Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 13, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 13, 1867 Page 3
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BISXOM AND RACHEL. ,-U following poem It fransht with sweetest inspiration. It adorns the first page j’t-jjal number of tbe new weekly magazine “ Sor&frn Lights, and Is one of the no- I" 1 - lire Juctlons that has griccd the columns of years. I» waa undoubtedly -eubv Julia Ward Howe, and I« the highest r . ou ‘of her genlaa that we have ever scea.J Vh- rr 1 (,lt - with mate, despondent head, *, fTt .. -Rat se&rcn the gallery ot years, I,’mr. me not iu judgment, 0 my peers; '■y: fancies crown the living, mine the dead. . tt-.dowv hand a lustre post recalls; i Tii L-iti tl whisper thrills n« from the tomb; •' ; U .,ud in muts ot nnbaplir.ed gloom, Ibe sins J odeau walks the pod halls. Tht ncplam set* in marble—Uic fair front iifi« iif luyeteiloos arch, with legcnas crowned; Ironic Oblivion tics tuo closely bound fo blot her record. In bis trivial wunU <bf bold ns like a rainbow of deilgb L VClioee faultless breadth its gulf of dangers etiaobod, ' 5-cb souls stood poised upon her slight com* tnand, tad Thought's stem sceptre owned her sover eign right. No segment ofonrllnng, its whole sphere f y proved, trom lowliest fortune to supreme; itvithcd ber grandeurs on the classic theme. And lapsed in heart-break, desolate and drear. For fickle Paris, like the shepherd fair. Ti o fruit ot discord, poisonous and s*eel, Wrivcbcd from her band to grace a rival'* feet, Wtiilc she sat piteous, without plaint 01 prayer. An orient diamond! In sepulchral deeps lie btr concentred splendor*. Thesool-gatn l; L'HilKMcd to some spirit diadem i Lai tbe Eternal In his treasure keeps, 1 flier wild will uulawfol passion dared; It men's longb reading of her ways were true, 11. r art yet shone like silver etamyed anew. Nor baser glimmer on its whiteness glared, may volcanicfnrle* rend (tie breast* (if ,oinc fair orb God's magic hurls on high, rial lights iho heavens iu smooth serenity, lit* bcarl-flnmo locked, its aeony coniprcst. Ibon who didst grieve her wtlb tby risen lame, \o tnmc tier Jealous praise Iby son! shall vex; l i>o catvles* uny Ibal bears ihco little recks Uf the dead credit, and immoral claim. t>o Tlm-'dra's mautlo drapes ihy wcll-fortned limbs, ih** J-iusrt lifts In thine « rapllro's voice, (i iici usiiitiuns Uti'U nii>ti take thy choice. And at ber altars consecrate thy liyatua. Alum' her public and h*r woild thoa hast, TnaU’si ilio glad way ol litampb, paved with gold, y t th> 1-tvl brilliance doth its flicker hold (u iljp nurlvmh-d glory m the past. AllT. The I'orlnill ol' Mi*. Lincoln. It I" the i>cftiUnr beauty of a noble life :..ii il grow# more mid more a power every succeeding nge, inspiring it-niitl more each gtneiuiluii til) in very •nth Hie dead man bold* more of human j,. tn.y In bln tduule limn euii bo lound In tbe .inttn ol atboUßuml kings. Good old Cincln* sat us l.i much more uneiu) to mankind now tiutibe was twenty-three hundred years ago, ■«>»•» be reluctantly left bis little farm to ;i 'iuiiuind bis country’s armies. Our first Uepuldleaii president influences this nation :i:on- in ISG7 limn the present Incumbent of t!i-“ Executive house. Palmerston played bis I jai:u and died in a day. Lincoln lived a life | i,i natural nobility, aud keeps on living and C' .irg. Already be inspires mare yomijr men :1.-n any character of modern limes. Already be has grown to be a large fraction cs :he aggregate of all public virtue. Tbe to whom we ere mainly indebted for ♦ [jc preservation of such lames are tbe Mi rrrapbers and the artists, lie who v,rites :Li- life of any great servant of the race puls :i !t;2ry hundred the word-picture of i human career. Tbe portrait painter con d-urt s that same life into the "lowing spirit uality of one page and one word. AV.-believe the critic ofsume future age will •sy that Lincoln, like the first lather of the Heraldic, was fortunate In bis artist. Stuart 1- ?aMy fixed in tbe immortality of bis sub ju t ; but wc arc not quite sure who will enjoy the long long unending society of the late President in tuc best picture galler- Ks in tbe world. That enviable boon will he enjoyed, there is some reason to believe, by one of two great competing artists of our own generation. We bavc carefully corn ered tbe two rival portraits of tbe first rank which are jiu-t now creating so much I pleasant excitement in the world of taste. Wc have put them in the best light and hav- ! ing laid aside tbe interminable editor’s quill, bare assumed unwonted leisure and passivity so as to feel the impression of each according to its power. Wc have changed the positions to catch various lights and shades. W c have tried the sunbeams c f noon-day and tbe gas light of evening. To test them as likenesses many who knew Mr. Lincoln personal'y have been brought unwittingly before the pictures, i rxd then left to cuu them at leisure. Ac ' rr-rd an with tbe long time record of the ’ TumrNC our opinion ban no attribute of Bunyuti’s Facing-bolh-ways; aud we have 'Ji-iiberntely concluded that Mr. William Edgar Marshall has not only presented to tbe world a better likeness of Mr. Lincoln ‘.bail that by Mr. F. Hal pin from Carpenter’s {aiming, but much more, he has given us the best engraviug of equal size that has •ut been produced In America. There could not well exist features more | dillii nlt to trauform to canvas than those of 1 Mr. Lincoln. Truly has Mr. Carpenter ndt-d in bis enthusiastic book tbo extreme ‘adms* of the President’s face. Equally true ir- H that a spirit of tbe most rollicking tun .often played upon the same sad features. So that neither a very grave nor a very ibrery likeness would he true to the great rnitv of soul characteristic of the subject. Tin- foremost man of all this world to be embodied. form and spirit, for an audience of rations upon gcnetatlons through all the infinity of the luture—that is the rcsthet i-jr.-blem of the present artists. None Is [ «< nh\ of the sacred temple of curves and -j ir»u nml colors, who cannot say ‘*l paint h r eternity”; ami sacringlons indeed would he the artist who should pulanylbing tiiiio-ii ut in a lame more replete with tbe l.iaht -t utility ami more deeply fixed In the of men Ilian any oilier fame of mod mi times. The true portrait, tbo one that cannot die, shows the whole !ile or the subject at n glance. It must not U taken nt an exceptional period of the »ar<('t: It must ir«t represent particular and umimihl in noils : but 11 must, In some sense, modelled upon the events nt soul history, 11- moving internal motives, tbo feelings, •lie thoughts. We doubt If a representative liki mss of Mr. Lincoln could bo produced M nt- nilisl who knew nothing of llicomnn . il-Mlon of slaves,—the fitlth In a great pHn* .Ipvthc love ol truth, the humanity, the l mini ps of the emancipator In the dark ih-iiMful gloninv midnight of the last i.iMiithsof likewise, I fio success* biUMUt must needs know that the same in ut man of so noble pnrpo.o possessed a kind mid tender hurl.tliiit 1m cmi dI «!«»« •..-•• become ft playini t„.y mid wiwll® «ith Ids dr nr Tad. Wo rtpprccftte. Ihcrc iuii< die oiiilinplusm wldclnmiodtoU-ariMti* in loM-eli the Wldte ll»»w«ss, and Marshall !to study and pore on H‘* letlers, the KpiTches, inesssgcs, ’proebunallons, fttm * btoyraplde- of the Illustrious demb ml of ids dreams. Neither nr* Ist, how«,v»T, pnismnl » method iniifl pcilcet. Carpenter’s six months ■bdtutlon at the hou.e of Urn most power* id man In the world mudo him giddy, and a „ulJeh bunk and a sad picture arc there* uit. This book is foolish because the vro* manly artist so obsequiously devoted him .. if to the hero-worship of his new temple that he lorgol he himself was a man hj™K the atlrlhulcs of a nun and not without juris: that book-making la sometimes Im proved by a little thought and some lode piulencc and orlplnallty. The picture camo out faulty In repret inline tUe ’ » exceptional mood, by reason of too modi ttulx ol ooc period of ht. me and too little lLou S bt of the whole biography In unity. a fault of that realism so lull of talent and so aantlns In genius which has f ated the high purpose of the art Idea In America. Wc do not accuse Carpenter of the mechanical admeasurement of chanc ier bv -quire and compass In somewhat tuc ameer of the pompous I-am-thc-RTtat f ouler with his cnniomctCr polntlnf: the rutim to the latal mathematics of his desti ny: hut wc do think there Is too each of the determination to present the ruder Mr. Lincoln for a reason not uilhoal affinity to that queer taste whten . nukes a politician pnt on Iris nsllest hat and tcediest coat when he rocs to speak In tno country.’ Wc think the omnipotent people inolhtr sort of men; that they apprcc ' tbe political leader who has tbe stronger Hose and a plain honest purpose. 8o In art all tricks of the brush to catch popular lav won meet the reward of oblivion or Infamy* On the other hand. Marshall did not. ii oay ht. see Mr. Lincoln as often os men o« f l«s capacity must needs have seen i • That vaulting young genius was in Far during the winter and spring of the * rCB’s last days exhibiting pictures in dtuartments of the French Annual Exhim lion of Art, and startling the fashionable »orld and the Emperor by his unrivallca ri;atiDg pranks with Eugenie in thclmpcriai Park. ■of Marshall’s cn more natural ap* of pare line gives .. By this style difilcult and now , unusual, a sue arlbta to be I®* irht and shade of delicacy, but the rnduecd. By the f lines the real 'wn, while by n is brought ,'fl -’mg can be gives the .Ferine ; 1 giving I I r alpln I the - ' but with It mediocrity utterly rails, Marshall has lit up the countenance of the grcat-soulcd Lluculn with a clow that almost deceives the amateur Into the belief that the spirit has not departed and the old form has not already gone back to the dust. nalpln's engraving presents a high and rounded forehead somewhat like Washington Irving's; while in fact the hair came lower down, and the forehead was more retreating. The eye-lids are fallen and the eyes arc dim, giving the impression of weariness, and toll ing no story of the thought and Intensity which ere known to have existed behind those organa. They rather say, " Lot us re tire." The position is so ill chosen that all the awkwardness and none of tbe grace of the subject is brought ont. The shoulders arc presented at right angles to the observer, and the bead la twisted round to a two-third view, violating the plain requirements of repose, and showing an ugly gap between the collar and the beard, while an unsightly eai iu bold rcllcfls protruded observa tion. Tbe beard Is closely clipped, and the hair is shorter than Mr. Lincoln was accus tomed to wear it, being cut with the pre cision of professional scissors, and seeming ly designed to give us a true anatomical look at the right car, which Carpenter so greatly favors, while the hair at the part on the left side la put so far hack as to give the appearance ot partial baldness. The coat and vest arc iu order; so Is the butterfly neck tie— as prim as an ancient'maiden's toilet— but dlrcclly over It maybe seen a very un tidy adjustment of the inside collar. Had Carpenter and ITalpln lived In Thebes they would have been compelled by statute to avoid ugly attitudes, and directed to aim the rather to ennoble humanity by suggesting the moro graceful and exalted moods. Marshall has given us the Lincoln of calm, 1 and thoughtful power, Arm and striking, hut very plain, natural and honest. The amateur feels that he looks upon a great min. Far* pose, Integrity, candor, earnestness, ca pacity ; a two-llilrd view bust and head, un adjusted shaggy hair, square retreating fore head, arching cliffy brow, largo cyo-sockots, strong, hut emotional lips, protruding chlu, self-reliant no c, dark, loosely fitting natural costume, bringing out all the grace of favor able petition. Tho likeness Is .surrounded by an oral engraved framework, with a wreath done In thu highest stylo of art. Tho picture almost gives one the Impression of a medallion, It stands out In such relief. Marshall Ik an extraordinary genius, not yet above thirty years of agu ! A youthful New Yorker, wit limit ever having boon taught, brings out a steel engraving ol Fre- mont, which U sold for eighty dollars to a bank nolo company, In which ho mounts without Instiucllon, and Immediately, to the first rank. Presently ho determines to engrave a head of Washington In p-iro line, an undertaking which not a half-dozen artists In F.uropc would attempt. Uo sue- I cecds, carries his engraving to Paris, deter mines to he a painter as well as an engraver, and succeeds again, lie paints tho janitor of tlio Louvre, and purely on merit his two pictures are admitted to the Exposition, a privilege never before enjoyed by an American. Meantime he outstrips the greatest skaters in France, and hearing of Lincoln's death, hurries home to paint and engrave the great President whom he ar dently admired. And now the world of art Is startled by a five thousand dollar painting on exhibition in New York, and a larger and better line engraving than was ever be fore seen in America. Such is theyoungart -Ist whose fame will, we think, be coeval with that of Mr. Lincoln. Couture, probably the greatest living French painter, writes thus to the young man whom he refused as a pu pil : “ Your engraved portrait of Lincoln is really superb; it Is striking, firm and most admirable In in its color. In order to sub stantiate the sincerity of my admiration, let me add that I should be happy to have you undertake to engrave gnu of my paintings.” THE ELEMENTS OF BEAUTY. Have Lauseft nny Llmbn-Frettr Feet and Pretty Auclca— l llic Utse ami Full of FxpansXvc Slum ljutcrc&cmg Ylmo l>v a Careful observer. [From the New York Citizen.] When a Spanish courtier of the olden time undertook to pay what ho supposed would he a compliment to his Queen, by referring to her pretty leet. he was reproved by this answer: “The Queen of Spain has no feet.*’ A woman of gentle birth, of wealth or position, was supposed to consist of a bead, aims and neck, and below that— nothing but a dress. This was the law of po lite society; the lower orders might have a body and ordinary members, but u lady owed the larger part of her person to the milliner. These were the days o> splendid, superb and Imposing trains. From tho waist, which was pushed up os near to tho armpits os pos sible, the dress swept in one graceful curve, and long, full, deep folds, until it drew its vast length along the ground. Woman, true to her higher nature as developed under the fostering Influence of wealth, sacrillccd her person to her covering; she gave up her feet, her ankles, her other charms that the male sex admire, to the pleasure of out shining her fellow-women in adornment. The existence of trains forbade a thought of the existence of anything beneath them. Several years ogo our ladles—tor here wo have no lower orders of the gentler sex— wore the same dress ond submitted to ttio same deprivation. True to American pro grcsslveucss, they carried the rule even further, and permitted-no legs to men, tables, or oven triangles—the first two being only allowed limbs, and the latter sides. Tins state of aflhira would probably have existed to the present day, had not lashiun come to the aid of anatomy, and de creed “ loopcd-up skirls.” Fashion cllected her chance ingeniously, yet (Irmly. She first Introduced the hulmoral, with its brilliant ted cloth, tho delight of tho feminine lu-art; then she ornamented it till the feminine heart was cror.y to show It to the world; then she arranged strings and cords by which the outer dress might lie raised, Justo little and the beautiful color and exquisite trimming below exhibited. Tims was tho work accomplished, ond men found out Unit women bail led—sumo ul which wore pretty ond some nut. . . . What Isprcltlcnlion a pretty fool? IMmt more captivating than a dear llitlu boot coy cring n high instep, and coming down neatly ml'r Mill a bcwltnlilnß taa-cl ilanulluit ol Uie lop uf lliu glimo-Iwliizr In tuithliiß la aristocracy so marked an in the iicdal extremity: the thin nostril, the long turners the narrow palm, are evidences of i-cnllo blood, but far less so than the round ankle, the high Instep and the hollow ho iiealli. through which, as tho proud ond hlirlibrcd Arabs say* a stream of water should bo aide to flow while the possessor ‘s slondiug. Thu flat, splay foul, on tlm con lra*-t. ns surelv tells of waul of jwdlgrcc as Us misshapen cxerescnccs.lU corns and bullions tlilve away oQectlon. lire ft s rshows tho purity of his cxlrnc iii.ii bv clean limbs, neat posture and small limd t ami the same result Is notice' able, more or less, in ail unlnisls. Man flills fn love as readily with a seductive foot ns *Uli an attractive facet he bids In I a Ibotirnml expressive movcmcnlsl )U Ilf' vtCHII I tjuU’k i olUm ..v.nmr '■it nenh* «f « (lintiu'ler i Us A P p (’riintr* uniter I 11* elasticity id assures lilm nr llvellnou nml maid ,r i tin Irmly Head dclmlcs Initialcnee I ,„i,iV glide >ti:tili)pK cunning i wlil a (In' ..irli'l Iml marked melfallgjiaranleo. lilm an .Imeimnale dl.i'mlllon, Iha lave tifli’ii ilt" ■ Ite. wllli mi alluring ainlli* 1 Hi" Inmtlitnr , l inl liv iMiiii iil linl' l I ll* n|a'iiiiwu la unaided mill ii'HlHieil 1 but »i« loul «l»'iikw h, in imiifiinu*’. mire.lrnhied ami mini* ore "ml Ike male own* « iI'HH u( ; , to ftiilduu fur giving hack ImnwV fj.'t ViViUu* fiituro uiliirncr* ol kmuan exist, ‘"iho "looped I-1.'.i1" lasted fur a tlme-to mm ", limit aallsfaellun and Improvement, an! finally, through u vagary «r u queen (whore otijeel ever anpoars to (W h, what new exlravugalu’cs .tie ran carry thins*), "> auporaeded by. a contrivance that began to aureesl tne possibility of woman having something beside dress above theh ankles. So for. a vlalhlo fool, with an occasional glimpse of an ankle, was nlono vmiehsafied; hut the now arrangement— ih? “Itlng hoop—disclosed matters that, raised the question propounded In this ar ticle Tillers have at least settled one ques tion: that American womcn-for we repel alls.reef lions Of fictitious Improvement by ? sumntltlons aid of art-havo the pret- Sl fS.lhe neatest ankles, and the most V™ccfnl forms of their sex; and If not developed like tho Dutch bean ties of our ancestors, possess the charac icf.ilc. of the hlgh-hred horse. Tillers, however, had hut a Short day; Bullion could _L T -L«« v,nf a momentary glance at the qUow roan , a dd f ar his gaze, and blot- SSt Srilh the long train she had nnee loved and abandoned. Skirts, ankles, I and whst not have disappeared, and led, ano wua become head, arms S cards or five vards-wo do on ? where to begin measuring—con not of a train necessary etlt ’ilsJ?reKmv and to the retention of a *® eoclcu 7 ; and henceforth wo suppose pl ™,ld how to the Isw —except, perhaps, WC mc ldmlTnc pond—that “the Queen of on the skating I„ Tlt j, sincere regret, Spain propounded at tho bead Gentlemen! Ton have nea o l.dlcs '»?= tr -bjrefto the call of our onored Chairman. Contentment. . T «n.o rDoeKtojf. . _ Aid c J. a V , 1 * ,|M .honla know unrest * **■ «<* M MwL . m he readied arc mine— AmW'loOT “r ui”«rth l ptae. After Wie* thankless heart., In mr tbftl the Gods bestow, tsfe fcfflsWgSgSSS^ WSJ priceless «° VTn ' If tliftt Jewel ts to a rop ft down ipw l^s. I ?"5SwU»i«- tr.CTiPgo. J,n °‘ ,3 !l! - cmcioo.-vrc are lo 1» j s p o.' sri*s£*r »‘"&s .?«»; rr^’.- ***** „ TRAVELS IN THE ROLY LAND. Xlio Ride From Boirnt to Baalbek and Damascus. Hardships of Tourists, The Coit and tbe Discomfort of a Trip to Palestine. [Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune,] Nantw. (Shechna,) Syria. Nov. 18, Jboa.’ My visit to Beirut was flavored with a week's taste of quarantine; and Just after a j release there fell luto the same trap. Her. Dr. Bud* lugton and wife, of Brooklyn, N. T., and Rev. E. P. Hammond, the evangelist, with bis bride. Having lost much valuable time already, onrparty (Mr. and Mrs. T., of Brook* lyn, N. Y., and myself,) could not wait for their deliverance, but started October 30th fbr Baalbek and Damascus, hoping that at some point our friends might overtake us. Travelling In Syria is not a matter of rail roads, nor even of coaches, but must be per formed either on foot, or on the back of some animal, camel or horec, mule or donkey. The roads, (excepting the new one from Beirut to Damascus, on which a aUigtnc( runs daily,) moreover, are mere paths, leading over the mountains and through the valleys, from one village to an other, never repaired, and growing worse, 11 that he possible, with each succeeding year I think the most intolerable road over decent ground has been the remnant of a Roman road, once solidly paved, but now a stum bling way of loose stones of all sizes, where my horse fell and throw mo over his head, fortunately without harm. Then no hotel awaits the weary traveller, at the close of the day, at any point, Beirut, Damascus and Jerusalem excepted. A few of the larger towns have khan» t or public buildings, with largo rooms for travellers, Dill of fleas and other vermin, dirty and offensive to every sense, without food or fur niture. lienee the tourist must have a dra goman, or man who nets as Interpreter, ?, tilde and purveyor, with whom a contract s made for the trip, at so much per day. Ho furnishes horses to ride, mules lor tbs bag gage, tents, food, cook, waiter, beds, furul tuio, etc. Thus, however humble one may bo nt borne, ho llnds hhiuelThere ul the head ofnullo an expedition. i The equipments for our small party of three luciuuos three largo tents, six horses, seven mules, two donkeys, and eight attendants ol all kinds. We usually semi llto tents and baggage ahead by a shorter route, I and without any midday naii'O; so that 1 when wn reach the apixdnled place nt i night, the tents are Hitched, and dinner : ready. On rising, a hearty breakfast U eaten, then a lunch is taken during the hour's rust ' | at noon, while dinner is reseryud till the day's work Is done. After that, Journals must be made up and letters written, and l ho next day’s route determined and pro pared fur by u dlllgfia reading of thu guide- I book. By that turn, if one has been nine : hours In the saddle during the day, be la well l prepared 1» lie down on his camp cot and sleep roundly till an Arab servant wakes him in broken English the next morning, to renew hU experience of Oriental travel. Let It not be Imagined that one goes pranc ing and cantering through the laud, or 1 shakes up his Ideas with n good smart trot as the hours go by. There are many limita tions to that preconceived theory. The rough, hilly roads absolutely preclude any thing beyond a walk, much of thu time; especially in Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon, where the horses go In paths that would at first teem impassable. Then It la not always safe to outride the party, lest you miss the proper road, nr suddenly find wild Bedouin robbers, who this season abound in localities long deemed safe. And quite likely one will bare ladies in the party (lor the expense necessitates forming par ties), and then the day’s, journey must be ad justed to their strength and endurace. It Is probable, also, that you have fancied tent life to be quite Independent. Having no hotels to patronize, anu being almost like the snail, who carries his house upon his back, you think to stop when and where you will, making short or long days' rides, as suits your humor. Aiosf your dragoman soon dissipates the fond dreams by telling you that the question Is not how far you can ride In a day, but how far tho mutes and muleteers can v nlk with the tents and bag pane. He further enlightens your dark ness by the Information that you must always camp near n village, and also a fountain or stream, that there may be safety, fond and water— three essentia) thlngsto yourprogress. After much vain endeavor to change his idea*, and to alter his time tables, you become satlsticd that he Is usually right in mapping out tho route and fixing the nightly hall. Any extra enthusiasm not expended on the regular pro gramme may be let out on short side-excur sions to objects ot Interest, to accomplish which, however, requires some firmness and persistence. Dragomen and muleteers have a great at tachment to direct roads ami stereotyped tours; and, to deter you from circuitous trips and inconvcnlc: t dcvlatlnus, they will announce terrib’c dangers, am! predict tho ruin ol the horses. They seem to forgot that you come from a great distance to see a certain class of things, and they Imagine that It Is only necessary to make particular points at a given lime. We have great sport, mingled with occasional vexation, over our chief muleteer, an Arab, from whom the dragoman lilies all the beasts, end who accompanies us in charge of them and as guide, his whole time being spent Id such expeditions. He sends off our baggage train In the morning, auc then rides at the head of our parly, leading the way and carrying the lunch. It sorely tries him If we ride ahead of him, or Insist upon quick ening the walk Into a trot. I tear that 1 shall never get bock Into his good favor, having been observed to switch bis horse when riding behind him, ami being in clined to ‘ climb all the mountains and to visit all tho out-of-the way places. Besides, he declares that utuun with a gray beard tins no right lotlre out the young men, and wear out Ills horses by rid log to many hours mid going to such Inac cessible £>> ols. There, for Instance, was Ml. Hennon, 10,000 feel high, and 1 wanted to ascend. No, he said. He would not go up with mo. U «?«" too late In the season; much snow had fallen on U; the villagers below said It was impracticable: It would be bitterly cold, Ac., Ac. The rest of the party declined the attempt; but I gene rally go ns lor as I can before stopping and turning back, and so up I went, and rode his boise, too, to the very summit roek, where be stood oddly enough, without stirring, for an hour and a ball. In bold relief against the sky, like an equestrian statue, eui»t/twj (ne K/n.i/fii'i fAr/)ni>/«Tf. I bad to lead him down, however, over the rocks without a path tor two mortal hours, on another corner of thu mountain. But tho old Arab bad bis revenge on our desire for greater speed, when we eroded tJm great plain of Krdnelon, at the foot of Mt. Tabor, where the wild Bedouins arc robbing and murdetlug Ibis autumn. Passenger and freight train* were put Into one ; the com pany of several muleteers with loads of goods, end of two or three Unit travel- Ters, was accepted with pleasure; wo moved In a slow and compact body, siclng the rascals reconnoitre ns nt a distance, and having lour of them, who bad been specially described to ns belnrclntul, wet me and ride for several mlnules by our side, whisper together, »nd then turn off nnolher nay. Nobody said nhj thing about tiding ahesd of him. or going fester than the loaded nodes could proceed. He find cvnything his own wav. nnd we were n« meek ns lambs. hull one finds occasional!.* a smoolb plecnof toad, ami amid the Mile, mi ni of new scenery,has an eUmaiaUiig trot or cshlcr in spile m thHrepionehhil look* of Umi avfttry t aplMlm Tin) inure sober pme ntother lime" gives desirable opportunity for observation, reflection, nnd converMlbm. Those who urn idmmlmi a trip lo thu But may like to know soimdblm: of the uxpeiue, ThisU greater than formerly,.andcammt safely lm cHlmatod at less than ten dollar* a day In gold, lor the time spent In travel alter landing at Jaffa or Beirut, which will bu (tom four to six weeks. A* to the aeasuit, the lust months arc April and October. In the spring, which U usually cbosqp, the flow er* and gross show off the country to the best advantage, but the sun Is hot, and the ruins are olten so overgrown with high thorns and thistles as to bo almost inaccessi ble m some place* of much Interval. In the autumn, the country Is more brown ami bare, atlcr tbo dry season, but the weather is cooler and the thorns and thistles are no hindrance. The comfort secured In tents Is quite beyond my expectations, and except Inal a lent Is no’ an apartment In a hotel, we live In fair style, and spread a good, table. As wild game Is abundant, more so. In some places, than would bo credited were I to state the facts, a gun Is an excellent companion and purveyor, besides serving to Intimidate Bedouin robbers. As to the latter point, however, I have trusted wholly to an old cotton umbrella, my sole defence in many visits lo the South daring the war. Our dragoman, Indeed, carries a revolver, but then he has no cartridges, having exhausted them all in vain attempts to shoot ducks w Ith a pistol. It Is just as well, for unless there be eight or ten armed men (and often twenty would be needful) resistance would be valu, and would only lead to the death of all concerned ; whereas the Bedouins never kill the unresisting, but are content with thoroughly stripping them, sometimes even of every vestige of clothing—an awkward fix In which to beh ft. Bull hear the jack ets bowling In their regular nocturnal con cert, and must close my letter and retire to the cot at my side. IV*. tV. Pxttos. Subterranean Pi»hea* [From the Green Biy tWj*.) Advocate, January 4 ) I We bare been shown two fishes which I came through the pump of the new artesian well In the rear of Jacobs 1 Building. The •well is 10T feci deep, tubed the whole dis tance and closely B«lcd at the top with a force-pump, so that the fishes can come from nowhere but at that depth underground. Thcv arcabont two Inches long, nearly white, and*do not resemble any variety common In these waters. Oueof them was Injured com- Imr through the pump and died; the other i* alive and can be seen at the restaurant. There was no apparent Indication of haring stroclVslreamwhen the well was finished ' allliouch the water esme in Inexhaustible | nuantllioe, accompanied by exceedingly fine tnd tVc have heard of no fishes coming from the Beaumont House well, which Is oT ahont the tame depth, and waa completed nearly nt the same time; hut u that flown with a largo alream, and fishes coming fromTt would easily he Washed away with out being noticed. prtakc of a mid 'Woman* , .From the LoaUvllla (Kj.) Cornier, Jan. 81 Yesterday afternoon a jouncladv, whosa —•on see are requested to sthhhoM, betas Hmfvlaltlne happened to pass the residence vre ttookett, on First street, near CoUcp c si reel, sshen llrs.C. scclns her pass catted her and Invited her Into her residence. vourc lady bavlnc been acquainted T «h her almost Vom Infancy, accepted her Invention and went In. It srould be ssctl for ns to state here that Mrs. Crockett since her bSsbmtd’s dealt,boa llrcl secluded, occapy iSt hcr realdence by berself, audhaa become a victim to a monomania, in which she thinks that everybody la seeking her life and that her neighbors, especially, bare threatened to kill her. After tbe young lady bad entered the house and bad taken a*scat, Mrs. C.appar cntly sane and right, got down the Bible and requested her to read a few chanters. She did so; but, after reading for nearly an hour, expressed that she was tired, and prepared to go home. At this time the old lady be came excited and attacked the girl. As the old lady had locked the door there was no way of escape but the window, and toward this she ran, Mrs. Ctockctt fol lowed and overtook ncr, and choked her pretty badly. The girl, however, managed to struggle loose and again attempted to escape, hut the old woman nicked up the fiokcr and run after her, striking at her with t. The girl then commenced crying ".mur der," in which the old woman joined lustily, the latter, however, still using the poker. IVhen the neighbors went to the rescue tbe , girl was almost frightened to death, and badly beaten and torn up. The old lady bad I also hurt herself badly with the poker. THE STABLES OF HEW YOBK. A. T. suwart’i Xlorvea In a Baptist Church—Express Wagons In the Sun* day School Boom—nr. Vanderbilt** Stable*—Elaborate and Elegant Ap pointments. tFrom the New York Evening Gazette, January 4.1 TUC STABLES OF A, T. STEWART. . The granite Baptist Church, with a neat Iron railing In front, which stands on Amity street, between Greene and Wooster, Is now used by Mr. A. T. Stewart os a stable for the burses which he employs In his dry goods liadc. They are known as express or dray horses, and do all the work, delivering the goods as well as hauling them to and Com the store. A number of churches in the lower regions of the city have been transformed Into stables, while some nro occupied for more ignoble purposes. The basement or Sunday School room of the Baptist Church Is used as a store room (br the drays and ex press wagons; the second floor of the church, where the congregation used to meet, Is filled with bay and straw. A catting ma chine stands where the pulpit used to, and immense bios fur meal, oats. ole,, have been arranged around the sides of the room. Of course, the chandelier, the choir and the pulpit have been taken down; tbe pews, prayer-books, and carpets removed, but uverthlng else remains as before. A large brick building for the horses, and stalls has been added to the roar end of the church. The sunshine Is admitted through skylights, many of which are arranged to open with cords and pullers far the purpose of ventilation. This stable for work hows Is considered n model one, oud Is pronounced one of tho best, tf not the host lu New York. When vo remember how thoroughly, and with what good taste, Mr. Stewart has built Lis stores and dwelling house, which are the pndc and admiration of the city, wo may ho sure that neither expense nor art huvu been spared to make this stable na healthy, con venient and perfect os possible. The Stulls are arranged lu sets of four each, placed each ride of a broad ulatu much like pews In a church. Thu floor n( the stalls U of wood, and inclines at a slight angle from the head of tho stall to thu entrance. Thu rest of thu floor Is paved with brick. There are thirty-two stalls in thu room, a forcu of this number of horses being required by Mr. Stewmt to carry on his business. About twenty of these- are employed at the whole sale or down town store, and six at tho up town or retail store. They arc sometimes kept out uutil ten o'clock at night delivering packages. Poor Miss Flora McFllnuey has nothing to wear! Six horses running until ten o’clock p. m. to deliver silks, laces, shawls and kid gloves I The stables arc lit with gas, and a largo trouuh of Croton water Is in the room, from which the horses drink. The room is very lolly, ami when all the horses arc in, and the windows closed, the temperature rapidly rises. A small room opening out of the sla-1 hie Is used for a harness mom, and is kept warm by a coal fire. Oae man is employed to keep the harness in order, mending and | oiiiicthem. The horses have no fixed time lor their work, hut come into the stable when there Is nothin? further to bo done; a groom is always in attendance to rub them down and blanket them. Each stall contains a small trough lined with zinc for oats, meal and liquid food, olso a lame trough for bran. All the hay eaten by the horses is cut,sa!U cd and mixed with oat and corn meal. Each horse is fed sixteen quarts of oats per day. The cutting machine was spoken of os a “ bully one.” and the name of E. 11. Haney & Co., of 85 Water street, was painted upon the sides, a fact which pay be of some interest to other stable keepers. Slides for the hay, oats and meal run from the church to the stable, which is on the ground floor, j These horses arc of a large size, stout and healthy. Their pedigree is traced back no farther than Bull's Head market, where they are purchased. A tuau attends the sales, sc* lects such and as many horses as arc wanted, and takes them to the stable on a week's trial. At the end of that time they have proved their sonndness and working quail* ties, and arc kept or sent back accordingly. The pnccs paid for them varies from S.VX) to SI,OOO. Some ot the horses have been in Mr. Stewart’s employ for eight years. When a good one Is found It is kept as long as it is able to work. THE BTAULE9 OF CORVEMCS VAXOCRnitT. At Jfoe. 23 and 21 Fourth street, ore the brown stone stables of Mr. Vanderbilt. The principal rooms arc on the ground lloor, and consist of a carriage room and a small trot* ting park or training course. The trotting park is an Immense room, 1 ghtod from above and ]iaved with cobbles. The course Is covered several Inches dcctKwlth saw dust. The horses arc walked about this course twice each day, during the winter, to keep them In training. Mr. Vanderbilt keeps a stud of nine horses, and nln» dllfercul styles of wagon. At present two of his best horses ore out of to*n in the hands of their ibrtner owners for (raining. Ills celebrated fourteen thousand dollar horse, Mountain Boy, is at flewourgn, on the Hudson, and Post Bor is at 2vow Ham* burg. The Boston Girl, which cost six thou sand three hundred dollars, is also out, but her mate, the St. Lawrence 3lald, Is in the stable. Mr. Vanderbilt’s pet names for these two horses arc Xoyo and Maggie. The stud more Kesy, which trots a mile In three minutes, is also In the stable. A new colt, rolled Fenian Bill, which has not yet been *• brought out Into society,” tills one of the 81 Mr.*’ Vanderbilt pays hut little attention to (he carriage horses, although Madutnu rides after a >tmh of line blacks. The sfalls are arranged along the side of what Ib known as a cellar-slaWe, being seven feclbrlow (he sutfuce of the street. Great attention Is raid lo ventilation, each stall having a ventilator beside a general passage for fresh air and light which runs from me centre of (he mom up to the roof. Nomtio attention Is paid to this subject of fresh air for horses; at the same time a comfortable temperature Is preserved. In Ibis stable it I* Impossible fur fowl air to remain. it i»as remarked that nearlv every horse which enmn Into that stable had a cold, or si'ine disease of the nose and chest, but after remaining a while ll entirely recovered, and was never heard lo neigh. The horses enter lids stable hv going down a flight of gradual- I ly descending stone steps thickly covered with sawdust. . lt _ There Is a groat difference In the manage ment of different horses, the work horses of Mr. Mewort being aide In bear more food of a different nimllty than the fancy trolling horses of Mr. Vnndcrblll. “They differ the same ns nu n and women In their grub, said the groom, and that explains the whole mut ter, If lids fact Is recognised by tho keeper then each horse Is a low unto Itself, and cuts that which Is best suited to Us constitution In the summer time when a trotting team is nl wotk cnelrdny, they have but nine quart* me**'washed 1 ’ off nr fed with'meal hut twice a week. Most of the hay they cut Is uncut. Tho tipper nr second story of lli"U •tnt>l' , s is used for hay amt grain, with sides which communicate with the eel. tar. Tin* harnesses of t Ids e«laMlshm*nl aro kept in excellent order mid displayed hi u glass show ease. _ tii k I'ori;. ill. VUII In llio Ulmreli "I Hie .»|iiwilm -A l*orirnll nr Mm U-IIW C««<U mid Trnlll-lIU Inrnnin. (Italian Correspondence of tho lloitnn JonnuM On the dav utter my arrival I had «» op portunity of keying Oio th« Sion of lil» to tho Cliurch of.the Apostlri-n feast day on which oil theshops wore closed. Tlie chnrcli la situated obnnt a mile fiom lll« Vatican, end to make It caw riding lor lilt Holiness and the Cardinal*, sand won sprinkled on (ho pavement the entire distance. . . . .. Go with me to the church and see tho debt, for perbapa there may not bo many more of the same sort. The streets through which he Is to pass arc Hoed with pcoole , tho windows hung wlUi draperies. Two reel meets of French troops guard the way and the Fope’a own cavalrymen patrolthc streets with drawn swords, ion must rido where they say on this occasion. Entering tho church In advance of tho crowd, we obtain a standing place near the altar, to see the ceremonies. . . While the people are gathering a priest deliver* a lecture upon tho Immtfcnlaio con „f the Vlnrln. Then comes tho tound of the distant drumbeat, tho blow of trumpets and the cheers of the P^P I®* 1 ®* A sonad of the Swiss Guards, In uniform of candy colors and nodding Plnmcs, np tho Tho lamps and candles —several hundred in number-aro lighted and the , Pooc with forty or fifty Cardinals, ap proaches the altar and kneels while a mass u bcimr eunc by a choir of priests. , Wiife he kneels let ns take a look at this potentate who is the bead of the Roman Church. Dels an old man, bom In 17ft., SSf'jSTS S , 1 feiri i ssrags : : held bv fonrol theaUcndmgprelatM. Most n 3% W a°Sd n m:nl”h«^”l«eSn,™c. j ' o l t ,r hpon hllltand^ ! moment, and then, wnu * jj e (, ft tsts&tteSSks-A I St she? like 3 thc C Savior, waa boro and pardons with dim jjfc Intel- Priest and an Insn great hopes. Is of aiiion l lsthat of ttSTaverage. of Cardinal. In thick, wish that no .l.i u u trerr cvl latasstfSajiSs bus knotjj nC but r v a blo for one so old, per- I slca-j) tones, Thenthcre i, for-mi us pari In the , ( s, nllnl^; men ol the [ f ~ m ‘ hc Ciolr “ a lmi>rcl ‘ elvc service, well calculated I® charm those who do not deem spirituality the all essential tart of religions seivlco. This pcvfcn®*** there is a burning of insenac from silver ana E oldcn censors, and then the elevation oj the host and the blessing of the Pope upon the people. He descends from the altar, the Swiss Guards clear the way, and he disap pears with the Cardinals lu the robinc-room. Lei ns hasten out of doors to see the suc cessor of the Apostles enter his coach. There It stands, resplendent with gold, with four footmen In cocked bats, gold laced scirUt coats, short breeches, long stockinga and garters. There are six prancing black aorses. in gold mounted harnesses, vitn pos tillions In scarlet android. .. . In the train of the rope are all the coaches of the Carnlnals, gaudy with gold—all drawn by black sited*, three footmen to each Cardi nal, making a regiment of lackers. There Is a dense crowd of people, which, with the military, HU the street. ~ . _ The rone appears and enters ms carnage, the bondse&lutc him: the troops prerent arms; the people wave their handkerchiefs and shout r»w Pio Xono ! The old man with a benevolent countenance thrusts his hands out of the carriage windows and moves his first and second fingers, thus scattering his benedictions upon the people, the cavalry galloping by his side to ward off all harm tromLhrlU's vicar on earth. As be rode away, followed by the Cardi nals, the military and the crowd, 1 could but contrast the movements of the Savior In Jerusalem and that of the Apostles. I'won der If the difference has ever occurred to the Roman Catholic world? That the Pope la able to ride In a golden coach, with such a number of postillions, cannot be doubted, fbr Ins income from the Roman States alone, per annum, Is nol less than five hundred and eighty thousand dollars, while the amount rent In from all countries by devont Roman ists, and the collections of Peter’s pence, Is equivalent to an annual revenue of about five millions of dollars. Surely, In the mat ter of income, Pio* IX. I* ahead of Peter of Galilee. A Deeper® to Affray In Prison—Fierce Encounter Between Use Guard and a Convict* (Prom the Louisville Courier, Jan nary 10.) A desperate convict by the name of George Henderson, who bad been sentenced to four years Imprisonment for grand larceny lu tbo Eoutiicrn Indiana Penitentiary, an old offender and tbo leader of as outbreak Jo Jollctl (HI.) Penitentiary, In which bo ac knowledged saving killed the Warden several years since, was regarded with suspicion by the ufllceto of the prison as being lu league with some of tbo rest of tbo prisoners fur the purpose of Inciting them to mutiny. In tl.u afternoon when tho convicts were at work In the wheel shops, whero Henderson ulfo usually worked, ho was detected by Mr. Sage, lie guui din charge of that department, In putting an mahsual keen edge u|k>ii hie mess knllc at the grind stone, tho convicts Using Hi me knives about their persons fur O'lthlngvlse but to eat with, ordered him to give tip tho knife and go on with hUwork; whereupon he Jumped upon Mr. cage, making an attack with his knlfb, and would have hucctcdrd In killing the olllcer hut for the timely arrival of Mr. Baugh, tho guard under tho wheel shops, who threw off the prisoner at the same time firing four Inoffect n•! shots at him, thu prisoner cscosplng the shots by taking refuge behind a pile of wagon wheels, but returning fight by throw* lug heavy ban of Iron at the officer. Mr. Baugh, finding the pistol shooting ofno effect made an attack with a wheel spake, and with ojc cllcotual blow, succeeded In felling the cmvict to the door. During the scene the guards were promptly at their separate pibts, czpcctlngat any moment an outbreak, ■which, through the vigilance of those effi* cl ait men was kept under entire subjection. H .*uderson, who was still resisting tho offl* c .*re, was finally taken to the whipping post, and then about to have tbe cat-o-ulne talls applied, when he was discovered to swoon. He was placed In his cell, suspected to be under the influence of tobacco, which narcotic had been successfully applied on previous occasions by this prisoner In swal lowing large quantities of the juice about the time a whipping was to come off. In an hour and a half upon a visit to his cell he was found a corpse. Anticipated Uulouol Spain and Porta- On tbc Blb of December tbc Queen of Spain, accompanied by tbc Jling consort and bur son and daughter, set out from Madrid on a visit to the King and Queen of Portugal. The visit oi the royal family of Spain to tbclr royal neighbors at Lisbon (says a foreign jbunml) Is an unprecedented event, and one which, In tbc present state of affairs In the Peninsula, is calculated to arrest attention. The Spanish Court is aware that the revolu tion which appears to be Impending in Spain will probably, if success ful, assume a dynastic form, a desire being widely ’spread among the Spanish Liberals fora “unification” of the Peninsula under tbc House of Braganza. Tbc House of Bourbon Is to bo deposed from the throne of Spain, and the King of Portu gal Is to become King of the Peninsula. Such velws unquestionably find fevor among an influential portion of the Spanish people, and It Is doubtless in connection with this circumstance that tbc King and Queen of Portugal arc honored with a visit from tbclr royal neighbor*. There Is also a rumor that the royal visit is meant to pave the way for a matrimonial alliance, as a good means of obviating any violent orimmrdlato change in the royal politics of tbc Peninsula. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL TIO.NEXABI. Sattodat EvsNUfo, January 12.18^7. . The following is an exhibit of the business of Iho Cleaiicg House for the week ending today: Clearings. Balances. f2,-.CS,(f?r«.M fIW'CUO 02 I.OWJiSLtf 17n.Cfi0.93 94 1 TOJ TCJ.C6 iSXAfikwt January 7. January P. January 0. JannurV 111 January ll January 13. .$11,402,001 10 $1,855,091.M 669,703.07 $811,005.17 • Total., last week. *1 be general condition of the market suggests no remarks dlCcring from those wcbate made dur ing the past three or four days. Mouey is tight, and the demand active. The bank! are discount ing for the beet cuatomora only. All other* hare to reck Hit* open market, where loona are made at jatca ranging from m®3H per cent per mouth, according to the nature ol the collateral and the (Uniting of the borrower. Exchange was firmer, owing to the dJntnlahcd BUjiplr. Between banka round loU were placid al 23®50c discount, but towards the cUve there were more buyers than sillers tit the Itulda quo* latlona. The counter rales were atca*' at MO . discount buying and 14001-10 preul Aliening. The demand for Foreign Exchange VM quite during the week, and the market clones ip fiitu at the itllowinß tale* for three day* *l«hl Cold. Curroci txmdon. per £ *»r •art*, per 22 i .2»4?wi Kcrlln, p«f 1 haler. 73 J- I *® l J Norway, pet Ills Mjm *■ 4 Mi « Sweden,perapetU* diner 110 Flour wa* let* active, buyer* and aollcr*b«ig ICftlßc apart. Wheatdeclined S'tlSc. Com ta« quiet hul Aimer. Oata were dull. Kro was qtttt. Harley wat dnll. Wbltkoywa* neglected. Mb* Pmk advanced «Bc. I«ard was more active r.d fully »ic belter. Urctn Meat* were lew active. In our Inca! column* will be found the dcclmn of Judge Drummond of the United Slate* Clriiit Conti, In tbo caaeof Aaron L. Collin* c*. the flty ofChtcago. Tlie plaintiff 1* a oou-rcildenl slfck* holder to the First National Hank, ofthtal.y, upon the capita) of which Hip city caused ata«- ioriuicnt to he made for the payment of illy taxc*. The Court hulda that the tsaewmet is lllecn). *" the capital Block of Ihe hank prr f I# l of Uulled'Slatcs bonds, which attx empt from taialloo by Act of Congress, [he tout I hold* that Ihe only way lo reach the Mck Is to asscpi the shares of the different slockhU* et*. in Ihe same wanner n* asseßMacnu are ml* In other easel against Uie property owned btfte Clllaena and inhahllatita ul the State. IVetluttß 10 the individual slrtcMi'filta of the State hank* were assessed, bul U waslund that Ihe revenue lints obtained was slight. «Mt»i of Ihe stockholder* were«hleids. «♦ **« (A«e* could not hi collected. The law Wsjthm chauyed to that !)»«• was dwPd auatnst the hank and not Ihe aUxiUholdefrj Un der thojuewnl Stale law, lire National lUn| per «rand tlwaiocHhoWara are exempt, aecorte to Jurtjpi Drummoud’a decision, from allUato, county and city taxes, U Is supposed 14 Ih® K-clslaluiu win, at the present **Mon,nm4 Ihe 1«wro that the iuii‘«*mcutwtllbo directed tlnat the mdlvidiial stockholder* and not ihtaak Ibe Gold market wai comparatively stly.lo day, and the dbrallona were.few. Tbearket opened at JS4. declined to W«f and closed tft. The following quolauona were received Iwojd Brotbii>, gold brokers: ! iwCOa.m 1« 11:15 a.m -tit U*S!.S 133 S »Wm fi« luaa.m I»K |QPp.m gl 11:15 i. IdS** 2 s3 ® p. **• 11:30 a. ls SJa / Errc the market waa very quiet. It opjd at l»; declined loiKH.and dosed at ISS.alvcr nominal at if JQ.ISS. ‘ . The following table exhibit* the daily raaand doalrc price of gold daring the week: . nun. Cline. $&««« SSSSS ?g h Vs sitSfaij in Governments were about U better thrdboot the lUt—the exception being Tea-Fortlewhlcb were nnebanjred. The following table ahrsthe nilcta current yceierday with those _ 1 rnmaT. aaioa*. Opening. Closing. PIIM fl ...I« IBS Myf-T««otlM 'CS.-.HWt 1<«» .»gh SSSSSSM % ’i mg £$ SSSffiSSKSa Sg iSS Here the market was firm with a good tz&aa atd few cffcnnc. We gnoic: oovx&sntxT sacnnrixs—cmcioo mn. Baying. ulmg r. s. sixes, or issi rJSL 13^ V. s. 6-9C*, ises u§i u! S. 5-20 s, small 'w^® 106 03 U.S.KWC, I»r« ... W 4 I c.s. io-ioj, nun. ; 10J , c, S. 74305, Ist series IMJs I U.P.T-aOs, 2d series 1 !£* U. S. 7405, Sd series *g*3t IM, U.S. 7-JW5.5ma11....... \M } Compound, j» I|M ; .. ; -••}“* I •» Ang.,l9-1 ...UHi j * OdVISM UM£ I *» ISM ll*Ji “ May, 1565 lUH *» IrCS lOgii ** Sept., IS® less - Ott.. 1e65 loss _ _ The Second National Bank quotes Ih-Pnoi Fends as follows: ' coup„-si...io6® 5^2l < gsS? l iS ;u 6-SOcoapons. June - i**y * S-SO coupons, _ Aog. J..UJ (•mall).. .IMHOMO “ ■■’!! ICMO coupons. Dec. . I ..m (laige).... W®HO.... May 1 ‘lin^ 10.40 cospons. Anf, ■ ..ilo (ftasii).. .ie a sopt. * f "•Cosilarße).lWHO •••• j •• lto In Local gecnrltits there la no BSTfceni, acA the market is disgustingly dull. Weqtta: Bavins. igellU-g. -.*»«&» i o V 9< CWCtRO CUT 7*. Cook Ccmcty- 7* Ctumka of CommerCO New York btock Marker, Cosing prices tor cash. January li, US7, received by Joseph M. Lyons * Co., Broken: if* td i*t Sd _ „ D’tl. B’d. B*d. D’d. N. T. Gen...... now JiOj* U S. 6 per cent Erie (com) «S W* bonds. 1381... 108J< .... U.b. (con}).... 80k k).>, U. S. 6 per cent C.SHtU 91 If 91k 5-30 CTO Pu*6l. 197 V .... HoclUisnd._iUV IW* cSt C.AN.W. tl)f *■>£ MOcooo-'M. lOX .... C. &N. W, pfa 81* 81$ U flTspw aSt * P, tl. W.&U.IC3 103 5-30 COUP,’6S. ItEW .... OnlrtsUvo-...4tw It u:».spereait w. OnionTd.. 46% .... 1W0.!7. 93k C.* A.(cora)..lC9* .... Tr.Notes.7aiO Bnr.&Q. jsi .... Ist series IMtf .... O. ftLCem.. r!K .... D. S. 7S-10,3d Bodion Blver.tSl* .... senes 101* .... 111. Central....U9W .... n. s. 7 S-lA. Sd P. & Head xreS .... series...?,... WUf .... ClereJATot....l35k .... Amer. G01d.... Ut IS* T. kWsbssb... 43* .... Uutet-ift Boara am. M Board steady. oohhebcihm Sattudat Bvbnino. Jauntry 12,1877. . The following tables show the receipt* and ship ment* of Produce during the pas* twenty-four boon: . MCnra pa»t TWEXir-rocn nouBS. 1967. ufn, a,748 a,wi 35.150 13,1*50 38,060 17,573 17,970 17,053 1.835 1,050 5.200 1,900 88.700 71,885 2U.800 37,940 , 6.SS 360 75,031 5.400 . 9,630 56,758 11.713 5,397 9,171 6.781 , 9.017 4,7 JG . 506 TOO ,190,531 SOV-93 SI 9CB 10,960 6,900 91 811,191 1,090 Flour, brls, Wheat. Ln, Coro, bu. Oats, bn. Rye, bn.. Barley, bu Grata seed, lbs.. Cued Meats, lbs. Polk, toils Lard, lbs Tallow, B>e. Batter, tta_ D. Hoes, 50... Lire Bogs, Ko.. Cattle, jfo Hides, lbs Hlgbainee, toils. Wool, lbs Lumber, m tiLlngles, a.... anmtsm ?ui TWiarrrootm nonaa. 1801. 18*6. Floor, brls. Wheat, ba. Corn, im.. Oats, 1m... . "I. 82.109 . 450 5,111 .577,*18 114.W0 , 265 - . I,SSI . 1,011 .470,119 510,271 . 8,310. 11,>110 Orate Seed, tts.. Broom Coro, the. Cored Meats, lbs. Beef, brls Perk, brls Laid, Ib* Bolter, tbe .. 2,844 3.7T7 .... *l4 1,014 1467 ... 05,W7 0,010 11 81# 0,650 80JTH ... 477 1M

.. 1W HO ... 8 ID ... 1,100 1,037 Dressed Hot*, Ho. Live Hogs, N 0... . Celtic, No Hides,lts ......... Ulgbwlnet, brls.... Wool. lbs. Lumber, m........ Hblnclr#, m Lath, m......... * Balt, brli Ball, bags COO . .. There was a ranch firmer feeling in theProvl* iloo market to-day, and In icrao instances price* wore higher, 'there waa a good demand for Mr** Pork at yesterday’* price*, but holder* idvanced their view* S.*c,at which buyer* woo alow to fob tow. Wenute tales of 050 brls at |l9.OOoU,,sO— closing with seller* of bv*t brands at the upper figure, and buyers at Csc less. Clear Pork sold lo the rxtmt of 60 brls at 119.00. Extra Prime Pork was dull, with sales of M brls at 113.00, a decline on last reported transacllubs. Bulk Musts wore firm with sales of 40,DU0 S»s bhor’ Ulb at 9c loose, and 60 boxes Dry Baited bhoul* ders at KnglUh Meats wero dull with saUs of U 5 boxes Cnrobcrlanda at Green Meals were lo»s active with traosacuons In bboulder* at Bs(c fiom Blanghlered, and &Hc from Dressed Hogs. There was nothing doing In Hams, and the market may be quoted nominal at De from Slaughtered, acd B‘ic from Dressed Hogs. The demand for Lard was quite active, and thu market advanced fully I«c, with sales of 2,575 tea at l!!£c cash, and 11**, seller last ten days in January. Grease was Inactive and nominal at oarqnota* Uons, to be found elsewhere. Dsesrcd Hogs exhibited more life, and tho mar ket was s©loc higher, with talcs at 70.5V3G.90 — closing fit m at tU.GS£6.sO for average lots divid ing on SCO fts. The Whi-kcymarkctls perfectly lifeless. There is no Inquiry and the quotation* ate entirely nomi nal at $2.20 for unty paid, and 23c for Bonded. Flonr was loss active—buyers and sellers being 1C(2.13c apart in their views. We note sales of 2,ooobrls at Sl3.COfor White Winters; f»A7‘ja 12.00 for Spring Extras; £?.<X)&#.33 for for Spring Sopers and $7.50 for Unsound Extras. There was a decided reaction In Wheat, and tbe market declined 2&3c, with a Ices amount of busi ness doing. The u on-action* foot op 01,000 ha at 52.£C©2.21 for No. 1 lu A., D. .& Co.’s and H. 1.. $2.150,2.16 for do Hegnlar; ?l.e2®l.Mfor No. a Hcgnlar acd $ 1.10 fur Rejerted Spring-closing at 12.150,2.16 for No. 1 and dull at $1.92 for No. 2 Spring. Coni was very quiet as holders were generally above tbc views of buyers, though the general tone of the market was stronger. Wc note sales of C7,i CO bu at 733711*4 c for No. I; 75c for No. 2, and 52»:<3d8>ic for Rejected—closing with sellers of No. 1 at 75JSC. and buyers at 79*40. Oats were doll and without material change. The transactions were made at 43*ic for No. 1: ICcforNo. 2, and3fc for Rejected. Rye was quid though firmer at the close. Wc note sales at SSc for No. 1, and 553854 c for No. 2 in store. barley was dull, with light sales at 71c for No. 8 in K. I. Sample lots sold to a small extent at 45371 c. Tallow was dnll at 10c for City, and 9394 c for Country. Timothy seed Is quiet bat firm at f 2.0033.00 for prime. In other seeds there Is no movement. Nbw York, January 12. Flour qnlct end steady at f 10A'5313.83. wheat qnict ano firm at $2.3534.50. Corn nominal at oin store. Oats heavy at Gi3 | >oc. Pork 11nna1815rJ.253i0.874. Lord scaico and firm, llogn firm at $8.0038.25. Gold, 133 f«. LATEU. Flour qnlct. Wheat inactive bat firmly held. Corn still unsettled an-t nomloa.: $11831.10 afloat. Oats heavy. Pork a shade firmer. Lard better. LATER. In the nfli'inoon Wheat was dnll and 2c lower— closing flat at 11.00 for No. 2 Spring. Corn was Inactive, ai d nominally unchanged. There was tfatllo mar Set was dnll to-day. and lOJJISc lower. TLeiceelpta for Ibe week number 5,7-12 head, and tie shipments 5,503 head. The receipts to-oay wcio 73 bead; entered sales, SU3 bead, vrtich woo taken chiefly on shipping account. The market closes heayy, at a decline or 23&9UC dolingthewcek. There are 1,600 head leftover unsold. . The market lor Live Hoga opened qntet In the morning, but frra, at the closing rates of yester day. iJter In tbo day, under limited arrivals, and with a more active demand, prices took as upward turn to the uxtent of 33110 c, al which ad vance the pens were cleared. The receipts for the week were 11,Ml, and the shipments 3(17. Ito celled to-day, 2.218; entered sales. 10,300 head, at prices running from f3.u.V;v,Q.“3 for common to medium, and (or good to choice (logs. KKrrotpt* nod HUlpmcntn of Ltvo nud lirrMod llosk from October lit to Oute—Approximate t*mklticr« Tlo following Ulrica show tlto receipts and shipments of Live Rtidllisssid (logs (rum Octo ber Ist |o date, lor two /rats: uxoEirtß or iioos. lfcdJ-7. 1605-0. Week end'g. l.lvo Uics'd. Mte, Drw'd, OcL o ?w,nu .... auno 18 J 3, tliV .... s an an.'jai .... n,si7 m W.WO 7 n,aw a Nor. 8 HURD 86 ’ «M,7GS 42 10 V.*,m 228 17.6KJ 10 17 m.iw iig «,tso w si ia,«w mi sum* u Dec. 1 10.120 I.'HO 13,137 195 8 100 1,713 fl.lM 1W ir %,m m n W',H24 lfl,!»3 8-T,*73 8.W13 01 5n.113 BMW 3 81.489 1B,K« Jan. C . 63,773 87.011 ra,'lßß 59.K7 13...., .. {(1,1*9 61,010 SO,HI CI,UBU Total 420,887 H3,IM 037,831 101,801 Add Uicmd.* 123.800 101,*4 Ml till .... iM.461 »uii‘«s*T9 or iioui. Total. Wwk iPMUi Ij*h. Ofte'd. r f.We i OresM Oct. n.. M.. n,mi .... imm in iwhi .. . m.t* 1K.,,,.. . in,MB ....... m.wl ... t,»>u Nov Mil? ww It. 411) I. m. mm li»,nn .... it.'tm w r UN M lil.iHfl 5i..,,.... 4,Hi <ll M.7IM lire, i Mm MU 11,4 W 75 I'm., m. ts‘*o till* -t.tlMl 111 m 11? M 1"."M w ss,. fi.cUrt Mil A.<M> M’U pi Til 11,WA a.IxM lu.TtM Jnn Am., m. m . u.iuii mu ]| m in.WI 4,WJ ]P,IM| T0ta1...... 111,017 8?,W3 IJW,IUI CI.WI AddUiwcd.. CVIS K.«U Total w\,m Deducing tbu ahipnienia from the receipts, the balance abonld Indicate approximately the cum* bcrofUoga packed and butchered for dty coo. lum P t,onS ITecelpta... Shipments. racked and butchered BM.MI 3*l,«* iicsers. Jlilward* Co., in tbclr Circular ol to day, approximate the packing date, - Chl«ut Prt»Ul« Market. CmudOtJuauT tt» 13ST. Tbe proTiilon TBafretJemalu J? V£,s^thi. , i£jdT s^S^sISwSSsB SwiooSr.' thu chttwu loielrowJ^tt^o" IV, to n«t warrant Uie rate* rohcs * 0r . b0 55,_. m *toea«solndleattoosthalour season Is asoat to terminate; on tbeconiztry, tbe> J/zLriirstT than lor anj week tid* aeaeon. i» *f sS’.Sf i°': s£fe»‘»S , iiii^sfCli ' &ad,»that a'toceUicr toe 1 K Ss«s sssfflS’SMssra rassi 14 Forme* pork toe doct* dttfcalt to find demand »i«JO g» h t e ,ur» were purtfcaacr* at over «*\•"• In a *maU war a¥*S2S&|| l9 ™ sss'sj •CUT® and «£« 6 * t c 0 i^tofeideaioo.e and parsed. S Ac for cult Bom 4r-«« I. mlet. tat am > « cS.”“w |, sa p, Lf s?sss ESrWc BV«BwciotwUsw»«otijji* »roacfcer•*; and I UoeM*na'- v^iic^; l ihfeL C Tatfow jreiw Pj»33c. fcomcltwlot* otcaiu »r»ecial notice. iho mar i gnus. MiiTTH© ft Co. LIST OF LETTERS. •• LETTERS REMAINING UNCLAIMED IN TUB post mace at Chicago, Slats of Illinois, on the 13th day of January, iscr. rr ‘To obtain any of these letters the applicant mist call for'Autkztuxu Lzttxes.* civs the Cato of .this list, and par one cent tor advertising. rar w lfDotcalledfbrwlihla oas koto, thsy will be scot to the Dead Letter Office, Pf***Jxiter»an} not advertised nnlll they have re mained to the office one veefc, and on Fridays and 9»t- are la the hands of the plainly to the street and number, as well as tho Poet Office and State. -3. DEAD letters with the writer's Poet Omc* sad Stats, stszbt and smses, sign them plainly with mu name, and request the answer* to be directed so* eo “*Lcsefi to strangers or transient vtsltors In a town or city, whose special addrew may be unknown, should be marked, la the lows latVhaod corner, with tbs word 'Transient.’ . •*«. Place the postage stamp on the nm xrasr sasd uam, asuUATispace between the stamp and direction fbr rosT-KAXxreo without tatvftrlng with the writing. “N. B-—A REQUEST fbr the RETURN of a letter to the writer. If unclaimed within thirty day* or less, written or printed with the writer's aasu. Post Omen and State across the left hand end of the envelope, ou the face cldc, will be compiled with at the usual pre paid rate of poetice, payable when the lener Is dsllr ered to thewrlter.—(see. 39, Law ©flBO.” PT Free deliver of letters to aay part of the city Can be aerured by having them addressed to the street aim number. LADIES’ LIST. Adams JR miss Anderson Bobt mrt Adams Emma rats Andrews Louisa mtu Abbott Tern mitt Anthony Mary J miss Alrord I M mrs Andrews Anoy B mn Atkins Jackson mrs Anderson JetueUtnlsa AUtnEniUs Amea Ada Pints Alien Beale CmUs Andrew* Hannah mrs Allen Lne mtn Atwtter A miss Anderson Caroline U mitt Andlrs B U mrs Andcteon Jetneiv Atwood M A miss BrlnlrrboO Brims a mrs Uonuel Wm p mrs purltcb Sarah mis* Booth Earns mrs Bsbcork Barsh n mrs Boorant Mary mrs Baker Anna Bmlsa Dorn Alary miu Bstotr Margaret mrs Brazoux uarta Baker Barman on Branegan llarrlet ml*9 Based Uoaora ulas UrainanlLUmn Banker EUa miss Bradley A R mra Bangton Angeseetmn Brarllele Mary U mist Barter Frank mn Bradley Alice M mls« Barker mm Brenard Jennie mn Barclay F M mn Brewer u a ran Barber Is mr* Bnatanmn ItW31 t W3 4.975 1... 4.*14 .... CUT lUrUett J II miss Bropbj tnn DcsamoUmme Crook* KtuoamlM Hearth M £ mr* • Crook* Bell* miss llearcta U tnn Crooks Hcploe Bestilss Leah miss tlromnan Jeremiah ran Celt PH ton Cockier Jan* ran 3 Hlsbop LUileX mn Uabi Aonle mtae Clrclieli Uute miss Mallard Minnie mlu ClaMly A l* ml»a Lurch Jane K . {tuck farah taUi D/Oe sum raise Uar U A ml** J)u»b Keahany ran Ciackttoo mn UalteroeU u W mn Mane 8 min UulterflcU llaltie miss Bond k C mn Camber* Mute mlu Gbamberlata Ooertms mn Campbell biflle A ml** Cote mr* Carnart Llul* mils Cole fcarab Ann nts Carr Samuel T tuf* Cote Jails A tnlje Garr Zviis mis* J: {, , l ? ma S Jiß# w tn * > * Casey l.w*l* tub* Colila* Kraus raf* t* wady M«ry roU* Canaan Daniel airs t‘s»o| Anns ml*« CjokCnmrs Cst>i Msrr U niia t£»k James mri 1 thadwir* Ann mr* CoyleJ*nie*mrs Chapin l> M mr» covell LfUls k mUi rrsMi Harr Ann mn return Margaret mn Cisir kisrr Copaer Mary mn element Carrie mla Goyas Msmi« a ran t'uriiellnriclte Crawford. Addlnmre lUybroog Anns raise Cromwell william airs tI.U KY.llwnnlu . tt.rlc iMl.h vm.ll min to im “Mrnw* kbubis mrs Culver listtnMralM r in‘wi(»'"iS K mlu Cummin* NcliU mU Go* J obo mrs qunmnxham Hp.lgoi alts CuUlu ffsu IV mn jJuuntaaUaw KUou Dir ft K mn Dohrrlf U J mri inbU-rt! AuroiU tulii pocnMjon Kli mr* . WlrWlenmlu u»U Oltny U mt*» |>omUk. a«r* Lmltt >ftvi« Ann* ml** l! OT }° J^ uw ) r . )i(viba o W nir* l)oTl«M»rr ml« jftTidiwn Luliu mU* l>ow Kltmr* W mra J mj KA mu* l»u»»n '■UeortmM pnanNonunw Katie n*«.o M mlu Daimlott Vlrtlnl* mill Df»n«Kßt«ni!u Dunrgvi AiU-r -•ne U J mn ( IJann SJ«ry Axmmlia any Jrnnle mli< ( >enn> U .1 «nl*» pcolwu A maud* P bits party Ellntrth mi • Frtlman Hattie miss KvrrU Xlactio bin Et*ley rt uin Enniihl mlia Evans Mary A Bit F Farnswoth Locy mt* Fuulse Anna mlaa Felber Mira miss * Foreman LouUarun Fellows O.lvcr rurr Fowler Emma A mlaa Frrmr Latlc* miaa Foster Nell A mlu Fisher L E mrs Forbes p mn Fisher Nellie mlta Fcecllrh Marrton mlaa I lnr.cll Mary mn Foster Mary miaa Fitch tviniam mn Frvnche N L mn Firm Johanna mlsa Frazier Henry mn I'lsher K A mrs . treach Ja mn FlUcuraUl Annie trlas Frazier mn t inner ty EaraUmra Gaherty Margrct mrg Grav n mis* Gale I'btbvy mrs Graver Anna ran Gav tmnia mKs Grant Susie U am Gardrer UatttetnlM Grablot Lmlts Gtorcc Caiullnemlw Green Anna uiUs lieilell Sarah SI mh* Gi ambush Mary A tots G*tmre G A min Green Mary A mlas lillf a U l.xulM GrliUoy Laura mil GUI Sarah n.ts Greenwood Lucy mtss Gilroy Mndaet mlia Gray Liable ml« Gilmore Catherine miss uwlnzey Mary E mra Goodrich S G mra Grunwe.l C D mistress Getty Annie P ora Gunter Minnie Gray Euly UnilM HaJlGforeemra Herrick Fits mla* Half Eliza mra HewsMllllemUs hut Ain u.iM Hickman Elvira mr* iUenrty Mary miss Hlealwoa George mra ll■ Key C A mra - N^ llia , K “d* 4 IUII Lucy mira Hill Mattie mha Hamblin A ml«s Hill Hannah miss Hamilton Charlotte Illnilca Amy miss Hanley Fate miss Hoban Bridget mlis llacara Mscglo miss Horan iillen mra Harvey itridget mrs Holbrook Mary M mra Harvey John mra Hollfter Susie miss Harris Celeste Holloa Albert U mrs Hardison mis llolmra Lydia mlas Harwood A U mrs Hoopadcv Mary miss H wring mra Homan MJ mrs a Han Julia mbs Howler C Man Han Mary K miss Howell Harriet mrs Hawlfy Uvona mra Howard Mary mrs Hawks U C mrs MaoWl Mary mtss Have J U tuns 3 Huhbell Jennie mrs HcacocK ElUabath mri Hubbard Uctllc mrs Head Dot £ miss Hubler Maeme miss Henry Albert mis Hughes AllUo miss Jim eit Marv 1. miss Huntingdon Sawn miss Ucrbett Maiy Ann Ireland Ms arte miss Irish Annie J mUs Jackson Carrie miss Juiiiinct Ed mra Jellerson U U mlas Jericho E mrs Juraou Sarah Emiu Kane Mary Ann mra Kenedy Mary mist Keen liatUe S mrs Knight Ccie*te A mrs Human LolU E ml»s Knight Hiram P mra Ktliocc Marcia miss Knight HI mrs Kcllry Thcrcramls* Kynle Nora unai Kendall Martha mra LaettMarvtrrs lewis Ella'-t ml*a Laftjeltell Wmr* LeonardMarymiss Jaaf. Budget mlai Lewi* Aencs A mra Land lUtij bilm Leonard Annie mtaa Lander Harriet Lewis U A mlas Lett tram* mis* Una mrs Lemmon ueorgeaumlss 3 Linn Mary miss Uo In-oatnlM Under Llaln mra Lee Cam J ml‘i Long Ort-'grt M mlti l.eoiartl £l)ial*(h sirs Lot* J CJiariea mr* Lewis nsrjmua Mascots It C mtsa MonlofT Aimed la mlia Mk&uo Jane bum Moran M rain Maioly Ann U ten Morion Lizzie mis* Muitonty MasaietaUa MorrUcj Jr.banamlsa Muin Ama ohm Morrison lull wtM Manr mbs Morse Idzrle mtu .Mansilcld Wealthy miss Morrbon Vrark ratal Much- S A WIS Mol Busin ml** Mattox Vannte mist Moore Mary O mra Mar OraC uirt Murdock Lnrllla rora tad K mra Murray b- utsa Mt*a » clrln Mary inda Murphy mis* cntll Ai »a C tors Murphy Marenret i 1 i)rr O K ml** Myers Mary ft mra Molott lunr* Murgaa ftannie Kmln Moruriy tllia A MeCnthror Mattie n!m McCray Helen mis* McCabe Ann mis* Mcrarland Mattie mlas >li cabin tli«n iniM Mcthiwan Ciarrte rruw WcisrtUv lluii&utab Mcuiwkcn Haggle mis* ;r*wei) Nathaniel mu Cowell Alim mn Nourae Mary mn <lclioU earalnuM NouiseJolm mi* ‘KkUii* Annumr* NumerJu* tort Nlcioial mi* O’Brien lloaey o’>lihuii'*t >1 mn O'MtU Mary iulm P lan M«ry A mta Peicnon II A him i ( n m it ml** riernn Marie uiUa .ißiilCnin MWiir* i>rm'n.l<>«f|<blneinr* I’nneua Marcnrllto talas lln C U tnra Powell '■'ary mlaa , v e Mutna urn Power# Oil»e J tuUa k»l pt.rVe min Power# Hum ulii M uira Pratt Strati un etltnoD Mat Uia tulaa Qnltm Bridget! mlia Randall .1 R mn Mlly Kllctl mIM iadimmd Mary tnra U berta-'i .t inn tala* Mntitarel tulH *«lv# KnilllomlM Union Lutj nn ohli ai.ii Macclt* ml'* l«arrit Ifatiiiali mils totir l.iltMeiulaa thulunie Lotna tnra tobltunn Bella mn iHimiwj Atmetnra toiler* Ll*i*nl*» « oner iTani an mra loom MaltMa mIM In* J All * ft tnra toned* W It Itif* :«m raffli a mra Wweli Mery tv mlaa ■.(Miluiier Majnrli'tt'M iuwler Aiiininla* (eiin.tti* Ain fi* I' '>'>■« Ifni' ,Mar> L mt*a In MM* Pieihrli m.a pan Mary A hi m n l:iini n l<a lyatMiir* (uliotr'a Am* tufa luaaeli rfatikle Ufa lilt* tulM r» hwhMUiMfi’* mn run* Ann mr* baMin an ■lkm')i{i mra nif• Mar/ It n.ia glavln raw>rr • »nf* m<« guaawnrt*t»H Mary ml« ratnV k I* mra "*[* M HhwM« b mra inn broil Mama niiaa bwiUi Amtl« I* mlaa in Ut»m ml*# boomer Micy *)'«*• tuata Manila A mn mienuar A MK Hire aoa\a> II tt him £ water mra biialr Mary mitt will K4w ant U mra hUu» I‘intrw 1. mra Catherine uin blapiea It A mra H.aler Beniamin mra ntotenaMarr mla hliary Phuun mra bioven# Aailln uum hhaw Uule U ralM fiievena Mary P. mlaa hhearbannmn BUer«aUl narali J»no mn bltbOil UhoOa mlaa btewari Myyran hhcnlcy J Cmn HtubmefieM w || mra thinner tiai ah M mlaa Strunanan J L mn Mierman tinnhta mn faironach T A ran bhunrdaJeaamll mta Btciairamn blngltlna Marram mra Taylor MAmUa Thnr ;.*onTDmn Tu ncr Mary J mn, T.. ja Clarle mlaa Tcfikir U L mra df- ■ I iminll Atm mn TeoeLbUymn iw.■, Urturet Ihotnpaoo Battle mlaa . > l -•» . ■— 1 nottpaon B V mn Van Brocklln Kmcy TaaFloetSabrlamra Warntt White Ltmy mlaa Wardoor tlarymn whltehtad Mary mlaa i Wat laa mn dr Whliffliab Mary mn WarieoUaieou** William mra u-s°ss£.»r. lESSsftsa Tasyas* ’'‘mS.T' sSffi?sS.MSf }'■»!'» Wf WoodrnJT jlaaoo rart WelU mn wa«i Jane E ran werxia L mn VMwtharr Larlmta Welch Jennie ml« w22dSarrmU» Wal»h Mary mtai luStrar* Wheeler Emma A tnias Wnjht mary uu Wheeler Ja&ua mra '«t> 0 li ntta Oliver Film iniM UtlomK Utun mvfl. iw,«o 651,333 451157 .198,(09 104,0'rt GBSTI.E«EVS BIST- SSSntLnun SIS vainlcdtralnOTgj™^ AcScrlyUC wallam i^^i ba s?ss,aj»s. H« g?ri %%isssF , i itegwn ApptrtT*Bmitti tUbwck Elisha Uclloan Henry B«w*on WUlUrt abcoct* Uaa*ft ixilwwo Deary « ~ , fsSiSAt S^SSM* SBS.V esa* |S B IsSL.. Hiisi" SiiEyriic^BKrid Nni^lfeu 1 s V 1SF e I»% fe B i ieA j is t Bai?die FT ni.k. Martin Brown Dinlci 1 lw8S»« BtttcMMJpiCPMromi JD r „ ™.n \i BUtrhfoM C Brown D S i i*4Pfc W®~ i iss® ®i» mil® •M pSrttßO Becth® SanUnia gort* £ *ol , jfiSlPm* Bunn Henry 1* Barry Gerard H EottcrlUThas Barbee* Job* P Bartlett C F Booghton JoUnWDurJit* A D . BartKttJS Boarto Henry • DaraUac A Morri- EartlettG O A co DowdlearWilliam son BarteyJohnU B BargbJoha Barton David JvuwcaTßAco BarjpasWW li«jcom Geo Bowen, Stewart ABurgcs* U Bit J 9 CO H urges* AF Batchc’derJW Bower* Acu Bun ap John c*pt Bate* WWAco BowlesT J Kate* Julius A Bowman t» WP3BurnBU h. A Baxter AJdr 3 Bowman Daa’l M Bnm-U Wllby ~ Master IVmU 2 Barnett J W Bavll»*J liter Bownor B Q BurnbsmAbros Beardsley RE Ouydea.lobrhT Burns JasS SckSStttt BridbenlAS Burr.DA B«eker Geo Bradley Kowia E Barr Daria A B«k«r F W Br*d»haw Patrickßurrow* Josephs Beckwith B L Bradshaw Lewi* Burt Qeo W Keccber Fml G Bradshaw j Butler JVA Seeding Jas CL Brady John Batter FA Brankn Frauds ButlerP BeldcnTheophUoißrayanJas RatterfieW Joto a Brannen Ja* Button Robert BellEinmersoaAcoßrennock, J*s ,i°Jft * Bell Arthur Brewster EdwardßyerlyDD* CadweilWm Chittenden Tru- cadwellßL tn*a S ConveneOllrevi tMm Thomas ChlUtuxbaiGeorge Cuvk cSlBCdr W CookC W CallananTioolhy Christian ACO Co.kChsiA ' I Campbell Che* Campbell mr CookOP Cam bed Francis ClaikGrtorgo J o?°s **t - I Campbell JF Church Geb . co«JHAco ! Campbell Kor- Clsain AruclJ Cooke & DennUon maaß asppJW Cooley Floyd Carbine Thomas ClareJohnS Cooper John B i'«wm Mi«:t)#ei Clark Wo II Coppes Chis Carer WlUlam ClarkJoteph Copton Daniel Jr cant Clark Herrick Cornell John Carfey Harrer Clark HP Corcoran John T Carlisle EW Clark F Corcoran Bernard carpenter A A Clark John Corrigan Philip Carpenter UJ ClarkChaaCS Cory James Carson DP Clark A Young Cosby OL r*r»iicllLcckt*rtClark Averv A co Coiumi B H Carter C£ CSt Cleary I* H *Corali Amo* A Carter HA oo Cleave* Joihu* *Cowel* U«?o II Carver AM Clement Austin Cralt Beniamin Cane Addison D <* Henry Craig Edward Case Harlow Clodelo Timothy Cram James W 2 :*»ey Thomas P Cly J tnldl Robert Cramer B L CaeevJohn capt Cramer JM. Cushion George CobbLO Crane Charles Chamberlain CobbJW C:eiruer Wm 0 Blard Cobb Wl'lls Creighton W Champlln A Cat- Cobam DF .. 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BluterC Bpcoeer JA co ScottJobn P - fiiuthonrA StroseCoreeUns ScottHP SmadCbuß Stuart John C EcottCOS Sttall 4 Co ' Stan & Caraonah 1 Scott C J Sraallnrjr J ACe Scarce* Ja* I scoot Ja* * EmeadTrstk Q SolUran Tboa I scorlllo Bobt HmlthAUeaD SoUlras Joo capt I teamaoJacksonDSmllh AD- Sullivan Joh* t fetirle Jeremiah Smith P H ’ Sullivan Mathis* I Secier A Adam* Smith Chas SomnerOSAco btlton A-WaySe Smith Sami F BanderUa VDr I FrvttißCl Btnitn Frank D AID 1 bhancroeeJohiffi Smith TLama* Sutherland SW I bbarpeHD SmithH Dwight ButtonJ^seß I sharp Wm SmlinWß SwaxerWD IshawJß Smith Hector C Swenk D i Bhaw Samuel W Smith Jaa Jr BykeaJL 1 fc “ Smith Ja* Stereos Frank Bhaw F M Smith Ja*P Stereo* Geo I IhawDan’l Smith JoslahM Stereo* A Borden Shea John C Smith John Col* Stron* W E Gen I Bhealer Thomas by 3 Stewart Fred 1 sneer/red Smith Joseph Stewart FJ shrjwEnrcne'il Smith SIR* Sttekce* Morgan I ShepnerdJohn SmithLD SOU John I Shepherd Angus- Smith Si St Joan* Chaa I tna Smith wCloa Stockman W D I Shorbarse Kor* Smith LSi Stokes UM2 B man UA Oo Bmlth A Dexter StoneAJ I Bhermaa Wm S SmrlheSol stone A JAM I BherlllcJonn Snell FW Stoaebercer Ja* I Shine Patrick Snow Chaa B SlorerS Uer I BhlrlanoWm SpUman Tho* J faiowbrldn ChM I icotuoil BprlokJa* Btowelj Henry P I ihtr.andwm Sprout Chaa Stowell W F I siddleFrank Squire IVm S J Stranger John 1 T I Taller VTra J 2 Tbompaon QeorgeTotne* Thomas I Tancnay I It IT Hansen Tate Jos 8 Thompson Henry Tooker Patrick ] Tatman J C s TooirryJa* B I Taylor, Bunt A ceThompson W P Tool* VVra 1 Taylor FT ThotniHun A dan*Tower Wp T Tcnnl* John C kin « m Towntcnd H Q dr I TerrrJU Thom Jacob TreranWmC 1 Terrill BE ThroopUP* Trl*rllenrjr ! Tewksberry John Thurber William Trout a w I \y ThsndonU Trneadeil Jacob B 1 Thajer J Howard! nur*«m Frank- TuierThomaaJ I Horn Daniel Hn TulU*ChviME I TbomasTboPasHTlllotsen WUUamTupp*f Ruuom I Them**Edward TlmberiutsXlelrinTurrerTnomas I TbomM Charles TindallJohnW Tuttle Wallace 1 TLumpton Albert tlnkham Uarrr Jlweoddale nm I Tboa eon A Tltu* Eneene II _col I IbompeonCbar* Tobin* Thomas Tyler Mathew H I nel> Toiman jIIA co Ijmeion U I Thompson U C Tooge Thomae 1 CmterhlUST 1 v ?sfiss"A E "“• ?S , 'fS.Vc'srt.vSi.,Birt«a Vanmeter J B Van WagretA FF> IOt«B Allred. VanßlJktJH ViUKta K Nojsll A LltxkJ Wadsworth OT Wellpot'}otm WlwlnßDradfard Wadsworth CH WelltAU ~ Aco . M Wadsworth Jr* L WrlllM* J'UUI JMF Vutct two Weils Charles liifo*orof V wu, “ 1,wl «. 1 «K Walburn U FrankWeatcotl Itcnjv w>Uint«>a Uobl SaK5«3r pS WPM. wm Slm.'ii- p«u wfISSj 1 l< OB “wSlSiK‘* wSII.m.J«»A Wallace John w w bairn Joseph iilliuwtal. j Wallace John Wheal Jolm Williamson Ilobt Mt',N(rt Wheeler Dark! D Wilum Lyman SMhiM.™ Aim w'u«ni; U WaliUTll Wkttlor IIU W IIiobAII Walah tirorco WheeierJuhal w iiiclifiuivla n WaUauJvhnK Whelanlllehard WlucJ M Ward Bernard Whipple T I WibjiwllimKl Ward W U Whipple Oeo A Winter Acs U Walden Deter While Moore 0 W tuple t» tt WarlscUC White W A Wolf .v ll Warner Fred White WL , Wood Warren A I WarnerAbtcel WhiloJohaL co I Warren A co N WhlteJ N JVooJCfoW I U! Whitedll pro! Wooie.wkTJJl I Waterhouse Chaa White Cyrcrma Wooihjoaa John I u«» w Alexander Woodsum Sam I W*^r C G B eorKO A Wayward Jaaea SSBS l mr7 ii K Worth Aco John I Weed L Master Woitney Jamea Wright George >» "frank Whitney ll Wright A co Geo I Welch C C Whltuker Jno U - I Welch G U Whittaker JK Wright ACO 2 Wdrt Wm Wlcke* WUUaa I WdlmaoUß B 3 Young ChaxleaW Young Joeeph Mlaccllnneon*. All Jt.tiOß* HOl.l L * ,S “ c r”S?; mc ' .4?AXfi2^. S o=« fMc.soWlr.Wort. Eret l«rtorii LoJco No CM»to ;Flber MO I<W £ «• So 371 Dsino?n I lSoi§ > SoSIO A lAmMW.nsnia.ttr O F A A M (To the aeenl of Preston A ir ß p Merrfll’alnfalUDieVc&tt itoTernmcntLand Aseht Povutri M lysd° lusu (To the officers or m%aa* j?o"sVs WashingtonsS KlnifJrti* A5 - rtamCjr i»anl B the Blind) po Box 1100 U&Quartermaster WoprMU.r ormedtas W „„„ . (PTcpnetor Coffin Factory Garden Ciiv Lodgei ' of No ill Ita&doipb (Walerand Mo»«auent rear oi e»o v \ cure EstabUsnmeflt) Sccrctarv of Gcrmanta ‘ Weekly Frees nSd»So 1W FiAll W Pll , Secrrlarr of Oriental SS North Clark lxdt«>*oS»t AAM HOLI*AN)J!*E DRIKF. From De. ember till Jannary 91— M ASlscLean iSl— Anthony Vander 93— Louts t avonva I Hotpe w-aumelMTom. [gq^sSSo —Office open from the Ist ot April to the W or. So* cemlwr. from 7a. m. till V4 ,P- ™.; from to April Ist, from »a. m. till 7 p.m- Ihe wUI remain open until 9 o'clock p. m. OnEoad*y*fromßJt a. m. till 10 a.m. R. A. tULMOHE- P. 1L y-it.BOUI TI3IE TiiJLK, oaicaac »aoßTHTtzaTthJt—uwot cost. w*t? 1 ! TTATBjk LSD KKCZI3. j Depart. Arr-TC. I Dsy Bxprcaa •£s£<! p.&. I MghlStrn-tsa “• Jmesvlllj Accommod't Woodatoclt Accoaid’n.. *3ioop.ts. *S.% a.m. I uattLi nmaioa. I Fallen and CcoarEapMa ♦Slis. a. 7.2 cf.m. j Fallon and lowa. t7:3Pp.ra. ®:«la.ia. | Freeport and Dunlelrt.. *9:00 a. a, &U ou. m. Freeport and Dnnlettta.. •Uttftp.CL ht.bp.rn. I KocluOrd and Fox Uivcz. Dixon *IW(• o. iLiu *. nv. | GewyaandElyla • B;aa.n. JCtWAUMXPmsiC!!. kSSb.V.!* •<:«> P-=* *l* cc ttt- NlrTbi Accozomodadon - J»:lsp„B. a. m- I KCTOahaAecommod’n... 4s«Jp.m. ». m. Waukegan Accommod’n. S:7d p. re. StoG a. n. KoMblll, CaITMJ, Mil «.rnr,„ Evasiton l—op.n. stwp.a I •Sundays excepted. tbaiaiday* cxccp*sC, J IJloadSJt excepted. MicmeAis ornrxat. junAokP-nnoxuircr. stc* or uu mm. Momliur Emrosi a. m. •&«!». n. lU* Ktnml ............ MtOul.lß. *il!UUpi C. 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CiuU>- Hit ASMcKjerj oil it.**—l Evening it*** *wmswspsSP^ SSS&w T SE& < urii! s ’A.Bi» Ja»« B^TUIREDETCLESCBAM^S.M.L.SajoIcon ssimT«l»S!S »V mall on receipt of tt S.‘'KcO.-.Ca^o6n. n .rb.gSffi?' B>C - aQ^d-tll^toXt. Ocean r\TSV£ WEEKLY MAIL LISE TO U UVKKi OOL. _ nnaAN line. WE ETEKV SATb'kDAV (H>aU ■rVERY WEDNESDAY <«tra steamer). KYEica ' TwoushO ot the year. ~ p&rU Exhibition will 2nd this. Firtl« 6 j rLf^tio 3 .equal to »’J other mail A IMuSettmMr of »uerKo M “i-s Gai'lVMtt! Agent.Sl DiarSo^a^CMC^Qf- "atpiv nRIEAKS AKD lHablsStPEI eVfetocts.-tm Atmiici m»K w 1 L* ci*eant boats leave Cairo <»n ctK, “ cw “ E ° SW VireSBOEG. SEW OE^»=.«- »c. for MaW-11-CMgg^. TvfiM.i COAT.I—We ate receiving Sg33s^sanssfesas.“s “SSW* VO tu CO.. 404 seamcu,y- n Honorary Member of tae Medical Faculties oftoadow. Pari*. Berlin and Vienna, ha* by bit great care • Cunoinc asi> Pbttatx Dbejusks, proven hlmsail the most scccessmi "phjelclaa In the United 'State*, ns permanently cans the mott severe ease* of Prlratk Diseases. “Hebrlncs with him the most unexception able reftreocm. The Medical FacnlUe* are Invited t* yltlt him. Odlce Speed’* Block. 125 Dearbors-it* Chicago, HUaola, Post Office Bos 2512. Bead the following from a member or the profession: Cmcxoo, SeptSLber t. UCA Toth* AJTticTkD; I hare been a pn.ctl*lng phyrt clan for a number of years, bat never found a remedy that would effectually eradicate Syphilitic Disease ires the system until I saw Dr. Boneaberg's advertisement, and came to Chicago to learn of him hla cure. I found to Dr. Bos sobers a pextect master ol the disease, and a man ol honor, and can recommend Mm tohe* perfect (enUeman In every respect. I bare taken great pain* to investigate his core, hare conversed with over thirty of bis pailenu, atd the results surpassed all my expect. • atioo, and 1 believe tuo be the.greatest of the*se> W.W.ELGCf, Practising physician to Quincy, Illinois. Formerly of Jaates* Lock Quapttal, Custom Hatue-eL, New Orleans, and for toelastiliyears located la Chi cago, can be consulted in his aew apartzntnts, fll and 93 Bandolph-*u comer of Dearborn-*L, Chicago, (sxasiT orroaxxs ms old omex.) upon the treat ment and cureof SiruiLtnc, Cnnostc, UxBCTKLkL, and all private diseases, without Mercury, lodide po tasil, arsenic, or any poison, hut wllh a neutraliser, the lame as used to hla New Orleans practice for thirteen years, and which gained him so great a reputation. Spermatorrhoea and Impotency, brought on by (di abase, excess, or entailed, with all Us hereditary train, ol symptoms, treated and radically cored by an InfolU ble method. Offlc* hours from 9 a.m. to Bp. m. Sunday* during the forenoon. Poet OOoe Box 696, Chicago, nilnols. Separate room* and consultations confidential. What Is It? Good or evil? Rich or Poor? Debased or exalted? Are you to rise to eminence, honor, wealth and cover; nt are yon to sink Into obicanty and oblivion? What are your future prospect* la tira —lobeornottobe-lbslli the question? Who will solvelt? Dr, Raphael ran setvc It; an 1 guide in* ansuccessfol to wealth and •mlnruee, and the nnfor* tunmta to bap,ln ess. All whoso fond hopes have been Olfappclntru, crushed and blasted; ladle* who hava been seduced, and whose injury kewp* them from get ting married, can be cured tu that no one can know U. Ills prevtnme agsioii havltg cMldrre J« site aud sure/ Call cu DR. IIAPKAKU ats Kaat Msduoo-sC, np stairs. InterviewscouCdsnUal. CuDßulUUonfo*, one dutlar. . Confidential itmattltatioiM. . Pr.L.PANOKH,*lemb»f It. C. hnrxenh*. Lohdorfl atil hc&. Member or Ma«. Mrdtea 1 horlery.eanheeoM inited, aaninat. BlUlPotnre, UammiPh-ai., on medical treatment nr Chr-hlc, Nertou*. I'rtvat*. oetn- Iralandl'rltiary Disrates of both reira. luna hit ape* dally. j;r. banner** Female Uoiuwiice are certain in alt caret. lUTtni the copUdctice of the pnNtra'tdthf rned;ra tacnUr at large, u the most redahlo rhra'runlniha city Ihr chrome nertouaandieiuai diw*»aa, Call a* lua office, 1711 hcnth Ciarkft.. corjer of 1 lioorpj. ih>oins icparatr. tonamuiton nee. 1 . O. Mo* ia i« Ilia guide (0 health. published mwUthiJ, Mil (ta* ta any auufix*. l»r« TliuniMOUt ' t r.\ I'roiulftor of U>« Medical and rtcrrtcai lottimw. I7N ht)uUtCiark»t.. ta»uratra a>l tormauf veoerMl oi*» rate with unprectdeMed »umaa |ur hearty uriyyeara. hpenuatorrhcraaini inipotrnce treate-i. «ilh the »»W* tatrauiU. I'aftlcularaof the laatUnhlandtheUuUU maileti free to any HHnota. _ QUEAT WATCH BALE ON TIIK POPCI.AH ONE PBirCPlst&s illvtnc PTfrr p»tr*'ii i ♦Mdwn* mil reiliV* Watch tbrthelow pilcso* Ten UoUara.wiihouire«»rd to valuc, and t>o< bo paid fur onlau pttf-.ctly jfuutscurj: too Solid Gold HunlU yWatchc* Jo Cg 1(M Hade Cased Gold tfatcht*.. f«Jo *" 101 Ladle*’ Watches ename11ed............ Wo to »» scoGold HattlDfC Chronometer Watches.. SWjo 3» SCOGoldllbollujc KniclUhLevers S! SCO Gold Hunting Duplex Watches £„■> J® f-** 501 Gold Hm-llca American Watches. lOCIO S«C Silver nunttnsLeven Mto w 600SUtctHuntlm: Dnolexes »“ g »*> 3M LC(C Gold UunCCft Leplnca MJa ja I.CooMlsceUaneon*Sliver Watchca 50JO VO 3JCO Huntley Surer % alch*u »J® £2 W*o Assorted Watcher, all kind* ........ WW .5 patron obUlss a Watch by ihl-jiTans-ment. eostlne bnt f ip, wtu.e It may be worm |u*>. No parti* *“&m! r °. mcSllnl »&).•• lirf.l nplonW.tcl. Co, Manathctnrers 149IBroajvray, 5.4. City. * immediately rtli>pote idthe above mscnlflcect *tock.C;r llCcatratamlmr ai tides are placed In .calcdeav«u>p«w. Holder* arc enrilinl to me artelcr turned on t’jolr cc?- iiflntt.oDon payment ot T*n'L fcv *ar*. stiunv it be a Watch worth |S) or ot e worth lew. The retoru ot any of our orrUflcaUi entiti-* joa t> tee art.CCs named tberecn.upon payment. Irrcajcctlr.* of It* worth, ard *# no article valced le»» than |lt>W named on any cer tificate. UwUlatoocebesen that tola is no Jittery, bnt a ktraUhtforwarU IrirfUmste transaction, which may be participated In even cy the mwt UjtWiria! Aslnaie certificate will he #rft py noon rco tnt of A cts M flre fhr Dr iL thirty three and vleirant premium f»r $5, slxty-slx and mors rateable premium lor f Ur. one and most an* perb Watch tor *l3- To acmu or those jrett this 1* a rare opportunity* ** { J * f v c rdoc>d bcMcoa, duly authorized by the Gorcm* m«3t. and op« n m the moat careful scrutiny. Try Ml A i '.-Vs J. incy IIMtA CO-149 Broadway. S.T. KOTICE TO CAPITALISTS.—The anhacrtber.hHTUiß purchased the estatcol A CPei A. Msxnlre.of Sesayco dealronspf aeU- Uc a certain nmllvwlea Interest In salt estate for lbs po’po*e if formlnc a company to sink one or more Win for oil on said property, as fWm recent examina tion! by parties tamUlsrwlth and bare operated laths the oil region* ot I’ennsyiwila amt Canada, hare ce£ tilled that the quantity and qnality of the oil oo »ald estate U tot ■**;rpas*ed, tf equalled. in any ot the above naufdlccalllba. I propoteloseflisaid »hin»fortes* than the nominal raiue. as will readily be pefcclrwl br an examlnaUcn of the schedul* cf the property, tnafclDiC It a ealb investment. irrespective of any oil speculations, viz: Two thousand Uva hundred acres ot rLoire lamias lands worth fU l£r acre, cn whteni It !• estimated there ate ten million feet ot merchanunle Pine lor tawiu* purpose*, worth, at the usual price ot stntnnacv. II per m Btandtos; a so, a fine Bt-am saw mill. In eood lepalr; win ent thirty thousand C,-et par day. with sllthr neccs'ary flxlurca and Ulh mill at •ached, with b-’ai-UtR hoo*c, Dans Ar..wonnyi:.fX». Four frame dwejllner. cartUit* and hlackamilh shops stores six team*, wasor.s, bURJIcs track. Ac, Ac. numat'ne the property at seventv-flre thoaatnd do(- ln*S I wLi sell six »«yenths of the whal ß to parlies that w 111 be w lllluß to expand a further su-a to *lax oae or n ore wrll*. »» may bi ronMdered advisable. I hold «l. otrttorio Mill April ut, lOT. W D g> „ na hinikr cob. Jan. 6tb. 1967. gitansyottation. gliaoon gnu Coal. gipcflal Notices. Piofcssor Dr. BuMbberg, Dr. J antes. \'oor Dcitlny, l>r msrlowi (Gift Enterprises glo (Capitalists. gtlj (GOOO3. jmpoutant to ladies. A lajgc Lot of Fine POIST LACES Selling 02TI Tb« anb«rtber off-r* hi* tioc* ot aoperb cot *t»U#CCf Bhawia, Flouucca. ilaadkeicbUCs hmprw* Collar*. Trlmmlt a Lace'. »up»r* tH*!NT Al'FLlOlTn UKIDAL IMiEikS, itmi ooe #apcrb HEi) CAMEL’S HAIR sIIAWI,at tow prJce*.til ior der to rctingulih i he busier*#: «*r, fl>r aero mm xjatl'Mi* will evcbnnrn torched rn-tyiir nothin*. Carp"U or Jewelrr. Ladle?attended alibetrr*#lnencehTaWrea»- l(.s M. 8. COIIKN. Matleeoa lbuw% late < f Uroimwar, X. Yh uutSar.tlo*»bprln*s. ipeuuaagli». p OYEKMIENT BALE. ■jtjF propertyknown u lh# “OOVEIISMTiXT TAK tiELVaXO RTRAM SAWMILL,” with ser enty-fiv# acre* nr land, near BAX ANTONIO, TEXAS, Pralrd Proposal*, In dtiplletic. will be received up to (he nut day cl March, 1807, for the patch#*® of n lurtaofUml. imureorlea#) l»«elher wlUi the bnlld- Itea nevt cl tlmon. and tac appurtenance* appertain jup.thai 1* tn*ar t ONK TANNERY,n ntnlnln* twelve Mono J.lit e Vais. Fimf-rWO WOODEN VATS. SKVKN hTONK POOLS, *n>l caoabla of ivielnt n.u,l tilde* per annum; ONK HTK.vM SAWMILL, capahlo of raaiae ajroo (Vet of Lumber daily t ONB SMALL bIONE BI’IUHNU. ........ lb* alxire property la situated about two tnllM at< to ran Antonio, mi the h»o Antonio UlT"*,and tho water l* roDd'icted to the establishment by a racu «f hewn strii* laid In c*c*tl. . . ... lh* lard wn* i urcased anl ImpnteTeih made by the late *»waled fen iHiriat* Uiverumeut, and art estimated to hare rent H'n.'Ml In CoH. „ ._ the property ut« tie*n under lea#* tnr the year lIM, at a p manly rent rf |K»i. parable In ndvaue-. A.a*- cured title lu ms simple will be Elreu by the U.fl.Oof e I’fcViwala will be marked ” iTnpoaafa P»r fiotein mroiTanuoy ami MawmlU." widmltreMejl Uj {) nrt. Mai. Oto. Aaa’t Com*f tlarsan ItV.A A. L t 1 Ualrealon.reia#. i i a nttcm women at guano ua- J j VLN aivl Mat V Lake. Mlc-lea*. Orra e ifpitatJittstuMi Bauman*. lunaouf ivreiitiMe.aia. Laaa.Mii i»i«*V , i.— | MiLWAtaia, Witeimslh. Jati'inry 1,1*17. f Pralrci tropt aala, Ip diiplleate* nf Hi? fifra rjtftilaJiH by UiyiimWsUjieil* win fwm* v«i at Mil* i>mw until ihutadat, lh" n»h day i f F*Muafr, II ui M ft>r ((•ii>rii*|tia the bailor* of Hateu and lItMM ‘ 7 ti« Jrt'plo't" mehls at tlrahd Ha yeti will e*«nlHOl Ib.taail>wt. iu«lea*, ofphhp tdlitid i*» pfd"*'t Ilia tuuti, hahV • f the liver aiittanee and an **• «(the *»uUi pier tut fort feel ny vriba fllie-i with ’»VV ItHi‘rrtVriM*'tifw a( Mlack Lai a will ha *H*n*lt>H« ••I lh* PM** id tdeia.iU I'lidiH-a m a t, aeddrcia* Ltd lliertiecelhi will '**’ l-itweai lh* iileu, and *.*r uiaeinr thansw «ril<e,»H<t willaimmni tu me In th*ofl-e. «4 w{ilh*»K%i>i'i ait who wl«i> l»'*taii.|n* ih u m Tir ibw i> Vftr.:;tv”i ,, wVirri <«w •.%# <> work. Ml It I'lat* id ll«.|le>Ul of WW t"f Ml>l« will la i.*wlVnl inf 4 p»7l nr I'd Itw #tml* ilf ftllkaf w"rk. i*» work V-.i-Md.hi-tW neiolwi 1.1*«.. .. TtlVflWOrl. t»tU|«l9l a lolwliWMl f;ftoV»lliU Mtff Ilrr, yrwrvlnu to the LMu»l nlaUw Urn rta'ii tu r*>wik ari*rr<l n «ted lu he pifsettupou the opeoln* L Vim Siiale proper aU f IM Do emloraod, endow* » f. ». Muwaukea,WU, / \kiTCE i»F THE HUPEIUNTENU* V / Kilt OF COSBTItUCTION OF TII« V. S. cbflUT HOLaE. UUaola, D?e. id. IW. fceaied prur?»»al* wtll he recetvea at the odc»ol So» perlDießdcntof Lr.ueo Stain# Lcurntnua*. aibortAg field, UllnoU, oeiU U o’cluea m., December Mia, te catt'lron Column#, vilait. rs, aart their beji*. plain), Ar„ regumn fur tH bDrtaifldd. Hon#S*nr. Post OBlce, new erteanjt. Drawtngaof taw ots: w?SStbs*pi««J tntT. Art u.e cmUso iotlad,of «y»a thickness. sharp ur\*** *.& mooOi t*M ud the cntuneotatlon oust ce of snpenor finish. TbaprlM,ißcJnfilacfrtwht*n tl on iyery,miutt*KiTea lo trocicsd tha wto'eol the war* most be dtilytred in BnrinrQeJd by or befbr* Uw lit ot XlArch, 1367. aSSSSrt be ■SSpatlad by * bend of two rtcpco. ilhlepartKi*,intfceinm of IWftJ.that tha bidder will perlorm ibeeontractU awardedtgbitt. a , . iHds most be addressed to A. Schwarts* Soperli,tend» rat of the new C.'nrt House at cad mast be endured, JLegaL CUERIFF'S SALE.—By virlua of a. O special writ of Execution. Issued from the Sapo cicr Court of Chlc»«, Cooi County. and a sapnlaaoa titwetn the Piaxntfi ardD-tetdant ibu day filed m the Snoenof Court la tayor of Mary K. Qtorreoor, I'lslntia, and aealu*l Sarah D-W Inch eater, Oefmuaat, ,i i /,'pKct o. Tn on the 16th day ot January, Jin. it ihr north doer ot the Court Hou»e, ln the city of Cht caco. I shall olfer tor»ale ** Public V endue, aU tha nr ht. tine and Interest of said Defendmt In and to the fLiiotsia* de-crlbed property, to wit: One «paa at I‘b, °“ ,p " "‘“•■"olls't SSiSS. 4 * 0 w*s°u. Lute Sheris ot Coox county. i*r G Ftnrm, Decuty- Dated the Wit d*T «l Jaanary, 1967. business CarbsT I?LAJR & JEFFERSON, OFFICE, SOI FEOST-ST., j.T.nais, t MEMPHIS, TO?*. J, £b«rS f ca»n cade on waUrtaantt. O.EsX, EATTEZ, & CCi, Wiclesala ConuniMioa Kciciitt*, IVo. GO JIoGa»»t« wmUMWJ DE3VE3. CULO-.C. DU. iSKESSED HOGS! •*"«TESr.IX.I» ASD WEIIfUT EISTS -ntiw. Hlcbtit marEet prices mwrsateedl s^^ssrtssffigs^i,. nr V» aifalPgton-rh- Ch>cag6,lu«_ ISalr rpBE GRATEiT ASDWOUST LOOK.- i. ISO HAIR 3.) r color Raswr«“ “LOOdOIX Its Co Of BOW**., “Lor dm §Sr Color -London f?7?r color Beswntf" -Ixitdon color Rrttof-r* “Londoa «* L *®* waif color Bauirtr" -I Qt.'Wn . .w. TT&lr but mcU *s * KUaaiaat mad Itdoesaotdye ftg w tiftimt tonletoUecigsM- or (jiscolorM »>■ coiotinc»»Uer. I*T» eb4ogwl to matrons,»*iinla« wpt clean, cool u 4 be* tby« •*<* soWhyall dmrxUta. _ cnUt A*C«.