Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 11 Ocak 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 11 Ocak 1867 Page 1
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FROM niGTIII Secretary Welles’ Political Pro scription in the Nary Yards. The President’s Alarm at the Prospect of Impeachment, . m Bill for the Early Mooting of the Noxt Oougross Pasood by Both Houses. Flnnl Pnssngc of llic Tcrrltorlnl .Sulfrngc 11111. lAi'lilna; tMwie In (lie House on (III 1 Vlllllslul Hill. linn iim Latest Despatches by Ocoau Telegraph. l*rwsp< cl of a Change iu the British Ministry. The Lo! don Times on the Proposi tion to Impeach President Johnson. The Greek Revolutionists Fast Gaining Ground. Stumorrd Inipurtant Alliances in Connection with the East- ern Question. FROM SPR!NSFI£LB. Tlic Slate Sr-uaie Ratifies the ('onsiiliiiiu.'ml Aiuemlmeul. Pa>sagc of the liill Relative lo Ihe Chicago Marine Hospital. Senalcr Trumbull’s Nomina licn Generally Conceded, Organization cf the Indiana and Wisconsin legislates. THE ROCK RIYER IMP.IOVE MENT SCHEME. Conrcnlion of (be Citizen., of Vfhilcsldc amt Lee Conulies. N vv York niiil jVniisjlv.iiiiii S iiloriiil Ni.inifoitioiis. I KOM WANtllNimiNe | sjtn Ini |)M|tjlHi hi ||m fi T’Mbiin ) J \VAHiiiNtito'burnt i it), l-.l ri Ma*. I'ilit«ctii|>li> N IN 111. NA> Y lAltM* Tin* herrelniy of .in* Naff, ill Pniii ll o«• * >• llli ■ „HMii'ihiiiH. h i* n<m to dm H unit n roport o in • fti'lnp nil unli- • huiMl ii'tntlvj ( i (Ii • emplny i.ieid of mi ,, i In !!('• Nttifojli ;>nvy Vm<l alnro |)i j 1 1< o'nl iln* «nr. Ihmn worn emnotlihii IIU«< i «iM*« lit tnnniii onpl. Miifli of llie mutt i i of *m trj'O-ln! Hitoie.-l nr c-m#- {iionro, f.nt t| I i 11 loii (In i oof la of rit;niilou|tro n* nlni .riii» lomv ji .. hoviouiv mawu'!«‘fi the Nhvj Ymd for ni*ini im| puipueeo. Ii H|i|>e u* iiml eittiio ilii'i* in Mi • < r i.r purl of lfl*t Si nt :n)ior, nil nolei tvn? |<<?i«,| *i v Mie t fiiof of the Jiii ' .in <»T nmi DncUa. i \ onei ilioi of tlnj ‘Soi ti'inrt, Io liiipiitp inl'i Ihc I’ltlhh at plbliia of *roj|uitrH in llm ymd. AUc »■’* •tifc- Iho.iloeiiiiiiDf traihodUnd, i * n |«*tl -r iln led f loOH*t , l ‘M, I i‘. hont Mom .Ail-ifmf *.l' IfilO * ■in Mimniiii rff'ii* ■ll .N'lhullit ml'lr*->u 1 lo llm • i! - tAhda Mol Iho ;.m, in nlimii h- mitbj In • t ■ •|d!nn. I *\ 11 Ii )ttii} Old-*-, Hit? flu it li/iilotm ’ 1 I'l" i, i oiilioiii tj. I soil! fot NrtVnl ('miltrtofor t on mil. n.vr i o«hteur Notv« l omi Civil Mnai* •■I \\ dill 11, Mid rt«l»- l 1 ill *i*l fill III)* (Ohlll Of .)„ i. i)(,o=i|o( t u.tii., Mr. Mmv'll •Inin ilnt ■ I* 1 • t mail u| iMilmii'r, dni)>ti f|, rlimmnia, .ol I.- I lie Mojifitmitiir (*«i 11 vt* 1111 tii m |*t(U„. )■!, Inn nr n drlettni-, niT'inuummi liy i.iiiirhi itMt-iui.')««, w, li onniy nnl I u*« ill. .. i ir.i ihoni ii.oi. i.» h.i Mi ß ;*oHdod, and 1 want the oui.-i a »i| ihe tiiiifAii." T'ilm prarloii* doimiiioiil, rt.i.oloß mat mini w.-re dleiniiiO'd for uKomlii'B u.o Ci.tivomiiin of Honthuni Loyalht*, I* on iluiteil hy Joacpfi JliiJlh, l-'lilcfof (Jit lillh'l.lof Veuiß viol i>o»ki an lullun .-'j ‘’Uilb Jlnrm ii| .ei not i onr-l.loi llo* k'ulnu' to rim Convonilaii a* d- lrn fuio ht u rflu-e for •li-iiiltßal.” U.iJ.ii* tio ; jfh mo liiiloiviiu' iJ.dt^rM•in^•l» , hy Well.** him r, U : ** 'Hie character and thdom of lUe Conven* lU'f. ai I hiladcljiliM C'luid have hewn mieuOeA o d' for paiticun purj 0.-c.* hoelllo to the Ailmiulto (<:::iun. ’ Hie najier does not cuutaia fli t formal of ih~*e (wo moo, hot their fot-j is evi dent ci.ohrli ftotn the S'cretary 1 !* eudoruement. Tiie rjditl of Mr. W, ilm Is further apparent from a )• i:er *cnl by Hai on the Cldh of October, 13W. io Admiral Ifonv:.. relative to the employment Of tewporary jianib m ihoyard*. him an thnriiy to employ iboit -ic wbo-e present loyally Li.' ha> uithoat regard io their past utuiic. usd In omllt that lh* Admiral mav nndcr >l;iud t’.;:i .-up:.orlcrp of are nni to he ertployed. ard arepot on the ?ame footlcc as oripltal jebtl-. be add:*, “It ha# not been Jbc policy ot tbi* depanmsut to jrirc cooatcuanec or riicouracemenl to disunloi.lsts of any description. Those who oppose the Government in Itselforls to v#ta Hsh national amity, wnetber clalmlfgiUat .'jiatco have the right to voluntarily withdraw from tr n Umou by S'CcsloD, or sulvlng by arbitrary and nndelegalcd power to cxciudeSlatcs from ibe Cnon and deprive them of their guaranteed con stltatiotral ngu>, arc not deemed worthy of ser vice. Tin: JCDICIAUT CONNITTEE AND TOE IXPEACHNENT QUESTION. Enough :s already known of the character of the evidence lo ctme bvf rc dm Jud:cidar>- Com mute on (he impeachment inveattg >Uon, to tmlr ju*>ti<y the statement that & chain of startling cir t'jrflftaWial evlaencc concerning Mr. Johnson’s part act# and purposes will be developed. «birh will aj-tonish the country. Those who know most of thl#. desire to imp.css on Ihc mlnfis of all that JLc least fact bearing upon Mr. Johnson's coarse may prove of th? gr.a c-t importance in folly completingthii clam, ahd should ue known h.;o at once. THE OUIO STATE AGENCY. The Ohio dclvj;.;Uo - he.e arc very mne’t cxer* cii-td over a movement said to he cn loot in Co lumbus to do i.way with Ih-.Ob'o MUltarv Ap ncy here. Ihcy loci: ujoa Itaa a most oi jechonable movement, and ore at a complete 1 t • explain it. Both the OMo and Illinois agencle* here have bvru of immense advantage to thrlr Stales, and are so still. Tee basine-e of these offices has .increased very greatly of laic, and win combine to do so nntll the whole of tceadditlonal bounties arc paid. Mr. Wetsmrc has made of the Ohio Ag< ucv al institution of which the Stale may well be proud, and the clo-iug of this agency would be n lues to me State and a detriment to the soldiers' interests, which tbc friends of the soldier- not to tolerate. Such is the .opinion of nearly every member of the Ohio delegation. tuv. KLimasSA the house. I The sctiou of the llonse this afternoon on the Bvbiasba BUI, fhowa that the moaMUc will not s>a- «that so easily asit* friends hoped when It tame up. Chairman Ashley, of the Territorial Committee, said t-U comniitteo was, with one •‘xcoption, (Cooper, of Tennessee) favorable to It, aLd be therefore. In obedi-nce to his instructions, would call tl'c previous question. A scene of Ibe utmost disorder and confusion at once ensued. A dozen gentlemen, among whom were WB*on, Bingham, Dawes, Blaine and |Broomn]] protested against the passage o*[ such a bill without debate. There was much doubt expiessed abont the hireling force and «iivci of the iSdrontids* amendment, and two or I U ice members declared that (hey believed It v. ould be utterly Invalid to accomplish the desired l iirpose. The inniilng debate sbowod considers* tile opposition to the whole bill, but on the He publican aid'' Iho objection to its Jmtaodlsu pas : «j{c appeared to reel on the supposed ioadt-quic / «.l the Fdmunds’ amendment. Borne time was -ipviif |r a noisy endeavor toatrreenpon aomcdiy io; Hu* consideration of the bill, but no nntncenicnl cooid be effected. Mr. Ashley's call for the previous question was rot aecandcd. tbo voting, yeas 33, nnya 70, ej» . showing very clearly that the House means to mP* •'ire tho bill some dl«cus»lon. Mr. Wailiburno’a m'llloD l» table the whole thing was also lost by yeas 41. to cays BIT. The Uepunllcaos who voted * to lay on the table were : Blaine, Davis, Dawes. I‘lUc. Uaytnoud and W««bburnc. After tboio votes had been taken. another Inrffeclual attempt to fix • time for considering the bill at length waa made. finally, racing that the temper of the House waa antagonleUcto his wishes and purposes, Ur. Ash* Ity moved and carried an adjournment. Tiu bill will come up In the morning as nufinlabod bail* ness. e<jcal Biatrra i* Tint rcninromac. A lone step towards a full recognition of It e rights of all men was made by Congress this at tcrnocn. At one o'clock, Mr. Wads called up In the Senate a bill amending the organic acts of the cetera! Terrlto-lev. and offered bis eubiUlnte. Meters. Howard aril Williams suggested corns verbal chancer, and the substitute was thru adopted without a division, li is in ouo abort section, which declares that henceforth, In any Territory now organiz'd or hereafter to be. organized, there '.shall be no do* ntal of the elective franchise on account of race or color, and previous condition ol t-lavery. and all Territorial laws lu couilict with tbt« act are herebv declared to be null and void. Tin* bill was at once put on lie passage without d-bnfe. mul carried by St to P. Vice IVeildeu* rnster'olid for 11. Messrs. Dixon and Donliblo did not vote at all, Thu nays were: Uiicbilcw. Hendrick*. Johnson. Norton, I’alujrcon, Uiddlc, Hanlsbury and Van Winkle. Aa coon as It could be enrolled It was cent to Hie House. || lay on (bo (able half an hour, aid wa* thou taken tip, and under the operation ol the previous (|tie*liou pjssed without debate by IPi to #s. The bill was at once rn?ro»st'd, ami tu fli'init Iwu limits and a half from tlbo (line of Us iiiliiiilitcliou into Hie Penal? Il bnd p*ss»ilbil(i ''«««?*, received the cbidiliifas of th»* ipeauir mu! Vice I’iesMent, atm was wj-I/ lu go lu Hi? Wlirv Holler, lit* ttul cuppoieit Uni Hie •bud will *•bi H, (tpinuli every UemutfAito rnuu* tier of Congress vpb"l hi?slii«l t(< passage, TIM Ui*tO* hHlimk. 'I lli'l'Hlf 111 Hit' JMiUmI Hilo nimiilllff on lilt) MU ititi'it'nHru Uw mWiw twam IU« MutUMttp hUphim l UMmi, tnM o«uiUll»uliia «« n pint nmn»« Bailin' nf Ihe IIIUjI Hllft’y <l| ||pi *U* •lon, It mui (milti'limti’il In by Mxssts, VV«<M Ihihu’, Alloy, IVlm, Within, llunllng, mill (ttiu’u, Tim hul mt*ttxfvttta(i by a Urga mij (tv aMln* Imd s"«nlun of i'ntigreas, but wia carded ibiongbiiowby more than two to mia. Mr, Washburn" math’tt strong spuccli against 1(, lnu tlm passage of Hie bill was (mined before II camu ft<ipi Hie committee. The Illinois members voted n» billows: Font—Cook, Farnsworth, Ingersoll, uud Kuykendall; n/alnsl It—llskor, tktliotn, Hrownwcll, llardlag, Hojs, Toornion and W.t»b borne; net voting—Marshall, Monlton .nod Wentworth. J'te lowa voto wan a<* follows; For It—Grinin 11, Kiidon n*nl Price; sv-MmA It, WtDww ami AUlio>; abnem, Hubbard, Tne bill bai yet to be ocUid ou by the .*cuaic. rosTornrn riiAnoEs. Fo»twn*tcr General Ttawdall luw made tbc fol lowing changes Eiocc ir.u Clh lost. •Tcticaburo. Monroe Coaniy, W. K. Tip* ir,n »for J, S. Hanlon, resigned; Edcntowu. Cler .iiom Comity, •!. Wouk il.'< ilre. .M, .T. Joned, .i-Uired; We*-i Imljpyud-two. Ilawcork County, .1. W. Ln«b-*ad cit’e J. S. l/;nnti, ru'Mgaod ; .Mid dle Tori:, llurklng County, J.M, Jones rlc* TV. S. Kteictt: V.’bliHc-ay, Midway Comity, G.W.Grirm-f i \c: 11. I). Hoyt, re-igaed;-Centre vil!e, Moatgom • . ry Cov.nty, Mrs. A. iJeilnm ctceN.V. Maxwtll, *<-lured; JlolNvlli*, scecn County. J. It. Bjl’s • Ic' J. A. removed; G-nrgif.vHle, Fraak - tin ronnty. \V. Scott eir E. I*. Doan*?, redgnod. iifmola.—Burn-*. Ilcuvy County, D. Oaivcr ne* M. It. Drown, resigned« Geaes«ee, McLean Coun ty. J. E. Su-dlck flc-! J. W. Corner, resigned; A*b Gnvc, Iroqn* U County, W. Harvey il?<* retijraed; Coles Ccunly, S. A. tVirainn* rlCf W. H. Joue-i. rcdTued; Eldon, Crawford County, D. .I^r.lnt* vie: W. fCauun in, tatted t»> Lr ltd; lonia. Warren County, A. Q. Tal bott rf.v ,t. It. Ur«*ttt, moved :v\v»>; in, .'nrroll County. i>, c. VVigaer sic: S. LI. Green, .••moved. /rfiicr.c. —Hancoru, llar.-teon Comfy, J. 11. ilarvtr *ic- It. If. S'anc xk, dctl‘iv:d. Itlclitaud City, Hie.laid County, W. « ail iky Mr. A. W. Bang-rotu, decea J cd, iiitn./sofa— ilokah. Hou'.tm County, J. F. Pos ter a-iiv i). 1.. Clemente, declined. CLAIM AfiIXJS suspender. lire Fomlb Auditor the Treasury Deparl uuut Las recently suspended the fuUo - 'ing mimed Claim Agenrs from transacting any bust m>- wkh that Bureau for malpractice iu the pros cut ton of claims: p). C. Dickey, ol Xc v York ; O. is Murray, of I!.lilnmic : Pr.iilkai Co , ol Falla delplda; E. I. Bniyuard, of New York; M.J. HiLuin.- 4 Co ut New York, and C. jS. Wn>hlngloD, D. C, We Icam that a large ntiraber of claim r gent* Inn e al-o be* n suspended from uoii'gbiifcincss with tan Pen-lon Bureau. Pay mii.-iei Mcneml's Utfkeand the Second Auditor'* ;.T: •*■».■, the taroc < ; of v Mch uc have beorr unable to o*Ja»n. TLc suspensions in the last named * i'icifi were ateo rondo lor malpractice in the ..lojtcnl'On of claims. rrtrriNcj or the next conore®*. Tl.c next Congress " HI convene at noon ontb.* hof Match. The JJo ;b • passed u bill eo pro . bring before the htdlday recess. The Senate i »k it up during Hie morning horn to-dgy. made • c i.ur «Ughi scthal ameudmeuts, nnd passed U t*y iv-.-Ix to Inn, the u:iy« being eight Heno with Dlxi.n and HonßUlc. li was rent o He House m ihe enumo ut half .in hour, and Ihnl body n( once agr. cd to tbo Pen ntf 'lTic bill will be laid before lh * I’rrpldcjil ir.r his signature to morrow. Many ni i«ons expect a veto, but Congress so clearly po-scsarsiherlghttn flx iho ’lir.c forjlla iilocllng, livid It ciuitvol be pcv.v upuu what ground he viinW line Ida nbj«eltou*. the i>isa*tkii to the stk.wru roxmnoiiß. • iiptain W. M. Mew. of thu Treasury Depart* imciu, reimned lo (hit chy (o-ilny from New York, wh* i< he ha* been InveMigalimr (he ca*i oa hn*b led lothodcslrneiv’it of tbo sfoa-ner Corn, ■nodmi! In Lung l-lnnd Pu.itid nio'dii. A re ii el the nniltet nil! ho m.ntelo tic Hendnry rli e TTriteiir v n t m, early dale. Tim actiOMt srarm. •Midge M'Uhes, of Ohio, has ju*ife"p'il and ie* i Itrtl n niil (ImruiiiiMy nioigmilr.lii t Hi * Mi ml v Mil* »>MM« UM'Urt. |(vxl'lti|« (lit) ptlvlMns •I*»'t l» n t jrtlum n*» that '•UUIMimI In O il»m nil •I llm i'in(icr aim, NATI'INAI. HANK linu.Ml'miN. Wa«uumih*n. .liinuirv in. -I' I* (lio lut«uiilu i mMIio \i tin« t*'iii.'V illitc of i!l t i.'iifi JU'V t » to • iiilrit .«nll<t|oit llitii'f" li» )(.‘o|i lio* H'tMHi.l, or re oi'v "l Iho Col m *iu> ■ l-t Unfit t lmilH'lini in plain imias, u* dm <m> n i ■in»ii*.UiK Mm »•*»'»« tiUMtuptnint) InbuvM iioinn of in* 1:1)1, pint lil,h Hull hiio'i ihi' m «)i ill In a l< .ult« mui ntrlo.nj'lloU l»y u-.y let id: ofih iMles. or Timum. ill'.MtctUi oM«novlo('"«iMtl of it*, •mi.liiff .'•eivie.* ii*. Cariisln M.inarii:*, IVinurl •mU, to fot nurfi uu iuil* to Fort l."iiVvMUVuuh, fo. l'iit St", eiilli Ui.HuMl t’(it i'i v. r, Fojteijnh'inlt n\ ti--o-n>t Ml t)i» fi*vruliln-> '• «tiet* l* also nulemd In picpiri* ilnl.n'tnn-'ilts **l uei ;itl« ot OitiiUMil ni it tu ittuj forward tkmu me* < 1» Hit* fllfiuulU;' It’iTIIllOlil•* t|H'• llVU'l*- ft. lib-'i mein Hi- I #-i*n.iilvu of iln*Sui»ii, *( : iM*(ti I’lntr l tMolPt rnffifivv, m( iMmb*o v), ec Immln il mil b-u m-rtiHM l-:iirh*li I’oii j l - t I'hiihy, h( i ti, dim* huuilved in I . dr f«-n!»ls ‘ iJ.lltoir 1-0111,1 PUt. A Uliik'l y, lit illltoll 111, "t\( V-ill-H t milts, 4> MK.YAtB TAIIM C Mill, S\ AMittiMion. .tm-.m* * .ii.— i - u» -oipn'D Vtn«n*v • , fl"( >(H(i thld |t»-i»||.(| |t|n or lil t i,ci(t I 1 )!*, foul ohi h pnti t( tnu* loolnUio.' to. I'Mintv. If IMl(tM.<hic nor Iv (tie *-inc‘ Kiln* *t <Ui(>’ <>n ss-'Mit «i *l lion dm di n,* ot tti. il»o .*, •i* |,H i j,.raided Allll'li'ft llc tilil** 111 l||U irth'i ailj oalniUr Ml, \\* l « AAI K •• I* M dplMi IN l(\,lVI.AN|t. 'llot 111 I.nil nit y I‘oiiiiolin o lih\m hdiii |m t.j’in-irp- In in Mit* oit-i of i.r mo r into tin Miry, Them l« a iilmii 1 1 nit 1 )>ln nmtlor tlioionaiily. Tin: oih.Mto.NT Ai.iimi-i). Wahiinoton,il.imnnv in.— I Tho IVe.-liloid iiml hie filui.da urn mur i exorcUotl in i-i»rtn| io tin* iuii'eiuimtotii muiior, Ii i» nuld Out me null tr * 0' in (he Cnlili el ynotordny, amt Mint too iiD'iotiorii of Ur I'ubinot ouve U aa Ihulr. '• horn H.iit r^e« meant el'l.AUr.ll loLI'.VX'n ItKOUOi'.a.* VS AFiiiNi.roN, oannary Pi.—Hpe-iWcr Cohat’* rcrcytlon to-iiltrlit was very brilliant. Main* Sen ii'i.o mid Conyro-ttmrn, toother wit'i tli2of We: til|i"ion Mirluiy, were pr«« -, nf. "i!usi.n or tiu: t/.vas rnnunuKjr. WAtmiNiiTox. Jammry m.—ir.intamr cvtiniH Peon received a» tfro Preo-tnm'iN M.treta fiom An?!ln, Texas, calling nttrefon i.» t!n v*rorgs and tumag*? toward* tb'i tre idmv'. la tn. 2 mirth«a9tcri:conmteH of Teras, alaiinj thv.* ;rc rnvv more oppressed ami brutally tr.'au*.! lUan lu :be days of elavry. riio la*h U mur • cruelly ad ciinietered lira 11 Mover *va*.a'id fieulmen wim Lave cultivated land ac«l rais 'd crop> nvv# hid ; 11 f a’«en from them. Ontr.igi;# from cold-bla rn *d mnrderr do*v»i Paw occurred, anil there U no 00? to whom they can appeal lor redress. O.hes case# areiepoiM'd. FKOW EUROPE. UV OCEAN thI'EGUAPU. nr losnox TraraoN* the rr.orosEn xhpeacu jirs: of rnn'inEsr johnsok. London, January 10—Noon. Ine to-day concludes that the prooo*;d impeachment ofPrci-ldcst Johnson fore nudovvß a ;,-\olm!on in the. LTiitcd Slates, and points uni lie danger of -:nch a proceeding. MiosrEcrorA cqascein tue buitijii cabinet. • lajndon, January y—Evening, It is reported In Well-infunned circles Uiat the Hritlsh Ministry have decided upon resigning In rsse of too g;« at a pressure hr the friends of the Piform movvmeitL It is staled that they have hidrented a desire to grant considerable conces sn-ns. Put arc decid-dly opposed lotbo extreme measures advocated by the Reform leaders. FRANCK. Paui*. January fi—Evening. A reporl Is current that one of the branches or the Govcrrnitnt has dtddrd no: to fvvor tbe pro posed r-organltnicn of the French a;my. ii i* thought, in convcqntnco of the oppodtloa man!- fvsted hy both Iho roaple and seve al I .-a>ring ■JatuMncn, that the Emperor will no; favor its peculation to the Corps Legtslailf. ITALT. Ploeence, January 10. The I’fllian Govcrcmcnl is said tobewMliogto • vlevc thu Church properly on payment of fi'-MCC.OU) livtcs. Fi.otjekck, .Jannary 10. Bey. present Minister from Turkey to Italy, will be cent to Washington. pim&iiß'a cmccLan ok oeduak Arraica. Beaut,*, January 10. A drcnlsr letter ha? been issued by Connl Bis* mciktothcreptes-nUtivca of torelgn court*. in whicti hcnllaacs to the advantageous position Tnueu now occupies In respect to loretirn po-r* • rs. Il<-declare* that peace shall be mainline I, and that be will ro.v devote himself to the con solidation oi Germany. the nasTKtm qoEsnnir. Tams, doncar -10—'Noon. IPc rumor v i? obtalr.ed currency no aiipa.-outly trustworthy authority, that Anstrh and Italy have i ntered Into (in alliance on the Ka«t**m question, and (hat Hnaslo and Prussia have made a simitar agreement. the cures ncvonmox. Flouekce. January Id. The revolutionary feeling Among (bo Greeks in •lie itcdlp-rrarcan is spreading. ami Instead of the rebellion being crushed, of asserted, their c-uto 1« jraln'nc sUenpth. IllOtDLtJ* HtTWEEI* TI’HRtT Aim nnxccß. CoKSTANTixortK, January 10-Noon. The indications ofscrlon* trouble b etween Tar* l.eynnd Greece are Increasing, and tbc Porte com tlnuca to send troops to the Greek frontier. oavaria. Mnncu, January U. Tbc Bavarian Chambers have assented to tho piopoK-d organization of the Uavai lau army upon lliu tame basis as the Prussian. LmUat Foreign ITlarkel* I'ltikpool, January 10-Noon. Cotton-Quiet j aaice w,Tos bates mtdc ling at nxd. Luxdok, January 10—Nooa. Flve-twcotlca-fTK. brvrnroot, January 10—Noon. Hie return market la steady 10-day at the decline of yraterday, Ttiu aates aro estimated at 10,000 bale*. Middling uplands are quoted at l(Kd. Lokikik, January 10— Kreoing. Consols doled at W for money, Amartoaa a scurf' VOL. XX. tnsi'hceil as fallows s rmir-J Uta(«>< 3-2Uf, 72>, :IUI - brie llallroad, 4<H. Lirannoou January 10, The market hat been dull today, but closed un rbarged. Hj*d lor middling uplands, H«les. H',ooo baba. 11(031 Hl’l.WlliliO. *Tlk* TsMWril thiunlr Klsrlltm t'nsc tltlla liitrodti4 > ed-NlnlloiM > ry unit Po«u ngeHttimpa-ivvo Atti'li'iiidirMlrnlloao tllltfl-TlieCniiallliilloiinl Aninitdiiiom I'nwit Ilf lln< Nrimlo-Nt'iialitHal ttim-JmtßP ‘lTiitnlmll's NmikiimttoM tMcuniltm n l<uli. l»p»pnKli(<t Hit' rlili nyo TiHiikkl MfiiiNuyiPM*. (lln iirtiiiiiii v in, Thti ItirgM |Hiiiltti( nf Hih ■«JB|(ii)t. orth" ll.nuu lodwy ware oniiftiulo.l on tin* I'omity ejection ('»•«, will' ll cttnio lip In Hid inornl'U *na< cion, on Hit> r»|ioi is of Hm majority mol minority, 4'heu fill IlKt qtiuellon WBfo m ulti liy Tavl'ir, llmul, Wdy, I'ujn*, Ucimor, nnd other*, In favor of giving Hui mtai to dullcia, and by Unapp. Upler, TValoiinim and two or ibruu oibmaou Ibu oilier aide. Tbo vote was taken nod Hie cent elwn to Mr. Hollera, Hie itt'puldlcan candidate. This gives Hie Uopubll run side briy-oinc members. Messrs. Taylor aud Ilona, of Cook, mid Druner mid Kddy made a Miy lovorulili! Impre.islmi upon the llouin, and nt o; c cstnbllslicd tbvtnsvlvei n« able debaters, 'n ticral J’aync, vbo v\u* a membir two years -Irct*. continued Hie excellent reputation be ca* al>M«bcd at that time. 'i be bill to employ a corps of reporters to make urinUn reports of Ino procccdloga and debates <.] (be General Assembly came up this afternoon, -,ud wne puabed tbrnngb the ITou'o by quite adc* idcdvot '. It wlI probably nie.-t with defeat In ibeSviiato. ‘lbubill propo««s to pay the ropor trn* fin per rnlnmii lor ronlang Hie reports, and ilte Mf-te .fovn-cl and Srafr /AjylvVreacb $-i per tolunm for printing them. A clo<c cstlmito p«t> in Hie expense at £I'VM. for tbc session of six Wf-Vs, The sum of <S,S23 In postage stamps was voted to Hicmcmbcs of the <>t-uoral Asscmbh', to-diy, givlrg to each member about S7J world. I lie fdationeiy qucMion :a 4 been started sev* «*r«l times m the lions**. The cxpo-ltlon nude by your coircßp*.ud'-nt (wo years ago, and after* warns by a commiUcc appointed by the Assem bly, wberolu gio-y fratnli were brought to llglit, ba;- made t*.«r new member* nations upon the •üblcct, ord thus d< cilnc to vote the Mallouery mail lliev more thoroughly understand Ihoqucj ih.n in nil its bearings. In the resolution, this tr.o!i>imr, II was provided that each member -hruld Issue sn order lerall the stationery he •<b:a*iiL-rl. This proposition was put in lo vi able the House lo ascertain just where U went. A nu mber ottered on amendment that the word ‘•Kio’tonciy ” thould not Include gold pens, uncilp, pocket-knives ami other jewelry, (■no Innocent member, S>irlcy, of Maconpiu • onrty. thought that as the Sate had already purchased these article*, the members Lad bi tter take them, or they might be lost or wasted. The whole matter dually veut lo a select com mittee. In the Senate, in the morning, two Agricultural College bills were Introduced, one by Cen.-ral Fuller, prepared by tee Executive Board of the State Apiiculluiiil Society, tb n other by Mr. Finch er, of Vermillion. fit* (wo hills are essentially w'vnttcul, with tao exception ol one section. ‘Die first named leaver the question of location v.iih Hie Commissioner from each Congressional DWrict, to be determined by Hr* advantageous term*- tvtioided from tllf.'erenl locaUiici; while v.c till inbodiic* d by Mr. Tiucber dcflnlte-iy flxea ;iu? lo< alion at Urbana. Champaign Cmmly, wln-iv the hclldlngp and grounds, cmbrnclnff about «*ue bundled and seventy acres ofi'ic Utbaua and Champaign Institute, wllbau additional sedlnn ot six bundled and forty nrres fjra m«idei laim vtthln one mile of Utbaua, ate tendered as a guarantee to the college. 'ihe Champaign people who make ibti olTor. rr puid Ihe profetky us worth lull tbne hundred :1 ousand dollars. It is a handsome o.Tor, nad fccdlone of tho State will have to do belter than Ibis or it will go in that direction. In t’u afternoon the ConslUntlnnal Amendtnetii enme up In the **cnato. Mr. Muon, the new Setu. tor from the Cairo Di*t>lcl, made his Drat speech. It was exceedingly aide. He was followed by (he venerable wag. (lencral Murray McConnell, who amusrd hlmsolf, if not the Senate; Mr. Web stir, nr Itork Island, who gave the IternincrnU M*tiif home Itnusin, anil by Mr. Woodson, ol Macoupin. In bis maiden e.lmt. lie made nu nn- Invornlito liti|trp<*lon. He was seiernt times com pel'« dlo ’ahe bark icchlcss np»erihntr, which i my tiinn, woman nod child in the Senate knew I.; be tinttne. Ho Is, in stnug portane>', ol the per • iinsioii “rnaier." ‘iln* vole on the passage ol the Amendment stood 11 to I, Senator ureene, «; the ' (did lUstikl. voting with the wmjoilty. «« he hits, I helium. In every ln«lance. T he I'enatoital qiieslkm tins tieen ntt> > nd< , d wlih h«s exeiteim id lu>dny, I Ihlnl., tlutti any day ot ihe week. Tiumhull h«« unilieihtiitlly ln« n gain- tl g rlHlii'lh nil day. Mu* (l/i|m<dlbui ackiimvl. iluMlil*. Hevurnl nmn who v«n«* (scanM'd jn»*. o hlii) on "ntoili.H, have nmmminii) Mioir lonnlii. iiilihi in dny In Hlnm! nr Tinmhiill. Th t Clilenno iii'li ratlm) may nmv bn ret down i» a ni>U In Ur favor. Jho leader In thin moinlnff'* I'iiiiicnr eniiti'il erent varltemettl nlrnmul (Ma avpiiliii,', noil ilii'iii vinr o iteiiciiil e'lillnii anions Trumbull'a irmtidr, ami « eomupumllnj* dnprosMnn mni)ii»» hid eit tniefl. Tiiril nrtlelo eeltli'f tbe ijiip.itlim ; hnoFlhi'yoml a doubt. Of coitrao the Opposition rill “t fi mile. f'uttiiui- WondPim, In bln ppi'ct h lu tiny, made -1 i-if ihilnnnliic irvelaDotislii rcyoid (i> l(u> oi fipfi'Tiil I’ahnir ni (he fonimcnremenl of fhi* «ar. One etalemrlil vtna In the filed (Jen ei el I'eluier, after Ida lehirn fiom Iho IVacc Con yir**, id wbkb tie v»io* mi active tncntVr« tnnde i'liMlc deidnniltoji of hW '*lllllloll,lll Cat||nvii|n. (let the Oriiriat Ooveinitietil hint no t-lttM lo I lii tce (lie Honlb, am) (lint he nnhcied In dint •m ii'loti allot 1 itiu ti'lirlll'or hud ntminemrii, II 1* Flail lodii )>n« Flnyiieinl inntiy friend* ot • eiiein) Fnlmei. A" I have ml'Mlih Trnmhiill men fee) olnipd M* niijhl, nnd will eohllnn > die *.vli- vOiblM't , r»»edropfld>’nvenm) vtam mull Mm • iiilmm oii !■ mid". H«'i)»ior TinnUmll on* vp‘ ch"l In IhM HIV to day. hot turn ind mil veil, pi u iiil (i('ht'9 n nn (mhii chhnao, olm cmne hen* in llm inleienl of Ueimfal I'almer, left 101 1 opm to nfehi. (■uir al l opau 10-nl'jhl fliMimted (haiaem)t.'m Ol th Ciii.eiftl Afesi mhly in llm depn'MtniHiiva Hull, in behalf iif llm Home for dm Hdin-Allini o> -toMletC Oijdiaiii. HU addiici vvaa a nobli* mm l UihiirliiMtcnlty rervlved. I'nilnmn'a clepnnint o car the “ llllnnls,” rcacb* tdl.cro to-day from C’hicaco, oi h a parly of ox cur urn,Uu nn their way to Bt. I.oul#. Ibe ozpc dl-ion 1c nndm the euldpneo of the Mrolhor Mull mar. Ti e car was during lt« stop bore vHica by a hiieoacmbcr ofipe momncia of the Lc. Ulatuii ai d cm/cn«. A largo reprcaeulution from nil nntistf Illinois Is now hoi c, audit Is especially lit Mint ro magnificent a specimen of the ukiU. on* ctpyand table of IMiuolh mvnuiacinrcr?, and cs *ndaily one Pcaiing her ninto. HhoulJ, on her fii ft experience on the rail, pay her re-pectstu :ho Capital. J;. F. (loodell, I# this ovenioc entertain li.gibt' roprotenlaiives ol the pit*## now In this chy in a cordial and hospitable manner, at hM « icpunl mausloo. MATE LEGISIiTHHES. ILLINOIS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Sfbikofielo, January ll*. HOUSE, Prayer by Hev. Mr. SMUit. run ions. Petition 4 from the tovvrshlp of Prairie City, for n division of the school fond; from St Clair, asi ms* tor protection against pHsonlalror; also tic -atKctrum Autois, ahklng for u feuyon (he HU uois River, from Utile Blue 10 Big Blue Crcska. PTATIONEnr. The usual stationery bill was brought up. with a pro* Iso that each member snail draw his eta :ronerv on his own written order, and another .hat statioi-ery should not include gold pens, non kimes. Ac. itcfeircd to the special committee on that subject. STATE DOCCTTINTS AND RSTOBTa. Ibe customary resolution directing the Sucre mrv of Sure to distribute all documents and re port# was adopted. ADJUTANT OEXEUAP'S OFTICE. Mr Bates oficrtdibc tol'ovnng: That tha AdJnUut General of this Mate be directed, and is hereby required to make up and ptiDlfsb a full report ot bis office, embrac ing therein the names, residences, cats of enlist ment, muster, disenarge or death of every officer, 'Otdleror marine ip the service ot the United fiom this Stale during the late war, vrlth ruct: other military information os may bo of in terrsL. Ihc resolution provides for the distribution and *a!e of copies ol this valuable work. Hefei ted to Committee on Militia. THE WOOL TUADE. Mr. Moore, ol iVoria, offered for Adoption by •be l»ou*e a long fcricfol resolution* recording ihe veol ‘Jane, which were adopted the other day by the «coi*Growej#’ Convention. and already reported. Laid on the table and ordeted to bo printed TDB (inSAT PCAX.. Hie Senate mil torevewtbe Gmi Seal of the Mule waa taken up. read twice, au-l then laid over fur want of a sufficleut vole to eaapenJ the mica. CHICAGO .'IAniXE liO-riTAE. Tic S«.alc net to cede Jurisdiction to the Coiled fcialc* over certain lands in Cool* County, •m ft Marine Hospital, was wiled up, read tliree lime#, and potaed. juseaxASCoya. A Senate act to localise a local ta* Isrieillna -tlicioi district in MvLeftu Coanlv, was passed mJil.uik opposition, in tlic n*nM form. Messrs. Dotes, frnc and Heynoids were op* pointed irotii Die Home on the Joint committee to corner with (inner*! Lopao respixllnp bis texture. Tho Committee on Stationery were annpmiced n« Messrs. Warren, Payne, Guilds, Kelly and Ta}lor. pnnmiro or rns oovcKSon'e MtssAOE. Mr. Surciifon IntroJuerd a resolution intended for joint action, mitbo.-Ulop ibe printin'* oi I,o*o captis ot me («ovcnmr*H message in (>crman, 1,1 (hj In and J.WOln Norwegian. which was adopted., Ac. On motion, it wa? qrarrcd tliut the floor or tlic I'itilitcF be covered wl'li uniting* nlto, it was ordeted that the £crucanl-at-Atiu* ahuuM keep flics <>rih«’ record* of the Supreme Cuuit for Hu* iuo «-f the House. A M'li of order giving to each member ih? riotit to call up or jtitrodnen three bills on the call oi bln name, hi alphabetical order, was adopted. roeTAus. A Senate message reported a bill passed In that bodv, to provide for Iho postage of (lie piouiit General Assembly, to an amount Rut to oxcood fS.jRf, wbico bill was at once lateen up, read tliteti tlraoa and pMsed. Adjourned io s o’clock ,l-m ' AFTKUNOON PKH.MION. CONIESTXU BEAT. Tbc contested Best from ioscwcll County ctuic up as a special oidcr. Mr. Taylor movtd t» lay tbo minority report In favor of Mr. HaUotiaUll on the table. Canted. Alter tno and a hall hoars’ discussion, the ma.birlly report was adopted, and Mr. W. W. Sel lers wac aduiiUed and look t/i” oath of ofllc*. I.ROISLATIVE IIEPOIITS. Tin’ Commlltce on Special lleporllng of the Legislature br Messrs. Sly. Umubatn and llart lett, teported In favor of contracting with tucm to report the proceedings ol the rate r r ten dol lars per column, solid nonpareil, slr.e ol Hie H'ate t/mir/io/columns, Hie same lobe printed lu two papers for eiabl dollars per column each. i l o lesolulloii was amended so that if Hie pro ceedings weio not published Hie dayah«-i They look plauu ililier ft p.mets m printer, whichever was in Imilt tor the umlsaMm, should not !«• paid. In ibis imm It was il am (u JJ*» noes, MMMdtnrtlOttttll; II ■■ H"hnl" |||» M'litin of 1!H) hill lut n(H>- nnlof «itu mimlimhl nf !!«« | ♦n| H iri< i ti III" H(1(I|.UUII 111 III" • nllul.Hl AlllnllllllMllt | (VHn(>iii ih" iino'ituf mI (iilVßimu'l*, 111" H«H»I lilt! Unit Of l|"lll'"*M||lTl|V"* WM •**!!• iliin) iii llhii, l, ~i Murn*« fitm nihuiUi im i«*il. OftV wv^.lnj, A it«oliiMiiii iidojiM ftcimnllfitf hi H, It, Httlhnulitll lli« l lijiil h» niiih ai ih" hb.ii>,ijn t HUB tu<)i • mini), vvulvnii/ nil rnminlului nfnmico, Adjftiunnl hENATK, Tim benato opened will* prayer liy Uev. Dr Miner. A nieafige was received from Hie Hone** concur* rlnu in Hie Joint n-aoluHon to Invite Ueneral Co. gall to lecture on 1 liiirxdsy evening. IKTITIOMS. S MM MUAO, Mr. Metcalrpresented a petition from (lie Mon* He 110 F< male Seminary, asking an nmemlmeol oftr.e ibartoroiHieHemloary ho as to aboilili a grog gboj. In Uontlcello. Hefened to Committee on HuiiVh mid Corporations. Mr. I.ueliucll pier.eatcd a petition from many bundred clllxelis to lirovonl flili Irom living neUed at cbi lain poiutu on Hock Hiver- nrt.Lß UEPOtITCD. Mr. Mitcalf, from theCummltt<*o on Darks ind Coipoiatlons, reported back the bill to ta- »••>.* rate the Cb'caco Cluii Ilotiue, and rccomm ei iea IU passage; also one to Incorporate the ULijr* lc»T society of Chicago, and recommended lr.« one to Incorporate a benevolent so ciety In Cano; pnsrag * recommended. The Committee on Agriculture reported favor ably mi the jltl io Incorporate Hie Doono Connlr Agricultural Society. J The Committee ou Printing reported back the bill relative to the publication of private acts of liiCOiturnHon, and recommended its rejection; the bill laid on the tabic. Also reported back the resolution making it necessary to pay $1.73 per k*o w ords on private acts before their Introduc tion. and recommended It** rejection; the bill was laid on the table by a tic role. Tb» Committee on Klecbons reporied favorably on the bill tor dividing the city of Bloomington Into Election DM;Jcte. POSTAGE. The lull to prov'dc postage for the General As sembly, not to exceed tn amount $3,523, was taken ti]* ana paused. LEGISLATIVE JIAKFAL. Mr. Addame presented a rc*olulion to print sis bumUcd copies of a Legislative Manual, contain ing tha mines, residence. 4c .nl racrab m, the • “om-fifiiiloiis of tne Untied States and IllluoK and diagrams of both chambers.» iba members' eeata. Amended so ns to prim one tin tuand copies, giving six copms to each mem ber. Tie resolution u« amended v.n adopted. resolution op isquirt. Mi. Holly oUbfed a resolution Inquiring of the Secreiury ol state why he ho* not Aildlled certain laws of the last General Assembly -clallvu to prlurng and binding the laws of the last sessloa. Adopted.* ILLINOIS CENTRAL ll VILr.OVD. Mr. Fert otlered a resolution to amend the Stale C'onsiUutb.n: to prevent tbo Legislature r*o n re basing the Illinois Central Railroad Company from its ohligal|ou« ; to pay Into the State Treas ury 7 percent of U« gro-s receipts, or to decrease Hie amount: also lo provide that after :iio exten sion «• ihe lii»ermbearlng stafolnaohse lues* ex leMD" at the time said company was chartered to distribute the revenue derived from the company equitably among (he counties of the Slate for ed ucational purposes. OTHER RESOLUTIONS. Mr. Wood?on offered a resolution inquiring of the Stale Ticasnrcr to report ISMv much money has been paid Into the Treasury bv Clcrk-i of Uoruly t oui ta In the last two years ; by forci-m jtisumrc'' companies under a law rcnnMa" tuJiu to pay three per cent of tneir premiums to the S:mc. Adopted. Mr Hedy o:.erod a resolution to appoint a com mittee to tnqntre n the Insurance c*»;upam-s of Illinois are sufllclenllv bond by tlmlr charter lo «cenre peraone UKing risks m them a-»al»*t losapp and also to Imjiilrc If sai l coumutei are Mtll'ncnilv j.rotected against lorelgn’io.niimic-’ cunp’.itiles. iasld over. ntue orrcnco, •MUC Vl.bUUli Jtr. Cheney olleied bill* m Incorporate iln* IHmimingiub Insimince Company; to amend tin Itat’kicg Act of IHot; to Incorporate* p hotel coin naoy in Bloomington: to incorporate the Mci.ean county Saving* itisthnilon. Ite Mr. Kasimrn, one lo Incorporate Tae Hack ChiuiL’O Brewery. By Mr. McConnell, one to incorporate tbc Jack «on MlhiiicCompariv. By Mr. (Hraln, one to Incorporate’the United rrcf-byteihin Theological Scmlnarriof the N'ortb wcrl. By Mr IVood«nn, bills to amend chapter PJ ol Hie statutes of 1813 relative lo evidence of deposi tion!*: lo incorporate the Henderson Loan and Heal K«late Association; lo Incorporate Ihe An deison Female botnliinry; to authorise Macoupin • •onnly to hor*ow money, Nsmi* bond*. 4c: to build n rou t nou«e |n Cnrllnviltc: to Incorpurate u hotel r mpiiny In Cnrlinvilln: to Incorporate the cnrlirivllte 110-se llalhvayaml Carrying Co upsiiy. By Mr. I'htlteiiili’u, bills lo iiuorpornte tue « anhnue 4 Ihirlittglon Itnilroad Comuauv; to h'CoriHOnte the He« Wolties llipnls Improtfeioni avd llsd'Y'dU Company. My Mr. W* seoil. bills to Micuruorate Ihi town of i rtinil: tommuui thaplvr si of (he Kusisud Miilutes. My Mi.Uroiti, ono to liicoriiutfilo of Tninßin. . V.L Mr * , f*' r A' titrorpmsla llm Poorln •V M limim ItnlhiHi'i Company; in itic Mtiormu Hut tiitt). nf Hn.ilfliindM My Mr Mmli, one In rollout T. I). Htoivait, Idle I i« itt>ii or of Will Comilr. Dy Mi. Tbn imr, one lo jimvlil • fur iho ora ml* I'iHii'it, * inlo" iiiniil and malnienaneo of (he (III* i<ola lutluelrlat I'nlvinriir Mr Mr. I'nilnr, one (nr (he ■(tin'* imrtiose. l>v Mr. Mnnn, ote lo Incurpmato the llllnniß (‘roRH Knilinm! ( omiin’iv. My Mr. Waul, one In amend chapter HI devised HlatiiP About practice j one to amend nn net In ei rpoin htrlhe Ninthwe*t -MuMiat JiiHmuiCi'Com oni y ; one to hiiorpoiote thet hlciaoHafc Mepo.Ml Company. My Mr. Melialf. one lo Incorporate Iho Mmill eeltn Female ‘•'rintnaiy; one to dmr"r the Ma»* c rnnh dr'l F»la!e nmlHavlne* Iljnk. My Mr. Mor#i, one to Incurpohile the Cunloo Cfl* l.lj'ht A Co’-e Company. My Mr. I'ntinti. one lu incorporate the Him) Uolre Flry l'i«iMnMep f’u himor. My Mr. Weh«l'»r, blit* lo le* i*d In (he Hup l l vlsoi aof IfocW I ■inn il t’oiiii'y t in io'i«othifile reifiuit (inrn«liljt=> in dock Nimiil rom>i) iiii‘niiiiD'hninl \iiniMi»ci i to im oitonflie ihe IfcCli dl*m WiPvi- Ihitver (’ tnijnity My M-. Add into, one (n theurtimapHltc Krec* Poll A Momoe Ifd-iio-til Compiiis My s||, Il'mt'li M, *tl|ta *u protei'Vi' flail hi l||H Mlii.oW m-dFov * tv-1 ■ nn.) Mlmdß Mi,bl k Mn Ape) | to ||).< ehy of On nv.i (o anh iibe hie Mil l* ot Mi" oiiaaa Mimiihu'lnilmt Olllpllli), Ai p.iiihnl nil |ivo oVlnrk )i. in, AmiMMIHN HIXHION. Hll.W INTHOMi rRI). Mr, Mad* tMinilni'i'd too Idlh lo Incapma'e lln* UrtHhalu'eA lro«piol«< Company. My Mr. Fincher, trill for an act to amend flm ivvi-mio law* tuul to provide fora hnaut of mpiau. xatloo. My Mr- Hlraln. bill to provide for the preat-rva* Hon oi prime ; one relating to the competency of viltucßeea lu civil case* iirronr or comnrTEß. Mr. Mnnn. fniui tin' i.og<in Commtttce, reported that (mneral Logan had accepted the invitation to Il'ClUlU. rtvvisr.n ftatittb. Mr. Cbitlerdvn introdureil a Ml) (o amend chapter flue of the Ifevhcd Hatntc* of ISfj, e.i illltil attoclmiipb- in trircuit Conrta. ntu» VAssnn. Mr. Fmler railed up the hill to inorporai)- the County Acnciillural Society. Passed. Mr. Waidfanod up the hill to incorporate the l : t nco States Clock and Brass Company ot Chica go. Parsed. nr?OI.UTIOS RECAU-ID. Mr. Woodmen ofl-**rcd a resolution to refill f.-om the Hrnse tbe Senate bill to r« new ihe great «esl oficcM-'tc. Hesald it was nassed In the senate under a mis/ippretienslnn ol its con’cnts. Instead of renewing M abers the real. Aoon»cd. COXbTITVno.VAi AJfENDMEKT. The Consiituiional Am'-ndtrent being the spe cial orccr, liwas called up. Quito an animated debate sprung ap on U, Messrs. Mnnn, Green, McConnell. Webster. Woodson and Ward partici* paling. Tbo eail**ry and lobby wore crowded during the discussion, by an interested audience of Indies and gentlemen. At 5 o’clock io the evening a vote was taken with the following re sult t r<oa—AOdatns, Loyd, Bnehnell. Cheney, East man. Fort. Fuller, Orceß, Mack, Aletralf. Mnnn, Pfllton. Pinckney, Strain, Tincbcr, Ward, Web ster. Acys—ChU’cnden, Cohrs, linnter, McConnell Riily, SLcpltard, Woodson. Hie St nale then adjourned, the lobMcs and gal eric# indulging io lively demonstrations of ap l>lau#c. I>’DIAXA, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tflbune.). Indianapolis, Jaunary 13, SENATE. The forty-fifth session of the General Assembly convened this morning. Al ten o'clock TJeulenant Governor Baker called tbv Sinaio to order.and on a call of tha roll all the Senators responded hot two. On motion of Mr. Bennett, of Union, the Senate proceeded to ccmpjetc the org.inlzatlon by the t lection of officers. For Secretary, Major O. M. Wilson received swentj-i-ipbtvote!*, and J. V. Kelso nineteen. For As.-letant Secretar, General Tnomas il. Browne received twenty-nine votes and Frauk Curnh gbam nlndom. For uooikeeper, S. It. Thompson received twenty nine votes andJ- H. Carr nineteen. The newly elected officers were nnalliled. On motion ot Mr. Bennett the officers were re quited to furnish the names of their assistant, and prescribe their duties, non-: to rcci lve pay unle-*s actually employed. TLc mica of last session were adopted and a committee on re vie on appointed. The Committees on congressional Apportion mem, legislative Apportionment, and Immlgia- Uon. were added to inc stendiup committees. SENATE, Three copies each of ihc Uera'd. Journals I*l* <jt o}'H and were ordered far each Senator. Jlr. Bennett introduced a hill to re-district th- State for Concrceslonal purposes. Passed to a second reading. Mr. Tbotnnson Introduced a Dili providing the qualities!.i. n of voters, and piovidins for the icrisuaUon of nil ’ ole.**. ihc .Toiut Committee appointed to await on the Governor, reportedthat be would deliver his njes race to-morrow at half-past two o'clock. On motion of Mr. Newline, a committee was appointed to procure the service* of a elefpymsn to open each aesblon of the General Assembly with prater. Adjourned (ill to-morrow afternoon at 2 o clock. house. At ](> o'clock the nonse was called to order by C> rue T, >'lxon. fieri; ol la»t session. on call or ibe roil, all (be mcml*crs responded but two. Tie House then proceeded to the election of of- Herrs, with tin- Mlowlngicsult: Tor Quaker. Dnvld C. Branham received M vote*. and George C. Thatcher 37. Fur l’i Incipal clerk, Cyrus T. Nixon rceolvcd AO votes, and Itulns Macce 85. Foi As-lsinot Clctk. I*. A. Kennedy received 5l» votes, and (.nptaln S. i arverCS. For Hoorkceprt. Captnln John Cauipoell re* eti'ed CO voles arn K. 1.. Ferguson JS 1 he i ules of the last House were adopted, nml a Kwltlon Committee appointed. A committee vns appolnteit in rrcnrd to the ap* polununt ofusiistants and compensation. A (.’OlllllllllOO was appointed or. Pitper. HUmps mid hiailotierr, lo whom all motions shall be ro* lerted utthonl debate. Thoslxty-ihlid role, which circs ono-tblrd of tbe members power to obstruct legislation was sclckt nfiom the House rales. Mr. bperry introduced a bill ratifying the Con* stiiattoiial Amoudraeot. iteferred to a select committor of seres. Mr. f rain offered a resolution in favor of Con* CHICAGO. FRIDAY. JANUARY 11. 1867. gres* first paying the Interest-hearing dfbt. He* font-cJ. Mr. rrathcr hilrorincGd a bill to apportion Ban* fllun ami Representatives fur (bt> next tvo yean. Referred to a committee ol one from etch Con gressional District. Mr. Mci'atly olCferetl a bill lo register voters lo tomisbij"-, precincts, and wards. R-pmeil lo Ju diciary Committee. A large number of bills and resolutions were olhued and appropriately tenured. Adjourned till to-morrow afternoon. al two o'clock. In ttif Governor's tueiMKO. MINNESOTA. (Hpeclnl Ib epitlch to Ihe Chicago Tribune*) Hr. I’Ai ta January It*. The ilovpfiuu's message war jetheied lilts fmcnnidi, H l« ab able exposition of Htai« af falls, Husavs Die rscnlpla from nil sources, in* (hiding Ihe balauus In Die Ticrstiry ut Hie slid of lb" vc«r, worn ju, l.vuyj j and Ilia "simndllurc*, iud.wA.ttu, leaving n balance tu Dm vrmuuiy <n |(lM,(n!i,nH, 'I Imru has been an lmTaa»o of over ykm ir>,MSI in the vmliiu of iambi.- properly, which wll' raise Ihn whole to #57,700,000, um cmlme against the iJm’ermnoni of #195,000, aroma fair nay of si-tilemtml. Tim Auditor, who baa recently visited Wfebtuglon, anticipates Utnt llbO.tKti will be allowed. Tim porinauubl Hcbool Fund of tbs Stale amounted, on the doth of last November, to Tbo funded debt of State, excloaivo ol the fire millions or railroad bonds which arum dispute, consists ol s!sU,o<h io eight per cent bonds, due next July, end $:00,000 in seven per cmi bonds. due next November. The tanking Fund and Bchool Fund hare taken SIOO,OOO of lope bond-, Karim; only SU>U,<XXJ not held by the <iutc. The Auditor e tlmatcs that the Sinking Fund by uext July will absorb about 1,000 of boutU, end that we shall receive from claims nualubl the United States fIOJ.OJO ;i„ re. which gucs to the .Siukinc Fuud, so that at tin- umtmirr of the 595U.W8 io July next, the '• -.hi 'g Fund will bcsntltcient lo cancel nil but 0. which the School Fund will carry until ibc -;inkln.* Focd of IPOS provides for IK All of the 1 percent herds, except SI.'OO, if now held by Ihe Sinklm; Fund, and tne School Fund. Be fore the maturity of iho 7 per cents tuo Sinking Funds will have cnrccllcd all. There arc in the elate 1,002 School Districts; Kal.lt9 children between live and twenty-one vears; 1.127 school teachers, and 1,197 school houses. The teachers receive $160.116. 1‘i, and the school houses are vilucd ni siPi.’»7? 17. The ■ Governor recommends tho establishment of an In* dor-eudent department of public Instruction. The attention ot tho Legislature is called to the £ict that by the action of last winter tbo State was left without a militia law. liV-purts of surveyors of J-ogs and Lumber show lS7,*iT2,Wt feci scaled Uet year, the esti mated value being The returns of Assessors, which arc approxi mately correct, snow dial the total number of acics ii'idor cultivation In iSUS war' U6S,OOJ; In ISM, T’.WJ’CO; tilled ar-a in wheat, iSGj, 400,000 ; tUUd area of wheat, ISO 6. SdP.OQti. The exports of wheat in l!-6‘» were 8.111,2'i0 ba&hcls ; in IsOQ, 11,267. 153 bushels. The Governor urges great caution in the dispo sition ot the land grants given to tbo State by uct of Congress, atm calls attention to tbo (adarc of the St. Pan! & Winona Railroad to comph tc iwcnty miles ot their road, as required by tbeir grant, and Ps ccn-vquont rcrfoilurc. He •ncl. nc:ion as will best secure tbe completion of the road. In relation to the bonds issued lu !Si<, known as tbe five million loan, be says something Fjnetly due. which amount abouta bo paid, and advises the State of half a million acres of land granted to the sratr to meet the Indebtedness. The population of the State, ba-cd upon school rrturus, he cstiro ties at 316.0uu. The official can* Viu-g was tnnilo to-day. For State Auditor. Me- Ilrath, Ropnbr.-.-ui. racelveaC6,s>T votes; Nelson, Democrat, Mclhaib’s xnnjorliv, Tii.'tSJ. pierlc oftbo Pupieinc Coim, Hough, Republican, •J 7,2 - Cnvaiiaugh, Democrat, 13,627; Dough’s majority. U,iU3. WISCONMS. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.J Hadi-om, Wis., January id. PENATK, The 1-ecHn'e got fairly to work ‘o-lay. In Pro Senate Hie .Standing Committee m'lvc annonuc d. Tire follo wing me tbo most Important; Wri>b, Uiown, i, FV O. Thorpe and Ceorgi* Heed. Ftr.atic'— Sbo|e», Rountree and fJeorge RceJ. JiH'tu p*.r<»rt.*(»*•—i'ndd, (5. Thuepe and Mur4.ul. J/ill'ary Jffiir*— Vonns, Fartnerand Clark. Agriculture— Rountree, SUvjns oud Orson Heed. State Affair*— PromUoot, Wheeler and Hadley. J’fdfrui Hfla'lnn*— Wilson, Wottb and rhorne. /•Wi/eofl <«. .S'Aootu/id Vn\ccTt\ty Ag/idi—Dary, Warner and Smith. Jlaiin* and VanHng~ Fulton, Whitman and Uss k!r. Joint VomtnVtre on C/olnia—bltl!c|olin, Drown and Thome. P.tOllc land*— Warner, Slarksaml Orson Heed. Hate /*/ Ison—Starks, Fallon and Orson Hoed. JtaUro>iUe~t). (1. Thorpe, Proudfit, Sanderson, Wholes and Harbin. Jfrnervtent //letiti/tiona— Wheeler, Ilotintroc mid Adams. Joint Committee on J*vt>llv J*rlnfinj-~ flrown and Stnhh. A bill was passed, under a suspension ol the rnies, ttml so mui'ii o r n law of last session ns ro* nutred thorn seekers of admission for Iriimds to tlm InsiMuie for the I km', Dumb and illltnl, to par the ensl of transput (niton thither and sttiipoit li tre, unless they make affidavit of (heir Inability to do so. A bill was Introduced for phetmgriplilc report* et* to the Htipiemn Court and circuit Cmnt« In Hie rir-l. Herotol and Ninth circuits, ho»< isl tosnluilntis of nogcneinl Inlurtil wme ndnidi'O. iuhwk. In tin* Assembly, snverul unlmpo'tsnl rsanlti il ns unto Hdi’pled, and iitheia introdtiead ami hud over, A memorial to congress was adopted, unitor a -uspenshiiinf Die rules, aaklug punalnna lor air vt iiigsotdleis ofllir war of |H| J. At two o’clock the two house* met In Cumon lion, nit* tided by Judges and Hlatc iifilcers. mid numj cKlzens and Indies, to |l«teu to the (lover* ion’s message, 11 copy of which has been sent »00. Ike reading of that part relating to .Vnlloual minin’. In which (ho adoption untie Constitutional Aiiiomlmeni, and Impartial loyal suffrage was advocat'd was tH'*|itently Interrupted by ap idiitiFe, which was most emphsln-. 'llie snborutmile ofilcers oflhe Hetiale and A*- • itnldtp have nit been appointed. Out of (weutr ■even (illicere ami em|i , ove->. (wrnlv mo soldiers, i he luilotving me tlieprouiltjmil olllrers t cn lmr, 1,. 11. Kills, of Hodge, Nine teenth Inlanlryt A*s'«tnt!l Cieik, Peigoiml Midu *y Unnxliitno, of Knit Claire. Hath HaMerr t K'lroll ■|'g clerk, (icotge W. t*lo»or, of Ihniet T»atis -11 Md”g Cleik, Henry K. Tailor. o> .Mmqoelle I rntfto*«lhtf 1 lotk, Frank U. Wlsnet.ol Aihtti*. pilwite In’lith Itdetiliyi Mergesii)-nbAi«o a > Ueti'onniit A*u Klnhoy, of uireo l.nke. Fhsl 1 uvalt v 1 Assistant Moiyestil-nbAihl*, tdeiilenatit 1 hniiix I ihoiinofCotiimmi". third itifsfiNyi (’mi Mn*nr, rol>'i*”l Itiaufoid llmteock, of, I'uitdvohiH' lidmdiy. ,\o*fnt,)y A»«M«iit C'etk, WltiUm M. Neu> enmli, of I afeyelle 1 Hookkepper. Hnptdlli H. A. oimlhnmyd. ot Columhln, l.|glii»eiMh IhlKilfyi I nglossu.p Cleik. CsplHlll C, It, V.f|eu|mn,. ( Coinldn I jo's iCitfolhioM lerli. Heorv* 11. Komi* pea, of iUtuHon'n v ultfovuia Crtvntiy 1 Vnmsciih* thg clerk, Frad. A, Henimi, of HhelMygau | Her yi«i,t.«i.Arm». Captain Haiimi Webaitir, of .Mil* "iinkue.lultt of the First dl»eon*ln Hattury; A»- eo.iuni hcigt sni ai-Arniß. W. W. I'nlammi, pub* IMier of Dio MDwaukoe l*osimvK*r, Cui - porttl K. U Hrutienter, of Kraal County, UU? ot Uu hovtiiU Iteglmuiil, Missorm. (Special Dcsontcb to the Chicago Tribune.) St. Loetft, January 10. (. barlea D. Drake's nomination for United states Senator ua» a foregone cooclnslon, and hi* election I- certain. 11c bas declared himself fav orable to negro ?udrag*', but opposed to amnesty to rebels, except after years of good behavior. Ills opponents lacked concentration. It Is sig nificant that although Drake bltnnclf favors the atnemlmcnta to the Constitution removing the test oath and disabilities from teachers and preachers. jetJ yesterday ibe House by a rote ofGP to SI laid on mo table a proposition embrac ing these amendments.

Measures have been Icangnrated looking to the jmpiacbmeni of Judges King. Burkbardt and Tun for Illegally restoring rebels to citlaetwhlp. ■Jicat indignation prevails in the Legislature con cert ingibe conduct of these Conservative Judges prior to the last election. KANSAS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Topeka, Kansas, January 10. llio House to-day. by a vote of 75 to T, passed a joint resolution ratifying the proposed Constitu tional Amendment. It was sent to the Senate, which oody retased to suspend the rules to con sider it, but will pass it to-morrow by a large ma ■°Al{thc opposing candidates are comblnlng to defeat Uovcruor Uoravroy for the Senate. The outside pres»nre. inspired by whiskey and money, is heavy against him. He has a plurality of votes, acd. bis friends claim, will succeed, wincing a brilliant personal as well as political triumph. Bis prlnapal opponent Is Ex-Govenior|Camcy. whose friends claim that he (Carney) win ootato the Conservative vote. Carney went off on the Johnson sebute with Jim lane, but returned to the Radical church and claims absolution. A Soldiers' Monumental Association has been organised in thl« city, with Govemer Crawford as President c.c-ojfdo. It Is proposed to raise a monument lo Kansas soldiers costing $33,009. Colonel Jcnnlson. the (little Jayhawker, is sell ing Scnatoilal pools, to tho great delight of the sporting fraternity, who are largely represented b* re. The weather is moderating. Topeka, Kansas, Jaunary 10,— The House to day passed the Constitutional Amendment—To to T. * U will doubtless pass the Senate by a large majority to-morrow. c< m bleat'one are forming between the oppos .'ng candidate* to defeat rhe re-election of Senator Pomeroy,but Ms friends claim tha’, having a pin rali'v, he «D 1 overcome the opposition and bo elected. Balloting will commence a week from Tuesday next MICHIGAN. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] f jotsixo, Mich., January 10. SENATE. The following bills were reported, rcfcnel (o the Committee ol the Whole and placed on the general order: To legalize bonds issued by towns in Eslamuoo County in aid o( the Kalamazoo A j-choolcraftßailroad; to snthorize*tho village of I jiwton to loan money for school purposes; mak mg appropriations for Antictam Cemetery; to provide for the Incorporation of a Lodge of Good Templars; to amend the charter of the city of Marshall relative to the jurisdiction of Justices. Mr. Draper introduced a bill to amend the swamp land drainage law. Head and referred. The bill relative to actions in relation to real property passed. Also the bill to amend the charier ol Battle Creek, as to the time ol bolding elections. HOUSE. Resolutions relative to tbo Impeachment of Ibcsld'iil Johnson weie Introduced, 000 by Roolne. of Return, one hr Newcomb, of Seymour, ami oso by Wllliard, of Calhoun. The first two uetnarued tb* impeachment. if in the opinion of Congress the riceldoul was guilty ofhlgU crimes audlmproper use of official power. Laid over under tho rule. Willard’s resotallon expresses coufldt ncc In ihc majority in c'ougrcso, and de clares the Imjuacltnu'tA act a grave ami eolcmo rerpoi.tihlH : y, a* <1 on** npo'i which the taglsla in*e sol feel roraneicnl to advise, ann only utks on'ongrcs" the firm discharge of Us duly. Mr. Jours' resolution, Instniqjlng the Judiciary Committee to inquire what legislation la necessa ry 'olsx the stock of National Ranks was adop’od. Thn Ju'llclnty Committee reported hack the hill, lo amend the compiled law* authorizing the sale ot equitable Interests 00 execution; also relative to limitation actions relating to real property: also the bill to amend an adlor the collection of debt* against watercraft. . „ The CommUteo on Raucarion reported a bill to amend sect lon I>H, 1 hauler TS, Compiled Laws, rela tive to primary schools. Iho Committee* on Bonks and Corporation* sported a MU lo amend the charier of Dattl* Creel; i (dative to trxes. All ol which were referred to the proper com mittees, ami ordered printed. The followlt'if bills w- re Introduced t To con* 6/tn toe title or the Jackson, Lansing A Paglnaw liallruad to the Property ot the Atulmj, bandog A Iraveise Way lial'road : to amend secllun leii. Act of 1901, reorganising lh«‘Agricultural College I a Joint resolution authorising the Uuiernur lo execute a rerllllcale for land granted fUr lb- Mar. qiiHte ,% Wisconsin a( N |n blue Knltioid } lo amend tbs chatter of Niles) for the appointment of unltfranl attenls i to provide lor a>cerlahdmt "i'd giving hoiks ol llt If* to lands of deceased prisons j tolpgails" Urn action of the Mamuelk' and < liivnla inacndamlssd mad i fur Htnie load l" \ snltiitFh Comity t h joint tesolunon tor iiie ptj»{fcib'»r »>f rtfloub ■ i a bill lo atusini stu'llou hiMi, Ctumiilrul bans, ndallvs in dausetipu or imli/timsts li'ded by JiiMiies I lo ropoftl n(i la"n mu lisrcjisrly, All of width wefti lead twieo and refsrhd. NK»V Y»»K. AnubT, January Hi.-Tne Constltutl-uml Auu n-liiuiil u»» miiilud, |o-iUy, by tha I'.oii.e, as It came from tbu Hunale, by yeoa to, nays its. MAKYiXm ANirapoua, Md„ January 10.—Tho hill enfran chising cnir.cns heretofore rllsquallned by alleged participation iu the rohelUno passed lo a second reading, and will no doubt poaa the Uoiuu u>- monow- > COXtiRESSIOXAL PKOCEEDISGS. Wasuinotoh, January 10. SENATE. Memorials wire pie«outed from several Western cities rchtlve to haibor Iroprovemeols. Ih-femd futh-i Ccmmitlec on Cummeico. i-r.SLiJNKHr.ies oteda pctiiion of the citi zens of PeMisylianla asking for a l- gialation pre venting a dl-Ucetlon being made on account of color in the Distnct of Columbia, tbo Territories, nnd (be Southern States. JVlltlons wore presented for the passage by the Douse of n tarid’dll, which, with manv other pe titions and memorials, were referred to com mittees. The bill for reftiudin" 5a,-l()u duly on railroad iron to the Winona £ t*t- Peters Railroad, was passed J!r. POLAND called np the House bill to fix Ihe time for the regular meeting of Congress. Mr. iIEiNDRK-'KS ihoucbi there was no ncc-.-s- *lty lor such legislation. Hit was 3partymeas ure, be had nothing to ,-ny, biu If U was claimed to be required by the interests of the country, be would like fo have it explained, lie believed the country bed got alone very well witbom a con tinued session heretofore. It it was simply il-- •tgned to bold lbs I’re-idvnt in check, the coun try ought to know It. li it was for strictly pa*. >l»ai- purposes tbo country out to know it. 11-* believed the passage of the bill bad been Jeter mni< d on In caucu , but be thought tae .Senator ought to explain it, jfir. ED V. UNDS .-aid be bad only taken charge of the bill at :be request ot Senators who were ab sent, and members of the House. So far as he knew oftbc reasons ibat produced the passage of the bill in the House, the principal one was to provide an addlilonafoillccr to the succession of the Presidency In case of the death or Impeach me’ tof the President. The bill would give us a pcrnuneiu Speaker oflhe House, which wo would not have without it. How much political signifi cance there mlgld be In the bill he did not know. Ileuasnol prepared to say that the unfortunate ttffurocce between tbo President and Congress had no* contributed to toe passage ol the bill, though bow much he could not ssy. Mr. IIEXDHIcKS offered an amendment to the ?'court section, to ad-* the following words; “ Un less thercbcar«.ceas In such session for more limn thirty days, in which ca<e mumbets of (tie former Congress shall receive mileage." The amendment was disagreed to. Tliehlll "as then icaa a third time, and passed —ycastUi, uajs 7. ATES. Anthony, (kimes, Ramsey, • liandlur. lU-mlcrdon, bhennju, (.'onnefp, noward, h'ewart, Cragin. Howe, biimupr, Cresvvell, .Kirkwood, Van WlnMo, ninuud-, •Lane, Wade, Fesscntk'O, Motgan, Williams. Fcpg, Mnrnll, Willey, Fester, Poland, Riddle, Hanlabury. nvckalew, Norton* Hendrick*, I’alteifoii, Jobueon, Aa jawed l*y llio Senate nml font lo the llntiac for concDucnco la tbo amendment, Ibo bill Is as fjllows: An Act to fix the time fur regular meetings of Congress: lie it eunct'ds by the Semite am] ifoa«e of Rep* reaentotlvcß of the United -Males of America, ui Congreßß airomldcd, Tbattln addition to tbe ret;* nlar ttmea of meeting of Congiosa, (Imre ahull bo a im-Mlns of the Portkslh Congee** of the Untied StelcinmJ ofeach succeeding Conproa* thereafter, nt 13 o’clock m., on the Ith day ol March, the day on which the (emi begin*, for which the Congress la elected, exccol (hut when thu Ith of March occur* on Sunday, then the meeting shall lake place at (bo same lltno on the next succeeding day. U. Jh’t Of If further fuacfrdt Tlmt no peranu o ho was n member ol the provtou* Congress shall iccclve nny compensation u< tiilleneo forgoing to or returning from the additional session provided for by Hie foregoing secilon. Mi. CllANin.tUt luesetiled a polUlon from thn llelroltntid Toledo lloatd- ol Trade, recommend* mg the plan tuouosed In llie Heciutmy of War, ihionitlithn fttiplneer JiepAitiiieiit, or innklntr a •lnlai-l e#iml llnoimli tlio HI. Clair P.ita InHend of funher exiintdtlure* of money In <lrt*tl*rltiir dm exMimr channel, and praying Congress to mike Ihe m<ee«<nry uppropiiallotia Uivieior. Iloferied lo Committee on Commerce. Mr, WADK»up IhublU to amend Ilium- L'inili' in I* of ilii* (criinrh-H of I'm Unltoil H'niei. by iiroUblt'Mif the denial or civil or political lights on account ofc itoi, nntl offurml the follow iuir piitinlltnto i 11 '] hnl limn and nl'orttn 1 passage of this act, then* almtl lie no denial of llie eloctlvo Iriiiclilae in llio imltoilca of Uu* United Hiatus, which me, or mar he, nraanlitcd, nn account of men, rotor, or imp* lona ronilltloti of ■ervlludo, and all aria or nails of arts, either of Congr* as or tlm Legisla tive Assemblies In the Tsirilorles, inconsistent -Itli the provisions ofltilßuct, arc hereby dictated unit mol void." r rilMllhib* adopted •■ml MU passed—7l InII, Me, liDMUNDH railed tip Hu? bill to rcgtliniu Ibe lemur of 01110, v blfh flic* coimnUPo nnmi ou iiiud to sttlke out atttl substitute the lulluw- Hmlioti 1 pro*ldes Hint nil present Incumbents of ilill on co« ntM'olhtffl «)|h tile advice of Ho* HHinlM, etccpl heads of departments, ntinlt com llrno tu bold untie ntitil a la uppulnled nt Me manner. . .. .. Hirdotitl enmovers Itm rfe»|iteni l«» aitspeiol any such officers. eiceot *influ.s of Pie t'dllrd Hairs Coons, ultmt an'Mftmorlly to liliti Miry are ptoven guilty of liil»t'oinl(ic| oi dime, or Imftpa* Uc. undto a ■nv»'p«»m until (1* Menu's mu mi h tli'M'Hip, mahlotf M tiM ddlr tofpjmil a lull suspension svlMihi twenty day* after Dm opening of iti« amaloti, with h)a reasons, aioi al« lowing Ida icmoval and substitution nmiit (hair approval. lull ieln»iatl'uf sunn oihrer should Hie *.nsi« refuse to cmwur. 'Vim t'iu»ld»ui U iliorlrrd to revoke such amp'-Mmi on hemming salUfled Dial >1 was nude on in'olllrltnl ornnods. Hccilond empower* the Pituddcni to flit all va «(Ulrica li) ion tun of death, resignation, expira tion of teim or other legal erntw, the occupancy expiring at tUo end ot tint following icaaton. If no appointment, with the advlco of llio Senate, tu All aurb vacancy, abonld I'd made during (he faut session, tlio office to remain to anoyance without salary unit) Mich appointment be an made, the duties lo he perfmmed by the officer legally on* titled to t-xmeise it In ca»e of vacancy. Section I provide*! that nothing contained herein •bail W construed tu extend the terra of oillco now limited by law. After some minor vathal amendments by Mr. Edmund*. Mr. HOWE moved to Include Cabinet officer* in the provisions of tbo bill, Mr. Howe thought thev should be responsible to the people, nat the Fxi'cnlivc. fer the discharge of their dattea. It the further cocrsc cf tip remarks ho sal.! the peo ple lost all respect lor ihehlch office when the President cctnim need peddling offices. ilr. FESSENDEN hop'd the Senator wonld not make any invidious allusions to the Execu tive. Mr. HOWE denied using the objectionable terra peddUrg offices. Messrs. FESnENDEN, WH.I.TAMS, JOHNSON and BUCKAT-EW spoke against It. 'i be amendment was lost. Other amendments were proposed and with drawn, and, pending the consideration of tho hill, the Senate adjourned. * HOUSE A resolution was icirodnced requesting the Committee on Commciccto taqubc Into the ex pediency of making an appropriation for the complrilon of the harbor of St. Joseph, Michi gan. Passed. The credentials of Thomas J. Fester and A. M. Branch, claiming to bo Representatives from Ala bama and Texas, respectively, were presented and referred. _ Don. Phllßp Johnson, of Pennsylvania, ap neared for the first time lu his seat rbfc session. On motion of Mr. COOK, of Illinois, a resolu tion was adopted ins trading the Committee on Military Adair* to inquire into the expediency of cirinff to commissioned officers and enlisted men who have served in the anny and navy In the late war. and who were separated from their com mands as prisoner* of war, or by being placed on detailed service or special dniy, who were disa bled by wounds, or diseases received, or con tracted In the line of their duty, fall pay and al lowances for the tnll tine that rboy were subject to the military or naval authority of the United state*- Mr. BOYER, of Pena, was excused, at his own request, from nuthei duty on the Committee on ll’lltia. The bill to pay Route Mall Agorts not less than or more than f 1,200 per annum was passed Mr. AII-EY reported a bill declaring Clinton prider, across the Mississippi River at Clinton, lowa, a post road. Mr WASEBDRNK, of HUnoia opposed the bill. The bridge, he said, was an obstruction to the navigation of the Mississippi by barges and raite, to prove which be retd from a written statement, signed and sworn to by twenty tnee, captains, pi lots and engineer", engaged In navi eating that river. He had no doubt that this bill was intended to serve the late cste of the Northwestern Rail road Company, which be denounced aa a stupen dous and rmoiselo«« monopoly. Mr. FARNSWORTH, of Illinois, asked his col league. Mr. W., If there was any proof that dam age bad been done by the bridge to Steamers or other vessels navigating the nver, and wbeth-'f be coo’d tell bow long ;n : bndpc had been built. Mr.WAS 13BURNE reyN'd that such evidence had been prqdoced before the Committee, and that according to bn* recollection, damage hai been shown In one case to the extent of SI,OOO. The bridge, he thought, bad been an obstruction to the navigation for five or six years. Mr. PAVI9, of New York. stated that the bridge bad been built only in IH3I, and that not a single suit had been commenced tor damages for injury rvsnlllPgfrom it. Mr. WASUBURNE said that one such suit was ponding In the District Coart of lowa. Mr. IJOtiAN. of Missouri, confirmed the state ment, and remarked *bst (hire bad been a good deal of difficulty In finding oat who to sno. Mr. ALLEY demanded the previous question on the passage of the bill. The demand was seconded, and then after farther discussion by Meat’s. ALLEY, of Ma sachUseU*, WAMI HURNE, r finii ols, FARyUHAR, of Indians. ici!tN’*’K, ot Ohio, GRISWOLD, of Now York, AU-ISON, of Inwa, FARNSWORTH, of llhnol-, nnd PRICE, i f lowa, the bill wa* passed by a u»te *T HR JCfIK 10-J3navs. On motion, Mr- WAsIIDURNE, of Illinois, the Miriness on the SpookcrV table was taken up nnd nbposed ot as follows: Ihc Senate amendment to the bill to fix the tiroes tor the regular meetings of Congress, nro v!dlcg that lo member of the next preceding Cci'gicss ‘hall receive any compensation or mile- lor-gctng to or returning irom tbo Place of meeting of the next Congress. wa« agreed to. The H«nalo amendment to the Homo bill to amend the organic nets of the Territories of Ne t.iafka. Colorado. Dacotah, Ac., wav agreed to under the operation of the previous question by a-iotcol ui yeas to m nays. The atmcomml prohibit* (he denial of (bo tight* of ttaochlse Co any dtlaeoon account of taco, color, or prcvloti* condition of servitude. Ihc title of Uio bill .was changed so as to rnd. •* An act to rccnlato (ho elective franchise in the Terrllotlt-eof die United Siates." 'the Senate Joint resolution appropriating XlT.bOb to defmv the rxj en*e- of the .lolut Select Committee on Hefrcnclimrnf, ,r «" passed. The Benalo bill to admit Nebraska as a Stale was taken up. Mr. AHULUy. ofOhlo. demanded lb? previous question or Us passage. stating that the Commit* tee on Territories, except one member, had unani mously Instructed Itlmlo do so, but be withdrew the demand temporarily, and considerable ills* Mission ensued and scmul motions were made amt lust. Mi. AbJIIiKY asa'n renewed (he previous lion, nolcli nas iiiei with maths of dlsappiomi* lion fiom both sides of (lie House, The dMinimi wa> liol snMalto d. Mr, Hor»F» of llil«ni», stiptreslcd IroulMllv Dial Ills* Imsl course could be for it<e (louse |o adlourn tool Mm Hi publlcaua o hold a CAmm* In the sr»n lug to deisiiiilne w|»ai slmiild be done wlih Hie bm. i Mnmliiei.l Mt.ABHI.IA moved jo |m»lnniie Dm furt; M .r pi lidlt u COppMerailol, of the bill A ntoibdi to adjoimt was agreed to. FltON NKW VOUU. llcliol Null Affnliibi firiirral nmlor— llliffrarellil krene In ihe I'ily Cmmctl -'llio Preeidnil dMaiilled-Ue At* icinpU |o Dm a IMaloli bill 1m Prevrii(4‘«l by i>lUv«r» t and IMaced Under Arreat. NswYohk, January JO.—ln the suits Ocueral Bntler. (ho plainttd*, Doneywell, accuses Rutlcrof compelling him to charter tho steamer Carlotta to bis brother's partner, at tlfly dollars per diem; that the vessel was tbeu chartered to the Uovemuieot at tnrvo hundred and dfiy dollara per diem; that subsequently ebu was mu on a p< ivnte voyage by Duller, after which no compelled plotutiff to take tiling for the vessel, though -ho was worth st>o,<Kk', and his brother and partner re ciivcd fJO (Mfl from the Government for her. The other rlalntlll, Kearney, of Now Orleans, alleges that Butler c mpcllcd Mm to give his brother JTU.OUO worth of naval stores, which was paid in Confederate nites of 57.C60 ooly.but which Duller himself had pre viously prohibited from b.-Ingputlu cr.mlatlor, Alter the sto*e weru d--ilvercu Outler’a brother cocelgncd them to Boston, where they were sold ana the proceeds remitted lo Butler. The conn to; k the papers and reserved fra de:!«lon.“ Aditcracefnl scene orcurr d In the Common Conncil (unlay. A Democratic councUmso. Hart man c.rlcd Brinkman a pilferer ami a sconml'cl. CouncilmanKongtbrow au inkstand at the IVcsldeut, which struck the side of the dais nnd hc-uattcrcd him with Ink. The Picslueut then drew a pi-tol, hnt was pro vetted horn using It by som - bystanders. A geiMfll rosh "as made on ' iiitu by a number of Connellraen. but officers Wilkin -on nnd natielt, of the Twenty sixth Premuct Police, rescued him irom the Ir.fnriatcd mob and tno~ him under am st ou the cliargo of Councilman Long, who alleges that he attempted lo lake bis life. Tho affair was carried to the Mavor, who held the parly to hail. The friends of James Stephens, the Fenian, as sert thathe will be rorincommg at au early day, uud give a satisfactory explanation to the public. FROM BLOOMINGTON fenator popularity—A Lie Nailed, |Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) ■* pLOonisr.To.v, January JO. The telegram from Springfield publlslscd in to day’s Issue of a Chicago morning paper, stating that a large meeting had bevii held in this city in the Interest of General Palmer for United States '■'enntor is a lie manufactured out of whole cloth. I' cjc has been no meeting held here todiscu-s the Scuaiurlal quotiou, but a very large majority ul the Republicans of ihl-city and county Kivor the romlnutioii ol Judge l i utmmll. TclcgrnpUtv Nown ('onuolldation. New Youk, January m.—The undersigned have plcasute In aunounclng to the newspaper press of the United Slates and to the public, that the differences which have lately oxistul belwees tbrmsclvcs, the newspapers, and the news orgaut ration which they represent, have been adjusted satisfactorily to nil parties. It *s a putt of this adjustment that all the newspapers ui Uto coun try are icstoreJ to i;nir formi*r amlca blo relation* to the New York Associated Ikes?, tin* tVorW mal'iiitr rm*mber«hlp in lito Associated Press *. that the United Stan** and Eu ropean News Association, "hose contracts wph the Keii’er Company,! o 1 Ictsc of fho New Orleans Jc Eultze Teb-ginnli me trnn»forr» ii to the Assort • .jled P ens, "libdtaws Irom that part ol Hie Tr business, width includes the sale ol news to non?- papers, and that a contract for tire mutual ex change of news hn;» been executed bel-'eeu tin* New York Associated Press mid the Western As sociated Press. lids adjustment will take effect mi >atnrdny tngM. January PJ, IWJ7. (tilßiiod,) ", C. PtltME, President Now York Associated Pros?. Makton Maiidle. New York iVorW. IticiiAiin Smith. M. Qaestbau, J. MbhiUm For Hie Western Associated Press. NcivYork aim I’etiiiaylrnttlu Senator* Ini NomlnntlniiH. Af.nAKt. N. Y„ January 111.—The Republican CHUCiionivt toodght nod nominated Una. Wo*coc I'onitllnp a* their candldniofor United stales sou* ntnr. llMintaitvim, Pa.. daminry tu —Simon Came* ion umm nomlnnleii by (lie ReimliUciV' emeu* tor Vniinl hmho senator on tm* llrsUmllot. Tin* voiownst Cameron,dnt I’mll'i, 3:it Tlnddeir* Muveiia, 1j Crow,ft. J tit* iioinliinlluii was then made nnanjmmis. ilrHliiß id' I In* I’lthiltra* National Union, lU*rrM.n. January in.—Th« Pnlntei*' National I'nloo ine; to re ye*|enlny, and .lames Ihmrlie, ul New York, wan chosen Preuldeni, and W, T. ■ icnv, ol Ihilllmmr, Secretary /mi f*m. l>t‘|.-- eii(e« were present from Chicago, Milwaukee, riilludalphla, mnl other places. Trani]di'd to Dentil, Hr. Put. .January 10.-Ijuil evening, about :mrr o'clock. T. Hay, while In Hoi 101 l of Destimv ~ I cols’ Malde, at AlluiicajMilt-*, toll Itiroimlt an aperture Into a Mull, and on* tiampled lo death o n horse belmo nssl-tmcp could In? tendered :rr \v AIT IIKOTHKit** Aitvnrlinlna Au‘ii • ail llPtirl»urn*Mlt« rrreivi* nilrertlapiMi'iiia <nr nil ilir Ipihlihv impeta tlirpuabnni Mm ('mini l*tntp<« mid t'mmun*. Slvt asfioriaiioh. 1‘ 11 11 SELLING OITIOES <>pmui.tiopiiv auta'-mk'lmion wtu,tut ‘■'jm'H iimil 10 O'clock !*. 11l KVKUV liVIONINO. I'N I'll. IIIK l»III INSr. /Rnssomr Notirrji. M ABONIO.—A Ufpular Convocation o| Woslilnnlon fhapler, So. Ui, will be ImM TilfH ivn.i»)i l.VKNVSll,.lumi*r> Itth, ulUietr lUil, No, t»*J llundo nb-tl. JOHN' Wlim.KY, Sserrtary. Jftel). JMJOOK TROUT. J Cl IAN CEY, At Ko. .|0 Ororborn-st., Jia* juit received a fr* ■tu Brook Ttout ftocr Qm-twc,C. B. ?jm - art of 13ccf. ■J'UY luURTEIOrs EXTRACT OF BEEF, For Family Use. KVAimS AND DYSPEPTICS, Should not fall to use 11. F<w9slcbr all Druggets and Grocers. SEhtlnrs. TfVTIKES ! TWINES! Hemp Twines, Linen 'l’wines, Exti-a Flat Twines, Cotton Twines, Coloi-etl T\rines, Paper Twines, Jute, Wool Twines, Druggist T-vvines, M atti-ass Twine s, TTpliolstevei-s’ Twines Broom Twines, Seine Twines, Car-pet Warp, Candle Wick, >lioe TUi-eads, Linen Threads, On hand and for sale at lew trices by SEYMOUR, 01RTER & U 0„ In porters auC Jobbers of HOSIERY, WHITE GOODS, NOTIONS. 4C-, and Sole A#eui* tor VlgeSow’s celeoratod ••STAR" Paper Collars, 22 LAKB-BT. £ofa (Castors. jgEB&TEAD CA&TOKS, Sofa Castors. UOiOOO Hct* Iron nnd Porcelain Wheel Cantors* On consignment and Cor sale avM.roaUctum*’ price by BEST & DICKINSON, aiWHonlb Water-si. Hrnt. pOTTAGE poi; uidNT, sritnsttri in a phast.t loeatlop, within five minutes w,.k<i the Post out amt Furniture tursaio cheap. A*Mrfs« “J H C," Trtt'un? office, for three day*. 'T'O KENT. FRONT OFFICK, No- -lil I’lnrk-sl, ft FOUBMfttf, NUMBER 21". CTjir Sfason. "YY’ AbUINGTON SKATIKO PARK. iIRMPITtVRrh mi THE City Relief Fund I Open Aflcrmmn iiml ilvunhi?. ice. (I'lcat WHitii Mfflitiiiiitrtl Hand \H TUK HVRSISO, To-morrow Afternoon nnA Bvenlnffy LADIES’ CARNIVAL! PULL GREAT WKdTEMN LIGHT GUARD HAND ALL THE TIME. Groat Attractions -Vest Week! In compliance with the earnest request ol a Urge comber of the latrou* of this Park there wit be a GRAND MISQITEKADE and FANCY COSTUME CARMYAL OS TUUBSDAY EVENING. JANCAUT 17. Ptrsons desiring to attend thU Carnival In mek will be required t« register their names, at the Part: (Hire, and obtain a »peclal ticket lor that purpose. Tickets only issued to noldcrs of season Octets to the various Parks at.d Kitts of tbe city. Free ol charge t<> ib«<c persons p'-oJelpg ihemadlvca t« appear la taut and fancy costume. Patrcns of the old Washington! Tarn ant la Fancy Conmar, and sustain the credit ol the Park. AH the n»v«'Ul< sof ilie see will be produced, and the Director* wl 1 spare no pains to make tbe coming Masquerade Tbo Grandest Affair of tfao Season* yyABAriH-AV. RINK! Immense Success. Crowded Houses. STPLEINTEUD ICE. The Sarplsts Perform T HIS E V SKATING PAVtK. ft Splendid Sheet of New Ice. (Ijipii Afternoon and Evening. There will be a Match Came of Owe Dali between the •• ATLANTIC. ,Ir.,’* ami “EXCELSIOR, JC.,“ on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at o'clock. FULL BAND IN ATTENDANCE. BIG THING ON ICK SIDE RINK. SPLENDID SKATING TO-NIGHT. GRAND MASQUERADE TO-MOBHOW (BATTODAY) EVENING. Skaters in Costume admitted free QENT R A L PARIS.. FUSE ICE TO-NIGHT. rht Nil Woonlii ©lff isViicrpri'afa. HEAT IVATOII HAI.B Oft THKIMIITI.MI OSF. IMUCV. i'MN. Ulrliitf n»rrr iiniron n i>anil«nm« and rntlati' l * U'ait'h pn Urn tow 101(0-01 Ten*. wtilooit i#|(f>l to vahi", nnd not h# pnhl fiir ualn«« l-oifii'tly saiufio’liry I 100 H IM linM Mismit IWMi liPt |W Id fftO JIM Mriifin i;n»ril iValitn i. fliln .V)0 lou l.aifn«' Waictn-a. I'KJ lj let) vim n-iiil iliiLllna riifomimH-r Wall-lira., fVltu fWO M tin'll iliitiHiitt HinMdi 1.-tere in KU MMHlnlij limitjna Duplet Walr'un. IhOjci fng W) (ifiitl lini.tliitf AnmrlrAn WaP 'ihi jou 4«* f.v) WHlivrr Himhmrl.mi-n Min INJ fW -liver IliUiliiiU DuMi'iff ft in ftd WJGrM l.imt*** WntiUva... »U« WO I.MIMIi ||| llrtiiMnc I.rj ItiP-.... Will 19 J,(Mi Mlm (liannui. Sliver Fatphw ft'ilci ICO V.flM limiting Silver Wati-m-a ft h> 90 &,(■« AMiirlxl IVnlrhr., nil kind* 10 In 19 Kvrrj i-nirmi übtnlti** Watib l»jr Mil* a»f«liriniMil» cMHt»ir lint HO, » blip It may bn worth |7W* No piwll* * ifT-«t(I W j! lllckllti* A Un/« Great Unlmi Watch Co., Mnimractnrcr*, 1 Ifl IMrna (way, N. V. City, wl*hhi limm-dialcli iJloju r f "I lhnnln'»i’migninr«!l dork.C-r* tlfUat*.’amine at ♦lda* am plac'd l« •iMbMciitncp**. Holder. «n> HiMlU'il to Mn? art rim mi Mirjrm* i)U< aft, «l«»\i I’lWiumt ol tail t'-viar*. wlitth** tt be ft Watch in'tlh Vif-n i*r n* p wmll* 1p««, Th«* (Mum til any nriiiimrunrftliapiillllmytiii li.p article banicj Micro ip, mum imim-nt, Uip-i’Pi’iit- or Ur « nfMii ami ft* mi ari'H- tallied |p>p limn fin )• named mi any m>r tun hlpi II a l|l m miipfip,•■•pii ihal »M* la mi Imltcrt, blit n allrtluiilfvifwnrn WlMbia'c Ua>,»a< lb**), »bjvli mat dn ti*iQf intli’ii lit I'Vri, t y ihr m"«il»«iMi' uw V, ArWVtWll'iatoWll’M wn.f inakijm.t.i.aM. IMMI »-r AH*., pv»> n.f *l, idotmipit v, llilMV- Mifm at i| i Wall! pmmlll... f> f 11. ahjyulf «Ml lilnfft tnl‘V«tc lirmiiliim Inf fit "Imimlm.l aik) moat mi pmh Whli'li |nf alii In Auntu Ml Ur;*i; *i*miu mm W-kti'i-M ll.ul. arirpi'W'-lU.MI'. 11. U(* nniluiimlm ty i* mlm <• It ilmj a'.ilinririM im Dm Unirri,. mtnu.htHtMiu}\l«ym Iiu«l «rmu v, Uv li; f AclirM.i.HlL't'llMt.l I'o, | U) ItfiiAUav.N. \J 'n'loUirs /lilnnglcr. j^MERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE Irons Clothes Without Heat. li will (in If in (be time re< quitrct wnU hentrd Irons, It elvca a aloii nnrt brilliancy oT fnMre in llnmn* fmpoeial* blc to br obtained from bented Irons. NO EXPENSE FOR FUEL. Ko n-'tei, I.anndrr, Bcstssnsl, Doardlotr IToase, n-ppiul or iTivaie i-noillj can anonl to be without os~. IT SAVES TIME. IT SATEH CL<)TnES. IT SAVES MONhT. IT SAVES FUEL. IT SAVES LAUOR. IT SAVES UEALTU. For namphlctf, ccatalnltg full detcrtpdoa of ms* chlte. add re* 8 AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE CO., 140,131 and 133FnItoi-#t, Cblcaffo, UL, Or J. CL BICE, 161 LakMt. ,-fpniit, ©jistctg anfr gelUes. HOLE>ALE AGEMJV PRICE BROS., BAI.TI7IOUE. Freeh Can Fruit, Cove Oysters, And Jellies. IN STORE AND FOB SALE, 1,000 CASE** CAN FRI7IT. •J.OOO c'AMES COTE '» VOTER*. 300 CA?*K» JbI.LIBS, 111 UlaM. The shore coedi are all of the b*st qnalltle*. and 'warranted by the mannlactnrcra and agents. Jobbers' orders lolletted. WESTWOBtH. HIBBARD A FBSNCB, 113 Kindest, Chicago, 111. (General Notices. TO GRAIN DEALERS. The public are hereby cautioned arain*t negotiating the undermcsiloncd receipts of No. 7 Barley, as they hare been lost and dopllcates of them Iwucd. Bn*h. No. 13 Central Elevator, A. No. lAOO SMia No- 14 00 A. So. WCT 39.113 S«I. 17 do B. So. 3033 iUtO No. 16 rto A. So. 1.733 S3AI6 Nr. 17 Munscr A Ann cur, So. B,l*. 2 41.373 No. S North Western, S‘o. 5.123 7.‘,»l No. 7 do So. 5.033 43.107 S‘o. S do No. 5015 41.3:6 No. G do So. W«3 Bto3> SO, 5 do S'o. 4>J9 46. LU Snitisttg. T\li. J. 0. FARNSWORTH Makes no extra charge lor Extracting Tetth without Pain, by thu use oi Nitrone Unde Ga« when one? are Interred. 110nAadolon-*U,rp>o*Ur Wood** Museum. gets of Teeth on Itubu.T. gl 1.03. 533.C0. f-iOLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION I. I ORIGINATED Rie r.mwhnl- aw of SITROES OXIDE OAS in the extraction of teeth, and have given It to 17.CC2 patient* at their office In Sew Tors, WittAoi n Accident. It I* onr specialty. Wc cuarart-.o "no psln. Como to headquarter!. Office US Dearborn-it, Cldctgo. ever Times office. ffiSloob ana (Soai. "V*OUGHIOGIIEN V COAL A- COKE X co., Otlloi- It Chamber ol Corora-rre, and corner We* Kl'ileamiUrccn-ot*. Coal at njhue •.F, 1 55'i.,, ~... Lthlcli,Mckawanna.Vou2blo»hn*' CftT ncr, mid Mineral Ridge. Plttsnurgh and vllle Coke. AMES aiU^ jpanfg CQBtumcg. A TA&QUERADE COBTUJIE& Fof Ladks and lUni’s at the Simicery Store ol oath, oeum, lK*4S’crMi Ctarkst., Chicago. A hciutlftil aaiort iiient of Masquerade Costumes nnhand. They can bo lent ot made to order after numerous .sample*. T dans on • L< OITT nIAL ESTATE. J’AKKCIt A LVMAN Koi. I.laml 17 l*urtlaoil lllock, ni*> t.t w vntiatcil lu acaoltni)* ntorigitsca on real ei* tatr id im» etty. Hirontu their cotmpstdcay , insurance Statements. JiN'SUKANCB. 1867. HARTFORD FIRE! Insurance Company UtIAUTJSUIfiI) info Sash Capital, • • $1,000,000 \li*lnict Uillli Homl.Annu il Slatomint. Dei', ill, r.llli; Cash on hand, In Bank and Ua»li Items.Baa,T.3lo.3s Loan»ouCollateral ticcunty....r..... 111.811.51 Utal Estate 05.U00.U0 Mlire!laneoailQTewmenU,(BtocksaQd Bonds), par value. Cntud States Bonds, par value. Lessee in process ol adjustment 8t441.155.0S Vrcmlmtiß recelvert during the year ..1,1170,U0H-9S Cr:ts Income fbr year 1,512,753 75 Lostca paid toryear 557^100.*45 Market value ot Slock. January I, I£«7, (chares f 190 each) ‘395.00 After a year of disaster, unparalleled in Uie lStury cl Underwriting, Inrolvlnz the dettr;i>'t!.‘'nof prop#rlr tutt e amount of eearly Eighty Millions, ami causing the wmk or retirement of a larne number oflnsnr auce Organization?, THE HARTFORD Pre-ant# the foregoing exhihitas endenefioi the con srrvaittc principles upon which Its bu«lne>. la cos dinted, and Us ability to encounter wide-spread and protracted peril?, withont the crippling ot It,* r.* »ouxccst OT Income ami rewonreew cxcccillbc those ul any other Ameriena t'oiai*najr cauQuod (•sclnsivelt to Five Underwriting. Agencies in all Principal Localities. Fait Hails Demanded, Fair Dealing and Conservative Principles ; Giiarauleed. S. M. MOOKE & CO., Agents for Chicago and vicinity G. F. BISSELI, General Agent lor Western and Southern OITICES : Hartford Building, 19 LaSalle--!. J-Rcliiral. A FEW FACTS J\ For the roD»li(rrsllorj of all win) »ull»r from Asthma, {iilltietun, Croup. Wh.H>i<lnk congt,. #p|ttlni( <>l blood. Pain in tin* (*!'!•• nr Chesi, llruueliitis, soil all dliraie* ol tin* Lung* and Throat, ITtAIUtUItW* PRCTOttAIi UXhTt lias bmi «*ed with nnvnrrlFit •iin‘'*»» in or*r* mil lion raws, and lias met with ihe warmest eulogies from IMiy«lr i«n>. rl'Tiiytr-ro, nnd siidcrcr* from tn* »l«o»c a» rtM» m* pnmsi ny mn i.ujn ihhi>imu»l w- IlmHliii* iHwoii luc in onf olJb'i’. A trial isali liml I* iwknl. ninl n rnre will lie un#fnnf<'o<l to nil wlm •m --l-rfroin nnv ortho nil »r rotiininlnis. iiio proot i» wilhln Hit' rrm'h of nil, niid It Iwmiin nirndsr ni Polf iniorMMo tho*o«iiih'fl'iß I** ti*«t He mnifier of tht«o n»<rriloi». 'llminniid* nnv# iiwtml ii.nml am liow i ont'hy, lh ins w |tno#s< ■ l.i lie wuiidorpil (’(llrnoy of Hill truly moriiorlmis itfrpnrnil n. Wnni or«|irtre nfi-viiiisoiif uhliia )n milhnl nfnir ol Ui# tunny twtt • mttvtod. •• linooai.TN, tifi.w.iNM. *• I fiimui nioM* roller from ii*liib ivi-imal lUlniln iny from nny other jimtinrail'in I *■a nr itHki. ■•WM. VtUNnHUKHV* '* Natal Aktu'w. I'imuosm iiu, Nor. 10. " I llihili. In a i’ll!' lib# tins, w iinro so many urn snf fl-rlna at lid* fPiiHcii with i-mntlis, roMs, mol or«nr(iUl ill*rases, |l woiihl Imi to roiir inlcrmt lo inlmdnpn l*s»«*. U'tnl Hahn, na I a>fl ■atlitliil It alnmlil bn In the baudi of all i uiicrpra. fhts I ui nn lumirip* " I.KMiIK, r. H. N.” "Naw Vit««,.h((r ft, 1 purrhaiad a Iwlllftol IVrlnrni Halm, Mini liin«ne rariiot MpreMtha hfchtma nl ittautmlr Inwi'tofnn, itr.i inovcrr win hi.innllniv, nlllmuah nrerluoaif glvtii orer bjr my iih/*lchn» na inmitnliip. • * 1 •‘UkNiu tiiHubiiMimroN." '• ItintM*, Orl. 1. l«wi. " I'rrrlonp In UrltiK fniir ror(»ral ll.alm, I liml Immi ptt rr i rriiarallnn I liotfil of wlllimil rrllrf. I Mn? iipptl Iml llilpp bttlllm. amt at! a? miitnms nr my BL'iml* tlna vwiu|»lfttM-n*ttmt*—^. “ tTM. liiiUtVMNU.t'i.mim Inr (J, tl. it." . "Saw Vn»n» Ahg.l. " Mir heipltt ol all who liarr of «»»> pniiri'fing ffmtt I'mri* litat'JlMaw*. \l I‘imltl. my |p*iim my h lli" iMI ary i*f MafPilPi; 1 * I'prliMal llntm, a* I mml-lpf I will icp miir ihiim final p*vhl mt jif» wii»h fp-mmi tun «KPtmmi ilml mi Mm i| HmßfAtp. "MAmiAItKT nlHiH'tt>lomi)N.“M Math «»." |t«f lip Nil thWwt, I*MIIH A (Avvku. SVWwaaU niM liplall Aariilp AiMinfiig«Uuiii I,'hi- min. a iikmahkadle ovm of il NIHM. I||o |'lml"t!raphoC Mf* •i-tmna M»Nn)lv. Of MpiCiMl, mi p\Mbltlim at Mm Himnianf lift, rillMMilhantranra N«c ?U i-lftik p'-i rfi'i mpiu mm t,f tho moat feinurkft bh> inaiamma of iim fM(or«t|nn n| hair, altar nlne- Ui-ri yrara M ba'rtneia, ever reronltM, fliftreuca in thla clty-1., It, JAUORH, Hoont iff, tmlrnnre No, 9» ClarL-il.i I). I). ORittWuU>. Ik tiorirr. iMib actMtonMiliram rj-HK RICHMOND HOUSE, CHICAGO. $2.50 FEU DAY This Hotae le located on the corner of Soul b Wat-r --bu aid one block from thn liartlnston A Qulncv, IllinoU Central, and MicAzan Cuitrat Kail* road., where I (hat; be bappy to e-e all my fjrtnor patrooa, and aj many new onea aa will larar ce with a car]. \ With largely Increased accommodations, a boose with ait the modem Improvements, and price* reduced from *9 60 to 94 60 per day. 1 hope t > receive a iiueral abate of public patronage. R. SOMERS, Proprietor, gECOR EEA.ISTD STAMP. PATENTED 2856. No Type Settlor required. >o soils? flneera. Dues chanced tn »twinkling. Always la order. Will cut* last any other. Best nod Cheapest sell Dater Id ase, TEN DOLLARS, FOR SALE DT THE LEADING STATIONERS. J.M.TT. Jones, 12 and 44 Dearbors-st.; Culver, Face ton A Co . ZOO Lake-BL, Dean, ameal a QoTaan. 43 Lasalle-st.; Munson, Skinner A.Clarcc, 140 Lake-st, Ctloapo, AND AT THE OFFICE OF THE COMPANY. 73 Ecarborn-st* A NEW BUHNER. THE BRILLIANT LIGHT! LIGHT! The Lost and Best Inyeution. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner! Gins* Chimney* dispensed with, A steady, brilliant l.isfei. cqanl to, to barn ordlonry Kerosene. ADAPTABLE TO AN* T.AMP. ** To See is to be Convinced** ZST State and County Right* for sale by A. B. SLO.iy, Adams House* /“i AMD’s PATENT 7 brick machine Office and taanutactory S».Soum Fo: inicmatioi and descriptive d reo, *k. bToaKD, »:t south jegCTß cbtctjeo. CoiEsigntnciUß. - QOARSB BALTFOR PACKERS’ USE. nuOO hn*h Coar«e Foreign fait. ICiOObrlsNew iork (C), fbrsalain lot* as wanted, l.f UNDERWOOD & CO. T*\RESSED HOGS.—WE GIVE PAR -1 / TICUUAtt ATTENTION to the sale ol Dressed Hi',;*, and always see that each Hoc is correctly.weigh ed. A<iv.>tiee* iireraily made on shlnmenca. Weight lists and slcuct'* furn(shed when desired. Office So. 83 I-n^aMr-af. e.v. bobbins &uo. ADVANCES Made on Shipments of PROVISIONS & DRSSS6D B 06! To Sew Tcrk. Also, on PROVUIOKH IS STOUS. JOSEPH B. PHELPS, ia tlhambrr of Commerce). f^AT/rVETUE. ' Cite DC SAX.TFBTI3SI, for l*«ckctVvsC, icr^lc^y f , , . ... »■ 1 • The universal clothes WBtBOEB DOTY'S CLOTHES WASHER .lllfc (MVKRMI, WMINUKII ,ni, .vMMfI Ay r../s .if Mi»N‘ **m»e .1/ in* 11 ut: a r yti' >»■ a v.v. i vv> rifn at l ar ‘ n . •f.tum* whK wuitHi*ht9 itl>i) >\f ih* Kirljas * <l/ li *R» pfMh'HvttrM Mlp*»V>V »•* 1 1 idhofa at IM Wulll.h'P TAltt IN |.nN|M»Ni Wl. M I*** l l*»»UrMi Pant ,4 *•'**l l . jM *!»’f k V* Vm»!» niy. i-n* rtwiiPM Kip fihht NRVf Vi*))U...... I’Sl , ~,,,,, ~, ~j»j W”A.,, ... imsi tail. i.S* -** jffl MM.I IU . .... 52} kesfUrKv !. , m {•£} i’l*SN. HIVKIf v ai.i.p.y F \ 'lt t’IIAMUI.AIN VAU.KV F.l IK SJ UECILAKIOI'I.dftmUTK, Bosun }*a ArJ oi most ot th« Cnitcty ami iu»t turn Kaira throughout tt;ciuunirv where it was exhibited. o Themanhh.ciumswAa.A« .iyAU superior to all 055.557.00 117.1d5.00 There nave been more than half a million UNIVER SAL CLOTHES WUIKfIEHH aol£ which anSw more Uian ilm»e sold by all oMrr We war rant them u> be all Uu'v are represented to l>e. Thry arc jt> weii made and (turablo as u> sclJum teed re* palnag. usd with ordinary care will List ninny year* lhoscrePclT«ir..rn-palrswm nut average moroibaa one m every two hundred aolj. The UNIVERSAL. CIOTIIEb 'WRINGER has slrea really uHfrVwrl saiUlattl 'n. It wring* cTotpf* almost dry without in jury to (hr Bx»l delicate gameuia. UtWdiK orl’rmws clainlngto sell ‘•un tmvrope cu the UNIVERSAL WKINOEK. Theaeuntna •M nlrefrvl” a;wa>s hears the Imprint R. C. UKOWN -1M», Aerit. No. 5? CourKandt street. New York. ln**lUn;*tne UNIVERSAL WRI.VQEK. We found « Jarse demand fbr a nooa Waslun; Machine, and know mivs WASHING MACHINE to he the best, we bought the patent, and now ofloril to the public, k-u-.nt'inj} that U will pi re aatvfntian wherever «'ca. * fi 1.755.07 S- S 3 DASHER Tn« awarded the FIRM rilF-MiUM at the GREAT SEW ENGLAND r AIK of ts.«,nitcrihetnoßi tborongn trial wlm na n't-rouitcompetlLors. It hob taken the .VETtrVOEE. PENNSYLVANIA. VERMONT. MiCIUIiAX, WISCONSIN, ac*» IOWA Ain*, at the last GU&AT FMU OF TUB AMEUIGAN INSTITUTE AsnptdynftheTVrlngerware always kept ca haod InChtmeo; aN*>. both Wringers ami Waahcra at Cin cinnati.. Clevclard. Lono-vlde. nnd Rl. Loul« boxed ready for ah.ument, at about New York price* nixing wholesale amt retail prlc«,aenC Large profit* arc marie selling these M*chlnc*. Ex ctnslTe rtshl of sale given, wlm no charge for the patent right. R. r. RROWSINO, General Agent. No. 3; Courttamlr street. New York. (Opposite Merrhnrt-V Hoti-l.) IGusiiUng Carbe JQAA’IEL SCOTT & CO. AUCTIONEERS ANDCO.MMISSION MERCHANTS, 104 Laki^t.,c«r, Laballe.Clncnff*, Cash «•!\nucisl ou Merchandise conOgncd for sate. Out-door sale* promptly attended to. MALTING COMPANY, Nos. 2 and 4 Michigan-av., TTlitmtfacliircrw of nail nnd Healer* In Klariry and Bj*r>. or We treep porMiuliy on hand «t<’Cka ol {Time Ihirlij and Ute Mail, which wave prepared to sell at I’:*• InwiH market raUs. Slates. UNDERWOOD ft DO., General Commission fr'ercliants, Cot. I.aSallc a-U Wusblnirton-stA, Hire pvtlmdar attention to both buying and seTJdi Grain, Flour, Seeds, Fork, kard, Boot, Tallow. Properly bought nml hold on margin*. and sold atbar In lids or Eastern markets. tV* Ppeelairalesnl romrriuinn mad# In tlmaawMr liirnMi tiirir own money n«r large purchases ol prop erty lobe held tor »«tot>y m». Y l*« l«» tlflHrfHrtwd. Urn. i». ffmterw—a. yyAi.mimon, waikinb a 007, F. tVAinmior,) W. n' WAi-tniifni* * ('n./rolHm l»hl«, IF- (•«.(! nil mu M mi 11-'MittßnmrnU hi fl, ». W»|. |iMi<rhA (;<•., N«w y<nk,mul mu OiirrratNiiuii'UM Hap lain nmfliawt-ifi? • t.titweaMmVwl Inf ptirrhaan t>| KUm. Grain til *M kliuli.uml t’rbii.mua, QILUEUT*FIKM)» OKNEBAIi COMMIOOION XKBOUAIIT9, (Ntirrpunr* In IHtliffl, l'|*llfea A L'u,,| t(I II tv II mlt 111 it i«»il« hI: • f»An, .r. tnumut. nun, rtirr.n iklarltmcvu. &’cot on un. COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, Am) WuoUon Fnplory FlruDitarai* Nrw PurimiM fiMhlaliMl wHh Manhlurry, Hhanin*. Piiulmo, I (Ml*, flieultfallnM, HU|Xflli|Bßilcria «n« pi|irriP>iw<l wmi(n.oii, cottos WAnrs & caud clotuinu Wotcig. QOPAInNEI)t,IUP NOTICE. A rorartnenblp bts ib!a day heetn Ihnnrd between JOHN C. CUCHHANF. amIUEO. A.OAKNbKY, (br the practice of the architectural proh.atoo, ntder ta« firm uatue of _ COCQBANB A OARNSET. Chicago, Jap. Itt, 1561. CiHANGE.OF FIHM.—I Rare this day / asaocl«tPd A. G. WEBSTER vftb me Id ooalnera, ntder the Cna name of DICK F.N'SOS « WEuSTER. JAMES A. DICKENSON. The nnderrtrscd tare thla day formed a eopartner •ldp for the tras«acttan «( a General Real Estate and War Claim busiotte, under tht name of DICKEXSON & WEBSTER. With oar increased rwilltie*. acd by prompt atten tion to hn*la*ss, are hcpa to retain at.l oldtrfvnds sod patrotaoftpe cfflc?, ana to secure a llDeral share at new nure. rjf particular att'Ctlcnnrea to the collection ot ihetKO Extra Bounty for Solders, and to thepurchaa toe ol tax lino, and the payment ol tax*« in lillnoW. lowa and Uluoorl. Office 9S Wasfomrtpiw L Ja llsS A. DICKENSON. A. 0. WEBhTRtL patents CiHAKGE OF FIRM.—I have this day / ajuoclAtrd with tie in huslaefs, CoL W. ADu. hat and C. U. HOWE, under the am uvue of B. ▼. BOBBINS & CO. E. V- BCUBIKS. Chicago, Jan. I,ISOT. Thcoaderstsned hare this day formed & copartner ship tor ibe purpose oi doing a General Cosunianoß business, under the sime of E. V. BOBBINS & CO„ And br trtvtoc close attention to bnslnea, and fur deaDr e.T»e hope to««nro s Ut«eral share of pacronan. Hr Particular attention glTen to UUnc order* a UmtnazKct. „ Office 82 LaSalie-st. E. V. ROBBINS, W. A.UQ. B&Y, C. M. UOWE. COLLECTOR’S KOTZCE —State of Illinois, Cook County—sa. „ Citt Cctxxcrors Omct rocar Sous*, I Rooa So. U.COSCACO, Jan. nth. WO. f Public notice U hereby given that the following de scribed Warracuhave been placed in my hands Sax eol- West—Dated .Dec- :7th.796A amlts eucd tor the colicetlon of * •ptrt'i afcfrtsmcot levied for opening an alley, fmrtetn fret woe. throosh the tooth part ot block 47. to £*=M rruateea’ butxilTirioa of Section 7. Town SJt 5* R. 11. E. from Paulina met to Wotd street iothst ibe Oort*' line of Mid proposed ftlUythall be parallel to and XI2 4*lo fret from the south “TfaSSf •£ Tan'ttt-Dtudptc. ISM, ISW, .nil 19- mm for the collection cfaspecUl assessment levied tor iiconstrncUng sidewalk on the west sided Central BTenue and sctith aide ot Ptarcn street. -Warrant No.STO, South—Dated Dec. 37th. 1355, and u •aed lor the collection of a special assessment levied Ibr the erection of eight (9) lamp.costs on Fourteenth street, bttwcec Blare»tree* and Indiana avenue. Warrant No. MO. Booth—Dated Doe. Titb, 1866, and is sued fbr the collection of a special assessment levied ibr the erection rl (evtniecn (17) lamp *o«ts. on Prairie arenne, between Twcnty-Mlb and Twenty-ninth streets. AH persons Interested in said assessments an n» qocstcdtorcakci'UDPdlatepayroeetal cut office, la default of sort- payment the said a*ucuments will be collected at the cost and experts* of the persons llshls therefor. A. O.PEVI.D, City Collector. pAT TODR TAXES. The Real and Personal Taxes For State, County and Town purpose*, fix the year ISC', frr the TOWS* OF WEST CHICAGO, *icn3W d«e, and cat be paid at oy office, on Corner Kando)phaßdConal«oti*.» Boon So. 3* ait for the best. We will pnh;t*h a work by Ito.v. AtELutnaa 11. Sts* poxss,LfGcorsia, cnutled •• A Illalory of the \V«tr between (he Hinipn— Tmcioglta Origin, Cnnaenaoil Uraalta, 1 * Mr. yt^t'heT'^ , name la a sufficient tnaranleo tltai Uda «11l te tui sr.omaiit) itirroar vftho Ist-* war, and idL whodtsttc the must kiuadli and cvniti wort* iLodld am alt 1U No. 1107 Minor at. I’miadUphls. UERKXA. OR UUPTUKB ot the *> ontft*rm cored by the IIA UO HUNUKU TUn*iJ. Cft* ' <'f llilnr jtmt« »i»o'Hn* c*o ho«noea i wblch I»ti* been nirw wlthlu IS*. I* » i" i /■ t f t* «•» p^g -■ Clothes SMtinget. nnsT PEEMruas At tcc riUlc Fslrsot CIIICAO O'. Commission Morohants, No. I I Clinmlinr Ltimmorre, IMIIANAPOMN, INmtM HKAl.ftltP IN OArtBS Alwafannbamt. Ot all btnda. |r betocd lmcrt Uat blnery on hard, (br aal« cheap. i3artiutHl)Ui Chicago, Jac. let, 1867. MIW FIRM. Chicago, Jaa. 1.1P87. new nrrzvr. Chicago. Jaa. 1.1367. Citg Settees. jacob an - >ss, CullecUirTowpol WruilChb-mgo. ’Ncto Stiluses.