Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 12, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 12, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Last Evening’s Despatches by Ocean Telegraph. Sailing of French Transports for Mexico. The Paris Presse on the Tm- peachment Question. Health of the Empress Carlolta Decidedly Improved. FROM WASHINGTON. Eeport of the Tariff Bill from the Senate Finance Committee. The Bill is Based on that Pre- pared by Mr. Wells. on Spirits Distilled from “r s didTrain, Per Gallon. lar opinio ccdQ>-(l in U tbe Senate a “ issues, lurch _ t Duty on Foreign 'i'-fhfJw' Wools. eloquent ‘■iHCCbCf Freed mt ■ ~ acu the feedings in Congress Yes terday. FROM SPRIMM. Announcement or Standing Committees in the House. Warm Exception of Judge Trum bull at the State Capital. Governor Morton Nominated for United Slates Senator. THE LfiTE NEWSPAPER IMBHQ GLIO. Details of the Hew Contract Be tween the Western Associated Press aud the Hew York Associated Press. FROM EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH. Pams. January 10. Seven more Iranjpoits have sailed for Mexico. It is believed that tbe French troops there will be ready for embarkation by the 15th of Febru ♦ ary. Paths, January 11. ' The Monitor Miantonomah and the rest of the United States squadron arc at Carthagesa, and attract great attention. Ibe Parts press warn the American people against the evils of impeaching tbe President, health or tub enpubss caclotta. JViekxa, January 11. IJie health of the Empress Cariotta is greatly improved. TTOSET. Constantinople, January IT, The Porte has issued a note to the different powers, calling serious attention to the side of stairs between the Ottoman Empire and Greece, L£d tars if no favorable result is reached by Ua etbits to maintain peace, the necessary steps for the defence of Turkish honor and national integ rity will be taken. r.monsD countnciAi panic at Shanghai. London, January 11. Tbcnj tic remora of a commercial panic at Shanghai. Latest Forvlgii markets. LtvxcrooL, January ID, Cotton dosed dull and unchanged. London, January 10— Evening. Ctc-osl. Cl: bond*. 7-'J»« Erie, 4IJj ; Illinois Central, Pabis, January 10. lU-aite closed at <W Uanc* 84 centime*. Lomxjs, January 11—Noo". 1 Ivc-twenties, 73 ; Erie « V- Illinois Cvntr J. RO'f. Livrwool. January ll—Noon. Sates rf cotton for the week 11,000 bales. Mark dull. £ak« tv-ct’ y F.tOO bales at UXd. (By Steamship.] Liverpool, January XL—liicliaittooa Spence & Co., report i!onr quiet an! firm. Wheat—Winter red and Poatbera ll>.t“i G;. Indian com steady with consumptive dem inj at ex treme rale*. AlUed AmericanFlsUDi. Ameri can barley dull and anchanem. Midland repjri beet in short suprlv and prices firmer. P«r< quite icuntiutt-. sells slowly; old neclcctcd. Lard st-sller at late . prlrcs. Cheese firmer and strictly fine suits readily. • Mutter without improvement. Tallow steady at full rates. Americas ltd &3Us Bi’SIEAn.SUiP. Earning* of the Atlantic Cable-Pro*. prctnsof u New American Hallway Company. Few Yonn, January 11.—The following are items of intelligence brought hy the steamship Por-ia: The Anglo-American Telegraph Company an nounces that tbe net earnings of ihe company have exceeded the rate of twenty-five percent per annum. A dividend on account of ten per cent • is to be declared In February. An American undertaking caVed the St. Croix & lake Superior Railroad Company has Issued a prospectus In London Inviting subscriptions tnc thirteen hundred thousand pounds lu seven per cent ly.ndu at slxty-two and a half per cent. La France says: In no case will tbe French _ Government reconsider Hie order for completing a the evacuation of Mexico by the first of March. FEOM IVASmSGTOS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune, WAsniscTOK. January I; COKOBESf. The proceeding or Congress were of very little * general interest to-day. The House was engaged for over two houre with private bills, and then went onwllb the* Civil Appropriation Bill. The Senate spent the whole da; on the bill regulating the President's power of removal and appoint* ment, bat reached no conclusion. The bill was variously amended, and then ordered printed lor fuither consideration. THE KEW OELEASB XASS ACRE. The evidence accompanying the report of the Xcw Orleans InvcsUgatlhg Committee Is in pro cess o( printing. Although considerable addi tional remains to be taken hern, it is considered so important that the report itself will be pre pared with unusual care, and the evidence fully ♦ indexed. The committee worked most iodtutri- I ously ten days, taking evidence regarding the not, the state of loyalty in Louisiana, and the condition of Union men. One hundred and sev enty witnesses were examined, including Ally citizens, whose names were furnished by a com mittee appointed by the city to conduct the defence. Among the rest were all the leading men of the Slate whom the committee could reach. The testimony is regarded as establishing overwhelming proof that the slaughter of July *as fully pre-arranged. The testimony of General Sheridan was very full and of great significance and importance. The e»i --4 dcncc covers a much wider ground than that taken by the UUltary Commission. The difficulty which was anticipated in securing the testimony, of Union men did not arise, bat these literally swarmed to the members of the committee to cell their stories and ask for relief, Many came se cretly, and many were pot tazauiued. All con curred in the statement that the course of Mr. •Johnson bad made the condition of all Union t. men unbearable in the city. Their busl mess was ruined by rebel combine- and they were all virtually outcasts In A the State. Life was not safe. The general term t?or Onion men In that section Is “traitors.” The •■agony manifested by this whole class was one of : (he matters which attracted the most attention • from the committee, and the bearing of evidence -elicited os this subject will ahow the terrible Buf fering, which Mr. Johnson has brought upon the Union men of the South, in a glaring light. The ‘ regarding the participation of the State ;• ►utborities and the complicity of President John won in the massacre, Is not closed. Important ’ '-uilUcry witnesses are to be examined be:c touch ing these matters. THE ROBEOLK KAVT TABP. ' A further cratolna(ion of the papers sent to the Senile by the Secretary of the Navy in reply to the call for Information respecting the Norfolk Navy Yard, Is dictated to confirm the strong impression quite generally entertained, that the • Secretary used the whole machinery of the Navy Yards of the country la*l fall for political pnrpo sc:. Among the papers is a considerable corns- I ondcnce with the A. Johnson Club organized in Norfolk Yard. It appears that the Club held a su-etlng on the sth of October and appointed lie President, one Francis A. Gibbons, to proceed to Washington and lay before the Secretary of the Navy the necessity of removing from office men who are known to be opposed to (he Admin istration, and appointing In their stead mca who are known to sustain the same. Ibo Club men proceeded to recommend the removal of about a * dozen of the ptloclpsl muter workmen, Ac., and followed this with a list ot names of persons. • hearty supporters of the reconstruction poller of - Qio Administration. Whom It would be desirable to Appoint to the vacancies thus made. Mr. Gib. boos who tras recommended (or (be pool of Chief Accountant of tne yard, did r.ot find U convenient *o come to Washington, bnrhe wrote the Secretary* let ter, in w hich he urged him to make the removals and appointments recommended, and hinted to him that ihe result of the October electiona showed tbe folly of not acting In the matter long ago. He enclosed a copy of :hc proceedings o( the Club, and also a letter efened by about sev enty of the so-called merchants, mechanics and business men of Portsmouth, endorsing the recommendation of the Club, and urging action without delay. Hr, Gibbons seemed to (oar that the Secretary would not act expeditiously enough, and ao bo sent another copy of these documents to Colonel Tom Florence, editor of the Union newspaper in this dty, for delivery to the President. He earnestly entreated \ Ur. Florence to see the President and have these obnoxious men removed without delay. Be was also desired to call in the aid of General Tbos. Kv.lng, tfr., to bring shunt immediate action. Colonel Florence was prompt In the matter. The papers were laid before the President, who re- j Icrrcd them to Secretary Welle*, and especially called his attention to ihe same. Tbe record tails to show whether or not Ur. Gibbons got tbe place he desired, but eome of tho others whom , the Club recommended were fortunate enough to eeenre appointments. Some of those whoso re movals were urged were suspended, and rein stated only alter long correspondence, and the most abject subserviency, while others seem never to have been restored at all. msposmoK or tot nisonrnosAßT mn>. The Secretary of the Treasury has sent to the Ucasc along report showing how be distributed the $250,U>0 given Idm for discretionary purposes In March 1865, and tbe $160,000 given him tor tbe same me in July, 15GG. It appears therefrom that the First and Second Comptrollers were awarded $375 each, the First and Second Assistant Secreta ries, the several Auditors, the Solicitors, the Reg ister, ibe Bead of the Cnrrcncyßurcan, s2soeach, though Assistant Secretary Chandler baa not drawn the amount given him. It farther appears that 204 first-class clerks, with a salary of received $ 100 each; that .‘137 second class clerks,with a salaryof sl,4oo.rccel,'cd SIOO cech; that 501 persons employed as laborers, watchmen, copyists, messengers, Ac., on salaries rot exceeding $1,200 per year, received SIOO each; that 210 clerks of various grades received less than SIOO each; that 223 clerks', mostly of second dess, received amounts varying from SIOO to $200; tbctfitty-fonr clerks ol (he higher grades, with salaries of SI,OOO to $2,200, received amounts varying from S2OO to S3OO each; 115 re ceived from $3Ol to S4OO each: eleven received ftom S4UO to SSOO each; ten received from SSOO to SOOO each; nineteen re ceived irorn st>oo to S7OO each; and eleven re ceived from S7OO to SBOO each. THE TARITT. The Tariff Dill vvas reported from the Senate Finance Committee this evening, just before the adjournment. It goes to tho bottom of ttacwhole s-nbloct, repeals all existing tariff laws, and lays tariff' anew on all articles of import. This is in accordance with tbe recommendation of Oommls fi.-jicr Wells. This bill is framed like ifcat reported by Mr. Well 8 , and in many respects adopts its recommended rates. The Committee concur in his Idea of admitting raw materials tree or at low rates. The rates proposed on tea, coffee, sugar, spice. alcohols and wines are the same as existing rates. Tbe Bouse rec ommendation of last session being eel aside, the duty on cigars is reduced from three to two dol lars per pound. The rates fixed on wool* and woollen goods are substantially, on all Important items, those agreed on by the wool growers and macufeciorers, and adopted lu the House bill, but the classification is that of Mr. Weils, which was recommended by the Cus tom Bouse officers.' Tbe duty on pig nun and railroad iron remain as under existing laws. Ihe House classification of hammered 1 iron is adopted, though the rates proposed are geneßtily lower than those of the House bill. Tne alt duties remain untouched. Tbe Bonse pro vision for very high duty on alcohat is set aside. Tic free list recommended by Mr. Wells Is sub .-taatmlly adopted. Tbe bill is a very long one, Iml it will ho printed and ready for delivery by * Monday. Mr. Fessenden will ask the Senate to proceed to Us consideration at an early day, per haps by Thursday next, though possibly not until a week. from from Monday. HAKE FTATEMEKTS. The Comptroller of the Currency has received about ouc thousand quarterly reports, showing the condition oi National Banks on the morning of the 7th instant. As far as the same have been examined, they are found to show the banks gun c;ally in a good condition. They appear to lure a demand for all their available funds, and (be te.tns and discounts are unusually large in the aggregate; yet the lawful money reserve required by Uu» National Currency Act Is well maintained. In regard to the reteive of lawful money required liy the hanks, the Comptroller is requiring that (he bai hs kvcp (he two-fifths of fifteen, or one half of twenty-five per centum of circulation, in legal tviidcr notes and specie entirely. Tbe banks hare heretofore been allowed to keep com* L pound interest notes to & certain extent lor all lj purposes. DECIEIOX UNDER TOE BOUNTt uw. Tbe Second Comptroller has decided that when a father, who by reason of the death of his son la the service, was entitled to the additional .bounty, died before receiving the same, leavingno widow, the the bounty cannot legally be paid to any one; that the bounty is a naked gratuity personal to the party to whom Congress granted it, and when no provision Is made by law lor its descent to tno hsirs of the beneficiary, a prohibition is implied. DISCONTINUED. The Secretary of War has ordered (he discon tinuance of ibe office ol Assistant Jud^c-Advo cate General at Louisville, Ky. Brigadier Gene ral Win. Durr, Assistant Judge-Advocate General is assigned to duty in this city. ANNEXED. The military post ot Jeffersonville, Ind., has been annexed to the Department of the Tennessee. TITE SENATE TAUITP BILL. Washington, January ll.— The tariff bill re ported hi ihe Senate by Mr. Fessenden, from Sen ate Finance Committee, is bared anon the Dill prepared by Mr. Wells, tbe CommiHslonerof Rev enue, and submitted to the committee some days ago. In most instances belli the classification and rate of Wells'bill have been adopted. Ibe prin cipal alterations an* in the articles of wool, salt andiron. Among the alterations arc the follow inp: ’ibe committee bill provides for a tariff on all sngars not above Ao. 13, Hatch standard, -1 cent* per pound; on all sugarsh«*tuecu Jd and 15, K|s cento per pound; ou ail aoovc No. 15, 4 cents; on pimento, 15 cents per pound; on spirits manufactured or distilled r oro grata, Ac., *2.50 per gallon; on cordials, liquorice,bitters, Ac.,21 cento per gallon; bran dies are executed from the proviso that liquors in botttos imported shall pay S cents extra duty: clears, clgnreilcs, die.. $3 per pound. Cotton and cotton manufactures arc generally the same as in the Wc'ls bill, except tbat on common webbing, ■ape*, galloons. Ac., ibe duty is no per cent at ra loretn. In icgard to wool and woolen manufactures the* committee bate adopted the Weils cla-siaca tion. and pcnerally the rate of the Hons; bill. The manufacture of camels' hair being inserted «lth the class ol alpaca, goats*. Ac, Tno princi pal changes arc on unwashed wool of fir-t class, valncd at 42 cento per pound, exclusive of foreign i-ort charges, 10 cents per pound and 10 coots ad cvlornn. In addition on all bairof (he alpaca, gcat, camel, &c,, 10 cento per pound and 10 per cent ad c alcrnn, and when over 32 cents per pound in valnc IS cento x>cr pound. On wools of third class tbe word unwashed Is omitted. When 12 cent or less in valnc excln- sive of port charges, .1 cents per pound, ut>d when more than 12 cents In value (■cento, xbc specific duty on wools of the first class imported washed shall be twice tbc amount, and when scoured three times tbe amount required upon it when unwashed. Upoushacp skins and goatskins, Ac, hO cents per pound ad and nnoQ woollen rags, shoddy, Ac., 12 cents per pound. On woollen cloths, Ac, 4> cents per pound, and 35 cents ud r olorem. On blankets and woollen and worsted yarns. At, not exceeding 40 rents per pound in value. 25 cents per pound, and above 40 and not exceeding (W cents in value, yj cents per pound, with an additional 30 per cent ad valorem in each case. On hunting 20 come per square yard and Si per cent ad xaloran. On woman's and children's dress goods, value not exceeding 2U cents per square vard.r. cents per square yard and 35 per cent ad rcfo/* , 7jj, and valued above 20 cents per square 3ard, S cents per square yard and 35 per cent cd talui nn, and on all such prods weighing over 4 ounces per rqnaic yard. ?0 cents per pound and 35 per cent ad valorem. On hosiery, 41) cents per pound and 40 per cent ad valartm. On hats and caps of wool, ready made clothing, etc., 6<i cents per ponnd. On ilax, unmanufactured, fIS per ton. On Rnsslan manl/la, Italian, etc., hemp-, umitanufactnreo, f 35 per ton. On all brown or bleached linen, etc., 3 cents per square yard and 30 per cent ad talor*m. In bides, skins and leather tbe changes arc on raw goat, deer and calfskins in the hair, raw sheep fkme or pelts without wool, and on skivers and roans, pickled and Halted, 10 per cent ad ta lot 'Vi. On skivers tanned, or colored, or finish eu 35 per cent ad valorem. In regard to coal the rates of Wells* bill are re tained. Oucanodcoal and all bitnminons coal coming from any place thirty degrees of longi tude east of Washington, per ton. On bitu minous coal coming nom any place not more than thirty degrees cast of Wnasbiurlon, SO cents per ton. On anthracite and all other coal not other wise provided for, fI.SU per ton. On coke and lump coal, 25 per cent ad to lortm. On aspbsltum, bitumen, albertite, Ac, 50 cents per ton. *lbe committee and tbo section or the House bill which piovldre that from the first day of April next there shall be allowed on tbc following articles when exported, a drawback equal to the duty paid on Imported material on manufactures, lens five per cent on' tbc amount of such draw back, which shall be retained for the use of the .■? llc x. s,alee » such drawback shall be ascer *. accoidar.ce «lilt regulations prescribed. Another section provides that all goods in bond °. r t al t- va f e !i 0IU ’ C rt * where duty Is not paid after B i?^ < ? L^ti* Rec h Pll,lU Pay all rates of duly imposed by this act. J nnanuAK naira. Washington, January 4.—the Postmaster Gen eral sent to the House ol Representatives to-dar in answer to the resolution re,peetlnc the amount of mall service performed by the ocean Brazil steamers, a communication accompanied by a schedule of the number of passages of ships of the United States and Brazil Mail steamship Com pany between New York and Bio dc Janeiro aud the time ot each trip, of twelve round trips, to November Siih, 1806. Six figures occnred In arriving at New York to connect uith the oat ward bound eicaraer to Brazil. Three of these arc explained. The contract allows twenty-eight days lor tbe outward and twenty-six days for the inward, .stopping at SMTbomas, Pernambuco and Parana. The average lime was twenty-uine days outward and twenty-seven inward. NATIONAL Eqt'AL RIGHTS LEAGUE. Washington, January 11.—The National Equal Eights League Convention of colored men uos pasted resolutions embracing the following points: First, the right ol bal :oi, because we are American citizens, and as such entitled to it: second, because wc are tax-payers, and therefore justly entitled to representation in State and rtderal Government; third, because, wo are patriots, and as such have proved oar loyalty by our selrsacriOcinc behavior in the bone of our conn'tv’s sorest util; fourth, ‘because it is a natural and inherent right, pertaining to every native bom American, white or black,:who has reached his majority. DISTRICT PtmiAOE ACT. The act conform,g snilVagc on ne’grocaln th< District is officially published. pßOecnimoK. Wasbirotor, January 11. —The Senate Com mittee has commenced an invcslgatloo Into tin cbargi-s made by the soldiers and sailors that Superintendent Wendell has discharged soldiers from service at the Government piloting office whenthei might have becnrctalnco. MOVEKENT OP COLOUED TROOPS. The colored regtment recruited to this vicinity ha* been ordered to South Carolina un der Gcn» ral Miles, former ja'lor (o Jetfi Davis, at Fortress Monroe. General Miles will have his headquarters at Charleston. RIU. FOR THE VAULT ASSEVTOIRO OP COROBCSS. II isbelbvcd lhalthe President will sign the bill flxb.g the time tor a*scmbling of tie Fortieth Congress on the -fib of March next. ruospxcTa or the senate tabtee nnt. A W ashlngton special states that (be tariff bill wm pace the Senate without material change. It and the Bankrupt Bill will be deferred to next ween. COKEIDIIATIOKP. January ll.—ibo Senate In ex ecutive session confirmed the following nomina tions: “ rd ,t**: k?w‘'£ ( m-m:indor in the Navy, on the active Hit; 11- E. PeckJ.of Ohio. Minister Res- Idcnt and Ojpsul General at Haytl; Albert O Lawrence, oi Rhode Island, Minister to Costa YOL. XX. Rica; W. Hick ham Houston, of Louisiana, As sistant Secretary o: Legation to Paris. ndJIAKA WAR CLAIMS. The Secretary of War has eent to the House tbe report of the Quartermaster General in reference lo horses seized by tbe Government in Indiana to suppress Morgan's raid. The report shows claims for seventy-six horse*, the aggregate amount of which is $11,117. Of these there uas been recom mended to the Third Auditor twenty, amounting to $2,525; examined and requiring additional evi dence, thirty-eight, amounting to $3,515; not taken op eighteen. No claims for other property seized on that occasion have been presented to the Onarteixnahter General's office. Tbe number of horses token can only be estimated by the num ber included in tbe claim*- presented. FROM SPRIS G FIELD. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribone.] Sprisofiexd. HI.. January 11. TOT BESATOniAL QCES~IOK has excited but lltt'e Interest dating the day, but to-nignt. In anticipation of Judge Trumbull's ar rival at a late hour, activity and excitement is manifested in tbe ranks of both parties. Judge Trumbull's friends arc even mure exultant and coufidenlthan last night, while the Opposition show evident eigne of ill-temper. Of course they look for certain defeat A delegation from Kanka kee arrived here this evening, representing that Poet of the Grand Army of tne Republic, with a strong remonstrance against the election of Gen eral Palmer. GEKERAL PALMER'S LETTER. The dale of the letter from Genera) Palmer to Senator Trumbull, which has been circulated through the press, is a forgery. 1 have the highest authority for saying that it was written and sent to Judge Trumbull after tbe Freedmen’s Bureau and Civil Rights bills bad been introduced into the United States Senate. Who is the author of the forgery will probably be made known to tbe public. A CtncDLAR. The enemies of Senator Trumbull have issued a ciiculai, and distributed it liberally among the members of tbe Assembly, urging them to ask him a large number ot questions, among them, “Did not John M. Palmer suggest lo yon Ibc first section of tbe Civil Rights Bill, and did yon i.ot promise that yon would acknowledge such suggiktioo,and did not yon violate that promisor l Ibe answer to this question will be found in tbe exposure of Ihe forgery, as elated above. Tbe valance of the questions are of the same char acter. TUX BOX CHEATING A BOARS OF HEALTH FOE CDI- CAGO. A bill rf much importance to Chicago was in troduced icto tbe Senate this morning by Senator Ward. It contemplates the appointment of Health Commissioners, gives them powers that will effectually place the sanitary condition of Chicago In equally as good condition aa New YoJkCiiy. It rives tbe Commissioners power to form a quarantine, with large powers in cases of Imminent perils to life, and to arrest diseases of a pestilential and contagious character. Thu bill mil undoubtedly pass without opposition. RZ-ATPOETIONMXST OT TUB STATE. The- Senate also passed a joint resolution look ing to the appointment of a Committee to ro appoition the Stale into Senatorial and Represen tative Districts. THE AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE. The Senate passed a resolution that tbo Com misslonere who shall be appointed to locate the Agricultural College shall recognize no offers that au* not In greenbacks. United States bonds, State bends, or real estate subscription lists, un paid, will receive no attention. The expense of the Mate In icccivlng subscription lists on bids ot this character, has not been bucQ as to warrant a continuance of that course of proccedurc. THE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. The Constitutional Amendment will be taken up in the Bouse on Monday afternoon, and will be pm through before adjournment. GENERAL FATNE'S BILL. The bill introduced by General Payne, yester day, to pot a proviso in all railroad or other charters granted ot amended by the Legislature, that they shall he subject to legislation In regard to their tariff for freights and passengers, was taken np In the House Ibis afternoon. Mr. Bailey offered a substitute, subjugating the roads now inexistence to the same legislative control. A lengthy debate followed. Mr. Bailey spoke at some length in support of his substitute, saying that he did not disapprove of Genera) Payne's resolution, bat did not think it went lar enough, and In a pointed manner referrea to the irrespon sible and independent action of corporations created by this body. Mr. Stevenson opposed tbe substitute, doubting wbeihcr so sweeping an ac tion woold be supported by the Courts, Mr. Conkling also opposed It, as striking a severe blow at all corporations already in existence. Ho feaivd that It would be Indecu a fatal blow at all Improvements, by tho uncertainty It would create, and the fear that it would be interfering with their rights, keep capital out of all corporations, and blast the industry and enterprise of our State Consolidation of railroads sbontd be prevented, and new roads should he chartered aide by side with old ones, if possible, trusting to competi tion to bring down liSlffs, and these, he believed, would he the tree remedies. Ho deemed it impossible for any legislative body to establish a tailfftor railroad charges, and such an Impolitic tnle would be found more nnjast and oppressive than any now in existence. Mr. Epler moved to retcr both the original resolution and subs Rate to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Hinsmoor op , posed (ho reference, and said he would bo In fa vor of the adoption of both the resolution and substitute, as they did not cla?h with each other. As for the fear that capital would not seek invest ment In this State if such a law were passed, bo considered it alt moonshine. Gcuctal Payne ex pressed hlmselt in favor of both resolutions, and hoped the substitute would be temporarily with drawn so that both might be adopt ed. He thought that there could be no better time than the pres ent to tc*t the temper of the House In this matter, and said in answer to Mr. Cockling, that the zallroads hud bad this matter loft to them too long already, until half tbe produce of tbe State is consumed In its transportation. Mr. Wakeman said he warmly supported General Payne in his opposition to railroad monopolies, and was will ing this afternoon to place himself on tho record against tho .exorbitant charges of the railroads. The only way to control this evil, he believed, was the adoption of the section proposed by Gen eral Payne. Mr. Warren supported tbe motion tors reference, Mr. Childs next addressed tbe House in favor of the resolution, and reverting to the manner in which the lobby managed to squelch tho efforts against railroad monopolies in the last legislature, be urged discussion now.and for that purpose moved that the Uon-e go into Committee of ibe Whoienpon It. Mr. Bonn thought that at least all those mem bets who represented agrlcultnral districts felt themselves virtually Instructed by their constitu ents to labor for some restriction of railroad chargee. As an illustration of how cxorbitan: these charges ore now, he said lhat he had heard that the Illinois Central Railroad Company arc now shipping cattle East on halves. Ho thongbt nothing woold be lost by retonicg (he matter to tho Judiciary Committee. Mr. Green, of Hewitt, tald ho believed an act of the character proposed would be unconstitutional, nod would not be recognized by the Courts as valid. Tbe motion to go into Committee of tbe Whole was lost by a vote of IB ayes to 36 noes. On the question of reference to the Judiciary Committe, Mr. Bailey again spoke, and alter at length nttackiug the railroads for their extortion, and showing how useless would be tbe attempt to fight irresponsible corporations with other irresponsible corporations, be with drew bis resolution as a substitute, and moved i| as an amendment to accompany General Payne's original motion. Mr. Buyer was apposed to hasty action on the subject, saying that be did not fully understand it. Mr. Alexander understood gentlemen to express themselves as If they thought railroads were a great injury to the State, bat be could not sec what they objected to. People were not forced to ship their grain and ca’tle on the rail road and pay the high charges. They coold drive their hoes and cattle on foot to market, IT they wanted to. They were free, therefore he did not wish to see capital discouraged from Investment lr. railroads. Egypt wanted railroads, and he was from Egypt and such restrictions asthoec pro* posed would kill all their hopes. After some inrlber discussion and pending the decision of the question of reference, the Boose adjourned until to-morrow at 10 a. m. THE IXPEACmiZST 07 THE TBESIDENT. A resolution will be introduced into the iloose to morrow to endorse the recent action of Con gress, looking (o tbe impeachment of Andrew Johnson. CONVICTED. John Monroe and James Smith were convicted in the United States District Court to-day, for passing counterfeit money. ARQTVAL or JUDOS TECXBCXL. Jndge Trumbull has Just arrived and was warm ly received by hU friends. MATE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIS, (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Springfield, January 11 BOUSE. The House opened with prayer by Bon. Mi Bracer. Tbe SPEAKER announced the Standing Com mittees, as follows: standing cownrrm. Jt/dldorw—Conkllng, Bailey, Payne, Bond, Green of DeWltt, Bnun. Kpler, Knapp, Warren. AV«o«cf—Payne, Fox. Conkling. Eddy, Sellers, Alexander. Farrell, Uollowbusb, Withers. EUctiuht— Bovvycr, Taylor, Dlnsmoor. Cassell, Ycaaer, Sedgwick, ngnpa, Bccalcy, Macklln. J/iflfia—Bates, ITue, Bowyer, Fonda, Green, of Jo Daviess, Stevenson, Harlan, Dennis, Votls. Internal Improvements —blaccy, Aden, Moore, Euoch, Bond. Griggs, Farrell, Metz, Campbell. Canals and Canal Lcrdt— Clow, Singer, Cox, Baldwin, Sellers, Coe, Warren, Odell, Gregg. iWic Acts and Expenditures— Bonn, Wake max. Shepard, Stage, King, Leavitt, Johnson, Hlci-s, Knapp. Prtillea’iavy— Childs, Stacey, Wakcman, Clow, Smith, Fonda, Murphy. Shirley, Harlan. lianufaHuret and Agriculture —Griggs, Bald win, Eplcr. Bates, Farrell, Smith, Enoch, Childs, Reynolds. Atfi’forton-LeaTUt. Yeager, Hanna. Day, Griggs, Cornwell. Bates, Campbell. Bnmcr. C?own«—bbepavtl. Hewitt, Hay, Uutlbut, Ryan, Gray, Withers, Conkling, Macklln. Public Jlutldtng* ana Grounds— Smith, Conk ling. Allen, Ryan, Stacey, Shepard, Withers, Boeeley, Ricks. Sialt Heads— Jones, Clemens. Cox, Collins, Hinton. Tope, Dolan, Metz, Dennis. Coxn/tra—Giceo.ot DeWltt, Cassell, Fnnk,Coc, Jones. Hampton. Harlan, Pox,rope. JiunXs and Corporations— Dlnsmoor, Yeager, Moore, Caiey, McQalUard, True, Stevenson, Shir ’lcy, Filler. Jtauroadi— flurlbut, Payne, Alexander, Fonda, Wakcman, Eddy, Taylor, Strawn, Stage, Morphv, Knapp, Casey, warren. Jirtrenctimrnt —Greene, of Jo Daviess; Webber, King, Thompson, Sedgwick, Hampton, (Hallow bash, Campbell. Johnson. Etrolled ana Eng’o»ted BUls Alexander, King, Cox, Leavitt, Reynold*, Porker, Warren, Voris, Gregg. Federal delations —Bailey, McGolllard, Parker, Dlnemoor. Bond, Cassell. Warren, Banna. Casey. Slate Library —Reynolds, Pierce, Eddy, Bruner, McGalliard, True, Beceley, Coukilcg, Green or DeWlu. Mitcellanams— Ryan, Jones, Stage, Singer, Webber, Pope. Cornwell, Farrell, Odell. Swamp and Overflowed Lands— Sedgwick, Thompson. Hanson, Collins, Campbell, Dolan, Odell. Mflcilln. State Institutions— Baldwin, Singer. Oilman, Pierce, Cox, Hewitt, Farrell. Knapp, Epler. 'Ji ten slap OrgaiAtt'eon —Enoch, Strawn, Han son, Funk, Oilman, Webber, Dolan. Gregg. Geolclugical Surrey—Pierce, Bruner, Bowyer, Reynold*, Leavi’t, Stevenson, Kicks, Vods, Sharp. hinting— Parker, Chills, Bailey, Gorkina, Tay lor, Cornwell, Craig, Alexander. LXGIBLATTVX bspouts. •The reportodal question was called np and amended so as to employ Ely A Co. lo report the proceedings of both bonnes, not to exceed ten columns ol nonpareil per diem, at a coat of sixtv dollars per diem, tbe printing to be paid for >1 be rale of five dollars per column, lo tais form U was adopted. KEW CHARTED FOB MATTOCK. Mr. TRUE offered a petition fora newebaterr for Mattoon. Referred. nzsoLcnoKfl. Resolutions were adopted authorizing the print ing of 300 lists ot standing committees; also, authorizing the Speaker to appoint clerical a^dis unite. Mr. SHEPARD offered a resolution for the ap polnimcutof a special committee of seven, on .prlvatcchoitere. Laid on me table. Mr. REYNOLDS offered a resolution inquir ing of the Adjutant General regarding tbe condi tion of the battle flags, trophies ana military records. Mr GREENE, of DeWltt, offered a resolution directing the assignment of committee room*. Adopted. Mr. PIERCE offered a resolution requeuing the Speaker to appoint a Standing Committee of seven as a Committee on Insurance, to which -ball be relerred all bills relating to insurance, and that tl-ey report an act for the protection ot Uic Route against irresponsible Insurance com panies. Referred to Committee on Bonks and .'ornoratlt'Dfl Mr. P * Mr. PaYNE offered a resolution for tbc prist sg of private ollls at Ibe expense ol persona In (CK-sttu. I aid on the table. the Senate sent in a resolution for the printing of a manna', which, the rules being suspended, was concurred In by the House. Mr. PAiiKKR, 01 Kankakee, offered the follow ing: . . _ _.. . _ .. . . %’esotcfd, 1 hat the Judiciary Committee be in structed to inquire what legislation be necessary, it any, to enforce the provision of the charter of ilie Illinois Central Railroad Company, requiring that all lands remaining unsold at tbo expiration of ten yeans alter the completion of said road and launches, ►hall bo offered at public sale until ibe whole is disposed of. and the avails applied to tbe payment ot the outstanding bonds, and to report by bill or otherwise. Adopted. Mr. ALEXANDER ottered a rcsolntion requir ing :bc Judiciary Committee to make a change in tbe law for tbe registration of voters, so that only one registration lach sear shall be necessary, in stead ot before each election. Mr. WARREN offered a substitute directing tbo committee to report tbi expediency of repealing the registry law. Tbe substitute was tabled, ant tbe resolution was referred. LEAVE OF ABSENCE. brave of absence until Monday, was asked for by Messrs. Taylor ami Seilers. BILLS INTRODUCED. The following bills w vie introduced and referred assisted: Allowing Madison County to subscribe to cer tain roads and railroads to a total amount of slsS,UJo—Railroad*; for incorporation of tbe town 01 Lcmoyic—Corporations; to regulate cor porations and place them under tbe coutrol ot tbe General Assembly—Judiciary; to amend the act of incorporation of Freeport —Corporations; for endowment and maintenance of Illinois Industrial University—laid on the table ar.d printing ordcied; to appoint a state tntomologUt—Mannlkctaro amt Agrjcui mre; to cieate a State Board of Equalization of Taxes—Finance; to establish a Court ot Com- mon Pleas at CVnli alia—Judiciary; to incorporate the town of Kinmundy- Corporations; to incor porate the Union liido anil leather Company or Chicago—Corporations; to incorporate the West* cm Methodist Hook Concern of Chicago—Corner* aliens; to amend the act of incorporation ot the Norlhirti Railroad Company—Railroads; toestab- Hsh and maintain Public Schools in the town o' Oley—Education; regulating Courts ot Richland Connty and establishing Court of Pern—Judiciary, to amend sections twenty-fire and twenty six, statutes ol 1853—Judiciary: to prerent persons guilty of treason, rebellion. Insurrection, riot or sedition, trom bolding office or voting— Federal Relations; to amend ihoactofiucorpora tion of Cheater—Corporations; to permit the County of Alexander to make improvements—Cor porations ;to maintain the credit K of counties—re ferred to t omniiltcc on Finance; to incorporate Simpson Seminary and Collegiate Institute—Ed ucation; in relation to decision to supreme Court—Judiciary; to incorporate the Cnieagu Guarantee Association—Corporations; to incor porate the Evansville and Cairo PackctCompany —Corporations; to incorporate the Moline and Rock Island Horse Railroad Company—corpora tions; to provide for the erection of state House and public building .ncoporato the National luucoln Monument Association—refer red to Select Committee; to aid the National Uncoin Monument Association—same reference: to incorporate the Louisiana & Pike Itailroad Company—Railroads; to authorize the connty of Pike to subscribe to railroad stock—Railroads; to allow interested persons to testify—Judici ary : to amend chapter nine oftßevised Statutes— Jndiciaiy ; to Increase tbe number of Notaries Public in the State—Jndiciarv; to remove the county seat of Cass County—Counties; to amend the charter of the Peoria & Jacksonville Railroad t'ompany—Railroads; to pay (or work on State Penitentiary—Penitentiary; to incorporate tbc Jacksonville Railroad Company— itallroad: to incorporate tbc Jackson ville, Noithwefitern A Southeastern Kail* road LCompany—referred to Committee on Railroads; to authorize Morgan County to Issue bond* and borrow money—Finance: to Incorpo rate the Nqutoo and Terra Haute extension of the Pacific Railroad—referred to Committee on Rail roads : to divide ‘he (owns of Galesburg and West Galesburg— icier red to Committee on Township Organization; to endow and maintain tbc Illinois Industrial University—’aid on (he table and or dered to be Jprinted; to establish a S'ato road from Fairfield, Wayne County, to Clay City, Clav County—Railroads; to Incorporate the town of Colchcsttr, AlcDononch Coonty—Corporations; to facilitate travel and transportation—ltailroads; 10 amborize the corporation of McDonough County to make an appropriation to the Soldiers* Monument Association—Finance; to csta’Hsli a ferry across the Illinois River at Florence—Slate Roads; to incorporate Coilii collie, Vermillion County—Corporations; to change tbc time of holding coart mibe Tivcniy- Scventh Judicial Circuit—Judiciary; to aid In restoring tbo records of the Supervisors of Iro quois County, and to legalize the same when so restored—read three times and Put on its final passage, the consideration of it being a case of necessity, tbc icenrds of that county having been by fire in October last. . ending a decision of this question the House adjourned until two o'clock. AFTERNOON SESSION. BILLS IKTBODCCED. The special order was postponed, and tbe re ception of bills continued. To incorporate the city of Watcseka, county scat of Iroquois County—Corporations; ;o incor porate the town of Onorgo— Corporations; to in corporate the Bloomington A Normal Horse Rail road Company—Railroads; to Incorporate Win chester Seminary Association—Corporations ; to allow the County Court rtf Jersey County to levy a special tax—Counties ; to legalize tbs sale of swamp land- id the county of Crawford—Swamp I ju:Oh; to amend the City Charter of Kankakee— • Judiciary: in relation to tbc transportation ot grain—referred to tbc Committee on Railroads ; to regulate railroad tatifl, passenger and freight—referred to Commit tee on Railroads; to obtain the portraits of Abra ham Lincoln and S. A. HongUa—referred to Fi nance Committee; to amend the act authorizing Kendall County-Judiciary; to authorize the tormnuon of township Insurance comuauiea—Cor porations; to refund taxes levied from widows and orphans of deceased soldiers—Finance; to incorporate the Illinois Cotton Comoany of Chi cago—Corporations; to enable tbc people of Lee County to vote on the removal of the County Court—Counties; to incorporate the (own of fis kilwa— Corporations; to authorize a vote In Law rence County on the change of the county scat from Lawrcnceville to Bridgeport—Counties; fix ing the time of holding courts In Cook County— Judiciary; to incorporate the Chicago Astronomi cal Society—Corporations; to incorporate the Sate Deposit Company of Chicago—Corpora tions; to incorporate the town of Brighton. Macoupin County—Corporations; to amend the law of Dcscent—Judiciary; to provide for build ing asoldlcrs* monument in McLean—Counties; to authorize tbe town of Paduca, McLean Conn , ly, to levy bounty lax—Counties ; to amend the . act establishing Bloomington Public Schools— Eoncation; to Incorporate the Wyanet A Pood Creek Railway Company—Corporations; to in corporate tbe Princeton High School District— Education; to incorporate the townofEtlwood, Peoria County—Corporations: to construct horse railways in reotia—Railroads; to Incorporate tbeSoldlcie* Home of Chicago—Corporations; to incorporate tbe Lombcr Manufacturing Company of Chicago—Corporations; to Incorporate the German Masons* and Bricklayers* Society of Chi cago—Corporations ;to Increase the pay of Supervisors—Township regmate the pay oftown officers—Township Organization; to incorporate the German Christian Aid Society of Chicago—Corporations; to Incorporate the French Motnal Ucluf Society of Chicago—Corpo rations : granting a new Charter to tbc city of Belleville, St. Clair County—Corporations ; to in corporate the St. Louis, Louisville A iolono Rail road-Corporations ; to amend the drainage law— Township Organizations; to Incorporate the Quincy Board of Water Works—Corporations; to enable the city of Quincy to provide for public grounds—Miscellaneous Subjects; to fix tbe time of holding Courts in the Fifteenth Judicial DU trict—read three times, and passed; to incorpo rate the town of Gieenflelo, Green County—Cor porations ; to repeal the Registry law of !S*>s—lu diclary; to incorporate the Alton A Upper Alton UorseßailwayCoropanj—Railroads : to incorpo rate the Alton Horticultural Society—Corporations; in addition to the bills thus reported, there were a great nnmber of local and private bills also Introduced and referred to the appropriate com mittees. cbNsrrrrnoßXL axe.vdkekt. The Senate m cm ape adopting the Constitutional Amct dmcnt was made the special order for two o'clock p. m. Monday. COKCmVZKO HAXLBOADS. The special order of the day. General Payne's anil-railway monopoly resolutions, subjecting railway companies to snch amendment of theft charters as will place them nsder control of the General Assembly, now cam'* np. Mr. BAILEY oflrrcd the lollowing substitute; Jfetoittdy That the Judiciary Committee be In* strncted to prepare and report a bill for a general act subjecting all charters and laws authorizing the formation of corporations. Inclndirc those or the present General Assembly, to alteration, amendment, or repeal, by the General Assembly, whenever the General Assembly shall see fit to cxcidsc snch power, and subjecting all corpora tions hereafter formed in all respects to the future lenfsiauve control ot the General Assembly. This resolution, added to Ibo original motion, elicited a lengthy discussion. In which Messrs. BAIIJSY, DINSMOOR, General PAYNE and a number of other members attacked the railroads for their exorbitant tariS, and pointed ont tbc Im perative ncecstlly for a reform. fho substitute was at length put In the form of an amendment so that both the resolutions might he adopted together. Fending a motion to refer to the Jod clary Com mittee, the House adjourned until to-morrow, at 30 o'clock, in thefoccnon. SENATE. The Senate opened with prayer by the Rev. Dr. David? on. Nr. being absent when the vote on Ibo Censlltutlonal Amendment was taken, he de sired bl* name to be recorded. Leave beinggiven, he voted no- . , Mr. EASTMAN presetted a petition from John Jones, Solon Nickerson and one thousand others, citizens of Chicago, praying the l egislature to agree upon an amendment to the Slate Couelita- Uon abolishing all distinctions of political tights on account of color. Mr. ADDAMB presented Millions from D. C. Warner and ulna hundred others, praying toe re lict from the railroad monopoly. n Mr. McOONNELL, from the Judiciary Commit- CHICAGO. SATURDAY. JANUARY 12. 1867. reported favorably on the bill to interpolate Jacksonville Mining company. Tne report accented and the bill passed, icjomi resolution to emploj Ely, Burnham & official abort-bond reporters of the Assembly laid over nr til 10 o'clock a. m. to-morrow. tee. p thedi was t Th( Co. o uas 1 Mr. FORT called cp hla resolution on the pro* fioscd amendment to the Constitution of Illinois n relation to tbe Illinois Central Railroad Com* paty. Ordered printed. Mr. HEILY called np his resolution Inquiring of tbe Secretary of State why he had cot complied with the Infractions of the General Assembly to print and bind tbe lowa of tbe last session. He lerred to Committee on Printing. Mr. HEILY also called no his resolution rela tive lo Insurance Companies, and made a brief speech on the subject. The resolution was re ferred to tic Judiciary Committee. Mr. TfNCIIEU introduced a resolution to ac cept the invitation from the Great Western Hail rood Company to take a special train for Jackson ville, to visit tbe State institutions, at an early day. Adopted. BILLS omiODCCZO ASD BERBBZS. The following bills were Introduced and appro priately referred: To regulate corporations, and make them sub ject ’othe control of the General Assembly; to legalize the Quincy RaWioad Bridge Company, ami encourage the building of a bridge over the Mltblealppl River; to define the duties of the Commissioner to locale the Industrial University; one In relation to the same University; to amend the charter of (he Illinois Agricultural College; to incorporate the city of Carbondale; for the re lief of widows and orphans of soldiers, who have dkd in ibe service of the United States, In Craw ford County. Ur. EASTMAN introduced ablll to provide for tbe organization and protection oftbe Chicago Polytechnic College, which was ordered to be printed; joiomlth the State Library; to transfer the surplus of the interest laid; to amend the act In coiporatlng the town of Upper Alton; to amend the charier of the Illinois Mutual Eire Insurance Company; to repeal the Bigamy Act of ISS-1; to incorporate the Lafayette, Bloomington & Missis sippi Railway Company ; to change the corporate limits of Litchfield: to incorporate the Moline & ItocU Island Hone Railroad Compsov: to amend the act incorporating the Rock Island Railway Company; to Incorporate the Rock Island Woollen Manufacturing Company. Recess till two p. m, AFTERNOON SESSION. The following Mila were Introduced: To create a Sanitary District and Board of Healthin Chicago; ordered printed; to amend the Tom ship Organization act; to Incorporate the town of JaTerson, Cook County; for the relief of the town of Nile-, Cook County, for money ex ported for soldiers; to incorporate the Sevcnesk Amerikana, of Chicago; to incorporate the Floe Art Coll'ge. of Chicago; to Incorporate the Father Matthew Total Abstinence Society, of Chi* cago; to amend the act Incorporating the Young Men’s Christian Association, of Chicago; to regu late the payment of interest on the Scholl College fund. school or nsronat. Mr. CHITTEND EN presented a scries of resolu tions from the Hancock Sabbath School Teachers* Convention relative to the evil results of impris oning young people in the penitentiary, and rec ommending that a school be established for the leloimaiton of such criminals. Referred to Com mittee on State Institutions. sematouiai ptsrnicTd. Mr.-MUNN introduced a resolution providing for the appointment of a committee of seven, three 1 from the Senate and four from the Douse, to re-dls'rict tnc State into Senatorial Districts. Laid over under the rule. CHICAGO XAUINB HOSPITAL, The Committee on Federal Relations reported that the bill ceding certain lands in Cook County for a United States Marine Hospital had been cor icciiy tngrosicd and submitted to the Governor for his approval. TQICD HEAD ISC 01* BILLS ■ The following bills were called for a third reading: To amend an act incorporating the Chicago Historical Society—passed; to amend tbc act incorporating the Momlccllo Female Seminary, so as to prohibit whiskey shops from being established within one and a half miles from the college building. After a lengthy de bate, participated in by Messrs. WEBSTER, METCALF, FORT, COHBS and CHITTEN DEN, the bill was amended so as to prohibit whiskey selling within one mile from the college, and, as amended, passed by 1!) ayes to C nays, to incorporate the chalkßankForry Company. Prov’des for the establishment of a ferry across the Mississippi River at Jackson County, ucd ex empts it from paying a llaense. Recommitted to the Judiciary .•ommUtee. The bill to incorporate the Kankakee & Iro quois Navigation Company was recommitted to the Judiciary Committee. The senate adjourned to Monday at ten o'clock WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to the Chlcaso Tribane.] Madison. Wis., January 11. Both houses of the Legislature after brief ses sions to-dav, have sdjonrned (o Monday evening, and many of the members are already revisiting their homes after a very brief absence. SENATE. In the Senate a resolution was Introduced. and referred to the Committee on Federal Relations, ratUying the Constitutional Amendment pro posed by Congress at the last session. A resolution was introduced requesting the Committee on Finance to ascertain wbat National Banks bad tailed to pay the taxes assessed on them, am what measures had been taken for their collection, and to obtain ihe opinion of the Attorrey General whether such collection could be enforced. A resolution Inviting the resident elergv to offi ciate as Chaplains, was adopted with out three dissenting votes. The Assembly memorial to Congress for pec* tione to toe soldiers of Ibli! was concurred in. Tlio Governor’s cominanoris for Regents of the formal Schools were onnnlmonely confirmed, as lollowa: W. JS. Smith, of Pox Labe; John E. Thomas, of Sheboygan, reappointed; Henry l.incp, of Oshkosh, in place of Silas Chapman, of Milwaukee, and Nelson Williams, ol Stoughton, Dane County, In place of Julios T. Clark, re signed, ASSEMBLY, The Assembly voted ten dollars In stamps all around, and elected the somewhat notorious po litico-clerical elder N. A. Spooner, of Waukesha, Chaplain for ibe station. Bills were imrodcccd requiring Town Treasur ers to pay over to Coumy Treasurers Ibe fall amount of (axes collected at the same time they make rc’um of uncollected taxes: Increasing the amount allowed members for stationery to ♦CO, and limiting them to State papers; fixing eight hours as a legal day's work. A resolution fur the appointment of a Commit tee on Lumbering, which was finally referred, elicited eotne debate. The committee? for the Assembly will probably be ancourced on Monday. The first law oi the session to amend the charter of Dclavau was published 10-dav. INDIANA.

[Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Indianapolis, Isd., January 11. JOINT CONVXKTION. The Senate met at two o’cloc* and proceeded to the ball ot the House to bear the Governor read the message. SENATE. Mr. Bennett proposed the Joint resolution rati fying the Constitutional Amendment. Passed to a second reading. Mr. Cullen uflered a hill establishing a home for the sick and disabled soldiers. Passed to a second reading. Mr. Bel'any introduced a bill making eight hours, instead of ten, a day’s work for appren tices. Mr. Onllen introduced a bill for taking care of (lie property ol drunkards. It provided that the court before which any person is convicted of confirmed drunkenness, may appomt a?gnardlan. and the Inebriate may reclaim bis rights npon total abstinence for twelve months. Pas red to a second reading. Mr. Nile* offered a resolution appointing a committee of five xnembeis and seven Repre sentative* to confer npon the establishment of a Uonse of Refuge for juvenile offenders. Passud to a second leading. Mr. Bennett introduced a bill apportioning the state for representative purposes. Passed to a second reading. A bill wa* offered antborizing County Cotnmis ; siontrs to organize Turnpike Companies. Adjourned to two o'clock Monday. HOUSE. Tbc House met at two,o'clock. The report or tbo Auditor of State, In reference to tbe enumeration of voters, was presented. ibc Senate assembled with the House In Joint convention to bear Governor Morton’s message. Opened with prayer by Kev. M. Heckman. Ibe Governor then read tbo message, after which the joint convention adjourned. Tbc House eras called to order, and as tbe Speaker bad cot time to arrange the standing committees adjourned to Monday at two o’clock. 3UCHIGAS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbime.l Lansing, January 11. SENATE. The following tills -were reported and referred to Committee of the Whole and placed on the gen* eral order; To extend the time ol completion of the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad; to author ize local aid to railroad irom Detroit to Fore Wayne. Tbe following bills were introduced, read, and referred; To authorize the State Treasurer to surrender the bonds neposlted as security for cir cnlation of certain State banka ; reauthorize local aid to the Peninsular Railroad, and to the railroad from Battle creek to tbe Indiana State Line In Cass County; to eccnrc uniformity in election returns; to amend compiled laws relative to the dlstrtbu- Uon of empltu funds in the State Treasury. SOUSE. Memorial from the Slate Board of Agriculture deprecating the destruction ol forests, and favor ing iheir preservation, and the cultivation of trees as protection against hurricanes. Referred to Special Committee. The following bills were reported and referred to Committee of the Whole, and placed on the general order: To amend section ten ol the act of 131*1, to reorganize Agricultural Colleges ; for the iclici of tbe town of Oshtomo, Kalamazoo Coun ty : relative to a grant of landln aid of the Min eral Range Railway; bill to legalize (be action of tbe towns of Marquette and Chicolay in the con struction of a macadamized road: to provide for the payment ot members and officers of the Leg islature. The following bills were introduced, read twice, and referred: To amend tbe law remitiiogthe spe cific lax on mining companies of the Upper Fen In sula: to amend section 2131, compiled laws, relative to the acknowledgment of deeds; to amend section 95. chapter 12, eomnlled laws, relative to compen sation of townshib officers; to repeal act 273, laws ot ISIS, relative to payment of taxes to township treasurers. Mr. Boise, of Lenawee, introduced a resolution approving the action of Coogro-a in passing the Suffrage Bill over the President's veto. Adopted by a party vote. Mr. Newcomb's resolution to sustain Congress in tbe impeachment question was adopted oy a parly vote. Mr. Bonisc's Impeachment bill and Roc'dwood's resolution favoring a tariff lor the protection of tne lumber, mining and farming interests, were referred to the Committee on Federal Relations, BimESOTA. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Pact, January 11. T 1 c House was not in session to-day. A bUi was introduced to the Senate fixing iho pay of members at five dollars per day. Instead of three os heretofore, and presiding officers and chief clerks at seven dollars instead of sis. Both Uutuue have adjourned until Monday. KANSAS. {special Despatch to the Chicago Tribnn%] Topeka, Kansas, January 11. The Senate passed the House Jcmt Resolution ratifying the CotutßaUonal Amendment, by • unanimous vote. The question of imecdlnff the CooalUutioa tQ s’nke oat iLe word white, wad discussed, sud postpored till 'i'baTß'.’ay next. The Bouse .passed tbo concurrent rosolnilon in relation to raising the salary of District Judges. A bill was introduced lo prerent the bringing of Tea as cattle into the Slate. ■the Committee on Agriculture were Instructed to inquire Into the crpcdlency of creating a board ol medical men to inquire isto tbe nature, origin, etc., of the Spanish fever among cattle. A Government Commission In connection with (be Chief of the Kansas tribe, is now selecting homes forall Kansas Indians In the Indian coun- try, at tbe South. Iti« believed that in one rear so tribal organizational} exist in the State. PENNSYLVANIA. ITAimnmpno, Jan nary 11.—In the Senate, to-day, in th«? case of the aliened corruption and bribery, Mr. Lowery, Chairman of the Committee, said the committee bad nototng to report. The names of Senators, Representatives, and other well known gentlemen bad been mentioned in connection with these ebarsce, bat when the persons named wcie brought before ibe committee and sworn, they Lad not a scintilla of evidence to give which could in any way raise even the presumption of gpllt on the part of either of the candidates for United States Senator. MAINE. Aroma, Ke., January 11.—The Maine House of Representatives ratified the Constitutional Amendment to-day by a vole of 124 to 12—toe latter, with two exceptions, were Democrats, the former were ill Republicans. Tbe Honsehsa passed a bill granting authority toAugusia to expend s2oo,Ouu in perfecting the sale of tbe fine water privilege In Uns city to the Messrs. Sprague, of Rhode Island. MASSACHUSETTS. _ Bosrow, January 11. In the House this afternoon an order was Intro duced to luqnlre into tbe expediency of abolishing the reading and writing qualifications of voter*. U was referred to tbe Committee on the Judiciary. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. 1 Washington, January 11. SENATE. Mr. SUMNER presented a petition of loyal citi zens of Arkansas for superseding the present State Government, and asking Congress to de clare the twenty-five loyal States the only compe tent ones to pass upon the Constitutional Amend ment. Referred to the Committee on Recon struction. Mr. WADE, from the Commilleeon Territories, reported favorably on ihe bill to amend the act Oigamzlng the Territory of Idaho. Mr. LAKE introduced a bill to amend the act provtblngfor enrolling and calling out the mitltla. Referred. On motion of Hr. GRIMES, the Committee on Naval Affairs was requested to Inquire into the expediency of closing the Norfolk Navy Yard and placing the public propei ty there under the charge of the Commandant of the Marine Corps. The Pension Bill was discussed without action till the expiration of the morning hour. The bill regulating the tenure of office was taken np. Several amendments Were discussed, and two adopted, which wcie ordered printed. The TatlS Bill was reported, and LOW copies ordered printed. Executive session adjourned to Monday. HOUSE. Tlic regular order ot business, the SPEAKER announced, would be the consideration of bills of a private character. Mr. DELANO, of Ohio, from tbc Committee on Claims, reported a lot of private bills, which were laid on the table without wading. A number of other private bills were consid ered. Mr. ASHLEY reported from the Committee on Territories a snbsti'ulc for the North Carolina Reconstruction Bill, wLlch was ordered printed and recommitted. Mr. GARFIELD moved to postpone all prior orders, and take np the bill grouting additional compensation to clerks and employes hi tbs civil service. Not agiced to. Mr. DEI.ANQ, of Ohio, from the Committee on Claims, reported lavoruldy on the bill for me re lief of James Hooper, of Baltimore City, it au thorizes the Secretary efthe Navy to pay claimant fIU.KO for the loss ol the bark General Barry, which the Government bad chartered to convey bay and straw from New York to Fortress Mon rce in iSfi-t, and which was captured and destroy cu by tbc rebel steamer Florida. A lengthy re port accompanied tbc bill. At Mr. DELANO’S suggestion the bill was laid over and placed on the private calendar. He also laid before the House a communication presented to the Quartermaster's Department from the citi zens ofludiada making a claim for boreeslost du ring Morgan’s raid. Referred to the Commit tee on military Adairs. On motion of Mr. DELANO, tbc Ilonso resolved Itself into a committee of the Whole on ?ha pri vate calendar, Mr. BROOMALL ot Pennsylvania, In the chair. The bills on Ihe private calendar were read in Committee of Ihe Whole, and the consideration of all but six were objected to. The Committee (hen rose and bills were passed for tbc relief of Rear-Admiral Hiram I’auidin', Tim othy Lcycor, Johnson A. Dawson, E. A. Blanch ard, Henry Ruad and Norman J. Hill. The House resolved Ltscll into Committee cf the Whole on the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Appropriation BliLThe pea ding question was upon the ameuoment reducing the appropriation tor the purchase and distribution of seeds by the Depart ment of Agriculture, from $30,(100 (o $15.000. Sev eral other amendments were offered and discuss ed, but finally the Doiu'c adjourned without taking any action on the bill. Itwiilcomo np for further consideration after tbc morning nonr to-morrow. CANADA. Disposition ol the Condemned Fenian Prisoners—flow Lyncli llccclvcd ilie News of tbe Commutation of tils Sen tence—Trial of Ollier Fenians 'ifmntliy Kilcy Convicted and Sen tenced to bo Boused iTlarcli sth Grand Parade of Troop*. 4 CSpccisl Despatch to the Chicago Tribanc.] Toronto, January 11. Tbo sentences of Lynch, Fatter Mcilahoo and others hero have been commuted to twenty years' imprisonment in tie penitentiary, and they will bo removed to Kingston shortly. They arc kept here now only to give evidence in the cases ol others. On Lynch's sentence being announced to him, be said it was grea er tban be expected, ami that long before the twenty years were tip, the Fenians wonld bavc possession of Canada and England, and the power in America would be gone. Ihe trial of the other prisoners commenced to day before Judge Morrison. Timothy Kiley was tbs first one tried, no fongbr at Jtldgeway, was wounded, and was after wards found hidden in a bam near Fort Erie. The trial lasted only about five bours. He was well defended. The Jury returned a verdict of guilty. Ills I<oidsbip sentenced him to be banged on the 51b t.f March. ' John Smith, another one of the prisoners, was then tried and acquitted. There are aboot thirty to he tried yet. Most ol them, it la thought, will be tonnd guilty and sen tenced to death. None <*lll he executed. The entire garrison paraded to-day in honor of ihe arrival he.-e of General Slatci, the new com mander of this district. The torcee here arc the Thirteenth Hussars. Seventeenth Intanlryaud two batteries ot Royal artillery, besides volunteers. THE TESTERS ASSOCIATED PRESS. Details of the Kew Contract Between the New Xork Axwclated Press and the "Western Associated Press* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trioanc.l New Yobs, .January 11. Uxc negotiations between the New York Asso ciated Press and the Western Associated Press have finally been completed, and the articles of agrccmcnisigncd hy the representatives of each side. The New York Association bave conceded all the points demanded by the Western Press, me Independence and equality of the latter arc folly recognized. The former withdraws its agents from all the territory west of Pittsburgh and cast of Colorado, and cedes complete news jurisdiction tbezeln to the Western Press. The New York Press contracts with the Western Press lor an exchange of news on fair and equi table terms. Ibe Western Associated Press will collect all Us news within the West to suit Itself, and retains the privilege to obtain specials from any part of the world, and to man age all its own affairs without dictation or Inter ference. All business with the New York Press will be conducted through its Board of Directors or Executive Committee, with the Directory of the New York Association. The Western Press will pay twenty-two per cent of the cost of cable de spatches, and twenty per cent of California, bait Lake and Denver news. Negotiations have been opened with the Ocean Cable Company for cheaper rates and fallerfdespatchcs ;? also, with the Western Union Company for fuller California and Rocky Mountain despatches. A favorable con ract baa been concluded with the Telegraph Com pany for the collection and die»ribotioa of press news, the quantity to be increased and forwarded earlier to the morning paptre. The Western Press have obtained everything they really wanted on liberal terms, as to cost, quantity and privileges. The late two months' contest has resulted in great POOO. J. II ED ILL. Card from Mr. Craig. To yew York Editors and Agents: New Vons, January 12.—The public statement o( Messrs. Halstead, Medill and Smith for tbe Western Associated Press, of Mr. Prime lor the New York Associated Press and of Mr. Marble of the World, for the United Slates Asso ciated Press, that a compromise, honorable and satisfactory to all parlies in interest had be-n ef fected, readers it unnecessary for me to re ply to ihe nntrnthtul ano silly statements of those who ate seeking to convey the idea that we offered to abandon tbe field as general news reporters. So tar is this from being true that at the moment we censemed to retire, the very ex istence of the Associated Press was. in the esti mation of our friends and in ihe estimation of at least twoofthelesdingmcmbers oftbeAsaoclatiou, in oor hands. We retired eimolj because we were tendered everything lor'which we made contract for an Associated Press, it is understood and agreed that the Western Associated Press shall control! all news matter In tbe West, and Southwest, and thev have placed their business In the hands of my friend George B. Hicks. The monopoly of the news re ports for tbe benefit otiba Bulletin and the APa f'c/i/'omia is to cease at the end of sixty Jays, and in the meantime onr newspaper friends at San Francisco arc to bare the Associated Press reports at Chicago, free of expense. All the news paper? that have taken onr reports. Sooth and West, arc to receive tbe reports of the Associated Press upon as bvorahle terms In every respect as the papers that have been receiving the reports ot the Associated Press. The most competent agents will be selected to serve the Associated Press* The New York Associated Press will not compete with ns in the commercial reporting business, and we shall not compete with them in the general news reporting business. lam thor- ODcbly well satisfied with mv position, and am not m a codttion to re unite the condolence of my friends or tbe public. We shall now proceed at once to organ ic an Association for conducting the business of commercial news reporting by telegraph hourly betveen all the commercial cities ol Europe and Amelia, and for the transaction ot this business no shall enjoy the extraordinary telegraphic facil ities under long commote, with all the principal telegraph lines of the world. • D. U. Cnaio. General Agent. FROM BOSTON. movements In aid or tlao SnfTerera in Candla. *• Boston, January 11 —lt is announced that if Breton raters SSC,tOi for the saCcrera In Canais, 1 r. £. O, Howo will go to Candta at his own ex pense to ete that the snxn la properly distributed Motor Norcroea has consented to retire coniri- ballons at the City Hall, and a committee will be in attendance at the Merchants Exchange to-mor row fo? ibe frame purpose. It is thought the sum will be raised cosily. FBOM IS DIAS ATOMS. Republican Caucus fNomination of United States Senator—CoTernorfflor ton Becelve* the Nomination With but Nine DlMcntlhff Vote*—Action of the State Board of Agrtcnftiire. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnbtme.7 Jjtdiaxapoijs, SanUMTJ 11. The Republican members of the Legislature met In cancos this evening to nominate a candi date Tor Utilled Slates Senator. A select cancos was held last night, and a caucus organization madeto continue daring the whole session. Son* ator Mill Com back was elected Chairman, and Representative W. H. Peel*?, of Wayne. Secre tary. After some discussion the cancos adjonrned to meet again to-night. It accordingly assembled in the hall of Jibe Donee at seven o’clock, and was called to order by chairman cnmhacfc, when Jas. Hughes, Rep resentative from Monroe, rose and offered the fol lowing teeolutlon: Jittoltfd, That Oliver P. Norton be, and h« Is hereby chosen and nominated as the candidate of this meeting or Union members of the Legislature of Indiana Tor United Slates Senator, and that all memoers In the vote on the participation passage of this resolution hereby pledge him their sup port. Senator Cravens immediately rose and stated that he could not rote on the resolution as It was worded. lie could not support the candidate, and took hie bat and overcoat and loft the door, retiring to the lobby, where he watched the pro ceedings. Hon. M. Shney called for the ayes aadnoea on the passage of the resolution, which were order ed, and the result was ayes eighty-seven, nays nine. Senators Ctbvpwo ~p *-•*- Senators Cravens, of JcChrson, and Kinlej, of Wayne, and Hcprcscniatlves Branham and Lib eon, of Jeflcrson, declined to vote. Ttc announcement oftlje vote was erected with load applanse, and the cancua adjourned till Wednesday evening neat. Governor Morton was called npon at the Eiccn live Chamber by troops ol friends, and heartily ecnsratnlated upon tee handsome vote be bad received. The Governor said: • “Gentlehei,—l have been here six years, and have done my best for Indiana, anil assure you that yon shall not have cause to regret vour con fidence.” The election for Senator takes place on Tues day, the 22d Instant, in accordance with act of Congress. Ran. Voorhcca will prob ably rcC'ivr the empty compliment of the fow Democratic votes on that occasion. They State Board of Agriculture adjourned to day. 'i hey passed a resolution to oiler a premium ui tI.OCO at the next Slate Fair for the £asl ect trotting stallion, mare or gilding, open to all the wond. Propositions will be received by the Board until ihe 6th of next April from the various towns of toe State, for the location of the next The Immortal philosopher J. U., is in Che city Irteh from bis interview- with Jed. Davis, and Is expected to moralize him for the truth's sake on Thuisday next, by being bound iu chains. He will he in yourchy soon afterwards. FROM. LOUISVILLE. An Interview with, the Arkansas Dele gation—llow They were Received In 'Washington—General Grant's Opin ions—A Decision by the Kentucky Court of Appeal*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] loiiiMUE. January 11. I have bad a long and umcaeivcd conversation with the Arkansas delegation, direct from Wash ington, where they went to confer In regard to the admission ol the State. The Committee consist ed of General Gantt. John R. Fell.aud R. C. New uii. They think the impi-aclmieut scheme will be wholly abandoned or defeated, and say that Cong;essmen are overwhelmed with letters pro testing acn'nsl impeachment. Ihe Committee feona the .President firm In the determination to see equal Justice meted out in every state. Tno delegation also met at tnc dinner laolcof Secre tary toward. General Grant, who was un political metiers, frankly stated to them that tic knew nothing of political aflairs, and was wholly ignorant of the sophistries of politicians regarding the Constitutional Amendment The General declined to express any opinion as to Us justice, constitutionally or expediency, but he said he would like for at least one Southern State to adopt it as an experiment, to see if (beir Senators and Representatives would be admitted to seals in Congress, at tbc asms nine expressing the opinion that they would be admitted. Ue also stated that at the commence ment of Congress he urged upon prominent mem bers If they intended to mase the adoption on the part ol Southern States of the Amendment the condition precedent to readmission, they ought to pass a resolution to that Direct, solemn ly pledging Congress to receive the Senators and Representatives who wore elected to that body. 1! they did not take some such step, they coaid not expect Southern people to take a step tnat ' might be preliminary to others that would lead them they knew not where. On the negro sufitage question he was more de cided, stating that he believed that was a question that should be Kir wholly and entirely with the people of the several States. That Congress, in Uls opinion, bad no right to interfere in that mai ler, and emphatically declared if the ques tion came np in Illinois, and be were there to vote, he would certainly vole against it. But he said something to the effect that it bo were in one of the Soutncrn States he believed ho would vote for it, lor he was satisfied be could march tbc niggers up to the polls to vote them as ho pleased, and would thus he gaining instead of losing political power. They called upon lhad. Stevens and sny he insulted them. Last winter Mayor Lamppert was impeached and depo-ed for official contumacy. Ue sought legal redress, and tbc Court of Appeals decided against imposcbmejit. This creates consterna tion among the police, bondholders and people, a? appointments and heavy financial matters or ganized by Mayor LRbgow become illegal, and will require special legislation to make them valid. J2TWAIT BUOTIIEKM, Advcrtislns Ae'ta 126 I»enrborn»*l., receive advertisements 'or nil ibe lending pnpcia throughout the Called SlalcitiDil Cnnaniiv, Slrt association. TEE SELLING OFFICES OF THE CROSBY ART ASSOCIATION WILL BE Open ontil 10 O’clock P. 91. 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Miss Dopp, baring had a long experience la hospital as veil as la private CamllW as Ladies’Norse, feels sauted ste can give tbe best satisfaction as an experi enced, faithful and prudent nurse. best of recommendations produced and references given. _ _ . „ .. Bcspicttuhy rcleia to Dr. Albert Davis, Resident Physician St. Lute's Hospital, New York City; Dr. Cbailes M. Packard, Visiting Physician St, Luke’s Hospital. N. T. city; Dr. It. L. Parsons, Resident Pny sician. N.T.Cltj Lunatic A-ymm.BlacKwcU's Island; Pev, Zetus tcarle*!U'J East llnny-sccond-st.. Ntw Toik City. Kcto ffuiilicattons, 'J’llE PHRENOLOGICAL JGURNA FOB JANUARY, 1867, Begin* a New Volume, and contains graphic Sketches and excellent Portraits ol Bistort, .the Tragedienne; ••Tom” Hughes, the great English Belonner; “Father Front,”tbe great Journalist,acd.olhers. ATeo.Edn c*tlon,.by John Neal; Two Careers of Womanhood, with Portrait* of the Good and the Bad; Our Neigh bor, by Mrs.Wyllls; Ethnology, or the Aborlrina- Graphic Systems, toy K. O. Sguler; TbeUeaveaJy Chronometers, and much other instructive reading. Only 20 cents, or fl a year. Now Is the lime to sub scribe. Address, FOWLER & WELL?, 359 Broadway, Sew Tort. QB,.VSSXEBHHEWB. COMPANY, CHICAGO. THE SPIRITUAL REPUBLIC. A Weekly Journal, deroted to Radical Reform. Published at S 4 Daarbornst. Address 'J. O BARRETT* Drawer 6339, Chicane* lb- Specimen coplcs-aeat free. ATT FOK THE BEST. Wc will publish a work by Hex. Alzxasdxb 11. Sr: pnxxs, of Georgia, entitled A History of the Wax between iho States- Tracing lis Origin, Causes and Uesnlts,” Mr. Stephens’ name is a sufficient guarantee that this «til be T3B btajtdabd BISTOBT of the late war, and all wbodeatee tbe most uliabls and couplets work, thould await its testis. NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO„ No. 907 Minor-su. Philadelphia. Fa. hoofing. 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Stfwtln* Accommodations tor Ererr One, and a pcriecf View of the Imposing dcone. THE GREATEST SIGHT Et« Witnessed In Chicago. At a quarter before 9, (dm bogle can,) the ice win be cleared of all bat the ma*q«eradei». Atfeis, the Staters will again take the ice and Join the merry circle. * At wo, (second tingle; can.) sQ masts win be re moved. DOORS OPEN AT y P. H. Randolph Cara will puss il-a door every five ninnies. Those wishing to come in costume Tin be admitted tree, on registering their names, and procuring tickets, at Johnson's State Depot cr at the Kink. AbHLKGTON SKATING PARK. LAST DAT ofthe BENEFIT WEEK FORT.TE City Relief Fund! Z.ADZ22B* CAHNIVAX. This AiTERNOOK A EVENING. BEAUTIFUL ICE. FULL Great Western Light Guard Bond AFTERNOON AND EVENING - staters should tare advantage ot this KOONIAGRT EVENING And skate at the “tTastfegtotu" Grand Masquerade and Fancy Costume Carnival* Ttmadny Evening, January VUh. QEKTRAL PA UK. MOONLIGHT AND MUSK! t o.y i. ght. OGDEN SKATING PARK. A Splendid Sheet of New Ice. Open Afternoon and Evening. Thcrc-JflD be » Match GaEe of Baec Ball between the**ATT.ANTIC. .T*V and “EXCEtiIOB, Jt,” 02 SATCKBAVAFTERNOOH. at S o’clock. FULL BAND IN ATTENDANCE. bio TiinvG ors' ice; . ABASH-AV. RINK! THE GREAT UNION DANO WILL PLAY AV T2H Saturday Carnival, this Evening* JJEAUTIFDL Moon and Music, at Central, TO-?i I GHT. lectures. yoraii MEN'S ASSOCIATION LECTURES. THEODORE TILTOH, Editor of tlie New Tort Independent, one of the molt eloquent speaker? and writers in this country, and a fearlti* Champion of Freedom and the h'cbt, will do* Utct a Lecture entitled “ THE CORNER ST9HE OF HE CONSTRUCTION,-’ On Monday Evening, January 14, AT CEOSBYS OPEBA HOUSE. Commencing at 8 o'clock. Ticket* r-0 cent*; Reserved Scat* 25 cents extra. tWThea&leof reserved leal* will commence alO o’clock unSATURDAY MORNING. January lain at the Ticket office of Crosby'* Opera IToaae. A. C. McCXUHO, Corresponding Secretary •• Y. M.A.” patents. A N£W BURNER. THE BRILLIANT LIGHT! LIGHT! The Last and Best Invention. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner! Glass Chimneys dispcascil wlib. A atnuly, brilliant l.isbi. cunnl to i.asi to bsra oralnary Kerosene. ADAPTABLE TO AM LAMP. “To Soe is to bo Convinced^* f3T State and County Rights for sale by A. K. SLOAN, Adams Ilonee* pAUD’S PATENT BBICK MACHINE. Office and mannactory 3.1 South Jefferson-ft. Pm Information and descriptive elrcmiar^addrws^^^ 33 South JeflcrscD-sL. Chicago. iixtrart of Ucef. 'J’RT TOURTELOT’S EXTRACT OF BEEF, For Family Use.. INVALIDS. AND DYSPEPTICS, Should not fall to sw 11. For sale by all Druggists and Grocers. ffionsigwmentg. QOABSE SALTFOR PACKERS’U6E. 5000 btuh. Coarse Foreign Salt. lOUObxliNew York tO. fur sale In lot* as wanted. iy UNDERWOOD A CO. "PVRESSED HOGS.—WE GIVE PAK- I / TICCLAR ATTENTION to the sale ot Dressed Bogs, and always see that each Hog Is correctly weigh ed, Advances uoerally made oo shipments. Welgnt lists and stencils furnished when desired. Office No. S 3 La*alle«fft* E. V. BOBBINS & CO. QASH ADVANCES Made on Shipments of PROVISIONS & DRESSED HOGS To New York. Also, on PROVISIONS IN STOKE. JOSEPH B. PHELPS, CALTPETRE. °CHUDE SALTPETRE, For Packets’.use, loraale by JOSEPH B.PDELPJ?, 15 Cb amh cr of Coameroe. fHacSinrts. T'EED MILLS. OR'RIS’S AMERICAN FARM MILL. Grinds from Are (5) to twelve fl2> bushels of Floor or Feedp'-r hour, with 2-bcrse power. Tbe only Iron Mill which really osx.MJSj.ail other Mills ctt the Gr4Sll * PCICES *BO AND 1130. AUO* EMPIRE SELF-REGULATING WIND MILLS. PRICES FROM *€o UPWARDS. Of- Western Depot. 46 West LakMh, Chicago. K K. ORVIS. General Agent. Business ®a«ss. PAYSON & GREGORY, Connseßors and Attorneys-at-iaw, 52 Dearbora-su Waiter’s Bulldin*. Chioage, 111. 1. N. ASNOLD, G2OBOE I’ITSOS, CHJJ. A. GBSOOST, OT Attention given to Chancery, Common Law* Criminal andPatcntcases. TS7ILLIAMS, TOUNG & IT A AS, VV Wholesale Grocers. No. 34 Thycr-aL, *o!e scents for Barinser & Jones’ celebrated. French Maov lard. "Wholesale dealers supplied at lowvatNew lotA price, addins freight. A FULL STOCK coniuantlr fceptochagjk. gaburational. TYYHItENFURTH’S COMMERCIAL, I / roT.T£GE is th- best bs'lnaaa establishment in tneWat coir one CONDUCTED BV PBAC TIi AL TiCsrSESS VEN. Foreign language*taught. The EDUCATIONAL AND CLASSICAL COLLEGES respectively prepare youths fer a Business or a Uni* vert try Coarse. Ladles Seminary Instopcned. portrait ol iLincolu. QARPENTEU’S GREAT PORTRAIT OF LINCOLN, now ready. The A£cct Is calling on the P*°Pl®pf Chi cago. wait till jcu.scc it; you vriil want no otncn T OAKS ON CITV BSAI. ESTATE. PARKER * LTMAS NM.,I S «»■' 1» are now prepared to Decollate montage* on «ai ea tale la this city, thionah their correspondents to 2«w Tort and Poston. Co Rent. /COTTAGE FOR KENT, BUnatcd in a plessant location, wllhln fire mlnnles it* act theVostOUl'C, and Farallure lor sale cheap, Iso™ ■‘J H c," TrliiuM offlec, for Uirw lUfi. Shrines. rpWINES! TWINES! Hemp Twines, Linen Twines, Extra. Elat Twines, Cotton Twines, Colored. Twines, Eaper Twines, Jute Twines, 'Wool Twines, Dragrgist Twines, Mattrass Twines, TT pliolster ei's’ Twines Broom Twines, Seine Twines, Carpet TVarp, Candle Wick, Slioe Tli reads. Linen - Threads, On hand and fcr sale at lew Trices by SEIMON, CJRTEB & CO, It porters and Jot berff of HOSIERY, WHITE GOODS, NOTIONS. Ac- and Sole Agents tor Bigelow’s celebrated 44 STAB” Paper Collars; 32 liA-g-B-ST, 33 uplex elliptic Shirts. pASHIOKS DEMAItD I W, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptir (OR DOUBLE'SPRING) SKIRTS. They win not hend or break Ilk? the single rertojet but will erer prweiwe their perfect ird beautllolahiSe where ibreyor lour ordinary Skirt! are thrown as useless. They combinu comfort, durability nSHStXSFSf.f&ms g »- STANDARD SKIRT 9F THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. T*boieaa!e by the exclusive toanaiactarers sole owners ot the patent. WESTS, BRADLEY & CART, Warehooajand Office, f»7 Chamber* and 79 sad 81 Reade-»u,NcwVork. AUo, at wholesale by Uae lag Jobber*. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Shirty Pt far the moat popular and gracetui Skirt wont* IB* aaieafwholtjSAleat manaCterarers* uric**, by „ . FItXD, PALiItR & LEIfKK. 110. llg. lIA and llttLate-su. Chicago Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For Elegance anil Economy aretsurarriasMd. Poraaic at wholesale by JOHN v. FAKWELL * CO j‘J. 4-1 and 40 Wabash-ar., Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, The lightest, meat agreeable and penect Stlrta omO*. For 8 Ale at wholesale. ' W»WSN BROS Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For beauty, comfort and durability superior to an orv ers. FonaleatnbohrsOby TORRENCE- HANNING A CO - Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts At wholesale, at nitmifacttixeri’ prices. KFITH. WOOD & CO- _ 10. l'» tad 14 ffartnrestjip. DU'tO/.DTION. —The Copartnership ol FAi CO, BILL & CO'. is da; dlaeolred bj i. UtU.‘»l Cl OJCLI. klibtr, >a- ncr JjaathoUzcd ‘orertlTQ or mate col- KTtiona a.n« u*. Ihe books mxJ account* will rcmsts at car old.>■ and. -IS and 40 our me c«K>r», ta.'fio, ialta ft; Co , to -whom payment !■ re quested. CH&s. H. FaUUO, WSLA.BILL, ESKRY D. PALES, £AVL ILPAKQO. JiEcary Ist, ISC7. C OPAKT. C* E RBm I*. Ttaeoodersli'aed have t-Sla rfaf ratcredintocopsrV setahlp, under :bo srm of FARGO, FALKS * CO-. tor costuming t&eDoi Ineaaof WholcaaieManoikc* turlog ana Jobbing of Boot a and Sbcai, at •IS aoo 50 tVateak>AT> CHAS. H. FARGO, PKXRTD.FALE3, EAiTL M, FARGO. January Ist. 1967. CHANGE OF Flß’iL—-Lbave this day associated A. G. WEBS TER with me Is easiness, under the firm name of DICKENSON a WBttSTSB. _ J.xaiE&A,DlCK]tisBUH. Chicago, Jan. lit, 1567- NEwl The undersLmed have this day formed a copartner* fblp for the transaction ot a ( Icceral Keal Estate sad Wax Claim business, under Jj t. named DICKENSON & WEBSTER. With our increased rtclUUet. and hr- prompt atte»» tloQ to buMocss, we hope to nj tain a lx- old Mends and patrots of lbs office, and to secure e liberal share at new ones. fF* Particular attention ell - en to the collection of the IUO Extra Bounty Cot Sold ten, and to the pnrehaa. me ot tax land* and the payim ?nt oi taxes m l»lno«e. lowa and Missouri. office OS*> Washington-**. tag A. DICKENSON. Chicago, Jan. 1.1367. A. G . WEPHTER. /CHANGE OF FIRM.—I Have this day yj associated with me In badness, CoU W. ADD, RAT and C. M. ROWE, oadec the nm name o€ R. Y. ROBBINS ft: CO. K. Y. BOBBIN 3. Chicago, Jan. 1,1567. NEW FIRM.. The undersigned have this day formed a copartner* ship tot thu purpose ot doing a QeaemHJooaaieioe business, under the name of E. V. BOBBINS & CO, And by giTtair dote attention to bodneM, and fair ileiillLf.we hope to secure a Ulnsral AbareorpatronaM. C2r radicular attention rfren to tuiicg orders lb IbU market. OlQce 82 LaSallMt E. V. ROD SINS, W. A CO. BAY? C. M. HOWE. Chicago, Jan. 1.1567. 33ropoaaIs. >JO RAILROAD CONTRACTORS LoeiaTtLLT. asm 1 LrxtNOTo.N lUiLcuaL.Omca. v Ky„ am December. U6C.) SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this office, on themstOanuary.liMiT. (hr the graduation and mae sontyot over seventy mlws, (In mile sections,) ot the Cincinnati Branch ofthls railroad. The work Is cf an unnsuaLy desirable character ter good contractots, the line accessible by-steamboat and turnpike, and the country roll ofscpplfes. profiles will be ready (or examination on and after 10th January. done will be mads monthly la cash. and with the usual reservation. lb terraces win be required from contractors not personally known, and the Company reserve the right to reject any bids not deemed to their interest. I. M. ST. JOHN, Chief Engineer. XO TELEGRAPH CONTRACTORS. —THE ATLANTIC AN» PACIFIC TELB VPII COMPANY.—proposals for the Immediate construction oi the following dmslonaot the Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Line will he received by the un dersigned until January SO. 1567: From New York to Buffalo rla Albany. From Boflalo to Detroit r fa Cleveland and Toledo. From Detroit to Chicago rla Michigan Central Ball- Further litormsUon and specifications will be fur nished on application to the undersigned, accompanied Ko. 130 Maldolone, New York. fUartitoare, Stoats. &c. JJARDWARE & CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 X>abe-St. The attention ot close buyers Is Invited to our com plete slock cf COOPERS’. MACHINISTS’ and CAB PENTEHS* TOOLS, AMERICAN TABLE CUTLERY ana BUILDERS’ UAKDWASK, direct tromthe beak manotarmrera. We offer, also, a complete assortmraS’ of WOSTENHOLM’S POCKET CUTLERY, SPEAR « JACKSON’S SAWB, JOSEPH RODGERS A SONS’. SCISSORS and RAZORS. STUBBS A ROT SERE'S FILES, also SKATES and Strops of every description. We also keep constantly on baud foil numbers oi SCfIOfcNBfcRCEB’S JUNIATA NAILS. C. B. Hran. £dw. pssscott. 9. Bbcppaix. Citg W otters. pAT TOUR TATES. The Beal and Personal Taxes For State* County and Town purposes, for the year 1S«, for the TOWN OF WEST CHICAGO, ax e now due, and can he paid at my office* on Corner Randolph ud Hood No. S> JACOB GROSS* Collector Town ot West; Chicago. agents. A GENTS WAJJTEP* BytiePHCENIN LIFE INSURANCE CO„ Ol Hart fcrd. throughout Illinois. D LAKBY< Gensyal Agent, SO LaSalle-ot. Sofa Castors. pEDETEAD CASTORS, Sofa Castors. 20,000 Seta Iron and Porcelain Wheel Gaston* On consignment ltd for sale prices* 7 BEST & DICKISSOS, 216 youth Waters:* Bmtistrg. T\K. J. O. FARNSWORTH "Tfalea no extra charge tor Extracting wMh-wt the aicot Nitrous OxidoGaa. whenat Uncial Cr ?lallMGolcn"-«h,opposlto Wood's Museum, aels of Teeth on Rubber. jILS). »-*-*. /-(OLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION I / ORIGINATED the acaaibctic use of NITROUS OXTDBGAS la the extraction oflecth. and have jtlTra it to IT.fW patients at their office In New Tort, >VU*oul n.sOnale Ardent- Tt I. onr specialty. " o ettarant-o -no p»ln. UJtno to“ effioMtaril Oflco 115* CUc*m. orcf Tlinesoglcg^^ jpaneg Costumes. ]» FASQUERADE COSTUMES ’For Ladle* and Gent's at the Millinery blare el MBS. CATII. ORIISI* iiifiKnnii n.rk-it Chicago. A beautiful MWrV £S « 'SiSSSS w leal Of a*d« to ort« *twr