Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 8, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 8, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. TUESDAY, JANUARY 8.1853. THE CITY. Duesentation.—A silver tea set was presented last evening to M. hi. Kirkman, Esq., Assistant General Accountant of the Chicago and North* western Railroad, by a number of his friends On the occasion of h& marriage. Giu-nTr’* Dining Halt., Noe. 46 and 43 Clark street, has again changed bands; this time under auspices ol a most favorable character. The present proprietors are sparing no pains to make It a first-class dining hall, and are refilling and re famlFhing throughout, it is lo the hands of par* ties who cannot but make it a success. law pTnar.—We call attention lo the fact that Don. Isaac N. Arnold, our ex-member of Con gress. has resumed tbe practice of the law in this city. Ho Is associated with his former law part ner, C. A. Gregory, Esq., and with George Pay son, Esq. The firm is composed of able lawyers. Mr. Arnold, so long eminent at the bar, will coubtlo*f r- rain the extensive and important practice which he laid aside for pnolic affairs. New Anr Palace,— Ur. G. B. Green’s Art Pal cce, No. JC2 JAkr street, opened yesterday morn ing, with crowds of ladies and gentlemen, all anxiou.** to obtain a sample of the work of the great lioston photographer—T. A. Brown. In order lo properly introduce his work, Mr. Green rroiosfe-tc make pictures for thirty days at the mv price nf one dollar per dozen. We need not eminent further. Mr. Green's name la a sufficient n;siai.U‘c of satisfaction. TtErmANCE.—The “ Templars* OTcrfng,” hitherto the organ of the Good Templars in the Northwest, has been discontinued, and succeeded bv “The New Republic,” the first number of which is before ns. It promises great things, both in its pledges and its general tone. A Convention of Good Templars will be held ci: Wednesdav morning in Commercial Sail, No. i;o Snub Clark street; each city lodge will send five del- gates. Fire at Cottage Grove.—A fire broke out about tv o o'clock yesterday morning mthercsi ccccc of Mr. J.uddington, situated near the corner cf Lilts jm-noc and Douglas place, and communi cating with adjoining residence ot Frederick Smith, ot the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Rail read. entirely consumed both buildings, with their contents except a part ot the furniture. The Sol diers* Dome was in imminent danger and once c.tight ihe, hut it was extinguished by the her culean cficiL‘ of the inmates, and tbe mstitutiou wa j saved. The fire is thought to have been caused !>v the failing of agrateia the pack parlor of the dwelling first mentioned. loss wp-about £i,2rt-, and the building belonging lo W. J. Johnson,™ as worth *2,000. partially insured. Mr. Mmui's loss was fO,OUO, with an insurance of y;;.r£n., ihe hre bad got well under way before the httlval of an engine, owing to the distance they hud to travel. The building in which Ihe* # oiipu;aieil was at one lime used as the Sol diers* iiomo. A:; alcna, sounded from box No-JCS, between 3 t;al S o'clock yesterday ?ftemoon, was false. Millses’ Associatiox.—Pursuant to adjonm nstr.i a cumber oJ ibe millers of Chicago asscm* Lltd cd Monday afternoon in tbe Board of Trade Hill, for tbe purpose of bearing the report of their cuu.ll.Uicc', appointed for the purpose of drafting a corfiiintion. Mr. P. W, Datcr in the chair. Mr. N. liawJ.ii:* acted as Secretary. 'j ho ci nuiuec. through their chainnan, Mr. P. W Hater. reported a cocstitnilon which was c> nsidc.cdtiJiicic by article, and approved with a lew altciauot’r-. . . The lies adopted is tte Miller’s Association of ti.c Ciiy ci Chicago. The articles provide that tuv Miner, or firm of millers in the county of Co‘ok Esv become members of the association r; yu th*- vote of two-thirds and the payment of tw ■ ltv-five dollars Initiation lee—the members of • firm havin'’ but cue vote for ibe usual officers ; er-ci;v ihe amiss and powers of the Executive (.vomit cc ; require tbe election of officers upon t • e Lr-t Tuesday of Jauuary in each year; provide lor moMhly meetings, to be held on the first 'l cf •.very month, at snub times, and ot f-.u-h 2’’~ee as the Executive Committee shall cl oc . _ Tho tame committee, consisting of Messrs P. V.’. Hater. n, Hawkins, ana L. D. Norton, were fi.ii'ii-uic with instruction* to proenrothe signa asKJuy millers as possible to the con s;• t.-iou. On motion, adjourned to Friday, Jauua;y HUs. to meet at same time and place for the vr ui-SL c,f oivcers, and the transac’ion of all nvccsrasp business. Dlatu or Oid Craxct.—Died, in this city, yesterday, January T. ISGC. it 2 o'clock p. m., U*nry i>. Ku-iktr, Efq.-, a resident of Chicago tor about thirty years. Deceased was torn in Lexington, Kentucky, DvCiabrr, ia,9. lie graduated at Augusta Col- Kge, Kentucky, studied law under Marshall Key, a; Washington, Mason County, Kentucky, and re nted to Cincinnati about the year 1832. There t<- held me position ol Professor of Mathematics at Woodworth High School, and subsequenly was Deputy clerk ot the Court ot Common Pleas oi Hamilton County, under General Wta. Henry HartUou, until about (he year when be re -■n-td 10 Chicago. Here he wasCicrkof the J!ui ..ttial Court, until its aoolishment. In 153 D. In the i-n 0 : iS-M tc was elected Justice of the IV ace, and bin* mat position until the organlza- Don oi the County c>*nrt erstem, and in ISIU was elected the ffret County Judge of Cook County. He held this position two terms—eight years— whet, in isoT, he resumed the practice of the legal pn Us>l. n. For about twenty years be was a member of the order of cid- Fellows, and atone period held the I o luon 01 Grand Masier of this State. He was aho a representative from his State in Ihc Grand Ledge ol the United states. At the time of his dvu i-e leva* a member of Duane Lodge, of this c;ty. and ul-o of Chicago Encampment. i ;"i i‘;«jtn residence of his »rother\Edward O. hrrlar, K*-p. northeast comer of State and ttrects, on Wednesday, January lit., jo o'clock a, m. Burial at Graceland Cehiilcry. Hall's Finn asj> Bunonaa Proof Safes.— was a time, and perfapa It still exis's, !:-.l genCemcu who rested during the day, and j mtwCtd burglary at night, had a poor opinion ol ;!.c v. c: i.mat.ship of iron safe manufacturers, for they lad veiy little more difficulty in ‘‘going thr i:gb" some safes than a hotel thief has iu c | n eping room door, with a pa»r of first-• c*a?- rippers, when the key is ou the inside. But \\ i- c\ iuioii. to far ae regards the concrete sales ■ r f p ].. Fall .t Co., has und-rgouc a radical } clti"<•. ai.d some burglars hate broken so many i d; ;I1- in trying t<• bore through the sides, and ex- j.j.d u ff. much powder in endeavoring to blow u; :l o lock* cf these safes, that they have retired f.v ta the i-dtajes.' l iu disgusc The office ot the toc;>Liij’ is :*t No. l‘J Dearborn street, between .in Id.. ;rd Wa-binglon, where may bisecn, dr.ii bn- iro-s boitrs, a variety of sates which are wu: tinted no*, only to withstand ail kinds of buiglui!*' fcs?aiiitr, but to bring iheir contenta out cf a.* Ik: :;;e- as any tnai have bcea started since M.adr_t!i :.nd two ui his intimate tnenos visited nc.iiai'i wc-lMincwtifurnace. Atthegrcal-Opera liui- - file m Cincinnati, lastHpiiag, seven ofllall v. ov.'e ,in the oii’.cc of the Adams Express Ct ::'•{<!■ n>, we:.- ervdooi-d In llames and burning Cal- fur about one hundred hours, and when' tu'.‘- s: out uf rnliia and examined, their con- cm.: is:i:;g of money, bonds, silver plate, v.t.o luund in perleclif good condition. ’!v--o. iiail A- Co. supply a.l of nceaft-s used by i->.prtfc-Company, and have recently ta large number for the Alci chants' Union L:.p ;te t. Ti:r Wzlu or Pratsu.—The present week, as r.s-.C. K ;he Tmuitcc of Sunday morning, has I. i-ii 'iKciiii, by divines of the different Evan- i. l.rrLl.i,> in iXie United States a? week of 3 « r—the object being to supplicate, in prayer, i; ■ ru; \er*u.n oi the rathe copulation of onr c</;s '.:y to <;ini-tiar.iiy. The idea Is one which r.C* in the moM favorable manner to » -.i ' ii-v i‘hcr of humanity, and »c earnestly l.r ; e r its reahzaiion- At the dally prayer t i<- be hold for the remainder of the v.< tr, in pe audiences are expected, and due pro* \IA< a been made for the accommodation of v 1.0 Miall attend. The r.m cf this pgrlcs of meetings, to beheld dt.r.r.n the pre-wit wetkof pt ay ci, commenced ! x c-tndar morning, at !1 o’clock, in the audience routn <it 'the Kim iletnoaist Episcopal Church, coiEcrot i.'l ark aid Washington streets, Hev. W. W. n\eu>, U. D , presiding. After singing. read ing or r-c;ij Hue*, ai d prayer. Ur. Ercrta offered c \o:v Minin? end practical remarks upon the ler-uJtA to *hc Church and the cause of Cartel whrh v«-cl<l follow a fall consecration and com* pri.brh.-ive faith on the part of the people of God, cv.irg in iliuMißtiou Inc many marked conver «-i n* which have; followed the efforts of fiUbtol laborers Cu'ih? the past year. jj L. Moody. £*q.„ ioIlo»iu~ in the earns car* t. r.t of Ti rmiK«, sp'»kc of the late conversion of senator W.Pon. a»»d a cclebtatt-Q lawyer of Bos* ho La-gm*u up his profession ag a lawyer ar.d entered upon the work of an Evangelist, lie 11.-o j-pnke of the exertions of Senator Wilson si i! otl.eir. «ho, with him, hive organized a Sc:.: tciirl prayer meeting In Washington, as a <: h’f* a’promise to our nation. Further u :• :ii - v.erv mace by Itev. £. J. Goodspcedand t/t -I L. C, Marquis, of the North Pres -1 »mn church, will loan the meeting this mom* g. *i Li public a;i- invited. A Blbfc .11E A TS. '} t-T. riTßA.—Travlaia, musically the weakest v •; r«*,.ci:i*.v3*i given list evening to a T2:»l\ fair It maybe gut down that ) a i'.:\i.fsta, Vi: Ba’io cn MasChera. audTraviata an- 11.: ;»• Chicago. However strong the r;-!:. ;1 have never yet drawn large booses. In tli.* c„- of Tra'iata als col a matter of surprise. 1 <?r U ; il.ucice;.u«<i of two or three arias and thu i;:.r!>* of U.c-thud act, there Is little In It to i .rs d it to public favor. The plot, which is th-* nil;;.' a- tl a* or the Dame aax Camelias, is a ? ili-gutthg larrtco of love according to the uo ( tMi.-of uunut-, Sine and a score of the mod-’rn i’. ui ch i lay-wiiiui-i. conpKd with a drt-ary pbysi ol.gH..! p.-tateof a women dying of Coniiimp t:> r acO a >-uudcn tttsek of decency. Ills Hardly a m-iicr of f r.rpritc that the music to such stuff i.- ui »U. vcpld c:.d iccaningles*, the airs com* and the accompaniments of the lowest i jd*ir. l oth m r.ylc and composition. Mmoiii toot, the role of Violefa, and made it as eilLcilvc as poFsible with her Coe voice and an no i>unldcgru- of dramatic spirit. interpreta iii'ii i f t!.f' Ah! for* t ft/i cha Vanltna, which la err (■! il;uL-cFt vumocrol»Mhework, wassuperb, bd'; in crpicseiou and execution, and the chance to the t'7.r.trr itb'ra d-Qe'to *»a exceedingly well iedi-uted. Errant a? Alfredo was rather light, trj cosily in the dnos with Gbioni, bat went t;.rc;jgh bis role very acceptably, ilarra sang hla M.Vrrocnt) very Uccly, and although hla is not well Cited for hi* principal number, J.i Mill he sang Uwitb great feeling cud cartful shaaieg. The choruses, especially the trivi-d Driudi-i tn ihc first act, and »ho finale cl the thud, v.bkhis the best number of,the t-j cia, weie very well taVen. Tc-right, l.ncis. M cVu urn's Tunamr.—Miss Ceclle Bosh made 1 her flirt appearance in \hts city last evening, Aitl her iinmewas comparatively unknown here, the public were favorably predisposed | towards h.r by the commendation she has re vived irom me Eastern press. and the good TTtinisvs given the has amply fulfilled. It was rvhi-r* unfortunate that she efaoold have ie uctcd such ft piece ae Bianca to open tn as » rarely proved an attractive r’av with the general public, notwtthstand hi" hr supciior literary merit. Unfortunate onlv in this ouu rcsnect. however, for the young rr.'Dfc mede a decided Impreasion by her power* lul de-llaeation ol the character. Miss Rush t ■ great power of expression, is a finished reader and has a countenance which, if not quit* i lea.-itg at first fight, gains upon ns as she pro ceeds. n:r rendition of Bianca left nothing to be dc-ired. It was 101 lof passion and feeling, * r.d made a profound Impression upon the audl euce, especially in those scenes of true pathos In the ciotlLg acts. Mias Rneb was heartily ap plauded, and wjs twice called before the curtain. Ibis evening “he appears la the play of Love’s fcucriSce. • hitmen.— I The rew comedy of 41 A Hundred Thout-and Pounds” was hronghl oot at the Museum last night, with an excellent cast, and before a lull house. It was well received by ihe audience. and prom'ses to draw well. The same lull Ibis evening. , . suatikc.—ibe parks were all open yesterday I ted had ciowds of skaters. Great preparations I arc being made for the fancy dress carnival at the I Cvrtr.l Bark on Wednesday evening. About tvohnndrcd costumes are anticipated,and the park, which is being partitioned off for the pnr i rse, will be brilliantly illuminated so that the maskers will be seen to the best advantage. The Washington-Skating Parkis open to-day to skaters who have bought tickets for the city relict fund- * Dn- Cowok will give a lecture on and exhibi tion oftbe effects of laughing gaa la the Opera lionsc Huelc Hall thla evening. FitiSK Ltntuann e Chicago Concert Trounc , Elan tills a mnstol tpar throngh the nialc Thevnffi sing thu evening In Joliet, the next night In Wilmington, and go on to Spring field. ANTHSAB MONOPOLY M'^TIKO. Gas to-the City—Hodo of ■ Pay ' Vhr the Corpot-ation Shonld v xtlaie Its/ Omi Gas* TUB RESOLUTIONS. Tbc BUI to le Submitted to the Citizens or Chicago and to the Legislature* A meeting of the friends of the anti-gas monop* oly was held last evening in the Circuit Court room, J. Tonng Scammon, Esq., in the chair, and W. D. King, Esq., acting as Secretary. The meeting was called to order, and the report of the committee was (ben read by E. 0. Lamed, Esq. Tbc following Is sn abstract: _ tbe nxroßT. The report makes a statement of the present mode of supplying gas, and calls attention to the fact tbat no restriction is placed upon the com* par ies as to ihc price, quality, rupply, or measure* moot of gas in the city, excepting as to the Peo ple’s Gas Light & Coke Company, whose price cannot bo redneed below S 3 per thousand. In May, 1559, the Chicago Gas light Company en tered into a contract with the city to supply gas for ten years at S 3 per tnonsand feet, and that the piicc to citizens should not while the contract existed, exceed $3, nor be in creased beyond *2.50, unless on an economical management the net profile should fall below ten per cent per aennm. This contract has bind ing torcc until May, ISG9, and yet It has been dis regarded by the charge of *3.50 per thousand feel to private consumers, in addition to tbc war tax. Cpon the expiration of the time Hmlied In the contract, there is nothing to prevent this compa ny for charging at its pleasure tor gas, or, on a failure to pay, plunging the streets Into dark- ness. The management of the companies being thus beyond control, the only course lea for the people b to step in and undertake the manufacture and supply, and more urgently ibis necessity Is ex hibited by tbe recognized fact that gas has be come a necessity, and so should not be a monop oly ; nor could the necessary competition to pre vent such monopoly De obtained by the organiza tion of new gas companies, la tbc narrow limits of a street hnt lew lines of pipe con be laid, and the Inconvenience and loss resulting from such multiplication would render tbe benefit of doubtful profit This view of the case was accepted and promulgated by a committee of Ibc Common Conucii ins report presented May 12th, 1859, when it was concluded that no compe tition wbicb would prove of value could be ob tained by allowing rival companies to occapy tbe same streets. Competition being impossible there will be absolute and unrestricted monopoly as long as tbc mailer is beyond pnbiic control. Tbc result of such a course being allowed Is shown in the Inequitable and unjustifiable in cicasc which has been made in tbe price of gas. The increase of pnee was the more unjustifiable because, with tbe price of coal, that of coke rose, and the recent policy of tbc city in its street im provements by the nse ot block pavement has grcally enlarged the demand for coal tar. This was an insufficient cause, as was the rise in the cost or labor. , The consumption of gas for ISC3 was 123,535,122 Icel, and tbe annual increase since then baa been I about twenty-five millions ot feet, eo that 1 the amount sold In ISC6 was over a hundred and nicely millions. Tbc profit being in tbe ratio of ’be amount manufactured, no one can doubt that tbe profit of this year's manufacture, at tbc same price, would be proportionately greater than it was on tbe amount manufactured In ISSO, ‘’■hen the price was $2.50. In is-is, Mr. A. C. Heslng, at Cincinnati, manufactured coal gas at a price not exceeding 50 rents per thousand teet, and did not save the coal tar or coke, and from tbia tome Idea of tbe profit could be gained. m u Of tbc amount of gas supplied last year, one hundred and sixty-three millions of feet were far cified to private citizens. The gross receipts for ibis, exclusive of the revenue tax and the cost of teal furnished to tbe clty,amounted to $625,000 on ’ an authorized capital stock of $1,300,000. Thu committee therefore belter e that the price I row charged is too high, and (he time has come to 1 c.o*e a decrease, and this can only be secured by I dfUrcnne ourselves from subordination to tuc I monopolists. Beyond these considerations, tbe I mpeia'ive necessity ol lighting the streets beyond I the control tfa private company is urged by (be committee as one to bv considered. The committee deems U prudent to place Uie matter of supplying pa- upon tbe same looiiug as the delivery ot water. Each of these necessaries me essential In a city for the safety of life and piopcrlr, and Ibe arguments which apply to the cit'- s control olthe water mains belong to the gas supply. 'J he control of excavating tho streets *hw.ld especially belong to the people's repceacn • ivs, aco ibe measurement of gas should bo under tbe control ot sworn officers. The p’acticability ol the proposed plan was next considered. The Committee deemed itnseleisto t-spatiale on this point, because a city that could build a tunn-1 extending two miles under Lake Michigan, certainly can do almost any thing It attempts for its own advan tage. In • this regard the matter of the quality of the gas supplied Is to be con considered, and the committee believe a better at tide will be furnished by tbc city Iban by a monopolizing corporation. Tbe plan proposed has tbc mem, too, of not creating e lot of salaried officials to the munulacture of another department oi Ibe city government. It creates but one add!- t anal officer, to be a part of tbe Board of Public \\ orbs, and such necessary clerks as abso lute necessity demands for carylng on ibe worn of manufacture, fnpplv and collection, while these are hedged around by measures of safety, by pen uldvs against malieasnnce, and by the power of • •■moral in tbe banos of the Connell and tbe Com* roh-pioicr. . . 4 | Tbe bill authorizes the issue of bonds to the srnoubt ot $2,500,000, which stun it is believed will becmidccithct to construct new works or pur chase ibote oi Ibe present companies. By inquiry of a member of the city Finance Commit! ee/your eon miliee ascertained that the sum required tho year l6tt> to pay the cost of eas consumed oy tho lUv alote will exceed JUO.OuO, Irrespective of the amount for revenue tax; so that the city is Itself paying annually, lor public purposes atone, a •■cm which would ne nearly sufficient to pay the whole Interest on ibe estimated amount reqo.recl jo furnish city gas works, it is apparent, there fore, that when to the sum now being paid Iwr the city Is added the amount paid annually by private consumers, that the bonds bsned xor this purpose will pol additional burden on tbe *i reasury, but, on the contrary, that, tbe gas ro celplH will furnish a revenue which will not only ay tbe Intel eel on ibe bonds, but will at no dis tant day liquidate the principal. The commil toe appointed by the citizens of Cin cinnati to luvcsll-.atc the matter (whose reportla in postcfitlou of your committee) reported that tbc actual cost of Uie manufacture tf gas In Pitts burgh (ns shown by an examination of the books) upon u consumption of -f ftd was 01)4 cents per thousand ieet, and that with an Increase of three times the amount manufactured, such cost would be diminished at lea.«t 35 per cent, and that committee estimated Uiat after rcdaciug • be price of cas from $0.35 to $3.50, the city would at tbore rates be able In eight years to pay off tbc entire gna debt and have $500,(.tK) la tbc treasury. These estimates would of course be raised by tbc difference in ibe cod of coal and labor be tween that city and this, but vonr committee cm crialu no donb- tbai the profits to this monopoly •m ibis city arc so large that, alter making a Hb • ral allowance for loss incident to tbe less eco nomical management of the business in public itiEtead of private bauds, that a very large saving in price will bo secured. y our commit’ee. upon careful mqulry,and from sources which may bcL relied on as accurate, bate ascertained that, at a very liberal estimate of the a rtnal cost of the manufacture of gaa in this city. Irrespective of the capital em ployed in construction, extensions and repairs, but including condensation and wastage, docs not exceed tbc sum of'one dollar and fifty cents per thousand feet. , , , If we take tbc amount manufactured in ISCG rish',w.t ,000 feel) as a basl% and estimate the animal me of increase on tbe amount consumed to be 16 per cent, which was tound lobe the cor icftpronurihnat Cincinnati and which is less than the rate ol Increase shown betc during to - •nnr year-that we have the yearly returns to the Ilcvenue oßice, and suppose that tbe net interest paid bv the cllv on tbc assumed indebtedness of $3,5Cn,Ut) will be S per cert, and assume Ibe above • htimatcuf Sl.tOas the actual cost of the maim tseture per thousand, we shall have the following i os the result of eight year; operations: 1867. Amount of gas consumed, 376,600,000 feet. Cost of 378.000,000 at $1.50 per thousand fat ...$ 4l«.003 imereti on *2,500,M0 at 8 per cent 3X*M) Total ofcoft G1»,000 Kccemts for £TS,GOO,«JO feet at 52.30 per iLtneand GOo,OUO ,S 'ra.ULKj Kel surplus the lint year. IWS. Amount of css cousnmcd, 3*20,000,000. I-CM of :.20,!tu,t00at $-.r>U $ -iSD.OoO interest 2,010,000 at 8 per ccm. x 800,000 To<al of co?l - TTewipis Icr at *2.5<J pertuou taro * $ STO,WO Kelt tnrplufi second year. im. Amount of gas*consumed, 3“i},C00,000, Cost o! oTO.tftvCfOfcetattl.W) S SKy-oi • j;tercet a; above 200,00 i Tctil of co-t ....$ 755.C01 receipts lor Jrrc.ClAi.COu feet at $2.50 per ibomand . $ 925,00 Kell surplus third year IS7O. Amount of pas consumed, 430,0*0,003. «*tcf «\»o.t'Wiotsl.oU nfciesl as above Total of cost ;e*clpte for jy],(PO,CUOicct at per tfcoueaud 1,073,000 I,’Ct surplus fonrlh year.. 1871. Gas coreotncd, M0.000.t00. Cost of SOO.WHUjW)at Sl.DOpcrthousand.? 750,000 Interest aa a1)0»’c.... ST'O.OOO Total of cost » ICO,OJO Receipts for.sCC,t'o<‘,tt)oal per thou sand Net surplus for filth year. Gas consumed, 550.000.0U0. Cost ot 52?t),1X-O.OCfl feet st 8 1.50 per thou sand .. ... 8 570.000 Interest as above 5200,000 Total cofil 81,070,001 Receipts for 360,009,100 ats-.5C per thou sand 1,450,000 Net sniplas for sixth year 1873. Gas consumed, <770,000,000. Cost of C7U,COO,CCO feet at 81SS per thou sand 81,005.000 interest as above 200,000 TolaUoat 81,205,000 -Receipts for C7C,000,000 lect, at $2.50 per thousand 1,673,000 Net surplus lor seventh vear. 1674. .$ 170,000 Gas consumed 775,000,000 '.ost ot 775,000,000 at $1.50 per lhouß,l6a,ooo imerest as above SOU,OOO Total cost £1,369,000 Itcccipta for 775,000,000 at 32.50 nor thousand 1,935,000 Net surplus eighth year 3573,030 This would make the net ampins for the eight yean amount to 000 to Ik applied to repairs and extension of works nod pipes, and to the payment of the lias debt. U cannot be doubted that the estimated rate of increase In the consumption of sixteen per cent would bold good. when eneb rate Is justified bv past experience both here and at Cincinnati, anti when it is fairly to be presumed that the redaction in price to 39X0 would tend greatly to increase the amount consumed. And so for from oor having any good reason to expect an; redaction in the prices of gas in the future, it will be seen byreferriogto the amended charter of the People's Gas Company that the City Connell are actually prohibited from ettr reducing the price of gas by that Company lower than 38 pet thousand, and as the South Side Company will naturally Insist on being paid the same price as the West Side, there Is every teaton to believe that after the expiration of the present contracts the rales to the city will be raised to at least 33 per thousand feet, at which rate the annual amount paid by the city atone would on the consumption of 19Co come to 3225,000. The commit’ce presented the following certi ficate of the gas manufactured by the city gas companies from September 1, 1665, to November Amount of cas, (feet! as reported to this office, by the Chicago Gas Light and Coke Company: For 1813 41,471,926 IS6B 133,525,139 jS6I 117,019,819 16C5 17i,(w4,073 1806 (exclusive of mouth of 13cc.). .176,575,515 Total 663,645,955 rzorLTß’ gas light akd cokx cokpast. ForISGS . 8,185,519 IST 9^170,586 16W 3C««9,930 I IBM 83.935,783 1666 45,178.497 Amount above. Total feet, 819,006,992 . O. L. Munr, Collector. The committee also reported a proposed bill to cam out (he object of tbc meeting, which wilt bo tonnd in another column. ntsotitmoKs. rbe commit!ee also reported a series of resoln* Ilona as follows : Rriolrfrf, Tbat tbc bill which has been drafted by the committee appointed si the previous psbllc meeting of the citizens of Chicago to authorize the diy of Chicago to raanafacraro and supply gas for eald city, and by them reported to this meeting, la hereby approved, and that said com* mince be authorized and instructed to present the same to the City Connell, and request Us approval thereof. Besotx-etiy Tbat said committee are also author* Ized and instructed to transmit the said bill to the General Araembij of the Stale of Illinois, to* gether with a copy of tbc report presented here* wiib, and of the proceedings of this and the pre vious public meeting of the citizens, and that the Senators and Kepreseniallves from Cook County are hereby respectfully requested to give their Ik steflorts to secure its passage by thel/jglria lore, at the present session, and that said com* mlttee are requested to take each action, either by pcisonaJl} going to bpringfield or otherwise, as they shall deem necessary to secure the pass* see or said bill. Eetoltid, That a committee of ten to consist of four from the SontU and three from the North and West Divisions of tbc city, be appointed br the Chair, to prepare pctiUonsfor the passage of such lew, and obtain the signatures of oat citizens to Ibc same, and tocanso tha same to be presented to tbc General Assembly, and that the finance committee heretofore appointed be requested to obtain from onr citizens the funds wblcn shall be nucdml to defray the expenses of the foregoing proceedings. suggestions Aim motions. Mr. Beckwith suggested tbat, among other reasons stated for tbc city taking possession of its own gas mannlacture, ►honld be inserted the ngbt to take advantage of any improvements which might be introduced into the giv ing of a eupply. He would undertake to say there were persons now in Chicago willing and able to furnish a better quality of gas tothedtv. at onn dollar per thousand, than is now supplied. The principal reason for ruing on his part, however, was to move to strike ont tbe twenty-sixth section of the bill. 0c desired that' private parties be allowed to come here and com pete for supplying gas. He represented a gas company ond would 10-day take a contract to eupplv all citizens at one dollar per thousand feet, and be believed tbe company was amply able to fulfil such a contract. Mr. Lamed thought the motion shonld not pre vail, because oflhe inconvenience of multifarious occupation of the streets. The object of the bill is to maintain the control of tbc pnbiic thorough fares in the hands of the city—lne owners of tbc fee. Ur. Keith suggested that even if the charge shonld be greater under ihe administration ol the city, the benefit would result to the citizens. A vote was taken on the amendment, and it was lost—one vote being given in tbe affirmative. resolutions and nzponx adopted. Tbc resolutions endorsing tbe report, and In structing the committee, were then unanimously adopted. Ibc chair reserved the appointment of the oommittcc to present resolutions to the Common Connell and Legislature. TLc meeting then adjourned. ATTEMPTED WIFE MURDER. An Old mid Bcspccted Citizen Shoots His Wife—The Cause, Jealousy —Sad End to a Career of Wedded Misery* For gome days past we hare cot had occasion to make local mention of a murder, or even an attempt to take the life of another, but in a city embracing so large a population it would be vain to hope for a long continuance of such a flattering Mate of good order, aud on Sunday last many citizens of the West Division were startled by learning that one of their number, lor twenty-five years a resident-of Chicago, had attempted the murder of his wife, . ~ John Von Horn, familiarly Known as “Major, a title acquired from two sears service In the Twenty-fourth Illinois Infantry, residing at No. Milwaukee avenue, has for man? years past, itis alleged, lived In very unhappy relations with bis wile. He is a roan abonl forty-nine years of age, and she a prepossessing looking lady of tl-lrty-rcven. Nine children have clustered around them during Ibclr wedded life of twenty years, and it would seem strange that Mr. Von Horn, a Hessian by birth, who has been singularly favored by tt-c confluence of his fellow citizens in receiving public tiusts and responsi bilities, should not no able to enjoy at least an average amount of domestic felicity. In 1838 be was one of Iho Aldermen elected to represent the old Sixth Ward in the Common Council; has since been County and City Surveyor, and was, fur four or five months, a member ot the Board ot Education. ... , _,. itreported that the underlying basis of ins df nc-i’c troubles was jealoupy of bis wile. With wVal m .'on he entertained hla suspicions we have not Ueu able to ascertain, but It is stated that for I' c feelings be entertained have embittered, bis family and caused them to look upon Mm as a domestic tyrant. Ills wife Has borne tie persecutions os a weary incubus, but hopeful that there might be brighter days in store for them, and his children have learned to regard Urn with emotions more of terror than af fection. It la presumed that there have been days vhen his household was comparatively undis turbed, but It would not lasi, and bU temper, once excited, would become almost ungovernable. On Sunday afternoon between 4 aud 5 o’clock, the occupants of a grocery store at No. 400 Milwaukee avenue, Mr. William linets and wo. Luca?, were greatly astonished at the entrance of a daughter ot Mr. Von Horn’s, a girl of thirteen years, running fiom home In a stale of extreme fright. She ran through Uic store and was c'Osclt pursued by her father, bis countenance livid with rage. Mr. Kneiss stepped before the angry man ami tried to persuade him to let the girl alone. 11 was stated dial he had threatened to kill her because she woutd not be coerced Into saying that her mother was a bad woman. At anont this time Mrs. Von Hum entered the store from the back door awl talked In a quiet way with her hus band. endeavoring to appease bis wrath. Her words were treated with scorn, and he replied to her in the most abusive manner, and finally, drawings loaded revolver from his pocket, be fore the act was observed, he presented the muz zle ciostlv to hia wife’s car ana fired. Fortunate ly, bis maddened condition prevented a mote careful aim. The ball entered behind her ear and came out of the left check, and the wound, though ot a serious character, will not be Itkely to prove fatal. Immediately after tie hud Is said that he a*tempted to destroy hlmscif with another f-boi.biit he was suddenly caught around the hod? luthefnong arms of Mr. Ki.elss, aud his hands were lied behind him with stout cords. He was shrilly altcrwards placed under arrest. At the I’rUcc Court, yesterday morning, he was ar raigned upon the charge or an assault with intent to kill. A partial esamlcailon was held, and the was continued till this morning for further ••lamination. Mr. Von Horn being required to give ball of $5,00(1. LOCAL MATTERS. IlundrcdN In this city cats be referred to. tvbo arc now being treatedby Dr. Slbbet. De pend upon It. the Dr. do:» absolutely and perma nently restore thc'boir. Rooms in Miller’s Block, miner Randolph and Clark-sta. Entrance No. 73 Clark-al. A nnnrantes accompanies cadi bot sle of MaredcnV Pectoral Balm, which will cure verv co*c of Cough, Co’d, IrQaenaa or Asthma. His age: ts have Instniclions to retnnd the money In every 1 instance where it falls to relieve and cute, for sale by ail Druggists. BcusnATfs & VanSciiaaor, Chicago, 111., General Agents for the Northwest. '.Tunfpcr Tar Soap cures chapped salt thrum, pimple*, and all cutaneous af fections, rendcrlrg the skin soft nud smooth. Manufactured by Caswell, Macs & Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. A.l lott Itlc to Snr a Word for Iflyscl f. I have been using Mw. Winslow's Soothing SyruP in my family tit-co first Introduced In this city. I think it an excellent article, and would cut be without it on anycotisldointion. I Extract from* J. D. Adams' letter to Chicago Tiroes.l Jt ?of era tin* com?. reduces Inflammation. rccrn* Jutes the hottc’s, core* wind cholic and corrects acidity, gives rest and health to the child, and comforts the mother. CflDMtltnUon Water.—A Certain Core for Pmbetzs, and all Diseases op the Kipkets. Sold hy all Druggists. Depot 4G ClifT-ar., JJ, Y, A Sore Pile t;uro.-l)r. CSilberCa Pile lii-trrmct.l positively cores the wore* cases of piles. Scot hr mall on receipt of ft. Circulars free. Soldhy druceists- Agents wanted every* where. Address J. B. Manager, JJe. 5 ‘S Broadway. New York .« tfSU,OOO .$ ICO,CO FBOM MADISON. irrlral or Member* of tlic LesinlAturc linnvnss Tor Officer* of Dotli*lloa*e* Court Matter*—lmmborlas Projects. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.l .$ ITOjIHJ Madison. Wis.. January 7. Quite a number of members of the Legislature hare arrived, and the canvass for officers grows interesting. For the Speakership of (he House, the friends of Cameron arc quite sanguine, to-day, that he will have a maioritr of the votes of the Union members. Mr. E. w. Young will doubt less he elected Chief Clerk of the Assembly, and I.tcnlrnant L. 13. Bills is the most prominent candidate for the Clnksbip of the Senate. Lieutenant Derring, the candidate for Sergeant* at-Anns ot the Senate, is of the Third Regiment, a veteran fighting regiment, not of the Thirtieth, as printed. A lorge-nnmber of lawyers arc in the city, in attendance on the United States Circuit Court, and Wisconsin Supremo Court, which meets to morrow. .$ 015,090 . 200,000 .$ 815,000 .5 23J.000 1,201,000 .$ 800,000 The newly elected county officers here and else where. tahe possession of their offices to-day. Lumbermen arc considerably exercised about their prospects. Thu lack of snow In almost all parts of the Stale, is Interfering with their opera tions. FROM ST. PAUL. Jilnnrfiota lioclxlatare meets To-day— The contest for Offices in the Senate and Bouse—Prominent Candidates. (Special Respalch to the Chicago Tribune.] St Paul, Mira., January 7. Nearly all the mcabers or the Legislature have arrived, and the session commences to-morrow. As usual there is a Timorous contest for offices, and the Republican caucus this evening wIU de cide the matter. M. H. Runnel), of Winona County, and J. Q. Fanner, of Fillmore County, are the leading candidates for Speaker, General J. Dennison ai>d A. C. Dnon are the leading rivals lor the Chief Clerkship of the House, and George I*. Wilson and M. A. Billy for the Secretaryship of the Senate. .8 830,000 FROM MENDOTA. Serious Railroad Accident—Part of a Tram Thrown Down an Embank* ment—One Person Killed) and Others more or Len Injured. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Mexdota, 111., January?. The passenger train on the Illinois Central Road, going south, Sunday night, was thrown from the track by a broken rail, and the two last ears in the tram thrown down an embankment, one mile south of thin place. Due lady, Mrs. M. Wilson, of Akron, Ohio, was instantly killed, and several other passengers more orless injured. Further Indian Atrocities. St. Louis, January 7.—A Fort faramle party of one hundred and fifty Cheyenne Indians sur rounded the telegraph office at Sweet Water Bridge, on the morning of the first, and killed and scalped Mr. Calllcott, the operator, and burn ed the station. Three soldiers were with him, one of whom has been found, but the rest bad not been beaid from. The Cheyennes have been peaceable heretofore, and their taking the war path with the Sioux will make much work for the small number of troops in this Territory. , . . „ , _ An expedition commanded by Majors van Voost and Gordon, started Rom hole a few days ago to punUb the Sioux who committed the massacre near Fort Phil. Kearney. General Palmer, commanding here. Is wide awake to the Importance of the situation. Fatal Railroad Accident* CiacntKATt, January 7.—The accident on the Sandusky, Dayton A Cincinnati Railroad, on Saturday, near Tiffin, Ohio, waa caused by a broken rail. The rear car waa thrown from the track, turned upon one side, and dragged aome distance and utterly wrecked. The car contained a number of pasnengcra, mostly wo men and children. Harry Starr, aged six years, was Instantly killed, bis head being severed from bis body. Mrs. Demos* was also killed, her body being compicle'y crushed. Every per son in the car was mote or less injured. 155,860,367 .665,615,955 STATE LESISLATURES. ILLINOIS. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Brnmomn.n, January 7. nocßZ—ixnroEAnr organization. At twelve'o’clock the House of Representatives of the Illinois Legislature was called to order by James Dtnsmore, of Whiteside County, who nom inated for temporary Cnairman, S. A. Hurlbut, of Boone County. The nomination was approved, and the following temporary officers were elected: Temporary Clerk. Walters. Franzler, of Chicago; temporary Assistant Clerk. C. H.WooJ,of Iroquois County; temporary Doorkeeper, C. C. Mason, ol Italic County; temporary Assistant Doorkeep er, 0. F.Rold, of Springfield. cnznrHTiAis. On motion of Ur. CfaUds, of DnPagc, the Clerk was directed to call the representative districts by their number, ana the members elect thereupon presented their eiedentialo. COJTTESTED SEAT. When the Thirty-seventh District was called, two certificates were presented—one for W. W. Sellers, signed by the canvassing Justices, and with the dissent of the County Clerk of Tazewell County attached; the other for S. R. Salumatsll. signed by the sain Clerk in bis official capacity. The throwing out by ihe canvassers of the votes of the towns of Fond du Lac and Malo was the canse of the contest Tonauo. opening. More than a quorum being present, tbc session of tbc Douse was declared formally opened, ana Rev. Dr. Miner offered up a prayer. ELECTION COXEUTEZ. The contest in the Thirty-seventh District was, on motion of Ur. btacy, ot Bureau, relented to a Commit rcc of Credentials composed by tbe Chair man of Uerßrs. Childs, Taylor, Body, Eplor and Warren. On motion, adjourned until 2:30 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. On the Gouge rc-convenfog, the oath of office was administered to members by Chief Justice Walker, ot the Supreme Court. election or pebnakent omcsiis. On motion of Mr. Tine, the Rouse now went into election of permanent officers. Mr. Dlnsmoor nominated lion. Franklin Cor win for permanent Chairman, and Hon. N. R. Caeey was pnt in nomination by Hr. Johnston. The vote on this stood as follows: THE VOTE TOR SPEAKER. For Mr. Corwin—Messrs, Alexander. Allen, Bailey, Baldwin, Bates. Bond, Boyer, Brewer, Burr, Casey, Cassell. Childs, Clemens, Clow, Coe, Collins, Conkling, Cox. Dlnsmoor, Eddy. Enoch, Fonda, Fox, Funk, Gray, Green of Jo Daviess, Griggs, Hampton, Hanson, Hay, Hcweti, Hurl but, Jones, King, Leavitt, McGaliiard. Moore, Oil man, Parker, Payne, Pierce. Pope, Reynolds, Ry an, Sedgwick, bhepard. Singer, Smith, Stacey, fctoccy, Evaneon, Straws, Taylor, Thompson, Trnc, Wnkeman, Webber. For Mr. Casey—Messrs. Bccsley, Campbell, Corkine, Cornwell. Corwin, Dennis, Dolan, Epler, Farrell, Gregg, Banna, Harlan, Hollowbusb, Johnson, Knapp. Metz, Murphy, Odell, Ricks, Sharp, Shirley, Voris, Warren, withers. Corwin, 58; Casey, 24. SPEAKER’S ADDRESS. The Speaker elect was conducted to his chair, and delivered tbe following address : OentUnun of the Bout*, ot £ej)reientatlvet~- Tou must permit me to return you my sincere thanks for tbe kindly sentiments and generous confidence which alone could have prompted the selection yon have made of a Speaker of this House of Representatives. To be chosen to preside over tbe deliberations of the representatives of tbe people of the State of Illinois, (o whom are confided tbe high and responsible duties ofcnacling tbe lavra which are to govern tv. o and half millions of intelligent, industrious and enterprising people, and to pro mote and protect tbe vast and varied Interests of a great and growing State, is an honor far above my merits, and could have been much more wor thily bestowed upon some one of tbe many gentle men in this house who are distinguished for their"great ability and devotion to the public wel fare. In return for the distinguished honor yon have confuted upon me lean only give you, in addition to tbe ardent emotions of grati tude the assurance that, as Speaker of the House, 1 shall at all times be actuated only by au earnest aerhe to discharge the duties youhavo assigned to me, honestly, faithfully aim Impar tially. I dare nor even hope to avoid mistakes and errors in Judgment, but I trust that when they occar any embarrassment which might otber wiso result, will be relieved by your generous forbearance and friendly aid. in ibu full assurance that, tbc faithful execution of the important trusts committed to onr care by a confiding people, will be tbc highest ambition of evcxymcmlcr, it will be my pleasure as well as duty to co-operate with you In the transaction of tiie business for which we are assembled, and in establishing cud maintaining the most kindly re lations with each other in our official and personal intercourse. ‘ OTTIEB OmCUtB ELECTED. The other officers nominated by the Bepnblican caocus on Saturday evening last, and already published, were then elected. The only veto hr calling the roll was on Clerk, which stood S, O. Paddock, S 9; N. B. Frerd, 24. The others were elected hy acclama tion, the Democratic ticket being laid on the tahlefi. The officers thus elected were sworn In.i MESSAGE FROM SUE SENATE. Mr. Eiwood, Clerk of the Senate, commui catcd to (be House the list of officers elected lit the Senate, and the fact of their permanent or* gonization; also, a resolution appointing two meznoers from the Senate to act as a Joint Com mittee with IbMC Torn the House, to notify the Governor: also, a resolution granting to each member fifty dally papers. Messrs. UurlbuL Casey and Griggs were ap pointed to act on the Joint Committee to notify the Governor of the readiness of both houses to li ansact business. The Clerk was directed to notify (he Senate of the permanent organization of the House. The representatives of Hie press were by reso lution admitted within the bar of the House. RULES or THE HOUSE. The rales and regulations governing the last Legislature were adopted for tbis. General Payne offered a resolution requesting tbecleigymcn of Springfield foopeu the sessions of the House each day with prayer. Adopted. NEWSPAPERS. - I The resolution of tbe Senate to furnish new s [ papers to members of both bouses to the extent I ofliliy copies tach per diem, was concurred In. DRAWING FOR SCATS. The drawing of members scats then took place. THE GOVERNOR'S ANNUAL MESSAGE. Colonel Havlowc, Private Secretary of the Gov ernor, presented to the House the annual mes sage from the Governor, which was on motion, ordered to be read in part by the Clerk. [The Governor's message, in full, will bo found on the inside of this paper.] NOTION TO PRINT THE MESSAGE. It was moved mat la.OUJ conies of the Gover nor's message, 3,900 of which* should bo in Ger man and 1,100 In Swedish, should bo printed, and this order vas laid temporarily upon tbe table. STATIONERY. The ordinary staloncry resolution was offered, by General Payne, lit such form ns to furnish ticc?eary stationery to officers and members of both bouses, on tbclr orders on the Secretary of &tute, and in (his mode only. ADJOURNMENT. Pending tbe adoption of this resolution, the House adjourned until nine o’clock to-morrow. SENATE. Lieutenant Governor Dross called the Senate ,o order si 12 o'clock to-day. P.yyer by Hcv. Mr Hale. General Li ppincolt was elected Secretary. •ihiricen new Scnatois came forward n-idtook .be oath of office. 'i be Lieutenant Governor made a brief address ioiloSenate as follows: • LIEUTENANT OOVKUNOR'S ADDRESS. senators Before yon proceed with tbe regu lar order ot business! beg your indulgence lor a lew moment,-?—probably tbe only time that i shall inuude upon yon ctnnng the session. It seems lo rcc pto; cr that we should mingle ouc congrat ulations with each other, that under the wise dis pensations of a merciful Providence so great and so glorious a change lias been wrought in the tfi«trs of the State and toe nation since many of ' us parted in ibis hall nearly two years ago. Then ihc nation was engaged In « fearful struggle far its very existence, tbe borrow of which and the end oi which no man could foresee. Though the .cccEstrnciion of the lute rebel Stales has not Wen fully effected, peace now blesses the land fiom Ocean to Ocean and from the Labes to the Gulf of Mexico. The war closed soon after our last Legislature adjourned, and ail was bright\viih hope, when tbe expiring bat yet fiendish spirit ot in- rebellion seized Iho hand of the assassin, ond uur immortal I incoln fell to rise no more. The fourteenth of April la lorever maiked as a day of dire calamity In the history ol the Republic, U>r on that day treason grasped at its wv life, amid the shot and shell that rained on Fort Shorter, and four years from that Lincoln fell a martyr to that liberty which his patriotism, and hla wisdom had contributed so largely to pre serve. Ills sacred ashes repose near us amid the beautiful hills ttat overlook the Sangamon, and in ail future aces mankind will regard them sa cred as iho banks of the Potomac, where sleeps lie hallowed form of the Father of His Country. Hjring the last session of the Legislature our time was largely occupied In passing laws to en able towns and ■ ouuties lo equip and pay boun ties to onr h:a\e soldiers preparing for Sherman's ciard march io ihe sea, and Grant’s final assault npm Hlchroond- Now we have the more grateful ta*k to pass laws to develop the agricultural, the mineral and the manufacturing interests of the Stale, and to promote the social, the Intellectual and the mural wdfarc of oor people. That we may properly appreciate the magailnde of our duties in this regard, I beg to turn your ,'ticntion Sor a moment to the progress of our State—espe cially iviihtn the last few years. Commencing in ISIS, less than halt a century ago, as the twenty first State in the list, she is now the fourth in pop ulation and oar more mature sister Ohio must look well to her paces, or we snail pass her in 1870, certainly by 1875. In 1810 Illinois had a population of only 53.101; in 18*0, 3,123,606; that is ourpopnlatlon numbers some two hundred tnonsatd more than that ot all New England in 1860, Massachusetts alone excepted. Illinois added to her population in fifteen years,from 1330 lo 1863,1,572.130: that is, the increase alone was within three hundred as many people as Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut had in iB6O. Boring the last year we hare paid I t1,4ft),000 cf oor indebtedness, showing that in 1 about six years more Illinois will not owe a sin gle dollar. It is safe to say that a progress so great and amazing the world has never before seen. Since we las! metit was my great good fortune to journey with the honorable Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, nearly three thousand miles west (o the Pacific coast, feeing for myself the almostfabnloua riches of the Territories between the Missouri and the Pacific Ocean in cold, silver and other minerals, with the Pacific Hallway rapidly pushing across the coon try to develop them, and regarding our own con tral position in tbe great valley of ibe Mississippi oar vast wealth of soil, oor unequalled commer clai facilities, amazing growth and prospective power and population. 1 beg lo assure you that to legislate for the millions who arc soon to suc ceed ns carries with iff in my Judgment, a responsibility, rightly to perform tne duties of which the wisest statesmen may well devontly seek that wisdom which cometh alone from Him “ who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in working." For myself 1 approach tbe task that ia before ns with unfeigned diffidence, and only anxions to do what is exactly right under all cir cumstances. I shall be ever ready, as at the las* , session. If mistakes occur on my part, as they doubiless-wUL or a rule is wrongly interpreted, wheupointed oat by any gentleman upon the floor, at onc« to correct It, deeming it more hon orable to acknowledge tbe error than stubbornly to adhere to tbe wrong. May we not hope for the same kindly feeling that prevailed during tbe last session, that we may thnsseenre mutnai respect and esteem; the confidence and the good ooinlon of onr fellow-citizens and the approbation ot Heaven and Its blessings upon onciabors. ELECTION OF OTHER OFFICERS. An election for tbe rest of the officers of the Senate was held with the following resalt: Charles Edward, First Assistant Secretary; <l. M. Adair. Second Assistant: John Maxon Third Assistant: John H. Barber, Kn rolling and Engrossing Clerk; Bailey 1). Dawson First Assistant: Charles D. Klee. Second Assist ant, Isaac C. Mitchell, Third Assistant. Before the clcchon of Second Assistant, Sena tor Mnrtav McConnell moved to dispense with the Second Assistant, on the ground that there was no need for such an officer. Tbe motion was laid on the table by a vote of 16 to 9. 1 he Senate then continued its election: William Mitchell* Sergeacl-at-Arms; John S. Lolher, Assistant; T. A. Harks, Postmaster, j NEWSFAPERS FOR T&X SENATE. Mr. Eastman offered a resolution that each member and officer of the Senate be supplied with fifty copies ot a daily newspaper at the Male's ex pense. Mr Rilev moved to Islrike oat the “officers. Laid on the (aide by 18 to 11. Mr. Eastman subsequently withdrew the reso lution. and offered a substitute, that Senators and elective officers be famished with newspapers equivalent to fifty daily newspapers. Passed. A resolution was Introduced by Mr. Webster informing the Rouse that the Senate had organ ized, aedwas ready for business. Alter some other uuimpoitant business, the Senate took a recess nntil m. AFTERNOON SESSION. The Senate resumed Us cession at 2V* o'clock p. m. joist cojnrrmx to wait upon the qovtukou. A resolution was introduced providing for the appolntmeu of a committee of two in the Senate ana three In the Rouse to wait upon the Governor and inform him that the Senate was ready to re ceive any communication he might have to make. Messrs. Adams and Cobra were appointed. Scna’or Strain presented a communication from the Secretary of State on coat of publishing and binding the private acts of tbe Legislature OTIS'S. There were 718 introduced, costing $1,190,655 for pnblublcc and blndlnjr, an average of 116:11 per act. Be offered a molulion providing that no special bill shall belulrodoced till $1.76 per 100 words shall have been paid os It forpaolicatioc, the money to be refunded If the bill' shall Anally pa-s. The subject was referred to a committee of 11; o. ?arvarx pnxa. Mr. Metcalf moved a resolution providing that parlioa Introducing private acta pay for printing, and leave two copies on each Senautr’a desk. hailcoxd ooarxrrrsx. The Railroad Committee vita made & elandlng committee of nine members. thus or bsxtuto. Ten o'clock a. m. waa fixed as the regular boor of meeting of the Senate. Tin oovxnHon'a xxasAoi. At a quarter before four p. m. the Governor’* message was received and read. * Ur. Adams moved that 5,000 copies be printed in English, and 2,500 in German. Adopted. At haif*paat four p. m., adjourned. ■ MICHIGAN. Railroad Lcglalatlon to bo a Special Feature—Tae corenor Convalescent —Bills Reported In Uie Senate and House* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Lahfwo, Mich., January 7. The feeling on the railroad interests runs high, and these will bo a marked feature of the session. It was developed in the Senate this morning, on motion to refer a hill to*tho Railroad Committee. Along and somewhat bitter discussion ensued, some of the members favoring the reference of all railroad hills to the Hailroad Committee, and others ottering the Committee on Internal Im provements. It was charged that the addlnc of the Committee oa Railroads to the Hat of standing committees, and on the first day of the session, was a sinister design to secure a committee favor* able to particular railroad schemes. The Governor is convalescent. Jo the Senate the following hills were reported by Committees and referred to Committee of th * Whole: lo amend the compiled laws in reference to limitation of actions relating to real prop erty, and to amend section 821 complied laws. In reference to the payment o! taxes to township treasurers. The following bills were Introduced, read twice and referred: To authorise the first Christian so ciety ol Jackson to mortgage real estate; to pre vent the adulteration of milk; to amend the char ter of Battle Creeks to divide the school district In the town of Oshteon, Kalamazoo Co.; to In corporate the Kalamazoo Savings Institute. In the Bouse nothing Important occnrred, be yond the announcement of standing Committees. The special message of the Governor, submit ting the amendment to the Federal Constitution, was received la both Hnascs, and referred to the Committee on Federal Relations. KENTUCKY. Judiciary Committee Report Advene to the Constitutional Amendment—The Report Will Probably be Sustained* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Fuankfobt, Ky.. January 7. The Judiciary Committee reported a resolution to-day rejecting the Constitutional Amendment. It Is made the special order for to-morrow at half past one o'clock. It wM be concurred in by a large majority. FEOM SPBISG FIELD. Tbc Senatorial Contest—Senate Bcpnb* llcan Cancna—Nominations for tbe Various* Senate Committees—Bepnbll cana of Both Houses will meet In Caucus To-Day— Legislative Business yesterday* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SFfidonnD, Illinois, January 7. The Mends of Judge Tmmbnll had a caucus to-night, and, on comparing notes, they claim forty-five Representatives and twelve or thirteen Senators as certain to rote for Lis nomination. If this claim holds good, it secures hla nomina tion beyond a contingency. « A caucus of the Republican Senators was held, to-night, and the following gentlemen nominated for the various committees: Judiciary—Bnehnell, Chairman: Boyd, Fort, Webster, Fuller, Wood, Cobra, Hunter, Wood son. Railroads—Mack, Fuller, Ward, Fort, Cheney, Eastman, Mnno, “Webster,” Hunter, Cobrs. Banks and Corporations—Metcalf, Ward, Bnah ncl, Munn, Mack, Strain, Wcscott,] Hunter, Woodson. Slate Institutions—Fuller, Addama, Webster. Tlnchcr, Pickncy, Ward, Chittenden, Hunter, Cohre. Finance—Ward, Addams, Eastman, Fatten, Belly, Chittenden, Shepard. 5 Military Affairs—Fuller, Ford, Munn, Tincbcr, Woodson, Wescott, Metcalf. Education—Addams, Pickncy, Eastman, Boyd, Green. Woodson, McConnell. Acncullure—Tlncher, Boyd, Addams, Shepard, McConnell. Canals and Canal Lands—Eastman, Webster, Bushed), Patton, Hunter, Belly, Cobra. Internal Improvements—Boyd, Cheney, Patten, Metcalf, Chittenden, Shepard, Belly. Internal Navigation—Beckney, Mann, Metcalf, McConnell, Wescott, Public Accounts—Munn, Metcalf, Fuller, Belly, McConnell. Township Organization—Webster, Patten, Strain, Cobra. Shepard. Geology—Pickncy, Chairman. Federal Relations—Foil, Ward. Btxrtmell, Pat ten. Metcalf. McConnell. Cobra, Hunter. Stale library—Fort, Mack, Patton. Printing—'WebaXcr, Adams, Mnnn. Public Roads—Metcalf, Picknoy, Tinchcr.Gccen, Belly. Elections—ForU Boyd, McConnell, Reily. Enrolled Bills—Eastman, Fort, Cheney, Wood son. Petitions—Mack, Strain, McConnell, Belly. Saline and btvamp Lands—Cheney, Bnshnoll, Belly, Green. Penitentiary—Strain, Webster, Addams, Mann, Batbncll, Fallen, Chittenden, Shepard, Hunter. There will he a general caucus of the Republican members ot both bouses to-morrow, for the pur pose of laying onl work for the session. The Sen atorial question will receive no attention at that caucus. Tbc proceedings of the two Houses of the Gen eral Assembly was of r.o particular Interest to uay. The officers bad all. been name! in .caucus previous to the meeting. The endorsement of tbc doings of the feanens, the reception of the mes sage and the reading of about one-half or it, filled out tfae day. A resolution to provide the usual stationery was laid upon the table to enable tbo new mem ber- to post themselves upon the matter. An in vestigation at the close of the last session proved that there had been a big swindle somewhere, and they Will adopt measures to guard against Its recurrence by having some per son accountable for Its proper delivery to the members, taking a receipt for all delivered. Tom is a very good feeling among the mem bers, and all express a determination to apply ihemfclves solely to the development of tho i.atnral reformatory and educational interests of the State. FROM EUROPE BY OCEAN TELEGB VPn. POSITION OP ENGLAND AND FOANCS ON THE TUHOO OUEEE QUESTION. London; January ”• It Is now declared that England and France wil not interfere in the Furco-Greek question if Bus ela does not. STAIN. Paths, January 7. Advices received from Madrid state that the Government is making extensive military prepa rations to avert the threatened outbreak in Spain. UNITED STATES STEAMED CANANDAIGUA AT MALTA. London, January 7. The United Slates steamer Canandaigua arrived at Malta on the 31st of December. STEAMED DELATED. Queenstown, January 7. In consequence of the delay la the receipts o. her malls, the Cunard steamship Asia, which left Liverpool ou last Saturday, did not sail until this afternoon for Halifax. SUITSESSION or THE CANT)IAN IKSUSBECTION. Constantinople, January 7. Official accounts received here by the Govern ment, from Candis, announce tbut the insurrec tion has been fully suppressed, and no armed opposition to the Turkish Go*ermnentnotv exists except by a few straggling foreigners who have escaped to the mountains. P&ANCE. Toulon, January 7. All the transports deponed to Vera Crttr to bring hack the French army now In Mexico have sailed. They are under convoy of heavily armed iron-dads, to protect the fleet from anticipated trouble from privateers alleged to have been put ofloatby Che Liberal Government ofMcxlco. HEALTH 07 THE SMTESS CASLOTTA. Tiueetb. January 7. Information received from Miramar report the heallhof tho Kmpresa Cailolta as somewhat im proved. iUXQUET TO TUI AMEBICAS TACBTSMEV. Losdos, January T. A banquet was given on Salnrday to the Amer ican yachtsmen by the Koyal Thames Yacht Club. i.ord Allred Paget was the presiding officer. Speeches were made expressing the moat friendly icclmgs towards the United Stales. GHEECS. Athtss, January 7—Noon. The United States Consul at Candia bis pro nounced the Turkish blockade ineCccUvo. pnussu. By the incorporation of & portion of Poland into Rus*ia, the Polish nationality Is dnsfiy obliterated. Latest Forclini Markets. Lxtxbpool, January 7—Xooa. Cotton quiet. Sales of 10,000 bales middling uplands it 15c. Steamship Cuba from Setr Tort armed (his i oniing. Loirpos, January 7—Soon. Corsolc, 00,v- American securities, steady. Fire-

Tweolfts, 73; Erie, 46; Illinois Central, 82. Loroos. January 7—Evening. Consols closed to-day at 90ir lor money. Closing quotation*: Flve-Twcntlcs. 73; Illinois Central, 8]; Erie Ball ray, 16. Lxtzspool, January 7—Evening. Cotton—The market has ruled steady daring the day, and closes with sales of 13,000 bales middling nplands atisd. rreadstnUS—The market fbr bread*tuffi has ruled quiet and steady to-day, without an; change in quota tions. petroleum—The market Is steady at is M. Paris, January 7—Evening. The bourse has ruled quiet to-day. Bentes closed at £BIS2\c. * SERB ATT. Big Joarncylnc* In Sontlicnj Enropc— Consul B ale’s Account ol Bis Pinal capture—TTic ‘Prisoner now on BU» Way to the United States. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribnne.l Washington, January 7. The Secretary of State soot to the Mouse to-day a larce number of documents relating to the arrest of John H. Surratt. Many of them were of Utile Interest, tbonjrh attesting the vigorous efforts of onr Minister at Home and oar Consols at Naples and Malta to effect his seizure. It appears from the papers that Surratt took oat letters from Canada to rations persons In England, and afterwards from parties in Lon don and -Liverpool to o person In Roms, lie lived some weeks at the English College In Rome, the President thereof giving him money from time to time. From this place be entered the Papal service under the name of Watron. While to the sendee he gave some attention to the study of French, and Minister | Kins encloses an original note from him to one Connor, the clerk of a bookstore. Jn Borne, in which Watson asks that a Frcuch-Ensllsh dictionary h* sent him at the camp where be is stationed. The clerk told Air. Kin* tint Watson claimed to be of Canadian birth, and said he had been a spy in the Confederate service. The documents contain nothing new relative to Surratt's arrest by the Papal authorities, or bis os capo therefrom. Consul Swan writes that he reached Naples on the Eth of November. He had no passport, was draped in his Zouave uniform end claimed to be an Englishman, Just escaped from a Roman rceiment. He Bald ne had no money, and, at his own request, the police gave him lodg ings in prison. 'J bey didn't cxactlr bold him as a prisoner, bat, being suspicious of him, they kept him under surveillance for three days. Ho said be had been in Home three months, en listed In the Papal Zouave*, was -nt of money, was thro»“ . - - - oat of money, was thrown Into prison (or Insub ordination, and escaped by lumping from a bleb window, bis arm and back being injured by doing so. On the third day after ills arrival in Naples he asked to be taken to the British Con* anlate. There he complained of his confinement, and bavin? stated that be was a Canadian, the Consol claimed his release as a British subject which was granted. He excited a great deal of sympathy at the Consulate by his poverty and ap pearance, and as he expressed a great desire to return to Canada, the Consul secured bim pas* sace on the English ship 'lrlpoll to Alexandria, some sympathizing English gentle men giving him money and paying bis passage on the steamer, lb* vessel coaled at Malta, and Consul Wluhrcp at that point made most stren uous efforts to secure & or ran, bat as Is already known without success. The correspondence shows plainly enoogn that the English authorities were not at all anx.oos to aid the Consul, and in* deed they seem to Lave thrown every possible ob stacle in bis way. Surratt pa-sed on shipboard there under the name of John Agaslina- Consul Wlnthrou communicated ell the tacts to Consul-General Charles Halo, at Alexandria, both by letter and telegraph, uho effected Surratt’s ar rest, as previously announced, on the 37th oi No vember. Mr. Uale writes on that day os follows: l> I was fortunate in finding the man la quarantine among the third-class passengers. It was ca-»y enough todlstlnpnlsh him among the seventy-eight pas sengers of this class, by his almost unmistakable American type of countenance. I said at once to him, ‘ You are the man 1 want. You are an American. 1 Resold, ‘Yce. Sir, I am.’ I said. ‘ Yon doubtless know why 1 want you. Wha*. is your name?’ Be promptly replied. ‘Wallers.’ 1 said, ‘I believe your true name is Surratt.' I then arrested him, mentioning my position as United States Consul. The Director or Quarantine speedily arranged a Buffidcnt escort, hr whom the prisoner was taken to a safe place within the Quarantine walla. He walked close at my side while being removed, hat made no remark whatever during the walk, displaying neither surprise nor irritation. When wc aimed at the place of confinement 1 gave him the usual magisterial caution, that he was not obliged to Fsay anything, and told him that what he did say would he taken down in writing. Be answered: *1 have nothing to sav. I want nothing but what is right.' He declared he had no baggage, no pass poit, and only fix francs In money. Be has no papers and no clothing hut what he wears. Bis companions say be came to Naples as a deserter from the Pupal service. 1 have not the least doubt hut that the man Is John H. Surratt. This quarantine will expjre m eight days, when he will be received Into the prison of the local Govern ment, which cordially gives me every assistance.” The correspondence farther shows that Surratt was transferred from quarantine to prison on the 20ih of November; that he constantly maintained a reticent demeanor, and was finally delivered oa hoard our gunboat swatara, by order o< Govern ment, on the 21ft of December, and is now on bU way to this country. The person, FL Marie, through whom bis arrest in the Pads! service was made, has been released from the Roman Lesion, and is also coming home on the Swaiara. MARKETS BY TELE6RAPH. New York Financial News. New Tons, January 7. ' MOSKT. Money rather easier at 7 per cent. Sterling doll at lWt&lW?». GOLD. Gold unsettled, opening at J3iyg; advanclngto 135>f nd closing at 133,\. The previous oaolatlon of 131jf . as an error. cottbs*est sxcmrttEs. Government seeurliles heavier and lower. Coupons *P1....10?K«U8.V I Coupons '65....105jf@106K Coupons 10-108 93^100 Coupons 'M....103;-t@lo6 ] STOCKS. Slocks heavy, closing steaulcr. Ohio Cert 23 @ 23K1 N. W 40 JiA 48. V M.S., 81K J Erie 65*;@ .... 111. Central.....l2u*<a .... I N. Y. C 11l a .... Pittsburgh MX I W.U.T .... Toledo... 126 @l26* F. W| 104*@ .... Bock Wind.... 103X@IC3XI Reading .10»V@ .... Mining shares active and firmer. The Produce Markets. MILWAUKEE. [ Special Despatch to tbc Chicago Tribune.] MmwAUKzK, January 7. Flour—Firm and unchanged. Sales were: ijoobrla atfisn forsupcriorwlntcr; NX spring, 110.73; choice X. fi0.73: low X, $9.43; Pigeon Biver super, $3.10. Bye flour, ?6.CC Wheat—Firm and 1c higher. Sales at the Hu. board, 13.3 W) bn; sales at the noon board, O.ODObu at f2.C0X33.21 lor No, 1,52.03 for So. 2, J2J33* Keller’s option January 15th to Slat; No. 3 in store, $1.57@1.89. Nothing done In rejected. Cora—66c for old No. 1; 7ic for new shelled. R> e—steady. Sales were: bn at 91c for No. 1 In stern; 93c lor No. 2 do. Provisions—Dull; sales o( GOO brlstne&s pork from city slaughtered bogs, 118.00; extra prime, $1,300; clear pork, $19.00. Dressed Hogs—Lees firm at $ Receipts— brls flour, 13.4C0 tm wheat, 9,500 bn oats, 14 bn corn, 700 bn rye, 1,400 bu barley, 5.00 J dressed hogs Shipments—l,4oo brls flour, 1,100 bn wheat. NEW YORK. Nsw York, January 7. ““Cotton—Dull and drooping at 3l*@3sc for middling np andd, and £>*@3B for New Orleans. Flour—There is a good speculative demand and prices advanced, with sales L 023 brls at $11.11X312.80 for extra Mate; lor round hoop Ohio: tt3.005i1.59 @11.50 for trade brands. Southern flour higher. Wheat—Advancedi@2c,and la la small demandat $2.08 for No. i Chicago. The total stockot grain In warehouses January 7th was: wheat, 1.731.629 bn: corn, 2,383,307 bn t oats. 2,431,493 bn: barley. 1.650.830 bu. Bye—Higher at for common Western. Barley—Firm and quiet. Corn—ls 2c UUhcr and In good speculative demand atfl.SC for new white Southern ; $1.21@1.21* for West ern in store, chiefly at sL2i@l.23 afloat-closing firm at st.7l*lnHor«. Oats—K32cblßber, with sales at 681*550 tor Chicago and Milwaukee; t>S@7oc for new Ohio—doting firm. I-orK—Steady at f20.50@21.00 tor n»w—closing at s7o.£7(amo for WcsUra ; t19.1WM9.25 for old-closing at #19.25 cash; $16.50@\7.20 tor prime ; alto new. Jan uary. Febrnary and March, sellers and buyers, at $21.00 @aiAi». Cut Meats—Quiet; bams quiet; bacon dull. Dn ssed Uots-Bteadler at SGiS*c for Western. Lard—Steady at U*Sl2*c for old, and 12*313c for new. Batter—ls@3or for Ohio. Tallow—Firmer. petroleum—Firmer atWcfor crude and 83Xd30cfor reflnrd in nonfl. „ „ . Bucar—Firmer at lUfc for Porto Bics and for Cuba. CINCINNATI. Ciscmxatt. January?. Flour—Steady, with a moderate demand. Sales of surer at $9-**; trade brands at 112-00@13.50. Wheat—Firm for No. 1. Sales at $3.45 for spring an<f #2.90 tor winter. . Com—Dull, Bales at W@sscCorßar: shelled, nomin ally 60c. Bye—Firm ot #1.29. oats—Dull at Wc for No. \. Barley—Firm. Sales at 70@T3c for prime to choice fill. Cotton-More firm, but the market is quiet. Sales of tnuirtllnc at 'o2S37J<c. Ilocrs—Wen? somewhat unsettled, and It Is difficult to give accarate quotations. In tbs-forenoon borers were not dlspo-ed to do anything, and prices wore con Inal at >C.8i«7.15; bnt the Mlvance In gold and the news f.-om New York and Chicago made both buyers and sellers Smcr. AX the closi-tbc former olfertd *7.00 &7.4 U. atd the latter asked an* thing dote, however. Re:eipts,3o.soo. The pens are all full, and a large number on the hooks. M« 5k i ork—Held -it II9.50&20.00. Lar.l—Atll*c«2r. . „ , . .. Balk Meaio-bull, and are offered at 8c for shoulders and »kCU>i*c for sides, packed. w _ Nothing done in bacon: shoulders can be bought at live, and clear Fide* at liJt<3l?#c. Groctrle*— Dull, )mt prices are unchanged,. Sugar U ©lsc. Coffee HSfiißc. natter and Cheese— Unchanged. Storey—Scarce, and the demand pressing. Exchange—bosler, at 140 discount buying, and par £C rojjl.jsl buying, and 125 selling, up to tho clow of hank horns, but closed don, owing to the decline la Sew Tort. BCFFAto. Buffalo, January 7. Market generally unchanged, and quiet. New Kork Grocery market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) New York, January 7. Coffee—Active. Rio, 30073 c. Sugar—Firmer and active. Fair to prime grocery it IOKCUKc. Ketv York Provision market, [ Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) New Tons, January 7. Pork-Closed steady at $21,13 seller, and *71.33 buyer February. _ Hogs—Receipts past two days 2,500. Selling at |*.M. Ocean Frtlsbts. [Special Dctpatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tore. January 7. Freights—'To Liverpool, by sail, 40,000 bu com and barley at 4d; to Bremen, bv steamer, rye at «d. Ncwlork BrcadstnlTs market* (Special Despatch to tho Chicago Tribune.] New Yobs. January 7. Flour—The sales included. 5,000 hrls extra Slate st I’LSqtu.Ta, on speculation mostly, to a Western ope rator. Wheat—Good demand. In part for the South, at Sat urday*s prices, but mostly held higher. Corn—Close-1 at fLSS afloat. Bye—?c advance bid since ’Change. Barley—Very firm. Common western st &XSS3C- Xcw York Weekly Snok Statement. 2*ew York, January 7. , S9O.SJO fct.3is , 1.73M74 3.025,04 Loan*, decrease Sroaa. decrease Clrcfllatlon, increase.... Deposit*. Ircrcaee Legal Tender*. increase. Plltsborgh Petroleum market* Pittsbcboh. January 7. There appear* to be UUle mote disposition to oper ate am*nc barer* and sellers and probably la a lew davs business'will be-more brisk. Rate* for wide w bulk and uau*c Id bria. package* included. Keflccd In bend is in more demand; sale* of 4,ooobrla were made at SS*c for Matjdcllvery; Stc for Jane; JHvcfor Ja : y ; 35efor AQcnst: SsXCfor September; 36c Ibr October; 86tfc lor November, and Sic fttr De cember. The above lot Is to be delivered la MO brl lots. BxnuK, January*. le this city, on tbe Bev. R, Pattereon. Mr. THOM. WiL GLASIEB and Mrs. SAI.LIE J. LIT nu Jannarr Ist, at the residence of W. S. E*ns. oi Bwl'S. lIU Mr. GEORGE K. POWERS, ol LcdL. fib* and Miss LEONORA B. PIRBbON, ol this “St rantluch.. ««, at,thoresidence olltte ofPr.J. Willett . _ Tbe funeral of the late JOHN McABrHtR, S«.. will lake place from the residence of hl« mb. General Mo- Anhur, No. SW West Monroe-et,, on Wetoeaday next, the 9th tn*t. service* to commence at o clocfc, noon Friend* of the family are coxdlaUy lorlted to At Cedar Lawn., Maryland- on Thursday morning, Sd lusu, JEANNI& wife ot James «f tjosmer, Eao.7of this city, and eldest daughter of A"gnstns J. Albert, of art .association. The drawing will take place In the afternoon of the Hit of Janaary, On the Stage of the Opera House, Commencing at 2K o'clock, the House being under engagement tor tbe evening. AYOID THE CROWD OF THE Buy your Certificates at Once! Tie extraordinary ivc ust icftidi it attending (As clctinytaUt/ Certificates, and icAic* ttiargetyd to tie aid girt* iheAttociaiumby tie Bank* and lead tng hornet of Lie city, hat made it new certain ttot EVERY CERTIFICATE WILL BE SOLD! XT Its Certificates of the Association will sdml holders to the Boose. Seati j em be reserved /or Zfldiet, FDR SALE —Tiro new marble-tront etorei. Nos. 515 and 517 totna Statist.* wim 10l feet. Tbo eecoid and (bird floors fitted op lor dwellings, wilb Arc rocQ«, batb-rooa gas, w»t:r, Ac. cn each floor. Flt-o atore basfme&t coder each. THU pay 15 percent on price aited, Uio owner going to Earope to Use. *’-\fic"-*—-*iotlsxiss,on tbe ntbwcrt corner Also, Rouse and lot 33x115. on fie soul, of West Madison and Abcrdmi-Etd. Also, JSI feet on North£-»o, with front of 80 feet ou River, with the t-olidingo, at fl3o- per foot, on Ore ycarg’tline.fipcrccnt. _ Also, ten acres between West Lake ssd Uadlaon-cts* 1# mllee west ot city UaUta, Apply to OEO. B. R. HUQHES. 77 Deaibora-it., Boost 22, third door. I?OR SALE—Double Frame House, off Pcorla-st., sear Washlngton-su 19 rooms, gas and sewer; lot 40x194 to alter; {9.300. One of the nicest Cottage* on WarreusU. (oar blocks wc*t at Onloa Park. 6 rooms, doable Soon, sewers. Ac.; lorisxJ3l; oa Jefferson-nearilonroo-et.. to be and 11,200. One-and-ahaff story cottace, 303 eoath Halsted-sr, $1,090. 103 bonlh Sanramm-st.,basement collage, 9 rooms, $i,5M. M. C. MOUEY «fc CO., Heal Estate Probers. 8 Metropolitan Block. F)R BALE—House and lot. northeast corner ol North Wei s and Haron-st*. The bouse is ccw, with gas ard water In. seven rooms and six closets ap stairs—the lower partis callable tor a store, and tor small family in rear of store. Inaaire on the premises. 177 North Wells-fit. TL B. KCENIG. F)R SALE—On Michigan-av., a splen did new brlcfcrejldencc. with all ire modern Im provements- nnd not a woman killer. Parlors, sitting rcom, library.'dining room, kltcbea, pantry ana closets all on the first floor, end a splendid bars and Ice house. For farther information. inquire at SO4 Michigan-av. FOR SALE—Or Rent— Houses and lots la .01 parts ot the city. Call at onr office If yoa wanttobny.rentor cell. GEORGE & WILLIAMS, 3 Soath Ctark-it. v TpOK SALE—At a bargain. The two r story frame lionse andlot.No. 333 South Green-fit. A deilghocl residence properly, and very cheap. Ap ply on premises. F)R SALE—S6O per month lor two years will bay a well built he use of seven rooms, and closets, nearly new. Good neighborhood on West Side, two block* from horse cars. Near’y five years' teareoflot. Wonld cost $1,500 cash to build. &1.11. MIDDLETON. 463 Sooth Clinton-st. TTOB SALE—A Great Barsata—A X? Gothic Cottage, (Tontine the (ootb. on West Wash ington-fit., on corner lot, 100 leet or 125 feet. The grounds are beantliolly ornamented, and there are on the premises a ham. hot bouse, Ac., ic. Terms SIO.COO, payable In two and three years at 9 ncr rent interest. Nothing down. Apply to wM. L. MITCHELL, NO. 10 Dole’s Building, corner ol Eonth Water and Ciark-sta. T?OR SALE—A desirable house and lot X? on West Washlngton-su near Union, at toe very, low price 0ff'5,503. If taken, immediately. A decided bargain. WARREN & GOODRICH, Beal Estate Brokers. 133 Dearborn-81.. Boom 2. T?OB SALE Cheap A two-story F house with lot, right rooms, pantry, closet, water, &c. Also fomitoxe. Near street cars, West Side. la mediate possessloo. Hall cash, balance In four years. B. BAINf ORTH, 133 Soath Clark-st.. Boom 13. XTOR SALE—Two new houses, just com f pietgd. oa Waba'h-av., tear Twenty-mnth-st., tea rooms each. &c.: lota 25x191 feet each. Frice. only SS,TO each—a reduction of $550 on earh house, in order to effect an linmeclate sale. WARREN & GOODRICH, heal Estate Brokers, 1-25 Dearoom-st., Room ‘A. TT'OK SALE—Cheap, a two-stoiy Irame C hon«e ot 10 room*, wat-.r, pas, and lot, with bam. No. 200 Warren sL, between Lincoln ana Robey sts. TBOMASD.SNYDERftCC.,Re»I£Btate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. FDR SALE—Two new two-story and basement bnck houses, with Mansard roof, con* taming 13 rooms each, hot and cold water, water closets, marble mantles, etc*' and lots, corner ot Jack* son and Loomis sts.. fronting Jefferson Park. Imme diate possession given. THOMAS D. SNYDER& CO., Beal Estate Agents, No. 4, Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE—A very desirable two story boose on Wlchlgan ar., with 13 rooms, water, gas, &c~, and a most advantageous lease of lot, having seven aro a hsh years to ran—only VVUO. II taken at core. WARREN * GOODRICH, Beal Estate Brokers, 125 Dearbom-st.. Boom 3. UK SALE—S24O each tor lots close Jr to Milwankce-av. cars, on cast side ot street. Apo, for SBO per mot on Washlngton-st. and Park-av. J. F. STARK, 124 East Raedolpb-st. TTOK SALE—Desirable huilcVncr lots. I* 50 leeton Mtchlgan-av., near Twsoty-flrJt-st. 50 feet on Douglas-placc. near University. 36 lota on Lake-av., near Reform School. 60 met on West Mad- Ifot-st, between Uoyne and Bobev. Cheap lota on washStigten and Warren-sts., near limits. J. D. HAR VEY. 7SLaSaUe-it. i?OR SALE—A fine lot on Park-av., r near Oakleyet., 60x106 feet, Smth front, at only #2B pet front foot. Lot is enclosed, and has a good well. WARKFN & GOODRICH, Beal Estate Brokets, 125 Ucarboro-BU, Room 2. TTOK SALE—A beautiful lot on 'Wall- P panseb-av., Sox99. at only $373. WARREN & GOODRICH, Btal Estate Brokers, 125 Dearborn-st., Itoomt 2. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants 41 & 46 BANDOLPD-ST., Between State-st. and Wabaah-ar., Hold regular sales, at their salesrooms, of DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, &C.. Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS, &c, every SATURDAY. A UCTION. Tuesday, January Sth, lSG7,atlO a. in Clearing Out Sale of HATS, CAPS AM) FURS, Without Reserve. Wo are ln»lrncLcd hy Messrs. ROSENFELS BROS., wto are retiring from the rriall trade, to sell at tbclr store, 164 Lake-st., corner of LaSalle, an their large and valuable stock ol Hats, Caps, Gloves, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Furs, &c M Ac. Goods on view on Monday morning. DANIEL SCOTT & CO* Auctioneers. MABRIED. DIED. CLOSING WEEK! ISeiU Estate-gtifg. inpuov£o, OIMPBOTED, auction Sales. THURSDAY, Jan. 10th, ISCT, at 10 a. m. Furniture, Pier Glasses, Carpets, CMua, Bohemian and Parian Ware. We are Instructed by the manufacturers to sell, with out reserve, at our rooms, iG4 Lakr-st.. the following assortment of Chicago-made furniture, comprising Parlor boltcs ol seven pieces each, in Walnut, oak and Mahogany, covered with r.rcen Bile, Bilk Rep and Bilk Terry; Bedroom Suites, ot three pieces '■ach, in Mahog any, Oak and Walnut. Hair-Cloth Sof&s. Lonugcs, Wash‘Und«. Chairs. Marble-Top and other Centre Ta bles. Whatnots of all descriptions. Spring, Bair, Core and Grass Matrasses,Brussels, Kidderminster, ingrain and Velvet Wlo Carpets, Pier Glasses In heavy gm frames, round, square and oval, Ac. AUo. Per brig Hawk, direct from France via Montreal. casks white and colored Parian Ware, foney assort ment of China, Gilt Ware and Bohemian Glassware, *Tbe Auctlonccrawonld call tne especial attention of the Chicago public to this sale of home-made Furni ture. as being, for design and workmanship, far beyond what la usually oflrrcd In this city. wu« is u *“ twJ DA KIEt SCOTT A CO H Anctlonecra. GILBERT & SAMPSON. Superior HonsclioW Furniture, CAEPETS, USES GOODS, French Flair* Mantel and Oral Mirrors* AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY. Jan. 8»h, at 10 o'clock our salesrooms*, 47 and 4fl Dearborn-st., consisting ot Parlor Suit* In K«p and Uatr Cloth; Chamber Salts in I’olUh OlMValcnu with marble tops; Cot Ugo Cham ber Salt of 10 pieces, with a complete assortment of Furniture for PAIU.OK, BEDnOOM ASD DISXKGBOOU. Bedding, Lounges. Crockery. Mirrors. Bnmells and other C&rpt ti: one large mantel French Plate Mirror, in Polish Oil Walt nt frame: oval gilt frame French Plate Mirrors. Also, 150 Soys’ and SXen’s Pirates* Also, ft fine lot f f Linen Goods, IT.tia*, Towels, Nap kina. Brown and White Linen Table Cloth i, a taw dozen extra fine Indies'Cambric Bdkft, with a general as sortment of Household Goods, Ac * GILBERT & SAMPSON. Auctioneers a ELBERT & SAMP6ON, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. TRADE SALE OP 62 CBAMS OF CBOCBBB7, IN OPEN LOTS, AT AUCTION. At oar - salesroom, 47 aod 49 Dearboiu-st-. ou THURSDAY. January 10th, at o’clock, constating of* complete awortment of Toilet. Dinner and Te* Ware, will be sold in lota to salt dealers. Goods packed for coa^j^jj^r e ) fe r sAMPSON. Auctioneers, amusements. QOL. tvo OP'S MUSEUM. COl. J. B. WOOD Director of ..-F. E. AIKtN Stage Manager. ......THOS. BARRY A New Comedy lor the first time tu Chicago, now playing in New Tors and London wiih great success. Tuesday. Jon. Bth. lor the second time, an original comedy lor the times, entitled n £IOO.OOO. Presented with a great cast and all the completeness of scenery and appointments that distinguishes this establishment, foconcludc with A PLEASANT NEIGHBOR. _ Grand Matinees Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Friday—Benefit of MR. C. S. ROGERS. Me VICKER’S theatre. [CRER & MYERS MANAGERS. Great success of the talented at tlste, CECIL E KUSH, TUESDAY EVENING, January Sth, 1166, LOVE S SACBXriCJS; 08, THE RIVAL MERCHANTS. Margaret Elmore Ccclle Rush Fndav—Betefit of Ccclle Ruth. Saturday—Ccclle RnshMatlncc. In rch ear«a!—EAbTLYNNEand_IDA_LEE^__ —^ pROSBT’S OPERA HOUSE. SrCESDAT EVENING. Jan'nary 9. at 8 o’clock. Twelfth buoecnptlon Nlpht ot the renowned OmOKl AND SDSINI ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY- Mit sthakoscb ..Director. Donuetd’s Grand Opera, in three acts, LUCIA Dl LAMERMOOR. Mme. Ghioal, Signors Irfre, Ardavanl and Colettl In %bc principal roles, mi csoace and oßcmrvnuu Musical Director and conductor.... ..Signor Riconao Wednesday—lL BARRIERS D! SEVIGLIA. ThcreCay—ROßEßT LE DLABLE. Frldav—Complimentary Benefit to Max StkakOscii, Saturday—Farewell Matinee. GAS. DR. COX.TOR, By Invitation of a number of prominent Dentists, will give a Lecture, accompanied by a GRAND EXHIBITION of the norel and amusing eficcts of Nitrous Oxide, or Laughing Gas, FOB LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, At the Music Hal], Opera House, TUESDAY EVENING, January 6th. Alter the Lec ture, twelve ffenticmen will Inhale the gas. The effect of the Gas Is to develop the moat prominent traits or character. Ur. C, cierclses snch care In me selection ot robjecta,mat he baa never had. anything: to■ occur to offend the most fastidious lady. As Dr. Colton originally Introduced the acrstbenc u» eof che Gas to tbe Denial profession in place ot Chloroform and Ether, he will give a ftw experlmcits demonstrating its annftheUc powers. An opportunity to laugh and * e ilckct» 99 cents. Doors open at 7; to commence at S o'clock. - •“ Worses, (Carriages, &c. HORSES— Two span of wort horses or tnntes •Tinted, ti exchange fbr real estate. Ad* HKM office. iHadjbictg. rpHB LANE & EODLET Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, Bblneifi Machine*. Cora Mills sad Shafting, Wood* wotklnß Machinery. LANRds BODLBT, Comer ol John and Water-«»-. Cincinnati* ABSSiw SSST" 0 ” arcaUr ' CSS&S' 3to Km—Sßousss. TO RE NT—A new cottage. No CIO Westlndlana-st. with aUrooma-twoclosets tad pantry. Enquire at SSO West fndlana-sU TO RENT—House of 7 rooms, pantry. hydrant, &<-., four block* wcit of the river, and 000 hir'd: frem street cars. S3O per rToath. Apply at Boom 5. TO RENT—Or lor Sale—A i»ew two story house on Wot Jh±somu 309, containing s rooms latest improvements. Bent low. Icqulroatßoom a Coltfi Bailulcr. 120 Uoarborc-st. TO KENT—House No. 233 Newberry tu near C. B. 40. E. B. FEKBT A SOlf. west tad Eighteenth-st. Briose. TO RENT—New cottage House, earner Backer and Tyler-sts., 5 room*. water In titches. fMpermcafh. Inquire of C. J. £ ■■ --US, comer Canal sod Adamset. TO RENT—The lower part of house 107 North Clinton, tear Carroll-su atsl7 per month. Also, lower story oi dwcCice on Ureen-st., comer of Fulton. at *39 per month. Also, a saloon or restaurant, on northwest corner West Lake and North Canal-tt, a first rate stand. Apply a* j.a Metropolis tan Block. TD RENT—A nice cottage, containing lire rooms, on ihesoutheast comer of Backer ana folk, oppoalte Vernon Park. TO RENT—Until the first of May, dwelling NO.S3G North Franklln-it-.lGoodwitlle’a mock), coautnlng “leren looms. Will be rented for niahed or anfamisbed. or would sell furniture cheap. Inquire at Boom 19. S 4 LodaDe-st. TO RENT—And fhTmturc tor sale, the lower part'of a small comfortable house-four roozaandsbeda; rent only 115 JO per montu; price o( Urnttore, three hundred dollars-, location, ten minutes walk from the Court House—West Side. Address. **M M." Tribune Office. TO KENT—Tw o-blctt dwelling, West Side, with large carden and t ara,ati)l per month. Inquire of WJd. WALLEii, 101 WuMnxum-st., Boom 8.. r T"'O RENT—Or exchange for an im- J proved fhnn, the double house No. 532. West 6iadl*ou-»t.. contiinlns 20 good rocm»; suitable (or a gooo boarding house; will rent the bouses together or separate. Inquire on the premises. rpO RENT—Or lor sale, a two-story X bouse of ten rooms. No. S 7 Horon-aL, with all modem improvements—sso per month. Inquire at the house. TO RENT—House No. 1457 Indiana-av., comer ten rooms; house entire lyn*r. For terms, apply to MBS. T. JENNINGS, 255 South Clark-su TO RENT—A two-story frame house in good location, with 0700 worth furniture for sale. Inquire at 221 North LaSalle-cU Eo Kent—Kooms. TO RENT—A furnished room. Apply at 246 Ohto-Bt. TO RENT—Furnished rooms, at I<B Cllnlot-su between Adams and Jackson-su. TO KENT—Two fine front rooms to f lmrlt persons, with or without furniture, on No. 73 Ga'thiMt. 'O RENT—Rooms, suitable lor house keeping. Applyat OoeyorthCl&rb-et. I''© KENT —Booms, with or without . furniture, on North and West Side. Please call to-morrow, at 217 AUxweiUt. TO RENT—Two rooms suitable for gentleman and wile. Inquire at No. 37 Halsted eu between Kaadoipb and Lake. Cara paid the door every ten minntas. r PO KENT—On Third-av., 4 rooms,suit- X able for a smaU family. CaU at Boom 2.131 LaSalleju 'O RENT—A furnished room. Apply at 246 Ohlo-st. rpo RENT—Cheap, two rarnfehed, L rooms snitable for single cents, at 5»3 Jackson* su. near State-st. Inqolre at the noase. 'O RENT—Furnished sleeping rooms to gentlemen, at 166 South Clark-st.j TO KENT—Furnished rooms and boarding at 102 State-st. Single or doable rooms. * TO RENT—A room desirable for a gen tleman, with board, at 22 Bnsh-at j Co 3acnt-3toces, ©(Sces.&c TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent, rear of 74 Bandolph-sL, Court-place, oppo site Crosby's Opera Souse. Apply to A. WORDEN * CO., cr L. I. TOPI), on the premises. rO RENT—One*lmlf of a store on South Clark*et,m 'he very best location in the city, tuareso P. O- Box 303. TO RENT—A desirable suite of trout offices, at No. IKS Ranrtolpb-st. Apple to GEORGE M. HIGH, 104 Randolph-st.. Room 12. 'O RENT—An office in Chamber of J Commerce Building, on first floor, fronting La* Salle-st. To a responsible tenant a good opportunity It offered. Apply at Xo. 13 same building. TO UENT-r-Very desirable office rpoms, on the second floor of 91 Rsndolph-at. Anoly to DR. JAMES. 03 Randolph-st.. second floor. r PO KENT—A bnck store, 032 Ntate-st, J. ucil to corner of Twelfth. Asnlendid locality for business. Also, the two upper stones of the same. Apply at JERVXa BOUSE, corner Van Boren and yiicncsn+l. 'O KENT —A small store, and fixtures for sale very cheap. Apply at 237 State-st. rpo RENT—The store No. 20 South X Market-st. C. MCDONNELL, Agent, office 134 South Clark-et. TO RENT—Store, and fixtures for sale. Immediate po«jcs-lon given. Inquire at Coal Office, comer Mlchlgan-av. and Twcnty-socond-st. rpO RENT—Store, or first-rate business L office, 109 Mouroe-st. The best chance In the city. Fixtures for Kafe, water, *c. Ap piy at No. 167 Sooth Clark-st. TO RENT—For packing or rtoranc, the large stone basement 190 and 192 Washington st.. 40 by I*o fet-t to alley: gas and water in the same. RICHARD'S IRON WORKS. lioarh SKantcb. BOARD— A gentleman wishes hoard in a privntc Jewish family. Pu»seiMßreferences given. Address, with particulars, M AJu o d.’» Trj. banc office. BOARD —With a pleasant suite ot fur nished Iront rooms, tor gentleman, wife, and boy three years old. I’rlvatc family, and South Side pre ferred. State location and terms, address “G A,” frl bone office, for three •-ays. T) CARD—A small furnished room, with II board, lo a private family, for a young lady, who comes well recommended. Address Drawer 0332< P. 0., Chicago. BOARD— Two pleasant suites of rooms, by two families. In good locatloo, and first-class moie. Address ■■ u fl, M Tribune office. BOA KD—For man and wite, with two rooms or oca large room—private tomlly pre ferred- on South Side, cait of Stalest. Address P. 0. box 612 U« T>OARD—I want board tor myscll and I 1 wife on the North or Sontb Side, in a private ISral’y.or pleasant boarCjnghon >O. CHAS. A. GREG ORY. No. 50'< Dearbom-eu. and Origg-i Houiq. personal. PERSONAL —"Will Mrs. Jnno Andrews send her address to SIRS. MART LEh', at 077 Siate-st. TJERSONAL—lnformation wanted of jl Kaly Dalr, aged ifi, by her mother, Bridget Daly. wTiohsssot heard «f her since I**l AnrlD formation addressed to .1. W. WILLIAMS, Tribune office, wli I be thankfully received. PERSONAL —'William and Martha Norman, now Martha Turner, English people, arc requested to send their address to tbclr eister Marla Norman, now Mrs. Dr. S. Abernelhy, of Roceton, Wln nebsgo County, Illinois. "DERSONAL—Miss Barbara Belsber 1 can hear from her mother by sending her addrcsi to Sirs. FALL, 2-17 Nlnlb-st., New Tort- T>ERbONAL—A cenHcman desires to I make the awnlmance of a pleasant widow lady not over thlftv-five. ObJ?rt— company, entertainment and fan. Address **G S B." Chicago P. O. ffiadjinctg. r?OR SALE —Two portable Engines V nearly new. 16-horw power. In pood pnchieor der. for sale very cheap If applied for aoon. by OBEHN LEE PROS. A CO., 52 Deariom-«t.. Chicago. ITOR SALE—Three 8-horse power up i 1 right engines; also six horizontal engines, 8, 10 ard 13-hc.rsc power. Larger or smaller engines Inr nifhed with or without boilers. 12, 15, H> and 20-horse tubular and locomotive bailers for sale, beat make. Also one f-roller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmill, barrel andwpod-worlrttg planers, belting, saws, flies. Ac. Machtorar DpP<”» oJ Desrborn-gt., Chicago. GREENLeE tfWiS. & CO. FOR SALE—Portable Engines—4, 6, S. ip. 13,15.30. 25 and SC-horse power, now and second-hand; one W and one ss-hone power. Second hand Stationary Engine* and Boilers. Portable Saw mill?. Woodworth planers and Matchers. Mins and food-working Machinery. Power Corn Shelters, small Barn Mills. Iron Feed Mills. nnd Elevator Machinery hnllt to order. RICHARDS IRON WORKS, 190 Mi. 192 Waahlngtoo-st, TTOK SALE—A second-hand Baddey P folding machine—ln good condition. Price, fIM. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. F3B SALE—IO,I3 and 14-homo porta : ble Engines and IBoWer*— very low, by GRIFFIN BROTHERS, 158 Sooth Water-su : F)R SALE—OrExchange—One Planer and Matcher, one Heading and SMctle Mill, one .Jointer, one Hendlng-rounilCT, Saw Arbors, several Hand Lathes, and one large Boring IHU ex change for cltv propertv or lumbar, or sell tor part on Sne. JAMES WARNER, 253 State-st. FIR SALE—Engine, 10-horse, in pood order, inquire at Chicago Steam Laundry, 9- West Madlflon-st. FOR SALE—Portable engine, four j“S c^. r - ISSS». “mgßSja^s WORKS, 190 and 198 Waablngton-en - &eal estate-fflounttg. FOB SALE —A very desirable ferm, located at Raw Station, Indiana, consisting of landTlmprOTcd. For pirtlcalar* apply nOPCaBIP. 78 WIUOD.t. Cblago. Host anb dfounb. T OST—On New Year’s Day, from 219 1 j TVeet Adam B-st., a small black spaniel trick dog. Usd on when he Kit a small chain cellar. Any one m* ttmi’ng him or glvlip informationwUctb he can be toaciCwtU receivefdreward. L. DeGRAFF. LOST— A black-and-tan do?, about seven months old; had on. man silver cellar, with small brass padlock , answers to the name of M drp." iuym ISJ^ rate &reß upoc hts delivery at the Tribune omce. T OST—$lO Reward—Will be paid to belly, front tore teat larger than the rwt; plain maria ol a leather horse halter; large head, very gentle. JOST— On Sunday evening, between _j the Bishop’s Church and Curtls-fiL. a Uoondng 5, lair io the centre, and Jet setting. .The finder will be tultably rewarded by calling at J3l West Baa dolpb-rt. TOST— The attorney who took a pencil j case (silver), with gold pen la, from the table in the Superior Court Hoorn, will please return U to GEORGE 31. SLOAN. No. 10 Beraoldt’ Block. LOST— On Saturday, January stb, a spotted Coach Dog, about fils months ola. wach ever will return her to 301 Mlcblgan-*v« wlu rccuvc Ove dollare. - T OST—On Fnday evening, a lady’s I j Ktruscac Pin. which, U the finder a* iru.EMMONa’ 77 south Clark-sL, will he suitably rewarded. . LOST— On the 20th of December, a Tvxiket boot containing note* and accounts. The nroerwlil be 146 South BaUtcd-et. Name on it, F. H. UEltaw. T OST—On Harrison-sL, between Wa- I, [but. nod SUK-it," a revolver, i soluble SFsrtwlU bo siren for lt« rctarn<o 117 Soota Clark-gt. * LOST— On Sunday Inst>is the neigh borhood ot Cottaee GroTc-ar. and Twenty, ndi” » P»Vw boot with -Aler. Armitron£ wnltroontho first race. The fitter will be mWmV rewarded by le»Tlnp tno booa with the owner, A.LEX. ABiiSTROSG, 21 Coitsee Grovo-ar. T ObT—slo Regard—A white hull ter* I i tier, yellow spot over left ere, Friday evening, oni!adtfon-»t. The above reward will be paidU re turned to 82 Sooth Kaadolph-iU, ap ataira. LOST —lady’s dark mink collar, Ken* day p. hu January 7tt, between Are and >IX o-ciocK, la the hall of 104 Bandolph-st, or from tnero around on Dearborn-sU to lie Trcmont House. The fleder will toe amply rewarded by icaTtns It at Taylor's Hat Store. 104 sandolpto-st. TT'OUND —A Bold bracelet, Sunday. I* morale*, at the door of U»a Second Prtabyfcrlaa xaqoire at tbit office. %eip. BOOKKEEPEB9, 8ALBflHIEl« to \\f ANTED—dalesmen cf mature age V V sod experience, who can engage permacentfy, to nil first clars and rcspoiwible lUnatlons. Inquire ot J- A. Drawer 5991. Chicago. 111. \\f ANTED—A Dm class travelling T 9 salesman,bT» fancy dry roods and notion house. Address, stating name, reference. expert. - *.- e and qualification, B.t). Box 3377. St. Louis. Mo. \\T ANTED—One or two gentlemen as ft nciicltorsfira%estshllihedeMponaJarLUoln sunnee Company. Terau liberal. A>pirat3lL«- SaUe-st. TRADES* WJ ANTED—A good' hand on watches, Vv clocks and repair*. Inquire at 3&i*L£R'Sr IPS aoc'llO ciurt-sc. . * TXT ANTED—A first dasa bookbinder VV andnrterandiobprinter, at theOmahsDAlJy Republican office. Omaha.Neoraak*. \\l ANTED—A first class scroll sawyer. V V Apply to S. JV BUSSELL, eSPultovsU CW- TXT ANTED—A first dassberber to run TV a shop wtlh two chairs. Will rent the shop-' - Cal* early at So. 5 ff«t Maaisoo. near tha bridge. TXT ANTED—Salesmen to sell Sartam’s T V Series of Sacred and National EngrarlDS*, ‘S3 in number, matchless Ip and excruQon. Ad dress, with stamp. B. H. CUBRAN, IS4 Maln-st, Dubugno; iowa. f&clp. SALESWOMEN, TRADES, &e» Wf ANTED—A se&mstres?. None but ft a coed one need apply at 229 Ontarto-st. TXTANTED—A respectable woman to TV waltoaaslekladv. iiu»t beacqnalntedwtth such service. Apply at New York House. 229 Ban dolph-st. ’ TXT ANTED—A dressmaker. Must be a V V cood cutter and fitter. To cue who understands her business, a steady situation and ulr wages. Ap ply at 221 St&te-su, comer Quincy. HOUSE SERVANTS, TXT ANTED—A respectable young wo- V f man tor chambermaid. Most be A good wait ress. Cltv references required. Apply at IIS Mtch- between 1 o'clock p. m. this day. WANTED —A first-class cook, washer and Ironer, at 374 Wcat Lake-st-opposite Union Park. "WJ ANTED—lmmediately, a good cook, Y Y In a private boardlna bouse. Apply. Imme diately. at -JS9 HHnoU-st. North side. , [XT ANTED—A girl to do chambcrwork VV ard washing. German or Norwegian prefer ?d. Apply at 36:i Mkiiigao-av. TXT ANTED—A girl to cook and do VV hoceework In a small (imllv. $3.50 a week will be paid. Hclcreacv* required. Apply at No. 199 Warren-s t. WT ANTED—A girl lo do general house- V> Wj-rk, to a family ol tsree. Apply at 13S "WciV VskußQita-st. \\T ANTED—A girl to do general house « V work Id & small family, at 111 0 CsrrolMU bo tween Ana and Elizabeth. Good reiercncea required. \\T ANTED—Gills ot every naUoT*MUy. r V 11 honeU and capable, can find good homes and good wages at Mrs. WHITT AKEB’S Office, 236 Chi cago-a v. TXTAN TED—lmmediate! v, a girl to do k> general bonsfwort. CUy rtleitacea tdiulred- Apply at 429 TXT ANTED—A German, American or VV Norwegian girl. to coot, rub and Iron, Id a private Ismllv. One who I* capable can hear of a de eirshle home, where liberal wages will be given, by applying at 93 Dearborn-iL, la; floor. TITAN TED—A irooa little cirl, 10 to 14 i V ycTts old, wanting a permanent home, ran find one by ari-lylnc to GEORGE A WILLIAMS, 7 Sauth Clark-sL TXf ANTED—A good girl for general V v housework, as 33 South Green-st. References required. Sniplonmcnt agencies. TXTANTED —To employ one man in V \ every town in the West, to sell an entirely new thing. None tint ilvt and active men need apply. Ad dress lor particulars, with two three cents stamps, to pay return postage, S. H. McELWAIN, Box lUCS Chicago, 111. TXTANTED—^Young men in the coun- V v try, wishing to obtain situations, such as book* keepers, salesmen, collectors, expressmen, clerks, 'mfcesmen, &c., Ac . to apply at 134 Dearbom-au, loom 2, or address M. E. JOKES A CO, Box 20-10, enclosing ten cents, for full partlcu:ars. XXT ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 yV eolketor, 3 brasem-o, 2 firemen, l porter, 3 Inver*. 4 agents, 3 entry clerks, 2 co-ductor*. Apply it 134 Uearbom-s~ Room 2; VT7 ANTED—Bookkeepers, deiks, sales- VV men.porter*, drivers, bartenders.brakesmen, mechanics, laborers, canvassers, and all wishing situs* apply at EMPLOYMENT AGENCY,S‘4 Dear* bom-st.. Room 2. Applicanta by mall enclose H> cents. TXT ANTED— This day—lo good wood VV choppers for Michigan, transportallonfree: SO men far Memphis. 31.50 per day and board; Apply at Room 3, Lmd's Block, Randolph-it. Bridge. TXT-A^TED —a few more men to in- V v vest In our weather atrip and rubber moulding. II Is the best investment In the country, A. C. BROWN d: CO- 12S Lake-aC TT7 ANTED SCU men for Red Uivcr, VV at 345 to SSO per month and board: 230 laoorcra, atflAOperday and board. Apply at Room No. ICO Madlfcm-st. TXT ANTED lmmediately A good V> cook;shcmnstbetldyacdtndustnons,at 207 Mtchtgau-av. WT ANTED—A stradr young man, as V\ honse servant, at 207 Mlchigan-av. TXTANTED —A cood cirJ, one who VV nndcrstandacooklDg. at2h9 HHnols st. TXTANTED—A girl to do general house- V V work, on West Slob, One with good references, ran have a steady home and good wages. Apply at 30 L»ke-st.,2d floor. TXf ANTED—We have employment lor Vv SJOO men In Michigan, lawa. Mwouri, Ten oesiee, Misstsstpnl, LonlMaca and Chicago. PAR co ALL & SMITH. 12S South Clark-st- Room 11, Applic»»ca by mail enclose 10 cents for full particulars TXT ANTED—To exchange lor a dl.l - t motel rlncor watch chain, a duo MU from Kim ball, tor sfjs. to be received on anv pianos in bis Mu slcStorc. Apply at Room 4. No. 93 tVaslilngton-jt. aaiantch-fßiscEllaneous. TXTANTED—A smart youth, 17 1018,, V\ that know s the city well. Apply at 194 West Xake-sL WANTED — A man and wife of ex perience, who is not afraid of work, to take charge of a boarding loose in the country, where there Is plenty cl work, ana pay accordingly* Address •*J S," west Branch P. U„ Chicago, with reference. TX/ANTED —A good secondhand me- V\ dlora or large sized Arc proof safe; also, an office desk. Addrexs **D W." irlbune ofllce. lor three days, t taung price, and where it can be seen. TXT ANTED—To Exchange—Bo acres o W unimproved land In Hardin County. lowa, fo a Pght open boggyiiad single cutter. Address?, 0* Box 1844. WANTED —Gilberts Dining Hall, 40 and 4N Sontb Clark-at. baa changed bands, is now being nutted ard refurnished, and will be opened, Wednesday. January 9ih. WJ ANTED—To Purchase—The furni- V* lure and lease of a boarding honic, In a good location. Pnce, si,COO to Address *’W P,” Tribune office. WANTED —A second hand license. No. 17 Dearborn et. ' TXT ANTED—To the Ladies of Chicago. V* Gored dresses cut and made la the latest «yies, lor 16. Please give os a call, at 90 Monrae-SL, Boom 5. Partner wanted. TXT ANTED—Stationery—The best way V V Jo save money la to buy st the cheapen Place. Call and Bee how mnrh fl wllipuy at No. 167 South 01ark*6U,—“1UE DOLLAR STORE,” TXT ANTED—IOU boardeis at Gilbert’s VV Dining 11,11.46 ana -IS Sooth clanc-gt- ffiaaiifrb—3Tn Bent. TXT ANTED—To Rent—lmmediately, a VV cottage of 4 room*, in a good neighborhood, until the Ist of next May. Address -RENTES,” Tri bune office. TXT ANTED—To Rent —A furnished VV room and board, by a young gentleman and wife. Dave a first class piano, and will give lessons. If de ilrable. Address *-11 S B,” Tribune office. ANTED—To Rent —A store on Lake-«t„ suitable lor a wholesale trade. Ad dress, stating terms and location, “5 T S," Tribune office. TXT ANTED—To Rent—Two furnished VV rocn-f, for a married couple, no children, andol quiet habit*, within 20 minutes walk oftre Union De pot. South Side preferred. Address, stating term*, •*G W P.” Tribune office. Business ffiljanecs. F'OR SALE—Dry goods store, best lo cation In the city. No. 751 Lake-at. Tbelewe acd furniture, with a email »*ock of staple drr good 4. Inquire at the etore or address D- «“• i*»l Lakt-st. - FOB SALE—An interest in a leading whjlwaie drug house, t*tablishM over twenty having a large trade. In one of the largert Wirt* {rT&llf tie ranr plntcalarly aeslroi. .mw moits may be made to sell th* entire business. Ap- Svto DANThXL * McCOTTEB, N. or Lock Box 1034. Cincinnati. T7OR SALE—A butcher shop, in good r location, with hone and wagon and patent Ice house, wlih flidirescomplete. Address “f r, at Tribune office. IpOR SALE—At a bargain, a Yinegar • Factory, with boiler, engine, and a’l the rcdulsite tooi« complete, mostly all new and but little used, and In first-class condition, capacity to make 20 Darrels oerday; tor *1,500. Is worth twice the amount, it most be sold soon- No Incumbrance. Good reason given lor selling. T. H. BSLFIELD A CO n Baal Estate Agents, IQ P.O. Blocx. T?OR SALE —Stock, fixtures, lease and J 1 pood will ol A No. 1 Grocery Store, centrally loca ted. ax d doing a good paring business. Caoltal re quired, faooo to Ss,CCO. Good reasons given fur selling. Address Box 9SB. Chicago. F)R SALE —Stock and fixtures ot a Cour and feed store, 406 South Clsrk-sL, doing a good business. Inquire on the premises. _ T7OK BALE—The stock and fixtures ot r a druc store In one of the most thriving towns in Illinois, seat low. For foU particular!, tnqmre irom 10 to 12 a. m., of Dr. W. A. KNOX, 123 South Hark-fit., Morrison's Block, Boon 10. • 170 R SALE— Very low, a complete put r at for a Photograph Gallerr. Call on of for oce week. C. D. CLINTON. Lloyd Souse, 413 South Clark-fit.. Chicago. FIE BALE—Tbe advertiser, temg de wratned to remain In the WesLd«w.rrt to sell hli mannfaetnrlnr establishment In the Cast. Tblfi a ft* mites, from New VorkCuT All nret-cUas machinery and workmen. iS r * tita) Will take most any loud of properly, I7uer r rncrcSMcU-, u eitlMßt Attires. »*LIGHT." P.O. B0I&S5 TTOR sale—Boot and Sboe Store, m P a coed location on tbe South Side. A rare chance t>purcha*c. as the owners are going South. Invoice about FLSQO. Address P.O.Qqx. 8307, FOB BALE—A Saloon and Reslanrant «t Ottawa, n. Location one of tbe best in the place? Will be Bold low. Inquire of SMITH & FLOWS, 103 Sonth Water-fit. iForjgale. TCOR SALE—OrEichance for Merclian r disc or Rtal Estate—The one-half lulerew in * I.COO bnehol Distillery, In good order, and now nxonln„ —cattle barns, hog pens,bonded warehouse,, man house. *cu all complete. Address ** J.W. f," boi 531, Peo ria, 111. __ ITOH SALE—Prop. “ Genesee Gbief,’’ JD now lying at Detroit. Michigan. Class A 2. Ton cssefoldmeasurement),SSL Apply to WM.. B. Waß* BIKER, Detroit, 311 clu, or to HAKSIS A DBO., S 4 Lumber-tL, Chicago. - FOR SALE—Cheap—Wood. Seasoned yeliow oak. equal to beach, at *7 P*£ co fi?t f?£ lota, or 53 par cord oat of yard, dsUxemL OOcsjaa rard goetbwest corner of Van BartaJ and LUnton-sta. B.L. CHAT a> AN. ; . F)K SALE—Walnut office desk, Whee ler & Wilson Sewtne SlacWoe. and a lo; of conn* tera. all 1b good order- Vfiu bo sola cheap. Indira at 79 Lake-81- T?OH r-ALS—Counter, shelyinr and I; eas Oxtnrtfl of a Clear *»«*«• J *°* s9 SoaUl WeUMI. - Srari oaK me trvlt.»J W. B. StASSABU, 7a Market-SU TT'OR SALE— Choice -wines and cleats F ,t QH.BKirrS Dining Hal U 46 and 43 Clark-*t- TT'ORSAJLE —A No; 1 board. Ererr- F OUnilnUMopitylaalQlLOEßrs DialogHall* Ifiamiltt ciara-Dii Sinianona SSantcft. BULBS. C FTKATION —Wauled—A situation 80 O meiV'u or light porter hr a rellahl* young ram or eocis biAiu amf adores*. Good retcrenco given. -a. Tribune Office. SITOATIOJ)— Wanied—In s wholesale estahUihmnt, by a young tru. wh« neaice* to leara the btußess. Can w*Ut in koeptrw as 9aC boots. Good references Siren, ; Address NELSON, Tribune office. CITUATION Wanted—By a yotm* O man who want# to learn slm and ornaattlH painting. Address U Q t, n Trtbana office. C ITU ATI ON—Waiund—As bookkeep- Wj er, or In any position Where a good penman, gawd habits, and stood city references are requisite. As> drees, for one week. I MO. r * 13 East Harrlson-at. OITUATION—Wanted—A competent kj business man wishes as' engagement as book beeper or confidential clerk. fJas large experience la S^Bo6 0< 3 atnp: * citv references- Address “J. ¥. CmjATlON—Wanted— By ss exneri lP4n i° * r »Tcl, in some whole'ale and jpb- bare b'tn'oa thsroadflTe t th %T w a larje trace «d ncrjoaintaßee Peat of clt r rultrencs given. BC * SoiJl h Water-su, Chicago, torfjor QITGATION—W anted—A ghod pen- O man wlsbetf a as copylat. Wlirfiwalsk bestmWJeferec^JTOm empfoyets. Adtieß lmmedJatdy, **<2irENiLAN,” Trlboao office. QITGATION —Wanted—a permanent k_7 ilraatlfTU by s respectableyoumr man (iwodaeQ. man) who U wUllffg to work for U« em ployers. Bcsi city references furnished. Address “y d T." Tribune office. FEMALES, QITEATION—Wanted —By a ysung^ O lady as nar«, cliUer fer -emalea, males or cMi drer. or j» houtekseper. Bfe3tofrcf-*mn;es, b'rcqUnu. Apply at 360 Carroll-i;., earner Paulina. QITUATION—Wanted—As nurse, by a- O middle seed lady. Can give the best of rcterenca.* Apply at 395 south Clarc-su ClTUATiON—Wanted—To do chamber O work and plain sewing. Can he lotmd at 104 Btuelslacd-av. ClTßATlON—Wanted—By a respccU- U Me Tonne wMdw as cookin a prlvalelamiiy. Ad drea “Cook.™ Tribune office. SITUATION—Wanted—By a youne O clrl in a prtvato family.*o do-cp stalra and dlnlag room wo**. Apply at the Christian Association rooms (or two u.'vys. SITUATION—Wanted —By a icspec kD table young woman a.« seamstress la a prlvatn tamlly. Apply at 1?9 South Ualsietf-st. CITCATION —Wanted —As child's O nur«e,bya competent Swlrt- girt. Welt recom mended by h&r last emph>yer. Can be acta between the hours of land 3p. at S 3 RuSh-aC. QITDATfON —Wanted—By a widow V» la-iv ot experience, as nurr e tor the olet. Aldresa “MBS. M. J. BURLING,”. Tribune office. agntis aeaawtes. A GENTS—Wanted—Messrs. Th&qop & -LA. Fields, Boston, have canllshed a sice’-ensrareJ Portrait of Abraham Lincoln. a< a perfect likeness «*•« a work ol art. it ia commended as the host Uketuat y« published,-by- Robert T. Lincoln. Mr. Trnmhan, Mr.Stauten, Ur. Hendon, Mr. 1. N. Arnold, Gen. Grant. Charles Smnnsr, Ur. Chase, Gen. Bnrcstde, And many otben. It 1* told col? by inbicrlpUon. and Agrata sro wanted tor Ita aale. Liberal conunlealons etc rlvea to canvasseri, and incctsafoi ones can bare poodta* rttcry to operate In- Address JOTC,' H. AiIMOS. Pnb^6hcta , Agent, S 7 Wasnit gtoa-sn. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—ln Illinois, to sell X\. “TEE PATRIOTISM OF ILLINOIS” or the complete history 01 the part takvn bylldnol* In the w ar, hfr regiment*, batteries. distinguished men, Ac, Ac. Illustrated ly over twent* portraits on s*eei. We are offering large commliatcn*. wh-cb, tegetaer with the Terr large sale cl the work, presents strong tndae menu to good men- Adrtresa the pnblubers, CLARKS 3t CO . SO and Washington-sL, Chicago. A GENTS—■‘WnTited—ln all parts of the AA ecnntry, to Bdl HE HISTORY OF ABRAH AM and the “OVERTHROW OF SLAVERY.” In one toI., ol t rcr 100 pages. By Bon. I. N. Arnold, late member ofCtngrc-s. aid lor over twenty years a confidential Irlcnd ot Mr. Lincoln. This work baa- Jnst been completed, and rill meet a tract felt by ev ery intelligent citizen. It presents featnres which bare cot appeared In onv otter work. The natty Chronicle, of Washington, fays: “It will assume a character and held a place beyond anything Tet pro dm-ed.*’ For territory ard terras, address the pab lUhejj, CLARKE* CO, SO and SZ Washington-st, Chicago. Agents wanted—For bar RETT’S LIFE OF LINCOLN. The best, most complete and authentic work yet published. President Lincoln having htmse>f famished for this work alone, the tacts of h?» early lift*. We arc ofT-inng agents, be sides « very One list ol premiums, a higher commission than can be afferded by any other house In the West. Address J. s*. GOODMAN t CO, Publishers, 3 Cus tom House Flacc, Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—For THE AME jljl. RICAN PARMER’S HORSE BOOK, bv Robert Stewart, M.D. V. s., err bodying the mans of twenty years of onglcal Investigation. The book above au others for Agents, as It appeals to the urewsHle* aad self-interest of a very large, wealthy and intelligent cla-s In every community. Apply to or address j. a. GOODMAN A Co.. Publishers, 3 Custom U:ui*-place, Cnlcsgo, tit. A GENTS—Wauled—slso —We waul •7“\ agents to sell the BARTLETT SEWING MA CHINES, Those willing to work for JI3ODB per mouth will address, with stamp, PAGE BROTH ERS, General Agents, Philadelphia, Pa* or Toledo, Ohio. AGENTS —Wanted—$200 per month to sell the GENUINE IMPROVED BARTLETT SEWING MACHINE. Price reduced to agents. Ad dress W. DELOSS A CO„ IKS Dearborn-st., Chicago, IU. A GENTfc —Wanted —$150 per monch v J\ everywbrre. male and female, to sell the GENU INE COMMON SENSE FAMILY SEWING MACHINE, the greatest invention ol the age- Price Its. Every Machine warranted three year*. Address SECOUB • Cleveland, Onto, AGENTS—' Wanted—?5 to 510 per flay can be made selling one of the beat domestic In vci.tlocß cverortertd to the public. There la no com petition. this being tbe only invention of the kind ever otfcrcd lor sale. The demand la very large. Every tamlly wants from two to a dozen. Will save Us cost, tn one week. All ve a,*k Is lor you to call andexsm* Inc for yourselves before yon engage ia other business, fell or address.wtih stamp. J. Q. NASON, 132 SonUt CUrk-sU, Room No. O. Chicago. 111. AGENTS —Wauled—Carpenter's great Portrait of Mr. Lincoln Is Ju*t out. It is pro notmcoi far superior to Marshal. ’s by Mrs. Lincoln. Kob’t Lincoln, I. N. Arnold. B. C. Lamed. W. Q. flera <l« n,acd by all who base seen both. Painted trota Jlsrshairswas'notand U the only landless portrait. Canvassers, row is ronr rhasec. Address, with stamp. C. ALLEN. M. VO WasfcltgtoE-st., chlrago. A GENTS—wonted— To sell a tip ton jr\. article. Pell* everywhere, with ordinary talk ing. cojnMres iitllitvwlth buyer’s own advertise n-ect of special lnt‘re<u. Ba* no competitor. perfect novelty In the United States—only one maon factory yet established. Open* up an entire tew Add far agents. Consnmptl-n constant, demand steadily increasing. C*nva»*er’s sample-outfit ost* $1 25 sentfree b» - express. Send two stamus tor circu lars. THUS. DERRY * CO„ 106 Lake-fit, Chicago, AGENTS —Wanted—For a new busi ness at home or travelling Ladles, gentlemen, ana clergymen, with amail capital, can clear f j per hour. light and desirable. No competition and no risk. Addrrss. with stamp, MBS. M.C.CUAP VEN, Drawer 6133. CMyago. A. GENTS—Wanted—*s per daypuar- J\ anle*d or money relmded. Applv at once to P. LATHKOP, Office No. 16 M. E. Church block, Chicago, or Office No. 4 Lyman's Block, Cleveland. O. partners EEiaantch. PARTNER— Wanted—A No. 1 business roan, With fromfoCO to S7CO capita!, to take half interest In a flist-cisss paying business. Apply at Boom 4, 100Madlaon-»t. TVARTNER—Wanted—Three partners I In Grocery and Foundry, Boom 3, No. 48 SouUt Ciark-st. PARTNER— Wanted —With $1,500 cash, la a light msnnfactnring business. Refer ence* given ami requred. Parties meaning business to cal Ist rcom 6. No. 15»T ClsrV-Bt. ISoarhing, T)OARDIN6—Good rooms and first- Jl class board at 11S State-tt„ on moderate terms. Also a few day boarders wanted. Only one block front Poet Office. . T>OARDING—One or two gentlemen T> dtslronsof a comfortable home with excellent board and elegant rooms. In a respectable family living on Wabash-er., not very far from the Port Office- Bert reftrfpcea requlft d. Address M C," Box 1320 P. O. T> CARDING—Day boarders and board- O era by the week, can be accommodated at 47 South Clark-st. T)0 ADDING With a suite ot front 13 rorms, can be obtained to a small family, on the North Side. Address "FT G.” Tribune office, T> CARDING—Four gentlemen can he I) accommodated with goodrooms, at So. 67 West Washington-st. Stndenta preferred. Terms very rea boc able. T) CARDlNG—Handsomely Inrmshed f> room ll , ho’ and cold water In each, with board, at NoTll*2 East Adams-et. A lew day beardsrs wanted at |6 per week. BOARDING— First class day board can be obtained at moderate rates, at the Jervis Bouse, corner Van Barca and Shennan-sts. This poaso hai recently been re-opened In good style. JACKSON 8803., Proprietors. BOARDING— A gentleman and wife. or two single gest'emen, wishing board In a prl— , rate family, in a bne location, at & reasonable rate, can secure a pleasant csfumlshf d front room, on Wabaah av„by adoreaslns U A R,” Tribune office. T>OAitDING —A pleasant front cham > ber. rurnlsbed or crfumlihed, with board, *£ JlOState-st. Reference required. BOARDING— A very handsome suite ofonlurnlsbed rooms, with chandelier, water, and first-clasa board, in one of tnose largewhltehousflß -137 West Motroe-aL. near Deaplalnes-st. T>OARDING —A suite of Irontlooms, il fumebedar aefnrav bed. In that new first elasa house. No. 13-* South suitable tor & penllf man and his wifc, or lour single gentlemen, with, or withont board. Applications shonld be made ear iy»_ T) OARDIN G—A pleasant front room, or ii ft suite of rooms. to r*nt with board, to a gentle man and wife, at 163 West Washlftttcn-st. Bc£st enc<B required. _ BOARDING— One nice room, with tirst-clsss board, for a gentleman and wife, or sinelc gentlemen. siitcls room. Apply at ng-y corner oi r L.e. BOARDING —A pleasant suite of far nlßbed rooms, with board, aolltahle tor a gentle* man and wife, or two nnzle gentlemen, can be tbeSt.Cl9ndHon»e.‘llS and st. only two minutes’ walk. from the Const House. VINTON & HAYFXSL B OARDEN'G —A gentleman and wife can find first-class hoard and large front room ak >o. IS3 South Jeflerson-st. T>OARDING —Four gentlemen canse -13 cure nrst-class board sndrootna atNo- IS3 South Seflcrson-fit. Students preierred. •OARDING—Rooms rurmshed and un ► furnlsfied, with hoard, at 237 Mlchlgan-ar. BOARDING —To rent with board, s. furul-htd trout room and c-osct,. to a centlemaa aua lady, or two young mem Apply at 334 West Bandolpo-st. BOARDING —A pleasant room for a gentlemen and lady: also a room tor two gentle men, to teal with boari at 366 West Bandolpb-ft. Cars pass tha door. References required. TSOARDING—Two pleasant rooms to r» let, with goodboard and tbeeomtorts of shame* at 54 South Green-fiU near the comer ol Sladlaoo. BOARDING— Two large rooms wrtb closets, suitable tor gentlemeo and their wires. aibo. single and double room* tor single gentlemen, at 393MlchIgan-st. Day board, $4.00 per week. T>OARDING —Four or fire gentlemen. J) can be accommodated with good day board at 248 Ohlo-w. BOARDING— Two Gentlemen can. be accommodated with a pleasant room and gocxl board at 3XI State-fit- up uair«. BOARDING —For Gentlemen in a raj- T*tc CunHy; board arst-cuss, locapoaTery ana, T> CARDING— Gilbert’s Dining Hall* *s^, K *nd4S Scat* Car Wt., will be opened JaaaaT y« %K!«m bcTd-egat. clean an 6 cßcap. GARDENS —With large Croat to om mrntshed, fcrptntieiaanaDitwifeor»lß*W»f <mtie geol Also. day board, »152 t»st Madnoa*;* . "DOARBiKU —Afinesuitotuahir nished T) froct raoma andcaolhrnlibed roomafc Crosby** TJOARDING— 21 meals tor at No, f"\ I** •! Dearborn-a Live apd*Ltl Ijre Dial ns 6*lcoii s ls3eftu*» tCc, cozeo and B# roaat Chicken. 15c, oyster ate* ~ tc - -f->nfrUPlNG —Poe tw/e fcmshod *5 rooro raiiak’.o tor wL'te.ortwo Sacl« ccotlesnec : atfo* oce Mtr. ie room, to reft wllfc Ns»rd,»iy4 JICkSOO-Stn olockaaootholUiei'ort omce. . BOARDING— A furnished trout room U. 3 WaUtt**T.