Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 9, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 9, 1867 Page 1
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FROM WASHINGTON. Report of Ch : ef of Ordnance on the Prop:s d Beck Island Arsenal. CONGRESS, Debate in the Senate on the Nebraska Bill. A Vote on the Measure to he Reached To-day. A Day of Excitement in the House. The District Suffrage Bill Passed Over the President’s Veto. jives. 113; Nays, 33. Bill Passed to Preveut tlie Sale of Xegrocs as Pnnisluucnt far Crime. FROM MOPE. Last Evening’s Despatches by Ocean Telegraph. England Would Submit the Alabama Claims to Arbitration. Bumor that Garila’di will Take Sides ni(h tbe Creeks. Action of the French Troops in China. Adjustment of Religions Q lesi ons Between the Pope and Victor Emanuel. ILLINOIS LEGISLATURE. Resolutions Offered in RcVition to the Proposed I'oiiStituiiouai Cauveutiou. Resolution Adopted in F.ivor ol Amending the Agricultural Land Grant Act. Proceedings Of • Other State Legislatures. OHIO DEMOCRATIC STATE -LOmSTION. '\’oiiii(iatio:'.s M;;di! and R'solii. li' iis Adapted. Action ot the WQQI-Gmwe-s’Gon vention at Springfield. Utntuckv Rejects the Const!- tiUioniil Amcnilmenl. THOU TV AHHINGTON. i >}:cclal Despatch to tbs Chicago Tribune.) \Va«tmn«itos, Jan •a , j 3. TOR COMSUTTEC ON IKPEAC.'IMCXT. ■j he Cr?l meeiing of the Hons*' Jndlciary Cjm innfec lo consider the Ashley impeachment rejo in: on is called for at i'i o’clock to-morrow morn ing. No testimony will he taken, bat Mr. Ashley will explain to the committee teg o:i: d utn »? vhicb lie makes his impeachment cha - ;es. The committee will imaredutely ee: rb tunic work assigned to them, am! • x. tet to commc-ce Liking testimony either before r e end if thi* week or tin* first oi n t *x'. They nil' first di ve'. ti«l at tention to matters not steady mproce:* of Itt'e-*- tlgMtlon hy the Select Co:n:ar:e* It may b; Slid in this cooitcUou ilu; the charge* t» i.u made acrinst Mr. John-on if or vague and g •iwrat, but specific ard startin g In the!/ c**arac:er. Un der the bead of misdemeanors facts wt-l he estab li-hci which will cause the nation to blush with •.-li'imc. IN TOE nor«E YESTERDAY. Tire Hon*e dia two things t»»-day and did bull vvt’h uumi-UkaMe\iia and carucpinci?. Fits!, it concurred with the Senate In passing the Dic- t> let SnSragc Bill over the President's veto. etcood, Itpa-scrt a bill making It felony to cen ter cc or sell negtoes into slavery as a punishment for enrol*. The galleries were crowded at an -.•atly hoiw. the attendance being greater lhan ot ary prevhjnr- day of ibe session. Very few of the spectators were uegrots. The veto wai taken up scry rood after the journal had been read. VOTE ON THE PRESIDENT'S VETO. Of coarse some time was occupied in reading it, during which members and spectators waited a* paht-mly as possible. Chairman Ingersoil. of the Distiic.* Commiiice, relosed to allow any speech-making, 'hough several Democratic members appeared anxious to waste a little time in that direction. There was considerable ap plause in the gallcrte-* when the Speaker an nounced the result of the vote—yeas 113. naya 3*— and said the bill nas become a law,rhcFre*idenl*s objection to the contrary notwithstanding. ANALYSIS OP TOE VOTE. An analysis of the vote shows that lUtymo'*d, luilo nod lluhbcll, ol th.- uncertain members, v oled for the bill: Halo and McKee were absent: both the Thoma-es, of Maryland,>*i:h Arndt, Hawkins, Maynard nod Stoke*, of fen res?ee, and Lo?n, Benjamin, McCl-trg nnd Kehn, of Ml sonri. voted in the affirmative;, of Illinois, voted in tbe negative. OLD SLAVS LAWS UPROOTED. The Kaeson bill, relating to the Constitutional Aincndiucnl cboliehlng slavery. wai taken np ai soon a- the* veto bad been disposed of- Hie pro flavcry Maitland official? were denounced lu cuoa round terms, and tbedcbal* made it clear last Congress will find someway to reatii the ca-e of snrb fellows as Judge Magrnder sad others, who order negroes sold Int-Jelavery. it came oat during the debate, a* Illus trative of tha spirit atill Marylatd, that a bill has been irtroonctd into tbc Lecielatnre of that State to indemnify Ma? ruder against the sentence pro* noucced upon him In the United States Court; tor tin* > loiatlon of the provision of the rjvß Rights lli'i The debate also bronchi oil the fact that a l-ill Lnd been Introduced into that repealing some of the zro.-t tdious features of toe negro law*, but none of her Ho cc. cntatlves were able to clve the least o*6a'auce 1 1 .t It would •ever become ala *•- The LIU parsed by u e flooto tO'dat makes ft felony to sentence or sell negroes intosla\ety,and the oflccce la ynni-htirio by a fire up to five thousand dollari or imprisonment up to ten years. THE XEGATIVE VOTE OK THE BILL. The negative vote on tbc hill was bat twcaly* . lour, mmy ut Ihc Democrats not daring to go on Vihe record against It, though they would not vote for it. KEDHASHA BILL. Tbe Senate spent ihc whole day on thr Nebras ka Hill, and sre apparently but little nearer a c m dufion than they were prior to adjournment. The debate was participated !n by overa dozen Fetiatons. It wag lively snd lutcrestlo.% but brought cut no specially new points. Tne session wao continued till about five o’clock. • HOCK ISLARP AItSEKOL. Tbc report of the Chief of Ordnance ot the Department hk-s just been made public. In it he uses the following language respecting the proposed arsenal at Rock Island: “A trie to tbc property on Rock Island, taken possession of by the War Department for military purposes under the act of April 19th, IS3J, ha* not yet been ac quired. Ihc Commieeion provided for under that act has been appointed, and baa entered upon Its duties. A« soon as a title to the property should have been acquired the construction of tbe at renal, according to Ike provisions of that act, will be hastened as rapidly as the slate of the appropriation will annul. A considerable sum Las bevn asked for improvement? at thu arsenal during tbc m-xt fiscal year, but It is believed that It Is necessary, and thutltcanbejudicionalyaitd advantageously expended. Thl- - arsenal is designed to take the place of tbe Harper’s Ferry Armory, baring beeu made by Cougrct* an arsenal and an armory, and hence tbe Importance of bonding It up as rapidly as possible. All oftb? ‘workshops may not be required for mwafaclur y/ irppurposes In many years, but they should be + built aod ready tomeet any emergency that may arise. Ihej can be used advantageously for storing ordnance properly when not required for manufacturing purporep." gold and silver aerwo statistics. The rrport of Mr. J. Ross Browne, Spatial Com missioner for the collection of statistics npon cold and silver mince on the Pacific coast, w»s laid before the Donee by Secretary McCulloch to day, and ordered to he printed. It trill make a di.earned of SCO pace?, and affords a valuable summary of the best experience of tbi Califor nians upon tlds important subject. A similar but less voluminous report npon the gold and sliver mines of the Atlantic coast, by Mr. J. X 7. Taylor, of Minnesota, will be presented at so early day. Besides Information of the mines of New floxico, Colorado and Montana, Mr. Taylor will consider the situation and prospector the Vermilion and Alleghany gold fields of the United States, with some notice of the Canadian and Nora Scolia mines. ABKAKBAL HntQUXAD, Xbe memorial of the loyal Arkansas delegation wa? laid before the House to-day by Judge Kel ley. It i# signed by 7fi6 persons, many of whom arc men of standing and !oOoenee s They pray for the abolition of the present bastard State Gov ernment; for authority to be conferred on the loyal people to organize a new Government; for the recognition of ihe right of the twenty-six Rep resented States to legislate for the whole country until the other States shall have been properly admitted; for (he adoption of the Constitntional Amendment by tbe votes of three-fourths of these twenty-six States, and for Ihe extension of the right ol suffrage to all loyal men, Irrespective of color, except Indians not taxed. now. BESO. EOOLXSTOK arrived from the West to-day Just In lime (o re cord hi* vote for the passage of the Sodragc Bill over the veto. PCTATOU SDER3IAH I* preparing a speech upon the Tariff. THE Form CABOUKA OTTEFTIO AHNO COSOtITTEE. The Special Commitee on the South Carolina murders have sot vis lied that State as has been represented in some newspapers, and have so present Inicnnor of so doing. They are proc;ed ing with their Investigation as rapidly as possible, and hope to report In a couple of weeks. What they will do in tho matter oflnquiry as to the mur der of Union soldiers in other parts oftbc conn try. Is not jet determined. A considerable num ber of these cases have been referred to them, and it Is understood that others are tv be presented. SENATOR FOWLER, OF TENNES-'EE, was present yesterday and voted to pass the Dis trict Suffrage Bill over the veto. THE FESTIVITIES OF THE SEASON. To-morrow evecing a grand reception and danc ing paity will be given by General Grant and wife. About a thousand cards are out, and the occasion uiij donblcssbc one of great Interest. It will be followed on Thursday evening by Speaker Col fax's first reception. THE SEW C BLEAKS JKOT COJOUTTEE have all returned, though Messrs. Eliot and Shel* labsrgerarc making hurried vteft< home. The evidence taken Is very volnminons. The com mittee wllljiot have their report ready before week after next. x SECOND-HAND CONTRACT#. Bryant Tyson, who seems to ba used by tbe Boat Office Department to avoid the lucoaveni eocc attending tbe application of th«j test oath in the South, has issued a second circular to tbe ptoplc of the South, which be terms a plati by uhleh native-born Southerners can become .Jn mrcsted In mail contracts. lie now bat contracts Tor twenty-sis routes at the South, situated in tight different sta’es. Thep*a> is for Tyson to take the oath, end obtain t v .e contracts lO’Sau**-- «rn men who cannot thi oath, thm do ill fhobiiblresß In hi: name. He yayi >hcm t.Sccty-five per cent of all moniys received from the Department. SENATORIAL ASPIRANTS. Therearenowabrentand looking alter Sen:- ■ orialelections, the following Corgre ,; ’ien, viz.: fjistcrs Trumbull, i’a it■ snl Poms:oy,and Iteprcscnlslives Ste en-*, llubba-d and Cmkling. TBEFBEEUMEN JCEI A T ITaphincton, January B.—Tbe majority of the llocrcwas overwhelming on Hasson's bill mak ing »t n felony to eeli negrovs Into servitude who have been g-illtv of larceny. This, a"d the pas sage of the Suuraee Bill over the President’s veto, make the freedmen Jubilant. FINANCIAL. It is rcnoilcd tbal the Banking Committee has resolved to report to tbe House against ’ln policy ot the Secretary ol the Treasury, wilch looks to an cxnodf’lngof the extinct ion of the National Debt. new tore post office sits. Tbe House Postal Committee decided lo report a bid appropriating ?*iOO,tM) for the pnrriiant of the Imurcml. of the City Hall Park, New York, designated by the special commission as tbe best rile for a pori. office. NOMINATION FOR PATMASTER GENERAL. ICAsniyoTOK, January B.—The President s*nt to the Senate fo-diy the noroina'lon of VV. B. Bric° n» Vaymastar General, wllh the rank of Brigadier General. VETERANS or ISI2. A delegation of the survivors of the soldiers of 1812 to-day waited upon the Congressional Com mittee on Pensions, In reference to an Increase of .N-lr pension allowance. It was a venerable dele gation, the youngest being seventy four years of age. NO MOBS PARDONS AT PRESENT. In view of the recent action of Congress, the Ad'ntant General declines for (be present enter taming any tor her applications for pardons from il.oi-e ulio participated In tbe lebellioa. MISSOURI WAR CLAIMS. Commissioners for adjusting the claims of Mls -onri for (‘quipping and paying militia, report the amount dee that State at s7,SdO,f‘W.’, less 8701),00.) due for direct taxes. GOLD IN TRE TRBA a UBT. The Government bolds ninety-one million'eight hundred arti flllv thousand dollars In gold, of which twenty millions are beM on certificates. Norrni cacouna delegation. ?vu&u u.,.bua*.w—• A delegation from North Carolina, consisting o cx-Senator Bedford Brown. John A. Gilmer others arihcielo represent tbe interests of ju-lr State, the legislature of which has made '.ncvls’ons tor IhH Irregular rcprcßen'alton. They will remain loran indefinite period. SHAM REPENTANCE. WA«nnf«Troif, •T:ij;iiary 7p. tn.—The confN Icicenian clalmiucr the came of Oaierhaol, who -CDr(?cncnU Sph.nci a check for throe hundred -ii’J arr, coDfdencc money, proves to be ahnm i-.n-- ae well as a swlcaler, his check proving wojihJcsr. Gereral Spinner has sent detectives ,11-t him, and eays he will make him pay the »,hr« c hundred dollars,a«,by hw own confession, he tiled the Government. rumor. Washington specials s'atctha*. thx resignation ot tbeSectetary of the Treasury would be favor iMy received by the President. tor irpeacdnent question. lx*adiog Republican lawyers don't believe the •,baicc« of impeachment can bo sustained. The Judiciary Committee bolds its first sluing oo the uhjcct to-morrow. New Yomi:, January B.—Washington specials *ivc the foil' wing: 7nc Honsc Judiciary Committee have decided "> innfr Mr. Ashley to appear belorc them to-mor *o« ai.d state his grounds for prelemn" charges •it impeachment against the President. The pres .arc againrl the Impeachment project is very gient, and remonstrances arc ponnng In from all ‘inaiter* bv mail and tdegraoh. The vote of yes *c»rtov Is by no means remarked as indicative bat the House will support the charges made. On the contrary, the belief is quite the other way. -tiveral Republicans who voted to send the pro ■-r* to the Judiciary Committee have since stated that they did so as the surest and quickest way of getting rid ol It. REGARDING MEXICO. It is rumored that 22.000 French troops will re main in Mexico all summer, to aid Maximilian to-sustain bis Empire ANOTHER BOUNTY RILL. The House Military Committee will soon report a bounty Mil almost the same a* that of last year. SUPREME COURT MATTERS. In the Supreme Court, yesterday. three cases lieu* decided : No. 61. Elijah Mitchell,plalntitfin -rror. against the ciiv of Burlington. in error, to i n cult i*onrt of the United Stages for lowa Jus tice iTUDrd delivered ibe opinion of the Court, re'iiring tbe judgment ot the Circuit Court, and remanding the caws for further proceedings. In c> ufuirmty to the opinion oftbc Court. No. S 3. Edward if. Leonard, against the aty of llnr.ti.gtun, in error, to the Circuit Court ol the United Mates lor the District of lowa. Judge Clifford delivered the opinion of the Court, re fusing the judgment oi the Circuit Court, and remanding the cause for farther proceedings, in eontoiuilty to the opinion of the Court. ANNIVERSARY BANQUET. Wasiiixotox, January B.—The banquet oftbs Jackson Association commemoradng the anal 'ui>nrv of the battle cfNew Orleans, was given ai the National Hotel this evening. The Invited guests, tr>oln number, included the Democratic nu-nihers of Cougicsj, a number of Representa tives elect from tfcc fconlliern Sf/w, and many other dhtingnrt-hed persot-s. The venerable Francis r. Hialr presided. President Johnson entered the halt nt *•' o’clock au«l was received with the mo*! cordial monUestations, for which be bnefly returned hi? thanks. Hun. Montgomery Blair ocercd the health of the r:i>idenu President Johnson aroef and was greeted with load and prolonged cheers. He raid be declined to make a finecch, but would otfer this s-.-ntlmeut: - No Stale, of Its will, has a right, under the Con stitution, to renounce Its place in, or withdraw from, the Union, nor has the Congress ol the United States Uie consihn lionat power to degrade the people of any State ov reducing thrm to tho condition of a mere renltoilal dependency upon the Federal head; the uno is disruption and dissolution of ?bc Government, the other is consolidation, and an exercise of despotic power. The advocates of riihtr are alike the enemies of the Union, and of uuriconMlintiOTtal form of Government." Tbi? was preceded by the regular toasts, lo which re* snunses wore made by Sjuators Hendricks, Doe ti'Ge, Judge Black and others. The festivities were continued until a late hour. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS, IV'AfiBiKGTOK, January 8. SENATE. The memorial of General Hooker and others was read, askingtiial officers on the retired list he allowed me longevity rations. Referred to the •Military Committee. Mescrs.SllKßMAN and HOWE presented peti tions uom woo! growers for an Increased tax on " 001. Mr. presented a petition in ftvorof acnriallmctiirf the currency or Immediate re turn to specie payments. Referred to the Finance Commlttit*. Mr, WILSON reported trom the Finance Com mittee. a resolution appropriating £ •V'JOto de- Aar the expenses of the Joint Committee on Hc irrrchment. Pissed. Mr. WILSON also offered a resolution, which was adopted, asking the President it an? violation ofibe Civil Lights BUI bad come to bis knowledge, and if so what steps have been taken to puawn osenders. Mr. CRAGIN called np the Pension BUI with the llor*c awcndnwnt whLhwas reported bacx iroxa the Judiciary Committee, with other amendments. Hr. LANE, >n explaining the bill, said he wa* free to cotfcse that one of tbe objects was to vacate offices of men appointed dating last cum* to take tbe places ot those the President has removed. Mr. HENDRICKS denounced this as partisan. *ofsr ns he knew, very few changes had been made to Indiana for political rcufons. lie wat opposed to restricting the number of agents to three. I The morning ho\y expired, and the bill went over till to-morrow. Mr. liANE presented a memorial from the Sol dtei>’ and bailors' Union, of Waahlogion, repre senting that loyal men bad been dismissed and their |uaces filled by others, who refused to take tbc test oath during the war, and asking a rcm?dv through Congress. Referred to (be Committee on Printing. Mr- SHERMAN, from the Committee on Finance, reported favorably on the bill to refund f3.'1(0 to the Winona and Ft. Peter’s Railroad, for duly paid on railroad Iron. Ihc bill for the admu ten of Nebraska was taken up, the question being on Mr- Brown's amendment that the act >hall not take effect ex cept upon the fundamental condition that there ►hall b*oo denial of the elective Dancblaeonac rontl of color. re. SUMNER and COWAN spoke against the bill. Mi GRIMES spoke In favor of (he amendment and of tbe bill also, lie explained the vote lie wns about to cive. He would vole for Mr. Brown’* amendment, nod if tint was adopted h» would vole fur Hie bill. He could not vote for the odmhsion of Nebraska with negro suffrage ai a cotiditton precedent to her admission, for nc haiT noubtaasiotbefalo of such an issue in toe Su premo Conrt. Having voted for negro *u?rae jlu the District of Columbia, and hiving voted to carry the lull over the President’# veto, be wa* not disposed to abandon that principle uow. Messrs. GRIMES and KIRKWOOD dlscnued the legal effect of tbe proposed amendment, and were lollowed by Mr. HOWARD, who opposed Mr. WADE, replying to a charge of Mr. Sum ncr’e, that Nebraska waa a rebel State and bad a rebel Constitution, said It was coplea literally fiomtfatol Wisconsin, and there were only five Copperheads la the Convention that framed it. VOL. XX. and If tho Constitution was no’ republican in term, it would be difficult to frame one that debate ensued, in which Messrs. DOOLITTLE, EDMUNDS, HOWARD, FESSEN DEN, and others, participated, when it was agreed a vote should bo had on the question to morrow, and the Senate adjourned. HOUSE. A mcssairc was received from tho Senate an nonockg me final passage by that body o( the Suhrage Bill for tbe District of ColntnuV u Mr. KIBLACK, of Indiana, rising to a question of privilege, said this day was the anniversary of the battle orNcw Orleans, a day wblcb bad gener ally been observed as a holiday. Ho therefore moved tbe Bouse adjourn. Not agreed to. Mr. RANDALL, of Euntucky,lntrodnccd a reso lution directing the Committee on Indian Affair* to inquire into the facts of the massacre of United Slates officers and soldiers by Indlsns at Fort Pfct>. Kearney, December Slst, Bud inquire whether these Indian outrages are in conse quence, or have any excuse or palliation, by rea son of sets of auy Government officials or citi zens, and farther 10 inquire into the expediency of traiiElming the supcrinlendency of Indian af fairs to the War Department, and report by bill. Agreed to. ... Mr. WENTWORTH, of Ilia., introduced the following: . . Whereas, There is adllferencc of opinion upon tbe subject of impaitialeoffrage: and, , Whereas, II is legalized only In the District of Columbia, and is to be made a test there; there f°y;#solt«f, That the Committee on the District of Columbia beiusuucted to iuqulrcinto the expe diency ol providing by law for an immediate elec tion of all officers In said District. Mr. RANDALL, of l*a., objected. Mr. ARNEI.L, of Tenn., introduced a resolu tion, which was agreed to, directing the Commlt tec on the Minder of Federal Soldiers In South Carolina to inquire into the murder ol Union sol di* is in Tennessee. . „ , . _ The bill granting impartial Ruurago in tho Dis trict of Columbia was taken up, and on mutton of Mr. INGEHSOLI-, of ill., 'he veto message was rc Tb*e reading of the veto message being con cluded, Mr. JNOERbOLL demanded the previous question upon the consideration of tne bill. Tbe yeas and navs were demanded, and the bill passed by a vote of 113 yeas to SS nays. The llousc considered and passed Hasson a .joint resolution. Introduced yesterday, to con struc and enforce tho Constitutifcal amendment prohibiting slavery. . . Sevcai F.x<’ciiMvs documents were received. Mr. BROWNALL spoke on reconstruction. Mr. HOGAN Introduced a bill to establish in St Louis os office tor the assay of gold and silver. Adjourned. rßoai EuuorE. BV OCEAN TELEGRAPH. GREAT BQI7AIK. Lond ox, J an nary B—Noo n. The London Time* says: * We have cood an* thorily for saying that Sir Frederick Bruce has been told to aik li e Government at Washington to accept arbitration m tbe Alabama claims. 14 The Daily Kew* denounces. as unwise, the pro posed {■resenting cf moss petitions to Parliament regarding reform. 1 xvrurooL, January B—Evening. The steamship Virginia, from New York De cember 27, has arrived at this port. adjustment op mu .sous quEsnosß between TOE POPE AND VICTOR EMANUEL. Bomb, January 8. The Italian Ambassador, Signor Tonclll, has finally settled the questions relative to the future status of rcUgicoa matters lu Rome, under the Italian regime. Tbe Papal Cabinet have agreed that hereafter tbe appointment of Bishops shall be made by bis Holiness, the Pope, the said ap pointments to receive the saocltou of the Enipc ror end Government of Italy. PRUSSIA. Berlin, January 9. Tlio election of members of the new Germanic Parliament has been ordered for February 12th. GARIBALDI TO TAKE SIDES WITH TIIE OUELKS. Florence, January a. It Is rumored that Garibaldi will aid (he Greek movement as regards Candio, It the revolt U-ts a fortnight longer. TDE FRENCH FLEET TO COLLECT CUSTOMS IS M CAN WATEB9. Paris, January B—Noon. The French fleet in Mexican waters Is ordar.d to remain there to collect enstom duties. ACTION OP TBE FRENCH TROOPS IN CHINA. Paris, January 6. Advices from Corea, Just received, state that the French burnt tbe palac; and Government Louses at Eangbow. All attempts at negotiation have failed. Latest Foreign markets. London, January B—Noon. Consols3l; Five-Twenties 73#; Illinois Central dijf; Kite 46. I.TVKCPOOL, Jaanarr B— Noon. Cotton quiet and steady. Sale* 8,000 bales. Prices unchanged. I.mnpooL, January B—Evening. Colton market opened easier and continued very quiet during the day and closet fat. The transactions amount to only E,OCO bales on the basis oflodper b for middling uplands. Uaxcrestk*. January B—Evening. Market Is ruler for cotton good* and yarns. Liverpool, January B—Evening. Breadstnfls—Market Is generally quiet, except for lofp.whlcMa firmer; mixed American 1* quoted at p>, (VI, Floor Is quiet, meat remales quiet and im changed. Liverpool, January B—Evening. Ttc market for provisions is qnlct and steady. London - , January 8— Evening. The money market has rated steady and slightly Miner to-day. Cc-nsols close steady at 91 for money. London, January B— Cvcnlnp. American Securities—'The market has been slightly easier, and quotations cl'sc as follows: 5-20*, T:\ intoolß Central, 813 f; Brie. 45V- Fbankfort, January B—Evening. The Closing quotation of WO* to-day was 70V- Paris, January B—Evening. Theßonrra has rated qnlct to-day. Three per cent rentes close at Cof S2Ve- BY STEAM KB, By steamer—Retirement oflbe Klcxlcon iT/inhtrr from London—Lord JTolm Russell Id Italy—A Prcncli Journal on die Embarkation of Uic French Forces in Mexico* New York, January B.—The steamer City of Baltimore, from Liverpool 2t»th ultimo, arrived ibis morning, London, December 28.— Mr. Doranr, the Mexi can Minister in lAßidon. has gone to Paris to con fultwlth Almonleasto the policy to pursue in il;e Mexican imbroglio. Ttc Mexican Embassy m tendon exists no longer. A Mexican Consul ate General attends to all the business here. I nrd John Russell is In Florence, where he at tracts great attention. He has not yet abandoned ihe idea ol going to Rome. A Berlin despatch of ibe2Glh says Ibe Prussian Government has premised the Senate of Ham burg lo maintain the freedom of lhal city until she finds the opportunity to enter the Zoll vercln. Paris, December 2G.—The Pa’rU of to-day says several lorclgn newspapers have Intimated that ti c las; news received from Mexico concerning the Indecision of Maximilian would influence the resolution of Ihe French Government in what re lates to the bringing hack of the Frcnch-Moxicaa «xpvditlonarv corps lo France. Wc again a-wrt t» al the meaemes taken for»hc evacuation are positive end certain. The execution of those measures is In no way subordinate to the rt-.-olu uons of the Court of Mexico, and the return ot t.ur troops will rake place at the appointed time and in conformity with the disposition already inkci>—a disposition which will remain nwuulo crct d by the decision ot the Emperor of Mexico. MEXICO. iTinTimlllan Narrowly E*rnpc«i Capture by fiiicilllas-Two Oilier Liberal s hlel* Declare for Ortctra-Corllnoa Ap pointed Governor of Tamaullpn* t’otninnaicntlon from the French Reprcacntntlvc* In vicxlco-lflaxlmll ian luoia a Call for a Congress to De cide tbe Fate of (Us Kmplro—The Liberals Have Betaken • San Lute Fofoal. New York* January B.—The UtralO't Vera Cruz con espoodent says: Maximilian recently bad a narrow escape from gnciilla?. The Imperialists have bomoarded'Pcrotc. Canales' rebellion at Malamoras was having a disflstians cflccl. Two other Liberal chiefs have 'declared lor Ortega. MATAJtoBAS, January S,—Canales and bis com* maud. Instead of going to Chihuahua, rto report to Juarez and answer the charges pending against him (or his actions in Matamoras, pronounced against Juarez when ah -ut Vnrniy-TUc miles from Malameras. and marched on Vlcioria or Tampico. Kscobcdo sent Cortina? after him, ind went him* reli to Monterey, where he arrived on the 2-Id instant. Mejia was at San T uts Potosl, with about 5,000 troops. including LOW French. On the IStb nil. preparation? were on foot for a luce expedition, supposed to be to the Bio Grande frontier. Mstamobas. January 3.—The National Guard is re-organlzed since yesterday. The order was ••Iren shortly after the arrival of a Conner from Monterey yesterday. Tellers received from there stale that everything is stopped. It is supposed that the news must be Important against Juarez. Mejia bcluggick. Gen eral Tehora, ex-Mlulster of War for Maximilian, will take command of his division. It U currently reported that with the approval of Juarez. Escobedo has appointed Cortinas Gov enter ot Tamaolipaa. Cortinas Is expected to ar rive shortly. Ortega’s address to the Mexican people is hero. Oitcga is reported as now at Zacatecas, his home, a* the head of a strung force. The Ulo Grando Cottrftr publishes an official communication trom the French representatives in Mexico, In which they say they were stranger* to the conference at Orizaba, and as a consequence to the r cllbcrations of said conference. They trill return to France in the shortest time possible. Maximilian has called a Congress where all par ties are invited to attend. Passports wilt be given for that purpose. The Congress is to decide whether (Be Empire will subsist or not. Galveston, January B.—The United States des patch e.earner Blackbird brings Brownsville and MaUmoras dates to the Sth- General Escobedo has appointed Coronas Governor ofi Matamoras, who has issued a proclamation assuming command. Ortega has issued a lougpronanclamento setting forth bis claims os President of Mexico. He calls upon the people to rally to his standard. The Liberals have retaken San Lnls Potosl, and Mejia is Calling back to the City of Mexico. Tbe fi<u*hero contains a long editorial defend tng the conductor General Sedgwlcx. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. Lota of a Brie wills all on Board—Neva da Legislature— Claauso In tlsc Credit Mstrm nt San I’ronclsco—lnternal llercnuc Collected in Sau Francisco Durlntr the Past Tear—Discovery of Iticli Quartz ffilluca—Tcarly Slslpmcnt of Treasure Irons Portland) Oregon. Saar Fuakcmco, January 7.—The Brig Sunnv South, which sailed from lokobama tor Shanghai September 10th, ta supposed to have been tort in a terrific typhoon on' Japan. Captain Patten, wife, daughter, pepbc* and threepawngera were on Doatd. She bad $l5O WO on board, and was partially insured in the Mnloal Company here. No transactions in wheat. Prices nominally Tbc Legislature of Nevada assembled to-d«y. Tbe chief business will be in electing a United Stales tknator. Sak Pbxkoisco, January B.—ll Is stated that the merchants here are about to abolish Ibe practice of giving credit only from steamer to steamer, and substitute credits for thlrtv or sixty days. 1 he Coroner’s Jury. In the case of General Wil liams. returned a verdict of death from the acci dental discharge of a pistol, A Carson (Nevada) telegram states that the Legislature, which organized yesterday, selected for Its principal officers persona who favor Charles E, Delong for United Slates Senator. internal Revenue collected in California last year was over $(1,000,000. Over t^o-thirds of this was from San Francisco. A PlacerviUc telegram reports a rich quartz mine struck "w Lauohe, which yilded $7,(100 in two days. Wells & Fargo shipped from Portland, Oregon, la«* }car, nearly $4,1500.000. FROM MILWAUKEE. The Recent Fire at ScWeaingervlile— Tho Ball of the ElUworth Zouaves— Fire. [Special Despatch to ihe Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee. January 8. The good citizens of Scblcsinecmllc indignant ly repudiate the charge of collusion with Incendi aries In horning the depotand cars a low nights since, and Instead of standing by without at tempting to save the building, every effort was made by women, men and children, and a large quantity of wood was saved by ihelr efforts. A mass meeting was held on tbe fifth, and strong resolutions of condemnation passed npon the peroe'ratora of the crime, and a thousand dollars offered for any information leadingtotheirdetection. a wI . The Ellsworth Zonavca arrived this noon and paraded the principal street#, eliciting much ad miration for their soldierly bearing and perfection of drill, while the flag of the lamented Ells worth was gazed upon with row ings of tho greatest reverence, f*ii iiv. dark davs of the rebellion brought vlvuU • to mind. To-night the boys are having a gra.i'l ball, and appear to be enjoying it hugely. A fire Ibis morning burned a small dwelling house occupied by 51. B. Davis. Tolal loss; folly insured. FROM CAIRO. Body of an Unknown man Hound In the River. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Cairo, January 8. Tbe body of an unknown min was found drowned at the foot of Tenth street to-dav. The body was well dressed, and bad the appearance of having been In tbe water bm a tew days. Pen* clip, beys and glaziers tools were found In the pockets.. FKOM LA. CROSS F* Destructive Pirr~Ubcl Suit by General Butler, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] LaCnossE, Wla., January S. A destructive fire occnrrcd bore la-tt mghl, de stroying twenty thousand dollars 1 worth of prop -6 fats Democrat, M. M. Pomeroy, oroprictor, has been sned for libel by General Bntlcr. Damages claimed at lICU.UOO. FROM NASHVILLE. Trial ofth© liOalftTlllG Railroad Rob bers—Lecture to the Freedman, Etc. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nashville, -January 8. The trial of the train robbers on thi Lonlsvlllc Ttoad commerced to-day at Gallatin. Tbev will first be tiled on the charge of mnrderingonc of thetr own band fonr dare subsequent to the rob bery. Falling in a conviction for murder, ail will be tried for rain robbing. Mrs. F. E A. Harper, a colored female lecturer and writer, delivered an address here last night to a Urge crowd of colored people. After very earnestly urging the necessity of honesty, tem perance, purity and thrift among the freedmen. she (cached on reconstruction, and somewhat savagely handled Andy, his policy and snnportcrs. No report yet from the troops tent to Robinson County to arrest the marauders from Southern Kentucky. ! FROM NEW ORLEANS. Anniversary or tbe Battle of Now Or leans—Opening of ibo Chamber of Commerce—Further Indian Outrages, New Orleans, January 8 —Business Is partly autreoded to-day, beingthe anniversary of the battle of New Orleans. The celebration, howev er, is quite tame, none bnt the mi'itary and a few veterans of the campaign of Mi and ’ls now liv ing, participating. The Chamber of Commerce was opened to *fhe Lumber of colored troops in General Shar dan*s Division will roon be reduced to three regi* meots, etattoovdoo the Rio Grinde. Texas advices report the killing of three men by the Indians, thirty-six miles from Loredo. CONNECTICUT DEMOCRATIC CON- VENTION. The President Endorsed and Itenouuced—Speeches by Ex-Governor Seymour and James Brooks* of hew York. Kew Haven, Cnu., January 3.—The DetnocraU; Convention passed resolution) approving the comae ol the President, and denouncing me ac tion ol'Congress in excluding Southern Repre sentatives as a flagrant breach of public faith. No other action was taken. non. James Brooks, of New York, ex-Gov enor Thos. 11. Seymour and others spoke. Mr. B'ookssaldit Congress dared in impeach the President, it would result in civil war, which would iiol be confined to the other side of the Potomac, but devastation and rnin would be bionght to our own homesteads. FROM BOSTON. Xlio New Liverpool Steamship Line— colored men on JLccinlatlvo Com* nilnecs. Boston, January B.—The leading capitalists are inarifc.-tlng great zeal In the organlzati m of the new line of steamships between this port and Liverpool. In the legislature, E. G. Wa’kovcolorcd, was appointed on the Con-mUtcc on Federal Rela tions and Cbas. L. Mitchell, c >lo:cd, on another committee. FROM CANADA. Prince Edarnnlft Inland Decides Against Colonial Confederation* New York, January The Ufi aid's Montreal despatch says; Sir John Michel bos not received intelligence of the commutation of the sentence of the “Fenians. The Confederation bill has been defeated is Prince Edward's Island by a large mjoriiy. Hotel Burned at Norfolk) Va, Norfolk, Ta., January B.—Thtf Atlantic Hotel, with three stores beneath, m»d Chamberlain’s banking house adjoining, were consumed by fire this morning. The guests of the hot**! barvlv escaped with their lives. Many of them were taken (rom the windows of the barn- ing budding by means of ladders. Teal losj mw*>. .fall Burned—Txvcmy-iwo Freodmcn Pcrhh. CiiARLEVTON, S. C.. January S.—Tlie .Jail at Kingston oas hunted last night. Twoniy-two heednien weie huln«d to death. The fire qc nuieo in **lc cell of the p-isoners. New llampahlrc Clubcrnalurlal Nomi nation. Covcord, N. H.. January S.—General Walter Hatritivm was nominated la-day, by Jie RepubU can Convention, for Governor. Literal Donation.— Henry Farnnm. Esq., a citizcu of Chicago, bnt at present travelling in Europe, has sent his check from Paris, under date of December 11th, ISCfi. to thcvalno of five hun dred dollars. Mr. Fantum’s gift Is to be appro priated. at his own rcqnest, to aid In relieving the poor of Chicago during ibe present winter. Ecoxomt.—The Jtaitroca Oazt’ff In Its last is sue has the followhp "prospective squint:’’ “The filthy couullionof Ibe Archer road cars can only bo explained on Ike theory that the company nse them as slablcs lor tacit horses, who tat up the hav rations oulthe door at night, and by a well laowti process of digestion, form a sediment over which Ireeh is scattered tm next morning.” CTIVAIT BROTHERS. Advertising Aa’ts 126 receive advertisements for nil rhe leading paper* throushonr the rolled State* and (’ona«ia*. girt Sssociatioit. THE DRAWING WILL TAKE PLACE IK THE AFTERNOON OF THE CUT INST- ATSy O’CLOCK. ! Sramatic (Cara. t ABD Haring disappointed the citizen? ot Chicago several limes, lytolileg to appear übro advertise!. I dten it my doty to offer the publican apolory. I have made as engagement to play at the Opera House tor fire nights, commencing Tuesday nest, a flrsT-clasj dra matic company haring been engaged to tupporl me, and 1 now pledge mysril to do my almost t > prove my self once more worthy ol the confidence of the pnbbr, JOHN DILLON’. fHectings. A TASONJC—There ■will be a regular ivl communication ol UESPERIA LODGE, No. 411, F. Olid A. M-, THIS OVedue*l»>) EVENING, at 7k o’clock, for Installation of officer.-, anl transaction of ‘““"'B'JoiatT. E. C. BCEBMH). ’ Secretary. 10. O. ¥.—The members ol Chicago • Encampment No. 10 are hereby notified to appear at ihclr Hall No. -tS ci»rk-eL, at 9 o’clock THIS (Wednesday) MORNING. January 9. ts*77. for tae put note of attending, in full regalt a, the funeral of the lata p. c. P. Henry Backer. Br order. JOHN L. BARKTM, C. P. K. G". lol*uart, Scribe. All Encampment members of tbe order in the city are Invited to be present. CHICAGO CALEDONIAN CLUB— V ) SPECIAL NOTICE.—Tbe members of ibla Club are requested to attend tbe funeral ofibe late John Mo Arthur, Scnr-. Worn the rertcenee ofhts soa-Gm* era) John McArthur. .104 W«t Moaroe-su THIS HAT, at 12 o’clock noon. , HOD T HERVET. Chief. Uortratt of Hincoln. QAKPENTER’S GREAT POUTHAIT OF LINCOLN, nowrrady. Tic Agent 1» railing on the p«*oplc ofCbl coco. Watt till you see ?t; you will want bo oth^r. art association. rpHE drawing WILL TAKE PLACE IN THE AFTERNOON OP THE Mat INST., AT 3* O’CLOCK. CHICAGO. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9. 1867. art SlSßcriation. jyroxicE. Get your Certificates To-day, tr And avoid the croud during the last tore*. £fje coating Season. pENTHAI PARK. GRA-ISTD FMtl DRESS MSIVIL TO-ISTGHT. Gotten np !□ a style of grandeur Diver before at ttmptco in this country. Over 200 Ladies and Gentlemen in Fancy Dress Costumes. ICE SOLIS AND HARD. The finest ever stated on. A portion of the Part will set ssldo tor those ap pearing In FANCY COSTUMES, and lighted equal to a Parlor, Ample accommodations have been provided for sp> ciaters to see this Deantlfnl and Gorgeous Entertainment. TBE Champion Skaters in Costumes* FUU NOETHWESTEEN BAND, With their new Silver Inatnuncnts. the Black Crook and Cendrillon, Now m«Ung with such Immense success in New York, will be produced la all its Beauties and Splendor, By kind pcrtnlss'oa of the New York Managers. £tnio*st. Cars pass the Park every few Minutes. Ticket* of single admission for spectators and those ttWHOR io iW’\ FO . R Mi‘? 1 4 1 a]?i?t I>AKK ’ A large assortment of SSATEs to let. j». B. It the weather iaa UtUj miW UwlU not at* fed the ICE. •^rAbHINGTON SKATING PARK. BENEFIT WEEK FOR THE City Relief Fund. Open Afternoon and Evening BLEGf-AJSTT ICE, FULL Great Western Light Guard Band XX THE EVENING. Tickets fbr the Dencfltol the Poor ars tar sale at the down town Drag, Jewelry, and Bookstores, and not at the park. RINK! SPLENDID ICE. OPEN TO-NIGHT. TO-MOBP.OW (THURSDAY) GRAND Masquerade and Fancy Dress Carnival. Parties wishing to eotre In COSTUME most resistor their names a: the office of the Blab. and they will , receive nckeu of admUston free or charge. SIDE RINK. Grand Exhibition This Evening, h Mr. J. Powers MOWS. LAFAYETTE. Fall Crest Union Band. gyßandolph Cara land yon at Ihe door. QQDEN SKATING PARK. SPLENDID SHEET OF NEW ICE. Open Afternoon and Evening. Stales- pHIOAGO SCALE COMPANY Make Hay or Stock Scales without a pit. CHICAGO SCAM CO. Make the nicest Dormant Scale in use. CHICAGO SCAM 00. Make I’latlorm and Counter Scales oi all slzis. CHICAGO SCAM CO. Mnk« Welgbmasters* ami Batcher Beams that can’t be beat. CHICAGO SCAt*E CO. Make Grocers’ Sagpr Mills, Trucks and Letter Presses CHICAGO SCAZaE CO. Repair Old Scales, or take them In exchange lor new. CHICAGO SCALE CO. a t and 3B WV*t Washlngtop-st. hotels. RICHMOND HOUSE, CHICAGO. n $2.5 O PBB. 3D^.IT This Ronse is located on the corner of Sonin Water* gU and Mleblc»n-aT„ one Mock from the Burlington & Onlnry, imnol. Central, and Micalcaa Ceatral Kail* roads, wqi re I shall be happy W see all my timer patrons, and as many new ones as will favor me with 8 with largely Increased accommodations, a house with ail the modem improvements, and prices from to *l-50 ner day, 1 hope to receive a liberal snare of p nolle patronage. R. SOMERS, Proprietor, LATE OF CITY HOTEL. JBentstrg. nOLTOK DENTAL AbSOUIATiOX \ / ORIGINATED th« amwihctlc use of NITROUS OXIDE GAS lo the extraction of teeth, and have given U to H.C-W patient* at their otfice In New Tort, Wifoal n single Accident* Itlsonrspeclaitv. Weguarantee“nopain.” Come to headquarter*. Office lIS Dcarborn-AU Chicago, over Times office. 'TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT JL I'AIN, by the o»e<-f MtrontOildeGas fi.n Each, smallest Gold Filling _ 3AJ Each. larger and more complicated sxoAio.or Destroying and Removing Nerve 500 I,oc Treating Ulcerated Tooth, preparatory to filling J-Ot SeparatlngTeetb S 0« USC Removing buperdclal Decay 2ft*» Ut Cleansing Terth 5.0 f Filling Nerve Cavlttea, each*................ L5tV» 3.0 C Inserting Pivot Teeth «JJC Stta of Teeth on Rubber ILOC^SLOt DB. J. O. FAH2tfBWOBTH , S DENTAL ROOMS,

116 RANDOLPH-ST., Opposite Col. Wood’s Mosegm. General TNctlces. JgUSINESs* FOR SOME ONE. A light fnd profitable business mar be secured bv som*- one. to canvas* the city, by calling, between 10 and 12 a. m., on __ 2). BAK80S) 67 and 69 Canal-st. IJMION ‘ SCREW AND BOLT CO. The books are now open for subscription to stock In tbe Union Screw and Dolt Company cl Chicago, at IIS Franklln-su where a machine Is In operation mallngacrrwa op an entirely new principle. trusses. HERNIA OR RUFTDKE Of tie wont form cored by the HABD RUBBER 1 kCSS. of thirty ye«r» iiaadlni cm be vbowa which bare been rurea wit bln the put eighteen itoolbi. Pamphlet tree. _ „„ „„ J. B. SEKMCV A* ro , 1 Sfi Sontn ClarK-*t. art association. J^TOTICE. Get your Certificates To-day, %r And avoid Uu crowd during the tart week. Kcto publications. READY THE GALAXY I’or January 15, 1867. CONTENTSt TRISTAN; A Storyin Three Part*. Part 11. By Ed ward Spencer. (With an Illustration.) MX By Msry Ellen Atkinson. BAVONAKOLA. Bv ACM Cora Ritchie. on i t.jiAi.uba. p, Atui vurn umuic. TRADITIONS OF THE BLACKFEBT. By John Ma son Brown. THE CLAVEILINGS. By Anthony Trollope. (With »u Illustration.) •‘ALMB AT THE BEAUTIFUL GATE.” ByH. H. IMPERIAL FRANCE. By Oeonre U. Towle. THE LONDON CLUBS. By W. Wlnwood Bcade. SHAPES OF A SOUL. By Sarah M. B. Piatt. THE POOR CAPITALISTS. By Marte Howland. ADVERTISING. By George Wakenian. THE ROUSE OPPOSITE. Dy Mdria L. POOL NEDDLdE. By the Editor. In the nest number will he commenced a aerie* of articles on “WORDS AND THEIR LsES,” by Rich ard Grant White. UUuIW, 11MVC. . . In the mtn-oer succeeding win he commenced the new story—** WAILING tOB THB VERDICT,*’hy the author of “ Margaret Howih.” The price of T HE GALAXY Is » a year ; %Z tor six months; six copies one year. SB. It ts published twice aa ctvn as any other Magazine, and Is rally the cheapest in the country. Specimen copies 30 cents. Address W. C. & P. P- CHURCH, No. 39 Part Bow, New York. ■^7AfT FOR THE BEST. We will publish a work by Sot. Am pnsra, cfGeorgia, entitled 1 A History of tbe War between the Stales— Tracing lis Origin, Causes and Results.” Mr. Stephens* name Is a sufficient guarantee that this win be tux standabd distort of the lain war, and ail who desire tbe most kkuablx and oestrum work, should await ita Issue. NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., No. 507 Mluor-st., Philadelphia, Pa. fJattiursfti? QOPARTNERsHIP NOTICE. ions E. PEAKE, ISAAC ME YES, and HEHBY C. FB.A3TK, Arc Admitted to an Interest In oar house, from »-<i alter this cate. FRANK & MEYER. Chicago, January Ist, 1867. QHANGE IN AGENCY. The Agency known as DIMOND A SPOONER, Agents tar the Chicago Union Line Works, ts this day dissolved. Mr. SPOONEK it-majidog In charge 01 the hußtncM,Dy whom all toll’* mn«t be •ettled. k.’r.'spoone^. Chicago, January Ist, 1367. CAED. The undersigned having been appointed Agent foi the CHICAGO UNION Z.IXBS WORKS, Will centime the manufacture and «alc ot LIME, as heretofore, and hot cs that with the quality of the arti cle produced, promptness in delivery, and talr dealing, to receive the public’s UaerM patronage. F.8.8.00N88, Agent, Nos. 1 and 2 Wigwam Building. /CHANGE OF FIRSI.—I have this da} V J associated A. O. WEBSTER with me In easiness, under the firm name of DICKKNSON <t WEusTEB. James a. dicklnsun. Chicago, Jartist, 1567. NEW FIRM. The undersigned have this day formed a copartner ship for the transaction of a General Beal Estate anc War Claim business, under the name of DICKENSON & WEBSTER* With onr increased facilities, and by prompt atten tion to hn*intss, we hope to retain all old mends and patrons of the office, and to secure a liberal share of new ones. jjr Particular attention given to the collection oi (be flio Extra Bounty for Soldiers, and to the purchas ing ot tax land* and the payment ot taxes m Illinois lowa and Missouri. Office 98 Washmcton-ct. JaMbS a. DICKENSON,3 Chicago, Jan. 1,1567. A. G. WEBSTER. Dissolution of copartner- SHIP.—The partnership heretofore existing be tween tbe undemgted nmfer me name and style ot WILLIAM B. LOVEJOY * CU„ of Chicago, expired this car br limitation. Tbe basinets of the firm wit be settled by WILLIAM B. LOVEJOY A CO., Whc succeed the basinets afraid Arts, ana art alone author ized to use the name ol said William B. A Co. in U®tldaU6tt. WTT B LOVEJOY & CO.. Boston, SAMi;bL A. LOVEJOY. CUA'. A. MOUSE. Chicago, Jan. 1.1567. Tbe undersigned bare this day tamed a putsersbu under the name and style ol WILLIAM B. LOtEJOv & CO . aril will co' tlnue tbe Wholesale OMhlng bus iness at 15 ana 17 Latent., Chicago, and 74 Frack- Mn and jO7 Deronshtre-sls., Boston, as herstajon conancted by W)_liam b. Lovejjy & Cj>. WILLIAM B. LOVEJOY, ALBERT J*. LOVEJOY, SETHI L- PAIUK- „ _ SAMUFL A. LOVEJOY, Ol Chicago. I.YMAS B. MBsTOS, Boston, Jan. List«. CIHANGE OF FIRM.—I have this daj I asioclaiedwlth tre 1c business, Co). W. ADO. kaY and c. M. Bo WE, under th- tinn o»me of E. V. BOBBINS & CO. £. V. RjBBINS. Chicago, Jao. i. IS6T. NEW FIRM. The ard**tMgned bare this da? for mod a copartner ■hip tor the purpose oi doing a General Commission business, under (he name of E. V. ROBBINS & CO., And by giving close attention to boalaeaa, and fait dealing, we hope tosecarc a liberal share of patronage t7?~ Particular attention given to CJling orders li this market. „ Ofilco 82 LoSallMt, E. V. ROBBINS, W. ADO. BAY. Chicago, Jan. 1,1567. c. M. hows. TAISSOLLTION.—The Copartnerslui I / heretofore existing muter the name and style o JrATIEBLtE, WELLS Sc FADLKNER, Whoi«a.« Grocers, ts this day dissolve.! hv nmioal corsect * a " «" •>*" “ SiTTEBIEE, E. t>. WELLS, Chicago. Dec. Slst, 18f*. J 5. FAULKNER. The undersigned will continue the Whole«a’e Oroc*. ry business, ss successor* to the flrmot aatterlce, Weill * Faulkner,under the name and style ol WELLS I FAULKNER, at the old stand. No. 61 South Water «*t., and shall be liappy f■> receive the patronage so lll> "rallv enjoyed PT ocr late Arm. Orders resporiftiHy so drift'd and carefully execut'd. E. S. WELLS, Clileaco. Jan. Ist. 1967. 13ttsslne«« €w£U&. Q.ILBERT & Field, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, (Successor.* to Gilbert, Updike *t C 0..) 103 Waslilnpton-Ht . CDAS. J. GILBERT. GEO. :-T KLP YY'ALBI'JDGE, WAIKINS & CO., Commission Merchants, No. 14 chamber Commerce* K. WALnFiroE, ) U. H. vrA.r.rsN?CMca?o. 1 SV.S. lowi.S, i H. b. Warnsioos & Co.. Toledo, Ohio. pr Cit b edrancr-i on Cnn*lsnmeDt« to R. D. VTaj ;,r:o,-e * Co., Xcw Voik.aul out Carre* pendentsßui f.i!oaodO«rcco ( r.ieni »oiici:ed forparebue ol Flonr, Grain' ot tl. 4»ndi, and Provisions. Real Eafate Asente, Kodur City. Mo., Bnv and Sell Real Estate on Cash terms. Will sene circular*. mops or other Information, upon application. Hcfer to Governor Thos. C. Fletcher, of Mo n Seat* tarr of State fronds Rodman. jfaiup (Costumes. ATKS. LOUISE HAGKMANN, ;11 v? 01 Chlcago-av., bet. LaSalle and Wells-st- FANCST COSTUMES OCcvery vulety, for Masquerades, Fancy Dress Balts and Private Fames* TO LET OK REASONABLE TERMS. Nearly all of the Costume* arc entirely new. Order* for panics Jn the country solicited and attended to ud mmg ffifiS’fffioijSss. ar '“ 2QI rhlcaco-ar. Consignments, A FEW BARRELS or CHOICE SHELL BARK HICKORY NUTS, At 111 Pearborn-st- puna 730 muskrat, mink and coon skins for sate on bid*. Ulda opened at S o'clock, this (Wednesday) afternoon. BSBXXH &X>BSTSa, Commission Merchants, 10 Dearoora-st. “A BALES ESCSLED HUSSS For nle In lot. to 4 cO ., 134 Kinde-st. Dressed hogs.—we give par- Ticn.aa attention jo m- me of umwo itoas. and alwava see that each Hoe Is correctly weigh- Advapcrs iinerally trade on shipments. Wclgnt Hits and stccciU furnished when desired. Office No. S 2 La^allwt, E. V. ROBBINS A CO. QASH ADVANCES Mfldo on Shipments of PROVISIONS & DRESSED BOSS To New York. Also, on PROVISIONS IN STORE. JOSEPH B. PHELPS, 13 Chamber of Commerce* OALTPETRE, °CBUDE SALTPETRE, ■o-^^ [>n n . pm , LPS , ffiitß N otters. J>AT tope taxes. The Beal and Personal Taxes Fo- State, County and Town purposes, for tfce year 19« i, for tbe TOWN OF WEST CHICAGO, erenow due, asd be paid at my office, on Corner Randolph and CanaHwo^BoomKo.3. JACOB GROSS, Collector Town ol West Chicago. ©il Stones. fjo MECHANICS. THE EMERY OIL STOHE CO., 144 JT/XTO.V-ST., (WEST SIDE.) I a mannlacturlnj; Jest the article every mechanic wilU, namely, a Perfect Oil Stone midp from pore “TURKEY EMERY,” the best *rlt ever discovered. These stones, unllk- the •• Washita,*’ or any other natural Stone*, are Perfectly tree trom a 1 flinty spvcvs. or trom hard or soft spot*, which arc ue 1 ane of most lateral Stones. We make lh*m from Si grades of tint, and each nmnnered. so that the par aser may km w Juit what tos'-Jcct. Can also make them ot any desired form or .hape to fit the xnoit com pllrautlUols. QWe also mano&cttire Machinists’ “EQUALIZING STOVES, 1 ' RAZOR HOSES, EMERY WHEELS, all sizes, Ard ctmt Twisty ot CURRIERS’ STOVES. Wo have testimonials of thehlchest character from facli well known firms as S. J. Russet) 4Co„F. Porter, Thaver*Co-,Slgwait 4 Clnrch,J.D, Marshall, Tur ner A Sidney, A. si. Delleht, and many oleers. lyPleaat call at the Factory and see onr slock, or send tor a c ttaiogue. patents. A NEW BURNER. THE BRILLIANT LIGHT! LIGHT! The last and Best Invention. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner! Gina* Chimney* dispensed with. A steady, brilliant Light, equal to Gas. to barn ordinary Kerosene* ADAPTABLE TO AN* DAMP. 16 To S§« 2s to bo Convinced,” pT Slaw and County Rights for sale by A. H. SLOAN, Adams House. gECOR -S.STS HAND STAMP. FATSNTSB 1866. Ko Type Setting requited. No soiled fingers. Dates chanced In a twinkling. Always la order. Will out last any other. Best nod Cheapest Sett Dater la ase. ONLY TENT DOLLAUS. FOB SALE BY THE LEADING STATIONERS. J. M. W. Jones, 43 and 44 Dearborn**!.: Culver, Page* Hovne. 128 and 130 Lake-st.: J. W. Middle* ton A Co. 198 Lake-st.. Dean. Mneal & HofTuar. 43 LaSalie-et.-, Mtuuoo. Skinner A.Clarke, 140 Lake-st.. Chicago, AND AT THE OFFICE OF THE COMPANY, 73 Dcarbom-st. pARD’S PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office and manuiactory 33 Sooth Jetferson-ft. Foj Infonnatton and dtecrlpnve circular addira* K. B. uAxur, S 3 South Jeflers3t>st_ Chicago. fHadjinern. ■JJ-ERRITT & COL'GULIH, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA DEALERS IN COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And Woollen Factory Findings# New Factories tarnished with Machinery, Shafting. Engines, Plans, Specifications, Superintendents and experienced workmen. hole cards Ajway. on hand. COTTON WARPS & CARD CtOTHISO 01 all kinds. XST Second-hand Machinery on band, for sale cheap Sjatbbjarc, globes, &c. JJARDWARE & CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 Labe-St. The attention ot dose buyers Is invited to onr com pete stock cf COOPERS’ MACHINISTS’ nod CAR VENTERS'TOOLS. AMERICAN TABLE CUTLERS ,na BUILDERS’HARDWARE, direct irom the be«l nnnufarturers. We olfer. a’wo, a complete assortment ~f WOSTESUCLM'S POCKrt CCTLEBT. SPEAK 4 JACKSON’S SAWS, JOSEPH RODGERS * SONS' •CISSOBS and RAZORS. STUBBS * UOTHEBY’S FTT.ES, also SRATES and Straps of “very description. Wo also keep constant!? on band Cali numbers ot 'CIIOKNBfcKUEB’S JUNIATA NAILS. ij. aenp. Edw. Buxacorr. B. BacrryAtn. piRST NATIONAL BANK OF CHI CAGO, CuicaOo, January 8,1557. Atamcctlcgoffhe Directors of tnla Bank,held on the Tlh insL. a dividend was declared of Ten Percent, free of CJoTcrnmeniTax, Oat of the net earnings lor the six month* ending De“ cember SI. 1566, payable at the Bank, on and alter Jan „ 3 ry Ulb next. Transfer Books closed until after that oate. C. R. FIELD, Cashier, gir Post and Journal plcaie copy. ryviDEND. ■*"Tne directors of ‘•The Commercial National Bank oi Chicago” have this cay declared a stmi acnnai div idend of elx per cent, free of Government tax, payable ■in the second Tuesday of January text Thetransler boot. M tlOKOotU' ft-gg FIMS: Cashier. &OZ AAA TO LOAN ON Dl eS»*)Da\lU\) PROVED HEAL ESTATE In this 'fty, fn sums of |S,OOOand upwards. REO. n. KOZET, Real Estate and Loan Broker, 9S LaSalle-at. T OAKS ON PARKER A LYMAN. Nos. 15 and IT Portland Block, bxeticw prepared to negotiate mortgages on real es tate in this city, thresgh their correspondents la New Yor» and Boston. Jfor Sale. A RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR IN t\ VKSTMEXT.—A firm In Mlna-awilis. Minn. :(i< beet r.anotactufln? town in the West, having rcaue sriangements fora change In their bnsln-.'S, now onet f r at very low figure', their sU*ck oi Goods, com -utlng exclusively of staple it Dry Goods, Coots and Shoes, cnictoo. HATS AND TAJ'S. &e„ together with lease of Store ' ru*r. 'cars. tnoswol the best locations In the pace, A-ie.-ciw Box OKI. Minneapolis l\ O- lor further lo ronr.attoa. Good* all b-»Oiibt 1 J»t fall. 15,000 SQDARE FIRE BRICK, From the Cheltenham Works, St. Louis. lor sale by McGLASHAN, MI’SSOJf & GEDDES. OS T.aSalle-si. ASSIGNEES’ SALK Thursday. the iO*h ol this month, we will sell the -lock of Bata, Taos. Fnrs and C-loves. in store So. •i2 a bonlb Clark-st., for cash. JI'LICS JONAS, hi* BASvH. Assignees for Maim Kcraoaky. O 1 PUOPELLEH U FOR SAKE, The Propeller Ottawa, rating Bl.and heavily «• ralrcd jn 1*65, welt found and in goad coalition is o£ fered lot sale. For farther partisan tnouire of WARSES A WOODBURY. 1U CaoaMt. |3l)flttigrapf)£i. TDST6LEHEKEI MAJOR BRAND Wa* ttcflrsimaa to rntdown the price* of Pictures, ,na he will oe thelaat one to raise them. Give him t ».«• tHT-cfit. Carte* Uc Vlslte only ft AO per doxea, For* IQS Lakc-st. _ it TTAREWELL, 51 OTHER, yon may i* never prets tnetoyortr heart again." Bull have left yon a dozen Photographs that 1 had taken at MRAND’S for only IUW. Al*o, one Porcelain, tor «. thp«e.lftel assured. *HI tea source of great gratia , }>tion to you, tot they are dote la BRAND'S InlnUta bh>si<> proposals. p OYERN3TENT SALE. Ili?”rroperty known as the “GOVERNMENT TAN NEBT AND STEAM SAWMILL.” with sev enty-five acres of land, near SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS. Sealed Proposals, in duplicate, will be received up to the nm dayot March, 1867, ferine purchase of «5 acr*s of land, (more or leas)- together wlla the build ings eiect-cl tlerton. and tae appurtenances appertain u.r. that Uto aav: ONE TANNERT,c ntatnlng twelve Stone line Vats. PIFTY-fWO WOODEN VATS. t-BVEN PTONK POOLS, and capable of Unjln* IS.CCO hides per annum: ONB STEAM SAWMlLL.capable ~f »a«tse XWO f-jet of Lumber dally: ONE SMALL STONE BUILDING. . _ . . , _ will- _ The above property Is situated about two mues tan Antonio, on the San Antonio River, and the water D conducted to the establishment by a race of hewn stone laid 1b cement. . . . The land was turcased and Improvements made by the late so-caded Coa*ecerate Owenuaent, and are estimated to hare cost fISO.CO) In cola. The properly has been under lease lor the year ises, at a monthly rent of »500. payable In Jdvaiio*. A te cured title la ice simple wlUbc given by theU.S.Oov- be marked “Proposals tat Govern ment Tannery and Sawmill,” andj b^rSdoO Bvt. MaJ. Gen. Aas't Com’r Bureau ikF.AA.iM * Gaivee ton. Texas. TO TELFQBAPH CONTRACTORS. I -THE ATLANTIC ANi» PACIFIC TELE GRAPH COMPANY.— propossla for the Immediate construction of the tollowioe divisions of the Atlantic *nd Pacific Telegraph line win be received by the on utrsleccd until January JO, 1S6»: From New York to Ooflalo rffl Albany. From Buffalo to Detroit via Cleveland and T ol<do. From Detroit to Chicago tia Michigan Central Ball * Information and specifications will be fat al, bed on application to the undersigned, acc.xnpanlcd ny proper retertnce. ffiiKooi) airt Coal. VX7OOD AA'D COAL—We have a VV larce supply on band of WOOD AND cOAl* cf all klcdA, wblcn we oiler lor sale at abort coat. Coo> <oniert will do wel' to call tod see us before pnrenaa* inc dsewbtre,ior we will not be ofdeiaola w **"'• CCTCr 01 MW iEmiIiS3)EIDQE. Insurance Statements. JNSURANCE. Hard work, steady nerves, uufaiter- ing determination, honorable pinch. honest transactions, and liberal pat ronage, hare brought the PHtESIX through the trying ordeal of 1860, without the smell of fire npon its gar- ments, adding new laurels to its well- earned name and fame for prompt, lib- cral and equitable dealings, surpassed by no other institution in the annals of Insurance. 25th STATEMENT Insurance Company. HARTFORD, CONN., Ist Day of January, 1867. Cash os hand and in bank $29,537.7! Cub in hands of agents and In course of transmission 147.355.5 i * |llg,ypj3 BUI* receivable for loses secured by Personal and collateral wearily .$25,043.00 Dills receivable for loans secured by real estate. Stocks and bonds os tollowe. viz: ParvaL iTktval. 75 ehs.D. S. Trust Co.’a Stock, N. I $7,500.00 f 13,125.00 200 tbs. Fonrth National Bank Stock, N. T .... 20.000X0 22,300.00 100 sbs. Metropolitan Na tional Bank Stock, N. Y 10,000X0 13,100.00 100 shs. Mannfiictarera’* Merchants’B’kStock, N.T. 10,t»X0 11,030.00 403 ebi. Merchants’ NaT B'k Stock, N. T 10,000.00 12,000.03 300 sbs. Merchants’ Ex. B'k Slock, H. Y 10,000.00 1L900.00 100 sba. Merchants' Ka’l Bank Stock, N.T .... 5,000.00 5,750X0 300 sbs. Farmers’ and Me ebaolcs’ B’k Stock, UanibTd 30,000.03 39.600.99 200 shs.CUy National B’k Stock, Hartford 20,000.00 *L2COXO 300 ebs. Aitna Na’l Bank Stock. Hartford 20,000.00 23.600.00 200 tbs. Phttflix N’a’l B’k Stock. Hartford 20.0WX0 37300.00 300 sbs. Mercantile N’a’l B’kßtock,Hartford.. 20,C00.00 30X00.00 123 shs- State B’k Stock, Hartford 12,500X0 10,375X0 50 ths.SartfordNaTß*k Stock, Hartford 6,000X0 7,150X0 50 shs. Conn. River B’k Stock. Hartford 2,500.00 3,730J0 130 ahs. Amer. Na’l B’k Stock, New Britain.. 0,000.00 7.300.00 130 »hs. Kew BrltalnNa’l L’k Sfk, New Britain 13.000J0 13,900.00 150 Blis.CUltena’ Na’l B’k Stock, Waterbary.... 15,000J0 16J00.M 300 ehs. WaUtbury Na’l B'kSt’k, Waterbary. 10,000.00 11.500.00 50 shs. Niagara Dlfi. B'k fcft, Canada Wedt... 5,000.00 6,350.00 100 shs. Holyoke Water Power Co.’* Stock.... 10,000.00 13.000J0 10 Hartford City Bonds. 10.0M.00 10,000.00 30 New Britain “ per ct. / Water Honda 10.000.00 U. 500.00 10 Chicago &Sorthwest ern Ist Mortgage B'ds 10.0W.CU 8330.00 -26 leoneeaee State BMa. 2C.000.00 13,0*0.00 20 Wlfconajn SUte B*d«. 20,000.00 13,950.00 25 California State D’dj. 25,000.00 29,250.0(1 50 SanFranrtacoß’da.. 53,000.00 51.0W.W lOOConoectlculStateHda 100.000.00 101.000.00 Ohio State Stock Of 1870.. 25,000.00 25,000.00 c. S. Stock, “Sixes of tfSV 30,000.00 38,000.00 \j, S. Stock. Five-wren* tic*' Accumulated interest. Net Cash Assets, $ 1,052,872.63 ASSETS. January 1.1«6. Losses Set Reinsurance fond. Capital ACTUAL NET SURPLUS. ASSETS, January L 1387. Looses ACTUAL NET SURPLUS. Income for 1866, • -* $1,158,319.55 Losses end Expenses, - $1,044,068.27 The Phmalx of Hartford can reinsure, at the highest rates, every risk upon Ita books—discharge all obliga tions, pnstnt or profpectlr*, of whatsoever nature payback to stockholders every dollar ot Its Capital block, and retire from business with a clear net Cash Surplus of $160,593.99! Bach acts speak for themselves, and comtnecd the Fh(rnlx In such fiery times as tie present to the confi dence and patronage of the public. BRANCH FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH, E. n. VAX KLEECS, So. lao MalJea-l»ne. Sew Vnrt:. NUMBER 215, 1 8 6 7. or THE PHCENIX ON THE . 155.500.C0 fl 83^40X0 52,000.00 51 SCO JO .81,103,407.85 50,595-42 Trial Assets readjusted Lessee. FACTS AND FIGITBES 1866. .8133.223416 1807. Capital. .8160.593.99 no. ~-I West Fourth-street, CINCINNATI. BE. M. MCGILL, General Agent. Insurance Statements. JNbtJBAHCE. WESTERN OHDERWRITINB. What it costs to Transact an Insurance Business. Suggestive Lessons for Young Beginners. 80KB OP THE HATIOHAX BE HE FITS BE- STOWED BY THE zpiKCEiisrrx: INSURANCE COMPANY. An Interestin'; Exhibit of Substan tial Service, Freely Rendered and Faithfully Performed. Losses Paid in the West and South by the Phoenix Insurance Company, Hartford, Through its West ern Branch ORtce, at Cincinnati, Ohio. OHIO. Akron Bryar Bedford Cincinnati Cleveland Chllllcothe. Columbus ClrclcriUc Canton Cadi* Charlestown....... Chagrin Falla.. Dayton Delpho* Delaware Defiance Elyria Fremont Georgetown Hamilton Hillsboro Lancaster. . 114.15 1 Mlddielmrp 9S3.5I 3 ManaQeld 1,300.00 i Ml. Ollead SSMO • Mania ee 7T5.C0 1 MuyJTUJe 1 Milan 853.5S ] Marietta * 7«.« 1 Kewburgh 5,259.70 Portage...... 400.00 I Portnnootb 1,600.00 PalneavtUe 1,113.84 Perryabornh 00-00 i Pomeroy 410.00 ' Ravenna 3,73}.07 Ripley £5.10 Steubenville 377.89 Sandusky. 710.05 Toledo 19£7C.53 WePsrlKe «»,(» ITooeter 2.613.4* •Waneo 9.800 00 Wsuacop 5,018.35 843.02 Zanesville 156. U I KENTUCKY. Cotlmrtoo . - |?,2S9.SS Cynlhtana.... 700.00 Dannilc 13.979.37 Anoi EJUnLelLtown 83.35 Chatl Franklin 747.60 Butt Klrampshurp ~ 237.S7 Lake Georgetown 4.000.00 UcdI Glasgow 1.671.63 Vlnr Harrodatmrp. 9,500.00 jfortl Lealneton 7,978.23 Boeh Loalarllle 36,773,91 jjt. P Mayrrlllc 4,100.00 St. r Owensboro W77.70 St. C Paducah... 3,605.50 Shah Princeton.. 50.00 w*bi Wit cheater.... 500J» wine IN ID I AjST A.. *6,7*0 W 1,030.00 313J0 1,030.00 1.5V2.t0 39.37 h./hjo 11.525.31 4J20.0J 8,000.00 3,986.00 5.58150 8SUR 350.00 MMO 5,1090)0 &0.00 J.C31S1 .1 i,ao.oo . 600JO 7,31966 . 633.00 U00.60 8,101.18 1,000X0 1,017.38 460JO „ 4100 930.00 800.09 1A0.M 1,906.13 2J73.7I 3J09.69 206.68 3,W»JM Altjca Cancellon... Concersvllle. Colcmbtu.... Delphi Decatur Evansville.... Elkhart Fort Wayne.. Gtccnseld.... Greeccastl*.. Hamington... Indianapolis.. KcndaMrlJlc.. Knlghtstown. Latayettc Llgonler. Madison Mishawaka... Newcastle.... New Albany. PI j month Pern Rusbviuc.... Rising Sun.. Richmond... Seymour Salem South Bend,. Bt.Paul Shelby villc.. Terre Haute. Vernon Vincennes.... 'Washington.. Williamsport. ILLINOIS. .1X006,79035 . 33,15331 Alton fX7.a?»J3 Air boy 8S2.C6 Atlanta 9*0-30 Aurora 381.40 Beltli-'ere.. 5,156.29 Batvrta, 13330 Bellcnlle. S35SI Bloomington * 583.65 Chlcaeo 90.131.33 Lharopalgt 1,311.13 Ci'bcndaJc. 6337.00 Cairo 8.0S8JB Charleston WOMB Clinton 24WJ0 PeKalb — 1,1*5 00 6J.M ponlflm 15030 Decatur. 1351.54 Elrabetbtjwn..... 5,310.10 EfiwardSTllle...... 3S2.88 Elmwood 390.3 Fulton 65850 Gtneseo 1,05030 8,158.0 Galesburg 11,155.74 Joliet 63730 JacktonTiQe 2I5J0 Ke - *ante 334X03 Kankakee. 7,336.74 LodJ 4^0W» LaSa.le 3,359.67 Lltchfle’d 6J3.75 Mound City 4*mW Morris Alt. Carroll W63.S5 J,63332 Mlddleport 5.M0.00 Moline ® M * 79 Sspcrrffie * 700JX) Ottawa Peoria ***** Petersburg 1300-00 PMnesrllle 3530 1 Pekin *»* Pint t Qclaey 3,41331 Rockford 4.70030 Bocbeile 8 00 -® 0 Botk Island 63W« Springfield 12.9S1S7 Sandwich 49334 Sycamore. * Waukegan Warren Woodstock M33 *° $968,633.01 335,11435 173333538 600,000.00 .f 1.103,16735 5059532 .1L062.372.63 291,273.64 (760,53539 600,000.00 jMICBEIG-AJST. Adrian fcttQ Arbor.. Albion Battle Greet Bay Insurance Statements. ColdiWtf LS5S.7J Detroit.* Dovagiac. 300.00 Itantor. BOT-is Bast Saginaw M33J5 Flint. 5.T3X30 SCO JO GnodBaplda, . U.3G9.T7 HndKD WOOJO BlflKUle «L» Hastings liSJl 700.00 JidKS . fOO-OO Jeaeeriue. . iWB'-OO Siltouao wSA I *3UOf W09-15 Ljou 3,9U.ffZ Lake Superior........ 1*3.00 LeilflilOC... &.4t Utnhlll. S498J9 Stance LC3.7Q Moon* Clemens 2,006.53 Uaikemn 500.00 SUrqaette. 6,990.70 Klla •— is JS St* Baltimore 96ijsi Fa* Pur. 967 e PtUdord WAS Pontiac . 4WJ0 Korn to £9.10 St. John* 500.37 Ssglcaw City. S,969.00 Troy 196.00 Teccmseb 7,961.90 TpoliUtl 1 ,£13.00 IOWA. Purlin gton.... Connell Blnflß. DesMolne*.... Daren p0rt..... Dubuque. EddyriUe ImUpendence. lowa City..... KnoxrllJe Keokuk. leflaln Lew]! Laos log Lyons MU Pleasant. Maqccketa. Muscatine.. McGregor.. Osceola Sioux City. Tipton Waterloo.. KANSAS'. Atchison Ellwood Junction City. Lawrence Leavenworth. Topeka TEjSnSTESSEE. SJCO.OO . 4X31X9 . , 50,597.01 . mss Colombia.. ClarksviDe. Knoxville.. Lebanon... Memphis... Nashville.. 10.07t.0S 1,510.09 41.00 Soaunerrllle. aisxt 119X3 2,103X9 459 JO wiscoisrsi^r. Boaeobel % l.aMjBO BaribOO 2,773-71 Bearer Dam I^OOJM Berlin MT)-M Delaran 2,70X00 Eapl? 2352S Kikhom 2A3i.ia Ean Claire. S,ctu» Fox Lake....... «« Ford da Lac. 1,533.33 Gre*n Bay 8.13* 35 Janesville..... — 1.S36.00 Klftoame City 1,000.00 Kenosha. .. Sfia& Uccuter. 300.00 L®Cro»tC 7,£t2345 MU«antiv.. v 20,13831 Jlioltoe* c...................................... 1,201.09 Mineral 1 otnt., - SSS2 MadifOO 19441.39 OibkO'b . 19,330.01 Ozaukee ®Q-XI Flatten!!* J00.W 300.00 450X0 5,028.25 rotucv city BJOIM Bcedrtttrg. 2,100.00 2&7Z23 Bipos 130.0 Rochester. 5,mM Sheboygan Fail* 2,713-90 Eparti., Sheboygan STSiO Waopso 933.00 "Whitewater S»C0 Waupaca 9>OXO Waukesha 120/5 MHSTZSTESOTA.. |?,2S9.RS 700X0 Anota f 2.112.03 ChatficM . H»-00 ButtccS 1C3J)Q Lake City. 20.M McnliCfV.o . I, Mlnrea polls . 23^0^-25 Korthflcld I.lfllSS Boehreter 11.68 St. Pan! I3,03i92 SI. rcttr. 3313.92 Sl.OOlld 53D.W Sliakopee 3,330.03 ' Wabasha 2WJ30 W.0O MISSOURI. BeoaeTtlle * l^OO.(X CWlllcothe Icdcpcsdence 9n^( nwitJbal . IUS3& Kansas CI17 Lexington 5.9*73 Mexico iSl.Z Oregon 1,921.01 Pal turn., /.... 3.1373 St. Joseph 30.SS.7l Savannah 79.01 fit. Loot* 57,5713: Wvstport. MISSISSIPPI?!. Aberdeen 13,000,00 Brandon 2,450-00 Colomtsr.... 1,50809 Canton 2.000.00 Holly Bpi Inca.,* 2,00000 Jartaon •. 4A&SS Lexjnpton 2.SOOJOO Natchei 8,014.91 Tlckstnrc.... iXOtWO 'WarrlnctoQ 1,000.00 Tazoo city AXABAMA. Florence... Hnatsrllle. Tuseumblo. AEKTATSTSAS. EsteenUe.... Camden. . Fort Smith... Jacksenpert.. Little 80ck... NEBRASKA. .(17.9*1.33 . SS2C6 . 96030 Nebraska City. Omaba TEXAS. Houston. W’ST VIRGINIA. Parkersburg. PHCENIX ISSIBANCE COMPANY. PARENT office. 333 MAIN-ST., HARTFORD, CONN. BRANCH FOR THE WEST&SOUTH. 24 West Fourih-st., . CINCINNATI, OHIO. 5-cuthern Supervisory Agency, No. 1 Bladison-st., MEMPHIS, TENN. Department of the Pacific, Cor. Commercial & Ufonlgromcry-sts^ .9 1,131.73 . OMO . ao.oo . 1400J0 . ssun SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. A NATIONAL ORGANIZATION. L 555.74 s,nm 300.00 607-35 4,133X5 5,73130 SCODO 15369.71 UOOJO «L» 24SJS 700.00 no jo iWbijo .8 5,074.13 . 4,331X3 . 6,173X0 . 2,053.71 . 16XMJJI ...... 1.096.30 a^c.oo SJtfOxS ..... SCO. 00 . 4X33.23 .4 150 i» 400-00 .. 133.95 4CQXO .. 11.716.5 S .. 1.250J0 I &S 3 4,000-00 19 1,510.00 71,622X4 3LS7UO SI .73 .* L 590.00 . 1,071X0 . 971 . lU53i« . U34XI . 5.967.50 451.7 S . 1,931.00 . 3.J97J8 . 30,625.7* . 19.00 . 17,37131 . 1,673-Si .% 3.000,00 . 2,450,0 a . 1,50300 . 2,000.0# . 2,00X00 LBIASS .. woo jo - 8,014.37 . 13.6TX00 . I.OCQJO .. I.TMJO S 53535 .19100 2.03X00 1500.00 34U57 7,717.68 11,208,90 500.00 12331.00 . 1,0330 133813$