Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 15, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 15, 1867 Page 1
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FROM SPRMIFIEID. Judge Tiumkll Nominated for Senator by Acclamation. -Action of the House Committee in Eolation to Internal Tm ments. FROM EUROPE. Latest Despatches by Ocean Telegraph. Humored Plot to Assassinate the French Emperor, Disastrous Shipwreck on the English Coast. The Spanish Revolutionists Fsaue a Stirring Address to the People. QltcTurco-Italian Troubles Ami cnblv Settled. FROM WASHINGTON. Supreme Court Decision in the .Missouri and Congressional Tost Oath Gases. Interesting Summary of Mexican News. Receipts of Revenue from (he Chicago Collection Dis trict fur 1866. Temper of the House on Impor tant Financial Questions. Lively Debate in the House on Mr. Loan’s .Impeachment Resolutions. Passage of a Bill Prohibiting Fur ther Payment for Slaves En listed in Border States. FEO3I SPRIXGFIELD. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SpniKOFictn, January IL -JUDGE TBU2IBULL KOKIKATED FOU BEKATOB BY ACCLAMATION. Tbe Senatorial caucus met this evening at seven o'clock. Every Republican member wa? present, sud Senator t*reen, from the Third District, tticre being some objection to his presence, retired. A motion w»b made to nominate a candidate for Senator by. secret ballot. This proposition was defeated—29 to -i". A motion was men made that Senator Tmmbujl be renominat'd by acclamation, jicd It was carried without a disseatlig voice. •<Jrcat rejoicing. SEC OND DESPATCH. SrmNonrtD, 111., January 14. XS TXIINAL IirrBOVEMKKTS. ’ihe Committee of the House on Interna) Im provements ban an informal meeting this after :*oor, and the subject or boildmga ship cmal from J nKallc lo Reck It-lrnd, the cnlcrgcznrnt of Ihe Illinois i Mississippi Canal, and other sympi-' thcnc subjects, were dbenssed. Tue committee ate aoont unanimous in tavor of these improve lucnts, acd they will g; VC rheir best eilorts for their succcsb. No decisive action took p'ace, ba* li e whole eubjccl was referred to a meeting ofth*- committee and friends to-moirow evening. Th t«o projects Unit seemed Ihe most popol* are, first, to pass a bill levying a is late lax of five million dollars, one million n jt-ar, conditional ol Ihe tact that Congress shall giant a lint sum tor the purpose, with Inci Jcntal help from Chicago and counties on the line. LEGISLATIVE. "Neither House was In session this afternoon, the Senatorial content absorbing the entire atten tion of tLe xoemtiers. Little of onhlic interest oc culted in tbe morning. General Fuller, Senator ticm Boone, introduced the following resolu tion*, which were entered to be .tinted and their consideration made tbe soectal order lor Thurs day mon-lns ** 10 o’clock: Henlztd. That, in opinion of the Senate, all com-olications bad ana made between railroad corporations cabling under tiro laws oi thl< Sta’c without having received the express assent of the General Abs ml> 1 y thcicto, or iv» *ub<oqi\eiu ap proval cr couflrmarion, arc null and void, and nave no bir.ding force or effect whatever, and as ail such consolidations, except lor <he ownership nod management of comHnous and interncctlug llte« of road*. lend to destroy that competition which the people of the State arc tnfcriMtod in, and embarrass the lights and interests of Block holders of such corpoiations opposed to sncli consolidations, A law should be enacted at the presentaeseion declaratory of the nniirittle* herein contained, making provirion against tbe consoli dation of competing lines of railroads in this State In tbe future. li*aolt*d % Thai the legislature of t’d- State h« full power at d legal authority to provide by gen cral laws for the limitation ot rates to be ch vg-tl for the com eyancc of passengers and freight, by railroad corporation*, wnose irancnl-p* and privi leges are or may oe bercai:o» denved 1.-ora t-.e people of this State, under the laws thereof. Therefore, in view of the tact that the rat-;* for conveyance of pn-srngcn> ai d freight. n.-» now tlx ei b* sneb corporations, arc unnapooahle, excu rsive and oopteamc; he It further Thatinlhe oolmon of the Senito ap propriate legislation noon thin subject t«, uiriin p-ncjplesnt S.ilr dealing and sound public priicy alike, imperatively demanded. THIRD DXfSfrATCH. fsp.;cial Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.) SrutxoriELU, Junnary 11. TUB SENATORIAL NOMINATION. Tbo Republican c.ucus of the members of the Grnt-ral Assembly for the nomination of a candi date for United Sutcs Senator, was bed in tbe S.atc Library this evening. Every Republican member was present, and Dr. Green, Senator from itc Tbiid District, some objcc ion being raised to hie presence, retired. Sc«.ator Fuller presided, and E. S. Taylor, of Chicago, acted as Secretary. A motion was made by Senator Mel calf to lake a s-ccret ballot lor th? nomlnalloa Senator Mack moved, as a anbstltue, that the vote be tiro race. A motion to lay Senator Mack’s amendment on tbe tabic reunited as fol .ows: * Ayes—Senators Adams, Fort, Metcalf. Mann, ratten. Ward and Webster: and Representatives B*tes, Bruner, Bonn, Cassell, Clemens, Diu moor, Eddy, Fonda, Funk, Gray, Griggs, Ilamp ton, Day, Joi cs. Reynolds, Springer, Smith. Mage, Sleetisun, Strawn, fine, Yeager—“ 9 B Xoe —Senators, Boyd, Busbiidl, Cnceny East man, Fuller, Mack, Pinckney, Sixain, finch.-r --and Representatives Alexa«Jcr,.AU'?Ti, luilfv’ Edwin Bond. Bowyer, Childs, Clow, Coe, Erwin' Collins, Conkllng, Cox. Enoch, Fox. ,of Jo Daviess, Green, of DeWltt] Hanson, ilewett, Burlhnt, King, Jrfavltt, Me Gal Hard, Moore, Oilman, Parker, Payne, Pierce, I’ope, Ryan, Seller*, Sedgwick, Shcprd, Stacey, Taylor, Thompson, Wakeman, Webber—l 7. Colonel Mack then moved that Bon. Lyman Tmmbnll be by acclamation declared the Repub lican nominee for United States Senator, an«i|lt was carried without a dissenting voice. II Is proper to state that five or six « t the gen tlemen who vo'ed for'laying Senator Mack’s amendment on the table were openly declared friends of Senator Trumbull. Tbc following resolutions were then ouered, the first one of which was passed, and the eihe.- two laid over for future consideration : Jl'folrtdt That the refusal on the part of the pcopleofikc States lately in reimljion again »t the Governnent of the United States to »dop* ih proposed amendmenta to the Constilntiou o'th» united Slates, shonid be a>cmed eaflin-nt evi dence of tbeir continued disloyalty. a».d warrant Congress in pacing ccces.-arj ?aw= for orgautric" loyal Governments for such States. ’ " r f d \ ' J ? at , ln ’ he opinion Of the Lcgl-latnre °‘ v ’ Ris the duty of Congress to pass a law rettneung the poweisof ihe President In me mat ,from ° mce i providing that the senate of the United Slates shall advise and on x£m??*}s bef,,re ttey tholl take effect* /tetoirta. fLat It Is the Judgment oi the Rcnab lican members of the Hanots Legislature that Corcrcss should iinmecil.telv pass a law protect* *?***« officers and soldiers of the army of the United States from prosecution for act* done uii* color of military authority daring the ffie Jm to sopprees the rebellion. The canens then adjonrned. There seems to be a general good feeling among the friends of both candidates. FROM JAKESTILIjE. Anolbtr of. Fnmimre ninn..r M , ory an In c Mill - Im** S3O,OOO—A Snow storm. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune 1 Janesville, Wls., January 11—9 p Another Are occurred hero this evening de stroying the Inrnitnre roannfietory cf Mone & Bauson, situated on the Water Power ne ts-West MUwpokte street. It contained aJargiamiant of mai.nlsctnred fnrnlture, cabinet ware, lumber, &c. The building and stock, together with the Machinery was entirely destroyed- Leas *12.000 • 110 insurance. Sear by were some of thelarge jnllla and be at blocks In the city. and their nrw. ciTiiicnn «as almoftmiracoloas. ** lo addition w the above, thetarce flonHnf. El ' cjrik < ' d Mr- Ch - ! ">-T, and nccuplei by Claik Bms. was rnurelT drsli nvd as nas aleo a cardlne mill In tha tear The mill fa'.VE'Elfli S' s ; oo ' l - Tim amonntnr in tl.e mill 1 am nnablc to ascertain bm ,0 ?; r^H Cl ‘, *'‘W »-Uh llllfa or uo !u ESa“i Ilmiu 1 ’ 1 ' 11110 flrC 1,5 COO “'’'' 110 ,n A . s “ anon- storm Is provallinn, and wo hIT. Iho Hiat slettMnK ol >lm sVsson. FROM EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH. I.oaDonDEiiur, January 14. Ibn steamship Dam*«cos, from I’orUand, ar tivtd here Ic-rtar, tjvsnroot, January 11. The Pbip Thomai Humphrey, hence for Ho* York, to lost tcir Holyhead. AH 0:1 board except the captain and one man were drowned. xilsiorkd ilot to assassinate napoleon. Paris, Jannaiy 11. Vague rum ore arc afloat(hat a desperal- pJo‘ to assassinate the Emperor Nanoleon has been discovered and (hutrated by the officials. THE TUBCO-ITALIAN DIFFICULTY SETTLED. Florence, January it The difficulty baUeeu Italy and Turkey relat lug to the Italian steamer fired on by thel forts of the Porte, has been amicably adjusted Tfco amount of indemnity to be paid by the Turkic Government is cot dzed. RUSSIA. *' T * PaißßSßuno, January H TTie Government of Rnasla has ord-red a cen rral ammsty for all offences commuted by th« uo- spapers of the Empire. SWITZERLAND. _ Berne, January it. Tlic Swbs Government hat under connldemtlon .proposrtion to proinbit the people of SwlUer- Jand Pom Joining the Pone’d army, • STAIN. Madrid, January M The revolutionary jnnti, having Its head q nailers here, has issued a stirring address to the people. hntert Foreign narkets. .... Liverpool, January it—Eveninz. Uttoß rowtet elosrd very dull; sales, C.W3 bite** ralcdllng ,, P Und«firm at Rif!. UrJ qaowi at siaW ixrcwt for American. Prirolcnm closed alls 7d oar American 1 ". W ***' pot ‘’ Bt 235 Xbr . . Lond jy, January H-Erccloir American securities r'oi-l ai la'liT.*’: Ullnour.n Pacm, January It, Fire-Twcnltee, 7i’<. I'fltcd bond., w«. F “ ! " !, ’ 0:!r ' J ‘ Dulr f 1 EROM WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch toihe Chlcigo Trihnna.] _ WAFmxoroN. January u imx TP f.ecujie THE oorsnxMMr OP MuruEtt* STATES TO Z.OTAT, ME*. Tbo lilll Introduced to-dav lor Hcprejonlallva Shcllnhnrgcr, I- one declaring and ncorplltiz no ■oifcliurcand voliinlzry abnudonmont by aoof rebellion of nro or Ibo piliil-n,s nrolvlnz on of American ciltzcnshlo. to wit: Ibo pilvilen* ol hololnjr office, and of Toting. It to notnn alloinot to rccnlato ibo right to bold office or loo',elective fmnchbc It, Hie Slates. bat It l„ only note by the (loTC.-nraonl of a Tolnatary abandon ment of there rlgjlv, and la frjmodjini.on th,‘ legal Idea that bo who has made war en Ibo Dotted slates laereby voluntarily 'lthdraws Wntrclr, la oo far ar the Government any bj-law elect to permit him to do so,from leu." one of the people and electors of the Several Slater, within the meaclu- of these words in the sectnd section of the drat article ot ll.c Corsiilnticn. The first section of the bill ac cptsscch forfcltme so far as toponn't no one guilty of volumnlly tebrilion to vote for or hold an office reuniting a con.hlnUonil-oaih ofolllce al-o from voting for or Holding the office cf mom' her ol any Constitutions! Convention in anySlale. Tannery or district, or to vote for onj tc.dtorlal or provisional office. It is not meant to provide the machinery for the restoration of the rebel States, but Is mean; to place these Stales and their reorganization In hands, by matin ■he provisions of this law applicable to and a part of whatever system of restoration may be anop ed, and also to the present Governments Utetcln, sbouldno new Governments b- adopted it will be seen, therefore, that the provisions of •he bill are of the highest Importance. The sc "■id i-cl ion permits those who In no other wa'v aided the rebellion than by being a aold'-r in the army below tbo rant of Second lieutenant 10 oc icadinittcd to full citizenship npon proving and taking- oath, amongst other thio-s, that on ai d oner the bit of .Vnrcb, Irilo, ho earnestly dc -lied the overthrow of the rebellion, and that be v as prevented by fot cc from comptvln- with Mr Lincoln's ptoclamat on ot tbs ah of December' I. n- The third section admits other rebels to be readmitted to full cttizpnslrp ta five years The lonrlb section specifies cerlsin classes ol the most lesponsible and guilty labels, who are prevented from [over lolngjso readmitted to their forfeited PglltS. BIU tJCUE RLTUEN9 FROM TRE CHICAGO DISTBICr - The Sectotary of the Trcasnry sent to the Donee this morning a statement relative to !■ ler nal licvenne returns in the Chicago Dtstrwt, from wtirb 11 appears that the ttmonnl of revenue therein collected forlS-G was $3,815,*-U1 TT xh* ofnontrt of fines .nod penalties refolded dnrin ihe rear wap TLc retnm of all this but ?3.fUO was n eommeeded by the Assessor and Col- ' lector, mofeijv because through mistake a penalty or one hundred per cent had been imposed when only fifty per c;nl was proper. Three thon rard dollar* were refined to Messrs. Einstein & -c'l*£?lncer,TOanniactiucre,oy order ofiheSecre ary of the Treasury, who regarded the fine of -even thousand, fixed t>r tfaj Assessor and Dl.trlcl Atrerncy, as very high, If not extortionate DISTILLEBT FRAUD. The Commissioner or Internal lierenno snvs l.nt one case ol Gaud iras compromlseil at hir or- Cce dmiun Ihe jear, viz: Uut of James A. Hack, a liroivcr, acalusl uzom an assesamcn* ol five ihonsnsd tsvo hnndrea and seventj-two dollars .ras mzde, tvMdi tnm, nith six thousand dollara m icn of costs, potalllc! and forfcltores. was ac -epled in compromise ofhl* llabifltics TUB NEBRASKA BILL lire ria«* lo a very animated debate In the Bouse . :!g afternoon. 1; was under consideration for •iboui two hours, and durl-tg that time Messrs. Hroomail. Ashley, Stevens, Bingham, Wilson .'ltclla'iarger, Dawes, Blaine, Briggs, liill, Mor nli, Eliot end Banks took part in Hie discoseior. \» speeches except that of Mr. Broomall were .nytru-f, Mr. Ashley controlling the floor arid yuduicgit to the various g.ntlcaien for five or :cn minute? each. The House was in much con :«>ioi» nil the while, Uip members crowd ing do«n Into the nl-les and arcs near Mr. At-hley, and talking among thcn«clves in M;«h an eat t est manner that ;hc S.i-ahcr was obliged, on tinea or lour decisions, *to suspend business and direct the gentlemen to take their reals. Tbedobatecbleily turned on the so-called Ldujunds cmeudmcnL T.-o or three members expressed, themselves a- opposed to Admitting Ntbiatkaat all with her present population; but iziohl cf the B?cik ‘.-s were willing to let hcrln If «;cy conid be sure that theameedmert would ac voiuplhh the put pose desired by It* supporters, ihe discussion was of a legal character,and showed a wide dlrcrcncc of opinion among leadin'* lawyers on the Republican side of the Ilonse] r< Intlvc to the binding ckl-ct of the clause. Messrs. Wilson, Stevens, Dawes and others* held that It could not be enforced anywhere. Messrs. sheila harger. Bo; cr and others look the ground «hai if could be cii'oiccd In the courts. Mr. Banks believed It could be enforced no* only by the eonits but by Congress. The speech of Mr. Sncllabarger was perhaps the most • noticeable delivered, lie had the Door to* twelve minutes, and, while bespoke nearly all the lead ing members of the House garnered in the rcat* and aisles In his Immediate neighbor hood. The previous question was called by Mr. Asnlcy at. half-past four, and the demand was seconded by one majority, tbe vote being yeas sixty-eight, nays stsiy-serer.. The negative vote was about cqnally-divl led h»- tween Democrats and Republican*. It wn* taken by tellers, and therefore the names cannot bo given. The highest vote taken during the day was cne bundled and fortr-thrcc, at Icari ol«ht members being absent. When tbo prerlons ques t:on was seconded, the v otc was so cioac lhal the Uiecds of the bill did not think It safe to ask Ihr ns passage 10-nigi.l, and they therefore consented to an adjournment. It will come np for final action at halt-past one to-morrow. Throe or four mct&bers woo voted to tmolaiu tbo call for the previous question arc known lobe opposed lo the passage of the bill, while on the oth«*rhand two or three gentlemen in favor ot the hill voted in the negative at this time, because they desired an opportunity for further How tbo absentees stand Isuntknown. Mr. Ashby and Us Immediate friends express the belief that tbe : HI will pass 10-raotrow, bat some of its oppo nents arc equally confident that it will be de feated. MiNIFTEU TO AUSTRIA. It is said that the Prc»id<mt has nominated Sen unr Cowan Minister lo Austria. Senator Foster’s uUslon has not yet been acctdi-d upon. SENATOR EIIERXAN’s St'KECU o-day upon the bill regulating the tenure of office lontattitd tbe rtrongest denurciati ms of the .Vcsidcm’s abuse ot the appointing power made “* *he Senate during the session. •n,. mMr or * man .'HUGoum. Department hta teeelvea ItiTormi Cnll ' a ’ •«- TttAMtTEn, Gcretn! C O. Antrttr trill‘.leave’th; citt to-tnor tou for Omnia, where he trill ~k t cuul ', ua „ d of the mllHary fotccs Jn that vidnliv. ° l FINANCIAL QUESTIONS. The opinion of the House was indirccrir ex pressed to-day on two Important financial qu e «'. irons. The Am was embodied in Mr. Wilson's resolution declarine that public Interest will not .mdlfya greater cnrlailmcut of the Ic"ol-teudcr<> «cfs than lour millions cf dollar* per month; and the second was presented by Air. Hooper’s resolution trom the tTommluce on Banking and Currency, declaring that it Is not expedient to In crease tbc National Bank circulation above |£rce hundred millions. It required a suspension of the rules to bring these rcsolnaons before the House for action, and a two-thirds vote could not be secured for cither. The vole In favor of the first was 74 to -J7, and in favor of the latter 67 to C 2. Both resolnUons would have carried If a direct vole could have been reached. 6EIZCCEB OP ntfOUTED ZJQCOIIS. 3*arge seizures ot brandies, and other spirt long liquors, arc daily made at the principal ports of cutty in the United Slates, In consequence of the Ignorance of many importers of the cx btcrce of a paragraph of i*ie Tariff 811 pasted at the last session of Congress which prohibit* the importation of spirituous liqoors, in casks or packages containing less than thirty gal lons. The liquors has fir seized have been de liv-ncd to the owners on the paymentofa flee equal to the duties on the same POST OFFICE GUANOES. The following change* in Western postmasters were made by the Postmaster General since the llthmsl.: Indiana— North Salem, Hendricks County, IL Scott, dee J. R. Clajpooh removed; Raw Pitta bnrg, Randolph Connttf W. J. Stewart, H« W C.lioon, resigned; .Mount Sterling, Switzerland W. Real, ciua IL Colton, resigned; Lm too, Greene County," John McKittack, rice W. f V u ' VOL. XX n aim'd ; Montgomery. Pulaski County, W. K*-leey, rto J. R!c iry, deceased ; Afton, Scott Connty, J. G. Colwell, rice It. Terry: Lewis villc, Henry County, A. 13. Onrlcr, rice S. Hopper, rc-lsr.od. rUir.<As— M. Hummel, rkv J. C. Wiltcxcn, re signed; Dorsey, Madison County, 2. P. Bonn, rlceP.W. Sroitb, resigned; Uarristown, Macon County, O. L. Greene, rice J. Perkey, moved away. TFlaconrin—Herman, Cr.ox Conn‘y, E. D. bher word, rice R. PcUngtli, resigned; Ogle Station, Leo Connty, D Sanford, rice A. Drummond, re signed; Mount Vernon, Jefferson Conntv, 9. E. La’banc, nice Mr. Shllds, not commissioned; Bryant. Fulton Connty; Eagle, Waukesha Connty. W. W. Waltemyer, tier M. B. Pllunan, resigned. Joua—Fem Valley, Palo Alto Connty, W. Black, rice T. McCormick, removed; Chatham, Buchaa nan Connty, Wm. Dickey. vice L. M. Kscr, resign ed ; Dry Creek, Lew Is Connty, A. J. S;ancy, tier J. C. Burkhart, resigned. iflfsourt—Plketown. Stoddard County, J. M. Taylor, tice C. K. Bcott, resigned ; Knobb Vhw, , Crawford County, C. Cartel!, tries L. G. Kinney; Lontre, Audrain County. C. C. Grant, tics W. D. Pcgraro, resigned; Birkwood, St. Louis County, T. Hogc, via T. M. Hill,.resigned; Rocky Com fort, Newton Connty, N, A. McAlister, tries W. F. Kclton, removed. J/IcAtgon—Riggs, Lawrence Connty, B. Wilkin son, tics A. M. Dorsey, resigned. CWo—Wiltshire, Van Wert County: P. S. Ruf. ioil, rere J. W. Pearce, resigned. PATHENT FOR SLAVE!, The House put itself tirongiy on the record to •l:«v against paying anything for slaves cnh»tod into the army irom'Doidcr States, In passing bv a vole of HIT to S 3, the hill reported from the Judi ciary Commitlcehy Mr. Cook, of Illinois. Itpro -rides that the act of 13M, authorizing such pay ment at an average rate of three hundred dollars per man,* shall bo suspended, ard that the duties of tbo Commhsloncra appointed lo Maryland and other Slates to make np award* shall at once "cease. The hill was pul through without debate, The negative vote was entirely Democratic. A considerable number of S.nators are known to hu favorable to (be hill. union pacific zuttnoAD. The Government directors ot tbo Union Pacific Railroad Company, Messrs. (taorge Ashman, of •Mafeachurclta; Jesse 1.. Williams, of Indiana* Charles J*. Shcr’roan ¥ or Ohio; T, J. Carter, of HU* nola, and Springer Garbaugc, of Pennsyl vanla, were In ttt-ftlon several days daring last week |v this city. They had several Inter views rkh the Secretary of the Interior and Picsldf t«», sed made reports of the condition and progress of the work oaring tbo past season, and probable operations of the present year, it ap pear.'* that there are three hundred aid five miles of the load finished and in operation; that ills sufficiently stocked with locomotives. passenger and freight cars, ana amply supplied with ma chine shops, depots, and water stations. The present terminus of the road Is at a point a few miles west of the forks of Ihe Great Platte River. The line is definitely located up the Lodge Pole Creek, to the foolofthc Black mils, Ibcri through Evans Pass to the Laramie, a further distance of near three hundred miles, which It Is contemplated to build during the present year. this main line win p asg about lOOmiles north ofDenvcr, which place the Company propose to reach by branch road. It rs confidently expected that by ihe fiiet of January next the locomotives will penetrate and cross the most dif ficult range of the Rocky Mountains at an eleva tion of over seven thonsand feet above tide water and reach Laramie River, a distance of near six hundred miles trom Umaha.the initial point on the Missouri River. Contracts are now being matured _lo effect ihat object. FITIIQIE COURT OPINIONS ok the test oath. The Supreme Court rooms were crowded this morning with persona to hear the decisions In the two test oath cases. Ihe opinion of the ma jority, dedarirg the Missouri test otb and me Congressional test octb, a* applied to lawyers, unconstitutional, was read by Judge Field; the dissenting opinion was read by Judge Miller, the Chief Justice, and Judges Dunn and Swayue concurring therein. TEStPEB OFWABUIKOTOK SOCIBTI. The temper of Washington society was iilus. ttated ai the Fourth Presbyterian Church last evening, the occasion being a Sunday School meeting. The parlor of tbe church was absent administering the communion at one of the negro churches cf (he city, the exercises of the evening being conducted by a brother clergyman. Dating the meeting, Representative McGee, of Kentucky, was called npon to speak to the children. He complied with the request, and in the course of bis remarks alluded to the pastor of the church, and the service he was at that tlmepcifonnlug for the colored people, and said tu the children that he hoped they would be as ready as Ihur pastor to help the negroes at all I mca and do what they could to aid a neighbor tnc colored rchocl. Ihcee remarks were so dis tasteful to the audience present that Colonel Mc- Kee was coughed down and not allowed to pro ceed. THE fIESATE FINANCE COMMITTEE have been so long with the Tarifi Bill that they will have done little or nothing with other meas nrra before them. Tills is especially true of measures lookln? to a contraction of the curren cy. This nnd other questions will, however, be taken up at an corir day. WOMAN SUFFRAGE. The Democratic members of the House arc i*vi dciitly desirous of making adlvi-ion on the ques tion of woman suffrage, for Noell, of Missouri, ♦me of the President’s special friends. Introduced u lull this afternoon to amend the District Suflrage PH), recently passed, soaa to give women the tight to vote and hold office. It went to the Bu tt let Committee. TIIK NEW ORLEANS INVF.STICATINO CONHtTTEE airt oingto inquire who is responsible for the garbling of General Sheridan’s famous despatch, ■n which bo chuiaricrlzvd the not as a murder by •he city authorities. They will probably find that Andrew Johnson knows more about the matter than any other man in the country. BALE OF NEGROES XN XURFLAKO. TboUouTt .Tndicltry Committee have about concluded their InvcsUgatiou into tbe Judicial sole of ijctrrocs Into slavery by Maryland Judges. Tbe<ac£s are as have bc:n from time to time re ported. It Is not probable that Congress can do any more In tbcmittcrthan tbo Bouse has already done. VieaOL’Rl WAR CLAIM. Tbo State ol Missouri underan act of Congress ofla-t session, which provided for paying the militia trcopsjbe bad in service during the war, has sent la a bill of about seven million dollar:. This Is In accordance with the report of comtnls rioncre appointed to examine the claims. iirntMi: COURT DECISION—THE TEST OATH AS AT- I'J.IUD TO LAWYERS AKU PUCACUEUS. Washington. January 1-I.—Associate Ju.Mice Field to-day dolivcied the opinion of the United Mates* Supreme Court In the Mbsour! test oath cnpt,«lohi> Alumtnus, a Roman Catholic pries', who was Indicted lor preaching and leacntc** w illiout taking the oata prescribed liy toe Const), tuiloncf the Nate, licit g plaimitf Incrror. The t omt decides the oath ic this case to he nncon r!i<ut:uual, being in the naime of uuuislnueut wißout trial, and in Us character fxjioaiTae-o, and as a hill of attainder In the judgment ot the cumts below is reversed with direction*, iho l laii tifTstall denari without delay. Akfociatc Justice Field also delivered the opin ion of the Court in the *xjnirU case of Garland ami Man*, who, taking part in tbe rebellion, n-k u< he rc-admltu-d to practice. Tbo Court held as the sialuic Imposes punishment which may not have been imposed at thu time he offence was committed, it is in It* nature an r. r jiott facto law. Attorneys aie nol officcis of the United Slates; they are officers of courts, and hold their office- during good beba vtpr. The court is rot the rcglsU-r ol edlcs of my power. The applicants obtained a pardon f:em the President, which relieves them from the consequences of their offerees, and makes them citizens In the eves of the law—what they were belore the oficnces were committed. Congress enniixit limit tbo prerogative of mercy; it cannot bo altered liv legislative coustrncUOD. It followed that tbe prayer of the petitioner must be granted, and also tbe prayer of Vr.Marr. Tbo rule which requires attorneys r o take the test oath must be rescinded. Aisoclalo Justice Miller, for himself, the Chicl Justice and Associate Justices Swayne and Dsvts, read a dissenting opinion, maintaining that prac tice in court U a pnvilcgc, and that attorneys arc 'ubj-ct to legislation the same as Judges. The Taw makes no distinction, but requires all civil and military officers to take some oath. -Vtomeys exert amarked influence on the charac :.r of the Government. If all tbe attorneys in the i-cuth baa been fabbtul to toe allegiance they me requited to swear, no should hare been spared tbe horrors of rebellion. Itwa.* not claimed by the majority of tb-* Court tint tbe law works at- ••e ndvrof blood, tbcrclore Ibis U not tttsindcr, nor docs it appear that any was indica ted. Persons who arrayed themselves n hostility to the Government, and gave aid and comfort to the enemy, forieUcd uctr right to appear in court. This was not a ethnical hut a civil proceeding, which affected ifct-ir private rights retrospectively. With regard to the Missouri ease, the questions Involved ves'- rd with the btate. The constitutional restric tion that Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of religion was nol appli cable. Justice Story says the whole power was \ll to the Stale to be exercised according to it* judgment. The Constitution of Missouri ears no persons as described shall exercise 'their unction* unless they sho w their loyUty. Cases i ere quoted In support of there points. KOMDJATION. .laznary ll,—l* U understood u.zi il*‘ i to-oaynoralnalcd Senator Co.r* at: as Minister lc Austria. _ THE TEZUUTOBUI. BILL. V P« Committee on Territories has Instructed n r‘. .-w.n lo r .? porl ,bls amendment to the 1.111 £ n “ vi J CO'emnent In. North CaroUoa. « a substitute for Mr. Slcvcna’ bill. ThA . I * v r niSAL nEVLNCK. jlie lit of Tnu cclf), /,l£°s Inlcnul revenue since wire rcre!nV. a A?f, i:3 ’ m isll - u l® thoueM lie mill, of ll,e Jcar will exceed all esti mates by twenty op even thirty million* It an rears from an official lial nearly millions of tutcrual revenue ncm mil /• .t lint Colk-ctum Dbtrta ;or iniOTlSaffisef ronzicx Dunos itio\ rnx ron extinction op me national pest. . U aldington, January 14.—1 here is iitn* nnnn Mtlon in tl.e Committee on Banking and Curren cy to Randall's bill for the exiinciionbf the na. Sjoual debt in thiny-slx years by a sinking tur<l while the opposition from the banks fates* than expected. FROM M.U)ISOS. Reported Newspaper Change First Mrtgblng or tlie hrason-i Ktosoln- tloti to lie Introduced in tlac Legisla ture KoquchUug l>ooIIt(lc to Ueslgtt. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wig., January 14. It is reported here that the V/tlon newspaper, Johnson-Democratic, la abonr changing bauds, and that it* political lose will he altered. Two or three Inches of snow fall on Saturday night Enough more felt to-day to give a depth PV 5 , or ‘l* lachca, and make the first good thlnbing of this winter. b The Legislature assembles It is on doistood that the standing committees will be an nounced in the Aecembly to-morrow. A resolution baa bees prepared, and will proba- bly be adopted at nn early day, Bovere'y ce"etirln»» and Imperatively Instructing him to resign. ’ CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. WiAHUfoxoa, January 14 SENA PE. Petitions were presented for the passage of (he ES! i SSi t#,,ff s , “i for Increase or pay of opcere I for reconstruction on the bams of aw, . n ? t curtailment of currency, Ac. Also the memorial of the Minnesota Legislature tefflaS" 8 " lhl! unproTcmcn ‘ or tto ra?feQ(o B . ct anflo not proceeds of the jn.ernsl icvenues in the Terri!ones In ISCTaed ISG3 t°r the election of Pcnitent'arlcs. Mr. a*AN£ called np Uie bill to change the mode advice and consent of I be Senate. H •Mr. Sumner’s amcndment,rrcjniring that all offl ccis and agents of the Government wnose salaries or fees exceed must be confirmed by the senate, was opposed by Mr. Lane, who said be wnnld prefer li as an independent proposition. Rejected—yeas 12, naje 91. * * Ihemorntng hour expired and the unfinished business of Friday, the bill to regulate the tenure of office, came nn. Mr. Hendricks’amendment, to strike oaf the provision that no vacancies be filled without the advtco and consent of the Senate, and that the du ties of such offices he exercised without salaries fees or emoluments by snen officer as may by law e*S{a6C Bnco powers, was debated by Messrs ' VILWAMS Bnd FREI SHERMAN said -the hill contemplated !» 01 j»J 5. n,lcp Dstllutlonal or revolutionary. Of they,ooo removals made by the Presiden t since usi summer, rot 100 have been reported to the bcntttv, line believed the President would tnr to hsrmomve with the Senate and send la other names, as his nominees bad been reared, ha would oc willing to let him till vacancies d t in * the recess, but tte President bad manifested tn siicb disposition. Bnggcslton, Mr. HEN URRKb withdrew bis amendment to let tbo do ». p f.°. t :?, c .,, on ,he ccncral merits of the bill. Ur. HUWK moved to strike out tbo words “ex citation ot term or other cause,” of the third sec ”•*»» ynich leads as follow*; “That’he President ►ball bare power to fill all vacancies which may happen daring the recess of tbo Senate by reason or death, expiration of term of service or other lawful cause, by granting commission* which after «* p ‘ rc CBd °f the next session there •fhc nrocpdmeni was agreed 10. bill r * wu ‘ ljl ASJS B l* okc rally In favor of the The Executive session adjourned. HOUSE. nilis la trounced lo repeal us on nnmuufscnred £2. lto si* 10 QmL ' nd tbo district suffiage so as to dU i«h" p £ reo, » account of&cx;(o calab- U "”" 1 d “ tr ' Ct nP °“ Ac ' Bills and resolutions were Introdnccd that the hi ti ““■? "rillcn or printed discharges to ’“'“Pleer cr.mmlssloned offleera bccl * koporahly discharged from the a [p <,r navyt oiclaring forfettnro of certain inhllegcs of citizeuahip tor acts of rebellion Sral , ea * flnd providing for the frawVvT 11011 0 *beso privileges In ccriaTn cases; payment of bounty to rcpreseoiaUves of ihJ li e .?tia l K?P rdle h tbe “Rltary service of fe•establish civil ’govern , n^ r ; resolution, offered last Monday, looking to tbe Impeachment ot tbo Prca dent £o m r?"« Mr - K r ASO ha ' l °S wHhdSwS ?w?« ,i? e ,? rc V? ns qoesiJOD, read a speech arraigning the President for acts of his adminis tration, and suggesting that ho was pnvytothe fissasslnailon oil'rcsldent Lincoln. Mr. HAI.E rose to a question of order. He said he nrideistood the gentleman to charge the Presi dent of the United States vilh complicity in the attasßinaliouol President Lincoln, and asked If BUch language was in order. A page pi Mr. Loan's manuscript was sent to the Clerics desk, and read as follows: “The crime (meaning The asaassina-lon of Mr. Lin coln) was commuted, the way «an made clear for ihe successor. The assassin’s hnllct, wielded and directed by rebel hands aid paid for by rebel com, made Andrew Johnson President of the UntedHatce. The price which he was to pay lorthe promotion eastreachery to the Republic, and fidelity jo the party of treason and rebellion! Mr. HALL claimed another sentence to the same general eficcl had been pronounced by Mr. Loan. Mr. denied that he had pioceeded fur ther than the sentence read, and asked Mr. Hale to f*tate what he supposed had been read. Mr. HALE replied that was the very thing he decked read- Mr. LOAN said ho was not under anv obliga tions to furnish any more ortho manuscript tiilm he had read. Tic SPEAKER remarked that the speech being read irom manuscript it had not been taken down by the reporter. Mr. HALE stated that tbe words which he re ferred to were to the effect substantially as those lead, carrying the direct idea that the now Presi dent of the united States was a party to the asaas icauon of AbialiamLincoln,and that hecoutracoi to pny and did pay me price for thatassasslnation. Mr. LOAN submitted that as Mr. Halo coald uot give die words excepted to, hia point of order failed. ThebPEAKER decided the remarks were in older, the resolution before the Honee being one declaring It the Imperative du yof Uonrrcjs to smpcach the President. This being the case, a member has the right to stale why he thinks so. nnd the Chair cannot restrain him. Mr. UAiJS declined to appeal from the de cision. The SPEAKER asked as a personal favor that an appeal be taken, and Mr. WASUBUKNE, of Indiana, complied with the request. The anneal was tabled by a vole of lUI to B. Mr. LOAN continued his speech to Us condo- MOD. Mr. HALE challenged Mr, I#oau to specify the first particle of nrout of hij cha*ges, and Insisted ihat It was the dne of this body and nation that hi’should do so before taking his seat. Mr. LOAN declined to du so. Ihe morning hour here expired, and the hill v. cm over till to-morrow. On motion,of Mr. WASHBURNE. of Illinois,the Secretary of \\ ar was a-ki-d tor the report ot Gen eral Wricht and subordinates on the co’ditlonof ; Jiairs in Texas, awt the Attorney General for the papers in the case of A. B. Moore, indict d in the local courts at Vicksburg, with his opinion there on. On mol'on of Mr. PRICE, the Secretary of War ■vas directed to furnish a statement of the tmm jer of rmall arms furnished by the Springfield nannuefory. and the number furulriicd from >lhcr places in and out of the Untied Status, with heir cost. Mr. WII.SON, of lowa, asked leave to off-*r a" resolution agalnstauy greatercurtailment of the Rational diculaiion than $4,01X1,001) per mmth duiiitg 1607, and lhar for the compound ii.teresl notes authorized to be withdrawn m excess of that amount, legal-leader notes without Interest ought to be sabstllntei. _ The House refused lo suspend the rules—yeas ••i, cays so ;hc resolution was not received. Air. UOOPEU moved a suspension of the rules to allow or tbe introduction of a resolution that :t is not expedient to increase tbe amount oi naiional bonds and notes lor circulation beyond the three hundred millions authorized by law. The Ilonse refused to suspend the rules—yeas S 7. nays 52—not two-thirds. Mr. COOK.from the Judiciary Committee, re ported a joint resolution suspending the opera tion ofthe twviity-lourUi section of the act ot tbe -Mlh ol February, IPCi, which authorizes the pay ment of loyal owners ot colored volunteers. It passed—lift against 85. Tbo Bouse refused to suspend the rules to al low Mr. CULLUM to a resolution In-Uncling the ways and Atcans Committee to report a bill . r I.. 0 fcp«l of all laws giving the Secretary ol the rtcamry authority to withdraw any legal-ten der currency Pom circulation except compound Merest coles, which shall be funded In bonds ol Ire Untied States as they mature. Mr. BANKS offered a resolution to the effect trat It was the duty of the Government lo give icect to the mot al ►enlmtcntofthc nation through an Its agencies for the purpose of preventing the it.|iodacrion of cooltcs into this hemisphere or adjacent islands. Adopted unanimously. A communicatlou from the Secretary of ihc Treasury, enclosing the report of the Cornel*- • loner of Internal Revenue relative lo the collec tion of the Firti District ofilliuots. waspreecatcd and referred. Messages were received from the President transmitting reports from the Secretary of State and War, giving an account of Ir.c occupation of s'atatroras by United States troops In November; also another message giving Information In pos session of tbe Secretary of State la reference lo tbe revolution In Cnudia. The bill forthc- aumisaion of Nebraska came up. atid (he question of Impartial sufli age was debated at length. The ilonse seconded the previous question by a vole ot US to iIT, but without coming to a vote on the bill adjourned. SI ATE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIS. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune 1 SratNoriELD, Uh, January IL BOUSE. The House was opened with prayer by Rey. Mr. Birch. The reading of the Joninalwas suspended. Several important petitions of local interc-t w ere received and referred. monwATS. Mr. SMITH presented a petition from citizens of McLean County, that hereafter highway im provements be made by direct t«v. BTATX XNTOXOLOOtST. Mr. GRIGGS, from the Committee on Manu factures and Agriculture, reported on the bill mating the office of State Entomologist, with some fright amendments thereto. The term of office shall comlone two years; salary 52,009 per annum, and be shall publish yearly reports on insects known In tbe State, particularly those hurtful to bortlcuHnre and agriculture. The bill was read three times and passed. BOONS COUNTT AGRICULTURAL SOCtBTT. Mr. CHUBS, from the Committee on Manu factures and Agriculture, reported favorably on lae hill for tbe incorporation of tbe Boone County Agricultural Society. DiU read three times and passed. m tints. The Special Committee on Rule* and Rcjmia tlons reported a foil era'emo! parliamentary or der for the covetnmem 01 the Rouse, whichwas adopted. On motion Mr SHEPARD the several parts of the Governor's incsarvgc were referred to the ap propriate committees. Mr. WITHERS introduced a resolution request ing the Judiciary Comtnfnre to Inqnire Into the captoletcy of trcrca-inc the ten of Justice*, Constables. .Tnrrr> and other officers. Adopted. Mr. THOMPSON introduced a resolution giv ing Comity Com la tie right to aopolnt an engi neer in each connty, to take charge of roa£s. Referred to the Committee on State Roads. Mr. SIRAWTOS resolution instructing the Com mittee to report a bill for the preservation of tim ber mas adopted. Mr. BAILEY introduced a resolution that it la necessary t» alter or amend the Constitution oi the Sute. Mode the special order for Tuesday at 3 p.m. The Clerk was ordered to have the special or der* ot each day printed on slips fortbeosoof members. XXPAItTZALSUPPRAGU. Mr. BAILEY oCered the following: JSe it rttolcrd, by the Home of I?e*re*mta'\zet, the Senate concurring tur<\n, That Ibe following amendment lo the first section of article 6, of the Constitution of Ibis State be and the same is here by pioposed and referred to the next regular sec tion or the General Assembly, nn.i if adopted by the people, as provided for in section 2, of article V* V r . Un '»®»d constitution of the Statoof Illinois. Aiticlc C, section 1, Inall elections every male dt 'above the age of twenty-one years, bavin" resided in the State, one year next preceeatngany election, and every male inhabitant of the ago aforesaid mho may have been a resident of the State« n the Ist day of April, A. D. IS6*, or who may have been sworn Into the military servic a of the United Mates and recalled an honorable dis charge therefrom, shall bfc entitled to vote at any election In the district or county in wluca he may actually reside at the time of such election, un der such roles and regulations as mar be enacted on the subject by the General Assembly. But it shall not bo lawful tor the General Assembly to make any rules or CHICAGO. TUESDAY. JANUARY 15. 1867 pB?8 any lawa rvlflilto *lio elective franchise. n ? other which do not apply Im partially to cTciy race or color. On moUon, by a vote of SO ayes to 21 nocs, the qnwtlon was referred to the Committee of the tVfcoleto-morrow afternoonatSp m „ BZCOKBTBUCTIOIf, “ r * BAILEi also offered a resolution, which alter a long preamble, read as follows t Jieiolttd, rbat onr Senators be icairncted, and onr Representatives In Congress be requested, by appropriate legislation to supplant tooie an lb RepubHcan Governrocnta in States late in rebel lion, and authorise the loyal people of those seceded Mates, without distinction of race, color or previous condition of slavery, to adopt measures to orpanlz* Stale Governments founded npon the seifeviaent troth enunciated In the JJec.aratlon of American Independence, ***** ..all men arc created eoual. aatl Ilia* on Its adoption a copy of this preamble and resolution be forwarded to each ot -C£* tSKSTSS!” 1 Heprea-ntalives in Congress. «•. E " *?*l>*a*ored to introduce an amendment to insert the word “a-x K after “race.” rinlwv. 0111 ?.{ order v. an , d I* l ® resolution referred to _V>e Committee on Federal Relation-. »«Sw SON * ntro dnred a bill authorizing the Cilv of chicaco to manufacture and sell gas Cq,“,o”^!oS d mj - I,cf ' ! •• re,l «» Committee on General PAYNE Introduced a till wilt refer cnee to warcbonilng, wharflng. etc., and to t 0 Conm,mo ' ! ° n ““»• m.?.** T AXI~S Introduced* hill to amend the charter of the Nortnwcalem Uolveraltj. Beforred to Committee on Corporations. p«r' c S u t u l.EV—Btfl to Incorporate Dccalnr and Snm!i.Mo””l£iS. Comp “ r - “ T HANSON—BUt to Incorporate the town of Industry, McDonon-h County. Inferred to Com mliicc on Corporations. c Iho roll for the Introduction of tills, admitted the Introduction of a great number of bills, local and general, among which toe following most important ones were rctoucdag noted: To Incorporate Freeport City .cllßay Company—lUUroaua; to authenticate ?r : . Ibc Incorporation of the Western ti'ion Itallroad Company and lu consolidation "l’h othcr-aoadß In Wisconsln-Rallroad*; to ex lci.d the jurisdiction of the County Court of Ma con Countr—Judiciary; to authorise the Super viiota of Woodford County to borrow mousy— J aunties; to Incorporate the American Standard Ule insurance Cumnaoy ol Springfield, Illinois— Lanka and Corporations; to promote emigration !w». lbe .5 ,a!C u 0f Hllnols—Jodlclary; to an thorite .the Supervisors of Paltoo County or ,l,c rcort » * Hannibal V 1" W'T. «td levyinj lax for i tnatlrj debt honr. a leaal day s woric extent in farm labor—Judiciary; ami-Dding the act of Incorporation of the Bt. thanes Pailiocd Company—ltallroads; to amend the Kcvucd Statutes on eviduoceWudldanr: to amend chapter 7, section«B, iteviaed Statutes—Ju diciarj. Hire Senate reported the confirmation of the p?Jf:.f:i ol h , l on *. c “P lo Jlbf ray, Burnham and election S sSK r ' , ’° rl,: ” ! “ U 0 " > ‘“ R U “* ° f Adjourned to 0 a.m. to-morrow. o senate. Hale Scnato °l >eoed wl,h pwyor by Rov. Dr. Message from the Honse that ft had concurred In the ,pa**®S® of the following bills: sto legalize and provide for the collection of the town* of Dupage and Wll i?« to lffi l r »J° amend the act incorporating the Chicago Historical Society, ond In the resold licit to accept the invitation of the Toledo & Wa* mi* 1 * a eeeclal train for Jackson* 'ijJo toTisltihebtaic institutions. P reß . cn, ed a comrannlcallon 2™".%* St ? 0 Treasurer,ln reply to Mr.WoodsonV resolution inquiring as to how much money had been received by hlm|from County Conns paid In by insurance companies, reporting that none had been received since July let, 1*63. p.v n„^ e J c -°l n J] ou , for the appointment of tlj, Burnham and Bartlett as short-hand renort* ers. was taken up and adopted. P Mr. EASTMAN presented a petition from J. Y. bcammon and others, for the adoption of an oincrdment to the Constitution abolishing all dis tinction or political riifhts on account of race or color. Referred to Judiciary Committee. Mr ADDAMb presented a petition from the town ol Orangeville, praying for on act of Incorpo ration. Mr. FROST—Petition for charter to build a bridge across the Illinois rtiver at Lacon. Among the bills reported favorably on by the Judiciary Committee: In relation to •-•oimtv offi cers 1 fees, increasing them; an amendment to it excluding St. Clair Connty frera its provisions. “o ordered engrossed for thud reading. The Banks and Corporations Committee report ed favorably on a largo number of private and other bills. Among them were bills for Incorpo rating the Flue Art College of Chicago; Father Matthew Total Abstinence Society of Chicago. Ihe Committee on Education reported favorably on a bill to amend the act incorporating the Illf nols Agricultural College; to incorporate the Savanna German School Association; to incor porate Ander.on Female Seminary. All ordered to a third reading. The Committee on TownOiip Organization and Counties reported favorably to legalize certain taxes levied In Stephenson Connty. Rules sus pended and bill passed. Also favorably on bill amhonziDg McLean County to Issue bonds for building Court Uouse; lo amend the game law. Mr. STRAIN presented a petition from the Illi nois Prisoners 1 Priced Society. Referred to Com mittee on Penitentiary. n\ll» lntrtxl’JCfd.—To amend the Game Law; to incorporate the St. Imuls. Shelbyvilic & Tclnoo Railway Company; lo provide for the proper rc cordlrg and pre»e>\ing of the proceedings of the General Assembly. House message relative to election of United Males Senator taken np. and resolutions passed

fixing to-morrow (Tuesday) lor election. Bill to aid in restoring records of Iroquois County called up and passed. Adjourned. ISDUIU. (Speclal Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune,) ixDtAXATous, January 14, SENATE. Met at two o’clock. The Presided announced •he Standing Committee?. The two on which the meat Interest is concentrated sre Urns consti tuted. torareseional Apportionments—Jksrmcit, Cra vvnp.Jacqce?, Sherrod. Hanna, Carson. Mason, Hunt. Lfgulaiite Apportionment—Slem,Johneon,Par nsh, Waid, Oyler, Walcott, English, Vanler, Glf foid, lianna, Caieon. Resolutions were oe'ered to inquire into thccon «.mon of the propose*! Hospital for the iucnrablo insane, wllli a view to lurtlier appropriations for Its completion; appointment of a Joint Commit tee to innuuo into the the propriety of ratifying the appointment of John Wilstaci to represent Indiana at the Pot is Exposition,and make appro* prlatiOTi for Incidental expenses; appointment ufa Joint Committee to take into consideration the National Debt and currency. Pills were mtrodneed to establish a Board of biMgratioo oi five members, three to Oc appoint ed by the Governor By Mr. Hanna, to district the State for logls lalive purposes. By Mr. Kinlcy, to mate eight hoars a day's wont. l»y Mr. Walcofr, provldingtor the revision and consolidation of the atatates of Indiana by a Board of three persons, to be appointed by the Governor. By Mr. Cravens, authorizing the purchase of rai’roads and plank roads under mortgage. Head twice underasurocn-lon of the rules. By Mr. Jacques, prohibiting officers authorized ip administer oaths from charging soldiers more than fifteen cents. By Mr. Giuley, to apportion the Male Into Con* grt sslonsl Districts. Ike lulnt resolution to ratify the Constitu tional Amendment was read a second time and referred to tbo Committee on Federal Relations. Various lilll? were pnt on a second reading ana referred to appropriate committees. HOUbE. A commimicallon was received from Dio Mall Agent informing members that writing Initials upon newspaper wrappers subjected them to letter pos’age *lbe committee on Stationery reported and the Home, after a lengthy discussion, decided to allow each member for postage and stationery ac count, but it the uiuonnt Is nut used the deficiency could not bedrann In money. Toree conics each of the Daily Journal. Herald, Cotflt*. and VotJttbtea\ two to bo wrapped, and to each Gavin «k Hold’s ttalutcs of the Male. Bills «erc Introduced providing for the assess ment of damages sneered by citizens or certain counties during Mo-can's raid; amending the act establishing lue State Normal School, and appro priating $100,(TO therefor. Resolutions were adopted instructing the Com mittee no R itlroads to inquire as to the right of the legislature to regalato railroad Cares and tar >S* on freights, on road- within the State, aud also to Inquire bow many railroads there are in the Stale, aua when chattered; ordering 10,000 copies of the Governor’s Message. 5,0j0 for each house, 3,000 or which shall be in German. Bills were Introduced increasing the fees of ju rors: apportioning the State for legislative pur poses : uraining swamp lands. A joint resolution, aporoviog the appointment ol John A. Wiislacb as Commissioner of Emigra tion, was concurred In. Notice was given of a bill to bold only one elec tion In each year, and that in October. WISCOKSIX. fbpcclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wls„ Jsnairy U. I.egislature rc-asecmbled at p. m.wttb a full attendance. SENATE. In the Senate, a report waa Presented of the lumber inspector of the Fourth District shoving had scaled 1,723,553 feet of logs last year. A resolution was offered to add to the em ployes or the Legislature an assistant postmas ter, two doorkeepers and two messenger* In the 5' tl )S ,e r rid doorkeepers and one messenger in the Assembly, and authorizing the Joint Com mittee on Claims and Judiciary Committee in each house to employ Clerks; Loth of which were laid over. A resolution passed instructing the Judiciary Committee to Inquire and report a* to the proprie ty of marine the trustees thereof legal guardians of the Children's Orphan Home. A memorcl lo Coegress was offered requesting aid kin the construction of a SbipCaual from Fond dn Lee to Uoncon. Elswcrefctroduced for the repeal of the law of ISGB, limiting the number of officers and »ra ployes of the Legislature; to amead the charter of tbe Winnebago Jc Lake Superior KaOroal Com pany, to repeal chapter 13L laws of 166 ft, pro viding for u!? numshment of certain offences against log owners. A bill passed authorising (be appointment of Governor E. balomon, Wihlam Young, Laura J. Rose, 11.1)., and I. A. Laphaxn Commissioners to tbe Pans Exposition. ASSEVBLY. In the Assembly memorials were pre*cnted for the removal of Indians from Polk County; for aid by Congress to the Green Bay & Lake Pepin Rail road- A resolution was adopted for committees on agriculture, lumbering and manufactures. itiils were introduced to amend tbc Milwaukee diy charter; abU declaring eight hoars a Ic'tU dsy s work, was referred to a select committee of some other business of no general mciUGAX. tSpeclal Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.] Labsixo, January If. SENATE, Mr. Willard’* impeachment resolutions were tcccivcd from the House and paased. The Committee on the State of Aflklrs reported a bill and joint resolution, accenting the land B ®l|* Canal, and conferring • D ®v •£ t 0 on tbe company. ihc Oshtemo and Lawton school bills passed and go into immediate elfcet. * _ m HOUSE. 8 Trere passed to amend the drainage law of isr.l ;t 0 amci.d tho statutes relative to limited paitnt rehips; to amend actfiSft, laws oT l!r€i to in cmde missionary and benevolent associations; powers of shenffa; to amend law* aninorlz* Battle- Creek to borrow money; to amend the act ofISSS for the relicfof school dls- Diets;to exempt disabled soldiers and sailors from pell tax. ~ Tho bill to amend the charter of Battle Creak S.ViS®. to levjlDe and con*ctio>» taiea. uaa paaaed In Committee of the Whole. ” kahsas. I "q2?m1o? U JSSf fainc-Tho Senatorial *?!!,“ extena time for me Collection of Taxes—The Weather. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbane.) Topeka, Eacaaa, January H. But mile ceneral legislation la enacted,members spendlrg moat of their time In conversin'- and comparing notre on the Sena'orlal jmeatlon, and no party cancuaea arc held. Members meet rep damhaae»llie.VmMi°? ,1 ‘ Ie ? “Smlora. No candl oaic nas a majonty of votca. The general im. preeaioo la ihal Senator Pomeroy will he re-elect- Si&mSUP Plhtamy in hie Inmroam. tei i Dt i° d benalor Ross arrived Ihla moraine Go? C„‘^ B n C “ d r ld m PoiS™f Irt Kuia °“- Lo '- Gor - Boh.naon and Rev’ s r e ? 0 s h ,ye d “ >"T Pi *9,era,™, paya Ore ESi"S.n ,^o U r 0 , ,, e1 1 ?? d ‘ ?PC * U m “thS TENNESSEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlhnne.l NAanmzxn, Janaary 14, . There will not he a qnomm in the Legislature for ni'rtThrt 1 ,? I ?*' Indl “' lIoM PBdnly point to Iho tact that the law citcndmp the .mirage to negroes will 1m passed at an eaily day, while the dhrian nl"w«kisd whHm r °' rnloW <° r „ A i^ c 9 mol,Te explosion occnrred veaterdar S l ifiAi?iK b,ntt^i on the Northwestern Railroid hr kS “ d w» SifibSj BUODE ISLAND, ProviDKKCE, January 11.—The Rhode island PoSoS Af * cmb } J eot > T cu«d Its session to-day. Rovcrnor Buroidde announced that be bad col- ‘ m^llt * Ty c * a * mß .gainst FROM INDIANAPOLIS. Failure of the fcizcbance Bank of (■rccncastle— Railroad natter*—Stale Agricultural College-Fred. Don-law —lll* Sticccftflfiil Rout with me liec luro Committee. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune 1 Imduxapolis, Janaary li. Ibe Exebanjro Bank of Grcencaallo failed on Saturday. Ila liabilities are abont SltiQ/XK), and the astcts will amount to about floo,oou. There are IC3. .depositors, who*c deposit! amount to nearly as much as the tolal asseta of the concern. filUue ° n aU( * ® "’** of Ihe 1)1®. ol , d offices In the Union Depot arc bciu" tt*finl J« de 7 oilß ? C t d * J llO maiD P° rlloQ of the walls have been taken down, except a portion of the gentlemen s sitting room and a few feet of the 1116 t “ d “ rcTcimc ux on uhich was J3M.O3.OThe comnknyl teloll K3.Mointereaton tiond, ac d $20,250 taxon cars. Total Tax. $3,7-21 U 7 rr^. T ™ f * ecßan & D^« ctorß of the Northwestern Christian tmverslfy, located at this point, arc making an effort to secure the Slate Agricultural Colleges as a portion of their Institution. The charter is a University charter, and under its pro 'tsions any number of departments or rollers maybe established and operated in the Uulver* Frederick Douglass lectnrcd to-night in Mor* rbODs Hall to a very large audience on “The Sources of Danger to the Republic. ll lie lectures to-morrow nlgnt on “Impartial S mirage. ll There vas difficulty upon his arrival between hitascU and the managers of the Association because he found that Ibegailcry was reserved for colored people, and that Hey would not be admitted In the main door, and he refused to lecture more than one night, but being assured that the arrangement bad been made for convenience and that colored mm would be admitted to the main tloor the trouble was settled. As it wa* there were as many white people as colored |V. Hie galleries, 10-mght his radical utterance* were londly applauded especially that where be staled that he was an American citizen. FROM ST. LOUIS. The Carocdclct Connell Resolve la Fa vor of Annexation to si. Loub- Anotlicr Sale of the Iron mountain Railroad—Arrest of a Counterfeiter— His Warlojr heap and Successful Es cape from a Rail road Train—Uurglar* at Work— amaisslppl Navigation" Sus pended. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis, January 14. The Carondelet City Council have adopted a resolution in favor ot annexation to SL Louts. It Is stated that Governor Flctchc- has tent two more companies of his militia to that county. What they are sent there for no one knows but Governor Fletcher and bis confidential friends The Conservatives are much exercised ahont It Another sale of the Don Mountain aud Cairo & Fulton Railroads has just ucen made The patties who purchased Ibc road trom ihe State arc McKay & Read. They gave fWi.OOu lor the Ron Mountain ard ?5i0,000 for the Cairo & Fulton road. A few days ago they sold out to Tbos. Allen, President of the Southeast Railro-id con pany, for *1,273,(C0. a clean profit of *373.00) ihonrst purchasers were placi d m possession or. Saturday, and immediately gave the road over to the second purchaser. A man was arrested on Saturday at Poverty Sta tion, on a charge of counterfeiting. On the way up to ibis citv,ln charge of three Deputy Mar shals, he evaded the vigilance of his guards and jnmpcn out ol the window of the water closet when the train was between Carondelet and tn|« city He appears to have landed safely, and made his escape. One of tho Deputy Marshals jumped off the car In pursuit, but knocked the skin off of the side of his face In trying to clear the car. On the night of Thursday, the 3d instant, the ynnlt of tne Farmers 1 savings Association, at itiatle Ciry, was entered by burg's*?, and a small safe opened and Its contents appropriated. They bn ke off the knobs and bandies of the lar-c site end with luce and powder attempted loiiiow it open. In this they failed. The lock, however. w*s so Injured (bat the officers cannot open the The bank lost *1,551'.9i) in currency. About *14,000 were In the laigc safe. Navigation Is wholly suspended by the heaw floating ice. Boats advertised to commence load ing have not made their appearance. FROM ST. PAUL* JUnnoAota Land* .Entered—Number of Acre* still Remaining for Free Homo stead*—Fine Sleighing. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Paul, January 14. The following amounts of land were entered at the different landloftlces in this State Inst year: Taylor’s Falls. 2t,S2T acres; St Cloud, 3(57,923 acres; Grecnieaf. W,130 acres; St. Peter, 131,121 acres; Wentiebago City, acres; Dnnluith, 1 seres. Total, «.Il,flßl. 381.439 acres were entered nndcr the llomcs'ead Act and W. 163 acres were sold tor cash. The balance were dis posed of for agtlcahuial and military bounty scrip lui million and a quarter acres have been dis robed ot since the land ofllce- were first opened in Minnesota In IS-lT.ana Ibirtccn million acre* in school, railroads and other grants. Over thir ty millions acre? still remain for free homesteads Ibc committee appointed to ascertain who held railroad bonds Usned in ISSS, and what should be done with tlnm, ennmllled their repon to the Dale, and it was ordered printed, without read ing. ihe committees have not yet been appointed, and short sessions have been held in both Hornes. Wo have oxMlout ’sleighing. about four fret of •now having fallen since Saturday morning. Weather quite mild. MEXICO. Maximilian** National Congma Cornea to Kaoclat—Concentration of Liberal Force* Near ilio Capital—Maximilian In a Fever of Uncertainty— Probable Karly Fmbarkatlon of the French Troops. New Oklxass, January H.-By letters dated December its. from the city of Mexico, from tbc nest mfoirocd authorities m tbc Imperial Coart wc have the following intelligence: ,-ltc French troops are Ascending m nm««« to Vera Cm*. Genera] Ca-teluau leaves iho city some tiroein Fcbmary. Central Castlenau and the Fntch Minister went to the Kmperor at Poebla and oh*air.ra a promise from him to abdicate In twenty days. It appears tha* the answer of the lib:ral chiefs to the Invitation sent them for their cooperation leave? DO hope lll4 ( a Ct-sprcsa can be held, and the Emperor most ardicate. In the meantime bis Empire Is govern ed by his coniessor. Pere Fincher. Marquise aud lltrsmori are seizin? men and horse* wherever they can Jay their bands on them. In order to all the ranks of the army. Ihe liberals arc all around tbccuy. Ameri cans are desirous of ceiling a wav, and are taking out their passports. The Liberals must cel pos session of the d«y before long. The present one Is the last effort of the Reactionists, and it la fear ed it will be a desperate one. l ate letter*, sent by a messenger extraordinary, left the Capital December 23. This is important, and Iravea no doubt that the French will be on th coast ready to embarksomc time before they were expected, and that Maximilian will leave the country to tbc possession of the Üborals. The appearance of tbc forces from all northern Mexican States and thtlr advance in force upon the capital must soon result in its capture. The city ot Mexico Is stratcgcllcaily indefensible. Some newlv appointed Geneials have been conscripting by force at Puebla and other towns, Mo nadne has issued a call to the vonnemen of the City of Mexico, appealin'* to ’.heir patriotism to join the ranks of the Liberals *cd obey no Ipppcr Orders of the foreign despots The imperial General, Laxada. pronounced at thu beaa of his troops against the Empire and States, in his proclamation, that he will ob serve armed nent>ai:ly in bis disMcL The document u signed by Generals Carlos, Rivas (“aleo, Rosales and Navor. and four Lieutenant Colonels and a large cnxnbor of other officers. All agreed to serve without remuneration unili tbeend of tbe civil war. The stages on the road from Orizaba to Mexico had been stopped by Dbz’s hoops. Tbe despatch bags were opened but none of the passengers mo lested. fbe Minister of France and General Costlenan left Mexico on tbc 40th to >ec Maximilian. They had a stormy interview, and tbc report is that the Emperor has abdicated. An Austrian frigate, to carry his property to Europe, has arrived at Vera Cruz. Tcsbemiogo was occupied on tbe IClb by a force of Liberals cetnmandid by Palacio, and tbc most horrible atrocities were committed bribe (.oops Men were assassinated and women ravl-bed A battle between the French and Mexicans was fought near TUapto. Tbe French took the town, jfae Liberals lost forty killed acd many wounded. D. S. Kennedy, an old resident of Mexico, and Vice Consnl of the United States in Jalaps, is dead. lie was one of the original founders of Ma gellan. The merchants in U exico are Buffering from the imbroglio between the French and Imperialists. Tbe Custom House in thi* cliy refuses to deliver any goods which arelettat Vera Crux alter tbc 12 b, the day on which the French took posses sion. NtwOkjxxxs, January 1L —The steamer Cas sandra arrived at this port this forenoon, from Vera Cruz direct, and brings the following highly important Intelligence from the city of Mexico, to tfaeStb want: The last detachment of French troops from tho intenor, under General laeUgny, wwj ex pected ’ dally in «he capital, when all the fores would commence their movement to ward Vera Cruz. Marshal Baaalno expected (o leave the capital about tho Sfth UsUnL n/andoned elites were helm: occupied hr «*, “n.SSr' , beU., t ST 11 “ S««* •liScnllj with the Imperialists was want of arms and money. Meila vf 8 j ao abandoned cause* The Emperor blundered by bad advice, had resolved *9 . coctlnuc the simgcle, and had reached tho capital, taking up fats abode e r d * Dela ®aja. It was believed bv many to?* toe Emperor, on the departure of the French, would abandon the country 1 ,«. he . l s e !; cl,troo P sMll bc at Vera Croc by the SSS 1 1t5 :b,,1,,T • ,l “ li bj lht "ret °f March all the S r ifS“?o7S'i. u w “ bellcred - "‘ ra "**' FROM CANADA. The Fenian Trial*—Three Other Prls« onera Couvlctcd-Xlaelr Sentences De ferred. lijpeciu Despatch to the Chlca-o Tribune.] _ _ Tobonto, January H. Thomas H.|Maxwell was placed on trial this moraine. He la a Canadian, and formerly resid ed In Is city, where some of hi# people now live. He crossed with the PcnJana from Buffalo took part In the light at Rulgcwav. and woncocd In the hip while attempting to cscana B»Bly. sapience*f°?cd P James finrke vas next placed on trial- He for. lhe%nSu» e u.d J*** - * o ***? crossed over with toe cenlans. aid waa arrested on Jane si* nu‘ ID united States unirorm and armed with re * r - Fmai s®- s!S rilmk Norton, on being placed in the dock H° said there was uu nsa fa gol wIm 10 v a ’ a 9 A 0 wou ld be found cmltr. Ssld be could not get Justice‘in this country, aod a ulil wonM bo only a larce. Hl# counsel tried to makehlm chance Iho pica, but be. would not, aod Insisted on pleading gulllr. Sentence was deferred Noprleonerwlll ho sentenced until next Week Ibet will ail be condemned to death, but the sentcncewni bo i commuted afterwards. Several of the regiments will leave here for Ragland «vh» n navigation opens. Fenian affairs are looked ••non •• enne tin. FKOJI CAIRO. Serioun Accident the r.e of Coni Despatch tg lug Chlcajo Tribune.) ... . January J I. A fflrl named Sally Porter, fifteen yeara old, ff oi nj>, yerlaroay morning, to atari a fire.lo her nleht rld'Ucs. The Hie wouldn’t bum, ml ehe poured cool oil oil It, when Iho con exploded, ectllmr her •roKii on Arc. The flrl ran Into Iho elroel, «heo "r. Alley, lo pnseln?, cnooht nod wrapped “to overcoat around hor, estlmmlßhlnff the flamee The sir! la Urribly bnrned on the hrea-t, neefc anna and lower part of the body, and now lie* in a very critical condition. It la thought she'in haled a good deal of fiarae. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. Eflbrt lo Release Indian Cantlve»— TTat lcr» in Washington Territory— Fight With the Indiana—Terrific Eanb. quake. Sas; Fiukcisco. January n.—The British war ?bip Snsrrowhawk has been despateb-d to de mand the release of the captain and sailors of the wrecked ship Metooka, held prisoners by the In dians. The new Governor of Washington Territory role, arrived there on the Sih. Gov. Dickering the present inaimbcm, desires time for an inves tigation, and 'deems It expedient to hasten the 'muster of the archives and authority to Governor* 1 °f- The legislature appointed a Joint Com* rantce lo Inform ihe new Governor that both Rouses were prepared to receive coaimunlca* The Idaho legislature Ins passed a hill appro* piloting SCO,OUO for tie support of Catholic •chools. General Croak tad a flalit olth the Indians on •re Owyhee River, killing thirty Indians and cin- U’.nng the same unmoor of bor-es. Sax Fuaxcisco, January II.—A Jacksonville, ■/tvgoii. telegram sajs. a terrific earthquake was clt at tort KlawthonlheMh Inst. Theskv was »ark«nrd with ashes anti the air filled* with iillhmcus vapors which came from ne direction of Ktawath Mirah. Klawath ;ike had fallen nhont six feet, and Crooked reek had completely dried no. , T'n 1 ?, kmlaliy mur •.« red at Pitt & island. No violence is perpetrated >1: misslorariej. but they were advised lo leave ■- V r»lVp r pflbo RttlP. FROM NEW TORE, Ocean Steamer Ashore—Fires— Fmbczjeicment from the Erie Rail way—Fund to be Raised by the Den tal Profession to Contest the Validity ol the Rubber Patents. New York, January 11.—The atoamor Enn uom Liverpool, Is ashore lo the Bay. but will come otl at high tide uninjured. . A fire occurred at No. 12 Piatic street, tonight involving a loss to Otto Schlocraan, dealer-in Hunora. of*lo,W», and other occupants, of £2.500 ihe residence of c. li. fiamilton, on stateii Island, was burnt tnls morning. Loss *B3,(XW— partially insured. * 1 A fire at -J2S Broadway In-night destroyed the stock of Mr. Negben, to the amount cf lie building No. Cl Grand street, occupied by * it>h\ y Yoss «*' d oCo^ Cr9 ’ Waß dama * eJ b y fire td- The Brard of Aldermen have instrue'ed the Cotpoiatlon Connsei to ascertain what measures ire necessary to place King's farm and garden, a oition of the Trinity Church property, fn poasc-*- -lon ot the aty. 1 * J ' The embezzlement from the Erie Railway al .cady thousand dollars, aim several months of the roboer'a accounts arc yet to be in ■•estimated. In a meeting of dentists rvoresenting New Yoik i.orinccticnt and Vermont, to-night, U was dccl •icd to raise SJCO,OOCto defend their case with the ludla rubber men. , Tby Methodist Episcopal denomination hr]«it* ><mith anniversary at Mein«- a y Hall to-n*ghf 1 leuiei ant Goversor Ctatlin, of MassachnaoiD presldtcg. Several Imeresllug addresses were leUVeicd. liCttonof AduilulMtrutlou Granted to a Colored man. Wiufijfnxo.v, N. C., January U.—Letteis of ad ministration were granted, on Saturiay. bv the lirot-er antbot Ity, to Rlcuanl Held, a colored man ontbccstate of.Jo:n Nixon, colored. It !•* prob’- aMy the first instance of the kind on record m the bouth. Another Death from Keroacne. Boston. January It.—The wife of Dr. C P poibe* was burned to death, in Waltham, on ?nnp °y n by the breaking of a kerosene tJTWAIT BHOTIIEU*, Arlvmls'ns Ac’t. 128 Drnrbam-st., reertvo advertisement* •or nil the lending papers tbroaghont the Ratted Mates and CnnaiUm. gjjjorfeijauti Ivcporfing. CHOHT-DAND—L. J. HIT Z, Sho-t --art of** 110 l{fporter ’ 19 to give Jesscns in the VEItIIATI.iI ItEPOItTIMS, At Room Iho. 101 Washier toa-st-eyerr errtlng. Ak.rulcdceof &tiurt*h:tLd hails to tmmurilaie. t>cr* and respectable emp'oynjeat. fflElautct? A BUSINESS MAX, espenerccd book* ik keeper, dcsiics a Sn’TTATIOX Inarcarly.niaderlothltpMme. loanable him tol<*a-n i> «• bu.iui*. tboi out lily. C*a lead Uls employer #1.4j0. Adurcse “ C V’Trlhnnc otlicc. OEAL ESTATE—Wanted—To pur -1 V chase a mat gatUt-CwtUje a d lot, wort'i, actud TBlrr. n- Isncv price paid, 1 1.050 to 50.500, Jn th» r»eln ttv of Srnth Banpamm, Adams, Jackron and Monroe >le. Address ■ fHiuors ana pictures. Gold js low—new goods are LOWER. HENKY WIGGERS, 113 Lake-st., Chicago, TTas made dcw arrancpmcot? with New York and nos* io - teme?, which'will fnnlvh him tt «• •«»-«t .tvlesaid r-atnni« «>r rich tocnors, framoiand picture*, wuich Jieul l s«U Ijwer than *ny ctUer bouse In Ctucagi. * in* the has reduced btsold slick he lavs tu a larger a»!orimePt than syrr. Piea?e give hlm'q rail. .jFof s>alc. X 0 BUSINESS 3XEIV. TTIsLSds to leave the city. I will sen the undivided h*:f lat-rett In probail} the best Cr«t-cl«s Sewing Machine Business la the West, established nine years, and constant!? tn treartr*. Net proceed* last year, over #16.000. Term* nub fur stock at cost; halanre time at 7 cent. Ad* f.ress “CAPlTAL,'’Tritnneoffice. Chicago. S 5 000. OF D£SmABLEbTOCK TOBACCO ANl> CIGARS 'Tlih et<re fixture* and good will ofau e-tahlibed wadr. can te boncht fbr above amount; or will &eti :<ny pari cf above stock torcash. Ibis u a rare oppor tunity. Apply at 165 South Water-st, yO LOAN—We have SI O,OOO to LOAN or five year*, la lc. two or three sum*. Address r. O. Box 4 143. « Ulcaco. ON CITS’ BfiAZ* ESTATE. I'ABKER A LTMAN. No*. 1 «Tand IT Portland Clock, we row prepared to ceeottate morrgtze* on t-al ca to this city, throoeh their correspondents lc 7or> asd Upturn. tiburaitonal. pROFEStOU LOUDINI, trom Flor- I. tree, begs to acquaint tnose who desire to late LESSORS IX ITALUX, that he ho.ds afternoon ciossealat Professor Hath away’*. No. 172 South CJarsr-at.. twice a week, a’r oat his own resldence/No. 363 Cblcago-ar. La dles who cine, wishing to acquire a correct Italian proi onclatioo, can, in a low pnvaie lessens. overcome *ll ClOtcatUu. Mr. Londtnl Is ft first-class Latin scholar, and la open toan cnpasemint with one or two seminaries or col- L/ COLLEGE to the beat baste ess establishment it ■jj-. We*t,belrc the eels one CONDCCIED BY PRAC TICAL BUSINESS VKN. Fortrm lannuaefsvaasht, TSf EDUCATIONAL AND CLASSICAL COLLEGES respectively prepare youths tor a Business or a Uni* verMcr Oinr»»*. Larins S«n:loarT last opened. art association. tun ms NUMBER 221, gTf)g Seating Season ABASH-AV. RINK. CHEAT UNION BAND TICS ETENEVG, Ice in Splendid Condition, COME TO THE CARNIVAL. SIDE BINE, SIPLENXHD ICE FOB THE Skating this Evening, OPENDAT ATOEVENEVG m-mOTTOW mOtOIUC ■^TASniKGTON SKATING PAHK. The Snow will he Cleared off the Park by Noon, OPEN TUTS AFTEIINOON AND EVESINO. HAND IN THE EVENING. qgden SKATING park. Grand Carnival 'To-Night. ICE CLEAR OF S.VOW. The Best Ice in the City. Ticket holders of all other Farin' find Hints are ns rf V * ,,d i°^ t,en '* ffce.o7 bhowlnr ihdr tickets at the dcor of ibe Part. qektral cleared op show. OPEIff TO-KTIGHT. Second Masquerade, Fancy Dress Carnival on Friday creplpg, January 19. Q.RAND NATIONAL Skating Tournament, COMMENCING JANUARY 21,1867, At Central Skating Park, Pittsburgh, 'rjEara-., KSif’SSA’S •?! In Grwtnbacfes, and thcChamnlon Medal worth SSO. The best gentleman skater will re rGiif x£!, lz F 015 ’S? I JJ Gr>cnback* and toe Champion Gold Medal worth MO of America. Th* b*st lady skater a pnre of SOOO and the Gold Medal, Three of each to secure a contest, the winner*, if chail-nccd peat season to skate the contest on this Park. Entrita to dose on the 20th. Address TUOMA* A. SPEVCR. Skating Part, post Cim« Bat »»£ Plttsbnrgh. Pa., for entries and partlcolara. Uanks airtr Bankers. JgANKIHG. HENRY GREENEBAUM & GST., BANKERS, Corner of Lake and LaSallc-sts., THE OLDEST GERMAN BANKING BOUSE IN CHICAGO, Transact a legitimate Banking btulncsa. recelre da. p:sits on current account#, ard issue DRAFTS ASD LEXTERS OF CREDIT Oo New York. Teuton, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh. Cln nnrat'.St. Louis ami Jlilwantpe; also, on San fran cos"- cal., and the principal cities In Great Britain and Ireland. France. Ilollmd, Dorman/, Switzerland. Italj.Ncrway ana Sweden. GENERAL AGENTS FOE THE NORTHWEST OP GDION & CO.’S V72SK2iTT STBAIBSSZP ZfZNS, Running between I.IVEKPOOL AND NEW YORK. JOSEPH SI. LYONS & CO., Bankers and Brokers, NO. 30 CLARK-ST. GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! ~ V 1 r - ~ fr n ;:l Si to for AMEB ratc* ‘- r FUUEIGS Merchants and Hankers will take notice and govern themselves arcorclngiy. Wc are in receipt of GOLD AND STOCK QUOTATIONS EVERY HOUR IN TUB DAT, Which onr customers can hare the benefit of. ALL KINDS OP Government Securities, Railroad Stocks and Bonds, Eoncht and sold on cocmUstoa and carried ca mar* JOSEPH M. LYONS & CD. JgANK OF MONTREAL. NOTICE TO DEPOSITORS. Irncfcrdanccwlthnrovloua Intimations to the De* noEllora with the Chicago Acenoy of this Bank, the Uniik bat ceased and ciJcotbnued Its Backing and Do pot tt not It eta m tbit city, and those DepoMtwt who havenotaireadytittncd the requisite receipt for their balances are requested io call and do t?, and receive their balance*. at their earliest convenience, at the of* dee, 48 Lasalle-tt, Wil. n. PARK. Agent. Chicago. Dec. Si. isrx ifotent 33t00m. \\7 HAI lb IT?—lea, that is the qnes- V; . Ooo* What It It that the people are getting excited about > Is it tome oil speculation, or Uit lome new cift enterpriee or Art Allocation, where n.t chatce for getting your money back U about one lu tin thousand? No. jwIUUU you what’s the mat* Ur. It is the TJNIVEHSAI. BSOOIS That Is causing this errat crmmotlcn. It Is the only acre enterprise in which every ticket draws a prise. To the speculator wnwe noser U lying Id.e, heretaa chanre to loveat where there is to nrt. To the raaa about tows, to the young man lo the country, to the mcthanic woo is oat ot bcetn&s. to disabled soldiers, and to all* bo want business, here Is a sore thing. It IMhecnly practical Droiit yet patented. Can be re filled by almost acy can, woman or child, la a few tuuotee. It Is a staple article, and most coae Ino cenerclose. It Is the best inrentian of tht ace. Toe Urooaa are btlnz nade t.y the quantity by steam, to supply dealers. c<-mc la and select your territory, be fore tbc btitls all teccn. Delay nnt.bstco'ze at oace. herd f? Ibr sac pie, and I will send yon two Brooms —one with corn lb, complete, an! one head and handle without corn. 6e»dtor clrctuar—two stamps fur re ply. Tenttcryf rssje in parrel* to salt—town,county or State—by tbe patentee, st PS tVaabibetonau Boom 3. Chicago, 111. CHARLES MtSsENUER. Hcgat. . TMJSTEL’s s*ALE—Public notice is hereby given, tlut 1. Samuel Cole, la pursuance with the P«wm in a certain ln‘trura»nt contained. November 20lh. A. D., 1566, executed by B. AL »Mppie& to., and clven to secure the payment of the promissory note of said Whipple & Co~ ot date last in the sum of ten toonsind dollars, pavabl to the undersigned or order, on the 7th day ot Janua ry, A. D r l®C7,will,on the application ofthe legal bolder of said note, on Monday, the 21st day of January lost., atthehoprolttn o’clock In the forenoon of said day. at the office rf Lazarus Silverman, No. 73 Deorbora •tteet, ♦'v«S So ',«rt H w 1 P° W! j* suction, for cash, to the highest bidder, 100 shares of the capital stock ofthe “Helen National Bait’ of Belolw iS the State of wffi consm. One promissory note, dated Chicago. May 2d. 1666.execntecbyWamck Martin, payable to B. m Whipple9o days after date, and being m tie W.fOO. One promissory note, dated December iMiISQ. ftecttjdhv P.R. Hlggenbnch, In the sum ol 11.'.'00, and payable toO. M. Hughes, sx months after date. On* note in ihe sum offias&i. dated January ®* e ?l c, M ted J ) y B * Flncli, patabtc to the order cf Jobs W. Hughes five mon'hs afterdate. CltlMBO. Jidtuit 15lh ISC7. S. COLE. PSotograp^s. I\,fOTHERS. SEE HERE!—IOS—Tonr IvA little ones are dally ercwiue oot of bahydotn, aou when those are gone you’ll wish too had some thine lo muled yon ot that happy them all tlifo. now to DKAND’S, while the prices are such that von can aflfcrd !f. - and ret them photographed. He circs particular atumlon to children. Cartes de VUite only fiiAO per doren. Porcelains, formerly {5, now ree need to ft. at 1 OS Lake-st. art association. (lISI toil (Sift gantetprtses. JMPOUTANT NOTICE TO THEPEO ONLY ONE WEEK MORE, AFTER THIS To Secure Tickets is KELLEY’S GRAND NORTH AMERICAN PRIZE CONCERT! Capital Prize $30,000 IN GREENBACKS I SATUBDAY, Jan. 26th« 18S7. entcipmo of the kind .wliSJuSw-SaJw™ 230.000 Valuable Prlre,. Tolned at B«.r„ intlllon Dollars. loeladlna 9100,000 la Greenbacks* Will be presented »o tlcket-hol'crs. The ?>>»"■ .I-! 1 to fold a store adM wt™d?SiSn SSp. c iSs“ lr ° Us “ HMUaoetiMTSSg Every other Ticket Oram a Prize. Tbe demand lor tickets la without* parallel. tlcket9 mailed la the New Ear- TICKETSt: EACH, to one nArcw, tor j l<so CO “ u m Z • ‘JXO n REFERENCES: calo^ r iSt i Coimerdal»ArmcT. Chi oena the name ot each sobkcrnter vith is&^affi4»6SSg^s--- All co ta in mil cations should be addrewo to A. A. KELLEY & CO., guplcxlaUijttc Sfeirtg. JMbHIOiNS DEMAND J. W. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic (OU DOUBLE BPIUKO) SEIBTS. Uke the ildc'o niMfl bot wtiltvcr pneervethrlr porftet and L-eautUn^shaw Ksssrvs?ssssrs i»,kbp3 fSsslS&SS^&^ iS^'& STANDARD) SKfRI OF TKE FASHIONABLE WORLD. «S?.tSgfS' u .Vpi! l £.£ lc:H,lre =““»'“•-«« ” WESTS, BRADLEY & CARY, 7!» and «i UiKJobfen. Yor *' Als °’ ttt wholesale by the leas Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, 110. tic, •Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For Elegance and Econrrac are m.raroa.«Md Poe at % holtaaie by .1011* vT Fah\Vell * CO. •* 44 and 48 Wsbash-aT., Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, moat acreeable sod penert Skirt* made Krsale at wholesale. MiWEN DUOS 19 and 31 Lake-sL, Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts. For beauty, comfort and durability superior to Cl ers. For sale at wholesale by 1 ° TOBKEXCE. SCANNING & CO. Jo Lake-*t. and 39 Wabash-av.. Chicago. Bradleys Duplex Elliptic Skirte, At wholesale, at xnannt&etntcra' prices . . KKITU. WOOD &.CO., 10.1- and 11 Chicago, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, l?lcellbr “* M “ nnC * c,u " rt ’ Sew Tort IVtiolciOc SEtMODB, CARTER -fr CO„ _ No. 5*J’J Lake-st.’ General itfotirci-. 'J’O ALL BUSINESS MEN, Tested, in three months. CsU, immediately, on D, MANSFIELD Ac CO.. Brora 11.No.lyiaSalle-st., Chicago, Or send (tamp tor ctrcalar. jIJESSINGER & WRIGHTS GASSIMERES. TJ>o»f standard American goodi are made In a treat uV lt^S^ Bl I I J5*^ L . ll V eaJl . c L fbUl>erlor< l Qa,ll l’aDdfln. Ita. OcnJemcn ord-rlnr cither entire suits or ala~le garments will consult good taste, as well as economy b 7 Kl *J|? , Si th * , ? lt . e .P rcrcw nce. For sale by the M«’ chant Tailors In all lartscfthe country. J PERSONS ARE FORBID giving Credit on my Account, As she has wlltuily left my bed and board/ Chicago. Jan. U.ISG7. JOHN BURROWS. QRODND OIL CAKE is the Cheapest Feed in the Market Fcr stock of ail kinds. Orders nromntly tilled lorcash. ty E. W. HLATi.HFtmn * CO- No. 70 North Cltaton-iU gob printing. JOB PRINTING. Every Description OF JOB PRINTING AT Tribune Job OiScc. Our extensive facilities enable ns to turn out work at the SHORTEST POSSIBLE NOTICE, At prices as low as any Printing House in the city. uallty of Work Guaranteed, (ffoal. j^ACEAWANA COAL. 73 tcis Lehigh and sal ions be?t quality Lackawana Cca, all sizes, on consignment, blast bo closed one. 1 wanting coal will do wed to call on as before purchasing elsewhere. REMO & LITTLE, IDS Kingsbury-a L, k. W. cor. ladlona-st. Orders through the Post Office will receive prompt attention. jSTrto publications. <J>HE SPIRITUAL REPUBLIC, A Tf eekly Journal, devoted to Radical Reform. published st S 4 Dearborn-it. Address J. O BARRETT, _ —. . Drawer 6325. Chicago, HI. Specimen copies sent free. * ®o Sent. 'pO KENT. An Office In Chamber of Cnramcrce Balld-eg, with the furniture, until the l*t of May next. Apply to ■ WALBRIUGE. \VATKfN> d: 14 Chamber ot Commerce. art association. IIVILT II gatfwngfttp. O-PARTKER SHIP NOTICE—I hare baalne « Hr wm. sTO^r^ 2,N,^,oaerUiefiilaM “ e o cbas. sao- BKB ft CO. CBAS. BHOBSH. .J 5* 1 5& erteßcd hBTe th,s ftrmei a ca-p»nner- Bhlo for the purpose ct carrylas oa the tnslaeu of LITHOGRAPHY la all Its branches, under the of CHAS, SHOBEIt CO. assy® ssr °“- CHASL aHOB&B. WM. HBINKMASZT. ■piISSOLtTXON—Tne film ot Easter. Oanaon it Bates la thin < ? »"«£ name in closing npttrt&Mmeaaol tneutearia “* J. IVEASTER, E. H. GAMMON. A. T. BATES. Chicago, Jan. It, i567 t °? COPARTNER- SAMUEL LEOPOLD. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. «^??. 0 ? dftrat Morris L. Leopold, jormrrlr of tv firm ol Leopold £ Goodhairt, Cincinnati Ohio An«» banKnh and Saaml l^iAdtouSbSwifr'fcSt formed a copartnership under the firm indstVto 5 fegw».Sw» fCa. i-r the purpose ct S^taSmcS LiOtblna and Piece Goods DuAloe**. in im aty Of Chicago, DU MOBRis RLEOWUy ABRAM ROB. SAMUEL LEOPOLD. K? «°£Ssr¥ T,a « !«** «“• marble-front store tf Bros hy Messrs. BoiS arr I BMt r wTnl 1 ,b s. re oa lhs 0«* dar of Frhra rißSird.st2n? - L L?oWw. wufwd^ D waniliiiuui therefore, to offer** a w!n oMn dua£ LEOPOLD, KDH * CD, 21 LaSe it, Chicago. ntoSOLDUQST.-The cojartncßtlp tail cement. Either parties wiiiflau In IlqnWs Jool daxibl ooss, WM. B. PHILLIPS: A. H. PALMER. * WU. A. FL'LLiR. Chicago, Jss.i, i«sc7. Tie Qcilcr*lgne<! will conumio iho mmlicmro or SuhU, Doom, Blinds, Oto, M heretofore, ncilcr the arm buu <h PALMEB, FTTIiEE & CO. WM. B; POTT.LTP3. A. K. PAL.MKK. WM A. FULLhB, Chicago, Jan. 1.1967. FIRiL—I have this day u^iiSs«cV>. luftE ' n “ , " r 'sgssi&y- Chicago, Jan. 1, isn. “* ’ ‘ “*>“3lXB, NEW FIRM. .M? e JF‘ 1 £f ,TOCd *»rethla day formed a cooartßer tauaSl, E. Y. BOBBINS & CO., ‘“cation to tm.lnrM, and iw. * UHaml «>»to oroilSii2£ t hSmittn. '“‘“ Uon “1”“ » anus oSSJtS Office 82 LaSalle*!. Ej V. ROBRDrs. W, AUO. KA\V C. M. HOWS. Jan. 1, iSfi7. Ijusinesß <Eatfcs. UNDERWOOD & CO., Genera! Commission Merchants,. Cor. LaSalle and W’astlngton-sta, CHICAGO. Glre particular attention to both buying and Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork 9 Lard, Beef, Tallow. to " M ac *’ . s recial rates ol Comml»*lcn made to those m sffSJ!&™wgs PBret4sa 01 prop ' P« L. Underwood. Ben. W. Pcdcrwaal. YETH * 7ANDERYOORT MALTING COMPANY, Kos. 2 and 4 Midugan-av., ZTCcnQfut ;nrcrs of Malt and Sealer* Barley and Bye. Up We keep constantly on hand stocks el Prime Earlty and Ktc Malt, which we arc prepared to «-n as ttclowtstmarketraU’#. v suwaeuga RNOLD, PAYSOH & GREGORY, Counsellors and Attorucys-at-Law, 32 Dearborn-sL. Walker’s BoUdlne,. Chicago. Hi. I *2£lA«SOt», GrOBSBPATFOX. CTLV.O. A.GCIOOKT _BT Attenttna given to Chancery, Common Law. Criminal and Patent casea. • vu * mu “ *** w » TT7ILLIA MS, YOUNG & KAAS, •AjL«h?*» o l*“ ,e OreccfN No. 34 Bltcml, sola agents tor Barineeri Jones’ celebrated French Mo»- m?;, K iS m ■" r ' UM “ “>*«»« A FULL fcTOCK comumtly kept on hand. Q.EO. H. KOZET, DEAL ESTATE AND LOAN DSOKEB, OS LaSolle*st« Lows cecetlatec on Real Estate, Bonds. Stocks. Watchonae Krcelpta.\ tii other secorltltn- talents. NEW BURNER. THE EFIJLLIfcWT LIGHT ! LIGHT! She last and Best Invention. Pateot Ksrosene Oil Has Burner! oruluury Kerosene* ADAPTABLE TO AN* LAMP. ■To Seo is to bo Convinced*?* IST Bute and County Bightifor sale by A* B» Adams House* TO CAPITALISTS va 'A™K*pv tlt , r .V x 2 im ? aleßt Machinery:T. A. J AN DItKLZEIN. ol the arm of Lamploga * vi Dm ’ I , ' > C4 ?. tc at the Sherman HouteT (i'FJi 0 . 5 »"’* Ttn-nUy. Jan. 11 anil «.!. 2ki " e w t .?* rljats on machines frccattioic. putchlnjr,bending nwUl and 9hilnklngtles,em. Model to be seen working. * “ QARD’b patent BRICE MACHINE. Office and mamdsatory 53 South JeflertoML Pot Information and descriptive circular addtuo K. B- CARD. il J South Jeflerasi-tt- ctltaao. JSxftart of Ueef. ■JRT TOBBTELOrS EXTRACT QF BEEF, For Family Use. INVALIDS AND DYSPEPTICS, HlioaM not fall ta ||. Fcrstleby all Druggists and O roc err. Consignments, QOARSE SALXFOR PACKERS’ USE. 5000 bush Coarw Foreign Salt. 1000 brlsNow kork (C), for sale In lots as wanted, J 2 CNDEBWUOD <t CO. ■ptRESSED HOOK—WE GIVE FAR- X-J iICUJ.AB ATTENTION to the tale ot Created liokt. and always tee that each Doe Is correctly wcltn. ***; A< J 1 r “ 5cl » JJMrally made on ihlnments. w Wdgnt lUU and stencil* furnished when deelred. BW Ofllce No. 83 La^ail^r. E.Y. BOBBINS A CO. OASH ADVANCES Made on Shipments of PROVISIONS & DRESSED HOGS To New York. Also, on PROVISIONS IN STORE. JOSEPH B. PHELPS, 15 Chamber of Commerce. gALTPETRE. C&OSE S&LTPETBB For Packers* 9se. lorsaleby JOSEPH 8. PHELPS, 15 Chamber of Commerce* fßcbietu. D R. De CASTRO, Pbl-Iclag, Oculist and Aurlst.of tho Now ... School, nffl?r> ST '* l) Sr? ee i l Harrison-sCand Hubbant court. Office Lours from 9to t and 3t > I. Dr Dn «*-- tt eTCr 7 port of the Paciflccojut, 2f?*® clt T. ol tne speedy core ofthemast Si®?®* l cases of Dearness, and diseases of the Eye, Throat and Lanes, among which is one oi the care of a* c ear and dumb lady ofsjneen. In San Francisco. The Doctor pays special attention to diseases of the Head. Throat and Lancs. Be can be consulted in aiitiu* modem latgOflps gnttistrg. TVti. J. O. FARNSWORTH JlatM m extra charee lor ExtraeUac Te"th wlUionr SMffiysa? s “ ra “ °**> o-s^asss proposals. 'TO TELEGRAPH CONTRACTORS. dLwSnvS'v? 11 ?.. AS ,” .pacific tele uuafii t-OMPANT.—propcsals for the Immediate ( w r , r 1116 following division of the Atlantic *^ c e s Taph Line will be received by the nn aenlgned until January so. 1567 : J From New Torkto Buffalo rfa Alban v. From BnQalo lo Detrrlt rfa Cleveland and Toledo. From Detroit lo Chicago riff MtrMpnn start rood. Further Information and speofloatlocs win beftxr olehcd on appllcatlcn to the uxjderslimcd.acc- mcanlrf by proper merence. w. , 2. B. VAN KLEECK, 2?o. 130 Malden-laae. New Tortc. agents. j^GESTS WAUTEU. T*T tbe PH(EX£X LIFE ISBUKASCB CO- o 1 Csrt. furd. Uaroajhcul Ullaoli. ’ CHAS. D. LAKST. General Agent. so LaSaUe-aL art association. 11111111.