Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 13, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 13, 1867 Page 4
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€l)icago tribune. SUNDAY. JANUARY IS, 1807. THE CITY. Jtxsntos, tbx Ikcxediaht.— Martin Jeunlnge. cbargtd with atson,was Indicted before the Grand Jury on Friday. Ihe details of case were given In Friday's Tniatnrx. Xiaoxio Festival.—Hon. Judge BradweßwlU deliver the oration on the occasion of the Maaonie Festival, at Palatine, on the 2Sd uuulnlheM. E. Church. _ Dl.CHiaam.-M.ccl. Eonii, cilreed wllh stealing fTO from ber employer, Patrick Seoliatm. -I No ”1 Monroe street, was discharged at tne Police Conn on fatordav morning, no one ap pearing to prosecute the charge. Ban p»t t ,— The match game of base ball be tween the Atlantic, Jr, and the .Champion Excel sior, played at the Ogden Park on Saturday atternoon, resulted in a victory for the Excelsiors of 11 lo 25, notwithstanding tbe Atlantic* had the services of Kenxle and Sheldon, ofthe senior club. The Champions have never been defeated since their organisation. Tnz Fonomr Case.— Albert S. Dean and Frank E. Martin, the two boys arrested for the forgery of a dralt of $1,850 on the Batavian Bank of taCrossc, Wisconsin, arid attempting to nego liaieitatthc Union National Bank of tbls cnr, were brought before the Police Court ou Satur day morning. The case was continued ten days iu bail of SI,OOO cadi. AtrnA Deua Pm.—All resident members of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity are Invited to be present at an adjourned meeting of ihcSodely, to be held on Tuesday evening, Ihclfith Inst., at the residence of N. O. Wclbatn, Esq-, bo 8® Piatrieavennc. two door* north of Eighteenth. Matters of Interest to the Society will be dis guised, and a full attendance la desired. “ PnotoonArnntQ xt Steam t”—This novel placard baa attracted attention of thousands to the gallery of S. G. Green, No. 102 Lake street. Mr. G. has reduced the price of pictures, and for a season ofiere Ids beautiful likenesses for one dollar per doten, In order to advertise bis busi ness and the variety and notion store below (of which he ia the proprietor). Those who want photographs oi pictures copied will <lO well to kc a note of this. Gaiter Tmxr.—Calvin Johnson, a colored boy, arrested some days ago while attempting to pawn a pair of ladles* gaiter*, worth about seven dollars, for seventy-five cents, was examined be fore Justice Hiltlken on Saturday morning. The boy said be had been employed In tbe snmmer on tbe steamer “Jolla,’’ on the Upper Mississippi, and the gaftera being left tn the cibln of the boat hr some passenger, ne took them, He was com nutted lor trial ut ball of S3OO. Railroad ACcidext.—a passenger by tbe Fort Wayne Railroad Informs ns (hat about midnight on Monday night la*!, a collision occurred on that road some fifry tulle* on this side of Fort Wayne, ttftwcen two trains loaded with soldiers, (be rear one running Into ihe other, demolishing two cars and selling fire to them. Ihe car* were burned an, but strange to say nobody was hurt. The acci dent was caused by a broken rail. Aixered Largest.— Thomas Rafferty and William Ncidcratadt were arranged before Jus tice MUlihcn on Saturday morning, charged with thclarconcy of two pairs of pants, two rests, a coat, an overcoat and a pair ot gloves Irom tho boarding htnse end saloon of Edward Connor at No. 691'01k street. Neldcrstadi had previously been beaming at the place. Tbe clothing was found on the premises, secreted, behind a gale. The vourig men were renthefore the Grand Jury (now In section) for examination. Ormasß or FniErntK.—A meeting for the rellefof orphans of frerdmen, Inmate# of the Colored Asylnra at New Orleans, was hold In the lecture room of tho Clark Street Methodist Cbnrch on Falnrdsy evening. In consequence of the eiorm there was a small attendance, and those preserf decidedthaf, tinder fbo circumstances. If woild be l»crtep, Instead of calling for rollccllons In the churches, for tho agent from New Orleans to solicit private subscriptions from business men throughout tbe city. iJironTtn ErnuoanuuitT.—Dr. Colton’s ex hibition ol the lanpbtng gas on Friday evening utToided occ ol the richest entertainments of the FcasoD.'soine twelve or fifteen ladles and gentle men having Inhaled the gas, and "demonstrated" grncrallr. Dr. o. announces bis last two ezhthi tiers ft*r’Nondav afternoon and Tuesday evening —the afternoon fur Indies, and free, 'i ho«o enter tainments have been attended by our heM citizens, and have been commended for the careful manner in which they have been conducted. AoAtx C*oKTiHPltr.~Tho capo of »Tobn Von Horn. charged with the attempted ebootln* of 11b wife, triijUfrin tailed at Ibo I’ollco Court on Saturday ' The physician who la In at tnt.dancc dpoa Ur*. Von Horn plated lh«* rHreji* eta* bad act In. and fcait were entertained that the lady tnletit die. but lio did not llilnk that tho wound, of tUeir. wa* pufflclcutly danaemna to cause her death. At the ton neat of hia cmi'ispl Mr. Von ItomV bail «•»* reduced to t'u tin, and i-o waa bold tor farther examination on tin* aid instant. HitA»a.—Wetall tlio allcntlunot tltn ahatlna public to Ilie claim* upon their coualderailon of Mr. 4, ll.Johnaen, tbo well-known akatemanof the city. Mr. Oohnaon baa for tbelaal nix *e«#otia dose all Id hla power to anpply tho public with tbo lineal akatea of tberooat renowned mannfuo*’ tnro, and ba« aecnrefl tbo acoiiry ot some of the flrrt matter*, including tbo celebrated MacMillan New York Club Hkaie. n« l« «Jw«y« itreparod to lundsb bU patron* with the best article* at the low eai price*. Mr. J/a motto term* to be drat In the market and la*t m the field, and we recom mend abater* to stop in at the comer of State and Randolph ttrccu, and inspect bts Block. ArmfrrrD HoßUtwr.—lhe wife of a Lake fetreet merchant, whose name wo are requested not lo mention, had a narrow escape (tom helm* robbed of ber jtnrtf-monmie on Friday evening, as she was .getting on tbe platform of a Madison street car, at the intersection of State and Lake effects. tier assailants were a party of half a dozen roncha, some of whom stood noon the platform, and stopped ber progress, walle their colleagues crowded her against the steps and did their best to steal her money, Her husband for* innately was close at hand, and succeeded in res* cuing her from her ncplrasant and dancerons fioildoD. II would be well tor respectable people, sdlca especially, to keep a sharp lookout for those standing on or near ibe platform. after dark, when the connector is not close at band. Tux Edwards Adobtiox Ciuboi,—Tho case of the people e«reva Dr. E. W. Edwards, charged with abortion, was called In J nstiee Brown’s Court at three o'clock on Saturday afternoon. The de* tendaut waived examination, and gave ball of <1.500 for his appearance belore the Recorder's Court—his compel stating that be had understood the matter wou’d be brought to the notice of the Grand Jury, providing the defendant were not bound over by the Justice's Conrt; and although he had no wish to shrink from the most thorough examination, his client, considering the publicity already given to the case, ana believing the clearest proof bis iut.ocLnce before an Inferior court would not be sufficient lo shield blm Irom an h.dlctmentbftsed upon *r parte statements, hid decided to waive examination, and await the action of the grand Inquest. . Dzatix or Geseiui. Gamut.—The telegrams ol last evening inform us of the death, by cholera, on the Isthmus, of Major William Gamble, U.S. A. At the late hour at wbich this Is written we are unable to collect any facta In tho history of the deceased. Tie wQI be remembered by the citizens of Chicago and vicinity ns a resident of Evanston. At the breaking out ol tbo war be was cmplovcd in tbo office nf the Sewer age CommwsfoDora; he entered the service, and went off fiom Chicago as Lieutenant Colonel of the Elchth Illinois Cavalry, of which lion. J. F. Farnsworth wae Colonel. lie shared la all the arduous*labors of that distinguished corps ol met,, and was subsequently promoted to (he Colonelcy of the regiment. For bl« v.iloron* deeds be was made Brigadier General, and held that rank at the close of the war. Almost Imme diately alter hi* rcclmenl "as otdered out of service he was appointed Major in the Eighth or Klnth Regulars, and served with them on the plnlns. About two months ago he returned to Chicago on a brief leave of absence, preparatory to going to California, where hla regiment is or dered lor duty. Major Gamble was a native of Scotland, nnd about filly years old at the lime of his decease, lie was a thorough soldier and a good citizen. The breath of slander never tallied any one polut of his good name. Tut Kxw Water Works.—Before the crib was sunk In (be lake, before even tbo first spado fnil of eatth (brown up from the western end of the proposed tunnel, It was a foregone conclusion that Iho old Water Works would. In due time, be thrown aside for the new; and when the comple tion of (be tunnel was announced, a few weeks ago, some of onr residents flattered themselves with the idea that nothing more remained to be accomplished: that water and little fishes would slop running Ihinnch the old works: and that, possibly, pipes full of pure water would Immedi ately make (heir appearance in every kitchen and bed room to the city. These ideas, In the main, will be realized In a few months, and probably alter Aogu*t next, those who have had smalt Osh hinnght to their booses several times a day, grails, will ho obliged to patronize fish maikets, and pay for all the ftshlhoy carry away—lust as people whi have not patronized (he old w-t-ks for a couple of years bare been lr (he habit of doing. Ibe old pumping home will no lorn sway dar ter the coming summer, and a larger building erected on (Is alls, directly opposite toe new tow er, which will bclWft'ct tiigh. 'The water pumped np In the old house, comas from two small wall*, aiaUtoaia into them from the lake. Under the old enfleos la • large well, W last lt\diftmeler, SO f*nt from each of the email wdu-Ihs iliwe twins di rectly on a tiro, The large well la dug j hut can he connected with the atnaller ones with terj Ititln trouble. A tempor/ry connection l« living made from the old euctpm pipe to the (mini-band thu work la ciprctrd m be completed In a few dava. more or le«a. Work on the now tower ha* been temporarily ao*/>cr>t!cd, hut wilt ho resumed In time lor the completion of tbo tmror at the ‘apedAeddiie. Pum-mnllng theimver will he a handsome park, bounded by Chicago avenue, rcsraon.tho lake, and Until atreela. Handsome treeaand lounialna will be planted and located h this park, which, It la earnestly to he hoped, wj| bo “a thing ufbcauly" and “a Joy former.” DTnncirrrnvn'a Combedcial akp Eiu’ca •nouALlsarm-Tioa.—Our readcra cannot be too often nmlnded of the rupcrlor advantages and unnsnal facilities presented by tbla establishment for either a thorough course of commercial train ing, to those desiring to enter Into business purenlle. a complete and accurate classical and malbetrallcal preparation for gemination Into either of nnr pi cat uth rrsUle*, to iho*« dcslrou* rf pursuing a profeMlonal course, or for a s-mnrt English i duration to oilicis who may desire to carry tbclr studios no imtiier. In tbc rducallotial department ol the college. It* director* hate loti* striven to make it mitts) m every rrspr-ct, if not enpeitm. in lb" more i*. Downed Iml tint tnmeinonim tom riaMleal achnol* of (be Knstetu stales, which have bubcriolwn re garded In the We*t a* Hie rH»m«t r/n*/ • of editea- Tlima! vcrleciion. Ihe (wknosiwlßed reiumn whic h the college ba* ahead* ar.|uhei|, and the ispld Incrva*** In number ol stmb'iii* which tiaa distinguished, and Indeed, rill) dUtlngm'ljc* it. ja the bsM piwof ol Ihclr slices**, tlm boat ocpla nation of the wide-spread fame it poi.otse*, am otthehoarty good will and good wMio* of al who ham become in any way couiirctnl witn It. A glance at me printed piocraimox* i**»rd by the college, will convince all of tho wide and comprehensive nature of the studies pnrsuod; and the skill, ability and niece*, of tin' professor* u beat attested by the bleb decree ot sailstaclloo expressed by all whoe« relative* hare emered tlm Inmltullon aa *imlcnl». . Tbc excellence of the bnalncas depattmeni ir too well known to nerd further comment, and if tt did, Ua halls, crowded with a'udenta, would he tbc beat. Apart from ihe practical value and ap plicability oi (he course of instruction ndop ed. unuiual facilities are also presented cither for those but Impiafoctly acquainted with our lan snare who desire to perfect themselves In Ir, or for those of tmr young fellow-dtlfcn* who detiro to unite a familiar knowledge of German and French with a comprehensive and accurate ac quaintance with the principle* and practice of commerce. The Principal. Nr. Dyhremortb, (who la eo well known In »hla city as being one of the heal of its linguist* as well a* ofllabnaiaess men > personally superintending this department, ant admitting any of It* student* to tne advantage* of hla valuable Instruction. THE STEWART DIVORCE SUIT. Fourth Day of the Trial. Testimony of Hon. E. C. Earned—llls Interview with, and totters to, Mrs. Stownrl-A Wife’s Opinion of Her Husband-Sermon. Stealing- The Defendant Denounced as a Thief, Liar, and Hypo* crlto. Family Devotions Before and After Marriage. Boeilia Dudley on the Witness Stand —Her Version of the Intimacy— She Denies any Improper Con nection with the Defend ant or any Other Wan The Sicwart divorce case was continued on Saturday before Judge Jameson, of tho Superior Court. There was present In tho court room the many persons who have daring the past three days entered their appearance to listen to the de velopments expected lo be delivered In the pub- lic hearing. The great event of tho day was tho examination of Hotel la or Roallta Dudley, and she denied all the allegations of each and every witness who bad testified to nncbasllty on her part. The Gist witness called was E. C. LARKED, ESQ„ who testified, in substance, ss follows: 1 have been connected with this suit. My firm filed tbe fliet answer. Previous to that Mr. Stew art bad consulted me In regard to his wife. Be did so, first, on the Uth or 15th of November, 1865. Q. TVhalwaalhccanecofyourvrtlbdrawlogfrom the cause? Objected to as Immaterial. Objection over ruled. A. Wc withdrew on account of the conviction that It would be deemed important for me to be a witness. Q. What were tbe acts and declarations Indica ting tbe feelings of Hr. Stewart toward bis isife when he consulted jon? Objected to and temporarily withdrawn. Q. Did yon call on Mrs. Stewart ? A. I called on Hn. Stewart at her haaband’s request. 1 wrote to Mr. Washington Smith, fts 1 deemed It Improper to go to any gentleman's house to aco a lady ander those circumstances without receiving his permission. I therefore addressed a letter to Mr. Washington Bmlth set ting out tbe request that bad been made by Mr. Stewart, and giving a reason, and asking an in terview. It was in pursuance of that letter ant thereplvto 11, that the interview was bad. ] baveacopyol tbe letter with me, and it can be produced. Q. l will ask yon. Ur. lamed, If the character of the letter was not to effect an amicable con- IIJV ItUU HM Dl't tu UM HMiafllM. -wu dilation or separation ? A. That was dedared in It to be the sole purpose of ray visit. (The letter, dated November 14, 1605, was read In evidence, asking an Interview.] 1 received an answer to that letter from Mr. Smith, which I have hnntcd in vain to find. The purport of it was lhai the interview would bo ac cedad to, and naming a time ami place lor it, to wn, at bis residence, on the following evening, or iheiicxt but one. (Copy shown.) My impression Is this Is a correct copy of the answer. (Loiter of November 1-1, from Washington Smith to Mr. E. C. Larncd assenting to an inter view. and condilioniug that Sicwart would uol ac company the attorney to his house.) I called at the time snb.-cnucntly designated by tio'c or arrangement, on Ihe jCUi of November. IS®. Q. Please state what occurred at that Interview? Objected to on the ground that whatever is said between parties with a view to ctl'ccl a compro mise Is not tohe admitted In cv idrnce, and on tho further ground that u is Immaterial to tbe case. iPcDdliigtheirgumui!! the Court signified that while he was willing (o bear the argument through if Itwcrcashcdor soagbifor.he was convinced that the evidence might he received, because the stale ofmlnd of the defendant was evldcncetend- Ing to disprove adultery ; but. If this were Intro* duced It must Include the testimony oflho.condl* ticn ol mind of complainant, which would be ad mitted as tending to prove that adultery bad been committed, and bad'eome (o ber knowledge.! The witness continued: 1 desire to say tbs'. If f had supposed their conversation to he confiden tint I should certainly not be here. I can’t pre tend to give tho result ol a conversation of three horns’ length. When I first entered the parlor it Mr.Sinith's house I met a lady. I had not the pleas me of Mrs. Stewart's acquaintance. hut I pre sumed It wa« she. 1 bowed and said, "Mrs. Htew- nrtV Hie lady replied, **Mlsa Smith, if yon please.” I Immediately answered. “1 don't consider it proper, Madam, for me to rail tou by any other name than that the law allows yon to bear, therefore I cannot any ‘Whs Smith,* bnt must say ‘Mrs. Stewart-’" Very shortly alter her father came In, and she re* malned during the entire Interview, hut he tiny have been absent slew momenta, I slated that 1 had calltHl to ace If I cotihl prevent having (hi* unfoitiinato domestic eslmiißetnenl po any fuithcr, and that I wanted, ft poMihte, to gel her to leltiiti to her hnshaud. I slated to tier that Mr. Stewart desired me to say to her that he still tolned the strongest a{Tee>lmi for her; that noth* tup had alienated his feelings from tier, and Dial, notwithstanding what had occurred, ho still loud her, and he debited that she should return helm*, nini tie was ready to support her, and to provide a hnmo for her, and llmi) de«lred to And out what the grounds were whirl) Justified this sipnraUoti, Hue then Went Into a detailed siatrmmt of the grounds of romnlmnt. Vim Pr>i mound of complaint wa« that 1m had. what she mlUn. stolen sermons. Him detailed the evidence that tint! satisfied her mind of this; that ha l ad inUeii a sermon from a certain clergy* man. I ihUik, In rillshurßK and another In l.n* Tone If I umetnher lightly, and that he had picmlied them us hts own. Tha second ground was that ho had stoh n hitters from a Post OdV ft .... tliu Wo- 1 Milu, »\liore, I think, a Mr. Htewart was Postmaster. and where ho had the privilege u( going, ami thero were letters belonging to soldiers. I think. 1 rejilUd to that that I had understood from Htewmithat he had heard some such Intimations, and that it would he very geneious for her to be lieve fmrh things of her husband; and It wonld be a gruatgrntificatlon for her to know that be was innocent of it; and that bo dealro-1 me to say that anybody who made the charge against him he would be clad to meet before a criminal tribunal; and that he ronrtod tbo investigation; and that It was her dtur to cense the matter to he invffltlcated. The third gronnd was In con nection with some letter he had boon cotnmU rioiica to rake from tbc etnre of Mr. Washington Smith to the Poet OSlce. Tbc allegation was that he bad detained or opened and read It, and that bho found it in tbe pocket of bis overcoat I made a like statement as to what her duly wa* In this regard. 1 then urged upon her that these things would not Justify her before the courts, or tbe Christian world, for refusing to live with her husband, and that 1 thought it ber duty to return to him, as by remaining away from him she was injuring him while be was a young man; she should re turn to him cr afford him the opportunity to meet the charges. 1 also told her that he desired ber to prefer charges against him m an ecclesiastical conrt, that he might meet them. 1 appealed to her to mum lo him. With that she said toot she regarded Mr.Slcwarl as a hypocrite, and that she could not live with him, as she expressed It, wlthonl an Injury to ber spiritual character; that contact with this man was so damaging that she could not possibly live with lilxn without Itecondngdeflled. I said to her, as a reply to that, that I cunid not see bow her moral nr spiritual character could bo benefited by tramming on one of the first la *s aid obligations ot Chrtauan life, the dutr of a wife lo her hus band. 1 cltad to her tire instance ot another lady who bad clung to her husband iu her troubles, and was well esteemed by the c'tlxens. She mulled that it was no use to talk to hen that she never would live with him: that her mind was made nn. and she would never have any intercourse with him. I can't remem t*er it I told her tbo explanation Stewart made about the letter found In bU pocket, at>d t bare forgotten what it waa. in regard to too sermon* | I spoke Jocosely of lr, that if that was a Jasllßca tlontor wives to leave their clerical husband*, there woala be a featuring In tbo community, nr something of that Rind. Mr. Smith told mo to •ell Ur. btewnrl never to apeak to or. rccognlae him or u tnijrlit ho aanccrone—bo would not lie accountabloTor the consequences. subsequently a letter was written bj our Arm asking for an in* icrvlrw for Stewart with bin wife. This was dl reefed to Mr. Smith, and answered by Mrs Stew* I art. In her letter abc declined to recelro the vim, tailed her husband a thi-r, a liar, and a htp* cciltc, and d( nonneed ary aitorney who was c’or nlranl of Ur facta fhe bad told me.o« little better. Alter this a letter was sent tendering her a homo at the Kichtr.onu House. Q. What were the acts and declaration* of Mr. Stewart In relation to bis state of feeling toward bla wife? Objected to, and objection overruled. A He seemed to hive a strong direction forhts wife, ao far as bte dtclarationa went. 1 could not tell anything about It, except by hU letters and what beratd. lie had ant-lea slio still lovcdhlm, and this 1 (old him wag not so. If I coaid Judea of human nature. His condition was as one who was anxious, otherwise I noticed nothing that was peculiar, excepting that he so frequently came to tbo oRIco that his vt*its became annoying. 1 did not tell him this, bnt U was a tart. * The com t then «d!otmicd until sp. ra. AFTERNOON SESSION. Upon the coining In of court the defence con tinued |bc examination of R. C. LAItNED. too., who frriher raid: 1 emitted to odd, in tiic art* of Sir. Stewart, that on tin l Will of March* iWi, be brought to me a long Idler addressed to Mm. Htcwnrt, which I read ihrongh, and finding nothing tba» 1 deemed objectionable Iti It. encored It In a letter to Mr. Washington Ptnilh. of which 1 have a ropy upon ray letter-hook. I save the letter to my errand hoy, hm cannot aay It wa* dcllrcred. 1 don’t ilduk the young man la la the city. Uu is a neph ew of Mr. John McNally, V. Do you remember the time when Hlewart communicated to you the fart, a* his counsel. ot a woman bring thrown hi hla aoclotyal a hoard tup hotiae under certain rtrcnuataocoa, and what chrmnstanreer Objected to. Counsel for the delcnro proflVm to show Ihal this woman was a f mate detective, and ihal ahe wascmpioycrt in Hie attempt to gel unaeharge of adultery. Ihe evidence waa not ailtnlUnd, un less ihe conipuacy allrgod fletbe shown,urnu less evidence tending to show II he exhibited. (YflH-rfemifaftoH—Tlii* Interview tuted about three hours, until abonleleven or metre m iheevening. The conversation wa« nolle fnll and detailed. 1 think ahe aanl the sermons were stolen while they were on a lour, hut I do nol re member that It waa the wedding tour. I think, perhaps, the name of (he clergyman In Pittsburgh •he raid aermoua lad been stolen from waa Pnlvely; It was a queer name, ami Ihe name of tbo other clergyman waa l.ogan, of Valparaiso, hid. I ihluk she raid he and ■he called at Mr. login's. ami ho waa absent, and be made pretext to want to see the llbiary, and lima waa lei In and took the ernnon. 1 think the raid be Pretended to want to write a Utlcr. 1 think abc aald she found the original •cimona In bla pocket, and copied them unknown (o him. I think ahe aald he took two or three aer moua from one place, and one from the other. I IhlriK ahe raid when f hey got home ahe (axed him with Ihe theft, anti ho owned It. hut I do not icmemherihalsne said he placed Ids baud upon aUtblcand aw ore ihal he find not done aa ahe •aid he had. Hhc aald (bat then ahe produced her cony, and he asked her pardon, or admit ted ihe act, I don't thhia I remember that ho naked her pardon, hut 1 cannot any It did not occur. Hhe aald ahe found several lettm a belong ing to soldiers In hi* overcoat pwkcl. J may he hihtal.en. hut 1 don't think ahe raid hr cot up one night alter ahe had been asleep. and ahe found V«l» t»‘"dlng a lelter, having money «»n hi* lap, but lahonldheaotrytoaweßt that ahe did tint aay wht* avrrotn lo Mr. login about the !n« «L. .* from mm, nnd she told .!»»• login s letter Hum to •how dial j,® had taken a sermon without ,U ?l Nltn said Mm thought the soldiers leiier* had money In ihem. because the envelope* seemrd to have h. en aunt' lion. In eflscl ah« aald that || waa hard iu I.V • woman to cm iinun living with a m 5« iu., wal able a any moment to he arre.Ud for rMim Ihomalla. Htewar had (old roo that lha ct aVi?. waa floating aranud that he had stolen letters and cr *!l ,a ‘ ~ «n»nvea«g»llai» con.-am lug It. bhesald aho married him luafliofreh. grans enthusiasm, when ahe waa inturerted in the church and bo waa a alndent, end ha u-kh! to coma to tbo house and conduct family prayer, and that aho supposed that she was giving herself to a good cause when ahe married him: hut that after aho married him, he discon tinued IhU thing, lie did not take any Interest In It, ana Instead of conducting family prayers bo did not pray when be went to bed, and found fault with bar lor being so long laying her prayers. She complained that when ahe went out wllh him he would point out fancy women to her. and make remarks abonl 1 tola her that Ptewart was ready to aupoorther.andsha sneered' at the Idea of bis having anything, and told mo \JI« 11 I «u kl. Uwrcr 1 li.d belter e-e that I jot wy viy beforehand, 111 ho would not keep hla word—(hat I could nol rclj” upon him. 1 wont «i a lawyer lo Mrs KlowatLamlaotold her when 1 went there. 1 did not tell her the convolution •homo be confidential. 1 do not remember any luch itiloDeol. 1 remember ahe uid the could not heir to go to chnrcb and heir him preach aor menu which ahe knew he had stolon. The next witness a worn was ROMUA DL'DtET, who testified In substance as follows; lam ae qualnted with Bsc wart since a year ago lut April. When 1 lived on the corner of Van Daren and Clark streets ho called there to p et soma sewing done by my mother. 1 next saw htm that same week at my home when be bronchi the work. 1 learned his name thin. My mother was with mo —that Is Mrs. Tower. 1 think he left bis name aa flari L. Stewart. 1 don't rememhar when 1 next saw him. I moved to 809 Bomb Cltrk street, on the drat of May. Ur. and Mrs. Robinson lived with mo there; and be called, cehlng the work. Uy mother didn't lire with me then. Ur mother rued to come there* every day and return to her home In the evening. She brought her work wlib her, and daring this time Bicwart continued to employ her. Q. State what war the demeanor and conduct of Mr. Stewart when yon saw bln? A. I never wr anything oat of the way in Ur. Stewart—never; he was a perfect gentleman. I moved from 809 Clark street the 18tb of Ancnit. and went to the corner of Quincy and Slate. Mr mother assisted me to move, ana afterward Uvea in the same boose, moving there la September of 18C5. she lived right across the hall, and re* malm d there untU she broke up boose keeping In November, and came to live with meualil the 4th of December, when she went to Indiana. After she broke np housekeeping. Mr. and Mrs. Newport occupied her rooms. I cannot say whar day they took the rooms, nor bow long they re mained there, but they left in the winter, while ray mother lived with me she slept In the aame bed with me, and a young lady slopped with me lor a week and occupied a second room of the tlnee we bad. The name of the young lady was Miss Kelly. She came to stop a week until she went ont of town. I was not mnch acquaint ed with ber, and she left before my mother went away. Lawyer Kioner called npon her while she wee at the house, twice or three times. Once he was accompanied by a Hr. LulLa constable, wbo came (o subpoena my mother. The case in which ehe was enbpomaed was one for the recovery of a trunk belonging to Miss Kelly. Kinney sat In the front room and did not pass through my room. and 1 don'tremember that he retired to Miss Kelly's bedroom. He never passed through my room when 1 was in bed. J think there was a gentle man Ibcrc when be called, an acquaintance of Mies Kelli's, whose name 1 don’t know. This per* son was ibcic when beandMr.Lnllcamc. When he came my mother slept with me. Ido not think anybody was in bed when he left, but if there was it was myself and my mother. Hr. Stewart never etaycdinmyroom all night, and never was there when Mr. Kinney came. Mr. Stewart was never there eatly in the morning, and I never got np as early as five o'clock nor as early as seven o'clock. He was never bed. Ue was never found in his stock* Ing feel m my room early in the morning, nor on* dressed in any way. Be never was undressed In my bouse. Mrs. Newport never came and found him there early In the morning. Ido not think she ever saw Mr. Stewart in my homo in ber life, and she never came Into my bouse for any matches. She nor anybody cue ever saw me sluing in Mr. Stewart's lap, and 1 never rat there, 1 never wrote notes to him or exchanged notes with him. Louisa Miller never came into my room when I was In bed with Stewart, and I never fastened mv door with a cord to prevent ber coming in: 1 had no occasion to fasten it. Louisa Miller came to my bonso December 4th. 1 sent her away the lost of April. She rented a room oi me, as she said she was going canvassing the city. It was some time before I consentea to let her have the room, bat mother was going away and I did, she paying mo five dollars a week. 1 sent ber away because 1 thought I would not have any women round me. and 1 don't think she was a proper character. I saw Stewart at my p'nce on Quincy ctieet,he called once or twice. Minnie Wood came to my honre at 81W Clark street, about two weeks before I moved, and she went to Quincy street with mo, and remained nmil September. 16U3, paying me $3 a week. Stewart never was in bed In any of the rooms In the bonee, and 1 never eat with him on ibo bed, and never remained with him in a bedroom an boar or two. lie never remained in (be bedroom or Mary Wood or Louisa Miller. 1 remember when Mar; Wood was sick, bnt 1 do not remember that be went Into her bedroom. Stewart only made friendly calls, and be brought tewing (o my mother on Quincy street. There vns never any love-making between us, and bo never kissed or embraced mo- lie used to spend most of bis (ime talking of his wife end bis trouble vvilh her. I remember bis caUitic one evening with a physician; Urey both left together. lie never remained otiy length of time on any visit, and 1 never beard him sine a tong lu my life. 1 was sick with icuralgts in the summer of 1“-G5. Tlie bouse was pulled while I was sick. My husband was then in Chicago, but on tiioi evening be was at brother’* and he knew nothing about the arrest. My brother Is Isaac To-or; be llvca on the West Side. Minnie Wood came back in April and said she va> married lo Cleorgc Ilurllmrl, and I let her nt.d Mm board there under that umterstandlng. 'Unit whs the flist time 1 ever saw llurlburt. Ster ait never promised lo rive me n mud, and 1 never trtd Hntlhnrt so. 1 bad a difficulty with Mrs. Newport. Mu* came In and said some man came up her stairs, nnd came to my bedroom while Miss Milter was there. 1 told her I bad no knowledge of It, and if she came out In that way I bever would bare anything more to snr to her, and I did nut. Hint was when Miss Miller wns there. A detective mine, and lie raid, “Mrs. Dudley, you bad bellcrlmnhe some money nut of this opera* lion.*’ 1 said "bow 1" He said. "yon will not luahc anything mil of Hlowarl; be lias nut got mything. *’ I said, " 1 guess I will,'* and thought I would go on aril Just see what he had to say. I said. " 1 don’t know hut you could, hjr paying a good dent." HaM he, "will you go and admit it tor 1 said "I don’t know shout t’ltl.” Maid hr, " Won’t yon cmitr down to Turtle’s otTlcc 10-tuotrowl" Haul I, "No." ••Well," said he, "1 rill btlug Tuilte up here." Hnld I,"No,you won't" Thun, h«i said, "I will drop a nolo to Washington Htulih, and lie will IU 11. and I told him ho needn't. H« mute hack a ftirlnlglil ago, nnd sold, " Why don’t you make some money mil or Mils oprraMom" it,said I didn’t rare lu ad It. ’iiiU nmn’s union 1* Thomas Harris. *ibu croM-examluallou of IUU wltno** produced n mapllulaihm ot lnr denial* of any liiiiuoiut Intimacy with the tie* (emlant. him statuo that aba bad been nr- mated on a el.arga of ahmtinn. with her mother, )<nl bad bc« n lumoinbly discharged. That she mine fmm tbe I-'ami, aim then ua« named Kawon, Him .lie ban a child now at echou) in Wisconsin, That the was na( nrro»led for atealing, an coun sel linked lior concerning. Her hiubana U a spec ulator, havellmg through the country, who vlrita her onco a year and send* her money, vhen ho bus U(o send. Bt>e denied that the had ever iiCeiTcd the vlilta of gentlemen, or received my (row them for aervlcea rendered. Other than n the hiring of herroomt- Tbo Court adjourned until Monday at 10 a. m. Till: tVOOUTIANSEr.-UYAN CASE, The Charge of Kwlndllnc>ProsrMS of tlie usc-Au Explanallun. Ihft cn»c of William Ryan, charged with swind ling J. L. Woodmansce ont of nine hundred dob lars by a confidence came, was again brought be* tore ibe Police Court on Saturday altcrnoon, bnt it appeared that Ryan bad already been Indicted before the Grand Jury on Friday, and as no pros* centire witnesses appeared, the care was dis rupted at tbc Police Coart. Aa considerable comment baa been made npon the cate. It is due to Justice fitnrtcvani and the Police authorities that tome farther explanations should be made. A wairani was Issued lor tho arrest ol Ryan on toe I4lb day of December. Mr. Woortmansee, rosin- Inc at a dl lance from the cl y. was re* i*alcdlv notified by mall and telegraph fo make his appearaoce lo prosecute a ►all against Byan for obtaining money by false pretences. To accommodate his unexplained do lor, ihc case was continued two or three limes, Ryan making an appearance and be ns desirous for an examination .P 0 ?? Us arraignment at tbo PollcjrConrt on the ad tvsl, Mr. Woodmansce altll absent, he was dls- Cbnreed from custody. . , ];tui was ro-arreeted on the old warrant of De cember Htb, and again bronchi tWorothe Police tribunal the next day'after hl« discharge. Mr. Woedmaosce was then present. It appeared m>m his stalement that lie was in the city several hours before the last pterion* examination of Itjan, bnt wh»n asked by Jna-lce Brortovant why he Old not come forward to prose cute the case, he was manifestly embarrassed, ami could make no direct and satis factory rcnly, Ills singular manner, and his ab aci re on termer occa.ilons when the prisoner was ready for trial, excited Ibo suspicions of the Court that there was something in the case which old not appear npon the face ol it, and that savcjod very much of persecution. It was not for bun to countenance such a course, even if be did know that “tbo prisoner l-rfore ihlm was a »wel!-aoown thief, nra blackleg. ll The additional statement ol an evening paper that Justice Sturtevant said, when fixing iim amount of ball, that Uvan w.v an “hon orable thief, always coming up promptly to trial at the time agreed on, and never forgetting his hall 11 Is presumed to have been a heavy drat lon the writer's Imagination. To tho«o personally acquainted with Tustice biurtevant the statement would not teed any r.fuiailon, bnt with those who do not know him, and bis kind but firm nnd dignified bearing in Conrt. it might Injure him. and, convoy abroad an Impression that onr Police Conrt .lodges are In collusion with thieves and criminals, and always ready to look upon them with leniency and forbearance. . rpcm being rearrrsted the prisoner had a local rlghtlo acontlnuanoe of tbc case fur (he purpose rf picparlcg nis defence, nnd It wa« i granted bun. In consideration of the net that he had been two or throe limes ready for Inal upon hts first arrest, and the suspicion that he was. lor some unknown cause, being persecut ed. his bail was lo J.VXJ. A man named t u* m 3 ut>'» noi n iv » uiau uauivii Ifllcy, swearing to the fact (hat tin (Rlleyl »u word) f WHO or *.?fl,nno In teal estalc, was accept c«i ns Via ball. The Police Justices arc not In (he haMi of examining those who offer themselves for hat] regarding (heir romal character, and to the ‘-notorious Tonnt* Idler,'’ though he mar he a bad man, waa accepted and (here Is no doaht Imt that he was abundantly responsible. The paper, already quoted from, Intimate I that Ilyan would not be likely to matte hla appearance mt Saturday last: ‘-whpn.hy simply keeping hlmndfnnt of the way, he would not on ly reenra hla pcraonal liberty, bttt make a clear train of (-UH. llyan did make bis appear ance, and (( Is alleged (bat he had been ip- P'oarhrd with offer* to romnromlso the alleged awtrdic by those who are en gineering the Interest* of Mr. Woodmansee, but (hat he, whether an ••honest” thief or not, ore forted a Judicial Investigation of the matter. It ha* also ueett repotted, (though with what trnlh we hare not been able to ascertain,l that Mr. Woodmansee was restrained by certain parties fiotu inaVlnghts appearance at the Police Court. The action of JttsMce Hturtevanttn tne cate, un der all the circumstance*, would only ae*m (n he to consonance with his well-known attributes— Justice tempered with mercy. Obituary. In ano<her column of (his paper Is recorded tbe death of Ilreret Major Charles U. llosmer, First Infantry, IT. P. A., with the customary announce mrnl of the dale of the funeral. lie was bom In the city of New York on the IfHh ol October. IMP, and was consequently, at the lltm* of his decease. In the STth year of his ago- lie removed to Chicago In November, inji. and was encased In the harking bull nese ntifll the hreaktng ont of the rebel lion. Prior lo lhal event ho had Join ed the celebrated nileworlb Zouaves, and was prominent among that well disciplined and soldierly lody of young men lor proflrlencr In drill, lie accompanied them on their KaMcrn tour, taking an active pari Ui all thMr exhibitions. I'.arlT In CBl. upon the tccommrttdation of General Mansßcld, then commandlncln Washing loo. Major llosmer was appointed Second Lieu tenant In the First Infantry of the regular army. He then served In that city successively on the staffs orCcnerali Mausflctd. iturnsidc. Flit John Poller and rasev. when. with his command, he was ordered to the West for service hi Ihtfleld: hi* regiment being employed n artillerist*. and he being (dared tn thcrommand of asecllnn of a hat ter) of heavy gun*. From (bis time until after Hie ratiiMdatlon of Vicksburg, his command were actively ongaved lu the various severe contests whhh took place lu eontircllon with the Western campaigns. Al rianUUn: upon the bloody plains of Cinlitlhtat Island Number Pent the siege ol Vicksburg | and other memorable n«ld» of battle, Major llosmer displayed that gallantry, steadi ness and unflinching coinage, which secured tor Um not only th« meed of praise of hi* comrades, hut the substantial notice oi ids country with tun hir'd promotions. Hulneijmn.ll). h>< was ordered to New Orleans, and It was while fslihtoily serv ing there he laid the foundation (nr (ho disease Uhlrh baa inccidly so abrupUy terminated bis am-er. ills lifowa* a bright example of refinement and nobbltv or character, lie practice none of me \irca w bleb aro unhappily eo prevalent among the yonnptuenol the present age. but lived a Ilf.) of ptmiy and strict morality. Of an amiable dispo sition, he wa* beloved by all who kne w him. lie wsamodtstro a fault, and ii was this trait, per haps, as marked as hi* cw-«t personal tonnage to the bonr of danger, which constituted one of the greatest of bl* charms. Of hi* career as a soldier but little could be lesmed from hi* own lips, lie ws« too seH-deprecstlog. it was to bli brother oncers that hit friends were IcdebUm for the knowledge of the manylncldenls of hU gallantry on (he fieldof battleTnlse his pral-es lo that re spect would have been forever unsung. nta disease was consumption, tbo Immediate cause of his death beieg a violent hemorrhage of the longs. Be passed away calmly and peace- fnlly, with a sweet smile of assent upon hi* llpa when Inquired of ss to bU assurance of a home tn Heaven. Ue bad fought nobly lor bis conntrv; be died a Soldier of the Cross, enlisted In the Army of the Lord. AfflCsllfllEftTfl. The past week has been a rather uneventful one In our little world of amusements. The operatic season has closed and we are left to Indulge In phasing anticipation* on the great event “toon to arrive"—the advent of Distort. Tho theatres have done a amootb, steady holiness, although nothing extraordinary baa transpired at either of them, rerbapa the akattng parks have ab sorbed a greater abate or attention than any other special of amusement. Not a single interruption huyei occurred, since the hm breath of winter came, to the pleasures of tho ice. Tho frost has kept np wonderfully since Christmas, nor does there yet soetn to be any in* dlcatlon of a break down. We were already In the middle ofthe season at a time when we were generally making preparations to commence, carnivals and masquerades were the fashion last week. Tho Central Park led off, and tho man agers of the several Kinks followed anil. They ere very agreeable festivals, these fancy carnivals, and very piofllahle to the mans* gets, for they never fall to attract Immense crowds. Dot nothing that could be termed ex cellent or artistic In the matter of dresses baa yot beenpioduccd at either of them. They are tn fact all one and tbt aame carnival. Toe same crowd oi maskers who disported themselves at the Central on Wednesday went to the Wabash Rink on Thursday, and will again go to the West Side Rink on Monday. There was the same ass's bead, the same goblins, the same clowns, and kings and queens, and the only vari ation in the show was to be seen lu.tho spectators and the places where they exhibited. It requires a stretch of Imagination to look at these awk wardly got np figures, and conceive them to be a jolly company oimcrry-makers, gone mad with frolic and enjoyment. They are rather sorry mas queraders, me beat of them, and seem to be simply making sport for the Philistines, while they tnemselves are enduring the tortures of suffocation. A really good masquerade would he a treat, bettor than a .play, could we gel to gether a number of personages capable of sup porting the characters they are pleased to assume. Aside from the carnivals, which are principally to he commended In that they succeed in drawing together large assemblages, the art of skating appears to be prosecuted more vigorously this winter than on any former season, we have quite a number of “ star ’’ skaters In the cur now. espe cially among the (air sex a number of whom ap pear lo be advaectng fast into eminence In this branch of “art" Tbe heavy enow storm which fell on Saturday night will doubtless Inaugurate a now season of eielghlng, and this will vary for a time the char acter of our winter sports, which have hitherto been too exclusively confined to the Parks and Rinks. Hirroni.—The Queen of Tragedy will make ber first appearance belore a Chicago audience at the Opera Bouse on Monday night, the Slst Instant. The sale of seats will commence on Tuesday morning at the box office. Ihe Opera.—Tbe last notes of Ihe Strackosch warblers have been beard in onr midst. The mat inee on Saturday wsa well attended, though the weather terribly militated against It, and the last opera ot the season was given in a highly satis factory style. McViCREB's Theatre. bliss Ccdle' Rash closed on Saturday evening tbe first week of her engagement here. She has made a very favora ble Impression' upon the play-golag public, as has been evinced by the gradually increasing sixe of tbe audiences since ber opening night. On Mon day evening Misa Rush will undertake the role of “Lady Isabel" in “East Lynne,” In which she Is said to have won high praises from competent Judges. Wc were recent ly favored with Lucille Western's powerful ren dition of this character, and all wbo witnessed It win doubtless have a curiosity to near Hiss Hush's version, and compare notes. Museum.—'The comedy of “A Hundred Thousand rounds," drew good houses during the greater part ol the week and proved a very ac ceptable play. It was withdrawn on Friday, whin a variety bill took Its place. On Monday evening the play of “Lost in Lon don” will be reproduced. Ciiosut OrrnA House.—A new theatrical troupe is announced tu appear on Tuesday night at the Opeia House, for a brief season, under the man agement of Mr. 1). N. Wheeler. Prominent among the members of the company arc tbe names of John Dillon ana Johanna Clanssen. Tbe former has already disappointed the public so often that a considerable course ot uomptnesa and. good conduct will be required on his part to restore public confidence in him. Ilobas Eiom lied as much, and bis friends will trust that o fulls not to keep bis promise. Hiss :Clans»en Is a lively and spirited young artitte. who has won for bereeli the good opinion of Ihe public. They arc supported by a competent dramatic company, many of whose names arc well known lu this city, Tho nieces announced for tho open. night arc “Handy Andy” and “Married tM)F.BGUOUNU AffIUSEtTIKNTS. Wo have frequently referred to the first-class facilities offered to the people of Chicago for tpiiiding money; we have, I>y proper Illustration, shown Uiat a speculator who buys red winter for $2 Mi,‘and sells the same article the next day for f 2.-15. doc* no' trade to the beet advantage; wo bare spoken as ofienna occasion required,oftho enticing same oi roufldenev, which la played overv day or two at railway depots; we bare published a con* sldernhlo number ol arllclea in reference to the market prices of wedding tings, house rent, prairie clnrkcus, mutton chops, baby Jumpers and gas bills; we have endeavored to keep our irodcre posted In regard to the actual value of Ibo I’lrpblcbilnl stock owned bjr Andrew John son. and have, with some sallnacllon. teported it* tegular decline; wo have aevcial Utnos ndvlscd men who possessed more money limn discretion, to abandon the Interest* ing study of zoology. especially at me* raucrlea where the principal attractions consist of an accomplished faro dealer and a hungry tiger t but we aio willing to make a plea of umitY to the charge of having given the go-by to miinrrnna Interesting games of chance anil skill which are played every week day wetting, and occasionally on the evening of the seventh day, In many of Dm basement " dives “ that are snppmlod by men whoso Inclinations prompt them to pass away a few hours of each day In tno apparently agreeable,but really nnpiotliabfe, busi ness ol Killing lime. SVu amide to Hie games known by sharpers and nmanmrs as ’• I'iense out,” “Whiskey I'okor.” M riich,” “ t’rlhbauu," hcvetj.Up," and “Two-l*l«el.Oi.e.“ These games, providing we can place any reliance In « stale, mini which one of our reporters says wsa mads to him a few days ago, am more profitable to the owners of the *• dives “ aforesaid, than tutboaa who receive the variegated pieces of psitebosrd w hub the dealer distributes around the table. In every game that we can think of, with two oxcop lions, there is a certain amount of elm* llailty regarding the penalty which the loser Is expected to pay- Tt*®-** **r<-nttnnH m I Whiskey I’okcr and donkey races—the only rtil fftietce being tba', while the winner ol the ! I Whiskey I’okcr contest loses, and is obliged to settle at the bar for liquids which, It we am cor rectly Informed, ere lecnnlcallyterrocd “drinks,” the last donkey that passes tbo borne stretch wins the pool. “Two-l’mck-Ooo" sometime# coca by the title of “Cul-lbroat,” but tbc latter la. In the minds of the sensitive beings who patronue basements, rather 100 expressive, and the former, on account of Its euphony, is tbc most popular or the two, qbe rest ot tbc games above named are not noted for any very peculiar characteristics—the most Important ones of whlchjarc that the more one plays them (bo less money be retains in nls pocket book, and the greater amount of stamps tall into the landlord’s till. Tbc landlord, as a Stccral rale, does not pliy, but If be can be in* need to participate, he comes off scatholes*, and at the end of every game says, “Well, boys, yoa’d belter call for what you want; Jack for Bill, as tbc cose may be.) loses the game; ball a dollar, if vou please, because you know 1 don’t trust." Ho tbc games go, and at the end of on hour or two the players are out of pocket from half a dol lar to a dollar and a half. When they leave, the loud lord says to them, “Call again, gentlemen; 1 -bail be bapny to see you at any time,"—(be trans lation of which Is: “whm you’ve got monov to spend yon arc welcome, when you haven’t Vve gotnonsefor you." Thcwhlskcv kepi in some of these dives Is quite sufficient to Jnstliy some men In dieting themselves for dcllnnra tremens after a single evening’* sitting, while others, with tbc exception of the homing out of tbc coats of their stomachs. do not apparently sailer any greater injuries than those resulting from the loss of money and the change of the whites of their eves from their original clear to the bngthest scarlet. A large number of young men patronize some of these basements cVcry evening, and the average night’s loss of each cannot be much less than a dollar. Ibis amount, without counting that ex panded on orcastonal Sunday evenings, mikes up a vcarlj aggregate of fjtlC— a snm larger than some of our wealthy merchants started business with U-ss than ten years ago. '1 ho moral is evident, and wo will not take the trouble to ear what It is. State Taxation of Notional Banks. In ourlssne ofSatnrday we referred briefly to a decision rendered by Hon. Thomas Drummond. In reference to taxation of the stock of National Barks f or Slate and municipal purposes. The de cision was made verbally, and our report of the rare old not convey as definite an idea as the fol lowing statement: Aaron h. CJlins vs. The City of Chicago. United Sistp* Circuit Court, .January, JSC7; Ibe materia* facts In Ibis ca-e were that the city csusrd to be assessed, for Iho payment of taxes, under the law of Illinois, the stock of the First National Dank of this city, as so much cap!* tal in the aggregate. with the Intention of haring the lax levied on the snm total of the canl'ol slock ol tbc bank. The plaintiff, a non-resident stockholder, applied to the court to hare the as sessment set aside as Illegal. The comt decided that the assessment was a violation of tie acts of Congrcsa authorizing the existenceoftho National Banks, and that the capital stock of the bank, as such, could not be assessed tinder State authority; that the only way that tbe stock rotild bo reached wan to assess the shirt s of the different stockholders, in the same manner that assessments were made in other cases against properly owners by the citizens and In habitants oftbr State. ’1 he court acrordlncly held that the assessment made bj the city tn this case against the capital stuck of the hank could not be eoalatood. Mibmonaut add Bcxoat School Cmojf—The Kxi'cnthc Committee of (he Chicago Methodlil Missionary sad Bandar School Uolon held a special meeting on Saturday afternoon to tbs Urttfie Hoorn of the Clark Street Methodist Rpt*. copal Church, Nr. William I*. Moss, Jr., Vico I’lrddvnt, Id the Chair. The Uncording Secretary, Mr. 0. H. Norton, •taint the object of the merlins to bo to consider Hm piofirMy of the appointment of a General Miperlutvndeul of Missionary and Sunday School sllslrs. Mr. H. G, Cook, chairman of a sub-commlUeo appointed to mski'lnqulrlcs, and reportsnmeper run amiable tor the position. recommended Iter, s. t) Ulhrop, Chaplain ol the btale I'rlaon at Joliet, tor the office. The Secretary read atelier from Ur. Ulhrop. < xprvMtpg his willingness lu accept the petition. If appointed.' Onit'OUon, Her. 8.«. Ulhrop waa elected flen era! M Isslonary and Bundar Bchool Agent for the cuy of C’lilcapo. The Hecordine Secretary waa inatrncted to In* lortn Mr. Ulhrop of the action ol the committee, iu mediately, by telmaph. A letter waa read by the Secretary from Mr. Phil ip Phillips, oho offered to site a concert In Cbica l-o on February hth, in behalf ol Ihc Missionary and Sunday School came, On motion. Ntssrs. Arthur Edwards, A. R.Une and George D. Dunham were appointed a commit tee lo take the matter tinder consideration, and lake anch action as they think proper. Un motion, one hundred dollars waa appro pilllcd to the M.K. ladles’ senloa Socletr for tbc purchase ol nccrssarv article* lor clothing re quited Ir the poor tu the city. t>n motion, Messrs. J. V. karwvll, O. Goodrich, A. H. Scranton. J. K. Wll on and 8. A. Kean were appointed an advUorylcomtnlHee lo commit with the newly appointed agent In Ida Held of tutore action. Adjourned. WAtnuo ron tint Wauon.—Although the day* of " teaming" load* of produce irom long dis tances to market ate In this age of railroads and canals fa si passing away, still fur a circuit of a few miles about each business centre, where the dis tance Is nol great enough lo require faster modes of conveyance, the same old method* are rm ployed. The fanner oho Dvrs oi» the broad and (. title prairie aboul Chicago rl*e* at early dawn, load* Ills wagon with gram, potatoes, deceased swine,hmter, eggs, and like "truck.’ attache* laa Hue horse*, or hi* *luw bovine*, and atari* for town. Boon alter ha cro*sea Urn city limit*, a* he romea tin Bute sheet, iliuc Island avenue, hake •m-rt, Milwaukee avenue, Clark aired, and other principal approaches troro the rural olsulci*. be (e n et by one more Individual*, who are ” wetting lor ihe wagon," not only to "all take a nrte," «blch however they gem rally uncoremonlou*lyrtt>. but directly with an eye to a ahrewd stroke of hu»lnwa by foreclalllng iheoperatnre In town and •ffurJpg too farmir’e load. Many a bargain la effected In a moment or by long haggling on the wagon aa It moves along. Some farmer* anxious to sell at once lake the Aral offer: others who keep them selves posted on (ho market rate* hold ont until they are offered their own price; and many refuse the wiles of the tempters until they reach the business centre, where, lo the multt tode of bidders they hope to realise more. The number ia very Urge of these "lyers-ln wall," who make this a regular hnaioeM—in spring and summer watching for loads of butter. vcoetable*. and light farm and garden products. In ilia fall for grain and mil, and la tbo cold Mil tor diya tnalnjr for dressed bon. Homcllm-'fl they make profitable parchaao*, and at other Umc«, when they are lod to bid high on account of the stubbornness of Iho producer orcompeU* tlon*azQonß themselves, thclr’inarvlni are email. The bualoeia would aoem to be precarious, but la It, aa In everytmug else. ahmwtincu. enemy and experience am generally successful. Unfortunately, 1IU<; other puraniw alto, this business contain* rasc«ls nod cheat*, and the circa arc not ram In which their wulgol* arc not Juat weight*. Tnoy will bid up tor pork, for In* aiance. forty or flfiy cenla above the market, and then contrive to make It up by cheating In welch* log. They are sometimes detected at it; and if fanner* would only take the precaution to tako their artlclca to the city weigher the opportunity for each Knavery would be barred. Perhaps the buyer* Justify their fraud as Intended to offset the tnckawlth which some fanners are charged, of baring a number of heavy atones In a load of hay, patting a fresh, bright qaall'-y of that article over aloadmoaty and coarse, or packing a firkin of bailer in a like deceptive war, bat the timUla rimUlbvt principle can hardly be Justified in such care*. When the predicted lime of universal love ana brotherhood snail arrive, the millennium bog and pork wilt be houcht and sold without cheat ing—but that day seems distant from Chicago.] OUR SECOND JbNOW sToast. The second great enow of the season began to Call about six o’clock on Saturday night. It was almost precisely similar in chancier to the first which came a few day e before Christmas, altnough not accompanied by such a severe gale. Jnst about “ gloaming” the streets were pervaded by white drifting clouds of snow, which seemed rather to arise from the earth than to fell from the sky. It gradually Increased in Intensity, whitening the roads, blowing into heaps here and there, blinding the eyes or pedestrians, and seriously Impeding every kind of traffic. The ground was sufficiently bard to retain the snow powder as It fell, and bjfore eight o'clock It bad effectually bushed everything into silence. The street cars were the first to “feel the sad in* flueucc of the hour.” Between five and six they were careering merrily andwl*h esse along the (racks. Xu one hour thereafter they were dragging heavily aua noiselessly along. Xu two boors they were getting stuck fast in eome snow mountain, and lu three boar* they had ceased running alto gether. One after one they went away westward and southward and northward, no more to return that evening, ranch to the satisfaction, no doubt. of the bones and tbc conductor*, who had reason to bices the storm that it came so thick when It came at all. Short aa the notice was of each a fall of snow, and such a condition of the streets, we could hear during the evening the multitudinous tinkle of the alcigh bells. People seemed to be delighted at the opportunity to air their winter vehicles, notwithstanding the exercise was prose cuted under disadvantages. The thaw came so soon, however, alter the last snow storm, that it was not surprising that they should wish to make the mod of the occasion. Up to midnight on Saturday no detentions were reported on any of the lines of railroad centering in this city. Thus far the winter has been very dryandmild, tbo thermometer at no time bcinglower Mr" two or throo degrees below aero, forming a remark able contrast to former year*, when it has fre quently fallen under twenty and lower. We have hitherto bad very little snow-fell, and eome of the weatherwlse have gone so far as to predict that w« would not have a foot ol enow daneg the whole winter, arguing by the well known law of compensation which opera’cs through all nature that an excess at one time mast be aioncu by a deficiency u the future. We bad much heavier ram falls last summer than nauat. Ihe amount of rain between {the Ist of June and the middleofDecember being thirty and a half Inches, or a little In excess of the «nnq?| average In this city established on a mean of thirty year*. We do not possess tbc mean* of ascertaining tbc amount of rain which fell for the first five months of the year, bat ibat amount would be so much in excess of the annual average and, probably was not less than ten inches. That the compcnea’lon above hinted at will always bo made somehow, there con be no doubt, but ” of that day and hour no man know oth.” It would certainly be mnen better that we should czpcifence it during this winter instead o i r.ixt summer. If we are to have during tbo summer months of 18G7a rainfall of ten Inches le.t* than the ational average, the consequences as regards the state of tbe crops at harvest time might be appalling to think of. RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE, The annnal observance of a “week of prayer” by nil Evangelical denominations commenced on Sunday Inst. Dally prayer meetings have been tuld under the auspices of the Young Men’s Christian Association, and each day has been set apart to prayer and conference on particular sub* jet-ls, led by tbe pastors of the different churches which united lu the occasion. The meeting yes* terday was conducted by Mr. D. 1., Moody. Presi dent of the Young Men's Christian Association. They have all been well attended, and an earnest and serious spirit has been manifested, giving occasion for tbe hope that much good has been accomplished. Bo sheering and interesting have they been that It was voted at the .Homing ser vice on baturday to continue them for another week at least, and the following named persons were appointed to take the charge. Monday—Rev, W. W, llsrsba, Tucsday—Mr. TnthUl King. Wednesday—Her. E. J. (Joodspecd. Thursday—Rev. R. U. Hatfield, D. U. Friday—lisy, Mr. Matson. Baturuay—Rev. E. U. Taylor. Tho medings will ho held In tho Clark Street Methodist Church, comer of Washington street, from «to 10 o’clock every morning, and tbe pub lie arc Invited to attend. Pastors also arc re quested to eirc notice to their congrega’lons and urge their Interest and attendance. The following services nrc announced for to day. Invitations are extended to strangers and others to attend, ami lu all cases scats will gladly be presented fleet ni^ABTTKnUK. The house of worship of the Ninth Presbyterian Church, Kill* avenue, will bo dedicated on Hah* t>Hh nttpitinon. at a«4 o’clock The dedloatluu sermon will bp preached by Itev.Z. M. Humphrey* It. 1).. ofthu First I'iosliyiorlan Church. Itev. 0. It. Thonaa, ol H»c SalcmiUoiiuioaallonat Church, and other clertfvmeti, wUflake part In the exnr* clave. itev, A. Kddv. the pastor, will preach in the motnlne at half-past ten o'clock. Them Mill be no service in (h» wentiitf* Third Dinted Pir«b>ierlan Chupeh. Hoperlor street, west or Wells, Ninth Hide. Pastor, tier. John S. McConnell. Public worship at lU|i a. ui. and *|t it. m. nnhhath school at it p. in. Udvei Prusbyirriau Church, Wahash avenue, corner Fourteenth street. Ucv. Mr, Johnaun, or Wavurly, Now York, will preach at the usual hours of worship, via.: lou a. m and 7!( n. m. Fuel Hootch Preahrtoilan Church. Uev. A. McUlanuld will pivach In Ht. Gt’orgfl'tt Halt, did South Clark street, at lUH a m. and Uti p. m. . llev. Charles Gordon Glaar, President of Wood* atock College, Now Brunswick, wilt preach in tho rtm uuuva n ra *n ,»m«t between MadUoa and Uouroe, at lOtf a. m. dab* bath School at «H P- “• Scrvlcca at 7*4 p. m., conducted by the nator, South Preabylcilau Church told School), corner of Wabash avenue and Congress street, Service* by the pastor. Rev. Mr. Marsha. at IQV4 a. m. and p, m. Communion of the Lora’s dapper, re ception of members, and adult baptism after tno morn Is? service. Sabbath School at 9}f a. m. Union Park Baptist Church, corner West Wash* melon and Paclma streets. Preaching morning ai.d crci.lne at 104 a. m., and 74 p. m., by iho pastor, Her. E. O. Taylor. Sabbath School meets at 9a. m. Young people's Bible class same hour. Meetings wi 1 be held every night daring the coming week. . „ Sunday evening lectures, at the First Free Will Baptist Church, Peoria street, comerof Jackson street. The following counscot lectures will he deloered by the uary 13th, A kind word to young folks cm tem perance; January SOih, A voice from the Eu phrates; January 97th, Decision ot character; February Sd, Uome and Its Influences. Services,

10*4 a- to. and 74 p. m. Sabbath School, 13 m. North Star Mission, corner Division and Sedg wick streets. Preaching at 10*4 a m. and 74 p. m., by the pastor, Kov. o. L. Wrenn. Sabbath School at 3 p. m. Prayer and conference meet iocs I nerdny,Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Kov. Mr. Allen, fotmerly missionary to Barmab. will preach Monday, Toureday and Friday even ing. I’vcarbingfitthe Indiana Avenue Baptist Church, Fabbaib morning, by Rev. b. M. Osgood, on M For eign Missionsin tie evening by the pastor. Nkoihl Baptist Chnrc'i,corner of Morgan and Monroe etn*«ts. Breaching at 104 •. ro. and 74 E. m- by the pastor. Rev. E. .1. Goodspecd. Sab alii School at Ha. m. ana Bible classes at 9 a. m. and 3p. m. Young people's meeting on Monday evening. General prayer meeting on Wednesday evening at 7‘* o'clock. Wsbasb Avenue Baptist Church, corner of Wa bash avenue and Eighteenth street. Preaching by the pastor. Rev. Samuel Baker, I>. D., at 104 a. m. and “4 Sabbatn School at p. m. xmionisT eriscoran. Clark Street Church, Methodist Block,corner of Washington and Clark streets. Preachlug at 104 a. m, and 7}» p. m., bytho pastor. Rev. W. c. Dandy. Snbjectln morning: "The Struggle for Spiritual Life." In the evening, “life Obtained.” Sabbath School and Bible Class at 24 p. m. leaver meeting in the Ixcture Room at o>j p. m. Wabash Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. Prrachlrc by the parlor. Rev. ft. M. Hatfield In the morning, from •* Mich. R—9," and in the even ing, to young men. on ** Early piety essential to a happy and ntclul life." Illinois Street church, RliuoU street, between W cIJs ami LaSalle. Ssboath morning. Bible class lor seamen and others at s o'clock. Prayer mccl- Ing «M 0 o'clock. Preaching by the pastor. Rev. C.H. Wheeler, at l(k L*. Sabbath School land Bible clne-oa at Sp. m. Preaching In the evening at *4 o'clock, by Mr. u. L. Moody. Subject: ” Quench not the Spirit.” . IloUing Mill Mission, near Ward’s Rolling Mills, North branch. Rev. Nr. Allen, formerly missionary to Burmah. will preach at 104 a. m. and »H p. m. I‘raver and cotfereocc ’meeting Tuesday evening at .4 o'clock, sabbath School festival Wednesday evening. Rev. c. H. Fowler, pastor of Centenary Church, wilt preach it 3 o'clock. Service In the Second Unhcrrallst Llttuch, corner of Washington and Sangamon streets. Rev. J, tl Davilas will preach at the Park A ve nae Methodist Episcopal Cbmch, at lOu a. m. and at 74 p. tn. Sunday School at 9U p. m. The sarrammt of the Loro's Snppcr al ioe close ot the tunrrlng service. Religions service* every evening through the week, except Thursday evening, when the ladies will give a festival for the benefit of the church. Weil Indiana Street M. K. Church, corner of Sangamon street Rev. Robert Dvniley, pastor. Services, 104 a. m. and 74 p. m. Sublcct evening <ll*eo«ir*«. "Thy Great Salvation/ Services every evening this week, Saturday oacepted. Grace M. fc. Church, corner Chicago svenoa and North Laaalle street^ Preaching at 104 a. m. and J 4 p. m. by Rev. It. Crews, Presiding Bidet Sunoay school at 9 o clock p. m. „ ertscorib. Ft. Stephens Church, corner of Ulna Island avenue and Fomuer street*. Morning service at llrr. w. If. ot Uolulll., Kentucky, hu been Intrltcd to tli. rccinrut. of molt. tkurtk. ■oil nil preach Uwl.j, Wo nouco Ihutli. c horch h«. rotunicd la .natM.lie choir, h.vlnj ..nmi Iholollo»lr»l Mtn Anal. Mein, .optiootlfh. RSC ! Mr - Thl. moral.,, • TnU.loti.ry eerma. will hr prr.cticd hy Her. M. Porter, [ii«l emt io the afternoon ot 3 o'clwk %“l ho held > mUelonety ncellntr ot the perUhee nr tht. city. Moit of the city dn». Sr. promUed lo hj lirreeut, end eddroeece will tic delivered both hr clortry end leltr. In trciml to the mi'll™, in lb I dIIV Wty ot thle clly ore cordUin; livi. ledw bo prceeot ood to Uko pn.t In Iho iloCMl tnunloti, enner lUndolph elrert Vnd w.SiIhJS; ./d'lSfSSe'b ?,”' n ' n h ;,7i r .v"ll' Morning service and sermon si tl.2)°* J** * or ‘ tr VrJ2,." , » >»((• huiiS.ynthmil.fsu,;, it llrak! lov.'V;'"|l Tiul"**' ,;lra, ° l '' n °'' ■rrtlM.ii'uuTm Jti ft lilvln— •» <4 p. m. ,w<l **• m * ''fitulay school da«aea al 3p, ra . IVare^mJl.i Hchoo, ..f M,(l each morning from 8 111 8 * w . l *L 1,6 b# W •I*o Wrdno» day. Fr 1 li.* , : t 5-J hro, i ßl ‘ the al 7S o'clock. r * u<l flarordajr evening* Sabbath Preaching mar. In ibe errmnl.Sf Pf I **. Her. 0. D. He|. the an«ptre* of ihe ? 1111)6 held under K. 8. bklnner Ltd Dr a,, ,fi ch<w i l Unlo °- meeting. * "Uckall will addin** the Wai™hi« n no D S^dH n di- corner of Niuon, paaur. UonS o^a^f 0 ” 1 * R . ev - kK avenue 71J o vj„,. ur " taomln?,lOu; cla». at Ji p. a oa MniSSS* 1 * School andkbTc ple'a prayer meeilne 2?i? Qn 2 P®®* evening chotS clock - Wednesday TabeWi®o»vSl tt l? eeUß »* l 7J« o’clock. Morgan ‘j'w* « e * 1 * Indiana and lie aerrlcea at Kkxia pastor. Pob (off In the morning b?iti ad ,:JW P* m - Preach w™‘ ®J «• paator, and Monthl lisss® mgs, »o»u« iW tD«*»onouw. . . v. w Jerusalem Temple, on Adams street, near the lake Bervloea at IftCO a. ra., and 7:W p» ***• “FrcoCburch. corner of l-hlrty-thlrd street and KanUkee avenue. Horvicce.iu German at 11 •- American at 3 cruJlMKOlT#> . dmreh of f)od, comer of Warren and Roney «tmeU C l*reacblng by the pastor. Rev. A. X. Shoe- Sffft at iUMoa.m.;ahdlsM p. m. Sunday School a, w?rtlnrSnlan meeting. The regular meeting of WashlßgtocUns will be held at the Chapel of ge B7S,Wesl UadUon ■ireet.lhta even - 7nwtedlßrelhren l Brelhren Church, comer of Clinton and Wilsons'reels. Kev. E. A? VsnSint, pastor. Sunday at 1030 a. m., and 7:30 p. m., and ■tTsfiOn.m.. throughout the week. . “•nJe CbrWJan Church Society will worship to day In the lecture room of the Opera House. Berrlc®*atlO! The Society has purchased the bouse of worship on Cass street, near Illinois, formerly known as bt. James* Episcopal, and mil ocenpT » as noon aa some necessary repairs aha]) I*o comer of We?, Washington and bangamon SJiela. Her, T. K- 6L John, pastor. Services at S 5?a #, S, aml7« p. m. Subject of evening: “iTrircr*all«m In harmony with rcasou.’* church of the Mes.-lab—First Unitarian, comer Wabash avenue snd Hubbard conn. Kev. Robert Lain! Collier* pastor. Service ai 10*4 a. m. Ves t?iifonn4c?’Sotoflant Dutch Church, comer of Monroe and Sangamon streets Preaching at lOtf a. m., and 714 p. m., by the pastor, Rev, James Demarett, Jr. First Society of Spiritualists. Services In Crosby’s Music Hall, at lUH a- m-, Mil 7*4 p.m. rhe evening Jrrtnre by MUton T. Peter*. Esq., of Chicago, on the question : Will SpirltualUm Succeed ? Children’* lycoam at o’clock. Overcoats at YUnorriui.r?.—One of theaharpeal confidence operators that ever visited Chicago arrived here a couple of weeks ago. and estab lished bimielf in business. His success, consid ering bis age, which Is about eighteen years, has been splendid. He did not make any big strikes, and we do notknow that he attempted any,bathe Is believed to have swindled every man upon whom be bad designs, except one. and that gentleman ia Bev. Dr. Collyer; and that reverend gentleman would have been out to the amount of seven dol lar* and a half if be bad not been temporarily short of funds. Tbc operator had a penchant for overcoats, and Is supposed to have contracted for and receiver! one more tbsna baker's doten of* bese necessary garments. Ills victims, who comprise eome of the shrewdest and wealthiest merchants, counted, by correct enumeration, twenty-oae at coon on Thursday, ana It la safe to presame that this cumber is somewhat below the actnsl figures—many of onr business men who are noted lor abarpresa in transactions which involve thou sands of dollars, being rather too modest to own to small swindles that may have been perpetrated upon tbeQLbT smooth talkers wbh whom they are altogether unacquainted. The swindle, team flr-t to last, was planned with Judgment, and executed with discretion. Mot content with beating whole sale and retail merchants, the confidence youth has proved himself more than a match for our well organised force of detectives. After bis last operation be lay perdu for a day and a half: hut, discovering that be was wanted at the Central Police Station, he retreated In good order, and la no doubt chuckling over the great success ofbls wclk-planncd raid. The detectives were on the watch for him until yesterday eve ning, when, upon learning that their quarry bad flown, they gave up the chase In perfect disgust Perhaps hi* aucceta In getting overcoats that be ”w«.ct for” was in consequence of the large stocks on hand, the rapidly waning winter, and tbo comparatively small prices which onr whole sale clothiers are charging for outside wear ing apparel. If be bad made tbo same attempts Id the wardrobe line on a dnzxly day in Novem ber. be might have been told that overcoats were too valuable to be disposed of for bills which ” can be sect to my father. If you please, at No. —, Chamber of Commerce.’’ Y. M. A. Lictcub.—Uev. Theodore Tilton, editor of Ibe New York Jndfpfndtnt % wl’l delivers lecture on Monday evening, In the Opera House, before the Young Men’s Association, on “ The Corner stone of Reconstruction.” An agency for the New York Independent has been established to (his city at rftney’s shoe store. No. SM State street. LOCAL MATTERS. Marsdenis Pectoral Balm for Con< sumption and Asthma. An Item to to bo Rond.—Hair Nos trums containing Inc, sulphur and sugar of lead, ami dressings lor the hair containing mis should by all means be avoided. Tenons calling on Dr. Sibbel are informed how to treat and restore tho hair on common souse principles. Entrance to moms No. '9 Clark street. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. New York Eluauelal News. NawYoex, January IT. wosay. The market continued to Itcreasc In ease Mil thoclore of tnislnrfs. The supply Is ample at 7percent, with some httslness atfion (iorrrmnents. The moary re cci tly locked up has been let loose. Cl old closed at 1*IK«WI. rOBKIItN KXOMAROK. Sterling quiet »t IWKo*lW‘<. CI(IT«R*»MKMTK. (loTprnmrnl* »lcvly ou kuIU bond*, but lower on Frtpn-TblMlcl. Vom»on* , regi)..... uvairo Ooopiitm , Ri....imwt*inn 7 no* uiu^ioih m'cn*. Stock* firm, nn<l aiWabci* well timUlnod. N. Y. Cent.... lIOHii»UOV Hutinwwtorn. it a 4IM Allen. Coni .id?*.... nitnmrgU uiSois MlNtnli Mining Marc*. After *«mn wlili irmotAi rpco**ry from Uirutiry.. ITiv-i Ci.mlon ««,* tKtnnrli inu,» i attaints. n fliirtualinns, closed Dm ii lowest point, I People's WVJ.. American waff ino,s., I ousfU |t|l| M'K4.. hIiMSSTs. week, laH.Hja. kpveia ai Hxportiot sport* fur Um TUc K'rmtiioo narkola. WKW YOIIK. N*w Took, January >?. Cotton—Firmer. Halo* a,MO bale* at Bltfa&o tor middling uplands. Flour—suioe lower ami very quiet, tome bolder* re* fiumg toauunilt to auv drclinr. Kalat 41000 brli. Hu* perdue iuu and W«*sicra at 1t1.10.410.7S t extra state extra round boon Ohio 9l'4X>oai7.7S; trade brand* |lJ,Bo(4ll.ana flour aoritmne *Uh only limited inquiry. SirJSsiijS.riK” ,i m...!.** Wlieat-J>otr,lD«iij a •ha lo towmr «tiaamal! aalea of MllwaukfoNo.aat $3.11. nje-DnU. stare, fj.ii. narley^L'nchattceo. Core—Dull acd deciiniar, Nominal at $1.1881.19, la lUire, and 1.20, afloat* • Oats-Declining. Sale*; 11,900 bo, at W®66c far Chleacoaml Milwaukee. Whist ey—Nominal. Provisions—Pork steady. Sales : 3,230 brla. at $19.00 (*19.20 for old ; $19.30 caan, |i9*37i319.3J fir new mesa— closioc at f M. 25 (hr Western, and for prime; also. 2,fCO brla new mess at $30.90329.73. seller and buyer. Jacoarr and February. Beef—<Jnlel. Beef Raros-Dnil. Sales of 103 brls at 133.00333.00. Bacon—Steady. Cut Meats—More aetire. Sales, 310 pkgs at 9310 c for itonlrterv a&J VKfIJ ».c tor bams. _pre«a«4 Boe*—Firmer. Sales at S3S.Sc far West- Ijird-Flnner. Bales of 1,500 brla it ILY9VIXC for old. and UVwJljc for oev, the Utter tor small lots. Batter—Him, et U&2U: Dr Ohio. Ch*s»o—Flfm, at and Mrly active. (Itocertea-rtloJi and oncbanced. Hops—Fin, That qalet at a\S6sc. retroleuuJ/iJrooptng. erode, 19c; reined, 35J»9 39NC. 1 allow—Steady at 119URC, Linseed -Qnlet at 91.V0iAt.3S. wool—More active, at unchanged prices. Sales, 250,(CD a« at 4\<ae tor domo-rlc Recce; S&kTfc Dr pulled; 15933 c for Texas; SDtfcfor California. VSXKI.T EXTJSW or TQK WHOLESALE UASKET. Market opened very strong for breadstaOi this week, bat closed doll sad heavier. Kctclptsof flour have been largerwhlcb elves bay ers tavantages. Alxmt one-thlnt of the purchases mtJednrlae the week have been f-»r tnvevtaect. ()*• Inc lc txtrcroc nrlcea belne Inxlstol upon, bat lltUs flourh*« been tatm for export. Wc notice a reduc tion on atock, chiefly ot low grades. At dote, market steady. cosir. con meal bu been fairly active at former price*, bnt dotes heavy. Rye flour has been tn talr request, but at variable prices and clotta quiet at s4.Soi?lS.lo. Bi'cswuxAr rionu Uorkwbeat flour closes dull and easier, but declined —dorms at t&ood&so. WtntAT. The wheat market opened buoyant, with an active dematd, but clow* doll and rather outer. EARLTT. Farley has fluctuated, owing to the chancer tn •eight, bat at the close wa* dull. We quote at 872^3c. OATS. Oats bare fluctuated somewhat. At the close prices are lower. m. Rye opened firmer, but since then the demand has abated.and prices are easier: market cloving quiet. Old Western, 9L1991.70; new do. |U6. coair. Corn rapidly advanced early In the week, bot subs*, qnrntly (ell off. and closes at tUftai.l* for Western mixed. The stock has been reduced alncstbe Ist Instant about XO.VOO bo, but ta still large. PORK. Pork fluctuated somewhat, bat rlo«es with more stcadtnnsat 119.13 for old meas; 930.33930.38 for new Western meas. _ unr. Feel rated steady, with a good trade, at fit.00:119,00 for plats mew, at d 917.00a31 AO lor new extra mess. __ CTTMIATS. Cut meats declined maUrtal r. and aretn fair request. At tbs e osc shoulders sold al 3), and hams at |iuoot:jo. _ tABI>. Lard In fair demand, tn part for export. At the clove prices wire letter, ♦tlh light receipts of new. Sales of newateam at i] vc; new settle at lie. MILWAUKEE, {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribnne.) MtLWArxiK, January U. FJcar-DnlJ sod RDchasred. with sales of 909 brla at IllJlN for best winter; 910.90911.00 for double extra iprltg. and 99.0099 JO lor super. Wheat—The sales at ths nine o'clock Board this morn ing wrrs«.nno pa allLlfcMSlor No. It for No. I-. No.* t 919191,(3f0r refoct ciL Thetfoon Board was weaker,with tales of 9.000 bus at 93.19 for No. t; *3.01* for No. 3, and |l JSMI M for NO.Oe Oaia-Tnlt at 45c. Corni-Drooping, with tales of NO bu shilled at 9(c. Rye-»1* le lower at tie tor No. I. Frovliions-Arc held blgher 1 sales of 900 brla mots at9tMCea*h 199.7591D.00f0r awest pickled ham* (10 les shoulder* at 93-901 mo trs prime lard at UH«« Drssaot llogs-Flrm and 10919 c hither 1 sates ot 4,000 head at (4.lfaTJo. dividing 300. Butter-Mi's ot 100 pkgs choirs roll tt 39c. Ilrestpu-t.OOO hrl* fluar 139,000 ha wheat t 4,900 bo oata t VNbu com 1 Moo dressedhoga. Fhlpmeats— brts flour 1 1,900 bu wheat, and9oo brla pori. BUFFALO. niT7*bo, January 11 Plour-twlel and enchanted. Com—old. WrttH-Mt new, baa»c. OaU—Nominal, at Me. Parley-At •i.roijiXQ. i*otk—At IVO.M. Lard-At ilsoifflc. Whirl,y-At fj-». Retail would not brief orer |1 Hi in round lota. Dreaacd Uogn-At IJfoSc. CINCINNATI. CisctnicATi Januarr it. Ftoor-Doll hot not lower, buperflne. jijOialOJOi trade brand* f 11.00 to | |.IM. Wheat-Dull and sprint t* Be lower for No. I al IMUt No. 1 winter dull at I9JQ. Corn-Rail and pncca drooping. Ear &3e I ■belied ri?e—Declined to 11.19, andli dull, narlcr-l’nchanrHi. WhUkey-Dnii al a*c in bond. C'ttoL-l'nti and price* nominal. MlddllncSic. Hu««-i T »chat»#eu t |‘.Cotot74o U the whole range Nel receipt* Af«o. Mewhrk-ojiftn at Irc.oo lordly brand*, but the pVhi'ill 4 i'eaU-t,owpr. SaW el ahoulder* at Itfc \ *ld«# al fr. and near Mde* at lOWe loo*. tiaooi»-in iH-ttcr demand, shoulder* UKo t tide* firmer and price* Undine upward. Pale««n bead and But at tiVaC i prime *teamai ll*c, ham* now auaellln* atlMUVopack' ”Vu i ur" Inti* Shm cliW*# I<KO. Al*ii«»7*dn l *l«oi*lnt demand, and I* par cant wa* raid on ue *lrrrl with iir*l« jaa* *ecurM>. i''* r V W'ann. lard nil manufacturer*, har*mad*an aiaitiiniNi.eomwiMWl “I*°° lot*** wad* la laidopera* Ilona laatiummer. bT. LOUIB. dr. Lorn. January 11. .prtw. M-nai« ior OaU—Dali at*l(iWH^. n^ , .^. l Xd* o it Number packed to data ISAaS*. eateedma entire packing tail *eaa3o 18,000, u> Hew Tork Prowlalon Market, rSpcdal Oeapateh to the Chicago Tribune.] 1 U*w Yoaa, January is. Porte-Kaw Weatern generally held at S»JO at the C *laiti—The export* wa* mostly prime Steam Ben* deted.cloalßßtti*c. Last Week of the Art Association! PARTIES ARE REQUESTED TO PURCHASE EARLY IN THE WEEK. WClab «*« ,Ul'« rwelTCtl op u. 10 .-lo* « PATURDAT EVENING (■» «»■». -b*. an Boob. will mat P0.U.T.,, The dtUvery of Eogroolog. vM not it intcrrvpl.d ty lit Droviog. vM oordinu' U M tvtry order Aall hoor ton JUlrd. New York Live Stock Market* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Saw Tons, January 1). Regs—Firmer; only I.COO received, sclllns at 6*&“c. Foreign Freight*. (Special Dei patch to the Chicago Tribune.) New Yobx. January 13. Freights—To Liverpool by steamer 1.000 les lard at ISstiUlings; to London 19,000 ba barley at iX peace. New York Grocery market. [Special Dtapatch w the Chicago Tribune.l New Yobx, January 13. Coffee In good demand. Rio TOXtiJIc; Java S4a3sc. ugar quiet. Fair to prime grocery localise. New York Breadatuffi* market, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobs. January 13. With very small receipts of flour, holder* ot flour and wheat were more steady and less anxious to sell, but buyer* still held off and liberal sales could only be effected st a considerable decline. Corn not salable at over f 1.15. Oats steady. New York Dry Good* Market* New Yobs. January 12. The Dry Goods market was rather quiet to-day, bat quite firm formostklnds cotton goods, standard sheet* lac*,lßS<stWHc, the latter far Atlantic. Bleached mu*- lln*ln fair request at 23X933XC, the latter for Warn- Print* are tn good request. Merrlmacs. 3Cc. Woollen goods depressed, and In limited demand. Slock large, hot price* have touched bottom. Fancy woollens, it and 14 ounces, selling as low as fl.2S.and even 11.00. Foreign goods—trade nominal. MARRIED* In this city, on the Ist Inst., by Bev. J. W. Ltrimore. Mr. ANSON C. WILLIS and Mis AGNES It. MdDON ELD, both of Chicago. In this city, on the Ist lt*L by Rer.J. W. Lartmore. Mr. ARTnURDAWSON and MUsANGELIA SMART, both ot Chicago. in this city, on lb* Ist tust-by Bev. J. W. Lartmore, Mr. KUOEN A. MILES and Min SELLA LINCOLN, all of Chicago. OntbePlblnsubyßer.J.B McCodplL,at thereat drnre of the bride's fetber, Thomas Douesll. Esq.. Mr. DAVID WYLIE aod Miss NAOMI DOCQALL, all of Ihlsctty. On the 9th Inst* at tbo Congregational Church lu Angolo. N. Y., by Rev, Dr. Thompson. Mr. Q. W. VISING, ot '.‘hlcaeo. 111., and Mlm JULIA M. CAR RIER. daughter of P. U. Carrier, Esq., of Angolo. Atlheresldetce of the bride’s lather. Edvard E. Mosp, January Ist. IS6“, by Kev. U. M. Carr, JOHN STOTT, Jr., of Chicago, and Miss MELIbSA MOSS, of Belvidcte, 111. In this city, on Thursday afternoon, January 10th, at tbe residence of J. K. French, Esq., by Rev. Robert Collyer, Mr. GEORGE CATLIN, or ibis city, sad Miss ELSIE A. RSY. of Jaraacla Plain. Mass. X3T Boston and Lowell papers please copy. DIED. /nlhJ»cUr. on the 11th IrsL, WILLIAM FOLEY, agtd 40 year*, lurmtrly ot Dahykally, Ccuuty VTcx lord. Ireland. At Rt. Paul, Minnesota, on the Ist Inn:, Brevet Major CHARLESII. ROSMER, First Infantry, U. B. A., in the ZUhyear of his ace. The funeral will take place from St. James’ Church, cornet (.'am and Huron-sts.. on Monday, January 14th, at 3p. tu. Friends of the family of the deceased, and otUcem of the army, arc tnvtted to attend. amusements. Q A li D. COL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. First Benefit In her native city of MISS MARY RICKOROS. rniDAT EVENING, JAN. 10. ‘‘lngomar” and “Eotcrt Macaire.” Dog Hired Now Open. RISTOKI— Crusty's Opera Douse. DIRECTOR -I.OUAU. beams of lour Nights and «nc Matinee. MONDAY, Jau. 31, Fust appear aoce lu Chicago o( 9Zad« Adoloido Ristori, In her great role ofMKDKA. supported hy the dra. malic cumpany sicured exclusively lor the trausat lantlc engtsemcbt. Tunxlar, Jan. P3-MARY STUART. Wednesday, Jnn. 3J-ELIZARKTH, (jtiecn of Eueland. SaturJay attrinorin—RMnrt Matinee. Tliesalc of st*al« r»r lh» Benton will ronumnee on TUM«*ar, Jau. la, Tim site rf seat* for any ot the Rm nights win commoner! on Wednesday. Reserved seat*. I'.'JWs Roves, fit, Notion— No application will to rwclvrd for tree adiutsslon. pitObßV’B OPERA HOUSE. ForOvoNlaUt* onlv, rommenrln* Tuesday, .tun. l!>. I). A. WIIKHLKII ..MANAUKU. The eccentric lilfti Comedian sioiirv and the rimming Comedienne, Bliss Johanna Otausaon* supported by a mu Dramatic company. Tuesday Kvrntntf, Ufp.” nml “llnmly Amly.« Drand Mailnep. Wednesday Afternoon. hale of Tli knts vommeiiers Monday. at v a. in. ('JOL. WOOJVti MUBKUM. iTnt . J, 11, worm .....(••Proprietor Dlrtvlnr of Aimi5<mfi|i5,,,,.,,,,.,,.,,..r. U, AIKKN nuitc Manajjcr .....THOU. ttAIUIV Tbr treat moraUlrama and Mnumm apooialty. for four menu only. Vim nitrut of a now •creaming force. on Monday mntnir. Jan. lUin will no nariorm-d Uie celchratM drama nl f.osT IS U>NUUN, with (Aral UmotCAI.IFOU.SIA DUMONUS. Friday, flr»l hensni In her native city of Ulu MAItV UU'KoitDb. W«W*day aitrrooon. Grand Matlnre. IMIOUAII t« In rehearial; him. th» ivoatMt «ota tlooal drama of the age, tho HUGUENOT CAPTAIN. VI (J EVU ’ * THRATUE. [CKEH & UTEBS MANAGERS. Immcoie incresi of the truly eteat arttate. CSOZZiH HUSH. Monday the crest emotional play ot liABT LYNNE, OK THE ELOPEMENT. Lartv Tsabo'le,) Mabel Vine, f Cecile Hash In rehearsal. the heantirnl pUv, written exaressly for Cecile Kusb, emitted IDA -EB. HALL. BRANCH OF THE New York Museum of Anatomy, WITKOWBRT HALL, 170 Clark-sc, corner of Monroe. This Important and Mehlv Instructive Museum oon tain* WON I)Kits OF CREATION from the Oral month. Miniature Wonders or the Worm, as alto Beauties of Osteology, Myology, Dermatology, And In fine every department of Medical Science. The Student, the Physician, the Naturalist, she Man of Fnslcess, the man of Leisure, mluht eaaay in Vatn where they could spend a more profitable hour. up*n tor gentlemen only trom » a. m. till 10 p. m. AdmlMlnn 20 eenu. T AUGHING GAS—Dr. Colton will last Free Lecture sad Eihttiltloa cn MOK DATAFTKRXOOS. Janaary 14, aod a labile Exhtnl tlon onTUE-DAY EVK-NJMi, January 15. at MUSIC lIALL. at which again eight gentlemen and six ladles wilt inhale the Ots. Evening tickets.2s cents. After noon, free. Open at 1 and 7. To commence at 2 and 8. rpHK MEMBERS OP ST. GEORGE’S X ASSOCIATION will give their Third Annual Settable ON 31 ONI)AT EVENING NEXT. 14th lost. Those dcrirtng to send donations for the Supper wll please report early with name. Dr order ol THE COMMITTEE. ilrrturcg YOUNG HEN’S ASSOCIATION LECTUBES. THEODORE TILTON, Editor of the New Tork In<!ep"ndent. one of the most eloquent sneakers and writers in this country, and a fearless Champion «*f Freedom and the hUht, wind?- liver a Lecture entitled “ THE CORNER STONE OF BECONSTBUOTION,” On niamlny Evening, January Id. AT CSOSBTS OPERA HOUSE. Commencing at 8 o'clock. Tickets Mi rents; Reserved Seats ?J centi extra. IF* T tin sale of reserved seat* will commence at 9 o'clock nu SATURDAY MORMNU, January IJth at Uie Ticket ottlce of Crosby's Opera Itonse. A. C. MrCUTRO. Corresponding Hern iary *» y. M. a.** auction Sales. OUJIEUT & SAMPoON, U GENERAL AI'CTIUNRBUB. On TUESDAY, January 19th, at 10 o'clock, we will sell AT AUCTION, AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF FURNITURE, of evrrr kind lot parlor, chamber, library and dining loom. UruMeli*. 9-ply and ingrain carpel*, blanket*, •liver-plated ware, mantle and oval mirror*, Ac., willi a general assortment of household good*, at our *atos room. >l7 and -If) Dcarboiti-st. GILBERT A »AMI‘*ON. AueUoßwrs. QILBEUT & SAMrtiON. 7 EXTRA PINE FUR GOODS AT AUCTION. On Thursday, Jan. It. at 10 o’clock, weihall tell, m our •al* ■ rooms, -It A 411 Dcarlmrn «t., ft chrlce ami rerr •elect*tcckefladle* andgtnti' tnn, contiillntofex. tra fine mink, tool ermine am) flu-n collar*. uim**. muff* and cuff*, wioirreliet*. sent*' otter and bearer muffler*.* alorea and rap*. lalle** tkatlugeap', hood*. Ac At) lh* good* were made eipreulr lor (Intel*** retail trade, in which particular attention of the ladle* 1* Invited. The fan will be open fur eihlbllton oa Wednesday afternoon, . mtnHUTAa.utPso.v. Aactv*. J'JANIEL BUOTT & 00.. AUCnONBERB AND COMMISSION MBRURANTB, 1 (14 rsr* Usalle. Chicago, Cash advanced on Merchandlee consigned tor sale. Out-door tales promptly attended to. RUCTION. TUESDAY. iMh of January. I*B7. at 10 a. to., At t«4 Laae-st. Fumllorc, Beds. EW'bng, Crockery Ware. Carpets, * UAMKL BCOtT A CO* Auction errs. RUCTION. WEDNESDAY, 10th of January, IM7, al 7 p. ra H al IfUUJKbiI., * U>laa, Medal*. Continental fa per Money, Old l'ap«r( Hooka. Alw). Dlamondi. tlnid andHllfer Wauhe*, \ Ki**aai Cm*trr IHamond IMn. *«„ Ac. C.iina, Ac, uu € view inowiav mo»nln«. tiauioduea to |m had at Auetion lloom*. DANIKI. SCOTT A 00 n Anctlonmni. 'Yy'M. A. BUTTEUS & UO„ Anctloneen & Commission Merchants 44 A: 4« KANDOI.IMI-KT. Between BUle-it. and Wahaah-ar n Bold regular aalta, at their aalcarootn*, of DBT GOODS. CUJTfITNO, ROOTS, SHOBS, AC., Every WEDNESDAY and TUOIISDAY. 0 FDKXITPBE, CARPETS, Ac.. eVery SATURDAY. gALE BY AUCTION. MEN'S CLOTHING TO DE BOLD OFF) By Wm. Griffith* A Co„ at 109 Sooth Clariat- eom menclnr on MOSDA? NEXT. a. m. and 7 p. m.. and continue at the same hear* each day until the wb*le U aold off. 5 BOar# art association DURING the IHE BELLINI} FOBCE WILL BE DODBLED, Tam—jijouses. TO HENT —Until the first of May, dwelling N 0.536 RintVi co* taming eleven roots'. Will ba rented tor. ntshed o?aiSnroished. or won id sell furniture cheap. Inquire alltoocu 19.84 LaSalte-st. _ fT'O BENT—On South Side, a first-class I two story »ad brick basement house, »T 7 Suus bLTcod taming eight rooms, good Oara. eMdwafer »nil g»*. Bent »M per month. Fqrnlwre for sale. foesctslQD given immediately. Apply vt 5S btate-st. rpO RENT—Dwelling House M 5 State- I st. House ha* nine rrvjms,nve prrsseJ, pantry, chlninrv clcset. woodfrbef*, co»l ben, water and cas Astute/ Rent, fSO per month. Addre>s P. O. box rpo RENT—House —On unusually ad- I rants geo ns tcnr-S. tnqulr# *1 1*24 Eart Ras colpb-gt. of DR. STAID*. TO RENT—The marble front house No. 36-4 West Lake-sU opposite UDloirpsrk. AU modern lc.rroven.cnt*. Apply to JOB CARPENTER, 17 fet.Jobn*s-pl»ce. rpO EENT—Furnished or unfurnished, I a cottage of ftmr rooms and a pantry w ith sum mer kltctatn. Jn the corner of Wentworth-av. and Twcnty-alntb-su twoblockslromsltcci cars.„ Address ••J. p.R.” Tribune Office; or tall at No. S 3 South Clark-sL, third floor, room **A.” rpO RENT—A neat cottage containing J seven rooms, pantry, preaass. on Jackson.*!._ww of HoyuMt. Aptly at Mrs. D. PRATTs, 130 South Cork st. ®o Ucut-liooms. TO RENT—Three unfurnished rooms, with closet*, in anew house, suitable tor a gen tleman and wire. Price HO per moaih. Apply at ISO West Hoabard-sL, trom3 to 6 o’clocc p. m. rpO RENT—A neatly furnished back I parlor, with large c'oiet and fire. In a private tamtly. suitable for gentleman aod wife. Apply at 64 West Madl*on-»t. TO RENT—Five rooms on second floor of a two-cinry bouse, suitable tor housekeeping, atti7b South Clu>toa-«t, between Hairlsoa and >an Bmen-its. TO RENT—On the West Side, tour un fhralsbed rooms on first floor la a neat cottage, separate entrance, in good neighborhood, half bloca from street care, threemiaotes walk from M*dl«on-st. bridge, suitable lor a iany, or gentleman and wtte without children, wishing retirement and quiet. Trrms reasonable. Give real came and address, or where an interview can be had. Address “LADY, Tribune office. TO HENT—Furnished front room, -with closet and store to rent. Apply ta 392 West Madkon-at, __ TO KENT—Pleasant tarnished lodging rooms, without board, within ten minutes wn.K of Court Honse. Anplv at 63 South Uaaal-sl., first brick dwelling north of Madison. T'O RENT—Two lurmshcd rooms, *nitb or without board, at No. 90 South Jeffcrson-su, to gentlemen only. HpO KENT—A suite oi nicely turmslied rooms, suitable fbr two or four gentlemen. Cali ai 4(1 South Frncklln-st, op Malrs. r PO KENT—A plenum iront room with J[ board in a private lamUy. within five mlnucs walk of the Post Office, address M U. U.” Tribune omce. TO RENT—First lloor ol 112 1-2 South JctTerson-iL, none but responsible parties need apply. fpO RENT—A iurnished room can be l had by applying at IIS* Monroe-st., opposite Tost Office. ffiolArnt-Storcs, ®ffircs,&r TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent, rear of 7 t Uaudolph-it., Couri-nliwe. onpo* slteCrosbv’s Opera Mcnsr. Appiy to A. WOUUEN A CO., or L. I. lODH. on the premises. rpo RENT—Onelmlf of a store on South I Clark-*!., In the my best location in the city. Address J». O. Box 305. npo RENT—Very dtslrahle ofllce rooms, I on the second lloor of 111 lUndolph-sl. Apply to lilt. JAMKs, 113 Itandolph-it., second Poor. r PO KENT—For packing or rtoraee, the L large slope basemrm 100 and Ift'i Washington st.. 4o by PC fbri to alloy; gas and water lu the same. mCHAKU'S IKON W«)BR8. HPO RENT—Store—One oi the best A stands for business In Ihe city—l 43 Laks-sL—on or befurs May t»i, WK7. will be lot. Apply through I*. O. to WM. iVHKELBH, i-po KENT—Socimil, third nnd lourlh I tlqnrs th Ihs brat location on toike-st. For terms, Ac., address "B A B." Tribune ofllce. ryo RENT—A slofc ivllh rooms at 21U ,i Ilalslcdsl.. nrarllafflsoii, r PO RENT—Third,lourthand llllli Itoom .1 of new siorc sw MlrMtfati'Sv. |s*s«c«sion inune* dlalrly. frloc. II.IOQ. Addrns p.Q. ll.q a 370. f PO KENT—Wore and dwtdllng n 7) 1 south Weil*.si., lieu lo northeast corner Monroe ■l., lalcif inert for Bent's fufoisMitg g-neta hii<tn<*s*. with ihclvinir. roimicrs. gat, wairr, Ac. Apply lo 0. >(. M. 77 Warlotii'ii., doom lia. ud flonr. ffltJilnulch-lEo «cut. TX7*AN ,r rEl)—To Rent—ln n plcasnnt lo* V v cation, a house containing from eight tn tan rooms, by e smith taiuUy of grown pcisuus. Addreu J. f., Box 1737. XX7ANTED— I To Heol—A small store V v wßb three or lour rooms connected, West or Sooth Htde prrterred, within a few mtnutea walk of Ulna Island or Htau*-s|. cars. Kent prompt. AdareM EM Box Pin. * WJ ANTED—To Rent—A comtortably v V fnrnUhid bouse ccnveclentty situated In the west Division. Address,staling rent, “OJ B,” 31 Chamber of Commerce Building. TXTANTED— I To Rent—February Ist, a T V comfortable residence, north of Twelfth-st and cast of Slate, for which a fklr rent win be promptly paid. Modern Improvements no objection. Address Pox 549. WT AN I ED—To Rent—3 or 4 rooms, VV with closets (Drat floor), suitable for boose* keeping, between Adams and Kliult and west of Rallied. Kent not to exceed *lB per month. Faml* D small and reaecctable. AtJdrcas WILLIS, C. 4 O. IS. B. It. Olflce, IQ9 Halsted-st. ANTED—To Rent—A nice house VV In good location, for family ol three persons. UtnirrUbed one preferred. Rot of relcrcnccs •*lvea. AOdrcrs **A A C," Tribune Office. WJ ANTED—To Rent—A cottage,well V V located, soluble for a gentleman and ms wife, without children. Rent not to exceed (30 to |& per month. Address P. O. Box IB6S* \\T ANTED—To Kent—A suite ot rooms V v unfurnished—suitable for bonae-keeplng—with in five minutes walk of the Court House. Rooms in a private residence preferred. Cali, or address M R” 1*22 Wnshlngton-st. WT ANTED—To Kent—A small far- V v nbhed boose for four moi tha, no children. H. B. D *' Tribute office. Ivtal instate—(gounlrg. FOR SaLE —lO acres ot Land, well tim bered, and a choice lot for a homestead, on the Lake 9hore-road, wltnln easy walking distance from the Hyde park swclal train. Apply to NUTT * BliQOfeES, 33 C.ark-sl- np stairs. FOR &ALE—A ferro of nmcly acres, in Effingham County, this state: ten acres timber, balance tdeh rolling n. alrlc; twoand a half milc-i from the town ot Tcntopolis, and only six miles from a rail read «tatlou. Caa h** had at a bargain. 8. Q. KERFOCT & CO.. No. 71 l>earborn*st. Worses, (Carriages, Set. \\T ANTED —An express or grocer’s V v wagon. Address NKAIE * CO- «0 North SUtc-st. Chicago. *I7OR SALE—Grain wagon. 3 3-1 inch ,r Iron axle, In good repair, ban be seen at 434 State**!. TXTANTED—A wagon, suitable for an VV express. Also, a good single hirna*. Ad drtss, stating price. Ac.. ** w B C,” Tribune Office. O No. 1 HORjvES FOR BALE for cash, •) or hardware or turners* stock. Inquire at 107 l.ske-*t. Personal. PER^ONAI^ —A gentleman and lad orouenrlwo gentlemen may ©Main hoard wll room at *2.50 each, by advanrlog *»0 ton good seen rlty). Call at cottage rear 01 ,isri North W ells-sL ■OERSONAL —Will the lady who rode J up in tbe last (11:15) Madlsnn-st. car Friday hlng iilra»e *c“d her address to tho gentleman who stoid directly In front of her. a*.d whom she illsrnr* rrcdlnthe set of rudely staring at her. “E C W," P. O. Ho«tfl7H DERSONAT/—Will the lady who sal In I thepsrquet’e ol Crosby’s opera ilouse ‘‘Ernsnl STaUltce.’’ drc««ctl It* Maeg silk, rstl shawl, and ar companled hy a young girl dressed tn Mne please »end her address to J AM KH V. BANKS.Tremont House. partners gjgjlantctt. ■pAßTNEß—Wanted—ir»th IAWO to 1 110.1(0 capital. to increase t&n faeiilUeaof a whole. •■lp n»u«etn thl* city. Addrcat, with nameatul where to be lecn. “ W lIOLKt*ALK.” Tribune QBlcc. "PARTNER—Wantatl—Wllh SI,OOO to I (l.noo. In on* nl the b«l paring gr«*cery and pro* iitlrn itotra in Chicago. Address UU.U Tribune offer. fHaViVucrji. FOU SALE— Portable Engines —4, fl. B. 10, IV, 13. », r> anil IT horse power, new and treonu-handt one W ami on* Tl-horie power. Hccorm* hand Stationary Krgiijc* ami Itopera, I*<*rtable Raw* mill*, Woodworth planera and Matcher*. HfilrgM Mill# am) Wood-working Machinery, Cover Corn RheUera, r>trail Harn Mid*. Iron Feed Mill*. Hhaftlne, Cullies, ami Elevator Machinery built to onler. ItILIiAUUS IKON WoltKS. lIIU and IW J WastUagtoa-at. T7OU SALE—A Bcrond hand Buckler I 1 folding marhlne-ln good condition, Pilcc, |WO. Apply to the TKIHUNR COMPANY. F3R SALE—IO, la and H-borso porta ble Enrlnc* and lUoilem-verr low. by UlllFFlN DItOTIIEIU*. I AN South Water-st. \\T ANTED— I To buy nn ciiyicc uml YV tHillrr. from fifty 1<» *erenly hnr*ooower. t hare an engine an 1 holler ab-ot twenty Inm- power, whlrb f would like to trade, and pay the difference. Addroe* 334 Pouth mtH*. lloßt aub ,-fFounb. T OBT—Wcdro winy ninrulnj.’, on West | j Adatnaal.. hear. Morgan, a black and tan l»og, at«’iit 7 noihllK old. Had on. when U«t eccn. * tjerman ejjvef roller wilb »wall bfa** p»<Jn*ek j b*« no hair on hhderparl ot iipclt. ,th*wpr» to th* name of '‘Uyß. A liberal rewahl wl)> W bold on his delivery at (he 1 rlmiheofflee. w. It. MOQUhi I Of»T—A wire I'ortmonnnlc eontom* l. A tug •»». •*»»»’<• ritf r*n«7. and * tiMt-tier'a (.ill, wilh •MV.lNtl Al-U" <>ii IMJ fgn-H; .tl«» n«“Ur will w ra il ardrd |iyjr«vmgji afJSS MlcMganai. I~OHT—Alhmu OoVlock Pfthmlfty even* I v In*, on I akm*l„ I MWfpn Well* and a Kmi tl'uva (uiiar). li>s*Hi U morally re warded tty leaving It at IMVi waimUav. ]OST— On WnbiuHinv., between Tlilr j trenlU and FooMe«-mh«u, a rtrab womed n'arf, w»tu bln* and vim* end*. Tl>«* nn<tar will tx> auU»bly revardedby retorting H »o H it* Wabatb-av. (General Kotlees. JgDSINESSI Business! Business! Any enterprises man.vhobaaaimall anmofmocer tolDTbt.asd vlto wUtea a vary profitable button* fortbo winter, ran be w»ared of U br calliuc Imme diately on D. UAN&FIEU) ft CO„ Offlce bo. 11 Tyler'tßUc*. 17 LaSallt-tt. Tboaeoot cf the city can hob ttasipa tor circular, and team particular*. ggaanfefr-fHale fficlp. BOOKKEEPERS ifl£B!inElV Ac. TXT ANTED—A first class travelling W sa’caraan, by a fancy dry roods sod notion home, AddreM, listing name, reference, experience and QoaUflcaUon, I‘. O. Box aU77» St. Loola, Mo, TI!?’ANTED—A few performers that are V V willing to travel for a moderate salary. to travel with a malt circus, gymnastic, acrobatic, Ac. Also a leader or a brass haadT Address, for particulars, Q. G. GKAUfr.Kectao. Hardin County, Ohio. WT ANTED—Salesmen ot good address, Y f worthy and well qualified, who can engage ucr manfully In tmsine** la this or other western cities. Inqolae cl O. D. OKVIB. 1215 Dearbon>*flt_ np stairs, or address I‘. O. Drawer 5991, Chicago, 111. 'TTST'AKTED—Business men, bookkeep- YV en, sale-men. and professional men, to act as salesmen and mndoct boMnosa correspondence. Apply to J. D. JONES. Room 17 Speed’* Block, 133 Dearborn-st.. or addreea. wttli stamp, aa above. TRADES* TXT'ANTED —A first class bookbinder V» and ruler and Job pricier. At tQa Omaha Daily Republican office. Omaha, Kenrulu. TX7ANTED —A good distiller, one who V * can come well recommended. For fhrtfter In formation apply at the Jervis House, comer Van Ba irn and Shcrmaa-ats. WTANTED— A first-class pressman, to V y take the exclusive charge of cylinder ant* Gor don presses in a Job office. None but those thoroughly conversant with the business need apply. KEiDDER & CO., ii-l Lake-st. TXTANTED—Bov to work Gordon V y Press. Apply to SINCLAIR 4 BLAIR, Job Printers. -|g LaSaflt-M. agaantcb-jFemaU %clp. SALESWOMEN, TRADES, &«. TXT ANTED—Apprentice? to learn dress y V making. Apply at Room 3. Morrison's build lag. 133 South Clark-st. ~\\T ANTED—An elderly woman, about Y Y -tflycar* of ace, who understands plain sewing, to pc, lo the country a.« housekeeper la a private fam ily. One warning a home preterred. Addre**. with reference. Mating term*, ic- Post Office Box 0 M La- Salle, Illinois. HOUSE SERVANTS, TXT ANTED—A first class cook, washer ■ v and troncr, at 371 Weal Laic-sU, opposite Union Bark. \XTAN TED—A good cook, two dining Y Y room girl* nrrt one laundress at Cattle Fair He ld, Union Stork Yards. WANTED— At 77C MichiGan-nur., a good cork, wa»her and (toner. itclercuowi re quired. German of scotch preferred. TXT ANTED—A good girl fur general ?1 henrexerk tn a small family An Am-rican, f Relish. Srotch, German or Norwegian girl out find a coixl home and aoodwaces. Apply nl -17 Lcmbard Block. Mour.-c-M,. near I*. <>. TXT ANTED—An easy situation is of- V* ferod to a good cook, washer and Ironer, who can comv well recommended. Apply at 371 West Washlnglm-st. WT ANTED—At 114 Tlurd-av., a good IT rook. wa‘hrr and I roller, also, nn experienced nurse girl, hone nvtrt apply unless well recommend ed. TX7ANTED—A girl who understands Y » g*netal house work by a family oi twopenmns. German ot Norwegian preierred. Apply at SO'4boatti Green st.. on Mcndny. TXT ANTED—A cirl to do cooking, etc., Vv In a small family and convenient hnn*e. G>od wages, paid promptly. Apply at !LS| Mlehlgan-av. Employment agencies. TX7ANTED—EarIy Monday, 15 wood Y v choppers fbr Indiana, jyj railroad laborers, at M.HJper day and Itoard. “a men atiu per month and bmuo. Anplynt Kill Madbunsi.. room 4. T\taNTED—ii'e have a few more y y rhnnrcs for live men to make mousy. Largo Indui-cnif nts ottered, small csptl il rtiinlrod. Apply at Qhce. A.f. IIIIOWN ft CO.. \'2H Lakc st. ffiJElnutch-JiHisrcllaucoUß. TX7ANTED—Mndnmo Dclatour, Fc* it malt* Thyilclan tf«m Europe, cure* all Olssasra of tbs sklit, liter, and lldimys. mar bs co*-suited dally H Hip (Uwirrsy llmisp. 33*2 Kniilh f', Ito nn 31. \\J ANTED—A lurhl drnutht schooner, Y » ihM win carry from too to 125 m Isnt of lumber, •lust be n u»"d sailer, aMI draw only flu fi*el water. Apply to .lulls t;. IKUIK. HI LaSaHosl; TXTANTED—W,«)O lo i>sl).ooU worth Y Y tlord*. well selw ted, |or Which l will Pay cash and « patent lands well located. Address lU>\ 3UU, It poster. Ohio. e\\r ANTED—IVrfons wishing l« know Y T Bin liHurc should address the greatest aMrolie Mln the world. Enclose fl. With aaoecjmmt nt wr|. mg. bt Madams IHH'iiN r. htawer U*JH7. Ehtcago. WANTED— To cxelmnßO n choice (arm, with excellent improvements, sltualM near Hie niy of IMlgwa, LaSalle Hum, f ir a drug business (n a desirable (iwai)on, and duinjr a food trade. Valuation of ihe larm will below. For further particulars apply t«»S, H. KKUYOUV ft WO., Ko. 71 Bcarltorn-st. WANTED— The celebmtcd Gypsy wo* man. If yon wish to know all the secrets of your put and luinre Hfu, the knowledge ofwhlch may save you years of sorrow and rare, don't fall toron* suit the Gypsy I‘atmtst, Coosuiutlon, one dollar. l>«ldta.ce ;170 South C;ark-»l. WT’ANTED —$3,000, at 10 per cent por V V union, lor two or Uiree jura. Will secure mo lame on improved real estate. worth Address ‘*ll A F,” I*. O. Pax 307, Chicago. ■\T7^ANTED —f>o ladles to learn to ope* W rate ol the ELLIPTIC LOCK STITCH KEWCNO MACHINE. Lessons free of chin*. All kinds of Slllchlog neatly clone to order, at MOREY * 811 AW*S, 93 Washlagtoo-st. TATANTED —One man or girl, to run Vi a Howe cylinder machine, one man to ran a wax thread machine, three kin boot bottomers. one l<oot bottorafr, one crimper and treer. Call at •IS West Randolph**!-up Blairs, until 4p. m- Janua- \\T ANTED—Persons In business who V V wish to devote their spare time to sell-culture, and also those whose early education has been neglect ed, to call at 93 WaAMocioc-st, Room 3, fora lew days, or address **C C." Republican office. VA/ ANTED—To Purchase—An cslab VV Hired retail proceryln a good locality, doing a business of f3O or more petday. Address ’GROCER,” Post Office. XX7ANTED—To Purchase—A tarnish- V V ed hotel or boarding boose Un the city or conn try. bv a partr who nndrrsunds the btulnesd. Address W. ANDREWS. Chicago Tost Qfflco. WT ANTED—Second hand lomiture V « for a parlor: also, a hook rase. Mast be In good condition. Address C. WARREN. Tribune Office, \ A7*AN TED—Parties having houses and VV lots to rent or sell to call on CHRISTIAN* C(J- Beal Estate and Vessel Agents, Boom 3 Lind’s Block, Randolphs!. bridge. WT ANTED—Ladies in want of reliable V v servsnfajr lib city reference*. eaa be supplied at Mre.D.PRATTS Emporlam fbr help, 130 South ISoarbing, TJOARDING—A pleasant suite oi\fur- JLJclabed rooms, with hoard, mutable fora gentle* IVt I c? n^t W l ?Vr or two gentlemen, cat. he had at Hoaoe, 112 and H 4 Soutu Franklin* vLstun* l^S!yenß.w *“ itom tDe Coart Hja, “- TJOARDING Two centlemcn and OI I» small grown up fhmlly. can he ac ffo f»rlor and parlor bed rooms. sud Mod board, at No. iao Wat Like-st. tStmtoS ■pOARDING—A gentleman and wile jMrsti Bnd a good front room, with board at ihn Randolph**!.; also rooms r -LTi sh, -^ cn - ]e 2. r ?-.^ D# J l>o»rderi wanted at 15 lore W * P ‘ ELUSOJ * * BROTHER, Proprte- A tew gentlemen can oad board and pleasant rooms In a private laml. ly. also a lew day boarders, at 131 West Monrooitr T)OADDING—A gentleman and wife JL{, J® »Jpgle gentlemen can be areommodated £ > nn! T ££l^u k, Hi ,ni> furnished rooms In a private " *! *'"• ■’« boMrtiert, T>OAltDlNG—Fittcen to twenty board *c*iKiSg°n!7i‘ c< ” m °I°° 1 °°* lod is TJOARDING—One or two rcsncctnblo A.J young turn can be accommodated with OAunt in TsSu* 1 * UmUTt 11 ,ppll^for • ”0* “Cl wm MM. ■nOARDINO— With a pleasant, well i f rarafsnert front room, Ibr a cantleman and win* nr a coup e of single gentlemen, with tbe comforts ol a home, at 273 Weal Madison*Ceoraer"f atowaSf smtc of front ronma 1 J otiftirnuhM. with Nitnt. In * »m*t| private fttnl* it ‘stf■arajßffl 1 '- “ tm K,n va^- yjOAHDINd— . s-v.--v —Plenum rooms, wh •Dpiytar At <iii I^AIIDINO—StahI ffcnllcmcn can be j i r at 34 boutli Uc*plaln*Mt. itllJO "I JOAHUINO—WiIIi lurnUhcd rooms for TjOAHDINO—In private Intnily for two ,1 3 young ladle* or gentisman Mil his win. comfort. s,m'Ti!i , ir.T«i!.TOff t “ * na cltr ' AJ - POARDINU—With n lurnlthod room IJ suitable for two No. lID Wabash* 13oartJ Bffiiantcu. POARE—A suit of unfurnished rooms 1) or one large room, with board, for ■gentleman and wife. Mate locatlua and price. AddreM"!!." f.O. Hot 3700. POARD—Bt a family of fire adults. JU AddttM. lUtlng terms. Ac., u J o.** Dog 13.17. POAUD—A Fcnllcman and wife wish Imard about the middle of February in aamall retrain family, nr where them am but lew boarder*. Private iamlly preferred. Mu»l be oo anyth Bide, mat of Plato and north of Jackson at*. Keferroeo* given andretioirtd. Addiess, aUtlng location and letms, M C." uo» ill. T3OABD—A youmr genllcmau desires JJ.arpom and Wbl In a private ratmiy-the North Ptd* hrefprirt* Addrew, fttttog terras, itai UUlie Do* All I, . T)OAlin-l wnnl (UUna-roum ant] bed 11 b">tu fur toy wire and child, together with partial (M-atil f, r m»*rlf in a pleaaanl (oealltv (n a private tatMiy. AiMree*. with term*. Wool) ;i> U.’;,-Vi. Jfoc Salt. I,'cm BAl.K—l’inn. " Uoncme duel," I 1 fuiw lying mi Itotroit, alictdgan. (!I<hAl. ’l'un* nag* jt.M iii»Miir*ii'ofH),aw, Apply •*' w*i. k. Wait l.lNKll. Wliult, MkCw MllUtlUl# * linn.. Hi t.UU.lwf-.1.. ClltfUliO, ■pon SALE—TIio pro puller “ Alio- I sbany." W tons me*a«remßitt,iaid up In Chicago Uivrfi |« lu g<n>4 ruining condition i will only ro>i»ire palming In the tprlng. The boiler wu thorougnlv overhauled and irpalred in tho winter nf IWi hu nil conrwr itne»i malm nil the (lean) required, sadly; had a new ihafi and New Tors wheel la November, tttd; vti docked ami caulked tame liras, 6ba U ona n lheu»te»tandhe*r»eanoau on treadwnur. 'Far price and tertni apply to C. J. MaQILL, corner South Water and Wela-da.. Chicago. 111. F)H bA.LE—A mortgage of $1,400, se cured on real eatate worth double the amount, miemt Bpercent, Will take msoo. Addreaa "J M," Tribune office. liianos. A GREAT BARGAIN, Elegant flouted piano; high coat, all tmproTemeota. per* I ret. van anted; told f:r half lu value lor vans ot use. Inquire at 493 Michigan »r. Situations ®& awe ' halkn. S^i^?sjiT&g | b 7^»rss'. fc c " u>ii > .graduate n( OITUATJON - uws U entry Uerk,’miiSi. * younr FBBIALKB, who kl >m. KeXtrtnce given. Addrct/orauii: 3.S Arehtr*?^?* ou*ic, French and Genaanl'wufcM U thi^tifr lJn V 4Krt tt » E?«IUh «! be#l <> r city reference#. She ml? forakh ***** P- C. BBOORS. Chicago ßtSLstoSSP* 1 ** SITUATION- WOm,n * to do cttan\»J w^ o . t Protc* children. tan be seen at 4ft c*re ot gocd city reference. Cia gtre atrssfctjgg-s Ject; a rtxxl home or home* «aßt«T a v Wi .H? 00 °*- bojdc Into the country. For °.?^ ct i? n to SG Rej nold* Block, near lUe VJt SITUATION—T7antS^rjr^r on,.r, 0 n,.r, k? tor with her VTf««l Improved i or ? «Vw,v; machine, will co not by tnc d** to do r.~'. T -l h ,tsr *ai CaJJ.or an dress Mrs. STEUBEN?. rV nt * son-st. Terms. fI.SO. * ' i '* l Wet j^. Seal Estatc-CitD. I.HPROVEI>, F)R &AJ.E—By S. H. Kerfoot &Co Real estate Brokers. 71 414—Cottase of four rooms, clot eta, <tc„ oaCM.-, ay : lot 25*isi to aic-foot alley. fijjo _-10-Ncw twostory frame touse of n . Pralrle-av.; lot 25x1*,$ feel. f-1,175. oa a;i-An elegant resident* on Pralrie-ar .... Elcbteenth-st.; brick noose ol 3J rooms. Hmko’ 4c,i 01 Rxl£o 10 aUcy; bS hundred feet fronton Mlchlgaa-av r-. Twenty-slxth-st.; wj;j «etl *i ße ie lot*. " . JM-An elegant fesldcn-eat Hyde Park; lot iMcen jwtjwen stocked with shrubbery, small fruit*. 4^ . 23—Cottage of 5 rooms, c'osets, 4c., with 1c t jj fat ftont, coTyicr-st. Onlyfl,«o. 2-— Lot 35xM4 feel oa Ferdlnand-st., near novae (atom five sqaares from street cats). 1121 cash. * .JfcSSgiSß. -SJSi" 1 °° ■“ Sorls 9—An elegant buck residence on Wabash-sr_ tear fronts east; all modem improvements. 037—Frame house of" rooms, bathroom,clovn Ac-on Fourih-av.; lot 25 feet front; barn oa alley'- *•9.s—Desirable hrfet residence on West Waducic tnn-eL; has all Imprm cinents; lotUxSjo to aa Moose of 7 rooms on West Lake-n,; lot «xi h Also, property Improved and unimproved in all parts of tae city. T?OR SALE—On Michigan-nr., a sn’en- Jl dirt tew brick residence, >* Uh a.ltro ra>3em im provement*. amt acta woman killer. Ptrio-s, Mtlcr room, library, dining room, kltenen. pantry and p*o«. all on the first flt*or. and a splendid barn and lee hon*e. lor further information, inquire at SO I MlcUlgan-av. FOR SALE—Or Kent—Houses and lots tn Ut parts ot the city. nil at our ufiW u mo want lobuy,rent or seU. GEORGE ft WILLIAMS. 7 South Clark-tt. * UOK SALE—On AVfihash-nv., three I 1 story Brick House In the block on corner of W»- basb-av. and llarnion-coutt. A. J. AVEUELL, (tea! Estate Otllce, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. Tj OR SALE—At a decided bargain, a 1 1 two-Mory frame home ot 10 rooms, and tin 2«OJO feet, 3«f| near Elizabeth. THOMAS I). fMDKIU UO., Krai Estate Agents. So. 4 Mstropoil- Inn Block. J7OU SALE—The undersigned will sell two bouses and lots, (111 and (tiSK SomhCanal- H.. for r»r?j or on terms, at a very tow price, pfcan*e the Inlet iU to leave tor Germany. Inquire «t CARO LINE RRI'SS, 77 Liberty-si., between and Cnnat-sts. 17OR SALE—A first-rate house and lot on Indlana-av., near Tweiuy-fifth-st, TUOS. I RKEMAN. l‘dl Itandolph. No. «■ 170 U BALE —Cheap—My gothic house and lot, fso2 Fulton, near llovnc. Sim* large room* with closets, fine ;ocatloa. double* lot. :a hr ih). Trice It .SOP, part an time. Call in forenoon .). srorf T?OU SALE—A nearly new two slorr jn trains house often mores, hot and cold water bath, and Jot No. JS youth Ann-it., near TIIOWAH P. PNYhKII ft CO.. Heal Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block. l/OR SALE—Cheap—New dret-rlvv I bouse and lot, brick basement and lot. si cry other convenience, corner oi Van Boren an liv«ru. ’'■•.Jlrj'T l ' K? r A Payiucnl. Apply to ILL. CHAT MAN, 77 Norlb Morgan-sl. l?OU HALE—House and lot on Weal I Madison, timr Ell/alMtli, d houses and b<u na Wartrn. a solendld house 011 Mlchlgan-av, i.oo b>t« in various parts of the city, (or sale low, thr<*e *pW. dfit fliftn* to rvriiange fiir city property. ti.m«i» a>i lot to sell lit monthly payments, a ItrsMale hargsia ■ n South t', tnerlgagc paper discituniH, hr SIMd.AIH ft TIIOMTBON, lUmm N. MasnUle remi-li. I/Olt HAI.E—A IhW numhor m Imn.p. and t«»w In variousnarfsofiha wit, norm r- mi •brn'JolU.i'fU. j. 11. KLKI.KH. Urai lUUlij mil.*.. i atl South flarkw. Ij'Oll SAl.E—Two very ilorlmhli. hmi'r., K0a.77« and 774 Mb iilsan-av., with h sh.i u rooms each and an advautaß**oua lease of • H years in run. Win let * -hi iUß»ihcroracu»r,i.<u, ataitrh PMra and nnnn such (cruta nsc>tniioi un l| IlvesalUlkrtbtn. \vaHHKS A GnoimiCH, Uesi K«. Ulo Utukrta. 173 Hrarlw-ra st.. u.>mu -J. HALE—Two lloij.Hes nnd la'lb, .1 cheap, by J, M. UEVNoLIih, .MieUoner, |-jy Iwarbom-sl. Ij*Oß HALE—A firnt clrtsfl House nnd lot, with brtek barn, on Washtniiton-st., east nt Union Lark, tiiomah U. ksyukr ft c 5., lieu Estate Aiirnu, No. 4 Metr..polHai> H o. k. CM3IPUOVED. T?OR aALE—In Tliop. R. Bnran & C«Vs 1 Iteal Estate Office. Bryan Hall.—Hie following tut ol property will ha found to offer extraordinary ItuncemenU lor purpoMs ol snlMllvlstou. wlta » new to realize a large peneotage on the ontur. tux Citt Liuna-Forty acres In Sect.ti.T. Vwcntydwo i cret In Sect. S 3. T. 3a, R. It. Ten acres In Sect. S 3. T. a). H. 11. Four acres In Sect. 18, T S 3, li.ll. Fite acres tn Sect. 19. T. IS. It. 11. Forty arm In Sect. 31. T. 10. R. 11. Weat naif ot Block 2 of Out’.ot 17. la Caaal Tr. Sab’a ofWjf <tc. Sect. 17. T. S 3. R. 11. Tract, anjoltlng tooth. Ward’s Rolling Mill In North Division. Otrnu.K ms CRT Lrrm—Four acres In Sect. 33. T. 10. It. 11. Fltteen imt is Sect. 39, T. 10. R. u. Iwesty-avo acres in Sect. S 6. T. to, K. 13, Ten acres In S»er. 13. T. S 3, K. 13. Eleven acres In Sect. 11. T. 39. K. 13. Ten acres in B«t.i3.T.:s». R- 13. Forty acres In Sect. 2i. T. 39. K. 13. Forty acres In Sect. 6, T. S 3, IL it. Twelve acres in Sect. 9. T. 33, R. it. Ten acre* In Sect. I. T. as, B. it. Eleven acres tn Sect.«, T. S 3, H. It. Fo«y acres in beet. 10. T. SS. R. It. Ten acre* in Sect. 10, T. S 3. R. it. IT'OK SALE—Wabash Avenue Lot—A fine lot on Wabash*uv. norm of TMrle«*nth-«t-ju*l south rf and adjolntt c the splendid marb.e treat red* dcnce of A rchftect Wnniock. Lot fronts cast and is SixlTp feet toa 39 foot alley newly piasked. This lot Is offered for sale for a tew days much below Its actual value. Title perfect. Apple to OLTNCCR4 WALLEB, Washington-*?- Roomis 1 and t£. Tj'Oß SALE—Cheap, on liberal terms, a P dfilrahlc piece oforoperty fbr manutirionn or storage pnrpo«ee, accessible to all railroads, pmiy improvfd. wlthren»aeo suffictiatto pay lu’cr'-st on ruifrha'emopey. Als'>. flrstclass plnetlmsere-raats n Michigan, on streams tributary to Saginaw River. OhO. H. KOZET. Real Estate tad Loan Broker, 9N La. L alle-it. FDR bALE—On belweea Twentieth and Twcnty-flrat-sta.. 50 by 171 IWt-aU assessments for pavlne, sewer, Ac- paid. A. J AYKRELL. Beal Estate Office. No. 7 MetnnoUua Block. agents ffElantru. A GENTS—Wanted—slso per month, tC# mals md female, to Ml tte OKNU* iNEtOMMON SENSE FAMILY SOWING MACHINE. »?5-S e 4 Inwenttoo of the wre. Price (l-. Evert AJte..SEUOMBJ A GENTS—Wanted— $5 per dav quar iCVrffilJSf 1 £! ™° n< 7 retunded. Apply at one** to I*. LATHROP. JR- Office No. 1« M. fc. Church W«k, Chicago, or Office No. 4 Lyman’s Block. Cleveland. 0. A GENTS—Wanted—Six or eight pood XV. energetic business men are wanted to Intel ss Jbe Kentucky lomrauce Company, ol Louisville, Ky. Good men wilt be well paid, and steady emptoyirept tarnished. Stm having extwHence ?* Ip'pfjnce agents prervrretl. Purtheg parll-”ii»rs £™>sb«d OT addrcssTeg WILLIAM P. LEOtVICH. we .^ 2 °B> LooUvlUe, Ky. None but reliable tatn wanted. A GENTS— Wanted— For LIFE AND «£\ DSATB IN REBEI. PRISON?. A -nl'T-Hd AGENTS— Wanted Price f 2- r »o— . rj ' rr .? n BTATFJJ CONTINENT IN UW. One * ,lrl 500 rople*. Llovd’s New Ureal llh Uie tntp. Positively the cheap* (inAnßi?pr t T?^ , ‘AH e ,n wnr:*l. Addrms OOOD6PEFD 4 CO- 14H Lake»«t- Chicago. A GENTS—Wonted—Male nnd lemale, hoslnesg gt home, paying Urru prontaon a vere smai' rapital. Address, with stamp* Mr*. M.C.CIIAPI’Lh. Drawer Qi33. A 9S?,T nntutl “ Fro m Air. 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