Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 14, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 14, 1867 Page 3
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run ni()i,i;uA mynthuv. Have vve l.rnrued Npu* AhoiK Ill© lilM'NW** Iftwn Uif> Norton Advcilher, D&wmiw W.J Whether wu rrnlly lint) (liti oholcr* amo'i,*? m* during the lu»t summer And MI.U u ones* lion on which, wc believe, a good u<*t%l or mi* ceriuluty still lurks In the mind ol' Hip com jiumliy. vS'hllellm case* w«*p« aclnutly ou. currlug several motives combined to indue* u to question their Identity with true cholera, and now, Uml Hio danger 1* past, there In a natural tendency to under* rule It. A paper read in Novumber, before ; the Norfo'k District Medical Society, by Ur. I ]). K. Hotting, of Uoxbury, and just publish ed In the Alta leaf and Surgical Journal, now presents an authentic statement of the actu al presence of the disease and of the extent to which It prevailed. Dr. Cutting, whose reputation gives assurance of the scientific accuracy of his assertions, declares that true cholera made its appearance In several eases, marked by all the symptoms which dis tinguish tfds disease, and which were no more to be confounded with the disorder usually called cholera morbus, than the mea sles now ere with scarlet fever. In these oases, either seen and identified by himself or reported upon what be regards as trust worthy authority, nineteen deaths occurred, and an equal or perhaps greater number of recoveries. * * , , . These statements appear to comprise about all that tantafelv be said iu general terms, of the visit made by the disease. Nothing, if would seem, i? to he learned as toils origin or Us condition from the circumstances of the several cases. The victims were of dif ferent classes* and occupations, some of them living in plenty and some in want; some in overcrowded houses, and others in,spacious homes; some upon high land and some upon low ; seme in neglect and tilth and some In cleanliness; they were of various ages ■ mid races, and were about equally divided us to sex: they were sometimes attacked in groups and sometimes singly ; dUiulcciing processes did not prevent the recta rence of the disease, and neglect of disinfection did not bring U again; It ap peared in Koxbury upon“ Tommy’s Rocks,” and the Church street district escaped; and, finally, it appeared at a season when the mortality reports show that the number of deaths from the ordinary affections of the bowels was below the average of the pre vious year. The disease bos moreover left the doctors as much in the dark with respect to its cure :is to the conditions under which it Is to be exj'ectid. Diffcrcut courses of treatment were adopted in different eases, but patients appear to have died or recovered with link* regard to medicines; one patient re covered without the use of any remedies except a little hot drriuk and ex tfinal warmth; ‘‘and no one has \il been heard to declare that re covery in anv case was due. solely or chiefly, lo the elUeacy alone of the drugs administered. 1 ’ Dr. ColUng quietly remarks that ‘‘a case treated hotueopaihlcaUy prov ed fatal in twelve hours;” hula controver sialist on the other side might retort upon his ‘‘allopathic” brother, that in one case by n fortunate accident, ‘‘the medicines did not arrive until the patient, on the borders of collapse, began to revive;” and though the attendant thought tbe medicines hastened recovery. Dr. Cutting Is evidently very unccr-; tain upon this point. Indeed, he quotes with approbation the language of Dr. Wilks. um's Hospital, London, who says that “the hut should be at knowledge!!, openly •uul at once, Hull we are acquainted with no • hug which ts capable of cheeking the course ■d < holet’t ;** ami hi? genefnl conclusion Is a , nr'hi marioii ol the view* that Die bust ireal iiieut is that whlvh with the least violence •I'lppoil** the vital powers nhlll the disease i II? i i'infe k* its Fpotiirttleoits Hose. . M* dh al science Hied cwnlbwe* HnUi is etui i-in-l bv I he luHlble il!?ca?e,ln all that ~ « |.i Us'pretchihih iff Us t*iliU; If II is |.i "due it wilt eolne, «Jlil«ek‘»;eL‘ full 11*11 IHff I, i! ~j ih- lim hli? hnr ('hteenf t?'- ; un! 1 , m Hs mi ion Pi one loiikHl V llHs Vedf U »H si*j » .i.ahiri H?oeeiiHeqK* ♦ )?*nvln‘kHi»H \. .0 r PiHfllai v pfeHHliloh? liliilmiltletllf c . i c. <( hv hikinif IlintFelM'liil Ihmilmi ibdiMiiv, Imi Hiev - iti 1111, i ii.Hi.o (mcoUm-q imp iiMiivmmifc i., ~i ~11-!.)>■ Tbioe |e no reaMiinm fni-eon: ,1,.11-u imi (o hill on Ht.i (tiijiiliy. „i.„t | a the p..s#lld“ oxfrml *>V Hm nvU In i<ii i; ulin h wu I lino liiiij ouibidvesdahmeti; li.-e.' hio.tern ikalha in » « out of a populatin') ol up y..,id ,ii two bundled thousand, |s not an .•I.outing proportion, (hough thucuiiau Warn u-imlmiM i n and unurrlng as Ihu slroko ol h 'ionine. And a dUeio-.i from which onu- hall mover would hardly seem lo l»u h sorb 9 «m- mulltr lor a entiuiiutiilV familiar with , . i.Mmiplmn, which never misses Its mark, 'Mu tiimir. t.f the disease are no dunlil iiruiid eldrdy in Ihe rapidity of Ms pro and l»» the constant tmssUmllj’ that U may become epMeinfe. Out, . u- fur Hr epidemic churncler, it i* the rmniik of one of our oldest physicians, w jui luih hardly a rival In sagacious ohseryu-1 linn, that comlderiug the actual mortality in any one season, *‘a man may reside tbruiieh an epidemic in one of these cities with less rkk than he can lake a pleasure voy age lo Kuropc.” There Is perhaps more solid s,.ikfiiclion lo lie derived from this remark than from the ruhseqnenl aswirnnco Hull 9 ii pi >u the whole, after seeing many cases, ho in ,at lulled that cholera “affords one of tbo ea-ieri modes of exit from the world.” Npoclnl Hlt’ciluu ul JncKaumitlo, 111 noU, I I'rrm Uir Jacksonville (111.1 Journal, January M V»-htcr«lay our citizen* vindicated tliuir right to he culled the jmlroiw of learning, ami fully duinoneirutcd tlielr enterprise ami ]>uMlc hidrit. The vote for the corporation tax ofllliy thousand dollars as n part bonus to secure the locution of the Industrial l*nlver«lly 111 Morgan County, was SSO for to ;C. tlie lux. This Is unprecedented In Hu* history ofnoy city in tho United Statci. i (.'oiihidcrlnn nil tho circumstances the vote war. large, and It In certainly a most ratify ing fact that out of so Jargou vole only thirty jl-r ncre cast aga { nst the proposed tax. Our people liuvc reason to he proud of the record ilm» made, and should they even fail to sc cure their object, this role will always stand as a monument of their wlsdomund generous Mipjvrt of liberal education. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL rnoisferAicY. Satcudjlt Evening, January 12,1857. The following u an exhibit of the business of the Clearies House lor the week ending to day: Clearings. Balances. *2,163,073.09 *1(19,€O0 02 1,608,5*11,57 176.660.03 1,601.865.21 2-*H,6OU6 1,666,8611,60 105,956.05 •Tinnary T. January January !». January 11) January 11 January 12. Total *° $1,335,991.31 intv.eek $9.650,795.97 SSU,OCSAT lac general condition of the market .suggests no remarks differing from those we bare made dar ing tbe past three or four days. Money is tight, and the demand active. The hanks arc discount ing tor the best customers only. All others have to seek the open market, where loans are made at rates ranging from 11i(2,2J£ per cent per month, according to the nature of the collateral and the hlunrtlngof the borrower. Exchange was firmer, owing to the dimintaliod supply. Between banka round lots were placed at tii&SOc discount, hut towards the close there were more buyers than sellers at the Inside quo tations. The counter rates were steady at I*lo discount buying and 1-20® 1-10 premium selling. Thu demand Cor Foreign Exchange was quite active during the week, and the market closes op firm at the icllovung rates ior three days sight; Gold. Currency. London, per £slg *5.V3 C.dSftß.fa l*aiv, per trauc 23 27®274 Berlin, per Tha’er 75 I.W®l Cl Nor«ay,pei Ulx M,yut......... 30 ll«c 41 Sucden,pcrs}.eeie dalcr 11C 1.51® 1.50 Flour was lcs.-> active, buyers and sellers being JfftJoc spurt. WLcatdcclined2®3c, Com was . 4t o i but fiimtT. Oats were dnll. Rye was qnleL "* t Harley va> dull. Whiskey was neglected. Mess i*ojk mlvai.ccd 25c, Lard was more noire and *■' fully >ic belter. Green Meals were less active. In our local columns will be found the decision or Judge Drummond of the United States Circuit Court. In the caacof Aaron L. Collins w. the City of Chicago. The plaintiff Is a non-resident slock * bolder in the First National Bank, of this city, upon the capital of which the city caused an a«- te-cment to he made for the payment of city taxes. The Court holds that thr assessment is illegal, as the cap'ta* stock of the hank per se la composed of United States bonds, which are ex empt from taxation by Act of Congress. The Court bolds that the only way to reach the stock is to osscas the shares of the different stockhold ers. m the same manner as assessments are made in other cases against the properly owned by the citizens and inhabitants ol the Sta'c. Previous to J ■'7s-56, tne individual stockholders of the State tracts were assessed, xmt it was found that the revenue thus obtained wa* alight, a*moat of the stockholders were non-residents, and the taxes conld not be collected. The law was then changed so that the assessment was directed against the hank and not the stockholders. Un der the present State law. the National Banks per fr and the stockholders arc exempt, according to Judge Drummond’s dec talon, from all State, county and city taxes. It Is . supposed that the legislature will, at the present session, amend the law ?o that the assessment will be directed against the individual stockholders and not the bank Itself. ’ The Gold market was comparatively 'etcadyjto day, and the vibration* were few. The market opened at 134, declined to 3S3JS and closed at ISL The following quotations were received by Boyd Brothers, gold brokers: PCJJIJ a. m 134 11:43 a.m 134 Ht-u»a.m 183J5 12:00 m 131 IbOca.m 133*/ 2:00p. m. ........131 li:Jsa.m 138*4 2:30 p.m 131 21:30 a. m ISJJ£ Here the marketwas very quiet. It opened at 133 ; declined to 122’$, and closed at IS3- Silver nominal at 122(3.125. The following table exhibits the dally range and ‘losing price of gold during the week: Range. Closing. -«r PO?s<ftl23 WIK c-day intu \VedntsduT Thursday 333' Friday 133tt£/j134 U 4 Saturday • Governments were about *4 better throughout the list— the exception being Tea-Forties, which wcic uncharged.! The following table shows the pi ices current yesterday with jhosc ol to-day ; miDiT. Eiiunnit. Opening. Closing. Sixes’Pl -...1074 1073 lost* r.ivi-Twertics *t2.,.ItJCH 107»4 Fivi -Twcntlcs IQjaj lOSjf Fl\u-T«e»tlcs*Cs.. JWX 3*014, lU3»i 'icn-KortiCf 00J4 o:iy ;ov St-ven-l tlrtics AUZ.JO34 JG-ju 11M4 Sevtu-lhlr;lesJunc,lo7Ji ICHU 101 W Scvcu-nilnice 0n1y.10154 10lt$ IMJ4 Here tbe market was firm with a good demand and Co'v oifrttns* We quote: -oQ[vEij.*«n2tT SEcemnM—emesoo basket c.Jsirc. onsa S“ B -' iT.As-Stsiaa ««?f iy?4 v/a, 2-21*. ltd 1024 U6V cl s. 2-20 S. ISC2 VOJg lU3* Ijf S. 5-Vof, tmall 30140105 l#.S. hmos, large oou yjv y* *; Jo-lDs, Entail 1(12 fu" S. 7-ais, Ist series lOJy 1014 Yu S.T-SOf* ‘id Ecrlcs 1(1*4 KM«z ) tr g. 7-»0e, lid tertes UKu iruu ' 1-' s. 7-OOe. f mall IM^ ■ c ompoand, inne, 1804 115*£ h- 1 •* July, IBH 1-fig jL “ An? M ISbi IMS* ■*F Ocl M 18M 11354 J. ** • Dec., 1804 112 V • “ ilay, 1365 HUt * 4 Aug-, »• h«?h»m iMrt.n ~ lOftu 11 JMVI,. |IH« Tliphrroml Nniimml Hank ijUDiea the t'HbUc I'llflu Hu lollOHKl (•mull).. .tUJItQIIKI UMu vouiumw, 30.411 i'ntinoim, Oniall).. ,K 4 C 1,,... 7*CO«(li)rett),iO{i4@ .... In localßecHrlil<u il*< tlus market u duty *• ! ■■ Aujj. •' * "||s opiT M 1 tU'Ci * '* nIM w.V •• >s»••!>■)< *Ug. M " ..110 Mui. “ *• ..uw»n Oct. kV w ..IDO srv It no movement, end lydull. We quota: Untinjr. Bellllng. «H 07 UllctpO CUT 7« Cook comity 7* CUmbcr of Commerce. I»'cw York flock Market. closing prices tor cash, January li, 1967, recelred ),<■ joerpU M. Lyons & Co n Brokers: lit Cd D’d. BU L V. Cen HOU liOH U. S. 6 per cent Eric (com) MV tends. usi...US3f M. b. (c0n:).,.. HOff R'h U.b.6per cj»t C.&lltta 91V 91* XKX Uuek Is»and....lWV *«* u :§i 6 P cr «Mt C-A.N.W 43* 4-iK Moeonp„*M. UD* C.OcN.W-pWSIV 8i« U-h.eperoWJl IV Fu W.i 10J 8-ao coop., *65. 105 V QplekMlTcr.... 4IU « U.».spercent W. Union Tel.. 48V .... 1tMp.......... »V c.&A.<oom)..iro* .... Tf.Bote*,7»-10 Bur.i QV.“'.j3l .... Ulaerie'..... JMV 0. 4 rU, Cortl.. SIX .... U. B. 73.10, Jd Uudton UiTer.m* .... wriM........ IWV 111. Central....lll* .... U.8.781P, Sd V. * Bead 1»K ..*• series IWJf Clcvc.l«Tcl....l»V .... Amcr. G01d.... 134 1W T.&Wabash... 43* .... |.„ Market—lst Board Unn. 2J Board steady. cora.TtKitciAL. Satdrdat Evemxo. Jgnna»y 12, IS*]?. The following ladies abowihe receipts and ship* cunts of Produce during the past twenty-four hours: JIECEtPIS PAST TWENTT-rOCn nouns. 18C7. IST*. 3,748 2,911 95.150 13,950 S&060 17,675 17,270 ;7,653 1,825 1,050 3,200 1,200 33.100 71,833 9U,f00 27,210 6,822 SCO 73.020 MW 9,630 50,753 19,713 6,397 0,171 8.7C1 0,017 4,706 , r*o too .100,831 So2,*il 81 SflS 10,900 0,900 91 831,101 1,020 Flour, hrla, Wheat, bu. Corn, bn... Oats, hn... Kye, bo Harley, bn ... Urass reed,lbs., cmcd Jlcats, lbs. ’ork, btls. Lard, lbs. Tallow, He Butler, tbs . U. Hogs, No . Live Hoes, No Cattle, 150..... Uidcs, tts Ulcbw.lncß,brls. Wool, lbs , Lumber, m..... t-binglcs. m suirxcKTa raar Twcror-rotm noons. 13Ci 18'*0. Flour, b»ls siW| Wheat, bu 7,i43 4.975 Coro, bu 4,*;; Oat*, bu «,®SI Grass Seed, lbs 32.108 Broom Coro, lbs 450 6,in cured Meats, lbs 877,*tW 14 MS ictf, brla S&3 1,537 I‘oili.brla , *,017 .... uSfci"::: ««.«5, Balter, lbs *i*3l9 Blessed Uojr*,No 2,011 3,777 live Hoes, No ♦••• 21* rattle. No 1,014 *lO7 | 33,wn o,o»;.| Ulghuluee, Urls 11 w .dlU IVuol, ms 0,fi30 89,973 lumber, m 4TT 155 SLlurles, in 189 IW lath, m 8 10 Salt, brls 1,109 I,OTI Salt,bag*.* SOU ... Tlieru was a much firmer feeling In the Prorl* slim loathel 10-tla?, nod la some Instance* prices vtte higher* There was a pood demand Ibr Mess PmkntjoslerOujr 4 * prices* but holders advanced their views SSe* at ulilch buyer* were alow to fob torn We note sate* Of Will tills at flfl.OOQlP.fW— ilu=ine trlth eeliels til best brands nl Ike upper tlgnte4«tMlhttjreiP fit 9*c less, Olettl Pollt sold lo the esti hi of do htls at fi9.uu. ftslhi Prime Petit Was llllllt With sales of no hi Is al fWM a decline till lasi lejmrled Ifahsaelluns, Ittilk Meals Weie Him Willi sales nf PVW tbs fchoH tills nf Ho Imtse, mid hu imses lifjf Palled aliutil uei« at n.V 5 « fenntl-h Meals were dull wild -alts «if =Mmies Onmheiland# Hi Ween Meals wereiefs m-Hve wild Uaiisaetiuna in felnmiileF* and MiG mmi Hie-aert Ihuis, Theie w«- miidnm dmim In Hama, and dm mathel mv hefjnniert nominal al He from Mieealiimed.aml due from Mieaaed H»a«, ’lhe demand f«*r Uni mm unite «r||ve, ami the matkel aUvanrml Tull* l»n, w(|(i talc* of Wifi (n«* al lll(e n.ed.apd 11%, f ilm iaai (en daya in January. tifrußuwua Inactive an>i nominal at miruuou thmt, to bu Tumid oUnvlioru, Jii oscoil Huge okltil.llfcd moru life, ami ido mar* dul uoa fitffclOe higher, with etPos nt ffi.RiGJtl till— ciOfcitJH Ann nl |U.«s( for averago loludivld- Ire on ‘JIM! P'B. li.u Whiskey ninikui Is poifoclly llfoluas. There is no inquiry unci the qunfal Inns ouniiitmny nomi nal nt #J.SO for duty paid, ami *J5c for Uomtod. Fluur was leas ocilvc—liuyora ond aollvra bomtr lllftlhc apart in Un'lrvjowi. Wo nolo salon «f B,(XM)hilg at f Id.imfur Wiiltu Winters; t'J.OTJi® 18.1 0 for ttprtnjr Uxlru*; f7.uQ&Q.9S for Tot Hpting Supt m and t7.RO for Unsound Extras. TUcto was n drcldcd reaction in Wheat, and (bo market declined 85j:ic, with a loraamountof bust ners dotnp. Tbo Impactions loot np 61,000 bn at *9.80(0.8.21 for Ho. I In A.,D. & Co.’s and 11. 1„ for do Uccnlar; *l.9J®l.tVl for Kccular and *t.7u for llojertcd at for No. t aud dull at *I.OB for No. i Spring. Com was very ijnlclns holder* were generally above tlx' view* of buyers, though the ginural lime ot the muvhnl was sirottgnr. Wo nolo anle* «*nm at 71k&<u>4c fur No. S $796 lor No. 8, nriUai»&ta‘4c for Rejected—closing with tdlort of No. 1 m and buyers at 71114 c. Oats wore tlnll am) without material chance. Tiio trauaactlon* were made at 4S l 4c for No. I; tuc for No. 2, and 31c ft>r HoJooUd. jr jt* was quiet though firmer nl the close. Wo note mien at R?c for No. I, and 85&63jjc fbr No. 2 In atom Barley was dull, wllh light sale? at 71c for No. S In U. I. Sample lots sold to a smalt extent at 45571 C, . . Tallow was dull at lUC for City, and OQflJicfor Country. Timothy seed Is quiet but firm at $3.9003.00 for prime. In other seeds there ta no movement. New York, January 13. Flour quiet and steady at $ 10.h6tai3.85. wheat quiet ana firm at fiSSOt-.M. Cora nominal at fl. tSG J. ’9 In atom. Oats heavy at sl@C6c. Pork firm a atslD.tSta3o.B7i4, Lard scarce and firm, liogb firm at S&00&8SS. Gold, 13S?£. LATEU. Florr quiet. Wheat Inactive hut firmly held. Corn tilll unsettled and nominal: $116I&1.19 Pork a shade firmer. Lard alloat. Oats heavy, better. LATER. In thcoAcraoou Wheat was dull and Sc lower— closing fat at £1.90 for No. 2 Spring. Com was Inac;lvc,and nominally unchanged. There was no moveuet in Provisions. The Catlc market was dull to-day* and 10015 c lower. Tic receipts for the week number 5,743 head, end the shipments 3,393 head. The receipts to-day were 73 head; entered sales, 303 head, which were taken chiefly on shipping account. The market cloaca heavy, at a decline of 23050 c during the week. There ore 1,500 head left over unsold. The marketfor Live Hogs opened qnlct in tho morning, butfrm, at tho closing rates cf yester day. Later la the day, under limited arrivals, ard with a mere active demand, prices took an upward torn to tbe extent ot 6010 c, at which ad vance the pens were cleared, Tbe receipts for the week were 44,511, and the shipments 507. Re ceived to-day, 2,218; cnteied calc*. head. at prices ramrlntrfrom £3.0505.75 for common to medium, and SS.UXSC.SS tor good to choice Uogs. Receipt* and Shipments or Lire and PrcMcd lloc* from October Ist tv Rato—Approximate Packing. Tbe following tables show the receipts and shipments of Live and Dressed Hogs from Octo ber Ist to date* for two years: BEenPTs or hogs. Wee’ ISGG-7. 16CWJ. :odß - —•- Week Oct. 6 Sa,CXU .... 24,910 .... is rj.409 .... 2-> T!G v «J. 3G,WO 7 11900 3 J»ov. 3 16.759 53 33,7 GS 42 10 29,293 238 17,fiS3 10 3* 15,792 11*3 27,750 20 „ 41 1W 351 23,913 25 Dec. 1 19.120 1,2«5 15,737 IJJ3 8 32,1115 1,713 M 22 ISO 15 24,613 5.596 10,616 Gil 22 56,624 10,333 mJ«3 5,063 T 29... 36,713 2-1,965 21,433 15.500 Jan. 5 55,775 27.641 53,283 23,237 12 60,033 51,910 26,111 51,020 Add Dressed.. 123.296 ]Ul,3m Total. 5515« .... -453,457 suit bests or noos. ISoO-7, 1 Week Oct C ...... 22,011 18,836 .... 13 15,012 .. . 19,788 27 15,261 .... 7,259 NOV. 3 8.737 .... 11,440 U 10 10,371 .... 17,046 9J 17 9,233 68 13.663 24 4,f*<3 90 10.709 Dec. 3 5,515 443 12.489 73 6 S,OGS CIS 4,166 10 15 7W 198 10.058 58 22 2,61.0 5,812 8,685 8,374 T » 724 11,265 V.KXJ 10,706 J,m - £ •• • 9,662 1,979 2,533 *2 366 10,664 4,983 Ittjosi Total 117,917 35.915 153.01" fl7‘Wti Add Dimed.. 1 &OOX 55,38 Total 156,bG3 .... 192.003 DcdncUtig Ihc shipments from the receipts. Urn balance ebonld indicate approximately the num ber of Hogs packed and butchered forcltv con. sumption; Receipts... Shipments. Packed and butchered. Messrs. Milward & Co., in their Circular of to day, approximate the packing thla season, no to date, at 832,381. Chicago I‘rovislon Market. _ . Cnicsoo, January 12,1537. The protitlon market remains In (be mqc oasaUs* factory state u existed la«t week. Dulse the early part oi Hie present week there appeared tome Inten tion oo the part of the packers to Insist on lower mow perhaps, hut Uic ad vintage was soon lost and the market brearae firmer and more active than previously. This chance ts solely owing to the jealous competition among packers. The prices enrrent for predocts cither la our os n mat ket or any of thosoat the hast do not warrant the rates ruling (or hops, Ibtic are no Indications that our season Is aoontto terminate: on the contrary, the receipts ta this pilot aiefarlarcer than tor any week this season. The ad vices from ether packing points all testify to a largo increase In the business over that of last season. Fiom England we have regular rcpoitaot a contin uous dcc lne.acd the same cfl repealed assurances that they will not require our products unless they can in* supplied at a reduction of twenty-five per cent from cnrrvut rates here. The merchants who supply tho Sooth arc complaining bitterly of the state oi Trade, and the difficulty of making collections there, so that the demand from there will he curtailed by their lim ited resources, There aoera* every prospect that the pa'kinc of ihe West and Northwest will approach 3i00,(W htad, so that altogether the trade ts la a Car from satisfactory condition. Circumstances may arise to alter this state ol stairs materially, and it H much to t«c imlred thst packers and operators may ***cnro some eftbe advantages consequent on a suoccaalol . packing season, 1 he receipts of hops lor the past week sum up aa tol lows.viz:—Dnascd, 21,910; JSve.CI.BSSS total. 1115'IS, and the shlpmerls, dressed, iow>i; )lre,sW: total, 11,t3P: leaving Jor packers* use, el'y consumption, 4rx, lic,t%. For the corre-pondlng week last year thorn* «lplswere,drirsed,sl.ti?o: live, 25,4tt: total, 77.H1. anu the shipments ; dros-od. |!1ve,4.9i1: total, SUC7; Jtavmclorpackcrsutc, Ax-22,5)1. iheroceipta cfdmtcd hugs by wasco this week have been very largr.—ol these wo can obtain oo record. The packing to tbe present time approximate! to b ego. against about 3Q3J935 bead to Utaaain* rioa last year. The large receipts early Inihowiwk I caused a doll fueling In the hog market, and a decline I . covered, and to-day the market closes quiet at 15.75 to 1 6.25 grow, lor light to heavy weights. iUrcaaed have ruled steadier than live and close at (6.roto|6i<lnet.dlvi<lineon2oolfca. Borne fancy lota command slightly high* r prices. The marset for pro ducts remains quiet and tteady. For m«*s pork the • demand is not active, and u has been difficult to find purchasers at over iisxo, though asms sales were j made at2sc higher. Frltne treat add In a small war ■ at tIS.7LCtJOXO. Extra prime ts Arm at tlt.OD, end rump pork at *15.59 per btl. Clear pork a jld at fi9,5 0. 11m itciuNHl P-r IttilW ta» iii'nWHlely prllt-o ttipt o|*(#P%«* IntMp, (Met 7n*mn (lAi'ttfxt fur »ll<il|lilrlH, Hlnl NU<) In fnf *|i|P* luiMP Hint (iH'IkPH. Ilntii nil* Hinrcis liu( lltprp it ini inqnirr n»r tl-r-ni. Mii>nr puk'isl hum* !■•»« two In hcIIV* tin- I* tint (hi Ho in iu\c inr toiiMry mnl pity oai'M. ilippi l iiifHi* hip n. 1., hi Ho p»r eli,Miiiit>f«i i<> lor Hint a. ntm nvo 10 r«n r«>r tarn* (rmiHirp"M) miUUiMhinipti lii'RH, . ...... ‘i i p market rnr ItnuiiMi imau t» n«|M, tut there hu I Mil HHOII PW||Hl llli|lMlV(K| llntiHhll Hi flf (biml.prlmwtai tains*’ P»r ••■on rioiwdt ami tm for ►(hili'ii«r umti<ip». hulmi* rltbadnriona clear on thninarkH. rui hniti*Ti .k«< ■«»)«! lo.i luukml, taintne tern mill and lower at it fur prime *pihp rviiPcrpil i liUullfcnfor prime aieatniaiut lOVufllo lop No. I, (ifl'nHP Bril* freely Hi fUP Willie ( HrtHbnloryeUvw i amn>cal*o lor brown. Tallow ialt«l<rilrmiyAilU4lt>ko|.ir city packcr«’j mni vuia tike jor country rc-noerod, tallow preate Hkie&o. bumo few lota of rattle wurepackad during ibewuek, tut not itiillPlfi.Uo rail for •noolal notice. Tlio mar krt tor parklno; cattle may to quoted at I3.oftafl.oti groae. FmebUiUncbaoged. (Itinnr Milwakd* Co. l;lll('A(iO DRY ROOD* BIAUUET. Sxtckdav KvxNreo. January 13, The market preacota nonewfcalote*,and prlcei re main BUtstanilally the lame as noted In oar last report. Jobbers reparian Improvement In the demand and are firm la their views at (be following quotations: (’Biara. Mcmmac P lax Atneucaa 17* Memmac W 3t> Amoskeag .16* Cochoco 19 Duchcssu.. 19 pacific. 19 Mourning... 17 liars era .WJ( Allen's 17* Spragues IS Providence 17 ponnell's... 17V James Sanders' IS* Manchester. 17 Gloucester t? Lowcß 35V W. W.Freemsn A C0..15 Arnold's 15* Onion IIV Lancaster--. l»v Wamsnt'a 14 Richmond. 17X Colombia 13 oreunaas. Clinton 24V1 Glasgow 33 Lancaster...... 24V I Roanoke. 19 Bttovra Binmaoß. Banner. 31VI Atlantic..... 31 SS 8* W^ard D HV Indian Orchani'X.‘~! £3* Nashua 30 “ *• C 31 Indian Head 4-1 33 u “ D 8... 19V Caboit A 4—4 31V “ “ W.... I»V Atlantic 4—l ?3 u “ L.... 17 Amoakrag 4—4 -23 V Boot Mills n lfV Salmon Falls 4—l si V *• “ Q 20 Agawam F 4-4 WV Appleton D 4—l 30 Western World wv Illinois A 4-4 19 Arkwright..... »V gwialUver 4—1...... IB Portsmouth P 14 Pcpperell B. S 3 Napoleon IB *• IL 31 Quaker. 16V PeppcrellN if BLEACHED SItIBTIKOS. N. r. Mills 4—l 40 Bed Dank 7-8 IS Wamsutta 4—l 85 " ** 4—4 19 Ratos 4—4 90 Lonsdale 37 White Bock 4—l 37V Arkwright 81 Hills 4—4 36V Wambeck 83 “ q-e J. * w.stater 4—4.....77V Masonvdle 4-4 rs Canoe 3—4 i2v Bay Mills 4—4 .33 BlalerrllJe?—B 30 Aidroscoggln 4—4 37 Riactsfone River) “ 7—6.... .34 A............... ~... I.andon7—B ......22 Blackstone A A 28 “ 4—l 35 Ballon* Son 4-4 *s* “ “ 7-8 30 raPßScaMmtics. Lonsdale...—,... #0 ) English .30V Cambrics 12V®16 i PEXIMA „ Amoekeat 40 Cpnnecttcnt .32v York 87V Washlntton. 37 Manchester, SO Mlllord improved.....B6 Oxford ABV Bine mil. 37 Onion -30 Com City .«V Qaymsykur’s J 1 Pawnee 39 wratronsmemos. Amoskeag. .SJ Whltteoden C »V York 81 •• A, 30 f k mertcan .32®rt tTncaavltlm 216 <3 rt tall lltcrndlko 23V Boaooke 30 Shetucket .30 • ticks. __ Amoskeag AC A 57* llamtltun. rrgular 37V “ A........... 45 v ‘ P........... 83 V •* B 40 PembcrfooK 37 V M C 35 “ X 30 “ D 30 Swift Iflvcr 38,V fork 30-iPcb 40 Star Wills 81-Inch .....80 Albany 19 “ ** 88 Inch 3S York si-tucb ......W . coiwrr j*aih. „ Attioakeag ».V I Indian Orchard 16V Ltuonia tiV Audrjacofgln t#y Bates *AV I’epperdl » Nauinkcagßaltien..... , flv iGMne 19 CAKtXHI FU?»J»RtA. _ Hamilton tloul S 3 I fbormUke.,.. 37V Rllertoul. ..........MV I Naumkeagbleh., BCUWH Ottl.M, . itoH ;....slv J flenninelon Laconia. .... ........Jlv 1viiperu11.........4.;..t1V t SKUt.vea. iL MstlCliHdef, hew.i4;i.« 1 1j!UU111dt1.;444... t ; ;..*9 I'nclllei I AM Woul.i....i;.i.<WM Mii.lW«At.«llltrtli. .. . lilil’crl*#.;,;(2.73 MitoyaiAMulleheh.|l.33 IwfeflirMMlWßu f‘S ■ »» UiullMiJi,,, I.W |Uu««b|!a,,,,,,,,,, \MV Ut 2d B’d. B'd. (llllllAtai OATTI.K ftIAUKKT, For itiu Work Kudina Jnnnnry 19. ornoi op tub lUttr TainoKc, I tixtumuT Uvbniku, January 18. I PEEK CATTLE. Tbs follcwln* table ibawi the dally receipt! and ■Ulpmciiti ol lied Cattle durtn* tbo vook codlOß lo day, compared with the receipt! and ihlpmonti of tbs corrcupoDiUos week laat year t ItocetpU. IM7, IPM. IBM. IPM. Sunday uidMondsy*.. #w aw .... UJj Tnmisy wi im #7 «7 WwU'wUy............. 8.150 «J 0-W 7l» Thtimmy. u*J ,g® JJJM JJ® |Tr|i|>y DM 1.101 I.OM 304 Hi1ardiy...............! 73 Jw _877 461 Tolnl Mn week... Wet-k Ireioro iMt Ur comparing the receipts fbr this week and last we find tbo following t lt« on>m more intn l»« week .?,»» bblpmcnts more than last week.......... W 1 ■ritry compare wUb tborcceipu Ibr tbecorrespondiog weak of I see, m follows.:! - Itrcripu tliti week v;’:2;i •••••Mi? U«tTti«un»r «*»fT**powtlai: week of 15M......... .MU IMsetUPW more Oils ween... .. 1,191 For the lame period in the year IcMA wt> find: Urrctpl* thin week , llcrnpta lorcorrmpomllQK week ol IHO, Receipts more this week..,.,..,.,....,.,. Til* KAUKCT. The market ftrUeef Cattle lor the week Jcit doted baa been a lalrly active one. The weather bat ruled favorable Ibr operation*, and the dllToxent classes ol buyers have been well represented. The quality of tbe offcrlnga, though not entirely saUUactory, has been fully equal to, and perhaps superior to tbat of any of the half dozen weeks preceding tbts. The receipts, though by no mesas extravagant, bare been larger than for>ny week during tbo past month, and coniiJ erably In czccts ol tbe demand. This surplus, bow* ever, has not been of tbe better class ol stock, for andsr a steady andfitlrly active shipping demand, all really desirable grades have been readily taken up at fair re munerative rates. New York, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Baltimore bare each had their representatives In the market, who have bought liberally; the major portion of tbe odcrlngs being taken for these points. Up to the middle of tbe week, the market ruled steady and firm at substantially the dosing rates of the week before, but from this time until the dose of tbe market to-night, prices have steadily receded, exhibit* Ing a decline of 35<ab0e per 100 lbs. The reduction on common and medium grades, has been most marked. Ibis is due to the fact tbat there has been a too iiucral supply of these descriptions. The demand for butch ers* cattle, and "stockcrs,” has been {comparatively limited, hence holders of this common and medium stock, bavc found Blow sale for their offerings, anJ ab solutely no tale at all, except at llbsral reductions. Tbo markets East have been dull and depressed with prices rnllcgXeic lower. In view ol tbla fact, shippers, during the dosing days of the week, were eby. and their purchases were made with unusual cau tion. They discovered nothing in tbo condition of the markets abroad to warrant them in paying the ruling rates at the opening of the market, and concessions were accordingly demanded, to wblcb sellers general ly FnbmUlcQ, though some prdtrred taking the chances abroad, and a few droves were thus shipped East, on owners* account. Tbe inquiry from Orst to last has been confined prin cipally to first and second class Steers for tbe Eastern markewmd for fair wcoodbutchera’ cows. This will un doubtedly be the character of the demand for the cata log week, and drovers will subserve their own Inter est best by making their purchases with this lact la view. While of the better jrr*le% all. or nearly all, bare been worked off, tbtre remain of the medium, common and Interior order, about 1,500 bead, for which rale could net befound except at rates ruinous to owners. There has been a moderate demand for stock caltlo at d-nets. tfe quote the market for the week as fairly active for Rood shipping Beeves at a reduction of 25c;jaud quiet and 50c lower for common *and medium descrip tions CLD6TSOOK THE vurrwr The market to-day was quiet* as is usually the com on Saturdays. There was a libera! supply of stock in the sale peas, thougn with lew buyers. In attendance, ccmparatlvely little was accomplished in the way of sales. Transactions embrace 903 head.which were divid ed between shippers and city botchcrMt prices ranging from 19.75 tor Interior mixed lots, tot *5.90 lor good fleshy Sietr*. Sales were made at prices ruling 10£l5c below \he closing rates of yesterday. Extra tat, well-formed. 4 to 0 years old Steers, and averaging I^oo oed upwards *fiA7*o6.C3'/ Prime Deeres—Oood, wcU-fatted, fairly- '* formed Steers, averaging from 1,100 to 1,400 D*,aU..—... 5.91*06.25 yoirGrodce—Fair Steers, In talrfloah, ar ffaeltg t. 00001,200 ns, at, WSOS.Q* Mfttium C7(t««—Medium Steers and good Co «*, tl for city slaughter, and averag ing sooauoso as. at... 453052)0 Mocl Oittie —Common Cattle In decent Cesh.avenclngEbOAl'tOOas, aU 3,7504X0 Inferior— Light and thin Cows and Steers, rough and coarse, averaging 6J00550 os, aU 3X003X0 We note the iollowlng transactions 1863-6. CATTLE SALES TO-DAT, Seventeen bead flair fleshy Steen, averaging 1,140 as. fed and watered, at fASO. Seventeen head good smooth Steers, averaging 1,225 nsjOtt car*, at fiS). Twenty head Ihlr botchers’Steen, averaging LOSO at (SXO v head. ‘ Ugiuecn head flair Cowe, averaging 1,070 at, fled and watered, at ft AS. Nine Lead cows and Steen, averaging 9SO D«,ted and watered, at 94A7*. Thirteen btad air fleshy Steen, averaging 1,733 ss,tt Oua hundred and head rood Hacking SUyrs, averaging 1.150 ag,at * kteliteco head good smooth Steers, averaging 1.0H7 and watered, at fS.fil*. Sixteen head tncoiom mixed stock, averagtogLOTO B*. at *4.73. Ihtrtv.flvehpad good Steen, averaging 1,303 as, led and watered, at (5.00, The following are the receipts and shipments tor the current week, and tor the corresponding period last year: 1566-7. 3685-6. .551,527 -151457 .159,862 191,007 .. . . „ „ I*7. 186*. 1057. 1966. fctmaay ana Monday.... .... r?9G .... 2.923 T\fdn»day 13.199 8,897 .... 97 Frtaay 9,017 ?*64 Saturday Total., 44.511 26,01 Lut week...... m w . IVcek before last .86.776 .... *jjj The receipt* this week compare with the receipts ft: the lame period In IS'jC, u follows; Receipt* thli week Receipts for corn*ponding week la 1366. Keet Jpt* more thli week The market lor the week closing to-olchtbas „ distinguishing feature. Trade opened sharp with _ moderate supply in the pen*, but dorinc the fore part oflhe week, under large arrival*, prlcoa steadily re ceded, showing up to Thursday noon a reduction of 3 OSOc from the closing rates of last week. At this time, however, a reaction set in. As it became appv rent that the receipts were net likely to be excessive, packers became more eager to purchase, and under a healthy competition between their Interests, the de cline noted above was In a measure recovered. Aside from 107 head taken ny shippers, packers were the ex elusive operators. As to whether present rates will bo sustained for any considerable length ol time, or not, opinions differ; some expressing confidence In the stability of pried, and others predicting a sensible decline. Should the receipts be moderate say not to exceed SifiCO or head per week—we do no*, anticipate any very serious depreciation in values at least until the pack’ng season Is over. Trade opened a lltUo slack this morning, but later la the day, under the light receipts, became more active, and all the offerings were readily closed out at prices ranging from f.V705.73 for common to fair grades, and tor good to choice Uogs,belnsanadvasceof &£irc on the closing rates ol yesterday. Sales embrace KXSO9 head, taken chlcfiy at and within the range of 85.7X<5-»- .891,661 Tbe ibiiowlep are the closlnp prices (or tbls week and last Gordto Choice.. Medium to Fair. CcmtrOD.... M4<e.6) Sale* to-day include the folio Tin* drorea: tSlalrlot ... l»prlc e ot«d 10t........... 104 rfoodemooth ereo llogv fftpooe tiHnm ...........77J l.ff Mfmr Mtlil feW HI MIMP UllHllly, P-K fnrmp jnipvcH 1m............................pj 1-19 to medium baron 1i0n*..,} a.vt .Meaine gtiHiity... .fit 0.79,, llMPhnliv Himmlli t0ga.......,..,.,,.......00) (Ullf ttllKKl'-Tlt* maihet prraeula Hie eatmt general rhar« Hct<rl«ili« hh noted in our Iml weekly rone*. TNn re pp)|tia have been tlgbl, tut iiidb bat been Urn pbaf *eirr of Uts demand tin i no iroonvMihopo iim rpauital from lldaraoae. The Inquiry. a* b»reU»tofe, bM been com fined chiefly to good lo choice mutton gradna on lophj m wmnl, and Die low of tide cUaa offering wore readty taken op Ht ful rate*. Common description* havehoan dull anil neelrrlrd nnd alow of Mia at any price. The receipt! lor the weak are |,M j ahtpromta. none. Vie quote Uie market nnil at a range of f3.Mta9.oa tor lute rtot toeboloomuttonSheep. All tolet or Oratn reported in (All market report ore made on the baite of Iwinler (ic) itorage, unlett otherwlee exi-rueed. 6AT0804.T KTKSUtQ, January U»lB6«. FUEKJIITrf IUILBOAD FBSIOOTB—The foUOtT* fog H the Joint Urlifon the Enters roads: _ 3d 4 is lin'd Bate* trots Chicago to— class. class. Floor. Qoet. Bunalo, V.Y 68 47* 88 HO Toronto, a W 68 IT* 95 B) Montreal. C. B * - «r •“* * ~ - 1.85 ~ 1.90 1.60 Albany, N. Y 1.30 9*Jf I.Bi 1.40 New Torr IM W J.BO lAO Dutton and Albany 1.35 95 1.90 1.6) Doiton tla UrandTrank l.S> 95 1.00 1.60 Portland rla GrandTnmk. 3.10 1.40 I'bliadcipbia IJS 85 1.70 1.4(1 Baltimore 1.15 » 1.70 1.45 Pittsburgh Clcv< land. Ob|«>... Jeffersonville, Ind. Cincinnati. 0hi0... F».Olllt—Received, K. 713 brls; shipped, 5,732 brig. The market dotes anlet, buyers and sellers li4>Voc, opart In their news. Sales were: Wurrs WisrraES—so oris not named at ftsoC; bPBOfa Erraxs—3oo brla ‘•Cole's Alternate," aiili.oo; 100 bri* not named; SOU brls “Vermillion Diver" at #11.00; 100 brig not nam cdclfl*L9o: ICO brladoatflOitfv: 800 brls do at #10.7;: 100 brls “G. Lamb's” best at #10.73; XO brls “Bongo and Reads" altlO.WV;l«Jbrlsiiot named at JUJ brls dost #10.50; 100 br.adoat#lo.h7Vt 100 bris Low Grade at fS.r.V; Spelmi Scrxie-lOObrU not named at *9.25; 300 brS do al#7-50: lOOtrls do at #7.31; is brls do at #7.00; Us«cnd—loo brls not named at #7.30. WHEAT—Received, 25.110 bo; shipped, 7,343 ba. Market aaUf lower and lees active. Sales were: 400 bu No. 1 tprlrp at #L2I (A. t». & Co.); 400 ba do at (ILL); 2*Wbndoat #2.10; s,«obudo»a- Jar); 5.00 Üba No. 3at #191; l&iOJ on do at #U33;B,»3hQ do at #1.92V; 26,000 bo do at #1.92 (regular); 600 bn Re jected nt |l.7o—closing at 12.1532.15 lor No. 1, and dull at #1.93 tor No. z Sprlue. (jlll(\_|tece)vcd t &Gftba; shipped, none. Market exceedingly quiet, though held a >1 atie stronger. Sales were.* SSJM) bn So. I at 79c; IS OCJ budj at TvVc; 3.7 X bn N'o. 2 at TOc; 400 bn New White at 71c; l.oOubu lie* Jeclcd at MJic; 9,000 Da do at 93c; W»0 bn do at 52*c; Os Ttuca—lDO bu at 63c; SCO bo at 57c; 800 bu at 55c—. clcalsg with buyers and seller* at 79vc. OA’l’i*-Received. 17,5*.6bu; shipped.none. Market doil. Sales were: COOouNo. 1 at 43Vc; 7,200 bu N 0.2 at 40c: COO bu Rejected at blc. I* YE-Recelved. 1.825 bo; shipped, none. Market quiet. Bairs were: 2,400 bu No. lat Sac; *OO bu No. 3 atfcsWc;4fObadoal»c. _ UaULEV— Received, a3OO bu; shipped, none. Market doll. Sales were: 800 bu No. 3 at tic (R. I.); 800 tm Rejected at 67c; 171 bags at 71c: 400 bu at lie. A iX’OOOli—Nomina! at #4 45«1.50. llltAN—bales were; 10tons in bulk at #ls-:-, Voni feed at (39.00. CORN—Market doll amt nominal a. (loo.awn 0.000 per ton as to quality. . Illi'lTEU—Received. 12.718 tss; shipped.2,3lotti, Tlic central market continues quiet, wun no material chance In prices. Fot choice Roll there Is a cur to. quirr on local account, and node? moderate re. eipisj pncis fbr socli are well sustained and tolerably dm at quotations, indeed, fur a very prime article In smal latcy packages may occasionally be rtalucd tbougb sale* at there dgnres are rare. Common Hr kin and common Tub, which are already largely In excers of the demand, are still accumulating, and unit es there should soring up an unusual demand, a further decline lu prices seems Inevitable. Last year, wltfl Lard worth twlc-c Its present value, there was a lair demand fbr conking Butter, while now there is vety little inquiry fbr It, and farmers must not bciurprliet if they uonolgcl speedy returns fbr ordi nary Butler, as it Is liupumble to three sales except at liberal reductions. We make no change In our quota- L’liolce (o Dairy. (!oih| Tnh Common Firkin li f#lf c i’MmeVlrklu . 31 v*ii c SalcftrerflbrlaiaSct Mara at BTc ;3 roll*, Me. IIAUUIIIM J-The «etii*ral market cimlluuei (lull, sue a i-nßlernlbfllnciiroTalil. UuDblwauilHurJainare In lair nqueii. ami are licit! lolrrabty Urm at uuo.a- Ilona, lint Colton Semnleati naca are tnaettve. atm deal, ora woreoilerluelo-'inr ntri reduction of f l.nvst.Uo. WeretkeourfMaafmlnwi: ... _ Hnli' iml A, 3 bu.eeamlps |lncmi..ujiiiiu.»*ufli.W UU 41UM IlHllolSAifl'd tlu niimiiinitmi «.W Curb Ktohnticei.ii.ii.lO.W stark At fcnttUQ aiß!mW»...a;»»s»mjiiimm;i fIJ.OO LbalafnnAi dd mmimimimimim W.W At tlroai occil) (t>) uiumiiiiiuimi.uiii M.W AltlHiOOlll, (JO M tut ummtmmt M.tN MpMirbi (jd mmiiiimimnmiii! M.W ilikb!., * .MO.. iimmmmimimimm Refill inllbßinmiinii ;i mmntmi M.W iU(Wl'*('l‘oi lid tiimimiiiiimsituiiiiii M W flOnipd-nljimjiuiMiii: Mi«i«miuimnuumu M;TO VtllilMmlliunMlni'inimim!! &H immi HMilinowtlWl*!, «m| *tMilull Mw«» no lihim), bu noi«Tkn»t:m»i»l»v>v Under at hc.hVh lunori ifnmaml irflpcainlimM;Mihvh a»ii«r onwM a aljiiUl HllValllHi i'lllU,](*(#( vit. Lm mil ■oiUlldy nmmi, ti| lim liair, On round IM». for, nub, diwlera arn ij|»|niiLi| in fc||iti|» |irl<u> lo UlO ti*(uil(u| Uiiko, Vfnnimlßi fWVork Factory (guimlnc),.l9 0»1U o Factory (llllnoli) 3H c jininimra,. ~ ...,tfi ui< o SVmdcm 11ram0...,,...... ................19 lAltt o *• Young America ’* .......... uU q (11A 1.-It in lively r«ine«i. In full itipplr, and llca’y Btnl linn ftt full ralca. llinro |« on ucllvo In nnlry for llic lielicr doEcrlntiona of n.ncnal, by tlm quantity, and lioblnraaro altfT In Oicirdemanda. The atcriaoniunl Coal* are.abumiant, Woconllnuo lo do Omrtijr....... ....... CutTFtAkp—Hrlar 1*1*!. do Blln.THl lUdiio. do Willow Dan w do Tunnel., c Ippewa , 1110aibrna....... ..... Lump Lackawana, prepared. Hcranton idttatnn. Utinol".. tihlpmoota. <j<T’6'a Vtcit.M.. - w.f1.00 c”^P^K YFo nolo an advance uf Sc on Good to rrlmo 1110. Wore* tUodtioiailoDis .. *7 A3* e lUo, common loftlr 31 <*T> c Itm, good to prime V (*3*Kc iUO.|>rlin«U> choice ..71 (UtlHO C.7U 4,01 W 33 tt,6« ajM .... .... .... \;s& HOGS. Receipts. Shipments. in *ai .44A41 ,26.441 .18.100 TWjwcc*. Lett week. . 6;rv*W6 a.'nw&a 5.406*9.60 800 B&I.SS TO-BAT. AT. Price, .its s.rj .jas «10 -.970 6 JO OniOAflO DAILY MARKET. 70 SO 1.00 TO SI 76 S 3 45 S 3 TO 43 83 66 <3 liiMiPKRAIIK-Halni of Coo pork barrels at 1140. KUCn-n'm In Cur on local account, bat nnuor a full supply tales wrrealow at srtfVJHc fbr limed E*B«,amiatMJc!c tor troth, id boiMortubs. Th»reU nuln«iuiryri.r«lilpmobt,iao demand entirely of a local character. PKIUTH AND NllTH—There ti a fair Inquiry fbr general AMomucnia, and price* for uearlr all deaeftp tloni keip well up. and are comparatively trm al quo* talluni. Cltolre winter apples are In demand, and aw ing to the limited supply ot such In the market ars nimly bcbl. and grnrrallr at a slight advance. Fop common vailotn*. of which there la an abundance, the demand la not particularly bnilr, and on round lota coner»aloa» may be obtained. Dried applet continue dull, wllb a largo aupnly In tho market. Southern fruit la alow al Bc49c,—and Ohio, and Michigan at 10® We. Cranberries are in fair request and steady at ftO.CCK%IO.OO for common to a very choice article. Nuts are quit t and unchanged. We quote aa follows: obskn rsmrs. Apples. »lirt *350 ®550 Oranges, Havana, 9 100 &.oq m 610 Lemons, Malaga .10.00 Milan Cranberries, wild 10.00 a IXOO Cranberries, cultivated 13X0 aVQXO DBUn> PETITS. Fig* » a m Dales 25 a 29 Can Peaches, V Apples, new 8 a 12 Peaches, halves and quarters 16 a 19 Peaches, pared 40 a 43 Blackberries, new, 9 ft St a S 3 Raspberries, now, 9ft * M a 68 Cherries, pitted.... 63 Elderberries, ft & 20 a .. Bali ins. layers 450 a 4X5 STW. Almonds, hard shelled. 33 a 36 Almonds, soft shtlled 40 a 53 Almonds, paper shelled 55 a 58 Peanuts, Vft 13K» 14 Brazil Buts 31 a 23 Filberts 17 a 13 English Walnuts 30 a 31 Naples Walnuts 33 ® 34 Pecans, small and large. as a 30 Hickory Nuts. P bu Xoo a 350 Cnestcuts. Vbn XOO a 9XO FWH—Iho market continues very doll, with prices unchanged, and surest nominal. Aside from a limited local demand there Is nothing being done, though with no sorplu* stock on hand dealers are not als posed to stadc prices to any considerable extent, hut arc gemv rally holding steadily at quotations. Mackerel are firm at full prices. We repeat our list; Whitehall, No. 1, H brl 4750® 775 •• No.XXbtl 7.33® 75a Trout, No. i, k nrl sja® 555 .. •• N'o.3. S brl 450® 4.73 Mackerel, No. i, xbrU new n.QOAiiSS “ N 0.2. s brl .10.3531050 “ family. V S'brl „ 9.00® 9.33 “ extra meaa, *» X brl 1X00®1550 •* 9 kit 3.73® 4.00 •• No. 1, kits, new 3.63® 3.75 _ ** (amtly, kits 353® 355 Codfish. Bank, i* mo ss 750® BAO _ •• George’s Bank. 850® 9.00 Hake. 550® (LOO Herrings, dried. No.I, fi box 60® es ** scaled to* 75 Labrador Hemngs 9 brl iun®liso Norwegian •• 6^W^liw ** •* M’s. * brl 16.60 DREASE—Market nominal alike following quo taUOQS: White Grease 9Vo9ke Yellow Grease su®sxe Broan Grease IIII*II\VINES~~TbcreU nothing doing and we market la nominal ae $3.30 lor Free and SSc for Bonded. „ HOpj*-“lnacilveatso®6oclor Eastern and43®ssc for Wvstvrn. DKES*ED llOGßeceived, 9.171; shipped, Market a shadeflmcr. Sales were: » all round, at... «s£) 70 do at &so SO *• at ...” wo 1(» 44 at ....I MS 15 averaging its. at „ *653 71 fllvidlcgonSOO P*. at *6.63 and 6XO W •* geo as, an e.© and 6A7* ISO * Bs > ftt A 65 and 6X5 477 “ 200 »s. at 6.60 and 6JB S» " 200 as, at 6.65 and 63) » •* SO as, at. 6X3*and 63) 971 •• 300 as, au 6.60 and 63) 24 M 200 aa, at 6.53 and 63) —closing firm at *6.63 and (63) fjr average lots divid ing on »0 a*. Ha Y—There is comparatively little doing In this branch of trade, so that the stocks, though unusually light tor this season of the year, are sufficient to meet all demands. I'nros are unchanged, and we quote the market steady at the following range: wuoLuaus rmexs. Timothy, roller and beater pressed.. H2.5d513.50 Timothy, loose proved 15.00.41t.00 prairie, beater preated. S-OO^IO.M XXTAIZ. PUCKS. aaaalmrmi. »Di Timothy, roller and beater pressed .. 16X0517.00 Timothy* Rose pressed 16,00419X0 prattle* roller aaa heater pressed lt.oojtis.oo prairie, loose on wagon, delivered. wwaioxo HlDK>—Received, 190X31 &>s: shipped. Bd,us; si. Tne general chaaacter cf the market remains substan tially the same as noted in opt previous reports. The demand continue* lively and receipts, which arellgbt are readily absorbed at fall rates. The inquiry is princi pally on shipping or court, though local tanners are taking hold more freely than lor several weeks back. We quote the market arm at the prices Riven below: Green Hatchers'...... 7 $ ivc Green Halted* trimmed. 11 c*Uuc oretnCaif. is sl9 c Rip, Green Halted u 91$ c Dty Flint, trimmed ..17 «ts c l)ry£aitcd.tnmmcd 11 c Green Salted, part cured 9 <4 9*o IKON A>D pTEtiL-Ttne la a {air demand, and prices are qnotabiy onchangcd. We contlone to quote: common Bar. s*s 6* Horst thoc iron. 6*s 7k Heavy Band 6 (4 6* Hoop and Light Band «*«4to* Bound aoasqnare. SKC« 9* 0va1.... sws 6* Balt Oral and Half Bound s*s 6* sheellron, common *A» .. Sheet Iron, Galvanized, 17*29 30 <4 .. Sheet iron, charcoal 9*s .. Sheet Iron, Juniata UA'«4IS Norway Ball Bods U »12* Plow Steel. German (alt How Steel, east X 7 s*s Sprlngaud Tire Steel, English 14 (415 Tool Cast Steel, ordinary sizes 39 S3O Tool cast steel. American „ (423 BlUtered Steel S 3 S3O Russia, Nos, 9 and 16* 39 14® Russia. Am.. Ist quality, Fhdl sl9 Ko«sla,Atn., Jstqna'lty, B sneet sl9 Busala, An>_ fdqusllty, sheet sl6 I.KATII fell—There is a slightly Increased demand, and, with no improvement in the supply, a Qrmer recl ine obtains, and price* rather tend to a higher range, hlsnufecinrcn aro begtnnlugto make their appearance in the mat ket, though not baying as yet to any consid rrab'e extent. We make no chance in oar quotations, as fellows: Slanchtcr, Sole. Ootfalo | 403 49 Slaughter, Sole, Chicago, Jfo.t. lOQ 49 Slaughter, Sola. Chicago, Ko. i~ Slut 87 Bac&o* Ayres.... as a. 40 Onaoco bole 879 89 Orinoco, good, damaged* 819 S 3 CHy llarnww. » „f rs® id Country Dam cm si line, V ft 43« 41 Kip, medium, V ». ...T ijsai^o Calf. ft IJKIgI.CC l>PP*f» i* 100 t... ft*(S SO Country Upper.. 3*4 35 Collar. f» t00t... 33» 3t oak. Blaeghtcr Sole.. 54 I French Cali; 31 Harnct«,V)ft.... 4A«46l ft 2.1033.35 Upper 90u S2l Trench Call, 39 Kip. Ko. 1, me- 1 d1nin........... T J0®1.201 French calfi Le- IP, Ko. I, I toolncs. ♦ doa^o.oo®9o.oo heavy ffiOUOi XjlhtinKlt—Tlic market is steady, acd there Is no particular change to note in prices. We continue to quote: Ltmnrs-Flut Clear. 1. jj,*,ij<and 2 Inch Vo ,tao.oa®6sho secotd Cicar. 1, lj». ik and i Inch Siouaaijo Third Clear, Inch 50.00®53J0 first std Second Clear Flooring, roeeth* cr, rough, the same as second Clear wide 59.0X355.00 Common Flooring, rough 3.00.*37.00 WaUbtil and Drcuscd Common Flooring. 4DiMcsl3.Oo ilatchrd and Dretted S-lncb Common Clear tjVdlng. together.*^ First Common Dtersed Biding- 33.0^35.00 Wsgon-hox Boanis, select, is inch and upwards.. S3AQ®mo A Stock Boards, iMnches . SO.Oo,ajja* U Siock Boards. 12-1DchM................ Common Boards. Jolrts^ Scantling, Feae- Ins, and nmaU Timber. U loltfcet long 11-0X335X0 Jolsta and BcsnUlng, 30,33 and 34 ftet. ZSXO43OXO Jouts and seanumr 35.09 SantOExa—A or Star shared Shingles 4.5) I.Ain»J\r hi in yards... ..i. t>.w kix esr loan t>r horin*«rt*rn Vlaliroao, il«)ivrit-<iii* any yard *h*iersraciM) Im swikWor mur ilppjti A of *(ur pm* mi H'lmlw, fijf rinoßi). on ima.. 4.1 M 4.W A nrMsrmnmrt mtinulrs by car loan* mm .<. tM ..iili.rt., MM IM No. I hm»u» wdnalss by oar him on 1 lirfi il'jlhrV j»‘ cwr' K»V'V aM'W WVa'ri * whlrh rlmrit* hflnwa Dm bnimil*** tn (roiahl W»« Tlilrvn«B»W»i M »\!'in(froMo f t» "wo Inrbos la tliteb* nr»*. l^mirth—fliatrvn inrhra.—'l* ruty lor bis. Courses—T*«iiv*>lT«. . AIKTAI.H ANW TINNRHH* rtTOnU-Tbert ta s fair trade dolor, and prices are torn. Wo quota 5 TIJI. UNO. Do* Tin Halo, 10 Utqua’lty, caak 13Jf Will 41SJA tstnuatUy, sheet ,U L area id ta* 87 Blau .; 14 bin ail Hr M . hbiqut vntn. Uarlla 8» i tat. U towns. 7,8 sad 9. IS Metallic Al 1 Hottl... S 3 IQftndU 13 copper Bottom 55 U 14 Hiauersotit 10&■.. 43 isaadli IS Sheetings, 14to 16ox is ISaoaie ....16 liming* 10 17 17 BABBIT ttXTAL. IS IS latgoallty 30 Antimony 80 Fine Solder. 80 S'AI lAt-Are steady aoc V* e continue to quote: lOdtoßd P in* *7.501 Sd 7.U «d S^O 6d BJS Sd 8 .TO market exb day and ft better feeling pi Inquiry lor Lmietd In roc thfre was nomine at quotations. Whale OU 1 ttoc price* current: Uruecd Oil ...ft ais& Linseed OU, boiled ai.4o OUveOU Sa.« Whale Oil. W. JJ 1.4001.0 Lard OH, eitra vy>«l,TO LftrdOll, No. 1 Winter.. ilis«l.3o LardOll. No. 2 Winter. UiOreUD Bask OU, round lota 1.1501.30 Machine Oil IJXDAI.IO Sperm OU. W. B «sao Lnhiicaung OU- 5041.00 Castor Oil 33Vii» Nratafoot Oil LSO&MO , CARBON OH<—ls in better supply pat under a lair demand remains study at previous rates. We quote t Carbon,P Carbon, small tots Benzole. «3Cc rICOVIHICINH—Received, Bi Cured Meat*: 6-Sttbria J erk; TSCUO lbs Lard. Shipped, 577,K»3 as Cured Meats; awbrlsßeef; B,ol7brlsPcrk,and 170,119 as Lard. menu Pork—Market advanced 35c. Sales were: SO brla at f W.W; 200 brlft at 118.33: 200 oris I. o. a. May 1. at f; 200 brla at ?ia.OO-c]o*lng with buyers ol ccod brand# at f 15.25, and tellers at fJSJO. IJlear.f*ork—fcalcs were: 50 brla at 119.00. Extra Prime Pora-M brla at f am. Hulk nienif*— &s Short uib at 9cloose: 60 bxs Bit balled Shoulder* at6)*c. English meat*—bales were: 33 bzs Cumberland at she. litccn Nlcata-Market less active. Sales were: 5,000 oca Shoulders (a. b.) at s*c: 3£oo pcs and 00,009 Its do (d. b.) ntfiXc; TOO pcs Sides at 7)<c. t.ard—UoreacUvoand Kc hlcher. dales were: 1,575 tc« at uxc. cash; 1,000 tea at U*c, eeUer last ID cays In January. . „ . _ .. POUI.TItt —bales were: 450 bbDressedTnrkles at 15c; 900 tts do at 11c; 100 B» do at 13Jfc; it Chick ct.» at »JL53;10 do at 93.73; 3 dor Dressed Osefte at • *. 3 dor do atfd.oo; 3 coops lire at 910.50. bOIIA AND SAhEIIATDS-lhere la no change to note and prices remain comparatively steady. TV e babbitt’s Medicinal .11*i313 c »• pule JsS«4K!ke Deland's Chemical UkO>3 c neaitby i2M«u>rc Imre ItualiAc HUCSAUH—IhQ general market exhibits a air die* ereo of activity, andwenote an advance In prloei. ami drain* art Qmst in their views at the IbUowlnß quo tations; Cuba ...UHftlgKc Porto Itico i?*(|i3*c N. y. Ifeilned, I oweered and Unumlstea....l6koio*c White A ~ 5. H®J95c cirticA 5Se White B llhs>ls.«|c Extra C «.V4 M*c Srllow « «U c Uxnard .lOkall c Oxnaid C. extra ...liffc4llkc HV It It PH-Are in active request and prices rule firm at the fblluwltiß pries*: . Now Vork Syrups ; I,?**!-?? Tetww.jitivs... i.W|tas cot-a Met a Porto Itico.i *...; ;.. .; SO l *. 90 NewUrlfiacs.i...TO-U.W riilliulelpulalire H1te.......4..4..4..;4..05-4. TO Chitaso ifeUneri; Ammr.4444444;..414444..;;; i.UJ^Lio , '* eitearHottse44iii;i 44 .4 4j4J TO®. «l kSM^SSSTSfttWffiflll wtotei-TOia: m4u z z NeW Pilteill 4 4 4 4 1 4 : 4 1 4 4 4 UI 4 14 1 4 41 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 II 441 if 9.5 U QHilititi iltlHlwiiimtiiimimiimimmiti Ut Wldß'W " I<ll,u>,,l | ip *** HhU W iiVfiPF ivJ'ilJ »aa w=;v.v; i&l **1(1 iJilra liH'linUie, w ft..,At .U Jupuii, uftlurtiUcaf, jjim ;<i tuira•** ,M,,M !uu* / istqoauty * w n Antimony 80 80 ...« Fine Solder. 80 Pence Bunion 10 steady and without decided change. V* e continue to quote: lOd to Bd * to* S7AO 1 3d $9,33 Sd 7.7513 d, flue bided. 9.73 4d S,oohd. fine b1ued....... .40.73 6d BJSI Cat Spikes 7.75 Sd 8.75 I Clinch Net 9J5 OILS—The market exhibited a little more life to day and ftbeiur feeling prevailed. There wu tome inquiry lorLmieta in round lota, bat aade irom this there was nothing doing. Lard OU It quiet and ileaay at quotations, whale Oil la easier. The following are IVm . M ®53 C .VO «« c tapullt imlurul |i*f, IJliu Ui .»m»,fi fr,„ i...... i|n (|«* ltn« (*» rltolta t i# Aimmm J4Mv itii «lo ctilttruhV a,..,....,,,,. l.iWl-fr. TOHAmi-Thunrnrhi'iiivnrymill, and Uiouen era) reeling u cader. Tlioatutki ara moderate. vro cout «r;*: ■..»«»» Choke I.Oil ft1u11imi.,..,.,... HO (4 00 Common GS (4 ft bMOK'MI ToIIAPOO „ Virginia’* Favorite... 85 (41.00 Choice ft 5 M Medium SI i» ft Common them* 19 <4 ft Toiun™— • tayalCltircn ft 0 M Farmea*'l»cllglit W 5 ft Natural Leaf. . 140 (43.00 Half llrluht » al.ft Cliolro iflack, aound ft (4 TO Medium ft <• S C0mm0n............. W u ft Navle#.... ftw* SJJ virgin* 10* ana ft* MOW FliMindpri ft a ft WOOII-Heninlaa quirt, with price* Heady and ua« changed u follow* t Maple, * cord, delivered.. 1 , 5>99' ,4 !152 Maple .* cord, la raid H'ZWI’SS Prt-cn. J* cord, delivered, Il.oft-aiß.oo liwh. w cord! In yard....... 10.0nui11.05 llirkory, %< c0rd...... .................... U.oftaiyiO \V«IM*“-«ecftTcd. 10.963 ft*; shipped, 9.(00 ft*. fho markclUqnlet. and them la no change tv nute. Wo note a tale oi 8,000 fta Medium at 41c. I 11.00 . u j» . 10.00 . 10.00 . 10.00 . 10.00 . 11.00 . I9JOOOIOOO . *.4.00 (UK) . M 11.00 .. iXftafl.oo b Ka ' ' New York Provision market* [Special Hcapatch to Hm Chicago Tribune.] Ntw York, January 13. Pork-Ntw Western generally held at 130.50 at the LaVd-The exports waa mostly prime bicam Ren* dt*ed.clo*tnß m 18c. jf multure. FURNITURE. GEO. J. HENKELS, LACY & CO., ISxa AND CHESTNUT-8T9., PHILADELPHIA. We bare a suite of Nine Rooms, Elegantly Carpeted Anil lurnlthed complete as PARLORS AND CHAMBERS. Purchaser* can tee bow a suite ot turultnre will an* pear In their house, and can from these rooms, moke a better selection than they can Irom furniture promls cotrsiy placed in large ware-rooms. JE»rg (Sumag. jmportant ladies. A targe tot of Fine FOIST LACES Selling Off! The subicribcr offers his stock ot superb Laces, con sistlng of Shawls. Flounces. Handkerchief, Empress Collars, Trimming Loco*. sets. C •Wares, also n superb POINT APPLIQUE BRIDAL OREBS. and one superb RED CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWL, at low prices, m or der to relinquish the business; or, for accommodation, will exchange tor good cast-off Clothing, Carpets or Jewelry. Ladles attended at their residence headdress log M. S. COHEN. MsUeaon Boose. Late of Broadway, N. Y„ and Saratoga Bprioga, QNLT DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. General Transatlantic Company’s MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW FORK AND __ HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. The splendid new vessels ot this favorite rente tor the continent will sail irom pt«r No, 30. North River, as follows: PERK IRE. Dncbene,... January 13. VILLE DE PARIS. .Europe January 20. EURO! E-... Febnury 9. ST.LAURENT Bocandl....February 33. _ PRICE OF PASSAGE IN GOLD. Pint Cabin. fiGO; Second Cabin. COO, inrinding table wine In cither class. W 1 “V Ui UUIU V 10.9. The steamers ol this line do not carry steerage pas sengers. Passengers Intending to land at BREST will he fur nished with railroad coupon tickets, and their baggage checked to Paris, at an additional charge of U for Uni and |3 fer second class. Medical attendance tree of charge. For truther intormaticn. apply, in Chicago, at the FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE, 233 lUlnols-rt.; in New Torfc, to GEO. MACKENZIE. Agent, 5S Broad* way. 33usiness Catfis. commission sebchants, OFFICE* 204 FBOST-ST., ?! £.«nxwo». I MEMPHIS TBSH. Liberal cash idr&zcernenti made on consignments. QE&T, UATTEN & CO, Wholesale Commission merchants No, SO RloGaa-etn Between F >nd G-ati„) •p\BESSED HOGS! STENCILS AND WEIGHT LISTS Furnished gntis. Highest market prices guaranteed! LTumct returns made. Correspondence solicited. REDMOND A CO-OenT Corn's Merchta, S3 Waablngton-st- Chicago,™. fflttß Notices. COLLECTOR’S NOTICE State of Illlool#, Cook County—«s. Cttt comxcTWß Ornc*. rorw Hortz, >

BoovNo.iLCmcaoo,Jsn.inh.i9ffi. f Public notice is hereby given that the following de scribed Warrants have been placed in my bands for col* lection, to wit: levuuu* iv ; Warrant No. TSZ West—Bated Dec. rrth. 1568, and is sued tor the collection of a special asi*Mroent levied for ope&lnc as alley, fourteen feet wide, thronah me wrath part ot bloct 4t. In Canal Trustee** Subdivision of Section«, Town 39, X. K. 11. e. from Paulina street to Wood street to that the north line of said eroposed alley shall be parallel to and U 2 4-10 leet (tom the south Use of Waract street Warrant No. 7SO. West-Dated Dec. 29th. ISO, and U aacd tor the collection of a apodal aasatament lertcd for reconstmetlop side Walloon the treat aided Central arrant and tooth aide ol Pearce street. Warrant Mo,Ka,feoulb—Dated Dec. 27th. 1066, and If* sued lor the collection ofa special awewment 1 cried for the erection of elebt <s') lamp posts on Fourteenth street, between State f treet and Indiana avenue. Warrant Ko. MQ. South-Dated Dec. 27th, 1866, and is sued for the collection ofa special assessment levied (hr the erection oi seventeen (17) lamp tost*, on Prairie avenue, between Twenty-nßh and Twenty-ninth streets. All persons Interested In said assessments are re quested to mate immediate payment at mr ot&ce. in default of such payment the raid assessments will be collected si the cost and expense of the. persons liable therefor. A. 11, nEAi.D, city CoQoctor. s)air Hcstorattbe. rpHE GRAYEST AND WOKST LOOK . . IMG OAIB ondon Hair Color Restorer" 4 .orden •Resumes ita Hair Color Restorer” 4 London Youthful Hair Color Restftftr” 4 sitdon Beanty by Hatr Color Restorer” ‘London its Use. Hair Color Restorer” “ .oadon Hair Color Res lorer” It does cot dye the Hair, but acts as a stimulant and tonic to the organs and nils them with new lift and coictlng matter. Dry, hamh, dead or discolored ap pearance of the llalr t* changed to lustrous, shining and bcautllnl lucks. The scalp Is kept clean, cool and healthy, and dandruff effectually cured, Single bottle 73 cents; half dozen, K. Bold by all druggists. BMITU A DWYER. Wholesale Agents. ffiatr £>ge. ■OATCHELOR’S HAIR DVE. "This splendid Hair Dye is the beat in the world. Haimless, reliable, instantaneous; the only Perfect , Dye. J*o disappointment- Ko ridiculous tints, but i true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. BATCH- I ELOU. Bold by Druggists and Perfumer*. Pacmry, Sl^welay^t^Kc^^ mb (General Notlecs. CiO t\f\ TO $5.00 FOR EVERY t/\/ hour’s service.—Plsaiant and honor sole employment without risk: desirable (or all la dies. cl-rcymen. teachers, students, farmers, mer chants, mechanics, soldiers, everybody. Please call on, or address, _ , C.W.JACKSOI? ft CO OS Rearer-st., N. i. LIST OF LETTERS. Mfera HmapidloanimuD *"* or 111 1° and unmber, . l v e ."°*l ( and HlMr, ' H A WKAliloiic™WUUmewriler’aI\arrOrnoiand 144810,81 l ßft 'baad comer, wlib ittie word n*vnii,^^ e Pp «*mp on the trrnra Stour Die atampaod UmwrtUng r Kwt-MjU:kb,u wlUtouc Uuerrcxlß* wioi BEQUEST ftr the UCTITICf of a letter to H*2.3fnter, if unclaimed wltbla (blrty dan or Ims. or printed with me writer's «Aiot Urr^i Im*£® band end of Hie envelope, on wUI b 0 «»®PUod with at mounijfi pro* ut «.2^S s . ÜB ®!rKI a i! c , wbea t°« letter la ds£ 'wilter.-fßec. 59, Law 0f1963." mj_ Free drtlvery of Jitters to any part 0! me dtv and number. ed by h * Tlns lhem ftddr « B « d w the A Adams JBmiaa Anderson Eobt mr# AdamaCmmamra Andrews Loulaa mus Abbott Tern miss Anthony Mary J mus AlTord hi mra Andrews Andy B mr* AUdasjaclson mr* Anderson Jeanett miss Ames Ad* P mrs Alien Beatectnlss Andrews Haonahtara Allen Lue miss Atwater A miss Anderson Caroline M miss Andlrs E M mra Andertoa Jennett Atwood M A miss BrlnVrbqQ Brlma Aan Bonnet Wm P tore liurlich barah miss Booth Emma mra Bsbcocfc barah O mrs Boozang Mary mrs Baker Anna Emu# Dorn Mary miss Baker Mar caret mrs Brawns Marie Uakrr Uaiuab mra Branegan Harriet miss Jtagsot Honors mist Bralnard L M mrs banker EUa miss Bradley A B mrs U«ngion Angeneetmra Bracllelo Mary c mlra Barter prank an Bradley Alice 31 miss I ««r Brenard Jennie mrs Barclay FMrara Brewer ÜBmrt Ijwlfrbmfa Brestanmn Bartlett J U Brooby mrs Deanraootmmt Brooks Emma miss Bearrh M E mrs Brooks Bella mis* Search Mmr* Brooks Iteolne Leah miss Brosman Jeremiah mr# Belt P o mrs Buckley .lane mrs i B shop LiszleT mrs Buhl Annie miss BlrcbaU Llple miss BauaM 311 ante mlra Blaxcly a P miss Burch K Black barah mlas Bytne U*rla.j<M Blay UAmlsa Boih Ueahnoy tors Blackt too mrs Bmc*fleld d»v mrs Blood Mane 8 mis* Buttered llatue miss BchdEC inn Cambers lizzie ml*s Chamberlain Onetime mtt Campbell baale A miss Cole Bsauaiha mrs* Carbart Lizzie miss Cote barah Ado miss Carr Samuel X mrs Cole Jolla A mlw Carr Zeiia miss Coleman Jane W Casey Lizzie ml»s Collins Emma mrs CsssadyMary miss Conoon Daniel mra Casey Anna miss Cook c vr mrs Caryl Mary n miss Cook James mrs h Chadwick Ann mra Coyle Jamet mrs Chapin D M mrs Corell Lettle B mlsi Chase Mary Ann mrt Cotton Margaret mn Clary Mary Copser Mary mra Clement Carrie miss Coyne Maggie a mn ciartle Blanche Crewlord Addle mn Claybrook Anna miss Cromwell William mra Clark Eveline miss Cruver Austin mn Clark Dallsb Veion miss Cullen Mary miss Clark Fannie mrs Culver ilcisn 31 miss Cline Elizabeth F mUs Cummins Nellie ml*s Coe John mrs Cunningham Bridget mi«# Collins Dan W mra Cunningham Ellen Darn E mn Doherty M J mra Danbere Augusta mils Donaldson E H mra Dale Lime mt*s Doodv Ellen miss BavUUluny UmUa Uomtski AnnaLmiss Barit Anna miss Doyle Looney DavtseuWurs Doyle Mary miss Baridton Lultu miss Dow Elmira w mra 1 Day E A miss Bugtn *• lien B min Deagin Eliza mrs Dunn. 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Cooper John B Carena Ulcbael Clark tVm H Coppcs Cbaa Cany WUU&m Clark Joseph Copeon Daniel Jr cant Clark Derrick Cornets John Carley Harvey Clark H p Corcoran John T Garliuc K W Clark F Corcoran Bernard carpenter A A ClarkJotm CorrlsaaPniUp Carpenter BJ Clark Cbu C 2 Cory James Carson D P Clark A Young Cosby O L Car.tellLcckharlCUrfc Averv Ago Cottonß U Carter C B Cleary PH CovaltAmoeA Carter HA co Cleaves Jothna Coweli Geo H Carver A U Clemont Aostln Craft Beniamin Case Addison B or Henry Craig Edward Case Harlow Clodgio Timothy Cram James W 3 Casey Thomas P Clyuerdell Bobert Cramer BL Casey John capr CramerJkl CaiLloo Ceorge Cobb L O Crane Charles Chamberlain Cobb J W Creamer Wm G Slant cobb WHUa Crdgbton W Chatnpltn A Car* Coburn D F Creiser Henry H peeler CockrUl A Me* Crevier W Chandler EdwlnD Crory Crocker Frederick CbspllnJL Cole DA Crocker MUon Cbapman Norton Coleman A Sliver Crofbot D F Chapman Dennle Collins Oeo W Crmksbmk A Cbspmsn Andrew Collins James Aco Cndton Edward F Chappell A J Collins LF CoUton CH Charters C L Colmao Joseph Cunningham Tbos ChsseDW Colvin A NS Chase 7. F Colvin Daniel Curran Thomas Chase vr W Colvin James B Curry Val Chase J J Comerftrd GeorgcCnoy James Chase Ira Condon Darnel Cusp Harry Chase frank D Cone MB Curtis Norman msster Connai Edward Curtlc Gilbert Chase Blrhard D Connell FJ . CunlnJohn t,i)a»e Chas Connelly John Jo Curtiss Asacapt Cheney James ccph Dakin Edward W Dennis Frank J Dow Hall Dale Harvey 8 Dennis mr Dorsey A Danfort U DenotrCF DowmeAleXL? Daniels W Derby CFB Downs AL Bareev Ben DerenportWA PowasAP DamlayU Devine Luke Downs John V Davidson J C Dewey ASlepbcns Doyle Michael A Davit A R Dewitt HP Drake 9 L Davis J W Dickinson bros Drake A Craw Davis B DlckmannUeorge Draper Henry R Darts W P Dillon John 8 Drew W H Davit L M Dlmel J Drew Chaa A Day Joe Dltnlck A Gould Dudley A»her R DayJntn DlmlckLK punklaThos Deal Wm dr Dix John Dunlap John Dean lleul Doaoe VT H Dunwell wm DeßurrnnehsF W Dodge Charles Dunwell Wm C Becker EJ Dolan F DurtoeßUAco Bellea John £ Donnelly Patrick Dwight HB 8 UcLeaUobertL Doooerilark Dwyer Ddward Dtt nelly William E EncerJchn Egan James ElhellGeoA Karlle Wm Eldi Idee Thomas Eustace Patrick K&stPD I! Ellis Ed C Evans JR Kastman John O Ellis oeo F a Event Jobn L Eaton James E Elmer A . . Evert* Capt Robt KucarWJ Elmore Theo'd J Kwlng Henry J Edwards mr Elson T D Edwards A Emmons Or p Fahln Ilnbert Fitch J D . Forsyth Hit Faaon Fillips Fltsglbbons John Foss Jno FaU Henry . Flags Casiamlere Fox Kddy FarstibanJabnM FlrannK Michael Francis Dent/ ftnvMIJ.U FlemingLUtir Franklin Blraon Pllon Jl> Fletcher HE Fm»er John Fenner Philip tn Fhtchcr II U Frasier ft cd FcrneurPhilip . 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JehnstonThos Jordan ES Jewett John Johnston John juniper mr KanahJohnM Kellogg PY. King Patrick KsyNßAco Kellogg* co King John J Kaye Joseph Kendall E KAJ SKlng Warren Kearney Patrick SRendall Samuel WKlng Raphael L Keating E F KennedyThorntonKlngsbnxyCharles Keeler & Hobbcll Kenntru H H Kfcsjohn KcnnerGeoW BlngsburySamnel Keetlng George EKerr Thomas 11 KellehtrDM _ KgrrWm*co KingsburyAllar- Kelley Andrew KKeyes Frank chant Kelley James Keys C _ KlnneyAJ Kelley WUllamKicman Thomas Kinney Alex rapt Kllbourne Isaac DKlrby B D Kelley AW* co Kimball Frank OKlrch J M Kelley W A *co Kimball G<*oß KlteUs George Kelley * Mead Ktmbail John C Knapp Peter KtUy Francis King Geo T l KnlghtOHM Lacey Cephas S Law Richard LlchtcobcrgerCT Lafayette N A Lawrence James dr Lake J p R Llndley E S LamontCA LanslrgEzra Uncard John B Lamson George J Lawson Thomas Little Thomas LamsonjustlnW Lawton Edward LlttrelLA Lancaster* co S W _ • Loate Henry London. Walling- Leavitt Thomas J Locke Edward fljrd&co Lednt James LokcyßP Lane Maurice T Lee H H l/inaoa Mathew TAneJSdr Lee John 8 London Charles Lane J U Leroy Frank Lonereaa Patrick Lane B S Lee Frank C Long F B Langan Michael J Lee Chss J Long Thomas 1-angdon JoelE Legacv AiDed Loomis * Orls- LanilngChas LeggWm wold Lamer Michael Leonard Edgar U Loomis A Wing Larkina James Leonard Mathew Lord OPS Lepper Wm H Lopper tnr Lwlie John BS - Lester M Lewis W col Lewis John C 3 Latham Robert LathropJßdr LathroppS Laurie * Alccaa . der Lauiher A B Lareyli Madlgan Thos Mead Aaron B Moore W Arthur MadltonAnrof Mead A MecblneMooreß Mayoon Or N ilorford T T Mam Geo MeanLW Morgan JT Manchester M 8 Mehafle Amos Morgan ON ManyanAL Mercer JE Morris JaaC Blanclu Sami F Merrlhew * Farr Morris John Manning Udr Merrick Chas Morris Geo Manning £B Merrell frcdcrickilomson John n Manning Aaron . O hiorrisonWm J MarkleyDD Merrell FlfieldN Morrison Wm 3larks H a co Merrell T G Mortals John * Marsh * Good- Merrell Jerome P Michael rtdee Miller Jerry p Mory Chester Marsh HF Miller J W rev Mott Robert A Marshall Wm Minor JJ MoagUnJohn Martens Wm Miller Jos R Mower Lyman dr Martin OtlsP Mills JW UoyresJas. Marvin, white AM ilia * bros Muilen J W co Miner Benjamin Mullen Edward MaseJE Modlca Joseph AMumiord F E Mason B U Moloy Hugh Mmnlbnl Wm B Mather Glbh Monaghan John Muodorf EU 2 Mather Wm Montgomery WmMordocb Wm Matbes Jcssee M H Morphy Jas Mathesot John 2 Moody B Apple-Murphy Daniel Mathews Francis too Morphy Michael Matson Edwin Moody Isaiah W Murphy Msartce Matteson Peiig Mooney Tom Mnaaleman Lafy- Mauiton J T Moore wm 3 ette Mavrin o T capt aMoore J A Myers John XI Maxwell, HOgg AM ooreJ Myers Jss co Moore J T Myers D MaygleWm MooreWTC Sic McAllister RanaldMcKWowney A 8 McKeeverThos McAlthy Eugene McFaslane nUt McKerycedas McClellan Jno J MeGtnnl* C i McKtnMeKamelh McCletman FlnlcyMcGovenJ Tboe McMilleo Adr McCinreOohnP McGraw Jaa McNeill J Edward McCoiloughJA McGrath A Kerne McNamee Patrick MeComb Jrs McGuire Felix MeKleff Thoa McConnell T McllvalneAS McQuald Michael McConnell John CMcKals’Patrlck MacOaecnMP MeCmSZt McKay Donald McWilliams John McCntchan Jod-McKay JB_ Gcapt aoa O 2 McKcerorThos McWilliams SAdr McDermod Ml-McKalt Patrick MeVean W a chVel McKay Donald McElastryß McDermott Join McKay J B Nichols FJ * Nicholson Aid* ander Ntcielson S NUuEB , Noble Frant Noble ctuuL&cc 'Nolan ** *' Naale Thomas Nathans I* Nearing; F S Nelson Swain Nereis Edward Newcomb E Newcomer JA. . Newman TetrenceN NlbleJohnß * Ntcbols Al« J riin P G KootAiU irrla A B O’Brien Joseph P O’KdllThomte OsbournJUex o'Bnen J c O’XelU Thomas wosgood EC Obezitne Daniel O'Suttcrsn Jno 8 Osgood AAdaas O'BrienPatrick oatman E LAco Osner Albert O'Connor MichaelObcrJ K Otis, UccxleyASl- A master Ope Sami O’Farrelt, Daniel Glcott .1 B rev Owens Rpbt O’Keefe Michael OUphantWmß OwensWmLH Omealy Thomas Olmsted c 6 O’SolUraa Dennis O’Mora John Orr Robert Packard EH FeaslceJM Pond George Page JO Peck PR Pool J Q pace IIP Peek Emerson W Porter Giles PageDcvlllo Pelrre Henry E Porter Lewis Pace AW PellHW Potter Amos H Patna LU Jr Pennock Dsnlel Powell Frederick palmer c» Perkins & SononPowera w Fbro Palmer i! J Pcrklnr Luther I'owers dr Pards A OlckmanPcrro F w Foyoos George Park G W Persons W dr Pratt W M parttGeo Peters FW Prescott NB Park AJ dr Peterson Marty Pretty man A Oil- Parker James Phalan M W more Parker Charles WPhllllns U E Price Clay ParklaJaaß PhllllpsF PrtndleJas, . . Paratn L _ Perkins william Prooty A Lubrl- Parsons John H Plngree W W ter Parsons John L Ptnne L V Pollen Edgar 8 Patterson Jas H Plants Frank Purcell Robert Patton A A Plumb John D 2 Putman E F Peach CP Q Qulnbyßß Quinn Edmond Quirk John Quinn w A Quirk mr Rafferty James Richmond Tbos Rogers Sami Kaltsy Humy A Richmond F 2 Rots Charles Mccormlck 4 Riddell Walter Roman Z Racer E B Ring J Rosser A Rsmsdell O W Ruin John S Road M 8 Randall Ed S blordan John Boot Charles U ■ Baadail U River Joseph Root D b Randolph A Late Bonards mill am Rosa E D rev Randolph J F P Bosenberry O lUymoiulThos Roberts Clayton RoslttorL Ravnor Aco S Robertson Rich- Bosnian A W capt Bead James _ard Rowell Joseph Be«d George 3 Robinson James capt ReedWTß Robinson John Rowe Henry Udd Robert Robinson LI. Buggies Goo D Reese A WilliamsßoblnaonJefflleulßuasell k l Reynold J M Robison John Russell Welling- Bice E B Robson Alexan- ton BIccWTS det Rusaall Jacob Klee I J Rocker JL_ Bus til James Rl?hfr rf,m t Cals BockwoodThos HRyan John M Lortegß •• Rockwood TYU- ItieLmondSW UamH £4 MWnv'UJ* l »Mf«i Ohritio* UiayA Wlldar |«(Ei e ftv* gljiwrll A UMilon lulfer *,A Ur« »rrir ||llV«liuifh Ml* &*mjch *wl Mimersou Adwrl gl»on ovVd vf hi uU3r*V \ Mmferwm wm nimmoMtfeoN fitwls rruinso W 'w • «o»>nu »w" a “ M * sanr- Jr sfe s.. havageFW Sinclair I»mo PgieiiiugFF hawser John I dr Biarene Mavld . harem U Sinclair Daniel Stems Edward A Bcuhyjolo biiiemonj \7 Slovens FA bi-AumoQ uco R Sites J Cook Bulker John Scboflehj a C Skinner O 0 Snow AC _ scouM Skinner 8 A Spaulding!! W Scott John W Sluter O Spencer J A co Scott John!* Bluihoor A SlrongOorneliaa Scott 111* Smail CbuQ Stuart John 0 Scott 003 small A Co Stoll 4 oaTanoah Scott 0 J Bmallevw J ACo Btorgea Jaa Scoot Jaa fitnead crank Q Sullivan Tboe Seovllle Robt. Smith Allen D HolUrao Joocapt seaman JacisoDp&mlUi A D BaiMvanJoha Searle Jeremiah Smith PH Sullivan Mathias Seeley A Adama Smith Chaa sooner OSAco nation a Wayne Smith flam’l F SonderUn VOr Bewail B C 3 Smith Frank D M D Shall croa* JohtfE Smith Tbamaa Sutherland SW Sharpe HD Smith H Dwight Button Jp«ae B Sharp Wm Bmltn W S Bwarey W D SbawJ B Smith UectorC Sweat D Eh&w SamuelW Bod’h Jaa Jr Svkcs J L dr Smith Jaa SusrenaFrank £baw F U Smith Jaa P Sterena Geo E Shaw Dan’l SnlthJoeiah U Sterena & JJoydca Sbeajcboc Smith Jobs col* strong WE Gen s’bealeyThomaa by S Stewart Fred Sheer Fred Smith Joseph Stew an F J shelly Eocene H Smith M E Btlcltney Morgan Shepherd Jobs Smith LD suit John Starpnerd Augoa* Smith U St Johns Chaa tot Smith UOtos Stockman WO Sherborne Kor- Smith LM StokesQHt mao H. &Co Smith A Dexter Stone a J Sherman Wm S SmytheSol Stone A JAM BherUieJoan Sndl F W Stonebercer Jaa Shine Patrick Stow Chaa B Stover S Ber ShlrlanoWm SpllmtnThoaJ Stowbrldee Cba* ScottaGW Spring Jaa Bio wen Henry F Ebtnand Wm Sprout Chaa BtoweU >v p SldtUe Frank Squire Wm H 3 Stranger John Talley WmJ 3 Thompson GeorgcTolnes Thomas Tangnay IB W Hansen Tate Joa B Thompson Henry Tookev Patrick TatmanJC B TooteyJasß Taylor, Bunt A cotbompsonW P Tools Wm Taylor FT Thompson A Ban-Tower Wm T Tennis John ti klnnm Townsend HO dr Terry J B Thorn Jacob Trevan Wm C Temll B £ Tbroop 11PJ Trier Henry Tewksbeny John Tburber William Trout A w W Thanton n Truesdell Jacob B Thayer J HowardThunton Frank- Tuiey Thomas J Horn Daniel Un _ Tallis Charles B TbomaaTtaoPaaHTlUotaen WtUlamTupprr Hansom Thomas Edward Tlmberlaxo MelvlnTurrcy Thomas Thomas Charlea Tindall John W Tattle Wallace Thompson Albert Tlnkbam Barry JTweeddale Wm Thomson A Tuna Eugene H col Thompson Char- Toblna Thomas Tyler Mathew Q lie I> Toiman j Q Aco Tymcton O Thompson H C Tonge Thomas Underbill ST Vanßureaßß Vaoßlner Abra- Vance DavidE VaodnserJK ham Vickery Charles Vanhontin WU- Van Hack TW W Ham Van Vlsck Clark Vidlar Richard Vanmeter J E Van Wagenen F FVtntea Allred VtnSlykeJß Vanakenß VogellAdarkS Wadsworth OT Wellpot'joba Wiggins Bradford Wadsworth CE Wells AM Aco . Wadsworth fl Wells SP Wight Jas F Wagner A son Wells Charles Wilber CD prof Wagner UN Wentwuath BenJ WUUs Henry Waite FP B Wtlkes Robt Walborn R FrankWestcott Reoja- Wiikinion Robt Walker Joseph rain It __ Wtiisrdc Walker Uto Westlock Will Williams David Wallace Thomas Weston George N Wallace JR Weston John Williams Jesse A Wallace John W Whalen Joseph Williams L Wallace John Wheat John Williamson Robt MeNeea Wheeler David B Wilson Lyman Wa.chJobn capt capt WalthAAhern Wheeler Pamnel WisonFC Walsh T il Wheeler IIC w Ison A It Walsh George W teeierJubal . W ncheUGvlnß Wallets Jihsß Whelan Richard WngJM Ward Bernard Whipple TT . WngateCbu63 Ward Wit W iipme Ueo A WnterAeaD Watden Ivtef W uto ftluore U W pple B M Waring ft 0 W .lie W A Wolf A » Warner Fred . While WL . Wood Warren A Warner A Bteel W rite John L ro _ . Warren Ato N WhileJS . . WoodOeoW Ul. w life aII I'rnl Woodcock Td.t WaierbouseChas While cyrentta Woolhouse John Il , w iite Ajesauder Woodsum Bam*l sxklt jfwinfe w llifock John A Womlwahi James Welfel” , Sfflgljft WnUh ftW Jubtt :r,L j? fa fr“ ifastife^ IJpml uR S' '"lllseLS Vr.lEhl *6d ( Hautts V YMiß# eiIHIMW Vitliß* .|9<WU Ml.WlllHH'flH.. , mmz, I "»««>-« mt;. mo A ijimWFmaaliF U ■h i* . lft n sAWtimiS& MW M i iKKSU. or mam- Ko w Washington si ?. er, .llf H,' 11 for 'util ii thu llllnil) • n nos lino n b (JiiartcnnMtor 'rnjirieioroflHntUng w L , Works . (Worthy ChlrlTomplar (I’rohrlolorCofllnFafilorr (larUntCiiy Lmigoi rear of No YU Randolph (Water ami Uuveiuonk it) Ourn BiUblUhmeut) Bi’cn Urj offlormsnla Weekly Press Uulgo Ho 1W FA A M W P.H _ Ui-rretary ofOrUnul bid Notlh Clark Lodgo no IS) * A A M HOLI.ANIIHK BRIEF. l-'roui Dc.orobcr noth. ISOO, till Jnunnry tiib, if»o7, 01-l! A MacLcan 101-AnUiony Van dor W—Louis ravonca ) Uolpo Ki—MennoDoTocgo {on— .tohuUngcra I i»—G ÜBcUmatm —Office open from the Ist ot April te the Ist of No* vcmbcr.frmn'J a. m.UlllW fronf jfovember Ist to April Ist, from Ha. m. Min p. m. Iho vestibule will remain open until 9 o’clock p. m. On Sundays from DM a. m. UlliOaja. _ . „ .. XL A. (iILMOUK. £%M* BAUiiCOAI) TIME TABLE. omcioo us jioimiwjurriwc—nsrof oob. wist WATXI AMDKINSrB. Depart, Arrive. Dayßzprcu *0:00 a. m, •8:«3p. m. msbtKzprcaa *4:80 p.m. *5:45 a. m. JanoavlUu Accommod’n *5:40 p. m. ♦ p. a. Woodatock AccomM’o.. *3:00 p. xn. *9:00 a. m. oauraa sm«oK, Pnlton and Cedar Rapid* *0:15 a. m, 7:20 p.m, Fallon and loan fi:3»p,n. C:TOa.m. Freeport and Duoleitb.. *P:oot.m. 8:00a.m. Freeport and Dnnlelib.. *lo:oop.ja. 8:40p.m. Rockford and Fox River. *4:00 p. m. 11:10 a. to. Dixon *4:oop.m. 11:10a.m. Geneva and Biffin * &*op.m. &4fla.m. xiLWAtnan smaion. *9:00 a. m. *3:50 p. a. •4:00 p. m. *12:00 m. r.:45 p. m. 6;SO a. m. 4:40 p. m. 0:45 a. m. 5:30 p. m. 6:56 a. m. Express. Express Night Accommodation. Kenosha Acconmod'a.. Waukeraw £,ccomtnod’n. RoeeUfl, Calvary, and Evanston ... •Sundays excepted. tSlondays excepted. UOHieAH OX2iTBAI> HAltBOlD —TOIOHIIXPOT, TOOt Morning Express •StOOa.a, *8.45 p.m. Day Express.••• •........ *l:ooa.m. *11:00p. m. Evening Express s£3o p. m.s*a:..o p. m. Night Express $*9:45 p. m. $3:25 a. m. Cincinnati aid. uciamu xsazxs. Morning Express *7:00 a. m. *10:35 a. m. Night Express $&00 p. m. *11:00 p. xa. BlcniGiN SOtmiKBS AND ax* boobs lihx-ds. POX COBKXS VAX BUJIXN ASD BHXBIUII BTBSBtS. Mail *4:15 a. m. *8:55 p.m. Day Express *7:00 a. m. *lbCop. m New York Expreafl....'.. 3:15p.m. 112:35 P. m Night Express 1*10:00 p. m. *6:ooa. n ° AMQ/in TTW Mail *4:45 a. m. 1€;00alm. Night Express $10:00 p.m. *8:55 p.m. PirraBCBOH, XORT WATK* AND CHICAGO. Mail *tßoa.m. 6:00 a.m. gyp res* *1:00 a. m. 1-20 a. m. Fast Line 3:15 p. m. 7:40 p. m Express • ...*$10:00p. m. 11:00 p. n Day Passenger. *9:200.30. *lfc3o p. m. NightPaasenger $10:00p.m. *6:45a. m. Krmkakeo Accommod’n. *4:03 p, m. *Jfc23 a. m. Hyde Park and Oak Wood *6:20 a. m. *7:45 a. m, v »• •» *12:10 p. m. *9:52 a. m, « •* u *3ffiop.m, *l:sop.m« u •• w ........ *5:550.m. *7:Bop,m cm CABO. BPBUKSTOH AND QCXHOT. Day Express and Ma 11... *S:SOa.m. *9:00 p.m. Galesburg Passenger.. . *3;oop.m. *l.® b. m, Anrora *3:00 p. m. *joTga. m. Night Express $12.00 mld’ht t&so a. m. Chicago ahd st. toexs. Express and Mail 6:05 a.m. 8:45 p.m. Night Express 9:13 p.m. 6:30 a,m. Jouet and ■Wilmington _ . Accommodation 4:00 p. xn. 9:45 a. m. CHICAGO AND QStAT KAStKHS—fLATI OZS<TNHATI aib ton)—KiLWAtrsn nsmsoAP nxroi, ooa. CANAL AHD SINXI* ITBXITB. Day Express .... 0:30 a.m. 10:55 p. m« Night Express 9:00 p. m. &50p.m. yon ntniAKATOtia, nooiaviixa and Cincinnati. Day Express 0:30 a.m. 10:55 p. m. Night Express fcOOp.m. 8:50 a. xa. CoTnmhus Express • 0:30 a. m. 10:55 p. m. « « 9:00 p. m. SffiO an. Leu tog Accommodation 0:35 am. Piou a. m. u u 6:15 p.m. MOO o. m. CHICAGO, BOCS ISLAND AHD PACme BA2ZJIOAD. Day Express and Ma 11... *9:00 am. *5:30 p.m. Night Express 12:00 p. m. *3:45 am. Jouet Accommodation.. 4:40 p.m. *9:40 Am* •Sunday excepted, ttf onday exccptod, tSatnrday excepted. TWIOS STOCK TABD TIXB TABXJA Leave Madison Street. Leave Stock Yards. LoveJ^QeorgeT Lackey James C Loik James U Lynch John D Lynch J 6:30. 8:30. 10:90. 12:30. 2:20. 4:45. Tbe following is tbe new table for tbe arrive and departure of molls from the Chicago Post Office for tbe winter, and now tn force: WITTJ> CLOSK. P. O. cmcxoo, ZU» VAZLfI ABUTS. B. m. D. m. A* m. p. ZD. 2:00....Mich. Sooth. B. R riSO *15.... »* “ 6:55 **** jloom " “ “ - &OO 11:00 .... 12:00 m Mich. Central 8.K.. .... 12.00 8:18.... ** ** ** .. 6:00 I". 2:00....PitU.& Ft Wayne I*3o 8:15 “ »• 7:10 :::: liOOm « “ ‘ .. 8:00 11:00 ItoO 4:Bo...OrcatEasteniß.B.. &30 IfcOU 13:00 f7:30....New Albany* Salem 8:20 J1;00 &00 7:45....Ga1ena Kailroad 8:10 2:40 12:00 ftoo....DlxonAir line 6:00 7:20 12:00 B:o(L...KocfcleJaod Railroad 5:45 2:30 12:00 8;00....C.,8.&Q0i0cr.8. R. 6:60 0:00 &('0 3rOO....Northwctiern K.R.. 6:45 8:30 8:00 2:4s....Milwaukee Railroad. 11:80 &20 12:00 7:45....11Un0ta Central R.B. 7:00 0:00 12:00 7:00....5U Louis Railroad... 5:85 8:45 BOBT. A. GILMORE. P. M. Nourls Kenedy Norton L B Norton B L Norton George Norton Albert Nourse Charles 8 ;oNye Edward O 3 Nyman J U Norris BT CHERLFF’S SALE.—By virtue of a O special writ of Execution. Issued from the Supe rior Court of Chicago, Cook County, and a stipulation between the namtlfl ard Defendant this day filed in tbe Superior Court in favor or Mary E. Qrorveoor, pialntfffi and against Sarah D. Winchester, Defendant, at 3 o'clock p. m-, 00 the 16tb day of January. 1357. at the north door 01 tbe Coon House, to tbe City of Chi cago, I shall offer fbr sale at Public Vendue, all the tight, title and Interest of said Defendant lu and to the following described property, to w(t: One span of Mares, one span ol Males, one Bone, and one AIo Wagon. JOHN A. KELSON. Late Sheriff of Cook County. By O. Fisaw, Deputy. _ Dated the 10th day 01 January, ISC7. gLEIGHS. SLEIGHS I SLEIGHS I We bare now 00 band the moat magnificent assort meot of FINE SLEIGHS ever exhibited 10 this country. it is a well-known fact that tho KIMBXIXs take the lead on Fine Finished Sleighs. For Style, Beauty ot Finish, and Durability, they * zt not In me world. . , mnn Fine Sleighs ofonr own make, from to s3w. fine Portland and other Sleighs, not oar own mass, be undersold on any S'elgba in the market. KIMBALL BROS, & CO., 110. 113 ana 114 Sndbnrr Street, aiDlooh auh deal. pOALI COAL I—W© aro receiving \_J dally, by railroad. Coal In any quantity, and are prepared to furnleb to dealers and others by ear load at tnxoper the Coal can be transferred to any of the westernßailroads with expense of transferring. Address - - MOBBIB COAL COh 494 South Clart-sL, Chicago, 111. TiiMifNiiitir i*o«i mid iioiim ornmr* Howard AMOdallim rrporia, for young men. on ilia eiiinri«.f afiiuiidfl,and tlit*errors, abuse* and >t|<«a»-« whlrhdrsirov tiw manly pn««r*, a* a errata ■lowife to marriage, with ttue mean* of rmlof, haul m Ra.bti ?!W WJ? l ,r fi fmorf charge. A<ldr«-<* l)r. J. bHIU-lM UUUUTUOB.UuviaidlAnocUtion Vbladej. pida, ra. ThMiortiam naunmoiurlaii Ciooipimy, Bllvaiamtlba, or Providence. 11. laforra the trade that Uitv are frodoclotf nto Cluotro-piated pnalnt Ml Dim er atuT 1 ra nervtrra and Table Vf ate of every aeirnpnon, of a very anpenor quality and ot new ana Bieiant umigiu. The ha*) la Nickel surer, upon wblthlaadepoaitol Furs Silver of aoch thlck ***? P? 8 ** I ** all taa advantam ot solid all ver m utility, and from beauty ot oeatga and annerlor fin* Uhara nndmirgulshable from it. The Gornam Manufacturing Company refer with con fidence to the high reputation tbey hare atUblUhed la the production or Solid surer Ware, In wblab they hare beta for many yeara engaged, acd they now aa •ere the nubile that they will fully sustain mat renuta aon by the production or Elwtro-platea Wane of inch quality and extreme durability a* will Inaore entire satisfaction to the porchaaer. All article! b T them are aUmped thus j c e&***FOco And all such are folly guaranteed. They feel Itoeew* aai y particularly to call the attention ot parchaMrjto tbe aoove trade-mark, aa their dealgna bare been al ready extonalTely nnirsted. Iheee goods can only be procured from responsible deal era throughout the country. **Dr. Poland's White Pine Compound, advertised In onr columns. Is a sneer ssftil attempt to combine and apply the medicinal virtues of the White Pine Bark. It has been thoroughly tested by people in this cltf and vicinity, and the proprietor has testimonials of tie value from persona well known to our citizens. We recommend its trial in all those cases of disease to which it la auapted. It is for saie by all our drug* guts.”—{2». T. Independent. The fireat New England Remedy! Dr. J. W. Poland’s WHitE PINE COMPOUND is new offered to the afr fllcted throughout tbs cousin, after having been proved by the les*t of eleven j cits tn the New Btates, where Us merits bare twor- as well known aa the tree Corn wblrh. Id part, it derives its virtuaa. The White Pine Compound cures Sore Throat, Colds, Coughs, Diphtheria, Bronchitis, Spitting of Stood, and Pulmonary Affections gencral.y. It Is a remarkable remedy for Kidney Complaints, Diabetes, Difficulty ol Voiding Urine. Bleeding from the Kidneys and Blad der, Grave] and other eomplatnts. For Piles and Scur vy It will be found very valuable. Give It a trial if yon would lean the value of a good and tried medlclne. hla Pleasant, sale and sore. Bold by Druggists and Dealers In Medicines gene rally. - BURNHAMS A VAN SCUAACK Wnolesale agents. Prepared Oil or Palm and ITlace, For preserving, restoring and beautilytng the hair, and Is the most delightful and wonderful article the world ever produced. Ladies wiD find It not only a certain remedy to re store, darken and beautify the hair, but also a desirable article tor the Toilet, as It b highly perfumed with a rich and delicate perfume, independent of tbe fragrant odor of the Oils of Palm sod Mace. Tbs Uaxtbi. or Psxc—A new and beautiful per funs, which, in ddlcacy of scent and tbe tenacity with which It clings to the handkerchief and person, is une qualled. The above article* Ibc sale by ail Druggists and Fer turners, at gl per bottle each. Beatbyespren to any address by the proprietors, T. W. WRtUHT A C 0„ lOti Liberty**t-« New York; For sale kyJ.U.KBED A Chicago. Clreerlne I'neU tilt (lie IllltoUfli kvery day dpoioaslrelcs more clearly that. Liver CoutpMlrtMuall its distressing forms,csti Ite controlled Hfcdenml wlilmhldmirtiliy nr IncyMrcufenco;. it Is an pmtlnaie rtismej but lit opsMnary w b*« priot ngainst tut*, bertihaclousi remiillal anti r>*«prrtlivi‘ op^rstiMn or InißieiT rU'b dlitrrri Ihnt gsuiat niffoch»« ttikVßt* tut owias. w' .O' 4 M* Twit; it kvst ecretd fcuUiaHr atnl iiealtlitiillv limit* lire* . Ho '«»l»H‘ lit life Jlltferi; IhelP aciioH lirlhej M'kek^lreHl,A .slafe il fmmutt. ihVi Veriwi IrtHljVbY with Hu* laws of liWHlj:, UjliProfsc-oilre; i*ss}linssjttfe4fsi.r.- Ot“Fj‘ Is sitV-«idit‘iifliai;k atm 1 , iHWWi.Ii UtU llt(h AH*} fife Whllna of tifeft* 1 * tire (ifeis) Wllh stiimimfoiis Mlrt (imy fw-ovpf Itmtf ft'itjifal sHttofoitts o| Him cohiohmh m* (i.*, «oVt lit ß *M«|f lIM «'ii;UHFU IbW HhlD>FHlflfalp nF t l(ll« .WIOFmM) tfes lYfssslshas hm\ gIFOSiW t\araliffiw(ifol( (n msm hliufd u HmralY m ill MoVo* |'»tumi: I'Mii, ti m»» W iifsva(>H liifiofeiiouf in ife iha rugs Wat «Ve, (h *m\\ u'WmUwi.of i AspaUWdtt nWivMi, Thwii hw n»t ; ls.Hi)‘l «JomM )w.uft,mdr i«no «fs Formerly nf damns* l*i«k Hospital, Custom IVmta-st., New Orleans, andfbr the lan ilxycars located lucid? cago, can he ctmsnlUd In Ids new aparlmmu, 01 and 1 lilt lUwUdpbat., corner of Uearborn-U., Chicago, 111., (nkaiilv ofiatsiTß ma out orrtent,) upon tiro treat* went and cure of tivtuiiuno, Uiibomio, Uinuuiut, and all private diseases, without Uorcury, loJldo po* tasil, arsenic, or any poison, but with a neutraliser, tho tame as used UihU New Orleans practice lor thirteen years, and which gained him so great a reputation. Bpcrroalorrhtra and tropoteocy, brought on by soli* abuse, excess, or entailed, with all its hereditary train ol symptoms, treated and radically eared by an Infant* bio method. I Sundays during tbelbrcnoon. l*ost Offlce Usx GJIO. Chicago. TUlrols. Separate rooms and consultalloos coafldentlal. VHiatlslt? Good or evil 7 Rich or Itoor 7 Debased or exalted? Are you to rise to eminence, honor, wealth and power; or arc you to sink into obscurity atwlooilvlou? Wtiat are your fututo prospect*inUro —to be or not to I*—that is the question 7 Who will solve It? Or. Raphael ran solve It t and guide ins unsuccessful to wealth nnd eminence, anti the unfur* lunato to happiness. All whoso fbnd hopes have been disappointed, crushed end Muted: ladles who have been seduced, nnd whose injury kuups mom from get* ting married, ran be cured so that no one can know it. HU preventive against having children Is ante and aura. Gallon UR. UAI'IIAKU ‘dill Mtilnon su. upmtrs. intcrvluwsconfideotial. Couauitatlonfcc, oue dollar. 1:30 p.m. 8:40 p.m tfcaiuraays excepted* OriAZ* BTBSXT. .a m. 7:10. .Am. 9:10. .a. m. 11:S0. .p, m. iffiO. .p. m. 4:00 .p. m. 5:40. .Am. .a. m. .Am. .p. m. .p. m. .p.m. ..A m. I 9:33. .ji.m. J 11:45. ~p. m. I 2:30. ~p.m. \ 6:15. .p.m. ILcgal. Sleigijs. Special Noticed. “A Valuable Bled!cine. Hr, ilnmni. Your Dcutlny* Confidential Coiwultotlonii* Dr. L. HANGER, Member It. C. Hnntoons. London, and hco. Member of Ma»». MwHea Soclotr.can bo con* salted, annual, at hla office. on the medical treatment of Cbronle, Nervoui, I’rlTite, aom* Inal and Urinary Diseases of Doth sexca, ions ht» spe> dally. Dr. Banger’# Female Jtemcdieaaio certain ic alleges. Dr* Tliomsoot Proprietor of the Medical and surgical Institute, bouth Clart-*U hat treated all lorma of venereal die* ewo with anprectdented sacccM lor nearly xorty year*, bpcrmatorrhica and impotence treated with the hsppi> CBtrwolta. particolan of the InatimteandtheGuide mailed free to any address. P. O. 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City, wish to Immediately dlspcteoilhcabovemacnlflccni9tock.Cer* dfleates naming articles are placed la scaled envelopes. Holders are csUUed to the art'des named on their cer* tlflcatc, upon payment ot Ten Dollars, whether it be a Watch worth 1750 or one worth less, the return ot any of oar certificates entitles yon to the articles named thereon, upon payment, irrespective of Us worth, and as no article valued less than (10 u named cn any ccr- Oflcate,llwiliatoncebesecntbatthW Is no Lottery, bat a straightforward legitimate transaction, which may be participated In even cy the most tasUdicus! A single Certificate wlB be tent by mall, post-paid, upon receipt of 25 cts M five for (1, eleven lot & tmxiy three aad elegant premium for 19, slxty-au aud more valuable premium for ( 10, one buodred and most su perb Watch for (15. To agents or these wishing em ployment this I* a rare opportunity. Uis a legitimate ly conducted business, duly authorized by the Govern ment, and open to the most carnal scrutiny, ivy us \ Address J. BICKUNO A CO* 149 Broadway, K.T. gropoggls. p OVEKN3IEHT SALE. The property known as the “GOVERNMENT TAN NERY AND STEAM SAWMILL," with sev* enty-nvc acres of Und. near SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS. Sealed Proposals, in duplicate, win be received np to the first day ot March. 1967, for the purchase of 75 acresoflasd. (more or less), together wlta the build* lags erected thereon, and the appurtenances appertain ing, that U to *ay; ONE TANNEKr.csntalnlm; twelve Stone Litre Vats, FIFTT-rWO WOODEN VATS. SEVEN STONE POOLS, and capable of tanning IAUO hides per annum*. ONE STEAM SAWMILL, capable of M»lpg s MO fbet of Lumber dally; ONE SMALL STOKE BUILDING. The above property Is situated about two miles above ssn Antonio, on the Ban Antonio River, and tbe water is conducted to the establishment by a race of hewn stone laid In cement. UC.b BWbb l&tb ,U The land was pnreased sod Improvements made by the late sosmrled Conicderste Ovverament, and are estimated to havecosttlNLOQQ In gold. _ The property has been under lease tor the year ISC6. at a monthly rent of (900, payable tn advance. A se cured title la lee simple will be given by the U.S.Gov* cram cue Prorossl* will be marked “proposals tor Govern ment Tannery and Sawmill,” and addressed to J. B. KIDDOO, Bvt. UsJ. Gca Asa't Com’r Bureau R- F.A A. L- GaivcstoA Texas. ’ Ctstov Bone, oanE!9sußan,K.T^l BCTXBErrcmrsT'e Orncx, November 30, ISM. > Sealed proposals will be received at the office of Lhc Superintendent of the new Custom nerase at Ogden* bat eh, Ji.Y.. until 13o'clock m- meßtii dar of January, 186 T, fbr furnishing asd delivering dlmeaalco stones for tbe outside stone work of tbe bulldtee above tbe sub base. Tbe stone required is for base and beet courses, window stiles, lintels and panels, impost moulding* arcbl volts, comice, blocking course, quoins and tadngi 01 chimney tope, and also tor aabiar. if deemed for tbe Interest or the Government to use ashlar in tbs place cu P of stone, whether granite, marble 01 sandstone, gneiss, or any other, maybe sn&mmod.bat wbateverEind m*j be proposed. U must be of tbe most durable duality. or good color, fine grain. Impervious to water, perfectly unaffected by frost and ca pable of receiving a line finish. Tbe sizes cl tbe stocs required are various: thtlr dimensions may be procured from drawings at tbe saberin' dent’s office. Tbe total amount of _ these dl> mention stones, exclusive of tbe ashlar, win be about 13.000 cubic feet. Th» stone must be delivered In tbe rough on the site of the building, or such place as may be designated by the Superintendent, and pro must be mane by the cubic foot of stone deliver, ed, inclusive of all freight, hauling, Ac. Measurements tone n ade on delivery, by authorized agents or the Superintendent, and ten per cent, of all payments re tained until completion ol contracts. The proposals (br ashlar must be fbr s-iocbandSlnch ashlar, by the superficial foot ol each kind. Samples of six Inches cube, ot the stones proposed to be furnished, must be submitted to the Superintend, ent before the opening ot the proposals, with the vari ous styles of cutting or hammering used on the class o| stone, and properly marked wllh the name of the par* tire by whom submitted. 4 .... Tbe whole amount of the stock required to be deliv ered by or before the Ist of June, ISC7. and the delivery lor tbe lover courses ol stone work to begin or or o» IMe May lit, \S67. The Department reserves the right to reject any or all the proposals. . „ All bids must be accompanied W-a bond of two rfr sponsible persons, in the sum ot £3,000. that toe bidder Will accept and perlbrm the contract h him, the sufficiency of the security to bo cotlfled by the Collector of internal Revenueoilme Wstrltt. * Superintendent- Harbor works at grand ha- VE S ana Black Lake, Michigan. OITIC* bCPXEESTENniSO Enoixixe, HaHBOB C iMPSQVEStCm, LA.CK Micbiqas, A MiLwarwEE, Wisconsin, January 1, ISo7. < Sealed propca&la, in duplicate, of the farm, furnished by the undersigned, will be rece.ved at this office until Thursday,the 14thdaycfFebruary, 1357. at 130-fbr improving the barbon of Grand Given and Blau Laxe, Michigan. The improvements at Grand Haven win consist of 15,OCOfceu mere or lees, of dose piling to protect the south bask ofthertvernear toe utroace and on ex* tension of the south pier fbr coo feet uy cribs filled with The improvements at Black Lake win be extensions of the present pl««, 512 running fhetfn all, and dredg ing. The dice tine will be bo tv ecu the piers, and let placing ihsnew cribs, and will amount 10 50,W0 cubic y nansamJß 0 periflutlousareon file In tbe office, ,«4 will be ehowntoail who wish to examine them for the P The separate far each work, andfor wis&’gffiS l Sr! workT The work to be finished hr October 1, IMS. V Ttc«e works will be let to the lowest retpoislblt hid d£reser&E xo the United sum* the right tb reject to»ptraeilopoath»opolnx ° t ‘ne toiSic.l. jrtUbocadonKd, faictoMdl, U. S. EapQMCt, UUV«akM.Vni. IBeDlCii-L pIiYeIUAI. YiUOH. PHYSICAL VIGOR L the main safeguard of health. It repet» and jfjhlf ojf the rnorbm elements ukldt tuperlnauea duresse. Tbe grand question. tberef> *, li. How shall thla repeltam paver be increased It ta hot feeble, and acquired where It vearcely exlau at all ? Thire waaa time when tbia qontlon could not bo saUifac toilly auawered. But tbe problem is now aelrei. u baa bren proved by tbe experle:ce of more fourteen years that HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS So thoroughly reinforce both the constitution and the accretive and tbe nervous ayitens as to render tbs body comparatively Invulnerable to tbe unwhalesome Influences which prostrate so many thousands on beds of sickness, in various parts of tbe world, at all sea sons ol the year. Aa an Invigorating, regulating oatf 'restorative preparation, mlted to all climates and to all contingencies. It stands azon among modem uedlclnca. it la tbe only tonic of which the sumolafe lug principle la perfectly pure. Its basis la tbe enenttatprinciple ofiound tiye, admitted by analyti cal chemist* and medical practitioners to bo tbe moat nodal and harmless of stimuli*, and this fluid la purged of all the crudities which belong to it aa It comes Grom the manufacturer, betore being used In the composition of tho Bitters. The alterative, corrective and restorative properties ot tbe preparation tre de rived exclusively from roots sad plants the virtues of which are acknowledged by pharmaceutists and phy sicians, and which are often prescribed teparateiy by tbe profession. Kever, however, were these invalu able vegetable agents coo*6lnnf f&r preventive remedial purposes until thcbygelaa compound. Hosteller’s Stomach Bitters, was given to the world. The stomachic and anti-hUlous operation of the great restorative has long since rendered it a standard medicine for complaints of the digestive orgtnssnd the liver, In ail parts of the Western hemisphere: but It is no less deservedly celebrated as a preventive of epidemics, and of the various disorders generated by malaria aud Impure water. INDIGESTION-DYSPEPSIA. riooneas has It* penalties. As the world advances In civilisation. It becomes more luxations, and the pampering oi the body seems to he an Inseparable ac companiment of the culllralloa of the mind. ltd* ought not to be* but 11 u* and no argument can alter the tact, though wholesome advice and Judicious pre cautionary and remedial treatment May tnltlgal# (be evil; Salases* we ate tutd* are hoi troubled wUHdya-. hrpMaj (Ujtlhls tik-irtai lipped iddiittbh Pflfallod andimrilshipi it well asblyli HtidjfeM difilpaildtH eitceb lef (he diibasb j &d I it aobld ilwfefof# i *ebt thai thethihol the trll leftKJiftS Weil a# 111* dwells l« tlUc*ihiti»Ket!iOfeoHe.*« «btij«£t lb lit Uheililftft liottttch IsceHsißi Ibbb iHlbhtrjr Übilbf Iteatfeu u || pfetalHli a* lit Ihe lulled g(aie* t itoeiiiedit lin* ItM'OibiJ iloimwitaimli It It tti befimn.lia ftiiitcM mfjt tifiL>etuthii ami, tonsfciiutiif, a loiiNcholil lUmitMly for Dy(ij»P|tiiln I* n| intxllßuMu fnl'iu M Ifte Amafh-an poopl*, Iltiordars tuvolvp grmlny lulWtn* \ qn>», |{ mR |h Hsc)f ißimmliatety It |» thofufopronur andsoiiTfeof insny.lta.tly (tut ovau If U dM pnt land In shorten ((fii-whkU |t undoubtedly • duea-lha pieutal and physical roliery Which U pnw duces, and which randan lifts rnruparallr-tly nnen|>iy able, la a sufficient reason why nn pnlna should bu spared In iho effort to prevent and euro it. Physicians, as u general mlo, admit that no disuse gives thorn so muchtrouhlo as dyspepsia* bui tluiy attribute the difficulty of cmlag \\ to lha unwilling* pns of their patients to abandon the habits which .occasion It,-such aa excessive application U bust* ocas, hastiness In eating, 40., Ac. It Is no doubt trua that the Ik si trratment o( n complaint may fall to cure It, If iho patient reins os to exercise common pru* dincc. Rut It Is also true that what ate called tbe cfflnal rrmnH<» fbr dyspepsia do not under any cir* cumslancra produce permanent rellsf, On tha other band. It la a tact established by thousands of creditable witnesses, whose testimony Is simply a statement of their own experiences, that Dodcltcr’s Stomach Billers teitt cure tAe tnataily, and that an occasional u«e of tho prrparation after the cure has been effected la a perpetual saftsuard against the recurrence of the symptom*. Oa this account many Intelligent mem* bers cl tho (acuity bare abandoned all the aiorootyped prescriptions of the pharmacopeia, and tnw lava* rlably.atul, wlUt great success, adtnloUter this popu lar tonic. FEVER AND AGUE—INTERMIT TENTS GENERALLY. Fivxn ASD aocx, aniortunately, U too widely known by experience to rentier a lengthened descrip- Uon of Ita symptoms necessary. la order to escape lever and agne In any region, it li only necessary to fortifr tbe system against atmos pheric poison by the regular nse of . Hostetler's stomach Bitters. By this means aU danger la avoided.. Seme roles have exceptions: thU hatnune. So surely as the BITTERS are taken as a preventive, so sorely wQI the Individual who adopts this precaution be exempted trom the pains and penalties ot one ol the most harassing complaint* to which the dwellers in unhealthy districts are snb-w Jectcd. As & remedy, the preparation has no equal. Tflthont entailing any of the unpleasant and danger* ons consequences which accompany and follow the u s c of quinine. It breaks nptUe paroxysms and rapid ly restores the strength of tbe convalescent. If the preparation hod no other merit than lla wonderful efficacy a* a preventive of. and cure lor. Intermittent fever. It would be an article of tbe first necessity in all new setLcment.*, and low, marshy districts. Add to this Its value as a stomachic and an anU-hlllous agent, and who win venture to gainsay Us «*’aiTn« to t\e r try jirst place among Family medicines f BILIOUS REMITTENT FEVER. This is a disease of a more' malignant type than ordinary “chills and fever," but it »{»lngs from the same cause, malaria, and may be forestalled by the same means, a precautionary course of Hostetler's Stomach Bitters. In order to render the system malaria-proof. It muse be endowed with extra vigor, and pnt in an respects In perfect order. To effect the*c objects, the BITTERS must be resorted to. Bexaltteah fever. It la firmly be lieved. may be certainly prevented by the dally use of this unapproachable proiecxiee preparation. If the disorder is already it shonld be taken be tween the hot Mages. As the paisa Is op to oae hun dred snd twenty or one hundred and thirty during hotflu, It would not, of coarse, be prudent to admin ister Hie tonic then ,• but when prostration comes oo» and tie poise Is thin and feeble. It may be glveswlttx great advantage, and also when the patient ts recover ing, as s means of recruiting the strength. Indeed, In all cases of convalescence this powerful bat harm less lode shonld be administered. It Is the safest ss well as the best ot restoratives. > BILIOUSNESS. The liver is tbe largest gland in the body, and Chs most Important of the secretive organs, except the membrane which secretes the gastric jnlc& the fluid which dissolves the food. When It falls to petfbrm Its functions, the whole system suffers. Its peculiar office Is to take the superabundant carbon of the blood* This carbon it unites with other elements, and thereby forms tbe bitter Hold caned bilf, which Is poured. Into the upper bowel, and greatly facilitates the pro cesses ol digestion and excretion. When the liver does not work, the bile bss to be taken oat of tha blocdbjtbe kidneys; and hence la billons disorders the urine is ol a deep yellow color. Tbe kidneys, however, cannot dispose ol all the bile, and, conse quently, much of It oozes through the surfkce of ths body, giving the ckht and the whites of the eyes that saffron tinge which is cue of the most noted symptoms of a disordered liver. It Is abiolutsly essential to- Health iAat this powerful gland should do its dxttjr thofoapbli/ and icHh clocJt-Uke regularity. probably onc-fborth of the people of this country know what It Is to be bilious; and In tropical climates the proportion of sufferers Is much greater. If what, are called “ antl-bnions medlclnca” were really wbac they purport to be, the disease would soon becoma obsolete; lor their name is legion. ' Bat neither mer cury, the official remedy, nor tbe drastic pills adver tised under so many titles, seem to produce the do eired effect. In bet, calomel and blue pill have pn>- babiy been more fatal to the human race than tha tw rioce forms of liver complaint combined. Hostetler's Bitters alone, ot all the medicines at present in existence, fully meet* the exigencies of what le termed “a bilious Habit of bcdg. n This pre paration. like the bile Itself, hat atmlld aperient pro perty, and therefore (when the secretion ofthat natu ral cathartic is Interrupted or impeded! It Is exceed ingly useful as a means of preventing hard accretlona !a the intestinal canal and consequent corttveccss- it. elso acts directly and moat beneficially npoa tha. l uiary organ, as an laTlgorant and corrective rega :ator. Bcnons with a constltntlonai tendency to liver dtsesso may secure exemption from Its attacks by tak ng * small dose of the DHTEES oaeo or twice a day. HOSTETTEB-’S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS jiqM by all Rcspoctnble Oragtriafa in all pans of (be World. EOSTEETEE & SETTH, •proprietors, ra.