Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 11, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 11, 1867 Page 3
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COMMON COUNCiL. [OFFICIAL EFFORT] Adjourned Special Meeting, January 0, 1567. Pi ‘S*rJ —llta Uonor the Mayor, and Aldermen Krickcibockcr. Cos, Carter, D'Wolf, BarrcU, v.':li!ia;Ui. Culkius, ilaun. Hatch, Moore, Kailuriy, Talcott. Woodard, Holden, Kus sell, Ackhofi*, Fjauzcr, Itnh, Engel, ShacWford, Clark, O'l'Ujiivcii. Avrnif— Aidcnncn Wicker. Flnnucan, Wall work. Scbiler, Fnsbiv, Bixhy, Uunlicy, IVoud foul, uawiou. GAS BILL. Aid. moved xo refer all paoers rela titc to the gas bill to a special commiuce of throe, om- ft cm each division ot the cltv. with »n*trnc tioLt to icvott to (he Council in’relation Lhcrolo oa. Mou'’ay evening next. The motion aid not prevail. roues DErauracjrT. The CoucrJ] then resatoed ib<t consideration of tfco pronos-cfl cmendmcnis to th” t-banor as re ported by the Committee ol Whole, ■ Aid. CjJ'.jns moved thaiecctlon lot »hc chap ter concerning the I‘olicc Department be a 'Opted. 'Jhe mu'ion prevailed. , Aid. Ibiiui: nioveo lhaisccuoa 2 be adopted. The motion prevailed. , Aid- Moot,- rno'Cd that section 2 he adopted. The moticj prevailed. Aid. Cl-rJ. moved (hat scc’lon ■* he adopted. Inc mtiion prevailed. , Aid,» alkius moved that section be adopted. AM. ItafiV:iv moved to amend by otilkleg out tht word® 1 ‘ »-r other similar device " APJ. Ciark iuotvd lolay the motion ot Aid. llaf forlv rn tlx-Tabic. Ti;c motiou prevailed. Ti t-qiit-tt.rti rcnirrngon the motion of Aid. Caikirs to a-.iopt Svc. S, ihe mot o 1( prevailed, Finn DErATrrarvr. AM. Clark moved to adopt hcc- 1 ot the chapter, ■rnirtled *• I'tre Dcparfaent," ihe mot:..!, prevailed. Aid. Kntci.crhoct.-cr offered the following as a <al’!-ilu:re foi Sec. 2,a* reported by the Commlt tecof (lie Wh-de: •rtc. 2. l i e Common Council may In the an nua! appropriation bill, by a vote of t-vo-tbirda oi all thr Aldertncn amhotir-nl lo ba elect* vd, to be taken hr ayes and noes, and ov.Uv'U upon the records of the 1 Conocii, rn the rccommc’idatioo ot the l!oaid of Pullco, fix the salaries of the iiwm -:rs of the Fire Department at not osceeiiiug the follow ing sums re:pc”tivoly per annum; 1 itc J’airhaj. Fir-t A->1 inn: File .Marshal. fiOOfl. Si rend A>.l ; tflbf Fnc Marshal, 5»i,?<00. 'i bird Afslslaru Fire Marshal, SI,JWO. l-.tignietr? nffire cngtnci*, SI,MN). IVli-mr;! ul ruinp.’Lte l , ?! 200. Fire I’ohccrrcn. fl.VOt’. And uatvliiuen of c-iglue house*, s73’>. AM. Kuril rained tnc adoption of the sitbsLi* Mite AM. Holden moved to consider the nttcsilon of *alm;iHfor tin- File Department as fizco lu the *-üb“(lit;te h} tirun-. The n»'-ii>n yrcmilcd. AM IlMdcu moved to flx the salary of Fire Vji -h-il ol itot rsveedlvg 'lbc in ilou prgva.lvd. AM TVil?:-;mb moved to flx the salary ot th? Fir»-t As-i-(otn Fire Maobai ut “ not exceeding Tin* tm.Jlrtti prevailed. A id. Mo'Ti* hm»v< h u» fix l».p salary ol Hi** Sen i-n A 1 • l-? Fire -Marshal af •* not exceeding «i.iff’.” The in''linii prevailed. AM. Mmiip rtmi’d fo fir the salary of III* 'I hi.u A-*J lav.t Fhe Manlial at “not cxcjcJliu fl.-VU.” The im’vnilcd. Alii. Hi.ii.iiy moved to fix the salary of cp ;:inicr««»l flreenglm-s at “mu nxerodfiig *1.10;).” Aid. claili mined to amend by maKlng tlie salary of em-luver* v *not exceeding f 1.25 J. .Mil. iviiirki*>borfior moved to lay tuoamend in-1.1 < f AM. i luik on the laMo. 'I in* iholiiu- prevailed. ■| in i;.i<>Hiiu ircucihic on tin* motion of Al<l. Ilnir 11\ to fix iltp Mtluiyof fiiirlh-cia of lire eu , iru p ni •*m mil fin*/ ?i,sou,’’ '(ln- iiiotlnii | malted. Alii. .Muuie moved to fix (howi)aryof flrepo | i i men ;it •* mil » xce- ding*’ lie' n.otMU prevailed. A il. i afVsry moved lo fix the salary offoicmen ni > *■»«:; :.uli * at *’ mU exceeding $ ,2U11.” 1 l.e liiutlon prevailed. Aid. l.:;icl;«-riiOrker moved to fix the salary iif!.iiuii ni engine honae* at " Col exceeding tin- mii'*na p-cvnPud. 1 b*- Mib-iiMic f>r suction l-o oflurod bv AM. r.uulu ji>"c!.-«t, a-aineud«»a, .-as then adopted. Aid. flail; moved that Section three ho adopted, ’ihc miUicn prevailed. Aid. i alcoit iaov< d tuat section i he ndopted. 1 he motion pi evaded. Aid Llurk tntiu-d lhal section sbe adopted. 1 i.»* moliru piuv.t|]cd. Aid. D’Wolc - moved that scclion C be adopted. 7i.u moiiou prevailed. iir’Anpoj* nrAL’n. AM. Hnnell moved t'jflt section 1 of the chapter niuli d *• Hoard of Health *’ be adopted. 1 liu iniUi'm pn.vaih-d. Aid. Ibuiett moved mat section S be adopted. *1 In' mot on ed. Aid f'lsrk moved that section 3he adopted. *5 lo* mtiiji'ii pievalled. Aid. farter moved to strike out section •!.* A d. HoMeti called for the ayes mid ud*h. The motion *«aa lost by lou lullowmg vole; Carl-r, If Wolf. Ha«:ieM—i. *;r7— AM. fox, Harrell, Wilmarrh, CalUns, Krnn, Hatch, Moore. Itatleny. Taleott, Woodard, Holden, Hussf-H, Acuhoir, Fianxcu, itah, En-'cl. Miaikford, Clark. <J*.-u;llvan—lh. Aid. f af.ei moved In amnid :ue scciioa hy pro \itnuglor luo Commissioners irstuad ol four. Aid. liold-n moved to table the omecdiucui. T'.e luotioD pievaih'd. Aid. Clark moVKi to amend the section by pro. vji ing fjrii »ei* Commi-slocerw, one from each l;h i-jon of the cily. instead of four. Tt«- mouoti | r. vul'ud. Aid. i lark moved the passage of the section as amund'-d. 3 he motion preimled. Aid. Calkin- moved that section 5 be adopted. 1 be raouou prevailed. Aid. Ksgri moved that eccUon C be adopted. 3he nojint;; ruvallcd. Aid. '1 alcotr moved * tint section 7 be adopted. itK- uiouou picvuiled. v'-KrciiV^Eors. Aid. Clark rr.ov.M iliat section 1 of the chapter cl’itled *• -Tr'dlaaeous ” be adopted. 1 iu- ruoiica prevailed, i Aid. Calkins movt;d to adopt the remainder of V.iv chapv.'i. ’i’liv nu.;:i)n prevailed. Aid. Mnric moved to recon.ridcr Ihsvotc Ja«l tai cn. The motion prevailed. Aid. D’Wolf moved to adopt the ]>hr,(*ii por tiob- oi ihc chapter, from eecitaus 1 to 7 in c!a-ive. Ti e tiionon prevailed. Aid. Ituf.orty moved the adoption ofaectlonS. 3 h- rcoiion picvailcd. -v AM. faiLi ia moved the adoption of section 9. 3 ae umtien prevailed. Aid. Mooic moved the adoption ofsecioa 19. Tbe mottonprcvailcd. Ciilk'iis'xfiorci the adootlonof section 11. 'i be motion pre ailed » Aid. ''lark moved »he adoption ol section 12. •’ be motion prevailed. noAno orrntuc wobks. Aid. Ivans moved the ade|Uion of section 1 of lh-- chupter CLliticd % *Uoaid o! Pnbljc WorisJ* II.•* luolion prevailed. Aid. SLackford moved ihc adoption of sec tloLi ’IT* J:in*inn prevailed. Ad. ahatktord moved the adoption of |scc !icm The : oticn prevailed. Aid. Earn tt < ovt cl tbs adoption of section -I. The tnnii'-i. pr« veiled. AM. <ta*«el?*i.»oved to strikeout sections, The rt:o;Ji»is prevailed. Aid. Calkins moved the lo'lowing additions! sctiroji, t«. be numbered sections: Allera street has liwntilled,curbed • ami i nxed or macadamized, or 0 led, curbed and "ravelled. It shall be lawful for tho Common C. tired to provid.* for the payment of anv subse* <jncn* rnprovi ::.e:.t in whole orlti part outoftnc «.«.iieral font.’' •. "the : 6- hi-'cal section was then adopted. *■' Aid. ci 'rs noted to adopt section six. B»Tl:e motion pievaiicil. fijAia. .Voorc moved to reconsider the last rote tajgn- The mrtioTt prevailed. Aid. Moore xnovi.d to add after the word 44 un paid.*' in line Tj. the words “ thirty days.” L Th\ti'Oiion prevailed. V CAUi. Talccu moved to adopt the section as v amended. \\ Ihe motion prevailed. Aid. ShsiVorcl moved to adopt section 7. • 'i to mouoti prevailed. Aid. Moore moved to reconsider the vote last taken. 7 he motion prevailed. Aid. Moore moved to add afW the word V monthin line 62, the words “thirty days Zf’f'C. I’' 1 ’' *f* The motion prevailed. Aid. Clark moved to adopt the section as f 'J“ne mo'iou prevailed. Aid. t url: maved to adoptsection ft. ’lie troll - n prevailed. A!d. Carter moved to strike out section 0. 7 he rm« jnn pi pvallcd. Ala. ivaMi moved to strike oat section 10. The molii-n prevailed. AM, UoMen moved to adopt section Jl.* • 7he motion prevailed. • Aid. Shackford moved to adopt section 14. Ihcmo'jfD prevailed. Aid. Wilmsrth moved to add the followin'* ad* dl'tonal section ** •*-'rc, —. liereafter. as the term of office of the pre-L-nt Comml« c iQncrs of said Board expires, the .Mayor shall nil their places by appointment, by with the advice and consent of the Council. 1 hi- term of ofilcc of the Commissioners of said Board, after the expiration of the terms of the preset t incumbents, shall be four ycs>s, ntdesa the common Council shall provide by ordinance fora *-hor:pr period.’* Aid. Clark moved to lay the section on the table. 1 be motion prevailed. SCHOOL^. A’d. •'alkins moved to adopt section 1 of the chapter concerning schools. • Aid. iloore moved to amend by considerin': section 1 bv clauses. Tiie amendment prevailed. AM. Moore moved to adopt claueejtrtt. The moil n prevailed. AM. Wilmarth moved to adopt danse second. The motion prevailed. Aid. ("alkies moved to adopt clause third. The molt on prevaped. Aid. D’Wolf moved to adopt clause fourth. The motion prevailed. Aid. Karin moved to reconsider the vote adopt* iur the clauses from fir*'. a> fourth in section 1, *ihe motion prevailed. Aid. Tolcom moved to strike out clauses from f.rtt t ofourth izcluttv**. 7 he motion prevaltoa. All. Barrett moved to strike ont clause flfta. • The motion prevailed, beloic decided by the cast Inc-vote of tr.e Mayor in the affirmative. Aid. Woodard offered ibe following addi iosal c'ausr: itrf/t-“To establish evening school* In this cltv. the same tu be under the control of tbs Board oi bdocalio!'. 3rd the funds for their snuport to be rsi«c<i by special appropriation by tho Common Council.” Aid. Kann moved to lay the clause on tbe table. 1 he motion prevailed. \i<l. Kasn moved to strike out section 2. i rivalled. T“iiaun moved to strike oat section 3. emotion prevailed. • ih»* followltm are the additional amendments ndoobd by the Council previous to adjourn* zneUt: | CIISPTEn—. Trig POLICE MPAUTatEST. • •ectioxl. The Board ol Police, in their an nisi cellmate of police expenses made to tho Cttr Comptroller, shall, if Id their Judgment the public weal requires It, recommend to the Com mon Conn-ll *:uch additional police patrolmen and such additional number of not ex ceeding tw««ir,as may be necessary. Site. 2. The common Council may, on such rccomtn p ndctioa of said Board, provide by ordinance tot such Increase of me police patrol force: /Voridrd, however, it shill require three-fourths of all the: Aldermen elected to pass such ordinance,such votes n betatbnby arcs and noes, and entered on of tbe Council. _ ... bpc. 2. ihe Superintendent of Police shall re ceive an annual salary ofnoi less than and notmoTT than s", r oo. The Deputy superinten dent- shrill receive an annual salary of not more IL#a 1 Each Captain of Police xtal! tucrive an annual salary of uottnorv than sl.&n pcramiiun. Each Sergesntchad receive an annual alary ofnoi more than Each patrolman shall receive snt ua) salary ofnoi more thanSV-'W, the same in each cape mentioned in this section to be fired by the Common Council in the annual appropria nonbllL on the rccommtudauon ol the Board, and vhlch thall not be in anywiic Increased or diminished during (be year. • . <rc. 4-It tball l»elawialfor the person dcslg ualcd by ibe Board, a? the custodian or deposi tary Of Stolen property, to «cll the same, after due notice, at public auction, aodernad pursuant to «ncb general oidcrs and regulations as tho Board cf Ey eball prescribe, rhe p-ocoeds ol meb deducting tlie cost of korage, adver tising. celling, and, m case of animals, I heir keep- IrTr shall be paid over to the President of said to be or him oaid Into the City Treasury, ,othe credit of tbe Police Life and Health In s-nr&nce fund, as already provued by law. e sec 5- Jt thsll be unlawful for any person other «v*n & police ofllccf or patrolman, to wear a star, irinther similar device, or to wear any nmloriu, or part tkereot, like that of a policeman, under exceeding SIUJ. a penalty of not less tean $23 nor PIHE DETAnrMtKT. Ftcnos 1. The Fire Marshal, th« Aaei un*. Fire Marthals, the Members of the Board of Police, and such member* of tt>e Fire Dopartra -ut as the Board of Police may designate »mi appoint, shill beF re Warders, and shall have and oxerebe all ibc ri-btc and powers, aud aball irarform nil tlx* drtlea nowconb-rrod. exercised, impose! or re tailed by law of Fire Warden*. lb*' Fire Wardens art* hereby authorised to enter up <d :md inspect any building, place oi platen for «b« pur pose of asccriainlng whether the same m nr ar.* In a safe condition, and if sol, to direct or cu oc the sanictobfrasdceo. Sxc. Tee Common Council rat-/, In ihe an neal appropriation, by a vote of t «r*thlrda oi all ibe Aldermen autboiUcd to be circled, to b? tak en by ayes and uoe* and entered upon tb * records of tlic focndl, on the recommendation ot the Buaid of Police. Ox ihe salaries of the members of the Fire Department at not exceeding the fol low lag auras, respectively, per annum: Ff.v Mat.difi. $4,000 First Assistant Fire Harrbal 2,SJO Second AsMstan*-Fite Maohal 1.600 Tbiid Assistant Fire Marshal ... J,foo Fmnnecra ol Fire Engine* 1,-iOU Foremen ot Companies. 1,203 F v rt I'ollccmcn 1.000 Watchmen cf nugiue House? ,20 Sec. 3 Th‘t Corrd ot )*ollce are hereby empow ered to regulate the construction of cblinuere, and to compel the cleaning thereof; to prevent the setting up crcmstraclJOL of stores, boilers, ovens or other things in such a manner as to be danger ous; to piotilblt tht deposit of ashes in im-mfe pieces; to regulate the carrying on of luanufac tones daupciocs m causing or pramoUeg tires; to regelate or prohibit the rale or nsc of fire* woiks in BHid city; to raze or demolish any build ing. wall orciccnon wnich, by reason of lire cr otner cause, mar become dangerous to human life, or health, or tend to extend s conflagration. fcLC. 4. *Jhe Foard of Police are hereby nu'lior- Ixcd lo urtahli-b. by order or regulation, grades in the oCc*- of Assistant Fite Marshals to ue known an the First, (Second and Third Ashtant Fire Mmrbals. bxc. P. It shall he the duly of said Assistants, IT in their power, to aucud all the fires happening In am divl-lon of the city, and incase oi theah of the Fire Marshal at any fire, it shall be thedutyof the hirst Assistant to takr charge of rhe o:garizaiton. and ho shall bare and os-.-rdse a>l tti.? powers of tho Fire Mursnal; and in case ol the absence of both the Flro Marshal and First At-dttanL the Ficoud Assixlant shall have ard exercise the dnuca and powers of Fire Marshal; end In cas> of the absence oi the Manual nod F.rft ard Second A'tlvant?. the third Assistant shall bo Invisti d with the powers ami perform the duties of Fire Marshal. Fec. 0. The Bomd of Police may, two-third 4 of Ihe Cora ro on Council concurring, cause the ordi nary repairs of fire engines, fire apparatus and of the Fire Alai m Telegraph to be dune lu any shop belonging lo said city, an 1 tor that purpose may employ odiltlltinal incrhanlcs, nod provide ad ditional tools ard roacQincry, if absolutely re quited. DOAfin O T nBALTU. power by ordlraneo to confer and impose upon (bo Bostd of Ih-uHli rnch additional poou.s aa-i duties ns may be n-rc*-nry lop.-o;no!o or prejeivc ihe safely o. beaPh of the city or Improve tta Dfiiil tary (Otidil!-n; J'nn\d<'J, snch ordinance ehalt r.-cclvc i“»c votes ut a majority ol oil Iht- Aider ran- vlccl'-d to be t-i.r.Ti-d by iiyceuii'l co-> on Ihe recoids of the counrll. *-'c. 2. Faid Board of llc.iMi may ciwt such liv-biivv. inlcs urd rignlallonn ns ll nnv d-em ud harmony with tie* piovi-iim* and oh- Jetts «tr rh- «ct c.-tahll-hing the eiimc, ail nefo atiiennnlur} llnTcuf, and all ue's lira object of whbh l« l»> pnunnttt ami preserve the uejlth, feateiy ni-d rnoUary condttloo of tticcity nn v ex blhig or tha’ may iraieatter be passed, not iacou flrient nlih !•■(* ro'-feiitiiiloii or luwc of ibis State, for the in illation of llm action ot s.ibl Bond, ii« ofbrcrs nnd ngrnls iu tliedlscliurg<' of lisnml llmlr dttibfe, and lor ihe regulation of the dri/sous or public, and firm lime to tlmo may jilleri fimeml o annul tim rfeine. Mio. 3. oil rules, regulations ami hy.Jawa no enai’U <1 for tlic rriMilnllon of tliu citizen nr public, stall, beret* they go Into Hlccl.bc published for Ihifc successive duva iu tlic coriiuraiion newa * Incnaoorpcatlloneeoreptdcmlcdhc.V'c*, or <>l Imminent dunger from impending ucfulleate, or epidemic iliKcase, or In cave the aanllarv ce».- dllmn of the city should Do of such a character as to wamnt H, the Common I'ouncil may fromtlnn to lime, to meet such temporary emergency. In. Ciease the number of the member* of the Ouiud »f Hintth, nut exceeding throe additional member*, nneliom iarii dlvl-lmi or the cltv, who shall act In ici,junction uitb the Hoard ofPulice hi nil mat ter.) ulatliig to the hcaHh or sauUacy eoadUiun of lire c-fy, and lor He llmo being, shall together con-thuic the Hoard of Ilcollta of bald city, and ►ball poM'i-M' all the authority, and ha charged with all the omic* conferred or imposed ou Raid Houtd of Health, by any existing law of lh; rila'c, ai oiduiaucc of tneclty, or any that may h-rc* after be jail'd; however, that no increase In the immber of the Hoaid of Health shall h • made uulc-s hy n vote of two-third* of all the Aldi-tincn elected, pcib vole lo be lakuu hy aye* and noe«, and en* loud on iho records* of the Council; ana pro* tlu'fti j'ur'h r, limt such additional members thud he el*vied hy hailol, and shall iccdv-u majority oi the vote** of a 1) the Aide* men alert ed ; nra prmlrf*/ farther, that before a»v burh i-ki'tion, the number, thm. ol amice and salaries of such add.lion-;l member* si-all be d-Huluiy used by tlic com c I, by ordlimnco. f't.c. .’. in the n.c-icocc of great and Imminent peril lo lie public licallb In said city, hv reaion of Impci ding p stllerce or epidemic dl-'-a*"). It slid] Le iho duty ol sab! Hoard, or tin: Hoard of j’olici'. 10 lake mch inctmies, and to do. and order, ami came to he done, such ads and make ► ucli itspemlitMK*.* l (bi-yond those duly esilm.ted for OI molded) lor the prcsiTva’lon of the pub- I'chcaiilt, (ibuueh not. nerelD or elsewhere, op • ihemise authorized) as it nmv In good faith, de clare the NQieiy and health to domsoa, and the Jiajor of the cfiy shall also rin wrltlm? ap prove. Src. fi. Tlie Common Conncil, for the purpose c! iiroviding for iht cominconcy mcnlloned iu the piccrdinc sci-tioo, may order the Mayor and Comptrollci lo borrow a suillclent amount to covcrsnchextraordinaryexpcndltaiofor a space ol tune not esccedln? the clone of the next muni cipal vear, which sum, together wuu theiniecc-t shall uc added to the amumit au.borized to ho raised in the next general tax lev?, and embraced thcictn. Sec. 7. Any person or corporation who «Wi violate any «.f the provisions of the Health Taws or ordinances or the city, or any of the bv-lnvs rub a or regulations of the Hoard of Ilcallhl in ad dition to existing penalties, shall he subject to a fine of not less than five dollars nor more than five hundred doliats, and on failure to promptly car the s-ame nwy he imprisoned in the County Jad Bridewell or House of correction, as Iu other cares ol failure to nay a fine, or such person may be both fined and imprisoned In the discretion of tie Court or Magistrate. CnAPTT-R aiISCEIiAHEOCS. fctenov 1. Wbuneveranypcnnltshalibe Issued l.y ihu Beard of Public Works, granting *o any purton or corporation the uee or occupaocv ofsuv Kieet, aliey «r i-ighway, or part thereof, for building pnrposes. for mo depositing therein of mtderlal, or o her proper purpose, said Board shall Take from -ach person or corporation a bond, in an adequate amount, with t-o good and eafU cicntenrHics, conditioned that such per-ouor «tporaUon shall he liable for any and all dama ges occasioned hy such use or occupation, or re suiting ihcreirom. and In every case of recovery eud judgment against the city in any wl-c grow ing ont of permluiug or soil.-ring such use or oc ctipafioi-, or wMch resulted lUrrufrom, where due noiice of the pendency of such suit ha*- been given, such Judgment ehail be conclusive uornidy usio tin- damage* iccovertd, but as to the liahiliiv of the pariy orco ponlion and sureties. Sec. 2. whenever in anyca-c anvltijiw «UaU Ictusfaim d by any iodirinnal in co'i-tc iiiJnco of aiiydifcctln anysidcuuH,oi Iu pair, or any obvtnu lion ihcreou, both ih<; owner and ocenrant ol the aeiaccut premises. wro*e dniyltis hereby dt-claieu to he, at all times, lo k* up the samel- a sale condition, a»d in a good and thorough *Lite of repair, shall he primarily. ■;.rd jointly and severally liable In Mien case?, an I He city shali on'y he Jiaolc in such cases after the party has cihau.-ted : is rcinedvogainr-t such own ri and occupan*; but in no such case shall the Judgment against the owner ami orcopam, or iho owner or eccupai.f. be any evidence ajaiust the c-ty. if the ov.cerbea non-rcsldcnr. nrocecdin~i maybe commetcid ojralnst thepropertv, bv at taenroent. .sec. Vh-never any Uoanl or oflicor oftlic ettj shall let any werk or improvement, wnlclt •tall require I lit digging up, use o- occupancy »»f auv'•trcct. alley, highway, or psthl c grounds of ?aid chy. then besll be inserted In said contracts fp.i.stcniial covinan's requiring such contractor, unnnglhcmght time, to put up and maintain such naiticrs and lights as will ctTecin ally prcnui ihc happening or any ac cident In consequence of such dtggin** up. use or occupancy of said etreol, afteyl U-tway or public ground?, fur -Web the ettv luictit be liable, and also such outer covenants and corditlors as expt rlcncc has or may prove nec essity to sa%e the cby harmless from damages. And also to provide, ru such contracts, that tbe party contracting with the city shall be liable for all damages occasioned by th. digging np, use or occupancy of the smut, ailcv, highway or pr.t.bc grounds, or which may result therefrom, or uaich may result from tbe carelessness of such con tactor, bis agents. employes, or workmen. bEC.-I. Wlicntvcr any work or improvement la let by contract to any person or persons, tirm or corporation, the board or officers of the city lol ling the same shall, in all eases take a bond from buch person, orpen-ous, or firm or corporation, with pood and sufficient sureties. In such amount as shall not only be adequate to Insure the per* fennanco ot the work In the ume and maimer rc- Sal red Id such contract, but also to «avc, and In emniiv, and keep harmless the said city a-alnst all liabilities, Judgments, costs and expenses which may in aoyw&o come against said nty, lu cons* qncnce of (be granting of such contract, or which may in anywise result from the carelessness or neglect of said person, firm or corporation, or hla or Us agents, employes or workmen. In any respect whatever; and In every such case where Judgment is recovered against the city by reason of Ibe carelessness or negligence of each person, firm or corporation so contracting, or his. tbelror its agents, employes or workmen, and when duo notice has been given of the pendency of snen salt, such jodgnunt shall lie conclusive against such person. Arm or corporation, and lus or their or ns sureties on snch bond, not only as to the amount of damages, bnt as to their liability. Sec. 5. The City Clerk shall be authorized to appoint one or more deputies, subject, however, lo the approval of the Common Council. Such deputies, niter confirmation by ihc council, and after having taken toe oath requited to be taken by the Clerk, may, Pi case of the sickness or ab sence of the Clerk, perform all the duties Imposed by law, or any ordinance of the city, on said •- Jerk, and shall likewise be subject to the same liaolli- Ue* and penalties. Ao ordinance shall be Anally adopted by the * mll lhe same Shall heengrossed otherwise ordered by three fourths of the Aldermen elected, except such or ders and ordinances as are sent to the Courtll i,» the Boat d of Public Works, SVun?Sopnblf“lmT prove.T cnts paid for by.special assrasmeats. Six. 6. The Clerk shall record all orders and or dinarccs passed by the Common council m a proper book or books, with proper Indexes and transcripts from such books, certified by Wm un der the corporate seal, shall bccviuunceia all courts and places. In like manner as u the origi nals were produced. bee. 7. £v«r; ordinance, resolution, order, or bv-lawof the Common Council may be nad m evidence In all courts and local proceedings, frum 1 the volome of ordinances published, or to Unpub lished, by order of tbe said Common Council, withoutanyolherproof of the passage or publi cation thereof: bat snch publication shall only be pilthofcei* evidence of its passage, or that the same has been only published in the corporation newspaper. Sec. 8. All Und surveyors license! bv the Board of Public‘Works, in pun-nance of section C of chapter Cot the KevlrcJ Charter, approved Feb ruary l*, 166-1, shad have the same powers tomvke survey* within tbe comity of Cook, a* they now have within lhe city of Chicago, arid like effect and valid'ty shall be given to tnelr acts, plats and smvejs, as are or may be given lo those of the County Surveyor. Skc.D. Somccbof section 22 of chapter C, of sec ton ofehapter 10, o! section .1 of cnapier 13, of section 38 of chapter IS, of the Kevised Charter of said city, approved February is. and so aach ol section 8-lot an act approved February 16, ISCS. entitled “An act to anund on act entitle 1 an act to reduce ibe charter of the City of Chicago and the eevcrnl ids amendatory thereof. Into uae act, ard revise tbe same,” approved Feb.-airy 13, 1663, as requiics the warrants therein described to be counter E-ieuccl by the I'rcstdeot, oracling Presi dent of the Board of Public Works, the President, oracling ItCfldmt of tbe Board of Police, the President of the Board o! Education, toe Prc.-I deut or Vice President oi the Board of Goardtaas of tbe Keform School, and by the President of tbe Board of Police and Mayor, be and tbe same Is hen by repealed. Sec. 10. That the latter clause of section 16 of chapter 10 ol the Kevised Charter, approved Feb ruary 13,1663, be and theeamo la tecchy so amend ct as to read as follows: “Fifteen cants shall be taxed to each lot against which Judgment is ren dered. fiv« cents to be for cletk hire nnd judge’s fees, and ten cents for advertising the notice of calc. fire. 11. liable by reason of He Common Council tailing or neglecilagto exercise the power conferred by tbe Revised Char ier, approved Fcb« nary 13,1X3, in rolaaon tu re moving and prcveciirg all obstructions in (bo waters which arp oubijc highways in aaldcity, and io widen, straighten and deepen the same, and lo prevent and remove all obstructions in the harbor, or any provision of alike nature, in re gard to tbe harbor, river and its branches, nor shaJJ the city be liable for the failure or neglect of the Harbor Master, or other officer thereon to en force any oidinanco of the city of a like nature or character. Sec. 12. In case of a vacancy occurring In any office created by this set, the Mayor shall, by and with tbe advice and consent of the Council, fall the same for tbs nncxpbcd time, boaup or public worms. SEcnox 1. The Board of Public Works of said clm are hereby Lime lo liutt-.asii eh :I1 be dc med by jhem for the Interest uf said cliyso to proceifi, to advertise for proposals lor it ecoretmetton or reconstruction, or relaying of all many portion of thesirtiiwales winch inaj be required to bo constructed or reconstruct*'!, or whlchduriug the whole or any part of th-; tnuai cieal fiscal yt-arlu which such pit)po.ul> are re ceived, according as the sam? shall be ordered by the Common Council orbynal.l Board, accordin' lothe provl-100 ot these* of which this i* suiiplc*. racaiaiy, (ho genera! provisions of aald act rela tive to the letting of work and the execution of contracts, except so far as incouri«tcnr wl b the powers hereby granted to apply to this section. •"t’t'-In ea»o :ho prostcutiuu of any attbtlc work ahould he suspended in consequence ol the .ir.M.n «t anv outiiatio .or ?n Cl«<‘ the Mds for doing cny each work should be deemed ex c ffi\c. w: toe pfibon? ms axe proposals notre •yonribleoi proper persons, the Board of Public Works may* if the Comn.on Council shall, hr resolution, by a three-fourths vote of all tae n.em b* re elected, authorize them to do so, employ woikmtn and procure the necessary tools and machinery and materials, to perform or complete any improvement orcored hv the Council: /Vo the expense thwc f .lull not exceed five thousand dollars. Sec. 3. ihe Common Council shall have power lo cause public sewers to be con srructad and laid to the streets ond alleys and public ground* of amdeity; reestablish or change the nock'hues ol Chicago Diver and of Chicago harlior, go a 3 lo lacilllale navigation on the game; and lo cans: water and gas service pipes with their necessary stop-cocks and other tixtnrca to be constructed and laid so as to connect withtac gas or water mams In the slrecs of said-city. Stc. 4. The provisions of theecia to whicTi this la supplementary aa to Ihe manner of mating ap- Si upib.tlon for any ImprovetneM lo be en-cub-d y caid aty, arc aer«l»y made to apply to the im provi-roenL-* specified m the foregoing; section* Sec. S. After a sticet haa been filled, curbed, paud and mgeadauuzed, or filled, curbed and gravelled, it shall be lawful for Uio '.‘ommon Council to provide for the payment of onyaabsc oucutimpiovemii«t,inwhuleor in paid, out ot the General Fund. Wh-n lu any case It shall be dceiacd aeccsFnry by tbe Board rf Public Works lo cause any sidc«alk W be iaW-d, lowered, repaired or rvlaid. or aiy private diutu to be raised, lowuicd. repaired or cleansed. It shad b“ lawful lor ta’d Board to reijuiic the oiyncr of the premises In front of, adjacent to or upon which said improve - mcni is to he made, to msk ■ ihe same tonnwltb or guch rcaeoualile limo as the Board uf Public Works may prescribe, upon wnDua notice to that effect; or the Board of Public Works may cuusc the work to oc done and paid for onl of any moneys in the treasury at their disposal. Said* lloatd shall-- Urea report to the Common Council the amount of said expenditure, ghlng a description of the lots or premises liable Ihvreior and the amount lor which each is chargeable. The Common Couucll shall thereupon assess the t-uid expenses by an order, ordinance or resolu tion, upon such lots icdpccUvuiy, and the same may be collected oy warrant and solo of the prem uet> a* In other coevs. In liku mantiur, wiien the Co’nmon Council (ball have ordered the constriiction, or recur uliucUun, or repair nfaav pi ivjlediaia, or cus, or voter pci vice pip .it thill lawful forsaldßaard to cause the work to he done aud paid for it? abo»f, or by agreement with it contractor, pay nt' Ot to bo raiide out of (he *pcciai assespment to pc levied lor ilu< uioii l . uud shall then report, to the i.'oDiruon Council the cost and'vxpenso of said v. i’i k. w|Ui nil proccedlnga relative thereto, giving a ib*nij;tlon of the ton- ami premies to which Mild expense is cbnureabl--, ami the Common (.’miccll shall ( assess the sold expenses dl-t/ti such liifsre-peetiveiy. uud tlt-r same roav ho mlU'Cicd by wairani and sulo of the piemlv-s. as puubled above. A suit may ulso be maintained against tho ov.jic. - ofuucli premtses for tho recovery of auelt eipniHs, ns lur nioiiev paid ami 1-iiil out lor his tp-e utul at his Thu Cnraraott Counoll may also by ordinane>; ImnoHe Much pen alties iifwi Ihe owners nl>nmiid, fur any uuttlect or ro* fn-al lo comply with the (aforesaid ru-|iilr(jrn r ‘t»i, m.t exceeding twenty dollara fur each day's lugh-ci, os to the uuid t.'uininon Council shall ♦vamtuust prawr, AtJ n-sres-tm-nu anfmiio.i under this n < lion shall be collected by snld city, e bn dam" mi ; I tiro iau> ■ f one per cent n llieiemi, tor inch nudeviry mmuli that any httcli u-iisumiii r ltn.ll teranin unpaid thirty aaya after the Him win-) public nolico shall havu been given b> (he t;dy Cuiieetor umt lira warrant lor sm-it n-'u-MUent haa been reedved by him fur colluc llin. ». ScctUm It of chapter IX of shW net, nppiou <1 February 13, la hcroby soamondod Utui In the case of ai.te*»>meui- made In aceoid ui iu vith thu foregoing section, damages on any <wM->Nmeot» which shall louvdn unpaid nf'erUie Collrctui shall give ; ,iibl'c no'lco that ho lias re ceived the wariuu* for lu» coUecUon, sha l he ;tu a-accrnuatt!) rale of one per cunt a mouth thirty daynafcur the Cute of sue. notice. Mx. b. It rhall ho for the Common Council, on th« tccomm-milailon of the Hoaril of J'uhlic Works, uiMoi ihu provision* ol section 33 of chapter VII ol the B'ud net, approved Feb ruary 13, ]W : 3. to levy u tax for th*; whole or any pari i»l ihu cxpi-nsc for an impruvuuicut of (he duuaclor Bpeclfi.d i;i said scrllon. Sec. 11. ITj.der the provision of si'Clinu 31 of rhnpicr V of Hie act to which this Is mipplomou tarv, aP)>roved February 13th, ISdl. the <;onv.non Oiimcil is hereby antborized In theeveni that any Ir;.|irovi nu ui shall lie uiduted after tbu mabiiu- of the annual approprbul n, tome poillou of the expense of \\ nich shall he assessed by the Com mWlonere ol Uio Hoard of Habile Works on some hu or Inis oi land ouned hy said city, toappro )'i utte and borrow money for the payaumi of such atemini'nts, as is provided lor oiuur cades ouu lucrulcil In said section. S».c. 19. Foi the pmpoma specified In chapter .\V of the net approved Fein nary Kith, 1-fl :, of whirl) thif Is nmctidntmy and fiupi»le:ncn tnry, the said city shall have power to borrow irom rime to time, a sum of money not cxcccdlrg In the aggregate one million of dollars, audio i.-sno bonds therefor; and alltheprovl. cions of raid act, as io tlie issue, custooy nml sale ofWatiThoan bonds, mid the custody and dls- Imrxcnrent of the ptoewds thereof, shall apply to tin- lonn hereby antborized, except as herein otneiwUo provided. AM. farter moved that tbe Connell do now ad journ to meet on Friday evening, at o’clock. The motion prevailed, and me Council otuod adjourned. A. H. HODMAN, City Clerk. THE RAlCi£OAl> EXCI RSIOMSXS, Tito Return Homo Yesterday—Rcsoln- lions. The railroad cel-hratlon party returned from Hochsßtcr yrgbrOay morning, after a very pleas ant trip of about twelve handled miles in six:y flve hoars, fifteen of which were spent in two io&g slops. Before reaching Detioil a meeting was called upon the train, of which Charles Ran dolph, E-q , or Chicago, was elected President, nml Butijamin Venter, Esn., of Detroit, S-crutarr. Hen. W. P. Wells and John J. Bagley, Esq., of Dvtioli, aud lion. J. V. Farwell, ol Chicago, nav lag been appointed a committee to draft resolu tions expressing the sense of the excurßlouUta, the lollowing were read and u'<aulmoasly adopt ed: J.'ffolroi, Tl:at we, the merchants and other busl m. s nun of t'hicaeo ardDetroit, who bn\u attend ctt. as Invited guest*, tb<-excursion given hv the Michigan Central, Great Western and New York ' ciural Railn ad Companies upon the occasion of the inaugnrstion of ihe through nniform horn the Western cities tc the seaboard, dcsliv to orpress onrsense of the great advantages to the West oi lb>-completion of this Important enter prise. JUtohfd. Teat the thanks of the hasmess men « f ihe vhole West an* due to the corporations who have »h in d in !l:ts enu-ipriae, lor the «isc b*recasl and «ncrgy which have accomplished th:.- roul\ and uc irn«t that they mav fl-M ample lelmn fer their efrorts to extend now facilities to H e common e oi Ilc Wear. lUtoh-'d, ihat to George M. Pullman. Ran , ibe proprietor of the magnificent palace sleep ing cai* which have been oar means «*t conveyance upon th's trip, and whore admirable Invention has rcvolnlior ized railway travel, and will contribute so much to the comfort and pleasure of passengers on long Files of railnuy cointnui-lcotinii, |j.c whole Amur iu.n ana i’anadlan public our a debt which wo 6(.site to tcccgnize, ai.d m ihelrhchalt a-> well a% our own, we offer mm onr congratulations, and wc unst that he may 1. p« Uv« to vnjov the pros perity which will assuredly reward lua Inventive skPl and enterprise. tueolttd* That, Inipr* sscd n« we are with the advantages to tbo various railway lines of afford ing to the pniillc the ben possible ticiluies for travel, M f take occasion to express the hope that the facilities enjoyed by as may be epecdllv es irtidco from the Atlantic to tbc almost limits of tbc various rail war lines. Wmltfds That .‘or tbc hospitalities of this ex* emsioo, Which have been. In all respects, abund ant and overflowing, end have made the trip one of unvarying pleasure and cijjoymeot, ourcppo cial thank* are due to I!. N. Rice, Esq„ long the fOlcenl and courteous General Superintendent of tne Michigan Cci tral Railway; to 11. E. Sargent, l>q., and Bcnry Wentwo to, E*q„ oi the same road; to Thomas SwinyarP, Esq., Managing Director, and Joseph Price. Esq., the Tnaanrer oi the Groat Wtatern Rail way Company ol Canada; to William Wallace, Esq., the General tfupennU'ndeut of the same toad, who fnrnifbtd a special rccorootlve for the trip from Windsor to Snspeuttoo Bridge and re turn, and gave his personal supervision to that E onion oi the excursion; to Geo. lajwc Reed. «q., Chief Engineer, wbo promised to have (ho third rail laid ov Januarv Ist. and did it; to A. Wallingford. hsq.. the Chicago Agent of the Gicat Western Railroad: and to H. W. Chittenden. Esq., General superintendent ot the New 1 otk Central Railway, who furnished a si ecUl locomotive from Suspension Bridge to Rochester, under the personal superintendence of J. THiingbast. Esq.. Division Superintendent; and to J. 0. Sutherland, Esq., Superintendent ol the Michigan Central Cat Work*, who bulU all the cam need on tbe trip. JJrtolrtdi That, to Donald Mclnnes, Esq.. Presi dent of tbe Hamilton Board of Trade, we express our hearty appreciation ot the fraternal and gen* crons welcome he extended to os, as tbe repre ecMative of tbe good pcop'c of Canada, on tbo occasion or car dinner at Hamilton. littoltfd , That wc tender to Sir. H. M. Kinsley, of Chicago, wbo nas bad charge ol tbe commissa ry ol tbc exenrson. oar sincere thanks for his ample provision lor our comfort and pleasure, and we aholl long remember the abundance and elegance of bia good cheer. Appropriate and witty remarks were made by Messrs. John C. Hilton. J. J. Bagley, George M. Pullman, 11. K. Sargent, Joseph Price, A. Wa'Hnc lord, and others, indicating that tbc best or good fi t-ling prevailed, and that the excursion hadoecn a complete ancccea. &CI4JIDKS. Ttvotnfortoaates Gone to TbclrLang Homes. On the 2-" d of December, a man giving bis same as Robert Hermann, and accompanied by a young woman who said her name was Mary Fleck, ar med in Chicago and put up at the Cagle Hotel, No. K Canal struct, in two or three days the two left. Hermann returned a few days ago. and re ported that the Ctrl had married, on the first In s’ant, a Catholic priest Uvtcc In Lvoos, lowa. -UCrc and ahalf oVlcck yesterday afternoon, he 'i?* ‘•lfcovcred In his corn}, In convulsions, and ucd food attenratd. He wa« about twenty-eight year# of nee. An ingneat was held yesterday morning b> Coroner Wagner, and the Jury ren amed a vcrulct of suicide. -Deceased lormcrly lived in bomb Brooklyn, New York. A large gold natch wa- found upon the body, but neither money ror papers. Wary Ann Pastor, ollaa Higgle Mitchell, aft» Molile Copeland, died at about three o'clock yes terday monrng irotn the iffects of morphine. *Aa inquest was held over her r- mains at four o'clock ve-ierdav afternoon, at No. 233 Wells street, and the Jury brought In a verdict ol suicide. Deceased was oriclr ally from Rochester, New York, and catr.e to this city some three years ago, under the protection of a man Known as Jacic Miteboll. Some ;-vouth # sirco she returned to New York, and •wsr.'ft-d Chaunccy Copeland, from whom she f non alter separated, and came back to ibllow her dlfgrjccfnl courses. Her form and features must lave betn, atone time, veryalt-ac’lvc, but when exposed to the sight of the Jury yesteroay after noon. they excited ieelinn of pity add disgust. The former “home" of the deceased was at a low bagnio on Jackson street. . Bbe was about twenty years of age. Thus ends the career of “one more unfortunate"—of one whose patter ing feet made sweet music on tbe floor of a neat cottage between hero and snnrlse nearly a score of years ago—of one whose bloated features as seen yesterday afternoon, gave no proof that their dead wearer had ever been petted In a fond mother's tap—of one whoso etepwas light a.* snow II tie's fell, and laugh as sweet os any sound heard by forest native at far-famed Minnehaha. £hc oped to be “somebody's darling,’* and she “went a§t ay." What a pity Ills that the most virulent type of scarlet fever or diptheria did not pay her a fatal visit before her second. or third birthday t Cicpbo Towtv Cpkbk.— The office of Town Clerk for the town of Cicero, now held by Mr. John Rice, la contested by his opponent at the last election—Mr. A. B. Kellogg. The cas: was arened yesterday rooming before Justices DcVfolf, Wmship and Booth, at. the office of tbe former. Tm ground taken by Mr. Kellogg was that Rice had not been a resident of the town for one year, ax required by tbe law. From the testimony taken, U was elicited that Mr. Rice had. a short time previous to bis nomination, attained the age of twenty-one. The father ol Rice had resided in the tout) for a long time, bet the eon, John Rice, had been in tbe army, and was there one year pre vious to bis nomination- The Justices decided Uat as the man was a minor and serving in the army, bis rcfjdcrce must be considered at bU father’s house, and decided the case iu his favor. THE LEMOHT HOMICIfIE. Daniel Trapp riiarßciiirilli tiio Mnnlor of Christian Lnsch-The Dose on Trial—Erldcneo for the Prostration. The special venire for twenty-five Jurors ordered a lew days since iu the bnporlor Court, for the la vcpttgatiimof cases ol homicide, .was relumed yesterday helore Chief Justice John 'M. Wilson. Ttic- can- ot Daniel Trapp, cbaigcd with the murder ofCbnriian Lasch.Wnsr first on the calendar, wnd called np ot ten o'clock. The ciicntnslaneea nttctiding the murder arc briefly as follows; Christian Lasch and Daniel Trapp, both farmers, residing in the town of Ls mont, bad been In the habit of visiting each other In afri l ndly war for some time, aud the two fam ilies were on terras of intimaev. On the 20th of September last rear, Trapoand tls wife came to lA-ch'a house for the purpose of drirmgout n-Uh Ultra to a place near by called the Feeder Th* two families returned »n the evening to Larch's house. VTbtW Mrs. m the nonse after Laving dlighted from i-e wagon, abe heard a noise outride, ana tramcdlalely after *he per ct-ived her husband lying on the ground pioiusvly from a wound in the head. At the same time she beard Trapp remark that ** Chris, had got enough.*' The blow bad been Inflicted with a long club wnicb he was seen carrying in hla hand that same evening. Laach was carried into hi* borne where he expired in half an hour horn the effects of the blow. Jt la claimed (bat Laschat that moment was in the act of committing anadullry wi h the wile o! Daniel Trapp, who thereupon seized the club and fcliuck him a fatal blow on the bead. After the cmpanc'llng of the jury, which occu p*ed the roicnoor, the court aojonrned and met at two o'clock in the afternoon. Charles 11, Heed, Keij., the blate’s Attorney, opened the case for the jury. A. B. Jenks, Esq., appeared a* counsel for the defence. The following witnesses were then called: ants. LAscn. Mrs. I-ascb, sworn, testified as follows: My name Is FAlen Lasch. My husband's name was Christian I-asch. He died on the SJth of Septem ber, near bln house in the town of Demonl, Cook County. (Witness was shown a stick.) I saw thntwmja ray hTiabppd was killed, llwas lying • near him. My husband, royeelf and Trapp’s wife had been on a visit to the Feeder, and when wo came home my hutbind carried me Into the bouse. I then heard some noise among the horses, and when 1 looked onl of the window I saw my hus baudlying down bytbebuiees. Irappcsmeaud Mfidtorae, “Chils. has cot enough aw.” My htubaou was nearly dead and Trapp bad bis on The wound on the top of hi* Inal. 1 "aw some blond on one end at tie nick. J thou got my hnsb&mt In lira nou e, a- l-ted by hlj brother un.i Trapp's wlte. He had tame tnan ono wound on his bead. 2lv btishsnd rit-d about half an hour au--r. lie never spoke any more. Two children ram*' {inn • wi;h us in the wigun, my own child nn<l T.-.T.m's ch.’.d. Toe dUcndxut alter he told rao tha; hnr gotctmngh" went over l»:c K-ncr and weu. I » AU.e is. Whec 1 Went Ut'o the Uou»e Trapp** wife and iLlbl wor* left in tho wagon. CVossrjcn iiKd—This wn» nn r*imday b"iwoon s nrd uo'rlock in the cvcnlu/. Wostait’dio go tnilic *■'c.-der In Th»* rannfing, m.d got Tiack be twe nSundli. My hiirha'd nnd I went Into the house together, lie went out to got some plums, lie did not go out lo toe bant. I lave talked with iiinnnii«iii* , a Cash and another man about the matl-r. 1 did not (nil Ilium that In-went mil to Ihe barn, nor timl ilwa> fifteen minute* hel'uc I heard the noise oulsld n After I wvn* lido the house I called to Trapp's wile Miveinl liimu niter I got into llm hoii«o. 1 nmtd not bear licr n-pD : Mu* child wu? crying. Frapp and Sussn hi* wife who Innhat iny house ser-rri Urara. buren suiyrd at! night on Thursday before my Imiiiand »a- killed. Mr husband went to Tinpp s hmis« a few ijme.i. Trapp ami hU wife runic to onr liuui'ollml monilog, ui-causo a man him Invited lirr.ioemm- lo our boos') amt lake a U;»ve with mi hurhnud. I’rnjip to conn* to my house a:;U nuMo my bil-lm'td to visit hhn. (ihe dun t-Miwhfch the noc-ased iv»i killed wiit. shown io wltncH*.) I never »nw (his slick u?od about ihe tenre or bam at my house. 1 mw It ilret die dying body of my tin-band, (Irate wuh blood on lira larger cud of It. .Mv Inisbamt's bndlicr bu* had ihe dick since ibo miiiibT. On tin- night or the minder 1 old not hear ■ rapp s »: "1 caught them at |l. nnd 1 cave Uio him." 1 dll not understand all that Trapp fetid. DR. J. 11. CORK. Hi. J 17. Hare, County Phvsi bin, *worn. lonl li( ii fullown: lam a roguhir physician. 1 ne cumpa' n d CoioniT Wngaei lo the Mnying ground at Li moni, and saw him tabu out the body. The skull war* severely Tacttn oil, lh: fraCures radiating Tom shove the light carlo several parts of the brad. Tu> wounds wetc, la my opinion, suiUcient lo cauet death. reran i-apcii. Peter I n«ch, sworn, t* siiilcd: lam a brother of Christian Ijisch who was killed. ’ My bro'her was tOlrtj-iuoyears old when be died, vfle was ordi narily in good tufllth. 1 saw Trapp going pa*t my house at six oViuck lo the evening with a club on his shoulder. lie afterwards came back and came np lo my honse. Ho (hen lighted Ills pipe ami vent towards my brother's hou.-o, about? o’clock. I saw my brother after he w»s struck. He was lying on his mco and hreJlhm; h lifle. My hroihcr’s who was there. 1 wa-hed hi* face and look him Into the house; then wert after s doc tor. When 1 retu.aied my hroihor was (lend, t'i'he club was hero shown to the witness.) That it* Iho club that was Ivingby my hrotiier when be was dying. It was Trapp’s wagon and my broth er’* bulge :hat they went to the Feeder with. OTIICII WITNESSES. Frederick Stemm. Helen Warner and Mary Warner each testified to having seen Trapp that evening carry lug the clan in his baud. Thiel chiecd the case lor the prosecution, and the court then adjourned to meet at tcu o’clock this luoiulng. me rnisoNEu is a young man, a little above the middle height, rcfp-ctnbly drvNted. ami with a countenance ex pressive of mildness and good nature. Ills char acter, ns far as known picvions to iho homicide, wa> ibal of an Industrious man. He has resided m H.e town of hemont fur a little mo.c than a year. UU victim had been a resident of tue e&mo place for nearly twenty years. A IQOST VILE BIGAMIST, |{oli|*ery of a Soldier’** Widow and Her Orplian Child—Reeling; Between tiso two Wives ofuiie Mao. One of the most cruel and bcanlcss instances of betray 1 came io light a day or two ago, which has been placed on record for many mouths. To presint the story briefly and nnderslmfilngly it is necessary ;o suate a frw preliminary £icts.“ A tew vears ago a Miss Ayers, residing la Alba ny. New York, married Mr. I-v. Ward. She was at the time young, good looking, ami very much attached loner A daughter was born, and the child i* now ten yean* old. They lived baprily until ihc outbreak of the war, when her bmhand cnlMcd in the Ninety-first Indiana ro<- uidecis. lie escaped ad thep-.rils and chances of Un; nar, and returned calety to ihc bosom of his family, hut wpfaa constitution somewhat Impaired by a sevvte aU&ck of typhoid fr ver. Uis wifi* tfaonght that iii* mind was seriously adcctcd by the sickness he had endured, as unknown io ht-r he had tnli-ied In the tegular army, and snbsc qmmtly died in Texas, as she learned from ofil ctra ot the regiment to which he belonged. Her mean* of support were not ample, and she was Induced, thiougU the so’.lcliatiinsof a friend, to remove lo Pond doLac, \V!<consin. In the month of September. ISCS. Mrs. By. Ward made the to il naintat.rc of IVilltam A. Cook, a carn«n’cr t>y trade, übo rcprcs r mcd lint he lived iu Chicago when ax home, and owned prop erty at No. l>i Bine Island aver uc In this city. On IbeCfitb of December Conk married Mrs. I.y. Ward, and alter rt inamlngai Fond du lie a week I'eycame on to this city, stopping at Wright’* llo’cl. on North Wells street. Trusting entirely toi!icb"nenyonj uood tulih of her ullainnha husband.she nad placed her lurnlturcat bis dis posal. Lad given him ti'Xl Iu money, a gold watch and some gold rings. On Tiusday «'ook left th* hotel, atmonnclng that he %\o:Ud root) return, hnt a« he failed to do so after ihc lapse of an entire day she b,*gan to eiueitnin suspicions that she was In some manner the victim ol a great wrong. She visited No. HI Blue Island avenue and tbcrclearncdtnat no each man as Cook was known to the occapa’its. In deep distress sh" resorted to a City Directory, nrd fhcic foond her husband’s name mten'd as rcaldtrg at No. 258 West Harrison street She proceeded thither and was told by fee lady of ine house that Mr. Cook did not reside there at present, and had been ab sent from the city fm the past five months. ” Uts lamllr, , ’lhc larty added, “arc living at No. 201 Clark street’’ This was tbe first intimadon the lady had received that her husband had another living wife, and the sudden announcement of the fact go confounded her that, for a few moment®, she was utterly speechless. 3he explained to the lady (bat etc was also the wife of Cook, and detailed to her the web of villainy which bad be*& so artfully and, ala®, so Miccussfrilly prepared for her. The lady kindly proposed to send fo tbe first Sirs. Cook to meet the second Mrs. Cook at her residence, instead of that the sister of .Mrs. Cook came, and subtcqucnlly an Interview was held between tbe two wives. Tlie Chicago wife seemed heartily fried on her own account, that circumstances md taken place which would give her just grounds for separation from her husband. It appeared that she nad lived very unhappily with him for years, and now sho could take ber young children and leave the miserable wretch forever. Mrs. Ly. Ward's board at the hotel was not paid, and her tranks, containing her clothing, are held as security. She hat no means of support except her needle. and has lost all through the inflacsco and scheming of a designing villain. Officers are on the look out for Cook, and It is hoped that be maybe soon apprehended. LAW INTELLIGENCE* Tbo Circuit Conn ia not in session. It was formally opened yesterday and adjourned until Monday morning next. The only new anil was an appeal, Thomas Scully vs. Bernard ilcXcll and another. Ihc Superior Conrt is active. Before Chief Jus tice Wil-cn rases ol homicide are In progress. Judge Jameson is engaged In the trial of the Stewart divot cc case. Id the common Uw branch, presided orer by Judge Gary.tho following deal orders were made: Henry w. King et at. vs. M. B. Wright. As sumpsit. Judgment lor plaintiffs, $222.79. The ratac vs. Sampson O. Lane. Assumpsit. Jn*gniei.t 5411.9>>. Charles G. Wallin et ah vs. John E, Dlx. As* suvddsU. Default, toward W. Glover vs. Frederick Leavitt et al. Assumpsit. Default. •lobn Peterson vs. Henry C. Shutlc. Assump sit. Default. Janice Hepsmanva. Jacob Velllngcr. Trespass. Default. Stoat? Fox v?. Frank J. Howes. Assumpsit. Jttdffmtnt for SiI6.SS. _ James Clapp ve. WiViam Clawson. Dismissed. George lampartner vp. Angusic Wailbaum, Case. Verdict not entity. The People vs. Elt tt. Prescott. Dismissed. A writ of n* neat issued against JcromeC. Vogel against Darnel C. EHghcj et al , on an in debtedeespof <ISS.OL JoieoU McPherson confessed judgment mCavoc of the First National Bank for 52V97.M. Ihv csiaies of Henry Scbenck and William botoucut, heretofore pending in the County Couth a ere declared settled. Mcxnko op Vessex. Owxiats.— A meeting of some forty or fifty ship owner* and masters, en gaged lu the shore trade, net at the ball In Hod’s Block, last evening, for the purpose of forming a Protective Union and Mutual Insurance Com pany. The meeting was called to order by Cap tain James Macnamara. of the schooner Lizzie Tbroop, who was elected Chairman. James Ford officiated as Secretary. No Interest was msai tceted except rv about bal>‘ a oaten of those com . prising the me. ling. Captain Macnamara made a somewhat lrrgthy«o?ech. advocating the forms tionofa Union. ni;d referring in very forcible language to tho Unions of the sailors, tog boat owners, stevedores, caulkers, dty dock mot, and Insurance agents— Insisting that all of these Union* were antagonists to tho financial Interests of ship owners and masters, who, for eight moclhe of every year led as laborious and danger ous lives, for very moderate pay, as any other class of men In the country. He also staled that a small vessel of the capacity of 100,000 feet of , lumber, was charged sui lorbsing towed irotn the entranceo; the river to Wells street bridge; and that a charge of only S3O was made for the ! ton logoi a much larger vessel from Lexington, Michigan, twenty-five miles this side of the oead .oflhibt Clair ilais, to the lower end of Detroit : IDvcr—the distance being about one hundr d and fifty miles. The Cantata also stated that 11 the same rates, as regards distance, were charged by owners of ttic* that pit on the Gate ami Detroit River, ap between the North P:cr and Well* strict, each vessel sailirg that route have to pay nearly fd,(-00 lor being towed through. He also asserred that the owners of a very small tug—*hc name of which he declined to meutioa—had made Oi.e hundred dollars a day for eight months of last year. No conclusion was arrived at regarding tbe oa talditl meet o: a Union, and after brief addresses bv Thomas Cfency and IVtcr Taylor, the meeting adjourned without adjournment; or, to speak in a nirtlilly intelligible manner, we bad better say that the gentlemen composing the meeting ap peared to be stricken with the samo idea vt about tho same time—that of putting their hats on their beads and leaving the cbalrmau, secretary and TittscbE reporter at the coldest end of the cold hull. ~ .... • - FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL mOISKTABY. TmmsDAT Etexiso, January 10,1557. The country banks were cheeking freely to-day on their balances hero, and It la eslimited that nearly $400,000 were expressed westward this af ternoon, to move-the bog crop, which is now coming forward with considerable liberally. Tbe demand for discounts and loans wu qute active, and the discount bouses were unanimois la re porting the market equally stringent, ibe banks as a general rnle were confining ihcir favors to those cus’omura whose claims for accomnodatloa could not be Ignored. The bank rate is Heady at 10 per cent in the open market there b a good demand for money, and loans arc made it J*i& g*4 per cent per month, according to the $ tan ding of the botrowers and the nature of the coiatersls. Call loans on Government and other ‘securities arc firm at 111 per cent. Exchange was flat. Round lots wen placed between banks at 50 cents discount. Tie coun ter rates were lower at olscnun baying and 1-20&1-10 premium selling. We loam from private sources that there is con sidcranlcof a panic In Inf urance circles In New York, and It Is thought that many companies will wind up their affairs. The past yearhasbecnan cxtnmely disastrous one fur underwrtsrs—the total losses by Arc for the year being eatinated ny tbe best posted, at fSbQ,COu,OOU. Tbe coapeUUoa between companies resulting in lower raws, has maleilally reduced the revenues, and In uuny In -lances the losses have eaten into the capital and surplus. A short time ago, at a electing of the National Hoard of Underwriters, measures were adopted looking to a concert of action in ad vancing the rates and doing away with all “catting under," which ought to have been done long ago. the scheme has met with only a partial stccess, as many companies have net united wuh tbe movement Flonr »8s less active, but Armly held. Wheat wasquktand l@2c lower on No. I Siring, but Lot No 2 closed *|®lc better. Coruwis unset tled, doting l&ljjc lower. Oats weredulland lover. Rye declined 3®£c. Btrlcy was qclct. bless Fork was more active at yesterday’s inside figure, I-aid was doll and ratter weak. English Meats were more active at a flight de cline. Whiskey was neglected. Gold was unsullied and lower to-day. Itopcoed at declined to and closed at 131. Tbe fotiowii gquotatious were received by Boyd Bros., gold broker* j .vrj*£ 10;00 m... . 1'1j?o 1:00 p. m. 2:00 p.m. FTI 2:15 p. m. . . I:>J 4.-W p. m. l(:25 b. ra. unho a. m 10; fo u. in. 11;0» a. m. i!:i&a. m lib. s. m. llt i •- tbo market was quiet at buying —c'ijtiig at IU2JJ. There was so demand over (lit counter. Silver vie iiomlnpljat|lS3€}Ml. (•ovettunouU kcio unsettled and lower In Now Yotk, l>m owing to tbo coulindlctory tenor of tbo despatches It la impossible to quote tbo actual decline. Wo give tie following quointlom : I.jon. Morao. Lyon. Mono Hike* *Bl 118 KM Hff«4 lU7H UvcTmciiUm 'W...1U7 JOT Joti\ |(Kl«l rUr.rwcmlci '0t...1H5U 103 IlMw JUIC rtvu-T'Hu’.lcv , 1m...U5'4 Ulo‘4 HiS l<*s TenTortm* turn 11:1*4 y;m wx, Seven*'! Mr lies Altg.JUl?* Jd( luls ScvuMblrtie*.l titic tu»si Kill* Hriw j«u, Scvcu*'iliUilei*duly .HMVs 1111*4 W*!i The following table shown Ujo closing prices in w York lur iho lour previous <3 ay a: Sftiur. Mou. T«m. Wi-iI. Sixes of’M JOftJ* limy 10-44 FHe.Twculltf'*, '»•« IUJ?i JOijj JOTji Jo? 1 • Kive*’l'wcnUoß, *Ol KiaC lil-i |usj< MS I ; Ftvc.TwfcnPeß. 'O3 too iuiH« IDO'* too Icn-Korllos IHfl 100 HIP, wm ScvuifTlinlicx. A»c.... 105 J0l»i 1UI4; KJt'k Sevi-L-Tlilrtica. Y HUif im>i uip. tcveii.Tbltiles. .Inly 1' -IX JIM Hi I• i |i)l| > Ili-rc tbe market was dull, weak and lower. Wo quote : UOVXItNMtKT SECUIUTIC3 —CttloloO MARKET. Buying. Selling. ...BCKi mv t ...IWI IOC*. ..10D4 umi ...IIM2C lU3 ..twtUGiOj .. !6?j 10,-j .. lltt U.S. Sixes, of 18SI. f. b. C-uLb, IMS f. S. 3**ilM»\ U. N. IbGD u m htiiuli,... U. S. ib*d s, lar^e V. small... I?, S. 'Hf Miles mu mi U.5.7-3U*, V(l ii-tics 10:5*4 HC‘4 ir. s. 7.::n s , J.M retioF itipi 10:14 U. S. 7-3 to, 5ma11.... 103&2(U)i compound, (one, 16(51 11554 Ju»y, li*'/! rr» “ An?., la-.-i iH4 ** oci., is&i iiajj •* J)cc., I8«:t noli " May, 1665 11l “ Au«., I*C5 IK3J4 “ Sept., 16(3 . ..100 Oct., leys 10554 The Second National Bank plvcs tlic following quotations for the Itabli'’ Srcurt'los: C0up.,*61...107&Q... . 7-8iW(«m«!l(108?afiiKWS 5-2 U coupons, June Comp., 18W..U6 (iaic0)....105 QlUO3£ July ..IWJ4 5-2(1 coupon?. Am;. “ ..115 (►mall).. .i(M» 5 (5J02?4 Oct. “ “ ..114 id-jo coupons. Occ. “ ..113 (Isrjjc).... W**©.... May ** l'<4 KMu coupons. Aug, u *• ~uu (yinal)).. .ini (ft >epi. ** *♦ ..10054 T£ostlarge).lol <t>,l(V|Lj Oct. ** “ ..103 l ocal SccnrltUa were dull and nominal at the followin'; rates. We quote: Buying. ScUtas. .33 JOO ,35 07 Chicago City Severs Cook County Sevens, Chamber of "Commerce.... .....01 96 XUo Clncinnsatl Gazttte of yesterday ob serves ; “Ihe money market continues close, under s constant flow ot currency to the conotiy, which seems to increase rather than diminish as the season advances, and money is kept actively em ployed. so thatdPposlt balances are drawn down quite dole. Bales of interest arc Arm in the open market at ID@l2 per cent. As much prime paper Is ottered at the latter rate aa bankers care to lake, and good paper can lie obtained at Is@is per cent outside, out accommodations aregencr aliy confined to customers. Ibc demand forenr icecv Cuesod heavier offerings or exchange, and ibc market was not as firm, although the rulin': rates remain at l-105£5bc discount huyinc, and par selling: transactions Detwccn bankers being made at Ta'p. GOc discount.” —I do Pittsburgh Clearing House Association at present Includes seventeen National Banks, fire banking InsUintions. two bamuns firms and ouc State bank. Of the National Banna In that city, the Tradesmen’s and the Fourth National are ihe only ones who do not redeem their cheeks through its means. On February Ist, the Clear ing House will have been in operation one yeir, with such marked success that no one of its mem b- is L-vmcea the slightest dissatisfaction or de siieto leave the Association. The amount of labor and trouble saved by this means Is very steal. J —The New York Tribune says: “Ttc* supreme Court at Washington has de cided that National Banks are not exempt from tlv ouiicaiiotj of paying taxes toward tae police and other municipal and State expenditure. It will le TcmumDcrtii Uiat the Court below ad judged the shareholders of Bank -lock lo be liable on such t-barcs to State and local taxation as per sonal property. This decision das been affirmed, tbodlsfvjjtiutr Judg a being Chase, Wayne add Swaim*.’’ —ld© earnings of the Chicago «& Hallway lorttn* week ending January 7, were: 1660. 1867. .$ 4‘,305.*0 s3s,’»'Jl>.*i2 1U1.UG1.32 202.U50.G1 :i,I*"G.OU 7,021.311 I,s‘i.tyj 3.15U.11 Pa-ecrccr, FrdcLt... E=l»tcfcs... i!uil f Total It.cintee, 1S0» New York Mock 3l*rhct. cicsice prices lor cash. January 10, ISS7, received by otovpu Mr Lyons i 10, Brokets? Ift *A l*t 2:1 B’d. Bd. B'd. B’d. .v.Y.CVr. 110 110* C.S.6percent Kne(iom> HV « N>DiU, 1551... 103 >l. &. (c0m)..,. 79 79V U. S. 6 per cent C. A: l ilts S3V 9JJ* 0-20cjdp„*6>. 107 106 V ILkY Island....iCf-'v 103 S TJ. S. 6 per cent C.iN.W 41«< 42* ft-20c0np., , 61. KBjf IQIV C. «v N. W_ pfu so bin V- S. 6per cect I*., Kt. tV. & C.IC2 102* 5-20 Quicksilver....-ttif 42X U. fc. 5 per cent W. L'aJonTcl.. 45k 45* 1040 90V SOV C.fcA.rcom)..U3£ loov Tr.Nous.73-10 Bur. & Q .ISO ISO* Ist series IMJ; 10l O. & M.l’m-.. 27 27 O. S. 73-10. 2d Urnuon lUver.tsO 1M ernes : 104* icsjf 111. Central,...ll3* 11SV V. S. 7 31C, 3d I’. A Head H4* 104* series 104* M3*< Cicve, *T01....]23 124 Arner. G01d.... 132 13J* T. & Wabash... «IV 44 Market—lst Boara steady. COnnEBCIIL, TnrrsDAT Etzkixg, January 10. isffT. Tt c following tables show the receipts and ship* mente of Produce dating the p&at twenty-four hours: RECEIPTS PAST TWENTT-FOUn HOCBS. Flonr, brla, Wheat. bn. Core, bn... Oats, bn... Bye, ba Barlfj. bo Grass Seed, ibs.. Broom Core. Th§. Cmed Meats, tte. Beef, brie. Pork, hil#., Lard,lbs... TflllOtr, T&9. J0,6T5 10,fi30 Bntior, D. Does, No .. Lire coos, No. CslUe, No Hide?, Tb 5...... IHptowinM, bils, Wool, lbs Ltnabw. m SMngfe*, m.... smrxKtTs past iwemr-youß bodbs. ISCi 10fi8. .. . 7,850 1,770 . 450 . ... 10,720 .581,230 71,000 40 IK €33 956 77,K» 120,000 9JCO 4.400 311 2,600 S 3 163 22,790 45,000 51 IT? 2,550 231 130 109 10 FlOUT.btl* Wheat, bn Corn, l»u Oslo, bn Parley, bo Broom Com, lbs... CnrcA 11 cate, tt-5... uetf, brls rcr*K,brl9 Lara, IN* r.ntter. ®>9 Dieted Hoc*, No. Cattle, No Hide*, tbs Hlßbwine*, b:l* Wool. Sblocl*, to Lath, m.,; Salt, brls Salt, batrs FLOCK AKD GXUTK IK BTOOB. The following table, compiled from the oOdal reports of the Warehousemen to the Secretary of tbc Board of Trade, exhibit the amount oCGraln In store In this city on last Saturday, os compared with the smonpt In store at the Mine date last year Floor, btl*. Wheat, bo. >4)399 Com, bn. Oats, bn. .116,837 Rye. bn. s&usi TU?re was more activity to the Provision mar ket tc-day, at prices a, shade lower than those which were obtained yesterday. There was a good Inquiry for Mess Pork, mostly to All ms. tnriPtr contracts, at yesterday's inside figure, at which wc notice sales of 2,400 brls cash, and seller January. A lo* of 500 brls Prime Mess sold at SIS.CO cash, delivered at Peoria. At the close the market was firmer, with, more buyers than sellers

at £lß.<.<o. Holders of favorite brands were strong In their views at $18.23. Prime Mess Pork was dull and lower, with sales of 60 brls at $15.73. There was more activity in English Mrfats, at figures aUlflc under those heretofore current. Wc note sales of 700 has at 9@9J<c for Short Rib j OcforStretfords and s)*®SikC for Cumberland*. There was nothin? dole? in Short, Clear or lone Cut Homs. The demand for Balk Meats was mote active, with sales of Hough Sides at BHc loose and Svjc packed. Short Rib soldatSJic loose. Green Meats were in good re quest and firm, with sales at OSiOlic for Uams irom Slaughtered and BJ4®B*£e from Pressed Hogs Green Shoulders sold to the ex tent of OO.Oto Us, on terms not made public. Lard was dull and cosier, with sales of 20J tres Steam at A null lot of Kellled sold all-ic. Grease was quiet, with sale* of Yellow at Sfic. Dressed Hogs were slow at aboat yesterday’s range- We note sales at^7.oo—closing at fd.M and fG.75 for average lots dividing on SCO Tbs. - la nominal at 25c for Bonded, and *340 for duty paid. Owing to the less favorable news from New Tork, the Flour market rul.d quiet, bat there was no change to sole In -values About 1,6D0 brl* changed hand* at *ILS7!i©H.7S for White Wln- ter; $11.75 tor Hcfl Winters; for Spring Extras; SC.62H for Hyeand fß.2sforßuck wheat U heal was less active, and an No. 1 Spring we nolea decline of IQ.2C. No. 3 opened tame, but al the close there was a stronger feeling, and the market advanced H@lc. The sales foot up 25,000 bn at $2.20 for No. IIOA.D, & Co.; $3.10 @2.19 for do Regular; f9.ou@*ol for No. 2ln A. D. & Co;sl,o3® 1.91 for do Regular. and fI.GC® 1.70 for Rejected—closing at *2.16 for No. 1, and sl4rl®l.lHH for No. 2 tn regular houses. Core was unsettled, but doted dm at a decline of KglHc. About 42,003 hn*hels changed hands ai7H>rCcforNo.l; TOdor No. 2, and 57®53j4c for Rejected—closing at 7U®Ut*{c for No. 1. Oats were dull and H®lc lower, with transac tions at W*s®lit£c for No. 2—closing with sell ers at 41c. Rye was very dull and 2®3c lower, with sales at SKT'&cforNo ], and 83c for No. 2. Barley was firm with sales at CUc@sl4o for sam ple lots. Barley in store was qnictwitb sales at 62®CJc for IV inter receipts in North bide bouses. Groceries exhibit a little more life, bat with out any change in rates. Tallow was Inactive al 10c for City and B®9jfc for Country. The following telegrams were read on ’Change to-day: New Yoas, January 10. Common Flour easier at f10.5C@i2.49. Wheat heavy at f 4.88®2J0. Corn quiet at f 1.20 in store. Oars tame at CC&OTc. Fork Arm at $1925® fc'XfTVt- lAtdheavy. Hogs heavy al sS.Do®S.iaj4. Cold, 153. 14LTQU Flour drooping. Wheat heavy. Com droop ing. Oats heavy. Fork Ann. Lard heavy; old. 12»*c; New, I2fcc. In the sltcrrooa tbe Grain markets wero qniet but Arm. No. 2 Spring ciost-d up strong, with buyer* st fl.m. Corn was held at 60c for No. 1. Provisions were inactive. Standard Mess Pork wss o&red at $lB oi>, but best brands were held at $18.25, with buyers at flB CHi. Frlmo Lord wss in demand at llfic, with eellers at IF.ic. Bulk Meats sold to tbe extent of 41*,000 lbs Dry Salted ShonMcrs at C*|C lootc. Beef Cattle were n» fair request, bat under tbo liberal arrivals of yesterday aud to-day, and In sympathy with (be decline tn tbe Eailem mar kets, prices ruled J3#23c lower, Tbo receipts were 1,132 head. Entered sales 1,400 h**ad. at f4.WX60.00 for common mixed lots to choice ship ping Beeves. Ibe ma:kct closes steady at SB.OO AM .t34*i .137 .I.T3U .111 1 he market for Live liogs opened heavy, sales dragging considerably during the foienoou, with pikes s®U'c lower, but towards tbe close, under a more spirited demand, iho market recovered. 'Jlie receipts were *,u:n bead. Kmcreil sates il.tijj head, ol'®i; IS for common to cbo'ce Hogs, at which range Iho market closes strong. XIIO Wheat A’rvHpci-K In IVortliorn Ohio, 'iho clou-unu uter of yesterday rcmirkat **lt wa* feared by many that tbw *uddtn lYvcrtog ol the •nil mu (looiled niftit, »i»-; 0 time uco, might re-ult tn i«flo\UilnuiacoUiUw wheat, bat taimvts rrpori that tbi-rr Is 1.0 dsngrr whatever, ami tmiUnghas oe curred, us j ct, to provrnt a cr >p next year." Nosr York Flour Market. 1 from the Tribune of Monday.) Since the dateof mir Ikm wreulv review we have had n mure lUerful feeling In the market fur We«wru uni Stale Hour: the meagre arrival*. mid steady re tudhm uii liiu »tork. have Induce! (he trudu to mimdv thorn* -elvi-nqiutc fY« ely, Htul *hipj'ers lo I he WV«t ladle* net! (Tntrnl America, have op-mted liburuliy ; tie- rcsslpld in i>ro*pcct an* Haiti, and ho.cirr.nru mil dl»nu«jd t.j Mvllmm** at ndvrmv*d pr een. A Wetw feeling tn UnuM ial circle* in vury m>(le<-Hhlo In mast branch?* of and U pnriuotarlv an at the Produce Ex* change. All brand et of industry and huainca* ircnc rally have conformed to the Inflated currency, and any hilempt to spec lly contract Urn currency, when rood 1* »earcc. and the errp cf wheat Very abort. Indeed. could n-»t foil to deitroy cocoilenrr7nnil the laboring rlrcw.-a will be the (Imtiokulkr. Wulhid tin.- dock of Hour UiUtvedi re duccilfully 30,000brl*. ThcburlntssotTChaugetoday wm. larger, the demand bduiMn part»necnlat|ye. Tim rerelpiH Iwlng llmlled, priced advance.! fu’ly 10.4150 p brl on the low erndo. Family brand* are iinli, but ac.iv***. lh«*f6iC*aTcTV?*> ).ri» at (ifl.ooftlo/iO tor Round stil'crflm-fctatcifll.OOihlV.lororimunacxlra Mato: >ia;;o rt!2 25f«-r the low grade* of Western extra; JlluvVjiiJAO for Rhlpplim Ohio; (t:{.ourAl4.sO for trade brands, and <ll.nigtJ7.CJ fur SU Louis extra*, tana Man flour has men In good demand and with limited re* ('dpi* and a tulocid Mock prices have ad* vsnn-d amt the market cloaca Armor with a fair bindni!**; >abs of lid brl* nt <l3.lKJ,jiiAo for extrnn. Somhein flour has tu'Ch lalrly arttrv, and re ally good winter wheat extras have cold well at ad* valu ed price*, clcMtu; better and Ann, with a (air buMncea; ealen of:i3C nrU at <m.VJ.QII.IO f»r common to Utr extra iliiltimoro County, and (11AM17.00 for tiade and fainliy extra.*. Kyo flour tut* been to good rec;iic t and with moderate receipts prler* have im* proveit amt close firm; sales ol V» brta at tOAu’-t'l.OO. Curnmi-al remained cjuict. the aopnly l<dnx liberal. cloFlnu llrmer aud rainy active ;»alu« ot STObrta at <«.iSofor.tfXßey; tor Brandywine,and fijO for SlbtbliV Culorla. kxi'uCtb rcoM BErmruEu j. itfio, to date. Great Britain other foreign and Ireland. port*. Totals. m Flour. _ brl*. brl*. hrta. N» w Tone. Jan. k’67 47.J40 lHa.oia ?;{t,3vt i:altloor», Utc. y'.'iiti S 51,5il htjiil J tilhidcllJila.Dcc.3S, *GC 2'K7l 3].S7t Rdktor, Du*. S 3, *ofi 10 57.U3 * 57 123 I'rrttsnd, Dec.-JS’ttS Tota'S 51.7C9 375,899 4(K(!W ISCti New York (>rnln Itlnrket; I From the Tribune of Monday, j Wc have had very limited rcL-clptsofwheat, and with a marked acraocc m the tow cranes ol floor, and very light receipts ot the same, millers hare purchased more freely, and with a steady reduction in oar stock prices have advanced. In our last review we alluded u> the supplies of wheat in the Weal ns being very low, and Ibis has since been folly continued; of winter wheat tbtre I* hardly any supply in the hands of tamers, but in California they have a considerable surplus, and dne* September I. 1869. the shipments thence to the Atlantic coast have b r en 06.(38 sack- 1 , or about 46L00S bu. 1 his »IU give os a liberal supply ol choice wheat to moke good the great deficiency in onr supply ol winter. Much of this wheat will arrive here in May and June, and, we donb: not, dna a ready sale. Choice white winter wheat has leen In better den and at Improved prices, and is s arce. Spring has teen the most salable, and wc no ilt-u6itne»peculativc Inquiry for cholcs qualities at extreme pncca. Afcw purchases ol ordinary spring nave l*mi made for export, but the advanced prices claimed Tor good do has prevented the tilling ot most orders. Wc have hod some inquiry for spring for Southern port.-, but the Inquiry has been chiefly con* linedlorlty nillrrs. Today's market wo* quite nn settled, and -omcwhai excited, Favorable advice} from Europe, ano the lurtlicr advance lathe tow grades cl Hour. Lave induced a more active demand, and p ic ■* of o.nuuun uudUlcs have Improved. Choice qualities arc held above the views of buvers. Tno Fair. hrc. , 9.CoC'bn l ats2.oo for unsound spring, |2.3C@ for l«o. :i Chicago tpriig, for amber state, *?.yo for interior (mixed) white Canadian, and 5J.1& lor common smutty white do. Barley ms ruled quiet and dos cccllned. The lower prices ac* crpbd toward then-se«<f the week Inducing a more active local demand, and a further decline In freights bus brought forward buyers for export, c'oslni better apn fairly active; sales cl TO,WO bu at f. 1.05 for inferior fi ur rowrd State; PQ&9Sc tor Canada West In bond. ardsl.TMorct**lcvdo.frce. Barley malt closed dull Canada peas arc firmer; sales txtay of CW bris at il.O, tree. Itye has been otferel more free ly. and prices have de. lined, closing better, with sales otsv9obu at Canada In bond. Oats have nucleated, but with limited arrivals and a more general demand, prices arc firmer, casing more active and bet ter; sale* of CQ.Ci.O ha at for Calcazo; iTc for Michigan; W.\c for Canadian, and *i\3 Tic for Stale. Indian cotolmbctc In limited demand .-uml has fluctuated, < losing decidedly better nodtr thvorobie Cable advices, and a good business was done for export ;*aie* ot fl.lS.kfl.TOfor Weal ;em mixed ic store, cto.lng nrmatfl.l9 in store, and afloat; for old and new White mixed) Southern. UCVOITO moil fiEPTEMBgB 1, 1566. TO DAT*. Croat Brtaln Other and Ireland. F*a Forts. Totals. Wheat. br.vb. bush. bosh. \«tv lorl-..1an.4, 1567.... 5.615 547,674 S3& 17,53 21 .*sl I'tr; land, Dec. 28, UCC.... 7..T4 ♦... 7.2 W Total? SSU73 swat srs 113 18D6 LWO.72J R»,813 iys 1,504.551 Ejrot'.s MSCE 6ErTR«ItKB 1. 1566. TO DATS. Grcul Britain Other 4U.d Ireland. Pc Porta. Totals. Corn. bnsh. bn»h. bush. >*ew TcrKJan. 4. 1?C7....3,652.753 133,245 5,7»3W lialtimore. Dee. 28,1566... 4C.504 14,090 I’hjlaocit.hia, Dec. JS, 1366. 71.7 S 7,056 73,772 80-ton. IHC. 2S, 1556 11.653 11.653 IVlUatd, DtcTaS, 1366.... 11.115 4.602 15,71' Total*. THE CHirAGAO LITE STOCK MARKET, Omcr or me Chicago Tr.inrsK, > Tdcesdat Evrxnro, January jo. f The Ibllowlnp table shows the daily, receipts and shipments of Lire Stock dories tbe week up to this evening, aa reported by the Secretary of the Union Stock Yard Company: .. . Cattle, floss, fiheep. Sunday and Monday .... .... Tnwday..... S 3! 12.U11 its Wednesday 3,150 13.15? t»« Thursday 1.138 8,008 3B 337 Total 5,113 SameUirelastwt-.k 3463 38,763 IfiSi Toe receipts 10-d»y were by the following rentes: . „ Cattle, Ho*". Sheep. By Dhnolß. Central Boad £U W 77 .... ByßorlinatcaAQolccyEoafl. 213 8,303 557 By St. Loala & Altos Road By Koitnweatern Hoad 3?l iJsOd .... By Bock Island Bosd 2SS iau .... By Micnigan Central Boad 30 .... .... By MlchiganSotitnern.. 159 .... By Pittsburgh * Ft. W. Road as Total 1.133 "S3 S6 "»7 The shipments to-day, and tor the week op to this cretins, were: . Cattle. Bogs. Sheep. biinday and Monday . . .... Tuesday 57 335 .... Wednesday .. ..... S 3 .... . .... Thursday 1,9-11 .... .... Total US3 *365 “ gate time laat week ..13)1. ....• ga Shipments to-day were by the following routes: • cattle. Uoga. Sheep. Br Michigan Southern 613 .... .... My Pittsburgh 4 Fort Wayne.. 731 .... .... Be Michigan Central. 556 .... .... By Great Easters S 6 *,918 3,820 12.253 13,150 48,920 18,900 2*, 020 13,219 1,550 703 4,035 SOO 32,500. 13^53 4,850 J,IW T2,SUO SU.-S5 .115,003 52.050 . 6.790 8,650 . ft,3U 8.486 . 23.199 4.619 . C.ISQ 953 .108,937 SS.9H SO .ICO 2,350 900 95 27 75 70 Total 1,811 Saif* today, as entered at tbe different Scale-house?, were as follows: „ . Cattle. Host. Sheep. At minds Central Scale 5» 'B SO <4 AtC,B.&Q. Scale . 43 4,100 *33 At Alton Scale 184 731 .... A, C. * N. W. Scale. 340 1£37 • Total IJBS 11J31 BFTBF CATTLE—The market opened quiet with 3,000 head In the sale pens. The liberal receipts ol yester day, with these of to-day, coupled with the unfavor able tenor ot Eastern advice*, checked operation* to some extent. Shippers old not feel warranted In oay- Ingthe rates that had been obtained prior to this, and accordingly demanded a concession ot 53c p in as. To this, holders would not submit, and np to nearly mid-day, comparatively UtUe was accomplished in the way of sales; but later a compromise was patched up,' seders offering at a redaction of :sc. At this decline buyers took hold with considerable vim, though their pare bases were characterized by more than usual caution. Sales number 1.400 head, which were taken princi pally by shippers, at 56.3id6.N16r medium to good grade*, ted 3AA35.73 for prime to choice Beeves. City butchers took the remainder at 51.00,35 N for common mixed lots lo good fat Cow? and common Steers. There are 5,1X4 head in the pens unsold. The market closes steady at the quotations given below: 2>‘ra Brer^*—Fine, fat. wen-formed. 4 to 6 year* old steer*, end averaging 1.300 »s ard upward? 85.5036.73 Prime Beertt— I bood, well-fatted, fairly formed Sttvrs, averaging from MOO to L4oo»a. at 6.03,36:3 Fair (trade*— Fair Meets, in fair Crsb, av eraging 1 JJOftiL*)# ft*.at. ........ M 535.75 XedthM Cia-*— Medium Steers and good Cow*, fit lor city slaughter, and averaging , SCORt.OW Ba. au 4-33*3.00 S:c cJt ttrfffc—Common Cattle In decent nr*h, averaging BJO3LCOO Bt, at. 3.7&3t50 Infn *ol'— Light and thin rows and Steen, roach and ct»»e, averaging €B3S» B*. at... - We note me flowing transactions; CATTLE SALES TO-DAT. ElehtcenteaJadr C*shy steers, averaging 1,037 b?, fed and watered, at 15.13 V. Foot good Cowa.aVcraglng 1,013 ns,led and watered. at Thim-lwo h«d medium Steer?, averaging L 173 a?, fed and watered, at f 5.70, Eighteen head CUf steers, averages 1.P32 as, fed ftß(i watered, at N-fl. l>n tslr Cow? and Htlfers, averaging 9lf as. off hoVd good smooth Steers, averaging 1,271 h?. off car?, at {6XO. Twelve head common Cows averaging OS3 as. ted end vaterfd. at #4.25 . . niirtr-flre bead good fitshy Steers, averaging L 250 as. fed and watered, at fSJ6. . . sixteenbead common butcher* stock, av«aglngb33 ki ntf car?, st p.ts, - Tbirtcei head stags and .Oxen, averaging 1,173 as, goed* ft t LOW Bs, off cart, head fair Steer?, averaging 1,150 8*,03 cariCax 4A:<O. „ „ noos-ri'CtTmi'H nr 1 Vr 529 1,88 3U) IDO •-130.GG0 637,168 03.130 receded SolOc, but later In tbe day, as it became appa rent that the receipts -would be moderate, there sprang up ao setlre demand, under which the decline noted above was folly recovered, the market dosing active and Arm at prices fully up to tbe dosing rates of yesterday. Sales comprise 13,000 head, which were taken by packer*, at prices ranging from *34033.73 for common to &lr grades, and *5.9986.13 for good to choice Hon, with sales chiefly at ani within tbs range of *5.7:36.00. There arc about 5,000 head unsold. The following are tbe prices current: i-rlme to choice. 16X030.13 Falrtogi'Od .... 3.75.^5.85 Common to mediant We note the following HOG SALES TO-DAY. No. at. price, itti uneven lot. 370 ;A3 49 rood even Hogs .286 3.90 139 choice lard lios*- bQ 6.15 96 pnme oven Hogs S£i 6X7k 41 good eveo 10t.,... 233 am* 46 same quality W 8 5.95 46 pnme Hcgs :.3i9 &ts 113 i»|r bacon grades 774 SAJ 15« go<id even lot ..4® 5J5 89 Choice BCodHjgs 339 643 191 prlrLeeven lot ,291 6XO 9-i gcod fair Hogs ST3 5.95 49 prime araae ao- 6.0 s 1» prime lard Hogs .SIS 642* 51 same quality jfl 500 1W good even i t ~...5S 541« 312 thrice smooth Hogs JSS3 6.0.)' 103 goodeveu 10t............ .......279 5.90 155 same quamr 268 5.® ai lard Hoes. .T 9 500 51 mixed uncver.'iot 293 5.55 59 coarse rough lot aa 5.65 45 extra smooth fot Hog* .....353 640 SHliEP—There is no improvement to no»e to this department of the Live Stockjaarket, in any esienUsl paiucular. The receipts wero moderate today, bat the demand was correspondingly light, so that no serious Inconvenience resulted. Tbe offering* are chiefly of the common com, for which there is tittle or no demand. Good Mutton Sheep are about the only grades Inquired for. Price* ranee at S24Oc»ACU. All tain of drain reported in Hi in market rewrt are mode on tlie tat i« of icintrr (4c) ttvrage, tiniest cthericlte t-rpreseetl. Tiicssdxt etexixg. January 10,1866. , FREIGHTS*— Hin.Boat» Fecioiits—The follow- It g la the joint Urltt'on the Eastern roads; LATER. „ . _ „, * 3d tin Dra'd Rates from Colcago to— class. class. Floor. Bon. Buflaio, N. Y. 68 47* 9i W luroLto, c. W . 68 47* » W aioOreahC. E 145 S» IXO I.GJ Alhany.N. \ l«o NV I.Bs 1.40 New Turk.... 1.23 90 1.95 1.50 Boston and Altany us 95 j.s» 1.6) Button rfaGtandTninit 95 1.93 1.60 Portland rjd Grand Tronic i.<o Fhllodeipbia 1.13 W J. 70 l.w BalUmore 145 83 j. 73 j,43 Plthibiifßh 70 50 1.03 70 Clevvlabd. 0hi0.... 45 3} 76 33 JetPrtonvltic. Ind 43 n 70 .... Clm.-lU.atl, Ohio 43 S 3 66 65 . Fl.OllH—Received,Sjiftbrls; shipped, 4,300hr15. Mrrkri nrui but Inactive, bales were: Wuttc Wire. Ttns—Mhristolnamcdal|t4.7s; tO.Mirl* ••Asteroid’* ntfl2.s7h: iCObilstuiSHistfilXu; ItkD Wwrein— lOUbrlsrotnaraC'lntfli.?;; Srniso Kinus— iw i.rls not nstted at ?11.50j 10* l»rl* do at fIUS ; j'« l.tls ■•Grey Fv»x” fttftt.w); TWVtrJsno* named at fit). *7,V; .0» Oris do at 110.73: lOSbrl* choice Wlsronsl- at f10.<3 ; Uohris l -t4uu l, m<jHAu; bentsa mi* not named at fs.oo s Blckwukat hrls not lau.etiiii f>33: Uvk Fuhju-jOO hrls not named at f-.rcv. , \viflEAT“lteeeivrd, 17.250 lm; shipped.7.9V) hi, sturket dreliii'd on N> . I hprlng, No. 2 dprmg opened quiet, hut Rihaneed l«- at the rIo«e. hales utre: 4tw hu No. lat (,\. j». * fo.n i.sonij >u.iai 42.18; mj l.u aunt *2.17; l»i j.» m (rceu nr) 1 K»J lm No. 2nt <4.11; l.iU) hudOHtfj.JO «A. I*, a- Co.): \WO lit: ao utfi.9iiiu.tuo imdostii.uw: ••.ltd hu doalti.lM (reumarj; 400 ha l>jett-d atfl.7o; I.itoimdont 11 ftl; U'9 piidoat U.OI-closliik nl fl.lC for No. laid A l/i V,« I .til f«rNn }in roantar Ikiii«»4, tit* It N—bn», sbtppen MurKet iUoctliul-cks:t,L' ixrlower. hn'e* were: 17,0 Wlm N>*. t w VQv. do At Vive , jm q>» nITJ .i*: lift'otmdoaip.H*: n,ft.n»u a» u’ ,*v; No. a at 7tVj w«i |.n New at MVe-eimlcg oltt: l-uvifs of No. I at iVc and snic* ai b'kc. HA ! p*—l'itiivii),3.-,w. hq; shipped,m-jjc, Mark-t CiiilaiKlkretc lower, holes ref**; lOOff* h-iNo.'.*nl ; is,owhu dOMtiir: LWlm do al 4U«c-efo>ing wni.Jtu iMihrswun-. IO K-IJ«IIIV«U.I.M0 hut Mdpp-d. none. Market dim and Jct:u- Iow«r. Suit * were: I.tJOIm No. 1 nt 94c; mo i.u dnui idc; iro im it<»at ;n-. > It All I.KY-’lbeclved. t.,Ot bn ; ahlpp?d, 411 hu. Miirku nrm. Sales wire: too im No V iuflp*; i<» on do at Cie (N. S.i: Ilv hamiu-i:—S') i.aj* nt?|.<»; 4'J U Im nt <1.119; 4U> bn at tU* t I.IWU tin nt H)e; ;»i tup nt 75c; 115 but:* mm Xu mi atidc ; luuh mic. A I .(’<ll H» t.-Nominal ut I t.tsr- 4AO. ~ DKOIMI I’Olt.N—Market UJII. baiei were: I t«.D loose at flid.lo flltA.N, iVc—Salta were: 1C tons mlddUncs at (17.50 Oct. IIKANS—Arc rclalllneln store nt f—Uwvtvcrt, W. 575 fca; sldptw*'!. 2.SVJ tts. lln demand 1b c«.oM.«d prlnetp.illy to vlmiee table iii.nllttes cn local account, common description* are mill and neglected and quotations are almost nominal. We quote: l In leu Dairy 25 c Co dlup C'.Z I c rntmton VtrklD vj wf.i c i’rlf.e Fit klu it ifJI c SftU'F 200 P satSJe: rxc »»nl3Se; I.WW Ds ull3’<C. lfAt*(*lN(«—Kemauis quiet, with prlcis uu* chni gid. sb b llowM National A. 3 bu,«:amle‘9 tinea ...,(11.00 Ft 1 b A. 3 bn do 40.0) r.’.tnol* A.lhn do Corn K.vcnangc to.uo btnrk A, cotton teamices... 73.0) l.cMßlonA, do Al flrosrogglu do 7U.U) Atnerlcnn. do 70j» Denver 51111 s, do 79.03 I*lll aft Id S do Rent Mult, co Fort Flit, do rt 00 Sligo. , do 70.00 Bmo, linen and cotton.... os.oo Hiduewoud, do 5500 Sptlncr.eld.. 55.00 Gnnnk*.. .....IIMM) 1 nr lac*, 4 bn. No. 1 V9.(Q Empire CU> 40.00 (TlKESK—Thcrclaiioen&ncctu note lo tbo gene* ral tlisnictcr of the nmrkcu Trade is light, as Is ul*o the demand. Prices are unchanged, uod we continue to quote; New York Factory (genuine) 13 ai9 c Factor)* (Jlllnoh) (.417 u Hamburg -ft «17 c Western Hcwtc ts om c ••YoungAmerica” {*s) c (.'OAIc-Thedrinncdts active ani prices are well sustained and Arm at our cuotallons, rrmch are aa fol* lows: Ebik—Brookfield « H.oo do Utnisby it.oo Cleveland—Hrlar U1U..................... u.eo do 3!ineral Ridge 10 oo do Willow Bank 10.00 „ do Tunnel... 10,00 Chippewa 10.00 Blossbnrg...., 17.00 Lump Lehigh.. 13.0J®1600 Lackawan* prepared 11.0 a Scranton n.oo littstcn 14.UQ Illinois 6.00& 8.00 uo on track U'*> 6.00 Yonghtosbfny UJM COFt JSE—’Themarkctts steadv.and the demand la improving. We revise quotations; •Tara 37 £133 c Rlc, common to fair 34 tt?s c Wo, good to prime 3iX(.|i2lXc Wo. prltDii to .choice 27v«r37 c «;«U»I*EtCAGR Sales were; '.CO TiercesatfTAV, 10U Fork Barrels at *1.50; 100 do at *1.90: 100 do at EUftS—Arc In full supply and steady at 27»2Seft)r Limed and SOSSIc for Fresh In small packages. The dorr find is altogether of a local nature. FItIJITSi AND NETS*— I The general character ol the market remains suh-stantiailv the same as noted in or.r prcvlou* reports. We quote the nurket quiet with prices unchanged: onset renrs. A 9Q A.*- tA *JI rt K U Apples, ? br' |3AO ft SAO (irwpg, Havata, V 100 s.oo ft cuj ttmour, Sialaca 10.00 ftll.oo Crnilwrrics, wild 10X0 ft 13,00 Cranberries, cnUlvatcd 15.00 fttfUO uaizr* rserts. Can reaches, ? doia. 2 ft cans. Apples. new reaches, halves sod quarters.. Pmclm*. patou BlacKbcrrim, new. V ft Ilaerlicrrlcjscew, V ft CUrrie.. pUted Klilerbeirtrs, 9 © Kokin*. laytts...... .2,776,455 170,016 swn,wi .. CHICAGO DAI L¥ AIAUILET. Almond;. bard cbel’ed. .Mtr.tnds, tofi sht Is«j. Alnwi('sr»ptT Biitiled. Fcnnuu, ft Brazil frots. filtierts t’ eil'h Wa:na;* ;:»pln» IVoinat* IVittDS, small OLri la-gt. Bickorr nts ? tm..... Clirptmt*. V bo., FlSH—'TbtieisJlltle doing in ibis branch o; trad**, tliomsta wlih so furoliu biock on band prices Keep *eU up. htd ar« cen*nlly firm at quotations: W JiilcHsb, No. 1, «a brl 7.75 •• No.2..kbit Troot, No. 1. ; t or! WO* 5.25 •• KP.2,Jibrl 4^1.73 Mr.ckcrel. No. 1. tfbrJ, new U.00^1143 •» No. 2. ti brl U.254W M •• family. V X brl 9.Uoje 9/0 extra mea*. V H brl 15.1frji15.30 •• JBJKIt 3.753 I.W ** Ko.I.UU*. new 2.75 “ family, bits *... 2.253 3J5 CodGfh, Hank, V ItiQ 7.5)* BjW •• UeorgiV Hank &50£ 9.iU Hoke 5,503 6.00 Utnicg¥, dried. No.J, V t>oi “ scaled 7>lr* 73 Labrador Ilcmngs 9 bcl .U-OCk^U-M •• - Vbrls 6JX»^6JS 3vorwcclaa *• K’s.V hr1.....i5.0u *• “ MV. V bn 16.6) FURS—2O Muskrat skins attic; 3 Mink ekloa at fSXC; 3skunk tkjrs at 30c. tllttAMJ-Market quiet. Sales were: OJbrls Yel low atbqc. IllfillU I.NES-Ktcelvcd, 50 brla: shipped, 51 brie. Martel dull, neglected sod entirely nominal u previous quotations. tluif.v2io«hlncdolnc. Market doll atfor ffwitin, and K&foc ftr Eastern. DUES-ED Mi2; shipped. Su. Market tlow at yesterday’s qnouuons, bales were s 50 averaging 373 is*, at. o ** 96 ns, at. Sib ttn, at. 20 28, at. 69 “ 502aiat 633 7( •• 2U>BS at 6.8) «•' “ 2W55»,*t..... ..6.75 10 “ 149 9*, at 6.60 S 3 clrldircoo 200 B*. at 16.60 and 633 124 “ SCO »*, at. 6.55 and 633 554 “ SCO Da, at 635 and 630 1542 M 200 Ba. at. 6.60 and 830 534 u SCO as, at 635 and 630 SI ** 200 as, at. €3O and 630 275 •* 200 ttß, at 635 and 6.75 CSS ** SOOfeiat. 630 and 173 <4 dlrldloff ODlt* and 300 ftr, at $6.00, gjo and { p —closing at $6.50 and &?V dinging on 300 as, ftr arcr* ace lots. BA \— Is culet, with prices itestfr sod un chin red. Tla-othy, roller ana beater pressed. TlrocUiy, loose pressed Preble. beater pressed. Tlmcthy. idler and beater presaed 16.00ai7.00 Timothy, If ose pressed iwoaiaao l'raiile,-r:llfraaa water erased 11.00^13.03 ITaltie, looie oo aragoa, delivered ...... g.OOjtlc.OO shipped, C.7*) Bt. The demaidccnttmicf active, and with no material nrpiotcmeDt la tLosnpplr, the market la atnrat fail rate*, with an upward tendency la price*. We ma£e lo change In our quutith na u folloca; Greet. Btuchov 7 & 7^c Green salted* trimmest ijmn C»lf. v Kip. Gms Salted it 915 c L>iy Flat, trimmed.. 161*91 < c Dry Sailed, trimmed..... II (415 c Greco Sailed, part cured. 9 9 sue IKON AND t'TEM.—There is only* Ugnt ae tnasd. sad prices rale Heady at the loUowicg quota* Uoas: __ common Bar Hone tnoe Iron Heavy Band Hoop ana Light Bard., Hound ana Square...... Oval.. ... Half Cvol and Half Bound... . Mieet Iron, Sheet Iron, Ua. ranked, 17x3 stect Iren, charcoat Iron, Juniata.. JCorwav Nall Kods . I’ioW Steel. Oeiroaa. Plow Stoel. 1 asr spring atdTireStec\EaglUb......„...,.....U Tool cast Steel, ordinary sUea. .23 &33 Tool Cut stce.', Am*rlcan (435 Wittered steel t) htO ItCß»lt,S<s. 9 sod 15 33 <a» Ifcstla, Am, M onaitty. ? Ml all KnnJa, Am, 3« nna'lty. V sicct at» Bo*ala. Air.* Cd Quality. 5> sheet #2l LBATOER—Ttad*»U slack, tbotigli trader a Abort tnppytbc market roles very firm at foil rates. We quote: znatLOCK. Cllr Harness. V tsjanrbter, Sole. 8... 4 aa.* 40 Bmialo $ 43a 43 Cf entry Barnes* 54(3 Si Slaughter, Sole. Llnr. V C- &£ 44 Chicago. So. 1. 10a 43 Elp, tsctUoia, V Slanchler, Sole, 8.. 1.49140 Chlcapj,Ss.t. Sta 31 Calt F B> 144(31.60 Bceao* Ayres.... S3a 49 I pp« r. V wot... Sdfct so onaero Sol? 373 33 (Vuiriry Upper.. 544 25 Orinoco. good. Collar. ¥ r-0t... 24 damaeedL....... SI3 s? OAK. Slanchter Sole.. S9O 511 French Cs!£ 31 Harness, 9 ft.... 16 jss 2-103*43 Upper 300 S 3 I French Cfltt. 36 Kip. No. 1. me- | as.. 24002.13 <aom....t! 1.100140 J French tail; Lo- Kip, No. 1. _ . I molnea, 9dozS3 00392.00 heavy 85Q1.101 tlSIBB«-Tlw in arte; W qclet and without rtwr’- We continue to Quote: * Lrvncß—Flm Clear, 1, lK,l.*and 3 Inch V m Second Clear. 1.1)4.1# and 2 loch saws* 4) Third Clear, tech... 50.UC035.33 Flirt axd Second Clear Flooring. toseth cr, rough, the same as Second Clear wide 504005340 Common Flooring, ronch 3543337.00 Matched and Dressed Common Flooring. 40430(240 jlatchrd and Dmsed S-mch Common Flooring 364033340 n»t ana Second Clear Siding, together.. 53.05i52t.0d First Common Dre-ssd SltUic.... 234,1821.00 Wacon-box Boards, select, *5 loch acd towards 334001100 AStrckßoard*. 12-Icches. 30.W332.u0 u Siock Board*. 12-Inches 26,00327.00 Common Hoard-*, JoUta. Scantling. Fcnc- Inc, and small Timber, 12 tolGfeet Jong ....... -3X4a322.f0 Joists and Scantling, 20,22 and2l fict...... 2340030.00 Jouts ami Scantling 25.00 SucrcLW—a or Star Shared Shingles 4.50 A or Star Barred Shingles 5.002 5 -V) No. 1 Sawed Shtodes 22*2 s,M Um-Ter m to yards. 5.00 By car-load by aorthwceiUrn Railroad, delivered In any yard where cancan be twitched, or any depjt: A of Star Sau cd CMnple* Kr »7«||Ttnr ,,, ** Mn * 1 Three dollars a car load added when traai'erred. which charge lollowathe hbitutlea Infreight bill. tmscu* otawdabd. Thickness—Fire ahlnftea to be two Inches lu thick* mar. Length—Sixteen inches. Bands—Twenty Inches. COQrsefrt-TweDtT.flTr, BIKTALS* AND TlSNEtt?*'' STOCK.—The demand is moderate, and dealers are firm to their views at the following prices: to. zxsc. Box Tm Plate. 1C Ist qna’lty, cask. 13V , I0zl« ..415.00 Istquaatr.shest u Large Mc> 37 Slao 11 blasll PIRS S 3 SUUDT WJEB. Barila 59 ltoß. 11 comm. 7. s and 9 13 Metallic AV Hotts... S 3 10 and U vj Copper Bottom 551 ia 11 BiasleraoTertOtts.. 43113 and 11 is Sheetings, 14 to 16 ox 45 1 15 ana 16 16 lincinga 10 17. 17 babbit mbtal. 1 19 13 ißtQtumiy SO 119. , a Antimony 901‘JO fine Solder. SC I Fence 5Upt0a..........1D NAll<s—Trttdeqolet. We continue to quote: iMtotav kTff J7.50.2d S9JS 3d 7.15 13J. floe b;ned. 9.13 40. S.OO *O. One CIUM 10.13 Cd. 8.3 \ cut Spiles 7J5 Sd 5.75 I Clinch Net 945 Oll.S—Themartetlsdoll tod inactive* Wh prices nar.iLailr ccchasgcd. We coLOtae to quote: Linseed Oil « aLSS Llnwcd Oil, boiled 02.40 OllveOll 52.6 J Whtlcoil.W.B I.ULei.IS Lard OH, extra... 1.&41.3 La.tdQU.Kc.l Wtntcr I.'>&£L2S Lard Oil, Xo. 3 Winter. l.tani.lo Fank OU. round lots l.UbilJtt Machine Oil l.Cdai.iO Sperm Oil. W. O yi Lubricating Oil Cu<or OH 3.*4Ji3.w XeaUfnot OV! L3&*110 CAUbO.N 011.-'lMn detn-iidaui witli a ate supply iu Una n.artel Is held firmly aifUU nuti, W c auote: Ci.ri on,* car load (9SOc Oiler, small lots ttijr Benzole. I’liOVl^lONS—Koctlvcd, “LiJO Qi Curtd Mist*, 1.4 brls Pork and i:B,fCI Bs Lsrd; shipped, as CcndMcats; 40 brls Beef t 629 brls Porr. and 77,9*) BS Lard^ Mesa Povk—Market mow active at vester-Uvs lu siGcpilct. talcs w ere : l.tbO .brU City at Md.CM; b-o brls st Peoria at f IS.CO, cash; .00 brls, seinx January, at H&XO: SCO brls. seller last 10 days in flb.tC—clc'ung with more buyer* than sellers at Jis.oo. Prime Mess PorK—Dull and waller, bales were: SI Tl.« at r'»,73. KnglUh *'rniH—Mora dolap at ei«lt*r rates. Sale* wuc; ‘.sobxaßkottllftatOe; So bxsdo at 'JK<-: 100 Itfi* Mrctlords ati'c; ISO t>xs Cumberland* at asc;so to* do altKc* .llalft dtcafiH-More active. 8il?* were; 20.0 Mat nouub Sides »l8J»c packed; CO.OOO as do ntj>t.c loo**: VO.OCO o>b do CO days in saa at B,’«c (last evening); 20.0j 3 nsshortWbatSjfcloose. „Circcn Meals—Market steady. Sales were: 20,000 As Green llama pc* do : I.COO pcsdo(d.ti.)atS\c; l.tiojK* and i o,oyd Bj do (d. b.yattuc; CO.COO as Shoulders on p. t. l.nrd—Marketdalland raster. Sales were: 100 tes Steam at llHc; ltd do at I)*|C: 20 tea Settled at 12c. llrrtToiißues—sobri» atf2t>.oo. roiJI.'jRV AM) nAnE-Sile* wen: 230 as Drewt turkeys at Jttc; 130 as do at UcsStw a* uo at U-r ;30ti as do atlCc: 3 das Chickens at 3?.ij;]3 dor do at 22.75: : Sdoz Ducks at #I.OO. K)|)A AM) »ALEUATrs-Trmlel* moderate, stocks arc light, and prices arc llrm os follows: TabUU’a Medicinal c " Title ....IC*i'»l2k'c DtlandV Chemical ...uww c •• Healthy U-i^UVe *• Tun li.vatltV p*|Tf 2 A here l> a fair demand and prices rule Grin. U i-iouilruc to (iUuttf: Culm... ll.Vi*t3 c I‘trio Him..... IJ'i'tMke N. 1. lh Cued,uweered and'reidvc WUto A nrrli-A, j'vui«ci*jrrrr'rrrrrrrirrrrrrrrrmrzrmrriznm«V'^ts'’c t* vrtllV* 1«Ijow t c o.xtmrd c o O.umil c,«-xira II (.cii^c nri’f»-Aro itruly will,out quclutiK* ihamto. »t i* ijiiol)-: Niw l«>rkf»)Tupn., « (Ai\M Elliot i.ioxi.n l ulu . ’<*.( S 3 I'.’fUi l;ik\> , «v. 4 in) Nvw urii-nun ?!).(.uno I’liltailrlpiiln llic (1ive..... 03.* .0 llcUucO*. Amlwr. UXUI.V) *• •• (loliloil *•>.* UO “ _ ** . bUßarllouw 7.V* m HA I.T-K«tcltmL uddo ; igl l*rW. Warm linn. Unit* wcfi*: Jm brb «t fU*\, del. New Flue 9 . 3.30 L'carM* (IfvDiio .Muir Turks* fclnml, pm:*, i<rnuml tolar Dairy, v IMtMlCfcr ft.uj Dairy. «It hint sacks 573 TKsts—'Tt«o ten<T(ii character ur a« market «•- u.nlits nr MnDllftllr (tie same as previously reported. Mul pure* are wcbk at tno roiioung quotations: Ytuuir superior to noe, »» » ..... fi.nsai.lO do extra U> choice. V tt. , Impmoh superior to One, v a I.lo*l/0 do extra to choice, *tt 1M unnpowoir, Miptrlur 10 liar, a............. i.iitai to mi extra to choice, V D l.Vo«l.'Jj Japan, oatnral leaf, tine to extra tine. V a... tl<» do tine to choice, V a I.2O<IJW do do colored, > a l.:Dr.!.r>o TOllM'CJ*—itcuialw quiet sedate uly with prices nnchnuMd. 'Vcquote: CLtWtSfl 'IOPMCO Kx’nt.. Chclce MtOimn Cocmon SJIOKIM* louacc.p- Vtrplnta’a Favorite. Choice Medium Common eitou*.... I‘LVO ’IOIUCCO LoyalCiluen... 73 0 M Jaru.cri** Delight 7d i* 73 Natural Leaf. ijm llnlf Drlchi hi «t. 13 Choice Hlark, round 75 m w Medium,,... 70 w 73 Common M « ;u Nnvle* m MntiualCsnmlttf M m Flounders 73 c-t kj 1 • quiet with prices steady and tlrm at the foUotvtuc quotations: Maple, V cord, delivered JlMlHltoo Maple, v cord, luyard W-M.ai3.00 lleicli, V cord, tie Ivcrcd U.00««I2.00 Ijctcli. * cord, la yard iD.oo*luw Hickory, coro U.W.HIS 00 Olllj—Uccejviu, 2,330 ®jj shipped, ".550 tts. Market qutet and wUUr.ut cha’ise- were: Tub, coed at SCc; 2.000 as flap Casra-hed at22c. Krto sJuljliratfons. Avert entertaining book, recently published by D. APPLETON <t CO- Nos, -MR ami'l-15 Broadway, New York, and for sale by S. O. GRIGGS & CO. cnicAdo. Mrs. Cautlle-*8 Curtain Lectures, BY DOUGLAS JERRDLD. Illustrated by Char'es Keene. Embellished with sixty rbaraetcrlsUc wood cuu. aua one lull page rhronto lithograph. llaud».'>n.iiy printed on green.tinted paper. 1 vel.. email Jto.; Cloth, gilt, *5. **lhl» wc l Known and ccscrvedly popular work, JnetltsnrdbyD. Arpleton & Co., to very hanesome s*yle,wttb numerous cbincterlstlc Illustrations by Cnarles Keene, wl'l be welcom'd by all who are ac* qpalMfd with Its rich vein oi wit and burner. Ju»t the mnd of bonk i:r fireside reading. M Thefnncf rheboog is rot destroyed by age, and every nati.r will find something to move him to mil ib.”— {Evening Post. J). Applctcn * Co.have late!v published: THE OEUiI.N OF TJIKbTAiW. AND THE CAUSES OFTHEIKMOTTOFr AAD THEIR LIGHT. By Jacob Enni*. 1 to', ifmo. CMth, 5?.3. THE MINVK FROPIIEIS, will Critical Nofei by Rev. THE WOULD UEFf-KK THE DELUGE- New edition, with muvh«vicinal matter added, illustrated. 1 rPl.Sro. Cloth. f 6. THE HOME LIFE. a series of Discourses by James Brown. l sol, Ifi e».o. Orth,ft. THE OFFICE OP THE HOLY COMMUNION. By l»er.E. M. Uonihurn. aotlior of Thcugtjt* on Per wv’al Kc’ldor. l vul. Cletn, ti/i*. FhHiEIttCK THE GREAC ASU IUS COURT. Translated “tom the German. 1 vol. 11 mo. Clyth. to. BISTOSRE DE JUTES CESAR, par s. M. I, Naooleon 111. Vr.l. V. Paper core*, fl JO; cloth, fl. Either (file above sent tree by mail rn receipt of the price. D. a. & CO.’* Catalogue may be bad Brat>:lmtuly. a. c. o uuiGS & cu„ HR ai.d-t 1 LskMt, a ft 36 & ft % 4.C5 ft 4.75 8 ft 12 1C ft 19 40 ft 42 sc ft aa 60 @ 70 70 20 ft .. 4.75 ft 5.00 35 a 35 40 ® M a sa 13v;a U 34 a TS 17 & U . ») & 31 . 31 (£ 24 . 23 a so . 153 (■« 3.00 .50.00 UII.UD gTo (Capitalists. TViOTICE TO CAPITALISTS. —The Xw sobecrlbcr.havkc t nrchased the esutent A feed A. Maguire, of NC'aysra C<l,,is dc*lron: of sell- Itc a certain tmNvtdcj interest In sill e.ijate for the pn*r°*c of f'rmlnea company t-> sink o.t» or more wens for oil on said proovrtv, a* from recent examina tions by parties laminar with tmd have operated in the the oil regions cl Pennsylvania snd C.irjd i, have ccr tlflec that the quantity and qnaltty of the oil on raid estate 1» not STpa'-td, If equalled, in any oi the above caaed Iccatltlcs. 1 pripo-c to «c>l said »h«res for lis>* than the non.lnal valnc. as will rcadllrbs perceived by an examination of the schedule of the property, making It a raft Investment, irrespective of any oil speculation*, viz: Two thou.and Jv - hundred acres of choice hvnnmc lands, worth *ls per acre, on whtco It is estimated there are ten million tret ot mercbanUbio pine lor sawing purpose*, worth, at the ustul price of ftumpage, fl per m standing; a so. a fine strain eaw* cood repair; will ent thirty tnooeaud feet ucr day, with all th': ncces*ary fixtures and Utb mill at tached, wlli boafdlcg doom’, barbs, Ac., worth t'3.000. Four frame dwellings carriage and blacksmith shops stores, six teams, wmeons, track, Ac. bstlmatmc the property at seventy-five thousand dol lars, I wUi sell six tcvenfhsof (he whole to parties that will be wllllrg to expend a further sum to slue one or more we!!", ss maybe considered advisable. I hold thl> offer open until April Ist, ISO". W. E. D. EADUS. Maskf con. Jan. 6th. 1867. £lcisj)g gLEIGHS. SLEIGHS I SLEIGHS I Webarenowot band the most magnificent asaait mei t of FINE SLEIGHS tcthU--oaotry. It H a weil-khowu fact that tbe RIMOALLS take the lead on Fine Finished Sleighs. For Style, Beaut? ot Flaleh, and Durability, they art not equal.ed In tbe world, fine Sleicb? or our own make, from |M to *3OO. fine Portland and other Sleighs, uot uur own make, from fss to Or We cannot be undersold on any Sleighs In the mar&et. .USAUtSAO . 13.0031(09 . 9A};^lo.oo KIHIULL BROS. Sc CO., 110, 112 and 114 Sudbury Street, Stg (sooog, JMPORTANT TO_ LADIES. A Large, Lot of Fine FOIST LACES Selliii£ Off! io <fcio£e is § d c The subtcriberolfcrr his stock ol superb Lacc«, con* sfstltgof Shawts, Floacc. *, Handkerchiefs Empress Collar*. Trimmlt g Lace», Sets, C iffnrc*. also a superb FOIST APPUQUK BRIDAL fIBESS. and one superb P.ED CAMEL’S HAIR SHAWL, at loir prices, id or* der it tih the business; or, for accorsra >datioo, will cxchance lor good ca-r-off Clothme. Ca-p*ts or Jewelry. Ladlesattended at theirresidencebv adtress- Irg M. S. COHEN. House, Late cf Broadway, K. and Saratoga Serin as. I* 6 6* 6k 6H»WK SXm »5 SX» 64 transportation • ej .23 ® . • 9*® . .U*®l3 UNIT DIRECT LUTE TO FRANCE The General Transatlantic Company's if AIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN XEW PORK AKJ HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. Tne splendid tew vessels of this favorite rente a the Continent will a»U rroa PierNc. .TO. North Blvc* as follows: PEBETRE. Dnchoe..,. January 12. TILLE I>E PARIS. .Europe January 30. EUFOI B Vebruary 9 ST. LACBENT Bocandi.... February 13. _ PRICE OF PASSAGE IN GOLD. First Cabin, fiffl; Second Cabin, flOd, inclndK e mb', wine in either class. uU4 .17 £lB Ibe steamers ol this line do sot carry pes sccgen. Passenger* iomcdica to laid at BKE<T will be tni Olshcd with rall-oad coupon CcXfW, anc tht-lr baegan cheeked to Parts, at an additional charge ef <3 for &t* a:d (3fer second class. Medical attendance ire- of charge. For further InlbriLaticc, anoly, in Cbicaeo, at th- FHSNCB CONSULATE OFFICE. 2Jfa Xllludj-eU; t hew Tort, to GEO. MACKENZIE, Agent, .TS Bread way. 23«siiiEss (Earbs. JJLAJR & JEFFERSON, connissioN :oeociia.nt?(, OFFICE, 204 FKONT.ST., j:w*»T»sos.f Slß.tlPflliS TENH, Liberal ta*h advancements mada oo Q.E&T, UATTEIi & CO., "Wholesale Conuaisjioa SfcTuhauk cvo. so MoCJaa-ei., * DENVKts COLOEADU. HOGS I tfTVMnil.i* AND WEIGHT EISTS Furnished gratis. Highest market prices gutraaleedl returca made. Corresponderee scuctred. BEDMOND A CO~ Gcn’l Com’n MerchTs. S3 Wasmggtcc-fiL. Chicago, lIL 23iir. HAIR DYE. Spertiu loanees Tbeftorbam nTana(bcttirlDs Company, SOv«ysmUha,of Providence, R. |„ isfonn the tridr that, tiit j axe producing flic Jiicctro-piated Goods, com pnilnc Itill Dim cr arto Ica w rvlcer -or: Tati i Wais of every de'cnnuot, cf a very auovnot quality and os newaDee«rastdeelens. Tti« haa»; u Niche. M;vcr. upon whiib la a deposit ot Purs Silver ol each thick *>»*• Oiat they pca-e - *all tc* sdvantareft of sohilsllvtr in utility, anu rrua beauty ot and superior fla tebarertidiaih.ei»l6h*b.etroin IV The Gorsam Maanficioocs Cotipanr refer with c >u pdenev to the hsgt rjputauou Ui-y have «*ta!>U;ttea la tocorodncflcn of Solid Sllvc* Ware, te whleh they na«e Men for many rear* enrsster, acdihey cow a* acre the nubile that they will fully tutus mat reputa tion bj the prodncUoo of Electro platad Ware* of such qnantynnd rileao dorahi.lty aa will loanre entire Fatlafaclloo to the porchoatr. AH anfdva mads br them arc stamped Utu»; CfltfWH-'frCco And ill sndi axe fully naraotntl. Tbsyleel Uner**. saiy ptlttculnrly ti call the attention ol parcha**ir* ic lae aoore tnuj e-cart, a* their design* have bm ai rsaiiy extensively imitated. TLe»eifood«c*a or-y b» prccured Oroni responsible dealer* thrt.tuhoat the conn try. **A Valuable medlclue. “Dr. Poland's White Plre Comprimd, advertised It our colccoa, Ib a sncc» ssfhl Attempt to combine and apply tne medicinal vlrfws ot lUe Wblt-i Pine Bark It has been thoroughly icsuxl by pn.p’e la this city and vicinity, and the proprietor La* testimonials of its value lion? pen oast* UI known to oar ciusens. We recommend its trial in all those cases of disease to which It Is adapted. It is tor >a’e by all onr dnu- KlsU."—Of. T. Independent. Tbe Great Kew RaalmJ Remedy: Pr. .T. W. Poland'* WHITE PISK COMPOUND Isd:t offered to the af flicted mrerghont th e country, after hartod beoa proved by the i«*t of eleven years tn tht New frngut.i Slates, where Its merits bare become as well as the tree ftum which. In part, U derives lt» rlrtnss. The "White Pine Compound cures bore Throat, voids, Ccugbs,OipQthcm. Dru&cbttts, Sp'tULgof Slood-and Pulmonary Affrctlon* gr crul y. It Is a remarkable femedyfor Kidney Cm-plaints, D. dKtes, Difficulty ot Voiding Urine. Bleeding from the Kidneys and Blad der. Gravel anu ether ct uiplalcts. -X";r piles and Scur ry it will be found very valuable. Give It a trial If yon would learn the vain* of a good and tried medicine. It is pleasant, sato and sure. Sold by Protglits and Dealer* la Medicines ficae rally. BCUNHAM3 & VAN SCUAACK Wholesale OUVCU. Prepared OH of P&Uu and Sace« Per preserving, restoring and bcwotyias lie hair, and la the meet Uellghlftil and wcoderlal art cle the world eTer produced. Ladles will find It not only a certain resedy to ro store, darken and beantify the hair, hat also adcstraV.e article lor the Toilet, as It U highly porf.itmu with a rich and delicate perfume, Independent of the faagnnt odor of the Oils of I’alm ana Msec. Tu* Slant at, or A new and bcmniiil per- fume, delicacy of scent and tn«? tenacity with which It cllcgi to the handkurchlei and p.rsoo. u nnc* quailed. Tho above artlcl l * far talc by all Dmgguts and IVr* lomers, at |l per bottle cnch. Scat ry evprc»» to any address by (ho proprietors, T. W. Wittmir A CO,, 100 Übcny*«u New York. Kors.uo >y J.U.IIKKO A CO., Chicago. rhrrrlnit Van* tor iltp UUViuk. Uvery liny demonstrates more iKnrly Hut Mtvr roni|ihini,tnalt a* rlMressinu tonus. e.m tcc.mtroll •.! m.d ciircil m iilioiit ilitlii'iniy nr Itirimvonlenrp. uls an olutioaus at»-o*v, but it* >v stitmvy t* o«t nr j«i ns.vlnw thi’t**rtlrni’imi*, rtimtilnl *ml restorativoosi'ninoii nf tIUSTUTKIVS m n KUS. That sonui voffpvttv* csnntL* tiik nmu* Ti» i») it* our*. It nn*r serrHfl nxninrly ami U'aJtbf'iUv under tu« m- I’ti/nro vt tin! Hitter*. Their action brlnipt u lack tmm « oi retmUton into peritvv Imrmniiy uitli (be law*of liealih. It ttic*r«* Ueo.tlve. mnnllulkamicnra; If UuTfl !s slde-aetn* of nick-arhc. U rtvmi {( Uie *Mn and the wldtj*of tn>*eye*aio iliuihi Ml lit MU*, tln-y fee >v- r tnelr line; li tin* u|);«!tlio U itoiu*. it returns: if iuj iiu.* 1* Imi’olrni. it I* rcHiorol L m brier, witaiever the symptoms «>i me loninMlm ft my bo, uni m lutevcr t.’i • plume U lm» a*.mind, a «tbk |h ckiitaix. H iclmr* the uniform olivet* «>f tin* preparation wh to billon» disease has lietn already developed; Jmt In e*s„M wVre Hit re Is merely n eoi.'.titmpvml temlencv t:i Urer com plaint. *t may Ik’ prevented hr* bv the r*x iil*r imp. in small qtnnntiei, of i*i!» turntable natidrtr, 1 besc sire proven IS'Kanl >Un:iM bo*p.lou*ly pumier* ••tl—«p, rattier, limy stuutd be prompt yn- ie-l upon— b> all virtue of bilious hv>Mt. lVf£» 1.75* y.ou Ur. Jnmcft) Formerly of New Orleans, where he treated dl‘«i.«e»of the Rtnlia) or *(Xual organs for tlliccn yojr*. and for (be las', tlx years located in Chicago, la th- only spe cialist in the United Status In tic treatment et this dls. rare, with testimonials eulogistic of professional skill from prefersors of medical colleges and hospitals, and from the pres. pr.Jamt**, within the lost twenty year*. ha.- treat kS more diseases succei-folly of a con* melons venereal character. t*ion any other physician In ths United States, Dr. James is repenathto and reliable' and ttonsands successfully treated by Dr. James tan testify to his skill. .fUS 01.50 . i.ou (d.m . no c« in • tiS C 5 *J « 01.00 » u ;o 3i a as w •» THE MONITOR, revised,enlarg’d and greatly lm* prov.d, Just Issued by Dr. James, contains the IllsKry, orleln, nature and dang; r of secret Diseases, and disrates pi cu far to remairs.wltti prescriptions for sell-treatment. An Important feature of the book U how to prevent conception. Buy the look; rcadlt; It wnhercfitall-cldond young. Price 90 cent*, with four c uts postage. Address Dr. James, P. O. Box GOO* Chicago. 18. Dr. James can he cot Oden Rally consulted at bis offlee and parlors. 91 ard OR Ranlolph-st., nearly opposite bis old efflee. from 9 a. ra. to 8 p. m.. Your Dminy. What is it? Good or evil ? Rich o* Poor? Debased or r.xaiud? ara von to rise to emnence, honor, wealth and power; o: are you to sink luto obscurity andcollvion? Whatarc your future prospects InUw —to be or mt to he-lhat I» the question ? Who will solve it? Dr. Raphael can solve It; ana guide tue unsuccessful .o wealth and tmlncn'-e- and the unfor tunate to ham lures. All whose fond hopes have bcea disappointed, crashed and blasted; ladles who have been seduced, ard whose Injury kepi mem from set ung married, can be cared mj that n.t one eau know it. HU preventive against having children tsaatoaud sure. Call on DB. RAPHAEL. 213 East MadUon-st, optlair.. interviews confidential. CoosnUaitua tec, one dollar. Ur. Blgclcw, Raving the confidence ct tin. paUicand me medical ucult* a; large, is the mo»t •..jiav.e phys'.cuu in the city foi chronic nervous and texuv etsea.-es. Call at hia ut2ce, 179 south ciat'a-sU cor*.: -*r j| ctrce . K.oms separate. Consuif»tlcc rrce. P. O He- ta.«, Ulagul'tstshca'th, published conthiy, s-?ur free f; •nv srt Hr. 2'Diomsu>u. PrcpMetrr of the Medical and Surreal Intitule, booth Citrt-fU Las treated an l>rmjof vranreAl clij ente with uiprtcf dented eac.-cs* ter nearly rtrlyy.-ars. bptrmatorrLcra and imtKifrn.!- treated vuh the happi est ru?uiu. Particular* of the l r Jtltnte and th “CVild* mailed free to any*. I'. «). Box 72,Cblcig5, IlllUnlS. Q.OYEKK3IEST SALE. Tile prnnerty known as the “GOVERNMENT TAN NEHVaM) STEAM SAWMILL," With act - enty ftve acres of innd, mar SAN ANTONIO. TEXAS. Sfakd Prcpofals, la dntlleate. will he recelvel up to '.he hi tt Cay ol March, lbo7, for the pat chase cf ~A arr*s of land, imore or t-cclher wlto the biiM* Irgs erected tlmon, and tHeappnrtonsace* appertain* irr, that is to sav; ONKTANNhKi'.c nuttilng twelve Stone JJd e Vats. FIFTY-IWO WOODEN VATS, SEVEN’ bTONE FOOLS,andcaoablcof tamdmrlS.Uo hide.- per annum; ONE STEAM sAWMIL*- capable of .ViO feet of Lnmberdatlr; ONE SMALL STONE BUILDING. lb-* stove property Is sltnarcst nbont .wo miles ah.LV*> tan Antirio. on the Son Antonio Liver, and the h *tef If conducted to the establishment by a race of beapbUtfrlaidlncuaetl. ll.el«c»i wm turvasedacd liuprovetDcrw made by tic late 00-ca led Ccncderatc Government, and are estimated to have cost 1150,'fOU lo solo. 1 be property nas twrn under lease lor the year iSsS, at a monthly rent cf &M, payable m advance. A ic enrec title la tec simple given by the U. S.Oov* err.menC . _ I'rorosfils will te marked “IToposals for Oorern mttl Tannery ap,l Sawmill," and ad rr*?*©-! to _ J. 6. RIDDOO. Gvt Mat. Otn. A#s’t Com'r Bart an K. F:*A.L, Galveston, Teiar. TTAKBOU WORKS AT GBAKD HA- Ii VCN and BlulrLake.Mtolgar. Orncic ScrEci.NTtNmio Engimcs, Bacsoaf WrFOVEMESits Lakx Mtcutnxs. \ Mn.WACKEE,TVjeconslr, January l.XSfi?. f Sealed proposals, in dnpllcate. • f the form fjrntshea by the ticd'*r»lrreJ, will bo* reec.ved at tlds i/fflceuntil Tnrredftj-.thel-Hh day <t Febrn.arv, 1557. m u for Improving the harCor* of tira'd Haven and Uloce Lake, Michigan. The improvements at Haven will eonstn oi 15.CC0 Let. tur r? or ieta, of cio<c piling U> protect the suutn bank • f the river mwr tac entiance and an «x> tccfkn of the ecutb pier for C-DOfect by cribs filled wlta stoi e. The improvements at Black Lake will be extension* of the prescot piers. ShT running feet In all, and drolg. lug TliedfccglDewUibebeiwee'j me piers, and jor placing the new cribs, and will amount to 30,0)0 coble yarns,mutt or l«n. „ , _ Plans and specifications are on file In the nape, and win be shown loall who wish to examine them for the purpose of estlmaurg. . . Tue proposals will be separate ter each work, and for each cum of material or for eacn work. Bide will be rcolretl tor a pt»r: or Mr the who!-- ofcltbei work. The work lo b-. naL-hed bv 'icloher l, 1568. T- r»e worts will be let t? the Mwest re-tooMhh bid rtcr, reserving to the United State* the right to reject any or all bids. Ylt ric trs are requested to he present upon the opening of tee bids. ... . . . The duplicate proposals will bo endorsed, enclosed ti scpa'ftle t -r e ;op«. «ag«g j WHEELER. U. s. Engineer?. Milwaukee, YTU. OiXICE OP TUB SUPERINTEND ENT OF CONSTRUCTION OP THR U. A COURT n'OVSE, aonugfield,imnols,Dac. W. seated propofols will be reteiveoattheotncecl »u peilnteLocnt of United Stapes Cwurt U->oße, at Soring field, llllcois, until 12 o’clocc December 54ib, fa ra; Mrnn crltnrns. pilasters, aid their bets, caps, bet required lor the Springfield- lillnots, CouT «ou>c *uc Post Office, now cr-r-log. Drawing* of tin work, showing dtmtssloss, design and extent of it may be ie*-u and examined tor esUr at log at my office, or by application at the Cantcm H Q*e= at Chi,-ago Uhrcls, cmclitan. Ohio, Plttsborgh, penrsyivaxt and St. Lome, Mi'sccn. Tee patterns fbr capital? fer arprova btjorecostlck, aid beds and tops ot columns and pIUz UT&muAbe planed true. AU W casting* must bt fc.unc, of even thickness, sharp arris aid smoot? ttcis. wi tbe crnam(Ct*ooatuu.-l oecf eepenor finish Th». prtce.tacludlEg Creurbtaad de lvery, must be rive lo.ross and the wboie ot the wort mast be delivers* Id SprlngflHd by or befbre the lit ol March, 1357. Bid? tniiette accompanied by « bona of two respon elhlc partlei, intbotam of flJuktha- the bidder wll ivrtf im the cur tract if awarded to hut. Bid* must be addressed to A. StlrwarU, Superintend er t of the cew Crurt House at Springfield, Illinois, an* cu«tb-€ndc'rsed,*‘Propoea!sf;r Iron Wort.” A. SCHWARZ. Sopertntoadeat ®itg jS'o tires "PROPOSALS FOR AN IRON X BRIDGE. OFTICZ OP TO* BOASP OP FCBX.IC TTOKSS, I CStcago. l>ec»mter;s. LV3. { staled proposals will do received by Ins Board a Puo 1c Worts, at Uitlr OlScu, until 11a.m. Tuesday JaL iar; tit, tor<>r.B«rucllop, compute and rnao* f- r u.*e. tt an Iren Held** over North Water ‘try t, a: its l:tci section with Ncrth WHIs street. Didiers art Invited to 6tibnUth*ltownp an« ani specifications, subject to the conditions stated be!o». lu; brlcgewlll have a span of eighty <9l’) leet be- Ive cai.ntc.enu. 'lbe*e will eacl tv:nrj (dO) feet wide in tbs clear, and Iwj sidewalk; tor loot travel- each eight Mi feel wide In tee clear. The floor beams wl'l beollbcaci Iron, say seven (J. inch** wide, placed two (2) teet aoan from cec-tra u ciotie. The banUratilnq w:i; be of cast Fob. og« pattfir, Ove (3) Inches wide, and ihe b.tln-fcrv will bt of wrought Iron, one (1) Inch square. po*u. ot wroasht lion, one and cee-balfdtO Inches square.fill ex placid debt (S) fret apart. Wherever than past* corns the floor beams will project could* of tae ndew&la two (2> feet to afford oppor tnnlty h.r braclnc the post* securely. Thebndre must support with safety tat w diiLt ol one hn- deed im fwenty-Cve fls) pounds U e-ch superficial loot of the nocf etulAcs oi the road way.Jnntt}Jtloutothowele).i ofibe Bimctare Usell 1 he bride e ds»i be planned In such a manner acd will such Cintenflthnt the t-nslle sir ala o'. Ihe wrotnhl iror parts snail not exceed *J the rate of leu tnaosinf D.asiir.fim load. IYi>: c.'.iis p.acs aca specifications ate also invitee i.-.r »»1J bridue,built a: atove, excepting that In t&t certre the bridge shall be»uppcrlei by tren'■otnniu r«»tma rn stone in the street boh w, un miunit e Vine capped by an Iren clidtr mining cro&s wise ot the bridge. - „ Proposals om*t be alders: ed to the Beard of Pool!; Work/, endorsed “ Proposal Ibr Iron Bridge," and t* tti-« ompr.r.'cd with the tuna &JJboad« wlti suretie*, toll- apncvfdby the Boari The Board re-erve the rich! to tercltay b'.dnot u accordance with the rorulfncna cf this advcrtls.-meit or to rejen all blc*. and m prepwal win bencceptce nclcse the p«rty clfennxit shall give evfeetny Krv to the Board that he has the necessary 6c.HI. expe ricnce. Sir grand ablate for d-ln3 too work, is muv wcrtlj, aoa has samclent pcconiar^ VbeKlbw,*^ o. J. ROSS, Board of Public Wy fljair Ivcstorafibe. . rpHE GRAYEST AND WQ USX LO OR* “London* 114115 Hstr Color Kes:srw» “Lcxdpn Rrsnrrcs Us Hair Co'or Restorer’ - “Lctdon Vomtlbi Hair C-iior Restorer- Bcantr by H»ir Color IL-scorer” “London Its Lie. Bair Color Kcstorer’' ‘■Louden Unlr Color Eesu\»**" . I r,irr-*r-aai iHttical. ■yy-AKT OP STAiIXNA, Conslitatioaa! Weakness. EFFECT OP HOSTETTER’S BITTERS IN CASES OF General Debility , Salureb not Impartial. Oosomeol n« she has be* stowed stalwart irames, strong csnjtltutloru. iron nrrres; oo otters, but little physical power, or consti tutional stamina, or nervous rigor. Let tbe feeble take heart, however. It they cannot become Samson*, they can. ty the nse ol proper means, make ap la a measure lor ihs diflcleaclee of nature, and may per chance lire as long and enjoy Uie as much ss their mere Herculean neighbors, Delicate machines under proper care sometimes outlast those of a more solid and peederons structure. A flue watch will ran lonerr than a steam engine ol a thousand horse power. The first object ot the weak and trsfflle le, or should be, to acqnlre additional etteneth If possible, ft i» pot.rtble. It may bestated as a prored and established tact, that Kltncejtas given lo the world, in HOSTETTER'S STOMACH BITTERS *t rriptobte (netgorant, tthteh permaneuihj brace* «»> ond sutfaKna the fethle phy»lque. whether the inrX- r>f ttrength and ttamina be an inherent deject or the. remit of tstrantou* causes.' If cetera! debility U nova dltcue, u l» Sonnbln* worse, vU: a condition which prcduno«aaih*h,>-ir t> succumb to altmfluencca that prddnee dlecasc, Wa are continually surrounded and beset, moro or If's by Infecting etamnt*. Neither the purest air aorthe pur est water la perlccUy pore. Ana la regions where both nrr abaolutcly poisonous, how shall the weakly consU tutlon and trail system* resist ihelrdeadly effect* nolcs* fortified by artificial meana ? If the HITTKItS are tin? n liifircinr.vluUrlng, sustaining preparation they am t laltned to be— aut on tula head Uio testimony In their favor la overwhelming ana Icconlromtlhle-thua it la absolutely la any mao or woman, *«Sctlj>a from physical weakness, not to rtsort to so pj|--nt a mmily. When an epidemic la prevailing, or In pr.n* pcct, the beat lafrguan's are a perfect dlttatloa, firm nerves, and a wise employment of the mrani which iclrncc has placed at Ihc disposal of the public as an* Udote* against atmospheric Infection. Among \hn latter. HOSTETTEtt’S IIITTEIIS Peirmdljr enjoy the hljthcit reputation thtoußlumt the Western world. tir*T{rnictnl>rrtbat physical Tljjor Is the host do'-nro disease, and that U may be loercavnt u>«n «x --iraordimry the Uie of this celebrated topic. limrel Coni’ilalnts, Colic, JLftar vhtva, DtjarnU'rtj, Cholera ,Ilor <nnt ConsliiHition.^ Billions Colic is a disorder charact'jtzed by wluit. Paracelsus calls atnmeo ns pain. The lurtnrc extend-4 ovir the whole abdotneo, and a strong ram writing m <h-r tt a< if upon the rack. The BITTERS arc useful to relieve the paroxysms, but U Isa* \sore mean* of rrevcciloc a recurrence of the atterk fit; they are rartlcularly recommended. Tone tho liver and lb? he web wl*h (bis settle stimulant and corrective, a-vd yeti wlllncm be troablrd with the agonizing and dan gerous con.plaint known as Billions Colls. Chronic Diarrhaa. There lasrarccly any dllfor-nco of opinion among regular physicians as regards the treatment of cfmm lodiarrham. Most of them have heretofore recom mended a tabUspoonful or teaspooafal ct brandy to ha given seveialtlme* a day. They one and alt a lmlt that astringents and rotu-s are required. This admitted, the mala thing Is to give the best tonic end astringent (Ist can be procure!; and that has been, proved by experience, and under the best chemical tests, to be KOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS The symptoms ol chronic dyspepsia are frequent discharges ten* rally, with some pain and griping, restlessness, thirst, peer appetite, debility, loss ol Cesb, dry, rough, and somewhat sallow skin, the tongue dry nnd dark colored. The food often passes through the bowe’s nearly In the condition In which It was swallowed, thus "bowing that the gastric juice la cither not generated In rodclent quantity, or that It has not the solvent properties Decenary to decompose the masticated food. The liver la.generally on; of or der. and (l e bowels mulcted with a low grade ot lm flnmtiia'lOD. Under these circumstances a medicine sllrhtlyaperl cm, as well o» tonic and antl-blllous, ta absolutely re quired ; and such a medicine la HOSTBTTm BITTERS. J.ctlt tchorreln mind, however. that chronic diar rhnrfl, as well as the a:ntafo?m of the disease which leadit.- If. ii ay always he avoided br keeping up the tote of the ttomach and of the mucaos membrane of th* intestines with thl* solmary and harmless mrlso met. It U a great thing to restore to regularity a dis ordered function, bat it Is stUL better to cxrludei be cci csrtty for reiteration by preventing irregularities. All slocjvrds require to be stimulated; and yet strange to ear, th* sluggish bowels are often suhfcctcd to a treatrrcr.t which in the end Increase* their tor pidity, «r.d renders s complaint, easily cared in the bi-glnnli R. obstinately chronic. Let the constipated beware of drastic pill* and potion*. The lurarUMy oygravate tbe disorder. A combination of a wholc fcnie '-Umniant with a mild, sot thing laxative U what I? reeded. In SOSTETfER’S BITTERS the sufleter boa this Important desideratum. A course- Cf thU genial conectlve will eventually c«e every term of constipation, and rtmovo the headache, dlzzf nrs*, ftvertshneas- nao*ea, asd muddi/-tnind/dneti, by which Itts nsually accompanied. Some peraans who are by comtitnttps ol a constipated habit may overcome tbedlChilty and achieve perlcrt regularity by using the BIT! EHS dally Is ccnionntty with the directions. The Three most important T Periods of life. f byplclf ns divide Hie Into five distinct period*—thff nisi extending from bl.-ib to the age of teren years, thesccondfrotn the teveathyo the fourteenth year, ihe third trem the twenty-finryear. ihe fourth from the twenty-first to the fortieth year, the fifth from tbs fortieth year to the close ofllfe’s “strange, evcntftil history.” Shakspcsre divides llte Into ages;” bat five Is the number adopted by* the faculty. lo what Is cal.ed the •* third* period” tbe Important changes occur which mark and separata the sexes. This Is the staged dettlojment, when the frame. In acquiring form. Proportion, and strength, make* ex traordinary demands upon tbe vital and constitutional tefonrees. The weaker lex boffers mostdorlmc this period. The vitality of woman,betagtixed lo s grtav er degree than that ol man. often requires to be rein forced by artificial means. Whenever thta i* neceasaryg EOSTETTER’S BITTERS Mav he csnsclentiossiy recommended as the most harmle.-s and effective of all tonics. The fimrth period, embracing the maturity ol life, when tbe powers of bedy and mind la both sexes ought, to t« la fall vigor, a’so has Its special dlfilealUe*. It Is during this stage that the female Is subject to most cf the h arasslocSallmenta peculiar to her organization. So utuneroos and distressing are these complaints, that the patience with which they are borne, while it ex cites the wonder, demands the earnest sympathy, of the less afflicted beings who style themselves par ex cellence the “lords of creation.” In fortitude it mote be admitted that the “lords’* are by no meats equal to the "ladles.” To the latter it is important to know that la tbe troubles which precede and follow maturity, the BIT T E JR S Are excellent, both as a bodily aad mtnul InrlcoranC- Tbty vLI be found a capital mean* of sustaining the under the heavy drains made npoa It at the most Interesting and puiloos periods of man led. lift. The fifth stage is that In which alt theftmctlcms de cay and the frame gradually beads under the weight of jeers. Dorisg this period, too, women snflfer moch sore than the stronger sex. In passing the line which divides maturity from ihedec lae ofUfr. tley hare to encounter more dllflcuinet and dangers than Cesar dreamed offwhen he crewed Ihe Rubicon, Depression and gloom bordering on Insanity, together with innu merable physical dlstnmaneer; are among tha palm and penalties they lomettmei have to endure at the sec ond as well as at crisis ol their live*. As m soothing and balsamic remedy lor their aflUctlbnsac such times, the BITTEES Are prescribed by many exsiorar physicians. Tbs stlxuiatlngquailtiesoftceDTepantlaa are so modi nulby the mcdlctoal herb* and roots Infused lato it. that H may te taken without aoprehe' stan eves by those who are unpleasantly affected by the crdlaarr csclUnts. - '■ Frepared and Sold by HOSItTHR & SMITH, Pittsburgh, Pa. FOB SAXE BV ~r> tt /-•