gas. to the Common Connell, whose duty it shall be to canvass Ibe same; and IT. of alt tbc ballots on which either the one or the other of the said inscriptions is found primed or written, there shall be found to be a majority of those on which the words, “ For the citvof Chf- iuucv VII ......U ~v -Witts, nut mv Vll a , VI VUl* cago supplying pas,” are printed or written as aforesaid, Ibeu and in tbat case It shall bo the duty of the Common Council to cau«o official publication of such bet to be made forthwith, and Iron* ard after the making of such official publica tion this act shall be In force, and not otherwise. Sco. SC. From and after the time tbat the fore going act shall go into eTect the city of Chicago shall (except as to tbe said Gas Companies hereto fore incorporated in said city) have the exclusive right to use the streets, alleys and public places ofihe said city for the supply ofgas. LAW IHTELLIGEHCE, ■Writ ot Habeas Corpus—The Stewart Divorce Cam}—Trial of a Salt Against the City—An Injunction Case on Trial —Criminal Business—Now Suits* The petit jury In the Circuit Court of the DnPed States will sit on-dTmrsday, the loth instant. The Circuit Court of the County was not in ses sion, the commencement of tho Janaary term be ing postponed nnol this day. The new sails include one for malicious arrest and false Imprisonment. The action Is at the in stance of John Matkee. against Peter and Frank Bcugcr, who arc charged wltha trespass. In having caused the arrest of the complainant on a charge of robbery. Concerning this charge the plaintiff was examined before Mr. Justice Bchoenwald and acquitted. A certiorari issued at tho suit of John Stonlisch agstnet Frank Whig, directed to Justice Berdell. The action is in on appeal irom a judgment by the justice for $96. Actions of assumpsit were commenced as follows: Levi bborcs arid als. vs. B. 11. Bodwell, to re cover on a note for $1411.97, dated July 33th, 1806, at ten daya. The same vs. E, L. and W. L. and Mary Young. Damages, SCOO. The same vs. Absolora L. and Amos Davis to recover on a note for $817.0, dated July 12th last. In the common law branch of the Superior Court, before Judge Gary, one hundred and eighty cases have been placed upon the trial cal endar, for the January term, which commenced yesterday. The following causes were dismissed: Elisha N'. Llll vs. Henry 74. and Mortimer 1.. Fxlebie. Assumpsit. Jonathan U. Valletta vs. Simon Scblossmanand Lewis Goodman. Assumpsit. Henry Curtis vs. It. H. Kelson and Joseph Lsmmars. Assumpsit. Amos 11. Clark et 01. vs. J. D. Abrams. As sumpsit. Ite case of Charles A. Scott vs. Tlobcrt* G. Gordwillic, assumpsit, was submitted to the Court. James S. Forrest et al. vs. Emily A. Kin", ad ministratrix of the estate ol John B. King; ap ptal from the County Court. Kew trial denied and Judgment for defendant. John Sbanley, indicted tor larceny, was dis charged from custody. A -pedal venire issued for twenty-four Jurors, returnable Thursday morning. Augustus Wallbaum vs. Peter Bepgeb. As snmpaU, finding for plaintiff $346.18 and Judg ment. Judgment was rendered against James B. Eobbs, as garnishee of it. P. Cady, in a suit in attachment tor $1,004.01. J. U. Cullen confessed judgment for $744, in favor of Samuel B. Kimball ct al. The case ol George W. Deal, a minor, by his next friend Harry Heal, against the City or Chi rage Is cow on trial, Jhe action was brought to the September ternj of ISG6of this court, to re cover damages accrued to the child by reason of, as Is claimed, the negligence of the city authori ties. 'Jhe child, «ItH others, was playing on the cast sidewalk of Clinton street,betwccn I Randolph and Lake streets, jumping over a bole In the side walk. lie was jostled id’o the hole by a playmate, and received the eflects of a jet of exhaust steam fiom the planing mill of Crawford & Co. In a Srcvions case, brought by the tather, for his own emagea resulting from the Injury, $2,000 were hirmded him. This Judgment has been appealed lr»m, j,nd that case Is pending in the Supreme Court. Jn the chancery branch of this coart. Judge Jameson deelccd the case of Fergus re. Wqoq woitb. 'lbc tacts of this case were fully stated, a few days eiocc, In the Tbibcttc, the cause being then on bearing. The decision was adverse to the claim of Mr. Fergus, for the right ot redemp tion of the reengaged premises on Clark street, RBd rbc sale under tne foreclosure of his mort- 6 age was Ucln to he valid. The case will proba iy «gaic*tro to the Supreme Court. The divcrcc case of Kmllic »I. vs. Bart L. Stew art, which was set for bearing yesterday, was continued until Wednesday nest. JbcC'-uitwas yesterday, and will be, during tin;- da> engaged m hearing the injunction ol llo ralla Underwood against Oarer Lippincott. This Is a partnership dilHcally. The parties were packers of this city, and the aid of the chancerv side of the court is a«ked in ihescltiemento'r difficulties between them. The injunction was to restrain ■he respondent from in any way using the psojicny or nssets of the late firm. 'i be new suits In this court were m assumpsit. Tator ct al. Ac, vs. Ilicmas Drcunan and Thomas TeMcn. Damage?, iico. George W. mil vs. William Hopkins. Damages, 51.5W1. 1 Doeriug vs. George Erick. Damages, An action of trespass was commenced by pne cine, by Alexander J». McDonald vs. Michael O’Neil; the damage.* boinp laid at f2>o. The city fifed pmetye lu an aclion of debt against baronel McCarty and William Wheeler, laying the damage* at §20,u00, and asserting the debt at an ciinal sum. A writ of Ao.Vcj corpus issued on the order of Judge Jainc.-on ca the pe'.jno:: of Edward Malloy, commanding bis presentation in Court. The pe titioner alleges that the Sheriff refuses to receive bail. An injunction to restrain A. C. Jones and al. on the miii of Albert Crane, from receiving a deed of lot 2, block 5, Rogers’sub-divlston of the north east quarter of tbc southwest quarter, of Section ■i, T. 3b, N. R. I IE. The deed h alleged to be fraudnlcnt, and jeopardizing the title oi Crane iu us* existence, art! that it 1* a forgery. In the Recorder's Court, the Grand Jury was cmpnnnclied, and ilr. William Wentworth was appointed foreman. The charge of the Court presented no new features; it consisted only of the Utnal caul ions as to the manner oftlie conduct of the dellbci aliens cf the body, and the necessity of scctcsy as to the result of its consideration. TilE STEWART DIVORCE CASK. Another Dclay-Cbanglng Counsel- The UcoAon nhy! Tbo case of Emllie J. Stcwurt against Hart h. Ftcwart wan set forbearing yesterday, the venue having been changed, as lo tbo person, from Judge John M. Wilson to Judge Jameson. There was quite an attendance in the Coart room, bat, until Wednesday, cariosity is doomed to be an* satisfied. New counsel appear for Ibe defendant, ll'is being tbo third array he has presented In ad* vocacy of bis legal rights. Messrs. Arrington & Dent now Lave charge of the respondent’s case, Messrs. Miller, VanAnuarr and Lewis havingre tiredfroxn the case,'O' th'ncascnthaltheybelieved then cm ur to have m tii a parly to tne publication cl letters connected with Ills intercourse with his wife. , lion. A. W. Arrington yesterday made applica tion lor a continuance, basing the claim upon ice fact that he had been retained by (he defendantjso recently that he boil not vot become fully acquaint ed v.iththc case. ’J his tact he also applieo to bis pertuer, who was only called in on Saturday lash Hon. Grant Goodrich, for the complainant, opposed a continuance, presenting his ullnarit, exhibiting the following state ol «2Cls; He deposes that the answer lo the bill was filed August 4th la*t, and the replication on the y.h day of mat month. On the 3d of No vember the testimony of ore witness was taken, by whom the tact ol adnPery by the delendant ■•'ns proved, together wish various facts from which adultery might h- inferred within ihc lime ard p’aci-s alleged in the bill of complaint. Tire wmicss wan subjected by the then counsel of de fendant to h Keg cross-examination ; thateaid at.svgr was filed by GoodwinLarn.d, his then attorneys; that they withdrew from the cause and Meters. Miller, Van Arman and Lewis were sub stunted, rnd continued to act nntil the 29tb day <>t December, D’bt-, when they withdrew, and Messrs. Arrington, Dent *i«d Ilcrvcr became sub stituted. IHfondant and his counsel had desired the cause to bo brought to Utal at an early day. Ahem ibis time, on M arching lor a very material witness on the partot complaisant, it was found that said witness bad-gone away, and that her where- bouts was concealed from counsel, acd trenr further Inquiry information was obtained that said witiues had been sent or to leave by one A. T. Sherman, a ‘‘cicnv*’ of defendant, and in company with his wire, Jor the purpose of prerentibg said wit n*te trojrr to-trying in the cause. The affiant be lieves that >lro was sent away by the concurrence auo prornrew nt tribe defendant, and that Sher man acien with ihc knowledge ana at the insianc • i»t.thedefendant,and the cause not coming on " ‘ ICL wa " expected the witness returned to the Q yj- Tttcn the cause by consent was set for this day. Jn pursuance of that agreement the com plainant has prepared her cause for trial and afll am asks Itiat it lie no more conaLueJ. Mr. Anlxmton stated that the counsel for Mr. btcwarlbßahnd nothing to do with swrittn«* the witness away, but had indignantly declined some r-flera of Mr. Sherman—he said this presuming that counsel referred to Mrs. Newport. iho Court considered the affidavit insufficient to warrant a continuance, but b*dng unable to take np the case before Wednesday, beset It for that day. MEBCAMILG ASSOCIATION. ha*l Annual ITlcetlnc—Reports—Pro* posed C'oiiKoiiUatlou with the mer chants’ Exchange, The annual meeting, for ISS7, of the Chicago Mercantile Association was held at their rooms, on Dearborn street, last evcnlrg. H. W. King, Esq., presided, and the Secretary, Mornll Ladd, Esq., officiated in tus proper capacity. Reports of the Sccrelaiy and Treasurer were read and approved, both showing that the Asso ciation was in a heanhy condition—the repor- of the Treasurer exhibiting a balance in his hands of nearly 84.CU0, and no debts to pay. A communication trom the Merchants’ Ex change, proposing a union of the Exchange and the Association, was acknowledged, and Messrs. Aldrich, Hibbard and Rich were appointed a com mittee to confer with officers of the Exchange in regard to the matter. * The Directors ot the Association were author ized to dli-pose of the rooms on Dearborn street, ami sell the furr.hnre to ice best advantage. Mr. King made several earnest remarks regard ing the cholera visitation ol lost year, and found a mtle fault, in very gentlemanly language, with everybody, for the exceedingly bad samtarrfcondi tion of the city when tue cholera made’its ap pearance. Upon his motion, the Directors were requested to petition the Legislature to appoint a Metropolitan Board of Health for the city. Mr. Munn moicd that the present officers of the hold over until a special meeting be called; which motion was unanimously earned. 'i he meet ng. although small numerically, was rather “solid ”in regard to finances—the capital reptesemed by me gentlemen comprising it ranging almost anywhere from |500,00u to 51,W0,000. 1 The rouct Cornr Yestebdat.—Except one or two items mentioned in another connection, bus tices at the Police Conrtycslerday was exceeding* ly dnll. At the morning session there were cighty-eix cases, and fines imposed to the arrerc. gate amount of abont $C*5. Frank Kearns, a young tblef who Is recently out of jail where tie hid “served ” nine months for trying to stab a mac, was fined £3U for va gi an cr. Nellie Welch, who conld not count on her fin gers the number of limes she has been at the Po iicv Court for drunken and disoiderly conduct, even though she counted them twice over, was fined ¥SO tor a continuance in her weaknesses I. d ward Lyons was found wandering in the slrctt, about eleven o'clock Sunday night, on the Norib Side. Kdwardis a small boy, whos* father got dmnk last week and started lor Ireland with bis family, leaving this child behind to shift tor himself. He was directed to be sent before Com missioner Williams of the Reform School. Abont three o'clock. Sunday afternoon, on the North Side, William Rhodes, from Toledo. Ohio, so indecently exposed himself that he was fined £4O for bis shameless conduct. John Bally, a keeper of a very noisy saloon attached to a bouse of prostitution, on Wells street, was fined £3O; and several inmates, £lO each. For taking a coat “by mistake,” b°lon<Hngto John ilulhone, from a saloon at No. 197 Twelfth Street, Charles llanigold was committed for trial iu bail of ¥3to. Chilstian Groticr. on Sunday afternoon entered the dwelling of William M. bcimler, at No, 30 Sixteenth street, tn the absence or tne family, and was carrying away a coat, a pair of shoes, and a book, when he was intercepted by one or two ntlgbbors who observed the cool proceeding. He was placed under arrest, and at ihc Police Court was committed fur trial in ball of £3OO. He would give no account of himself, and appeared to bo the most stupid specimen of mankind that has been arrcsKd in the city for some lime. Emma Segcnbach. a girl of fifteen years, came to this city about three months ago from Lincoln, Illinois: She waa without home or friends, and was very shortly in a fair way to get to the poor house, iu pity for her, officer Jameson, ot the Solicc force, ofihred her a homo in his family, at b. 129 Gurley street. In return for this kind ness, the girl has from time to lime stolen various little articles. On Sunday evening, in the absence of the family, .she made a grand raid upon the bureau of Mrs. Jameson, and was abont decamp ing horn the bouse, when her mistress returned and detained her. Emma bad broken into the bnrean and stolen £IOS in money, three dresses, a silk clcak, a cloth sack, and numerous other arti cles. »eslerday afternoon she was committed for trial in bail of £SOO. A girl named Mary Coll, befriended by Mrs. RoxannaUiOoks. stolefrom that “lady” a lady’s clo'h drcif, sometimes called a “bounty jumper,” and a cloak, both garments worth £4O. The girl seemed to feel very sorry, and when asked at the Police Court If bLo had taken the articles, aue said i she had, but sobbed out that they were not worth WMStaWSr* 4 6h ' ™ **“*•* with stealing a hide iLsnof f2O0 OQl9dCpolWM comm t l,edf ortrial . I-anea. olfc* Jake Lanes, the colored iuZnirv? j n ?hK* d burglary upon «he can sioro of F. d. Abbey. at No. 182 Sooth Clark street nien tioncrf lu yesterday's Trißurrs. wag coo- P ll “f f “ r lr al <5 fall or *BOO. Mr. AbOoy’sstoro Jl^^ C iur c,llere ? * n a suo’lar manner at three or n°t«M« difl^r», cn l time9 ’ aa d always 1 on Saturday S M “ re6lod b " ore Mr - CosumriD Suicide.— a German named Chris- Uan Heimes, about years old, while in a fit of tffllriwn tremens , committed suicide sun °y bunging himself In a shed ad house, situated on Will street, near Milwaukee avtime. Coroner Wagner held an in wa o I i eudercd ia accor dauco Jj®? 4 ?- Mr- Rclmes was perfectly eu-. *tVh* dnl n snd5 nd ?? lhia ;he past year has been vagrancy deW °U OQr tnea * or drunkenness and ArixoED Gannonso.—Patrick Hughes, resid ing near the “Six Mile House” in Cicero, alleges Jbat on Saturday night ibreemen gotonhls wagon to ride, and.Htter getting outside the city limits they garroted him and took from hira sia la money, it Is understood (hat three other farmers, near the city, were robbed the same FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL mo.vetarj:. Moktut Evssixc. January 7,1807. • lie followrng is an exhlnit of the baslne« of the Suh-Treasnry in this city doting tho week ending January 5: receipts. Customs internal Revenue. Miscellaneous.... Total, _ , , BIfIBCSSQt£KTS. special warrants g i tt*t <*•* DisbnnlDg officers ij’azuo Com Interest 17 si* 11 Jlisccllaneour ']*]*]*’ 1J79317J Total CASH OK iiact. Coin.... Currency. The Money market was quite dose to-day, but the stringency, which was such a noticeable fea ture on Saturday, was very much relieved, as the bank statements were made up at an early boor this forenoon, which gave the various Institutions a chance to expand their loans, without having to

make It known to the public. The demand "for accommodation was quite active, as many bor rowers who bad refrained from calUngduring the past three or four days, pul in their applications. Paper was closely scrutinized, and none save “gilt edged” found tavor. in the open market there Is a good demand for discounts at rates equal to if* ©2 percent per month according to the rating of the signatures. Exchange was flat. Sales between banks were made in the Jorcnoon at par, bat in the attemoon nothing could be placed at a better rate than 25 cents discount, at wfcich there were more sellers •than buyers. The counter rates range at 53 cents on® par buying, and 50 ccnts©l-l0 premium* ceiling. Hourwas firm, and prices favored sellers of best brands. Wheat was quiet and without ma terial charge. Com advanced Oats were quiet but firm. Rye was dull. Provisions were very slow. Mess Pork was 12‘ic lower. Gretn Meals were easier. Lard was dull and fa vored buyers. Dressed Docs were dragging, and a shade off. Wool was dull. Nothing doing iu Sieds. Gold was very unsetitled to-day. It opened at 181 advanced u> 133, and closed at 133,'i—the entire range being ISI-i&ir.s. Xhc following quotations were received by Boyd Bros., stock and gold brokers; 10;20 a. m Kr; l:00p.m 103 I3t?j i:u»p.m 131V* ll:Ui a. m ..135 2:30 p.m isj 11:15 a. m 134? j B:isp.m 101 11:30 a. m 105 3:4b p.m 103 T; 12:00m 135 -SiOup.m 12:15 a. m 103 Hero the market opened at lit and closed at 133 buying. Tbc demand was light, and sales were made at New York rates. Silver was comical at 122(2123. The gold bearing Bonds were a trifle higher to day, but Sevcn-Tbinles declined "ihe lollowing table shows the closing prices in New York to-day, compared with those of the three previous days: Thar. Fri. Satur. lion. hues of’Sl ib7?i 30SU iesu ios*; Hve-Twcmies, ’*s2 lllfiv; lU7A: U)7« jo?*? Five-Twenties,’fil HJ5j; Uijji losk lU6 Five-Twenties,'Cs...*....H)sjf ii)5K IOC lOfiu Ten-Forties TO* 100 9*J« ioo Seven-Thirties, Ang.... 11*5 103 105 1017 J Seven-Thirties. 10-1?; ior; ioi« Seven-Thirties, July 101?; KR?j 104?; io»^ Here the market was quiet, though prices were without any material change. We quote: OOVTUNJIENT fcECUIU TIES—CHICAGO MABK2T. D. S. Slicb of ISSI ,^ 3r “ & SeI JSS J* 5.6-20 s. 1862... 107-U 308^ U. S. 5-21 s, lau 105*£ 10,1 U. S. 5-20*. 1?65 I«<CJ4 10QS* U. b. 5-20 a (small) 103 ©lOSif /S y. S. UMPs (largo) TO?; jmr U. S. »Moe (small) 102$ U. 5.7-"t's. iscsencs .-..lfllj* ios C.S. 7-3»s, 2d series lOivs inj IT. S. 7-30 s. 3d fcrics iot»2 103 U. S. 7-OOs* (smail) u»m Compound:, June, no “ July, ISOS 1134 • 41 Aug., 16*4, 115 ** Oc\, ISW ill • 4 Dec., 1564 D 3 * 4 May, 19G3 mu “ Ang., ISU3 HO 44 Sept., 1805 101:15 *• OCR, 1805 10a The following quotations for the Public Funds are given by ibe Second National Bank: Coupons, it-ui 1 June Comp., 1601..110 5-21-coupons, | July “ ~113« large 103? 4 '<2l(/rai i Aug “ 4 * ..115 5-2 w Coupons. | Oct M 44 ..114 small 1 Dec 44 44 ~113 10-10Coup.,largo.. Uti*j i Mav “ 1855..1114 JO--O Coup., small.lC2J4 | Aug 44 44 ..liu 7-30 large..lot?; | Sept 44 44 ..inojs l-»o.sma< < I Oct 4 * 44 ~109 Local Securities are dull und nominal at the fol lowing rates: „ . • Buying. Scliin»». Chicago City Sevens irj 100 Cook County Sevens 96 07 Chamber of Commerce 03 gfi lldow wc give our usual summary of Iho quar terly statements of the National Backs of this city, as sworn to and published 10-d»y. The state ments Lave evidently been, in some instances, prepared with more than usual care. It Is assorted In some quarters, that considerable “ swapping ” of checks was done on Saturday, and the large clcaricgs (over 12,700,000) at the Clearing House this morning, apparently give some color to tho assertion. It is understood that one institution, winch reports its cash on hand as $322,203.56 fn legal tenders, and $151,055 tn&ffiy-thracfnt* (?) in notes of National Banks, debited the Clearing House this morning with over $11)0,000 in checks on city hanks, of which no mention is made in its quarterly report. It is to be regretted that all the statements did not show separately the amount of cash on hand In legal tenders, National currency and checks on city banks. These statcmenls do not fulfil the doty U was expected they wcnld do by the framers ol the national currency act. Such suppose that them statements will cive an exhibit of the average condition of the banks, tut experience shows to the contrary. They are an unmitigated piece of deception—a perfect farce—and for the credit of the banking interests ot Chicago, ought to be done away ‘ with. Let us Lave a weekly state ment of loans, deposits, and cash on hand, making the Legal Tenders a separate Item—such as is given by the backs of New York, Boston and Philadelphia— and then the mercantile public nil! be scared the infliction of these quarterly contractions which take place on the eve of each statement. The hanks will also be benefited, os they mil not then be obliged to “slaughter” Ex change, to obtain currency for a weekly state ment. “Cooking” statements may do very well for Milwaukee or other country towns, but for Chicago, the operation Is imbecile, and deserves all the pity which the most charitable raw bestow. The lolloping is the summary; tre CKS 25»5« “o « — l o =*2 W 2 = &s 5 igjscf 2 s a ;T- S c. - . • b ;?■ —♦ »a—b s— S ! “ , ■. • *-O s S ; • : 2*~ 2 ' •Igo =—p * liigfgsgiisiii 5 %Sgs§«sg*sSlßVs£ ~ ISsSSSSsSe=2S3- K O -* «• | s sli g'ii eSS I--I isi 4*2 a IsMSsiSsslsSi § iiiiiliilii'iif | „ «.,!£ I sSßis2ssSg,i.iS|ii J isߣ|pipip|i=- g gc. 2 - C S -i-2=,0 B • es- • • • • n :«:: ;; • ckss>i-SS g K I§: i! : ! Sipiiili | S- • • • • qsboi~d >2 * SiJmmCM' S Q SS' co 22g css m g- = b S\ IS i: I s il si «• 5 i 9 2 siSlliiSlissifi § eWiWiWis?" « o>co»-S>-ar-»9a))->-9 gg Sjsji S *-»5 s=g SkSSSSi&SSffggs-O > iilsaisliiWsll 0 easssssssssss- 1 - S - <• 2 c, a > - S-kH* SYSgpstj: s,n a k'SSS: ? 7 > S SS S: li sis to 5* W 4 «•_. ‘fiVgs s=a* s's*s s S - S P S = <5 S S S S S »S a ssSSsSsiSsssSzi" £li ; Ss® • cerjea : sgb -a SSSSSJSSS23V2---S —The New York Tribune says: The propo sition to lake from the National Banka the right to count compound notes as a part of their legal reserve is creating alarm among bankers, who ste in It the seeds of a financial rev olution—the result of an arbitrary and violent change In the law. The withdrawal of the com pound notes from the banks at maturity will force upon them a conservative policy which cannot fail to be felt hy their debtors, who mas', pay up aa fut as the hanks are obliged to contract hy the mu Luring of their intcrcst-boarlng reserve. Tho following letter from Mr, John Thompson, whose experience In currency and banking give*, bis opinions great weight, is entitled to consideration by Congress: rr /■ o „ New Yobs, January 1, 1867. IT. G. F awt, Esq.—Dear Sir: It will not be convenient for me to come to Washington, nor have I any taste to appear as the advocate or op ponent of the measures before Congress. - 1 wish yon, therefore, to enter my protest to the flon.Mr.Boopor, and others, against amending the National Bank law so that the banks caanol count, in their resttve money, their compound interest notes. When they are duo and payable they should not be counted as money; but to compeMbe banks to substitute gold or groan hacks for the compounds they hold, any faster than they fall due, will sorely cause a severe re vulsion m tho money market, and tho Govern ment itself will not be among the minor suffer ers. The banks will necessarily violate the law as regards their reserve, or fall, many of them ontnghL I wish, also, to enter my protest against taking currency from the large and safe banks that It any be distributed, as Mr. Hooper’s bill pro poses, among small and Car-off banks, not that I (are 'or the interest of the banks In the profits on the currency, but I do care for the safetv of tho currency, and I think It a misfortune that the Jorge banks in the large cities are not the issuers . of 1116 ennency than they now have oat. A m i'i th i r, T “Wlom or the currency Is sued by the banks In this city, Boston and Phila delphia, Is certainly freer from casualty than the same amount Issued in tho South or We«L Another point in Mr. Hooper’s bill I think is against the spirit of the age, which Is the restric tion or the rates of interest and the severe pen alty lo , r usury which It Imposes. 1 should be pleased to see a uniform rate of interest, say seven percent, with privilege, lu writing, to take ten per cent, regardless of Stale laws. » cry respectfully yonre, J. Tnojtpsox. —The Boston Advertiser observes : The condition of the money market shows no material change. The call for money has been moderately active, and the indications of any sen sible relief from the payment of dividends are scarcely observable as yet, previous ruling rates being generally fully sustained. Call loans still rule at 0 per cent and upward, and in commercial S there Is no change to note, prime short paper being held at 0 to 7 per cent, and longer dates, with other good notes, taldng a wide range, according to circumstances- The Government depositoriee are gaining a little in . t 'P oS *k f i and as far ea this goes, its effect will tend to make the market a little easier. —The Philadelphia Press remarks: “Money was in moderate demand, though lend er .Y**® fos desirous topart with tLirfSnds, as It I? believed that by having their money at ready better ableto solve the advantaged likely to an»e oat of the expected financial complications of tae next few weeks, tall loans range from 6to 7 per cent. In tho dia count mar act there no change; choice bills pass as high as S per cent per annum.” y .* 15,959.37 . 21,063.50 . 127,512.91 .;t 33,030.95 .f27G<047.C2 . ClT,‘lOl3l ~ llie ßauk of England return for the week endmg December it) is os follows, compared with the statement of the previous week: „ . , Dec. 12* Dec. 13 Government deposits £7,&><241 £3,070 231 deposits.... .. 13,425,551 14:1-1,090 Government securities 13,011,923 i;t 11110*1 Other sccur.ties 13,020.741 lasi'S Kotos unemployed'.!l'.ltMO&uS l(®.So Kotos in clrcnlation 22,010,753 92.11)0 445 fcpyae and bullion.... r...i5.Ki,47l The J Teekly reln , m of the B *nk of Prance shows the following results, os compared with the nre d,l“cnr^ccou°t l : increase—Cash in hand, li,seu,oGof: bills discounted, 7,900,0wf • ad vances, SCO,OOOf.; treasury balance, 21.C06.f00f current accounts, 10,7U0,0UCf. Decrease-Notes’ SJtuj-QCf. ’ The Bank of Holland has reduced Its rate of discount from 5 io4H per cent The Urest qno toJpns In the leading continental chics arc: 3—254 —h i Vienna, 3—5*4 ; Berlin, 4—34' . Frankfort 3H-SJ4 ; Amsterdam. 3—l*4 : Torln! t-0; Bras self, 3-a»£ ? Mudrld, 7-0; ikmbimt 0— 2X ; s». Petershuri.% 7—9. * The highest quotations for bnlllon In the ton god market at the latest advices were as follo-r* according to the British standard, per ounce * * £ s. d. .3 17 U 5 o’i Foreign gold in bars.. J-oieipn silver in bars. Gold coin— Portuguese pieces.... American eagles .. .. Doubloons, patriot.... Doubloon?, Spanish... Napoleocs Ten guiltier piece Silver coin— Mexican dollars American dollars Spanish pillar dollar*. KcwYork Stncn Market. Closing prices lor cash, January 7, 1567, received by Joseph M. Lyons & Co, Brokers; Ist 2d «.i „ B’d. B’d. N. in V no* U.S.Gpcrcent ua * Erie (c0m)..... 67j< (x* bonds, 19»1... lOS'i ICSV ?**?*t» < l? 81* D. S. 6 per cent 1itta...... yo 89},- 0.-" 1 *0un., , 62. 103 ins lo,»k Island....lUl lCa®f 17.5. C per cent *;•*£*• 4J*Jf 46 5-20 coap„ ’6|. IOC 106 Jr- (? N. W njpfd S>i* Si U. S. 6 per cent P-11-W. * C-JWjf lb I*4 5-20 coup., *(33. lOfit; 105 s; QaickMlvcr.... u% «« U- b. 3 pur cent * * )>.Lulon lei.. 4b 45* 10-W 93V 103 C. &A. (cuiu)..llo,¥ .... Xr. Notes, 7 3-10 * J O. 23 23 D. S. 7310, 2d * * I udsonElyer..l33 ISJf; 5erie5......... KWv iojv’ 120* B. S. 73-10,3 d * * P. A Rejkd v ...loSW .04* rcrles 10l« iiuv Ucve.*1c1....126 127 Amer. G01d.... 135* lS* T.&Wbaash... 45* Market—lst Board strong; 3d Board weak. CO.BJIKRCUL. Jlondat Evekiko, January 7,18=57. The following tables show the receipts and ship ments of Produce during the past tours: " RECEIPTS PAST POETT-EXOnT noUTJ?, 1657. 7.2U3 1.323 10,550 23,000 21,373 22, ;00 8,0011 4,U55 2.323 7,207 33,510 60,431 31,000 17,331 05,530 114,210 Vlonr, bris Wheat, bu Cons, ba Oat?, bu.... .... J{yc, bn Barley, bn Grass Seed, lbs.. Broom Com, Iba, Cured ileal, 00.. Beef, brla Poik, btl« t urd. ft*... ..... Tallow, lbs Btmer, lbs lirct&cd Doits, j*o. Lire Hogs, r>o. . . istUe, b»o Hides, lbs niglwlccs, brls.., Wool, Bs.. Lumber, m, bhiuglcs. n { • suirarxiß past FOBTT-iaocr nouns. , iriAn. 1367 IMC ’ vvS? ! h . , BJM i,om 2,™ S.IKO i - K?'>!;!! o« . s,:s»i itje. hu , 7V) v.nm Barky, bn "i:;:. 410 ’jS ■ Grass faced. Its ij»io qttv! Brorm Core. tts 23,01-J i,7W SS3,2« 101, EM - Pork’, brlV.V".'l 731 , n?i 3 lard, lb? S.'w'isa C**sii . Tallow, Ibi. .. Butter, ms iWS • D. Hogs. No -mis J 1,057, 057 • Cattle, No * 037 2 ml t Hides, P's 28 <#i ?&f i U. W ines, brls ‘ **, ’j-jj cootd » Wool, P>B on c,ij 'T^o Lumber, a "80 aSo Shingles, m 1m °"3S I LaibTm.! VJ 12 i ■ brU & Vos i 3he prevailing characteristic of the Provision , market to-day was weakness, and a decided ten i dency toward .dnlncss and inactivity. Mess Pork • was and fully ifljjc lower, with sales of 965 i brls at 818.571^(2,18.50—c105ing with free sellers of “ standard ”at the inside figure. Clear Pork sold to the cxiont of 100 brls on terms not made pub lic—supposed to be in the neighborhood of sl9 00 Prime Mess Poik was dull, with sales of 63 brls at 516.00. T here was no inquiry for Extra Prime or Bumps. Sweet Pickled Hams were dull, with sales oi ICO Ires on terms which did not transpire. Gicen Meats were In steady demand at previous rales, with sales at 9c from Slaughtered and Sue from Dressed Hogs. Shoulders were caster and lavored buyers, with transactions at 5 from Slaughtered and Sjicfrom Dressed Hogs. Lard was dull and weak, wiih sales of 150 trcs’at llfi<2-11-Uc for prime fleam—closing witn free sellers at the ngper quotation. Dressed Hogs were in good supply, and dull— prices being somewhat in favor of buyers. Sales ranged from s6.M©7.oo—closing ot 56.60@6.80 for lots dividing on 2UO lbs. Whiskey was dull. Dejected, and entirely nomi nal at 52.20 for free, and 25c for bonded. Flour was in steady demand, and on well known trade brands prices favored the seller to the extent ol 5® 10c. Other grades were un changed. We note sales of 4,5C0 brls at 818 00a 33.50 tor White Winters; 811.87!}®!! 50 for Red Winters; ?9.D0@12.50 for Spring Extras; JSM® 9.25 for Spring Supers, and $6.60@6 75 for Rye Flour. The demand for Wheatwos comparatively atm the market ruled quiet, though pikes show no material change. About 23,000 ha changed hands at 52.2132.22 for No. lln K. 1.; j2.19i0r do regular, and sl.9s<ai.Us!i for No. 2 regular— closlt g at 12.19 for No. 1, and Sl.MH®l.9s'for No 2 Spring in regular bouses. Corn Mas in fair demand, and in view of the more favorable advices from the East, the market advanced 3®l!»c, with sales of 6,300 bushels at for No. I; TlftlSe for No. 2, andSP}® 56c for New Rejected—closing quiet but firm at S3c for No. 1. Oats opened dull, bnl become more active, at Saturday’s range,•with sales at 43c for No. 1, and 42fc(24:kcforNo. 2—closing at for the latter. Rye was quiet and easier, with trifling sales of No. 1 at 97c for fresh, and 95c for Winter.* There was nothing doing in No. 2. Baxley was firm, with a steady demand, and sales were made at Gt®72c for No. 2—the npper figure for parcels in favorite bouses; 50c for Re jected, and GS@t£c for sample lots. Tallow was quiet, with sales of 50 brls City at 10c. The following telegrams were read on’Change to-day: New Yoke, January 7. Flour better, aclive and' scarce at 12.40, Wheat firmer at £5.37@2.56. Corn buoyant at £1.21H in store. Oats better at 6C3€Sc. Pork steady at £19.18 for old and 21.12>$ tor new. Lard firm but quiet. Hogs firmer at fs.OJaS.SO. Gold, 1&3. LATTE. Flour and Wheat quiet ImrUrm. Com firm at ?I.£l. Oats firm. Provisions quiet hut firmly held. liAXEB, In the afternoon, the Grain markets were inac tive, and prices were nominally unchanged. Pro visions were flat, stale and unprofitable. Noth ing doing—buyers and sellers far apart. Tbt Cattle market was quiet, with prices nomi nally uncharged. The receipts were light, as was also the demand. Sales were limited to about 300 head, taken by shippers and city hatchers, at £4.00 GC.2S for common to pnme grades. The market closes firm with all sold. The market for Live Hogs opened active, and up to ten o'clock prices were thoroughly sus tained; but later, buyers became shy, ana a slight redaction was suffered. About 5,000 bead changed hands at £S.CSOC.SO for common to choice Bogs. The pens were cleared. The market closes heavy. CHICAGO CATTLE MARKET. Omw or tux Daily TemuxE,) { . iIoSDAT Etexlvs, January 7. > BEEF CATTLE—LittIe can bo said of the market to-day, except that tt was dull and inactive. This quiet state, however, was not so much the result oi the non-appearance of buyers, nor Indisposition to operate on the part of the lew tn attendance, as a lackof stock with which to operate. With the exception of a few “odds and cods,” the *• tailings” of last week's market, the yards are barren ol stock. There was a moderate demand for lair to goed Cat butchers’ Cows, ana some inquiry lor good shipping bteers, and a reasonable cumber cf these descriptions, had they been oa sale, would bare been readily taken op at remunerative 1 rates. Indeed, good to prime shipping Beeves, and fair to choice butcher*' Cows are about the only grades In quired fi>i. end drovers will subserve the'r own inter ests test by confining thvlr purchases principally to this class. m The receipts to-day, up to one o’clock, were IShead. Entered sales 833 head. The market cloaca firm at f5.00w 6 87X tor Inferior to choice glides. HOGS—Toe market opened active at a trifling ad vance, but later lathe day became more quiet, and price* receded Sates embrace about 5,oo» head, which were taken by packers, at price* varying from |5&i33.£ for common to fair, and fS-C9feL39 for good to prime'Eo'es.' All arc weak. WeootathefbUowt «S - iu- J 72- So- At. . PtiM. 14 ® 2S *^ a 5 114 359 S6J» g gj 5-2« aa ja . V-n K> as 605 75 197 SfiS Ji aw tu* eo us 57 £O6 6JJ3 ill . 275 5.79 340 357 6.15 451 230 6.15 S IS S «n Skis 67 «a 6,10 5J za 6JO *? 293 6.10 its vg sjo 5? •£* mo its aS - c!oo ® 68 AOO U 6 ass 610 H 251 CJX) i 46 356 5^35 » SCB 6,10 I 97 » WW SHEEP—There waa a fair demand lorfit aotton cradeaon local account, at mil prices, but common dcscrlptloni were not much Inquired fer. price* re main sobitaatially the same, ranging at S3.OO®3JM fyz inferior to choice. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Alt sales (if Grain reported «a Hit market r/por art made on Me bait* of winter (4c) storage. unless ot&encUe erpretted. wnrirnmj Mokdat Errauro. January 7. 1567. * ElGHTH—Raileoau fBSUiUTS—tuo follow ing Is the Joint tariff on the Eastern roads: iUUOW .'‘“ra £^ c J 5 g* J J J*ew vorc IJS po in !ift Boston and Albany. Boston r/aOrauftionk. 1.33 95 IJo jso Portland ria Grand Trank 3.10 t*S {£ iSt'Jf 1 * IJS s Baltimore 115 « .-n , Pllttbarcn. .....V T 3 50 1 Cleveland. Ohio 45 «q - TO S Cincinnati, Ohio 45 33 « s brU; shipped, As3i brls w Vance «.r ß ® ,Cc 0Q the hotter ftad £ alc * tfertfs Barrs Wiatees—lCO brls. not ;50 brls “kralne State” at J 13.00• irrP.y.Pi?*. l^ loo named, at >H.75: uo brU 00 at<lL37v; Sntcco Eitejls—loo brls “Datcr’s a.». b?u l rtrt«^?s? ; «f 0 fc rl, * nc * name<l, al 113.00; I*ooo S!W° ;5W brls do »* <11.00; w brls do at |U*JS: jAW* co . al <11.00; 200 brls “Rearsare” at Jlf.O?. 100 brls, cot named, (on track) atsiC.iu* iqi brls do at <IO.S; 100 btls .to at jlO JlO.rak’t IOC bris do at «jp.?3Vs IW oris do at SiOJW VS al <loun*j 45 TrlS do at Iwl?.* 400 brls do at <lO.-43; 150 brls di-«t U-0 brls “Tipton” at *W.CO : 827 b?U % •« lo ® brL*, not name.l. at • *r~‘ . brlj, col named, at . 1 brlv not nam«L*at Jit’ll j?e/-l d S« a . l V -50; Krs Fhom-ai brU ”Beloit City-at<6..5: 25brls.cotnaTed,at<6.6o; CosjcMeux —Sale of 4 tons Coarse at <29 00. _ > —Receivec, IGAU, bn; shipped, 15CO no. Market qalet and vithont material change, though closinca shade easier on Xo. 2 Spring. Safes wore* 5.600J1 u Xo. lat <3.22; 400 bU do at <3 21 (H. I.) t S.COO v? H tH 9 . (nsu ar): bQ No. 3at lUi/t S »t <2.19 for No. 1 iod <IJ SNcil-ie for No. 2 Spring in reemar houses. on; ahlppi.l, none. Mar «els^lXSPcwM<*l'?c * fcal«*wcre; sTiOO bu N‘o. 1 at 83c; AOCO bndo atfiSY; 14,0J0hadoatS2 : ‘C;ir,000 bn do at SJc; 5.W0 ba co i'c; 6.9 X bsdo at bS vPv? bo do at 7lWc; t/JOObadoat Tic; 1,300 ats6c: bn Co at 55’,’c; 2.000 ba do at c , : at ;sc ; hu do at Mh'e; SOO ba do ?1 54 . 6 * 00 ? Ea , r at • 400 bn do at 53c; 400 bu '»Wte «l Oor,—dotlni; quiet, bat Arm at 83c for No. 1 in store. I 1,0,10 “«*« i K\fc—Etcmed, 3,000 bn: shipped. 730 bu. Market | quiet and a shade e£W.- Sales wm: ba X 0 l at l>7c :_2,fifo Lu do (winter) at 93c. ••H.A l*LV— bn; shipped, 413 ba. Market Ann. hates w»*ro: 4a, baXo.Sat 7;£ (R. Ll • tOOliud° atC?c (regular); KObn Kqjsctcd atsoc; (00 bo by sampleat 93c; (CO l>n do at 7f c; 600 bo do at file, i AUC)llOi.“.NDrolD»lsts(4»4Jo. .Bit l i9 u N-KecclvcdTsi.soo B 3; ahlpped, tin?^P 11 aart Borrtaal at a range m : tIOC.OC&:uUO lor inferior to choice. 6 I ftt . ?*2.0tt2i3.c0 per ton. ' 4 «?-TTfcR-«ccelvcd, *|iau as; flapped, 17.2X5 as. Aside from a moderate mral demand there Is nothing ?.°V IC V Iw.cJr, 1 w. c J r, l nlr - v . ls to choice table quali ties, of wbPh there Is not a large supply. aad prices are atcordlnyay firm at Common flrkin grades are dull and almost ncclccted. We quote: Choice Dairy : . -3 o-S e CoodTnb.... ...".... '.... M £±t e . Common Firkin **l*’ tits c iTitre Firkin 33 £3, ® n.(? AK< .' ,K, Ar 1 M n,lrket ls quiet,’wVth prices a Cf '.f n n reduce our quotations on several de scriptions. os follows: National A. 2 bu, seamless Uaca .012.00 Lcion A, 2 hit, do jqiv Illinois A, a ba. do -g-fe Corn Exchange 4tj*nn h'ark A, cotton seamless ’ mVo Lew 1 ston A, ao 7100 AUlr.'Secitcm, do * 70.00 American. do 70 0J nearer Mill* do *75 £, PllUfldd 6, no 70 00 Ftim Mills, do ’* 73!m Fort rut, do ... .... 73.00 i-llgo, H do • ffg Saco, ilcen and cotton... * 5i W iliogi wood. do ?vS{ bpriacOeld „ • Connie * £*XS Burlaps, 4 na,Xo.l SSS Empire City ..•■ SmS ijDFESjE—'iTnde is light, the demand’beingllra. ited to small orders tomipp.y current wants. Prices remain steady and ucchanued: Ntw York Factory (utnainc). 19 «ia » Fac tory(llUncU)... * /. '.llie £7 I Hamburg |,t >T,-! ~ tVestem Deserve 15 £ ■Western States 1..“...". 12 gu S ‘•Younc America” "***“ Sin c COAI.-Is in active request. In full supply' and steady aid dim at previous quotations; ; Erin— Diookfleld • ,• on do Ormsby 1100 CLivruofu—Vnar Hill * I. 00 Co Mineral Bldcc taut do Widow Bank I iJm do Tunnel 10 01 Chlrrcwa ! K FioUlmrp Jyffi Lump Lehigh "isotoia m Lackawana,prepared ** * Scranton iJ'S; Pifston iim Illinois • ** ** r. ftv>K'iin do on tract Toncblocbepy **** s * M ®|j*[S C’UFFEE—Business tcnlay was active, ana quite I a nun.tar of country buyers were la town. Prices are firm and without change. Weqnole: are oAlA..***.'..*. % ojm . 810. common to fair Kle. coca to prime ...I II Sc wo. prime focbeiee,...:.::::::::::::::::::::K*Snvc , ACIE-Si’es were: 300 Pork Barre?iat |VrS?SI* P W-s»st 3,003 do (prison model at mpiTtßfrratlfiim™ ‘ md L ” u Tlcrc,a 01,2 - M: KtiliS—TVcrc In full surplv and slow, at a range of AfeitSc, with chiefly at aoc. The muy inquiry is on local a.-count. 4 J ......8 17 7 ..3 16 a** -i a ....3 15 0 4 •1 104 4 1015 FKCIT.-» AND NCTis —The general market re main* steady at previous quotations. DrtodApaJes are in large supply and dull, with prices ranging from lor common southern, ta >2e for Ohio and UlcWau winter Apples are In demand, and llrmat full rates* with a lltjai stock In the market. We continue to .iOG,-tw as.K: . 10,433 4.*533 . 81,220 3,755 . 9,8 Id 10,930 . 11,253 e, SJ6 . 209 399 .107,020 209,724 . S 7 192 . . _ . , OKZES VOt'lTS. Apples, ?brl a SJO prances, Uavnnn, «< tuo \uo « 6.00 Uiuoos.iialajn.. la.oo c«.n.<W Cn.tbtmcs.wlld 10.00 Crl2.W Cranberries, cmiivattd 15.00 030 00 ÜBIKD FliriT*. _ uubu rni'iTS. 1i g g 2 Canned Peaches, F doz, 3ft cans 4.63 «4 73 > Apples, new . S « jj , Peaches, halves and quarters 16 « w ' Peaches, pared 40 ra « lUackbc*rr|.>.ccw. V ft 3,-, S Rafpberrie*. new, Nis Cu c* 7.1 . Cherries, Pitted 70 * Ek’ertcirlcs, V a 20 0 .. • Enisles, layers 4.73 QS'X) * I Almonds, hard shelled J 3 (.4 33 I Alaionas.fofuiitlidt 40 te 32 AlnioatLs parcr shelled 55 u S 3 1 Pcannts, ?* ft ISJ*« 14 S l 2! 1, l Nuto 84 ® S 3 HlUrts... 17 ti 13 1 go u 21 I Naples Walnuts 3;} gl Pecans, small and large 2d 6> SO Hickory Nuts, bo S.PO 3 ?.oo Chestnuts, Vhu 10X0 ftILCO •fr’lMl—'HierclallUlcbetas done at prreent m this department i.f trade, though fur most description* nncte are well sustained, ana generally firm, white f.»li are rptrlnc at slicbt concessions. We cuotj; WMtciitb, No. J. % brl 7.75 „ ** „ No. 2, Mbrl 7.250 7.30 Trout. No. i.Knrt •• No. 2,Xbrl 4 300 173 Msckarcl. No. I, Kbrl, now H.IW-J1.23 •• No. 2, H hrl 1O.««10XO family, V * orl 9.CCO 0.23 ** extra mcea. ?■ K hrl 15J.Ct.ai3.50 “ •- ?klt ' 3.7504.00 “ No. 1, kits, new 2 G>o 2.75 ** family, kits 2JT»^2.15, Bar.B. 51 ICO fts 7.5C0 8 O’ „ “ George's Bank 8.100 Hake SXOO 6.00 Herrings,drlcd.No. 1, F box C3 . • ** rca ed 71? 73 Labrador Herring, V brl ILOBOII..VJ .. *‘ _. “ K brls 6.000 6.25 Norwegian “ K*s>, Pbrl JP.OO ** ** M’s, P hrl 16 CO CJKEaSE—Market quiet at7%<Lscfor Brown: Six tor Velio*', and lor White. IlllfllWlNE'*—Received, 57 brls; shipped, 170 cri*. Market auliarui neglected, Quotations entirely nctnltal at 55..0 for Free, and 25c for Bonded. HOPS*—'The market li dull at lor Eastern, anti ttyardc f. r Weetcrn. DUKbsKD lIOISS-Recclrcd, 9.EIS; shipped. 2,115. Merkel dull and easier. Sales were: 42 averaging SCO fts. at «?<X> CO -• SCO fts, at \oo 1? '* 272 as. at 6X9 25, “ 2lsfts,at 12 ** 365 fts, at 6.90 17 •* ZZO as, 6.a0 10 ** 260 43 “ t‘3o 09, at,.. 6X3 103 “ 250 fts, at 6X2V 191 ** 2OT cso* 56 “ 210 fts, at 6 73 56 “ 210 fts, at 6-t3 100 “ 60 IT *' £55 ft 8, at w. (j.Tj 86 ** 220 673 ics all under 200 fts. at 32accragmB... 660 20 *• ... as, at 660 152 Clvidlßgon 200 fts, at $6.73 and 7*oo 250 •* • 2fo as, at 6.73 and 6.90 1.2C0 “ SCO tts, at 6.70 and Saw ES. ut 6.C5 and (k» 5.4 “ SCO fts, at 6.60 and 6jw 15 * 200 fts. at GAO ami QJQ —desire at 56.60 and 6 80 dividing on 700 fts. 11 a Remains quiet with prices unchanged, as .. „ WBOLXSALX Pin CDS. Tlnotpy. rcller ana beater pressed tIhSOaiASO Timothy. loose pressed . i&i»|itoo Frairlc, beater pressed OOOttiOOO .. „ cktail psices. Timothy, roller and beater pressed 16.00(517X0 Timothy.locse pre»se<l i 6 ov^tsn Prairie, roller and beater pressed li.OOaisxo r\l rle, 1 ccw-ccn wacoc. delivered O.OOtiiXO lllUE&—Received, 167,6:0 ft»: shipped. *?.6W as. The demand continues active, and with no percepti ble Improvement in the snpplr. orlccs continue Sad tbi co. Green Batchers’ and Green Salted are l«c higher. 75 0 now quote: Green Batchers* 7 /> r^e’ Green Salted, trimmed 10 <Tao3e Green Calf is /am c Kip, Green Salted “w Sls c J)ry Flat, trimmed 16«fti7 c • Pry Salt«!. trimmed I!Ili «15 c Green Salted, pan cured 9 uwe IRON A.\U ST EE lr—There U co essential chance to note; bcilmss Is lair and prices are steady at the following quotations: * Common Bar «v Horse snoe Iron SsS Heavy Band 6 S 6? Hoop and Lleht Baca 6V«lO£ Koond and Square. sua 9w Ova) swa 6u Hall Oral and Hall Round SV& gv bheet Iron, ccmm00...,•••• 7%«4 Sneet Iren, Galvanized. 17x28 -49 (% Sheet Iron, charcoal % 9VO Sheet lron..lunsta ; livctbl Norway Nall R«'di /aijw Mow Steel. German <au Hue Steel, can. 17 r^ig Spring aid Tire Steel, EnglUh 14 <313 Tool Cast Steel, ordinary sizes 79 aso Tool Cast Steeh American /aa < Blistered Steel /aaj Rcista.Noa.9 and 16 (*59 Bnsila, Ann, Ist quality, V bdl Itcsria. Ad, Ist quality, p sheet az } Buseia, Am- 7d quality, \) slicct, &21 EEATIIEII—The genera! market rules quiet, thouch owtsc to the comparatively light stocks, prices are thoroughly sustained and Urm at our quota tions, which are as follows: • HSJftOCK. j City Harness, V _ 1 Slaughter. Sole, ft S3O 40 BuCalo | 40a 13 Country harness 36 1 Slaaghter, Sole, Ltne.?ft 420 44 I Chicago, No. 1. 400 43 Kip, medium, V Slaughter, Sole, , ft.. USfthSOl Chicago.N'o.2. 310 57 ] Calf, v a 1XCK51.601 Buenos Ayrc*..,. 390 40 * Upper, t00t... 290 30 I Orinoco ho>e.... - 570 33 , Counirv Upper.. 230 35(Orinoco, good, * Collar, U f00t.... 2&0 241 damaged 310 S 3 i oak. - Slaughter Sole.. 530 51 French Call, Si Harness,?'ft.... 40« <6 as .-..2.1003.23 Upper 300 34 French Calf, 36 I Kip, No. 1, me- ft dlum UOOIJO French Cait Le- Kip, No. 1. molnes.HdoxXoXoSiM.o3 * heavy.........« £551.10 EE3IBER-Tr»ce in the yards is steady, and deal- t ets are Onn m tbelr views at the lollowlng quotations * 1 Ltvc£B—First Clear, 1, 1)4, IK and 3 inch a V m..... 160.00065X0 Second Clear. 1. IK. IK and 3 Inch 59.00060X3 Third Clear, Inch mi nft«w aq First and Second Clear Flooring, togeth er. rough, the tame as Second Clear wide 50X0055X0 - Common Flooring, rough 35X5037 00 Matched and dressed Common Flooring.. 40.003 CXO Matched and dressed 8-lnch. Common I Fleering 36X3038X0 First and Second Clear Siding, together., to First Common Dressed Siding.. 2103023X0 Wagon-box Boards, select, IMrch and up ward* ny _ A Stock Boards, 13-lnches. 25-00027.30 1 U Stock Boards, 13-lnches 26X0027X0 J Common Boards. JoUu, Scantling. Fenc log, and Small Timber. 12 to 16 feet T0ng..... 21.00022X0 Joists and Scantling, 20.22 aed 24 feet 23X0330X3 Siukglef—A or star Shaved Shingles 45fl A or Star Sawed Shingles, 5.QV3 3X3 No. 1 Sawed Shingles 2XOO 3.00 Lath—ter m in yards. 0 5.00 By ccr-load by Northwestern Railroad, delivered in any yard where car# ran be tv Itched.or anv depot: Aor Star Sawed fhincle*, by car-load, on track 3.750 VOO A. or Star Shaved Shingle* by car-lead, on track ’4jn No. 1 Sawed fctlngUs bv car-load, on tiack 2.23 Three dcllars a car-loal added when tn»x.«frrred. Which charge follows the Shinglera hi fre!2b*bUl snntnL* staitoato. Thickness—Five shingles to be two tnccea In thick- Length—Sixteen leches. Band*—Twenty In-hea, Conr»«—Twenty-Are NAli.H—The rema&d Is limited and prices are steady. We quote: UxttouO, * kcg« *7.501M 49.35 8d t.TS 13d, fine bluetL. 9.73 4d.» 8.0012 d, floe blued. IQ.'Q 6d ; eu3| CatßpikeS 749 8-i S.'&iClUchlfel. 945 sold. The market clausa Bgsalea: HOG SALES TO-DAY. Day NifiLt IWenper fIUtCUp. c. r C:45a. m, Kunkske* Accoisa’OdY. •■;:G5p. m. **£l. a. a, tljiU I‘uri ana OakWcod *6:30 a. c. *7:15 a. m. “ “ u MtdlOp. d. *lno2 X 7L, “ “ M .... *ap.c. •l:2rp.n. u •* 11 *5:35 o. a. *7:30 p. a dHTCAGO. ErpilNKtOh an:> quiticn. Bay Rxi-tCeS and MaU... *yzl' *a-.UOD. n. C.alcshutc raseenger.. . •3;C'Up.m. •I.VJb. a. Auror°- •jjti'p, a. *9(T|». a. Night Express JBhCOiriil’hl t—sba. a. •.EtCAWC A?i. ET. LOGIC. BxprefiandJlan SrOos.a. &45p.rt. Nigb. Express 9:15 p.m. S:W 8. q. Joiict and Wilmingroz Acrocimoiulon... ... 4:00p. 11 9:45 &.a cßi'TAtto oseat sij?rr-t.-(L>.7*. d?i>;OT!*r. AIT. laS7>—HILWAGDSJ* HAILhCAS tSfC?, »X)5. CAXiL AND iUNZIk StAGStA. Day Exiircef... Nkbthxpn^r. you LOtda'm.i.x av> Day Expire* Ih3d a. EL 10:53 p. E 2 Niclii Fxpre.eS 9:00 p. zo. &30 a. c Columbus Exptes? . 0:3.* a. in. 10:53 p. el “ - 9:00 p, n- a- c. f.ADsmg Accomaodation 9:53 &-xa. «0U a.n. u ,v 6:15 p. C- BtbO D. B. _ oaiCAUO, hock island ahi> pacific bauuoas. i/ny ExyteisandMail... vihuOa-TU. •s:3dp. n. Night Express liOOp.m, •5;45a.u Jolitt AccommodaiiOE.. tiop. e *9:40 a. m. •Sunday excepted. tMonday excepted, £=ararday eiccpmd. UNION STOCK TACO TZ2DS TABU. Leave Madison SDceL Leave Stock Yards. C:’;o... s. m. 7:40 a. m. 8:30 a. m. 0:10 o.m. 10:f0 a.m. 11:30 *. a.m. li3o p.m. 1:30 p.m. B:iP p. m. 4:00 p. m. 4:43 m. 5:40 p.m. SONSAT TRAINS. 8:C0 a. m. I 0:33 a. m. KhiO a. m. 111:43.... a. m. 12:80 p. m. 2:30 u. m. Spatial 'JSonrc;', Fonncrlyol James*Lcck Hospital, Custom Qousc-st., New Orleans, can be conhdestlally cos&ulted at his office and pat lots. 01 and 93 Bindolph-st., nearly op posite his ola office. Chicago. DU lor the corejof Sttoilis, Speexaioehecea, and all diseases of a pri vate nature. Office boors 9a. m. and 7p. m. p. 0. Box 696- 164 South Ciars-eu care* ail private diseases without mercury or poisonous drugs, sa much to be dreaded, seminal weakness, mail its varied forma, cured In aftw weeks. Toung men afflicted with dreams at night, producing weakness of the whole body, coe ttveuess. ringing In the cars, call and receive the Doc tor’s opinion Pee cf charge. Dr. \V. publishes a guide to health which should be in the lianas of every one; free ol charge. Send three cents U> paypostage. Office bonis from 5 a.m. until 9 p. m. Post Qmceßox 2^94. Dr. Thomson, Proprietor of the Medical ana Surgical Institute, 172 s south Clark-su has ueated all forms of renereal dis ease with cnprect dented success tor nearlytirty years, epermatorrhora and impotence treated with the happt catresnit*. Particular# of the Institute and the Guide mailed free to any address. P.0.80x 72. Chicago. mmols. . "Vf OTICE.—The' tmdersiimed makes X a v known to the public that he takes back every thing he has eald against the character of Mr. ADOLPH HAASE, In Bine Island, and asks herewith bis forgiveness and declare* that everything he has laid against htm’was while being drunk. The undersigned also declares that he takes Mr. H.ase to be an nonorahte man in every retpect, and that he u sorry that their friend ship has been disturbed in this manner. , FRIEDRICH SAUEBBIEB. • Bice Island, January 7. hot. J\jT OTICE. Having hft my bed and board,! do refuse, tram aid. alter tnia date, to pay ary debts ol her contraction. TX7HY WILL TOO STJFESE V * troi KIDNEY DISEASE, GOUT, GRAVEL, BHECUATISa, GONOEKHEA,AC.Ntec SMOLAHDES’S EXTRACT BUCMI] Will cure yotf permanently. Ladies Should Use It. Price only One Dollar. Sold by H. SCO VIL, Agon cr Chicago mid vicinity. JLhETIXG.—The mbimi meeting of the Stockholders ,04 the FIFTH NATIONAL BANK OF CHICAGO For the election ol Directors, and to transact ass other business that may lawfully come be tore tat ireetine, will he held at the office of said Rank. 3a 50 LaSaile-sti, Chicago, between the horn of 10 a. m. andip.m^ • Xueadny, January- 8tli» 1887* , ISAAC G. LOMBARD, Cashier. Chicago, Dec, 7th, 1566. SNEttV STurK-The iaaajtfg lights quote: iH quality, cut. J’ s , - j • iarwis», ,• i , \ datiuaa^ Co* Tla p v 10*11. LarjteMc* Pm all Pira...... Bar Tld.T..^.^ Metallic Al* Botts... 33 Copper Bottom ss u BraaleraoverlOftt.. 43 13 a. She«ilnes,iiiol6ot. 43 isa&a XlanlDßs 13 1; babbit metal. 19 l*t quality ao 19 Antimony 3o 20 Fl « Solder. 30 Fence Srapfeel.... OlL!*—There li a Blight tmprorenjeat In . macd, and a little better feeling prevails. There • - abetter laouirr for Lrasesd Oil to-dor. and deale. • c firmly at fell ratei. Prices arc anchanzed and we continue to quote t 0 Litseedou • Lioaeed oil, belied. 111,,.,. 11/ aiM~ Olive 010 Si'S JHialeou. W.B .* IAOII S urd oil. extra.. rsll-s lArdou.No. 1 wiaxr mi» |^ r dOU.Ko.JWinter Lffiaijn bOiLroand lota ijSiias Machine Oil. •••♦••••• 1 sperm on. w. b.. i-obnratiDir on m^uh CastorOUi,...., S-2va3Jfl n.CARpoy oriels in demand ami'scarce and firm l at the prices rtreobelow Ma tarbon V car load /astw* Carbon, small lota StSS Benzole * brjs Pork, and ft* Lard; shipped, jsjjm «*■ CuredM«u.26driaEeej;i t 7SI brl3 pSrtTs^»d,ra . Al® 9 * Pork—Market doll ani muy l2Vc lower Sales were: J>»brisat<lßJo; lOObylsat#l9^k—3os! Ing with sales of standard at the uulde flrore tenrs. nr I*or 1 * ork ~ sales were: 100 °a’ Prirato Pork—Bales were: Obrls Itncitsh ill cats—Market dolt and heavy, sritbsen. ere at tij<c lor Cumberlands. ,} ’ scu ...1.. ,y* V. UUIIKi IWJU3. Green .iW?ntß-Market steady. Sales wero: 7JXO 015 Hwas (J. h.) atsc; LOCO pcs do (dX) at B.VC, |1.50C pea bhoulders (s.h.) at SY; noao era do (9. b.) at <5.60; S.OOO pcs do (d. b.) at svc F ” L.nril—Market dull and wcas. *i ties were • 100 1» Prime Steam at live; SO tes do at live. rrtv^te e r r e^s. k,Ctf llume, “ s - Ues 103 tes on ANl> >! '. IIP— c ales were: 4 doz at <AOC; 1 doz Drt sea Geese at <9«h 6 uor Dressed Docks at <3.00; 1 dor do at <4.00 : 253 aa • ‘^°, es iSc; SPO as do ati »vc; 400 as do at doz Dressed Chickens at |LSO; 6 dor Babbits W ?SS^?o D ,u?S^ KATUS - Tr * a » “ «=**• BabbiU'# Medicinal c c i &nd*s &Si;:;rr::r: We& j!«e“ SllVanCe Vl * ctaSOTr Vorfc - S*„T.* K , cace<J * Pondered and GrannUMd....isw*t6sc SS?I\ »XRW$e WmSh FMrf r l«S»ia c £* tra c. ......ujJaiiv** v/’,lU*; Oxnard c rovM ? Oxnard c extra 11 rxna'r CnbaMolwea tS « g| g Philadelphia HeeHtTe ......1.1!”” iSS TO Chicago Bctccry, Amber. ij3|j 10 ** Golden svi W * . _ Sorar House aa sa PA I/T~necel7ed, none; shipped, STC bis. The market rules steady, and we cote aa advaace or 10c on 2)twFlce. 2>o sales reported. We quote: New Hue c ? in Coarse •»’«, Grotxrd A1um.........,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, j iji? *n :::r Hairy, withsacks 5.^0 DiifT. wUhontsactts 3 73 Teas*—The marktt la moderately active, and the volume of biisliCAS w»o larger to-c«y than that of sev eral days previous, We continue to quote: jonngilyson. tuperior to tine. ? a 4i.05a1.40 . do extra to choice. V a L6oaLtn Imperial, superior tofine,4» a liflai 60 „ do extra to choice. ¥ a i.sai.M Gunpowder, ttnxmor to tine, p a lir&iftl co extra to choice, v a I.soiaiiss Japan, natural leaf, fine lo extra One, a... l.r&4i 15 Co do lice to choice, a do. _ do colored, ? a 1/5.11 vi TALLOW-Market qufc:. Sales were; SJbris City quiet and steady at the prices circa CUiWisG Tobacco— Kxtia Choice X: Milan. Common.... Svosrcn Tonicco- Virginia's Favorite S 5 ®I,CO Choice 23 « S 3 Medium 2; a a Common Stems 19 & 33 Piro Tobacco- * Loyal Citizen 7j a M Farmers* Delight 70 a T. Mtnrol Leaf. \M «2CO Halfßrisht I. 85 «uS t holce Black, sound 73 « HI Medium 7i) » 73 Common so .. ~j Navies cjVf.s ri VlrclrlalOsand as M l-4 W Flounders 73 fii 85 VxCIOD—The market Is quiet, though steady and firm at pr. virus rates : ® J -- Maple, p cord,delivered *11.53311 00 S 2? I .f , ? cor ?*V. 13AJ®liW Bev h, ?• cord, delivered lI.OCaK.OJ Bccch, ?> cord. In yard lO.bkm M Ulrkorv, Front.. ttrolls M U «01,-Kecetvod, 2.500 B*a; shipped. 2CUS3* Its. Th* CVLvrol Icatnrcsoi the market are precisely the same as previously reported. Sale were; 1,200' q» oars* at 40c. ixailroaiis. TUJLmw TIME XAIiJ i csi .’sm *>t. yonTuwi3Tsa?i—o:ro? coa. wan WITXS A.MI) KINXIS, Depan. Arrive. D*yExprcS« *inooa. n. •*:?(> p. c . M«:ht Expree* »4::«p,m. •s:isd.m Janesville AccommodTi »S:-iOp.n. •jj.on m Woodstock Accom’d’n.. • *fc>< a. nu galzka. bttuxo.h. Faljoc and Cedar Kapld* *&l3 a. m. 7:9u o. m, Fnlionand 10w5......... tT;3J>p.c. Freeport ann Dtmletti.. *0:00 a. m. fcOfla m Freeport and *10:00 p. n. shOc m* KockforrtacdFoxltlver, *«:oop.m. rutpa. a' 11150 D........... *1:00 p.ia. U:iujum! Ceusva acd algm • S;.(> p. a, a. m ’ Rxp»« •*OO a.’a •?:*» n.n. hxpress,... *4:00 •Ukfc In Nfehi AccommodudcD. 1':42. p.w, t. ns. Rctiosba AccommcKi’a... 4:40 p.m. 9:15 e. n. Waukegan Accommod'n. Md p. n. 3:36 a, n> Sosebill, Calvary, and Evanston 1:30 p.m. S:4op.a. •Sundays excepted. ttiaturaa'-? excepted# tilouiiays excepted. %U'S!«AS CBSTBAJ. BAIIST.4I:—tTJUO.*: I «?CV. ff (,• OrtAT2 3TSXSS. Mornicx Express *s:Wia.n. ’S.*lsp. a, t»a> Kxi»rost ••tiTia. n. •uniop. Express Js:sb p. in J*li: L p. in. Night Express {•Otiop. m. fc?;isa. m 01>CtNha?I AK3 DOriSTTIiB 7UA£>i!.. ffominc Fjcprv'ee c. •nn.’Sa. r., S!uhi Express JS:00 p. c. p. in ait'incan sottuens axr> asx enoNi- u»—'.»#• ror ccsvn tan buuen and szxixtm mi-xiT?. • Tt'hXDO UKS. V.tii •■ttia.n:. *0:53 p.i i'z\ Fspxos*.... •■jCu&.ie. # i.:oOr- c New York Erpree- 3:.5p. n. tl’&nlp. c Night Express t*10:00p. b. •diW-g. tr - DWfvO.r psra. Muu *4:4sa.Hi. HcUta.m. Sight Express jKkOup. n. *6:33 p, t: PriTsßl-BliS, *057 WATS* AMj CQ!- a. 3. .dull *inU)a. n. 6:i;i a. ru. Express li’t a.m. Fdi*i line S;l.'>p. c. 7:40 p. m Sxpresi *i'C:Cou.n. ll:lk»p, n Exprese... Fast line. Sxpnrsi... ILLINOIS cyi-iTBAU G:3C &. L 5 10:35 p. Cu fcOOp. a. 3.-3 Gp. n. Dr, James, Dr. Whittier, sJcrsonal. BRIDGET NAGLE, JilEhical. lianas anh Uankets. Nrto ffi.utlicattona jy ew'and’ enlarged edition. D. APPLETON A CO„ Kos. <143 and 445 Broadway, Nov York, AND 65. C‘ GRIGGS & CO., Chicago, FUBLIiH THIS DAT _E HOUSEHOLD BOOK of POETRY COLLECTED ABD EDITED BT CHARLES A. DANA. Eerenlh edition reused and enlarged. Oaerolnmo -3&s*bjv.«!ss^’sr-*l - O purpose of this boot u to comprise within the DOQ3CU of a single volume what u truly beiatifnl and. “P*»&.e*rccßgjhg minor pceas of the Ba-rub lao ?®ye* EepeaM ckra has as alro been taken J?.^ T i5 ,er yi >o€meDewe!Uldaani «U'ied,aß weT *» 16 i£! c 2«- »sthentlcionn which could beprocarw." —£-t'o-rr/roT3j hr-facr. . .’’jJ?'* eiereatn edition, baa received very mate •t‘c*“on» tbe poets who Dave attam-'d die ‘•wtta the list-eight yean, and is now tn as SWPi?. * Caeai collection. of amor poems ol the English language eter attempted.”—.irwrtcun Bap- S^ rt «BSKBiSSSr ,,,, -“ , “^>S “ If (area na In an elegant and compact form such c tody of verse as esa be foorwi la no other rrlame op •Wf» o jolnnu. UlsbTQr th= ao«comi“2 cS- IjcTlcn that has ever been made of English Lttical Poetry.”— Hatton Ttrtiucrlpt. n “ Ateces the similar-boo as which have aps» do not hesitate to give this the lushest place.”-Pro’'- tdena Journal. V £-T. AH of Messrs. D. Appleton & Co.’s cle-ant and Tamable Books for the Holidays arc lor sale by S. C. GBIGGS & CO.. NEW BOOK. BY LOUISfUGCUJK, D. APPLETON’A CO.. Nos. 443 and 443 Broadway, N. r. ASD S. C. GRIGGS Ss CO., Chicago. Hat* sow esadt Tlio Vegetable World : A mSTOBY OF PLANTS, With their Botanical Descriptions and Peculiar Propmies. Br Louis Fmww, Aothorof‘•The World Before the Deluge." tctcnpeised throngfe text, and 21 full-page Tliusiraiiunj, ctueily drawn from nature. Br W. Faoctt, Illustrator to the Botanical Coarse of the Faulty of Sciences of Paris. y OneroL, S to„ beautifully printed, ssi pages, cloth, *s_ Toe present Tolnme may ho considered as the •««. S?-*-?’A“l bo .? 0 . n »«*» M/Pipnlrt ww!Sti 01s Tut Imude la Aotwre. *1 he World Oelore the Do ji?*6 contemplates a period In the world's hHtorr Silf^ lj “ to ?. , ? rnsmentwta,WMnt ; when iu a-Jr {??* sl'T* * Tast solitude, the ahod- cf JfiS^?..?sf« deat! ** v rh ‘ ntß preceded animals in tze or ihe s f e * t which pruce dedmanwerecreated by the wisdom of the Eternal. the earth was already clothed in a mantle of ve-vtal. Bcripture tbzt *Ocd?ah£ 16 5 e forth grass, the herb yielding seed! e « o l^ l H eeyleld *® sfrnllaJlcr hind, w hose 5Sl d s Jv JLeIC npon the earth; and it was bo. tn,t herb >ie’.Jlr » ££ after his kind; and Ood saw that it was good.’ ’• D. A. &CO. Bare lately rmbll>"cd: BEFOBKTHK UELI’GE. Uy Lons. A new edlticn. The Geological renita U iL re T) sts1 ’ a - a niuch original matter added, by BaUrTOW, t. H- iL, of the UcogrspalcM Surrey of G’eat Britain. Contalnicr 31 fa:t-pase 11- «r .^i t! .°i ,S . of^ l!E .S. lA:i!n:ll ’ acd Meal ofUia ijtcioct * nrld. designed by Ktor.aid 201 rtc- H, r “ 01 Animals, p.auu.ana oiher FosaU Bemams aad ?r“ u™. Clolll E '°’ 37 n»»ct!fal.r THE HARMONIES OF NATURE, Or, Tar Tairr 2J B* Lr.G. Hactwio. a.m.or of -ihe •gp* upjsps THE DAKVE9TOFTUR SEA. A caiwotloito iheNamTal and Economic History ot a* British Food FlSlitF. ByjAUCMt. RkETBAH. With WI:.U-f3:iOM 1 lante vol„ t'vo., 520 page*. C!oth.4;jC- haJ «-ii? extra. *10; fail calf, extra, f 12. ’*' * aaj cru& .?*■« IIIXSTOKY OF TllS CXI TED SPATES OP I bOM TIIE DIiCOVkKY OF THE C('N TIN ENT TO TEE IN ACGI’It ATI () ov ABBaBAM LINCOLN. Dy J Haunts I»att.v;.*a m lbeep e |6 lon * Ivo, * Sto - Ctoih,l3,with Portraits; .11.13 (21.50 . LCW ©US . fO (i M • 65 *3 w* of the above seat free, by mail.oa receipt of S. C. GCIGGS * CO.. ?9rosn!??,;& HAEBOUIVORKS AT GRAXDUA VEK and Black Lake. Michigan. Omcr stPKituirrocisQ EsorxrEn, n Atmos f iMvaorrMcm*. Lake Mh-dioas, ) Mn.WACKXE % Wi6eonalc, Jaanarr 1. t.-'7T. ( Scaled proposals, 1c duplicate, of the form furnished bv the undersigned, will he received at thl* 0t2,-e until lanrsilaj.the 14thd->y • f February, 1*57, a: 1‘ fn fVr * iar *' urs ° f Gra Uatcnaad uiamc «13i?J aprovemelltaat Grand H«vcn will consist o t 15.0C0 fret, me re or lets, of close plllus to protect the south baas <-fthe nvtr near tuc entrance mid as» r*. tension of the south plcrlbr 6CO feet nyerthj tilled with slot e. The Improvements a: Black Lake will b' axtenstona of tho present piers, 512 rucnli.c p**tm all.a'ddrel-*. me rhedteaglßewlUbobctwecj tne piers. and ‘or p.-cing ;h« new ertba, and will amount 10 £j.t>’o cubic yards, mot or Use. ’ * Fiara an • specifications arc on tile In th« oSW. and w ill both vc to an who wish lo examine them for the ptiipiseo. estimating. Toe prc.waH will be separate for each work, aadtbr each «».*,' of material or tabor for each work. Pita wlilborKvivedlora part or lor the whole work. The work to r**i finished bv October 1, is. 3. Treso works will be lot to the lowest re-roasllde bid ur otTimlgS U ““ t “ l “ !d 5 “ 1e3 ““ to reKxt requested to bo present upon the opec**< T’le duplicate pmpctals will be endorse in separate envelopes, and addres.wi to MAJuK J. B. WHEELER. XL s. Milwaukee, Wl*. OFFICE OP THE SUPERINTEND- V / KKT OF riiSSTUUCTIoN UF THS U. 8. culler HOUSE, SnrmgUeld,lllinois, Dec. IC. ISw. bfa«l proposals win he receivei; at the office of Su perintendent of United state* Court Untmr, at Sarlr-r* £t!o., uuil U o’clock m., Dwtmtcr 24th, for ca»t.lroti colurjif. pltosurs.and tbclr teds, car*, bed Bates. required fortne Springfield. Illinois,Court otue »ac Post Office, now ertetinc. Drawings of the work, eliowlm: dimension*, design and extrut of it, may he and -xamWd far a’lne at hit office, or by application at ’be Cuttom IV osor at ctil«.n»c, Illinois, cinctinri. Ohio, Pittsburgh. Pent syu-jn a. and SU Loc’.s, ili-K tm. Tr.c pattern* for eapifua must he submitted to the Sup-irtnierdctt f;r anprovkl telore casting, and beds nndtLpsot and r>j>as> lent must be planed true. An the CMtiLgs must t* sound, of even thickness, sharp arrlMca a.d smooth laces, and ihe cmanfutatloa uivst recfscpcnor iinUh. The price, including frciebtard de-lvcrv, must he clren In trow and the wco eot the wor* mu-t he delivered In Sprlcgdoldhy cr before thu Isloi March. l'*jj. Cldstuustbc accompanied by a hono of tro rosp-ip- Bible parttcr, in tbe sum of tUPCo, that the bidder will f crlortn the contract if awatd*. d to him. ElC’ most bo addressed to A.Schwart*. Snp*riLtnd» rat of the new c- art lloaec at St-rJnsflrM, 1 fine!*, ana must be endorsed, “i’ropoeaSii far Irou Wort.” A. scIItVAUZ. CiJg Kotircg pnoposALS for a:,' it.on X BRIDGE. OrriCß OP TOE Ik'AO op IVr.LTC ' VOKRa, ) CitfCACo. Doti-mi-er;.».is;6. -f Sealed propo'al* wl.i be rrcviv-.-l hv th- I* >arrt ct Fnb.JcTforks. at U-ilr Cnke. until Iln.m. Tair'dav, January Eli-, |«r G ervcstructUoi. u* mi for u*e, cl an Iron Bridge over North Wat.*.* -tro-t. at its with North wvi’s stro.-t. B:d J’*r# »re Jtvuod to sub? H their ovn p’sn» aa.l SDeclCcatloas, suhiect to tbec-mdUli'Da stated b^low. Ihe bridge will Have a span of eighty-(9C) - etwe-n ahotuienu. There will be two railway*, cacti twenty (20) feet w Ide in the clear, tnd twosH-w.tka lor hot travel. c#ch eight feet wiM In the clear. The Coor teams wi:l be of | b.’atr Iron. »ay seven (7) Inches wide, placed two (3) feet aoan ffoniecclrj to tcntie. The haod-nu-ing wtu bo cfc.»st Iron, ogee patters, live (5)* wfue, and ihe baluster* will be of wrought iron, one (Dlncbwriire. ro*ti,of wrought Iron, ore and- cte-half(l*o Imho* j-nare. will oe plar/'d eight (S) Pet apart. w"hcrcvc? th*:«; posiscnxe the door beams win project outside of the two (3) feet to a , .ror>t opportunity lor hr icing tin po;te securely. Tuebruhre must support with s.,r tv the weight ot one hu ured and twonty-fvc (ir») p v.mdi to cadi euiKrtrtal loot of the tlo-r surtirco: tao r.j.i.7- way. In addition to the weight efthe s:rn-.iurc rscit Ihe bridge mu*t be plaane»rin such a manner and vita ouch dimen-lun* that the tccsii* strain on ih« w ron.-ht tronparts not exceed ■»! the rats c t itn tanusind (IC-AC) ponr.ds rer square Inch ncucr the etlc<.t of the maximum lout. Froi usal-. p ans oca specdcationa at 2 also invited lor eald bridge, built a* above, eventing that In the centre the bridge shall be supported by iron . o)u:sn* rating on stone loandatl-na in the street bel- w. the columt s being capped hy an Iran glrdtr ruiclagcross wise o| the bridge. I’rcposaißmn«tbcaCclre.«jed to the B'mrdol Public uorki*. endorsed “Proposal for Iron nrlrtg..-,” nad be 6< oomp*»n*ed with the m-ua' iX3b-»sd, wiia saretlea, to bi. apci oved bv the Poarrl The Board reserve the right to relect say bid not tn accordapce with the condlnor.9 cf till* e or to rqle:t all bins, and no pnipo-al will Deacccpura unless the p»riy crfennslt eha'.’ give evioeuca satisfare to the Board that he ha- the necessary ►<lll. eXpe rt encc, energy and shlUtv for doing the work, (a tnuW worthy, ana tuu salhclcnt pecuniary nx^turcea. J. 6. GINDEUC, FRHD. LETZ; O. J. ROSE. • Board of Public Wort*. LJuainess (Garbs. ct J JEFFERSON, COID.HISSION • ISIERCHASTS, OFFICE, 204 FRONT-57, ( j! £ ME.U HIIIS* TE5*Jf, LlUrai cMb advancements made oa Q.EST, BATTEN & CO., Wiolesalo Commission Jir.rctt-nSi, >*o. CO BetweenFandG-stsO DENVER. txrLQ>*-ArH»- BOSS! STENTII.S AND WEIKHT LISTS Furnished gratis. Blglicit market priCM gavraatcedi prompt returns made. Comspondei-cv s- dclreo. REDMOND 4 CO., GenT Com’n "M-rch’ls, • 2*SWashlngton-«L, Ctuoago.llL S>I«SiJS. gLEIGHS. SLEIGHS I SLE3SHS I We have now on band the most magnlCcent assort tner-t of FINE SLEIGHS ever exhihiteit id this country. . It Is a wtU-kLownfactlhal the KIMBALLS take the lead on Fine Finished Sleighs. For Style, Beauty ot Finish, and Durability, they an noi equai.ed in the world. Flee Sleighs of oor own make, from |9Q to 3300. ncc Portland and other Sleighs, not our own mako. from f 35 to Z27~ We cannot be nndexsebi on any si»<vhg m tba market. & Emit ALL EliOS. & CO., 110, 112 and 114 Sndfanry Street^ gTrausportatioa. QNLT DIKEUT UNH TO FRANCE, tieneral Transatlantic Company’s MATT, STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. The splendid new vessels ut this favorite route Sa me Ccstment will sail irom Pier No. 50, North Elvtx, as follow*: ‘ PER EIRE Duchece.... January 13. . VILLE DEPARIS.. £6. EUBOiE ... February 9. ST. LAURENT Bocandi....February 23. PHiCK OF PASSAGE IN GOLD. First Cabin, 1160; Second Cabin, SIOO, iscxudicg tat;x wtue in elthar class. The stcamen ot this line do net carry smerseu paa* Eengcrs. Paisengert mtcndloz to laud at BREST will be fur nished with railroad ecu per ttekeb. and their baggage checked, to Paris, at an additional charge cf|s&rlim and (3 Sot second class. Medical attendanca free of charge." For further taibricatlon. apply, ia Chicago, at the FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE, aS.’S fn New rent, to GEO. MACKENZIE. Agent, 5S Bread* way. %att 'T'MGRATEiT A 2, r D WOUSTLOOK -UdS?"® Hair Color Restorer** “Lorclon Ecsuires 13 Hair Co'or Restorer** “Locdou youthful • Hair Color Rrttoret* “Lo'don Beauty by Hair Color Restorer* “London IB Use. Hair Color Restorer** “lAjadoa Hair Color Restorer" It cot* not dye ths Hair, but acts as a stimulant and toole to the organs and nils them with new life and coloring matter. Dry, haisb, dead or discolored ap pearance of the Hair l< changed to lustrous, shloltag an>l beautiful locks. The seal? ts kept dean, cool and. hea the, and dandruff ctr-cmaily cure!. Single bottla 75 c; tfe; halfdcrec. ?4. Sold Fy all drugglsts- SMITH A DWYER, Wholesale Agents- s>air 3jic. TJATCHELOR’S hair dye. This splendid Hair Dye U the best tn the world. Harmless, reliable. Instantaneous: the only Perfect Dye. No disappointment. No ridiculous Unfa. bat true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. BATCH* ELOli. Sold ay Druggists and perfumers. factory*, bl Barclay*st4 Slew fork, '