Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 12, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 12, 1867 Page 4
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€l)tcago Cribtmc. SATURDAY, JANUARY 12. 1507. THE CITY. False Aiahk.—Tbc alarm Bounded betweenflve nun six o'clock last evening, indicating a locality on Indiana avenue, was without cause. . Illinois STnxrr CmmciL—A young people's vrayct ’bvctlng will be held tbla evening, com mencing at P 4 o'clock, in the chapel on Illinois nn*l, btlm-cn W,?.’ “ 4 IfSallC- errr Rntir Fncs.-All *bo 1»« «»»Tet cm tril.uted to the City Belief fend, by lm.Tb«lng tickets for the Washington Skating Park Benefit hUiuld do so to-day, as this Is Ibc last day of the benefit. The park ahonld be crowded 10-nlght. Doaht) or ITcuc Wooes—Removal.— Hie cfllco of tbr Board of Public Work* will be re moved 10-day to Nos. 15 and 17 Well* street, where a *nile of rooms bare been fitted up (or their accommodation. A Mean Scant.—A man named Charles Stick j.c v msi* fined foO at the Police Court, Thursday morning, for attempting a twenty-five cenlconfl •ict.i-i- dodge on a poor boy (or whom he bad pro mired to piocaica bed a; the Briggs House. An iKTriitem-o Boob.—The “Drummer Boyol ike Rappahannock,** whose daring army exploits nro well known, ba* published a history of Uls i» cutful Ufo- lie will cali on our citizens person jillv with bis book, and many will, wo arc sure, lx- clad of an opportunity to patronize this brave and worthy boy. Orphans or rn* F/ixedmen.— We request tbe attention of the public to a call elsewhere, for a meeting this evening In the lecture room of the Clark Street Methodist Episcopal Church, inbe tsli of the New Orleans Educational and Indus mal Institution for the Orphans of Frccdmen. The meeting "ill be addressed by Mr. Do Hattie, the Superintendent of the Asylum. Sun Pictthes.— We notice that the new main entrance to S. M. Fassett's Photographic Gallery, No. UC South Clark street, bos been completed and stocked with some of tho fleest specimens of workmanship we have ever seen, from a small cane ce visile to life size pictures. Arrangements have also been made there by which pertons can be taken in their skating cos tumes, new scenery having been received for that purpose. Small Stealing.—William Frost, alias Cleft, was arrested yesterday and brought belore tbe Police Court charged with the larceny of some pocket compasses and other little articles from the store of J- li. Johnson at No. 63 Randolph street. He was committed tor trial in ball of S3OO. He stated that be bad no home, bat men tioned having an nude and aunt at Hancock, Wisconsin. Cnmcn G Atnehinr.•. —lhe regular annual meeting ot the First Unitarian Society, for the election of officers aud the transaction of other business, will be held this (Saturday) evening at TH o'dock. All church membets are requested to be present. A meeting of the Executive Committee of tbe Chicago Methodist Missionary and Sunday School I'iiion. will be held in the Clark Street M. E- Chutch st 81s o'dock this afternoon. Stealing s7o.—Maggie Bond, a girl of fourteen years, who bas been employed as a servant in tbe house of Patrick at No. 71 Monroe direct. - .'a? charged at the Police Court yesterday morning, with stealing a pocket-book and con uti« of S7U on Tncscay momiD,. She Lad ad ir.itbd to two or three persons that she knew rhcio tbc money was, and that the would procure it tor Mr. Scohami if he would ask no questions out it. She was held tor tarther examination this mcrcing in bail of fo'JU. ci!>y.y aticat. Consistency.— The terminology adopted In the case of the word photogram is meeting with considerable favor. We suggest that itc rule may with advantage he extended to tvviTul other words. Thus: this note should be a paracrem, and the manuscript might with equal propriety be dubbed an antogram. IK- nnlv exception that can be taken to this would be that the introduction of so many gram evs into the language might drag in the whole Ficrrh t-Tftem of weights and measures—a »• :<jl>{y objection if a good one. BMALT. Fox IN THE NOBTH DIHFIOV.—We elated a day or two ago (Lata few cases of small pox bad been noted in the Half Orphan Asylum. I: is tmw reported that the disease bos spread out- Mile the walls of that institution, and shown itscll jii fome of the br.nre* adjacent. Tho locality is t >n*- which is bvoo means sparsely populated, and wo snegest to the health authorities tbnta little . xtta aroiitlon thereabouts now maybetlic means cf prevcrilrg some dozen* of caeca of small pox in that vlclnltv. Nothing like trying; If you only try early enough. itiicaoo Zouaves—Annual Election.-At a meeting of lUa corps, at their armory, la«t even ing, the pillowing officers were elected to serve diirlrg the ensuing year: ('nptnm-K.L. lltand. First Lieutenant—U. G. O’Drlen. Second Mcnu-nani—A. J. Kinney. iTcsment—K. L. Brand. Vice President—J. H. DonlfQ. Secretary—)*. M. Hanklnson. T rea.-mcr—J. F. Welch. Tut Sttwaut Divoncs.—This celebrated easels now the Maple of gossip In all well regulated circles of tbc community. Everybody is asking questions nboui It. We suggest a few with (he answers: Why will Mir Mtrwnrt bo an unamlahlo ltd? If Mm obtain a bill ofdlvurcel Because she will then It Ilml-IrM Why so It she do not succeed in Ibe atilt ? Uo ( nn*r sin* will still be Mrs. Start 1,8. TtK'iridir Is requested tmt lo study the list Jokr too closely, or be msy eco il. A Cam-.—The Vestry of Trinity tlmrrh have • /ilmd !(,->. W. It. Flail, of Louisville, to fill the po-ill.'ii so acceptably tilled by Dev. Dr. t'rnn piitip, IsUly claclod Bishop of Kentucky. Mr. I'Uti !<> ko well known as on eloquent pulpll orn imi. Dm<t It would bo a work of supcrrroeattnn for to dilate upon Dm matter Miffice It lo say. Di li if be iwcep!* the rail. Trinity Church will Cutiil in the future, as she has lo tlio t>a«t. tlm Inolitig Episcopal (butch of t liirngo. Mr. Flail Im-- irlrgiflpiird Dm trsby Dial he will preach tor llirtti on Nui.dny naXl: toil he lias not sltmlfled his n<«••(■lnure of (lie rill. He cmues Ot (he request »f Hbliop Cummins. Fancy J«u !Tu«timj,~ Mr. 11.I 1 . L. Ilausenm, Nm, 1C I Deni horn street, has rec.-nDy made some valuable uildiDona to ids already extensive i rlul.llrMo'M i, Btidiiow uimouiitrs that lie is aide 1., do nil descriptions of job work equal to any Mbur iiuuse In thu city. Itelng a practical Job I.Tir.K-r, >l,. Ilnm-com deals personally wilk the woiU in all its deimls, and nas made a speciality <>f fancy printing, nmduclng eotne ofthcmo'l c ip-urn nr d w oi k tua* ever appeared iu the West. Ue*Vas t=up«*rlor facltllies for the printing of gun era) enrus.dunlare, toiler-beads, bill-beads, bank checks, account rales, »ia»omeubs price lists, lab. 1-. Looks, pamphlets, briefe, ami in tact all inuLocr of work. Taxation of Bans*-— Hun. Thos. Drummond, •ludce rf the United Slates Court of tills Circall.has jot rendered a decision regarding the taxation of National Banka for Stale purposes. ITevTons to the winter of 1855 and the State of Illinois taxed the stockholders and not the banks; but It wee soon iound that many of the stockholders lived elsewhere, and could not bo reached by state taxation, and the State then began to tax the capital of the banks. . ~ . The N'AlioEal Banka of this city, which consti tute ihe Clearing House Association, recently agreed to present the case for the purpose of ob talcing a decision In regard lo It* legality. Hon. L'orvdon Beckwith was chosen to conduct it be fore’the Unit'd Stales Court, and Judge Drum mond yesterday gave a decision In avor of Die banks. . To rnn Srsorna or Chicago.—The choir* of the several churches ot our city arc invited to join the select choms, which it Is hoped wlil embrace ail the best mu sical talent o! the city, Ic the production fortne first time tn Chicago of Mendelssohn's snbfimc Oratorio of St. Paul, under the direction of Hans Balatka, for the benefit of the Young Men's Christian Association. The lies’ solo singers or the city are volunteering their services, and the whole will be reclamed by a grand orchestra. The enterprise bids fair to be worthy of tie ora toiln, and the object for which It is given, and alike creditable to all concerned, liebcareale at ttc Lecture Hoorn (Prof. Mc- Coy's) of the Opera Bonne Monday evening, commencing at 74 o'clock, Let all be present text ilocday evening. ?sHT,oi.Ktr,.—Our reader* wi’l remember ihe raf-t; ol alleged smuggling in which Alderman tex, of this clly, and Herman Kocstner were charged wrongfully with th’-* crime which it now appears Ilea at the door of Elias S. Allen. In 1-Ti.rcnce to the latter individual, the Detroit 7W /■vf of the t'lh says: “Deputy United Slates Murrtic! T. W, Itay arrived this morning from ( i.icago, wltli ore Ellas S. Allen, whom hr ar n?icd ttiere on a charge of smuggling. 11 Is charged by the Custom House authorities oi this port, that Allen, on the l*Ui of December, smug gled over from Ciinada a large quantity of tobacco, which iu- sold or delivered »• Joseph Hang- Un. a saloon keeper in Ann Arbor. Mar-ansi ruij experienced some difficulty lu at ranging matters in Chicago, but finally succeeded Id bnnglng his mao. who was arraigned thla morning at the fnited Stales Court, and pleaded uot guilty to the charge " • MAsqrrna m Dm bo.—About two o’clock yce trrday morntPß the new Turner Hall on Poulb Clark sheet was the scene of great festivity. Neatly one hundred men and women were gath ered there to enact “Do Ball"In Marebera;" the compary being all artists, and some of them of the "model" petettaslon. In the short space of rite minutes the rejoicings were turned to walling. Captain Hickey, with a large po«s« of police, lu >a<lrd the “Island of Tranquil Delighta" and took prisoners all the occupants, whether fairies, detunes, genii or elves. They were marched to the Annonv, to Ihe number of forty men aud ecr i ntc«n wotiisn. and in th* later morning were fiitMi five dollars each. II I? One (<j the rmnmlllre hiving th clintgcttie of lire hall to say that thty were uM*are that sojU'lne wrong was tobleuittlaled* Iheylel tlng Ihe ballbir a ilMtre, oh |l>»* asititafic 0 Inal U would I*o “ trs|)M-tni,if..“ Thn chaißrlet' of th" gatlir ring was* bowevAt. ftiri, a« to Justify Hie n 'to*i, HMjueh M would s*eto u,m the oflsmtfemi* taiher In sit** of ntnbsnu, do dress)(bah of.» oromisston. tlioi'go v bat inipM nsv*. d**ne i,,.l I) .if tevelty bveh Mluwed Vo pioieea we ran. tioAtrh or I‘ojMTi regular «mM weukr It m»cllt‘ii «*f the Ihmtd of Fire. Health and !*»*= lire « was held yesterday affernonu, in iDrlr looma tt\ Ilia l-Vnlrsl Nation, rom-*r of WashiuKMnandlaNsllw streets, IVwhmi, IVeal it. nt |iisjvan and CommUalonars Tltawnrth and niinuteaof the last meeting were lead and U, /'lro Marshal Harris reported that lha now Hiunur, piiirhased December 1 In lloaton, had Birlvcd, and heennamod V *A. D. Trtsworlh.” rmninlsclocrr Tliswortb objected to thu nonrCi hut use overruled hy the majority. . . 'ihls steamer "111 soon ho testud h| the Hoard, sr ri. tf accepted, will ho placed In the now cugluo hoiiMi on weal Dake street. • , Hcvi'.sl Mils (or hose and fixtures for tho Fire Departuo ut, wire presented and ordered to ho l *'ihc rerirnsltoo of.Uroca M. Walt, driver on (ho cepted. On motion, John Kennedy was appointed to fill the vacancy. On motion. Fire Marshal Harris was Instructed to purchase tho nec. ssary furniture for the nnv engine house on West lalo street: also, to pur thav*three hoiacß lur the new engine and hose carriage. Health Officer Bridges reported that a case of i mall-pox had recurred on Arnold stroel. The honac when; the present case «zi*ta baa at several rime* prtMone bees Infected with the samodl> / a number of newly appointed members of the police futcc.'having served sixty days with credit, wore eFccrd icgulnr pairulmtn. ’j hr c) srges of (icorge Malone against Officer Ih-nry Hundctpiackcr fur rough Iftslmrnl on the i.lylitol Jaimsry Mb, on i'ulU street. In front of John J'sihtosn’s aaluuo, were dlssiuUted after a •bon heating. Adjourned. TILE STEWABTDIVORCE CASE. Third Day of the Trial Evidence Closed on the Part of the Prosecution, Testimony for the Defence, Medical and Uthcmrlser-A Cartons Plea Shadowed Forth in the Statements. Two Radically Different Opinions of the rimrncter of Defendant-Ilosetln Dud ley’s Mol her Thinks Din to he (he First Christian She Ever Snw Uni West. Yesterday was tbo third day of the (rial of the Stewart divorce ease, and the court room was thronged as usual with the promiscuous crowd of Judge, jury, witnesses—including a few women, and clergymen and medical men of repu tation—ai.d the audience of curious Individuals who listened with eager attention to every word of the testimony, breaking out icto a laugh occa sionally as (act or imagination could find any reason from the evidence, or Joining to a low, ex cited buzz of comment as the proceedings were interrupted by the discussion ot some technical point or law. . , . During the forenoon the rase for the complain ant was closed and tbo testimony for the defend ant taken up. &o far it has been neatly nil medi cal, and much of it of each a nature as to bo unfit forpuhlicauon. , The question reserved on the evening of Friday as to whether the witness Minute Wood, thou ou the aland, should reply to a question, was, after some argument, decided by the Court sustaining the objection. JmnOBCOOK. VUUU. The testimony ot this witness was then contin ued, feho being under cross-examination. Her ad ditional testimony was to the followingpurport: 1 left Mrs. Dudley's the first time on the 20th of Joly, and the last time about the lasi of Septem ber, ISCS. Thai time I boarded with her about two months and a half, and up to the time of rat leaving the defendant continued to visit her, and his familiar acts were as frequent and of the same ebanuter as 1 have stated. He came at tho latter period generally imho afternoon, visiting there three or four rimes a week. He aid not call as frequently upon her at Clark street as no had when she was on Quincy street, but when he did come be came fienuently- It was the Sth of August, ISGS, that c© slept all night in her room, and she slept with me. I don t know what time Mrs. Dudley retired- I was sick in the fall of ISG3. soon alter we removed on (o Quincy street, I think It was a year ago last August. I had inflammation of the bowels. 1 was sick two or tbrec weeks. I remained there after tecovcnng, about lour or five weeks, leaving the last of September. I left because I did not wish to siav any longer. Mrs. Dudley did not tell me to leave. I had no hard words with ber, and she need none toward me. 1 first lold what 1 knew of this case lart summer, in July, I think, about tbc -(Dh, at Mr. Turtle's office. I had not told Uto anybody be fore that, and then 1 told it to Mr. Turtle. It was on the day I left Mrs. Dudley's. hurt wentwlthme to the office. Turlledidnot tell me for whom be was acting. Mr. Sherman, the lawyer, was present, aud my statement was written down. 1 learned at the office that Turtle was a detective in the case, or I supposed so. 1 next (old It to Judge Goodrich at his office, I think the last of July. Sbermanjwas then pres ent. I think he accompanied me. I went ut bis request. I don’t know that 1 have told any oncelee; I have not. Tea,l have; Hold it to lawyer Smith. about two weeks ago. I saw Washington Smith before the trial, i think I saw him the second time I went to tbe lawyer’s of flee, aid I think I told tne (acts to Hr. Goodrich, in bis presence. I did not say lart summer in presence of Mrs. Tower that Ilurlburt had told me how I could make SSOO, 1 saw Mrs. Tower about that time at Mrs. Dud ley’s. 1 never said 1 conld moke ,*SCO by testifying agamst Stewart, and Mrs. Dud lev never asked me how I conld be so wicked or bad; 1 did not represent to Mrs. Dudley that I wasmnriiid to George llnrlburl. Q. Did be go ibere lo live with yon ? Objected lo and objection overruled, as Ihe in ference is not clear that impropriety ot life la in- volvcd. „ A. He did not; he did not live there. Be was (h re frequently, ns often as he wished. I saw him generally cvcij day as long ns I re mained there. On going there I did , not represent to Mrs. Dudley that 1 was married ■ to Uurlbnrt. 1 never said eo to Mrs. Tower, nor to others while I was Dion*. I did not then use or give the name of Mrs. George Uurlbnrt. C*. Where did Tou pass by that name? Übi< did to, and on the part of tbo complainant K U siaUd that knowledge bos come to counsel that an attempt is now making on the part of Muwarl to criminate this girl under the law. Tuc objertion was snslalnrd. I now live al No. 4R LaSalle streel. I don’tknow how many ptrsons live In the bouse. 1 have a room and board at a restaurant on Clark street. No one lives in the room with me. Ido not know (be character of the people who live in (he house. 1 know some of the persons there. I do not as sociate with prostitutes. When 1 lett Mrs. Dnu ley's 1 went to No. to Clark street and remained there until some time In October. 1 had a room In the boarding bouse; It was kept by Mrs. Dumalne. There were both male and female hoaiders. From there I went to the country. I know Louisa Mlhcr. I never talked abont Ibis case to her ex cept about two weeks ago: wo then met, and she asucd me bow about the Flowart divorce case. 1 Ihcd in (be same building with her at No. 0 Otilncy street, but never since or before. To Sir. SmVh—l bad not scon Turtle before 1 went to his office, and I did not know that n suit was to bo ccmmenccd, nnd before that time no stiHiigcr had asked me about my knowledge of IhemnUcr. I went Into the country to getaway fiom Ibis case. 1 bod beard that my U-ellrauny wan |» lie taken ami 1 left. To Mr. was not in tbodly (bednvmy loMitnotiy was to bo taken. 1 101 l October‘-Mat nnd relurmd Dm Ist nrSd of Norembop. I wish to correct one statement: I think Louisa nillerwriit to my room with me when we mol. and I bod not seen lu r biforc since the first of May. 1 then told !mr if I was called on I should •ell what 1 knew. Tills was after I had been to the country. 7b J/r. When I lived In (bo sanre build ing with hou. Miller rtn* old not live with Mrs. Dudb’V. I wan married In Wisconsin lo Edwin 8, Thompson. lie went to tbuKonlb shortly after our mninngc. In (im aimy, and 1 Irameilinal t*o was innuied In a woman Foulh. When he catmt l otto 1 nrem-ed him of It. nnd ho drilled ll and left. Thai tstlio Inal i havchcnid of him. or linvo sen* of Inin. Tin* cnmplnlnnnt hero tested her rase, Tl'MiniONV I'tlll *lllls DIwI'KNCIC. Tbs debne then IntrtvilHcrd tbo following t.ammt wlim-rscp. Tin- lortunony nr tin- lure'* miilical mriMVff* of n iliarMCier whlrlj forbids publlfuilnh In ihfi litngiiagu in which It wue (Mi\- vrert. nn. c. vv. oNiirnnoNic bt-tilled Dml In* liml b.i (i n pitysielun slure IM'J, and family idivsiemn for the father of Dio deiund nm. lie wan roijsnliuil In lad.’,about u |>*al inidfolUialion which Dm dulenuanl liad siintslnad fiom Infancy—Drat wa» phymosis—at.d Diu "I-- nri-s (old him that an operation would he needed. Witness waa confident Dial Ptcvvnrt had no dis ease at the time of that examination. To an limz psricnced man the roulta of that malformation might be mistaken for ibn*u ot dUease. Homo pain would rcMiU under certain clrcunreuneos. The witness was well acquainted with the moral character of defendant. O. What is n t Objected to and question waived for the present, nn. w. n. mapsti. j.i.* . i.. ii, a physician ana surgeon since tSfift, and in tUU city November, 181T>. Abont the llbecnth of November, IHIS. be examined in" defendant on venuest of Dr. Addison, and iound tbathebada physical malformaiion ; (be witness was aUo cou trited with reference (o nn nlccratbm of tbc ion* ells from which the defendant was MifiVring; it is eomclimca called “minister’s sore throat." afternoon session. On tbc rc-assctublinc of the court, after tbc coon reetbf, the defence called MB. WADSWORTH. I am cmploved in the same establishment as Hnilbtm. 1 tnmk 1 fir-4, told this matter to the Counsel, hut I have talked with UnrHmrt about it. I only rpeke to Washington Smith about It once; that w#b the latter part of list *cek in Hi** o:!lce ot counsel; there woe three other persona there, and thev are all employed as counsel. 1 never -poke lb Mte. Stewart about It, and she was col present when 1 told what I knew. I don't know Turtle, Webb. or Tunnicliffe, and 1 never talked with them, and don't know that they were ever at the store consulting with Uurlhnrt. X was sub paused to come here, bnl do not know who caused xny name to be inserted In the sn^ptena. After tlsis time there was a delay extending over some length of time, within which the mur iiiming tall; ot the bystanders caused a noisy bussing which testified to the presence of many men. The delay In sending lor witnesses was for about half an hoar. Br.?. rowzn. lam the mother of Mrs. Dudley. Her name is Hostilla. lhave been in fblwgo six years, but have been away during the fall and winters. 1 have lived with ner as much as four weeks, two v> ars ago in spring. lNvo > ears ago this fall 1 staved v*ltb tier from May until about Thanksgiving. She was then living on CJnrk street, at the corner of Van Horen. She rented famished rooms. Shu lived there a rear, until a year ago last May. I remember now, 1 helped my daughter-in-law. at Wabash. Indiana,kto prepare her Tahcksgtvlng dinner,rndl must hove left Mrs. Dudleys in .November. I first saw Stewart therein April, a rear ago next April. He called to get mo to do some sewing. When she went there she moved Horn Clark slrcit She moved to tynlncy street August ieib,; a year ago. I *w~* her to hire the Coucc. „'T?f ~, , ..rnmlpi* and sick until Ihe fall. I would to 'Vith her every day and ‘tin'iiinea twice a day, and alter t rented inv tooms to Mr. Newport I staved with Mrs. Dudley some time, until the day after Thanksgiv ing Day. which 1 think wa« December 3d. 1 left 1 Dirk on the 4tli. Mrs. Dudley was present when I fir-leaw Mr. Stewart. He wanted some shirts made and 1 mane them, acd have woik of bis now, j.nd 1 did any other work be wanted me to do. '-be did rot sew, hut she did the housework. Stewart mver railed, except about work I had to do or bad dune, unless he called a few limes as an reqtialtiliticc, and then he stayed only a very U. Hiatewhat Mr. Ptewnrt did and said on the occasion of the two Drtt visits. Olijectcd to, and ucesMon withdrawn. . ... (). Hiate what ho said In the presence of Mrs. Huolcy. A. Will, be generally talked upon tell clou. (thought him a very good man. and re. marked hrwas the flist Christian I ever saw oat West. After a time hl= conversation was always on Ms wife, and he said— UVjprUtm to sla'emenls of the defendant as to his letl'ngs towards Ids w Ife. IlliO exan (nation of this witness was asked fo bepuspeMletl loallo* of the examination of 15. lamed, )ssq>< hiillhlscourse was objected to. ruder this stale of fad (he question was waived.) J never raw anylhlntf In lit" conduct nr deport* Idchl toil what Pas ptoper. I hate seen Rtewafi at gnp Clark turret In the afternoon and evening, wl’fti he only slated a shod (tine, j leinemuer Mate wood iiavlt'd a loom there two or time peaks hrfofe Mrs. liiifliey moved to uuinry slieeli Nvliett lieiame 1 did not know him by i'miih idld imUrhjl. Mid he did If. 1 leitned hi* itame Iti Mat, atm m»m*hU **t»= •qoaiMMoejM Aimh I did hoi know the tdwrw. »«» o) kUn Vvood ivhtMisnwJcaniu ilterei fhtyssld she was * |mod tfjr). u. Mam'wioiher you found out afterwards what her ftiMSMr, jihji-riHrt n* ana „i,jp r j|ntt , H ."hat was hei character, aa you foundU to he silurwttirttr * * lilOfciinn sustained on the oronnd that tho qmi»Hnu should hu umOiita to runuisUua fur truUi and verschy. * 1 kiow none nf her arqn»tmattr«a. 1 know when I.omsa ktillercamu there; oho saut iho was canvassing the city, and ahu wauled to him a loom. Objection to Millar’s aUlcrocnt sustained, Hho look a room (he 4ih of December, iNftv tlm day I left, Thcio wore three room* and two hods In two of them. Mias Miller hired a furnished room. Hie hired It to occupy. 1 expect abe slept In 11. 1 left the day abe came. I returned too fliat of last March mid went (o Mrs. Dudley's. I stayed there about three week* and did not sec Stewart. I then visited her almost every day, and waa there Iho biggest part of the day often. 1 always go there dally, except when 1 amalck. I never s.iw tticwaittuilU done. Then 1 saw him one alter, nuon at Mrs. Dudley’s, and bo stayed hut a few momenta. Nothing occurred then, and 1 don t recollect at what hour he called. In June or duty ] saw him again there. Do wanted mo to du some work lor him. That was In doty, wt'c i M-rrr llurlhurt was there, tho wife of George UurJburt Objected to as a volunteer statement, aod (he witness cautioned. . ~.. When hu came In July, there waa myself, Mr*. Dudley and Mary nurlbart present. I don l think 1 saw him ncalu until the fall. I generally used loco to Mrs. Dudley’s house In the morn* loir, and leave at night l>eforc sundown. I never saw sny undue familiarities between Stewart and Mrs. Dudley, and I never saw any tendency Ito loro-making between them. 1 have known Mary Wood amce t-be hlrrdtnc room of Mm. Dudley, and 1 think fbe ncolbT tbo cams of Mrs. George liurlbuxt when she came to board there, and I beard the rbCina wen. engaged for Mr. ana Mrs. Huriburt. Q. State whether you beard Mary Wood or Horlburt speak about this case about JulySOlb last. A. Ycf, ahe came up and brought a paper— Objection, on the mound that tbta la an Inquiry a* to a collateral point. Objection sustained. I do not know of Stewart'* staving all night at Mr**. Dudley's bouse, or of ble bclne there as early a« seven o'clock on any morning op to Do ccmccr 4,)BGS; and 1 think I mutt have known it ii It bad happened. Mrs. Newport lived there then. Aflerl rented the rooms In Noyorobor, un til 1 went away, 1 stayed with Mrs. Dudley, and occupied the same room with her. While Hived tit the house, on the opposite aide of the ball, 1 vraa constantly in her non. 1 was at her house the Sunday before the bonae was pulled and should have been there that sirtit had not bar fiuahana come home and been there, bhc w OS afek Id bed all day with the dys entery, and I went to the drug store and got med icine and gave it to her. After tbla case got In the papers a man came and wanted to him a room by the weak, and she said she would not rent a room short of a month and pay in advance: ahe had to not her rooms for a living, lie said he would go out and be back lu a l- w minutes and ace, and be went out and brought back Sid end hired the room. Q. Stale bow you know bo was a detective, and wbatbla name was. A. I thought be wan a de tective. I (old Mr. Dudley no, and when became back 1 raid. “What do yon do.slrl’’ 110 aald, “I am on tbo telegraph, and hero and there and every wiicio;’* and, says I, “you are astranger and." raid 1, “my daughter » alone aud there lu Bticb a set or people out West, sire must be particular who sbo lets m and,” said I, “they go round seeking whom they may devour, and bo turned very rod. aud I told ber ot that time he was a detecWo. Uc came In a while afterward*, and alter that time bo never could look me In (ho face. He came In and sat lu a rocking cnalr. I said, “How do you do, Mr. Detective V Held I, “1 have found out your bntlscss," ami be never looked at me nor an awared me, but out be went. Q. What was hie name! A. Well, 1 don't know as 1 can recollect bis name, for 1 never was much in bis company. 1 don't know as 1 over beard bis name mentioned. I don't know as 1 conld tell bis name. I might remember It if I heard It. Q. stale whether It was Thomas Harris. A. 1 1 appears to mo it sounds like that. Q. State whether you were present at any time when he made any oD'er to airs. Dudley as to inducing her to give evidence against Ur, Stewart. Objtctel to and question waived. Crost-ctambaiton— l firsteaw Stewart in April, IFCS. I was living then with my daughter, Mrs. Dudley, at the corner of Van Suren and Clark streets. We were then alone. I think, but I can't recollect whether Mr. Dudley had gone from home or not. There were a Mr. Hoblnaon and his wife rented part of the rooms, but no single women hired rooms there. When 1 saw him first he was alone. Stewart came first to get some shirts re paired. Be stayed bat a few minutes, and aid not bring tbo shirts: he came soon alter and brought three shirts. After this Mrs. Dndley moved to No. 809 Clark street and I helped her move. She removed to Quincy street in August or in September. Hr. Newport took the ■ rooms about the middle of November. 7b Jfr. Xfcnr— My son at Wabash, Indiana, is a carriage trimmer. . „ , 3o Sir. Smith—l don't know where Mr. Dud ley Is unless he Is at BuSalo. 1 have not seen bun since April, 1660, but he will be hero In the spring coming. DU. ROBERT L. ADDISON u. awwv.« was next sworn. He said that be was a physician, aud he bad treated tbe defendant for what is call ed “clergyman’s sore throat,’’ and at that lime he bad. upon request, examined him, and found that he wai» malformed, having phytnosls. 1 recom mended circumcision aa a cure. Ihe court then adjourned anti) ten o'clock this day. THE LEMONT HOMICIDE. Conclusion of the Trial of Daniel Trapp, for the Murder of Christian Lasch. Tlip Inrilfincnt lo the fatal Act—Tin Prisoner Dishonored by Hit Demised— Testimony Ruled Ont. Tho Verdict “Guilty,” with Rcconr oicndulion to -Mercy. T ■' case of Daniel Trapp, whose trial under an it ciicu. -nt for (he murder of Christian Lvsch, was u d on Thursday, in the Supreme Court. I cbee Chief Jnsllco John M. Wilson, wis yester day cot.tinned and concluded. The jury was called at ten o'clock in the forenoou and a hear ing of tho testimony was resumed. A large crowd cn-crabli d in the court room to listen to the pro cr< dines. The case was opened on the part of the prisoner by A. Ik Jcnks, Esq. I*. consisted tnatuly of a rtulemcnt of (he facta proposed to bo ottered in evidence, and was to tho effect that a moral luMlflcation, ir not a legal one. would bo presented; that the prl-onor had become ac quaint'd with the fact that an adulterous connec tion existed between (he deceased and his (tbc prisoners) wife; that this knowledge bad so wrought upon the prisoner’s mind ns to produce o temporary stab* of frenzy, under the influence of winch be might have committed Ibc act; and that when Lasch was killed be win found In the very act of committing adultery with his wife. The testimony adduced yestotday went tar to show that such an adulterous Intctcourso existed between the deceased and the wife of the prisoner who has subsequently disappeared. A great deal of (he evidence offered lor the put pose of proving these facts, however, was ruled out as Inad missible. Tbo testimony was as follows: r.UZAHETII BAKER sworn. testified: 1 rise la Will County, four or five mill's north of 1 cmnnt. Ido out know where Tan)-p or l.nscli lived. 1 hare passed (UtTr houses b> going to l.einout. Trapp came Into rny hon»o an the Monday after Ijifui wan killed. Ho said— Coumel tor the prisoner now pruScrcd urld-nco In show tbul the prisoner slated lo this witness on the mnintognficr the homkldn, that ho had caught Uir deceased in tlio act of adutiery «itb his wire; Dial it? enme there for Ilia pm pose of getting work In that neighborhood because he bad discovered (lull bln wife was untme. and wanted to leave her; oml Ifni be staled tbnl when the dec-ased was ought hi the net he turned round and started to dirntiH him (Mu 1 prl*oi or), (nunrcl for ihep< nplnoli|eetrd to the admission on e% bieiiee of any s*nlonn*tii of the necin*?d wlnrb old nui ncconipuny (bo ad, or was not coo.cmpo* rsM'omt wtlh It. T he 01-U'dloii nn ll<o pntl of Dm people was su«- tnitied, (he Unttrii tiling Dint Dm matcinuiXn mil being a part of Hie rf» ge»'a of thu case wctonol ji'ltmienl'ir as evldcure. 'ibe witness llx ti vvlllidrew. XUCMAKI. HANSON n^nr.'n suoin, I?sllf1nl a" lollows; | wns at LnsCh'ahonae bi IvMU nlrm ami ten on Dm hlglit Laaeb wan Mtlnt. 1 raw Jjisdi. Dm pnnintouiin wore nil tiuDoiie() excopt thu upper liuttou. AMI MA SIMON *wmti.U')Dfl«dA»lnlnre«: I live lu Lciunid. I know Die d>-Uiudnnt Datnel "rapp. 1 knew «lolkiLn Ijimli. Imw the defendant on the Bni hefnru latsrti vvas killed, lie rsme to do uoikl.ii ns. lie looked very much oveiled, nnd j clod <llr.erenl from w hat he bud over dor.u be- lie did more Dun two men*- wort, nnd looked to strange that I was afraid lo have lilm lu (be liourc, tto*/-taaniinr(l— I have taken » good deal or inten et in the care on both aides. 1 do not think Dili* u very solemn occasion. 1 ret and liugbed ilinirgibo proco-d'Rgs yesterday taseh’a wife did U;c stmie. I laughed because she did. • niEPCUICK SIMON gwom : 1 live it Lvwont. 1 know defendant and kin wife. Counsel lor the prisoner here prefi reed evidence to rhow that, Tr-pp’a wife had admitted to thl* xvlit.cse that the bad committed various acta of adultery with the deceased, Christian Uxacb, be fore the night he wna killed. Counsel for the people objected to th« admis sion «t such testimony on the gromd la-t stated, and (he objection on the part of the people wa* sustained. The evidence was then resumed : 1 paw the dctcrrianl on the evening after Lascb rth-d. He looked strange and excited, and acted queer. He laid down and showed how ho had watched Latch and bis wife. He did not look natural. 1 saw Irapp on the Satmday before the tnurdc*. He looked excited then, and did nut ecem to be the same man ns bo was before. 'lhe Conn then adjourned lilt two o'clock. In the afternoon the Court re-convened, and the Otuy were called promptly at the hour stated. *lllO hearing of testimony was then resumed, as follows: John cairn sworn, testified: I knew the defendant for a short time. I knew Trapp’s wife. 1 boarded vUh Trapp tbicc mouths. Lasch treed to visit there. 1 rapp, his wife and l/isch rode out on the dav Latch oled. 1 vas sick at trapp's one night In‘.Tune, and was up stairs alone. Igotnpand came down stairs. Thcwl ncss was here asked as to hi) having seen Lasrh and Trapp's uile upon a lounge In the act of adultery when he came down stairs. The question was ohleced to hy counsel for the peopl e as incompetent, and the objection waa sustained. XtCQAEti BUA2TD, sworn, testified: 1 live a short distance from Athens, Dement. I do not know when Laich died, but 1 heard of it Cue week before based died 1 was at Trapp s bouse. I saw there Trapp’s wife and Christian LascU. KAirmr sAKonrn, sworn, testified; I live at Athens. I know defend ant and his wife. I al*o knew lA‘ch. I saw Trapp a day or two before Lasdi died, and be act ed like a ciaxy man. 1 never eaw him look so be fore. 1 saw him when he was brought t<» omw £ u. He acted then In tbcaaimt *-•«/ manner, i have known him a va— »uu a half. Uc was always a ani*'* "■* u * J&XES CAS 11. sw’orn: I live In the town of I/Pm , 'ot. I know Daniel Trapp and his wife. 1 knew Christian latch. He died on the second day of Septem ber. I saw Trapp alter laslH died. In S. W. Notion's stoic, oa Tuesday l.was a constable in the town ol lament. 1 arrested the defendant at Norton's store. At the time I first arrested him, he was verv much excited. lie throw bla arms round and threw himself down on the floor In a msniicat manner. His eye* looked wild, and he appeared exasperated and excited. After be nad dinner, he went through similar motions. I have known him (our vents. Ills reputation was good for sobrt* ly end quietness. 1 brought the defendant to Chicago, when be was In the cm* ho was much quieter and mure reconciled (ban he had Im-cii. I had been np to Trapp’s bouse the previ ous mrhl »o look for him. I was at bis bouse after 1 lodged him In Jail. , Counsel here oflvtod to show by ibis wltnets that on a certain day n’ter tnech dfi-d bo went np to Trntip's bouse, and saw Mrs. Trapp; that she told him that three several nights before f«»cb died she had slept with him lu bis own bed. and that she was absent from home on these three tlebls. Ike testimony was ruled out and excep tion taken*. a. o. wonroir Wss examined S'* to Hie lepotnllon ot Hie ottfr, wl lch lie said was excellent na regards so bflHv atul quli Iticss. 1 he defehce here rested their case. Anupttrata. Ihe evidence being concluded, Atnlraw tlaffl* sol*, l>*q.,t*hVfialfof lltq ptos r cii|lou,oj*eheil the arymmnUulnp jmy. HuwaMulinwMny A. H* deuhs, Psq,, who spoke al toiisUieishleleiitfUidli llte iti**ilta of (he Icsiltuouy, inning the protiiess of (he Dial Ihe pll*')M"f fe tuatived perfectly quiet atul vowvpo«‘Hl, eacepl Phsii his roupsel lefuried lo Jin* mlstlon; nptlsp log between his wife and (lie iWeamd, lie Mien hm siiiu tifoimy suMsu-d, and It was a eoiiaulura |i|e time hipuelii* could i«*rov»r his emnpiiture. vita VRHWtoy Tho jury retired ahuni half-pail four In tho af- Imiiouii- At Ipeiily nilimlcs paai seven (hay Iminuhl In Iln- fulloWtnu vordlrl I *' We, the Jury, find (ho prisoner. Daniel Tripp, guilty as charged in Mm Indictment, and would recommend him to FxociUDe clcuumy." AtsxoxD Dnnouanr.—A young man named John W. Jcnncr waa analcncd nt thu Poltco Court, ’lliundsy atlcinoon, charm'd vrtth tho burglary of about |7WJ worth of mink furs, on Haturday night, (rum tho wholesale bouaoof Weber. Williams «t Filch,at Nos. 10, Hand 14 Ukc street. H appears that a little before twelve o'clock Haturday night, a Merchant’ policeman discovered uno of the front ilnor* standing open. A hslPboui before that tho door had hicn tried and scirocd to ho secure. 1 tin officer called one or two other policemen and took clarcc of the place. Another wa* sent to (he residence of Mr. \Vi>brr,ono ol the proprietors, to inform him of lire circumstance. Mr. Weber arrived at ihc store about ton? o’clock Sunday morning, and thu noro was examined to *uo If any thing had been carried awnr. The only articles missed were ulna valuable nick half-moo* and a tar talma, worth, as nbovo stated, a>*ont f7Sh. One cf the bnOalotohca of a largo pile In the hack part ol tho store seemed to bane been removed a ututauco of fifty lent, atm to have bean lain upon, At (be examination yesterday tl was explained Mist (ho door which wa* found open was usually fastened upon tho Inside by hats and a padlock, tbe key of which vos kept at Iho office In the back part of the store; aim when once fiatcond titer.' could bo no CDlrauco from tbu outaldo except by force. There was no ap pearance ol violence'upon Ibo door. The por ter of the store closed it a little after five o'clock that evening,faatcnlnglhodooraasusual. About • (hat hour Jcnncr came into the store with a car fiel bng, rcmaiklngtosumc ouc that he was taking tto bo repaired, lie bad been employed there for five mouths, bat was discharged about the first ol this month, solely. (bo far as the evidence ap peared), because the firm thought (hut they could gel along with a less number of clerks. Jcnnor paa-cd into tbo store and made remarks to two or three whom be was acquainted with, and with one clerk who, boarding at the same bouse, wall ed some minutes lor him to return, expecting to go to supper with him. lie was aeon to color the basement,and as ibwo was no distrust Ol him there docs not seem to bare been any particular notice taken ol him except that ho bad been drink ing. He was arrested on Wednesday night. Why huwaa not arrested before baa not transpired. At the Police Court yesterday ho ' dcalred a continu ance of the cose, claiming that he conld prove that ha was at a saloon at hall-paal seven lu tbo evening, and at homo three hours later. The cue was continued In ball of 91.8 W. Yesterday afternoon, a final examination was lirld. Bylnicc witno-scs, Jcnncr proved that ho was at a festoon at No. r.T South Water street, at cloven o'clock on the evening Insertion, and also at half-past seven, though their evidence was cot so positive as might be dcalred. Ur. Jcnncr was discharged from custody. COMMON COUNCIL. Adjourned Meeting—Amendments to the Charter—Tho Ons Bill—A Committee to bo Appoint ed to Report on tho Subject. / An adjourned meeting of (be Common Council was hold last evening, for tbo consideration of the proposed amendments to the Charter. Aid. Holden presented a petition asking the speedy consideration of tbo Gas Bill; which was laid on tbo tabic temporarily. Aid. hidden offered as an amendment to tho Charter, under the chapter of “scuooLa:* 1 The Board or Educarion la hereby authorized, unless prohibited by the Common Council, to con tinue the public schools during the remainder of the present fiscal year, notwithstanding any deficiency in the appropriation heretofore made and taxes levied, lor this purpose, and to provide for the expense thereby incurred, tbo Compuoikermay, with the sanction ol the Com mon Council, borrow tbc necessary money, which eboll Ixs repaid ont of ibc School Tax for tho year 1807. Toe section was adopted. The remaining sections of this chapter, as they were adopted ny the Committee of Ihc Whole, were passed, cxceptlngtbat an amendment passed to llmitthc issue ol bonds for bnlldmgpurposes, and (or Ibc purchase of land for school nooses to $200,000. instead of $500,900. Aid. Bixby moved to add to tho chapter in rela tion to powers, that the Council bo antborizedto adjust with property owners damages for any cbsngo in the dock lines of the river ordered by the Connell. . „ On motion of Aid. TalcotL the Connell resolved itself Into Committee of tbc Whole on THE GAB BILL, Aid. Woodard in the chair. Aid. D'Wolr presented tbo following: That this Council, haring considered retd bill, {thereby approves of the general pro- Fisione,thereof and recommends its passage by the Legislature of tbo State of Illinois now in ses- sion. Aid. Carter presented a substitute, to the cßcct that tbo Mayor, with the content of the Coancil, shall appoint three Commissioners, who shall in vestigate (he subject of the manufacture of gas by the city, and submit to the Council all the facts they may colled concerning that matter, for the information of the citizens. The expense of the commission to be paid by the city. The substitute passed. On motion of Aid. Carter, the committee rose and reported. Aid. D’Wolf then moved the adoption of bis resolution, is a substitute. It was lost. The resolution of Aid. Carter was then adopted, and The Coancil adjourned. WASHINGTONIAN BOJIE, AnnnaliHlccilDc—Election of Directors. The annual meeting of (he members cf the Washingtonian Home Association was held on Thursday afternoon, 10th insiaui, in the rooms of the Young Men’s Christian Association, the Pres ident, C. J. null, Eeq., in the chair. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. ihc annual reports of tbo Executive Committee aud Treasurer not being ir. readiness, owing to calefactory reasons given, the meeting proceeded to discuss the provisions of an act to incorporate the Institution, which It h intended to present to the 1 eglslaturc at its present session. A commit tee was appointed to circulate a petition in favor ot the charter. The following Board of Directors were elected Pit the tm-uiusyear; lion. 8. U. iJooKius, Dr. N S. Davis, Her. E. J. Gocdspecd, lion. <l, II Itlcc, lion. J. 1). Ward, E. It. lUiwvri, Franklin llaibeway. J. V. Farwell, l». 1.. Moody. Itcv. J. c. stoniblon, B. F. Jacobs, A G. Warner, J. 1.. Drake. Charles J. Hull, Jona than Burr, Bev. William H. Itydcr, D.D., L. L. Fund, .1. S. MclnUre. 1). 1). Drticoll. It. A. Inw, W. 11. Wills, itev. D. C. Dclmcr, O. C. Gibbs, Martin Kycrson, lion. J. B. Uradw- 11, J. 1.. Pick aid. O. M. Babcock, Dr. U. Hitchcock, Dr. D. A. roller. Z. M. Culver. The Fujicrlntctdcni. Mr. U. A. l aw, submitted nn Imeicsiing report, the details of which will bo pttblUbed hereafter. Tiro report shows the Instt- union lo bu Accomplishing a good work, and Bit ing sallsfnctory results. The faceting adjourn'd to meet on Thursday. Sltli C o'clock p. m., atthc Homo, at which time the rrporta ol tlio Executive Commit tee, Trcasnrcr and Physician will be ready, atvt ibe election ol »bo officers of tbo Institution will lake place. AIVIItNItinUNTS* lliATom.—Mr. Wertheimer, Urn atanf couritr of < tho Itiston dramatic troupe, in In tbc city, tnak- 1 Ingtho picUtnlnary arranpomcnU fur the forth- { coining season, which will commence January SI | and coallnuc lour nights and ouu matinee. The < plays which will be produced are Plxedra, Kllf.a belli, Marm Htnnrl nnd Mnclieth. wilti a ropolllloti for tho miutneo. Deinlls will bu given hereafter. Tub Orr.nA.—The opera smsou proper clored last evening wlUi a bonuflt to MaxH(rako«cli, and the pcrtoiniance ol two ads of L’EDslr d’Amoro, «tie net ot (hn liurbtrmid two acts of I.'Afrlcalno. 1 ho hou*r was belter (Itloil than it »«ss Is <>u for a week nasi, nnd the various froritons of opera were very (ably done. Tills afternoon Krnant wilt bo Klvtu pir u ti.aUttnc. As it Is Dm at rurgo*l opera ol Dm troupe's repertoire it should draw a largo house, . ..... Mnsi-MM —As wnato 1m expected, tbo Lorluro Doom was Ailed last night lo tho full on tho ccca •lou of Mr. Dugrts' beticill, and the audlonro were presented with an outciUlnmonl in over/ way worthy Dels exportations. •* Tho French • n/” jxul "lllnckoyod Htisao*’ conaututod (ho features ol tho hlil.andln tho interval bo t •• ern Dm ph cos tbo Imnodchry roelb’rt with good r..sto nnd I'lriu ffoUiiff Dm pretty IDMo balindot "hlllu •nm." which elicited much applause. At Dm close of Dm that piny. Mr. Hogors was enlloA beloro the cmtnlw. and iw addition to the nmndimi iit was piesrtiied, In behalf of a number (,rid> frauds, wtlh n handsome gold-headed nine. Thu presentation was made in highly cumpT mer.tiiiy terms, and Dm rvclplsnuln u nentapaocb, iirkmavledgud and lhanked them lor tlm gilt. T'blri afi«;nmtj»i “Tho French hpy. In tho t'v' aainnt 1U as last vlghl MoVicKEU’a Theatrk.—Mlsa Cccilo Dash took a h.-nefll last ovoidng, ana waa erected with a moderately lull house. “The t'tttld Htealer,’’n new drama, was prreented veryac, ond Mis? Itu»h’a rendition ot “ Madge ifuiherloul’’ called tortli repealed applause. At tho matinee performance this afternoon, “Ingo n,nr, the Barbarian" will be repeated. In the tvinluc “The Child Stealer.” Caledonian Clod Dali-— The second annnal ball of the Chicago Caledonian Club will bo given on the ever iug of January 231 h {(be birthday of Bum*) atthc Crosby Music Ball. While the Club was > et In its Inlatcy they cave a ball last season v bich proved to oc one of the happiest aud best conducted ihat cooldb.? desired. His but natu ral to infer that their second ball will bo even bel ter than tho first. Every proportion Is now be- Imc made to render it eo, nnd we may fyflv expect that the ctTorta of the committee wili bo crowned with success. Tho club has already rircu from a small bcglnnlcg to bo a society of some Importance in the community. SKATtKG.—The parks and rinks will be all open Di* afternoon and evening. Croat prepara tions have been made tor the fancy dress carol -1 val at Urn West Side Kink, which promises to be a most agreeable aUalr, Cock FUiUUna* Notwithstanding the cruelty and uselessness of cock fighting, tncre must be something extremely fascinating about it, for it is popular iu all couu. tries, and with nearly all classes of people. ’Tia true, those who appear to take the most interest iu it belong, as a general rule, to the sporting family, X. «.,thqy are somewhat given to raising horse* and dogs, and attending notee rates, and arc always ready to bet npou the exact time mcessary fora first-claaa Scotch terrier to des troy any given number of tats In a saw-dust pit. But occasionally men In pretty high positions, both as regards wealth and sodal standing, frequent the cock-pit, and show as much inlet cst In the gamenosa of the buds and the length ot the gafla, as do those who have been brought up to the business from boyhood. There have been numbers of exalted characters who have paid more attention to the raising and fighting of roosters than to matters of creiter Importance. Chailcs Fifth, who swapped the Kingdom and all of numerous dependencies. 300 years ago, for the hair shin o! a religions recluse, waa extravagantly fond of the sport to his younger days, and on* of i.i* ntciuiiaus states tnnl, even after the flummery of his bogus death and temporary occupancy of his magnificent coffin, he sometimes used, on pleasant afternoons, to have his gouty limbs ban daged. and himself carried into the open air, for the purpose of admiring the snort In which he look so much delight neatly half a century before. Santa Anna was n* arlv as food of the sport a few years ago as he was In getting up revolutions in Mexico. Near his magnificent palace at Ctr tbagena bo kept a large number of the beet breeds that could be obtained for love or money in either hemisphere; and when he left Mexico suddenly, as be was obliged to every little while, he repaired to Carthtrcua, and challenged all owners ol cocks in the neighborhood to meet him at bis pit on a certain day, and Invest their money on their favorites, as he waa willing to do on his. |t ig to be presumed that Ihe old man’s flehtlog days are nearly over, and that he cannot adjust the sans half so quickie or securely as be could twenty years ago. Th- slory that he and Seward, when the latter visited Cartbaccua, had a slight misunderstanding abonl a small to the relative values ol Uie “h’gh comb" and ‘•low comb," is evidently a cmard. Mon. John Ho-tltte*. M.C., was a pretty teen ntar frequenter of New York cock-plfs before his nomination by the Intelligent Democratic saloon keepers ot the Fifth Corgresrional District. We can not learn that be has handled a gaff or weighed a bird since (he payment by blra to Uon. Hen. Wood of 1110, m for a single night's amuse "'rock BtttiHott was one of the established Insll tnllons of Chicago for a number of years, but for some lime it was abandoned* and some cornered with It Itt listed (hat It would not be resmcUabMl In Oteir flat ami BrnreaHoti. nut a fflw week" ato a bit was started at Uko ' m*. jnslbeyohd Ike city limits. and the iwd fibsi BatU.tmgs w» te remarkably sticfessml. Attothef ineellntf *as shlumheMl ft»r last tditbh btH |.MiVnl“ilne« af* 4 JbM tl Ws-a h » «»!•« nif left tlie pH. a link* lisfuM* time , t.viock, tto- iiieeiinMWM jomiMjisd of three melt only, siiti not astntpe bird wa« In stgiil. ntfroiMiitmii •iv'Hitu situ* Ah adlnuntfld nte«lluif will he h«“M •! lha rmrrl House, In (he Harm tier's Court room, on Palitritay orcnlnp, at o'clorW. to rerelve and consider Qia reimn nt (ho I'nmiuttiee on Iho Metro polltan HeslUi I'lll. ’lh« Mayor, Common Hoiin ell. tnemhers of the (Kurd nf Jisrio, Mcrrantihi Aasocrnilon, Mm repiasenutivea of the diuureut I lf«i itisiirauro t’umpanlos, and all tho riUaens ut Chlrano IntcM sted in sanitary mailers, are rfl* •neclliilly lortted to bn nrcsont. A fall stten dance la requested. P. W. ()ATKs,Prcsidont. The llilu'ftrd*—Nicvoim llnatnrdy fnw. Hlnte of Illinois. Cook Comity, as.—Miss Mary ,1. Fdwsrds. complainant lu the suit against Hi rntrt U. Klvvrti*, lor hartardy at Hqulro Dt WoU’a office, reported In Thursdav’s pnpere, belog duly m* orn, on oath deposes and says *l»d the mailer* vldch appeared In Ihc TmnuHE In relation to her nssooailon with Mr. Ayres wero cnllrclr mi uue: that Mr. />rcs does not reside with her at No. ill Mate street; that she never lived together wPh him in an Improper relation ; that she ha* cotiilneP-d business for hcrtclfand kept a hoard {• g house on Hints street ; Mint Mr. Hlcvers Is Iho father ol her rhlld.and that he. (Mcvon*.) baa iivml every effort lo attach tho disgrace and re sponsibility of his act to tho party referred to; that no evidence was brought out at the exami nation in reference to Mr. Ayres’ finally at Itock Island, or the peanut stand business, which floras must bavo been volunteered lo the reporters by Mr. Htcvons, Mr. Hardy, a witness for defence, and former counsel of tma affllaM, or aorao per son evidently harboring 111 will against Mr. Aytm. Manr J. Knwxnna. hworn to ami subscribed tetoro me January 11, IbCT. U, DxWow, J. I*. FROM ST. LOUIS. AoDlTcn&jy ofniMonrl Emancipation -The Lato militia Troubles la Court, &c. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Sx. I,oins, January 11. To-day being the anniversary or the Emancipa tion Ordinance of Missouri, an Immense procos ion of colored citizens were out In procession, which passed up Fourth street at half-past eleven lor Turner's Hall. There wore two One hands and numerous Dags. The Masonic Mutual Aid and other societies were oat in regalia, and hearing with them appropriate banners of their respective orders. The rear of the procsrslon was composed of the Sunday School children. They have a bln Umo at Turner's Ball to-night. The case of General Bacon Montgomery and the militiamen, arrested under the Civil Rights hill, was argued before Doited S'atea Commissioner Hickman, this morning, by Samuel 6. Glover and District Attorney Mauro on the part of the Untied Slates, and by Mr. l,cwU on the part of the de* fcndanls. Commissioner Ulckmao decided that the case be removed for Inventlratlon before United States Commissioner I’eabody, of Jelfer eon City, with an understanding that tbs decision before Judge Knnkel Id the Aetata corpus case of Montgomery shall be decisive of all tbo cases. The Commissioner decided that the Civil Bight* Bill \m Constitutional. in the case of >he militia men, held by Jndg« Wolff on a charge of robbery on tbo Pacific train, one of the pris oners, Duncan McKee, was held to answer to the earn u( tl.uoo, while, tils comrade, Pa'rlcu bmitb, was discharged. ibe second Tuesday of February taaa been des ignated as ibe time of bolding the Mississippi valley Commercial Convention. STATE AOIUCTETUUAL SOCIETY. Adjournment of the Old Executive Hoard—The Mew Board to meet on BlouUay. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] Briuxorm.n, January 11. Tbo Executive Board of the Stale Agricultural Society completed their labors and adjourned tine die to-day. The premiums on fruits and miscella neous articles were awarded. Tbe new Board for the coming year will meet on Monday to locate the next State Fair and prepare a premium list. Tbe following gentlemen constitute tbe Board President, N. I*. McConnell, Springfield ; Ex-President, W. It. TaaEpps, Dixon;; vice Presi dents, H. D. Emory, Chicago, for the State at Large; George W. Gage, Chicago, for the First District; Moacs Dean, Sycamore,Second District; Charles H. Bosentclo, Freeport, Third District; Graham l-«c. Hamlet. Fourth District; E. H. Clapp, Home Farms, Fifth District; O. B. Galoeba, Lisbon, Sixth District; W. Kile, Parts, Seventh District; G. W. Mlaicr, Mackinaw. Eighth Dis trict; John H. Spears. Tailama. Ninth District; D.D.Shuraway.Taylorsville, Tenth District; N. Mi tiers, Salem, Eleventh District; D. B. G Ulibam, Alton, Twelfth District; U. S. Oshum, Plnckne vllle, Thirteenth District; John W. Bonn, Treas urer, Springfield; John P. Heynolds, Secretory, Springfield. FROM BLADISON. Sentence of Counterfeiter*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbnne.] Madibos, January 11. John Meier and Henry Schmidt, Hanoverlina by birth, were convicted of attempting to pass counterfeit Called States currency, and sentenced by Jodtre Miller of the United States District court to four years In the State Prison at Wan- pun. The United Stales Circuit Court was adjourned to March sth, at this place. FEOH SEW ORLEANS. General Beauregard Define* Bis Pori* uou— tic Declare* Against tile Conatl* tutlonal Amendment. New oi>lsakß, Jarscary lU. —A letter from Gen eral Beauregard to Win. 0. C. King, editor of the Tinin, appears to-mo’ro\v morning. Referring to the statements published In North ern papers ahont bis position on national ques tions, General Beauregard states that he did not maVe a speech at Canton, but said, m private con versation, that Che South bad defended.what It had conceived to be constitutional rights, andbar* log appealed to the arbitration of arms. It yielded to the decision which was given against It, and that be believed toe Southern people were now willing to accept the Constitution as made by the war and understood by the Supreme Court. Regarding the Constitutional Amendment, he said be Imd little opportunity except through the f>apcra to ascertain the public sentiment, hat his □dividual sentiment was that the South shonld not accent It, as its Interests and manhood for bade. The South was at tbo mercy of the North, but should never do anything which Its honor could not approve, lie would protect its Interests, ami last, if no used the words “consolidated Gov ernment 1 ' ho meant a common Federal National Government, operating under the Constitution, as interpreted by the supremo Court. Nbw OIII.EANS, January U.— lho Times this morning publishes on article In to the approaching meeting of the Legislature cailiug a Mii'e Conven'ion to remodel tbo present Consti tution and present to the people an Instrument w idcli in bring supported by them will bu beyond cavil or doubt in fundamental law. It la meed iisnmcasme that will havotno most beneficent results. It will remove all cause of oifiornuco between Kxecntlvo nod Legislature, nud secure that harmony w hich has ncun the object of our best citizens since the organization of the Stale Government. FROM THE X'ACIFIC COAST* Nblpinrni or Rpcrlo from San FroncUco —iTlliilnuUlvhlciula-TlioHuaao-Amor- Irnn Telegraph Lino Working Ad mirably* Han Francisco, January 10,— I The steamer (•oldrn CTr forPonatno sailed with f 1,177,000 f|.irrj,U(io for New York. Tho Crown Point Mining Company lias tie* dared a dividend of ono hundred dollars pur lout, and cariiea a surplus of fW.OOO. Tho Itnpertal dividend Is eight dollirn per share; Halo Notnors, Is ono hundred dollars per foot i Empire Mill, ono hundred and sixty dollars per lout. There Is more inquiry for wheal. Boles at Legal lenders roM nt the Hoard to-day at Tie. Han KiiAMCtscn, .January ll.—The Legislature of Montana lias pasnurt, and tho llnvornor has signed, a hill to temuvotho Boat of Government tU lldollD. Han PTtANrtsro, •■■»■«-*» n.- A New Westmin ster despatch soys (ho Kusso-Amerienn telegraph Pne has been worked ft distance of 800 mites, with hut a rlx-cujis battery, and nt each emt was in the midst oi n ralusloitt. This Is said to he thu Puigrpt single circuit on tho continent, and proba bly hi ibe world. MEXICO. Mlieml ItcJotrltiffM Over tli» Hurrendrr <H <ain<tnlnjnr» mill ICvacuntlon of Hnn i iilm l*oto«lf Ac. New Yoihc, January II.—A Mntamoras Inttor orni»(lthNu,'ktliflfnU itrem lejolclnif over the Mirp'iiili-r of i.iiadmja.u mul the evacuation of ofHarrlosabal.lluj new Oov cipor oi I‘nuiai-Upa*, give* gical natUCicUou ami l.u-liii'K- I* lucnn-lmr. . „ Oft tbo oMtp hand » •'espulch from Brownsville, ilniod January 7lh, iajb Corllusn has ju*l arrived ulili « lorcc in mini ui ilulnuiorau, und will lu vualUic city «t once. FROM COLORADO. Great KnllinNlasm Over the PaHAgo of tlio Colorado Bill—Shipment* of Gold —Nine {Timers 111aiuiacred by Indlani. PEKnn, Col., Jannary 10.—There 1* intense ••Gthtis'a-nn over the new* of the passage of Utc Colorado hill In the Senate. . , .. The shipments of gold front Colorado for the week ending Januarv Bth, arc $20,000. Salt Lake papers give an account of ibomsa«a ere ofnlro miners by the Indians, near Collville, on the Colorado Hirer. FROM SEW YORK. Another Suit Against General Butler. New York, January 11.—John H. Lester has lu stilutcd a suit against General Butler lor datn ngc-. lie alleges that Butler arrested him at Fortress Monroe, took from him f 10.IMH) in money and other property, and through court martial procured bis sentence to ten years imprisonment. Hr nrna sent In Woijj—2 lultt aui kept for many month*, until released by General Grant. He claims $117),bOO damage* and $75,1100 for property. CHINA. Account of the Great Fire In Hone Hone—Chinese Junk Destroyed b) a BrltiMi Gunboat. San FiuNasco. January ll.—Further acrounls gay that the Are at Hongkong was the moat de* stiuctlve ever known. Three hundred houses were burned, and many lives lost. Vast quanti fies of rice, cotton, &c., owned by the Chinese, was consumed, whose value it is impossible to estimate A junk baa been destroyed by a British gun* boat iu the harbor of Looloo. Another Canard About Mexican Affairs. lACnosss, Wis., January 11.—The J>«nocnif this evening publishes copies o! alctter Just un earthed at Washington, over the signature of Ma jor General* Sheridan, Steele, and Weitxel. in which thty give to Lieutenant Colonvl U. H. U. Mclvcn, of Hie Mexican Republic, while on ser vice on the Text* frontier, authority ic raise troop* and arms in the United States for Mexico to prosecute the war against Napoleon. They also openly violate the neutrality laws by giving ftarrant* for piracy and transportation to Mexlran troop* against onr stipulation* of neutrality with France and Austria. The publication of these important letters ex piries the cause of oar trouble with France, as copies of these same letters hare been received bv Napoleon. In ibis matter the Generals named, with the President and SecrcUrj Seward, are implicated. Orphan* ortho FrooUmcn. There will be i meeting in behalf of the “New Orleans Educational atm Industrial Institution for the Orphans ol the Fteedmen,” held in the Lecture Room of the Clark Street Methodist Episcopal Church, corner of Clark and Washing- Icn streets, ou Saturday, 13th Instant, at 7H o. m. Mr. Deliartlc, Superintendent of the Asylum, will be present, and present *lls Interests. In view of the importance of title work we lurltca full attendance of all the Mends of the freedmen. K. n. nistnoit, W. W. Ettubti*. T. M. Enpr. B. C. Lahtep, It. M. IfArneut, L. EivcncocK, L. v. ram a Fntrn, J. Vouito Scajutok,

GUART GPODUICU. Texallon fbr Street improTPiurnla. CbicAoo. January P, To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune l I have rend, will) a good deal of care and attcti Hon, several articles hi your paper Ih relation to the amendments ntonoseO In onr Cllv cliartrr by the i'otutnuti romirii. ami, in the nislti. appruvs of »o«r views. Thete Is otir waiter, however, tri ch'al imtioitam'*' to Ih? ta*‘pams of this rliy. stid should he a thoiottghijr lUscnsspil anti untie}* riotnl by Ute p»op)e.ifpiieißl)y a« by Ihe CoutK'U ami that la, wytsviu/ Mitimmt, I mm* with you that fit# ektum«i< o| laMna, grading and paving a elf**r), oi paving or planking an ail«>. Mimild ot> psi.i, In Mi* l Hfoi liiiiaii.'s, i.yilia pinp> oity limning, or on amdi iiiiproveiiwnl. Mill) hold dial »|i«*r a strum or allf Am hom» ur-riert Biui pgved, than ll ihniild hu the duly of The clly to heap »iuh sir.** or allay lit good order, and rapava or tu-plsnk anrh sireai nr allay when required, and nay for lha aama out of lb,) general fond. And for ihe reion that afier a •trvgt nr nllay la r»ruied or pavei. It la tlud by tho iiiihllc i» ...trally, and nnuxclurively, perhapa lint at «n, by ito« owner ol Ihe viumlng or atmUlitir on anrh iniprovt-nn-nl. This, ll appear* lo n a would be but simple justice to the owner of the properly, and no Injustice to the city at larjc. The opening and extending of a street. It •inkrs me. Is cot such an Improvement as should t»o ram for uftolly by the property fronting or abutting on anch alien. Huch an Improvement, when required, is always a general as well as a local benefit, and my view of the matter is, that In such a ca«e ihe city should pay, ■ say onr.half of tho assessment, and the property locally benefited, tho balance. Our special asso«a men!' are. in many Instances, exceedingly op rrrssivo and unjust, and the parly paying them ofunllmvs receives Ditto or no benefit from them. If vst expect Chicago to grow lo wealth and popu lation hereafter, as 11 has done for the ls*l tew veors our city aiiklm must he economically nod imllciensly managed, and taxation must bo ad •osted sons to fall like Uie dew of Ueaven. equally uuoi. alt Chicago has been heretofore tho most desirable clly lo the United BUlos to Invest money In nral estate or engage In baslncss, on account of low lairs: but Ihe tax levied tor city purposes for the tear lH«;n U causing universal dinsailsbc- Hon among real estate owner* and business men. Tils matter must be remedied, or the party now bavtuc charge of our city government win no cnmpdlcd lo slvo 0|» Ibc booon of office. Noutu bina. TO ENABLE FEBSONS LIVING AT A DISTANCE Last Week of the Art Association! Arrangements have been made to on orders which shall be received on Saturday, the 19*.h Imt., up to 13 o'clock pTm. The Certificates Ordered trill be mailed the same JVight, Direct to JS. Opera House, Orders to purchase Certificates may bo loot through tha Bangs sad leadlas Mercantile Honscs. or the express Companies. tST" Remittances which are too late will be returned in REGISTERED LETTERS, unksa specially ordered returned by Eipre&f. every order shall have been JlUed. The delivery of Engraving* tcill not be ii LOCAL MATTERS. Chicago Home Circle* 91 a Tear. A copy free to uoy one tendin'* a dub of six. Sam* pie Hie Canvassers wanted lu Chicago. 8. 11. Kennedy, 11H Clark street, Chicago. Pectoral Balm has Become a Ilonae bold word lu every family. In the treaunent of Croup, Couchs, and Inflnenaa, it la superior to any preparation that baa been discovered, For rale by all druggists. Burnhams A VanShaack, Chicago, Illinois, General Agents for tbo North west. Tlic Beat tonic.—tiasirellt Slack tc Co.’s Combination of Iron, Phosphorus and Cal- Isaya. known as Ferro—Phosphorated Elixir of Callsaya. The Iron restores color to the blood; tbe phosphorus renews waste of the nerve tissue, and tbe cnllaaya gives a natural healthful tone to the digestive organs. One plot contains the vir tue orone ounce of callsaya, and one teaspoonful a grain of iron and phosphorous. Manufactured by Cjlbwxxl. Mack <x Co., New York* For sale by all druggists. Allow ITIe to Say a Word for myself. 1 have been using Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing SyroP In my ffimlly since first Introduced in this city. I think it an excellent article, and would not be without U on any consideration. [Extract from J. D. Adams’ letter to Chicago Timcs.l II soirees the guns, reduces inflammation, regu lates the bowe's, cures wind Cholic and corrects acidity, gives rest and health, to the child, and comforts the mother. For Congha and Throat Disorder*. use “ Brown’s Bronchial Troches,” having proved their efficiency by a test of many years. ”1 have never changed my mind respecting them from tbe first, excepting to think yet better of that which 1 began thinking well of.” Rev. Uehut Ward Beeches. A Sore Pile Cure*—Or. Gilbert’* Pile Instrument positively cores the worst cases of piles. Sent by mall on receipt of fL Circulars free. Bold by druggists. Agents wanted every where. Address J. B. Eomaise, Manager, No. 575 Broadway. New York MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. New York Financial New*. KswYosx, January 11. MoyxT. Monty active and stringent this forenoon, bat easier this afternoon at 7 per cent. Foar banks were credi tor* at the clearing boose to-day to tnc amount ot *5,700,000. ’ GOLD. Gold stronger; closing at IS4K. rOECIQJt tICttASQK. Sterling firmer ami more active at 9K®3X. Governments ore tlphcr, trim Increased demand, rlosltis follows: coupons *Ri....unxaiCß \ Coupon* , GJ....10f.3i(A107 Coupons *«>J....105 (aIOjUI Conpons *65....1M | 1040 a, rcgd 91XQ100 7 80a IC4K«lOiy I Compounds....WJJfSUJUf ftTOCI Stocks closed more active. Ohio certs 27 ] i 64*Cv w\ 1 Heading 105 i M. 8.... tSOXit SOX ■ Illinois Cent... 115 & Pittsburgh 91 g 91.H1 R. 1 Norinwotcm. 423*® 42»f N. W H pfd SIX® Si ' STSTSO rnAUBS. Mining shares excited and higher. Oirgorj 1770®'.... I Quartz Hill 5W® 5C5 Corydon C7ft*.... I bmltn & Par- . Grlunell;. JGo®....| melco 603®.... New Tons. January 11. Tbc Commrrrtdr* money article says that it still shows ctlccis of the hear movement; discounts are quiet and confined to best paper at 7£B per cent, Govcrnniet ta opened nt a rt'dlnc from last evening s prlcts, bet subs* qucntly Improved. Gold was excited under the contest between the long and short Inlet «ta. Mining stocks show Increaiert activity. The stuck market wax decidedly more active, and sboweu au Improvement on opening prices. The Produce markets* NEW YORK. New Yoke. January U. Cotton—Very tirm, at 54)f(3©c lor middling. Flour—'Very dull, and fujjv 30c lower. Extra State round hoop oiilo fi3.oO.aiJ.Ss; trade branOHfj2.Wffin i 6; Southern drooping. ... . .... Wtent— Hull, Leary, and lower. Mixed Mil wavbi>«f7.7S t No. 3«lo fV-15. Largo pvreels ot Western will not bring °'corn—itedlning. Small cates at f1.UK51.29 In store— closing with roller* at f t.w for Western. . C>4t(Ul,ow«r, aUS« r. r Chicago and Milwaukee. Fork—lb’avy, at IW.Mk.i.nA-d for new-cloMatt at (20 30 lor Western ; fl'.M2 for old do, cash s f 1C.73«1*.CU iornmuc; new. buyers aud sellers February, at (JO.A Q2CT.75, im*»rd Hocs-Hcavy, at for Western. Cut Me.aU—Dull, at U«We for sboaldor*, and IQgUKc lor hnme. Lard—Drooping. at IW&UHC for old,and 13>(0lLSo fOTtlfW, flutter—Firm, at iwnoc for Ohio. Cheese— Firm and active. , .«•.««« I’etrolcotn-Kaslcr, at WXc lor crude, ami 37H0M0 refined in bond. Natal Btorca—Quiet and firm. Codec—Quiet. . bugar—Steady t Cuba 10c t Havana 9c. MILWAUKEE. (special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) MihWAURKft, January U, Mont—Dull and ncmlnnl. good to choice spring «*• Ira* offered at f lO.WOIC .33; double extru held at $10.30 Cdin.TSt city brands fll.Wv stock llghtt holders firm. Wheat—Declined saaei closed firm. Bales at morning board 17,000 bn Bates at noon Itoard 19,000 boat fMS {hr No. 1.93.C0 No. 9 In store f 7.07. do February «l Jlr* 1.1 V; No. aln store, lIJII buyers option to-dayi fl.ol fur rijcclcd. Cc ru-Dulli sales o! 400 bushels new shelled on track atWe. OaU—Quiet at Me (or Na. 1-41(9 ISo for No. 9. Rye—Western; sates ufl.tOO bu atVs(ft9fic lor No, 1. Provision*—Dullt sales 000 brla city mess pork. Feh. rnaryOelivcty9lS.Wi'4ootrc« prime lard do January at li; t r. iirused Uogs— Firm and 8010 c hlghcrt sole*, divid ing on SCO lbs.tiU4Kafi.Wi LlV* 111181-Mritltj sale* At fI.MaJk.M. ,n o (i , corn* J,«O ilroMnt bugs. UHl'iDcui#— tin* flour. AW) bu wheal. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati January 11. Vlwu-Bwll, but pflwtn«u%ns«l. hwperftiw, Wiii-ni-imil. and prim imifrrbly •u«Ulnrd. Halm at f?.40 for »|inpu ami MJd (or wilder, ton,-Dull, (tint prirca lower, ktr, CAdMci shelled, ft'Ufc’e, mi it hardly any demand. , .. Orls-Ihill, amf iirlrti nominal at WiMC. Uve-lmll nml lower, eln.iuu al|l 20. WbUke^r— Dull, hut prices unchanged. Small rale* *n»tum—Duil.ond price* nominal at 21c for mld'lllng. Buga—Unchanged. Nut mud, done. I’acser* mot buying to an* extent, raid of 1.300 head at *0.0501.00 lor ligM.nnd »U3u1.40 for medium to heavy, llfr rripm 3.000. hut the largo orders fur can Indicate litavy receipts neat week. Mr** I’org—Firm at $23.00.1 Uulk Meats—Firm hut quiet. Shoulders, 7\'©3c; peeked side#, UWftOW* Green hnms t fl!f©loe. , „ „ lard—Firm atT2c,wlth salts of COO tern. Holder# arc gent rally firm tor all article*, ana not much offer* 1 uapotj—Firmer nnd pressing for clear sides, which sold at 12Kc parked. Cold—l2l, closing Ora. ST. LOUIS. ST. Loco, Jannary Tobacco—hi olhlng doing. Cotton—Nothing doing. Flonr—Qniel and unchanged. Wheat—btlff; talc# at for cbclcc. Corn—Easter at Sf<SSSc. Oats—Declined; sah-#otG3>f<s.6sc.' 1 1 ovlatons—Doll; eatea of pork at |l9 50@79.50: bams, sweet pickUd, at 10c; perk boms and sbooldcrs at D© Ilo«—' at S6.OO©&S. Whiskey—At 9*4.13. NEW ORLEANS. Nsw orlsass. Janoarylt. Cotton—Unchanged. Sale*3.ooUbales low*middiincat • t«S2c. Mlddlmr SiXOXic, R*<etpts for the week 'GJOO acamst 3i,C00 bales lost week. Stock on hand ".19.551; hales. Sucar-aetlve demand. Full prices .Fair 105fc. MolaMca—Ccmroon, SSA6O choice, 70@74. Flonf-Dnil, saner. ii?<; extra, Il£o©ls. Corn-Firm. LIMIJiO. Oau—Firm. 78©SiL _ Pork—Fair demand at 83,50. JJtikrt hart of bacon. Gcio—S3. Setrltng—l3Jf. Other articles onchanged. NEW YORK LITE S*TOCK MARKET. Sales of Cattle at Bergen. [Reported by Telegraph exclusively lor the Chicago Tribune.! Now Tome, Friday Evening. January 11. BEEF CATTLE—There are 1.750 bead at Hudson to day, hot they are generally thin, and the market la *\ow and Kc lower, the weather I* favorabletor ope rations, bnt the large supply of poultry, venison and pork in the market nukes slow sale fbr beef. The best quality sell atiCcrgood at Isc,and poor at 13c, All ore not sold. SHEEP—The market U acUve at s@7Xc for common to choke grades. Good sheep command 7c. All told. DOGS—There are A 3» Id the market, and sales drag, at 6.W@"Hc. Western, dressed, sell at ftaßHc. Solos Uonuraox. Albany Livestock market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] ALB4JTT. Januaryll. Tliere was more actlrltyln the cattle trade to-day, thi buyers lor Brighton taking bold with eomiderable spirit, hut there was very little improrement Id p'Jcsa except on extras. The decline, quality considered, Is equal to he V », lire weight. M. Rlopfbr sold S 3 Kentucky, averaging 1.600 »«, at Sj*c; 18. averaging 1.900 Bi, at 7*c: i«, averaging j,ao ft*. atf7.»; and 30, averaging U 390 as, at Be. B. Living*ten sold M. averaging S.S3O Bt, at 1109.00 V head. Tin. nobblos sold 96, averaglne 1,300 bs. at 7c: 87, averaging 1.470 b*. at Be. C. Foley Mid U bead In diana, averaging 1.250 B*. at 7c. M. llrdy acid 1U head lilln'da, averaging 1,200 bs. at BJjc. D. Coon sold IB head choice extra Kentucky, averaging 1.400 »«, at ?)|PS andiSO. averaging 1,000 bs. at BMC. J. Farthing sold 19 head Ohio, averaging 1.790 Bs. at 9?<c t and 80, averaging 1,400 Bs. at7J<c. Total receipts, 9.900 bead. Pi pfp—Ara In good request ai 4ko6.kc. Receipts, i.WObead. ... . . llogs-«.Ho6ke* Bates yealerdty and to-day shout I,CtP head, HeccJpiSt D. 400 be*l. fVcvv York Provision 71 nrkoi* (Bpedal Despatch to tbs ChlragoTHhube.) NkW Tokkj JahMary 11. I’l.tkritice'tLaoae dull and nominally unchanged. Enid firm. Npw Vttrk iiroi ory fftnrkeli (kpseial Despatch ly th« Uhh'aad Trihitna,) 1 Maw Vobn. January n> >9vav»94«t i firm. t« prima U r.u ery i good urmaiK). itice-Uarolliia j New York IVrfMalnßh PtHykal* ffiixaui i)oipatch to ilia Chlrsga Tnimna.l Nsw Yuki, January It. Flour an.t wheat aireutvely dull, and lu sal) lower prices must I* arrepled 1 but lhara waa no markad do niMlon. The mall advices by the Persia are very en couraging to holders. Ilya firm with sldpmeaU to Qrmsnyi bat cora,osUand barley abowtucieailng prmuie to sell. Ncxr York Dry Goods iriarkot, haw Voiut, January 11. There Is a batter Inquiry for eritoo goods for local rot sunu-Uon, and price* ara Arm and aleady at 77Wc fbr the better make ol heavy brown sheetings V3lo tor Abt letonaud uuHan Hsnd i 71J< C tor Judina Orchard “liwu KSmioo<lilemMid, .nclJobWn, >tlMlOo Ibr Mctximac ; Cochwo at 19c ; Paetflo at Wc t Hprarne* at tsc; American ainko ; Aliens at 17c : Lancaster ‘Vrinsh.mJ-A're K ImproVd mintit «t m M Olu sow I K; lot MUr .lul UcttfUrc, nml JOC ro; M.n '"nw'ciinl Un.lln. —Arc .Ifaitr ''■'fAJ 87Sc tor hew York Mills, aOkc for Wamiulla... Vc to* tiaie* 5Sc tor Ultra Bempvf idem, 2JW.479C tor James Btcam Mills, IW tor James’ Moam J»c toJ-Kcy. 1 nold's A A. 16c tor PorumonUu 40c tor l*vppcrell, M KJWc tor Wppcrml, IM too tor ttallhaui, W-l 79c Co,U4 40c tor utlca. M and 80c for dJ fr-l. FUUbarsU Fctrolcnm !Tl»rkcl PirraADßOii. January It. Tiicto was the usual dullufj* In ih* oil Ttieati.rk on band I* vrry Itsht, and thc*o who arc lu about seJUngattbo pres ent low prices. No aric* made. art association. TO OBTAIN CERTIFICATES DURING THE nierrupttd by the Drawing, but t dll continue until ITIAUItICD, In this elly, on Thursday. January 101 b. at the real* rtcoep 01 the bride’* father, hr tier. It. M. Mr. KI>WAItD W. HILLS ami Mini LoiK daugh ter of ffo. Locke, ait or ihli city. No cards. Her. Robert Bentley, JOHN T. MYERS ana Mr*. ELMIRA. I). WHEELER, all oriblaclty. In this city, Jannsry fth, at Sc Mary’s Reman Cath olic Church, liy Rev. Father Murphy, TIMOTHY I). GUINEA and Silas ELLY M- MANNING, Doth of Chi cago. Id thla city, Jan. 10th, at the residence of the bride’s father, by the liev. Dr. Bishop. Mr. OLOIIGE S. BUL LOCK and MUs IRENE NYE, all of t&U cay. No cards. In this city, Jan. 10th, at the residence of the bride's lather, hi the Rev. Clinton Locke, JA*. W. ODELL and MARY ANN. daug&ter oi Hun. J. D. Bice. In ibis city. Jan. 10th, at the Cathedral of SU. Peter ana I‘aul. l»y the Rev, Charles V. Kelly. D. 1).. Ass’t Hitter »f Trinity Church, GEORGE w. ADAMS and KLLA M., eldest daughter of Col. B. Fusvler, all ul ibis c»y. amusement*. QBO&BY’S OPERA HOUSE This Saturday. January 13. Afternoon, at 2 (’clock, FAREWELL BENEFIT of the renowned OHIOKI AND BUS INI GRAND ITALIAN OPERA. Max Btrakosch. Verdi’s chef d’auvre, In tour acts, EBNAM. lononcced by the press and public the moat success to) uf this compaa>'s repertoire. Mtre Anclollna Ghlonl. Htgnon Itfre, Matra and Eos Ini in the principal roles. FULL CHORUS AND ORCHESTRA. Musical Director and Conductor. higuor Nlcolao Admission (Inclodlcc reserved seats) sl. Doors open at 1. to commence at 3 o’clock. "y'AHLETY THEATRE. v cheat "Success. YANKEE MILLER. FERNANDO FLKUBY. FRANK. WOOD, W. CHARLES, NEW BILL TO-NIGHT. Monday Evening, Jan. 14th, will be produced the great Nautical Piece, New Scenes, Costumes, 4c. OT Bememter the Great Baffle for the Fast, Matched Black Trotting Team. Baser and liaroeHS. And superb Gold Hnnilnff Watch and Chain valued at $5,510. Baffle to take place FEBRUAUT First, IBG. Tickets $1 each. pOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM COT, J. H. WOOD, Director of Amusements F. E. AIKEN Stage Manager .TIIO3. BAKUY Extraordinary Attractions and Rare Novelty—A Rich Entertainment. This (Satnrdtv) afternooD,.l(m. 12, at the Grand Mit- Inee at o'clock, and also In the evening at to 3, will be performed Douglas Jcrrold’s celebrated nauti cal drama of BLACK EYED SUSAN. To conclude in the evening with tlm grand military drama cl TUB FRENCH 6PT. Monday will be revived thi great Museum specialty ol LOST IN London. wW, t.-r the first time, CALIFOKNIA DIAMONDS. Grand Matinees Wwlncaoay and s»tmday alteraoon«. TV| c VIUKER’a THEATRE. McVICKEU & MYERS MANAGERS. Engagement of CECILE RUSH. Eatnrday Afternoon—Matinee, ISBOMAR, THE BAKBABIAN. Parthcoia. Ealnrday Evening, THE CHILD STEALER. Madge Rntheriord (the child »tca , cr)....CL’clle Kaih. The Farcecf SMITHS * BROWNS. Monday-The great (»cn« p ay of EAST LYNNE, WITKCnVBKT DALL. ’ V IUIANCU OF THE New York Museum of Anatomy, TVITKOW6RY lIA.JL.L, 170 Clark-st., corner of Monroe. This Imnnrtiint and blghlv instructive Museum con. tain* WOS UKBS or CREATION from tbo first mouth, Miniature Winders of the World, as alio Beauties of Osteology, Myology, Dermatology, And In fine every department of Medical Selerre. The Student, the Physician. the Naturalist, the Man of Business, the man of Leisure, might msiy In ram where they could spend a morn profitable h »«r. Upm for gentlemen only trom 9 a. m. till 10 p. m. AdtnlMlrn&Omiu. rpHEMEMREIte OP ST. GEORGE'S X ASSOCIATION will giro their Third Annual Bcrlable ON {MONDAY EVENING NEXT, 14tl» lost Thom desiring to scud donations Ihr Ihe Supper wl lil'U' "lion early with mm. jyjASQUEUADE I’AHTIf. Blnrllnp’s Clitcneo Unnclnir Academy, Corner Clark and Monr-m "t*., Monday Evening, Jsa. 11. M..." n.u.l be r'il.icrt.l it,<JR auction Sales. J-JANIEE HC'OTT & CO. AUCTIONKHIW AND COMUtHStUM MBHUIUNM, 1(14 L«ik<-M..r«r. l,«nullo. Uklcnuo. rwli RrtVßnrcd on Mcrctmnili'p iou»l«tuHl fur *a!o. Outdoor m)w t'>nnn>Uy nltetulM to. . RUCTION. TUESDAY, 13lb of .Unitary, t«1« At to a. m.. At till Mtf-Al. ... Furniture, lied*, bedding, crockery Ware, CarpoU, bcott ft i;o.. AnetPHteef*. RUCTION. WEDNESDAY, IOUi of January, 7 p. m. Cn!n*. Medals, Continental Paper Money, Old Paper*, nook*. Diamond*. OoWond Silver Watches, 1 Rlegsot Cln ter Diamond Pin, &e n &e, DANIEL SCOTT A CO„ Auctioneers. M. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants 44 «t 40 KANDOI.PII-BT,. Between Stale-it. and Wabash-ar., Hold regular sales, at their salesrooms, ot DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, DOOTB. SHOES, &C., Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE. CARPETS, Ac., every SATURDAY. pERESIPTORT BALE OF Dorses, Wagons and Harness, AT A.X7CTXO3V. By FRANCIS EDWARDS, at Gage Hooks, corner ol Twelltn and State-st*. I will aril on thl*. Saturday, morning, at 10 o’clock, a. m., 8 team torses, 7 heavy wagons, 10 act* harness, and several brood motes. P. EDWARDS, Auctioneer. Wednesdays and Saturdays, tegular soles day*, at Uk m. ' r\ ELBERT & SAMPaOtf, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, On TUESDAY, Jannary 15th, at 10 o’clock, we will sell AT AUCTION, AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF FURNITURE, of every kind tot parlor, chamber, library and dialog toom, BrnsieKs, S-ply and Ingrain carpet*, blanket*, xuver-plated ware, mantle and oval mirrors. Ac., with a general assortment of household goods, at our sales room. 47 and 49 Dearboiu*«t. GILBERT A SAMPSON, Auctioneer*. 9-ical 3=statc-(Eountri}. F)R SALE—IO acres ol Land, -well t!m bered. aod a choice lot for a homestead, on the Lake bborc-road. within easy walking distance from the Hvde Fork *>>clal train. Apply to NUTT A BKQOkES, 55 Clark-sL, up stair*. FOR &ALB—a farm of ninety acres, in Efllncham County, this Slate; ten acres Umber, balance bl*b rolling nralrtc; twoandahaifmllei from the town ol Tcstopolls, and only si* mile# from a rsilrrad station. Can be bad at a bargain. 8. u. KKRFOOT a CO.. N 0.71 Dearborn-sL For SALE—Ej a. P. Whiting & Co., S 7 fnnt lands and fine (arms, la asv quantity ana at prices to suit all. Also, hotel property at Win. III.; a stock of goods, from f«.WOto |a.ffo, tnm good location, at Outran*. Ho&t anii jfounir. LOST —Wednesday morning, on West Adams st M near Moreau, a black and tan Doe. spout 7 month* old. Had on, when last seen, a German silver collar with small bras* padlock; baa no hair on noderpart of neck, .answers to the name of “Orp.’ A liberal reward will be pold on his delivery at the Tribune office. W. U. MODUS. T OST—December lllh, on Ohio or Kln l_.fl. .t.„ nr North W.IH-it, • raM-Nvi)! IntfcoMl with O. BOLIN. Orrrtr. No. IJ4 No«h Welts-st. Any one reiurolug It will be well rewatccd. Tost— Tucranr lust, tn Gilbert S Samp j son's sales-rooro, a pocket-book containing tot and some small chance. The Under, by returning the same to the Tribune efflee will recalve |g>. T ObT— Bmiiltir, December 00th. Irom \j I‘JM ludlara-av.. a red «*w. with niet-ack, A proper reward will bapatd for her recovery. Wnimsh ur., MplwecM Tlilf; j tffDtli ati>l ro«ftfwth-st" rf w..Mtjlsratß wiiti hloeatid whHrsndj. Thj t|H*f wtd t«* sulla’*!y fvvartlfdhy rsttirtdtigJMoJUt) wst>s«ti-av. I ObT— Mwk Dtitf. Imir New* I i hmndlrii't and half W*drh lertiar, Ma'l/m a iJMVKtwJs .riinW pml reward will iMarjiliicrij. iron HALIv-Tlirio Wionw irnwriin |v r> a i,i eniltid i siso #H liortsontat wulnas, a. 10 and lliiiirse power. Mrgar or amsllor anilines lur- WIL wUhotil IwTiers. »», I*. I* tuhiilsr and loeoiinillva b.djer* »»Ivlmjsl insUa. FOR BALE—rortnlilo Engines —4, n 8. 10.17,1 ft, W, 7ft and nr-hi»rso power, new and •rcomi-hand; one 10 and ona ndinns !«>wsir. m ««conA hand and Hollers, I nrlable haw mUl*. Woodworth Planers and Matcher*. BhtnaVe Mill* and tVood'Worklng Machinery. Power Corn bhellen, "mall Itam Mills?lron Fred Mills. Bhaftlnir. PnlUe. and Elevator Machinery built toordor, UIUIAUDS’ IKON WORKS. lUP and HPJ IV uhlnatoo-st. *f7OU —A BCfond'hftnU BncUfcy _T folding machine—in good cniMjUloo. Price, yttfi. Apply to Uie THIIIUNRt'OUPANY. f*OU SALE—IO,I3 and 14-borso porta ble Entires and [itollrrs-vcry low, by OIUFFIN HK()TnEKB, IBM south Watcr-SU rj'Hß JANE & DUDLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, Fidngls Machlnea. Corn Mills snd Shafting, Wood working Machinery. lank & nonuKY. Comer ot John and WstcMta.. Cincinnati. Appllcanu lor floacripUve cucnlan macluacry they need. (gasjiowpMa 3Eo IScnt—ibouscu. HPO RENT—Until the first ot Slay, L dwelling No.SaO North FraQklln-*t..(Go<vlwiille*« Block), cor mining "loven rooms. Will be rente t fur nWied or unfurnished. or would cell furniture cheap. Ipqolre at Room 10.84 La9alie-«t. r pO KENT—House No. 110 North Car -1 pentrr su; ccntsin* 'j rooms, good bare, hydrant, nslern. Will rent cheap. If taken eooo. Apply to C. B. HOLMES. .10 West lUndolph-st. TO RENT—A Boarding House and boarding bouse and saloon, two mall cottas'** and several nutua of rooms. Call at Room 3 So, 4S South Clark-*!. TO RENT—On South Side, a first-class two story and brick basement home, 577 Slate*- >L, containing debt roitn*, good Darn, good water ai d ea*. K«.u f.Ti per month. Fnrnlture f>r «a’r. pofsesslon given Immediately. Apply at 5S State-sU ®o Hcm-liooms T) RENT—One small furnished iront room, for single gentlemen. In a private French ismily, with or wltront board, on North Side. For terms, address P. O. Box 138. r PO RENT—Three unturmshed rooms, X with clceets, In anew bouse, suitable tor a gen tleman and vile. Price StO per month. Apply at 4SO West Hnbbard-sL, trom a to a o’clocc p. m. T) RENT—Font rooms and three closets, on tbe first floor No. 119 Ontarlo-st. la quire m the rear of building. .Director r) KENT—The third, fourth and tilth floon of the buildings No. 151 and ISU Ran- opposite Court Home, suitable fur offices, manofacturltc purposes, etc., etc. Rent tow to per manent and respona'hle toants. Apply V) JOHN GpyZKNHAUSfcR. 151 Randolph-fit., Room 1. TO RENT—A neatly funiiahed back parlor, it Hh large closet and fire. In a private tamtly, smtable for gentleman and wife. Apply at 04 WesiMadlson-st. KENT—Two pleasant tarnished L lodging rocmr, each suitable for one or two gen tlemen. In brick bonse southeast corner of Weils and lUlcole-tte. Apply op stairs. •O RENT—Five rooms on second floor .1 of a twoetnry house, suitable (or housekeeping, at 37S South cimtou-st, between Harrison and Van Sattn-su. HPO RENT—Furnished room at 172 Jl South Clark sL, near Monroe, soluble for mao and wile. TO RENT—On the West Side, tour un- L fftrnirhcd rooms on first floor In a neat cottage, separate entrance, in good n-lghborhood. half bloc* trom street cars, three minute* want from M»dlsoo-si. beside*, suitable lor a lady, or gentleman and wile without children, wishing retirement and qmet. firms reasonable. Give real name and address.or where an Interview can be had. Address ••LADV," Tribune office. 2To i\ent-3tores, ©fficts.&c .Proprietor TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent, rear of 71 lUmioiph-lt., Cocrt-plarc. nnpo site Crosbv'B Opera Housi. Apply to A. WORDEN A CO.«crL.l. 10DD, on the premises. XO KENT—One-half of astorconSouth Ciark-sU,ln the very best location la the city. resa F. O. Box 003. TO RENT—Very desirable office rooms, on the second floor of 01 BanColph-sU Apoly to UK. JAMS?. 93 Raiulolph-st., second floor. TD RENT—For packing or storage, the larcc stone basement IDO and 193 Wa»hlnctm>- at., 40 by DO feet to alley; gas and water la the same. RICHARD'S IRON WORKS. r PI) RENT—A furnished office —Terms _1 reasonable. possession given Immediately. In cm Ire of CHARLES DILL. 192 Sooth CUrk-at, Boom 12. •Cccllc Rash TD RENT—Store—One ol the beit stands fur business In the city—l.|,T Lake-st.—on nr before May Ist, will be let. Apply through p.o.iowm. Wheeler. * TO RENT—Second, third and lourth floors in the best location on Lake-Bt. For terms, Ac., adores “S A It." Tribune olUcc. HDO RENT—Third, fourth nml Hull floors _l of new store SS Mlchlsan av. Possession Itmnc dlatoly. Price, (1.100. Addrrtß P.O. Box 2979. RENT—fijtorc or Office—Elegant I, two floors wen trom Post OUlccr rmt h>w: fixtures mr sale, cheap: flafe, water, 4c. Apply nt IU? South Clark sL r PO RENT—Store—The Hist floor ot 1 storcat S 9 Caual-fl. Cncap rent. And splendid Clare lor cram cleaning business or commission ousr. Apply on premises. RENT—More nfid dwelling 110 mlh next to northeast rorner Mnorno- r y o I Km at., lately nsiU fur grnt'i lurnislilng goods bu*lur*«. with shrlrlrg. roumers, gas, water, Ac. Apply toU. U. It. lIUOtICB, 7? Dearlwin-*U UQJin i 2, W flror. aElantch-do Lvcnt. WANTED— To Rent—A small store with three or lour rooms connected, West or homn Hide prclerrcd. wlihlu a few mlnutoj walk of nine i'lnnd or siale «i. cars. Real prompt. Aduroa* “F. M,** P. Q. Hot U9l. \\T ANTED—To Rent—A gf»nd, ennven* V Y lent Home, with from 710 10 room*, barn. Ac., cast ofKtnle at., south ofPolk. and north of KlstiTntii- M. Would late pos-ession nnr tloie h-’lwe«n l' )s and Die Is) of Mar. Address C. 11. PENDLETON, P. O. Il«»x 51)20. Chicago, 11L “\A7ANTED— To Kent—ln n plcnasnl In- YY rstlou, n iiouse ruaialnlng from right (g lon rootn*, by a small loudly of grown persons. Address .1. C.. Box i? 97. AArANTED—To Hunt—Three nr tour V t room* sultaMi’ for huiisokreMilng. In gnwl toes- Mon,(Mouth HMo |>r< irrfo*l) to umtlemmi mnl wife, without children. Ifdwdrcd would limn ihn owner a low hundred dollars on Hu* Imumw, Go->d given nttd required. Address J. M. INGRAHAM, 77 HyilUt Chirk-st, VVf AUTMD Tw Hull A. •MmtwHnlily Vt furnished homo cotiwn>i«*nilr slinatM In m« West Division. Addrrs*. stating relit, "UJ U,” 11l Chamber rT Cuimt-m-* Huliiiliig. Uoatting, IJOABDINd—A pleasant milto of nir- I i nUtmt room*, wtiti tioard. sulltahlo rora gentle* man and wile, or two simile gentlemen. <‘ai he had at iheMi.ctoud llmue,' I 12 and 111 Mouth Franklin* »t,only two minutes* walk from ins Court Hours. VINTON A IIAYI'.SH. I HOARDING Two ccmlcmen und I) wtvr*, ora amall (.’town np famll/, ran he ar> coinmndatmwlUtffaoii parlor and parlor hm rooms, and rok] hoard, at No. ii3o West Lake-au Terms rca* bonable. ROAUDiNG— Adesimble Iront room, well InrntihML with bedroom oil, suitable f»r a titntlrmaa atd wife, or two uncle Renilemen, I > rent, with Qrat-clsta board, at (1411 titate, corner oi TQlr teenth-et. T>OAUDING rent, with hoard, a 11 large, front, nnlumlnhedchamber, to a ceatloman and wlft. In an English family, where there are no other b.orders, situation healthy, and the comforts of a home Insured. Also, the use of piano. Apply at 12*J North Carpenter-at. TJOARDING—2S day boarders can be JL> arrommoented with good board at ST. CLAIR & SToNK’S Dinlna Kooms, I)S4 East lia^dolph-st—at f 5 per week. Tickets, 21 meals for t 6. breakfast, 6to DoViork. Fnrrtshed room fbr rent or sale. Inquire at 98 Randolph-st. BOARDING— Two rooms for single gentlemen, with flrst-claag hoard, and day board for two or three gmt'emen, can he had on application at 601 West Madlscn-st. TJOAEDING —A gentleman and wile ll can find a good front room, with hoard, at the Central Bctue. No. IN Randolphs t.; also rooms for fonr or eight gentlemen. Dav boarders wanted at |5 per weefc W. P. ELLISON * BROTHER, Proprie tors. "DOARDING—A few respectable gen* O tlfmen can he accommodated at 144 North dark-su comer Ontario; also day hoarders taken; tiofortished rooms to leu BOARDING— With a pleasant, well* [fomShed front room, for £ genfleman and wife, ora coupled slrcle gentlemen, with the comforta of a home, at 272 West Madison IL, comer of Morgan. TDOAKDING—A lew gentlemen can f) find board and pica Mint rooms in a private fami ly, also a lew day hoarders, at 131 West Uonroe-at. T>OARDING—A gentleman and wile i> and two single gentleman can he accommodated with good board and furnished rooms to a private family near Uadlson-st. cars; also, two day boarders. Addrees P. O. Box 2010. TJOARDING —Fifteen to twenty board* D erscan he accommodated conveniently at 4S Weal Randolph-st. T> OARDING—One desirable room,with 11 first<la!s board, pertnam nt or transient, suitable lor gentleman and wile or single gent one or two day boarders. Apply at 1197 Ml_ l hlgan-BL^_ T) CARDING—A few genllemen can ll find good board in a private fStnily. and pleasant location, at 239 Hlinols-sL, two blocks Irom State-st. bridge. ______ T) CARDING—A lew gentlemen can be ll accommodated with board at 42 Adams-st. BOARDING— With furnished room, lor eentleman and wife, or single gentlemen, also day board, at 1.92 East Madlaon-tt. BOAHDING— Two pcntlemEmvho toll room together can And a good room, with grate forfire,andnr»vciassboatd atllS StatenL Terms moderate. _ T, CARDING—A conplo of pleasant r» rooms, with board. Wtni moderate,at 7 Ban Randolph- st. Also, one large front room well famish ed suitable for a gentleman and wife. J HOARDING —Good rooms and board } at Briggs House N 0.2, Ne.SS Mouroe-st. Day ardors accommodated. BOARDING— One rr two respectable yoneg men can be accotnmcdaled wlifi iboard In a private family. It applied for soon, at 64 West Mad leon-tt. .. r»OARDINO— To rent, with boanl, a > room, lo one or two eloile gentlemen. In a private -lft tin«n-st. Inferences required* ... _ Death Eaiaiitcb. 't‘>OAltD“A cohiloiiiati wishes boafd 1I fot tilbjseff and «oh (U old) In aH mf" Igml'V rFfoth I'frfrrredi oti tli" ffi'Mti Side, A'h ilrpas' wltfi location slid Win*. "V ft.** Tflmih" ofll***. HOAIIP—A full of uimifDlfheit rooms vi "tili*r*“ f""ifi *tiii >«fiii rat M-a'Wlt atoll f><>< ”* l>OAnn=])J a (Hmily nfiWo S'lnltj, |> Aiidusa.algjfllg Udm*, A. I ."J H." M»H ITHT. I^OARO—In R prlvflin Aiml!V| In n plfifts* I ) ant liwalinn on ll'a Noullt Hlda, Term* b , «• , l ar, alu; Amlfrai, tlgling iui allo» and lurpir, (bn gfHI, I >OARD—By n vouim Iwly, In " PfiyiUo 13 family,nnlh/sonUi M.lh, imilli of Twemn-it., bi,,.. am mi iiltirr xiafilsrs. Maid terms oliMonar.ler. WW »•***' »*• "• .iFor Sale. FOR SALE—OrExclinnoo fnrMerchnn rtlsoor Ural KsUlc-Tlm one-half Interest I ti a i iwi bushel Imuilery, in good order, and w>w running --caillc barns, hog pens,bacdfrt waTrtioasttninlt hnnw, At., all complete. Address “J. W. I'.,*'box 341, PdOj, rls. 111. fNQK SALE—Prop. “ Ocncsco Ghicl, M JT now lying at Detroit, MicMgnn. Class A 9. Ton psbc (old measurement), 31. Anplr Jn WSI. K, Wfl It* Detroit, Mich., or to HARRIS ft DUO* M 4 LnnitMif-sL, Chicago. t?OR SALE—The propeller “Alio r ghsny, ,, 3fn lens mcaiurrmenOab! np In Chictgo Hirer t Is in gooil rarnlng condition \ will ouiy require palntlnßlnthe spring. Th* boiler overhauled and repaired in the wioter of l?w t has ail corner fines; mates all tbo steam required,ca»Mr; bad a new shaft and New Vorg whorl m November, livA: was docked and caulked sstne time. Shots one 11 thctastcsl ana host seaboau.on fresh wafer. For price and terms apply to C.J. MAOILL, corner BoaUi Water ard Welunla., Chicago, 111, ■l7Oll BALE—Lease and furniture ot r three flnaboaHlng houses and dwelling* bhtha bouth bide, warehouse od the North bide, and two houses and lota, a meat market and tool croc *rv op tbo wotblae. CtU at Hoorn 3Ho.4KbouUiLlark‘*t. ggaantcn-jHate fQetp. TXT’ANTED—A tirst dass travelling V* ea’ceman, by » fancy dry roods and no Hon tonic. Address, sMtuu came..reference, experience and qoallOcatlon, X . Q. Box JJ77, at. Louis. Uo. \\r AKTi.I)—A few pcrlnrmcrs tent nre VV willing to trarcl for a moderate Bsiarr. o travel wltb a small clrec*. gymnastic, aerobatic Ac. Also a lender of a brass bond. Address, fur particulars, G. O. OIIAUV. K*Ltan. Hardin County, Ohio. TXT ANTED—A good travelling sales ▼ V tnaa: onowcllacqealttcdwltn tbe retail store kreper* it this city, and can come well recommended. Affaires MAKPFACTURKU,TrIPnne office. WANTED— A respectable young man as teamster and to make hlmsell generally oso la lin a grocery store, Most be well acquainted wltb tbe city. Rclctclco required. Apply at 374 South Jtgfrson-*{. THADEB. T\7 ANTED—A first class bookbinder vV and rnler end Job printer, at the Omaha Daily Republican office. Omsba, Ncotaslca. WANTED —A pood snap-maker to go out of town, /.paly at 205 Ktnae-et. gHantett-jFnnale fficlp. SALBSWOItIRN, TRADES, At. W ANTED—Apprentices to learn dress *X \ 5. Mormon’s bond lag. 1 aa South Clsrk-st. wanted—An elderly woman, about -W years of ace, who understands plain ecwtng. I.° ‘“ e ccmnlr y a 5 housekeeper to a private fara- By. Oco wanting a homo preterred. Addtess. with reference. staling terms, &c~ Rost Office Box 0-14 La- Salle, Illinois. *VX7 ANTED—Twenty good shirt makers V > and one good nneratorontheWheeler&WlU-m Scwlcg Machine. None bnt the best need apply, BBovfc A SDnON, 86 and 84 state-st. PP y HOUSE SERVANTS. T\TANTED —A first-class cook, washer V V and Ironer, at 574 West Lake-su, opposite Colon Park. \\l ANTED—A good cook, two dining V t room glrli and one la undress at Cattle Fair Ho tel, Union Stock Yards. 'TX/'ANTED —At 77C Mlcluean-tjv., a V » good cort, washer and Ironer. ifelerenoffi re qnlred. German or acotch preferred. TX7ANTED —A good girl for general V » homework In a small family. An American. Escitsh. Bcotc&, German or Norwegian girl mn find a coed home and cood wages. Apply at 47 Lombard Block. Monroe-bt.. near P. O. Emplomn?nt agcufics. TXT ANTED—I,OOO men to so South. ?V wages fjs to *SO a month ana Inard. Also, railroad men, and all wanting cmploj m«nL Apply at 155 ClaTk-sc.Boom 5. WANTED— One good wagon-maker. .*i»o. laborers to go South. Apply at Room iS Lind’S Block, Itandolph-st bridge. w ANTED—Young men in the coun- V V try, wishing to obtain situations, such a* bcok kteper*, salesmen, collectors, exrres-mec. clerks, brakesmen, 4c., &c., to apply at 1,T4 Dearbom-sL, Rfom 3, or address M. E. JONES A CO.. Box 3040, enclosing ten cents, for fail particulars. TXT ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 V¥ collator, 3 brasemre, 2 firemen, l porter. 2 driver*. 4 agent*. S entry clerks, 2 cotductor t. Apply at 154 Dcarborg-8%. Room 3. nj ANTED—More merwitn small cap»- V \ tal to t-nsacc In the best paylnf busintss in tho late. Go* dproit business at home. A. C. BROWN CO.. 13Sfake-st. WAITED— Immediately—Alive busi for Pennsylvania and one for Minne sota. Capital. SjCO. Can nuke #3,oec Id three months. A. C. BROWN A CO„ 12S Lakc-at. _ \\T ANTED SCO men lor Red River, y t at to per month ami board; 3*j laborer*, at sl.M> (cr day and board. Apply at Boon 4, No. ICO TX 7AN TED—Every man out of cm- Vt pb'ynuntU* knowtbntwc have work for all that may apply. PARKH.aLL * SMITH. f»S sooth Clark-el. Room 11. Applicants py mall enclose 10 ctuta for full particulars. WJ ANTED— 1 75 railroad men, 2 farm V\ hands: also, a squad «| IS nun toco to Red River on Mcrrtav. Wapt* ?L’ nor month and h ard. Apply to PAKSIfAJ-L & SMITH. 12S ?oalh Clatk-tt., Room 11. ai£lanteb—lttisrcllancmts. TXTANTED—Madame Dclatour, Fc* VV male Phvsiclan f-otn Europe, care* all diseases of the skin. liver, and k Homes. may ho consulted dally at the Godfrey House, 952 South clatk-st., Room 91. XV ANTED—A light draught schooner, V l that will carry Dorn too to 121 m teet of lumber, Must te n good sailer, ard draw only CW feci water. Apply to JOHN C. DUKE. 40 LtS.Ule st. WANTED—SS,OOO to $20,000 worth Vi Herds, well setnted. lor which t wilt pay cash and Western lauds well located. Address Hoi 999. Wooster, tlhl.i. ___ \\T ANTED—I want to buy n small V? house, or house and l"t. Will pay n Rood price in small installment*, t-outh Side pnierrad. Any ou« wlllinc to sell on suih terms can address “DUVKU,” Tribune oHlcc. \V ANTED—Persons wishing to know W the lutnfc should address the greatest astroto* gist lo the world. Enclose *l. with a snocmien ot wrl* Uug. to Macamo lUTPOX f. Drawer O'iU?. Chicago. \\T ANTED—To exchange a choice V\ iann, wttli excellent improvements, ullosled t ear llienly ci Ollawn, LaSalle County, this State, adnig business hi a lUslrthio location, nml doing a goofl trade. Valuation nf the farm win he low. For further partleulars apply toS. tl. KEHFUUT A CO., No. yl Dearlwm-st. WANTED— Any young Indy bnvtng a lew thnusamt dollars she withes to have In* vrstea at good tnteresL and sale, ran have a pieaaant home, frru of charge. In a small toinlly. Adimws"p 8.” Box lUIPiIHUwa. lllluoli. WANTED— The mlchrolotlGypsyvro man. If you wish to know all the aecrota if your past and future lift), the knowledge of which may save you years of sorrow and rare, don't fall to con sul) the Gypsy PatuilsL Cuiisiiltatloo, uuo dollar. 9?(f Koutli C.ark at. ■\VANTED—Sa.COO, ol 10 per cent por Yv aimutii, lor two nr three y* its. Will swore lue satnrrn inipfove'l real estate, worth |s,nofl, AudrrM "11 A K,“ 11.I 1 . O. lloxUQa. Clilrago. ■VATANTED—A linlr-Krown boy, lo ill.- Y v tribute utils lor a Doctor's olßre, Apply at 819 Fast Madlson*»t,, up stslrs Heal 3ietatc~«irinj. lIfIVHOVItVi Iron' BA 1 ilC—On Miciilgnn nv., n ipipiT did hew brick residence, tviihail the in «lern lm nrovrinr-nt-. and not a woman killer, I’anm*. ■iliins room, library, dlmn< room, MU-ncis, pantry and ol.Mni. •II on Min first Jfoor. and a splendid barn and lee house Knf further information. iminifc at Htf-I Mu'tdgau-av I-’*OH BAIt IC—Or Kent—llniiflc* iirvl lot* I 1 In Ml |.«rlio| Minoliy. Call at our ortb-e II you want lo tmy, mil or icll. (IKoiUlli A WILI.IAMn, 7 PoiHh dark’M. Ij’OU SALK—On IVabashav., three I' story Hrlt-V Uctue In the bidet on corner of Wa >a»ti-av. and llannoß-cotirt. A. J. AVERhLL. ileal ■juale OOirp, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. |?OU BALK—HouSe nml Lot South J 1 (Im-n-at. House rnntalna 10 rooms, healdP* hath room, More room, eloaru, ua», raarMo mantel, sratprd, and In Qrat-clau condition, rnueailnn Utoq ut May. l>nn» raah. Apply ax IIKI Wr«t SALE—A nearly new two story ' and hMcmpnt hrlrtt Houae, of ten room*; modern improvements, and lot with ham. on W»naa&-av M near Twenty-thlrd-et. THOIIAS D. BNYDEU& CO., Real Ertate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. I7OR SALE—North Clark*st—loo feet ft 1 Iroot, with bnlldlnga. Two acres, with neat honsc, on Fulierton-ay., North Slda-|3£». CLAFLIN, OJ Wathlngtan-st. T7OR SALE—By Christian & Co., Real r 1 Estate Brokers-Somo very cheap booses and lots. Also, fkrms. vessels. Ac. Come and see for yogrelt. FOR BALE—At a decided bargain, a two-story frame home of 10 rooms, and lot 2*>xt9o feet. 369 MKC-It. near Elizabeth. THOMAS D. SNYDEK ± CO.. Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Mstropoli tan Block. rsiapßov'Er. FOR SALE —In Thos. B. Bryan & Co.’s Beal Estate Office, Bryan following llstol property wtu bo found to offer extraordinary inducements ior purposes of subdlrlsloa. wlta a new to realize a large percentage on the outlay. Wrrncr nix Cm Forty acres In Sect. 23, T. 10. H. 14. Twenty-two seres In sect. 83. T. S3.R. it. Ten acres in Sect S 3, T. 39. P. 14. Four acres In Sect. 18, T. 89. H. 14. Five acre a ut sect. 18. E. il Fortyacre*lnSect.SLT.4o, „ ._ „,. Weti naif ot Block a of Outlot 47, in Canal Tr. Sub’n of W H Ac., Sect. 17, T. 89. B. 11. Tract, aojoining loath. Ward’s Rolling Mill is North Tm Cmr Lncrrs—Four acres la Sect. 23, T. seres In Sect, 29, T. 40jB. 14. Twenty-five acres in Sect. 86. T. 40. K. 13. Tea screa In Etet. n, T. £?. R-13. Eleven acres in Sect, 11, T,», B. IS* Ten acres In Sect, is, T.S9.K-13- Forty acres in feet. ' Forty acres in p ij Twelve acres in Sect. 9. T. SB, K. 14. acm to Sect. «,T. &, H. M. Eleven acres In SecL &, T. ®. K. ll* Forty seres In McMO. T-^ R- 14 - Ten acres In Sect. 10, T. 33, Al 4. OR SALE—Cheap, on liberal terms, a detlrable piece of property ftr or storage purposes, accessible to all railroads, partly Unproved, wltn rentage snffletent to par toterest on pufcha«e money. Also, first class pine llmoered lands In Michigan, on streams tributary W Saglnaw Blver. GEO. H. HOZET, Real Estate and Loan Broker, DS LaSalle-st. FOR bALE—On Wabash-ar., between Twentieth and Twenty-first-sli- 50 by 171 ffiet—all aweesmenls for paving, &ewer, &c_ pald. A. J. AVEBELL, Beal Xstate Office, No. 7MetroooUtan Block. OR BALE—In North Division, 40 lect on Michigan st_So feet west of cheap. A.J. AVkRELL, Heal Estate Office No. 7 Metropoli tan Block. _____ FOB BADE—Wabash Avenue Lot—A fine lot on Wabosh-ar. norm of Thlrteenth-st., Just sooth cf and adjolnircthe splendid marble front rest denrt of Architect wneelock. Lot fronts east and Is •fiiiio feel to a V foot alley newly piaaked. This lot is offered for sale fbr a lew days much below its actual mine. Title perfect. Apply (o OLISOER ft WALLER, SB Washington-*!., Rooms l and *2. ________ Cottcsponbcncc ffiilantcb. TXfANTkD *— (Joireppondence— A VV young gectl-man would life to correspond with a young quadroon or cwtorron lady. Object, ac quaintance. Address A. F.. P-D* H QI IKKO. CiOHUDBroNDENCE Wanted A J ypurg man whli*** to corre«pood with a few young ladies, hr pastime. Omntrr girls Preferred. Alio. * fiwrliT girls, w i" nr? fund of going to the Tbmtte. Addreeflt. A. IUIND. Chicago. HI. Davtucni glSlnnicb. 1 7AUTNJsH==W(ltllcil—lll ft hftlDnß tllllt I * will bar ilH'M* If g»l"ttde*l i-* ('sp'lsl ffiiiillPdi Vail at BBRWIN'B Pafoob, op .i's'ioU'oVatleifes rAatf. any deybeiikeeii on- B i„\ Hifcß ..M.« n m Umafictnooni 4>AHTNlill=Witn'eil=Wiili si.nni) in 1 fg.nnd, in oifepi Dm i»«l paying dHl'ffn V|S|| n slyfM 111 • h|P4tf‘t. A'lnf-ss Mil,ln lf|IPlf!“ I >AfrWr.(l—Wiaii"ii=A [wnner wiift 1 P»rMriKt.fy.fUi.|otja with il.O'W (bf ruiiiiifry. Canai n»iin\ln»,4H niuMbulafgsi_. IJARTNEII—WaniaiI—A Nn7tbiklnesa 1 man, wMh (miii |.Vid to find ciplUl, In taka half iiileresl in a PrsHlaw Paying Imslntsi, Apply »i Hixhii I, 100 tlaiimm sl- It) oviicn, (gqwlaffi’n, ,Vc. WAN’IED— To buy a BOTH aecnncl -1 ami oreo or top buggy, A>Tdn«s 107 OaU no-si., and I will call aud see It. \vr ANTED An eirrcrs or jrrcccr‘3 VV wagon. Address NEATC 4 CO., GO North Btoto-st. Chicago. FOR KALE—Groin wagon, 2 inch Ironaxlo, lo good repair, can be seen at 43 HtoltvsL _ IrOR KALE—fclelghs I Klcigtsl Go to 1 SHELDON ft FULLER, on Uodfeon-st. between btalc-st., tod Wabash-av., and »co a light caller, also I two-seated sleigh, tor a great deal less than cost. Q No. 1 HORSES FOK SALE for cash, or hardware or tinners* stock. Inquire at 107 T7OR SALE—One pair very heavy JP Horses, truck and harness. Apply at-10 Dear* Coro-st. pianos. A GREAT BARGAIN. FJosiint finished piano; high cost, all Improvements. p#r reel. wananfeHijiolti firha'fUs vainolorvyan*Oltt«. inquire at lU7 Michigan *r. Simanons eetamro. HALES. OITUATION—Wanted—Ab salesman or O siockm&n In a w I oleeato or retail butine**, by • young man wbo can giro the best o' references, ana U satisfied with reasonable salary. Address f. O. Dos SAD.**. __ QlTUATlON—Wanted—By a drnegat. C) of is years experience, from tbe East. Aduroaa **01*11,“ Tribune office, tor one week. SITUATION—Wanted—By a young O man aa poner or salesman In a wnoiesaie Imojo. Good rtftrences aa to character and ability faraletet. Cotmannlcaaoas addressed A. B. PORTEK.Trtc*m« office win receive la.mediate personal attention. C ITU ATI ON—Wanted—By an Ameri vj takochareeof bomsaad makehla *“*. centrally tucfttl. Andress “8 D c," Trtbuao GITCaTION—Wanted—A gradnato of University desires to enrage as pte- C JX ,B Bbrst-ciaai bouse. Three years* ex •Tr”* 1 * >m«*v.Tr.tjn ß '\t.le. Address u M IV’ care W. u& c 0„ Kiaxic-.t, SITUATION—Wanted—By ft c^mpe bockkecper. Addre. FEHALks, SITUATION—Wanted —As meat and O pastry cook, is a hotel or restaurant, bra Orst ciasi hand, wao thoroughly anderacanat ucr basicese. Reference given. Address or call at 5S Archer»road. QlTCATloNS—Wanted—For a Nor- O wealan girl to do second work; German gin to de cc&rrai boose*ork on tbe North side; and a good pas try cook, at MBS. BALK AM’a Office. 156Suusst. SITUATION —Wanted—By a respect- O nble Protestant girl, for second wotk and plain sewing. Rest vliy references. To be seen for three da}s st 104 Arnold-st,_ SITUATION Wanted—By a first- Wl cl* ft cook In a fim-claes boarding tfonse. Can fur nish the best ot reference. Innulre at IS%i4 Sooth up-gialrs. Esmts JEElantcß. A GENTS—Wanted—Messrs. Ticknor & Xjl Fields. Boston, have ou.illsh-.d a steel-engraved Portrait of Abraham Lluculs. as a perfect bkanaa and a work ot art. it u commended as the best likeness S; publlibed. by bm T. Lincoln, Mr. Trumbull, Mr. Stanton, Mr. Herndon. Mr. I. Ji. Arnold, Gen. Grant. Charles Sumner, Mr. Chase, Gen. Borntije. ~ , And many others, it « sold only by subscription, and Agents are wasted tor Us sale. Liberal commiaalons are given tu canvassers, and sneccaaful onttf can hare good ter ritory to operate in. Address JOHN H. AMMON. publishers’ Agent. S 7 Washlagton-SL. Chicago. AGENT* —I,OCO Wanted. The best chance yet. A work of historical vatuo and national Importance. Tne only work on our S try yet Ip‘‘befield. Agent* find tocotnpctiUcr. In press. OUR NAVY DURING THE REBELLION; or. PaS Rio cr axi> ocb Naval Couuawdxbs. By the wor;d renowned historian, Hon. J. T. HEADLEY. In one handsome volume, with twenty-two f pUndid steel por traits and b«tUe»cenes—comcrslna tbe early Ufa. pnt> lie services and naval care-r of Admiral D. G Farm gnt, Tice Admiral D. D. Porter, Rear Admirals Foote. Dupont, Sir Ingham. Davis, Godsbarongb and Dahl gren; Commodores WiGtes, Wlnsliw. Worden, Bailey. aid many other promUent naval celebmiea, wrirtsm In Mr. Headley's graphic and icioliable style, with aa authentic account of battles, siegfa and bombard ments, Including the recent f iscoverlc* tn cocducUmr n*2,. ’ B^ taro by gunboats and iron<lad vessels; also, tbrhiug descrlr-Uoat ot the most brilliant exploits and achievements of th* rvbelUoo.' The antbenUcity ot the work 15 beyond a dvnbt. aa moat of the material concerning their earlv itte and pobllc service* was furnished directly br the officer* or their friends. The book wilt sooo oe ready to d»Uver, sod agents ate already meeting with almost unparal leled success in taking orders. Oar terms arc nowhere exce’led. aciL taking Into consideration the great popularity of nnr publication*, oar inducements tu agents are unequalled. Don’t fkti to send for oar circular* and outfit at once, as a day's dclav may make a hundred dollars difference. Address C. W. luILLhY, Publisher, 36 Reynolds’ Block, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—Forthe “LIGHTS XX .AND SHADOWS OF THE GREAT REBEL LION." Splendidly Hliuteated with ever 130 tine portraits and beantltnl engravings. This wort. In ita conception, orrastimcnt. and peculiarly new and sUxacUveordcrrrwar peerless and alone am one all iu competitors. The department which embrace* the Words .and D-cds of Womea U an exclusive feature In these pacts, and is already securing fbr the work n universal popularity. It rm brace* irndetite dnrine all atacc* of the war. and In a I parts of the ileld of strife. KcodnrcHvulars. Ad dress - Natlcjial Publl-hln~ noose," to Lombard Block, Cllcacw. 111.; 309 OUrc street,.SU Loots, Mo. AGENTS —Wanted—In Illinois, to sell “THE PATRIOTISM OF ILLINOIS." or the complete history oj the part taken by Illinois in the war,her recipients,batteries, distinguished men. Ae„ Ac. Illustrated by over twenty (.urtralt* m s'eeL We are ofletlrg large commls*lctu. which, trccther with the very Urccsaleot the work.presents strong tndn-o. menu to grmd nen Addn-aa the pabllsbera, CLARKE A CO. SO and yj Washlngton-st.. Chicago. A GENl&—Wanted—ln all parts ol the I\ eonnlry. to sell "1 HE HISTORY OFABUAH VM LINCOLN" ard tbs “OVERTHROW OF PLAVEUV," In one tol., ot • ver 700 pages. By Hen. I, N. Arnold, late member efCvnetos. and lor over twenty years a confidential trtend ot Mr. Lincoln. Tills work has Justbeen completed.and will nintt Dll by ev ery tntelllpnt rltl.-rn- It presents features which have not appeared In any other work. Th* Pally Chronicle, of Washington. »ay»: “It will ornate a character and t-ild % place beyond anvthtng vet pro iliircrt.” For territory and terms, address the puo- Itshei*, CLARKE A CO., MO and MS Washlng'cn-st., Chicago. Agents wanted—For bar KBIT'S LtFS OF LINCOLN. The best, most complete and authentic work yet nuhll«hnl. President Lincoln lmtipiblm»e<((UrTkt»hrd tor tin* work alone, the larta ot his early lift*. We are olDnoc agents, bo sices a very flue ll*t d premiums, a hlsh-r communion than can he affordcil l<y any other house In the West. Address J. H. GOODMAN 4 t'U., Publishers, 5 Cus* tom House Place. Chicago. 111. AGENTS— Wonted—For THE AME RICAN F.UtMRH'B IIORBK Itnhcrt BtcwarL M.O, V, b., en hoilying toe results of twenty rears nf original inreatiraUim. The hook alH>re all others fi'r Agents, as It appeal* to Uis nm ,( sllie« and srtMnlercst <>r a very large, wealthy ami lni.*il|gcot ela»* In erorr coinrmiid»r. Apply hi or address .f. a, GOODMAN A Co., PuhUshara. A Custom llonao-placs* Chicago, 111. A QENTb—Wnnlctl—»lsU per month, /A eyrrywhere, male and female, to sell tha UKNU* frlfl COMMON SKNBK FAMILY PItWINO MACHINE, ttiegreateal invention of the age, price Slm. Krey* Machine wsfrantev tnna year*. Address HRCUMD k CO.,Cl*v«latid.OlUQ. \ GENTS—'Wonted—ls por ilny gimr* /\ arleed or incney r* lutde.J. Apply at once to I*. rATiirmp.-Mi. omn- No. id m. k.iimnh iiichli, C'lilniro, or Ollh e No. I l.rman'a Block. CletelaiKL O. AGEN"Tb— Wnntctl—Hl* or eight goml enrrgi'Mc business men are wanted to travel as agents o<r Mis hrninrky ininranra Company, n 4 Ismlsiills, Kv. (loud tnsti wPI lie well paid, and steady emploju eft luMils’iwl. >(•'« having expedeutfl na Insurance agents frerwred. Furthsr PiMlctilsra fnttdstwrt P? ftddfvisteg NVH.t.tAM I*. V.V.USVWit. Pcerelarv, Drawer 2I)Y), t/nilsvllb', Ky. None but fi llnble into wnnltd. A GENTfi—WitMcd-Miik* nml ll’iimlp, 7\ b* itll « new arlh'lr |i great urnmnd that rterf family wnnlUi ft i>rr day tt-aifo without ln<ving hnm«*. rrntriUcß ib*m* roll malts irmn to f*i pur day • llUniil liiletl’ reuse WMti oilier lilulftCM, Tl o wr*t<s* ■io-»»r., i*-pir. t •«•».«•* %m» i.'nu* mid inrii>*urnp4 id III* Itiialri’M, «P||l fof yi rri i*. A.t4r<w« It W. i.MAITIU t.. Drawer (lA.’Hi, t.'hlnmii. AGRNTB— Wtinlod—MttUt tm*l u-umUj, W(|o h»n> |.11" fin to invp.t 111 a good paring n»ai|taa, r«n ruaks »1 l» l.’o i-f day selling tint Uist ar» tlrtr* |n mitrhrl, '|lm-iirri.mid |a ftrito. Kn-rr I dully want* It, I’aH, or ad-iroa* with <ia>op for partii-iilir*, Pr. I‘. K. nVKVIi.Nti, IVJ hotittt dark'll. Uooiu* I and 3. Chicago. A OLNTB—WiiMcd—ln every connly J V for Hat monu'a Life of Lincoln, Alt reading mm know till* (j (m t!in ttiiol r.iiiiph'lu und heat yet pul,. iMied, bnd It roiitntoi itily meets with the moat ready rale. Alan, »«.*veral other uood I<o«.k>i fir am-nu. If, M. HnKttW«HH>. 107 Monroe »U CtilcatfO. AGENTS —Wamea—Expenenretl book and eotraylQß ranvaisera, to whom a Itrsc aa>* ary or rotmnUtlon will be oald. Addrcae CUAItLHS MILL, MI3 youth Clark-at.. Chicagn. Hi. AGENTS— Wauled-For LIFE AND HEATH IN ItEIIKL PKISOVS. A rnlendld book. Always sells. AddreasA. KIHUEtLOS Wash- Chicago, HI. —GENTS— AV anted Price sar,o— J\ UNITED STATES* CONTINENT IN 1»0. One ag> nt has sold nearly 300 copies. LlovJ'* New Great Republic sent free a Ith the map. Positively the cheap* <et and most-saleable maps in tho word. Address- COODSPEEDACU„ 14S Chicago. A GENTS—AVanted—Teacbers preferred ±\ in every county, to seU Gnyofs Outline Mans, Car fccbools. Series No. 3 arc now published, and tram their soperlor merits and low price will meet with a large sale. Address Immcdl-lelr, naming territory desired. HENRYU. SHERWOOb. 107-doarce-at.. Chicago. A GENTS—TTantecl—For Carpenter’s XXsreatporUaltofAhraharnLlncnln, loit jrabUab* ed. i gave yesterday the testimony of RoVrt Lincoln. To-day pleateread the testlmcnr of Mr. Lincoln’s Sprlcgfleld law partner, dated Bprlcgfleld. UllnoU, De cember IhtD. ISCe : Me. CAnpsjncc—l received per E*- fireis yesterday vonr admirable and exquisite engraT* eg by Hatpin. When I opened the box and unrolled the portrait, Mr. Lincoln dashed oq me as never tom picture. AS a portrait, a llkenes*. It ts Lincoln. It looks tome and Is. a better portrait and likeness than Mar* ihall’s. it seems to me to be asnoerlor work of art. It art Is perfection of Hkccess, and exqußlte cu tnrrof GteenUon. then I give yonr p'ctnre the decided prefer ence.—W. H. Ukbsdob. Address, with stamp, C. ALLEN. M. D-, 90 Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted Marshall's great ponrallcfAbraham Lltroln. Thepobllcarere •prctfolly invited to call at H 7 Washingtou-sL. and tea Marebali’s and Carpenter’s side by side and then Judge for themselves. J. H. AMMON, Agent lor Mannall’s portrait. A GENTS—Wanted —Male and lemale, J\_ tor a desirable buslcesa tC home, paying large rruflts on a very ttna’l capital. Address, with stamp, Mrs. M.C.CHAFPEN. Drawer 6133. business (Chances. FOR SALE—A Saloon and Restaurant at Ottawa, n. Location one of the best in the place. Will be sold low. Isqnlre of SMITH A PLOWS, 103 Sonth Water-st. T7OR SALE—Boot and Shoe Store, in JU a good location cm the bouth Side. Ararechauco t-, parcna.«e, as the owners are goin-r South. Invoice about |5300. Address T. 0.03X2207. FOR SALE—Cheap, ft nice Boarding House, with 13 ;nrnl3hea rooms, by H. HAMMER* Notary Pnb'lc, Room No. 13. Lannon Block. TTOR SALE—An A No. 1 Retail Drag r Store, well located and doing a first-rate business. Partly desiring lurther UUortLatlon will address P.O- Box 39 6. Chicago. F)B SALE—A private Banking Hons© In a thriving to* a of UOD Inhabitants. (with* food tack country). 1W miles from Chicago; Is the Connty Scat; only Bank In the County; profits fittr per cent on capital; hoslne?s Increasing rapidly. WUI sell ont entire hnslt tss and guarantee all paper.or will pell fbr iH years.No.4 Dlehola Fate with Imrglar-pfool Heel ho* and crnnmnatioa leek, for |WHJ. This Is a »*■« chance fiir two OTter rrl»ing young men with a capital of t?.WO or 110.000. Fatlsfhctnry rtaiocs given fbr selling. Address •* BANKER." F. O. Pox 130. Chicago. TTOR BALE—Pholngrnph Gallery at J 1 Haclpe, Wls. A good chance Ibr a good operator. Inquire of (lEUROE THOMAS, Racine, orWM. MC HENRY, Freeport. Illinois. . FOR Ono-bnl! intercet in leaee. furniture and ILvtares of oms Hie best paring Hotels In , OblMfo. now clearing afeml *|(H per iroath, and will be wp tain lo command a «tm belter btisine”, bcleghear Ui» hiwlupnoi, Court l!»u»“ aadlhamrisf of tort- UiPfre. In PM t, there Is j#. better sJSO'J.ltt Chi cago fof rt bol-1. .PrlrefUd P-f one-ball Infer*-*. Apply to A • 800 fill Uyslef tfearh-jfu«l.. CMtagOi ■poll BALE=O|W nf twn-UilpJslnlefMl J 1 Mi a good Paying *M«*alMt}«i nntu'iiaj'Mfing tot-- .-T,,.;,. r.1.11tl -rs.i'llfftt. (Miln.uw •■! »D.W*. Alb ilftes, filf oli p trccli* "tl, J.. '1 fllotfle UmM*. iron BAJiE=f lO.filjfl per .venr, A Hay. I 1 «utpg business umi ha* (id ftol.diyar.nrfKnio.U drtoM l <» ««<« «p..n tfd' lefn.3, Pf..porly l.i As WUm-dHI «l '[*Psj>l-- pjhipi IfcPpiilßil. A|ipif|«"(f M wm* )| h'»t 10<i g.iuiii Liafk st, I?OU"»ALR*A Imll lnler»'6t mt\ drug I 1 slnre. wall l*rl'», |I.(WO. ln<l'Mr» »*c miliNjlAMd A VAN aCiUftCJK. mulßialu Crag glsl>, |6l.alttMl„ Cldcaiu. | 1?0U >AI.E—A first clnea bnanijncf * house. In renirnl locality, with lung leass, Ad* Ufesa '‘IIB," 'frlliiußiiHUn. [?OU BALE—Dntff store ard flsturea. 1 Apply it 7WU atjlo-iU Foil SALE—#2SO will buy a bull inter eat la ■ wen rauMlshed nglre business, light and promatte, Apply at IJJ l Dearbcru-U., Rjjm 3, op stairs. FOR BALE—Cheap—The lease ami ila tares of an established bo»l* w fur the iiMmifeo* lure of a staple article ilreaity t ilenslrciy paying a profit ol 73 to s) per rent per man ol small means ihebest b u In tno Northwest. »atlFf»fl«r' glfcn fbr aclilng. Address “X T Z." innun* offii-e. T?OR SALE—Furniture and lease ot ft I* boarding home, ton of twelvei rooms, wtlhla J7OR SALE—Wo offer lor solo the best ’ dlMteru-mlnO.ccUr. TUcy yv ■w.lUtlfJ u» .td c,n iio bonstit .I»irawn.Sia pri«. AdT d*- ■irmirio make a good Ittvestmenl is invllort lo ctd wkuKLN * UOODUiCH. 133 DcatbotP-eUKoom-J* IVOR BALE—Lease and tnrnlluro of 1 HoonNo.Ml Lombard Hloek. Ca'l from ato I* o’clock, a. iqm or from fi to 8 p.m. Also, a wanietl. with aea>b capital of J 7.000, la hrta trarelUag buslnca*. DCod profile and quick teUfw. Inquire m above. ' i «