Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 10, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 10, 1867 Page 1
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FROM WJBBMTON. The Presideiu's Action on the South Carolina Murder Cases. History of the Trial, Sentence and Final Release of the Murderers. COMB Nebraska and Colorado Bills Passed in tbe Senate. Hill Passed in the House for an Increase in the Pay of Department Clerks. FROM EDROFB. Latest Despatches by Ocean Telegraph. The Austrian GoTcrnment Ex tends a General Amnesty to the Press. Sailing of the Swatara from Lis bon with Surratt on Board, ILLINOIS LEGISLATURE. Important Resolution IntrO' duccd in Relation to Railroads. Resolution in Favor of the llli ocis ami Mississippi Ship 'Canal.- Constitutional Amendment to be Acted Upon To-day by Both Houses. Passage cf a Bill la Relation to the Chicago Marine Hospital. LATE .STATE FAIR Award of Pivmiumsby tire State Agricultural Society. Laic ami Interesting Mexican Nows. FllOa. TT MUUSUTON. f special Despatch to'he Chicago Tribune. - Washington, January 0. PASSAGE OF T*in COLORADO AND NEDUASRA BILL* Ihe Senate ba< finally concluded action upon tlu-Colorado and Nebraska Bills, bo.h of which were passed this evening by a goad majority, though not by a two-thirda rote. The lest nuta tion was na<‘i; npuu the Nebraska Bill. Kumer on- amendments were proposed and rejected. Ibe Edmunds’ amendment was at first lost by a ‘ie vote, but at -i Mitt-eqnent stage ot the proceed ‘.ugf. it hh j earned by two majority, as lollnwa ; i-oa Messrs Anthony. Cattell, Chandler. Con te*s, Crccm, Creswoll, Edmunds, Fessenden. Fogg. Fowler, Lar«*. Mnrrllt. Poland, Harney, lio--. Sherman, Stewart, Sumner, Van Wluklc. .ltd Wcae— Affj.-s—Messrs. Buckalew, Cowan, Dixon, I’oolliUc, Fester, Grimes, Hendricks, Howard, Howe, Johnson, Morgan, Nesmith, Norton, Pal ic.f-or. Riddle, Saulsbury, Willey and Wil liams—ls, « This arrep.’r rnt 1*» In thc«c words: “ThHact shall take efli-ct with the fundamen'al and per penial condition that within said State of Nc liiasKa the:c shall be no abridgment or denial of the rxrreisc of the elective franchise. or of ;ry other right to any person by reason of rere or color, excepting Indians, not taxed.*’ ’jbe bill, alter the adoption of thla amendment, was passed by the following vote: VOTT ON TtlE NEBUAPRA BIU, Tees—Autbopy, catted, Cuaniet. Cragin. Con ner. Crrswill, Edmunds. Fogg, Fowler, Den cliTpcb, Ilowatd, Kirkwood* line, Morrll', Po land, Ramsey. Roa*. Sherman, Stewart, Sumner, Van Winkle, Wade, Willey and Williams—Si, A*«tvs—ltuckaicw, Cowan, Dixon, Doolittle. Fos ter. Grimes, Hendrick-, Ilowc, Johnson, Mor gan, Nesmith, Norton, Patterson, Kiddie and .~iulfcbary—l3. THE COLORARO BILL w.i« at once taken np and passed, with the same 3Tie'ttf*.nicijt. Ity a vote of 21 to 12. Both lulls were not to the lion-0 this evening, and efforts will be made to put them tbrongh to-morrow. The num ber oi abs.-nten in the Senate was large to-day. and Ibc friend-* ol (tie bills believe that when the members are alt present they can carry tbe neccs >-aiy tvvo-thirds vote, but this is by no means cer tain. ARKANSAS AFFAIR*. General Or»l U»« just made a renort upon the condition a* tilings lu Arkansas. He sums up matters a? follows: “Outrages, aseault* and mur ders. commitseu on the persons of freedmen and woraeu.arc being continually reported from neatly all sections of »he State, and a decided want ot db-po-Hion to pmn-ii offenders apparently exists with the local civil officers, and in tbo minds of toe people, 'there have been reported fifty-two murdets of freed persons by white men in this i-lalcin the past three or fonr months, and no re port- have been received that the murderers have been imprison" d or punished. In some parts of tiic state, particularly in tbe sonthwest ami southeast, lu-edmon’s lives arc threatened if they report ilMr wrongs to the agent of the Bureau, arc in mary Instances the parties mak ing reports are inlssed and never beard of after ward. It i- believed tbat the number ol murders reported is riot half the number committed dur ing the time mentioned. IN TIIC ROUSE TESTERDAT. The House was engaged principally to-day npon a 101 l rrantlLg extra compensation to certain steamship companies for carrying the malls to Callfon ia while the overland route was Impeded by Indians, » second bill for purchasing part of ih'* (. Ity Hall Park for a post office and other pub lic bniioings, and the bimnereasing the pay of clerks. J The first was defeated, the second passed, and xbe last goes over till to-morrow. QUEER USE FOB KAIL BAGS. Ilic debate on postal matters brought ont the t-tatLtm ntfroin Mr. Hasson that it wa-* the cus tom of stage drivers on the overland rente, when tbe paper mall was carried over It, to use the mail tags to fib up sloughs. INCREASED FAT OP CLEBK9. During tbe debate upon increased pay. General h-ctenck s’ated that to his knowledge the sum placed at tbe disposal of Mr. McCulloch »o divide amorgclcTßr,!l»adl»ceapatd to the pets of the Dcjianmcnt, and in most cases to those wno were already receiving the largest salaries. Mr. Oilnt ell suited that constituents of Ills bud been removed from the Department and rebels putiu their places. LIST OP FASDONS. The list of p:rdons sent to the Douse from the Attorney Cent raTs office this atternoon shows that the Bmldtnt has dealt theu ont with a lib eral bard, borne of tho pardons ot notorious rebel officer* were rccommcmlcd by a largo nutn bci of persons, that of Albert Pike, for Instance, Lein? endorsed by nearly two hundred person*. The Attomev General seems to have recommend- cd more pardons than any other person. hi.. v. AMini'nxc and tub pscbident's raeEAcn- NENT. The preposition of Mr. Washburrc, of Illinois, and Mr. Dinghum, Saving i.oen entirely misrepre sented as to Ihe'ri-tateinentfi in emeus, it is proper to elate that Mr. Wasbliurnc, solar from saying tb< re were no grounds for impeachment, said he would go as faras those who go farthest In that direction; but be Insisted that the first steps *liould he upon a solid foundation, and so all propositions should bo reiema to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Biucbam declared hi* readiness to InsvsU gate the matter, and to vote for the Impeachment >1 n care for Uwas made out, but be thought I 100 laic in the session to begin It, as the rearing of onc-lblrd of the present Senators on the Ith o Match would virtually dissolve the court trying I he case. PERSONAL. Governor Dennison spent some lime on th-i floor ot each bouse to-day. srKATOU TBLTfBVTL. The report Ihot Senator Trumbull had gone to XHlnoi* was Incorrect. TUE SOUTH CAROLINA NUUDEHS. The Secretary ofWarlo-dav sent lo the House nbout a thousand pages of manuscript matter rcl- . ptlvc to the murderofthc tbice Maine soldiers in ?r"' “ October, 1505. The documents embraced the cn tre proceedings before the Military Commission by which the alleged murderers were tried; a larre number of petition?, memorial and letters addresstd in behalf 01 tie condemned persons; the record of j roceedlogt conteqneaf apon the rental uf General blcklc. t > oi ep ih ? writ of Aev bfai eorpuf Irani d by the Soi"h Can liaa Judge ; thoarloua orders «fthe Pe.l'eAli the case; the conesjoedence relative to «Le 2ual release of the prl-ore-e fiom Frrt Delaware <n a writ Issued by Judco HMS * c -» c* Tlie papers show that ill foiroi the prison ra wero fennd guilt;. That Jam?? O, Keys and P, 0. Mowers were tcntcocol to doitb,and Robert Sets cndlvlfslaßyram to for life at Coccorrf. N. U. Tte dialh auoieose was to have been executed at Cssile Pinctuey, Charles* ton Harbor, April 27, W0n theSJih ofAp fl General Slctles, by order Of the President, direct ed the suspension of the stnteice until farlhe* order?. ihe four parties remained In confinement at (hat point all through the spring and summer and at once petitions beran to poor In praying me President to set aside the aenlsncc entirely, and allow the prisoners to he discharged, oral least order their trial before a civil tribunal. some of those petitions hearths names ol hun dreds of women. The President was appealed to os the savior of the country, and the trne friend of (bo Sonth. Meeting* were held in various parts of South Carolina and Georgia, at which resolutions of. indignation and sympathy were pawed. The Influence of the Masonic order was brought to bear npon the Ex ccntivc in behalf of Stowers and Keys. Governor Orrsaidtney were gentlemen of the highest re spectability, and their execution would bo a hor rid crime—nothing less than Judicial murder. Kr-Governor Joe Brown, of Georgia, said he couldn't believe for a moment that Stowers was a mnrdi rcr, and he implored the President to step oetween him and (he vengeance of (he Commis sion. Ex-Congressman Bonham, of South Carolina, was confident neither of these gci •utlcmen was gnllry as charged and the Pi eldest could not do leas than give them a trial in the civil courts. Another South Car olinian declared in the mo»t emphatic manner that no Charleston Jury would find them guilty on the evidence before the Commission. Another de nounced the court for aiowing freedtnen to tes tify, and declared that the result of Ibis trial prov ed the Incapacity of the negro to tell the troth. GcncialN. P. Smith writes the President as hie dear friend, and endorses Stowers and Keys a*s true men and Southern gentlemen, who could not be guilty of the criin* with winch they were charged. Mrs. Stowers wrote a tong letter tothc Pi evident in her husband's behalf. iI.V. Johnson earnestly Implored the Executive clem ency, anti nraed that the men be turned over to the courts. Alexander H. Stephens is satisfied that Stowers could not have done this deed, and commends the ease to the special attention of the Picsidcct. Finally. William li. Trescott cane up here with a lorit-page document, endorsed by j Governor Orr, General Conner and others, and labored with the Executive for two or three days. Thciceult ofall their effort.’, joined with the rep resentations of counsel, whose names do not ap pear In these paper-, was that on the 23d ot duly, ISCC, the rrefident Issued an order comroaU mg the sentence of Keys and Stowers to imprison ment for life, ami designated the Tortugas as the place of confinement for all four of the prisoners. A week later, Ju>r 3UI, the President, and not the Secretary of War, as has been staled in some nf the papers, issued a second order changing the place of confinement from Tortnsras to Fort Dela ware. There i» nothing in the correspondence to «bow why this change was made. The prisoners were removed from Charleston harbor to Fort Delaware in the latter part of August. Nothing more Is beard o( them till ihe last of November, when Captain Howard, commanding at Fon Delaware, notifies Adjutant ‘leiTerrl Townsend, of the War Department, that be baa been served with a wntor/i76<M corpus in favor of the four men, which la te'.nrnable No vi mber 14. He adds that these men arc the men In whose case General icluaed to obey a will In Charleston. General Townsend writes on the following day, by order of the Secretary of War, and oirecla Captain Howard to confer with the District Attorney of Delaware, who lisa received Instructions from the Attorney General in relation to the writ, and will mel:e the proper return thereon. The same day the District Attorney asked General Town send for authority showing that these men were righttnlly tried before a Military Commission. On (be 1 llh. Judge Advocate General Holt replied at tome length, citing the law for the coarse par sued by the Attorney, and concluding by saying: *• Uis bcld that tbe statutes of war continued to east in tbe rebel States, and, therefore, the pris oners were properly under military jurisdiction until peace was proclaimed by competent po litical authority through the President. The record clo«es with a brief letter Irom Captain Howard, under date of .Not ember 17, ISCC, in which b‘ siys the pmovera were that day dWharged from custody* • i: the writ of habeas corpus leaned by Judge Hall. Singular]* enough, appears, there Turn of the District Attorney to the wilt Is not given, reltber are the ln‘tmcUons to him from ilie Attorney General furnished. It is probable rimt another effort will be made to get these and n>o or three oilur important documents bearing upon tbe matter. bevznuz smzcnzfl. Tbe officers of the Internal Revenue Bureau, arc daily making seizures of distilleries all over the country for Illicit distillation. Commissioner Rollins Is actively engaged in tbe suppression of this business, tbe result of which is that many fraudulent cases arc coming to light, and large sum: of money saved to the Government. A NEW BOUSTt BIU* General Schenck, from the Honse Military Com mittee, to-day reported tbe original bill of last sesrinn For the eouallzailnnor ■ Hydros all soldiers eight and onc-tbird dollars permoolh, cidutive of State and Government bonnlicj. THE KESTCCKT ArPOIXTJfENTS. There appeare lo be a poo.’chance for confirma tion in the case of those Kentucky officials who were appointed solely upon political grounds, and displaced Radical?. btohatt. Secretary Welles received a telegram per cable tn-oay irom Rear-Admiral Goldsboro, in com mand of the European squadron, staling tnat the steamer Swatara left Lisbon yesterday for the United States, with John IL Surratt on board. Washington, J3nua:y 0. -The reception of General Grant was a maunlflccnt affair. Many Senators sod Members ol Congress, Foreign Am bosMidotaatid other distinguished per.-ous werj prevent. nryEArimxsT cokvrtkx. Washington, January g.—The Judiciary Com mittee have begun the InvertigaHo-i of Ashley’s charge? against the Preridert. U-i wa called be tore the •-omrnittce. and made his chargi-s formal ly. The committee Impose an Injunction of se crecy, and coircsponnenw dlsobevisg will be called to account. change in Aprorrmsa power. Mr. bmniur will introduce a proposition to morrow requiring all ofllccrs of tiic Government whose compensation ahaii exceed sl.fl()U per tear from salary or tec*. to (hi api-ointni by the Picii dcut bhu contUmti* by the Senate. All persons of this cla«s now holding offices are to bo legisla ted out, in <m'< r that new appointments may be made and sent to the Senate. new oilean* mot committee. Washington, January si.—lt is ascertained on good authority that the New Orleans Hlot Com mitter will submit two reports—thn minority de nying that riots wen- biongnt about by any agency ol the civil authority. Nil. ASHLEY'S INPBACIINENT RESOLUTION. Tin* Judiciary Committee look up Ashley’s im- IK-achnunt resolution to-day, and will proceed with It without delay. INTERNATIONAL NAUATIWE CODE. European diplomats here express tho opinion that a Congress of the great maritime powers will I>e held next year to adopt an international mari time code. THE TARIFF BILL New I onn. January it—A Waaliin.lon special states tbat the Senate Finance Committee will probably report autilf hill on Monday, and prominent members of the Senate express the opinion tnat the bill will pass after two or three days’ debate. PARDONS ISSUED SINCE APITL, l'M5. Washington. January tt.— ln response to the call of 'lie House, the Attorney General sent lu to-day a report of ibe prominent rebel officers and citi zens paroored since April, IPC3. and shown who iecomraended them to Executive clemcncv. Among tho latter are Generals Grant. Mcad\ SicMc*.and Thomas,Timrliw Weed, 11. •t. Ka.vmomJ. Admiral Farragnt, Gnvcrnnrßrowo tow, ox-Attomoy General Speed, George I). Pren tice and many other loyal men. General Grant signed the petitions of Generals Roddy. A P. Stewart, and Ecfoc. 3 fOXCSiESSIOXAL PROCEEDINGS, Washington, January 9. SENATE. Sundry memorials and petitions of minor im portance were presented and referred. Mr. SUMMER presented the claims of the New England Emigrant All Society for $23,000 for damage done to properly in Leavenworth, Kan .-a;-, as a Tviritorj some years ago by.a mob. Re ferred. Mr. LANE presented a bill from the Pension Committee, granting pensions to the widows of fercased Union suldics in East Tennessee, who were hnng hy the rebel authorities during the war when caught burning a bridge near Knoxville. "Ibf pension in each case is eight dollars per momb, and dates from November, 1SGI; also in creating tbe pension of tbe widows of Revolu tionary soldiers married belorc lr»00. Mr. MORRILL, from the Committee on the Dis trict ot Colnmbla. reported against the bill annul ling all laws and ordinances of Ihe District of Columbia and the several Tcrrliorios making a distinction between persons on account of coior, and punishment of officers and persons who may attempt to execute any snch law* and ordinances • onirary to the provisions of this act. Tide snh .-pc', be said, bad alreaay been acted on In the Suffrage Bill. The bill for the payment of pensions was taken after direnssion, postponed. The bill for the admission of Nebraska was then taken up. aadrcsicd the Senate In oppo.l non to the proposed amendment, contending that eneftlor U ° “ "S’ lll '' ,I>o anarije ‘ The inbjrcMeae farther dlicnwed hj Mcssra. Somner and Wade. 3 ■ ,,8 Mr. the course of bis remarks on the equal rights ol the States, said It was the In tention of the Constitution to place all oo equal grounds, and tor that reason he was opposed to tbe amendment. Mr. WADK hoped the friends of the bill would not vote forMr.Brown’aamendmcnt. The other was, at all events, hnrinle-s, and wonid retail 1c tbe immediate admission of Nebraska. Af:cr a protracted debate. Mr. Kdmnrd’a htnrndmert was lost-yeas 15, nays 17. M*. Ilrown'a amendment was also voted down—B to 52. Mr. EDMUNDS then moved nis amendment os an amendment to the original Dill. Loau Mlt .V Hi. VI-.IUW <llll. I«V**W 'Mr. BUtKALEW tpokc agahnstibo bill, assert ing that the Constitution was rejected by a fair vote of tho people of Nebraska. Mr. CRAGIN believed that Congress was bound to admit those Territories. Mr. WADE—Let us have a vole on tho bill. Mr. EDMUNDS moved to am< nd, by adding, as an additional section, hie former proposition. Carried—yeas ‘JO, nays is Ihc hit) as amended, was theo passed—yeas 21. nays 15. On motion ofMr. WADE. the bill to admit Colo rac'o as a state was then taken up. Mr. EDMCNDb moved to amend by adding the same amendment which had been attached to the Nebraska Hill. Agreed to—2l to IS. Mr. HAYS (*) said that tnis action was even more irregular than that on the Nebraska Bill, lu addition to the small population or Colorado, it was the first instance of Congress changing a Confutation which 'he people had agreed on. Mr. Wit.LEY said he had voted against the bill to admit Nebraska, but os it has passed, be would vote fox the bill. Mr. CHIMES said for the same reason he would vote ag<im>tlt. Ills conscience would not allow him to act so Inconsistently. He believed the amendment would be entirely inoperative and \ old. Mr. DOOMTTI.K repeated the statement of the Governor of Colorado lo which he sold that the Constitution waa no ludlca'ron of the senti ments of the people, and there was but ST.tfO population; that the endeavor to bare it mlmltted was the act of wicked anddesimln; men, and at least two-thirds of the people wore Miposcd to it. Mr. Doolittle reiterated the asser tion that the object was only to aid a patty and enforce the Constitutional Amcx dment. Mr. WADE hoped that they would have a vole on it Imtaruiatcty. Mr. WiLUAMS voted for the bill, but would not vote for the amendment. The majority had put on record something to-day which would re turn to plague >hc inventors. Mr WUXEV held himself responsible to his own YOL. XX. conscience for his vote. and not to (he Senator from Wisconsin (DooliMle),"ljo had enough to do to tako care of hU own commence. Mr. DOOLITTLE declaimed any intention of casting any imputation on tho Senator's high moral tense. Mr. EDMUNDS believed that posteiity would ratify the doctrine in the amendment. A vote was taken and the bill passed by yeas 23, nays 11. Foster, dime*, DoohUie and Mor gan were among the latter. On motion ofA’r. WADE, tbe Senate lookup tho bill to prevent any distinction on account of color of dozens of the United Slat a. Mr. WADE moved to atnke out all after tho en atilng dative, and insert the following: “ That in all Territories of the United States there shall be no denial ol the elective foments* by reason of race or color, and all persona shall be equal be fore the law, and all acts or parts of act«, either of Congress or the legislative Assembly of any Ter ritory, inconsistent with the provisions of this act, are hereby declared null and void." Mr. WILLIAMS suggested that Ibo language of the bill include Indiana, large numbers of whom were in tbe Territories. This would he a danger ous mode of legislation. On motion of Mr. LANE,'tbe Senate adjourn ad. HOUSE. Mr. KASSON Introduced a resolution to restore the Jurisdiction of the Barest! of Indian Claims to the War Department. Referred. A resolution was agreed to requesting the secretary of the Interior to Inform toe Ilooseif any modification is necessary in the third article of the treaty with the Cuocktaws and ChorpUees, latlflcd June. IBMS, wbeicby 8,000 negroes in the conntiy of these Indian? can have their rights as cWzens confirmed. ... Mr. ALLEY reported aMU making an appro priation for Iho purchase of the Post Odice in York, Mr. CULLOM, of I*l., introduced a resolution bounding the Committee of Ways and Means to iuqche into the expediency of amending the rev enue laws that Incomes under fI.KW shall he ex empt nom taxation, and all over Jl,tKWije taxed five per « cijt only was agiecd to. Mr. MAYNARD Introduced a bill to modify the resolution of the I6ih of June, 1C66, directing the Committee on Claims to refuse to consider an claims preferred by citizens ol tho late rebel Mutes so that the same shall not apply to the claims of the loyal citizens in Tennessee. Mr. WASUBUUNE objected. * Mr. TaYLOR, of New York, introduced a reso lution directing the Committee on Naval Atfilrs to inquire Into the expediency of amending the ■ appropriation bill of July, 18W1. so at to al low sailors and marines of the United Slates «he *ame counties as are allowed to soldiers, and un der the same limitation. Passed. Mr. CUANLER, of New York, rising lo a ques tion ol privilege, said he was recorded m There fiort < i the press as j; voted “no" on Ash er's imrcachmo lie bad voted “aye,” because be d • investigation ol the : rharccsibai i caguinet the President. Mi.CU/ Ji tridsresolaUon placing reporter . • » iCralpand Associated Press on the ili e. i r. -same looiing as the 6Yo&e re porters, a tn the same restrictions. Referred * Committee on Roles. On motion of Mr. HUBBARD, of Conn., Ibe Judiciary Committee were Instructed to inquire v belter so much of the 41st section of Urn Na- Uonal Banking Law as limits the tights of male authorities to tax at places where banka n-c loca ted, might not be so amended astops-mlt -non taxation atany lime where such shares are own ed In Inc in the Stale where the bank is located. Mr. lIOOPEK. of Mass, from the Committee on Dunking and »• reported hack V>e Senate Bill, N0.1i7,t0 Incorporate a National Safety Fund Ccmpany, In Washington, I). C„ with an amend mcnl to prevent the corporaiion from cv«*r Ue comtng a tmti company, which was passed. A petition was presented Irom the chizcn) of Fulton and Sani'oga comities, N.Y.,praylng for an appropriation of ?I,C(>O per year lor samiwt Downing, the only survivor of the Revolutionary A message from the President transmitting tbe report of iho Attorney General giving a list ot pacdomd rebels, was presented and referred to the Judiciary Committee. Tbe joint resolution to increase tbe compcnsa slop of employes In tbe civil departments of the Government was taken up, but after several mo tions, laid over and the House adjourned. FROM SFIMi FIELD. Important Resolutions Introduced— Tbe Constitutional Amcndment-TJ c Senatorial Canvaw—Tlio Prospect*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SrmsariEtD. January Two Important resolutions were Introdnood In tbe House to day by General Payne, of Like. One Instructing the Committee on Bangs and Corporations, on every bill reported by them for granting charters to railroads or for extending, altering or amending them, to insert a proviro giving the Legislature power to prescribe the tariff of freights and passengers. This resolution will be the especial order of tbe day next Friday. Iho resolution is similar to the one parsed two years since by the Honse ana re jected by the Senate, which rejection was finally concurred In by the Honse. The second Impor taut resolution was the one looking to the immf diato construction of a Ship Canal between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi. The resolution looks to the contribution ot f 5,000,000 by the Gen- era) Government for tbe pnrposc. Tbe Tazewell Conn*y election case was dis cussed at considerable length this morning, on tj e introduction of the majority and minority re ports. Trcte la no doubt that Mr. heifers will be admitted to Hie scat. Sellers Is the able and enmeatoditor of the Peoria UrgMer. Governor Oglesby sent the Constitutions! Amendment to the Honse this morning, and tb? Democracy made a two boars' flllibusterlng tight against It. It wit) be disposed of to-morrow the Democratic membere will vote agalust Ra adoption to a man. A joint resolution was passed by both houses, icqnestlnc General Logan to address them to morrow night In behalf of the lioroc for the Edu cation of Soldiers' Orphans. General Logan Is the agent of this association. The bill (lately published in tbo Tribune) to Incorporate tbo Chicago Union Club House was Introduced tills morning in the Senate by Senator Ward, and has been approved by the committee. It will no doubt become a law. The Senatorial canvass has been conducted with much activity to-day, but iu a qnlet aide room way. there lias been a very general pres pure btought to hear by deputations from many parts of the Slate to-day in favor Goncra) Palmer, and It Is understood that ihc?o influences bare not been without result in his favor. The Palmer meu talk with more confidence than before. Well authenticated tumors say that some of the Cook County delegation aic seeking fur an excuse to ignore their ln*tructloi a and vote for Palmer, and J. D. Hoyt, of your city, arrived with a peri non from Ihe citizens of Chicago this evening In favor of the nomination and election of Geuenl Palmer. *1 be pctUlou purports to be bended ny U. R. Hawky, Perkins Bass, Alien. nndotbeis. What influence It will exercise with the Chicago delegation,it is 100 early too deter mine, or even guess. It may secure to General I’ultmr Uie votes of those who are seeking an oppoilnnityio forget their Instruction?. 1 bear ot one coiiven-ioo to Inat side, 'ibc Trumbull nu*n arc still confident of success, although In the movements to-day they find cause for renewed and mure vigoronsefforts on tbeir behalf, to place success beyond ail doubt. It is hoped, although it Is not certain, that Judge Trumbull wilt rcacti here to-morrow. If he should «omc, itwonld, no doubt, give strength to his friends. General Palmer has been on (he ground from the start, and his persoiutl efforts In his own behalf have bad a vondeiful effect in increasing bit-strength. Ibc Grand Ai my of (he Republic, oi at least members of that organization, in their qnlcl working way have given much a'renglh to General Palmer's aide. A lively time Is antici pated between this and next Monday night. 'I he Grand Opening Rail ntlhcLeland llouwc— I The AOklr a Great Success. (Special Despatch (o the Chicago Tribune J Springfield, January a. Hie opening ball of the great Inland Hotel came off Inst night, and was in the fmkv-i measure a success, probably one ot tbe greatest ever known in this occarional city. This bote) is the result of a necessity which has long been felt here. for sufficient accommodation for visitors daring tbe legislative session, and has become world-wide, and gained for the bo ard Brothers a most enviable reputation, which, from ptesrot indications in their establishment, w ill be still further enhanced by their conduct o: iht- lA'latul House, of Springfield. This hotel has cost fur building and furnishing $*97,"00, and with Us 200 rooms la capable of accommodating ■IOO or even in times of extraordinary pressure, SCO guests. It is fitted up and famished whh the most elaborate elegance and care for ♦ omtort In every psrf, and merits a’l tho high commendations which have so lavishly been bestowed upon It by all who have visited (> or -bared the generons hospitalities of its proprie tors. Tiic bail which Inaugnraed for mally n. Its triomphmt career, began hnt a little after Tegbt o'clock, under tbe stlmnlns of a fear that the Capital might removed if tbe needed accommodation were not aUorded, the citizens of Springfield have done nobly in supplying tbe want. They have erected and lorntthed a truly magnificent hotel, and placed it In the bands of tue men wboof all others in tbo country know how to keen a hotel, the In lands. The fame of tbe Metropolitan, o' Mew York, and the Occidental, of San Francisco, and an Lour later the ball room was crowded. Senators, Representatives, delegates from the Editorial Convention, many Invited guests whose names rank hicb among tbe most honored ol onr own and adjoining States, fair women from aH sections of tbe country, these made np the brilliant throng. Ibc spacious balls and elegant parlors were fillea with promcnaders, who. while the dance went on in 'he great dicing ball, roved admiringly through tbe palace, lucre were twenty-five dances on the programme, and It was tar on In the morning »par* when those were concluded, and the merry pUornte seekers who participated In the fesijvi rios of the night sought repose. During cvcrai Kars towards the close of the ball, the supper rooms were thrown open, and a cold collation o! meats, game, oysters, fhnt, wines, etc., was served up for the delectation of the guests. The Mock of wines at ihe hotel Is especially worthy pr praise. In speaking of the many good qualities and charms of mi« esiab ment. Mott oi the wines and brandies kept hr the Inlands have been imported by thom-clves ard It is gnarabtee enough for thrlr quality to say that they arc the same a; are kept at tho Metro politan in New York. Notwithstanding the fact that tbe hotel is at present crowded to its almost rapacity, the great ball of last meht did not pet ccpllbly Intcrtcrc with Its domestic economy—a tact which is no mean compliment to the ability with which U o house is managed. FROM DBS MOINES. Educational Statistic*— State Agricultu ral Society 51c«un&—The State Fair to be Held at Clinton—Stockholder*,’ meeting* [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tilhnn?.) Dts Momxs, lowa, January £>. From the rccoids in the office of the Supcrln. tendentof Public Instruction, it appears that the total number ol pcasons in lowa, between the agra of five and twenty-one. Is CtSjftS; males, bO,U7: fctra'cs, 108,701: number of schools, 5,000; number of pupils lo attendance, 1,827; Nunhcr of icachcts, males. 2.GTS: females, G.GTO; avciaco weekly coupcnaaiion for males. 5.H.40; for females, fS.W: average cost of tuition lor eath pupil per week, R 8 cents; aggregate amount paid i.achae, t]«MG,G£I; valuo ot school houses, *4,637,757; ecbool houses, 5,000, of which era are brick, JOS stone, 3.7 GU frame, and C 3» log bouses, i’cnool honre-s built dating the year • JTJ4; Increase over IBCS, m aUeudauce al school. 51,23-1; increase in number of leacherp, 523: In crease in amount paid teachers, f14'.»,81>7. Tho State Agricultural Society met to-day, and re-elected moat of the old officers. The nest State Fair will be held at Cilnion, September Stth. The first annual meeting of the stockholders of the lowa «t Minnesota Kailroad was held to-day, end officers elected for the coming year. STATE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIS. Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SraraoPtELD, 111., January 9. SENATE. Tbe Senate was calied to order at 10 o'clock. Prayer by Iter. Dr. Collins, coscmyiiTu aobicultchaz, setup. A resolution was Introduced instructing Con gieeamen to use their endeavore to make Agricul tural College scrip equal in value to Land Warrants. cosermmosAL AancniicrsT. A message was received from the Governor, laving bef're ihe Senate on attested copy of the Conetitmiooal Amendment. OEBOLLTIOK9. A Joint resolution, inviting General Logan to lecture. on Ihnraday evening, on a Home for the Education of Soldier*' Orphans, was passed. Mr. liuntfr introduced a resolution, urging the early call of a Convention to amend toe Consti tution. Referred to Judiciary Committee. The rcsolntlon by Mr. Mack to appoint Messrs Ely, Bnrnbam, and Bartlett official short-hand re* porters lor lire Senate, was adopted They are Instructed to tnalio fail reports. A Committee of Conference with the House upon the subject was appointed. A rctolnslot mating It a rule of both house* that partiea introducing special acts, shtil pay r> ibc Slate one dollar and seventy-five cv !■> ue; hundred words bcioro oflering them was pu.- 11 This does not apply to religious or elccmosynav.- • institutions. BILLS UiTUOnCCTP. Mr. Fnllcr introduced a hill to incorporate Bcoi.e County Agricultural Society. By Mr. Blackman re legalize and provide for collecting ceitsin taxes in DoPage County. By Mr. Boyd, om? for the incorporal-onof the Havana German School Association. By Mr. Munn, one to establish a police in Cairn; ore to Incorporate the Chalk Bank Ferry Companr; one to incorporate the Cairo and Vin cennes Railroad Company; one to incorporate the Dollar tarings Association of Cairo; one to incorporate the town of South Pads; one to in corporate the Society of Free Benevolent Sons oi America of Cairo. By Mr. McConnell, one to incorporate the Illinois Institute for Idiots. AITEBNOON SESSION. A., fc..-. UV.I OATC.VfI. In the afternoon the Senate met pursuant to adjournment. BILLS INTBOnCCED AND UEFEURED. Mr. Waid introduced the following bills, which were read twice and referred: Bill to prevent the issue of fraudulent ware house receipt-: bill concerning ri'-crotiatioii of warehouse receipts; bill to incorporate the Imbed Stales Clock and Brass Company of Chi cago ; bill to incorporate (be Chicago Union Club House; bill to amend an act to incorporate the Chicago Historical Society. Bv Mr. strain, bill to amend an act to define the limits ol pnrtiH rslup; a!>o, to amend the charter of lliprityol Monmouth. By Mr. Cobra, to provide for taking the census oi certain counties therein Lamed. By Ur. Cheenv, (o extend tbe jurisdiction of Justices ot Ute Peace sod Constables, in esses o' railroad companies; si«o. to authorize (he conntv of Mcl-can to Issne bonds for the purpose of building a Conrt Ilonse: also, a bill in relation to fixing Uie salaries of County Clerks. Bv Mr. Tincher. a bill to incorporate the town ot Georgetown, Vermillion County; bill to re duce various acts in township organization to one set, and to amend the same. Bv Mr. Patton, to extend the jurisdiction of the Justices of the Peace of the town of Sandwich. By Mr. Fuller, bill to regulate the cost of com paring acts and proceedings of General Assem blies. By Mr. Monn. bill to incorporate the German Jravtngs* Society of Cairo, By Mr, Metcalf, act for the relief of certain citi- zenp of St. Clnlr County. By Mr. Bushnell, bill t o increase fees of Justices of the Peace and Constable.'! In tbe State ot Illi nois ; to prevent horses and cattle from running at large on public highways. By air. Webster, bill to fix the time of hoi,ling tcims of the Circuit Court in Henry Conoty; also, laws incorporating the Bock Island School Dis trict. IH7. By Mr. Shepard, bill to incorporate the Grafton Stone and Transportation Company. bight noun srsrm. The Chair presented a communication from the City Council of Chicago, praying for the enact ment of a law making eight hours a legal day’s wo>k except in case of special coutiacL Referred to the Committee on Judiciary. DEBATE OS THE COKSTITUtIOSAL AMENDMENT. Mr. Webster called op the Governor's message of the forenoon, which embodied the proposed anundmeulto tl.c National Constitution, with a view to having it mauc the special order for some lutnre day. Mr. Mack was in favor of having it acted on im mediately. Ur. Hooter moved it be made tbe special order for next Friday at 8 p. m, which was voted down. Messrs. Mack, Tlnchcr, roller, Bashnell, Metcalf, Coins and Giecn were In fkvor of immediate ac tion, while Messrs. Ward, Webster, Hunter, Mnno. Rellyand others were opposed to It. Mr. Green occasioned some mirth by remarking that be considered himself the only Senator who tad a right to make a speech upon tbe question, as be was probably the only one who would vote In opposition to the way ho bad spoken in the late campaign. Alter much unimportant, desultory debating, iho question of (he ratification of tbv amendment was made tbe special order lor to-morrow after noon at half-past 8. COBZITTZZ ON PUBLIC BCILDINQS. Mr. Fort Introduced a resolution, which was adopted under a suspension oi the rules, provid ing (or an addl’ionai member to t>e placed on the Committee on l*olilic Buildings and State Ll braiy. Mr. Tincherwas added. CHICAGO NARINE HOSPITAL. avrJkiAb. Wr Ward introduced a biM cedio* the jurisdic tion to tbo United stales over certain lands in the county of Cook, for the purpose of a manic hos pital. which, nndcr a suspension of the rules, was read three times and passed. Ayes it, noes b. ZETUODIST BOOK CONCERN. Hr. Pinckney introduced a bill to incorporate the Western Hook Concern ot the Methodist Epis c‘ pal Church. Head twice and referred. CLERKS OP COUNTTTEU. Ibo Committees on the Penitentiary and Judl ;iarr were each allowed to appoint a clerk. Adjourned. DOUSE. Ihe morning session of the Cv.tac ol Represen tatives was opened with prayer by Rev. Mr. Hale. The Journal was reed. , _ petitions. Mr. Eplcr offered a petition from citizens of t.rectic County asking for mure powers fur incor porated towns. Mr. Wilbers offered a petition from citizens ot Ijincusler, Cash County. asking for the removal of the roomy scat of Cass County irom Bearflstown io Virginia. Roth petitions were referred to committees. RESOLUTIONS CONCERNING UAtLUOAOS. General Uurlbutofiercd the following: Uftolted, Thai the Committee on Railroads he Instructed to inquire Into the powerof this Lceis lalure to control the railroad corporations of this State, by direct legislation on the subject of charges for passengers and freight, to secure the private citizens of the Plato from inordinate and extortionate demands ami to assert the sovereign ty of the people ol the State over alt persons, natural or artificial, within its limits, for th** gen eral good, and that snch committee have power to send for persons and papers, and to compel testimony under oath; that said committee is farther Instructed to report to ibis Home at the earliest possible period by bill or otherwise. Adopted. General Payne oflered the following: Keeoltrxt, That the Committee on Railroads and the Committee on Banks and Corporations arc hereby instructed to incorporate the following section in every bill reported bv them to this House grantb g charters to railroad companies, or extending, altering or amending charters already granted, to wit: t?rc.-.lbis act Is granted, subject to such regulation and restriction of tariffs on freightand passengers as may be prescribed by the l«ogisla ime o! tbe brittle of Illinois. On ibis resolution an extended discussion sprung np. General Payne, Mr. Wafceman and ••there, watmly enpoorting It, while a few mem bers evinced an opposition, not to the resolution m the abstract, but to Its passage at this lime. The measure spoke In co uncertain tone ot the extortions of railways, their blighting Influence on the industries of the Stale, and their defiance of all local restrictions, and no one endeavored to deity their allegations. Tbe subject was made the special order for Fri day next, at £ p. m. DIAGRAMS AND BLANKS. The ordinary resolutions ordering diagrams and blanks were adopted. SHIP CANAL. Mr. Epler offered the following: /.rsolctd. By the Ilonseof Representatives, tho SenMc concurring therein, That this General As rembiv regards the spcerly construction of a ship car al corn'ectlng lake Michigan with the waters of tbe Mississippi as a work uf the greatest im portance to the interests of the nation, especially ro the inttre»te of the Northwest, and tbat In the said enterprise the State of Dlitiois is ready and willing to aid the General Government, and that the G«dcts] Assembly hereby earnestly recom mends the Representatives In Congress and Sena tors from this State to bring the matter before Conrress by bill, and they are hereby Instructed by their votes and their inflnence to nrge tbe pas sage of a treasure donating not less than fire mil lions of dollars with which to Inangnrstc said en terprise. that a committee of three of the Dense ard two of the Senate be appointed, to take into consideration the subject, and to report bv MU or otherwise, and that the Speaker of the ffonse ofKcprcscotatlves and the President of the Senate be requested to forward copies of these resolutions to each of the and Rcnresent&tives in Congress from lbi« state. Mr Sieger moved In amend by- Inserting the words steamboat canal instead of ship canal. On motion of General Qorllm*. the subject was made the special order lor Wednesday nest, at *2 p tn. CONTESTED SEAT. Mr. Childs, from tbe Special Committee on Credentials, presented the majority report on tho contest l*otwccn W. W. Sellers and S. R. Saitoo stall for the seat from Tazewell County, favoring Ihe recognition of W. W. Sellers as tbe legally and justly elected candidate. Mr. Enter presented tbe minority report in favor of S. R. Saltonstall. Messrs. Knapp and Enter and others supported the minority report, and General Horlbut, Mr. Taylor and others the majority report. After a long discussion a motion was made to refer then alter to the bincdlng Committee on Privileges and Elections, which was lost by 41 nays to 41 ayes, the Shaker giving the castitg vote agamst the notion. Another bear was spent in discussion, and then the matter was tre’e the special order for to morrow alternoon at two o'clock p. m. BESOLCTIONS CONCUBUCD IN. The House concurred in the Joint resolution in tiling General I.ogan to address the legislature Thursday evening on the subject of the soldiers’ Orphans* Home; also in the Senate’s amendment for printing 4UO Instead of 200 copies of the rules. CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. The Governor presented the Constitutional Amendment passed by Congress. Mr. hhlrlcw more d to reter It to the Committee on Federal lb latlons. This motion was laid on the table by sSaycsto2l noes. The Democratic side of the House made two ineffectual efforts for an adjournment; then they tried to make a special order for sotm future time; then they dc marded a call of the House to ascertain the rnmher of members present, and cichtr-lhree answered to the call: it»u they demanded a rail of toe absentees; this v't». on motion, arrested, and then they again moicd to adjourn and lost it as before- Then an appeal (torn a decision of the Speaker was taken and the ajes and noes demanded. A member desired to he excused; ayes and noes demanded; tic speaker refused them: another appeal claim ed, consequently a long discussion. After this was settled another motion to adjourn was made and lost, and an ln<9i-ciQalatteuipliiiadelorecon siarr; then the previous question was cnlorccd by the majority by avole of 58 ayes to 21 nora; then a Democrat attempted to secure a reconsid eration hr voting in the affirmative. The speaker refused to admit of his motion; a member appealed from the decision of tn- Chair demanding the ayes and noes. The Chair CHICAGO. THURSDAY. was sustained by a vote of 78 ayes to no nocs. men another attempt to adloarawasmsdsand eqnclcbed by the Speaker. The main question— tbe motion to make the subject the special order for Thursday, at 3 p. m.—now came up, and was carried hj t>l ayes to 15 noea. CHEAT BEAU or TOTS STATE. A message was received from the Senate com municating their adoption of a bill for an set to renew the great seal of the State. IXATE or ABSENCE. Leave of absence until Monday was granted to General Unrlbnf, who was called away oy sick ness in bis fitmily. ADJOCItSBTEKT. The House then anjourued until to-morrow morning at 10 a. m. MICHIGAN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbnnc.l Laxsiso, January 9. SENATE. In the Senate, the following hills and joint res lutions were reported from committees having them in charge, referred to the Committee of tbe Whole, and placed in general order: BUI relative to a school district in Oahtemo, Kalamazoo County; bill to prevent tbe adultera tion of milk; bill relative to the recording of deeds, Ac ; joint resolution ratifying the amend ment to the Federal Constitution. A message was received from the Governor re commending an appropriation for the National Cemetery at Antietam. Referred to Committee on State Adairs and Finance. A resolution by Mr. Uowell, requesting the At torney General to collect and print for the use of the Senate the laws of Congress granting swamp lands and lands for specific panoses to Michigan, was adopted. A resolution inqniring as to the propriety of a general law authorizing school districts and rcli ch ns societies to borrow mosey was adopted. . In Committee oftbe Whole the Mil, as amend-? cd, to compile the laws relative to tbe limitation of rctlcDß relating to real property, was passed. The bil! giving the right of trial by jury in com plaints before Justices for recognizance to keep t'ce peace, was referred back to the Committee on Judiciary. HOUSE. The bill to incorporate churches of Christian denomination; the bill to authorize the cltyof Battle Creek to borrow money for city purposes; the bill to increase the pay of Supe. vlsols when acting as Assessors; tbe bill to exempt disabled soldiers srd sailors from poll tax, were severally read twice and referred to the CommUt-ve of tbe "hole. „ . „ A resolution offered by Mr. Slayton, Republi can, of Kent, instructing Senators and requesting Reprcit-ntatives in Congress to vote against all propositions to impeach tbe President, lays over. Mr. Newell introduced a bill to regulate the boors of labor. Mr. Wil-arfl, a bill to amend the charter of Bat tle Creek; both read and interred. Governor Crape has been conscious during the day. lie is easy and cheerful, anil bis condition cn the whole is encouraging. His physicians speak hopefully. INDIANA. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) INDIANAPOLIS. iKD., January 9. Tbe Republican members of the Uonse held a caucus to-night. In the Gall of Representatives. Hon. H. C. Neuman was chosen Chairman, and Lion. John L. Miller, of Tippecanoe, Secretary. A call of tbc roll thawed fifty-eight oat of sixty members present. Nominations for Sneaker being In order. Mr. stewnrt. of Rush, pnt in nomination Uon. u. C. Branham, of JeOhrson; Hon.W. E. McLean, of Vigo, and lion. W. W. Higgins, of LaPortc. were also nominated. On the first ballot Goa. D. C. Branham received 31 voles; McLean 19: Gigging?; blank 1: and Branham was declared the nominee fur Speaker. Cyrus T. Nixon. Esq., was then nominated for Principal Clerk; Mr. r. A. B. Kennedy, for as distant Clerk: and Captain John Campbell, for Door-keeper. Mr. Kennedy was a soldier and 10-t an arm and a leg In the service. Tbc caucus oftbc Republican Senators made the following Domlnatioi s: Principal Secretary, Major O. M. Wilson; Assistant Secretary, General Tom Browne; Door-keeper, Dr. William Thomp son. ? Thetwcnty-fifih volumcfof Indiana reports has net been Issued by General Beniamin Harrison, 'Reporter of the Supreme Court.. This volume con tains one hundred and filly cases, of which ten were appealed from the Courts of this county. Fred. Douglas is to lecture before the T onng Men's Christian Association at Morrison’s Opera ; Gail, on Monday and Tuesday evenings of next week. Ills subject for the first evening la 41 Sources of Dancer to tbc Republic” Gis theme for the second. Is *‘ Impartial suffrage.” Iht Daily Eteninq of this city, is ad vertized for sale on account of the inharmonious relations existing between different members of the film. MISfiESOTA. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] St. Paul, Minn., January 0. The Legislature did nothing of special interest. Tbe Governor's message was not delivered as expected, but will he presented at 11 o'clock to morrow. Tbe following is a brief synopsis of the document: _ The total cash-receipts of the State fur the past year was $339,455: total disbursements. #401,34*3. The claim of the State ot Minnesota against tbe Federal Government ib5123.i500. This claim Is In a fair way of being soon settled. The amount of taxable property last year wav $43,137,313, and this year it will amonut to $57,500,(XX). The funded debt oflhe State is SIOO,OOO of seven per cent bonds, and $350,000 of e’gbt percent hoods. These debts, tbe Governor advises, should be paid as soon os possible. Tbe number of pupils in attendance at the pub lic schools Is 53.753. Ihe school fond is $1,500,000. The estimated population of the State is 310.000. Tbc Governor strongly urges the justice of the Legislature memorializing congress to grant an additional bounty to the earlier volunteers of (he rebellion. Bo thinks tbo act griming SIOO was not a sufficient recompense, lie believes tbc men who enlisted early and fought the longest should bejnsily rewarded. Tbc total amount of public lands entered at the different land offices for the year by private per sons was 731,937 acres. Of this 394,541 acres were entered for homesteads. Touching the &t. Paul & Lake Superior Rail road, the Governor saye be is assured by lb* di rection (bat tlie English capitalists are concluding a negotiation for the possession Of tbe road, and that they will surely build that toad In two years. T hero arc $2,5W.d00 in railroad bands outstand ing for several years, and which th,* State has de murred from paying The Governor recommends that the Proceed* ot tbc sale ofS0:),(X)0 acre* of land, which tbe Slate recently received from the Federal Government for internal Improvement, go toward the liquidation of each outstanding bonds. Gc recommends tbo immediate adoption of tbo Constitutional Amendment, and also the amend ment to the State Constitution, allowing negro t-uffiage | T he official canvass ol tho votes at last election will be held to-morrow. A Convention of Icctnrc associations was held bore last evening, and steps were taken to form a permanent organization of association* in the btatc, to that good lecturers can be secured. WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trl*> a no.J Madison, Wie. Janaary 9. SENATE. The legislature met at noon to-day. The Sen* ato effected au organization In short order, elect* In? I icutenantL. B. Hills, of Dodge, formerly in the Tenth Regiment, for Clerk, and lieutenant Asa Kinney, of Green Lake, formerly Qoaxtermas* ter of First Cavalry, for Sergeant-at-Arms, each re ceiving thirty votes. The Democrats cast ten votes for George Dyer, of the Witeontin Union, for Clerk, and Captain John Nichols, of Milwau kee, for Scrgcsnt-at-Arms. Three Senators were absent—one old one, a Democrat, and two new ones, Republicans. A committee was appointed, to act with one from the Assembly, to wait on the Governor and inform him of their readiness to receive any com munication he had to make. • house. The Assembly did not organize so promptly, bavins spent considerable time alter the members were sworn to selecting seats. Six members were absent. Angus Cameron, of Lacrosse, was elected Speaker by seventy-two votes, to twenty forW. •T. Abrams (Democrat), of Brown; one each for 11. I). Banon. U. C. Iloharl, and D. W. Uaxon. Un taking the chair. Mr. Cameron briefly thank ed the Assembly for the booor conferred, and pledged himself to discharge the dutica to the oestof bis ability, E W. Young was elected Clerk, receiving sev. enty-two votes, while twenty Democratic votes we«e bestowed on K. A. Calkins, editor of the I hior>, and United States Revenue Collector, who “ought the Clerkship of the Assembly from the Republican party last year. «'aplrun Damei Webster, of the First Wisconsin Balte»y, one or the best organizations which went fiom this Stale, received the high compliment ot all the votes but two for Senream-at-Arms. Both houses adjonrned till to morrow. The Governor's message will probably be deliv ered to*morrow afternoon. Nearly all tbe snbor* dirate officers of both bouses will be filled by soldiers. The voting to-day showed that both members classed as Independent will generally act with the Republicans, giving them seventy-four votes. Senator Hadley, of Milwaukee, suffers from par* ttnl paralysis, which has been growing on blm for some monihs. and he bas to be carried to and from tbe Capitol and raised to the Senate chamber by an elevator. Bon. L, W. Wright, member of the Assembly from Green County, came near haring bis legisla te e career hi ought to an ontimely end last night Being noosed to gas fixtures be blew oat Instead of milling off tbe light in his room at the Randall House, and when found this morning was eo far gone that he was wlib difficulty restored to con* •etonsness. A stovepipe hole In the chimney al lowing tbe escape of part of the gas alone saved blm from death. Hon. A. VanWyck, oCKenosha, has accented an invitation to deliver the annual address before the Historical Society on the 23d instant. KANSAS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) TorzKJL, Kansas. January 9. Tbe Senate caucus reconsidered its action on tbo election of Secretary, and tbe Senate, to-day, completed Its organisation, by electing FL Banks, Sccrciary. and other officers, by a unanimous vote. Senator Simplon introduced ft lolnt resolution to strike oct the word “white” from the Slate

Constitution. Senator Foster Introduced a bill to tilend the time for the collection of taxes without penalty. Tbe rules were suspended ana both bills wore lead a first and second lime and referred to tbe Committee ot the Whole. Senator TTado Introduced a joint resolution to amend the Constitution so ac to allow certain classes over eighteen years of age to vote. Sevcral Important bills were introduced lm.thc House. The Governor’s message was read to both houses In Joint convention by his Private Secretary. TorrKA, Kansas. January 9.—The Senate com pleted Us organization tcr3av. The Governor’s menage was delivered to bom Houses In Joint convention. The liabilities of the State are JGC1.000; re source- fUT.iru. The Governor recommends the payment of f493,rc<o claim* again*! the State In consequence of the rebel General Price’s raid, by the issue of* percent tenp payable in one,two and three y«ars. The number nf school districts in the Mate Is STI: teachers 1.91 F; pupils 87,(W. 1 brie are WO miles of railroad In the Slate, amt the Union Pacific Compact expect to com* pli tc 20f» more the present your. In regard to Indian •Miiingcs, he says he has appealed to (he War Department and District Commander for protection of the frontiers, bnt very little has been done to effect thot object. General Gr»nt promised to famish cavalry arms for the use of the settlers, bn! none could be procmcd. Theodicy of pnrchaslngoaptlvoi from the In dians Is strongly condemned, as leading to a lu crative trade In that direction. Government should compel the Indian'? to respect Its author ity. and Its leadin'* men shonld be captured and held as boslaces for the good behavior ol their respective tribes. lie recommends the Legislature to memorialize Congress to transfer the Indian adalrs from (Ue Indian to the War Department, and abolish the present system of Indian Agents, as a source of ranch trouble, and prolific of corruption, and a curse (o the Nation. Retemng to tbe Constitutional Amendment, he rays that, while it is not fully what 1 might de sire, or what 1 bcllve tbe times or exigencies de mand, yet, in the last canvass, from Maine to Cal ifornio, ii was virtually the platform which was submitted to the people. The verdict was unmls lak cable. Tbe people have spoken at the ballot box on the subject In largnage which cannot be misunderstood, and as wc are on: their servants to do their will.its our unquestionable duty to accept U and give U our h«arty support. 1 therefore hope Kansas, in its first legislative enactment this session, will give the nnanimons vote of her Legislature In favor of the measure. Upon the question of impartial suffrage the Governor advises submitting io the peopleatthe next election, a proposition to strike the woid “ white" from the Constitution,(and tbit ell who gave aid or comfort to rebels be forever disquali fied as citizens of Kansas, No general business was transacted to-day. St. Louts, January ?.—The Democrat* Topeka special, quoting from Governor Crawford’s mes sage, says that the harvest has been bountiful, every branch ofinduslry successful, and mechan ics and laborers have received good wages. Em ployers have been compelled to seek laborers. In stead of labor seeking employers. Capital in ev ery branch of business has yielded handsome profits. Many towns and cities have nearly don bled their population and wealth during the year. The State la rapidly filling up with Intelligent, cn terpnsinc tanners. Tbe population baa Increased about 50,t)GU, and torty per cent added to the ma terial wealth. Reviewing the political situation, the Governor says the attempt to torce into Congress Repre sentatives from tbe seceded btates, Is a usurpa tion only equalled bv the conduct of the leaders of the rebellion. The President tailed to meet the expectations of the loyal people of tbe nation. Toe fact of his official conduct meeting the cordial approbation of the rebels, is sufficient ground for to? al people to distrust. He appealed from Con gress to the people. Tbe appeal was answered by every loval State with overwhelming majorities, condemning his course, and any other official of a republican Government would have yielded to the majority, and acknowledged their authority: but from bis recent message no such acquiescence is manifested. MISSOURI. St. Louis, December 9.—A bill was Introduced m the State Senate to-day to amend the State Conetiiniion by abolishing tbc test oath as ap plied to ministers, teachers and lawyers; also, miking out the word while. Head twice and re fer: cd to the Committee on Constitutional Amendment. A concurrent resolution was adopted Instruct ion the Senators In Congress, and requesting the Representatives to urge a repeal of lbs law appro priating money for slaves enlisted In the service. in tbe Bouse a isolation providing for amend iiu-nts to the Constitution, the same as proposed in the Senate, was tabled. St. Louis, January 9.—Charles D. Drake was nominated for the United Status Senate in the Radical caucus at Jefferson City to-night by a vote of seventy-seven oat of eighty-seven. The vote was afterwards declared unanimous. About thirty Radicals were absent. St. Louis, January 9.—Colonel Montgomery, of the Slate militia, who was arrested at Lexington, by United Slates Marsha) Wallace, was released to-day by bob<a» corpus. Issued by the United States District Court. Several otb< r parries In cloning tbc Sheriff of La Fayette County and tbc Mayor of Lexington are la custody. The Marshal will proccd ti St. Louis for trial before Judge Treat, of tbe Doited States Circuit Coon, MARYLAND. Baltixore, January 9.—ln the Maryland Legis lature a provision was Introduced in effect, as Congress bad passed an act delaying payment to loyal owners of slaves enlisted in the army, there (ore tbe Comptroller shall decline to pay further bounties to negroes, as bad been provided by the Legislature heretofore. A bill was introduced to declare Illegal tbe late municipal election in this county, and provide for another in February. Tbe Democratic caucus (o-nigbthave not agreed as to a United States Senator. Governor Swann's chances are best. The bin for a Convention to revise the Constitu tion provides for an election in April. MAINE. Augusta, Me., January V.—Tbe Legislature has voted to cuntlmo tbe suspension of specie pay ments until April 15th, 1869. Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, January o.—The Democratic caucus has nominated Edgar Cowan for United States Senator. STATE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. Awards of tlie Executive Committee on Articles Exhibited in the - ffl Ucclla neons Department ot the Lato State Fair. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tel’nice.) Spring field, January 0. The Executive Committee of the State Agricul tural Society, have to-day made tbe following awards on articles exhibited la the miscellaneous departments at the late State Fair in Chicago: on cloths, knit goods, etc. Beet knitting machine work. Miss A. Bronson, Chicago, certificate; best display doeskins, J. N. V*. mao!-. Rockford, certificate; nest display ot all work, plain cloths, certificate, to tbc same; best display of woollen clothe, certificate to same; best (•pinning wheel, W. H. KrcstlogerA Sous, Chi cago. certificate; beet rase of silk and fur bats, J. M. Ixjomis, Chicago, certificate; Hooper A Radley's spinning machine, Siarrett & Beatty, Chicago, certificate: piece of fancy knitting,lire. S.ll. 1-amb, Chicago, certificate; piece of German raised woik, certificate, to same: 3)ocltnonß of m chine embroidery, Wilcox & tbbs Sewing Machine Company, certificate; specimens of ornamented machine braiding, cer tificate, to same: samples of cloths ornamented with the Eureka Imlelllblc Ornamenting Fluid, Mrs. L. S. Cole, Chicago, medal; ornamented catch-pin for dresses, Mutncx A Revere, Chicago, certificate; picture frames. Mr. A. L. Davenport, Chicago, certificate; embroidery and fancy work, Mlssil. L.'tUendorson, Chicago, CeriiScaie: braided child’s dress, certificate, to same: gent’* embroidered slippers, certificate, to same; regilia and badge fixtures, 11. H. Cabciry, Chicago, ccr> dfica'c; lancy quilt, Mrs M. J. Foster, Ottawa, certificate; ladies’ silk nose, Grllct, Watson A'Co.. Chicago, certificate. rare plants, preserves, ac. Fig tree grown in Chicago, Mr L. U. Pitts. Chicago, certificate: display ot osace orange plants. 0. R. Ford. Xlavanna, certificate ; osage ot angc plants, Northwestern Osage Orange Hedge Company, Maicngo, certificate; crab apple pre serve. Miss Augusta Mullfaldr, Rockford, certifi cate: boil’d cider, certificate, to same; baskets of ornamental plants, S. Muir, Chicago, meda); Wardian cases of ornamental plants, certificate and high commendation to same; pair rustic banging baskets of plants, five dollars, tolsame ; pyramidal boquet of mixed tloweu, A. Blnmen schim, Chicago, five dollars. MUSICAL I.VSTRUXENTS. Plano of home manufacture, 11. Koaner. Chi cago. certificate of high commendation; portable Elpc parlor and Church organ, □. 11. Higgins, bicago, certificate of tbc highest commendation. Terr- Specimens of peat lime coke, from peat. F. Dodge, Morrison, certificate of highest commend ation. QSbeet zinc, manufactured at LaSalle, by Slaible son <4 Heylock. medal. PHOTOGRAPHS. &C. Shield of liberty from bidgrs nom by soldiers, George P. Smith. Chicago, medal; card photo graphs. F. Fassett, Chicago, certificate ot highest commendation; ornamental confectionery, F. plan, Chicago, certificate of the highest commend ation ; specimen of business penmanship, Btyant «t Str.imn, of Chicago, certificate of high est commendation: specimen ornamented pen manship. certificate of high commendation to same; colored porcelain miniatures, P. B. Green, Chicago, medal; India ink photographs, certifi cate, to same; plain porcelain pictures, certifi cate, to same; oil portrait, W. P. Long, Wauke gan, certificate; flower painting, in oil. J. M. Tracy. South Pass, certificate, pencil draw ing, n. L. SholweU, Rockford, certificate; stone vases, Dcnry Furst, Chicago, certificate of commendation: steel engraving. Rice Jb Alien. Chicago, medal; walnut frames, certificate to same; hydrometer for testing liqnors, H. Petre, Chicago,certificate; palrtwincattle, J. N. Con ger & Co., Oneida, S2O premium: extract of beef, Tonrtelot Bros., Chicago, medal: 100 pounds flour, Bcrj. Hough, Morrison, certificate of the highest commendation; cheese b ixee, Patterson. Mlx& Co., Momence, certificate of the highest commendation. STEPS. SC. Be;t md largest assortment of garden seeds* A. 11. Hovey. Chicago* certificate of the highest commendation; garden seeds, by Jones. Lilinr wood i Bradley, Chicago, high commendation; sample of hemp, C. D. Voting. Thornton, high commendation; bnb taming machine. Durant. Van Arsdell A Co.. Kenosha, Wls.. highest com* menda'ion; brick mould, L. F. Shaftler. Joliet. lll..certificate: shears for culling off bolts and iron, Baker & Dennis, Dixon, highest commend* atlon. TAninxQ tXFLZicccni. Lord’s patent grain separator, Leonard Law, Hazel Green, Wia., highest commendation ; de vice for moving railway cars on track, J. W. PcitingtH, Rockford, certificate of commenda* tico; grubbing machine, certificate to same: wool leeder, F. Porter, Nora. 111., commenda* lion; piow cnlter. W. W. Stillman. Massrille. 111., certificate of commendation; bar gatherer. S. L. Carpi ntcr, Seneca, high commendation; revolving horse rake, by Fowler «fc Wicks. Upper Satdnsky. Ohio, high commendation: grain elevator backet, by John Magee, Caicaco, certificate of high commecdation; patent tocth circular saw, N. Spaulding, high commendation; cotton seed planter. Brown & Co., Chicago, medal; horse power for raising hay, Fowler ± Hick.*, Upper baxdnsky, Ohio, high commenda tion: hedge trimmer. D. Oliver, Galciboig, ill., certificate of commendation. Urport of tbe Committee on tbe Agri cultural Collece-A state Ornithologist —ATIsII to Jacksonville. [Special Despatch to (be Chicago Tribune.] SrniNGnsLD. 111, January 9. Tfcc Board of the Hiirola State Agricultural So ciety met this evening. Ihe following report was presented by tLe Committee appointed for tbe purpose; To tbe Honorable Board of tbe Illinois State Agri cultural Society: Your Committee, to whom was referred the sub icet ot tbe contemplated Industrial University of Jllir.ots, would respvctfnlly report as follows: Wnxnzis, The farmers and mechanics of Illi nois feel a deep interest in the propo-ed Indus trial University lorftem: and Wnmzas, It was expected that tbe endowment fund provided for by Congress wonid constitute but a small part oTthc fund that would ultimately bt requisite for tbe establishment and operation t.f seen at University ns was contemplated in the act cf endowment: and WnuiExs, We understand that onr sister Stale of -Jstw York has already accntnukrod hy her coed management an endowment of nearly three u illici s. beside* tteir fine ground am! magnifi cent inlldinr. already creeled; therefore, j;.fdv(d. by the Board ol tbe State Agrtcullo* nl r'ccicly of llllDOts.tbat it behooves tbe peo ple of this State tokerp Ihefnod for Ihu object together, and listen lono scheme whatever for their division or practical dispersion into several localities. jl'tolt'd. That wo ought u* secure the l«st pos sible advantages for this Institution, botli iu cash value ard In oil other respects, from the location of raid University. This Board therefore reite rates Its oftentimes expressed opinion that the lo cation of the University should he thrown open to nil the counties and communities of tbe State who choree to make proposals fur srch location, nndertte adjudication of Imnortlal commissioners appointed for the purpose, in ac* I romance with the provisions of a bIU brought be ! fore ibo General Assembly of this Mate at Its laa\ srs«.jor, hv n coiDinlttre acting under onr advice and approval, which bill has since been approved and indorsed by the btatc Convention called lor tbe consideration ot tbe subject, at Bloomingtan, or the Mb of December, ISOS. andalsobyunanl moaa vote at the sessions of tbe Illinois Suio Horticultural Society, and at the several sessions of the State Teachers* Association. The report was adopted and authorized to be presented to tbe Senate and (loose. Resolutions were adopted m commemoration of the death of Vice President Pearcy. A resolution was adopted taking a favorable view of the employment of a State Ornithologist, and respectfully submitting tbe consideration of the subject to tbe incoming Board. The object being to ascertain what insect feed toe bird-* con sume. therefore what birds are. on the whole, the Irlends of tbe fanner. Committees were appointed to report on tbe wines not heretofore acted on. Committees were cleo appointee to report on the fruit, cider, vino gar, syrup and sugar on exhibition. At 9 n. m. the Board took a recess. The Convention have accepted a cordial invita tion from the citizens of Jacksonville to spend to-morrow In that pleasant and classic borrouyh, und will no doubt enjoy tbe trip. FROM EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH. CHEAT BUTT ACT. LiTEUPoot, January 9—Noon. The bark Harvest Queen, from Swansea, board to the Baltic, has sunk at sea. Only one person out of the crew was saved. The Tim's has another editorial on the Alabama claims, and expresses the hope that tbe attempt at arbitration will be successful. AUBTUXA. VTxsva, January 9—Noon. The Austrian Government has extended as am ncstv to the press throughout the Empire, for all past offences. TOBITOID UZLATIOJTB BETVTZZH ITAI-T ASD TUU- Lonpow, January 9. It Is denied that the Turkish Government have arranged affairs satisfactorily with the Italian Government relative to the late firing noon, by tbe former, of one of the steamers of the latter Power. The Italian Government insists open full and am ple separation for the outrage. Latest Foreign .TlarKcU. London, January 9—Noon. Cor sols. 91; Five-Twenties, 72; Erie, i 5; llllioli, 81. Los dos, January 9—Noon. The money market ruled steady to-day. CocscU lived at 91 lor money. For American securities the i orket has been quiet, and quotations clo«ea with i sl'pht decline on 5.30‘5. The cioilnq prices were: -30'e,73)f; Illinois Centra], SIX; Erle,4jy. Fabis, January 9—Evening. The Bourse has rnled quiet to-day with a declining •■ndency. The three per centrentea clos-*d at CSfSJtfc. Frankfort, .lannary 9—Evening. The market lor American stocks was weaker to-day, md United States 5-2 Ca closed st 7Gj<. ■ Liverpool, January 9, Cotton—The market to-day has been doll, and quota ions have receded Hd from last Friday’s prices. The ■ales to-day reach lO.OCO bales. Middling uplands close iIUKd l»tt. Liverpool, January 9—Evening. ProvL-lons—The market generally remains stcaly aoduDchanrei. Cheese is firmer, and American l« in demand at an advance of 4 per cent. Liverpool, January 9—Evening. Breadstnflk—l he market is firm and prices remain unchanged. BY IQAIL. Coant Blsmark’s Speech Before tbe Fra Ml an Chambers- Relations Be tween Bosnia and Austria—lmportant Letter from tbe Italian Premier—Ru mored Treaty Between France and Italy. Saw Your, January 9.— . Vail news from Europe -tales Ibnt the Fenian revolution romance is al most entirely dies! Dated. Count Bismark delivered a very able speech in he Prussian Legislative Chamber, in which be frankly elated tbc reasons why Prussia concluded a peace with Austria. Go thinks France has gained by the exclusion of Austria from Germany, jud-that Napoleon and bis Cabinet will maintain friendly relations with enlarged Prussia. Tbe Journal of St. Petersburg proclaims that the good understanding existing between Russia and Austria ba* not been disturbed. Tbe speeches which were Interchanged between General Dlx and Napoleon produced a very pleas ing off- cion Ihepnohc mlud. Baton Ricasoll, Premier of Italy, writes an Im portant letter on the subject of tbe position of the cxTcd Bishops ortho Catholic Church and their status after tnclr return. He extols tbc plan of freedom Of worship guaranteed in the United States as a model one fur the Catholics of free Italy. The Journal du Havre of December 34th says that As J/bnd« believes that in spite of his first Minister, Victor Emanuel has signed a treaty of alliance offensive and defensive with the Emperor olthc French. The Opinion* national? says that its Roman cor respondent reports that Pitts IX has given the as surance that be will not quit tbe Golv See. MEXICO. Another Decisive Victory for the Lib erals—flloTcmenfaof Opposing; Force*— A Hal ns at fflatamoras—The Whole French Army £n Bente for Vera Cruz—Abuse of American Citizens by the French. New York, January 9.—The Herald's Matamo ras special, uaUd D> comber -Lilli, gives a report of a battle recently fought near Gudalacazan, in ihe State of San Luts Poton, between Mejia’s (coops snd tbc liberal* nuder Trevino, resulting In a complete victory of tbe latter. A large num ber of prisoners were taken. Eecoovdo is making forced marches to join ficvino and drive Mejia from the Stale. Cortina I? In pursuit of Canales, whom ho promises to thrash. General Berriobazil has Issued a decree order ing all chief* and subaltern* who have not re ported, to leave Matamoras within twenty-four hours under penally of arrest as conspirators. Official new* ot the occupation of ban Luts Po les! is received. Bentobatal has been placed in command of (he States of Tamaulipas. New and Coahulla. Galveston, January 9.—The steamer Thames, Capialn Swift, from Vcta Cruz, with passengers, •m In here for coal, bound for N*ew Orleans. An intelligent gentleman It,tonus me that the entire French army Is moving toward Vera Cruz, ■he rear guard being at Onrrals. Marsha) Bazalm* la* issued orders that the last French soldier shall be embarked by tbc 3d of March. Positive advices from San Luts Polori,Decem ber 15, left the French Commander there, with a •• ell-appointed force. 'I bo Liberal army, nuder Tievluo, numbered about 5,000, hut was scattered and levy;ng enormous taxes on the bfacienda*. Mejia said he would wait for tbe French train. When It had passed he would attack and drive back the Libera)*. Maximilian keeps very close at Puebla. A French force has gone to Tampico to clean out the place before embarking. The French soldiers number 13,000; but a’ pres ent only two transports and three frigates, includ ing the Austrian, are at Vera Cruz. Tbe Imperial force adhering to Maximilian will cot be 30.C0U, all armed from tne French nrscnalls. The Emperor Maximilian has not tbe slightest Intention to abdicate. Tbe French have used creat severity toward parties at Vera Cruz for proclaiming for Sberman and Campbell on their arrival at % era Cruz. Dopamc. the commander. Is charged with ap proving tbc abuse of Individuals by the French. Ihpi.oromander.lii-Chlcf of tbo French Army lately imprisoned Charles Morebead, ol tbe firm ofLnvis & Co., at San Luis, in n loathsome dun gi on and order* d a poor Confederate teamster, named Polk, from Texas,'to receive a punishment oi ibrte hundred lashes, lor proiecttn? himself from being run over by a French officer, taking bis bo;re by tbebndle. Guerilla* threw a railroad train from tbe track on Thursday, the 3d of January, not far from Vera C:nz, wrecking.ihe train and cutting up the French soldier* on board. STATE EDITORIAL CONTENTION. The Second Day’s Proceedings— Reso lutions Adopted—Keporis of Commit. tcc»—Adjournment Sine Die. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune-] Spiuxciteld, 111., January 9. 'The members of the Educational Convention, to-day. having been follv reftesbed by (he recre ations of last night, met in their bill at ten a. m., entertaining a very superior opinion of the Capi tal City, and the Convention, after an Interchange of salutations and congratulations peculiar to the fraternity, were called to order, by the Presi dent. A communication was received from Messrs Rutledge and Davidson, inviting the Convention ru visit their institution, and to examine an elec tric locomotive. The communication was received and placed on file, and it was resolved to accept ihc invitation and visit, cither collectively or Inal* -■ldeally, tftlmc permitted. * On motion of John M. Bailer, the following resolution offered by him was adopted: Hftolttd, Tbaltbe time for holding the next annual meeting of the Illinois Editorial Conven* riot, aid the selection of the place of meeting, Dt* left to the discretion ct the Executive Com* mlttee. Mr. Hampton offered a resolution relative to the advertising or estrays. which was referred to the Committee on Resolutions. On melton ol Mr. Kincaid© the Committee on Advertising and Desolations were inilrnctcdto re* nort Immediately on the meeting of tne Conven* lion after the recess. Various resolutions, offhred by members, were appropriately referred. A motion to adjourn till 2 p. m. was lost. General Brayman, an ola printer and former , editor, being In the hall, use invited to the plat form, and addressed the Convention in an able mar t>er. On motion. U was resolved that his re* marks he spread on the records. The report of the Committee on Memorializing :he Legislature was presented, und. on motion, the Convection resolved Itself into Committee of rhe Whole. The report was taken np by sections, and at tbe conclntlon of the morning cession the committee rose and reported ni ogress. Tne Con* rention then adjourned until 2 o'clock p. m. osmtuoos scsstos. Tbe Fdltorial Convention re-assembled at half rast two o’clock. Tbe Memorial to tbe Legisla ture on the subject 01 increated rates for legal ad* venismg, was further considered, and Messrs. HowdaU.Stllcw. WlUon, Parker and Smith, were arpolnted » committee to present tbe same (o the I eclelatuTc. The report of the Committee on Advertising, similar to that adopted at Peoria, was received ard adopted. Rcrolntions were adopt'd thanking Bryant. Bril A Fixation for tbe use of their College Ball. Also, acknowledging the hospitalities of tne Ice land and Ft. Nicholas Hotel proprietors, and other panics, for courtesies extended. Also, a resoln* lion declaring that the Congressional appropria tion to the Slate of Illinois for the endowment of anAgilci Rural and Mechanical College, should be sacredly held iodlvisflble. and be applied to !bt* founding of a great State University, and the Convention adjourned .riddle. FKOM ST. LOUIS. The Iron mountain KtnUroad Sale—The Gunpowder Plot at Sr, Joseph—Fenian Bull—A School Boy FiaUt—obituary— The Weather. (Special Dcspach to the Chicago Tribuno.) Ft. Louis, January 9. It Is rnraored that fho recent pnrebasers of the Iron Mountain Railroad have sold out to New York parlies. Of the attempt to blow np the bouse of Mr. Detoctd, at Si. Joseph, Mo., n special despatch of last night says: Tbe examination of Rosen thal and Levy, charged with on attempt to b'ow np with gunpowder tholr store* toom on Edwatd afreet, waa NUMBER 216. commenced this afternoon. The court room was densely packed. The gentleman who detected Ihcplot was examined, bat nothing beyond the facts repotted in last night's special had yet been developed. The popular feeling against the prisoners runs high, and the premium* opinion appears to be that Rosenthal is thegnlTty wretch. Onr Insurance agents arc hard at work in their endeavors to detect the criminals. A large Fenian bal 1 , on behalf of the Roberts wing, was held laat night, and was very largely attended, although it 1b the general belief of the Irishmen here that the Fenian bushier has proved a failure. A pertv of whfteand colored school boys had a severe fight to-day with stones, backs and fists. Several on both sides were injured, and the colored boys were finally victo riona. The police arrived too late. Bev. Frederick Starr, of the North Presbyterian Cbnrch, ardonc of the many popular ministers of Si. Louie, died today of typhoid fever. Weather very cold to-oight, and snow filling. The river is clear of Ice, and boats are loading f>r Keoknk. AGRICULTURE AND HORTICUL TURE IN INDIANA. Propriety of Having a Trial of Farming Implements Disc owed—Election to FQI Vacancies in (lie State Board of Acrlculton-nceUns of the State Hor ticultural Society—Excellent Display of Fruit' Wines' Arc. [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.! lifDiasapoLis, Indiana, January 9. • The Stateßoard of Agriculture met ihts morn* Inst pursuant to adjournment. Mr. Hammocb, of Putnam County, suggested to the Board the propriety of havlcg a trial of reap ers, mowers,plow*,Ac., acme time dnringtho. present year, briefly stating the Importance of eneb a trial to farmers generally. A somewhat lengthy discussion ensued on this subject In which a number of gentlemen took part, and the matter was laid over until a future time. Tbe Board then proceeded to Ibe election of members to All vacancies, which resulted in the election of the following gentlemen: Benjamin North, Rising Sen, Ohio County, Fifth; Alexan der Heron, Conncrsvllle, Payette County, Tenth ; Hexekiah Caldwell, wabash.lWabash Connty, Thirteenth—new members; Dr. Reese, Sixth ; W. C. Donaldson, Eighth: A. P. Hammond, Ninth; D. Helm. Klcventh. and Joseph Poole. Twelfth—old members. A donation of books from the IHlnlos State Board of Agriculture, containing their reports, wese accented and distrioutcd. retaining four for Lne nse of the Secretary's office or members of the Board. Ibe State Horticultural Society has also been in session daring the oay. The display of fruit on the tables this morning is the finest ever male In this city. Kacan & bon, of Hendricks Connty. exhibited forty varieties of apples. DcGraif Nelson, of Fort Wavne. exhibits forty varieties; T. S. Ragan, of Danville, has on exhibition tweo tv-five vaneliet*; Mr. Patrick, of Terra Hants, has o’n exhibition eight varieties: ibe Plainfield Hor ticultural Socle*? have on exhibition forty-four varieties; Mr. fc ßatHfe, of Richmond, has on ex bibitionelght varieties. Wines are well represented, there being eleven varieties, and sorgo molasses two viricties. Louis Lang makes one entry (or the heat collec tion ofnatlve wine made in the State; 11. Manka dick enters six kinds of wines; J. T. Francis. three; R. Reagan,J.lTTO, and A, Fmnklln, fix. The Committee on the Revision of the ConstlU. tion reported an amcndmernmaklng the officers to consist of a President, four Vice-Presidents, Re* cording and Corresponding Secretaries, and Trea surer; which was adopted. The committee also reported In favor of a full report from ail societies. The following are the officers elect for the ensu ing year: President. I. D. G. Nelson, of Fort Wayne; first Vice-President, D. A. Fnrnash, Danville; second Vice-President. Calvin Fletcher, Indianapolis; third Vice-President, J. C. Shoe maker, Rome; Recording Secretary, S. W. Pier son, Plainfield ; Corresponding Secretary. Joseph Gilbert, Terre Haute; Treasurer, J. S. Dunlop, Indianapolis. SEW TOKK. Flag Pifoonted by tbe Chicago Board or Trade to the Steamship of that Name —Vessels Transferred to the British Flag Daring the Wor—Con cerning Stephens —Atlantic Cable Receipts—Death Sentence —A Bald Among the Lottery Ticket Sellers, Ac, Nkw Your* January 9.—A handsome flag has been presented to tbe steamship Chicago, on be ball of the Board of Trade of Chicago. Mr. Uojne made the speech of presentation, which was responded to by er-Mayor Ogden of that city. Sixteen thousand dollars have been subscribed for the families of the seamen lost from the yacht Flectwing. A complete official list shows that 1.061 Ameri can ships were transferred to the British flag in the past five years; 109 American ships were sold In London. _ there seems no doubt that Head Centre Ste phens Is slill secreted In this city. He is said to fear the indignation of bis countrymen. Receipts ortho Atlantic Cable are greater tin d- r the reduced tariff than before. Both cables are In perfect order* hot the present business docs not occupy lu transmission four hours per day, and that on one cable. Gccrgc Wagner* who mnrdered his wife in Jnly. 1865, was to-day sentenced to he executed on March Ist. Fort!-tour keepers of lottery policy shoos : were arrested to-day. and held to bail to appear on charges of violation of the State law. A boy named Richard McCormick was arrested for attempting to draw a forced ch*ck fnr $0,900 on the Fourth National Bank, purporting to ho signed by Jay Cooke* Co., and commuted. The police arc searching for tbe author of (ho for- R l?i« understood that tbee.onslltntlonality of the New York liquor law will be icatcd lu the United Stales Supreme Court. A telegram from a reliable source at Albany esvs the prospect* of Roseau Coukiing are de cidedly the best for tho United States Senate. Ext association. THE SELLING- OEFICES OF lUE CBOSBT ART ASSOCIATION WILL BE Open nutil 10 O’clock P. M. evert evening, UNTIL THE lltn INST. Eo Ixcut /JO KENT. FRONT OFFICE, No. <J3 Clnrlcftt. OUKESF.BAUM & FOREMAN. (General ISTotiees. -pEW RENTING. " L THE PEWB IN THE Colon Park Consresntlmml Church, Corner West Watblnctoo and lirobcn-«t»., Kev. C. D. Uclmt-r, pastor. will be let thi« evening, at o'clock, bids tor choice clients being received by tfac Trustees. ATAbQUERADE COSTUMES ■*" T ‘For Laillea and Gent's at the Millinery Store ot MRS. OATH* OF.H>I, ISS North Clark-st.. Chicago. A beantlfol assort ment of Masquerade Costume* on band- They can be lent or made to order after .-(Financial. jrjTNANCIAX. We are transacting a Banking Business the same as an organized Bank. Wc also boy, sell, CONVERT and EXCHANGE oil kinds of GOVERXMEMS. COOK COUNTY BONDS,I Land Warrants and College Scrip PURCHASED AND FOB SALE. LENT, PRESTON & REIN, (Successors to Sctlpps, Preston ft Kean). 4? SOUTH CLABK-ST. THIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CHI CAG°* Chicago. January S. 1557. AtameeUtgoftbeDljectora or mis Bank,held on the ;tn msu a dividend was declared of Ten Per Cent* free of Government Tar, Onloflbeneteamlcgi lor the six months ending De cemberSl. 1566, payable at the Bank, on and after J.t uary if ih next. Traosier Books closed until after that n»ie. C. R. FIELD, Cashier, gjr Post and Joontal plea««copy. i~\iYIDEND. director* of ‘The Commercial National Bank ol Chicago” hare this cay declared a seml-acnaai dir* Wend of six per cent, free of Government tax, payable on the second Tneaday of January text The traailer g-gE&kffir. CMer. T OANb ON CITY H23AZ* ESTATE. PARKER A LTMaN. Nos. 15and 17 Portland Flick, ate new prepatedto negotiate mortgages on real es tate in this city, through their correspondents loNew Yar> and Boston. 'Js cto IJuMicatiows. AIT FOR THE BEST. Wc will pnb'isb a work by Hos. AtELun>xs S. Si*- PD*xs,cf Georgia, entitled ** A History of the War between the •»tate«— Tracing Us Origin, Cannes and Results,” Mr. Stechers* name is a sufficient guarantee that this win ho the standard msTOßTOfthe war, and ad who d< sire the most sxlublb and couplets work, should await Its Dsid*. NATIONAL PUBUSQING.CO., No. 507 Mincr-sL, Philadelphia. Pa. jjauking JTANK OF MONTREAL. NOIICE TO DEPOSITORS. Id accordance wUhorevtoos InUmstlons to the De petitors with the Chicago Agenev of this Bank, the Bank has ceased and clscor tinned Its Barking and I’c poilttmiltcssmtbls city, and th’se Dep->«it ,re fho Lavp not anrady signed the r»*ouisl;e receipt Cj ttieir balances arc requested :o call and do si. and receive thcirtalarccs. at their earliest convenience, a. tne of- Her, 4 S UsUIMI. WM- n . PARK, Ag-nt. Chicago. Dec. 31. lgC-6. - slrt association. TEE SELLING OFFICES OF TUB CROSBY ART ASSOCIATION WILL. DE Ojicd until 10 O’clock P. M. EVERY EVENING, UNTIL TEE Wm INST. ®&c Jolting Reason. -^yABASH-AV. RINK! The Managemcn' of this fsvortte place o'amuse meet, la returning thcl thanks to the public ior t; e TEfj liberal patronage bestowed on them alee- tbs opening of] tbe Rink, beg to asanre them, tba'. ?h y in* tend to give them, os heretolore, THE FINEST SHEET OF I3E, AT AU, TUIEB, THE LONGEST SEATING SEASON AND THE Greatest amount of Amusement, (AT A LOW PRICE,) Of any Inst tutloa in the City. To th's end, we have arranged to give THIS, THURSDAY. ETC.MVC. The FIRST of a series ol those GRIND MASQUERADES AND FANCY DRESS CARNIVALS which wtre so popular Last Season. Over Two Hundred Persons Have already registered tbeir names TO APPEAR ffi COSTUME! TUK ENTIRE FORCE OF TEE GBSaT UNION BAND HAS BEEN ENGAGED. The Masqueraders Will take the Icont 5 p. m., precisely. Those wishing to skate can do to. DOORS OPEN AT 7 O’CLOCK P. M. Procure Tour Tickets During'' the Day, AND AVOID THE RUSH AT THE DOOR. ■^TAbHINGTON SKATING PARK, benefit eteek fob the City Relief Fund ! SNOW ALL CLEARED OFF. Ico in Elegant Condition SMOOTH, HARD. SOI.IX>. Great Western Light Guard Sand IN THE EVENING. If Rny a ticket down town, and aid the «na:rla; Poor ol the city. Brolhard, of SIDE RINK. SELEiSTEID ICE. THE HARPISTS VTILL PERFORM THIS EVENING. tF Arrangements arc being made l*r a GRAND MASQUERADE 02* SATURDAY EVENING NEXT. Free admission will be clvec to those coming In Cos* tonic. Register your names and procure URcets. jFor gale. JPOR SALE. THE AGEXCT OF Allen’s Celebrated Rubber Xonlding, Together with the stock on hand. Capital required. 8300. A rareebaoee to get Into an established busi ness at small cost. Apply at the Office* No. 87 Washington-st.; Boom 4, Between the boars ol 9 a. m. and 3 p. m. A RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR IN VESTMENT.—A firm In Minneapolis, Minn., the rest tnannlfcctnrlng town in the West, having made ananeemcou fora change In their basinet, now offer for sate, at very low Ucurp. J , their stuck ol Goods, con sisting exclusively of Staple Dry Goods, Boots and SboeSj HATS AND CAPS. Ac., together with lease of St-we for ten years, tn one cl tbe best locations to the p ace. Address Box f)SU, Mlonvanolis P. 0., tor further In formation. Goods all bounbtlusi tall. HORSES FOR SALE OF THE GOLDDDST BREED, At Eden Stock Farm, eight miles from the city ol Louisville, Ky. These horses Include the ten head that have challenged the world for speed and bottom, tbroocb "Wilkes' Spirit of tho Times”: also, Lydia Golddust, that won lorfoft ol Monnot's celebrated Bruno in three races; also. Malty GoMdrtst, that won lorMt over ten of the Hat two year olUsofKentucky In the fall of ISO, and the noted style and speed mares Sac Golddust, Kora GoMdnst. These, with many oth ers, make up the best and mint elegant lot of trotters ever offered lor sale In America. I am now breeding over 73 marcs annually of the most Improved crosses ot Morgans and thoronph-breed*. and can supply sin gle and double driving horse* brood mare*, or stal- Uoun ol any desired ages, at tbe shortest notice. oc4u<fr26t TP net L. L. DOK3EY. JK. 15,000 SQDARE FIRE BRICK, From the Cheltenham Works, St. Louis,, lor sale by McCLASOAN, MISSON A OEDDES, 02 LaSallo-si. 4SSIGNEE&’ SALK Thursday, the lO’h ol this month, wo will sell the itockof Halt*, fare. Vurs and t-lovrs, in store No. 2211 booth clsrk-it,, for cash. .TIILIuS JONAS, M. UASCEI. Assignees for Moutz Korsosby. Dcntsttg 'yjLETH. - *’NO EXTRA CHARGE lor Extracting Teeth WITH* OCT PAIN, by the Qtcoi'Mtma’ 0»H, Ga*..wbjp "«* flrlal one* are Inserted, at tHEOO’O Dental 7.T South Clark-st.. Chicago. New Teeth inserted same day a* extracted. /-iOLTON DEKTAL ASSOCIATION I. I ORIGINATED the anawthctlc o*e of NITROUS OXIDE GAS tn the extraction of teeth, anti have given it to 1‘,C02 patients at their ofllcc tn New Tort, Without n Single Accident. It is onr specialty. We guarantee “no pain.” Como to headquarter*. Office lls Dearbjrn-iU Chicago, over Times office. rpEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT I PAlN.hyihemeofNltrousOildeGaa ti.oo £acb, smallest Gold Filling _ 2.50 Each, larger and more complicated 5.00410. CT Destroying and Removing Serve... S&3 t.OC Treating Ulcerated Tootb. prepaiatory to „ filling? 50« 2-OP SeparatlagTeelh SWI.W Removing StiperQcl.,l Dtcay •&* Id® Cleansing Teeth 3.s'k* 5.0 C FUUngNcrvcCavltics,cath IJftt SdA Inserting Pivot Toeth Lfo9 6.0 C Stu of Teeth on Robber 12.0f920.Qf DK. 3. O. rAHNBWOST DENTAL BOOMS, 11G RANDOLPH-ST., Opposite Col. Wood's Museum. A NEW BURNER, THE BRILLIANT LIGHT ! LIGHT! The Last and Best Intention. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner! Gloh* Chimney** dispensed with. A steady, brilliant l.tcbt. caanl to i«n». to barn ordinary Kerosene. ADAPTABLE TO ANV LAMP. (< To See is to be Convinced-” S3T State and County Rights for sale by A. B. SLOAX, Adams House. pAKD'S PATENT BRICK MACHINE. OtQce and manufactory 53 Sooth Jeffersoc-rt. FOt information and descriptive circular addrea* K. a. uAiu), 53 Sooth Jeffersco-*:~ Chicago. Consignments. -pvRESSED hogs.—we give pau- VJ liriL.U! ATTENTION to tae s.le of Drrsaed Boss, and alwavs see that each Uog Is correctly weigh ed. Advances iioerally made op tblomcnta. Weight lists and stencil* furnished when desired. Office No. S 3 l-a^aile-sr. E. V. ROBBINS & CO. QA*H ADVANCES Hade on Shipments ot PROVISIONS & DRESSED BO6S To New Tort. Also, on PEOTIvIONS IN STOKE. JOSEPH B. PHELPS, 15 llhtimber of Cnmmcm, CALTPETRE. °caua>E SALTPETRE, For Packers' use, lorsaleVy JOSEPH B. PHELPS* 1 5 Chamber of Commerce. ffiitg IS otters. pAY TODD TAXES. The Real anil Personal Taxes For State. County and Town purpose*, for the year lS6f, for the TOWN OF WEST CUlCAGO.aienow due, and con be paid at ay office, on Corner Randolph and Room No. 3. fflEloob aub Coal. TTTOOD AND COAL.—Wc have a W I.V« snimlroo band of WOOD.AND COAL, ofaD kladsfwhlchwe otter tot tale at ■umon wl» do well to call and eec ns before purchaa* tor ...ill ”«’tHtSHfe,. ir *“>■. ™“ M * l i*wSSif ASbidob. The universal clothes WRINGER DOTY’S CLOTHES WASHER. THE UNIVERSAL WRINGER teas airardtd Uvt FnutPrtmiHinby ike unonimout rote of the Omt mttl« of the GREAT A'EW E.VnLAXU FAIR of \HA, afirr the mo»t tcniunizing trial of the rart'.m macfiitttiof numerous cimpel(ior». It was proooaaced snpertor to all other* at the WORLD’S FAIR DT LONDON. 1352. Took the First Premium at the last two Great Fairs cf the AMERICAN INSTITUTE In New Tart City. L-« 3 andis«. At each of the following Slate Fairs It also received the FIRST PREMICM NEW YORK ISO VERMONT j&Si. NEW HAMPSHIRE. PENNSYLVANIA OHIO MICHIGAN.., INDIANA.... ILLINOIS IOWA WISCONSIN. MINNESOTA, MISSOURI.. KENTUCKY CONN\~KiVF:R\\\f't,Fr T.ilTiy///.'.'...7...........13&1 CIIAMPLA.IK VAI.LKTFATR ..I*s MECITAMCS’ Bottoa .iscS And at most or the t’oarty and Institute Fairs UuoogUoGt u-.c country yy litre it vu exhibited. * Tbcman’Xacturcii VABcaSTltrxß superior to all others. . There n#ve been mow than half a million I’NTYER PAL CLOTHES WRINGERS wl<L which amoanuS more than those sold by all other maker*. We war rant them to be all theF-aro represented to be. They are §o well made and dhrable as to seldom teed re pairing, and with ordinary care win last many vears. Tbo*e received for repairs -win not average more than ore m cverytwo honored sold. The CXIVERSAIi CIOTHES WRINCEB haa given rea’ly nnleertat satisfaction. It wrings clothes almost dry without in jury to the isoit delicate garments. BrwAßJtoFpaiaoxs claiming to sell *»on imtrrare ««»»■* omhe YNWERSAL WRINGER. Thecenome •• Universal" aiwataboara the imprint K. C. BROWN ING. Acert, No. S 3 rmsrttandt street, New York. In selling the UNIVERSAL WRINGER, we found a large demand far a good Washing Machine, and know mg DOXY’S WASHING MACHINE tobe the best, we bought the patent, and now ofiertt to the public. Rnoictns that is will tnce totufccKot* wherever a-ec. DOTY’S CLOTHES WASHER wav awarded the FIRST PBEMUM at the GREAT NEW ENGLAND r AIR of if*, alter the most thoronca trial with nu merous competitors. It baa taken the FIRST PREMIUMS At Uc Slate Fairs ot NEW YORK. PENNSYLVANIA, VERMONT. MICHIGAN. WISCONSIN, aal IOWA. Also, at the last GREAT FAIR OF THE AMERICAN INSTirUIif. A supply of the Wringers are always kept on In Chlcaco; also, both wnnjrrs am! Washers at Cln nrnatl. Clereiard, Loutsrfil.*. and St. Louis, box«j ready for shipment. at ahoat New York prices, giving wholesale and retail prices, seat Large profits are made seUlac these Machines. Bx clrslvu right ot sale Riven, with no charge tor the patent rijdtt. ' R. C. BROWNING, General Agent. No. si CounUadt street. New York. ropposlvf Merchax is* Ho:ci.) Carta. PAYsOX & GREGORY, Counsellors and Attornevs-at-law, .12 Dearborn-st., Walker's Bnlldlair, Chlcagi. HI, I. N. acxolp. Gsoci.x P>tsox. Coas. A. Gbxoobt. If Attention given to Chancery, Cooimou Law. Criminal and Parent cases. ■\V ILLIAJIIS » YOUNG & KAAS, T f Wholesale Grocer?. No. ,TI River *Bt_ sole agents for Parfneer* Jones* celebrated French »»«*•- tard. Whni«*aie dealers snDDUerf at I>iv«m aev Yurt vrtcr, adding freight. A FULL STOCK constantly kept on hand. yyALBUIDGE, WAIKINS & CO., Commission Merchants, E, Wait, eii or, i G. D. w A'» SBf, v Cblcacc. W.s.iowtr. ' U. S. W ALBtUHiK A Co., Toledo, Ohio. t3T Cash Advanced on Constmmenu to n. D. Wtl tirulfe & O'.. New Votfe, and our Correspondents, Buf falo and O&wvco ttiicr>MMicKcJ (or purchase ot Flour, Grain otail t'nds, and Provisions. QEO. H. BOZET, REAL ESTATE AND 10AX BROKER, OS Lu^alle-st. Loans nesrotiatec on Real Estate. Bonds* Stocks. Warehouse Receipts.! ulother securities. QASE & BALIS Real Estate Aaento* Kansas City* ills.* Buy and Sell Real Estate on Cash terms. Will send circulars, maps, or other inibrcatioo. open application. Refer to Governor Thoa. C. Fletcher* of iio. Seen taryofStatei’rands Bodtnaa. CHANGE IN AGENCY. The Agency known as DTVONT) A SPOONER, Agent* for the Chicago Union 14no Works. Is this day dissolved. Mr.SPOOSEU lemamlcg in charge Ol Uxs business, by whom all bU • Rmx be «ettkd. F;r":S?Si, S A =““- Chicago, January Ist, 1567. The undersigned haring been appointed Agent for the CHICAGO UNION IiHHS WORKS, Will coctlrae the manufacture and sale of LIMK, u heretofore, act! bores that with the quality of the arti cle produced, promptness is delivery, and talr dealing, to rvcelvo ttc potUC. u«rjj_ A „, f> OHANGE OF FIR3I—I have this day V / associated A-O. WEBSTER with mein nnslnesa, under the firm came of DICKKNnON s WBiiSTKK. JAMES A. DICKANStWf. The undersigned have this Jay formed a co;urtaer ship for the transaction oi a Ooucral Real Estate and At ar Claim business, under the name of DICKENSON & WEBSTER. With our Increased facilities. and by prompt atten tion to bunctsx. wy hope to retain iu old friends »n/i patrot s of the office, and to secure a liberal shore of new ones. g3T Particular attention given to the coll-clton of the ?H0 Extra Bounty for Soldiers, and to the p’lrchaa ing ot tax lands and the payment oi u*<-» in Illinois. lowa and Missouri. office BN Waahmgion-*t, jAMhS A. DICKENSON* Chicago, Jan. 1.19C7. A. U. WEBSTER. TViSfrOLnTIOJf. —The Copartnership i J Ol FARGO. BILL * CO. U this day dUMired liyn ntns] consect. EltherpartnerisamhotUedtorecciTC or make col lections due 08. Ihe book* and accounts will remain ot cnrold stood. JSand.lo Wabain-av.. with our sue* ensars. Farso, Folta & Co, to vlk m payment 15 re quested. CU AS. u. FARGO, WM. A. DILL. DESRT D. KALES. SAIX’L M. FARGO. COPAItTiVERSTHP. The BD(ler>>eoeil have tbit day entered Into cojnrt- Eridblp, under the firm oam- of FARGO. FALES & CO„ tor coetinnlog tt:e buMneu tf WholeaoleMaaaOw* taring ana Jobbing of llocu and Shoe*, at •IS and £0 Wabaah-aT. CHAS. 11. FARGO. HEN BY D. PALES* SAM’L il. FARGO. WSSOLUTIOX' OF COPARTNER- I I f-niP.-Tte partnership heretofore existing he* twetn the onceteuren nncer the name and style ot WILLIAM R. LOVEJOT & CO., »>f Chicago, expired thiaoty by limitation. The bn»ine»« cf tte nna will be settled r.y WILLIAM B- LOVEJOV ft CO., who succeed the oaslncis ol said flnr.aod are alone author izes to use the name cl said William R. Lovejoy ft Co. in licdCailcn. H WILLIAM R.LOVEJOT ft CO. Boston, SAUt-tL A. LOVKJOY, CUA". A. MORSE. ChStfltrc, Jon. l. 1567. The undersigned bare this day firmed a partnership under the name and style ol WILLIAM B. LOVRIOT ft CO., and will cortlnne the Wholesale Clothing bus ices* at 1;* and 17 Latent .Chicago.and 74 fc'saik* im and 107 Bcstoo, as heretotcra connected by W 1 Ham R- Lovcloy ft Co. 3 WILLIAM B. LOVEJOT. ALBERT P. LOVEJOr. SETT! Im PAJOF, SAMUEL A. LOvEJOT,.oI Chicago. LYSIAN B. MEaTON, Bootes. Jan. I.ist7. patents. f*iHAXGE OF FIRM.—I have tins day t > aMoclatrd with me In business. Chi- W, AUG. RAT ai.d C. M. HOWE, under the nrm name of E. V. ROBBINb ft CO. E. V* BOBBINS. Chicago. JdO.J.ISSJ. The nr.dereicned have this day formed a copartner ship lor the purpose of dome u General Commlsainx business, under the name of E. V. BOBBIN'S & CO., And by dealii c.wp hope tnsecnre a IJI-cral shareof patronage. fir Particular attention given to dime orders la this market. Office 82 l*aSalle-st* E. V. ROBBWS, W. AVO. BA Y, C- M. HOWE. JACOB GROSS, Collector Town ot Wo*3CMragO. Cloths agatinget. .ISGS .ISM 130 S ,ISBI IS® IbM IS® .13(3 ISM I*3 -iJfiS. ISM IS® isa use .IgM J33S ism >o. 14 Chamber Commerce* crnctco, spattnwst)ip CARD. f. b. Ol UK.II.IH dHIIII, yos. 1 and g Wigwam Building. Chicago, Jao. ut, isC7. MLW FIRM. January Ist, ISCJ. Jaruary Ist, 1967. NEW FIB3I. Chicago. Jan. 1.1557. proposals. <JO RAILROAD CONTRACTORS. Lo fis v ill*. CnrcnfjriATi axd > Lxxtxotos Raileoad OmcE. > Lonsni.r.g, Ky., loth December, V**. ) BEAUT) PROPOSALS will be received at this oOcp, on tlieSlsl Josoary.lbCT, for the graduation aal ma sotsiyoicver seventy mllea,(la mile sections,) ot the Cincinnati Branch of ibis railroad. The work Is of an nmunalty desirable character fir peed contractors, the tine accessible by steamboat and turnpike, and thccocDtryfnll ofaupDlles. i rof ics will be ready for examination on and after lOthJacnarr. ... Pavumts lor work done will be made monthly in cssbl ard with the ureal reservation. Tbieitncc* wtit be required from contractors tut I rrwntily snrwn, and the Company reserve the right to reject any bids cot deemed to their interest. I. M. ST. JOHN, Chief Engineer. tj-O TELEGRAPH CONTRACTORS. ft rSPf„,^F LA S T ' c TACine TELE GRAPH tOMPAXT.—Proposals far lae irnfredlrte c«nrtiaction of the tollowine dlnilocs or the Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Line will be received by the oa ctnlgncilDEtU January 10, ISOT: Fn m New Tort to Buffalo rla Albanv. Prtin Batlslo to Detroit rt;t Cleveland and Toledo. Frcm Detroit to Chicago ria Michigan Central Bill* read. Further Idktnnatlcn and specifications will be for* nistct' on application to the Dnder3igned,acujmpanJed by pre'pex reference. _ J k E. H. TAN KLEECK, No. 130 Mai'fen-lace. New Tort. fHacijincrg. TpEED HILLS. OBVT&’S AMERICAN FARM MILL. Grinds from fire (3) to twelve (12) bnshri* of Flour or Feed I* r he. nr, with 3-hcree power. Tt« oaty Iron Mill which really obiam; all ouer Mids err thd GraUl * PRICES «« AK» f}». AUO, EilFlßh SELF-REGULATING WIND MILLS. PRICES FROM **> UPWARDS. %ST Western Depot. 4C West Lake-«t, Chicago. K K. OR\ I&, OeaCTal Agent. agents. A GENTS 21 WANTED. By the ntniSUC LIPB IBSUKANCB CO., ol lUrt ford, UircisLou: Illinois, CUAS. O. LAKCT. Gcoertl Ascot. SO L*s*Uc-«U