Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 15, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 15, 1867 Page 3
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senatorial elections. The Contests in New York and Pennsylvania, Vuiuliiaiinn of lion. Roseau Conk liup; nnd lion. Simon Cum non —What was Said and Hone in the Republican Caucuses. Interesting Sketch of the Caucus Proceedings. Wc lake from our exchange* the following interesting particular* concerning tho of tho recent Senatorial contcats New York and Pennsylvania: Now York. [Albany (Jannaiy 10,) Despatch to tbo Now York Tribune.] During the afternoon the excitement over the Senatorial question was very great. As the Iliac fdr the caucus approached It was even more Intense, nml the frlcuds of Mr. Coakling and DavU were equally sanguine, .lohn Morrissey was nn the ground, but ho seemed to take uo active interest except lo make Inquiries. It is understood he did not make uuy bets. The Republican caucus met at seven o’clock. Senator Folger, President, and Messrs. TerwllUgcr of the Senate, aud Caldwell > f the House acting as Secretaries. On the calling ot the roll it appeared lb it twentT-scven"Senators and elgniy-onu mem bers o'f the House were present . An infor mal ballot was then ordered. Before it was taken, Mr. Roberta of Oneida arose and nominated Mr. Roscoc Conklitig for Senator. Mr. Roberts said that Mr. Conkling's course in the House of Representatives entitled him to recognition. As a member of the Ways and Means and Reconstruction Commit- 1 ees be was true to his party and his country. His further services lu hflica ihc veil from the massacre of Ball's 'BUriT, aui in showing up the Ha-dock bounty frauds were also alluded to. Ills election wa> due as a.recognition of the youth'nnd vigor of 1 the great Republican paily, os he was iu ir.otl brilliant exponent of these qualities. Mr, Burroughs, of Eric, arose hi behall of Western New York to present its c’atms, and «iid that during the whole bi.-tory of the State .no Senator had ever been cboseu from tbe section west ol Cayuua Bridge—a section which la-tycar m.IeU up a majority cl 27,000 men. As a rci>rcsenta(ivc of that section he presented the t atnc of Nosh Davis, an able lawyer and an upright Jnd-re, who has been always true to ibe principles of the party. Since the commencement of the war no mau had done ro much to mold und guide the sentiment of (he people of Iris section. Both by ills pen and his tongue he bad con tributed to the National cause, and his servi ces deserved recognition. Mr. Henry Smith of Albauy said that If local considerations were to be consulted his county should bo recognized, for the valiant battles of the Re publican parlv'had placed her ammuc the pillars cf that party. The candidate he would name bad been in both branches o( the Legislature, a member of the Constitutional Convention, and an able and upright Judge. As Senator, although in some minor matters be may have diifercd with his partv, he had always remained true to the principles upon which he was elected. YiThea Mr. Johnson held forth the whole power of the Govern ment to seduce our Representatives from their principle*, he stood firm and unyield ing. That man was Jra Harris of Albany. Mr. Gibbs of Delaware placed m nomination the name of Judge uauaom Salenm of Binghamton, Judge of the Supreme Court, and endorsed his claims as a good aud true Republican, deserving of recognition. Mr. Trav.T?, of Westches ter. rose to place in nomination a nun who needed no encomiums—-a man who did mure Ilian any other man to place victories on our panner.^—the foremost man of his pirty, and the editor of the leading journal of tbe country —Mi. Giccley. lu presenting Uis name he did it without any ’authority from Mr. Greeley whatever. Mr. Greeley did not come here to seek votes; neither would he ollow a-iy one else to do so for him. The oßicc must seek him, not he tbeouice; and Mr. Travers hoped such would be the opin ion of the caucus. They owed him the oitice foi the work he lias done iu behalf of the party. None equalled him iu unmasking trea jon.* nnd none have given so hard blows for Jiccdom everywhere as Mr. Horace Grcelev. Senator crowley, la u speech on behalf of the young men of the West, second ed the nomination of Mr. Davis iu a short and eloquent speech. Senator While sec onded the comii aiion of'Mr. Conklins'. Mr. White’s first choice was George William Curtis, hut as that able and eloquent gen tlemuu was not in the field, he locked about and found that the man best fitted by his previous course ami ability was Koscoe Conkllug. The people of New York wanted a voice in the legislative halls, and the man » best fitted for that position was Ruseoo Couklhig. Ah the uames of each of the gen tlemen nominated were announced by the Speaker, they were greeted with loudnp piause. The in'crmal ballot was then taken amid no little excitement. As the members wcul up to dcjKistt their ballots, the greatest cu riu>ity existed among the ouisidcis, some of tbem'veuturiug inside the railings. As the votes were being counted, * very one was conjecturing the result, am! when Chairman Folger rapped for order It scenic I as if every one held his breath. On the announcement that Mr. Harris had received 32, -Davis 30, Couklitgoo, Balcoro 7, Greeley d, and Fol der 1, there was a great deal of twittering, and the Davis men looked jubilant. Coup ling's filcuds scattered around everywhere, and seemed to vie with Harris in looking after the interests of their nominee. Amid j the confusion, Mr. Travers withdrew the I name of Mr. Greeley. I A motion was then made to go Into an- I other itih.rmal ballot,but a friend of Mr. Davis moved to amend by going into u formal one which was carried, raising additional hope In the hearts of the Davis men. During the voting in this ballot the button-holers were busier than ever. As the voles were being counted every one’s eyes were beut on the ■ itlleis, and when the vote was announced it created seme surprise especially among Conkling’s friends. It stood: HarrlJ... 21 llalcom ... 4 Colliding UJ Folger.. 1 Dans .....41 *’ It was evident Harris* friends were waver ing and the Davis ard Coak'.mg bullondio lersmadc desperate efforts to gain them for their nominee. During the whole time of taking Hie nejt ballot, importuning the members was the principal business of the fioor. The Clerk announced the result, which was as follows: Centime 13 Dalcom 2 Then another ballot was called, and dur ing tbe voting the excitement increased to fever heat. As the tellers were counties, members were crowding around their The ballot was announced, and It gave great hope to Mr. Conkllug'* friends. It was; Coukling 35 l»avi? stl Harris C Tw o voles only were wanted to give Conk ling the :*enatorehip. Jits friends became anxious, and every Harris man was sur rounded i»y a Davis arid Conkling canvasscr- Every one was Holding his-breath, when Chairman Folger announced that, one more vote was cast than there were members present. It was a more to g-jln lime by someone. Another ballot was Ihcu taken, and it roultcd: Corkling , S 9 This nomination was greeted with loud applause, and it was moved to make it unani mous, which was-carried. After which the caucus adjourned. After the caucus adjourned a great crowd of people repaired to Mr. Oonkling’s room at the Delevan House. He attempted to make a speech to them, but the onttnwiasm was so great that alter speaking about three mhiUtua he desisted. He thanked th. m for their congratulations and support, and while he felt proud of his success he had no feeling toward his opponents lathe contest, or to ward any»ne, but of the kindliest character. Mover bad he seen a contest waged with so much good will, gentlemanly lerling and uuitorm courtesy, aud s«> free from all p -r --soual and paity bitterness as lids. The crowd still pressed close and becumisocu- Ihnsias-th* as io .prevent Mr. C;nk- Bug Jrcm speaking. in the eoniu sion Lyman Tremaine came in, and after offering his congratulations, said he hailed this triumph ns an augurv of bet ter days VorTUu great Union nartv; iT showed plainly that henceforth the vou:r-. vigorous Jive men must rule its destinies, and ttm bar nacles must go to the bottom. It was a trl uruph, not of £old but, oi intellect, against age aud mediocrity- The people of New Turk would now lie heard In the Senate Chamber In a manner winch would make the old State feel proud. Speeches were then made by General Bruce, Senator White, Ru fus Andrews, of New York, cx-Mayor Op dyke and others. Judge Noah Davis 'was sent for and was warmly received. lie ten- , dered his congratulations, and felt sure that the propie would be satisfied with the choice. Mr. Coukling, in replv, paid Mr. Davis un eloquent compliment.' lie said although he hud been defeated, Mr. Davis had a right to feel proud that he received such support on this, almost his first entrance Duo politi cal life; he did nut think any such compli ment had ever been paid before in the history of the £talc. MV. L'oukling again thanked the gentlemen present for their kindness. He was heartily glad tne canvass had been conducted in snch a gentlemanly and good natured manner, and he would assure them all that m. ill-feelings «r spile. «»r anything else in that nature remained in his breast, ile paid an eloquent tribute to the Republican parly, and said that the same feeling of %, brotherly love and unity which now prevail ed in Us ranks was akiu to the spirit of the last five years displayed by % «nr*6oldicrs on the battlefield, by the workets in the trench, the prayerful in the closet, .and the weepers nt the grave. The remainder Was a tribute to that patty and a compliment to its lead ers. On its conclusion Judge Davis proposed Mr. ConkJing’b health, and said he, 100, felt proud of the compliment that hud been paid him ; be had couse among them a stranger. yet had tested strongly the muscle of their mist powcrfulnomtuee. iiehopedhereafter he would not be such a stranger. The re joicing* over the success oi Mr. Conkliug were kepi up until a late hour. PcouNflfanta, lEarr.'tburg. (Jan. 10) Despatch to the Philadel phia Inquirer,} Early this morning it was 'announced in well informed circles, that au interview hod • been held between Curtin, Steveus, Grow ami Forney, and that the opponvuts of Cum ci ou wcj e arranging some plan of action to combine against him. The ridiculous rumor also obtained currency that overtures bad been made by Stevens’ friends to the Democ racy to cotubluc on some new candidate. This wae, of course, lalse. Finally U was understood that tbc opponents of Cameron vi ould bold a private caucus al three o’clock in the aticrnocm, to decide upon their coarse, and tbe friends of Stevens expressed a san guine belief that If Ids delegates refused to {to into tbc Republican caucus In the even* uc, they would bo sustained by the people. ' While animated conversations on those points was going on at tho hotels, a Joint committee ofboth Houses was in session to Investigate the alleged brlhcrv and corrup tion In rcrcrenro to tho Senatorial election. The committee held a rccro; session for near* ly two hours this morning. The friends of Stevens asserted (lint it hud been formed in the Cameron hiteicM. but all parties agreed Jinl the ceiumUleu hod been it work, and* liml examined several prominent men ns wit nesses. Nothing of Importance ns >ol, how ever, has Veen developed. At three o clock the crowd ofv!sliorsß«o'iiblcd Inundoround UioLuchteUlonsetodlKCUM the approach, lugcaueui. The caucus, however, had «ul. oily met incamrhite ut the Stale Capital notch . , . ~ All sorts of estimates were Indulged In as to Its mmiirnoUfength. but no oucsoomcd to posfcss any definite knowledge on the subject. Finally, ctovernor Curtin and Mr. Stevens entered tho room, unJ delivered speeches, occupying tho tlmo until (our o’clock, when nicy departed, leaving tho members in caucus to rolled aud decide how to act. The address of Mr. Stevous was foiclldo nnd pointed,-aud urging a contest to the Inst extremity, while Governor Cur tin wufi marc modctulo. While the caucus was m session the crowd at Lochiel was aug mented by an ex-Postmaster of Philadelphia nud an ex-Ch-rh of the Quarter Sessions — the former a friend of Cameron, and the latter of Curtin. The controversy between them raged fiercely and terminated In an effort oa the pail of tbc cx-Clcrk to physically annihilate jhc Postmaster. Mutual friends Interfered, but not until an advocate of Governor Curtin had declared the Legislature, in his opinion, to be venal and corrupt in the lost degree. It was six o’clock before the private caucus adjourned. As the members emerged from the room they were eagerly questioned. Xt required, however, but few words to show that succors against Cameron was hopeless. In the caucus, Senator Bighata, of Alle gbcny,had hceu appointed Chairman, and the ‘first speech was made by Mr. Stevens. He deprecated the election of Cameron as an evil to the people and the Kepnbllcan pa* ty, and said that lie was satisfied In hU own mind that the strength of Cameron had been gained bv Improper Influences. Immediately alter the election of Novem ber, Cameron had told him, personally, that he could count upon but nineteen members, but It was now manifest that this nineteen, most probably through Imoroper influences, bad been increased so as to be a majority. Governor Curtin then made his address. In justice to his friends, aud to such i.ewly-ciecfed members as had pledged their constituents to support him, he snould re main a candidate. Speeches-were then made by Messrs. Grow and Forney, after which, as already stated, cvcivbody except the Republican members withdrew. The project was talked of with drawing in a body from the regular caucus and 01 making efforts to secure a postpone- | incut of the same. Although there was gicut unanimity of sentiment, It was appar ent that the friends of Stevens, Curtin, and Grow lacked one very important element, viz: numerical strength. The want of this was ruinous, and with this tact staring them In the dice the caucus adjourned, leaving the Individual members to pursue such a course as circumstances might suggest, or as they might deem expe dient. Eight o’clock was announced as the hour for assembling the regular caucus, but at Lnif-pust seven both houses aud lobbies were tilled with Interested strangers, several uf whom commenced impromptu political harangues in the hall, some of the remarks heing more cutting than polite. In reference to ccitain members who were supposed to have changed their views on the Senatorial question since January Ist. The gavel of the Speaker sounded an alarm ♦•xactly at e ? ght, which cleared the House 01 Representatives of everybody but the Re publican member* of the caucus, and the doors were closed on their deliberations. The Lancaster County Senators, Biliingfelt and Fisher, did not go into the caucus. THE CAUCES. As soon as order could be restored, Senator Hall was called to the chair. Mr. Bigham made a motion to admit the reuortcis of the press, which was opposed by Mr. Lowry and voted down. Thei.ominaticns were then made. Senator Lowry romlnated General Cam cron. Colonel Quay nominated Governor Curtin. Mr. fchoeniakcr nominated Mr. Grow. Mr. Roth nominated Mr. Stevens. Svnuior Bigham then moved an adjourn ment until Monday evening next, inasmuch as the committee to investigate the alleged biibery had net vet reported. Tills was voted down by forty-two yeas to fifty-four nays. A ballot was then entered into for Senator. General Caraeion received 4t» votes, Gov ernor Curtin, 2J votes; Mr. Stevens, 7 voles ; G A. Grow, 5 votes; and two absentees. General Camtron having received a majority was declared the nominee, and on motion of Mr. Quay, tnc nomination was made unani mous, and the caucus having been in session thuty-fivc minutes, adjourned. THE CANAL i'HOJhCTS. Water Comiunnicotlon Between Chi cago anti the JEU&blfcftlppl* Stxbukc, ill., January 5. To the Editor of the Chicago 1 iibnoe: J uni glad to sec that your paper takes so much interest in all the internal improve ments of our growing State, and as there Is j so much said at this lime about the Illinois I and Rock River improvement, and a canal I from LaSalle to Rock Island, will you allow me through your columns to make a few suggestions? The great object of this canal is to make water communication from Davenport, lowa, and Rock Island, to the lake at Chicago. The plan 1 would suggest is this: Cut a cauul from Rockford, or make the Kishwau kec River a part of this canal, up through Cherry Valley, direct to Chicago, or In as near a direct line ns the country would allow. The [ cugtb of this canal would he about eighty miles; Rock River, at this point, 1 do not think Is very much higher than Lake Michigan, und but few locks would be need ed. This would make a cheap canal, and «.uc more direct that from Dixon to LaSalle. If we take tie proposed canal at Dixon and go to Hennepin, slxtj-two miles, and from Hennepin to LaSalle, eighteen miles, we will 1 lieu he as tar from Chicago ns when we started trom Dixon, and still have oue huuuied miles to pay toll through the Illi nois and Michigan Canal. \\ lieu Keek River is improved, as Col. Wor rell demonstrated it should be, at the Con vention in Rock Island, a lew days ago, and seven feet ot walerts Obtained iu the canal and river, the people ot Davenport, lowa, and Reek Is'aml, could send nil their pro dvcj as to the lakes, up Ko.k River and through this proposed ca tmlto Chicago, us they could to LaSalle ami thence to Chicago. The same may be said of Dixen, Slot ling, and all lt.f lowcriatrtof Ruck River, and the people of Rucktoid, and from there up to Janesville, and all along the upper part of Rock River, would be induced to'send their freights through this canal to Chicago, because it would be direct for them. But ask them to go down Rock River to Dixon, and thence to LaSalle, and from there to Chicago, and they will Him they have tiuveiled a long round about way, and will not be likely logo that way a see*>ud time. if il Is feasible to build a canal through the proposed district ol the couulry, and 1 think it is, we would come iuto the North Brunch of theChlcago River with this canal, fur the nasun that the South Branch has all the commerce il can accommodate already. Much more might be said of the advantages ociivcd from this liuc ol canal m preference to one by LaSalle. An Old sirrrmu. AnKartbquahc In Now York. The Rochester ITiton of Tuesday last has the following in relation to the earthquake mentioned in our despatches: “On Sunday afternoon and evening two distinct shocks of au earthquake were expe rienced in the southwest comer of this county and in the adjoining county of Liv ingston. The first shock came about five p. m., attended by a rumbling sound, which ap peared to conic up from the southwest and pass away to the southeast. Buildings were shaken In the village of Mmuford, and peo ple sitting in their .houses were startled by the sensation produced. Between eight aiul u’ucp. in. another and a lighter shock was experienced.' The first shock was sensibly experienced in the village of Caledonia, Liv* i:g.-tou County. “The testimony to the statement above made is such that it cannot be doubted that there was a convulsion of the earth in the localities named sufficient to startle and alarm the people. It can be explained upon ro oilier hypothesis than that it was an earthquake- It was on Sunday evening, when all was quiet and the effect would be mod readily noticed.” Tbo ItaliagPositlon, The London Lancet gives as follows a striking illustration of the strength of the ruling passion even iu death, in aVcccnt oe t unetae in London: An old man in Iris la t iiiKoas was admitted into one of the metro pol.ian hospitals. He was without relations, irreuds, or apparent means of subsistence: but, when undressed amt put Into bed. a ba ,T of money was fouod suspended by a stria? round bis ucck. To Ibis ho clung with leir* acl y, re using to part with it to any one, ami wearing It about him by dav and ul-ht As his cud approached the treasure became an anxiety to those who tended him for the sum was evidently large, and it’was feared that It might offer temptation to some patient, iu case the moment of his Ccalh should he unobserved. At length the hour arrived, and, when death had apparent ly claimed him. a nurse gently unfastened the tiring aud removed the bag. At tbe same moment Ihe old man opened his eyes and felt instinctively for his treasure, which was no longer in its place. He uttered the wrrd.**Gone!” and died. The money, which was found to amount to £l7l, was handed over to the hospital authorities. Stock of Lumber* Slunslcr, Lath* Ac., January l«t-Official Statement* The following Is a statement of the amount or Lumber, Shingles. Latli, Ac., In stock In this city cn January let, is6T, compared with the amount a year ego, ns compiled by a committee ot the Lumbermen’s Association: „ Jan. 3,1837. Jan.3,ISCC. Rawed Dine Lumber and fflabcr, It- lB:,710,7!(i J3VJIO.9W Hewn Timber,fl U,SCG..Ct 2,332,101 Pickets, No 731,1 U l,4iiSW Lath, pcs 13,765,400 8,301,300 Cedar Pests. No 96,333 b3,CSS Sawed Shlnglre, TO 35,183 15.4G5 Sliaver Shingles, in 11,9 >7 4,351 li is toned.that the clock ou hand here, together with the Lumber at Muskegon, Oconto and Me nominee, in readiness tor early shipment lu the spring, arc about forty millions lees than those same items were one year ago. While the stock actually Loro slightly cxcceas that ot January, ISM* yet the quantity awaiting shipment is so much Tees that the comparison Is, as stated, nearly or qnito forty millions less now than at the same date last year. It is proper to node*! in this, con nection that this branch of trade is tn creasing bcie from year to yea.*. There are 107 lumber yards in Chicago, avainrt $6 one year ago. To mvet this giowlh of demand requires an increased supply of about seventy-five millions more each year man for the year previous. auttkas Castes, „ -President ofthc Lumbermen's Aasociaaun. IL*K. Bicktobd. i __ ~y NatoakUtx, ’f committee. THE STEWART DIVORCE CASE. Fifth Day of the Trial. A Juror Excused—Contradictory Testimony—A Saloon Keep er on (he Stand. The Reverend Defendant Drinks Half Glasses—He Visits Houses of HI Pome, bat is Re served There, lo Visits Mrs. Dudley for Sympa thy—Letter Stealing—Abor tion—Rev. A. C, Stewart “Supposes” Mart to be His Son. Thc necessities of the business of tho Circuit Court, forced the vacation of Us room by (ho par' tics to (be Stewart divorce case, and only the compatatlvcly small room dovotvd to the daily labors of Jndge Jameson was at tho disposal of the cause. Toward lithe mimllndeof bangers on, tbe many witnesses, and the Interested par ties made speedy way to find it early filled. It became seccessrv. alter tbo witnesses bad been admitted, to exclude the general public, and but a llmliea number of bystanders found a gratifica tion tot their curiosity In hearing the testimony delivered. A JDBOB EXCUSED. Tbe Court aisled tbat ono of tho jurors bad ap riled to him tone excused from farther service, j* having teceivcd a telegram from New York on business of very great Imponance, and of sack a L&imc that be would have lettooMinday evening bat lor bis engagement bore. Tbe business in volves a very large amount of money, and its seiety depends upon bis presence. The parties at once gave consent and the juror, Mr. George W. Todd, was excused from further sendee. Thecasconthopartoftbc defendant was then continued. The witness first called on yesterday was jokl un, who being sworn, testified substantially os fol lows: lam & constable on the West Side. 1 have ivtd m the city about six years. I served a re ritvin on Steals fox for i trunk tbat belonged to a.iner\a The eurntnons w-as issued Novem !>erS9, l&GS; ii was arned between flic SDiband the 4th. 1 fcirvcd a subpoena on Urs. Ami Tower between the some uate*.. I served It on Qulucy street, at Mr*. Dudlcy'aboiiso. Mr. Kinney wcut with zm; to serve tbe tuhperna. 1 went Into the kiutaen a< d fonnd Mrs. Tower and served tho tubpana. We did not stay long. I sat in me kitchen and talked wllb Mrs, Tower, ami Kinney was in tbcrcaud in the non room: be was talking with Minerva Kcily. 1 went with him mere twice. Uhc other rase was of Loalsa Miller vs. ’lime, a icplevia suit, and X went to subpoena Mrs. Dudley. Du yon know what Mrs, Dudley was to prove? ObjecUd to. Hil- was a case commenced November fithaod returnable the 1-ib. Q. State whether yon saw any man there on cither of these occasions. A. At one time a man pafs- dby me and went out. Be came from tbe frtnrtoom thiongh the krchoti. lie was a tall, t-hm, red beaded mao, ana i acard hi-* name bat i have fotgutvu it. It iva.o not Mr. Ste 'an if (bis It Mr. bt-juarl. 1 spoic lo Kinney about this dr , cumstacce tfwwa. d. (,». State whether Mr. Klsnuy camo to yon to tall; about tl at at any time, as to who it w-a. Objected to, ana an effort mafic to show that Kiev cy went to witness and endeavored to in duce him to ae cit that the man seen by him was btewait- Objection sustained. it was when J subpoenaed Mrs. Tower tbat tbe man passed ihroucb On the other occasion 1 saw i o other man excepting Kicncy there, und X never taw Stewart there. The first time 1 taw Stewart was at my bouse a lew weeks ago. CJ. D>dSbttraian,orLyon, or Mr. Kinney ever exhibit lo you a picture of Mr. Stewart? A. They ni!chll.r.\cfion< it. hue 1 do not remember it. Mr. came to me to know If I v.*s there with Mr. IvX'inev ; bo first wanted to know if X saw Mr. Slcvart there.' 1 told him about this red beaded, tall man, out said 1 did not know Mr. Stewart. ( iott-*xon,ii c t ior.~~ When 1 served the subpm ra Ic the l.ou. Miller case sbe may have been at Mrs. Dudley's. I should think she was not there; Igo rot remember seeing her there. X don't re member more 'ban one sole In which Lou. Miller was concerned, it was befoie Justice Kroger. Q. Did anything occur while you were there to diaw your attention to this man? A. Nothing u;o»e ilian that I thought ho looked pecn’lar—be was tall ard red-hcadcd; he might be an Inch, or two, or tUtee, taller than myself. While Mrs. Tower and I sat (beic he came out of the front room, and that attracted my attention, because he v.uealoue. I have no recollection of Mr. Logon calling on me but once, and then 'Sqoiro Rcugcr and Mr. Kinney were i>rc?> nt. X aid not then say I couln not describe the man that passed out. To Mr. Zenf~- it was just night T hen I went to Mis. Dudley's on both occasions, and we left to* eelher on both limes. 2o Mr. SmWi—l might have had two conversa tions with I-joii at Xicnfcr’* office. 1 never re marked that X could uot tell if it was Stewart or not; that I could not Identity him. WHXIASI JI. lIOUHE was then prodnci-d; he said: 1 live at Oukwood street. I recollect a pic nic in July, or August, IRS. Mi. Ste-art and I v ere if the parly lint went onL There was also Wentworth and Wadswoub. We returned to gether. *1 here was also a person wo formed the acquaintance of, a printer in iheTmBCHB office, hetald: i donot iccollecthis name. We relumed to the city about six o clock. We came to the cor ner of Wells and Illinois streets, when Charles Wmtwonh made the remark that we would go Into 72 WVUs | street. Stewart asked alter the character of the house, .and ho said it was a good hent-e, and he wanted tosceafnend. We only stayed a few momenta and Stewart was very lerervcu- We thou went to the sa’oon of my father. Wadswoub wentflrstaway: then Stewart and Ihe printer Wiut away. Shortly after Went- I north called me luto a room ana askednieto bud inn 415. which 1 did, acd no weet a**ay. Stewart iiintsl have left ten ot fifteen minutes i»c fore 1 lent Wentworth the money. The money wr& repaid me in a week or ten days. Wentworth, told me to find him $lO, and then he remarked 1 mlcht as well let him have ssmmc,and I did: he did not eay wiat be wanted It far. i recollect that Stenarl arkcu the character of tee house No. 72, srd that Wentworth said It was all right and that lie bad aft lend in there. Cro»f*xaiuiß«t—l suppose the honso No. 72 was kept by Kmtua Hedges. Her rive was on the door. .My father for two years previous had been nt the c> rccr olKltiZlcand Wells, and was No. ill Klixie, and tnat was between one ai d two block? tiom No. 72. Was xUs the first tlmeyon bat*, ever been into that house? A. Am 1 obliged to answer that? Ike question ot privilege bcl-g anbmhtedto the Court. A. Yea, sir. J knew U was a horse of ill fame, t think H» vnrt asked Wentworth what ktud of a rouse this *a? and the reply was It was all rich! and te hid b fitendibere. 1 made no remark. I had rot drank muck that day, but had some- 1 might hare drank three or four times. Vve nil went lo the saloon together, and I thick we all took a drink there. 1 u collect offeetnc Sicwait drink once at tbe pic* . nic. We set crated after we cot to the cicitic. When i-icvau and the printer presort out of the saloon 1 noticed them. 1 cot acquainted with Stewart Ui'tcor four mou'ba belore the picnic: Iroadc hie acquaintance at my lather’s saloir. Ho would erme imo the saloon once in a while, but not lo exceed cnee o« twice a month. 1 swear 1 never vas lan house of ill-fame with him excepting the cnc I have mentioned, and be never told me went to any such house. 1 talked with .Snuart each since Thursday last, and before that 1 suppose it Is six weeks since i saw him. A year ago uebad a feed store at -(> .North Wells, and he used frequently to came in aid sit down and hare a chut. Isold defend ant wasrescrvtd In the house. I said that ho* cause J thought 1 was to tell all I knew about It. Stewart told me to fell the truth and shame the doll. I noticed a little at the lime that Stewart was reserved, and 1 think J was quite reserved. 1 thick I saw two or three fancy girls la the house, ’iluy talked to the hoys, and 1 think to tbe Uev. Stewart. One played on the piano. 1 knew some of the girls. 1 don’t remember If I saw Alary Anne; It was not the who played the piano. I don’t think he dia. J eld not notice his busi ness. Ho talked to all ot them for what 1 know. 1 think if a man goes into a house of ill* fame ano only talk* to ihcm that is reserved. (Laughter.) I did not notice that Stewart was on* easy about being in the house, or that he wanted to get out of the scrape. Ido not remember who first juorosed logo come. We were all of ns te smed, and 1 guess we were all about alike re* served. Jiy Mr. -When Stewart, drank it was beer 0.-alc. I was as sober aa a Judge, and blewart was sober too. CCAUIXP B. KfKKCT wop then recalled by the defence. He stated in audition to his burner testimony: I have talked with Joel hull about the man I saw rt Mrs. Dudley’s, at my office. I occupied on office with Henger until he went out of office. 1 have had. perhaps, two or three such conversa tions. The first was when Rcuccr was there, soon alter the publication of the metier In (be paper*, when Mr. Stewart published a Idler. Übe second convetsalion was, 1 think, «Ince the commence ment of this trial, and 1 bare had a conversation with him since I cave my testimony. At the first conversation Hr. Lyon was present. Idtd not • necavnr to peisnadc him that the mao 1 saw at Mi.-. Dudley’s was Stewart; we always had disagreed as to who the person was. I made the remark* in the office that Lull acd 1 saw Stewart there; he said ho did not recollect it. 1 asked trim if he didnot icmcmlurbcing there. He said yes, hut he did no: remember any person. 1 tried to make him remember the conversation we had as we came out, and then he said be remembered that a tunn came out, but be should not know him, lie whs satisfied If he was there be dtd not recollect him. I told him, the other day, 1 did not say If he had thought it was another man and nut Stew art I would have swotu positively that it was him ihnt vas In bed. He said it was a tall man with h-ng red Lair Dial ho saw. I thluk each lime Iml went with me to tho house of Mrs. Dudley we both left together. When Rtcnait went through the kirchon was i think between the two cults ot Kelly acd N'ilhr. I b-.lievc Lull was with me then.' It was helot c that J saw the two persons in bed when I went in relation to the suit ofMUs Kelly. 1 think I made tho lust detailed statement of ray knowl edge in this erne to Mr. Lyon after 1 had mention ed It to Mr. Heuger. J believe 1 told Mr. Lull that J believed we both saw Smart there. CiOfe-fxan'JiicUon—l talked yesterday morning with Lull in my office and in the tull of the buil t* leg. Hemmioced ibeaabject by saying they had snnpa'xncd kin. Said he, “ 1 don't recollect of sreieg Stewartlherc." 1 said, “ I did.'' 1 «as«o poMUvo that it was him, that I am satisfied in my cun mil d. and eu that I swore, bat my tes lirooty was given uith more cautiousness that 1 I would not e-scar to anything but the circum stances. on account or bis denying that be di-t not ice him. Ike conversation was on Saturday morning ard, ns he stated, he was s tall man wlto seng red hair that ho had seen, and he said that xraudid not answer the description of tftewart. At Ringer's office DC aald he did wot recollect Miytim-g übont a; »c said bo did cot pay any at tention to thomaa that went out Ou toe occa sion of seeing the man go out. 1 conretscd with Lull l ed said Hint Mrs. Dudley wanted to pnt on airs, representing that she baa ministers andpro men goiag to see her, I told him I did >;ut believe that t*crc was any minister of Hie (icrnoi that called in there. 1 had been tola before that ibis man Mevrart was a minister of the Oospet. 1 was told so by Minerva Kelly. When he cstne tn 1 was told ho was a friend of Sira. Drdlcy's; that be was a minister of the Gospel, and lived on Wabash avenue. To mat time I bad not seen Um. 1 never beam hull try to dc«cribo the man he saw until alter I testified: Uc said ho cot>ld not Identity him as being lu the house l think the Miller suits were during the last davs of November, and they were after the Kelly suit. All these suits wcreibcforo Squire Ueager. l.nll wasnotthereon the occasion when I say 1 saw a man in bed with M»s. Dudley. On that evening 1 only saw Jlrs. Dudley, *tcwart, and the' Ke.iy cwl. 1 have no doubt bat Stewart came in, ard 1 have no doubt il was a man in tho bod. Z'y 21r. Arlington.—l think lam not mistaken as to the man wcom 1 saw there. X judge this la the a&mc man. lam satisfied he is Inc mao 1 saw there. He came tip Into the kitchen, and as he came In 1 went into the bedroom at the can end. hits. Dudley baa told me that her visitors were tevtrenos and professional men. The Court oajourued until ip. m. . AFTERNOON SESSION. Tnc crowd in the boll and about the court room wet* tremendous wbcu the afternoon session was about to commence, and It was not without some difficulty that ibe halliua were enabled to prevent aninva-lou cf the room. The effort was, how ever, succcstful to tLeoxtent of not over-crowning tbe room. TOincXOTT next testified, and ho said: I reside ni Cleveland. Ohio, and am engaged in the manufacture of oils. I have known Hart L. bu wart five or six years, and am a second coudn of hir. In l&i iwas at tbc Post Office ou the West Side. In 2W l was at Betting's store. In Ue latter partot I*lß f wa- at tbe we»t Side Post Offer. A. C. Stewart bad charge of (be office. Q. State If yon knew cf Stewart's having let- I terslnbls possession? Objected 10, Couu!fllford<‘roo<*c clatm« tie t/d --nurnion nf thr testimony on the iitiiu of for the sej-arntion. Arpncn on ILO part of complain am (hat there Is hat one Isaac, to wit: the fact of mbilk-jy. The objection wan an»talncd. fonmcl pjcfoo* to disprove (lie charge of pur loining U ltei *, mid testimony nil id out. Hit*. ANN TOWail wn* then rccillnl, ntid aho eintod n follows J Cj. Ton prated about Iberian* of Ur. Stewart, wilt you plate vbat th" mautij-talion* of focting on hfs put lonpni bit wife? A. lie alwaya (poke ut her, he thought ihoro cover was any* thing like bln limtilc, at.ti there could nevoi bj opulir to him. Ik* wouid poibotimvs »al*o bk •rum to lumen m>d ray ho hoped God would pat ll in her heart (o conn hock to him again. Ill* cordnct and itohnnor was very good. Ho was *!• wa>afe]icaMcgor hu dear rme—l don’t think bo ever came wiOiuul ppraklug of hi* wile. . Conned proposed to shou by this u-itnos* that al.o MVtupaiblmd with bhd deeply, and that Ur*, Dudley did tbe aamc and that fain family eon* (etnpi rar.emwly denied him tbo privilege of «{>« aktoK to bla wtte. tlio üblcetlou to thta was pU’li I cd I <tu not recollect anything excepting thoaab* led of ivtielou that he auoko of berido hi* wife. While I van In lug wl'h Mr*. Dudley Kto* dcv called threw times*. once with Mr. Lull: again to take Uim Kelly a war to go to hl« nrwra unU the cot tewing, and the raid he bad proposed tnairupe to her. Ue first called to Bubpmnamo 10 Mira Kelly's ca>e. Counsel uiopoßcd to show that Minnie Wood baaiold witness tbal George Uurlomt bad told btr howshccouto make t&Oo by testifying against Mewarf, bm waived tbe testimony lor tbls time. Iwbb Biayl' c with toy daughter all lha time the Minctva Kelly case was gome on; the only stnyeoattbc bouse a week, i slept with Mrs. Dudley in tbe flout room. None of us were abed wheu/Kirney called, and 1 was tccro tbe three mentors be called. I slept with her those nights and every night 1 remained there. C’»oss-<2Qi>.lr<a/t£m—l am sixty years of ace. I have a husband living, he la very f-.eble, w,th my eon. Q. Do yon lire with him f A. Wc are on friecdly terms. I don' lire with my son that sup* pons him. Wc both live (laughter). 1 told yoa a number ot times he lives with my son, 1 have rot lived with him seven or eigot rears since be coold not support himself. 1 go round as I please. Probably wc shall be together 11 wc liw until April next. I dou'C live with him because 1 didn't choose. Of course I am on Incndly terms with Mrs. Dudley. 1 don't live with tuy daughter because 1 like a home if it Is ' bat one room, and my sou said he would support my husband. V. Did you bare another daughter tbat was a good deal with you at the timer -A. 1 shall sot tell you anything about Ihecase, Dit has any* thing to do wlib the case X will answer yoa. 1 was Jiving with Mrs. Dudley when Stewart first cam*, to i.u'e tome skirls repaired. I soon sepa rated from her and occupied two rooms. Did yen not allow any person else to occupy those rooms? A J decline, to answer. There were hut two in my family. 1 don't think Stew art c' cr called there over three times in all. Q. Do you recollect of a girl being brought in h ieUuu hanc Comay, on whom an abo-uon tad been committed ? A. That is tu the ta e. (c* Will yon tell what you know about .hat abortion yaae? A. No, sir. '1 know noblug about it.* bio was brought there? A. She wasn't hrengnt there. She came of her own accord when hl.b. Dudley was away; but has that anything lo do with this case? am 1 brought here to bo In suited? J lr. Sm\V i—l don't design to insult yon; and coutldet it no menu. I*. Who brought tbe girl (here? A. No one. tj. Did>be come afoot? A. I don't know. Q. WboapplUdto you to receive the slrlt A. No one: lor 1 was cot there. 1 did not lire there then. Q. Wo’ you not there when the glil lived thrro? A. i can't mil you. % y. Dow lung was it before'she died? A. Sue was six, eight or uu days. That has nothing to ao with ibis case. Q. 1 want to know If you have not kept a place ol aifilroatiou? A. Never! Never since tbe worlo began. 1 never thought ot such a thing In my tile. Q. Yon never dreamed of sneb a thing? A. Kctcr I never (nought of sack a thing la my ll'C. (*. Yon know what it la ? A. I have beard ot It slice I caxac to thw mUcrable place ol Chicago. Q. Did you ever bear of au assignation house be ore you came to Cmcuo, A, Never did. I never heard of It m my life. Q. Why do you cot live with yoar relatives at Wabash If yon do no t 111 c Chicago? A. 1 shall tiay icrc while my children acd husband arc Lcie. Von want to put every woman on a leva*, no matter whut her ace or who she Is, bat I atu i.ot alraid to face alt ebicaeo nor all the United State? of Ameilca on my character. Q. That Is facing a pood deal. A. lam not unwilling to face anybody. Q. Nobody disputes your bravery that 1 have beard of, but you say that Chicago is such a tuik of iniquity. Wltm es— It is so, so far as anything I ever beard Id it. I never heard such things. Q. Why do you live here? A. lam not ready to leave. aiATTHEW noaxs, the neat witness, testified os follows: 1 recollect a picnic In Ju.y, or August, 1&65, On that day blcnait, Wadswoub, Wemwortn, my brother and a printer trom the Tiiiduxe came to onr place. Wndtworth left first, (hen Sicnar: and tic printer, and, about ball an hour afterward*. 31r. wentwonh. O. Did Wentworth, that same evening, tell yon he bad inveigled Stewart Into a house of iU fijuie? Objected to. Objection sustained and question withdrawn. , _ . , . O-ota-erarJiinafloß—Mr. Stewart asked me yes* terday tocome and be a witness. 1 was whnrol live, at I*o. Oil North Wells street, with my father. 1 quit woiK Satmday night. lam sixteen years olu on the '.Nh of Juiy lost. 1 was pretty well ac quainted with Stewart and have known him about a year. I saw him most In the street. 1 never paw him nichts. I was attending bar most of the time, and Ijudgo I have seen him la onr saloon seven or cigot or nine times. He may have taken a glass of wine or beer or aie when ne came. I did not dnnk with htm yesterday. I don't drink much; 1 only take a few drinks In the morning and one or two in the afternoon. The man Stewart went away with was a printer; be said so. I nbver saw him before or since. Stewart drank once as 1 saw, and X think they called the beer again, and he lei', some in bis glass. 1 know whenever be came there he never drank his glass onl. 1 rememb r that on tin second cail for beer he did no - take a fresh gla-s, bnt said hebad some in his glass. Stewart, came back a lew days after, ana bo bad a drluk and left ha'f ot that .„ , , , Jo Mr. Vent— l never saw him drink anything stronger than a glass ot Rhine wine. 1 was fir a. spoken to riant this case yesterday, sod X then remembered the tacts. . . J'oMr. XtrMh— NVcutworlh left the saloon half an hour, I Judge, after Stewart. TSOXAb SUIRbXT bone called, raid: jam a kwjur. On Christmas of 15531 met Mr. Stewart at a dinner piutj at Or. Addison's house. ] remain* d until alter eleven o'clock, or about that um<' bt the evening. Or. Addison's* latnil/, Ilr.SJarf-L and his wife and daughters,were present and ii.vt-cif. Stewart Jett when 1 did. we came .ogcthcronKlijEleaticetaalaras Clark street; I west not to and be went south. Cioes*xcminatton~We parted on the corner of Kii.zie und Clark streets. 1 do not know where licwtnl to. UEV. A. C. ETBtVACT, the father ol the defendant, nest testified aJ fel low*: I suppose Uait L. Stewart Is my son; 1 recog nize blm as such. Ikcow be has beet troubled from LojLood with a tllfUculiy, and J have often fldvjfu* circumcii.on. A short time before he was mauled be aavludmo about this difficulty in reference to his being about to be married. I advised him to goto a Jewish priest and gel cir ccmclstd. 1 pave been a b”rlrcis man aU'tny'lifc. At pres* cm Jaw bniidicctLo tunnel n:.dtr the river. 1 have been a local preacher for some years, and hove lived iv Onicngosiucc the fell of 1553. Q. What has been the character ul your eon for sobriety? Objected to on the ground 'bat testimony of a general character is not admissible. Objection ovciruKd. A. We have alwuvs considered it very good. Always he was w home natll he graduated, or until a year f*om the time he was married, except pet hap* six or eight months at Albion, dorms bis preparation for college. He became a prolcsaor of iclU’lon wlu-n he was about IS or 11 years of see; he embraced religion, X think, in ISSI or ltS2. Q. State what bis associations were. Objected to and withdrawn. We went to Ih ioit m Jane, ISM. He was under the charge and care of bis mother while we were there. On reluming iron Albion, Mich., bo went to -Evanston m ISSO, and wo resided there for fU years and a half, and be graduated in 18.0 from the Northwestern University, and entered the Garrett Institute In lPc»l, and his head gave out and he was “necesiatcd” to leave school, and he went into the Post Office as clerk for about nine months, not being with ns all 'be time. In the spring of ISC2 be returned to Evanston. He grKuusied from the Gamlt I3iblical Institute in lU£. II usually came down on Saturday even ing*. speeding a portion of ibe time at Mr. Smith’s, and a ponou of the time with the fam ily. lie very seldom came to my house—he went to Mr. Smith’s. t». Who utcatty accompanied him? O.jccUd to and aTlowcu. A. He usually was met by Miss Smith in her CiUiiriuc. and it took him to her house. Q. West were his acts and declarations show ing the slate ofhis feelings toward his wife during tt dr living together ? Objected to and objection sustained. After the separation be seemed to be perfectly infatuated; there was no woman like Emmie, aud I <cll vi-iy humiliated that I bad a son who should feel ns he did toward a woman who had treated him in such & manner, i Che latter clause ot the answer was stricken ont hy the Court.] 1 regarded him as a monomaniac almost. (This was stricken ont-I lie was continually talking about Em mie and his angel of a wife, and this was up to the time 1 forbade It to be said io my presence. He was nearlymined by it, eomuch so that bl> mother slept with him many nights to subdue his excited mltd. Wo sent him away to sell a patent, and when he returned his condition was about the same. He remained a little time and then went to New England and was absent four or five mouths. He then returned, and very soon after left mv house. We are not beeping house, and I did not see him very often then. He told us be was going to have her back. He always expressed the greatest confidence that be pos sessed Lor affection. The complainant waived her right to cross* t'ximlne this witness. •Jhc Court then aajourred until 2 p. m. this day. Dcnth of Edmund Alkcu, E»q, Fdr.jcud Aiken. Esq., President of the Flirt National Back ol ‘his city, died on Saturday night last of disease of the teaii. He was one of the long-time residents ofourcity, and had nearly coo-pletcd his fifly-fitth year. At the regular session of the Board of Trade yesterday the death of Mr. Aiken was aanoo-ced. The Board was called to order by First Vice-Pres ident Underwood, and the follo'nitg. offered by C. Randolph, Ksq., ex-Presidcnt or the Board, weic nnsnlmonslr adopted: Wufkzas, 1: Las pleased the all wise Ruler of the Universe to remove by death onr esteemed fellow-member, Edmund AIL on, late President of the First National Bank ot this city; therefore J2esclrcd s That w c hereby take occasion to bear testimony to tbc many virtues of the deceased, end while wo bow with submission to the decrees cl Providence. «e can but regret that onr business circle has lost one of its most prominent and ac tive participants. Jfewfrd, That we extend to the family of the dcccasi d. and to those most intimately connected vl'h uim ir life, our most sincere condolence lu their boor ot afifcllou. ZV#c/r*d, That as a mark of re«pect to the memory of the deceased, this Board do now adjourn. _ (ibltuarr-EcMlutlous of Respect* At a meeting of HUM Lodge. No. 72,1. O. B R, held at thvtr lodge room; Sunday, January l">, ifCT, the following preamble and resolutions were submitted by Brother Henry Grocnobjum, and parsed uuav imou«ly; Wusnr-ss, li Las pleased an inscrutable Provi dence to cat! lrc*n our midst by tho solemn de cree of death, which sooner or later overtakes ns all, onr much belowa and esteemed brother, Jof-eph Schtraly, therefore, JUeolvtd. That the occasion admonishes ns of the frailty of hie, of the vanity of all human un dertakings and teaches ns consolation ouly in coliehtrncd submission to tho will of onr Father iu heaven, and in the exalted hope of the ever tasting bibs that awaits all tnc righteous In the spirit world. Jlttolcid) That in the exemplary character of om deceased brother, Joseph Scbmdy, we shall ever chemb and seek to emulate his and inching integrity, commendable industry, and exalted morality. “No one knew him but to love.' 1 Qul. t afd nnobtruslvejte walked steadily onward in dtmouMrsm-c xnoiihood v Httclud, That we keenly appreciate the agony of the aflccilonatc and once nappy wife, the cut ting grief of the desolate household, the widow and ihecrpbaus, and we admonish thorn to bid some limit to tn«ir tears; surely they must find some comfort in the undispoted virtues of the idol ot fretr hearts, Is dead, but Ms good name live* after him, and will throw a ray of light and grace upon bis mounters. YTirr Beating.— Samuel Hogan, residing ou Twenty-second street, was fined at tbe Police Couitycttciday morning, and reqirod to give ball m the sum ol &&l to keep the peace. It was al leged ihathebad thicalcncd to murder his wife, and be seems to have been preparing for thegrana finale hy a systematic course of bnual treatment, the last, tuatalmcsc of which*was adminlsieied Bimoay night. CITY COMPTROLLER’S Montlily Statement or tub Receipts and Expenditures or tui CITY OF CHICAGO, Being for the Jloulli ot Qoeeiulier, 1806. ITctrr Fund. Fiom Board of Public Works..|M,Bll.flo Waller Kimball, Oomph. cu,txx>.oosßo.3l).Bo Otvtraa* Fund, From Board of Public Work*..? 1.011.50 Walter Kimball, Compt.. 3-.5iJ.0i531.331.49 Hoard of Fulhc Works AjtprouriaUon* . From Bostd of Public Woika.. 3 450.09 Tunnel Fuad. From W. Kimball, Compt 7Kr<r. fijjrciol Att«ffnun(. From City ColUctor tW,JI4 80 Board of Pnjllc Wor!a.. Walter Kimball, Compt.. Rrform ScAw>{ fttz Fund. From Geo. W. FiotaCllj Collector. iVraonal RidempUont. From Waller Kimball, Compt. 9 690.30 CUv Redemption*. From Walter Kimball $ 2.31 General Fund. From Licenses $2,753.60 Fines, Police Conrt 4,183.00, Record* r’s Court.. 815.00 Bridewell Fines 468.50 Hen’s 509.59 Fuel Account 10.50 bridewell 69.53 Pounds 61.00 Fees 51.00 City Cemetery 6.00 Extra Sanitary 75.60 ConlioccntFund 162.57 Walter Kimball. Comp’r. 8.80 18,0)3.-11 Cerlificaiet of Indebttdnets, From Walter Kimball 10,431.09 SorlA Market, From Walter Kimball, Comp’r. vnutrfing Inursit. From City Comptroller Marine Insuranes Premium Fund, From Walter Kimball, Comp'r. 837.51 Cost of Tax Sale. Fawn Waller Kimball, Comp’r. Total. • Expenditures. Warrants have been orawn upon the Treasurer tfnrlnc the mouth of December, 1806, for sundry accounts as loliowa, to-wit Water Fund, tenor are fund • 71,335,51 Boaia of Public Works App'n 55,*223.6i M-eCtal Assessment Deposit Pond....* 63,100.46 1 in iiel Fund 5,300.41 River Improvement Fond.... •• ...... 15,813.32 School Tax Fond 42,807.61 School Building Fund Keionu School Tax Fond Police Fund Fire Department Flatting Fund Fcnfcnal Redcmottona. General Fnrd Reltmoed Fines Salaries .. Biidowcl) Public Square and Building... LoLtli.geui Fund Judgmcn* Account Flection .Expense FuelAcconnr Street JAmp Kepaira Sanllan Expense Legal Expense Founds... Fruiting sud Stationery Recoroet’s Conn City Cemetery Refunded Taxes Fire Alarm Telegraph Evening Schools.. Health Department Extra Sanitary Pent* General Sinking Fund (Tty 8ridewe11................ interest Certibcaire of Indebtedness. street Lamps Sev<n p«t cent Bonds I’ullce Conrr indexing Connell Documents >ortb Alarkc: Total WALTER KIMBALL, Comptroller. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL no.MSTA.RY. Mosdat Evrxora, January 14, ISS7. There sro no new features worthy of special notice in the condition of financial matters. Money continues very light, and tome Icslimt'oae report the demand lees picking. In otuer quar ters we hear of au argent inquiry for accommo dation. The haulers are very conservative, and favors arc confined exclusively to the best cus tomers. In the open market there is a good in quiry for discounts, at rates varying ftomlH® 2>4 per cent per month. Exchange was scarce and firmer, with sales of round lots between banks at par. The counter rales are steady, at 1-10 discount buying, and 1-30 @MO prem. selling. Wc rccret to announce the sodden death of Ed' mnnd Aiken, Esq., President of the First Na tional Bask of this city, and one of the firm of Davis, Pope & Co. The sad event took place yes terday moraine. The customary resolutions of condolence were adopted on ’Change, after which Iheßoaro adjourned. Flour was dull, buyers holding off for a conces sion of lo®lsc. Wheat was heavy, and 333! ic lower. Corn declined l@lUc— closing rather lame. Oats were more active and a shade firmer. Ityc was quiet Sample Barley was m steady de mand, but lots in store were doll and neglected. Whiskey was dull. Dressed Uogs were more ac tive, end 10(2,900 higher. Mesa Pork was quiet, bet held firm, lard advanced closing with more sellers than noyers at (be extreme ad vance. Gold was higher to-dav. The market opened at IBiJa, andclorcdat 184%. The foliowlnir quota tions were received by Boyd Bros., Gold Brokers: Ut9s a. m IMU 19:15 p.m. 13t% :o:Soa.xn IM* WOp. m 131% 1::W a.m 131% 9:00 p.m 131% 11:15a.m 131% 9:15p.m..... .181% 11:30 a.m 134% 3:00p.m.;. 134% 11:IS a. m. IMS 4;00p. m 131% Hero (ho market was very doll. The brokers bought at 10-K'/.lOP'i. though holders were not In clined to cell below 131%. Silver was nominal, at 126 buying. c Government Securities wore weak and lower, the lollonlcg table shows the closing prices to day, compared with (be three days previous: 3 hors. Fri. Saior. Moo. Sixes Of’Sl 107 H 307# 10SU 30S Flvc-Tucrtlcs, *f2 108»i 105# JUTf, la 7« Five-Tweolics, ’W lW»i 105# lOoa 1034 Ftre-Twenoea, ’GS tUS 20514 iosx jo:*# Icn-ForUcs 99# 9:i# 9334 iwj£ Seven-Thirties, Anc.... 101?* lOlj* Ml«* 101 s Seven-Thirties. Jane....lUi£ 104>x l(Hk Seven-Thirties, July 114$ 11M>« 10IH 101*4 Here there was a good inquiry at loweriprice®, bnt the amount oierlng was very limited. Wo quote: OOVEBNJimt SECUBITIEfI—CHICAGO XiHKBT. Buying, Selling. U. S. Fires, of 1381 Hffsf ' 108 C. S. 5-2L'B,ISC2 107 lU7U U. s. &aue, isw icsji 10554 U. S, 5-2 Cs. 18C5 105*; 105J4 U S. S-SCs, small 10U«®I06 U.S.JIWOs, large . 99Ji ' OD3£ U.S. 10-lOs, email 102 U. S. 7-805,15 t series.... 101** 10J*h u. 8. 7-SOs, Sd soles Hh 101*4 r. S. -S-M*, 8d senes 1M IWJ* U. S. 7-SOs. small IQ3>£ tompotmd, June, 1801 110 July, IS-A l!51i 44 Ang., 18vl 115 44 Ocl., 1804 114 44 Dec., 1801 113 44 May, 1865 111!* 44 Aug., 1-G5 no 44 sept., ISOS 10j»J* 44 Oct., IbCS 109 The following quotations for the Public Funds are then b) the Second National Bank; C0np.,*51...107j£@... , 5*20 coupons, (laige).. 5*20 coupons. (small),. .105 0106 10-10 coupons. (Targe).,., W#®.... 10.40 coupon?, (small).. .102 ® ••COsilargcJ.lWrj® .... 7-Sde (small) ldS£ done Comp., 1561..U6 July “ “ ..115*5 Aug. “ “ ..115 Oct- “ " ..114 Dec. “ “ May »* 1'C0..111*5 Any. ** “ ..110 r-epi. “ “ ..100*5 Oct, “ “ ..109 La cal blocks arc neglected a?d nominal at the following rates: Buying. Seining. Chicago City 7s 98*4099 100 Cook Conmy 7e 05)4 97 Chamber of Commerce 91 96 a he Milwaukee S'ntind of to*day observes; “Money has been decidedly close during the past week, o*ing to the wants of pork operators, oat their demands have not interfered with the snppiy tendered to mercantile houses whose legitimate wants have been iho first oblecte wilh our tents. • Exchange has shown more flrmutss than might be supposed from the closeness of iho money market, and we hear of no sales by bankers below par. The counter rales are main tained as nsual ai H discount buying, and H pre mium selling.” * * —A New York paper pays: “Tee depression oi business In this city is Illus trated by the Imoortant statement that one of oar heat lesl and moat prosperous firm?, which paid a tax os several millions of income ta*t year, will ibis year be unable to par a single cent, owing to tifavy losses and a general dnlncss of trade that reduced the receipts below the actual expenses.” These statcjQculs will surprise no one who has observed the coarse of trade since January, JSO6. Declining prices and deferred payments from the interior, aided by enormous rents and store ex penses. have nutted to make the year JSfiC very unsaiWatfoiy to traders throughout the Union. —The Pittsburgh Chronicle ct Saturday remarks; “The demand on ibe various discount places for money Is very heavy. The bonks arc fall, and a great dealer customer paper has to go undone, tn some Instances It has been placed onsalde; but most tf the private bankers are batelv able to ac commodate theta rcgnlai customers." The flurry in the New 1 ork money market to-day increased the stringency here, and there was a general hold ing back on me part of money lenders. Loans on moiteaccs are made pretty freely at from eight to ten per cent, and on stock collaterals for short pa pw at about ten. y The Buffalo Board of Trade has addressed a memorial to Hon. 3. S. Morrill, Chairman of the Committee of Ways ard Means at Washington, asklngfora repeal of the “tax on time paper” for the following reasons: •» First, In onr large commercial transactions It requires very large stuns or money; for instance, aMOgle caißOof wheat Is often worth fifty thou? sard dollars: the stamps required upon the pi pers to pay for it, is twenty-five dollars. When riie money is actually borrowed for the purpose of doing a kgttimate business, nom which the Gov tn ment derives a revenue ot one-tenth (1-10) of of one per Cent noon the sale, a stamp duty upon an checks orawii in consummating the transac tion, and also a fmiher tax on the profits, if any the year * aiid f, ° m the ,ncome *** at the end of “Second, because U Isa direct tax upon the poor but ludcsulout merdiftpt, which the canlullsl ca rape* altogether; and bellevlag It to be, m ■ire do, the true policyottbe Ocvernment to foster ana enconragc legitimate' trace and commerce, *tid considering this tax upon lime papci uncalled for bc oiS?tm n \''i" Cmo '” C!p< ' C ‘' l ' llJ " k u “ l “ A Boston telegram says: thl»clty ia about to test the respon* rihtiitv of bank? for the stocks, notes, bonds *&>• “'vS 1 «>' l»nl( ramk,the gsid firm having been the loser of a Urge amount Tccelvwtfrom backanddeposUea tor sate keeping. . *Th® «•*!«» of Boston have lust given notice to s*« r tF a^K llß to rettOTe tfcwr trunks from the bank i£ e .“, 3 , n . n^r 8 or *be?e instilotlons not wishing the spirit of accimxmodation to be eon* fl rf iol ° a f or property, which is looked upon as an Incpovenlcat incumbrance.”

—The following ia the statement of the Bank of England for the week Ending December 2S, 2804* . . 168V*DEPABTXSST. Notes issue J.£aS,3O7,SSO Gov’t Debt..Bit,ols,loo Other sec oil 'W3l,ooo Gold coin & bullion.... ia.SOT.SBO BARKCTO SI Prcprlclor s * Qovorumc n t capital fill.Wl.WO acenrltli*. .£18,911,937 Nc*i 3,264,777 Other accort- Public dcj)o- ties 80,911,950 Bi'B 8,700, OCI Notes 11,371,015 Other depo- Gold & silver alia lß,oW£Bi coin M3,9*.0 tiovi n day A other blits. 450,010 Tola I. JW3,rc0,07!l Total £ 13.5W,U7l The return, compand with that for the previona week, shows tho following changes: Clrcnlaitch 15an0..£33,907,990 1ncr^c..£678,933 Climlatlon active. 21,031,865 Decrease.. 167,190 Public deposits... B,loo,atlt Increase.. (Mb,TM OUicrdepoaltr 18,08i,i£14 Increase., 411,135 Government seen lilies In bashing department...... 15x011,222 No change. Other locnrillw In banking depart tnenl 20,911,230 loeroaae.. 410,031 Colo and bullion in both depart in'n»a 10,917,839 loeroaae.. 432,113 Seven day and olh- ■ vrbtu* 450,010 Hccranvo.. 40,917 The lint 8,901,m Increase.. 8.953 Notes In reserve.. 11,374,515 increase.. 775,155 Total reserve (notes and coin) In banking de partment 13,314,491 Increase.. 633,903 —The return of the Bank of France for tho week ending December 27 shows the following changes: Coin and Bullion Inc. £161,000 Dltls Du counted Inc. R£,OOU Government Deposits .Inc. 636,500 Notes In Circulation Dee. 400,000 Private Deposits Inc. £11,009 Advances ...No change. $ 7.50 Kcw York Mock Slarkeu ClosJnjr price* lor cub. Jauniry :i, ISCT, received by Joseph M, Lyons & C'o n Broken: B’d. B’(L BU B'd. N. Gen ioo 10a* U. 8. C per cent Kne(com) O* 65* bonds, i 531... 108 106 (cots).... SC's TOw TJ. S. 6 per cent C.&Jilts 91* 80S 5-30 Cunp., *6l 107 k 107* Kock l*land....lCl* 103 IT. 8.6 per cent C.&H.V? 43* 43* Maconp.,’6l. lOV ltD* C.&, pfa Si* «i* u. s.fiper cent P.. Ft. tT.i C.102* 101* 5-20 coup.,’63. IWV 103* Quicksilver..,. 43 4i* U. i*. 5 per cent W. Union Tel.. 46* 46* lIMO 90* S3* a & A.(C0m)..1C9 109* Tr. Kotcs.73-10 Bur. AO. .131 128* IstseilM IMH 104* O. Certs,. 27* 37 O. b. 73-10, 2d Hudfon Biver.UO 123 senes 101* 101* 111. Cent: »!....119* 119* U. S. 7 310, 5d P. & Bead ioi* KU* series 101* 101* Clerel*ToL..,l2s* 123* Axner. G01d.... 134* 131* T. & tTabsah... 43* 43* Market—ut Board heavy. 3d Board steady. 101.33 coaiafißCUL. 51,tW5,950.03 Monday Evening, January 14, 1857. The following tables abowtho receipts and ship ments of Prodace during the past forty-clgb! hoars: ,$113,000.53 nECEms past poKTY-Eiairr noima. ISC7- ISGS, Flour, btls. Wheat, bn. Com, bo Oats, bn Eye, bn Barley, bu Grass Seed, lbs.. Broom Com, lbs. Cued Meats, lbs. Folk, bile lard,ff>s Tallow, Os Butter, lbs 2.200.00 4,787.86 89£SU9 13,333.91 3.0(1 613.37 BLSO 13 60 4,017.i3 D.Docs,No ... live Dog**, No., Cattle. No Hides;lbs BighwJues, Inis. Wool, lbs Lumber, m Shingle?, m, fiHITMEKTS PAST POUTT-EIOIIT HOUBS. Flour, hOfl. Wheat, bn. Corn, »u . Oats, bn... Rye, La Dailey* bu Cross r*ced, lbs. Broom Coni, lbs. cured 11 cale, fts. Reef, brls Ft rk,bcl«.. Lara. 2>*>... lallow, lbs. 11,537.50 20,m00 11,'J'JQ.OU 150 UO 23.63 Butter, lbs. Dieted Hess, No. I !vc Hogs, N 0... <auk, No niilccs lbs brls..., Wool, Jbs lumber, in........ Skiu.'lrs, ta Lath, m Salt, brls Smi t bags. There was a stronger feeling generally In the | Provision market io-day, anti in some instances blgfcer prices prevailed. Mesa Pork was firmly ' held atslS.So, but the demand was meagre, and buyers were generally unwilling to pay over $18.35. We notes sales of 300 brls at $18.50, ca*b. Prime Mess Pork was doll with, sales of C 5 brls at $10.50. Humps sold to tbs ex tent of CO brls at $11.35. Beet was quiet with sole? of CO brls Extra Mess at $17.00. There waa a moderate inquiry for English Meats, acd the mar ket was flttn, with sales ofCOO brls at 10c for Hong Cot Dams; Short Hlb, and 9c for Stretford*. There was some demand for Balk Meats with sales of 80,000 lbs Dry Salted Shoulders on terms not made public. Sweet Pickled Hams were firm with sales of 100 tes on private terms, under stood to bo about lie. Greco Meats were firm, with liberal sales at S«4c for Hams from Slaugh tered and B»',Cl9c from Dressed Qoga. Green Sides sold at 7£c. There was an active demand for Lard al Saturday's advance, but holders put np their views H&H** at which hayers were rather reluctant to follow. We note sales of some 3,500 tes (part on Saturday evening) at HH@H2*c for Steam and llftc for Kellie—closing wilhtio sellers ol steam below li?ic. Grease sold to the extent of 5’J tes at S&SUc for Yellow. There was a more active demand for Dressed Dogs, and the market advanced 10315 c, with lib eral sales at SG.GuQ.7.o;*—closing firm at $3.70 and $0.90, dividing on SOU It's, for average lot*. The market f>-r Whiskey was-anil, neglected and entirely nominal at $9.20 for Free, and 95c for Bonded. was dnll, as buyers were Insisting on a concession of which holders would not grant. We note sales ot 1,800 brls at $12.75®t«.*6 for Whit- Winters; $9.76011.011 for Spring Ex tras ; $6.73 foe Spring Supers, and $6.23 for Back- wheat. There was a strong desire on the part of Wheat holders to realise, and in view of the pressure the market was heavy and declined 3®3!ic on No. 2 Spring. No. t was neglected and entirely noml* iiul. The transactions aggregate 41,000 Im at V2J»forNo.l in R. I.; f1.95®1.99 for No. 2ln K. I.; $1 SS>i©l.9lforNo. 3 Regular, and JX.CO® 1.70 for Rejected Spring—dosing nominal at ?ils ©3,'.CforNo. land doll 01f1.83J4 iorNo.lm regu lar houses. Corn was tame, and we note a dedlnoof with sales of 77,i:00 bn at «J*©»3Hc for No. 1; Co@ TCcforNj.. 2, and for Rejected in store, aads4fi?Ssc lor Rejected on tract;. The market dosed quiet at 78® 78*4 c for No. 1. nitre was lather more doirg in Oats, and the market was a trifle tlrmer, with sales at ■!')*s ® •JUIjC tor No. 2 in store and 33®30c for Rejected on track—closing steady at quotations. Rye was quiet but firm, with light sales of No. 1 atBS®BBc. There were buyers ot No. 2at Sic, with tcllo s at 65c. Barley was in demand for sample lots, bat par* eels in store were neglected, dales were made at 70c®f 1.20 as to quality. No. 2 In Rock Island elevator was offered at 70c, without attracting buyers. There was more activity in Tallow*, with sates of 120 packages at 10c tor City, and djjc for Country. 'Jbu Grocery market exhibits more firmness, especially on Saga's, and the Jobbers reporta slight Improvement in trade. Tbe following telegrams were received on 'Change to-day Flour quiet and 10®1Sc cooler. Wheal dull and hcaty at $?.3i£?.5.40. Com nominal at lI.ISQ 1.19. Oats tieadv at Clft6Cc. Pork better and qniel; Old. 519.V1: New, *tu.73. Lanl buoyant at 122£@13c. Hop} flnuer at fB.l2JJ©S.37*$. Gold, I3if*. 1 Flour heavy at $10.25® 12 20. IVhcal Inactive ai d heavy. Cura heavy at $1.17 in store Gate heavy. Pork heavy; Old, SJU.2O. Lardfltm. In the afternoon Corn was dull and lower, dosing at 77®77ijc for No. 1. Wheat was firmer at $1.83 lor No. 2 spring. Provisions were quirt, bnidrm, with sales ot &K) tea Lard at lime; GO bris Mesa Pork at $18.37)4, and S 3 bxa Dry halted Shoulders at 7c. Ibe Cattle market was quiet, with crice? nom inally unchanged. Iho receipts were light, and the entered sales number but 75 head. Wo quote the market cu'ircly nominal at $2.7506.62)4 for inferior 10 choice grades. •The market for Live Hogs was active and buoy ant, at an advance of 10015 c on the closing rates of Saturday. Transactions embrace about 4,500 bead, which were taken exclusively by packers, at at prices tanging from $5,80 to $6,33 for common to choice Hogs. Louisville ling and Provision .Unrkct. He Jviintal of Saturday says: ••Tbo market lor ]:cls la quiet at former rales,, with ooJvSU head re cited hr rail. Only a few of our packers expect to kill sny xr ore hoes, and another week will, in afl prob ability, witness the cluairc ot all the packiuz houses here. The aggregate of the bog slaughter to oate, is o«at If2.CCO. ‘•Market unsettled lor pork, with sales of 123 barrels lalotsat JVO.TiaII.OO; ronnrtioti areoflereJ at Jtos3: t-nlk meats are active: sain S 3 cadt* shoulders at, 64 do dear rib aides at nc, to do at UWc.2£Jdo at lie, 57d0 rib «ldts at, 15 do and 34 buds clear tides abc. *ale» cl too char rides at 10)»e loose. Utcon is in l-lrdcmaM*, wim salesotSCOshoulders at lljfe; also y? casks on orders In lots at 13®l2tfo, 39 do clear rib sldss at I3<3i3kc 9J do at iSMaiio. on orders. to bo cciverert next week. Safe also oi clear sides at IStfc and ham* at 10.Vc tot ciu* cuTtd; tucar-cared. P>oee nod rack'd. Lard is unchanged; tierces fICIJ at rySL-’.S'c, , ktßf, 13SQHC for prime igu. PillPbcrsh Ironand Bloom Alarkn. There t» m improvement to note la the gcucral tine of theme's! market,sad the j&djpsncm* st nrcjetu are rotwry fUttcrlns la regard to the future. Alreiay st me of the mhl? hare .lipped, and. with a.solitary 1* said that-aV will suspend within the next week or and this bs-tuc the ease, as » maUer of ccurse.Uurc t.-ao demand, deservingo. the name, for metal. But while there 1» nodlssnulnjr ihsfect that thenurkct Is v-ry dull and depressed, vet th«e Is r.o great accumulation ot stock of mill Iron lathis place, and no disposition manifested on the part if holder* to force sales. And Inrcgnrd to foundry tran, mhile the snpplv is considerably In excess of the de raxtl. the «oct is not u Urge as geacroUr and. as In tne case of oil’ Iron, tne market ts veryduli, *rd If acTthtnp, price* area shade lower. ihetrans acUou aennp uc wek were very light. The Louisiana Hngnr Crop- TbpNcrv Orltars Tin"* »aya tne»ug»rtrjp ot Louie* isos thw year will /c»ch £O,OOO hogshvadj, £gims; 1-i.OM astvtar; thaixwtvexirjordmaryotHlvclea vill ,St. £1 proOnciion of 100.000 old a\ of4SO,OCO bogsaesds will be r&lortxj in tbrceytars. • THECHICAGAO LITE s?TOCIv .MARKET, omes or tux Cmcxoo Tranusn, I Monoat Evrsfiso, January U. S BEEE CATTIE—Ii trade today Is to indicate the condition ot the market for the week, the pro-poet for drover? Is certainly not of the mo«t flattering charac ter. The day va* a delightful one, indeed all that could be dcatzed fir active operation*, but with little , desirable stock In the pens-ol which tact buyers were co-nUant—but itv operators made their appearance In the yards, tod aside from seme 33 head,ao&alca were effected. The few transaction do not In clcatc any essential change in price*, brace vc quote the market nominal at previous rates, as fallow*: Extra BeertA-Flne. fat. vtll-fbrmed. 4t06 Prime well f^ut S'AAT”’ 6.001*313 rlirdtaJe AFalVstw*.in feu fle?%*v eragUS 1,00(01X00 ft*.at 5 - J ® s *' s Btee** and good Cowa,Ct torclfy blaughter, andaveraslng mOitl 050 fta. st Suxk dattU—Common rattle In Oectnt flesh,averagingßMGU.oo3 ft*. S '^ lso 7»(/<Tfor—Light and uun * “£*JSs||Pss rough and coarse, averaging 62050 fta, BO*GS-Tbc'market openrf atire and buoyant, with abr nt in the sale .pens. There snee If packers, and coder a healthy competition he* mßm pti«- 10905 « ImprCTcmeit ibepena were entirely . Sales were made atjuiecs ranging ttom telrtogoo.! grades, and 56.1J06X5 Or pn“C to choice Bogs. The bnlkbl the offerings wore taken at and Within the ranjro of Amon* the cbolccit tots ottered in Uilvtnarkct timing tho season were 41 bradollhe China Ptlaod breed. They were fed by N.Jocei.ol Niles, Michigan. They sreramd Wtta, ai,dwcro»oldlnthlami«rktl to-day at SO.IO. Drovets should c tbo mlaled by the high tales that have boe« rtalltnl to-day, for wtb liberal receipts,a rracttoa will in *ll ntot.ahiliiv follow. I Wo tott the 101 l wh g transaction* t „ uuu bAita io-daY. No. Av. Trice. II ac< nrre uneven 111 htllrc*.,,, 703 9.83 :«o prime smooth lot ietlauo w»t5r0J......W0 e.W Vn Httt. tvt» Hot*. *5 M 0 319 uutvcnfaltotlcaatu watered ..371 0.15 IJ thnlco llotr OKI 9.HH 71 Mira bevvy. 413 «.» 41 choice even 10t... 300 0.33 wet rough uneven r*t lot *W) 0.10 in good even lion red ana watered........sot O.W M **me quality alO Mg fW fair uneven lot. jiw 6J5 •Annntirp. tn cttilre Uogv.OT O.JV 40 prime even Jotfrd and watered... see «.M W good lot fod and watered SIS MB U tout smooth baosn U»k» .771 M 9 to choice grades Ad and watered..,. udi f 1.35 6s medium llogi ltd and watered.......... 324 MO bH EKT—The market was dull sud Inactive, with pri ce* nominally nncbsnrid. The only Inquiry wo* for good mutton grade* on locall account. CIIILAGU DAILY MARKET. 1 Alltolra of Grain rsportfd in Ifitt mnrtft report s art node on ute batu n/^teinter(ie) itorage,unltn 4 othmeite rsjjrstted. * Moiraa? fcvmnxo. Jauuarvll.iPM. 1 FUEK.llTj*—Railroad (««oins—rhe follow* , ligbihejUaiurWoutheEaktcrnroad*: . i Sd <ih _ Drs d J Cates trout Calcagc to— dui. clast. Flour. Hog». * BuBBIo. N. V 63 47* « « , TomtO.C.'V 68 «Jj 95 » * SJo&treoL C. E. UI K LW 1.60 Aloopr.N. Y 1-S0 UK l.h 1.40 New York lAS 9u 1.90 1.50 Bo*ten ud Albany L 35 95 1.90 L6J , icttonrtoOtandTmnk...... lAi 91 1.93 1.60 . “ortUno rl<7 Grand Trunk 7.10 1.10 Philadelphia 1.19 W 1.70 i. 40 laUiXuore 143 83 1.79 1.43 Pittsburgh 70 W 1,00 70 Cleveland. Otic 45 S 3 76 53 ieif<noaviiie.l&d 45 S 3 70 .... Cino*Ltt«.Ohlo 45 S 3 66 €5 *l4l OR—Received, 9.6670ri5; shipped. 11.973 br:u. Mamacnil, and inactive, at a farther decline of 10® lie. bates vtreWnin Wixtebs—6o bria not named at St 4-75; SO brla oo at (1340; lOOhrlsuc at SU.2S; Spmso Extiup—lCO bria not named atfUXC: 100 brla “Rear* page” at fii.Cih 2CO brls not named at 810.97J*; ud bria do at Ud bria do at 910.63; UO bria do at (40-37M*, lOflbrbdoatdQ.DJGl'-'Obnsdo at (9.71; USsopkd— HO brlt not earned at (SAO; Spitiso but*ms—Ko bria “Cedar River” at f 5.75: Csßonn>—loo bria not named at 96.55;.ucckwukatFlocb—13 bria at 9845- WHKAT—Received, 27,700 bo; shipped, 14,964 bn. Market heavy and lower on No. 3 Spring. No. 1 1 was Inactive aodaomlaM.-Bales -were: 400 huNo.l ' at *2.90 (K. I.); 400 bo No. 2at 1149; 800 bn do at 1 { I.); 2.C00 bu da at 91<91 • 13,000 on do at 914 J; { 12, bn 00 at (1.90 Y; 5,000 budoat *1.691 5,000 bn do at ( I.SSY(regmar); SCO bn Bejected at {1.79 (S. I.); ! 400 tm du at (t.» (A. t>. is Co.); BUO bu ao at {1.61; 1 tkSU) bn 60 at {l.6o—c.oslsg dnli »t(LS3)i for No. 2 and nominal at for No. lin legoiar bouses. CORN—Received,B7,7lo but shipped, none. Mar* ket«Juiiao<ll®D«c I irtr. Sales were: 27,000 bn No. lat TSVe; 3P.C03 bn do at 7S; 4 c; 13,W0 bu do at 73c: ECO bn Xo.l at 7Dc; I.SOO bn do at C9c; 460 bn do at Wife; 5,00 bu Rejected at sJj<c: 4,000 bu do at 51c; 2,000 on do at 51 it O* Ttics—(*o bn Bejected at 33c 903 bn do at iljtfc; 600 bn no at stc—closing quiet at 7S®7SJ(C lor No. 1 In Mor*. OAT^—Received,3l,6l3bo; 'hipped, 4,5 U bn. Mar ket a shade linnerano rathermorc active. Sales were: 13. WC'c; 14,000 bu do at 40uc; 609 bn Rejected on track at 35:; ft'O bo do at afc—closing steady nt cnotations. RYE—Beceived,6.47sbu; shipped,Lß73 bn. Mar itiqultL Sales were -4CO bu No. lat 89c; BWbu do at Barley—Received. L9.’3 bu; shipped. 1,633 bo. Marstt quiet— demand re trlcled to sample low. Sales weie: ICO oars hr sample, at f 1.17 Y; 45 at (1.20; 4Cobu at*Uo; 171 bags at {!,(&; mbairsatsoc; 40bags ALCOliOtj—ThereuUule doing, and the market 1 Is nominal at *4.45@4-50. _ a „ _ , . i BitoOll CORN—Market daU. Sales were: 4 tons ordinary at 1153.00 on track. „ „ „ I EHA.N-tales were: 10 tons at $1340; 10 tons at . (W.U?. t BEANS—Market quiet with sales at {2.00&2.50. BLTTE It—llecrtvrd, 19,9*5 »»; shipped. 15,010 as. 1 AMcc from a moderate jocal inquiry for choice table qnadtles, there 1* t-carcely anything domz. and for icmnionatia Inlerloc. do-crlp’.lons quotations areal ttoft nominal, t-alcs to-day Include 900 T 9 a choice sold ai2Sc;Spkcsdoat .7c; SiO »s in tutoat2sc. Prices range as follows: Choice to Dairy .....93 033 c Good Tab -‘lO «*3 c common(»l3 c Prime Firkin „ .-3* «‘il c of ICO i.* Ron at 26c; 1 lar at 30c;l bav Roll at ! i7c; Ido at 93c; S brb Roll at B*c;2o tiioe choice at JEc. 1 RAMUIMJ—The market conUnue* at the decsiDcncted on Saturday. U e repeal our list: ' I A. 2 bn,6catnlc.-3 linen {9140 i rriitA,Sbu do «-00 j IlltnoU A, 7 bit do 37-00 Coro Excnangc ig-W I Stark A, couoo B-anxlefS.... 70.00 » Lewiston A, do W4O I Arcroeecsgln do 66. W 5 American, do gfi.OO 1 Beater illils, do 6640 ? Pitt»rel<is, ’do M.OO r Penn Mills, ro 70.00 ' Fort Plu. do 70.00 ; sneo. di 61.50 i baco. Unco and cotton 5540 5 Kldcewood, do 5i22 5 5 Gunnies,.. .. 3540 , 1 arlaos, 4 bn. Ro. 1 28.) 0 i Emnlr* City 43.00 X rII REsE-There is little doing in this department 0 aMdeficm a sma-t local Itqnlry to supply current 3 wants. Prices an uichangwl. and we continue to e jJew'i’ork Factory (genuine) 18 ®l9 c s Factory tlillooh) 1* ®l7 c o 16 Gtl* c ' Western Reserve. IS ®l6 c 3 •• Tonne America " wtti c r CO A L—Ci nilnnos naive with prices steady and nn , changed. Thu stocks of Hard Coals are ample. We (iO<t;: l. ~...{ 11.00 . do Oncsby 11.00 c ’ CLEVXtAM>— Hrtar I»i*J 1? do Mineral Wdee 10.00 a do Widow ilim'* 10.00 a do Tunnel.... . - 1040 ■- L. Ipptwa 1040 n Rloejbnrjr. „ 13.00 T 1 lump lihißh.... 154001600 ’• Lavkawana, prepared . 74.00 h beraaton 1140 .. _ 14.00 13 Illinois....' .. j4o® 8.00 '0 00 on truck 5 sy® 6.00 r . Yooehlogbmy 1140 COFFEE—Trade Is improving, and prices role *i firm. We continue to quote: 1. Java *7 ©S' c KlO, common to fair. 94 c n ipo, coed to prime..... ......35 ®26)<c d Rio. prime to choice 37 (437UC „ c:o«*l*Eßa(4R—bales were ;IDO Tierces at {lAd; 111 50 Pork barrels at (145 del; 100 do at 9143 del.: 18t do ro at (1.75 del.: 174 doat 21.75 del.; 3 cars ao at (L 73 del. ,0 E(*Gs>—Were Ip fair request, but under an ample supply were slow at37®2oc; with sales chiefly at He. iC FItCITS AXD NUTS*—There Is no change to l 0 note tx- me central ebaraettr of the market. Trade b & little slack, though for moat descriptions prices 36 are tourably well su-Ptloetl. Nuts are In fair request ocdtteadv at quotations. Toe following are the car sd tent talcs: • __ 27,7 W 23,*aS , iTJ,7IO 550,125 . 21,WS 12,212 . 0,415 5,323 . 1,938 933 .119.150 8,000 . 1.220 Q, .37 . 72,490 03,225 . 1,237 453 .162,000 71,190 , 31,500 550,310 12,225 18,974 . 11,184 4.139 . 6,2(8 1,377 . 73 39J .177,833 100,451 U 5 l&l . S£3o 47,000 . 118 71 ISG7. - IBltt. 11,973 4,193 . 14,961 B.IM . 4,59 i 6,015 . 1,875 1,050 . 1,693 . 8,1:0 6J710 . 6,870 9,373 .831,773 100,140 . 25 83 . 6*l -US .529,266 193,971 . . 15,610 2,653 , *i,B2S IST . 171 107 377 1,520 . 72,197 45,855 43 255 16,490 11,0*15 .. 443 378 .. 203 521 ..26 60 .. 2,026 430 Apples, V hr* Oraigts, Havoia. 9 lid Lucons. Molitsa Craiibctries, wile Cranberries, cultivated..... Damn mum. rigs Dnlfß... . Can Peaches, V a ft cans. Apples. Peaches, halves acd quarters.. Peaches, pared Ulaekberrlo, new, V l> Raspberries, tew, \» is Cherries pUlfd ElrttrheiTltv. 1* ft Bah las layers Almond*, hard shelled ». M 35 Alnjcndasofichriied... 40 ® 52 AlmcitU. csp»r shilled... U 6 it Peanuts, Nft IS),'© u Brazil hnt* !1 d 23 ; Filberts It « Ifl Krjllsh Wa1nut5.......................... 20 © 21 I Nspics Walnuts 23 g at retans, small and large. 23 S 30 > Hickory Kutt, Fbo 3.0 C ® 350 i Chr*tenU. V 8.00 « HAD Fleril—There is no material tnuirovement m the demand,though.with nototulwastuck ontand,deal crsarcholdlngcomparatlvcJyflim at our qootailoas, which ere as follows: i Whliclhh, No. 1, brl 4j-30®7W ■ “ No.2.}£bri . *.43£9 ..So Trout, No. U k wl .. h-tdS 5.# •• >'o.2. J, brl 4.53© 4,<5 Darken.), No. 1. X brl, ntw : “ No.2,>brl M.»jjioAo \ “ ftmUf. F a brl 9A0»9.» ! “ extra muss, V H brl AT.OO3JSAO : •• •• V Kit 3.753 lAO ■ M No. 1, kit?, new.. 2.&>« 2J3 j “ tanmr, kits .....3.253 2^5 fefifl-h, Back, 9 luO »• 8.00 •• Getirgt'e Bonk BJA3 9.0 J Make .7 SAJ3 6AO litnlnge, diled, No.l, ¥> box 603 63 > - 5ca1ed............................... 7ut« *5 Labrador licrnnca 9> brl 1L0031153 •• •• S brls Norwegian " K'e.Pbr) IS.Oo “ “ M’s. P br) 1fi.60 : GREASE—Marketqulet. Samwcre:so ion*, in lot?, ktKSBVc. I HU4H\V|Nfes—Received, a brla: shipped. <3 ' brie, market ctuiu neglected, and entirely nominal, at , {3.20 for Free, aid 25c jor bonded. i HOP?*— lbe market Is doll, with a very trilling bufirit s* tor Eastern, and 45®S5c lor Western. ORESTED BUGS—Beceived, 11,131; shipped. 2A2S. Market active, and 10320 c better. Sales were: , yJavcraglngJ!* f“AO 65 - SStfts, at. 7 CO 53 u r<S ns, at 7.iu 1 a “ sso ns, at 7.00 26 “ 2S5»S,at 7.00 , 50 •• 2bo P“, at 7.W 22 “ 2(0 tte: at “jjo 45 all over SCO nt,au ....A 7.00 , 14 averaging 352 s>», at. BA3 • 8 •• 290 as, ai 6.90 46 “ H 2 fts, at 6.70 STTCjvlrticgonSco ns, at J6.7D and 7.00 , (V 0 “ 2CO ns. Ot 6.73 and 6.95 161 44 CM Us, St - 6.70 and &90 ICO “ y» ns at 6.63 and 6AO 1149 “ 300 ns St G. 70 and 6.93 “ 300 ns Ot 6.70 and 6.90 77 “ 200 ns at....*. 6.oand«A3 C 6 “ JJOttsat * —closing firm &t|6.7oand t&9O dlvtdtig on sionsfrr av^raffciots. HaV—le dnl), thoosh with anther fliortsupplrto the market, is tnnlr held at the prices given below: WHOLESALE PRICES. Timothy, roller and beater pressed 5i2.503t5.50 Timothy, loose pressed 13.00.i1l 00 ivautc,beater pressed 9Ao» EKTAB. PRICES. 1 Tlmctby, roller and boater pressed 16.0Qat7.03 llmotby, lce*e pressed itDOaiSAO I'mirle, roller ana beater preased. UAoits. , n lialrlcJocieOD wngou, delivered. 9.W&10A0 „ IS 11*Tte—Ucreivtd. 177.582 n»; shipped, 7U§7 as. There is no essential Hnprovemett In the supply, and uccfr a continued active demand the market roles firm at Full ratts. IVequote: Greet Bctcbtr?’... 7 A «vc Green Salted,trlitmed n «u2c Groin Calf. is ®i9 c l>ip. Gwen Salted it ia;s c Biy Flint tilmmid .....17 uis c l)>yßaited.trimmed h <lls c Grwnfcaltod, part cured 9 ra 9Vc lItUN ANII STEM.-lbs demand Is moderate, and price? are quotahly unchanged. \Y« quota: comm-.n Bar. av® 6V Horse fchoc Iron "5 Heavy Band 6 3 6v Hoop ana Light Band 6W410M Round aeo Square . s su oval sv® 65 Hair Uval ana Half Boone sv& 6X >hect Iron, com men 7vn .. £ht«t}voD,Oa vanlzco,l7s2S T 5 eci Iren, clmrcoa* >tc(tlron, Juilata ..llx'dlS NorwayNali K'ids u &UX Plow Steel. Ocrmao alt Plow steel, cast 17 ®l3 Spring aid Tire Bf?e’. English .u @ls Tool Gait Steel,ordinary sizes. 23 ®3O Tool Cast steel, Auprlcon.. ®25 nihtored Steel ®3O nns»l4,N(.s.9acd 16.... 23 Rtirtia, Am„ Ist Quality. 9 bdl ®X3 Knieia, Russia. Am- 3d anallty, Fsttet ®l6 * LEATIiUtt-Tradela brno means brisk, thonzh owing to U e rciuctd ccndltlon to which the stocks, at jirnett.arr.ftin prices are demanded around. We .icctetne market culetbut Una at theprlcos elves t>Oow: lathi. L4TEB, City •names?, V ft. -J 593 40 Country Harness -Ja 34 •Line. P ft...... 41 l\lp, medium, N _ ft’... 1J5M.10 ,Ca lt. 7* » JAtol.tiO t pper. 9 t00t... so C’onatry Cpper,. 53® 23 OeCar, B l-;0’... 73® St S'auchtcr Sole.. 5C® Ml french Cali; 31 HareWs, Fft.... 4DQ46J ft 5...... 2.1053-35 i rper 800 S 3 I French Call, 96 Kip, No. I, me- 1 a» ...v. 2JX03.10 (Unni lATSIJ!) 1 French calt Ve la, No. I, . I molnes, > dozXO 01390X0 heavy. SwlUOl UliHßEU—Theicnrktt rule* linn, acd prices are 5i .tamed nt ttefeUoivlip quotations: Lmnra-Flm Citar. i, Tj*,i*aod stnch VD ....(®,OOg£UO ; ifcotd Ciear. and3 inch. SiOtoaxo IMm Clear, loch .. 50.KQJ5J30 Hftt aid Second Cleu* Flooring, togeth er, n.celt, the same as-Second Clear _ wf0e...?.?. 50.01033X0 Common Flo ing, rough ... 35X057X0 Slctchrd and remd Common Flooring. 40X013X0 HfltcbuJ and Bretsea 6-inch Common _ ■ Flooring..... SSXO33SXO Tirstax.o second Clearsicing. together.. SJ,DOi*3iXO First Common intsto Sldlig-.. ....... 39X00.00 iVapoa-pcx.Board*, select, fi inch and upward? SSXCOI3XO A sicca Board*, iMcehes saoAa32.u> itStockßoardMMocbe* fiXO&TLXO Common Boards, Joists, Scantling, Feac* ~- log. acd fcmall limber, 12 to 15 feet _ _ _ lone.®3ixo Joists and Scantling 3WJ and 31 feet...... 28X0330.00 Joists and Ecantbni...... SmsGLK—A or Star Shaved Shingles.... 4AO Aor Star Saved Shingle*.. 5.00 a 3XO No. 1 Saved Shingles 2XO 3XO LATB-Pir m in yards... 5.00 ny car-load by xorthvrarcmßaUroad, drilrcicd in any yard vbetc cancan be twitched, or any depot: A or Star ■ Sawed Shinnies, by ear load, on trade.. CZ3 4-X A or Star Shaved Sbinglts by carload,- on track........ ....................... 8.»j0 4XO No.I saved Shingles by car load on 9K 1 hric doVlaVs" a*"car load added when transferred, which charge fellows the Shinnies In freight bill. FTCHfILK 6TANTIXBO. Thickntsa-Five shingles to he tvo Inches la thlck nejinglh—Sixteen inches. Ponds—' Twenty inches. market U doll, though the general «a tue'<>£** was a little firmer. Fi'h Olis hcweter, are dnli and carter. WenoteadceUneofSe in Whale Oil, as follows: * ' Untced Oil, boiled * . ®t*4o cttveOU. —— Whale Oil, W. B lAS^t.iO LsrdOir. extra 1.30*1.11 Lard Oil, No. 1 winter- ].ift»U3 Lard OIL Wo. a Winter. 1.03a».10 Pack Oil. round lots I.IWIJB Machironil....- 1.00*1.40 BpertnOll. W. D I4BAO t.ubncaungOU... cotton CastirOll.... B.»»3AJ Neaufbot Dll lA0u»l.40 CJARUUN Oil.—Ulo fair request, and in sympa* thy with so advance In Cruce Oil at the crcckr, is firmer. There Is a good supply at the following quota* Hons i Carbon, V car load aMo Carbon, small 10t5... oAtc Dcernln. uXo AIKTAI.H AND TINNER*' rvTomt-Thoru la a moderala trade doing. a&tT price* are unchanged. Wo quote: vnr. rate. Box Tin Plate. 10 Ist qnu’lty, cask Uv lOxti -118.00 istquailly, shoot tl l.Mttol'ig* «T 81ab........ U si juttonrwikg. _ Bar Tin » I l ?®**;.* rnrrßß. 7.8 and 13 Metallic Al* totta... 33 10 and U ...13 fopjer Pottrm 81 13 .U liiatleraoverions.. 43 tua&d ..ts ftbeeUngt, uu> isos is 1A&0uU................16 lUniUTVXTAI.. IS 13 lalqiiailty.. 80 19 ....31 Antimony..... 30 xi ......33 Fieo Balder ou Fence Maple* 10 N a 11.**—Are steady at previous quotations: . _ Uhl to ad V keg 4?Ao]3d Sd. 7.751 M, llnvhinod, 9.75 4d 8.00 I td. floe blued 10.15 6d Bda I tut spikes 7JI Sd 8.75 | Clinch Net 9.23 PR (I VfeilUNt 4 —Deceived, 71,490 ns Corel Meats, l>rk Pork, 162.613 X» Laid.; thipped, (01,773 b« Cored Meats, 23 oris Bed; 3tl btls Pork, ana 539,260 bj Lard. Ateas Pork—Market quiet. Bales were: 200 btls at 918.20. caib—cloali g with no buyers over Prime Mesa Pork—® brla at |I6AO. Humpa-BJ brta at *11.23. Extra Mean Beel-«ul.cUatsl.JM, Csuilsb Jfeata*-IQ moderate demand and firm. Saks were: SCO bxs lor c cut Dams at 10c; 200 bxs Blion Bib at 9>ic; ab bis Weilords at 9c. e*xvcct t »cul» d Elam#—Sftlre were: 100 les on p t ' nrderatood to be In the neighborhood of lie. I Bulk SIbUM-Salei were: 6JJJOO &s Dry Salted f Sbouiceifi on pi. ■ Cceu Slcnta—Market firm. Sales were: a.COO tss and l.nd n« Dams (s b) at 9Wc; 7,000 pcs do (a hi at * 9ct; lD,COOßsdoatßXc: aO.bOO lbs do at BJfc; 103.000 * tts Sides at 7kc* luird-Market H'<3H C better. Sales were 160 tea ‘ City Kettlcc at HX V ; to Country do at lltfc; 500 * tea City Steam at like; 100 do at lixc ; 100 do at UHc; * ‘JlOtcsospt: lACOtcs (Saiunlay eve) at like. 1 POlTl.Tßx—Sales were: 3do* DressedCtdckens * at 94. M; 9dczdo attSAO; 3 dor do at do* do * att2.'.s;sdoxdoat92Ao. „ } Mill A A.N'J -*hA I.ERATCS—Toere Is noper -1 cevtlhfo change to note, and the market is Ekady at i thefcllowiogprlces: * < Babbitt’s Meolcmal 13YAIS c * ■ “ Pure .Uwkiaifc 1 Deland's Chemical... I*X<3l3 c 1 t Healthy l2'*wi2Xc •* } Pure .HMtaUkc > SUGARS—'The market rules Ann and a better led » . Irai.rtvaiU. rrltxs are aicady at the following quo i Sir.: Porto Rico i2A»Wkc N.T. iN-hned, powsered aad Ur«imiateo....l<>Xuti6XC <• W blte A li^»l3kc 0 CtrdeA IJk(4I4AC ? White B llk«».*ic » Extra C H.^Ukc a Tebow »• 12 ®W c c Oxnard C 10k»JI c . Oxcar dC. extra. ll VMllhic > SVKlipji—Tne central character of the market : remains the same, as previonuy rep.rtoj. We quote: a New Vork Syrups 9 tioe»x-ia S Teltow Dnps MWI-g CuhaMolatsee.. A 4 S f* Porto Rico BSc-e 96 tt Eew Orleans 70&1.UC Philadelphia Bee Dive. 6&A W u Chicago Refinery, Ambtr. I.CO^UC * - Golden., 80t9 g '» “ u Sugar House 73a fl * : SEEDS—Received, 119,i50 s*; shipped. 2.ITU ss. , , SoieoiSObscsTlmothvat^.lo. it 1 s»al,t—Received,none; shlpped.3,o46 brio. Mar . i ket firm aid we note an advance oi Sc on Bcw Fine « . Saif ot 4uo brU Fine at &AS del. ojur ui mu a. fig,l,, uu. New Fine %. 2-W Ccarve 7.60 Grccna Alum Turks’ Island, bscs 3AO Ground Solar. 7.D> Dairy, v Ith tacks.. AM Dairy, without sacks.... 3.15 TALLOW—Rather more doing- Sdles were: 50 brla C!iy at ICc; G 5 brls Country at TEAS—ihrre i* a siicbt Improvement tn the de mand, and dealers are firm tn their views, at the fed- Tula: flytoru superior to fixe,'? » fl.wai.4o do J extra to ci-olcr. V & tXO^I.S) Imperial, superior to fine, P n Lto><!.6o oo extra tochoicr, 1.85^191 Gcnpowocr, superior to flap,R s 1.W*1.6C ao cxira to choice, V» l> 1.99AL93 Japan, natural icafiflne to extra fine. ? &... 1.03w.1.i5 do .do fine to choloL V D do' do colorec. Pta TOBACCO—Trade Is very dull, with prlc»a a little carter. We moke no change In our quotations: Fixe CrrCuxwiso— ~ Ex'ra.. - .41A5 ®IA3 Choice. I.ob yi.ii Medium f* « |0 C0mm0n...... (3 9 15 g*osu»o Tonscco— Virginia’s Favorite O ®l-W Choice 25 u »J Medium 51 (£ 25 Common Bums 19 2) piro Tobacco— _ .. IxiyalCUiren..... Jl 0 » Fanre*i*’ Delight Natural Leaf. 1-29 @2.00 Half Brlgb* 81 @US Choice Black, round 73 W W Medium *0 ® «3 Common.... . .... 50 ® 70 Kavles...- 55J Y lrgln«a iOs and Ds. 50 @ 60 Flounders. 73 0. S 3 TVOOD-U quiet, bc( steady and firm, at previous Maple, 9 coni, delivered, 22 Maple .7* cord, Invatd 1 ?*5^ , i2'22 BetJcu. V cord, delivered 1100@12.00 P«rch. V cord, in yard Hickorv, V core....* 14JP@15.0U \YUi)L—Received,2JSCo ns ; ahlpp«l,l6,tWh>s. Tho market U quiet and nominally unchanged. No sales r, ported. C310A60 *Wtl ROETKWrSTIBa —DXPOS COA. WMT yum AKfrxmziß. Demon. Arrive. Day Express *9:00 a. a. *3:20 p. a. Atghl Sprees •4:30p.m. *5:13 a.n. Janesville Accommod'n *5:40 p. n. *S:.’<o p. in. Woodstock Accom'a’n.. *2;Uop.m. •9;(Kd«m. eatxKa division. Fr.uon and Cedar Haplds *5:25 a. m. T.Swp.ia. Faium and lowa tftSQp.m, 6:OC a. tn. Krecponand Dtmleitb.. *i>;ooa. m. ilHJa.m. Freeportautf Dnnlcltt.. *in:oop.n. 3:tC*p.m. Rockford and Fox ■Rlwt. # *-;00p. a. iit’Os.n. Ijlson # 4t00p.12, title a. TO. Gencvaanri Elms * a, St-tba. m. XU.VADZ> DIVISIOh. Express *S:00 a. tl, *3: Vp. tx Expreu.... '1:00 p.n. *i&co m. Nigh* Acconnioautlor 1 :15p. m. MiC a. a. Kenosha AccomL-od’a... L4(i p. m, 9:15 a. n, SVaukecun AccotnmoA's. S:9Jp.Q. S;SG a. m, ioseUll, Calvary, arc Evanbioi. I:X0 p.E. oNGp.u. •prmflays excepted. tSattucsy* iatcp*id, lilon-;oys; executed. I ka.'aiSAr CU»T2%t. 6X.E- oLL*—PNiOh - clcr, JtM.-. O: tit--. SIMM. 1 ihucviag£xi'ics; * *3-15 p.t&, i* jiay Expeese »*. ♦i'.tbOp. ». Evenlmt Czpre.v JWS)p.m.j'Li: Ip, a. . >.'ix:ht Crptvvs. 1*9:45 p. -. SSx3A a, v.. I ,IN<.XM,A3t ATX tOwTSVMAX :EAfr.S. } Jroitdoz Exxitc*2 'TtfiCa. *n. *H. : ;'sa I >l«hl Ex»rres? 15:00 p. c. ii I »K - ll?CeJ* hAPTUSt-b ANf» *O3 Kl*Oh> LtMt—-Ur i C(»Vt>!tl TAB Bb’ltCN *.ih ShKDhAh STHBaVr. I WOLSi'C *^SS. 1 t& ii \. . *1:152.1- *5:53 p.n liay"pxprts*.*.:W»«.tn. *iitoop. a Net-York Express i.flp.n. fla'tu. c Nlct: K»rea: r*:u:oop.r:. V:f p s s i L-WXOir ITN3. Kht* • *4:43 a. it, ffctv s. c*. • Jlicht Express iiOtOUp. m. p.m i SttlOßUTf SU SOPt T75.5.4V AlD> OfUai.C. • M iii .. *u2oa.ta. 0:o0 repress. *;:QQu.ra. liLC a. sl FsitUnr 5:12p.m. 7:10 p.r KxorCß? *i 0:00 u. a. 11:00 p. » I arJiio:.* r%:TK*h. ' £)iv *9:SOa.IS. *ldtSL p.Il. Nlfitt rtisenfier 110:00 p. 13. a. tu. Asconmodh:. •« *v:2- a.n. . Hyde I’atk atitt Oak Wood •&;() a. E. a. c.. ; t* « •* ... ... •imiop.c. *!« I »t ** •* ..... *2t?Up.a. •ItSTfp.C, *. .* « *5:55 o. m. *7:30 p. 3 i cvi.&uo. eosur-».:c:n aMo ttniNC*. ! Cay ton**and Mall. *=t«‘a.ta. *9:oop. m. r,«ießbm(tPassenger.. . *3; p. m, A-jrors •kttip.n:. •9 o‘ja.n. Night Express *12.00 dd’bt ts:3ta. a. . craAfiS ir.. «i. ton». Itsprcsaand sUdi.. 6:03a.a. 8:45 p. a. Night Express «ftlsp.BL 5:50 a. b. Joliet and Winning cl . , Aocotmoodation... . . 4:00 p. s w 43 a.ii CEKAbO *SU GbXAT (i*lh 'XSCiKBU; I XTR LUTt)—IRIWADAX* BAI/.NOA'T SJfrCt, CAHAIAKD TOfil BiaTOJ. . Day -30 s. Pt 10-55 p. —. 1 Nighthxt'ccse• 9:00p-oi. 3:50 p. 12, you UfDUJJAI’CUA tyOWVIDLX AMO ClMCUr.'rStj. Day Express £3O a. m- lOuA p m Nlchl Expresi* «. ftUOp.m. 5:50 u. Q CoTamhuaExpress..,., » &3>la.n 10:55 p. m “ . » v% ., in C! ’ l-aisbg Accotnaodatfr.n 9;n5AJt ttOl a.*r. «. « 6:WJ o. m • (iwii-Aso, Bock island and pacific aanaoui,' ray £sprmandMaY.. • ■ “* . Night Mpreas ■ 12:00 p. Q. *s:4u a. n. • JoUel Accommodation... 4t4op.pi. *9:4l} a in. •?nnday excepted. tMcnd&y cxccptac, fßattndsy txceplcd. i UNION STOCK TABD TCiX TABLE. _ - ■ Leave Madison Street. Leave Stock Yards, Jk-TO ; a.m. 7:40...., a. in. • 8:3*1. a. iu. 9:10 a.m. 1 10:C0...-. a.m- 11:30 a.m. I liSO p.m. 1:30 p.m. 1 0:20..... p.m. 4:00 p.m. 4:is‘ p.m. S:<o ........p.m, BUSDAT TPAIFb. &8D a.m. 9:33 a -a* 10:20 .• a.m. 11:45 ~.a.m, 12:30 p.m- 2:30 p. 2?- 4ax> .• .p. m. 5:15 o, m, Tbc follovior lathe new table for the erriva and departure of malls from tbc Chicago Dost Office for the winter, and now in force: XAUB CLOSE, r. O. CHICAGO, On. MAILS ABBIVS. p.m. a.m. p.m. .... 2:00.,..W!ch. South. B. R 12:30 .... &15.... “ “ “ 8:55 .... 12:00 m “ u u Q-oo n:00 .... IftCo m >Hcb. Central K.R 22.00 ... 8t'5.... “ ** “ .. &0U 8:15 .... S:Co....Fitts. & Ft. Wayne I*3o .... 8:15 . “ u “ 7:10 .... TtOOa « “ * .. «;00 11:00 l&i'O 4:80 ...Great Eastern R R.. S:3U 10:00 12:00 tI;SO.. ..New Albany & balem 8:20 ii:oo BUO 7:45 Galena Railroad 3:10 2:40 12:00 fti«....DixonAit line.... &0U 7:30 l&OO 6:Uo....Rockislandßailroad 5:45 2:3) 12:00 8:00....0.,8.&Quiccy H.B. 5:.V) 9:00 8:10 3:oo....Northwc«iern R. K.. 5:45 8:30 StCO 2:45 lAfluenkcc Railroad. 11:30 8:20 12:00 7;45....1U1n018 Central B.R, 7:fX» 0:00 12:00 7:00....81. liouls Railroad... 5:85 8:45 BQB'T. A. GILMORE. P. &!♦ gceck mum. SlaueMer, Sote, UatfaJo | 433 43 Slaughter, Sola. Chicago, No. 1. 43® 42 Siancnu-r, Sole, Chicago, Nr. L.' 50 31 Boecos Ayres.... Orinoco 501 e..... £7® 33 Conoco, good, dataasd....... Sl® S 2 EAXtnoAi* rams TAniiS. (Sift i=nterptig£g. Q.KEAT M ATCH SALE ON THE POPULAR ONE PRICE PL\N. Girina orery patron » taadsome and reiiab'e Watch for the low price 05 Ten Dollars, wuhou; rer tri to value, and net bo paid for tmleii p« fictly .svaafacViry I JOO Solid Gold B until cWatcbei to ?7!0 100 iiaelc Cased Gold Watches- v> WC 100Indies* watcaes, enamelled. 100 to *5 *OO Gold Halting Chronometer Watches.. 350 to S* 200 Gold flatting fmcllsh Levers SCO to go SPO Gold Banting Dnnlti Watche5......... UOto *OO 500 Gold Uniting American Watctcs ix to 7* l £OO Sllrer Hun One Lever* 50 to 150 500 &lircr Uniting Duplexes ♦->«» 2*l 500 Gold Lacks* watches 50 to *3O Ut 0 Geld Hunting Uplce* 53 to “a I.COO Miscthaowms Silver Watches 50 to 1W 2£oo Hunting Stiver Watch** 23 to 50 S,ort Assorted Watches. all kinds 10 to «S Every patron obtains a Watch by this arrangement, costing bat HO. woi.e it may be worth IDO. No park* Sickling & Co.’s Gruit Colon Watch Cc n Manufacturers, 1-19 S. Y. City, wish to laiotecialcl; dlsposecnhfaboTpnjagnlflcCstßtoct.C*r ilfleaks* amiss articles are placed in sealed envelopes. Holcen are enticed to the arkcies named on their cer tiorate, npon payment ol Ten Dollars, whether it be a Watch worth *730 or o;e w-rtu ic-s. The ictnrn ol any of our certificates entitles yon to the artcias named thcreor, opon payment, irrespective of Its worth, acd as no article valued lets than flO is named cn any cer tificate, it writ at once be seen that tats is no Lottery, has a straightforward IfdOmale transaction, which may be participated In exes py the mfettasildioas! A tingle Certlccate will be tent oy tsaU, post-paid, npon receipt of 35 ctA, Ore fur fl. eleven for {2, thirty thiceapde!rgantpremlnmfCr|3< slity-six aid mere valrable premium lor lit, onehntrtred and most to oerb Watch for |IS. To agents or ibr-S'i wl*ain* err plcyirert this U a rare opportunity. U U a legitimate ly ecndncttd business. do:y authorized hr the Govern* ment.andopentubemontcjuejalsctauiy. try tu! Address J. HICPLING ii CO, 1-19 Broadway. N. T. ©nttral Nutices. •VTOW READY. X\ • ONE HDIiDHED CHOICE SELECTIONS IS POLTBV AND PIIUSE. CentslnlDgthe moslpopul-r patriotic efioslocs of tin cay, rare poetical cems, fine specimens ot oratory, and afnidothuß or. PrProf N.K.lQca%rd»on. iSopa_m ; pajKr.SCC.; cloth,7sc. ACdress I*. GARRCTT&Cvw mblUhets,To2 Chcstnnt-sUi Ptdladelptua. il*ued Dee on rtcelpt of price. c-o Ml) TO $15.00 FOR iyERV O— • * *'l h-m-s and hoaor- rUK: ' dies, cl-xroscD, teaebets, stadj®*"* farmers, mer* eh*nts, nrrhanuw, soldiers, everybody, kleaee cf 11 on, or address, w j ACK SOS & aSßeaver-iUN. r. gTranspttation. -VT£\V ORLEANS AND MISbIoSIPFI IN rJVEB POBT3.—The Atlantic A Mississippi Buaioship Co.’s fast and elegant boats leave Cairo on umral of Uiaoti Central evu-lng train from Chicago Mflira-.E, VICKSBUEa, SEW For. pastafie apply to JAS. WABRaCK, Wcarn Agent, 3X Dcar&ora-su, Chicago,. s-pctlei TSmatrs. llclmb'»ld*rt Extract Btielan Oltrs health andvlcoMoihclrarae and bloom to the pallid cbwk. Debility is icrouipimj»abynian» aarra* lint symptoms, ai.d if no uriim'U t» submitted io t consi’.mpUoD. Insanity, or eollcp'.lc uti coiue. Private bihl t'onfldehusl. DR. JAMKBcurcißrKMATonnnit* with oulnfstll* bte method, saving time ami cxprn»e. Impitcney cured from rpenraloirh** or low of semen. Ihla debility Dr, Jamr* will obligate hliuKlf Inevorycsioto care. Dr. Jaunts* odes aud parlors arc 01 ami 93 Uandolpb*st„ comer of Dearborn-st,. cearly opposite hlsolrt ofllre. bjpMUs-prliiiary.iccondiry, tertiary, or entailed •bertdlllirlly—radically cured without theusa of mcr cury, lodide potaiall, or ether poisonous drugs, but by a nr otrallior, tued oaly by btai, and a positive core. Tub Uubitob, byDr. JamceJt a treatise opoa the dUeaseabomaketKaipetlaltly to treat,andt* highly reentPßendofi by the medical profciiloa and the press. It contains the nuTocr, jf stock, origin tad dancer of secret ditease* together with diseases peculiar to femika, Bov avoided and prevented mod directions for self mantent wnsna filleted. An Important leatnre of the book la hoir to prevent conception, and the necesalty and propriety sometime* of so dolrp. Pricecf bookSO cents, with i cents postage. Ad* dress Dr. James, P. O. Box 696 Chicago, IU. Dr. James can be consulted at hi* office and parlors 01 aid 03 Bandolpb-st, from 9 a. m. to 1 p. to. manjiood and Vontbfnl Vl~or A ret chained by Hdrobold’s Extra Dacha. Bclxub«ld , s Fluid Extract Boeba Is pleasant la taste and cdor. free from all injurious properties, aid immediate m ita action. The Wonder of the Agi? } Ts the great snceeis lb*: attends Dr. Poscnberc*s treu* ment of all chronic acd ptlvate dl eases. Over 8,000 were restored to pcrtect in .Cnctaod list year by Dr. B- F s metood of tr.utnje»CoxautTATlOM f%xx. 123 Dearbcrtt-ft.. Ea-,_j lUand 14-P.O. Box 3312. Cnlc uro, Hi. or epticLu attention given to diseases pecnllar to females. Shattered Constitutions bettered by nelmoouTs Extract Bacan. Take no more Unpleasant and Unsafe Remedies for unpleasant and daacerooa diseases. Cm Dtlmbold’s Extract Bnchu and Improved Bose Wash. Tbe Glory of dan Is Strength* Therefore, the nervous and debilitated should torn’ (Lately u*e tlelmDOidV Extract Bacon. Dr. Thomson, Prcpiletor of the Medical and Surgical Institute, 17> South Ciark-st-has treated ad unns of venereal dis ease with unptectdenied suctcs. l-r seam L.rty yean, spermaterrhtea and impotence treated with the fiapot eat result*. Particulars of the institute and the Quid* mailed tree to aoyaddrea*. P.O.Box72,Chicago, Illinois. X Beady aud Conclusive Test OltheprcperttisofHeTmbu'ld's Fluid Extract Bacbu ■a 111 be & c< mc&rlsrawnh those set forth lotus United States Dispensatory. Enfeebled and Delicate coiiHtltulXouH, Ct both fetes, use Belmbold's Extract Buchu. It will five brisk aid eiercetlc feelings and enable you to s.etp well. Uusincss Carbsi. I>LAIR & J-EFFIiKPOS. commission hebckasts, OFFICE, 304 FBONT-ST., j.£\w«esos.} TVIR.nWIIS, TEN*. Ltbrrai ntt afiyascemetts made on tonalcacenta QEaT, EATTES & (JO., Wholesale Commission JKcrcCout jNo* 50 3XcGou*o Between E ml G-40»Q DEKVfcti. COLObADO, V\ RLSSED HOGS? STENCIL* AND WEIGHT LINTS FnrnUhed gratis. Qlghttt marvel pritea cnaranteee; Jfrompt returns made. Corretpotdcrce solicited. fiEDMOLD A CO- Gcl’l Corn'd Mcrch'U, S 3 Tfaihisgton-et.. Chicago. 111. ©rcan *tearsrrs. ONLT YVEEKLT MAIL LISE TO LIVER* OOL. INMAN LINE. Cue of the Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Co *s s aenffievut aid pewerlnl steamships. sails item PIEH 4 .■>, North Klver. New York. LVtltY SATURDAY (mail tteaaer), AND EVERY YV EDNE»DA V fextra steamer;, Throughout the year. Parties vlfltlrg tb* Paris Exhibition will fled this, for speed and accommodation, equal to at y other mail her. liq vtrv cicch cheaper. passcogerabookedCrdm Chicago to aty European port. _ _ ) LTL-BN TICKEIS AT REDUCED RATES. A limit, d numlor of etcrauo passengers will be taken at a* low fare m by any other line. For particulars and to secure passage anpiv to * .IAS. WArtUA Gcn’i Wcsfn Uearbott-su. Chi gfrOgggSig. p OVEKK3IENT SALE. The pr.ip'Ttv known as the “GOVERNMENT TAN NERY AND STEAM SAWMILL.” with sev enty-live acres or land, near SAN ANTONTO, TEXAS. SealedPrcposats, in duplicate, will be received np to the met day ot March. 1567, for tho purchase cf 15 aerreof land, miore or leas) tmrether with the bulla lugs eiect-.d ttirton. and tap appurtenances appertain ing, that is to sav: ONETANNEKY.c sntalnlngtwelve Slone Line Vats, FIFTY-rWO WOODEN VATS, SEVEN STONE POOLS, and capable of taunloz 15.U0 hides per annum; ONE STEAM SAWMILL. capable of sawinc 3JUO feet of Lumber daily: ONE SMALL STONE BUILDING. The above property 13 situated about two miles shore baa Antomo, on the saa Antonio River, and the w ater i> conducted to the establishment by a race of hewn stone Uld In earnest. The land vucurcaacd and Improvement* mode by the late so-ca-led Coa.cdera’e Government. and are estimated to bare cost tiSO.OJO In sol*. . The property has been under leas? tor the year 135% at a monthly rent of <4OO, payable in ndvatce. A te amed title in tee simple will he g! ren by the L. S. Gov ernment. . . . „ Proposals will be marked “l*roposal« far Govern ment Tannery and Sawmill,” and ad irewod to J. B. KfDDOO, Bvt.M»J.Gen.Ass’tCorn*?BortauK F.4AL, Galveston. Texas. rj-0 KAILKOAD CONTRA.CXORS. Louisvn-L*. Ctscnwun and ) LxxtxoTon Usilboad omce. > Locisnti.*, Ky., 23th December, 1364.) SEALED PROPOSALS will be receUedat thlsofflc*, on thesis;January. 1&67, for the graduation anl ma sonry oicversereDtvmllea, (In mile settlors,)oi the Cincinnati Branch of this railroad. The work Uof an oensuahy desirable character tor good contractors, it c line accessible hr steamboat and tutnp'ke. and the country full of supplies. i rcbiti will be ready lor examination on and after 10th Jaiusry. payments for work done will be made monthly In cesh. and n Ith the waal reservation. IMcreccre w|il be required from contractors net I fixmaiiy kn- wp. ard the Company rmrvelh? right to ri vet any bid* not deemed to their icteresr. I. M. ST. JOHN, HARBOU WORKa AT GRAND Ha ven ana Clack Lake. 31 Iv Igar. Omci bupzßzxrxnPixo Exoixekb, BAunont lappovEKmera, Lake MtcataxN. < &tn.wxVKKE. WinronslD, January 1. IS6T. { Sealed proposals. In duplicate. >if the ford fomlshec hv the und*n>l2neJ, will be /ere ved at thlr offles until 'lncredaj,thtMllbd»y if February, Id ;n.. A: impruvina the bar tori of Gtat.d Raven and Blact Lhro. Michigan. Tbctaptovcmcntial Grand Haven vrill consl«; o: IMWfeeutnrr-of lersofc’oje piling to protect thf south bank* f the rtver near toe cuttonce and an *x tcrsicn of the south pier for 600 fee: oyertb* filled wltt 8 TfcV Improvements at Black Lake win bo estensiou of the present piers, tJ2 runnlog feetlu all,aiddredg ipg The dtecglac will Ive betweci tn-. pfrrs. and Jo: plnctnc the new cribs, and will amoont to SQ.&.'O cubic varGe»morcoc l»«. i’lans and specifications are cn file lo the offl' > e. and util pmprSr of rsilmatirz. The t ropi-aa!? will he separate f;r each work, ondfot each class otm&tetlal or Uiv-r for even wnrs. Blit wlllhcrecrlvedlora part or lor the whol- of cft&ei work. The work to b- nnUhcd byoctober U ISM, Ttr*e works will be let to u-c Lwest rc-rooriblt. bid der, nervine to tbc United States the right to reject are requested lo be present open the openim, of tbc hid*. ... * «^oS^° clllU - ul endorsed, enclosed it separate eLVelote' acu addresrrd to M J. B. WHEELED. C. S. Esgineert., MtvwankvA Wls. JLcgal. SALE.—By virtue of a O special writ of Execotloo. issued from the 6<tpe ricr Court rf Chic»go, Cook County, and » sUpnlsnon brtwetu the rraintla ard D-iezdant this darfijedin the Snoenor Court la favor ofilary K. Growenor. idalmiiL and against Sarah D. Wlrrchestsr. Defendant. at3o’cLvkp.m.,oo tbcioth day ot Jatumv.lhtfL at theuerthdocrot tbc Court Hontc, la *ha City of Chi cago, I Miall offer for ral- at I’abUc Venlnv,all tire ncl.t, title and Interest of said D-ucnd»nt it and to the following described prorerty, to wit: One span oi Maier. one ipaa ol Miles, one and ere Ale V.egon, JOHN A. NELSON. Late SbeiiU cf Coo» C-jaaty. By G. Fisa**, Dcthiy. Dated tfcelCit day ot January. 1567. ffiiJg Notices C OBJECTOR’S NOTICE.—State of IltlooiA CocSCcanty— *s. Ctn coLLtrnot’s omez. Conn Bors*,> Hooq No. 14, January 13tn. 13C7. J Pobllc coUce is hereby given that the following de scribed Warrants hare been placed In my hands Or collection, to WU; TPLWest—Dated January 11. 1566, and t-emd for the collection ol a special assessment levied fi'r (csstractlcg sidewalk >.£.stde ilUwaakeeave nue.ottweto Holstein avcuueand Wtsicra avecoe. All persons interested In said special assessment are rcqutstrd to make ln.nfrdrare payment at myotfiee. In defaulter such payment the said as*e»*mea. will be cnHrrtcd a: the cost and expense of oer-ona liable thcr»lcr. A. IL UEALD. City Collector. COLLECTOR'S NOTICE —State ol tUto!*. Cook County—«. Ciit cv XLrcToe'a O me*. C'orET eorsa > Roou No. It. Chicago, J«LlUh.l3u7. J kublir actlce is hereby siren that the following de scribee Warrants b&rc been placed In my hand* for col icrririu to wit; ■Warrant No. 7?2, West—Dated Dec. .Tth. IS6S, and to ssed tor the collection of a special as’cssmeat levied for opening an alley, fourteen feet wide, tbronghthe MMibyartot block 47. In Catal frusiciV StibCinslot tf butloDT.TojrnSb, N- 12.1 t, £. from kanllaa street to Weed street so that the north line of said proposed alUyebaU be parade! to and 1124-10 lect from the south lire if Warnut Jtrett _ Warrant. >'o.7Si. W»t—Dated Dec. iflttu 1966, and lv bocc jor the collection of a special Rs«e«s<neDt levied fbr reronstmcUng sidewalk, on the west dec ol Central arconesEd sooth side ot r* tree street. Warrant No. 52*. South—Dated Dec. 27th. ISD6, and Is sued tor the collection of a fcecl’l s**ess ment levied for tie erection of debt (S) lamp oo*ts on Fosrtecatb street, between State meet and Indiana areane. Warrant No. 510, South—Dated Dec. ZTth, l&iC, and ta suen for the collection of a special s'sessmentlertedlbr >i<e erection ol sertsteen (i7j lamp hosts. on Prairie areane. -between Twenty-uilh and Twenty-ninth' street*. AH persons interested ta said assessments are re quested to make immediate payment at mV odice. Is ueiauitof suca payment the *iid assessments will be collected at the cost and expense of the persons liable therefor. A. Q.HEA-LD. CUT CoUectjT. 33t8 ©ones. jiipoBTANT ladies. A Large lot of line POIST LACES Selling Off! The euVMTlber off*-r* his stock oi sapetb eistltp of Shawls, Floancrs. nandketchli'fs EojPf«J Cclisre,Trlffimlcc Lace?,Sets,C tanrea.»ffoa eubtro i*Ol5»T AVPUQITK BUIDAL l»BEb&. om aapetb LED CAMEL'S UAIB SUAWU « Of* tier tc rcilaqcDh the business; i)i". fijr a«o joaU'}_, - til cxchaoce ter gcod,ca? f -otf wffiffi-. 0 / cl!1 - L * J “ •iST’l'raVoSsr aifiSS^w Late cf Broa&way.’ S- T-. and Saratoga Springs. Igair 3»cstotatibg. rpijE GRAYEST AND WO HST LOOK* i rso OAIE “Loudon Bair Coicr Restorer^ “Lorcoa Kesumcs its Bair Coot liesurer*' “Lcscoa Touthfbl flair Color Bcsto^r” Beauty by flair Color Rtsiorer" “London, Ita Use. Hair Color ResWr-r’' “London Hair Color Restorer" It does nos dye th» flair, but acts as a stimulant aud tonic to thoucaus and'fills them with new life and coloring matter. Dry, hanh, dead or discolored ap pearance of the Q&lr is chanced to instroos, shlntnx and IcaaUlnl lecka. The seal? i« kept clean, cool and bea.thy.anddattdmfi effrclcaily caret. Slmle ■acttis; h3lfd^P u H. SoMtyaycroezists. - SMITH te DWYER- Woo'esale Agents. _ %atr Bge. hair dye. This:splendid Hair Dye is ibt best lutheworld. g l Now York. fßeblcal. TDE CAPE OP iiflOD DOPE The Hottentots Have long nsed SUC H U For a Torlety of disease*. It eras borrowed from those mde practitioner* byous En?!lih and Botch physicians, on whose recommend*— tioa It was employed In Europe, and haa NOW COME INTO GENERAL USE It is given chiefly In Crarel, Chronic Catarrh of the Bladder, Morbid Irritation of the Bladder and Urethra, for Female If eat* ness and Bebllitj> for Pro lapsus and Bearing Down, or Prolap- sas Uteri, DISEASES OF THE Prostate Gland, Retention or Incontin ence of Urine, And all diseases requiring the aid ot a diuretic arUlnjr Bom alotsot tone la the parts concerned la Us evacu ation. It is also recommended in cases of DYSPEPSIA Chronic Rheumatism, Cutaneous affections and Dropsy. To rare these diseases we most brio? Into action tits musclww Web are engaged in their various fttsctlan*- TO "NEGLECT THEM, Ucwevet slight may be the attack. Is sore to affect the ‘bodily health, and mental powers. Car FLESH and BLOOD are supported from theje ■ouices. Ptricns at every period of life, from Infancy to Old Age, Aid in every state of health, are liable to be subjects i.; titte diseases.. The causes la many imtancea are unknown. The patient ha*, however, an aamlrahla remedy la HELMBOLD’S Fluid Extract of Buchu, And when taken la early .stages ot the disease. HBHESUFFERTO ABYESTEHT. It allays pain and infiammaticn, Is free from sinuju rloua properties, pleasant In Its taste and odor, and immediate In lu action. It Is the anchor of hopo to tie physician, and was always so esteemed by the lots eminent Dr. Physic. The proprietor, with upwards or . THIBTY THOUSAND UNSOLICITED CERTIFICATES And hundreds oi thousands cr living witnesses of Uv curatlye propettles. accumulated within fifteen y eow. Has not been In the Habit of Re— sorting to their Publication. Chief Euglnrtr. He dees not do this irum tho tact thatlila remeilex rank as standard: THEY DO NOT NEED PROPPED DP BY CERTIFICATES. SCIENCE OF MEDICINE, LIKE THE DORIC COLUMN, Simple, Pure and Majestic, Having net for its bails, induction far its pUlar,acd Truth alocofbr its capital. His SOLIB&ILOID [XTRICTS Etebcly the foil strcnctii of the Ingredients ofwhlclr they ate named. THEN ASS EEFT To the Inspection of AIL A BEADT AND CONCLUSIVE Test of their Properties. Win tea comparison with.those set forth In the United States Dispensatory. These remedies are prepared by- B. T. HELMBOL3), Brag gist of Sixteen Tears 5 Experience. dad we believe them to be reliable: la CiCt we have ctrer knownCm article lacking merit t? meet with a. Permanent Success Mr. Hclmbold’a Success fa eertsiulj- Frlma Fucia Eridence. Drag and Chemical Warehouse, ' In the City of New York. Is not excelled, if eqcalled, by any to this country, ami wctronldadriso aor readers when vlsiUnx that city t o girt him A call and Jadxe fbr thsmselres. TO BE SHOULD STAND