Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 12, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 12, 1867 Page 3
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-p. in* TilK HKNA'IHIIUAIi Ql)I.SIION. Comments of the Illinois Proas on the Contest. Sonnier Trnmlinll’s Election Do iniuulcd by the Entire State. Wc publish below eH the comments we find in our Illinois exchanges, which came to vs by yesterday’s mail, on the ponding Sena* lorlal election; (From the tin coin Herald.] One of the tot, ea well as mo*t Important du ne* devolving nponibe Incoming Legitime, is life election of a United states Senator. t'he s-ccend desire to secure a uaioaty In the LegUla tore with the view to the rc-dccpon ol a Senator, invested the campaign In this state with no email thaw ol *le abeotbing Inlererl l»o pollllcnl calamity would have been so deeply deplored m this State as a failure on this point. Ihe ?«-» etrnrcle was the vindication ot the rights of the lovfi proplc of onrcountry,atmatntii'iedijyini. i'ui.frre-'S of the United Stat“*-thc representa tives of the people-agalnst the sumptions anc encioacumenls oflh«* hie-au\c jr, brtair ot rebel.. The »«»'•«S' .? eoc with tbe loyal He (branch item with the people Jj'-J!"'.!? The It boldly. dcOantlr. ana conOd L „iiy TBe loyd people 2a. u rngb' be“.SS them, ,h* an j ihat there should be no who* had’ renoiSd* true to the trust reposed In predominated. U was deemed that m .1,,. .e.oect could Ibe I’re«ldcnl be bc?i informed of Smposc of ibe loyal people of this country rfndle?:- and epliold Ihofr servanli in Coa crerV, ae?10 ASLi Ibe right, ofloful men In content was ever more Intensely rxcltwic: none pregnant with graver and more ld-Viuv cou-cqucucea; none eo overwhelming and decisive in Itsresnlia. Johnson andhla policy were S?c?er butted beneath the mlab’y waves o« popu lar indication which he bad and which rolled like mountains over the laud - The result of those clprtions indicated the confidence of the veoplein Congress, and tcetr approbation ofthe ruea«nrcs which had been proposed for ibe pacifi cation and tes to ration of the country; the punish •rrmt and disgrace of treason. . No mm in this nation did so much to orcanlze and vliulirc the opposition to Ibe dangerous schemes orthe President as Senator liombnll; or did more ro.monld, determine and direct popu lar opinion ucoa. the great issues which were ccddtd in the election taan ne. Ills speeches In the Semite a» the last session on tno pending Usnes. furnished to the'people the great argu ments that proved Invincible in the contest, and the very inspiration ofthe struggle. The recorus n t'onnrc«s during the wn dc period of our conn trv> history will show few, u any. more ab’c, eloquent and powerful ecorta than tbo speeches by Senator TrumbnU noon the Freedman's Buteon Bill—the civil Klghj Bill, acutbe ron»Utunonal Amoudraen*. 1 nose great cUoil* did mow to expose lUc imscuwvons leu dtr.cies, the shallow eophUtrv at.d eonolcg de ceit ai d the true purpose and design ofthei pol ler ofUu* president, and to resist and breakdown that poHcv, than the labors ot any other man lu Che nation. No man could bear belter test monv io this Rsecnton than the Executive himself, If he would, During the contest between the Ksucnthc and tlio last Congr-sa, the ccii tral figure In the contest was ‘bat of Sena tor Trumbull. Resolute in purpose, sit!racJonß und pendent, ah'e ai.d i loqneni, and prolound In blr l.nowlPdLT of consttnitlonal la«, and wlrti ripe cxpvricnre os a .taie-man, he was cas ly the leader and thief of the Senate . Indeed H may In* said that since the ueatli of Lincoln, and since * ibe purpose of Johnson to beiray the great in tenets of the Union party became apparent,there has l"‘fu no man In the nation, surely none tn the I ulted Slilus tcnaic, to «lu»e window, sagacity, nbiiitv and patiioiiMii (he nation has trolled worn than to the distjnuni-bed Senator from Illinois. W'c cenrol doubt lu view of these fads that the result of the eh-rlion In Illinois Indicated Ihe tie hire of the great majority of the Union voter* that v,.„ fl tor 1 roniiittll should bo te-ekcied In dm Sen ;iie, ns ranch as Hint their members nl Congress should be m-flect-d: at:d that much of Hie effect ol Unit mat d dtcl-ra.lytt of the leeliugs, puipose ;.j.d dflermli al'cn ttf ’he people of the ,-ja'u Of Illinois. «ill be lost If the win ol tbo people elnli L-iM to be fan-led Into efit-ct by their tcpr«senia fjvss In (he tiereral As-i-inbly. ihre me few tiutur- imievil 111 the t'l-to.y ol ihl- cmiit*iT wore I ( id.-mliiul with tin*e-iablis ,, uieulami itinln- I i-■naiv , < n! th- pilncli'lp* of fie Rep<iblica» p-nlj than ihat n! ‘-, ii-jtor l'ittmt»ull. Kntetmg the Sen an- nt'Citi ll“* sdv* lit of the yM-at Issm* wlneli lie •’ 1-p.fllol lli-- .Vi»?“i>iiri Compronil-e 1-n 1 pieclpl tnieii upon ihs emu-ltr, be «n« one ol tne rouml -1 ■ is nl tint vatu, and, in tin* Sen ite of lit** United Males he I-« fie ol the f«*w Unit tent iltt. Ills ac - u ni'Mill-- gave him lira It mid im.-l thill* iU u likli hi- lung I'xpeneiice hm • Mihleil Mm t-111l to Uniu'nv. tie «ih the turn t....r-orS-vn.-l on Ills t pie of thwS .rtf, and tit (i.miilart hU i'-tlh’:i;:ue nh the other, ititnt!!* 1 1-* fit”! In in nl six years, the Ili'iniM'ni*. I'rt‘tr h** 1 * li'tm small In'- . in iitt-iMi lit tmtlii*i|il HinO'.-inner, mill n, film rr-M .IttilUf* flt«l It-tin •■xplieil mul lm see <<«.() (»rin l-eytni -sHit Ihehni'iptnialintinl' Miralnrii ''Met ohi. n J M.i>||ia (hesnletil, lift • «,»(•(■< i Hie“t In Um “♦•mm 1 * dmlngwlileti he ••the <l-i< >1 |e,).ler, H h . tt'l fit the ills -1...1D1 ll.e Uittes mol JsnKhrt- pt »ert«l loeveijf \ . ot i"ii owti u(-t<e. It lm* le t"B ti'l ol’ hint .i.,i |... r i,> ■] (..).)•.t h> Him itilmltiUlinMnii of ■ !•(« chlnfit |,lf.« o)h Hull HMilml «ilill't'il Vtllh ll WHS ■ IS» |.OMI Imi.l; Mill \Vl‘ Ht'|'*eiil'iM' lll'H the MiOils Ml t 'Mtiufesß hit hh"l)v t'-flMs Ml. ilmm.l, tl PPUf llhleo'l ha i.Jis it..,i h i.«(ur ‘lniiiM'Uil ’ht (linn.uni with I .1.11-..1h.t.e, |||.l (.Ml fhe l'.ii:)ila,iKlj i •■ini. ol (Hi »»«iWd iifOii Ihl. I.olhy KKd y. iumil . a.i.iliu| i.f il.i vsr, limi (hi.y msy havu heK.neit n.ui the I'iDki.bnt w»a pm ivuluhl pt Itts imlky, ■i.d ncre li. of suterer in «-*nr.>d j am) tv«> r-liatl not M*v li.ul Siih-It.pieiil evtmie h4va)iotvm> k tMu aie.l ihi-ir jmk’Meiii. |( nmy h = irna mat (hey * .n-agicea hb (•» ihu i.ioprk'y »»(naaigii ..l iit tin; (-onimun puij.oed oud end, It is not turn that ti e undo nuJ uttns llmv 1... Hi fought \w-ru nlrkrent, they vuiruonH and the fcuim-, viz.: the Hieedy mid ol ftcinal Miiipieacu.n of the ujii.Mkoi. Hunaior 'UtiinhuU vvua an r.bie u(>d po.vmlul coadjillnr otlhe ]*r«-bldi iit lu ih tl great work, mi ihu dour ut the rci.HU, and u buhl uud t’amusi advncaio fur the nee mi i-v.-ry puijier and necessary iusirumon (aliiy lor the ovt-nhrow oflho cont. deracy. 1 His great abilitle«, bis tli>o cxpcleucu and bid pre-eminent fecrvked in bohall or iho great cau»c ot Liberty and the Union, au i more e pccially pince the dea n ol Lincoln, require hi* jeturn to the Senate. Without dkj.nrj-ing tbo eminent public Eerviece, whether civil or military ot who may be blj competitors, tt in safe 'o nay lUal _ Li--, labors, though in a.'iflercDi field from thuirs, , ‘uv eboenno ler* arduou-i, bla triumphs no lead •••.mplcle oti'l his setvlccs no less entitled to pro found con-idi-railon. 'i here can be no doubt as to Uio feeling of a large majorl-y o» tlic citizen'* of thN esunty, in , regard to the Sjtnatorfhip. While all ol the can didates tpoLtn ut in couucciion with tbit posi tion have many warm personal aud poll.leal friends*, tbe current of popular f-o ins to namt-- takablv In favor ot Uve »e-«ltfC-.»on ol Senator Trim. tint!: r.nd that the Interest-* of oar people * on ft the nation can hi ben subserved by retaining v.i his position one who baa done eu uttcb to re dect honor and digutiy *_n tbe Ha ls ot the Senate, upon the State ot Illinois |Frcro the Moumotub Atlas.] Tbc ronMid for United States Senator from this l Stale bus keen narrowed down to Senator Tram* bull and ocucrai John 51. l , ali»cr,*Gvneral Logun nun Governor Oglesby having u 1 hdrawn there* trom, their trictids uniting generally on f»c: eral I’alcicr. In piaisc of General I’. too much can* :.oi lie tuilrt. bu: his fronds oie developing a bs rrtrt ol Senator Trumbull wnicb will <ead every "dir znjn to hope that they in ty be beaten. The ot'kct of their malignity ha? served his conn* try too'jutig and too well to be Meats,! otberwise than kindly and respectfully. It l< possible that «o:i;c of the member* ot il»e Legislature may hare enough of pnuy in their compos.lion to he Influ enced by this kind of hcab-J presume, native doubt whether anyUmig is ta.-uls l»y It. llVrvice in G r.'icl PiilM-r'sjili'cr. i , v *«irrrf an ■'/rc'io/t, tiral thha :c~ i Doi'ld <io uo'ild (>i /u tncitv-ry f-.Ksd'tt ji'WJ -u «jfurloi lj at the -’■ftls of ftrclcSttin o ’it* lixtclu 1 . [From ipß baaie.l hr ia crcatlylobc regretted t*-dt the opponents < r j-».cator ' should condescend to sto.ip to means which arc exceedingly quv-tlouable, to injure his chances of rc-electl.'»i, among which h the charge that he sustains tbc decision ol the Su r-remo Court declaring trials by tuilitaiy commia- Mon unconstitutional. as also the Freedmer.o Ba ri aa ai d Civil Rights law> enacted by Congress. 'Hie irompt denial of Mr. Trumbull wi.l, of course, take the edge from tbc falsehood before it caa ac complish mischief, but it canaui full to damage Us nuthors and serve to embitter a contest, wnlch should have been fairly and amicably contested. tVe lojownol what couibina'loas ut-n who are rufllcicnJj dcspcialo to cole and give currency to -ueb fabrications may form »o defeat Mr. Tront nut we arc morally ce-taln a Itrga ma jority of the people of this State de-be hi* return to the >en»l*». at d their representative* at Spring fold will ro doubt ace that tbc will ot the pc jpTe i- executed. _ | From tbc Alton Telegraph ] Uiiwajujsville, HI., January 7, ISCT, I notice In the Missouri ot to-day. In sf< tin- despatch from rqirlcgaeld, lira sialemeut that Hip pro-peels of Senator Trtimlm'l for re-election S to Iho Senate were very gloomv; If *O, ll Is UlpU that the loyal people were making known to f ,;r legislature the sentiments they entertain on 11 ■■ subject. The coutse of onronu ti'es and of our Senator cannot sorely be doubt <l. "Ibe instructions of large aurt icspccta ble conventions in each of the three counties ni st. Cist, Madison, and Bond were tie cid'-dly and overwhelming for Senator 'lrumbull, aud our representatives will not c r * taluly so far foigel nol only the sentiment* of their constituent*, hut their own pledges in ar t I’ting the oornlumioe, as to Vote ngalu-is. uator 'truubuU. lltc biaU: •‘enalot. Is vs true was vieciertiwo year* ago-bmhe, too, m tut remera tier that bow ever well it is to n» firm and seif nj imoimtcd. it will not be rif" fir any man to « nb-titutf hi* own personal fc Hugs for the ex pnssed wl*he- ot bl« con-iUneiif«. The reason rwen in the despatch for tin* spumed detcrmlna ib*ii In fivnr of a soldier, necirn to bo vorv 10-ufll -11* fit fur the conclusion, namely, “that tho dc • i-iou of the Supreme Court lenders n iiecv*sa. t\ II «ny ti.-ui in the United Mat*** Senate cati V'Ur wulgut to Ivgl.«hjllrc oupo-lnou I'M coriunt rind renal cot:if. tust man IsSenaMir Tritmimil Noriß.lt ralo hs-tily to«* t aside nn oi l and tiled Secntur, one w|it»ha« had nine to <|» wllb 4 Ibc ballditig of tbr RoiiuMlcan patty In Itllnnts thrift any nine' man in it tor vrw :m:i untried nvn 1 bmii't th-weihl Film l r tor bis lirrsdsut. \ imiior M* ability ns shown In itir nisnagemrnt of the Hi lie «f fietitucky, by milkory law, but. we should irtmtiih'-r that nllices sod places of power arc »-‘d trade In m*ard lit*.* ar»*«t mid in ritorttui*. hut lor iht* b.'tiotlt of the pcmihi, and Senator M i unbolt bn* the ability aim It i\ .ti wn- to srcom* I II'!) more lot the pi-imle of Itihiol* anj Uir I mmi Untn nu • of the tfl*lfng*tl-msn nnu. I intiMl as Id;' rnmpi tuors, Nor b tin* l< trtatk lltstl b* 1» n siiMler n »iil!b Pid niH«rr to c»c»y fiM-nt and menment in firm of debitorTtmwlmll. tint.- note many; ills linu|.|i"d suhlliii In <-'* Atn’-'lirt’i ly tohtll-|j. anti id Inmtfh fur lutty ..■sis 11-; rortifty w„s gerer,,..,! f-r Fresld-iits w»?»; had b>.» o i-miilnimis }n UiM-mm-milhsiuilr • • "Mb'f rtmnpi* ihr (l«t wits Usih'fgmr. The nto i t" ot dial thy ni«»dy flopreeLittvl th- f-nlcr-* of .Ai!si!is,.li-I>t«iim Ms<ll<mi fltnl MoHfoe, and i n* so b'ldP-h ns n<hp* iPest* px-fii »»*•*!» f«i smtii* I'ltdfl naulor, tihU*n| (•« ~i i«ot tmr-td. ihoiKind" in nu,nr atddh'H V;*- Ntl, l. 1,1 h- »m --• "'H o < trtMind" Mum hU<i*| bl Mo; u-o-ut* ot“h; • t'l'p'dMiib In Pifisl-t, Itmnhmii IpU • ».il«i<m{.V.<lUi|" I'M Ml- pip'd.' -«'|||..< (, Unlay W . IM'.IU »,S I If*- p-fi Kl'iM I*HM M* Ml" Mnilmi bfihi* -“l* 3 Mill * I*, lippioilloh Ml J'lPeldMM ilnUnelPt bhull o* 1 : ll' -l'l. 1,1 I'll fdlimiul Ml MPMMI.U In lf|u tl | I.:c th.4i.-M > <I. <tii >, M j. Ht: i«i;i h«. Min nut M, ii< 11 n, Hin nmnaitla i.i M'ni' t.cic.iH.d In iii» ti.»« I f..i iin-B, rn< : <MiP !•<'loti It u i.l Jt iir "MM snilnMlul, InMiuoply n«, • M U.hly I* Mi.„ 1. 1." bu# inilßfj. Ha* .■l.ii, it tut.- *"i i. .is i. i oiiiiiitiiidai j, w into t-cnauir I I <>ii.i>n)i in ,i. l.iiililiM Ih. <ighml nil Ipo |.)im rtn.gpdvanf tl.«! pa jv, unit) bn Is to. »i.t> tint uin'g-U' d n| in. party ji| me i i.iud iMaMJd hoi.nlc. tVe ran B - r.-ely unsaiua i" V* r ,0 «• *'■■** *«i‘-Uar Tvu.wluul tM il.ia »M,g" of i<‘i oiißirpciion. thj rutuiiry can pot u t tuilueul abilities, ttiul ue 4olsliar is my unwbe who Vchtmej to be Ida opponent. The woild somemu * athlbntej sole j} to ambition deeds thtliuay ham iba uiT »i>ringofati i-xulietl devotiuu to country; the n holdkr may Iriile atvay Id* wcll-wou inurela iind £ibk In me crixmalinD of the people Wv; l;ab nobly served, i wjniAU the almost uoani inouo fenitmcnt of the cummuxttv when Isay tlmt loyal weopl* would bear of the of the Senator with aii.uMc regret* ao.L • ;i-loldler-, while we would reielca tn the eleva linu ofGmtral Palmer, we would regard, the de l< at of Senator Trumbnll «a a tdiou« blow to the cause for which WO tave periled our lives. A Sounmn. [From the Lacon Dome Journal.! The Fcnalntlal contort waxes waan at Spring, field and a etron" influence seems to be brought to Lt-ar against frumbull. A-pedal despatch to . the Peona 3'rantcript of the Hh. *ays: “The contesttn relation to the United States Senator Is very earnest, anud Trumbull is being pushed bard. A prominent observer who 1* out side of tbc ring i-cys be would be beaten were U not for the ln»trnctloas that b ina members in bU “ General Palmer’s friend* say they have thirty cn-mbera pledged, and twenty more doubltal,a £taie quite as ooubtfai as the member-. • “ Immbali has the advantage of hating all the IH Ills lirtUulf* VrMlo I**l' uiur (iie«mrtttu« and iu« jtMinu IH J W« . ’ U w'>nu a UiM Uiu-ttu and (M«>hy !*•»• Ur,"" ovar«lllb«trl'orc*aloije*»iftl |»mer, and IbM Ilia r.nAUuirt fuH-iw til iliu tlUiwnm hioii cnHati against mmmui. , th Witlle our sympathies are very ■lranaly wiin •iMfem under ml cWcnmawnw*. ire ly hoi* OPii bfltt rt Mat Trumbull will *' 4lie ncoi»)u nnmihmiwly wished J° **'® -i*,*};, butlulmued u» the Untied HiaU,# *Xhcm*cfves Uieu unman mealing* ihus» xp r cmacive» But ihu work Out la now The lire! odvlcrai from the CaoiUl allow that 1-® “ “, l "niniiiU for Iho auccesaorahip to Mr. T.nmhaH. arcrecrapcdatsprtasflald,and hare '»/• •.’’VS' atiSfrtiMM be tttete before ihc contestls di-cldcd, a w525d thongM ibe question of Ur. iVumba l’s i.—, | 0 the Senate was pretty eCJCloaJly*olxloU It the late election, and we alilt • believe that the Verdict o» the people will be recorded asd con firmed by the Legislature during lu present term, iu favor ol Mr. Trumbull. , . . ilajor Generals Palmer, l<onn and are all pood mm, deserving well of their peoDle, and their patriotism and Ihor capacity for.the place ol Senator are all admitted, and we trust will In due time be rewarded, bnt at present we tti.k tbit Ihe people at lUraoia.-M well aa ofthe wnoJc Union, look to the Illinois I*eeulatsre to return Sir. Trnmbnll to bis scat. ' . 'lbe nation cannot now spare mm from itt councils. and in the midst of the fight cow pend* Inc In Congress, U Is not sale to change our generals. , TFrom the Bureau County Republican.! We recrct very much to aee thai an is to be made to dcleat Senator Irumbull. With all due deference to the claims of otherable and natilotlc Republicans, wc hope there will bo no charge made at this time. No man inter io the national cause, nor proved Wmself more woitby of the confidence of the loyal people: and, as we have all along expressed a determination to snsi&ln Couctcm. wdira tw how we can repudiate TrnmboU witooiit repudiat ing his acts—especially when he ore most in deforce of the Government and the rights of the people. [From the Ottawa Republican.] As opposing candidates to a udge Tnimibnn, we have the names of Governor Oglesby and Gene* ral» and l*almcr. Wo think it unwise for tb. iSStmtodlrtatbthe verfict of the poo pic as to the tiro »ret oaiari s™*'“?“;,.™? have been appointed to Important trusts, and SSn tSr bad better abide until a stronger reason than yet appears can be given for them tg resign It. o»lesby Is needed at the bead of one State af* fairs, and General Logan is needed w ™ Drc :?.°* n-in the House. As to the latter named gentle* row, ifMr.Trumbnll should all to keep *tep even lu ibe front tauke of progress, we k«o wof no i one man more likely to do so than General Palmer. Slcce writing me above, wo learn that Governor Oglesby and General Logan have wUhdrawnjlcav- S„c General Palmer ibe only contcs ant against i c rop“o° h>rcukc aa old the hoar olhi. need As the Judge has twice carried votes enough io make him United Slates Senator, we believe he will the thiid time, which la said to break the charm. (The Oqnawka MalrdfaUr pitches Into the can*' oldaicfl opposing Judge Trumbull In the most lively and edifying manner. We omit the publi cation of its rorominte, as wedo notapprovo of washing dirt? Ilnon In the frontdoor.] Correspondence* Lacon, 111., January 10.. To the rdllor of the Chicago Tribune: Tlie Chicago EtevXng ■Journal yerterday quotes a <l* spolch from Sprlu. fiJJ relslive to Senator rurl’s position on the ScLalorial qno { Ujn, and cav? that ofrer “fevernl of tl e members lad loft the room” Urn “Trumbn 1 -jbolullou was Intro duced and passed by *i small majority.” It further toys that “It was generally conceded ibtu and there that il would have been voted ,*,uvn. If nil the delegate* bad b*en pre-coL” The wi iter claims lo know because hi says hu "*Now I d«>'nol krowwho the writer is, but he certainly I* wide of the ltilth. That Couventiou was In-Id at tub cUj ,on the amb of September, mid was, so far ns arpeared hi Convention, m «m* Known to iln? Convention, unaiil -sm* us for Trumbull. Ai d further, there was a full convention of delegates wh-n the resolution pn-ect). I wav rav that tin* wriicr hereof hap ti*itetl to be ilmre mid thinks he knows. * *lb< re was no opposliloii to Trumbull, audit was oidv questioned whether, wln*n all were for I rtinibull, it was neccs ß nrv or politic to Instruct, ns Inrtnatlmi** for Trumbull might tend to damp en the nrclor find labors nf others In Ilia canvas* who might he looking lo Trumbull's po<dlln», (bit (bo rnmeiittoii with very great unanimity inrtitiiicillorTinmlittll. , _ . Further, (bo oblrptton to nctmrnl Fort was mired (hm mlgti' not bo a Trumbull man, nml, *f Ids fuend? bad t ol pleUred him for Trnmlmlt, •<t, el lend. H tbe Convention tind doubled that he «ns lor inuubull, be never could hove be u hum- TorUs roprtllnonla ate ton to one Pw TrttmbuU,and Fort nlll (ml rote Im m.v one but Irtinibhll lor tin* United ftlnlus Prciti'i MniUllmt. •I'Miliibiill in nl Uh? lend of (Ini rebate utirt mu-1 flirt Uimt'i irtcot. FntbCPinb, Janualy I'l. to (be Fdllot of (lit* l *hlcfigi) Irlbilnni I tmUre lb (bn cbb-ngo Journo/ «f Htnisrirty pinbing. »h«l u RptlmttHd d*‘rt'mtd» rßip (tuii P'-tmli.r I' fm IMhipf, MM la liolmm Ini Inf TMtMlnill, Tin' Dimitl'Mll* *ny ilntl lbt‘ Hillvf lliptnid to lb' Ui't*-- r/riKi's b|ni( bpinilnr Fhmifpivp.jlrsliialim'lloMs, i,ml rtnM tnvbittl itmiuWia hnd toft (ln> umui tvlmii lb*i jninihnll (pan)iMbniß bora pMarml by n mm Hxd.'tUu, Now. I was mo only ihnfr-irtmmswlmn llio Hipolnii'ii'ri worn listed, hut (hern m Ilia i nom, and,in «U appwiranceß, mere was a toll tbnp vmiluiiiM lb" limn dm re*n)mlniu Miatnmmm {b'-triinmioiea to volo (or Tnimbiil) wu?" wUtioui n dUsemmu voice or obji’cMon, Hun uor Fun iv«* not lo Mm loom, hmmior Fort caonol Im niibiakiii in ref urd ( r * thu will of Hint Uimvcjj, Hon, Obo. W. Siuiia, CENTRAL AH 11 HOETU AMERICA. Dentil of United Stain Noldhr* t holera on tho imhmua—Detention of Cnltfomlu l»umstiiucnt—JHoaquora Uo alfttiH (tie i*reMldi a nvy of Colombia— chill UcfuM.H (he ITlccllatlou of Prance and llnglauU In (he Spanl«h Question, New Yoi:k, January 10.—The steamer livening Sint, from Arpmuall, bnngj $rT3.(T7i In Ircajaru. KortvPlx United Stales soldiers, sent to San FranciVco rla Nicaragua, died on. thetra .idt, of cholera, which is tala to do raging there. All the California rla that route were detained on tbe iFthmue, being 100 late to connect with tbe California ►tcamci. United States Mlnis’cr Rotscan has been re ceived by tho Honduras Government. Honduras and Nicaragua have entered into a tivaij-ol uvau: akil amity. By a terrible explosion of a powder factory tn Mcnadora. Costa mca.fivc women were blown to atoms. The erplo>.ion was caused by a woman dropping the ashes of a cigar into the powder. General Alosqncra bad resigned tbo Presidency of Colombia to tbe Supreme Court, giving as hlj reasons that be should he unable to replealsa tho exhausted treasury, which bad ben robbed of a million of dollars byfolsc ccrUdcatos; that the clergy are In rebellion against the Kxecntlve, and it is tba general desire to mahe way with them by assassination. Thu Supreme Court refused to accept bis resignation. Ti e proposition of General Mo«quora for a new American Congress U. favorably discussed in CMUaiid P»rn. Chill, it la sold, has positively refused the pro posed mediation of France aim England in the fiinnW: question. A lima letter says that the charges against Min ister of Finance Pardo ami Scnur Barneda, Minis ier at Washington, have assumed a substantial f »im. The former had admitted tbe truth of some of the charges. Darncdu is also aernsed of having p;i’d one price for two steamers built In France for the Confederates, and charged the Govern tucolofl'cra unoibur. lor wtilch bo is now sued 1 y tbo United States Government. liy South American Keouldics contemplate ob tainiag a loan of In case their propo titio's'orwarded to the United Slates ami England and h ranee, is not accepted by Spain. A report at Lima said that (be allied fleet had roue to Montevideo Instead of Juan Fernandez, t: being supposed the Government bad positive iiiiormstion of a treaty of alliaucc between Spain and Brazil, and the Impression was that Ulo Ja neiro would nc the scene of action. Tucker was in command of the fleet. The work on the Peruvian fortifications was he lm.' pnehed with vigor. Ecuador co-operates In the new American Con grot's to be held at Lima. Ex-I'icriduni Porct, otPcrn, acd Cabinet, had been sentenced to fifteen years’ baulsbmcnt as traitors, and mulcted in a fine of fifty per cent of iho three millions paid to (he Spanish Minister in IS(A. MEXICO. Tflnxlmlltnn Formally Concent* toAb tllculo—**c Will I.cave for Europe In an Austrian Simmer—Preparations for tlic Embarkation of the French Forces. Ac. New tons, January 10.-By an arrival from Havana dales to tho 6tu hare been received. Ad viC' r from Tuebla to December 2 'tli, cave that General C'n,«tflmau nml the French Minister lo Mfiiro, bad had an interview there with Maxi tnillan. and that the result ofit was (bat Maxi milian formally content to abdicate. 1 he KhralK’lh. srnt by the Emperor of Austria, badanivod at Veia Crux to take home Maxi mlllati, who was expected to arrive there In a few days. , I he French forces were getting ready to em bark, nod would do so as soon as the fleet of transposts from France arrived. Mata*oua«, January Ortega is near Zacate cas with n strong party. Mejia has opened his campatni against the Liberal* on this frontier. CoUiiicla Gniroga find tapes, of tils command, uaw advanced from San Lula to Cliarcas. Trevino retreated and cstsbilsh'id his headquarters at .Matamonla. Escobedo la (o Irate Monterey on IhoTlh, to take command of (he army Ucrtioribabal has received orders to march on Montcrev with his furc'-s, to a*sisi in defcmllng the clu against the Imperialists ad vnnritip. Gnaifr.iijsra. the capital of the Stale of Jnrtlco, liml been occupied by General I’crla. of Hit* Cortl tins nrrut. Aetin ami (’nioente ate also In po*«cs s/'in of f Ibernl". t’arnolep is nnwj in Han Andred 'iimutv*, nn rbo Vtrtmln road, and ban pro ti"lirrrif'n r.vur nt Otlcc.. Hm l.til. I’otMl Vn. \ Rffl b'tl by Mejia on the £Mh, and ocnrpreil by the l.*be*als imdetHictieinl Pibmcis Dcargulmte.ui 1 rt'vltm s cuimmml, on toexith. TfcXAft. .itufc OiilinKrot'iMin ilio I'roftlitiMiana I nlnii ( illcoiin-A liHti'f from outer* iiot-TliriMkniottoiii UAi.ti;»rrm, •fshinfr l'».—tyfim Pallnr, Bali. t'i*miii!«m»jtn*r of Dip Ktnoiti nt Au*lin, Jb*miib»-r IB* (bo slimillitif u! htn fici-ij. mon lb (mil fiMibtj* ttuilyr HlrfltusißHCf* of otnf iHM’li* sum Hr, flt-il N 0| n JvUio In tmjiHiH (ItiniH RI./1 fliOH-fl lit NlrlrmH Hll-»'tl« Ol IMIMN|*»« ftl I’lMim- i.Ht, < rt)ilm*n I'lMlott. Riot iThi b MKtti’flta- of ihji'C* 1*“ pinM'Mtioi (o hhiim Im-hMil* 0 •th-l I (imll NlMl l(if (111 MPfll ol Him fIiMHMI h| I M A liH'lilo'f of i«'M’ |0 (-J Ol noKH fiM lißto Nil (lli^lH h M u f 1*» flip h»MI*U Mr IHllllNfr Itriiimb (II.I; lor It pit ffW-<|llO-|0 TllMU'llimlf: M.V |uH»I |0 («l Blllfjja MlOWa i Aiia«iN,)o<ot>iitriPr (Tilt, IVnf, ‘|o litNtMl*b)MHil4 \ ( mi) IOI»r(l)»it Of (Mi rum*<Mf«ien in I'fdlne I.d4,('iiirt»v.«lt I'ouniy, 111-I ll (roiithmut mid Ollmro, | muiM |m «M to b«»> you f«i<o pun m * (• •mpßiiy nf rivalry, esv mt iiiy imm, under n jioti. ja.ia mol dj.oimil milt car, ta bo Mamm tbm« |.»r amua lima l»»r tMr liio’ui lioii. I tlumld 1m glad in consult wnli you u tiiro ih« - y ho, uml to imvii ilium sunt wlliun tbe nu-teiilwtol.. Very respecti'nlly, d. W.TIIOi KMOBTO*. (Jovmnor of Texas. rollon Trade—MnUlnar or HieamerN—Af« lairs In mo Interior* Oxlvuton. December 9.— Herelpte orcolloii for (no 'toys. &% bales. low middling 2dc, and stiff ening. Marhct uncbni.god. The eu-amur bur.Couer mink on Sunday morn* lag, above PatncL’s Ferry, with 500 bales of cot* ton onboard. The boat la a total loss. The cot* ton was mostly saved. Tbo steamer S. J. Leo Is also icnorted eunU. The uritc Derby, from Kow Orleans, to receive paspenceih for iirartl, has arrived. fbc CiriUan reports various lynching* lately to have occurred in Calhoun and Empire, Washington County. FROM CINCINNATI. SnJeoftlicOblo & ITlissbulppl Railroad — A. New opera Home In Prospect- Action of tbo Oblo Equal blgbto Leacae. CivciKKATi, January 9.—The Ohio & Mwsbsip* pi Railroad was soidio-day to the trustees for the creditors ol the road, the pnee being one million dollars over and above the first mortgage bonds. The announcement is made that theb oil ding of ,u tut Oiehimlti amotini m*»jil far, W»»» K.p'M inghu '‘V.*'V 4 M r<tkt>)<HH>|ta •lull* ’U« n.'llMlfjl lUII4J AlDmriunm aMI Mm hueUaM'a unjlov. JlunU Hull’ fi-Uiuiml lo l lor|iaa&luH ilia hiinram' |)il\ mer Urn Vila, Au Mlilroi# |u \\us jieai'le of Ultiu wa* mlo|ile«l. FROM ST. I.OUIS. German RmlirratloD—Caam in the Grim- lual «JourU-’Tho Weatber. (Specla) Deapalcb lo the Chicago Tribooe.] Sr, IjQUis, January 10. XT.c German Emigrant Records report that over Germans have settled In St, Louis daring IBUG. . ' The coal contractors have united In an agrees mcnl not to pa; miners over five cents per busho after Honda;. In (be Court or Criminal Correction, tins morning, tbe trial progressed of Dancan McKee and Patrick Smith, the two sol d'cra charged with rubble? Miller, the colored man. on the Pacific train, a few days ago. The principal witnesses for the Slate were Fred. Farter and officer Thomas, who aided the arrest, and the man who was robbed. A strong case was made against tbe prisoners b; tbe testimony. Proceedings in (be criminal trial against the supposed authors of tbe St. Joreph Incendiary plot strong!; implicate the proprietor oi the store where tbe gunpowder was discovered, and inves tigation ebows the value of tbe stock to bo 12,000 less than tbe insurance. W. D. Mve. of New \ ork, baring a cancelled letter of credit upon Duncan, Sherman & Co., baa been ordered to be arrested. Weather very cold, and tbe river Is again Ailing with ice. Northern departures ore suddenly checked, and steamboat men arc Again gloomy. ■ FBO3ISASHYUXE. A. man Killed In a Drunken Bow—Dele gates lo tbe Union State Convention, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nashville, January 10. In a drunken row In Columbia to-day between a number of negroes and while men, one of the latter, named Archie Smith, was shot dead. The dispute originated while the parties were gamb biiug, and Smith flred twice before tbe negro returned It, which made the kilting of Smith justi fiable nndcr the circumstances. At a number of County Conventions recently held to appoint delegates lo the Union Conven tion to be held here on the 22d, the d-Icgatea were lusivucicd to vote for tbe renominalion of Gov tor Brownlow. FEOSII>ES MOINES. Agricultural and Horticultural Hat- (Special Despatch lo the Chicago Trltmne.l Dss Moines, January 10. The State Horticultural Society met in this city yesterday, and continued Its sessions until this cv<ninc. I>. W. Kanfiman, of Des Moine«, la elected President, ami W, W. Beebe, of Dn bunue. Secretary. The annual Fair trill be held In connection with that of the Stale Agricultural Sccloty,at Clinton, on the Sllh of September. FKOil HEW OBIEAHS. Hcvrnac Cutter Ordered to Havana to Await Sealed Order*—Governor Wells to Recommend the Bmploymcnt of tonvtctßin lire Coiinirnctlon or Roll reads—Tire New oilcans, ftlobllo & Chicago uollroo.d being Pressed For ward. New VoitK, Junuary 10.—A New Orleans tele §ram says Hie revenue cutter McCulloch la or* ered to Havana loa«atta alrd orders. Her mis slnii is thMigbt to he connected with Afeleunt Secrctavy Stward’s mission. (Joveipor Well** li* tbe coming cession of (tic Lcnrtntnre will recommend Urn employment of pcntbnllu'y convicts tu constructing railroads mid oilier public works, Nnw Orlkaep, January 10.—'The New Orleans, Middle & Chicago Uidlumd Company ts helm? proiicuud tvlUijgMil vigor. All tbe slock Is taken and (be ruau surveyed and under contract >u be completed oud put In ruunln? mdrr w lilitti fourteen months. To-day nl ameetlucor the t. , on«non Comic!!, the neutral ginned ut ibe corner of Canal and Clnrlburue stieets wan assigned lor »he dcjmL •| In* b*lu rof (Jovcin*ir Wells to Penntnr Trum imltlmsluen pub'Mied lud«j,.oud Lua excited comldetable comment. Dull Wcntfier- lli liimil of rrsctlnipii lo Itlnlti 1 ( uiitiocla lor lire coming Hen- RUIU New Out,tans, January U.—The weallicr In tnlny nnd tlmslreets sloppy. Movements on the Ini dltig mi* llmtledi to oat eumptnlnts Imte been mad*; In (lie interim of l onlsinnn ollhe IndiUen iiee m ihn fii*ei)mnfi (u nntk" i*nnttai’l* tor the ensuing fear, being ehleilv uUh ilmso Phn ipinsin with limb Ikmu't ontstms. Tin* hoUilnys belitp iiMW nu't, there Isttimewll libglinsp in Mieagn In wnrli, . , . , ■flu* r<nnnonM newspaper of lids Htr tin* re awttvd tire dpf"M n of uuyeHmr Wells n\w\ Urn t iili'i'Mimt of M'Mi ft der Inis (In* (tovPHinr Imi ftsMlia Hirl Him pipsHtl Plrlh (lurpibiiieiil lil' b"I nanin. '»bn Plain t.nirtstnhHM ImuihA ||q a<Mnil on lie' 111 mi Alohdav oi this tiPiiiit, ruiiM imsroN. Airellrer llnimilon (Voin tinortfo liodj—niovriireiil of F«n|ory llvr a 111 Fovoror Hie Trip Hour Wya* ism-iinulli Sonioireo Coiiimniml, Uobtom, January jo.—Gnniga i'aahudy has d»' nnied Dim lo Iho Uassaelmßalts lllaioriral htr otety. 'J lie operatives of a number of faclorles In the New hnglaiiU bUU's are moving strungly for thu ten-hour lystem. Ihe sentence of death of Pat Moran, who mnr> dmu Mary Kiarouy, has been commuted to im piUontucmfor life. Boston, Jamary 10.—Tlio Iron Monldora’ Union, v hicli lias been In Hessian hero for the imst ten dnvs, elcccted for lTc?jdciit, iVm. 11. ol Nashville,Teun. 'i m* Union Is composed of delegates from nil Carls ol the United Mates, and it* sessions have ern devoted to (ho discussion of subjects of In 'ercstto this particular branch of the trade. It bus lakcn quite stnmg gronmis against strikes. Thu memuers have been handsomely entertained by the Iron Moulders' Union, No 70, of this city. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST, Insurance nnd 311nlnc Dividends—ln- nnoiirnllnn • 1 «- »«- —• **»»«, uonsru* mentor Nevada, SAK.Fiujicisco, January o.—The Pacific insur ance Company will increase its capital stock to one ml'.lion dollars. The company declared a dividend of six per coni for the last quarter. • The Yellow Jacket Mining Company declared a dividend of fifty dollars, carrying a surplus of *£',LUC. Governor Blaisdcll and Lieutenant Governor SDngerland were inaugurated at Carson, Nevada, yesterday. A new coal mine is reported twenty miles above Victoria. Sax Fbaxcisco, January Q.—lt Is stated that leu percent bIouM bo added to the Treasury rc ceii't«, dnrlngihe la?t year, tn allowforaraonnt received bum sonrcua not open to the pnhllc. tbe losm-ctlou of which would make au aggregate o; upv'aidt of (tii.bOO.COO. FEOJI CANADA. Db po>iUon of (lie ('’cnlan Prisoner*. Toxiont<\ January 9.—McMahon, Lynch, and five other Fenians, condemned to death, bare had tbclr sci’tcDce commuted to twenty years’ im- Eris< mncnl In the Provincial Peni.cullary at .ingston. Ilic trial of the remaining thirty-two prisoners commences to-morrow. Dcatlt ol a Prominent Cincinnati frlcrv it ant. Cixchwati, January 10.—Mr. James Wilson, an old merchant, formerly of the fiim of Wilson, Eggleston A Co., dh-d fast night, aged sixty nine vents. He was highly esteemed, and is generally rcgi cited. Fires at lokobama, Japan* Sas Francisco. January 10.—The Japan Herald rays two more fi-oj occurred at Yokohama, one of wLIcU destroyed the British Hotel, and com pliments the French sailors on their efforts to subdue the flames. THE STEAMSHIP CHICAGO. Dowcrtpflon of the Now Steamer—Flos Presentation Ceremonies la New York. (From (he Now York Trihnno, January 0.1 The second steamer of the new line, the Liverpool and Great Western,'which has been named the Chicago, was yesterday afternoon 'resented with a handsome flag, a present rom the Chicago Board of Trade. Messrs» Grecnlraitm, Ogdon, Iloync and Maclay were Dtscnt us a committee *of the above named onrd ; also n number of the shipping mer chants ol this city who arc interested lathe Western trade, After partaking of a sump tuous dinner, Mr. Uoyne, on behalf of ttic Board, presented the ling, accompa nied by a few remarks, in which he re ferred to the rapid growth of ttic Garden titv of the West, winch were received with great applause. Speeches made by Mr. Win. 11. Ogden, the first Mayor of Chi cago. In which lie gave (tic early 'history of the city. Captain Harris, commanding the Chicago, thanked the committee on behalf of the eonij any, and hoped dial the success ol the ship that he commanded would be ns unhoundrd ns the success mid enterprise of Hie elly of Chicago Is unlimited. A number of our most eminent shipping merchants honored Ihe entertainment with their pres ence. The Chicago is n screw steamer of 2,COJ tons measurement. (Ptmn the New York Times, Jin. PI A number of persons connected with the shipping Interest weie yesterday Invited I ii lunch on homd the new steamship Chicago, ihe ship was heatillfttliy decorated with flags of nl) nations, amt, although receiving enigo previous to her departure flit- Liver pool to dnv, was In splendid mnnlUlmi, The Chicago belongs to tin* Liverpool ami Great Western Rtealn Companv, nml is designed to entry irelght nod pessenger* between till* pthl‘nml Liverpool* The eompanv Was but tiMltlh oigalMfetj, the stuck heltig owned uhiMil Mpltiliv bv I'lttobCMt Mild AiiP‘ib>iin eul-MallstSi WilliHU* »V .HUVuh, wed iionwobt Hie eninmeiciHl wutbl, icpie “l'M Ihe HtieilHtd Ihleieali ’I lie MtiidKiHeb, imw op her foipth Vrtlf* tigi’i Is H-e imsl ship bum for ihe line, and bill h*r Ihe pre«md Hlteniab' with tiieChb e«uo, rive oHuir ships afe hi Piieiessof I’olietrni'ihdi. Ibe ciueakM was luiiUml row, on Hiu'Olie. ulUr tlm AMimieaiimodel, hhe |a lioH bu t long, T 2! a |itu| heaui mid 2.imh imib burden. Her engines, emhrmdng all ilia modern Improvemumo, aie Hdd horsu power, Pirn )« Inlomled murufuieurrylug fruighl, hot nuv«rH»ule»s can vumioriuhly «o» eoimimdale J,(WO ttimrugo «U‘t 7N tulrhi pa*, seligeni. U U claimed that the Chicago eomblm a the spend nl this vessels of Urn lip man line and Hm rapacity of the National. She Übulllluthe staunchest manner, uud her ealdn accommodations aru not oxtvlled hy thotti of any other steamship sailing from this port. There were present yesterday at dinner a committee from the Board ol'Trade of Chi cago. delegated to present to Captain Harris a beautiful white silk flag in the name of the Board of Trade of the Oordcu City, out of codfplhncnt to the name of the vessel. Wme circulated freely, atyl many speeches were made. The American Eagle was duly eulo gized, am! tbot particular claw of the saga cious bird which Is popularly supposed to rest lovingly upon the head of the ‘’Empire” ol Chicago, was especially glorified. The flag Is a very pretty one, bearing the name of that city, and consequently and of neces sity of the ship also, and the coat of arms of the centre of all creation—Chicago. Captain Hants cut the combs of these long-winded Western orator* by replying to their self-lan dallons In about twenty words. The Chi cago Is certainly a beautiful ship, and we trust she may make pleasant and profi table voyages between the Old World and the New. IT.MAM.sM. Anton of dm N*w Work Ufloi iloii «»l Mwnton Nie|»U«'ii»-A lor I'Kim Him (o tin* UwllwrlimMl. fprnir. Urn Now Vmk Tribune, Jwwm» M Au mljiinrnyii muoliuif m the oUmnM and daleguu* «»f llio circles of the Fenian Broth erhood of this city, Brooklyn one! Jersey City, vuw licit! last evening at the Apollo Uooiiiß, No. 7tf Prince street. It was largely attended, there bclmr over 400 delegates- Its ohlect was the consideration of matters con cerning the present condition of the Brother* hood, and the appointment of a Directory of nine members to direct Us operations owing to the detection of James Stephens, tbelate C. 0.1. - At the mooting held on Sunday evening, the object of which was to present three nominees tor the office of Deputy Chief Exe cutive of the Brotherhood, to assume the duties of that office on the departure of Colonel Kelly for other and more active scenes of duty. General John H. Gleesou was elected to the office of D. C. E., and on being notified of his election, be at once accepted the position and took the oath, which was administered to him by Colonel Kelly. Do is preparing an addess which it was contemplated to Issue to the Brotherhood. A cord Issued by General Gleesou on Mon day contains the following statements: “ The duties of my present position (Chief Depnty Executive of the Fenian Brotherhood of America), in which X was duly, installed this.- day by Colonel , Kelly, are arduous enough without being reported os control ling affairs In Ireland also. To the men there * I ora pledged to the most active co opera tion, nnd Knowing that the probable defec tion of James Stephens was well known to tomemfcDjhere, I confidently appeal to my cduutiymcn for their continued confidence that the fight will soon come off; hut this tibc we will not give the exact date to the enemy.” it •appears that the defection of Mr. Stephens did not take the Fenians wholly by surprise. Bysomehla action is considered the result of cowardice: by others as spring ing from a want of sufficient ability to meet the issue, while others openly denounce him as a traitor to the cause. Instead of tending to work evil, it Is claimed by the best inform ed and most enthusiastic members of the Brotherhood that the loss of Slhphens to the ranks will in the end bo productive of good fruit. The men in Ireland, they continue to assert, arc determined to strike a blow at all hkzaida. and that England Is so paralyzed with fear, that she is constantly giving evi dence of her weakness to the world. In relation to this matter, the organ ol the Brotherhood says; “Us onward march [lrish power] cauuot beany longer stopped until It shall have overthrown English du.n inatlon In Ireland. The situation of the enure, viewing it as a whole, and apart from individual leaders, WSS not for the last twelve monies in a better condition than now*, In Ireland and Great Britain, the w ork of organization aud arming continues logo on steadfastly, nnd with scarcely an interruption. Tecre are able and determined men placed at all important points to super intend its working and discipline.” ‘A letter was produced by til- Chalras soon (is the Brotherhood felt sufficiently calm to proceed to business, from James Stephens, in which he said (lint he read with amaze ment and regret the reports of the last meet h'c in the Srtfmnc ; that the allegations of Colonel Kelly wore slanderous ana uutruc; that he was fully resolved to carry out bis promises to the Brotherhood, and bad been prevented from doing so before this by dlfll cuMlcs thrown il his way by others in the oiganlzntlon: that he had not retired from the Brotherhood and disregarded uny pretended deposition of him by any unauthorized parties, and that any action of 'he Brotherhood here would not be validun lif-s sanelioued by the 1. U. B. A committee of six were appointed to wait ou Mr. Ste phens, who round him reclining on a lounge Iti n stale of great apparent debility. lie stated he was too 111 to attend the mooting, hut would appear on Thursday evening at any place the Brotherhood might uam.r. mu [ «ke fucb explanations ns wci-c ucees<aty. Tlir Aillliorslilit of tin* Civil Itlghtn Hill—A I'rnnil Cxplmled. (Fiom tin* rMcngo Evening Po«t.J ’Up liionds nf General John M. Palmer, al n lom tor h‘Bltlom(c arguments to eiipp'wt M* claims to (lit* I’nlifil Sum-- t-emitor Mm, have re stiiH il t«i shuuleia nl Hie fniikvtt rmtacuu icgaru- Ini» tin* I’t’i tli'innii nhutti the people or IllitmlJ him- Indicated an their ptetatncu fro (Mt high oilUo. Tho nm?l important ol tUne blittiileip. tin II In (tic mint mol iitifoiimldJ. Is tho out* upon vhhh tlm Moml* of Get oral Palmei lmu> |ii|iiil| (ill» M lliMl to l.nlM Mm op nl the it livt«o ollih omimfitk \V« allude, ut c«us*. to lib I' ttfl 011M. , 1l hjr Hi hl'litl I’liliimr to •liohjo Tniniimll* mmm'MhH* mlari pruvM't-ia wnP-h (ho t'UU ItiehU and Vr edtwu’s (hnoiui hlth nlioolil Hililmot min the ti«<» whleh lias iipoii made ijflhsl Mlsr M show llml (iMimtsi rnlmm. noil nol Mh IKtiiibilll, hfln refllljr iliemtlliof ufllnMM t"ir«ill in lioiu» in iiilml llml ll«*i)»leur Mu' l»l= Utof to hoisl vtiuimf h httMiMu Witt? lit oiili Mmhuihm MM In cmiuml Dm fraud Mtli'li fra uMPirnttH) Mm? cmwiitll? In traurairara niton lira piddle, Thul im nii('«*<tfa ftuitt Mm d-Muml Oni.t lit (l.e jn.ti:i>pp|mi nl JimVhi 'litimhull. mm VriiU'lUMt) (m s»'«U «l ((' hUjnUsam atm , (VHutinlMt ill MtUtUK UmiMirUt, January li>, iNil I ,afi>i tvita iiiHi'mi HiUailliivllla, Jmiiury nf, niKdH)«)uU>rr In that hilar |m imorraq loraim graphic uUirmia of .Mr. liuiiibiill'a MlUwhhli 10 ImU men «•««•« r«M»| I Nnw nmhnw plain MAM ahull (Hit him tiuool Air TmmhiiU pava notice Uv thu punala iw»« Ist aaaaiuu of liitlli Ounjiiodd, p. 'll.) tif h!d Intention to introduce Mild for (ho security of theft uen man, rnd to eomtra llit-m in their cull nulls, on the Moe/«'«/Aof De cember, Dt&V mid actually Introduced ilto hills lace (ilcbt, p. itl't,) on the fifth of January follow lot; 1 Now, General Palmer, whose letter id tViiert livi: daya after iliu introducilmi of these bilk, and Mhoacknowledge*inhUletter that ho had good telegraphic abstracts of them, comes forward and claim* the auihuMilp of llm-o Mild I Between the date of the intr> dot lion of these bills and that of Palmer’* loiter, more than uutllcicnt time bud elapsed for Palmer l » hare receive I nr I mod copies of them by duo coarse of mail, and It is more than probable that lie did so receive them! We therefore convict General Palmcrbf Mllfnllj ard intentionally perpeirattncj a fraud upon the public, by means of v blch be hoped dt lahe clmuii to oust dndjre Tramhull from nis seat, and UEtome Too place AndtDiii he did by frandulenl'y eraulng from hia letter to Judge Trnzubnll its date, (an act of Indirect forgery,} aid claiming that irom that letter Air. Trnmbnll rectived tbo liinb* npon wmcb he based the great '"p"-'- Fii-cdm<'r ,J Rnrwau An act of more unnm>fil»p ixiseoess wa»j never i»erpciratcd in a political canvass: ana tbe pub licity which Is now given to hia disreputable tactics should deprive Genera] Palmer of every claim to tbe nupport of bonortole men fora posi tion. tbe toad to which himself and friends have paved by Dos, ucceit, and fraud. •Notice given to Introduce hill for iccnrlty of freed hcd, Dtccnilxr iyt!i, ISIS, Ist sraslon, 39. h Congress, p, 7*. S. No. 60. Bin “To enlarge the power of the Fr»i*d nicitV «uivao.” Intrcr.nccd in pnn-aa”pc cf previous notice by Mr. TrtmvbwP. .tin. 5. i*sc«fi, p. ta3. S. ?* -. r-*. “ HP* to pr.*t>Tt jil eeriosn in tli- United SUUslnihel chit-ichtt, asl the treats of vlcdtca- Uon.” it iruUmvit It pan.i!u«* - eoi nmtousiiulitfo, fcy Senator Tfun>bni , ..Tan F. *W». p. l?j. FINANCIAL AND GOOmCUL {DO.MiTABI F uipat Evening, January 11, 1507. 'There were no new Icatnres to notice in the tone oj cot-tVtlon cf the Money market to-day. The fhlpDK i ta of carrct:cy to the Interior were, in the segregate, not so beery as on yesterday, and at some of (he Institutions the demand for accom modation was not so pressing. Elsewhere it was very argent and borrowew found great difficulty in negotiating loans. Hone bat the best custom* ers find any favor at the regular houses. In the open market there was an active demand for Money, and loans arc made at cent per month, according to the nature of the securi ties and the rating of the borrower. There was a less amount of Exchange offering, and Ibe market was slightly firmer, but without any change In lutes, liound lots were placed be tween bauus at SO cents discount. The counter rates were generally 1-10 discount baying, and l-acawo premium setting. Flour was less active and weak. Wheat opened strong and Sc better, but dosed nnset lcd and little better than nominal. Coro was dull at a de cline of Oafs were flat and Rye de clined S(!j 3c. Barley was firm. Whiskey was neg lected. Provisions were quiet oed held firmer. Gold was unsettled and irregular—closing high-r. The market opened at 132£, declined to IS2Ji and closed at 131. The following quotations 1 were received by Boyd Brothers, gold brokers: U:25 a. m I 32?» 1*2:30 p. m 13Pi lw;:>uo.m Ifrij* i:(Wp.m isiu tthloa.m UtsM KOOp.m ISPs ji:Wa.m 1&H lUflp.m iwv II: IS a. m IBSH 3:13 p.m Ifilv It: tsa. m 133‘? 1.00 p.m 131 isrui m is*x Ilm* there was scarcely any demand and holders refused to sell. The baling rales were ItSOIMVi— closing at the upper figure. Government Securities were firmer In Now York tins afternoon. The following shows the opening and closing rates: Flics 'Bl rivf-Twctitlcs ’CI. Flvi-rwrmJci *Ol. Fhc*T«cmU» 'WS. Ten-Forties StTcn-TMMicp Alin liiSfi ]D4u Sntco-lhlrUw June 103 S tWU HeTCD-lhlfllci July IWS IIMU Here the market wu* flrmcf, but Iho smoaot of* fettne w«* Hehl. oovtitMMKNT stcinum*—cmoAao MAnxrr. llurlua. Hollins, ‘ iftw vn\ ..KQk H 1314 H. «*w, of 1981 H. IFCi H. M'W. 1801 I’, H. trtC*. |WB JOS IWU (I H. f, SO#, fQlftll lOIHftIDSJJ I'.s. Urge .... Wfi B9k r.H. ii’-iui, *»■« iw l'. H. 7*W«* 18l fA PPtlc»... .ii. im V. B.i-sim, yd *er(e'...i ll'l i'.b. r«M*until)... .....mia : E;SSi;:li “ Atti » .i»I"VS 11 UHu il'Ppprgln) National lUlik ijlli'tß* lit* t'HiMi# m cu ....... p tiuipil.i. WMitt.,., M«* »» MU __ A»?< '* •’ .. I" unislhit M ** .... On, •* *' tiWU > dull. Wab«ard of s*ua jvuns al uaij. lorall-enirlll s»re»m, of |!i,mU:Mf«iro my jiinQ Utf remmkai t- 1|»« New Vmk Aftl/j ThrruUa continued briik demand far money Al 7 li ruin on call, and anything under IhUraie exceptional. lUscnnnla am rather alow at 7 cent for selected signature*, tip to B®o V caul fur fair to good name*. Wa quota; _ Per cent per annum. Loans on call, slock ceenrltlea 0 7 ** bond and mortgage 0 7 Pmne endorsed bills, fid days 7 0 8 ** 80l months 8 <a 0 Firsl-cIMB finpie names., S O 0 Other pood bills 0 010 —The Cincinnati GaztUt of yesterday observes; There is no especial change In the money nnr k t; the demand condones active, andcnrreocy does not Increase. lutes of Internal are firm at ic&llper cent between banker* and their cua tomere, and ibftl:* per cent oalalde. Exchange was rather heavy to-oay. the offerings being larpe without a corresponding Increase in the demand. 1-10 dbconnt Is now the outside buying rate, and the demand is "applied at oar. Tbc earnings ol the Michigan Central Rail road Company for the month of December were <306,6490.6, against <525,9G9.53 aamo tunc in 1335; decrease, <ao,S».rr. The receipts of the Detroit & Milwaukee Bailroad tor the week ending December C? were $21,044, against <82,570 same period In ISGS; de crease, <516. lbc earning* of the Chicago & Bock Island tUtlfM-ril taf Ui*(‘WtU \\\ |»«n ■ \#tf* fM'.ttir., fttttMixt »♦ 1 wifi I Imuraim, H.lW> , „ ,f 'lliw inrHpia of tin* Hoidhern lUll* lotnl (nr Ui« ftmrlh wt*w (» l>ac«?in**or wero I'WU'U?, HCtttllbl l -UI.UJJ ettlUtt Mutti Udl JfO«r J Uu crease, f 17,-iM, „ . Tho eiwolOßt of tU« Chicago ft P-Mlern lUtlrrsd company for the mimlhof December vtru * )iStW.7, against |B’J,M3 durintf lbs m«° l* c ' ilod liilBiB; Increase, fiscal — Tbe New York Journal of Comm/rc* «ay«: “We are povr enabled to complete our annual tobies ol tbs movement of specie alibi* port for the ?ear IBM. It is «n Important cxhfoU, and IbcmJfl bo canifnlly preserved forroferooce during the current jearr sprent Moramrr at hsw took is 18M. linporta In Jatmuy *•* Femnary H 2.123 March i. April ' 1111*817 .. May aa.*,073 u June.... W.SH ii July 811.961 » Anenat.... mat i* Kei.lPtnl)er....l ••• 5,193.1*3 ii October 1*431,158 i* UoTeQlxr 8U5.837 D "“ mb " From California 1° January....57,£37.977 * " •«. Fcbmary..«,SS ii March 3,667,550 ii April • .. 1.551,72* u May 4,0(11,703 ii June.,.',.. LSOLCT-l • ii July 6.TC4.351 u AthHlSt.... 4,450,650 u Septemher. 2,531,104 ii' October.... 5,U04,1>19 ♦. November- 3,'6T0.36S ii December. 4.413,756 Receipt, since Jinnsry Ist-. ....... 51,353,DM Exports In ja,™5,336 ii February 1.907,ti30 *i March 1,<115,033 •i April BSiSTS ii May 23,^4.181 ii June........ 15,690,266 ii jnly 8,381,459 ii August ii geptember 6M,RSn i* Oclobfi 1.463,450 ii November ’3,701,690 *. ; December.......... B,s9<v*7o _—-—02,553.730 Loss since Jan- Ist, 1956 8U,2»1,7U6 New York Stock Market. Closing price* ter cash. January U, 1961, recrived by Joseph M. Lyon* A Co H Brokets: - -7*t ld| Ist *d B’a. BM. I B’d. T.-el. v.T.Cea HO DOX D.S.fiparcent Eric (com) <2S 64 M.b.(ccu«>.... 79,■* Sox b.b.6per cent, C.iHtts pH so* S-McoarVOr. s J, Itock Island....lCtX 10*3 r.B.6p»fcent tVo} * C.AN.W 40* 4t|J MOpoap.,^ C.KH. W, pfC SOX HIK U.S.IpJ' ‘ nt U,Jf \v u A-n.o'„Tci:::::: *■&**"**■ * “ r.iA.<eom)..lC9 W TNKOwiTSiO * ” V Btir.* Q;-v;‘i .... 130 Istsalej I£BW IMT (hAM-ccri:,. jrj. r >- 4 c.«, 73db ii lludiOh rtlvtr.l32 131 V eerie*......!?lCSV 10454 *•- c hi * j D. 8.7310, 8d I P-* P*:-«.....7UX ICSM] series IC3J< 701>» c:cve.ATo]> ! Amer. G01d.... POX IS3X T.A Wnbssh... 44 j . Market—DL Board better. 2d Board firm. COHaiEßCilli. Fbidat Etekwo, January it, 1857. Tic following tables show the receipts and ship, menu of Prod ace daring the past twenty-four hours: itscgirra TAbt ■nvtNTT-roi'n noma. 19C7- ISO*. IG.rfO 11U53 J-UOO 10,WJ . 7,930 -1,170 6,950 18,020 60 1:1 ..! 810 tr* btls. ■at, bu. Com, bu Oatr, bu Itye, bn Barley, bu .. Oraes rerihits. Oioom I’oni, It's. Cmnl McntP, tte. Foil:, Inl»* . l.nrU, IJnltcr. Tb(* i). lion, No U»p V.i-jr-. No i iildo. No lidc*. U>9. Wnnl, Iht*. .timber, tn, 'tiluck'9. W tminiE.'nfl TwcNtv-roun nouns. Wi. IWB. 7.ata s,as7 w.wo \m . (),B3U ........... 78!' ‘i.loo U'M\ Plnttr, h»le, Wheal, Hit. (.Vni, ti 11.., Uiilk, Hyp. Hu,... Purler, Hu. Utavi* Hl-vd, ... 7,m0 .... Oinriii fmlt.Po ......... IVM Mill nif-il Meale, V *..., IkU,PU» Bl«i,Tm ill* f, 1n1f1..;. ................ UiM III! rn1i.Hi15........... ............. ItllO 7113 Mid. tM..............ft),mu Tallow, I!-?.... .. ... ... ..... Ol.inf 7, Ml jimipi.......................1 9.0.10 m mi.,.,,... ....... •i.ptll o,ll' <'nine. N 0,........... .......... Mil 9<* 1 liiliu ink ....... 1, sag _ m vVtml, )(>*..>... 1.1111., l.uji ri.hhn I Khll.fp, In 11l tilt* ‘OKIn.. 111.,ji1l ||)l I Mill, 111 11l 4 MIMHIb, . ... 1. ,1.. ~, P"t mi Tun I'uivWi-u m»fhni washuW, \ml MlmiHm of prtidnci HbtM lo'td uiili urpflhn' «iuUMUmre*M»liove iliu views of Imy.'N, There a HiiA impilry for Wws I‘ork m tlrt.uo, lull l|iPfuv*>ro mi Mims Mow fh.OA. The sales|irliif&iti UrU—jmitat IIMS, And ihoha’Auci ut f iti.lNi, Oteeu Meals uero Ibm active, end wHl.out essential chango, The large pales made yr*ienlny, intiny of Hhlfh ere yet to bo filled, re* rliicted oiifiatione. Hales were made at 0c for (lams, from hlnughlerod, and flH c from Dressed Hoi’s. Hhmildera sold at s>jr. from Drained Hogs, and r.}*c trom Slaughtered Hope. Dark Allots were quid, with sales of liO.OOi) n>s Ilourh Sides at fifcc ppehed, and £U,flitO tt>a Dams, from pickle, at lb>4c packed. In Epglhh Metk there was no movement. Jard was dimer, hut luTyers were not dDpotcd to follow the views of sellers. We note tales of auo tree at ll?,s®n‘sc for City steam a» d Country Keltic—closing with no Boil ers below lUic. Grease sold to a email extent at *Uc lor Drown. 'ibcrc was a tinner feeling in Dressed Hocs.siid rales were made freely at an advance of BQIUc, though al the dost: tlie improvement was hardly sustained, and the market closed rather dull. Wo note sole.* at SC.tO@(s.yO—closing taire at S6.UO -..a -.ov >v4 xu ziU IDS. There was r-o demand v.halever for Wblskey,and the maikct may bo quoted entirely nominal at £2.20 for duty paid and tiSc for Bonded. Hie unfavorable advices from New York bad a depressing influence on the Floor market, and prices rather favored buyers, though not to the extent insisted ou. A concession of 10@15c was d'.macded, uhlch holders wonld not submit to. We note s«U*f of some 2,2C0 brls at £14.1001-1.50 for White Winters; fJ.CCQ 12.00 for Spring Extras; f 6.00 for Spilng Supers and f 5.23 for Buckwhest, At tlie opening there was a strong speculative demand for Wheat, snd the market advanced fol ly 9c, but at the close the Improvement was bare ly pnMr.ined, owing to the less favorable advices from the Ea* t, and the market closed little better than nominal. The sales foot up 08,000 bn at eS.K»ie3.lfc for No. 1 Itcenlar; £2.00 for No. 2 in K. 1 and A. D. & Co.; f1.0301.0G for do Itwr u’ar, and fl.Cßijol.C-l for IJejectcl—closing at about f 2.17i* for No. 1 ard £lO3 for No. 3in reg ular rouses. Cora was Cull and fully }Jc lower—barers fhox leg to deposition to operate, culc«s at a material rcdcclim. w hich holders would not grant. The tmi-uclioi:* foot up ,12,000 bu ai T9G,T3j£c for No. 1: for Jto, 2, aud B3c for Rejected In store— closing dull at TDc for No. 1. Oui» were very Out and *i@lc lower, with sales al 10ij(5.1Ic fur No. s—closing dull at 40c. Harley was firm and in good request, with sales at Cl *j®Tcfor No. 2; 45@53c for Rejected, aud CCcCLfUO for sample lots. 'Hie following telegrams were read on 'Change to day: New York. January u. Floor lower and quiet at 910.350ta.55. Wheat inactive and heavy at f ~ Ji7@2.50. Com nnlet and firm nl 11.19 In store. Oats easier at 65®tf7c. Pork steady at 119.15@20.23. lard quiet. Hoes salable at 5“..5c8.00. Gold, 192*4. LATER. Flour drooping. Wheat heavy at t 2.3509.50. Core ami Oat* orooping. Lard quiet; 12 *40 for Old, aiid l2ll®l2"|C Tor New. LATER. Tc ilic afternoon the Cora market was firmer, and closed wish no sellers below 60c for No. 1, owirg 10 rumors that Liverpool had advanced to 445. Wheat was inactive and nominal, at (i.9r& 1.91 S for No. 2 Spring. Tbeie was no movement Id Ptotlslrns. lh<* Cattle market was fairly active and steady at ycitcids j'e tales. Tito receipts weir 550 head. Entered sale?, 1,850 head, at $1.750 0 62!{ for com* I mon to choice grade?. The balk of the offerings ' were taken on shipping account, for New York, ' llnflklo, and Pittsburgh. Prices range at $3,090 I C.7C. ‘ | Themirke! far l ire Hogs opened active, at a ll alight advance, bnt later is the da; trade became I a little slscv, and prices again receded. The re* . 1 celpls were f»,017 bo id. I'ntered sales, 7,379 head, I at puces ra: glng from $S.C7‘j (or common to $5.23 for extra. Ihe market cl »ce strong ot $3.^530.13. Opening. Clewing. ..IIITH 107* inev .iw* ifw* 'VH% iwij t**‘i 9tfj NeirTotk (•'Nrprr RtnrkPt-Jnnonrr ff. ■ (.‘mm—The market haa heroine Innrttrp. and ran- I roller called Orm.pepecially fi*r Mr«zll. itip »ti«rk of which Is tv w pretty |ur*e, and inc demand fe«tri'i"d 1 to the Immediate want* of wmaratn, For fair car. po*» 1110 wrrprtnreournnriuitoni half a crrit* Mil the i market imm well ini'hlled with thi earMu« West Inna and Jata are |r#alnqttlrt*l Mr. and onr tf*. ' tl**tt nm»tntiur» nrc raihrf Inner. Hip sale* of Ul<i i art-SOTO tmtM'f Mary IMtv.Ml do t»-r Valkvfic S . f JISOo hit Ar’ l !*. *-i(J nl IWlHntiirr. I.WMd) I'-rF'ea- , t»or. *o*l *TO on per Mimmta.nll nn term* tmt trUr 1 loiMlc, 11-r i>tt>rr ojalrn nrr '■!» Mararnlho ai H.» I Hj|C t 15V I-acuijra. H.-autlic i Irt Jamaica, Iflc; W),i t bit, in bond. Itr, nil Ruld: ami *,W ft. Hmnitun, m l-o Imulorrxvon. nn Hnui «p till tmt irtru. ih<* Ilf rk af ll'o In llti-cn-tnifr li 7Vrwn* 8 # (,» f . ivitli nt 1 N*« i»t Mol Mr. 3,tM) nt auti IH.lrt? «( I'niliitmtc- loin U/.ij-haea. . (he aglleHm t>i hew tanii tuea«fif-«, tMoiriiiK quit* t imiiiiinarliWiKPt In iltcjtiMM ■ n fmll*. ami flic no- I ti fltlnlr litte-i.iina O’f*'ll"n «d i:nji B ri«a tiimri in« I'rid'mHlH'.ntiHltiMhua’ eaantul Iniycr* iutfrlt:f-, , In lltc tcrufitJnic. cult •mail lota au)l|c|cul fir loi *-ciM atewatit*. lutlil* war, #ni*-i lute !*-•« tnal« ft ->•*l I'U 'aitr raiM'f n» |(tf |tn •Iriilllon ‘ I.* 1 ! fin H I'ttiln at xn I*t1« - urtann «i iliMfvi ii'imn f-nait* no* futrialt l*f| ‘•ld r a(>f|lH aH-udf it 9*-i a»'V'* .«ilH"fft"it »>-;t milsaj, },f ■ I’lHo hlH'ft at fl? It'i |*(tt<r • Ini'tiittlca 'V "1 #l9'*'. Vi t at-atf" at.) at* MtV' fj h* *» #;».'!»> mhu t>M Va'WHa HlMt**i t* I itiMift 1 Ml* lira hr ah t*;** **','• li l'‘.'ha#» lalta#, »>a all*."- f|t t V''»« oHaii nMM iS t* M**a of •Umlm.w. ) i*m |..i ■'t'li' "o I'M nnl»» .*',«« I mlifnaaid »i-n..a M», s'*. i ffM.kt. (•••ndUt.'lf »i..l it.-tlc' li.c l< ul|i. >||f <i >.|ij «(» iiiiii, *• 0 4tti <>')> -u tal a-*llll* n.r m,.| i.f M nil f*., Itr i let) f't>at lIM, I) |H*m. (3.J it*', aiid iidiii i» i-* - 1‘». . , Mol « ilea.iv, lint •» f. | *m.tMr*id rt. u.»m faint umanutet*. **ml Inc ii.niKd i* ina' <i*-s h.l lifi.raafdirtHi aid Kplinriii. IVo «* dW i fl< 1.1.i1a. Vi>il'Ul> al a-1 |l Il.crard, Sa.;: M . I'i.Hc Him, tß‘/(ant* j Mils, uta.lit, li.da.-, ( liiiiti <*&> lilnia, is l. i, m .1 6 l.rlt, i’ulit (.iiiiriroval, nn i<i Ukln It rn*»; old Id lit I. hr*- itfirant, in mV .'4*ll. Ilv an. 11.-xj, Wui Ul (• h. w Oiie4D 8 »n..l at » o«>Q, Ifni alnek' ymertUf «i.j nr.»n( J.'iVt MMi P.irta Men, IN) do Hil.a, ir., an.l l.iw brU Sew unt-ona. hiiiAJi—l lm tuticr (rnlnm rn in*r i'jt ell aimo nur ls»i, with • U-tur OLinanil for raw from onaiimera, hna indm'ol a firmer fudlm; in (hr market, and we ad tarue tmr tnutlona for reflnli.R and Mime other ttra lea • cu.e-» lahui of a rent per ft, the market rloains atron*, atihelmprotetlllaitrea. UctJiea,too, liaa advanced, w ith a pntty active drraar.j, and we now node ot.ior IhanStoartV, hard. aoft white, IJaCHJ.c; at.dftlnw. UiijU,» k .c Sierra, tstnartquote Utidriaat cro»krd, crar> Vitea ana croand Uc,The a«)ra rf raw nrr !,fOi hhm Cnnn, at BtdAlOk’c; Porto Ittr; 5 New Otleana. '.lJfc s 33 clarified do IJKOJUur, v,-fcHijnaTaDa.tvildUc, 4 mot. Dy aartiom l,icu bis Uavana, camatochaj d at 8)»ul 13j*c caatu block In Sew Turk, January i (corrected)— IW4. IViJ. 1586. iafi7. Cuha,hhdf 13.5» IV» 53,101 SJ^I

l‘ort<* Rlro I,W 1,453 3,nil 6,01 Knellkh WaatlJ ..1,014 Ql IJH Martinique ),3C6 .... 3,i54 4ti . bt. Croix • .... 236 Sew OrlciCS TsTtVi 5568 .... .1 Total, Wuta JUU 17,541 31,460 57.34 S MclJilo fOO .... 13 rut*, hr* 4uw so,ya M.7>i 40.519 Mur.l'V ban 59.418 83.030 63.715 ><.63 (equal to) 15,173 .... £0.650 19,357 Jars (equal to> .... 8,116 .... r&UTIo, l>ekt. 3,071 Dressed Ilos» Id Detroit* The 7Vif»«»eofycsurday.Mje; “5 he receipts of ber'l>y mil, as reported this mom- forest coaalgtxrcs. not one- UallUiC number cm yesterday's reports, Dy team they i»VO V»h>| l)au ■ ) 111**' ||» n.Oll' l *’ n*»lll«r Ul M* l«wi ummstuitii lUn tUy »r a tieaiMi i.r »*4UUj, inn wliii » uf nn..aa Tin* «|m» lanM *Mi Urn «»mu a* »'“'•* "• suiitil.y,but mutai <Uo (ntUiß'uvu t>f u»« h»«* »>'<*• ittopubll f.lHl till 'i'.'UßlirfC, Hint 1118 l»« k llul DM-^ira m rc; ftir iirv.«:ni doiuaud*, Hmy Wwuu utuker.atul'mwuanouUUla laa **lc* li*i> * 0. n 17 *ma«lng «0 ft», M |7.» I » ayjrsulau :il4 •». at»l.M r« avWr«Ji.K fci B v»t it.UO ; 17 ttl.ati7.JlWj SOavcrsgmuVft ft#,at*li»i Jla.laver ‘a£ tta, ailin t *H (uluht talus rnuur iW tt»), Ui Averaging 1120 It*. af *745 i TO from warns, At »C.7*a 7.15; S7avtramp lii tta. at *7.00; 57 avaraulu* «*l tt*.al|7Jo,andUmfo.l *wlDßdlvld.ugorWfc* at l#Uu given: 6e at *6.75 and *7.15; at *6.75 aud *7.00 ; ii at |7XO and |73, and *3 at * and |7.U>». Nrw York Orr Goods market. iFioro the Independent.) „ Trade tsdoll; bottbe prospects of an evly resume- Uonof activity ate Imoroyloz* The oitecaed credit clycs Into many initance* has tor tied om disastrous ly. The goods so bought tould no' bo jo d. and «e not. therefore, pildTor, and stocks are 100 Urg* ot alntergoorts. A fraction ot pri'-M oa srrios now being talked of. Hr own sMTUngn au! attw.uasa are v»ry dolt, but atocka are not In ntesrs avt are Amir Laid. Bleached gooos show dltntn- Uttrd..activity, but price* are »teaiy. Camel* ate qnlet. Go'd qualities alcno are Era:. 6trmc» and ticks arc dull. cxlltoltmore activity. Prims are Wh # f mare v.ttve, rmO the supply ofßprl''ecood> I» incret-'nr. octal. e» coß'lcae active end price* steady. Cobnrgv are mo delately active and steady. rroudcloths are lower. Caa-mjerca are very inactive. Clothier*, however, we t> ginning to mak» inquiry for their early narcha«ea. Satinets are doll. Flatncis are dull. BlaukeU hate become verv dull, ard prices are heavy, imparted fbljnca are all inactive. imponatt<T* have acatn .'»■ ome lartre, preparlne fir the npnncopenlne. untian and Continental poodi are coniine ont at a hlibercost, : anc hlpber prices than those ot)a*t year are. U It said, tobeajked. \Tcw week* will reveal lb® truth. Afall In told (which la very likely) will preveUany advance, in cjxxilx ai prices, and most llksiy las ore a dec Jns. Philadelphia ProTtslon MarUei—Jen. 9* The market continues very dnll. and prices, ara on-* settled. Small sales cf new mess park fSI.<O««.SP, prime mess at $23J»,.an4 pi one rtl£.C» y hrl. Dressed hoirs are selllnc i*J tta. Mtse tKef wlUm lotsnt f1«.9J83J /ifhr Veitc.a, and 1*3.00891.00 ? hr» for city packul. Bjef ham» a.e hcW aIfS2.«KiSU..XJ V ht\. Haconco’Xlau«» tuvjttve. hmalt sale* ot plain and fancy canvassed hams are maklneat I«jl6c; sides at sh-uliers at llAlSc ?» ft. Green are a.oo very d i.t; new pickled hams sell at and Salt •honMera at farm 9{i9Kc V h. In lard toera u verylltuo doinq. Sales of brls ana ires are maklu; at r ft. ana kep3 at Italic. The Flour and Grain Trade ofMoDtwti, The fallowing shown asvlahl«‘j ien t 8 at Montreal far 1866 and 75t3,: ■ tticsirse, ,oee , oet Wheat, bt Corn, bo. .XUI.S73 p«s, bu ; i.wvns 4^,957 Osts,ba..... 2,063,717 IXWU Barley, bn..:.. 333,993 516.6Q8 VD/S* 33.dM Ffonr, bru.. 740.T50 770.670 Oatmeal. br15... % , , «,*J6 l^n Oommcalt hri' 1,636 8M aor,?OT ‘ IW, -149.-1 Wheat, Com, tin Peas, ha oatt, tra Barley. ba Rre, 6a, v Fl"Qr, Wl» Oatmeal, brli.. CoruacaU brla. TilE COICAGAO LIVESTOCJtf.MAUK.Br* O rrunt of the Chicago TnmrKE. > FfiiDAT EvxKtsa, January it. 5 followlait table thowa the a ally receipt* and shipment* of Lite Stock during tha week op to thla a* repotted by the Secretary of the Onion Btoclc-Y.rd Coraruir: . Bhcp. a; tun r* WcdneKUy.... 3.150 13.1 Win ii3SSK.::. «• t'|lday«T...... 556 ! Tola! 3.669 42.135 J.CNO 3-Wt 4i,sa9 2,0il TLe rucelpU to-day were by the followln; rontest f Cattle. Hon, Shwp. By Illinois, Central Road. »J 4« wl Uy Burlioutun & Cului'y !ti>au. JSI 3,0 n .... By bt. Louis ft Alton Ifosd... . 6J ?ifl .... By Nomwratem Road I JS l.$M By Hock Uland Hoad... « Wl3 By Michigan Central Hoad RW ByMlihiaMtSowthvrn- 20 By UrealKiaUrnUoad..,. 228 Total ”k 5 W. 7 fW llietUpmcnis 10-tlny, oad lor Ike week up to khit ctcUsft were; Cattle. sue«p. Konlny nml ilon*laj > . TQ(«ilnv wrdnMdflf 'ihmwtay Friday M ’3W lolni Sir e turns Inal week fclilimiebU to-day w ;fc by tlu Adi urine roulei s Cat He, llori. Stiwu. Hr MMilran Boulhern MW * Hr ltU-l'uruh&Tort Warnu., IvO .... .... Ilf MHiUntt ivtilra! *U Ilf ureal Enitrrn 07 T0ta1......... tali* to-day, ns eiilrreil at the different Scale-home 1, wmiasiullotrii ..... .. . Milo. Hut*. Blieep. A| M!o«illC' ,, iHnl ft-a1e.«..•«. 199 yin l*n A L'm |l.*tJ. 5ra.H,........... «M 1.9*1 ll’J Al .... 4W t.ll® .... A \V| 5ea1e............ IW UJI .... Tn1n1.t........... ut... ■>•..1.1113 7.3 h 1M Wpalln-Mraa edd, Ihndßii lint ••itulti lipiihv Ui KhtHlnl'efaH'liMhil With a Mil nU li’liitHiiPMd Iniinfi. mid mi aititiHmi mi'iilr ni* ilrt'li. njiilf liliallitiMim IrahliudPilal JiMon Mi H|i hi Hip lultl'Mhli‘ii'f rpilpf'ir, TliP>|iiAtllri>flli*Mii|ur|<Hf<. led SltlMv SMWrtt'Hdh WW full* Up I", ft 1 >1 iuilih|i« lip|*pfilliau IM nv.ifrtt-p, dii'l im lyt a u>m>| iipplttiy pMi't'lim 'lpmiii'l, Imt'ipf* m d'liitl') iifl-un orp'ln ei|*iH"iiM'*l liliMlitt. iiih’m •' "■HM"(it at ■aH*su'<i>FV ruin. Ci'HHM.I! tli‘"'fHiilini#, li'iuiwur. hit" temlMii and lintm»a«iirs iieulw led, wiiii «rlu.»* lownr. |iui"tiflrMr.'ii iifi'ftH Ixiyimi *|».trhiMly,»» It.M tiai feiii'ply hi Hus oomm.m h.kk, ich lneie«ss nfiho demand, MMloetnp i.ktt |w<d,wlilPU werodlvliiedhaiwaan aidi'pers and <diy uy tim mrmer^at pni'i'i rNiiullißfront |J 7Vd>l *9 Aw InfJll'T CMWS, |h|i| bir. ri, tlagi ar.d null*. («> cnnimon luitoliers' stock a ml rnmnion»lock Ulcer* i |1.7%'49.7i fnr gftndlifjiQica Cow*, and common to fair Btoun, and for Rood to tludru UotiVcs. The market dotes ateady with 11 large number untold. Ylm following are tlu current ratiti; . Uiira hffttf— Fine, tat, woll-ftrmM. 4 to 8 ytur» old aleora, aid averaging 1,300 &a aid upward) fiSOjITS J*r!m< fleer/*—Ucod, well fatted, fairly* Aimed Stetra. averaging irom UIU to 1,400 Dr, at 6.0036.55 rair f.Tot/r*-Falr steers, la uttr a«sh,ar* __ erasing 1,00031.200 ts«, at 5,5535.73 MetHuiu C/a»«—Medium Steers and good o>w*,«t toi city slaughter, and. »Y«raf tng 900131,000 Ds,at 1J345.00 fttek tWf/c—Common Cattle In decent KwaUOM a«, at 3.7531 50 ftifrt'Uir— l.lcht and mm • u»s hhu m«t», 1 rough and coarse, averaging 620J550 tts, at ».5033.3a Wenote the foilowinc transactions: C ATI LB SALES TO-DAV. Elehtrco head mixed batcucw* stock, averaging 1,073 tvg. i,trr*rx. at f >.35. rutrty.ftvc ncic common Dntchera’ btecn, sverazlos I.OjB as. ff«t and water***', at f 1.C3- IMrty-thrcelicad uiratoex Steers, averaging 1,033 cs. r«d and watered, at *1.70. Sixty-four hrutl choice Illinois Stecra,avariglng i,»W Bt»lca set! watered. at *6.62J<. seven head tola ronsh steers, averaging 1,100 as. fed ard watered. at ft .93. Thirty-set en head c 'od fleshy Steers, averaging 1,133 I* f>, led a< 6 watered, at £5.90. Four thin btects, averaging 923 Ds, led sod watered, at £5.73. Thlrty-oie head common hntrhere’ Cattle, averflg losr KlOti »», fed ai d watero<U at £3.00. 6Uty*Bevc.i head coed Steers, averaging 1,175 lbs, fedanc watepi' £S,N). Eighteen liiacl fair Steers, averaging 1,013 »9. a^ *"£001 head prime Steers, averaging 1.193 ds. inland W*tr--«, pt Mi.O>. 6 HOGS—The market opened lively at an advance ol Mtit’c, and up to tutelary tho Improvement wa* well maintained. hat In the afternoon buyers were less anx ious to operate, and the advance was lost. Packers were (he on)} operators, and 7,500 head went Into their bands, «t£537 forcommon to mediant grades Averaging from 170 to SKO D>e, and JA9O gfi.lS (or pood to choice flees, averaging from SStoSlOfts. A few sales were male In tU-> morning at a slight advance on Ibeahovcranpc.hat they were cxccptioaai. andlnno way tLClcatc the general market. There are at least :-.000 head to the pens unsold. The market clo-es Mtov.z at the fallowing q’lQtat.oLS: i'rime to choice Fair toe Catutnanto mediant >\e note the following transaction*: 1100 SALES to-uat, *O. lie pol'dbacon mule*.. ££ prtn eeveu tot 146 pood nn-.ooUi lloca. M 56 medium mitrca lot. 116 same quality lIP cood bac- n .. 170 extra ernoutb Uoc*. ro coimuoo mixed lot. 98 choice lard Hors. VS medium sradc... 96 prune H05t...... St prime even 10t.... 44 tame quality ■MrtHdrefetlioßS... 48 terd bacon erode* 717 5.13 151 Reed bacon Hors .2» 1 5«3 43 tame quality . 3*5 *< so 5S same quality AVI 5.1 D YA soodlatrloi 'X\ SAO VlSulcvco lot ill 5.93 W prlitt as noth lot 34J 6.00 57 same qundty .271 U.njf SHEEP—Ibe roarhft continues quiet, wtih no c*»cn tial chance in value*. The demind la oonfUe-l 1 * Rood mutton Sheep on Heat account, which sell readily at fun rate*. Common grades are n?gle:lei aaj slow of sole at any I nee. emcAdo uailv aiAiuisr. Atttalet of Grain reported in thit market report art made vn the ta*it oj tcinUr (Ie) tturage, unlett oihtrxct»e expressed. FuruT hrixuro. Jautnry 11. I’M. f llEUUlTS*—Uaw.*oiw Fatton-re-Tha follow- Its la ibe> Idi urllfoD Uio Eauem road#: fkl 4 Lb lin'd front Ctiloißo to— clw. dss«. Flour. Mosc. Hullalo. N. 1* 68 «T# 80 W T(iMtto.C.W « «)f » fO MottrnLC.K 1-0 M I.W J.W Albany, K. Y 1.30 W<< I.M 1.10 M'tr Tork US W I.W) I.M UoM.unDtl Albany 1-D 03 I.M 1.8) lU*»tnt) rf<» Urmtl I'rttnlt I.B} 03 1.0) 1.09 ivrtltnn rrr UratdTrunk 1.10 I.U I'hllwlfirl.i* ItS TO I.» 1.49 TO M 1.00 TO Llrtt Intd. Old*- 13 81 TO M JffT«m’Uv|MP ; |JK) -ia &JI TO ~.rn’Utilie,iml « ** Cltrifi nil. tMifrt U B . M H> IM Ol f It —r*Nl* t rl«; 7, Ilf bn*. MaiMHitiift, wirt •e'krr. ini»n)»r to Pttwt snip*. were ohlUvd u« (tinke c<>n< (vaJ'ias of IQillM. H»W tco: Uliitk U i*t»K«~23 lit I# “ fUM; JWliflj *-Stiu of lllitioln, nt I 4.1 t t’nint’jiii-100 lirlumu t vtustntiu.yi 'vn*«i.’oi-'rf Ai tent.-ite," «i HHMisJtn*rl< 91i.n1 tiutirti tli-jrrt Miiifirkuin 110 nt lit»hfl«-ol toufiMl, st 9Jo.i»i hrl« ••(•. tnmli * * I**l. it mil: "i Mp, ti tibl Hitt *■» it llO.f. IMI hiH ’•(» nt IP M»lf HrU ||" it ilt.HIjW tifl* uti I.t t’O.iDjW I'f a d > at **.Mt II (j tirlrt X w. it ff.Tll Hl-MtH Hri'f.i-joj [ifl* tt I hbibhl, it fn.rt l Ul'-Rtflint Ftm* i |() fifj* tt t tiiißul ni f»,vr» t JM »n luef. m9t m i-er Im- dr •!. u || uf- H-tHtml. lA.i.-n imj *ii!tn*H. Irt,««hti, MnrVt * (tillr *" l-t'pr nil Inm It. hut nt Itit* (Mi- d'lrnitrc < ■< not emlrt l» ni lUjlnln-'}. it i iti ii oyi ii Ny. t h-r;iii «t n.i**; n. *»i nit'in ■« IUIH : Hi 5". sni f t.Vt ?'.« d U’ si fW| y -in Mt ft n.'ii I'" 1 ' •( • n* kVIM-iie'iU.-n J, nu lot do it •“i (it toot A. M iri 'M| i VIH ni < i >; i • 101 ijti It f l.htH fotoia ’•’l'.tlm nt No I In f-twlnf Itvjwi I IMf H -Ji*-* i»*'t ;P.'-'«i tun s'ilmi'H m ilj'i-l Hlil! nti'f m iM-ril; «i'H»i'r-t ’ .►‘•'■•t.-to iit tH|i-, nil ■.■ * mmr>»- 1 oni| on No, j.v nOiifi <1 • nt» J/ttj till pMrlltJ* (Mint; >1 a Wt»J» *t''iM» «•»(*« li Vte rhlltmtHf, 4,n64 t"H • 101 l Mjfi ki'V.l\o»4Viiti M«l ttuffi i.M‘*irn» Nrtrlil"**!} si'll in.i l.ii Mu A. I>. i *•'*> it Ito; »i»1 tut bV' •tiiw.lnai AI to i oluh.l kl il.i* 1 I '*) IIHKI it Wt-u liWlm iWVi i ItO 101 »l !•■>*• i I n*k>» it !“•'« t'**l l‘rt '.IWM, «« IMIA iintPl nt ft Ifit »tl.u3. AJlrtJUnji jc.l.tVo t «I !u tor.» nt flt.V) Ml i»i hUlniMil. 2,SW tti, 71,, re u mi impr>.v • an in 'lm Outtor nurkut, to aav tuoniul iwrit-ui ,'.uJti»»aiMati fur Latin iuc uir.tmoe Iq •- " 1 . •• "n tmal ktnouQl. anitmiiJer»«-otinr»tf . ■ * ’’'"O tern *ffll iip.rte*ler» ccnerallr OoHun. ' itmli For i nmnii'D Tun «nrl rommon Fti iontreli’ a«y ‘lemanc. ar« not in tus to wut bpncuui' ra rvtnee no clUp>**Uion to ojierata, dial imlilnr* Hu.l it estrtmely dlttlcail to caVfl »un cxivMit Jll«ral ie«lncU<iL». TUe aopplf of 1001 m ctcsu'ioiU'i» u verv tarse. Salts ion:ay lactoda y» B in tuhV, nt like ; S’O ns at ao;; 13 p.irtra«i UoO a 3V ; 3 tttktnn Prime ol 21e. 1> e quolJ As fbllora : Cfielce liatry.. » «« * Gmdlub...... j» % Common Mrkln 13 c VfiaeFlrkto - 3J ©3l o Sale* 50 Sr£ Biatyic; Bs HoUal Wi; 100 * s at So : 13 jars at i7c. . . UA«'<SIN(S-Vpc tasreet eontp'oes rery qnlet. ’ v!tb prlcii nominally UTChansptl, thonelt on round lots, as an Inducement to purchaser*, lltvral enacts* •loua iTcqtfcred. Tbednnaad !•» conflned to small or* , dcr* to anppK current wants. The stock* are nolex traTiganu wecnole: ..... , >*atl«mal A. 2 bo, seamless linen *»--£ lL'tlrcA.Bhß do W-W i Illinois A, Iba do I Corn kScnance 6tark A* cotton ifamleta. I«vUtoaA* do A» droacosgia do American. do pravcr Mills, do j»ju»reldH, do 1 Prnu Mim, «o FortWtt, do | 8U«0 t do v a«-«. H««. HM<I *• ......... .. ............. ........ in s|V£J Uiinfilwi .........../Mff *\n, h *i, 1...... i. • 11111 • 1 * ivtjl »'il> ....W,f« WIKKHb-’UWteeililWialllMeMe. Tw iioolM We 11iVr»l a. >1 Uiu ■ onuml fueling (« waller, riioiigb I'riww urtM.ul uuculm lower, on rounl.oW dealer* nra gap era y iTluriog u.i.wanooa, We ineke no cwanae in o.irniioUHi>n.,eiftiliow»s _ ta „ NewTotliTnclorf (genuine)..,,,,., ...» ® Ka. mry *1 g‘! £ }• «J I 2 WeoUsin l!e*-f»e............ £lB o ••T.mnt Amonrn . ® f OA I<—l I>u aemm-d oontiunee active wllbP(lOC« steady, firm and oiK-hanged. Tto be.lar varieties ol bof coni ere la lively « emsnd by toeqoiauty.end i «iu> e miner nnor l supply onhnna, bolder* nro renal I full rates. We cooilnae io quota: Kri»—Broolflelil..... do OJmibJ - ..;.••••■■ CL*T*LA.M»— Brier J1U1....... do Mineral Bldce. do WlUow Babb, jo Tunnel.. Lump Leb1jth......... Larkawaoa, prepared. Scmcb.n titteten., Illinois... <lo oV'VracklV. Yonehlcrhenr .. .....................m 11.00 i:o«l*Elt*GK“Sales were; 100 TiereesftCs2J3 1001*ork ba>rcU at |UIO ; MOdo at G.oo* CO FFEE—Thademand Is moderate, and.price* arc steady at the foDowinc quotations: Java.. ®3o C Hio, common to fair Kio, CO'd to prime BJo. prime to choice C EtitlP*—Are In eoodsnpply aaddolet. The inquiry la nxclobively on local account and sale* are slow at itfc*cc for Limed Ectrs.and SuaSlc for Fresh In hovea we-'c: (packages Limed at 2lc;lbrl AND NUTS-The trencrttl market rales qntet. U-oaih nnuer moderate stocks prices for mo*t varleil-sare tolerably well sustained. Dried Apples arclolarce supply and doll, and alow ol sale at tor Soo'hfrn. and lC®i2c for Ohio and MlJuesc. tto’ce Winter Apples are la booiT request on local aoconnt and owmc to the limited anppiy of each in the marker, are held Ermly at foil rates. Common varl’ttfs, however, are apindaoi, with a moderate iLcnlry. Crarberries are in demand and steady at a rarjjeof for common wild to cholceeul* tiratcdhcirlef. Nuta v*maln steady, with the eicep* ticuof Chestnul* and Hickory Fata, which are lower. We quote: OBZttS FBOTS. Apples, ? hrl pte'gr*, Havana. ¥< 700. 5ia1aca......... Cranberries, wi1d........ Cranberries, culUvated.. Figs... Date*. Can Peaches, 9 dot* * & cans. Apples, new Peaches, halves and quarters.. Peaches, rated Blackberries, new, V ft Baepberries, new, V ft Cherries, pitted Kldertterrle*. 9 ft ilalalne. layers 'S3ki7l Almonds. bard shelled ®. ® S Almonds. son elir lied.. « ® g Altsc&ds.paptr BlOled. ® 5? l*c*BUta,Fß V* Drazll Nnu *i * ?? Filberts ” ® “ o.ellab •» » •» N'apiea Walnuts.... £ ** IVrans. small andlarge...,, <g ®.Sj Hickory Nuts, F bn WO 9 8-M , Chcsttnts, 4* bu 8.00 OWO FISH—The rencral character of Uib ® ir ME *®, nm ids substantially the same as noted to oar pr»l7° . I reports. The 1*60:1110 l*rery Mcbt. beinw confined’QllJ to sma-l orders for the city trade. There 1 arc fouatocitsoftcarlyaildeecrlptloits, though prices 1 me well sustained all ground andtalerably Orm at qao •! utlom. MackcrcUre sUfif st foil rate*. We repeat oar WUUctlsh, No. 1, H hrl .....47AO® 77.5 ! I - Xo.2,*hil 7.*5®7i0 : Trout, So. 1, X url 3.»a 5.8 •* 50.2. X hr> 4.75 Mackerel, No. 1, H brl, new “ St’,n. ,l » r iKn family. F Hbri........ 9ua*9.o • ertrames*, V K*-', ; AV00tf15.53 m Vo 1 •. * Ht 8.73* 4.00 i* g *.. kits, new aA>a 7.73 lanjUf.Wts ..... TTk4 toaC»j uanij d mo 7.30* 8.00 “ QeurnV Bank BAO* 9.0 J Bate SAO* 6J*J Herrings, dried,so.l, F box CO* S 3 “ scaled Taw 73 Labrador Herrings f> brl n.oO®ll.So •• •• Vl*rl« G.OV* 0.73 Norwegian *• K’l.Vbrl in.nt •* •• M>. ** Itrl ISUEASE—Market quiet. Sales were SO tea Brown nl7v»c. We quote - White Qressr.. Yellow Orease. ..U53.133 T 5.795 .1J17J71 GSit.WI .3.V6.9U 5,1V1.a«7 . 417.543 73,057 SO.^-O • 461,157 50WW . 39.515 6,517 . 6,031. 335 Urn an (irt'FWM* ,'.V *.*.*.*,*!! ivc , nitSl!Ul\E*-Urrelvicl,n}(i brl*; shipped, JfH orl*. Murki’t'lnll nml ncßiecwd. . HOIS—Are (lull at U*6Jc fur Enttera ami 15&M for Western. imKHoF.I) lllM3«-nervlvf<I. 7,9?); Vj:'. Atarkct auiaoad Cftlito—doling rather dull. .Salrt were: ?) s' crasinp 000 »p, nt I “ ,Uia.B.M «.w vo n am ®-t, n t o.;hj C 3 11 VO DP, nl 0.K3 800 11 OAJ 11 “ FSB*, nl 0,81 HO » C.flJ d “ ... bp,nt <0 “ ... tn. it...... .®.M nt mm b.w aa;o *iuß>s«u tt.wjmwio.sß *9 ‘‘ vf« ftp. nl «.w nti< 6,m*/ 'JCt'J “ WO ttP. M n.WI HTK IKU '* fI.M nm n.*j JMJ „„ *• ftp. nt. ..... .. ... B.W nw n. 19 il'lrilrMlnistmJi'i nnaviPifrhal fi.W, n.w nmi n w —tlKPinßtnlhcriiullut ld.tvjn.9J lUr attune uuvt* tuut««*fttit*fr«. . II \—l n**tf Ip JllM« Ot»i ic Iti t’ih liMnrlntf iHiit* p- tl|i»ilh»‘PtiM'lt| llt"i'Bli iklil.!.« PilllHmil lu (tit- i it)l (Ipntnii-p. I'lKt p nti> well Puiinltittl. nmi (trm nl tli«(tjlU)»»iiJK tni'KP! . >1 Hllnl.MU.B hKltiPPi ■ritltpl llr, fllj||‘f Pllll rmlMOttiPllier )itrP‘o'luiiuii»iii.iiiimn . .. .bnrjiM.cnu ppi „ .. 1 HM‘ iti ft'llPFfllltlln’rtlPt tfOPPHlmi in. U*) J Mil l ll.!*■** l'M - **Oili 1111111111 ii it ■ 111 it i J'MlljpJfll'f nit'l IWPiOf |tH>PPPtK,nmi■>. IMfl* O.W |VW)K*=%V"£i Urn* Mi Ui.viVt Mi Hi (ttovi'diPhl ill I'tniiitU, Till''Ullk ntMH'ti lwFhtiJP (tkkki'lt mi PliMtl'Miti «• ('til)ltji |lm'lp)l Wnl inm,rfp lltrl'lUlHtl IMl'ft* ffipuV lItHD ftf WiVPMI WpuM llldli, finiiiKlull'**tiMiiiipfnnypn JlM#*, Hipti-o«nl piiuii'M ia Hivroituitiy •itauiMm, Urn mp.imi tirting firmtollW«mi-iiuan H>ivmu><’uf j,u» }>MoiUryV*iii»iniolH'i'*(e«MimllMWPi . _ llmli tHi.Vrifu' iiHHl'.t 11, i’' ’ ’ t’l'l' ■" ll mill It r.rwn (ipjf,........... in Kin, fin-cit bulitsi),., U idtft r hiy t'ilni, Mlminnl. II MH u ’ i 'v pnjuti m .... 9,011 }»iy Ptt\U'c|,»riltlllt<V,,. U i»W 0 CJrernealnAnarlturcil a a 0)»n IKON aNi» f'TKM.-Tltero 1# a Mr movement In iM» iiejmriiufnt of irauu, «aJ dealow uru ilrm ai Uio follow inn nr.i'ea s i iiinmob D»r Hor*o ttiue Iron limy Hand - Hoop ana Light Band Hound and Square llulri-val and naif H00rn!.... oomtaon fchfct Irou, UavaaUcd,lix£i.. steel Iron, chsrroa . Str« t lion, Juclbla Norway Nall Hod* Flow Steel. German I'low Steel, Spring and Tire Steel, English. Tool Cast Steel, ordinary sizes. Toot coat stcci, AQ'-rlcan im.tfr«d tiled iluc‘l#,9and 16 53 Kuwta, Am., Ut quality. V bdl Q3l UUMIa, Am., istqna'lly, V sneer w?? Rn*rta, Aui.. Id quality, V sheet ©3l liVATUKH—I-'oclur a stipUtJy lccrca<cd clomuod.ft letter fecllrp obtain*, ar d stocks are firmly BeM at lull rates, with on upward tendency. Prices ate os* cliat ced and we continue to quote: HEMLOCK. CUv Harness. ? ft -* rrvs 40 Csumry Harness 34(4 2*5 1 .lne,F ft AKy 41 Kip, mcdiam, f) ft. U5®1.20 Calf. * ft UC01.60 I ppff. 100 t... 29® SO Country Upper.. 3.1(4 25 Collar, P rcot... S3® St: OA P'au-htcr Solo.. 6?® 54 Mame&s, V ft.... 40® 43 Vpper 80v£ 82 Kip. No. 1, me* alaw i.10®1,30 Kip, >’o. 1. heavy 8501.10, I n<ii lit It—Btislmsain the yards twliy wag mod* erately active, and GeaPri wcic Urmia their viewsat the following quotations: LtTMnsH—First Clear, 1, li*,l,Vand 2 lad) fa ico.tttss3.oo st. U.u c.tar, 1, l;», itf and i Inch 5100®* .00 Tlilnl Clear, Inch ... M.K®53.00 First and second Clear Flooring, togeth er. touch, the same as Second Cl*ar wfrtc 53.00®53.00 Common Flooring, rough 33JW,-i37.W Matched and Dn>s<U Common Floiung. 4i1.CC®12.00 Matrhsd gad Breised 8-lnch Comram Flooring S6.OO®rBXO First at a Second Clear Sluing, together.. Si 0043.*.(W FlratCommon l)t*>aed SldltC 23.0035.00 Wagon-bcs Boards, select, j& Inch and S'! S.TV- 52>i^j.05 towards... A St. ck Board*, IMtches, It Stock Boards. 13-inchcs Omaon r*oard». Jol-ts, Scantling, Fenc ing. and Small limber, 13 to Ififcet leoc •U.CrmtTO Joints ana scantling, 2J, 23 and 31 feet &.00>$:'>O.CO .'oi'ts and Scamlms..... 23.00 Stm-GLEfr— * or Star Shaved Shinties 4A3 A or Star Sawed Shingle* 5.00& a 30 Ko.lSnwed Shingles ijli* 3.00 I.4TU—l*«rn> In yards 5.00 Bv car-load by banhwes:r.rn Railroad, ■delivered In any yard where cars can bo switched, or any depot: A or Etar Sawed Shinties hy car load, on track.. 4.£<3 4»d A or Star Shared Shingles by car load, „ on track 3.7>3 4.00 Ko. I Sawed Shingles by car load on trace , ?■» Three dollars a car load added when transferred, which charge tallows the Shinties In freight bill. nuNGLS (TAsn.vur. Thickness—Five shingles to be two Inches In thick nrp*. Av. price. ..HO |3.m .JJI 6 JO ..217 5.00 ..ia c.u> ..212 5.70 ..3Ji 5.70 ..Ifin 5.9 J ..SR 6.20 .170 5J7> *3 6.1;$ m 5.-3 .m 6.w rs 6ku 6.09 «a 6.u l.coelh—Sixteen Inches. Paula—Twenty lm his. Coni sea—Twcutv-hve. META I.!* ANU tin |«n M|;nt imprticment tn an-flrm mthcfrvkwsatthe TCt. Pox Tin Hate, IC nmi *15.00 Larue He* 2 Small I’lrs Par Tin 39 COPTER. Metafile AT Potts... S 3 fop| er Pottotn 55 liraziersoTtrlO OS.. 43 Mitrtlucs, II to Ifi o* 15 liotlne*.... 10 . tIADDtT UXTIt. _ I no n Antimony 90 20 ..99 rtrio ►oliler... HD Fence Staptm 10 SAI I.H-xna martPl ti quiet. we quote i .„ IPdtoßd V kca.......f*.50 *d . *3.3 .... 3.73 Sd.fin- blued 0 73 4,1 *.» id. line btoed ...10.73 P.» Ult Hplfcet 7.95 v,l P. 71 Clinch Net 0.f.l ' oi L»*—The tMtefftl trnrket I* (101 l end ln*ctlre,imh ■rite* m'mlimlly uncliMßvd. We quote: .IwerdOtl % «}-® .triced Oil, boiled 611-W Mt.CI LutdUU. estr* I.IOfI.JJ nrti on. No. < winter • .£*}•*) j»rd Oil. No. * Winter I.»*UO >ni»koll.tV UB ' i,wU H2£MS MeriilnrOlTj,..,..... * hperm Oil. W.. 11 .tihncßiinßOlt -Hi!,-®! I'iKtntOU NrUlcHKit OH., l.'O/l 1.(0 HIMIN Ol If—l* In 'lcmnrd nnd with no «nrpin» in tfie mutkti iica'c *»to kttmtllf Uotuitijt nrmty »t qtn tMloui.M'tfi mew t c-rl-on,#* • •r>M a..... fJJJc L'ntiof, imAll let* AMe Itmro'e »*e iMim i ork* ntidrtUJit n« tardi «hinpoi|7li,*rt ft* OinH Mc*H i <f( hrli Htefi Ml* l»rH i’ork end enl.Wi P "flrM IbiHlrn-beWdliotf Uiekletri ■ llti Mlifli *1 toe upper Bail Insert til * w»lpi eo.Wt 11* Htntjh int'iteu'i iflivti ft* llbmh Uiolti plehiej nllo.mi ''l'lVi'iH bIMM: 8.V.. *»tp. V""h•»*•»*{»*• f"‘\?“t l.wuvftwl ii |(«i ji P *|n nj. j1;(111.® %.* j .fy-llpHllWM V f. ..., 4141 W in' ;|n |tji (MAI Pi** t VWll.'* (• M:(UUpjt| M.hl==*Wk*-’ ftetr»»f: Wtftf tWm h.W AH.I We«"lit p.tiktiil*} »U« n niU» (*u relief* Hrluk »M»(*=l«t;pf* yf: It* (!'.#*« 'J'jelftWi I j.jvnel sii Hi >l-. A( (h«>. v;.', nilfiHil'* T.r siV;j;j .. ». pure.,, M,M..................... Hi eiAt'x-lli o ra»rkut 1* « rrltie firmer (or r»w &;•’ 7*.?™'. CU* c Wru»iiu ; o.v....... S Wlhfln^t.fotfceraitaDd Qr^najaißaMMiewiifiiiC Wmtdß }»*«»« ' > <ra 0....... ......iHi.ilMall 4. .JV 12 cili c itA C...V.V....... WVftU c *irt r. extra „ ...UK'UJSc iti’p?*—Tic irrncra) nnrKelia qnlet, and there *norbi.niroiocot® WecoatlLtiotoqnote: ew Vorkoyrop* •ttnStw eltow Drips 11a ® rto gva so » Orleans W 31.00 ladelphla Bee ,«J»W caco KeCnefy, Amhfr.. L0X31.10 M “ Golden SX-4 90 4 “ Saw House i-*jt S 3 TEED**—Hecclvcd. C4J549 ft,*; Clipped, T.GIQ lbs. es van :41 bac« Prime TlmcCiy. at f£00; C ba?» do KUr;taps do ats3.oO;U bacs do CUr at 52.15; 19 :sClove»alßc V ft. _ „ w . t/T—Received, none; shipped, 891 torts. Market •dr. and price® are nosnsatlr nwchaaffcd. salei •rc: 3W brla Pine at |3JO; 300 sacks Ground Alum. i:_ mad 3lnni... 8J832.10 •rk»»lslaod, bags - *-» onnd&olar «-® i i 4 lrr, v Uh Mick' MK) !’air>-, without tacks » » rr»v\w—There U do change to note alace oor last i eporu The maitut Is quiet, and on round lots prices if shaflrt. ffcwaUnaeto quote; * f 0 * t»\r*lo f|.«UB, * |k,,,,,,,,,, M«H»nwW,fc»P* ! li»r mi BftTt.ii.tttt Hm!*? d« eilfHUiChnU'*, ¥ 1n..,,,. Jaßtwv, p*lur*Ut*r, ftnjs* tt.,, {^aM' li.t t}>» (lUfIU clmli'a, .jW tin no ool.iruJ, ¥ ft...,,.,...., 1,&d1>54 1 , (l(IAC!C!(>-Remtltu quiet wiUi price* Head/ acd nnilantMi. Hequule; CimwiwaloiutxxH- Extra,.,. Choice Medium Cotomon BsloxiMr. Tobacco— . Virginia’* Favorite Choice Medium Common I*lXO TOBACCO— ■ - M | LoyalCtUcra..,. * 2 ® 29 Fannera* Delight TO ®,;5 N.tmlUtt... t* »>“ U.lf Brlctit. ® »'-g • 3SB g*| S I : J| S W UOD— I Therela comparatively uroe peine dope In thi* branch of the marteirtbouKb pnc« keepwell op and are firm at prtvioai rated. ibe foUowlnjj are thecnm*traiea: . Maple, V cord, dellroyd *&i5?U S» Maple, V cord, !n yard Betch, * cord, delivered. Beccb,« cord, in yard. ftwSfc? Hickorr, lUtolif U OOL— Received, S.SO ft*; shipped, W** ' Market quiet and nominally unchanged. ja> «a: poried. J r IUOO 11.00 11.00 10.00 10.00 UU» 10 M Jiff) 15.05<i1». .. lAOO IkW ... 71.00 .. ft.OOTh 9.00 BAHEOA3 TIME JJ csomo u» _^oj A«immod-r *iaop.a. *3:45 ». c. ajp.-. Freeport Mj Dr |™ J; Frec ts£i^V» unJe i U: *. *lo:rop.a. S;Smm. Bocklbrdand Pox River. •«:00 p. m. iitiomn. Dixon...•••♦.; *4:oop.a. UtlOc.zn Gtnevaand Elgin • etuOp-S aSSS: xawAcxzx aTCica. & 5.50 § 6 CO tan.oo Q, IS. 00 @10,(0 Express. Express*... Slsbt Accommodation, ii Kciiaiha AccommotTa... M » 26 *5 a » 4-0 4.75 8 6* 12 16 (A 1* . 40 & 42 . St a 35 . 66 0 68 . 63 , » » .. Waukeean Accommoa’n. 5:30 p.m. 6:50 a. a. Bosehui, Calvary, ana Evans:cm 1:30 p.E. 3:40 p.m ■ •Sundays excepld. tbawraaye cxccptcd, Jiiontajs excelled. - ua @LCS tacmean oxfibai BAnraar—omoh ztroi, *cot ' oiiaxx rrhssx. . ' Moml®'. Express.. •SriOa.m. •3:45 p.n* ■ ; Pay Express *4:00 8.10- *.tajOp. r?. . Evening Kxprese tWJO p. m.;»12A0 p. c. i SifihtfixpwSa X**V> P* =• *• =l rpMffniaTl AKD lOOavnxa TBAOU. Morning Express * *lt);2Qa. zn, Night Express JiOy p. m. *11:01) p. *,<“ mcmeaii eotZHciJi A3i*> aka uncaa I yo»coß»»VAHEcuEKa*n»B^ | tOLJWO -***- BTBMTL t Day Express New York Express fcijp.m. tl2Uop. a-1 NJchtExprese t*lo:oop.t2. *fi:oCa. m SSTBOIY LDik. \ Mull *4:45 a. C. tfcOOa. in. Niliht Express tlfcOOp. m. *3:55 p.n. ! pmssrias, *obv warm and obicaso. > u a :i •ta/'a.m. 6:UO a.ia. I.. *1:00a,IB. 12:20 a.m. ; &18p.m. 7:10 p.xs SwroK... *t OSDOB.IB. ll:U0t. m ouxo'd carmuL. Dav *Jk2O a. n. *J£3O p. m. Klcbt Passenger . jiOrOOp.m. *o:4s■- ra* Kniikakev Acconinod'h. *'*.os p. n. a - Ilvdc lurk ana Oak Wood *CWO n. n. *7:45 u. n, *4 “ .... •jstiup.m. u ii u *1:30 p.m. *1:30 p.n. u 44 4» n.m. *7:3op. n CBI.ICO. flcVlllK«TC|i AKU QTO«OX. Da> Express and Mali... *»;tl'a.ra. •IhOOp. m. Oims-biirc Passenger.. . *3:oop.m. *4.30 ii. m. Aurora •r«CO j*. ns. •0-lF|a. m, Night Express Jl2.Coc.lcTbl t3:sou. in. .cudAuu tr.»- st. icdu. iaprciP and Stall B-OSa.iC. 9t*sf. Steal Express fcls p. in. tk*>o a l_. Joll. t uud WtimtngiOG ~ AuutnutudiiUuti... .. Wwp n* M 3 ft. s. jaiiai.f SMU OBIJ.T SATTUU.—(I>TI UN iKJUTI 4ift ti.SI)—M , M>ACK'<* •UMLao*:. wO"-. ' ANAL AMD amtlß STR9C7T. Uov Rallies*.... I'.aa, in 10:33 p. m* Ulcht KxrrtfM o:rtip.r>. 3:sCp.m« frit iM'IANirOUB, LOCiatILLR atlJ i/tMCIMNAft, J?ny Exim-ff 0:30 a n WM p. ra. Night Express * P:!H'a. n. U''Vjß»lnh* Expu*fß 0.3.'1. IT 10:33 p. tn. *• '• 4. . .. 0-00 p. m 8:u0 a. id.« /iccomtuodutlflp Ps3* *h* ?• ,r? * 44 fl*l3p. Q httfl Pm. CIUCAOO. oocn IPLANP IMP I'At’lf It* l*Altll"AD. I)iiT Rituite and Ma 11... •wnatn •n.. , V'|i. w. tlluhl HTipU'M* 12:UUp.O» *C; 15 U* lit ' JolH AccumiandaMoti. 4:lop.ut til A- tn* •Ftthdty vaupted, tWimdar eac-vwd* Ifeatu'dni 6kct itoctt tAlui ttMi TAtitl. . J.t’Rie Mtultsuu Plui-i» . U'titeßiocU laid*. o:'P'. m... t .... .8. hi 7:jo.j ». it .. .i id. ?;111 l ...u»» li.ail.m. 0:111.;,.iiii...i...f1» till toil’ll) 111 i. ji. 11 11 iff) 111 ll!"J ;.) .;; i:; 111 iS. till IlillO) 1J I; . . III;. P. till 1!W..1..11.;.*.)».»«. I . fl-lO'ilo.i.OO Kill. Ill) H». 2il3;,tU.l!ii>U<P< Hit nilOi 111 11 ii :) <) l |]l> 10l Pl-NHAY tItUM, RWl,,.im,uu;u«i {III I M),,,.. :.!)■ , >ft> m* ip;'}!), 11; Ml n'h.l.n... .111*1 Wl IllW 11l Ip.m. jlinijm. > I. : (l ||t, I MI ft M t:.i': m I Tt<o fi.lliitvlng in Dig how hthlo for (ltd aiilvttl aim (td|inrMirt> of mail* from tiio Poa( MAi|4Pl.naK. p, O. f'HIUAOO, ILL, MAIMARIUVI, a, m, p, Tfti „ a- mi p, n>t .TW ...Mjob. flomh, n, h. NjpjjJ ~,, tii18.,,, *• •» »* .. .m P|-i5 ~,, laltVw * n nmd ~,, 18:(Hj to Mtcb, Ucnlial 11. U*. WW b:i6.,,, *» »« »» .. fl;tW fl;l5 ~,. dHM),,,,J*UIa. A Ft, Wayne,, ... W?tai &1R ~ » v '* " .« 4f44 7?10 M:bAm “ “ • .. B.IW 1I;00 ViUO 4;B0 ...flreat Eastern R. U.. lUtOtl lihufl t7:uo....New Albany A tialem tciu ll:oo fttO 7:45....(>a1ena Itallrond o:iu 3:tU I£OU 0;00....1>1x0n Air Line.... 0:00 7:2*) iftou B;ufl....ltocklßlanil U-illroad 6:45 2:») 12:00 h;00,.,.t'.,8.& Qnlncy’u. K. &W 0:00 Bt'U UiO(l.,..NoilhwcPieru it. U ; . K» 8:10 ftOO 2:4s.... Milwaukee Kallroad. U:|» lfti)o 7:45....111in0is central H. », 7*'" 12:00 7:WJ....81.1<0u1s WaiUo»4» _ g. 45 __ 11011*1. Am GILMOUE. P.M. .9V*9VC > & till' . . SWG* . IHQ OJ* .% a .. • 9*« ~ .uy&ts •u . Hi* .it aw .14 «1S .33 ©SO . OS .2.1 55 jSTcUo 13iil)liraiious. Avert extektaixixg book, m*irtW pv.MttVca by D. aPPLRTOS * No.-. -1-1 U anil -110 Broadway, New York, and for sac by S. C. GRIGGS & CO., Mrs. Candle’s Curtain Lectures. i ! Slaaehter, sole, Oalfalo $ 43 Slaughter. Sole. Chicago, No. 1. 43@ 41 Siouemcr, sole, Chicago. No. i.. 3k3 3? Boe-os Ayres.... 99.* 40 Orinoco Sole 3T3 33 Orinoco, good, damaged SIQ 33 is. lllnstratcdby CLar'cs Keene. Embellished with sixty characteristic wood cuts, aua ot o fail p*ce chromo lithograph. Handsomely printed cn creeiLtmted paper. 1 Tol- small Uo.; Cloth, gilt, ti. ‘•'This wel-KDowa and deservedly popular work, jmtlfsnrdbyD. Arpletnn A Co., in hanlforaa s-jle, with numerous characteristic Illustrations ny Cnanee Kerne, win be welcomed by all who aro nc onnlrited with Its rich vein ol wit and humor. Just the kind of book tor fireside readies. "The fen cf ibebook is mi d-stroyedby ape, and every reader will Pnd to move him to uiitiii.*’—(Evening Tost, p. Appleton & Co. have lately published: THE ORIGIN OF THE MARS. AND THE CAUSES OFTHEIH MOTIONS AND THEIR UOHT. By Jacob Ennis. Ivol. l?mo, Cl'Uh. TRK MINOR PROPHETS, with Critical Notes by Rev. Ovnrv Cowles. 1 vol., lino. Clo’.b, 52.2 X. THE WOhlJ> BEFORE THE DELUGE- New edition, with much crlginal matter added. Lla*irtited. 1 vr.i.Rro. ClMh.te. THE HOME LIFE. A series of Discourses by James D. Brown. 1 vol. 16 mo. c.'!cth.&l. THE OFfICE OF THE HOLY COMMUNION. By Bcr.E. M. Goalbnrn, oothor of Thought! on Per so-.-al Bellrior. 1 vol. Cloth, 11.15. FREDERICK THU GREAT AND HIS COURT. Translated *rom the Gtrota. Ivol.UmO. CUth, nfsTOIRE DE JUIES CESAR, par S. M-1. Napoleon 111. ToT.X. Papercovcv.?l 53; cloth, fd. Either cftLe Sbove sent Ircc by mall receipt of I French Call; Si ! French Call, 3<» n>s French CalC Le tnolnca, ? 25.0CKH100 SO.&n&Q.UI tl u. IA.C* I A. C * CO.’i Catalogue may Of hni grat"!*oa«ly. S. C. GRIUGS *CO„ .T Omul 41 L»ke-Bt. VOW HEADY. _T> ONE ni NDIiEH CHOICE SELECTIONS IN POETRY AND PROSE. Containing the poj*«l*r patriotic effusions of the Oav. ran roeucal gems. fine specimens ot oratory, and a fundot Luc or. HyPrcf N.K. Richardson. Wloarvst pal- 1 r. SCc.; cloth, 'jc. Address I*. GAHIiETT it CO., ihiVdehcrm 702 Chestuut-st., FLlladclphla. Mailed free on rtcelpt of price. NOTICE TO CAPITALISTS.—The X v snbscrlbfT.havtcc I urchased the estatcof A fred A. Mneulre. of K'e«*yc > Co.. M ch.,ts rteslroa* of sill* li-e a certain undivided Interest Id sail estate for the ptrpoi-c rf forming a company to sink one or more wens fur oil on said proptrtv, as from recent examina tions by partlc* laminar with and have operated In the the oil regions ol ivnosyivitnia ; .nd Canada, have cer t d" »h;.t the quantity and quality of the oil on «ald estate U i.ol s-rpas-ed. if equalled. In any ot the above nan id b calltks. I nrcpofe to «eh *alrt shirrs r*rle«s than the non trnl value. n« will rea-HJvb* per.-rtred by an cjamlnatlcn oftlie schedule of the pror a rtr. matin* U a safe tnycitmcnt, irrespective of any oil fi ri ulatlen*. vfz: Two tbon*ar.d liv.; hundred acres of choice fanning land*, worth *ls per acre, enwh'en It i* c-tl mated there arc ten million feet »»l merchantable pine lor sawing purpose*, worth, at the usual price of perm standing: tine st*am saw mill. In cr*od repair: wl'lctit thirly thousand fe*-t per day. with *ll th a nrcf**«ary fixtures and lath mill at tached, with boarding hou«c. bares. Ac., worth ftS.WO, Four frame dwelling*. csrrlscf and blacksmith shop*, Mercs, six team*, wagons, bugrle*., Ac.. Ac. bMlmnt'Cß the property at sev ml v-live IbonSvnd doj. in-r. t •in ••u *i» ••vcnlhsof Uu! wh >le to parties that will be wininr to cn*^ l « further stin to •inic oaa op mote wills *s maybe f f’ I n /V l ',‘V.' •■'vfsatilc. 1 hold Ul. omropn until April l.t, E u _ EADO<- Miisk> gen. Jan. Clh.j? 1 ?. iNERM’ STOCK—There n me demand, and dealers ie following quotation*: ZI7CC. i«tqna'lty. cask 13 v 1 fit quality, sheet II Mat) 14 HEIGHT WTCS. Itofi 11 7,8 and 9 19 10 and 11 13 W II hi ami 14 13 13 ana 10 16 17 17 vmpoutant to_ ladies. A Largo Lot of Flue I’OIST LACES 8 Soiling Off! Hie sobtcrlber off. f* hi* slock •Isllhg of fthawis. Fhjiincn, HandkerchleN, Rntprc*» Ciil afi, TflmiiiUß lAce.*« Hr'*, 0 Itrum.alwi n snp»-rii I' imilMl.miKS.-. Ntnf one litl*vrt» lIEIM-A>IKI.KUAIir HlUwi.,«l lh» pH»nr* iter ic rellnqiiltlt the I>nfities4i or, liir arcorntn •iU ett Mhir lot crwtil t'loth'pg, t i;piH or ** l.sieef W. r.iah-1 Parstogs Hprings.^ d'Ut fintrvptlßW. / J HEAT \\ ATCJI PAWS (l)i tliß MHMUMII MIIII'H Ml. psasfssifis;'*! I ‘}M ra <* fw B«tofesslji i.nßjMMniiMii.alrjinw..,, ■■ ~.1....til «{ g ,h Rf»ft Aa«nrlfd ah bind* \» P fiver* patron obUlnJa WakbhJM hl» a» *b 6 j'• • c.-„ili a (ini |lO, wmm« MMf iw worth |»SO, ho partu “urtJSrJ.'nitWlnt, *Co.’* M.ul Co, ManiiuriiifiT'S I -111 fHrra-otvay, K, t-tty« wish to iu HUouUU *»»pOM-..l IbeabOTe inagnWi:etl*«ock,Osf* Ufli*atre;attilna arllfiea areplantd In icaledenvmopu. Holder* ait) entitled to U.e arrciej named on their oer« llfli’au*. updfl payment oi Ten Ur lar*. whether U be a Watch worth lUoorote worts ka*. The return oi any of our cenWcaU* entitle* you k> tue artic.e* tame.} thereon, upon payment, Irrespective of U* worth, and aa no article valueo le»a than 110 Is tamed on any cer* tlitiatr. It vtll at once be seen that trda is no Uolicrjr, bnla uraluUUbrward IfgUlroate transaction, which may be participated in ever, ry the. rao»t Ustldiniu. A simile Ccnlf.cate wit) be .titny maliAppM'»>d* noon rtcupt of a eta., flvc for »1. eleven for 8!re“ at d .Vcact preii.lnt f, T », alnr-al; Toineble premium for (ID, one hundred and *n«« « perbWalrb ror ?l-V 10 acanu oniboao « rpjAE GRAYEST AXD WOKST LOOK -iTir.don Hart Color Restorer" uLnrdPD Be*nraM ita Hair Co'or Restorer" M London Youthful Hair Color Restorer" “I ffltfeo Beauty by Hair Color Restorer" ‘♦LOTdoS IU Cse. Hair Color Restorer" ‘•London Color Restorer" a cot* not dye tb» Hart, but acts aa a. atlmmaat and tonic to the cleans and Bits rttetn with new bft> and cuicrlnstsatter. Pry. haisb, dead or discolored *x>~ ncarance of tie Hart i* charged to lustrous, sblntnv alia im 60 0 M a 01.00 as 0 m w 0 w Uailtoaos. JiiE. 1 CniCAGO, 0T DOUGLAS JEKKOLD. do (Capitalists. 3Drs ffinooa. tfl it)air Lvcstoratlbe. 3l)t'CU'i tviiurf**, lltUmhuid’* ttviracl nucha #U4 VljjMf UMhtflUlU* «n.l MouU» Id lb® check, r»<L lu/ UaruimiupiMhymaai ll.painiimvnia.aMi « w» ttmm».».t U inhroHVc.l to,’b n, {Ltmlly, cr enilcplc ub omme. Hr* James* Forverlr of JatsM* Lock Out tom llnaso-st-. Mew Oileaiu, lur «hc laelalx jeara local«d taCUlrasu* acdcelcbrattdlhToiißboat tbe Called fiPatei la (be tuc ceattaUreaUncnt oi cn«Qtao*Msw, mi. Bland and gfcin Diseases, BTraiws, Bp»i»ia. T oißO«x* and pri vate disorders* ean be consult' * »t his office and par ion, 01 and fta tlando ph-a* - coi ri|,r ftf Dcaibora-st., sear!/ opposite his fid 'office, from 9 a. m. W i p. m. P.0.80x GOB. S*D» jata room* aad.cwualtatloo* confidential. ... OT.nbur u aniSoat&ral Visor Arereßalacdh- J nelmbold’a Extract Bacbo. The r Jn iy medicine In the World V ,ceV to cverycassoffillare. fortoieswrt win .SialS II* iac£g. tt.(P a Bottle- feold here - | ueimhold's Fluid Kxtract Ditch* ! p-rasMg«ajg.gsaaag ■" ***«. Shattered Constllutlor^ Ecstorcdby ndmooM*? Extract Bncb r 15*. Bl8«t**;«r 9 Bavin* the confluence PublicaodUiemedical acuity *Uar?e, la the tnoJt r&laUe pbrtfcun is thi d'^fr-r I?ylfexoa 1 dlacseer.' Call a» in?’ office* 199 South Ctarwt, CortCf Of —'»brt«i. B-oaa sepicitc. cocanlutloafeee. X l . O. Box L3-i, H’s paid* tc beaut, pabiiibed monthly, suit free w any tddrffi. Tnlcc no more TTiipleasant and Unsafe Ucinrdiet for onpleascct an! tfjiseivrn Cse Belabours Extract Sfclin .-ik? Ir-p: -red Boss Wish. The Glory 01* S:rength. Therefore, tbenervocs and dehilit.vri sbooldlam*. dlak-ly me iielxbold's Extract Dr- Thottuony iTf-pilctor of the Medical and Sorclcal luktltuto, ijft oontb CiorX-iC. ho* UeateJ ail firms of veoercai r4i»- earewttl, cnprccedeoted sacceas Ijp nearly urty tpcrmatorrhira and unpotence treated with the hapm* eat reeoits. Particulars of the Institute and the Guide matted tree to any address. P.O.Box72,Chicago. Illinois. A Ready nud conclusive Test Otttenrcperti‘sofOe ; iaboU - 8 Fluid Extract Duebu w ni be a ct me art son with those set forth la the United {•ti»ree Dispensatory. Enfeebled and Delicate Constitution*, Ot both sexes, use Helmbold’a Extract BmJuz. It will rite nrii-tard ciascttc feeling* and enable you to rep welt. fHcaicai. - *Trj itTnewondertaiprogreMoiMemcAASewnei oLjP duinElhopaitiLcvfdf*oaiy.itiskraltFO*- B at tlbte tbrthecowcieciimw raysician tod?- - - %p c i 9tT , nnw, that cossunrtto* is as cxb TiTjn.V rtTBKD “* Kinff, if. JkLL.V* etc. KING’S PREPARED PRESCRIPTION. Made Qrom the Prescription of Her. CHAB.R.RIN6 M. D. LL. D n for ibc I'reTeaUou and Cure ot CONSUMPTION ns ITS MOST ADVANCED STAGES.) Fortbo A' jJlcit/ Cure Of ASTHMA, BHONCHITIS. CA TAiaUi, and all aflccUcu of me LUNUS. TUKDAT ntftl AIK l v ASaAGE>:(br Gt.ifrol and Special Da rtii’tiou'nt* f*f thcNEiIVOUS SYSTEM; lor Disordert of the DLOOD: and .'or all Functional Intordert ot tbi .Mn>nrrc* and Ihire.s. lHitu,'tll,iUln lnc-ea*o« the *treni»' Uic pplcp oftbeyolc oiood. ll *2w<lac» the ttrrr, and dlmtuUbas the ItrS'rirtnt tiiflA* mr'iiM, al*a;a. la fromtetin iii * thyo;; fUtr IS HlOuCPisrtC/iuinf. amfth ß iiaiten??*' ~ "■llaj.'T/ia ; pie aod the MififuH f>rtnth intf »rr«p"e«ni/ tLiicfei, 1 W® »l«ep bec-inirt calm aaf r-ffesbiic; Ujp /i,»ci*iiiob« And tuitr.'fn. AIL TUB OENEIIAL SYMl’niMs OF CONSUMI TII'N, ASTUSIA. UltOMMims, tc.. mSAIT'BAI vrml A HRAU.V *«T»vSWI|StI!IAVimTT. The I’ltkSUUil’flON fhould he bsinl tn ererr cat. where the Pt»j»lcl*3 l'rp , crlh« “Cod** l ! SliiTrtn,* '*Toi»jfs. ,, lin*N, iXcrt'S, Rtra. Ortstxa, c.m Lirr tut, Wuitaai. Ac., ami In eury i<l«»«#», hr wiiuav XB SAUK X-’.MVN, lU * hi* h 111-Tl* 1« (•.Mil'jUtHl auy 004 or jiion l ul Uie F.Pun luj M V.IIP Til |t*» t IMIDcqU or Irrccit'.ir Urrrdilii''. 1. *el lUrslii fonah. Waiting ul Fl««h, Nlcht x«est«. nierullecnou the Longa l.c'* •’! stmxtb. Lim cl Acr>aitc. lieicta ileMUtr, IMtlHIr cl l‘»e«.iimcr a’v! N'!P*lrc. Fijtnr Palm tnroush th<> Shonlilxr*, Cheat, Fac* nr l.unh* Neurul«l?. Sertuna llia-l eha, Nenou* HroatrnUct Nerti'na ltiUni\>ni. UlddO ee* m PUitnvai, • J’nlri r»*. Sere ihrivit, liri>wsltir»<, SI-'etileinne-M*, lir» i<ri < «ln, S-'ttr Mctna *i. u ll-trr jci’e," llcfroili'e ci f-litkf*iecl the Stoinarh hr-ftirecr eiili-jt, Con«tl pation. KetnitL-iii Fp»h, Ac.. Ar„amj aarm-tAi.i.r li nil Fenmie l)t« 't'leia "r litetitte ineruHriUc*. ‘in h ai lUlllnilt, I Hlnliil. Mil-tiea* *l, H ni l*, llt.- '-fit, Uft inti <l, l ti-rn:iinrc nr t.o lt*<|it« a r.t Meu^uituiinii. ' Mlnicmctiia > r rum Piittctii<*i Aii "tniir Prefirii'lini »ati*il ittr lm* »nj' I 'tip litiii-ir'-'l* cl d'jMnrs. - 111 r. E. Heaps - * |hp»;cti-IH tretiarf feral re-1 ftnti p-ttr I tepareil lli-ai fli.tlnf."-lt:ti l‘. Fattaiihiei l*{?r*'-4D‘ l li» I liAtHtn-ijn t-eilie'lU h«*U-l) rhleii null h liy 1U lif'/'-lleii f* U. ICmjlbi ’ B*Kin Afluh I’l.v 11 ’ 1 N A.-loMie cl MjfOttf)* t # ep4l *n*«M'l eipf hotti ft rl tnm* t- <-i --of whcitl liaillieHi 'ilifpn* *l4 m-iellM of* klciieJl w MHm| In-imm, I li (-l A-jitu nmei IclmiThml* |ii)‘elf |l*M ••!*: h-.kM' e**' Hi-hlll i-nfti4* cjt, trlilekftntthl HeiOhl IJO-Ifnt'i ei w* lh*a»>**k4>«vtta»ii|-f, I l-‘'i urn--*-.. - HtHdilli! fit'll* ll'PMlhge. c.elkerhew'fli'l mi t. ' llmf" s'f c " I MCO'lr ft MU*, ft'nl led hei'W »V!ot' ~|l , ,‘ l to it»4V«I'MP iHAMr twii HC’Mbet All WA im »Vii'« tVo/S‘ii:< Vitm-Alit'i, T- iiVaV r inVrf§ In tTxiti uit nciiripe iwi.uii. t inci nnuraiy min miornml: ftlihpift wc-h, my .M*«h ha-i nima.i let me i amt in ie>a limn !*■> wtvum Mm mtt% iirchen no. Th< m-oiirwar-i I rugamulsiMiuiii raohily. awl kU now reinUrlvatlci.illi.jj L' UiV lUllm ** i.lut Li Ilia AM) LUCAN tIIULE 8«-t JIJTV, In win,•« era *4“ “» °‘{uorS7CCWIIKB. "I havtt had Nkutoh* ok boaauucio Aaimu fra elc'.tuaval*. Durhla Km years 1 u»v<i ndvi i had an unli<tenu|itu«l nlgt.l'* rmi. It efton seemed u me (hat I wnnid die D*-ftire I could get air li;to lung*. ißUtriTtiiai-arenlh frum’tbott-'tis,'{breath, , \LfcUwtucumwUvi t<Uak*^*. qllti4 i l eata lawaitAJ from my rcaidi'»^’- B to my pis, eof bnalm*. C :J> Wlorelolitainrd the^* PUKJ*ARKI» PUB ■ ' M ...I HON* v« i*» 11.4. wor»l I ever pauuad. On pjtalt j ilk Uie remedy, l toon a tinupoimfoi at u» Q ana aaau ) at i-iebt, aiid alert all night wtihoot w«klng. I b»Ti ■ NOT DAll A BVIIRRS MOin’i bINC*. • • * * I huvpuowcomnlettJy recovered m? nircnatb ana soil Its fiLduxnntataU adUctea wllb ‘shonne-iaot nrLatb. : . 1 bias)) he g)n*l lo have any oue aaL.tot wW\ Asthaij call and see me. EZRA c» b«j»GiHJf», M Ko. 331 .New Vors." . 1 The “rUEPABED FREsCIUIMTON" is pat no ID i >1 N.uit. lid is^onlby KLI-s* *SH • Hl*. 1 1 \i Like » bi. ; UILK. |l.*i riars-st.; J. PARSONS & CO., 41 - nnrk-feU; DLCDE A MOREV. lUnaolrlrtl * IVLoltbAle Aeeotc for Chicago, lIL, BUICNQAMa A ! VAN SUAACK, and by Druggists aca-ratiy, of orderx tray be addressed to the Som i-roprlptorj, OSKAR <? MOSES* CO- 37 coirTL*SDT*fiT., New York. Cos * saltation frt*. A Ctrcular, cuntalolDa iMsn<ntmLCa cl , vant '•»«» sQcce*cfblly will bo seuttrue. bj ■ mail, toall wbowtllwrucfo; W igitg Ketireg. COLLECTOR’S NOTICE —State ol ILlroK Co^T^ f , , OCKT UoCTr , rL« 'c.vr.a. Jan. IKti. li-7. f Public nolle*- ip btreby vdln'my scnfxa U orrauip have been pU*.^ 1 mm> naC(li lurc ° l No.’T?2. West-Dated levied suet: tor the cnhcrtloa of a spcrUl for opening an alley, f uirtc“n fcM wftv * ? rrntu partot block 47. lr. Canal m»tew* V*sJw.i f-ri«icUon7,Towiia:».N., to T,*Obd,trcct to that ihe norlii imeof aabl m. -«n«K alb j shall bo para del to and U2-{*l3 l-*ct fmm ; Uno of tVaiuui street i Warrant No. 75.1. TVc«t—Dated Dec. :9th. .to, ar.d tw scoq lor IbPcollecih.n ofa special a.*****vrnf.rt levied for rc-ocsinicllnp sidewalk, on the west sided Central avenue and south aide ol r-arve street. Warrant No. 5.9, South— Dated Dec. 27th. 19*>6, and Is* sued lor the collection of a spcgUl levied for tte erection cf debt tS> lamp no-ts on Fourteenth street, betvee: State ‘freti anil Indiana Avenue. Warrant No. £UO, South—Dated Dec. lift, IS I -6, and is sued for the collection of a special l;vl*lfjr tte erection n sermtcea (IT* lamp boits, onPralria avenue, between Twenty-atth and Tweaty-ulnUi strecl* l . I All persons Interested In said asseasmeats are re* Snesird to make K’mediate paymer tat tnr o2lce. Ic cfuultufsen, paymenttiniuid wtscismcnta will bd collected at thecoit and espen-o of tho person* liable therefor. A. n. HF.AI.O. Cltv ('ollector. QOVEKIOIEXT SALE. Hie property known as tho “GOVERNMENT TAN* JCEiiY AND STEAM SsAVTiULU” wLUiacY* enty-Ovo acres of latfl. mar SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS. Scaled Propofslf. in duplicate. will be received an to ibe met any nt Starch. I,n-7. f„r the purchase cf ncr»e of land, tmorr orlcs*) together w |to the build* Inin* eiect- d ttv r-on. ami tec appurtenance* appertain* luit,that UtosavrOXKTANNKUY.c ninlnln-twelve Stone « Vat* l , FIFTY-IWO WOODEN VAT A. SEVEN Mi INK POOLS, and caoab'cof Unclog 13.1(0 hide* per annum; ONE STEAM SAWMILL, capable or sawtrir feet of Lumber dally: ONE SMALT, STONE BUILDING. Th>- above properly la situated about two miles above ran Antonio, on the Saa Anton'o Htver, and the water Is conducted to (he establishment by a race of hmastctir laldln The land wb* rnrrasedaed Imprevcmett* made by the late ao-rn led Coneserate Oircrmnent, and are estimated to have cost fife),(Ml In gold. Tin* property nas tie* n under leaao tor the year isn't, at a rronthlr rent < f f.VO. payable in advance. A fe cured title la lee eltupta will be given by the L.S.uov tr?,roftrtial»wni be marked “IToposals for Uovern* nu-Ll Tannery and Sawialtt,’* and ‘ k*Tu DO Dvt, Msl. Q«n. Ass’t Cotu’r Bursau R. F.A A. L, Galveston. Tcxa«. HARBOU WORKS AT GRANDMA* YEN and lUarir Lake. MlcMnac. .. Omcß brpKEt.NTtNbtan Enoi.hibb, llattsonf lupsotkukst{i,Lake MicemaN. { MtLWACRiS. Wiscousir, January 1,1*37. ( braird proposals, It dtipllcale. of the f irra fiirDlsber by the ur.d'fsitncu. will rc rece.tetl atthl* ufllee until Iburadaj,tbe Itth day it February, li cn.. Tbt hT>gnivjna hi tb»> tarlors of Ciatd Haven and Blau TlieiniproTPtnents at Orand Oatm will eonsM n* 15. CM? feet, m» r? or lets, of close piling to protect tht f»mtt» bank-ftbe river near tuo enuaneo and an jx tcri i' owf tgutli iderfbt 600 feet Oycrlli* tilled wilt note. Ibe Improvement* at k T.ake •lllhfl cxtenvlnt* of the present ptsrs. 01? rannlng Iwim au,«nddreds lug The diecgtns will the dims, ami lot placing the new cribs, and will amount to SO,tf*i cubic varus, more of bss. , .. . „ M . I'inni and specifications are on nie In the oAke. mtf a U« Ir shitwn to at! who wlih l»i rxamttn them far tht P rfp tdopcM* will It tcMfato hr each work, tndfoi farhcWnlnvatMtal or Taint hr cacti aturiu Üblt «illbermlvcti/of a part ‘'r-hr lhe. whol- "feßhci work, tho *«rk n b*i nni*hc*l hr tfctoiwr 1. .. T* cse norM will wlrttoihef ;west rcjrfiy«''K bid; d« r, t»s»tvl«g ta the Culled btates the right to rrject g UM are rcqoMtcd |«» t« prroeal upon the opctilng C Slie»tu\dli:nle DrApcifll* fj'l hecti’lorsH, rttcloleil It «"»«'• ‘' ,y SlW,hTi, mme.lMU U. t. Eb|We»t Mllwamthot ( maun iiFtHb bUpkiuntbni). »s^&teg Sm*. •it'iWifi .(jMitMjituMi, »Mt;». «*!•;* "L H h-nj flti' l ,1 J “if" H'l«| *i*vl. f 'v-^ «{ ti.« H \U«J «» ♦ld; y*: I'IMfF ~A*fl ("V* V* •*',•'l'} I ** | f f« fidin ♦“ Wtjjfl Mw* *i\ U Ufifr.Wl |)iAi p.ul.-f U*Wit. u.*»l <*■'* fcUi. mWimi «(•«! Jim wr-'i B t.| Mm W‘J»* u* /<“ >ui|w»* |p &i rjnefl.f.l lit mi lUu Ul ■ » i U»?t A|liU iniPiu!, M. M.u»iun .-I llAfi. Hut IU tnJ-M WM peiii ini tlmbuuraut if •J*"™ •! Vl'la’i Hapcrtuuoa aaaUie er.iU.ii.iJ, ** I tuperuiMiuUml. AV afillf A' liueiiirtw (Carts. cimi»i»sion nencii ants, OFFICE, 304 EItOVT-Sr., J y i-.^F^os.! MEmMHS, TB9»». Literal cash adfspcearctfl made oo rocslgomerti. £J.E=T, HATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commission Ke/ I«o, 50 MoGan-ati y &cd G-Mj DENTES, CQLOKMJU. ■pwKESSED HOGS! AND WBIRBT I.T'iTS "^^^afesasgassa,. jpair 33ae. X> ATCHELOH’S HAIR DVB. -•A,, 'sS'SSS; flarnJr*e. I rell !H?tim t r \e “uucniooa tints, hut Urc. soSS? ESSSSsort WIUJAM abßch- S;i““So SS®f “> d rtMa, iiiSicur-st'scwfiiit. jßrbirai J JEI»MbOW)‘H BIIOHO. buchxt. from Dispensatory of tin United Staton DIOSMA CRENATA. BUCfIU LEAVES. PBOPESTIES. Tbdr odor Is strong, diffaslre, and soaeir&u aro- matic, their taste bli tcrlib, and analagoos to mint. MEDICAL PBOPEBUES AHD USES. Bncbtt Lems are generally stimulant, with a peca- Far tendency to the Cxeiaxt Oeoasb, products? din- rest*, and. like oilier similar medicines, axcUZoe diaphoresis, when circumstances Civot this soda off action. They are given In complaints ot lie Urinary Organs inch as Gravel, Chronic Catarrh of the Bladder, llorhid Irritation of the Bladder and Urethra, Disease of the Prostrate and Deten tion or Incontinence of Urine, From a low of tone in the putt concerned In la or«v- nitton. The remedy has nlw been recommended l» I)f!spo|).<ilii, Chronic Hhcnmntlsm, Cnla ncous Affections, mnl Drops]-. EEclwliold's Extract Bncln tufii by eerroe* from tbs ep« of 19 to J 3, anil rwm 33 lo 99, or In the lifeline errhange ui Hint alter t’oa- flii' Tifct or Labor Tuln* t Mnl-watliiif In rhlMim, In Affeotionspeoultarto Femotos. tli.kAtttMf BltilU H VMIMIInI 111 Kill nlli* ft* til tihlorssla e Baiaulton, ImgulHlift Painful n,i,«' gtipprmlno «f flttiMiwtr t iiailoni, BUsraiat or Wiirrom ItaWsfttiiißWriH, lev unhMwVMtN, Diseases of the Bladder, Kidneys, GRAVEL t DKOrSICiI SWELLINGS. This medicine lncreiv&<* the power of Digeetloo, end escltcsUifi Absorbcr.l3 into hcaltby by whidt tie Watery or Calcerona deporttton*. »nd »U Umav- oral Fn’.arptmtnt* w« reduced* u well u P»l® *•* Inflammailon. HEMIBOIiD’S EXTRACT BCCHE Ha* cared every case of DIABETES la which It has been riven. Irritation °* t * lc Keck of the Bladder, and Inflamn: atien of the Kidneys, Ulceration of Kidneys and Bladder, Eetention of Vnne, Dis- eases of the Prostrate Gland, Stone in the Bladder, Calculus, Gravel, Brick'dnst Deposit, and linens or Milky Discharges, and for Enfee bled and Delicate Constitutions, of Both Sexes, Attended with the ftdlowlnif symptoms: InUsposltloo to Exertion, teas ofPower. ot iU a*- ory, Dltßenlty of Breathing, Weak Jferre*. Trcn- bhDff.notror o! DUeasf, Wakefttlnß*»,Dimn«« ol vulcn. Pain In the Back. Hot Hands. Flushing ol the Body, Dryness of the Skin. Eruption on the Face, PaUld Countenance. Universal Lassi- tude of tho Muscular Syi- ism. «te H eW< HEMIBOIO’S EXTRACT mm IS DUERBTIO AND BLOOD PURIFYING, Mt\ etiff< Itil IWW Hint*"! 1 tHwH'*- «*+»*• **•» MUM*«»«*»» r,ir i | ( i> |)Li uiii Ift WWltleMUHtsw*. •»--*» ** < (( f|ihUHl«#.f*R'* PWHUTm IIW4 H«»l Hi IrtMtWUwß XSelßibold’e nose Wash. BOM) AT mSUIBOIiD’S DRUG AND CHEMICAL WAREHOUSE 594 BBOABWAff, And by Druggists Everywhere. ask fob HELMBOLD’S Take mo Other, Beware of Counterfeits I