Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 11, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 11, 1867 Page 4
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THE STEWART DIVORCE SUIT. Second Day of the Trial—Addition al Testimony on the Part of the Prosecution. Mrs. Rosetta Dudley—Strange Blending of Sancity and Lust-- Praying by the Bed of His Own Shame. The Same Combination in a New Case— Asking for Grace and Tempt ing to Sin. Establishing an Identity in Undress. The Interest in the Case Increasing. The Circuit Court room was again crowded to overflowing yesterday during the'conlinucd trial of the Stewart divorce case, with the same mixed body of canons spectators. As a rule, such audi ences represent the idle, useless classes of meo, wbo can think of no more desirable way to dis pose of the time which bangs heavily on their biiiide. The refined. Industrious and valuable members of society are not numerous, though these will hardly fall to read the published reports of the trial. To the debased the blstorv will bur tarnish food for their tow curiosity. To the up tight It may serve as a warning against the step tending to evil. L pon the coming In of Court tbc question which was reserved on ine preceding dav as to the ad mission of testimony of the occupation, as a pros titute, of Minnie Wood, waa decided, the evidence lu-ing excluded. The cross-examination of GEORGE UURLBERT was continued. Q- Are you acquainted wllh Tnnnicltffe, the* detective? A. No sir. Turtle is the only detective I know, and I think the attorneys in the case are the only onesetee wbo have inquired of mo concerning my knowledge of this case. Of these 1 saw Mr. Gherman first. The first time I saw him’was In Turtle's office about the same time as 1 saw Mr. Initio. 2 Dad seen Turtle first, perhaps tbc same week. I made no appointment to meet Sherman a! Turtle's office. Q. How did you happen to meet at (bat office, at that time, Sherman and Turtle ? A. 1 think that Turtle wished me to have Miunic Wood com- tip thcr» to ecr him. Q- Who is Minn'e Wood,aud where docs ebe live? A. ihe first time 1 saw her sbe was on Monroe street. I trick she lives now on LaSalle street. I don't know if they aopoinied a dav for her to n o there 1 vent with her there, and l*saw Sherman Ihcro at that time. 1 think I nave been at Tur tle » office twice. 1 did not meet Washington Mmtb there I first saw him at Sherman’* office after I was at Turtle’s office, perhaps three or four weeks otter. 1 first saw Mr. TnrUe In June or Ma' of ISGC. Q- Have yon talked with auv other • persons abont the ease tbar. with Turtle and Sb rman? A. With the attorney?, and 1 think with tho*c where lam employed. Stewart w-s in there fre quently, aod rpre-sume every time be«aamit was mentioned. I don't know what 1 told them, hut 1 used (o talk with Stewart eteiy»iimc he came in. 1 told Dir. George Frost, rbe book keeper, of it; hut I don’t remember what I told b:m; I presume I told him about his givlr" the card to me; 1 think X did. 1 t-»ld him l bad seen him at Mrs. Dudley*?, and that he gate me that cjrd. I told him about the lime 1 saw Mr. Turtle I volnrteercd my statement to Mr. Frost. Every .time Stewart came In there wc talked about the matter, fie cam: in there to read his letters to his wlf.* frequently; he would come in and call me up stairs to lead leMere to mu that he bad wrinen to hi? wife, and every time became in the: e whs some conversation about him. Q. Did you tell Stew ir: what you knew about this Dudley nutter! A. I doa t think I ever told him al out his giving me the card. lie came to our place vestoioav morning. I presume I have told lim l:at i was to be a witacs«, hut can’t say when 1 did not tell him so yesterday, and said ‘•the <:in was gMng down with flying color-.’’ He varied to kr.o • how 1 was, and *1 told him I was all right. 1 might have told him in the Port ia: d BJcck that I was ‘ubprenaed. I presume 1 dul. I piobahly would, but I can't sav when I dv. 1 was subpevnaed ahont the time lire deposi tion ol Louisa Miller was taken. 1 did not obey that sul.;-.«viia, because I was not called on to at tend. I think it was in November. Q. Did you telllnrtle, immediately when yon went to his office. In answer to his questions or oilntwire, whit you knew of the matter! A. I answered all the questions be asked me, I think, immediately. I have not the note be sent me, and can’t say wh*l became of it; be merely slated ibai he w ithed to sec me at bis office; be did not stale wLat frr. Q. Yon don’t recollect what the song was which vou said yesterday Stewart sung. Yon don’t iccoßcct any or it doyon? A. No Did yon ever sec any criminal conduct between Sicwait and Mrs. Dudley ! A. No, sir, 1 never saw him but twice at her house, and that was on Clark stnel. 1 never saw any impropriety there, only the impropriety of a man professing to Vo a clergyman being in that place, uc conducted Umselfttie fame any man would who visiji-d a lions.- of that kind. (*. What were yon there for ? A. 1 wa« there to see Minnie Wood. To Mr. S. knew nothing of this pro cctdirg «lien I saw Mr. Turtle, and - hit I nave testifled to occurred Itelorc my visit lo him. The flrs< quv-tion be asked me was what I knew about Stewart. I forget what my reply was; I think I told him that there were o hers who knew more about it than I did. 1 don’t remember the con veieatirn. Mr. Sherman, the lawyer. Hist told me that I should be sulipo-naed. I did not wish to come, and I told him so. I told Stewart not to come at-d read bis letters to me, and he said he would net: but he did. Be never showed me auy letters at my request. To 31r Dm*.— He commenced read lug letters to me soon after be became acquainted with me; tbev were letters be hadwrirten to hi? wife; he read them so often I cannot say how mmy be r»ad. He used to be lu our place two or throe limes a vtik. 1 don’t (lurk he read auy to me after ho 1 terd I was going lo be witness in this case. He bad a letter with him nearly every lime be came to tbe store, and that was twb or three turns a He rean letters fcralmoitaycar, ami he rushed in one day and said be was going io have an Interrirw with his wife. CUADLES WADSWOKTU was n?st ?wom. Ills levtimuiij was ts follows: 1 reside in f.hicflgo, and have fo» neariv two veavs. lam at present employed at the Foater coflce ard o*nis, doing gcueral work round the r »” , V*. jhnow the defendant. 1 rvim-mbar i.clU2 wii j him and with Wentworth io a ulc-afc. in July or August, l&io. and I believe we got Pack fcnit*«here toward evrmng, and the same company went to No. 72 Welts elm-t, wifleb wa« said to hea house ortll-rcpnte: we went Id me hack way ‘hroucb to. alley. Tnerc were, I judge, jour or fire there. We icmaiued • her-’ fifteen or iwentv minute*, nud peib&ps more. After ' Icavuig iU::e wc vent to a aaloou k«.pi by Mr. Born. T did not remain there longer, but i went home. Brev\an exhibi'ed to im- t_e fact that he bar; a private disease during tho summer of 19r»5, ore ol those protent (there wore three of ua) re mai ked upon the charac’er of ibe ailment. Crcff-'.’w.iranr.n.—' Tbe s-ngeeation to go lo tbe hou?: on Well? street was made by Bomeoicof the pr.-ty. hut 5 car.nul ?ay by whom. Stewart wa? no more reserved ot the house man the real ol u*. XRS. SLOAN next •e?tlf!cd. She said: I ic.-idc in Crtcagoand know the dcicudant I have known him since IvS it t‘- d. A year ago I lived on Quincy street, ir. :bi building on ihe corner of Clark street. 1 knew Rosetta Dudley; ehe li>cd iu the part of the Mock ea?t of me. I know ofSicwart’s visit iug Ikt: Isawbinigo In these once, 1, in N. ptemhrr. 16d5, in ih* aitem n on. 1 did not sc: bun have thebcus-e, and do not know ho-vlong ho musin' «l (here is-iur, 1 " 22 called nj»on about tblsca-*c; it "•as in the slimmer; 1 dou't lemcmber the date. Mr. XV. Smith at-d his daughter ca'icd npoa nu*. ana »o them I fire* communicated -.hat I knew. 1 lived in the same building with Mc<. Dudley. She wes unaccustomed to call nnon mo, but she did call npon n.e once, "hen Fhc uesrd that I knew of hi" going there. I said ho «a* a school acquaint ance of mine, and 1 thought he was a nice young man. Tint was before ilt. Smith and Mrs. Stewart called o/i we, but I cannot tell how long before. She called on me in September or October of ISoX. I was nut personally acqiialcled with her befoie that. 1 trial: Mr. Smith ?aid that Mrs. Thomas hadglviu niynnue to him. No detective was mc-ntioi ed in that connection. 1 hoard of the ar rest ofthc inmates of the building after I left I Feme weeks. I was living at No. SO Clark stree then. No detective has ever call-(1 on me abou". this matter. I live now at Ko hi Fourth nvoan-. lam living at home with my mother. lam iu no business at present, sir. 1 was. before that, M-wing at Palmer's, 01. lake sired, and 1 Irftiihcre eix weeks before. Beio-x* that I was cashier at Eckhart's cniitecficnaiv on Stale street; Iwae there four or five week*, “l v-as a school mate of dcli-ndant's at the Dearborn School on «Ueet. Io Mr. Stnxth.— Th* re arc thr*c entrances to Ihe Quircy street builulng, and there was uo caaaec lion between my apartments ari lier’s. 1 lived down staiis. i resided with my hosbaud and cbihicn. 7 0 Mr. Dent.— MvhnsMndhdcafl. Tie died in April, 1.4.0. I was divorced from him b-foreho died; Mr. Asayprocosed Uie divorce forme. ims. z. sewport was next failed. Her testimony was a- follows; IrcFtdcai No. 40 Newb-rry g'rceL an J have sicce lost winter. My father's name is John Webb. Before going to Newberry street I lived on t’nb cy street, on the corner of Clark. 1 think 1 vu-nt there some time In the beginning of list winter. 1 know Hosctia Dudley there; she re sided next door west My hnsbaid is an engra ver. I saw su-wart in Mr*. Dudley's room about two or three wc* ke after J went there. Onemorn tng quite early, I went Into Mra. Dudley's room to borrow matches. I believe; U was quite tally. 1 think il was about five o'clock. 1 gener ally knocked at Mrs. Dudley's door, but ttus mon,in;.’ 1 openrd tbs door and walke--* in, and as I go* In ihe door Mr. Stewart wa« etandiugby the Move Inks srockinr-foet and Mrs. Dudley Intro duced me to him as Mr. Stewart. Hi had no coat rn.aud 1 think his hair was uncombed. Mrs. Dudley bad a skirt on bat so dress. lam not cer tain il she bad »hoes on. She was standing by the More ; she w# a not doing anything 1 think. The fire was made, and I think when I went in Mr. Stewart iclired to tho parlor or tits next room. This was m the i'll of IW, I think In November or December. Q. How ratne you to go In so early for the matches? A. Mv husband was pressed with busl rc:??, aud he had to gel up very early, and tbw morning, when be got up to Itgbt the fire, iu* found wewereost of matches, aud he told me to run tousd and barrow some. I went rotted there. X paw btewart there a nnm!*or of time* after that in the afternoon and evening, but usually in tho day time. 0 ' Q. Were other mm comine there? A. Yes; after this 1 eawa crest number. (.*. Did you ever hear Stewart and Mr*. Dndley talking la tbe! r room? A. Yes, two or three times. kitchen door was opposfte her parlor door, arid I conld very often hear her talking in her neaiooni. Ouone occasion I heard her call ont Ob, Dart Stewart, don’t,''' and th-?y were laugh’ng and romping. j , hltlk tbcv were 0 n the !>ea: they waking a gre* x tmUe. I shonld think the noise continued baU lionr t sitting In the kitchen Jt^dlng—\vamt»aio-mT hi«- hnnd to come home, ana I heard the >* attracted my atlenlion, and 1 listener, i think the mentioned bis name two or three times I>. Did tod ever see her sitting on bis lap or Is'i «jv other frmiliar rtosidoc ? A. One afternoon I went in there and saw her sitting on his lap in ibc rocking chair. They were writing to each other on slips of paper, backward and forward. 1 left the room. a. These men that came ap there, which stairs tbevccmenp? A. 1 bey very often came np our stairs until we pnt a stop to it, When we fonrd out the character of the people »lring there we had the door fastened np. Thev would be coming at all honra ol the day or night, and often tbCT would come to our house and inquire tor Mrs. Dudley. They would come up sometimes at eleven, twelve and one o'clock at night, and once two men came to our door at one inthc morning inquiring for Mrs. Dndley. Sometimes they were vcjy insulting, and ther would try to force them* selves Into my room. Sometimes they would n*c had lasjniace. We were building a house at the time, and we moved Into It before the plaster was dry so as to get away from Quincy street, and 1 was quite sick hr rea-on of the dampness. Vroet-*xcmtr,afUm.— l moved to Niwberry street late in the till of IBUS. I went to Quincy street the winter of 1804, before Christmas. Be fore that we boarded on Monroe street, flsfore that we lived on (inrleT street, between Harrison and Miller streets. Q. Is one of your brother* adctccctlre? A. Yts, sir; James Webb is. 2 did not know of hi* b n ing concerned with this case, bat 1 beard that he was at one time. pQ. Dow-soon after you went to Quincy street did tod get acquainted with Mrs. Dudley? A. Mrs. Dudley was in my room when X raoyedln. Her sieter had occupied the room, and they were selling some of their furniture. When I moved In the was in Ihe room. Her sister’s name was MJunic Towers. Mrs. Dudley occupied the room on the other side of the hall, and her.motbcr lived there, too. X retained the acquaintance of Mr®. Dndlevand bet taially until we found out D’-c person, and ane would come In our *P a I wouldgo«here; wo were quite friend iy lor a tune. Ucr mother went away soon after we moved In there. 1 think she came hack after waide. but I cannot say when. I taluk Stewart visited the bouse while the mother was there. 1 did not eee the mother there when I went In for the matches. On New Year’s day lira. Dudley came In to wish us “A happy New Year,” and my bus bard told her that he did not wani her to coins into our room any mom; that we bad lonnd ont htr character, and then she went Into the hall, and ehe rased and was very angry, and I n?V(r spoke to h;r since, or to her mother or sister. I think It was a week or two before New Vea>'s I had found oat about her. and the match business was perhaps two or three mo:thi before that. O. How did yon know It was Stewart In the bedroom ? A. i could tell blm by his voice, and ehe called him Han Sfcwan. I was sluing In the kitchen, «»tb the door open and reading. The hall wonta probably not bold more than three persons. Minnie Toweta Introduced me to] Hart Stewart, In her mother’s rooms. Sly enspl cions were excited by seeing Stewart in her room as 1 have described, aod the next time 1 saw her, I asked who be was. She said be was her bean; that he was gcttlogablll of divorce from bis wife, and after be got the bill hliewa- going to marry him; and she told me .bathe was her constant visitor, and that when bhewas sick he was by he bed-side; and bo wonld pray for her, and try to get her to orar; and that he bad ooncht her a dress. That ex planation seemed satisfactory. It was after ihi® I saw her silting on his lap in the rock ing chau, pcrbajM* ■ month, but bciore New Year’s day. Inis excited my suspicions anew. I don't believe 1 wentiotoncr room after that. I raw Stewart In the house twice, and saw him go ing In several times. The first time 1 saw him go in was In the winter ot 15C5. Q. To whom did you first tell what yon have testified to* A. To my husband, then to James Webb, my brother, and his wife. I told James Webb at bis house when we were on a visltlherc. 1 think 1 introduced (be subject. James did not tell me be was engaged as a detective about in is case, and be never was in the house at Quincy 'envoi but once tbat I know of, and then he came to visit me. He knew that I was living at the bouse. 1 do not know wi'h wbat agenev mv brother is engaged. I have three sisie-s. After lelllcg to my brother about this I told it to Mr. SmltyT lie aud Mrs. Stewart called upon me 1 did npt tell them as soon as asked, because 1 was unwilling to testify to anvlbing In conrt, but finally 1 told them wbat I knew. They did not (ell me that my brother had told them wbat 1 knew of the matter. I think they were there about half an hour. 1 have not lately seen my brother to talk to blm. 'ihe Conrt then adjourned until two o'clock. AFTERNOON SESSION. The corning in of Conrt was prompt, and tbc at tendance dense. No loss of time occurred In get ting to bueicesr. KBS. E. NEWPORT was continued upon tbc stand, and her cro*s-ez amination was concluded. She .tatod lorthcr, in substance as follows: 11 Id tnv parents about what 1 knew in this matter, and two of my sisters were then present. James Webb was not there when 1 told them. 1 also told the circumstance to A. r. Sherman and his wite, but 1 did not tell them 1 could not recog nize Stewart. Q. Of whom did yon rent the rooms on Quincy siret-t? A. First ol Mrs. Towers, the mother of Mrs. Dudley, but afterwards we vveut and got a new tease of the owner of me land. To Mr.Gx>odilcft.— We movedino the Ncwberrv .-dieel Louse in February, iSGti. During the Sani tary Fair we boarded on Monroe street, and stayed there about nvo months, and we moved on to Qniccv street in October. I have three brothers. Uuasthe one who is a detective tbat I told the tacts to, but I did not know that he hid any connection with this case. I and all mj family nave been opposed to my testifying in the case. 1 ireiude Janus Webb In this statement. Q. Did you nee Mrs. Dudley’s mother iho morn ipg yon raw Menail there! A. No. fir, 1 did not; 1 only saw him anil Mrs. Dudley there. 1 had no; fceu >cr mother for some days. A. T. * ana hi? who used to vb-it me, and I vis :ted them, and she told me she was a fncadof (ietendam’s. To Jlr. Dtnt —Pherman frequently toll me that tiv "as Su wai t's mend; he said Stewart often vail* d upon him. I did nut tell my brother James list Mr. \V. Smith promised not to call mu as a witness ana he did not make such a promise. 'Jo J Jr. Uootlnch—l left the city to avoid te-ti- Tying. 1 went with Mrs. A. r. Sherman fj Wauke gan, and remained there about two weeks. I'his .ms Aw or six weeks ago, ALUSON NEWPORT was »Le next witness called. lie was affirmed ami -iiii: 1 am the husband ot the last witness, an 1 am an < nc;4vcr. 1 lived on Qulccv ttreet, and movtd away in Fvbiuary, JSfifi, to 4U Newberry sircot. Q. Do you kt uw Ibis Ko>etta Dudley that ha-» b« t*u spoken of! A. Yes, by sight. 1 was not much at home wl lie 1 lived on Quincy sir. or, but about Dec. mber. 1 began to dud that things were rot ail ngut with her: there were men com ing io eee her at unusual hours of the nigut. Alter 1 ascertained satisfactorily to mvseli »hnl the was not a proper character to be on' familiar terms with. I dropped alt acquaintance, and she came in on N« w 5 ear's morning to bid us a happy ne* - year, and I spoke tight up to her and said, ** Mrs. Dudley, 1 doc’l wish you to come into my room any more. 1 don’t wish to have anything more to do with von. I don’t think you a proper character for my wife to asso ciate with.” bbe bad agreatder.l to say about it, and my wile was excited, so 1 locked the door when she got out in the passage. Diuukeu men used to come up there frequently, and once tbev lißdioccnd for a policeman to lake one away. \ was afraid that a descent would be made on the boose. 1 never saw Stewart until 1 saw him in court. Civte-tjratr.tnafion— James Webb told me he bad beou on tbis case, but at the time fils matter was sp(.k« nof to him he was not un the force; he was building some bouses. CUAULES E. KINNEY was next sworn. Uc said: I am a lawyer. 1 bare s en Rosetta Dudley, and J kLOW Hurt L. Stewart by sitht only. I Lave l ien to Mrs. Dudley’s house and seen him there. In the latter part of November. 1665, 1 went there to see a ML-s Minerva Kelly about some land bo-ir.cse. and he came ir. I was m *be frnrt room, and h-In the kitchen, and lit that loom there was a light, so that J could see him dL-Umiiy. 1 went into the bedroom with Minerva Kelly to talk about the lawsuit, because sl>e requester! me lo do so, as Mrs. Dudley baa vompa'.y. This was between 8 and fl o’clock. In about ‘t>ri.p-qnarters ol an hour I left, aud wer.t out through the large room, and saw a man and woman, I judge, in the hen. Then: were men’s domes upon the c'-air. 1 could not dis tinguish ihe countenance of the man, but 1 hau bcaid no one come in or go out, niter be came in, while i v. a* tin re. On oi e other occasion I saw S:e* art at tho house. ll‘Mva«intho large room and I waj in the kitchen, and he passed me going out. Mrs. Dudley up«.m c the door to m*, ami then re imted lo Hi-; rroiu from notch be subsequently cnn>o. Crotf-eath'hM'ion— The (list lime I saw Stew a*l ar the bouse 1 wait alone. I think the oex? • •me Onmtnb’o I«K was with me. Minerva Kelly told me it was S:ewarf. I told this fir?t to : : ';iiire Huger, vny soon alter it happened, then I :h.nk I rti ;' <.l speak ot it until Mevruit puft li-hC'i pmnethitrg io the Titn*t ; then I mentioned i in the offle** Nexl l tolu it to Mr. Lyon, the •awvcr. <:id acq»Bin:aiice of mine I have ■p«ken with Louisa Mi.lcrabout l :ecase. I.ntr|e«. A. atLLEi:. The deposition of Loulea A. fili'ler was ihcn sendi’i evidence. Her testimony in as follows : 1 live In Chicago, and rave leslded li**ro abom • luxe years, nrrf am nineteen yair* old. I have l.nowu trtev art shout a year. 1 made bisacquoin tsioccar M;?. Dudley's room on Quincy street. 1 m»w him ivo or - «lavt» after I w«?su "tie*. v.op in December! l'l>\ tnd 1 left iu April, 1W ; . 1 taw him «evcral times a week, end he has been tli-rc trom twelve to two. I have scon him and Mr*. Dudley inked together, h;;* I don't know i; you would call that m.prop:-r conduct or nor; and I have seen l:etica hirii my bedroom where, the doorbeinc t-hut, they would remain from half an h« urto tr o bourn. I ha'? scon them silting *>u lb- he - to* -ether, ami ‘Lai was a frequent sitting place with •hen:; they would sit then* and talk. 1 have seen him kis.» h.r frequently "hen he came 1 In or "tut away. I saw Stewart'? fac» I at.d clothes when lie "a< b**d with Mrs. Dndlev. ili* tailtd nice abaci 1) o’clock "it* a Mr. Walker, bringing a buUloot v.lno '•fey drank it, aud JluuMc«ar: tain be must go heme. I **ea r d pome one c« ming back, and sin* • id tied my d<>or, hn: J ntcnrd t and went in and *a<* Stvwari wm* in bed with her. t also recognized In-clothes. 1 Them ?op lamp in the room, and I turm*’. nun to roe hint When be firsl came to the bon->e h wnt by the name o> n arles Wentworth, t-en Charles Mer-ott, and then llarl. T-S;cwart, Slew art rromuid to give Mi*. Dudley a mink muff. nulh»- ciu not while 1 was these. Crosr-s.rcai.irr. ion—l came "Ith Washington Smnh to the examination in hi-* cania~- from Dyer. »v SJ c-rmanV ofl'cc;! think th v an'lawyers m :l«c case I have talked wills them three or i'onr times about the case, the fir.l time oclag U*t Jtuc. 1 have Non acquainted "iih them ihrul *‘ vo yra::'. I at a Temperance l.odge first- 1 "a? a uumlH-r ol ibe Lodge. 1 met i.yon at the P«»-i OG:C“ In the rail o»i the east v.e j a-fcd U*ec<midliuent'* of the day. 1 line 4 , r.o motive In pains to Sherman J; Lyon's office, t-xccpi to min infoniistton as to the name of Stewan'e "in*, b car.'c 1 know *'C wv ft narr‘« d 2:511 red 2 thought idio ought to know ol his conduct. 1 also spoke of this to Xlie. TLonies, and sk- told me SiowarlV wife ’-anted a hill from him ard Sherman -vr*s his attorney. Srcwarr told M:s. Dudley, and ;*lic told rrc wlio tils "Ifc wa«. red he paid she lived on the avenue. Afierwasds 1 ra!h*«i again and saw both Sherman and Lyon. 1 live at .“1 Qalncy street, with Mrs. Thomas, and we talk every day nearly aoon» the Mcwa*t matter. On :ne occasion that Stewart left the home and nturned he left Xlr. Walker. hU friend, in 11-ohon<e. I decline to gay how long he i« mained, ns ‘.he answer mipbt tend to dis grace me. 1 call him Jimmy Walker, and •» you want arything more concerning him von must ask Stewrn, liecanse he Is better acquainted "ithhitn. I spoke of this case to Hr. Kinney, l.tvlnc employed him in a salt to recover tmn n woman (Mr?. Field,ou the West Side), mat I lived with, doing ter general work. I decline to pay if 1 received the visits of gentlemen before golig to Quincy street I lived before at Hi*. Banins', and did dress makirp. I never went by any other name than Louisa Jlilhr, except when I advertised for cerrespo: denco. I was married to V. I), llnrkc, Scjfember 15,15C1, at Labnlle, Illinois, arm while 1 wa.« married 1 went by bis name. 1 he Is living, hot I have not fw« him forlwo ' Iwturoii one Dip on n canal boat with him, hut I found he was married 10 another-vo an before he married me. and she was living then. 1 decline to plve my father's name. I don't want it mixed up with this cas.*. I decline to rtato what Mrs. Thomas' haziness Is. I decline to say if 1 have been Vfor* the Po lice Maghtratei*. It wsg between (lie]h th of De c mbtrandthelstofJanuaiytbat I saw Slew-art in bed with Sltf. Dndlc>. I came thruugh the room aedpeve the bed clolL<-s a poll so that I conld Foehlb lace, then I turned np the lamp and left when I satisfied myself as to who It was. He laughed when I polled down the clol-.cs, and palled them hack again. When I stayed at Mi*. Dudley's I paid her S2O theflrstand sl2 lor each subsequent month, and found myself in fnei. virtual*, Ac. i went by the name of of Ella A.. Adams and Frank Adams when 1 answered corrrspordencc coming In answer to advertneirenta. I gave the nams ol Frank!s when I was arrested with Mrs. Dnrtlev, Mrs. Thoman and the inmates of the block, and taken to Ihe Police Court on the 22d of April, ISGC. Rt’+eaininaUnn —1 left Burke because he bad a wile ard t*-o children ll'ing » hcn he married me. 1 left him Immediately alter Ifou'-d it out. Mrs. Dudley pave th*. came ol Rosclla Hawfoo a*, the Police Court when she was arrested fxajtiir.a’ion—l did not can‘e crim inal proceedings 10 be instituted against Burke. The next witness called was atINNIE WOOD, who, being sworn, said in substance; 1 have known Mrs. Dndley sloce about the Bth of August, IBUS. when she lived at JOHSonth Clark street. 1 hired a loom of her, but did not board with her. 1 vos then at work at a drugstore, Wo. 0G Monroe street. Sbc remained that time at Clark street only two days, going to No. 0 Qmncy street. I continued to live with her. 1 know Hart K Stewart. I fir-i met him ft Mrs. Dudley's. on Clark street, being introduced to him as Mr. Wentworth on the !r?i of tny going to Mrs. D.'s. He came « m* Gening and stayed all night; he * Dudley’s room, and she slept with M^ii COI T j p a long time after 1 had re ll^*ii?.-.«.,!, 0 -V ta ‘ oWwh *t«newa9 doing after I fSI 5?Ji«5l o l2^3 m * lo ’*«d. 1 also saw bhn at the Quincy street rooms. He came there two or three days after vra oecttplw tggj I n«edto°see him there qntieofien dnriast’toV.JJw 1 hut I was not much thou during the day. befe a t my employment on Monroe street. 1 eaw hlm ihere Ihtce or four limes a week. 1 saw them kuf each other, and 1 have seen her sit la hi* u D anu they would sit upon the bed together—more ea pcclally In my room. They would close the door of ihe bedroom when they were together. and fre nuettly slay rljici- d together lor an hour or two. Sirs*. Dudley's house was “pulled” and nit of us taken to the Armory, and then she moved to 2i2«i South Clark street, i accompanying her. Do fendatt came there perhaps alter we had been there a month; she sent word to him not s’ay away on account of a muff be h«d* prom ised her, as she wanted to see him Ho did cede soon after the message was sent, and then he came qu*te oft*n t V*nt be generally (hen came during the anernoon. 1 left Mrs Dudley's July SOtli, 1600, and be continued his visits down to teat time. he came in he generally took Id* coat and vest on' and threw bim«tl r upon the bed. On these occasions be would stay two or three hours, and ho woald bo sbnt np in a room with her. lYcmcmberbU coming in one Sunday evening witha Mr. Walker. They brought a bot tle of wine with them. Stewart snug some songs that were not psalms nor hymns, bat were some thing the reverse. Q. After you commenced rooming there were you sick? A. I was for abon* two or three weeks. He vfrlted me m Ihe bedroom and he ~‘ J * nn>nA»hmu* lo—me. He prayed for me for some lime and then he pro posed tc go to bed with me. Q. He first prayed for yon and then proposed to go to bed with you f A. Yes. I waa disgust ed with blm, and fold him I thought he had bet ter travel, and he left me. Mrs. Dudley had other regular customers beside Stewart, aud seme men she picked up. Crott-fxatninafion.— My name Is Mary J.Thomp son. 1 answer to the name of Minnie Wood, and was subpernaed by tbat name, lasinmedtbat name when 1 came to Chicago so that my people would not find me. 1 didnot go by any other name until I came here. lam married, but don’t know where my husband Is. I passed by the name of Baltic Warren at one time, and the name of Mrs. Cun Is, and the name of Mrs. George UurlbcrL I did not sec George Bnrlbeit on the witness stand: befetebedmeto testify 1 have re ceived the virus of gentlemen in Chicago, and have invited them to call as 1 suppose other peo ple Invite them. 1 have not advertised for calls or correspondence, nor have I Invited strangers to visit me. nor have 1 invited persons introduced to me by Hurlbert. Q. Have yon or no* supported yonr»elf by do nations of gentlemen woo have visited yon, m whole or In part ? A. I don’t know as that con cern* the case at all. Well, 1 have not. Q. Von may state, if von please, whether ron have supported jourself partly or otherwise, in Chicago, byproslUntlon. Witne«s— l decline to answer that question. 8. On wbat gtonnd do you decline to answer ? bjectcd to, and question pending at the hour of adjournment. TUB SENATORIAL QUESTION, The following protest, which explains itself, was drawn up yesterday, and will be left for slg nilure to-day at the Board of Trade, and the offices of the Tribune, the Slants Zeituntj, aud tbc Ev*n\vg Post: “The undersigned Republican «1 dor* of Cook Com-ty, having been Informed that a petition has been sent to Spriugfield urging the Senators and Representatives from Cook Conmy to violate the instructions of the Convention which nominated them, aud the implied Instructions of the people who elected them, by withdrawing their support ftom Bon. Lyman Trumbull as a candidate for the United States Senate, do solemnly protest against the proposed act of bad faith Imp.ied in said petition, and earnestly request their Senators and Representatives to give their active and zeal ous support (o Senator Trumbull.” AnCSBRIBNTS. Ire Opera.—By an unfortunate Indisposition of Susint, l/Africaino was given last evening in place of Robert,as bad been announced, and most excellently well given. The representation was undoubtedly much better than that of Robert would have been, as it has always been the fate of Robert to be badly given here. This evening selections from l.’Elielre d’Amore. the Barber and the African will bo given for the benefit of the manager. He enould nave, and deserves, an overflowing bouse. Mt'SEuat. —“ A Hundred Thousand Pounds,” which has proved a great attraction during the week la withdrawn to-night, when Mr. Charles S. Rogers takes nls benefit. “Black-eyed Susan” and ” The Ficncb Spy ” arc the priuc'pal items m the bill. There will be some Interlude between the nieces, ana Hie beneficiary will deliver a recitation. \\ Ub such a programme there will doubtless be a bumper bouse. McVickek's Theatre.— Miss CeciUe Rush ap peared lasi nieht 84 the Countess in Knowles play of u Love.” This evening Miss Rush lakes a ben efit. A new 8. nsaiional drama entitled “ The Child Stealer,” will be presented. Skating.— A fancy dress carnival took place at the Wabatb Rink lasi evening. Another is an nounced cn Saturday at the West Side Rink. Sport continues good at all the parks. AJBS»O.V Two Wen Held Over Under the Charge. Within Die past two days two or three dilfe»ent pa< lies have been arrested charged with setting firctoibelr own promises. At the Police Court ycpteiday moniing Manin Jennings was charged with ar?on. Mr. Jennings was the owner aun oc cupant «ifib< uihbrclla store and dwelling at No IST state street, which was destroyed by fire about two o’; lock yestciday morning, as already pub- Pt-hcd. It was admitted tl at the property was Insured for 4£.2(X', which, it is believed, is much more than it is worth, it is alleged that those who were first upon the premises lound two separate fires In progress, each being started by a liitlepilc oi combustible material saturated wfth kerosene The family of Mr. Jennings was so early removed from the premise- as to suggest (he idea that they were in readiness to leave. But the testimony of Mr. J. Smllh makes the case look very dark lor (he owner of tho premises. Smith teMifl* d that between leu aud eleven o'clock last night, while he, the witness, was In Monahan’s sniooi. on Mate street, near Jennings' place, Mr. •1.-niiiiiga came in there somewhat intoxicated in d said t. ere would he a fire before morning. t.*e .vould not •• give a —” if there was, as he was insured for 42,1X10. He had been in agood many rough places and could get out of this. J< nnings was held for farther elamination until Saturday afternoon in hail of Hie lawyeis nod a Inigo number of the friends ol IsaacSnackman, patiently waited an hour or two at' ibe Police Court yesterday afternoon, anticipating that he would be placed in the box lor examination. Ibe case was did'sronti> dis posed of. Mr. Shackmau was taken from the Central Station before the Grand Jury, now in session, where an Indictment was found against him npon the charge of arson, and he was com mitted to jail to await Inal An Editor Assaulted.—About half-past twelve o'clock yesterday afternoon Lout* Wil lich, the “local” of the Jitaafs ZfUung t was drink ing lager beer in Baierle’s saloon, at the corner of North Clark and Michigan streets, with some friends, when Emanuel Borges came in. The lat ter can e up (u the counter and distinctly applied Ibe epithets of “scoundrel,” “rascal.” aud simi lar names to Wiliicb. The latter shoved him somewhat with hi- arm and told him he was ti'?d of hi? talk, whuienpon Borges drew e heavy policeman’s baton from his co.t pocket and ati nek Wlllich two or three severe blows. Inflict ing very painful wonrds upon his head, lie was soon alter arrested aud taken to tbe Police Court for cxaioin-tiuc upon the charge of an assault with a deadly weapon with Intent to kill. It was allege.! that be had previously Ihioatcned WillichV life. Ibe ca-e was continued for further examination on Tuesday morning, Burges pro curing hail oi iSO',*. The cause of Borges 7 enmity tony be round in a local sensation published to tbe z'favtt Zafur.g of Monday last, wherein the crimi nal conductot certain panic 3 named, received a full airing. With Injudicious and un warrantable caste, Borges Immediately as sumed *liat he was one ol tbe parties Interested, and another German cliilizcn with whom it Is said Borges boards, pit pared for the war-path in behalf of bU wife as another party, whom it was assumed, was indicated in the oflensive article wiliich was fined before a Justice only Wednes day for defending himself, pbyMcaily. against the vituperation of the enraged husband, and yester day. as stated ,be was again a martyr to tho “freedom of the press.” DauIXG EfT CNSLCCrgam. FollCEßV.—YestCi c:iy aftomocu two boys, obout seventeen years of nuc, presented, at tbc Union National Batik, a rluc*-: lor sl,Kf. on the Ba : avlan Bank ol 1a CrosFe, Wisconsin, put parting 10 bear the sicna ture ol J. VaoStefn-yck, the president. The oihccis of Ibe Union National suspected thenen nlnencaa ot the check from the youth of ’he boys, and also from the fact that a check from the same bank had .m.-l been received which here a number one bm.drco less Ilian that oQVrcd. of about the some date. The hoy- went therefore arrested, when thiy couics.-cd their guilt. Their names aie Albert K. Dean am! Frank E. Slania. Ihe former, who called himself George Lyman, had been a clerk in the T_i .'n;e*c bank for seven months, cud -ao cut a check ftom the hack part of the chock bock, cancelled the c-taiun with Ihe hand stamp and cxicnu d a very good imitation ol the presi dent's Mgnatnru. The yonng ©tenders aic of families In I-aCro.'re. They admit that t:cv c; u e line on Tuesday kvnh the purpose of pass lig the check. They had wiltten about a week uio ii. the proprietor of one ot our busl rvt-f colleges, stating that they Intended to outer hi? Institution, which was dune to obtain him to h:dciitify them in case it was teqnired at the banc. • Ley ateu«.wropsi-kring fheir rash experiment, in the tVntial Police btasior. XV'Asnr>:oTox Skatiko I’ahk—Bekcfit op the P«ion.—Our rcadc;** must not forget that the mcucy* they spend during the week ending thq- I2ih imtanl. at this delightful resort for alt lovers «l the skating ait, goes to the relief land ofthe iuoj'B AJvn a Christian Association fonhc benefit ol the city poor. The ice war never better, the weather pleasanter, or the managers more atten tive than dum.gtbis benefit week, and when wc remember that every dollar invested tn this exhil arating sport, "ill bring joy to the heart of some tuflcmig fellow it gives a zest to the ftm, a gleam to the steel mnner, and to the eye of t'c skater not emoyea on orolnary occasions. 1 tenets can be had at all music and book stores undo! canvasi-eio—good for any day during the week, lire Tonne Mm's Christian Asroclallon want an additional number of canvassers to en gage in »ho sale of the Washington Skating Paik Benefit Belief tickets to-day and to-morrow. I allies who con ns.-lst them are requested to call at room 23, Methodist Cbnrch Block. 4 * J.'Observatel'h.''— The specimen number of a new French weekly journal, issued in this city, taking the place of now discon tinued, is on onr table. It is edited by Messrs. F. A. Barclay and I. 11. Frechette. To give an idea ut the position to bo taken by the new paper, wc subjoin one or two short extracts: "L'Obserratfi'rwiW have for its chief aim to promote a harmonious and fraternal feeling amour all who speak the Frencn language in America, and especially In the State of Illinois.” “For I-.nrope we are liberal without being s'* calists. For the United Slates we shall be Ue publicans, without falling at all nm* a Into ext> erne radicalisms.” “Our triple device will be, there fore, ‘ Union, Progress and liberty.' ” A R -fAEKABLB Case.—Wc call attention to the advertisement on the first page of thi- Dsac, de tailing the case of Mr. James McNulty, of De troit, »ho after suffering complete baldness fora period of niiwlcen year*, now rejoices in Ibe pos session of a head of luxuriant hair. The case p:odncedagvent seusailon In Detroit a short time ago. Soairmrao New.—Dr. Colton gives the second of his interesting lectures and exhibitions ofthe Langbmg Gas this evening at Music Hall, Opera House; aud as an extra attraction, six ladies will Inha'c the exhilarating element, after me gentle men. An evening of rare merriment may be ex pected. These entertainments are well con ducted. Billiards nr PEomi.—The billiard match ar ranged 10 he played at Peoria on the 4th Isstaut, between Thdznas Foley and J. Ferguson of Chi cago. did not come od, owing to tho illness of tnc latter. An impromptu carom game of 500 points war. however, arranged between Mr. Foley and F. M. liclnhart. which was won by Foley on a score of 500 to SS4. Ft. John's Cmmcti, Union Pare .—This church will hereafter be open for Divine service and ser mon evtty Frldar evening at <H o'clock. The opening sermon of the course will be delivered this evening by Rev. Cbas. Edward Cbeeuey. rec tor ot ChnM Cbnrch. The public arc cjrdially invited to attend. Scats free to aIL The Lccttub Seasos, —J heodore Tilton, Esq., of the New York 7/.rf<*pcnrfcnf, will deliver a lec ture on Monday evening next at Crosby's Opera House, under the auspices ot the Youcg Men's Association. Subject—** The Corner-stone of Re construction." ’i be sale of seats will commence on Saturday momlcg at the ticket office of the Opera Hoaec. LOCAL MATTERS. ITlnrcdrn’ft Pectoral Balm Never Falls to relieve and cure. ftlctcalfe’s Great Utienmntlc Remedy gives Immediate relief in all cases of rheumatism orneuralgla. Its power is magical, It* effect Im mediate, and It never falls to eradicate every spmptom of the disease. Loan & Sum, Agents. Hair Brewing witliout a particle of grease. •* Glyceria" restores the hair, communi cates a delicious cooling sensation to scalp, cleanses u from dandruff, and Is absolutely free from grease, so as not to' soil the finest fabric. Co.. Now York. Sold by all Allow Wo to Say a Word for Myself, 1 nave been using Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup In my family first introduced In Ibis city. I think it an excellent article, and would not be without It on any consideration. [Extract from J. D. Adams’ letter to Chicago Times.l * It sof ens the gums, reduces Inflammation, regu lates the Lowe I®, 1 ®, cures wind cholic and corrects acidity, gives rest and health to the child, and comforts the mother. A Sure Pile Cure.—Dr. Gilbert's Pile Instrument positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by mall on receipt of $4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted every, where. Address J. B. Roxainb, Manager, No. 5T3 Broadway, New York. THE ATLANTIC YACHT BACE, Lee of the Hex rletta and Beport or the Ban from New Yorlc—Parting Com pany at Sea—Scene# on Board and Dis tance Bach Day—“ Heaving To” In a Fearftn Gale—OH* the Needle*) a Pilot) aud Victory [From the Now York Herald, January o.] THE START TOOM NEW TORS In the Henrietta sailed Hr. Bennett, the owner: Messrs. Jeromo, Knapp and Flak, judges nod gneets; Captain Samuels, Sailing Master Lyons, and a crew ol twenty-four men. including Mr. Jones, first officer, Mr. Corela, second mate, a caipenler, aallmakcr and two stewards. lb<* Fleet wing, owned by Mr. George Osgood, was commsndco by Captain Thomas, with a crew of twenty-two men; and Messrs. Centre and Staples, of the New York Yacht Club, went in her as Judges. Ihe owned by Ur. Pierric Lorlllard. ear ned Messrs. Geo. Lorillanl and Taylor as Judges, Ciplain Dayton and a crew of twenty-three petty officers am eeam«-n Each of the yachts had previously won several closely contested matches, aid only the popular prejudice agaluet ** centre-board’’ vessels in rough weather gave the other two boats an advan tage over (he Veata in the heavy wagers staked upon he rac*. At 11 o’clock the racing signnal of the Henrietta was displayed, and tbc yacate were taken in low by the tugs for the starting point off Sandy Hook, ac companied hy innumerable e learners, propellers, yachts and pilot boats, and, amid renewed cheering ana excitement, they were hauled down through the Narrows and assigned their respective stations. Precisely at one o’clock, Mr. Fearing, the slai ter, cave th> signal for the race to begin. In a moment the tugs w ere coat off and sails hoisted, tbc Flceetwlng occupying the most northerly po silltn; first fresh bieex-, nnd danced away ueforu tbc wind, the Vesta following closely, the Hen rietta, lying nearer the shore, had decided!' the woist of the start, but regained her position as she dropped away from the land. The tugs and Fteamm sailed In lino alter the vachts, nnd pre sented a pionresqne sight. The wreck of the Scotland waa In full view*, gntniy reminding thr yarbUuen ot the dangers they wcrcabonttobravc; t)>c drains of “Auld LaugSrnc” from the steam er rcca'lcd to tbc adventurers the fiieudshtp they wuc leaving. Then a cloud obscured the sun, the wind gradually rose, the yachts gradually increased ibeir speed, the Sundries to each were faintly heard, the gbt-ebip off Sandy Hook waa passed, the open sea was before us and the voyage bad commenced in earnett. At a quarter to three p. m., the Neve sink Highlands went out or sight. Ihe yachts were then abeam of each other. The Henrietta, having caught the ten-knot breeze, all canvas was set. end the Vesta sailed wing and wing. Day light now rapidly laded, and the sun disappeared in a glory of crimson and gold. The tug Poillp. whirh bad been chartered by Mr. LorUlard to ac company the Vesta until nighVaU, turned home ware with a farewell hurrah, aud the crews of tba yachts bade good-bye to the United States with answering cheers. Each Captain now chose bis own course, the Flcelwiog keeping to the north wai d, the Henrietta holding the European steamer track and Ihe Vesta evidently making for the noiihern passage PARTING COMPANY. At six p. m., wind blowing steadily from west northwest, we lost eight of :be Fle.’lwiug in ihe darkness ; but the Vesta was still abreast looking like s phantom in tbc dim starlight The Henri? eila now increased her speed, rocking over the waves as gently as a cradle, and at eight o’clock the Vesta bad disappeared ; we saw neither ol our rivals again until tncy came to Cowes. Songs and stories in the cairn and heavy snow squalls on deck marked onr first nigh* at sea. FUIST DAY AT BEA. The next day was bright and cold; we carried all tail, making eleven knots an honr until noon, when the Henrietta was struck by a heavy enow squall and the top-sails had to be taken in. Dur ing the twcnty-lhiec hoars we had made two hun dred and thirty-five knob by observation, and two bundled and thirty-seven by Jog, and round ourselves in latitude -0 07 and longitude 03 S 3; the wh d was northeily and came in strong guests; at ten minutes to four we passed the steamer < üba and another steamer, to both of which wc showed our racing signals, receiving prompt re plies. Several sailing vessels were sighted, bat they all kept away from us as awn as we i-howed our dark blue flag, as »f believing »he canard that the yachts were Fenian piDaleers Tho weather grew more sto-my towards night a* d our little boat was at times half under water, but be havug moat admirably. The mainsail* were reefed bclore midnight, bat as the " caller moderated the reels wete shaken out and both jibs set. Messrs, ijpns and Jones, who lu adid tho two watches into which tho crew was divided, vied with each other in handling the vaebt boiefnlly, ana through this storm, as throughout the entire voyage, the Henrietta had all the canvas she could safely carry, but not an inch more. Consequently her speed was steadily maintained, but nothing was strained and nothing carried away. At noon on the second nautical-day wc scoicd two hundred and ten miics by observation and two hundred and thirty by log, the discrep ancy being accounted for by a err re cl w hich had drifted the yacht over iwentv miles to the south west. Clear sunshiny weather daring the day, and bright moonlight, with occasional snow squalls at night, closed the record for tho UJth of Decem ber. ON DECK NEXT XOUNCJO. W*. UJ.VA ..bAI The next morning the weather w*s cloudy and warm, aud the sea had fallen; some of the guests enjoyed their siesta on deck; the servants, unex pectedly appearing in white iron-ers, seemed like ghosts from the long-departed summer. Nothin" was in sight ution the ocean except flocks ol gulls and Mother Carey’s chickens. At noon we bad made two hundred and four miles. By a line ob seivation In the evening the placid moon showed slavery npon a sea as tmootu as the Thames. De clining in the comfo. table cabin, the Chateau Marganxanri cigars within easy reach, the guests listened to the captain's atones of haunted ships i‘i.d suicides at tea aud dismal wrecks of tuo >onlhcin Ocean. Towards midnight, however, ■i.c scene changed, aud repeated squall? with ram and hall struck the tiny ciaft and honied her along at Ihe i ale of cleveu, twelve and thirteen knots an hour. At sunrise the next morning a mon-storm began; the sea aud sky seemed one, and both were a deep elate color; the oen, half white with the snow, mov»*d slowly at their w ork; the dark horizon was -noticeably nar rowed; asibe erowdultcd down the UenrJella passed through the water that foamed upon the oeck; to Reward a spar from some wreck lifted itself to the view like a great skeleton Anger in dicative of ruin; all oureurrouidlngs were mourn ful and depiecflo". No observations could be lak'U uni b> dead reckoning. Wc had gamed two hundred and twenty-five miles during the past twenty-four hours. As night fell the yach sail' d faster and (a-tc% urlii as we looked over the side wbeie the waves came cascading over ‘he dlmlnn i\e bulwarks, we seemed to be fairly flying along. The sky cleared, but the wind freshened at sunset, ai d the light sails were handed down ai d the mainsail reeled Tlie yacht quivered like aracebotge overdilven, and the pumps, which were listed every hour.sounded dismally, but showed no leakage. Sea after sea boarded the i-tagpvi iug craft. A wave came haratiug through ihe skylight into the cabin. All night long tin? heavy weather continued; but toe yacht ran so easily before the free wind that everybody slept •s Quietly as if the Henrietta were the Great Eastern. I’AfcflNG ▲ nniQ AND C1I09»IN0 TIZE BARES. In the gray of the lollowirg morning, Snndav, December 16, we t-asied a bng bound lo New :onndtand, and her crew, who had evidently heard nothing ofthe yacht race, climbed up the ' icping to stare at us as we flashed swiftly and ilcutiy by like ihc Flying Dutchman. We were «-wcro?nng ihe Grand Banks, aud at noon we hsd sailed two bundled und foiiy-six miles lor the day. and over onc-lhtrd the distance lo i.owes. The wind still i emalucd norfhcily, and i).o yacht keju hci conrse without variation. At ’wo o’clock ihe captain, officers and racblmen oeemhled in thccaola for Divine worsn’m, while •1.0 vbistled slnlily without and ihe waves -i lasb.’d aerors- Ihe deck liuuta overhead; the myeis for the day were repeated, and a chapter ;rom the Bible and one of Jay’s brief sermons wcie read. a» *enp. m. w e were ofi' the Grand • u k? and ofl* sounding?, going at the rate .>f twelve knots an honr. Heavy seas Mill boarded mc testcl, washing ove board ore of the crew; ti ewird still held from Ihe northward, and all . :-ndt were rot t.qscm-ibl-* to credit t' e Captain’s Mircrsltnou* stories and retrain from changing iH‘D attire leal tuat should bring a chvn"= of vii d ibe night passed quietly, and the shin averaged eleven knots. In spite of the seas that cantau'ly hammered her like marine Vulcaua. A 6NOW-STOUM. 11 ercxlday found ns In “the roaring forties," "hichwe had been taught to dread the character af. The ocean had entirely changed: instead of an-lug over short, chopping waves like those 01 ;hc English Channel, we appeared to be parsing between rarges of water hills. Kmiuing thus In the trough ofthe sea, there seemed to be no hori zon. The water, glazed by the snow that fell al most constantly, had the consl tency of oil: the rkywas filled wish dull, leaden clouds, hut the hbiomctcr lose steadily: tho wind, which had l*ccn rather doubtful dniliig the mormug, blew fmm the noith otcc more. A fine observation gave us tr.o bundled and eisbty mde-* for the yaent's piogiess during the preceding iwen y.tour honry. lr six days and fourteen hours had sailed half way across the Atlantic. In In- auernoon a beautiful rainbow brightened the t’ouror : bur this t4 bow of promise” proved most m e* itfttl. ai d brought us renewed hall and snow *qu*-lls lueliid of pleasant weather. Daring the i.iehi the wind shilled to west sondiwesL We ••bbiicd” ship and hobted the sqnaresail, but «cre forced to lower it again In a lew hours, a< tm* sigrs of dirty weitber ominously Licreased. The efiect of “jibing’* we may explain to the r nmllintcd Is to chance ihe cant of a vessel from one tide to the other. Naturally, then, the guests "ho had gone to rest when the yacht bad an In clbiarion of forty-five degreee m one direction, suddenly awoke cross and sullen, when they were idled over In their berths by the careening of the yacm to forty-five degrees the other way. HEAVING TO tx A DALE. Ihe weather was now exceedingly threatening. Tho mainsail was double reefed lor tho first time and tie vesselpnt in order for storm. Atnoou we bad run two hundred and fifty miles. The somhwest wind freshened after noon, and at four p. m. U blew a regular gale. The mainsail was furled and three reef? taken to the foresail and the Jibs taken In. Even with this spread of can vass the yacht was ortven nine miles an hour. On deck the rain and s* ray shat in the vessel like a watery curtain. Below the pitching and towing rendered it impossible to sleep. A bucket or water was placed near the stove toextingtsh the fire shonld necessity arise. The dead Mehta meaked unexpectedly and uncomforta bly. Holes "ere bored in the stateroom floors to let out water should the skylight be broken In. The servants wen* dashed about the cabins as U shot from Invincible catapults. The guests had enough to do to hold themselves in side their bO;ths. Under these circumstances, which would have delighted MarkTapley, every body became again good humored. Just at mid night the struggling yacht was struck by a tre mendous sea, that burst over the quarter, struck full upon the foresail, and then fell heavily upon the deck, staving in the yacht's boat. Simul taneously Ihe carpenter rushed wildly into the cabin, pale with alatmand shoaled. “Ur. Ben nett, we must heave her to; shots opening tor ward. sir 1” With great good sense nobody stired, save Mr. Bennett, who quietly informed Captain Samuels of the carpenter’s report. As qmelly the Captain came down from the dock and examined the supposed leak, which turned out to be nothing but the bilge water oozing through tie line planking near the cook's berth. The gale strccg'facncd, however, and at last the Captain derided that the Henrietta could be driven no longer. Prepantlons were male to heave to. which is simply laying the ship bead to the wind under close canvass so that she 1 ides as if at an chor. The storm trysails happened to be stored in the cabin, and os the sailors came silently down, ollco tbc tackle and carried thesail on deck, the scene reminded one of the bringing forth of the pall for a funeral. A pause in a race like this seemed tbc burial of all our hopes. Nevertheless it was some consolation to be informed by Cap tain Samuels that in bis thirty years experience be had never seen a vessel thsi could face such a gale so long, and It was charitable to hope that onr rivals were having belter weather than our selves. Once hove to tbc yacht rocked lazily and pleasantly; the waves rushed and the winds bowled past, but did not disturb her. orr aoaix. Before noon the next day (December 19) the wind bad lolled and the ship started off briskly, as If rested and refreshed. Evervbody now changed bis attire, and for once an old supersti tion proved true, lor the wind shifted to the ootth and west again. The son shone pleasantly, but the sea was still running high; the waves, blown about like the sandhills of a desert, disclosing strange mirages of tents and sails, as thev reveal ed f trips of the uonzon hero and toere. Wc made our shortcut distance on this stormy day, gaining only one hundred and fifty-three miles. At 3 p. m. we were going fifteen knots, and kept np this pace for several boon. In the evening wc sailed calm ly In tkc mellow moonlight that marked our trace bdorc ns with its sheen; Ibc cabin fire was allowed to die ont and overcoats wire discarded. The seas rote on cither side like walls, and the yacht ran swiftly between iht'Di nt the rate of thirteen knots an hour. Tuere could Lave been no stronger conUast to the Inci dents ot the previous night, trailing at the same pace nest morning we scored two hundred and >ixty miles by noon. The clouds, moving In a grand procession from east to west and fonnteg in solid masses behind ns, promised a contlnu rncc ot the fair wind. At three p. m. wo pissed the st*>m-bip I.ontslaca bound west, making ont her name from Maryatt's signal flags. Ihat night everything was cheering, the yachtraen sang Inrifty in the cabin, and tbe sailors answered as lustily from the forecastle; the captain turned in for the first time since our stait; but nothing u so variable as the weather. HETTIES mxo IX A CALX. By one o'clock the next morning there was a dead calm, and we came on cock after breakfast to find a warm summer day. The yacht scarcely moving through the water, the satis hung drooping from tbe yatos, tbe ocean was perfectly smooth: the stillness was remarkable: there was no ripple of the wares, no rosUlog of the sails— of coarse, another superstitious change of the toilet ensued. Oaeol theserrants iras discer ned to be a profselonal barber, and a shaving shop v» as fmpiovised, everybody contributin'* oils, pomatum and nerfamery. There was ceiT eral “rejuvenation; 1 ' those who had not been shaven for ten days came ont from the bather’s bands aa from a disguise. Bits of nnsuspected finery, each as neck ties and scarf piss were dis played- One would have thought it a gala day but, In Inilh, nothing conld hare been worse tor as man this calm—welcome even another eale so that It came from the west. ' All tills mnmmcry mi Bffiin effecSonl: about eleven a. m. a fine breeze aprons? up from the sooth, and under 101 l canvas, all (be sails drawing wel», the Henrietta cot her way through the cilm ocean. The cabin was too warm for comfort, and the yachimen reclined ou deck like turtles in the sen A school o! porpoises passed the ship, and the second male started a legend which I cannot hat helierc, that the yacht was colas so fast as to strike one of the fish and cut it in two. Better evidence of her speed is to be toand In the lo* which records that she sailed ore hundred anS flfly-eevcn miles that day, despite the time ion hr the calm. By night we were making eleven knots with everything as snag and trim as ou the first dar ont. A soft, balmy morning succeeded, and we were roused up aisnnrise to salute a Bremen steamer ihat dipped ter colors assbe passed. Ibevachtnoiv r»n easily, like a machi c, roliingup t wo honored and fifty-two miles by noondav; at tlu-ee d m we fell In with a Scotch mist. In the ml Ist of it wo fpoke the packet ship Philadelphia, eleven days out liom Liverpool. *1 he captain ot the Philadel- I'h'a doubly encoonigcd us by reporting that b-rii beard nothing of the other yachts. and that the winds were westerly. Bas BATH OBSEOVAXCES. The next day, Sunday, December 23d, we one hundred and n nety-iit miles. There was a brief calm at daybreak, followed by light soutn c :st winds. At noon Divine service was held lu the cabin. The wind gradually rose in the aitor nuou, and, as usual. In the evening the *»ood ▼rett rallied splendidly. Increasing her progress r-ptoly from seven knots up to twelve—at \vnlch rale she was dashing along as the moon rose blood-red, In Ihe hazy English sky. ’ nooKmo to tub iiesult. The excitement in regard to the race now reached fever beat. All jokes and slones b»camc stale, and nothing was talked of bnt yachts and rime and »lud, and the probabilities and possi bilities of the contest. In every distant vessel we saw a Flectwinc; every star near the horizon was transformed tnto the vesta’s signal 11-hl. At eightp.m.we were on soundings: at'twelve midnight, off Cape Clear. Thus the next morn ing, December p 4. found tu In the chops of the Channel, hoping to eat onr Christmas dinner at Cowes. It was a murky, foggy, dark, damp, dis agreeable morning, and even at noon it was im possible to take a tolar observe Ion; hut by dead reckoning we bad made one hundred and seven ty-two miles. The carpenter who had given ns one sensation by discovering a spurious teak, now treated ns to another by announcing that the Fleetwing was In sight. Everybody clambered on deck. Blimacular classes, eye glasses, spec tacles and telescopes were brought to bear upon the imaginary yacht, which was soon made ont to be an English topsail schooner bound the other way. Indignation followed excitement and both quickly tncigvd Into a hearty laugh. Nearing the land of Christmas carols and Dickens npou was impossible to goto rest A fer avcrylato dinner we bad our Christmas songs and stories; among the former was a ditty composed In honor of the Henrietta and snag to ih- familiar air of “Sweet Evelina.” w hile these festivities were la pro gross we had made the Scllly Island lights at a quarter to eight p. m. The current drifting us to lecxvard, wc;sieercd south-south east lor an oiling and passed the Islands handsomely having made no tack since we left New York, and having only varied ebven miles from the straight line between the two points. So admirable a landfall reflected great credit upon Captain Sam neis. At ihiee o’clock a. m. we passed the tty -d light, going thirteen knots an hour steadily, the Henrietta, like a well Jockeyed racehorse, reserv ing her best pace for the finish. PILOT ON BOARD. Running close in to the bold coast we sighted the Eddysfone, Sian Point and Portland Hill, and at forty minutes past twelve p. m. on Chn-ama-s day took on board a Cowes pilot. A heartier crecr cover runt the air than that which greeted the pilot s announcement that no other American yacht had passed up the channel, fhe race seemed won. jnd a sudden blaze of sunshine lit up the chalk cliffs of Old England in silvery glory; it was like an illumination of welcome. THE RACE WOK. •Under every stltcb of canvas, with even her siayi-ail set, and with her racing flag and Yacht Clnb ensign proudly floating en the stlffbreezc. the Henrietta clashed by the Needles, and Messrs. Jerome and Knapp, the judges for the Flcelwing and the Vesta, decided that all the conditions of the race had been strictly compiled with, dowu w«-nt the racing flag and the private signal of Mr. Bennett look its place. As the yacht tamed np the channel to Cowes the land shut out tbe wind and like one who lias finished a long and toilsome task, the brave little yacht slackened her speed and floated leis urely along. Her blue lights and rockets an nounced her arrival here, alter having crossed the Adamic to the Isle of Wight In the unprecedented tune of thirteen days, twenty-two hours and forty six minutes mean time, and that without bavin" carried away any of her light sails and spars, or even so much as a shred of canvass or strand of rope. As ehe dropped anchor rhe was cheered from the Royal 1 adit (lub House and by the people ol Cowes. CDnnmras dat. Captain Lnard, ol her Majesty's ship Hector, by dinctlonof the Admiralty, at once sent a mid shipman on board lo offer Mr, Bennett the facili ties other Majesty's dockyard, at Portsmouth, lor repairing any damages the yacht might have sun t diico. lint this offer was gratefully dccUa*d, since no repairs arc needed. And Urns the win ner of the bine ribbon of the ocean Derby enjoyed their Cbrismas dinner In metric England, and toasted the Qnceu. the President and tbo Henrietta ROCK RI FEE IMPROVEMENT. maw Convention of tiic Citizens of ’Whiteside and lice Counties—Officers of the convention— Resolutions Adopt ed—Committee Chosen to Forward the Work. [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.J Sterling, 111., January 10. The masa Convention of citizens of Whiteside and tee counties met in Wallace Hall, Sterling, ill., and was called to order by Hou. Thomas A. Gallon whose motion Henry Dudley, Esq.,of Lyndon, Wbiicsidc Concty, wa- chosen Chair man, and A. A. Ferrell, as Secretary. Thorns* A. OalL Mayor of the city of Sterling, stated the object of the meeting lo be to take into consideration tbe question of the Improvement of Rock River by the General Government. Nelson Mason, of Stalling, moved that a com mittee of seven be appointed to draft resolutions ■r.d report to this mod log. The Chair appointed Nelson Mason, L. E. Rice, Washington Loomis, Jam*-s A. Patterson, John D.Arcy, Thomas A. Galt, hi. M. Patten, as b ald conmiLoo On motion, L. S. Pennington and C. A. Terrel) were added to committee. The committee made the following report: Wuehea?, 'there la "rest Interest nnuifesied on tfceparlof the people to connect the Upper Mlsrlstinpl with Lake Michigan bv water com munication, t»-nt wo may avoid the extortionate rates ot freight charged by iho railroad compij- L-s: ard, W iiEntAS, Several plans for snch an entcrpi Ise t are been proposed, fhctclore, he It Ittfclud, That we are m favor of snch In temal Improvement* In oar State an will open additional highways tor the of th* nod -els ofom oun and adjoining States to a %arkct. litfclvrd. That It la li-ghlv desirable to connect :be Mississippi River, at or near the city of Rock Mnnd with Lake Michigan, atthccll or Chicago, by water commnmcailo’i; that Itock Riv-r adou** ;ho most natural and easily unproved rout * for nioic than bait the distance nccc»-ary to connect the saidci'lea; that wc arc in fuwrof the tm piov-mei.tof Rock River by alack wat*r navies •loi-or olhcnvleo from its source to Ilf month* Inclndme Its nortbern connection with the lakes; al*o, In tavor of a connection from such river with Lake Michigan at Chicago by The most prac ticable route for a canal which shall be lound the moat feasible, least expensive and most con venient tor the public interest. Jlttclr'd, That we ate decidedly opposed to the proposed plan of diverting a portion of the water of Iho Rock River by a feeder to furnish water for a canal direct from Rock Island to laSalle, until Itock River shall have been im proved. Jtftoltfd, That we believe that the diversion of a large quantity of watci at Dlxion would greatly and peimsncntly Injure the said stieam, not onlv for purposes of navigation, bat generally, and be ’o tl e detriment of largo private interests; and if, upon survey being made, it should appear that a canal direct from said river at Dixon or Sterling io LaSalle, or from Rockford to Chicago, would r.qmre a materially less quantity of water from said river, and afford equal or better facilities for commerce, and at a less expenditure ot money, such couisc should be adopted in preference {o onv other. fietolrfd, 1 bat we will never yield our adhe rence to the improvement of Rock River, nntll I stall be accomplished, and that a committee of live be appointed who shall take acive measure* io secure the co-operation of the people up the river to memorialize Congress setting form the

advantages of snch Improvement In consequence nr -lie great arsenal that the United Slates are bnilding at) Rock Island, anj the probable dls* tmbanev on onr Northern boarders, und the easy access that such route would afford from the lake's to the Mississippi River, and asking tbs United States to take active measures for me immediate Improvement of said nver. Tbe resolutions were adopted. The following named gentlemen were chosen as such committee; S. 8. PaUcreon, of Sterling: John Whalten, of Lyndon; Nathan Thompson, of Propbetstown: Ralph Sage, of Erie. Speeches on thercsoloiions were made byS. 8. Patterson, «T. A. Patterson, Nelson Mason, Frank Cushing. M. L. Coe, M. M. Potter, A.A.Terrell, and others. Hon. Joseph CUey, of Dixon, made a strong *pcech In favor of the Improvement of Rock River, and also In favor ofthc canal protect and all oUur projects looking to the development of the State. L. E. Rico, of Whiteside, and others, made some Mlrrinp speeches on the question of the canal and ibe river. Ibe people are alive, and demand that Rock Hirer enail be Improved nt once. FROM ELGIN, ILLINOIS. Suicide—A Citizen Shoots Himself While Temporarily Deranged. Eider. January JO.—John Pond committed soi clde here last night by shooting himself through his head. Hla parents were at bis house, and be asked bis father to go np stairs with him. He did so. Just as he got at the head of the stabs, he reached his band behind him, polled oot a pistol tod blotred bis brains oot. He was about twenty-eight years old, aud married. A verdict was given that the act was done through tempo : ary dcrangcmctiL There was no tronble In the family. from the pacific coast. Government BccelpU and Disburse ments at San Francisco—Exports of Treasure at tlie Same Port—Trade Sta tistics-Action of tbe Nevada Legisla ture on tlie Conatitntlonal Amend- meat, San FnANcisco, Jartwr 10.—Receipts of Ihc federal Government from California tor tbe past year, f15.C61.500. Diaburscmenla for the same period, f 1C,047.300. The combined exports of treasure and mer chandise, 161,667,400. Freights paid on merchandise imports. *6,717300. Total valoe of the wool product for the year, *1,641,1100. In the Nevada Legislature yesterday, the Con stitutional Amendment was referred to the Com mittee on Federal Petitions. FROM CANADA. Order for (he Removal of tbe Condemn ed Fenians Countermanded* Toconto, Janaary 10.—Instructions were re ceived last night from the Solicitor General, court scrmsrdios the order for the removal of tbo con demned Fenians to Kingston. It Is rnmorodthat tin j will he wanted here as witnesses In ibe pres ent trial ot Fenians. Ihe Assize* here opened to-day, before Justice Morrison. Most of uiw Fcclaas will be defended by Mr McKenzie. Hi* lordship, in addressing the jury, eald that as true bills had been found against the prisoners by 'be last Grand Jury, thetr cases would not conic before the pr seat Grand Jarv. Other business was proceeded with. Pittsburgh Petroleum Market* Pmsncßon, January 10. Business In the oil market continues doll, with no change la demand or orlce. It Is not expected that much bUflnc** will be transacted until tho opening ol navigation. Buyers and tellers are at variance, and thbswith the light stock on hand, renders business dull. The only sale reported to-day was 453 bria at lie, packages included. Bulk U held at BV®9c. We note the arrival by railroad of 55 brU of Smith’s Ferry brand consigned here. Refined in bond U inactive at 20h9Slc, tree on board cars here. Free oil Is dull and nominal at 430 Uc. TO ENABLE PERSONS LIVING AT A DISTANCE TO OBTAIN CERTIFICATES DURING THE Last Week of the Art Association! Arrangements hare been made to fill orders which shall be received cn Saturday,the 19th Ins?., up to IS o'clock p, m. The Certificates Ordered trill be mailed the same Ji’ight, Direct to SS. Opera Boise. Orders to pnrchtao Certificates may be tent thioußh the Banks and leading Mercantile Hoiks, or the Express Compmloa. Remittances which are 100 late I dll be returned in REGISTERED LETTERS, unless specialty ordered returned by Express. The delivery of Engravings will no! be inlcmj ltd by the Drawing, but will continue until ev, ry order shall hare been filled. MARKETS BV TELEGRAPH. New Tork Financial Nows. New Yosx. Jaruary ID. .. MONET. Money Quite firm at 7 per cent. .. . rontif.N exchange. Sterling dun ana heavy a: ‘>*lo*. . ~, GOLD. bold lower, opening at 133*. declining .o 134*. ad voicing to !£>*, and closing «t 133*. , GOVERNMENTS.’ wmrmne* u dull ;.rd *<3* lower. foreign raztouTs. er rrc } 2htßheavy&atariu, at<*@|*d per Bill to Llv- LATER. . woxzr. Money active but stringer t, at 7 per cent. .. . GOLD. Geld closed weak at lSJ*at J 3. G OVEENM ENT BZCUBIT 83. Government securl lea suit lower. ccrpons’Bl....io7*4to7* I C0up0n5’63....101*4105 Coupons C4—K6 @los* Treasuries 103*@10.»* Coupons , ej....ioiN(alOD | _ . , STOCKS. Stocks lower at last board, but closed heavy sabie nuaitlr. Closing prices were as follows: Ohio cert. 27 i Toledo 123**121* £rt*.. «2*(* 6?xl Ft. Wayne 101*4 s»‘lng iotsft»K4X I Nortawestem. 44*a U. 8...... 79*« 79*1 Pittsburgh 90*4 Uilmls Cent... 117 ®117« W.U.T 45*@ .... M Ilf ISO STOCKS. . **®tnc stocks very active ana arm. Qrerory declined tolAAbatrecoveredtol73attheclose. 00ryd0n.635; Gold Hill, 410. The Cmnmrrcinl says the money market Is extremely stringent, owing to a combination of bears in gold to control the twelve millions of greenbacks. In me gold market there is a fierce contest between iheUogandfcbcrt patties. Stocks fell 2gl per cent under the fiurry in loans. Mining shares, except Corydon, were lower. Tlie Prodnce markets. NEW YORK. .. .. , New Yens. January 10. Lytt.on-Lessactive and *clower; 3l*a»*c top middling uplands. Some sates *c lower in«" quota- Fleur—Dull, closing hea\y and price* unchanged, buyers ufaMugto op-rale ex-fspt at lower r te*. Western «9.7.v<c11A0; round hoop Ohio iUAO C 112.90; trade bnnd- c NM eat—Very quiet ard un- hanged, closing with a downward tendency : $4.05 tjrr.’J-clel Milwaukee. Corn—About lc halt -.r. Export ci-ccked by scarcity < t freights. sl.l9@l.‘Jo for mixed Western instore: ?i.i.<?,l.l6fbrnew yellow Sontnern. Oita—Dull and drooolng, at 65G6Jc for Chicago and Milwaukee. ** Wtiiakcv—Dull and nominal. at 820.01 02O3» lor now mej*. cluing at W 0„ r io frr Western ; $19.00.*19.18 lor ol*t, closlnx at Bi9,oocktb;BK..7*»j-;i; u» nr prime. 3.303 brUnewat 82*-- icHer?- atd bnyera Januarr and February. l Hogs—Lower, at i*«Sc tor Western. In?3—Drooping, at ll*@l2*c tor old and I2*au*c for.ew. Sot,or—Firm, tt 10©ll*<i tor Cubs. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribute, j Milwaukee, January 10. Hoar dull and weak. Choice spring extras held at country double extra nominal atsl(Lso 73; city brands otTered 111.00. Wheat—Dull aid l\'&2c lower. Salei at morning IV ard 14,000 bn. Sales at noon Board 21.403 bu. at s2.w for No. 1 Ip store; 12.01 tor So. 2; s2.o2.seller’s option January 20 to March Ist, and seller's optional! monlh: 12.02 selbr’s option sixty days; f. 03 seller’s option ten days; $1.55 for No. 3 In store; $1.60 for re jected ; 20 haca winter delivered at {3.30. Oats—Moderate demand at 43c for No. 3. Corn—Entirely nominal. RjC—Declined Ic. Sales 1,600 hu at 95®97c lor No. 1 in store: |l.Ol for uo delivered. Provisions—Very dull. Sales 3U> brls mesa pork at {IB.OO. lard—Salrscf 100 ten at I0»fc. Dressed Hogs—A shade lower at $6.55(36.83 dividing on 200 as. Receipts -1.700 brie flour, 1,000 bu wheal, -1,000 bu oats, I,COO bn mm, 3,300 dressed hogs. Shipments—2,4oJ brls flour, 7,000 bu wheat. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati January 10. Flonr and wheat qniet and ncchanecd. Com—Dull, with sales of ear at si*s3c; and shelled at 52c. Oat. —Dull, aui pi ices non Inal. No. 1 not salable at over 50c Itye-Is 2e hlg-er, closing at 51.319t.35. Barley—Firm at { Wl.lskvr—!Stiaoy, at Utc la bond. Nearly all the Ires whiskey arriving Is being sclz-d by the revenue ofll co**. Hogs—Are held Arm by drovers at {7.2337.00. Hut lew packers arc willing to buy, au 1 those whi are do uot offer over $7.00(37.40. About 1.000 bead sold with out this ranee. R»ceipt«, -1.500 head. Mess Pork—Da lat *2O.U') Bale Meats—Dull, with handy any demand. Sales of 160,003 Iks tides at 9c; loose shoulders can be bought a; fle; packedgre<-nmeats are brm at 6c,73f0 and ax'*-, but the demand is light. Lard—Dull at like. Colton—lmli,at uositfe. tvuhsalesof 203 bales at the inside rate. Butter—Dull, at 36938 c. Cheese—Dull. atllHc. Sugar—Steady, atUS»4c. Coffee—23@<7c. Gold closed at IS7J< buying. Exchange steady. Morey stringent, pnrr.AT.FJ.piHA. PniLADSLrniA, January 10. Flour—Unchanged. Wheat—Pennsylvania red $3.7D93J0; white Califor nia $3.25. Com—New yrllow {1.00: old {l.lß. ITovislocs—Doll; mess pork,new, S2IAO. Whiskey—Dull. ST. LOUIS. St. Lotus. January 10. Flour—Quiet and unchanged. "Wheat—Finn but little doing; Bales at $1.7033.33 tor prime to choice. Core—Doll and lower at 80®Sic. Oats—Declined ; sales at Cts3Gc. Provisions—Ucchanp-d;business small. Whiskey—Unsettled: buyers oiler« nly $2.1091.12K. Dogs—Firmer at $6.00(96.40: choice held at $6.50. NEW ORLEANS. Nr.w Obliars, January 10. Colton—Drooping; sales of S.sCobales low middling nl3luS2c ; n-lddlng S3x@33c. Receipts, 4,700 bales; ••ip rts,s.ofol>alc«. bugar—Higher; fair. It VC. Moiasses-Common. 59c; prime to choice, G7YC. Hour—Hull. Corn—Kino. Oat* Arm at7A»7oc. Her i3H.ouaso.oi. Pork quiet at <37.00. Baron Shou'dern-Nc.r'- In martret. Tobatt-o and whiskey unchanged. C( !<) M. Utrrtlofc 41V'; Sew Turn Exchange H discount. New York Provision .Tlarkct* tfp<cl*l Drepjtch to th- Chicago Tribune.) New York, January 10. Pork f.'O.Jtalthecto I *, and and Qrm Lard—prime Uht. iv Y«rk firocfrr nnrltet. l M> < rul Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) New York, January 10. i nflrr-itio SDi l ld gold: fair demand. Sugar— f <*lr to prime grocery ir II), c, and steady. Avar York llrcailatufl* .Tlarkct. Ibpn taJ iM-patcii to the Chicago Tnuone.l Nxw York, January W. Buyer* f Amir and wheal held off at the opening* i«ut M 0 pretty full prtcniat theclose, with tome spc:u- Tattvc Inquiry. Corn improved on cable reports. Nexv York lire Slock market. I Special Despatch to the Chicago tribune.! New Yock, January 10. Cntile—.Market firmer bat quiet. Good to prime W.Mcrn tlecrs; common and medium 130i4c. Rtcelpu I.SOO for ttareedayr. Sbrep— More liberal supplies. Hogs—Lower: 6fcc. Receiptss,3oo. Albany Mvc Stock market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) ALn.urr. January 10. Thus frr there arc about 3.600 catt etnthu yards, very few buyers present, and no tales m>o- ted as yet. Friers are likely to be lower than last week. Hogs are In lair request at 6Xdt>Yc* Km York Dry Goods market. Nkw York. January to. Pry Goods—No change noticeable In trade. Bust* trrs stllllnactlecand price* steady and Qrm tor cot tons. Woollen fabrics quiet, except where offered at less than cost of prodncllon. New York, January iff—l p. m. There U a limited Inquiry for seasonable goods, al though there Is scarcely enough doing to Imnart any animation to the market, out. os prices arc already ex ceedingly low. and a* the productlrn has been mat> ■ lady checked, there is more confidence that prices wll Improve so soon as the trade commence to pur chose more freely. Prints, In new styles, find a more ready sal?. Agrata* rncesareas follows: AlleuV, i"c; American, l‘Vc; Donnells. Richmond*, l?Xc: bpragu*, IRWr; Coeheco.lffc; Pacific, iSc; Merrimack, D. 19c, and w, flr; An old. IStac. Regular standard Brown Sheetlnrs are salable, but lew active, perhaps at Tivr to r Atlantic A; sre tor Pa cific extra. Appleton and Indian Head, and 3ixe for Lawrence. Bleached Muslins of good brands are selling steadi ly at 37we for New York Mills, 32xc for Wamsutla, and SCe for Tuscarora, MABBIED. laWtlc.lngton. Ohio. Jon. 3, by Rev. Mr. Clayton, str. liFNRV a. PEaiiSOKS, of Evan*ton, Hu and 511 m JENNIE C n daughter of Wm. A. West, of Union town, Ps. In Vcchanlesvlt'e, lowa, on the Ist lose, by Rev. R. Hose, Mr. SAMUEL HUBER, of Chicago. ant Miss ELIZABETH i-ERKINS, of Mechanlcavlile, Cedar County, lowa. Id Cbebanoe, Hl* on theSlh task, at the residence of the bride's slater, by Rct. A. O. Goodioevd, ALBERT A. WHIFFLE and alas KATE EL LAING, both of La- Salle Cocnty, UL DIED. In this cltv, January 10th. ORENDA, wlf- ol Richard Persons, Esq., tormerly of Bangor, Me* aged GO years Smooths and 14 days. tJT Maine papers please copy. In this city. Jannary, 9th, of scarlet lever, HE LEX MARY, daughter ot A. K. and J. A. Shaw, aged 4 years and 6 months. In this city, at tbe residence of her son-in-law, c. R. Jones, 713 W«-st Wathington-il. on the 9th Instant, SALLY BRAINARD. ofbeart acid69years. Funeral Saturday. the 11th lust., at 10 o’clock a. m. Frier ds ef the family are Invited to attend wlthoot further notice. papers please copy. In this'city, on tbe morning of the 10th In«t.,.TF.AV, v Ift cf William Batch art. Thus has passed away a faithful wife, a loving mother, ard a reach r**jwft“d friend. Paoersl from the family residence, Sfi6 West Van Buren-*L, to-mor row. Saturday »t 13 o'clock. Friends are invited to attend without further noUce. auction Salts. Gilbert & saaip&uk, AUCTIONEERS. Will Ns said a onFrt* aav.jsn. 11. at 10 i<*pdcfa4ptSe6M assortment of neb and nudlnm Fu7dttr% tdr'ipsuor, ct-ambsr and didinr room, Includingrich chamber sets, parlor sets Fr»nrh plate mirrors, i Uver-plateo goods, paintings, carpets linen table-cloths towels handkerchiefs D }leyg. Ac ’ GILPEKri . SAMPSOy< Auctioneers. A VERY SUPERIOR CBICKERING Rosewood Case PIANOFORTE, will he sold AT ATTOTIOrr, At oar salesrooms 47 and 4 9 Dearborn-st* on FRI DAY, January lltn, at U o’clock a. m. GILBERT A SAM PSON, Anctloneera. Horses AT AUCTION, We will sell on FRIDAY, January U th, at U o’clock, a.tn_ In front of car salesroom, 47 and 40 Dearbom st.roue Pair ot Bay CARRIAGE HORSES 6 and 7 years old. »oosd ana kind. Also, one sett Doanle Har nets In flue order. GILBERT A SAMPSON, Auctioneers. SELL, at 192 South Clark- UONDAY MORNING, AT 10 O’CLOCK, Cooking Stoves, Heating Stores, Furniture, Carpets, -Ac. Aho, Men’s Clothing every night. WM. GRIFFITHS & CO* Auctioneer*. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants 44 dr 46 RANDOLPH-ST,, Between State-tt. and Wabash-ar* Hold regular sales, at their salesroom*. ot DRY GOODS. CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, AC* Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS, Al, every SATURDAY. art association. amusements. c VIOEEK'b THEATRE. McYICKER & MYERS MANAGERS. FRIDAY— BENEFIT of the highly successful artlite, CECIL E 2 KUSH, play of' 11 appEar 10 ber original and sensational THE CHILD STEALER. Madge Rntherto'd (the cblid »u-aJer)...,Ccciie Ruth, i occDelude with a Favorite farce. In; ebearaal—EAST LYNNE and IDA l.ra. QOL. WOODJS iIDBEHM. COl. J. B. WOOD Proprletot Director of Amnsem-nU F. E. AIKEN Stage Manager THOS. BARRY BENEFIT OF MB. C. S. ROGERS. Rxtraordlary Novelty! led Attraction* ! Tula (Frtaay) evenlnr, Jan. it, fop tbe am time, wlh be presentee Douglas Jerrold’s nautical drama of BLACK EYED SUsAN. IP tween the nieces. Mr. C. S. Roger* will recite •Tattle Jlnr” To concludew-th the FRENCH SPY. Saturday Afternoon—Grand Matinee. The great Museum specialty of LOST IN LONDON win be revived <.n Monday, wtta a great ca&c QROSBIf’S OPERA HOUSE. ■nns (Friday) EVENING, January 11, at 8 o’clock, last night ol tbe J ’ GHIONI AND SDSINI GUANO ITALIAN UI’BRA. Mai Sttukosch Director. Complimentary Benefit t > Max Stsakosch. To commence with tire Ist and 2d acts of Douzctti’* Mile. Canlesa, Signors hrrani. Atdavani and Marra in tbe principal roles. To be followed hy the 2d act, (Including the Music Luton scene.) ot R- mini's ILOAtUIIEICIE T>l SKVUSMA. Mme. StraKoech. Signors Errant, Ardavani and Co lettl In the prlocira] roles. In this act Mme. Strakosch will sing „ KAIIILKEN MAVOURNKEN. To conclude witiithe 2d and 3d sets (including tbe famous ►hipoceiie) ot Meyerbeer’s .. J „ I.* a FRKJAINK. NiCidamfs Ohlocl nnd Cams**; Slimors Irfre. Maraa, barn and Coletll in tne principal roles, mi. cuoars and oncukaTiu. Musical Director and Cocdaclor Smcor Nxoolao Saturdsv. nt 2 n. tu.— Firewell Matlt ee—ERN ANI. Adn lMlouto Matinee, including Rwrrved •cats 81. "YOUNG MEN'S ASSOCIATION LECTURES. THEODORE TILTON, Editor of the New York Independent, one of the most e'nqntm speakers nod writers in tills country, ami a fearless Champion of Freedom ami (tie right, wllltl.*- Uver a Lecture entitled “ THE CORHEH STONE OP BECONSTaOCTION.” On Monday Evening, January 1 I, AT CROSBY'S OPiSA HOUSE. Commencing at S o’clock. '1 likul* 50tCDU; Reserved Scats 25 crnlfl extra, tff ■ Ihe sale of r< served seat* will commence at 9 MORNING. January 12th at the 1 teket otllce of Crosby’s Opera House. AfC. McCLUKG. Corresponding Secretary » V. M. A." "yyiTKOTVSKT HALL, I)RANCH OF TIIR Kew York Museum of Anatomy, HILL, 170 Clark-st., comer of Monroe. This Ixnn'rtaot and hiahlv instructivp Museum one. tain* TVOS DMJSUF CREATION Irora the first meet a. Miniature Woudeis «f the World, as also Beauties of Ostrobijry, .Myolujry, Dcrniatolosy, And In One every d*parttnert of MeJii-a’ Scletce. Ihe Student, the Physician, the N*turailv. the Man of Business, the man of Leisure, rolaht essay In vain where they could spend a m- re promote h-inr. op-n for gentlcmoo only trom 9 a. m. till 10 p. m. Admls-dm 50 cents. GAS. DR. COLTON will have the pleasure to give one more ÜBAND EXHIBITION of the tAUGHIKG GAP, At Alasic Dali, Opera (louse. Friday Eve ning, January 11th. Dr. C. has tbe pleasure to announ-e that on ih’s oc casion 8 Grontlemon and € Xiadios Wll' Inhale the gas. There will be x\-> fallnre. Tickets 25 Cents. Doors open at 7; to commence at 8 o’clock. fHarijincrg. rj'HE LAKE & UODLISY Portable Circular Saw Mills. PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, Shingle Machines. Com Mills and Shaftlzg, Wood working Machinery. LANK A- DUDLEY, comer ol John and Water-ets., Cincinnati. Applicants tor descriptive circulars will specify the machinery they need. iws3?el-4T«iyn Jltopoßals. T 0 TELEGRAPH CONTRACTORS. I—THE ATLANTIC AN-» PACIFIC TELE GRAPH CTJMPANY.—proposals for the immediate construction ofthe following divisions of the Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Line will be received by the un dersigned until January '.'0.1567: From New York to Buffalo via Albany. From Buffalo to Dotrc It ria Cleveland and Toledo. Frcm Detroit to Chicago cfo Michigan Central Kali- Further Information and specifications will be fur* oMicd on application to the undersigned,accompanied by proper menace. E. H. VAN KLEBCR, No. 130 Malden-lanc. New York. partners 'asaantch. DJ UTNER —Wanted—The subscriber L desjrlt g a nartnfx. offers for tale at a bargain a fcalf Interest In the Freeport grl*t mill and saw mill, situate lu Freeport. Wlnccshpk Cnu-.ty, lowa. God run of custom. The best water oowvr on the lowa Hirer. A miller or practical mill man wanted. #>00) to <4,600 cash required. ApplvtoO. HALE, at Free port, Winneshiek County, lowa. PARTNER Wanted Who- under stand? the hotness with <IO.OOO capital, in a we) '-atablUhcd arrt pay It. g wholesale and retail drug bust ncs» In large town m Illinois. The nest ■ 1 references given at d required. Address. “RICHARD.” Trihun? >fflcc. tc-morrow, if convenient, it not, within 6 days. T>AKTNER—Wanted —With $5,000 to A <IO.OOO caplin), to Increase the facilities ot a wu» lerale druc and where tab? seer. “WHOLESALE,” Tribune office. PARTNERS —Wanted—3 paitncrs; 3 wltr <I.OOO to <5,000 tor grocery; t for fonnlrv, wlth|4.(oo. A’so. a r*ruse and lot, north of Foik*ana cast of State, worth JS.OCO or more. Room 2, No. -IS South Ctark-st. PARTNER— Wanted — Who under stand* the business, with <IO,OOO capital. In a well established and paying wholesale and retail drug busi ness In a large town In Illinois. Thebe*t cf references given and required. Address ” RICHARD.” Tribune office, to-morrow. If convenient. If not within six days, naming place where can be seen. "PARTNERS— Wanted— Three pait- J ners.twowlth <I,OOO to ?2,000, for grocery. On? with <4,000 fot foundry. A man who can keep books preferred. Call at room a No. -IS Scmh Clark-sL ■pAKTNEU—Wanted—l wish to enm- X the manufacturing of mattresses with a good business man, having a lew hundred dollars. FirM.claa* retcrence given and required. Addrcu “CONFIDENCE,” Trlouneoffice. "PARTNER —Wanted—A No. 1 business JL man, with trom <3OO to <7OO capital, to take half interest In a first-class paying business. Apply at Room 4, 100 MaUtson-sx. PARTNER Wanted—A good mi" with <l5O to <2OO capital to Join tbe airrrus.?r in a light, profitable office business. Call at ISO ladi ana-st. before 10 a. m. or I*2 to 3 p. m. tSealTEstatc-ffiouiuii). F’OU SaLE—lO acres ot Land, well tim bered. and a choice lot for a homestead, on the Lake Shore-road, within easy walking distance frem the Hvrte Park swclal tralr. Apply to NUTT A DHOOtvEg, 55 Ctark-st., up stairs. FOR SALE—A very desirable than, located at Haw Station. Indiana, consisting of bo acres train? land. Improved. For psrllenlar* apply to XROS. BOUCHARD, 72 WUson-SL. Chicago. T7*OR 6ALE—A farm of ninety acres, in 1' Efffnchac. County, this State: ten acres timber, balance hl;h rcllingu.atrie; two and a half miles from the town ct Teatorolls, and only tlx miles from a ntlrrad etatlor. Can be had at a bargalo. S. H. KERFOPT A CO.. No. 71 Dearbom-st. rnK SALE—By A. P. Whiting & Co., I 1 S 7 Wo#hlogton-«* frmt lands and flue (arms. Id any quantity and at prices to suit all. Alas, hotel property at o<ilu. 111.; a stock of goods, from (C.C9O to f>NtOO. in a cood location, at Centralis. jEjocsrs, (Carriages, &c. WANTED —To bn}’ a good second -1 and oocn or top boggy. Address 102 Onla no-st* and 1 will call and tee lu FDR SALE—One pair very heavy Horse*, track and’harness. Apply at 40 Dear* borc-n. 2Logt anh jpounb. LOST —Wednesday morning, on West Adams st* near Morgan, a black and tan Dog. about 7 nontbi old. Had od. when Uat seen, a German silver collar with small brass padlock; has no hair on underpart ofncck. answers to the name of ‘•Gyp.” A liberal reward will be pold on his delivery at tbe Tribune office. W. H. MOURE. IOST— Decembei 11th,on Ohio or Km j zlc sts* or North Wellw t* a grocer’s Pass-book, in account with O. MOLIN', Grocer, No. 17\ North Wella-su Any one returning It will be well re»aroed. T OST—On Christmas Dav, a Pocket- I j book, with a small amonst of money, an Odd Fellows’ travelling card. 11 prize conceit tickets. Tbe finecr will oblige me by leaving it at the Tribune offlee and keep the money It contains. lOfcT —Sunday, on Hubbard court or j State-sL can, some private letter*. If the finder will address i*T s," Tribune odes be shall be re warded. T OfcT— On Sunday last, between Ham- I J son-st. and Cottagi Grove, two letters and a state rrentoi accounts. Tbe finder will oblige by leaving them at the Trtbnne ofltce, and cel paid lor trouble. t OST—On Dearbom-st, Wednesday I j afternoon.'between s and 4 o'clock, a small brown *mr, 6 month* old, answer* to the name of Fanny, Whoever will return her to U. LYNCH. No. 79Lak»- at*or N 0.93 North Market-ct* will be suitably re warded. T OST—Tuesday last, in Gilbert & Samp •l j son’s sales-room, a pocket-book containing $62 and some small change. The Coder, nv returning tbe same to the Trtbnne efflee will receive $lO, LOST —Sunday, December 30tb, irom 1 -Si Indlana-av* a red cow. with white stripe cown the rack, A proper reward will he pall for her recovery. LOST —From 23C North Dearborn st a larse black Newfoundland dog. with leather col lar and strap attached. Whoever returns him to the above address or to 44 Lake-?t* wIU be well rewarded 1 OST—T ast evening, between Wright’s I. J Restaurant and btale-st. cars, a leather pocket book, a lltue worn, contalaUg considerable money and n booth Side cltv railway ticket of fmr rides. A lib eral reward will be paid for lU retara to itt Aloxon rier-st* or to Trihone office. LOST —Doe—On New Tear's day, a cocker {spaniel dog. Had on when lost seen a cnam collar. Any one returning him or giving infor mation where be can be fbned will <3 reward. L. DzGRAFF. 219 West Adams-st. TAKEN UP—Bv James Reed, In the town of Orland. Cook County, on the Slh day of December, ISCh, cue dark brown Colt, two years Old. EDWARD S. SALOMON, County Clerk. &o iient—^Rouses. TO RENT—Until the first ot Mav, dwelling K 0.530 North Franklln-iMaoodwlUc’a Uicck), co- talcing -leveo ri<ais . will be rente! fur nl»h«i or unfurnished, or would sell furniture enrac. Inquire at Room 19. <H LaSalle-aC RENT—A first-class house on 1 Mlchlgan-av., for two 01 three vcars-SiOOO. tv ill sell or rent the tnrnltnre. A. J. avrbfi.t., Beal Estats Office. No. y Metropolitan block. • i 0 KENT —House No. 110 North Car -1 Dt-Blcr PU; ccntnlni a r .oras, good bars, hvdrant. v'hmaivo U JnPsa. crej tP* tf. taken worn Aopfy to c. E. HOIAIES. gj) vvestßandolpvst. T° EENT—Tbemarble front house No X 361 West Leke-st., opposite Onlor-park. Ail s‘‘“ trn improveu-cots. Apply to JOB CARPENTEc, 17 &t. Jobu's-piace. RENT—Two new two-story and X basement Brick Houses, U rooms each, and bath rcoms l , clofeta &c„ with hot snd cold water. Call a; race ues, iS37 and 230 Sedgwlck stH half block from TO RENT—Or exchange tor an im proved farm, the double house No. .Vsi West aiaaUon*»t T containing 20 good rooms; suitable for a cooc boarding bouse; will rent the houses together or separate. Inquire on the premises. T 3 RENT— Two tenement houses, well located, and furniture for sale; also, a boarding notuc centrally located. and larnltnre for sale cheap. T.H.DELFIELU IQP.O. Block. TO RENT—A new Cottage, on West Indlana sU, with six rooms, two closets, pantry, wood shed, water, etc. Inquire at 3SO West In dlana-et. 3To Hem—Kooms. 'T'O KENT—One small furnished tront X room, for Mncle gentlemen. In a private French fomlij, with or wit* out board, on North Side, For term?-. addres» I*. O. Box 12S. RENT—Three unfurnished rooms, 1 withclrset*.leaner louse, fnlmble tor agen tif man nrd wlte. Price #lO por mouth. Apply at 4s»o *\ esl Hubbard—t n trom 2to 0 o'clocs p. m. T'O KENT—A suite ol tmlurmsutd 1 reonis for c*nt|exau and wife or two slng.egen tiemcu, with loord. In a private flimlly on Waditcc* ron-.t., west of Sangamon, References given and re qidrcd, ACuress ‘-Jj il," Tribune office. "PO RENT—I-'our rooms and three 1 closets, on the first Goor No. HO Ontarli-t. lo qu;re in the rear of building. n) KENT—A handsome room, newlv papered, wltn pis laid on, soluble for single gernemen. Rent low. Gas fltUngs and part of tne ii: l nl'nremav be purchased. Apply, until Monday, at Ms. 76 and 7N Dearborn street. Room No. 33. be tween the hours of one and hall-past two, ana after -iitnthe evening. T 3 REN I—Furnished rooms, with or without board, at reasonable term*; onesnlteoi front, suitable for gent emaa and wile, at 94)1 Wabssb-av. TO RENT—A tew rooms, with or.with* ont hoard. Also a front o»rlnr with piano. In a gof-d lot>tlon,at 111 temdolph-st. co Hcnt-3to;Es, ©Bxnsecc TO RENl—Steam power and rooms to real, re*r of 7-1 Raudoiph-fl., „mn- ro£bvspiH-ni House, Appiv to A. WOKDB:V A - 1(..i.r1,1. lODD.cpthe prei.Hm. r pG KENT—One-half of a store on South 1 C‘ark-ft., In the very test locution In the city. Ailcrecs P. o. Box 305. r PO RENT—A desirable suite of tront R iN°* H*S Randolph-st. - Apple to GEORGE M. HIGH, 164 Randolph-sL. Room 12. TO RENT—Very desirable office moms, JTxVi? s Tw S o n °!? r lof 1 of91 Eandotph-st. Apnlr to mu. JAMEs 93 Katidelph-st., secoud door. TO RENT—For packing or storage, the large stone basement 190 and 192 Wa>nlngton &CUA%tesn!oX-*®K“ “ d t " c “=''- RENT—Front Oflice, up stairs. No. 1 43 Clark-st. GREENEBAPM & FOREMAN. TO RENT—The store No. 20 south Markct-st. C. McDOSNfILL, Agent, office 131 Sooth Clark-st. TO RENT—The small store and office, 1-11 South Water-st_ comer Clark. The best Job blng ?tatd on the street. Inquire wittiln. TO RENT—Office No. 13 Lombard block, and furriturefor sa’e. If desired. S*e WM. F- HARMS, fro. 105 South Clark at. RENT—A furnished office—Terms I reasonable. Powewlon given immediately, in rmlrc of CHARLES BILL, 13S South Cllrk-st., Room 12. ’ ®2Eanteb—3To Uent. \\J ANTED—To Rent—A small store c' X. ol ?i0> three orlonr rooms connected. West or Scutb Bide prelerred, within a few minutes walk of v. l ? a< l, or ,? ,at ££i- carß, Bent prompt. Address EM, p. O. Box 93-1- T\T ANTED—To Rent—A good, conven* VY lett Hoa«e, with from 7to 10 room*, bare. &t*„ east sooth of Polit. and north of Sixteenth st. anv time be tween ten and the Kt of May. Address C. U. PENDLETON. P. O. Box 39*33. Chicago, HI. TXT’ANTED —To Rent—A good foundrv Y» land 10 A No. lrc?ldenc«, carte of Vanßnren unde i, tot St*ti«-ns. Re it advanced to secure lease; noscfslonliv ttielkt of May. Also bonus for good bases. Call at room 2 No. 48 South Clark-st. TX7 ANTED—To Rent—ln a pie* - .nl lo y Y cation, a house containing from elg':' ”n rooms by a ►mall tamlly of grown persons. J. C-, Bex 1737. TXT*ANTED —To Kent—Three or tour V t rooms suitable for housekeeping, in good loca tion. (8o"th Sloe preferred) to gentleman and wife, vltlnut children. If desired would loan the owner a lew hundred dollars on the bouse. Good reference* i-lvtn and required. Address 0. M. INGRAHAM. 77 S -uth (.lark-st. Uoaminn, OOAKDING—A gentleman and wife, l * of *we single eeat-cmcn, wishing board In a pri vate family, in a hoe location, at a reasonable rate, can t-ccnre a plca-ant unfurnished tront room, on Wabash ar.. by addressing “A R.” Tribune office. OOAKDING—A pleasant suite of tur -1 J nishod room?, with board. sutitable loraccnlle irsn and wife, or two single gentlemen, ca. be had at the St. ci?mi Hou-c, * 112 and 111 South Franklin -t, only turo minutes’ walk from the Court Hons*. VINTON A IIAYLXS. OOAKDING Two gentlemen and 9 ) wives, or a small mown up family, can be ic commodatcawlth coo* parlor and psrlor b*d rooms, .■ad goad board, at Xo. it2o Weal Lake-st, Terms rea sonable. OOAKDING—To rent, with board, a IJ suite cf front room*, nntarrlshcd, urap'casant room lor f»ogcnl»eu:en.!urcHied. in a small famllv on North Slop, n»nr KnMwt. Brings. References re quited. Address -J O," Tit Duns office. OOAKDING—A desirable front room. well lumtshed, wuh bedroom oil, suitable f»r a gi nib man and wife, or two single gentlemen, n rent, with first-clars board, at 649 Stare, cornet oj Thir teetth-st. T>OAKDIN*(j—To rent, with board, a ! ) large, frent, a gentleman and wife, in an English famllv. where there are no other b >arders. bltnaticn healthy, and the comforts ofa home Insured. Also, the use of piano. Apply at 122 North Carpenter-st. T)OAKDING—2S day boarders can be I > accommodated with go«d board at ST. CLAIR & STONE’S Dining Rooms, !)S East Rsndolph-st., at 45 per wrex v Tickets, 21 meals for 46. Breakfast. 6to l> o'clock, (arcuhed room Ibr rent or sale. Inquire at 9b* st. rkOARDING —A snite ot famished I front rooms, with board, at 529 Wabaah-av. OOAKDING—A furnished room on first floor. »o rent with bcara, with wash-room and clo-et attached, at IS7 trarocdlately. 130ARD1NG —Two rooms for single I J gentlemen, with flrn-clasi board, and dav b-iard for two fir three genvemen. Can be had on application at 603 WestMadiicn-st. OOAKDING—A gentleman and wife 1 > can find a good tront room, with board, at the Central Boose. No. lyj TUndolph-U.; also rooms fur four or eight gentlemen. Dav boarders wauled at S 3 per week. W. P. ELLISON A BROTHER, Proprie tors. * OOAKDING—A gentleman and wife X J can be accomodated with a plcasvn*. front room, with board. In a private family. Apply at No. IS South Green-at.. ote floor trom Randolph-**. T>OARDING—A few gentleman can ob* X ) taut good board and pleasant rooms at 45 per week, ata3s South Claik-st. TJOAKDINQ Pleasant rooms and O board for gentleman and wife, or two single gen tlemen. in a private fatally on Mlchlgan-ar., south of Twenty-occoad-st. Addresa ” I*. O. Box 397- T>OAKDING—A few respectable gen- O tlemen can be accoumodatoct at 144 North Clark-fit, corner OnUtlo; also day boarders taken; nnltmished rooms to let T) CARDING—A furnished room, dcsi- XX i able for a gentleman, with board, at 2*4 Rash st n comer HUnois. TDOARDING —Four gentlemen can be JL> accommodated with rooms and board, at Vo. 49 Busb-st, fc nr Mocks irom the river. Day boarders wanted. T) GARBING—With a furnished room, JTD fnltah’e for two gentlemen, or a gentleman and wile, at 119 Wahaah &t. iJoarli asaanteb. "DOARD—A gentleman wishes hoard A 3 fur himself anl son a? years old) in a pri vate family (French preferred) on the North Side. Ad dress, with Itcatlon and terms, ** V X" Tribune ofllce. T>OARD—On South Side, east ot Slale f) *t„ and no:th cf Twenty with accom modations tor a gentleman, lady and child. References exchanged. Address, stating location and terms. “W L F," Tribnce offlee. BOARD— For a man and wile, with one Inmlshed room, in a private Atally where there are cone or bnt lew other Re ferences exchanged. Address, with terms, for three dajs, “A Y," Tribune offlee. . OOAHD—By a youne man, on the A x North Side. Private fsmfy preferred. Best of r'icrcncc rltea. Term* meat be moderate. Address, sitting terms, “BILL," Boxg. "DOARD—Bt a family of five adults- JJ Address, stating terms, *c.. M J B.” Box 1737- T> CARD—In a private family, m a pleas- U ant location on the South Side. Terms raoder am. Adores*, stating location and term*. Box 366. DOARD—By a youne ladv, in a private J > fami'y. onihr South bide, north cf Twelfth-st., where there are no other boarder*, state terms (reasonable). C W F." Drawer P. o. iHadjinerj*. T7OR SALE—Three 8-horsc power up F right engines; also six horizontal engine*. 9, 10 ard 13-horae power. Larger or smaller engines fur nished with or without bolidra. 12, is, IS sod 70-horse tubular ana locomotive hollers for si>. best make. Also one 4-roller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmill*, barrel and wood-working machinery. Iron Bianers, belting, saws, files. 4r. Machlnerv Depot, 33 Chicago. GREENLEE BROS. * CO. FOR &ALE—Portable Encmes —4,6, S, 10.12,15.70. 25 and 3T-borse power, new ana *rcond-hand; one 29 and one St-hone power. Second hand Stationary Engines and Bol’ers, Portable Saw mill*. Woodworth planers and Matchers. Shingle Mills and Wood-wcrklcg Machlnerv. Power Corn Shelters, Small Bara MI L*. Iron Feed Mills. Shafting, PnlUes and Elevator Machinery built to order. RICHARDS' IRON WORKS. 190 and 192 Washlngtoc-st. PDR SALE—A second-hand Buckley folding machine—to good condition. Pilce,(loo. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. FOR SALE—IO,I3 and 14-horse porta hie Engines and'Boilers—very low. by GRIFFIN BROTHERS. 13» Bonth Water-at. FOR Bale—Machinery—Two portable eoglces. 16 horse power, nearly new, and to running order, will be sold cheap. It applied for soon, by GREENLEE BROS. *CO.. 33 Dearboru-«, Chicago. ggSanteii-jHaie ffietp. BIKia.KBEPt.HS, SALESHED tc T^r AINTED—A trsi clasa travelUm; V » sa'reman, bya fancy -iry fe>w j a ftod house. Address, itsUoe osnic, T etereoce. exoerlcnM Slid qualification, F. O. Bot \\J ANTED—A few tnal are f T willing to travel for a aalarv t> travel with a smaU circus, gymnastic, acrobatic *t» Also a leader of a brass band. Address, fo: r f.rni am G. O. GUAt>Y,KeUaa. Hardin County. Ohio. * TX7 ANTED Experienced salesmen, V * worthy acd veil qua med. must b*rf n at once; s-tuatloo permanent. JONES AOB VIS, 125 Dear Corn-at., up stairs. W ANTED—An experienced book- VV keener, one accn« f otmd to correspondence. Address “C ty* Tribune office. WT ANTED—A good travelling sales* T » mat; one well acquainted wttn the retail store* keeper* In this city, and cat. come veil recommended. Address MANUFACTURER, Tribune office. TXT ANTED—Two smart bovs, that can V f come veil recommended, to attend in a grocery store. 150 North Uststcd-at. 3 TXT ANTED—A Env about 15 vears of Vi age. Apply at 11 fa Washlngtop-eC TKADES. TXT ANTED—A first class bookbinder 7 », ~snd ruler ana job printer, at the Omaha Daily Republican office. Om*na.Neoraat-» 3 \\J ANTED—A cood soap-maker to go V 7 out of town. Apply at 263 Klmlo-st. ggaanteh—,-fFcmale %tlp. BALESWOWBK. TRADE?, 4~, TXT ANTED—Apprentices to learn dress- I.Vlaggfftt ciVrKtf 1 Ejo “ 3 - MOrriw,l ' i TXTANTED—An elderly woman, annul .v T 40 years of ase, who understands piolu scvlnc. to go to the country as housekeeper In a private fam ily- One wanting a home preferred. Addict with reftrenre. staUng terms, Post Office Box 614 La halle, Illinois. HOUSE SERVANTS. WT ANTED—A first-class conk, washer * v and Iroaer, at 374 West opposite CnionPark. r WT ANTED—A girl to do general honse f 7 work st 314 Foltoa-st. TXTANTED—A Girl to docookinc, at TV 50S Wabash-av. None but best need apply. \\T ANTED—Two good reliable sirls V J V fbr a private family at Lake Forest for'eo* k and second work. Apply at Mrs. BATES* office. 141 WasblDStor-sL. between LaSalle and WelKsts. TTTANTED—A good competent cook, V V one who can do the wastdag and lr.i-.iog. an .i can bring good references as to character. Ac. Apply at No. 2 Rnobard-court, second house from Michigan- TXT ANTED—A servant girl to do ccn iuircl aT tr^j l >°* ew ’ OrK ln a f»™Uyortwo,at'i43 Igmplajpnuni Agencies. TX/ ANTED—IOO railroad men tor .Mich V > Jjmn and Jllasourl. Also. 73 t-r Red River. PcaVSti 10 ? 0 ?*“* J K)ar l - APPir to FAR. SHALL A SMITH, I2>» inoth Uark-sU. Room H. XT7ANTED —SCU men ior Red River. .» 1 st Wto JSO per month ami board; 23J laborer*. tB < f da r 3cd board. Apply at Room 4. No. 100 MaaiMjn-et. WANTED-Young men m the ennn- T t try, wishing to obtain -liaatlors such a« boos ter ewrs. salesmen, collectors, exnres»men, brak-snirn.4c.. apulv at 13 4 Dearborti-sc. K.‘om 5, or address M. K. JUNES& Co.. Box 21)40. each sing ten cento, for foil partlca ars. \V ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 1 2 V eplkctor, s braEcm-n, 3 firemen, : por.t.-. 2 drtvera.4apnw,3..mrrclerks, 3 conductor*. Applv at IJI Dcarboru-sn. Rrom 2. \\J ANTED—I.COU men co go b’ouih, V \ wages $43 tc *SO a tronthand board. Also, rail road m-n, ana all wanting employment- Apply hi 13fl South clark-st., Room A. \\T ANI ED—One good wason-maker T » Also, *OO to co South. Apply at Room 3 Lind’s Block, Racdolph-st bridge. \\J ANTED—Three or tour good encr- V ▼ ectlc turn, to Whom we offer steady »nd lacra live employment for the winter. N me hot tho»c of ccod appearance md address need apply. MORTIMER A CO., 120 Dearborn-st„ up stains. iSEiantcb—ffUsccllanrous. TXT"ANTED—Madame Delatour, Fe- Yt malc Phy-Uiaa Irom Europe, cures all cls.'a-os of the skin, liver, and kidneys, may be com-nIKM daily at the Godfrey House. 352 South Clark-st.. Itomi Hi. "V\7ANTED —A Ught-draucnt schooner, Y V that will carry from 100 to 123 m teet of lumber. Must be a coed sailer, a: d draw 0111*634 feetwat-r. Apply to JOHN C. PORE, 46 LaSalle 8U ’ TT7AKTED—SS,OOO to $20,000 worth V » Coeds, well se.ctteiL for which 1 will pay cash and Western lands well located. Address Box 33G, Wooster, Ohio. TXT ANTED—AiI persons to know T V that wo have established an agency at 17(2 Scoth Clark-Bt> tor the saleot the Reman Healing B- ap. The medl- !na! prapettlcs of this Soan are wun fend beyond comrartsnn. For a Toilet Soap It u tot equaled by any m tbe aaitet. TV7ANTED—A good house and lot, V» north of Polk-st. and ca»t of Stat-*-st_ worth 16.C00 or mote. Ca lat room 2 No. -IS South Clark-st. \\J ANTUJ)—An active business man, W * With trom $5,000 to |lo,ouo. cash means, wishes to mare an engagement with an ea»ab.l»h«l commis sion, grocery, or anv house doing a legitimate busi ness, whereby be can receive a talr return for services and capital. Address, - f F B,” Tribune office. \\T ANTED—I want to buy a small V» house, or house and lot. Will pay a good price in small Installments. South Slue preferred. Any one willing to sell on such terms cat address -BUYER,” Trlhatfl once. , TT7ANTED—Persons wishing to know Y V the luturc should address the greatest astrolo f lst lu the world. Enclose sl. with a specimen ot wrl >ng. to StaCanie DUPONT. Dtawer G 297. Chicago. TXT"ANTED—To exchange a cnotce YY farm, with excellent Improvements, sltuatnl tear the city of Ottawa, LaSalle County, this adrngboslncsi In a drslrahie location, and dolus a good trade. Valuation of the farm will below. For further particulars apply toS. U. KERFOUT & CO., No. 7) Dearporn-st. W r ANTED—Any young lady having a Vf lew thousand dol'ara she wishes to have In vrstcdntgrort Interest, and safe. can have a pleasant lionir, free of charge, in a email lamliy. Address “I* S.” Box 300*2 Ottawa. Illinois. T 717 ANTED—Piano scholars, on the T * South Side, by a thoroughly ruillmeatal teacher. Terms,?b). Address “MRS L O,” by way ofPostoaue. V\rANTED—I want >2OO. - Far the V t use of U r wBl board o man or man and wife, same proportion. Large front room and Ore tint-clou board. West Side. Address “ HILLINGS." Tribune office. SJeal instate—®Up i n PROVED, iron SALE —On Micbigan-av., a sp’en -1 d*d tew brick reticence, Mtb ail the modern m> rrovtment*. and ecta woman killer, ratio’s, tf.tdne r ora, library. dlntn< room, kltcncn, pantry ami c!o»-u all on the first floor. and a splendid barn and lee house. For further Information. Inquire at Sil l Mlchlgsn-av. ITOK SALE—Or Kent—Houses and lots s in ill r art* ot the city. Call at oar ofll-c It yon want to bny,rtnl or sell. GEORGE & WILLIAMS, 7 South Ciark-tt. |7OK SALE—On Wabash-av., three I story Brick Hcuse In the block on '•omi’r of'.Vv hssb av. and Hamum-roart. A. J. AVERELL, Real Es* ate Office. No. 7 Metropolitan uleck. r?OK SAJjE—House and Lot 53 South r Greer-st. House contains IQ rooms, brides bath room, store room, closets, water, gas, raarnle mantel, craln*-d, and in Drit-claas condition. Posseaslon given Ist May. Terms cash. Apt ly at 103 W< at Lakejt. I7OK SALE—Two comer lots and nine Inside lots on Siingamon. Peoria and Green and one house and lot on Green-at. T. F. BALDWIN. 101 Randolph-st. F'OR SALE—A nearly new two story and basement brick House, of ten rooms; modern improvements, and lor with barn, on Wkbasb-av.. near Twenty-thlrd-et. THOMAS D. SNYDER A CO., Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. UNI3IPUOTED. SALE—Cheap, on liberal terms, a X dMrable piece of property for mannfacturtoe or storage purposes, accessible to all railroads, partly improved, with rentage sufficient to par ln*«rest on money. Also, first class pirn* tlmocred 'ands n Michigan, on streams tributary to Saginaw River. GEO. □. ROZET, Real Estate and Loan Broker, 95$ La>alle-st. I7OR SALE—n24O lor lots close to 3lil -17 wankee-av. cars: 400 per foot on Washington-** ; and fSSper foot on Park-av., CO loot Irom Oakley-st. J.F. bTARB. 124 Kondolph-st.. Boom 1. F3R &ALE—On Wabash-av., between Twettietb and assessments for paving, sewer, Ac., paid. A. J. AVERELL, Real Estate Office. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. T7OR SALE—In North Division, 40 feet I* on Michigan st~?0 feet west of Dearborn-vL, cheap. A. J. AVERELL, Real Estate Office No. 7 Metropolis tap Block. aromsponhcnce EiKantcir. Ci ORRESt ONDiiiNCE—Wanted—Mat / rlmonlal. Two young gcnUemen. of wealth and po'lttcc, wish to open a correspondence with a few yciine ladl'.s of (quality, to pa&a awav the tedious hour*. Object—Fen. love and the con»euo*nc&i. Ad drc*s, for ore week. ALFRED A EUGENE, Chicago TAT - ANTED Uoirespoudence— A Vi young genUeman would like to ccrreapond with a young quadroon or octorcoa lady. Object, ac quaintance. Address A- F-P. O. Box ISSB. lousiness (Eijanets. ITOK SALE—A Saloon and Restaurant S' Location oneef the best in the Mace. be toldlow. Inquire of SMITH* FLOWS, 103 South Water-»t. "pOR fcALE—A bhee Shop, well loci x ted. do log a good bur Ineis, will be sold atsba*. gain. For particulars address **A Q,” Tribune office. FDR SALE—Boot and Shoe Store, in a good location on the South Side. Arsrecharce t > purchase, as the owners are gf>lag Sonth. Invoice about ELSOO. Address P. O. D;x 2207. IFOR SALE—One-halt interest in a well a 1 established manufacturing bmdncss—parties new having It, havlngother burnt si. have not lime to give It proper attention. AddresaP. O. Drawer 5958. IFOR SALE —Cheap, a nice Boarding IP House, with IS.urnlshea rooms, by H. HAMMER, Notary Public, Boom No. 13, Lirmon Block. F*OR SALE—An A No. 1 Retail Drug Store, well located and doing a first-rate business. Parti* s desiring further information will andress P.O. Box 276. Chicago. FDR SALE—A private Banking House In a thriving to? n of LSGO inhabitants, (with a rood lark country). ISO miles from Chicago: Is the County Scat; only Back in the Coahty; profit* mty per cent on capital; business lucre»Blng rapidly. Will sell ont entire koslt »ss and guarantee all papcr.or will sen lunmcre, flituree,lease ibr 2 h vears,No.4 Dleboid Safe with burglar-proof iteel b;x and combination look, (br £2JIO. This is a rare chance fbr two enter prising young men with a capital of SS.UCO or 810,000. Snt'sfactory names given for selling. Address ’* BANKER." P.O. Box 156, Chicago. TT’OR SALE —Photograph Gallery at I Kaclne.Wls. a good chance (hr a good operator, fnnplrc of GEORGE THOMAS. Racine, orWM. Mc- HENRT, Freeport, Illinois. FOR SALE —Hotel—One-hall interest In lease, fhrairare and fixtures ot one of the best paying Hotels In Chicago, now clearing about |4CKV per month, and will- be cer tain to command a still better business, being near the nt w tunnel. Court House and chamber of Com merce. In fflet. there Is no better stand In Chi cago lor a hotel. Price 4L500 for one-half lnt?rc,r. Apply to A. BOOTH, oyster Merchant, Dearbnrn-fU Chicago- IFOR SALE—S2CO will buy a halt intcr- P est in a well established offlee badness. light and profitable. Apply at 134 Dear bora-at.. Boom 3, up staizs. FDR SALE—A half interest in an estab lished business, where a small capital is required. Aroivat our efflee. No. 10 Post Ofllce Block. T.H. BELFIELD * CO IFOR Sale—One or two-thirds interest r In a good paying wholesale and manalacturing bo slccss. Capital required, from 44,1C0 to IIO.COO. Ad dre*s. tor oce week. “R. J-. Trlhnne Office. SlrageS anh Stolen- OTRAYED —Or Stolen—On the night O of the Blh of January, from barn in rear of No. 17S Twenty-third-at, one dark brown horse, 15 band* high, with white ring cn off hind foot osdredduh nose. Any one returning turn to the above place will receive *SO reward. WM. P. FOLLANSBS. Situations aetantso. fffALEN, SITUATION—Wanted —To take charge O o& Bread, cltr or country. Reference if required. Aodrcse “BASER,** Tribune office. SITUATION—Wanted—As salesman or O atockmun la a wl olesale or retail business, by a yocss tran who can give the best of references, ana 1j aat'A&ed with reasonable salary. Address P. O. Box 8488. SITUATION—Wanted—By a druggist, O of 15 years experience, from the East. Adores* OFII," Tribune office, tor one week. CTTU ATI ON—Wanted —By a young kJJ man of experience, in agrocery store. In lhe city ern>l ' At “ re9B » tor one O,* {SITUATION —Wanted—By a young kxnAM > a! Porter or salesman la a vnolesale house. rrtSrninnipSf** M to character ard ability farafaLOd. A * B * PORTER. Tricon# office vtll rctt; tt . immediate personal attemlon. CITUAnOs— Wanted—A competent T ,Bhe * an engagement as book -«2^J lerK - Has large experience ta S^Box ß^” 33 mP * WIT mercßce, « Addre«s “J F. CITUATION—Wanted—To Tailors—A L7’ general stylish cotter want* a situation; no ob jection to go In the country. Call on A. LaCOURE. Trench Tailor, for reference, 141 Dcarborn-st_ Chi cago. 111. FEniliKS SITUATION—Wanted—Bv a tashion kjl able drertmaker, to a private Cimllr. Tbebatof references clvcn. Address "SffF B,** Post Offic.*. ClTUATiON—Wanted —As meat and O pastry cook, by a flrßt-classhaid,who thoroughly understands her business. Reference given. Addres* or call at .IS Archer-rcad. CiTUATlON—Wanted—By a middle ,o aeed lady, ot experience, a situation a* house keeper. The b-st cf refe-et ces'given. No ob] ettoa to bavicz the city. Addresf, for three davs, “rVTrl bunerffice. CITUATION Wanted— As house ,k/ kei per In a small family, or an aged person ot as lady s maid. Is qualified to tase charge of a home for oncthat wishes such help. Can fumi-di the best of references. Reforcnces required. Wages net the ob ject, but a quiet home lor a lady of 30 year*. AJdr-ca airs. “ o &X" Tribune office. CIT U ATlON—Wanted—ln a private O tanlly.bya good nurse, experienced In slckd&k references given. Address - iIAUIA,” Tncune agents aeaanttß. A GENTS-1,000 Wanted. The best 1 nfe f et- A w°rs of historical value and fn ibJ , «J.i,r por »2! c T* «. T^ e on, J r workou cor N.ivy yet ;?f-o vvSlv. hnd uocompetuicn. In nresa. DURING THE REBELLION; o». Fit AVjL i CouftisDsns. Bv the wohd h!ftnr,flD - J* 7. HEADLEY. In one * n,h twenty-two f pJ?ndid st*et por ti?!i?4?i5 !llll , esct:ne^^ omDr Blntf «»e early life, pna cni! d * tbl cere-rof Atlirlral D.G. Karra e A c 1 Tn *l? 1 P- porter. Rear Admirals Dupont. S.rlDKbam, Davis, Godsb'.ronsh and Dahl* gren; Comnodorc* Wilke*, Winslow. Worden. Ballev ff Dron \}; w** naval celebrities, wrlttfa H ead!c > 9 c*3PMe and Inimitable style, wit*, aK C , ac lT ant w of - I »f*lw. «lcg« and bimbirt ».’Sg.“Sjs SS.iSSSiSfSSKiS! 1 l?hV. vAfemV WffrMfoS 081 “« pe antOcutidty ot the work Is beyend a doubt, aa A ,ft f aa,erlal «nccruing tlulr early llte and public sen-tees was fornlahed dlrecUy by the officer* or iheir ftu-cds. The book will root oe ready to d-Ifrer acdaccnisaie already meeting with almost unparal leled success tn taking enters. Onr terns are nowhere exce’W. acd, taking Into coufld-ration the great popularity of our publication.*, onr icducemcn’s to scents are uneqnal.ed. Don’t f»U to send for our circular* acd oiffit »t otce, as a days ilelav mav make a hnndrerl dollar* dllference. AddreM C. W. ULLKY. Publisher. 26 Reynolds’ Clock. A GENTS—Wanted—SlesbTS. Ticknor & XA FlcUk Boston, bare Duollsh-.d a Mec’-engraTed pcrtrat. of Abraham Uncoln. a* a rrrVct ik»nft*s and a wcrk ot nrt it ia commended as the best likeneu yet pnMlrnrd. by . BcN-rt T. uncom, Mr. TrnmbnlL ilr.Sf.ct~n. Mr. Herr-on, Mr. I.N*. Arnold. G*n. Grant Charles Sumner, Mr. Chase, Gen. Bam«idc , . And many others, it Is sold only by subscription, acd Agents art wanted tor Its rale. Liberal commission!- are eivec to canvassers and sacc-ssftii one* can hare rood tci rtton to operate In. Address JOHN H. AMMON. Publishers* Acest. *-»7 Wasblrgton-et.. Chicago AGENTS— Wanted—Pnrthe “LIGHTS AND SHADOWS OF THE GREAT REBEL LION. brlctdidly Illustrated with over iw tine p; rtralf anc bcantlml engravings. This work. In Its corceptlcn. arrsccrment. and pernllartv new aid attractive onlcn-fwar literature, -tamls peerles, and alon** atri-ng ail us competitors. Tbe department wi tch«mbraccs tbe Words and D. til# of Wotu-n is in exctuMvc f»:*ture la there pages, acd is already ‘rfnnrg fir tl.c work a universal populanrv. it em braces iecv!< nts during all stage.s of me war. and ta a 1 par's of tbefeld of »trlf». Sendt-irclrculare. Ad dress - National PnbU-hlng House.” 10 Lombard Block, Chicago. 111.; .‘509 Olive street, su Louis, A GENTS—Wanted—ln Ilimois, to sell XX “THE PATRIOTISM OF ILLINOIS.- or t**e compltte hl-Dry ol the part f\k*-u by IMnols lu the » ar. her regime:.!?, batteries, distinguished men, &c„ Ac. llinstratni by over twenty portraits on s*cel. We are off..rl'-g larc-comml-nons. wb.cir, tegetner wnh the very large sale ol (be work, presents strong tndu'o ments to gcod Address tr.c publishers. CLAKKB ie CO, SO and S 2 Washlngton-st, Chlcag j. AGENTS —Wanted—In all parts ot the reentry, to mil •*! HE HISTORY OF ABtlAll \M and the M «VEUTDROW OF SLAVERY.” in ore voU ol«rer "00 pages. By Don. I. N, Arurtrt. late member of Congress, ard lor over twenty vears a coT-fldCbtlst trtend o: Jlr. Lincoln. This wo’rk his Jnatbecn completed, and will meet a wart ftlt by ev ery intelligent citizen, it presents fcatures which have not appeared In any other work. The Daffy Chronicle, cr W.i-hlng'on, says: -it will assume a character and held a place beyr ed anvthlng vet pro dureo.” For territory acd terms, address the pab- S2 Washington-*:.. Chicago. Agents wanted—For bar BETTHLIFE OFLINCOLN. Tbe best, mot complete and authentic work yet published. President Lincoln having hlmse-f furnished- for this work alone, the l acta oi bis early life. We are offering agents, be tduee a very fine list ot premiums, a higher commission than ran be afforded by any other house in tbe West. Address J. S. GOODMAN# CO.. Publishers, 3 Cos tom House Place. CMcxo. Pi. AGENTS— Wanted—For THE AME RICAN FARMER'S HORSE BOOK, bv Rnbtrt Stewart, M.D. V. S„ erhodyiug me r<-u]ta of twenty yean of original investigation. The book above ou others fbr Agents, ns It appeals to the necessities and self Interest ol a very large, wealthy and inf Ulgect rla*« tnerery commnt.lty. Apply to or address j. a. GOODMAN A Co., Publishers, 5 Custom House-place. Chicago. It;. r A GENTb —Wanted—?lsU per month, ,{A aad female, to sell the OFKU IN E COMMON SENSE FAMILY SEWTSG MACHINE, tne greatest invention of the ace. Price *l3. Every Machine warranted ttrv e years. Addreu SECOMB i Cleveland. Ohio. AGENTS —TVanted—$5 to *lO per day can be made selling one of the best dome* tic in ventions ever offered to the public. There ts no com* petltl* n. (his being the only invention of the klid trar offered lor sale. The demand Is very lure**. Every lam'.y w ants from two to a dozen. Will save Us co*t In one week. All we a.*k la loryou tocall ami exam ine for yourselves before you t ncase in other «uslm-s*. fall or addrvsF.with stamp, J. U. NASON, 124 South Clurk-st., Hoorn No. 9. Chicago, 111. A GENTS—Wanted—*s per dav poar anletd ormrncy retarded. Apply at once to P. Office Xo. 1C M.X.Cl.’irch Tllotk. tin ago, f-r Office Xo. •! Lyman’s Clock. Cleveland, o. AGENTS — \\ anted—Sis or eisltt <iood ♦nereetlc business men are wanted to travel as agents for the Kentucky insurance Company, ot Louisville, Ky. Gdkid turn wIU be well puld. and steady employ ct« tarnished. Men having experience as Insurance ecents preferred. Further particular* furrl-bra Pv addrc-M-ir WILLIAM P. LfIDWICH. gecretary-. Dr*wcr 299. Louisville, Ky. None but reliable nun ••anted. AGENTfc —Wanted—Male and female, tOM-ll a new article lo great ormand that every family wants, fl per da? ir ate without leaving home. Trar-llirg as*tts c«n mak* Irom ?.■ to F3O per day sotb*n»tlnterf renceuith • tPer nnnnc«a. Ttearllcle shews for itself. Sacrlea. with terms and particulars ot the business, sent for a ccits. Adoress B. W. CHAPPELL. Jtrawer C33.*1, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—Experienced, first- X\.cloot canvassera. gentleman and ladies, for “THK PRATER AT VALLEY l-ORwE.” a :ew aid magnifl cent ali c’ Engraving. Pnce f.% SO. Has tecu.lar re coametdatlons. whtca cause It to be admired b> every Amctlcan, ot whatever sector party. Agents every where are meeting with unparalleled success. Pat- Ushers highest ccmiptsdon given. Address*. stamp erclcstd, g.S.BOkDEN, 7,T CUrk-3U Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted Gentlemen and Xi Lahles, throughout the United Btatcs. to sell our new Book. “ABDOTTS LIVES OF THE PRESIDENTS,” from Washington to the present Ume. In one volnme of about 503 paces, beautifully tuostrated with steel engrarings. Tag Armor—mr Tates—m* Tuekb, the elegant style and moderate price, all combine to rerderthls of the most attractive, useful and salable books ever Bnbllshed In this country. 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Halpln has had most extraor dinary success in engraving your portrait of my uther, and baa made the best likeness that I have seen. Mr. Marshall mads a very good picture, but there id something unsallslacloty about it which I cannot ex plain, anil I would have no hesitation In choosing be ts cen the two. Mr. Fuller, one of the gentlemen In whose office 1 am studying, who was an old personal mend of my father, was about pocbaslcg Marshall’s portrait, but on seeing this. Immediately said that your *s was the one he wan ted, that roar’s left a satisfied impression on bis mtnd. wnlch Marshall’s dirt not. KrbcrtT. Lincoln.” See tomorrow’s paper for other testimony. Adores*, with stamp. C. ALLEX. M D 90 Washington-**.. Ch icago. ” AGENTa —Wanted—To take orders for cur new work “CH BIST AND TH R TVTELV E.” Edited hr Dr. J. G. Holland, author of the “LTe of Llceoln,*’ •‘Timothy TUCJmb,” “Bitter aweet.* Ac. Beautifully llla-tratcd. Agents taking from 50 to ICO orders per week. 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A GENTS—Wanted—Teachersprclerred £% In every county, to sell Guyot’s OntTne Maps, Dr fecl.cols. Series No. 3 are now published, and trora their scperlor merits ami low pi ice »1U meet with a large sale. Address Itnmedl earning turritirv desired. HENRY M. SHERWOOD, 107 Chicago. jFor Sale T7OR SALE—Or Exchange fnrMerchan- B 1 dDeor Rt*l Estate—The one-half lutcnst in a LW9 bushel DlstU'ery, in good erder, and now running —cuttle barns, hog pen*,bor<lrd warehouse. maU hon*e. 4c.. all complete. Address “J. W. P„”box 321. Peo ria, Dl. . f'OR SALE—Prop. ** Genesee Chietj” now lying at Detroit Michigan. Class A 2. Ton nage (old maasurecent), 351. Anplv t-> Wit. E. WaR KINER, Detroit Mich- or to HARRIS * BKO- 84 Lnmber-st., Chicago. ■ FDR SALS The propeller “ AlJe ghapy,”K3 tens meiinmnent, laid up in Cfccvgo River; is in good rot nine condition; will ooivreqolre painting In the spring- The boiler was tfcoroacniy overhauled and repaired to the winter of is«a; has all copper fines; makes all the sterna required,easily; had a new shaft and New Tors wheel in Novetuber, ISG6; was docked and canihed same tine. She 1* ene n the lastcst and Lest seaboau on fresh wa’»r. For price ted terms apply to C.J. MAGILL, comer South Water ard Welts-ets.. Chicago. ID. "IFOR bALE—Two fire houses and !otr, A and meat market cn the West Side, warehouse on the Nortb Side. Les-«e and mrnltnre of 3 nne boarding heuies and small cottage. Call at room 3 No. 4S oath Clark-st IFOR SALE—Or Exchange—For city X 1 properly, 1 fine dray 1 good plaio and a lot tf new patent rights. Also a heanuftil firm rttJO seres (50 tlmb#rj In central Ullrola Call at room 2 No 4S» South Clarlftt. FOR SALE—Factory, in eood order. Profits very large. 124 Bandclpb-sL, Room!. TFOR RALE—A mortgage of $1,400, F secured on real estate worth double theamaunt. Interest eight per cent WIU *»*«» *1,300. Address -J. Trlhone office. FOR SALE—Sewmg Machine—One of Singer’s No. 2, ln.p«ffcct order. Price *35. Aiw a pair of tailors* cutting shears No. 9, rood as new, cheap. Apply at 144 North Clark-«-, Room 4- 2. MOORE.