Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 14, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 14, 1867 Page 4
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€l)icago tribune. MONDAY. JANUARY 14, IWI7. THE CITY. ■Ir.XMKnp. mr iKCEXoiinr—JUrlln .Tcunlnj., clLTpd nlihiii>on,wa> Indicted licforv (lie (Irani! .lur.r du Friday, lire detail, of til. cue wore chrn In Friday's Tuibitks. Makoxic Fmwtal.—Mon. Judße nmdiroll irlU deliver the oration on the occasion of the Muonic Festival, at Palatine, on tho 22d lust.. In tbc M E. Church. DiccnanoKP.— Maggie Bond, charged with Mealing s7t) from her employer, Patrick Bcollahn. V. 1 ” 1, -J'-c’-orccd at tbc I olicc t onrt on Saturday morning, no one an penrlbg to proeecntc the charge. 1 M. L. Mnasrxnut. Association.—Special at tention la callrd toibe meeting of this Association at the Book Room at B«fc p.m. 10-day. A full r.Mepdercc la desired, A cordial Invitation la ox- Sfm S a; 1 * n ' l Slolhodl.t T«* Fonoßnr Ca«,-Albert 8. Dean and Ft auk K. Martin, tbc two boya arrested for tbo forgery of a dratl of »I.BM oo (he Batavian Bank of UCrotse, Wisconsin, and attempting lu rego lime it at tbo Union National Hank of UtlscUv. ri!, rP ,n? vnc ' 1 ibo » ulice Court on Batur* (. > .. ylf**-*- The ease was continued tea days ballor|i,oW)cach. Ainu Delta Pm.—All resident members of the Alpha Della Phi Fraternity aro Invited to bo pr» petit at hd adjourned meeting of Uießoclety, to bo held on Tncsdav evening, the J6lh leal., al x I:o residence of N. O. Welbam, Kan , No. SB l*i.ilile avenue, two doors north of Kiehteenth. Maitcia of Interest to the Society will bo dis eased, and a lull attendance Is desired. V sited StatebZodavz Cadbt Club.—A meeting ol the U. b. Zouave Cadet Club will be held on Tuesday evening next, at the office of General J. H. Tuichln, No. 133 Dearborn street: U. D. Lafltn, ITiMdeni, and S. P. Walker, Secretary. Ail those who participated in the Eastern tour are members, and only those arc notified to attend promptly at 74 o'clock, as business ol Importance will come before the meeting. Fins at Ltoub.—A fire broke out yesterday morning in the large distillery of Haas & Powell. In the town of Lyons, about ten miles from the city. Messengers were sect in asking for help, s'a'iing that about a hundred men were at work, but could do little towards stopping the flames. The steam engine. T. fi. Brown, wa« despatched about five o’clock, and up to two o’clock this morning had net relumed. The distillery was built some lime ago by Miller & Bro., of this city. Tut (t'iirXß IniZl*. —Csl rtn jAlinuni. • M«lAr«d u»»*, arrested tome dija ago while attempting to pa« n n pair of ladies* gaiters, worth about seven dcllais, for seventy-five cents, was examined be fore Justice Millikcn on Saturday morning. The toy said he bad been employed In the summer ou ihe steamer “Jolla,” on the Upper Mississippi, and the callers bctnplcft In the cabin of the boat by some passenrer, he toot them, lie was com muted lor trial in ball of S3OO. Haileoad Accident. —A passenger by tbe Fort Wayne Railroad informs ns that about midnight on Monday night la«U a collision occurred on that road some fifty miles on this side of Fort Wayne, Ixuwcen two trairs loaded with soldiers, tbe rear one running into the other, demolishing two cars urd setting fire to them. The cars were burned up, but ttmrgc to say nobody was hurt. The acci dent was caused by a broken rail. National Sbatikr Tochsasiekt.— Wc call the attention cf professional and amatenr skaters to ibe announcement in another column of a grand National SkatlngTonmamcut lo be held at Hits- Inigt. commencing January SSth. The prizes ottered are large enough to induce competition from all parts of the United States, tbe sums of sst<' and S4CO in crecibacks beJrg offered, wilh the champion m< dais,worth S3O each. Entries v ill rlcse with this week. Ibe S-'crctary may lie addressed at P. O. Box £7l, Pittsbnrgb. Allecld lancKrr.—’Thomas Rafferty and William Neldcrsladt were arranged before Jup flee MHlikcn on Saturday morning, charged with tholarccncy of two pairs of pants, two vests, a coat, an overcoat and a pair ol gloves irom the hoarding htuse and saloon of Edward Connor at No. (>9 Polk street- Ncldcrstadr tad previously been beaming at the place. The clothing waa found on the premises, secreted behind‘a gate. T he vr>nng men were sent before the Grand Jury (now in session) for examination. Aoatn Continued.— I The case of John Von Horn, charged with tbe attempted shooting of Us wife, was again called at the Police Conrt nn Saturday morning, Tbo physician who Is In at tendance upon Mrs. Von Horn slated that, criecp fla? had set In. and fears were entertained that the indv might die, bnt be did notlhlnk that the vt-und, of Itself, was sufficiently dangerous to cause ber dealh. At the request of bis counsel Mr. Von Horn's bail was reduced to fS, UO, and he was bold lor farther examination on the Sid instant. Attexpted HoßncwY.—Tbe wife of a Lake street merchant, whose name wo are requested not to mention, had a narrow escape from being robbed of her porte-monnaU on Friday evening, os the was getting on tbe platform of a Madison street car. at tbe Intersection of State and Lake meets. Her assailants were a party of half a dozen roughs, some of whom stood upon the platform, and slopped her progress, wnilo their colleagncs crowded her against the steps and did their best «o steal her money. Her husband for innately was close at hand, and succeeded In res cuing ber from her unpleasant and dangerous posit Inn. II would be well for respectable people, indies especially, to keep a sharp Jookont for those standing «n or neartbepUtform. alter dark, when the conductor is not close at band. The La Ceobse Fononis.—'The two boys from Crosse. Wisconsin, Dean and Martin, now lying In jail for attempting an extensive forgery, (the particulars of which hive been already pub lisln d,) were successful. It appears. In defrauding tbe Batavian Hank of nearly a hundred dollars before they left for this city. We find the follow ing paragraph in the iJiCroese Democrat of tbo Sth Inst: “ Yesterday two young boys, who are respectably connected In Hus city, forged & draft on tbe Batavran Bank for tbe sum of ninety two dollars, and receiving the money decamocd for parts unknown. To-day it famishes the topic for town talk, and officers are looking out for the offenders. •• it Is a sad case ol youthful depravity, as the lads have had almost every advantage, and were not Induced to do Ita« a means of raising money fjr their maintenance.” Toe Edwauds Asobtion dunce.—The case w>-. pnooic CT/f/a Dr. E. W. Edwards, charged with aburtioo. ■wm veiled in JqsUcc Brown’s Court at three o'clock on Saturday Tijede tendanr waived examination, and gave wall of for Lis appearance before the Recorder’* ronrt—bi*> counsel stating that he had understood the matter won'd be brought to the notice of the (fraud Jury, providing tne defendant were not bourd over by tbe Justice's Conrt; and althoneh he bad no wish to shrink from the most thorough examination, his client, considering the pnoUclty already given to the case, ano believing the clearest moot bis innocence betoro an Inferior court vfcnld not be sufficient to shield him from nn indictment based upon fx parte statements, hnd decided to waive examination, and await the •c:icii of the grand inquest. Death or Gehthaz. Gahele,— Tbe lelegrams Saturday evening Inform us of the death, bj cholera, on the Isthmus, of MajorWilliaa Gamble, U.S. A. At tbe late boor it which thin la written we arc enable to collect any facta in the history of tbe dccoaFCd. He will be remembered by tbe citizens nf Chicago and vicinity os a resident of Kvaueton. At the breaking out ot the war he van employed m the office of the Sewer* cue ConinuFsioners; be entered the service, end went off from Chicago as lieutenant Colonel of tbe Eighth Illinois Tavalry, of which lion. J. F. Fa<n«wortfa was Colonel. He shared In all the arduous labors of that distinguished corps of men, and was subsequently promoted to the Colonelcy of the regiment. For hi" valorous deeds be was made Brigadier General, and held tbnt rank at tbe close of the war. Almost Imme diately atlcr bl" regiment was ordered out of service be was appointed Major in the Eighth or Ninth Regulars. and served with them on the plains. About two months ago he returned to Chicago on a brief leave of absence, preparatory tn going to California, where his regiment is or dered lor dmy- Major Gamble was a native of Scotland, and about filtv veara old at the time of his decease. He was a'»fiorongh soldier and a good citizen. The breath of slander never sullied any one point of bis good name. The New Watzb Wobkb.— Before tho crib was Funk in the lake, before even tho first spade fall of earth thrown np from the western end of the proposed tunnel, It was a foregone conclusion that the old Water Works would, in due time, be tnrewn aside for the new; and when the comple tion of the tnnnel was announced, a lew weeks aro, some of onr residents flattered themselves thMdpa that nothing more remained to be accomplished: that water and little fishes would stop running thtough the old works; and that, po-Mbly. pipes fall of pare water would Immedi ately make their appearance in every kitchen and bed room in the city. These Ideas, in the main, wil! he realized in a few months, and probably alter August next, those who have bad small fish brought to their kou«cs several times a day, gratis, will be obliged to patronize fish markets, and pay for all (he fish they carry away—-just as people who have not patronized the old w<<rka for a couple of year a tare b*cn Ir the habit of doing. *] he old pumping house will oc torn awar dar ing the coming summer, and a larger building erected on it- t lie. directly opposite tic new low er, which will be 150 feet high. The water pumped up lo lec old house, comes from two small wells, and flow? into Ihcmfrom the lake. Undcrthc old engines lb a laige well, 25 leet in diameter, 20 feet fn/m each of tbe small wells—the three being di rectly on a line. The large well Is dug; hat can be connected with tbe smaller ones with very Utile trouble. A temporrry connection I* being made I rum the o:d suction pipe to the tonncl. and the work is expected to do completed In a few da's. more cr less. Work on the new tower has b.-rn temporarily suspended, bn twill be resumed in lime (or the completion of the tower at tbe specified date. Sntronnfllngihc tower wUI be a tamhomc park, bounded by Chicago avenue P< arson.tbe lake, and Rash streets.' Handsome trees and fountains will be planted and located in this pntk. which,it la earnestly to be hopoi, will be “a thing of beauty" and “a loy forever." Creech Dedication.— The newly completed honre of worship ut Oakland,known as the Ninth Prcsbi U'rlan Church, situated on Ellis avenue, was yesterday formally dedicated to the service of Almighty God. Iho exercises of the occasion consisted of prayer, tbe reading of Scripture and the delivery of a sermon. tlio nmver prefatory was offered by Rev. «s < 1 Smith, of Hyde Park. Tbe selection o! Scripture read was the sixth planter of the Second Book of Chronicles, anprSiaiely clioecn as containing the beautiful aSSreis of Solomon to the people of Israel upon the comnlcUon of the temple at also li. r>rarer upon the occasion of Its dedication. h bSon wa» delivered hr Rev. Z. M. Hu to phi eye! frt’in the fat; * Co«f*f them o wmeln that my house may be filled" (Lure xU.~J.) inc argument of tbe discourse was to that Christianity is aggressive as well as dlffisoslvc. The Church hsd fallen into , tt T° nf°a much reliance bad been placed In th*. cftcct of a godly example, and too great a stress b*dboen ufl tinoc the belief In the permeating force of truth and phjslcal compulsion bad been loan cx tcni too great, made use of to bringperaons mto the body. To these errors CbrletunllS io countenance, for the work excmpled from any of the usual causes of success. On.the contrary! whatever is shrewd in business If obligatory on the church, and fa needed to oe ufcd because of the nature of Iho opposition to bo contended against. To create this aggtcsMre force, so needed, there mast ho an apprcciallonof the greatness of the work to bo done, and of tinman responsibility In respect to it; unity ol counsel and effort; proper resources In the place of worship; an educated ministry, the Sabbath School for too Christian education of the youor; a missionary organization (all to be adapted to the want* of tbe community, with the will lo toe church to use the means, and a fervent piety. He recognlecd In tho movement cycntaalmg in (he building up of this church, too presence of many. If not of all. of ibcPf meats of success, and ho prayed that they would long continue to exemplify In (heir pplrllDsl course tbe benefits restating from toe Pr 'lh C o , ‘ C di^ r ie^^ i *Saycr was by Ue». C. B. Thomas, of the Salem CungrcpaUomU Church, and the f ervltcs concluded wtui toe singing of an an them. THE STEWART DIVORCE SUIT. Fourth Day of the Trial. Testimony of Hon. E. C. Lnrnod—His Interflow with, mid Letters to, Mrs. Stewnrl-A Wife’s Opinion of Iter Itnsbsnd—Sermon. Stcnltng-Tlio Defendant Denounced as a Thief, Liar, and Hypo crite. Family Devotions Before and After Marriage. Bosilia Dudley on the Witness Stand _T*Hcr Version of tho Intimacy— She Denies any Improper Con nection with tho Defend ant or any Other Mon. The Blewart divorce case waa continued on Saturday before,Judge Jameson, ol tbo Bupeilor «‘ourt. Hutu was present In the court room the many persona who have during tho past three days entered their appearance to listen to the de velopments expected to bo delivered In the pub llebtailiig. The great event of the dayw&atbo examination of Dwelt* or Itoalha Dudley, and ahv denied all the allegation* of each ana every witness who had testified to uncbistiiy on her part. The Hist witness called waa s. o. launkd, saq.. who testified, In substance, as follows: I have been connected with this suit. My firm filed the first answer. Previous lo that Mr. Blew art had consulted me In regard to bis wife. 110 did so, first, on tbo Uth or ISth of November, 1865. * Q. What was tbccanseoryoorwllbdrawlngft-om the cause? Objected to as immaterial. Objection over ruled. A. We withdrew on account of the conviction that It wonld be deemed Important for me to be a witness. Q. W hat wore the ac’s and declarations Indica ting the feelings of Mr. Stewart toward his wife when Dc consaltcd yon? «. ''Objected lo and temporarily withdrawn. Q. Did • you call on Mrs. Stewart? A. I called on Mrs. Stewart at’her husband's request, i wrote to Mr. Washington Smith, as I deemed it improper to go to any gentleman's house to see a lady under those circumstances without receiving bis permission. 1 therefore addressed « letter to Mr. Washington Smith set ting out the request that bad been made by Mr. Stewart, and giving n reason, and asking an in terview. It waa in pursuance of that letter and the reply to it, that the interview was bad. I have a copy ol the letter with me. and It can be produced. Q. I will ask you, Mr. lamed, if tbe character of the letter was not to eficcl on amicable con ciliation or separation ? A. Thai waa declared In It to be the sole purpose of my visit. [The letter, dated November 14,15C5, was read In evidence, asking an Interview.] 1 received an answer to that'letter from Mr. i-mitb. which I hare bunted in vain to find. The parport of It was that the interview would ho ac ccd* d to, and naming a time aud place lor it, to wit, at bis resldercc, on the following evening, or tbenexl bntone. [Copy shown.] My impression la this Is a correct copy of tbc answer. [Letter of November 14, from Washington Smith to Mr. E.C. Lamed ’aestnting to an Inter view. and conditioning that Stewart would not ac company the attorney to bis hotuc.l 1 called at the time subsequently designated by uo’e or arrangement, on the ICth of November, Q. Plcaae state what occn-red at that Interview? Obit ctcd to on the ground that whatever is Raid between parties with a view to elTect a compro mise is not lobe admitted in evidence, and on the further ground that U is immaterial to the case. (Pending the argument tbe Court signified that while be was willing to bear tbe argument through ifit were asked or sought for, he was convinced thatthe evidence might he received, because the state of mind of the defendant was cvldencetend ing to disprove adultery ; bnt, if this were Intro duced it mast include tbe testimony of tbo condi *kn of mind of complainant, which would be ad mitted as tending to prove that adultery bad been committed, and had'eome to her knowledge.! Ttio witness continued: I desire to say that if 1 had supposed tbelr conversation to he confiden tial I tliouid certainly not be here. 1 can’t pre tend to give the result of a conversation of three hours' length. When 1 first entered the parlor at ilr.Smitb'B house I met a lady. I had not the pleas ure of Mrs. Stewart's acquaintance, bnt I pre sumed It was she. 1 bowed and said, “Mrs. Stew art?' Ihe lady replied, “Miss Smith, if yon please." I immediately answered. “1 don't consider it proper, Madam, tor me to call yon by any other name than that the law allows yon to b( ar, therefore I cannot say 'like Smith,' but most say 'Mrs. Stewart.*” Very shortly alter her lather esme in, and she re mained during the entire interview, but hcimy have -been absent a lew moments. 1 staled that i bad called to see if I could prevent having this .unfortunate domestic estrangement go any farther, and Ibat I wanted. It possible, to gel her to letum to her husband. 1 stated to her that Mr. Stewart desired me to say to her that he still tained the strongest affection for her; that noth ing bad alienated his feelings from her, and that, notwithstanding what bad occurred, ho still loved her, and he desired that slio should return borne, and be was ready to support her. and to provide a homo for her, and that I desired to find out what the grounds were which justified this reparation. Sbc then went into a detailed statement of the grounds of complaint. The first ground of complaint was that bo had. what she called, stolen sermons, bho detailed the evidence that bad satisfied her mind of this; Uiat bo bad taken a sermon from a certain clergy man, I think, in Pittsburgh, and anoiher In La- Porte. If 1 remember rightly, and that bo had preached them as bis own. The second ground was that he bad stolen letters from a Post Office an the West Side, where, 1 think, a Mr. Stewart was Postmaster, and where he had the privilege of going, and there were tetters belonging to soldiers, 1 think. I replied to that that I bad understood from Stewart that be had heard some such intimations, and tha’ it would bo very generous for her to be lieve such things of her husband; and It woald be a great gratification for ber to know that be was innocent of it; and that be desired me to say that anybody who made tbe charge against him he would bo clad to meet before a criminal tribunal; and that be courted tbe investigation; and that it was her duty to cause the matter to be Investigated. The third ground was in con jicclion with some letter be bad been commis sioned to take from tbe store of Mr. Washington Smi'b to the Post Office. The allegation wasthat he had detained or opened and read It, and that she found it in tbe pocket of bis overcoat 1 made a like statement as to what her duty was in this regard. I then urged upon her that these thirgs would not justify her before the courts, or the Christian world, for refttstng to live with her husband, and that 1 thought It her duty to return to bim, as by remaining away from him she was injuring him while be was a yonng man; she should ro tnrn to bim orafTord him the opportunity to meet the charges. 1 also told her that bo desired her w> prefer charges against bim in an ecclesiastical conrt, that be might meet them. 1 appealed to ber to return to him. With that she said that she regarded Mr. Stewart as a hypocrite, and that she could not live with him, as she expressed It, I without an injury to her spiritual character; that contact with this man was so damaging that she conld not possibly live with him without becomingdefilcd. I said to her, as a reply to that, that I conld not see bow her moral or spiritual character conld be benefited by trampling on one of the first laws and obligations ol Christian life, tboidnty of a wife to her hus band. I cited to her the instance of another lady who had clung to her husband in her troubles, and was well esteemed by tbe citizens. She replied that it was no nso to talk to her: that she never woald live with bim: that her mind was made nn, and she would never bave any intercourse with him. I can’t remem ber til told her the explanation Stewart made about the letter found in bis pocket, and I have forgotten what It was. In regard to the sermons 1 spoke jocosely of It, that if that was a Justifica tion for wives to leave their clerical husbands. there would bo a scattering in thecommnmty, or something of that kind. sir. Smith told me to tell Mr. Stewart never to speak to or recognize him or it might be dangerous—he woald not be accoantablcfortbe consequences. Subsequently a letter was written by onr firm asking for an in terview forStcwart with his wife. This was di rected to Mr. Smith, and answered by Mrs. Stew art. In bor letter she declined to receive the visit, called her husband a thicl, a liar, and a hyp ocrite, and denounced any attorney who was cog nizant of the facts she had told me, as little better. Alter this a letter was sent tendering her a home at the Richmond House. <*. What were the acta and declarations of Mr. Stewart In relation to his stale of feeling toward Ms wife! Objected 10, and objection overruled. A Be seemed to have a strong affection for his wife, so far as bis declarations went 1 conld not (ell anything aboct it, except by bis letters and wbat be said. lie bad an idea she still lovcdhlm, and Ibis I told him was not so. if 1 conld judge of human nature. His condition was as one who was anxious, otherwise 1 noticed nothing that was peculiar, excepting that be so frequently came lo tbe office that hla visits became annoying. I did not tell him this, hot it was a fact. Tbe comt then adlonrocd until 2 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. Upon the coming In of conrt the defence con tinued the examination of * B. C, LAHJTED, ESQ., who fnriher said: I emitted to add, m the acts of Mr. Stewart, that on tbe Sfith of March. 1866. he brought to me a long letter addressed to Mrs. Stewart, which I read through, and finding nothing that I deemed objectionable In It, enclosed it in a letter lo Mr. Washington Smith, of which 1 have a copy upon my letter-book. I gave tbe letter to my errand boy. bnt cannot say it was delivered. I don't think the young man Is in the city. Be is a neph ew of Mr. John McNally. Q. Do yon remember the time when Stewart commnnicatcd to you tbe fact, as his counsel, of a woman being thrown In his society at a board ing house under certain circumstances, and what cl'cnmstanrcs? Objected to. * Coumcl for the defence proffers to show that this woman was af- male detective, and that she * vas employed In the attempt to get up a charge of adultery. The evidence was not admitted, nn* 1 •< 58 the conspiracy alleged first be shown, or un less evidence tending to show it be exhibited. ] Crosx<rcmlnafJon—This interview lasted abonl three boors, until abonteleven or twelve tn < the evening. Thu conversation was qnltc fall and detailed. I think she said the sermons were r-tolen while they were on tUmr, hat 1 do not re* number that It was the wedding tonr. I think. 1 pirhap*. the name of the clergyman In Pittsburgh she said sermons lad been stolen from was Entirely; It vra* a queer name, and the name of the other clergyman was Logan, of Valparaiso, Ind. 1 think she raid he and she called at Mr. ixtgtn a, and he was absent, and he made pretext to want to sec tbo library, and thus was ~ * n , * Q d took the sermon. 1 think she be ureter, ded to want to write a letter. 1 think she said she found the original sermons *n his pocket, and copied them unknown to him. 1 think the said he took two or scr* r '°« °p. e place, and one from the other. J.i 1 ?. .v/Vu 'hey got homo she taxed him with the theft, and he owned It, but 1 do not remember that sbe said he placed Ms hand upon a Bible and swore that he bad not done as she said be had. She said that then she produced her copy, and he asked her pardon, or admit* Jed the act. 1 don t think I remember ibat he asked her pardon, bat 1 cannot say It did not occur. She said abe found several letters belong* log tol soldiers In bia overcoat pocket. 1 may be mistaken, bull don’t think sbeeald he got op one night alter she litd been asleep, and she round him reading a letter, haring money on his lao, hut I should be sorry to swear that she did not say so. She said she wrote to Mr. Logan about (bo taking of a sermon from him, and she told mo that she had Dr. letter then to show that Le had taken a sermon without the knowledge or that gentleman. She said she thought tbc soldiers* letters had money in them, because the envelopes scorned to have tn-cn stuff* cd out. I rather ent off the conversation on this matter by suggesting a criminal Investigation, bntdld not think of the fact that she cento not, unsupported, by htr testimony, work a convic* Uou In effect she said that It was bard to ask a woman to coi tinne Urine with a man who was liable at any moment to bo arrested for robbing ibc malli. Stcwart had told mo that the charge waa floating aronnd that he had stolen letters, and told her that he courted an in vestigation concern* ItiglL She said aho married him in a fit of reli gions enthusiasm, when aho was In the church and be was a student, ond ho used to come to the house and conduct family prayer, and that she supposed that abe was rfnng c ,” c . ir f 2®. good cause when married but that after sho married him, ho discon tinued this thing. He did not take any Interest In It, and instead of conducting family nrajers be did not pray when be went to bed, and found fault with her for being ao long saying her timers. Shecotnplalned that when she went out with him be wouldpolnt outfancy women 10 her, and make remarks about tuem. I tola her that Htewart wax ready to aupport her. and aho sneered at the idea of Us haring anything, and told mo that It 1 U*ycr 1 bad belter s~e that I col toy iay beforehand, an bcwonld not keep Us void—(lint I could not rely upon him. I went ■« u lawyer to ura StcwaiU and so told herwhSu I v enUbero. I did not fell her the convogallon elinuid bo confidential, Ido not romorabor any aneb etatcmcPli I remember abc and abe could cot rear to go tocbuich and bear him preach sor tronft which aho km w be lind hlolcd. "bo neat witness sworn was uomlia hudlxt, who lotllflrd in substance os follows: lam ac ntininb a with Stewart alnco a year ago last April. When I lived on tho corner of Van Barca and Clark sheets bo called tbero to pet eomo sewing doi.o by my mother. 1 next saw blm that aamo week at my bouse when ho bronchi Ibo work. I learned bla name then. My mother was with me —•hat la Airs. Tower. 1 think he left bla name os Jlarl I*. Stowarc 1 don't remember when 1 next MW him. I moved lo BUO Honih chrk street, on the Aral of MaT* Mr. and Mrs. Robinson lived with mo there: add lie called, work. My mother didn’t lira with mo Iben. Mr mother mod to come there every dar and return (o her home In tbo evening. Blic brought her work with ber. and during thU time Hicwari continued to employ her. U. Hlale what was the demeanor and conduct of Mr. Hlcwart when you aaw him? A. I never aaw anything out of the way In Mr. Stewart—never; be was a perfbet gentlemao. 1 moved from SOU Clark street t lio Itith of Anuusi, and went to (bo corner of Qulncyand Slate. My mother asalricd me to move, and afterward lived in Ibo same bouse, moving there In September of IHfifi, she lived right across ibo ball, and ro* malnrd Ibero until slia broke np home keeping in November, and camp to live with me until the 4th of December, when she wont to Indiana. After aho broke up housekeeping. Mr. and Aim. Newport occupied her rooms. I cannot any what day they look (ho rooms, nor bow long they re* malned Ibrre. bntlhey ten In the winter. While my mother lived with me she slept In tbo aamo bed with me, and a young lady slopped with me lor a week and occupied a second room of the linen we bad. The name «l the young lady nns Mlsa Kelly. She came to atop a week nnltl hbe went out of town. 1 was not much acquaint ml with her, and she left before my mother went away. lawyer Kinney called upon her while aho was at Ibo bouse, twice or Ibreo limes. Once be waa accompanied by a Mr. Lull, a constable, who came to suopmna my mother. The case In which she waa anbpmnaed waa one for the recovery of a trunk belonging to Alisa Kelly. Kinney eat In the front room and did not pass through my room, and 1 don’t remember that be retired to Alisa Kelly’s bedroom. Ee never passed through my room when 1 was In bed. 1 think there was a gentle* man (here when bo called, an acquaintance of Allas Kelly's, whose name I don’t know. This per son was Ibcie when he and Mr, Lull came. When be came my mother slept with me. Ido not think anybody waa In bod when he left, but u there was it waa royaclf and my mother. Mr. Stewart never stayed in my room all nlcbi, and never waa there when Mr. Kinney came. Mr. Stewart waa never there early In the morning, and 1 never got np as early as live o’clock nor as early as seven o’clock. Ee waa never bed. Ee was never fonod Inhis stock ing feet m my room early In the morning, nor un dressed In any way. Bo never was undressed In my house. Mrs. Newport never came and found him there early In the morning. Ido not think she ever saw Air. Stewart In my home In her life, end ebc never came Into my boose for any matches. Sbo nor anybody cue ever saw mo silting in Air. Stewart's lap, and 1 never rat there, I never wrote notes to blm or exchanged notes with blm. Louisa Miller never came into my room when I was In bed with Stewart, and I never fastened mv door with a cord to prevent her coming in: 1 bad no occasion (o fasten it. Lonlsa Miller came to my house December 4th. 1 scut her away the last of April. She rented a room oi me, ns she said she was coins canvassing the city: It was some time before 1 consented to let her have the room, but mother was gout* away and I did, she paying me five dollars a week. I sent her away because I thought I would not have any women round me, and 1 don't think she was a proper character. K saw Stewart at my n'nce on Quincy sticcl,he called once or twice. Minnie Wood came to my bon?o at SOU Clark street, about two weeks before I moved, and she went to Quincy strcetwUb me, and remained nntil September, 1865, paying me (3 a week. Stewart never was Is bed In any of the rooms In the house, and-I never eat with him on the bed, and never remained with him in a bedroom an hour or two. He never remained in the bedroom of Mary Wood or Louisa MUlor. 1 remember when Mary Wood was eick, but I do not remember that be wcul into her bedroom. Stewart only made friendly calls, and he brought senior <o my mother on Quincy street There was never any love-making between us, and be never kissed or embraced me. Uc nsed to epend most of his time talking of his wife and hts trouble with her. 1 remember bis calling one evening with a physician; they both left together. lie never remained any lengitiof time on any visit, and 1 never heard him sine a song in my life. 1 was sick with neuralgia In the summer of IHJS. The house was palled while I was sick. My husband was then In Chicago, but on that evening be was at brother's and be knew nothing about tbe arrest. My brother Is Isaac Tower; be lives on the West Side. Minnie Wocd came hack In April and said she was married to George Hurllmrl, and 1 let her and bim board there under that understanding. That was tbe first time 1 ever saw Uurlburt. Stewart never promised to giro me a mnlT, and 1 never told Hnnhnrt so. I bad a difficulty with Mrs. Newport. She came in and said some man came nn her stairs, and came to my bedroom 'while Miss Miller was tbero. 1 lold her I had no knowledge of it, and if ebe came out In that way I never woald have anything more to say to her, and 1 did not. That was when Miss Miller was there. A detective came, and he said, “Mrs. Dudley, yon had bcltcrlnnkc some money ont of this opera tion.” I said “howl” He said, “yon will not make anything ont of Stewart; he has nut got anything.” 1 said, “ I guess I will,” and thought I would go on and just see what he bad to say. I said. * r l don't know bnt yon could, by paying a good deal.” Said he, “will you go and admit it lor f 1,0001” 1 said “ I don't know abonl that.” Said he, “ Won’t you como down to Turtle's office to-morrow?” Said I, “No.” “Well,” said he, “ 1 will bting Turtle up here.” Said 1, “ No, yon won't.” said, “I will drop a note to Washington Smith, and be will fix It,” and I told bim he needn't, lie came back a fortnight ago, and slid, “Why don't yon make some money out of this operation?” Itisald 1 didn't care to do it. This man's name Is Thomas Harris. The cross-examination of this witness produced a recapitulation of her denials of any improper intimacy with tho de fendant. buo elated that she bad boon ar rested on a charge of abortion, with her mother, bnt bad been honorably discharged. That sho came from tbo East, and then was named Itawsoa. That she has a child now at school m Wisconsin. That she was not orreeted for stealing, as conn ed asked her concerning. Her husband Is a spec ulator, Unveiling through the country, who visits her once a year and sends nor money, when be bos it to send. She denied that she bad ever received the visits of gentlemen, or received pay from them for services rendered, other than in tho hiring of her rooms. Tbo Conrt adjourned until Monday at 10 a. m. COMMON COUNCIL. [OFFICIAL REPORT.} Adjourned Special Meeting—Chicago, January 11th, ISG7. Pretent— His Honor tbe Mayor, and Aid. Cox, Carter, D’Woljj Wicker, Barrett, Wilmartb, Cal kins, Kaon, Hatch, Wailwoik. Moore, ITatcott, Woodard, Uixby, Holden, Hassell, Ackhofi', Shack ford, Lawson. Clark, O’Sullivan. Abunt— Aid. Knickerbocker, Flnnncan, Schn ler, Friable, Rafferty, Coalfield, Unntlcy, Frond foot, Franzen, Huh, Engel. GAS cm. Aid. Holden presented a petition, nnmerontly signed, asking (he Council to adopt the Gas BUI presented oy the Citizens' Committee, aedmovod that it lie on the (able temporarily. The motion ptcvailed. SCHOOLS. The Connell then resumed the consideration of the proposed amendments to the charter relative to schools. Aid. Holden presented tho following section and moved its passage. “Sec.—. The Board of Education arc hereby authorized, unle-s prohibited by the Common Connal, to continue tbe pnbllc schools darlngthe remainder of the present fiscal year, notwithstand ing any deficiency In the appropriation heretofore made, and taxes levied for that purpose; and to Erovide for the expense thereby incurred, the omprroller may with the sanction of the Mayor and Finance Committee, borrow the necessary money which shall be repaid ontoftb* school tax for the year 1867.” Aid. Carter moved to amend by striking ont the words “Finance Committee,” and insert the words “Common Council.” Aid. Holden accepted the amendment The section as amended, was then adopted. Aid. Woodard moved to reconsider (he vote of the Connell, whereby section 8 was stricken ont at a previous meeting. .The motion did not prevail. Aid. Barrett moved the adoption of Section 5, as rt ported. Aid. Carter moved to amend by striking ont tbe words “five hundred.” and Insert the words “two hundred.'' The amendment prevailed. The section, as amended, was then adopted. Aid. D'Wolr moved that section 9, as reported, be adopted. Tbe motion prevailed. Aid. D'Wolf moved that section 10, as reported, ho adopted. Ihc mottonprcvallcd. Aid. D'Wolr moved the adoption of the follow ing additional section: “Sec. —. Tno Board of Education shall elect biennially, a clerk,whoso office shall he denomina ted “Clerk of the Board of Education," and whose salary shall be fixed annually by tbe said Board of Education, by and with the consent and approval of the Common Connell. Ibe duties of the Clerk of the Board ol Education shall constat in keeping tho records and minutes ot the Board. Ho shill also take general charge of the rooms of tho Board and tho property con tained therein." The motion of Aid. D'Wolf prevailed and the section was adopted. rowzns of toe consent. Aid. Dixby moved the following as an addition al danse to the powers of tbe Council: “ To adjust and settle with property owners any differences arising by any changes made in tne dock lines by the Council on the Chicago River, or its branches, if In Its Discretion the same may be deemed just and proper." The mouon prevailed and the danse was adopted. gas nun. Aid. Kaon moved to take np the Gas Dlfl. The motion prevailed. COSUOTTKE or TUB WHOLE. Aid. Talcott moved that tbo Connell go into Committee of the Whole on the Gas Bill. The motion prevailed, and ibe Connell resolved Itacll into committee. Aid. Woodard in the chair. After sitting, tbo committee rose ana reported pr Sfd barter moved to accept Ibe report of the committee. . , Tbo motion prevailed. rowtsi or ns couitcn* Aid. Carter moved ttiu adoption of the following clause as one of the powers of the Council, being the danse reported by the Committee of the Whole on the Gas BUI. . - . . ... ‘‘lbe Mayor, by and with the consent of the Common Connell, shall, as soon as may bo alter the passage of this act, appoint three competent and disinterested residents of the city of Chicago, as Commissioners to examine. Investigate and col lect all the facts and Information necessary for the public to form an Intelligent opinion as to the 1 titonititv of the cltymanutacluringand supplying pas thcicfor. Said Commissioners to report to the Common Coucdl the result of their Investiga tions as soon after Ihdr appointment as may be oracllcable. Theoxpcnscs or said commission to he provided for by the Common Council. Aid. V' Wolf moved ths adoption of the follow *ns Wuxnnas,*a bill for ‘An act to authorise the dtv of Chicago to manstoctnre and supply ga« tor said citv.’ iccommcnded by a meeting of the dilxens of Chicago, and by a petition signed by shoot twelve honored Individuals, has been pre sented to the Common Council of the city of Chi cago for tbclr consideration and approval j mere -I C “ CJ?<>iofped, That this Coned!, having consid ered the provisions of said bill, hereby approve the general provisions of the same, and recom mend Its passage by the Legislature of tbo btatc of Illinois at Its present session.” Aid D'Wolf demanded the ayes and nocs, and the substitute was lost by tbo following vote: D’WoK, wicker, Barrett, Calkins, filxby, Holden—C. _ Xoet— Aid.Cox, Carter, WUmarlh. Kaon, Hatch, Wallwork, Moore. Talcott, Woodard. Bussell, AckbotJ", Sbsckford, Lawson. O’Snlllvan—U. The question recurring on the adoption of tbo danse presented by Aid. Carter. Tbo molton prevailed. boaiid or rtmuo wosxs. The Clerk read a communication of the Board of Public Works asking the Council to reconsider its action on certain amendments submitted by the Board. Aid Carter moved that the communication lie open the table temporarily. The motion prevailed. The following aro the proposed amendments adopted by the Connell previous to adjournment: SCUOOLS. Sec. 1. The Board of Education are hereby an* thorlacd, unless prohibited hr the Common Conn* oL to continue the public schools during the ro* tnalndor of the preaent fiscal year, notwfthstaod* tnz aoy deficiency in the appropriation heretofore made, and taxes levied for that purpose; and, to nrovide for the expense thereby Incurred, the comptroller may. with the sanction of the Mayor and common woocUi borrcir the necessary money, which ahali be repaid out of the school tax tor tbe-yeirlfift. , Uxcnox D. The Common Council shall have the power and Is hereby authorised lo provide by °ril llt sSf fO C i“ ulD * “A negotiating the bonds of the City of Chicago, payable, principal and lu tercel, in New\ork,ln twenty years from dale, and bearing Intenrtat a rate not exceeding seven per cent cor annum, payable somi-ann tally to an amount not exceeding two hundred thousand dollars, for the purpose of purchasing and Im proving school grounds, and eroding or construct in' school buildings. Said bonds shall be in tbo prdlnanr form of bonds of said city, and shall be Issued in denominations of Ovn hundred or one thousand dollars each, as tbo Mayor and Comp troller may deem for tbo bust lnroie>( of (be city, and an annual lax of not exceeding one-fourth' ol one mill on the dollar, on ibo assessed v ?i iln- “l l real and personal estate In said city, shall bo levied and collected as a sink ing luud to pay slid bonds st their maturity, and ;pr the payment of snch bonds os may have been Sicvlonily iMUed for scbooli or school purposes, uch sinking fond when collected shall bo forest ed In school bonds first, and if these cannot bo obtained then in city bonds. Bxo. 9, Tbo Hoard of Education Khali have power lo confer the usual cullegialc degrees, Mlienevrrtbcyehalldpemlt beet lor tbo educa tional Interest* of tbc city, and to proscribe the necessary or proper rules for Ibo same. Hxo. 10, All laws or parts of laws conflicting or Inconsistent with iln,tu amendments ore hereby repealed. Hxc. —, The Hoard t;f Education shall elect biennially a clerk, whoso Office shall be denomi nated " Clerk of ibo Hoard of Education,” and whose salary shall be fixed annually br tho Hoard of Education, by end wbb (bt‘ consent and ap proval of tbo Common Council. Tbo duties of the Clcik of Ibo Hoard of Education shall consist of keeping (he records and minute* of the Hoard. (In shall also take general charge ol the rooms of tbo Hoard i nd the property contained ineruln. rOWRUS OP TMR COUNCIL, —To adjust ami settle with properly owners any dlfiercnrra arising by reason of any cnangv* mado In the dock lines by the Council on the OMcagn River, or Its bunches. If In Its discretion the *amo may be deemed Just and proper. —The Mayor by and with the consent of Jhe Lemmon Connell, shall, as aoon aa may be afU'r the pannage of this act, appoint three competeo£ and dUinterestod residents of the city of Chicago, to examine, investigate and collect all the tacts and Information necessary for the public to form an Intelligent opinion as to the propriety of the city manuractlng and supplying gas therefor, said Commissioners to report to the Common Council (be result of their Investigations as aoon after tbolr appointment as may be practicable. The expenses of said Commission to be provided for by the Common Council. . AWOL’IUmEST, Aid. Carter moved that the Connell do now ad journ. Tbo motion prevailed, and the Council stood adjourned. a. h. HODMAN, City Clerk. FreedmeiDs Orplian Anylanx, Madame De Mome, Superintendent of the Frcedmen’a Orphan Asylum, la lu Chicago, and wDI probably remain three or four days, lor the purpose of raising a portion of tbc sum of $3,000, which Is required to be raised within sixty days, as the only means of securing $21,000 which have been donated to (ho Asylnm, and which arc on deposit in the Bank of America, at Now Orleans. Some clchtccn months ago a French gentleman named Do Bossier arrived in New Orleans and upon visiting the Asylum Informed Us Superintendent that be would dcoostc SIO,COO -to the Asylum’s credit In * the Bank of America, with tbo und-rstandlng that the money was to revert to him if $20,000 addi tional were not raised for the same pnrposo by tbc first of Jannary. 1567. Subsequently General Uoward directed that f 10.C0J be donated to the Asyli.m from the Fretdmcn’s Bureau fund. Some time last fall Monsleor dc Bossier, who had re turned to Fiance, was notified of General How ard’s donation, and Imonnea that a longer time than that specified by him would bo necessary for raising the remaining SIO,COO, and be very generously gave an extension of three months. One thousand collars has been soLecribcd and paid In —making the total amount now on deposit, SBI,OOO. If the sum of $9,0C0 bo not deposited in lie Bank of America on orbclote the Ist of April, General Howard’s donation, as well as the mut’lfiecnt one of the gicat-hcartcd Frenchman, will be lost to the Asylum. We arc informed, end tbc Asylum Is a necessary institution in tbo urcscent Cltv. It is not only educational, but Industrial, atd Is, to a certain extent, self-supporting. After the close of the war, when a number of colored regiments were mustered out, the Superintendent icsiond about fifty orphans lo tnelr bthete, who bad fought at Port Hudson and MHUkcn’s Bend, Several attempts bad been mado to have these and other orphans In tho Asylnm disposed otto Southern planters, lu accordance with the regulations of tho infamous apprentice system which was Initiated by a certain well known agent of the Frecdmcn’s Bureau; but the scheme, in consequence of tbc iuterfercuco of tbo military commander of the department, fell still-born. The Superintendent, after leaving Chicago, will visit the principal cities of the East. She Las a alight tinge of colored blood In her veins, but her ‘conversation denotes a high degree of intelligence, end before leaving tho North, to assume her onerous task, as a teacher of tbc lowly and friendless, her abilities os a dramailc reader were, in (be opinions of Wendell Phillips and Theodore Tilton, of an ex ceedingly high order.. Rev. Mr. Tilton, now In Chicago, vouches tor her in tho strongest terms. UNDEBGUOCND ARIVSEKIENTS. Wo have frequently referred to the first-class facilities offered to the people of Chicago for spending money; we have, by proper illaatration, shown that a spccnlator who bnys red winter for $2.50,*0nd tells the same article tbe next day for $2,45, docs not trade to the best advantage; wo have spoken aaoftcnas occasion rcqnlrcd.of the enticing game of confidence, which is played every day or two at railway depots; webavo published a con siderable number ot articles in reference to the market prices of wedding rings, boose rent, pralne chickens, mutton chops, baby Jumpers and gas bills: we have endeavored to keep our readers posted in regard to the actual volno of the Presidential stock owned by Andrew John son, and bave, with some satisfaction, reported tU regular decline; we have several times advised men who possessed more money than discretion, to abandon the interest ing study of zoology, especially at me nageries where the princloal attractions consist of an accomplished faro dealer and a hungry tiger; bnt wo are witling to make a plea of guilty to the charge of having given tbe go-by to numerous interesting games of chance and skill which arc played every week day evening, and occasionally on the evening of the seventh day, in many or the basement “ dives *’ that are supported by men whose Inclinations prompt them to pass away a few bonra of each day in the apparently agreeablc,bnt really unprofitable, busi ness of killing lime. Wc allude to the games known by sharpers and amateurs as “ Freeze- Ont,” “Whiskey Poker.” “ Pitch," “ Cribbage," Bcvcn-Up,” and “Two-Pluck-Occ.” These games, providing wo can place any reliance in a state ment which one of onr reporters says was made to him a few days ago. ore more Profitable to the owners of the “ dives ** aforesaid, than to those who receive the variegated pieces of pasteboard which the dealer distributes around the table. In every game that we can thmk of, with two excep tions, there is a certain amount of sim ilarity regarding tbo penalty which the loser Is expected to pay. These exceptions refer to Whiskey Poker and donkey races—the only dlf fetcncc being that, while Ihe winner or the Whiskey Poker contest loses, and la obliged to settle at tbe bar for liquids which, if we aw* cor rectly Informed, are tectonically termed “ drinks,” the last donkey that passes the home stretch wins tbo pool. “Two-rinck-One” sometimes goes by the title of " Cnt-lhroat.” but the Utter is, In the minds of the sensitive beings who patronize basements, rather too expressive, and tno former, on acconnt of Its euphony, is tbe most popular of the two. The rest ot the games above named are not noted for any very peculiar characteristics—the most Important ones of wblcbjorc that the more one plays them the less money be retains to nls pocket book, and tbe greater amount of stamps tail into the landlord's till. The landlord, as a general rule, does not play, but if he can be in duced to participate, bo comes offscathcies*, and at the end of every game says, “Well, boys, you'd better call for what you want; Jack for Bill, as the case may be,) loses the game: half a dollar, if you please, because yon know 1 don’t trust." So tbe games go, and at the end of an hour or two the players arc out of pocket from half a dol lar to a dollar and a half, when they leave, tbe landlord says to them, “Call again, gentlemen; 1 shall be happy to see ynn at any time.*'—tbe trans lation of which Is: “When you've got money to spend yon arc welcome, when yon haven't I’ve got no use for you.” Tbe whiskey kept in some of these dives Is onitc sufficient to Instity some men in dieting themselves for dcltnnm tremens after a single evening's sitting, while others, with the exception of the burning ont of the coats of their stomachs, do not apparently enfi'er any greater injuries than those resulting from the lose of money and tbe change of the whites of their eves from their original clear to the hngtbcet scarlet. A large number of yonng men patronize some of these bascmenlscTery evening, and the average night's loss of each cannot tie much less than a dollar. This amount, without coanting that ex pended on occasional Snnday evenings, makes up a' yearly aggregate of S3IS a snm larger than some of onr wealthy merchants started business with less than ten years ago. The moral is evident, and we will not take the trouble to ear what It Is. State Taxation or National Banka, In onr Issue of Saturday we referred briefly lo a decision rendered by Bon. Thomas Drummond. In reference to taxation of the stock of National Banks for State and municipal purposes. The de cision was made verbally, and our report of the case did not convey as definite an idea as tbe fol lowing statement: Aaron !>. Collins vs. Tbe City of Chicago, United States Circuit Court. Jannary, 1867: The material facte In this case were that the city caused to be assessed, for the payment of taxes, under the law of Illinois, tbe stock of the First National Bank of this city, as so much capi tal in the aggregate, with tbe intention of having the tax levied on tbe sum total of the eapl'al stock ol the bank. Tbe plaintiff, a non-resident stockholder, applied to the court to have the as sessment set aside as illegal. The conrt decided that tbc assessment was a violation or ifce acts of Congress snlhorlalng the existence of the National Banka, and that the capital stock oftbe bank, as such, could not be assessed under State authority; that the only way ibat the stock conld be reached was to assess the shares of the different stockholders, 19 the same manner that assessments were made in other cases against pronerty owners by the clilxens and in* habitants of the State. The conn accordingly held that the assessment made by the city in this case acalnst the capital stock or the nank conld not be sustained. Missiokabt and Scndat School Union—'The Executive Committee of the Chicago Methodist Missionary and Sander School Union held a special meeting on Saturday afternoon in the T<ecime Room of the Clark Street Methodist Epis copal Church, Mr. William I*. Moea, Jr., vice Preiidcnt, Id the Chair. The Recording Secretary, Mr. Q. n. Norton, stated the object of the meeting to bo to consider ihcpioprhty of the appointment of a General Superintendent of Missionary and Sunday School nCairs. Mr. S. O. Cook, chairman of a sab-committee appointed to make inquiries, and report seme per ron soluble for tbe position, recommended Kcv S, G. Latbrop, Chaplain of the Stale Prison a Joliet, ior the office. The Secretary read n letter from Mr. Latbrop, expressing his willingness to accept tbe position. If appointed. On motion. Rev. S. G. latbrop was elected Gen eral MlsslonaryaudSnndar School Agent for tbe city of Chicago. The Recording Secretary was instructed to In form Mr. Latbrop of the action of the committee, lu mediately* by telmapb. A letter was read by the Secretary irom Mr. Phil ip Phillips, who offered to give a concert in Chica go on Fcbrnaty etb, in behalf ol the Missionary and Sunday School cause. On motion. Messrs. Arthur Edwards, A. E. Lane and George B. Dunham were appointed a commit tee to take the matter under consideration, and lake sneb action as they think proper. On motion, one hundred dollars was appro priated to the M. E. ladles' *»enlnc Society for the purchase ol necessary articles for clothing re quired by the poor in the city. On motion, Messrs. J. V. Famuli, G. Goodrich, A. B. Scranton, J. E. Wll on and 8. A. Kean were appointed an advisoryicoromittce to consult with tbe newly appointed agent In his field of future action. Adjourned. Wimuo ron the Wagon.—Althongh too days of “ teaming" loads of urodnee irom long dis tances lo market aro In this age of railroads and canals fkst passing away, still for a circuit of a few miles nbont each basinets centre, where tho dis tance Is not great enough to require faster modes of conveyance, the same old methods aro cm filoyed. Tho fatmer who lives on the broad and critic prairie about Chicago rises at early dawn, loads ots wagon with gram, potatoes, deceased swtno,butter, eggs, and Uko “truck.’ attaches hla fine horses, or hts slow borincs, and starts for town. Soon after bo crosses toe city limits, as he comes upstate street,Blue Island avenue. Lake street, Milwaukee avenue. Clark street, and other principal approaches from the rural districts, ho is met by one more individuals, who are “ waiting for the wagon," not only to “all take a tide," which however they generally noceremonlonslydo. but directly with an eye to a shrewd stroke of business by forestalling the operators In town and •ecurlDf toefenatrt Twd* *Uo7 a bargain M effected Id a moment or by long haggling on ttio v aero os It moves along. Some farmers anxious lo sell at onto lake Ihe first offer: otbora who keep themselves posted ou the market rates hold out until they arc offered tbalr own price; and many refuse the mica of (be tom piers until they reach the business centre, where, la tho multi* tudo of bidders they hope to reallxo more. The number la viry largo of those ‘‘lycra-ln wall,” who make ibis a tegular ImstooM—ln spring and summer watchlngror loidaof butler vecciHhle*. nnd Jg’itisrm *nd girden product*. In the fall for grain and frnll, and in the cold wlt ter data mainly for dressed nogs. Sometimes they mate profitable purchases, and nt other tiroes, irlioa they are led to bid high on an ount of Ibo stubbornness of the producer orcompcti* tlou’among themselves, their margins are small. The business would seem to boprccsrlous, but In 11, as In everything else, shrewdness, energy and experience are generally successful. Unfortunately, like other pursuits also, this business contains rascris and cheats, and the caeca ate not rate In which (belt wclgot* are not Just weights. Ihuy will bid up for pork, for ta* stance, forty or fifty cents above the market, and then contrive to ma\e It up by cheating In weigh* Ing, They are sometimes detected at It; and if fanners would only take the precaution to tako (heir articles (o the city weigher the opportunity for each knavery would be barred. Perhaps the hnycrsjnslify their frand as Intended to offset the tricks with which some farmers are charged, of hiving a number of heavy stones in a toad of bay, putting a fresh, bright qualPy of that article over a load musty and coarse, or packing a firkin of butter in a like deceptive wav, but the slml/la principle can hardly ho Justified in such esses. When the predicted lime of universal tovo and brotherhood shat) arrive, t'm millennium hog ami potk wilt ho bought and sold without cheat* lug—hut that day scorns distant from Chicago.! OVR NICCOND KNOW NXOIIItI. Tboaccondgrcalsnowof the season began to fal] About alx o'clock on Saturday night. It was almost precisely similar In character to the flrat which came a few dnyi before Christmas, although not accompanied by aueba aovore gale. Juat about “gloaming" the strode were pervaded by while drifting clouds of snow, which seemed rather to aiiao from tbu earth than to fall from the aky. It gradually Increased In inUmliy, whitening the roada, blowing Into heaps here and there, blinding the eyes or pedestrians, and seriously Impeding every kind of traffic. The ground was sufficiently bard to retain the snow powder aa It fell, and before eight o'clock Itbadeocctoally boshed everything into silence. The street can were tbo first to "feel the sad in fluence of tbe hour." Between five and six they were careering merrily and with ease along the tracks, in one hour thereafter they were dragging heavily and noiselessly along, la two honrs tney were getting stuck fast in some snow mountain, and In three hours they bad ceased running alto gether. Oneaflcronctliey went away westward and southward and northward, no more to- return that evening, ranch to the satisfaction, no doubt, of the horses and tbe conductors, who bad reason to bless the storm that It came so thick whenlt came atoll. Short os tbe notice waa of such a- fall of snow, and such a condition of the streets, wc could bear dating tbe evening tbe multitudinous tinkle of the sleigh belts. People seemed to be delighted at the opportunity to air their winter vehicles, notwithstanding the excreiso was prose cuted nnder disadvantages. Tbe thaw came so soon, however, alter the last enow storm, that it waa not surprising that they should wish to make the mo>t of the occasion. Up to midnight on Saturday no detentions were reported on any or the lines of railroad centering in this City. Thus far tbe winter baa been very dryandmllfl, tbo thermometer at no time being lower titan two or three decrees below zero, forming a remark* able contrast to former years, when it has fre* qucntly fallen under twenty and loner. Wo have hitherto bad very little snow'fall, and some of the wealberwue have gone ao far as to predict that we would not have a foot of snow during tbe whole winter, arming by tbe well known law of compensation which opera'cs through all natore that an excess at one time most be atoned by a deficiency in the future. We had much heavier rain falls last summer than usual, the amount of rain octwecn {the Ist of June and the middleof December being thirty and a half Inches, or a little In excess of the annual average In this city established on a mean of thirty years. We do not possess the means of ascertaining the amount of rain which fell for tbo first five months of the year, but that amount weald he so ranch in excess or the annual average and, probably was not less than ten Inches. That the compensaion above hinted at will always be made somehow, there con be no doubt, hut “ of that day and hour no mao know* cth.” It would certainly be muca better that wo should experience It during this winter instead of nest rammer. If we are to have dtrlngtho summer months of 1867 a rainfall of ten Inches lea* than the annual average, the consequences as regards (bo stale of the crops at harvest time might be appalling to think of. Otebcoats at WHOLESALE. — One of the sharpest confidence operators that ever visited Chicago arrived hero a couple of weeks ago, and cstah* Usbed himself In business. Bis success, consid ering his age, which Is about eighteen years, has been splendid. Be did not make any big strikes, and we do not know that he attempted any,hut bu la believed to have swindled every man upon whom ho had designs, except one, ana that gentleman is Rev. Dr. Collycr; and that reverend gentleman would have been oat to the amount of seven dol lars and a half if ho bad not been temporarily short of funds. Tbe operator had a ptnc/tanl for overcoats, and Is supposed to have contracted for and received one more lhana baker’s dozen of these necessary garments. His victims, who comprise some of the shrewdest and wealthiest merchants, counted, by correct enumeration, twenty-one at coon on Thursday, and it is safe to presume that this number is somewhat below the actual figures— many or our business men who are noted lor sharpness in transactions which involve thou sands of dollars, being rather too modest to own to small swindles that may have been perpetrated upon them by smooth talkers wlib whom they arc altogether unacquainted. The swindle, from flr-t to last, was planned with judgment, and executed with discretion. Not content with heating whole sale and retail merchants, tbo confidence yonth has proved himself more than a match for oar well organized force of detectives. After bis last operation he lay perdu for a day and a half; hut, discovering that be was wanted at the Central Police Station, he retreated in good order, and Is no doubt chuckling over tbo groat success of bis well-planned raid. The detectives were ou (he watch for him until yesterday eve ning, when, upon learning tbatthetr quarry bad flown, they gave up the chase In perfect disgust Perhaps bis success In getting overcoats thst be “went for” was in consequence of the large stocks on band, the rapidly waning winter, and tbo comparatively small prices which onr whole sale clothiers are charging for outside wear ing apparel. If he had made the same attempts in the wardrobe line on a drizzly day in Novem ber, be mijjht have been told that overcoats were too valuable to be disposed of for hills which “ can he sent to my father, if yon please, at No. —, Chamber of Commerce.*’ ADHISBIIIENTS, The past track has been a rather uneventful one In our little world of amusements. The operatic season has dosed and we are left to Indulge in phasing anticipations on the great event “sooa to arrive"—the advent of Rislorl. The theatres have done a smooth, steady business, although nothing extraordinary has transpired at either of them. Perhaps the skating parks have ab sorbed a « greater shaic of attention than any other species of - amusement. Not a single interruption has yet occurred, since the Qm breath of winter came, to tho pleasures of the ice. The frost has kept np wonderfully since Christmas. nor docs there yet soom to bo any in dication of a break down. Wo were already in the middle of the season at a time when we were generally making preparations to commence. Carnivals and masquerades were the fashion last week. .The Central Park led otT, and the man agers- of ihc several Kinks followed suit. They are very agreeable festivals, these fancy carnivals, ond very profitable to the mana gers, for they never fail to attract immense crowds. Put nothing that could be termed ex- ccllcnt or artistic m the matter of dresses has yet been piodnced at either of them. They are in fact all one and the same carnival. Toe same crowd of maskers who disported themselves at the Central on Wednesday went to the Wabash Rink on Thursday, and will again go to the West Side Rink on Monday. There was the same ass’s head, the same goblins, the same clowns, and kings and queens, and the only vari ation in the show was to be seen in the spectators and the places where they exhibited. It requires a stretch of imagination to look at these awk wardly got up figures, and conceive them to be a Jolly company ofmmy•makers, gone mad with frolic and enjoyment. They are rather sorry mas queraders, me best of them, and seem to he simply making sport for the Philistines, while they tuemselvcs are cndnnng tho tortures ofgnfibcation. A ically good masquerade would be a treat, better than a play, could we get to gether a cumber of personages capable of sup porting tho characters they are pleased to assume. Aside from the carnivals, which are principally to be commended in tbatthey succeed In drawing together large assemblages, the art of skating appears to be prosecuted more vigorously this winter than on any former season. We have quite a number of “ star ” skaters In the city now, espe cially among the fair sex a number ox whom ap pear to be advancing last into eminence in this branchof “art 1 ’ The heavy snow storm which fell on Saturday night will doubtless Inaugurate a now season of sleighing, and this will vary fora time the char acter of our winter sports, which have hitherto been too exclusively confined to the Parks and Rinks. Ristoiu.— Tho Queen of Tragedy will make her first appearance before a Chicago audience at the Opera House on Monday night, the Slat instant. Tne sale of scats will commence on Tuesday morning at the box office. Ton Opeba.—The last notes of the Strackosch warblers have been beard in our midst. Tho mat inee on Saturday was well attended, though the

weather terribly militated against it, and the last opera ol the season was given In a highly satis factory style. McVicKEs’s Theatre. Miss Ccdle Rush closed on Saturday evening the first week of her engagement here. She has made a very favora ble impression npon the Play-going public, as has been evinced by the gradually increasing size of the audiences since her opening night. On Mon day evening Miss Rush will undertake the role of "Lady Isabel” in “East Lynne,” In which she Is said to have won high praises from competent Judges. Wc were recent ly favored with Lndllo Western's powerful ren dition of this character, and ail who witnessed It will doubtless have a curiosity to near Mias Rash's version, and compare notes. Wrsic*.—The comedy or “A Hundred Thousand Pounds," drew good houses during the greater part ol the week and proved a very ac ceptable play. It was withdrawn on Friday, when a variety bill took Its place. On Monday evening the play ol "Lost in Lon don” will be reproduced. Cnosnr Grata House.—A new theatrical troupe Is announced to appear on Tuesday night at the Opera House, for a brief season, under the man agement of Mr. D. N. Wheeler. Prom Incut among the members of the company are the names of John Dillon ana Johanna Claussen. The former has alrcad) disappointed the public so often that a considerable course or promptness and good conduct will be required on bis part to restore pnbllc confidence m him. Ho bas Crom i?ed as mneb, and bis friends will trust that e falls not to keep his promise, Miss Claoeeen ip a lively and spirited young ertifte, who has wou for herself the Stood opinion of ihc public. They are supported by a competent dramatic company, many of whose names are well known In this city. Toe pieces announced for the open ing night are “Handy Andy" and "Married Life." IDE WOODTIANSEE-irYAN CASE, The Charge of Swindling:—Progress of the Case—An Explanation. The case of William Ryan, charged with swind ling J. L. Woodmansce out of nine hundred dol lars by a confidence came, was again brought be fore the Police Court on Saturday afternoon, but it appeared that Itjrau had already been Indicted before the Grand Jury on Friday, and as no pros ecuting witnesses appeared, the case was dis missed at the Police Court. As considerable comment has been made npon the case, It Is duo to Justice Sturtevant and the Police authorities that rome farther explanations should be made. A warrant was issued tor the arrest ol Ryan on the l-Uh day of December. Mr. Woodmansce. resid ing at a di lance from the cby. was re peatedly notified by mall and telegraph to mako his appearance to prosecute a suit against Ryan for obtaining money by false pretences. To accommodate bis uuexotalcoi! de lay, the case was continued two or three times, Ryan making an appearance and being desirous for an examination on each occasion. Upon bis arraignment at the Police Court on the 3d lest., Mr. Woodmansce still absent, he was dis charged from custody. Ryan was re-arrested on the old warrant of De cember 14th, and again bronght before the Police tribunal the next day [after bis discharge. Mr. Woodmansce was then present. It appeared from his statement that he was m the city several lionrs before Ibe last previous examination of Ryan, but wbtn asked by Justice Sturtevant why be did not come forward to prase ento the case, he was manlfoaite embarrassed, and could mako no direct and Satis factory rcoly. His singular mtnncr, and his ab sence on former occasions when tb.6 prisoner was ready for trial, excited tbe suspicions of the Court that there was somethin'* in the case which old not appear npon thq fee of it, and that favored very much ot pcrsecullon. It was iot for htm to countenance such a course, if Jjo did. know that "the prisoner 1 c *-°™ Into Vas a I well-known thief, and blackleg." The additions! statement of an p4i>or that Justice Sturtevant Mid, when fixing the amount of ball, that tfyen was an "hon cable thief, always coming up nromp'ly to trial nt tro time scried on, amt norm' forgetting bis ball ” Is presumed to have hood a draft on the writer's Imagination. <o tbo\e personally acquainted with Justice Hturfevaut thv' statement would not teed any refutation, hut jrhh those who do not know him, and hts hind but firm and dignified bearing fn Court, It might h-jmo him, and, convey abroad an lmp*." 9 *V m that onr Police Court .Judgesarc In collv'"* on with thieves nnd criminals, and always read* * lO look upon Ibcra with leniency and forbearance. . Upon being rearrcslcd Iho prisoner had a legs ' right to a continuance of the esao for tbo purpose of pieparing his defence, and It was f rrantrd him. la consideration of the act that be had been two or throe times ready for Inal upon hts first arrest, and tbo suspicion that bo was. lor some unknown cause, being persecut ed, bis bail was rrduved to SSOU. A man named Illlcy, swearing to the bet that ha (Riley) was worth 120.000 or KXMno In real estate, was accept ed os Ua ball. Tbo Police Justices aro not in the habit of examining those who offor themselves for boll regarding their moral character, and so the ‘’notorious ‘Count* Klloy,” though he rosy be a bad man, was accepted and there Is no doubt but that be was abundantly responsible. The paper, already quoted from, Intimated that Ityan would not bo likely to make bla appearance on Saturday last; " simply keeping hlmselfont of tbo way, bo wonldnot on* ty secure bla personal liberty, but make a clear gain of WOO.” Uyan did make bla appear ance, and It la alleged that he had been ap proached with offers to compromise the alleged swindle by those who are en gineering thojntcrosts of Mr. Woodmanseo, but that he, whether an "honest” thief or not, pro* ferred a Judicial Investigation of the matter. U baa also been reported,(though with what truth wo have not boon able to ascertain.) that Mr. Woodmanseo was restrained by certain parties from making his appearance nt the Police Court. The action of Justice Hturievant In the case, an* dor all iho circumstance*, would only seem to be tu consonance with hla well-known attributes— justice tempered with mercy. Obituary* In sno'ber column of this paper la recorded the death of Brevet Major Charles n. Bosmer, First Infanrrr. U. H. A., with the customary announce* ment of the date of the funeral. lie was bom in the city of Now York on tbo 16lb of October, 1840, and waa consequently, at Ihe time of hla decease, In (he S7tb year of bis sge. Be removed to Chicago In November, 1951, and was engaged In the banking busi ness until the breaking out of tbe rebel lion. Prior to that event be had Join ed tbo celebrated Ellsworth Zonaves, and was prominent among that well disciplined and soldierly body of young men for proficiency in drill. He accompanied them on thdr Eastern tour, taking aa active part in all their exhibitions. Early In If6l, npon the recommendation of General Mansfield, then commanding In Washing ton, Major Bosmer waa appointed Second Lieu tenant in the First Infantry of the regular army. Be then served In that city successively on the staffs of Generals Mansfield. Burnside, Pltx John Porter and Casey, when, with- his command, be was ordered to the West for sendee in the field: his regiment belse employed as artillerists, and he being Disced in the command ofa section of a bat tery of heavy guns. From this time until after the capitulation of Vicksburg, bis command were actively engaged- in the various severe contests which took place In connection with the Western campaigns. At Franklin; upon Ihcbloody plains of Corinth; at Island Number Ten:'the siege of Vicksburg; and other memorable fields of battle. Major Hosmer displayed that gallantry, steadi ness and unflinching courage, which secured for Lim not only the meed of praise ofhls comrades, but (be substantial notice of bis country with two brevet promotions. Subsequently, he waa ordered to New Orleans, and it was while fallbfnlly serv ing there be laid tbe foundation for tbo disease which has recently so abruptly terminated' his career. Ills life was a bright example of refinement and nobility of character, be practiced none of tne vices which are unhappily so prevalent among the young men of the present age, hot lived a life of punty and strict morality. Of an amiable dlspo* eitloo, be was beloved by all who knew him. Be was modest to a fault, and it was this trait, per* baps, as marked as his great personal courage In the honr of dancer, which constituted one of the greatest of his charms. Of bis career as a soldier hot little could be learned from bla own lips; lie was too self-deprecating. It was to his brother officers that his friends were Indebted for tbe knowledge of tbe manylncldcnts of his gallantry on tbe field of battle. Elec his pral*ca in that re spect would have been forever unsung. His disease was consumption, tbe immediate cause of bla death bolcg a violent hemorrhage of the lungs. Be passed away calmly and peace* folly, with a sweet smile of assent upon his Ups when Inquired of as to his aasnrancc of a home in Heaven, lie bad fought nobly for his coantrv; be died a Soldier of the Cross, enlisted in the army of the Lord. Western Patents. The following Parents were issued from (he United Stales Patent Office, lor tbe week ending January 1, 1867, as reported by G. L. Chapin, Patent Solicitor, Chicago: Coal Oil Stove—F. U. Brown, Chicago, 111. Lunch Heating Apparatus—ll. M. Kinsley, Chi cago. HI. Bolter Fine Cleaner—B. Scbcafer, Chicago, 111. Method of Removing Bara Rom Rivers, Har bors, etc.—B. S. Dunce, Chicago, HI. Propeller—B. Handfortb, Chicago, HI. Windmill—W. D. Nicholas, Chicago, 111, Com Planter—C. Long, Parts. HI. Cultivator—l*. F. Bertrand, Rockford, HI. Conductors* Ticket Box—u. Ulse, Ottawa, HI. Portable Field Peace—P. Friend, Ottawa, 111. Plow—P. M. Gilbert, Kewaneo, 111. Machine for Raking and Cocking Bay—F. Gran ger, Homer. HI. Gate—J. W. Singleton. Quincy, HI. Water Elevator lor Railroad Tanks—C. L. Ste vens. Galesburg, HI. Wheclrieht Spoke Driving Bench—P. Lemmon, Sbolbyvllle, 111. Beating Stove—Z. Bussey, Wilmington, 81. Burglar Alarm—R. G. Fowler, Olncy, HI. Groin Dryer—A. B. Barber, Clinton. HI. Door Fastener—U. Bennett, Kllbourn. Wls. Broom Head—T. B. Carroll, Noblesvillo, Ind. Burglar Alarm—G. A. Colton. Adrian, Mich. Boot and Shoo—M. Evans. Rustlavillc, Ind. Plow Carriage—J. M, Bammitt, Toledo, lowa. Cultivator—A. P. Qamtuon, Montfort, Wls. Grinding Mill—M. U. Uetton, Bloomington, Ind. Machine for Spinning—G. Hoover, Richmond, Ind. Wringer, for Clothes—C. E. Gage, Fond da Lac, Wls. Machine for Cutting Fly Nets—B. Martin Tpsl lanti, Mich. Hay Elevator—M. Mitchell. Crown Point, Ind, Stove Pipe Thimble—T. Newhall, Oskaloosa, lowa. QBroom Banger—J. L. Patterson, Wheeler, Ind. d Ralls—S. L. Potter, wyaa* Means for Hocking Cribs or Cradles—J. S. Ryan, Berlin, Wls. Box for Transporting Small Fruit or Berrios— E. Sccor, Lawrence, Mich. Gate Binge—J. T. Watson, Richmond, Ind. Car Coupling— E. Zorger, Greenaburg. Ind. Bill Side Plow—P. G. Baker, Vovay, Ind. Apparatus for Turning (he Leaves of Music— A. B. Claik, Richmond, Ind. Converting Reciprocating into Rotary Motion— J. Cupps, Chicago. HI. Dovetail Machine—J, Babbs, New Albany, led. HcatmgStove—W. A. Barlow, Elkhom, WU. Car Brake—o. Bemla. Mishawaka, Ind. Paw Mill—S. Bristow. Bedford, InO. Scaffold Bracket—C. Eddy, Grass Labe,Mlch.Q Combined Foot Stovo and Lantern—D. Pam* bam, Janesville. Wts. Axle for Vehicles—A. GUIetL Sparta, Wls. Fence Post—B. 8. Haviland, Fort Dodge, lows. Machine for Making Wooden Pickets—T. J. Jolly. Versailles, Ind. Instrument for Acupnncturation—A. Brown, Litchfield, Mich. I ogglne Skid—O. Nicholas, River Falls, Wls. Horse Power—W. Pect, Maple Rapids, Mich. Cham—R. W. Sbrlncr. Woodland, Mich. meteorological, Tho following is the Meteorological Record of the week ending Saturday, Janaary tilth, 1867, as kept by J. G. langgnu, Jr., Optician, No. 115 Randolph street. The temperature is taken in tbc shade. The direction and force of the winds arc given approximately, with tho baromet rlc alti tudes—the small letters being the Initials of tho words “high," “breeze," “gentle.” “veering,” “rain,” “snow,” “moist atmosphere,” and “dry;” Tnrniriiinq'yn, „ . N*?} 11 . 8 * Bala to Date, preceding. BV a. m. Sp. m. p. m. Stf p, m. F. B. F. B. F. R. F. B, San 7—ll 31 —5 34 1 30-4 Mon 9 —ll 30 -5 S 1 sn —a Tugs.... 9 —lO 28 —I S 3 0 23 —I .050 Wed.... 13 —9 23 —3 SI 0 27—3 .331 ThU 8 —lO 26 —3 35 —3 18 -6 Frt 1 —l4 16—7 23—4 17 —7 Sat 3 —ls 18 —6 39 -S 81 -A *.... a.«. 3 p.m. Date. Mcrc'y. Wind. Mer’y, Wind. Mcr’y. Wind. Sun .39.30 NN.Wgr. SA36 NW.g. 3M9 Wjj.t. Mon 29.45 3933 Ag. 29J3 BW*T. TUBS .29.11 NW.b. 29.19 KWx. NW.g. Wed. 29.10 BWJJ. 29.00 KWj. wjb KW.e.v. Thu SB.S9 KW.C.BBAS .WNW.b, 39.03 WNW.g. Ft! 29.33 WSW.g. 29.34 ! W.g. 39.45 W.g.v. Sat, .29 56 EAT. 29.44 ESE.U. 39.33 NE.hJ. mowing to the severe snow-storm prevailing at tho present time it is impossible to get the exact measure —shall report In fall next week. LOCAL MATTERS. Colgate Sc Co.’s Winter Soap.—Re commended for chapped bands and for general toilet nee daring cold weather. It may ne ob tained of ail druggists and fancy goods dealers. Tire Forest and Sxreeteot Codllver Oil in the world, manufactured from fresh, healthy liven, upon the sea shore; I; ta pcrfcctlyjmre and sweet. Ask for “ Hazard A Caswell's Cod Liver Oil,” manufactured by Caswell, Hack & Co., New York. Sold hy all druggists. Itch! Scratch!! Boyd’s DXcdleatod Cream cures Itch, scratches, and all skin diseases. Ills neat, pleasant,aromatic, safe and certain; adapted to children. Sold by all drug- We will Teach our “ Soar” to Say,« A blessing on Mrs. Winslow,” for {helping her to survive and escape the griping, collcklng and teething siege. We confirm every word set forth in the prospectus—the Soothing Syrup performs precisely what It professes lo do. If we had the {tower, wc would make Mrs. Winslow—as ehc s—the phvsical savior of Ihe infant race. Extract from Bev. C. Z. Weisec's letter. Olctealfe’s Great Bbenmatle Remedy is ceilalnly the Wonder of the Age. Thousands cantestltyaa to Us magical effect, and the first doctors of this city are recommending it to their patients as the only sure cure for Rheumatism ev er known to man. Locn.A Sifirn, agents. Tcotlmonlala have been discarded by the proprietor of PECTORAL BALM, preferring to refer to undoubted witnesses. Thousands are In every community willing—aye, anxious—to add their testimony to the efficacy of this preparation, which has proved so successful in tnc treatment of all Bronchial complaints. For sale by all drug gls's. Bcujrnxsfs & Vs* Sen sack, general agents for the Northwest. Chicago, 111. A Sore Pile Core.—Dr. Gilbert’s Pile Instrument positively cures the worst cases of riles. Scut t>y mall on receipt of fi- Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted every where. Address J. B. Roxaixz, Manager, No. STS Broadway. New York MARKETS BY TELE6RAPH. NcwYork Financial News. New Tobk. January 12. HO!* XT. The market continued to ircreaae In ease till the eloie of busSras. The supply Is ample at .per cent.with some business at 6on Governments, The money re cently locked up has been let loose. GOLD. Gold doted at iSSKdiSt. rosnos Excttaxos. .Sterling quiet at iwmMWK. _ ootkisvcsts. , . ~ Government* steady on cold bond*, bat lower on SnSnPsl!!*.l«Wlteij I iwo*. regd »*aiao cSSwms " SO* K'lKalOIX Coopou •«II..lO*2l»* I Compoands....Wi<®nsX STOCKS. * Stock* Orm. and advance well sustained. Obio ceru * 15° f lO «r TT >r IMA 4* In. I .■•JCUX.4 N Y. Cenw...JWtf** l o.y Nortnwwtom. 41 a 41* fe' OH» aQ IN. w„ XM MK» «s RMoiac »® «««* f.? n W*T»«lo3 M.BTwT wojft* Mictk Cent. Wfa.... ‘■'"•■'W “ fjisy Minins *ll am. after wltb ceneral neowr r Otesrry CoTTdon tfOOa. Grtnnell * !»*, laaaxxa. , . _ ie Onctuatloo*, doted firm, m lowest point I People's American Flat Quarts Hi 11..... Moi£.... miwxJtT*. jweek, %Srr,&&. arsenal Exports ’d specie tor the The Produce Market*. NEW YORK. Ntw YoK, January 12. Cotton—Firmer. Sale* WOO bales at 8l*3»o lor lower and very Quiet, some holders re .w®s “ss '»•" W|Ul • ,n,ll ot bin<?-v nea»«M. Corn—Dull acd declining. Seminal at II.ISSI J 9, to store, and H.19«1.30, ano 4 v- Oats—Declining. Bales: lI.MO bo. at 6I&UO for Chicago and Milwaukee, Whlsiey—Nominal. _ Provision*—Pork steady. Bales t a,MO torts, at tltxo 319.10 for old itWJO cast’, IW-37919.W fir now mess- Mtog at f!0.» for Western, ami far prime ; a’10,2,100 brls new m’ss at 130.501920.79, seller and buyer, January and February. It«f—Quiet. Itocf iiima—Unit. Bates of 100 brls at |18.00®53.00. llacon—Steady. Cut Meats—More active. Sales, HlO pkgs at 9910 c for shoulder*, and IQiaiSiO lor bams. Dressed Hog*—Firmer, (talcs at Sdß.Ha far West ern. lard—Firmer. Bales of 1.900 brls at iwauwe for old. sad U V<* 13c far new, the latter far small lots, flutter—F tra, at i&aaco fir Ohio. Cheese—Firm, at I&9SO0 and fairly active. Groceries—Dull amfunrhansed. ‘lops—Firm, hut quiet at aiftCSc. etroleom—Drooping. Crude, 19c t refined, 2W9 *^*.'ow—Steady at llallKe. ved-Onlef at 11.v0at.39. tf£• —More active, at unchanged prices. Bales, ■ at CHkSBe for domestic deoce» SfiaJlo far ttnUiX\ V9S3c far ToiastSlVefar Csllfarola. p u t<T Sknxw or rns Vnotx*AL« UAtxrr. Market« t*ned very strong far breadituffli this week, but closed « iuU ,aa uwttintjAt floorliavobeenUrgor which rltc* boy* iMirtmlKV ’• Al*out ontMhlrtl of tU- porctiMci week hato boon (Ur Inmimfoi. Ow |ss%MtoiSiffV 10M bejo* loilitorl opon, bul UlUa Uao obitocki c&4<V T°l * ow Rfadca. At close, market ■toady. 001*. ,;ornm«ll.Ml ) cm. - ' ,,| r « «»»« P rlc « but ctoict b«avjr. m rtoc*. Hre flour hßtbwn In' ,f ® but al tftrUWo prices sod clotit quirt tVj* • llockwl,«litm.tSS2J',lA. »“l«.K0l (locltnM -clOtUig at t&ootff£o, The wheat market owmi*d*T«t Waaler 1,1 * n ftCtlVfl demand, hut cloeea dan and rauie, r CMM,r * Harley hsa flDCtiiaUrtf'owUiV w« oaoiS aurftwte •eight, hot at the clou wai dmt. > wc qa#!o •* H7 » N,C, Oats have fluctuated aomowhat. A * Iho.eloie price* are lower. live opened firmer, but since then ijl* abated, and prices are eailc/s marktV dK ** lD * < t u,ou Old Western, $1.1331.30; new do, $1.16. Corn rapidly advanced early In the veer. <K 'wmuiVt qosntly fell off, and closes at ilir. initani mixed. Thestockhaibeenredncedslncathelt*. *“ iun about 3CCMOO bn, but ta atilt large. Pork fluctuated somewhat, but closes with’ \ steadiness at $19.13 tor old mess: Western mess. BXEV. Beet ruled steady, with a good trade,-at sll.Co3l?*A for plain mess, ana $17,003*1.50 lor new extra mess. „ crrxxATa. Cot meats docttnedmatsnaliy.and are itr Air requests At tbe close tboolders sold at 9&90&9 39, and hams at' $11.103030. ’ XJIXD. Lord In fMr demand, in Dart for export. At the close prices were bener. with light receipts of new. Soles of new steam at l3\'c; new kettle at iSe, MILWAUKEE. [ Special- Despatch 10 the Chicago Tribune.}* MiLwatncxx. January B. Floor—Doll and unchanged, with sole* of 300 brtxat 111.37 X for best winter; 910.50311. N for doable extra spring, and $9.0039.30 lor super. Wheat—The safes at tbe nine o'clock Board this mor&* log were &000 bu 5t92.1733.1?t0r No. 1; |3Jnjf®3.o3'' fbrNo.3; .63 lor No. St ■ $1.0131.63 fbr reject ed. The noon Board was weaker .with sales of 6,000 tms at $3 J 8 for No. 1; SS.OIM for No. 3, and SUS3I At fbr No.S. Oats—Dali at 45c. Corn—Drooping, with soles of 800 bushelled at Me. Rye—ls ic lower at 91c fbr No; 1. Provisions—Are held Maher; sales cl' 500 brls mess at SIB.OO cash ;f9.75(310.00f0r sweet pickled bams; 10 tea sboolden at 17.50; 1W tea prime lart’at lltfc. Dressed Doga—Firm and 10315 c higher ;'sales ol 1,000 bead at f6.KQ7.CO. dividing 200. Butter-Sales ol 300 pkgs choice roll at 23c; Receipts—l,ooo brls flour; 39,000 bu wheat; -LSOO bo oats; 3,700 ba com; 2.7 W dressed bogs. Shipments—l,soo brls floor; 3,300 ba wheat;. snd9oo brls pork; BUFFALO. _ Buffalo, January 13. Flour—Demand moderate. Market steady. No. 1 Spring at f 11.70313.00. Wheat—steady, with moderate demand. Sales* car loads white Canada at 13.87. Corn—Quiet at 31.00 for old and 88®90c lor new. Oata—QaletatStc. , Barley— Nominal at f 1X0^1.03. Rye—Quiet at 11X0. Mess Pork—Heavy at *20.50. Lard—Heavy and steady at 12tf(afSc. Dressed Hoes—Nominal at "VQSc. Whiskey—Firm at $3.39 retail. CINCINNATI. „ . CmcniSATx January 12. Flour—Dull but not lower. Superfine, f9.50@10.50i trade brands ft 1,00 to 113.50. , WbeaL-Dull and spring is 5c lower for No. 1 at f 3.59: No. 1 winter doll at $3.83. Dull and pnets drooping. Ear 53c; shelled Rye—Declined to sl.lß, and Is dull. Harley—Unchanged. Whiskey—Dull at see In bond. Cotton—Dull and prices nominal. Middling Sic. Hops—Unchanged; $7.C0t057.40 la tbe whole range Net receipts 3.000. . Mcm Pork—Finn at 130X0 lor city brands, but the demand Is light. 9 Bulk’ Meats—Lower. Sales ol shoulders at "Wc; sides at 9c. and clear sides at WRc loose. q ßocoD—ln better demand. Shoulders UJ<c: tides ‘■f&i —Closed firmer and prices teodlnc upward. Sales oo head and gut at HWc; prime steam at UJic, and prune kettle at 13c. Sugar cured hams now arc selling at ICQlGjfc pack ed, wua a moderate demand. Butter—Dull at 20333 c; cheese 16Vc. Gold-133 baying. Mosey—in prening domtnd. and 13 per cent was paid on the street with tlrst-clata security. Exchange—steady st M 0 discount baying and par selling. C. A T. Wann. lard oil manufacturers, have made an assignment, consequent upon losses mode In lard opera tions dost summer. 8T„ LOUIS. Sr. Louis, January 13. Cctton—Dull at SOJfc. Flour—Firm and unchanged. Wheat—Finn at SASS for Vo. 3 spring; 13.70Q3A0 tor prims : $3.90 for choice.. Cora—Declined to TBQBie. Oaa-Dull atcmsiMc. Provisions—Unchanged. Ho»—Steady at bq6J<c. Number packed to date exceeding! tire packing last season 18,000. NewTork Live Stock market* [Special Despatch-to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toes, January 13. Bogs—Firmer, only i.COO received, selling at 6^q"c. Foreign Freights. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tnhnne.l Nxw Ton. January 13. Freights—To Liverpool by steamer 1,000 tea lard at 23shillings; to London 19,000 bu barley at 5# pence. New York Grocery market* [Special Despatch to tbe ChicagoTribnne.l __ . Nsw Toss, January 13."" Coffee In good demand. Rio 30R931C; Java 30Q3ic. Sugar quiet. Fair to prime grocery lOKQUSc. New fork BreadatafUi market, (Bpcclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Now You*. t 2. With very small menu* of flour, holders ol flour ■n<i wheat wet* more steady and less anxious to sell, but buyers aim held off and liberal sales couldonlybe effected at a considerable decline. Corn not salable at over $1.15. Oats steady. New York Dry Goods market, _ New Tonic. January 12. The Dry Goods market was rather quiet to-day, but quite firm fcr most kinds coUon goods, staodardnheet lugs. 18 v®22Hc, the latter for Atlantic. Bleached mus lins In fair rconest at 32*933>|C, tho latter for- Wam sutta. Prints are in good request. Mcrrlmacs. 3Cc. Woollen goods depressed, audio limited demand. Stock large, but prices have touched bottom. Fancy woollens. Hand 14 ounces, selling as tow as $1.19. and even lIVOO. Foreign goods-trade nominal. MARRIED. la thl* city, on the Ist Inst., by Per. J. W. Lartmorc, Mr. ANSON C. WILLIS and Mlii AGNES R, McDON ELD. both of Chicago. la this city, on the latlnsL, by Rev. J. W. Larlmore, Mr. ARTHURDAWSON and Miss ANQCLIA SMART, both of Chicago. In this city, on tbolßtlnst.,by Rev. J.W.Lartraore, Mr. EUGEN A. MILES and Miss SEUA LINCOLN, all of Chicago. On the Bth tost., by Rev. J. 6- McCeuclL at the resi dence of the brldcVfhther, Thomaa Dougall. Em„ Sir. DAVID WXLIE and Miss NAOMI DOCQALWaU Of this city. On the 9th Inst., at the Congregational Church to Angelo. N. Y., by Bcr. Dr. Thompson, Mr. O. W. VIKING, ol Chicago, ni„ and Miss JULIA M. CAR RIER. daughter of p. n. Carrier, Esq n of Angelo. At the residence of the bride's lather, Edward E. Mosnjannary Ist. 1567, by Rev. a. M. Carr. JOHN STOTT, Jr„ of Chicago, and Miss MELISSA MOSS, ofKelTidere.lll. B*p,m. In this city, on Thursday afternoon, January KHU, at the residence of J. It. French, Esq., hy Rev. liobert Collycr, Mr. GEORGE CATLIN, of this city, and Mits ELSIE A. RAY, of Jamacia Plain. Mass. tir Boston and Lowell papers please copy. DIED. lo Chicago, January Uth, Isfi7. ARCHIBALD T. WILLIAMS, const, late of England, aged 50 years. HU friends are Invited to attend his funeral, at the Fmlerton Avenue Church, Tuesday afternoon, at three ©clock. In this city, January 13th. of scarlet Diver. CELINA, eldest and only daughter of George and Mary Ann OUscbrook, aged 14 yean and 8 days. Funeral from the residence ol her parents, 56 Sooth Clinton atnet, today (Monday) atgo’clock. In Royaiton. Vermont, at the hon«o of her mother. Mrs. Eliza S. Dennison. Miss LUCY DENISON, aged 23 years, recently ot the Haven School In this city. In this city, on the llth Inst., WILLIAM FOLEY, aged 40 yean, formerly ©1 BaUykally, County Wex ford. Ireland. At St. Pant. Minnesota, on tho Ist Inst., Brevet Major CHARLES 11. HOSMEIt, First Infantry. D. 8. Aim the Titbycar of hu age. The funeral will take place from St. James' Church, cornet Casa and on Monday, January nth, at 2p. m. Friends of the family of tne deceased, and officers of the army, are invited to attenl. art association gEND IS TOUR CLUB IAMYIHTHEWEEK. auction Sales. Gilbert & sampson, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. On TUESDAY. January Uth. at 10 o'clock, we will sell AT AUCTION, AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF FURNITURE, of every kind tot parlor, chamber, library and dialog loom. Brnstells, S-ply and Ingrain carpets, blankets, •liver-plated ware, manile and oval mirrors, with a general assortment of honsebold goods, at our sales room. 47 and 49 Dearbotn-it. GILBERT A SAMPSON. Auctioneers. pILBERT & SAMPSON. EXTRA FINE FUR GOODS AT AUCTION. On Thursday. Jan. 17. atiO o'clock, we shall sen, at oar esl.BTooms.47 A 49 Dearborn-sL, a chricoandrery select stcckorudlet and gents' tnr*. consisting of ex tra floe mink. real ermine and ftch collars, talmas, mnfftasdcnfik,sqn'rrel sets, gents’otter and beaver mufflers.- cloves and caps, ladles* skating cap), hoods, ftc All ths goods were made expressly lor first class ntall trade, »p which particular atteotionofthe ladles ißtnvlUd. The fora wiu be open (Or exhibition on Wednesday afternoon. GILBERT A SAMPSON. Ancfrt. SCOTT & CO.. AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 164 Lakr*et„ cor. LaSalle, Chicago. Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned fbr sale. Oot-door sales promptly attended to. RUCTION. TUESDAY, Uth of Jannary. 1987, at 10 a. m„ At 164 LikMt. „ Furniture, Bed*, Bedding, crockery Ware, Carpets, |}A2«iEL SCOTT A CO* Anctlogeera. RUCTION. WEDNESDAY, 18th of January, 1987, at 7 p. nt, at 164 Lake-st„ Coles, Medals, Continental Paper Money, Old Paper*, Boohs. AUo. Diamonds, Gold and Silver Watches, 1 Elegant Cluster Diamond Pin. Ac* Ac. Coins. Ac., on rlew Tuesday morning. Catalogue* to be baa at Auction Booms. DANIEL SCOTT A CO., Auctioneer*. A. EUTTEUS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants U&U BANDOLPH-ST.. * Between Stalest, and Wabash-ar., Hold re/tnlar tales, at their salesrooms, ot DRY GOOD*. CtOTHING. BOOTS. SHOES, AC., Erery WEDNESDAY #ndTHURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS, AC., erery SATURDAY. 3to taent—iDoiisei*. UiiM—On booth bide, a first- Mass JL two story and brick, basement beats, 877 <ute* Blncontaining clsbt roems good barn, good rater Bad gas. Heel |33 per monib. Fornlture for *aK FQMCMIoo given Immediately. Apply at 38 Btv- «t. r PO RENT—Dwelling House C 45 Staid* I it. House ha* nine rooms, dvo prtssei, ptatrr, rhlnmey clrsct, woodshed, coal ben, water anl sat fixtures. Kent, (so per month. Address P, O. box r PO KENT—Boardmu house 'raloon I and boarding bouse), 3 nne'rottagm, and several suites of rooniß. Boom 2. No. 48 Miuth Clark-st. TO RENT—The marble front houee No. 05-1 West Lftke-st., opposite Union-park. All modern Improvements. Apply to JODGABI’KNTBU. 17 BLJohn's-plare. art association. QRDBR CERTIFICATES THROUGH The ErprtMComtKintt*, STo Went—Kooms. 'T'O RENT—Three untarnished rooms, X with closets. In anew bouse, sulUhlo lor a gen* w,l °* Price 110 per month. Apply at 4»0 West llubbard-it.. from i to b o'clock p. in. r PO RENT—A luinlshcd Room. Apply J. at34«ohlo4t. 11 J RENT—Two front rooms, with I r losrU, at 718 West, ■ go IScnt-Storrs, (Ptficcs.^c Xo RENT—Steam jiowcr and rooms to rent, rear of 74 lUnrtoiph-st., Coun-plaea. onpo croabi's Opera llonsa. Apply to A. WOBUKfI ft t;u..or L.I. TOtU). ob tho premises. XO RENT—Ono-halfof nstoreonSoulh »gff.'B-ffi, t goS! ry lnc,ttloo tn 1118 cuy * TD RENT—Store—One ot the best Hands for business in the city—l 43 Lake-st,—on 68 AfplT u,,0 "« 1 ‘ TD RENT—Third, fourth anti filth lloors of new store 88 Mlchlean-sv. p-wietaion tmme* dlstely. Price, (1,500. Address P.O. Pox 2376. nPO RENT—At M 3 Snath Clark*st, one X store sad three rooms, S3O; one store and one room, (U; two rooms, and cellar on the back side. TO RENT—Very desirable office rooms, on the second Boor of 0 1 Bandolph-*t. Apply to *(. JAMES, 03 Randolph*st., seconofloor. : rtt '0 RENT—More and dwelling 110 R South Wells-st, next to northeast corner Monroe. telyusrd for gent’s larnlihlng goods bnOness, hyvlrg. counters, gas. water, &c. Apply to Q. nCGDES, 77 Dearborn-sC Boom *i2, Si floorC- art association, QKJSISV • CERTIFICATES THROUGH ■the merchants From >nt You Buy Tour Goods, ffiKam cB-go Kent. WANTED— -1 0 Kent—February Ist, a comfortable TtA tl‘ncc. north of Twelfth-st., and east of State, tos yhtch a fair rent will be promptly paid. Modem Improremcnlsno objection. Ldfl»«iDox 549. TX 7" ANTED—To . Oent—.A nice house VV 10 mod lontua. in wraon,. Utftrmafaod one preferred. i?®’ l references gives. Addrces “A A C,” Tritamc 3. aco. TXT - ANTED— I To Ren •— A college, well V V located, suitable *6r a** a !JL wl^c ’ without children. Kent oQC'm gtcecdtSO to fQ per month. A Jdresa P. O. Dox lu’4. - TXTANTED—To Rent -No. 1 V V lionseinorth ot Harrison" ra * i<*»lon by vlie UC of May.- Ifcf-c 1 -•**<>• 4S bonllj Ciark*U __ TXT ANTED—'To suite of rooms V V nnHirclnhed—pnltAbiciftrhnm --km/Jig-with to flte mlnutcc-walk of the Caorj l£n 4p - , |v?om* lo a private residence preferred. Call,* a ' addra* “it” Waahlngtoa-st. \\T ANTED—To Kent—A .small tar- V v ahhed h-yusc for four mo'ihs. children, best of reference. Address -B. S.P 4 * ibnce Office. an association. QKDER CERTIFICATES THHOTXO.H The E/prnw Compnntt*. Llcal 35state—fflouutrg.. FOK SALE—IO acres ot Land; well tim bered, and a choice lot for a homestead, on the Lak4 Shore-road, within easy walking distance from the Hyde Park special train. Apply to NUTI'A BROOKES, 35 CUfk-st.,ap stairs. FOR &ALE—A farm of ninety-acres, '.’n Effingham Connty, this State: ten acres tlmbc.% balance hlyh rolling piatrle; two and a half miles froa: the town ot Tentopotls, and only six miles from i. railrr ad station. Can nc had at a bargain. S. IL KEUFOOT * CO.. N 0.71 Dearbom-eu personal. J)EKSONAL— ‘Will the lady who sat in thoparqnettc ot Crosby's Opera llonse “Krnanl sUlac<%" dressed In biace silk, red shawl, ami ac companied by a young girl dressed In blue plcaso send her address to JAMBS F. RANKS, Tfcraont Rouse. fJactncrs ffigaantch. "PARTNER—Wanted—With a small 1~ capital to take hall interest In a well established ntuco. for particulars apply at 13-1 Dcarbom-st., Room 2. PARTNER —Wanted with a small capi tal to take half Interest In a well established busi ness. T. B. BELFIFXD A Real Estate AgCOU, . Room No. 10 Post Office Block. 3lost anh jPounh. IOST —Wednesday morning, on West _j Adam*-*!., sear Morgan. a black and tan Doc. about 7 month? old. Had on, when last seen, a German Filter collar with email brasa padlock; baa no hair on onderpartofneck. answer* to the nemo of “Gyp.’’ A liberal reward will be pold on hie - delivery at the Tribune office. W. 11. MOORE. IOST —A large leather portmonnaic, $8 j or |9 lnbin.«, photograph of baby, (set in broach), marrtace certificate, and other papers. The portmonomie belongs to a poor widow. If found, cl nrnUtoMr.TAULIUNOnAN, 3 'IT SonrhClark t., between Van Daren. T OST—On Wabash-ay., between Thir -1 x tcenth and Fourteenth-eta., a drab wonted scarf, with blue and white ends. The Under will bo suitably rewarded by returning it to 046 Wabash-av. art association. QUEER CEUTIIICATES THROUGH THE MERCHANTS JVoijt TTTiom Tow Buy Tour Good*. (General Notices. JgUBIKESS! Business! Business I Any cnterprPizig man, who ha* a email sntnof money to Invert, and who wishes a very profitable business for tbe winter, can be assured of It by calling Imme diately on D. MAN&FIELD ft CO.. Office No. 11 Tyler's Block, 17 LaSalle-sl. Those out cf the city can tend stamps lor circular, and team particulars. amusements. QROSBT’S OPERA HOUSE. For fire Nlcht* onlr, commencing Tuesday. Jan. 15. D. A. WHEELER MANAGER. The eccentric Irish Comedian JOHN DILL.ON, and the charming Comedienne, XlXiss JTohnnna Clanssony supported by a full Dramatic company. Tuesday Evening, “Married Life,” and “Handy Andy^ Grand Matinee, Wednesday Afternoon. Sale of Tickets commences Monday, at 9 a. m. T>lSTOßl—Crosbv’s Opera House. XX DIRECTOR J.GRAU. Season cf tourNlghta and one Matinee. MONDAY, Jan. 21, First appear auce la Chicago ot Mad* Adelaide Hietori, In her great role of MEDELA, supported by the dra matic company secured exclusively for the transat lantic engagement. Tuesday, Jan. 73 MARY STUART. Wednesday, Jan. 33 ELIZABETH. Queen of England. Saturday afternoon— Blitorl Matinee. The sale of seats for the Seaion will commtncoon Tnesday, Jan. 19. Tbe sale cf seat* for any of the fbnr nights will commence on Wednesday. Reserved seats. I2A0; Boxes, $3. Nones— No application will be reedved for free admission. "WITKOWSKY HALL. BRANCH OF TUB New York Museum of Anatomy, XVITKOWSHY HAJLiI* 176 Clark-su, corner of Monroe. Thl* Important and highly Instructive Museum oon talcs WONDERS OF CREATION from the first mouth. Miniature Wonders of the World, as also Beauties of Osteology, Myology, Dermatology, And in fine every department of Medical Science. The Student, tbe Physician, the Naturalist, tbe M « n of Business, the man of Lelsnre, might essay In vain where they coakl spend a more profitable hanr, open fbr gentlemen only trom 9 a. m. tin 10 p. m. Admission 50 cents. pOL. WOOITti MUSEUM. COI-. J. H. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amtuemenls .F. K. AIRSN Stage Manager .TBOS. BARRY The great moral drama and Museum specialty. for four nights only. Flnt nlsbt ot a new screaming farce. On Monday erector. Jan.lUb.wUl he performed the celebrated drama ot LOST IK LONDON. with (9m time) CALIFORNIA DIAMONDS. _ Friday, first benefit In her native city of lilts MAIiT BICKORDS. Wedseoday afternoon. Grand Matinee. IS GO MAS is in rehearsal; also, greatest «en*a tlonal dra m »of tie age, the HIULESQT CAPTAIN. VCc VICEEK’S THEATRE. McVICKER * MYERS MANAGERS. Immense success of the truly great artiste. CBCZIsS RUSH. Monday the great emotional play ot EAST LYNNE, OR THE ELOPEMENT. Cell. Btub In rehearsal, the beantlfn! plav. .written expressly for Cecile Rash, entitled IDA iJSE. T AUGHINO GAS—Dr. Colton will I j give his last Free Lectnre and Exhibition cn MON DAYAFTEBNOON-Jannaiy 14, and a Pnbllc Exhlnl tlon on TUESDAY* EVENING, Janaary IS. at MUSIC HALL,atwhlch again eight gentlemen and six Indies will inhale the Gas. Evening tickets, 23 cent*. After noon. Dee. Open at 1 and 7. To commence at 2 and 8. Hectares. YOUKG MEN’S ASSOCIATION LECTURES. THEODORE TILTON, Editor of the New York Independent, one of the most eloquent speakers and writers in this country, and a fearless Champion of Freedom and the Bight, will de liver a Lecture entitled 11 THE CORNER STONE OF RECONSTRUCTION,” On Monday Evening, January 14, AT CEOSBTS OPERA HOUSE, Commencing at 8 o’clock. Ticket! to cents; Reserved-Beats 25 cents extra, or The sale of reserved seats will comm coco at 9 o'clock on SATURDAY HORNING. January 13th at the Ticket oClfe ot Crosby's Opera House. A. C. mcCLURO) [Corresponding Secretary “ V. H*A <" Set association. J^EMITT ANDES THAT COME TOO RETURWED IN REGISTERED LETTERS. SSlautch—fHaic ffielp. BOOKKKEPBUSi KALUntiU* Ac, TXT" ANTED—A first class trayclline Y V salesman, by a fancy dry roods su<i notion house. Addiros. stating name, reference, experience and gnaUDcatlon, P.O. Uox 3377. St. Louis, M«. TXT ANTED—Salesmen ol good address, Y V worthy and ««ll qialined, who can etttMCC t»**r mnnrntiy In miriness in tMs or other western cities, Inqnlsett O. U. OltVlß, Uearbora-sl., upstairs, or address P.». Drawer fttlfll. Chicago, ill. W 7 ANTED—Business men, bookkeep- Y» rr*. salesmen, and prof-Tninnai men. to net aa salcsmeu ntui ronlncl uu'lucm correspondence. Apply to J. 11. JONRS, Konni 17 Speed's Block, 133 Ut arhorn st.. or addre**, with stamp, m ahare. W J ANTED—A good disUllor, one who .it esneome well recommended. Far further In* formation apply at the Jervis Bouse, corner Van litt* ren ami Hhetman-sU. &rt Association. REGISTER YOUR LETTERS, ORSEND POST OFFICE ORDERS. tagHantch-jFcmale H?clp. XIODRR MKUVANTa. WANTED —A llrstcloss cook, washer untonl'ark lroner * 81 Weal Lake-st..opposite YX/"ANTED —A good cook, two dining Y J, room rtrU aw! one laundress at Cattle Fair Uo te), Union stock Yards. \a7ANTED—At 77(j Michigon-av., a VV good cook, washer and lroner. itucreneee re* qnlred. German or Scotch preferred. Wf ANTED—A good girl for general _V i homework to a small family. An American, English, scotch, German or Norwmnsn girl oaa Dad a good home and aood waxes. Apply at 47 Lombard Block, Monroe-iU. near P. O. ‘WT’ANTED —An easy situation is of- V v fered to a good cook, washer and lroner, who can come well recommended. Apply at 371 West Washington**!. \\T ANTED—A good atrl to do general V> homework in a very small family. Apply with references at 388 North LaSalle-st. 1 1 Wf AH TED—A good pirl to do the woik Tl tn a small family. 33 Xorth May-81. VVTAH TED—At 114 Third-av., a cood „U...£? ok i- wath ' r «jnd Ircncr. »l»o. aa experienced anrsc Rin. None need apply ccless well recommend- art association. QLL'B ORDERS rZZ.Zs£2) UP TO 10 JP. .TZ ismplogment agencies. WA2sTED—We have a few more .A * ch#l l cc «/ or . Uve make mowr, Largo tndnccnicnts offered. small capital required. Apdlv at once. A. C. SHOWN A CO., t its l.alc-9t/ rP^ \XT ANTED—1,000 men to go tionih, » 7 w>sea $43 ta |SO a month and board. Also. rail' i»a^Vuir^Tiw^ lor: ° a ‘ t - AtsV " ■l2 A NV WANTED-Youngmen in the conn f T try, wishing toobtaln situations. such as book keepers, salesmen, coHcctor*. clerk* I'/*- 1 !??* 15 * dc -.t o .« 13-1 Dearboro-sC K<'om 2, or address M. E. JONES A uo.. Box 20-10 enclcalct; ten cents, for fail particulars. >u \\TANTED —3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 V V collector, 3 bratem-n, 3 firemen, 1 pbrter, ? lanrits.sentry c.erts. 2 conductor*. Apply at 134 Dearborn-si. Room it. v 1 TTTANTED—2 solicitors, 3 rnlesmen, 1 ▼ shoemaker. < canvassers 2W railroad men. 35 tie cotters. 2 tana hands: also, ft men to go Somh at Arplr to PAKSUALL i bMITF r 128 Sooth Clark-st., Room 1 1 . Applicants by mail enclose 10 centslor foil particulars. * \j\T ANTED—Tins Day—ls wood coon* v I per* for Indiana; 250 railroad laborers. *1.50 per day actl bosro: :wc tbr levee work, «5 and board. Apply at j BO Madlson-ot,, Room 4‘. an association. TOUK ' '— CERTIFICATE' TO-MY. Silantcb—fHisccllanEcus. ■\T r ANTED—Hadame Delntoar, Pc- 2 1 .'* 10 .. n,>plcllln from Europe, curescii diseases 2f!5 c and’kldarys, maybe consulted dally >t the Godfrey lloum, 352 South Clark-it- Room 31. TXT"ANTED—Persons vnshing to know the tatnresbcaid address ibe erector astrolo. cist In the world. Ec-lose |i, with hsorrintn otwrl tine, to Jadatne DUmiNT. Urswc- H'JH?. Chicago. ‘TT/'ANTED —Td exchange- a choice * f ivm, with exeallcet ImproremcnW. situated icar the city of Ottawa, LaSalle County, this State; fop actrugbuelaeM in a UcHrablo location, and doing-a rood trade. Valuation cf the tarm win he low. For father particular* apply to 8. Q. KERFOOT A CO.. No. 71 Dciwborn-et. w ANTED—The* celebrated Gypaywo- Vi mam If you with to knovaH theMcret»of your past ».«* tntnre life. LhskuewledgcrorwhtcbinaT save you year* of sorrow and care, don't fail toecn !? ,t r^ b< L ( . J /^H r v . Gkisoltailon,- one doUar. Rislda.ce 3»Q South Ciarfast. \\T ANTED—$3,00 d( aflO per ccnl'per > V annmrvror two or three yearn. Will seenrome earaeon Improved real rata:*, worth ,«.wo. AxiornM ”11 A F." I*. O. Pox 302. Chicago. \\T AN TED—Persons m business wbc> Tt wish to devote their spare lime to acll-ealtore. and also those who*c early edacatlon tmbeeo nericci ed, to call at 03 Washlngton-at, Buora- it, tot a- few days, or addrea ** C C.” Hepetttican oQlfce. TX7ANTED—Cash tor-house* and Jot V* eist of Clark and north of n*rrtiwra.worai-$F t 3C(k or more: also one worth £VXCon Indisoa-av.orDots* la-place. Boom g. No. 48 Sooth Clark-et.. TXT ANTED—A few men to establish an V V office bnslcesa In different portion* of Ullnots Pome capital reouired, by which a few thousand' dol . lar* can be realized in a short time. Can etfitTSCor .. rre-n. (opposite P.O.], Room 80-3,from- 10-fc.m. | ip. m. TTTANTED—To Purchase—An esla" b- V V listed retail grocery In a good locality, dolm »a baslnra* of (30 or more per day. Address ‘-GROCEI L” Post Office. " "TXTAN TED—To Purchase—A tnmi =h- V V *ed hotel or boarding bonus tla theeUy orr< ,un try, by a party who understand* thobusinesa. Add res* W. ANDREWS. Chicago Post Office- TXT ANTED—A-man in-cveiy const* / in V V the We*t, with a capital ofJ3O to (50, fc ,r the best selllngaUtcle ever Invented. Sells inerery store and hon*o> No humbug. Enclose 50 cent* and a -\mnle will be sent hr return mall. AddrcatHALLftTl IOMP SON, Post-Office Bo» 983. Chicago, Illlmta. \\T ANTED—A Saloon now doing bnsi- Vv now.stockand fixtures.. Room 3, i Co. 48 South Clarfc-st. TYTANTED—Consignments—A tbor f V ough business man in Milwaukee will employ canvassers for, and sols, newly introduced art ic es. In tbatinaxkU. Address“M,’*-316 Spring-sti! Milwau kee, Wl*. TXT ANTED—Parties having bnu vsand VV lots to rent or sell onX’HKi STIANft Co.. n»ai Rotate nun vcbcl Agents, Boom. 3 Lind's mock, Randolphs!. bridge. art association. QEDER CERTIFICATES THROUGH THE CITY BANKS. LJoarbiug, BOARDING Two gentlemen- and wives, or a email grown up family, cau-be ac commodated with g«xr parlor and parlor trd rooms, and cood board, at No. M2O West Lakc-sL Terms rea sonable. T>OARDING—A gentleman and wife 1> and two single gentlemen can be accommodated with cood board and furnished rooms us. & private family near Madlson-st. cars; also, two day.boorders. Address P. Q. Box 201 Q. "OOARDING—A iew centlemea can be .I Jaecnaimodatcri with board at 42 Adamant. "DOAKDING—Two gentlemen who will I J room together cat find a good room and first-class board at IIS Stato-sL, one block uoia the Post Of fice. "DOARDlNG—TJnfamished rooms in a i_> private family, tor a family of two or more per 147 Twenty-flm-au, near Wabash-av. T> CARDING—One desirable room, with U llraVclase board, permanent or transient, suitable for centleman and wife, or single gentleman; also, ono or two day boarders. Apply a.t -297 Mlchlgan-st T> CARDING—A few gentlemen can dud JD good board In a private- family, at 5391111n0i6- su. two blocks from State-it. bridge. BOARDING —With an elegantly tarn ished snite or room*. aoUablc'Jbf two gentlemen, auue but loose of the blsbrat reepectabliiu need address “F. c. TV Ttlbnae Office. T>OARDlNG—Eight gentlemen can he J_> Accommodated at a4rbooth DesplalneMt. at 5L50 per week. art association. QRDER CERTIFICATES THROUGH YOUR COMMISSION MERCHANT. fagcljinerg. T7OR SALE—Portable Engines —4, 6, I? 8,10,12,15,20, 25 and 9D*harse power, new and second-hand; one SO and oooSS-liorsepower. Second* hand Stationary Engines and Borers, Portable Saw mills. Woodworth Planers and Matchers. Solocle Mills and wood-working Machinery. Power Corn Shellers, Small Bant MIU». Iron Feed Mills. Shafting, Pollies and Elevator Machinery bollt to order. RICHARDS' IRON WORKS, 190 and IQJ Washlngton-st. FDR SALE—a second-hand Buckley folding machine—ln good condition. Ptko,sloo. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. FDR SALE—IO,I3 and Id-horse porta ble Engines and *Boiler»—very low, by GRIFFIN BROTHERS. 13S South Water-su T7OR BAUD—Three 8-hoise rower np I? right engines; also six horizontal engines, 9. 10 and 13-borse power. Larger or smaller comes far nlshed with or without boilers. 13,13,18 and 20-horsc tabular and locomotive boilers for sale, best make. Also one l-roller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, iron planers, belting, saws, files, ftc. Machinery Depot, aa Deaxborn-sL, Chicago. GREENLEE BROS, ft CO. FDR SALE—Pnrtln? Press—ls in ex cellent order; will prlbt a form lists Inches: will ran by crank or treadle *, will bo sold very choap. Apply to F. C. CALHOUN. S 8 Lake-st. Y h E LANE & BODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, Shingle Machines. Corn Mills and Shafting, Wood working Machinery. LANB & BODLBY, Corner ot John and Water-sts., Cincinnati. Applicants lor descriptive circulars wlUspeclfy the machinery they need. cgOTel-toxsa art association. QRDER CERTIFICATES THROUGH TOUR FRIENDS. ClTUATiON—Wanted—A graduate oi C» Philadelphia University d»lr<*a to enranaa pro scription clerk it a Dr»t*cUa» bout*. Three years* ex* pcrlrnre. Credentials unexceptionable. Address r * M D,” care W. B. ft Co., 183 Klnilo-jt. OITUATION—Wanted—By a young kj mao, as cletk In a drug store. Firit-cla« reu r»net« given a> to ability and character. Address *'F. Kh 1 ' N'o> thport. Ind. SITUATION—Wanted—A young man O bavin* (S.dco to Inrcst r.n good Mcarlty, and visa* Inr to travel fur (ICO p»r month, can set business lm* medin'eiy. No humbug. Call at Beom 1,184 Bontb Clatk'Nt. SITUATION—WnnIod—By a young Oman aa entry clerk, assistant booßkeeeer.ot ship* "nge.ctk,la a wbolcislo house. AddXMS P.O. U*Z QITUATtON—Wanted —As meal and ES'fVittt* * l* o .’** of re*anrsnt, by a nrst* aTnm c * ri ? l i ,<lllJ undartian-is her business, lleffrence given. Address or call at 38 Archer-road. TIIADEN. cnUATiON—Wonted—An American kJlsdy ol eipcflenco di*ircs » situation m U>»««r* new la a cultivated prlvnu family. wtiiinu to nav ht>. erallv fhf nrst-riaM servic*. eho is BmmiDltshW m music. Frstich and Herman, and can teach ti lathima* ■lu.TjMln.UMl i.r.nca™, u,„*SS.7.|, the (test of city rcfHence*. hh» may he addrsaaM through n.c. unooKU, Chicago Evening post. QllUATloN—Wanted—an Amor* O Iran lady, 31 years of age, aa a huniek«ep«r. or as ntitclasa srntnatiias. Terms modorau, iieiersoM eichangrd. Call or nddreu 33U Rlnilo-tt., corner oi May-st. IT'OR SALE—On Mlchigan-ay., r. splen* did new brlckreaidence, with ail iba modern In* provemenu. amt net a woman killer. Parlors, sitting rr°m. library, dining room, kltcnen, pantry ami cloaat* ail on the Drat Door, and a splendid barn and Ice bouse. For further Information. Inquire at 804 Miehlxan-ar. F)R SxVLE—Or Rent—Houses and lots in til parts ot the city. Call at our office II yoo seU. QEORUB ft WILLIAMS. 7 booth Clork-it. F)K tALE—On abaah-ay,, three story Itrlek Uocso In the block on corner ofWa naan-av. and Uarmon<outt. A. J. AVEUKLL, Beal Esrate OOce, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. I?OU SALE—The undersigned will sell . two houses and lot*. 01 1 and 03 A South Cana!* ‘J** .. c, J h or on terms, at a very low price, becaa«e l h iwpsma«? wVi«LV €r ?*ys In( inlreat CABO T?OR SALE—A first*rate bouse and lot WBWwa»av dl *f?A*l*» Twraty-flftlMt. THO 3, FREEMAN, I*J4 Randolph. No. Q. SALE—A nearly new two story A irarae bonse often rooma, bot and cold water S*|su lot ho. 4S Sontb Ann-st., near Washington. THOMAS D. SXYDEB & CO.. Real Estate Ageata, ho. 4 Metropolitan Block. 'PPR*BALE^F“ LOH SALE—Cheap—New first-class J boose 15 rooms, brick basement and lot, ererr otberconTcnlcnec, comer of Van.Bartn and iVorii- LVWsS.gS.Sgg 1 - API, ' J ‘ oR - 1 " CBir - 770 R SALE —By A. J. Mills & Co. t Heal J Estate Agents,] 3tf pearborn-st.—Bootes, booses and lots In city and adjacent towns; Farms in all Parts ot the country, and at all prices. Also, wild latds in mine Is, Wisconsin, lowa and Missouri. "C*OR SALE—A first-class House and l. lot. with brick bans, oo Washlnrtoo-st., cut ot nnlfln Park. THOMAS D. SNTDEH & C&„ Beal Em ate Agents, No. 4 Metrcpohtaa stock. T?OR oALE—In Thos. B. Bryan «fc Co.’s I Real Estate Office. Bryan Rait.-foe ftdlowtnr llstot property wilt be found to otfer extraordinary inducements lor purpose# of subdivision. with a view to realize a large percentage on the oedar. jjVnnn 1 s* Cm Linn s-For ty acits la Sect. 59. T. twenty-two aerra la Sect. S 3. T. 39, K. U. . Tea acres In Sect. 33. T. S 3, K. it. Fear aerrs So Sect. IS. T. ». U. 11. Five acres m t*eet, 19. T. S 3. B. 11. Forty oeres in Sect. SL T. 10. R. l|. West naif ot Block 2 of Ontlot 47, In Canal Tr. Bnb*a of W H *O., sect. tr. T. 39. R. 11. Tract. an,olLlaß loath, Ward's Rolling Mill in North Division. Oothit* m Crrr Laura—Four acre* la Snct. t. 10.. R. H. Flllccn serr* In Sect. 30, T. 10, R. 14. Twenty-ate acres in !*wtM.T. 10. K. U. Tto acre* In S*ct. id. T. 50, R, n. Eleven acres m Sect. 11. T. 39, H. U. Ten acres in Sect. 13. T. S 9; R. 15. Forty acres la Sect. Jl.Tl 38, R. 13. Forty Bores la Sect. 6, T. 39. 8. 11. Twelve acres in Sect. 9, T.-TR, R. n. Ten acres in S<rt. 4. T. 3% B.M. Eleven acres In Pert. t», T. IN. B. 11. Forty acres In sect. IO.T.sF, 8.14. Ten acres la Sect. 10, T. SS. A-l U 170 H SALE —Wabosli Avenue Lot—A fine lot on Waba>h-av. norm of Tblrteemh-sL, JmfC «omh rf and adjoint: c the di-n<*e of ArvlUlect Wneelocfc. LoP fronts east and U fret :o a 23 foot alley newlt ptaaked. This lo?la oth-red for min for a tew days tnnch below ttsactoai' valne. TlUcpertVrt. Apply to (TLINGERft WALLER,- B<l WaahlDkton-M, Rouma 1 and 5. A GENlß—Wanted—sl3o per month, AV everywhere, male and ftraale. to sHI the QKNTJ INfrcOMMOrTBKNBEFA3IILTSEWTNOS!ACn!NK. thecreatest invention of the age. Prize >!H. Ever* Machine warmated thrte yearn Address BBCOMB * Clr <clacd.onio. A GlsNTS—Wanted—#s per daypnar- X\ an teed or money rrfntded. Apply at obco to P. EATRR r»i’,,18.. Office No. tO M.' d.Chnrcb Block, Chicago, or c-fflre No. 4 Lymaa'a Block; Cleveland, o. AGI INTb—Wanted—Six or eight good rn> *rgetlb business nun are wanted to travel as agents lar tlie Kentucky Insurance- Company, ok Loulsni le, Ky. Good men will be well paid, and steady e mploymept tarnished. Men having experience as insui ance-arrets preferred. Further .partlenure furnished by addresslcc WILLIAM.P. LEOWTCH. SefretJU t. Drawer 209, louUTllle, Ky. None but reliable mra wanted. . AGENTS— Wanted—For LIFE AND U b'ATH IN KEDEL PRISONS. A aplaedM book. Alwaa* Bella. Addrosa A. KIDDER, OS Wash ington- st», Chicago, 111. • A Warned Price $2.50 Xl. UNITED STATES CONTINENT IN 1900. Ono ag»n» haa sold nearly 500 coptet. Lloyd’s New Great hepo bile sent free * lib the map. Positively the cheap est and mc*t saleable map* Jo the worm. Artdnaa GOODSPBED ft COm 148 Late-st., Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—Male and leraale, xx tor a desirable bnslncsaat home, paytoe largo SroQta on a very small capital. Address, with stama. Irs. 51. C. C HAPPEN, Drawer 6133- A GENTS—Wanted—ln all parts of the r\ ccnntry, to Sell “THE HISTORY (iF* ABRAHAM LINCOLN" and the “OVERTHROW OF SL AVERT.” jo ore vol* ol over 7t» page*. By Hon. It N. Arnold, late member of Ccngrera. ard lor over twenty years a confidential (rlend of Mr. Lincoln. This work *** Justbeen completed, and will meet a wast felt brav ery Intelll gtnt citizen, it presents frarores which hare not appeared In any other work. The riailr Chronicle, of Wa»hlne»on, says: “It will «—r.rnf s chaiarter and hold a place .beyond anything yet pro anred.'* For territory ard terms, addrras the nut>- lUheia, CLARKE ft SO and S 3 Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—Smart and active XI Accnta wanted la every ronntr to sell the COT TON PACKED SAFETY UAND LAMPS. Kr err body wants them, as they are the most economical and con venient, give a brilliant tight wr hoot chimney, smoke or odor, and warranted sale. Several other new ar ticle* Tor agent*. Circulars sent free on appllrallou to EDGAR ft CAVAN, Macnihctnrer*, 93 Malden t ««», New York. SALE—Cheap, r nice Boardirw I noose. wlUr is ;urnlßhed room*, by H. HAMMER. Notary Public, Room No. 13. Laraoq Block. H F)R bALE—Cheap—Tbe lease and fcc tnreeol an established manufke tnre of & staple article already extensively introduced, psytnea profit or 75 to so percent per month. To a man ot small means the test bnsresm opening in the >urthwc»t. Satisfactory reaioca.given fbr selling. Address “X YZ.” lnboue offlceT T7OG SALE—We otTcr lor sale the best J. dining rooms in the city. Tesy are wen fitted up acdcsnbebocghtatareasooahieprlce. Any ono do- Mnneto make a good Investment I* fnvlted to call. WARREN ft COOD RICH. Room *j T7OH SATE—A first-class Restaurant, J’ well patronized, ccttrally located: must be sold ; a great boryatn. A. J-MILLSftCO, 133 Dearborn- BU TTOR bALE—Saloon and boarding f 1 housa,warehouse,lcaeectflnostore onLake-sUS: flnahomeatead*,2 small cottaseas.» lot ot new patent: rtghts.fte. Room2.No.4B^otuhCark-at. FOR SALE —A first-class Saloon in the h«t location in the city. Addrea“B* JT,» Tri bune office. OOARD —A gentleman, and wife wish X) board about the middle of February In a small private family, or where there are. has tew boarder*, nimte tamlly preferred. Man be on Sooth Side, cash of State and north of Jadnou*sts. Reference* gives acd required. Address, static locatloa and terms, ‘♦QBC.' 1 Bo» 16, T>OARD—A Tonne ..gentleman desires l) a room and ooird to. a private family—U» North Sid* preferred- Address, stating terms. Pose Office Box 504. guttanonu fflaams®. nALBR. BEnALBR. Kcal iSstatc-iflUn. inpnovsn. fj'Oß Bi House and lot on West JL Madison, near Elizabeth, S houses and lots on warm, a splendid honso onMieblnn-av. i.ow lota in various parts of the city, tor sale low, three splen did tom* to exchange tor city property, -boose and > ° l sellln monthly parmena, a first-rate bargain P*? er discounted. by bl N CUAUI4 t QOMPSON, Uoom sTsiasonic Temple F'OK SALE—House and lot on South Route and lofon Wabasb-ar., nod oth cr localities. Also, honsc* on leaned lots—Mnetood bargains. A. J. MILLS A C0.,133 DearSm^U^ VIimPBOTSD. agentsf ffiSSaramr. A GENTS—W ante d—For Frank XX Moore’s new work—“WOMEN OFTHE WAR;" am! other valuable. Illustrated books, sold only by agents. Address B.C. TREAT. 117 Scnib'Clark-st. Chicago. A GENTS—"Wanted—From Mr. Ban xX vruß.tr,- ntatoriau. Ncwpobt. September 19th. tsrc—Mr- William E. Marshall's engraving of Abraham Lincoln 1* by far the host 1 hare seen. It 1* very like, and reproduces the best expression of tbe late Presi dent's counter an ce. As a work of art. it Is a master piece. exeented-wnn conscientious industry sna ad mirable skill. I‘believe it will be sought fbr 20n yean hence, and every collection ot American engraving* that la without it will bo conslderetl Imperfect. 080. BANCROFT. On exhibition at 87 waahlngton-xt. Agents wanted for its sale. iSusmcss Cijantcs." FOR SALE—Drug store and fixtures. Apply at 7SO Stat»»t. ■ T?OH SALE—L&ase v stock and fixtures .t 1 of a meat market: goo<l location; rent low. A. J. MfLLS ft CO„ X33~Dearborn st. T?OR SALE—Boot and &boe Store ins P good location dulug a good busluM*, which must be sold. A. J. - P" JR SALE—Leafe, stock and fixtures. of afirat-claas Hoarding Hause.centraHy wen patronlrcd, a- splendid chance. A. J. MJLLa« CO„l3;jDearbarn-st. FOR SALE—Lease, stock and fixtures of a sraall-nroecrr Store, fine trader at luroice. A- J. MILLS ft CO„ 153 Dearbom-st. 13oar* aaantefc. Sale. F'OR SALE —Prop. “Genesee Chse^ 1 * now lying at Detroit. Michigan. ClastA*. Toa nagetold measurement), S3L Apply to WM. B- naR RISER, Detroit, Mtrh., or to HARRIS ft BRIL, 8* Chicago. 170 H SALE—The entire machinery of J 1 a first class Flooring Mill, of foor rnua of 4-toot bins. Urge bolt of four reals, separate smut mill, seven scales, all the shafting, and three water wheels. All of this machinery Is of the verrbest. We wish to sell it to put paper machinery Is. parties wishing each ma chinery will eo well to mate application Immediately, as we wilt dispose of it very soon. For Informatloa apply to FRIEND. FOX ft CO.. Lodtland. Ohio. F)R SALE—The propeller “ AUe ghasy,**sS3 tons measurement,ial«l np In Chicago River; Uln good raining condition; will only require painting in the spring. Thu boiler was thoroognly overhauled and repaired in the winter of ISO; has all copper fines: makes all the steam reqnlred.eaillyt bad a new shaft and New Tore wheel in November, 1866; was docked and canlked same time. She ts coo <1 the tastest and best seaboau on fresh watir. For price and terms applj to C. J. MA GILL, corner SonlA Water aod Wells-st*.. Chicago. 111. pianos. FDR SALE—Two second-hand Pianos and one Mclodeon for sale, or to ref t, on reason anietcras. at No. 170 Madlsun-u. WM. CABBEIL FOR BALE—A pood piano, nearly new. Also, an express wacoc. and greerr's wag. on, at IQS Indisna su corner Franklte-st. B 1 A GREAT BARGAIN. Elegant finished piano; high cost, all Improvements, per fect. wan anted; tola f.r ha'fltavame lor want ot use, lbQolroat-103 Michiganav. Worses, Carriages, &c. Q No. 1 HOR&ES FOR BALE for cash. Oor hardware or tinners’ stock. Inqnlft Oil 197 Lake-Rl.