Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 14, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 14, 1867 Page 1
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Eggagna, QUllicago Crtbmie. MONDAY, JANUARY 14, ISC7. CF.NEIIAL PAI*3IEITS DKFESCO. General Palmer made a speech In Spring field on Saturday evening in defence of his course during Ibe Senatorial contest, which was much needed. In reference to ihc alter ation of the date of his letter lo Judge Trumbull, he said that the charge brought against him, or his friends, was mere special pleading, and that any lawyer who would make such a charge oaght to be kicked oat of the profession. Now, the alteration of the (lute of a. letter Is the same thing in morals as the alteration of the figures on a hill of exchange, provid ed there is a valuable thing to be gained by such alteration at another person’s expense. The alteration of a bill of exchange is called , forgery- Suppose a person under indict ment for forgery upon being asked whether be pleaded guilty or not guilty, should ad dress the Prosecuting Attorney thus: “ Sir, 4 ‘ this Indictment that you have drawn up 44 against me Is a mere piece of special “ pleading. Any'lawycr who would make, 44 such a charge ought lobe kicked out of 44 the profession.” The amazement of the Court would be considerable. The office of United Slates Senator is, in General Palmer’s estimation, a valuable thing. The alteration of the date of the letter was manifestly made for the purpose ol gaining that valuable thing. Senator Trumbull docs jmt charge that General Paljnet altered It, but says it Is a thing for him (Palmer) to ex plain. We do nbt charge that General Palmer altered it. We do charge that some body altered ft, and that General Palmer received the benefit of the alteration . The date being a material part of the letter—indeed, the most material part of it, It Is not probable that the alteration escaped the notice of General Palmer. Yet he did not correct the error (If it were an error merely), but allowed thelm presalon to be created that the letter was written before the Introduction ol the Civil Bights Bill, whereas it was written some lime afterward. When General Palmer’s at tention is called to this circumstance he Says it is a piece of special pleading! There is gucli a thing as disconcerting one’s antagon ist bv audacity, but Judge Trumbull is not Hie man to be thus put out of countenance. Nor will the people rest content with this cool refusal to explain how the date of that letter came to be changed from *• Janvarv 10” to 4 * December—.” The mere fact that the letter, when It comes to be ana lyzed, amounts to nothing, does not make tii" intention of the guilty party a whit less objectionable. General Palmer pitched into the newspa pers, and bad something to say about the Chicago TiumrxE. It was fine sport lor Sena tor Trumbull’s enemies to slander him in his alienee, and publish letters with altered dates to do him harm. When the newspa pers pnblisha little wholesome truth about them, they find that it hurt*. Thai is our reply to General Palmer's strictures on the Chicago Tr.n.i'NE. • *3?* Hon. 11. Bovce, of Wisconsin, the champion oi the movement for the abolition of capital punishment, arrived in this city vetterday. Mr. Borcc intends to make an effort to secure the repeal of all laws inflict ing capita! punishment in Illinois.^ moa CAIRO. An Imposter Discovered—The Now Cus tom notice— Revival of Hindoos*— A Sicpmer SnnK—T&c TVcatlier. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} Cairo, January 13. | A young e amp, representing blm°c'.f to be a ?on of Commodore Vanderbilt and an Important railroad agent, doing business tor hia father, has •*by a plausible story and an exhibition of passes, succeeded In deceiving railroad and steamboat men by travelling extensively on thfc “ dead beat" system. Passing Ibis way, en route for the ?outb, be was suspected, and a letter of inquiry was ad dressed to Commodore Vanderbilt, wbo answered that he had no son travelling Wear, and pro nounced the fellow an Importer. The construction ol suitable work -bona baa been commenced, preparatory to *.on: on the new Custom House to be erected bore. The work ot Citing to gtadc the grouud seb-cted for th-* build- In- will be commenced at once. Nearly twelve feci filling arc required. Tlie work ol preparing ihc grounds and putting np the building, will fur nish emplovmcnt for a long lime to a large force of mccLanlcs and laborers now here, and to B jMncss has much improved. The Cairo Cham ber of Commerce mil resume its regular meetings f.-moitow. ... , The steamer Sam Galy ran Into the wreck of a baige six miles above Capo Glratdeiu and sunk. The water cover? her lower decs. *Xhe Oaty was heavily laden with produce. She can be raised unless tardier damage occurs by the Ice. 'the weather is of moderate temperature, bat is rendered dismal by a dense fog. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. important Suit—Receipt* of Treasure— Adoption of the Constitutional Amendment In Neruda Legislature— The PlnrhctN-lmportant Mexican Nctvft-.sevvral Town* Occupied by the Liberal*—Defeat of the Imperialist*— The French Ordered to Evncnatc Aca pulco. San Francisco, January IS.—ln the United Slates District Court a test case wo* made In the trial of ore loncy,a Deputy Asses«or,wlm retused to make returns to Assessor Bigler.ofSacrauu-nio. The indictment vras found defective n*id qiia«bed, but (lie District Attorney declared his purpose to tram-’ t niwmiliiliol.junii prewcutu rvny deputy who had failed to mike returns to prosier officers. The steamer Pacific, from Portland, Oregon, brought fllO,lOO in treasure. During 135’, five mt'llon four linndtcd and tlilriy-ta c mousin'! dollar* In liciMirc were shipped irom I'or'lniul. The Washhipt ob Territory J**gl-latur - .Jo.m not want Inc Mlnnry Headquarters of t*j»» North traro-fenrd (o Poillsud, aud has passed a iil'-iuj lint to the War Department against It The lower l!on*u of the Nevada Legldititr? yesterday adopted the Constitutional Amend m.'j’t i.v ti e strict party vole o!3i to I. J .-caf icmi-rn -riling at 71*., Wheat market la gc-iv« for want oflonnag-.; choice wheal quotible ni?l V UNin»-. Hour-Extra, ffiM.A*; t-ururfitic, f 5 23: Oregon extra (lour, #l.T."i'^l.B'». Antonio Mnrcjllcs, late e liter o' a Mexican Lift «'tal paper h«-n*, goes to Mexico to solicit from Juarez cvrUJii political concessions to purlins In Srti Francisco. Do retains a grant of laud in Du raved to form an America settlement. The steamer Montana has arrived wlfli New Yorkmatls of December 21. Private letters hr bersiale that Eacaleea* was occnntd hy the Lib erals on Noveubcr 27. ManraniU* was also occu pied. and rcp.tiujsaid Colima was also taken. Colima advices to Decembers! state that the Im perial forces were totally defeated by Iho Liberal* near the city ot Guadalajara, which was occupied i>y the latter under General Parra. On December 21, General Chacon, Imperial Com* mandcr at Co’ roa, levied a forced lona of S’.()•),OW, which was redneed to and paid by six im porting hoat-eg of that citv. The raercnania, three of whom were Cooenls of Prussia, Hamburg and Bavaria, were taken to Jail and Infjrraoil they would have (o remain there until the amount re united was forthcoming, and in the event ol the ylfr beloe evacuated ther wonld be taken away. Tbe schooner Juniata lell Mauzanllla December ll'th for Acapulco. with orders from the com* nmndcr at Colima for the French to evacuate the former place. Two days later toe French trar.9- poit Marine, arrived in search of provision* for the garrison nt Acapnlco, so that it is doubted whether the French will allow the evacuation of Aranolco until Ihetr drat departure ft om the porta of Mexico on me Pacific. FROM XEW TORE. 2 Darios Bobbrry of a Porter—Heavy Kmbezzlemont'bya ICntUvny Clerk— Further Seizure* of Illicit Still*. New Tons. January 13.—A daring robbrrv took place yc-tcidayin Exchange place. A package containing over £IO,OOO in gold certificates and Treasury notes was snaicbed from the porter of Martin Naas A Co. There la no clue to the thief. Edward H. Weylau, a clerk lately m the em ployment ot the Erie Kailway Company, is al leged to hare decamped after embezzling about ?3ti,(jCfl of the company’s funds. The alleged fu gitive was intrusted with the preparation of the company's pay-rolls, and ibe frauds are said to have been committed by placing fictitious names on the laborers’ rolL Since last Thursday the United States Revenue authorities in Rrooklyn have seized nine more whl-key distilleries in working order, with all the apparatus, and overSOO barrels of whiskey. FROM JCEDT ORLEANS. Overture* from Francl* Joweph to ITlai* Imllian—FiveN’cgroc* Lynched, New Orleans, January 12,—a courier direct from Europe, no New York, left here to-day In the steamship Mexico for Vera Cruz. Uo bears a letter from Francis Joseph to Maximilian. \x i* surmised (bat the letter relates to a reconciliation between them. Five negroes were taken from Greene County jail. North Carolina, on Tuesday last, by a body of armed wen, aud lynrbed. They were charged with outraging ibe peteon of a Mrs. Miller. A Double murder, Montreal, Jannary 12.—There has been, U Is supposed, a double murder committed In tbe county or Yamanska, Lower Canada. A man named Jutra*. and the wife of a man named Provencher. oled very suddenly—the latter two months ago, and tbe former December Sl—under circumstances which indicated poisoning, and which pointed to Provencher and the wife of Ja nas as the guilty parties. Provencher and Jo tras, it Is alleged, were on term* of suspicious in timacy. and they will be tried at the next criminal temrfor the joint murder of their respective rponses. River Convention. hr. J.onr, January 11.—A company bis been organized for bridging the Mississippi, at this point. Ten delegates. from New York, Boston, Phil adelphia and Baltimore arc Incited to a Conven tion here next month for Ibe consideration of measure® for the improvement of Iho Upper jlUfierinpl. Over “(Hj delegates will be invited from dtus and towns lathe Ohio, Mis<i*slpnl. Illinois and Missouri River Valleys. Railroad fare and expenses of delegates while here will be paid out of a fond raised here for (bat purpose. Fires. < letezand. January IX—A destructive fire oc curred at Willoughby, Ohio, early this morning. The principal sufferers are F. Merriam. dry roods: \ ial & Holmes, groceries; Neal Forgnson, hard ware; U. W. Perkins, groceries; Yaxley & Ab bott, stoves. The Post Office and the Merchants* Union Express Office were also destroyed. Loss estimated at iw.OOO; partly Insured. Chaiuabton, in., Jan. IC,—Bicker's flourmills nod ej»“ierr»,containing 10,000 bushels of grain and barrels or flour and other produce was de stroyed by fire this morning. Insured for f 11,000, chiefly In Northern companies. Mentner «»ir. Nrw Yonn, January 13.—The «loaTn»hlp City of Baltimore, winch got aground on Hombwe«t ami Saturday afternoon, was pulled bffatbijrh wa’cr tiic same night and proceeded immediately’to j'ca. The- ffluryland Ncnatorshlp. lUi.tinouk, January 13.—Many tnemWrs of the legislature are horn to-day, and much iuierost is jnsiiiffKiod about tbo Untied Hints* Senate elec tion. Tbo chances are all In favor of Governor Hivstm. Tiro tt'eatlirr* Naw January 13.—Snow fell hero to-day ond aontb as tar as Washington. FROM EDBOPR. The Eastern Question Becoming Serious. INFERENCE OF THE GREAT POWERS PROBABLE. Garibaldi Gone to Candia. MINISTERIAL CRISIS IN TURKEY. The Hungarian Army Not to be Reorganized. LATER FROM MEXICO Overtures from Fran cis Joseph to Max imilian. Several-Important Towns Occu pied Ly tiie Liberals. FROM WAiIGTOIV. WHAT A. JOHNSON THINKS OF IMPEACHMENT. Disgraceful Practices at the Norfolk Navy Yard. 4 Bill for New Governments in the South. FROM TRE ST ATE CAPITAL Gloomy Prospects for General Palmer. Important Illinois & Michigan Canal Meeting. A. Toimg lady Murdered a 1 Dayton—Double Murder in Canada. FROM EUROPE. The Pastern Question Growing Serious —Proposal for a Conference of the Great Powers—lnsurrection Threat ened In Bosnla-Bismark’s Circular Denied—The Hungarian Army Ques tion—Garibaldi Gone to Candla— ministerial Crisis In Turkey. ]By Ocean Telegrapb.l London, January 13. TIIE EASTERN QUESTION BEIUOUS. The Globe, in an editorial, says the Eastern question has become so pressing Ibal it demands the immediate attention of the European Powers. The Otob* thinks a goners! conference of the lending Powers will bo proposed on the subject. insurrection threatened. Report says an Insurrection Is on the point of breaking ont In Bosnia. BtSXARIt'O CIRCULAR DENIED, BnnuN, January 18. The North German Un*ttc denies that lilsmaric bn* Issued any diplomatic circular as recently re* ported. TUB mmOAUIAK AIIXT QUESTION. Pisth, January 13. A motion has been Introdnecd into tbo Hun garian Dtct declaring tbo decree lately issued for (he reorganization of the army void, and that all ■*bo order Us execution shall bo punished for treason. STEAMER ARRIVED. Liverpool, January 13. Tho steamship Helvetia from New York has ar rived. London. January IX A despatch from Frankfort reports Uvc-twcntlos H7s£. OARinALDI HONE TO CANDIA. Tendon, January 13. A report from Madrid status that Garibaldi ha< -one to Candla. MINISTERIAL CRISIS IN TURRET. Paris, Jannsry IS. Despatches from the East report a .Ministerial crisis at CoiiH'nnllnople, and that tbo Porto bis recalled the Ambassador from Athens. It Is also reported that a large number of reinforcements for the Greek Insurgents have landed in Candla from Greek ships, aud that the Cretans are receiving ftesh supplies of arms. The Czar and members of the Imperial Court were present at a hall lately given in aid of the enduring families of the Cretans. FROM WASUKGTOX. The Thomas Correspondence—An Vi ]M>rtnnt Addition—Tbo Kansan Sena* tooltip*—Abuse* in the Norfolk >’avy Yard—('anise of the Low of tbe New Ironsides—The Maryland Scnator*l»!p —A. Johnson on Impeachment—Per* sonal Hems, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Washington, January 1! THE THOMAS CORRESPONDENCE. From reports current in official circles, it ap pears that a part of tbe correspondence between the President and General George H. Thomas, concerning the military aid asked for by Governor Brownlow, has never seen the light. It will be remembered that Mr. Johnson refused the request made through Genera] Thomas, whereupon, as the story goes In the circles mentioned, the General replied In substance, that if the President wished to be consistent be bad better grant the request tux Kansas sEKXTonsmrs. Despatches received from Kansas, state that a strong effort Is being mads by the Johnson men, aided from lids city, to secure the election of Senators secretly pledged against Impeachment. THE COMPENSATION SILL. The Clerks’ Extra Compensa' ion Bill passed by tbe House, on Saturday. Is very far from being satisfactory to the persons most directly inter ested therein. Tbe measure will probably pass the Senate, though the Committee of Clerks hav tag ll in charge do not yet feel entire confidence in Its success. THE NORFOLK NAVT YARD ABt*SE«. Senator Grimes is preparing to apeak on the condition of things at the Norfolk Navy Yard dar ing the last six or eight months. Some of (ha mat ters recently alluded to in these despatches will be fully ventilated. Be will show that Sec retary Welles ordered the removal of men for go ing to the Southern Loyalists' Convention, and suspended others for voluntarily contributing to the fund to pay their expenses; that men «bo bad taken the oath to the rebel Government wore given high positions, In tbe yard; that former secessionists were among tbe temporary hands employed; that open sup porters of the policy of Congress were by the Sec retary’s orders excluded from employment; that an official inquiry was made into the political views of all the leading workmen, Ac. THE DTOXIN D OF THE NEW IRONSIDES. Some members of the Bouse Naval Committee have returned from Philadelphia. They report that tbe New Ironsides was burned through the carelessness of the watchmen on duty among the vessels lying back of League Island. They will recommend Congress to take early action for pro viding plscca somewhere in which lay np our iron-clads, and it is nndcrslood a majority of the commiltec]aro in favor of ac cepting League Island. It wilt be remembered ibat tbe House passed a bill at the last session es tablishing a Navy Yard there. Tbo measure still lies on the table of the Senate Naval Committee. THE MARYLAND SENATORSIIIF. Advices from Baltimore arc positive that a bar rain bae been cooclnded between Governor Swann and the Eastern Shore members of the Legislature, br which they agree to waive their claims to the United Slates Scnatorshlp. It is ex pected that the Governor will be elected daring the present week. The consideration Is not yet known. TRS TEST OATIT OASES. The Supremo Court is expected to render Its decision In the test oath cases to-morrow morn ing. Tba general drift Is well enough known In advance, bnl there is, nevertheless, much desfro to bear It In full, and the Court Room will prob ably be crowded. - a. Johnson on prnuemtENT. The President, a few days since, expressed himself as follows, regarding Impeachment: That charges conld not bo found against blm wilbont perinry; that if impeached, ho would soo what means ho bad of resistance, and If ho sbontd ho finally washed overboard, he would not bo the find good man who bad met with each a fate. Senator Doolittle, lot conversation lately declared that he considered tbo situation so ox* cpodlngly grevoono, and that lo his opinion wo were rapidly approaching another ravolmlon. rxnioNAL. b. H. Morton has been appointed Assessor ol tbo Nineteenth Ohio District. trb oirrroMs laws. bVBIUK, MHBI The Commission appointed last summer by tho Kccrctary ol the Treasury to revise and codify (he Custom* and Navigation Lawa •*' Iho United V. VOL. XX. Slates,!asatoutconcluded its labors. Its re port, with a very long bill, will be laid before Congress In the courto of the coming fortnight It will recommend some very material changes on existing law. the ntw erasure nrvssnaxnoH. General Ah’alom Baird has been summoned to give evidence before the New Orleans Investiga ting Committee. Jt will be remembered that he was In command at New Orleans when tbe riot took place, aud was Immediately thereafter remo ved by the President. COXTESBATIOX TOE CLAUS TO BE SET ASIDE. Mr. Cooke, of tbe Bouse Judiciary Committee, will In a lew days repor£a bill requiring the Sec rclary oi War to set asidoatoncc the Commission appointed to award compensation to loyal own era of slaves enlisted in tbe military service. conus cnox. It la not trnc, as has been stated In some news papers, that either the Senate Finance Committee or the House Ways and Means Committee, favor a repeal oi the hill under which Mr. Wells was appointed Special Commissioner of Internal Rev enue. ANOTHEB PACmo &AILBOIO. Wasibkoton, Jsnnary 18.—A strong effort Is about to b* made to secure the aid of Congress Id constructing a Pacific Railroad from a point on the Gulf ot Mexico by an air line route only one thousand two hundred and sixty-eight miles lone to the Pacific Ocean. An association of capitalists has organized in connection with ex-Governor A. J. Hamilton, of Texas, and other Southern loyalists. They propose 10 Introduce a hill at an early day to carry ont their ideas. These gentlemen claim, if the animal Government ex* pcndltnres aiong the line of their proposed route for military purposes. a?o capitalized, and the bonds ihna created shall he loaned to a railroad company -aa-ttie worEri»roercßßC3, the arrange* mcm will give lC country the required road without a dollar of expense In addition to what mint otherwise continue to be expended for a cvm ration to come. In giving military protection to the region through which the road is to pas«, A TE*-T CASE. An opinion orihcSnoremeCoartof the United iJaita H* to lie delivered to-morrow, and is based mi the question orcsented In tho cases ex parte of Mbit, of l.onislaofl. and Gatland, of Arkansas, who. having participated In the re bellion ask to bo admitted at the harof that tribunal. Involving more particularly Itc constitutionality of the law extending to at torneys in the United States Courts the provisions of the act of July, 18Ci which requires the test oath ol civil, military and naval omeen with pen alties lor perjuries. HKW GOVERNMENTS. New York, January 13.—A Washington tele* cram say* the House committee to-day agreed to report a bill for new covernmcots for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas. Louisiana, Mlssia sinl, North and South Carolina, and Texas. It first declares void the old law-* made by the gov ernments In force !n these States, and then pro pose* thi-tall maiepersmsahove the ageofL'Vcnty cnewho rat* take the oath ofloialtTshall lie allowed to vote for defecates to a Convention. When the Convention meets, if It decides to accept ide terms proposed br Concrete, It *s proposed to se lect w hat Is called u Provisional Committee of live citizens distinguished for their loyalty to the Union. This committee Is to act as one of public safely ontll the Con stitutional State Convention Is- formed, width iber arc authorized to inangurate. The Convention Urns called can then elect provisional *tato ofllcers and lorm Srale Constitutions trre vocable without the consent of Congress. Uni versal tmtfrage, prohibition of distinction on ac count of race or color In school, re* mdiauon of rebel debt?, and the dls racchisemcnt of all who aided the rebellion are to be provided for In the State Constitution. If the Slate shall at anvlntnrc time attempt to dis solve It® relations with the Federal Government, its representation In Congress la to cease, and the latter la not to do anything inconsistent with the rules of civilized warfare la protect the loyal peo ple. If Corgtess accepts the new Constitution, the Slate is to be entitled to ropresenta’ion. The committee w>ll urge the bill ns a eubeutnte for the Stevens measure. FKO3I SPKIKG FIELD. The Senatorial Content—General Palm er’* Funeral Speech anti It* KllVct-A Tilt at Ibe Chicago Trlbiinc-tJcnend liOganrhccringnp the ITlcctlng Hie Illinois and Ullmlmlppl Canal Im provement—Proposition* for Its Com pletion—lTloro or Palmer’s Lcgerde main—llowa Senator was instructed. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SrumoriSLo, January 13. There can bo no donhl. I think, tbit the erect ofGcncml Palmer’s speech la*t night will be dis astrous to his aspirations for the succession to ■ Judge Trumbull's scat in the United States Sen* ate. It is the universal sentiment of every person with whom I have conversed, except of a few of bis moat Winded and perversed friends. Ho fail ed to meet the issue or to explain away the false position in which bo had been placed by the pub lication of bis letter to Jndrc Trumbull. Ills speech besides was pclnlonl, it], natured and undignified, and betraying disappointment, auger ar-d bitterness. In Ibis respect It was hot tbe logical rcsnlt of bis whole conduct during tbi* contest, and when bo sat down, so far ns tbe Senatorial contest Is concerned, ho was as dead asCtrsar. To gel a few tears from tbo audience for this dead Ctcsar, General John A. Logan, at the request of friends, undertook the rolt of Marc Antocy, and thin General John did w'dl, as he does everything bo undertakes, and then all was over. I ought to say that General Palmor, In his dying (fort, attempted to say some very severe things about the Chicago Tuidune—tbo thing, as bo called it—and only failed lor lack of capacity. Ho went at U In the ironical vein, and bis profound mouthing* In this lino bad Ibo cCcct to create a ueath-llko stillness and lethargy upon tho part of thu largo andlcnco which be himself could not disturb, and which lasted until some time after General Palmor had closed. General l*ogan was finally enabled, by the power of his wit ami sarcasm, to wake them to a hilarious condition, hut it was hard work. Logan In this proved himself the true friend of Genera) Palmer. Tho friends ol the Illinois & Mississippi Iflvcr Cana! had a meeting last evening, which was at tended by several of the Senate and House Com mittees on Internal Improvodtonts, and a nnmbcr offilcmls of this great work who are now hero to nrgo It npon the attention of (bo Legislature. Major Aden, ofGcnesco, an old and fast friend of the contemplated work, presided, and an inter change of views took place as to the best mode of proceeding. The following propositions were enunciated, all of which It Is believed can be brought to bear In favor of tho measure: * /Trsf—A State tax In accordance with tbo law .^■ford—Aid from Congress, pay to the extent of five million dollars; Third—The Issue of bonds by the city of Chi cago; and, Fovrtn— The is«no of bonds by counties on the line of the prooosed improvement. It is believed that a combination of these means will insure success, and ajcommlttee of fire was appointed, one of which a member of tbo Senate and Brother of the House, to draft a bill. Thl* committee has made arrangements with a distin rnlshad lawyer now here, and a friend of the mea sure,to draw np a bill.and the whole question will very soon be before the General Assembly. SECOND DESPATCH. SrniNfifield, January I?—lop.m. General Palmer and hie friends have been ex ccedingly busy to-day, in fact they have been In canons all day. They are making a .desper ate struggle to achieve success, but 1 see no chance for them to obtain it. Some of them claim to-night tbit they have secured thirty votes certain for Palmar, while at the same they ran count twenty doubtful ones, lhey don't show their lists, and their claims are doubted. If they have, as they claim, thirty votes, they are all they can get. They are now striving to secure a secret ballot In caucus, and claim if they can succeed In this, euoneb Instructed mem bers will vote for Palmer to secure bis nomina tion. Any man instructed to vote for Trumbull who goes lor a secret ballot will betray his con stituents. Of course be will insist, when be laces his constituents, thst bis secret ballot was la ac cordance with their instructions; but a member that Is afraid to vote openly like a man, will, of course, deny his (reason to office from the respon sibility of bis act. I don't think a friend of Judge Trumbull can be found who will vote for tbe secret ballot. The Senator from Vermilion County on Satur day received a letter from Danville, signed by twenty of the most respectable citizens of the town, urging him (o stand by Judge Trumbull in the Senatorial contest. On hearing of this tbe (riends of General Palmer got out handbills call ing a meeting for the same evening, to Instruct the Senator to vote for General Palmer. The meeting was held m accordance with the call, and after discussion a resolution was passed by more than two to one instructing the Senator to vote f« Judge Trumbull and no one else. The Sena tor will obey these instruction*. Senator Woodson takes exception to my brief retcrcncc to his speech in the Senate on Thursday last. lie says tbe dispute which arose between him and Senators Busbncll and Fort arose from a mistaken Identity of dates. 1 have no disposition to do Senator Woodson an injustice, and cheertul makc (he correction. FRim ROCK ISLAND. Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Rot n Island, lit., Jannary 13. The boiler at Ibe Warren Mills, in this city, ex ploded this morning, entirely dcsiroylngtbe ma chinery and engine room. The walls of al) bat the main building are levelled to the ground, and the stock Is badly damaged by steam and dost, iho engineer and workmen escaped. The main building was not injured. FROM SEW ORLEANS. (Special Despatch to tho Chicago Tribune.] New OnLKans, January IX The United States grand jury failed to and an indictment against any persons concerned to the duly riots. P. 11. Morgan, United States District Attorney, when the Jury was empanelled, declin ed to apply the lest oath to the Jurors. FROM CANADA. Ottawa, C. W-, January 12.—A telegraph des patch has Wen received by the cable to tho effect that the Confederation delegates of England have decided, bv a majority, lo remove the Capitol of tbo Confederation from Ottawa to Quebec. Dbeonm on American invoices for the ensuing week will be 24 per out. Terrible murder* Datton. 0., January 12.—Miss Christine Kelt, aged about eighteen years, living on Oak street in tills city, was brutally mnruered yesterday afternoon, during the temporary absrnc* of her mother, by some unknown person. Bloody tracks worn found In the snow outside of the homo, and maiks of blood were also found upon Ibe fence. A discharged pistol belonging to her brother was found by her side, bnt there were cuts upon her head made by aomo sharp in strument, and the supposition is, that In alienin'- tng to defend herself with tho pistol from (he brutal assault of ■ rtifilan, she was killed by him. Tbe pistol was fired Into (be wound and so placed as to raise the presumption of suicide. No cine to the perpetrator ol this horrid deed has yet been obtained. Enforcement of tlie Excise Lair. New Voce, January 13.—The Excise laws were strictly enforced Ihtouehont the city 10-d&y. The police met with no teeuisoce. About fifty arrests were made for violation of law. Two Tennessee Families Extin go Ised. Louisville, Janaary 13.—Two tamilies of carter County. Tenn.. Roberteand Johnstons have been waging a bloodywar between each other for twenty years, daring which time fourteen men belonging to these two families have lost their lives. On tbe evening of tbe ISih, the sole surviving males of tbe Roberts and Johnstons engaged In personal Itcrcation which resulted fatally lo both. The Impeachment Question. New Toiik, January 13.—A Washington dea fiaich to the /Jerald says there is good antnority or saying that the House Judiciary Com ton tee after careful examination has come to the conclu sion that there ta not sufficient ground upon which to tasc a bill of impeachment. Another Fenian Convicted* Tonojrro, January 12.— Patrick McGrath, the Fenian, has been convicted, and sentence post poned until Monday, the Jtmge stating be had re ceived instructions not to sentence any more for tbe present, THE FESIA3I TRIALS. Official Dopatcb Commuting the Sen* tenccs of Lynch and mcTlnhon, Moktbsal. C. W., January 10.1887. The following despatch, received oy the Governor General of Canada from the Colo nial Office with reference to the fate o.' the Fenian prisoners, has Just been made pabt:.*: Dowkiho SxntET, November 21, ISM. Six Lohn; I have received jour telegram ala tint; that you have reserved the sentences of tbe Fenian convicts, and ielemngmcloMr. Seward's commniiicailOD to Sir F. Brace upon tec subject. I have also received your despatch of November 3, and tbc reports of Fenian trials. Mr. Seward, I observe, applies for a record ol the judicial pro ceedings, and I Infer from tbc papers beloro me that tbe request baa been granted. I approve of yonr baring done so, at the same time, having tvgatd to all tbe circumstances, I am ana loos to guard myself from assenting to tbe propo sition that this request could have assumed the tortnof ademard, lounded upoostnet Interac tional light. An application by the prisoner's counsel through the Lniti-d Stales Consul In Cana ado, who baa bad all facilities granted him, might litre seemed for Mr. Seward all that he desires and wou’d have been more in accordance with or dinal j usage; but while thus ready and anxious >o ufiord tbe convicts in question every chance ol Interposing any plea for delay or ex tenuation which may fairly be open to them, through tbe proper authorities of their country, I am bound to protect the adminis tration of justice in Canada from any claim of sn peivision which might, on first perusal ot Mr. 'guard's wmde, be thought to attach to them. Such language might possibly be constrnsd into a claim on the part of the United Slates Govern men*, to IcvcsUgaio into and to sit as a coart of appeal upon tbc jndic'al proceedings as carried on in Canada, and with all tbc safeguards and sanctions ot English jurisprudence. 1 am. eatts fled that no t*ucb claim could bo Intended. It would be indeed a pretension mat the United States Government would probably be the first to regret, not only because a na’iou so Jealous of its own honor would scrupulously abstain from any request a compliance with which would be inconsistent with the rights and dignity of an in dependent Stale, but because the practice and Ju risprudence of the two countries on each a ques tion is, I believe, almost if not quite identical. Afler a careful perusal ot tbe (rials in Toronto, I am convinced that not the faintest shadow of an imputation can, la the opinion of any reasonable person, rest upon the perfect fairness of the pro ceedings or the jnslicc of the verdict. Not only was there no curtailment of that full measure of liberty and means of defence which is so essential an element in tbo Jurisprudence of hotb the Uni ted States and of Great Britain, but every privi lege that ccnld be conceded to tbo pris oners appears to have been allowed. The case ot Ibe Crown was temperately stated, the whole court concurred in the delays which weio asked and granted, and I observe that even the prisoner lynch bore witness to tbo (alrncss and impartial ity with üblcb his case was tiled. Her Majesty's Govcrimi rt arc requested to grant au amnesty to these prisoners. They have carefully considered the question. They cannot shut their eyes to the ‘very heinous character of the offences. It was neither more nor less than a wanton and lawless attack, wltb the avowed object of carrying fire snd sword Into an inoflensive Province. 11 ha*. indeed, providentially proved to be as trolUcss in itsrcsnUas It was wicked in Us design, which not only contemplate J mnrder amt rapine in Canada, but the possibility of embroiling two friendly na tions in an unnatural war. Her majesty's Govern ment arc not Insensible to the resentment which the people ofCanada roost feel. They have sub mitted, sod submitted cheerfully, to great sacri fice ot tbeir time and their professional avoca tions. Property baa been destroyed, trade inter rupted, and! grieve to think valuable lives have been lost. Nor again baa tbo course wbicb (he associates and sympathizers with these un happy criminals adopted, tbo language wbicb they arc reported to have held, and the Ido threats of retaliation that have been used by them, ren dered It easier either for tbo Canadian people or tier Majest's Government to overlook the grave character of the offence; but taking into account tbo fact that nearly six months have now elapsed and that nothing has occurred In the Interval to detract irom the complete suc cess which crowned the ofiorta of Her Majesty's troops and the Canadian volunteers m suppress ing the Fenian Invasion, and readilyaccep 1 g the opinion of .voorselt and your advisers In favor of clemency. HerMaJcsij's Government arc disposed to hope that the ends of justice and wise policy may no secured without recourse to the extreme penalty of law. I have, therefore, thought It my duty to recommend to Her Majesty to extend her prerogative of mercy to the prisoners Lynch and McMahon, now lying under sentence of death, and to commute the sentence to twenty yearn* penal servitude or Imprison ment, as the law of Canada may warrant yos to in assigning. It Is only to be hoped that tbit act of clemency on the part of her Majesty may not ho misunderstood, and that this punishment, to which the capital sentences have been commuted, may bcof sulfictoulseventy to warn others of the still graver consequences to which they will In evils'-ly tender themselves liable by a repetition of such insane ami criminal proceedings ; but if. unhappily, this hope should be dtaonoWtod, all such persons may bo prepared to bo visited witli tbo extreme penalty of the law. 1 have. Ac.. Carnarvon. BOARD OF HEALTH BILL. Report of tlic Ooinmltlco Appointed to InrMllcrnfc till'Sanitary Ncccssl ties of our City, oml to Susffcst Measures Accordingly. The following Is the report prepared for prcicn lallon, at a meeting of the citizens called for Sat* nrday evening last, in the Recorder's Court Room, for the proposes hereinafter indicated: retort or the committee. At a public meeting of citizens, called to meet al the Sherman Hoose on the Kith of December last, tor tbc purpose or taking into consideration what measures should be devised for promoting the public health and guarding against disease, aud especially to investigate wnat stops should be taken to prevent a return of the cholera at ihs opening of spring, the undesigned were ap pointed a committee to investigate the subject, and were instructed to prepare a suitable bill to be submitted to an adjourned meeting for ap proval, aud. If approved, to submit the same to the Common Council and our members ol lb legislature, and endeavor, if possible, to unite npon some plan which wonld meet the approval ol the city authorities, and invite the co-operation of oil persons having the welfare of the city at hcatl. With Ibis end in view, wo have given to the subject ench attention ns wssnossible, and we do now herewith submit the results of our investiga- 1. And, In the first place, wo would rsmark that if experience and observation have determined anything with reference to hygiene. It Is,—that foul air, Impure water, unwholesome and insuffi cient food, Illy-vcntUlatcd dwellings, and tbe presence aud existence of filth and personal uu* cleanliness tend to produce disease of a low and malignant typo—such as diarrhoea, typhoid fever, and the like. In the recent report of the Board of Health of New York, made to the Legislature of the State of Nt w York, it Is stated that the death rate in the mo»l populous cities of the world has decreased Sreclsely in the ratio In which sanitary measures avebecn adopted, and that the prevalence of all epidemic diseases can be traced directly to some flagrant notation of sanitary laws. it Is interesting, say the commissioners, to trace the reduction of mortality as civilization has advanced. In Geneva. Switzerland, the average length of life Is now 45 years. lui«33,and ten years pre vious, it was 40 years and 5 months. Two hun dred years ago the average period of life In that city and Canton was only 21 years. Maro d’ Es pino, a celebrated authority, show's that in Gene va, from A. D., 1500, to A. l>.. 10no,the probabl • length of life was 25 years, and at (be close of the next century, from 1700 to ISTO, it was 32 years. Tbe same increase of longevity has not been no ticed In American cities, with the exception of New Yor- „ . In Boston, in SSSS, the mortality was 1 In 39; In Boston, 1563, the mortality was lln 11; m Provi oeuce. 1864. the mortality was one in Su; In Provi diare, slrcc then, tbo mortality was 1 m43t057.Q The mortality of London was l In 45, as last re ported; of Liverpool, 1 In 41; of Philadelphia, 1 In to 57, New York has increased Hi mortality from 1 in 46H to 1 in This is explained, however, by ibe tact that New York baa such a large influx of foreigners, who arrive here, after long sea roy ages, in over-crowded and Uly-vcntlUaUd ships, aid who arc compelled to undergo great hardship from that cause and also from a sudden and unu sual change of food and habits of life, ail ranees tend to produce sickness and disease. And when It Is considered that hundreds and thou lands of three same persons—after a short time make their way West by water and the railroads—the public will see tbe direct connection of good san itary regulations here as welt as In New York. Chicago is. likewise, a great port of entry, and may t>o regarded as the gateway of tbe entire Northwest. During the past year more than 20,000 Immigrants Have passed through here on their way to Salt Lake and to other portions of the txircroe West. j- , . , At If they lad been afflicted with infection or contagion they would have sown the seeds of dis ease broadcast from tbo shores of LakcMlcblgan to the base of the Rocky Mountains. We cannot atwnrs count on this Immunity, fur the contagion which travels with the v.-avans of Arabia and In dia Is not arrested by (he wastes of the desert or the pathless sea, . . lA , God m bis provld'-ncc has. In spite of onr viola tion of the laws of nature and the neglect of san itary precautions, thus thr favored us fit beyond most other dUcs, and ll was not until last tali that we received onr first warning. Chicago has on one side of It one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world, and on the other a wide and almost inimitable expanse of prairie. It covers a large extent of lerrl’ory, has n clear akyaod a pare, atmosphere. The air la bracing, and wo are seldom without the benefits of a breeze, which sweeps down Iron Lake Su perior and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, or from the Rocky Mountains, affording os an abun dance of ventilation. Onr people aio mostly in the flush of manhood, end the oldest inhabitant cannot remember back much beyond three or four decades. Wo would feign believe that all the vices of the older cities hat© not yet become domiciled in our city, and that we have only to guard agsliißt planting the seeds and furnishing the conditions which develop disease. In order to insure onr citizens comparative Immunity. The best of constitutions can bo rmmd by reckless ness, and (be most ample fortunes squandered by Improvidence and dissipation. Oar population Is not an great and not one-fifth ns druse as that of Now York, and yet we io*t br cholera dating the last summer, m a few weeks, almost as many as Now York did In as many New York was protected by a well regelated aystcin of sanitary law and an efficient Board of Ilmllb,whenever alcptor ■lumbered. Chicago had nothlngof the ktnd, and every mao was loft loukocaic of himself, and his neighbor to do a lkewtM. CHICAGO. MONDAY. JANUARY M. 186 T. life and death ore two things which cannot be trifled with. A community cannot commit suicide the tame as so Individual* "All enEer from the neglected causes otdiaioae. but the poor pay tbe heaviest penalty. Their labor is tnelr only capital, and tbe whole of It la often rank In the contest with disease. 1 ’ We most profit by the experience of others, and avoid the dangers which they have incurred. The ri tat statistic* of a nation are the most important statistics ot at), for they furnish to the world the elements of us strength in peace and In war, and the basis of Its prosperity and Its decay. A well organized Board of Health is an impera tive necessity in this city. Heretofore when sanitary efforts have been trade they were spasmodic and temporary, and this is tbe history ot the world almost everywhere. An alarm of cholera, or the existence of any fatal dis ease. arouses the authorities and the people Into sanitary activity, bnt when the alarm is over, tbe efforts of the authorities flag, and tbe people re* tnrnloth'lr old habits, little thinking that tbe same predisposing causes are still working, (and with increased energy magrowing city like ours,) with as certain, If leas apparent, power. Tbe Sanitary Commissioners ofjs'ew York dwell at length in tnetr report on the deleterious and demoralizing effects produced by the carrying on ot various kinds of business In crowded portions of the cityof an unwholesome character,to the great damage and annoyance of the citizens, which were allowed to be established there years before without regulation or restraint. This state of things wc bare It In our power to prevent. They also mention the poisonous uaturc of the fool air that arises from privy vaults and thd defective traps to sewers, a thing which has began to develop Itself in this city. , - They also speak of the first case of cholera in New York as follows: . . "On the first of May the first case of cholera occurred. It was In the person of* womantWrty~- fivo years of age. living on thu corner of Thud avenue and Ninety-third street. She ban been for days occupied in spreading the contents of a privy vault about a vegetable garden, and this seemed to b*s 'die immediate exciting cause of the disease. " rbc case was a violent one, and the patient died iu a few boars; a poll mortem examination verified the opinion of the attending physician. "The body was at once removed from the bouse Tbe bedding, clothiig, carpet, Ac., which had been soiled by the evacuations of the patient were bnroed. All the remaining tenants were removed to temporary quarters, and a large quantity of chloride of lime and a preparation of carbolic acid was sprinkled In tbe rooms and halls of tbe house, acd in the cellar and privy. The whole house was then thoroughly cleansed and whitewashed, and on examination of the premises, several Inches of stagnant water were found iu the drain in the cel lar." Such facts aa these whether considered as indi vidual Instances or in tbuaggrega’e goto corroba rale the theory of all scientific observers that filth, impure and unwholesome air, will produce disease and death. " A single glance at such results shows tbe valno of sanitary knowledge, and elevates hygiene as a science which Is destined to do more good than all f cmcdi'.i s'bat were eve admin Istercd to suffering hnmanliy. This subject must arresttbe attention of statesmen and legislators; for upon tbe observance of tbese rules depend na tional wealtb, power aud greatness; and upon their neglect, national decay and ruin. l ’ Oor location midway across tbe continent has given ns a position wo should endeavor not to for feit. But the very fact that wc arc placed at the centre of a vast irland commerce by railroad and by tt-c Jakes, and the further fact that we connect the East and the West, the North and the south, by about one hundred and fifty railway passenger trains arriving and departing dally, make It almost Impossible for ns In times of epidemic and pesti lence to escape Infection aud contagion In some form or other. Are cholera, yellow* fever aud small-pox subject to any kuown sanitary laws? Can they be communicated by contact, or the in fection carried on the journeys of the emigrant and the traveller, or can they be quarantined and controlled 1 While Chicago possesses many very great natu ral advantages it has some drawbacks. Every structure, in order to allow drainage, must he built np above the natural surface. To complete our drainage system will cost not far from $12,000,000. The Chicago River la an open sewer into which all the private drains and privy vaults arc emptied. Onr streets must he raised, qtailed, and {died, and in our present condition It is almost impossible to keep them clean. It lakes lime to do all these things: but we should be guided by the intelligence nod by the experience of older and larger communities. We can de pend upon no outside help, but must solely rely upon our own efforts. Chicago has In a little over thirty years passed from the condition of the lair of wild beasts to that of a first-class city. It is yet In Us infancy—its grwth has Just com menced ; shall wc profit by the experience of oth ers and adopt at tbe ontset of onr career a plan and a system, or shall we trnst to chance? Says a recent distinguished writer: “Society no longer submits its destinies to the superstitious doctrines of chance In any of the great adalrs and events of hnmon existence. “The State and the municipality open thoir ac count current and ledgers of life, lineage, death and thccsnecol death of the people, In order tbat the law of healthy erittfncecnd social icel fare may be elucidated, and If, in tbe transactions of trade and transfer of lands and estate, tbe civil government Justly demands the formalities of deeds, and title proofs, then, how much more and with whatgrestcr exactions the requirements of society be enjoined in regard to If* care? Science and philosophy are nothing but tbe study and public rccorf of man inhis birth and linkage, bis family, his oflsnring and Ids death." Tbe condition or things berets lust this: Tbo present Board of Police have, Ist. To attend to their own private business; Sd. They have charge of the Fire Department, and all of tbat vast Interest; Sd. CM the Police; and, •ttb. Ol the public health. Wo are decidedly of opinion that U would be much hotter separate the health deportment from all these and organize It on tbe most approved plan of sanitary science. The care of the police and FI-o Department) Is enough fur any one Board, and as they have bnt a very remote connection with the nubile health, we think that they should he entirety discon nected.

X. Mankind everywhere ore very unwilling to be put under restraint, and In largo cities there la great reluctance on the part of many to give up the public streets oa a common receptaclo for esrbsgo nrd offal, and the only way Ibal tbo public health con be guarded Is to moke stringent rules and regulations. and then place power In the band* ountelllgcnt and Judicious mentoen* lorce them. a. Wo have eonsulUd tbo (statutes of many States, and we find that the present health >aws of the cltTOfNew York aroby far the moat complete and cfllclcnfofany lo this country, If not In tho wotld. and we have therefore drawn up a bill itnon the model of the Jftie York Metropolitan IhcUh Hill, adapting It to oar condition and to onr system of law. 4. 'lbis MU hoi a State as well as local interest, for U Is well known that tbo progress of cholera (as well as other diseases) can be arrested and prevented from spreading over tho country by stamping It out on tho snot where It Is first dis covered. Therefore, we nave In the proposed bill combined the State with the county and city. In order that If It should become necessary at any time to establish a quarantine for persons coming from foreign parts Into tbo States, bearing infec tion or cooliglon. such persona may be detained and supported until (he danger I* over, and the expense thereof, we think, shooH be shared In part, at least, by the State. In order, there fore. that the State may bo represented, it is perfectly proper that one or more of the Commissioners should be ap- S olnled by the Governor. It may sot c very Important by whom those Commissioners arc appointed. The Common Connell can per haps select the Commissioners as well as the Gov ernor, bat It is certainly of very great importance that the Board ehonlc be pro pet I j organized by the selection of experienced and akllfol men who fullv understand the Importance and principles of sanitary science. 5. By an examination of the powers and duties of the board they will be found very complete,and ili* design Is to provide in advance for each con tingencies as arc likely to arise in carrying into effect the provisions of the act. There are thou sands of persons who care for nobody or nothing hut themselves, and they cannot and will not see the propriety ot any regulations regarding the public health. Such persons will lax all the re fourccs of hnman Ingenuity to evade the pro vision® of this law; therefore It Is that, in order to make (bis law efective, the Board most be vested with large powers and be protected In their exercise. 6. Ihc exp'nscs of the Board we provide shall be paid as follows: Three-fourths by the city, and onc-fonrih by the county; and we ask the State to appropriate the sum of $5,000 per year to aid In establishing a quarantine, and in keeping and mamtalnlrg tha same. Wo do not thick that it Is right that the inhabitants of this county, who hap pen to live tcidnn the limits of the municipality called Chicago, should pay all the expenses in or der to preserve the public health and ward off dis ease and pestilence. The citizens who live out side of the cltv limits hare certainly some Interest in protecting the public beslth. and should there fore leases small proportion of the expenses actually incurred for that purpose. Under or dinaiy orcnmstanccs it might be well lo figure np in advance: the cost to community of in augurating any new measure, bat there ts no cal culating the expenses which society is called upon to bear by the destruction of human life. The merchants and business men of this city can per haps turn to their ledgers and foot np the profits or loss to business by that great accountant — Cholera, and bis attendant. Death—daring their sojourn in this community for a few days daring last autumn. But who can estimate the loss of a Bralnnrd to this city, or the other nine hundred or a thousand worthy citizens, who laid down their Ives at the bidding of the fell destroyer. In the presence of a fearful and dreaded pesti lence no as Balance that health officers will be called out to contend with the peril, will serve to calm the public mind or to restore to life tnc dead, or assuage the gnef of the desolate wife and the orphaned children. we do not pretend that the bill which we have drawn np is perfect by any means, bat we do In sist that the fundamentalprincipUt of the bill ore correct. It is for tbis city to ear whether it shall be adopted or whether they will trust to leaa ef ficient means. If the adoption of this bill shall be the means of saving the lives of a few only of onr dtleens, and prevent the recurrence of a panic similar to that which occurred during tho last autumn, and the consequent interruption of business and commer cial enterprise. It will be the most valuable Invest ment which this city ever made. But whether adopted or defeated, must depend entirely upon the city government and upon the people, and they must take the responsibility. If the bill la defective m any particular It should be amended, and with that view wo hereby re spectfully submit the some to you for yoor adop tion or rejection, with the feeling on the part of the committee that they bare, to ibe best ot their knowledge and ability, performed their doty, and they leave it with the commaniiy to perform its dnty and to a&enme all (Oitlicr responsibility. E. AwrnoKT, Dr. J. V. Z. Biakxt, A. C. Cotbktut, Db. J. 11. Rauch. The Sea Serpent Captured and Caged* The Toulonnai» gives aa account oi the capture of a great sea serpent on the coast of France on thc22d of December, which, it says, can be vouched for by pretty nearly the whole populace of the town. The specimen in question is about thirteen feet In length, ana was caught on the line of some fisher men In the waters of Cape Cepet. It was bronght np by the captors, while yet living, to the Boulevard dc la Riviere, in Toulon, and there was visited by crowds of persons during the latter part of the day. It was stretched across a number of casks which lay opposite to M. Laveno's distillery, aud which Is close to the boulevard. The body la perfectly cylindrical, and tsabout four a ml a bal f Inches In diameter, terminating in a short polntattbctail. Its color Is o uniform deep gray on the upper part, and beneath Is of a yellowish white. It has no 11ns nor scales, nor is there any projecting bone or horn In any part. In color It much resembles the conger, but could never b*» mistaken for that (Ish, for In these seas the latter novor attains to a greater length than about six (bet or so, and is. moreover, when of such size, tally double the girth of the snake. The great dlllcrcncc also is the shape and aspect of the head; that of the snake Is (lai and broad, and resembles the hood of a huge viper; the Jaws, armed with powerful fangs, are cion* gated, reaching to the length of about eleven Inches, and tormloallng In a sharp angle. The eyes, which arc remarkably bright, are Borroncdcd by a fine thread of a flaming red color. The discovery of this snake—for snake there can be no doubt It is, if tbe description be accurate—is one of a highly interesting character, bat It must not be considered as a proof of the ex istence of such a monster as has been des cribed as the great sea-serpent. Of the ex istence of this creature there is doubtless a certain amount of evidence, but not as yet sufficient to satisfy the sceptical minds of many of tbe best known naturalists. It may be argued that the Mediterranean serpent be ing thirteen feet in length, the serpent of the Atlantic may be larger in proportion to the greater Else of his ocean home. TYISCO3SE*. Members of the New Senate and As* sembly. The following Is a list of the members of tbc Legislature of Wisconsin forlSGi. Tbe Republicans are in Roman, the Democrats in italic*, and the Independents m small cats : SENATE. The Senators In the even numbered dis tricts bold over. District. District. 1— Van Epe Young. IS—Stoddard Judd. 2 M.J. Mead. 19— Georoe/teed. Z—L. Morgan. SO—Geo. P. Wheeler. 4— F. 0. "Thorpe, Sl—George Carey. b—Jackson liadlty. S3— A. L. Smith. G—C. H. Larkin. S3—G. T. Thorpe. 7—Henry Stevens. 24—IT. Adams. 6—C. C, Shole*. 95—R. D. Sanderson. O—D. W. C. Wilson. 2ft—J. K. Proudflt. * 10— Orton Heed. 27—E. L, Browne. 11— C. E. Warner. 23—M. A. Fulton. IS—N. M. Littlejohn. 29—H. O. Webb. 13— H. Earnest. 80—Beni. Ball. 14— A. W. Starks. 31—J. w. Rauney. 15— Joel Whitman. S3—J. G. Tborp. 16— J. H. Rountree. sJ— Satterlee Clark. 17— S. J. Todd. Total—Union, 23; Democrats, 11. A 'BQIBI.T. Adame— W. J. Kershaw. A f/Tard. Bayfield. Burnett. Dallat. Douglas and Polk— H. D. Barron. Brown—W. Abrams , Randall Willcox. Buffalo—C. Moser, Jr. Calumet—B. u. Needham. Cfiljmetca and Bunn—T. C. Pound. Clafk and Jaclson—J. A. Watrous. L'olan:Ma —W. S. Schemmerhoru, Ira H. Ford, E. o, Jone*. Crawford— o. B. Thomas. Bone—lsaac Adams, John Mv Flint, Hugh ■’athcsrl. Frank Gault. Kleaser Wtheley. Dodge—H lies Bon ham, J. S. Hoyes. IT. Hare ton. 0. TVttherby. Boor and AVtcaunre—David Youngs. Kent Claire and Pepin— Fayette Allen. Tend du Lee— A, M. Skecls, A. C. Whitting. Jas. Coleman, L. H. Carey, Joseph Wagner. C. B. Gcee. Grant— Hamncr Robbins, D. A. W. McNair. John Carthcn. Joseph Allen, A. A Benjtett. gig. Green— L. W. Wright. D. Dondwlddle. Green ZoAc—Chades KUbottm. Jmea— John Green. Joseph Frost. Jtfferion —W. W. Reed, G. U. Bryant, J. D. Petrie, and Thomas Shlnnick. Juneau— E. C Sage. Kenosha— G. Trucsdcll. la Croat/— Angus Cameron, D. A. Kennedy, . Lafayette—Band J. Seeley. W. Monroe. ManUowoc— N. Ditmcr, Mleltael Murphy. T. Robinson. Marathon and Wood—George EUea. Marquette—C. S. Kelsey. Mriirat/jvc—G. W. Ciasox. Edwin Hyde, T. B. Judd, Wm A. Prentiss, IT. C. Hobart. James Me- Ornt/i, Joseph Phillips. Louis Heiberg , K. Knoll and Henry Tattler. Monroe— C. B. Johnson. Oconto and Shawano— o. n. Pulcifer. Ou’anamie—F. TT. Horn. Ozaukee—TV H. P. Boaan. Iherce—J. D. Trumbull. Portage—T. H. McDill. Paclne—C. E. Dyer and 11. D. Morse. Richland—l. P. Hazelton. Rock—E. A. Foote, J T. Dow, W. H. Starks, H. J. Wnrravand Pliny Norcross. Savk— J. I. Watcrhnry and S. S. Barlow. Shebogan—Joseph Wedig. B. Van Valkenbnrg, G. S. Graves. St. Croix—Hr L. Wadsworth. lYempeleau— J. Nlchol. IVmcwi—3. W. Qreemnan and Albert. Bus I *. Walworth—' W. C. Allen, F. A. Buckhee, T. D. Weeks. Washington—C. H. Miller and T>. W. Maxon. Wanhesha— Jesse Smith, Rufua Parks, James Murray. Wavjwca—'E. I*. Perry. iroueArmt—Edgar Sears. Winivbago— H. C. Jewell, John Proctor, M. C. Busbncll. Republicans,TO; Democrats SO; Independent. 2. Total, 100. A Deaperats Affray In Prison—Pierce .Encounter Between tlic Guard and a Convict* [From the Louisville Courier, January 10.] A desperate convict by the name of George Henderson, who bad been sentenced to four years imprisonment for grand larceny In Uio Southern Indiana Penitentiary, an old offender and tbo leader of an outbreak in Joliet (111.) Penitentiary, In which he ac knowlcgcd having killed tbo Warden several years since, was regarded with suspicion by the officers of the prison os being in league with some of (bo rest of the prisoners far the purpose of inciting them to mutiny. In the afternoon when the convicts were nt work in the wheel shops, where Henderson oho usually worked, he was detected by Mr. Sage, the guard In ebargoof that department, lu putting an unusual keen edgo upon bis mess knife at tbo grind stone, tbo convicts using these knives about their persons for nothing else but to cat with, ordered him to give up tbo knife and go on with his work; whereupon ho Jumped upon Mr. -Sage, making an attack with his knife, add would have succeeded In killing the olllcor but for tbe timely arrival of Mr. Baugh, the guard under the wheel shops, who threw off the prisoner at the same time firing four Incffcct* nnl shots at him, the prisoner cscuaplng the shots by taking refuge behind a pile of wagon wheels, but returning fight by throw ing heavy bars of iron at the ofilccr. Mr. Baugh, finding the pistol shooting of no effect made an attack with a wheel spoke, and with one effectual blow, succeeded In telling the convict to the floor. During the scene the guards were promptly at their separate posts, cxpccllngat any moment an outbreak, which, through the vigilance of those effi cient men was kept under entire subjection. Henderson, who was still resisting the offi cers, was finally taken to the whipping post, and then abont to have the cat-o-nlnc tails applied, when he was discovered to swoon, lie was placed In bis cell, suspected to be under the influence of tobacco, which narcotic had been successfully applied on irevious occasions by this prisoner in swal owing large quantities of tbc Juice about the time a whipping was to come off. In an hour and a hair upon a visit to his cell he was found a corpse. Anticipated Union ot Spain and Porto- On tbc Btb of December the Queen of Spain, accompanied by the King consort and her eon and daughter, set out from Madrid on a visit lo the King and Queen of Portugal. The visit of the royal family of Spain to their royal neighbors at Lisbon (says a foreign Journal) is an unprecedented event, and one which, in tbc present state of affairs la the Peninsula, is calculated to arrest attention. Tbc Spanish Court is aware that the revolu tion which appears to be impending in Spain will probably, if success ful, assume a dynastic form, a desire being widely spread among the Spanish Liberals fora "unification” of the Peninsula under the Iloasc of Braganza. Tbc House of Bourbon is to be deposed from the throne of Spain, and the King of Porta gal is to become King of the Peninsula. Such veiws unquestionably find favor among an inflncntlal portion of the Spanish people, and it is doubtless in connection with tbis circumstance that the King and Queen of Portugal are honored with a visit from their royal neighbors. There is also a rumor that the royal visit Is meant to pave the way for a matrimonial alliance, as a good means of obviating any violent or immediate change in the roval politics of the Peninsula. Subterranean Fisbea* [From the Green Bay (Wle.) Advocate, January 4.J We have been shown two fishes which came through the pump of the new artesian well In the rear of Jacobs* Building. The well is 107 feet deep, tubed tbe whole dis tance, and closely filled at tbe top with a force-pump, so that the fishes can come from nowhere bnt at that depth underground. They are about two inches long, nearly white, and do not resemble any variety common in these waters- Oneofthemwas injured com ing through the pump and died; the other is alive and can be seen at the restaurant. There was no apparent indication of having struck a stream when the well was finished, although tbc water came In inexhaustible quantities, accompanied by exceedingly fine sand. We have heard of no fishes coming from the Beaumont House well, which is of about the same depth, and was completed nearly at the some time; bnt as that fiows over with a large stream, and fishes coming from it would easily be washed away with out being noticed. THE HOPE. HU Visit to the Church ot tbe Apostle* —A Portrait of Plus IX—His Coach and Train—His Income, (Italian Correspondence of the Boston Journal. On the day after my arrival I bad an op* poclunity of seeing th« Pope, on the occa sion of bis visit to the Church of the Apostles—a feast day on which all the shops were closed. The church U situated about a mile from the Vatican, and to make it easy riding lor his Holiness and the Cardinals, sand was sprinkled on the pavement the entire distance. Go with me to the church and see the sight, for perhaps there may not be many more of the same sort. The streets through which he Is to pass arc lined with people; the windows hung with draperies. Two regiments of French troops guard the way, and the Pope’s own cavalrymen patrol the streets with drawn swords. Yon must ride where they say on this occasion. Entering the church In odvanccof the crowd, wo obtain a standing place near the altar, to see the ceremonies. While the people arc gathering a priest delivers a lecture upon the immaculate con ception of the Virgin. Then comes the sound of the distant drumbeat, the blow of trumpets and tho cheers of the people. A sonnu of tho Swiss Guards, in uniform of gaudy colors and nodding planes, pass up lW aisle. The lamps and candies—several hundred in number—are lighted, and the Pope, with lortr or fifty Cardinals, ap proaches tho altar and kneels while a mas* (s being sunc by a choir of priests. W'hlui ho kneels let as take a look at ibis potentate who Is the bead of tho Komati Church. Uo Is an old man, born in ITW, seventy-four years of ago. Old age, gray hairs and a benevolent countenance com* Itnand respect, and all of these Pins IX. poi scssrs. No breath of calomny has over tainted his private lids and ho is reputed to be benevolent. In stature bo b short, thick set and ob&q. He wears a gorgeous robe emblazoned with gold, and a train which is held by fonrof tbe attending prelates. Most persons would unhesitatingly say, “ there :s a good natured manbat a close Inspec tion ot those sunken eyes might raise a mis trust that scbtMy was an accompaniment to the good nature. He bows, leans his bead upon his hands a moment, and then, while the priests are chanting, takes a pinch of suulfl He is a true Catholic, and the inventor of the dog ma of the immaculate conception of the Virgin, that she, like the Savior, was born without sin. Edmund About said of him in 1859 that “ the charctcr of this respectable old man la made up of devotion, simplicity, vanity, weakness and obstinacy, with an occasional touch of rancor. He blesses with unction and pardons with difficulty; he is a good priest and an Insufficient King. His Intel lect, which has raised snch great hopes, is of a verv ordinary capacity, t hardly think he Is infallible in temporal matters- His edu cation is that of the average of Cardinals In general.” Tbe people of Home and of all Italy, I think, wish that no harm may come to him, hat, notwithstanding all that, it is very evi dent that they will, one of these days, ask him to resign his temporal power. . 'While the chanting goes on be remains kneeling bat now he rises, and in clear steady tones, remarkable for one so old, per forms his part in tbe service. Then there Is the response of the Cardinals; then ol the people, and now from the choir—an impres sive service, well calculated to charm those who do not deem spirituality the ail essential part of religious service. This performed, there Is a horning of insense from silver and golden censors, and then the elevation oi tbc host and the blessing of the Pope upon the people. He descends from tbc altar, the Swiss Guards clear the way, aud he disap pears with the Cardinals In the roblne-room. Let ns hasten out of doors to sec tbe suc cessor of the Apostles enter his coach. There it stands, resplendent with gold, with four footmen in cocked bats, gold laced scarlet coats, short breeches, long stockings and carters. There are six prancing black horses, in gold mounted harnesses, with pos tillions In scarlet and gold. In the train of tbc Pope arc all the coaches of the Corninals, gaudy with gold—all drawn by black steeds, three footmen to each Cardi nal. rnakiug a regiment of lackeys. There Is a dense crowd of people, which, with the military, fill the street. The Pope appears and enters his carriage: the bands salute him: the troops present arms; the people wave their handkerchiefs and shout Vive JPio Xono ! The old man with i\ benevolent countenance thrusts bis bands out of the carriage windows and moves bis llrst and second Sogers, thus scattering bis benedictions upon the people, the cavalry galloping by bis side to ward off all harm iromtJbrm’s vicar on earth. As be rode away, followed by the Card I • nals, the military and thccrowd, I could hut contrast the movements of the Savior in Jerusalem and that of the Apostles. I won der If the difference has ever occurred to the Roman Catholic world? That the Pope is able to ride In a golden coach, with such a number of postillions, cannot be doubted, for bis income from the Roman States alone. per annum, is not less than five hundred and eighty thousand dollars, while the amount scut in from all countries by devout Roman ists, and tbe collections of Peter’s pence, is equivalent to an annual revenue of about five millions of dollars. Surely, in tbe mat ter of Income, Pius IX. is ahead of Peter of Galilee. ty WAIT BROTHER**. Advertising Ag’ia 126 Denrborn*«t.. receive advertisements for ail the leading papers tbrooghoat the ('ailed Slates and Canaan*. gflje Seating Reason. And Fancy Costume Carnival. nt the Washington Skating Pork on Thursday evening Jan. J7tb. QI3NTRAL PARK OFEW TO-NIGHT. Second Masquerade, Fancy Dress Carnival on Friday evening, January 13. QGDEN SKATING PARK. GOOD SKATING IPLENDID SHEET OF NEW ICE, OPEN AFTERNOON AND EVENING. -^/•ASHINGTON SKATING PARK. BENEFIT WEEK Fur the Soldiers* and Orphans* Relict Fond. OPEN THIS AFTERNOON AND EVENING. SNOW ALL CLEARED OFF, AND ICE IN SPLENDID CONDITION. FULL OUEAT WESTERN LIQDI GUARD BAND in the evening. Purchase a ticket down (own, and aid the destitute (brollies oi the bravo aud noble men who fell in the »ciylcc cf their country. SIDE RINK. THU GRAND FANCY DRESS CARNIVAL AND MASQUERADE Will take place THIS EYBNINGJ THIS EVENINGJ ABOUT sse SKATERS HAVE REGISTERED THEIR NAMES TO APPEAR IS COSTUME. Molt of these costume* have never been worn before In the city Some ot the finer order are made ot tho belt material regardless ot tho Immense expense, while others are so comic a* to make even tho crave shoal with laughter. The programme intended for Saturday (■rcnlcg last will be carried oat. Randolph car* pas* the dour every & minutes. QRAXD NATIONAL Skating Tournament, COMMENCING JANUARY 21,1867, At Central Skating Park, PITTSBURGH, PENN- Prizes (400 and (300 in Greenbacks, and theChampton Medal worth (50. The beet Gentleman skater will re ceive a prize otftOO In Greenback* and toe Champion Gold Medal worth (50 of America. Tue bast lady skater a prize of (300 and the Gold Medal. Three of each to secure a content, the winners. If challenged next season to skate the contest on this Park. Entries to close on the 50th. Address THOMAS A. SPENCE, becreurv Central Skatlnp Psrt, post Office Box 371. Pittsburgh, Pa. for entries and partlcolars. SIDE DFtHNTESL. Masanerade Postponed Until Monday Evening January 14th. The Management beg to announce that on account of me great storm, and knowing that thousands of epccta ton would be unable to attend, besides the treat disappointment ot the three hundred ana ferty-one skaters, whose names were registered to appear in costume, bare postponed the Masquerade cnul (THIS) MONDAY evening. A* the boots win be kept open octtl Monday evening lor registering macs, tbe number of •testers in costume will be largely aueumnted.and we are folly Justified in guaranteeing me flrest exhibition, the greatest attraction, and the urs»t number of masqueraders that this city has ever witnessed. ~^T ABASH-AV. IUNK. SPLENDID ICE. FINEST ICE IN THE CITY. OPEN DAY AND EVENING (General 'Notices. -no CHICAGO 1 bbickmakeibs. Proartetor* ol yards. or lbo«e destcnlnji: to establish Tania in or the nelgnborhooo, areieq nested to meet «t ourtfflee. DIONDAY, 14th Inst., at S o'clock, on a matter touching their pecuniary in- terests. 8. S. BSBTOOT & CO., VTOTIOE TO CONTRACTORS. 1 v Notice Is hereby circa that proposals win be received until the sth of February, iWT, by thsTrnsteea ofechool District No. S of the Township or Hillsdale. Mich , for bnUdinc a nrw Union School House In said District. The contractor to furnish all material, and thesaldbaildlnrtobe comoieiedby the first day of Anjtnst, A. D„ Is&s, according to jiiona and specißea- Hons which may be seen at the office of J. U Willis, Waldron's Block, on sad after isth Inst. Koch proposal to be accompanied with the nntns« ol so rettes, to be sealed and motked “ proposals for building school hoate” and addressed to J. C- Wytlis. Dlrocto.-, Hills lale, Mich. Tho Trustee* reaervetbe ruht to re ject any, cr all proposals, as they msy consider (br the lourest of the district. unncaie,Jan.stb,nC7. XO TELEGRAPH CONTRACTORS. -THE ATLANTIC ANo PACIFIC TELE VPII COMPANY.—Proposal* fjr the Immediate fooMructlcnmiioioHowincUiTiiionsor ti#f* Atlantic n&d I’aclf.c Telegraph Uae will bo rorelred by the an« aendKr.ed until Jacaarr «0. IHO7 s FrumNiw YofktoUa&alo rlu Albany. From Dußalo to Detroit rin Clerelana and Toledo. From Detroit to Chicago rto Michigan Central Hall* Further Irtonnatlon nnd jperlfleatlons will bofltr nulied on application to the undcmlgocd, accompanied mm".. K. lI.V.VS KI.KKCK. No. 1110 Maiden-lane, pew York. i> 1 - _a ■■ sag sltt association. TlllilllU NUMBER 220. art association. JOBBING THE LAST WEEK OF THE ART ASSOCIATION The Selling Force will he Doubled. PARTIES ARE REQUESTED TO Purchase Early in the Week. rr ciob orders will be received np to 10 o'clock on SATURDAY EVES Dili (X be »th), when the booss will poalUvely close. The delivery of Engravlnjn will not be Interrupted byiheDrawlng.bat win ctnUnao mmi every order shall have been Ollea. SocUtg fHeetinp. The Indiana association.— There will be a Regular Meeting ol the Members ot tola Association at Messrs. Culbertson A Blair's Office, in the Chamber ol Commerce, AT 7S O'CLOCK OH MONDAY EVBSIHQ. All cl the Member* Areradaestedto bgprcscoC art aooociation. gEKD IN TOUR CLUBEARLTIHTfIEWEEK. dual. yOTOHIOGHENT COAL & COKE Office 17 Chamber ot Commerce, and corner West Klczte ana Green-eta, Coal at reducea prices. jihlclulActawanna-YonsMocbner. flflar Hill. Eric, Cannef. and Mineral Blast, Pttuourgh and Connells* ville Coke. AMEa A CO. T ACKAWANA COAL. <5 tons T.eblch and SDO tons best quality L&ctawana Coat, all flies, on consignment. Mast be closed out. Those wanting Coal will do welt to cal! on na before purchasing elsewhere. RENO & LITTLE, 10S Kingsbury-et., N. Vf. cor. Indiana-Bt. Order* through the Post Office will receive prompt attention. __ art association. QIIDER CERTIFICATES TDlWllllli 1011 FRIENDS. Bonatfons. J^ONATION. AT ST, GEORGE’S HALL, 224 and 220 South Clark-st., On Tuesday Evening. 13th Inst., at 'i3o, Iherc will be a DONATION PARTY held in behalf of REV. DAVID WILLIAMS. Pastoroftho Welsh Presbyterian CUnrch In this cltr. All Irtenda at a well wishers of this worthy c»ose are cordially Incited to cume there. art association. qrder certificates THROUGH YOUR COMMISSION MERCHANT. T CANS ON CZT7 BS&L ESTATE. PARKER A LTMAN. Noi. 15 and 1 7 Portland Block, are now prepared to negotiate mortgages on real ea tatc in Uii> city, throngh ihclr correspondent* to hew York and Bo*ton. Slrt association. QUEER CERTIFICATES TintOUGU THE CITY BANKS. ILosst: LOST- D O O. On New Tear'* Day, a Cockor Spaniel Do?. Had on when lost seen a chain collar. Any one returning him or giving Information wherohoranbe found will re* ccivefi reward. UDkOItAKF, Sill 'Veit Adams-si. art association. JJUY TOOK CERTIFICATE TODAY. Srntistrj). ■p\K. J. O. FARNSWORTH “Makes no extra charge lor Extracting Teeth without Fain, by the tine ol Nitrous Oxide Gas, when arUhclal one* are ln»ertcd. , mi ) | ({ Handolon-aC, opposite Wood's Museum. Seta of Tcttb on Uubber. #13.00,120.00. art assoilation. pLUB ORDERS riX.X.BS UP TO 10 P. M. S.ITVJSD.II So Kent rj-0 BENT. An Office In Chamber of Commerce Building, with the furniture, until the Ist of May next. Apply to WALBRIDGE, WATKINS Sz CO -14 chamber ol Commerce. art association. REGISTER YOUR LETTERS, OR SEND POST OFFICE ORDERS Business ffiarhs. Storage, iorwardlog and commission merchants, lor toe purchase and sale of all kinds of country produce, and give especial attention to iale ol Broom Corny Ulghwlnes, Dressed Boss and Live Stock* Also agents for sale of „ . _ _ SA I, IIV A W SALT, X. u. our rates ofcommtMlon are those established by the Board ol Trade, Bom which we do not vary. Cotul PTimenta solicited- QILBERT & FIELD, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, (SocccMors to Gilbert, Updike ft C 0.,) 103 TVaslilnffton-at. CDAS. J. GILBERT. GEO. FIELD art association. KEifITTAKCES THAT COME TOO late RETURNED IH REGISTERED LETTERS. ißadjinctg. jyjEKRITT & COUGHLIN INDIAN AJPOMS, INDIANA DEALERS IN COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And Woollen Factory- Findings. New Factories furnished with Machinery, Shafting. Fnglnen, rians. Specifications, Superintendents anr experienced workmen. roll cards Always on hand. COTTOS WARPS & CARD CLOTHING Ol all kinds. fjT Second-hand Machinery oa hand, for tale cheap. ftjarhtoare, ®>tobes, &c. JJAUDWARB & GOTLEHT. HURD, PRESCOTT &Co 175 talio-St. The attention ol do«» buyers 1» com plete tlocx of COOPERS'. MACHINISTS WW I’ENTERS*TOOL*. AMKfurAN TAULb and BUILDERS'IIAHOWAUK. ~ln^L! r .°™ luanußwlarera. Wo offer. Of HOSTKMICLM'B I'OCK :f V.mwiri« * E Awm JACKKON’M RAWH .IOHLI’II uOIKiLIW A HONS* tnd haWhu*. stuiuis A upTHEitra I FILES, alio SKATES and Straps of over/ description. We also keen constantly nn W.fc 11 MBrtwi'rt srilOßMlhllOKß n JOMATA NAILS, n. n. nr«p. khw. inuwrrr. w. avt Association. IUU fiSI S&ors-tplr ©OOIIO. REDUCTION JN PRICE?. WE BILL SELL ALL OUB WOVEN AND HAND-KNIT WORSTED GOODS At Cost tor 20 Days. §5.00 Knit Shawls for SI.OO. 8.30 Knit Shawls for 7.50. 7.00 Wove Shawls for 4.75. 3.00 Wove Shawls for 2.00. Sontags for 75c., §I.OO, 5i.25. MEN’S AND WOMEN’S JACKETS BEDXJCED. Oar large stock of Commenced, Slippers, Sofa Cushions, Sc, f €tf Cost . LADIES’ AHD CHILDEEH’S WOOL HOSE AT COST Ladles* sod Gents’ Underwear at greatly reduced prices. Persons wantln cany ol the Above goods will find bargains bycaUcß cn os» SUTTON & EURKITT, 177 Lake-at. 177 Insurance. JNSURANCE. 1867. HARTFORD FIRE Insurance Company CHARTERED ISIO. Cash Capital, - - $1,000,001] Abstract 113tli Semi-Annual Statement, Dec. 31, ISfiG: Cash oa hand, in Bant and Cash Items .8333,2 49.2 S Loans on Collateral Security 13.5-14.34 Ileal Estate Miscellaneous InvcstmcntMStocka and Cond»). par value United States Bonds, par value 81.758.078.S 1 - Losses In process oi adjustment. 8119,155.08 Premiums received during the year..1.370.300.9S Gross Income ?>r year. Loetcs paid tor year... Market value ot Stock. January 1. JS67, (Starts tiW each) After a year of disaster, unparalleled in the history 01 Underwriting, Involving the deatroedon of property to lie amonot of nearly Eighty Millions, and canals# the wreck or retirement of a large number of Insur ance Organizations, THE HARTFORD Presents tho foregoing exhibit u evidence ol the con servative principles upon which Its business Is coo* ducted, sod Its ability to encounter widespread sod protracted penis, without the crippling ot Its re* sources. \3T Income nod reaoarces exceeding iboao or any other American Company confined cxclnslvely lo Fire Underwriting. Agencies in all Principal Localities, Fail Rales Demanded, Fair Dealing and Conseryatlro Principles (Jnarnntcedr" ' S. M. MOOBE & CO., Agents for Chicago and vicinity. 6. F. BISSELL, Genera! Agent lor Western and Southern Stales. OFFICES: Hartford Building, 49 LaSnlle-st. fßchlcaf. ■pjß Do CASTRO, Physician, Oculist and Anrlit, of the Sew School, USA Wahash-ar., between Harrlson-st. and Hubbard court. Ofllrehonr«flri)m9toi andSto-t. Dr. Do Cas tro baa certificates from every part of the Pacific coast, and from Salt Lake City, of the speedy cure of the most difficult cases of Dearness, and diseases of the Eye, Throat and Lungs, amour which is one ol the care of a cesfand dumb lady of sateen, in Ban 1 ranclaco. Toe Doctor pays special attention to diseases of tnc Head, Throat and Lungs. Be con be consul led In all tho modern lasgaagts. A Few Words of Common Sense, Bow ftw there are who are not subject to some Hon of the lungs or respiratory organs, who, by neg> lecting premonitory symptoms, aggravate the com* plaint, until disease strikes Its shafts, causing inex pressible torture of the patient, and anxiety and dis tress to flrlcnds. **Only a coldl ’* “A slight sore throat 1 '• is the heedless remark of many when so af fected. Tes; •* Only a cold,” was the thoughtless a presston of thousands whom death has marked for hu prey. Forewarned—Forearmed t sboold be the motto for* ever Inthe minds ol all subject to Coughs. Colds, Ca larrb.or Influenza. Words of advice should be heeded by all suffering from Bronchitis, Consump tion. Belief Is within their reach; and, 11 neglected, tstal consequences ensue—a llle of misery—a dally hourly struggle for existence. A contest In which there can be but one victor—Death J Does it not appal the strongest xnlad to think of the result caused by neglect ? Then why delay ? What excuse can be offered, when timely warning Is sounded In your ears ? When the dangexl la pointed out, wtj not avoid it? Maesdw's Pxctoral Balm has be» used with success In nearly a million of cases, and is endorsed by the Medical Faculty as the most prompt and efficacious remedy that scientific research bas dis covered. to relieve and cure all eases ot Coughs, colds Influenza, and Consumption. If the case ts not beyond aU hope. Bren when the snflerer Is in toe last stages, he will find relief by using tola preparation. One hot tie win convince toe most incredulous, that the merits ot this preparation are by no means exaggerated; In act-fall far short of the eulogies bestowed upon it by thousands who have been cured by its timely use. A guarantee accompanies each bottle, and dealers are In structed in every instance to refund the money, when thia preparation fklia to relieve. Prepared by T. W. MABSDEN, 457 Broadway, New York, and for sale by all Druggists. Price. 11 per bottle. BUBSEAMS& VAN SCUAACK, Whole sale Druggists, Chicago, 81., General Agents tor the Northwest. For sale by SMITH 4 DWTEB, Clothes fHanglct. j^MERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE • Irons Clothes Without Heat. It Will do It In onc-quartcr the time re* QDlrrd with heated Irons. It bltco a sloes and brilliancy or lustre to Uncos. ImpossJ* ble to be obtained from heated Irons. NO EXPENSE EOS FUEL. No Hotel, Laundry, Restaurant, Boarding Doom. Hospital or Private Family can afford to be without one. IT SAVES TIME. IT SAVES CLOTHES. IT SAVES MONET. IT SAVES FUEL. „ IT SAVES LABOR- IT SAVES HEALTH. For pamphlet*, containing lull description ot ma chine. address AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE CO., 1-19,131 and 133 FnitoML, Chicago, HL, Or J. IL Latest. instruction. A NN ARMOR BUSINESS COLLEGE /\ AND TELEGRAPHIC INSTITUTE.-Thls flour mifng Inatltatlon. located at the seat of (bo largest University on tha Continent, affords superior advan tages to »li other Commercial Coffcrc*. it* Law partment is conducted by lien. T. M. Cooler, Ptrfca* sor of Law in Michigan University and Judge ofthe Rnprctae Conn of the stale* who brings to the Lecture Ho*,rolhcn’eMilllnsir»tlon* ol actual experleaco and tliut thtirougb culture for which be liai *>*>cn I«1 so ft ; i ite Ulclust pt sit tons as a Law Uctutcr tadJunit. TrlfCrnpMue 1. taaalic t’f « 1,., ».■* vrars of cspcrlcnce upon business lines, anu is Uioronpilr roorrriant wltb the details of ins science. -| 1 ArVAssociatiou. Timi oi gob printing. JOB PRINTING. Every Deg^ption JOB PRINTING Tribune Job Office. Cnr extensive facilities enable ns to turn ont work at the SHORTEST POSSIBLE NOTICE, At prices as low as any Printing House in the city. Quality ef Work Guaranteed. partner g|)iy. Dissolution.— The copartnership of FARGO. BILL & CO. Is Ibis- day diasalTed Or n ntual consent. TEUber partner 1* anlhoUadto receive or make coJ- Icctlons alien*. The books and account* will remain at cor old stand. 4 8 and .10 ects6ora.FarßO.Tale* A Co, to wbcm payment Is ro cnoateo. CH as. >S FARGO. 4 ffM. A.TULL, HESRX D. PALES. SAiTL M. FABQO. January lit, 1567. c OPA RTK ERSHI P. The nndcrslsned hare this day entered Into eopart* cetshlp. uniter the Ona name of FARGO. FALKS A tor con Manias the ha»lnw9of Wholesale Mannfac turlng ana Jobbing or Boot* and Shoes, at 4S ana 30 VVabanh^ar. CTIAS. IX FARGO, TIENRT D. FAXES, SAM'L iL FARGO. January IM.ISSI. Dissolution of copartner ship.—The firm heretothre exit ting ot RUB & LEOPOLD wtl dissolved oy mniual consent January lit. 1567. ABRAM KUU. SAMUEL LEOPOLD. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. The naderalpned. Morris L. Leopold, formerly of the P.rmol Leopold A Goodheirt. Cincinnati. Ohio, ADra ham Hub and SamnM Leopold, ot Chicago, lit., bars formed a copartnership under the Urn and jtrlo of Leopold. Enh d Co.. t»r the purpose ct carrying on tha Wholesale Clothing and Piece Goods business. In tbo city of Chicago, 111. MOKKIS L. LEOPOLD. ABRAM KUH. SAMUEL LEOPOLD. 95.000.00 417,128 00 P.EMOVAL.—Havingleased the marble-front Store, No. SI Lake-st., lotmerly occupied, by Messrs. Bowea a Bros., wc win open there on the flrst day ot Febru ary next, with a splendid stock of Clothing, newly mauulacturcd. Also, a general assortment or Cloths, Cosalmeres. Vesting* and Tailor Trimmings. Our senior partner, Monts L. LeotoW.wlU reside la Sew York, glvnle hU entire attention, to the purchaitnc of poods, enabling ns. therefore, to offer superior Induce menu to our cu-tomers, and to ths trade generally. OfficemNew York, 132 Chnrch-at. LEOPOLD, KUH * CO„ .1.511.782.73 . 837,19(5-23 203.00 Dissolution. —The cofarmership heretofore existing under the name and style or boss*. I'UILLIPS A CO.. Is this day dissolved by jno -1 cun»ent. Eitherpart!«»lU slsnlaltaoldatloa. PANIEL 0068. wa. b- puiturs, A. R. PAIiLEK. ViU. A. £ ULUtK. Chicago, Jia. U ISC7. T-.e undersigned will continue the oaniactare of ferai-li*. !Doona, Bltudu, &o< t As heretofore* nnder the Arm name ot* PALHEE, FULLER & CO. wu. b. rmixire. A. K. PALMER Wil. A. FULLER. Chicago. Jan, l, tag?. f 'HANGE OF FIRM.—I have this day \J uwctatrd with me In bnstneia, Col. W. AOu. UAY and C. M. UOWB, under lU« turn name of it, Y. HontUNS A CO. E. V. BOBBINS. Chicago, Jan. 1,1337. NEW FIRM. The undent gned harethla day formed a copartner* »htp tor the purpose ol doing a General (Jonuntaatoa lusioew, under Uio name or E. V. BOBBINS & CO., Anri by slTlns clow attention to tmalscu, and t Ur Ucntitjr.we hope to wears a literal abireof patron***, XIT Particular attention elten Vo ClUn* order*la ;bta market. Offlee 82 LaSalle**!* e. v. RonniNs, vr. AL'O. KAT. C. SI. UOWK. Chicago. Jnn.I.ISCT. Krai ?sstatr Krokrrs. gMITH & SHAW, REAL ESTATE BROKERS, And General Dualncaa Agency, hQ South L&dalle-tt. We offer oar *frvirr»in buying, soiling and leasing Krai KatatP. negotiating leans tor money, and In mok- It-gmPectionsof all kind*. Inference*: bturge*. Me- Atltitet A Co.; Clark A Heart, attorney*: iluo. Alex. JtaniMr. D. o. bcuaior. Minnesota: Hon. wm. U. Mar ■bail. Governor Minnesota: John Young, Danker, Cln ctnnatl; ti. W. Farnbam & Co., St. Anthony, Mina; Bl Kinney. Danker, Cincinnati. A NEW BURNER. A THE BRILLIANT LIGHT! LIGHT! The last and Best Invention. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner ! Gloss Chimneys dispensed with. A steady, brilliant Light, eqonl to <*as, to barn oroloary Kerosene, ADAPTABLE TO ANY LAMP. u To See is to be Convinced X3T State and County Bights for sale by A. B. SLOAN, Adams Honsc. rpo CAPITALISTS J Aodthcse Interested in Patent Machinery: J. A, YaN DBBLZEN, ot the firm ofLamplogn 4 Van Drut zen, Peoria, 111-, can be seen at the Sherman House, from Ito 5 p-m. on Monday sod Tuesday, Jam 11 and 1?, tor the sole ot State rights ou machines for cntllna punching, bending metal and shrinking ties, etc. Model to be seen working- FIARD’S PATENT '~ r BBICS KEACHINSL Olflce »r.'l manutoctory S 3 Soalb jgreiTOE-rt. For UUbmuuoc ana auertpate 33 soma JggOTap-rt-. chlcwi. Extract of Beef. 'JBT TOURTELOrS EXTRACT OF BEEF r For Family Use. INVALIDS and DYSPEPTICS, Sfaoald not fall to nae 11. Forßilcby aH Druggists and Grocctl. gtonsignmemg. QOARSE BALTFOE PACKERS’ ttoE. 3000 bush Coarse Foreign salt. 10U0 hrlsNcw Tort <CL tor aalsln lots aa wanted. ,y T^DEBWOODiCO. ■pkBESSED HOGR—WE GIVE PAR- J J TICCIAE ATTENTION to tM .ale 01. Dre»«l Hogs, and always see Hut each Hog la correctly weigh ed.* Advance* nnerany mads oo shipment*. Wegnt Hats and sleaclli farntahedwhen desired. ocla»83-28t Uew-nst Office Ko. S 3 La^alle-s*. E. V. BOBBINS A CO. QASH ADVANCES made on Shipments of PROVISIONS & DRESSED HO6S ToNewTortc. Also, on PROVISIONS IS STORK. JOSEPH B. PHELPS, 13 Chamber of Commerce. saltpetre. ° CHDDE SALTPET3E, For packexvase, tor sale by JOSEPH B. PQELPS, 85,000. of DEsnSAJ3LE&TOCK TOBACCO AND CIGARS, With store fixtures and cool win of an estabdihm trade, can be bought forabovo amount; crwjil scu any part of above stock Inf cash, this U ajnro eppef taalty. Apply at 163 6oniP ; Watcr-at, OOLLECTOK’S NOTICE.—SIate of t } tninou. CookCoantr—m. „ , w Cirr Ccix»iToi;‘B orrici, Corxr I n KcomNo. U, JanoaryJltl>,,P**- > Public rollco Is hereby given that the «rtbed Warrants tars been placed la my hands iar No. TSL Vest-Dated 'J r"itd sued for the collection ol a special r cLCitracUrg sidewalk ue, bctwetß Holstein aveane sodWreteroavcnn^ All persons interested in uM special assessment w« rquested to make umacdiat* Darocnl nyr offlco. n orsarh payment the said w ,VJm2 mireivd at the wst and Mpwiooi •«**»• tlabla htfiijf. A. 11. IIKALIA E , ru r ‘ city collector.^ Art Association. mum. OF AT patents. jfxst Sale- (Cilß Kotices,