Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 15, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 15, 1867 Page 4
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Cljicaga TUESDAY, JANUARY 15. ISB7, THE CITY. Horn rou the Fhiesdlesb —The annual meet ing for the election of officers and managers for the Home for the Friendless, will beheld at the Young Men’s Christian Association Rooms on Wednesday, January 6, at SH P. m. Bcbclaut.—The residence of Mrs. Harley, at No. 118 Wabash avenue, waa entered hy burglars on Sunday right, who. It U reported, carried off £4O» in money and a valuable gold watch and chain. Vaguakct.—A man named Tomer was fined $75 ycstcidaymommgat the Police Court charged with vagrancy. Aside from the usual *• symp toms ” be had In his possession a fireman’s badge, and also an express badge which he could not hoL'jeUy account for. Tnx Tapping. —Daniel Connell was committed for trial In halt of SSOO from the Police Court yes terday morning lor robbing the drawer of Eagan’s aaloon at No. ITS Washington street on Saturday night while the bartender waa momentarily absent getting the thirsty man some porter. Tim KoniuTOim Feb ale College, at Evanston, will dose iu first session with exam inations, on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. TheMlccrva Literary Society «Ul hold a public meeting in the Chapel on Wednesday evening. The next session will open Wednesday, February 13. Dedication.— Daehaway IxMec, No. 240. I. O. G. T., will hereafter meet in the new Lecture Boom of the Seventh Presbyterian Church, comer Harrison and Hoisted streets, on Tuesday even ings. This evening exercises of a dedicatory na ture will take place, consisting of the dedication ceremonies, speeches, music by a quartette club, Ac., lo which the other Lodges In ibo city ami friends of the cansc are invited. Tub lastTocb.—Dr. Colton will give the last of his amn-Ing and Instructive exhibitions of the anghing gas, this evening, at Music Hall, on which occasion six ladies will inhale the gas after the gentlemen. The crowd which these cote;- tatumenta draw is the best evidence of their popu larity. Dr. Colton combines amusement wlib in struction iu an admlrabia manner, and draws ont onr Leaf citizens. PurfCtTATioK.—Mr. Thomas C. Balnea, for a considerable time past the foreman of the Pat bene job printing office, was made ibe recipient, on Saturday, of a very handsome silver lea set, from bis trllow-workmen, by whom he Is held In high estimation. Mr. Haines has been obliged to ret-igr his position on account of aeclinf&g health, and the employes presented the act as a parting of their regard. I’ee^osax-—A private Idler from S. M. FawetU Esq , the well kcowc j»h otographcr. no w in Pari?, Informs us that he trill return to Chicago about the middle of ibe present month'. The many friends of Mr-. Faaeett will also be oleascd to irow lhatebeis studying iu tbe studios of occ of the best artists in burope, and is making rapid artistic progress Her painting has been very highly commended by Pnl-lan ar.lsta. Mr. Pas* sett will bring wim him a beautiful collection of pictures with which to adorn his gallery. Rrsxomso the Faded.—G. B. Green, the well known Photographer. No. 102 fake street, has re cently made a valuable discoveryjnrhlch prom ises to oc a perfect success. By a certain process be is enabled to copy and enlarge old ami faded plriuri sio the naturalness of me. 'ibis, added to the'iact that he has renticed the price of hi* work to less than half the rates usually obtaining, on ly asking one dollar per dozen for photographs, will make a doable attraction for his old friends ami patrons; those to whom hU work is known It spvaks for llsclu The redaction in price “Is bat foraccasop.” Tadixadx and Musical Festival,—An enter tainment of the above description will be given in tbe vestry, of tbe Cbutch of the Messiah, corccr of Wabash avenue and Uobbard court, for the benefit of their Sunday School, on Thursday even ing rext, the 17th lust., at S o’clock. iickclsfiO cents each. Can be obtained at S C. Gri 'gs & Co.’s, Street. Pearson & Co.’s, or John K. Walsh's. Also at tbe door. As adjourned meeting of (ho First Unitarian Society will Up Ltld 10 me vestry of litis church, for the clccticu of officers and the transaction ot other business, this (luesday) evening, the lath ins!., o'clock, a tnll attendance Is desired. The Eras Book Controversy.—For the last twenty years the Scotch Presbyterians bav bad a discussion going on about an alteration or revlsal of their hymn book, which Is an anilqu i versification of »hc Pealms of David. Some o‘ them c-ti em ft so highly that they wilt not admit those who nee any otbcrbymns to communion. O ■ latt Sabbath forenoon Rev. Robert Pa t rson, D D., pastor ol the church on Pulton and Ciiuto streets, announced to bis congregation bis uetcr mmation not to submit any longer to this refine lion, and bie intention to appear before the Re formed Presbytery in that church thu evening, dc hale the question, and ask bis dismissal to Ih Old School PrtsbyUry. The debate wuldoub less be interesting. Torso Men's Association.—Theodore Tilton, editor of the New Yoik Jntf'p-nd'Tif, lec tured on Monday evening before tbe Young Men’s Association, on “The Corner-Stone of Reconstruc tion.” . The weather being stormy the Opera lloneewasbut hft.f filled, but the audience Us lined with the closest attention, and manifested their approbation by frequent applause. Ibc lecturer was introduced by James Leo Broun. Esq , President ofetbcj Association, who announced that John B. Gough would lecture on Monday, the 11th of February; General O. O. Ilowatd on Thursday, the 22d. and Petroleum V. Nnsby. and others, at dates which arc not yet de cided on. Btrucns' Association.—An adjourned meeting or the millers of the city was held la the reading room of the Chamber of Commerce yesterday afternoon. F. W. Dolor, Esq., presided, ond read the Con silttitioo and By-laws prepared by a committee appointed ala previous meeting, oed tbe same were tatlfUd ana signed hr the members present. 'lbc officers ol (he pcimsncnt organisation were then elected, as follows: President— F. \V. Dalcr. Vice President—S. D. Norton. Secretary- JM>. CjL, Jr. FxrcttLvc Con,millet— N. Hawkins, J. Q. Ad am*. Mitt. ( cnittu ibc ficcrutaty was Instructed to request all nu mbers of the Association (o sign thu constitu tion at once. ibe meeting then adjourned for one wc.-k. Stealing Kleetb-Bottokb.—Two boys entered tin* Jewelry store ol K, C. ALcrly, at No. Lake street, one day last week, aud dosficd to look at ■<>mc gold slccve-bnttons, Not finding what they (Whcd. (bey wen! away. A short lime after winds Mr. Al-crly missed a set of bullous of a pc tnhnr d«> Jrn. and immediately r.-sotied l» n ranohroker V on Wells street to look fur them Ip did not find them, but, iustcad. found another set, which he tdenllfkn a« (its, on>*, upon troing to to tho v'pi.tinl station, bo found Mill another wt, which hnd been lakrti. The la«t wore traced to thu (Miner po->csslnnof a boy named Mmoiis.wlm bad snld them tor a dulliir. though th.y am* worth ffi. Dcimlvo Kelley anertod Minotis, m.d u* the I'ullro ('unit, yq«ier<tny morn ing, 1,0 wun uvnitnilKU for trial In hall ol {590. A Detacrmi WATi.«rAxi.—'Ycslrnliiy after neon, Jum as dm Miadct~o( Ov'udtis vvero gather ing In os if to keep company w ith tbe stealing march of the snowflakes, an incident occurred on U,r coiner oi Clark a nil lake tlreots which caused liUindi-inblecontUfjou to one, ami amusement to tunny. A imine latlv with waturlall of greater r-lru Until urnal was tiding along in a sleigh, which Mic mimt-liavc uccupiud(in company wlUt agon- Uriuan) tor somo time, as Ihc aturnsald waterfall van covered with snow. Another alelgh drove along behind, the borac attached u> which nude a huoden rush and took (be ample appendage Into his capacious mouth She screamed, tbo burse star ltd, the hair pim: came out,aml the lady found the back of her bead tme of all except naturc'd coveting. £bu modestly drew a vail over the KCt-ae, aud vv« cblvalronwly lollow tbo example. PREfCNTATTOX AT TUB FREMONT UoCSE.—The members of the Chicago Live Stock Board o.' Trade asfcmbl d last evening in Parlor No. 1 o tbeTrctuout House, lor the purpose of celebrat ing tbeir first anniversary. During tbe evening the members of the Board prc>cutcd to the! President, Mr. P. R. Chancier, a b aatittil castor and cold-beaded race. Also tb«*y presented tbe trepnlntend*pi of tbe Stock Ring, Mr Frank T. E Bryant, with a large silver pitcher, platter and goblets. Mr John Adams made tbo prcsenta'icu fepceeb id behalf of tbe company. The recipients responded in pertinent rjicecbcs. After which the Board of Live Slock adjourned to a private dining room, where a fine table was spread by tbe authorities ot the establishment. A large number of toasts were offered, and re sponded to by tbe varions persons present. Tbo whole affair passed off with exceeding Joy, and will long be field in memory by all loose par ticipating. Change.— The Board of Public Works have va cated tbeir rooms in the Court House, and now occupy the building known as tbo Old Sturges Bank, at NbS.lsandl7lWells street, lu tbeir new* quart its the Board enjoy much more space, each cepartnivLt and the accrctanes occupying sepa ra;e rooms. The la;ge room on the first floor leased by the Water Depai Uaenls. Two small rooms connected wiib this large one arj reserved for the book keeper and assistants, ami also for the Water As sessor. Cm thcfccucd floor. Room No. 1 U occupied by thcßouid; Room No. S by the Secretary and his clerk; Room No. 3by the Sidewalk Departnunt; Room No. I by the Street Superintendent and En f;iueer. 'i he room at the bead of toe steps Is held iy the Scweiase Department, On the third flour the two ca«t rooms are occupied by the Sixxial AK-cfStru-Dt Department; the two west rooms by lb- d-sightsmen. AtsAtrLTiao ah OmcEO.—Yesterday afternoon tbc wife of Charles Dyer, a caloon keeper ai No. 1M V.VI.U street, to Justice Milhkcn for a warrant foi her husband, who she aliened, had beaUn atd aliu'ed her so much or l«te that there was no living with him. The warrant war giaoied and half an hoar later Officer l«uii was dttslcd to serve it. V»ll went «o ‘ho sa loon, where he lonui Dycr.and proceeded to real the warrant. A remark or two was parsed aboai hail, the officer telling him thathewas not author ized to accept ball, and that he (Dyer) m*i»t come a)unc> Dyer stepped behind the bat Vo cet his bat, as ice officer thought, bni be saddenly stepped out again and raised a policeman's club to bUlkc the officer, hull sprang for It and wrenched It from his grasp. D»er then undo a movement for a revolver which he said bo had. Iml snddenly chancing hts tactics seized a heavy tumbler from the bar and hurled It swiftly at the policeman s head. Peeing that the root! extreme nteamrea wore necessary to arrest the enraged man i.ttli diew hlTrtufi and struck Dyer u,.on Uto head t« n or three blows, the la»l of which tironrlt Wn. lotlie floor Inu.Wlc of romllnsci .ihltitT nio "fllcor thru did •“ «P»' —on Soil "•IncKinK’' DrUoncr upon V cmivcj.a toUic Arinorr. whore hid wonnfls weredrrus . d .nfl ho w.,locVca np. i)jorh..h«nnrro,lcd hrfho l'olloo nuthoritici «over.l Ulna, andhM {ho chu.ctcr ofheliiK a bad ram. « nB O, I’XITI moil PorrooATiofl.—On Kit „r,l»j ninltt Uio r.rollj ol Mr. O'lU.a, rc- Win. on Cnlu&iol ircoo.- near Twenly-fllnlli iltcct, bad • r, nw ereape fro 1.1 dc.Ul lor Hpbjili. About o’clock, when the family retired to real, they mlltasott cnsl Ore In too room l« keep (beta romlorlabie during the plghl. lut.m morning o the following day Mr. Bclimbil, a man residing I the Sato bouse; became soinowhat alarmnd o not tiearlngur seeing any of Ihe p Itarav ahoul, 5. usual. Abet walling some limn be went t their loom and knocked. Jlf rccelvod no answo to his snmihotta, and huislln the door. Hpou co teiftitt ibe ebamhor ho perceived lint It wanloiist wfllluiwUheM and smoke Plsdugone hsit over b's imintli, he ral-rd uim of the whulows t ailmll irrsh alt. When (no room had been mir fled a lU'le. M«. kchmldl dlseoveped Mr. amt Mr o’Daia lying on the l>ed afinelesi.. Ihe fresh a KMiu revived Mr. O’Hara, and lm romni nc» croanitig and tnuvlng about. Mr. HchmldU o set tug there signs unite, ca.h'd In sum >, iifltgh Inn* and n phyektun. whu united In restoring Ihu Vim fitelnsed was the cbiipeat kind of soft Illi nois coal. Nr. O’Hara, afterW thought the Are islrlf started, partly closed Uis daiuoar of the ■tuve. Ibus uarl of Ihe fntnui weie foroed inlo the main, and had It nut bien lor the anilely of Nr. Brbmtrtt lor bis ueigbhora, Mr. and Mrs, O’Hara wunld undoubtedly have been numbered among Ibe dead. COMMON COUNCIL. flection of School Inspector—Fifteen Objections to tljo Metropolitan Board of Health Bill, Which is Rejected. ItlTcr Tunnel at I*a3alle Street—Tlte cas OtU-tilfibt lloura-Flvo Bridges in an Cnsafe Condition. A regular meeting of the Common Connell waa held last evening. Present—Dis Honor the Mayor in the chair, and Aldermen Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, DWolf, Barretl, Wilmarth, Calkins, Kann, Hatch, Moore, Scanlcr, KaSerlv. Talcott, Wood ard, lAxby, Holden, Russell, AcuhOffi Gaslfisld, Proodroot, Franzes. Rub, Engel, Lawson, Clark and O’bulllvan. ecnoot inspectors. On motion of Aid. Gaeiih-ld, >he Council sus pended the rules to allow or the election cf a School luf peel or, and be nominated Emil Dreter. Upon a ballot it waa found that there were Voles cast 21 Necessary to a choice .V.V. 12 Of which Dreicr received 22, Aid. Gaitfleld re ceived], and Mr. Dreter waadeclaredloheduiy elected. BOABO OP UTAtTn. A communication was received from the Com mittee on Finance nrglng fifteen onjecuoua to the bill for aMetiopolitan Board of Health: Ist. That a Ices expensive and amplcpowerlanowprovldcd for in the amendment lately asked to bo passed; Sd That it-allows the appointment of five com missioners by the Governor :3d. That It la not demanded by any considerable portion of the people; 4th. It provides for the creation df ex tiensive offices; 51 h. It appoints inspectors at n argo expense; Clh. It allows of the ap pointment of an unlimited number of clerks, Ac.: 71b. It returns, in the, deposit and care of the the old sewerage sys tem by which the city lost much money; Bth. it glvrs power to erect an unlimited number of buildings :9th. It gives to the Board extraordi nary and dangerous powers; 10th. It enacts .an extreme penalty for alight violations of mica of the Board: llib. It provides for the Institution of civil entts In the discretion of the Board for violations of Its regulations without limit; 12th. It brings the Board ot Police under the Board of Health; 12« b. It provides for taxation without responsibility for the use of the amount levied; 14th. Although the annual expenditure is limited to $50,900, yet in case of peril, to be judged of by the Board, for an unlimited use of money, and Islh. That nr der it the Council can make no law,except under the direction of the Board of Health tone created. Revolutions accompanied the commnntca lon protesting against the passage of the hill. • The resolutions prevailed, only Aldermens Bus sell, Prondfooi and Rafferty voting In the nega tive. A communication was received from the Peo ple’s Committee, transmitting the Metropolitan Board of Health Bill, as heretofore published in the Tribune. The bill waa referred to the Com mittee on the Revision of tiro Charter. TUNNEL WANTED. A petition waa rec- ived from a number of citi zens asking that a tunnel be erected at LaSalle fitrcei. Referred to the Committee on Streets and Alleys of the South Division. pf 6TUEET NAME. A petition was received lor the change of the name of Green Bay- to Rush street. Referred to the Committee on Streets and Alleys of the North Division. isonrn claßs smesr. A remonstrance was received against the Im provement of Noitb Clark slicet tiom Division street to North avenue. Deferred to the Commit tee on Streets and Alleys of tno North Division. CONTRACT LOAN. A communication was received from Sanger, Stet]c£ Co., withdrawing the application of a loan of J 25,000 on their contract. CITT OFFICES. A communication was received from the Com mute on Pnuilc Buildings, recommending tost the tooms vacated by the iJoard of Public Works be allowed to bu used by other cltv officers, sug gesting tte needs or the City Clerkjbe City Coun sellor and the Fire Alarm Telegraph. fhematler was referred back to the committee, with the May or and Comptroller, with power to act. A communication was received from the Board of Public Works asking that authority be given to the comptroller to Issue twenty-five school conttin rtien bopds for the ;«ar J$G7. A’d. Woodard presented an order giving the authority, which passed. GAS DILL. Aid. Holden presented a petition from G. C. l amed. Esq., submitting tbe gas bill somewhat amended to suspend tbe vote upon the bill until November. 18*>7. The communication wa* referred to the Com mittee on Gas Lights, and tbe bill was laid over icmporarily. BURNING CLOTHES. A report was received from the City Physician in response to the resolution of Aid. Talc lit in relation to his authority lor the burning of clothes. He sava he burned the clothes without reference to actual authoilty,bnt.habelivea that such author ity exists nuder the rules of’he Boaidof Health, lie also claims to have a right under the general • tgbt to supervise the matter of tbepubllchcallh, Ihc paper was placed on file. EiauT-IIOCU LABOR. A communication was received from the Board oi Public Works whether they shall pay tor eight hours'labor the same as they have paid for ten Lotus'labor, Returned to tbe Board. A communication was received from the same Hoard asking ‘hat the tax for goucril improve ment be five mills. Instead ol two and a .half mills, os at present. l aid on the table. BQXDGES. The sane Board reported on the matter of the non-assessment of the Northwestern Railway .•ompany for the Twelfth street biidgc, by an ordinance to repeal the oroicance to improve JeGerton street, from Lake to Unbbard, and to provide lor a return of the money collected on the asEcssmtnL The order passed. On the (matter of tho bridge at Twelfth street, tbe Board reported that the ordinance passed con tained an appropriation which was conditional upon the raising of a private subscription, which has not been made. In regard to Chicago avenue bridge, the Board explains its delay by citing the Council to toe delay In prescribing the static of Chicago avenne. The Board status that five bridges are In on unsafe condition, and that an appropriation Is needed as follows: Eighteenth ritceU $30,000; Twelfth street, $30,000; Van Burcn street, ftC.OOit; Lake street, tit. 000 ; Chicago avenue, fwMKK). of which there has been appropriated for Twelfth site, t bridge, $18,(01; lor Chicago avenne, $22,090. They ask the appropriation of the balance (hat these bribers may be rebuilt. Tho reuort was accom panied by ordinances providing for the cous'ruc tlon of Ur* bridges, and for temporary loans as above. Ibc whole mailer was referred to the Com mbtcc on Harbor and Bridges. GAS BUX. Aid. Kacn moved to reconsider the vote bad at the lfu-1 meeting on the Gas Dill, on thu resolution of Aid. Carter for (he appointment of a commis sion lolovceilira’e the matter of gas supply. Tbe motloi prevailed. Aid. Kami then moved to take up the Gaa Bill. The changes proposa l in tbe bill from that which was published In the rnuniKE, are to post none the election until November ol 1*477, and lo appoint a commission, consisting of P. W Gates, I- 11. Oitsnnd \V. 11. Clark, to make tbo Investl cation required by Aid. Carter's motion. On nu.tlon of Aid. Tolcottt, the Hoard resolved Itself Into Committee of tho Whole lor tho con rideiaiion or ILo bill, Alderman Woodard In the cllßU*. Aid. Knickerbocker moved to adopt tho amend ed bill. Aid. ItnScrty moved to pass tbo bill. 'Hip committee then rose and reported progress. And the Board ndjuitined until this evening at hall-past seven. THE CANALPORT MURDER. Trlnl of JnincH Foloj- for Hie Murtlor of J. F. Fneius. lltMovy of llir Traurdy -Tltc I»rl*onor In Court—Tire Trmi Commented rire ICvideiico, Hie Dial of James Polnylorihe murder of Jacob F. Darius was commenced yesterday forenoon In the bupcrlor ('ourt l.eioro Chief Justice Jotm M. Wilson. This homicide, which occurred on ibe 12th day of August lost, attracted a consider able share of public attention at Dm Him*, and created a lively excitement among tbo neighbors of the murdered roan, some of whom seemed in cllpL-a to take tho law into their own bauds, and lynch tbe perpetrator os tbo spot. Tire facts of the case areas follows: About nine o'clock on Sabbath evening, the pith of August list. a number of children were Maying with a doe in front of “Canalport Ave nue House.'* a saloon kept by Jncoo F. Pnclu*. 2 ml located on the avenue betueeo Canal and .Tod- Blrecla.. Paclus was 6tannine in front of Ms saloon converting with his wife and gome neighbors, when Fblcy, who resided In that vicln ;-y, approached in company with bis wife and Jmd and another man. lie appeared tobopar- Ully inebriated, ar.d as ho passed-bc kicked the og with which the children were playing. Where upon Paclna stepped forward and remonstrated vtth Foley, telling him be ought not to abuse the animal. Foley resented <hls Interference by strik ing Paclus a blow In the face, and-then he and the whole who were with him pnshed their way Into the saloon. A sentile ensued In front of the bar, which i cached in Foley being turned oat ofdoors. Thinking the whole trouble was now over. Pac ing resumed hU position outside the door, aud while be war tearing nsucsDccUuely there, abont five minutes after the affray, Foley ro-appeared v>itba long knife In his hand. Walking up to Padua be plunged the weapon into his left breast acd turning, fled towards his own home. Facia* reeled back Into Us saloon aud died In a few minutes. The police were soon apprised of the event, and Officer Defter proceeded to Foley's bouse for the purpose of arresting him. He was at first refused a ‘mittancc. and when he entered, Foley w as stretched up m «hebed,apparenUy sonmr asleep. The stains of blood were yet upon hl« bands and nc followed the policeman to the sta tion without saying a word. The trial commenced yesterday forenoon at ten o'clock. The court room was crowded to excess, and a lively Interest appeared to be taken by the >pcc:at«rs in the fate of the unhappy prisoner. Foley la a voung irishman not over thirty years of see. lie has lived in this city almost from ■ LUdbood, and followed the occupation of an en gineer. Prior to the murder be was employed In Park, Soper & Co.’s planli gmilkon Canal street, ilets a thin faced, slightly built young man, of an agreeable conntct.ance, and very quiet In bis demeanor. 1* Is sa'd that he enjoyed the confi dence «f his employers, and was generally re •aided as a steady workman, never quarrelsome avc when cached by - liquor, which was seldom. The prosecution is being conducted by Charlc* 11. Reed, Eaq., the State*.-* Attorney, and John b. ■pnun, jEsq.; Messrs. Ull'cr, Van Arman and »,ew Is appear lor the prboccr. About an bonrand a half was consumed In em panelling a jury. Mr. Reed then opened Ibo case for ihe prosecution, etailng to the jury aab -iaolinll) tiro fnev* above given. Mr. Van Ar man rrpib d by aaylug Ihet a very dlflerem version of the kUait would, he believed, appear from the ••\idcrcc. He c aimed that the pi Isoacr was very drunk art! that he bad receive J such provcoation ricm the deceased as would eidttlc him to aver- Met cf niai.flaughter. The court aaiumnctl at noon. At two o'clock In the afternoon the court re convened. The juty were called aud the honing of tentmuny was preceded vvl.h as follows; , lIEMIULm I'ACIXS sworn- lam niorrlet'. My husband died on the •Sib of last August. 1 have lived in Chicago ten jears. on tU« iith of August last there ■■ as a 1 arty 1q tuy husband’* ealomi. ihu defendant 14X0? oxer the street *.o my bu-baud's saloon and kicked onr dog. My husband said: “WLatrttd ion do that tori 1-olcy said something like •iyon d-d Dutchman,’ 1 and etuick Wm. Subvc «ltiri,tiy. my bus* and • lood In the doorway, when t-olev came np and stabbed him in the side so that bo died in about ttveniv minutes. Atlcr my husband died the defendant came In the bouse and laughed in tnv face. Vtott-rioniihahoh— Tbli happened on Snndsy ci enttig at about a quarter to nine. My husband and 1 were slimline oil the sidewalk. My hits, bat.u was a saloon kc-per at No. -11 Cannlpon avenue. On the day or the muidcr Foley was in company with a man and a woman. Foley canto to my muband and struck bint. When Fol»y locked the clog 1 and my husband were on a tio'chbnr’a sidewalk. Fob*/ ramq where my husband was standing. My husband did not strike him. After Foley struck my husband the latter took hint by the arm and brought him into Ihellßbtoflbeanfo n.ami said. * I mint seo who tills Is.*' My husband was lh» heavloaiman of the iwo. Foley was sober, so far a* 1 could tell. My tided boy did not aellbu demon Foley. I did not see Foley down at all, Ho did not resent nhcu my husband pm him out of the saloon Foley came bark In five nr six mJnutea. J\ hen hn CBtno my husband «ns standing In the doorway. When Poinysliiirk my husliand, after lie came hack. I saw ihu handle of (ho, knife. Huns like (lie handle of a hiirtlier’s knife. He struck my Imsbeml In the facF. and the knife glanced down to ills breast. inner Aumtsr rat'tua sworn t I am thirteen years of age. My father■ ii dead, i have known Mr. Foley. I lemember the sight ny tuber died, I law Volar coming part our aaloon that evening. My brother and J were altling on Dio front of the saloon door. The dog waa between ni when Foley, another man. hla wife and a child tame peat. Foley kicked the dog and oy father came up and paid to him, ** Whal do you want to do that for?" Foley paid, “it's none of your has* inees,youd—d Dutchman,” and ttjen struck him in the face. Thcorhurmari also pitched into my father. Wy lather then took him into the saloon to see who be *as and said 'o my mother, “What shall I do with himi” Be then pm him out of the saloon and told him lo pass on. As he went away Foley eaul, “infix It," and walked off. A few minutes afterward-s Foley came sneaking hackwbllemyfaiberwasatandlng at the saloon door, and slabbed Mm In the b>east, My father walked backward into the saloon and told my molbcrto run for some vinegar. When she came back whb the vinegar my father way .jlng on the floor, and a short time after that be died. Cross awnrtnerf—When Foley atrnck my father the cli 0- man wn© was with Foley 1 mooed on to him and cotholdofhlm by the coat. - my father dragged them both Into (ho saloon. There waa a light In the saloon. There was nobody there. When Foley kicked the dog we were setting in front of the saloon. I did not hear the overman aay anything. Foley said “you G—d—l Dutchman It's cone of your business.” My father raid when be lock them Into the aalooo, *‘wbat shall I do wlihthvjn*’* My mother aatd, “id them go” When Foley went out of the saloon my father pn*h-*d him out, and told him to go away. My father did not call him as— of ab—,nor did be awear at him. When Foley stabbed my lather be was leaning on one aide of the door, and my mother waa standing at the other aide. tjuxs nvsun sworn: I know Ernst Padua,tthoformer witness. 1 knew bis father, and remember the time be waa killed. We were Playing with a dog In front of the saloon - when Foley came up and kicked the dog. Mr. Padua asked why he kicked the dog. Foley then struck Mr. Padns and then be took him into the saloon. Mr. Padua then knocked Foley down on the sidewalk. 1 was standing at the window when Foley came back a while after and stabbed Mr. Padua. Vi ce!-tjttnit:ed~l first saw Foley coming past the doer. After Foley kicked the dog be stood there and Mr. Pacing came up to him and asked him the reason he did ao. Foley told him to mind bia o"n business. Mr. Padns shoved P,*ley and threw him down. After that Foley weul away. I went to the other aide of the airect and watched Foley go to bia house. I thought be wa* going after a knife to do something. Foley's hat fell off wbeuPacma knocked him down. A blacksmith told me to watch Mr. Foley to aee where he went. LENA KBTEB sworn: I knew Jacob F. Padns. I remember when Mr. Pacioa was killed. 1 aaw Foley that evening first after be kicked the dog. Mr.Padus told bun not to do it, as there was enough room on the sidewalk. Foley then struck Mr. Padns. After that Foley and another man pushed them selves into ihe aalooo and commenced quarrelling with Padua, who then pushed them out. Foley then went away, and after that be came back and atrnck Padua with a knile, rn the breast I was standing two paces from them. Foley sprang back and went away. I aaw Foley again after that in the saloon when the police brought him bade. At the time Foley slabbed Padns he was alone. Padua was standing on the leftside of the door, and Mrs. Padua on the right side, Vrott-tsamlutd—i aaw Foley before he kicked ibc dog. He waa coming up the sidewalk. Bis wife and a child and another man were with him. Ihe dog was on the sidewalk in front of the door and the children were playing with it After Foley kicked the dog, he pushed himself into the saloon. Bclore he went in he struck Padns a blow In the face. That was in front of Padns’ door. Foley came up to Padns and struck him. Foley and the others pushed Into the saloon. Up to that rime Padns did not strike Foley at all. There was a quarrel in the aalooo between Foley and Facias. They did not take hold of each other. Padua only pushed him out. Padua did not drag Foiey into the saloon. They went in together. After Foley went away I watched him 1 could not see how far be went aa It was dark, but In about five or six minutes be came running back. nn. 3. zu OOCB, sworn: lam a physician. I have practiced twen ty-five years. 1 held an inquest on the body of Jacob F. Pocins. Made a pott mortem examina tion oa the Pith of August last There were two wounds ou the body—one on the right cheek, the other in the neck above the collar bone, puncturing the sat clavnn artery, which was cut in two. Tbe wounds mast have been caused by t> sharp Instrument. 1 think the man must have bled to death. There was no other sign or cause of death. uicuabd nzFTEn, ewom: I am a policeman. 1 arrested the de fendant for killing Panes. Went to Pacins’ sa loon and found him dead, and a crowd m the sa loon. 1 was shown to Foley’s bouse by a boy In the saloon. 1 koucktdatibc door sevcial times and kicked It open and forced my way into tbe bonte, I found Foley in tbe bed. There was blood on bis clothes. 1 shook him, and bs ap peared to wake uu suddenly. I asked where the knife was with which be killed that man. He replied “I don’t know where it is." 1 took him to tbe saloon and a woman said be was the man who killed Pavlas. I did not lino a knife; did not make a very close seaich for one. fOPiiu scuhDir sworn : I lived-ncar M»e. Facias. I saw Foley on the evening her husband was killed. Op was In our saloon between nine and ten o'clock. 1 did r.ot cee any blood on bim. I beard eoon be went oat that Facias was Foleytook a drink in my home. FUANS KSTER, fcTrom: Am brother-in-law to Lena Moyer. Ikncw Jacob F. Pectus. 1 remember when be died. 1 taw Foioy with another man the night I saw Paclna i truck, bnt do not know the man who eUnck him. Paclna was standing near the door. __ hilled. The Prosecuting Attorney here stated that these were all the witnesses, with the exception of one mao, who was not present. The Court then adjourned UU this morning at ten o'clock. •Jlie Cof»t or Oar Amusements. Wc are Indebted to Captain S. S. Bart, Assist ant United Slates Assessor In the office ot Gen- oral 81. R. 81. Wallace, Assessor, for tbe follonlng figures, showing the receipts at some of our prin cipal places of amusement daring the past year. From the Geiman Theatre tho returns arc not complete, and there have been an indefinite num ber ol transient performances which arc not In cluded, hut the figures given will convey an ap proximate idea: Jg •! £ * S| 3 g* p» a 6 * ** se C«* ?« B » So . t£ l "7 CB ® *, . m . • a" ; ? p t January 9,515 12,2«5 11,003 "061 February 6.C12 11,025 10,813 2.a»l BJarrh 9.331 10,120 .... 4,717 April 8,918 15.273 10,812 4,702 May 7,870 10.930 .... 3,011 June 9,592 8.7 M 19,091 2,287 only 9,371 8,760 .... b. 578 August ... 7,910 11,457 .... 3,13? September. . . 9,265 14,133 .... 3.45 s October 10,913 11,633 2,850 2,018 November 19.098 11,711 5.090 3,85« December.... 8.971 ll,4!»3 9.732 *3,500 Totals 120,143 141,239 75,307 40,51 C The receipts from tbe Academy of Btusic were £15,891, atm from the German I’Ueatrv, foe De cember alone, $2,726. Aggregate, AmusKniENTS. RrsTonr.—The sale of season ticket.i for the brief neck of Itistorl’s star here, will commence this meriting at the ticket office of (be Opera House. There who wish to get good st ats will need to lake their places early, as the indications sic (bat the rush will bo greater even than on the occasion of the Opera House being first thrown open to the public. AlcVicKKtt's Theatre.—Miss Cccllo Rush created qnllo n sensation last evening lu her de lineation of Lndy Isabel, In East I.yuno, or the Elopement. ’1 o-niuht (lie lull will be rop.-olod, JrtuafctK—'“Lost In London,” with ’’California Diamonds” wan tho b'lt for mst evening, and a v cry areeiiUbla om-. To-night the same bid. On Friday cvculnc Miss Mary Ricttords vrlll mho n benefit ns ’•l'nithcnla” in lugomsr, tho Hmbailnn. As wnlknur Indy in the Musuum corps. »bo not had the host of opportunity lor showim; wlml si o can really do, and her patrons on Friday night wl I sco her inn principal char acter. Alins lilt Louis Is u very deserving yntimr Indy, as well as a worthy actress, and wo trust that the public of Chtrago will show, la her caec, that they niqwucla'e home latent. OmtA Hoi st: —.lolm Dillon ami Johanna Claus- sen, with nn nblo corps of sunporlurs, will upon a brief reason In Hu* Opera House (o-nlgbt, with ’'Married Lire” ami *• ilsmly Andy.” I'ltrsTininiTATioN.— Mr. Robert Nlcklo, the ” n"]>hi* ultra DicstldlgHateur,” recently of New York City, Is announced to open In Chicago with n short series of entertainment'', on the 2Mh in stant. Ho is ipokcii or by shore who have seen him as the loading magician of ibe age. Hkatiko,—Tho week opened with a good at tendance at each ol (be narks, and with the Ico in tue beet possible condition. Tbo faucy dross carnival at the West bide Rink, which was post poned on Saturday, came off with groat success lari evening. 1 his rink will bo thrown ouen dur ing the present week for the benefit of tbe poor, while the Washington Dark, tbo managers of w hich devoted a portion of each day’s proceeds Inst week, will continue open tor the samo pur pose till Saturday. It mar be well to mention that the tickets purchased at tbo park and rinks •’' to the benefit ol there institutions, so that there who desire to aid the City Relief Fund in this way will remember to nny their tickets at tbe music or book stores in 'bo city. Extensive Depredations.—'Three young lads giving the names of Isiac Dcvlcr, Charles Ash man and Edvaid Tucker, emulating the exploits of “Dick Twplu,” ’’Sixteen Stringed Jack,” and other famous criminals, have made a small beginning In the some direction. About the first of November last the residence of Mrs. Wilkin- son, then at No. 9S North Curtis street, was broken into about five o'clock one afternoon, the thieves gctii g off with a valuable set of carbun cle jewelry, worth <l3i). a heavy gold pencil worth $25. and silver plate to tbe value of SSOO to more. Upon Ireturning to her house an hour alter this occurence, Mrs. Wilkinson's suspicions rested upon a certain youth, but it turned out afterwords that be was not guilty, lie was quite useful, however, in giving a clue to those who were guilty. Mingling with a crowd ot rather last Juveniles In the vicin ity, one or two of them, in moments of gushing confidence, told him how they bad committed the robbery by obtaining entrance to the premises through a broken window. Mrs. Wilkinson was duly apprised of these tacts a lew days ago, nod sho m turn notified the police authorities, tierroaut Canity and Officer b. M liter investigated the mat ter, and as a result, the three boys mentioned were ancsted. tucker denied any complicitr m the matter, but the other two confessed. Two or thiee other boys, who have not yet been arrested, are implicated in tbo af fair. A laige portion of the sflver nare has been recovered, and yesterday morning Itc sl*o soti of Jewelry was found se creted In an out home on Aberdeen street, The thiee boys were brought betore the Police Coart vesterday morning, wncro they were held forox aialcatlun as candidates for the Reform School. Quick Work.—Last evening abont seven o'clock a gentleman boarding at the New York House mbped hU overcoat from thchalllcadlng into the dining room. Detective Simpson was called npon to “invertigate” the matter, and his suspicions fell npori two young men who had beer seen about the boose at intervals, never hav ing business with anyone, or known to bavc an abiding piacc. Tbo«c men were traced to a sa loon where one of them took an overcoat from a honk and put It cm. They then started for a pawn* uroki-t’e, Simpson so closely folio rtng them as to overhear or eof them say to the other. ’x on hart bitter sell it as you 're a better talker than 1 am. At that moment Simpson stopped np and collared one ol them. The other undertook to rescue bis comrade, imt the officer quickly drew a revolver and bade him come n'onc alio. Under these per suasive Intlncnccs the men were marched lo Ine Vcotia. Station nrd locked up. they gave their names as Edward Andtews and Henry Newton. The coat was the same tha* was stolen from the hotel, and (he arrests and recovery wore made within occ bonraliorit was missed. Btcauro Watcuxb.—A young girl about twelve ycats old, named Barbara Ingram, was arraigned before Justice Mlllikcn ycalctdny afternoon chanted with stealing three watches worth, In the aggregate, shout *BS. The girl had been employed in the bouse of John Doyle, at No. I7H North Wa'cr rimt. and conttaacd to having alolen the watchi s shout two weeks ago. Hbe bad told a tiUtnlM r of coobndictory stories about the disposal ol them, the largest Ho nolng that she nad taken Uuto lo the house of her slstor on Clark street, causing Officer Ityan a lung walk and an cqoaUy long seaich upon a rrulticis errand. Bho laslrtoa yesterday Hint she had given ihu watches to her Inollnt-fu-law. a man named (tiUiert Newton. Itarhnia was held for futlher examination. OrpltniiH or ittn I'mertitien. There will lie a mci 'lm* In behalf uf Hie •• Now Otbsns PuncatUmai and Industrial ImUlntlon l»r llm (>riih«ns of the Freedumn,” held In Urn Urlnrr llonm of the Clark Htront Mdhodirt I’l-bcniiaU.'hnirh, comer ol c'lnrk and Wanlilng (or sireeis, (hit uvenlng at o’clock. wtUiie present, and present Ha interests. In view of ih« Importance of this work we Invite a full sll**nn*neti of alt \h» Tnmds ni the ircednmt, K. H. (UMMoif, W. W, Krittsrra, T. M. I'nnv, H.rt.i.amtxn, li. M. llAvriatn, I*. lliToncooK, L. U. i’Ataa FRitn, J. Youhu Bcakiior, UUARTlJonnuioii, At a meeting of Chicago pastors held yesterday in the Clark Hired M. It. Cbnrcb, the following was umummmrty anopUdi //rro/ped, iliat we moil bearUty endorse the tulaalou of Madam De faille, in aoUcltlng lands for (be Edncallontl and Irdtu trial Frtcdtncn’s Orphan Asylom, New Orleans, snd commend her cause to the liberality of the citlceos of Chicago, Mis. DeMartie, Superintendent of Ihc Asylum, and approve the call tor a public meeting to be held la IbctCl&rk Street Churchy to-morrow even ing. Our City mortality. Editor Tribune The Importance of the passage of s law thor oughly i •'organizing the E.-alth Department of this city will bo apparent, when we call attention to the following statistic*: Deaths In Now fork. in 1885 25,707 *• “ ID 1860 20,tW0 “ (Philadelphia In 1605 17,153 w ** in 1886 10,803 “ Chicago m 1‘65 3,6-n “ “ In IGGG GJB2 These facia apeak lor themselves. New York la the great entrepot for immigrants, many of whom die on auWal, and others remain as a permanent addition to the population. We bare to these facts additional causes of mortality, bat. aader the opetsuonofa well organised Health Depart* meat, Ibc ratio of mortality has actually dimin ish! d. Philadelphia shows o similar record, hut a part of the mortality of 1683 is fairly chargeable to toe military hospitals that existed there during that period. Increase In mortality iu Chicago, 2,276. The cholera daring the year 1866 developea the following: Deaths In New York And Brooklyn, 1,808, orl In about 710. Deaths in Philadelphia, 000, or 1 in about 850. Deaths in Chicago, 030, or t in about 215. Comment is unnecessary. We mart also call attention to the manner In which onr vital autis tic- arc kept, which will be a fair Index of the In eillcitncyaud want of organisation of onr pres ent Health Department. Ont of 1,581 reported cases of cholera, we find that 990 have died, a mortality greater than ever known before, and 11 true, would be truly alarming; bat we are satis fied that these statistics arc Incorrect. Toere are 112 cases of death reported by cramps. Who can tell wbai waa the cause ol mortality in these cases? It may have been cholera andll may not. Cramps are the symptoms of disordered action, and should not be reported as a cause of death. it will therefore be seen that there la no system u the registration of onr vital statistics, and in stead of their being the means to point ont and assist m the removal of the exciting causes of disease, they furnish no reliable data, and do the general health of onr aly great injustice. We might furnish other facia, bnt think the above are sufficient to show that some change is absolutely necessary. BANiTAiir. Skating—Benefit of the Poor, Chicago, January 8,1887. Directors of the West Side Rink: Gentlzvzn— I The nnoeraigned committee for the relief of worthy and disabled soldiers and the widows and orphans of the fallen heroes of the late war, knowing your character for liberality and patriotism, take the liberty to asic you that yon give us a benefit at yoor excellent place ot amusement, the West Side Rink, for tbs purpose of replenishing onr fupd for each relief, at and lor such a length of lime aa yon may designate. . V ours truly. ■Walter B. Scales, W. A. Osgood, Louis Schaffncr, S. A. Lowe, Dr. T. H, Walker. B. B, Tuttle, Dr. C. Blake, J. H. Peck. Captain Thompson, M. R. M. Wallace, Soldiers’ Relief Committee. Chicago, HI., January 1L ISB7. To General W. B. Scales and others, Soldiers’ Relief Committee: Tbe undersigned acknowledge tbe receipt of yonr communication of January ?, and in behalf of tbe officers and stockholders or the West Side ftink take great pleasure in complying with your request, and will duly honor tho tickets issued by yonr committee daring the week ending Janaary 19,i£C7. Yours respectfully J. H. A- lliiKßy. Managing Director W. b, S. it. LOCAL MATTERS. Crosby Opera jHonse Art Association. Orders for certificates will be executed nnti! the 20th Instant by the Express Company’s Purchas ing Agent, A. L.Stimson. Also >or membership In the “Express and Telegraph Club” and in the “ Hailioad Club.” Engravings forwarded free. marsdcn’fl Pectoral Balm Tor Coashd, Colds, Influenza. Bead Till*.—Jlnlr and Scalp Diseases increase with the increase or nair nostrums made to fell. Be rot deceived. Use no remedy unless expressly prepared to salt tbe requirements of yonr rase. Entrance to Dr. Sihbct’s rooms No. 73 Clark street. For fongha and Throat Disorders, use “ Brown’s Bronchial Troches," having proved tbetr efficiency by a test of many years. “1 have never changed my mind respecting them from the first, excepting to think yet better of that which 1 begun ’hlnklng well of.” Rev. llekbt Wacd Beecher. Conatltntlon Water.—A Certain Caro for Diabetis, audali Diseases or the Kidneys. Sold by all Druggists. Depot 46 CUIT-sr., N. Y. Juniper Tar Soap cures chapped bands, salt rheum, pimples, and all cutaneous af fections, rendering the etln soft and smooth. Manufactured by Caswell, Black & Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. Wc will Tench our “ Susy” to Say t “ A blessing on Mrs. Winslow,” for (helping her to lurvlve and escape the griping, collcking and teething siege. We confirm every word set forth In the prospectus—the Soothing Syrup performs precisely whatli professes to do. if «vo bad the power, we would make Mrs. Winslow—as she Is—the physical savior of Ibe Infant race. Extract from Itcv. C. Z Welser's letter. A Sure Pile cure.—fir. Gilbert’* Piln Instrument positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by mall on receipt of $4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted every where. Address J. B. Rokaine, Manager, No. 575 Broadway. New York Who Is ffir. ITlcGInnU? [From the New York Tribune, January 10.} It is a considerable time since wo asked this question, briefly but explicitly, and al though our circulation is also considerable, wedonot yet know who is the illustriously obscure man appointed to reside as our Min ister at Btockliulm. Mr. McGinnis himself might write, but he don’t; some of Blr. Mc- Ginnis’ friends might write, but they don’t; to odd to the botheration, wc shall get no information when tho nomination of Mr. McGinnis is debated In tbo Senate. This is trifling with historical facts, and threatens to add another to the catalogue, already too long, of historic doubts and problems. It Is ail well enough to leave the matter unsettled now; bat fancy the perplexities of writers A. D., 1907; tho essnvy that will be written aboat the shadowy John; tho folios that may be print ed to prove that it was not this nor that John, but some other John; the ponderous arguments to demonstate that there never was any McGinnis; a repetition of the bother about William Peon and George Pcnne, to which, In this day, historical stu dents have been treated; communications to the Tribune in the next ago asking our succes sors who Mr. John McGinnis was; searches by snuffy antiquaries of tho Journals of tho Senate ; deputations of stiilsmilllcrantlqim ries going over to .Stockholm to investi gate ; fights between Irmclblo antiquaries ; a long correspondence, perhfips In Latin, be tween friendly antiquaries ; elaborate arti cles in the quarterly reviews of tho period upon the subject; theories that Mr. McGin nis was a myth; other theories that he was a hero who did wonderful things which have been forgotten; lletsev Prlug’s asserting that “ tlioro never wnn’l no slch person and Balry Gamp’s vindicating tho existence ol this diplomatic Mrs. Harris—and all be cause nobody will write now to lot ns Know who Mr. McGinnis really is 1 This will never do. Thcro arc perplexities enough In history already. Think of the man In tho Iron Mask I Think of thu Ruv. Kltn/.cr Williams, a Uonrhon, ns doubtful as most of tho fluid ol thatnumul Think of tho man who read the MnnulUlus I Thluk of tho man who sorely smote Mr. William Pat terson I Think oi Mr. Patterson himself, whoso history Is all nebulous, and of whom nothing Is known except that comparatively noiiiShg Is known of him I And hero comes Mr. John Meuibnisas dubious as a modern DaUphln, as Impersonal as one of Osslan’s ghosts, os shadowy ns tho author of Junius—and must Mat Xo minis Umbra con- Hnue to be said 6 V him ? Not If wo can help It! In such a perplexity, any theory Is bet ter than no theory ; and pnc has been sug gested to us which wc feel It to l' c °nr duty to give. It has been hinted that Bit'* Mc- Ginnis is merely Mr. Doolittle attempting to fly from tho wrath ot the people under an assumed name. There arc reasons for this, when wc consider how many motives there arc which would naturally induce any man ot modesty In Mr. Doolittle’s situation to expatriate himself; bnt, on the-other band, Blr. Doolittle, so far os our observation of him has enabled us to judge, is not what may be called a man of modesty. That he U uncommonly angry and somewhat sorcabont the head, wc can easily believe; bat be prob ably considers himself to be an extremely injured individual, worthy of a more potent and profitable plaster than the embassy to such a cold court as that of Stockholm. He is sufficiently out in the cold already without golngtoo country where, so to speak, the heart of the thermometer Is always in Its heels. No! wc cannot say that wcbcUevc that Blr. McGinnis is Mr. Doolittle. There is another theory which wc consider to be about as good in Its wav as poor Miss Bacon’s notion of Shakspeare's plays. This asserts the Identity of the John Jouss af Mr. Tyler’s administration and the Johu McGin nis of Mr. Johnson’s. John Joses is so com- mon a panic—ln fact so near no name at all —that we suppose a man would have a right to change It without application to the au thorities. Of Mr. John Jones we know something. He wrote, and distinguished himself by writing the very worst ed itorial at tides which have been printed since the invention of newspapers—they were, in ffact, so extremely bid that we have seen nothing half so good since. There was none of your tame mediocrity, hateful to gods and men. about them—they were wor t hy, iii fact, of the remarkable man to whose detcncc they were dedicated. Mr. Tyler vetoed right and led, and John Jones stood by him—Air. Johnson vetoes right and left, and John McGinnis stands by him. But here the parallel oecomcs confused. Mr. Trier kept John Jones by him to the last; Mr. Johnson sends .Mr. John Mc- Ginnis into n kind of honorable banishment. Tills argues, we are willing to admit, an en couraging sagacity on the part of Mr. John son; because we bold that the sooner be gets rid of all his friends the more comfort able as a man and the mere profitable as a public servant ho Pill be. But we do not see that we help the matter at all by writing about It. In a muddle we began, and in a muddle we arc likely to end. Wherefore we resolutely leave off, only once more asking— we must a>k, whatever may be the conse quence—who Is Mr. John McGinnis? Novel Vac or Dlamandm In Jttlv, 1801, an apparatus for boring rocks with diamonds was patented in France by Lescot. It was not practical, but Inter Improvements by Plbel, Toward the end of IStfo, made U v>. As now constructed, H consists of an Iron tube, one cud ot which Is attached to n rod serving as handle, and nt the other end Is the edge, armed with a series of black diamond# of Liberia, which arc set In such n way that by turning the tube hy means of a machine, they excavate an annu lar groove In the rock.and leave In the centre n solid cylinder which enters the tube, and Is easily broken off and extracted when the boring Is finished. Fifteen such machines have already been manufactured; Us ad* vantages appear to bo that It pro grosses uniformly liowovrr great the hardness of the rock may be; the pro* gii’M IsulHiut Ihree-niiartcrs of an Inch per minute, nud no doubt may. by further (m --ptovemenls, be considerably Increased. The diamonds never wear nut} it la known that (bis Is also the rose with the glazier's dia monds, and that the black diamond Is a va riety much harder than any oilier. It ap. peats olio Unit the expense of boring with a simple machine of this kind Is about the same as boring In the old way \ however, mure labor Is turned out { but ine great ad vantage Is, that la the same space where, for instance, In the Mont Otmla Tunnel, three borers were attached, eight of these may work, rottnlrlng not more power to drive them. The expense of excavating tunnels with a single machine of this kind, in bard rock, was found in France to be for ty or fifty franca per cubic metro, which cor responds to $5 or $8 per cubic yard. Fearful Incident in a Boral Presrew, A correspondent writing from Madrid on tbc 17ih ultimo, says: “ Yesterday afternoon the Queen and tho King Consort arrived bero from Portugal, and alighted at tbc southern station, from wbcncuhcr Majesty proceeded at onco to the Church of Otocfia to offer tbauks lor her safe return to tho capital. The way from the railway terminus to that church was lined by troops,and the Queen drove loan open carriage and four. In tLe morning the Queen and King Consort, and the Prince of Austria, with their suite, had assisted at Dal mid at a funeral service celebrated for the victims of the sad accident which occurred at the station of that plqce on the Oth instant, dnr- Inc the progress of their Majesties to Lisbon on the new line connecting the two capitals. Dalmlcl is about fifteen miles from Badajoz. The adjacent lands of the station of that small town were thronged with people anx ious to obtain a sight of the august travel lers. At the sound of a whistle, coming from the distance, the crowd pushed on to the station and broke the bars In spite of the ef forts of the civil guard. “According to the official arrangements, the royal train was to stop ten minutes at the Doimiel station, and no misfortune would have happened bat for & recoauolteriag loco motive. Whether on accoantot the new opening of the line, or of precautionary measures of another kind, the royal train was preceded a mile or so by a locomotive work ed by men whose duty It was to see that the line was quite safe. ' It was not to atop at Dalmiel. Moreover, the weather was rather foggy. The warning whistle was heard several times, but the crowd, over-confiding in the programme, remained at a standstill, spread about the line. Suddenly the locomotive emerged from the fog, proceeding at full speed; it had almost reached the throng when the conductor tned to stop it. It was in vain. The locomotive passed over the groups of living people with the velocity of lightning, smashing down all obstacles. Its noise was stifled by the cries of agony and terror uttered by the whole crowd, and when the confusion had diminished a little seven corpses were found upon the line, among twenty-seven bodies still breathing, hut horribly mutilated. “Theline bad been scarcely cleared from the dead and the wounded before the royal train was in sight, and when it stopped at the station the wheels of the carriage were dyed with blood and spattered with human remains. The Queen was much affected by the awful scene, and when informed of its appalling details her Majesty burst into tears, took an active part in the administering of the first succor, and gave 40,000 reals for the families of the victims. The Home Minister was telegraphed to at Madrid, and sent at once a special train conveying a stall of med ical men and the required remedies and sur gical apparatus.” The l.akor Question in the South. New Yobs. January l-t.—A Herald Richmond despatch says tbe fiecduten are almost unwilling to work by contract dannirtho present year. This Is also the cose throughout the most of the Sonth* cm States* the laborers preferring a share in the crop, Frecdmen Emlcrallns from Sonth Carolina. Columbia, S. C., January 18.—The freedmen are leaving this vlcmby in such numbers as to excito alaimforthe future cnllivaiion of land-. They me chiefly honed to Florida* and ore transported at Government expense. Southern California mail Route. St. I oris. Jannaty 14.—Late New Mexican ad* vices state that a company is now stocking a road (or the mail route from san Antonio* Texas* via Mesellla. to California; also, that a contract has been let for the construction of a telegraph Uno along the same rente. Burning of a Far Factory. SritmunELD, Mass.. January 14.—Wasson’s car factory was burned this morning. Loss, Stio.oOJ; insured for HS.OOO. ’ ’ • Donation In Aid of the Cretans. Boston, January H.—Herrin Smith has sent a draft for {S,UK) to the fund In aid of the Cretans. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. New York Financial News. New Tobe, January it. MONET. Themsncy market centimes firm, at 7 pcrccutfo tail loans. FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Sterling Exchange is steady, at gold fa Ursl-cUss bills. American gold la a shade Armor,opening at UtM. advancing to IMS', and closing at 134*. GOVERN MEN I*B. Government stocks are without decided change. foreign Faxianrs. Freights to Liverpool are more active, al4tfd®|Vd for corn and barley. LATEST. New Yobs, January 14, GOLD. Golu closed at U4tf. Governments are dull, but steady. Coupons *61....103 I KMOs, 99kaiM Coupons »6a.... @IOTM 7 30s 104««10tN Coupons , 65....105X(a10>V I Compounds....loskSlOON _ . BTOCEB. Stocks better, closing prices: Ohio cert# 36*0 9fx I Mich. Ccnt....tC6j<oia7 'V. II.T. 48X0 47 IU. 8 80*0 Y. CCDt.....IOBKOIOS)«I N. tV 67*0 tS Brt» 6l)i® 6»*< 1 X. Wm Oftl 81*0 83 Hudson 1(0 0 | Fort Wajnc....lWH@lWX ItCAOiDS 114*0 I amrao Mining sbsrea closed sti Gregory 16150. Corydon 6&a. idy. (Gold Hill. 420®. (Orlnnell HDD®. Ttio Produce markets* NEW TORE. „ . New Tome. Janaary 14. Cotton—Doll. Sales CCO middling uplands at S4J.OUSC. Hour-Receipts, H.SJB hris. Dull, heaw, unsettled and 10c lower. Sales 4,700 brl«. 99.503U0.7Q (or super. H»o State: 910.7V311.70 fop extra SUla: 111.733t2.10 for choice do; |9.M(3lli.7ofbp superfine Western; 910.60 012.00 Ibr common to medium extra Western; (12.03® 13. M lor choice do; (12.00®12.C8 tbr common to Rood 'Xtra round hoop Ohio, and 912.73iH.1s hr trade sales o( extra State, report low. Whiskey—Dull and unchanged. Wheat—Dull and drooplis, with sales of 9,000 tan at 93 W) for white Calllb*nln: 94.i0 (>r white Canada t 93.10 fur amber State. 93.20 for white State. Ryo—Hrimr; f 1.1 l rcrosed lor Canada bond. .. iiarley-Wtlhpnlcbaoge. Sales 0(39,000 bit at 80c lor W es’ern; 90030 c lir C msda West bond; f 1.10 (or Can ada Weal free: 91.03 lor btate. Corn— Dnil nnd drooping. Sales of 1W.900 ba at (1.18 C*l.l6}< l' r mixed Western afloat. Oats—Dull and henry. Sales 0(8,500 bn at 6(®Mc for < birngo and Milwaukee. Slock nt grata In warehouse—'Wheat—l7l,7l3 bn: c0rn,2.767.3(9 bn; oats, 3,(23.181 bu; rrc. 310,711 bus barley, 1,637,111 bn; malt, 81,837 bu; peas,M.9JSbu. Hops—Quiet and Arm. ivtrolnuE— Dull atio®iyvc lor crude and and 29® nrc for refined m bond. Cnllcc—Unchanged. Mnirnrs —al RLtiOKe lor Cabfli Moinrini—Unchanged. Pork-opened firm but clvtod heavy t sales of 4,W l rl* at (lo WH-tXI.KT lor me?*, new—c'nslnst at IM.iua tf.TX |nr Westerns H 9 ?><19.3710r old moss—CloMng at fiu.9o.rash; (ID 7m 17.13 lor prime; 119.93 Ihr Wo*(ern l>iliii<-tiufft.»i«n (17.50 lor now mesa; (20.7 J Mllen* January nnd February, tie* j -Unchanged. Bear Ilaitu—ljnlot t solos of 3»hrts at (91.00411.00. litmn—Ut'clinmp d:»o(rsf)f 2:Dboxes at 10 R»r Com* l.orland cut: UWtsllJfoibr short clear, and short rib bed baron on t>, 1. tint Mrnu— Heavy t sains of SMTpckgi at SVdtlDc tnt shoulders, nnd 10rti3,t(R (or haiui. l»rc*»ed ll iKs—Kirmcr i snW at Aaflife for Western. Lari—Firmer; sslm ol 1.9.*0 brls at HVwi3Vc lor ohi,md V4Vi*ei.lHefor new; also 1,300 M-Ilrr l-cbfiinry. lintirr— Firm, al tsasoe tor Ohio, Cbuvc-Fum,at 12*i7M, MILWAUKEE," (Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.) Milwaukkk, January 11. Flour—Dull but firm,with sales ot 1.000 oris atflOA)* &10.V5 for choice X. and (13AO fjr Naugatuck superior winter. Wheat—Declined sa6c;the tales at the morning Board were 1,500 hn; at the noon Board 31,300 bo at f Mft&2.oo lor No. 9 ; (2 .I'D seller all February; (l.9<X ®l.fW,v, sellers’ option all month; |I.MJ» buyer’s op tion all month; (Ufiai.TV tor No. 3; (1.73 seller's option January 2Ut to January stst, and |UB for re* iected. Corn—Dnll and lower; rale* of 1300 bu at 81c for old No. 1, and Myc for new shelled In store. Dull and drooping; sales of 63 bags by sample 19Cc dciirfred. Provisions—Held firmly; sales of 950 brls cltymcis pork at (IS.CO; 35 tes prime lord at IJc, Dressed Hoc*—Firm and unchanged at (S.UtaT.OO. Choice Roll Batter— 22c. Green Hides— 9»^c. Becelpts-1,100 brls floor; 31,000 bn wheat; 5,000 bo oats; 12,4X0 bn com; 700 bu rye; 700 drcsscl bogs. Shipments— 9,7oo brls flour; 7.000 bu wheat. CINCINNATI.

(Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlhnoe.l etyenfsan. January 11. Fleur—Very doll. Superfine (9.SOAIOAO for spring, and IIO.OC® 10.50 for winter. Hardly anything done. Wheat—Dnll, and prices nominal. No. 1, (2AI for spring, and (2-S5 for winter; 400 bu No. 3 spring said at (2JSjt'A # Corn-Dull at 51d2Sc for ear, and 5T&iSc for shelled. Oats-Dnll, and prices nominal at 49£50c for No. 1. Bre-Dccllned.clcslng at ( Sar.ey—Steady at (1.70®1.73 for prime to choice fill. Cottoo-Dult. Nothing done. Middling held at Sic. Whiskey—Dnll at 26c In bend. Wbat Is called “duty paid” Is unsaleable. Bogi-Flrr-. with sales of WOO head, at|T.oort“.lsr>r llclit snd ?TJO®7.CO fbr medium lo heavy. Becdpts. bead. Mesa Foik—ln fair demand at (39.00, with Bales of l.lflu brls. It was not offered Decly at this rate. Unix xlcats—lnfalrdemand, oud 9ii49M c for sides, loose. Bacon—la wanted for the New Orleans market, bat there Is non* out of smoke. Lsrcl—Firm bot Quiet, at i?c. Gmn Heats—Finn at 6.739 c. Groorlt*—Steady. Gcld-lS'-x. Exchange—Steady. Money—Scarce. BUFFALO. Ucjtalo, Janntry 11. and steady, with tale* o! No. I spring * Wheat—Nothing doing. t.Vrn—Qnlct. with sales at tIJB. Oat*—Dull at We. Itarley— \ shadcflrmer, with sale* of Canada West at f IXI. Rye—Nominal. l*rorMon«—’Veavy. Mesa pork otlet at *WI3. No l acon rrent neats offenns. L*td quiet, with sale* at RiCiPcd Rees—Quiet at 7vaSc. Whiskey—Firm at 1139. ST. LOUIS. Bt. Loci*. January 11. sred. Dullness small. Pcw-Tittn Mid . Y liral—(,'ulrt and anchaaitod, Lorn—Dr.xiMDc at »V*Sr. oata—Htarr at SJhCV. I’rr visions—DnlJ. fork fW.TJ3JO.IO. Bulk msaU ur.rhaccrrt. CnacltleJ. llore iellnri than trsrera at 'S.IOPU&, ; . ’ ilnss—Firm at s&Doaf.*io. At close drover* asked hat packers stood off. NEW ORLEANS. Nr* Oituun. January K. Cotton—'Very firm, •ts?,»sjt,c for tnliMunc. Pales, -•.KC’alrs: receipts,£,s3 bales; cleared, S,»» bales; Mcck, su.Mlh«le*. Pucar—Active and advanced fce, with sales ot fair to choice rUHSjmV- Mols*sc«—Active, with fun price* lor iairto choice at«»erWc. New York SUM Kachan c*—At premium. 1-niLAPKLIHIA. _ . . . nuLxpatrnta, January it. Trade Is dull. Four-steady j sales of extra, from sprint wheat at jitooaijMi Whcat-ls steady i sal»« of prime at UdXsMSt while at Pxmjimu. Iljf—Pals* at tIJUSCtUO. n>ni-tjiileU sales «l new yellow al ll.ttai.Vi old (Kisllptrady aISMOOr. Mens lMtk-Al«.f«. tmvsM) Mo»s—At fP.CD. lVM»kcy-l»oll. DALTJMOKK. ltAbtiMoßi,«JanQa*y 11. Flour and TVhssl—Mo receipts or sales, rom-#(eai|y at fi.Olovt in !»r »o4*d to prims whllei do t el low, tl.okSl.oM tnlted western at 11,00, Oait-lietter. Hales atOOtAdtc. rruvlsions-Pcarto and dim, particularly bacon. Mt\V VIIIIH I.ITK KTIIIIK DIAUKRT. Halt* of Cattle at the Rational Stock Yard*. P . (Repotted by Telegraph eicluilrety ior the Cblrago Tribune.! •** Raw Tout, Monday Rmilng, January H. HKRP CAITLK-Tbeie were yarded and moitl •old (0 butcher* to-day, at (be Rational Tarda, Torn* ▼Ule. (opposite New Tort oa the Jersey side) S£io bead. These were received (Tom the (event States, aa follows: New York, 284; Ohio, 915; Emmery, m Indiana, Sd; Michigan, S 8; and from Illinois and oth cr Western State*. 1,995. The weather la noe and fa vorable for operators, and trade opened lively la the morning, bat closes doll, at 1G3170 (or choice, 11313 c for good, and 12s I3e for common. Ibeavrrage price paldwas «xc. For the best cradcs prices rn’e Sc hither, bat other descriptions are no better. Holders barely closed out. SHEEP—The supply Is moderate, ihougu the market la doll atealtc. HOGS—Received to-day, ss cars. Price* range at 7®7Kc- Total receipt* of stock for the week to-day, it all tbe New York markets: Cattle. Sheep. Swmc, aaLxa or illctoq Bsrnea. W. K. MeKoy sells 95 head. averaging 709 Bt at 1(3 16c, M.J. ■Warner sella 23 head, averaging CSS ns, at 113 15c. W. V. Wood* sells ICO head, averaging 673 Bi, at 153 8. W. AllertonftCo.iell 86 head common, averaging (»0 Br, at 153UKC. J. □. Potts sclii 108 head, averaging 573 ns, at IS3 H.Bmllh«lIi 161 head,arcr»gtag67sß«, at 11316 c. Coon ft naesbory Bell &3 head fat Kentucky, averag ing 800 b«, at 15317 c. W.W. WlacheU sell* 81 head Ohio, averaging 700 Bs, Kant, atlSN3l6c; tbe same party sell* 47 head prime, averaging 675 head, at 10317 c. J. H. Montgomery sel's 43 bead Indiana, part cow*, averaging 650 a*, at UK&ISC. D. D. Faust sells 73 bead Ohio, averaging 673 &s, at 14315 c; Ja«. Robinson Mils 33 head lowa, aver aging TO as, it 13316 c. Richmond ft Ward sell 68 head Ohio, averaging (30 at, at 14316 c. Solos Boqdcsox. [Associated Press Beport-l Beef advanced tfc, mainly on prime. Sales at *3loct prime at 15N316XC. Cows ro-Ou lower, without demand. Sales ot 40 bead at 81CO.OO. Veal less active. Sales at 838 Uc. Sheep steady. Pales at 5.V37Xe, with lew sales at Bc. litisU—Salts at <39e- Qgl doll. Sales at 6M3714C fbr live andSJfflSJKc forcfrCTifcd. BdMpta. 5At3 beeves, 369 veals, 17,931 sheep and ls2tt, SO.cS hogs. . New York Grocery Tttarket. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Ksw Yobx, Janaary 11. Groceries quiet and unchanged. Foreign Freight*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] - Nrw You, January 14. Freights—4oXoo hu corn, by sal), at 6d to London, and 4Jid to Liverpool: also, to London, about 90.090 bu barley, about the latrequaotltvof oats, part supposed fbr the Continent. To Liverpool—l,ooo tres lard at 3Ss, by steam. New York. BrndatnOb market (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] New Tonic, January 14. Flour—The recel,it* ot nverS.DOO brln, coastwise,de pressed ’he market but the effect was In a measure counteracted by the warlike news from Turkey, which threatens the cjtxlngof the Black Sea. Tbe same In fluences were felt lo wheat. Corn—Staled by large speculative orders at 11.15, and seme export. Large shipments of oats and barley from first hands. New York Provision market. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) New Tore. Janaary jl. Pork closed quid at 820.75 regular, and ({I.OO buyer February. Lard—Further large export. PKisYmrch Petrol cam market. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,) Pirrsunron. January it. Oil market doll. Receipts confined to small lota of Smith's Ferry, which dally arrive by railroad. The stock of AUcebeny River oil Is very Itch*, with little prospects of an Increase for some time, and pirMes who have any on hand are not anxlooa to dispose of It yet. New York Dry Goods market. _ Nrw Tone. January It. The dry goods market l« moderately quiet and firm tor domestic cottons, plain, colored amt printed. Domestic woollens and foreign fabrics remain quiet, and the former continue depressed. New York Weekly Bank Statement, New Tobe, January 11. Loans, Irrreasc si.iw.o?a Knecic. Increas* LSt^fist Circulation, increase Legal-tenom, decrease 1,7?a.7M Deposits, decrease 15.956 ISABB IE B . On the 9th I nit-, at the Congregational Church la Angola. N. Y.. by Bev. Dr. Thompson. Mr. G. W. VIKING, ol Thlcago. UK, and Miss JULIA M. CAR RIER. daughter of P. IT. Carrier. Esq., of Angola. In this rllv. Jan. nth. bv Rev. Charles Button, of Aurora, 111., ISAAC T. REEVES to EMMA S. SMITH, both of Chicago. In this city. Jan. 14th, at the residence ot the bride's parent*. No. 15 North Ca*n*nter-«t„ nr Rev. Samuel Hare. Mr. WFSLBY WICKHAM to Miss ALICE A. GENUNO, both of Chicago. 8188. In this city. Jan. 10th. Mrs. MAST RIEPLENQEB, widow of Feter Rleolenger. CSf New York papers please copv. amusements. f'JROSBT’S OPERA HOUSE. FopflvoNights oniv, commencing Tuesday. Jan. 15. D. A. WHEELER MANAGER. The eccentric Irish Comedian JOHN 3>ILX.ON, and the charming Comedienne, Ittisß Johanna Clansson, supported by a full Dramatic company. Tuesday Evening, “Married Life, 55 and “Handy Andy.** Grand Matinee, Wednesday Afternosn. Sale ofTlrketa commences Monday. at 9 a. m. Me VICKEK’S THEATRE. CKEK ft MYERS MANAGERS. Great success of thelalcntcd artiste. CCCIX.T3 BUBB. Tuesday the great emotional play ol L’AHT LYNNE. , , , OR THE ELOPEMENT. Cecil, 1.0.1, In rehearsal, the beautiful plar, written expressly (br Cecil© Kush, entitl'd mA EE. Saturday—Ceclte Bum Matinee. f'JOL. WO OP’S MUSEUM. COT. J. Q. TTOOP Proprietor Director of AtnuMmenti F. b. AIKKN rrr.T. rirrrrrrr rr r r rrrxii6£ a bakr? For three nlckt'tnore. The great moral drama nnc! Museum specialty. Secondnlahtol anew screaming farce. On Tuesday eTenlrff..lan. I»tti. will bo present* *l, for tbe 3d lime In 13 months, the beautiful domestic drama of LOST IN taiMHiN. with (3d time) the new farce otCAUFOWMA. inAUOKUS. HICrofIDS* 1 bcneQl >n llcr bStlre Clly Of&IlM ilAltr Wrdrrsuay afternoon. Lost In to&doo Matinee. IMIOMAB Is In rehearsal; sin. th- greatest spn«v Uonal drama of tnoage, the HUGUENOT CAPTAIN. VX/'ITKOWHKY HALL. BRANCH UV TtlK New York Museum of Anatomy, WITKOWOKY 1911 Ulark-st.. comer of Monroe. This Imporinul and Idgblv tnstrfirUva Museum eon* tains woNiikim or UtP.aTIOS from Urn first ra-mth, Miniature Wenders of the World, as also Beauties of Osteology, myology, Dermatology, And In Ann every department of Medical Sclatea. The (Undent, the Physician, thn Naturalist, the Man of business, tbo man of Leisure, mlcht essay In vain where they coaid spend a mom prontablo hmr. open for gentlemen only trots 9 a. m. till 10 p. m. Admission 50 cents. *OlSToKl—Orotbj's Opera House. XL DIRECTOU J.UIIAU. (season. <if tour Mehta and one Matinee. MONDAY, Jan. 31, First appear aoce in Chicago ol mads Adelaide Hiatori, is her great role of MEDEA, supported by the dra matic company secured exclusively lor the transat lantic engagement. _ Tuesday, jan. ?I—MARY STUART. Wednesday, ,lau. 23 ELIZABETH, Queen of Enet&ad. Saturday afternoon-RHtori Matinee. The stio of scats for tha Season will commence on TncsCay, Jan. 15. The sale r -v seats for any of the four nlchu will commence on WfdmJT'ky- Rcwrvcd seats, (2JO; Boxes, (1. Noticb— No appitcau ,n will le received for tree admission. rxEObEY’S OPEiul HOUSE.—TVant \J ti- TWEHTY-FOUR YOUNG LADIES, For ballet. Apply to Mr. RICHARDS, at rehearsal, Imuedtatcly. ■T ATIGHtNO GAS—Dr. Colion Trill I glxelila last Free Lecture and Exhibition cn MON nXiAFTERNOON. Jancanrand a Public Exhlnl tlon on TCE-DAY EVENING, January 13, at MUSIC PAUi, at which again eight gentlemen and sir ladle(- wlll inbale the Gas. Evening tickets. 25 cents. After poor. free. Open at land 7. To commence at 3 and 8. Ruction Sales, VT GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. On T UESDAT. January 15th. at 10 o’clock, we will sell AT AUCTION. AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF FURNITURE, of every kind lot parlor, chamber, llbrarv and dining toom, BntstelU, S-ply and tneratn carpsw, hlankeu. tllvor-plated ware, tuamie ana oval mirrors, fte., with aceners) assortme.nof hon<uhole goods, at oar sales, room. 47 and 40 DearbciL-et GILBERT ft SAMPSON. Auctioneers. piLBERT & SAMPSON. iXTRA FINE FCB GOODS AT auction. On Thursday, Jan. 17. atlO o'clock, wiihall Mil. at oor pal *49 De*rbora*sUaehrjeeand very select strek of ladles and grata’ tors, consisting of«x rrs flue m>nk. teal ermln* and filch collars, tsi max, mnfis and cnUk, win reel sets. cent*’otter and beaver muffler*. clove* an* can*, lallea' matins caps bo *ds. Ac All ihv Roods were made expressly tor first claas retail trade, to which particular altea.ionof the ladles u invited. Tbe fan will t>e open for exhibition on Wednesday afternoon. OK PERT & SAMPSON. Anci'n. RUCTION SALE—The tfALODN AND ÜBJ?T\UttANT, Vo. m .1 South be sold at public sale, on TUESDAY, Jan. Uth, at S o'clock. Thlslf • bargain. Come and sec. JM, REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, • t’l7 DEARUOHK*?T n SELLS MISCELLANEOUS GOODS, On «VKDSE?PAT. Jaa. 16th. at 10 o'clock A. M. y-JAMLEL SCOTT & CO. ArenOKEEBS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 1(14 Lake-»(•• cor. f.n!*nHc. Chlcaco. Cwh advanc'd on Mcreliandt*' cootlencd lor tide. Oat-door aale« promptly ath-ndcd to. T3CTION. TUESDAY. IMh of Jammy. XW. at 10 a. m.. Farvltare, Dedi, Bctfitn*. crockery Ware, Carprtt, Daniel scorr a co- Auctioneer*. RUCTION. WKURKSDAr. Wbof Janaary, IMt. At ? p. ta H %\ 104 Ukt*«l.. Uoltt, Mcdali, Continental r*p«r Money, Old I'apere, Uouka. Alao, Mamondi, (Jold.tnd hllTfr t KiPgiQl Clutter Diamond inn, Ac., Ac., CMba. Aoti Tlew TacwUy nmmlng. (.ataloguaa to h* hia it Auction Room*. UANIhL BCUTr A CO.. Auctioneer*. ■yyil. A. EUTTEIUj & CO., Auctioneer, & Oommliilon Merchant, 41 Ac 40 UANIHII.IMI-HT.. Between BlAle-it. and WabMh-ar., Bold tegular tale*, at thclf aaiearoomi, ol Ditrooniia, CLOtniNn, roots, shoes. au.. Bwy WKDKB&DAT aadTUtIUBUAT, FUURITtTRR* CARPETS, Ac., ererjr SATURUAT. art association. LAST WEEK. ART ASSOCIATION. BOOKS CLOSE POSITIVELY 4.469 ~13.(23 ..30.(64 Saturday, at 10 P. M. Orders by mall filled np to 10 P. M., Saturday, and registered and mailed before midnight. SECURE YOUR CERTIFICATE TODAY. ORDER THROUGH THE CITY BANES. THROUGH TOUR COMMISSION MERCHANT, THROUGH YOUR FRIENDS. THROUGH THE MERCHANTS From TTAom You Buy Tour Goods. THROUGH THE EXPRESS COMPANIES. Remittances that Come too late Returned in Registered Letters. Register your Letters, or Send Post Office Orders 3Kcal ISstate-fflitg. inPKOVEB, 1?OR SALE—On Michigan-av., a splen did cew brick residence, with all the modem im provement*. and not a woman killer. Parlors, sitting room, library, dining room, kltcneu, pantry mud closets all on the first floor, and a splendid bam and Ice house. For further information, inquire at 804 MlcMgan-av. F)K SALE—On "Wabash-av., three story Brick House In the block on corner oi Wa* hash-ev. and Harmon-coort. A. J. AVEUELL, Beal Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Diode. Foil SALE—The undersigned will sell two bouses and lots. Oil and ff2H Sooth Canal* tt„ Tor cash or on terms, at a very low price, became shelnterds to leave fur Germany. Inquire at CAKO* LINE HBUSS, 77 Llbcity-st., between Jefferson and Canal-eta. T7OR SALE—A first-rate house and lot I" on Imllaua-av., near Twenty-flflh-et. TilOS. FREEMAN. l‘J 4 Randolph. No. Q. OR SALE—A nearly new two story i 1 Game house often rooms, hot and cold water bath, and lot Ko. <IS South Ann-st.. near Washington. THOMAS P. SNYDER A CO., Beal Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. I?OR BALE—House and lot on West r Madison. oesr ElUabMb, 3 houses and lots on Warren, a solcndld house on Mlclitgau-av, 1,000 lots ;2 various parts of the city, (hr sale low, three aplcn did exchange for city property, bouse and lotto sell (it tuJS’hiy Payments, a nrat-tnte bargain on South Clark-*!., mortgage oav^r.discounted, by SINCLAIR ft TUOatPSQN. iLom ft. Masonic Temple 170 R SALE—Cheap—New first-class .1 house is rooms, hrlck bMctocnt and Inf. erery other convenience, corner or Van Burnt and IVorla sts. Time on pari payment. Apply to R. L. CHAP MAN, 77 North Morgan-sL vv __ T7OU SALE—Cheap—A nearly new two* A rtoryand basement prick house of ten room*, and Sot with barn,on V>abaab-av.,ncar Twenty-third* st. THOMAS I). eNYDER 4 CO., Heat £«Uto Agents, >o. *1 Metropolitan Block. T7OU BALE—Two new two*story nnd Jl basement brick houses, Mansard root 1» rooms rai h and lots, corner of Adam* nn>. I<uonili-(its., front* tnaJriTtrson Park ilmmediate possession. THOMAS V. HNVDEIt ft co.. Iteal Estate Agents, No. >1 Metro poiltaa Block. Iron SALE—A very desirable house and lot on Wabuh*av.. No. ,T!I9, at a low prlco audoii very convenient terms. Title perfect t tm-ne diale possession given. WARUES ft OUOPKtCII, Heal Ksiatc Brokers. I'J.T Dearborn**!.. Uuom-j. I7OU BALE—A llrst-clnss brick res!- X drnco on Mlchlgan-av., near Twenty.seron<l at., with lot ftOxiTu. at a low price, ns the owner ti about leaving for California i will take a small lions* In pari payment If desired. WARREN ft (loon KICIV, Real Kstaio Brokers, ISA Dcarboro-st. Uocm 2. ITOR BALE—House nnd lot on Calumet* 1. av., near horse railroad cars, lo a good neighbor hood: house seven rooms, large lot, for (3jtso, on time. FETEUimtMP.OaMonrofrst. iron SALE—By Wm. D. Kerfoot, 80 X Washlngton-st.. a new frame nouse on Joffjrsnn st., near Maxwell, with el she or nine rooms above and large store beneath, suitable for a grocery. Can he bought very cheao. Alto, a larrc Hat ol Improved and nnltsprovcd property can always be found at my offl o. VM3IFUOVED, F)R SALE—In Thos. B. Brvan & Co.’s Real Estate Office, Bryan following list ol property will beftrmd to offer extraordinary inducements tor pnrposei of subdivision, wlta a view to realize a large percentage on the ootlay. Wmus rux Crrr Lnms—Forty acres la Sect. 23, T. twenty-two seres in Beef. 83. T. 39, B. 14. Ten acm in Sect S 3, t- 39, k. h. Four acres In Beet. 19, T. 39. R. ]|. Five aerts in Beet. 18. T. 39. B. 14. Forty acres In Sect SL T. 40. R. 14. West half ot Block 3 of Outlet 47. In Canal Tr. Bnb'o of W % ftc.. Sect 17, T. 39. R. It Tract apjoltlng tooth. Ward’s Bolling Mill in North Division. Otmicx rrr* Crrr Edctts—Four acres in Sect 23, T. 40, R. 14. Fifteen acre* In Sect. 29, T. 40. B. 14. Twenty-live acres In Beet Sfi, T. 40, R. 13- Ten acres lo S*c>. 12. T. S 9, R. 13. Kiev en acres In sect It T. 3D, R. 13. Ten acres in Sect. IS, T. 39, It 13. Forr» acres In Beet 34, T. 39. R. is. Forty acres In Sect 6, T. 33. B. 14. Twelve acres in Beet *, T. S 3, B. 14. Ten acres lo Sect. 4. T. 33, B. 11. Eleven acres in Beet. 9, T. St, It. If. Forty acres In beet. 10. T.SB.R. 14. Ten acres in Sect. ID. T. 39. A XI. PiR SALE—Ularkst propeity—Lot 4ixlS to good aller.on c.larksU.lustsonthol MadUon-st. E. D. COMMINOS, Room 10, No. 133 Booth Clarr-st. T?OK SALE—Housesand lots in all parts 1 oi the city: also, boot and shoe stores, groceries, boarding moon, restaurants, &c_ by A. J.MILLS ft CO.. 153 Dearborn-st. fTOR SALE—A splendid business lot on X 6e nth Water*st~ corner t f Franklin—SO feet tront on street ana river; will sell at a nrice that Till wlto* out farther improvement yield 10 per cent npoa the Investment: time siren at a low rate of Interert noon a large part of the pnrcbaae money. WARREN 4b GOODRICH. Real Estate Brokers, 125 Dearborn-sL. Room g. pianos. 17OR SALE—Two second hand Pianos r and one Mclodeon fbr sale, or to re< t. on reason' anle terns, at No. l7oMsdlß WM. CA3PBS. T?OR SALE—A rood piano, nearly I? new. Also, an express wacon. and grocer's wag. on,at IQSlndlanast.. corner Fnmtclm-st, -^wl A GREAT BARGAIN. Elegant finished planot high cost, all Improvements, per* fecL wan anted; told f t bVf Its ralnefor wantol nse. Inquire at 402 Michigan av. r?IYE new pianos fm sale or to cx- I 1 chance on city real estate, and wl,l pay soma cash with forlt. PETER sniMP, Qg Monroe tU fHacfiincrg. P)U SALE—Portable Engines —4, 6. T> and 3f-hor»e power, new and ■tcond-hand; one and one 3Vtior»e power. Second hand Stationary Btatne* and Boiler*. Portable Saw mill*. Woodworth planer* and Matcher*. Selosle Mil!* and Wood-workln* Machinery. Power Corn Bheiier*. Snail Barn MM". Iron Feed Mill*, hhafllnt. polite* and Kleralor Machinery built to order. UtCuAUDB* IRON ffOKRS 100 and 19i Woihlngtoo-it. TT’OH SALE—A eecoud-haiid Buckley P fb.dlngni»rhine-lo cnM condition. mice, 1100. Apply to the TUinUWB COMPART. iron SALE—IO,I3 mul 11-hnno porta- P bteßnrlnra amfltonrra—rcr/low, by UltlfPlß imormtus, ITOII SALE—Tliroo (Minrsc power up P right entm»» j aiao ill bopUonUl«m«lnra,B.ifl mkl iftioMo power, Uraar or •m«llrr enal-iM fur niahed wlUt or without boTim. U, 13, l« anil JO-lio*n tutmiar and forotnoilre tnl'er* r»/ Ml* 1 . be*» make, AIM one (.roller Union Matcher and rUning Machine. Bawmm*. barrel *nd woodworking machinery, |r>m itianrre, hr tin r, aawa, flip*. Ac. Machinery Upp-iI, A 3 Iteirborrut.. CMc»«o. ttHKKWLKK HUOfr, A U(>. iron BALE—rnotln* Pnw—la hi ox- P raiiait order 1 wlDitrlntafunullOHlnchoat will run by trann or ireniUj will be mia von cheap. Apply m> 11.I 1 . U.CALIIODK, Hli hako-at. Twy CHW>P ‘ 'j'Hß LAME & LODLEY Portable Circular Saw Milk, PORTABLE REAM ENQIKEB, Shingle Machine*. Corn ktllla and Shafting, Wood* working Machinery. I tANKADODUY. • Comer ol John and Water-*U., Cincinnati. Applicant* for daacripure circular* will ipecify the machinery the/ seed* «SQHt-(pxn ®o Hent-iQouseg. TO DENT—The marble front boose No. 30-i West Late-at., ocpcsita tJclonpark. All modem It-Moverneatfl. Apply to JOB CARPENTER, 17 SLJotm'ft-piacft. TO KENT—A boarding house, near the ko&tOfllci. Bocta a, So,-tHSouth Clatlc-ftU T> BENT—Tie first-class brick house, So. f*6 Cftre-av., {Racker-jL) centaimae ll ioom«. all modern improvements. FOUND ft SPUINOLB, No. 3 Metropolitan Block. 'J’O RENT—House—No.lß Ada-st., he- twmi WeitLaltaaad Btndolph-su., two bioccs east oi Uolos Part. EUbt rooms, closets, ihel, 4c. Apply at JS o. 3 0 Ada si. 'T'O RENT—A good two-story frame X honse, with also room* la hrsc-ooss repair, ncwlv painted and papered; cas and water. No. 73 Abefdeet-«t., Wes: Side. Applv on premia??. r PO RENT—A seven-room house on .1 Booth hide, near Dorse B»Uw*t; la a good neighborhood; *4opermootn. PETER SHIUP, 92 Mou:oe>«t. r pO RENT—A dwellms house to rent' L a'rt faruUnre for tale. Apply on the premises, No. 27.*» Indiana.*;- text to corner of Stalest.. (North side). Beat SW) per annum. Possession given first cf Fcbmiry. 2To iaent—Hooms. TO RENT—Room, and ftircUnre for sale, Anlcely furnished front room. In a new block, only one square from Court Douse. Address NOBRIS A ELS WALL. 12S State-tt. TO RENT—A famished room. Apply atS4O 0hl:-«t. BEN TO i-iSNT—Up stabs furnished front and bed rooms st 232 Sooth Clsrb st. TO RENT—Furnished front room, with closet and store to rent, apply to 303 West MldlSOa-Bt. ©o Htnt-Stnres, ©Sites, &c rpo RENT—One-half of a store on South I Cartm the very beat location la the city. Address P. O Boa 303. l O KENT—Store—One ot the best J. stands for b natures in the city—l4ll Lake-st.—ou P.^SwM.^HkElSnT 111 bC tCt< APPIJ 11110,1811 TO RENT—Third, fourth and filth floors of new store SS Mlchlzan-sv. Possession in:me dlatcly. price, <1.300. AddmaP.O.Sor 2376. TO RENT—At lb 3 South Clark-st, one store and three rooms, 130; one store and one room, <U; two rooms, and cellar on the back aide. TO RENT—Very desirable office rooms, on ibe second floor of 91 Ekadolph-at. Apply to OK. JAMES, 03 Eapdoiph-st.. stcoao floor. TO RENT—Here and dwelling 170 South Weils-tu, next tonortheast comer Moflroe siw lately c*d for gent’s lornishlng goods business, with sbelvlrg. roomers, gas, water, Ac. Apply to Q. K. H. BUGSES, 77 Dearbotn-sL, Boom U 3, Sd Coer. TO BENT—A larm ot 320 acres, on 1 Blue Island Flankread. 9 relics from the Court Boose in Chicago, being the Ncrth Vot Sec. 30 T. JW North R. 11. If for rent for' this year. Apply to JNi. O. KOPEKS, 160 Kandolph-st. TO RENT—first floor on 29 Canal st. First-rate place for storage, gralnbaaloesf.oi commission home. Cheap rent. Apply on premises. TO BENT—Office. Inquire of Wm. F. HARMS. So. 103 Sooth Clark-at. 'T'O KENT—A desirable suite of front X offices, at 168 Bandolph-st. Apply to GEORGE M. HIGH. IH4 KandO ph-6t-Rcom 13. SiHanteh—2To l£cut. T\TANTED—To Rent—Febrnary Ist, a T T comfortable residence, north of Twelfth-st and east of vote, for which a fair root will be promptly paid. Modern Improvements no objection. Adare&a Bos S-t 9. XXTANTED —To Rtnt—A nice house V T in good location, lor family ot three persons. Ui furnished one preferred. Bc.‘t of references given. Address **A A C,” Tribune Office. TXT ANTED—To Kent—A small iur ?V nl‘hcd liosse for fear mo* th«. no children. best of reference. Address ” Tribute Office. TXT ANTED—To Kent—Ry a gentle- V v rcan and wlfbtwoor thrt eroom*- 1 tor log purposes, cr board In a pnvat» family. South Side. Hestof references. Addre*. slating .ocatlia and terms, "M A T,” Tribune efflee. TXT ANTED—To Kent—A store, on or V * about the Ist ol February, for retail trade, on South Side, Most be norm o' Mouroe-st. and cast of Address, stating location and - rent, *‘H & S," Tribune office. TXT ANTED—To Bent—A room with V* steam power, ior sewing machines. Most be central lOMI IN SON *CO..6oState-st. iSoatbing, T> CARDING Two Gentlemen and up family, can be ac- SS2 I 2JSS?KJ i E ,ll,, v ao * P»rior and parlor b*d rooms, “Stole* atKo> Wear Lake-st. Termsrea- T>OARDING—A gentleman and wife JL» atd two single gentlemen can be aeeommodsttd ylth good board and furnished roous in a private * '.*dlson-st. cars; also, two day boarders. AddfCa* P. Q. pox 2Q] Q. ' BOARDING —A tew gentlemen can be accommodated with board at -12 Adams-at, T>OAKDING—Two gentlemen who will Ij room toeetliT rat find a rood room and first-class board ac 118 State-st- one block irom the Foji Of fice. T>OABDING rooms in a L) private family, tor a family of two or more per sons,at 147 Tweaty-flrst-su near Wabash-ar. 130ARDING—One desirable room, wllh JL) first-class board, permanent or transient, suitable lor gentleman and wife* or single gentleman: alt?, one or two day boarders. Apply at 397 Mlchlgan-st "DOARDING—Afew gentlemen can *md JL> pood board In a private family, at 239 llllnols »t-. two blocks from atatc-st. bridge. OOARDING—Eight gentlemen can be -U accommodated at 34 South Dcsplalnes-st. at SIAO per week. T3OARDING—A gentleman and wile i * and two single gentlemen can he accommodated with good board and rooms at No. IDS Wtst Indiana st. BOARDING —Pleasant rooms, wuh or without board, at No. 9 East Randolph-st- suit- IPr Rentloaiqn and wife or two gentlemen.' T>OARDING—A few gent'emencan ob- I m tain good board and rleasont rooms at <3 ter week, at 333 SoLth Clark-st. T)OARDING—To rent, with board, fur- J > nlshed rooms, suitable fir a gentleman and wife andtwocrtbiee single gettiomcn. at 47 Uusb-st. Holcrcnccs reqolred. "DOARDINQ —Two or tbrce pcnllctncn O can be accommodated with weekly bo»r4 at No. 400>'orthRcarboin-ii.,lna private Jamil/. Apply on the premises. BOARDING— With nn elegantly turn* Ishcdsnllecf roejps, pa Mvchtgan-av., north or mmanlc tur two vCuUmer. None hut <*f »be highest rcnpcctabl Hj ncMa»l'lrWi“* f C T.” Tribune Office. OOAUDINQ—One lartrc unfurnWicd Lj front mom am) it targe fural'h'd room, suitable rur two cmllcmun, nr gentleman anti wife, can be <it>* tained, with Drat does board, at 2*<ll lUtaolssl. >orth Division. 1 >OAI\DING—A pleasant suUe of Irnnl i ) rooms, with pnrlor,suitable torn irantl*mannnd wile oflwo single genicmen, can he had «( |*47 rah iitnti*nv,. with hoard In a private family, Htatast, cars run wiihlnhaifhhtCk of the door. itcfercQCfls re quired. Cab at the home or nt .’lO2 btate-at. |>OARDINO —Pleasant rooms, vrUh 1J imnrd. can lw obtained at the St. Cloud Ilnune, tvt Fra'VU«*tt M only two bhwka we*t of the Court llnnsc. VINTON d lIAYXK. iVoprhd-irs. OOARDING—Ten or twelve clay iJhoarrers can iwarrontmooatel with cool board at 20.7 KostM»ai» ti.oo Kr work. |>OAUDINQ—Good board nnd rooms 1 J at llrlggs I lon w> No. 2, HS Moaroe-st. 13oarb EiEiamcD. f>OAKD—A gentleman and wife wish JL> (ward about the middle of February to a small rrfValoramily.rTWiierothere ar» but te«r hoard-i*. Frlvato lamtiy prc/crrcl. Most he on Hnuth Side, east of State and north of JacVion-ats. Reference* given and required. Addins, staling location and terms, “O BO.” HQX IQ. * BOARD— A younc gentleman desires a room and ooird in a private family—the .lortb bide preferred. Address, stating terms. Post Offlceßox 504* rIOAUD —A young man desires a ro^m > I'd board In a private family; I lie South side preferred, within «i\cn minutes wa’k ofCUy Uittl. AdOrcff PoisS43» T>OARD—By a gentleman and wite, on JL3 South Side, within tlftctn mtnotea walk of Lake- It. A liberal price will be paid f,*r ham some apart ments. A pnvmc family would be prclcrred. Address box 3100. Post OOcc. BOAHD —By a single eentleman in business in ibis city, where a fine room and other convenience# can bo had. worth from sl2 tj S2O per week, in exchange tor a first-class piano. Apply at tcotn 4.115 W’aMvlngtcint. gjgaanteb. PARTN EH— W anted—WUh $5,000 to SIO,OOO capital, to Increase the facilities of a wholesale bouse lo this city. Address, with name and where to be seen, u WHOLESALE," Trtbane oQlce. - PARTNER — Wanted With liom fiOCO to $5,000 to bay an Interest in a business already established lo Peoria, and more capital needed Uitxt'.ndit. Enquire ofb. n. MILLAR AC0.,55 Sooth Uark-st. PARTNER— Wanted—With a small capital to take hall interest In a well established otucf. cor particulars apply at 134 irearborn-sC. Boom 3. ’DARTNEB—'Wanted—ln a travelling I twiners, paying,lJo.COo a year, and no humbug. On’y required, cation** I. UK. Room 1 No. 193 Sontn c lark-at. PARTKE I!—Wanted A thorough, active haMnrs? man can obtain an Interest In an established manufacturing buslmss In ttalsclty which will par one hundred per cent on the investment. Cap ital required SI,OOO to fcpoo. Address, with name and tsfettaceP.O.Box 2036. T>ARTNER —Wanted —A rare chance I for makinc money. One-baiT interest to the Pa). mVra Flouring Ml'le can te booth* cheap. The mil* IstosfO. wlneSSxWftet, firestories high, capacity 100 uamlapercay. Also cardtic mill and IT acres nf land. This property was bought at Adminis trator* »al» one year ato for cash, and wishing to ex tend mr Justness I will seUonr-tolf Intemtfor 19.500. AdotSaU h° AierniJß 2to state-st _ ,-ffor Sale. 170 K SALE—Prop. “Genesee Cbiet,” r now tying at Detroit. Michigan. CU«* A 3. Ton nage fold measurement), SM. Apply W“; l “rJ'' ‘i/V HIKER, Detroit, Mlchu, or to HARRIS A URO- 84 Chicago. ____________ IVOR SALE —The propeller ‘‘Alio r Kbany/’SSfi tons meainreroenOald np in Chicago River; Is In good mining .condition; will oa.yrcqnlrt painting In the spring. The boiler was tliorongnly overhauled and iepalred In the winter of l*«ii has aU copper fines: makes all the steam required, easily; had a new shaft and New Tore wheel in November, isf,6; was docted and caulked same time. She Is one • 1 the tallest and beat seahoaupn iresbwatrr. For price md terns apply to c.J. MAOILL, comer South VvamacdWeliMta,Chicago,lll. J7OR SALE—A splendid new set ol " gray fur* *t hall their rains. Inquire at toe •• GEM OALLEBT." 136 South Clatk-st. T7OR SjALE-Grover & Baker Sewing P Machine, marly new { cost |Q two month* ago. Will t« sold at a liberal discount, at 240 East Madl eon-st- up stain. F'OR BALE—I’II Iron—3oo inns best brand No i iJikolnperior iron at 9» per ton, cash, dellreml in our yard. I*. W. UATbH, Pmidcnt. I, '•OR SALE—At Granger’s Boston Her ' cbsnt Tailoring Rooms. 1110 South Ctark-ri.. up (talr*. I'UiitiPf* sails (Oarryuwen Atsss) IbrfTr, (33 and (37. Our cut ti sreumf to pone. l/OU BALE—At Grangers, overcoats P to order, from firet-cUss beavers. (Jarrroweo*. frclse. Ac„ tor w »33. Fmttt bcarcti In Urn mar* kctbriw. Eo*t anh Jfoimb. IObT— In going trom imllnnnsl. J ibronch North Clark to I.ako sr, or In a Ktsie-*l oortli bids Railroad car, a small agate and gold Ko*aiy. The finder will r«»nii‘r a tavnr ami hosiiHiDlr rewarded hr reinrnliig It to the undersigned. >V. T. hUIiFKI.IiT. 40 wmifh iVater-si. I OBT—Reward—frlntyed from the I j siiMcrll er, on tut Frldav it onilnr, Jamiai r it, |HW,acm-sinnt«irtel mate, with hind ftmi wlille. Any tnebrlnging her to |fl» Noilh llaUtud sl. will gt* the abovo reward. IOST (B llownnl—A Scotch lorncr t dog ears and toll cut. Any on* returning him toFr. bcni-cn, southeast somer ol Morgan amTTay. I, mu., win receive the above rewaid. I OeT—|Bo Reward—On Thursday 1 j night, Jauary Ulh. a Mack leather pocket-book, moulting about |t«. a chock for |HW-*p»ym«»t of which has been stoppen-and some papers of no vatne but lo Uo owners. Th» above reward will he paid by returning It to B. V, TOUBtaLOT A CO., 00 C«aal> ggaanten-fflaic BOOKREEPEBB, SALKS3LEPI ftc. *\7y r A£J ED firs * 01633 travertine . » ■. toner <lry food* aad notion boose. Aourau, nation name, reference, experience and qualification. j». u. cor 3377. 3t. Loan; MoT \\T ANTED—Salesmen ol good address, V V wc«hyaod w^nevuntied.wh?caneng v«c otr manestiy In ousio«!« in ttu or other western cities. Inquired O. P. 08V15.1M Dmtnni'ii. nnst or address P. O. Drawer WSi, Chicago, ill. TXT ANTED —Life insurance Agent?— V v A Urge comnlMton or salary win be mid to two cf the bc»t (Atencan and Qerav«\ uto insurance scents for this city. Address I*. o. Box Q 74, civlnc Laaic and experience Is tfie Dearness. \KT ANTED—Business man, bootfeeep- Y» er*. 6ale:men, and professional men. to act as ralrsncn aert conduct batlccss corrcspoa£*ac» Apply to J.D. JONES. Boom 17 Speed’s Block, 155 DearbonwL, oraddrete, with atamp, aa appro. \\7 ANTED—A thorough man h r each Y » of the following fetatee: Michigan, Mlasoort, K-rtcenv, Wls.-on.Mn. low* and Mlneesota, wits from iuotoribo. Call In person, at HMm 2, No. 4is Snath Clark-et. TXTANTED—Three or lour good ftrst- T T claw machinists, at the “Empire Iron Works,” southeast corner Michigan and Framtiia-et. TXTANTED—An experienced man to YY canvass the city for an old established retail grocery house. Address “WEST END,” Trlbhoe of- TXT ANTED—A man who is thoroughly Y V acquainted in the city and understands telling coeds front a wagon. To inch an one a good situation win be given. Inquire at 7 3 Eando'ph-ai. T\7 ANTED—Drug Clerk—A first-class TV prescription cleric, acquainted with aty buil hhi. Address “DRUGGIST,” tribune Office. \\7 ANTED—An experienced book v V keeper. Apply m person at 18S Sooth Wa ter-at., this morning. thabks. \\T ANTED—A good distiller, one who TV can come well recommended. For further In formation apply at the Jerrls House, corner Van Du* ren and stieiman-sta. \\T ANTED—A smart, active boy, about V » .13 years cf are. to leam the carriage black smithlng trade. One who resides with hu parents pre ferred. Eefereuci* required. Apply at MarOn's Car riage factory, vat Kmzle-et. Sgganteh-jFemale jgelp. fiOISB BKICTA3TS. TXT ANTED—A first-class cook, washer Tv and loner, at 374 West opposite Union Park. \\T ANTED—A good cook, two dining V ’ room *ul* at d one laundress at Cattle Fair Bo te?, Union Stock Yards. AT? ANTED—At 770 iilchinan-av., a v s good cork, wafter and troner. Befereooes re qntred. German or scotch preferred. WANTED —A good girl for general homework In a small An American, t ngush, Scotch, German or Norwegian girl can lad a good home and good wages. Apply at 47 Lombard Block, Monroe-sc. near ° 0. WANTED —An easy situation is ot fercd to a rood coot, washer aad Ironer, who can come well recommended. Apply at 371 West Washlngton-st. Wf ANTED—A good Eirl to do general * T housework In a Terr small family. Apply with Wftrences at 388 North TXT ANTED—A good pul to do tbe woik W in a small family. 53 North May-at. X\TANTED—At Hi Third-av., a goofi > T cook, wa.herand Ironer. also, an experienced nurse girl. None ne-d apply unless well recommend- WAN I ED—A first rate cook, washer and ironer, at 100 Wabash-av. TXTANTED— Dmisg*TOom girls al the V T City Hotel. Apply immediately. TXT ANTED—A laundress, at Soldiers* * v Home. Mustcome wdl recommended. Apply at the ••Home.” cotter of Dooglss-placo amJLake-av. Y\ T A N TED—A girl to do general house- V * work. Must be a good cook, washer aad Iroaer. and come well recommended. 430 Fulioa-st., near Shciun. TXT ANTED—A good cook, washer and T v Irene?. Apply at 879 S:ate-st. TXT ANTED—A good girl for general T * homework in a small fatally, Genian or Nor wegian preferred. Call at 331 bnperlor-st-North Sloe. TXTANTED —Good able girls to work W In good lamßle*. Apply to MRS. WHITTA KER. 326 Chtcago-av- corner of LoSalle-st. V\T ANTED—At 725 Statc-sL, a good w * platucook, washer and Ironer; ala?, a smart st cond gfn. XXTANTED —An cxpciicnced mri to do ■ ». general honscwo«k In a small fsmily. Applv at 132>otth Morgan-st-between Kinzle and Hubbard. \X7 ANTED—A girl to take care of two v t children. Bccommeadatlon repaired. 10S Cass-st. XXT ANTED— A young girl to take care V V cf two children and asslat in housework. 93 South Fcoria-st,, near Monroe. V\T ANTED—A good cook, one who T T understands waehlncandlronlnc. A’s-»,achax bermald. one used to waiting cn table. None nu-d nppiy wttbont el'y refttences. call at 148 Michlxan av.. between U and o'l ifick. jtunplogmsnt Stgcntlta. XX^^^TUC) —i'ouDgmenin the coun- V » try, wishing to obtain Mtaatlun*. *nch as book* kroner*, salesmen, collectors, clerks, brakesmen.*e., Ac-to applv at t3f Dcarborn-st., Hi otn 3. or address M.E. JONESaco.. Dos 3040, enclosing ten cents, for fun partlgu aw. \\T ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 T f colifctor, 3 br»Kem-n, ? firemen, 1 porter, a driver*. 4 agents, 3 <mrv cerkr, 3 coodnctor*. Apply at 134 Dearbora-st- Boom it. V\TANTED—I.OOU men 10 go touth, V V wage* $43 to |OO a month and board. Also, rail road nt>n, and all wanting employment. Acdit at 13.7 South clark-st-. Koom 5. \\T ANTED—This Dav—ls wood cnop • il per* for Indiana; PM railroad laborers. flAh per day and bourn; rJX fur levee work, f!3 and board. Apply at 1 00 Madl-00-st.. Boom 4. XXTANTED—I advertising agent, 3 V T salesmen. 1 shoemaker, 3 solicitors, |D railroad men to go this evenlttg. Sntte entters, and is menr.>r Red River. Apply w I’ABSHALL & S3IITU. 138 Booth Clark-st- Room 11. Applicants by mail en close 10 opt* 31Elantea--iaisiccUaucou«. \\J ANTED—Madame Delatour, Fe ar > male riinlrUn from Europe, cures all llswun of the rkln.lh cr, an t kidneys, may be cotsulMi daily nt the Godfrey House, U 33 South t’lnrfc-M., Hoorn :i 1. \\T ANTED—Persons wishing to know X? tUo luture sbonid addns* the greatest astrolu aw Ihe wcirirt. Enel «efl. wUhnao.' r imenotwrl* ling* in Madame DUPOX r. brawer fpjliy. Chicago- Tt/"ANTED—To exchange n cnnlcc T V Jam, with excellent Improvement*, situated i ear llierjlv «•( Ottawa. LaSalle rountv.thls Stale. fir adnig business In a tlndrahic location. amt d dos a good trade. Valuation of the 'arm win ho low. For further particular* apply to 8.11. KBUKOOT A CO., So. 71 De.irnur.i-st. WfANTED—SO,OOO, nt 10 per cunt per 11 annum, lor two or tbtee y*ara. tVdl gecurn t«e •an.eon Improved real ••state, worth f5,Md, Address •II A IV l>. TXT'ANTED—Persons in business who V* wl»h to devote their ipnro limn ioseji.C'iUur*. and also those whose early education hulwn nejloot. ed. to rail at (Ml Wnuhlngton-a'., Norm l|, {bra lew day, cr address » I CC offlee. ■\7tfANTKJ)—Cnsli lor house nml lot V v cj«t of Clark and northof Harrison, worth M.nX) or mores also one worth »vwi on Indl tnn nv. or D )«b* la -plafe. Hootn 2. No. -Its Hooth Clark-M. TITAN’) ED—A few men to establish tin V V Ofllco hustres* In dmcr. nl portions of llllnol*. Prune capital rcfintred, hr •'hteh a few Fton«and did* tart ran be teatlved In a short tlm-*. Call at OO Mon* roo-st. (opposllcl*. O.J, Hoorn No. a. from 10 a. ra. to 4 p.m. TXTANTED—To Purclwse—An ealab- V? list ed retail grocery In a good locality, doing a business of |3O or more per day. Address *-GttOO£iV Tost Ofllce. XXTAKTED—To Purchase—A turnisb- VV fd hotel or boardl"? bonne (in ttnclly or conn* try. hr a party who onderfltandnthcbtulocas. Address W. AyuUEVTS. ChtORQ Poit Qfflce. TXT ANTED—A man 5 n every county in VV the West, with# capital of *3O to SSO, for the bestselling si tideeverlnvented. Bells inevery store unrt house. 'So humbug. Enclose 50 «b« and avnule will be sent bv retnrn mail. Address fIALLi TH9MI’- SON. Post Office Pox 955. Chicago. Illtnola. WT ANTED—A Saloon now doing bun s v ncm, stock and fixtures. Room 3, No. 48 Sooth Clsrk-st. TX7ANTED—Consignments—A thor- VV ouch buMneai roan in Milwaukeewin employ canvas *ers for, ana sell, newly Introduced artle es, la tbstmartet. Address **M." 310 Spring-st, Milwau kee. Wls. - TXTAE TED—Parties haring hnnws and VV lota to rent or sell to call on CHRISTIAN* Co.. Real Estate and Vessel Agents, Boom J Linds Block, Bandolpb-et. bridge. TXTAKTED—To dispose ol the sclki.i! VV ef bolidlnc. And riod will ora n'n,l,Bln? pOrAlr iclivit.»UMtf.\ I. « f»*or»We 10. callty on toe South aide. Apply immediately, at 112 Collage Prove-av. t-tt A’N'fßD—A lady perfectly compe- VV tent to reach, wishes a limited number olpn plls too the West Side) to vocal and Instrumental mu- Me. Address **MCSIC TEACfIEB/'Triboneofllc*. txt a’N'TRT)—A soprano S’aiger, trained V V in vocal mc?!c by Miss Scott, cl Crotby’s Oocra Rorsadeelrr# n paMttrn in a chnrch ctotr. Address ••SOI’RANO/* 633 Stafe-sL. or apply, between 2 a-d 37. ro„ at Miss s.’s Music Rooms, Crosby's Opera Uctue. TTT ANTED—lnformation ol the name V • and locality of the Surgeon of the Fourth Regi ment Vetera** Reserve Corps, or any officer or so'dlce. of Company **V* of the name reirtm**'tand com*. Ad dress WILLSON & MEBBIAM.4S Clark 6t. Chicago, TXT ANTED—Families in want o! help V t art Invited to call at Mrs. WHITTAKER'S. 226 Chlcago-ar., comer o! TXTANTED-itomcss men to bay, nf- VV tercjifcml InrrstlcaMon.ccnntrrights lorth* sale of a scientific Instrument, sheared ny letters p»- tens. Baa met with a ready sain Eaat during tbs past iwo rear*. ha« no competition, being the only thing ot the klcd la the country, ana commands large profits, hr* n basin* is man. scientific man ana head of a fain tly will buy on*. RoalneM men only, with capital, need apply. »s this is no mall enterprise, bat on* de» manolnecrercr, tact and me»*s. Adarc««, or apply tn. F. L. FTROSQ, Ko. 27 Chamber of Commerce, Chicago, m. _______________ TXTANTED—LadIes desirous ot obtain- V* Ing capable help fur the approaching season of spring cleaning, should apply Immediately at Mrs. .MACK WAT'S* New intelligence Office, 137 BUte*L, coiner of Maot» n. TXT ANTED—An cnlorprisim, practi- V V cal man. with a cool record and IL&Q cash, to taieoce-half interest In an estab l-hed, permanent and p*jn.e bneln-.ea. Addicts M 0 K." Trtoaca office. TT7ANTED—Day boarders, at Gilbert’s VV Pmintf Rooms. 40 and 48 Clark-st, the bwt place to board m the city. TXrANTED —Any person having a V\ utoVl hall circular counter, orn «mall and neat bnr ceunWr they wish to rtlswo of. can effect a sfo of the same by applying lmm>cllatciy atlba Prescott llou*e,eotn« ot Clarit aud Van IMreu-ns. TXT ANTED—IOO men, with cash cnpi VV t«*i nf f3A In abti'lncs* that will pay W 0 to line per day. Seerntd by two pai»nta. Ihsnoromrclltlnn. and |i the only ef tlieklnd ever offered for sale. F.tsry family want* ffotn two to a ilorrn. fait, nr address. w|tti •tvno. J. tI.NASSDN, l*i2 Sonth ClatK-«U Room ft. Chicago. 11. TX7ANTED—Wo challenge any ono to V V show yon n more profitable »>r aontoel btri'ncts than the mle n our patent marble* fur gristing knlrr*. p<laM tool*, reaper kolrre.Ar. Otlnds mo or l»6lh side* at the sains time. Never wear* out. selUrTrr*where. NoiompetUlon. (liiarantse t free f-ombiimbne. Noebatue n<r InrMUirv. Uciailsnt m:c. Ff a Co.. curb at., ilosm |(). > pad two itanipa lof reply. TXT S ANTED—'Hmico and lot in the city, V V nr housrs, nr good Improved larm, fiw a good stork r.fgumls worth Apply lu H, W. t»B.\, t.aml Ofilee. 114 Adaim-n. TTfANTED—To buy liatt interoat tu n VV wholcsa’scrnrcry on tiiohjaUi bide. Iluom'4. ho. 4N Bonth Clatk it. WJ ANTED—To buy on onalno nml VV boiler. I rum fifty to savfniy horto piwsr, I bavr sji engine and holler, a'H>ut tlilriy hone p.-twor, which 1 would like tutraue and pay thsdldarsnce, .i(Mrrs#*J7 |.Hniilh tValer-st. Mil's. Heal ifigtatc-gounttfl. SFO« Bale—lo acres ot Load, yiclKluv bored, aid a rlwlre lot fbr a hommtead, ud lbs tkePhore-r*»»d.wltnlueMy walking distance o<<m s Hyde Park siwplal iralc. Apply pj NUTT A lutovbjfct outk4(.( up min, . SimarUms igianttL HALES, CITIfATION —Wasted—A graduate of I‘hlladelpbla University desires to enrace as pro scrlptloaclertlfi aCrst-clasth<nae. Three rear** pcrlence. Credentials nn-rcppHonabJe. Andreas^ 1 ‘•M D,” care W. QITDATIOK—Wasted—By a young O mas. aa cleik J» a dror store. Flrsf-elaaa rei»r»ncts given a* to ability and character. Address hoi Import, led. CmTATTON—Wanted—A r o ™g man O haring 52.0C0 to invest pa good seen rtty. and wish ing to travel for 9133 per month, can get bonnets tm medlvelr. No bombas. Can at Boom 1*194 Sooth Ctatk-at. SITUATION—Wanted —By a young Oman as retry derk, aselitaat bookkeeper, or shU»- ptnc rierk, in a wholesale boose. Address ?. O. Box 1674. SlTUATlON—Wanted—by a hoy 13 h? jrsrs ot eg**; w»Me* a good hand and resides pareats. Address C.P. MITCHELL, P. O. Box QVIU ATI ON—Wanted—A young col- Kr ore 2 mao ' tised to domestic service, wants a slto- v*«- ?!: r ‘ rert * loer time in the National Hotel, Washlnstfln.aod recently with two-thmlllea In Chica go. Basbeen a Union soldier, and can give the best of recommendations. “SAM."Tribane of- CXTUATION—Wanted—As assistant O bookkeeper, clerk, shipping or entry clerk, ta any capacity where the service of a good and experi enced penman and accountant ts required, and omr a moderate compensation expectedby a young man twen ty-tour years of age. Good reiereacea given. Addreaa “P. M. C„” Tribune office. SITUATION—Wanted—By a young O van, to take care of boiaea and wlfilne to make himself useful about the house, or work la a *»ore- Good references. Please address “W. BV* Trt one office. FSnALBS, O ITU AT i ON—Wanted—As meat and O oat cry cook. In a howl or restaorant.brallnt cias* haw), who thoroughly understands herbasxneM. Reference given. Address or call at 58 Archer-road. CITXJATION—'Wanted —An American Vjiady cl experience desires a situation as Dover cess In a cultivated private lamlly, wUUog to pay hh eraiiy for flm-cla»§ services. She Is accomplished ta music, French and German, and can teach mathema tics, Latin, and the English branches. Can famish the best of city rcfeieucts. She may he addressed throngs D.C. BROOKS. Chicago Evening Pose OXIDATION—‘Wanted—Bj an Amer- O lean lady, 31 years of aze, as a housekeeper, or as nnt-ciaas seamstress. Terms moderate, tfefereoo* exchanged. Call or address 339 Klnzle-st., corner of May-st. CITUATTON—Wanted—By a young O widow lady, as housekeeper or seamstress. Has a good machine, ard can civs the heat of references. Address, with particulars, tar one week, u hlrs, BBU" M 66 SedgwicV-at.. Ctlcago. QITUATION —Wanted—As cook, by a O competent girl. North Side preferred. Ad dress No 80 North Clark-st. QITUATIOX —Wan f ed—An intelligent O young lady wishes a situation u saleswoman In a dry gfttdj house or mtuirery establishment wit ling to werk for small compensation. Address “SL J tribune office. ClTUATloN—'Wanted—ln a private O family, by a young lady, os teacher, seams'resg, c rwoolrj take care of chlldrea. fhe best of referen ces cltcp and reqolred. Address "Mu* C. Tnb nneotßce. agents Xante's. A anted—AlsU per month. »Cft and fvxile, to sell the GENU INE t OMMON SENSE FAMILY SEWING MACHINE, the greatest invention of the age. price *l9. Bren Machine warranted three yta:s. Address SECO MB 4 CU- Cleveland. Ohio. A GEKTS—Wanted—#s per day cnar- J\ anteed ornirney refotdfj. arph-atonce tot*. * LAiBUOP.JB- Office No. 16 M. E. ’Churchßlock, Chicago, t r Office No. 4 Lyman’s Block. Cleveland. O. A GEN Tti—Wanted—Six or eight good xx energetic business men are wanted to travel as agents for the Kentucky Insurance Company, o< Louisville, Ry. Good men will be well paid, and steady employmept jornlahcd. Mn having experience as iterance agents preferred. Further partleniars OirnlJhffl or oddrcfsTcc WILUAM P. LEOWTCH. s< s r tt* f y* Dr,w " 399, -Icuisvllle, Ky. Nona bat reliable ton wanted. AGENTS— 'Wanted—For LIFE AND DEATH IN REBEL PRISONS. A "plecdfd book. Always sells. Addma A. RIDPEtt, OS Wash lngton-*t- Clues go, HJ. AGENTS— Wanted Price SSLSO— STATES CONTINENT IN 1300. One agmt has sold nearly SCO copies. Lloyd’s New Great Republic Knt free w Vth the map. Positively the cheap. <st and most saleable map* fo the wor d. Address GOODSPFEDACO, 148 Lak>st- Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—Male and female, lor a desirable business at home, paring large profits oc iverv small capital. Address. with stamp. Mrs. M. C. CIIAPPEH. Drawer 6133. \ GBNTa—Wanted—ln all parts of the JA ecnntry, to Sell ‘*IHEHIETORY OP ABKAR AM LINCOIJJ" and the “OVEKTIIROW OF SLAVEUY.” Id one vou ot • ver 100 pages. By Hon- I. N. Arnold, late member ofCcngrers. a* rt lor over twenty years & confidential trieod of Mr. Lincoln. This work baa Jostbeen completed, and wtU meet a want trlt by ev ery intelllgtnl citizen, u presents fratares wnleb have cot appeared in any other work. Tbs i>aily Chronicle, or Warhlnc’on, fava: u lt will assume a character and held a place bey. nd anything vet pro dD«•ec.•, For territory acd terms, address the pub lishers. CLARKE* CO-S 6 and 83 Washlngton-SL- Cbirtro. AGENTS —W ante d—'For Frank Moore’s trw work—” WOMEN OF THE WAR;” and other valuable l!ln«tratrd book*, sold only by agents. Address K. C. TREAT. 117 Sculh Cark-st- Oilcago. • AGENTS Wanted—For RABBETS LIFE OF LINCOLN. The best, moat complete and authentic work yet nnbllMted. President Lincoln hating hlm*e-f furnished fbrthtawork alone, the tacts oihis early life. We are offtrlogagents, be sides a very fine H«t cl premiums.* higher commission thin can be affrrdcd by any other house In the West, Address j. s. GOODMAN * CO- Publishers, 5 cus tom Douse Place. Chicago, 111. A GENTB—'Wanted—For THE AMB il RICAN FARMER'S ROBSK BOOR, by Robert Stewart. U .D. V. s., ptt rodylng tne remit# or twenty yean of original Investigation. The book above aft others (br Agent#, as It appeals to the necessities and se.f-lnterest oi a very large, wealthy and mUMlxent cla*# la every comronr-lty. Apply to or artdtw J. S, GOODMAN i Co- PubUshen, 3 Custom Hoose-piace, Calcapo, lb. A GENTa—Wanted—Male and female, T t\ to fell a sew article Is great demand that every (amity wants. $4 per day trade without leaving home. Trsr*lllrg ag»rts esn mage from 33 to fSO per day uithcnt Intcn. irneo wtij, other ouitnes*. Tro article shews f>r Itself, bacple*. with terms and particaiara ot tti«* bcs*ness, sent for vfi cents. Addrcas R. W, CHAPPKI.L. Drawer 0333. Chicago. AGENTS— -Wanted—3or4 farmers m rneh county la Ibe West, to engage <ti a bust tires paying trooi Pito t>* atm per m< ntfi, trom now until spring. Address ZEIGLEIt, McCCRUY * CO- Lombard mock, Chicago, UI. AGENTS— Wanted—From Mr. Ban* croft. »h«* IlMorlnn. Sowrocr. September IStta. WO—Mr. William E.MarrbaU’a rnatavlngof Abraham Lit rota la by far tTic leal 1 have seen. it Inrrriiin), and reproduce* the lw»t expression of the Uia Presi dent's iotiote»ncw. A» a work of nrt,U Is a matter* Vlwe. fxccntvd with fr'UWlcntuma industry amt ad mirable rklll. I believe 11 will h*» sought fbr ion years ti«nco, and every collection ol Atmrtatn engraving* that ißtrlllKht It will »** conMdrird OKO. nAM.KOFT. On exhibition at i>7 WMbtaxton it. Agent* wanted ti)f»»»«le. \6ENTfr— WanUNl—Expcncncert book tad erg ravin* canvassers, to whom a Urge sai •rjrnrcoß.mU»U>n Will bn Aildf *w CUAHI R 8 lifLL, »Ha youth Ctork*it M Chteage.Hb AOKNTB— Wnnlcd—Jtcssra. TnStnor & FlrMp, Mmtnn. have onnltshrd a steot-meraved l*oHr»U of Abraham Lincoln. a* a terl#ct okannM and a work n( art. it u commended aa the beat Ukeacu tel published, by _ Hot- rt T. I.ircoln, Mr. Tnimcuil, Mr. Staetna, Mr. Herndon, Mr. I. A. Arnold, (ien. Grant, Charles Sumner, Mr. Chase, (Jen. Dnmtda. And many other*. U ta sold, enly b> *nb*ctlplU,h, and A genu ar« waried lorltaiale. Liberal commissions are rmo to canvasser*, and sucC'Mfal one* ran have goodtat* rlti.r* to operate in. AdarnwJOHN «. AMMON, Publishers* Acer t, S 7 Wa»hti gu-n-it.. Chicago | AGENTS— 'Wanted—For tbc “Better tai d.'* The mo.t popular engraving In Ameri ca. TheCveiiU-g Journal »ays: “The rmhaiusm with * hu h it wo* hailed at the l-toat. hs» follitwn.l It to tne Wt»r. aid Bone who ace It fall to acknowledge, omhf. Instart, ire wonderful spirit d punty and more than earthly hcantv with wnich tha attlat has Invfsudheraobjrct. Itlaono of the flscit creathna of modern art, A Picture to 1«* cosed at frequently, and always with fnersased admiration.’* Cxclnalve territory and verv largeibmmhs'on given. Hera/or circular. J. A. bIOIUrAUI) ft (.0* 102 W(Uhlagtoo> Chicago. 111. Business ffilianccs. 170 R SATiH—Cheap, a nice- Boarding 1 noaiw. with 18 .ornlahed rooms.'by H. HAMMEB, Notary Public, lUom No. IJ, J ■ x o Block. F)R bALE—Cheap—Die lease and fix tures of sneMabU , *hed Vu>l: e*a lor the msnufsc tnre of a staple article already ertenslrely introduced, p»yinearrctttot «3 to HO percent per month. To a m*n ol small meats the beat bosme-a opesfntr tn the JC«rthwcrl. Satisfactory rearou siren for Bellini?. Address “T Y Z." 1 rtbtine ctMce. ' I7OU BALE—Drat; store and fixtures. Apply at 7SO Statc-st. F’OR BALE—A first-class Saloon in the brat location In tbe city. Address **B J T, M Tri bute office. ». T?OR SALE—Tie lease, good will, with i” oart or whole ol fiirnltare, a deslrabl* boarding boused accomr-datinc fourteen first-class 'boarders, within llvetnltmtss walk of the Court House. For particulars address “B D," Tribune office. 770 R SALE—A city drugstore, in agood JL loMness location. Stock ard fixtures will not exc«ea S3AOd. A rare cprortuulty for a physician who de-lrrs to establish an offlcp or genera! practice. Heat be disposed of, toon, ae other business require* the owner's time. Nest appartments con be bad far a small family in connection with the store. Address foroneweek.** PHYSICIAN/* 160 North Chicago. ITOR SALE—Pme Chance—s2,ooo to jP ftAOO cashwlU bo»; a paying, well established re tail hardware, tin and »tove omme«s. in a good loca tion tn Chinaco, if the buyer is ready to act promptly, as the own*r has other business in view. Address I*. O. Box 5871 FDR SALE—At a sacrifice—slo,ooo worth ol Boots and Shoe*, se'ccted lines of staple co»oe t all adapted tr tte early spring trade. A rare bargain for lomejobblng house. »s the-goods will be closed out immediately. Apply to fl. H. TOWNS. 50 West Raedo'ph-gt. FSP SALE—At a barcnin—A first-class toardlnc house, with a splendid saloon attached ; crrtrally located on tho Korin Side. Inquire atW. SENGS A BRO_ grocery store, Cm and Wnlto-st. FOR SALE—Stock goods, lease and stoie fixtures. Will ezrhaaee for good property. Apply to B. W. SEA. Land om 114 Adams-st. ©owes, (Carriages, &c. Q No. 1 HOK&ES FOti SALE for cash, Oor hardware or tinners* ttock. Inquire at 197 Lakc-et. . tTOR SALE— One ot the best horses and F sleighs in this city. Fur ptrtlcnlars Inquire at 54 La-galle-st. WJ ANTED—A few old carriages and VV slc'ghs to paint and repair cheap, at carriage factory, ."DS Siaic-st. A second-hand bu£<y, hat little tap, for silo cheap. ¥7OR SALE—yiel£rb, Horse and Harness 1/ —Cutter and harness nearly new. and In prime etder. Mare six y* are old, sound and kind In harness or under saddle, will bo sold together or separate, if applied lor room at WHITING A aKINNER’s Stable, to alley west cf Court Moose, rear of LaßaHo-st. PJR bALE—A pair of bay horses; will lake a goed watch ami chain, or other personal or city preperiy. Cali at 124 Randolph-tt., room 1. F'OH SALE -Cheat- Two draught horses one cream color and one chestnut sorioii can lw seen fur n fbw days at Great Western Bale Btabtes, No. 147 State st. - - T7OR SALE—A pair ol large carriage f 1 bnrres. six years obf. halfbrotbcri, well m it-ht-d. Allßbtiiitlrr win be taken in part pay. Apply at No. 17 fa sallo-st.. room O. F'Oit SALEl—Sleighs, rlolglis—Clionp, I7OR SALE—Or Irmle-Tho 31ofgnn V stallion, "Ocnefftl Oranf." seven year* old, weighs eleven hundrtti oiiiues, stre*! by* Rtlitti AN |en. n tiam •• (mil Horn." . Vsry t hsndi«me. nod good brcsitcr. For lull partlrtilars address W.J. t'iintonvlile. Kano County. 111. Y/OH SALE—A wclNwtiVbliahotl ami J 1 ■rrcnintdemanulkettirliig uni Jabbing hmlnM*. raptlal rr«ittlr«l. from |M.w« toiw.OfO, causeidialo, sickrsss. A<ld>e«s im 5H4. Chjeago. "I.’OK nAJ.E—A linkcry, worth 41,1X10 I 1 fn a gnofl loeatlont rheup r*nt andniwiiyor bii»tnNs i wim largo orru aioi all ih<*pi|ii|i»Mi«ntafiir carrying m a HnWimi bminr*». all P>r l.ui. Alt llllfß A miVDKN.VJIII HtatoM. T)ct»oual. TJERSONAL—A yorniff sonUcman ol . I talents tmlahUHy desiresloopoo acorrwpm (fttice wlih a ilndinl number of yonn* Isdles with a tl?w to matriiMODV Ofoußg widow* may apply) Address tIARHT VfNlßll, Chicago. HI. ■TJEHSONAL—WiII the Isdr In block Y whnrsme ontof Ambrose* Jackson's Monday about I o'clock, and observed a genuemsa driving ta