Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 10, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 10, 1867 Page 3
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COMMON COUNCIL. [OFFICIAL . SEPOBT.) Adjourned Special Meeting, Jaunary *6, ISC7. Awnf—His Bon or, the Mayor, and Aid. Enickeibocker, Cox, Carter, D'Wult, Barrett, WUmarlh, Calkics, Kaon, Finnacan, Moore, Friable, Jiatlcnv, Talcotl, Woodard, Bixby, Bob den, Knascll, Acbboffi Gastfleld. Proudfool. Fran xen, Engel. Shackford, Lawson, Clark, O’Sulli- Aid. Wicker, Batch, Wallwork, Scbn- Icr. BmitKy, Huh- OAS SILL. A'd. Bolden presented a draft of an act relative to the gas qc»*silon.* Aid. s-hcckford moved that It be laid on the lable tempoiarily. Carried. K fePEXSIOS OF THE BCLEB. Aid. Shackford moved to suspend the rales fer The purpose of acting on ihe resignation of J«nn Tan Horn, member of the Board cf Edacsdon. The motion prevailed. HESIGSATIOK. The Clerk presented the resignation of John Von Horn, member of the Board of Education. Aid. Clark moved that the resignation oc ac cepted. t'amoo. CgACTXB AMXKPXEWT*. , Aid. Ehlckcrbocker moved to take up and act upon the report of the Committee of the Whole on theproposca Charter aiucmlmcufs, by sections. Carried. povrxits or the cokxos cocxcii^ Aid. Clark moved tbal clause Ftr*t be adopted. The minion prevailed. . , c- , > Aid. Wilmanh moved that clause Sisoud be adotned. ihe motion prevailed. • Aid. I‘iomifoot moved that clause TTilta be Clark moved to lay on the tablo. The cimL.n was lost. Aid. Shockrord moved the following as a sab ***** Tc subdivide and sell, or otherwise dls “posc of the same, for such municipal purposes *• a- the i ourert may deem proper.” Aid. Wilmatlh moved the adoption of the sno- OU A?d!*CTark moved that clause 27Atd be laid on the table. Carried. , . , «... AM. Knickerbocker moved that clause Fourth l>c adopted. The motion prevailed. _ . Aid. dark moved that danse Fifth be adopted. The xmlion prevailed. _ Aid. rroudioot moved that clause Sixth be adopted. . . . Aid. Clark moved to amend by Hubstuntlng *•«r.occ " iof 510,000'’ In the first line thereof. AM. ITouufooi moved to lay the motion ot Aid. Clark on the table. Th;* motion prevailed. AM. i-nxM-ca moved io strike out (he danse. Aid. Wiunarth moved to lay the motion cn the table. Aid lAwson demanded the ayes a«d uoes, and the motif u to table prevailed by the following vote: Aprs'—.Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox. Carter, D'Wolf, Barsett, Ca'lans, Kaon. Finuucan, Mc-orc. Ftirbie, rtauerty, Talcoit. Woodard, Bixby, m>sell, Af kboC, rroucfool, Fiaiixeo, Kngcj, bLacklotd, C a;k, O'Sullivan— A'uff-Ald. Holden, Coalfield, l^wson—3. Ihe qne-t-.on recurring on the moticn of Aid. Pioudtooi io Adopt clause Sitihy as reported by the committee. / The morton prevailed. „ . . •AM. Moore moved that clause Ssc-nJi be adopted. The motion prevailed. . _ , „ . AM. Calkins moved that clause Eljh'h be adopted. l l:-_ mottos prevailed. ~ . . AM. Inv.ion moved that clause 2un(.t be Copied. q lie Hiolion prevailed. . • - Aid. Moo;e moved ;balc’au.*c Tentu be adopted. Me Kk-m-ii i fined tfce follov.ine proviso, and •mo'ca trai It be added to the clause reported by ll,c commutes; , , - further that to snch grant forum ue-’or occupaurv of any street o r ra iroad compauv as arorveaid, shall prevent tne <"(<mt:>on Ceutctl at any future period bom cn •o-cii"3Dv o;d ncncc or o*dloat:ces that may bo T>a«se<r. rc : -ui;*:irg the use ol any sn;b street or viev eccrjded bv.aov such railroad company, nor from compelllag such company lo remove their trucks out of nvv street or alley so occupied, should t* e outdic interest require IU” Ala Clark moved to lay the amendment on the table. * 'ihe morion prevailed. , The qne-Uon recurring on the motion of Alu. *locre i 4,1 adop. clause Truth as xepor'cd, 'I lie motion prevailed. Aid. Cartel moved that clause Elet'nVi be strick en out. The motion prevailed. „ . ~, , Md. Knickerbocker moved the voßowinij addi tional clause to take the place lot clause Ebcodh j tl'itkeii out: 1 •-The Common Council sbal. have no power lo lr.crea.-o the price for wblca work Is contracied to be done, or materials furnished for the city.” Aid. Duhieu mured to lay the riausc on the tabic. Aid. Caiter di-mandcd the arcs and noe», and • ttv-aovlon of Aid. Holden prevailed nyihctol • Oi.nig vote : .•jir*--AW. Cos, Barrett, Fnsbie, Rafferty, Blx bv, HoMen, KusteU, AckholT, GastUrld. I’roud toot. Franuec, Engel, bhauUfotd, Clark—lt. yo(t~ Aid. Knickerbocker, Carter, lyWolf, Wilmailh, Calkins, fcann, Flunucar., .Moore. l*al ' con. Woo.laid, lawsoc, O’feulUvan—l2. -Md Kami moved to reconsider the vote where bv clause /;/• truth ar jeported wra stricken out. Aid. Holden moved to lay the motion to rccon tidi r on Ike (able. The motion prevailed. _ . Aid, Clark moved .that clause Twelfth he adoptco. 'irtfmoiion prevailed. , Aid. C lark, moved that clause Jhlrtesnih be adopted. The morion prevailed. •- Aid. Calkins moved that clause Fourteenth be adopied. Int motion prevailed. Aid. Ba joLt moved, that clause '.Fifteenth be adopted. Aid. Radcriymoved to amend by making the amount authorized (o be appropriated “1500.U0U,” instead oi “©2ju,uoO,” as reported. Ala. Holder, moved to amend the amendment bv making t«-e amount authorized to be appro priated “ iI.WX’.UW.” Aid. Lawson moved to lay the amendment of Aid- Holden on the table. The moiion prevailed. The- »*«timni? on Aid. Rafferty’s amendment, The amendment prevailed. The question then recurred on the motion of Aid. Barrett, and the clause as amended was adopted. Aid. Clark moved that clause Sixteenth be adopted. T he motion prevailed. AW. Knickerbocker moved that clause S‘-vm- U'tifh he auopjvd. \ 3he morion prevailed. ' Aid. Vi da anu moved that clause Eighteenth be y^Juopicd. The morion pievalled. • Aid. Kailertj moved that clause yirufaidh be aoop-eu. The mohen picva.led. Aid. Clarke moved that clause Twentieth be adopted. The motion prevailed. Aid. Kaun moved that clause liceiAy-Jirst be adopted. Ti.e motion prevailed. Aid. Calkins moved that danse Twenty-second bv adupteu. » The motion prevailed. Aid. Kann moved that cljufc Twtn'y-third be cdupfed. The motion prevailed Aid, Barrel; moved that clause Tw Hly-fovrtfi bo adopted. The motion prevailed. Aid Knickerbocker moved (he adoption of an additional danse, to be uumbned “ Twtuty-Jlftk," a? follows: - liceniy-jlf'h. The Common Council shall have power to reqnii o the Board oi Police Comnmsioir eip to detail a Milllcivnt number of men from the nolle© force of the city tAafc charge of (he pub lic pound- m i-aia city, and to properly cutorcu the pound rid nances thereof and to provide for the elcc'mn or appointment of one or more ponnd-terner-, and to nrov/de for the payment of snch poui tl-Mteper.- , eulicr by salary or fee-, or partly oy both, and »o make all necessary rates ami regi’ilr.iimr: for the enforcement of any pound ordinance of-aM city.” The motion prevailed. AU. H’Wolf moved ihc adoption of an add!- i.i nai ciaiibt, lo be numbered J'wfntj-aixthy' os oKows: • ” Tiituty-r.jti:, To allow dnmmics or fleam c-ngimf to be iiscdon the sfrecl railways of said cily. by ordinance and contract with said railway ronipaidcs, hint to oln*ct the kind of dummies to be Us* d, the time and speed of running the same, nr d the price at which passengcie sbaii be car ried: 7*/o»jrf.d, the late on gnch railways shall not vxrced four tents tor each paseorger wlditn the irivscnt or future limits of said Cilv, nor exceed ing efgLi cents trom any point withm each limits to any point not more loan one mile outside snch limits. Also, m any time to order a Iota! or partial dbcontinuanccot the nsc of such dummies and steam engines In said city.” Aid. Knickerbocker moved that the following pioM-o be uuded: *• Ifondrd, also.,i»»« d eball require three fourths of, all the Aldermen elected to pass auv each ordinance or make any Each contract.'’ 3 Ibe amendment wad accepted by Aid. D'Wbif. AM. Rn.'.seit muv«.d toetrlkcoat the word* “nor exceeding tight cent* ftani any point within such limit* to any point nut more than one mite oat »uie sucli limits.'' After (lebatc. Aid. Russell withdrew the motion. AM. RaSciiy moved to strike oat the words ‘•<»ne mile oattidc snch limits,” and insert “three miles outside such limits.” The motion picvailed. Aid. Wjimarm moved to amend by adding Ihe fon»wing: ’ •* I’rovided further, such vote to be taken oy • yc> ami nova, and entered on the records of the ibe moiiou was lost. Ala'- v; ilmanb moved to strike oot the proposed clause ftr-M'j-auiih. 1 be motion w*. 'oht. The question recuning on the adoption of the clause a* aiuvwded. it.c mut.uo prevailed, and the clause was adopted. AM. Kann moved the adptlon of an additional flou«e lobe nambered Twen'y-eeceutu. as fol lows : “ Ttc'n‘i,-*rr<nth. That the Common CJooncil of tli© Ciry of Chicago, two-thirds of (he members elected coijcunmg, may. whenever ihey shall be sai»&ed that ibe public good •■hall Oeaswol promoted.api»ropna;cosnm,notcxceoalngflO.'iuu OUe ivs-:, for ihe ■.■uppoil ol such destitute children as may be confined, clothed, fdocated und .anew mvcnawlraj an*nr wadea In an* other in-utur pn: j always, that men appro proprialion t-ball only be made In B uch cues where the destitute children thua maintained w ould otherwise be inmates of thcChlcaso Uefonn t-cbool, and consequently their entire sanpon be a charge oo thecitr of Chicago: I’rovitUcC, farther, that iiuy such institution that shall receive anrap propnatioa of money from the city of *Cnl oigu shall be obliged, through its bn periutcLdt-nf, or other proper officer, 4o report an nually to the Common Council, In detail, what such money haa been expesded for: J’rozided, farther, that any incorporated institution shall, Lhrongh ih> proper officers, before receiving such money, ne obliged to file a bond with tho City compiiolitv. in a penal sum no; exceeding Ibe amount ofihv appropriation aekedfor, obligating such Insilintion to report annually to the Com mon Council as aforesaid.” AM. Calkin* moved to strike out the proposed clant-e. ./V* 1 ; dvraanded the ayes and Does on , 1 »*.? *“ n “ tuuttou, and the mouon was lost by the following vote: Aye-Ain cox. Carter, D'Wolf, Wjimarth, Calking lal'ott, Blxby, Uolden. Russtll. Ackhofl. tngcl. Lawtm—l2. .Vot«—Alu Knickerbocker, Barrett. Kann. Finnucaii, Moore, Friebie. Rafferty, Woodarc. Gfietfii-Id, Proudfool, Franzcn, ttbacktord Clark O'Sullivan—u. ’ S- Aid. lalcolt moved to strike ontthe word “con- Aid. Raff m moved to lay the motion of Aid. - Ta’.cou on ll.c table. Aid. Talcott demanded the ayes and poe*, and thi'. moliou to table was lost by (he tallowing Ays*—Aid. Knickerbocker. Barrett, Kann, Fiurjiican, Friibie, RaCeity, Franzcn, ShacLlord. u >umvan—j. Cox. Carter, IVWuIC Wilmarth,, h core, 7alco.t, Woodard. Birbr, Hoi d©«. Uua-eB, Ackhop. Uaaificld, Prondfooi, En gti. I-nwtcu, Clark—l 7. ” •i be uut.Uon then rccurrlngon the motion of AM. Talcott lo strike out the word “confined.” Ihe motion prevailed. Aid. t’alUiis moved to strike ont all of the clause me word “rastitntlou.” Ain- Kuun moved to lay the motion on ihe table. Aid.Wilmarth demanded the ayes and poes. end tl.umotion to table was loit by the following -!1«-AW. KulctoiliocVcr, Barren, Kann. Pln arcan. Jioorc, Fualilf, I'-aUcrtj, lloldrn, Pnulren, o rniliven—o. ’ Cox, Cirter. p-WoliMVUmarth, Cal kin* Talcotl, Wooiflrd, Blxby. ItoßSeil. Ackboff PiondTool, £ncd, fcnackford, Lawsoo Ciaik—Hi. * Aid. TTilmarlh offered <hc following an a mb- for clause '"Txcrnty-teTmUi''' and moved ji.- adoption; " JV'Tify t'r-rjh. That the Common CdtmcU of lee city 01 Chicago, two-thirds of the members c octed concin ring, may, whenever, they snail be f aligned ibal tbe pnbhc good stall be as v.ell promoted, appropriate a gam, not exceeding two thousand dcili’s in any one year, for tbe support ot each destitute children as may be main*ained and educated in any benevolent The motion prevailed and the snbitltnte wis adopt'd Aldvltafiferty moved the adoption of the fob lowing additional clause, to be numbered Ttofn'V eip/irAi " Ttrrr.t'jsirJiih. That the Common Connell sha'lhsvcth* power and authoilty lo rpgoUicand control the slaughtering of all animals in the city o r within four ml>3 thereof, futeeded for con sumption or exposed for ealem the dty.and lo enforce, by saddle a! ordinances, any rcgala toc. contract or law heretofore made on the sub ject.’ 1 The mo’lon prevailed. tax cojnnsnossns, ao. Aid. Phackford moved m adopt section oneof the chapter reported by the Committee of the Whole, entiUta Tax Commissioners, Ac. Al'a. *IIoMen P movc Jto adopted the balance of the chapser aa teportrd. lbsCoTOf"l P Corporatlcn snbmlUcdlho pSSSfr >b>tl b. listed for municipal purposesi with reference to the quantity on barn, and owned on the first day of April a the year for which the property la required lo be llften* including the piopcrty purchased on that Shackford moved the adoption of the *ec tion. „ , * The motion prevailed. The Counsel to the Corporation also submitted the following additional section: “Sec.—. When any person shall commence merchandising In said city, alter the first day of April In any vear, the average value of whose persona) property employed in merchandizing shall not have been previously entered on the As sessor’s list for taxation In said city, it shall be the duly of such poison to make out a sworn statement of tne probable average value of the personal property by him In tended to be employed In such business until the first day of April tbeicaftcr, and deliver the same to the Tax Commissioner, who shall enter the same on the lax list of the proper di vision or district, and shall pay to the Collector of said city a f-mn wblch shall bear the same propor tion to the levy lor all purposes on the average value so employed, a? the time Iromtbeday on wblcn ho shall commence merchandizing as afore said to the first day of April next succeeding shall hear lo one year.” . , . . . Aid. Moore moved that the section be adopted. The molten prevailed. , . ~. The Counsel to tto corporation submitted the following addition*! section: »♦ Stc. When uny person. Arm, or corporation shall commence or engage in the business of In surance, banking, dealing in stocks of any de scription, or in haying or soiling any kind of bias of exchange, checks, oralis, bank notes, promts torv note*, or other kmd of, writing, obliga tory, or in any other business whatever, alter the first day ot April In any year, the average value of whose personal propett> so employed In such business snail not nave been so entered on the Assessors list for taxation in said city, it shall be the duty of suen §e*son, or firm, or such corporation, by its Piesi ent,h«ct\iary, or principal accounting officer, to make a sworn ftateroert, and deliver tne same to the Tax Commissioner, citing tally the probable at urge value of the property by nim, them, or it, intended to be employed in each business until the first day ot April tbcrcattcr, which amount shall be entered on the tax list, ana the taxes collected as In other cases.” . Aid. li’Woli moved ihai ihe section be adopted. The motion prevailed. , , ... ■jhe Conner) lo tbr Corporation submitted the following additional section: •*m:c. —. finouldauy persun, firm or corpora tion, fail or neglect «o make out sworn statements ol their property,as required oy tUet*oprcc:dlo;; sections, and report the *aiue to I he Tax Commis sioner. it shall be the duly of vbo Assessor to its sms them oa therein icqumd, as nearly as may b-, adding thereto ten per coul tu addition to the existing provisions ol law. 1 Aid. Knickerbocker moved the adoption of the fIMIOD. The motion prevailed. . . Tb“ loliuwibg are the pronosed amendments to lie- Charter adopt' dby the Council prettoW lo uojourniutut: AJf ACT sciirlcnumarr to “Ad Act to redace the charter cl ike City of Chicago, ami the tevcral acts omendalorv thercot, into one ac*, and to icvUj tt.c »Biuv,” approved February M, aod th : tct.TalLinomlu.eMHllu*ieto. 2iat ruud'd uy ll«- ot th* Sfa'r of Illinois i*,nretv’Ht i;i the Oeti'iol Assembly: CIiAPTEU—. COMMON COCNCU- Section I. The Common Council of tho city or e hicago thsll have power, hr ordinance: . Ann' —io prevent the luiccmeni of Inc dead xvfiliin the piesent or future limits o» the city. .VfCowf—lo pro'ldo for the vacation of the sev eral cemeteries in tu:d city by the purchase and extinguUhtncui of the titles of lot owners, or otl.envbe , , ... J'vvith— To purchase grounds and erect there on a Citv Hall, aim provide lor the payment theriot by the issuing uutl negotiating of tnc bit- de of said city, or by the levy nml collecu-m of taxes, or naitlv bv both: Provid'd, however, that no such ‘tew'eUa’.l iuany one year exceed two mills on the dollar on the assessed valnc of the teal and personal estate in the city made taxable by (he laws of this Stale. fiifih—Lo pi ovide for the inspection and regu lation of stationary steam engines and boilers. To appropriate not extending €W><WO la any one yenr, from the City Vicasury, for cclc j,tiling the Fouttli of July, for funeral occasions, and to**defray the expense of entertaining oillclal visitors of bister clues: Pt Otidid. however, such oiacr or apptopriaron shall be passed only uy the votes ol at least thrcc-fouiths ol all tbe Aldermen eh-cU d, such votes to W entered by ayca and uocs on the jecoift" of the Common Council. &r*/ith~ To picscnbc- regulate ana control iho time or tiroes, manner and speed ol ail boats, ciefts and vessels passing rhe bridges over the Chicago lilvcr nud lie branches. control and legulote the construction of building*, chimneys and slacks, and to prevent and piuliioit the erection or maintenance of any Insecure or unsafe buildings, tuck wail, or chim ney, in bald city and to declare them to be nui sances, and to provide for their summary abate- cause the seizure and destruction or other disposition of tainted or unwholesome nuat,butter, vegetables, traitor provisions. . ltn'h~~ To auUionxe the use ot the streets and I alleys in said city by railioad companies, orcity | railway companies, for the purpose or laying tracks and running cars thereon: Pi ovuiedy how- ; ever, permission or authority shall not be given, nor snail any such grant or permission already given be extendco, unless by me vote of at least thiec-fourths of all the Aldermen elected, such votes to bo entered by ayes and noes ou the records of the Council \ and, i>rotndrd, farther, that no gratt, consent, contract or permission heretofore given 01 made,or hereafter to De made or given, stall in any case be extended until within one year of the time of the cxpuatlon of such grant, content, contract or permission • and further, that In case of » vein hr the Mayor, any turn grant or permission shad receive the votes o' thrcc-.fouiths of all tbe Aldermen elected, to lake cllect as an act or law of tho cor poration. liitlfih—'To direct, regulate and prohibit the location and maca- cmcct of honscs ioribeetoriog of gunpowder, or other combustible material, within iho city, and within one mile of the limits ttcreor. Ihirttenlh— To declare that it shall ho unlawful lor ony ball, theatre, opera house, church, school house, or building of any Lind whatsoever, to be ntr-d foribe assemblage of people, unless toe same U provided with ample means for the safe and speedy egress of the persons (herein assembled ir. case ol a'atro. J-ovrleat'A —To control, regulate or prohibit the me of steam wnlsUcs within the limits of the city. F\Jtteu’h~ To provide for me borrowing, from time to time, a sum ot money nut exceeding five hundred thousand dollars In the aggregate, to pay existing debts incurred by said city for sewerage works, and tu increase (he sewerage works ol said city: J’/Ofia'rf, however, ihe said loan or loans shall be made in strict confomnty with the provi sions of chapter sixteen of the act of i-os, to which this is an amendment. £tx!tarth—To direct and »conire the Board of Public Works to Jet the cleaning of the streets, alleys, lanes and highways, or ordinary icpalrs on (he same, or any portion or pm thereof, to the lowest itliable ana responsible bidder or bidders. The said letting and contracts to be in all respects governed by the p’oiinoiuo! tbu law uj regard to tho ictitrg ef rcctiacts for Improving the streets: however. It shall require two thirds of all (be elected topa&s any such u<, such votes to t>v taken i»y uyes and r.ucs, ard entered nn the records of the Cunncil. tstfvfrt/.lh. rooirect and aninorixethe Board of Tehee and the Board ol Health to let the tcaunccrwork. flight or nav, or both folbe joiv ot reliable and responsible bidder or bidders, or in rase a proper coi.tiuct cannot be made, to authorize said board loeosaid work. Such let ting to Lc governed mall respect as nearly'as may be by flic provisions of the Charter m refer ence lo the Ic'Ung of street itoprovemente. JSijA.v.W/. To make, publish, ordain, amend and repeal all such ordinance-, by la't aud police n-i>nlatios?,not contrary to the Constitution of this State, lor the good government aud order of tbe city,andthe trade and comiucico thereof as may be necessary or expedient to carry into died the powers vested in the Common Council, or of any olbccr of said city, by Ibis aci, aud enforce obser vance of ell rules, ordinance*, by-laws, police, sanitary and other regulations made lu pursuance of this act, or the act to which this is an amend ment, the amendments tCcrcto, or any other act concerning said city, by puni-bment, fine or imprisonment in tbe Bndcqfll or House ot Correction, or both, lutLcobccetion of the magistrate or court be fore which conviction may he had; iVorh/'tf, /ivicsrtr, such fine shall not exceed five hundred dollars, nor the imprisonment two years. . To revnlate or prohibit the carry ing or weai ing uy any person tinder his clothes, orcor.ctoUdßbonilif? person, anypUtol or coltl or Flung shot, or cross Wckles, or knuckles of Icail, bra*r or other metal, orbowie knife, dirk lame, or dlik or dagger, or any other dangerous or deadly weapons, ana to provide for the confis cation or calc of stub weapon**. Jmcnflc/A—To EtU or othm wise dispose of any grounds heretofore purchased loraßridcwdl or Douse ofCorrccnon. TtMifp'/lrtr—To purchase ground, cither with in or without the corporate limits of said city, and erect the neceesat> buildings thereon for a City Bridewell or Dense of Correction. Ticenty-tccond—To provide for the payment of the eauiu by the levy and collection of taxes, or the Issue cud negotiation of bonds, or partly by both. Tfcynfy-'Alrrf—’To adopt all necessary rules aud t< potations tor tbe government ofeald institution, and the -piopcr discipline of the inme'es thereof, aud al.-o to purchase all map-rials, tools and mi (hincry Lcces.-nry* to secure the most beneficial re sults from the labor oi said Inmates. „ 7tre ■. fy-f ertrrh— To require the Superintendent, n aidcn or keeper lo keep such book or books ot account as shall fully and io detail show all the receipts and •■ipondiiotes of said uuittntloo. and to require a miori of the condition thereof from time to time. I The Common Council shall have power to require the Board of Police Commission ers to detail a sufficient nnmbcrot men from the po.ict force of tbe city io take charge of the pnb «c pounds ol ta.d cuy,sndio properly enforce tbe punnd ordinance tbert-ot, and to provide for too election or appointment ol one or more pound- Vtcpers, and to provide lor the pavmootof such P® u 5 d *kccpcr*, cither by salary or fees, or partly ’ #l1 ? lo make all nccessaiy rules and of°Faid Vuy e . COf ° r<X ’ ID ® n ' of “ J Pottnd ortl ’ V r ' 1 **l ow dummies or steam co he used on the *trect railways of said city, by oidinauco ana contract with e ild railway companies, and lo direct the kind of dummlS to ‘ e thae ” Kdp P ccd of roniilngthesamc, andlhe price at which passengers shall bo con veyed. /vociaVo, the fare on such raitwav* shall not exceed four cents for each passenger within the presenter future limits of ealdaty, nor ex ceeding eight cents from any point wjihiu said limits to any point not more than three tulles out side such limits. Also at any n m e to order a total or partial discontinuance of the use of each dummies aud steam engines in ssla dfy ; prodded, also, that it shall requite three-fourths of all the Aldermen elected to pass any such ordinance, or make any snch contract. J'tL<n(y-Snt]il/i. Thai the common Council of the ciii of Chicago, two-thirds of the members elected concnrtisg, may, whenever they shall be satisfied that the public good shall be as well pro moted, appropriate a sum not exceeding ten 1 Lous and dollars in any one year, for the support of koch destitute children as may be maintained usd educated in any benevolent institution. TtCttity-3£p!Uh. Thai the Common Council shall have the power and authority to regulate and control the slaughtering of all animals In the city or within four miles thereof, intended for con sumption or exposed for sale in the city, and to cnfoice by additional ordinances any regulation, contract or law heretofore made on the subject, enarren —. tax cojdusbioneu, AssxesMCXTv. ac. bxc. —The Mayor shall, on the first Monday of March, A D. IW7, or os soon after as prac ucable, and nundrictmialiy thereafter, appoint, by aud with the advice and consent oi the Com mon Council, a Commissioner of faxes. who shall hare been a resident of the city for three years, and a freeholder for nt least tmeyeir pre ceding bis appointment Said Commlsslonei shall Jake and subscribe an oath of office, and shall enter into bond lo the penal sum of tea thousand dollars, with two or mute sureties to be approved by tbe Mayor, for the fatildul performance of hU official duties. ‘ The salary ot said Commissioner shall Le annually fixed in the Appropriation Bill by the Common Council. Sec. —. The Commissioner first appointed shall, immediately after bis qualification, proceed to divide said city into as many aud such conve nient assessment districts, uni exceeding elg:.t, as he shall deem expedient, which shall be biowu and designated numerically; Provided* however. In making snch dlstricte.rcgard shall bo had to the natural divisions of saiddty: and protided , far tner. that such dlvtslou of said city into districts shall be submitted to, and be snbjsct to the ap provalor the Common Connell: and nrovld-a. iS r, ilV» liat r uclj olstrlctinc shall only be subject to »cQiflcaiion or alteration by a vole of throe fourths ol all the Aldermen elected, auch vote to hetaktn byayesand noes, and entered on the records ofthc Council. Stc. —. Said Commissioner shall, as soon as may beoturhla qualification, make or cause to he made neceaear? maps-of each and every dis trict )a raid city. which shall plainly indicate each ard every addition, anb-dimlon, lot, piece and parcel of land therein; alio all utioita, highways, mhlie grounds, public buildings d al c>s, and also, as far as possible, to ascertain the came, the name of the owner or owners of each lot, piece or parcel of land, and whether Impioveo or not, and such oth er Information as may bo desliabie lor purposes of awetsment, and snail make tnereon inch roar sisal and other rtfcnrucca as may be convenient and practicable. Bo shah keep In suitable books to be provided fbr that purpose, a record of all Infoitnation which bo may be able to obtain in re spect to iho taxable property and persona liable to taxation In said aty, and all changes In the ownership o! reald-tatcin said city, 01 which be can obtain Information. Be shall nave power to appoint satiable persons as clerks In stud office, tcenmnber to be limited am! salaries fixeo by the Common Connell, whose bnshiosa it shall he an der direction to make said district maps, and fiomilmuto amend and correct the same, and also (be record ol the piopeity in ihe office of said Comrah+loudr, both as regards the ownership and extent of such property, by ji dally examination of the maps and conveyances which shall heleft lor record in the office ot the Itecoidcr of Cock County, which examination he shall be untitled to make free ot all charges whatsoever during office boon. He shall also have power to make all necessary surveys for ihe purpose of such correc tion, and to- prepare all maps wh'ch shall be necessary for toe use of tne Board of Assessors herein provided tor. Bic. —. Ihe common Council shall, on (he first Moodo> of March, A. i>. JSirj. or within thirty doit from said time, and biennially thereafter, np loini by ballot an As-eoaor for each division of he itty. who »baU be a freeholder in said divi sion, aca nave resided (herein at least one year preceding hi* appointment. The said Commls aloneroi Taxes and the said Assessors shall cod- sitmtetbe “Board of Assessors,” the said Com missioner being *2-001310 President of said Board. hEc. —. Paid Assessors so appointed snail ta-e and pubtcribe on oath of office, and shah enter into bond In tbc penal sum of flve thousand dol lars, with two or more sureties, to oe approved by the Mayor, for the faithful performance of thefr dance the Commissioner of Taxes is hereby urized to administer any oath required to ta« i by Ibid act, or by any law or this Slate, tald Atecibort* aic aleO hereby severally an- Izcd to adimnjs»erany oath required by this or by the revenue or araeaameat laws of the anlhu token Ibc El Ihoil? act. ‘tale. —. The Assessors shall. as soon alter the Orel itonuov of May in each year as may bo, un der the 'direction aud supervision ot the Commissioner of Taxes, proceed to ex amine and determine the valua'ion of the taxable real end personal estate In their districts. bcht doles ol all the taxable teal estate in the scvcisl dbtnc's shall be turnish od by the tomwissloner ol Taxes to aid tr.oin In the performance of their dories, npon which they shall tnlcr their valuations. Said Commissioner in making out said schedules may lake as his pulde the assessment list or Collector's book of the previous year, and the list of eohscanen*. con veyance*, »cd finch other datassbecau flart to | make them fts nearly correct as possible. Said appraisal, touethui with their appraisal of all the puVonal estate taxable in t-oid cuy, shall be com pleted ana filed in the office ot said Commissioner on or hi fore the fiisl jlonoay of August in each year, unless lurtber time shall he granted by Uic Common Council. Sec.—. £aid uaecst-ors shall in ony case assess taxable real or personal estate any less than its real or true value as denned by * nc Slate Kovouuo law.-/ All pciscnal properly of every nature aud kina having its actual aiitiswUhiii the city snail beassefseo for municipal purposes, whether the owner resides Intheci'yor not, I* the disluct where the same may he found, wm-ther the owner reside* In the cilj or not, this provision to extend to and Include the proportion of the rolling stock of all tilth railroad or railway companies as rnn cats lino the city by lease of road-beu or track, or by contract or arrangement with any other rail way company or corpo a' on. Such projtorllon to be ascertained and apportioned In accordance with the rtatuics regulanuu' the assessment ol the rolling stock of such companies, toe same as though such companies owned the truck or road bed. tiic.—, The Ap-cseoia ol the several divisions stall be fnrrtihcd wim tho necessary blanks to take a list of taxable property In their several divlHonn, by the Commissioner of Taxes. They cnll at the office, place of butineas or ro?l --deuce ol each j.ei>»ii inquired by law to list tits property, aiul at the office ol every lucoryorattd company, and require such person, or the presi dent, cashier, iresfUicr, secretary or oUi ruillcer of t nth jucoi poratrd company, to make n correct Mat* mentor his or its taxunle properly, in accord ance with the provisions of law; and the person listing the property shall enter a true anil correct statement cii'such property, and the value thereof, in enrolled orwiittcn blank, piepared tor that pnrpoi-c, which ftalviuent, after being filled on', shall ho signed by the person listing the prop Tty, cud shall also be refitted by ids oatii or affidavit. —. In every case where any person ahull neglect or rerun-to make out and deliver lo the Assessor the statement required by tMs act, or by the revenne laws of the Stale, vended by oath or cflliniation, in addition loUie penalties in such case provided by such laws, the Common Connell of salacity may provide auch other and larvbcr penalties as will secure compliance. Sr.c. —. In every ca c where any person or c fllcer of a corporation, whose duty It U to list any personal property, moneys, credits, Investments in bonus, stocks. Joint stoc« companies or otherwise, or any pioperly of a tier soit&l r.alnrc liable lo assessment f»r taxation, snail have refused or neglected to list the same when railed on f.-r that purpose by the Assessor, or to lake and rubsmibe an oath or aturmatian la regard io the tru'b of his statement, required .o be made as aforcsaU', or by any law of me titate. when required by the Assessor, the Assessor shall enter opposite the name of such pen*on in an ap propriate column,‘‘refnsed to ilst,'" or “refused to swear;” and in every case where any person reunited to list property for taxation shall have been absent, or unaole fiom sickness to list tbc same, the Assessor shall enter opposite the name of such person in an appropriate column, the * o: d “absent” or “pick.” When the Assessors shall have completed tbc assessment of the taxable real and personal estate oi said city, they shall file the same in the oiUcc of the Commissioner of Taxes, andfixuron a day (or the hearing of objections thereto, and the said Commissioner shall give no tice of the limo and place of such hearing by six days' publication theteoi in the corporation news paper. Any person tecllng aggrieved by the as scsimentot bis piopertymay appear at the time ; specified and make bln objections. arc.—, ibe raid Assessors, together wllh the i Commissioner ufTaxes, constituting the Hoard of I Assessors, shall meet at the time and place dcaig \ ratco, to icvlte and com et their assessment-. They shall hear and consider all objections which may be made, and shall have power to make ail prt-per corrections and supply omissions in their a: scat met t, and for the purpose of equalising the same, to alter, add to, take from, and otherwise correct and revise the same. They aball continue intcw-im during the badness boats ol each and erciy vcculai day Jor tbc period of twenty succes sive days, thereafter no change, amendment, abatement or a'.i'-nition shall oc made, nor shall any tax or portion lb* icot be refunded. A major ity oi said board shall constitnio a quorum. Bso. —. When said revision shall have been confuted, the Cummheioner of Taxes shall enter, in one or mote books t-> be prepared fur that par pose, a complete list of all the taxable real estate in said city, sccoi ding 10 the schedules a* returned ana revised by tbc Hoard of Assessors, ah owing in a proper column, to be ruied tor ibal purpose, too names o» the diUerei.t owners, so tar as known to the laid Astcsaore; and in another column tho amount ol the valuation nude in each case. Said bucks alall also nave ruled thereiu in an nppiopiiate column for extending or li.serm g the amount ol ihe tax which maybe levied on said properly. Said book or bucks sbnll together constitute the list of real es tate fo> such year. The Commissioner of Taxes shall also enrerin another book or books to oc piepared for that pui pose, a complete list of the taxable personal estate in said el'y, as returned end revised by the As esters, showing in the pi ope; tbc names of tho different persons whoa- properly has been assehsed, and la other columns the valuations made by the Assessors. Said books shall also bare ruled ' appro pi ime column for extending or insert ing the taxes which may be levied thereon. Said boo*s shall rinsl'luto the personal tax hst for such year. The rcnmuteicncr of Taxes shall add up (be valua tions io each list, and the aggicgate amount thereof (ball be entered by bun at the foot of the apriopr.’ate colutuo on the last page. 17ben said lax Ihts shall have been so completed theysha’l be skied by (aid Arre.-tors, or a majority of them, and Tax Commissioner. after having been ascer tained to be com ct, anu left in the custody ofsald Ccuimisbloner of Taxes, and shall consiPuto the ct 1 v rtc ord to be referred to in ary case in which thtlr said aeswsments may be drawn in question. £zc. —. Tbc Common Conoal shall th.rcupon, by an ordinance or resolution, levy such sum or suns of money as may be sufficient for the several purposes for which taxes arc herein anlhorlxcd to lclevied, (not exceeding the authorized percent age.) particularly specifying the purposes for wblrb tho same arc levied, Brc. —. Urban be the doty of the Commis sioners of Taxes to estimate the several taxes levlto by the Common Council, computing them together as one tax, and to Insert the total amount of such taxes in tho appropriate column of the Euvcial tax JleiE opposite to the perron or propetty chrrgcsbic therewith. When completed, the Tax Commissioner shall attach to each of said tax li-ts a warrant, lo he signed by tbe Mayor, Comp troller and Tax Commissioner, end the City Clerk I shall aflix tbc coroorate seal and countersign the 1 same, directed to (be collector, commanding him | to make, levy and collect, as (he taxes for such | year, the rev i nti sums of motley set opposite to the real and personal estate or persons io said tax lists mentioned or described, of tbc goods and , chattels of Ihe respective owners of such real and ; personal estate; which warrants shall also desig nate tbc names and rates o! tbc several taxes in i eluded therein. \ &ec. —said tax lists with the warrants at | inched shall be delivered to the collector by tbe I Comptroller, as heretofore, who shall in all things | proceed as non required by law. j Br.c. —. Every person who shall be guilty of wilful acd corrupt false swearing or affirming In 1 taking any onto required by (bis chapter shall be deemed guilty of wilful and corrupt perjury,aad shall be pniii&bod accordingly. Sxc. —. The Common Council, io order to r« medy any unforeseen defect or omission, shall have the power at any time upon the racommcu- Canon of the Commissioner of Taxes, by ordl -1 cance to to modify or add to tbe requirements of 1 this chapter, as to perfect the assessments to bo made in said city for municipal purposes: Pro third, however, that no such modification or ad dition shall be made unless at a regular meeting, after due publication thereof, anu then omybya vote of two-third* of all the Aldermen elected, -aid vote to be Uken by ayes and noes. and en tered on the minutes of the Council, and la case tbc same Is vetoed by tho Mayor, It *hall require ttirec-:ouitbs of all the AMcrmeu elected topaas tbi came over such veto. Tbe Hoard of Assessors hereby created aball perform Ml tbe duties in relation to assessing I property, tor the purpose ot levying the taxes la posea lij the Common Council. Tbe Assessors In the performance of their duties shall liave the nme powers, and he subject to the same Hatmi •ioas a*c or may begiun by law to Town Asses sors. unless otherwise provided in this chapter. The Htate laws for tbc assessment of all taxable real and personal propetty now io force, or that may beieaftct be adopted, unless in conflict with this chapter, or the act to which this Is an amend ment. shall apply and govern in making municipal assessments. Sec. Personal property shall be listed for mnnidt ai purposes wim reference to tbe quan tity on band and owned on the first day of April, io the year for which the property Is required to he listed, Including the property purchased on ibaiday. Bxc. —. When any person shall commence mer chandising in said city after the flr-t day of April xn any year, the average valne of whose personal property employed in metchandlslug shall not nave bet n previously entered on the Assessor's Jist tor taxation in said city. It shall be the duty of smh i erf on to make ont a sworn statement of the probable average value of tbe personal property oy him Intendta to be employed In such oanueu unin the first dav of April thereafter, and deliver I. c same lo the Tax Commissioner, who shall tm ,er,. P I •“« «» tax list of the proper division orulsUirt, and stall pay to the Collector of said city a sum which shall bear the same proportion to tbc levy for all purposes, on the average value so employ eo, as the time from the day on which be shall commence met cbondlslcg ai aforesaid to the first dav of April next succeeding aball bear to one year. Brc. —. When any person, firm, or corporation shall commence or engage tn the easiness ofln fcracce, banking, dealing in docks of any dc- i scilpllon, or in buying or selling any kind of bills ol exchange, checks, dralta. bank notes, promis sory notes, or other kind of writing obligatory, or in any other business whatever, aqer the first day of April, m any y car, the average value of whore personal property so employed la each business shall not bare been entered on the As scssot's lint for taxation in said cit v. It t-ball bo ' (bo duty of such person or fins, or such corporation by Ha President. Secreta ry, or principal accounting officer, to make a awoiu statement and deliver tbe same to the Tax Commissioner, giving fully the proba ble average value ol the property by him, them or H intruded to be employed in such business nctil tbe first day ot April tnpreafter; which amount shall be entered on the tax list and the taxes col lected as In other cases. Sec. —. Should auy person, firm or corpora tion full or neglect to make out sworn statements of their as required by the two preced ing sections and report Ibe same to the Tax Com missioner, It shall be tbe duty of tbe Assessor to suacss them as therein required, as nearly as may be, addmg thereto ten per cent in addition to the existing provisions of law. aDjouimxxjrr. AM. Eton moved that the Connell do now ad journ until Friday evcning next at 7*t o’clock. Aid. Wlmarib moved to amend by malting the date of adjournment Wednesday evening next at 7j4_o*clcck. Tbe amendment prevailed and the Connell stood adjourned. A. H. BODMAN, Cny Clerk, NUOOIING AFPB.IT IS TUB BTItUBT. bounded Three Times and Not Killed, At about twelve o'clock yesterday an Impromptu ■booling match came 08 in North Water street, bet ween Hogcr Piafitand William Dnnn, too well known residents of Chicago. The advantage was altogether on the side of Plant, who planted two bullets in Dunn’a hack and one la hla left elbow. Bonn was taken to jail and Plant made no effort to escape. The names of these desperadoes arc erggesthe of every crime mentioned in the crim inal calendar, arid we Imagine that considerable regret will be expressed by many decent people in Chicago, when they learn that Plant's nultew were not remitted to Elm with compound interest —tne general opinion of the community being that be and Bunn bare lived longer than is good for numanUy. Dntm, on the 4Sd of Bccemoer, was committed in the Police Court for larceny, and at an early hour yesterday morning was bailed out by Plant, in the saw of $3 000— Bonn stating that he had that amount of money at bis boarding house. Plant did not place entire faith In Puna's statement, and intended to surrender him if the «ij uju were not forthcoming. With that Idea in view, be asked Officer llerbts to accompany him and Dunn to the latter's boarding place. This arrangement was not pleasing to Dunn, cud when he and his temporary guardian reached North Wa ter street, near a boarding establishment known as the New York Hotel, be began to eat officer Serbia's Sogers. This proceeoiog led to difficul ty, and Bunn, discovering that Uerbtz and Plant were getting the better of him, started up the eirettm an ungraceful but rapid manner. Ho was immediately “opened upon” by Plant who shot two bullets Into ms back, one of which took the outer circuit of th»* ribs and lodged under the cuocle wb chimmedlatelysorroonds (be original location of the umbilical cord. 1c and Its com panion, both ot which entered the back nearly as dote together as peas tu the pod, have been ab- Biractcd—oneot them in good condition and the olber considerably the worse tor wear. The one which exploted toe left elbow has not been heard from, but as “the returns are not all in,” some thing definite in regard to its travels may be learn ed in a day or two. Dunn was indicted vestefday morning for a robbery wblcb be is alleged to have committed at No. It North WeUßstrcet,onUic 4th of Decem ber, the victim being Joseph Belting, whose loss amounted to IlfiM in greenbacks, and fTOOor in clothing and other personal property. Plant complimented him wiib four shots, oue of which was a wild one. No efforts, so tar as our report ers could learn, up to a late boor lost Light, bod been made for tne arrest of Plant, and wc have a little unofficial information to the effect that ols efforts to deprive Dnun of his life arc not looked upon by the civil authorities In a serious light. Bunn is being cared for by the turnkey. Had tac three balls washed on Dnnn been more equally d between the two parties, and caused a couple of C. routr’s Inquests,the event would have m i oily fim-Übcd food lot goselp, out caiv*e for a ftcling of treater security to (nose people wio have property worth stealing, and nave -wnivd u vast amount ol monl contamination u. .-sf.i turc from that noxious P.aat which Hoar*.-“I about a year ago ou the corner of Wells and Mu».- roe streets, In connection wlih a number of frtll flower*jrhlch budded asd (grog) blossomed “Cy der thi W.lloo.” Tin: u rtrAvtu v Case.—The long-continued ciee of Henry Keeker* charged with assaulting Franz C zerny with a ‘'cleaver' 1 with intent to do bodily Injury, was finally disposed ofiatbo Po -1 co Court yesterday morning, Air. Czerny beta" at tasl able to appeal. From me evidence It appear* c<l that about to ir week* ago on Monday officer Bacbman found Czerny near bis own house, at the corner* of dual ».rd Mather streets, bis bead bliodlug profusely- Czerny (old him (bat the wound was inflicted by Henry Koeber, a sausage nr.hcr, who tesided near. Czerny teslided iJfl’ be Lad been at work for Koeb.r, hut the latter came home-In tie aitumoun of that day, and be* ing drunk, struck h a with a cleaver, dclen* aaut proved by one or t'O witnesses that CAeruy bad I y en employed by bmi to do come carpenter but upon coining homo at one o'clock In >r cof cxnoon hcloanit lb'll little baa been done and Cz»rnywas drunk. Thereupon bo him away nora the picmUw, pushing, bn: not sulking him, and Czerny is>l against a post and Ininied his bead. A physician who had attended Mr. Czerny slated that me wound es ended fiom from the os ircniis 10 the occluut across the “ pc* dottle." The worn d might have been made with u dull axe, or L might have been made by some sharp instrument. Czerny alleged Unit he only diauk liquor once that day. avu mat was about 7»4 o'clock In the mornug. Korber was commit* ted or trial lu bail of SZM. A VVoirrnLEs.a Husband.—At the Police Court yesterday morning, Lawrence Dawkins', an engi neer employed by on© of me railroad companies, wte examined npon the charge of adultery. From the (acts developed yesleidiy, it appears'that about the drat of November last a woman named Jane Chatman engaged board at the bon*© of blr». Gilbert, No. 2t South DespUlues street, for herself and her alleged husband, ursumlug to lo be Mr. ami Mrs. Connors. For two or mrcc days after (tie arrival of the pretended Mrs. Con core Uie “ huabsnd” did not appear, and when lu- came it was late at night. Taey occupied the earn© apartment ana lie left betore hreakuist la the morning. This was alleged to bo in conse quence of bis business. Ilia visits were thus Im-gnlar until one uLgbt Mrs. * k Connors,” was sick, and became a mother. The husband was scut for, hut it wa- ascertained that no person named comors was employed by the company. The description gi'eii, however, “ filled the Dill’* for I-awrcuco Uawkins. Be was subsequently arrested, and was yesterday committed tor trial lu bail of £&0. It was ascertained that his wife lived at No. 15b Fulton street, they having been mar ried about ten month*. SxALL-rox and Cuolfiu.—Alter an absence ot many months, the smail-poz has again made its appcaiaccc incur city. For nearly a rear before the cholera made Its appearance last summer, scarcely a tingle case was leported, and it disap peared entirely some time previous to the advent of the grim destroyer. Fas. experience shows that the two very seldom travel In company, and if wc accept that as the will bring to us some comfort in the hope that the cholera will not re'hit na the coming summer. Bad a* the smalt pox is in moderate dosed, the cholera is much > worse, and the former la decidedly the beat end of a bad stick. Petit Stealing.—Agatha Beyer, a German child, one of nine poor children, some of waom a>c begging, was charged at the Police Court yea* teiday afternoon with stealing two ureas skirts from a neighbor’s house, bbe was bold lor ex amination before the Commissioner ol the Reform hchooi. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL ITIO.IiTAUy 'Weosxssat Evshwo, January D. IBt>7. There wa* an active demand for Money to-day, •nd (tic maiker was more stringent—necesslta* line® cloavr scrutiny on all paper present-d lor discount. There is no change In the rates of In terest. Kxchjrcc was in good supply, and owing to the scarcity of currency the market wag Hat aud lower. Sales ol round lots were made between banks at 50 ccnts@J-lO discount—'the latter au exceptional figure. TLc counter rates were unsettled and ir regular at MO disrouutQpar buying, aud 1-dOfe 1-10 premium selling. At tbe meeting of the Directors of the Union National Bunk held yesterday afternoon, C. J Connell, Esq.., was iinauimon-ly re-elected to the Cofhicrstdp, which position he lus held since tbe organization of the insritmloo Flour was firm and fairly active. Wheat ruled dull at a decline of l<rrl«4c on No. 1 and Ijft’con ♦No. 2 Spring. Coni opened Ir belter, but subse quently fell back IJic-CiO-Ing dull. Oats were heavy ana lower. Kyc was neglected. Bariev was fiim tor tarople Jo's. Whiskey was neglected. AletsToik was dull—buyers and sellers apart. Cincn Meets tn goi-d demand, laird was less ac tive and scarcely so firm. Cold was very irregular and unsettled to-day. It opened at 131 H, advanced to Driv., declined to l&h and closed at entire range being The following quotations were re ceived bv Boyd Bios., gold brokers: icsua. m lW45a. m 13IH l&‘Jop. m 131% ll:W;a. m 134*4 SWp. m 131** iv.4ua.ia 13454 8:00 p. in 183 ii 11:30 a. n> 131?* 3:30p.m..... 133% 11:45 a.m... 134»i tWp.m. 133*4 Here tlio market was quiet at 1330134*4 baying —closing at the inside figure. Silver Is nominal at KESI-S. Governments were *4o*4 lower. The follow* leg laWc ehowa the cloemg price? in New York to-oay, compared with those of (he three previous daje Patnr. Moo. Tnes. Wed. 10Si» less 1083 loss Sixes of’Sl. Fivc-Tttciilies, V 8 Flvc-Tv; cnUce,’(M lOSJi lU6 HK>5 105*4 FJvc-TweuCes, ’OS M 6 1004 ICCU lOti' Tcn*Forlle« 993# 100 99*, D3V Seven-Thirties, Anc.... HC I0l«j lOiju lajit Scvcu-Thlrtice. June.... 1044 10tj£ 11144 1014 Seven-Thirties, July 104*# Here there was & good investment demand at a concession on yesterday's prices, bat holders evtsced no disposition to sell. We quote: Baying. Selling. MI* Mo* A....JOT* lU7H .1054 105 ft .105* ]UG ,10IH@IOJ* . SO* 93ft iaa .10.4 mm •IM* 10IH • ICM4 . 1(H U. S. Sixes, of ISSI.. u. s. wa.*, jfta U. S. 5405, 1&G1 D. S. 5-208. ISCS U. S. 5.205, small U. S. KMOs, large D. S. 10-tOs, email.... U. S. U. 7nJCe, Sd curies. U. 8. Sd scrloe.. U. S. email.... Compound, June, 18M no '• July, jSvl 1!5J4 “ Aug., DU 115 “ Ocl., ISM 11l “ Dec., 1S»)J IVi ** May, 1563 ui« “ Aug., DCS lid “ Sept., JSSS 109*4 •* Oct-, ISCS IC9 Tbe following quotations for the Public Fundi are given by the bceond National Bank; Conr.,'Sl...jrei,o... . i-B*>(amaUClo4 &WH S*Socoupoti9, Juno Comp., 18M..11n (»a»Re)..„lOSV*®un?i July *• ..115*4 'nOB«. __ AP" •»* S*SO coupon?, Aag. “ “..115 (fmalf).. .105 ®lo6£ Oct. “ “ ..m 10-ioconpona, Dec. “ k “ ..111 (large).... V9>5@.... • May J^(3..|llH 10.<uconpon?. An g. “ “ (small).. .102 0 s*ept. “ “ ..io9u 7-Co9iUqee).l&»»4©lfMS Oct. “ “ ..109 In Load SecmlUce there is no movement what* ever, ana the market is nominal at the following quotation*: Bovine. Selling. Chicago City Severs tfj 100 Cook Const; Sevens U5Jt 97 Chamberof Commerce... 91 96 —The Plitshnrgh money market fa rapidly relax* leg from tie closeness which characterized it lor weeks previous lo the New Year* and monetary mailers are assuming a more comfortable shape. Business does not Improve, and there la an entire absence of any speculative demand for capital. the annual report of the Bank Commission* en* of Maine shows that of the sixty-nine banks In UieSta’o, nine still remain under the State char* ter, nineteen are closing np under the actof 1863, fourteen arc convened into National Banks under thoactof ISC3, and twr-'j-.-evon have been con* vetted Into NatJoi al institutions under the act of 11(2. The circulation. December £, 152, was f5.h91.513; circulation at date of examination, W»6, f55t),337. Their resources are: State securi ties, 1222,467; United States securities, f 1,251,636; city and town securities, $523, lib Total, f2,005.2«5, —The 2scw York SlUJplnpZlaf remarks: \ There is a continued (rood demand (or money, at C@7 per cent on call, but the Inquiry la freely met, and greater ease Is looked lor as the result of the large amounts of money.tcfbe distributed In the shape of dividends and interest. Discounts continue rather slow at 7 per cent for first-class short paper, no to S®9 per cent for lair to good signatures. Wc quote: I Per cent per annum. j Loons on caP, Slock securities... ...6 i& 7 I Do. bond and mortgage Prime endorsed bills, 00 days .. 7 US L*o. do. S&4 month? S (ri 0 pirst-claas ►lngle names .................8 <Tb 9 Other good bills 9 (plO —The Philadelphia Z«i{pr observes: •*Money la Mead; at about 7 percent a« the ruling rab.*. Those who have erotUl to borrow on ibe best terms do not want U, and holders are isthcr Indisposed to lend where there is any risk. The feeling - In the market la a disposition all round to “ wait and watch.” Considering (ho laice amount ol money coming on the mark t al most doily worn the payments of Interest and of 1 dividends, wc woold naturally think that the first movement would be towards greater ease In money and more activity in stocks. Occasional transactions are done at 6 per cent on stock ctl laterals, and on Governments the rate Is generally atC per cent. Diecrmnta continue qalci. There ib at present llulc inclination lo hoy paper. A. freer currency lor WI1» la expectea within a few day?, upon the supposition that the-rale on call loans wll decline.** The Kew York Evtning Pott says i Some surprise is expressed tbal the debt state ment should show a redaction Seven-Thirty non a and an Increase of f*»,4»,150 Id Five-Twenty bonds. The relative prices of the two classes ol securities during tho month nave not been each as to admit of auy conversions of Sevm-ihlMea Icio Five-lw,ntlee,and tbepreaamp tlon, therefore. Is that the Secretary haa nougat op the Seten-Tblrtles and sold the Five-Twenties, paying the commission of H per cent on both transactions. ~ Moreover, as the coles bare ranged generally hiQil per above the. bonds, it most follow that fn addition to tbe lost of commissions, me Treasury haa also Incurred a loss on the principal, equal to the dltierence la the prices of tbe respec tive securities. , . _ . ... A portion of the bonds leaned has apparently btvn sold to • liable tbe Secretary to retire *1,911,007 of United Slates notes, thereby ex changing a six per cent gold Interest obligation lor rnc ncarlngno Inter at, and at the same omo adding to the atringency of the money m whet. Ttcte featnrea of Treasury management excite seme comments In Wall street circles. The London 7iaut % under date of Dec. 20th, ■fhc Dank of England rate of discount was this morning lowered irom 4 per cent, at which It was fixed cn lha Bth of November, to Ctf percent. The return published to-night shows that this step conld nm well have been avoided. The re serve Is now equal to 43 per cent of the liabilities, and the Governnunt securities are toper cent to excess ol the amount held last year, white the bul lion Is at tbe highest point reached daring tbe past debt years, and only £S,4UO,O(X) below the largest total ever known. At the same time more than half a million additional la about to ho sent la, and tbe appearance alike of the Continental, American, and otner exchanges la very favorable. In this state of aflairs, tbe fact that the rate of 4 per cent conld be maintained only through tbe hunk having control of the market, from the ab sorption of the circulation on account of the rove nun payments and of the loeked-up assets of fall eJ establishments, was not to bo disregarded. In relation to the general coarse of business the new movement will nave little Influence, but its effect is important to all those large classes of the community who have ooltido permanent ar rangements based on the current bank charge. The Cincinnati Commercial of yesterday ob serves: There has been no let up to the demand for money during the week, and lull rates of interest, ranging at lofoia per cent lor customer’s paper, have continued to ho obtained. Those borrower* who bare bad to negotiate their loans outside of their tegular places of business hare had to sub mit to extravagant rates—lS per cent not being uncommon on the best of paper. There have neeo some slight evidences of improved receipts oi mouey from the Interior through mercantile coilectlons; but country hank balances continue to bo kept very low, and in not a few Instances they lia' c been overdrawn. —The New York T/Vjitn* remarks ; The (iemand for money was active again to-day, tn. borrowers icady lo pay 7 per cent “and a c mmweion" lor accommodation. The straggle ui bunks to get themselves “Into line upon their ic fives” before swearing to their statements on Monday should admonish parties whose business hence upon the favor of banks lo any large proportion, These Institutions have reached a point « here contraction is inevitable. To strength en themselves they will bo obliged to put such picfsuie noon their dealers as will sensibly con i rad the balances of credits and of prices of com moditic*. If ench a scramble for legal tondersls thoun upon a reduction of $19,0<W,000 In plain legal tinders, and £10.000,000 in componunds, sine October 14, 1956, what may he ex pected when the compounds pass Into lunded debts, as they surely must, at or S, tor to tuaturitv, and tho legal-tenders aro re uceda‘evv millions more? Congressional ac lii'R thus far indicates a determination not loin mease toe legal-tender circulation or to expand the bank enrrenev, and lo continue In force the pjc-eut law withdrawing four millions of legal lender? per month. This sum Is not so large as the interests of the solvent part of (he communi ty would see canceled, hut it is rapid enough to bib,.- io g’tef debtors who have been tempted in to extensive contracts upon the idea that legal lenders would bo a permanent, if notagrowing Item in the debt statement. Commercial paper is quoted at 75>bi»cr cent, and not mnch doing. —The foreign commerce oftbeporl of New iorU for the year 19 b has been declared officially from the Custom-Uonse for only eleven months of :ba yetr; bat scn.i-offlclalJy, (by weeks.) since hOtn November. With these figures we are enabled to make a close approximation of the results. Import am export, of the year, as compared with the cor rcnonamgdataoflShS. Tlie tables and compar isons will be rtnderea more exact for both years In theconrseofa few weeks. We add to oar present figmes the woveuients of gold and sliver at New York, and also the gold receipts for customs and cold disbursement* for interest on the funded public debt, by tho United States Treasure. The Import entries at the port of New York for the war iHtf, exclusive of foreign gold ana silver, wcie. In gold v«iac,»9 compared with lha previ ous year, 2605, a? follows: lgCs> ,£2771535,10? *I(K,CU3 I MB 20,122,217 .Tim. 1 to Nov, 80. five weeks since. Total pro? 9 eolrk9...?W,iKn.«S4 S222,CW,WS Ihe mow enlrjes of IMIG, as above, exceed too value of lorcijro nerchandtee actually marketed, or which parted ttronph the Custom ilonse, duty paid as lor con*nmpUuo, by f24,b»4,tjC«. Iho uiiiooms thus marketed were * in lorehjt. diy coeds General foreign merchandise Compared with 1865: Drv good:; marketed fHI.Sfi2.M3 Genual merchandise 127,5*5,306 J 3. Increase taken hy New York market.. $56,016,723 •Month of December estimated. M „ In connection with ibis Increase of nearly 25 $* cent on the foreign imports taken by this market, wu note the following movements of specie as compared with the prevlons year: * 1568. 1965. Bullion from CaUfor£la..s42.7W,ol? 520,030.161 Foreign goldand silver.. 3,681.432 *^I~S,2SI Total receipts hr sea .$52,365,313 Espoits of specie 02,409,015 35,003,693 Dh'crenco outward from . New Yoik .$10,183,6*8 f7,2X^33 Thu i'jeasury otlhc United States received la cold for cablomr. in the calendar year of 1606: At the port of New York At the onl-ports Total m sold. Gold tawealpaid at N.Y. $1?,G33,5T7 _ _ A t olLix oflicts, saj :S, 000,000*- 70,080,817 iioiuwfl 42,031,518 Purplus from Ctulomg A illicit to Trramrytiolil balanced. So'oand otherwise dlap-iaed of. $Ct5, - 214,-Ul Tbu Treasury balances in Gold and tiUTcr on Jan. ISCG, were •; •• Jvet addition tor Treasury account 42,101,67$ Added by Mcpcsiiota lUsl,siu Cold balance* on January 1, 1667 597,641,963 •ilcnio of December at oat-porta-e&Uautea at f iCCO.fW). . ■ 'lb' 1 declared CnnencyvaiuC* of Export clearnncisof Domesifc l j roduc» and Forcirn -' lr * i-ilfs New York foe die years Ulmsiiq So aj**aa follows ; 2566. 1533. •Inn. 1 lo .. Tire uccK&Ctncc... .$171,016,1)17 $155,330,824 . 10,731,535 22,325,004 Total,OtcladvoofGold*lo:.7i 0,602 91T3.820.293 AveioaS iaU* of Gold 137?} cent 349 Tl cent Tiny import entiles lor Uie past wetfk, Inaodlng the • dry goods rctorn In oar laet paper, amount to S-LIdP.UTi, against the toiaVenlries of S4.HJ3, UiS s.tmq wees last year. The'export of domestic produce amount lo 92,975,102, ''-Against rarnc week last'year. The export'of sped* amounts to *-17,518, against fSS.O-i? same week rest year. *ihc customs foe th» woelf are 9l,sP!U\p. The receipts ofcollon, coastwHaand hy railroad, arc 2U.927 Ihe nniabtfr of err iyiaiit pasreupers anived the week. Wc now rcsnmeonr weekly.-eofnnarativo sum mary ol toe foreign trade and specie moicmcnts at New York, from the beginning of the current fiscal year, Jnly 1,15C6. 1 he gold values of the Import entries of foreign merchandiscatls'cwYork'smce July 1, 1806,tne luginrlng nfthe current calendar year, are of ficially (to December 1) and seml-omcially (since) reported as follows—the entries of foreign specie being omitted: July $26,505,820 1 Dec. S.. August 23,615,(23 Dec. 15 September... 21,565,fitt5 * Dcc.22. October.... . 20,393,020 I Dec. 29 November... 10,907,917 {Jan. 5.. Total since Jnlyl Against same time last year. Decrease since July 1 g5,632*233 The currency value of the exports of domestic produce and miscellaneous Roods from New York, including foreign articles re exported, since July I.JSG. areas follows, the figures being officially repotted to December 1, by months, and since Feznl*ofiiclal]y, by weeks: July *15,4f6,1R9 I Dec. 5 f-%450,5*5 August 22,323,5101 Dec. 13 3,1U1,4W September..,. 11.371,223 t Dec. W 4,035,(173 Ociohcf 14.512.513 Dee. 20 8,221,010 November.... 18,'J&,0G51 Jsm. 2 *2,575, Wi2 Total since July 1 Against same time Uet year. Decrease since July 1 914,513,433 Gold. Jan. 5. ISO? Wi^ceaL Gold, Jan. 0, I?C7 Hlft y cent 'lbcexpoitaof cold and ellter from New York since July 1,1£G6, nave been: July 95,821.4:9 I Dec. 8 $ 570,590 August 1,587,iwl Dec. 23...;.. ..2,343,303 September.... 831.550 j Dee. 22 25tV2Stl October 1.1 3,4531 Dec. 29 1,072,190 November.... 3,760,00 I Jan. 5 817.312 Total since July! Against same time last year Increase since July 1 84,933,233 The deliveries of California Gold at New York since July 1: Joly 95.H5.P48 I October $3,744,737 August 8,012,1*51 November.... 2,9(0,337 September.... 2,895,102) December 4,4iJ,554 Total eloccJnJy 1 Against same umo last year. .*8.153.114 . ]3jli3.lSQ increase since July 1 *jS,lH9,a&l The following are the customs receipts In gold at Mew York, and the soma of gold interest on the public debt paid oat At the New Tork office ol the Ticaanry of the United States, since Only 1, 15ft; Cutlomg Rcc’d. Gold lot. pild. Tnlr $11.617, 079 July $5,673,378 August 12,700,UM August 856,705 September.... 12.17-1,076 September... 2,tw>,532 October 11,507,607 October 813,121 Jiorember.... 5,037,581 November 14,7,-6,261 December.... 3,024,0*3 December 1,722,406 January 5 . 1,‘>6?,0C0 January 3 8,931,000 _ Total, .SG3.6S9^TS Total $43,MMfi3 To date, 1906. Sd.TUS.STI To date, ISCO. C7,934.‘J*8 New York Mock Market. Closing prices »r cash. January 9. 1957, reeetred by Joseph M. Lyons & Co., Brokers: ift M Ist }d Bd, B'd. B'd. B*<L K.T.Cen in* UO* F-S. 6 per cent Erte(Com)..... GW Ctfjf bond*, XS9L... 10S,V 103. V M.b. (c0m).... Bt£ si* F.b.6per cent C.4HIU 91* 90 J-20o*ap-,*6J. 101 H 10734 U«V 151and..,.1C3« IQS* r.B.epwceot C.4S.V 45* 45 MO eonp., *6l. 105 V l£o if c,4.\. w„rfd ts* r.B.ep«e«jt IVPt.W. &C.US* 103* 5-30 coop- ’65.106 106 oaicVMlrrr.... *4 tsv C. s*. 5 per rat w. Union Tel.. 46 46* KWO 99V 99V c. &a. (com)..llo* .... Tt.Solw.*JMo Bor. * 6. Ist series IC4.V KWJf O, AU. Certs.. 27* *7* U. S. 7 MO, 3d ncdfoalßiver.ts Ul senes. KB* ICl* 111. Central.... 131* 118 U. S. "MO, id P. A Head US* IK* series IW*IMV Clcre. A Tel... .123* 124 V Axer. G01d.... 154* 153* T. ATVahssh... 44* .... Market—lst Board steady; 3d Board heavy. COSOEBCUL* WTOjnsDAT Etestxo, January 9,1567. The following tytlea show thereedpta and ship* mentsof Produce during the past twenty-four boon: BXCBTTS PAST 1 tVAAiI-POLU BOITBS, JSC7. ISM, 8,313 8,341 13.271 16.550 32,800 SiSOO 25,394 30,104 4,675 2,555 5,873 1,900 22,560 10,005 4,110 13,390 Flonr, btla Wheat. bn Corn, bo Oata, bn.... Bye, bn Barley, bn Graaa Seed, lbs.. Broom Corn. fra. Cured Meat, Tbs..

Beef, brta, Poik, Hr Is Lard, P's Tsllon, Ibe Balter. Tbs D. Hoes, N 0.... Lire Boca, No.. CalUe, No Hide?, lbs mphwinca,brla. Wool, Iba ! Lumber, id I Shinplca, m gUa HESW TAW TWENTT-TOm lIOUBB. 1357. 1866. Floor, brls 10.455 9,070 Wheat, bn 11,559 2,830 Coro, tm H. 115 10.458 Oata, bn 9£lS 3,900 Rye, bn..... 2,419 Harley, bn B*o 500 Grass Seed, S>s 7,650 .... Broom C0tn.tta........ 40,916 . .. Cured Meal*, Itw 022,2*0 301,330 Beef, brla 55 .... Perk, brla I,W 1,153 Lard, 478,170 Tallow, »• 5.333 15,812 Bntter'lb 2,110 8.06 J Dressed Bobs, No ....... 2,737 4,012 UvcEogs,No BC6 97 ('ante. No.. 57 719 Bides, t>s Uighwinet, brla. Wools, IDs Lumber, m. yfclnrles, m, Lath, m Salt, brla. Salt, bags ToO .... The Provision market prcaontcd few new fea tures to-day. Tbe market for Mesa Pork was at a standstill. Packers withdrew their stock, and re fused to sell at the figures offered by buyers. "We note sales of 210 barrela at 515.00&15.25 for City and /17.7 S for Country—closing with buyers of City “standard" at the Inside, and sellers attbe upper figure. For Sweet Pickled Hams there was a brisk Inquiry, with sales of 250 tierces at loi£<&io*ic, and 700 tierces Oct evening) on terms which did not transpire—supposed to bo in the neighborhood of lOjfc. Bulk Meats were quiet, with sales of 20,000 lbs of Dry halted Shoulders at C&c packed. Green Meats were in good demand and firm, with liberal sales at 9®9Jdc for Hams ; for Sides, and s*i®Bac for Shoulders— all from Slaughtered Hogs. Lard was less active and scarcely so Aim, with sales of 700 tlcrcea at UH&UHc, cash, and llfcc, seller January. There was nothing doing In Grease, and the market may be quoted nominal at our quotations. Dressed Hogs opened with a strong endeavor on the part of beliefs to obtain au advance, bat bajers were elow to respond* and tbc market dragged along—closing s@loc lower. Sales ranged from—closing at s’j.Do@G.7s for aver* age lota dividing on 200 lbs. Whiskey waa dull* (neglected and entirely nominal at $2.90 for Free and 25c for Bonded. It la supposed that a good deal of illicit distillation is being carried on. Tbeio was a steady shipping demand, with some speculative Inquiry for Flour, and tbc market was dim, bat prices show no quotable advaucc. About f,OOO brla changed hands at $12.00@13.00 for White Winters; $11.50 lor Bed Winters; 10.252.12,50 for Spring Extras, and $?.00@9.00 for Spring Sapere. Wheal was dull, at d we note a decline of I@ll jc on No. lamlH@lc on No. 2 Spring. The sales foot np 45,000 btt at $2.17@2.13 for No. I Regular; sl.X@l.M tor No. 2Regular; $2.00 fordoinA. li. £ Co., and SJ.C3@I.C3 for Btjcctod—closing at ' $3.17(2.2.18 for No. 1 and $1.03*4 for No. 2 U regu lar tons ea. Com opened tolerably strong at an advance of lolly Ic, but subsequent advices from if ew York piovlng unfavoracle, the niarkci broke down and receded l»iC— closing flat. About f3.0u0 ba cbargtd bands at SO* i®Bic for No. 1; 70c for No. 2, andSilftSScfor Ilejectcd—closPig with sellers, but no buyers, at the luslde flu ore. Cats true dull and fully Jic lower, wl b trifling transactions at 42c for No. 2-closing with free sellers at this figure. Tbeie was no demand for Kve, and the market tvatd'illaEdlclowcr,wilhltgbt sales at 04c for winter j ccrlpts o! No. 1. No movement in No. 2. Barley was In good demand and firm for sample lots, with sales at sCc©f 1.13. as to quality. Lots 1c store were Inactive and nominal. Tallow was oull, withViiilcg sales of Country atflhc. City is held at 10c. Groceries were steady and unchanged, with rather more doing. The following telegrams were read on ’Change 10-doy; New Youk, January 0. Flour strong at f10.W<&.2.-lfl. Wheat Arm bat on let at J 2.C5&2.K. Corn qmet at t 1.21 In store. Oats buoyant at WJQiiSc. Old Pork Ann at #I9.UU; New Port lower at «30 5C&20.««5. Lard steady, lloge heavy at SS.CCQS-12t s . Gulu, lvUj£. UTEB. Flour heavy. Wheat Inactive and tame, Coro unsaleable at $1.21). Oau quiet- Pork firmer at fiy.JSforOid and s2<J.7sfor New. laird heavy al 12>ic for Old, and UK for New. Gold, 13l«i. LATER. In the afternoon the Grain markets were dull ftj.d easier—closing with sellers at 80c for No. 1 Corn, and $1.93 for No. 2 Spring ‘Wheat. There was no movement in Provisions. The Cattle market was fairly active arc steady* at substantially the closing rales of yesterday. The receipts were 3,130: entered sales 1,514, at $4.00(3,0.76 lor common to choice grades. Wve How were in fair request on packing ac* count; and for heavy even lots, prices were toler ably well sustained, but light, uneven coarse Hogs were slow and 10© 15c lower. The receipts were IS, 100; entered sales 10,608. The market closes steady at $5.40(^6.15. . 157,100,115* $270, 083,057 TIIECHICAUAU LIVE STOCK MARKET, omci or vhe Chicago Tsibunx. ) WkUKE&UAV Evxxtao,J*aaary9. f The following table shows the flatly receipts and shipments of Live block daring the week ap to this cvtcmp, si reported by the Secretary of the Union stcck Yard Company*. cattle. Hogs. Steep. Sunday and Monday. n.ctdaj Wednesday Total 3,931 23.210 407 Same time last wetk iffl 9.654 .... It o receipt* today were by the following routes: Cattle. Hogs. Sheep By Illinois; Cectra! Head 183 1,509 77 ByliurliocUn&Qailscyltoaa. 5U 9.611 70 By ai.Loulsd: Alton Uoad J.m .... B 7 Head 670 1.978 101 By Rock island Road 3JM3 .... B» MU'lilgan CCLtral Road «... 54 * 44 B; MlcbleanSontbero I 431 .... By OWiaao&Ot.taai'aHoad.. 33 100 .... Dilvsnln, Cfl -*~ ,$130,222,032 . 23,620,537* Total 8,1*9 The shipment*, and lor the week uploUua evetlDp.werr; .8179.813,67!) Sunday ted Monday. XVtdnc-day Total 1« 3K to-day were by the followlai routes: Cattle, uoge.. Sheet). 83 By Micblran Southern ••• By iTittburch & Fort Wayne*. Tout as Sales to-day, as enter**! at the different Scale-booses, were as follow*: ..,.. , „ . . _ . Cattle. Hoe*. Sheep. At IlllDois Cenbal Scale. 8)3 &6St 130 At C. ? B. &Q. ScaiO- 430 5.160 145 At Alton Scale OG2 Llil .... A. 0. tVS.’W. scale*. 150 550 101 TcUl 10,563 366 BEEF CATTLE—The weather was delightful, Id deed all that coniu P* desired for active out-door oper ations, acd with a more liberal supply ol desirable ftock,and.afree attendance of buyers, trade opened sharp ud continued fairly active to the close. City (•etchers bought more freely, though on the part of shippers there was not evinced that eagerness to pur chase that baa characterized their movements during the hall dozen days preceding this; the sudden dorllne In the Ktw York market evidently having shaken their confidence. The demand was principally Icr fair to choice steers and ccod batchers' stock, and sales to-day were condncd chiefly to these descriptions. Transactions embrace lAU bead, which were divided between shippers and city batchers, at prices ranging from fur inferior to corn mot mixed lots. Including rough Cows, thin Steers, Bolls, Stags and coarse Oxen; $1.5035.33 torlslrto choice botchers* Cows, and common to fair Steers, and f.y3(3(>.<S for good to choice shipping Beeves. The market doses steady, with -i, 300 bead in the peas unsold. Ibc following arc the prices current: Extra Bee tv*—Fine, fat, well-formed. 4 to 6 years old steers, and averaging 1,200 os atd npwatdi fSJO®647X Prime Good, well-fatted, fairly form'd Steers, averaging from 1,100 to 1.400 lb a at &0036. S $1,623,233 3,002,897 6,221,693 8,426,191 4,140,074 Fair (.'lutka—Falr &ic fleati, av eragltgl.OOOdUSOO a«,at 5,2535.75 J/etUuM Cla*f —Medlom Steeds and good Cowß,ot rorcitr slaughter, and averaging gOCT3i,OSO aa, at -t.35d5.00 Stock twn«*—Common Cattle In docent .*133.7*1,317 . UM3O,6W flc*h, aTer*ctnjr S3O®I,OM at. Inferior— Llsht and thin ‘‘ows and Steers, ronuh and coarse, averaging KXXaSjO ■»», at,.. .7T. ..7T?T........ 2J0&3A0 Transactions to-day embrace the following droves: . . CATTLE SALES TO-DAY. Eighteen head lair Ccsby bicjr.s avers pins 1.001 B»„ OR car;, at (4.90. Thirty-six h*ad lair Steers,and good-Cowa, averag ing VlO Ci, fed and watered, at |3 M. Eight bead £ leers and Ox to, averaging 1,479 bs at f.*.50. Four head choice Illinois Steers, averaging 1,130 bs, at s*.w. tlxty head first-class SUers, averaging 1,191 b!,frd and watered, si |S,IO. FHUen head lair Qethy Steers,averaging 1^3198a, at Twentr-flve bead lair Steers, oiTcara, averaging 1,073 ba, at &SS. Tui head stock Steers, averaging OSO ft?, off cart, at ft. Ti. . . „ .♦9B.«tC,CSS ..105,233,103 Nineteen bead Mr Cotes, averaging 1,015 as, off car*, at fUO. Sixteen head medium Costs, avers dag 1,510 at, off can, at f(.50. Ttlm-oLc bead prime Illinois bteera. averaging 1,14 b ss, oO can. at J6O2Jf. Eighteen head medium Steen and good Co tvs, aver* anugi,oi» nsoQ can, at tvs. Seventeen Stags, averaging 1,3(2 tts, off cars, at Twenty head • medium botchers* Cattle, averaging 1X76 gs, led and watered, at 94.75. BOGS—Though there was a respectable business tractacted la tats deportment, the demand was at no time active. Bayers were thy, mod confin'd their par* chases chiefly to the better class ot Hogs, selecting such lots only as sotted their fancy, and where sllsht concessions could be obtained. While prime heavy Hogs were In demand, and tolerably Arm at ab.ut yesterday's rates, common light grades were. In a measure, neclectsd, sa'es dragging even at a d*dln- of ;C<Jlsc. Transactions embrace 101869 head, at 95.W3 5.70 f'r common to medium, and 85.8V36.15 lor good to choice Bogs*, with ■*!<• chiefly at and within the range of 95.7336110. A few sales were made at ailight advance on the above figures, but tnej were exception* ab and famish no index of the general market. The market cltsessteady with 7,500 head in the peas un sold. Prices range as follows: .917,533,037 . 12,593,858 Prime to choice Fair to (trod ... common to median We note tbe folJoirln* BOG SALES TO-DAY At. Price, .so *5.3 .260 5.3 .306 &09 .»» 5.3 .W 5 AO ■£B SJS3< .VSS £4O .38 5.53 X A 95 5.60 . ho. medium lot.. *5 medium uneven lot.. W prime Hoc* off cars. *7 lair pradr, f. and w.. S 6 lair Hogs,uneven..., ICC uneven coarse iou... 311 prime smooth Bogs., 11l good bacon Uozs.... :6 common lot off can.. nuiat Quality (£ medium coarac lot 4T ch« 1« ereo Hop* £0 prune grade* t and w 46poodtalrlotoff can 40 choice Hop 131 pood even Tot S 5 CLfTtn coartc lot f. aod v.. S 3 pood (at lot f. and w 49 tame QniUiy f. aod w Si) light ureren Hop* t. *nd*r. bO lame ßeality U aad f»me gctu.j .. mu t3«-\«atatUog» JBO «JS SHEEP—There vu dolcc In this branch of the lire Sioclt martet. The receipts, which were Ttry Mcht, comprised tew desirable L ts, being made op ctieCj- ol common grade*, for which there I* little or no cemand. Good Mutton Sheep are about the only description* inquired for, and a limited supply of them even, will quite eatlsfy the present wants of the trade. Kot enough was accomplished in the way of sales to < nabllsh {reliable qnotattens hence we quote the mar* ktt nominal at f?.T3®SJXI for inferior to choice grades. CHICAGO DAILY 3IAHE.ET. jll nut cf Crain reported In thU market revert are made on Me bests of tanter (4c) flotage* unitu ctkencUt expressed. WxDXESDAT LTErCTC. JaOUatT 9. 1965. FREIonTsj—:(UU.BOAD Fnatenrs—Tbe follow* Itc U tbejolnt urilf oo tbe Ea»tern ruaos: ** Sd «n Dn'd K*t« irosi Chicago lo— class. clas«. Floor. Hops. Buflalo. X. T- C 8 4*3tf 95 g ToWtto. C. W 63 it# 95 ED iloLtnal. C. E. US 93 UO 1.60 AltMOv.X. T UO WV J.» 1.40 XewtoTfe.. 1.13 90 1.83 1.50 Boston Md Albany. U 5 95 1.93 1.6) Bolton rla tirand Trunk LSS 95 1-93 1.63 portl»ndrla Grand Trunk 3.10 1.10 PhOadctrU*. I.IS 89 1.70 I.W Baltimore* W» S 3 1.70 l.« RlSbarjb..... TO M 1.00 » Oerrlitl Olio tt 33 ™ S 3 jrffmocrllie,lad *5 2 2 •*« 0i11Q,45 S 3 66 C 5 riX>rß-R«Hrcd. ASlSbrls; shipped. 10,1*5 hr’j. MkTKdHradrand uDthaoaed. tales were: Wmra ■U iNras*—iwbfW'CtiarJes Gill's" (SoaUiern IU.) »t »1H t ; s*o WU “ Acme" *l l» 50; ItC brl* **■'Wiscon sin" <»- * P-’s bt*t) at f 13.00; lUd WrfTxas—loo br's *-Bscei*oJr t 1 (yesterday after ’Cbanst) at tUAOi Bpaoo.Emaa—loo torn, net named, at f 13.50; ICO , »t lIU7K: 100 brU - VenatU btU*-Big LoaT- at fIUO. lff\ mumnamedatfiLNi 900 bria do at WLflO; io^ . 1,835 J2I . 2.180 121,241 900 2,279 . 50,684 8,850 . 10,905 8.072 . 12,758 3,856 . 1.104 GO6 .110,950 93,774 . 853 410 . 2,030 33,526 . 103 63 . ICO do at (11.00; lCobrl3 ü ßclott CUT at **l2 •• Garnett's ExceUlor" at »lU»s 100 bri» ncrS nmod at 3CO brla do at 3CO trl* do at : tJO 1; rla do at «OJ7k; CIO brl» do « COW; 800 hrU do at 310.73; 300 trS io at |ICI<O ;S 0 brU do at 311.40; 103 bra do at *jCd)7*; 10-brlido at |l(k»; 100 tola do at 110.33; Ds wc» t—ICO brla not named at : 100 Wla do at «J«: Si'nrso Surras—lOObrJ not named, at IPO brla do at fBJi ; TOO brls do at fSXO; U.v^csb-lW bria bottomed at f».CO. w w . \VUEAT—l’crelrt-d. 15.271 bn; shipped, 11.569 bi. Maiket cnli and iwlHc lower onNn, I Spring. h 0 .3 was'N'cloncr. tale* wtrc: l,;i00 bn ho.l at 31.13, 6.0C0 (>o do at 42.17 WOO bu ho. 3 at fUI. 16.CC0 bn do ft »i.»k j IMW bn do a* 1 1 - 9 ?,<£s?'? r >; I.BPO bo (A. D. &Co.) al|2 00; *3 .66; 1,2t0 on do at 31 6l>i ; 400 no do at »1 .Gt-cloalnc at 43.17&2.U for No, lacuna# lor No. 3 In regular booses. , _, CORN— Eecelved.aj3oQbn; ahlpped.3.4lsbn. Mar* ket opened 1c better, ont sabittineauv foil b«Klae cicslcg doth Sale* were: XS.OM bu Sn. lat 83c; WOO bodoatfil^r.SU)Cnbadoatßlwc:lC.ooobadnatdlS(c; atbOjuc: 1,00 bn No. 2 at 70c; «» b o Re ectcd atssc; 3,«t»bn do at cl«lngwUhselieT»atHOWclorNo.l. OATt*—PectlTed, bu; shipped, MU bn. Market con and fee lower. Bale* were: *.IM baNo. 3 at 42c-c»«u*lcc with free sellers at this flfrnrc- H t K-Eeeeived,o7s bn; shipped. 2.r» bn. Mar ket dnll and ic lowtr. Sale* were- 4CObnNo. lat s»c. BAUtW-BwlvKl, W 373 bn; ahlpp-id, Md bn. Market firm with a rood inquiry for sample lots. Salt* wcr«:Kd boat ?IJS: 15t» b«« at 3UO; tul boat ?1.1Q; «nboat7sc; -103 ba at 70c; 49J bu att*jj; 200 bags at 56c. No. 2 and Bsjected were Inactive and ' 4& 0 Bhippta. 40dW6U». Market dull and somuul at a range ol I* L'TTElt—Received, 10,631 as; shipped. 3,410 as. Aside from a moderate local demand for choice duali ties, there is t cared y anytntng doing. Common Too nd Common Firkin are dull and neglected, and noml xat our quotation*. Prices are unchanged ai fol ■ip' 61,173 31,631 259 2# 25,613 22,235 371 190 IIS 100 eo 20 690 1,090 Choice Dairy. Go> d Tub On.mon Firkin lTln.eFlrktn SolrsTOiegshrlthtTcnowatliC. , UAtllilSK—Ths market remains floJet, with pricesstead; sad unchanged. We continue to qaj.e. National A. 9 bo, seamless linen 1-tlcxA.lbo do UllDolsA,2bn do “J"® CornExcoamte Ig-gS brack a, conoa seamless rj-;*' I-erlitonA, do Atoroscocßlft do American. do 3?"® Bearer Milts, do mitrciou, do Pena Mill*, co , Fort WIL dO , Pllco. do 7Q.OJ Saco, linen and cr Uon M-jW , SJffiSfc..* - ».<g I Empire CUT 43 M 1 l.llEESli—Tradelsnot particularly brick though i for prime Roods tbero 1? a stead; fair demand under , which price s are veil tea tain ad and Arm at quotations. I Cctunwm grades are quiet, and almost nominal. Wo ; repeat oar list as Pillows: . - Ncw York Factory (genuine) is @« c Kactoiy tllhnols) ..........16 cat? c Hamburg *f c Western Reserve IS ®lO c *• Young America" • cs*J c COAli—Continue* active with price* eteaoy sad tmcnanced. The sicks of the better cescnpuoc* of soft coat are rather light. and under a brisk demand dealers are hotelne stlil at lull rates. Hard coal is abundant. We mate no change in our quotations: $ HJ» do ita** CliVktaM)—Hrlar Hill.. 11^0 do Mineral Rldtrc.... 10.00 do Willow Bonk 10.00 do TnnneL 10.00 Oiippewa iWg Bloetbnrc-.-. }^-52 Lamp Lehigh IWUOW.OO Lajkawnna, prepared ifM Scranton Ji*M iiti.ton 11.00 Illinois.. •• 6.00® H.OJ So on track W* 6JU Yougbloch.ny , . , 11.00 CO I* I- EE-1 be demand la moderate, and stocks are light. We quotes _ Jars . 3? @39 C Uio.eomt.tOL to fair .3 2IW(4?6J<c Kio.BOfdiopnmc «OC@S e IHo. r>nme ti* choice (s *7J<c C«mi‘ERA«B-S» es 150 Park Barrels at *L» uUlven-d ; O' l.atd llcrcee atSLU. tcJUs*—Were in liberal supply and slow, ftl27@2.)c lor Limed Eggs. and CCftSSc lor Fresh In small pock* ac«*s. The demand is cooflncd to local customers, p FEl>-Sales,» uns at V it LITS AM) NlTT#* ihe market presents no tew icature worth; oi note. There is a ateady. though ?)>• LfUitiiis native demand for the better varieties of both Own a: d llrled Fruits, atd prices are welt aus talttd all arcucd. Choice Winter Apples arc Ligood request and tlna at full ratr?. Wecontinue toquote: ottecN rnrrrs. Apple*, V br f?-M ft 5.50 Or&DKis, ilavaLu, V 100 j.OO 0 6.00 T-tuiur.6. ilaittfa....... ,10.00 311.G0 «lM 10.00 013-00 culuvattsl 13JW 04CXO duied rccm. 39 O 25 as 0 a« 4.G5 « 4.73 8 0 13 16 0 13 « (A U SO (4 SS 65 0 TO 70 20 0 .. 4.73 0 SXO I*!** DuW Can IVacte?, V <luf- '-i C> cans. Applet', tew I'tacUei*, liuivcs and Quarter*.. IVacliv*, patvil Ularkbcrrut, netr, ¥ & IlappPerriw. tew, * tt> Cherries pitud EWerherHi*. p D Baltic?, layers AlmonCf. hanl shelved... S ® 86 I Aln.cCds.eoft6lulle<l 40 0 52 . p AtmcLdf. I'np.r shelled « « U Peanuts, P n 13-S'tf M Brazil Nuts ti « 23 ( Filberts 47 9 19 i Elclli'li Wainuts 50 9 51 1 Naples Walnuts ta (si »4 c Pecans, small and large 50 9 99 Hickory Nuts, P bu.,... UO w 3.00 Clu->«.nU. V no IJ.OO QIL9J j T> brie Ohio Dried Apples sold at 510.75. t l lbere ts no material Improvement to note c in the demand, trade still remaining else*. Prices, t b(< vet cr, keep well up, and are generally firm at quota- 1 nu'iifeb, xo. i, a bn i •• No.ikbil >M Trout,No. 1, a or! ••Ko.sß.gbrl 4.5U4.73 , Unrkcrtl, No. 1, X brl, new. 11.0V4t1.2S , “ NO.S,j|brl ...tD.23aiO.aO ( « family, PX brl 9.WU 9.13 » extra mcas, P k brl U3.O>jelSJo *• P Kit 3.753 4.00 “ No. 1, kits, new. 2.fca 2.73 1 “ family, kits .*... 2,‘ea a^fi Codfl»b, Bonk, P 100 ns tao.« 8.00 1 •• George's Dank 8303 IMM Bake 530(3 04)0 Dcrring*,dried. No. 1, p box G& 63 •• scaled TOa 73 Labrador Uemngs P brl. 11.003i1.50 •* •* xbru 64»a cjs Norwegian •• K's.pbri 13.00 “ “ M’s, P brl xb m CREATE—Market quiet. Wequf’/.e; jjSjj «xc llrowo,, g c 353 brls: shipped, 253 e and nominal at $1.21) for froo and 25c for bend*^. ..*\\l ket* quiet at 55360 c tor Eastern, and , HO(«S— Uccelved, 1*905; oaipaod. • ;Market dragging and closlSg AglOc lower. ‘A’vsweiej ♦_2 alt ever tM ns. »♦ *:« *B3l 12.hU 145 3,150 13.1 W 203 13,199 *» ... averaging Mv lbs, at. a *• ao ns, ai. 34 •* 81J»s,ai. t 8 ** Ji3lbß,nt, 13 “, at. 5T u 253 68,81. in •*,at*. 435 “ 230 68, at. M u ... 68,aU. «co in lots at so w®6A). 124 dividing on 300 ns at |6.60 and ♦ I.CO. vi 300 6« at *c.« and (€35. U 7 M 2CO ttsat*G.W,S and $i37J, - ItsJ “ SCO ttl at?svC2>4 andSOJu, HI3 “ 300 ns at S6.CO and f &80. i., m iroftßatlsaoaQdt&ai. S? u BoDttsal«J»and»6.7s. -Uttfßs Ann at snd Priding on 300 ns for *V/!?V*“Kcmaiti quiet, With pn:cs steady and tmcbaakcd. Ttc supply is moderate. Wovtotc: WHOLESALE PBICEB. Tlmothv, roller and beater pressed 113.5031150 Timothy, loose pressed lIOOrjIIOO prairie, beater prcsxxl 9J0@10.00 CItTAIL PUCKS. Timothy.relief beater pressed Timothy, icose Prairie,r:JUrana &ca:e» r. re, !® n 1 v prairie. loose on wagon, delitO 5 * I—v,**'vt 1 —v,**'vt Hin EsS-Recelver, 113,830 ns; Bs. Tbetupply coatlnues llabf, and wltfin- diminution In the demand, the recent advance Is tQlIf and the market may be quoted tlna at fun prices. The following aic the current rates: Green Butchers’ 7 & 7jfc Green Salted, trio,mod 10 @iO,yc Green fair. @l9 c Kip. Green Baited it «:5 c Diy Flat, trimmed........... l*>3»‘#n c !>'>' Baited, tnumed .14 «15 c Green baited, part cured 9 @ 9#c lit ON A Nl» r*Tlir. is-Tbc demand Is tatr. stocks aic 4.n pie, sod pr.ccsaie unchanged. Wo quote: Connta liar. 5J4® 6% Honetboc Iron 6*f(3 7% Heavy Band 5 @ 6v UuopaLd Light Band ®SCtWX hound ana Square . sk(<* 9* Ova] SKA 6)t Hull eval and Half Bound s£@ CX >hcctlron, common 7\@ Sheet Iron, On vntlzcO, Hits 'JO @ si eet irt n, charcoal. 9X<4 sicttlron, Juniata 11 *@l3 Norway Kail Uods. u @V4J< Plow Steel. Oexman ull Plow steel, fast 17 <aiß SprlDgardTlreSlcel,English 14 (#l3 loolCoitStecl,ordinary r>Ued 33 @3O Tool Cast steel, &ta‘rtcan @25 Hilltereri steel ..a @2O hDßtU,N\B.9and Ifi ia @9 hussla, Am., let Quality, h bdl @2l Kn-sla. Ku‘Bla, Atr„ Cd quality, p sheet @3l LEATHER—Hurds no essential change to note in tlw general character ot the market. Tbs demand continues light, though prices are very firm. We quote at follows; Cattle. Hojja, Sheep. I ”« 'sM 8.75(3 IW ut luuoaar IIKMLOCK- Clty Harness p siaachter, Sole, b f ESS 10 Dutlalo If iftS 43 Country Harness SJc<t si Slaughter, Sole, Lins?' b....... 45® It Chicago, Xo.I. 109 12 Kip, medium, \> Slaughter, Sole, b 1.15*1.10 Chicago, No. J.. Sl® 37 Calt V b lj»c*l.00 Buenos Ayres..,. 40 l I'jur, p 100 t... 2jw. od unnoco 501 e..... a<® & Country Cppcr.. 53® 25 Orinoco, good. Collar, p icor... *s® 21 damaged.. Sl® 33 Slaughter Sole.. KV$ St I French Calf, 31 Harness, V ©.... 409 46 0f*....- 2.1035.55 rpper.., 80@ Si I French CalL 36 Kip. No. I, me- | ©a 2.0003.10 dlnm 1 JC<*l4o I French calt Le- Klp, No. 1. _ . . j molnea, b dot 3) 03990.00 hcary 8531-10 I _ LIIMDEB—Manet steady. We centime to gnoie: Lrxsn—First Clear. 1,15 V. 1V and 2 Inch V m . tfiO.OQ9«SA) Second Ctear, 1, IK. l)f and'«lnch. sS.iU9a.OO Third Clear, inch 5J.0C945J8 F int and Second Clear Flooring. togeth er. rongb, the same as Second Clear wide 50.00333.00 Common Flooring, rongb 1340937.00 Watched and Drwaed Common Flooring. 40.00913.00 Watchrd and Dreisea 6-inch Co ram on Flooring 8&OO03S.OO First ana Second Clear Stains, together.. 3J.00951.00 First Common Dreasd SldiLg- 33.00935.03 Wagon-box Boards, select, 15 Inch and u0wardt.................... ... . ...... 3p.003t3.0Q A stccs Boards, Udcchee so.ftto33.ue U Stock Boards. BMnchea 39.00^37,00 Common Boards. Jolcts. Scantling. Feac* In?. and small limber, 12 u>l6fcei long Jl.ttaftxo Joist* imd Ecantitne, 30,23 and V feet S.OCtoiO.oo Joists nod Ecsniltn; 23.00 £ni*oj_rs—A or siar chafed Shingles 4JO A or Star S*V(d Mdogle*. SJJO® 3 50 Ko. I Sawed Shingles 2JC**3.OO Lath—lVr tu in yarns 3.00 By car-load by >orihwe*ttrn Railroad, delivered to any yam vheie cancan bo switched. or any depnt: A or Star Saved Shingles, by car load, on tract.. 4Z® 4AO A orElarbbatcd t tangle* by carload, on track ATS® 100 Ko. 1 Saved Shingles by car load on tract US Three dollar* a car load added when transferred, which charge lollowi thu Shingles In freight bill. .(4J0Q36.15 5.0^5^ 5J&^65 SBCTCUC STAXSABO. Thickness—Five shingles to be two inches la thick* Length—Sliteen Inches. Bands—T» enty inches. Courses—Twer ty-five. 3IETAI.S ASP TINNERS*’ £TOfJK—Stocks sre moderate, and prices role arm at the toilowlngqoo* tattoos: nx. osc. Box Tin Plate. IC _ 10x14 -lISJM Large Me*... 57 £nall Pigs... .. SS Bar Tin 39 ~m ijSo .548 8.75 ..317 6J5 6XB ..300 3JO ..343 60S 9j6 ..315 6.00 ~29* «M Metallic Al* 801t5... ns c»pr«r Bottom 52 BtaiiertOTeriO fts.. 45 Sheetings, 14 to 16 oa (5 listing 10 sabbzt nxxaL. .'35 535 .390 533 Ist quality SO JlaidcDf 120 fine toller. SO Tbt market 1 rotUnue to quote: iWtoSd* ktff. Sd - ‘*2 S.W CO 9.® 1 tut Spikes -*3 I Clinch Net ».... 9JS Oil.!*—The general market Uduli and Inacllrc, .witfcont change in price*. We condone to quote: Linseed Oil * 01,35 Linseed Oil, boiled, 91.49 OlKeOiK..- <03.69 W bale Oil, W.O L4091.4S Lard OIL extra... 1.3UL25 Lard Oil, No. 1 Winter. 1.1491 JO Ij»rd OIL No. 3 Winter. U#»l .10 Rack on. round lots Ltfeuai Machine 0i1... UXfeLMI gpemOlLW. B <«3io Lubncatlag OU„ 50*1.00 Caster 01L... B.®A3JS Reatsfoot Oil 1.503U0 CARBON Oil.—l* Id cooa »cnne»t,oj><?.utaer a short supply la field ormly at foil prices. We quote: Carton,* car load~ 950 c C-rtoi. small lots etsjc Best 01e... raacc l,sib brJ« t-ork. and 2,1d0 B* Lanl; shipped, b«,**ss as Cured Meats; SSbrlsßetf; 1.W9 brls Pork, and 101.210 Be Lard. Mea* Pork—Market lifeless. Sales were; 100 brU at »lbt3: 5c brlsa: fiSCO; eobris Country at #17.73. Sweet Pickled Ram*—Market arm,-vithaeood Irqclry. baler veie: -to tres atlO&c; to tea at 1014 c; WO tres (Itst err.j en p. t. i;pe*n Menra—ln coed dernsn-iaad steady. Sales were : 5,1X0 pea Hams (K h.) at9kc: 3,OCOpc* do (a,h.) atosc; 4,0.0 pcs SO.tW bs do <s.h.)at sc: wJ»P» MioiUders (s.b) atsjfc:l.CCop«ilr>(B. b.)»ts.Ve; 5.000 pcs do (#• b.) at s)tc; t£,OCO bs Rough bides at life; I, <oo pc* <U at ,j<c. Lnrd— Markptices nctlresnd crarcely so firm. Sales vert: 400 tes Steam at ll^c; ICO do at Ukc: 300 do, seller January, at 11 He. Bala itieoi*-Sales were; 30,010 B* |>ry salted Shoo'dm at t\c packed, POUI/IKV ANO GAME— Bales were : U dot Urwted CWctrrw ft*. K. 25 *, 0 dis do at f 5.00 ;3*<dof da *t<3Jo: 4 doz Lite Geese at SU.Od: S3O »» Dreajed Turkeys ftt JSC; SJO Mddst H.SC; 403 DS ao ftt 15C; TjO its do at iCc; 8 doz Itvbblta at iv. , ttOflA AND fA*.BBATIJ»-Th«lil»Tlf!ble ebaosetonote. V> econUDtotoquote: Dcl&cd’s Chemical USllKufc — <—Tne cene.-al market ls_ vltbool d"Cldei chaFae.^ at thoftoliowtfl* qaoUtiona: I'nhi .. ; C UW»» K. V. e»Hbw, I owcerel and Uranolaied. ...WuiaJSKC vf|fS£ Wbiteß HXSiivS Extra Yeliow r J 2 * Oxnard C 4?*BifuS OxsaidC. extra. •* oj*xc H\aUP»-Tradftlstalr and ptlcfia are steady as Kew?ork Syrupa, *. Tdiow Drivs..:. Cuba Molasses ij® S Porto Rico >ew Orleans Eire . , «£, ™ Chicago Kellner/, Amhr, LOlsSt.lO *♦ “ Goluco 2*» fi »* “ Sucar House W® SA LT—Bceelrsd, cone; shipped, 6nobrl«. Market stead/ and nosdcailr cuchaagcG. Sales were: 330 brU Fine at J2io. 'We quote*. , Turks* Island, ba£» , *‘^*s*22 Ground Solar *-S Dairy,*lt* sacks,.- 5-W Dairy,wllhont tatk5........ .... a o S»tED?»—Bcceired, 81530 BS? shipped, >.630 ns. Sale of 1,000 sacks Timothy at S3.CU. . • TEAfr—The market ts stead/and ttUboatquotarte change. 'We quote: Ytune Hyson, tupenof to flee, J & .. si.osa>-|0 do extra to choice. V B 1.03150 Imperial, superior to One, 9 ft do exira to choice. V B i*5W S Gunpowder, superior to flue, P B }.V)-*l M do extra to choice, V B 1.9031.93 Japan, natural tea£ flue to extra flue. V n>... 1.9531.15 do do fine to choice, V B. ..... do do colored,P 8.... 1,3331-50 TALLOW—Market oull. Sales were; Zl hria Country at*>*c. TOBACCO—Ia quiet. Prices are aoclumsud. We Quote: .13 (|l3 C .23 <*W C Ctnwrao Tobacco— „ Extra *lO3 (*1.50 Choice ............... X.OJ tU.IS Medium 55 t# 25 CO&TUOB W Q 75 Sxgkjxu Tobacco— _ Virginia's Favorite S 3 csU.OO Choice 25 te* 30 Medium 51 d 23 Common 5tem5....... 19 & Zi Pixo Tobacco— _ . „ LoyalCittern 75 A §0 Fanner*’Delight.............. . *J tf* 75 Natural Leaf. L3O t?LOD Choice Uiactr, sound *3 & &) Medium W 0 u common w y TO Kvrtes Ojfj* 6<i Vlrgtiiia 10b AQd »i » « 60 Flounders 73 & 8J WOOli—'llicrc is no change to note. Tho demand 1# mcderale. thtngb prices Keep well up and ore lira at quotations: Maple, * cord, delivered OT Maple, V cord. In said VJ.30a13.00 Betel*. ¥ cord, delivered 11.00ji12.00 Beech, V cord, in yard U1.00.ct1.00 Hickory. fieorc 11.00^13,00 WOOlr-Kecetved, 2,430 Bs; shipped, 25.613 da. Market dull and lnactlve v .No sales t spoiled. Specie! Notices, Fottaerly or James’ Lock Hospital, custom House-at., J*t w Orlcaca, fbr the last six years locate ) InChlcago, li cdebtaicd UiroQghoat tho country la the aaeceastal treatment of Syphilis, SpuuiaTOßaaau, and every distriplicn of private disorder*. ibo i olio wing ccnorlal concerning Dr. J&mca, ol 01 and OK Uandolpb-st., Chirac, 111., la from the Memphis lUitUUn ol November 21, 1a56: “CVASCiK of Location.—There are few physicians •Ml the country who have so extensive a practice as “Dr. James,ol Chicago. Dr. James was foimerly “fOLCtcud wish tlie Lock Hospital of New Origins, - and racks huh in trie particular un« ol the proles* ** »lcn which Ira has aiopteu as a sptcialtT. Bra lame -has goto abroad through many cities, and his pa ** ticiit- couieii om a.t parts of thu country. He has paUraUcd a new ou t enlarge Ic-iUlHuiClii* well “ known work.’The M'-uilor,* which hat already uai *• a verv .atge circulation. Dr. James has removed “ from Ills oid c-Ulcb to aocxtcn>lve suite ol rooms at -in ami »a UasdclpU-st.. comer of •* Chicago, where he can be consulted pers inaliy and •• coafltiettially. or oy letter, upon all diseases that - pei lain to this specialty. Us will be found at CU -i thee ohii) .1 rout uin the morning' UJ 3in tae evening.” • TUB MUNH'UK. reviaid,cularg-d ami greatly lor proved, lust Issued by Dr. Jau.cs. Conical* of Book— Hiplcry, origin. nature and u.ang-.r of recret Diseases, and Client. » vUr to ictuaics.w lih prescriptions for wll ti«-uliott. An Important feature of the book Is how to p< event conception. Bay the book; rcadittit wTI Cei-ciu all—i Id and yonng. Price 60 cents, with four cenra postage. Audrces Dr. James, P. O. Box tillC. Chicago. Uf. , , .. m , Dr. James can be consulted at his office and parlors, 01 and IKS lt»ti'*olph-*t., Chicago, 111-, inunUa. m. to b p. t»., or t y letter* through I*, o. uox G9(i. Xlclmbold’tf Fluid llxlracl Buclin Isptcasaijtlntastc and Cflor, free from all injuric prupcrlies, aid immediate in ira action. Xlclmbold*M lia tract Bacbn Gives hca,th and vigor to the trame and bloom to the pallid fherk. Debility Uactxuiipamtdbyniany a arm u*g symptumo, and u no treatment Is tubtulUeJto, consunip.U'tu iiraanity. or uts easuc. Ur. UlsctovT, Bavins the confluence ol tue puctlc and tne medlcai ucultyatlarte, b the moil ratable phyEcim la tht diy fer clifcnlr n^tvoua and »exuii di3ea?ej. Cull at hib <>thcfi, IJ9 huath CiarK-bt.. corner of Monroe. B onus stpsrbto. consu.taUcn?:ce. P. O. Box l.>4< His game to health, pnbllshtfd monthly, sent free tc any address. A Beady and conclusive Tost Ottheprrperd(6of&elinb:>ld'6 Fluid txtractnuchu will be accmparlsjn with those set forth In the Uuitcd States DUpeLgatory. £nf«ebled and Delicate oonstltattons) 01 both sexes, om HHinbold’s Extract Buchn. It will give bfl>k aid energetic feeilußS and caanie yon to Bicep well. lalte no more Unpleasant and. Unsafe Bsmedlcs lor nnpleasant and dangerous dUeasts. Use BelmWld’a Extract Buchn and Improved UoeeWxsa. Hr. Übitucr, lfl-1 South cures ail private diseases without mercury or pcbeiuout- drugs, so much to be dreaded, seminal weakness, mull iw varied forma, cuud In a few weeks. Young men afflicted With dr earns at night, producing woakneas of the wcole body, tt»- litencb*. ringing In iPecnrs, c*lland receive the 1N» tors oplmou Dec «>t charge. Dr. W. pubUsttes a guide to health which should be tn the bands of every one; Dee ol charge. Stud three cent* to paypo.-tagc. Ofllct hoorafroTntU. m. nnlll 8 p. m, I’osr pfllccßox3-Jp-i, _'bc Glory or Jinn U Strength* Therefore, the nervous and debilitated should Idiot' • dtatcly ate llelfl.bOid‘» Extract tincnn. Slautiood and TonlUfal Vigor Are rf Rained by admbold'iiExHact Bncha. 6.90 690 ti.W 8.53 GJM 5. 6. ■ tMX ( Shattered ConslltoUon* Kcatoredby flclmoold’a Extract Dticbn. _ i Cd!« *.ec **v floivraf-mcRN— okpo* :ca.. m« 4SU KtSU*. Depart. Arrive. h v lLzptau * *51.5 p. a. Night Expnas *4;;op.Cl. *j:43 iu n*. jauotivlllu Accommod'n *s:4v *»• ta. *a: -C p. m Voodßtock Accooj’d’n.. »too p.r. *SO a. ip t-' »iioti iiijd «<cdat Rapids *s:ls a. m. 7.3 up. lL Fulioa and lowa. fcWa.m. Frwpon. st-A liaulcitt.. *SfcOO a. ta. 3.W a. m Freeport ard Dunleltb.. *10:00 p. m. s:*Cp. m Pocklord and Fox Rival. ••;oi>p.iL. Dison • >i .. *UOy p. tr. *Sr2C a. tn. , fen.'vaßDd Elgin, iXWrdi.. **:otJa. B. *c; if p. fib ijjiMt **.CO [•. =*. *ad3C m. Night Accoinmodntlc/s 1:45p.m. 2:-C a. a. Ecnosha Accommod’a... 4:41) p.m, a. r.. Waukegan Accomtood’c. WJ|>. rn. S:SG a. n. Boeehfll, Calvary, and Evanston l:3Pp. c. S:4op. a •Sundays excepted. thatarcayr ■jxccpkd, tMoanay* excepted ai- HIwAN OiSIiIAL aAJiiCAT-—CN~O* JT?CT, iOu2 aomlm? Expicse •3:00a.m. •S'i3p,m, Day Express - *l:Uos.b •I’rotp. n. git-nlng ExpreM tM3O p. p. 3. NightSxpreaii f*ft4sp. m. £?:23 a. it. rUicINNAIX AKI; LOCl!-nU.S rUAIKt, Morning Express *WHSa. m. •Miuja. xa. Night Expres- fitX)p. n. *11:01 p. n. Xlti'tneAK 90CTH8BN AND AES ftl'OHß tlNk—D*. roi COUbSS TAN fiI’UEH A*l» 35SBi iV 51FSTTT. TOLii-o torn. •nail.... ••1:13a.r;. 'feSip-n. Day Express •“:00a.m. *.::00p. tr New York Blprew... .. 1.5p.m. tl~u)p. c Night Express p. m. •£:«: a. c Nickt Expicse rftftip. m. *s‘3sit.o. pirssßimeß, »02k warns akw oti-ato. Mail •kSfla.o. 6:UC a. a*. Express ... •.’:ooa.m. a. tn. Fast Unc p. n>. "*.40 p. c Express *2.0:00 p. a. 11:00 p. d Day PaißfcnjfCr *9:20 ». th. •IJ;3L p. Ei. KigbiPasse«g«......... UOiOOp.xa. *G;IS& is. Kankakee Accoramod’n. ••.:05 p. m. *v:2s a. ts. Hyde I’ark auo Oak Wood •&20 a. s. *T:-*5 a. n* * ** 44 «l«Wp.m. u “ ** .... *3:3op. a. y:sCp.^. u ' k ‘ l ....... *s:sSp.7a. *7:2op.ri cin< ago. atrsiry&tos ani> qoihot. Day £xptees and Mall.. *s:a* &. m. *9:00 p, c.. (■.alci-buicPa£eeoger.. . *3:oop m. *4.V) p. m. Antora *sWp.n. *90 f fciut. JliCO tt id’fct tdssCai. a. chicaso 4Ki» rc. Locia. £xpreefe and Mali 8:03a.m. &13p.n.. Niqbt Express . 9:15 p.m. 3;W a. c. Joliti ants Wilmington Accommodation 4:00 o n 9:43 a. c. emetbO UII> 6HUJ USIKS» —CQiCQratX, AIS LIKI>—KILWAUM* RAmSCAT SOOT. COS. t'A*At. AMS gnm« VZB32TS. Day Flxpregj .... C.3Co- n 10:35 p. zl. HlghtfixpceM 9:00 p.n, 3-JCp.m. Toa raDiA-sAPOua, ajto Day Express. &30 a-m- 10:55 p. & Fiabi Express 9:00 p.m.. 8:50 u. c. Colnabvu Express G;£i a. m- 10:55 p. ta * ‘ r 9:00 p. m. 6JO a. a, laming Accommodation Ssas a. m. ftou a. m. “ “ 6:15p.m. two p. m. CHICAGO, BOCXISIAKP AJfBPACITIC BAtIDOAP. Day Express and*9:ooa.m. *s:3op.m. rHebt Express 12:00p.a. *5:45 a.m •onet Accommodation.. 4:40 p.m. *9:40 a. m. •Sunday excepted, tM onday cxccptod, t&ararday excepted. Leave Madison Street. Leave Stocit Yards. &30 a. m, 7:40 a. m. &30 a. m. 9:iu a. m. 10:00 a. m. 11:30 jl m. 12:3(1 p,m. 1:30..., p.m. 8:20 .p.m. 4:00 p.m. 4:45 p.m. 5:40 p.m. ftSU A. m. I 9:35, 10t20, A. a. 11:45, 1&30 p. a. 2:30, -<dX> p. a. | 5:15, The following is the new table for (be arrival and departure of malls from tbe Chicago Post Office Cor the winter, and now in foreo: xxoa cLOfIX. p. o. cbxcaoo, nx. mails Ajmrvx. I.&. p.D. a. xn. p. m. .... 2:a)....M1ch. South. R.R 14i30 .... “ .. .... 6:55 .... 13:00 m « “ “ .. 0:00 11:00 .... lS;0u m Mich. Central 8.8 13.00 “ “ _ " 6:00 6:15 2:00....Pitta. & Ft. Wayne 19£u .... &IS . “ ** “ 1:10 .... 13:00 m “ M * .. 9;00 11:00 j»00 4:80 ...Great Eastern R. R.. 8:80 ifcOO 12:00 tT:3O....Xcw Albany <55 Salem SriO u-.uo St( 0 7:45 Galena Railroad 3:IU 2:10 1&00 6:00....Dix0n Air lice.... 6:00 730 12:00 6:oo....Kocklelan(lKiDro&d 5:45 2:30 12:00 6:00....g'., B.& tiulocy B. fi. 5:50 9:00 &i 0 a:oo....Northweßiern R. K.. 6:13 8:30 8:00 2:45....M11uantee Railroad. 11:30 &2Q IfcPO 7:45....111in0is Centra) K. R. 7:UO 9:00 12:00 7:00 6t, J/OnI? Railroad... 5:85 8:45 ROB’T. A. GILMORE. P. M. Mtqua’lty, cask. tfttf Ist quailtr, sheet 14 Slab ll BXIOQT W|S*. I to 6 U 8 xad 9 M U sod 11 . 15 II II Ts«cd it ......15 15 ana 16 ....15 w tt co a Fence Staples 10 i moderate); actlre. Tfe 2d 49^ ! Sd. flnebined. %.7i 3d. One timed JO.IS • nt spiae* ‘ ~ JJIPORTAKT LADIES. A Large Lot of Fine POET LACES Selling Off! The subscriber offers bis stock oi anperb Lscos, con* stating of Shawm, Flounces. Handkerchiefs, Empress Collars, Trltnmlcx laces. Seta. C .mores, also a superb POINT APPLIQUB BhIDAL DBESS. aud obe anperb BKI) CAMEL’S HAIR low prices, lii or der tc rc’inQnUb tae business; or. for accommodation, will exchance lor good Clothing. Carpets or Jewelry. Ladies attended atthelrreslaeicehyalJreas tss M. S. COHEN. Maltejoo House, Late cf Broanway, N. Y., and Sara tags springs. 53anfes anb Bankers. CTOCKHOLDEBS’ SLEETING.—The Vj annual meeting cl tbe Stockholders of the FIFTH NATIONAL BANK OF CHICAGO For the election ot Dtrectcrs. and to transact anj other business that may lawfully come before thf tnreUnc, will be held at tbe office of said Bank. Sd: 30 Chicago, between tbe boors of IP a. m^ Tueada;, JTamury 8tli« 1867* _ ISAAC Q. LOMBASD, Caabltt, Chicago, Dec. 7Qi,ldoA - Dr. Jamcst laallroans. ttAtAi.A DXTJSIUh. .* S-Pp. c. S:4£o. n! niLwacv »h mn?toti, OT uu svksv:. ••1:45 a. si. tn:a-u. m. rrvTum* ..ijiTtkal* raioji stock rasa roarasix. .a. a. .a. m. .p. m. .b.m. JUrg ©oofls. iCUDUaI. \\T HY WILL YOU SUITEI VV from KIDNEY DIERASE*. GOUT, QRAVSI BHKUKATISM* GOKOKR3SA» «t»« SMOLASffDEa’S EXTRACT BVCBiI WlUciireyat; psrsaaMry, Ladies Should Oho It. tn:e only Oae Dolltr. Sold by B. SCOVIL, AffCß cr Chicago ud vicinity- a wonder: tu proertssol MeaiCA* M~c du* lag ihe pact eCe yeart omy, make* 1: pc* mMj Mblefor the conscientious Pny»lcluc UGp —*■ V' elate, now, that Oossoairioa is as css TAtstT era*® as In termttirfif ftw. and u cx? TATstr rctvEsrrED us SmiU Poz."—lttz. Claries f Sing, It. D. LL. etc • KING’S PKEPAKEH PRESCHIFTIOS, Made from the Prescription cr .‘lev. CUAS. E. RING M. D. LI- D-, etc, tor the Prevention ano Cure 01 COISTSU MPTION H>‘ ITS MOST ADVANCED STAGES.) farthe JJiJieal Cure of ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, CA TARUH, n-d all aiTecUons of the LUNGS. TiIUOAT a&d Alii PASSAGES ; tor General aod Special D* ranarmeni* of tie NEI»VOCS SYSTEM; tor OUor'ien 0 f the BLOOD; asd,or all /’wnaw.Tal Dtturders oi tit Stomach and iiouell. . increases the strrngtfi and deepen. Iheco/or of the polejonM. It subdue* the C*M* aa: /errf. and diminishes the EtptetoratUjn. Itc.lccU uu viaht et&ct*. always. lz from jmm utfourhea ilai/i. The appetite Is at once Wrtaortaed. ana the patient ro vldlu galn'-ji'ih ; th* •.ougb, aid tee lUjSctilt f-rtoU: trier atespeedily relieved; the sltep becomes calm aaf refreshlce; the ervc-.-'D-n;» regular and uniform. AI.LTHE GENERAL SYMPTOMS OF CONSUME TION, A&THMA, bUkjAtIHITIS. #c_ DISAPPEAR WITH A REALLY oSTOMSdI-u RAPIDITY. ThePKESCUU'TIOS st sl,iu tk-1 u every cas< where the physician pfi- 'rltne •*<' 'CQH Mrsrcass,* - •'Tosica,” I bos. acids. Bans, Cod Lire Oil, WmiKXT, dc-, ar<! la every Disease- by waiter n v.vt in which there Is exhibited any oct orniOreotthetollowin)t.Hy.HPTU.>l-* i _ Difficult or Irregular Breathing, Lcass ol Breath. Conch, Wasting ot flesh, Nleht Sweats, Bleadlagfroc the Lungs- Los* ol strength, T/'fS or Appetite, Genera. Debility, DrtlUty of Pregnancy snd Nor* log, Flylnf Pains through the Shoulders, Chest. Face or Limbs, Keuralgl*, S'ervona Headache, Nervous Prostration, Nervous irritation, Giddiness or Dizziness, Exccsairt Talecees. Sore throat. Drowsiness, Sleeplessness, Dyr tensla. Sour stomach, “Heart Bore,*’ Oppression o: '•lnUng of the Stomach before or after eating, Coosa ration. Remittent Fever, Ac, Ac-, and espxcuxlt ii nil Female Disorders or Uterine IrresroUrlUcj, auch at Difficult, Painful, Suppressed, Scanty, Excessive, De 'ayeti. Premature or wofmjocot Menstruation. s>tßiruicDis From Patients, Ac. “Toot Inscription saved my daughter's Ilf*, ane has saved me Luadrtda of dollar*.—Bar. E. llomi-s e»tk Hempen. M. T. M We bic*s God fjr the ’-cnent sec have received ton tcut Prepared PmrrUUac."—Err. I*. Pxsuwuiyx Blo‘6hurc.i*fnQ. , - . . M Every one to whom I aaTerecotsa-tniedUhasbca anted much by Us use-”—Kev. C. D. Joses. Uacicc Wu, Bnsu Uocs*. astor Placs. H. V.—la the early par ol F'bruarv, ISOS. I was smTinre from avuient cauen. or which 1 bad been treated during sixmoains pro vlously without beneOt, 1 nad y-.gfttsutnu wmet completely prostrated me. in theevealun. noarsenest would comeco, which would prevent lug above a whisper. 1 Lad thee had two attacks a bleeding from the lung*. My UunHy musician assuror me that he oould do no mere tbrrct. I wsagrowlnt rapidly worse, ard had been compelled to leave bor{- teas Or nearly two months. AU my symptom* lod; cated. unmistakably, the presence ct In the beginning .-r Fcl’ro*rv. Me. Hknht Knurr Tr*a*w<r of lAf Aourtmu Sect t-i. ur*»eou* me with a hottle of the PREPARED PUESCIUPriOS In a few days my apr'*tl«e (whtca I bad entirely lort: returned; wttbln a werk. nr couch tar almo«t let me ; and in less thaa two w«.eks the aer. broken up. Th'-nwiorward 1 regalnedstrcflgth rapidly, and am now regularly attcuiUug to n» duties as clerl to til'* AMERICAN fcIULE StXIKTT, in wli.ue eit pioi men 1 have beet, nine > ear... 1 an. now enloytm good health. Tour KKESCIUiTION eficited aCUM when my friends d^pilredof t> v «;ry ; iUUSi *l, LOMtEIL “I hate had Xtirvors or spa.«^oiV:-Vjranx fx eleven years. Durldr me last six year* i hare ccta hadun.nintcrrnptrdnlgutV rest. It oflc.i s.vmcJ tt c.ctLflt i would die b»-fhre I could get air Into mj lunp*. 1 soPer'-d so greatly from ‘shortceti* ol bream, ihallwasco’i'wbe*! to iAlivfr»Mnfrircsta In walking ftrum mj residence to my pine of b islness. ••The nleht Ulorv I cbtuvrd the * PREPARED PUB' SCniPITON* wa> the worst I ever pa»'OL On obtain irctheroasfdy.lienK&teaspo- afnlatno -a and aga': at nluhn and slept all uicht without *aki-' g. 1 bar. sonu*D*nroKßS siojrr’sßEb-i stsc*. • • • • 1 have now completely nvoverru nit strcagtL and st-U Us, and an.n't at at: attlctod with * sU-rtat-s of br>*aUu 1 shall be glad to have any one atQicUM with Askhat call and see me. EZRA C. LINOPON, “Mo.SU Fonrth-aJU Mew York.** Tbe “PREPARED PRESCRIPTION” lapatup it. i H bottle,- nrt l*eoiriby BLDS ftShARP. llJLalr* st jUUCK. 91* l lark-rt.; J. PARSONS 4 CO„ 4i Clark-et.; DCCHE 4 t'TOULf. HIS UandoU-h-et is Locale Agents for Chicago, HU BUKNIIAiIf £ VAN SIIAACK. and l*v Druggists mm .rally, or errten rr ay be addressed loth? Sol. l-n'prlrtr-ri-.OaOAB G. MOSES & CO., 2? C\>i:tdvsDt-jT„ New York. Coc imitation frre. A Circular. coaialnlag PABTicructs ci syyr fasns wpee-sfallv treated, will be sent tree, b> mail. !•-> all wh~ will write for It p OYEKNMEXT SALE. •i known ns the “GOVERNMENT TAN NLIiV ANDMEAM bAWUtLW: wtthsev enlv-avi* acres of liq<l. mar SAN ANTuSU*. TEXAS, , , SfflJtdPfopo'abs Ir.diullcalc, will b? received up tothr n»*t davot March. W”. f*r iho pnrehase of *3 atr»* of land, ircore or less) tcefther wltn th** bnlld legs ««t-d tl« m*n, and ur appurtenanre* appertain ing. lh— Is to *ay: ON ETAS N EllV.c utalnlag twelve sioKi- I.IP e Vatf, FIFIV-rWO WodULS VATS, SEVEN STONE POOLS, and Caoabieof tannine 15.U0 hide* per annum: ONE STEASI H AWMl!.U capable of ravlrc S,riW ft>et of Lumber dally : ONE SMALL SIONE BUiLDINO. , , . k The above property t» altnatM abonl two mile* above tan the tan Antonio River,and the nalcrD conducted to the establishment by a race of hewn rtcn>- laid in r*mect. . , . The land wa» tutcased and Improvements made by the late so-ca led ConAiciatc uivcmment, and ore estimated to have ccst »130,KW tn gohE The property tias bw-n under lease tor the year Ism’s at a monthly rent of !VW. payable in ndvanc-. A »e --cured title la Do simpie will ue given by the C.o.Gov- C Twpoml9 will be markeil “mpoeals for Govern mem Tanneiy ana bawmiiV anaadJrftM&l^ o n«. Sl. t G.B. Atfl »mT Bor. HARBOUWOBKbAT grand ha- TEN* and Black Lake. Mlrrtgan. Omcß St reniNTtsMao E-iot.vw*®, HattßOxf hiiTOTEJiurrs Lark Micmo.Of, i MikWAbkka* WjScoitflP, January 1.1&»<- ( Lak% Michigan. Tbciirpiovemctt* at Ctdtd Davrn will less, of close piling to pr«v«;, south hsnk • fthe rtverncar toe ent'aneo ami an ex tension of tbe south pier for GOO feet oy cribs filled with B, Tbe Improvements at Black Lake wilt be extension* of the present piers, 512 tunning feet la all, anddrrdg lug Tliediccglng will be betwee line piers, and lot placing the new cribs, and will amount to 50,000 coble yarns, more or Plans and are oh file in tbs and wUlbeahowo to all who wish tu examine them for tbr ptiTposc of estlniaups. v Tne t roptsab* will be separate tor each work, andfoi each class of material or labor for each work. BL& will be rectlvcd to: a psrt or tor the whob* of cither wort:. The work to b<- untsbed bv October X, Vva. Tt c#e work* will nelel to the !.*wo*t re I o-’riMt bid der, rre-rvlnc to ibe United sutre the right to reject Videos to bo presect upon the opeainf ° f The cnplicate propcfals will bo endorsed, cactoied l: TVHEELFB, Xj. s. Enginetr*. Milwaukee, WU. (’(i f ICE OF TuL' V / ENT OF CONSTRUCTION* OF THV U. £ COURT HOUSE. Sortnefleld. Illinois, Dec. io.iscs. bemed proposals will be received at the office ol fes apri, ♦etdenl of United state* Ucurt ll'csc, at Spring -ots, onlll 12 o’clock m., December filth, fc: calWroi cc«r ttM * » T -d their beta, cat*, b-,< tvat«£*tCucw rca for “ e sprlngficld. Illinois, Coon H*wlPc2tObJ e ’ nrw Drawing*of ttu cay be ie-t ant* -xamlrtn tir esUna.ln.. p» by application at *be Cu*t?»w T *JJ ,c r at . Culcara Illinois, cibciotan. Ohio, Pittaijn*. and 6U Loins, Missouri. Tie patui..* mast be submitted to tte£apcrlnt«...(lect P- • r 7 >r, ’ va leiorecaatlnr.apil beds and lopsot columns an* 0, a * lore EiQft be pinned One. All ibe castings must I* #cund, of even thickness, sharp arrlsees at d smooth faces, and the ornamentation must ce of superior fln>»h. The prlce,inclQcU.g freight and de Iverj, man be gim in c rose and the woo eot the wort moat be deliverer in Springfield by or before the Ist ft March. ISS7. Bids must re accompanied by a Dona of two respon elblepartle. , inttesnmof Jl-'UXi.tlia’. the blddcrwll pertcim the cortract If award- d to him. tv A tit ...1... M. Ui^. Kld> trust be oddm*ed tn A. Schwaru. Sapenrtead ent of the new Court House at srrtmrflei'u IJlnoh, aar auiit be endorsed. •• Proposal* r?r Iren Work.** imtot og CToanraa, A / aCIIWAK2t SupennWadCt. <CUg In oticcs T3BOPOSAI.S FOR AN IRON X BRIDGE. „ w uma or tux Doaed or Prauc Woxxs,) CmcAOO, Uec-mber is. I«>6. ) Scaled piopotalswlil be recetyed byttte Hoard ot Works, at U.« lr OUlca, until 11a.m. Tuesday. January Bth, tor the construction, compute and rcoay fur n>f. ct so Iron Bridge ovur North Water street, at U* IntcteccuoL with North Wells street. Bidders arc luTitcd to subs U their own plans and specifications, subject to the conditions stated tx-low. The bndgt-wta have a span ot tight? lAOteet be tween abetment*. There will be two roadway*, each twenty (SC) feet wMe to the clear, and two sidewalks for toot travel, cvch eight (St feet wide In the clear. The floor beams wl<l be of I beam Iron, say seven (7; Uiclif-n wide, placed two (Wi feet apart from centre tc ccnlte. The hanl-tarlng will be of cast Iron, Og» pattern, five (j) Inches wide, and the balastem will be of wrought Iron, ope (l)luch square. POIIA.OI wrought Iron, one and cne-half n*o Inches square, will be jjisctaclihKF) Pet apart, wherever these posts come tne floor btaros will pn>)ect outside of the sidewalk two (2) feet to atl'urd opportunity tor bracing the posts securely. The bridge must supoort with softly the weight ot one bn dred tod twenty-five (i 25) pounds to each supertcisl loot of the floor santce 01 the road, wav. in addition to the weight oftbc stnstnre Itself Ihebrldcemnst be plazmeu In such a manner and wtu such dlmrtulun* that the tensile strain on the wrought Iron parts shall not exceed at the rate of ten tnotuanO (IC'.otC) pounds per square inch under the effect of the maximum load. Prototal*, p;ans and rpcdflcatlons ore also Invited for said bridge, built as above, excepting that In the centre the bridge shall be supported by iron column* resting cn stone lonndstiuns tn the street below, the columns btiug capped by an Iron sltdtr vucniaz cross wise tf the bridge. Proposals mu*t be aedretsed to the Bsard ol PubUt Work*, erdersed ** Proposal for Iron Bridge,” ami bt a'v'ompnn'rdwlth the usua' 2330 bond, with sureties, tob« spptoved by the Board. - The Board reserve the right to relict any bid not It accordance with the conditions cf this aavertisemecL or to reject all bios, and no proposal w\u be accepted calcs.- the p-.rty cnenug 1: shall give evicence sathrfao tcry to the Board that he has the necessary skill, expe rlence, energy snd ability for doing the work, is trusv wortbv, and has sufficient pecuniary resources. * J. O. GfNDELB, FEED- LBTZ, • O. J. ROSE, , Board of Public Works. business CTarbg. T>LAIH & JEFTEBSON, coamissioN mebchasts, OFFICE, 304 FEONT-ST., SS.otxwwJ MEMPHIS, TESW. Liberal cash advancements made os consignments. Q.E&T, BATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commission Kerclidsu No* ISO MoGoo«st«* Between r and G-et*„) DEKVKtt, CVLOHaDO. HOGS I AXD WEIGHT LIST* PornUbed gratis. Highest market prices guaranteed! Frumot returns made. Correspondence *OllOl ted. HFmmXT) & C0 n Gen’l Coin’ll Merch'U. 85 W&atucrtoo-iU Chicago, 111. IHait liestotatibe. ri -HE GKATBST AND WORST LOOK X IN'G HA IB “Loocon Hale Color Restorer* “Lotdon Bournes its -Hair Co’or Restorer*; “Lctcon Youthftal Hair Color Restorer “Lordos Beauty by Hair Color Restorer* “London Its C*e/ Hair Color Rotonr’’ “I«auon Hair Color Restorer* It does nottlje Ibe Bair, but acts aa a stimulant and tonic to the itKUt and b!U them with new lift aad coloring matter. Dry. barsb, dead or ap pearance of tbe Hair 1* ebaagea to lustrou*, sblnlns personal. ■vrOTICE.—The Hndershmed mates J.V known to tbe public that he takes back every* thing be baa said against the character of Mr. ADOLPH HAASE, In Blue Island, and asks herewith his forgiveness, and declares that everything he has (aid against him was while being drunk. Ibe uncetsicned also declares that he takes Mr. H*ase to be an honorable man In ever; respect, and that he ts sorry tha: their friend. ship baa been disturbed In this manner. FRIEDRICH SA.U EBRIEB. Bine Island. January 7. 15C7. ??air Bge* ■DATCHBLOIt’S HAIR DTE. Tin fplcndlil n«lr Dye U tie W 1 SS'fi?; BixaJtee. relisble. Icsuateceeeie the only Perftct v-T.nvt- solo cy Utagaiata and tret fomera, factory, 81 BanOay-dU Hew York. THE HOUR OF SICKNESS COMES, Few cahs to Read Anything OS’ TOE SUBJECT OF DISEASE. In me year 1546, the writer of this article embarked tc the DtcQ Bpaurcsa la the city of Philadelphia, hot for the laat 13 yean most afhls time has beta occupied la tbe maotihctare ot the various Solid and FlaldEx tracts. The most prominent, and to which he dertre* to call the particular attention of the Faculty aad ths public, are the Extract Dacha and the Extract Gam rarllla. both of which are highly cooctatrated prepa tloosoftbe ingredients entering into tbdrcomposi tion. One bottle of the Flnld Extract Bocbn of pailllt is lolly equal to strength to one gallon ot the r; rep or decoction, as osoally made, and hundreds ot druggists throughout the country have adopted it la making their syrnpsef this name, andone table-spoon* ful, added to a pint of water. Is tolly equal ti the cele brated Lisbon Diet Drink, so much nsel in former years to purity* enrl'A ths blood, and bxtuUfst Me nmrlextcn. In calling attention to my remedies, I w tab it distinctly nnderslocd that they are not Patent Medicines, most of which are compounded*:* persona too Ignorant to read a physician’s simplest present lion, much less competent to prepare paanaaceutlcaJ preparations. These persona advertise. This I ant compelled to do tobrlugmycame before the people. In conversation oo various occasions lUave been as tonishedat remarks similar to the following. and these made In many cases by persona of no ordinary Intelli gence—to wit: that the aeiiclns business U the .moat profctHble-all that U necessary is to adverti-e. Thona mis ba«c embarked with such Ideas, sad millions have been expended In bringing them belore the public. The r»enlt of such accumulated errors!*, teat when brought to the test, lacking merit, tiny have hM3 short-lived., bow few, of the many thousands embartlng, are com pelled to abandon the business In a few years, entirely bankrupt! Loot back tfly years, and how few have been nieces* full Ask th* csaso.v ol their success, and yon will find my statement. In regard to imtlt,correct. The fctltice vf MulicVuc, U'-e the Doric culu.ffi.TL, thcnld staLdWuip/e. puiv and m-tjtaHo, having/uct forti6ba»ts,fMJurtiu?i for Ira pmar, and truth atone for lu capital. I contend th:rc » no boslcois requiring these qn*U lUatlonsmore. The medicines are brought tn contact with Druggists everywhere. lam also well aware Hat persons nason la this manner—that which may KrcGttce maybe of no advantage to another. ’ How miatakcu the Idea! A Diuretic for one, a Diuretic for all. A Narcotic for ocr, a Nsrcot c lor ail. A Purgative for one, a Purgative for all. Just as much so a* whole&om** food for one 1* white- some locdforalf, with to more dlflerenee than that ucme totsUtuttona require more than others, ana that pcr«onfl In disease are given to despondency—cxpect li g lu a lew days or weeks, and perhaps with a single boUle of medicine,to be restored to health, if no; la yonth and beauty. Therf persona rarely recover, Ltklcg pailerce, and lonßldcrlng a few dollarsex pended for the benefit of their health a waste of money, these tame persons may have been years In breaking down their constitutions, and probably expendedthon easdsol dollars In aiew and dlsslpadon. and think nothing of It. ‘Sncb forget that GOOD HEALTH IS TRUE WEALTH. With upward* of SC.COO recommendatory letters and. unsolicitedcertlflcaies. Ibavenever resortsito their publication. IntbUeasel shall, however, append •. fcw remark*, trusting they may be appreciate!. I am to the afflicted and sobering humanity. Their Humble Servant, H. T. HKLMBOLD, Mauotacturcr of Uclnbold’s Genuine Preparation* [From the Philadelphia Ledger.! ppif.T>»Tpnt*. Jjlt 13. 1563. Onrcsttemed friend and* ftliow-cltlzem iff: tL T, Ucluibold, informs us the city ot New TOrr.wUh aview of enlarging hi* bustuen. "iVe have been acquainted witit him fur up warOj pi years; hare been pleased with his Intog iltyand fair dealing. Commencing In a small way. his articles mnstpoesessmcrU to Insure the saccesahe has met-with, and from out acqualntaecewlthhlmcAS confidently speak that we do not believe be Is a man: who would wish to Impose on any one, much lesa the mulcted, and really luour low: bnslnws experience a* sn advertising medium we have never heard ol tha succeisof aoymedlclna without merit. (from the Philadelphia JSreaicc Balietln os June eetb. ISO.] Wc at« pralifled to hear of the continued success la New York of oar townsman, Mr. n* X. Uclmbold, DmgpUt. His store, treat IM Metropolitan Hotel, is as ftet rroat, 230 lect deep, and Are stones la height. It 1* certainly a prand establishment, and speaks lator aWyol the merit' ot hla antchs. He males his offlea and laboratory In this elly, which are alsf> lE ‘ >(lel °* . taPJl»tjpes.ta of their class. [From the largest Manufacturing Chemists la the Worla.J I am acquainted with Mr. H. T. Qelmbold; ho oeca plcshhe drug store opposlic my residence, and was tnc cessfhl in conducting the business where others not been equally so before him. I have been Ctvorably ImprtfseJ with bis character and enterprise. wii. WEioariUN, Finn ofPowx£s6 Wntaarjux, Manufacturing Chcm- Ists, Ninth and Brown-sts., Philadelphia. [Remark? ftotn Chemical Analysis.] Altera careful analysis of Uclmbold's. Preparations, ibty enjoy our utmost confidence. We consider them safe and reliable. NEVER RS » TAXES. Philadelphia, June 12th, 1980. lELIBOLDS Fluid Extract Euchu A positive and spoolCc remrdy fordlscaaer ol the Ulad dfr. Kidney?, Gravel, Drcpiy. The almost confidence ciD be reposed In its curative powers luatnvedlstasc', also In restoring me exhausted power* of nature which are accompanied by so many alarming symptoms among whlf b will be fottnd Indisposition to Exertion* Loss of Memory, Wakefulness, Horror of Disease, or Icrtbodlngs of enl; la fact, universal Lassitude, Pros tration. and inability to enter into the enjoyments of society. It no remedy is nsed m »ach cues. Consump tion or Insanity enact. Visit our hospitals, asyloma and prisons, and be convinced. The reader must a iso be aware, however Blight maybetheattack It la sore to affect bla bodily health, happiness, and that ol his posterity. Helm’'eld's Extract Buchu wld give yon. brisk and energetic feelings, enable yon to sleep wen, and la more strengthening than any of the Prepara tions of Uafk or Iron. HELMBOLD’S EXTRACT SECHU AKD IMPROVED ROSE WASH, Cures diseases arising from habits of dissipation and Imprudences, allaying pain and inflammation, and for which those unpleaiact and dangerous remedies am frequently nsed. It enres at little expense, little or 09 chance In diet, no inconvenience, and no exposure. All the above diseases require the aid of a Diuretic. HELMBOLD’S EXTRACT OF BUGHU Is the Great Diuretic. HBLMBOLD’S EXTRACT SARSAPARILLA Ccrrs Scrofula. Salt Rheum, Scald or Sore Head. Tet ter, Pimples on the face. Erysipelas, and eruptions 0 C whatever nature on tbe lace or skin, parkin? out thu Humors which make disease, enriching the Blood, and BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION. Hots to use these remedies so as to guarantee a per- Icctcure: In all diseases except those arising from habits of diaait alien or Imprudences, use the Extract Bucbu. In these use tbe Extract Bueba and Boas Wash. In Humors on the tace, or any and every parr cube be dy, me Extract Sarsaparilla, applying to pim ples and External Humors or Eruptions; Improved BoseWasb. Wholesome food recommended man tbe above dlresses. Instead of restricted, avoiding an fatty and bigb seasoned food, and acldulonraod siloalatlEp drinks. In recent cases, a core IS effected In aa aston ishingly short period, hot la cases of long standing It Is better to purchase a half dozes bottles, acd n?e tklth fully according to explicit directions. In which caseX am enabled to guarantee a perfect cure. Direct letters to BELMBOtirs Drug and Chemical Warehouse, 504 Broadway, Hew York, nest Metro politan Hotel, or HELMBULD’S Medical Depot, 104 &;t,taT«ntb-fIU Assembly fiaUdisca, Philadelphia. Describe symptoms In all commntiica4aca. Sold by all Drnggists Erorywhere. BEWARE OF COUHTES?£IT3, AaM. for Helmbold’s—Take no oilier.